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Curtis Stevenson
Thursday, February 22nd

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Most of the fans do gods and the crew here on seven under the ticker this in part with your career on a thirsty Thursday afternoon. But before 4 o'clock we got a lot going on. Not a big golf tournament in our town in our neighborhood of the road in the Honda classic Tiger Woods and delegates who. How he did in the first round in a just a moment. The NBA Burke is finally back today the heat although. Wool reconvene tomorrow. On the floor in Noah in New Orleans against Republicans but we have some NBA this evening as filing back and I would say thank goodness man because. Insists you really you really miss the games and just an end as the night and night out action. The DM BA is listening. This season ended after a couple of days where you're OK and you know I'm because of Basil governs like hey what's on the MBA and we had the big news look quite letting us they were tour and get into. That took place just as we are about to. Turned over to off Frito but NBA's back tonight and other stretch run gains for a lot of these teams any guessing games I did a back to Miami in the standings as well. And there's a lot of wanna see in the NBA right Utah's high end. Eyes used to this hot alias we got to see what Cleveland can do they won four in a row. He is going the other direction. But billions at Chicago tonight at eight and Billy has a hit of this heat by a game and I have clearly isn't the seventh spot in the east that he is an eighth spot so. A lot of lot of stuff that dead stuff to even see tonight debt and there are in the NBA there's it's you know they game's gonna impact but he. One way or the other yeah Chicago the other along NBA break him it's like you know I you know even on the standings haven't changes I'd look at him every day for some strange reason in the heater still monies by doing that and Ronald oil used instilling it Golden State. Ultimate goal stay slim and now now on the field goals Democrats wouldn't know it by the heater does David is it just you know precariously close. Do that it's being outside on the outside looking in and and that's a little bit all the trouble somebody you know you and a couple games he's our social community you know you're reback. India in the upper half. Of the a conference conference gonna it was sector shows a 7974. That's a good to us on the Coral Springs auto Mohammed tax on we gotta ya packed show at the football to get to. Williams' supposed more than Jarvis Landry stuff that we got into yesterday. That's Bob you'll get a chance to really let that digests a little bit and what it all means for the future those. Wide receiver and the future of the Miami Dolphins con my starts next week you're gonna be there are no idea at the com mine you know or two questions for you on that which will well we're gonna touch on. Odds on the in those gonna join us in the 5 o'clock hour eons by Jim Morse is gonna join us in the six dark times knights in Canada. Adds Jim Lawrence menu do you talk about AB. The guy who who local league. Probably doesn't get the credit that he's sued bet you know your swallowed up by the football coaches in the pro sports your College Baseball. But Don yeah we'll talk to him and see what he thinks when he. By year's Susan and Tony Smith and pharmacies are out of 41 overall yeah yeah graduating today in eagle on college rep Dan Jim boats Steve lossless went to Missouri but the gators are coming in for big series on the weakened or an obvious Sunday feature of course of an eye until it is your home for hurricanes baseball throughout the season on select it's like broadcast so. Roger Moore still enjoys execs are cowards gotta go fund team. You know you have me on its gonna take some time and he's a lot of freshmen lot of new faces but a very talented team of Serbia a fund kind of final season for our Jim Morse when it's low or no it's also been done so yeah. I would Demi you're gonna guides price is one of the most accomplished. Allegiance not just College Baseball collegiate coach of all time. I'm looking over 15100 wins two national championships. You know these of the long. The thirteen affording college World Series trips the the consecutive. From a post season streak which in the last year all of those things very. Players I when I have friends are here India and in 97 that was a pat Burl you know half the man at the back I don't so OPEC you know. Yeah men and aside I went to Guam. Went to Omaha with them I like Omaha by the way collars. The white colored girls I'm amid there I think twice the college World Series of him once I went back in the ninety's. To cover the women's side amateur golf until we teeny was William I was living in Dallas she's from Dallas so yeah its signature runs while you're. You know wasn't gonna come to a series with is is out resilient and gals who didn't have a minute there's a book atlas deal you're if you're a member of the bureau sportsmen and college sports the great thing about Jim more us. Other than pulling the stuff that that people don't know. Is how many guy ice. He could have had at you know yes Miami yes that is the remarkable that's that's who we've got asked him the DD Starr at list with a Iran. Yeah they were on what's. A PR team. Was he willing a lot of bombings just went to Miami Dade community. And he was you know we'll sort is what in God's son yeah and the bill died as the welfare by drafted him in the you know how the story goes you know what just like all the guys have conjures up for the Manny Machado is he's one and he did not go probe. It is how many guys as and it's hornet got away just like it means more to watch him there's you do you agree there one overall pick why you're darn right you can beat the enemy come play college or you can earn millions of dollars yeah I read gym goers know that's yeah. As you all you guys jewelry and finally aero were gone didn't you Miami go if it wasn't for you know it was very obvious he's sheltered don't know once so almost all those those stories like behind the scenes of the guys are elected Afro and a first round pick of course Oregon play baseball. At the university of my and so doc goes towards this stop by here in the in the 6 o'clock arguments in golf perk we got an update here's what's up alleys anymore timing at 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. This looked at the Honda classic leaderboard is brought to you by Edwin watts golf shop home of the ninety day 100% guarantee. Alex Jordan Webb Simpson share the lead at four under at the Honda classic. Nor and is complete for the day Simpson is through fourteen PGA champion Justin Thomas is among a group of three players. At three under par 67 Tiger Woods. He Sutton even par seventy he's tied for when he first woods hit seven of fourteen fairways. Ten of eighteen greens in regulation he had when he thought putt switches. Pretty darn good Tom yet I think I I've I know the bear trap gonna got to thinking bogey. We're gonna fifteen and sixteen arm or maybe he might have bogeyed fourteen and fifteen bear trap 1516 and seventeen abducted opens the conditions were not earn our great today. It's it's that you know whether it's kinda mud you know it's kind of a Florida golf day right it's it's windy or calm that's kind of golf in Florida so. Tiger doubled three and he bogeyed sixteen and he had three birdies or three birdies yet a bogey and he had and he had a double on now on three. Coaches coaches vote the par five so. You know and even for Tiger Woods has got to know the crowds were pretty were very good up today as they're saying those of us who with with a good you know you have via you have a couple of the the bigger names Rory McIlroy being out there. And and some other guys we like to follow but my question would be I mean it if your the meat is tiger is still the draw. We know that that's not a reality yet my question would be is he still. An overwhelming drawl where it's look it's it's like must see must see when you hit when you go out there if you have your we can pass for the Honda classic this weekend. And so Roy is on number five and you know the leaders are on number nine. And you got you know much rather go of your favorites yell grammar dials a major winners over here. And you know Louis stays lower here to Fowler's honesty it's a barrel where's tiger. It like it was before. I'm just I'm just curious. From from from both the fans out there if I mean because this is this is we've never seen. This kind of well Paul and race well yeah all from greatness but like usually legend in sports like you know you it's been ten years working since he's won a major there. And it's been like five years since sputnik real ball. On a consistent basis so you mean usually guys at that time often unable to deal there's a whole other problem golfing and that avenue that is don't you remember his heyday. Our tigers is the biggest draw on the course the big is gallery. Com follows him by. CV I I think he has to be contending per. Could the people at home to root for him to get the casual ball Iranian backed in part you'd have to be you wake up on Sunday morning on tigers to echo on our our tigers I hit all but. You wake up Sunday morning in tiger is 567. Bag I'm not turn on the easy to watch. He has to give the Marines and on this went on the biggest Tiger Woods family after he's out of Hilliard a slight. Yeah yeah. A Miami Heat back at practice today Kelly a lick only participated in non contact drills or limit is out for tomorrow's game at New Orleans. Rodney Magruder is gonna go to sue balls cat for to rehab games on Saturday and Monday he will rejoin the heat on Tuesday element a large group of our audience very happy that I let that will that Riley accepts. The science that's right. The word the tanks were seen will be happy to hear that this video of this of this update right now Rodney Magruder is close that's right. Two more things. NBA as we say it is bad tonight the big game up interest to that he. Really at Chicago at eight Billy of course as that one half game lead. Over Miami for the seventh spot in the east finally to Florida Panthers host Washington tonight at 730. Pregame can be heard at seven and our sister station by sixty WQA him those are your head. You know as Texas 067974. On the Coral Springs auto monetary signing limits on your mind please send me an organ to a here we go out. Lot of things to cover this afternoon but the new book yes about acquire Leonard only in any time be a big time player becomes quote unquote. Disgruntled is the word that we use our. Disenchanted with his current employer. Oh we offering no Pat Riley is going to swoop in and wait a magical deal and and and and harpoon. The big fish. But I can imagine that's the case I mean runs from arguably got the best resume at doing that. But I am just fascinating that a designer Dan and Stew in the and the guys talk about it earlier. Just like like Cole why Leonard. Like if the doctors are saying you're good to go hand and he's saying no I'm not. You know and it's one of those who you believe who do you trust and ultimately gonna take aside on this. And it's it's with a guy that for all intents. Instead of purposes that we know acquire Leonard is one of the great teammates and great gentleman in the NBA being. The other side of that is do we really know. Mean because you never he's very he's very quiet he's very easy to I don't know what the motivation is the name accuse the name that you've popping in in my mind perk. Is Derrick Rose. You know that's fair or unfair probably unfair. But you're just wondering. Where where is all misleading. Because it's never good in sports where the doctors through the team's truss to the teams employ. Are saying key is good. And the player is saying no I am not. Well you know it's a bad spot because of how do you think we got to know that the spurs series he's okay. Spurs lead virtually two took because they know him the right kind of know what. What's at stake here about it well coli is not bad what lies he got back in the right and the team after awhile after going back import with coli. They're just like screw it we're gonna give the fans an explanation and energy you know in Gagne goal you don't know Richie reference intended. But just deal on the down low. And and so that's why you see the report. Well on him yeah that bad. You know between thinks it's okay. Buckle why does not won a come back in so now it's on a wide and so now this becomes. A referendum on how much do you trust quiet like coli ate. And a bit of the dealt from everybody in the NBA right nice guy. Outstanding player of good citizen and check every box. But and you never question his desire. Now you might have to question now what we don't know is. Is this a health decision Michael why is this a business decision to go to you know that that he didn't eat deals he did do. Worst damage due to injury by playing a minute what are long in the next year like. We haven't heard from coli soul we don't know but. I tell you this. The way that when we talk about you know Pat Riley pursuing the way Nolan and it coli could possibly. Be dealt. The way that pop took care of LaMarcus Aldridge and we know that story that came out that LaMarcus was unhappy during the offseason and pop took them out to dinner in our you know blowing given Dimon CEO we're not trading you how do we make life better for proposal most. I would think that pop would do way more per wise what are from that standpoint and an idea LaMarcus though. You know we will of course referring to bring up you know pat Ryan the right light duty but. I've got to think based on the pop LaMarcus Aldridge. Anecdote that that collide leaving is a long way. You you're you're you're probably right I mean you bring that you bring a little sanity to the to the conversation at least don't talk about it this and what. Here's where here's where are different element. Is LaMarcus Aldridge was about getting the didn't from the basketball and it was stuff like that. When you're. Crossing the bridge with that within an athlete on health in the hands. And there's some sort of mistrust whether it's with the doctors. Work clearing you or your doctor is Tony one thing and their doctors telling you thing and you're wondering. When that trust is lost. I think deferred for for an athlete that's hard to get back. And I and I would understand that can be put yourself that you bigger goals in my body and I know my body inning it is not right. And there's a there's annually it is rights trust us you know. That's horror at 22. I think to overcome other than just oh. You're gonna give me the basketball more I trust you that you