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Friday, February 16th

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I mean. 4 o'clock here on 790 the ticket and Curtis in part with you here on a Friday afternoon following LeRoy and the beast and Toby in the looks than an hour as their out of the the blood drive and just a quick reminder here. That if your in the neighborhood it we had to our left perk and haven't ready to human man confronted two and everyone out there the 5 o'clock of the Broward center in Fort Lauderdale. Free parking is available in the VIP lot across the street from the Broward sensor. Which is located at 201 southwest at avenue in Fort Lauderdale that's the Broward center 201 southwest at that. Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale please come out and donate blood if you can. We've got all the intercom south. Porter radio stations been out there throughout the course of the day they started in 9 AM. And I've been told them. Just a tremendous for us. Bonds so 10 push said information on here for the next. 45 minutes or so. As if you can in the neighboring get up there and and doing some blunt obviously for the river tragedy that took place earlier this week in in park when so while all reiterate that. Published today in the back your mind if you're gonna offer early today and Friday and and wanna help out. Donating was the best way to do so. At at this time we we please encourage you to do that so lumped. Please and and thank you as as well as it's been it's been trying we perk and I think we may want to get through it. But I heard beast and the guys talking about earlier just so we had on congress and on yesterday at the end of the show and in getting home watching some of the vigil yesterday just. The outpouring from from from mark community and I always say this when it when there is no hurricanes or things like that. We come from all sorts of walks of life under South Florida's got of is is one of the most to collect again diversion. Communities we have in the entire United States. But when stuff and we all category giveaway but when things. In every one kind of rallies and shows up and it was just an amazing shall support last nine F continues that the blood drive and I know they have a lot of other events that are there soon to be plans. Yeah yeah you hope that the visual dear provide some calm her to the victims and and their families because that's really who export to show them that we're thinking about the imminent we support them. And that they're not alone so. Thousands turned out and it it look a day as though it was a really a emotional. Good of Ben is if you know that's the correct term mom sold hopefully the boot the victims and their families they'll support. And dumb and and it helps them feel a little bit better just a little bit better about. We go out to get to today on on the show by the way we're gonna take you up until. Right around 64645. Ish because hurricanes baseball this season begins tonight. And you gonna hear select her king games right here on 790 the ticket hurting baseball is your new home. Here on 790 the ticket the voice Jozy Jackie will be on the call Rutgers is in town and normally it's a big nights and over it's a big night rumor re opening night to and so on so forth put this is Jim Morse is swan song 25 year. Down in Coral Gables. And this is it this is this is threes last run as skipper of the University of Miami is one of those things Burke. You just. You really have taken for granted we look at Ron Frazier. And go back for far enough from the Turkish program are really help build. That program and hurricane and College Baseball in general right and on the map the wizard. And then after one year in between Jim Morse takes over and you had. Not excellence from Jim for 25 years in the meaning of the more amazing run you seen any in any sports programs throughout the country. Adds. It it makes you think about. The Pittsburgh Steelers right you go from chuck Knowles who. Two broke out words of Mike Tomlin and it's Spain's success and that's. What Miami baseball has been our member when I got here my first year here was a move to February of 97. And so. I've been a stuff that that baseball season with you women that was after the LSU lost more and mores. And that and the home run and and so they went back pat burrow was there Jason Michaels I grew. But dom you had more is always told the story of you know they'd they they were using the B runnerup trophy as a door stop. And is it because that's what they thought about runnerup Toby that you don't you tell me it was it's it's our Cornell their Emmanuel baseball yeah. Amid yeah yeah it's amazing what they've built and it just I know I've always have always said this. Just the atmosphere down there. Even before they re re read redid the stadium and a few years ago which they needed to disuse for trying to keep up with technology. You before I mean. Four for the price off the atmosphere. DeLia you're seeing not only UN which won the top teams in the country but you're seeing great competition and even before they join the ACC you have big series with Texas would come in the and they have all all these teams you know Kelsey Fuld to cover all these teams. It's one of the best experiences. In town that that we have an arts and I were numb the first gaming at truckers on on our airwaves here so excited about that I I used to say that. A while back before rom. Before all American Airlines Arena came in I used to say the UN baseball had the best concession stand in South Florida. And and now you know you have the the Marlins and you and you don't dolphins of upgrade and of course American Airlines Arena open in 2000 and. He's been really good tag the state wasn't all this takes seat right they don't take a backseat to anybody nobody nobody in town nobody nobody Intel you babe look don't sleep on the concessions they are now that's a great place to see a game also how does it say intimate you know it's not like you right 40000 seats or anything like I had anything crazy so it's a good it's good seats everywhere but yeah that consultants there. Lot of great memories there yeah just wanted to make mention that sort of be off the air a little bit earlier. We got we hurricanes baseball for you were at the all star break in the NBA needed genuine man Amare who outs in Los Angeles. Cover in the all star break of the heat I was in a couple of people who are involved. In the festivities Wayne ellington's gonna perform tomorrow night in the three point shootout and and then and gore on the dragon is going to be off for team LeBron being. Craig had no team writing stuff and joining us east west all that's not here on Sunday feeling much that it. Oh yeah yeah I'll watch that I watch the game and other. I'll tell them open and also better to do anything like McCarty no I won't have anything better yeah I hold our viewers the other question. Might you place a wager. And again just for entertainment purposes only worry heartburn you know am I watching the game. Yeah so that is all I was yes TI yeah I I. I don't know what do you runners can we gotta talk about this later gonna. I got on the outweighs some action on the on the world's USA. Are rising stars. Well the pro. I did either avoid the pro I. Yes yes we got it now we have we have seen the like now because I mean older for easier than a barrel on yeah. The and I'll I'll give you the the the ultimate Topper here Google waited so there's worse than an hour and out of the dollars will we got that we do that after you bought one closely and then low pre season NFL. All star get it right things cars just. Yet. I've been told there's something worse when I admitted this on the air years ago what I. Meanwhile when you're gonna hear it you're gonna you know it's only when you're worried are you on the outside the lines but no McKinsey and in in Miami. There were no one of those dunes I was all. Although I mean nobody ask him that's. Even just the oddsmakers are now and again you can address it it's not popular and and I guess I knew enough about the line was this and that's. But but not too far off their dogs are on their art. Yeah we got to hear this 67974. That's how you detects the show anything that's on your mind the ascendant in we're gonna have a got a minute and eclectic showed today we're gonna rebounds and all of was out of b.s are gonna join us here. Our weekly conversation we'll check in with these. India and the 5 o'clock arbor really edges of the hero Manny has to say now in this heat team but this break. How this team's gonna look when they come back a week from tonight in New Orleans. For the stretch run their thirty and 28 or half game. Behind the seventh spot which is the sixers there. Arch in a game and a half behind the simmons' wife and their game and a half ahead of Detroit who's on their tail for a in the ninth spot. In the Eastern Conference is we as you know over pretty jumbled up where exactly is the trajectory. Of this basketball club at at this time so many gonna join us tomorrow Los Angeles I do of the MBA all star in organism a little bit because they've turned it into. Just one huge party. Like I love all the sports. All the sports per. The NBA has figured out the all star thing. Oh yeah yeah just that it's the ads it's been like that I've never done a dumb. Baseball all star game meat you know even when it was just here. I've never known Pro Bowl com. Either one of troubles here in the NBA all star does he ever has always beer and outstanding they don't disguise it as I mean it's it's it is apartments it's a car racing and its usage yet actually got a pop right and and the old guys you know bill Ross was out of bounds and right midst. Right it's his fashion it's everything man ever actually were worse than a girl watching ESPN Jason Williams yeah it was up there the other out article he Bryan yeah well I agree Larry Bird and Rick Barry like. Good you know did the new lead you retired the not so newly retired and the long goal retired life. NBA does a very nice job in all star week in in the finals of a kind of blending everybody there you know that international players bring their own player in style and and and flavor to the game. You know it it's it's a it's a great event it really is an. 67 I'd given for that tell you Regis on the Coral Springs on Omaha on the tech sisal check romantic and then again his thoughts Los Angeles you know can throw low one heck of a party before we continue. Let's get to 4 o'clock headline. These kids WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SS HD true Miramar. As you just heard Curtis say the Miami Heat sits in the number seven spot in the east a game and a half behind. Number our number eight spot I'm sorry Damon have behind number seven Billy. Heat guard Wayne Ellington participating in the three point shooting contest tomorrow at all star weekend in Los Angeles. The dorm or on drugs it's participates in the all star game Sunday in Los Angeles. College basketball Miami hosts or news at noon tomorrow McCain's eighteen and seven overall seven and six in the ACC. Also coming off back to back losses Syracuse seventeen and nine overall six and seven in the ACC. UM baseball opens its season against Rutgers at seven tonight that Alex Rodriguez park at mark light steel. Pregame starts at 640 by right here on AM 790 F a mortal or three HD two. The ticket as you say is it is as Jim Morrison's last year's songs going through its a year yeah that that's going to be there's there's going to be some to celebrate. The entire season. Florida Panthers at Calgary at 10 PM tomorrow. And get this. Miami Marlins right handed pitcher danced really see it today he's glad John Carlo Stanton and Christian yell it's argon. Quote I'm glad they're dawn if they don't wanna be here in good for them they can continue their career elsewhere. Those. Are your headlines dance Israeli with the company line right lawyer though Mattingly is by Mattingly said he was happy to hear that can. We're straight losses arbitration today but still. Either company man he might I think he's still getting 3.5 million my job be a company may have three point oh. Yeah but he might be your opening day starter Tim for the hearing yeah you mean. Yeah I mean whaling is that that you put that in perspective like that that between those two guys as your opening day starter as your number one your quote unquote east. On your own well you know mentioned it did there. It was kind of an interesting story because he's a guy who was with both mom Chicago and Houston. As bay had torn down to rebuild and so he talked about that and say in that. You know here and in Miami they don't necessarily have to be. This doesn't have to be a basement. Deal that you're gonna be basement dwellers as you can look at this as part of building in. I was part of two organizations that did so. You know. By debt and Elon. Three by middle school site what they want you to write. I know that I would you know I mean there's no doubt he's got an opportunity I mean it baseball there's one of those sports where it's a little bit individualized. Where he can go out there and he can have. Success. And mobile individuals X doesn't he might not have great success. And think had to do his own thing I. I'll be I'll be honest review perk and the audience. I have no idea what the what would the season is going to be about unity I've I've you know I went through 98 when they lost a hundred games and that was pretty bad but that was coming off. You know World Series victory in baseball was still new in this town kinda only you know five players in we've seen some lean years put. This repeated. Just kicked in the in the in the gut. From from the Marlins to any baseball fans out there I mean you're gonna get your your hard core people that goal. You're gonna get a few people that wanna go see a certain team that comes in look like I have no idea. What to expect when you were looking at. One of the worst seasons record wise in the history. Of of of baseball. Or you know attendants my real my view and the worst that we've ever seen in hand in the monitor is like I don't even know maybe it's a bit better maybe and you know they actually. You'll win a few games and they're not yield approaching some of the I don't know. I mean it's easier to they're going to be you know terrible. But I am really fascinating to see just how this kind of plays out you're one at. You have that and that's that's what I was just gonna say that's our you have to look at it says this is very a whole