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Curtis Stevenson
Friday, February 2nd

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It's. It. An investor day in and yeah broke earlier today Curtis and -- with you hear the Republicans for blocking out loud and run the entire operation. Monday man knows that you Kim as of Friday purchase specially a Friday before the suitable and a Friday before we got. And sixers 1019 and then going to be it's going to be juicy speaking of juicy you got some peppers that were brought him here. As. That Frito character yeah challenged us to a great cause which is the the ALS pepper challenge and a lot of celebrities they're you never so we're gonna have. What kind did you yet again. Not a bon of those hot. And I don't either really adds a spicy food I don't know why I'm a die early death I hate spicy food or casually even though and though yeah the stuff bombers Wanda you get injured two. Benjamin he's supposed to read have a cup and the show. I got my screen here to win tomorrow c'mon man like put the heat on when it's sixty degrees out I mean that should not very. Yeah art article OK then don't go drink water and so that makes it works are Bobby you'll see. Outgoing maybe when we Imus does admit there underestimating it a little bit here and lines also take your kids short days Hui got a lot of Leo a lot of guys running around her little guys that are on here. Two Bergen have a very nervous or the last couple hours sure is always showed up at the start. Six Qaeda and other video I'd like to me don't. It is one of army failed relationships over the years. So I think we're the free and clear here mom hello we've got a dummy and secondly we still got our lives and yeah it worked very kind of and that's by now I don't know that you don't show up here. I'll who's gonna show here are guess listener we got mirroring. He is a long time legendary voice in the Philadelphia Eagles. Playing in a little game culture or both of the two media we Bob Scioscia and the voice of the patriots yesterday so equal opportunist and he ominously there's a project politics right there equal equal to one at the other side to get Merrill on who's who's gonna be great also off Phillies got to be rock now manage basketball guy. My resume off we as the voice of the of the 76ers. He's gonna join us also now more. Arsenal when marsh horrible alms we'll talk to him about that seventeen in nineteen with the ball from the fortunately as we know those were both Els and dom. On the nets not an L which is a huge wind is the dolphins cancer challenge. And that is next Saturday where I talked to him about that one of the great events in nine South Florida and out of the Minneapolis on them and that the local he would implement a slice now. These again were Trudeau is yeah Canada. I love is gathered you know that he's up to Minneapolis kind of represented but don't talk to about the loved kids Jones and Robinson and Allen probably root for who bully two years now clear memory and ready organ ready for for the out of Atlanta next year. And and right here in ninety years for a number 54 and all of that. Awe as we as you roll on here so we got a lot of Celtics cut to cram in you cram into as we get into he basketball which are towards begin at 7 o'clock this evening and this is the first of four matchup between Philly. In Miami and I think this is the big the big series this is a big series. And I know I I I say this is the big game a lot when it comes easy but that's how close the standings are in I think are going to be here. And if you can win three out of four against Philly or splitting of Philadelphia Phillies won those scenes that chasing you and Lucy you're trying to hold off pull us. You got a son Whiteside and you've got Joseph well MB two nights we all know what happened back in pre season. And this is the first time they're gonna matchup when it's for real I think we're gonna get a mole motivated in a mood of the heated Whiteside tonight I sure hope. We do we know Doyle and beat is always motivated we have to see whether the sun is going to be motivated at least and here's playing. But a big match up tonight. Again Philadelphia. And a match up. Within the game that I am going to be looking at. Is on white side against a well and beat we know they hit their little social media be over the all during the off season but. That's really not what intrigues me about this match up. Joseph drove well indeed it's a quality big man. Tomorrow night on they Andre Drummond another quality big man so I wanna see how on does in this back to back now clearly. The gain outcomes of the gains are not going to rest on the outcomes of these individual matchups. I'm white guy to meet is a guy that can be very active invest the seven and very active. In individual matchups all what to eat tonight how he handles let. How long did I know he's going again excellent big me and bit of lead. On is one of the best big men in the league offensively. On is a very talented big man. Oh are you able to ride on Ramon scratches are you able to. Project and see how this turnout and a best of seven series does the sun gives you the advantage that she would need is he a situation go play here where you can put him in certain times and get what you need even if he doesn't give you what you need the entire game. I wanna see what you can do with post on again. Equal matched senators and we're gonna see part of their. Tonight and tomorrow night when he goes up against MB and Eagles up against Andre Drummond again the outcomes of these games will not. Ride on how will have on play these. But I think this is going to give a good glimpse into how much you can rely on him on. Court TV gains a key part of the season of which you would have to say this is one and then if you can project into the playoffs. Will this translate could you write on any best the rabbit. We'll see how it goes. Aren't Smart. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove nerves and aventura and now implying crest. Drone urges your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered weather's new purchases repairs customizations training whatever it is these guys who'll look you up. Visible today drove nerds dot com self borders I. In the I was X shows 67974. On the Coral Springs auto Mohammed Tex I'm per common and they usually. Good mood especially on Fridays but I got a little extra pep in my step because I got a lot of Super Bowl props. Right in my hands are and I've been scouring they got everything here. Let me get to this one here and the audience how many times will Carson wind's been mentioned during the broadcast blow away from kickoff to move to heroes yet to zeroes you know over under is three and a half. Who blogs and a slow. Neither of Slovenia and you know three and a half an uphill price air on the on three and a half to their respect and the there's going to be probably at least 45 mentions of good old a little harsh and wins during the the broadcast. Our hub of this one common example Giselle bunch and we shall during the TV broadcast over under of one and half zone I'll go under and that when. Going under these sort of went. And there's an end of the game she gets legs on any dramatic moment I don't but those awful and there are as you know I mean it is not craft. And crass crap like let's let it crap about three and out to what he's too you know I now know the old program in victory or loss I would go over Brad yet to Lil and you know. Think just the dramatic scene at the at the end yeah at the time in my short would be. Tension attention. And it sounds familiar retiring and the dollar limits it does and then the camera printer that's the thing but you're right late in the game is stressed out there definitely were there opera down the government of maybe Tom my. It's a little woozy but my shoulders and go back to her element to the exit. He's there's still some concern on our part yeah. Oh scenario and a half we got a lot more of these to get too but first let's get the 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And W except that HD true Miramar. Miami visits Philadelphia tonight at 8 o'clock the heat is in fourth place in the east although Miami is tied with Washington. And it's winning nine and 21. That low and Tony Todd gets to blow with a pregame show Levin right here on AM 790 a bit mortal for three HD two. Particularly the Ehrlich a three and a half four point underdogs and I. But really well we'll blog tonight I guess that may Obama's post you're on the road near the top opponent. As since the Middle East is 500 overall I don't know what they are at home. But yeah 24 and twenty world role and that kind of makes an error in their couple over on their twelve Montana. That granular you know I've been detained he got to find a way to get some authentic movement and that their half court offenses and has really gotten stagnant may get the last couple weeks that it. There's times where it took just admit it no no not to Lee was last couple weeks has slowed to a crawl certain. And to me it seemed like especially in the second half but that's just off the top Marty earlier and I agree I think Europe on the college math. Bo you whim at Virginia Tech tomorrow it true you wimps Eckstein in five overall I've been born ACC. Virginia Tech scene in six overall also Biden wore in the ACC. LeBron James called rumors of his willingness to talk to Golden State. Non sense. You might have heard the story from yesterday and all over the place Mets in the yeah Clinton visited a couple of times and and as Tory win that Nam LeBron James. Suppose that Lee was willing to listen to Golden State in the off season. If the warrior a clear enough salary cap space and if LeBron became a free agent well LeBron respond to that today. Calling it non then and the quote from him. Further quote from him was. If you don't hear something coming from my voice and it not true I don't give a damn how closely yards through my tears my wife or whatever if it's not from me. It's not true. And there you go finally the Super Bowl Sunday as you know New England eight war point favorite over delete those are your headlines. Tom Brady's first touchdown pass over under thirteen and a half yards. Will blow I'd probably go under and I think I would too yeah they you know close some club and low in Iowa got we got more of these he had to have some fun with them as as we continue on here 67974. If you like to a Texas show you can always do so. Our Mercury and called out already here calling Philly a top opponent like calling Sacramento a 500 team. On the top opponent I mean I think they're worthy they're they're good team and they got there and certainly on the cents. Yeah they're they're they're like they got some of the got they got legitimate players they've got. And element here and I looked at wood in the es that you herb what board their own how many games there are separating you buy games. Even as 29 and 22 affiliates 44 and 24. Did it's it's. It's that it's three and a half to bring it. From Miami to Philly yeah forcing us to the house both. Yeah liberal on that the deal I would do I would agree with you there Amman over I don't overlooked. Anybody in the steel and if you're I mean journal B Miami last week I mean this is the unit you know we're gonna tow you can be anybody and you can lose to anybody else. The coverage goes out to be hot that's like doing on the ice budget challenge with tap water or that I. I don't I don't know it isn't that's hot pepper. Okay yeah or how angels for me how do you like the ones at the movies and I'm not soldier some phenol could be spicy it might be might not I don't know I don't know where they've got money in the news on the deal peppers like it's. It's not the ghost pepper. I don't know if it's hotter than the Serrano it is definitely hotter than DR Albert Arnold. Cover charge here yeah deal with me yeah. But we're doing it and you know we're doing it for good cause and we got here and we're gonna challenge to that too we effort that and that's what I haven't figured out an organ or call him my dynamite do in my mind do a couple of dolphins people to get because this. Stars from Tom hammer throw and you know he's NBA reporter Bleacher Report. But dom I'm not sure has crossed over to be in a bill yet I think it's just pretty much in basketball teacher Jack Indian. Right Barkley did it and we got nobody did on the one and entertained Entertainment Tonight it's like that in the go ahead and and it Kimmel has done it. I'm not sure there's council president yeah yeah yeah I don't know that this crossed and enough bill so they were gonna go solid a couple of dolphins people you killed you know maybe they go through that in a Lil little bit and get somebody. About Jones Tim Healy and go through baseball organ darling yeah yeah we got to get them. And cynical right cynical of Somalis who got some legs are certainly offer Carville and Marie is doing here a lot of these do. I got to protect the right there at the warm up up there and Minnesota man have a pampering and warm up I got innards. So much to talk and ask about. But the Eagles have with Merrill reach into just one of what I do and what with a championship mean in Philadelphia to. I mean the Eagles are king that is that is especially after losing their quarterback and everything. Low pull hook up with. Jim coming up next glories the voice of the Eagles as though we get you ready for the big game on Sunday also we got a big basketball game tonight mark zoom off. He has ways of the Philadelphia 76ers he's gonna stop by here for all fifteen minutes a heat in the 5 o'clock hour so. Curtis had purchased it role here on Friday here on seven I mean take. They join the ticket and get your game started early December reached poolside party tomorrow night from seven at ten. And the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino in Hollywood free entry drink specials and live bands performing all your favorite. Our main Mahan DJ holiday from our sister station beach will be your host poolside for a chance to win VIP access. Where the open bar from 7:8 PM register now at the ticket Miami dot com Curtis and perk equity here. On 790 the ticket we head out now to Iraq deals a downstairs and your doors get signed there actually stepped beyond communion that's who we find. One of the legendary voices of the NFL 41 seasons. Calling to Philadelphia Eagles. Broadcast Merrill Reese is our guesses he gets ready for Super Bowl 52. Merrill Howard things I know they're doing great thanks for stopping by sir. You know it there cold. To pick it's warmer here than your your guys that