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Monday, February 19th

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Talk about its artists and gods and the crew. Curtis and perk hanging with you on a Monday afternoon it's presidents' day kind of one of those sleepy holidays where. Have to be able org and have two people are not kids are out of school and this is one of those days where. I know a lot of you'll take them all weekend but we're forging ahead here perk. We are true professionals here in the worst than incidental says he has worked and they sort all right guys we're like I mumbled. Yeah we're out here are operas as they well to get to it was a busy weekend with the all star festivities out in Los Angeles Lowe will get that down. And the biggest scandals. At the coming out of that arguably you know you know one thing perk it's. Yeah like you see here. And like anything like if you plan and you know you you know you do good planting you do your homework for show you. You know whatever job it is yeah you troubleshoot you do all those things the right steps right and then all of a sudden like you know with SE Friday on paper every weekend you know we will rule will talk about. All on Monday and and then and many even as we do that paper have a great week in and then the the Laura being room LeBron being pops off thing right. Still love the biggest controversy right now I don't know that we are still my biggest controversy of the of the of the biggest up roar of the biggest bank last the biggest reaction. Right I never thought we'd be sitting here on this Monday morning your Monday afternoon the day. After the all star game of the all star break it and the festivities we've talked about Fergie now where you can go in arms about that and the light gray and. You know what not and I never well I'll tell you right up front. I did not watch any of the all star game I think I got a blood literally might have seen about eight seconds of it well as flipping through channels and near the end. But I didn't see the birdie and them I didn't see the quote on quote competitive all star game. I I had no interest but everything I saw from that purge the end them pretty much. Maybe 90% has been negative I I. I haven't really seen anybody say hey take it easy on birdie you know it's a tough job it's just been a real threats. A rip them I actually either you of that bad. Iron eight bubble I still haven't even seen an upper I've heard like a little a couple of excerpts from it but I didn't and I have no interest in about it you I don't wanna. Hero implement it and bring somebody you suck I could do it right I have no interest in men but. It's been rip. And all that was a mean now's there won't talk about that news changes aren't as. It's that is what I would get into a lot of things they read this kind of trying to find funny that you never know it's what you're going to be what what's gonna set the masses. Ablaze CEO on the social. You've grown man and I mean and look at all that he had Kevin Love basically cyanide I don't really have a big problem with. Some what else that we have out there while LeBron ginger is always he runs youth are lost and I was losing on the lakers an area and you know him inquiry on the same team in these things right right again you yeah Europe and ran. It has all that stuff and birdie is like the big. I give this big takeaways I guess that's the biggest lead nationally among us the non sports and ends we're running out of the money is thing yeah I just. Horry and is not just sports story writes I was at a billion now it means National Anthem AV AV if you missed it will play it for you here coming up here was it was kind of a I would call it a it will walls hurt her take on the National Anthem and she really got into their. But nevertheless I just I'll watch some of the festivities spurt. NL's liked you know. I told on Friday the NBA has great job losers wondered party. There's a button but I thought like last night just to miked if I could be. You know famed critic for a moment being in there they're out Los Angeles and I just thought they did that is just a little bit overboard. There was just like you know I mean is like. All right enough is enough here yet this Kevin Hart have like dirty pictures of Adam silver legacy have to be involved and everything. NBA events I'm like seven arts right eye and I think I put does he have to be involved in every single NBA sanctioned events. Kevin Harden is his life. Adds I don't know and I don't get enough Kevin Hart is being is light. You're only going to be hot for a second to get men his age I Grail was like a Steve Corel was like in every free containing. Or like so what three or four years stretch. Clark has expanded and he's he's probably been like I don't know five or six years on the big screen he's been a medium or longer in that. But yet you guys but I don't know I didn't see so idol idol was my guys I was Oscars and I and some De'Angelo like row I had a reference to life. The overexposed Kevin Hart yet spread images and dissolves. I'm rating very unreliable I was wondering there's a music and is the it was just like are we ever gonna get to the actual team took Kevin Bartlett have like an opening segment are opening being put a game room. Yes they brought out I mean they brought out ham and then there are some performance as Queen Latifah I've seen her in about a decade she was out they're doing her thing. They found Ludacris he was out there have. I mean I was MBA also like 2005. It. Out rob wriggle out there doing his thing and mills Los Angeles say they wanted to make it already has our party and about to sit there on this going and and I hadn't. Pot to the said like the game was solid running its warning not like and I had and I had I had a little. Monetary interest in the game last piper yeah yes I'll tell you might write some like oh let's kind of get this thing on board here so. It feels like yields 830 in the rose 35 only forty of the 45 I'll leave that things started to like five minutes and nine when they actually did that ball off. And I'm like aren't we finally idiots this thing in the game was what there was it's all star game right they tried the tried to play it up and and be play actually a little bit of some sort of defense. But it was you know it was there was there was okay. Right cars All Star Games ago but yeah it was just one of those where the legs is the QE the cut it like five minutes is one of those things work. Yeah you gotta bring one to try and overdo it a little bit you know I mean you know. You know we don't we don't need we don't need 25 horses. And ponies at the at the kings they are simply out of me like a general he just slide right right right you know we don't we don't need to when he juggler is. At the the book I the moderates that we all viable possible title and the NBA is just like more and more and more and more. They're just trying to IO gonna ever gonna get to the actual game and they did and UBS is still must. Avery. A bit. But as far as the week here and being among the you know in a sill MLB and N bill. The cause though all of the cross between. Umpire called sir and athletics. And the older players and current players and it it just brings a lot of debt it. I don't know job and is one big party got its all right decide you know and I enjoy the game Iran is. It's a little those little bit a little bit too. It produced only produce yeah yeah his mind is it would be my would be about Germany ever. Anybody or thought thought that last that detects and it's six of an iso four or if you're like purges and really didn't care to even watch the bill 31 got in their for a little run there. And eleven minutes. Two point right which is about would gorge three dead and when you hit it dilutes and you know let Jimmy Butler sat out the games now. It was Jimmy showed up and that would apply it you have similar woes weigh in your room I don't know right that LaMarcus Aldridge played like Foreman yeah nearly in this introduced me you know a couple of just give up your spot when I mean I understand what those guys onto Oprah mean there Roloson was the joke. It was an all star game I think people make too much over the the real game will start here India in a few days and of course the Miami Heat reback an action Friday night. Against a New Orleans. Those couple cool off moments last night in the also named Leo of the furry. National Anthem deal. Embodies somebody sexy in that it. That she didn't botch it is Vince is all she deal was go with a different mood right out of botch it don't remember the words. Right not only to box did well I don't mean she's getting crushed today to all all seen as negative reaction. I'd I'd thing I did figure was bad. I mean you can you can critique it. As everybody does in this world there was an opinion on it wasn't it was an. Rules they embark Carl Lewis I don't know I don't know I don't international away in the traditional singing on it right she put her own spin on it and I guess there is a video of a dream on trying not to laugh my opening. Yeah they they side tires okay. Then the players or were kind of like okay while she's going she's gone down this road a little bit here about one thing for sure she wouldn't find that that that I've what is it that I mean that they do with what the conversation. Refer you are still looking at it this is still like point 1111111%. Of the laid off and I don't know I don't know she's still in that group. Okay new when the dad comes out every year for the prefer the Somalia those photos that I you got Serena and Venus Serena and being Martin when he mark it and yeah right the total by an hour of the owners it was theorized that Alia we got the the U Ross is the big money men in my ears on his friend mayor they'll be like Michael Jordan with the Leo Miami Marlins up. Heard Dan in and Stew and Greg Cody goes from earlier. This week talking about the team they are in Jupiter this is the first full squad workout for the team and a surprise surprise berg looking a lot of baseball power rankings this spring training who usually started Marlon did that last. So not no big no big surprise there I'm just looking at anyone that has them not dead last in all the hello Alfred. Exit I'm looking at the teams that. If if they're in the Marlins are above view. Like what must your fans beat thinking. Like here they're here you see the Marlins are last this like I was what a figure but it our elected in Milwaukee your Islam is like we're worse than the free tomorrow. Or how bad about it right. Yeah it actually like people above below the browns like when you hear that little heat I'm waiting for one brave soul out there you know. Tim Kirch and or robust are all of me your. Or Peter damage or somebody somebody not have denied the Marlins in the in the bottom overhauled and millions in Major League based. Well once that gets published I guarantee you like an hour after it's published Euro on the phone with somebody from the team who you pick below the Marlins explaining why you have dim below the Marlins. The year to write your your your wells are your arms there's some his birth and the Marlins and your management is worse than the box you know I'd like him. You know somebody would call I am telling you somebody. Not necessarily the owner or the manager. But some saw some of this place so it was somebody from that organization would called you like I'm the slow and they can we talk about the likely what are you doing here like why do you have a below Omar. Right when you're drinking during the writing this this rank near where the marred by those tomorrow and the worst but they had their first full squad. Work out today Bruce Sherman spoke today. Also Derek Jeter are burial Josh Freeman was up there below the double Frito at some point here and undergoes the up. Highlights and low slavery some of the low lights some of the first day of spring training with the with the full squad move forward continue on this President's Day 2 of the 4 o'clock. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS at this age age old Miramar. Monday he returns. Action from the all star break Friday at New Orleans yesterday at the all star game he Dora were on drug it's two points eleven minutes of action. That's the three point shooting contest on Saturday Wayne Ellington had seventeen points. But he didn't make it out of the first round he did make nine consecutive shots it will. Gotta go there for a while I did not get a chance that that there's just we talk about this on Friday you're trying to handicap these things it's so hard in every point running it's this cool. Those guys can stroke it in everything from Saturday I thought it went pretty well yeah. Yeah Saturday went pretty well there was this thumbnails guys could stroke and he's good what good every embryo that he he got didn't Klay Thompson eliminate him to play I'd like eighteen that was the last children the first round must our call him when he was right in the elements to the second round though the only thing you only do those spots is on America yourself. Yeah you wanna get out there are suitable to air Bowe who out who have the bad was. Lowery who Kyle Lowry had a rose you have Lowery had a bad yet yet the bedroom. College basketball Miami and Notre Dame. 7 o'clock tonight. Pains eighteen and eight overall seven and seven in the ACC now riding a three game losing streak Notre Dame sixteen and 116 and eight. In the ACC might be their biggest game of the series and you have this busy this is a big one because armed your. You take the basically reduce themselves from a sure win and what three weeks ago two weeks ago and now a team that's on the bubble. And did you guys what North Carolina let you got some good good opponents left in the ACC tournament. But now you probably imposition of what kept you might need to. You might need to win 21 games now yeah I'm doing things at eighteen and A com. Did you know I got to beat the ranked teams I guess right the North Carolina still on the schedule. And. Got an early on Virginia Tech Virginia Tech is still on the air seemed like there was another. They'll have they'll have but they'll have one more one more road trip to ago. Before the before the ACC tournament but I mean if you're Miami. You know you're 77 in conference play we hand and that there there and we. We thought Tintin Vick read maybe nine victories gets to include in CAA tournament in the conference. But EM Miami has been a spot where they're they're almost in a spot where they need to beat these ranked opponents right. At Notre Dame tonight and NBC. Later on this week's senior at North Carolina and then near Virginia Tech and home household average receiver to take your take German home a big usually homer game but lose its general you just you don't wanna go on the slide in for everybody that's. The semi here for everyone for every analyst everybody says while they're playing their way in the hand that means they're taking somebody else is spot and in some ways playing their way Al now so the