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Thursday, February 15th

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Few minutes before 4 o'clock here on 790 tickets Curtis Stevens alongside Chris Perkins Curtis and perk we'll take you up until 7 o'clock falling the best though Dan and stoop. And the crew are what has been they very trying. Last 44 hours here in South Florida obviously as we all tried to. Move forward and agreed the best way possible and we're gonna try to do that here for the next the next few hours we're gonna we're real talk about the events of yesterday in what has transpired and also law. Also dual sports here as we're gonna stumble and fumble around here a little bit here there's no is no easy way to do this and I can tell you that that you know it's one of those days where you come in and you just don't know. Where the show is gonna go for the most part per went to watch you know all the events we're on the air yesterday as it was the transpiring in real time and getting home and I know we have heat game on and we have some other stuff on sports wise blood just I was is chemists of gone back to. The news coverage on you know what is going on in and in what's happening in and and everything and so forth yesterday in and Parkland. Yet it's there's a really tough situation cap because. You know it's it's. It's clearly something that's way more important than any game and so when I'm watch in the heat game last night. My mind is just wondering Gloria and I actually had watched the game again. This morning soon actually kind of see what happened and in process of glow sold distracted. Last night it's just hard to escape it and it happens in your own backyard and so that that makes it dumb dad I guess even even more real if that makes an. Sun quoted to us that's exactly how that's a let me last night you know you go out just on you don't social media hinges it is it's you know it's just it's just part of life. Ready for everybody and you go on Twitter or you go on FaceBook you or you go on in Stewart and Everett may be. And you know you always have yeah of different people that are that are involved. And somebody would post a national story your looming like that. But it. Not happening in our community. Where everybody you know you whenever your friends list is or whatever your context are. Contacts are everyone is so tied together and every every single post is. You know I I knew this person here or I'm ready for this prize went to school there are no more I knew that teacher or I knew this right knew that and it's just it's one after the other. And it just even if you don't know. The people that they're connected you know who who was connected to them when we begin the six degrees of separation. And your Disco my usual one after the other after other and you'll South Florida's big place we all know as lot of different people here were very diverse. But it is it's amazing how you it is all intertwined. Yeah so to speak and everyone you know everyone knows somebody the know somebody. When it happens in your community like it is and is in South Florida it's going to touch every but he at some point. Yet you know and and you talk about this being so local and it and it up specs you. A lot you know just look a lot more at the school did the church shooting down in Texas wasn't too far from a parent's house in San Antonio. And so when that happened I remember talking to him and he. You know they eat they didn't know anybody at the church but they knew people who knew people own and so you know day united I talk to them about that pour a little bit by. You know that was clearly a huge deal down there and and unfortunately now it's our turn. And it just yet just kind of consumes you kept you did it's it's harder to it it it's hard to. You know cut out like the one now were time period were that doesn't in your mind or or even a thirty minute time period because it's. It did just paying sold so heavily over you over you because it. It happened to your friends and neighbors via. Always so you know bear with us here we're gonna we're gonna try to. Some sports and organized we're gonna kind of stumble a little bit here I imagine over the next few hours put though Warner char try our best here. To get through it here and just you know get my Neil Watson last night just you know we got off to hear me we are you know we're trying to do our best yesterday. As getting out the information is as well as possible and those really happening me not gonna happen right we came on the Aron and we have all the information and there's a lot of misinformation which you wanna. Certainly it you don't want to willow put over the airwaves or make sure that it's confirmed by a couple of of the human police departments and authorities and so on and so forth. But he get home and it's like you know me I'm like my head spinning again element while it would remove what is going on here that he can you sit back this year and then you're you're watched. And and you watch the news and you go through on everybody's talking about it and you kind of realized man just I was sick to my stomach. Oh last night and but we're gonna we're gonna move on here before we before we do though we gets a very important headlines to get to. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD true. ARAMARK. We are continuing to help the community and park when they're in desperate need of blood. Now you can find a one blood donations that are by going to our web site. FaceBook page or Twitter account. And we want to let you know also there is a vigil tonight. After ample theater at Heinz trail park in park when. Do what she can to a tee and keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for helping out from 790 the ticket. Numerous South Florida sports teams including the Miami Heat Florida Marlins I'm sorry Florida Panthers Miami Dolphins. And Miami Marlins and the players and coaches offer condolences to Douglass high school shooting victims Wednesday among them Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo who attended the school he offered condolences. Via social media. And the world of sports the Miami Heat so it's an eighth place in the east hitting into the all star break after last night's moral war 102 loss at Philadelphia. Miami is one and a half games behind number seven delete but he which has lost seven of its eight. Seven of its last eight games it's less by on the road. Open their post all star break schedule at New Orleans on February 23 and there has been it has been broke for recede on the road and an overall they've lost seven of Eitan and five consecutive on the road they were such road warriors and. Now. There they need a break right now and they need to get some things worked out because. Last night I mean below 44 point lead. Without without joy well MB and and you just kind of saw that one common a little bit I mean there was 24 and then they want to go on a full run and it's twelve. And you're going in OK and and then Phillies just got all the confidence in and momentum is a funny thing in Miami did a good jobs at the salute kinda. Hold them off a little bit but when Philly took that lead the Dwyane had a look to win it at the end smooth and good luck to remote. A little bit short. What the bottom line is there's there's no you know is no moral victories in all and any of the especially when they don't have their best player. But moves and seven out of date and all of a sudden now how things have changed and that's. How it's gonna be for the rest of the rest of the I think they're going to be okay and bigamy a playoff team I think they're gonna they're going to be fine. But. That it's just tough way to go into into the break here and they have to figure some things out as far as. How are they going to manufacture points and how are they going to score because you can't not. You can't just rely on were gonna hit some threes and we're gonna win it. Because they did that. A little bit last night in new and they got that lead and then late in the game. It just it just kind who's the go to guy we've talked about this a lot but. Half court offense her and you needed. It at times it just it seems so hard for them off to get a easy baskets it's a struggle you know it's like if we are a you are you related to football some times where. You know you we're gonna go on a fifteen play. 77. Yard drop I'm writing score right. Could you not the mean how hard that is right do we yes. Every single down because at some point you're gonna get a hold and hold and it right now I don't know right now is gonna burst into running yeah right right you view your quarterback you don't have an elite quarterback he's gonna put the ball on the ears were tipped pat is going to be there there's so many. Instances where are played can go against you know. So you know do you love you love them the four play eighty yard drive and yet the big sixty yard runner sixty yard pass. It is just an easy score fast break score just makes things so easy for you and he don't get enough of those that seems like. Yen and I'm sure kept I am sure that one being we're gonna talk about regarding that game last night. The rebounds. And we are mentally or Encino talk about it early in the game and he will soul correct he was saying erratic and that he's saying they've got to watch this rebound margin it ended up in sixty to 29 in favor of Billy and nearly ended up grabbing a believe it was 23 offensive rebounds yet 23 offensive rebounds. So that that's one thing that we will talk of ho hum. As we continue to talk about the the heat and end the heat at the all star break. Continuing the headlines X he poor Chris Bosh C a today he's ready to return to the NBA. As soon as this season now bosh was beaten on ESPN's first take. He said he thinks he can help a contender bosh hasn't played in the NBA in almost two years since the recurrence of blood clot issues. Finally XUN quarterback in Evan sheriffs will be allowed to trends or 23 ACC schools do North Carolina and Virginia. And be immediately eligible to play now originally UN have blocked sheriff's from transferring to any ACC school. Or any of you Williams nonconference opponents. On the 2018 and Tony nineteen schedule but you whim appeals committee. Granite shares the ability to transfer and play immediately at those three ACC schools. Because after he gets a degree in business finance he wants to continue his education at a top MBA program do. North Carolina and Virginia all qualified. That according to CBS sports dot com. Polls or your headline in order for him good for him yeah I I never you know I'm not yeah I had a united. We've all due respect Evans sheriff's I'm not sure how much every actor that it could be for you will. You know I can tell him at a conference I you know it it's you know I again I'm not I'm no disrespect to the Kia don't understand yeah this is dissident like you know Steve Walsh wants to transfer to a school and her. When does the school always looks bad looks petty in these in these things but everybody does and yeah yeah I understand why they do right. But like again haven't cherished every shares comes back in and beat the hurricanes and you know good for him I'd write different I don't know I don't know what secrets he has that he can take with him I mean that's going well translate. I I understand the schools this wind up. The cover themselves because it's gonna look it would look bad if the guy come back and beat you. But. Are you know what I actually think there's a story where both sides end up looking good because this was that he. You win some appeals committee not an NCAA appeals to rest of this state. In the house this is a kid who obviously is academically gifted as well as athletic league did their. He's got a plan for the future and upon review UN slid all right we're not gonna block you from. You know pursuing an MBA for goodness surprise us and we look ball site. I really think that both sides end up looking pretty good in this store. That's his that's his main focus on you go to our Faxon yoga. Well sometimes we we get caught up at all an island here and I go there and and and and this of this is the Heisman candidate okay understand the school you don't just come back and beat Cuba I guess it did this this is largely an academic being right but sometimes like you we don't all you know all we don't know all the facts on the score so under your so right so that that before or what kind of jumps have been down. And on the bus story we're gonna hear from Chris Bosh in my number we. I'm surprised by that now. No I know I think it was only a matter of time that due to it and then that that. You know I guess you say the fires still in his belly and and and I love Chris I don't root for Chris but I I just don't I just don't see it happening. And I don't know if that's the that's the road that we wanna continue to go down with him I understand his. You know his love of the game and all those things but and he still have to I would assume he would still have. Had to get some type of medical clear exempt from the eighties you have to get a multi level clearances arm's length from that and that's what the stock the last time we yet that was and I just say we. Wisconsin's with the heat and you know wherever it you know we'll hear from Chris who was on on first take. This morning but well on the owes a by the way if you want if you wanna Texas or you can always do silly thing that's on your mind sports Cirque. Or not they were about sport were also about life and know what to push gesture they will. Will remain with us to the to the end of days you can always Texas shows 67974. In the Coral Springs on all. Under the tax line power to talk to wells Dusan Berry he is he a sports reporter. As he the sun sentinel covers high school a lot of that's it's his beat. And we had to coach yesterday who was who was a hero in the in the midst of a tragedy also who's in the head athletic director of martyrs Norman Douglas. High school so we're gonna talk to low lows Dusan Mary about a couple of those issues and get and get his thoughts as those some real heroes. In the in the chaos yesterday. At the schools we gonna join us on the on the other side as though we go out to get to hear on 79 and take. Apartment here on 790 the ticket Curtis and work with few here will take up until 7 o'clock. That's in techs that are Rolen and get to those here in due course 6797467974. On the Coral Springs