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Monday, March 12th

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For the fourth. War hero. On 79 tickets to Monday paper which are home with mom and you know in addition we're starting a whole new more than net for the dolphins are well we're gonna get the guys who are here fuel source right here on Monday not. It is March Madness march 12. And when I would talk about the bracket where apartment to the dolphins at Tora talk about the bad news or is it genius. The direction that the Miami Dolphins on could be currently going weren't given that we highly loaded. Action packed show where you we got three hours out against him the last that we every hour. Did GAAP weighted. Seems like the heat word UN baseball Laura Compton on dumb enough yet something was getting us out of here early boy we got we full Monty here and are ready to roll we got almost up to get to bring you the dolphins took a shot is gonna join this year about in about 22 minutes. Forget the latest on the dolphins we're gonna get into the Pacific. Mean just a moment Bob in about two and a half minutes it's it's it's going on all month long and it's your original 1000 dollars an hour ceremony to demanded money contest. So we'll reveal the code word here at 4 o'clock read about and that you're in its accident and hopefully gonna win a lot of money money money. A busy weekend. He win the canes get their name called yesterday. I think you'll Tiger Woods wasn't yesterday that was a lot of fun to watch yesterday watts all the college basketball. Watch some an NBA and this is the way chemical. It I got into this business almost you know you're twelve was forty years ago perk are doing these shows. I remember this week for couple things. Lou it was bracket time you are also slowly huge right Brad Eros but I brought it. And it was. NFL cut down we yet. It it was just a flurry of moves and we got a little taste of it on Friday drums in traded during our show we had some cuts. But how is it it was it's not as extreme as it used to be. But it's still just a ton of Mumia movement because there was gotta get down everyone just. I mean it's as it's it's funny every year we're getting ROL relate to dolphins. But it seems like just teams elect the original how to talk contracts are structured at some point. You couldn't afford your dealer gets your four and teams are just gonna get rid of god. And and yet seems have to be down to the cat project Capital One 77 point two million by 4 PM on Wednesday so. That's why you're seeing a lot of these players being released a teen testing get down below the cap and isn't that a good player and AM and not only get below the cap give them though some money to the Indian creations right it is it is it is the dolphins that are. Could be in this case were given to. Ndamukong Suh but. I'm here of how much money they could have well this is. Are obscured upheld we will end it a pal Mike Tanenbaum will end and I'm scared he might sign another high price dive by. We're you know well we'll look so we'll get more into the head of human. Right I I I don't I'm afraid of that now now we're word as to the jump right into it and Allen in order starboard just gonna jump in durable for. We we jumped right into all that we'll get to headlines and so on and so forth. It is 4 o'clock in time your chance to win only one that. Thousand dollars that's seven I mean it's a demand save money contest your chance to take a thousand bucks real simple boy gonna do is text the word apple. Apple in 272881. In your read text apple a GP LB. 272881. Right now. If you don't win this time an extensive the top of the next hour this is a national contest message and data rates may apply to do not Texan drive apple at you detected throughout the 4 o'clock hour takes apple. The 4 o'clock hour in this for 59 it should stay out in the final we renew work to text in and then the country begins again you have the entire hour what is the best way to use that word in a certain nowadays is it an apple a day keeps the doctor away or. Apple makes multiple. Proud that when I was I thought of Eli apple both. The global economic nerd in that regard right but it apple Apple's are good for you still write that hasn't been that have been dismissed or discredited by and myself now yeah organization not yet nothing like everything it's and all that talk about that being a for yes paratroop and but an apple a day keeps doctor away -- ever up you know grocery grew up Whitman now in its technology now winding down now Generation X. is yes iTunes and I can't do without an apple a day because as I get my news I don't know exactly sand in my porn and everything else on my phone that's that's all right everybody lives these days. All right Doug hit the dolphins live without endowment couldn't sue law. Could he be the next in line dolphins also made some other new moves audio busy busy weekend. We got through Jarvis on Friday and you'll linger some people still kind of just wanna know what that's all about a and then here comes a couple other guys including Ndamukong Suh possibly so let's get to 4 o'clock headlock. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. By the dolphins will cut defensive tackle Ndamukong through this week possibly as early as 4 PM Wednesday the start of the new league year now. If there was released in designated as a post June 1 cut it frees up seventeen million dollars in cap space that the dolphins can use immediately. The dolphins have also cut linebacker Lawrence Timmons they are expected to released tight end Julius Thomas those two moves Timmons and Tom could save an additional twelve million dollars on. Anybody can cut Glor Timmons who list there those easy ones. And comic as to why are they cutting Ndamukong so. He's not worth the money that's that's basically what it is there's that you you've had this guy for three years he paid him sixty million dollars. And it must figures are correct from memory they were thirtieth in run defense this first year 28 the second year. Fourteen last year and and while fourteen is a big improvement. You know it it doesn't justify a huge salary. That that he was gonna command. Oh can I go on the record now saying this is a bad move. In Boca DJ and I just I think it's scary to think what their defense. Could be without Ndamukong Suh. Yeah well you know and and this is a team that last year I just mentioned the run. You got ray Kwame Millen you've got Lawrence Timmons. And and you drafted. Davone god Shaw and Vincent Taylor are not in common concern though no no I am and what I'm saying you've you've you've gotta dismantle a lot of that run defense work aren't you mean you got Robert William William Hayes probably will be bay. Timmons will be back there won't be bad your your really hoping that Tom. That you're not creating a huge hole again in the same area that you've just got a stop last year. I am only going to be a mauling a sign off on all these moves and be on board if they are going for complete rebuilt. And as we haven't seen around here a long long time you'll there was fifteen of Parcells took over the house probably. The closest thing to an all out rebuild but there with a lot of fire that year and it would forgot about it. If they're going all in a rebuild and and I think this would. Be drafting a rookie quarterback. And it almost have to be involved very correct yes that's number that's the next seventy talking rebuild. Bob this is live as it is this is half builds or or a transition. Or rich. And then these are these hurt did their charters stuff in this Ndamukong soon move to meet our or horrid moves. Yeah court and you got rid of Jay and cider in the season so lot of talent has has left this has let this franchise in the last. What a few months I think the jive with Halloween. And I believe that's the annual sales though. Yeah so it it's been a lot of change a lot of let's Myers. Your best lawyers are most talented and best players. Miami Heat visit Portland at 1030 tonight he's in seventh place in the east one game behind number six delete. Three games behind number three Indiana that he will not have guard Dwyane Wade tonight due to a left hamstring injury or onerous on Whiteside neutral left. Injury Whiteside enough plants that are in a big when it's Washington that's concerning bridges road trip this kind of important if you go to one of the strip that that be were the huge wolf throw parade your next week we come back. And this is teams that they've all lost to previously at home Portland Sacramento and LA. Portland's 19 enrolled their Trent Trent has we'll talk more about poor little bit later on in the match up. It's a late tip off tonight remember PIR Kansas nearly 82 game season there's like ten or twelve games it just did just don't go your way earlier weighing in and get away from right the lakers couple weeks ago. What will build and no matter what what what's your did your being the lakers a