hurt things don't wanna be one of those odd teams on the out and you never wanna give. No matter what it is you wanna give the committee any sort of reason to doubt unity don't come selection Sunday so big game tonight I mean in north Notre Dame has been out with a without the mr. Bob Nicholson and for about a month and a half now. It's a good team it's tough place to play Miami's underdog in the game but Syracuse didn't play well Saturday at all right channel lifeless performance. Be nice to just bounce back and and whose district and I. Giving zones of kind of hurt them against Virginia and Syracuse zone and I haven't Bruce room is heard most of scoring a minute right aero sport and that's going. Continue with these headlines Miami Marlins position players report for spring training today in Jupiter the Marlins opened their spring training schedule Friday against Saint Louis now today. Marlon CEO and the Marlins chairman Bruce Sherman spoke. Ruth Sherman seated quote from my perspective I think the management of the team has made all the right moves. Take that what it's worth finally Ray Allen did ten time all star was NBA all time leader in three points made was named among thirteen finalists for the basketball main. The other twelve finalists Grant Hill Jason he would Steve Nash Katie Smith Tina Thompson Maurice Cheeks let beat Brazil. Rhett Reese you Evans MOD Rudy Tomjanovich Chris Webber and Wayland Baptist University. Those are your headlines. You and you went all went off finals on the owner and yeah yeah do you. Wayland Baptist men has a Texas school I'm I would assume that's the women's basketball team they used to be dominant. Back in the day there were one of the original women's team the the best ball a little different they're by assaulting this kind of this this. They have everybody that we always say it's not the NBA hall of fame you know basketball hall Payne died in your actual basketball note though I had denies. There's high school coaches veteran Ryan has since it's international it's women it's merely. Women's coaches from me in all Slovakia and the seventy you know and they won a couple of gold medals is in there and all that stomach and a fine but it just like like you know you have yet that take. The collegiate career and all the international career in the Olympics all that other stuff. Like Chris Webber legacy all Famer like it on the surface Null. You know five time all star in the MBA he was very good player. I'd. Was it you ludicrous to overhaul favorably than you look at okay Michigan's fab five. Transcendent team. You know to back to back considerably championships when he was a freshman and sophomore studio North Carolina. Any kind of factor those things into a new you know maybe it is maybe it is but. But some of those other guys like Nash your back to back him your back to back him BP and mentally and Grant Hill pilot who had a knee injury plagued career and MBA but his college career was was deteriorated grant. And groom make it way down personal trainer Ray Allen is gonna make it to racing here was no brainer made it now psalm. We had lefty Brazil. Old school college we know she's challenged by you do from. Jim in this she's the Baylor coach the bailout measure yeah. She's currently they have some nice teams now so we'll. But yeah ray ray down there who want our guys are not yet he can no brainer on in his years in Seattle and an Eagles of Boston wins title when he comes here. Yeah yeah he seasonal prince rails to reassure all time via radio talk about it. Pretty good on that road until stuff and you know some those early guys take. Take a mail eventually are just getting started here on a Monday afternoon not to get too. We got a text messages here that were no. That really get to hear on the other side to a text shall we might encourage a text messages. At 67974. That 67974. On the Coral Springs on Mohamed Texan right here on 7926. Back here on the sixtieth person hurricane which you can always sex is just 797 form. John about on this Monday afternoon. Hoover boys weekend was sensational joined the ticket and tri rail. For baseball would be about this five lucky winners and they're against it when a chance to see a spring game between the champs from Houston. And Atlanta on Saturday February 24 coming up this week at 105. At the ballpark of the Palm Beach is wonderful ride the tri rail with bees to the maggot. Go O'Neal park stop. And take a free shuttle it is furry that's right free shuttle to the game. Listen to them and they show from one to three pretense to win baseball would be brought to buy and some ninety the ticket. And. Tri rail. He's only beast. I would be into that's that's me at least in the Richard tunes for delegates should. Spring straining man I have an item about. I care less how went to a spring training game. We have won a couple of years ago when I want to go again this year loves retrain their training is really cool if you get up there and we used to having years ago. The Yankees were down in Fort Lauderdale. The Orioles were down here and it was a slight there was just. Therein that the time really the million they we have a professional team in the marlin. So it was nothing to go over into the Fort Lauderdale yankees are or should or see the Orioles are. Just take off they work and drive knew it I got a little bit further. Depending on where you live. But I armor one of the best things perk to what I'm our drink college. It was when spring training roll around. And that's army air basically. We mailed it in as far as the classes were concerned right right right that's that we just basically I mailed it and Mary end of the year we are showing up to much much of anything else. And we would and where it's going live we I was. The Lake Wales Florida just unsettling for what Blake wheels Florida and and we would do is what we do we do we get in the car at like 8 in the morning and we were just loaded up you know with the drinks and sandwiches and food and Soledad and we would go. And we could probably go we're trying to hit like three or four spring training games for the entire day while the he had the length and the league Lakeland tigers you know where 105 like the Indians were at the time we're like Winter Haven go. You had. You we have the Tampa Yankees you know Houston with a I think he used it was sitting Kissimmee yup and there it was all within like a 45 minute drive to go like 0105 deemed illegal for a five humility goes I don't know I'm game. And it was it was the best time ever. And see all the fans all the snow birds come down and watch all their teams. Now we would just go out there and you know for like fifty bucks you know yet taken here sit out. If they look for the Dayton and you know yelling at 1010 dollar seater seven bucks he what are what you sit on the bleachers. And just and just watch all the guys when does is still the best this members of spring training. Yeah and and everybody's optimistic. And don't let the grand all that stuff Raleigh and had a good seat it's a small intimate setting. It is great man I I'd look guys. I don't when I when I go home to San Antonio me in my dad's still go to a minor league games of the missions which are used to be double lay of the Dodd who were long time now to AAA by. Yeah we always go to a game there are on spring training and minor league ball. Top B went up to be it baseball still has a mean still great outspending me and outstanding. I'd love to have intimate setting you know it's a small stadium men and you can hear a lot more it's it's just a different. Atmosphere is that's a lot more rim the allies. More neighborly as far as the Conn says it's not this big slickly produced money making machine you know it did some the midst. Wave more local Lynn in friendly and a little more outlandish in in promotion and and and all kinds of stuff like that every does bring to. Payrolls are always those are those those those troops who's the Megan just. And a lot of teams have since moved out to Arizona being an odd teams now share to connect share Missoula and policies share facilities. But you know this is like deal night late ninety's and early 2000. The mean you had so many teams just up and down you know and rentals little towns in Florida. And you just you know in twenty minutes we you'd be at somebody else's ball part of another 25 minutes to be of some bills ballpark and just and just having a blast or 67974. Retirees is on the crossroads on Mohammed text line. There's rights and overly produced question mark or overly critical on your part question mark. I just thought it was a little bit much of his that I mean I didn't and that ripping it or is that there was little bit much there as far as the NBA. Are going out there and just you know Kevin Hart had a crack a joke on every guy that he introduced an erosion right. All right you know outlook but I enjoy a good party does much in the next guy I like I'm kinda in there and I know whether it'll do for me. But I'm there for like the game yeah yeah so like when they say I did get a warning and then it's like 840 and usual game yet I'm like OK what do we do on her like yeah yeah at least get this thing going a little bit here. Yeah it's doubling up you appear yet viewed him you're all about the game because that's not what NBA all star Isabel Michael Douglas baseball all star Isabel. Com. It bill is getting more into the celebrity aspect of it but in a bill is just hard as nobody hears us at the end of the season. But but Tom yet NBA is definitely about. It is about are really. It it's. Almost it's about me a basketball lifestyle and it's almost a lifestyle week in as opposed to a sports we did. Yes I mean and and we said I mean emir has done a lot of incredible job. Of making it one big party that on Friday night and continues through throughout. Throughout yeah there's going to be some lesson there's going to be some music are going to be a celebration of the international players that are in the game. There's gonna be legacy of older players come and back and and playing a role in meeting with the younger players that by the way the rest some players did meet. This this weekend at the all star. Oh but doesn't sound like Denny being got done all sound like it was a little on a typical meeting in any business where you go in there and you. And you come out you're fired up and you got new ideas and they hold up for like three weeks and then I. While it goes back to the way illustrate. A sudden asthma what I think is gonna happen here. Dennis is that there are trees like tell drama stop yelling at us and then they'll stop giving empties that's pretty much. How's it ago Howard Beck is gonna join us from Bleacher Report one of the the best NBA. Writers around he's gonna stop by here at five point we'll fifteen minutes we heat with him. And last you about second half of the season and now some of the NBA storyline here is we element of of of an extended break. With the weekend there at the U a lot of time to think about the Miami Heat do you feel any better. About their situation actually argue look at the NBA standings last couple days haven't changed. So there there there's no I presume a number he still teetering there you go out of wells in the twelve out of the wells in the playoffs nothing's changed there and I don't do you feel any better about their about the precarious. Position and I ask you this tonight as the audiences as well as we who I mean. We finish up the second have a disease I'd say this is the second amnesty Leno or Maryland where they got the stretch yeah yeah. This it was a 24 games left Pristina home and on the road there's the breakdown right there. What has to happen for them to secure. In your mind a good playoff spot. So I don't know it's all about expectations on you if you know there it's a 45 win team for you for me it's a little bit I that a little bit better maybe getting it to 4748 yeah but what just happened to say get home supportive as what has happened for them to. Two to be you know a us what would you say you wanna avoid the top three teams if you can't. Did you well I was around. I'd probably Cleveland has probably back emit now. Yes yes I still being that. The the seeds of three or by six. All have a decent chance of winning the first round series yes that means a 63 upset. I think that has a chance really. Yeah I really do normally do and then look at me I mean number three could be Boston's I don't know arsenic could be a number six beat Billy. Lugar and soul you know bid I'm not saying the stimulus that it went there a Boyden the thing that needs to happen where the heat from. You know I think they need to get a three point shooting were no I would like proceed from. I would like to see her son become more of the late game factor because appears is. The the mismatches that he creates. Mom. Back have poured all news has to get has to give more patient. Yet to me it's it's a three point shooting that's that's the thing with me and and I know that you know scold spoke kind of looks at it as we've got to get the the penetration game going first. Because we already driving to three point shooting team. And and you wanna play inside out that way I don't think there's much wrong with the penetration game I think it's what happens after the penetration game. For example just as Winslow not finishing at the rim. Or gore on penetrates into it's it out and Tyler misses the three or Ellington misses the three guys. To me it's the three point shot. Okay and I mean they've that you you live by that in the right thing says. Right and and they they have problems scoring. I anyway. But when that three point shot is not balling now you really have problems scored. So I I think just three point that's what I wanna see improvement he does not being needs to improve first and then proof that governor my question well yeah I think so. Ellen Susan ness shooting slump right now so you would have to bring that you're shooting and improved Tyler. You know Tyler and James Johnson really our day in slumps or is this who they are well that's that's the that's going to be questioned bad it's not gonna get a lot of playing time we know he's in the mission shooter but he's not gonna get a lot of playing time milk. The only way he's a factor probably is that there's an injury and you don't want that. So I think yep probably come Ellington and Tyler and James are the three that need to improve. Amir shooting and I've been ellington's will come around think he was 17 in the league game against Billy before the break he's been an extended slump. I have made and him Tyler and James. We'll see. We get a couple of text here on the quote from the monitors and they put that they don't the the deadly down the competition I targeting a few of a 100% 100% agree with that. And that but I mean but that's the thing with the Siemens sold its soul. I guess not for a frustrating is a word but also just kind of mind boggling at times is. You don't feel you know how good are they to play down their competition but when Philly and Miami play the other