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Thursday, December 7th

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Part of the fundamental Dan fans do and the crew right there Curtis Davidson. We're joined by Chris Perkins is just a few moments as he has in route from. Dave is a golf and get ready for the New England Patriots a little Monday Night Football we fourteen starts tonight. What are verbally or 33 for fourteen. From the NFL season college football's over with if the ball season upon us good time yesterday. At the Seminole hard rock hotel casino. But fail blast wither shot Butler good to talk to coach Chris. From Wisconsin and obviously coach Marquardt from the University of Miami as is that game is right around the corner December 30. The Capital One Orange Bowl so we are set up shop yesterday. At the the Seminole hard rock and had a had a blast a few enjoyed some of the interviews we got a lot to do today. On the show he can always of course Texas we invite and encourage your text. Messages. Just don't Texan drive be careful out there 67974. That's 67974. On the course brings auto mall Honda text line. And out will start today and with the Miami Heat and that leads us. Right into here's the thing. So Bridgestone yesterday after the show from the some are rock in was fired up about the the San Antonio game you saw Golden State a couple of nights ago. He played well for a half. How they match up against one of the better squads in the NBA. A couple of days off first of a three game road trip still Osama whites are and our rights and Antonio doesn't have quite lettered. That's that's pretty much this fair. So to speak why is better player but there without their big on the you don't have a son right now AM Miami jumped up to and I up big points in the first quarter. Scored 35 in the first ends up giving it okay here ago. Let's get let's get in my signature winning back the 500. Halftime. Okay. Down. Europe one is still you still feel pretty good about yourself if you're that he and then slowly but surely. San Antonio. Just build the lead and sustain easily. And you look at the Miami Heat. And they hit 183 is last night they have a season high 28. Assists. They were sharing the basketball. Everybody was in on the act everybody hit good shots everybody took quality shots Tyler Johnson has 45 points off the bench. All those measure bulls. And you lose by twelve points. All those and it really wasn't a game the last four or five minutes you kind of knew San Antonio was gonna win that ballgame. Eric Spoelstra searching for answers right now he made two lineup changes. James Johnson got the start last night as did Kelly Olympic clearly he's trying to find out. About this basketball club not just for when the sun comes back but just in general. The end yeah. Yeah you never play well in San Antonio what do these three fer. 47 now all time in San Antonio in the regular season. San Antonio is one of the best home records in the MBA. Maybe jog up that put the heat played about as well as they could have played with the people. That they had. And they still lose by twelve. Against San Antonio last night little a little discouraging. If you if you're rooting for the other home team and that's the things onto a drone nerds and amateur. And down tigris drone urges Ross tries DJI dealer and is all of your drone needs. Cover new Persian repairs customization training sessions in more visit them today edge owners dug down South Florida's high. In the the stock I don't know how what more they can do at this point mab is just the level of competition. But Dion Waiters. Was great last night got a lot of guys have played a high level Josh Richardson was in shots yet gore and struggle a little bit. But as well as you can shoot the basketball. And about closure this year the basketball in that game they're gonna have Burgess kind of this kind of slowly put. A chokehold on the Miami Heat. When you look at the files were lament the loss but double digits. And that's a little bit of a bummer if you're looking at the long view for the season with the with the Miami Heat ported to and let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and W exact fix HD Joseph Miramar. Already doubled days off they're gonna dig on the Brooklyn nets that. Day. Down in Mexico City part of the the Mexico City NBA games so they heat road trip a continues and of course you catch all of the action right on your home and he'd. Ames have an INF from 1043. HD into the take your image in the NFL week fourteen it starts tonight's big NFC south match of the New Orleans Saints. Or in Atlanta take on the falcons go get that bad boy go and just after. He's a tough 1 to you this evening NFL. Saw she brown the executive vice president of the Cleveland Browns. He was fired today. They did say that you Jackson would return as head coach next season. Under Brown's leadership. Cleveland was one and 17. Including oh and twelve. This season. And finally the fourth president back in action tonight at 730 they're take on the Winnipeg jets. At the BB&T senator there while drop that puck. At at 730 so the other Panthers and the Winnipeg jets and those are your guards headlines bonds by Taco Bell so easy to dip so hard to put down. Rolled chicken tacos are back shredded chicken all rolled up with your choice of dips. Only. Acts Taco Bell north Texas Joseph 67974. 67974. On the Coral Springs auto mall Honda text line that's how you get to a same thing that's on your mind go ahead and descended on and yeah I don't vote. The heat now 1113. And if you're looking at the Eastern Conference you gotta be at least 500 you're going to be if you're gonna be a pleasant got to be at least 500 the end. You know I'm not going to keep leaning on last year last year was last year. And every season is different. Every every season is unique in its own right. So you did just that you know they got big got down a lot of budget games last year and they made a big run you can't expect that to happen again you just can't. So. You gotta stay attached to 500 right here you're eleven and thirteen right now the ticket for under 500. Five under six under 500 at some point you have to get. It went 56 enroll a master at some point you have to get extremely hot durable duel last year not the same deal not the same deal. So IE yeah clearly Erik Spoelstra. With the lineup changes last night that I told a lot. Like hey we need to do something differently these combinations are working and most frustrating thing is he actually puts and Johnson and line up. Got a lot of foul trouble last night but he played well when he was out there he got a mop the big lead early. Played Kelly Politico is pretty good on the glass last night not a big scoring effort most pretty good. Yeah had a big effort off the mentioned Doug Johnson and is still got beat by twelve in San Antonio. So. Yeah like he makes the moves. Guys play better in certain roles. Again you still lose so I I don't know where they go from here maybe this team is just win one lose one type book club. I don't know how that sits with Pat Riley. I don't know if how that sits. With Micky Harrison I have no idea. But I'm guessing it does not sit well the thought that this team was. Was. A little bit better than they thought than they are right now not much better but a little better now some Whiteside has missed upwards to. Eight games of this point. Seoul. When you when you consider you to not have him. For those match for a lot of those games you know where they of 12 maybe three of those games all of sudden similar thirteen to thirteen eleven. You're sitting with that org which is probably the best you would think that. They would be. Few games over 500. Little bit better. In the Eastern Conference. But the reality is they have to figure out of Osama Whiteside. Is when they're going to get him back and they need to finish of this road trip even without him with a couple of teams that probably be parity in Brooklyn on Saturday night in the Memphis. On Monday. Who's got a lot of their own prom so that's the that's a little bit check in on the heat last night what does that mean Golden State first half Sunday played great. Last night for staff. Even midway into that third quarter in San Antonio on the road played great and then just could not sustain it whatsoever. Against the against the San Antonio Spurs and obviously against and gold sit on Sunday the the second half was was all warriors. In in that regard 67974. That I get to those on the Coral Springs auto mall Honda text line below into your text here. Coming appear in a just a moment one a well wanna play Wii in it's been crazy the last couple of days. With the fallout from the NFL and Roger Goodell got his big contract is the engine yesterday. Which. Do people wrote duke does anybody really really care. What Roger Goodell is making in the he's still running the NFL. He's he's going to be there about commissioner. He's making forty million bucks a year. He's signed an S and the five year 200 million dollar extension. So if you're if you're a fan of the NFL. Are you are you happy it's angry or you just kinda. I don't really care. And Roger Roger Goodell gets paid to be the punching bag in the NFL and I've defended him quite a bit over the years. 'cause he's an easy target he is the human pinata. And that but that's what he did forty million dollars to tilt the owners don't wanna deal with any of this crap. Mean Jerry Jones of the camera others couple other guys. To those guys wanna do you want any of that stuff. How many NFL owners do you really really see. In the spotlight. Handful to three. Geist he draws what would it not out in front I mean he likes it is. Is. His team he likes the big fan of his team obviously. And he's gonna give them whatever they need in the stadium's up but not out given press conference every other week or doing this are talking about this thing of that thing Powell. Also guys don't want anybody there wanna make other money they wanted to root for their teens and run our run their other businesses that they have on there on a duel of all this other stuff. Load all the money keeps coming in and Roger kids handling all the bad press. And taking all the bullets they're fine that's why he did that he had paid for plain and simple. And you can't argue the growth of the NFL. Under his watch and I can say you can put me you were anybody in Roger Goodell draw over the last decade and the NFL proud may make the same revenue fine. Maybe so I would tend to disagree with a that you put any Bozo in a suit to stand up there in the NFL would just deteriorate in the month. But nevertheless. The fallout continued from from Monday night Mike Mitchell from the Pittsburgh Steelers had some really interesting comments on the I would say the for the county of that game and what the NFL is trying to accomplish the end. As a player it's got to be extremely frustrating. Considering how you played football your entire life and all of a sudden you're being told OK that's wrong that's right did do that kid do that. Soul a lot of for you coming up here and also get a report from perk on the dolphins as up. Eleven point underdogs at home Monday Night Football. Against. The New England Patriots this way. It. Is it the was the third he. Thirtieth thirtieth anniversary. I'm a part of the other of the league dolphins and the bears Monday Night Football. Was it eighty those 85. My amass low off germs at 32. Authorities tune this week was dolphins bears. And that could we they don't agents are undefeated all that stuff went by another another Chris permits gonna do a big thing on Monday Night Football. On on the broadcast on Monday and I just kind of you know kind of figure there that's kind of that's kind of where they or a strategy that's kind of where we are as far as. Just one of those massive. Underdog roles of the dolphins there and but just. Yeah I didn't. Kind of got me thinking as far as. Where the dolphins are out right now Indo were certainly New England has been for the last the last decade decade plus so we'll get the the latest on that from from Turk who will be joining us. As as we continue on also outsmart vez. Will around the NFL talked to about everything that's going on with the the Lian the fines and illegal heads in the dirty hits. And and all that he's gonna join us a little bit later on the show always good catch up with without mart best. As we just getting started here on Thursday afternoon right here on 79 to take. Ackerman and backstop here and every Friday with the Robert on the morning show tomorrow sponsored by both trans Ramos. The taste of perfection award winning book general rom that is not just age but nurtured Curtis and now per partially back from a Dave yeah. Dolphins is it official perks and maybe it has been maybe I'm just late to the party here didn't you could say they're just playing out the string of so this big. You guys are as desperate. Yeah yeah that's pretty much over and Davies now not think I think there and they baseless that is reality that inevitability. Say exactly win cap but it wasn't it wasn't like today or yes but no it's a little while yeah yeah yeah yeah. And I and I felt myself kind of sad today because the heat played about as well as they could have played for long stretches of that ball game and other some points aren't. But they lose by a twelve against the spurs. And that made me sad and I'm just kind of wondering. Just where where that where the where is the pinnacle for this team do they have another. They have another. Level that they can hit. And I'm not so sure with the Miami heat's. And maybe we're setting ourselves up for a little bit of a disappointing year here considering expertise I thought they'd be able to better and I'm I'm ready to throw in the tower is like that and I do think if they get a son back in some guys you're going to. They're going to be they're going to be. A force in a way to force they're they're going to be a wild card. In the Eastern Conference and didn't make the playoffs and like how we thought they were when that act as stars thing about involves a little bit and Lego Hanley David out of the so long and I'm just trying to think Dave let us down so many times over the course of the years when. In his this one of this year though to be already completely out of its. Is this the one of the most consider where the expectations were it's as one of the more disappointing seasons for you. Yeah because Joseph Philbin scenes at least we're in it in December right yeah you're like you're work but what are they playing for. I've had a record that the for for about a month I mean you have a five game losing streak camp it's it is rust to recover from that and in the process. Your team your Altman specifically. Doesn't show any signs of improvement the run defense. Was good early in the year during that five game losing streak. It it really took a bad. Defensively you have not show would anything and so that's at that as much as anything it is what I being. Kind of kept anybody come from heaven much hope for this team wants them the losing started. You just didn't see a way they pullout may be that the pins will come around inducing stuff but you knew on the other side of the ball offensively. Almost no hope. Looked at now you look at things and you talk about clay and out restraining and and you know what are you playing for. Injuries have got you so far down where the two spots on all ends where you thought you had a lot of depth well let's say the three spots wide receiver. Com quarterback and running back. At quarterback and running back bad debt is pretty much gone Matt Moore misses practice again today. And gaze was asked if he thought it was a long term injury and he said we're gonna Mon interim we don't know he's got a good injury. And gates keeps saying he's nursing other injuries so. Matt Moore both of his starts has had to miss practice time the following week so David Field is not your backup quarterback. At running back you start out the year would say it died pinion Drake Damian Williams Damian Williams didn't practice today not looking like he's gonna play this week so far. Jerry and Jai is gone so now you're down the Kenyan Drake. So that's two Altman's of positions you're talking about scoring going your your depth