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Friday, February 23rd

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All of blocked shots on this Friday afternoon a man Curtis and corporate news here on 79 you tickets. And there is a whole lot going on I don't even know where to begin at birth but I'll begin with it's Friday. Can you can't screw up for Friday and prevent a busy week we got a busy show lined up for you we got Miami Heat basketball is back tonight. We're gonna run to right up until our coverage. At 7 o'clock put but happy Friday to lament how you feel. And we we got us a big week here in a big day. This next week is the is the combo in Seoul. Knew where we're off and running ten. The miniscule sample we got today Jeff Goodman is he college basketball insider for ESPN he's gonna join us in about 25 minutes. The FBI is naming names and naming schools need in this in this probe you're gonna have information on that in the in the headlines here in just a moment. I don't you know I don't I don't steal steal your thunder there you know worked out will brag. From the Golf Channel he's gonna joins him on the glass and he would join us. Right around 440. I don't wanna steal your thunder there on the on the on the on the Ed wants leaderboard the hard but he's gonna join us. Our Joan Myers is going to be here he is in play by play man for the in New Orleans L against. Also up Mike Wallace is gonna stop by our good buddy in Memphis is that he will play the grizzlies tomorrow night our five game home tinsel world second. Without my Mike checked and we got a few other surprises along the way including Adam Beasley. Who is who's gonna hop on here in a couple of minutes because we have a developing story. That were that were following here and it's a very disturbing one. And of abusing it's very surprising as well considering. Your history with the with a gentleman thing I'll get into that year but let's get to 4 o'clock headline. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami and W exact fix it. Teach you Miramar. Well we're gonna start off with a disturbing story former dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin has reportedly been arrested after a disturbing social media polls from his don't. No the post had a picture of what appears to be a shotguns. With the hash today Harvard Westlake on the barrel and the hash today in Miami Dolphins on the handle. The post is when you're a bully victim Emmett how were your options are we're binge or suicide. It also hit the Twitter handle for four people including Richey and Todd Nino and Mike I don't see. Harvard Westlake is the high school Martin attended in California. It was closed for the day Friday after officials became aware of the polls also. The Miami Dolphins security. A late alerted NFL security who oppose after the dolphins became aware of it so. A lot of working parts there and in and that disturbing and says story let's go to the Honda classic this look at the Honda classic leaderboard is brought to you by Edwin watts golf shop. Home of the ninety day 100%. Guarantee. Right now Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger share of the lead at three under were others. Are tied for second place at two under Tiger Woods right now. Is tied for eight at one under. And tiger is on the mum and Walpole yeah he's he's he's on the twelfth or doors through twelfth hole is working it man if he's there he's seasoning and then there reasoning and in their as your cavs say money he returns action tonight at New Orleans at. 8 at 8 o'clock but he sits in eighth place in the east now two games behind number Sutley deputy C that 76ers finish last night's only six of bulls who has sixers are so lucky and they some loss they also lost a game against them may -- -- wager on the bulls went out and I just drag us out of this Adam Opel and for the heat try to score as a source that solves all pure intentions there asks us that is an eye opening Yahoo! report on the FBI's investigation in the college basketball corruption. Showed among other beings he sinner bail out of bio received around 36000 dollars from former agent Andy Miller. Or attending Kentucky now. There's this to this story have a lot of blow working parts to it a lot of oboe players were named in it among Lamotte. Michigan State's current players Michigan State so miles bridges dukes are window Carter junior. The stories is there's potential. Impermissible bin bits and preferential treatment. Players and illegal players at duke. North Carolina Kentucky. Michigan State Richard. Some of the bluest of the blue bloods also Texas USC. And Alabama. They say there's a whole host of other schools could be in trouble camp misses just one Asian arm and they still have been revealed. Or or we don't know publicly they've they've got hours and hours of wiretaps and an own conversation so. I use you know this story is going to keep on holding and it's going to be scary were a lot of school. Arnold Jeff Goodman for me is being called best ones federal doors in about twenty minutes but let's us go out to the right Phil's announcer who is it was just like. They are truly steps beyond you being you mention the word scary. That's what went through my mind when I saw this so this post about an hour and a half ago. And wondering if it was in fact true Adam Beasley joins us from Miami Herald or NFL and Miami Dolphins insider. Adam looks like we have some more information here on on Jonathan Martin. He's been taken into custody as per mentioned oh what can you tell us a man. Yet aside from that. Not a con I think guy you got it of people on the headlines. Last night I believe. Someone. Purportedly using doc Martins to into your account so by. Stop illegal wallet dot marked himself. Put a very disturbing photo. On the social media site with a shotgun and eighteen show. And and women who would the message when Europe bully victim and a coward your options are suicide. Or revenge and he tagged number of people on tour which I did not know that even though he only he and another person whose handle I don't know. But. I guess more pressing the Miami Dolphins are tagged my county was tagged Regina Qaeda leader was tagged and his high school is prep school. Out LA it was also tagged up prep school as at didn't hoping they would shut down entire day that Al serious I think took it. And and it's just another dissent chapter herb forgot to Mark Matthews is quite aspire to central spiral downward. Is that 2013 bully scandal. These are we both know Jonathan Martin what do you think are the chances that it was actually saw him. Who posted this side music who who posted this message we know that he has reportedly been arrested. But it did you did. You know for me that this is even seems while for Jonathan Martin. To post but what what do you think. Well I don't think. But we learned anything the last 89 days is don't underestimate. A mental illness don't underestimate someone who feel those isolated or lead. Pushed to the edge. Jonathan Martin as a troubled troubled man we knew that from his time in Miami. 2012 in the beginning in 2013. We always use something Lou wasn't quite right there and then when he left the team and all this came out this text messages and well investigation. Go to a lonely. And depressed. And I think it's fair to say mentally ill. Young man he he has sense in 2015 after retired. He went public with his battle with depression. And acknowledge that the multiple times during his playing career. That attempted suicide tried to kill himself so this is this is that buried that story and all evidence I have I know it seems that Carriker hurt. Prefer guy that we knew briefly. But I don't know you know I don't think he discounting that perk and I think. They had they the authorities certainly believe you don't responsible for this the schools said it shut down because of the threat from the former student dot mark is a former student so. Yeah it is really bad and it sounds trite the sale because they help he needs but. I you know I guess if there's one thing you can say in this is entire. Episode is someone saw something and said something they did what the authorities asked to do and it worked on Mike here which. Had a you know. Just absolutely heartbreaking heartbreaking breakdown of institutional failure. Alec out in Southern California work and a potential disaster. An and an end in bloodshed may have been saved by someone alerting. Authorities from southern miss on mr. Graham. I Jonathan Martin according to ABC news has been taken into custody saw I'd imagine they confirm that that was in fact Johnson Martins is the grim account. In the and they wanna ask him certainly about that and are taking no chances you never want to take anything lightly but certainly. What within in today's current climate in what just happened down here in South Florida. Just the job on what you said Adam disturbing alerted to it and you know meant avoiding a possible. Possible tragedy advice for job drugs Somalis here and and thank you very much of Emil sevens and Leo Laviolette has no thank you. At a measly covers the dolphins. For the Miami Herald are NFL insider course toward Jonathan Martin and pulling scandalous did you perk. Bumped back a few years ago. Just yeah this is a cry for help. When you put that out there and it's on the Martin. He's nuts he's got some some serious problems we have heard a lot from Johnson mark in the last couple years. When Agassi was a the last I heard you dreading his memoirs and and those can travel. He'll write a book and obviously moved on from football after the back injury. That that sidelined him get a cup of coffee with this every Cisco 49ers out there and looked but this and just comes on you know week after. Oh what what happened in our own community and what has what has. Basically shook the nation to its core. Then this happens. We Jonathan Martin and it is not a vague comments it is not a it is not a easy. He's the the response by him this is pretty direct when your tags in my county Richey and Todd me though. His former high school. The Miami Dolphins. The quote that he has the picture the shot on the shotgun shells and into other two other other handles their own I'm presuming people that bully him. It feels a high scorer it's Stanford. Well I don't know but it it's pretty to read about as direct as you can get is I'm coming after yours what he posted. Yeah it's it's. It is one of those situations where. Tom you'd you'd look at this and you playing for anybody to post this. That that's disturbing. But then for anybody to post this week after what happened at Douglass high school. You gotta you gotta pick a mop. Oklahoma got no choice so we'll we'll see what comes out of this is whereas you know mental illness or somebody you know really tell oral