will or or you're gonna run more plays for me or might be more focal point or prominent get paid or what have you. This is a very strange deal was ever an injury perk where you talk about a quad. And they hit that he had as we are they that general shoulder injury a couple of months ago Judy aggravated enough. And in the go back to the quad. Mean it was a knee injury if tools that you know you know that ankle surgery you can say OK I can understand that a little bit more. You're talking about court this what is is going back to what 67 months where he's played three games basketball. In years wondering what what in fact is going on there and then and once that trust is lost and if if if if your mind is already made up yes they did me wrong in some way then you would say okay. I wanna go somewhere else I did. Text here OK boys I got one even better for you the doctor's intent hill. Are the doctors and him he'll said he was OK and obviously he wasn't so chew on that for a little while. You can always have a a bad diagnosis but pretty much. The dolphins and antennas deal were. They were close enough in agreement. Bet that Tom you know him as healed and not one to have the surgery. And ended opens were like all right weaken we can go along with that it sounds like the Tim I'm attending a sounds like the quiet littered spurs being. Bet you know Tip O'Neill and the dolphins met on middle ground sales like Taylor hit ten. Hawaii and the spurs are a long way from that run ground. Well why essentially if you read between the lines is trying to prevent what happened to run into any hill yes yes and and well and and here's the other being Israel it is entangled some odd percent right so don't put me on the Ottawa a back out there and write you in drag rated. And re entrant aura or and then also on the same player I was. And if you can't reach that middle ground is one side willing to who give and which is what we saw with Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero right for a while so Belichick just put a stop to that but Guerrero. An outsider treat Tom Brady for a while so. Belichick just put a stop to that perhaps the spurs and Hawaii would say all right good you know we'd. You either get treated by the spurs doctors and quite gives in or you why you go to your own doctors and this and the spurs give. Something something could happen but I an right now I don't know which way to sings gonna. You would agree this is Hirsch drinks as prayer is that god this is a lot of reasons for the spurs because it's Hawaii. And it's a quad injury that seemingly Tony Parker. And older player recover from something a little similar. In and in. You know in the same amount timed so. It's it's bizarre you levels. While on a plan for the spurs lecture. You're pretty confident yet. Do I mean just. Just what do you have to give up. Led to the spurs met again to me that's like trading Dwyane Wade and as Brian Michael wise to the hall of my like what would you want per quietly. I am right now who's willing to give it all adds to get to you. Well you never gonna get you ever gonna get equal value you know that put San Antonio's in the one of those teams are trees spot where they've been they've been blessed my great drafts. Hand and great coach great superstar like low seed David Robinson Tim don't think Eli never make waves and now you have this. And so it's like wow there are very version Andrea I will get and the more evidence of your tax cut and we'll get to those that 6797 for the six of nine some four. Following a lot more to get to. Including get these beach volleyball major series all rounds tickets which were gonna get away worried that the 4 o'clock hour that's right this hour review those away it's a 300 dollar value so law. You for clockers air maybe it's against 20 win those right here on 79 it's a. Tennis are sure. Afternoon right here on the ticket for your chance to win specialists access to the best beach volleyball players in the country and the world on Fort Lauderdale beach of these major series takes place. On Fort Lauderdale beach. From February 27 through march 4 for more info on this amazing venture of the to to Miami dot com and don't forget to listen or show and wind to wind your way in. Brett you buy and have a nanny and a from 1043 HD to the ticket we're gonna be giving away those those lounge tickets which are valued at 300 dollars a pair of its biggest. Four for march 4 ball. That is a great event here if you like be on the beach and like watch him on ball. Want to be better than that right there in the easily either the Mac daddy tickets these are areas that these are. The best seats in the house though we're gonna give those away here before the end of the 4 o'clock hour so we game. You know like this which of the hours your little bit we gave away a little bit in the sixth vicarious an alien 5 o'clock hour. Bob that before so we're in new that early La. Early for clockers here on the on the show a pure raw if you're with us because our biggest enemy that you do you are in and out their cars during commuting times and we we know the whole deal mean we do it ourselves. Audit if you're with us for all three hours god bless you yes you are you're the best you know what but if you're now possible to our. Our early listeners hear cheers when those figures sort of push those out here early in the before the up for the 5 o'clock hour strikes in the 5 o'clock hour talk to Tom De'Angelo. Over the Miami with a palm exposed load up with with Tommy di. He'd final practice Jumbo amount of burden on a bird street in New Orleans perk you go here we go mom and. Here we go in and kept let me ask you this is her Dwyane Wade. In these final 24 games. What can he do move toward this team and and I'm talking more in the abstract right. You know how. When Stan Van Gundy was the coach here one of the complaints that the player's head. Lived by Shaquille O'Neal. Was stands binge demeanor like when things went wrong. Or or got a little hairy the game got tight stand as you know run an up and down the sideline lets us oust him looks and got hairy he had. He'd hit and then saw the players say did you know we take our cue from the cold too we see him jumping around we don't feel that settled about the situation. And so inner Pat Riley who you know very home demeanor. And so my question to you is can Dwyane Wade have something similar to that on the court especially in late game situations. I things are having planes are already talked a lot about that Bob being that guy that you can lean on and and you know on the amount lately she's seen it all easy money at all. So they had a good look and feel about that final shot heading down that you know I mean it's gonna happen but it ain't but there's really no surprises with going right. You know I mean like that there's is no surprises with with a guy like Dwyane Wade down tore me up to want me blade shot early shied. Shot clock stuff. A time and score he seem at all. Soul. I do think you know that at some point though. On the floor I mean that's all well and good off the floor but at some point on the floor is gonna have to do he's gonna have to contribute. In them you know we've talked a lot of people over the last week or so. Old you know what what's your expectation for Dwyane Wade. He's got a couple okay games he's another he's had a bad game and there are new but you know at the bottom line in in this is kind of it is a little bit of a scary part perk. When he did the heat acquired Dwayne wade because they needed Dwyane Wade. I. I think yes and in a couple of sentences they needed a closer and they needed a leader. They know we know. Everybody knows this is not the Dwyane other MPC. You know status. At this is the veteran calm kind of cunning. Veteran guy roll tide later. And look he he talk some he talked about having a possible combing a wreck on the heat. Bob always try to be known about before he you know doesn't always work late into wins it. Known as you can have calmed things down if you give someone a little extra content. Com you know. Just like I'm confident we'll know more before Millen if you wanna play hard in the cookies are no matter what the scores so. You know I'm glad can bring that to the food hopefully resolve this with the wind. Yen and you know I think that it's it's good for eighteen that didn't have a designated closer. Now you got that guy he's a veteran guy it's not you know it's not a young. You know guy a young delaying Norah you know staff burglary and or LeBron what have you pardoned by. It's Dwayne and and that's good and I I think that the other players kinda believe that Dwyane can pull filled that role. There for the game can bag and he cited calming effect you know going forward and brings in accordance. Citizens and you could star Megan you know who's physically and face her reaction by of those moves and then get to. Was going on so. How to slow down and of course there's an honest and I have been an important in the nose is hallucinatory. He's fitter than this and so too. And that's Wayne Ellington right there was asked about wade having that calming influence now. The calling influence is more opening camp it's so it's fun. It's like I let it gets hot he's written to be free to ask you that there into the apnea. You know yeah you're right exactly and that's what calming influence on the basketball as well pleading too does that calming influence. Rub off on other players just in demeanor or in performance can help them get free throws. Can it help room remembered deepens of assignments all all of that cut do you think it translates that. For a mom yeah I I do think there's some intangible value there bomb but you know what I'm what I'm more concerned about here with the same. Cause brain Dwyane Wade at the time literally got caught up in the in the in the near the hoopla on nearly ourselves and our job in the first tournament. So it was great for okay Dwayne wade pics of the key under the mattered you know that Dwyane Wade all the vice jerseys again you want for until Christmas now like you go one today as I gonna get here until point 16 it's I you know I ordered back it up to a hundred countries Russia it's a resort yet all those things but like in what you if you took a step back at it. And looked at it okay bringing it back pursuit around Vick is a no brainer but my my question is did you bring Dwyane Wade back. Because you needed that would help any if you're the seats. Were you in that war solving spots where. You're gonna rely on Dwyane Wade at this advanced age to constantly failed this team out. Well I I you do need to help you do you do need how much help though well that's that's. That's the big question cat because. Really. If we want to kind of drilled down big pitcher or use will make the playoffs if you wanna drill down and get greedy. You probably ideally want. What a bit see. So you can avoid. Playing one of those top retailer that is a series. Tend to Wayne dude that much I don't know I I I don't know how much he's he's he's he's cannot yeah I'm without a lot of help write without a lot of help. So but but I I do think that one billion you know I've been bead on the on the second unit kept. And end Dwayne talk about Eddie talked about the second unit trying to build trust and each other. No wonder we have the ability to to put points on the board. Got to get the trust that we need on both on the all defensive end on the floor. On the game more troops to cut on outcome of the federal enormity moments of the game. I don't think there and if so if we get that if I have a two funds five and gonna go for the tenth tournament. And that's that's what I like about the heat that's what I think has to happen. You know I I've Syria and a three point shooting is the top priority in these final when he where gains. Close behind net some meat is getting that second unit going both ends of the court offense and defense. Make plays at both ends like deal last year and Dwyane can be a huge team and Tony four games left to get that five seed what do you think that after ago. Com bites he would probably be you know I'm just on the talked in victories were not gonna talk about things or I am games or frank and a reduction mechanism that you know we're not used to you can use the entire audience you have people but yet you're here in the 6 o'clock hour yesterday you're probably still figuring it. Is. Not yet they got thirty wins now. Probably boy kept 46 wins 47 wins might get to that by seed right. Yes I would say 47 and definitely get to the funniest so maybe Dorsey. Yeah so our rights over and we're talked in seventeen out of seventy and so on seventeen and seven out of sixteen wins seventeen India does to mean that yet that's what you talk about. Let's of that support us that's a that's a that's and a lot. That's asking that's as good accidentally got to get on a big run yeah well let's Inkster I you know I'm not wake him too but that's the meaning of the attractive or quicker I'm not gonna get in the map again that was a disaster yesterday but yeah eighteen home games if you win an 80% of those you pretty close right. 