night only last week. You are using they played down to Philly or. I think Philly and let's go to dinner yet Billy's appeared no no no they didn't know that the older Atlanta brook in Orlando. So a couple of seconds and now that about perk that I don't want that I was to let us know that's the thing it's a game and totally read those things they should be fine. Well I I think it's yeah well I don't know about. They should be buying it's that you can't let those games get away. That's that's the big being there is. And to me it's it's mental it's not it's not physical it's you have a lead on Sacramento or UC Sacramento on the schedule. And it's a middle being a man. Am not necessarily go to blocked out here Abby you know what you need to do in this heat team doesn't loaf. They're not lazy. They just let down mentally because you know against Golden State your always gonna remember any to blocked out you know dream on is behind me you're it would dollar derail. He knew that you slowly when a cell for Peyton coming over you're Evan 48 year old you don't block out to those games get away from you. That's there I just think we have a lot of players who are very inconsistent. And some nights they played great in some nights they look like journeyman. On this roster. Whenever you when you have a Tony four point lead in Philadelphia. More often than not it happens occasionally to really good teams or not you you find a way to win that game. You know you okay aliens down at twelve gets down the seven okay now we're gonna finish this right and who is and we talked a bit closer in a finisher but who's gonna really take control Maginnis is no I'm not going to let my team blowing 24 point lead where I am going to. I am going to install I will on this game and win it. And who is that players young blood through close around and then you know closer OK you can use that word but just in certain spots in the game was going to say okay. I am going and I'm not going to let this happen and do they have enough of those players and are they do them enough of those players were good enough. To do that on any and any given night I would get to as the more these coming up here our backs gonna join us here in the in the 5 o'clock hour as as well. Also or gonna go with a Josh Freeman he was up it. I'd Jupiter for the the Marlins are first squad worked out full squad workout sure he had the the other name tags out they're trying to figure out who was too. And that and that Marlins up marlins' roster below did a check in with freely or did they go seal sights and sounds of the first. Full squad workout of spring training all that on the way right here on 790 the ticket. Once you are listeners about let's make this nation as great as possible. We recently sent out a survey by mail to all members of our insider club so check your email please take the survey if you're not a member of our insider club join now. By logging on the ticket Miami dot com and we'll re send out the survey QU. We may not care about these two bullets. Or staying. But we do care about your opinion on game 79 up from 104360. To take it. So please take that survey for us and police say that Kirk should get a race that's that's the most important thing that's and that's sir I. No I'm not know I'm not gonna go against nobleman united turn that down yeah. I mean you know. That's more money more money more money more money more money and more money money money my money on what seems like the off season that's also been about for the Miami Marlins it's been about money money money money money in a fairway in a bad way finance. Is that we of the sale of the team. And and who would have thought after we rid ourselves of Jeffrey Loria that we'd be in this predicament predicaments. With the with a baseball team as the full squad workout. It was their first one today and it's always a big day in their doing all the Yankee stuff and they you know it over in Tampa laden. I mean there's singing the praises a long of their offseason moves. Hey we are yet again with our baseball team. And it's all just it's all bad news and 100 loss season on the horizon. But Derek Jeter Bruce Sherman spoke today and they had some other that's a couple of interesting things decision. And organ and yet that here in right now Derek Jeter. On some of the moves are made this offseason what the fans think about it. Mentioned the fans' response we've gotten great response from a lot of fans as well I think that narrative you start to change that every single fans upset. I've met many fans of the last four months. Also the patients that I understand what were cooler head that they're giving us a chance I think mentioning that all fans are upset that speck could be two. I do think that that's fair and do you think that that's her 100% for area on Jeter's tell us. Again that's not go overboard when Jeter and Sherman and say that everybody down here hates dumb and everybody down here is against them. You know my opinion on this cap I think. I think the majority of the people were complaining the louder as the belt the Marlins don't even give a damn about Marlon. We're gonna go to a game this year anyway probably didn't go to a game last year they just hear Marlins and what a real. Ones yeah. Right I mean why firing Billy the marlin eliminating that that that seat creature rate errors while like I'm gonna rip him for that stuff. I used to say this whose years ago that we lead the league in bitching right because everyone looks good shots and good at the old plays out and praying odd super hot and cause no parking lot. But I and I got a great Monday to watch the team an area so I was like elicit an ice W the you wanna go really go to him right the only little earlier rate. And ever sell on the radio and told people what that it would look to do what not to do is let's who would their hard earned money meaning panic level when he might tell me what to do in my arm and it. So you know now they got the new stadium and out you know there's there's still has people is there an easy target they're easy to pile on here's Bruce Sherman on the the the fans thinking the same way that they're coming around a little bit on not on their front. I realized that the stands are disappointed that some of the trades that we may be we understand that but I seen a change that people understand were building up for the the future here this sustainable. Not just for a month but as for a week but just for a year but to build something great for the future I'm really excited to be a part of that. Okay and that's why that's all well and good and here's my biggest tears in my in my biggest question with this group is what are you building. What is the end what are you building what is the. You know it is like asking him. All right of these guys turn into stores are you going to pay them. I mean. What's wrong with a question though what because you look that's out of though well I don't know Leo outlined here here's. Here's why because of they say yes what's your response or not. I. That's your so it's like what what and they say like that to me what I wanna see from the Marlins is. A team with some some players who appear to be going somewhere. Here they lose a hundred games this here are really don't like what you expect from this group. That yeah so I don't care like they did they meet expectations by losing a hundred. I don't care that's not to me that's not the object of this season. You wanna you wanna find out what you have going with this team right. But here's the tricky spot that their and and and I heard I heard van into him and Ingrid Korea they're talking about this on the best though earlier. And l.'s from earlier last week. That. You know is this just one big shell game where you know it's just gonna be. For years now they're gonna rip apart again and after attendance is dreadful for four straight years and is gonna is gonna Major League Baseball law you know of and nobody cared a baseball South Florida it just is this is what we know what happened in Montreal essentially and then they and that that city got a raw video based and and different or is behind that. Ironically but. Here's here's the tricky thing for them as icy. There's nothing that they can do in the next two to three seasons. To win any trust with the baseball community. I don't think that's true okay what can they do come you win it on caught with their financial structure what can they do. You can show people. That you are building a nice farm system in getting nice prospects and here. That's that's what you can do to show people that we know what we're doing okay he expects them to win a World Series in two years but you have to show that you're on the way up and you know what you were. But at some point partner has to be a financial commitment from ownership long term. So what I mean by that there's nothing that they can do in the next two or three years. Is it also gonna go out and and an increased payroll by fifty million next offseason. Right you know it's Oreo and so. When they clean up this mess and I use air quotes and guys that they inherited right you know and this is this is me being being. Giving them the benefit of the doubt your big cleanup and asking which is gonna take a couple of years. Did what do they do. Then do they make a commitment if a player turns out. Do they go out and get up a pitcher if the team is close at the trade deadline and take on extra salary they're not gonna do that here in the next two or three years to pay. They're they're trying to clean up the mess that they inherited when he said and being. They're not going to be competitive anyway because all of this is the reason mutually team this couple years that I can be into it any sort of range to to make a move that would put them in and the playoff content right now they're gonna be on a loss team for the next couple years every dreadful. So there's nothing that they can do in the end to a baseball fan right now and I as icy for the next two even three Vivian four seasons. That can say somebody who is at all. OK I trust them now all I see that. I think improving your system is the big thing you do today because you're you're trying to rebuild. And so what I wanna see as they as they bail and is well. Where's this rebuilding starting the rebuilding doubles start by eight going out and getting a seventeen game winner per eighteen million a year the rebuilding starts. In your arm system I wanna see these prospects wanna see the guys. You scaled it and that you endured your coaches are developing. And ended Indy Derek Jeter Bruce Sherman mold my word or idea. But but I think those are two different things one is do you trust baseball the baseball people to do their job well they've got to that enemy it'd be do you trust ownership that there are committed to this market and they're committed long term to doing everybody right those are two different things but take the second one making an answer right now. Right you can't yeah loan terms married that's what not to buy what does nothing that they can do for the in the foreseeable future they'll make people say well you know what I trust these guys you know what I am going to buy season tickets. I am going to invest emotionally financially. Probably a vote in my time into Marlins baseball. There's nothing that they can do that drizzly. We I don't know for me premiere you show me that you know what your doing and if you show me that as they expand. You'll give me some reward again on discounts and and I'm partying or on concessions just show me. Look there there's nothing they can do in one season or in one promotion or anything like that. It's it's steps you're taking steps you're showing me the two got prospector showing me that you hear about my hard earned dollars that you'll give me a break it takes steps like it. Are we're gonna we're road check he would just Freeman he's open Jupiter with and you'll get the dozen of the highlights airs. Jeter and Sherman or speak and also Donnie baseball Don Mattingly spoke today men and other players also again with free also Howard Beck. Our NBA senior writer for. While Bleacher Report he's gonna stop by here it's an MBA story lines with him his move into the opposed all star break. NBA commissioner and sore floated the idea about a change in the playoffs and I was. Very interestingly enough that last howry things are so busy 5 o'clock hour coming up right here on seven and ticket. Yeah. Yeah. Those and that's. Romberg and hammer every morning right here on the ticket every chance to win special snags as you the best thing. The beach volleyball players in the country and the world on Fort Lauderdale beach as the beach major series takes place on Fort Lauderdale beach. From February 27 through march 4 for more info on this amazing adventure of the ticket mime dot com and over its listeners as a lumber and amber when your way and brought you by aims of and I mean if from 1043. HD to the take it by the way perk I have been able I was able to snag some of these some of these tickets for the beach. Volleyball major series. Race and these are lounge tickets are for march 4 this is a 300 dollar value. I got a pair of tickets in my hand here that we're going to be giving away were to do that the 6 o'clock hour. So heads up. We where a we're able to can you know was there may be an out here real litigants in drawers and and it's not as they don't do full around here and I got to take its here's a really give those away. Here. 300 dollar value to to them and Melissa's as a Romberg and amber every morning for four more tickets was last year come up in the sixth like our rule out all. Give you an opportunity to win those we got a busy 5 o'clock hour Richard when Josh Friedman here from Jupiter. On the first full squad workout for the Miami Marlins in just a moment plus Howard Beck is gonna join us in about. Five Taiwanese dual fifteen minutes with of heat and NBA with him coming off the all star break but first look at the 5 o'clock headline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SS HD true Miramar. The Miami Heat returns action from the all star break Friday at New Orleans. You guys probably know what happened with the heat over all star week in right more on drug it's two points and eleven minutes and yesterday is all star game. Wayne Ellington didn't make it out of the first round of the three point shooting contest almost made it out. He ended up with seventeen points he hit nine consecutive shots. During one stretch but again he didn't advance out of the first round still good time had by all by alt key representatives. You know I'm not giving up there in the mirror yourself nobody got a teacher like they're running back safe and sound here for the real basketball both on their first all star experience. All star game in my eyes on so you as a good to be amended to them college basketball Miami at Notre Dame at 7 o'clock tonight. Change eighteen and eight overall seven and seven in the ACC riding a three game losing streak. Notre Dame sixteen and eleven overall six and eight in the ACC. At this and not have the passion of that football and they had in the full no of this Miami Notre Dame though when the stakes aren't as high the is and is still Miami noted is a big Hussein. Is a big game for the change an entry entry here and neither do their own in the wrong direction come dumb tourney time here you wanna be. Sending out these sending their so. Nice road win would really help them here down. Stretched Miami Marlins position players report for spring training today in Jupiter the Marlins open their spring training schedule writing against Saint Louis. We'll talk more about that in a second with Josh Friedman who's coming up. In the meantime I'll tell you this Marlon CEO and Marlins chairman Bruce Bruce Sherman bowl spoke today. One of Sherman school was from my perspective. I think the management of the team has made all the right moves. I live to chew on that for a second while I read this last have line. Ray Allen the ten time all star was the NBA leader in three pointers made at 2973. He's among thirteen finalists for the basketball hall of fame. Among the other twelve finalists are grant field Jason did Steve Nash and Maurice Cheeks. The class will be announced on March 31 in San Antonio Opel board immune spinal board those are your Hitler. 