or whatever perk but it again even if somebody hacked his account to put that up there. Right now a week after Douglas. And that's that students. They need to be locked up just board that you were surprised that it was that it was you your you surprise well it was him. Why why it was I would say surprised Tom I am surprised that body. Wedlock not just Jonathan Martin put that body like are you kidding me a week after Douglas high school. Like and are you know that's I don't I'm and that's trying to figure out being in an. And look and and you know it it's hard to look at anybody and own. Yeah that that somebody who you know I would I would think would would do that so. From it's it's it's a horror step to take my. Hey you know nowadays you've got to be vigilant and so yeah Jonathan Martin you'd you're definitely going to. Get arrested get question whatever you post anything remotely close to what was post. All right thanks Adam be easy for joining us right there real I think is good to bury the story what more dolphins know bonds they Davis is is are supposed to visit the Balkans the former dolphins quarterback first round pick biz in the last by years and indeed made two pro bowls. With the calls he was out. With a young growing slash abdominal injury which. You know and when they describe it like that is probably close to her New York or something like that. But Tom yet he's he is and these visiting the ball and so we'll see what happens with the. Yeah answers joining us will keep drag the story throughout the afternoon but a former dolphins. All Lyman Johnson Marten apparently posted a picture of a gun. Two words when your bully. Victim and a coward your options are suicide or revenge on instill Graham intact former dolphins teammates searching Kanye don't make bouncy. That according to twelve up also met stone ABC is confirm that Martin has been taken into custody. In the picture on mr. Graham shows the a shotgun with shotgun shells lid on a bed. And though also hash tag Harvard Wesley which was his high school while Los Angeles that he went to and also hash tag Miami Dolphins. And though Harvard Westlake upon hearing. And this being brought to their tension the they closed the school down for the day so loved the latest is on the Margaret taken into custody for a for the industry imposed. And the dolphins were aware of this third Dalton security contacted in a bill security after the ball game where there's so. Disk you know there's this thing was some it it sounds like it at least from some angles it was it was being cut right. And obviously they have done more costly new easily have been aware he is and you know that's the obviously the main thing are we come back we'll talk to Jeff Goodman also hook up with him. On ESPN college Basel insider. These guys as they're in the they're naming names targets of named Rio and schools. And way to Egypt summit dollar amounts if you haven't heard already yes well. Will ask Jeff Goodman would would he makes of all this what could come out wall is this going to be when the biggest scandals. It college basketball slowed his thoughts on. On now on the tournament and has about our team down at the University of Miami as a as they approach attorney basketball that on the way right here on 79 to take. Are. We know lies and cover here on 790 the ticket courtesy of her veterans here a couple of Jeff Goodman is just the second half. Busy day for him and big day in college basketball is our show every afternoon right here on the ticket for your chance to win special access to see the best. Beach volleyball players in the country and the world on Fort Lauderdale beach as the beach major. Series takes place on Fort Lauderdale beach from February 27 to march 4 more info on this amazing ventured out to to remind me dot com and don't for its listen Marshall when your way in brought you my answer OpenId you know from 1043 PT two ticket we're gonna give those 300 dollar tickets away in the 5 o'clock hour to make note of that time out about the wrangles announcers in his it was just under truly step beyond QB and he is he college basketball insider for ESPN. And he joins us right now on 79 incident Jeff Goodman is our desert in palm on Twitter at Goodman ESPN's Jeff I know it's a busy busy day thanks for carving out a few minutes with us. No problem the problem all right you don't. Robert Greg Jeff and Abu we want what I you between a lot about what's going on. Yahoo! as the big report today what was your what was your take away initially when we were sexier salt schools and names and an amounts. What was out what was your big take away from a. All week for me hours to surprise at all other than the fact that I saw the actual names in the mountains. And it didn't surprise me it was just more of curiosity of who is it how much did they get paid. You know and and and that fit because again I've known what Andy Miller's throat for 1015 years he's been doing this a long time. So a lot of yet none of it surprised me and Andy Miller is not the only one out although I do believe. He's probably the worst offender among the agents. Would you look at this story. Under the college basketball. Spotlight. Bail amount of bio a guy who's here with the Miami Heat is a layers who have received 36000 dollars I believe is the total melt. But it appears. That AM received that money both the war he enrolled at their Kentucky I'm not mistaken. If that is correct. Dean do you know how that would be ruled in other words it may have got money both were going to consult deep never got money went at Kentucky. Could the wildcats will be in trouble or Obey him and this particular amount. You know I don't think so I mean again because Kentucky had knowledge the hardest part of situations. And the college coaches. Often have an idea these kids are getting paid by agents. But looked the other way and and a lot of them. Don't even really know and and and they've got agents come and in. What birdies before they ever get to the school a lot of these kids are already accounted for by the time they get through college in terms of foreign agent. Okay they're already done deal sealed delivered yeah. So you know that might have been the case repairman a bio. Although he didn't end up my knowledge correct that'll beat you end up going with. Would Andy Miller of January you know you wonder what he didn't go to got all that money how much do we get from from some other. Yet and now Jeff do you know if if is there a difference. Eight between guys who received money while I. Quote unquote student athlete sport you received it before maybe you sign your national letter of intent in other words you're high school graduate work in a you play here and didn't receive any money while enrolled at the school. Could the school say that has nothing to do with us. And edit and conversely if you receive money every student athlete is the school in trouble perhaps. Sure I mean when you look at it you say listen before he got to the school you read up and do that and had no knowledge. Certainly it's not nearly as egregious his wallet keys on your campus. And they have this new coaches control role. We're whatever happens under your watch so if they said they did. I guess they could hear don't. We've if he was on Kentucky's campus. And and got money from Andy Miller. They could not know they would give him what do you should have no. You know if it's code control rule puts the onus. On the UK coach. For anything that that is assisting Stewart and happened within the programs so certainly could say that but it's it's hard guys. The control everything that goes on your program pick all the boosters that Iran and Iraq and potentially give the money. They get the agents the financial guys. Reuters I mean there's just so much right now and which social media. The way these people are able to access the kids and their parent is so much easier than it was 1015 years. Jeff Goodman from ESPN cal Braswell insider is our guest here on seven ended ticket yet Jeff I mean this is this is Graham makes a big headlines when Michigan State in Kentucky and duke. And north Carolina's names up there on a possibly doing something wrong or there player for doing something wrong. But all of ultimately I just got to roll my eyes. Out what do you think will come out of this what what what changes. You know what what type of a you know NCAA laws are or some sort of the ruling will come out of all this when it's all said and done. Mile and you never know audience or a lawyer that you know that's that's the honest truth is you never know what they're capable Dylan. They usually don't move quickly. They're very reactive. That'll bring in Peru. So in this case I could I could certainly see at the end of the day players being able to have agents. As a step because. Frankly the other sports are able to have agents and about baseball and an Arctic. So I think there's going to be a strong push for that you or some people. You know to pay players. And I don't think mark ever to be and so but once again that business but again it's it's a choice of getting it episodes or not being in business at all. Yeah until it probably he gets and that is. Do you think what the what they handed down to lure the most fair. As a metric the banner down I wouldn't it got to pick your gut feel like. That that that that's not a performances. I'm. The editor had nothing to do what that he did on the court you're punished in a budget is too big dog ergonomic court they wanna national title. I I probably wouldn't hit them that way but it's hard to hit him because everybody's gone everybody's gone so policy gonna get a candidate current team. But those could departed temper a lot they argue the policy is there a couple years ago so. I don't know what you do but you know I've felt like it probably the punishment really didn't fit the crime and not not even the severity but it kind of engage Europe. Just you know what you think that I'm hoping comes out of this FBI case is that one and done gets gets eliminated no no that's not going to X college basketball by any stretch I just don't like I think it's a rule that. Made but by the NBA solely. Save themselves from themselves so they. Something stops them from picking eighteen year old what are you drinking could come out of this I know we're a long way away or is there anything that you hope comes out of this. In terms of the one in general no concerns of the order he's an idea yeah. Again I think you you know Europe is being allowed to have as Beijing potentially I think there's a chance that that they could implement some sort of kids get paid something in battling it's going to be straight Tesla. But maybe there's some incentive program more you know you can do some marketing. If you want to appear yet top player and you wanna do advertising