is down right now and it receiver. Well Dovonte Parker your third receiver has given you nothing I. He's healthy I mean he's got to you know hamstring injury and and Mara high a. That's just cited a double sided because that's a guy that you not only not this year but in the future is old grudges don't pan out right. Woods to side like mores are okay I'm more you're probably done with him. You know the oh yes and and look and on the right side Europe and sublime words your mom Busch ride Edgardo usual on James. Our our Al sidelined we don't know about bush Roddy was out there we know James out for the season but. You play in Jessie Davis and so im young so what I'm saying is that the prospects for that all business like magic lead being able to average. Whatever total that regarding its. Part of the done Bob that's part of our thought process correct you know not much what we get a guide taxing anything in 97 the still distorting and LT it will make you think they're going to be all right and Monday and then go to Kansas City and when you know and then go to buffalo when they'll be buddies wealth well we got all the media is that the department as a you have to provide a little bit of hope you have to you have little. Yes you have to have three different. A daily what are your score enough to win or whatever they. Will say this depth is they didn't you know take this for what it's worth the door opens. Are averaging 25 point two points per game hard rock stadium they scored 35 last week you know they scored 31 against the jets have met 3128 win. But this is new England and you're gonna have to score thirty to win probably and you have to do it against a Belichick defense good luck. Right I just I just I'm hosting and about this you know the other day that this is because they've been out there for awhile. In this is by the most in this millennium the most disappointed of the season you have to say where the expertise is coming double playoff win. And a playoff season last or shoot a playoff season last year. That this is probably the most disappointing season. Since and I would signal the sponsors was obviously what one of fifteen I you know they're pretty good will there was that they did a decent team when they went wanted to team but other than that like. And what was a year SIP we go to the Super Bowl ought to go. He knows. They saw them earlier every year Yale what do whatever year right what I that's that's I out of at a local people are noticeable but don't. I like click OK there's a those expectations that we just the the putting meaningless football yeah is my is my big take away leg right now clearly but what are you going to give your your reasoning watch the game on Sunday. And here's what what are we looking for what are we plan for what are dueling for you're solid you're playing a young quarterback is under played a bunch of young guys like you Hologic color it's like audio C a after the season Joseph Julius comes adios see ya. Like all these hired guns around here and it you know losing their quarterback that can't be. Overlooked but it was because we all sat appearance Dick Heller a refund half their expectations well what 9910 wins. Followed ten meals out killers then I really hasn't changed. Yes and you know what not. I've been kind of look at it this. I believe that this team this. This week marks the one year anniversary of Bryant's and hill's last start. I think he was injured December 11 against Arizona and I think they're like seven and eight in that spanned and you know good day you know old tennis field gets injured in in training camp and in Cutler comes in. He gets injured Matt Moore comes in and he gets injured Cutler comes back he gets injured Matt Moore comes in. And now he's injured now you're back to Cutler. It's that position hated so much upheaval so much and it's not it's not performance it's it's injuries. Not always the off in the long ball that Taylor hill injury in training camp but it's it's just that position has not gone will in the last. In the last year since that Tim hill injury on December 11 gap it's. It's been topsy turvy and it's not the total reason that the dolphins are disappointing this season but. That that position the they need some stability and hopefully for their sleep they get it from ten until next season by. It is sincere and he'll win now last year and and Matt Moore even got deemed in the Pittsburgh game by. Bud pretty and I remember they'd they'd say that the booty came back in too quickly that they didn't. Follow correct concussion protocol so you look at pelvic injuries and an all these beings have added up at that position. They have. And if you will tell if you did yes yes that you lose tonight and that's not a 100% of wider in the not a lot of good good on injury Dario Green Bay lose their Roger Craig and Brett stay afloat. So I mean that's not I did and ending at Minnesota. You know unsteady bridge while a right but. And Brad answered it right answer him right yeah well I mean at that that's part of its. But like the jig color existed just to does that work out and just you sit here and basing your last two months of the season is just hasn't been. It has been very enjoyable whatsoever from me and suspend. It hasn't even been none like you say it's not like they're playing a bunch of youngsters and you're looked in Angola and low if this guy over the last six games does such and such. I mean may you be you're looking Kenyan Drake like that put. Regular guys you and my shoulder right he's just a guy he's another guy that you know he's not that'll be gone and you know when his contract. But you need like seven more canyon traits. You'd be like you you mean he's a running back but you get another running back. To a record compliment him correct you know solid season and he's a dynamic player where you're okay that guy's gonna be a star yeah. Where that guy's gonna win you X amount of games he's a good player that that can help you win but he's not going to be the biggest reason on up. On why you win we come back bring it to the a lot of detect thrown in at 67974. On the quote resolve on attacks on about last night's game perk. Talked a lot about the heat the first segment I know you are shocked. Comments on that we have an NBA trade so it's already kind of started to get moving here Newton Zach Lowe from ESPN. This is in the blockbuster by any means but would like to lose all force finally gonna get moved. From a Philadelphia next out is shooting guard second round pick is gonna go to Brooklyn for Trevor Booker. Solo C they can be line of starting at the heat's. Wind they play it down in Mexico City point being is moves are starting to be made around the league and teams are starting to assess. Their roster in their season like everything. They've they think hey we got a good team. And then you play 25 games and for what reason injuries. Chemistry bad coach. To look up an ego who. We misjudged this week don't have a very good team so how do you fix it how do you move off of that. Because if you just stay put your gonna wrap up. Even more more losses that ultimately we'll get you fired. Sees saucy ground in Cleveland to heat that's exactly the newly fired that's all you look at your two. Image you're going know gave me MBA here we go what do we do teams orange start firing coaches. Deacon trades it started if your Pat Riley after the Miami Heat just sit there what do you do. Do you wait this thing out do you say you know what we don't have a we don't have any real read on what we got because Assange has so many games. And he's our big Fella in the middle and we played hard defense. And we're a defensive minded team. And that's the reason why we've lost a lot of of these games because here's a bit in there and our defense to some reports. Which is a pretty good which are pretty good explanation or a lot of Gregory but. Played about as well as they could last night. And it wasn't nearly good enough against San Antonio what a morning that coming up here as as we continue also there as they come back in the works. Hi this is a joke. It is no no it is camp in the giants' story but it's but it's a Joseph. It is a joke if we're gonna Kirk has got a long time and you are one of Miami's finest. Yeah I am I call mine as we get back into the that moniker. Yeah yeah we have maybe we have and her throne since he was whether he would one shaking his finger in the in the senate to. In one of those hearings he was yeah but he is Jackson high school and he has. One of those guys. Yeah that they'll just I mean the end but ideal I elected I like the Miami guys I think go for the Miami dazzled at the. But I do I literally thought this was kind of joke I thought this was like to some sort of Internet. Just kind of employee there for some reason because hey yet heard of those guys along busy. Fall off the face of hearing films and he's trying to Mayo made come back we'll tell you who who that's a baseball lay out. Is we haven't figured it out by now get that coming up as well as Samir. Good text messages on the heat a lot of good text messages on the other Miami heat's performance last night we're gonna get those of you got the out question a comment or observations than it on in 60974. Articles result behind attacks on Curtis apart radios have a ninety the ticket. Yeah. Tennis everyday for the record there and tell your chance to win dig into an upcoming game Portis yeah. Miami technology partner in your local selfless technology company fraud business needs. Visit them online and record his core does come sponsored by open your vote that counted the most cash now for your future structured settlement. All our lottery payments call 833 my vault him and Lauderdale BMW plumber times proud members of the home and automotive group keep listening to the ticket to win your way. Enjoy the game courtesy of her back with you can always sex show 67 I haven't for. On the Coral Springs Honda while Honda text line. German tourist was it named the head coach at Tennessee arm of the from the cornea from Alabama was the DC afford to stay with a legit which are a few years ago as a Tennessee as a head coach. Sizzler make mention of that's the kid the coaching carousel and a coming to a stop here. Arkansas hired a guy Chad Morris who's Josie and we'll presume though his head or just have you they use those you do it Clemson and so. Or is Oliver guy in my view Mara crystal balls being a South Florida guys Richard B in Miami hurricane along what should be a pretty cool for Austrian Mario. Bob there's that's kind of coming due. Coming to a close but no one thing they were out there yesterday. Perk that the tomorrow until casino and they simulate you like Florida. Last year this time is our. Holy crap like Lane Kiffin. Butch Davis Troy leash wrong thing Scott frost. Jill ball. Mean you don't tackle Wayne. Year old man you talk about. Recruiting the state of Florida loaded coal loading loading with coats right leg that know how to recoup right. Like Charlie and those guys were bit won't they are. The gym bowl. That's what college coaching is the main. All of you lose your life. Yes and these immediately hit me yesterday. That. Here we are a year later. In Mark Richt who was bit on the job for almost two years to the day. Thing a couple more days would be the anniversary of his press conference in his hiring thing is the longest tenured coach in the state of Florida. No way it's it's incredible man is yes it's it's incredible because of just the big hurdle for India and and and broad reasons right war for both promotional reasons and Bora. Like Willie Taggart goes from South Florida to Oregon. And so that's a promotional reason Al Golding gets buyer that's not a promotional reason I'm running our area for a we kimbo leaves just do you know a better job ball or wasn't getting along with people so. Various reasons cat but yeah this this this place has been cleaned out in the last what three years. Two years and years. Don't go a thing about the other seven major coverage that is he has he has the most let your yeah. That did two years on the job. And I that is fun I just find that wild when both of those jobs our good jobs are steady jobs good jobs. Yeah I mean when you even if you sale Florida and Central Florida mean good job letting guys left for for different reasons are correct I just mentioned but I just I buckling right disorders the right among the bottom line right there. It the end just recently as this date has really really turned over some of these text in the Florida coach has got to turn over chain. Bradley so that's pretty good that parenthood that is I mean as a just and that data and then the U wanna dig a little deeper that obviously. That's going to help Mark Richt and Helm the hurricanes in their recruiting of the state. And everyone else comes in no matter how good were pretty your weather comes in. You you have to. Get your feet settle will bid you have to know the lay of the land a little bit. So and Willie Taggart and gather Charlie Strong and new has still had those relationships. From from from their prior stops but never elicit a that's a good thing and yesterday at a big time recruit a quarterback. Out of Georgia. Journal Williams so you know Forestar. A city like I I I'm always I always temper the enthusiasm on a lot of the kids. Seven to a lot of the signing days in the and then you have to Wear chest Warren by star recruits we manage our. Are running out however I don't wanna go through the names but late. I've heard I've learned on the on doing shows. On signing day. We got to have this guy we got to have home and you Dedham. And it's and it's forty years of just a gentle and suddenly I didn't even got it right and then the throw and recruit. Like that nobody's ever a hole and the afterthought become an all American linebacker. First round NFL draft pick. It's autumn of the of the century all of those things so. If you get excited and all all these of this and it's. You know the folly of the NFL draft are you actually see you guys. And guys are a little bit mature right I mean it's just it's just you just double in fact triple a when you're dealing with a 1617. Year old kid who. Hasn't even physically developed. Hasn't mentally developed. And all those other variables that come of the play if he's gonna get injured resilient home says he's in a transfer rate he's limited. This level bottom of social media girlfriend breaks up win number right is due to its piloted I'd rather get the guy the docked at the guy you're so excited. I got excited and I rather loss album by star them to start having said they got guys want to know. Soul like did your taste you're happy about that your kids your Williams quarterback. Yeah and doesn't let and look at this is the right now. The Miami is the program in the state right because that as he was going through changes lord is going through challengers or I don't think I mean by that our little I don't floors they won a national championship and and prince why is coming back next year and all day but right now one whatever December 7. This is. Miami is the program in the state right now and and Mark Richt ought to be able to take advantage of that recruiting wise yes you would say as far as the mold Joseph. Miami's got a lot of mold them. My you know from right from what I've from from being Tim and soon from the turn over chain remark Rick from early on all right here and oh yeah. Well let me tell us things are they can toot their horn about to end that a top route were critical class a topple ball that right there. He has taken advantage actually but only if you don't you you always want to get out the class and start the next years there are continued the next years really to they've already started that. But Don you you've got the momentum right now so. Oh lead for the sake of canes fans and for mark rate they can take advantage and end. Getty stardom the class of when he ninety or keep going keep saying get a start slowly started her growing class of when he nineteen keep the momentum going today. Let's I mean that's a an athlete you have to do it I mean you have to keep stacking Amal correct like like Clemson did has done like seven years annual Florida State is the wrong thing to run the show was an anomaly in Florida State is loaded. Yeah