new deal. You know. I'll go along with the Jeter are no I won't say it's a rebuild. It's a deal whatever you wanna call they're starting at some team almost correct your you're pretty much starting from around the bottom. And soul from the standpoint I'm not really concerned about wins and losses you you want to see some prospects emerged really is is. Agree that as what you wanna see from this hole. Right exactly you wanna CEO of a reason to to think that that Jeter and these guys. Have a chance at getting this being going like. You know you have a starting pitcher or you have a close or are you Biden by. What every you know JT riddle is playing better shorter Boris per store Dietrich out of left toward you know real mute so behind the play something right you wanna see. Right but I didn't but here's the thing I heard that that's that's great the problem is. If imbroglio Lowe's brings in turns into if he wins rookie of the year when he turns into a great player in the next year or two. Do you have faith that they are going to keep him when he's up for a pay raise and when he's you know his salary is up and three for five years. And I really. Greg has those it's hard to get behind on ads like this guy's one of horrors right I mean yes but you know what I'll I'll tell you this camp I could still go out. NC Branson and he's a young. Star player a young developing player. Even if they aren't gonna keep them because I'm I'm not a Marlins playing well on the baseball but it won't restrain a different that's what I'm saying I'm different like the you know you'd you'd you don't. Jeter Jeter wouldn't market to meet the same way he has to market to a potential Marlins plan. I'll go out to see baseball people here want to go out to see Marlins baseball and they want to believe him. I don't really give a damn it the team is on the wade. Down the drain again because I'm not a Marlins they animate baseball I don't see baseball or are you see it yet Jeter's not going to market to meet he's going to market to U. Who is a Marlins Mahan and you wanna see the Marlins do well. So that that's. That's their challenge would let you bring us a huge challenge immunity you try to build fans to your right your hometown and they. You know they've nobody really diligent and when he or are we got to get to many of Karl's out enough. In Los Angeles covering the all the all star festivities will get in that also we'll check in on the Miami he lives of 7 AM eight. As as they had the break here get to him coming up here on the other side by another quick reminder at the the Broward center. Urgent just across the street. From the that the Broward center Fort Lauderdale while we are blood drive going on right now Entercom south. Of course after the overall grieving after the horrific tragedy in the Parkland earlier this week and as you know there is the need for blood so a lot of 5 o'clock in the been up there all day long. Our radio stations to overly Roy and b.'s they were from broadcasting live up there so there's free parking in the VIP lot across the street from the Broward sinner. While the Broward and is located at 201 sub was Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. That's to a once southwest that avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Please go on doing if you can't you're in the neighborhood is going to be a they're gonna be there till to about 5 o'clock there's so was should've timed well there and and help up caused certainly appreciate you and thank you many tomorrow. We'll talk basketball fifty minutes he does next here on 790 the ticket. Yeah. It's it is customize my champion four by fours South Florida's number one Jeep truck and SUV customization shop. You're guaranteed to have the hottest for about four modification town called Jimmie in Dubai ports of and at 6502. 3446 or go to champion four by four dot com sponsored by Marino hired. Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys got 305800 Irma fanned by extremity when it comes to the entertainment you love excellent gives you more change when you turned TV. Where that's been the X one and by all pro orthopedic and sports medicine third WT back in the game. But for self port locations there's one near you. Good all pro orthopedic dot com. For more info Curtis and perk are with you here on your home and eat 790 the ticket we averaged it all star break and the 2000 at eighteen all star festivities are taken out. Taken place in Los Angeles, California out in La La land and we go to the Sunset Strip are we go to and talk to our main man made him tomorrow from the Miami Herald who joins us right now to Ryan's jewels and downstairs to be in stores just lined. They are truly steps beyond convenience many are you feel that I. Truly good man. Glad to to be here in a happier place where they're about quality. You know having been a part of the coverage of that shooting the last couple days I needed some of the gave me sort of a little bit of an emotional listens to a couple days. Don I mean it's we're just starting about it and start to show it's been it's been a rough week in you know degree and welcome to continue for a long long time but just try to get back to Logan normalcy here and continue to help out. As as best we can. And and rally together as a as a community. But Los Angeles Manny into it it would seem like that is that would be the perfect place to hold an all star game tickets. I've been told our. You know celebrities all over the place perk and I were dismissing the NBA has figured out they know how to throw one held a party during all star week. They do man and and you know why I would still like these games are played and in a nice place it's all right that was years ago New Orleans. LAM have a better a lot in LA alum United's numbers that are really in a bad place outside on city. So yeah I mean it's in it's it's going to be a lot of automotive forward to it. And I think the the three point contest is actually going to be it Cheney got lot of really. Good shooters obviously and that madness guys that are you know sort of as one time revelations Cutler champions and it's a source of intelligence that happens. That were cut off from sultan and then the dom Cobb is marijuana seed you know Donovan Mitchell does go I think. Little more excitement not a book goes much this year. Any many I mean I've got to ask you a Dwyane Wade question now. Three games. Dwayne is nine for 28 shooting he's got ten assists and he's got twelve turnovers. If I say that Dwyane Wade is off to a rough start is that a statement a Mac or statement of opinion. Well I think I think you're partially you're heading part of it too is he he's got he's the player with these guys again you saw Sorenson. Uniting the turnovers. Some of them looked to me just a mile flat out missed communications where. He thinks are guys go one way in Uganda brought another summer there's a move to your notably blame on that amount part. But as far as the shooting percentage and everything else I mean that he's not the guy a few waters you know two years ago and he's he's gotten older. The skills of demand issues she takes a whole lot of jump shots not is not borne about as part of used to so. You know I think had he ever gotten off the kind of started wanted but -- been terribly I think you know he's just kind of working out the kinks and let's see what it looks like over these last 27 when he games and then ultimately out. Yes Noah and and you know what not I agree with you 100%. I I'm not I'm not trying to say that this will be AO Euro was a bad acquisition I don't think that at all but I you know I did you know let's you know let's just be honest here again who I think it's going to be a good acquisition but. You know it's just being honest and being objective. Yet no question no question and let him DNA. You're getting a guy on the cheap to help you in a position and he he needs a leader of close games. This team. Let's face it they were they were getting pretty fortunate in the beginning assuming you go in LA and knocking down all these streets. You know dolphins are gonna happen over the course of the season. Blonde arches and big book it was into games my times JJ. But if I mean give it to me I think the heat was kind of Portugal Kuwait in sort of played out so adamant and the last couple weeks. Sort of slipped in the opposite opposite directions we'll undoubtedly shot the internal stomped stretcher me so. Look what we know this about this team that pretty much gonna be in every single game. The question is do they have some leader really helped them pull it out and extremist Dion Waiters and are ready to say you're criticized the honestly look terrible the first. Thirty games that he played this season and it wasn't you know shooting the ball well you gotta gotta gotta buy. Heck it is if you was healthy and play hard to be out waiters in the second half of last year. This he would have a better record amount and that's who you hope this team gets back next year and and hopefully be out and get back to being back guy and and maybe they have their clothes are already on the roster and only need to win it. Many tomorrow from the Miami Herald a bomb on Twitter any it's a must have your heat fan or South Florida sports fan in general that many. Underscore Navarro. I wanna dive deeper a little bit many if we can during the break your losers of seven of eight is it just a bad. Hatch for this team or is there a bigger concerns here as you look at the last stretched trying to maintain a playoff spot. The I mean you're citing the concern is that other teams and he's got better. You know Detroit certainly got better by opinion of Blake Griffin and they're gonna put the pressure he thinks an adult yet. Look we we knew all along they are young talented team the question was could they come together this year you're starting this side beaters. It's an all star band Simmons looks accuse them of the all star. That Ross is pretty good it's more content each rosters as. This distract and and so they're not there it's a spot in the public people's playing out of his mind so to meet. You know those those four teams that are going to be battling to last at least 3 spot in the Eastern Conference to figure out you lose the more talented. We were awarded do you rank and from a talent standpoint of the sport teams they're there either third or sports. So it's it to me it's it's it's gonna be hard but you know that's why you got their explosive word as coaches in the MBA. He got a roster you know what guys can help the their own way and it's it's they can run like finely tuned machine. They were a couple weeks ago when they won you know 67 games that are owned and or play well we're eight or nine games or 500 and give back to that. But that could make the playoffs with. Execution in the fourth quarter down the stretch it's got to be bright and Campbell leads. They can't turn the ball overly games and then hopefully desperately wake up. Yet into the pick up on that many. You know what I think on the high in the heat win our games. If they received or if they surpass that. Why would they do it I mean you could say Erik Spoelstra currently have a close certainly had a lot of debt. Because they've gone back going shut down deep is the one they get or exceed released by Wednesday and. Well I think part of it great and I know that played terrible at home but I have read it it down the stretch of the season. Teams are gonna get tired of Kate people people they don't. This all star break is sort of coming at a good time for them that are kind of toilet summit and the little the tide in the but being able to play at home and not have to be on the road it. The majority of these gains so over the last 27 games it's gonna help it existed justice. And and so I think that that's favorable and I think another part of it is just you know as the recent energy in the building. Every night we're going waded their people people which is gonna yield different. And and you know have to do feed off that energy that I think you know especially got reconciled Whiteside. He really he doesn't blame. And so I think. I think that's gonna help this team you know I I just somehow someway. Part I just think that he's gonna make the playoffs. You know they're they're gonna find a way to get into one of those last response to could potentially worth 45 feet maybe a little more secure. But look at I think we on the ceiling this team is not gonna over playoffs. And and that's just because when it comes down to it you need. He needs stars who Obama lift you above the rest of the squad charge is a nice story it's nice to have them here at the Australian but he's 31. And and he's not playing at the level it was a year ago. Arm and he's not you know that you can help you win games but he's Arnold you can single kindly help you win the series so. Unless some guys start to really grow let's start Richardson really take the next step I think between those quality was gonna make the playoffs and not get there. Many Navarro joins us from Los Angeles. The mini lineup wise when they come back a week from tonight and presumably have Kelly a limit back you gonna get Rodney Magruder back. How do you things lower how would you advise. And look at how do you handle the lineup here would you start Dwyane Wade would you continue to bring him off the bench. How do you see it they're the do you think there needs to be some sort of shake appeared. Why adding it's going to be really hard for Rodney Magruder to come back. And fire and minutes and five sort of a comfort spot when you've been out the whole year. That we remember what happened can be yours are all right Tyler Johnson. And the injuring his shoulder he tries to come back in the playoffs he really he really looked up and we just played a really small roles I think it's right it would replace. Its probably just because somebody else's out. As far as. Till they they keep individual part of this team so I think he's got he's kind of got to go back the fabric I was back on the shelves. Let them play a whole lot just you know breaking case of emergency. And and can you stick to a nine man rotation and and you played Duane because you need you need to Wayne's ball handling its marketing and again and so Wayne you know look I don't expect them to play more its weight department. Team just because. There isn't any forward you don't need about in this regard to the court. You just need him in and pressure points in this deal would have to complete the team a little bit from an emotional. Standpoint when things