marketing you can get them money whether it's right there may be down the road. I think they've got to be able to. The bottom line is still a few. Well I mean my habit once. How are nobody does but a lot more always know if you paid players. There's still gonna want more than nine right now. That's a lot of it is is these it is the parents of these players are comparing notes with other quarters and then like. Getting a bit. So I wanna get paid as much if not more of a sudden they're. Others note that no question Jeff I remember graduate on time. Thanks brother if you don't you don't quit do you have a driver Greg basketball question emerged there was. Yeah good market and a brochure and out okay tomorrow I'll tell you yeah as you cut out there for a little bit there are right that we were a couple of sort of madness. I ever has been saying that it's a the most wide open tournament are you on that boat or heard yet a couple of teams are you think. That are other potential rose above everybody else. Until my last look like thirty from like one to 25. It is Mitt most. We we got we'll just go there he's not your reception and. Inside yet and sort of an ESPN campus I think he said he's the fire by the you know one has won five of people but things Jeff Goodman there we get the meat of the matter I think it dinged your assessment you number. We got there we a lot of stuff to get to. Here today we will gray coming appeared from the Golf Channel he's on the course for Tiger Woods right now who still on the course of the Honda classic in no toward gonna hook up with him to Omar is gonna stop by here -- contain detractors that this Jonathan Martin's story but you know this is does this and we about a second per for the the FBI that Jessica. I mean. We had this been going on is being a time when I mean. Players going to certainly campuses Dublin were certain guys that's on all started and then the agents got involved and then it was okay we. You and they know that stuff now it's now it's not just all we're gonna pair got to go to our school now. We got to pay got a sign it was an agent after the fact yeah so I mean it's just. Yes she sees some of the names I'm not surprised. Pot and all I don't know where it goes because yes as as Jeff mentioned. You can't I mean it gives player ax. Dennis Gibbs is named to this report him as a memento Biden okay is a Jews use Amazon example. You know that they're gonna go to Kentucky and as they did did you did you know this and to those of ago. No nothing I you know there there are no real bull one of those deals being handed what are you gonna do it Kentucky you know as a while you now's the family thing and all that stuff been. I was. You don't John cal Perry has never had no idea whether he's telling the truth or not to all the true stories full disclosure not. It's doubly can improve any of that did they give prove what they knew when they knew if they knew it all. No not nobody I don't think anybody scared of the NCAA. You're scared of the FBI. Under you know wiretapping or or or something like that that that's who you're scared of that who can make you talk NCA can't make you talk. The jobs can run towards Dallas. And and and really you know reading the Yahoo! story. Part of the problem for the NCAA. Is some of these files are sealed. And sold NCAA can even look at them right now court so as far as I don't think there's any teeing. That's going to be immediate from the NCAA has in the next couple of years. Except for maybe some of these players who were named in the report miles bridges that Michigan State. Wendell Carter junior at bed due date might be suspended by the school. And then perhaps the school seeks their reinstatement before the NCA turtle before their next game. But com. I don't yet aside from that I'm not sure what the NCAA can do in the short. Her employees well as you mentioned ram their likely be in what has been care. There in the league I don't know I don't know members are generally gone right right now the players are the players are pretty much untouchable it's. You know to me at the big deal is you're reputation with the school. But 'cause you wanna be able to go back to this school. And I'm Lisa Bryant though you have right exactly that's that's the big dangers your is your legacy with the school but legally and all that I. I mean and yet these guys are these guys are worried though I. I just don't feel like all these reasons he showed big names and like coach K could this be a big scandal off Tom Izzo Michigan State and you see all these you know coach cal it's all these the big names of these big time coaches. And well in Iowa though mom well let's let's wait a cica because. You know we still we don't know what the FBI has. And this Yahoo! report you know is is miles behind what the FBI has. There there's still phone records of phone you know our own conversations and and stuff like that that. But you know who knows what those conversations. I think that is all I kindness and you know I would say you know Ole hole poll holds I could again this is not NCAA beard this news. If there's any kind of you don't wire broader breaking gets you you know as coach K to get up there and talk. Did you might get in trouble from the NCAA a couple of years now Malone I gotcha I I just almost look. Guided if you're if you work that stupid than you deserve to be caught. It is an end my judgment if there's there's so many ways if you want to. Funneled money to a certain person. There's so many ways to do and I don't think the coach of the big time college football program is on the horn in his office scoring about yeah. I just wired to serve down the dollar well but see that's the pink caddy and I don't know I don't know I don't know you got it say that that's the leading this could be I mean this could be any type of bone this could be. A cell phone of that belongs to the coach this could be the cell phone of a parent that he'll be your hand the phone here's. You know Christian Dawkins Andy Miller wants to talk to you and and you know the coach gets on the bone and it's on the wiretap weld. And he you know just a cute. I don't know I could just be a couple of sentences as far as the NCAA problems so we'll see man. Mostly I guess I don't know what's gonna come and I'm not expecting and all of a sudden there's going to be those coaches are going to be you know just. In scandal and do not think you'll be a couple of years now Tommy is known you know yet another brilliant guy he's trying to do well let's go to the yeah. As far as the NCA. Yes our willow willow we'll get back to us a little bit later on we allows us to get to hear including Jonathan Martin India and the disturbing aims to Graham post us some predictions that it was anti bullying day. And do you think that heading to Ottawa citizen is today there's days where everything. Today and but I'll back coincided because it just kinda. Obviously we had a tragic that Douglass high school. Last week I don't know what triggered this in fact is all true what Jonathan Martin. For him to to post that if you miss it. On his is to Graham account he doesn't Marin former dolphins lineman is in custody right now. He is he posted a picture on into rim over shotgun. With with shells. Ball laying on a deal on a bed. And he he he added very tag they'll both Richard and Kanye and my pouncing. And to the quote of the game and allegedly we should say he has allegedly idea this is like on his account. And when Jiri bully when you're a bully victim and a coward your options are suicidal revenge that's what the that's with the caption read it to the gun with the shells. And India also hash tag Harvard Westlake. And hash tag Miami Dolphins. Salaam and the harmless it was high school he attended that has been shut down. When the team when this was brought to light. To their to their attention and corn ABC news' Jonathan Martin has been taken in the custody. So what was posted on his is mr. Grammer council. Hitting more happens on that front we'll certainly let you know bubble we had checked out one on on the links there on the road at the Honda classic. How will gray from the Golf Channel he's gonna join us on the up. Please follow tiger around low ticket and am in the and the view which looks good no beautiful day for golf. Up the road willow will do little we'll great action on the golf course coming up next right here awesome and I do take it. And they want you are lizard that was make this station is great as possible we're recently sent out a survey by email to all members of our insider clubs object your email please take the survey of or not. A member of our insiders' club joined now by logging on the ticket Miami dot com and rescind. Out the survey do you we may not care about two bullets are staying but we do care about your opinion on instant and I mean ever won a four threes 22 the ticket so please think that survey Forrest wells care about golf but who would Tiger Woods is lurking at the Honda classic right of the road. And though we join will gray right now he arrived fuels and thousands of Israel as a sign they're truly just beyond convenient person per bag with the here. On AM seminar Nina from 1043 ST two ticket but will all the time on the Golf Channel well I don't today. I'm doing well meant Tiger Woods on the leaderboard it is not quite recent celebrated golf probably. Well you know what you're exit I ten and seven today how they go where. Are lowered the Twilight Zone here how the utility here well. I like he's a thorn in the water you're gonna go for not doing that great but overall he he definitely keeping expectations. I'd wanna have that for determinant in the top ten but really the determined that. You don't get played a couple years we were really sure if he was gonna be able to play it after re ED played poorly last week in LA and pick it up this week advocate signed. And it could be at a solid golf for the first. Couple didn't need better side. And thus the course overall today it looks like a dumb. Good Florida golf day was there is to say that the windows open their water on the course is there always is up their PGA national but how do you think the course is playing an end who is doing will today. Or who was done well. If you ever want to see PGA corporate tumbled just put my PGA national turned you can go on about fifty miles an hour these guys. Are having a heck of a time. Eight it looked a US open leaderboard I mean you've got three or four under par winning the tournament five overs and really. So they are holding on for dear life this is certainly an instant where you have recourse but to really long and a lot of raw and more importantly a lot of water and once those winds start to blow. These guys are really struggling then says nice every now on the dispute shake it up not shoot twenty