80% of those would be that prominently 150% of their home games that aren't. But I'm an arms and it's always good well I mean I'm saying willingness of the sixteen or seventeen. The of those sixteen or seventeen wins right you're not gonna do it but you're on and claim Ellis went all 90. Gotta you gotta clean up potent. Right six it's you know it's I'm going like twelve girls home yes you're talking about a small miracle. Considering what we've seen the first part of the season a year and it's it's a lot to ask by. Dewayne has Dwyane have got to be a big part of that and don't get me started on Amazon again it's probably. The biggest being not to criticize their Spoelstra were. Is is not not figuring out a way it's not all on low but you it. If sun can't do it in his own you've got to find a way to reach him small unit vehicle so. IIA and at some point guys are just what they are the Cooper you know they are they are by a number you. Again this is a guy who is a a mismatch. Advantage where you where the Miami Heat. You've got to get him on the court I mean he's. He he's not Dovonte Parker where you're where you never do you know you've never he we've seen it and brighter and stretches where pert. Assign you just have to get him to take that next step you know bunting has to take these step. Sun has to take that next step. And look most of it is I'm assigned its bowl was the coach. Es when your best players you've got to be route away to best utilize those talents. Was laws on the Angela come up here enough around 5220606. And nine some four on the Coral Springs on Mohamed text that we come back where you win those. Major beach volleyball series against the allowed to get to a story 300 dollar value it's some your text messages. We are a lot more to get to Jim Morse gonna join us in the six struck our total cain's baseball. With him what it's a little football if you as well. And as we in the top miner to come by next we got no question where on that. And and and Jarvis literature do a lot of yesterday but that's not going to go away so low 12 wanna pick your brain on a couple things dolphins related as well we're return right here on some and I didn't take it. Let's sound out them on and I'm gonna say see you all about experience. Tennis and edited ticket for years the corners you stick your window your chance to win tickets to an upcoming games. Of course Miami technology partner in your local South Florida technology company to visit them online at a quarter score dot com sponsored by blog WW homer lines Marino high act. Lopez and Martinez. Your insurance attorneys human listening to the ticket to win your way into a heat game. We don't have tickets today we begin whale out of you to yours lately but so we do have. The world's best beach volleyball players who were in town next week. Had to be viable major series we have a 300 dollar pair of tickets that we're gonna give away here in the next a few minutes. You can also Texas showed six of benign some four on the Coral Springs on Mohammed tech sign obese dice and go on and whether rosy is on your mind. While we invite and encourage her text messages but we got some awesome golf and related items to get to in this in this time slot do we knots. And and look we we've been talking and about com the dolphins creating money. And we've we've talked about the the guys who were gonna go and look at it looks like Julius Thomas and and Lawrence Timmons are definitely going to be two of those guys write his earning season yuck earning earning about six million up sees her comfort for next season. So you get rid of him you create money beer and then the guy who you're gonna have to watches are drawn James to see what happens with him. Always the chance they could go to Ndamukong Suh. And try to get some money back from him and I yet cam wake you know guys you'd pay them. Pay them a little more bonus money up front only have a nail down the road yup extend the contract a little bit lower their cat numbers. But yes I think the you from the door opened standpoint you reached out. 22 veterans it didn't work out more and so you just get real it's it's there's no current either. No but Melissa's lets them as one Dolan this fall that fears that the only cut their brawn. Resurrect those aren't immune to those and those aren't surprised no but the but that should tell you something to that they're not and that anybody and tireless and audience that made those two cuts. When Mayweather actually did cut him some reports out of those guys are gonna get cut but. The that the problem is like builder two guys that you went out and after and targeted. And you completely met with on them for a couple of different reason Joseph Thomas to apply right analyst Timmons I think it away what he's just. Is it yeah it's just bizarre would happen semis here and what his dealers NA and actually even use that Tim Lincecum plays and durable goods Thomas is kind of yeah until Wednesday at Timmons didn't make very many impact plays. But neither Romney and that's why that's why it's an easy to say driving you out yet yards it was template. So you look at this front office and whoever was making those decisions. Completely whipped on those two transactions so for me. Those hogs were keeping score around here so moving forward what makes you think Ole all the sudden they're going to get equal right. So you you look at the scorecard guys hit on guys don't. And because they want this kind of goals or were those were two big wins. Did and Julius Thomas was clearly to Adam's case choice. That's the guy you that he had in Denver and and the guy that he really wanted to bring here and that he thought could really make this all been home. Didn't come close to working didn't come close and Timmons he starts off with the going a wall for the for the opener out there and LA. Com and and then he follows that up with the U was suspended for a week he comes bags and no impact will plays by. The downside. Like we always talk about sure you can just get rid album by now you've created two holes in the starting lineup. I know those guys were quality players and you're going to be better off without him. But she got nobody else on the on the roster so now you have to go out and the ovals mark police Grey's is the guy that at tight end Anthony Fasano is an unrestricted free agent. A minute linebacker. You've got key go and you've got Tom. Rate cloning parliament MacMillan come in that yeah the second round pick last year who tore up his knee in the pre season opener but Tom you do still have another hole perhaps you Philip in the draft remain Edmonds or row on Smith Edmonds out of Virginia Tech broke on Smith out of Georgia perhaps you solid and free agency. At the bottom line no matter what you thought of Timmons and and Julius Thomas you've got to two other holes once you release them. You're gonna sometime next who I am hearing zooming out Tuesday Wednesday Thursday gifts to a year and be with us book and shows yes palm. And Adam gay speaks Wednesday at 1 o'clock by the weighs less that's a little easier from. And I'm gaze on Jarvis Landry ended you know the Peru possible release is a Thomason Timmons and one day is set to soils is as you mean like color you know we got colors there where we are you know that was in the the bad pile. We're going to balance it with his attitude Timmons and doing cutting deep noted that it's it's not a salary salary rise it's units of it's punitive not enough comes off the capsule Keiko was going to be here but but you're gonna eat your going always and to mean apples to basically here Gladys has psyched on it what do you do what you want he's here and say what would you and ask him what they are. What were some of the things it just for the direction of the dolphins and as a movement is due Rainsy and ultimately the draft which starts next week. Jarvis is going to be the big topic obviously and soul you have who start. Asking. What with what what's the plan would Jarvis they won't give us any solid answers we know that. We have to ask what's the plan to create some salary cap space and again they won't give a sunny solid answers but you know names out there. And you see how they react you say Julius Thomas Timmons what are the chances of renegotiating with KM what are the chances of renegotiating with sue. We you know that didn't quite added in pretty much any sport you don't get the honest answer hey here's our business plan. But you'd those are the questions that you are going to start off asking. A horse. We're going to ask about Ryan's gonna hit. And I don't and I remember last year we did like three the last press conference reports training camp. You know Taylor hill are gone through all the OT gays in the mini camp in the knee with spine in. We go through this press conference or we're like 45 minutes into Vietnam like to believe that we have and asked about and kills me inside as gays and he snapped at me. Well I'm not a doctor and why when Jeff Ryan I'm sure he'd be happy to hear that question no dislike you no way. So it'll probably the same being at Columbine but you have to ask about ten Il. They need a running back there so there are there a lot of questions. But it it's it's Jarvis and how are you going to create. Money what about what about the quarterback in the draft what about what about that question as a relates to lead that Renton that will definitely be ass like apps I keep seeing her and I don't mark transposed guys now just forget names out of a hat yeah. They all got some sorcerer or some way that stone make offers or interest in and some money right. And with a shot throw the weather is bigger mayfield whoever it is the dolphins you look at a lot of these mock drafts of his quarterbacks and named sitting right next to pass I don't know what to make our. I can already tell you the answer is it is this list is going to be the biggest BS answer. Perhaps the issue here at this time of the year in the NFL. Animal. Would you draft a quarterback at number eleven. We're gonna take the best player available. We're gonna stick to our draft report what about due diligence is but that BS damning and parents are adored you don't get yet due diligence that's that's going to be you know the all the guys that they bring in a thank you get to bring in what thirty players I believe it is two year facility for interviews and you know it's gonna so are gonna bring in Sam Arnold has due diligence and you know so yeah we're due diligence will be a big they'll be a big buzzword also. You the end days again does Adam get out of the enemies disease actively trying to BS or by the users trying to says this is personality. And all these on my ten imam directly tries to say as many things as possible without saying anything. All of these guys that are that are at at this time a year there's so much deception and and smokescreen. And soul. It's hard to know what to believe that raises best player available in due diligence and my favorite yeah and and you know we're gonna turn over every Rath and all that these are the phrases that you would hear from the Columbine. This time of year there's a lot of strategic misrepresentation going on things in other words means lying right rather than that's for dementia wrote the teams in the NFL right. When they have their and they start target about players and and all we love this guy this a matter we really don't like this guy but there really it's really like this guy over loads it'll take him. Problem I'll lead the all that stuff starts next week Padilla and a focus. And probably there yes and from the players and it's you know you'll ask him you know dude you heard. You're you're a you know 34 outside linebacker tin can you be a defense abandoned in a bit more recess them I'll do whatever the team asked me. That that that's the praise from the players. You know you're an inline blocking tight end and they need somebody who can occasionally. Be on the outside are you capable I'll do whatever they want me to do. Oriented on the Angeles come up here in the and then at five Tony but as promised caught number seven right now some an 86534079. Facilities fives you're four. 0790. Is going to win a pair of to users in the world as beach volleyball players which are back in town for the beach major. Series starting next week February 27 through march 4. Come watch the top US players battled the best men's and women's teams in the world. For 600000. Dollars in prize money the beach village opens at 9 AM night session start at 6 PM under the lights. Visit each major series dot com for a full schedule. This free admission admit is brought to you by 790 the ticket and we'll see you at the beach call number seven right now a 300 dollar pair of T it's. In the our own area out march 4 for the beach major volleyball series caller number 727865240790. We'll get to the 5 o'clock hour. Tiger Woods is it down Honda classic we'll tell you how he did in headlines coming up next right here on some ninety minutes ago. Super review here on this Thursday afternoon. Join the ticket and try real for baseball at least five lucky winners in their gas went to his to see a spring game between the gym from Houston. And it ran out about this Saturday at the ballpark of the palm beaches are winners will ride the Trier would be used to. The man coney up park stop and take the free shuttle it is absolutely free. Right to the game was into the midday show from 13 virgins to win baseball beach front you buy some and I'm hinting at and try where all. Last spring training games we start tomorrow Perkins editor and the teams get after it needs and voids a fun time of year is an idea that it is we got yet. I'll call Allentown. You guys and I hate that dale rates and a sudden those kind of glued the minor leagues well OK yes Obama talk thank you guys you know. Yeah because as we feel we got caught in the majors portrait but wait there is a link for everybody whether it's golf. On NASCAR just just started with the Daytona until you got to bring trainees are knob you gonna NBA. The NFL offseason is a seasonal like it's it is you know itself and tiger and many many regular season yet with all the story lines leading up to the of that. Into the draft you got hockey going on. You are college basketball March Madness is is right or on the corner. Minute the edu and if you are non sports you've got all via festivals coconut grove arts festival was last week in went to that the this elderly should yeah yeah yeah when none is that yeah it's yours that you were here I didn't that your culture vulture. I wouldn't say culture vulture but com. You know what it I will go to who like food the book here like every third year of salt like that do you did you buy anything. You know no I beer. As I -- an asset that's it then booed I hasn't some really good whose young kids you are your girls ideal and idea idea that that's one of that is one of my favorite events in Miami I asked the titans I don't know that her dad yeah its there's a great time and I know I I've heard great things are months under some surprising you know he was overpowered or arm cogan a growers from along the Vincent you've been. Job on Britain's ever been a real. I vehemently the the arts festival. Maybe once years ago. Yeah that weekend is always tough there's always on the north and oh yeah I've always I'm always like at a sporting animal has yet turnovers amend the rise to be down here. And that you know that that every every Saturday and Sunday for like the last fifteen years soul you know the but good. You know adult and has issuance of that yeah yeah no it isn't isn't just a great time bowl show was down here and you know well last week in so yet Italy and is a great time for sporting events in non sporting events. Down here in South Florida that's why this Tommy you. Well that's why I because you always ask you some times about the NBA all star game and we in mine would be would be a perfect scene there perfect marriage in new but. Length that it's exactly happened in that on the President's Day weekend. Because also it was here once back in 1990 being the end. The late I think I'm pretty sure led you have to bid on it and the other tourism laureates involved in. All those things but you have all the hotel rooms that are just jam packed for everything going on the boat showing arts festival. And with bill South