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Friday, December 8th

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He went to work you know what would you just don't forget the pendulum where muscle just limbs and told me yeah. He's a different roles like you mixed it normally doesn't come to my job that is just take our. On wave file vault Friday here on 79 that they did Curtis inferred where a few things. Forget the three hour tour so Jim recommend here on a beautiful. Steaming hot Friday afternoon as opposed to be like forty degrees tomorrow. I know at all get longer as you know what you can see you you've written stories and seen of the snow in San Antonio. Texas and Malia nine and Alabama and Louisiana. And I you know. It's great I haven't called my appearance in San Antonio and you know I need to call amends the other enjoying it and I haven't talked a suicide note yeah yeah yeah exactly man. I can't remember right I. I think I saw that the last time it snowed in San Antonio was January of 87 I was gonna say I like I've I know parts of Texas you get some snowfall here I usually like Dallas and and at that aired but not Austin San Antonio or Houston Corpus Christi but. Capital received I noticed I only wanna see the cold front come here a limit to stay like today this is migrate South Florida winner man. Real little warmer a little cooler 76 it to go down correct yes but Jian you know the stuff in the news these I travel allowed you know I know Xena yeah I don't need any of that whole month your I won't blow it reminds me with exactly cat so. I'm not a morning they end of our hot weather here by. You know what it's relative bright if it follows up in Boston zone from the cold fronts come and it's going to be in the if he's they would they would discourage a shame stat signs you know keep that between ourselves in South Florida. So let's arsenal so literal be Saturday and Sunday. That's at the move right into the strengths are. On Monday as dry it'll be human again by three weeks from now just well about my that I guess we'll see you really rainy and LA when it's rainy and yeah that I had absolutely no pun right Riley's been you know an espy are there any of these are great up dejected look ridiculous Dennis you know you don't get a scar Scott one leather jacket around once one time a year you know you you dust that bad boy autumn and and then you're certainly good to go we go out to get to today we got there we go all the sports covered here on now on the show today are coming up and about twenty minutes Aaron Schatz. The had a football outsiders dot com great website. Or dives deep into the numbers mean so to speak you analytics Otis. So to speak so we'll get his take on where the deficiencies really are with the Miami Dolphins the match up against delaying limit Tom Brady has there been any drop off whatsoever when you really dive into them and and look at and look at of the patriots quarterback so well he's gonna join us here in about and about twenty minutes wolf course to be up to date on know what's going on with the of the Miami Marlins John Carlos then purse got some news on that in in headlines bud. First read it without football. On a Saturday in what about fourteen weeks is that athletes and some like today yeah go all the way back I don't know what do myself I watch army navy but I mean just I mean I like probably the pageantry right but I mean it's. Volume and it is Claudia and and is but it's just one game into blood no this. In general gets out early to know what time is it on my views usually 33330. There yeah I mean. How but I really have to try to reevaluate my in my life right and because it's so funny yeah tomorrow. Oh element to do it myself broke back to those sand weekends man of well size have Saturdays we still got Sunday. And then Thursday and Monday boardroom Gary's not happy about Thursday's apparent cause while game last night no clothes that was but I will let you know what we got to evaluate we got to reevaluate our senator's campaign and what we're gonna do. I don't moment it's it's just so comfortable as you know. This has used that word yeah. I think I mean I'm the biggest come vessel guy around we just did come in in that deal yet in that. That football gym and just root like base junior I was a guy who's got new okay right at the other than McCain's plan they had and it's been a great season out and your list Alec oh okay all right now now only you know and then. And then if you get away for girl for some I definitely I do not have enough blood to another and you don't think I don't think they know old idea. You know. You're not a patriotic you know they don't watch all of arming anybody right all right you need it's themselves on rather you can. Good night for awhile exactly male watch some windows or do so. Yeah be part of what you guys in the Mormon that's the other thing I guess that's the only other football related item tomorrow that that is pretty much spell that that's a you know depend on how you less by army navy the Heisman is the big one. Or it used to be the big one that's what leads us and here's the thing. You know the Heisman Trophy ceremony is being kept talked about yesterday is not what it used to be. And I was coming across. An article yesterday by yum the son of Gary be even who won a Heisman. Back in the sixties and he was talking about the rift within the Heisman winners with the Heisman trust and and what's going on with some of the money. And a lot of the Heisman Trophy winners are not as supportive of the award and the of the of the holes being as they used to be. Last year of the 59 living Heisman Trophy recipients only when he who showed up at the awards ceremony. The audience the TV audience last year two point 61 million. It was the smallest ever pour Heisman Trophy presentation on ESPN. And I think it's kinda sad when you see a horror of what makes sports great. You know 3040. Sixty years ago diminishing and that's what we're seeing with the Heisman Trophy. Both as far as the interest in it and the actual award itself. The hype around it and end the actual tropea doesn't mean the same being that he used to and I guess if you look at it from one standpoint. That's kind of the way the world is right. You look at the heavyweight title belt does not mean the same being it used to. The board big bowl games or missed a cotton. The the the roles and in the when him and order and disorder don't don't mean the same thing they used to mean and so a lot of these beings change. But it just kinda makes it said it doesn't it doesn't make it right but it just kinda makes it says. And I hate to see a piece of sports history so greatly diminished but. That's exactly what we're seeing with the Heisman Trophy right now and that's kind of what we're gonna see tomorrow night when the trophy is awarded most likely to baker may feel of Oklahoma. This is being sponsored by drone nerds and aventura and now in pine crest. Drove thirds is your authorized DJI dealer they've got all your drone needs covered whether its new purchases repairs customizations training. Whatever you need these people will hook you up. You can find them it drove nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky. Great great holiday gift for for someone in your life drone nerves that come check it out certainly. You can always sex is just exit and on some for the calls brings on Lamar Hunt it's excellent yeah I mean. Deal we're growing up between 101520 years earlier it was a big Wharton. And I've always said like you mentioned is it's about living members like there's only that in humans also hasn't had legitimate world. Like that there's only so many of those people walking the European can't let you walk into a club you walk in the arc. Our days old this week right at the Newsweek great I'm Heisman Trophy winner yet I did not too many people elected that you don't feel. BA BA all star or even a millionaire you can be coach of the air MVP a lot of those. We his alma Heisman Trophy winner. Like even Olympic gold medalists like there's a lot of Olympic gold medal running around was how Heisman Trophy winner. That's like OK well there's not a certain period exclusive club to very exclusive club but the thing is. I does that award shows in general I mean even Hollywood I don't know how many people. Are gonna what is it two or it's even now to write about me like two hours I notice there for two hours she final was when hi I I don't know like an oasis or otherwise. What's even if it's the end NBA MVP or an adrenaline be dealing with. Because that are overcharges for one for one award I don't I don't know if lets you mention the viewership there I'm not surprised by that only people. In this in this time crunch and Iran seems to be in there are just about you know what just tell me off I don't remember. Yeah no hour outlets it's like you're dot let's audio Oklahoma in a bigger may fuel Bill Maher Jackson ran. Other than that I you'd. I don't know what the viewership was wouldn't say Tebow won it or say when Johnnie Mae and they'll want it who probably are the two most. High profile winners of the last decade or whatever you wanna say right. I could understand if Tim you know Cam Newton and endeared scenery of nobody watches but. Tebow and and and Johnny men's they'll. I don't know I don't know if the writer of the meat Tebow probably did. Football yet Johnny was but yeah the award is as just diminished happy it did it just doesn't merely to say I don't I don't mean I don't really care out there. I don't it's World Series of diminished right when we were growing up at the you know the World Series one hour and now it's yeah well it's. And looked at the World Series is record. Probably been our best championship in the last you know seven or eight years as far as going seven games and then having big gains perhaps that's debatable but perhaps it's right up there but. I don't know that people really get excited about. World Series I'm excited for 4 o'clock headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS at six Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. Marlins outfielder John Carlos Stanton has reportedly given the Marlins a list of teams that are preferred destinations were a trade. Among them New York Yankees Houston Astros LA Dodgers and Chicago Cubs. Miami Heat plays Brooklyn in Mexico City on Saturday. Miami has had a thirty point deficit in its last three losses. And finally Oregon will reportedly hire Mario crystal ball. It's co offensive coordinator as its he would coach crystal ball played in Khost that you win replaces Willie Taggart who got the Florida State job. Crystal ball was hit coaches can't buy you from 2007. To twelve posting a 27 and 47 record those are your headlines. For Mario shoot Super Mario get that gig end up. Congrats though Oregon I think he's gonna do a good job out there and. Very he would business the man who can recruit to ACC from being here right SEC from BN at Alabama. Eric twelve from being up there are so. He's gonna got some bases covered rice and some high schoolers and people ought to know Romo around the nation. I am Google and all the lab that this'll real muscle social media elect a lot of fans of down here they'd like Marta rose was his there on the staff already is already tired right right so he left a couple of years ago so he was with Willie he left from. Alabama Martin Lawrence always argued he was on the staff so we kind of you know he's been there and he's been doing this. Competition among the players that bingo summit like seventy players signed a petition you know how that goes but. Asking that Mario be promoted to do it so what are our players here as a player like them they took. To organ the only kind of on their route when they're trying to hire coaches who stay stay in house for the for the most part outside Willie Taggart so a good job bottom I don't. My audio crystal ball we got a couple of a couple of text are six of a 9746797. For the it's diminished. But I agree to the player wins by the does not facility moved to the had a film a familiar player. Also that's what happens when you give it to. People who doesn't deserve it it loses its purse he's setting yourself I think Islam has something to that it's not necessarily. A translator to NFL greatness great so you normally it's it's it's the other way. It and you win eyes men and you'll do squat unifil yeah so I think that pledged delegates hard to just say oh this college is about. Being part of the interest of college football. It is an org and we're getting into that time a year is if your pro fan. He'd look good on my team. Who that we need a quarterback. A guy Rosen. Is pretty good UCLA yeah you know if your giant fan or browns fan right or somewhere like that's a part of the or college football is the feeder system to the pro. So you're celebrating a guy who you go oh yeah put his career over tomorrow night for rentals for the most part right. Right Greg in and you know yeah I I think you're right about that that's a part of that we seeing guys who won the Heisman who. Went to the pros and didn't do too well but the projections were still pretty good right Archie Griffin Mike. Nobody thought he was gonna wash out. Ended in the NFL. Griffin drew. But how well you know school I know well that works is. That you know. Right Robert Griffin heard a quote I you know an idol and take like resigns alone god rest his soul lead the you know it was my listeners you know. I don't know Steve Spurrier and I ignored mr. and Cyrus is not an overriding. I did go like Jim float won a Super Bowl but his career wasn't done only by Wednesday. On and I didn't they write us at night a man you know that's all those guys played the line play Romo played. Another guys see the ball Blair jets from football outsiders dot com. Will dive deeper into the numbers how. What other dolphins real problems here moving forward as they finish of the string your German of the offseason numbers don't lie. Erin Schatz from football outsiders not come join us next here on 790 to take a few. Here on the quick reminder every Monday on the tickets to Coker got a ball. Monday rewind a full recap of the weekend's games Finnessey updates injury reports. And more kogan creek golf ball friendly and all will the price she wants wants my clinical public adjusters Coors Light. And the Florida lottery person per bag with a here on 790 the ticket time knowledge about to be run fuels and ulcers