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Tuesday, February 20th

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Well the best of Dan fans do. Little Greg Oden picks and there there on Tuesday. How do Curtis and her with you here on m.s have and any and every 1043 HD too good to get on Tuesday. It is going to. Fabulous. We go a lot of stuff to get to a lot of ground to cover today perk early engine running shoes on because we're going to be run and like avatar was down down ocean driver earlier. Yeah yeah another wild weird and I am ready man I've that we got to come college basketball we got college football we got Major League Baseball we got some NBA. We ALCON a stuffed them into thrill oral cons. We've got a lot of stuff to get twos so. Feel pretty good and army calls result audits are signs exhibit 974. Matt porter's gonna join Israel of the gate here at fort when he and he's gonna stop by and oratory about defection. Then I've been late last night as coach. Cool is no longer in South Florida coach won't Greg cool cow ski was at the front line coach highly regarded for the University of Miami in any of your University of Miami fan. What's all that you want right now is just the stability. And you just want whenever and whatever Mark Richt and and the guys are doing down there just you don't. Moon in this kind of throws a monkey wrench into into that that aspect of things that he's gonna go work for nick Sabin. And Alabama and in turn you'll be recruiting down here in about five minutes parent report Nick Saban and Alabama can learn a big day on his chest but rhythm demand Porter about that the best multi image got a big win last night in in Notre Dame went duck those deadly. The big story right out of the gates sold talked about Porter here coming up. But the Marlins per team that everyone's fears is gonna show you lose a hundred plus games. And finished did did the last you know in in the major leagues the Marlins. Our team that's making probably the most headlines here early on in spring training on an odd it is serious stuff. Who believe but I think they are the Yankees have been fairly quiet right the Dodgers Astros. You do go to the usual suspects and they're fairly quiet in here is the Marlins pop and all bond. 23 topic is it sold its good and I united you know popping off by shouldn't do you know if they're the bad connotation there are they're voicing opinions well and. And different blogs all that's good and but the moment it is bad. Well like jelly I'm a look at Right now. Does I does just popped Obama's green They have their headlines. And there is there's six headlines in the modern while the two will know so they have to lean on me last week we had the Israeli. I mean that was the big nine innings no. We're a team and they're very interesting to headlines do. Yeah yeah. The first one is is a good headline with it with the caps but. Well tell the way I yeah I the DDR mark Miami Marlins go for a ride a season opener. And they are going to we're during the morning worked out in the pregame activities are Douglass high school pets. Marjorie Stillman Doug Douglas hi and that's not our winner determined right so Tom very good very good for Marlins very good thing there. But you do have the dance really being you do have the Bryce Harper being. Mom which would say you know I call him things but we will we will less those now beaten. And and calm person your Alex Christian yell at each yeah and and that being also so. It's it's been a very interesting atmosphere around this team so far added there's been a lot of questions to answer. And dom a lot of guys. Just kind of you know says the first sign bag pitchers and catchers just reported in purse full squat work now so guys are talking you know they've been off for months and so will cover the Bryce Harper Don Mattingly. You know kind of Bob Beckett will call back and we're right. There's not a dust like brew it's I. I'm bored I'll give also the Miami get back to work after the all star break they hit the floor. Her from a practice they're not gonna play until Friday night against New Orleans we got a lot of thoughts on the on the Miami heat's I am more oil on the biggest thought we we talk about yesterday. What they need what was. What do they need here the final 44 games. And in the F fifteen at home not on the road got twelve against winning teams won't is losing teams and what do they need here. We we we keeping you mentioned that you talked about all of that yesterday yet been an 83 point shooting at me that I shot to the lady that way the magic one on something. That without that's what I would say that's mine that's mine number one minute or some other hosts live bridal clothes number two and three but yes or number one and then today's question is being going to be I. I'm very curious see how Spoelstra handles a short Asian men especially men in the in the number of miniature talking about. You're EO do you go to Andy do you go eleven deep. And you ride guys who are are performing well at times. Knowing that these there in a very precarious spot and you know eat you wake up your last couple days perk in the MBAs you know I've I look at the standings or read it every changer and for a few days by the way. And that's the nickname well. Fraud there's no fraud going on well I mean there are no games doesn't there need a change in the standings let's do it with your sit there and it ended in this area that eighth spot yeah on us men. And I'll ask banging and that's. Yeah makes you little jittery right yeah I'm I'm I'm a little bit nervous of my annual thing you don't make the playoffs this year which is the which could be a possibility. How disappointing that would be rude. And then and then and then what do you and then. And then it becomes an entire season what do you then where do you go from there. Luna did you say all the bring everybody back and let's make another run at a write his while road and work and then you start getting into really. Financial and you restrain our union and sayings. Tyler Johnson and Johnson's time in. Deion right right and into playing. Watch what you're doing yeah you know Dwayne yeah does he get a mid level right muttered yeah and and playing time in roles and yeah that. Yes. Yeah let's let's say and no I blew it out of you this cap there there is a among fans and I understand it there is a just shut up and enjoy the moment mentality. But if you're the eighteen you have to consider all of this up right now you have to consider this stuff. Pretty much on a daily basis of where are we hit it here so you know that's you do have to consider it it's for the fans. Now is not the time. If you've seen her you have to keep that in mind at all your gear on the persona right. But it is the wrong with with we're looking at the possibility. Well but but but but yes OK you know what with a with a question of the day is to me is how how he handles this rotation yeah how he how he divides of these minutes and who's worthy of the minutes. And it starts Friday in New Orleans on the had a nice little homestand. Like that late here's here's where I come out of from Burleigh you can't screw around at this point. Leg you know it's one of those and damage this last week who'd you trust and rightly this isn't this isn't game number fourteen where you can experiment a little bit. You gotta have serious. And some. Hello Sarah how much leeway do you think the key has here. But good you know much it might think they have a lot of leeway but my being a gondola. In regards to getting this being going quote unquote I still in the end of February is experimentation time. With the rotation and and all of that so you've got what west where the games they haven't February 3 you're a warrior for games where you're where you got three games three games that's it. That's what I see these next three games our rotation and mine and an end in March. Bam maybe it's that it's a little spread it out three games if I'm being generous dog through I probably got a Friday I think an artist or try to. But yeah yeah but yeah I mean it it kind of does but you've got to give spoke time to the title but I couldn't see where do you know view for. You first if Magruder is bag the other Rodney. Oh what started the Buford hitting into the don't know that is where the show us is what about writing group director. How does what about Buford and you're looking at me like Buford who the hell was he talk like you're talking about this the other Rodney anyway I'm a sick man. A regular Friday Newton right delivers it to fame was getting caught a gap that's a little. Love happens on the doubted leg traders try to get through customs yeah yeah in the slot right I think it was a massage whatever one. But anyway yes win win numb Magruder if he comes back on Friday. Whenever a limit comes back yeah you've got to you've got to blend a lot of guys where does Dwyane Wade right now so there's Winslow deserve. Continue minute. Those most exposed a lot decision to just curious to Seattle plays out we'll discuss that we have to team is he. I do who are on the around the corner here but without further ado let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. Ask what you XY. YUSSH. Oh yeah. The Miami Marlins what we're Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school had its Friday during their morning worked out and pregame activities. Before the spring training opener. Major League Baseball rules prevent the Marlins from wearing the hats during the actual game. Stay on the more Lin's Marlins manager Don Mattingly basically told. Washington Bryce Harper reminded old business. Barbara commented yesterday that he was surprised the Marlins broke up last year's team because he thought the more lows were close to being good. Don Mattingly replying to what Bryce Harper see it told harper take care of your own dugout. I got a problem what Greg said. Community and I get a problematic does that mean even now at this thing get ugly. This was just you know Bryce Harper he was he was done reporting to spring training and he had a twenty minute conversation with reporters I don't know how that came up. But it vehicle well. And it's these revealed over for free agency after the season he's gonna give a big -- I I think and here in a better way he he refuses to talk about that he run I told reporters yesterday. It buy you one question about that a mom walk in off. But in the loathing but. I mean it it's a big deal a Major League Baseball it's telling when the big really came together and I make like it was a go to question for a reporter hey what do you think about the victory in Miami he would think about LeBron wanna subbing nobody. So I think when we talk to some of the scorers and the annular he had like a the big buzz word question other than peso play. And it's gets boring after. While our you know mean plate that that's. You know what old will talk about that later in the show but to me that's kind of a buzz word word you're sport has bigger problems the pace of. But it was an if if if you're if you're a baseball dugout on vineyards wanna ask a generic question yes that's gonna get that some of the USA hey what do you think of the Marlins to bring it down do you think that art or warm or more stand going to the yank right I was. Whatever ridiculous thought he could have just asked about the division right yeah right you're MVP correct the MVP discussion integrated you know like like it's it's a dual two questions why don't I mean I mean and. I as a legit question and I united did so I don't however that's no I don't no problem with a question being asked. Harper's response or Mattingly was not on our funny I liked his response harper actually. It was it was there was good it's it's a sink and it's bear he kind of bum. Matter of bad rap you know yeah Parker is if you don't worry about get out of for nearly oil and they just by the amount but I do like I do like tonight just. I do like the fact that could be that is the salt genius those seems probably know is when harbor gets hit by a pitch by somebody go the harbors act this is on the matter during the season yet. The area little salty nuts I liked it there up Florida Panthers visit Toronto at 7 o'clock tonight and finally did you see this Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. So if the best plan for his team at this point is to keep losing now dallas' eighteen and forty they're tied for US wins in the NBA. They will make the playoffs but on Cuban is he was on a podcast a doctor today. And he said this is the best thing for us he cities discussed that with the players so and there are all on board those are your headlines. Rebel it would mean they're all on board the mean they're out of regular say. No no mr. owner know me and my MySpace at the man it but I mean they're not actively trying to lose snow wasn't well we're you we know what you what's you do is you play your bad players and you sit unknown. He is and I think that ginger and I'd hate me is taking taboo anymore I after after what Philadelphia did miss their demeanor. Well yeah they're gonna try to there was an army they're wheeled into their building actually they're not Jeter is not rebuilding he's building. But and thought I'd listen in the NBA I can definitely understand it because. That's the sport where those top picks pay off. Immediately right you don't see that in hockey not necessarily football club and contemplate a little bit shocked a little bit puzzling actually the difference when a basketball more so one guy you again next year run like you did you buy it yet you get the number one pick that guy is leading YouTube play artists under age that airs on Iraq's LeBron than yourself right or Marvin Bagley Wright you know have you baseball you to thank you might have to wait years