on all Honda tax line. Right now we're in talk about the some of the tragic events. Yesterday as it as relates to Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. High school and joining us right now recovers the other high school scene. Among other things for the South Florida sun sentinel wells Dusan very joins us right now on the right fuels announcers amused or gas line they are truly stepped beyond Indian Wells a good talking to you unfortunately. And I wanna speak under these circumstances but thanks for making a few minutes of course thank you sir. Yeah yeah yeah. So obviously the news has come out some of the victims there the future would you be regarded as a as heroes Aaron phys. You lost his wife who was a levee will they assistant football coaches. And Marjorie Stoneman Douglas also I believe he was one of the security guards that was or part time security guard for on hand at the school. And also the athletic director Chris Dixon. Who is also the wrestling coach on Walken tells about that and just the the outpouring obviously above sympathy for them and their families. I mean obviously get such an incredible tragedy at spelman dugout but like you mentioned. If there are a lot of teachers who lost their lives he saved a lot of student blogs that you mentioned errant fight spy. All reports he shield himself from a student from himself and the gunman saving us you can do it this. This school security officer. On the you know when people describing Mena Trott said he's kind of like a big Teddy bear great guy arm. You know released got a wife and child in you know he'd he stabilized in what he did their critics then who get bullet director. At the school formerly was that south Broward in that same capacity is someone who served the United States armed. Interactive and US naval reservists in 97 he tragically lost the Blake as well not another person who. Every time we talked to people they could not say enough good things about him as a person and another person not geography teacher who is also the cross country coach Chris eagle is another 10. Our student told media that followed this morning that he unlocked the door and allowed students who were fleeing from the gunman into the caught term and as cute attempt in a locked door Jewish tragically shot but. That's another person who saved another hero who saved a lot of students live in that and I think you look at this in the politics of course. Was hit very hard by the in terms of it but it's a lot of people who. You know we talk about coaches and teachers and that they do serve these kids first it's something like this he can really eat. Just the courage and you know what it means the end of the line up where you are just unbelievable under such a tragic circumstance but. Some real heroes like you said in the circumstance. Yen and wells psalm you do did a story on many will burdened by the way UN David to owners. Are our co worker there at the songs are not done a nice job on the story. You did a story on non Mehdi will hurt the girls basketball player who's fighting for her life after being. Shot multiple times. And so you know this this being just keeps on going but as far as. We we've talked about the at you know the people who have who have lost their lives there still people fighting for their lives. Tell us a little bit more about Matty will burden I just use you mum had to have been not getting some stall ball of social media. A post by her mother and her coach. Yet Manuel appreciated junior basketball player at the moment outlook on the team. Mom and her mother posted last night giving up the under status on that you've been shot several times and all old surgery and what schedule or other surgery today or coach. Maryland rule posting its well net she's fighting for are light. I texted her coach earlier today about 1045 page that there are no further up it I've not heard back yet. And terms of an update on her condition but you know that's another person who I mean you. Think of just how these things happen and she's getting great play basketball game tonight I'm. Their first playoff game their vote to play at cypress pay high school game obviously has been postponed but. On you have that and cute together victim cannot at school I mean she obviously thought biting her life right now to a the year. Victims you know Nichols store if you as a swimmer at the school he signed what are we intend to swim at the University of Indianapolis. Next year he was killed and Alison Albert you is a soccer player played travel for Parkland she tragically was shot as well so. It's just been obviously an incredibly terrible emotional no past couple days they're -- Douglas but I'm you'll see opposite manual for its key hopefully there will be positive sign cheer on what her status symbol there. Wells Dusan Barry is is with a sports reporter at the South Florida sentinel covering the the high school seemed. Bombed in high school athletics is a big part obviously extracurricular activities and and sports scene in high school is a big part of it and I think was things you realize just how close knit. They were they that that high school was and I think you're you realize that when you cover these stories. That you know the teachers the coaches the parents the students that had to be some than its economy and overwhelming you're the last the last 24 hours. No absolutely I mean you can walk on you know social media Twitter page urges them complete outpouring and other faction and just you know. No this is also hurt on the evening news obviously image if you look at I mean. You ski what in hell no courageous you know men these people or men and women who lost their lives on the during that then you know the coach is true you know we're protect coaches and teachers or protecting. Students then. It really is that very close their community element Kirkland yeah and you compete out from just the outpouring. A look action forever on there and you know I think it's the kind of thing you CDs you know shooting on the news and you think the other off in the distance but what happens right here backyard I mean it's just the awful so real fueling interest that really hits home and I think you conceded kind of how close the net that can we need really is just a Dell or action. Wells where were you I yesterday when you first got word of of this situation and who what what did you do this I as far as professionally. You know day. Did you did you call I saw you had the quote from the dumb. BCA. The Broward Tony athletics. I guess did as saying that all of the incident to incident. It did you immediately. You know start making phone calls when you first heard about this. When I first heard about it I mean I was working at my apartment and I first saw it done social media come up and then come up. You know my first thought as I immediately started texting. A lot of the coaches who like diligent about you know arguing your players all right you know just hearing about all it Cendant. You know a lot of state eventually responses you know trickle back and China as the day went on the they're trying to reach out trying to find. Yell any information and trying to make sure that you know people or you know that they are safe and he blew it there and then the I mean obviously athletic scheduling is you know obviously the least the big concern for all that but I do. You know of course my job to you not check all the bases on the stump you and I checked and led. Commissioner Iran via audit the art association and Ian Healy said he worked trying to hit Auburn and and I it. I'm obviously in the wake of all the Broward County event they've pretty much try to cancel everything now on the schedule I'm. Because the shooting happened later in the day there were some teams that were already left for weight gain short playoff in different Kelly's cell. The south Broward that game they played out forced all the regional final soccer game bad luck so early in the day that acting. Which clay but they need church can't pull everything in Broward County cell. Yeah that was kind of immediate you know in the media right there for Broward County they're trying to can't Oliver and obviously it in the wake of what happened. And oils you know why you might not know the answer to this but especially with playoff games and I know this isn't a priority but at. How do you get back on track because this kind of banks the entire state as far as the playoff bracket correct. Sure no of course Omnia offer and then you know girls basketball team play in the regional quarterfinal tonight. In Cyprus today the way of playoff Orkut that the extra hundred beyond Tuesday I'm. Now of course Doumit doubled his clothes on today and tomorrow. On and that includes ought to let it all or other active beaver postponed as well I reached out to be. Toward high school a political association yesterday asking about how we know what's gonna begin to put that game they said. It'd postponed and we are working with the county to try and accommodate obviously element double itself. There's no answer as of now in terms of what it's gonna happen but you know. Obviously for you know the mental book scope basketball team I mean one I mean. The entire team going through a tragedy obviously the shooting and then without one of their own members to it. Fighting for their lives to it further life Ahmed. Yeah I can't imagine you know what that feeling would be like to be at duke it out there knowing that. You lost friends and give a teammate is dying and then they're fighting for their life I should say and then. You know not and then it. Play a basketball game till arm that's got to be an emotional whirlwind for these players so the answer is I'm not sure in terms of what they're gonna do and make update but. You know we'll have to see going forward. Yet and and do you do you know how many I know you just you and you name some coaches and and athletes who were who were too old or or injured deep. Do you have the eight total lead as far as a you know. I how many people were related soon to be athletic programs and again that's. Not the big priority but we are sports show why did do you have any idea. I'm not right now what we know is that we know there were seventeen total victim. In the school and now we know that spot I know that we know of at least five I'm. I believe that fifteen of the name has been early and publicly out. This seventeen victims we know that at least try orchard quote that like director of football coach. The cross country coach a swimmer and a girl soccer player or among the picked up a much. What we're not sure it's out there any other ties right now the moment com. Aside from Matty Wilford who was on injured sureshot geez. I'm going through surgery well we're not certain as to whether there any other players who met bad. Injured during the attack that agreed to restore trying to come across but right now we know for sure. Five members to be who were tied up like who were killed on that issue that. Wells a good good job thank you very much for taking a few minutes and have all the information there in the like he says drew. Get some euros the need to be need to be remembered here of some of the other coaches and some of the staff that helped saved countless lives yesterday. Wells who's in marriage things are slowly. Wells Dusan Barry sports reporter the sentinel covers via the high school senior open Broward very familiar with with some. Some of the coaches that than that perished yesterday in the in the tragedy and park and so. Yen and you know it's it's it's tough for everybody and and any time. As a sports reporter. You're not used to writing about death. And and so ended you know again this is not about us at all but it is just something it's something so different and something sold Warren to your job that it. You know whales Wheldon David thoroughness and and and all the you know all the reporters that you step out of your out of your area of expertise and to be difficult but they've they've done a very nice job and Eric. Every other report you know you see on on TV sports guys are archived and in and and you know we wish on Hollywood gets life and it's like you gotta you know you've got to get out of your area of expertise and it's it's it's not easy but they've they've done a very nice. We do sports every day and that's our that's our you know. Wheeler now it's our main thing you know I thought expertise but are not really you know were borderline on that right if if anything. But that's you know that's our that's our our. John or so to speak when were you aware about life each and every day and ultimately this happens. You got to address that so our thanks to wells were taken a few minutes with us. Armed if you if you want to. Help out if your feeling in need to adjust to anything to help the people. Who gore in the enough parking will tell you about a blood drive it's going on and get to that here coming up here shortly also had some these text messages that are. The largest island on in here at 6797 for the 67974. On the Coral Springs on Lamar Hunt attacks on the back after this here on seven and that it. All of us here. But thanks to well Susan bearing for joining us here. On 790 the ticket from the South Florida sun sentinel covering the high school scene in Broward County. After the horrific tragedy in parkway yesterday. On the ticket is urging you. Harlow listeners to help this hurting community by donating blood there is a desperate need for. Both negative blood but all types are needed we incurred due to go to the one blood. Fort Lauderdale commercial donor center at 989. East commercial boulevard in Oakland park. That's 989 ease commercial boulevard in Oakland park they're open from 9 AM till 5 PM tomorrow. So if you can spare a few minutes. It's and real quick give blood involved. Given blood at some point for the other thank you so much from all of us here at the names have a nanny and from 1043. HC to the ticket. It is per bag with you here on a a tough day a a day he really never expect that will happen and you never really prepare for. And certainly here in in South Florida today were remember for for for many many years until until we move on. But some we're gonna continue to to move on here and talk a little sports then though wolf Corso keep you up to date on anything that a any further news that comes out of yesterday's horrific events are enough open park when you can only six showed 67974. That's 