night that's how I felt the heat were again on against Washington a step faster. Just just had an edge to lump us shots for going in everything wash it looks slow. It was just what no matter what Washington will could've gone my news you'll win that India and the other time hot evens out the MBA sometimes especially with the scheduling so. That it was over like the first seven minutes of the game merely Jeter and when this game. Yeah yeah and it will will undoing tonight is that is a big game as far as. This stealing one right under because you would say that Portland. It has got the lead the team that should win there or to the point favorite to thank my guess is so New Zealand man yeah funnel like those guys that will be probably don't. A college basketball Miami plays Loyola Chicago around 3 PM Thursday. In Dallas than a first round NCAA tournament game retains now ranked 22 in the nation in the tournament you women succeed. You whim 22 and nine loyal lot 28 by record winner of the Missouri balance. More Missouri Valley Conference tournament there in eleven see if you whim wins it plays the winner of tennis Ian Wright State. By the way Coach Jim Larranaga they have guard Bruce braille project the first room he will play in the tournament due to his recovery from an ankle injury. And finally the board Pampers schools Ottawa tonight. At 730. Those are your headlines. Yeah we at Coachella on red before the ACC arrayed before the final regular season game and we ask developers and it kind of made it like you know versions. Probably won't be back so. They got the group that they got and they're gonna go to its loyal Chicago until will be on the air for that game during a during it and that'll be fun I should feel I've better. About if they can beat Loyola. I think if Tennessee advances if it holds true they have rights stayed rush you'll beat earlier this season. I actually think they can get to the sweet sixteen I think Tennessee's a team that. The lead these they match up well to 63. Loyola. A team that the punch a guy the scorer did very balanced going in the guys are five guys the score between ten and thirteen points. Other great defensively. They won amateur road games as you're there and beat Florida in Gainesville or this year. Back in December to retain its a good team so whether your team just Amir but several driven around fill out brackets and and pulls himself like -- law. We'll give you some some pics here to up the next couple of days and Wal-Mart while mark. Our final brackets up on our on the website there so you gotta go you of an attitude that common love her body up there all the hosts in the producers and everybody so you can see and and follow through you got a team their burgers or team that just fed jumps out at two. If he had to say Murphy give it to Israel when it all just take us who love the chalk. There's Virginia cook everything defense nobody score more than seven young embassies and is that correct but I believe that's correct and I. I heard someone at the moment the top and kids saying that might be yes that the that I think the mr. soak idea right now moment it's all news. But he did look good to me now are you. Have a but I haven't I haven't really looked at the brackets yet so I I don't know alarm. I actually don't even know who their toughest competition isn't in their. In their region would generally light region I remind you at least in the South Miami is in there and succeed by the mean the two seed Cincinnati. The three C then there's Tennessee is just talked about Arizona's four nodding your head out on the run too much I think that's probably what I might do as you go he's north Virginia here. Either way Loyola of Chicago who really made me smile when I heard of that's who you women's playing the cubs. If you're real old school guy you might remember Ralph Richard Hughes who was their player back in the eighties. I remember operator accused because I was living in San Antonio he was first round pick of the spurs. Com regarded as the worst day in franchise history thing now British news. The duke of course he was a Gunner. But he less that one year in the NBA. And I'm not taken I've got to look this up. I think he was tick. One pick after Karl Malone may be. How is that I'd look a lot Eric yeah yeah and Andrea nothing com and then and I think maybe Joseph do Morris was still on the board when. When the spurs took how Frederick news. But dvi and he was he was he ever dialogue like I points a game in this day and may be eighty port 88586. Season ready for you buddy buddy it. But anyway he was the it was clocked at like a 128 he was driving his brand new Mercedes from Chicago to San Antonio sold. Yeah it just makes news by remember Al predicts huge when us all Loyola of Chicago was like yeah O Richards used all our. Raise your your your 85 monogamous 63 and they wanna Jamison back and they actually wanna eventually national championship laurels Chicago. About them but the birds I'm like thirty some years that they've been in the tournament so other mile store does a fun time you'll notice the halt at a school gets a little about I don't know where they're from donors. Some players that you remember like Alfred Hughes or there's some. You have some Tory my cousin went there and that readily school offered him a scholarship and now he's a doctor regularly you know. And this goes back to who's gonna win these pools here and we got pools there was got an office pool everyone's got a editor of Forbes is only four or put this goes back to who's gonna win these pools. I try to watch trip to college basketball game over the week anyhow at oughta do let's talk about I'd love about what. All you know the players teams got all those stuffed animal to finish tied for 39 in the paint and write we'll write it down because Sarah from a Kelly doesn't win the whole time. Because her brother went to live some depth and they're gonna pressure on upset ING million did you point to Jay's gonna win a war. You know what you eat you know it. You know. Sally who's in Salem. She honeymoon at Wichita that's really what I try to meddle in Wichita State is let's put it in that. Are they here and there were like four games in there and get to San Antonio and end to end up winning and voted that that's how it goes down as an upper that today when every year it is thus the window and I way to go right my cousins undergrad I was at Georgia State. And I you know there are women in Cincinnati and rye island Georgia State. But it is one time a year and a two Braxton and all that stuff now. Do you pick your bracket hum. Based on numb based all on logic or do you throw in a couple of up and the lay out the I think Tennessee is should be right date but I don't have an out at. You know in this region so I've got to do do you ever gone forever and always always what you know I do take account and yeah I you become too right thing yeah. Complete is not gonna go you know here's the other thing I wonder if you filled out a bracket. Straight chalk how how it would do every year right well and that's the Golf Channel you have something they call the power they only and it was like if you shot par on the women's tour. The PGA tour and the senior tour they were shall do you know how much money he would've made a meat cuts illuminate. Yeah I'm sure somebody probably tracks the chalk I'm sure every year somebody builds on. But you know some web site has a bracket just according to the chalk and you know what your record. Would have been no one's gonna have a bracket in hand until Thursday at about 330 and then if you'll be tearing it up. That Gloria. Idea because lava records articles and Seattle's gotta gotta have that up boss button on the computer. So it goes to this bridge she gets off the beginning I've ever done but everyone's everyone's got a great bracket until about until about you know 345. Two and a half hours into the into the first games. And as I got on rock I that it had no idea dimensional there was a good writer might just turn up their bracket are we got we got a lot to get to Wii gets a shot coming up here we guy gets those off and stuff. Cutting a dominant two I think that's terrible move then why are they doing it what's the benefit of doing it what's the dolphins direction at this point was still shad these things and many many more on the other side right here on seven not to take. Get into our bracket contests twin peaks with the stereo plug on the ticket Miami dot com. Right now register and pick your winners perky got yours are bright. Yeah I had I am indeed I'm in and I haven't picked a single game yet in Bergen is Marty was doing the London and a hug them with a whole thing that's I got my picks up although I'm of the Seinfeld homer just kind of put up there and made a dryer on. To be idiots all of our holes would you be a lot of fun in the have a chance to win. Pay fifteen dollar twenty gift card every round and grand prize of a man cave. Party for ten at