who's got to come up through the miners and getting hits and getting the moral right. And you need more than one guy really all say it correct yeah. So but yeah I. I don't like tanking but if there is a business at Venice to it by the way. Mark Cuban he did say you know Adam silver is not like to hear me saying this. Come eat easy actually slid. I'm probably not supposed to say this but like I just had dinner with a bunch of our guys the other night. And here we are and we weren't competing for the playoffs I was like book losing it our best option he sit Adam silver would hate hearing that. But I at least sat down and I explained it to warm. And I explain what our plans were going to be this summer that we're not going to tank again. But. You know that's I I think little players I hate to thank you but I understand it I and yes that's a good way to put an end there's no there's no guarantee. That it works you know. The other thing but this time a year yeah if your Sacramento or Dallas or your Phoenix if you're. Chicago or Brooklyn in Orlando now at the 120 games left do that your like. What what are we doing here let's you know let's go let's go three and seventeen and just finish it out your own style here and get a top three trek I think. The only reason that you would play hard would be if you head. You know say you're maybe delete from last season and it's you had a pin Simmons and Joseph well in these editorials are it's a new 10. Actually see them play together and and make winning plays. But appeared most of these teams you you've got some high price guide that you're not really key or you've got a mismatch group of guys say it doesn't matter. What does dolls of the desert during disparate units and dirt. No matter what's going on right I'm right there that's only a matter of Jeremy Ed Randall those guys. Odds are you Sanjay rare as a hundred years all right you're going nowhere records in one god you know. Run gasoline is there more guys are trying to get better value of one guy right. So yeah. But I guarantee a call from commissioner commissioner of Ilya always stood oh yeah it's it's going to have guys going out slam that I mean. Now you got to debt how are you gonna convince. Some casual planned to spend money there and again. Go to school got a call from Nick Saban and he answered it and he said yes and now he's gone we're gonna call Matt Porter from the Palm Beach post and he'll explain. How it all went down hands. Who could be aligned to take his place as defensive line coach for the University of Miami. Very important spot for the fuel up talk a little changed football influence among hoops is well. On the other side ready on some benighted answered. Take the ticket and for unreal for baseball would be five lucky winners and their guests can win a chance. To go see a spring game between the champs from Houston and Atlanta. Coming up on Saturday February 24 at 105 PM at the ballpark the Palm Beach is wonderful ride the chart real beast to the man Antonio park stop and take the free shuttle that is a free FR EE. Two of the game was an adamant they show from one of three for your chance to win baseball the beast Brent Dubai 790 the ticket. And try to brokers in Burke Greg with the here on aims of and I mean if from 1043 HD two that again and we got though are favored guest Miami. Hurricanes writer for the Palm Beach post you bomb on Twitter at Matty ports and he joins us right now on the right fuels announcers unions or is a sign they are truly. Are steps beyond convenient Matt thanks for taking them a few minutes are things. These are okay actually got pulled up Turkey in order to local park went on rock so that would sell. Kind of like a lot about you know and received it yet but certainly just a lot of people. Until Florida and strategic or is constantly between. You know the things that are frivolous and things that are very serious since. Now it's it's it's you know it's a balance but it's it's got a crazy weir okay you were talking about this yesterday and now we're talking about this today. And we've we certainly we try to navigate those waters are on our show last week Matt but I I noticed on Twitter. Yeah I'll a lot of things going on please Phyllis I don't know what what exactly is happening what your recovery. While. A couple boxer but a hundred. Overburdened student's arm. We're were on the were made. You know all we're about how laden and chain saw you know got a lot of respect each AT go out Ager. You know. A one and nick it's in the world all the bone loss the last. To accuse companies and their you know on their way they would that are strong precedents in her that in 08 the so. Grew up on to them in we're very particular vehicle. Yet imagine how how tough was it who switched gears like as you say between the end of the frivolous and the stuff that really matters. I did it what was that it was that tough review was that Tom died how how would you describe to the put it to you that way. I don't know you your you reported a public alcohol each other it's gonna do home you know I just. I want both of you know it can be kind of what they're gone through you don't they want to you know got. Contribute actually enjoyed himself and it's. And it cost you have returned. You know with a record of your of your crowd. You know who who got caught her coupled to conservative gone from the wakes and funerals notes due. No protests and the back end zone now there is no static. If someone who taught you. I'm going to tell us. You know hopefully have a conversation that he'll you know with that we went our pretty aggressive. Good stuff I encourage their wonder well follow up Matt Matt Porter at many ports on no on Twitter as a writer for the Palm Beach post joins us here. On 79 to take it you're covering that today last night he burning out of the blue right magic your cover in. Greg good look cows do you leaving for Alabama we got the news that he was interviewing for the Tampa Bay Bucs job. Which I thought well OK Aaron had something there but I don't think he ever really good one of the that this toes in the pros and all of a sudden. Last night it's the word that he's no longer with the University of Miami what do you make of it. You have could quickly moved me more about later player here and upgrade its it. Palm. I yeah I figured I was surprised partner since. Gilbert that you encounter eaten this summer or coaching court you don't throw and when Alabama comes calling him. We don't know exactly know what could go including the other I didn't I didn't go to school not forced to close. You know salary will but equally quick public school with people. You know certainly won't probably part of an Alabama that he who got pretty significant great. You know from what you want. They keep. Not a rule that's about it until EXP could then cup colleague that can go. No work group one of the best programs in the country. Tom you know that you can beat them he tools that you want. Bill are. You become the first or cork who he's beaten Cooper story I don't know quick. If you remember back sweet sixteen. At this current crew gets written in the book on target respect. Or at or just want to eat eat yet that didn't quit either. The coordinator or critically it's. Going to be viewed it differently according to what credit for him. They'll you don't call out. Yeah I think infect the coach has not is that a strength and Ellen and I thought in that country rank overall last year's but. Expand cut up a little bit occurring more compressed yeah. Know that the acting. I guess. No doubt accountant. Or because a lot of the tackle spot that it really peacocks that Eric Forestar. Prospect that you. You know my technique. I can't cover. A little lukewarm Biden good effort and that it was good for. Any program that critical you know it's a lot. Yes and when you when you look at the bad loss and the timing of it I don't know if there's ever did time for close to leave but. Was this. He did stay through signing day so it is is that quote on quote good for you William. Yeah can't get pictures probably is. You know I don't know which I don't know what a good time when people are only a week before signing. In LA and obviously talent. And I'll kind of messed up this year when you're trying to pure in. And and I'll try to figure that out with the ball preparation and trying to you know. Get all of their it and stuff done it that your chapter triple speed like that's pretty chaotic and hectic can offer program on. So long. Arms or are correct in that this was coming. You know there's Arabs are you only did. Early coaxed you need replacement. It's shorter don't curricula the week off. That is as our school gals do you know you know there was that. A bit of the regional I guess Nike Nike have that being over the weekend opening a lot of the top prospects. Of the recruit recruiting class of next year are trying to get into the big event in in Oregon and the big Nike sponsored event but. There's a cardinal Gibbons deepened civilian force start here Chris bull bull easily at Miami and Sampras you were at the top of the list norm. He did say that he was excited to ought to talk to Manny Diaz in pretty cool Adele ski. Recently. Hum what happens to all of these recruits and and I I know that cooler Dallas is not necessarily responsible brought to deepen sublime a lot of the coaches have regions like you you know you're in charge of South Florida or Texas and Oklahoma so I open what is this a two way do you have any idea what cool gals is responsible for how this could impact their recruiting. BA eastern call. It Oxley yes reconnaissance over over all the time to work on it. Are you don't that John and pat. And the outside a baucus go to brought on management and I'm of the first and you can. I spent a marker that some of us. Here and that they expect yet or their outlook. Just cost oh come on. I'll occupy appeared at court you your beer and eat your gut and like coach collection but I won't take the responsibility talk to an alliance. Our current it might have to recruit Chris ogle and he spoke too late. I'm pat don't bleach notes and we are we Yeltsin that mine expert at this point. So I wouldn't expect and drop off there. And our own pocket so I can. Nor current standard stick by it either try to Faulkner can I eat college Oak Creek out. Here's a follow no I don't follow its anyway. He should really hurt I'm much in that regard and help build them greatly. He I mean hey allegedly dug everywhere and Alabama Jersey hey let me move more how they like me now by young man I think that's the other as the biggest thing is the Jimmy recruit down here it being about five minutes as mad Porter joins us. Here on target low hurricanes football without coach school. Zain adios to the U you mentioned this to this did not blind side and coach richt. I'm replacements there Kevin Patrick is a popular name out there. What does it does give some fans are what what what are you hearing just as far as some of the the fans facility the big names out there that the fans want a seat at the shop I've I've heard a lot of names so let's let's laugh my ass can you. I I think Patrick my first political order book where they don't with teachers created and it just got Carolina state so you don't. Don't want to earn too much can you use your current forever. You know that when Texas and north park. Were from north Texas Greek exit clinic. And stayed up all jumping off the hurricanes are all I'm not for Kevin Patrick a sports also you are out scouting guy. Charlie Parker or midnight and you. You put out an. Strong. He Twitter message last that's where that balance that but I've coached petition guy you are wrestling coach it's an equal number. He's got a big upsets. I'm lanky right now. Former defensive line coach at Georgia and antitrust decree rockers rocker yes so you. And he had a colossal posture set connection and on the well. And so you are not passed goal on a with a guy like Rick. Now he's seeing. People like that he wants around Hamburg you know people eat. And it. You know football why didn't. Most cricket spiritually rockers certain interest except bill. But if they start hiring. Patrick our story. You know. It's central uncle telephonic heated in that. What kind of like an Al Capone personality and seeing lockers that cat and arched her yachts you can approach accused. You don't school came out. I think if you quick. No we're on the same page. Philosophically which had no idea what it would EL Patrick is loyal to whoever head coach working poor analyst stump form and saying he. You be my first college dispute it the right fit but. It'll pay nearly up to make those couple. Yeah the good thing is you know coach richt I mean he's got that rollodexes gonna Asia finger through there and he's gonna have no shortage of candidates who goes on March been around and knows everybody knows what that brings so. So like you know he's he's in the second year and is trying to until scrambling through your stuff here. Hey Matt awesome so cover in everything else going on a Douglas today and I encourage anybody of volume on Twitter. At Matty ports in the thanks for taking a few minutes to talk about coach school departing always a pleasure thank you management. Matt water right Erica was a hurricanes for the Palm Beach post a loss of the big loss for closings and I was in India. Highly regarded IE you know I heard nothing but great things local school. The last couple years I was a big get for for coach richt. But he's got. You know I think it's hard to argue and Alvin Moore for an exit and like that's that's that's the buzz bridging getting Cal's football. Day in and looked he we know from past UN teams and and we know from looking at the New England Patriots when you have success. People come after your assistant coaches