67974. On the Coral Springs auto mall hundred text line. Were at the all star break for the NBA game not after tonight's game there's a couple of games tonight. And then in the league shuts down for a week have a couple of guys going do. The festivities out Los Angeles Wayne Ellington will report for him in the three point shootout and Gordon's going to be running up and down in the game it's probably gonna. It close to 400 points or in the deep defense optional all star game right wing's gonna be out there if he's got some business. Dwyane always total business lines like you're doing is always the business. You know his dog but he did not take care business last night. After a 24. Point lead. Honey Burke. You know Luke Babbitt hits that three hand and I think it was was it's 68 or 6840. Fours succeed there is for entering via. And he were on fire and I'm just going okay. You know it's one of those you it's one of those I can learn not to say. It's all well and but I was like okay. You know it would missiles like Gardner they're gonna get one here without Joseph well indeed and then and then all of a sudden the sixers going to total run. And then it's just they can't get a rebounds. And it just becomes just becomes. Well maybe their worst loss of the year considering they had. The lead that they had I think there's a very Jackson tweet this out of support before last nineteen for like two. And 185. When they when they were down 24 or more yet in the NBA this season. And the way that they usually goes a week we've seen this happen right you're you're down by Tony for you cut it to six and end up losing by twelve. Run a user and so much energy and the other team was up here by so much they let down but really completed the job last night. And really one of one of the big being spared to me was some. That he was a tactic in early in the game and and in the second halves. I don't know of relief corrected its deep prince oil and beat wasn't out there and that was a big factor but. Both those those those are attacking buckets and that that. A mission see that a tanking kinda disappeared where the key. Three point shot not bowling with with a whole lot of a mission C. Also there in the second have Bo Wayne Ellington still you know he he's one or seven. Al Arab by the heat had so many problems are in the second have. From rebounding. To again that that second team off and psalm. Our door the second unit really not dumb not giving a jump start the way it did last year. The inability to close the ineffectiveness. Of the half court all minced. These are all things that he is going to have to examine during the all star break happened. To me oh we do you know I I think that that second unit might be the big priority getting hit a mission and effective. During the all star break. It will change probably because we we would tell we'll win it comes bag so to personnel will change dot org Magruder now forget programmer he would get the Magruder text and I say that second unit because again as I say it many many times. I think that's where the seats biggest advantage comes that. There are starters against another team starters it might be a wash it at best per for most of your better teams. Receipts true advantage comes in that that second that second unit at both ends of the court off Lindsay indeed prince. So I think that's the priority other beings that you know if you argue this should be the priority. I could agree with you saw I say that is the second unit. Maybe it's a three point shooting. Maybe it's the half court offense. But nom de you know third there are plenty of being screwed words oh in the players who work on during the break. Well I mean does the rebounding thing like last night just cut it mean just got a little crazy you can get a rebound by thirty. In the in the MBA and I I never like to question effort blowout that was those 5050 balls that we that everyone talks about. Philly Philadelphia just wanted those little bit more. In Miami. And that's you that's UG rare and when you have a lead like that you should not that should not the reason why you get beat is because you're getting. You're getting beaten to. 5050 balls on a consistent basis and that's what happened with the Miami Heat. Last night I don't know what to do with the lineup or I'd I think they're gonna make a change they have to do something out they start to wane. And then and then have you know Tyler come off the bed I don't know what they're going to do but I guarantee you Eric ball struck. Is not going to be sitting around here. You know drinking that trees here for the next week and relaxing he is going to be in that it is coaches and they're going to be trying to figure out. What how we how do we get the best five on the floor. When we can end and who works well with others I in the justice Winslow played just at times. He just doesn't just gives you nothing like last night. Okay and the united not a single guy out but there was no place to be made a net gain for him navy did not make them. And you're getting to a point with him we're just like okay can't keep trotting him out there. If he's not going to consistently. Make those plays. So egregious dozer types of things where. Yeah you're trying to be patient with him and I'd like justice I have been of the lender of justice. Published a seal that you get the ball stolen from vents you don't from Benjamin doesn't dollars and easily beat them he got the steal beer and stole it hasn't yet but don't it's just there's a lot of plays when you're going there and do you do this can you continued. Can you do do some than a little bit and I don't I don't know what they do all. A perk. But they're big they gotta do something to add to create some easier offense for them. Yeah well one of the things with me ended and the three point shot is. I don't think that expo has got to go back and and and over coaches. They've got to examine. What kind of threes are we getting have we been getting you know over the last I don't know how long has it been a problem to have weeks three weeks whatever it's been you look at those games yeah you look at those threes and see how you're getting them you compare him to. When you were having success. And so to me you're going to look at. How you're getting no shots is is it for instance say you know be ideal way for this team is the drive and kick. It's the penetration you breakdown the defense and the new ticket out sword you still getting those. Are they are they good shots meaning you know is is. It if Ellington is shooting the three from the corner is that one of his strengths are receive better at the top of the key sorely good shots. And then our guys just off. Like Ellington is this just eighteen or are there are more contested shots three pointers now and and that's why the that you're missing morbid. At three point shot is just such a big part of this often scat and to me if if that's not bawling your your half court Austin's is really going to struggle. Now you have the Dow your instead of the drive and Dick yeah it's got to be penetrate and finish and you know and in a lot of cases you're trading twos or threes because the opponent is going to be shooting threes so. I think that three point often says it in a big deal and if that's not going. You've got to have your defense get that off in state aid some health rough transition and in mass. Rick let me ask you about the abortion for a second here who's a great shooter on the same. Ellington is your best shooter is he a great shooter shooter on the team with a review butcher nobody. Loves dale owns or to support our dad yeah yeah real slump now relatives say is like 40% a lot of a year but he's very good shooter. What effect is an open look and you're on the other side you're going holy crap. But you know what I mean yes yes yes yeah okay everybody else is not towards what is what is happening here to this team and we're not a boy he was some of the numbers. Bullet what does it mean. When you hit a bunch of threes everything looks like better. Yes now covers. A lot of our shortcomings wrecked yet so now they are their in this stretch here of the last seven A gets favorable reverted allot back to what they are. Which is you have a lot of streaky mediocre shooters outside of Wayne Ellington is on Wayne has also been an emotional song to do on a deal to coincide with that. But they don't have that will have a lot of good they'll have a lot of great shooter where you this that okay yes. Tyler is going to be you know what Tyler it's noble look knock it down or James gets an Opel James Johnson was Dot Richardson right so me. Did that that is the problem and then they don't play. They don't play enough of a faster pace where they're going to get. X amount of shots they're gonna get extra three point shots that even that out it'll play Houston or nobody would use a bright but it'll play for a fast enough pace. Where they're going to shoot okay well what were were were were we gonna be here Richard three point shooting team working to create extra possessions that we get ten extra two point shot today. And that's it evened out organ in three or four those and that's to be the difference. Yeah and and you know one of the problems with that and am sure this mobile. Will do you know address this on the coaches this bit. This team can only play at. You know whatever pace they average 100 points per game and right at the one of the lowest scoring team. I'm not sure that this team can consistently play at a 106 who won all seven pace that. Really averages they came in last night averaging 107 I'm not sure that they can play at that pace. The Toronto old elite pace they have to slow it down but you're you're right they have met three isn't going. And and look Ellington. Ellington has been a good ball you shooter at the percentages. I'm not sure he's been over 414241%. Mena that the more lot of the year he's been around 39%. Rich. You know that's kind of among your top three point shooters that's kinda middle of the matter is it's it's not a runner are so he's yet sold amateur perk he no he's your best shooter so that I mean that's that's the way this teen was last year also. That you don't have 83 point shooter you've got a bunch of guys who can hit the three. And you've got to figure out why that's not happening right now awaited deal earlier in the seat. Are we government attacks we'll get to that also we got to him is he coming up shall hold in the us a little bit more here coming up off to a text Joseph 6797467974. We it's important headlines get to. Regarding the tragedy in park who gets those opened the 5 o'clock hour. Next here on seven and take. Bump up against these 5 o'clock hour here on 790 the ticket glad you're. With us here in person work we'll take up until 7 o'clock Josh Friedman. And that kind of Beasley I believe is in the night with that Republicans think they got they got a big show. With the three of them coming up. Here at 7 o'clock we are more get to hear including a wild is more heat's fifteen minutes he but obviously it's it's a tough day here in in sophomores who tried to. Just digest them and try to do just understand a lot of things that you can't really explain. About the tragedy yesterday in in Parkland. The the suspect was arraigned. This morning and seventeen counts of premeditated murder. Four for the the suspect who was in court today so that was via via the big news coming out of the of the story yesterday as far as them. As far as that's concerned but the healing begins and we're trying to help out in and as best as possible here so while let's get to 5 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS SHD true. Jeremiah. We are continuing to help the community in part when they're in desperate need of blood. You can find a one blood donations sinner by going to our web site FaceBook page or Twitter account we also will let you know there's a vigil tonight. At the amphitheater. At kind trails park in park when. 790 the ticket thanks you very much for helping out. Numerous sports teams. Both pro and college in South Florida offered their condolences to the Douglass high school shooting victims on Wednesday. Miami Heat Florida Panthers Miami Dolphins among them Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo who attended Douglass high school. Also offered condolences. Via social media. Continuing in sports the Miami Heat sits in the eighth place in the east hitting into the all star break after last night's 104102. Loss at Philly. We heat is one and a half games behind the 76ers. Who are in the seventh spot now Miami has now lost seven of its last eight. Including. Its last buy it on the road. Miami's first game after the all star break another road game at New Orleans on February 23. They'll be easy in due there's legal 42 and fifteen last night in the and the and the winning a slicker the sort under 39 points so. That's not going to be easy you just. Just hope they get healthy here that's that's the main thing get healthy and tested here we get a text earlier say you know. Bill looks like they got some dead legs and maybe that is the case of in this Tommy year. You get yeah its that he gets and dead legs in the end though some of those jump shots give a little bit short. And I notice that a little bit on it's a jump back to back nights yet. Put it's against their mission one that oh no titles out that I just you know you're back to you got probably tailor shop by the way knowing Kudlow. I just thought of the players know and don't know OK I just hours he had tiger you get a good look put that you can't let it get to that point winner of 44 and they were about July Colombian you know untitled right Columbia did not today yup and they get outrebounded by 30 AM they who's a 24 point lead. I don't know where you wanna put it but to me though one more Dow's one of the more frustrated frustrating losses and I know I wasn't in a very good mood last night is nobody was and I was kind of disarm or to begin with and and and upset about what took place but the you know watching the game go back to the new one is just. The way that thing you know turned out last night does not that it wasn't very good for the Miami Heat obviously. No I've by the way cap too to digress for a second. The heat's first game after the all star break at New Orleans on February 23. You saw the deal between rash on Rondo and Isiah Thomas last night I didn't do you think Rondo tries to mess with wade a little bit a nobody like you in Chicago a day doing a hate the world I think I mean you know he's in these and Isiah Thomas is it about this this. Boston Celtics tribute video you don't deserve any tribute here. Do you think run run the pass now did I know I wise or would that this Iranian and let and possibly have to angle for 32. While whatever I mean I then that's fine I give way to go right or whatever it takes to get away I noticed right. Just love the fact that that's who that's where Rondo goes local with my leg around that was dragon a bottom about the tribute video yeah. I'd be run and he's funny he's an absolutely no way Grimes is a class a fixed. And and I like it was probably I would use another word yeah well I use another way down but yet that's what goes pets don't test we know assets to further radio you know if things rice. Right continuing the headlines XT or Chris Bosh C a today he's ready to return to the NBA as fluid as this season no Abbas was equally on ES cans burst say. He said he thinks he can help a contender bosh has not played in the NBA and almost two years since the recurrence of blood supply issues. Those are your headlines. 