Miami basic of Coke oh. When we hope all is this is like in the seventies bell here barrels of oil will look like an electric who have not minor bit of a minor bump brigadier. Yeah that's that's pretty loud there they're real let's say aha. How does this slows it was a 39. Eagles patriots. Pot houses kinda different the saying the type of steel here kind of take us through your the last couple trips that you you've been called game for the Eagles for over forty years. Well it could trigger more commercialized for one thing you look back to. Super Bowl 39 of them loose. After the 2000 import these that are put in Jacksonville. And the media day that might have spared the stadium you'll want to run on the front China. You yeah the media but it wasn't that rapid. I remember going over in the direction of Tom Brady at the disparity in the other little podium with me in the field. And they were about ten people around Tom Brady valuable thing on Monday night and a lower court immediate night they cola. Opening. Lead the opening act or opening night opening night. And I would over the direction that Brady and I figured that the the year let your Lopes who about 200 people have made it as Jim it's creepy. And and then there's a multimedia show go all so what. It's a big difference now the bigger difference is that that Eagles team. What is somewhat expected to go to the Super Bowl they had been. Knocking on the door for years they've had been due several NFC championship game and then boom they finally made it all the way this team. Virtually came out of no where I think the most optimistic Eagles fans bought that they could. If everybody stayed healthy win nine or ten games and have a shot to go to the whilst. But that it everybody's state LP was seemingly very important. And then they lost Jason Peters the post up onto blob. They lost the book linebacker Jordan six they lost their great little utility player on the server Darren Sproles. They lost their kicker Caleb Sturgis. They lost. You know cause occurred Marico about Butler beaver. And of the final blow was it was said look when they look the guy most responsible for them having a great season. Their quarterback our compliance and yet somehow here we are. Yet know it it is truly amazing Merrill because it's a you know you you'd think the ball the debt that it takes to get this far into a football season and and it's it's kind of hard to believe until you start blowing through the injuries health boredom on a roster that that you're gonna actually go. What do we we talk about the roster Jay had died he was a huge addition its newest attraction from the dolphins' roster huge addition to the Eagles roster. What has he meant for that ball and old war. Boy you're a great sport. I mean you could put. And he can light it up he's just got a great speed. That you can't see he's he's got a bird he's got a cutting ability is there is a terrific back. Out here you know they're here nobody year like shady McCoy at but he record is probably goes back. In an eagle in modern history. What you've put Jacob GIE clear that you bring in the power of what Garrett one who has contributed a lot. And then on grayer than rookie I'd had the core requirement. They're like why he's become little bird down in Britain to record about running back department is barely followed. But the but the most caliber players definitely gave Johnny. The legendary voice Merrill Reese joins us from the Philadelphia Eagles they're rated take on. The New England Patriots you mention it was a when nick pulls us has that been. He's done it before with you guys that albeit at a regular season bases of the income comes back around here. And rejoin your ballclub if that plays the way he's played against the saints in the vikings. The Eagles can win Sunday true or untrue. Oh absolutely true course you mean against Atlanta book like it but yeah he played continues could continue to play at a quarterback rating of over 140. He go cougars hit Ohio. I expect that's going to happen these stock that I had a quarterback but he under what are you get patriots bought. If they have a solid guarantee it he doesn't turn over the football it was quarterback rating is somewhere in the ninety's. This team has a very good chance of winning ugly. Merrill. I don't know how many Super Bowls you pretend it but I'm wondering what is your best and favorite part of the week I know that you know the commissioners ball and and that I know per per let you know the pro football writers association have a meeting and you. You get to see everybody and added you know you go out to dinners with people what does your absolute favorite part of Super Bowl week. On Sunday night. Not Sunday night when I arrive at the stadium the other book that the purple. And you pick what we you do feature you go on radio row and make pitch around a little bit of soul one that's all part of the business and and you'll like it if it's enjoyable. But really it's a long week end. It it is the simple goals in Miami. Arms spending three days on the golf course notable because that might. By avocation. Here are not one book I wish I had a bit out of the hotel on what they accepts that. This hotel the single pill is connected to the Mall of America. And every it to go down to some the president opens and the radio row. It like about a two and a half mile walk about Art Bell ball well. That it is different track. But at what does that that you're at the mall there's a mutual but it whether you come to the right Super Bowl partly I'd rather be. You know I'd rather be out like golf. I don't know that I knew at Merrill it's warm weather warm weather is nearly seventy and sunny here we got plenty of golf courses warrior calories is our guest. Maryland and just we got them suffering dolphin fans down here and it's been a long time. Off the deep into the big game level when the big game. Phillips never done it what would a Super Bowl championship mean to that's sitting. Everything. Everything I mean they love to believe that global Specter's been global players but the dispersed. And foremost at Eagles city. I loved those football they embraced soccer with the school pulpit you know a lot of people say that they. Boy I hope they win one for you because you've been doing the game and so HE 96. That could apply to the matter is. I think it would be bodies but I want them to win this thing could be science and contested the emotions invested their dollars they bought equals merchandise they. Receivers has given them the moments but they take it there ought to waive more all of them bought. And put this team to win of these plans would be everything. Maryland as far as Nicole. Of a job do you think he's done so far. What does he need to do on Sunday does he need to be the featured guy or does he need to kind of let other guys do their work and just do. His 111 at least. Well I know it is going to be more than one a lot because he is the quarterback. Eight got to do more than just manage you hear these virtual iron he's just got to manage the game now he's got to do more of that because. It got to put some points up on the board. He'd gone to the speed at purpose that the boards against Minnesota but he got to be good he got to show that he can hit it down field strike on the time. And more importantly he's got to sustain lives he's got to make the third down passes so that the Eagles couldn't. Straight up and played a lot of the culminate touchdowns. And he Tom Brady along the sideline you know what this would be another umbrage you'll. Murray's America's Merrill Jenna here are and is one here. Doug Peterson. What kind of strikes you as this guy's got his act together when did you know okay this guy's got something special here and and and they take this team to two tight that they haven't seen them in some time. Well there's there's no doubt in my mind that he's a very special coach. And he is capable of being a Super Bowl winning coach he's got this team together very quickly is a former player he knows how the players thank. And who watched the Minnesota game is solid just outgrew it a play call where he is how he mixes things up. I'll pay you very aggressive. Either start Peterson bought plug Barone. And that spot as flat but merlot and that it would cool great job this past year. The Jacksonville but if you watch the patriots play the jaguars. In their championship game. The jaguars can't believe I think that the coaches took the football but at all. Good tech into halftime I had almost a minute left they could've done something instead they just want to up the law. You've put dog in that position it could lead on the vikings and he wanted more and he beat jock keep them quickly downfield but deficient or Google. Bible study of this and we saw this patriots team overcome a 28 to seven deficit are 28 the green deficit let your against. Against those patriots being the but it felt good work up of what all want the eight the rate at New England came back won the game. That will line up against this team because though. I don't care Rica like retired. Eight is not going to shut it down is not going to turn out to be concerned. Both leaders and is an aggressive coach Eddie going to play this game. The way he played the other lets people were up to about that or the other that the games of the sport. Yeah and in. You got your short tour of the defense he's not to sit on his hands either saw some extra. This retro fun matchup here on Sunday should be a lot of fun Merrill thank you for taking a few minutes with a down here Miami we know we go out Eagles fans here in South Florida. Audit detection and here during your appearance here they wish you well and have a great call on Sunday things like Hitler and hit a golf course next Lara aren't. Hundred or what your your calories a legendary voice of the Philadelphia eagles' 41 seasons he's he's seen it all on that team has told short time and time again. Our heels and get a bad rap but. Because they're kind of you know I'll ask the disgusting in Israel and diablo in the most. People Cambodia in the Michael Irvin when he was down removed from the terror and probably they aren't they are hard core yet or are they are always going to Philly for Perot for games who have been there for simple games presents. Answers games and actually have never covered Eagles did we mention that falls. Really. I would have gone on the way to no bill period for third you William Timbaland and she. Sixers but yet Noah an earlier 800 they give you are all right there yeah the to get the full dimension over under passing yards 243. And a half moon boy that is a nude number fear because he then and an MP3 or a law. That's a good number row ala. Al Al. Al gold over just thinking that Tom had I don't know actually I have no. On that. To say okay and what her I would you know what those. Well I was gonna say you stand bulldogs' go to sleigh I'll take that over and because I think that dom doing little jump out to a lead in Philly you'll have to pass to catch up. But I haven't really I just think it's going to be closeness. Hello nick folds his longest completion on Sunday over under 36 and a half yards dog wonder ultimately. Only had a big strike can now go in parliament straight guys move Torrey Smith on the outside. You know I don't know are you guys don't flinch from whom forty inch on her and let much get behind them loosely with we got all we got our thanks Merrill -- right there you can imagine the look the fun of the week you know what else is gonna be released tomorrow is hall of famers from the NFL. And you won't talk about one of the more impressive list we've seen in sometime and a lot of South Florida connections will get that coming up. Also mark zoom off. He is deeply about it's like a filly kind of show a little bit just that he got the sixers tonight yet he's the the public implicitly sixers he's just stop by here in the in the 5:5 o'clock hour so Doug Peterson Phillies coach was with the dolphins were four short amount toward Doug's Peter that it imported -- he was he was people that don't know this well toggle on the other side next here on 79 Atlantic. I came on the ticket just to elections to recover fine hosting a show. Winds as low a complete wrap of the game election in your report finds always an amazing deals want to let him in four by fours upper does that what do you drug issue we customizations job. Put a champion four by four dot com or thinks of Merrill Reese the voice of the Eagles before joining us. Little slice of golf trivia as it relates to Doug Peterson. Bob Byrd you're well aware of this put. Doug Peterson. Was the quarterback. We know coach of the Eagles with the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Back when Shula beat the Eagles in a Lotta Lotta symmetry in this thing. To surpass George Dallas in the all time winningest coach. In with three point 83 phone three toll finally house has 324. And 09 the country. Marino got hurt. Scott Mitchell heard amateur hurt immediately and again and Peterson came here in the order behind. Is that right bunker behind the jets and came back and only went nineteen to fourteen hour in her dinner and repeat I kiss you know. Peterson quarterback a few more games at that screen I might trophy in my though he didn't have very many are in his career no Allan Donald the number of. Israel's own wasn't a great year for the Barbara Marino Blount as Achilles in in Cleveland's. And then the next year obviously came back though Scott Mitchell who had a good run the Mitchell got hurt that game no. And was Mitchell was up and down he was that is being dragons were Peterson came in at Peterson was discovered journeyman quarterback no special. He came in and led the dolphins. To a victory against the Eagles in chula surpassed his. George how's that day in Philadelphia. And did you know I mean this to Angela has all time wins at 347. Belichick's at who 78 he's heard behind palace in and Shula. 