dubious source just find they are truly steps. Beyond convenient that's are we finally had a football outsiders ESPN insider analyst. Erin Schatz is joining us Aaron that particular time I know we've had to juggle you a couple of times so we appreciate your patience you know perk. And my work is a mess around here pretty. This old Edwards or try to get it together as a drug effort towards the united on there and accountable all team. Yes exactly exactly. Hopefully we have more victories at the end of the year than the team but. Speaking of the teams speaking of the dolphins area and Tom. What do you think it has been there the problem it at quarterback. So far with Jay Cutler has it been his performance hasn't been a pass protection thing hasn't been debunked they Parker has. Has not emerged what are the numbers telling you about Jay Cutler. Yeah I mean it's a combination of a lot of things pan and it just things just haven't gone well overall so. You know I think it's a little bit for each play I think. We would pick Cutler and we saw what he did before the shoulder injury and we bought. A man you know he could do that again with it it coordinator well. He's not the same god anyway with a shoulder injury the couple years older. Topic is built around short throws which is not color strongest suit. We have a stat we do call Alex which measures how far order back. Perot on third down compared it was the sticks are in Cutler's Albert store on third down is short of the state externally for quarterbacks go the court do not this year so. Obviously that the protection not that good people wanted to Parker thought that it could people want it didn't look we put many are about fact that we Jarvis slick is not used. In ways that actually helps them win but he went he had bigger games there actually are more likely to score pure point shouldn't lose a lot. That statement about landry's helmet I think it's a statement about how he used god. It should all put together and with that in the that he hasn't been terrible too because there's just keep don't have the horses there and the past. The pats rushed for better put a camera when he fell apart. They're just from football outsiders dot com they dive deep into the numbers folks let's have information. They're going to they're gonna give you hear on the other side Monday night match of the patriots are role in the town. Tom Brady out when you look at and his numbers. And his season is there any drop off whatsoever from let's say 56 years ago when presumably he was still in his prime. No I don't think there's any drop off I mean you know there's a he's not a good at the peak happened she was back Randy Mott games but it recounted a little bit from where he was lecture Fortier. I think Brady is the MVP. No I think three is the MVP because I. I think that the recruitment of the Patriots defense has been overstated. They have not allowed a lot of points but in part. Let the keypad to recruit middle what looked like he confident group. Actually the offense and special teams constantly putting the defense in two. You know a long field position that makes it more typical opponents to score. We still have their defense even jaw. Out even the last half of of the scenes that there are only operate on the but the opposite is definitely in Brady has been superlative. The best quarterback. Air that we know that a saucy broom was just let go up there in Cleveland. We know that this was our organization that was trying to go heavy on analytics. I saw that marry takes habit wrote in the data that you two weeded and it's not going to be the bloodbath that a lot of people thought in other words the whole analytics theory your movement is not going to be gone. I mean what I freaked out what is it with Dallas but again. It is that I had a little angry yet you are you but but but but everybody is safe how how has Cleveland done. With the analytic side I saw the two also tweeted this might be more about a soft seized. Personnel decisions rather than the way they went about selecting players has been in a Linux being worked out to dinner beat Cleveland and anyway. Yeah outlawed militant but the biggest thing that analytic Picchu and football is not about any one player or not about even in situations purse it's about the idea. Maximizing. How much shot you have a Halard. OK I am not overpaying for players that position other than quarterback. And trading out of the trap to get as many lottery ticket has popped. Get a draft picks a lottery ticket. In general there it doesn't actually seem to be a lot of research showing that there's research that show. Nobody picked better than anyone else in the draft and now I have a feeling that there's holes that research and it's probably not true. But what is true is that people are not as good drafting or is that drafting as we think there are. There there is a lot of random tests there you want as many lottery tickets as possible. And that's what they've been doing. In a small way what was the point of rigging in order back to the plate and out offensive line last year the no receivers and get slaughtered. I think it was an element where they couldn't find the quarterback that they wanted them value on. They were going to build the team that they could eventually let the quarterback in Q. And now job on Dorsey had the opportunity to do that he had the number one pick in the draft that does have a lot of quarterback. Now none of these guys seem like slam dunk prospect. But neither did Shawn Watson either did Carson went we don't know who the best quarterback in the class are we won't know. Until we've seen them play in the capital for a while but they've got too high pick in the strapped and one of them is gonna get used import. Hopefully it picked up by eighteen McCarron and that I'm. Is. I want concede that. Weren't you the analytic outlook work because it is what I have known or and they are that franchise to this sort of waiting my. Black out without me having any power over we'll have to. What happens will Dorsey. Keep on the analytics people and still use some of that and then combine that with his own. And knowledge is out and look. I do you think it would have been a mistake could not have people with the scouting background up high enough or you're patient what you needed was people with the scouting background. Who also respected what Vienna when people try to use the dichotomy yeah well it's thirty unique what you dot. It might be Dorsey because we read in the campus of the Andy Reid uses an outlet. So dark would be used to it with Andy Reid and I hope we he can combine his knowledge of scouting. What beat analytic people do it is it that he but there and I hope they do keep them. And that got so much cap hit somebody traffic. They could really build something except for the fact that again I keep saying the same thing every time I talk about Cleveland but a lot by the two years. That owner worried. Now lawyer you're not the only one that's Mercer Erin Schatz is the head football outsiders. I don't know enjoy the game last night just this fresh in our mind your what are what does happen to Matt Ryan. As it relates to it is him throwing the football down the field. What what is the numbers tell you about the NFL MVP. Well I mean not. He's not as good as he was last year but he's still could not counting last night right that don't have last night yeah computed that into you go to. After last about. We have that the number six quarterback in the league pitched in a lot of how well Matt Ryan is most of his career. He'd only been about six bit sentence at quarterback in the week. It would only last year that he was the best quarterback and he and even that he really only looked in the first half this season could there and rockers were the best quarterback in the league the second. So you know lack it was a bit. The norm and I think Kyle Shanahan offense is open you're. I think some of what happened with lions here especially with deep throat is that the opposite is not designed as well. They're like going to receivers in the same ratios the plays or not provide to get them open and saying why. And but I thought that the bad decisions quite meet the bad decision last night or the ball at your job done. I don't know what caused that last year he had no problem broad policy you're Gabriel Cooper is Julio was covered. And I might just seem like you would force the ball. Or go back to some damage Syria before when you sit nobody really drafts better than anybody else and maybe I'm misinterpreting this budget are you signed some teams just have more on lottery tickets more draft picks and eight. I would what would not that it that it blocks okay Matt is a professor at Yale that this study showing that the six back. A draft they liked how how how are you pick a spot how are you. Guy who you know. Who the low round pick who over perform. If you look over a long period of time no organization. Does better than any other organization. Now it so happens that the research study had used games start at a measure her certain position. And I think that that. That it produces some problems because you know sometimes you start gains because they don't have anyone else do it could looking terrible means and sometimes your count a player you don't kick in started because they also took account where last year I get started. But the basic concept of the study still apply tactic no matter how you look it strapped. Which it is much more random than we think we think of Bill Belichick act OK at the genius. But the NFL in every way you can and taking Rob Gronkowski in the second round with such a huge deal for New England patriot. Now go back and look at some of the other second round pick that they take the last few years like a lot I doubt these had a run on boring. And apples on the age cut Chad Jackson and might not. Patriots could open the entire news Sam packet around boss. So like you that I that we all think it looked back at it makes so many mistakes. And everyone gonna make a lot of mistakes and the airport the bad thing did you get the most lottery. With the knowledge that the higher your ticket the more likely you are right I mean for Graham pit or what would start back. Second and third and so. We'll Belichick's philosophy I mean all of this is gonna set a trend. Here Aron is now he may BC trailer most of his draft picks for established players. Like they're the only team in the league right now pat players in the sort of middle range a lot of teams are moving into this kind of Doug didn't stand scrub model and the patriots have signed all these Biddle ranged players like Rex Burkhead and we're oh. Is a little bit interest in that being that I wonder if telecheck is going to grew. Trading some of these that the sixth round pick for guy that they kept around for a month and I happened in high was capped yes march. It does seem a little bit like they treat it that such round pick like they're meeting what. And the fact is there and it's that much bigger chance that a guy becomes the player with a the first six compared to an undrafted free agent put it better. So I airs at the highest rated at Miami Dolphins. Player that you have on on your board I'm guessing it's it's Ndamukong Suh DT hurt him waited DN but it is is that right. And and how I don't I don't I that. I'd have to go scrolling through all our stat. We don't ray players we don't great we're not a player great at what we do look at different stacks of fire well I can tell you leaders. But Miami came up here I went and looked out. Some of the things to try to figure out what's on top of last year and picket the minute on up from last year at the pressure. So that I went to look at individual pressures. And the individual pressure's almost everybody on the Miami Heat are down this year except for Cameron Wake. So you ask me who it the best player on Miami I would tell you it is Cameron. Could he is certainly the player who is doing the most closest. To what he was last year but Madonna can't do. You know the great player and I I don't begrudge him the fact he's got a couple pure. Up pressure this year but there's there's less pressure from branch. There's less pressure problem O line backer of you don't wake it the only guy who's kept the pressure consistently from last year and we don't bring the pressure that create. That make it more difficult to the secondary and the secondary can't cover guy and the linebackers and you know it all sort of pressure rated really important they didn't get sacked last year. But they got fracture he even he didn't turn to back it turned in incomplete interception and they're just not getting that it's the and I am only. I think that messes up with the eyeball test of of most dolphins millions to him wait. Being up there and or if not the best you know up there was some but he's still what he is that this case is really remarkable news. Parent. Unbelievable stuff thanks for the insight and will implore our listeners checked it out of them and already a football outsiders dot com and of course. You can follow up air and on Twitter at. Ethel underscore eight shots Aaron thank you very much for taking a few minutes with a straight off. Hey thanks for having me and hope we will happier they say about dolphin after the we are in the mix changes yeah. Think Italy is here and we don't I was going to quarterback back there you are exactly the quarterback that that there's no then they'll. Thanks areas there and Erin Jackson a football outsiders ESPN insider analyst a lot about the draft Tuesday. Well how does it mean president that I guess that makes sense that everybody's 55 bright moment. Always right it's always a lottery and used yet there's so many unknowns but yeah argue yes trading down that that's entrance into the dolphins though because of if they do get aid you know top ten hit you know DeDe -- trade down or do you keep the pit. I'll come up we got a group covers segment also. We're got off to two minutes heater on the corners well he will be in Mexico City tomorrow for game dirty. Over they're getting ready outing at the altitude up there it's going to be a wild scene we'll check in with many tomorrow the Miami Herald on site in that in. Mexico he's gonna join us in the 5 o'clock hour so a lot more on the way right here let's have a nine to take. There jabs from football outsiders dot com for joining us we'll get to who covers do whatever you week. Puff football