67974. That's what you Regis on the Coral Springs auto mall behind attacks on 67974. Com Elena let's let's hear from from Chris Bosh. On on his return possibly playing next season missiles on not first take. This morning in this kind of came out of nowhere but here's here's a CB. When asked that direct question. And then you have. I'm I can still play basketball. On that day again. Try to come back yeah I'm trying to let us the only guys seem very nice playing defense and the I gotta get some of the grieving. I watched the press guys and yet right yeah I mean you know you preside. Defense theory that way because now there's like you see there he's in the can weren't bombs enrollments August so I think I can do that. There's no doubt he could do that I I just don't know medically where where that conversation is gonna go on via the unfortunate part of this thing per. In the sport's lexicon is. That Chris Bosh is deemed would have needs soul well it is today's NBA elect Chris Bosh. Would have been a fifteen to twenty point scorer for the next ten years. When he was 3537. Years old he be stepping out on a pick and pop and just hitting that feathery jump shot. And he is and he knew he was only gonna become a better shooter with time. And this day and aids Chris Bosh would have would be a great player he still be an all star tight ball player. If he was the first or second option on eighteen. I think Chris Bosh and he got. My good people and realize that that at the time. But I remember when Chris said it's. He said this is not easy for me and him and when LeBron left independent Chris Scott had his time moments alone moments. Here in South Florida. And he was kinda Chris was always kind of the would you say he was the guy go. A little bit yes a little prayer book out I guess that's okay what are under for us and do so just so I'm not remember and no I don't know remembering a 100% on the right now I Chris got a guy you know he got credit a lot of your CD multimedia and then I'll never forget when create win win win though LeBron left. Dayne Crist was asked about an interest had a big contract he was now demanding an end of the you know when. Before he fell ill. He told Kevin Love is not easy yeah and it's not it is it is it is just nodding your seeing the struggles they are. In Cleveland would love trying to feed him not just off the court but certainly. On the court and they've found a way to navigate around that but getting back to it it just Chris is botched Chris Bosh is game would have been. It just is who he could have played for another ten years and I don't know. Where where this is going IE I hope the best for Chris. But this isn't about money. This isn't about glory you're anything like that I think he's just loves basketball. He loves to play I can understand that. Blood. I I don't know medically how that is Albany gets sorted out we'd been down that road when he was under contract with the heat. That has since been there has since been. You know. That you know taking care of or resolved you know he's just an outright free agent for the most part but I don't know argued. Well that's gonna take place per if he wants to come out Bakken play it's on the he's pretty serious. Outs are you this camp and I you know. Not to get too. Heavy on this being but when you talk about this is not about money or any paying back. Isn't this kind of about his life I mean. What are what does what does everything snow I mean like this is a serious medical condition correct for her boss so I. I I just you know it it seems like he's. Wanting to come back we we understand that by Tom. I wonder peace talk to doctors or how much she's talked to doc I don't know I I because this you know we know it. This this is very serious medical situation and sold that that's really I wonder if keys from. If he's come to grips with that led. Is it is it the you know I guess it isn't it's worth the risk. To him but what is his wife being court or some like that it seemed a little more serious than just basketball because this this happened twice with with blood clot right. Well he was asked that I mean you know in the CA unity Clarence here now's a big issue before when knows the story. And here's what he had to say on. Medicine and and how that is gonna be handled. While I mean if thirty teams. You know. Best you know it medicines like law. Come find out it's very gray area some people say yes some people say no. Usually it's about what the majority agrees to us and usually it's sometimes it'll take some body for kind of have some revolutionary plan or something like that you know I'm not going to be an emphasis on earth. So if I ever get back on the court like that and people are worried it's not going to be that's a situation like yeah. All right so we cleared that up I mean I don't know where this is going to Arnold he's better. Now after a couple of years I don't know when nobody knows except his positions. And so on and so forth but are burger is blossoming in the playing that did them a great comeback story I just don't see it happening perk considering all the information that we had before analysts also in this thing got better which I'm not a physician I have no idea. If a couple years oftentimes you know does it we knew about the blood thinner stuff. And could not play when he was on blood there's at all and all of those things. Like he says there's thirty teams like that that's going to be an Adam silver league decision that's not gonna be just some teams and our our our doctors that I cleared yet here and even then that team would be going out on the extreme limit that's going to be a league decision by Adam silver and a stable of doctors neck and say Chris you're allowed back into the league because the last thing that they want to happen is him on the court and something to happen we all we've all been down that that terrible scenario with Chris when he wanted to come back and play for the Miami Heat in the playoffs a couple of years ago and he were saying no no no one Botswana the play and we had him. You know streaming down tree went we let him shoot and you know and his wife is running out on video he's ready to go also so we went through that whole saga but. You know it was just kind of it was kinda odd timing out all vicious in Rome. Chris was there he wanted to didn't do the interview he could he wants he loves the game he will supply and I don't blame him for that tidy but it's just at this point. Yeah yeah yeah yeah you're you've. You got to move on at some point if your picture rip your body says you can't do it anymore give that is and MS best of being a wonder if he is some. Except it bad or he never except that in order he's received some new form of clearance now and it is. Made him a little more optimistic when he was a while bank. By the way you know talked about would would run no screw with Dwyane when a we got to six men. You remember that are generally law dollars in yeah it caught up rather across the screen as well and yeah out excellent text excellent memories and I hope they'll they'll break it Armitage and others are allayed those I do I really like Ron those trash talk game Saturday he piracy message for that so why men a guy who gets on the years in light you know Andre Mon green when he's in that mood. Dennis Rodman from old school. I'd bring in Bombay be bringing in a web whether it's more you're seeing more against your team that obviously it's against your team you're gonna hate the guy but. Bring it on I like stuff like that it spices up the game man puts a little little more at stake than just a victory or a loss that was some pride at stake now. I got that missy I miss the trash talk that's the sunny that's it's got a funny car win in you know if you're if you're at war ever able to get that close. It doesn't happen as much now in the NBA right but if you ever able I mean we're in the media silly you know who were a little bit you know where you get down there sometime right. But it your fan and you get some of those courtside seats that or view level of friend and friend you know paying you hear some of the stuff that he should I push through. I totals it's incredible it. Honestly I think some of the stuff that players see it two rafts. Was worse than some of the stuff audience has that yes the the worst yeah from the coaches and the players just yes I mean the referee. Put just the trash talk I just love the old school trash talk like Larry Bird. Oh right right you have Butler not a nice brie an idea and any being dipped a little extra little extra hot sauce on the game like that. Like they're Burgess let me just telling guys on the inbounds leg of the passover attention here Moshood order when again. Now than doing it and just you know. Wright is an independent and that's all that's all that's isn't it Lydia that's all you cut in the incidents with and then doing right due date there and there are. They are being made it out there are and I'm gonna go to the corner I'm gonna catch it and I'm going to make it and we're gonna win this game. And and him doing them. Me tell you some man. You know and no Celtics lakers battles als always for the lakers. There was nobody that I hated. Feared or respected more of them Larry Bird if you knew the game was never. Over Byrd will break your heart in a second it either into the court you did you know it. You're never safe. As as as in you're pulling for the lakers guy we got this one up on Leary Joseph Byrd as well. This is funny because of the trash talking stuff you know you mentioned Gary Payton. And some and some of the great talkers of all time. But it like it's funny because it it kinda all goes back to bird and her to be one of the last did you think would write that down right. French Lick Indiana but does it mean it's not exist is just you would be one of the you'd think he was the book were right in that does he tries harder multi you would think that somebody from. Chicago learn New York bill but unlike drips lick Indiana. Like drama green has it he's very gregarious the other big purse now address the court to write a bird was just kind you know like you said he was kind of the Mardy what an insult others arrived here from grizzly right he was as quiet off the queen and are not flash or anything but yeah on the court and he was just he was just. Users who ordered his Rick Peterson red ring you two should worry anyone in this league you're not you're you're not enough to guard me out of put forty on YouTube I know right you're gonna you're gonna get cut after tonight's gala ABBA album do you is wrong. Oh my what are the best one of what was it coming of the three point cut yes shooting contest yes this is one might pay restore Donna wise the love the story went. Just he walks in. And Andrew Luck and into the locker before the three point shooting contest doesn't like Wayne Ellington. And the statue of you want to and he just he looked around all these pictures of the ghost so who's finishing second. We just walked out. So who's under one of those coming in second around here now we never took off his warm right. Yeah I bet that do Diana until a beauty. EU word and the lakers play and you were generous just and just hate it that do just. Yeah I mean Anne and steered him and respected him so much and a game was several were later Rivera was on the court wiwa and download the memory lane there yet but we come out real fifty minutes to get to. On the other side will do that. As we got a lot of text about what went wrong last night it's gone wrong and and during this kid where they've lost seven out of 810 and and you guys probably know who the scapegoat is right. Now by and you can run on the right down we will will tell among the others but they probably know it. Into it when the heat is lost seven out of eight you know who the scapegoat is in the techsters are attacking this man right what exactly one guy in one guy only god it's it's all one leg right now all of the blame will tell you that is next here on 79 minutes ago. I had match. Fifteen minutes. Okay. And. And fifteen minutes of news customized by champion four by fours off Florida's number one gene chuck and I should be customization job. You're guaranteed dubbed the hottest four by four modifications in town called champion for life what some of these 65023446. For a champion four by four dot com also sponsored by a Marino Hayek Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys got 305800 Burma. And by spending when it comes to the entertainment you love X one gives you more gingerly expert TV with a through the X one and by all pro orthopedic and sports medicine at their W two back to the game before self. Auto locations there's one near you go all pro orthopedic dot com for more info Curtis and perk with you here on your over the 8790 and the tickets. AA and they have. A week off now to reflect on their season and they've lost seven out of eight after last night's. Lawson who was particularly stunning considering they had a 24 point lead enjoy OMB was not. Playing for Philadelphia. Me and I don't know where they go from here were put you mentioned what we're getting on the text line at 67974. On the corporate autumn on the text line. One guy is is to blame for this. Pantex writes in which is a good job out of him. Is that one guy's name spoke Winslow