get rough so. I don't benign and man rotation just depend on matchups you know maybe they'll be back bam gets fewer minutes or soccer gets to have met its beat this. The senate matchup is different and even in a review and spread the floor more so I think adding you know sport been pretty clear that the team that wins numbers well that's diversity. And so if they're the rotation of all night and be. Many were good job here on this what he mostly afford to look covering this weekend what events what player. Who got what he got is a man I gotta get that thing. Duties are. It. That that there's going to be some party that might use you know there. Are different for. Each yeah. This is all parties. Did you know we're we're gonna we're gonna find them well below their races this year we'll find someplace to hang out and and have a good time but no I don't see it I'm I'm I'm kinda rude and throwing early to marry looks. Once it once and a lifetime chance right speedier the journeyman stricter. What 567 different teams in this is an opportunity for him is he's had a phenomenal season. You know to win the three point contest have a a key guy. Go home without award and I think any dirty tied for the most the result I'm entered orders so. It would put Miami up with a top to have five different guys you know before you it's not it be great simple at all. Debbie critical many enjoy all the festivities and the parties and and we'll talk to you when he get back out here and that you mentioned and dangerous. Made a models from Los Angeles yeah that that's good. Mayor and what are now. Millions in dale immediately tally your jealous Manuel would be a part of that deal and look. And I need functioning organs for the rest of my lights on a wanna be part of that with those two run. I've heard some stories about you know it shifts the it's the best luck out there are too many and the guys govern yeah heavier and for for wins and certainly yeah by the way is okay that now the worst thing you've ever been on our notes and I we'll get to that perk your room that's that are there or Syria according to do you know I gave you that's him. Yeah this is going to be bang on the line well you know if if you say it's worse then pre season. Bull the Pro Bowl could over the rising Star Jones added that we've been told that consoles I am told by a beaming over the years that would you know what the hell you go with your life like dude what are. A look at that here betting on my Olympic wrestling is on line at WWE. And number I'll visit that. Edmund G I'm not secret biology and on that I'll have him back also that he's gonna join us in the 5 o'clock hour so we got a lot to get to hear on a Friday addition of Curtis apartment seven on the ticket. Thanks to many of them for joining us from Los Angeles. Partisan person equities here on 79 and that ticket Adam Beasley is gonna join us here where our weekly check in with it was Beasley we who. Obviously with the and it's been a crazy and just who tried a couple of days here in South Florida but though it was a check in with would Beasley each and every week so lower due so here in the 5 o'clock hour this in dominant seuss story. Just seems to be making the rounds here our stoic kind of thing I know worked started. Put it but it just seems it's one of those things it just kind of pops up here and there can I don't know if it's a slow time a year. Leo NFL live is bring in an and you got pro foot the other of the NFL network running the topic of discussion and great and I'm just going okay and agility and possibly caused the and in there have been cutting of Ndamukong Suh and rumbling on for Manama consume up I don't know how much how real it is I can understand a couple of so I've got to symbol sides of it. I don't think it's gonna happen. Right well I don't know I don't is gonna but this is one of those things where just kind of one of those offseason stories. That seems to be just popping up here there and everywhere it. It's it's kind of strange book as. This is something that was written two weeks ago and it was like a line at the bottom of a story on Doug Peterson and and it will this. I believe the guy who relayed the story. Was. A guy who was. Who was trying to be a a wanted to pursue coaching. And Doug Peterson told them RI it will come out to mark him whom and we'll show you coaches go through. And so this guy was out there before the season when the dolphins were practicing against the Eagles. And he stated Ndamukong Suh told the Eagles the prince of lying coach or offensive line coach Cameron which. You guys crack the sole hole or I would play for you for three basically. And complete that but yeah right right and and and and the dolphins. Check it out with Ndamukong Suh and Ndamukong Suh says it never had an. That what it's worth. But. If it is yes just kind of bizarre how it. It's been now they are referred for two weeks but in the last few days. Matter of fact I talked with somebody out of the dolphins last week in about this at the dolphins cancer challenge. And we were lapin and analysts say and yet you you know the funny thing is you know Ndamukong Suh is not doing anything for free. Like a brand new you know we had a laugh about but in a strange that it's indeed this was written two weeks ago and in Nassau and I didn't really think. Anything up it is. You know but but it keeps ran I don't know games and sprint for whatever reason. I don't know I think he's laced I guess that is offseason fodder there's a lot of rumors out there those laws stuff that's flying around up there but decision problems we appeals is also a big reason is pretty pretty adamant added that it's not going to happen blood. There's going to be some shake up here with the with this team roster wise during this offseason what is happening. So yeah will be out as you know I'm going to get a little surprises here Amin is going to be that extremists civil. Who would probably was the most expensive player. And arguably your best player on the team. I think they let this thing right out for another years sober they're there will be some stuff the needs to be handled here organ that every year here perjury and end of February there's going to be you know 'cause of artists are that happens our decision and down day and you look at the you know. All of a drawn James. I had nine point three million to starve his come back I'll let rise. Simmons a six million Julius Thomas six million so. You get rid of Julius at six Simmons and six and and drawn at nine. And right there you've you've got like 21 million. I was great but I know I always say that and Andrew and kind of a lock on his ass and I know Richard Nixon right everyone says all you Lawrence Timmons over overpriced. He's getting up there and aids no production all that stuff being called on Jane I'm not gonna panic and an immunity Aries not a very OK okay. And then you just start cotton guys down and cut and guys down all the semi discrete more holes as a 100% who portrayed team. That is not wasn't very good last year that doesn't have tremendous roster strength. 125 through fifty in Seoul. I would just say you know it's great to the idea anybody it's an on the radio you know and that's great I. Cutters apps are already. High powered the moderate regular cup has got a dynamite and Greg you and your right on the gotten. You know I mean the idea that it's easy to cut. 456 guys on our top right right and some of these guys are our Contra. Contractually who love structure where. You knew there gonna economy you know after your three or your four when you're gonna pay you know this is all that's up. What it is it's great more more more more more holes. That that just fell maternity units are okay yeah. Argenbright you guys and and look at but a perfect example is this is there a at tight in where you say he had Julius Thomas Tobin Beckett six million. I don't know today and then sold so when you look behind him welcome son it was a non Kosher freeagent. You look behind me near money got our least great. How comfortable you with a caller not read or exactly belt and in the end zone now the other part of that Cappy is you have to trust the organization. Who hasn't been good at finding talent to run plays Julius Thomas talk impresario really. The MP3 tidy and smelled the backup quarterback spoke who was who's gonna share the backfield with Kenyan Drake right you're. Yet you've got a lot of decisions and and right now and then pretty soon you're like all right we got all these holes we try to create another one by get rid Timmons are getting ripped. This why they get paid the big but some luxury living these are tough. Decision is that when the coach gets fired it's like when there was a fire the coach to these old nine to start the year he's a bomb right well and we wanna hire. Yes Aurilia or your pores over the course is five and four years three he's got a 500 record overall on her body around and I know you uphill moody one. Read our I don't know that anybody ever burn him out okay hold on until he's not. This is its own ability and Kim Cameron that's why it's like your job building records always were on bowler nick slave manner now. It's. Flooding get paid the big bucks are these are these are the these are the decisions that built the franchise and an as much as I I hate the offseason because. To me it's it's all about gains and the rest of it is just. What ever but the offseason does tell you how the how the runoff this links. And what they think of their talent of their coaches of how do you build a team through free agency through trade through the draft. It Mets in the front office does it tells you how I mean the offseason though that tells you how does the front office. Regard their team. And how do they think is the best way to proceed toward building the team. And and then that's what you use as you you know as you go into the season and you look forward what are they likely to do why would they do it well. Here's what they did last year and all that so. The offseason offers a lot of answers and I hate it goes I'm all about games and games are all that matter but. This tells you a whole lot about your run off this and these decisions and probably go about building the team. I'll turn and Beasley coming appear at at 522 was obviously dolphins for their own course work. Goers dolphins were the the South Florida sun sentinel we got a lot more to get to it's a job until just before right around 640 got hurricanes baseball tonight. In his final year forward Jim Morse a legends. Here in in South Florida. And final run final runs all off more for Jim and his 25 year first game of the season citing a truckers will have a four yet but only 790s new home for our hurricanes baseball if you did not know select her king James will be heard right here's a really Perkins baseball. Throughout the season you can find it right here on 79 it's a worst thing you don't. I've been told. Oh we got we start this predominantly as a I thought about the NBA and on some of the night if I was doing and at rise and our little World Series. So. And went in smoke propagated to other kids. Obviously. It would frustrate diesel Don a lot of it. There are a lot of people it was low low low as you can do you know what I good idea just all the you know. It's just the but it is still to coordinate it over there to provides a part of the is another sporting a minute it is just another ball and yeah. It's competition. Is all about how good is that whether WNBA. World Series a power lifting at the Olympics it's all about competition parliament are celebration drink to celebrate her support his eyes oh well I gotta love. Yards per cut the competition is all about that's the sweat the tears. The fame the glory that's what it's all about who gets the vote blog our. Headlines next here on 79 you take your. 545 here on 790 the ticket Curtis and perk with you here on a Friday afternoon. Just saw some of our staff. Back in the building that that came back from the blood drive at the Broward senator they just came in and says hello. One think everybody that donated out there and just be on the lookout for some more events that'll be taken place here. The next week or so as far as. What what you can do day to help out wolf we'll try to navigate as best we can to some of the some of the events and so on so forth but you're right that went out and and gave blood today at the of the Broward center of course with. Totally right visa there did their show out there alive. Entercom south and our and our other sister stations. Also the shows up there's just one think everybody out there. That but certainly you know donated we don't know it's been a been a trying week and a one we will never forget. Here in in South Florida via a lot of text to get to that 67974. Will get to those are also. We got some heat tickets do you weigh the courts your ticket windows going to be opening up today perk. We got four tickets to go see the Phoenix Suns as they roll in the town and we gave way lakers tickets earlier in the week we get son's tickets today. For march 5 NC Monday at 730. 