278. Wins. Als watching that did that thirty for thirty last night the two bills yet. Which I thought I was like. I did yeah it was it was very giant heavy. Who's very early heavy. We write which was paired up Parcells and belch Axl is a lot alike patriots stuff in the area which is good. Which is what the that's not a point of the story right below have the job is owned that dealt another pretty clear on that yet. But like it was very you'll allow the giants off and just how they how they came together and how they connected Ray Perkins actually hire both of those guys who what people did not know. In the relationship do is what it was weird like telecheck. You can see the reverence that bella check or uncheck this guy I mean he was. Keane he's gonna make announced grist dwell time next Schuller when you're put a T I am but you could see the respect he had for Parcells. I was the last last night I saw the last fifteen minutes out. This morning I saw the last twenty minutes of but dom I I I did it does the little little bit that I saw I thought it was very funny Vietnam yet kind of interaction. Between the two of us so they're there and in the giants' locker room and then they go to the trophy today Belichick's lives from you know would he say these are these are the ones that we won. And MD of the sports and it'll run that he's the only one who gave him doubtful and and marry you know made they both signed their names on the table later. And you know that Bill Belichick admitted that you know and had his Super Bowl Lyndon pars Els is like well I can only put Sudan on his looks like sipowicz Naomi are going to be. Listed the Super Bowls and you know and and in. At the very end where they walk out of the locker room and and Parse sales terms the Belichick and those where they want us to go down there in the bowels of the stadium. And Belichick goes. I bet they want us to go into the jets' locker room. And and our sales just draw a line like I'm not doing that the guy like a producer or whoever comes out and goes to legislate let's go and and and Marseilles and I'm not doing that will occur president Leo let's just in on a high note and yet that's a good idea where is the elevator they. That their finger and are males pulled up to go to the jets' locker yeah I remember I don't remember him being the jets coach but how armor all that behind the scenes stuff with Kraft. And it is in the relationship with Kraft. Both for them Belichick left and hired Pete Carroll and came back no. And then I know Parcells was that angry -- the groceries comment but I didn't know that. No crafted it was a power struggle they are so and then like the jets got treated like the second rated for a great franchise in the obviously in New York the I think a lot of that stuff or at the time I didn't realize it when it was happening in real time so version but if anybody. This is going to be on a bunch of times it really is just funneling gossip walks in he's delegate he's got like a a wrinkled shirt. You know I mean yes and I auto sorrow football career builder have a nice golf swing we're in though it has been a stunning about the other by playing all right but today they clearly not friends that you would say there are just they were together in those guys. A combined to to have a lot of success. You guys have a lot of six and I'll hall of fame gets gets announce tomorrow perk on how how about this list of the finalists that we got to true to choose from. No what do they would in the capital as of five that the capital. Yes usually bored maybe five okay colonial this last year. Will literally alphabetical or you get Tony was selling. Right Elmo held blows left Tyrone Miller for the jags. Isaac Bruce from Fort Lauderdale Dillard high school here in South Florida the reverend it was one of the great receivers of all time. Brian Dawkins speaking at the movies and he and Lilly and Alan Faneca. Steve hunter is in full and bring this right hodgepodge of one of the Betty was all boards I've ever seen you don't. Yeah I remember when he was common now and I just moved down here seeking must come out like 979899. Where from in the draft yes no don't know. Of Ramallah Haifa 97 and you have an idea and somewhere around Michigan right you right to get a hunch is one of them of the book Joseph Jacobi. Part of hawks who. Edgerrin James I thought there was absolutely no evidence yet and all right yeah a lot of South Florida Anita on explain edge right and so there was a sank Ty Law on knowledgeable and patriot teams. Well Ray Lewis. All right note wells who you know John Lynch. Chemical and why. Kick the ball mullet and has agreed to Letterman. Randall's sweet thing lost one of my fair players of all time I think over any celebs on here we did for number yours Belgian draft them out of him and into the John Avery. Terrell Owens has been a lot of time down here and Brian your locker and Emerson walls of beat those are your fifteen guys right there man. That's the most lives right near them. We go to war after war South Florida like Italy Isaac Bruce Koch. Yeah it is Ray Lewis there. But like me Randy Moss is a no brainer Terrell Owens has got to him in at some point just on the this list but I told you like five do you like the look of that. Yeah there's there's going to be tough but it imposes the death that's easy straight goes through this year and easier does it right for them here Ray Lewis a definite. I would say moss is a definite Alamo adept I'd say hot is a definite. And then after that I don't know. I know that is it could be Dawkins Bruce Bocelli. Land she may June. I think Ed might have to wait a couple of years I don't know what they're gonna do with Terrell Owens we know it's all about his theory is that under the it's and I treated others. That's a pretty crazy right there Amanda what I'm looking for that to a tomorrow by the way OK is a look at how this throughout our our our part the entire show. We're gonna give your picks here at the end of each hour here who's sure boldest chasm that he's there so Los Angeles in Berkeley like on Dele councilman like giants to cover patriots to win and I'm on the cover of the giant and most times the company has got to. While. He cover up but looking at the thought that something here yes a lot like Eagles recover and patriots to win an NI score may be a vote. When he's 1120 war. Like the same thing audio video you root for you got there I mean that the audiences into little insight into your mind to go to when Mikhail. Sometimes it's okay you root for the Eagles like the aren't awful look at that limit to two bills thing. I had no idea bad Belichick would you Julian Rauch who reached out to bully other dolphins connection they're gonna have brought that up the militia go fight in Cleveland Toledo to restart form anyway you flip between. The dolphins are Bryant of the page and so. He would have been Wendy wants that world where the torture took over the job when Jimmy retire and I don't remember that either that I don't. You know though suggesting there a mood but boats. How history might implode in different art. I put this out I wrote little blog for our newsletter on the all on seven I needed to get some of the stigma that and I'm probably gonna change it with the Tony Tony fort New England. You gonna be the final and I think that Brady adding the Eagles. Are up at halftime and an Eagles got off to a great start in and the Brady makes a couple of pass plays in the second half entering another come from behind me. Use your agency he really thought our revenue in Latin honestly again you know the school Lauren and I'm. Well thing about this Burke Rob Gronkowski receiving yards over 175 and a half to I'll go over there. How about brandy rose having them and I'm gonna go Brandon Cox which is receiving yards here. Over under 69 and a half accidents Bronx number 690 that's right that's right over under 69 Allen books trial balloon or medal OK there I think that is the eagles' second there isn't great I think they figure out I think. Eagles' front seven is good enough they're gonna do the job on the underneath guys the linebackers can run a little bit but I think that talks. Ball or wrong or worse somebody's gonna get deeper for the for for the patriots in the second half and also it could either be a catcher via pass interference. They're gonna take the chances and that's going to be the difference they're gonna connect and a couple of those. And I think that's gonna be there and we will get to build a little bit yeah yeah that Tony Tony for a goal with are doing so what we'll do that every at the and ever Howard's capable coming in committed now we got sort of the stuff. Ought to get too including a basketball game tonight first of four between the heat and the 76ers. Marginal off he is the voice all of those Philadelphia 76ers. Fifteen minutes heat coming up right around in about a half hour we'll get to him until we come back open up the 5 o'clock now get headlines. Campers yet here's the thing next here on seven and the thing. An hour here on seven I didn't think it hurt her back with you. Here underwhelming speech. Mark still morpheus these play ugly man for the sixers he's gonna join us at 5:2 morning. Low fifteen minutes he previewing tonight's opponent Davids it makes you do Marlins park. Saturday February 17 and Sunday February 18 from monster jam the most action action. 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Another giveaway today we got two tickets to go see a comedian Anthony to sell neck the funny games store that's coming up April 20. At the Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale tickets are available to him after dot com we got a couple those tickets. About fifty dollar pop value right here. He's very funny guy were a very edgy comedian. A lot different things so lol we give those away during the 5 o'clock hour salon I guarantee we're gonna push those out here. At some point in the 5 o'clock hour. Well you can always check the show we invite and encourage or text messages at 67974. 6797. For me to use a monster truck blowing north on I 95 right now that is getting an additional one Tuesday's fragile and maybe in everybody's trust -- again even get out of my way or get crushed now are relatively weather's nice but trafford on a Friday -- monster truck over you need estrogen -- in Mosul ORR street continues we get the Rodney Magruder text so I think we're listening to yeah from the first hours that we've we're we're approaching a hundred Asia right now I think nine straight show loaded -- attacks on right hamburger and we got quite to streak going to keep that keep that going out there -- -- nights and four on the Coral Springs on -- hundred text line we got two games in two nights -- we come back Monday now will be talking and who are the heroes into the goats of Super Bowl 52. But he will have the road trip completed in little. Two more games back to back Phillies and Detroit two teams that are chasing them in the Eastern Conference. I need I say important game for both Miami the next couple nights and look. Can't really come the next like three days through Monday may be if you even had ended and in the Tuesday. We're going to be dog scoreboard watching here in the in the Eastern Conference teams that are buying for the fourth five and six spots right now. That leads and here's the thing. Big week in and pour the Miami Heat Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers led may be a Big Three your four day stretch now look. Let's keep this in perspective. It's early February that are willing to decide any being. As all three of these teams Miami Washington and Indiana say at 29 victories. We're seeing some stuff right where the all star break we're gonna see starting with this these next few days. Who can create a little bit of separation now. That he has bank to bank Friday and Saturday at nearly at Detroit. Indy Indianapolis. Is at Charlotte tonight. At home against Billy tomorrow. And at home against Washington on Monday. Washington is at Orlando tomorrow and at India on Monday so. Pretty much your going to get. These three teens playing key games not bowl against each other but Indian and Washington will definitely be playing each other from Miami is playing billion Detroit. Soul you're the most part you're going to get good teams in their playing against each other. Orlando is is the opponent that's the exception but. We're gonna see who can create a little bit of separation these teams are all bunched up with the each other. They've all got some injury concerns. They've they pretty much all got the same outlook on the season at this point correct that. You know it's about a 3031 game sprint to the finish and you know you need to outplayed these others to get your playoff seeding. You know you don't want to run into who was Cleveland. Toronto. Or Rahm or Boston in the first round so. These games when you look at tie breakers and all that other kind of up these games could be important again. I don't get all worked up about regular season and gains or stretches but. You are looking at playoff seeding here and you could be look I breakers and so as we head into the all star break in two weeks. We're gonna see who can create a little bit of separation who can win some of these bull bull big Danes. Here's the thing is. Most are by drove nerds and aventura and now in pine crest. Drone marriages are authorized DJ IDO they've got all your drone needs covered whether his new purchases repairs customizations training whatever it is. They will hook you up visible today. Drove nerds dot com South Florida's I. In this guy you don't get excited about regulars against it's like get excited and pour yeah I don't non not too much man you know not too much you know or ice doesn't get it going yeah yeah you know my you know my theory your mantras right right at some point it's it's not be an early. Right yes indeed they all council there now being there all kind of important you know. I don't know last week of the season this is a big game on the SOA so it was it back in March when you lost one of the worsening rightly parliament. We ask you this bum because hey you know my thinking is that. The Sacramento loss. Was cool was more painful to the heat in the Cleveland lost. Because. I know Cleveland has a better team and you would of liked to dole in one but. The way I look at the Cleveland game you were lucky to be in that game right reaper 28 from and three. And turn over in the Sacramento. Home and hello I am home against the worst team in the league that's fair that's that's the game that you should of won Cleveland UConn and hoped to you know this great ones prized right there would have been a pleasant surprise that got you so yeah that I kind of you know and no loss of a loss correct I got a La law yeah lost his butt. This didn't start parsing Daniela woes like Orlando lost last year right then you go back 41 on one and you lost what. A terrible team three times yeah and and you know amended the New York Knicks loss late the Denver lost late boulder home. So those different things to those yeah because of the way they their season there are horrible the first time agreements are gonna have this team is being. You know I doubt I I just think that gains the games especially the home gains against the bad teams. Those are the ones that. That hurt the all right yeah yeah law against the qualities and as good as you would on a road with beat somebody you know likely go on the road to me if you're gonna. So yeah oh yeah that kind of makes yet again experts are brilliant children. For this team. How many times will Tom Brady's age we mentioned during the broadcast over under is five. But you know Miami's he's got the broadcast this year swords Al Michaels account for just throw that out there you know. Over under 50 boy that's a tough one that's a lot of you know collar comedy at all for a forty year old quarterback do that element is they're gonna introduce him as the forty year old quarterback when he trots out on the field for the first time right. Yeah and I could find that your number of him that. Many other network Nile no wonder you are under a little bit are where it's it's a more of these come and appear the first look at the 5 o'clock deadline. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS SHD true Miramar. Miami visits Philadelphia at 8 o'clock tonight eat in fourth place in the east but Miami is tied with Washington. At 29 and 21. That's low and Tommy I get you started at 7 PM right here. And AM 79 BF there a moral worth three HD to the ticket. College hoops you whim at Virginia Tech tomorrow at 2 o'clock. The big game for the things Miami sixteen and Bible were all five and four in the ACC. Virginia Tech Eckstein and six overall also Ivan who were in the ACC. That is the tricky spot for the Kahne Greg they're gonna Cassel is never exactly Cassell coliseum right there Virginians got a tricky good team. Coach buzz up there they are in pretty good their movement know Bruce brown be one that cuts that might be one of those tricky losses entry spots are in power for McCain shouldn't have been on yup. You go into the back to the NBA LeBron James called rumors of his willingness to talk to Golden State. Non and now you're called a story from yesterday that. Someone close to LeBron. Supposedly see it LeBron would be willing to talk to Golden State in the off season. If the warriors to clear the cap space and if LeBron becomes a free agent. LeBron responded that today saying quote. If you don't hear slump and coming from my boys and it's not true I don't give a damn how closely are it is my kids my wife or whatever. If they're not from me. It's not true. Both quote. Wilson a title that's that's the that's been settled now I know I do you know it can promote pronounced in. Finally Super Bowl is Sunday in case you haven't heard New England a four point favorite over Billy. Those are your headlines. There's a lot of reports about the heat being linked to also DeMarre Carroll. The the sharpshooter for the Brooklyn nets so keep an. I am yet he has the by men have million dollar from injury exception from Dion Waiters back to not be split. Somebody asked me that on the tax or were we talking about that yes there's somebody somebody asked me on the next line I think I wasn't sure I I wasn't sure but from it it cannot be comes to so it's. Are all also. According to a league sources told the athletic which is which is you know pretty irreparable site. That though rival executives believe that former. And overall pick justice Winslow could also be obtained on the trade market. I like justice and I will prevail in justices or justices. Since they draft him. But because the guy complete defense and he didn't have been multiple positions on. As of yet I'm not worried about his often taxes is off bins will com just as you already deep into play here. You should become a defense of stopper and that's what I would like to or to secede from him. I did see him ideally as then Andre in what dollar high. That Euro Euro defense of player you can. But your Yuri. My biggest thing of the what do you get for justice Wenzel right now let's alleged to Lebanon ledger doing a big package where it's just on injustice and somebody else for you know a Damian Miller type guy. But what do you trading just as Wenzel Fortier or you are you trading him for DeMarre Carroll or and there are just a guide to help you for the next couple months I'm not down with that I'm not rated give up on justice. You know and it has under achieved what I thought you would be to this point yes but to be a little bit further along push offensively. Bought I'm not ready this say not and I'll just as you get them off or get them off my roster I don't wanna see him anymore to get credible now I do think he's yes some value there. But I don't know. Late trading for a guy straight out what your going to get. On the on the trade market at this point of the proceedings I don't figuring in anything anything much that you're right now about. Probably not because doses has been injured so all in Vietnam and the super cell and has offense has been has been lacking bundle. If you. If you have. The patient. There and I would say justice is worth the risk if you need somebody or right now do to help you win a series this year. Your he's probably not the guy that you need. How Shawn Jeffrey receptions over under three and a half. And Emerson was very low. Who's going to be their biggest their biggest receiving threat. It out John Jeffrey at three and a half. You got you got Nelson idol are. No snag our reception threats three and a half as well. In. Other tight and heavy with Celek and herbs and an even greater burden. But. That's and Al shine as the leader at the rim and notice how much is out of trees and his five all yeah you know under center who's going to be the main their main target their promises for a three and a half on our allies like the idea and that's the main target you know Zach hurts. Terry Burton or look at them involved in uniform here Bradley he's a free agent and he's one of those guys on off immediately leave him. He's. He's a good look in the silicon player right there you also got to Billick and players Philadelphia 76ers the process is kind of played itself out. And two here playing tonight. Hassan Whiteside residual LMB either. We're to talk to the 76ers play by play man march you loft. And Dow Jones got to be doughnut trade they had a pretty good basketball team there there's the football teams in the stool ball. Below will have to fill that the site of tonight's ballgame really take you right up until 7 o'clock hour pregame coverage starts we'll give you little inside to the inside fifteen minutes that he is next with our guess margin off right here on some ninety the ticket. Her fifteen minutes. Oh. Yeah. By by Jimmy and format war itself voted number one. 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Here take you right up until. And the 76ers. We head out right now to the rental housing is George guess either truly step beyond community that we find the player I've ever and for the Philadelphia 76ers marginal off. These are with us here on your home of the 87 I didn't take it marks Phillies got a big go nuts right now I you don't sir. Everybody pulling in the fight song Brothers I gotta tell you that what really in all of our. You go well. Held the road to pick there might be coming just at one I thought I forgot the word the art market and the. They're not a fight song mark let's just say it out and you know what everybody here let me here I don't know blue. Miami and golf is the policy is we take the ball girls golf covers aim at the we're in the early rounds. That's it that's putrid JA Jai you by the way it's still very much and I know your father and and I can't defend him thank you for teco Alonso and buyer but non zionist and not a round. I well. Before the basketball Mario thank you very much for your time here I know where Prodi and time here and everything went up. And what what does the city bit like here you gotta get a really one basketball team. And now and your teams and you all teams in this horrible to every sports paradise up there. It is and there's a lot of excitement surrounding our team we are sold out pretty much for the season which is the first time in memory I can. Were call it being soft policies quite frankly a bit of bad it's the first year the team at 63 so it can't cry about it. But here and Eagles are king I mean success transpires spent at all it ballots that. This is far and away a football town first. And the fact that the birds were in the Super Bowl Wyman. And the way that they'd done it in this rocky fashion where. Life seemed to be imitating art really has people captivated. And you can't go anywhere without seeing people in green talking about the bird it's great. It looked early days of fever pitch here come Sunday. Knee most exciting play here on your roster I mean I would guess Joseph will impede or bin Emmons last year you may be you would loosely at large but dom we still haven't even seen both really but what let me tell me about him beaten Simmons and and are they. Is one of those tool. The guy. Well. Let me bring you this way. I would have to say that. Joseph well to beat is the man for. One overriding reason and that is that when he is all before you take a look at these statistics. Our defensive rating which is split up or 100 surgeons which is a pretty true rating at a bigger competitors. It is vastly different with him on the floor supposed without a source so. Which Pam were one of the better defensive teams in the league without him we're one of the worst defensive teams in the league makes a huge difference all of that said. If you haven't seen band simmons' play yet Miami can't really get a tree. You're talking about a 610 guy can get anywhere on or do whatever you want to date time. Key he has great vision and it's enhanced by the equity 610. I know have an outside shot yet he certainly doesn't it three point shot yet. But that hasn't stopped him from getting 181920. Points per game because he's remarkable and getting to the basket and finishing has built this shot at getting better. And he had the extra added dimension of being able to rebound. So there's nothing like having your point guard had the ball in his hands. Immediately all with a proud and glad because now he's in charge in the league and he could spot guards quickly and really maker up at the pressure so. Bennett like gold forum we don't show well with a panoramic where he does things that perhaps guy who I could ever gone book org put on the poorest got a great touch. He could post but I he could use either and and eagle all we have three point territory so we have two guys that we're very excited about we've already sided beat long term debt but certainly Simmons is part of the long term planets. Well mark Schumacher is our guest who he's the play by play man for the Philadelphia 76ers first of four matchups between the heat and the sixers it's gonna go a long way. In seeding in the Eastern Conference releases at. 544. And 24 MB nickname is the process mark Sam thank you know those years of being dreadful war. But now you're started seeing the fruits of it wasn't worth it was it worth it in your mining in the fan's mind. Aaliyah I think that there were more fans all on board would it then weren't bet that it became a little bit tedious at the end. The end meeting last year it was your four and I would think that that sixers as an organization. Were ready to go forward and acquire players net Circor make it play out bench oil Pete got hurt January. We attended by January we are they can maybe we could make the host these and that what he went out. That's her continue to crop that if you will but. My goodness yes I mean. How often do you get out of the draft even though we had to wait for both guys because of injuries. A player the you can build eradicated he could be bald man for 1012 Beers at the all star almost that entire time what we have to it. It certainly going to be an ad they grow together and and matured together. And we could put players around them to enhance their skills it's gonna be a lot of fun to watch so what's the process work that absolutely. What are the top pick in the draft on Marco fault where where's that he's had been injured. Follow but I mean is that going to fit what's the long term vision with with him playing the backcourt would bend. He's a young guy who's got a lot of talent unfortunately yet shoulder injury during the creaky and add that severely limited him. Many ended up altering his shot because. He had that shoulder injury and it. Caused problems for him when he had a regular shooting motion. So don't try to straighten that out he's trying to make sure his shoulder is OK and get a good game shape our. Think the feeling it but yet he's going to be back at some point sixers are bout with the time. For him to return. But once he returned Joshi a guy who can play both guard spots. He can create for others. You and he kind of played a little bit of an old man's game mattered to the people like it to be change hard for the trapped in that. He's not a high choir or stay on the floor and draw contact and figure out a way to get to that group so. We will hope that he can get it together and got straight out of shot shoulder problems and get back on the courts and. What are the individual matchups will be looked and tonight of course Joseph well and beat against him on white Knight for a couple of reasons. One because they're both talented big men but more importantly the little Twitter piece that they had during the during the offseason like six as I know I got. How much of that will surface tonight mark and and what do you expect from from that match up and that. You probably know is on an averaging like 26 minutes a game not always in there at the fourth quarter what do you expect them from that matchup. You certainly have two very talented players make no mistake about it as far as that. Wars and social media I think I would take that with a grain of salt I think players find out just understand it that spiritual well being Joseph well I'd. It's certainly not a personal thing he. Personally has admitted that something he does get himself going. Many times it's more for entertainment and anything else because that's part of him that. He likes to show so he's always on social media keys and whatnot. I don't think he and Andrei drama and have gone that social media in a similar fashion and you know they show the love before and after the game. Whenever we meet the president so. I think it's on understand it's not personal Joseph well certainly don't need it to be personal I think it all on. But what I do think is. The heat fans are gonna achieve two of the most talented big men and NBA of course your well now it supports tribal targeted she threw the book out there and the big. It in the NBA go out