Tyler but bench to Whiteside Johnson. It's just the person. Just the first is just slowing it allows both sides of close links in the spoke. This boat detractors love to make an appearance and right now and endless let me. I'll be the first one to say smoke does deserve. Criticism yes. This boat needs to figure out some answers especially with the lineup here. You can't lose so. Yeah. Just give him a ticket past. Dimming spoke pat here's here's what I easier to read that we boy it must say he's the number one reason why would he is the coach we do seven out of eight. He's the guy you look forward to for answers well here's the way I have. I picked easy to win between 43 and forty by gains. They're pretty much where they should be to meet their two games over 500 there will be 43 wins. But to me I mean it looked like they were there they're not at 3011 team they're not that team that was what seven games over 500. They're just not. And to blames bowl. From her saying I did this team should be number four in the east they're not debt. You'll be good on the annually than others you know building that better than thirty and 48. Okay is having their I think their children having been libeled well wired that they've proven that they probably put that earlier this is I think they're a little bit better much better. But you bud bud seven out of eight is not isn't to me is not a clear representation of this basketball roster that's all. It's. Hitting a 500 team essentially well I think they're going to win between 43 and forty by gay. And I haven't deviated. Lived at I got the winning between 43 and forty you. And they could win a first round series and when I say they cooler and I know anybody cooler. But to me. One and sue in the east are definitely going to win their first round series. Seven and eight are definitely going to lose their first round series 3456. Could win the first round series. I have a heat in that group the mood that I'd you know 45 wins could get to the six he got. So that's that's that's the way I'm an assistant with the with the I-40 five wins for a while I mean after Dwyane everything I just think that's what this team is. I never saw him as a eighteen that you know you can beg him right Cleveland for the police. I don't know what I'll get a horse stretch to another better than Milwaukee are they better than Indiana Nevada and Washington are they better than you gives 43 Billy Bob Williams turns out to be better than them yes they are well that's. I I can't tell you that right now but. Again. 43 to 45 wins whenever Steve Beck gets them whatever. That's what that's what I mean they are and I think that's what they're showing it at two games over 500. And may be they British board games over 500 whatever but that to me that's what they are I. You know armed you're not a good three point shooting team. You're not a good scoring scene you can play defense. Maybe you have a close are now into Wayne will see but that this team a lot of flaws I. I'm not doing well on the Jessica but we've seen this team played really well times and obviously they've gone the tank here recently some attention to blame Riley for building this team. Other last couple years I think Leone have you wanna get blame where it's fine relates balls also has Riley's a year and they wanted some of these a lot of these guys back. So like there's both of those have a say in some of these and I mean I'm not trying to attack spoke everyone for an exposure be fired right now we're getting on all these tax. Leg when you seven out of eight she got the code that goes to explain your purges like everybody involved. That the odd that that's all I mentioned here they really. They've really gone in the in the Portland here the last the last two weeks yeah yeah nominee they don't have to get them out to lose his job to get the blood drought and figure it out tonight Riley and I have confidence and faith that he will. But right now they're a bad spot here per David this is Bob they've been and over and over a year and a half going back to when they were you know while 1130 last year this is a bad stretch here. Well look I'm not a Tom expo is never to blame type of guy but I again. I think it's players I I think 80% of what goes on out there is players and expo is not missing the threes. Oh is not getting Al Reba. You know you look at last night. And it. You can say all you want about Billy Al hustle them and stuff. Blocking out is is basic that's a pencil that's meant that I mental break Carmel there's an end and this team this heat team heavily lot of bowl spots of mental breakdowns on me. And I keep saying I don't think it's so much physical existing date they just have these brain parts. And that opens the Dora not worthy opponent to come in and at that time that he can't reverse it they're not good enough to turn it Ono so I I'd be you know now maybe eight if you go to say the mental thing has more coaching. OK I could. You know I I get by that like abuse they penalties and football. That's more coaching the knuckle here players all right I'll listen to that argument might not totally agree but I'll listen so maybe the rebounding being a not blocking out. Maybe that's coaching maybe that's bowl but. Com I just don't think that there are a whole lot of beans that spoken pullout this team that 'cause the talent just is not the. I'm not saying that is and they should be I just moves real little better in that you know I and I Anderson he's used a lot different lineups and he searching right now but it doesn't wanna rebound and get it out of there. And then the other yeah that's right right right. That would Udonis out there. Well I think that's why James Johnson wasn't in late right and James JJ even said that after the game that I wasn't blocking out. And I didn't deserve basically I didn't deserve to be out leader in the closing minutes of a tight game. So. Will will will see how's old chooses team to address this this situation. You're going to be done. Well I I say that I think it's a three point shooting should be the priority OK and and again there there are a lot of things that you can point to another. That's just my opinion about half court Altman says something that needs to be improved. I think that that backup. They do you know the bill of the second by which was such a spark last year. That that needs to be looked at because again I think that's where this team gets its advent of so there there are a lot of beings but yeah I'd sudden something clearly. Needs to be done yes I I agree with you on that under. Percent. 67 and so for the Coral Springs Almonte attacks on his tiger reaches of the immense heat right now. Lovers and missing is very media is just mediocre okay and and and your guys you count almost a little bit better but the current mine right I just think the last seven the last two weeks the last seven to eight games and you can even say the last race in the last eight game yeah. Because they got a lift when Dwyane came back right agreement you wanted to the last eight games they've been they've been pretty pretty bad. And I just don't think that's a clear representation of who they are. Soul I think date I'm disappointed in the way they played the last cowboys at all now I understand this team has a ceiling and I just think there are a little bit better. Then boom what you think they are right a little bits yeah how much but yeah I got to 45 to 47. Downwind and now I'm 4040 candidates in their right now so I think this edition publicly four point leads the you know when are you glad you things like that chuck it re out rebound distinction ever governed our third. Yes yeah I go to certain things are really. Bother me. Yeah I agree. And let look I agree with you that the last you know eight games not representative of this team. Tom. How representative was a seven game win streak. You know slow things. I now I got I got out and so yes yeah I did not what you want to get a handle on this group and his team I'm with you I just. You don't. IDF some things that they definitely have to have to figure out do you star Dwayne the announced our boy what's your second year and and how does everybody fit in here. They got toward the got. You know roughly you know twenty plus games left here for this is this is the stretch run here and aid is Michael none of the final night of the season. Where you know they can go from a forsee who to a seven Racine mayor. Don't know but that's a jumble up the Eastern Conference is what he'll last night perk was just was just one of those like really had no excuses. No that's letter yeah that's one of those where. You know you. Don't you don't you pick up your paycheck the next day to me and tells yeah words deal don't make eye contact with that it would cut right to vote for her I just don't need to get out of the areas of marvel don't second I. Well as you know you talk about starting wade and and we'll get more into this later in the show but. Date the insisting being the last couple games and especially last night. The unit that almost Lee has weighed in with. It's wage. And JJ MAM and Ellington and Winslow. And end perhaps it changes win numb when. When it gets bad. But. It's it's that's kind of the second unit that there have been there working with right now in. I like the personnel because it it gives you three three ball in and sometimes they'll bring in Josh Josh is. I'm T Tyler Johnson has been and there are a little bit hard but. You've got ball handling you would think that you have some rebounding some shot blocking some shot making. So I I do like that but hum that's one of the things dispose gonna have to look like look at are you comfortable with that unit. And and you know or do you need to move to Laney with the starters going in boron steel had not played. Beer you much together last night they might have like maybe six minutes to get. Or it will talk more about how we got when we go for weeks and all of us the way just one more thing here and Geiger somehow just Wenzel. Like you guys got to EMI you can't be you can't be watching the game and be surprised when he hits a shot. I know I and you know have you don't do that I'm a big fan of justice in the post sign. Justices got to find other ways to impact the game I'm not I'd have to go back and look at his defense last night and see if he made an impact from a deep sense of lead by. Not enough not enough went right you know if you did like when they're on a global run you gotta get a stop you make a play like this if I don't win win these guys come back and a clinic in the murder somebody he's not playing as much. Alike you know the sombrero is on Winslow for me. Like you got to earn that playing time and I like Wenzel but like you just got to get more out of you know. Did you know just got to get more out of him if he's going to start and play twenty plus minutes. He's just got to do a little bit more he has some good gains but Denny you know that he has five games where do you really would always run and around up there. In that can be that can be really frustrating. All right we got a lot more to get to we come back we got them. The blood drive that we want to talk to about we get some more information on that as regards to. The tragedy that took place yesterday in our community. You some more information on that also Adam Cooper scene is gonna join us in the 6 o'clock hour Cooper is now up and NBC New York. Corso coop were down here for years I worked with Duberstein. On the radio side of things was on the T besides things he's down here covering. The park when tragedy at Douglass high school. Four MBC in New York so he's on the scene and we're gonna check you with him in about about forty minutes or so to go out to get to. As we continue on right here on 79 minutes ago. And tourism board back here on 790 the ticket. We are. All grieving over the horrific tragedy in Parkland as you know there is a need for blood. Her on the ticket and all the intercom South Florida radio stations are holding a blood drive tomorrow starting at 9 AM in the morning it's gonna run the 5 PM at the Broward center in Fort Lauderdale. Off free parking will be available in the VIP lot across the street. From the Broward center. The Broward center is located if you don't know at 201 southwest Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. But that's the Broward senator to a one southwest Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Please come out and donate blood if you can I know earlier they were in in need of O negative blood. But but all types and it's always you know obviously yesterday. Lot of followed. You'll lost love and viewing the people. And with any dinners to the universal but I mean it's always good timing of love obviously know this is that this is special needs so. Please feel free amused to see if you're in the neighbors have a few minutes before work after work during a lunch hour. Certainly would've appreciated. Brcko we got a couple of the new stations on here in in our studios here. And there are shown some of the they were showing the vigil. Starting here at 6 o'clock we've been talking about that a little bit here. Of course of the the last couple hours of people. I'll wanna be a part of that as I know it's it's fast approaching here at the top of the hour. Yet there's a vigil tonight at amphitheater at Heinz drill part in parkway and so. Com that some kind of what we've been seeing here on the on the news people gathering. So if you can make your way out there and and have the desire please do today. Again they've got the the blood donations though one blood donations senator. Asking you to to donate and intercom. Radio we are having or blood drive is as camp to see it tomorrow from nine to I've. At yup Broward center in Fort Lauderdale so. You know the whole lot of ceilings still going on in the community obviously over the over the last day. No agreement crosses are still going on in the coping process and that's part of the the vigil which looks like. Judging by some of the the video that we're seeing here in this tremendous turnout Noah had one earlier today in the afternoon and and just anyway it is that's amazing is just yet. It is in our community. I know we have we have sold me a millions who have lived here and from so many different diverse cultures and and ethnic backgrounds. But it's just you know in South Florida it's amazing that you know somebody who knows somebody laugh and that was the case yesterday