730 start time for the American Airlines Arena. Has the suns in Devin Booker role in the town so what will give those away in the 5 o'clock hour we'll give those away in the 5 o'clock ousted of course you do window you have my gear won't see. Five in the product are we will give you an opportunity to win those targets Adam Beason and Miami Herald toggle NFL and involvement with him. Coming up at 52 when he made an overall joined us in the 4 o'clock hour of about a half hour ago from Los Angeles. And and I think everyone's got to searching for some answers here per front they get a big an entire week off they don't play until next Friday at New Orleans being bombed and they've lost so animates. Five consecutive on the road and Greg and up on the road and they'll drag of honor code changes the star right there right when you talk about turning supper round reversing trends. They were a good road team they're the 500 on the road now sixteen and sixteen aren't they were a very good road to know clearly they were by game's over 500 on the role for the I've been in Lou. I'd be shocked. Does he make the playoffs. How about you it's in the not oh yeah yeah I would give you had. Yes yes you know I think the heat is definitely gonna make the playoffs walker solos were were there on outbid you and I always thought. I'm always welcoming. But I mean meal Manny mentioned and many right I think I mean you really look at it right now. If you look at who's on the bottom and love the Eastern Conference playoff Ericsson and almost seems seem like they're getting better right now. And are they need our heat I don't know is is there. Is this. They just a rough patch for this team. Yes right we all go well go through. Talk that tough. Good and they are good but you get the two is good and right but we'll go through that are not frightened nothing seems to go loving seems to go right right you know you're locked out. And your car won't start. And then you go all and then you pick up your coffee in your drink coffee and its bills all your shirt a little hole a cup nearly did that you know is certain days where you just can't get right isn't nothing this. Nothing go wrong so is this just one of those they've had a little bit of bad luck they had a couple of good teams they've played. It's just a little bit rough patch and they're going to figure out or. Is this the beginning of all the sudden a rough patch can turn into a rough year erupt pats can turn into. You ask me don't losing your job and all of a sudden your wife doesn't look like you anymore right handed off to them and oh my god I know wolf it snowball like is. That's where you have to figure it out with this team. Yeah you look at the last eight games perk outside of that when he gets walked you where they got a huge emotional lift it from the crowd for. They lost all those games I give him I mean that's almost like the crowd one of them that dean. It was a blast was last Friday night against Milwaukee that's all how I look at it could get a big emotional about that you've gotten beat in all Leo once well. Do you do you have to give them credit because they didn't make game winning plays including Dwyane Wade's blocked their late in that Milwaukee game. In these other games for the most part they didn't make the game winning plays and so. This this is a team that. Struggled at the end of games. I think they're better at the end of gangs now with the addition of Dwyane tell Leo limit is coming back he was part of that late game. Lineup so I think this team is going to be stronger on still at 43 to 45 wins. I don't know less the succeed I don't know that's eight seat but I I do and definitely want percent think that the heat is going to make the play all I'd never deviate. I didn't a did the numbers at this point are all academic because it's how you won't use are they better than Philadelphia. Are they better than Indiana are they better than Detroit that's how I you have just looking at it now get him and we don't know yet. The girl wants to go right right exactly exactly it's not like we we I think we can safely say that they're not better than to Ronald Boston or Cleveland grand and the rest of it. I'd I don't know OK okay we'll really know but right now our breed on the court because because the with a loss is really don't matter I mean they they did as far as well they get to 47 wins are going to be there it's to be great. Because everyone's everyone's within two or three games Raton right at your play all these teams in your plea Washington a couple of times bill you gonna play Indiana. Oh once more. You're gonna play Philly two more times you're gonna. Play a and. One Detroit though they got Detroit and there on the homestand you know so so. It's just aren't better than those teams only four legged your bond stock and teams right now being and we we got thirty games ago 130 games ago. Do you want I'll give via Philly. Detroit Miami Milwaukee Indiana Washington what do you want for drafting teams that's a that's kind of how you have to look at him. No and now he might be of her fourteen mom there and that's and its logo are you and said that. All of you who said that ten days or so ago are before you today let's get to. 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and W exact dance HD do Mitt. ARAMARK. As we're just discussing the Miami Heat eighth place in the east one and a half games behind number seven Philadelphia. He got the all star break right now as the rest of the league is over the week in. He car Wayne Ellington participates in the three point shooting contest. On Saturday. And then on Sunday heat guard were on drug participates in the all star game. All star festivities start tomorrow at 8 PM all star game Sunday starts at 8 PM. Kept what do you think Ellington shoals are so we three point. Yeah it's tough competition man he's got some tough tough tough competition and in a three point. Shoot out with with guys like Klay Thompson. You come to me that you look at look at all those guys have anybody if all those guys can get hot. You would sing but it's funny that you events some adjusting success. Throughout the up the pass you look at Eric Gordon's in there. Mentioned Thompson Bradley -- Paul George Kyle Lowry Devin Booker noon and Tobias Harris so yeah you gotta hit. You gotta get the mean they're all great shooters that I got that to me is that the hardest thing the kind of cut figure out a pick is that. As one of those things really use you watched that and you just you just root for somebody to go on one of those steer our friend Greg right where you just get excited and then you have to have the three point ball right the red white and blue on the volleyball and yeah yeah that's they're all good events I've I've I'm surprised about life. The skills competition. The purse here that they brought it out. It was really good it did Dwayne Linda burst one year that he will. I can't and one surprise I have to go back and look this competition really. He really on an all 3COM. Well Indian in football and and basketball and hockey. Yeah I don't think based. Well no you know what they have tonight that's gonna digress for a sec yeah you know what they have tonight is the the rising stars sit right game right which is the world team vs the US team. Which item which is critical to our young guys yeah I think it's great event he said the rookie sophomore game right. We'll bring you know what they had before that. Boy a was an old timers game in the legends and legends you're a member guest lived a deduce what the pot bellies I'll know I don't terrible just doing just doing damage to their reputation twenty years after the retirement I remembered and your I was at flat bellies didn't want to like George curve death denying he breaks is not a good idea you know towards Eric Berry's suit the underhanded ways yes some of these dudes who has blown up and you know they know they laid it like you know 63. Who'd see Enders summon now they're like 620 he's so. But you know it and he simmons' shorts and as that big gut you're like wow do. Why why why did you accept his invitation to play but I mean it was just like oh my god guys who alarming it's like going into the wise yeah. And watch yet the forty and over guys out. And you're just you're somebody's this there's an achilles' injury waiting to happen I like somebody is going down here and we're gonna have to get some medical assistance at some point but he plays up the legends David didn't take long for the figure out you know what. You. It is a good idea isn't doing anybody any good not. Oh hole. How does America let the legends did now basic which you have an a three on three league yet you know basically Mazen didn't baseball to a softball game remotely do some miles that within the celebrity softball yeah yeah and that's what are you about that's what it is this a celebrity you know which executives say yes license liberty basketball right and that's absolutely under control the days of Ellis been such a real game guys are good afternoon up. Yeah just makes me laugh now too long ago vital about ten no longer Ronald you know. Sterling recent early recent. Moving on with dateline Miami basketball hole Syracuse at noon tomorrow retains eighteen and seven overall seven and six in the ACC coming off back to back losses. Syracuse seven seen in nine overall six and seven. In the ACC staying on University of Miami baseball opens it season against Rutgers at seven a lot tonight at Alex Rodriguez park at mark light field. Pregame starts at 645 right here. And AM 790 F a moral worth three HD to the ticket hockey Florida Panthers at Calgary. And at 10 o'clock tomorrow. And then one no from the world of baseball the Miami Marlins at at our trade at spring training today. Right here in Richard day and stray at least since he's get the lead Jon Karl stay in and Christian yellen are gone. Quote I'm glad they're Malone if they don't want to be year's been good for them they can continue their career elsewhere. Domes or your him. Strong stuff from dance Israeli regularly you experienced. It as baseball season cap loses enough of this you know not being nice to everybody is. Always an Australian radio does love. As baseballs again and start a week from today. It doesn't get full squad Monday a week from tomorrow may pose a week we took yesterday yesterday mid after standing next Thursday and things start and we got -- the first full team work out as Monday Monday right now President's Day so you know I'm in ISO earlier B variants down why -- no idea what to expect from this team you know it's going to be a hundred point loss team is a -- gonna actually be DC and the other you have 2000 people 2000 bodies in the in the standing either. I mean I were in somewhere in some really really. Bizarre territory with his baseball team down here. He really are come. Look I I will I I will enjoy going through spring training them and is trying get out soon to a game this year because I enjoy spring training. I will enjoy going Su eight regular season game or two whatever the schedule permits of whatever else feel like doing. Idol. I like going to the games and the like baseball what I don't like those when it's just. Embarrassingly in the in the stadium a great stadium and there's no atmosphere. Which you know bloodied and I don't blame people say don't wait what you know what I don't mind going through the game there's not a whole lot of top prospects were. You're not watching a team that's threatening to win ninety year 95 games it's. I've the only thing that I really don't like that relieved that you know just you'd you. Just kind of feel Mahan is it when you go to a game. And yeah there's just nobody in there and there and there's no atmosphere that's that's the kind of being that it just makes you go there man baseball in South Florida. By the way John Carlos stand reported early today. Soon to Yankee spring training didn't really say any being. EEE. ECB hasn't been thinking about it. Deed being in the bigger market he says it's just getting used to a new plays some. And everything that comes with a bigger expectations. He said he's a little bit out of his comfort zone it's all been all new to him in a mobile on new rights so. Jon Karl stand reported early today. And and he's he's better you're ready to do to get to work. He better many better play nice for the for who the first over twelve was seven k.s egos are going to be on his ass up there we take that. You talk about a whole new world scrutiny right. And as it is found out after the all star break right when he went into that slow you deal with us a soft he's down here on the radio today goes to new York and here there and there's 25 guys in around his locker you know off for every million he's making going on why did you hit a curve ball. Follow what's wrong with via. It's a little bit so little bit different of their than that the the way he's been covered down here in South Florida in the and the baseball market already covered the dolphins for the Miami Herald. Any force you hear him. On and various parts heroes of and wanted to get. Adam Beason will take him with our our man here. Coming up here on the loose and also we got those I heat's on it's returning your weight here in the 5 o'clock on the court seat to your window will be opening up. But it's do little NFL and dolphins. Our weekly check in with mr. Beasley will be the next Johnson and on the ticket. Curtis and burn bag there on 790 the ticket the accord is his ticket window will be opening up in this hour we got four tickets to giveaway. The Miami Heat taking on the Phoenix Suns. That'll be Monday march 5 -- even those way here in the 5 o'clock hour right now as promised our weekly check in with RFL insider dolphins insider from the Miami Herald. You hear quite often including last night here on 790 the ticket with our Josh Freeman and Greg likens. As we check out go out to Iran feels announcers who is it was just line their truest of beyond comedian and answer refined Adam Beasley out of my you don't event. We don't support that tell us. We are yet no but I heard a lot of your show allows you guys have a great job of still covering the tragedy union some of the stories out there. And and thinker you all were all trying to deal and told Linda and move on in the in the best way best way possible that the a lot of that is a not were not forgetting but certainly remembering but also trying to get back to olden normalcy here and and I think we've been doing none of them into a net today. Sort of boom bombard you about some ridiculous questions about the dolphins' offseason did you have no idea how to answer and. Yeah no doubt in my mind the last to a couple of days due to a tries to be a fun exercise. Is this it dumb a consume story coming from and why is it popping up in and is there any. Truth or validity to it that he could be gone from the Miami Dolphins. First of all there at the last part of that question answered absolutely not because it would cost prohibitive. I mean. Even if he wasn't one of the best players in the league is positioned given that. Dolphins. Like Camelot as a person as up and as a player. They can't cut it because it would cost the Mordechai and that would keep. I guess you could try to find great partner even now so really expensive so. Here's my understanding as to what happened. Back in November it was that was did talk before to get sports dot com. Somebody told him we trust that. Steve Ross is ready to move on from the dominant Republicans do you remember kind of perk you everything we heard was that was bogus. Not true not going to happen I can't fathom what it any deal last three months but she's certainly a body that changed. The player had changed. I my guess is that he seemed to step by his guns didn't try to re circulate the old story that. They've all been pretty roundly debunked. Yeah and yeah I I don't think that there's that there's much of it since you know you're not gonna say zero but. As you say it is just to cost prohibitive