Beach wine and food Basil all these things are going on because. I'll get the best weather in the country right now right. And it went down here and all these things happening. That you'd like the all star game it's like an almost islamists it would be after talks is still would be a huge deal there's there's a need to bring in enough events to Yorktown. I had an Andy Petit like Miami kind of gets the shaft letting the all star game. For basketball would be could that be the last kind of thing that we haven't had here yeah in our town that we really should get in our town we had a Major League Baseball. All star game last week or last year we had trouble years ago like we've done at all and that kind of the last thing that the lab you'll elect to experience. I'm always understood. Might be wrong is that. With the ball shoulders like a hole to no room correct. A shortage of battle or whatever yeah that's that's the reason I mean I I actually went to as a we'll ask why didn't answer my mind you all star game. It makes for sensed. But you do the number in the you do the math on a site where you caused people. Yeah exactly and and are there and he really want to bid on it and out and try to outbid other cities that have nothing along come. During that time you're in the NBA because every Iraq what Jimmy ever wants out of and their town I don't like to see Miami getting in on the in a filled draft as salt looked at the five cities that came out that date I don't know my big thing perk you're not the other Big Dig us and we need Denver it was for Tony nineteen and twenty Tony and you probably look up the city's. They was in there Vegas was in there are obviously that that's that's going to be a deal that's the other big thing that that this coming down the road it is. The M the and the early in an autograph. That keyboard or read dale and yet you saw how it wasn't nearly last year and it's of the incredible I would actually like to see an Anna I don't think there's gonna happen but. Com. To three cities and you know first round in one city's second and third in a different city Portland seven. In a different city neighborhoods and I don't know that's kind of tough to disagree. Yeah well you're the third city are really jacked up about rounds fourth through seventh. Well that's that's the problem. That's the problem but if you had a ball personable and every city are in the actual selection of the players becomes almost secondary but. Whatever. Yeah I hope Miami gets the gets in a bill draft at some point. Tee you're going to put it. I'll where we put the draft now bomb denizens as questions disarming them this on this you know. Well I I don't know. You know I don't know Billy got a whole lot of people so you have a you have a he pulled. Problem there are so like South Beach would probably be now because of the traffic right I mean I. Seems like I don't know I don't know how many people believe head but it it was definitely thousands. So. You know bit of the stadium would be a very boring location right over those deaths but. It's got to be somewhere where you could stick all those people and I know we do it toward you know different event Grasso and all that kind of stuff. It could be a. Like to be downsides and that's correct. Cellular joint letter or text in AAA like my biggest images that lets you want to be outside give us that's kind of whole point to me that you know you haven't indoors anywhere in Minneapolis. This time a year in South Florida you wanted to outside itself on how. Now wonder Marlins Lemieux's Marlins part. For the red flags and furthermore it's. I'm sure they also exhibit 974 that's a region's army calls result Mohammed designs examine 974. That's that's how you get to is we're gonna have to a target Tom De'Angelo coming up here in about fifty minutes and isn't were also takes place was a base is. I'll brace for yet here you did that that big area yeah that would be bad. Yeah and actually isn't. Are they going to a new location and I and I don't I haven't received that information list are you having gotten that that email find out when I get my bust my ass. Acts of Chicago was an April. Yeah yes some some time soon and they may Barca away from party and zero Bieber. Marshall is and it is a dollar housing nursing route around it and then this will be here soon right or debate down the fish up. And they because late that's for you from covering the heat our member of the crowds for the fish concert in the inferred the per for ultra. Like you always have to dodge those two crown here's Fishman Arian. Now no thought really I mean yeah like I barely know you mean you bus outscored grove arts festival and then let them the official I was exactly and I will tell you this though I I did see one of Jerry Garcia's last shows with the people did in Vegas and ninety war in the snow really Leo it was some brands of mine that's a story I'm sure yeah yeah. That's pretty cool man not many of my persuasion thereby. It was that good to augment that's all accounts there you have I mean you know it was. It it was it was they seen. I'll tell you that when people sell enough ice bong hits in the parking lot more dollar. Tom yet there was one there's one song where everybody throws marshmallows at each other I don't even know what song is. Lot of VW buses were a lot of colleges there are some brands of mind from Dallas Lanka and and so yeah let's go let's go on to. Ed did the kids everywhere all over the strip it was to say I enjoyed it I had a great comment I would I would think as a pivot did his worst row out in huge sports. I had a great on that concert. We're out instantly text messages Romans 67974. On the Coral Springs on the monetary side but. A busy day let's get to 5 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. We're gonna start off with the Honda classic this look at the Honda classic leaderboard is brought to you by Edwin watts golf shop whole of the ninety day 100%. Guarantee. Three people atop the leaderboard here Alec snore and Webb Simpson and MacKenzie Phillips all at four under Phillips is through seventeen Oren and incense and are done for the day. PGA champion Justin Thomas is among a group of four players at three under 67. Tiger Woods shot an even par seventy. Tie for eighteenth woods hit seven of fourteen fairways ten of eighteen greens. If he had just what I thought so a pretty nice room for tiger in in some good windy conditions this article edited. Doors armor tigers don't know he's going to be even by a 13 birdies he had a bogey any of the double in there. So I would say that's a good server tiger on a course have to play him played pretty were pretty and a scenario yes. We had to start. Miami Heat were back at practice today tell Leo limit only participated in non contact drills or limit has been ruled out for tomorrow's game at New Orleans. Staying on the injury front Rodney Magruder go to some calls for two rehab games on Saturday and Monday you'll rejoin the team on Tuesday so. That's Smart person good news we're getting closer and we're getting closer there and a makes a lot of the Magruder fan base happy about that's rather that there there there is a low yes there is really a large group out a bit you know they their vocal on the text line and know how vocal they'll be at the AAA yes but they're vocal text line. Up by the way. NBA stars back tonight the post all star break schedule. The game of interest to be heat Billy is at Chicago at eight billion of course everyone and a half game lead over Miami. The seventh spot in the east and finally the Florida Panthers host Washington at 730 tonight at the BB NC senator. Pregame starts at seven on our sister station by sixty WQAM. Blows your him. This is other report that the emir report is discussing a plane and turn him and to determine the final playoff seeds and this is on the heels of Adam silver looking at changing the format of the playoffs considering a one through sixteen formats. And I I understand you wanna be ahead of the curve on some of these things and what do you think that is. It would spice things up do you think there there's a really didn't need to do it's so this is a a tournament to determine the seeds. Is that what you say yes the proposal is. That is generated the most discussion according to several sources in the in the NBA office. Would be two. Fourteen tournaments featuring the seventh eighth ninth and tenth season east conference also play in depth may have played term you know up playing. That the 70 CAC and the winner of that single game. I never was opposed by sources say meanwhile the ninety rose ten seed with a winner of that game face an illusion of the 78 reverses matchup for the final playoff spot. So like he would be in determined as of right now yeah the season ended today. Wing Tom as interest. It's interesting I I'm. I'm not opposed Steward at you know I guess I guess really because that. Off the top I would say whoa. You kinda render part of the regular season move but I guess you just kind of go in with the idea that. You know quote I guess Centene side I say that with air quotes heart will make the post season but the top eight goatee the actual play also. NCAA if you're OK let Xavier the heat and your your five games out the eighth spot yeah. Mature in the tenth seed that has by the Easter converts your still going to have a chance to make the playoffs. So did two other and maybe even more because of the only if you're one human events but I think what they're trying to do what they're trying to do here. It sounded as easily do is keep as much interest in teams. As possible right especially this time of year. Because you're down twenty NBA cities nobody cares little. And jackets into all tanking discussion. I think they can try to do this which it would sounds would it sounds gimmicky. What they need to do and again this is hard to do little things they need to figure out a way to for Teamsters to try to avoid tanking. And it's right just as they would with Mark Cuban and now they're they're they're really look at it as of right now perk. As a there's twenty NBA cities Rivet points O'Sullivan put there's fifteen MB cities where nobody cares about their team. No. You Iraq you're right. You know I mean you know my idea for stopping teams tanking that you know it hasn't been worked through totally black eye. I think and I'm a totally oppose this term idea. I think somehow you'd take you know maybe the last three team sports teams by record whatever it is and you wait. The last whatever games seven games ten games twelve games and a team with the best record in those gains. Gets a higher percentage chance of getting the number one like that this audio yes salons are no words humans and of he's the bad teams to win at the in and like last year you don't have the lack of integrity like we had last year when Brooke and didn't play. Low pay is. In ended against Chicago win in Chicago wins they get the playoff spot over the heat. Com. At that the I think that would. Kind of get us close this to sort out the storm an idea is not bad either would you like this so we're clear desire merger select the last team. Good withers is so there's what there's there's sixteen team to make the playoffs so the seventeenth team. Would get the first pick in the draft passengers and. Hum. No I'm. Saying that I would do I would do I would do it that way or the best chance to win the drafters wanted a lottery. I would do you have your eight N eight in Eads confident that same you know so that the team that would like to see last year yes he did he'd tried to make it right they were anti tanking. They missed it by two percentage points he'll try there there there you know whats off right. They should be rewarded by the top pick in the draft. And I had a and I understand that that's not going to help replenish the bottom James ray put too bad we bring you manage your team better. So it grew it will reward teams to get into the playoffs and if you miss the playoffs by say one or two games. You would get a better draft pick for that. I I I like that in. Your inheritance. Ideally I'd like that but. Com. If your site New Orleans. Right and you finish ninth because bogey cousins got injured. And let's say booty was not a free agent right so you're you have bogey. Anthony Davis in the number one pick out good for Orly and after united one in 43 games and just barely missed the play. They want to get out now I mean obviously there's maybe some years where it's it's going to be wilds. But just like when teams below lotteries is like when the spurs. When David Robinson was out for fear really entire season you know and the spurs were bad for one year and only when the lottery to Tim Duncan. An emeritus at Utley like this just like winning the lottery what you would have more teams you have teams playing for something every night here. Down the stretch where you would be trying to scratch your blog even if you're connected to the number one pick you have a team your team strike you into into the top five in the top five would be winning. All right it's not bad and actually the the only thing that that Tom. That will rubble others about your idea. Is the traditional thinking today. The team that finishes last needs the most help are placed at number one pick card but it usually purity of your open minded and willing to throw that out and your idea works great. You don't like you alive because because it's not I dosing should not be for bad bad management should not be rewarded. That's what I say about it's it run your team better. I see them do adhesives is seriously if you can just get over the fact that. The last place team always gets the number one day I just out of tradition I didn't get over that thought right gimmicks like a good students they need the most help. Rate but but. Militaries and there's the yours this kind of a a you know non playoff darwinism right that's a strong get stronger the strong survive. Not only that they do for our lord knows the strongest of the week is rewarded stronger you're awarding winning yet. I now think any you know and baseball sibling on a sour could be a guy Sutter Elizabeth singles in the ambient. So if you you're too little note here the manager poorly managed just argue that should be on everybody else we can chew on this as maybe as we go into the breaker maybe you can answer very quickly. Why wouldn't you tank at the Indian wouldn't it be better to be ninth in the first pick in the eighth seed in other words. It sort of based Golden State in the first round you just checked out you say will get the number one pick will not be the warriors to the text. It's a dress think and but the guitar is that you were we call outside of the Bob yeah. Yeah. Patrick just the outside of the box or it's an idea we're gonna get some heat off its image he does next would Tom D'Angelo lead Palm Beach post right here on 79 minutes ago. I had a match. Fifteen minutes. And. You customize my tip for my fourth South Florida's the one G drug issue because positions job. You're guaranteed to have the hottest qualify for modifications in town hall Jim good for my fourth of an 8650234. Four's they're driven champion. 