under our. They're they're actually out there acted it out there are a little bit here on not edit and public gets a little bit the deal for the weekend should we get a little bit more dicier willow all gray joins us here from neo from the ball till the tiger present well I mean. I did not think golf needs tiger obviously but. It did it's been ten years since it since last major. If you as ever to kind of rekindle. All where he was a factor come Sunday what do you think the response would be. Well I think to be off the charts I think it's even just seeing him contend. In a regular turn to him potentially win a regular permit is going to be a huge uptick for purchased gold viewership and interest in general you haven't been. It's been ten years since he won his last major written by the year he won anything at all got these guys right now Jordan's beaten Justin Thomas. They talk all the time about how much they crave the opportunity just to go. Head to head with him down the stretch because by the time they got the tour he was already on the disabled list so all the guys inside the ropes. Everyone in the media the fans as well would just love to see him. Now we get back healthy purple he's a bit but sprinkle in a couple events like this. Where he's on the on the leaderboard in the mix it just kind of have a chance to come down the stretch on Sunday will be great thing for the sport. As far as will that the state of golf overall. You know we've we've got the the guys who were against the keepers of the flame nauert or Dustin Johnson and Jordan's beat then and Justin Thomas Rory McIlroy. Are they good enough to to carry the game two would be. General sports and that the the sports man who is not a a big goals they and ten these guys reach those people. And it the million dollar question right there are going keeps talking about who's going to be the next Tiger Woods but none of them are going to be in a park with the next Tiger Woods is important yet grow and expected the crossover appeal to you talked about tiger ability to bring in the sport in that doesn't care about golf what he's not playing. To have that person. Watching golf tournament or go to adult service that kind of the secret saw that. That the PGA tour and looking for me here there are some great. Players and great guys now are the top of the world ranking none of them individually. Have be appealed the tiger. Had Oregon still continued to have I think it beat the game itself was going to be on strong footing with guys like beep and Rory. And Dustin Johnson boot you're talking about those spikes in just the heat. Now that Al wire event that they've really bring in the math and I think that it's. It'd be a little bit of struggle in as we get closer to let's say the post tiger Garrick it's certainly Pitt and his play at on the classics so far this week we're not there yet. Ed and then it as far as this this tournament right here being down in South Florida. We you know we lost we lost Doral. How how was this tournament do you think going to going to whom I I guess rates with whipped golf millions down here it is it isn't going to get bigger without the route or do you think it stays at this. At the level that it's Edward or does that depend on and you know old the field what what do you think about the Honda. Yet that is the second year without Doral and I think that bit that they're starting to get political stability that is a big WGC event next week when the spectacle comes out. In 2018 it's gonna make a little more travel that we're gonna go from LA to Mexico City. Over to the Honda as opposed to going back important and right now god let me go back to Mexico. Next week or want to get a little bubbles floated the schedule I think you're still gonna be a lot of big names. Played today personally get so many top golfers that live in the South Florida area Jupiter especially. They're always gonna wanna play and you also see a lot of the top European. Kind of target the event is their start for the master crap that this is when they come across the pond and they start to play prayer or bent. In the US with an eye toward getting ready. For a gut for the authority only about six weeks away so I think that there's a lot of factors involved they're gonna help keep this as one of the bigger event. On the calendar certainly picked up the Florida swing everyone not enjoy it and there. I ask you something you know Sergio I got his first major last year were. Were you happy for Sergio I mean I was an O Sergio is at his issues out with with golf fans over the years but I was happy warm were you happy Mormon who is the next guy. On that list for view that that. You know the next guy that not necessarily the best player not to win a major but somebody who you like to see win a major I think maybe Darren Clarke is too old right now right. So it was good. Derrick was Derrick Clark eventually Solomon applicable law and you have a happy I was that it's circular you use. Have incredible narrative over his career from being you know beat the young gun that was going up against tiger have a guy that American fans started hate to the Ryder Cup hero. And finally you know he's 37 years old growth of beer and turn the scribble better in the win the masters and that it turned into a great scene thought I agree I think he kind of went full circle and it was amazing to see the fans of the masters really embraced them. In that playoff against Justin Rose whereas spin that that the US open pit of fifteen years ago order try to run him off to the exit but to the second half your question I think that the guy. That will be next in line is sentimental favorite is going to be Rickie Fowler you wanna on the last year he missed the cut this week but he's the guy who's been so close. So many times in the majors he's a genuinely good guy interact with the fans he's good with the media he's got a lot of really good friends on torque. He's he's that guy that always behind the eighteenth green. When Jordan's speed and Justin Thomas who won their majors they get bored waiting for the other guys to be behind the green book Ricky Fowler eventually went dispersed it. Hey well thanks for jumping on with a Sendai as we usually weekend here on a closet thank you memento to know. Yeah you gotta will gray from the Golf Channel right there you can turn on his work as a call season gets going here and of course trees down the the of the southern swing in South Florida. A note to Rowell just the judges the Honda classic put Tiger Woods he double bogeyed. That whole that he into the water was a thirteen I believe. And then he just a boom one on the next home and he in just say you are crushing drive. But he's on the leaderboard male give me an update you're coming after the top of the hour on exactly where he's at and how initial back put a lot of guys struggling with wind and water. And a dead horse has limited teeth I love that our league west and was lament not not Darren Clarke not under a new unit that it outages and jamaicans are funny joke about come Montgomery was again as much as he does is you guy he's my guy yeah I mean I'm not my guy but he's got it right like you like and I was like all right you don't want anything right you know but I gather all of offer reasonably want anything in the US whose -- He's been up to a little bit but I don't want. Yeah dollars a do not look at you know elect will say that I loved discord though minus three leads that turn a minute and every every tour stop does not need to be US open type but like will see Alexander struggle yeah you you you'd like to see you share our frustration for a guest where where you make par and it's harder to read man read that we see him. Eighteen over or under and twelve underwent in tournaments and not that this is this is Greg is a nice little break. The only difference between those guys right now at that flowers cards and and us is they don't have Budweiser and handed the Marlboro man elf yeah yeah yeah. I inherited it and riding a cart. And rightly about how hot it is of the hour. Sort of similar than that I guys tiger hit 25 putts yesterday that's probably meet through twelve alone thirteen no idea our thanks to a little joining us. We got a Big Five o'clock hour Jo Myers he's the voice of the New Orleans pelican that's who you play tonight's. Finally we get Baghdad here perky and use of you know with a he'd play tomorrow night. Yes Memphis Memphis Grizzlies and our our good friends of Mike Wallace is up in Memphis there and running things on the night Jerry media side hello Mike juggling that coming up here. At the top of the hour we're gonna per such headlines. And does this Jonathan Martin the story is just it's scary it's disturbing it's sad it's it's a lot of things. I'll give you details we come back here right here on 79 to take. Physics and our galaxy 5 o'clock hour on deck. Have you it was a godsend you don't wanna miss a thing like you got your car no worries we've got to get apt. There's three months ago Miami. Dot com were even on radio dot com of that app. And if you're here in South Florida you can hear the heat games online as well so many ways Solis and so many hot takes Curtis interpreter with you here on your only seven and take it will take you right up until pregame coverage ritual Myers on the way using a beard 120. He is Zia Plymouth acclaim in four New Orleans and instead look. At the at the pelicans also law our good friend Mike Wallace is gonna join us here in just a few minutes he played Memphis tomorrow to start their homestand back here in South Florida and and it and there's there's never a bad time to talk to Mike Qualls but we just we knew we had talked to Mike just especially with the with the need to play in Memphis his team he's up there. While working for running Citi media and grizzlies dot com and to an outstanding job and of course who's right here on 79 to get. For for a long time shall take you to my walls here. In in a couple of minutes they'll certainly got the cavaliers and about the way theater in their building of the FedEx warms up suck as a critical DO cavs loss last night to to Washington. So we got so much stuff stuff get caught going on we also got a text messages we can which some of those here at six or 974. On the Coral Springs on Mohamed Texan or talked at a Beasley is hard to show about. While the Johnson mark store where we're at two in the second headlines. Talked to Jeff Goodman from ESPN earlier. In the show you miss that. We talk about the FBI probe. With with Jeff some of the school some of the names came out you're very familiar with and we just talked to a great about the about the Honda classic so. Busy 4 o'clock hour got to get to hear in the 5 o'clock hour including. Those beach volleyball. Major series tickets will. All tickets bullies are