your creating another hold your getting rid of one of your best players and for what it you'll probably take. Two people to replace him and that's not you know being a Smart ass that they expect. Yet again and here's what it is that they're there. Looking to put my understand it bother looking to a long deep in their commitment to not shorten it because. Given the numbers aren't front again about milk prepare our guys good. He's got a really cap over the chairs and some twenty to twenty million dollar. That that too much deeper into the position a lot of defensive tackles so. A what they're gonna look to do is. Kind of get it signing bonus but his base salary this year. Back well again all this you know obligation out if they wanted to get rid of them at some point. They would just take their medicine this year. Pay him what he's owed and then I think it will go on after 2018 but they're not looked into that they wanted to bring up a lot of cap space that can be aggressive regency. So I think actually the exact opposite is true I think is more likely to back in 2019 that is to be cut 2018. Okay this same subject would ever question and you kind of alluded to there with it. They happy I got to do with him like they just walk away tomorrow. I'll with no cap restrictions what they do that like do they wanted to continue to say hey this is a good investment in my continue to build our defense around him. I think it depends on the US can build and Mike you know in public given the support it because it's really good player he might be hall of Famer. He got. Job this year for the Pro Bowl every year he said look the only liberal caller my opinion. But I know there are people in that building they look at that contract and wonder man. Could we have better use those resources could we get two or three starters for what's caught. That's really good starter Mike you what it's costing us for one great player. Pride that that there's there's so they can do with it there cancer and people make decisions before this current coaching staff that they give him that big contract. And he got a car roll it so we get a lot I my guess is if money wasn't you know it this year's cap it was an issue. They might think I'm gonna get that number off the books but it's just not gonna happen. Besides I hate to even bring this subject up. But yes yes I had a couple mock drafts have the dolphins taking opens of linemen one even has been taking a bar with an innocent from Notre Dame number one Clinton Nelson probably. Will not be there at number eleven he's that highly regarded but you know how I feel about guards in the first round. This year the dolphins take a gore in the first round. What kind of statement does that make on the remarks I just throw out a term crazy. Your turn. But locked in my clinical psychologist so much Danica the. Crazy he's crazy political reason that would. Yes that was the headline that's going to be softens crazy on draft night today there are headlines. This energy Renaissance art and I can't wait that right now. I you know the U column like you see in my crazy would be advised her editorializing is a girl three yeah must. Here's a fun exercise. Cash. If you were a certain lines which I know you can you know our hearts were blocked it rather get on radio. What else would you put a lot in the technical sense of passport card first round. No one. I think it I mean I've got to get well I think it's more likely to Syria want. OK yet OK okay simple what what position would be he would would leave that. That's the thing I like I think the field were probably the most I have no idea what they're gonna do yet free agency we don't know. I we well we know it they. Linebacker. Slash pass rusher may be we it did they're not they're deciding and they're not gonna now no but I'm gonna take a tied in in the first round right leaders. I want it left and right yeah start their life I mean what it would probably consider it. A linebacker. He could corner defensive end. Quarterback I think those yeah. Those drivers walked up and homeowners in their eleventh considered considered that. But. This this philosophy this organization is. What we weren't used for trump pixel drinkers yeah fingers and eyes of the 21 century technology and service quarterback. Wide receiver offensive tackle particularly elect tackle defensive end. And corners. And if you are really dynamic play making linebacker that duplicate things to consider that to. But that's why you're seeing you really good players succeed he guards kind of bought the top fifteen because teams think. The difference between it and eap applied. You know defense sedan hit people and that is much bigger plus. They kept it classic and we can we can't get by with plus date January. We have that intriguing bond or Russia that pressure coming. Come on the first round he's going to be there and instantly better so I think that those are always say that particularly with this team. I'm trying to think we never have they ever take it paid in the first round. Oh boy attempting to Monday's. The linebackers and three decades I think so and and yeah I mean they're and so at this state money is on. One of those 45 positions us. Yeah I. How heavily do you think this team gets involved in the free agent mark did that. And when you looked at Pitt tied in for instance Tyler I for dissolve their right. So from what's his name from a really very burden triggered yeah. However that is the equivalent of credit that is the touchdown. And I struck exactly but yeah what what do you think. You know gets addressed and reacts. I think tiger in might be one of those positions because the draft does not seem to offer don't let the top below what do you think b.s as partisan. Free agency issues they get addressed. Well the problem is a free it is an adult or on this Hardaway. Perry totally used. Changer retreat so very Salt Lake City you're overpay. For purple players I think is they have a perfect example about how the patriots are Smart instead of spending two million dollars on a pretty good. Player because we have insert position here. But then perhaps that hurt guys serviceable. Did the drop off is that UT and so they say the money they don't they'll spend 456 million dollars to the guy who's just a guy pretty good guy which is the guy. I think that the protocol that you could take I'd be stunned if they don't write finances to do that. But I don't think they'll get two or three of the best screens available. Just because that's not their sloppy and an end. And look Doris there's a pretty good chance he walks and a few walks they get a third round compensatory pick assuming they don't go break the back on somebody else. So that part of their quake as well as it did get pick in 2019 regardless and for every high price. Sale price treated to assign. That you know that that compensatory pick goes down around her tail. Yeah NBC viewers you know waited so insisting that you say that about the patriots approached. You were there last year at the Columbine and and wasn't it Chris Greer who see it we would like to be kind of more like the patriots and and and they never relax close led to the staff are known conductor would limit and and all that kind of stuff way you can tell did. You know that that type of approach is what the dolphins are looking at. Right and and sudden gulf the team wants is a lot of crap and you talk to all his. Last year bunch of rumors and we did trade up retreat for the proper or for Patrick corner. You know Richard Herman and that was that battle but. But people I talked and Billy say it would. We think this group really can't put it this job. And so we want him to have more access not pure so I I think there are kind of figured out what the rest believe it figured out that you paid three or four really good players. I try to fill in the rest wit. Guys their first contract and that squeezes the middle class has been going on for five years now. Yet you find some diamonds in the rough and that it is middle class guys and maybe get their fourth day of free agency sure but if you're gonna guarantee you a free agent signing the most expensive I would adult and did urine. You're on my right. Eye you're in Arizona. A 100% right eye but I think free agency is fool's gold when I really do and if you're sitting around here if you're an NFL. I'll warm you're sitting around here and you can't wait for free agency to start. Then you're losing franchise in my opinion because I don't think that that's a dead dead is not a proper formula and you can say and Republicans say all those things while we wanna be this we wanna do that. But when the time comes do they ever do it. And it do they that's almost like they can't help themselves gold. Guys out there we gotta go get him also that is we need to squeeze out nine or ten wins that we all gonna save our jobs through the season. Nozzle it's called overpay worry about everything else later but that's the vicious cycle that this this team this organization seems to have been in forever. Here's the thing is that a lot of these contracts. I'm curious to whose contracts they Wear do we know you know he certainly. Adam is like so back last year eSATA on the record come I keep my guys. Well. My my guess is not it is just an educated guess. He'll let the numbers guys handle the numbers it is that this duo went back and knew he may be they over pay round we will revisit that and certainly hundred branch should work out eagle on that absolutely has not worked out so far on the contract. So yeah a lot a lot of really good teams don't have a cut cap space as they keep their own guys that really bad teams have gobs of god I can't bases. They have no huge for the players they tracked because they were good. But you can't get caught that problem I think it would take her on guys overpaid or. You have Al going to be very interested to see if the dolphins can maintain but it really under a hundred days you know to Obama likes to trade. I and and really under gay slump they've done a good job these last couple of years managing to free agency they haven't known that drug. Mike Wallace and comic and sue. So old look let's see if they can stick to that because as Dempsey is. That's always the plan is gonna like the Tyson being everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth and and and so you can go in thinking we're not gonna spend on free agency but then when you start to say. We might just have this season and then after that. As so it might or seem to do make a hasty decision they've been good so far though. Or some three time pro bowler was approaching thirty gets cut by some money yeah yeah how we got it on getting him back you know alleges regular what are we doing here at. And and that the issue is that these guys that the market hit you'll market for reasons either. The past or crying or their values are lest their their bread out of their minds as far less what to evaluate them. And those teams no matter anybody has spent the last four years them. I don't let me just we just got a name on the tech Smith kept talked about as Derek Johnson linebacker from Kansas City you talk about somebody who could be past their prime multi pro bowler. I didn't do you pursue a map being burned by aryan balls are in and Mario Williams appears the dogs. Well you don't pursue it out in a million sees nude right which sure we were what your game which ticket Mario Williams a look at the tape yeah you don't. And snakes and that's blown up in your Dennis Johnson will pay the patriots to places I mean that's our counter. I am an. At this event you don't have to is that these these veterans who wrote we've got media we will lose track let the tires and wanna go wondering they're not looking at my indicate you know give the metallic deal here at. At the pity them because it at other options. Mean obviously I thanks for do little football with this was always appreciate have a good weekend and we'll talk to next week. These guys and well one quick thing that there's Nadal will be given a 100000 dollars for the joke on me for the public memorial. Yet it's over a million dollar outlook on and if you guys that really listening has the means. I'm sure to be that much you'd by the victims so called on the dot com. He's domino was more of finding it as an accredited by the attorney general Israel not legit legit and we look up don't it can't yet. Yeah I don't know that that you got to. And I and I saw that and then I saw the story that there's actually. There was some some fraudulent go funny page out of zag I know the premise of go formula on how are you set it up or anything like that but if there's if there is some person. That is trying to moderate profit in little phony go funny page from that that that that hurts him. Is about is lower than than than scum all of the earth yeah. Yeah that's that together those frauds come up and it's the same but. Yeah I understand it appears that there's there's a link going around him to a legit one but I I don't know what it is by the way. Dolphins coaches have also donated a 171500. To the F Bailey of the the coach Aaron bison who the dumbest coach who was zero landing so. Hum yes so does all our teams do and doing good stuff to it too because Allen's little hum yell help help the community your buddies it's. And around here and we had our blood drive today for and her come south are. So our sister stations here in South Florida and Tobin LeRoy and b.s into the afternoon show here on 790 and her was a big success say. A lot of much New London. After the the Treasury Department. Earlier earlier this week we're gonna give away we at the CDC where we do that here tomorrow before the end of this hour. While we take you up until right around about an hour or so for now we are kings baseball tonight the seasons are tonight her he's baseball cannot be heard on 79 beaten the tickets. I was some select games throughout the course of the seas in the opener is tonight gets rikers. Jozy Jackie will be on the call 29 season that do voice. Has been has been on the call this is Jim Morse is final season his 25 seeing their skipper of the Miami hurricane hits. Agile man top ranked Florida is in what may be next week you have a in that North Carolina ring a conference opponent Florida they are ranked duke ranked. Conference opponent com. Clinton might have been running so. Yeah good good scheduled to have that many opportunities Seymour some McCain's base or spinal here. Baseball is back is Tiger Woods back. Playing golf in South Florida he's just made an announcement