and so that's some else that Mark Richt is gonna have been docked in them and notes and other schools are with a sharp stick right. No doubt and the great Miami team we're trying to get to that level. They've always been able replace not only the players but the coaches yeah I would just we're general here thanks to Matt port here we go out where to get to. Including we get back to the the Miami Heat here perk. We got a question on the table as far as. What is bowed to his Rosa rotation here with 2014. Remaining four year Miami Heat as a couple of days in the practice floor today. Four or tomorrow and tomorrow tomorrow and then Ayatollah unilaterally and of tomorrow tomorrow there's a lot of planning caliber urgently the pelicans on Friday right so they get the extra day off on other -- back to back here but it's a big stretch year. As the they start the second half quote unquote. Of the season we got your team is coming appear around the bend your radio 790 minutes ago. That's that's the Robert and amber every game. Morning on the tea bridges to especially when accessing the red beach volleyball players in the country and the world on Fort Lauderdale beach. Has the beach a major series takes place on Fort Lauderdale beach from February 27. Through march 4 two more info on his amazing eventually got the ticket Miami dot com and don't forget to listens as a Romberg and amber. To win your way in Roger by aims of and I mean if tomorrow for three key to the tickets by the way we we got our grubby little hands on Digg ads as well. So we're gonna giving those away Indy 5 o'clock hour we have a pair of beach rental lounge dig its. For march 4 to the beach rubble series. These are 300 dollars a pop these entry into our tickets. That's that's not good stuff yeah that's nice manners as some type of stuff that we should begin to win all them. I like it nearly a dollar value like that know him on its mix of Brazilian government analyst most big league I don't know I don't know what you can do it on the side bus I'm not Zelaya denies those around yeah and I'm not doing anything worthy of getting 300 dollar write downs only players nominee is not me when you're disappeared during the break. That's tonight of those moms treasuries you've come back LA di you know right yes and dig cam what do you think your minor per throw that but do job value per the so god willing you goes away in the in the a 5 o'clock hour is baseball season muted and the Marlins are are the story of spring training it seems like. They they keep making news man that doesn't it it's not just here. Bryce Harper talked about them up it moves from their spring training in and you got Jeter and Bruce Sherman talking down here of them the latest one is Christina Ellis. Who. Was traded to Milwaukee. Last month there out in Phoenix for their spring training out in the cactus league. But some Christian college yesterday. See if that he thought any citizen of very respectful. Way. But he see it that he thought the turning point four of the Marlins franchise. The most recent turning point was the September 2016 deaths of Jose Fernandez. And in the boating accident. This is what you know it's told to ESPN he sip and talking to the guy's beer. The guys who got traded in some of the guys were still there. The consensus remark clubhouse is that everything changed after the tragedy with Jose. He Syria and I think everybody eager to our window to win was with him you have a bona fide ace. A number one starter and you kind of have some and there was that it's nobody's ball what happened. It's a tragedy in every sense of the word nobody could've seen that coming. And so. You know he went on to say that Tom a lot of the guys thought that they could have done something special with that group. But he also so did we just weren't able to get it done and when you don't get it done in this business teams have to move on that's what happened without so. A lot of very. Intelligent. And business like approach to. That situation from Christian yellows he wasn't pointing fingers and say in our leadership kept it together or we should have tried to get some pitchers under Loria Laura. It's you know it it's a tragedy happened and they couldn't recover basically well. Let's let's let's take him let's take his word here let let's relief let's let's get get after this will be here bomb. I agree ended the story is out there and I now would they get it it it definitely definitely I think affected his mindset. Meaning. Jeffrey Loria went into that long hose and and I think. I don't knows for a fact I do think Abdul Aziz that it was like okay. And may be let me just get out of baseball knew he was soured on bays well whatever it why didn't that is a big moments. That that that that can change. Your direction in life yes so I do anything to assuming there are now on the baseball side of things. Yeah maybe like you knew how Jose you haven't got you had a guy. Who was. Mean you you were you got a guy that probably five of the teams in baseball hat and you if that. An outstanding pitcher and and did a you'd then beyond that disturb a dynamic charismatic bright charismatic guy. You were ahead of the game yes you read something Milwaukee did not have you had some thing. That. And I did not value and something. That were searching for McGregor could get right between the grauman's Mario you know but I mean I think it's something that may be only five other teams in the big leagues have named Jose tell lies and you know maybe Washington was scherzer and Dodgers. Right current job and a few teams usually if you do great NBA when you have got to randomly is eligible to levels that rest to get that yet debt. But I might myself I think it would be okay so let's say you go with you go with Jose. For a year and then maybe you win or a year to put I think eventually there are going to trade Jose with a nine I mean I was just the overall printing money Tama correct Joseph yeah. Yet wrestler that that was beer. So that would happen under under laureates little window reads he's talked to these talks about. Maybe it's a year and a half. A season and a half with Jose that you try to win some then and then. Believe me you sell the team he more or whatever you know you move you move awful you know the big salary. But but I do think there is a link to that things change Reynolds they passed yet they do a lot of things change I think a lot of amateurs and there's the hole. Outlook routine as you say that you know that dynamic guy who has written a you don't just right forget about I mean the whole outlook the food. Front of these. The hole where the immediate future took a huge rate them in fairness I mean it's it's nom -- seem low but it certainly. But I you know and I and I applaud the key for me but what you'll lose like Chris Bosh. Let me is when all of a sudden she's not playing anymore and obviously I don't Kristen not not die right right but. All of a sudden like nobody sees that that coming where all the setting in the middle march ago and I can't play anymore now. And he's just like your bill your whole team around him and you just don't go out and and replace a guy like that even if you wanted to spend the money. If you were the Marlins right. Good 25 million dollars to spend on a pitcher they don't they don't come become available anyway. Kershaw is not getting on the free agent market. Right you know under the all those guys you know home. You did you Adrian whoever you who everyone is as your aces in the big league at the time those guys going become available fetus are bidding on them. So I mean yes it was it was a it was a turning point a lot in a lot of I think a lot of people's lives in that without fresh. Canada's somebody six CN more importantly you have a slump stopper in this guests. Those kind of Jose that day you know you're on a 234 game losing streak he takes the mound you've got a lot of space this street is an end. And you're gonna start going to the other direction to go on the positive direction so. Yeah just you know love a lot of stuff with with the Marlins and we win over the Bryce Harper Don Mattingly being I'm sure will get into that again nom. Next hour we talked about the Marlins wearing the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school camps both were riding spring training opener by. It's amazing that this this Marlins franchise. It seems to be going nowhere. Has made so much news so new. Also a former marlin Joseph gross here and yeah yeah and things that are loaded and a 5 o'clock REW 5 o'clock are also fifty minutes he'd. And W whittled leads viable take its 300 dollars that's right. That's that's what they're going for one have and give those away in the 5 o'clock doubted the headlines coming up. A new side right here on some and on the ticket. Arms and again and you can get a one year our listeners know what makes this station and greatest possible. We recently sent out a survey by email to all members of our insider club. To check your email and please take the survey of you're not a member of our instead of club you can joined now by logging on to the cinema I mean I come in full re send out the survey to you we may not care about the triple Lutz. Or staying well. You care about your opinion lions have an idea from 1043. AG Tuesday did so please take that survey for us. And say that pertinent to an outstanding job both for Huntsman in an observer says. My and we not only my the other hands on one of those service we should that we should we shouldn't trick develop before we let it go out on wasn't room and others can decide to solve this through last couple razor per. And I don't know part of your not a member of the instead of I don't know William there's of her own you like that is that to begin to. So get on nine you know that a lot of goodies in the air so check out the ads against Miami got comic you always are just on the growth result Mohammed text line. At 67974. Let's examine 974 we invite. And encourage your text messages on this. Tuesday afternoon we got a lot a lot of things. Going all we get our hands a lot of highs today perk we allowed a lot of things that are that are having its NFL stuff there were any good to hear coming up in about twenty minutes soon because this is a big NFL day. Big day and there's been some cuts of some guys that are some big time players early there're formally big time players. And I love this time a year because that's. Guys that cut left and get hands. Everybody. Like everyone has ever there's always a name out there right. And everyone whether your dogs ran a giants fan pages famous Steelers ran a Packers or whatever little. Everyone listening to the deck guys grateful for their team. My trash your treasure right Dan I just I just I love the polarity of hidden hand out all wheel again of that here as we get some some cuts here and out and of course is without being so Austria bombs could give up that adds to module op. We'll get out of that opt. But I ask you about coach who cal ski here and being. Who leaves and goes Alabama which is of the big story last night and ended over map Porter join us earlier in camera down there. If I was on social media look at last they they may be just the the maybe it is social media. But the does the riddle they're pretty good. And they could there's been some you know that that 5% that's gonna rip everything yeah but there are minimal over the grief and it was one or is that. Lake that it just was the timing great no blood least but but what you said earlier there's no good time to leave now. A he's straight through signing day. And that's pretty much. What you want promoter for your coach Wright State through the season you stay through signing day. And and now like this is the best time to leave right you have started spring football and start next month. Com and and you do United's it's either and now word where the summertime after sprinkle ballwind. Every staff this beetle pretty much you're gonna get a good job at that point. So. If there's eight quote unquote good time to leave we guess this will be. OK but. Right yes but my question would be because he's got a lot of some slack from some some from cain's Brandon and and I mean and canes fans. No Nick Saban down here and zone might be dolphin fans nano we've nobody likes Nick Saban meaning. Like do you really blame the guy and we're going to Alabama like when you think about it. Baghdad is not an. Essential for eight for the same salary. Right you're only the perspectives of Florida but big diesel and Alabama you know. And they paying nick pace they win a national titles anywhere is national divisions in and likely mean c'mon how do you see noted that. Wrecked it's it's a it's a good move for for a coach school and I'm sure of your hard court canes then it's gonna be tough to be happy for him but. At the dude is advancing is career yeah. Throw a parade for the guy but I mean a magaziner rip the guy. These these events in order it's it's a good move for him now. I guess if you're an SEC prayer and perhaps you could be pissed off but because it appears. The rich got richer right use your Alabama. You just win a national title mean you look arguably the best assistant coach off of you will staff. Right. The rich get richer side you know against Burnett CC plan and and and any school other than Alabama you can be pissed off. But you know there's not been Alabama's gonna get the best coaches the best coaches are grown Alabama. That's how does that work like that's right there and a beer winning play. I and that may well that's what I was like kind of stunned like you know discount the blow back you know from like king's people outside. Czar to figure out no it's really no way you know in Alabama called you go to the phone and you listen and then you're you're probably gonna