45 Ford dot com also sponsored by fall per orthopedic and sports medicine. It's a W two back in the game of wars a formal occasions there's one near you go to all pro. Orthopedics dot com for more. Inflow and brought you by expanding when it comes at the end of Timmy you love X one gives you more change what you experts TV with extras the X one person per pack with you here on your home of the heat he will we back in action tomorrow night. Audience in New Orleans elegant but so we talk to you right now with the army man Tom the end though. Cozy for the army post that you'll insight on what to expect here as we head out to the Ryan's jewels announcers who is or is just landed to wisdom beyond to me and some of the all star break was a good you thanks for joining us. It was saying you're that was definitely true 34 days in. It was a whirlwind it was quick nukes and a lot going on now you know what would that Wayne and three point shootout and then of course. Chloride in the game. In but it it would it would be interesting a lot of a lot of different story lines popped up in the it was a it was nice we get. Well not back to work now all out backwards for everybody in Woodward I don't know. It's about the players. Rather than you know it was all fun and games. I expected via the real thing you're always working I know I know that. Bobbled what zigzag you know also we did and it continues to select super and I were just talking about it. What do you make of the MBA just trying to. I I don't know. Despite some of the post season whether it's res seed one through sixteen. Composing is it time no talk about this play in tournament for the bottom half of all of the conference teams. What what was image that you are they getting too few Tom or are they ahead of the curve on some of the stuff. Well I think we're gonna remember this is all caucuses such early ages. But I think the one who repair. The one proposal that could have subway station and could work here is. Now remember that not to do that not that you want to sixteen in the stands. It's not going to be that it's going to be still eight. Eighteen to me he's been thinking in the west but once those eight. He knew me they know where that determine. And they feed them from there one to sixteen. So I like that. Because you still get eight equal represent patient from both conferences but I also like possibly receiving an advocate than that now gives you chance. Today Goldman's that you would find. Because now you know golden and AE you know Golden State would beast feed it and deleted now he's conceded one goal dictated to they could meet the prime. So I do I do think that sob. I bet probably. Out of all these proposals that have to do with these regular season. That that probably the one on the playoff that is probably one that. That had them the best chance of I'll coming up you know it coming to fruition but again it's not that so I mean this year than my ticket but I think he has something like that to happen. Some when you talk about. Major changes to the NBA and shaking things up. Along these lines. I think we we get caught up in the way it's always been done so Meehan being capped we're just talking about Tom the first pick of the draft tonight I was saying. If you get past the idea. The worst team has to get that number one pick. That opens up a lot of new possibilities. In the playoffs if you get past the idea that. It has to be you know it's going stays in the way at west east that opens up a lot of putts so do you do you see any of these major. Our ways of thinking balling in the next year whether it's draft related or play off related or anything like that. Problem. Partly innate following in the coming coming to an end to end it. Yet it. Yet if if if if you don't European receding you you know you. You have to get rid of them thought that no no we follow the rank to directly Europe Europe may end of the worst team has to get the number one hit well if you. So do you see any of those traditional type of beans and bowling. Yeah because it would seem tweaks to occur every record that are time will we thought. It would be this lottery right it would always it would always like you said it was always clear cut. Working number one Niki number two next enormity and then things started happening you know all the sudden the word. Painting became C. As a major word and sports vocabulary and not not just just some basketball we issued to that big cap in baseball this year going hunt. So. So yeah I I think I think it will ball column I think we've received tweak it got we are we gonna secret next year but that could lead in the draft lottery again. You you wouldn't wouldn't we're gonna do not want to. To crank them. To kind of think the odds a little bit. Not so strong for that lapsed into again to attack it kinda like. But it curtail some of those this painting has been going on. So like I I definitely he would have I don't think we will. I don't I don't know we're gonna see these be different. Pure and indeed you know thirty. Two teams ball one and sixteen we're gonna see everybody lining up and whatnot and what to do away from east of west region can't get. If it is going to be a lot of it has to do with travel in the lid and that way and that's why you I don't think an and that's why you know so you you won't want to see. And you won't see Golden State playing. Philadelphia in the first round right he gets it would get indicating that she and Edwards two to one why did it just it just won't work is logistics involved. But yet I think we don't always see in the Balkans we've missed this seeing it happening it's not too late now than it was twenty years ago. NBA and he beat writer for the homage pose some De'Angelo is argue as you valmont Twitter and if you're Muslim your hoops fan. And of course he'd been at Tom the hands low of 44 all right Tom coming out. Back after the all star break how equipped is this heat team to make a a nice little run here what Tony for. Well they're getting healthy right of people we putt out they write in the group is going to assume ball plea to gain the that he will be ready to play each. Whether that's to unite that would depend on that could be tough but he's playing a game in California aren't. They gave Miami to unite. But I the very at the very latest he would be back and you will be back on the court Thursday. Then on he had left his Kelly when he can get back on the essence initialed it probably should which you know has. Everybody a little bit concerned of a buck from the outside help wondering what's happening because we keep hearing is progressing but he's not doing full contact it's been. Two and a half weeks and a strained shoulder last year remember shoulder injury knocks justice will go up to the season so but they played by it doesn't seem to be got ours. I get error saying there is no more chance to know more you know when it. EE but no MRI and things like that so you would think it's going to be soon. Once that happens they get twelve national. Spoke at a big decision to make with twelve guys who are kept out that rotation but but they will be healthy they're going to be the only guy out there that's not playing beyond that we don't got this season. Any opinions that they can use the one thing that they can control they can take advantage of it the schedule. They have is you have 24 remaining after tomorrow night if you tweak we remaining at home. And this fight game road trip that this fight and cited by the homestand starting. On Saturday for the fighting double bye Artie. They must take advantage of that if they can and they can come out wood or five of the next six games. Get right back in the thick of it and I don't mean just her BAC direct back in there for the you know shakes they needed to see so what I I think yes they are good at you know Dwyane gonna get a little bit more optimal each Katie way. I don't numbers were great and I know that shooting was not there but I really thought it looked. Better the last two games after that until after the circus the first I didn't turn. We gained a Toronto Philadelphia I was out of my thought much more small much more comfortable. Had a really nice shot with a game at Philadelphia that was the end go to look at you get the true right from the start and just like any short. And so if that happens to that make them better so I think yes I think it very well prepared for the stretch run it's just to make take advantage and win these games at home. Tom what do we have a better chance of seeing tomorrow night heat at New Orleans. Trash talking up so between wade and Rondo. Or eight good laced gain battle between the the brow and Hassan Whiteside which of course could mean songs on the court. I was just gonna be given the fact that about what he about a third. I think it's about a third of the gain since portable board but he's played this year he has not been on the court of one minute of the fourth quarter. Probably won't listen is brought no problem. Yeah we know their little you know back story between. That what happened last year's Chicago. You know we either way. It appeared weeks weighed only ally. On that team last year was to be Butler and Rondo actually had a very good year syllables. Sobel of god now obviously. I think that's what likely problem. You know I sons. That that's going to be really interesting it's going to be obviously very interesting to see how this rotation play out how much rather play at its gonna go like it's got algae to gain. But you know some might be happening Davison depending what he's doing it without. Without Kelly Whitney in uniform although although. You know Kelly guard Anthony I be the greatest thing to see you probably would see it on tomorrow night should be gained adding that he would play a lot of minutes. Because they need someone to to defending Anthony Davis. And other taxes instead of give run no talks or any craft to Dwyane Dwyane will break your arm again like you did the Boston sits yes there you go with that. Know that that's the way I I I mean I really that I mean this summer to create story line the last one for me. It really really. But another one is that the way can you come off the bench he had great now we will and I am but I think it. It's gonna depend on what's most comfortable with the second unit there. If you watched Iowa background that would James Johnson you know they played well together but showed flashes of that at this rocks but you've just got to play a little bit better which is a great sign for the heat over the last. Two games. So I think Jane and look to get off the bench that that so that's another thing you know just what. You know Dwayne admitted anything but it will be a 125 whether to adopt such I just see I think will be a court. At the end of close games when they come to the bench in the capitol be next and she starts. Thomas let's get let's get after me and I I miss the MBA here Alaska holding his men let's get after it here and Tom is a pleasure and done and we'll talk to you or talk dissonant I demand so. We always enjoy him stop and buy your school he discussion fifty or is he with Tom the Angeles home on Twitter at Tom De'Angelo 44. Boy a lot of tax on the on the tanking stuff you know what the MBA is trying to do here. A lot of good text by the way a lot of very good tennis and people on the soccer what they do and it looters are really I'm really didn't rove in the relegation deal. But we're gonna get into we needed to Samoa some of those text here as we move forward also on a guest list Jim Morse is gonna join us from hurricanes. Baseball coaches get a big series against Florida Rolen in the defending champion Florida Gators will be down at the Taj under is part of mart like like fields so was Jim is gonna join his right around a six point sold taco Keynes based bulletin team yes for the season. And it in his final season as skipper of the university of miners is gonna be right around 61 so we a lot more get to write your odds of an item to. I exits on the Angelo for job by if you analysts are sore thumb in low when he's on why you're out of your car. There's no worries we've got to get out the stream other thing in my John Freeman on radio that common that apple. And it. If your here in South Florida you can hear the heat games online as well some of the ways to listen and activist any of the hot takes right here on aims of and I mean from 1043. Page Steve to the ticket. Artisan perk with you wanna Thursday afternoon glad your partner with us you know always a Texas show we invite and encourage her to xmas is on the Coral Springs a bond text line. You can do so at 67974. That type text shows 6797. For the 679. Seven for Jim Morse head coach at the mercy of Miami men's baseball team he's gonna be here it's next morning. Our whole check in with coach about the prospects for the season off to a two and two start. What to winning its record vause less than it was zoo. Missouri in town and of course AMs of in nineteen from what before through institute to use your own version Kirk in baseball now on the airwaves so while rim of the game four on Sunday at Florida Jozy got QB on the call. And the gators a defending GM sold out gym but his team. And the big series coming up. Has June 25 and final season in the dugout. For the University. Of Miami. Lot of tax here per I'm in order start on this on change in the playoff format or what to do. Here is where I come at that for me. I do not like to reward for management. So if you are Matt if you are the Phoenix Suns who knew if you or the Charlotte hornets king we're changing their general and Jurgen. What if you are whatever team has pushed the teams that are always the king get rights and all the teams that can get their act two of the Cleveland around the lists. The New York maker blockers yes I don't like to world war. You for being for poorly mismanaged your team especially in a sport. Like basketball or ever plays by the same rules. Okay is like baseball where there's a salary cap but you can spend a hundred million dollars in the mall's owners and seventy million dollars in users but 250 we all that. MB aides say over by music while the lead to certain teams have have. Certain advantages. Promos for the SPS. You know where the you know live in New York City or LA or Miami whenever I