while that for you coming up next here on seven I do take. I. Think that obviously for joining us here on 790 the ticket Curtis and her record you're here on a Friday afternoon we'll take you. Right up until about 640 or so little bits are around around that time as we have a Miami Hurricanes baseball season starts tonight rockers. Scarlet knights are in town to take on the hurricane Jim Morris is our final season 41 seasons as manager. In I think College Baseball 25 season wraps up. With but the hurricanes tonight is the opening nights solely on the road all also bespeaks begins this evening and a. Do you think gives Jim the best president because I think some of the conference opponents you know and it may be it's a funny did. I've been. Their Florida State I believe I don't think Florida State comes here right here McMartin economy that I guess that's close yeah you it was in the door and you know her managed Georgia Tech before getting it right exact. A skewed question deck that somebody you know somebody in the and you go to there place he had to maybe when they come here you know the first game of the series when you meet it on X series lineup you'd. Give him some the base he ought to get some cool stuff because he's a guy who's liked respected. All that kind of stuff dry yet I'm that'll be. Out ambience is it to follow that who gives him what. As a as a lovely parting gift you know get the hell out of our conference you've kicked. RS and on yes yes I'll give it a minute out of retirement and I don't I don't come back of one of the great coming English zoo are now in College Baseball but the city here in South Florida and we only goes to the resonates it's on its unparalleled we look at what he's done with that program taken over. After and after the wizard tilted and Ron Frazier we got the accorsi to win opening up here in a few minutes. This was just announced Tiger Woods he's gonna plan a Honda classic next week. Great board the Honda classic great borrow local golf wins and all that but. A in my view on tiger. I only wanna see you win majors and tiger tiger winning a regular tour event to me is like the patriots live in the AFC east. Like your past that we we've seen it to pass the good accomplishment. Anand and a good first step Peru or whatever but. And and it's it's great run that tiger is coming your right he sees another struggle now in California right now but dominates. It it's great that he's coming here I'm not the you know let's let's give their clear as tiger will still move the needle to some X and. He's on the cut line by the way other media or was he uses one over yesterday he was as or yesterday he will his wish on 72. Year a little parcel and you little parts of new but anyway but he's plus two right now it's about plus one he's on the eighth already own. So he's a struggle to make this cut. There's no deal is that I I shouldn't use that there's no more Doral tournament. Shall I hate Britain so eight leg admit now we have a cold around an eagle so not only to those really you know the two things so it's is one guiding go to the route to a CD mommy tonight's first whoever. So. Yet it's great for Honda but the oh you're like you're like me and on the biggest Tiger Woods fan around okay. But I have it now I'm even at a point where like I don't know what he has left anymore I don't know. I'll Wear his mind that I'm aware his body is not a what is motivational level has. But there's no doubt that he still. Moves moves. Of the. The golfing fan base. And there is in there is a fringe. Tiger Woods fan base I still think he's out there that wants to see him have success and if he is in contention on a on a senator Sunday you're gonna see those numbers spike. On as far as ratings are concerned but you're you're big on old major okay one yeah I know you're right you're right on that perk but you can't all of a sudden go and shoot 66. 64. On Saturday and Sunday at Augusta if you don't go out and play well at these other tournaments right so that's what I'm Doug your light pole with a major wake me up okay. Well late he has to start somewhere so it's like if you go and you can win a Honda class order of finish in the top five next week against that good field. Then you could say OK now he has a chance to go on win these other major tournaments because he's God's gonna show up and play great golf. At the US open or the masters or anybody else if he can't play great golf of these other and put four rounds ago that the those deals. Right not at all I'm under sail with tiger. I saw I saw how the sausage was made right back in 96979899. I just wanna see the finished product or other guys like Jordan speed and Rory McIlroy. Yeah I was still like to see him get player of the year in and wind you know here there and and everywhere leading up to a major. But for tiger. Did just that you know premiere and it really means nothing I'd. It's about chasing Jack with tiger it's about chasing greatness being number one other guy is the stuff. Mean stuff I would have lost my ass. If out of made that bet. Most at 78 years ago that he would never win another major and that I would that he would caddie shack. Oh yeah yeah you thought that he was after app on 080 wait my allows ten years you know Torrey Pines right Rocco right Brady into terrorism is me and then he gets that one out when to do. And implement what 1414. And they end up okay so he goes has the surgery he's got to come back on stuff and then to obviously the sex scandal and a boy on her life here on this Darian and as has been a disaster rim although we did get sued to be number one in the obvious that his nose at the moment what we're thirteenth. But bud. Leg if you don't make that bet like there. And he was what they're at the time I think he was like 31 maybe there. They view is that okay he's gonna have the knee surgeries and he's in rehab and come back. Easily getting need to do for you have four more oh or better return ranked. I actually thought he. And we get to like when he into anyone who hasn't come low can guys and uncle Wallace who's like writing you know we all rightly be on you know Mickelson or Steve or Rory Doumit and if he finished a USA a little bit easier as things I have some top. He ends in majors but it hasn't run and let you know you're like five strokes back or some like Aetna or more yeah I I I agree with you I I I thought tiger was gonna wind when he when he won majors and and really put it out of reach. But they did Jack's. Greatness and it is still Bowen baby you can always Texas a 67974. On the Coral Springs Almonte attacks on six or 974. Digits is to win goods Dwyane Wade's story that that's coming out of Cleveland here idea that's the all star break brings a lot of my guys are just you know freed in their own idea a lot of the trade deadlines coming on right actually they've gotten rid assimilate the herds in the locker room that they thought aren't there now yeah we're better now. Well that's what's going on in Cleveland in. And gone Dwyane Wade led to one of those turns they're Kirk opens up in Cleveland he might have been a salty Sammy. Plan for the Cleveland Cavaliers he wasn't happy he was called guys down left right apparently. Holds a about that story coming up before we get to that let's get to the accord is he ticket window as promised caller number seven right now disseminate six. 5340790. At 786534. 079 do you in your three of your closest friends are gonna go see Dwyane Wade take on the Phoenix Suns. It's early march Monday march 5. So the accord is he ticket window we give away tickets. Around here all the time caller number seven right now the 786534079. Uga to that story and 6 o'clock headlines coming up next right here on 79 to take. Got a couple segments to go before hurricanes baseball seven I didn't take it. It's the it's the season opener Friday night at the light of giving better. Jose got you'll be on the call your home for our hurting baseball here is the 792 tickets like games throughout the season so. Jozy will be coming up with a little about 645 will be the the pregame we're gonna try to Donald go when Jones dual cross talk here before via. Before he gets the the actual coverage go and so while we got that records of the town as divorce is final season opening day man. Opening day opening and I know that millions of Friday and it's a light should be. Should be should be a fabulous 'cause we've been a bounce around all over the place here. As we all know the events of this week it's been a trying week I think Iran just trying to. You know when it gets eager to get through the weekend. Get to the weekend and just reflect a little bit we are blood drive earlier today I was a huge success. Off from what I've been been told totally ruined Easter broadcasting live up there at the Broward senator. And we had a lot of listeners in the audience we certainly thank you for a for donating donating blood we had partners with her sister stations and just the the great events for everyone out there to give back a little bit. And we raved got got a lot of people that log you out there to give blood so certainly. That was the that was a goal and I think we certainly achieved that so we know we thank you for that the only sector shows 67974. That six of a 974. On the a Coral Springs auto Mohammed text line we have hit the all star break officially here perk it's all star weekend in the MBA which are two remaining tomorrow earlier. About this heat team and there's some good stories at the you feel when galaxy on route four million and gore we get the world and USA tonight in the in the rising stars challenge. And you know bit the the sixers. Today they they have by MBE boos from Cameroon may have been Simmons who's from Australia. Sorry to see eligible to play yes yes so he's he's out there also are. Well Illinois. Let's say I don't remember if I saw him here's the world team let me give you -- tonight tonight is do you know there's not a viewing options of your sports fan out there for not one of the game tonight the canes came here are listening to it you got the you know there's not a lot of there's not a lot. To get your juices gone but this looks like it's going to be you know the the other good good players here. I here's the world team. Bowed and bog. Di di Donna mr. by anonymous is that the oil from the Sacramento you know little bogged down originally around in the league Dylan brock's. From the grizzlies joy OMB's gonna play. But he healed from the policies on the world team. I know he was from Obama yeah only as soon I was muddy area big time Lorie market in these gonna play for the world team Jamal marine. At least from Canada frank make a Levy from the mixed. Of the month to sabonis Dario Sargent Ben Simmons yeah so that's your world team here's the US team. One on the wall mount abroad and our hurts and our plan. Jalen brown. John Collins Chris on Brandon Ingram Kyle charisma Donovan Mitchell Dennis Smith junior Jason Tatum. Florian prince and the air and fox Sorrell Joan Collins and John comfortable only Colombia built on reach and know we have our Robin Wright then got shut out of this game. They did he did that there were there were people that you remember. When the initial all star team was announced and gore on Muslim non it. And we were like man you know these guys elect boards in the east or whatever and then. There are people sexting in going to pay unity you know that on moron he needs the break he was playing in the world championships. It's not you it's nice mobile Ronnie he's being he would be he's been all NBA this is his first all star game appearance. And so yeah you're you're the one who was slayer not not a moron and you. They grow on will say screw the break didn't get out there and play and so that's what he's no ma'am more power too much. I hope we as a a great time out there. Well originally when those labs were released any guy I think he was what was he the second or third guy chosen after the injuries and it's gonna do a second time second or three injuries to I have been three in the singer Kanye yeah I think those three so like you know the first injury allocate delegates and senator OK is there and I'm like listen to be to be a great achievement for not only him but it would build for the team need this kind of a team award the way they play. But I sit at the guy wants to go and take the break that's fine you know. Solving its bills now one of those that has nothing happens raider. Yeah yeah right go out there and enjoy it though right but but I mean. Look. Ideally you would like to get the rest for a first timer. Go out there and enjoy and it's not an investor and you're how old are you today it's a good. Validation for him like an and I heard I'll I mean I kinda laugh a little bit. About about some of the stuff that I understand. Yeah I just tell laugh a little bit and I'm not doing it but I laugh sometimes. Where it's like you know. Oh my god. Glioma brought so want to give me the skills challenge and or so on it's like really do. Leg that is going to all of a sudden he can't make. It's so much for him to show up and and break a sweat for 25 minutes. That is going to be the Rea why he's dead. Like he needs that big of a break where he did throughout you know I think it's like right yet it's funny where it's like you know I I I see like is announcers we'll do the sometimes. When that went old guys are in the games are well they better get him out with four minutes ago because they wanna keep his minutes down and it's like. The guy is run up and down a basketball court. For twenty years. Burn a million times trillion times right you think two minutes. He's really gonna put him over the edge if he's got to write it out two more times of another Edward and there right right and I did likes those things that has rolled my eyes and go. Yes I understand the premise. Oh do you really think about it it's like. Joseph all of we will we got a minute restriction on him so is only gonna play twenty minutes that he played 22 minutes you just go fall to pieces like Humpty Dumpty right. Yeah it and. As you know I again. I get it done that decided funny so it is a little good on that one specific night those extra two minutes are gonna know you you just don't wanna have a pattern of we were gonna hold them to when he minutes and now every night he's playing 22. And before you know it those extra two minutes add up and now old. You know he's way he over the limit of what you wanted to play emperor of the season but on a particular night right those two minutes are not going to kill