and tonight. Smart and I gotta get you got to run their courtside but before let's go out we always like to get outside go marching in the Miami Heat here. First time you've seen him since the pre season here what are your views as you go through here again and you look at your look at the board here for tonight's game. This is a team that always plays harder. They always to end I know that's the bad day by it to make it they can hold Cleveland tonight at one point and not win. But they're three point shooting obviously in that game just wasn't all that good. And I know the core drug it is at all star by virtue of out of sober and being named to replace Kevin Love. At a tape not a bottle by all star but you were looking at ten EDE team without a major superstar. That is very competitive every night. So this is not a team to take lightly by any stretch that certainly a better record and the pictures I think going to be a great measuring stick. What the sixers need to do knowing that he will endeavor locked in doubters who say what that. We just had a four game road trip reopening against the spurs we'd lock them down we want to game we wanna game scoring 97 point. We just walk in Brooklyn the other night scoring 208 because we did that spent so that the key for us and quite good to be able. All right well well best of luck here and I'll have a lot of fun in Philly we all like the patriots down here you know they can they be that often all the time nearly all the agencies the tools they whether here on the way out earmarks live. Game gross lie. Hi there we go. It's time. On our road to fix regime do you think he's going to be at. DL eat at eagle. Don't angle you yell hey Martin I look at because I don't a lot of fun up there to be in statements published thank you mom playbook. You got you got a guy mark zoom off he is the play by play man for the Philadelphia 76. Hours out and one stop bloom with the the go Eagles copper. Don't wait and yeah we'll get to that yeah yeah let's all the additional over her card to your them just literally does not crazy Phillies agitating the score about a buck gave a night. The only score about a 190. What they're gonna give up about a buck 07 and the only hero Bob about a buck. A night hunt though so is going to be it's gonna be hosting the C which wins tonight the greens are often on which side. Couldn't you have to Muster some more offensive to find a way to get some more offense and I could start with their defense but there's going to be a long way perk first of four meetings tonight with Philadelphia. And you look at you know you can win three out of four those feel like you pencil those wins in. On your on your total here you know you lose your health portal with the Burnett might be the difference between a 45 spot and a six or seven spot. In the in the Eastern Conference as we continue on here suitable 52 is is Sunday nutter of Philadelphia to a low. Philadelphia. Mixed holes props for everyone out there Nichols rushing yards. Over under two and a half on Sunday perk and boy. You know sacks on yeah yeah yeah when I your. He's got some pretty yeah. I think they'll take the under on that under two and a half you it I could see them get an afternoon it looked about its History Channel where you know he gets ten or eleven yards on maybe on quarterback keeper one of those. Our videos right you know every loves they are PO now those right past few area where he takes a little bit. Doug Peterson might have a little luck trick up his sleeve there for his quarterback under new that being teased Lou I mean he's gonna take a beating OK okay let's have been unable perks per million of pat on that one no part of what I AJ and I used to it is the one. Snarled its agenda here we got we get some more on that coming up here. We got a lot more to get to as we continue on here we got the sixers tonight and of course the big game on Sunday a lot more to do include your text message you can always. Texas show invite and encourage them at 67921 for the well springs auto mall hundreds excellent right here on 79 to take. A money market muscle drop volley got me and the sixers coming up. Still mourning and our fans via that out every game right here on the ticket you start out with a growth rings off pregame show doesn't get you said for the game take a look at the map just think he's the game in every ready for tip off Qualls resolve all. Paul the low cost guard Raja black. Come jazz business milk for business haven't tried it's everybody out there Curtis and purchased. With you here on 790 detected perk US port now he would Tia. 63 and a half for Sunday. Don't overdo it today balloon over I I you talk about total yards and I can't find toll yarn when I got a two yards proposition. But I do have is rushing and receiving yards about. Sixteen and a half three final toll yards look at that. But 80s80 yards total yards should be the toll guard which would be good news good I'll go over a middle so. Dion Lewis rushing yards over under fifty. Who rally under on the up a little bit under you know he's he's a total yards and scrimmage. I would yeah I would be totally an area South Florida guy who was huge last year James James and Dwight out of the better he'll like game winning touchdown right. On the two point conversion aren't into it yet to emerge here and jeans and why don't mind. Receptions. He's over under is three and a half and on receiving yards for a for Jay way over under 26 and a half I'd definitely. Like that proposition. Are right there we proposition for our listeners here which are gonna get to the second your regular retired there and just say you know I told you so. You know that's our jobs OK and you know that's a week of moderate. We had a we had that game and today I was doing a little while ago right winnowing the wind bio by forty on Sunday or are Tom Brady throw seven interceptions or you know somebody's gonna come on the airs at all I ask you know we we kind of broke that down on last week and we saw and I want to come and puzzle person to get to our new little our new little system here. But we're we're gonna do each and every Friday is moving forward and let us start with the day the Friday for the Super Bowl before it's that. A quick reminder we're giving away these figures are Yossi Anthony to sell nick the comedian the flooding in store which come into the Parker Playhouse. April 20 that is on fort warning rock tickets available at Ticketmaster dot com we're gonna give those away here in the next few minutes during this segment here. Kirk tell her about it we got more. Tiger ago. They knew we got a new game here call I'm calling it now Poland and so here's how it works you know how people always are and I knew it was gonna leave her a new such and such was gonna happen I. You know I had I knew that that it was going to be made. We're gonna start recording this stuff. So here's how it works you text something that just a guarding it out today were limited to seeing over the weekend or over the over the weekend will slave girls will come back and visit these on Monday so. Anything from from Super Bowl MVP two. MVP to Tom Brady being sacked more times. Ended in on Coleman and Al give yourself a name you know Lou in Ohio Leo or. Joseph in Coral Springs. Will write it though we will revisit some of the best wounds on Monday some of the ones you got correct. Think money walkers those worth thirty points against Virginia Tech in the UN game call. Justin Timberlake have another wardrobe malfunction call it don't come to us on Tuesdays well I knew that was gonna happen well there are alternate. Now with a prop bet on the go on the wardrobe malfunction by the way down now there's an end this coupled that together. That they'll be another employer an incident in in the NBA. You know aside from the Russell yeah actually how to Maryland what Russell Westbrook right yeah Russell Maryland that would have been so we're actually gonna have some accountability around accountability camp mess. That's what it's about you think another NFL executive will announce his. Impending retirement alone oddly Newsom he's supposed to retire next year calling that's that happens. Yeah aren't. It do you Dwyane Wade's say well this did come up over the next few days but Dwyane did say that he wanted to retire in a heat Jersey camp we never did discuss that. Do you think that'll happen. Some ball happening to me like the one lake where you want the one day deals too yeah yeah yeah all over yet. Return symbolic politically meaningful minutes again really that was a no no here here we go to look doors that gets a touchdown and Jake the our our local and that's good to see that. What makes you come back on Monday news they ought call regular and we yeah we have certainly we are usually good and we we you call that have to get down on that right now yes that receiving that's there appears little another one man I Jabari Parker will score twenty plus in his return to Milwaukee tonight. They're limiting him to fifteen minutes wreck I got all day now would be a regular night looking at twenty and fifteen minutes 6974. Hour work on it now six have a 974 I'm gonna call one right now on the caller and I might make you go all right and Hassan Whiteside out placed on MB tonight about that is that the qualifying yet. You turn my back I'll buy its while it's. A look at clo look at this live from Miami Beach Budweiser will have the best commercial. That's a good one. Good when I've thought about that usually that's when yeah that's when I that is very good one I haven't thought about the commercials yet. Yeah but there is going to the commercial gorgeous in the last four or five years they've been kinda. I don't I'm not I'm not into that commercial thing I'm commercials. I am I'm very meat and potatoes among sports. I don't care about you know there. Okay about the announcers I don't care about halftime entertainment you don't care about Timberlake sued the half time I see him like a bunch of time talking not I'm not only I really I really don't like him financials tell you through artsy. One football all the time meat and potatoes baby are well I would I gotta be I want a couple of funny commercials. That's all I last week as a couple but what that that's that's a that's a good one though let's American would but what it has now go to the reason. Mum. Oh look at this when the call now Marlins me and beyond an intelligent I couldn't be compelled blue boulevard. Lawrence Levy you're right that's an on demand. Yeah I'll look at this now mode and plantation Brady gets three rushing TDs. Back now and then that would mean a helmet call right there under I don't via elements that Brady's over under rushing yards for the game is about less threat. Via. Phobia hello called live. Yeah real arguments here will go to. No now Seaway well this loose too far and I'm not that it did drug it will get hurt during the all star in my in the time and that's too far off but. Ryan that's very morbid little kids. You know that's not. Was emotional at a funny commercial is now they will have a few laughs limits your chums and it's clever and it's you know I wrote at their own sense of slopes sense of humor bridge loan ratio from Hollywood Syrian Geico insurance would have the best Super Bowl commercial maybe I don't I don't dueling. I got very little cargo terminals are and yet there the soda companies getting their tornado's been their for your drain. Oh you know in the Crawford has a new commercial a revised commercial about coming out with a pass to remember. It's from like thirty years ago when she gets out of the car and sees. Sir today and she's re doing and I saw it on you know one of the show ahead you know wire bus on her son is going to be unit and apparently. While rather have an Crawford who O'Neal thirty years ago it that are some but nevertheless it take what you can do a bus awry. And on what dance do earlier he was you know kind of previewing he had it you know a commercial that's going to be after hero what what it was war. My Doritos and Mountain Dew and in some dueling deal and you know he wanted Dan go to snapped chatted draws those government and was had no idea a new go to best both you and Busta Rhymes actually rhyme and and blossomed and out of there. Freestyles raising have to wait so they'll realize that social media stuff during the game I'm sure but the commercials that we'll see what I mean this at the. This is the bed is the most creative people we have. Like in marketing today I wanna do what they come up in new oil you know what I've been wondering like for the last week is that. How many of these companies and these. Project managers like you were in charge of the commercial how many armour wet my right now make him revisions that. Either an NFL said you can't so this or their boss look at it meant there furiously trying to make revisions. I don't I don't know how late you have to get your commercial done maybe that happened a week ago. Maybe is going on now but that's that's a pressure peg job right you you're in charge of your company's Super Bowl commercial. Hundreds of thousands of dollars maybe millions I don't even know what they charge. And yet your your you know that that's you you're speaking for the company you're making the impression for them to the nation. Lot of pressure man lot of pressure probably a lot of sleepless night. Last year a 32 commercial exceeded over fifty million are shooting five million dollars and OK you know like the base price about foreign half million bucks blood pressure from they'll bring our second so bleak that. The two of you and don't sold at a dude you're under a lot of pressure. I would I would say social you I want to see what they come come up with I would do this one there. It's it's kind of vaguely is that a no name player will win the mental make a bow and when a planet right now. Yes they don't have major yet patriot but they didn't put a name known and elected him there but it advertised on that. Here's one from mom. The German or Herman in Pembroke Pines a GI were determined. A judge will rush for over a hundred yards win MVP. And go to in the Graham making fun of grace are you are recorded. You or you are record troops dealing with a terminal through the third in the locker room with a if if it happened because it occurred at all right he he all of it if if that happens he called. So you know that the. Here. Grown gets hurt but mysterious knee heals in time to come back in the game for the fourth quarter. Now what does he takes another shot all series in all seriousness there he takes a shot dude do you think the deepening. You grow add. Good luck didn't grow got to make game. No matter how it looks that's unique and original protocol and right when it means to the usual of that program. Don't know of grown to really go out. I per ridden this earlier let's call it now this on the game there people that that are huge and we get involved as far as the games concern right. Out of our system allowed would you like that you like the Eagles who you root like hell against the patriots illegals you got to win in urine or. I think it's simulate patriots surged the make a play in the passing game pats 48 Tony for. I like the Eagles to cover elect the patriots win number go numb 2724. Patriots. And counsel we're all kind of where we got there and allow this well through like against the Rangers were vinyl I don't blame for the sick won't. I knew the guy that you're gonna he'll laugh I'm gonna now this has gonna be funny on April 20. At the Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale Anthony just felt like he is on the funny game store we got a couple of tickets fifty dollars. A pace I dare fifty dollars to go cl we're gonna guarantee of free try weren't giving mood around here so on number seven will do that bad boy comes to you can't just line. 786534079786534. 