twin peaks in Davie gratuity that included twenty hoops hysteria is also brought to budget weekly drawing is an independently owned craft brewery and tapper located in the heart of Winwood. Played twenty hoops hysteria and now had taken Miami dot com go get it did dawn. Man who gets done each and every day for the Palm Beach post a follow on Twitter at Chad Joseph we covered the Miami Dolphins for the Palm Beach Posey joins right now they ran jewels of dolls there's going to be a source guess on their truly serve beyond convenient. This March Madness it and I were talking about the basketball turned her to talk about the Miami Dolphins right now. Our Josh joins us Joseph thanks for taking a few minutes with us on a very busy day how are things. While you're out of me. All right Ndamukong Suh what's the late in there and if it's the rumors are true why are they cutting and Tompkins to. On the can show is still good player. Public the dolphins. Didn't feel that they could justify his seventeen million dollars salary for next season. In part because he played the deep and to tackle position of course they knew just what makes sign. Off and they also knew that Tom. He knew it personality and leadership style. And and so now. It comes around. To the concept that you would can be kind of drone out with the bath water here. The battle order including JG I in drug plan injury is not decide that they need to change. Chemistry in the locker room. And cultures award that can be used in pitchers think of the culture didn't seem to be that bad landlord tenant expert I guess sexual tension Easter. You're you're exactly right Joseph on that that's kind of where we're gonna go when we when you talk about culture change. The dolphins had a culture change when Joseph Philbin first got here everybody remembers hard knocks when the leadership council came in and talked to amend. All those guys are gone Karlos Dansby and Reggie Bush and Jake Long. Then you having another culture change under Philbin because of the of the bully scandal. And then don't Adam gays comes in and so we're on our third culture changed in 2012. What do you think that term means culture change is that is that just jumping for we're losing and we wanna change direction. And that. That could elaborate opening kind of losing feed it change sharper and make some changes when you're coaching staff makes changes that may be that way he's stepping up. Are you trained can't train training camp schedule you'll innovator in heat in the war we teach bomb. You know with the dolphins have not what goes there's three really sort of biggest stores. Jay Guy George slandering Ndamukong Suh and it was just over a year ago that goes street but the dolphins to a play off asking you in and what was deemed to be and peace this. Local tribal dramatic return to turn around so. But I think even know each situations are different. I do believe. That gays like Panama and crisper the dolphins leadership. Felt. When things went bad. And team that losing in hurricane hit not offensive line coach had a white urged such concern players are disappearing. Pot that those three guys didn't stepped to the forefront on the leadership front and so they think they need dead. Some guys who bringing. Different dynamic. And you know what Joseph and I I forgot one other culture change which was. During the CNN's six season remember windows the three got cut at the three linemen. Billy turner and Jameel Doug listen and Dallas Thomas and he'd Vince Mario Williams and Byron Maxwell the two veterans. I am I remember writing and remember riding pretty easy and that Adam gays have brought on eight culture changed. I mean what would like a pull for writing that when it was I had it and we should. I'd I thought that we kind of thought I kinda thought that did you think that and and was that foolish thinking on my part and. Ringing. Never know where you went into court. To cut bought full and equal arbitration here it is that. Cute Smart guys and around these other coffee table. You mentioned some guy that pushed grow ops Mario Williams as washed up. Miss Lewis center in Dallas promised. Warrick ready to play when called upon. Like big bucket. A job I easily injury and to all pro bowler some. Days of not just don't scrub its one thing. Kaka again. And and and lose ten or twelve million dollar cap space. Because. EG no good anymore. These guys are actually still glued. So it's kind of a double wing of me you know you get rid of Ndamukong Suh but would become the largest. Cap hit them dead money in NFL fishery. No never he'd. Days do well in this case DP economic into every dime hole collected just about the did capped Monte. Looking endeavors sacrifice so much. Potential spending money. Could get ordered a guy and he's got to. Joshi and covers the dogs for the Palm Beach post them to stay with them in this suit here for a moment. Bombed if in fact his days with the dolphins are numbered you would say Ndamukong Tuesday's with a golf burns were blanked. While it's wouldn't count for two of the three years. And in no grumpy. I mean he's a grumpy people who don't like I won't miss him like curiously. Is back to policies. Says. You don't just grumpy eternal kingdom mine right away on field just to Pyotr estimate that course owner and a big part of what Obama consumers to. You know he would also be people more than eighty per cent of now flashier along that he tried to line. No video played more than sixty so that could be huge going in the people's sailboat he sort of winding its. Could potentially. Little of that contract and it truly is constantly double team. He was a very very very effective player remain at their best over the last two years JH I was best offensive player Ndamukong Suh is the best. All Rio and in you know that is true is it is just marked guy. Who doesn't. To me how great interpersonal. Skills. And dot kinda being around and not at all or member and. Yeah no I. I think you're right about that Joseph but I it to me that doesn't matter com eight you know I've eaten you can make whatever you want of him taking Jordan Phillips under his wing may be he did maybe he didn't need. You know to come up to Portland worked out -- them but I I never really hear too much about that who showed company did his job yes he was not. Raw rug you know I'm gonna show you all my secret and and old and you'll have them. Type of guy but. As sources on deal performance. Not a problem to the dolphins paid him too much money to it to do it. Hmmm let me ask you does Joseph is this is this symbolic of a I guess they get out and ultimately complete reset buddy. Fairly significant reset for the dolphins this is that what all these releases mean. Yeah I mean no help portray it is more or we load and rebuild. I don't think that any of these guys KeySpan embark career are you know. Gonna hang in anyway I don't I don't think that that tour I did acting teachers. Pelican really need to to reconfigure. Our armed if there's an opportunity to spend the paragraph shall resource and a decent amount of money. Our quarterback we're looking back curricular or not until lineman or each and just how Cold War linebacker. Or tight end. And yeah exactly exactly. While a human right now. Where you you know what culture stories go to get all up for. Heck we are there the Indians tonight some tonight and you were Wayne we know that I don't undergo a whole foods and no no no no no that. This this that this could be like a cost all right we got to find ball a ball quite Bible out. Well that it is to Jolie what do you think the desolate spend on free agency. Do you think you mentioned the rebuild is not going to be rebuilt. Do you think is gonna argue there'd that would be players in free agency do you think they're gonna kind of just. Throw bunch of money out there or are they gonna kind of play this thing a little bit slow what do you think's gonna happen here what three incidents. We'll continue to play it Smart very till recently. And they've been signing guys tours all over thirty you're past their prime. Who make too much money sort of think you know. Like any good team they're gonna look for quality players who were actually undervalues so. You know I got money you're spending wouldn't be here this speak if they warn didn't have intention to spending help. On their two good players but overall not a tremendous stress clutched Ehrlich you know treating cost. Well there are some stores that we can identify them as targeting. So they'll all will see how they spend money it is clear distinction now. Mean they don't spend at all you know maybe in the carriage come into this heat and maybe they Peterson good value find. In the leaders cycles and free agency put they need a lot of stock. I mean you have to I think order tackle how to kind of tight end the final in. The no opt in those things will happen I'm not sure which guy. Joseph did you take a few minutes and a busy time thank you very much major thought