big time just the 300 dollar lounge tickets were give those away here in the in the 5 o'clock hour. That's good man I go to that being a mean. I am implant and I'm playing golf tomorrow we'll see that actually happens I'm gonna steered you got a lot of things that you wanna get to the end of the spring training started today you wanna get to that yeah yeah yeah I'm I'm definitely gonna get out today. Right maybe maybe next week in Coca definitely get on today. But Marty one of these that these sailor come ideology that never do well. I'd I'd I'd knock a lot of the stuff like that off Marlins win it seemed like your door yeah yeah yeah. You know what. I I'm not gonna get out the Honda I wish I could but a lot of hype from yeah there's a lot of things that you just simply can't do. But but the things that I can I I tried very hard to do and this time a year cat when you got spring training and and everything like that going on man he gains learn and free agency in the in a bill it's. It's you gotta pick and choose when. The other classic it's amazing up there but that is if you live in and out of mind. Broward Broward mean you know Broward and ride home if you go to south of flagler that is a that is a journey yeah yeah yeah the real journey today and anywhere and yet in every day yeah I know you in the of the bra line and that's ice that we v.s we did shows there for years and numbers up there like Mel's I asked myself. Or the area. Over the area and they are there yet. Our bulletin a great dinnertime don't faults it's an outstanding. Public but yet it's one of those things where you might wanna get low hotel action of their misery you really enjoy yourself yeah embezzled just display in the night but what you got today on the on Tiger Woods here who still on the course but for you to Michael also gets 5 o'clock headline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS advanced HD true. ARAMARK. We'll start off with this former dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin has reportedly been taken into custody after a disturbing social media posts from his account. Now the post at a picture of what appears to be a shotgun with the has stage Harvard Westlake on the barrel and the heads today Miami Dolphins on the handle. The polls say is when your bullied when your bully victim and they scoured your options are suicide or remand. Now the post also had Twitter handles for four people including Richey and Todd need though. And Mike held seat Harvard Westlake is the high school Martin attended in California it was closed for the day to day. After officials became aware of the host Miami Dolphins. Alerted NFL security when they became aware of the Pope. According to ABC news Martin who has not been arrested but he's being questioned by our cops in Los Angeles. They've issued a statement saying quote the individual really responds over the social media post in question has been detained. In our investigation is ongoing and quote that's from the all Los Angeles police department. They recently issued a a statement here within the last. Half hour or so also just. Very scary very scary stuff. Yeah yeah edited disturbing oh all kinds of terms that we can use to describe that undergo open the Honda classic this look at the Honda classic leaderboard is brought to you by Edwin watts golf shop. Home of the ninety day 100%. Guarantee. Right now Luke list is your leader at three under he's your your leader in the clubhouse actually. Six others are tied for second at two under Tiger Woods. Tied for sixteenth at one over through fifteen. And as a testament to how tough this course is playing you know Luke list of our leader at three under the cut. Looks like it's going to be by over you don't see that very often and at regular PGA tour stop Miami Heat returns action tonight at New Orleans at 8 PM the heat so it's an eighth place in the east. Two games behind number seven elite. As you know tell the Olympic will travel but won't play college basketball I opening Yahoo! report on FBI's investigation into college basketball corruption shoulder heat senator bail him out of bio allegedly received around 36 dot thousand dollars from former agent Andy Miller now it appears that. On a bio receive this money both war attending Kentucky. Their potential impermissible benefits M preferential treatment according to the story. More players in pales players at duke. North Carolina. Kentucky. And Michigan State among other schools and finally. Ex dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis who spears spent the last five years and Indy is scheduled to visit the dolphins. As you were called Davis was they first round pick of the dolphins in 2009 he spent his first three seasons here those. Are your headlines are we a lot going on live blog going on here we get a basketball to drive until 7 o'clock the other delegates that I tomorrow. The of the Memphis Grizzlies and that's why we go to the Ryan's jewels and houses there is it was just line their choice of beyond comedians. Check it was one of our favorites he is a senior editor contributor and analyst for grind city media and right up there for grizzlies dot com or all but he. Who used to hearing here on AMs of a nanny never won a 4322 it to get up Michael Wallace you foam on Twitter at my Mike check Michael. Powers things in Memphis to me this evening. I must certainly my family was caught on man has gone great right now I'm actually literally in the Maldives. Overlooking the boat that next Foreman on the backs up a window. Overlooks the visiting team's hotel where there have to be probably 100 people lined up waiting for LeBron James to come out of the team hotel development book about it much right across distributed it to be arena that is crazy man. Yeah like that but the grizzlies play the cavaliers to bite in that we are on the plane and head down in my hand and meet with notables were hit down their minds goes back to back we'll see that yeah integrated company. That's quite a view I'm staring at Perkin per stirring in me that yeah. And I don't. According to people outside his studio way to throws at least he wasn't just all minutes and I guess tonight's picture painted that I. Paper paper got million years that might be though what about totally accurate probably got about 600 people weighed on the right. I remember exactly but I know it's like yeah in my opinion. A college basketball. It's going to be like Al in Seville whenever you go home a couple of dollars a month of that mechanism there no let's just quickly remember oriented sort of auger Cleveland here what they are. They made my domain you know. Others whose last night's album before that he's that look like you those guys really were in sync there what what do you make the moves and how it's all played out for Cleveland. And they needed a shake up I think LeBron had to sit back and realize that hey you know Iowa my buddies can only go so far and when he looks around it rather pay my buddies all my age now and that everyone ages as well and as gracefully as LeBron James. Is to be expected the way way to be there. Every single night being in the way way that he used to remember containers sandwich with Derrick Rose who's that injury issues are they Thomas cup and possibly get surgery. So it while it theory having that lineup and those guys around seeing good coming into this season. He needed some some good an infusion of new younger athletic players. Who knew how to look up because men who respected him and who he can sort of Arquette and and they will fall in La you know it's only so much that he can expect is Peters whose contemporaries to do in terms of following them so I think this is Islam what. A shot in our lap right now who would notwithstanding just look at they need to figure out. Play together but nothing is does put them back into the mix maybe it's infinite number one seed in the east. But I don't think that's going to be easy because I don't think Boston they're good news. Brett you know I think it tomorrow I think tomorrow I'll have the continuity the chemistry and they made this out changes. To really really be a legitimate threat to look secret in the Middle East you know with the straits. A might you know before we talk about the Memphis Grizzlies let's talk about one another former heat player Dwyane way. He's back here with BC. Well what what do you think Dwyane has left the mean you Solomon Chicago and Cleveland covered him here. We know that he's not gonna scored 25 points per game. Can he provide the leadership and the closing ability to make sure the heat gets into the playoffs do you think. Oh yeah that. Definitely he's our players opting to my back I think they'll give up probably the suit should not try to get to. In about being in the but I do think what that he needed was a look Dwayne wade always. I got it can pull these got together and fourth quarter. Which you have with a bunch of role players who would excel as their job for the most part a bunch of interchangeable parts but what book the most all of those guys have never won anything in there and and don't know what winning is all about. The playoffs now. So I think the way comes back and give that that seemed instant credibility. He makes expulsions job a lot easier because he can even go between you know he's been real estate and I think that separation so that had happened a little bit you know it's funny because that's needed initiative that it was totally unnecessary it is good that the way in his back but it was totally unnecessary putt departure from both him and Pat Riley. But I do think both pat and the way humble themselves a little bit at least two years he's been away for you and happy he's been away. And I think they're both at a stage of their careers now they can look out and say okay. My best in peak years are behind me but this is about doing things the right way in establishing our culture and opened the way not only does it in the block cool. Also think he's that was one of the better closers. When he's on his game in the league. Michael Wallace who will this comers the the grizzlies and he's got a great office with a fantastic view that we found out. Earlier in order to put out but yeah. I guess. Look. The heated and grizzlies tomorrow might you be in the building for that one obviously. Where's your team out of your minds of care earlier this season grizzlies. Odds as injuries and you know coaching changes or twenty under. Where where they at what are they trying to achieve here obviously they got to look to the future here alone when what does that entail. Well you're right YouTube that you some of the issues that distance I mean obviously. You know with the thought but basically two weeks into the season. He was my colleague you know basically the face of the franchise you're