67974. That's diary just on the Coral Springs auto detects. Let's head out to be right feels announcers who resorts guests lined there virtually steps beyond convenient that's refined our main man Josh Freeman who's up in Jupiter. Our reporting on the Miami Marlins their first full squad workout today in of course junior freed 00 week nights we don't have via Miami Heat conflict. Has his own talk show but each and every evening during the weekdays from seven to ten he's not on tonight Greg likens isn't because Friedel. You're the Jupiter are things Frito. To help on the way out of the Greg likened urge action and then a couple of hours seven that is all you recap but what I want to thank. Well you've been a part of many of these throughout the years. What what was it that what was this one light as far as just. The players we all know what's gone on here during the last couple months and how different was this from the from the previous spring training you've covered. I need it our roster I needed. And I'm not recognize. Little bit and it can't go to Google placed a locker I don't know a lot of these guys aren't really did you know he admitted it can be steep learning or images. Is coaching staff they're like a lot of space there's you guys think should happen and rob so. It's not an earth shattering number but their whole lot of new pay a lot of guys that are whipped this marlin organization. And finally. But the very first aren't so they've got a lot of debate galore there. Roster spot open. We know. Really you're out there win though Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter is today. Your picture as a matter of fact is on sun sentinel dot com you you're right yeah you are you were multitask and their your your hole and they a phone as shooting some video and holding an audio Brooklyn so. Good job by you what stood out above all the beings that each of those guys see that what stood out whether rip was encouraging or just ridiculous. Well Jack it certainly try it one more time out between a ball really must decide what if I looked at the children shiny neutral usually. Smaller. I'd probably say the same thing. Earlier that light green who at all and Saddam is on board I'm on every decision. Actually I guess he has veto power and I don't think you ever gonna veto anything that that you know Jared shooter recommends human Jeter of course social ills that as an ornery. Veto that I'm not sure you also say it won't work in this short term profits were sorting goes against. You know I you know each taking money out of out of copper put it back pocket and it goes against. What are probable charger Kool green or are Giricek said you know war we're gonna make sixty million dollars in profits I mean I just wonder some of that is gonna go back into the you know the older pockets salt. Yeah that that super Sherman is that those are the big things he owns. You know you talk about or you can bet Miami Dade County about suing the Arab and Gloria all that. And and Georgie Peter spoke to look this or not do that you don't know. Odds are also saying oh they're both did it. You know per share percentage shooter set at a million dollars for a long all. You know and they are just after she will be yours or the results are those friends and pretty quickly you're starting center Gilbert. The other guys their shirt the guys were hurt for the morning guys they traded shares took a wait awhile and see those decisions that we get back dictate. Josh Freeman joins us from Jupiter Marlins opened up cause spring training first full squad workout was today. The spring training is a time of album optimism for everybody. You know who voted what is what is kind of goes up there and for the players and for Don Mattingly his staff five is are there certain things at. They wanna throughout there are they kind of runs you know Garrett resigned to the fact that yeah our probably underlies baseball club is going to be out of. It really didn't go back to ensure student or are you know saying it. You know you look back at pictures from the outside noise I think a lot of on this bellas. You don't think a Hummer loss team there's probably. You know it it could happen it really could happen you have it you know soccer games you're in Britain the worst record in baseball. Well look we deepen the debt slowly and Sheikh. But you know there's a lot of people say to add an end boards like a really bad he says now worker beat bad at eagle expectation that the outsiders they commit at least I don't care. What anybody else says. So they hear they know it they've also of course there social media. But always sure about the guys are really what would you expect a mystery out of expect anything else shall we day. There are gonna say that but let's be honest I mean is it you're you know this is going to be a victory challenge seemed sure. What Jamaica did Australia's comments and then he kinda buck doubled down on the if you don't wanna be here than those guys and get out of here speaking of stand at some of the others or traded this off season. Well I reached out to the guys clarified its common sense. You know you know it may be tried to smooth things over I think everything I ideology and and and stand. But you know your ticket you're god it security company and somewhat watch how. There are trying to get out here you know I mean you know you could pick your marketable shall we couldn't do. Then they should work out front of anybody want to help labeling guys that does anybody want somebody who's. Accenture and the beat her in malcontent staying around saying boy I wish I was gone. Now would be interesting to see the relationship. Between Israeli. And maybe some other guys who delegitimize and treat your own so we don't know his agent but he never asked virtually we taught him a fair test at all the right things. Was surprised that chart those conversations got on a what they are they or he didn't and I asked perjury. It's we don't. Youth you dealt with baseball fans more than I have my interactions are hard earned regarding dolphins and and some heat. But bold Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter made comments to the back today that hander coming around their way of thinking. Have you I don't know everything is you've talked to whipped into a store you know pro I don't know you know today you'll probably just doing Marlins Jeter and Sherman but. Do you agree with Tim do you get any sense. That aliens are coming over to their way and and our wheels media wage who closed minded not listening to some of the positive Eddie that might be coming from prince. Couple voice recognition measurement and you have also per short comment they would surely Louis. There are and I got it should or should I eat the case and I wish the media was more positive about the moves we made a great Bruce. We're here which you know cheerleading out OK or not your toe the company line or say what we think. And and and Derek Jeter's at all honest answer coming around to me over the last four months and same eBay they are important or are on the station's original page. You know they understand a word dueling it out patients and their gonna it was a chance. Well I want post quotes like I put things like that re actually on our FaceBook page that judge as a measuring stick. I don't see it it's the understanding it and he's talking about because retirements are overwhelmingly. Negative in response so I make it we don't cheaters quotes. Yeah people just don't understand I think part of it urged all part of that is which is movie so we charged for the past that this is just the latest sequel. And he no bearing import double play because of what happened before he got here. You know what that's just touched it maybe it's balls. But this latest chapter. He's got embarrassed aren't the only sport and a lot of bands don't understand why 77 win team and skirt down to the bare minimum. Prado thanks for jumping out with a sand no realism and 715 very Jackson Greg likens will be on and you'll be you'll be talking with them and then you'll be back out tomorrow and an almost but you'll be back from you grew thanks Frito. Josh Freeman right there reporting live from mud. Jupiter just up the road here in in South Florida outside of marlins' spring training first full squad workout was today Aybar Sherman the owner spoke Derek Jeter he spoke Mattingly just bore all the players to Weston once they were heat's trio recognize. Yes yes that I still wanna make it up their man and I look Astros are up there was called the world champion Houston Astros so I. A look pork to to spring training I I really do so I. Stated since baseball man you're a baseball fan yeah yeah. And here's meridian trouble here during the season. You're a baseball fan you're not a Marlins fan that there's some OK in the the problem is there's not a lot of Marlins fans and you're done now that's at that many say that's a huge problem right let's say you lose so I baseball baseball really haven't mom announcement. Yeah how old go. You know. I had a heart brought time. Reconciling that I was giving my money to Jeffrey Loria. And actually last year I didn't go to a game but that wasn't by design that went into some things that Gloria. That was just because it did state gets tough you know when you're on the radio till till seven and you know but anyway. I wanna go this year I went two years ago I. I do have a heart I did have a hard time saying I'm given my money to amend that I don't like but in the end I like Major League Baseball more. And so I go out there for the experience stadium has absolutely fantastic best salute Ian South Florida. I haven't the time of the game and I lulls in Major League Baseball so I will be out there again this year. Note if you guys if he boring your vote them with a lorry excuse that's no longer it's no longer and well yeah yeah indeed let's get a new excuse low you lose are you gonna just did take out the name lorry in insert the name Sherman or insert the name right out like really good right right exactly you can make its users all you want either. Either you've got a goal or your not gonna go and the reason this kind of planet whatever did did you go or did you ago. Right but that's where it comes down for maybe I've I've heard all in this town correct correct the last twenty years about baseball correct and all right that all everybody goes yup on all the that the terror around the rebuilds the the fleecing the stadium deals all this stuff he did it read what it's like you that wanna go or you don't right. Yeah if you did you know you didn't go to you we have games that old B because he thought Obie was rundown woman and they moved soon. Is there you know to the ballpark and now what was your excuse now emboldened he hated practice any sand and the slayer is always just go either you don't you don't know Brad at some point. Right I mean I don't I don't really wanted to hurt at all yet we've heard it all now heard at all and that's an exclusive to Miami this is this is every city. Nobody has put this family we're talking about yeah we're talking about Marlins right by this particular Marlins baseball Major League Baseball in this Howland. Has been treated unlike almost any other sports. Fan base in in the entire country. Yet new it's a me and there's no doubt there's no doubt you know with from highs the lows to do everything is going on the good and the bad. It's been unlike anything we've seen since it is is there existence in 1993. You know I said some lot smarter about why did you read a book about this one that. Not against Paula does offer play regularly commute. All the craziness that's gone on from winning two World Series to stadium deals took John Henry is gonna goes on stadium two. Odd the way they got tomorrow Marlins RT Jeffrey Loria and his antics and David Samson and everything else. And all the players that are computer area just we all know the do the crazy crazy districts are also a job to get to some basketball here at our Beck. He is MBA senior writer for Bleacher Report his thoughts also weakened and the second half of the NBA season and it. If Miami Heat what what these it's changed here what what do they have to do better or what can they do better here to really. Finish strong here the final 44 games of the season to make sure there an area that is that a playoff spot to make her make sure there are any a good playoff spot. Possibly win a first round match appear. Well while Logan powers' thoughts on that one of best NBA writers in the business he'll stop by a dual fifteen minutes. Of heat with him next here on 790 the ticket. Twenty minutes. Okay. And. I think it is customize my champion for by yourself or is number one gene chuck and I should be customizations job or guarantee them the hottest. For modifications have a champion for Dubai ports have they 650234. Horses were the champions four by four dot com. And sponsored by all pro orthopedic and sports medicine is their job to get you back to the game with four South Florida locations there's one near you could all pro or maybe it's dot com for more info for suburban with you here on your home of the heat. 79 the in the ticket we'll talk to meet and NBA with a main man Howard Beck senior NBA writer Ed Bleacher Report. Foam on Twitter. At our Beck and also don't misses a podcast. The full forty eight's you can now find on iTunes in the tune into apathy and I heart radio Howard thanks for joining us here on the sub post all star break Monday. Hey guys aren't. Through our joint. What what did you make of oh all the festivities there in the all star all star break curious. You know the end it was a put on the show and they want to make it one big party did they succeed over the weekend. Yeah I mean it depends on what level you're