go. So let's cut out of formula works and why wouldn't she refused if you can adjust to the lifestyle you know going to Tuscaloosa from Miami then. Pretty much a no brainer right and the guy literally having ties to Miami going to America earlier Zoellick. You're the four players on the Aurilia and wanna be any target and I'm an emotional tide of the University of Miami or any other school you know it's a mean that that that like. Berg yes or no that is that is the if you rate collegiate coach. That is the ultimate staff you wanna be on yeah yeah bids. What I don't want to say and like many women and patriots are being with Golden State Warriors at this time period right. Alabama opens in New England Patriots right. Yeah you're you're you're going to win titles right it was mostly lately without a coach calls your leg of the notes at call Jones's I wanna hire yeah. Nick Saban Gregg Popovich you know Steve Kerr no. You know you're like damn dude on there. You know there. Yeah I this so you wish him well but yet at that that is they a big loss for for the mercy of Miami we'll see. What how they replace them given Patrick her some other names are for other Charlie partridge. Nom. Tracy rocker is a name. Are there any merger Jirga the player and you do. No I know that Auburn. And tournament Washington the man to man yeah yeah just laid on the pro. BJ and that's yeah I was thinking of a developer's name but yeah yeah you know us soldiers in Iraq is nameless Erica handles agreement by a member as a player as a meaning six years old already sitting in all the we're or when he was a when you're the player coming up here. It's so low mortgage is a NFL's those big event here in due course but let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and and WS SS HD true Miramar. Miami Marlins will Wear hats honoring Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. During their morning worked out on Friday in pregame activities now Friday is the marlins' spring training opener. Sold they will Wear hats honoring the the students there at the at the a tragic shooting there. Ed Douglas high school and partner in Major League Baseball rules prohibit the Marlins from wearing the black hats during the actual. Unbelievable gesture and I would say bring bend the rules for for the Marlins solid thinks all right hood this spring training and and yet so it's that is a good cause so. Same with the Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly basically told Washington's Bryce Harper to mind his own business now. Harper commented Monday that he was surprised the Marlins broke up last year's team. He said he thought they were close to being good Mattingly is response to harper. Take care of your own dugout. I like that Lampard Donnie baseball maybe at Donnie baseball's I'm gonna take any any. No slack apparently it's not it's not that rightly so and any gains or shut the bleep up right editor I don't you liberty that won't I love Donnie baseball done. The tale of the baseball though me here it comes and windup and the pitch but it. I it. It's the first day of spring training on he's duty is July incidents eased to a I don't today. I but like Donnie baseball's like you know Oreo she is fired up yeah yeah. We'll yell fire he abused. Fired up he is when people make comments when that when they're 29 games under 500 their lives that deals are brick yeah play you know like that things like that like I don't. Bill in the midst of a three game series and Bryce Harper is known to refer pour two homers in game one. Yeah does that is I understand like you know everyone's got you know below but I think that's W. As a problem who harbors that Oprah I had no problem what Mattingly center to a spice things up but you know bliss bliss spice things up to February unlike. I think given your dugout and like you said to me you know. Oh in the win the nationals from the town in whatever the mid day and also lost nine in a Roy Moore are reliable a nice comment for him I'm sure Roger dug out all right. It it's exactly exactly. Hockey tonight Florida Panthers visit Toronto at seven B game can be heard our sister station. By sixty WQAM. Pregame starts there at 630 finally. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sip the best plan purchase team for the rest of the season. Keep on lose and maybe. The Dallas Mavericks are eighteen and forty tied for the US wins in the NBA they will not make the playoffs they've not been mathematically eliminated yet. But from. Mark Cuban said that he is met with his players he was talking on a podcast that doctor Jerry and he said the best thing for his team premiere on now this season. Keep on loser and o.s are your headlines. Once he got my. Well first thing and I had no idea doc to jail podcast yeah I mean. That's the doctor. 2018 right nobody's gonna apparently podcasts right now. I'm. We got some tax on this earlier that like the little hot hot like. 16 minutes lived. Painting that these guys saw what we're there to exit and go there don't exist you get to cry you can't just call it tanking because you're eighteen and forty and Alan you know you use right but you I think Cubans bigger picture dean was. Earlier this season we're at least trying to win we saw there we saw and so now we're just gonna finish it off and not even tried we. That that's what that's odd to hear these words puts. See that well no way I don't think battles over don't like to be behind. Magic 50000 for talking about would retreat right. It seems like it should be another. You you talk about integrity of the game and looked. We remember last season. Didn't Brooklyn hailed low is out of the finale in and Chicago and ends up going to the to the playoffs over the Miami Heat. Integrity of the game I don't know of that situation would or could come up with the Dallas playing a team trying to get that eighth playoff spot in the west. And Dallas is not playing its best players Vardalos is not putting out an honest camper. It if that could go (%expletive) off Adam silver even further. But yet you've been saying this out but I think there's probably a little a little a minor integrity of the game putting him in Dallas is eighteen and forty that they are going to be very many teams anyway by. At least try and I think that would be the reason that Cuban gets would get on and if he doesn't right at least trot. Don't know what our fans you're not even try it if it fans think that no confirm it by saying. Ray what what what what strikes me about that quote and you got it in there he spoke to the players yes he said he went out to dinner with his players as to what is so what's he selling those guys EG solid sucking we saw. And we're where we're gonna we're not even gonna try to win now. Where we're going to try to do it right mark our our. His chances for next season when I'm sorry well yeah and you know look I get any of those guys he was out to dinner with or are pending free agents. They're probably like look. I need to get any earmark like you got your money out trying to get mine I'd analyst. You know played eleven minutes a night and and you know not get up two shots that nobody wants me now right you know taking a sports dirty little secret. Yeah you know it's about it it's done but nobody wants to talk about gifts by a lot of teams who called rebuilding or they just won't even address. Yeah like detects likely what do you do now that they suck as it is right so like it is like you just brought up the same lineup. I I don't know how to you do not get a bit the son Dennis Smith right I mean you know it's the right leg I mean bins Dirk who gears loaded dudes ever and what eleven points again Rolling Stone avenue and he's I think he was like ran eleven points well I'm I'm look oh my god we're gonna limit JJ Guerrero is minutes parliamentary. Move it. But yeah that that's got a guy you know maybe maybe take a page out of mystique her playbook and have the players rumble huddles during the timeouts during games. I didn't think like that. I just I mean I've never been in a spot perk obviously in wet I just can't imagine. I mean. Really like our boss coming in here as a you know what. Once you register or really bad showed that yeah. You know right up you know Curtis. You'll you'll you'll talk about you want talk about curling Osama Bolero and it for a few hours and I have Adam amendment they didn't have me a drug scandal in curling bit more eyes on my results. It's the ultimate mark part you know you you wanna talk about was lacrosse. You want to go segments on that I. Do you guys just go none. Let them do the Marlins because it's better for us in the long run yeah you know it did exist. I just can't imagine that conversation with which it was they you know your instinct. Plan will lead to single bit more now. And like guys look at them like really does believe in the free agents are guys like dude yeah I'm playing for myself a man. But I haven't played for the mavericks all you don't play over me right now now now you're gonna screw you. Some tough conversation I have but you know what. How would you receive that if you have meaning what legal slayer you're one of those players it's that this is the money made in this owner of the team like you've just got to small enough Andre. Burke you've been around all the dolphins teams all that stuff from the fans of call ends all we gotta suck for luck we do you do that. The head of the that the players though locker marketed that they don't hear any of that nonsense. They don't really care I'm occur here they don't care about it's you know it right in the extremely seen. Rookies come in a washout the guy who was supposed to be dumb man and he watches out now you deal of his losing for what. You know I the birth of veterans of seen it before they've. You know you might get a high treatment that they know it doesn't ensure anything right mr. football it's a big a couple all right. First day that the tank can be used franchise or transition and we know that means Jarvis Landry could be today today. All of them candidate and Jarvis certainly also got some big names start to get released by the NFL team we'll update you on that coming up. On the other side right here was have a ninety minutes ago. That's why your how. Your car well you know. Yes we've got to get out the stream on the city of Miami dot com or even on radio dot com. And that happens well then if you're here in South Florida you can hear the heat games online as well. So many ways to listen so many hot take your gonna miss any hot take 67974. On the Coral Springs on on its a sign that's you can Regis Curtis and her bag with you here. On this Tuesday afternoon by the way I should mention a previous segment we might be tanking on the Joey going to know. Well you know what are always so everybody event to aid in do you think this show sucks you just don't get it does this is actually a small of a bad record okay girl and you don't get. Yeah I don't understand we're don't hear. We let me tell you would mean notre on. Made mention of that agreement that actually there. But. Yeah that's who lives yes you don't get the show as yeah that guy yeah 67974. That's you Regis what we took away some fabulous. And unbelievable prizes here yes we have beach volleyball major series a pair of Vegas on our own signature march 4 he's a three and out popped. Realize she read about Liza. 300 so we're gonna give those away here during this hour. During this 5 o'clock hour mightily fifty minutes he outward push that into the 6 o'clock arcs in Dujail Obama was gonna join us. At around 620 sold in new Somalia. Question. The lineup. And a lot of things otherwise Magruder. My armor murder of fan club is still out there in full force. Yet we don't we gotta we got a we got a text earlier but it was a it was actually a business like texted it I mentioned Magruder actually mention running Buford. But what do you correct me to Rodney Magruder. There which would be more applicable to this year's C team that's why we're thinking that's. We're going to we're terrorist network and our estimates murder by her yes somebody does somebody just a divot sexist sin of this this Magruder talk is it serious or is there some kind of running joke. And I text them back out at yeah. Little ball slipped. Out Magruder Magruder is they is a role player he's not going to be eight. A big difference maker but he he could have some sort of rule but. He's not a difference. I saw you know I saw you replied that Tex I'd reply I'll tell you yeah you know Tom and you know we can reply in jones' run on one of the tax or read the text or whatever whatever we're gonna do. I honestly honestly did not know how to answer that question. Me since it's. You know yes it is part of Italy running joke but the guy but I couldn't help but it's it's more running Jolie and what started because I mean this goes back to the BMC's we have an. Yeah I actually inner freedom we had a Marshal for media day. Neither of regular reassign him Magruder we had a couple other guys. And it was like that gets hurt like the next day yes and then he'll be able surtax again placate dude what's so Magruder pay Magruder murdered and marvel at why he's emerged as the Rodney Magruder you know it is what you live is like the fourth game of the season and every day we get these overtaxed. And is became a thing. Finish now. He snagged we got a team that now if we didn't have so we. I was a 108 straight. A 108 consecutive so we've got more I think this is a right immigrant now we get like multiple text about right I'm going to be multiple different people root for president he won an Obama girder. And running mate BT group were chewed Dwyane Wade tournament to talk to recruit Arabic T that's Odyssey slips in a Mickey order while junior. The nights. But yes at this point I don't know what it is