him. I mean I I just find that's obvious. You know it's really like you guys all over and yet it's the same thing with a pitcher right if if if you've got. Eighty pitch limit and he's on 82 and it's like I let them there's this a bad. That's that's fine that it did say is that you let him go you know ninety pitches every appearance well now you're gonna hook up four months later in the dude gonna need. Medical help put my hand so like yeah I know 119. PM the. So the point eight glory is gonna go up their first class this stay in a first class everything you know and show up for a couple of things. Could you use the rest yes this knowledge he's going to be out there who wrote a rock climbing all we can longer. Murderer you know doing also to crazy things used im gonna play of the game with a defense optional basic gonna run up and and play in a scrimmage. On Sunday and is in a flood Mecca we have the biggest thing is is fine across country that's silly things remain. Joy well MB. If you're the sixers there here's a guy who miss the the heat game with an ankle injury. He's playing and rising stars skills challenge in all star game. Do you do you risk his and him off. You know you have to be patient you know he wasn't happy with the process. You risk pissing him off where these season long good of your team detailed real well all right but you gotta sit out one of these or do you just let him go across a. Lawyer he's go he's as far as I know he's doing all three he wants to do everything we drives that's his communism was habeas start know when you're your daily management. Is that you don't put idea I mean but you're nervous aren't you I would I would I yeah I gas for pets that door well. It is okay he doesn't have the injury his briefer John Doyle is not a lot different yeah I don't know a lot different I mean in my opinion he's a tough spot there I would say this you're also arguably also right on the pick one. Still sounds as his BS. Well I don't know if you eight do you do you pay you know I had an idol at his reggae and as far as I know he's doing all three and they have chosen not sue. Hisham offer isolate them and I aren't a 100% understand that but like we were sale with the dolphins and spending it. This is why you get paid the big bucks when when you're in Philly and you gotta make this decision dude this is your future. Imagine a pin BJ if this dude just twist an ankle but they re at aggravate that injury. You're so I was. They like if you're in Iraq rising stars and all other guys have done in the past like does your guardian also are just really altered and don't do the right to sergeant let some other. Young player get that opportunity. No doubt be if you're the GM and in Philly. It's still parents that's good that's a big decision does do well now he's excited about all yeah from what appropriate because I mean he's he's one he's an excitable guy he's excessively or social media a new young. Grass yeah the next big thing and yes yes you'll and he revealed that Tia so he wants to be in La LA big star. All that stuff but let your guard skills tell her that's like me you for those guys that's what you and I to go walk on the block. Let's not strenuous and probably. Yeah you know if you're a competitor and you're new to the if you want to compete number one and number two if you want publicity either because your selfish or because you want to market a product. These are valuable appearances I agree with you but the actual likes the yeah you're exactly right skills challenge did not mean yeah you could do yeah right you're doing the skills right here you might be at Briscoe are twisting an ankle not even spraining and that's just what's right it's just what does. I do best that's just that's just you tighten your she got a little bit more you you go out and dance I did like to Lille was originally a local for rude. God injure them or swing wave and a share around on us. Age. And better locking your front yeah yeah. The news it's you know in a heat to get her own luck in your doggie. And that's that could happen for frequently I mean that I would sell on the pick but also weakened is here at. That is starts tonight wanna get too though would this Dwyane Wade's story that's dramatically new the first attempt to headline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SS HD true Miramar. Miami Heat remains an eighth place in the east one I have games behind number seven Philadelphia as we are on the all star break here and we're just talking about the heat has to participants and all star weak yen. One is gar Wayne Ellington he's in the three point shooting contest tomorrow. The other is guard war on drug gates he participates in the game on Sunday. College basketball Miami hosts Syracuse at noon tomorrow contains eighteen and seven overall. Seven and six in the ACC. They are coming off back to back losses to Q seventeen and nine overall six and seven in the ACC. Big stretch for them got accused in the nine Notre Dame so quick turnaround here. As far as the Saturday Monday games here so Cain still on track to make the NCAA tournament you guys I would say I was a look at things. College Baseball you -- opens it season against Rutgers at seven at Alex Rodriguez park at mark light field. Pregame stars at 640 by right here on AM 79 B a a moral worth three HD to the ticket pet. What are the chances that a rod and. Mum. A book pretty good I mean I don't know what they're what they're in town but they're definitely. And most are on the first pitch. I think. Oh boy I know that there's been a lot of bomb things going on down there they didn't don't Dave raise a lot of money for. For did the indoor practice facility and Greg Olsen and his wife donated yeah and laid a thousand donated the big mound this week so on this to be laughing at some point there's going to be a right to me out there more than once out of it and how how much. There was disappointment do you think there is now when they run walks in without. It is to. And about Julia Ryder. I can see I've talked ads in Iran but at times editors and zillow right leg up close and personal when I had that beat them via drag and I was yes I know what are analysts say no I must adjust the A-Rod is right they arrived there I oh has it exactly so that's on the list at us and look. Florida Panthers at Calgary tomorrow at the end by the way were Bernal Wong is actually the tigers back man yeah that's that's the cinema hockey knowledge. My Miami Marlins right handed pitcher Dan straight leasing it from spring training today he's glad Jon Karl standing Christian yell which are gone. If they don't want to be here today and good for them they can continue their career elsewhere. Those are your minds out there than the way the stands really story is playing nationally is like that's a pretty big rip job on it you know what I I like that days because it's the Marlins in the game down here it's hard to get excited about anything more talent why is well how I've always happy to hear his tone because the way that I rewrote the story it didn't sound like TC did it in a heap the way it certainly associated. In a matter of bank weigh in an us against the world where if they don't wanna be with us rule I don't want them to more than for a anymore correct I. So will will I haven't I haven't actually seen any video or heard the audio but. You know way in the back and it involves. A New York Yankee John corals and I think that's what. That's what blows it up today you know your from Miami Dan strait Lee you're talking about yell it's who is in Milwaukee who two years but now it's Stanton and it's not just that he's the MVP. If he had gone to the Braves I don't think. Many people were here if if it's dance release is you know basically who cares. I'm glad he's gone but he's now with the Yankees and you talk about more media scrutiny de industry we might be the one who finds out about that or. John Carlo will might have to check they Israelis a timeline on Twitter to see a much. How much Yankee blowback he's gotten permit common. Why we're started to realize and figure out what exactly what how bad it was in Cleveland with the cavaliers before the trade deadline for and that's are you basically prompted them to block their team. This according to Joseph Barton of Cleveland dot com we got channel cobra Joseph vigil on the show before we will do that next week and before there are probably the games before the all for you go again. But good this is the discordant as this is the SI article element reference it from a it's all over the place. But well anyway it was a poorly the first Cleveland Cavaliers player to question the legitimacy of Kevin Love sickness. That forced him to miss some games that according to Joseph Barton of his team for Cleveland dot com. Goes on to say wait report it was a player called team meeting on January 22. Los vote Tuesday Mason explained to sickness and coached highland general manager Kobe Goldman were also lieutenants in the meeting. Isiah Thomas was a member of the cavaliers in the time before being traded was a said the love the national to practice following a ton of four point loss to Oklahoma City on January 20. We need is no longer. With the team up to drain the cavaliers blah blah blah. But here's a part of reports that wade was the player who challenged Lou to disclose. Where love had being when he missed practice. He had that it was a watt quote wide ranging heated discussion in which virtually no one was immune from criticism. I don't Dwyane Wade apparently like OK now when you read this. The incredible anyway and and they're they're they're painting it under the guise of well he never really what do we you can never. He was gonna go from the eighth man to the tenth man in hand and we wanted to do it right by sending him back to Miami. Or an easy here's some of these things and I'm is as a question was weighed part of the problem up there. And not out of the solution. I I I can't until after this story here's what I've being. I think the. The Cleveland had no more use for weighed on the court and and I think that's pretty obvious by the trade. Well I also think if that story is right into Wayne was the one who questioned Kevin love's whereabouts or whatever. I'm all right with that. His hall of Famer Isiah Thomas. A newcomer to the to the tales at the time him questioning that I've got a little bit of a problem with that. He's I they had Thomas this is going way. So and I should say they're both newcomers I just say Isiah a newcomer who hadn't really played much up to that point right. So he had been out with the hip injury so. If Dwyane is the one who questioned Kevin Love I have less of a problem with vet been the original versions of the story that CN Isiah Thomas was the one. Came out and did it so. Wisdom lane 88 troublemaker and all that. This is the only thing that I've seen but. Either way it's clear to me Cleveland had no more use for him on the court. Off the court I don't know. Like he got I mean the last few places he's been in the kind of ripped them. Chicago he was ripped by a lot of his seeming reason and then Cleveland looks like yeah I mean outset LeBron mean. The death was anyway it was about god and that's how bad the situation was a great. We've got his money also put it like the last two stops a no wonder he's going back to Miami on him do this a great place because. Though the the last year and a half from a from a from a a team standpoint other than just playing with the brawn and being around him like nobody else is a live event I've been pressuring. And pressuring you guys. I mean Jim. Is on to say no. I. Well you know I don't know how many I don't know we can paint the Cleveland being like the Chicago being the Chicago being. It was clearly will document and it was the Wayne and Jimmy Butler against the rest of the team. This I don't know if it was LeBron and Dwyane against the rest of the team we we this just say is that Dwyane was the one to. Started questioning that it did they think Dwyane was a jerk know what was it plane made a stink about it. Yeah and CN I have no problem would bet do you have pro HD radio hall of Famer. Isiah Thomas year year relatively nobody is you you hadn't played very many games with that team. You shouldn't be questioning stuff but if the wing when its questionnaire. Idol. I have zero problem as you recall back. It is as guilty like the glass houses the glass houses thing. And it's like you know as in thrown stones as I woes of who wears the conversation when LeBron was like. All day McManaman where is like the on the bronze in the locker and they. You know practice at eleven Lama to be there and nine you with me is like a year out. On May get ten. You know I'll be there 1030 and it's like you know one of those deals that we everywhere it was put in the work of finding was caused teammates. It is though of did the wind was put in the work is one of those. Idol though you know what I I have a hard time what doubting doing ways work ethic. There were probably down Kevin love's. If you don't know why I'm not I'm not doubting Kevin Love I'm saying that won't IA guys that he was sick he was sick we remember that right right yeah but. I'm I I'm not making any judgment on Kevin Love I'm I'm making a distinction between Abdul weighing. Brought up questions Kevin Love I have no problem is that usually the way guys hey Isaiah you. Right it was originally believed Fineman thank you he's like be doing anything correct and does not allow figure out where the bathroom is Sacramento where his locker that that's right I agree by the way I knew. Me it's about Braxton burns during the first batsman a new design alternatives that's that technical. Would you prefer Braxton or. I was some honesty advances our our original also able to my do you know Florida State series or some like. Some bigger wishes our campaign now aren't you Jim Morse didn't get. That's what would you give him for his his last season. Your contribution. I will get owls don't get down get what they run and then you got it around somehow let the Bharatiya SX compiles and sex as Taylor burst its biggest hope is. X does the sex to era. We got offers that's coming up here we exchange baseball for you Rutgers as the season opener is this evening. On we're and we got another segment with you though coming up next right here us have a nine to take. Curtis we're back with. On 79 lead with tickets got little. Could have an abbreviated show for you here today. Because of we got hurricane baseball which is starting up and seven I didn't take is now