that bracket all right Doug double check the Toy Story. You know I haven't even walk. The practice I don't know who's in it I nose in it but I'm with you Joseph I haven't I haven't even looked at my breath yeah I'm looking at the Dalton's depth chart right now. If so. Three and later Joseph you guys either expand your mind a little bit German enemy track time as I did this is not for the dolphins into the yeah pretty crazy here don't come back it would get at least sexier. We got our Florida lumber open door policy or open the door here for all these text messages and text in your thoughts. That's 67974. Police still do so plus we get the code word for the 4 o'clock hour. Pre operative when 1000 dollars but by I mean joke and it would put him elected delegates you're like OK three years involving how would you rate his time with the dolphins. Million delegates it was a total player but just in with a lot with a number to two. And and you know doing but she knew when you signed into that contrary. A defense of tackle is not necessarily going to leave you two victories right I heard the rim they're not thinking Aron Donald will lead us to be received a Specter. Gerald McCoy in Tampa hey you know you can go down the list. You can't you can't get through and and think Tom. He's going to turn our defense around he's going to be. The reality is he'll be a big part of the solution but he won't be. To me the guy was held player yet that showed little play every single Sunday and played his ass off so. Took it yes I know when they signed emotional bottom announcing yet a great signing that I know they overspent of course over just strange he always overspend and but as far as did did did the dolphins get the most out of Ndamukong Suh that they could. Time. Yeah may be I to I think. Who gave bill old that he had. 88 and and the rest was up to the dolphins to surrender and tell Jack I know that I hundreds everybody I was a magazine years ago bosses don't know knoller and India money's worth during a that it does the sack numbers were down from what they were in Detroit but he did have a career best MD two tackles one year and then I think he has 66 which might have been second or third best. In his career so. Why shouldn't we come back about the direction of the team where where in fact where they headed where they going what do all these moves signify Logan of that coming up next right here on seven and entered. And then make. Here. 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In stock every day four lumber more than just lumber are open door policy. Right now room revolve around the Miami Dolphins and they are likely cutting and Ndamukong Suh which shall take place here in the next couple of days. I'd take the show 67974. Get your thoughts on that only sue but the Landry trade just where the dolphins are going to. Just their general direction what your thoughts are dolphin fans out there are 67974. To me I don't like it I don't get it. Mom I got I got a lot of questions about it. First question is this perk. Just to straighten out the economics of things for people this. Joseph talk about dead money why cuts to is this. Or a money deal yes OK why because sue was costing you. EEE is a 26 million dollars on the tech correct and so this coming season this coming even in that's a big anchor. Borrow money for whatever you get and worked her import him like Jarvis Landry. Com. Really you can think of it I guess like this that they had a price that they were going to pay Jarvis say a horde number. Thirteen and a half million this is what I was told. Not they weren't gonna go over there and missile that was beef or you know obviously they entered into a new contract with him we know who they looked at the at the number that they were paying him and they look at the production. And they decided 00 we don't want to keep going with this we've gone far enough. Com you know so I think that. What I really think that this is is a financial clean cleaning house cleaning. Mum so we'll see what happens with two on James and his nine point three million will see what happens when Mike Jones in his eight million. Com we know Landry is on for sixteen we know who's who is gone it at his 26 million. On the cat we know that Timmons is going to be gone or about six and a half we expect Julius Thomas will be gone for about six and a half. Oh I think that they're looking at the bad contracts that they the end part ways with. And they're drew their pull the trigger. OK another question on the money usual quicken and that little money gets boring at times for them want but this could do what Tex and about a lot of things and for them to be able to spend money we talk about post June. Bomb what do you think they can cut him now yeah but they can basically get the money to go out and spend now. They'll get the seventeen they'll get a seventeen million dollars. Can't. Saving by cutting him now go spend a tone in this week starting Wednesday at 4 PM Erica and then you designate him a post June 1 cut and Andy from the did money to 22 million you can read it over two years or personally is that I believe would be nine. Nine. Million this year and and thirteen million next year when a lot of money put New Year's lot of money for a guy who's not on the roster but. Whatever you know really there's nothing you can do about that. You know did money he. It's it's funny that N com videos you're correcting a past mistake MRI. There but I would call it a mistake I I can also say why did they attempt to renegotiate with the Obama could to keep him on the roster perhaps a beer. And perhaps he see it I'm not there we don't know you don't know that yet we don't know that we don't know that yet this to me looks like a complete rebuild my way off. You know you're not you're not this is day. This is they rebuild on the fly at the very least there and again you're talking about Jerry at John A Jarvis Landry Ndamukong through three of your more talented players from that. When he sixteen playoff team that are that are gone now and oh yeah I knew that there is no other way to look at this. It's it is they rebuild on the fly. They I I I. Yet here's a scary thing might atom bomb we know that he likes to spend money on big name reagents are sliced reagents and slow well we are going to be looking for is. Just him bumble that route or does he do more of the baseball analytics site where you you know we're where you're getting. You know the best player for the dollar not necessarily be. High price big name guy. I wanna get warned that the 5 o'clock hour could that's that's my biggest my biggest problem or my biggest question where this team is actually going to Wear this franchise. Is headed the first look at some of these texture and open door policy 67974. 67974. On the a and I needed to get Tex lineup so you reaches 67974. My only problem with gay sex rights and is in the actions themselves but the false narratives too may players look bad he wasn't a culture move of another team picks him up. The lead team picks him up well what about two tigers at the soup music culture move it makes a sum it all these guys are just a pain in the ass. And I I don't know -- agree with that I don't mind if it because fins gave the shot now you have to multiple players for those tabs. Trey Burton they Robert should be Alan Robinson leave our Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Played in free agency. Also Jimmy Graham lobbed you wanna go out and and get after Jimmy Graham. I mean the by the way Jimmy Graham from. He's very close reportedly to going back to New Orleans. Or her care remembered the other team. But he's at it this August in New Orleans a yet or somebody else does but yet when it went and all right thanks. But it appears that he'll probably be reunited with Drew Brees that's up to about at what point we stop cutting players a start cutting staff it is all is that always the players' faults you know I I I. Just responded to that is that the epic there balding door also really added in if you look at psalm. Brohm Joseph Philbin who today and Campbell took to Adam gates really fooled into games. But the all defensive coordinators right rom Tim Hillsdale what four album right Mike Sherman. Bill laser. By Christians and now dal log in low hum the defense of coordinators have switched it. When you when you don't win you always try to find answers and old you look at most of those teen bait they will be revolving doors of players in coach. Stick threads in as offends him obviously pissed off but I wait until free agency in the draft or over to start getting depressed. Bennett is a very wise. Right they're wise move tonight don't we pressed. Now yeah yeah look we we have to react to day because we're on the air today and and just like in your. You'll formulate an opinion to day because this is happening right now. But really the big picture is what does listing looked like when training camp opens. And you know whatever it is