live Magruder is is gonna help orphans as a running I don't know ideally the DNA he's got legendary status and I'm just glad to know that they that the Magruder Franklin did not take all star break weekend are known they are still working there and they weren't monitor in his re from the from the leg surgery and helmet on now we got that out of the way to label targeted saying about all that stuff murder on the serious side and tell analytic and health wise and all these things. Coming up. I had six to winning. The Miami Dolphins exhibit in the NFL in general yes I am having a big they've evolved you would say this Qaeda is the start of Super Bowl was two weeks from yesterday or two weeks from from Sunday was not an idea. Were already in this is the beginning of the new league year essentially is an upper you don't hear hear the stars here it is the does this mom. Not. It's all about looking for learned here now. You're looking edited and today is the birthday of the teens could use the franchise or transition today on a player of the Balkans. That's Doris Landry they're not going think about using either today on any other player on the roster. Now today starts a two week window so you have until March 6 or PO on March 6 who. To tag a player if you put the tag on a player you can rescinded today you remember the dolphins did that with Olivier Vernon. A couple of years ago when they put the transition tag on him. The market. Yours were crazy year ended up signing with the giants and so they rescinded the the transition today. There are too good the franchise tags there is the exclusive franchise today and being non exclusive the exclusive franchise today. Would pay later the average of the top five salaries over the last five years at his position. And you cannot negotiate win another teen so. I don't think that dumb. That that Jarvis would get that he would get the non exclusive franchise today which is Saddam. Top five salaries of last year at his position wide receiver obviously and he. Can negotiate with other teens and sign an offer sheet. Is he goes somewhere to another team to dolphins get 21 round picks as compensation. And then transition today its top ten salaries as opposed to top spot with print size. It is the average of the top two in salaries you can negotiate with another team you can sign an offer sheet. If you leave. Beat the teen that you were with previously gets no compensation so if they transition today Jarvis and he decides to sign with the. And Charles clay yet sure what it was my life threatening our special guest by buffalo that is rentals okay yes so odd that that's basically the do you think these are particles like like cousins and others play out here I don't think. Com I don't think they're gonna mess around with the transition today. Is target that's too easy always in a comment or guess somebody were coming in and then he you know you'd. You you have the right to match the offer by the way if somebody's on the auction I think it would be deed non exclusive where you get compensated with 21 round picks. By the way once you get today. You have until July 16 to sign a contract extension if you do not signed by July 16 which everybody wants or with which the player wants you you've got to play under the one year franchise today. I deal and you can't sign an extension in Seoul the inclusion of of the regular season. DUB. Advantage of the franchise today. Or the player I guess as you get your money but the obvious huge disadvantages it's a one year deal you get injured you're not protected. So and demand for the team I use you use the franchise tag advantage is you keep the player in the old one more year. But the disadvantage is he's going to tell a lot against the cap the long term multi year deal you can lower that player's cap number. Most you can get today just three times Libya on bill probably about to get a a third today. I said it was essentially vetted for for a week and see. Yeah you know and Walter Jones is although left tigris realities you tag harassing earlier than do those big joke roses like what we don't. Gonna pay him eighty million dollars or looks like your buddy Leo lives go another with a sky and a cameo player when it was fifteen. And in the on the Israeli goods was another you know area so it has got to wait and see where INS general in the candor on the roker tells it out now France Germany gets expensive as as you just as you mentioned. Listen I. I've heard so many different guys I respect that are in the business. Not that I that I know I know Jarvis and no the or to the dolphins don't have a you'll say they're gonna get a Donna manuals and they're not gonna give it honored that this that are that I don't know to make here here's your here's one of the things aren't Kutcher off bomb more things that happened. Are stranger your stance is gonna get done a dolphins uniform opening day I taxis and I I I believe that. I think that he will but I'm not. Lou I am probably about some 65%. Sure that that's all yes I I cars that did dharma as we know Doris must be wants to be paid as a number one receiver. Which that could mean an average of fourteen million a year perhaps a little bit more. My guess is the dolphins are comfortable paying him any more than an average of twelve million a year. And I know it's easy to say we'll just split the deer prints but listen. Jarvis is is kind of a well not kind of key is they slot receiver and kind of a guy who you don't think of as a gain changer. I know we had the 112 receptions which set a franchise record live in a bill. Think 987. Yards career best nine touchdowns all in the red zone. But. It's a lot of money to pay for a die if you regard him as they slot. Receiver in this is this is why didn't things get crazy because the attacks directed that he's gonna pay him thirteen million a year. Plus 22 for jump picked. I would be when you I have noise you're right. On the Internet sounds great maybe the jets I don't know but I never thought Olivier Bernard would get it would get five years right finally what right did you guaranteed either yes. Exactly exactly so that I mean Jarvis and Jarvis has been incredibly productive and somebody would probably pay him. And that's why is it runs on money. They do they'd be yeah they'd they need a quarterback I don't know if they're gonna go free agent quarterback and they can draft a quarterback. But they they have the money one more thing on Jarvis he is the top. Com possible free agent wide receiver you know we've we linked. Sammy Watkins from the rim is out there Alan Robinson from Jacksonville but both of those guys. Scene hit it to get beat franchise today. Which you know I had does take him off the market I guess not officially by. I I I think they're that dumb they could do Jarvis some papers this as far as being on the market so. So Darvish is out there man are are tired you know Jarvis could be out there Richardson or number one reason why are zero terminator yeah this this. This is the last round from Arizona. Or would probably be that the next level but yet it's lower. Marvin Smith hits Landry. Watt skins Robinson and and then you just don't. Josh chords as a free agent Joseph Cameron Meredith from the bears throw prior mark easily mockery Paul Richardson and you know Mike Wallace or me that's a shady rest. Right I mean jar was against the guy Jarvis like that we yes we might give up too I have no idea the yellows the teams do crazy things yeah it was with a desperate right. Now we don't know who's getting a cut in that to a whole deal we had a couple cuts today the bucks or make your moves they released Doug Doug mark Newman's I grew greater. The bears bullies like McEnroe. I really didn't know so there's Jimmy guys you know cut loose yours at every year you know the they're going to be in charge of their rosters well you know do it now let me answer the cars were do you think. Two weeks this is too we went over to the pageant today a likelihood that they'll do anything in the two weeks. Some 5050 I. Mayor night. Once you once once you once you make that that put that tag on them that that's a lot of money you well I'll say this if Al I'll say this if they put a tape gun Jarvis my desk is. They're fairly confident they can work out long term deal. That's my guests. Yeah I would agree that earlier that an otherwise it. And by the way the of these hum. Will know these the amounts per franchise and transition today to win the salary cap comes out. I'll probably NetSuite it's always early march. Deep projections. For the transition and franchise tag for receivers. Or franchise tag is projected to be sixteen or sixteen point two million Merck which would be a lot of money to be and Jarvis one year you'd almost have to do multi year and get that number down. The transition say a year is thought to be around it's auto bureau fourteen million a year. Or 2018 which again isn't it that's still a big number campsite. My guess is it Jarvis gets the franchise today they think they're pretty close to murdered in answer to a long term deal yes so. Size and that's. But I I'd say it's right now whether they take must think it's 5050 Jarvis being in a uniform. Opening Doug Dalton you know or I'd say sixty. By percent then you really your I'm not very unsure water. I don't SNL it's yes it's Jarvis looks at this as and he's writing this is the opportunity to get paid I only I got since you're probably gonna get so I think he's. I think he's going to be more hardline in the gulf of this and he's also their best softens a player. Yes he is that it an adult Texans things not he is right I really only averaged eight point eight yard I was actually I don't hear a lot of guys on this one yet what do you do in the red zone all anonymous doesn't like as a player protests usually does often is that's period that's all of the sudden. Not I don't know if there's always the busiest. Result elements and you know better than pounds he no evidence do better than Parker. Betterment sun sol. You'd say that a hundred slot receiver will exert these arrests on the where you feel that water or you know pay the guy I mean I don't know you know you do every one of the dolphins Obama made it led the army -- what to do it is a it is a very good example of why they get the big bucks and we mean Adam gays might tembo crisper. And why the show's thank you kind of got we got is actually god texting it to a on the sorted that plus. We had the 300 dollar does he goes he Villa beach viable series and discovered a Fort Lauderdale beach next week. We are pushed goes out here also in the jays who join us in the six rock arc towards the heat the Palm Beach post we have fifty ms. he as welcoming up all of that lot to get to here on seven knives take. That. And. It's gonna take it and try real for baseball beast I lucky winners in their gas can win a chance to see spring game between the champs from Houston and Atlanta on Saturday February 24 this Saturday coming up at 105 the ball part of the palm beaches wonders will try the try real beast in the man and go the F park stop and take the free shuttle it is a free. To the game wasn't intimidation over one of three Purdue has to win baseball with beast read to you by seven and to take it and try well. They're gonna ways that extravaganza we have these beach volleyball major series tickets were to renew giving away here. In a matter of moments before we close up to 5 o'clock hour big 6 o'clock hour on the way as well. Anthony tang covers the Miami Heat for the Palm Beach post. When asked about this rotation and the health of some of these players here has it's not really the second half of the season McGee Alter or break kind of the almost everyone has also reserved for the NFL which is different obviously. Like baseball like kind an earlier hockey's familiar rays while the that's what it's like OK and then obviously look at 120 and yet it is okay a year ago so we're really into the stretch run here of the of the NBA season root out about. You know a bounce five weeks yeah it's prudent. Cool yeah from. Laid off. Is it every jockeying arena but yeah yeah. For everybody it's it's a big deal here we got a lot of text or we're gonna get to hear it's examine nine some four on the Coral Springs on a monitors on ending. But the pops in your mind trio still free. Two descended on and a mock gun star to come out and organ that I just I wish it got middle sized segment but now I just didn't wanna get into it because then we had to get out of it and then get back into it again great. The Bill Polian is the making the rounds you have men and this one and I don't know I. But this one. It ilk it like it made me angry for some reason. Yeah we were on my game that it's a so now might juggling and ultimately Oleg RO wiggles are there some reason and yet he's known for like two weeks ranked you know he's got a great contract at yeah housing a minute to Hosea do we listen we're like a hundred days and you're right yeah art so anyway. Go look at lingo. He went on was yesterday is yesterday and he says they're talking about nick falls in they'd have to get like 971 round picks into the country and people like he's lived I believe Easley is the negotiations that started. Who first and two cent rise that's what he's okay bill. Well out what does fine on the you know I'd really it is a non starter with SR is quarterback's arm like a variety whenever I you can get a little crazy with that but that was asked about Lamar Jackson. Little and it raises all the Mark Jackson he's become wide receiver in the NFL and he was that it wants to play. And and he's been regular rounds of human drama you know ask him to to back up his words in here as well whose money has been will -- here's the other hall of fame general manager. Polian on Lamar Jack. They asked my opinion I