six degrees of separation. So to speak where you you go on social media and in the future you your friends and in you know he's somebody used to work with. You know there their granddaughter goes to Douglas or their granddaughters friend or you know somebody you went to high school where or you went to that high school or. The however the connection may be. It was just it was it was just amazing. And it's just really kind of touched everybody obviously in in the South Florida community and were community. That grow ultimately will rally from this and and then. You know and and overcome this and it always be over and over a memory terrible one. But but the process to heal. As has already started for for many so. If you can get out donate blood tomorrow we were certainly thank you everyone here at let's have a nine you know course are stations across intercom South Florida we certainly thank you. In advance Adam Cooper steam is gonna join us here at six when he could be used to work down here in South Florida for a number of years he's an excellent journalist reporter. I worked with him on the radio side of sports sports side of things. The years ago and he's gone up to new York and he's down here covering. Department tragedy for NBC New York so he's gonna tortoise and he's got a unique. Information stories. He's gonna certainly. Hassles long we had wells Dusan vary from descend on earlier perk with us and just. You know telling the story of the coaches you know mayor Erin phys and lows of the coaches his picture's been circulated on social media. Pardon being a hero. Essentially. Shielding. The heat shielding students from the bullets and he he put his life. Ahead of of some of the students also the athletic director and wrestling coach Chris hicks and another one another. A person who is putting his life ahead of the students and I don't think in those are the true heroes in all this along with the first responders and so forth. What. When you you if you got kids you got you know coaches in you know. Did these these guys really. Really are the provided the ultimate sacrifice yesterday. Again and no one on my tan remember who it was one of the adults. Left behind a wife and child in Seoul thousands of area that was their feces yes so yes somebody who's willing to tell us their life. On the line may is that the key is knowing that it is he you know what what to do your own family. That is that is really really slow and admirable act in quality. By the way somebody takes in that one of the victims yesterday it was Jamie Gutenberg. She was a dancer. Every one who has a dance competition this week in or wearing orange ribbons. In her honor slash memory. There's a large competition this week in a louder fuel performing arts and are so. If you are going to that or know someone who is going today. Put on your orange ribbon in memory of Jamie Gutenberg who who was one of the victims there at Tom Douglas high school and. And that's. Let's bring you remember I mean just remember the victims and and with the what they stood for and obviously we had. Weird you know usually you try to eat you we saw some of the pictures yesterday when he played last night and early this morning and I get the names and I get the story out. You know of of who perished or were. And and trying to put it altogether here so make sure their memories live on and I think that's for that's certainly what a lot of the close friends and family are are doing at at this point who you'll techs in about the Broward center in Fort Lauderdale to to a oneself was Fifth Avenue. Double check on that nine to five tomorrow old war. I'll reiterate that a little bit more as we move on here in the in the 6 o'clock hour. But not wanna get to headlines on the other side pertinent from may get much time as we had camp for a offer out of court overseeing who's gonna join us take a few minutes he's done here covering the story. For a NBC New York of course group spent a number of years down here in and self forum of the sports side. India and the new side as well so take a quick break we'll come back open up the other 6 o'clock hour here on some and onto the ticket. In front of six here on 79 the ticket. Courtesy of perk with you here we go until 7 o'clock tonight no heat game he will be off until next Friday. When he third next Friday and and does the the extended all star break team will be represented out there in in Los Angeles but. The break it could not I guess cannot have come at a better time for the for the Miami Heat losers of seven of eight. And looked like gas basketball team at the end of that one last thing lose and the 24 point lead on the road in the Philadelphia without shall ambient. I was a those are tough on last night's so while we're gonna the three hour tour here the next the next. Few shows and Malia or roll in here in the Woolley a right back at it after the on the all star break. But he will not play until next Friday. And to be on the road at that's. A New Orleans. We've been accidental over the sports along with. Obviously the the reaction and the aftermath of the tragedy. Yesterday in in Parkland and we are on the air yesterday during it in in real time and I just got home last night Perkins just kind of you know you wanna get away and you wanna watch some of the that you had a huge game but I just get an idea from myself just kept going back to the coverage. And just kind you know. Just you know I don't follow surging in throw searching for you know the why's that Abu. You'd you can drive yourself nuts trying to figure some of these things out. You know why will drive him to do this. You know how old all these things but. But just watch although via the local stations last night just a a sickening feeling. When they're put up photos of people trying to find decades and can only imagine I don't have children you don't have children were just. That that thought OVO not knowing where your child is the during Ottawa's though pretty horrific human seeing some of the bit the children reunited with their their parents obviously. Was a little bit of a very reassuring us that watched all the the local news put to oh boy we continue on here we got a couple of events we will talk about so let's get to. 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS. Ph.D. to admit. ARAMARK. We're all grieving over the horrific tragedy in part when as you know there is a need for blood. The ticket and all that intercom South Florida radio stations are holding a blood drive tomorrow from nine to five. At the Broward center in Fort Lauderdale. Free parking is available in the VIP lot across the street. From the Broward center the Broward center is located at 201. Southwest bit avenue in Fort Lauderdale again. Broward senator to a one southwest Fifth Avenue in fort Lauder bill. Please go out there and donate blood if you can't. Continue with the headlines numerous South Florida sports teams including the Miami Heat Florida Panthers and Miami Dolphins offered their condolences to the Douglass high school shooting victims Wednesday. Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo who attended the school. Also offered condolences via social media. Rizzo is reportedly on his way down to South Florida right now leaving cubs are spring training. Don't know and Rizzo. A little a little bit of it every in every them a couple of times during his during his rise to fame. He is going to if he gets involved in something written. It's going to be. Big meaning he's you know it. JJ watt got involved it would happen in Houston up. Am I talking about the of this amount of money raised the rate would. Half way and I expect you being here a lot more of initiatives and things and fund raisers or what have you. That he's going to get involved in I I would dollar almost guarantee that on his pro. Guess I I would agree and and he's got from. Two big population sooners when you consider that South Florida and and the millions here are his home. And his her national home is in Chicago with millions of people there are so dumb in and then he'll be traveling around to different cities you know when the baseball season eventually starts up in April so he's got to plant Borman and he'll be able to reach. A whole lot of people and an and I get some help born that way. Entity with the headlines Miami Heat sits in eighth place in the east hitting into the all star break after last night's 104 adults who lost at Philadelphia. But he is one and a half games behind the 76ers. Now that he has lost seven of its last eight games its last five on the road. Miami opens the post all star break schedule at New Orleans on February 20. Enjoy thing that's really say Miami is that is at Detroit's been in the gone in the tank unit has won five in a row. There on a losing streak and that's only minutes that saved them from falling out of the playoffs and playoffs completely. Yeah yen and look it's it's it's going to be tough hum. Boy am trying to who else is they place Philadelphia the 27 its New Orleans. I can't remember that middle game now look it up early the first three women when he gets backed. It's a it's a bit of a challenge there I don't and they opened with New Orleans and there's somebody in and then it's another game. Against Philadelphia's so. The heat is is really gonna have to the hero what is has Dorgan are going handy dandy schedule your Miller got to figure was. Men customs and sounds okay well that's that's do little you know theoretically. Now you know new relic up there with Orlando and and and I don't think I would just say this palm and I it take you for what it's worth that I you know but. The schedule does. Does ease off quite a bit. It it doesn't mean I'm just does is ailing DeLia and yeah you got your act New Orleans then your home the Memphis and then on the Philly and then home to the lakers in the home to Detroit home to Phoenix. You know you get Washington a couple of times Oklahoman old Yukio one last West Coast trip which is at Portland at Sacramento that the lakers. New all right so I mean you play Oklahoma City twice aegis of the play those dudes who got Philly three times. Pulled two more times report that my guess loud but I'll tell you this perk you look at the last. Oh weaken the season Newton. We talked about the sold off or think we did and ran home in April 3 at Atlanta got on a back to back when is awful it. They're mean tank more of the other are in signal to go to the next you know were mess without presuming you're straight. Oklahoma City at home in Toronto yet. That's your last five games yet. You hope Oklahoma City is OO or just show him and for the team such as the Nixon and his lands are you hope. Nobody is out there are doing anything crazy because they're gonna be a free agent next year they're trying to get a contract if it caused my last chance I tumbled forty you know. You hope you don't see anything like that you hope these scenes just gonna roll over and say. We're we're trying to get do you know who try Medtronic in the season. I don't like the play is scheduled game but you just look at that you know you've five games legal form one or something like that definitely the that was robbing a seven seed having to foresee. And I am firmly believe that these are comes to exhibit a is this thing and it tightly bunched up tight. Last thing in headlines X seaport Chris Bosh Syria today he's ready to make a return to the NBA. Possibly as soon as this season Abbas was beaten on ESPN's first eight. He said he thinks he can help a contender but hasn't played in the NBA in almost two years since the recurrence of blood clot issues those are your headlines. Slide 67974. That they re just on the calls result monetary sign Adam Cooper Steen he's gonna join us. From NBC New York he's done here covering the the park when tragedy is just up by your buffet to miss roots anymore in new information from him. And and Cooper has been in this area for a number of years as a newsman as a sports man as a family man who's got three young daughters. And we're gonna so his thoughts on most the of the national reaction up in New York. And he he hustled down here recovered for him BC New York. So is gonna spend a few minutes minutes with this year coming up in about about six Swanee earlier in the show we had wells. Do's and Mary who covers the high school scene for the South Florida sun sentinel. Very familiar with some of the coaches unfortunately lost their lives. Yesterday. On May. A couple who were works saving or trying to save the lives of of of some of the students they're Criss takes in the AD and wrestling coach. They're in phys the one of the security guards in the school also won the assistant football coaches and as we think wells for for joining us. A little bit a little bit earlier. As well you can always again Texas shows 67974. On the Coral Springs on wall Honda text line Israel tried to. To get through. The last the last couple of days here we've certainly tried our best and we're doing our best just to. Try to navigate what we do here on a on a day in day out basis and also. What is going on in in our community perk and it's to this some of these things you see. You see it on the grand scale of things. But I mean this is this is really really. Touching home and then you can just yet is one of those. You. It just feels totally different than when you know win win win you know some of the families and know some of the people involved. Rather than watching on the nightly news in a town that you've never been to across the country. Right right this is these are your friends and your neighbors so it it definitely. Hits home and in some way at some level. You probably know somebody who was involved whether it's a an adult as it were you know a cafeteria worker or a teacher or administrator. Or you know one of the key is it that you know you're seeded is you know played Little League with a friend of day here at. Or something as you say is six degrees of separation. We're all pretty tight nowadays so now you have this one hits home I. Have to buy new lighten this up once it sort of aura that you know and then. Not that this is that you know this is their job I want to talk sports. So yeah that's not. If I told you. There is a player on the Miami Heat. Who in the last three games. He's nine for 28 from the field. Including one for by among threes. Ten assists. Twelve turnovers the would you say that players. I'll probably be off five names of everyone's time to play poorly