July 27 or 28 by. You can you can be depressed now you can rip on now but. Really reserve your final analysis board the day the training camp opens which I don't nobody will do that and that's months away my that's what's really. To do. And then you can be depressed right. And let the sincerity if we get a great guard center and defend the tiger were seventy million by sue. I will buy soon bye bye meaning rabbi I'll miss his motor though. Go to church and I told you guys Tuesday they will cuts who would say seventy million dollars it's the best business move in order to get more cap space suit was good. But not 46 million dollars could. And I looked. Let me ask you this is -- Donald when he six million dollars dude no nobody nobody out of a quarterback yeah it's absorbed by quarterback who has worked for his charges and though we and we are we all knew that it was not getting that entire 114 million from the dolphins great. It is very you later they get a hundred million dollars the you know the entire value of those contract so. We knew this was coming in the big thing with the dolphins news. This weakens you significantly. And our our. Are you going to get back to even or are you going to surpass hum what you have we zoom. You would like to think they would surpasses the codes. Right or otherwise you won't improve. Alter our crossroads right now they really are this is this is a place that they haven't been in the long time per hole here and here's the other good sex will address this real quickly. Of the dolphins cleaning house is Tammy hill net. That we both a huge you might as well draft a quarterback high perhaps number eleven on him. Right appeared if you're doing all of this and cutting costs and eat you really looking to hit. And by the way I don't know why haven't looked who's in free agent class of next year who's in the draft next year. I don't know a ten embalming gays can afford to have that big a picture but. You have to think that next year building for the future including drafting a quarterback would go along with this it you're get rid of Landry soon. And and dom and and and landry's soon drive and a tie you right right and died. No doubt would be either the logical next what. Sometimes they don't do things biological wanna get into that coming up next. As free agency is upon us here by the way I took about ten minutes of text apple paid PPL lead Texas to seven to anyone at apple. For just 1000 dollars from about 5 o'clock we go back to the 5 o'clock hour. We're getting new code word we sort of time it takes an apple 272 dated one person perk right back with Johansson and I didn't take. That's before 5 o'clock and I mean to. Couple minutes forward. Our code word for your kids when 1000 dollars in the seventh items that demand came money contest what is off. Curtis imperfect equity here on a busy Monday afternoon. Speaking of busy get into our busy bracket contests twin peaks hoops hysteria log on go to Miami dot com that's the tig in Miami dot com good right now registered picture winners. Compete against our host everybody around here were also amount in real a lot of fun here the next couple weeks and you have a chance to win a fifty dollar twin peace gift card every single round. And the grand prize of a man cave party for ten. At twin peaks in Davie or duty not included twenty troops hysteria is also brought to you by Tim Wakefield growing. Which is in the really photograph operate in tapper located in the heart of Winwood played twenty hoops hysteria. Now at the ticket Miami dot com I like that live. A newly independent legal craft room and Marie writes yes you know and by the way I mean this rooster got there though. Be played hooky with the level torture on Thursday that's going to be out of their first round match up against Loyola Chicago. Right that window right now and to Bowden 310315. Window. So I said you know if we were on the air we would be up there yet obviously we have to do the show so we're going to be distress. Were rejected anyway but. Go out there have a good time with the with lemon tart and to god to the whole crew. While McCain I mean that's going to be an unbelievable that day and then we have so much stuff going on here. Very very busy man so we will what do we what do we we've got comments right in every single bit to come bobbled around here because we are. Because there's so much stuff going on we're trying to keep everything. Yes well between the rails here between the lines because we have a Lebanon in the NFL matchup with the Miami Dolphins as. Our teams are cut down in nine dumber kids who looks like the latest name that's going to be gonna be out. But the Miami Dolphins. When he jumped up he jump up. You know Kirk cousins is number one votes who is going to be up there mostly say I'll do today analogous to. I'm and that's saying it because he might feel some offers. He he's going to find a team. By two by yesterday bootleg it is going to be a hot second and he's going to be ups it was roster for big money. Yeah yeah well and you know what he had well clearly nowhere near dolphins money but he will go to big money yeah I have no idea how much anybody will be willing to pay him by. It will be quote unquote big money are double digit. Two in ten million Lee. Oh yeah yeah yeah so I having a thought of who makes the most sense Bob Lutz I'm still trying to get my head around the dolphins cutting him which to me doesn't make a lot of sense. I I innocent image dollars and cents. Bush as far as are the dolphins better. Clearly they're not better pain and I and I just I shudder to think what the defense they'll look like without a dominant soup. And I understand they have they have some time to fill those holes and when you don't just Jilin. For an Ndamukong Suh. No clearly the big part of this is. You know OK you cuts Xoom now what did you do with the money and that's going to be. The good telling part of this whole place and thing would Jarvis like how did you replace him same thing with tea Jai how did you replace him I want. It's that first inning where were talk a lot of money here and it's 5 o'clock on the dot to time your chance to and 1000 dollars it's a seven on the ticket me and gave money contest your chance to take home a thousand bucks. Text the word page 27 to 81 and your registered. Page. BA GE. C a little she. You 272881. Right now if you don't win this time your next chance is tomorrow morning was as a Romberg and amber at 6 AM. This is a national contest mentioned that rates may applied to not text and drive. Etsy markets page plea for North Carolina. Years ago and a member Julius page to play for Georgetown Villanova player neglect and I was in right after Allen Iverson. Back in the day given mentioned the most famous one who we got Ellen Page. Alum Dave wells that I'll stay with modern with the current scenario with a oops I brackets on my mind about this the front page. Britain it's the dolphins are turning the page very good that is Goodell that is wide that the journals and since. SE and except maybe brought. To about twenty under whom pain you know paying your mind stuff and the cynic in you paying it off here and they're paying a hundred bucks here on a much there yet. And but then you're going on spending a hundred no Syrian air into it and it's just yet beautiful place. It caught that vicious cycle of Regis you know you're rated debt limit and that all homicide and you're going to him and not you know a all of a sudden you get that that little noticed. And you're saying you don't were pumping up your your credit when we are currently 3002. And a 5000 here brigade and your like hot damn shoes and gravy. I guess it's party time. And you're you're getting all sorts of stuff from me you're you know you're you're you're buying drinks for the bar and you're you're getting massages your all sorts of crazy stuff right when it right up. That's how I think the Miami Dolphins operate their business sometimes. Is because they wanna be players in free agency wounding they can't help themselves they just. They're heavy breather and over their debut because they wanna be players in free agency so much no. Did they are getting they're gonna cut these guys so they so they want to have money available. That's how I look at the dolphins right now. And in the long haul I don't think it does them any good. So if they want it truly rebuilt if they wanted to say you know what. We're gonna throw this thing down here we don't like the culture whatever the hell that means being out we don't like we don't like the players we don't like quarterback fine. We're gonna strip this thing down. I got a problem that I go from Iowa whatsoever. But if they're just getting rid of their best players. Just so they can be a player in free agency to bring in players. That are nearly as good as the players that they just cut sing then that the Miami Dolphins but there Ernest. We. I just have to say this for the record and I know every did you