already in transition with Zach Randolph on the Allen are departing free agency and you're moving into disrepair. And it would you have yet been turbulent you know as yet adversarial departure date since you know nineteen games into the season. That really pretty much that your users in the normal course that it that the real basic. And dumb. You know for whatever reason that didn't work out so fortunate because you guys know you know you you guys know is that you've been around in the Miami I've been around eight years. In Miami and in you know apple and hear the same summer. Also there's poignancy that in the the way it is but I do think he will be bout back and bounce back but I think so that was really right now as a team that's trying to develop some young guys. Figuring out who's going to be part of his rotation next season I'll want my colleague come cycle because this surgery what's Barbara solid future you know reinvigorated and they got to try to bring back Tyreke Evans as well. And create some Internet with the top objects so. You know right now their contention for. You know some of the highest lottery gods will leave when you look at what schoolboy heading into the draft lotteries and regular top optics. Bring him back if she got healthy development to look rehabilitation players. You want to reset the decade and get back in March haven't played awesome in the west actually. Eight might speaking of is dale where do you think it's Islam the likely spot for him to resurface I know it's. Is very early in the process I bet you don't months ago or are a couple of months ago I was one of the people who are slim boom of Luke Walton doesn't. Stay out there and LA may be is doled out there and and may be LeBron follows them. Obviously that's that's not gonna happen we don't think so well and any any ideas any any can you connect any dots right little. I think right city wrong seen. I think there's a malignant Los Angeles went there are about seeing right now happens to be run by Jerry West and a senior advisor. Jerry West is really really really Coulter Pat Riley still in terms of their you know there friendship and their business relationship and this is bill that would be illegal weapons you know that it doesn't get any better than that. And I do think that the clippers and sort of moving away they changed a front office stock privileges in that does not have the same input that he once had in terms of the direction of that Austin. I don't know if they'd if they missed the playoffs this may be you know on that on myself. Our situation so we'll see that's what a little bit. You know I heard that could be a connection from a potential destination is bill. And beyond that I do know when he was leaving here he had not talked about adoptions. And he had already been all with a lead assistant job at a couple of different knob lets just say a couple of different. Top floor. How it hunting in the standings. I've done being the lead assistant bit so he knew he had to get back remarkable leader system standpoint. He can go to either east or west and I have a nice blend stock for two years. Give back and rather than try to get it goes Joplin there but the guy's show it's 43 years old thing. His record is horrible you know I think he had a lot friendships. Around the league a lot of coaches and players respect that he's he's he's definitely the relationship got to become that kind of thing and I think you'll get back and I believe that actual. And I liked to have you know everybody here remembers you from your days at the Miami Herald for your days with You're out in meant as a grind city media think that maybe the last post I saw from you guys you're. You're Holden of a market solves soon. And then sell in the classroom you know explain and if I guess the big east side love and how it deals to walked in his super guys are doing. Kind of some revolutionary stumping grinds city media you're you're doing colleges as well. Update the world's real quickly and on what you guys are doing out there and where they can. And basically yeah basically we're trying to build our media brand the same way that. You know athletic big bears the same way Did there's probably doing something specific site and just because you know would own and operate a lot of that is released. Probably a little while broad stretch of England and again like I would lead to look dot com it's easy you know. You know that did me a chance to do that split our brand in the classrooms. In college campuses throughout. You know I try to mix in the few lessons they'll let gossage and I. The selection of Gupta dining room there at six. Sad if that's absolutely which you could probably greatly dot com. I actually media dot com or you can go to obviously mod my check. I'll more Twitter and I almost up and also connected already got down in May occurred I remember you know be an initial welcome obviously none of this you guys. Look forward to getting back to my people a couple of days so hopefully. We gonna play tonight they had down it'll plug in check as he's gotten that that would be that you mr. You got to Montana thank you as always Michael minute it was a great things up there with our rent city media and you're the guys do it that's that's for sure how we wish all the best and say travels down here Michaels who we hook up thank you amendment things much. Mike Wallace regular. And there are doing business not all great guy great guy and of course you mentioned Harold and is the end when the Big Three was here in part at the chance to get to know Mike were reminded you work with them. Very often and of course to the Richardson denies doing shows and a just he's a lot of really cool things of there was a bush did a better team. But definitely not and you know what I didn't want to put him in a soft spot and ask him about the is dale mark Isolde. Well you know Matt covered that before we had Bagram but I he had but you know that was you know allegedly a big reason right because he couldn't get low Berkus all the members of the last straw was the best of fourth quarter that assault in play but it gets two superstars. And help coaches must get along with superstars because when it comes to a choice. It's probably going to be coax. Oh yes especially the rookie coach you know we're gonna screw around up there are always yup mine it was members tomorrow sui one notable mikes so again his thoughts on that. Tonight's opponent the first things first in Orleans pelicans. Angel Myers is the legendary broadcaster play by play man willow we're gonna hook up with a that we just fifteen we will look at the tides opponent. And nine last month the U squad here Joseph Myers to be the voice of the lakers. Just he's pretty much done at all he's just up by Nashville fifty mid heat. On the way right here awesome and I exit. And a team medics and. Okay. The. Dan fifteen minutes it is customize my champion for my fourth South Florida's number one GB. Truck and SUV customization jogger guarantee dubbed the hottest four by four modification in town. Called champion for by reports of exits Claudio too. 3446. Or go to champion four by four dot com also brought to my all pro orthopedic and sports medicine is their job gets you back in the game. With four South Florida locations there's one near you. But all pearl orthopedic dot com for more info got a game tonight as they get back at it there on Bourbon Street to take on the New Orleans pelicans and joining us. But right now is the play by play man one of the great sports casters of our time and he joins right now me right tools announcers amused or a guess on their truly stepped. Beyond convenient perk. But if I was to have a gentleman that Mary my life in B Jo Myers now that's exactly. Actually good beef are creeping go Lil bit giddy and get his mother was very shortly despair about five minutes in his voice over we read fine thank you sir. As long as they're clipped notre monarch note some I'm OK with that. Yet and it's very Jordan's weight yes thank you don't want the other great voice has won this distinct voices for voice of the lakers. Joseph how are things on urban streets it's it's been a little bit rough go obviously you guys lose boogie cousins. But other teams the seems to be stadium afloat can they sustain it here the final twenty plus games. It is going to require big moments from Anthony Davis Jrue Holiday that Mirotic for the restarts are comes off the bed. Those brave particular entity. You gotta cover visual DiMarco it's got a couple of weeks ago it had been documented and it really is is not if he's the face of the franchise and now he's going to be the outlook. Because the markets would be alpha baseball. It's up every got a recording or 25 shots again that that's a big honor that's bigger and it in the system and in the scheme of things and our offense. Jrue Holiday. These you guys are unselfish to a fault. And both were true probably eighteen to 22 shots to give meritage. You'll have to ask me go to that shot and you all have been around a couple of weeks bell great young man really are hard worker. And he comes off that he knows she's there for one reason her about a beautiful stroke. So you don't tell mirrored his shoe but with Anthony and grew bet courted key do they get enough shot to the quality shots. And will they be aggressive now because they offer is gone now that the market's best. And yeah and Ed you know drove this is. Tough role for Anthony Davis because now. I guess he's good though at the closer and I MI correct and does does he have that in a mile I don't know if you call it dumb. You know the eye of the tiger in a fire in the belly your or whatever but that does he have that mentally we know he's got the physical game to do that. Yeah I think over the last few. Amos it's picked up they were in shock factor right away and the losses immediately after the loss to DeMarcus Cousins but. Betty that a delicate Marcus direct conversation. And he came off and he went up for forty or 3088 to forty point games 38 bets over the last streak. Edit forget what entry for the girls born at the break they'll the competition. Was to give up 500 to two out of three were so proper saints. But the key is going to be being aggressive enough and I do think that these understandings. Bit he needs more of that it'd make out you don't gotta remember guys. Billy told reporters old pictures in the league but he's only 24 years old. Eddie Taurus it is credit expo great tablet really good young grabbed Joseph Meyer you know sort of overall. But to overwhelm people but he's doing a good job. Jo Myers at the voice of the New Orleans pelicans on joins us here on 79 and it's a good words again until 7 o'clock and that's when our pregame coverage. The tip things off at 8 o'clock New Orleans is 31 and 26 thing on that a