on her right. Bubbly that's going way you were correct sir so. He is one into right since the wind is doing to us. Nobody's making any conclusions let me just say that right Brooke what do you are not drawing a conclusion. What I'm saying is. What are you expecting from Dwayne the rest of the way. We we've seen them for three games are. And and Heidi and I respect those always saw the last couple games and I mean that's who that's what I wasn't and that's what it was in Cleveland disease have more turnovers in each of his three games. Yeah you want you don't have those numbers you're one out of the turn overs to be upside upside down here and I mean that yet read you. You know you ideally you want to one. A sister while I'm really on par and to have to want yeah well I mean what if you don't you're not one with the right here and yeah a year and yet because he's gonna make it makes him the ball laden and he's not a he's he can play point guard but he's not. You know totally enjoyed it takes some chances yeah that's just the personalities of the ways gonna throw little lob the might be covered in Dwyane can do is gonna try to throw the Neil little bit delirious he's got some perhaps as though that word trust. Like what was the one last night to. Was it is at the end of quarter to James Johnson and it just lies weighed down our original proudly that the traveling yesterday to there travel call on their I don't Indiana yet and dolphins have. I'll I'm not big news. A screen comic he's awesome he's had some. Some some turnovers that you were just like how he was even passing some wire okay so you what I am saying is. This being is going to take some time to renew that and look tonight Isaiah when Dwyane got here the whole month of February is. Is a feeling out process because that's. To me that's just how long it's gonna take upping we have nine games in the month of February because of the all star break it takes awful weeks so. But I'm not I'm not at all saying get well. Burke worked for NBC six and and both radio stations are on here on the sports side. Over the years willow will check in with with Cooper coming up next right here on 79 minutes ago. I beg your 79 to the ticket Curtis and perk with you here as we continue on. As promised we had a two run fuels and ulcers and his or his guests and their choice that be on convenience. He's done here covering the tragedy apartment for NBC New York of course you remember the name and of course the face and the voice. From his days here in South Florida on NBC six in though on. Both Sports Radio stations he made the rounds in her work with this man and thanks for joining us Adam Cooper scene is where this atom it's it's great to talk to you unfortunately. Not. Under these circumstances I you don't. Yeah not at all cap not the reunion we had planned. And and there's so many from my past it for so ordered sports atom. Dudley a second ago Samad then you know he's here at the vigil at Arco and that I madam deputy read those walking around and accused neat. These faces from South Florida sports coming out here to support the our community did need to right now but yet it's weird me out our allies the only people from my past familiar faces and yet everybody is so heartbroken. Cool where were you when you first learned of the shooting at at Doug was high school there in park was. It actually on a story in New York City and you know work in her New York they're Brindisi during the news story and then. I kept this healing you know argue. You eat a Parkland is like a community that when I was reporting here in Miami however cover heartland cougars of Iran are at the bottom like on an update. And I thought. Well that that's probably not like that little many typical violent outburst at school I was actually a little concerned. Kind of piqued my interest a little a little bit differently than a typical school lockdown unfortunately you know are we to go to my belt are. And you know David Park on dark started picking back. They know that what what it could be and then all of a sudden. Got a call and it was really serious and that I'm should climb back down to Miami to cover. You mentioned your idea the vigil we're seeing some of the images now looks like it's a tremendous turnout what is what does. Some of the messages that some of the people that that are there wanted to convey to our people that have been out closely affected by yesterday's horrific tragedy. It is that people are crushed. A community so close you know I I didn't really know. Parkland seems small but they're you know it's a huge that's growing population back to school talking about 3200 kids that don't look hard. And but I've I've noticed is there really cute it's even though it's getting big getting beat bad. People all know each other or everyone has some kind of connection to the tragedy whether they do a victim of the annual regular victim. Mentors messaging goes well that is ridiculous sign people holding up they've got the messages were. Well government had gotten messages for the NRA in depth in the future our congressmen and women. So yes people there are here to have their voice Peter. Is end. Coup Wendell what is the I guess the the mood out there isn't a a mood of bombs sadness a mood of anger a mood of frustration in a mood of let's celebrate the victims' lives and can you sum up the kind of that how it deals out there. Like I can tell you what it Cilic before. They're saying is that ceremony begins there this ceremony I think it can be incredibly emotional. I can tell is based on how that it is set up your clergy members and rabbi on stage it. You the angels are computer we've gotten. Basically cultures seven eating angels won preach that picked up to chill. Candles and flowers and pictures of the victims or are scattered all over stage. That I know that in the commercial operator Clark into the crowd. Actually feel. Like it's the combination of Babbitt and courage you know and and and kind of let's get together and we can you know be stronger together without you know using cliche. First we heard the war but really like the strength and numbers right so we're about due to the media. It is shaken they're now we don't know what they recover space but what the people be together and we can go doctorate as law. Epic group I think I think that's probably the smartest way a talking these these grief therapist earlier. We're meeting with students and teachers and they'd edit that the confusion or added Al. And not hole all the commotion then I think that Michael. Had a good overseeing joins us from this evening's vigil as because they are reflect on the air tragedy yesterday seventeen victims at a part Clinton's. By telemarketers Norman Douglas high school. Down here for NBC new Yorker group wells to the abbey dawn as far as after the vigil. Two at the school what else do you want to come down here and cover. Vietnam. Permanent be cool again I'm sure morrow. And we were at Butte creek copper that we get updates from. Share in the governor in a different authorities. But you know that this is the ones that meeting went. Families tour back it has been the one that really heartbreaking to me at the air. It actually talking on. You're a member of the swat team from PS so Berkshire saw that one of the purse on. He was telling it like what they're past jury at Fort Lauderdale airport we are you that are being dead body. I've been around tragedy but it. As a parent does want because the editing kids. It's one he drove home chronic good cops locked up drove all the cheered I'll start crying on TV about an hour ago so. A bit about that on it it makes it even harder and now they're actually Donna crowd to hear my colleague to quieter because the bit to get. Okay cool we will we will let you go I didn't do you give a quick idea look I figured it. A quick idea but he took a little clearer idea my buddy art you know he'll batted it out pretty picture and you don't. I. The group I think you're got to tell us and thank you at Cooper seeing right there and he's up an embassy York is covering human down here obviously could noses clean. Out of here or anything even close to that what I am saying is calm this being I am still of the opinion. That this is going to take an entire month. To get Dwayne integrated. We're where things are comfortable and to get him where he can be playing a bank of Lee in a mission leak. My question to you is is that too long is that too much time. I don't know how many games they have been numb in March and April they they have what. Five and in April they guys. Merely a bunch of marks yes Americans are regulars threats seen this in honor we only have three left yet so but after the break when you do you do have a nice you know you've got it will just say he eighteen games fifteen games after this or whatever whatever it's going to be. Is that enough time or does this day I think that's enough time I I don't. No you know if if it doesn't get worked out by the end of February which you know again that's not very many games bats I'm OK with that. I can't they want us. I'm I'm not to answer your question no protecting you can we cute kids they did twenty games are now old now we're finding our stride no because they're going to be out of the playoffs. Lake and is that his game just practice time it's all those things Twain played with some of these guys before it should not take twenty games for them to figure it out. So I don't know that it'll take this month. They'll have twenty games remaining OK okay with a yeah I think that's fine it yeah you can't explain what February 9 whatever he's played three games there's so many left this month three. So that'll be six day from practice or right and want to anyway but audience that's acceptable isn't it yeah I think yeah argument you're gonna take him like like I don't know you'd you'd get the three months and games hasn't yet don't know what they need him like when they come back of the all star break and they get those guys back kielty. Presumably you know Olympic and and Rodney Magruder and get it they need to get. Healthy and get the rotation set to Asia to both of drag OK here are my 78 guys I'm going with and that is it you can't score around the lineups into all this other stuff you have to find the guys are gonna play some rate. What whatever and yeah on a maybe you maybe go and again at yet thing is nighter because I had to me this team's strength is its debt it's number but anyway columns are going to put you and good. And if guys are playing well that you sit right. Why did that it has as the season goes at one thing about in the NBA as the season wears on and gains become more important. And you start to shrink. Because it's the end of the day it's who do you trust in me who do you you know you can trust. Jordan Mickey and no offense to him into the you could just jordin Mickey. Derek Jones junior who'll win its November 12 and you've got Indiana at home right OK there's a feeling out process or might just be his Snyder he was great guy great guy and these guys are called Derek Walton junior and some of those guys. They it and did it happen yup a couple of guys are hurting need whatever but when it's when it's march 29. And you're one game out of playoffs and you got seven left. Who you trust. And even more so in the playoffs and that's why you see Ben shoe string to about seven to may be a for a lot of teams in the play house because it becomes. Who do I trust any good play mormons because now back to backs and so one and so forth. So I ask you that questioned who does bowl trust. You trust ten guys on this roster. Do you trust nine guys on this roster every single night because I don't. I think that this team has to add again upping perhaps. That's your strengthen and you don't just has dwindled to go out there and win and help you win a game every single night. No okay let's let you and I well know don't know because they're going to be nights where he does need it look at the guy complacent defense right and so. The thing about the heat is see if you're Golden State and you go down to eight man rotation you can tell and only to those. With Dick he you go to a ten man rotation you can only count on seven and you don't know which seven every night. So that's that's up by you let out that's the coach's job. I think we don't know ICI the way I look at it is your players on meg good. You're not good enough to go to a seven man rotation you have to go to a tin man rotation Indian. Call it down each night to your best seven because you you don't know with. Don't know it just is gonna be fine so that that's what I think he's got to play all ten but. Did you worked as a fourth quarter com's you worked your way down to those that. But OK the Obama signal who wins gets in there and he's offered to get a matter that you bring in somebody else. And if that guy guitar that he rides a guy that's on the other to the waited to awarded an average of the woods was an example right right right. Let you know you've got a warning drivers what. Now I what do you really can't screw around your Turkey gets around with with this team is not in a position. Yo he midget the warriors yes they can they have a little bit more over some breathing yeah us yes it is true that you were ten over 504. In the east. And had a nicely OK yes but like we're getting to there a couple losses away from me 500 basketball club. And it never done that they would they would sink back to 500 after where they were a couple of weeks ago I did not did you. There that bid it would not surprise me 1500 club would not surprise at. I've I've got a 4345. Wins that's you know you can. I could definitely see them going to 500 at some point. Back and and but then they the guys coming kind you know Doug say this ain't going to have five or six over 500 at some point just as easily. But and it all and none of that matters I've become I think there you are who you are. And I being that this team is they 4345. Win team so. To me that's where they're gonna settle at idol here if they start off when he you know or Owens when he. It's like last year. Eleven and thirty and thirty and eleven well the bottom line is your 500 team doesn't matter how you arrive at 500. And so that's how I look at this team Yury 43 to 45 win team it doesn't matter to me how you arrived at that. I willow we'll get back to us a little bit easier rim all star break to argue about all of the snow is she yeah that's not part of