know to be captain obvious. This whole. Comes from their problems drafting good players. And so now you're gonna go out and create considering you all of those sins. I just very proud everybody knows that it's very obvious statement. In free agency like you don't see the pitcher is going nuts here and rise that's where are doing this is they'll either. Right right they're not ever agree that up there and Pittsburgh right now the right there waiting for 4 o'clock I'll wait until they can sign Lawrence Timmons for two years and twelve million night yeah hillside that although sign him up to look at it now correct. Hope that's that's their right of the page it would deal of the century on somebody but they're not to sit around just waiting for Lama aggravated. But they're not gonna they're not waiting around you know he's way agency. All you're doing and free agency is paying for you you put it in the candid on the road well. Hey you owns or paying for yet to beat your just you're just paying for sins of the draft yes they're paying for sins are and former draft. And more and more often than not you're just reading the guy because of the if looked in free agency if if this if this overpriced veteran. Performs well oh. You probably are going to be able to re sign him and and and keep him if he doesn't play will willow who you'd you'd spent all that money on him. And and that's pretty much the way it's gonna go there there are a whole lot of these. Guys acquired in free agency for the dolphins who spear and you know old war by six years here and NR. Really good productive players at a good price just it's it's rare. If the dolphins. I mean if the dolphins did all this to go out and just so they could sign Allen Robinson. In Trey Burton like are you better off Knoll. No no I mean I mean yeah you just if you want to strip it down the strip it down and has an and you know and let me say how long do you think you're gonna keep Alan Robinson. Is it if if these cost and you went over fourteen a year. Com. It is he staying longer than three years now know. No other way diamond Dallas page Lugar won on the pages woo there you go that's a good order that is being GDP is is a little of their each. All right let's get to it 5 o'clock headlines. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. to Miramar. Well you've heard the reports Miami Dolphins will cut defense that tackle Ndamukong Suh this week possibly as early as 4 PM Wednesday the start of the new league year. If so is released and designated as they post June 1 cut it frees up seventeen million dollars in tax base. But the dolphins can use immediately the dolphins have also cut linebacker Lawrence Timmons they're expected to release tight end Julius Thomas. Those two moves to save an additional twelve million dollars. So there you go to the status it you know and and listen we talk culture change and sometimes I'd say that. We make too much of the term sheet culture. We'll talk about that later because it's it it works for the heat right. Do you believe that he closer. We're no I do but the dolphins have no culture that's it and and maybe maybe there is something to. Ensure Ed that that leads to winning so. Are we gonna get to that we'll talk about that. And I were were who does a lot of things we have to get too young to make sure we get along with also Tex in their differing almost always on Kirk cousins we got to get to the quarterback possible monitoring this please please let's not anyway over the bridge at its rights and yet sinners like Kirk cousins but. Could ride tales days we don't yet. Well we wound. Would put that on the list Miami Heat visit Portland at 1030 tonight he'd in seventh place in the east one game behind number six Billy. Three games behind number three Indiana Miami will have guard Dwyane Wade tonight due to a left hamstring injury and also will have sooner Hassan Whiteside. Due to a left hip injury. Those are the two big things that take out of tonight's game no way no Whiteside voids at W second miss game. You gotta get him healthy especially on this road trip which will be Sacramento Wednesday lakers Friday where they come back home it's a it's a mini three game trip. Prom and the way does look to beast too serious that I did so that's just tried more press caught yes don't let it. Become worse but Portland's 19 general talked to Michael Holden who does the up Portland troubling is games. He's gonna join us in the in the 6 o'clock hour so what's a late tip tonight worth staying up for because Portland. They're good they're very good initiative funded by the and he always seem like DC a massive and win tonight there's six points at some point they were aren't dogs that I put. He'd always seem to play a little bit there when a couple of guys there when you when you count him out a little bit and this is the revenge stored to the loss of Portland earlier at home. Thus Sacramento and home loss the lakers a little bit. Point the winner or at some revenge against some of these are very good point we'll see you taking in saying that Portland backcourt CJ McCollum and Mueller also college basketball Miami played Loyola of Chicago at 3 o'clock Thursday in Dallas and a first round NCAA tournament game gains by the way up to number 22 India toppled by it if anybody tears Miami is the six seat and has me when he to a nine record Loyola is the eleventh seed have a 28 by record Loyola won the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. If you him wins it plays the winner of the Tennessee right state game by the way. You him Coach Jim Larranaga CA guard Bruce brown project first round pick won't play in the tournament as he still recovers from ankle injury. Finally. One of the best teams in the in the in the in the term of defensively is loyal. Top five in defense so. In some points is going to be tough for Miami on off Thursday close loyal pie is one of the veteran names of all the teams scramblers. On the grim it's what you think you know what I didn't know there. I think it was what the real gamblers and you know you're gonna go with a mask yeah we wouldn't miss that you know Maryland Baltimore Italians. Why don't. Through the retriever she. Oh really well. Yeah repeat those older golden listen to reduce the receivers I didn't know that I had no idea about Baltimore county and to the other day. There's some good ones and their view is that the retriever the retriever is a networking area or. Loyola is the rambler snow that's good all right there's a lot of lumberjacks in there. As have very similar ball Stephen F didn't make it didn't know they did you know they did occasionally Texas Tech but yet Stephen a boss in South Dakota State osu had to win against numerous lumberjacks more than the Jack rabbits are okay. But somebody else is there lumberjacks in there but if you can be rambler is a retriever is yeah I'll put it on the textures right they're having gone through all the nicknames yet time and by any of those those are the ones that jumped out at me. Well lesson no rebel tonight locals lot of local. Action tonight. Florida Panthers host Ottawa at 730 of the BB&T sooner those are your headlines. Art 67974. That's how you reaches on the a text line. As this is like deja Vu all over again. As as Joey used to say Friday was all Landry today it's all sue. On the text line with the luck with some craziness and some tremendous mix in in between there. Home. So hold your heat heat cultured dolphins coal trader cutting them because the dominant sued the city and their culture what what in in blue blazes does that mean. I I think that means. We're we're losing and that's what we will use as our excuses it's not the coaches it's not the talent it's the culture. And Coulter changes take a while also Steve Ross. Give us a little time. I I that's kind of how I interpret. That term hold treasury earlier that tells you that it's kinda like it's got like when a college coach is will these are the previous guys players let me get my players here. When I hear culture change means a guy was a pain in the ass. Okay that's that's dead that is my terminology. So you wanna tell me about. All right he gave you through he threw a fit when you even start two years ago. Maybe he was all about JG IA anybody has a little bit without a gay is okay I I you know what argue that want all right I'll give you that wouldn't. Then you go Jarvis injury culture change oddly okay stars got thrown out of a game pocket pig you are Jarvis is is he gets the gets hot headed only once in awhile. OK I. I'll like it but you know what I can understand that a little bit. Now you get me woods did Ndamukong Tuesday is a culture change pain in the asked nine. Now kill the show up for some of the voluntary stuff. He doesn't which is tarnished as I bet but it still bright as he says an opinion in this red but I mean it but a but did you have to show for some of the voluntary stuff. He shows up he does his job he collects his Jack. Is he gonna be is