think that's true but there is they straw. Own opinion out there nobody will ever play in Utah Miami everybody was okay here they get all kinds but I. I don't know that there there's a there's probably the politically we know stating a tax all of X. My point gays. I'm I don't wanna vomit lead I don't want to reward you doing a bad job with giving new mall was giving you draft picks. But I doubt you know I come out that the the bottom line on this whole deal is. Do your job better. I get that here here's one of my concerns with that is that what it. What have you finished last and it wasn't because. Your poorly managed the other as you said about your you had a rough go of it. He liked so the 3-D leaders of the 1515 win season records heroic turn bright it's hard he's a hole is that if you those yet. So but but well my my at my concern is that. If you all are. Com any eighteen such says. You know but he day a year. And Tom you you didn't you didn't have a whole lot coming back so shouldn't shouldn't you shouldn't you have a chance to rebuild. Like a good chance it in other words Tom. Should or shouldn't anyway coming doing yard dagger to it only play them in and how many games earlier is it's one of the very view. Right very do you solve them that's why the giant. But you need more yet but you need it more than two Wayne's return right palm associate certain you because your team was bad not through mismanagement by. Just through what happened last life. Yes Leo you know I here's the other thing with it com. You're aliens. Are not going to continually come out to support you. So now you've got a big problem of nobody's going to the games and but it did the owners aren't just well he lied to her eyes were on onward well there are players if you're always in last place and you can't get 88 top here. In no where's your help gonna come from. Oh dude treads a unit to be drafted somewhere dropped better players. Make some trades do something here. Neither do the best players are always drafted number one in this league. Of course not now not so ideas everywhere so I my my thing with that is that Tom. Yeah I'm I'm not I'm not sure that Tom you can just definitely say. You're losing your run poorly do better. I did it did it I just like rewarding bad management with users say they have to get all the numbers they have to get right S draft picks. And all this all covers these cars the ABA's try to do some different things here. Based with a MBAs trying to do is avoid tanking you would say you don't area clearly okay sodium is trying to curtail tanking in the MBA and tried to. Odds discourage it. To the truck so my my biggest thing is have the team that has them the thing that does not make the playoffs there has the best record. Make them the the front runner to win the draft lottery gives them the best chance when the draft lottery. Why do would outweigh so you're not gonna have to take your to have teams that are playing the last twenty games of the season. Desperately trying to get our net actually win or two or three or four wins to have a better chisel in the lottery rather than just saying. How many children on the MBA just owning your crap. 101213. So if you're the heat under that system. Would you rather. Would you rather face Toronto in the first round. Or would you rather pull out and get the number one pick. Well that ended depends on on that I mean now that could happen but it depends on where you're at an accurate and your Billy. We waited we June. Would you like that seven seat to pray you know boss or Cleveland and because it out because if you could have a bunch of people trying to adjust. Lose just enough to finish nine you'll go to the right age healer. Understand I understand I understand that that's a consideration. But here's here's what I would say that I would say it doesn't depend on your franchise storied franchise that led to Detroit Pistons are I have to make the playoffs this year. That too did they did they've done everything already. Two to try to make the playoffs with a plea to retreat and so that they they want to make the playoffs so would you say all of you know we're not gonna make another year. We're gonna we're we might get a lottery pick or might get a top five pick Zabel you'd stuff that the percentage in there work bring the you ought to have a chance to get the topic to have the best chance of topic but it would be. Indeed cast in stone yet. So you'd have to you have to if your if your going to play that that kind of mental math. Thought into the year wearable mobile or what do about the eighth spot but world but if we don't organ of the bastions to a lot of the need of the way that for your franchise but I'm willing to take that type of breast perk for one game we're guys sitting rather than what you see in the MBA the last two months of the year. Where you got. Twelve to fifteen teams that are Bessie basically and lose moat. Yeah that's all. Yeah not I I think you've got to incentivized winning at the end of the season somehow legitimize winning and I don't I don't I don't wanna were reward. You know. Ineptitude I'd I'd judges are designated by the way it's the same it's the same jokers every year it's it's it's it's the same teams. It could do a better job. Who to hire better people hire better scouts. Well you know what I what I think is insisting about Tom. You know all of the talk about painting and all of that is that. To me the NBA is primarily. A trade free agency league I mean the draft. Gets you cheap labor and you can hit on somebody like Dwyane Wade. That's great but OK you can easily. Rebuild your team you can more quick we actually believe children are not through free agency and trade or more teams do that so. I BM am wondering about all the I would like to see how much. The thinking Haskell teams if we could go bay wolf Phillies and see most of almost yelled that they purposely did it. Yes what it takes them that's that's the whole thing we've still got to see where speaks Billy Graham Christine. They they might burn out can be no better than Brian you know whoever mean expect. Madonna like Golden State was awful for decades. Awful right Orly were on they finally get their act together and they just have Currie the Jeff Harrison Barnes the draft trade mongering the draft Lea Thompson. All of those guys were outside the top five. So those guys all out war world war a lot of top five who withdrew my agreement specifically so. Like they figured it out. It did so if your badly figure it out is my is my point and it is is that judges were awarding all the bad teams like Orlando's in the Phoenix's. In all these teams in the Nixon always in a note to your job better. Yeah we'll just get rewarded me you know a year after year I love you talk about wrote relegation I'd love that Bristol sport Debbie my favorite thing to do but you just can't do. Yet that I don't know how that works with thumb with soccer as far as have multiple leagues and I where you you know. Yeah but I mean as far as com. Like players' salaries and advertising so I yeah I Liza are you still eight. Would you still if the heat was relegated to the G Lee are you still got opinions on 24 million a year play. And and if you're an advertiser with he and you're no longer going to be on TNT you're going to be on some you know local public access station. Are you still play in the heat the same advertising way but aside from that yeah I don't know what they do in soccer maybe that. Clearly that's all we're at now does is it you'll do your jets got here out and I agree that night that Syria. You know that I'm all for that in sports we get this text and you also trying to change the NBA it's perfect the way it is. It's not just it's a league believes starting all this that's why we're talking about it of the league Adam silver. Is is has mentioned. Possibilities were. But the draft in the playoffs and all that kind of. Arizona has lives on the Angelos is the Ambien being too cute about all this or are they are they trying to and are they. Really gonna be ahead of the curve on this and we're releasing her wow MBA really big lead figured it out you know hop on on on anti tank being in how to spice of the bottom of the playoffs and receiving and all the south. And also stove Arnold as a citizen like our per check your headlines. They are tiger did a but the the Honda classic also Jim Morse who dropped by as well so we got a busy six coming your way right here on some united take. We're real walls and god. And there's a lot Joseph cool back. What about what is yeah. Glad you are part of where this person per came when you win it's it once you are listeners that was make decisions greatest possible. We recently sent out a survey by email. To all members of our insider clubs to check your email please take the survey for not a member of our insider club. You joined now by logging on to him I mean are common in recent. Out the survey to you. We mean I care about two bullets or skating we do care about here many times have and I mean from 10432 to take it so please take that survey. For us to us or would that survey entails. I don't we have a copy around here like to the sale like Curtis and perk yes no. Or should or should of I should should it the eyes. In case you have to Alter some of the language burgers Ramones or no good brand decision India we timing of this cure to drop the ball there is is is it is a kind of slanted towards it's like Curtis Curtis and Perkins like good. Or is it bad very bad yeah I don't know are the biggest goal room prom average bad very bad and not only an awfully good at the idea as a recent check I don't know I don't know lately miniature did not play item AM yes but pleased -- deaths are regular and and you know it's just up Obama just think that's that's orders under a banner were I was trying to do about it I consider that each and every day Perkin Ackerman here we strive for greatness. Ruling LeBron here we're striving for greatness to each and every every day we often fall very very very very short. Of that we're we're striving her striving. We are strident in stride 679 Simmons for that tell you Regis here on the girls result monitor sites exhibit 974. We've got a lot of a lot don't vote. The difference and here on on tape and we. I'm not saying that idea that we know we have all the propaganda you're never was that I'm just I'm just telling you what ice I don't like. It is. The fact that you just keep rewarding. You know bad bad judgment and bad management and that ownership. And B a teams give up bad contracts. And all. Those things am I don't want to keep rewarding them because. Essentially you're just you're it's it's a waste of its kind perk you know it's it it's a two mile give it to someone that had the chance. To make your league better when I mean by that is like. I as long as you. James Dolan is running the next. Is it to be train wreck for the most part it has long nearly. Is it it's almost like Jeffrey Laurie running the Marlins as long as I was taking place. What is the point of revenue sharing what is the point of that getting all these top draft picks if they're going to do is and if if they're not Enid to win it. So almost maybe I here's here's the radical idea. If you're consistent and be a bad owner. Oh what of the other owners that just kind of bode too well. Well around here you may Cooper biz knows that'll never happen because. You that you can't fault a guy being stupid put her guy does Meehan like it making bad that bad bad he's bringing your league damn well look but Clinton but that nobody wants up to happen to them. Could it be better. Well can be put dead eagle would too far there because you can't just a noble noble and the owners are gonna vote on actually as a way to it is right. The unit you're coming from me you guys to do that wreck him my bat bide your trash which is inevitable. Talk about you have a few bad years on talk about the same teams all over and over again. And the part of the problem is or just poorly run. Well here's here's here's what I was the other idea that this and I floated. Eliminate the draft. It's why don't is like college is recruiting. And you know you can't drink that every great point guard is gonna come you might already have a started I like you know man so maybe you do that it it it has nothing to do with where you finished. It has to do with how they'll you can recruit these players I drank it. Which you gain in originated in and Elena drafting college don't like you said earlier like you said earlier. What really we're not we're not just make it's evolved in the NBA is hell bent on trying to do to change him something playoffs draft right legitimate thing in the drug is for a tank media world to start right. And it upwards argument wells and the more spicier and Alice of things. So but. OK if you sit as earlier in your right you said mom use today. That the NBA. Would you say he's innocent of is winning late in the season corrects this okay. Blood. If you bowl oh look at him but also what somebody would say is if you did away with the draft. They would become all the teams would go to to Miami or LA all the great player yeah. So let's say all Margaret Bagley and not your age radio all the topics in this year's NBA draft right. All those guys are free agent yes and you would say OK yeah maybe trade young would go to Los Angeles and and maybe Andrei would go to a you know a high profile city bright and after that. Like the money's gonna run out to want some of these guys as well. So everyone's owners and salary Cabral soldier a player why would you not go to you talk what would you not go too so on so if they offered you more money Ursula dead you have to restructure. The rookie scale. But it is it if you're under salary cap if if if you talk awarded overpay give trade on fifteen million dollars a year next year the Sony think. And it but the leg is only had eight million dollars a day. All the sudden things would change differ is in that regard. And always via if you have. You know that some would say those teams are better off with a lottery to the New Jersey of the players but I got a problem with your watchers and I understand. Yeah I mean there's only so many. Openings on the east team right like. Say just for the sake of argument that. Every draft dual player from Kentucky and duke slid I'd like to live in Miami I'm going to play for the heat or are they got James Johnson and Dwyane analytic and Dion already under contract cult like did you hit it is not gonna happen right it's the same reason all of you didn't go to the same college he's right you can't sure where you all right they're returning guys soon. So and if anything if there are short guys in college there's the they would do that that