your home for hurricanes baseball with select games throughout the season including. Ten nights as the season opens is evening down and out Trevor use park and mark Wakefield and out on the call. For his 29 campaign out of Miami Hurricanes athletics he's being Jim Morris already by a couple of years. Jones act is getting ready for the call so we wanna spend a few minutes with would Jozy. Joseph opening night is always special but this season living is this going to be a celebration of three corrects. And I don't have a bomb or egos. That's true and now but but but now he's got to stick bubbles blow your head says Bob. But you have a shake. And now Jim Mora says the shape corrected your shake this season. I think he does you have so it do entire season is going to be a celebration. Jim Morse and deservedly so I mean one of the winningest coaches in the history of College Baseball American. One of the most so winningest coaches in the history of any sport at the college level. I've been to the college World Series fourteen times and got a couple of national championships years so. 125 and final year or. He deserves when he via police there's no question about that a joke. Remember when not Kareem Abdul Jabbar retired and every got a lot of people gave love teams gave them gifts. If Jim Moore's work to get gifts as he goes around. Like what would be the best gift would it would it come from Mike Martin adept as you me and gap were wondering about that what what's cool what they Georgia Tech given the best gift of what would it be do you think. Well with city. If Mike Martin was to give him a gift probably peace sign. It's okay because because we've been accusing each other stealing signs were. I'm which is led to a feud in the that are icy relationship. So probably peace are in between if Mike Moore was a Cuba coach more secure permission remind me please in Tallahassee. Yeah but we would've they've met that medical bed that. Coldplay Joseph stays a lineup and and Martin Palin's bid comes on this big sign that we'll be. We don't lose some like police sixties rural everybody that we and the jokes for years ago they get back to the World Series and Omaha last year. Not the case ending the the streak of consecutive years. India in the post season tournament what's what's so the forecast look for for this season with this roster. Well I think he reloaded the Rosser of the one of the things that happened to them last year. Was. Sometimes recruiting cycle catchup to you and they had. Guys there were loaded. Three or four years ago kind of load up the roster in an all those guys lifted turn pro after three years but because of scholarship limitations. They were kind of in people and filling out their roster a year ago and obviously. It showed up on the field this year. The you re looted their recruiting efforts. They're more scholarships available and I think they've got some very very talented players specially talented players in South Florida the only problem is. The roll you're on there and play six freshman tonight. But six very good freshman. They also have a tree stream from Florida daily races was to be of perhaps their best home run hitter has power hitter and last year they could barely get the ball do you feel they've won guy. They could hit the ball that was Rubin Gonzales and this year I think you won't deal much federal principal. Joseph I know a lot of times people always one and Knoll where is Miami ranked and what kind of a scheduled they have. I thought you know Florida's number one correct at best you might be five North Carolina maybe six Obama sought. Duke in the top twenty you perhaps Clemson but what what about you imam seen them 24 and in one pre season ranking but what about the him. And what about these scheduled the ranked opponents that they won't basis here. Well they are ranked number 24 you are worried about that. And Florida's ranked number 11 always cracks me up his or history they're ranked number two yeah and other very great run the last. I don't know five to ten years they went back to back at the cultural series beyond the early two thousands. Florida the defending national champ. They will be your next weekend so Florida's on the schedule. Mine always opens up of course your turn against workers and they've done that. The last couple of years you have all the teams in the EC season Virginia and Virginia North Carolina are going to be very good genes and then had a conference. Miami as many of them of course the Florida schools FA UN NYU and Florida Gulf Coast if those schools draw were always very competitive. At the ECC. North Carolina or Virginia of Florida seat in dirty. The fighting Irish come here to the ball more so that'll be a lot of fun. Joseph the judge sir did a basketball quickly they got the quick turnaround here. Tomorrow and then and then Monday. And just kind of tells where where this where this team is that now after the loss to Virginia earlier this week. Well I think what we solve the very kind of what I thought we were going to see. Which was very very good Virginia team that's well connected. And during a Christian community destroy the Miami team still trying to find its identity because of the injuries and moving guys in in and out of a lineup. Tomorrow is a huge team. Are against Syracuse. On the next to next three you've got Syracuse. Notre Dame in Boston college and q.s they win two of those three I think. That puts him in the turn. Lose two out of three I think that's in simmer to a bubble there and they don't wanna play themselves out of the tournament. But in order not to do that I think they've got to play really good tomorrow. Syracuse of course plays his own defense ozone is bothered when we all year basically a bit offensively challenged and I'm just story really do think let's face it. Mind he's gonna go probably stores Lawny walker Jacob you play great the other night actively radiance Boston College. They lost both of those teams he scores in double figures that growth we were in the game. How good is Virginia Joseph I mean it is you gotta struggle with that that the that style of play. But is that one of the better teams you've seen him in in your travels here. Yeah I think there I think they're really good better than I thought. Can they win it's. I Virginia seems to titillate the sweet sixteen even so what upsets them but the formula to beat Virginia used. You've got to protect the ball and you've got to be able to hit three pointer jet that are really good shooting day. To beat Virginia at their strength is effectively did that system for a long time I admire. Which only Barry has been able to do it doesn't go for the warning going guy there's over the five star player he's always got older players older scores. They place specific system. Very hard to get them out of their identity and I think that identity is going to carry them a long way as they are forward to play gets especially. We get into the tournament with a short turnaround time. Joseph when you look at Tom though there. The roster and we know that Bruce brown is out is there one guy who get picked up his game whether it's like search fuel of the syllabus or does it have to be a combination of guys understanding that there's probably not one guy who's as good a perimeter defender is Bruce brown was. Yeah I don't think you know there is one guy out of work I think it has to be a collection of players and they were there three and chew without Bruce brown now that the first three wins were because. And money walker played at a different level and and everybody else contributed. Your sworn duty and chipped in sixteen points you three straight games where he was in double figures coming off the bench Chris likes at five games where. He was in double figures and as soft assist to ratio turn over which who warned. And you played well so they've got to get. Certain guys a flurry of guys who play well like whites new to you whatever your horses work 25 against Virginia and then. Bloody walker has to be the go to player the guy that juries in the got a place. Thirty minutes when you look at some of the stories in this league there are coming out there playing thirty to forty minutes a game. And they are getting high double digits that's where. Lawny wok recipe and then apparently the heat. Might these guys get a great get good performances from three or four other players. And if rewards was one of those guys but his last three games I've adjusted the numbers today I think he's over last twelve. From the floor that's pretty tough from Miami to win these are making shots. There is a marketing genius right now Honolulu office down in Coral Gables working on the Jose got a bottle had ninety. I guarantee you Jose. You know what's gonna happen that it's only a matter of time. Joseph have a great call that night and and cocaine saying these jokers think you're big and Curtis will be here on Sunday these are doing rooted in the yes yes but we call I can we depends on there. And I got the I got big microphone to fill for with Jozy he's gonna be in route to South Bend so how we're gonna have a game Sunday beginning at 1245 so I'll be filled in for Jozy salute reported that. It down there and I'll figure out that would last did get that Joe's got a bobbled balls on. It can't get jello to throw the first pitch through those things that's on my agenda for the week another quote it was definitely a look at port that I'm the called. Yeah a bunch of games you are a handful games every year window when Jozy has been. You know kind of doing the basketball thing and what have you so I'll always always enjoyed from a one of my favorite things have been and so now do you. Do you do you mind getting that Sunday game is you know College Baseball you know you best pitcher on Friday then set. Yeah some of the high scoring game run quite quite often right mid so. Yeah you get that you got a long day when the and the eight to seven score and more pitching changes aren't animal you know I've done the Fridays Saturdays are based on baseball. Just know ranked. Or that pressure and trolls and rain that aren't true wrong. I don't know what a waste Iago waste any wishes on I'm on a short game or a no hitter and right just just no rain is re bottom line stay away and his that's only a veteran but the day and yeah but I mean the daisy you don't have a lot of the is they change the bad of your right as it used to be like fifteen to twelve on Sunday. Some of those where to go out where it was yet you had no pitching in dues or does he and off on the Internet right now I mean but it's more under control now yeah you're right. Right but he realizes those alas here we years ago as Reza when you know you get some of the some of the teams come in you know they're not exactly right. Right not exactly on par with my AM yes it would he did he does that bullpen ecologist malvo. You know you might as well have a second baseman pitcher. I agency had laden BP done a couple of games where you in the third game against you know Florida enamored Soledad I don't like the night's vigil probable price. Right you'd you'd like we're going to be here for another hour in town just throw some strikes here are so we dog and you realize you go grab it nice and clean fielding plays right Newsnight. And I it did yes did you mention the freshmen they got a lot of talented freshman there. In the entire infield freshman. So you know use of first time in the history Jimmy sort five freshmen in the infield to see that so he's they got a lot of young team but a very good. Young team as well I just awesome and as we reported Oz soldier put out earlier. On ESPN yeah yeah you know I was like I was yeah yeah and about the new boss and they argue that the ESP and that whole thing I guess on on Derek Jeter yeah. And then taken over the Marlins and we were it was I just all the screens I don't know what was being said whatsoever. They use some audio for Marshall rises and as well as though they use that they had some stuff on I guess that we set a clear we might have been reading one of your text message relax and as a brilliant tomorrow yes they have to get a lot of complimentary it's next. We got a whole lot of you know give Jeter a chance sticks right so I don't know I don't know that I don't know we I don't know we were Tumblr we're reading they say right where you text but I just like obvious we have got Kurz a burqa down on why you are on our you know what's going on here what about the law caught up with me down and I am like yeah. But that's the other but that's the other quick side of the story perked at that I don't I think we've kind of forgotten a little bit gays like the New York media. Baseball media. There's going to be a lot of people looking from all sorts of outside places. On about. Wanna know what Derek Jeter Dunston chuck Michael Jordan bought the bought the Charlotte team where what adorning going to do very how's he going to do in Jordan goes a really did as a really got involved in personnel but Jeter is you know at least early on here there's going to be a lot of oracle a lot of people. Never wanted to know what it was you know do what what's going on now on the air. So like real data from our own prism mom is here in South Florida but you realize Yankee people are Yankee fans like Jeter Jeter really their jitters huge spark an advisory knowledge are jiggling their wanna know what is housed are generally get closer now there's going to be OK let's check in on their Jeter. I mean the Yankees train entail us so I would think it wouldn't be much of your spring training somebody to drive over to. Over to Jupiter and and dom get it you know pick up a Jeter source say they're for two or three days a couple of Jeter story. I think it's GI Joe's Jacki for just a hop and all of us. For joining us here for a few minutes just to the chatted up here a little bit before oh our baseball coverage starts also thanks to many tomorrow for joining us from Los Angeles. Offer all star weekend and at a measly stop by our in a phone Miami Dolphins desires allows them. That you broader coverage as we announcement tough week obviously for everybody and just trying to deal. What happened a couple of days ago but but we just got to keep on keeping on here. On the until they serve I gave blood today in her blood drive but the Broward senator has so well. Oh global do it again tomorrow Monday just before 4 o'clock President's Day. And we got canes baseball Jozy is coming up next Rutgers and Miami on the other side for perk on Curtis you're right here on 79 minutes ago.