Friday and it's that just a moment Chris Burke back with you here on 79 in the tickets and the ticket is proud to be part of fraud the Bob chewing. A celebration of all things New Orleans come in the promise a meeting of the theater field on Saturday march 24 mark your calendars this week. Tobin beast and LeRoy giving you the opportunity to win tickets. Experience cajun food music and drinks as you bask in the shadow of New Orleans moved from a Crawford should boil. To art in a kids area you can visit the Big Easy without ever leaving south border of your phantom. Gumbo jambalaya have been gays oysters and move let let us get ready to win the courtesy of brought about tree and AM 790 and up from 104.3. Eight seed to the ticket don't get me started alone as. Good stuff and that is good good stuff Camby and bid from Texas we're right next door to Louisiana. End of meg good cajun food the man that. Yeah as to phrase arms Poland via. Jim belie. Moan that broad ass man opponent's second those guy has to fit man in a minute now let's get some oysters all kinds of seafood yeah it's the hot sauce. There's a good putts also Zia Drew Neitzel ice yeah and I spice to know when we got some hot sauce in New Orleans and dirty rice. Off and runs a good stuff. Then that's. That's going to be a lot of fun coming in come in and hopefully has some pride catfish die for whom price out there and soprano we we can now make some money here we get to you'll should know and here if we just our group covers would remember how good. For the most part. On the on the moment here now than this week in the NFL in general this is a weird week. Is selling like anything negative normally has all yeah this like a lot of games and you know just -- lose every single one of them. I mean yeah that's coming your way you know what Ortiz playing Ford this point yet and who's already kind of packed in the called suitcase games in the who's got the bags packed ready I'm all right I mean but there's still a lot of teams playing for some things here so let's get who covers which responds based on public adjusters we've got your essence covered call 855 goodies CPA. Or visit these goes public adjusters dot com don't settle for less. We we'd go around the room. And we pick one game. And we all pick the dolphins game and just to let you marinate with the dolphins last but the dolphins are. Eleven point underdog as of right now coming to discuss the phone with somebody's out west eleven point underdogs. As as of right now. Allows any Euro first bomb and you have any game on the on the schedule let's what. What does it really screams two units a lock of the week well. Again we do brands. Eagles and LA gamma good golfers around have scaled the weakened to a 21 with a white mug of the eagle eagle one and a half point favorites on the road. Like around really really really Dario came reelect them and ramble cover up and over the went out right now going to be the. Rams are one and a half point favorites he would take the the home favorite gradually build around port underdog the lives of favorite ranger fan I gotta I gotta be influenced him. That's our you like the rams went yeah we will give it rams went to get deals losing to a thorough if if that's the that's the case could go against wins there yeah ever forget what screen that you their McMahon. Man I'd vote and I have to go with the AFC east and I'm taken the jets. Over Denver in Denver. Odd jets minus one Denver has lost eight roll man I just after seeing that team last week and and may be armed prejudiced by that. I don't know if they're gonna win again this season and so it's fairly I think about it today yeah yeah and not let the jets are being great. But I think that I really think they're good enough to go on the road to Denver. And and win. Out right Tom thumb don't take on the jets over over Denver. Robbie Anderson might not play in and you know that's that's a bit of a big weapon for them you know art I'm gonna go a little odd team we talked about there and the Cleveland Browns. And I am going to take the visiting Green Bay Packers they are laying a field goal author of low hanging fruit well. Well I mean the is that enough though it's not leveling of direct yes all right you know and I don't like a lot of games would Gaza now that all changed Sunday when it's just go right went to the scores are right when I got nine different Marlins don't you know. But as of right now I think the Packers they're getting Aaron Rodgers back most likely next we didn't they're six and six everybody in that they know. We win this game seven insist with Arizona back and we're gonna make our run here they got the browns. I know there on the road Brett Hundley has been up and down but I think the green today. Minus the field goal. I'll roll with the the pack attack on on Sunday in the in the dog pound all right thousand dolphins we know their flight eleven point. Underdogs against Brady's bunch what you got. About digital command mama look at the emblem OK so let it lay the eleven of them involved a little left for miles and when we got to perk. You know what I am taken the dolphins to cover a little man. I'm thinking they'll they'll get like a backdoor cover the amount of back yeah. Look guys you and around your tight there long enough you pick up some of the language amendment frisky on a football yet items like cover I yeah yeah I am glad that I'm I'm thinking like maybe 31 slowly for the dolphins get a throw a touchdown at the end and (%expletive) everybody off right but clearly. The patriots win this game OK I. I got to lay is real ILA and I go deaf I don't blame Palin does you know dolphins averaged 45 at home this year and hard rock stadium to a lot of games on gay and is the back boards not going to be it's not going to be a patriots score in the last two minutes I don't know but I like -- why did they identify that's yeah that's even optimistic on my part but the big I just don't forty. But they're probably all site. I just. Yeah. Well I don't think they're gonna be looking ahead to the Steelers next week. Dean the patriot hills. Think they're gonna handle listening it's a good matchup for them no ground but they're gonna get Hogan back and he's been in the end zone a million times this year to make every game. And and I just I'll I'll I'll live eleven rather than the thing I feel more comfortable. Are your do you really well there are definitely going to safest route writing this I'm consider it was eighteen last time I tell you a totally team. Yes in the covered they don't that'll serve a spread that's who covers. Which response about East Coast public adjusters we've got your assets covered call 855 -- he Pierre was of these cause public adjusters dot com. I don't settle. Oh for less you know always check the show's 6797467974. Of the 5 o'clock hour lineup for human tomorrow we're gonna go to Mexico City. Check in on the Miami Heat this is a comic a crucial stretch for the heat here you got Brooklyn. Looking man near on the road but you're not really on the road so it was big news it's not exciting game it's a neutral site and then you go to Memphis on Monday. Before before you come home so he'll lost you gotta stay attached that 500 mark. I envious yes I did you do not back. Yeah I agree with you on that kept it. You know worse than 33 games under. And then why I say that the thinking being is that you can get back of 500 and a week you know you. You know three game win streak you can do that and an anode by six day span in your Beckett. Level water but you start getting to where it's gonna take you eight days to get back 500 your work for blow by blow. Now you're in some danger steer too. Well as the latex than giving a shot out to a pats attends American Heritage our football team look at with a five EC championship they're all but 37 nothing. At last check over over baker county so the U delayed live whenever they laid. In the area and weather report for they had they had there intolerant right that write and -- going to be the killing 36 that I have with the with a rare inherited the government now. Against against baker kept a bigger counties so up. A little low little shout out there on the calls for auto Mohammed text file with the 5 o'clock our perch on here's the thing they'll get the headline. John Carlos Stanton. Loosening up a little bit too wound management addicts and fourteen moves to that potential trade let's get to that. As well coming up next here on 790 the ticket. 45 here on seven and take the football. We got some basketball kids to listen to get all weeklong event includes all updates injuries and who's not who's not that seems. Present by and it's going to be an action attorneys have you been in an accidental when hundreds of course some free. That's 107 foursome 3733 sponsored by auto direct the right cars always the right price in mice the public adjusters you've got your assets covered point 55. Geddes CPA or visiting school of public adjusters dot com courtesy of perk hanging with you on a Friday afternoon you can always sexy show. 6974. That's 67974. We invite encourage your text messages. On the our Coral Springs auto mall Condit takes on Richard Romania tomorrow here in about one yeah two minutes or so led to a Mexico City. We get that we international code their loudly at home have to. What their fear that when Alamo. How that works there you know oh man he's got his that the international being paid up rider else's would be expense correcting us you know once the the Senate's ability to pay it and at some point you know in the near future reform you've some some at some point there now but we'll take you with with many here we're at the latest on. Hassan Whiteside put the losses to Antonio would Ford. I contend Bergen I don't mean to. In two Max is suited to over emphasize things so mislead people on but you know around you know ride you know what school I come from I. I do I am I am enrolling in your school here subscribing to your newsletter desk okay everybody just yet but we were got a lot of equity blood. But I think one of my biggest pet peeves. In in sports. Talk in general. Is when I hear it's early. When I hear it's early in his early days early it's early. And the idea that some guys but nobody did it in this kind of just. At some point yet to take ownership and accountability movement for first for wins and losses here they all counted is kind of like saying Dovonte Parker's still young. And at some point he's not. Anyway at some point he's not right but nobody seems to know that it's like I don't even legs is that your what is your tariffs in the end the year two million a year one right your right. Does so. They're playing these games they celts. And I think this is the big this is a big stretch for them is next public games on the road. You need to get them you need to be Brooklyn immunity to beat Memphis who's kind of a mess right now and then to come home in the handle your your your business on on your home floor. And get kinda did you kind of or reorganized here. That that's just me perk that's just me. And I'm not only then I'm Ivan got a mention what they did last season the last season when I last season so the on the army of folks that don't are gonna might come running out so it probably would. The weather than the second half its early. Not for me Pasadena on that. And look alike like would you do it right their debt. And you're gonna like here's the thing. Miami Heat has the chance to gain some real Grail here in the next. Nine or two in games I think only one of the teams that they played. Boston. Is a playoff team right now. The heat sitting at two games below 500 has a chance to make up some ground and they better do it now because as can say is. It's not early anymore it's really not if you look at the next ten games it takes them through December 26 I believe. But the point is this when you start getting around christmastime in the NBA. It's time to get serious end of the time beyond that release is the all star break which is what 67 weeks after that so. This is the time for the Miami Heat to get serious when you've got to schedule that is nearly favorable. Brooklyn Mim this those are. Brooklyn in Mexico City Portland and Charlotte and the clippers Atlanta Boston Dallas New Orleans Orlando. You've got to start recording some victories were closed. It is it is that time right now it's no longer early in the NBA season your tweet board games in. By Christmas you're gonna be 34 games in that's almost halfway point. It's no longer early so while I was. Looking for kind of process. Against Golden State and San Antonio. How was he gonna play is the deepens going to be good are they going to be. Shut down the lane without the salon and and do some good beings well. The debt that's gone that was those two games. Again some fury your opponents. Now you're getting into gains against equals more interior opponents. You gotta start reckon up some victories and it's gotta start tomorrow night at Brooklyn because as camp likes to say. It's not early any longer. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone birds and ever insurer and now they're new location in congress. Drove matters is your authorized DJI dealer they've got all your drone these covered whether you're talking about customizations repairs new purchases training. Whatever it is talk to these guys they will hook you up again that's drone nerds dot com South Florida is eyes. In the sky near preach in their you're your bag campus there's. On my daughter is is that time can't I am coming around your way on that because that's your play board games now is I do I had to figure out of portable yes it is a cop out yeah you know at some point it is early but it's not early anymore. Right OK it was early in the Boston Orlando won game one early. I look like stars take a million commuters mean that's for this team and yeah yeah this the margin of here is it small let go right back Oklahoma City. Which I saw part of Bim last night Millen has bought Brooklyn you know there found out. It was not hot mess like they have in the last couple years and that's that's going to be that they actually have real players in uniforms and everything like that I hear realty. It sold. But like Oklahoma City OK you can make the argument but even now legs and you're getting towards Christmas and in January and you have to figure out yes and. And and you have to be prepared to make the moves to get it figured out in the second half of that's your desire yeah but even like Oklahoma City OK the good ones I think live to see records the heat there are eleven either I think you're correct. So like all the publicity release okay rehab we know we have a lot of talent you know. So but with the heat like Knoll they they can't just it's not like that the Big Three when there were 89 you're kind of figured I listen they're gonna win right. The yield it's it's gonna take a little bit of time in leg but the talent that he like they're gonna have to battle for everything that they dead. And in the Eastern Conference just. Mean you're you're just you have to scrap your way in the try to get in to where we thought they would. Be on the high end which could be a 45 C on the high in yes yes. Great hire in the low and would be made up well yeah I think when it's also done. The difference which of those teams have been a quarter to date. Yeah I agree. I agree it's it's the east this tightly bunched and you look no further than last year win win the heat you know they. 41 and 41 but they end up missing the playoffs or don't mean they Alltel Kampman and dad died. I I agree with you now and then. As we sit here on December 8 it's not early anymore and your head and add an advantageous stretch of the schedule even without the Sloan that. You can take advantage of some of these opponents and you need to do so. If if you're going to make that run yes if you're right if you're sort of stairs they're going to do it. Obviously if you're going to make a move this is where do you mail is not must win time but I need to win and I admit they're not gonna win that's an outside of crisis I they would call right Xavier going to this is where does it good indication that you're prepared to move forward yes there maybe they just maybe there is never good and the wheels fall right now I mean that's doubly a possibility here but I mean that's just. But at some point you've got yes I mean do you lose a San Antonio. All right you know you never wanna San Antonio. Call this day OK they came in and got you in the second half. But but look at the some of these other teams yeah. They're kind of in the same boat as you and you gotta get your fair share against them are afforded to you but let's get to 5 o'clock headline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Marlins outfielder John Carlos then has reportedly given the Marlins a list of sports teams that are preferred destination. Among them New York Yankees Houston Astros LA Dodgers Chicago code. Miami Heat plays Brooklyn in Mexico City tomorrow. The heat has had a thirty point deficit in each of its last three losses. Finally Oregon will reportedly hire Mario crystal ball. It's coop cleans a coordinator as its he would coach crystal ball played and coached that you win replaces Willie Taggart. Who got the Florida State job crystal ball was hit coaches have to you. From 2007. To 2012. Post 127. And 47 record lows are your headlines. Fire in my head to add a headline here on that or add one to the John Carlos in story lousy just handed this. It's a press release that's very nice one from the St. Louis Cardinals. And it says cardinals issue statement regarding pursuit of John Carlos state and I've not read this. When at all and read it together you are all right but it is obvious sums going to a new era yet on the set out a press release. Say those are in summary we seventeenth St. Louis Cardinals chairman and CEO bill DeWitt junior and president of baseball operations. John Moses daily act issued the following statements on the club's potential acquisition of Miami Marlins outfielder John Carlos Stanton. We had an agreement quote we had an agreement to acquire Jian Carlos stand from the Miami Marlins subjecting him waving. His no trade clause we have been notified that he will not waive his no trade clause to come to Saint Louis. While we are disappointed in his decision we will continue to make every effort to improve our club. For the upcoming season and quote said DeWitt he continues on Mozilla Jack says unfortunate we are not able to convince him to waive his no trade clause and joined the cardinals. We felt this was the great landing spot for him but it was not meant to be. I've never seen this before. I've and I've I've never seen the club saying that we tried to get a guy weaving and he won't come to us why. The two Columbia I've never heard of them like we hit we tried you'll screw that we chart now that's wild man that is owed a real statement this isn't like a quote. You know if from Leo what the winner meetings hour we try to. Come here. This is an actual press really scenario from the St. Louis Cardinals so. All right so is not gonna say Lewis you cross them off the list. You know and suppose I've got our rear at the heat he had already told the giants slipped from Taurus is management you know exhibit noted. He wasn't in Iran was not surprised by this yet amounts of presidents and I'm the president said this outs yeah blizzards over the Kansas and we ground and try to get right yet he's gonna come and cars all the oil animals are not. All right. Not our fault don't blame us. Stands a diva that's Hilo play here. So he wants to play him for somebody else hands this dance will continue. Now I do find an interest AME Stan has. Included that you mentioned the Yankees. The Dodgers are still I think when it's all said and done. But by the way the Yankees in the cubs that she's like yeah I could pull those names out yet. Like no big surprise there used in the right of the flavor there of for the rest of the World Series. But. When it's all said and done perk if you wanna you will place a wager on the she's one of the Dodgers. Yeah it's it's interesting being from this standpoint. I am not sure any of these teams really needs him know I was talking about this MB mum. In the press room at the adult opens today. With influence Dalia of USA today in and Athlon sports and Dave eight of the sun sentinel and Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald and some classic take over there yeah well yeah Algonquin roundtable we got that far regular Manhattan but I just get over there may without me. But. You know Berry and Berry and Dave hi you seem to think there's a chance that Jon Karl Stanton is on this roster no shot in in spring training. And date shots I don't think so but I will say this man com. This list of teams I don't know who's gonna joke and I don't know how much they're gonna offer because. You know that it did the Yankees that he got here and judge I mean you always when I get better. But to you got here and judge the Dodgers seem to have a nice little. Being go and there are Cody Ballinger in and dumb ass rose. Seem pretty sad at. Anybody would like Stanton. But I'm not sure how much you're willing me to pick up of that put two to 9295. Million over ten years who are these you don't have to quality you know money. It's also. What what the Marlins are asking for. Prospect wise. Yes so the arena that that's where the and everybody knows that stand hold the hammer in this thing. Yeah so they're gonna say OK well he wants to come to LA that you were the only team he wants to come to. So oh and we're gonna take his entire salary. You're going to like what we give you prospect wise and take it they were probably gonna give you a bad contract going the other way too. They don't want gathered there is that messenger and Omar little flip that to some other team were some they'll try to do something there and or just yet. You know the yanks are the Dodgers who did you know who's got about Adrian Gonzales is on a contract that to do that they probably. They would do something like that. So between but they elect to go with all of this perk okay we're I mean so you'll baseball people know that John Carlos doodling and go to team won two or three. So you won't you want to were three year on. Marlins you got no he got no leverage your dude we're trying to make a trade. Okay we're gonna it will take what will take his contract this off your books that's what you want to begin with. Right right here to take some of our garbage you're gonna dissolve our trash and rolling gonna give you water water may be too. Not even higher level prospects may be one high level guy won mid mid guy that's what I would envision. That's that's that's work I don't know who blinks in that scenario because. Look at like this you look at these teams that stand listed. They are. If not a 180 degree difference from the Marlins it's a 179 degrees right from. But cry out from whether you're ready to contend from the front office and the way that the team is managed. And also some possible off the field opportunities for four endorsements and advertising in life after baseball. Yankees Astros Dodgers goes maybe not Astros so much like you say they're the flavor of the month. But you compare what you have in those markets to what you have as they Miami Marlins player. There's no comparison. One on he's already pretty he's already pretty. Big sponsor wise considering he is in this market where he's been on a lot of national stuff. That reared commercial where that guys really are always bad batting practice. With a T-Mobile but he's articulate he's a lot easier pretty ease the face of that a lot of guys that are. That are high profile endorsement guys we have one of them yeah Eagles LA or via bear market of red go in and in good life after baseball as were treasurer. You know there entered my players I mean he's playing you know Reggie Jackson urged Jackson to the hit three home runs in the World Series and on Thursday. They're Jeter's they're Jeter because he's got the clutching the laws have been in the playlist to me that's the other thing like the other played in the post season rate. Your your profile is so low here I'm here to these other places so to me yet. I mean I think it sends a clear message that it's bitten once the heck out of here. As opposed to staying here right now and some people say and and now he's gonna get paid just like yeah he's gonna be big eerie. Very unhappy if he has to stay here so they might also have to Rasul zona and and and and the yellow stuff then. Make sure the Marlins so tried to you know do in a round like that and say well we're gonna payroll whether it's you wore Ozuna and yell which. And I hope you don't you don't you don't approve a DO you just stay here with this rebuilding effort and play in pro small. Routes lawyers that the here's recommend with him opening up his his. His teams a little bit mean yankees in the cubs in the it is at least he's willing it seems like he's willing to work with them on some levels you're a little bit of wiggle bring any and he asked to do day just a just you know he real right exactly yeah you're fine so I what mistake he still has all the power I would assume this list expands also why America is a you know that these teams are willing to give the Marlins anything that if you're the Marlins this is your one shot. If you write and if so then once the Dodgers the Dodgers will make it happen. Now. We'll see. Wellesley I'm not so convinced about that but I do sell that to your fan base to a hey he wants the column like this in those cargos of washing their hands of the techs reported out. Because the pools decision a few years ago Saint Louis like art we tried if you if the dodger fans like Seattle once the company also waiver that nobody else put the dot. And the Dodgers don't at least. Make it happen now looks a battle them I would get back to that this a little bit later we got a head to Mexico City may tomorrow. Covers need for the Miami Herald we will go to Mexico City site of Brooklyn a Miami tomorrow night. And check in on the Miami basketball team next here on 79 minutes ago. Fast. Fifteen minutes. Okay. And. And fifteen minutes though is customize my tibia or by force South Florida what do you truck and SUV customizations shot here to give them the hottest four by four modifications in town. Called champion four by four at 765023446. Of a champion for my fourth. Dot com Curtis and her crib with you on a Friday as we head out of the rentals and bouncers who users to sign their truly stepped. Beyond TV we go international. To Mexico City and check in with arm in many tomorrow from the Miami hero do you fall on Twitter. That may be underscore know borrow many tomorrow. With a couple of three nights in Mexico City. Oh man the possibilities are currently being. He had man has been had been injured be the last forty hours they you'd is that much might the two women walking the street that meant about the lies that the women who are offering their services and catch my drift. Yeah I saw some of those women in Las Vegas and no later this summer era now that it. How how how. Has many things that I do then yeah and I was like a how it does say this other restaurants have put jeopardy in the workplace is no right but there you Perez's say say there. Aren't many Mexico's city man whoa what's it like what's their thirst for the NBA. Brooklyn Oklahoma City played there. What's so what's the mind of the air for the the mayor the so called Americans game so to speak. You have to kind of go play the Big Three are back together Manny got the media content of following the leader and also it'll. You know I mean at their that it doesn't that the level of excitement here about the volume somewhat guard but you're you're with your MBA became their own sided have. But it been it's been you know it's been at what experience does Bart I think is that if there's a basketball. And the united why the MBA I get is starting to academy here in Mexico City with the hopes of maybe one day at the GBP. Mexico City. Mayor who is it was in the league gov from Mexico now. I I don't I. Immortal god around used to be from the that was a long time ago Google and not Iraq or not I can't think of anybody is incidentally they've had a couple of I think this a couple of big guys that a couple coffee here their managerial they've else. Now we're really got the compromise to be honest and fact. Today when when their exposure was whose spirit Latin American players of all but troubled Amy. Regular court ordered people out yeah. The top of my mind I'll go Carlos yeah. Yet. So yeah I mean it is you know part of this coping here Mexico City and wanting to respect. The game was. You know part of maybe having a unique in here in the future and ended academy in Mexico City isn't just execute that