0790. Combat we got a lot more of these that come in that are coming in with. Belichick has caught telling a slow to bedevil on the sidelines or get another reading Marie CEO and plantation scene that's I'm Romney as it was at that could happen but it the cameras catch it will be stuck we just I'm not doubting that that will happen but I just when I doubt that the cameras Lex we can't we just clear documentation. Actually I actually happening at 2 o'clock hour Al lot to get to including where to go to Minneapolis we'll check in. With net more Nathaniel more we got the bombs cancer challenge coming up next week we won a low get his thoughts on that. And talk about now a little bit and his thoughts on a couple of suitable to you the part of seventeen and nineteen. That's gonna join us for many in the around or on six point with the headlines read here's a thing and we got the hail as. Pepper challenger we're gonna do before we sign off this evening near where he basketball comes your way and well who did it do its. Ireland over the last I. In the last hour you know people know. It's a little bill Byrne acknowledged that the outlook and are you a word you brought I don't. I don't worry I'm yeah I'd do at the end just on the way out the door there hobble figure this thing out here either way we got the busy 6 o'clock hour coming up next right here on 790 the ticket. Court six or 700 addictive person Merc fact review here. Pay you gotta get to game time at sunset place tonight if you're in the neighborhood stuff I joined 79 the ticket and a surprise special guests watched the heat game. Get there early to enjoy half hour we're going on now with 50% off in that any individual drinks came time specials for the you can include three dollar tacos you can't beat that. And three dollar Bud Light pines. With a game time players dot com to learn more watch it play. When it came time. Oh that's good on both front exclude. Three dollars chuckles we go Obama opponents what's the one thing you got to have your head here I don't you're you're not having a party your you know your your meat potatoes man. Yeah well. But the one thing that I like to have or not toast and I don't mean like big beer and nachos I mean like some playing simple. You know ballpark not chose ships. Some melted cheese and of helping little slice and I don't el Nino to beings are held aren't super gypsum the rest wood chips on the bottom and let them. I'm at gas screw all messed her it and Rex Burkhead rushing yards over under twelve and a half. Music or tell us got hurt that there was no judge some passes though. You attack I was like only in it for our about a month stretch here in the curtain. And a good thing with the patriots like the running guys that you don't know. I don't know how they're going to be used or via what we're gonna be called upon to do that day but some have a big day usually somebody will somebody will but it could be like one of three James wide Deion right let's read it earlier rushing receiving or it could be. Not even a total yardage total to just beat you may deep play. Would geared blunt you like Jay Jai I hate to have to rushing yards in this open Rogers I was one over sixty. Agree rear Somalia you look here consulate 24 and a half over under rushing yards. Such that's interesting mirror here. Really interesting now more to talk to him coming up here from Minneapolis. We got the dolphins cancer challenge and it is one of the great events in South Florida. It's the eighth annual bombs against challenger two weeks from tomorrow. If you haven't registered if you wanna get involved I incurred prudent to do so we will talk a lot about a wouldn't that the go to dolphins kids Jones dot com softens cancer Jones dot com. Also they get a great concert with the goo dolls and big head Todd and the monsters. After the that the the bike race in the run in the walk and got selling for everybody I've participated. In a couple of the races last few years the end this year if you can't do that when he mildly of the five K and they have pulled the wrong on the war there's killing everybody. So we just please it's it's one of the things they re really really. Bush around here the the gulf of cancer children rolls around every single year shall talk now about that and then we'll get now problems who were born everything he was. Seventeen and 1990. Eligible for those consumables ball nineteen that is ray bill I know those were. Just digress for a moment perk those were and this is what this game is leading up to. It's a defining moment for for a lot of people on Sunday I mean it yes it adds an exclamation point to Brady and Belichick but if you get another one. Or Philly can break through what it would mean for for that city would have been for that organization would it mean for NATO alternate ditto players here is kinda all setting your validated the nose or thoughts and both those dolphins teams. Were great great teams. And think how they would be remembered differently. For marine offer from real obvious one. Emory River winds of 84 right where it was obvious one. Both legs that don't know knee deep are the killer beat demons would go down as one of the great defense is. It would just be more regarded now more that group of receivers The Marx Brothers you won't back towards rock. Seventeen and nineteen you'll win one of the oldest and you're just look at totally different it's sad but it's true per. Second place is the first loser when it comes a lot of these super balls man as the Buffalo Bills. Now so you Jim Kelly Thurman Thomas salute to look at look. And although I don't triangle are all things right all of his so all those players you I'm gonna that's just like you are you are and then the great teams there great teams and and I'll tell you this cap. We know there's an end. The NBA finals the better team usually wins. Super Bowl it's a one shot deal best team doesn't always win. That leads us and here's a pretty. Take a New England to win the Super Bowl I'm taken him to win 2720. Board but I think it's going to be a very close game. And I also think that. There's a good chance that Billy could pull off this upset I I wouldn't be shocked. I'm picking New England I'm fairly confident that New England wins. You know what I think Billy has of being that can really get to new England and that they pass rush they didn't arrest Brady they can make among comfortable. They can knock them off of his spot. And they have the ability to hold New England soon. Three touchdowns may be more touchdown. I think that's a dangerous spot that makes New England very vulnerable because. New England scoring the princes has improved since since our early in the season when there were atrocious. But I think they can still be head you can score keep touchdowns. Against him you might not put thirty point so much you can score enough to make things interesting which is what we saw in Jacksonville do. I just think New England though and this is no original thought they just have debt net. To combat and score and make those plays whether it's on offense or defense whether it's Tom Brady or Malcolm Butler. They were just so good at doing what you need to do to win games so. I'm taken New England in this Super Bowl wanting the magic continues in the dynasty continues in the Brady Belichick being continues. I wouldn't be shocked if Billy Warren but it's not at all what do makes. I mean sorry dolphins fans I'm expecting a New England victory. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove nerds and amateur and now in pine crest drone urges your authorized DJI dealer they've got all your drone needs covered whether its new purchases repairs customizations training. Whatever it is they will get to hook up visited today drove nerds dot com South Florida's high in the sky. You're always sex is Joseph 67974. On the Coral Springs Omaha and attacks on his is that almost an impromptu. Conan now for you there in Ariel Uighurs year's election like the patriots. I'm figure hedging your metal bit. Surprise and I'm proud are not covered it knew if if if New England loses and I was I was wrong there's no oh I. Isn't that correct we'll we'll we'll have that here. You know always wrong if if if they eat in New England loses I will wrong. When he shot but I was. Look at anyone and don't you know the right and wrong. I I didn't I got shot you're like I couldn't do you think Philadelphia has hundreds anyways I didn't I didn't think Jacksonville had a legitimate chance to win an order in the champion Florida I would have been shocked. If they would have won I wouldn't be shocked the Philly wins. Her but it but did you know on the right or wrong sealed a tiger or Johansson right there's zero hits you're taking your reader writer bureau. Until you embrace regular patron were you rooting for my deep down have a rooting now rooting interest you don't have a gambling interest don't have a gambling interest you know I don't like either of the team that'll write here about either of the teams I like dynasties. Okay and I presume and I think New England is be better team okay so that leads you to rooting for doing because if anything deaths Boca but I united. I'm not going to be on the remote at the TV normally I understand like but I item I've watched today I pyramid the glass and watch the game where and having actual entirely they got baggage is hard for me to say I give you don't have any rooting interest I'm sure but I'm sure like the dogs him like you do not was he going to win again we're trying to frighten. But do you have seen like I mean Alexei shrewd pep rally like 98% of the games I watch whether it's. College basketball college I have no rooting interest I'll have a favorite tool until I went to Texas Arlington we stop playing football back in 83. Yeah I did I'd I watch games as they the united you know final hour. Either find like the fear players like you like to see like do always have the story lines of my you know coach. You know a's his wife passed away or something in you you 10. Guy you root for that guy right I always loses it he's old for eleven in the regional finals any I think general final four -- like finally on the road for this kind of you know I don't want to life you know you go there's always some of those story lines like that that kind of push you to one side or the other but I think dolphin nation I think most people in South Florida other than their squares in their there where prop bets on other stuff that's going on. Yeah they wanna see they were they wanna see New England go down. Indy and he appear on now on Sunday report continued let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Mine he visits Philadelphia tonight at eight that he is in fourth place in the east although Miami is tie with Washington. With a 2921. Record. That Lowe in Tommy tied did you start with a pregame show at seven right here on AM 790 S bill mortal for three HD two. The ticket. College basketball Miami is at Virginia Tech tomorrow at 2 o'clock. Miami is sixteen and five overall by bin war in the ACC Virginia Tech. Sixteen and six overall also five and four in the ACC. LeBron James called rumors of his willingness to talk to Golden State. Nonsense. You remember this story from yesterday where LeBron or someone close to him see it that. LeBron would be willing to listen to Golden State in the off season. If the warriors clear enough cap space and if LeBron becomes a free agent well LeBron spoke on that today. Here's what he see it quote. If you don't hear some incumbent from my voice and it's not true I don't give a damn how close they are appears Mikey is my wife whatever it is not from me. It's not true clothes will. Tell us from ever Carter rich ball and then it then that's some somebody that this came from bronze came out of that I'm so sick and I'm so sick of LeBron rumors. Until the next one comes by and then I'll be all alone now. You know isn't one of those articles there rumor I am though that now the woods and what's the next juicy rumors and yeah I was go play with you know Paul George in Los Angeles jury was as used in the next. The next will probably be who he would like to see the team ad before the trade there I'm very sad that something a leak out somehow. He's got to go to the lakers but play with Alonso baucus bill the LaGuardia something's going wild and wild and I really anyone's it was a chance to get Tyreke Evans somebody close to him Syrians or something like that. Rapid appears Super Bowl Sunday. Coming up in a couple of days New England 84 point favorite over Philadelphia those. Or you're at our a couple of things here for that I can add to that the just haven't allowed us informed us but they just in more. One his arbitration case who's gonna get 343. Point four million this year instead of three million move that's going on around baseball circles of the Marlins all of them treat somebody else for the loss that case and significant point for the borders JR yeah. Yes also I don't understand is why I think this is true right 93 its eighteenth is the point of the anniversary them in the marlins' season. And I guess they're unveiling a season ticket holders well how many they are new uniform deserves some communal farms they might Wear and Charlie Hoff should be apartment so try to Hialeah high Charlie Hough and fired the first knuckleball. Pitch against the Jose offerman in the LA Dodgers. Back in 1993 so that