evaluating it on you know the event themselves trying to bury your a year feel like we often about it we're all star weekend based on. How good the dunk contest was in reached in certainly seem that you appeal over the may happen. The last years of the real dud through years ago it Aaron Gordon the being was such a great one that it. It's hard to match that and in this year's. It was it was solid it was good there was some memorable moments some but it stuck going to be considered an all timer attic people probably remember most. Is the game which. Well it is you know I did it that bounced back of its of its own sort where. You know we had years here where the players and sister and stopped carrying at all you know kind of got it it became comical and I'm watchable and I'm not competitive. Not very interesting and so you know nice to see that whether it was the measures they truck or whether it was simply the fact they focus so much on the idea that it has become. Kind of boring. That we gotta have a better game and am you know go to the whole game but it would it would have a good finish and that's what we remember so. Though the first quarter half or so it was still kind of lackluster. Effect we had a competitive fourth quarter and an interesting. Close. Finish. That's what's going Q last so they may be they've finally you know maybe this turn the corner and has made it saved the all star game. And we'll look at this year's the year that they kind of turned it around a dead. Made interest but again. Yeah yeah and you know what Howard I I'll tell you man I didn't watch a second of that day. I've actually does not drop might seem like seven rate secs while always lived in general but I I didn't think that it was going to be competitive in all the years of cover the games and everything's a lot. I know it is it isn't even worth me going back and looking net Howard drowned by the dun dun. DVR on minor note just keep my life wasn't that good you are act itself worth then an hour. I mean look would all due respect to my corporate overlord turner. I don't finals start rekindle that interest thing and certainly not a game like the dog contest the device that I would think that is where I stopped covering a leak tomorrow. What would I still tune in to. And I don't go to what steel Sergey and I don't come I'd rather watch a good playoff game. But you know that this Saturday the Saturday that step is still on depending on the year. But they all star game legitimate senate vigorously if it you know it it's it's very. It's best years it's a good competitive exhibition between all stars. With nothing really at stake but sometimes can be on. But it's still. It's it it is what it is we can't have that I've expectations or but we should have at least they export to those expectations at least they're back to the floor. How what about changing the playoff format we heard this talk come up the works commissioner Adams over touched on it again over the weekend. Are you more than and what would it do toward the league and and what could it complicate as far as first round travel and that kind of stuff. I don't think the league they culture and out it's changing that than they ever have been I think that was alluding enters the idea that they have you know continue to discuss this is one possibility that they would. Instead of going one through sixteen. With both conferences they would still. Keep one through eight in each conference. The terms of qualifying. But then received them watchers sixteen. Based on those records so if you had you know that's that I content seasonal in the west were actually better than you know a couple of top eight teams in the east they wouldn't supplant them that bill that the technical owner never gonna go over plan whether. We're especially if you are in the east we're gonna give up the pot but it make playoffs. Those are covered James what the chip and a class a losing record. So. I don't know that could change anytime soon there they're there is still the concern that speak out about travel. If you do watchers sixteen given maybe you get a Portland Miami first round for instance my response that is. So what I mean you know that they can figure out these guys fly. Private. Charter planes the most fourteen planes will be tougher on the media on some staff. Play within. Those last year after the lakers in oak forest they had a conference final series against. The Minnesota Timberwolves and LA in Minneapolis might as well these last like there are. There are east west matchup that might be because of the some west west match ups in fact they're definitely our. So yet that might be one here and there that are difficult but. L is that in mind when it was LA vs Minnesota or if you were LA purses. Memphis or Portland verses dormant like those are pretty far that says that might as well be stopped by travel as their as. The reason not to do it. I didn't think that they went through what to what tree what you're sixteen format. You know you start to at least address the fact that the Western Conference has been the superior conference almost. Nonstop for the last twenty years and if you don't want people saying oh the real finals what the Western Conference finals and it would not anti climactic. Which we've had a certain years then this is the way to do it. Harvick joins us here on the Iran feels announcers resource guy assigned there are truly stepped beyond convene an MBA senior writer. Offer Bleacher Report our doubts about the Miami Heat here a losers of seven of eight there. There are definitely wheezing into the all star break here they take a Dwyane Wade at the deadline oh what do you think about their chances here down the stretch here what are they a playoff team. Are they gonna make a run here they've kind of really played some more basketball here or kind of wondering in this town where exactly are where they're at right now. Yeah I'm not sure have a great answer I don't I don't have a good deal for them and you know look they they ran it back with book this same group from last year and Nate. She stated some contracts that maybe they're already regretting. I understood it but you know I'm not sure that team was were the best thing. What they did it and you know they're still feel like they've got a good shot click play out if I think the humor kind of news is trigger a thing. But I've I've I'm not a fan of the bleaker portrait of mr. Beatty people who are. I'm not sure actually made that much better made the marchers saying they didn't you know probably a better. Broad terms ticket sales in an arena where they're not drawing. But. But you know look they're allergic there's a possibility either of them they try to eat. But you know I have a look at the schedules straight schedule to what these guys have left did you know make it sound prediction there. Hey Howard you know we're a very. Win that he was what nine games over and and number of born creeping up on sleep Cleveland. A lot of talk about supposed to be coach of the year. Now they're number eight. Two games over 500 should spoke well I don't know if you were of that opinion but we're a small ranked right now as far as coach of the year chatter. A big picture and small picture. I mean I think they beat our belt where I would have expected and I camera more I put them pre season but I I think Libya but they'd be around sixty in the east. But there's seven so. There and arrange an never some of the top four top five team and that those teams were pretty locked and in. You know that was obviously before Cleveland handle all their troubles that they you know I think they're stabilizing now but I mean. Cleveland Toronto Boston Washington Milwaukee were always my top five in the east and that was everybody else that that changed it. Noah I don't I didn't hear much the Spoelstra for coach of the year chatter. Maybe that was more Miami's saying. But you know we've we've we know he's a great coach anyway he's got the track record at. Less than yeah whatever they do wherever they end up inside the play up the old outside of 500 although 500 is docked to be because of anything at Erik Spoelstra did it going to be solely to due back or almost cars almost entirely to do with the fact. That they just don't have you know those calls start that you need to build around and it's all due respect core drug it short but he made the game and play a couple minutes. No matter what happened with LeBron this offseason whether he leaves very returns to Cleveland Howard. Did Cleveland did do the best job not only for them in the short term this season but also long term the moves that they made at the deadline. I think it's it's harder. I answered this way. They did what they had to do with the deadline and they made good moves that were good trades. It did reinvigorate that team and certainly reinvigorated the broad. But regulated enough I I don't I don't know I mean they lost you know a top whatever top 101215 where you rate carrier ring. Should they traded him should they have held on to him and then reject it as straight demand that conducts the question it's your best now and what they got back in that deal. You know it looks worse by the day. You know the nets pick we'll see where that ends up that might be the saving grace but the other already know what to get Isiah Thomas Jae Crowder. And it didn't work out so they're better than they were before the trade by. And they're a better position that a potentially humanity east again by. There I've said this many times in Cleveland fans who don't really. Reacts. Quite negative which is but I don't that your second start. They have can love who is an all star British star players are very good player but he's not trying years doing waiter prime years carrier big he's not a guy who's going to. Create and beat that second. That second option if he's a good third option but. The bronze always had another guy who was 88 Belo in leading scorer and playmaker shot creator they don't have that right now and so. I know they look really good those first two games at the trade I know that they are deeper than they had been they're still not as good as they were when that carrier. Hey Howard died Houston is in first place by a half game over Golden State out west. Should Golden State is being nervous Golden State players be nervous to Houston Palin's believe what like what we're listening stand right now our did somebody get her away without them. And breast. I mean I think it full straight the warriors are still they ought not ever but that's sad that the rock you know the rockets are legit and so you know you were sure and be nervous yeah probably not but they should be aware yeah OSHA the words themselves being nervous no. I think they understand that the rockets. Having a lead offense at a much improved defense and that if they let down. They're capable of being beat by that team. You know that the though the rockets surge units capable of sucking up the warriors if everything goes right produced and at the orders slip up but the orders are so much count that I still a local police that. It takes a slip up on their part or injury. I do think this is one of those years where the warriors can't afford it just simply you know cruise into the straying. And figure the movie finally got sick deals as they come back from the break they're gonna really needs it's a lot in his start sharpening themselves to play the level that we've also seen them play ever or. And not assume any thing. Because the rockets are good enough to beat them. And they might need at number one seed they might they might be facing a game seven against Houston at some point and I think. They're gonna want that at home for sure so this year where you they can't take it for granted even though they are still achieve what you know easily the most talent. Power always appreciate the time thank you very much and and enjoy your the second haven't seemed to be a lot of fun zone. Q how are bad one of the best NBA writers you vitamin Bleacher Report also on Twitter. And Howard back in subscribe to news podcast the full 48 he really gets in depth than there is kind of lukewarm on the Miami Heat at this point yet Howard Howard is. I know how we're for a long time Howard was one of the guys who I went to after that he acquired Shaq. He was out there that LA daily news Nicole covered the Kobe Shaq. Hold break up Phil Jackson trying the law in winning the titles and all that so. Howard's been a royal port while usually a well reasoned well thought out guys so. Tom in the back of these lukewarm on well he he did say like a succeed right and I sort of signaled failure he statement. And I don't know how hollow in the week you know how high he was when they got to number three I don't I don't remember right we had a moment I don't remember exactly what it is I signal to bulls coach of the year and did you know everyone get him all hundred million dollar extensions. He was still kind of are let's wait and see on the saw a little bit here will expand on some of things that Howard had to say we come back here Ali a lot more to get to the 6 o'clock hour memory at the beach volleyball. It's a major series take Israel give those loyal to say about that on the news has a 300 dollar value. And a lot more to get to on this Monday afternoon right here on 792 ticket. Effect for joining us once solicited us while you're out of your car. Still miss guys like Howard Beck no worries we've got to figure that the stream on the ticket Miami dot com or even on radio dot com and that apps. And if you're here in South Florida can hear all the heat games online as well so many ways a listens to when he got takes her not to miss anything. Check it out hers and her friend with you here on your over the 879 the particular by the way we got some up baseball news. JD Martinez. Has agreed to a five year 110 million dollar contract which. The Boston Red Sox and it's been so these dolls are similar morals resort and there are. They noon every you know of them all yeah on every big salary player. I'm sure I'm sure they just got a job by the Bo Sox. But Judy Martinez who's from down here by the way winning and high school nova southeastern was so pleased when this was traded from the the tigers to the Diamondbacks are one of the big reasons why airs on I had the in the bigs bring into the post season. Here's what the baseball free agency is fawning that you know and we had. We emerald talked about this being. But like a day out all the collusion stuff out there and everything in their group. And I allies theories on that but it's funny it's like your spring training is like your Hosmer decide you like the top freeagent. A year and JRT is signs. And it's like we're down we're you know we're gonna circling internal monitor these guys are just the just now joining a new team it's funny how that how all that stuff works there. I realize you know the NBA just go through and are always guys winning lawless and all of a bronze in a bigger team liked the day before the pre season games are. Yeah and I get