brings a sort of an FBI investigation that lets stick to assume morning fully and date. They tried a few colleges that well the latest is that. When I saw a story yesterday I think it was that. The FBI has bridge sheets of that document. Meticulously. These payments Brohm the agents who the athletes I am leaves. And soul. You know they'd they were. I camping one line in the stories seated if your school produced a first round pick in the last three or more years you should be very nervous. So they they think it's a very wise rated being from from from from that story so. It's it's supposedly progressing at the FBI. A devious college basketball deal. So will seek. You just threatening at all any day an hour an hour now is big names and some of those where the moon Neil wake me up when it's gonna happen. Yeah can we haven't I mean it did do you kind of have an initial. Shock that that this was going on. And then I guess he had a couple of other beings coaches step in them a real industry is they like him the last couple weeks are you. You weeks. You know we haven't we haven't heard a whole lot about it but I. It is it's FBI you didn't I guarantee you it's progressing it's not like the NCAA investigation but it just hits a ball and nothing happens two years later. Whether you announcer like the day after mark to like the brackets are early on Sunday did you imagine for a could you imagine via via real nice time and you're right before we continue idea nice time right now is it to 6 o'clock headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. We start off with the Honda classic this look at the Honda classic leaderboard is brought to you by Edwin watts golf shop. Poll of the ninety day 100%. Guarantee. Alex Norman Webb Simpson share the leader of war under. PGA champion Justin Thomas is among a group of five players at three under 67. Tiger Woods he shot even par seventy he's tied for twentieth. Woods hit seven of fourteen fairways ten of eighteen greens. Yet just when he bought pucks so that's that's doing and doing good work on the greens that are. I'm curious in at a big gallery today. Bullets. Tires get up to stay in contention for the gallery to remain the same any of the mid down here in a few years like I did I get the entry. But I'm just curious on the surface is Tiger Woods still he is the bigger stronger golf bottom talk about what he was. Lately tenure though he was a big strong sports scene and he's clearly not that anymore now if he could if he is contending. Sunday. Does he become the league does it just does it quickly become bright I don't generally strong. Or yeah I would think that the Honda look love tiger to make a charge on Saturday. And be like. We you know 11. Stroke here or one stroke behind going into Sunday and I could build out yeah and I don't know when Ventura California. But a master what what what do you think the visit to the change that quickly perk because right now publicly leg pulling my mom. Is love Tiger Woods right. Right it's never watched anything else you know. She loves watching Tiger Woods. It has been ten years since he's been too he's that he's been any anything and energies as volatile when tiger went tiger wants tiger ages. He's been gone for so long I'm just wondering if all of us at MI and have to be this weekend but that it would. Like I tell you have to start somewhere right he's now was that just a short but gusts on Sunday with a six trillion ocean extra six stroke lead and went right at the yeses are winning easel tournaments in getting that's been a progression seriously want Friday to get to Saturday to get the Sunday. What if he is. Barack. On that stage don't do as everyone just all of a sudden like it's everything just flips and all those. Those droves of fans are immediately back in intrigued by tiger wearing red on Sunday I think it only happens when it happens in a major. In my life I was there do you think it could will happen no. And he's in that jobs but the fans would be would be it would back a McEnroe latest woods if I look at it Tiger Woods that we told somebody. Double the monthly Tiger Woods is two shots back at Augusta all of a sudden the ratings would spike enormous. Yeah I think yeah yeah they would like they would for the rest of years ago that you have for that one event if it's a major yes my of the Honda and well the ranks behind it would be big yet but a but I mean it wouldn't you know it did. I don't think most people here as much a belly regular tour stop with tiger as they would a major. So it in other words. People would be I think the hard core golf fans would be excited if tiger did something at a regular tour stop. Like Honda. But when you're talking about numbers and casual ball clear and in the general sports fan who's not a golf and that's the numbers come from right it would have to be a major because they bought them like this they hear about on the planet might not even know that tiger playing in the Honda class right so am I is like the better way to ask question has as tiger mania I don't think tiger mania would. Would maintain light. From. You know say British Open through PGA. But if if he isn't it would be a major by major being I think. If you do will add at. And is added dust. And you know it it it. Series yeah. There's also mean and yes yes to play well which is a big if by a big assumption but my my biggest question would be if he does. Is lazy is is that people have not gotten out of retirement is still would be instilled this c'mon droves but why didn't they changed the the majors this year. Is the open the British Open now the last cool and made the PGA I don't know you know that I remember capital. They did it change schedule anyway. Back to headlines Miami Heat Beckett practice today Kelly a limit only participated in non contact drills salinity is out for tomorrow's game at New Orleans. Noam Rodney Magruder will go to Sioux Falls for two rehab games on Saturday and Monday. You'll join the team on Tuesday and closed Berkett close yet. Getting close ma'am Magruder is almost bay. Speak no better. NBA their bank tonight of interest and he billions at Chicago at eight. Billy of course has one and a half game lead over Miami for the seventh spot in the east. Finally Florida Panthers host Washington at 730 tonight at the BB NT senator pregame starts at seven and WQAM. By sixty which is our sister station. Goals are your. No they're talking. You know almost all of college basketball. This the MBA man yet missed the MBA missed it just you know. It is that you get do you have to a little bit withdrawal almost no bias is one of those things where you get through like 23 days and get the all star game and any written by like day four and five real right. Aha. Just gimme gimme some games here to simply changes the. NBA to me has the best product. It it did to me it's the most watchable regular season. Sport from of the pro sports over in a bill. Over baseball now watch hockey but yeah. I did you know I don't know enough filled this kind of bores me. Regular season unless it's a good match up like I don't watch almost any NBA game. In a bill it has to be a good matchup I can watch the dregs of the NBA play each other because there's a good player out there. You know from somebody that I wanna see it's not that way in the and a thrill so I. I I'm I'm Berry Berry very glad that. I have an MBA is coming back tonight on the all star break. By the way somebody says the majors are still still scheduled to sing in the players championship that moved from made a mark Turco. Okay I'm and it isn't something I'm exactly yeah nudity and calendar change the schedule change and Joyce in Ottawa millions because I got to given some some golf poolside you know you gotta keep up with guy yeah I got a Tebow. Newest element that's that's pretty much at all holes rounds gambling productivity numbers in my entire life. We get to Jim Morris man his team has got a big series coming up against the gators the defending champs divorce is final season. In the dugout for the hurricanes who talked to the other skipper about his ballclub we're off to a two in twos start. And he's joins us next right here awesome and I didn't take it. And as an art show every afternoon on the ticket for your kids to a special meant access to see the best beach volleyball players in the country and the world on Fort Lauderdale beach as we major series takes place on Fort Lauderdale beach from number two insurance. Through march 4. More info on his amaze you ventured out to your Miami dot com and don't get to listen to our show when your way in the brought you by Ames OpenId never won a 43 HD to take it we gave way to get earlier in the and. Our in the 4 o'clock hour or so on graduation rate there are you listening while we its he'd take us so we give it away here and then next. Thanks weaker so we got the lead to bubbles series we've we do very generous or her I must say and no amount responsible for for what we give away but to that's like the holidays and the powers that be have been have been very generous around here on names have an idea for 1043. HD two. The ticket you know is set to show we invite and encourage your text messages on this Thursday. Afternoon drumming into Thursday evening at 67974. That's 67974. On the Coral Springs on Lamar Hunt it's Exxon we've bounced around quite a bit here today who love it Apollo on a variety of subjects. Whether it's hours in Miami he would think Tom De'Angelo. He joined us in the 5 o'clock hour also we've talked a bit about the MBA trying to revamp some other their rules as as a retains the tanking and the post season also low total Miami Dolphins as a couple of guys that we expected to be out the door. In in due course. Ultra B Julius Thomas and won the Lawrence Timmons and other com mine is next week. And and you're gonna be there Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Covering it for for the South Florida sun sentinel and I'm sure it'll go through at some point they're per presented fairly every day out yet what you have some like analyst at American lets you sneak off to saint elmo's. Not. A lot of time there amount or did you review please call on a couple of times give us a straight dope on what's happening with guys running around in and underpants up there in Indianapolis are right. If you only knew how sick I am of slain Elmo. My goodness do what about the what about the steak and cigarettes over 24 hours right there on the a lot more I do not like Indianapolis. At all so I'd why because it's phony degrees no no I don't mind no match com. It's got its very convenient everything is downtown you don't need to rent a cars the people. Are boring there'd there'd. Midwest friendly very nice a very boring it's is one of those cities where. If you're in a bar they're playing music from like six and seven years ago and everybody's all excited and cool day at a slight duke. Are you in a time capsule like. Very friendly. And varying degree it is an artery bore out agree it's kinda bland this new nobly and this man is far from from when one of the best to ever do it. I and his team's got a big series coming up against the Florida Gators. As they roll into Coral Gables. The skipper in his 45 and final season season joins us here on the right from the Dow's as we assorted guests either actually stems from beyond him being a gym courses where this coach are you doing today. I'm doing that are you don't we're doing great you got to cursed purge here coach end up on thanks for the eggs for joining us here. Let's talk about your ballclub theories started their season and to series against Rutgers. You got to yup lest they by Missouri got a lot of new faces here for folks that there don't really know much much club god tells Lou Obama what you got come back here and what you what what she recruited here this past offseason. Where we're we've started pop freshman source and a lot of guys are young guys were to revert to all the players. And we're trying to Leo look for a lot of because we grow watched what score will look. Well played led to hit right now but Reyes. Billy Ray initially a transfer from bone. Toward community college in boot from Miami and they were a regular ocean couple or pleasure in there but we're really there shrink that they'll actually lived in our pitcher and English and tour. Young guys which it was short so we started to our freshman infield include Accenture actually a lot of lot of young guys you will likely late few mistakes and we're told reporters who are unemployed. Ade Jimoh we know through the years you have had some absolutely outstanding players. When I was covering you guys are covered viewed 979899. And that was pat Burl and and Jason Michaels. So we know you've gotten some great wins but me and Curtis we're talking about the ones they got away. Some that list for you ended like eight runner guys who got drafted whatever the best players you had. But they just got away for whatever reason Jim who are they was there was a magazine. You know similar to meet you remember all of those guys but they run to get short Austrian culture right. A little short so he don't want predictions but we got do you really great purple Paul Richardson or what is that. And they're really really cherish and rural road and start conditioner in your polish school who grew heroic shooters are abolished it'd. She's okay both Solutia has put those two of the best was of course it would include China went before trouble with a few guys. Coach what would you on the most proud of here I mean that. Obviously the accolades on the field those are well documented but it is some other relationships that mean that's that's the cause of that a lot of people don't know. That I'm sure you're getting tax fro from guys that you. That dale that are in the majors for ten years and the guys that you helped get sued so pro level that have turned into not only great baseball players but you know great businessmen met him beyond. In all your time in the game and that's got to be some has been very rewarding for you. Or this front front as she ordered doomed bush probably shed be sure to put out sooner so Coke on trench where. 