just came down also Ozzie Newsome is gonna sit down after next season as the ravens GM Lou he's been on the clock. And since 1996 I can argue argue that Ozzie Newsome. Is is that rare feat of hall of fame player in hall fame executive. In in the NFL and around sports is not a few home. There's very few of them very few very few in fact Jerry West comes the Monica mother goddess. You know Ryland and our own cities coach easier these coaches as well play well KM player yeah Riley was not Abbott called national and then if you have to wait stone yes yeah litany you know. How crazy that job as he's been on the clock is 96. He was the third longest or he will be when he retires or the other sees it the third longest tenured general manager you know who has the sick the first and second. In the NFL. Uh oh boy you're gonna realize it relax and her Jerry Jones corrects this one. And the other owner and outline. Mike brown and Cincinnati all you should ask guys like brown that's right yeah that gave their job yourselves right right. So we had Jerry was he might bring domestic so yeah so it just goes to the turn over in the sport and those things though like I did a great job move Jerry's are gonna fire sell or Mike Brown essentially. So he's the longest tenured general manager. By the sport he's gonna retire after after the season's about to announce they are. Liberal in their Cleveland aliens number number of times where they have their little champ Mike Brown stepped down Mike Reynolds that they'll then. Wasn't like that they're for a lot. No no no don't let's. That's and it's pretty wild there when you think about when you think about that while we got to go to Minneapolis we talked to nab more here come and appear. About involves kids who tells his thoughts on super ball has been playing the Super Bowl those are being part of both of those teams answerable seventeen and in nineteen. And then we got the pepper Chandra and do this here you got one of the Beverly and Scotch bottle got bon. Okay I'm ready to go do that after that we'll do that. Got to wrap it up hearing gets ready for it basketball we got MB vs a satellite that some white ties and own MB tonight I I got I'm. I'm I'm call now for young boy all right I'm good you know today I called him the other things it does his best. Anyway all right owner have better is that he's got more points and rebounds. I there's negative way. Police say a moral right that's that's very specific not a more points and Ambien and more rebounds a night tonight Zahn Whiteside going to be it's going to be his game tonight we'll talk to that more. We had to say the Super Bowl 52. Pain Minneapolis next right here on 79 to take. Happening here in this. South Florida the dolphins cancer knowledge can. And a berth. Over the lome agreement opens of all time in senior vice president alumni relations Nat Moore is with the Sally ride fuels and downstairs via Soares get signed. They're truly simply beyond to begin here on Curtis and perk and that you don't today. I'm going to try and Katharine Graham thank you guys correctly on. Illnesses. Super Bowl week put the following week it's all about golf can't it gallon in. I love to talk about that a little bit that no that perch don't have all financing question about the Super Bowl really know nothing about it. Just like insinuated mr. wells and Erica after. But I nodded. It's a great week Rick spoke surrogate. Many apple is doing a nice job hoopla hosting everybody it. Look at porch of the great game. Well I'll look at that the second let's get to what the amended to smoke but obviously. Hard to believe eight years has gone by and this has been off one of the staple events that said that being in South Florida here over that time the dolphins cancer challenge. People have been in it before they know what to expect there there's some new wrinkles to it but somebody that hasn't participated. Give a mug you on the run down here on the other 2008 team version happening next week. Well it's it's it's great how this. Event has evolved through years started out there was 472. Mile ride to the event out one day event where all roads lead to art rock stadium. Now with a con serve with a five. You know there in the thirteen about a mile ride a bot Davey we got the other Ryder source of the universe to mime the Iraq is saarc to or water dale. We Iraq sharks stadium build on a mile and comes back to the stadium. As well as a 52 mile ride coming out of Boca so you know we got a little bit for everybody but we also have the five K that. What do you wanna run walk and you come how would you cheers and enjoy today. And then at the end of the day and great concert with Google doll look. And I mean just an unbelievable. Event coming up on a quartet. Then and the net dumb talk to us about dumb but bonds because I know one of the big things all the loans raise state local and and do bit the other UN social Sylvester cancer center. Yet this is all about raising money for research and treatment right here I'll backyard Europe's rescue center is our partner you know this started. Eight years ago which side when Jim bandage. Went through his battle. With cancer depressed appeared outstanding job for all minions life and Ed Ed Ed really. Was the inspiration on the outs shorting this thing in. If you guys that I remember the first year we we put it together in a matter ninety days and raise the you know little over 600000 and north of seven in France we've been able whom race. 22 and a half million dollars for the suit you and Sylvester cancer center and the best part about this is all the money that's pledged. 100%. Of the money goes directly to the cause it all goes you have to breast cancer center and when you think that. Are one of somebody that's close to your loved one trend. Pastor. Battle cancer that they could do it right there in Miami right here in South Shore. I don't think there's there's a better cause a bit you know perk I go out not a lot of money and getting involved in so many states. But this is. Not only. The largest fund raiser of any NFL team or orient within the NFL but this is something that is a personal pride. Because cancer touches us all in some fashion form at some point on I blocked my job my father to cancer. I've lost some of my closest friend Sergio Pereira a window beard that made you name it cure you premium. Collection. It's it's just that horrible disease that. You know we just got to keep right it. Well you're doing a great job done and as anybody even if you can't ride if you want to contribute fighting go to dolphins cancer challenge dot com it's dolphins cancer challenge dot com that's amazing that that of all the fund raisers in the NFL that's the one. That this one in just a short period of time has been able. To just it really says a lot about the community and I think with the dolphins behind you mentioned. A mad dogs might have an agreement heard upstairs right now saying all right I took it to everybody that's participating register enough. What what is started what is becoming just a short time is really I think a testament to that to you and the dolphins and also the community. Yeah and and wondered trigger we're really are doing this year is you know we're celebrating. You know we talk about the people we lost we're celebrating the survivors so. A lot of looks up that we do. Doing that week doing nannies fat is saluting and and and showcasing. People that half the cancer people that are survivors are so that we know that the money work she could actually work goes you can see the proven track record that the scientists are finding the cures their frantic and some ways to prolong ample wide so. You know orchestra I've got so many family of brands that walks their battle but I also have quite a few bad guys are still here because the. Now let's shift over a true football you're a veteran of other a couple of Super Bowls. This Super Bowl week seemed very low key. That they you know wrong Ted and talk for most most the time that he was a concussion protocol no controversies. Did you like like that as a player or did you want a little salt lick and a spice things up during the week. Nine I made me personally do you have got to thank you the strike you don't have a thank you always a guy oh yeah don't eat it wasn't about choosing it up you know everybody came to. To the Super Bowl with the idea how all we're going to. Go about our business are we going to try and win that game I mean I think when sometimes wouldn't get. You know the strife who's in the controversy Unix trigger it becomes more over distraction. And I can count one reads in New England has been so successful is there they learn how to deal with the distractions I mean. I think Bill Belichick. Nice job of making sure that they don't get off track because of all the stuff that those on the ground so you know they play it close of the best they play it down and and you know they come out on Sunday with the idea that you know we can all celebrate our calls were bought. If we win the game and our efforts will be put towards winning the game and so far. That supreme praying that Philadelphia Eagles to go so. I looked or halibut Demont on the street yet you talk about a great piece French first grade op that's what. You you look at Phillies offense and they wanna control ball you know I mean they've got three good backs they got three guide and they've got receivers at all you know we can't support ball. And so is doing well so this should be a great matchup. Now what you are you came up at the time bomb bomb Hollywood Henderson saying that. Terry Bradshaw couldn't spell cat he spotted in the seat in the eighth the Super Bowl shuffle from the Chicago Bears. What was good the craziest thing that they have been up for you guys lead up to a Super Bowl. Well I think trooper but dolphin domain group we rarely ever had that many things score I. Well before super blogger and you know cultural several true. Bill Belichick you know he kept us focused. You know we ended aware of Uighurs here they are but. The reality of viewers week we went into the quick bit with the idea that we're ready to apply. And we just didn't get it done if you remember there are those Super Bowl and 82 John Rigas makes the big rob bring it all. But we had so many opportunities are on the ballgame and didn't capitalize on it odds are I don't think you win or lose. Football games. Only one point it's what you've done throughout became that which in the disaster where one plate makes a difference. And and then we come back and we we go up against the forty batters Joseph Montana and Dan Marino. It was a shoot out ahead Dahlia and the end. You know they were the better team that day so. It was it was great to play in those games it was very disappointing to to lose those games. But you know the opportunity to speak yet there. Was a black you know the fact that we weren't able to close that that the deal. Because normally after you lose those ball games there's only one what are your back with the other 31 teams that are you trying to forgot how to get back to make it. Now mores were busier now and how we jedi or missing you're not Minneapolis. I know it's cold outside of that if what what do. Get the job they don't know there are posted it and it's coming back home here in a couple of years so it's going to be right where it's supposed to be Leno that's. Yeah you know we but they're good they're basically doing a great job they got a which can now volunteers it. You're able to walk. Who the are sky ways to get from place to place you don't really have to go outside as much the statement down count so. So forth insert. Going real well next year to an Atlanta. Of course are Atlantis used to hosting big events they've had a couple so old Erin. You know it just had a college football playoff championship so another great city that you know he could be. Could be warm could be col Kabila put everything and Lara that violate. And 220 we get back to Miami. You know bit that'll be our eleventh Super Bowl. And think about that 54 Super Bowls would have been hell no we partners. Century of the NFL. And 54 Super Bowl eleven would have been in subtle. Well imagine the volunteers Nat if you wanna volunteer for the dolphins cancer challenge anyway you can contribute. And help go to dolphins cancer challenge dot com it is a week from tomorrow Saturday February 10. Now will continue to talk about it obviously and thanks for taking a few minutes and enjoy the game and enjoying Minneapolis they serve. Well armed appreciate it brought me out I guess that's that more dolphins alarm when the great Miami Dolphins of all time. And of course a DCC board member and I remember it you know like to a gesture vapor coming to work with Jim for. Prison many years as they've been in this you know I mean I regarded him as an on my best friends. In the world and at that event was kind of just you know Jim just wanted to get out and show that he was. Was fighting you know fighting cancer need and it kind of came together with two with a the treatment that he was receiving at their. University of Miami and and the Sylvester cancer center. And it was kind of just yet okay the dolphins that Jim was on the bike ride you know all right Miami you know and here we are. Eight years later and it's were approaching 23 million dollars. That has been raised for cancer research it's just amazing ivory ridden if you believe that a couple of times on our road a couple of times. And it's it's amazing the response in the and the people get out there. And it's truly one of the the great events we have. Here in South Florida so if you can contribute in any way please do so the dolphins are cancer jumper you I know you know you'll be out there. I'll be up there I'll be up the next week I think I'm a mother done the last three maybe more but yet great events situated it's grown up last year telling crows and then this here as as they say at a boot Dole's going to be out. They heads I don't it is not a monsters are right don't know just really level right there are goo dolls were our studios are coming grows out of a public economic growth they were great. I like goo dolls too I'm sure they're going to be Fabrice it's really cool you ride into the stadium. Get your mettle there I mean it's just it's just first class all the way and it's amazing the job that the Miami Dolphins. You do it in this it. It is in the steel and just I can do and Sylvester cancer center here and it's always people who and its own state and local media Greg thanks for Nat they're just we we can't do enough for for that event many of that in the Super Bowl ads are Super Bowl