gave it when I see Lamar Jackson I see a guy who has much more value immediately when FL team. As a wide receiver who's getting the ball seven to ten times a game as opposed to a quarterback who's a learning his trade and be. Is probably not at 210 pounds of that's in fact forty ways we don't know that that's an estimate. Not capable of taking the beating. Eddie's gonna tank running the football on national football. Nobody makes a living at quarterback running the ball in the National Football League except Cam Newton needs 250. Right anything Kim knew and it can't win running before boss visibly when and an bill bill I'm on to and I've I'd say this for years when might the Michael Vick phenomenon cannon and all this stuff and and I said all that is great. And you get all those great but. On third and eight. And you sticky in that window from the pocket very can you do that when it and if you can do. Then you can do all the other stuff but when push comes as a shove can't you sit in their pocket. And fire be dark on third and nodding your receiver if you get so. And the Mark Jackson do I don't know. Michael may do that Michael they could do that sometimes. You we have to do that that we see a lot of the other running guys you know kind of come and go. Boomers the reason this. Out of the local guy and I just love I and I really the Lamar jackal a friend Lauren Jackson worked. Polite to me I thought it was a bit insulting. My yeah. I mean do I look. You know as well. I don't gonna keep on calling them what he called the most bowl and slight. Mark Jackson was 638. I think restaurants. And and 200 until you know does. He's not mean. It did take the abuse that is global small for me I don't want to wait with the weight coming to ten having he's a skinny do. It but the thing about this is history is on pole inside. Meaning in work. At that that is more like Lamar jacks to be a buster quarterback and be then be an all pro quarterback. Oh. I I guess I mean. I don't know if that's true or not from what I mean there's not too many guys have been able to. It looked like Mark Jackson like Salt Lake bigger play that they give your trying to forecast the future perk. But what I mean look like Lamar meaning what. I mean it got us particularly as it. Platoon fifteen. Satellite. Tennis yeah. I Alaska and Arizona Maine what they need quarterbacks. Mean they're there there their they're behind the artist but you know that only ten failed those that at 64 belt. 216. Two of the opening. A guy I look at Ben Roethlisberger. Out burgers to forty yeah. He's a big. AM eastern 465. To forty. Rama Tom Brady what do you think he plays that he's got to be around to two in. Rev what's wrong so it runs there's not and that's Tim knew well I mean the the big deal there is EUU ducks who. Get into his kids' day. You were careers going to be shortened by running and I'm sure he knows that already. The running quarterbacks don't don't last very long you've got to learn how to throw the ball. And Greg looked when you draft on my right that's gonna be like your priority when you sit down and talked to the guy you're gonna tell you that. That you know that the the passing quarterbacks don't last that long and I mean the running quarterbacks don't last that long in the NF you know. So in palm Brady goes Brady a six or 225. Rating six were yeah how's it really wanna so. I mean look is 212 to 220. And I mean in Atlanta makes it different every guy can put on my parents. And he's right there right no. I've just a it's I thought about is it because the guys don't lot of college in college and Brawley's other guys that got opportunity Johnny Mann Zell who is who is you know it was a tiny person and around up there very Lamar Jackson and ideas I was a bit disrespectful and builds houses in as a as a former general manager Hewitt he when he would touch him as a quarterback. But I just thought it was. It was disrespectful material or Jackson's bald the last two plus years in college it is I'm really out that he's a complete gimmick either. His numbers last year were almost as good as this Heisman Trophy winning numbers. Tyrod Taylor that's a good one why I'm gonna guess Tyrod is worth six or six Ivan about. Who won and broken and is I'm gonna look I am that's just a total guest on my part. 612 of the other 162962. Artillery six to June 250. OK you know. You know I don't even think about it would you agree and I guess you know traditionally would you take Lamar Jackson as a quarterback in the first go round. If you needed a quarterback. Org you wanted them and the first couple yet you know what are you ask me definitely in the first round I don't know top picks stopped her deeper now a 100% yoga and it's our turn. Eric today's most fascinating guys in the draft yeah chemical got zero was gonna and then ultimately the dolphins go to America. Right do they do I thought I have I've told you I'm I am more and more of the opinion that. If the dolphins won a draft a quarterback at number eleven going into. Again day. Look when they drafted Tim hill at number eight he was not an instant starter yet to beat out David Rorer and you have a knee injury so. They've they've done this before right they've drafted a a quarterback. Hi we ran at Bryant and it killed and and he wasn't immediately head to the starter he was going to have earned it. I would have no problem doing that would make me do. Are you get hurt or right now caught over 72. With a tick up just once have they 65240790. You're gonna win a pair of beach volleyball majors series beach rental ousting its its a 300 dollar value the world's best beach volleyball players are back in town for the beach major series starting February 27 to march 4 two tickets are for march 4. Come watch a top US players battled the best men's and women's teams. In the world for 600000 in prize money. And the beach village over the Nottingham night session start at 6 o'clock under the lights visit region major series dot com for the full schedule. It's free admission advancement but these bouncing it's our 300 bucks a pop so you get him right now on number 72786534. 079 he brought to you by seven I didn't take it and we'll see you at the Bill Gates or bag after this will be of the 6 o'clock hour next here on 79 and take it. Yeah. I. Yeah vomit up against the clock here on seven I could take you glad you are whether does but we'll always text shows 67974. Or whether I didn't and wait game there for a few minutes apart. So now yeah I didn't paying dividends Cairo's. We didn't is close to the rodeo. Re out of a lot of attacks on the court. Yeah a lot of a lot of quarterback heights and weights and this year Lamar is not. He's not he's not a smaller slate guys don't know I just it was decisions. Is Cisco. Not an odd thing to say just having him Norway with polian it's kind of just one of those deals where. We've seen a couple guys yelled go change positions. Is go to the NFL he's with a burial Braxton Miller was quarterback are staying green at zero or throw prior in the same school actually our state. But he adds almost seem like it was a slight to. Mark Jackson and you know this is where the debate begins as we as you ready for for. The NFL draft paid back up here every Friday with grammar on the morning shows bunt by a vote from around the pace of perfection award winning bowl Trammell Rama. From the does that just sees a ball. Nurtured and Timmy Chang from the Palm Beach post it was a Miami heat's. When asked him per they're gonna go ten deep. Eleven deep. If you give a murder and you get killed eleven back. Like I. I think you can only realistically go to indeed it you're gonna give guys meaningful minutes and that Tim guys probably. He might be incidents. Mom. But. You've got to beat your route who plays best together. And in what situations. Are not sure that. You know bit of the problem to me with this heat team will one of the problems is. You guys are so kind of specialized bright and and dumb. I don't wanna say one dimensional will just say so specialized so. Just as Winslow you're at the lender Tyler Johnson Yuri shooter. Mom and Enders there's a lot of guys on the on the back end of the rosters battered that are kind of like Patton and sold. It it's it's tough to say all right and in this situation will it justice in because. The guy sees surround it with you might need to do is also its. Or in the nova at the same thing about those say Ellington. That Tom you know he's they've either good three point shooter but you know you need a little more deep and it's against this opponent and so. To me that makes that that adds who suppose. Task. Of a ticking no. Job yes no I it'd go in San. Last year you had a more personal second unit guys who were good tumble the ends of the court. Are right now whether it's the skill set or just small sore or whatever I mean you've got your your little bit more limited. We'll talk more about this within the donor let me just those until Rick what's your ideal starting lineup you year ago Josh. James Johnson. A sign Goran and Tyler Johnson. I guess yeah. Well just I'm going yeah. That yeah yeah okay so they nearly all of this your five minute off the bench you're going with. Yellow bands don't play doings no way you're playing when how did you apply joke of the eulogized her Kelly in the starters been known yet so he's got to play. Right that's yeah that's negative and I'm right there justice. And exited that no legacy is Tim. And you still guy yet telling do we know mission knowing Dennis going to yeah he's definitely wanted to you know on the field tech gadget attempt yet. Then yeah there's no maternal Babbitt and none of those guys but like but he can you talk you talk about quality minutes. Like yield billions earn those minutes on the bench yeah as your as your first big you know. If you starred Kelly incident James James that you got to play Jameson petting. Eat eat eat your broadly back for a reason. How the reasoning is exactly but militantly player older clothes or whatever did you get to play him right your wagon to laser like five minutes one night right. And then you know regular play him forty plus minutes usually always claiming Cleveland are not allowed pool video Ellington which you have to play. Because of this race for yeah. So I that's not a hundred there soul I don't know I guess bother me. Again I think that's their strength. 66. I rarely get the best closing unit from you guys you know we can't that's what I care about is. I care about the closing unit the closing it. And is in your second spot okay like but but I but I you know that that's for spoke to determine through. Situation there again to me this these three games are the rest of January. Is the feeling out Ross Kaiser you know you're backing him basically who who who wants to earn these minute. How others did my interview with the guys come on from what like. That but that's a problem with this team is it's so inconsistent yes soldier like this is if your if yours well. And I understand he. Late each did you get here. Could it that you can surely be who you are gonna lose these games in Sacramento went against broccoli and some of these. Bad teams went okay Tyler Johnson our starter but now Tyler can't you do if you won for nine what do we do. Okay now and arguably Tyler regularly he blinked. Or you bring wane off the bench Duane can't hit anything. And would you do you know play Wayne and the rest of the game like. Did it's not like you know which are getting. I of you don't know what you're getting with half this roster on any given night grunt orchard from sun yup there's nights the sun comes out he's got six rebounds like ninety seconds or laundries okay is going to be good game resign right and there's some games it comes out and yeah. He Ewing and always on the floor to a third quarter. Like that's a problem and if it is saying that you're saying almost always a figure that out it's hard to do first. Well it's really hard about it but you know what but he did it last year it do we put drug should outline ultimate sex and what about Dragic. So it and I he either start by im whether we did or not. The point kind of is they could they could go. As much as he indeed. But. You know it it's not like it's going to be a Golden State TN with word you know 89 considered quality you know good players it's. It's going to tail lost with this heat team by. It's about I have re opens old he can figure this out. But that's the other thing. There's there's no there's not a big this separation between player won and player ten in this rotation either your right. It's an iron gold stay where you're going OK we average Kevin Durant we have stuff curry and we have play we have dream on those are top four and then then the drop off. To whoever he Nadal horror. Living standard we are working. If I do it I tell you born there he'd best player and I'd tell you. Let's just go to eighth wade is eighth best player or bands Asian player is that open like that that that's not a considerable drop off. No it's from Bourne to Josh Richardson to Tyler Johnson & Johnson was on the cover you on a stack him up and as your going one through seven went through data lineup. Hand that just means zeal means to me that it is more of a mixed bag every single night that your trying to figure out. And that's where you get a little bit of trouble with some of these teams that you're sport local sports to be. I don't know that that that is that is correct but. I still have no problem thinking that that spoke in in eager this so he can get the the best players out there in the best lineup now is that going to be ready. Lineup they gets you the number three seed and number four seed of doubt you'll have that kind of talent. But it should be enough. Talent. Who to get into the playoffs. I would get we mourners