it going it's gonna be rock rock guy in the locker no easy going to be you know team bonding I know. But you know all this will be signed tomorrow who you know all this was the same way in Detroit little. So I can live with Jay and I like it I can understand arms some level but tiger hidden within Allergan soup is is a bad cultured and the locker room. Why. Why don't I don't know that they're saying that Ndamukong Suh is a bad culture died in the locker room I think. Well there are. I I personally think that's just something to buy yourself more time that week. It's weak but that's it it's it's one of those beings that. You tale to the public and you tilted owner well we're glad that stupid to believe per well I think again it's something to buy you time. Right because. If you look at. If you look at what a culture change scooter should entail. One of the beings is we've got to split the personnel and that takes time subtle. Give us some time I that's our that's how I view it because to me. You're either winning or you're not I really don't hear about the excuses com I believe in keeping talent. I would've liked to a scene and keeps sue a would have liked to have seen him keep Mike Wallace would have liked to have seen and keep Jarvis. I believe in keeping talent and you work out all the little we bulls and all that kind of stuff. But when you when you used the term when I hear the term culture change to me that means give me some time. Okay it while I'm Lesley so I want bring up some of the Josh Johnson does in the 4 o'clock hour too good to us for the call to change plus. We come backwards more or text messages 67974. And it was a great weekend for the South Florida sports teams will get to that. In our fla lottery lay of the weekend all that coming up right here on some nine minutes ago. You'd be good tip back there that just has studied the shock rock you via the pope's. Trips inside the jump. Oh yeah. It's funny you. Did he gets into the scoring column. What was done the American Airlines Arena Saturday night at Tony's own point win for they'd. That's our winning weekend play of the game ready by the Florida lottery play all three fats play games from the Florida lottery with top prizes from. 100 dollars to 101000 dollars us ask the clerk. And the games print right at the terminal fast play the new way to win now the boy a lottery it's your ticket claimant. Play all three fast play game from the floor a lot of from top prizes from hundreds of 101000 dollars fast play the new way to win now before the lottery it is your tickets. And they he'd had AO. One way ticket to Portland after last Saturday's 27 point win we're gonna talk more about the heat into activity. Coming up here in these 6 o'clock hour perk has we'll get to come talk to Michael holding who has the he blazers game thing. And the Miami Heat. Just one of those nights where without Osama Whiteside. Everybody picked up the pace and I thought after the first 670 minutes a game I thought oh mine who's gonna win this game going away here's just. And that matters is that extra step on everything a washing ended. The ball's going through their group there at the energy was just there's just one of those nights in the NBA sometimes is against Jeff. And sometimes it's with yet sincerity was with Miami so now important three game trip but nice home win on Saturday night. Yes kept from what do you think we heard that. UD highlight. What do you think the chances of of Dwyane and you'd be run a pick and roll there's here in UD hit that jumper like he used to run. Probably I hope it happens I hope this means it. Haven't tonight no it won't happen tonight doing not out there but maybe and one of the in the later games with a blow somebody out here and they'll get they'll rekindle that magic just the odd to slow but you're my king host. And John Crowley on the call the quick reminder after he gave money to get. Should its Alexis and to report prime post game shows as though a complete wrap of the game Lexus and who were former par is always an amazing deal sponsored by champion four by fours awful reasonable NG. Truck and a should be customization shop go to champion four by four dot com courtesy of her prep with a here on a busy Monday afternoon by the way if you miss the code word for 5 o'clock. It is a page so text page PA GE 27 to 81 that seven to anyone also over the we can afford printers. Continue their winning ways they're beta back in action tonight they've been the hottest team in hockey the end of the Miami Hurricanes hear their name called. Yesterday as well also will be part of the which we all knew was going to be the case when there's succeed play in the Loyola rambler is at a Chicago. For the eleventh seed came to be in Dallas and play Thursday roughly just after 3 o'clock. So that's the that's. You know the K. Is that is that game actually in Dallas at the at the mavericks. Facility and look at America. Airlines center is it in Arlington and Jerry's world I don't know looked it's actually in Dallas it's a note that a million got to be at the America or not. Are rare and airlines in America aren't yet not I hadn't actually looked and I I knew Dallas but I it knows that was. You know Dallas and like Miami it's actually in Miami Gardens for the stadium and the cowboys aren't so I. Haven't I haven't lost either I don't I don't know I don't know like I mean the dull they usually have the doldrums lately with the regular blowing away from that. Right yes but if your if they're gonna play in the dome which usually at least for the regional championships or until the final four final four lesbian yeah now yeah. They've gone the other earlier but there and I don't think you I don't know acts like you're a big arena yeah a dome I think there early I don't write I never thought luxurious world. Now I might be wrong I'm I'm assuming it's I think they played I think they I think from one conference played a tournament. And injuries world they're limping one conference did have their candidate anyway they're going to be in Dallas a little to say they're right there doubts the. You know if the you could you literally hurricanes in and out there they're play out Lola and if they wind up with a winner of Tennessee. And right state in the in the south region you can always Texas a 67974. That six of 974. On the attacks I'd number got a lot of taxpayers' identities are you you the text than for actually getting a lot I noses of drugs they are you resent it. I didn't know Derek Jeter was running the ball yes and at least how often know the extent I know that's a sad because I probably better and overall funny. Overall funny. Could've gotten over like over doubled it is our the and we can respond everybody. But the Marlins management I have they taken over the Davie facility we hear you. Or hear you we oh we here yeah Tom the quarterback. And this if this is a complete rebuilt which I'm OK with. Puts it if but don't cut it on the consume. And cut and trades obviously entry into all these things move and then go and sign and then go and sign all these guys have free agency right like what they're doing now at the Robert Quinn moved doesn't make any sense to me. Because it ran into a million dollars do what just displayed play a role for two years well not be good when you're supposed to be good. I know well you know what and and look we keep talking about from. There there's a draft and all of that mum. A mile in this part of me if I'm wrong tell me know your clothes and other supposedly cents I think part of the reason that your paying Robert Quinn has because. You can't really put their son Terrence today he was a seventh round pick but a couple of your deep and severe and serious today now now you're looking at Charles Harris and your. Oil and we better get some in to go along with him right. You have no problem with him wait you probably looking at Andre branch Golan whom therefore to have sex last year and at the major knee surgery doesn't know he's going to be ready for April work outs and you look at Charles terrorists. Terrence today on restricted free agent and so. I think Quinn was kind of a you have to you have to make up for a couple of your passing and you never did developing young deepens a band or eat. Or another good defense have been as a somebody you can rely on. All right here's a sexier this is the solid Vista X they did not say she was a pain in the ass no they did not I said he was in the they just did not feel he was a team guy he's not age in the making others around him better he's into playing his best and that's all okay. Ice when I hear culture change that to me means these guys are pain in the ass that's on wanna hear this today so when they culture change this code for wall we don't want them on our roster because we don't along with a all right. What is wrong with with what's soon this it also wasn't a team guy okay not every guy. Would you wanna delegates still. Who's an ass kicking machine