this money a baseball because baseball is so individual. That like. You know if if the right chemistry yet until the right borrower and I don't know in the field with the third baseman it really doesn't matter. That's a good point I just an idea being to the way the owners are looking at a that that's the biggest I had a a conversation with a buddy of mine he asked isn't he duty you know like why are all these. These guys available you know and I'm like. Hey I think Ian. Seems certain teams are gonna give you 89 year contracts. Anymore. You know it's not this about the money it's what the years what are these owners. In owners turning it wisely we you know what I'm they're getting burned by these deals that and it's just like. It probably like why no pitcher a seven or eight year contract with the pushing play thirty yeah yeah and and and arms are going left and right and it is going like I would you. Your contract per hour. You rest and I get eight years you know whether you have the pipes are kind of rusty camp so I don't know if they're gonna last I don't know what he really say they're going to be there eight years and Eric and you know what. No the thing about collusion and all of that is that. You don't need any kind of formal collusion or guys talk to each other attacks each other and say I'm not sign a all you need is for a couple of guys that go boom look what they're doing well makes a lot of that's the other part. The engine is what the way it. How Houston got good all of a sudden how Chicago got New London AA is in and the Marlins and doing it way way you know they're doing they're extreme but teams are saying you know let's just strip it down and let's just build through the drafting push is not go out and spend a hundred million dollars over offseason right and try to fix our club. Let's get this thing right to build up so like that. Let's rather it was the last season at last every sign him go to another Nielsen a real small deal so there are gathered their hum. You know they still spend a lot of money but they've got a storm system that is producing stars and yes I think that. It if you're if you're a Kansas City or a team like that that that's not any major market yet you have sued. You know you have to watchers to inning the angels and and the Red Sox then you know the Yankees can still spin the and and that arm system not giving out big contracts. That doesn't really apply to be number the majority of it seems it doesn't required. Normal collusion it requires some good business people who say hey look at the approach they're taken that seems to make more sense than what we've been duel with these big reagents. Are things in a 678 year deal and yeah. You know with guys that are that are 29 great years already hit it right at you when you could argue that money every single penny is guaranteed route heading to with him got burned by you you look up big in four years cap when you're paying a 34 year old you know seventeen million dollars a year and he's past his prime and there's just a bad situation so. But good for JD for any money because he's olds are yet we always refer the the local guys there the NBA one of the MBA that we we talk so little a little bit or you know with the with power back there. But the NBA all star break he was in Los Angeles any of that of course fuel the rumor mill about LeBron who won the MVP last an all star game near as funny. Socially on Twitter Yelp the yours prelude to a hometown guy. And they're driving you are trying to units for LeBron I gonna be a Los Angeles and they did an interesting hole during the all star break of the MBA players and not perk. They did they did ESP Indian actually on the bronze future work out where the players on this visit visiting gas bag media members. With that axe to grind it or vendetta our minds either players you know who might have biases to. Where they thought LeBron would go they called. A number of players nearly pulled out 48 players. Can't imagine some really all stars. I know. I don't know actually it doesn't say where the polling was done and as you guys are available for all star weekend but yet but well I mean of him I know how lead they've done these in the past where they. You know they'll be pulling. Like three weeks and they've did I'm trying to see. 1234. By 6789. Reporters. Participated in polling so well at the what does the what does survey say well one of the things the survey simply asked com. Fiasco winner should. LeBron sign in the offseason should. Have a leader's 66%. That was the number one team. Tied for number 28%. Los Angeles Lakers. Miami Heat. I'm zone so how about that yeah knowledge you don't die this die man. The you'd get the like Jason they just keep coming back you know like their Michael Myers Riley never. It never goes away the heat rule were for some reason and again this isn't just some. Some Bos old audio on the radio urged this one of the stirred up these are players. Did you elect money but Wimbledon but it bulls on the radio well you know it's homes say it's only blew horns the longer you're right and that gives hope to hoaxes around. A odd test he'll do podcasts now and I'm OK guys battles over the applause and dads dollar bottle back to Miami and I don't Riley has moved things or not planes been there it's all good so that was where should liberal so I don't care issue here is where will old alongside her policies well and players court the player. Into the players Cleveland 59%. Of course plays learn lakers 22%. Second place. At 7% in the third place. Your Miami Heat. He's coming in third or at your Miami Heat to gear and totally wasn't there. No loading uses the one where there really make sense which team have you heard makes the best freeagent pitches. Who do you think came in number one in the NBA at 27%. Miami or San Antonio Boston Celtics know I'll boot do you think came in second place at 15%. Those two teams Miami Heat. Third place at 12%. Lakers are San Antonio lakers Parker spurs were among others gaining votes Golden State. Warriors came in in fourth place at 9% so. We have heard league's best read your pitches celtics' first place when he 7% heats item placed team percent. Lakers third place at 12% Golden State or place. At 9%. So. And another interesting one was should their be Max contracts in the NBA. 9% of the players say yes 41%. C had no. So 41%. Had no idea until portal that our guys are gonna get a Max contract let's say here is here as they call from a Western Conference guard. LeBron step in Cady all those guys bring a lot more than what they're getting paid but being a lower tier salary guy myself. If you paid those guys even more but lowered eyes on the totem pole. Don't really get anything right Lego like LeBron. You could not pay LeBron enough money yet you can't really tell him what he's worth great theater community and washers and the restaurants in the area and yeah. But LeBron what LeBron is worth to your franchise the I don't know where you have to go for it to get to the point of diminishing returns a hundred million a year. Quite fifty million me. Publicity he gets your CDB in on TNT all the time 200 million a year the hero that he's sales the corner and dollars to. We're a year so don't agree on. I mean where you're like okay now it's it's gotten to a point where you're you're LeBron does number not an opinion that yes it LeBron is one of those few god I know like yeah but you can't do that would LeBron can LeBron knew it you almost don't even know you did do a per year you'd almost have to do a total value of the contract right to be. I mean John Carlos Stanton got what 325 from the Marlins. LeBron would have to a glimpse today you can't pay a write his total contract value it at two clips that owns yeah yeah yeah you just have to go through the easy get like you can. I mean I know that's apples and oranges baseball suit so does the economic impact yes LeBron out I think we can all agree the bronze profile is much higher the mom Lyndon John Carlson in the bronze worldwide. Profile you to their Twitter follow social media followers. Right the commercials could just. We can't come enough. Revealed it was a free society and a free marketplace. And it's good for LeBron be quarter million dollars in the room look look how much attention he garnered an all star weekend when the best of the best as mayor Adam silver and Fergie and everybody. Well the majority of the focus is on the brawn. It's easier still in the early trade and maybe their command team players players still like end market and the like the weather like browse like women like he calls or I guess highlighting you know. Ollie did to the 6 o'clock hour really gets that done on the other side here we got what he had to. Per schedule headlines do that next here on seven I didn't take. The 6 o'clock hour here on seven hits and Curtis burns. Would you take you up until 7 o'clock backed up here every Friday morning with. Romberg. On the morning shows on rebel general on the taste of perfection ordering Beltran Rama. Rom that is not just needs to but nurtured you know is Texas shows 67974. On the Coral Springs on Mohammed text protectorate and you did diminishing return to around forty million a year LeBron. There's only so much revenue from tickets and TV contracts per team come on guys. Forty million. What world is that guy living in that that forty million that's nothing. For LeBron James that's that's two that's to a satellite sides right that there a couple of brook Lopez's. Ordered trying to hill tripling he'll still be media and they'll still be underpaid and over there and look it's it's. All of the there's the tangible plus the intangibles with LeBron right the intangible is the apparel sales and and all of that kind of stuff. Colonel realistic and really did down here for right or your sort of that intangible is again and you get. You know you to your city will be sold on C and C. All throughout the regular season and in the play get a huge blow like how many times did you see ocean drive and and although. And basically eight come to Miami commercial for four years. While the Big Three was here under in the playoffs and everybody talking about how. Look we have writers on now who still talk about Roy and June I wanna be in Miami and it. At and it doesn't end there because people get introduced to Miami Heat media members camera people radio print and you come back to Miami when you have vacation time. You were there are you enjoyed it you go back you tailed you brits say relative. You come back and spend it there and there are a lot of ways that this pays off. Having a LeBron James I. It's just a mean if you just open your mind up a little bit just Obama your mind up a little bit as far as not just always plays a game of basketball. We we we know I mean it's a ridiculous what these guys are getting paid. But LeBron is one of the few with the very few and maybe the only a few. One of one that can make has the economic impact that he does on and on a city in on a town in all of the other. You know varying factors that you just mentioned hung out to us winning basketball games. I've told you this before man this dude here's another thing that you don't see LeBron has the cash cow. Before he came to power after he came to Miami. Lot of good jobs opened up 44 media people right when you look at. Mike Wallace and Tom on average federal around covering yes and number I mean a whole a whole industry of a media people who work down here and are now living down here in covering the Miami Heat not when he goes up to Cleveland. Jobs are created beer because LeBron is beer and you must cover LeBron. At the dude is the cash cow man when when you talk about Tom restaurants and bars in the area. Go to Cleveland and then an idea that you you'd talk to the people before when LeBron was there and then when LeBron left and now to these bad. And and you talk to partner attendants and and and and wait staff and bartenders. You're making more money now. None army works that people are coming into downtown Cleveland and staying for a little bit. You know there's not like a bunch of this not like South Beach listen up front but restaurants in the cards. Arming and for the guided that ball all the volatility could charge for tickets at like you do he's opened up your your mind to everything else that everything in tales from. The playoff appearances to the exposure that that the arena gets to the world wide expo I mean just everything. You know. When LeBron is a part of your deal it's it's insist I mean he's got to listen live with the Big Three woods did the heat was like yeah we don't need a sick season ticket sales staff. We're booked up. Right right and now nobody that's right now we can you heat they'd book to be so. The Big Three tier I title earlier that all zoom LeBron it was the Big Three but these you know. I've always the guy that they have the Big Three coming out of out of the flora and they're gonna loans arena is the day after the decision and it's idea persona offer for the next yeah fighters. And like the Packers. We were right next season tickets available are 229. You know sons that means is yeah we don't keep going dumbest of Marie. We know what would certainly he bring 67974. That's a Regis on the of course brings on Mohamed text line. We had a busy showed today Josh Freeman he joined us earlier as the first day of full squad workouts for the Miami Marlins are in Jupiter. As the owner Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter both spoke among the other players that you that you actually have heard of also how bad joined us earlier in the 5 o'clock hour the dual NBA with the NBA's senior writer for Bleacher Report also this hour this exact error. We give away these a beach volleyball major series. Tickets 300 dollar value. The world's best beach volleyball players are coming to our town here. Next week in we got the a pair of tickets they 300 dollar value and give those lazier in the 6 o'clock hour before we get to all of that is so much more let's get to headlines. He speaks WP XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. The money he returns action from the all star break Friday at New Orleans in case you missed the all star action over the week in war on drug us. Two points eleven minutes at the all star game yesterday hey Doug do guardian plus he got some risque little number he would die a little out of there now is good for Blair will spin that is win win minister do go to some and you need some rest anyway Wayne Ellington at the three point shooting contest he did not advance out of the first round. ES seventeen points he made nine consecutive shots at one point. Prison and so clearly will write. To still go on embarrass yourself you are you not that you and he doesn't play so hard to win those things those things are so random yeah like you have also was so many great shooters. Is this he went out there he he he held up well. The great honor Abraham. But that's you know wasn't meant to bring yeah yeah. He's they had a good time from from all accounts it