when they MD gentlemen appear we got fifty minutes heat around the bend the first let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And W exact fix HD true Miramar. Miami Marlins are doing a cool thing on Friday they're gonna Wear Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school hats. During their morning worked out in pregame activities now Friday is the a spring training opener and and so they're going to Wear these heads. Major League Baseball rules apparently permit them from wearing them during the game. But wearing the hat so Douglass high school in park there where we hit that that tragic shooting is definitely a good thing cap. They should have the assure them during the game. They swear for more than one game. All leaving get pushy it's an issue where for regular season game. So we text that he and and and ask didn't the Mets and yankees where like. New York fire department hats for one game after nine elevenths or bored you know I can't recall they might have much lyrical. IE I don't wanna say yes or no on that yes I remember those a lot of I remember like Corey wearing those hats but all of the players yeah again I can't remember I remember like that the managers and the coaches were wearing a lot of that fired a you know yeah aren't we are pleased the market. But it definitely by the week but I want to present both your baseball yet let them play. This is this is certainly it is not going to set a bad precedent they'll stick with baseball and stick with the Marlins manager Don Mattingly basically told Washington's Bryce Harper to. Stick to your own stuff. Harper come to him Monday that he was surprised the Marlins broke up last year's team harper said he thought they were close to being good. Mattingly is response. They cure your own don't go. I don't agree I. I love that none of these balls of gas and called me out when I called out Donnie baseball little ruler. You know I said he'll numbers arms in my writing at the last laugh on this one yet. Rallying and the Marlins are now when they're when they're twenty under in mid may and yeah embrace arbor drowning me third base bag after earning. Great run at Jimmy at an awful tomorrow did you ever heard of any if you look at Dante how your dad on their Donnie baseball. And assess where I weigh those and I'll like the back import any thing to spice up this. Anything on games between division opponents. Yes but let's do. Let's do this. Let's talk back and forth at this is gonna have legs orders and I hope so I did he got this the Marlins it probably won't notice for any illegal any any reason to this will be brought back up where they play you know as you know how we are to be I'd like Bryce Harper I think Bryce Harper's island to his edgy yet. But I also like I feel like bay Donnie Donnie baseball's response to that sunny baseball yeah. And that's the economy's going to take no crap from anybody now. He shouldn't. He shouldn't well we'll take some from jeetz improved sharp right right so let's let's roster he guesses right visually that but it it it's all Democrat Russ is a state and everybody deals as grim. Florida Panthers visit Toronto at seven tonight. Pregame show at 630 on our sister station WQAM. By sixty. Finally Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said the best plan for his team is to keep losing. Demands are eighteen and forty tied for US wins in the NBA. They're not gonna make the playoffs mark Cuban's is screw it the we didn't win games early in the year or so now we're just gonna tank. And tried to increase our draft position those are your headlines. Was that that the that the actual quote screw it. I don't know that I I I I did add that I figured I did I gonna and that was just how does that bring premieres from his attitude that yes I don't know how the hell that man and a frightening illness that's some rumors about a today aren't we always talk about that little bit earlier there. A months and you know what I. I did at Texas a somebody text that means it you know low paid. What is Cuban talking about they they sub -- he's gonna call it tanking when the team actually the team that he kicked just sucks that that's all it is a massive oil you know maybe it's Olympic. Maybe some of the disease is his other story ownership of this Glenn always find it funny. They stripped local of their 2013 national basketball championship title yeah because the rickety and all his shady dealings apparently allegedly period and an assistant band. They hear a bunch of wins amazingly he's added that data when that title means mr. I didn't. Thirteen tell you this well the total total war. All right well oral report thirteen Tony thirteen title of least yeah they they beat Michigan in Atlanta when the final four and that they never happen. That is of that too I have five to perhaps by the rampant right that's exactly right what do you think about such as Joseph is a joke. Well what are exposed to NCA AJ. You know there there haven't prostitutes come over to entertain recruits know. I mean they should they should get punished by the united idea's fine it funny like orders I don't know totals due to ever had a banner up there also. What was the you know always the loop the movie were they have that being that race your memory. Tommy Lee Jones and implemented in yeah that's that's kind of what this is like NCAA guests polling after the entire nation and going this never happens right. That sort of dismissing. Gets on the reverend no no. No it's never as. Stupid. It's never happened some somebody text in the Yankees and Mets deal where police and fire department handles that is unless the number surely that maybe it's a new role of whether it's this that the amendment may be all the Marlins have to do is apply to two Major League basics are nice I see this simple that that they've. That may be the processes is already. In the works in and you know we we just don't know you always ask you always assailant Wear or tomorrow and we're gonna do debris like that some of those things that they can do all. There will be great wouldn't it. Yeah they're always the things that they commuted it to build their from their families back up a little bit. That's that's what I think about it because again it's not totally on one thing is there's not one action that they can take where it's got to be too weary wariness this Mario McDonald's has to be do we do this this week and we keep showing you know we come to the fans had in hand very humble. Mom that's easy that's for. Yeah. Right nobody's gonna call ins and say that's wrong or right every area you know they Iran's navy about the more negative about the Marlins OK there warned that if there were in the it Marjorie Stoneman Douglas hats and awesome idea what's to have more with two to get everyone's on board that those were things that they mean do. So anyway let's get to a auntie Jane covers the Miami Heat for the Palm Beach post got fifty minutes heat next here on 79 to take. Bad match. The team then yeah. And. The fifty minutes yeah that's my budget everything works out for the number one show a connection because the nation's job. You're guaranteed them the hottest whereby for modification in town called Jimmy at four by hordes of it 65023446. For a champion four by four dot com and falls abroad do you buy it all for orthopedic and sports medicine Izard WG back in the game. Was forced South Florida locations. There's one near you good all pro orthopedic stud Tom. For more info courtesy burglar with you here on your home of these 790 that's again so got a couple of more days off before we get back to real basket Bible we do. It's going to be hot and heavy and discuss all of it. Right now is our army made into the Jiang covers the need for the Palm Beach post evolve on Twitter into the underscored Chang has he joins us here to totally basketball Anthony thanks for not taking. They few minutes which this as I'm sure you're. Still kind of enjoying the all star break like some of the players. Are what might that mean depended either in the pretty busy a lot of traveling though. Look back I go a week off here. So. Anthony what is job one for Erik Spoelstra. Win this team gets back on the practice court. Tomorrow and when they go to New Orleans on Friday it. I mean starting the second unit. Tin man rotation three point shooting where dispose start. I'm acting job number one is figuring out the rotation especially now know look at Rodney Magruder on the verge of returning. That total nick is close coming back as well. Amid gonna it's gonna be a good thing that guilt or two works I mean we know what the addition of blade and and Luke Babbitt you know and then be directly back to you you have twelve players in the rotation. Who arguably should be and it should be playing consistently. And obviously not that many are gonna play each game so. It's gonna be your spirit Q what portrait does not get the empire a nine or ten man rotation even. Just because the images you know so people are so many guys that deploy. But you know. Opted by one guy who who won't won't be about ten man rotation most night. Then who the other guy's going to be just as we go it is going to be Tyler Johnson and maybe Robbie knocking out the role we expect. I think that's job number one person or for now know what schedule resuming it this week. And Anthony how important do you think consistency. Is. Board this team and and what I mean is. Can you just get a starting five and eight closing by and the rest of it is just based on matchups that night or do you think that this particular team. Must have the starting five the good. The nine men are tin man rotation in the in the closing by doesn't have to be that quarterly. I don't think that in that Mecca that is made out way on that decreased the mean. Just look at their consistency from game to game that he's an immediate no you're gonna get a broad ensemble right. You know we're gonna get from what I'm white I'm married and illegal on the board that not many guys that. You know what you're gonna get on a night in and night out pizzas and pray that you then I don't think you can pencil in a holding fire every game I think you're gonna that I'm a matchup. And being an independent who's playing well. You know I don't think that ideal but got. That's what this roster is an mussina even last year. You know to look at from game big game but from one app that he's in there one of the worst in the NBA. And then all of a sudden they wanted to but in an NBA this year it more game to game and can it compete but. I'm I think that I read it and you know it gonna be different every game. Anthony tell you what of these covers covers the Miami Heat for the Palm Beach post they've lost seven out of eighty year before the break. And that one win was you can is arguably say it was so emotional victory goes Dwyane Wade returned. And they they they got a boost from that the sooner than planned some. Some sub par basketball what's been their biggest problem if you can wave the magic wand and say this will be fixed what would be. I think offensively debated issue I'd much of their sport what part about the current yet to deepen ties. Been inconsistent it will help turn in the NBA. The operatives 25 in the NBA right now which you did not pick who works in the NBA and only losing teams are behind it he paid on those ranking. So I think up until it can be improved I'm it is going to approve our you know I don't know it been. Did he gain parity and this is what they are on you like that think that. There is some room for improvement you know especially. You know three point shooting and maybe now with Dwyane Wade on the roster he helped the opera a little bit. I'm either you are a bit up and look at improving their. You know bottom five in the NBA and I'll rent the part they imagined it in that make the playoffs so. I think got where the air you wanna look back and and and make sure something that they they're. You would imagine the rotation and probably you'll have a better idea about Kelly and Rodney Magruder Obama tomorrow are buds but then they expect those days back you expect those guys back at leagues and they come back for the homestand which they could probably find out that a deal on obviously have a somewhat of a complete roster today at his disposal correct. Yeah and had an encouraging thing I mean that he has been battling injuries that are under color John Isner you know Goran Dragic all all these and I'm but it does look like if folks are back wood they return for Norton. You know and don't Friday. You know wolf when I got bogeys and a better idea tomorrow when coach bill's portrait speak but I'm I think I would expect a lead by the home spent rods the and until we return. Pay just like beets and separate names but. Individually who was the player prodigy who must improve in the second half. And who is or what's remaining of the season and who was the player who we're most likely to see improved and a pro remainder of the season. I think. James Johnson. And need to improve of the second happy look at numbers and they're not they're not there are. Really got far away from what he did not beat him. But it should be I repeat it hadn't been out aggressive. You out and play the same style of basketball they did not hear it looks like you're gonna have a lock in on the court. Being a little out there trying to find his role usually mention that. He's playing more all the ball good year in which. That that allowed him to be an aggressive you won't commitment to shock the open you can have on different spot so we you know we tried doing two different. I'm but I think he's he's all locked game. Equivalent to break genotype wanted to but perform the disputed. And you know what I'm in the build up ovals he would you can continue that you didn't you mention