I and you know our tap on that no because I kept hearing. I remembered. Three war by six years ago. I guess right when Janus Damien wryly but. People would say no we're loaded weird this recruiting class in this recruiting class amiss recruiting class and those who are like yeah all right whatever but. In you sigh you know they win the national title and dumb Clemson is doing the same being. We've seen it happen here is you swim before sold the hopefully we're about to enter another one of those stages with attendance. That is crazy especially in the senate floor where you have so many high profile programs text writes an article brings a monetized enough by Salma efforts you've been. And I know Miami is they'll program to be a part of at least for the next year yes things can change very quickly yes so you better capitalize and as much as candles Florida State. Recent Florida had it all work and their right oh my god Tebow and everybody and ended the gators and they went their championships and edge just. How out there and urban leaves. Urban League you know in and hasn't in the same guy who wanted to slavery knowledge is this just feels different industrials are completely different that it was. Yeah seven a year ago and there's no I don't see is there's no Haden there's no Tebow a mean right you're not even getting the same. Players remain hard graze against those the the last big draft. And all of a sudden it just goes I go to Australia what are we here at Singapore say to the role disposal thrills you know Miami had a Roland. When Manuel Lara yeah like a good news is that right men you bring in what Shannon is next and he can't get it. Looked like he was gonna get a jump start our remember what year was it bay beat Oklahoma and Oklahoma was like number ten and that was with. Our RT a northwest. Aaron yeah. Mom and and be you know you gotta know you might have been three you know at that point and I enough you have cited for the that I actually like yeah to Wisconsin in the yeah Orlando yeah yeah. There so but then I can and you had you thought it was kind of giggle and an eternity and you really kind of like political you have at rolling. And everybody like in the country. It just goes sideways but that the that the fascination I am willing Alabama yeah oh yeah it is a league that's not that's not what you're supposed to do correct. That's because you're supposed to do parents with kids leaving early play at some point. Would you get a 56 year run and then it's just okay you gotta do whatever reason you're coaching staff get right exact I believe in early messiah whenever they made a so you got to take advantage as much as it can. Yeah and it's. Is why I love watching. Alabama iron. Really you of the scenes in the air that we're here. Clubs and that put them in their current tour yes he had various dregs they're getting up there yeah they're getting up there but you know immediately it's. Alabama. The patriots and the spurs guard are the three teams in the last. You know whatever for the patriots and spurs it's almost one year's Alabama it. What maybe ten years eight years or so let's say so yeah so added these three programs are you know you talk about sustained excellence through. What ever on coaches getting coached injuries. Whatever date they mains are. I love it seems like that and and you could say in a way. That all three of them are kinda boring right the spurs the patriots and an Alabama. As far as classy guys and and big personalities. And by. Or whatever due date they all three win side. I do like watching all read or not they're not as exciting as some your other teams but it has so as far as just steady consistent winning. Al wants any of those three. Well in the mind the dolphins play one of those into the bridge money nine that he'd played one of those teams last night in the spurs. We got some Muslim thoughts on that Turco and here's the thing also will get to we'll get headlines and more your text messages 679 some forward to a the 5 o'clock hour coming up next radio 790 the ticket. It. It's 5 o'clock here on seven and the ticket Curtis and her facts with you here. Text line is wide open 6974679. Haven't won the growth brings autumn off deposits Exxon we got fifteen minutes of heat coming up here bugs. We got we got some heat that we who gets you right now in just a moment after every game on the ticket to an end to the elections in two recovered by posting shows dazzle complete wrap over the game. Lexus and to recover pines always an amazing deals want to buy Champions Tour by force out orders number one jeetz. Truck and SUV customizations shouted champion four by four dot com. Op perk out about your house bombed last night. Here's. You're you look at you watch a game and then and then you look at that it EL yet Eric and Tony and Ed and I'm sure Michael duels on the radio sciele largely. And you just look at the number eighteen threes and deals on fire Tyler was great off the bench. Team yoga -- at a mile give you good minutes and James Johnson hills in foul trouble. He he he was he was the Swiss army knife you always look at eighteen threes season high 28 assists paint is going. Am he lost by twelve. And it was in the game was even close the final couple minutes solid. You know they the end of the game atoll Rhonda some like that you got a new guy that I won in this game you know midway through the fourth quarter and it was a it was a super frustrating. With it was in any used to go okay San Antonio is a good her man the seed teams just not as good re not as good they can get to the next level. You know what kept their there was a stretch. Early in the fourth quarter of their game that I thought kind of highlighted. What the problem is with heat right now. And that leads us right and here's the thing. He lost that game last night in San Antonio in an early stretch of the fourth quarter that I thought. Really point to a lot of the problems with this team that the good game through three quarters. As you see it kept the receipt is is moving the ball the 28 assists they're hitting their shots that eighteen threes. But you go into the fourth quarter. And early very early there was a stretch that went something like this there was how this all. Pick and roll lay up I believe over bail him out of bio. Then I believe that there is they. Tyler Johnson turned over the in the spurs come down taken role. How has sold lay up over James Johnson. He comes down Tyler Johnson terror are no drug it's misses that India in the of the good jumper at the free throw line. He's a spurs come down Rudy Gay runs over Tyler Johnson heat Barnes peddy meals in the corner of port three. All of a sudden the spurs are up by nine points 93 to eighty work. And pretty much the game is over a note he cut it down to two to six points later on in the fourth quarter with like three minutes ago. But if I'm not mistaken the spurs went up by twelve very quickly after that. But that stretch get you look at AA missed jumper by drug did you miss that look at poor pick and roll defense by the heat. You look at the turnover by Tyler Johnson. And those were kind of some of the things that that lost them the game in and you have that if if you're the heat. You've got to keep this game close you've got to be 88. Team that takes advantage of every opportunity that you did not thought that he really was good at doing that for three quarters last night. Commander came that stretch in the fourth quarter. I thought it just kind of illustrated again the difference between the spurs and that he number one but number assume it highlighted a lot of beings. That this team is not doing will right now. Turnovers probably at the top of that list so. Correct some of the things that happen in that stretch may be you climbed to 500 and then you can start talking playoffs. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in pine crest. Drone nurses your authorized DJI dealer they've got all your drone needs covered whether restraining new repairs. Replies. New purchases customizations whatever it is they will hook you up visit them today Ed drove nerds dot com South Florida's I. In the stuff are the Marlins have made a trade and according to Ken Rosen Rosenthal. And is easy with the MO MLB network is is with lieutenant with his he's. Regarding the fact that. So. The F five year fifty million dollar contract. And they'll start to escalate here know so he had me three million last year on seven and five and then 101000000 and thirteen thirteen and fourteen. So you're on the hook for about. Forty. Basically 47 million dollars. Over the next five years for. And I'm sure that's that's the first big move. You won't be the last one we got other things going on so let's get to 5 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SS HD true Miramar. Miami Dolphins backup quarterback Matt Moore didn't practice today more who has been sacked ten times in his two starts this year. Has a foot injury among other things he could be sidelined for an extended period according to coach Adam Gayssot he can't play. David fails becomes the backup to Jay Cutler but the Monday night game against New England. Other notable injury absences from today running back Damien Williams cornerback forgery Tankersley. And right guard John Mon bush Raj. Cleveland Browns they announced that they have buyers saucy brown their executive VP of football operations the last two years. They also see it hue Jackson will return as coach next season. College football awards show is tonight nine major awards among them Al limbo let me call Bill Walker and Davey O'Brien will go out. No pains Knowles or gators are among the finalists for those awards. Tennessee has hired a football coach it's Alabama defense of coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. Good luck to him that program. NHL tonight Florida hosting win a paid at 730 at the BB NC senator Bos. Your headline any any policy were getting feedback here on the on. What are looking for Satterfield does that with a city horns in a book. Who's gonna place the airfield obviously you know canal can DH so that the work around that but. Yeah I don't I mean our. So old so I'm kind of I kind of know the deal. Puts on a guy gets traded ultimately is going to be the run up for Jon Karl Stanton. Win that yelled that move Combs and we're sitting here talking about because inevitably it will come no I've prepared myself for that. You know but I don't know if it when there was still hits you though and it's finalized and the distilled is still kind of sting a little bit that this team is racially mean trip down. To be. Tried to be rebuilt once again in in Jeter's in Jeter's malt. It's. I don't know if we're whipped if we're numb to it or or what it's. It's just frustrating tapping into this is the same thing with this team that seems like cents. I don't know 2003. When when they when they won the World Series is just. A system. If you build it up demand you purge system just like the menu purge and pins are sick of it we know it well we think that Stanton as sick of it right because he is supposedly said he does not want to be part of a rebuilding effort. He sees what's been going on around here during his career so. I don't know can't buy it if I guess that's gonna miss being when Stanton is is finally traded but. It is it any shock to me we'd been prepared for this murderer for a few months and dumb. Gordon is a nice player but I already know that nobody's weeping right now. Well in all of for G Gordon but oh my god entry. But it's it is just part of the bullets the symbolism of yes yes that's Major League talent. Don't write that and some of the trading him because he's making right 47 million dollars over the next five years and end it right the quality probably won't be replaced or another three or four years right and then worry assuming a lot cheaper younger and maybe he works out maybe not right by Dior solid player but were just that we're not trading him for baseball reasons yeah trading him for financial reasons for the most part. So yes that's that just that just kinda came down and the other and we've done this before but we've done and I mean. There is that that's it's just been one vicious cycle after another. The end I like Jeter I like I wanna I wanna believe that owning him a chance. NM NM I mean they're giving give him the benefit of the doubt. But it's it's tough when everybody kinda this is deja Vu all over again I. I hope that day error. Imposition. To make all this happened quickly and not this be. It's just this kind of slow burn to death by a thousand paper cuts. Hopefully this all happens. You know whatever within a month or or whatever and and we're not. Just rip in the marlins' all the time toward you know the next. X amount of weeks that. Cap and I'm sick of the you know I'm I'm sick of of just the negativity coming out of this demonized. I I would rather I would rather not talk about them been talk about this kind of stuff weird you know you just pissed you're you're already visited Jeter. And he hasn't relieved. Yet really done anything I mean well he did fire the scout and all that kind of stuff let me ask let me help written you know reach Waltz away you just. Carnoy and yeah yeah but I heard David Simpson know it would danys do and very Jackson had a a nice piece in the Miami Herald. On on Sampson and it's easier now to kind of went in your out of its. You know to kind of really if you're Sampson says it was always outspoken you know what is your view I view seems a little bit differently now. And and you and your very forthcoming when you're out of its do you think we should never have given John Carlo no -- thoughts -- lets you know OK you would have said that if you're still the greatest open ever read in the Arlen you zillion incorporate in some seem to be a little bit more forthcoming so that you know. In the moment that now's a bad move that you know and that's kinda what Jeter inherited but I don't know if he'll be Jorge mosques. I don't know if it would have been. Are you wanna name perk name and got with millions of dollars. I don't know if they would've come in you know stripped down it's said you know I guess some for Stanton lenses though we're gonna do it differently now and not necessarily we need to do it cheaply. Are on the cheap. But like just name me if it is nursebot tomorrow and Tuesday that he's got a ton of money turn. If Mickey really wanted to build a winner move. Any higher baseball he hired. Theo Epstein or whoever won as the equivalent Pat Riley and baseball you know and it is a guy came in and said and look at the roster and look at the farm system and looked at everything. And said. Yemen and we gotta give take we gotta strip it down a little bit like so we got to get take it will be a step back moon we gotta we gotta do this we got to do this we gotta get payroll under control here we gotta rebuild our farm system. Five years where in the World Series Mick mr. or some. And it's our break let's do. But I'm not so sure even the guy with the deepest pockets. Would have come in and not may be making these same moved do you buy that or not. By that above that but. Again you have the visual the optics the court of public opinion on the doorstep where it with a scalp being fired and rich walls and well yeah it's like these these beings aren't that bad. You know the baseball stuff really we have to wait and see what happens cat but the other stuff with the Marlins just kinda makes you think. This crap again all they deal was changed the name of the owner correct but it's the same correct and that's why does while kinda wanna see all this pain happen at once not. Drip drip drip OK I don't know what if Jeter's give me any good or not. But as I sound like aroma Jeter apologists here I don't wanna be I'm just giving you decide if it. If I'm Jeter he show he bought this team with two strikes on him. Did he not remember the strike now pretty much everything he does that that even smells of laureate did. Right do you get past ten or anything that's cost cutting you're probably going to be bad sport right now of stuff that happened before you. And jeers motive in this in this guy's Sherman is they they don't have the pocket and they're very they're very cheap and that but I don't know anybody who want to lose