was and in some of those on Friday nights that's that's the body kept you that you were on it with the Miami as you are say hey my you know let's. I didn't slow news as those for or against New Orleans right. College basketball Miami at Notre Dame at seven tonight canes eighteen and eight overall 77 in the ACC. Riding a three game losing streak Notre Dame sixteen and eleven overall six and eight. In the ACC is not a must win but this is this could be this a big game yet use that you need to win yeah not a mosque but. Indeed good right because if you don't Wandy to win and then then you're getting into must now notorious you bring musty into yes yeah yeah you via Saturday must was was even in their. Vocabulary. A week ago which is loose three straight. And there's a lot of team maneuvering at her further the 68 spots here and you make sure that you have a did you have a good dance card and that you're overseas. When the music stops and so right now they do. But you don't wanna player Silverado the tournament here or have to be forced to win a game we usually didn't turn right and pray in an 89 game in Florida State's young. No you don't have you ought to be on the on that bubble there as we know also a big game tonight is noted as. Miami Marlins position players report for spring training today in Jupiter the Marlins open their spring training schedule Friday against Saint Louis now earlier today Marlins chairman Bruce Sherman and Marlon CEO Derek Jeter both old Bruce Sherman at one point seated from my perspective I think the management of the team has made all the right moves. So there's that. Finally ray Ellis ten time all star who's NBA's all time leader in three pointers made is among thirteen finalists for the basketball hall of fame. Some notable names out of the other wells finalist grant healed Jason did Steve Nash left these Brazil Chris Webber. The final members of that class will be announced on Saturday march 31 in San Antonio before the men's final word bones or you're. The baseball are the basketball hall of fame because it's basketball and and it's done it's not NBA it's not it's just everything pro basketball right credit ambassador to the Little League. And and some some of these guys and and girls but I mean I I don't get as fired up as of it like made the base or the NFL. We need just like it's just yet of the bigger than like the Tigris River town hall of fame MBA player. No you know if you factor in what he did it mention two of its international division games member of the fab five you know and you're going okay me. I don't know I just can't get as fired up as as you look at some of the of the good is that like the debates. I don't know maybe it's just the debate that you have in the NFL guys are the Major League Baseball guys give basketball it's like all these guys. Yes the guy I was kind of good player in the NBA but he was a great player in college or on all dejected the most top but he view is that any idea if you won two gold medals that are like aren't all that that gives them over the top you're like okay and find the tournament. I liked. Basketball. Way of doing it because. Basketball is such an international game and I like the basketball hall Spain because you can go win it and there are high school like coaches like. I don't Robert Woods from poor word Dunbar guy that I covered when I lived in Dallas is in it and I think he's like the all time winningest high school closure Oscar Schmidt. The shooter from resume right. Some some. The guy guys like last yeah yeah aren't RC the bonus. You're that's the I I I'd like that in and it does you know clearly it doesn't translate an American football because there. There aren't American players coming from Brazil and Australia and I'll sign like I find it funny that you're sitting here like dot Oscar Schmidt has gotten his due. Well I'd I'd like that let the basketball hall of fame remembers these guys and keeps those stories alive you know yell mean because he played in the NBA but yeah like Oscar Schmidt the boot you know from from Brazil under. There high school people that you know you got on their own all of Maine nobody's going to EU and he's not exciting and also basketball scene has come on down. We'll include you read and it works the basketball right it wouldn't necessarily work for you as Major League Baseball you have to include like. Koreans and and and Japanese players they made the lobby is a sport being a he baseball player about it at highest level and he. Leagues and recognize that you know here's the beetle. I liked football we have college football's it was a big deal right let's units until that separate and you know total pro ball for him houses basketball has its different after awhile if you stack up all those resume is eventually like the go as those has been investigated. Yeah look at an exit which lever and NBA hall ceremony and all no no no no no limit on the basketball but hey Al yeah mine right vampire they write an idea right right and it was good NBA player. It doesn't allow an early especially early yeah yeah. Definitely one of the greats of all time arguably Sherman and say we said Roy bases there I mean they're doing everything that is yet outlets Williamsburg. Live VV quote was. It. See you her. He sales up from my perspective I think the management of the team has made all the right moves. Yet because he's the one telling in the McDougal was either not involved in every decision you aren't really goes. So criticize and opened that door are right he's a good idea right out they would motivate us like a mess didn't deal but. You know every other one and I approve like he's not gonna say that he's going to say I approve of all of them he's not against Jews and open himself up to criticism. Well that's the guy owns the team he's the one assuming everything emotions is he bought these lies and they do dads are we we got out about a ninety million dollar payroll here. So try to treat about five or six of these jokers Perry there's a you know like dog neighbors general problem. Would you go to a game this year at Marlins part that they you have to pay for your own pocket may be viewed it may be Harry must ask. That's good because let's plays but there are a lot of people. Marlins fans in baseball fans who right now would say no way I'm I'm no way I'm though so maybe. I think that's good Jeter in Sherman is not a victory podium but that's good humid that that but they're not worried about me they'll worry about notably though and I hope. Though I'd like I'm still in it plus you know it's my business to be in it yet now I will say this and this has been sued over the years that amid new gaming years. Bob I've been I watchable politics do off I watch a 150 plus games being. Dad that I will do. Right in some former fashion I'll I'll watch the game as well grammar and you know and just do now bloody more client out of dead lawyers on down there. Perhaps. It is but they're not as you know Jerry seem to go down there. There's a deer prints in Nam Al watch the game and now actually gold dome there are correct my I think so yeah that watching the guys I've. I was a lot of marlins' games under on TV or parts of marlins' games but I didn't go to a game last year and I've been in previous years in the new stadium. But you're going. It took there's a let's face it there's a big level of commitment there you know it's not like flying into wide but. You know you there's a big levs is actually I cannot and spend the money and go to Clark and yeah all that. So I I think that if they got. The if a lot of fans. I don't know what 70% were still in the maybe category. Though be huge for Jeter and Sherman. The sense that I get anecdotally is there's probably about. I don't know how many in the may be maybe 40% plans are in the may be upping the majority right now if you took a poll today are like no way am I going to get a so so the fact that you see it may be I think would be optimistic for Jeter and server while you can't bank on it it's like so you're saying we've got a team. Right now that's that's yeah like right yeah that's about what they're actors but yeah yeah president of the would you name. About what we're turning a corner on balance yeah that's. Right. Plus they don't they don't sprite I made this like good little eight counts. The victory the victory for the Marlins and I that. Let's just quiet on the on the radio city my eyes and we're Wyndham over. You were one time he's one of the time they're Steinberg that this. Though it's more like four million days to win over the whole South Florida area and what was it like their slogan their I was wondering what they're slowly we're just getting started. But you know in the past to be that like yeah yeah it is yeah what they're doing none ID eight Camby come out what does will play a graduate yesterday we were close right right here no yeah just absolutely OK you know give BK nationals what jail. It's a good one out of the yeah just and we're just getting started but it's that connection it should be winning over what one foot went into the we've got to Graham's brother or putting well and we want to know what you're gonna time I will hear from Derek Jeter Bruce Sherman. As they were they spoke to the meals a first full squad workouts and baseball star plains spring training games here in a few days. Baseball is back in. I'll hear from the the new owner of the new owner of the Miami Marlins are they ready for their. First for c.'s in their meeting campaign. While that for you coming up also we're gonna given opportunity when his speech viable major series tickets they 300 dollar value that's coming up next right here on some ninety the ticket. And try Ralcorp baseball at least five lucky winners and their guests can win a chance to go see a spring game. Between the champs from Houston and Atlanta on. The Saturday February 24 at 105. At the ballpark of the palm beaches winners will ride trial where all would be to the may and go Oniel park stop and take a free shuttle that's right free shuttle. To the game how cool is that listen to the mid day show from 13 per jets win baseball would be brought you. But I 79 to take it in tri rail. A truck rail right we've beast now do you think you talk to you William the whole time or does he go win some some patriots stalker whether what do you think. Are gonna wanna strangle beast by the by the time you nada I get out above Broward County Islam when Carolina and that's like. Neither of you to be good to be yes you know you'll be we'll be just fine that I don't talk to him offering. On mountains at least to be the man and teaching. This is a man of the a man of the people is being fired up your for spring training game. And they start stern a few days here I'm very proud of us that they perk. Come YMM trying to think wide like what did we know we didn't slander anybody. Don't like no no no not yet let's let's. But it's no I have problems Charlotte's segment and I'm proud of lives we're here we're Jeter sure. Methodical deliberate it was not instead about the Bob this this. Fiasco that has meant that already blessed putts. The I'm glad that we haven't done. The in the furry stuff and I was just like oh yeah. You know what man limit out I'll tell you this. I try not to. Take a lot of cheap shots at people and our field the birdie seeing would be a cheap shot you see that she's made as he came out with a statement. She she made a statement to to have to TMZ. And she CN I've always been honored and proud to perform the National Anthem. And last night I want it to try something special for the NBA. I'm a risk taker artistically. But clearly this rendition didn't strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best. I am I you know she's taken enough shots Yemeni media. I don't know I know that's why that's why am I browse the winning another artist thing just pile on us on our data will do that for other topic yeah we know well this particular why does the to Cairo I'd rather us lead the charge there you go can with the then then pile on at the end I go I'd say you know we ripped her first step in the first we will it's a one shot rang and it was like more slogan lit. How does it I didn't think you ought to does I was thinking it was that bad loudly hello wolf Fergie lets a mean. Little's a little bit over a top was a little bit. And Greg. Japan. Remind me. Yeah. Anger. Afternoon. Boy get to Jeter in Sherman here. Pros Obama got within this hour to an apartment. Do you think as Fergie from my knowledge has kind of been out of it for awhile hanging. Do you think that she wanted to do something to draw attention to herself. Hey he is like she wanted to do something different but do you thing that he hears all the time with with actors and and actress is in people who have been in the limelight then they wanna get back in the limelight. The golden do any publicity is good publicity do you think that she her motivations are more to do something. Different. Because I want people talking about me. Are. I know nothing about Fergie hardly at all I just real diagnoses from the Black Eyed Peas it is really seized from she's from nearby LA so she's. A local. I think she just try dolphins from whom we know that yeah yeah. I think he just tried some different. Astride a different interpretation and. Weren't doing a keyword feel bad news is reds I think it's over I think you know over the top like yells at worst rendition of the national and the mark ever I mean it's like come. We're not seeing seeing drug is a different instruments she didn't and it didn't work and so life goes on right now she's a mayoral license Millen Ford girl yeah I. Like. I I honestly don't like to see stuff like that because. It got it done it this was a make this wasn't Rosalynn Barr who you know saying out of soon Barry's past. And at the end of Lyra called she's bitten grabber crutch and just kind of made a mockery. Birdie tries he was respectful she didn't this wasn't like hey look at me this was a different interpretation and it worked. That song he's beaten retreated with a certain level of respect. And if you disrespect the National Anthem then you should get crushed like it and liberal then my hours and Bernie's agents respect you know and I don't. Try some that didn't work anyway AME there have been better for for you almost have just went out there was bad. I like if you went out there and just was like it she was just like our age was stumbling over some words as you look like she had a few too many cocktails in the sweet before. Like to write a better it would have been a better public re action and then her going out there and tried to do this big. You know choreographed. You'll throat he breath the did yeah hitting all the got Dave's. National Anthem at a juvenile out there are just kind of look like you know idea Attica Attica notes due to too many Martinis to Martinis and allow I forgot a couple of words sorry. A couple of people of text and in wounds is deer per your professional. I think rehearse. And in that same person followed up with almost as