it way way it helped them even in the short time kind of get him in good spot. On the court apparently saw. You're not encouraging but I really do think that you need him to be that guy that he was. Porgy and about you. Quote goes you're the. What are did I that's oh and who will make the most improved Betty that's who stood. A which individual will make the biggest improvement secular. I I I I thought speaker sound like I think you know. Maybe improvement that he you know heeded putting up good numbers but I think you gonna get more playing Spaniard I'm sure that they didn't need him right. And I believe that portrait kind of recognize you back you know wouldn't comment. Mentioning the play you to get up on the court whether it played him in them together league game but I think what you're going to realize that. But aren't you know what do you like it or not you'd wanna but players on this team. And they need him on the or league game did he probably their number one in individual mismatch that they have and if you're not playing him. You know the final sixteen minutes of the game. You know that it is kind of a good advantage for the people are I think you'd get more quite prominent in what got. You've going put up a bigger numbers may more consistent numbers. Are going down. Structure dogma and meet saying of the Palm Beach post here. Have they I'm glad you mentioned Hassan and become I have faith in Amazon but I'm the idiot who also has made the justice Winslow costs so take that what it's worth but arm. Erik Spoelstra heat he's a lawyer who determines how much his son plays and so. How much responsibility. Do these last 24 games of whatever it is. Just pulled beer and what I mean is does he bear more responsibility either and he typical NBA coach. A lot more responsibility isn't about the same as any other coach at how how much should we look it's bowl and then put on him. What happens the rest of the season. I think it will put a boat I think you know you can look when respondents say. You know he he deserves some of the blame for not. They on the court league game by helping or Alter and I'd like that there wouldn't comment Bakken. Saying that he might have made a mistake and putting it a bond. On the courtly reaping game. It kind of just going out there aren't they pretty much you I take responsibility that I eat bosh should play. On but. You know why is it interest in because if they have a lot of option map from Orton and playing Kelly quite low heat but mine is either and then. You know what it looked really really good. I'm a damn about it beat you she's earned every minute he'd gotten in people want to play more required should claymore. And it kind of you know where an arm bandit and and you XP that our bloated not a lot they are altered WV. A better not by I think. It happened on the way to get a lot more playing time especially in the court. Ordered I don't know the honeymoon is gonna ever end this season rim might Purdue anyways I think we're just glad he's back in the mix here. Bobble what's what's a reasonable reasonable expectation. For Dwyane Wade. Com where fans who say okay he's he's helping us. As oppose those affairs going the other way and saying he's washed up what would you be like arena oil ten points a game. You know decent shooting making double big shots what what's fair for Dwyane Wade as far as expectation in the bar that some sets. I think. Kind of always getting out of the role he played it kind of what it's going to be for him 125 minute the game. I do they coach you better drug dealer and you get more complement Altman. But I wouldn't expect you know. Out into averaging eighteen point two gay or what they like you that ten point may be shooting you know forty mid 40%. You know to continue to rebound at least you're ready pilot you know by a rebound for rebound you report is that I think we're at it. What you're gonna help the most is and it albeit irradiated by making ER ready look like but apart from the peak. You know what about people of different guys with that that doctor like you did play making and that that you've been it. Is it can't be understated because. What gore left the game that was tough because that got pursuing your car got them more guys who have more aggressive you scored the bout it and scored on their home. I really put who's hitting the ball. Led the way that it can't help but not an outspoken down and and help the look if you offered no go on the bench. But I think dot quibble about the area and help the most in the league game. Yet another option if elected American earlier you know couple minutes ago. There and really go to guy but he gave them that while there. But wait wait didn't we didn't Olympic currently no but it the critical shot and all other possible like you. There may elect played mobile being maligned all hoping goes through there at the rotating late game to open most. And we also think this heat team makes the playoffs what what about you or do you undecided voter. Are they definitely here nor definitely out. I think they make it. There you know without their game and pop up and I'd be between nineteen competed great spot you know a good look at it look into pretty much got to do at this point. I'll buy it I think they make it. Because of their schedule they have. Know that they the most road game out of those nineteen I prepare but these down twenty organs go out fifteen or home. And does nine or on the road. So I think because of god you know I'm a patent and agree on seeing that here but I think because of that that back now live and into the playoffs so. At this point how old they yet but it's going to be really important that. It take advantage of playing at you know American Airlines Arena because now a lot of games coming up in Miami. At that they were still a few minutes with us Amanda appreciate it and always a pleasure thank you and Anthony Zheng covers the Miami Heat for the bomb explosion of foam on Twitter and Anthony underscored Chang and that's a CH I. ANG according to ESPN and there are BP guy whenever metrics you're out there the fourth easiest schedule remaining in the immune. I got to win those old days like Anthony say amend. Now they had a five game homestand coming WS of Memphis and LA and Phoenix together beat those teams got to be an end date unifil that's one area they Poulter. Early in the senate and illusory us as though some bad losses and opposes the NBA and you get your caught. Follows your pants down once in awhile they got some bad losses yes they've had more than their fair share you got a great day so. I'm still I'm still optimistic you with the play well with the other to make the playoffs or not just that I you would earlier yeah disk you know because possibility. Yeah it is another possibility but I I I quite honestly I haven't really entertain that possibility yet I haven't no that's why I entertained in the dividend. My idea entertaining you're entertained by you know I've got I don't know how tiger and I'm not afraid to look at and at reality you're an old you know all angles of a situation and I mean I'm in your head now Turkey you can. It's Canada that I that the right now may units into the lonely place at the bit. Some very good ally on how to love up there's not a lot renal and around. No I I think I think he makes the playoffs and I. You know I what seed I have no idea but I'm I'm still with the 43 to forty by winds I don't know why don't do say 44 wins but. William coloring your bigger than either way to learn than that you had your JD got to cover grass so Leoni noticed my girlfriend was elected commit. But anyway I'm 43 or forty by millions of this media failure than the other 22 years Jerry of those flower I guess yes and no matter fact well. I had to go so I had to use a different sports. Because this one billion of the first when that I used to there was no beating the dissipate double. No we we drop we drop the charge of the MasterCard. We don't teach them about it. Chuck thanks they had been saying it's right there also met Boris joined us earlier we talked. We'll McCain's football with him as. Coach cool cool in the getting broken yeah that's I don't consider what a coach Mark Richt. Where he goes for a replacement that was a big loss that we talked about it earlier in the show regularly that certainly. To be done texting and as well whether it was as well here out of your car world no worries we've got to get out. The stream on the sick to my bedecked Amorim and on radio that count in that app and if you're here in South Florida you hear the heat games online as well. So many ways to listen so many hot takes a few minutes here before on. Freedom hundred likened to take over here 101 thing I reading it to us yesterday per consider it's so busy. But well. The and the pace of play and there have been lived in limited now visits noon to six you know. Bomb which I don't know how many will Boozer and I shall user is fairly average. Average amount is the last round was 89 I mean I tried it I. I don't know how are trying to deal with all the pitching changes you have to you would guess it was just might have been around that. This isn't like. Changes is just mound visits. It's like starting today like okay. All right so how are they gonna enforce that. What will lawyers. So because the beef. And I keep hearing from guys that are like in that sport like Muster only some of the guys echoing you know it is in late it is the most. Contentious right now between. The commissioner rob Manfred and the union and baseball. Julio and had a work stoppage in since 95. Of born and five World Series or whatever win whatever was written and Taiwan via communities from. And they've came close a couple times little. But we've been we've had some labor harmony it's it's the worst it's ever been in and baseball. Even in this day where baseball might not be the world's or America's favorite sport or murders pass on any more football surpass that in basketball's made great strides. That is the baseball union is still the stronger union. And only one thing that you're gonna try to tell players to do is change the way they play into meetings of the American won't do that. Bomb so it's easy to tell you know that in the minors to do this in this whether these BM Immelman in the minors when you know it's kind of like when they wanna get rid of you know the wanna get rid tobacco and dip in all its own you're gonna tell -- those put in a big you know that your Redman. At 35 years old what to do any you know they they grades like those guys in right where they implemented the minor league level. And when those guys came in there already accustomed to OK it's how works in the main. It is like to do additional. The garage and the niners the you know they've they've grown up with the pitch club. Right and so yeah but I like baseball like like I don't know how you can tell like out of what you gonna do it just it just it it is. Umpires or whether doing about a Jersey company guys just say oh okay you know and this Teflon roles so to speak. Where. The commissioners discovered doing what he wants AM. They're trying to find a happy medium and in baseball. Where we all know there's the unwritten coding and the unwritten rule book talking I would say good luck with deaths. I don't you know buy it I hate. Pace of play it every time you get into that to me this is is it's just cold for our sport has bigger problems. Right. You don't hear pace of play in. They NBA you don't hear pace of play unit in a fair though you'll hear pace of play in college football. It's it's it's usually something of boy our sport is in trouble we really can't address the court issues so let's do some window dressing let's put some lipstick on this. We'll always look we only a couple of minutes or what is the core what is the core problem your product to product which read like all the base that your your your. People care about your game and why Betsy were. I don't know why I mean it's what they were ready to their music because it moves through slow. They've done research on this obviously burglary and yes it it moves slow but football moon slow. Right okay well you'll know soon be bothered by the Apple's prepared you know because people love people love football people don't love baseball hello men but but football's only one game week. So well I don't quit but would have three hours and it's a it's a big game but whatever center through 33 hour games. During the course of more homestand. Kurds watcher team has just three games out of six a week. Yeah yeah CS. SL I mean that but there's other people doing that well so there turner is why. Because you're not as bad. That's why it is not the length that it takes. To play a game your product is bad OK you think I I think look. I think is I think it's the same thing in the in the NFL when you talk about the BTV ratings dropping. And and you can blame me you know Tennessee book ball in the end the protest. Your product has been going down for years been a thrill and Major League Baseball your product is bad I. I don't why people don't exactly like baseball the way they did 2030 years ago I idol exactly know. But if it's the product is it's not the pace of play it's the. Ron in the product has been yes and interesting part of Iowa. A woman who lowered his of this rookie often so we know tomorrow night you know Moore's listed as coming off today that we route ended with lesson that we do that a lot it's. We in the show on on something that we're all fired Australia and Rio right. We too. You know regalia there it's allows a billion dollars a man we'll do it again just before 4 o'clock tomorrow might have agreed Tuesday evening. Greg likens alongside Josh Freeman that is coming up next for. For bird I'm Curtis to right here on some and I didn't take it.