a hundred million dollars. So obviously yeah it is errors and bought the Marlins or names some billionaire Gerry jolt to Mark Cuban that's got money money money money money. If they ought to come in and they what does it was an ominous for the long haul. We need to build this thing up they might be making the same mode that let this thing Decourt and now. I don't think you more Dior and fifty million over the next five years. See what your younger there let's Truman here let's sure that there are tragic situation the mask or put into huge are probably or basically worthless for the next year and am in Shannon Volquez let's let we need to get off of those bad contracts. We needed. That is the cubs went Epstein came in their children to get the money. They went they strip it down to sell them back up and look where they are now I'm I'm just saying I Jeter can still here and I don't maybe Jeter. Is going to be a disaster and this is going to be a huge a huge. Exploding cigar when I'm just saying. Late may be. It's it's this not all about all they don't have any money that's whether trading all these guys I think they have a plan. I would hope they have a plan if your going to buy a baseball call wielded by a club and a cell what do we do now. I look. They have a player and cat but again. To meet the Jeter was not booed at the Miami Heat game because of anfield moves. He was booed at that Miami Heat game because of off field stuff that's happened so far that makes people think oh happens same mark. Well again rich Walton and just hold on an MOO box at about that goes all you have to judge you know aren't right now don't baseball to Joseph Girardi right now and I don't think everything's gonna chase and that's what he was good the other night waltzes right weld and our board for a while was that an end. He said he hadn't talked to stand right. The whole situation has. I mean that's. I mean there haven't been any on field moose the blue this guy about have learnt that it wants what they ever want these. He's going to do is say guys and until the Minor League Baseball yeah and I and I think that again that that brings back memories of Marlins Pam go down like bungling. Some of these moves toward the optics of some of these moves it just makes you think. Different name same bungling mark. He had he bought the team get two strikes on them no matter what not to get out of in the case with the anybody while we got a text on this we'll get into. Two more this coming double we gotta get back to the Miami Heat as well fifty minutes of he does next Johnson and I do take. The. Fifteen minutes. That is because my Champions Tour by force South Florida's number want to chuck this because it was nations doesn't guarantee them the hottest qualify for modifications and down. Well Jim before by four at 7865022446. For good champion for by Ford dot com courtesy progressive view here. Good Tobago Marlins news will revisit data as the Gordon that is has been traded quarterback and a little bit but we got its unity we have we. Talked a lot about the movie the first hour and twenty minutes of this program didn't perch so that the Santonio laws is that just. He jogged up to they'd never played well in San Antonio never win in San Antonio. Thirty years in existence and off three for 27 in San into a desperate that's why that's pretty welts that right there. That is men and and camp that's part of it but Tom. Yeah you're playing a better team just a much better team be without coli limit. You still have problems handling the size with a powered assault and LaMarcus Aldridge. We saw a change in the starting line up last night and let's try to put some more size in there with with the James Johnson and Kelly Olympic. Again I thought that he did a good job through three quarters especially through the first half gap you saw a lot of good ball movement. The spurs had good ball movement the thirty assist in this but this wasn't com. You know this just didn't seem like the spurs ball movement of the 2014 finals. Where do you know you have boards DL well there is the point forward with him the ball around the perimeter ended. They see it catch up to the past is from the spurs are getting all these open shots up up this blows. A little more drama opportunistic passing by San Antonio. I'd I'd I was playing for them we got coming Gary for those of you get a couple guys that. Led that nobody even has ever heard of right and they just kind of does yelled you plop them in that system and a and they just do just ball into the offense and and it is passing up. And Rudy Gay is it your passing up good shots from great shots well that's the next thing I guess that's that's what they do. They don't seem to get caught by it very often we got a budget texture and we've been and I've neglected some of these he Tex and I called desolate it to a right now here takes regular groceries on a monitor asylum my heat. They are average to address don't. Even think they'll make the playoffs this year how do you make eighteen to reporters or lose by twelve actually no defense and eighteen turnovers. We say that but it's true rule also how frustrating is justice Winslow. Oh text or turn over turnovers turnovers that's ultimately hurt the USA at higher degree that yes. While his bill with a bunch of B list players they hope they could coach them up but this is why they are who we thought they were. Also no text or watch your do you score all over the place really puts in perspective the terrible this is decide Kelly Olympic who's been more time on the floor that are Rogge. Don't such as that says the news a little a little taste of what we got on the Coral Springs on all Condit Tex I'm from the nation today. Gay and how assault has some incredible shots this Gasol had like one of the dip into the third quarter right where he's. Looks like he's trapped underneath the bass and either hurt or he just he just throws it up I think that's what it was maybe at the end of the shot clock and nothing day have one where. It looked like he was trapped underneath the Bassett as the spurs say good fortune. As well as good talent superior talent. Superior coaching working for them last night and so. I NRA. Cap I'll tell you this read it as foolish as this is gonna surround. Aside from the turnovers which were a huge factor. And whether that discouraged by what I saw from the heat. Tyler Johnson came off the bench and did a good job we know that he doesn't have a closer. We know that he does not have an alpha male and so in the fourth quarter you're just drugs and promote the whole time there's nobody that you can definitely throw the ball to end. He can bail you out of three straight possessions where you know this guy is gonna make some open happened. The ball movement and some of the stuff that you saw deep prince of lead through three quarters that's why this line and I'm good yes okay so we didn't total orders that's the well. Maybe you can against San Antonio in San Antonio probably not against Brooklyn so you have given them a pass no. No no number what I don't know what's in unlike some of the stuff but I saw from last night sort of and they by the media but there's no victories in the low. You're not a better team in San Antonio right you don't have better players you don't have better coaching. Soul what I'm saying is I'd like some of what I saw from the heat but your deficiencies still Scholl right. You don't have the clothes are there isn't there was nothing they could do in the fourth quarter you're having a lot of turnovers. And you don't know how to make how to make game winning plays so. Until you do that I don't expect to win in San Antonio now again against Brooklyn. Well that's different you know it. Against guys Charlie does different mind that's why is another bush you know I just I just can't. Leg of the played really well put that gets an offer broad for only three quarters of the sort of that fourth quarter you didn't. Knows there is you don't think it's called say for half. That there's an awful thing and there's Golden State I don't think the days. That happened opening that they did the things that they do you approve three quarters against the spurs only hit the ball movement so I got columns I'm not I'm not excusing it anyway can't assignment that was. We saw decent stuff weren't extended period. We just don't. Now to go and you could say for a stretch recently I got you yeah that's a lot of learning how that's fine I don't via. Album during that you're it was promising it was promising what I like perhaps phenomenon I mean I don't. It is a crowd and acknowledging I'm trying to help yeah and I agree like OK I got you. That's cool you need something to build on but. And that's your viewpoint of things Emma saying your viewpoint is wrong that's fine your that's your viewpoint I'm with you. All the way up to the point of that but that ice I come the fact of there are eleven to thirteen. Like they're lost. So and and that's why I become more. Oh disappoint in the last night's effort you played so well. It's a lost. Come out of like Doug Johns as point five you hit eighteen threes and you'll lose liberal to win that game I know you hit it to injuries have Tony did it says Dion goes crazy issued for the 2%. And to lose that game. Yes and you know what NASCAR was limping to just say about her son that you've got to turn those efforts into victories. It's the same thing that we saw last night right you've got to turn that into a victory somehow. Now again. Against other opponents cited. You know I would expect more of your in San Antonio playing San Antonio. OK I'm not expecting much archive at the same time. At some point these have to turn into victories this gets into your argument though right winners have become too late wind you know wind you stop eight. Seeing the good stuff and saying. Forget the good stuff you just need to win. Right is still at this stage right now where I didn't accept the good start guessing games below you were incident but again. Against like I don't know what it. 27 other teams in the NBA deliberately go and I'm in Illinois needs yeah yeah yeah yeah. I know and then and this is a good they're good we'll find out all we will we come back here on Monday right or even Tuesday to the play Brooklyn Saturday night in the way Memphis Monday. But the Internet and oh yeah he's got a new ideas and now get you back to 500 and then you see worse on is if he's going back and then you kind and then you can agree go from there. Some mistakes the heat need to participation trophy. Thumb. Yeah I just I'd and here's the thing I don't know how we go that far with it well I don't know how it all plays because you without your your your guy is on. So is this a true representation of this of this team. Maybe this is no better than what they aren't. Like two and were just talking about making trades and all these other things Indio do you make a move India do you reevaluate what you thought you might of had. And that's that's the biggest thing right now none of our opinions Matta did a matters his ball Sharon and Riley's mom so they'll look at this executive sit around and just try to be 500. If there's a moves we made up their credit they're going to try to shake it up. So what do they think hey look we we we don't matter being in here. He's missed what is the mistake that eighth eight games vice president and associate him is probably the next couple so you come up ten games ago. Out of the first 2526. Whatever turns out since they wield we. That is not just you know you don't have Osama Whiteside. It's you have Osama Whiteside than everybody else can place their position when you have a sign out. A lot of guys are out of position. And especially defensively. And then and there's a lot of things there that you'll be able. Love the wanna run son out of town what they wanna do defensively he is the anchor what they wanna do defensively. No doubt no doubt is. Just going straight to the rim when the sun is not in their opponents straight to ring get them to get into the paint get wounded shot. Is nudges the sun just shows up in just block shots and they're better defensively everything they do. Often all on defense is is is predicated on him being there. That's that's what they do. A bead on the perimeter doesn't matter you know you've got a racer you've got a human race. You do it on the perimeter OK you get beat fine then go help the helper then you go and rotate. And then when Assad steps up to to block the pain or to block the shot that all of a sudden somebody's gonna dig down and and pass to assign demand where's the rotation Keller group that guy gets the steal all on the angle elves and you're going the other way so there's a lot of things that the numbers don't lie did you or top. Three when a Sonos play defensively their mid twenties when he hasn't this year and they gave up what they give Obama above those of one to those of another 117 points last night's now one point three team we've seen these totals over the last two weeks. Yeah yeah gave up 31 in the fourth quarter so. Look I I think the sun definitely helps break lead by. In the record. We haven't haven't seen that big of a dim or something okay yeah yeah I I I still do you know either witness on or Dell has signed. This team has to figure out how to turn good numbers. Into victories right. Whether it's the son put up the numbers or whether it's eighteen threes. Or whether it's a game where you only have you know ten or eleven turnovers which I don't know that's the case leave. Dumb net loss this year but you know what I'm saying when you get those those numbers somehow you have to turn them into victories as. Those numbers are coming around very off. Have you seen what Cleveland Cavaliers have been doing. Thirteen in a row. And you look at their schedule there were like eighteen Euro nineteen Euro and they still have Isiah Thomas. Period. I am not surprised. You're not. I guess bus that here. Calm wind early in the season and say and I'm not worried about Cleveland and and people are more power and are old and Dwyane Eden went really well. I know blah blah and it is like that drew the completely open and. They would figure it out but I did they discourse like a nineteen game winning streak. And that's the only demo just kind of like make it through. And he knew that they're gonna play hard on some nights in the lose a game that's opposed to. Like there'd leg they're taken its shares they looked at what Boston did and had to elect okay. No screw around motivation is one guy LeBron. Does he sets that's all he's the best player in the world currency set these as the best player. On the planet and end. It was just a matter of time right I mean they're. There's there's still the best team in the east. They they have been all season and they will be at the end of the year are they good enough to get has Golden State I don't think so right now. But they're the best team in the. Just closed they last night they'll have drill migraines that renteria right they're starting rookies that from the deal the only so long there's still win and HR last night on the road pretty. Pretty handily are lull MBA there are also team Izzy back in action Saturday night down in Mexico City so a couple more couple more days off for the the heat to try to. Get things right tomorrow to try to get rides. The other trading has has begun indeed Gordon is gone leaving the details on that coming up right here on 792 ticket. Can't make things. We turned into. And Bert Emanuel and you want on Thursday afternoon. Before you buy good news if you. Your keyboard and fans. Friday is gonna take our football tries within about prompted Charlie offseason long get ready for the games. A look at the dolphins as their opponent injury update accusing him in more probably Charlie there's always the number one draft pick. Plus by U school of public adjusters sand bar and grill on the growth and Lex the North Miami football Friday on am 79 NFL moral four point 62. The ticket twelve football Friday tomorrow. The real little weird to hum canes gamer but just Saturday games through the talk about. We nice army navy army and user and I mean David and I don't. I know that I I really I mean and just doesn't there's some action on it but. But it really is it really is like