prop bet kind of continues here on the show perk. Know that Danny Amendola type would you say the Joba slot guy you know. That's a burst there got some wiggle area Denny Hamlin dole over under 52 and a half receiving yards on Sunday and wound semester and do right there right might depend on how much wrong place on or how much sees it jetted how much he totally at so many guys that got yeah I got even though you got hold you without cause you're gonna and a coach is that it is. But over under 52 million Symbian are receiving yards out of the backfield as usual. So disheartened you know so another prophet there to throw out there just to get the public thinking traitor to their purpose is old yeah and not go yeah this you know Canada. We don't recommend anything illegal. Now none we are just on an offshore dot com by the military and ultimately there. But how can that you are near the exit out more we got a lot more to get to get the heat and the 76ers first four matchups now originally in the six should be really heat. And Joseph well MB it and Hassan Whiteside get in on him they got into it back in a pre season while more on that as we take you right up until our pregame coverage at 7 o'clock right here on seven on the ticket. Did you know when he wants to tell you brands. Then you can still become a season ticket member of the season insecure 2008 team playoff priority. For just under 14100. Dollar to get to watch your he'd pursue the policies were pivotal games against the Cleveland Cavaliers the Houston Rockets. Oklahoma City Thunder and Toronto Raptors handed the New York Knicks call 786777. Who. To become part of the heat family today. A big part of the family is our man Tom and tied he's come and appear. Get about twenty minutes with our with our pregame coverage along with Johnson's as low and those two guys do an outstanding job each and every night we have he basketball. But we have recruited Tommy to coming here in record. Our are peppered shelves through the jail last. LS pepper challenge. This is there are goats who AL last dot net slash pepper. And done you'll get all the information to basically Tom had ever stroll who is a friend of bars and a friend of every media member down here in Miami used to cover the Miami Heat. His mom was diagnosed with AO last Lou Gehrig's disease so. His elite came up with this up pepper challenge and and he eat hot pepper. It won't themselves Austrian coach challenged our Josh Freeman's I was just either pepper and you challenged three other people so. What are we yeah yeah I did the other but there's only a few years ago what have we got our Scotch bonnets humanities and you are running back and I got to say man I'm hoping a win we eat the whole war and just got to take a big bite and veins and sees a low. Merck has ice cream so I don't know Bhutto yeah and I couldn't agree Eric it's a pepper OK here at the monetary don't. Flickr should have a big opponent we only gotten over loomed written. My room where schools actually oh yeah I mean little. Boy. Raymond Loewen I think largely mine that you should that you were certainly has a good until we get down. I caught a couple hours ago who Waterman lurched. Or welders are in doubt some depth here. Well yes. On the game tonight. Would what are you look import. From the tuscon might decide to go MB match up well deserved night we completely got to deliberative regardless it there's no we're we're empowered through. I don't know and here's one I'm going to you know. The song like slow. Might not be in there at the end of the day right. But. If he didn't if he didn't get. I don't know 26 the one in its winning six good solid minutes. Did the heat and inside residence. And give them a presents underneath the rim. Both ends of the court. That's going to be good not the rest between the perimeter players can take it home. But I would like to CME doesn't necessarily have to win that battle against him bead. Keep indeed occupied. Keep in beads busy. Let the rest of the guys doodle doodle worked well the heat that NASCAR and how it hurts most ribbon doing. Ears are on fire are ya know this is a this is yeah. Again net loan cap until you stop bonnet ma'am you're right out strong Burton. How do right by the U ice cream and very good and you want it up and down. On what did he do have to find a way to get some more offense here. Then that'll be telling tonight an average about there about a hundred a game Philly osu. Has given up about a 108 and of Philly is a team that you you can you can get after a little bit. Offensively but he's. Doesn't go back to the Cleveland game. They have they have to find ways to manufacture better off than some that can start with they're worth their defense. But. Where's that offensive consistency gonna come from. Boy. It's hot cap and aluminium has not well I have core competence tasked to do something and especially when Goran has not been mirrored. Weather's justice or whoever they've got to get some semblance of of bomb running plays we're losing luggage very random. Quite often. You don't see a whole lot of bum. Decisive play decisive cuts but things like that so. While I'd like that so it seemed that second unit and and I think they're starting to regain that is that they had last year. They're little shoddy on the so did you get that shored up and you get the suns who to do his job in there and occupy him beat I don't know what to do would bin Simmons quite honestly I mean it this is a guy who's averaging numb. Look like. Eight rebounds and an eight assists per game so. He is up along with what may be sixteen points. You are trying to stop the deal. Well Tommy Johns and recover that all the anger I wanted a more challenging for this because this is this is her man. At his. No you you really need supplies re. You gotta you gotta cool yourself down man. Well. I'd add that does help make your mark people out I would like to cross over into enough bill. Again Tom ever sure we're doing him any LS pepper challengers joining us were not dying on here although it sounds the sounds I was like we are in and it's. You eat a hot pepper. Tom never throw former NBA right current MBA right at the Bleacher Report former Ryder Miami Heat cover Miami Heat. For ESPN. And his mom hands you know lesson so his and we came up with this pepper challenged. And you make a donation in. We're bill in the burn for a good cause what kind of numbers look who's got money. That that's what's in the major. Jerk chicken and her workaholic and I can handle spicy stuff that well cabin is ultimately just either by no jealousy here and maimed and all. Monologue to drop. Amount of water Kirk. Erica Leo. I've got a little more waters the water. I just and some water. There are really does this scene from dumb and dumber here where I just wanna get like. It's really where they put the atomic peppers on on the they hamburger it just right and it and it just went sentiment mustered just putting gentlemen my tournament title man and moment. This news. Many. Silly text in the looks magna is really annoying. W on the are we relying on the urgently trying to eat and trying to make sure that trump. We're gonna make it through here for the next five months polite. It's either really good segment are really terrible set arbitrary cause it is we were the cause you know we wanted to its own. Prado challenge does we're trying to get our win back here a little bit here and down. Yeah absent the the fire started to subside a little bit here thank you for that for a little hustle. Water I. That the story that. Wind wave wants to retire as they Miami Heat player. What would what do you think about that. And on ceremonial. Dwyane retiring and deeply and wanted to retire and indeed I think we're I think we're talking about. A ceremonial one day contract battle into winds have been back there it's Oregon doesn't mean anything coming although those are just older dresses for the fans and for Madonna. I don't you don't care about that. No I did I do I regardless of total opportunity is in Burma Dwyane Wade and play any sort of meaningful minutes with the Miami Heat ever again yes or no. Oh no I don't on I don't think that's the case but the way it is it's and it's a good thing united and souls. Bender weighing at least. Is over. That part of the that part of his seat relationship the pettiness that anger I guess I don't think there's any of that right now the way that he departed right there at the Mitchell's. Yeah that he says that you know that desires here that shows that it. And it it Edna that's what all he feels like to see despite the wing leaving going to Chicago despite winning going to Cleveland. That that's pretty much for that will be gotten to blame retired in June that would be forgotten combat went to the Cleveland but nobody cares anymore. You may mentioning you know mentioning Boeing planes actually played a little bit better than I thought he had then I thought he would this the season. Mom and I think he'll he'll he'll be better in the playoffs. When you don't Joba couple days off between games and you can able to be able to pick a sparkle that build a better but. Somebody asked why did you pick Scotch bonnets that's almost the worst wish you could make it could've made. Did you know that a digital note did you know that yeah. I felt to me and now I've felt a victory and helped it helped tremendously religious cult your tone of mud. It is my tone or just is on top I don't lips it's my lips and Micah. Mehmet I'll something's something's Yemen and Lester Burnham yeah. Yeah anyway. Aren't we got a challenge of people we gotta figure that out so we got a document are going to Tommy tiger was in here. He's coming up here in about and about ten minutes Johnson's dazzle they're ready. It's going to be bad news for everybody all around here in the next couple nights with the sixers. And with the Detroit Pistons. Our late Griffin. Blake Griffin yeah I'm here he had made his debut last night with or Detroit basketball bird on his Jersey. Let's get yes he did let's get to let let's ended with a Super Bowl here and we've been given our selections rule for what it's worth here. We both got New England winning but we over bundling winning close to George every Tebow is can we Brady's got it right and I. I guess. I didn't. I haven't thought about that idea yet the breed them. Could anybody else minute and if the page and they mean to blow outs haven't offensive player how do you defend the playwright submit a couple interceptions. Only reason some musings of Durham Louis. U. So. But if there was had a big run like Brady think wing's gonna again though the one time they did not they want and and Brady did not win the MVP was the armed branch right. Bob of the legacy of the lip the legacy oh Brady. Puzzle we ask me this earlier has anyone ever won. The regular season only because he's gonna win the regular season MVP. In the sober one BP in the same season. That lightly on the record that he's gonna but he's a take down this the next couple of days but if Philly wins how does Philadelphia went. Defense they win by Steve princely rim by putting the pressure on Brady. And move them off the spot. Making him uncomfortable. And not letting him you know brave the Brady in the pay critical taking new shots downfield. Don't let them complete those passes clearly but don't get called for penalties either don't let the image bans the ball. That's the best way I've been you control their running game and it's when Brady gets one in. They start getting their chunk yardage she's gonna move the chains. With his precision passing. Do not let him get that chunk yardage keep pressure on them. And that's the way to. Billy wins Philadelphia I think is gonna be Wii is going to be is gonna take controlling him early and they're gonna be up at halftime I think we have run the ball. And Gambill appear set the Patriots defense. And I could see them being you know up 147. At halftime fourteen tents on my doubt I'd signal England's passing game there and growing and and philly's defense. Front seven. He's really sharp their linebackers can run with the underneath guys. What IDC in the secondary the key to the game is going to be. Brady throwing deep whether he gets a pass interference calls. Throwing deep to Coke's big play against Murkowski. They're gonna make one or two of those big plays in the passing game where it's wrong for 29 yards its brand and coached for thirty yards. It's a pass interference penalty that gets him in in the red zone it's gonna be someone that that's going to be. That's going to be the difference. In the ball and I expect really close game planning is going to be 2824. Patriots come from behind again and and they and they win and I think you get a really fun Super Bowl once again. I am on taken 27 when he wore it's an incident way so now. Arnold mentioned we'll settle a little bit. Rubin normal. Yeah I don't know incidents that dances and since burned and our thanks to Merrill Reese who joined us our thanks to mark zoom off play by play man. While we battle Philly theme today we had Mallory is the voice of the Eagles he joined us earlier marginally off. Does that I play for the Philadelphia 76ers he stopped by. And and now Mauritius when this from Minneapolis as we get we get ready for a Super Bowl. 52 in the dolphins cancer challenge which is a week from tomorrow coded dolphins cancer challenge dot com if you can volunteer. If you wanna ride what if you wanna go to the concert the goo dolls big entitlements what ever it is. A 100% of the proceeds go. To cancer research. I can't stress this enough they've raised over 22 and a half million dollars in the last eight years sold their expected another. Big number here in the next week or so please please be a part of it me you're gonna get to meet whatever. It's all first class like you're gonna walk away from our corner wanna be I wanna do this again next year and again and again and again good dolphins cancer challenged by dot. Com so the good weekend for a Miami man. He wins twice you him wins patriots lose. They go that's the week and it went to Miami in an everybody hits all their part lays in caesar's and others are just too. That's the most important thing perk and you know and that was important think all right organizing survived. Somewhat. We got to get out of here. Jonathan is as low. Tommy tiger they're gonna take you up until tipoff big one tonight it is the heats and the 76ers. Everyone enjoy the gate several we save out there enjoy your Super Bowl parties all that great stuff. Pro allows them per common courtesy basketball's next here on your home of the heat 790 the ticket.