spot. India in the Western Conference just one more all off on bogey there then that received title lot of their future to. The other duo of Davis and cousins. The injury it kind of throws I guess a monkey wrench into what the future holds. Our our folks confident around they are that this deal do OK once the play together for the foreseeable future and you know the foreseeable future an MBA in ounces it's only a couple of years it seems like listening to change in a hurry but they feel confident that did those two guys wanna stick around. He had Anthony that are contractors or what it ought Eddie reacted but that after his comments or less the date eating once indoor and see what that. You don't get it done here because produce his team. And he also has a really good relationship. With jamarcus bogey looked at him like he's too little brother. And then you go abroad no inaugural another Kentucky Wildcats who favors back. And it got to the coach a more prepared abducted mind. Talking to markets like nobody else would talk to the market does. And that would be a department has plays but identify their bank earnings and bogeyed there in the proper frame of bugged. So big you wanna be together out economics NBA for another sore. And he got the lakers do cleared out cheap gas spaces back spaces so there's Corey competition. Per hotel like DeMarcus Cousins despite. The ruptured Achilles which will probably about the about the first appear. They dole it going to the Western Conference quite Leonard has an interesting situation out there and in San Antonio. What do you make of that and and dom what do you make of San Antonio's. Projection now in the playoffs. You know can they win a second round series I guess would be the quite well actually can they win a first round series also what you think. Yeah they're gonna they should have home court the first round nothing big go to the first round that's all match up. It looks back at around. And that's going to be key consideration as well right now the number three seed but only came up with a loss column bought Minnesota Minnesota's mission due before the all star break. So. It's good for all of us guys that your point edit good brawl caused because three through nine at Newton is separated or free games off Scotland Deutsche proper. But how good are distraught opposite clutch or five games. Well but this San Antonio. I don't put anything past. It wouldn't shock me if there orbit Robert Udell. They often had coached. They bought it about organization we've ever seen professional sports of the last twenty years it's been debate treasonous urged they've been a gold standard on. How to get things done into it the right way now this the first time we've seen it working to maybe well quite a letter. Is not satisfied with one opinion that you get this second the New York opinion over the last ten days was actually a third opinion. On his quad injury so odd San Antonio is in good shape. They got all these ruptured job Jimmer YouTube exceptional talent for down the road and they're of new league guard up because they're like what we're talking about it. And bull market Aldridge completely body and so I'm not gonna put anything past them that would not surprise me to see that in the copper bottle. Joseph Mars is with a C is a play by play man for the New Orleans pelicans nor Alain your team beat up beat the heat here earlier this season. And I am pretty distinct fashion obviously things are a little bit different without DeMarcus Cousins. All what do you see in his Miami teamwork I'm in that same boat eighth. Hold it on EAC UNAIDS very fluid could be a lot of movement here. They had a nice winning streak but they've now lost seven out of eight what do you see when you look at the heat lineup. Well they're. Derrick today NBA team as what they are they got a lot of points. Nobody as annoying to make got a a lot of coin but adjusters wind blows a mystery to me I like Josh Richardson. I want everything to do whatever Pat Riley ever occur most it's not. So why your leadership is exceptional. Coaching. Off the chart Eric's bolster what of the best young coaches what the best five coaches probably right now on the NBA bill. And so that he should make the playoffs I ever making the playoffs even older chronicling the bride probably eight. But Detroit is in it your typical position as well. Detroit got fifteen at that point it probably wrote. So to overtake they eat I truly think that Miami scored a stay in the top eight. In Eastern Conference but I would luggage as and the guys they have of the which I never even all we heard all the speculation on what they would like to move to other contract. Daughter and James play hard everybody plays hard for that game and in my match up with felt compelled beat them may have to overlook producer bill. What they're not getting chew well. And Gillick had bought shall see Vick the percentages were weighed gala or you normally see from those guys so. I don't to give any real big cause for concern are you look at what does that level that it a lot of us were really close watch. You guys they'll probably be partly due to real healthy situation. What they have going there. Pedro. Too good to get out of the NBA briefly I don't know if you re at the Yahoo! story today about the the college basketball and that's and the payments from from Andy Miller. You know I'd. I want to know what you think about that mid that's a broad question. You know I did I'm hoping that possibly this is the end of the one and done rule. We know no one rule is limited could clean out the corruption or quota equal stakes college basketball but. Your thoughts on on the story India have any opinions on where it might where you hope that it leads. Fall quickly things up and there's more transparency. Because we all know you're not surprised by our big no no no new if you look at that this story. You look at the guys that are involved but the payments. The agents were basically telling you where they've bought these guys are going to be taken a liberal. I mean caught Beers about what could that not out of Mitchell Dennis would you tend to buy out. Overall so they felt that he was going to be a lottery pick big news back so just by reading. What kind of money bit lonely young man. BAQ was he was trying to be at a clearer reading recorded it lottery sort of respect ground who potentially could be in Europe. So it's not a shot it's not surprised it's an unfortunate situation. But they do it. Bit now the NCAA and the NBA you have to get together and kind of beat locks. In their plans moving forward not I don't think the out. So when you say go on and done I don't just grew durable wanna gonna have to be dog but you also write or clause. Looking chubby young man did either you make a commitment to a college and I don't know if you can't for a couple of years I don't know outscored works. But either bad or you go to Europe you go to China you go to the G league whatever it takes. But I don't acute Pelletier a bit yesterday were certain things because of these young men at the opportunity to make. Autumn or unfortunate backgrounds to begin. So our our whole debate finally get together the league BM CAA. At work things out but I'm not surprised at all that you got you're not surprised you or. No no I don't as a result I've the last. At that is done then this is just one agent dole knows you know what else is balloon you know what Andre does as well they know right now we want all the others. All the other circle you know yeah. I live there I got the little guy you expect there'll. They got one guy that was that was a nefarious out there Jolo well thanks for banks were joining us all the pleasure and and have a great call and I think it's our. Periodic Jo Myers CEO also. Deciding to play by play man for the New Orleans pelicans heals the above the rim. Show on Sirius XM every weekday and Agile on football and lakers blow bushel lakers took over after after chick Hearn. Just one of the I mean Zagreb listen Leo that voice shall my of sight out like wouldn't it. Nice that you can talk to somebody about hey you know other you know the college basketball stuff other teams in the league you know. Coli Leonard and you don't trends what what ever commit the you know he's he's seen a whole lot. Well we got a real hole out we got still got a whole lot of things to get to at a busy busy Friday. Can always sex shows X overnight some for it to Europe to basketball. Pete and the pelicans as the stretch run begins right here on 79 units and home game coming up or green covers the top of the hour at 7 o'clock and joining us courtside. You color analyst on the New Orleans public radio broadcast joins right now they write fuels announces his sword just like. They are truly stepped beyond convenient. John this easier joins us right now on your home of the 79 that's a good job they were still a few minutes before tip ball by you don't. I'm doing great pursuit yachts have. Well New Orleans they're they're hanging in there man there hanging in there. Are you bogey bogey cousins how's the team been able to respond after that and what's that what's their minds and your moving forward here the final stretch run. Well look expiration bubble initially without would be I mean they will try to replace them up but made that bigotry critical Mirotic. And they were trying to get the parts that fit accordingly. I have pretty Davis did not really tough to play in the play and shot and he had to go back to play in the plot a little bit but the last three games though let me know although going to have the the outbreak. They really kind of found themselves especially offensively. They have been able to stop people really a lot this whole C did you know with bookie. But they got to have great up it's a rhythm they're on the three game winning streak without a break they have been an important for the game during that. That stretched everyday that have felt averaged 41. I gave during that stretch of Nikola Mirotic. Andrew Holliday had given them some sort of what small top Big Three and that you know look forgot combined average about 83. Or extra game. During that stretch so they can't tell themselves offered little readjusting to see how they come out of the break because this had Medicaid. Go about the last scene where we didn't know exactly who they were going to be days. Played valve to the level of competition away there the Dallas Sacramento they've lost three home game for those two gates routine. Specifically. And they have been a team that got it done polls for themselves. And then try to dig out so let's see if they are are open are more aware of themselves at a local or cheat as they come out of the break. Hey John Reza on Rondo out all the talk much did he might be the guy on that roster with the most