that's a really cool thing yeah yeah yeah I've seen are my comes out of how much. How much they both want to beat each other and you know if you can you tell American not to not to release watch a game for a few minutes of your portrait. Yeah I'm I'm not I'm not really into the army navy game what I do like is you get a couple of running off prince's death. And you know like the route carrier Hasselbeck like best run and run in the blow nada. Not a monster post low you know. Take the snap from the shotgun. Or receiver Louis real Mel. This is man on man I'm running your ass over a dear you just about. Yeah there's not a lot of a little bit now in the navy -- ago it's not a finance. Mahan on Mahan a mid year based correct that she's. And how it's raw like it. Our. Robbie can nose up to his so that's the thing in these owed about 47 million dollars over the next four plus seasons. So is who has this was our when a call they wanted to share his salary his name's been mentioned along with young Carlos stands last a couple weeks. A lot of different rumors it what they did back who knows I'm guessing prospects. That's how this thing that's on this thing usually works so. He Gordon is the the first to go here we got a lot of text messages that we're gonna get to him on the song on this front. Mostly bashing the Marlins in their cheater. But but but. Stay in in 100 point ways can't ride pace that they want him a lot of a lot of unnatural things yeah yeah you know yes but but but some. Now says about 7030. Our defending the moves on discerning whether this is what. This is what has to be done and I brought up that point of view because. People are just saying these guys. Meaning her Sherman and Derek Jeter. They don't have any money being. An animal that's the sort of the case. I think it'll 10 looms a lot of money yet for years and years correct you know they're going in the in any time you buy anything any time you buy a new analysts sox' personal I know does because. Here one Diaz bad. If we spent the last twenty years. And the Marlins were a great organization. And they went to a couple World Series and they won one and they re signed all their players and things just got guys just got old and retire right and then glorious and I'm not here right. And then this new guys and in this was our first rebuilt yet this and our payroll just got too expensive right Iranians would say OK you gave us some thrills we understand. Right like you know you pick a team over though of course that ended his staffers patriots well I'll use an India based. All you know you as you may Iran and yet have a good ten year run. And everything is its bloated and bloated bloated and guys get old and fat and contracts are batting just kind of have to retool. What of this and you rebuilt. But the Obama can deal with a rebuilds them but not when they can't deal with it when this is the intense rebuilds and eighteen in twelve years and there are and have been much success in between the reveal so I don't know it's thanks. What I note Sox. What. Like. If you by the team and with anybody comes in and buys a company herb buys a product that they wanna do their way. And obviously. Jeffrey Loria is way was not working. And I will say this on top of that. You can't just have a big payroll and win. They're bridges say they'll all of its ability to just throw money at the problem you have to have some sort of some sort of science. And information. Behind what you're doing and some sort of plan. But the Orioles for years we're just it's and money the cubs spent money look at that the Mets the Mets are being an integrated there's hurt. The Dodgers. Just you know big payroll bill doesn't mean your Gordon a silly wind. Now I guess it helps. What is not a end all be all so. That's all I'm saying is that is is I know nobody wants to hear it. But I'm willing to give. Them a little bit of the benefit of the doubt on this one boa Derek Jeter brochure bought this team considering their history they already had two strikes on them. And. Look at there is no faith in this organization from the public so when you see cost cutting. The blue one of the big things are gonna come to people's minds is. We gave away some proven minor league talent or some guys that might or might not be able play but the bottom line is they're cheap. And I think that's the way that the public looked that a lot of these Marlins moves that it's not. It's not cost cutting. In the interest of of been truly rebuilding and becoming a contender. It's cost cutting. Rick the bottom line being what we're gonna collect Major League Baseball will there and if we win we win if not. So what I think that that's what people have been seen for years and that's what people think they seem for years. And right now no purity puree sportsman in in South Florida. You have Peary little faith that old saying Jim let's sell it and yet you. You should if you're really did these guys appear say that maybe you don't wanna give my beer shake. It went into my ticket but you can please let the wings are plays out a day on exactly but you don't to go by doctor and you like that that. But I'm saying leg nor should you. You have to prove something to you you have that'll take a couple of years yes and we lost an -- yeah okay now they got there now I can right now I hear you now okay now there gold medal winner but yet it's just bad all around. And I understand it and he gets and you know no benefit of the doubt too big a baseball on the baseball front. This story we get to yesterday. Did you see Rafael Palmeiro. Who's 53 we haven't heard from mr. Palmer a long time no he's been one of those dark caves and he hasn't come out a long long time. What league steroid it's amazing. Those guys it is disappeared. Like Sammy Sosa he pops up. Once in awhile social media. But like any doesn't look like him results anymore area but a lot of those guys that I did McGwire credit to the flyers are bonds was the hitting coach here without warrants were trying to wanted to disappear for awhile you know. But a lot of Clemens they were heard from him I don't know I know those guys have does that mean they've made they made so much money there hardest but but it's rarely you've never heard like her from ten years. He's a Miami guy so not hear from it was a big comeback of the different history. And I think some that would give him a shot maybe remarkably it was shocking they need they need somebody to go play for the league Mittal might imagine. And Palmer is all all deals you know he wants and he wants to go out of his own terms of stuff but here's my question to you in the audience. Comebacks. As they. Do they ever work. It's it's sop I can't think of the last from. Like being successful. Come back Aaron you know did well. I mean I guess Jordan's second comeback or their first come okay the first person I guess but this that I know he was less. US pillars bronze and say yeah the wizards and now. It didn't work wasn't Islam. And and and look at Palmeiro was 53. Guests like who who successful at that age in major pro sports cap. Yeah. We the singer or the champions are calling him a champion Stewart but even though Tom Watson didn't have a chance that whether the British a couple of years ago yes and he couldn't when he missed the putt on an eighteen I descended into extra holes I believe that's what happened. Come your your 53 for ten years old Robbie. I'm like Robby Robby was there with the Texas Rangers when I was living there and I covered you those games over the get the the pool time back up the Texas Rangers at that time but it. Really good guy outstanding hitter anybody who grew up in the eighties remembers. The B missive beastie Mississippi State teams are Palmeiro and Clark Raphael Palmeiro and will Clark and that was wind. College Baseball was getting B again and on ESP. You know bonds and owed Mimi Dowling Clemens and all those guys were in College Baseball in. Palmeiro outstanding hitter to hit per average and hit for power. But you're 53 years old do it it's not gonna work the oldest player that's not gonna work a couple of people Texan I'm an also know Julio Franco Hollywood's. Who beyond also covered yards as the players it's news that big long bet he's put the ball. You have to cut a comeback a comeback and Bucs are gonna allow boxing George Foreman we got doubled his boxing is not in their front seventeen explored. Where you're out of it for awhile and then you come back. Some basic Josh Gordon. But it's I don't that does that comeback that's the most is it worked rocky work for rock. That's a but I don't look don't signal or somebody else takes then. Pay Cutler's comeback has been promotional. Oh wait. The Vermont right yeah. Yeah yeah. The the Joker out there jokes earlier in the group here right and it really only works and called the Mena John Daly hasn't been like others trying to make comeback. You Obama told OK so is asking right and I am right I agree no. Anybody and I did I get anybody. You'll drive you know the other boys break here on to say. Any combat war while I think we are on par Merrill's Arabia will he better get an umbrella art some of them and it doesn't work. That's a look of is anybody work eight that's lumps and isn't gonna work that's not hearing your pathetic as you gotta be out of the game for at least a season. Yeah like Forbes would like you can really Dick color you can retire once. Argued that that's a comeback yeah does these are all non monopoly in this year than three regulators are awesome my Ricky Williams. Reviewer but he yeah and Brett Favre. Favre doesn't sit out more than a year. Not opening DD DD known as an entire season. And he never missed like that Metallica that when you're out when you just say you're tired you come magnate two years two months later now. Well yeah like at least a year. Willow looks more than slow but could some of those text messages followed it to the a 6 o'clock hour outsmart beds. Sirius XM host good friend of the show sporting news would do all things NFL talk about all those it's a Monday night Roger Goodell is. Extension in the dolphins play all those things don't he's enjoys her at 620. Eyes we got a lot to get too little to give until 7 o'clock radio 790 the ticket. I gather all the produce of the current approach over Google podcast buster and a Rihanna Kurth a chance to interview supermarket clerk. My league obviously these are promoting an article classic political footed here. Between hours to whimpering and from. Back here on 79 the ticket we got a very very special guest as we got to a great event coming up the 24. Annual MetroPCS. Orange Bowl basketball classic and that settlement is an Obama. Of that contest from Florida State first round pick from a couple of years ago now a member of the Denver Nuggets as we talk about today Iran jewels and Dow's history as it was just like they are joins us beyond to me that's where we find guard believe Beasley of the Denver Nuggets formally reported they would tell you don't let. Also grown to a inter American court over we're doing great here aren't any time I I hear Florida stayed Emmy earlier there one year. Are you group your one and done there but but you had a lot of success there obviously a first round pick. They're playing they're playing in this classic you've played in there a couple of years back do you still. Do you still feel like they're part of the Florida state group as far as the team goes even though you moved on. Yes of course Mary Meehan says there have always been great terms and some code ago the so called for other. Normal control so. You know select restore part of that team and social coax him he'd been so great chin so then a converse recoup. Yes amazing how many letter was down here with the University of Miami all of you know is history they've built built the program from nothing makes a basketball team. Ferraro Ferraro didn't mean it was wild and I think considering a coach coach Hamilton came down here and built it up and and I got him into the big keys in what he's been able to do. At Florida State is is pretty amazing letter is an interesting character. Given you to give us your best Leonard Hamilton story. Because my mother heard heard your car that bin co workers who. Good how are you we'll recruit who you lose that I'm I'm pretty sure boo crew there one of darkness because of the how bad it is tense or. To always you know and news media prospects and so are most of our road near her. Back in the day at that we'll learn very heartwarming book. By the salt that's all I can say I did see Leonard trying to get down to the a lot of the soldier and Molly do they. Isn't this from the Denver Nuggets are what's been the transition like you gotta have your. I guess you're you're a little bit studded due to an injury and your back and forth a little bit with the with the now call Julie but how's this transition bed. Then from jumping from the ACC after one year to the big with big league. Oh man whose group whose. I think we need they dispute the birds. We're you know appear recruit karma doesn't and this Dirk or straight or. Most direct. I shouldn't have injuries. Include. And now. Also this display amount so. There membership it is just so good how low blow up because the charities and that group on the. What what's the bigamy ACC is high level basketball probably the closest thing you can dead. Figure out one of the best leagues. I had to go from playing well what's the most the biggest thing when you when you jumped on the NBA court to disrupt the speed of the game. Odds are strong guy here what it out of the biggest difference. Who's using him also just IQ and the truth of the players. And in whom did they know personally know where you have to I will only launch they note that stronger than eighty you have kids earned the outcome could move. On murder and I'm overcome and go and senior located so as soon as. It is going to maturity in rescue arm also just being bigger stronger. Miller Moly Beardsley is is our guest yeah I mean I I I I talked to a lot of guys and it's amazing I mean you're just you're just turned 21 years old. Yeah and I'm I can imagine. It being in your shoes stepping onto the court and it's like. Dude I used to play you in NBA live. I I don't have your plumber on the law and not too long ago I'm talking about our old dudes that are in the league twenty years we're about that earlier finally hears and. Roberto Carlos who was really loomed sinkers promoters no ball. But. Yeah it is this is such it's just include specially because of those. And this is a crazy you have a guy who's going out. All of them are hawks aren't so late tomorrow or Jamal Crawford so dark mood might do all so about promote religion. The year from a dollar a year from Atlanta and Brooke how Denver treat you got. The the city's great but you got a fun team and your big apart. Of their out kinda youth movement out there on the west obviously is very top but you're gonna feel like you're building something there out in in Denver with this group. But it is for sure bombing sorties into armor to learn of us to figure out that little so honored to be you know. Just being on him always have a good commercial court is vulnerable on the court. We discipline over. We'll lump together a long armed got a cure of. Well Melissa these liaison with those formerly a Florida State we we brought him all of toggle bit -- it would memo also. To help promote the MetroPCS Orange Bowl basketball classic which is next Saturday December 16 to get a great doubleheader poll Oklahoma State is gonna take on your team Florida State and Clinton's. Gonna take on the Florida Gators for tickets in Europe. 