really hurt America and the trying to continue the popularity of basketball hall of Latin America. Using Mexico city's sort of the gay away there's obviously. You know in the biggest city in North America grow closer than nine million people here Mexico City itself. There's a reason why the NBA imputed to reason that they were receiving games here regularly and why they're talking about GDP in the future. None I think it's really cool and and and you know this man because obviously all of but the heat. Are kind of gave way to the Caribbean. And the Rockies fans of the hollows in Jamaica I mean it's amazing. You know ha so I mean yes what do you what a growing continue to grow that market at the basketball's big if you get down in the in the South America so. Makes a makes a lot of sense I've heard a lot about the altitude the NFL play a game there a couple of weeks ago. And the altitude I mean it makes Denver look like it's at it's below sea level right. Yeah I mean at 7300. Ready to bewitched. Denver I think about five and I would change in the 2000 feet higher than in Denver and yeah I mean I think guys today. You know we we talk to them before practice. Would it has bought them after they practice without them so. Tomorrow we'll find out Kelley all the naked lady you're Mexico City with team Canada I think. Twelve or fourteen times over the years he's he's used to coming here used to be out looting Bateman said looked. It they give up the first six minutes of the game through to get used to it. The ones want to kind of suck wind a little bit get back to the magic America you get used to a cell. You know did he get off to a slow start tomorrow don't blame them but he played well. How wanna see somebody dumped in from the free throw line men doing the Bob beam in right yeah. Hi I Hamas has held up and let's not lower our standards here mandate we got to expect great things in themselves as you dropped Eduardo Najera and Bob Bob millionaire not going to be a radio personality help the sense I really do need help. Many let's look at the Miami Heat and the way that they do. Playing recently and we know in the three losses they've they've trailed by thirty in each of those losses at one point. In in the last I don't know 67 games do you see this team getting closer to finding a deep sense of identity and and and doing a space and pay softens we've seen it in spurts but. Is it to you deals on it is that debt in courage. Well you know look at 1113. And in the way I look at it they leave the warriors. And Burt white poverty each right of the two of the best in the NBA's so. Yet those those four losses out of the way already. A Smart about it I'm playing lately. You know yeah I think that the security being at the bit fallen behind by thirty dispute that Indiana also those who received you don't want you don't lose by thirty you don't wanna beat them struggling. Up rapidly the way they regularly do in the third quarter but. I think that general feeling that once upon white I get back. If you can get all the help beat that this team can go on that type of Roy that they did in the second half of the Internet still spent that Lola competent these guys. It's just been really hard the sort of develop. You know clean rotation simply chemistry when you've got upon out for nine games and and so so much it'd be present predicated. On on working guys that are on the block shot. And when to ease out and you put them out of violent name the rookie. The that I love and energy I think he's great he's been a great job one on one defense. It's just different when it comes to rebounding. Due to blocking shots that just the whole profit believe that these are operates so. You know look at birth of more muted by before the game and they're going colored look I I think we're definitely people will walk around. What everybody's sort of fit into these areas they they feel comfortable where it's getting that going. Perk. And I don't know how far away they truly are does bill. It's good to PH Richardson scored points ballot could compete Patrick Sharp and have a look at the game he had dividend bands and those are all positive start so hopefully. A winning streak is around a quarter does. It's made a Carl from Miami Herald joins us from Mexico City. What is the timetable on the sun. Great question I mean obviously he didn't come on this road trip and you know I think the hope is that when he comes home next week. That at some point that we have a clear idea you know they that it would be at least a week. To maybe two weeks where he's rehabbing is knee and really make sure that it still could it it was so I'm sort of limitation. And I can't blame a bumper wanted to have a out of it when people criticize a bit maybe it is my hope and up huge to get out there on the floor and give you via. I think the bone bruise but he had a pretty bad. And I think he's tried to talk about it and you know that night where he hasn't shown up and given the kind of effort in the right did he took early part of so. Unfortunately it something that happened to a police trying to deal with them. For the heat say you hope he's back soon because it's obvious is this the expense of the very least. That they're much better communities on the floor. Many as far as this team developing a closer or having a closer. I want to know how important used in their ideas can. Will somebody stepped forward whether it's Deon or moron or continue using committee of what's going on there at the end of gains and how essential is it to have one or two people. Well I think if those three that you've mentioned I think it's JJ I think it's beyond it he could score I think so the guys. Others that have the ball there and late in the game and as great now obvious that basically could be quite critical game and by every big shot. Even our night that he struggled early on in the game coming through in the clutch for themselves. But it's important I have a guy. Who you can count on as deliver those big basket especially in tight games. I know lately it hasn't spoke at many of these games have been piety in a typical where it was the Nevada he's the leader ordered B I'm pretty big. I'll put down the stretch when that you've been. You know start to get the nitty gritty we're talking about playoffs by playoff position and all those things. Yeah you're gonna need somebody to emerge and in my money would be young waiter at the Mecca and the I think gore can't be that guy at times that and I think it does not certainly because the mismatch probably creates its size and dribbling ability. And what it gives you defensively you need a marble floored Lleyton gave our guard guys. I think he's he's obviously the third option I think those three guys it would recount on. In the end I think you are number one option. It's your first time in Mexico City Manning. It is burst out of Mexico City and I got to tell you it is exactly really likely to neighborhood where we're in a lot of good eats spare but we're going to be well. And I don't know if you've been have you been regularly before. Dogged some other parts of Mexico that we only did discuss been their candidates on. It is a good time and it definitely good bar it could lead to go to restaurant go or and and so you ever been. I would recommend coming but there's just you know make she's sick and actually root and grow by the otherwise. No I've as a dark corners of other country of Mexico was not exactly but I don't city that a senator shows of you know I mean what what are what America's city centers using his most like well how would you gluten. You'll he's on the record. If they LA to be on our part of the field. I kind of but it belies those spread out the mountainous regions in the news and bad neighborhoods and how they haven't really nice. Neighborhood like river videos are public suburban because the Beverly Hills. So. Out of our I immediately Conor my ability. Yeah it's a big city hello I don't even know how many people there this team millionaire. Look at closing living that the actual city medical liability but I think in the overall out gritty area are almost 42 million. It's yeah yeah Arnold some friends Manning are right he's got the night off there and have a good time there it's at every party and I wouldn't it be part and I. You know it and how the league of that the bill now and then they can afford it there many we always appreciate your time and I think you very much and enjoy it thank you may threaten. Prepared me tomorrow Miami Herald home on Twitter and many others were Navarro. Ardea tweeted some pictures from Mexico maybe new laws tweets a lot more than you that was the. I had ex girlfriend. Lose when in doubt its always the accident area. To see jagr asked out west and resiliency year shoot yet she was flight attendants RC Ziad got a free retreat we would you like you are so I was out on Ludlow a bit but I know the only their two days. And but yeah. No I haven't. I have to do you know. Mark my territory in Mexico City so to speak there yeah there have been. Yams in things you have been dude label radio and awesome move but it though housing get back into the United States from. El Paso. I raise a stink at the border and it was a son you better clone don't we're not let you back you know and so the federal rallies got yeah yeah I know I know Jill I you have money and practiced over idols there was there was the C alcohol wasn't ball I'm sure yeah. Yeah a lot of those I guess the an actor admits allowed to figure that are things do many for joining us. He'd end up Brooklyn it's a home game for Brooklyn. Technically tomorrow night arc George regular 5 o'clock in the know 6 o'clock pillow to put off recourse in her all the action right here on your home of the heat we got some big. John Carlos there's news to get to plus. We got our eyes he's keys to the gate of the relates to the Miami Dolphins renew get that out of the way gift at the ready for Monday night induct little fist inside for the dolphins and the patriots as well coming up next radios have an idea to take. They did many of them are home. For dropping by from Mexico City. Tell you flying the holidays the ticket courtesy of Joseph nerds is giving away 400 dollar gift card. You can by the day. 400 dollars towards other DJI products like the maverick or fear of them for pro. Plowed over the Joseph owners dot com or visit either of their locations and amateur or pine crest. Joan herself sort of died in this died when the gift card so you can buy a droll but register now to get Miami dot com the great gift for the holidays. Trulia really cool right there yeah him. We got things going on here we are things working here Tim Healy by the way Arafat covers the Miami Marlins for the self sort of science and he's going to be here about six points off forty minutes. We're gonna talk to about stand in the with with his baseball club here. We do have the statement issued from the simplest cardinals the basically said we had the agreement in place to acquire stand. But he did not want to waive his no trade clause so they've existed we try to get them we have video Myer is colts of them. So willow looks more all that and possibilities. Coming appear as as we move forward you know sex shows X have a 97 for the six have a nine some four. On this off Brad an afternoon it's still a football Friday we got to Monday night game berg you know as we do like to get your keys to the game that's want to buy Lex is a North Miami enemy ease and automotive experience. While he or what they got here it's the dolphins are who covers segment plus the eleventh and so you're you're taking the points and run in with them. Yeah well I'm crawling with a well you gonna material stumble and bumble and yeah walls clothes they keep it close here well. Here's what I think it did the first thing that they need to do is score points and we know that's the challenge for this dolphins team than they are. Now 26 and in a bill it seventeen point eight points per game believes so. You've got to like listening where there were yeah you're dia like 157 but he you've got a double which you average pretty much too. Who have a chance to to win this game so you've got to score points you've probably got to score at least thirty points. Number assume you've got to get an early lead so that you can turn your past loose pass rush looms like you did last week now granite Trevor Ximian you know Tom Brady is to make better decisions. And better throws and Trevor Ximian but. The point is you can come closer to dictating the game. Soon New England if you have to leave too weird as opposed to being down. You're not dictating any words you're in the Arenas in the formula. I mean the right he's actually done pretty decent against New England here in Dallas stadium yeah yeah they aired thirteen fourteen or fifteen they beat New England are here. So amendment that the last thing I would say a you know is controlled run. So that's a big key for me to detail that's. Cause that Rex burka thanks you all of a sudden just a rise above 96 last game kept 38 hearings were a 196. Yards so. Why you know Brady's gonna do his being impasse were two or three touchdowns but you cannot let the running game at the same time the law so. Score points in bunches get an early lead and controlled run. You know good luck doing it. But to me those are the keys to begin yeah just kill it Rex Burkhead and not Louis. A deal Lewis at about 12112. Yards last game Russert Tom Brady's gonna be correct correct you know that even without brought. Corrects but you didn't James White and the on the and there exits going to the kitchen passes and all I don't know that's up you can't get so. Look this this team and this team has got to. There's semen got to figure out how to continue. To play complementary football last week it was easy. You head Denver coming in here on and what seven game losing streak whatever was now. You get a team did that just keep your but two weeks ago. Com has not allow more than seventeen points in my the last nine weeks soul. Again that. Air jets on from football outsiders I come before clock tower and I I've watched a lot of patriots games this year and Lou. These write their defense scoring wise got better but they still go Tony arts yes and they do what Madonna furious and older and in that you would say okay who cares. But it does affect Brady because they're gore on the long field hold titan so like Brady like he's actually better than Brady's