playoff experience. Should do the pelicans want him to step forward and become a leader or you just chill and usually you leave it up stood you know Anthony Davis and Mirotic inn and holiday. Walker I think really rapidly up eighty all of World League otherworldly talents. If how to vote beta when it comes to to leadership he's not a guy who. Who takes charge and get that people say it in and bought ordered that. You know it ought to go that they may be behind the fate eco call god of the culprits whereas Rondo would do it to your credit on the court what he'll do it. You know where it's visible what he'd big kid correction. Right there on the spot. And don't need enemy when Rondo on the floor. Even though he's not obviously not in its war in his career and so that had its route but when he's on the floor he makes the team totally different. And turned the ball movement. And getting guys that are likely got walked to move without the ball because they know. If they move and there are open blog note that we give the ball he has Cheney when it comes the finding god. Yet in the open so you'll feel a lot of outfield that we couldn't football it will dial. Right and I hate to bed and basketball he walked slow guys over thought he'd get a treat to watch you the guy who you know he's got. In the group leader you got that that are restrict get a Mayer we've thought they were but they have column order into the we're glad you're good to the court against the lakers where he had I think it probably. What specifically Roberts and company get buckets out of jobs are up. But but it you don't on every tree lot quicker they recruit chief. Unita gotten got a little bit of but repeated over Bigelow got a little bit of both of for lack a better work a little bit of a black hole where if you've got a got a great that we have. Yeah he's certainly qualify as we know that it. Now here and I plan for the Celtics have a decent days here the radio color analyst for these New Orleans pelicans we have our broadcast coming up here. That's at 7 o'clock adding this is locked up for the next couple years. And our folks confident that it's going to be AD long term or. We all know he is the guy yelled a lot of GM's he's the apple a lot of general manager's eyes around the NBA what's the mood about argument AD and also DeMarcus Cousins in the fold. For the foreseeable future. Boy and he that the odds are what it's what they want he would fit our that it really lit virtual on your ability to put me your quick parts like every day. The first certainly organization obviously is to surround him. We have you know local park that will hopefully that yet commit to the playoffs but hopefully make it into that tender about it with the series or two. He believes what you wanna go god put me with a ruptured Achilles without question it. What do you do what you do you Macs ship and if you try to back it more in this plot and back and how many years you've backed report again he's got to watch it Helio. You've essentially assume. I think here's going to be a wife. You know they're here. By the time they get back again hit the ball straight. It will basically be the end up the seat insult. What do you do with the market struggles but that stayed up all these kind of didn't look odd years Eagles or you do you look you know belt against maybe two years than. And basically a two year contract to me it. They have been assure actually. True either salary for one year because they get properly and they cheered pretty much going to be a lost. By the time he gets in the statements against out of more profit in that acutely the sea the pretty much will be over so. Albeit interesting dilemma. Look at deputy David does need help that we've had in the NBA now he can do with what got you can't really do with true you gotta have. Only that they do holiday into a good third p.'s coo going to be second beat either going to be the market but because a lot of club. The mark so bid effectively all of my acute diplomacy you've got leverage what the plot and thirteen rebounds and maybe a block at the gate at five that I have this stop. You've extremely productive during that five. If you got to have that got state with Anthony Davis otherwise. You're looking toward each won once in a Davis might be look at an option figured you know maybe to go over the grant agreement somewhere else. They don't oh well Alvin Gentry that's a guy the pelicans coach who we know down here a former U assistant. It definitely one of the class nice guys in the NBA I'd I'd think you live under a little bit of pressure at the start of the season. Booed he has gone now what are the expectations from Alvin how has he done what's the outlook. Well squawking about particular things that. Lord just because you don't have quote did not think Albert that are really nice job with the group that he had especially if they're cooperating nickel beer suspect that they can get a lot of practice stopped with a victory before they pretty much brought admit they don't get a whole lot of the work with the Gordon to report about it at the opportunity. They get an acute brackets have been Nikko looked like he would we have incorporated and so apparently bit a much better defender that we ought. Our people a much better rebounder than it we could that we saw that he got it done that a little bit of an edge to him to be able. You'll need it might say it's they'll open it took shelter that kind of thing if he aggravated Blake Griffin beyond that. I will appreciate what they beat Detroit in Detroit I mean he's just fall on the boy Rick since the end and really got six to a and it wasn't so good that we were we respect that we got him so now they've got a nice talk with him. The Dow hopefully if you have a whole big war got in the. We got heating pelicans come up here on a Friday evening suburban street John DJ easier is the color analyst for the pelicans he joins us right now on the and so and wanted to get done out of the arts in nearly eight so what do what do you like what are you don't like when you look at their roster pelicans bit of a pretty good down here are around the holidays but obviously. To go months later a lot of different different pieces including Dwyane Wade back with the Miami Heat. Well I forgot who look to strike there I'd love that got these viewed another guy who you know to me plate with a bit of an edge and at that chip on a bit. You know that's like god like that. Look at local I'll watch especially when he you know and that's shop Lockett mode where he won't be great everything these particular ramp so. But we're looking guy and I think that you can you can do a lot of good with what to talk about you know winning it. And I am being a really could bridge our topic go you know what about a guy who really. Corner so we just if you wanna be a good team that you wanted to who do not like. You know of being puppets and piled up. Like them you know really you gotta get critics also some credit for what happened on the they've I think they're all seven of a coming court into the sort of pay it. You know we're talking about it seemed about what America everybody kind of given up or did it couple for the feed than this and it seemed at that playoff exits and so. You got to give him some critical not only not quiet into the narrative that they weren't good team but get don't got played together it looked like they adored being in the ghetto with one another. You know that a lot to be shipped fourteen that plays hard in the NBA. You've got to know you watch enough NBA. So we're you know everybody doesn't play hard all the time you wouldn't think that will be the case. But when you get it seems even know what the whole bit undervalued and maybe didn't have the talent level over everybody else. The they'll play hard. Quarter to quarter to quarter to quarter they'll puts it a lot of gay though opposition to win games. I even though Kevin it may come out with a lot look it up pick although bought then then by eight points or less so that it estimates that they've been in no game. And it probably got to figure out a way to pull them. And maybe that's where Dwyane Wade and help. And that that leads us right into what I was gonna ask you about Don you Arlene. You know what are you saw him in Chicago you solving Cleveland disarm before. Everybody knows he's not gonna be the Dwyane Wade of 060708. But he is a closer he does have leadership abilities. Can he fulfilled that role as they close or do you think. I think you can't not do well of course but it's just great to be not afraid you know you're not with the way weight levels but if you spotted minutes. And you can't you know say you have it and they and then you know kind of feed admit that the and it put a middle situation as well you know competitiveness. And instincts take over no situation. And let's let it particularly in the NBA. As for what a lot of really talented good players well not a lot of he's got understands how to play the game and they surely don't understand how to finish games going way to finish game. Either you know wouldn't Andrea Yates. You know he might expand out make the Korea rebellion but he's also a guy who probably still get to the foul line and even gotten we've not got static. Under pressure and again you also a lot of NBA game lost more so than want. Either god of war probably wind you fuel but certainly I don't think you'll lose them for. John days were still a few minutes courtside enjoy the game tonight thanks John appreciate it got so you that's John DeShea easier. Joining us register courtside there's the F pelicans get rated take on the Miami heat's. A point for what I wanna lose afternoon. And yet it has been a busy afternoon Kampman and then. Really it's there's going to be a busy week in also win when you look at that the NB AB and bank and Major League spring training game starting today and we've we've just got you know in a failed free currency stuff go and it's just as a great time you Erica. Israel allows of this talk about on Monday and he got a couple of games in their back pockets tonight against New Orleans and tomorrow night at home start a five game homestand against the Memphis Grizzlies. That do allow the great job today book and everybody and just. And desire to Adam and maneuvering everything that was going on we Thomas of degette to open up the Honda clones of the Internet got a message are we got to mention yes those are looking down only low global tournament now blessed me and Israel is and tiger is you know his he's only hope he's almost there policy how would weekend. Serves four LT grid there we got to get out of your job is dazzle time ads are coming up next riady basketball. For per come Curtis have a great week it'll talk till Monday just before 4 o'clock right here on 790 the ticket.