3053414701. To follow your big memory plane and that had to be fun kind of coming down the South Florida and not. It plain it's the same joked that the firms are yes it is DB I. Your news. Kind of giving the NBA or structures. A late the court looked colors aren't too but also. Lou that it felt that he wrote down the middle. Must or. No early months remember. I think I'm offers double vote to. OK I know it's a great memories and the it. It's amazing and it's a fundamental that's within the Florida passages of play their games and they've been able to revamp but for some basketball events there. And always wondered that they should get a couple more venture tried to that is a it is a a great venue there how we're. When you look at the the NBA who won't spend who's you're out of the perimeter. President biggest tougher the toughest cover for you here just kinda when did you get the scouting reports to did all the moves and where bodies. Going to be at what what's kind of in the some of the guys that have guys that wow man this guy. He's he's really got to going on we zero the names we know all the guys but as a player who do you look at. On Bill Bradley do all of world Hulu won't see who do. That you last might motivate. Itemize and not play. I'm in Somalia and roomier they can claim even know where your spirit your rhythm. It still is still closed through our crew group the Wu mostly so. Our recruiters. You know there are you saying got a very regions. Gotta live your best to contain them. What are what are what personnel you do you need to get better as far as just as your game as far as. The development part of it. Up in that moment over the past summer some people who are real can shoulder. Also lose depending. A pretty good on the officer there's only both came from to rig our. Okay you're from Atlanta and the only here in Tallahassee that CEO that's kind of the same. The same type of vibe I would say Denver is a little bit different what's. I feel like Denver and and tell us slow but something about about the your new home so to speak. You're close doesn't different in new Utah term curriculum and it. Well prior. Promote both here. We're and outlook to a reversal from. Walk the mountain meditating a little bit. But this is different people are different that more of a story on me it is disagree at least be especially wanted to focus because. Most are like a Miami or like they should be so it is pretty European kitchen folk who. The forty yard you know you're not an outdoors guy Bozo I mean what are you what are you doing in your spare time. Are no matter where I am I need to crank call to duty you're. Sweeping. It just that because that's stolen when I was out now's your agent Jack. That's so you build it up because last dollar. Boo boo. A lot are are you are you do you are jacked up about the call of duty there was war probably there were two career a Martin speaker Marty. Mario murderer of do you do you play online I'm presuming. Yes sir no sir we do our crew our rookie racecar OK but like when you play like your play like regular people like the dog that they don't know you'll. You know abruptly into your page. Eighteen like emblem there so there are very. And a lot of guys on the part I'm. And so like you mentioned you're inviting me. OK did you plant yourself in in a bid to give the nuggets are like that we dug into how do you do that. Depends if it's if it's for money after it occurred to make its birthers that is used there operate our crew right. So long somebody. Welcome back time now for playing serious we got to play a multi billionaire and audience we got to roll. Would do with the hometown team there the year earlier period were not that's it's amazing man it is it is it is is incredible you know what you can do and how I knew you conduct. You can connect with in this or this medium there. Are we got Oklahoma State and Ford says to be human judge your guys ought to greats of the before the other night here on the Internet make another run man. We're Lou Clayton. Good news is stores where. The group those their own or over there and her during her Kurdish tradition champ. Tradition about this were not a couple blocks from people about ought to welcome further the dirt here and come under most. Yet another there they're fun to watch and and your team out Denver certainly is the decades Emily thanks throughout thanks for. Joining us and get to know you a little bit and up will be rooting for you out there and and have a good good season out there with the Denver Nuggets that you served. Usually votes go to permanent. You got a mom and my league Beasley right there from the Denver Nuggets for first round pick from a couple of years ago dafted number nineteen overall good young player. Long athletic and to a lot of different things had a little bit of a knee problem. And a stress fracture in his right leg actually. In his rookie season decorative little bit but they are good looking player and a good catching up with him and also wanted to talk Tim about the young MetroPCS. Orange Bowl basketball classic Oklahoma State and Florida State Clemson and Florida. All four teams are ranked right now floor went down last night but they are they are broad they are very good might be the best field. That that. The orange ball has put together its. Next Saturday. Action starts at 2 o'clock in the BB NT sinner which is really cool many to watch a basketball game. So watch I get out 3053414701. Or offer tickets go to what to get at Orange Bowl. Dot org or links Emily Beasley but more to get you right here on 79 units are. So. For the. Curtis and earned tenure would you think you can. All the gains rate you'll be in studio. These are the boys got specialist Edward back again nice and one of the guys that coverage and you live. You're much tournament three years government back in the day Edward reed Harris he is. One of the things are mere rebel you read was like yes. After his freshman year and into his sophomore year I think it was a lot of those guys were working though they likely offensive lineman had is Maria pickup truck troubling news to push. But these guys with the Ali what was the sprinting to there's Tommy market economy well and later went to LSU I don't know where he is now. A lot of these kids came back looking like me and it read was one of my our members just just looking at him. And gave his body totally different I mean he he went from a kid to be in a Mahan and in one offseason and and you know the talent was always there but I I remember that as as. You know one of the stepping stones of building the UN program ended you know what they did and no one note soon. Put it read was one of the examples are one of the guys I'll always remember today he came thick. Looking like in Maine colonies he was a man I love yes and any and his play support even even when he was a little skinny as late supported it. Wow so is go go with the guys all came radio aren't Smart as you know with us. Hello from the NFL with him in about about twenty minutes paid out fly you into the holiday is it to get courtesy of Joan nerds is giving away 400 dollar gift card now while that's. You can by the DJI spark at that price or use the four dollars towards. Other DJI products like the maverick or phantom for bro fly over to Jewelers are calmer visit. Either their locations and amateur or pine crystal nerds are Ford's eyes in the sky to this gift card so you can buy a drone register the ticket Miami dot com I'm trying to help. Also look those drones you know during during a floods and and natural disasters they you know earthquakes and stuff you're you're bonding all kinds uses them there's military applications recreational. Applications on my only recreational. Yeah yeah Yahoo! and Bruno yeah I would like to read rigid. Would you sum though like go into the horse stables before the how to contact after previously tried as this is worth really a late six I was led the sources dealer I haven't thought about that you are you aren't that thinkable continent areas you suggest it has a life he's gonna make you some money yeah that's a money maker of the largest vitamin a could be correct. C doubtless be Leslie massage and a bachelor that's an umbrella up my mind racing we got to learn from our politicians and Hollywood Bowl but it did that probably chill on that forward for a decade or so right. Yeah I apparatus only you're or wherever. Knuckle down. He let out a road accident unit to break the break the law another garage as a gambling purposes that's an idea accurate I'll lose is it precisely the legal. These illegal activity thank you very well yes 6974. That's diary just on the growth brings Oman it's excited six immunize them for got a lot of good tax on the on the comeback thing I'm just. Judge you hear guys make them come and I am I gonna come back as I do retro Camaro is gummy thing like do they ever wore we got some good ones. Some good points. She worked out we'll get to those coming up here but the dolphins have been trying to make a comeback it seems like for a number of years we thought they were there were on the right track last year. And this it hasn't been the case obviously. And you look at the room the record you look at where they rank statistically. And you look at. Primetime games and we got another one coming up here perk on Monday night for all the world to see it say what you know what it has been watered down. Put it still went on primetime is still a big deal and they've been embarrassed on all three stages and will that be the case again to Monday. Against the patriots at home and now they gotta tie guys who were just kind of you know what I'm hurt or now planned for any thing let's point to next year correct. They do they do cat and will will see which of these guys ends up combat this season but. Injury problem is is really really getting troubles some. And that leads us ride ended years of being. Miami's pass protection has me concerned and I know it's cut Jay Cutler concern on Monday night going up against New England. Among the numerous injuries that are piling up we've got Damian Williams at the running back position. Com we've got meant more at the quarterback position we've got portraits tankers Lee at the quarterback position. We've got the bond gods saw Ed. But this pass protection being is one that's really got me shaken you know Matt Moore in his two starts this year he's taken to insects. Three sacks against Baltimore seven sacks against New England. That New England start two weeks ago Steele has meant more sideline. He's got foot injury output injury and he's got other injuries Adam gacy as he's nursing other beings. He won't get specific but there's a chance that Matt Moore is out for an extended period. Extended period at this stage of the season could mean he ends up on IR and you've got David fails as your as your backup quarterback. But the point is these injuries are troubling you thought you had good depth at quarterback. With Jay Cutler and met more men more being kind of the backup that that you want. And now Matt Moore is Al Davis paled as your backup you thought you had depth at running back. At the start of the season would Jay and I intend Drake and Damian you know contingent racan Damian Williams. And now Damian Williams this hurt. And Kenyan Drake his sideline. A lot of these positions where you thought you had good debt at the deep prince of lying you have to move Cameron malveaux up because William Hayes is out. And Yvonne got jaws injured at the quarterback position where portrait Tankersley left the game last week. You've got to play Bobby McCain there and bring altering Byrne arena and so. The door opens are limping to the finish I'm worried about all of these injuries. But the one I'm worried about most. Is the pass protection and injuries that have been caused at the quarterback position again a seven sex against New England two weeks ago. And now it's gonna be up to Jay Cutler. Who has been knocked out of games twice this year due to injury a rib injury and concussion has the stand behind this pass protection. And whole just whole. That he can stay healthy enough to make it through the next five weeks and then go back to be beautiful retired lifestyle. I'm not sure that's gonna happen I'm worried about pass protection. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now and crying Chris. Drove surge as your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered. Whether his new purchases training repairs customizations. Whatever you need to go see these people they will get you hooked up. It's drove nerds dot com they are self Florida's eyes in the sky. Do you think. Thumb. Yet and he hasn't done much to lead you to sink it he could be a starter anywhere else writing my son and I certainly last year and I'm not sincere under singing Jen no I guess that's what I mean I don't think he's. Eight Mino pure look and poor quarterback I don't think you're going poorer. 35 year old Jay Cutler are you and Andy Cutler's not gonna wanna be a backup for anybody suggesting this is the gap a pinkie. He just gets back to give you go to these games. I don't know that for effect but as Weather Underground jail as we know yeah that's my guess your Gibson billion dollars you get. That kept you've already been in constant had a rib injury. And you've got pour more games ago when well. Like guy you're not going for the playoffs you're probably not playing for next yet I think he's just got his fingers crossed I can make it I'll call box I'll get back into the broadcast Booth where I'm and that's it that's my guess I have them no I I agree. You because that that's the only thing like yours they like is the hardest hurt Ali that a lot of fans would care about ten dollars the sport no you don't but. I mean that's it's even gets the brunt early Elena arising collar guys similar books let's look at. Part of the point here is it's almost inevitable Lou would with the way these this pass protection that allow these quarterbacks to be injured this year. Hum Cutler's miss to get well Cutler's essentially missed three games he's missed two starts but he's missed half of two other games and Matt Moore has missed one game. I you know you start doing the math on that quarterbacks have missed four games meant more might miss this one best buy and this is all in the last six weeks long so. If I'm a bump Cutler I've got my fingers crossed and if bombed the dolphins have also got my fingers crossed. Hopefully you don't have to have David appeals than. Seasoned right. No go ahead and it fails so let me like OK but at this point per guys understand that you their their rifle men in the locker room. You polite I I again I struggle with what his end game with all of these last these last public and get the 500. No I've I think you do you you wanna look at your talent and you're style your players for next season really. I don't need a finals. Yeah out eye opening book deals and play and I'm just a guess our listeners lemon being under present serious 'cause like Cutler is no future with the same don't know what does a number of god no but I think with cut. Or at least you can get a better look at some Parker yeah so right so are your receivers has come. And and really not that you need a year and you know I don't know how big load. Mark squeeze gray into keen granite gonna did you know it's heavenly injury and steals you know Julius Tom but still what do you give yourself a chance to win also. And Cutler gives you a better chance to win the David bails you you know you don't want to get on an already enough in abide by everybody for the next big guy reported another buy enough nothing's already yes yes that's that's and that's about it in a bad scene and had seen that injury problem makes it worse and the motivation to come back for a lot of these players for that adds another layer of the stuff I agree with you can't play it by about Jay Cutler do dom. I'm getting not just Golan by now it's only December 7. You know right where I wanted to be a want to be January 1 they're not soft to bright right now lightning fire final game December 30 spurs you on January 1 year by let's get to headlines here. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore didn't practice today more who has been sacked ten times in his two starts has foot injury among other things. And could be sidelined for an extended period according to coach Adam gays that would mean Davis fails would be your backup quarterback. For an extended period other notable injuries include running back Damien Williams he's got a shoulder injury. Cornerback where Dre Tankersley he's got ankle and shoulder injuries and right guard your mom bush rod he's got a foot injury. Cleveland Browns have buyers saw she braille there executive VP of put up football operations for the last two years. They also announced coach hue Jackson will return in that capacity next season NFL tonight slings are at the falcons college football. Out Lynn I mean the Home Depot college football awards show is tonight nine trophies go out. Including back out Linda let me call Bill Walker and Davey O'Brien and no contains Knowles were gators are among the finalists for any of those major awards. Sale with college football briefly Tennessee has hired a football coach it's Alabama defense of coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. And finally in the NHL's Florida hosting winner pay at 730 tonight at the BB NC senator those are your headlines. You know I gonna watch the coastal ports are no okay. Pep Ottawa boldly into don't know what to knowledge through there you got all excited are caught out in in the bullet McCaw it's just you know these are. Visitors some of that you know I think I was trying to tow lot that the number of these guys that you women's based. And dumb thing one of one of the Notre Dame linemen I think maybe the guard is up for the Al and it is in many Madonna and retailers is up toward the Bill Walker little Wisconsin won't bring. And I don't think that I think that might have been it out I was surprised that the you live just in space you know us. Do scheduling. Yeah just a strategist and face a whole lot of usually you would see you know a few of you names that I do is they are younger like guys like a launches a watch neither scenario right now. No seats see why you know who's gonna win MBA tournament feel like they I don't think speaker maker or breaker an he's short quarterback he's 61 so like yeah that's fireworks when news of a sting to the pro yeah when yeah I actually mean he's a fiery guy you know that kind of stuff right I don't know what he's gonna do him pros. A lot of love a lot of good comeback stories here will low or get to those here we appreciate your tax them on the notice ringgit to those commitment we got to get tough to outsmart Vaz. Off NFL he's those at all we're gonna hit him with a bunch of questions on the on Italy last him get his view on the dollar to cover the dolphins for a number of years in down here are the doubles with more resistance and you guys have you don't know to you shared a lot of adult beverage is together on the road we have talking about the dolphins woes there's no question about that so blow alas all things about the league match a Monday night the commissioners extension all the all everything all these. By this suspensions all that all they gritty stuff without outsmart vez coming up next here on 790 the ticket. I'm back here on the ticket the ticket without mark look around the NFL in just a moment to take it wants to send you to the ultimate you New Year's Eve. Weekend party four nights in Vegas baby boom you can win how job airfare for UN against hotel for four nights. And tickets to see the Foo Fighters to Randle ran and Zack brown band. It's a great way to ring in the new year one to win that. Go now to the thing in Miami dot com slash contest and you could be going to Vegas to see three great concerts. Winner and guests must be 21 years are over. This is a national contest we now head out to the round duels and doubt there's amused or is this on their truly step beyond comedians have to we checked it weatherman Al. Smart as serious except NFL. And and sporting. I don't know columnist. Our. Look now it is only the daughter. And sons or 100 army moved to the next level or to bark from dogs yeah. We fumbled the you know doctor William got Jordan and goes got put on running around again it will format became a little literally all that's sort of supported maybe you're. I do that here we go art Alex we're just talking about. The dolphins per gave his of his report here. And it's been just a dreadful season here. How does how's the view of their from the outside look at a team that used to comer so frequently. Or leaving you be an autopsy report right I was just asked him I didn't know what title port perk was giving potentially a way to look at this call from treat them and you don't look and it it could commit to another sometimes and that being that it over and. Normally. When we got here. Hello hello Leo okay I'm on board here I don't know yet again tech coaches are welcome to now. No it took it to this play it's funny because it is like you know what that report it can't give it an autopsy report which are essentially what we'll look at that with the dolphins in 2017. And bookkeeping -- achieved last journal there's any question about it overlooking the cops fire a when when we're on cameo went down so that you know -- thanks to this team advancing in the post season but unable to build on what it did this year you know Dovonte Parker. Which always tarnished and you know it's like how long how much of the past it has got to get after years and the dolphins clearly been done and being accused part of Iraq spent I think it's urged this great separate Kenny stills has stepped up my control this land to reach you know clearly just not maybe what you do. Very good breeze took a bunch passes so that opened it doesn't look like keys and their future. I mean bullets in the offensive line what and addressed again the defense to back seven as the train wreck and no injuries happen good. Just it's it's just also and you know you have liked to look at him every year need to say okay that the patriots are the gold standard the NFL can you compete in the answer is no and it's not just one thing it's a number of little little things we did some big things at all right up to just not be able to really compete against the patriots. And so Alex what is the deal with a lip balm with Adam gays and the report card on him this season and whether it's going for Jay Cutler weather's Julius Thomas Weathers the stage IE trade all of this stuff handling personnel. What's the report card on on gays at this point of the season. You know it's agreed to an interest in question perk because look at I think for I think I'm based on habitable Greece courier and I like Adam I think that you know that that there's a lot of things about him that you know very good as a head coach aisles hoping to. A little bit of size and experience it may be naive okay in this first dinners you know of course. Gore run as a head coach and I'm not sure that you can get a second go round is going to be able to keep chop forever or what but you know blows in the great coached the ones that are able to get players to buy into their system in place for them and instead that wasn't the case Richard charter. You know wasn't the case for some of the guys were around your analogy you're too if you want to you're the guys that you didn't think you bought into it in the offseason don't to a during the season and I think that's something there I think Jay Cutler into it was a disaster and I wrote about it in August Richard in ten million dollars to guys stop gap and how marketing early take you really where where where Jay Cutler didn't get this T. You hope beaten in the first round of the playoffs and yet. And tomorrow you know what I mean and that ten and that's ten million dollars that you just squandered the critical majority slant church could gauntlet to -- into one James isn't your cup Petit on you know I get that or if you know people wanna pay Jarvis slander for whatever reason you wanna let more talent walk out the door and let him go to New England or something I get that as well to the to a point but it's still ten million dollars in salary cap space that you just wasted. I'm Jacob we're not only that the message that is sent to a good Miami Dolphins player is is that Jay Cutler's out of Jason white and the that he committed no matter how badly keep plays at a decent and stick with. And that sort of very slippery slope as a head coach and after awhile people sort Tuesday and it Adams kept us together. And by the way to yet be happens to issue some of the players and I think and in the organist and the total. You know I mean all this sort of stuff for me it's a it's been a mess yeah we listened to get go for this team but a lot of title contention the quarterback position as much everything in a very bad miscalculation about how good Jake. They handle every situation they've had every situation down here from cocaine platters to you know and how missing a night. To me ressam ray Maualuga they handle really did everything here Alex Harvey as his argue answers XM NFL radio host sporting news NFL columnist. Well why did Roger Goodell did they are five year extension Alex. Because he is an incredible. You know an incredible target retaken shot at a B and owners can call it. Right and we spent Roger Goodell the Teflon man you know you don't want to take the bullets these guys and you know in the league is still making money. Larger you know also duplicate excrete becomes were negotiating a collective bargaining agreement that's gonna come in handy in 20/20 one blitz which rather DOW no WW don't when you're going to a labor situation what you are coming up to be in the 20/20 sees and what by the way recommend sport did you guys take it very long vacation at that point to probably going to be happening in the football talk about prolonged period of time. But that being said you know I just got what it is I think that they would. Electric bill as as much as something continue to get punched in all of that sort of stuff he -- best option if there was a better option I think they would have pursued it but there was an endless and you know would would there be buyers remorse maybe took another boat owners you know in December sure that's not what the owners wanted to stop what you by the -- have a committee -- called compensation committee and you have very rich people who are spending their time hammering out the details of their contract they don't want another billionaire coming in and think -- what do we vote because six or seven months he's been hammering out this contract in at that time the -- about it just just let's leave that in the -- you know once they went in they may have voted to give Roger -- that exceptional Cold War had -- we -- done a -- about the way Jerry Jones does have some really good points and I would imagine that the NFL maybe trending down its executive -- little -- a lot of people make a lot of money there who aren't we doing a great job starting at -- a real person in charge of quote investigations. And I'll pay. Alex let's just talk about where the lead he is right now viewed you bring all this stuff up. We saw that Monday night game men and we know the other stuff that's going on and in the NFL whether it's. Jerry Jones first detailed or Ezekiel Ellie is door. Any of this stuff that's come up my question to you. Is that in a bill in any kind of trouble whether this is a blip on the radar screen well one that's in your dip or is this this could this potentially be the start of old TV ratings are going down people don't like people kneeling during the anthem this is a big sign of trouble where's the league right now. I heard about that the only thing I heard it's you're probably as popular that some deep yet there is a very very popular mode the old jets are you know what I think Mark Cuban may have had a right all along about how the NFL had reached its peak and you part of it too is how do you appeal to younger people. You don't you think about what Major League Baseball once once it became a sports writer and MLB you know lawsuits they're trying to come back but they haven't been able to regain that crown for right now football king of sports but you know you look at the ratings dip and to which you look at too we're young people. You know millennial people such as don't wanna sit there for three hours and watch a football game on cold especially one that is so stop and go with the minutia of instant replay. And all the little like being to just take forever seemingly sometimes to get a game going to. I think Q you also look at the fact that younger people are you know parents. Amid outlook their kids play football young people may not have interest in playing football they've been to gonna get boring and scramble. And one of the big pinkie and tell us who worry about it today is about science and I say that because once there's a test that is truly it was the taxi TT it'll be people you know that that tau proteins that build up from the Korean upon you know concussions and things like that and what you're able to detectives and principally active players who didn't test on their brains and they're saying wait a minute. I apps are put all the damage or writing I'm not gonna play anymore. That is don't be such a damning thing to cook also I think that football law would continue to exist in some form. But I think as time goes on night I think you make you privatization of it in terms of the high school next I think you make ecologist continue to contract their regard begin to contract their programs because there's just not worth it to them and I think this or has some real issues are being notebook and brought to get bills trying to address and he's gonna put a reasonable Republicans -- and captain because I really believe what you understand I kept on do Paul Tagliabue did. By not being out of permit this but I'm worried about the future of the NFL because you know it's almost like Enron too big to fail but I think it's. I don't know though. Are marginal what pigs get to bigs did get mad dog is slaughtered that's that keeps ringing in my mind every time yeah. They stepped into one of these situations outsmart vez is our guest our odds and they were on the same page here in the AFC Gifford talking playoffs here. You count on in new England and Pittsburgh are by far the top two teams. I think Philly has all you have a lot of faith in Philly. Yet we had a big ball game tonight the NFC is there it was a second team that you could say you know what I can really rely on the compose the time that they can make Iran. I thought the Carolina panders and took it curtailed your privacy right and you know I mean maybe that's just an anomaly game may be the way Kamal that yet also helps to tackle because that's ultimately couldn't get on an Indian American returner Greg Olsen from the U by the election I will help the campers off into the Baltimore Ravens a look at what type achieved you don't want up and I think governor. When it comes shape here but I'm talking about just physical. Dammit every time we play the angles you know the uncheck everything that goes with that analogy of Christmas Shuster but as well I think they may very will be able ups hypocrites for sailors and appoint fantastic defense got a running game going at Joseph Flacco comes up big sometimes in clutch situation resolved a couple of years you're Super Bowl team and it seems so wide open can you just wanted to increase that he can do that can get hot in their martyrs come back and we've all these games in a row for the Packers inspector Richard Robbins just so putrid right now you know Atlanta did ever shot again went to. You know because we've got four division games and they can get that done. That can help them. You know do we buy into the rams week by manager gulping it make a Super Bowl one at this point I think it. It's it's interesting that you write it to train teams on topical Tony what's so we took a great concept back last week now it's Minnesota as a number one seed in the NFC. They may not relinquish it they're trying to do by the way on Sunday against Carolina we're only one keeps its 2014 has gone out of eleven that is win three straight grow by yeah. I kicked by by case keep them not print and yeah we're. Why did you buy it's he could be black or golf you know if the rams are behind by ten to weed by Jerry drop bringing them back in the game. You know which we don't have much about. A good track record of that right and so that's what that's what makes justice racial interest and I really think they're pretty wide open except for that knowing when we're just his ridiculous. All right Alex here's the big football question everybody is talking about. Herman Edwards. Libya trap of being Golan back in poor at depth thinks there's just a bad hire isolate the bad hire with a purpose because. I've to meet Arizona State just wants to raise bonds right current goes to the alumni golf tournament he dreads of you joked he gets the money ESPN