bad as Roseanne. I only think there in the same ballpark no pun intended. Rules it was credible partner Alan Rogers being years ago this one so it is a no difference between the thirty version and Hendrix version. Hendricks is just better fellow oil. Intermune and its only guitar. Okay then yeah little progress that's one way to look and mental problems and when will look to men are they they both read different interpretations right hindrance on the electric guitar right. I do any and a lot of is a lot of thirties and have done the electric guitar things in the Jimi Hendrix and the National Anthem so generalist. Let's get to that Derek Jeter in arm. They come of spring training and Jeter and Sherman were fielding questions here for a lot from Derek Jeter not from love love for Bruce Sherman. But if I was interesting but here's DJ on Jason Gore fans. They actually likes of Hormuz. You mentioned the fans' response we've gotten great response from a lot of fans as well I think that narrative you start to change that every single fans upset. I've met many fans over the last four months. The walls of the patients that I understand what we're through it that they're giving us a chance I think mentioning that all fans are upset that's that could be two. I I would agree with him a little bit on the I would agree with him on that because we have had some people that understand. That this was it a a cluster bleep what that they took over an end to clean up the system. Meeting of the foreign since dome. There really yeah. The fans aren't. Can't tell me fans are. It's they were static that you traded gnashing and repeal it but you know and find anybody Pate would you think about turning standard real great move right. And they understand. The it was a necessary evil to suit to do they understand why. Yeah they're not gonna say yeah. I yelled still you know if I'm almost all for it yes you got some nice prospect back. Yes you can't they can understand what you're trying to do I ask you this camp. You know we use hyperbole laden and you know we say all Marlins trails or is that Jeter. We know that's not literally true. Way you have any way to gauge. What what pursued a Marlins fans understand. And what percentage are pissed off. I say he you know may be. 20% minor and I don't know what I base that on just talking to people and everything but about it but person is better. Pissed off like it's not even neutral pissed off I would say probably. At least fifty per see okay are pissed off here's the problem with your question okay. He's your starting with a 100% of people that care. Hundred. Oh right. Okay put that I get that number is very small to begin with right it's like we sit here and say hey what do you think I speed fans thought we'd come back. Which is such. Roads and overs are big fans and you know while 70% loved it and 30% work allied magazine and a washed up and ammo and already. So but don't like Obama yeah a fancy to Leo lives they would be seventy person in his rates millions red and bright but you know a lot. Marlins fans that there for the if you're looking at the total. Packet delay 100% total that the small number to begin with so let's start there. I just my will but what sort of clarify and I don't know I'm right we know there are millions Marlins win now is what percentage to begin with you don't all right so that was a butt of a percentage I would say. I would say is from what we hear we've done on the show here and I like to think I am pretty good also of the fans here in South Florida I would say. I I would say sixty. Of the fans that are interested in Jefferson understood 60% are are are pissed yeah and 40% understand what they're doing and can live with a for now well. Where US that's a lot more optimistic than the Nawaz now granted small numbers and I know I know that's that's right. That's right somebody takes in sales I understand and I'm also pissed off speaking Bebo OK let's go point to write that Demi meaning you know here's a here's another guy and other new media and ask him another good win who that app is gonna tell Derek Jeter to his base that he's been doing a bad job there was up you never use ready come on man. And and that's a that's a legitimate point because somebody hands it to Jeter saying that people have been coming up to him. You know I remember when of the dolphins head Dallas Thomas the guard who got cut and everybody Delis you suck. And Alice Thomas told us once I hear that on social media nobody says that to a place. Our handouts it's like 63300. So that that's got to the point here that not that people are afraid Jeter's adamantly bodily harm on Mumbai. Yeah how many people are going to go even though he's the captain I mean you you still probably are not gonna go Jeter your moves all saw. Right you probably you're not going to do that. So from what he year's pace that plays from aliens it probably is people getting up to him with wrist is fine and you know understated. Young and you're right Jeffrey that answer brings a break point and I love the textures don't Kirk yeah but the Jeffrey Laurie glories to do the same thing. Well in our baseball people are telling me we're on our job around here the other ran dry dog do I mean they lived in the U little poke the name of Jeffrey Laurie L a this is not nice about the Marlins but Jeffrey Jeffrey lord with the same way yeah yeah insulated himself with just will always yesterday India and in this bubble. All of these or die hard you know a twenty year season ticket holders that just all Jeffrey of the bestseller around all go to great job all you're so great. And he never understood that. As good as media you talk to the guy and he was into La La land when he thought like oh yeah the most hated man they just re a bleed and poll. And Europe and pastoral work right now while doing well where you were you in the last decade dude you know so oh. Liked. I like Jeter and Jeter should know better than that it's just nobody walk of the dare Jeter. You know at the Delano on a Saturday night right. It's a you know at your door they bleed big leagues are real impetus right to have nuclear team you know you probably wouldn't tear ya gonna get have been Jeter's recent start talking to grant to let you know I hate her. And I I can semi yankees or otherwise I don't know he's gonna do that what if you're Jeter if you're trying to run a business you should Knoll. The level of your fan beats you should have a pulse of what's going on in between that you really should know paid you yes. We are things about right now or pay and you should know better judges are. Everything's fine grade what you guys don't know where there are all it is negative over the air you guys are salty over there. Over here it's wonderful man it's great yeah. Here's here's that's X led Jeter and Bruce Sherman would love to hear. I'm a huge Marlins ran puts an exclusive company already. I'm a huge Marlins fan and I understand I'm not happy about the situation but any business that changes owners slashed the dole. Has the right and often makes big changes to the bank is we were not winning with the players we had and it was time to make a change well. There does it mean that's the other part of the question are we hear from her Sherman Oaks winner takes it's been a little bit further. On the side plus reading give way to beat by bolting it's I promise you next here on 790 the ticket. Let's not while you're out of cars no worries we got to get app the stream on the city of Miami dot com. Where even on radio dot com and and that happened if you're here in South Florida you can hear that he games online as well. So many ways to listen. So many hot takes Curtis and perk. Final a few minutes here as it's been a busy Monday afternoon as we head into Monday evening. They sue Josh Friedman who joined us earlier from our Marlins camp. And also. Howard Beck stopped by as well. Bring your way these beach volleyball. Targets in just a moment when he did it take a listen as per pound of Bruce Sherman here here we have the say. Up in a Juba their first full squad workouts worked say we got a lot of text here. On on Jeter and the Marlins and ensuring near. But here's I'm talking about this ownership group being kind of you know light in the pockets. You know Khaled me walking around on a Saturday night. And not a lot of jingle for your jangled here here's what's Bruce Sherman set about that. As I said to us. So my fellow. Owners that they Major League meetings nothing because. From the truth they know that that's why we we unanimously approved and there's nothing to further from the truth we are very sophisticated. Well heeled financial. Set organization. Not just this year but for many many years to come. Turn trees and I got a money in you don't. You know we are good samaritan and they didn't. The allegations and the thought has been that they use all their money to buy the team and now they have no money for payroll or to run the team crazy I noticed it on a on a budget yet to submit a budget and and now Bruce Sherman is saying no that's not the case would go clinic and by the way I love these when you listen to these to Jeter and Sherman talking. I love how in the background their like standing by the batting cages because you can hear the you can hear those the balls they you know the ball hit in the bay or you can hear them. Throwing pitches and that and the ball smack in the catcher's Mitt match there's a so you give spring train and baby is baseball season. Those are the sites in south sound salaries of spring summer spring training to. Leo it's Mountain View are you are your your country unless I'm and that's no lie luminous I'm in trouble many here's a quote you've been re you've been saying the last three hours number I've been totally sub behind all these moves here's more from the Sherman later. From my perspective I think the management team has made all the right moves have been involved in every decision. I support every decision I don't know partnership for every decision. We're building something for the war on wall here there and iron communication old time. It's a great organization I'm learning a lot. The has I would hope that they're doing everything you're telling the do. Obviously you know you've trade stand we got to get to payroll down. Yet and they did OK well good job mean it's kind of you're the boss right. I would this thing to work I really do I look I don't want to base all her down here and that look I'm I'm gonna get much chance they. They have they have made some. Some bad moves. Here's here's here's here's the text text right here in the new Marlins leadership has been inept at communicating a clear vision for the team going forward. They say they won a bill through the farm system yet didn't par lay their best assets into strong foreign prospects the state stand Trey was a PS go for both optics in results. If they were honest and just say it was a salary dump. I'd be pissed but respect their honesty no I'm not only this. But don't trust a word they say because all they offer is double talk in spin. So. Dalia. Try to make good without Garrett there. Yeah yeah and then and that's that's reconcile that guy yeah that and an all all the Marlins can do to a pay him like that is just day to day just try to. You know we've got a good prospects we're gonna make the inexperienced good toward you you're gonna come to a game and you're going to want to come back we know our our team is not going to win the Major League level. But you're gonna have a good time and as time Eagles on you'll see that we know what we're doing. There's not one move he can't he can't make all this up and. In one Nevada and wins CI perk from a guy that I'm like oh you know walk iron out a chicken was in and the year 20/20. Nobody would know about 1221. But if I if. I am Jeter and and Bruce Sherman I just say that's Bynum never gonna get that guy. I'm going to move on to the next guy permanent because there you know if you're that thing and who all you care about is what you're gonna see at the Major League level. We'll hit a check in check a little mentally to England. Because that's that's when you're gonna but in Silva and do you mean you read it you're either going to go to Major League Baseball or or you're gonna sit. Here and and shake your visit Jeter in Sherman gave a perk. That is if that don't don't get misguided. Idea that the thing that matters the most is the product on the field. 100% but that's allowed there's not going to be a playoff level for a few years on the analysts say I'll check in with you a few years and it and that's the that's why I'm saying if if you're Jeter and Sherman you move on from that guy. The guy you're right I mean that OK this is like trying to moon you know convince a Democrat to be a Republican like you are gonna do it. You just move on from that guy Tom Donnelly gets too unreasonable for a fan of a team asked Kate can actually win a few games. For the Marlins they unity is yeah. Like how how we don't win games in the next three years of experience Obama come affair Romo were right freedom ago yeah I'll I'll see you Tony Tony. But that would but that's what I'm saying cap like if you weren't let him go if they bombed Jeter in Sherman I'm not even gonna try to get you. Because all you'd look at because all you know outside of it if it's it's like if you're a heat man and you say well. Either they win a title or I'm not going to a game and you look at him and you go yet while they don't have that extreme Perkins did hesitant hesitant to be competitive is what you asked did you know this Marlins seemed can be competitive ball OK that's not the fans' fault that sets her own fault the traders weigh the best players but cap. DD but your body you're not getting wood on site in the argue. Like they're asking asking this Marlins seemed to be competitive. Is as realistic as asking this heat team to win the title. You look at them and you go you're not equipped to win a title did they these guys are equipped to be competitive. You normally do about that I'm asleep on that the most sleep on tonight about him on high alert I don't know if that's not legitimately without a three for the five tomorrow after I or would bow and I've really forgotten that no gallery where my list right Carlos Rangel and I knew it would do we talk Marlins are we got to go but we gotta give away these figures here the world's best beach volleyball players are back in town for the beach major series starting. February 27 through march 4 to watch top US players battled the best men's and women's teams in the world. For 600000. Dollars in prize money how about that the beach village and over the 9 AM nights as has started 6 PM under the lights. Visit major or should revisit beach major series outcome at speeds major series that come for the full schedule. This free admission a man has brought you by 790 the ticket and we'll see you at the beach we got a pair of beach volleyball majors series. Pair of beach friends OO rounds tickets. 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