it but we we'll check in. With our our good buddy Adam Cooper steam eased down covering me the tragic apartment for NBC New York court a Florida so he was up. Perfect. Man for the John I don't know unfortunately don't have a return home here in nine in South Florida under the circumstances for side we've had a chance talked Cooper and in a few months so he's that the individuals evening as the they honor and recognize and reflect and remember the seventeen victims. With Leah with a candlelight vigil that is heavily attended we were also videos. Of some aerial shots here on the you know on some of the TVs in the studio Perkin yeah I mean it was it looks like it is. Strong Terna. Share our shoulders already logged it by ourselves morning community for our neighbors parents Robert and yeah I mean look I mean and in generally the ability Google's concert Regis get out of the right people huddled around right the stage it's that's what you know what it looked like as far as just a you know trying to given some sort of some sense of a generalities. For somebody to kind of figure output to our thanks to group their fur for joining us and we come out blow we get an event going on as far as I Entercom South Florida. Our our radio stations here in South Florida about giving blood the blood travel up to chew on that if you feel the need to just do something. And just helping your own little way we'll give you the opportunity and some of the information. On the on the other side of that put our thanks to Cooper Steve for taken a few minutes with a as we talked wells Dusan Barry earlier in the South Florida sun sentinel. By covers the the South Florida high school scene up in Broward County on he talked about some of the coach that lost lost their lives issue they protected me the students and with total sports along the way as well can't say it's been an easy show to do permanent to I think we've managed Isidore we've done our guests. Yeah and turned and looked and said you know and we're not we're not worried of no gains. Here but. Sports. Have intersected with this story because wills and wrote a story about a basketball player or a girl up there at Douglass high school was fighting for her life. And and in the meantime the team was supposed to play a playoff game tonight. And sold yeah we have done a lot of things like this is not clearly this is not the sports story but. Sports are involved when you consider the coaches or when I believe he said a swimmer. What was it was shot and is one of your scenario so whoever our our go to the university of any -- yes so and yet this this. Says story that. Reaches out you know in a lot of ways and and does a bank the sports world in in in a way. Well who really if you talk about high school I mean. And coaches that lead kids yes or coaches or teachers him in this it was a case you know he would coaches that are teachers and my dad was it was an administrator for you know 35 years so you know he caught in the coach and he taught in the he did this and he was in study hall back in the day and you know and then if you're located you're students. At some point you'll denounced those sports that they have and usually you're involved in something. You know extra curricular activity pumping blood sport whether only cheerleading or dance team and only you know cross country initially there were sports or whether your ninth grader tens greater. You're usually involves desires is open debate brand somebody you know also it's always is there's something there that two wanna be involved and and that's it was a case are they so well for joining us earlier thanks Cooper's team right there will come back with you some info on now what you can do to to help out. Auto get some final thoughts here. Before we handed off to Josh Friedman and not an easy is it with him. Today and is iTunes does like him they like he'll maybe you know to the chuckle at the got a threesome or or not but it the more sports talk coming your way as we continue right here on some and I didn't take. But in Vancouver steam. Joined us from the the vigil that is taking place right now. I'll be in the regarding the tragedy into an apartment and we're trying to do just what we can hear is as as a as a radio station in our sister stations. An account South Florida there's a need for blood. So while holding a blood drive tomorrow from 9 AM to 5 PM at the Broward center in Fort Lauderdale free parking is available in the VIP lot across the street from the Broward center. Broward center is located at 201 southwest Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. That's the Broward center at 201201. Southwest Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Please come out and donate blood if you stand up for work I have to work during a lunch break to we can do and as luck would say we're gonna do what to do help Bob Hope amount. Donating blood is is a great way to the certainly starts we will week. We say thank you in in advance person per bag with you here we got a few minutes left before we turn it over to. Frito and company. Loud an excellent job dragging down our main Duberstein excellent job on all their wiles and our executive producer Louis Joplin death so we got we got out of Cooper's team from via vigils to do. Mean they're not to do here whose voice. From the circumstances. Certainly was was little bit rough there but. We continue on here and we got a lot of text today and Lou you know I think. It's people or weave in and out of the the coverage as we have of what happened yesterday in our community. If there was one team to the Tex. What would you say it was. Erratic and I think it starts with the demand on the bench. We've had a lot of old school Soledad and I could just leave because they lost seven of me. Don't know I've really won seven in a row we didn't get nobody call love him around yeah they're elevators are out there doubtful garrison there they they did the pitchforks and they're ready to go out there and they're gonna have seen so much torture listing noted that there they're former alarming rate busy morning at six or what does danger right guys there they're showing up and and it's a way and I don't I don't I'm not surprised by that I don't. Think that that is justified. In low. Eighty you know mugged my view on the on the heat I think their 43 to 45 win team and I thinks poll was taking too much grief. I've been justice has become a a whipping boy of sorts the way Hasan used to be. It's hard to tell people to chill out when you've lost so elevate. How good do you think this team vehicles that that that's really you know that's the quote let's go unanswered question that is an. And I am not saying that you know ripping somebody good and I'm asking a question and and and if you think that. Looked even if you think that this is the what 4647. Win team. You can still get there right you're you're two games over its you have a good week you right back on pace where you have a bad week. Now you are way behind pace but. I don't think that right now at this all star break hit two games over 500. Is necessarily the time for wholesale changes you must review what you've done and you must get better. But as far as you know bid just as Winslow worse both socks that. Let's not overreact. And I know you're you're big gun boat yet but does he you know recap I don't I don't get too excited about anything and you're being gone well it's going to be too late it's kind of solidify it tonight and excited about everything. So I you know I'm I'm in my typical per mode look she'll learn relaxes its gonna be RI and and so that's kind of where I am with this team which spoke. Well we dozens because you're listening to currency but it won't go I don't think you have a sense of our judges think you use kind of like okay they're to be afforded by when team. And I think they can be I think there's more potential there maybe I'm wrong. Maybe a misguided and that ideas that you lose seven of eight so you need to start going through and everything's up for. You know everything's up for discussions are in the NFL coaches use three in a row in the world back to square one here. We need to figure some things out there and got to go back to the basics that's all so I do put an end. It's been let's add one other thing you're you've added swing away yes Jim you have to figure out a way to incorporate him back in your field you have added a new he's hearing told. Everything kinda has three minute revisited do you wanna start winning. 200 well Benny who always to play with. What do we do for all those things. Have to be considered magazine during his all star break there has to be a little soul searching. I have to be a little off line up consideration if your school strong I think their disaster be heard around the ego. Do you know that's fine and and you know we're gonna work. No I think they're I think they're better than what they've shown here late now I could be wrong on that. And we do get the text are what do you expect are mediocre team manager of 500 team right I think they're a little bit I think they're better than that and it not only that perk. Here's the other thing I don't know how good this team can be but I can I can see like I can see them being. They do is no reason think that they can't be. As good as any of the other teams outside of the top 3 in the Eastern Conference that he put it that way. So when I look at Indiana and I look at Washington won't and I looked at Milwaukee and I look at Philly last night. I there's no reason I believe he can be as good if not better than any of those teams. I want to I don't I that's where that's where Mike Barr is acts. I'm not a locals say they're gonna be better in the Cleveland or better be better than Toronto in the regular season being what I'm saying. Well no white kid to be the fourth best why can't they they're just as good they're just as well coached they're just as constructive as you know as Milwaukee you're being who fired their coach by the way you may or Indiana or anybody like that so. Yeah I or somebody Tekzilla place keeping the heat will finish again. I don't know fights being that they did. Between 43 and 45 wins whether that's the fourth seed or the eight seed I don't know why. But I'm pretty firm I am very firm actually 43 to 45 wins what C that is kinda depends on the rest the teams in the slot. Because that's live and that's why didn't say brother gave I think means a lot in that and that trust in that City Council. And I and and by the way I don't say you know explode don't do anything because you've got a 45 win team. You've got to make some some so you've got to review everything and assess beings. But what I mud might being to these aliens is. To me. If you're a 45 win team you're going to win 45 games somehow. Whether whether you win your last twelve or whether you lose your last will. You're going to end up in 45 win team so I'm telling that to debate ends I'm not telling expo and I don't worry about expo we're gonna win 45 games no matter how we coach I know I'm I'm telling the fans that that's what I think that. That's what you are we there are you know you'd you do have to try to improve and try to win every game you don't just go out there when you're on. Win number 45 in and say that's it we're not gonna try anymore where 45 win team all well I think that's where your I think that's where you want to settle. Noted despite injuries or any thing. Whether Dewayne boulder doesn't ball learn whether Luke Babbitt as the hero you're a 454340. By will. Is there high watermark. They were seven over is seven rate over. I think settlement over let let me just say look at the dolphins were were five in two mean for six and two I would that would that mean. And then you all allegedly was you thought they already made team wounded and then they were six and five thing. They would you have the same would you have the same outlook. Yeah yeah I remember but they played extremely well those six in two game within the first of the season they were really really good and all of a sudden they went to they went to crap. And you're gonna go okay they. Did they give back what they had in the first couple months of the season that's with a heater trying to get back to when they were a lot more efficient. Yeah I am a matter of fact and look you can ask Gavin be clear word Credo or any of loot the dolphins reporters. Last year when their room what 14. And and you know and I'm saying I still think there are seven win team. Everybody in that press room is just rip and me. This tool. And unlike de La I can't do that but I just mean there are seven win team now turned out they were ten win team and I was wrong. But you know three years ago. For two years ago to museums are not Lester to you know Eleanor a lot of I don't know some years ago. And sold out of that but that's that's what I think that day and then of course are just my number but. You value where do you start off one in four or more or no if you are a nine and seven NFL team you're going to find a way to win nine games. And again that's where I am with the heat 4345. Wins. They're gonna world. They're going to end up with vessel that somebody takes in just jumped on a deadly start. Did you girls bring getter flowers yet no weird that slowed that's another ordeal. The weaving given that today either v.s out there are guys I called the flower shop we were those five delivery guys and a couple of insurance policies ever since I was a nominee and I within three dozen other than that three out of five doesn't really I think three now I'm gonna have to go MasterCard in and reverse the payment can do growth through all that she still wants her flowers yeah of course she doesn't want to hear about not soon enough she's she does not want to hear yourself that's a whole. Hi we have three joint crew coming up allows banks of Joffrey efforts today and oh. There wasn't it was a little bit chopping at times for us in here so thanks for as we try to get through things everybody. Those with a throughout. And we'll do it again tomorrow just before just before 4 o'clock A thanks to wells Dusan very covers the high school seemed off from the south shall Florida sun sentinel he joined mr. Lu also on Cooper she joined us from the individual that is going on right now. In honor of the and is of the victims we'll do it again just before 0:4 o'clock perk up Curtis Cuba right here freed or crook of a neck right here on some ninety the ticket.