been in the past when this year we asked Darren about that. So yes they dig your defense is on the special no it's not they're good enough yes I got Tom Brady in the governing Els. But yes dogs can move the ball you can you should go to move the ball on the wing and you're out to you mean you should not ten points on his defense that's embarrassing ranked ahead. New England gives up big gains on the ground a lot of runs of twenty or more yards. They give up big plays and in the passing game but. They've they've been able to limit the points and that's you know bin but don't break. Right now or that works what to say like millions they've also the head of the shoot Renaissance. From the first month of the season right there just get there or to know exactly they'll be not to look past the ball through the middle Tennessee here's the steelers' Nate you know the was a Matt Moore was a starter for the dolphins when their their careers yes we shall we two subways you'll hear about that premiers next yeah you got injured color but I did see which echoes always three it's a Whelan and like all those games were blowouts. Yet in his career led that you don't know. That's right I'll read re much of that is the Ronald. I tell you and I implement a bum call from worried about my my pass protection you you've got. You know a few more weeks ago you you you go back to retirement you'd just don't want to again check in right this time you enjoy retirement Siberia Federer seven sacks against Matt Moore and now Matt Moore is is sidelined and might not come back all season at New England might have that meant more on IR senator Jay Cutler you're. As you know I'm probably build a little early cap on business say that. I'll melanomas. It's first season against bonds by Alexa North Miami an amazing automotive experience we're and a fantasy playoffs now perk. So you this is this is it the bid this the winning time is it money time. All right so we got to be we got to be on point here. With your fantasy and houses that were as a relates to the Miami Dolphins saw how is that to a pick your brain on. Some ups who's who who's got a start and when he got to stay away from and as present my and is. Have you been accident call warning hundreds of enforce symmetry that's when he hundreds of were some entries have been 33 Basra auto direct direct are always the right price MIAs the public adjusters we've got your ass discover point 55 Getty's CPA or disease called public adjusters dot com. I was a dash of of the dolphins fans who are OK some mama Lee Jew in this. Anybody that has jumps out at you. So stay away from yes and that will be Dovonte Parker two receptions for ten yards less today Nazi art nonstarter on us and that's easy. Now who you go for. That's tough. And I said. New England has been giving up the runs a when he or more yards pretty consistently. They don't often lead to touchdowns they certainly have a live two big threes continued Drake. The big play guy runs of 4242. In 66 yards and you know the last four weeks I believe it is. Jarvis Landry you know that the patriots are going to try to take him away that's what they did last time Jarvis seven receptions for eighty yards you know touchdown. So it's either tenure Drake or Jarvis Landry who I would play. I'm not exactly sure which one I think I'll I just unload. I think I'm gonna take union rate because he's got big play ability and you know one run. Did that today to get his yards and I have no confidence and the dolphins winning but I've got a little confidence and didn't re putting up some yards and remember tinian Drake is also a receiver. And soul you know old seven sacks by New England last time that check down receiver. Jarvis will be double double covered that check down receiver might come in handy you get tinian Drake out in space. May be gets you another big plays so by a narrow margin. I play canyon Drake by a large margin I stay away from the run. They parked no knock him there was Tivo fantasy aspect Kenyan. Has earned the right to be running back two or flex for you yeah and I do think they'll be they'll be enough opportunities even in garbage time for some of those yardage there may be escorts the touchdown and then and then Jarvis even though that might take him away. It's hard to sit him as she gets a really good other what was your option vows or jars and then everybody else's stay away from color Julius Thomas the Monty mentioned. Still student here doesn't brilliant and yes yeah it is I'll sing about Kenny yeah usually come on the publishers to inconsistent in this the playoffs from most fancy people. So you just gotta you gotta you gotta let journal real mind. That's about all law that's about all that's been really go with. If your if you get any of the other the Miami Dolphins are welcome back we'll get to the 6 o'clock opera said here's the thing. Headlines a stand things really start to get very interest that others in this by any team. With a similar you know that you. No I did not the darker were called maybe it's happened but I can were call Iowa earlier tell you what it's all about here regarding John Carlos stand Tim Healy from the settle covers the Miami Marlins before they sell for the suns and he's gonna stop by here right around 61 Lisa we got a lot to get to before we did you do at 7 o'clock right here on 79 minutes ago. And block out here. Get ready for the weekend and after every game. You're on the ticket tune into the Lexus and Subaru dealer trying to post game show is as low a complete wrap open the game. Lexus and superpower finds always an amazing deal too much of a champion for by court south towards them when gene chuck and it should be customization shop. Good champion four by four dot com personal perk with you dig up until 7 o'clock yeah as we got a lot of more ground to cover around here including this young Carlos then deal. I'm still is I moved fake fur and muddy miles it was dual rooms allows its you know he's he's due to sniff that out of the dollars. If it was a bogus but the St. Louis Cardinals have issued a a news release. And they said it that we had an agreement to acquire John Carlos to and from the Marlins. But he did not waive his no trade clause therefore we cannot treat form. And never heard of T I mean you've heard teams say stuff like that England actually to put out a a press release. On the record right on the record and it was a you know that the president you know we had enough and dad says now permits somebody whisper and Syria don't put my name on the news but use the deal is treasures Ukraine saying I mean it was just kind of like a yeah it does deals fall through all the time for a variety of reasons. And an aggregate trade. We have trade but stand wanna comes close so we don't drag Islamic chairman has said that that a version of their. So. And we'll see what happens one thing I would that you mentioned earlier we talk with Dave hide it and and very Jackson. Dolphins camp like I did that I'd you can't bring stand badly does he's gone. Yeah I'd known Louisiana happy would be an ugly situation I'm bolting right I think you stay in the old habits or training there and the more notable want to go there weren't a lot of text here well just just tells it. Okay well you're not exactly doing that because the Marlins. For them to be in their mind to be successful day one to. Sparked the blue the reboot as quickly as costs wouldn't they don't want a guy. Eating up. All their payroll sitting in right field for another year two years just to spite them. They wanna get all put their lives don't blame them stand with you bring want what is. Right dead and look at that that leads us right and here's the thing. Carlos they'll has reportedly. Issued the list of teams that are per bird destinations. Among them New York Yankees Houston Astros LA Dodgers Chicago Cubs now. What's going to be follow with great interest is how exactly Stanton. Forces his way onto one of these were teams. Maybe he ends up expanding the list but how does he force his way how does he force the Marlins. To accept a deal from one of these teens and this is part of that being that's going to be. A whole lot more art than science will will put it to you like that because. It's it's gonna take a little bit of cajoling and and you've got you basically if you're one of those sports teams. Why are you willing to give the Marlins beer market value per Jon Karl stand. You don't have to because you know he wants out you know the Marlins wanna get rid column. So now it becomes a matter of how much can you get over on the Marlins how loan. Are the Marlins Marlins willing to go in there these other teams out here also have to consider and and stand has to consider this to an Beatty has but. You get Stanton. You're pretty much pretty much out of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado army maybe you can board. You know right but you're pretty much out of that right years you've taken yourself out of that they'll be reagents and Tony we've seen yeah Clayton Kershaw believe has an opt out. After 28 team died I don't think he's gonna take that I think he's getting 33 million but but basically. Standard more out there have been stand so this isn't just. You know John Carlos Dayton wants to go to this team this is well. If this team wants to do something else. You've got that Stanton payroll. That your bowling so. It it's going to be hard to get a whole lot more maneuverability so. We got some we've got fourteen we don't know this list is going to be expanded but. I will watch and everybody else with great interest as the Major League Baseball winter meetings open on Monday and proceed. How exactly John Carlos Dayton forces his way to one up his grief Bernard teams. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan sure and now in congress. Don't nerds as your authorized DJ ideal or they've got all your drone needs covered whether his new purchases repairs customizations training. Whatever it is these people have got you covered look them up on line drove nerds dot com South Florida's eyes in this. Guy you grow up a little bit of a different angle there that I haven't thought over the last couple days and you know I don't know if your if your some of these teams if you're really all in on stand. And AM what I mean by that is that Pavel right. What is he is the savior if your Theo ups in the cubs red or if you're you know whoever you're the Dodgers you know or. Whatever the T there's going one complete good healthy season right right in his it's a lot of money a lot of money you know to money 290 by a million over ten years right this is eager are you going to is it the guys that you'd like Amazon dot. At him like we got. At a well I don't know I think that you they'd like to have a mile off its. Admits yes he's it's an old brainer. Dot again oh yeah. All one of those deals with some of these decision makers in the in the M obliques the other thing is. The okay zone subtlety dropped their souls IDs gonna they would adopt the measure is gonna that we think that's as per destination well we've read and from Southern California makes and I think it's gonna happen you know colleges and go to the folds. They're gonna get a couple prospects I take a shady deal. With a contract combat their way in the doubt you'll pagan of this ever want to lives yet. But if you're the Yankees and if you're the causes of Izzo teams that are out there now the recruiting process needs to start Clinton told you're the Yankees you know like I now know. Other than AJ Ramos who who stands really tight with. A whole lot about stand even those you have been down here for number of years here nobody knows any about the dude like it you know jury or judge you economy on do menial. Which we can turn this place up you know you know as Gary Sanchez call on him if you're New York. In you know as Chris Bryant on him like that that the recruiting process and maybe stay it'll come off the Dodgers still wants the dot. So I've gotten up by the Yankees or these other teams I think that's just you know what that's just for him the logo wouldn't say OK I'm not a complete. Jerk about going one team. But behind the scenes I think he wants to one team. And has been yelling dot. That's the field and I did not hear it was a Q and rolled all the diarrhea so somebody that I read it. C event it right that's not a stress we suspected that the years he's from Southern California and we think that I don't know if he's ever been on the record he's been under contract with the Marlins Arnold and he's ever been on the record. Saying I would like to go back to the Dodgers but that's what we surmise. And that's what I Riordan in no at least one report so. How he goes about forcing his way to 21 of these teens will see because. It is a lot of salary and I'd. But look we that there's two things we know here right. Stanton wants out the Marlins won ML. And so it's gonna and so now right how to what are the you know what what is our behind those hard facts I how'd you how did you get him out and the Marlins again. If you're the Marlins not the drooling to rebuild your entire franchise on this deal. But this is your one chance to get something or somebody write that. That that kind of puts you on that path to get some top prospects look under two top prospects I'd like. This guy what is the deal well the bottom of that this is Doug do you well everything else I'd like world's older you'll probably go on the longer road. Right nobody nobody has more value and stand. No but I don't know how much value has because of what there's there's their back through the quarter India's contract here you go soul like I don't know like she's ideal for your regular hall like you got a bird's Dontrelle Willis Armando Cabrera red hot. Yeah and this is not a word this is knotty Herschel Walker deal well ideally you would again but not even close right so close yet how how lower the Marlins willing to go and how to standing. Push them that way that that's. As you know that's good to me that's that's what we're watching now weighted it's how to stand pushed him soon to get what he wants and really is has he created a market pour himself or has he lowered his his his leverage as he lowered his actual value. Will see about Leo winter meetings start on Monday so did the conversation released. Probably picks up. And Iowa will have a conversation with Tim Healy here gonna covers a team for the a South Florida sun sentinel about. In about fourteen minutes or so well before we get to all that let's get to headline. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. As we just discussed Marlins no filler John Carlos dale has reportedly given the Marlins a list of sports scenes that are preferred destinations. Among the New York Yankees Houston Astros LA Dodgers Chicago Cubs. Money he plays Brooklyn in Mexico City tomorrow. The heat has hit thirty point deficits in its last three losses finally Oregon and will reportedly hire Mario crystal ball. It's co offensive coordinator as it hit co crystal ball played and coached that you whim replaces Willie Taggart who got the Florida State dubbed. Crystal ball was hit go to F by you from 20072012. He posted a 27 and 47 record those are your headlines. 67974. That's a Regis of course brings autumn on the tax line yellow which is home the Marlins was valuable assets and is merely cash relief. I went. Necessarily not agree with I've singles soon is a little bit more audio play dozen other contractors and everybody rebuttal yet contrary that's the yet but also nothing is is that though the bigger upside on no on that front. This in those who was such a scorned lover move they got rejected and wanted to throw should be done. Yeah it's those little bit of that in there. Yes lately you know Saint Louis and and San Francisco and we're talking about that yesterday and it. Servers Cisco being. It made sense. But it didn't make sense it made sense because it gets them to California again we think he was to be in LA but it didn't make sense because it's not elect. And so. It to settle for alum limit leasing California that. That didn't that seemed kind of strange these boards scenes seemed to make a lot of sense to me again form the simple enough of marketability. And crazy baseball fans. Houston would be the the exception the cubs Astros then I mean that the cubs the the Yankees and the Dodgers old bit that the big big coverage high profile. Lots of off the field stuff perhaps some post baseball stuff. If you play your cards right Houston as the team of the moment though they base their they have a good rugs are under going upward they rebuilt the right way. All of those things you just said are true. From stay at this point of view yes the state from their point of view. Your missed there's one other there's one thing meant the hat has to be number one tomorrow's what do you know from the ultimately seems. There's only. How many teams can take it will take a guess Roger it's a small needles that right you know you saw all but I'd love Milwaukee correct doesn't that happen correct correct correct yeah at all Minnesota like right at it from Minnesota are there Mario Duluth yes you know that's not happening yet. You're right. Tomatoes and those Afghan he knows he knows my snow not that at all I'd love to go to Tampa. You know they're they're not they drag racing can afford it yeah this this is he's gonna end up in LA is the matter with a commons is that I love like this that this is. This is your said that after after ten years of marriage and your own honey. I W I I hate you and your go I nature to. And your okay. What you want out yes what do you want yeah. Take it as well as sort second the list to house the car right the big screen and community. It's pretty it's a world agreement on it. Then once Albemarle won him a 100% in agreement on the cross well underlines an all right you know it's just a matter of OK who's taking the big screen it via. It is their do you think there's a possibility it will last him he leaders of the sun Sonoma co worker who's coming up here pretty soon. Do you think there is a sleeper team out there now somebody who's not on this list well now that it emerges and soon I think I'm. Okay yeah yeah. No no not comment it's not done. No angels no you know representing our region him but he's right but I visited eaten yeah. You know let's lose sight of the Celeste and really is or ever again like I. Yeah has all of the power there's a reason why David C has been running around doing all these interviews. And he says I'd never where I'd never ever got giving him a no trade clause there is or isn't for that. Yeah all the power so I think he's got like. 8590%. Of the power. All time now that the vast majority right I I usual say a 100% but clearly today clearly bugs and the path. Which which which leaves possibility of well. You'll replace your hair and will see in spring training or right but they're good but no I I agree with you that doesn't mean he's. He's going to be gone I would be absolutely shocked. I'll be more shocked that he's honest on the roster in spring training. And I was by the it's such a poisonous but as a whole the whole story line in spring training would be. While drunk Carlo you don't want to be here well Mattingly he doesn't want to be here well John Carlo you don't wanna be here while Mattingly he doesn't it won't and it will in no knowledge you think it always your rewrite over the while Greg on an area kind of poison the well for younger players were trying to come up by being bit. John Carlo would. I I don't know this war I don't think he would be bitter. She was your right but you IE you know not that he wouldn't be her national but I'm thinking did he would be less than a hundred. Pursuant tuchman has this is a question after the trade does it cost the no trade clause might as we know it's in the concerts on the that they they if you got traded to the that is waived it you know under countries to the no trade clause with the dodger that's my guess of the doctors what to do night in two years like I do you stink friendly get out of your ignorance got here. You know all right sorry he doesn't know trigger. I of that that's money on the on the on the conjure guards immediately we'll get though it's a little later just a weird move by the F St. Louis Cardinals also what do they get back for. What is it about the prospects on that front. Below we'll talk go a little. Baseball and hot stole park yeah it's hot stove as soon to be actually true this week in in Florida who will need to be around a hot stove right now the weather towards a little don't have second what does that next here on 79 minutes ago. Take your defense team. Game day tickets at six. Access the last minute. He didn't sign up now. Game day tickets dot com and lower Seidman SMS alert when tickets are available. You get tickets for as low as ten dollars for the game on December 16 vs the clippers he gained eight tickets to sign up now person per with you here. Taking up until 7 o'clock we got a press release this time. From the C Everett Cisco giants say routes were out because the other wanna come play for our ballclub but still about get more information on this from on the Iran feels announcers who has stores gas line. They are truly steps. Beyond convenient that's refined Tim Healy. Marlins beat writer for the sun said William foam on Twitter at him. Be hugely and Tim my notes I get a little crazy there's going to get it taken the time here how you doing today. Alan I would have a real calm day until about we go now I don't know what Phillip on the. Incredible what we know he's back in Italy say losers ever says the right we're not not a big surprise surprise of these teams. I'd never seen a press release saying yeah we had an agreement and then it didn't happen in the have you ever seen anything like this. I haven't noted it is unusual for sure it is well I mean more than usual yesterday and the day before when the giants GM even acknowledged on their radio station that. They had a deal the Marlins the moral meanwhile continue to call all the speculation which. It probably is he the right word that it matters to me and aggregate but all all very strange situation then it will bulletin a wind and try. Tim how does John Carlos didn't go about forcing a trade Tsui desired. Location we know that TP reportedly put out of war for per locations cubs. As trolls Dodgers yankees. How would you force eighteen to deal with the Marlins and and make an acceptable deal to bowl so. All one of the first step is doing exactly what we just gave which is. Essentially. Saying no to be only two teams to a series engaged the Marleau umpteenth and the ball is. Look no job and no cardinals. Then that leaves the Marlins with no trade partners to chunk period interest now you mentioned fourteen that are preapproved by imprint so to speak. But none of them really have have shown significant interest her. As period inclination to to add into. The Dodgers of course they're his hometown even. You know the Indian batting the MVP of the team that humble won the National League last year and I think one that there are significant. Payroll consideration for the Dodgers who are trying to reel in their. Perennially a very high payroll. Arledge beyond assured him this is one big cluster if you know on me but no I. Let go from the word go I mean the Marlins have turned this thing up. Stands people really haven't I'll think been forthcoming. I just think this has been one big disaster from the get go. I don't think anybody. You don't lack that we scrutiny not necessarily I think it into actors site it is right which he negotiated into. Huge contract three years ago. He did so effectively decide where he goes there have a say in where he goes. You know the Marlins were the of course the preacher he who will Latin that's right let him know it straight quote. And now it certainly rearing its ugly head but. You know it I'm not sure how the situation get resolve itself but. You know it is. You cannot amounts to treachery and really. Any kid I've been conferred now wanting to get to go to either of those eats whatever his motivation may be. So. It's two parties. The Stanton in the moral. Significantly different motivations. And they're actually do that themselves. Vegetable sides and a religious coal utterly. You know this is this has been one big you know screw up nearly the Marlins are working on deals with different Cisco in the wasting all this time. I'm going that stands under the wanna go there yeah. Working backwards at where thirty wanna go OK you wanna go there OK you'll wait your notes right okay that's got on the board with that team. It's that we can work something out. So what what's what's the next letter I think he's gonna he's gonna end up in in LA here Tim I just think at some point. That it it's so he's gonna give in and it's probably going to be the Marlins and they're gonna they're not gonna take a lot packet to say here take a Dodgers. Ole that's one possibility. But the problem with the Dodgers of course as you know I'd. I'm looking in the and others have mentioned it is is the Bonn now. This thinking is that odd take into and 25 million for next year's 295. In the next ten years. That they're gonna want to perhaps that shed some of their own bad spec which they want the if the Moreland beside you or a final figure that unchecked we were that they had been. But the heat the only trading did and to begin with either way I see it. But for the first time in there during that I'm considering the possibility. Bird that potential reality that they've been traded all the mountains. Pride wouldn't surprise me at any time. Exactly I mean. How poisonous. Would that be if Stanton goes to spring training he doesn't wanna be there the Marlins Dolan that big salary on the payroll. How awkward is it to him because to me I was just saying it would. It would just be reporters going to stand going you'll want to be here going to manly he doesn't want to be here will back this then you don't wanna be here at and it's just like this. Pong game above. I don't wanna say hatred but let's just say by how invent a minute. Just hit go to spring training would be impaired. Did he would be potentially very very awkward. If its backing to beat it now Oprah opening bell last year's B marlin. Were. I mean that the pirate accused we try to trade eager to cut any deal won't buy it franchise the project built up. And then he ended up not being treated and coming back and ol' black huddled up duo again it isn't really what route we were expecting that is where we are in. You know they had a little prematurely. You know whether that they think they're clad in Miami who who who knows. But. There is some president or for that sort of deal. And and cinema might be looking way I did hear but. Sure if you're if you want assigned John Carlos stand do you consider well we're out of it Bryce Harper after into any eighteen route their commanding much auto and auto. The dot I don't think that play in Kershaw is gonna opt out after 2018 but it it do you have to think up other moves or can you just kind of singularly focus on and let's get John Carlo. No it hit it any team looking to get it and it definitely not happening and that happening in the back to me he's specifically one that didn't recruit teams are. You know that could be really trying to get their payroll under the luxury tactics of an eighteen. But the picking broke her beauty for the big Prejean clap our current or child or wherever else in my arm. If he had been in that hole and he. Whether you get a little luxury tax but the huge financial commitment. In other laws and necessarily rule and now for those other big players but make a lot harder hit on the same payroll or sugar. Yeah non they're these are just. I would think so the drought for the for those type of names there if you take on stands contract no matter what club we are Tim Healy Marlins beat writer for the sun sentinel is our guest here what would they -- trade well what they did back in outset it's the end. Is there anybody else you think could be moved here during the the winner meetings here before before spring training. Yeah Oprah's on the peak century I like that but mother for the marlin primary benefit. And that might be Christine can it is getting rid of the money these gonna make about thirty million over the next three years. The prospect of chrome app back aren't you know they're they're blue chipper necessarily but it appears now. We got mariners pitching prospect which is not the only thing kinda given. Quality of their market but. It will be pitching prospect he reached double play at age 22 doesn't that mean well which is which is pretty good. And GT cut pro and into the pool. BP pool hopefully tomorrow their respective. Pitching prospect who might turn it is something easier to recruit on the road. An and they have you know