95% of development to bring collection people realize. So I. On. We're building our guys are all get their degrees basically yes. Bless your girlish or emotionally to the year reform lounging around she sort of go to graduate in that are doing well life can won't. And Dearborn two players which were your first manager ever let anyone tell Alex Cora would bolster restaurant business guns like it but we sure managed to revert oil or election inclusion of financial position we're who we're gonna live a lot of you know tritium dot commercial pitch or your show. And you responded clearly do make jump by action last week it was still like what you hope for us we should alumni game that we or towards some antibiotic. Which usually pretty to look when you mention them. My courses in the Borough voter to vote down that team play thirteen years Lenovo went up to you like to sleep at four. The game but. It was on Russia actual bracket schoolchildren got branching out. So much schedule that Russia eventually Russia looking urged those big east to overwhelm business. There's no. Nice I know I'm sure that's great women the former players get back in touch with you. Do you want any being from other school's gym as as you go around and you noted do you would you I don't know if you remember Kareem Abdul Jabbar but. He had like a farewell tour and an opposing teams were giving him gifts. Would you want any thing like battered and let's just play baseball. While I'm really you're used to play baseball and we've. We played Rucker that you're here let's surprise you know hole plate with the with much like we're seeing which respond should. Course where banquet in. Or players who like a bunch of apparently showed up after the banquet dinner Roche which reported so that include me a little sort of by the which total commercial real punishing thing to note Georgia Tech likable actor that would soaked a judge. The war coached at forty or twelve your social. I don't really plan anything like that are expecting think I'm sure some link to Cabrera put the number one attribute your would you deploy develop these guys could potentially turn. You asked them that Reynolds do. Began restorative thing relish the world so let's close this deal brokered in Libya run up from the beginning of and boost there's got to be honest is that they've recorded or allow for us if hopefully it is just let us the tote bag you know conversation. Now there is there a good mood already come Al-Jazeera. Jim Morris or the head coach at the mercy of Miami is a way that they had a big series against Florida the defending champ draw number one team in the country. Coach out what how difficult is that is as good measuring stick for your team and also just on a fault which is talking about. Oh with a with a freshman infield was the biggest adjustment for for a freshman to go from high school because high level high school to two College Baseball. Which is an active you know it's gonna go to that next level and you know she better pitches and became shall we crashed during some guys. Are able to adjust their equipment. Others but. The these guys are gonna be good player should there be implosion quash a British regular just on the Florida comes in her decision. A pitcher mark my government build number one in the country in the ground in the progression to who should really get. Boris you are great patience social really challengers doesn't look told our guns and you have to step up to replace it and make it just went to an. They get better and I'm sure it takes us fortunately keep virtually shouldn't really good competition. Jim the biggest changes through the College Baseball games since you've been involved whether it was. Moving the timing of of the draft or changing them the bad sore or whatever it. The biggest changes may be the biggest one or two changes to the game you would say it. Or saying maybe from drug and advance to fly it. Let us. I. The template for the better but of course his equipment everything so much better umpiring error to travel. On the issue there are guys stay at full source American cultural and national journal's the very well taking care of them. And everything they do is first class solutions so many programs center third purity used remind me for many years was like this simple but there was buddy. I think a lot of people in this country can't beat Miami topic who treasury include me. Jordan Turkey and there's a program that. I had never won in and crude copy or mine used to and I should Roma. But systematic Uganda businessman initial launch to watch it should be talking Louisville coach crucial she until coach what we should do here with. A drug developer Illumina traditional Washington a lot of programs have done that now there have done very well and sushi so compared children schools that are officials and in baseball itself Florida's so stand. And Jim when you don't live the good life in College Baseball at describe her argued are you traveling by bus alive are you staying at motel six not a ripple till six that might be a sponsor but it hurt let me tell tell me about it the other side of the coin in College Baseball. When you don't know whether governors there's still some people courses are doing dimensions. The low end but trust you know world. In world war worst Baldwin. And so we shall fish pivotal point you know this out of South Florida. And even tell actually fly the and in some time which are. Hewitt semifinal and final regular bracket back everybody it. You'll like you know a couple of first class and never wanted to have a good Buddy Hackett and charter you know what can a little erratic replies so. Consummated our inflation changed into a world player to retrieve British drew Gardner which YouTube but I kept to a game. It back in addition how are you ready for clash practice and actually it. Induced an atrocious or they've been under incredible aguila with a willingness orders clutch. This year with 56 we had 56 regular season games when missed orange clad people. You don't understand that we traveled spring break we play out purchase and assumption that English very little on. Our team Burgess to ensure grade point averages of three point 12 mil world seem to English which students who. And the bird well playing terrible no all of us feel. Also knows until parachute off can probably shoot shall be an all American are particularly since I promise you could just weren't in the people's shares. Who graduate. Have every opportunity published polish. No doubt coach your all of us overdo it and and we certainly thank you for taking a few minutes here as you look kick off the odds when he fifth and final campaign down here in Coral Gables and a big one against the gators while the the game right here on the whole per game baseball 790 the ticket Sunday at at 1 o'clock coach best of luck thank you sir version of. Okay thanks guys that interim analyses Sunday. You've got to chip horse right there and of course the accolades a student too many to mention but you mentioned players who went to Georgia Tech game do you mention. You mention that Carolina has a visual and any mission every couple. I shouldn't miss it or we're southwest I believe I know he was a Texan not that I came close to covering. Aubrey back when I was there are so. Yeah Russia should have known over the edge of morris' is courtesy of sponsored by you our sports medicine institute now on the Lamar foundation medical center. In Coral Gables recover your game. So our thanks to budget more for joining us right there on your home for Kurt gave baseball audience of and any NF from 1043. HD two and done ticket. You mentioned those great teams in the great players we went to Georgia Tech game days. You know he's coached Nomar Garciaparra Jason very intact. I mean just when he mentioned earlier Carl's Correia forgot about him. Pop out of the city and Charles Johnson also Johnson was a little Joseph Lucy Lucy doesn't and withdrawn Eurasia program treasury rate on those 92. So you know those right right before Jim to go over so those what 92 Mars human embryos for morals for traffic. It was a it was CJ was backstop for a perennial CJ out Fernandez on the greater contains just some how I would say it is too you know. Like him before the Marlins a Turkey is baseball. But I decides it's you don't usually just like the coolest thing is going down a mark Bly on a Friday night getting the milk shake. And hot dog sitting out there and bleachers in the bill aren't you know and in the door behind home plate. The breeze is blowing in the the trees are Ers are are. Slain in the outfield that got a beautiful new indoor practice facility that DC right now Satterfield of the build it right there you know that he's got a great lines watches some of the best baseball you'll see in in anywhere. Yeah and I love sorry ladies Barnes and there is I. When I was in high school in San Antonio our coaches to take us up the road sued University of Texas and you know Roger Clemens and Calvin role beer and with Gustafson the coach a great ocean. So that was when I got hooked on College Baseball. I incident comes here and you will miss here. So. It's not it's it's been outstanding typically we got through it interview with mores in the city of Omaha never Tama. It's this much and we'll so much talked lords about a I didn't. Scratch the surface and now he's he's this story is beyond you know he's this story still stories I do wanna hear more about that roast. That's that was. It would have been the best jury so Alex Cora yeah we had some people's eyes and asked about how scorer and and coach and coach her coach certainly brought on. But thanks to you are sports medicine now on the Lennar foundation medical center in Coral Gables recover your game as the interviews brought to you by. You're a sports medicine institute we combatant at some final thoughts rabbit of Frito. These were very Jackson this evening into around the corner right here on some and I mean take. Oh yeah. Yeah. Beckham's decision here for our last segment Curtis and her. Katmandu where we're we're almost done here we're almost at NBA starting. May after the all star break man. Thanks to not go danger coming up here will allow updates you on on what games you need to be watching out for a little bit here because our off. Now you would definitely say where we ornaments scoreboard watcher but as it is a release of the Miami Heat can definitely wanna do a little on scoreboard watches video that. You don't wanna miss an idiot action any don't miss any of the of the shows on 790s so. Joseph lawless and I was one out here cardinal words you've got it to adapt the stream on the ticket Miami dot com. Freeman on radio dot com and that apple as well and if you're here in South Florida you can hear the heat games online as well. So many ways a listen so many hot takes you wanna miss any of the action thanks Jim Morris for joining us. Also Tom De'Angelo snub by a little bit earlier work around busy show tomorrow already. We a lot of things going on here so well -- just before 4 o'clock on a on a Friday but tonight's yes the NBA is back longhand Maria we on Washington in the new look Cleveland Cavaliers just you know. I'm surprised Washington has been able to together without John Wall I thought they were gonna crumble sorted out. Sort of say what Cleveland if they can continue from what a four game winning streak doubling evidence. I looked it up to you will see if they can continue this although. All the excitement about say they made this major deal and they did we we've never seen me a contender. Make such a a huge personnel. Change. That late in the season yet Cleveland is a four game win streak so we'll see if they can keep that up and read yet drastic change for heat's title contender. That they'd be have a different look any different attitude deathly a more athletic team so we'll see what they can do. Really every night and assignments and your your what your more wait and see mode but they had to do something and then I think there are I'd I'd I'd. I don't think they can be Goldstein know everything they can beat you go in but they weren't good they're definitely but now at least have a chance they had to do something perk into and I'm good and because nobody was really. In it in by mode in the MBA they got a little bit lucky I mean I give Cole we all my credit but they were very lucky that in the fact that in this landscape of the NBA. There is. There is there's about four teams. That were in by mote being. Pop and then there was about a budget teams that were kind of in mid. Those about ten teams are time and by mold if it was it worked out short term and long term like the Miami he would do in Leighton. And then the rested teams were just sell sell sell sell sell. Saw us as it was Italian stock market where you just had all these sellers and you had no buyers could noisy there really buying. For the team to think they can win and we will Cleveland's. You to kind of say against Detroit wasn't buyer right but what I really referendum here Arabia or maybe I delay yet. They weren't championship buyers they were really got to make the playoffs they are you know we as in years coming yeah but I Golden State the amendment movement in Houston. There are there organ all these guys awful awful awful balm. The buyouts anyway so we really feel intimate and it made a deal. So there's only a few teams that are gonna say you know what let's go forward because we were just winning this thing right hand you know Toronto held pat they were doing thing you know Boston. Mean you know they made all their lives there moves are in the offseason so who was only a few teams get a budget teams are trials so so critical portion of the they had to heal once teams or selling players. And that they were the only ones gone out essentially. Yeah they were able to would there were a little reshape their roster now is it better. Wolf for the first week and a half yes it's clearly better. Now global will that stay the same I don't know I think that your of their better and put the bottom line is it had to do something. And they were able to do yeah yeah I did you growing up that that that that roster. As well as it was constructed. Yet look I was our shock that they were able to do as much as as they could level I wasn't sure what they were gonna do. If anything I I don't you know budget. How but what they could do you know what they could I want the bigger and wanting to do is coming hours as they were able to do you have a larger under the move Isiah Thomas right like that's the you know that that was one that I didn't seek comment. I thought they were really kind of committed to Isaiah. The word. If LeBron left at least you have Isiah but their thinking was nothing like that so. We'll see we'll see start tonight Glenn will get a better indication of of whether this being has any lasting that you know says many staying power the revamp. Details on talking about well they hear is always a mammal Dewey and the ball just before 4 o'clock Burke enjoy the game site we MBA and we'll be watching the lives of miles of fun here while some feedback for you. Tomorrow just before forgo arguably a Friday and it cannot get here fast enough. Josh Friedman and Barry Jackson they're coming up next to give the right here and Romans 879 to take.