he raised the visibility they get a few more liberal more dollars. Did you bring in the real coach. Is is this a bad were the purposes or just a bad hire. Higher. You know what it's not want to call them bad hire yet. OK so. Guys. The and Alec looks the chuck good job of development or already lost and you don't. So we don't have an opinion you. Right but a source think why this tire was made number one Anderson the athletic director there his former agent you know number two we can't seven cost cutting nobody job -- say so you know maybe her mother coaching job on something else to do pretty darn quick because I may not be out of this -- much longer with the way things are going over there number two where you were able to look at for someone that we will limit to become current staff members there are guys were making big amount of money they didn't want to have to buy out these coaches well rivalry talk ramp at twelve million dollar by a little more in the post and the angels they're talking like when we come to finance this year. Her made a lot of sense and that card and listen I mean he's not an action posed paper guy is more at least not you know that's what we want to that the jets and you know she's got a got a can work with and help but it would clock management looking like that you know what you think you talked you guys that are running through a brick wall you know typical garbage bag from the something opposite speeding locomotive so it made it look at how are pretty particular to do to look at all these guys that you haven't they gladiator. Moderate Nickelodeon Daryl gardener but you know but I mean really I think that that's likable which are important when looking at here withers on what is considered success I mean you know you're getting it to a pac twelve championship game Mitterand national championship I think they just wanna put incredible product and that's given estimates Cordoba where the predators on the state the borrowers solo. Bit really permit that would -- Ivins or you have been through which is a reasonable goal. But everything's great and you nobody can sell ice to eskimos and you know it's it's going to be kid wanna go there so. I don't think riveted about higher burden to talk you hear that if it's not working out and and you know armed imploding and having to deal look college coaching is so much different pro coaching mnemonic technical work which Q did you monitor and get straight recruiting top all of those sorts that is the key by the way to any successful college program and I'm not joking when I tell you this is a strength coach because destroyed coach of the babysitters. Basically every day after practice you need strength coach it is good that they're gonna work with kids can make sure that they're challenged can make sure they're not going out and make sure they're staying out of trouble I mean that's why when you talk about what school like Iowa. Alabama yet 50600000. Or strength coach that is so key because those folks want to work hand in hand with the players and I think that's a true gonna have to see what Herman Edwards says he's Smart he can you want the restaurant to try to help amount. Because I think outscored the blue plan for success now uncomfortable well. Well that's that's a great point Alex always good catch it up with you and thanks for the insight and enjoy the holidays that we don't speak to thank you. And it's Marquez. From. Sirius XM NFL host to cover the dolphins for years down here and are also often sporting news as you can tell Alex's he's got his hands and everything yeah and understands everything I've. We're just on sports and which which is just incredible book of them there's like a signing day early voting period and three and I mean he wasn't in my view quiet period actually might be at the appeared Obama was being interviewed on sports and he was in the studio liked his role as their breakdowns and Dana yeah yeah he's there with them Mike into bill. It was on the six Joey yeah he knew he was he was. The title CN Herm Edwards yes he had an uphill analysts slash. Arizona State for so no arms. To judge right now moment combat apparently and obviously I was offers up there and then he then. Wanna talk about saints falcons and later don't hate her is you know he. OK that might be as bad debts paid just you know what you get some get some money into that program learn. Get the moment in their approach to act like there earlier panel anchors your facilities. Like I was there. Only state park to not tell us as a community college but you still gotta you still got to recruit and compete. But it Diego mean salads are looking for pay we need a couple that got money they just don't happen to good teams that's at all. I welcome back we have some final thoughts Alter its radios coming up at the top of the hour wheel to you about that as we gotta get some of these text messages on the other comeback story here. Our legs out form has dropped my right here on 79 to take. Yeah. A lot of a lot of books and I'm no football fan attendees from. Then as much about those golfers. Basically the dolphins. They come on out to the world famous Harlem Globetrotters is Sunday at the American Airlines Arena at that we'll Trotter is 92 anniversary celebrated. With Paul Haley wizardry basketball artistry great family entertainment for special offers. Tickets go to Miami dot com and click on get my first. Person perk back with you here tonight with figure we'll take you. Up until 7 o'clock b.s in the boys level change radio Ed Reed. Is there a special guest host from drew little effect on. And easy Tim to game a little bit more before we look ahead of the Orange Bowl match job in recruiting electric stove. With for the hurricanes football program. Gordon was traded earlier this afternoon into the sea out. All mariners. So did Gordon is no longer a Miami Moreland. Taken that chain and going out west and that's. During the that was presented to him by Laura yes. Slowed these court it is don't look gonzo and one of the first of many moves as lot of reports of a thing about night ago. From good baseball writer for USA today. Say that they can move stay and they could keep yell it's it'll soon notre Stan is the big is the big money. There's a couple of guys that are movable contracts. Nobody's nobody's taking Volquez. She's an artist in you know what he's taking Martina throttles contract. Which is awful so there's only a couple of guys were making point on this roster. Yeah colleges got a farmers' production. We friendly friendly but it's it's still you know it's upwards you're you're talking 67 million dollars that things are going to have that right. Brent is it to be a bargain but for this team that but osu and is still not making any money and you look at it all the other oppositional players. Nobody's and even the pitchers nobody may. So Gordon and then obviously since they give moves and yes there probably keep those guys were trying to make obviously a lot of sense it. You're yell it's an Ozuna. What are you hoping pork. Are you hoping that you stay here with the Marlins. Or are you hoping no no MobileMe somewhere else I'm sick of being down there. In Miami with federal and small crowds I mean are there questions India and it would it would it would be one appears cure those two go. Eligible Contra for for your size I don't know I mean you got your money girls who do you wanna get paid yet. Seoul which probably only gonna happen here. Bubba don't vote but it doesn't matter if you're Shula you wanna put up another year that you had last year than that then you're gonna get paid. The bureau sooners as I need to go out and just get more money. I'd let anybody get more numbers it is do so you think did you get that here in this lineup and I think it's it's all talk more about him. But but you'll baseball is such an individualized sport. That the other did there's two sides and it's it's about you and minutes of of Tina sole book. You know I would items to meet Tom the Tom Ellis or ozone or even stand at I want out of here. Why. Because I wanna be part of a winning program in my prime years it. To me it did you're gonna get paid. If you play well. If if you're those guys but you you. Ideally. My perfect world to thumb their mom playing in front of a baseball hungry crowd. On eighteen that is going to try to contend. There's no guarantees you don't know Richard going to play else but you want a front office that's going to try to continue and during your best years. And is that gonna happen in Miami well. You know you couldn't wait to read. You know maybe four years okay they'll they'll be ready another team they're probably ready this year or next year. Bigger Correll more enthusiasm. That's where I wanna be. I thought I mean I met this I don't know really get paid. It and wherever I am able yes of course I told you if you're yellow but you'll some guys that you know I love it down here on the you'd love living in south letters and I don't know I don't know how that question you know with some guys you don't you wanna win all the details when live. Yet there's a certain lifestyle ground here where and in February you know you're. At the beach and you know other people are you know Condo down here by Anaconda would be at right tackle. Look at it like a suit of don't want he's know what his big contract which hasn't gotten yet. You know yellow sign kind of did that deal where. It kind of took the safe route where he is will be younger buddy because you know it's a little bit less than yup so he you know he went down around and went standing you know we that was your stand yes then I would think. You've got the money she can call his own shot like yours and delicate just say how little puts on a feel for the Yankees threat but the yank him as we don't want you. So like this then everybody would want Stanton. It's just a matter of of taking in the country buddy Gordon is is outs. And and we'll see what though it moves falls falls huge year as you know we and the January and then. You know February in the pitchers and catchers amenable suitable team they have. Under a year one under under new ownership whether it's looking like yeah more more the stand deal. It's it's going to come to a point where. Yet the Marlins. They don't want his and his dot little pay him that money right. Anyway and they won and they wanna start to reboot as quickly as possible and I and I and I appreciate that. So they're going to given at some point this Dan has all the power on this make no mistake about it he has all of the power and all the leverage so he will they won't cave in. Before he does more most definitely and hit that on the dealing improbably to. You know San Francisco my guess of 'cause he wants the play on the West Coast LA is not a viable option that that being warned not I think LA is like dude we can't take you. Yeah and one in LA thing. Wonder how had to be. Or how close who. And I deal Stanton gets out of business has the ideal is to be in Southern California appear in northern California. Is that better than B and and say Saint Louis. Oh I think so yeah I mean of those ago but we all the respect like dude you can't have it every kid have it perfect right. Encourage input Jimmy you've got this opportunity soon you know you've got the no trade you've got an opportunity to. You know get as close to perfect as you came in and and I wonder how close you'll get and how much c.s will. To settle. Yeah like I just get the Dodgers from my understanding is the Dodgers don't wanna they don't want to commit that much they have like so many guys that they have committed. Salary wise. For the future. That day in Seoul. They don't want to just commit that much. If they don't have to and I mean they're gonna and they got some young guys that they're gonna have to pay. When you talk I mean I think Kershaw is up after. The next year. I mean it's about Ballinger lately if you're looking long to her and they don't have to pay and John Carlos stand there have that on the contract seven years or not quite familiar thirty million dollars whatever it is. And here's the other stand question if it if you start hearing through your a funeral or whatever. That ozone and ULH yeah they're they're about to deal those guys and John Carlo. You can be stuck here. Do you expand your list of destinations up you know preferred destinations or place and neutral play though Blake now I would not there you grocery here there's been. Yeah I I don't know laughs you know without yellows to Rosalia. I got there you have it it's. He could get turner wrestling around here but I I. I knew being used you've got to traits that the mean you'd write I mean that that seems to be the biggest and best way to rebuild. If you dig it. You say that like like they're gonna shiver down into it and I don't know in baseball. It's such an individual sport. I don't golf it's it would hurt as much is if there was football. Or basketball perk where you have a bunch of guys that are minor leaguers playing around two I don't know if it hurts as much a baseball to those of the sports. If having the minor leaguers but. Let the threat is okay we're gonna trade stance we're gonna trade yeah Alex and they'll soon enough so you're not gonna have any protection in the lineup so to speak your. You're not gonna play on a good team. I think you got your quarterback it was important trade are left tackle or hurt or gonna do this or your wide receiver that hurt you more than I do thing in baseball. I think a baseball but it's so individual at times like you it's it's not that big of a threat as physical basketball real like okay. We're gonna trade the four other starters around you and your gonna play with four for dealing yours that's all. I got shot. Much my thing is that. Supposedly stand to see if he doesn't wanna go through rebuilt correct. And does not cause well I mean England Australia I let you know that's that's the situation that he BM though. And I and and you would you know that to be playing. In front of small crowds. And what she does already yeah and every person I know you wanna you wanna setting drive usually do their job in Germany wants 40000 screaming your name in and you are you sit there going to be any good teen federal zealots are already met. Those are things that if you stay here that did they don't change not not immediately yeah in you know but that's our that's what I'm wondering is C. Is he willing sued to do their. The PW once you go to do the rights like you could go to Saint Louis. They'll love it to death you know I that's a that's the best baseball town in the country. Hands down yup it is but it if it again a little Ella is Louis right. But it Yasser old ozone or looking like there do you try to beat him to the punches when a man. No because he has all the power did all the power control near his no trickle teams don't know on a corner. And in east and they have to pay him and they don't want to pay him. Right but it appeared via an automated. You know fuel and it'll rebuild like you OK you know use our usually ask you get the less you wanna go to rebuild we will look at Saint Louis rebuilds and those little singles out delta rebuilt. Until we find another city that I wanna go to right that's all new and you'll find the city he's out of here. There's no there's no way he's playing right field for the Marlins that your way. I don't think so now so let's talk more importantly she's gone. No way he's he's going to be those who you know he's gone they're gonna get him out of here Ottawa third counts Asian but he's not to be with the the Marlins anymore I'd sell off. We got we get a for a football Friday tomorrow Yemen and we got a lot of football to get to a game tonight. And we got doubled to guests lined up from all we can't wait for promoted dead here and then it's video weekend. Thanks Alex Marv as for offer drop in by. Thanks to allows and has always b.s in the boys are coming up next special guest Ed Reed. That's right the original the OG back and that's secondary to what degree of safety is of all time he's scheduled to join the guys talk a lot about the orange ball. That is coming up at the end of the month. For a perk on Curtis to do it again right before 4 o'clock tomorrow give it right here okay drills next does have an idea to take.