little short stop another kind of a lottery ticket I. What do prospect we're gonna pitchers. That in that in terms of the people Mike and boom I hit. Did himself is gonna impact all of my expectation look at him go beat Gordon would be probably one of those in our yell much. But you know I don't I don't know how long been popular they were to be head and maybe they decide not trade and what exactly how well they're real. There are a lot of moving pieces I still think ultimately it didn't get traded and I still think ultimately that we won a golden egg yellow treated. I'm again well what what what the line we sit here and they'll marlin and out of it that a week ago. Exactly. A cut above that on that note Derek Jeter. Booed at the Golden State game of leaky Golden State. To the best of your knowledge why he was Derek Jeter boomed. You know I think there's this perception among Spain and that. Some of these early public relations missteps to eat here in the new ownership group have had me. Stepped that doesn't really impact on build marlin or how good the Marlins are gonna be on the field. Because he can beyond the thing like. Firing the special assistant and even before that these and ended. Letting go Marty Scott that that the longtime scout who lose in the hospital. Ridge mountains think like Batman theme parks in our cars you know from human to human. But really we're trying to run a business. And a baseball team you can't really looking pollution factor into it. What would your printer port your motion look part of being fit. I'm so play like that but my particular beat anybody moving here. He's made approximately one major move so far the moral made approximately one major move. So there's really nothing to boot your doing. I wouldn't work that is basically click. Yeah yeah you kind of blowing the pass Marlins moves right I'm afraid that what he has done is going. The same. Right right and yet there's a lot of jumping to conclusions so far I think but. We'll see what actually happened when the people must really hurt figured both. Do it's immediately from the a sentinel covers the Miami Marlins as witnessed. Oh OK who's holding Jeter's hand on the baseball stuff is is that what might kill still around. War Gary dead ball like who's. Who's really evaluating Lech who make it to court and trade it's an okay we want those prospects and in return. Old Derek Jeter is you know I feel that he and oversight European operation in the operation but from what I hear. And so far he's not really into the nitty gritty on the home reading scouting report on potential prospect coming back. That bill baseball operation that Michael Hilton of course those retained by the bigger group. He and Gary and they'll probably. Hold top lieutenant Jeter's longtime advisor manager friend. It's really goes to hill and then on the baseball operations side and then. Here Michael hill though it once they have something. A move they want to make a decidedly one big. Indicated to cheer for approval. And indeed it is very good either. You know as far as I was. And Apple's media every. Every midafternoon with what breakfast you that that morning in the community but you know trying to help take it in and but their relationship which is all important. I shouldn't be discounted. But he he's not really you know working the phone call on the GM and remind them. Tim its image as a team a cover you know a few million right do you took this dig you very thought it would be like this it's. It's pretty wild never it never a dull moment down here till whenever we have we appreciate the time here and dialed some breaks of it will but will probably bother you again thank you Amanda is still. You guys all right Tim Healy called on Twitter. And Tim do you really look Tim dimmed on the great that he he's a young guy he's going places excellent reporting I don't know he's he's an excellent emerald to gold notably years ago and up. A lady came in right for a they Fernandez this afternoon passed away I was yeah yeah and that was. One of the first things that you hear about it but Tim done an outstanding job men young guy who's he's he is going plates yet and I'll say is let's excellent run its it's this that has a lot of sub the silly isn't it worked out. And this is. Camp this is the most excited I've been about the Marlins in well since a let go of the rope. So bright you know so that's it I'm Paula really make an appearance. Off I know there there will be I told somebody on und und. Under under Texas it's probably going to be a string yeah the diesel a piece of sewing stream maybe it. You know piece of you all learn some like Lebanon is not going to be a big role that you climb it's not pirates I'm not. Number well you're becoming a law saying that your your that it recommends or have them as the hunt yeah that's some recipes restraining order pizza you're on you're not I'm not hold many broken bigamy and with my ladies like idiot this year. None and now now now now that's not that's not pat mcginnis is this is a complete trip down the looks like here you're talking yeah Alex. And for all to another that was an open shot. That he yeah 78 things one of them is is going to be eagle on it ended in addition to standard and obviously if they all these that's that comes with this. All these conversations you have with all these teams a stand doesn't wanna go to. And you're intrigued by the prospect yes that you're gonna say. Well when others I guess yeah what about that guy I don't know about this. You know because you're gonna fall and I understood what the longer dual. Am I guess it rippled for no no I'm not immediately you gotta make the best deal to Japan but I and I understood they wanna build it up live like they wanna do that on the model with the cubs did yes the monitoring Astro Joseph did. Even the Yankees to some degree you know he's just not just the egg that has been a little bit more right to a respectable with yankees did. These three years ago there are just it is vital to. Now and then all of a sudden those guys came it was probably a year early and when judges bull burst on the scene Sanchez really came to those old all those guys. The other so prints about his it was a dudes whose lives of the Yankees. But yet you kind of bottomed out and then just build back up and have some stated that there trying to do right but just what we've been so. Tortured down here is baseball fans and it was a here which I understand. Did Mario Maher made the Marlins. Out of here you've got to be a little realistic it's like. Do you really wanna get rid of this guy and and and take advantage of this opportunity. And stay in the same thing do you really wanna leave and if you're really realistic and serious both sides made it looks like it's gonna be a compromise right I don't know there's going to be a big winner here. Where it's severe tax matches messages that 67974. That's 67974. You know not at top message on the yellow springs not a bomb attacks on and they had a string forty per hundred down the strength. Right now that I did that go look for but they got one for you come back we had the final thoughts here. On seven I knew the tickets. Candidate wants us any into the ultimate New Year's Eve weekend party for a night in Vegas and you can win roundtrip airfare for you and guest hotel for four nights and tickets to see the Foo Fighters Duran Duran and Zack brown band. It's a great way to ring in the new year want to win go out and take your mind that comes less conscious and you couldn't. Be going to Vegas to see three great concerts winner and guest must be 21 years are over this is a national contests in pain. She's New Year's is right around the corner my goodness. It is my owners plans or Kirk Dailey got three weeks. Have an analyst those Obama does what went to seventy days away seventies I'm not I'm not a New Year's he's. I'm not I like to stay home new years on. I'm it's amateur night yeah been there for him plus at my place from. Uniting sit on the balcony and I can see. 81012. Fireworks show us you know look at an NC Miami Beach to Latin. You know in west Miami to the right down to illustrated here outside you know it's it's the united still new girlfriend and child. I'd probably be in the in dead Alyssa goes by Alyssa was a game on Russell's games last couple years which were kind of a disaster. Yeah yeah I'll have a job is an all male and what a bad idea that will like Abby ally gone plow enough and home home by nine just you know New Zealand and just whatever yeah I mean that's. You know that you would like yours on terror problem gender you can turn up yeah yeah secretary of any other week I didn't have to be December 31 and I don't know that's in its new years this is kind of you know it's got a one of those things. Yeah that was the one of the biggest missteps. Do the college football was having those Dix New Jersey now I thought ploy on general overcomes everything. No we talked about the NFL yes and we talked about too big to fail them and it's just golf course you're gonna cancel their new right plant can I just bought our club ball writers in the finals exactly. And I remember. The was it is bill Hancock. Really nice guy really nice guy out there at a luncheon down here. You know because Miami was gonna get the or balls in the semi finals and then the other there taser is big wanted to get done and all the media were there. Everybody it's you know all all rhetoric and I'd I got invited to the free lunch so of course I have a that was so I don't know I don't wanna turned out brief boom itself intermediate car yeah no but I mean it was really adjusting pennies that we would all New Year's Eve we were an all New Year's off. In business I like three years ago. Today because I was a big deal. And like we love new years to be known as fluent they were all in on it and I paid they really double back to that. Could it is isn't much evidence as have you checked with champagne. They have a pretty good hold on New Year's Eve right have you checked with nightclubs. They have a pretty good have you checked with house parties like you can write a sleigh out we're gonna go to New Year's Eve like ads. You got to get in line that went right yes and here's the other thing that all of whom New Year's leave in college football is not in the top Tia well I totally that like January 1. You'll nailed that for 1 to 4 o'clock yet still allow you home today about and you get hammered and hammered and then you sit around all day and you hope you wake up for the noon to correct the right of the for the capital watered right Outback Bowl yeah over Tampa area or Citrus Bowl right there is so. But I mean now it's kind of thing. It doesn't really like the years we would like perk. Oh we grew up there of the big bowl games run New Year's date you know cotton in Orange ahead and order always been nice sugar graduate I mean yeah but they even bet that but you're right I mean you did. If your college football you did on New Year's Day for a while. But many not so much now but you're still there are used to. Owning owning New Year's even right. Let's what they wanted that work but no. A bad player and poorly executed yet let's you know I mean it's wolf first I just too much is to collect football if you're going out this is too much like eight hours of of two games which you know every dollar that it would drive you never even heard the NBA is saying we wanna own Christmas like guys you know BR do you ought to be part of the routine but at all. Do you feel like they do like they did that there that they're that arrogant about it and I I no problem with them being her but what else thinks giving old football. I suggest that that's about Christmas basketball as this is our day yes this is our day. I I don't know I don't know don't know what that New Year's Eve it's just too much it's emotional Comcast. I mean people and I agree I guess I'm being losers there was there was there wasn't there were no right knew her when the you know knew my daily corrected there. They're they've wrecked the I don't I don't hear about it it's the it's like it was you mean you know my thirties item ancient around here like it was you mentioned Orange Bowl and assert the -- of those who run the same time yeah on New Year's and right right exactly it was great and I think and I think the Cotton Bowl was the first game right I think that was usually at noon I'm not mistaken hot minute yeah the rose right knowledge of that and in the sugar. And the orange were always that that I night a Willis our aid there sorry Derrick polite yeah like that in a while that is now with TV and everything coach meant. No no bias and Rick I'll probably greater Israel and highs and we all agree on that can happen tomorrow as anybody here. Bowed out of the final Noelle you how well I would I would guess not unity and how many of they had Billy Sims Jason white Billy's as Jason war I aids. Was there another one that's everybody and they're on Wilkinson days maybe maybe storm Agrigento back modern we will. Says last forty years yes you know the idea being your Alberto five of my aunt cried out in the that'll be there. There was. That's that's pretty much at their butt. But low oil that two of he game off Mexico City was to be a lot of fun to be and and I'll do amendment we've that we I think Aaron Schatz of while outsiders are tough for joining us. Also Tim Healy from similarly just heard from emitting tomorrow joined us from Mexico City excellent exhibit is getting loose he's getting loose Europe and Mexico City Sam Bradford under enormous and somebody. President ran on a new job taxes right there that's being Sam Bradford there on the quote resolve among Honda text line. As our trio of 5113 remind me up there in Norman that year that was. Although long ride back when may when he with ripped up the the hurricanes there are things allows and Colin thank you very much as always there may have a great weekend up there. I'll be safe we'll talk to you just before 4 o'clock on Monday afternoon while football game that night Monday Night Football and Brady's bunch will be in the tech and town. Will allow what we all over that I mean that's still a big deal when the other patriots roll into towns greatness. Great it's great coming did his greatness that is true and I was marveled that don't wanna watch that no Greg likens his coming up next. Kirk Chris Perkins I'm Curtis he was an emigrate we get a kick right here on 790 the ticket.