quote unquote not a team guy. What you want you want some other guy you omitted in the wells is on the brother Bridget Taylor Devin got chopped in your ultimate team guy. But he can't play half as good as it nominates who you tell me which guy you want or you want OPEC. Yeah and yeah I responded that guy and AC/DC admitted prom you know that I sent it I sent them a text back in and lomb. Basically saying. Look dumb. You know I'm unsure about soon not making others better than. The guy wants to win he did take Jordan Phillips to Portland. With them to work out. I I think it. Soon makes people better. By being good in other words he takes up the double team and it it's going to be up to YouTube. To take it from there. Yes so and so is not a guy who is. Who is going to share all of his secrets with teammate sees he's just not that kinda guy but he makes other people better by being double teamed all the time. I did the opportunity and therefore you you're you're one or more and go edit that to me is ultimate team player he can repeat what words oh lord you don't do this is professional football OK this isn't the March of Dimes. All right it's not a Donna consumer's job. To edited to show Vincent Taylor where the journal's art are right this and it's not his job it's great when those guys wanna pass along your pay it forward. Ndamukong Suh was paid to beat the guy across from him but that's exactly what you did for three years now he's not. Not going to do that anymore for the Miami Dolphins who is is my question. That realize that's everybody's question. And and I I have no idea right now I have no idea right you know bump somebody and see this habit sex whose problem is not his attitude it's his contract. I agree illegitimate country they get that contract. Is not only that but that's this is a good text ads that is the problem. As culture stuff where all of a sudden the culture is bad and Joseph sheds a due this week we talked with a 4 o'clock hour what was the culture battle in the winter in sixty years ago. Right well you know what I think that by these. If you're releasing a Johnny Landry and soon. You're telling me allowance. You tell me it looks right I mean I guess these were three of the major pieces of of that playoff team. And and now your your getting rid of them from. Eight was the culture band were worthy salary demands man. Well we know Landry and sue I think it's out to energize a new angle with OK because the other through the other threatening guard the other sewer. Are are more salary as they posed through that Latino culture. Has it makes probably cut it makes it a moment pretty bad doesn't. And not what I just don't think Obama is naive to think if it's your problem is his contract Desantis the say listen to this we we need that we would Willits of flexibility to do some of the things okay. But to say this culture's changed what what culture change Obama have no culture. Yeah and at any age it's just this week to put it on the culture South Park. Look I told you I had. To me that's always an excuse Tora give us more time tiger know tiger is Doug give us more time now if this is a complete rebuild which a number dome government to. Discipline we rebuild their quarterback's gotta be called an eleven in the NFL draft is acrid and by the way allowed to disclose the bill may that he and another big move. The bills. Made a trade with Cincinnati and now buffalo owned the twelfth pick. And buffalo we know needs a quarterback now am soul. The dolphins if you wanna rebuild it tear down and you went to bicker April 11. And you wanna be bad next year and and just let it play out and just strip it down and build a Beckham looks fine. Let just let us know is going on and we'll find out free agency but if they back down free agency. And they spend all this money that they they they saved. By by trading Landry cutting sue and they go running it's get more stop got stopgap veterans who didn't know this is is all just have some. Some. Unilateral. Just another just go around for the dolphins just say okay let's just get tonight at seven or ten at six this year. But the thing that we need to see it is is this a rebuild. Which would be a tear it down or is this a patch it up on the fly. And a pink free agency is gonna go a long way toward telling us that Russell I don't know if it's abused and be in free agency does the president on the fly and let's try to win. If this is a it just try to win you don't get you know let's try to win be against when he eighteen but this is they rebuild its let's accumulate some draft picks. And and right and rebuilt this. What is real quick let me ask you this question. You dips that a money wise since seventy million dollars of the adult know him free up we got into right now. Okay you yes or no perk seventy million dollars. Dell Dell it how are they spend that money if they do spend a little to say they do cinema got free agency are they going to be better or not if there and it's kept so. Your gut feeling. Hum. Promising they'll there's nothing I got over seventy going to be as good as the number consume well. You know what out of you this also. I'm not sure that weekend directly look at this as. What are you going to get it deep defensive tackle were four assumes money though you can I think Greg and have to look at it yeah how crowded in the money you do get a tight end any running back. Or so. I would go wait museum. I'm gonna go wait and see on the economic and soon as you just he's a hell of a player. No I've just come here and you've got rid of the whole thing employer. Yeah I mean it's nothing more than the goods is gonna look like about him. Your you have taken a step backward and and again mum. Are all these. The work you do to improve that run defense last year. By the getting William Hayes and and drafting rate on me Millen who we know didn't play. And Davone gut Shaw and and Vincent Taylor at the deepens a tackle and and signing Lawrence Timmons. You've dismantled so a good portion of that run defense right because Simmons is going to be cup William Hayes is not going to be brought back he was a one year deal. Sue is dawn. And sold. You know you're. You're kind of rebuilding what she worked so hard to it took to build up commit. I guess you can say TJ McDonald he's a safety he's a hard hitting safety eased at you know he's there Robert Quinn you guys. May be re Kwan comes in and and and balls by Tom. You that run defense so. Took a heavy here with the loss of Sulu and you can say whatever you want about Simmons. He was a better and but. You know a lot of a lot of holes did you go under and a lot of what you. And there's still some moves that could be made this of groups they'll be some more. You know didn't guys jettisoned you'll explore that here more than four years when's it will be a big day around the NFL of course for your dolphins here 6792 and four that they get to his. On the a seven and it's a detects I'm right here on 79 that's a. Page and LeRoy hole. I brought about three voodoo music food festival on Saturday march 24. At the Pompano Beach amphitheater log on that brought about three dot com and you've from a coach ticket for a limited time for this discounted tickets. There's also the super VIP experience which includes a meet and greet with the bands like distraught. That is the structure the shots are in suburbia we also includes free drinks don't miss more than two tons of crawfish. And genuine New Orleans food and spirits are brought about jury march 24 at the publisher of the theater. Presser by names have been on you know from 1043 HD two of the ticket appearance chatter is that. Let me know have hurricanes and hand grenades there at all. That's you know defense. Is that's led some suburban street culture right there maybe we don't have the time to do it. But when I was I was a burglar shoot must have been missiles poses is 03 final four income. Dwyane Wade was there their team and and Syracuse wanna be the B Ian Kinsler final. I had a hurricane off the street knowing and not normally it's fine yeah I got rupees. Really yeah. Yeah somebody put something in there. Out out I wasn't right for a month really solves it was a this terrible story it I know I know I got it because I was with. My brother in law went on timing of the story now Brooke my brother in law. Who is not a straight as it gets you know and yeah. Drank a little bit of it yup and he was awful his real. He was like who was it let's do like ten over two yeah yeah yeah like the cops that I got the bill the street. You know shirtless waiver this. If you went nuts and then and I drank the other half and I was just follow the took a little bit longer for that again but it but when it did almighty god will yeah if you're the would have done that now in South Florida we have to Symbian embezzle and that it hadn't gotten taken down but you mention the hurricanes out of yeah Jimmy O'Brien's and then the and run our panel bridges and then handwritten and it's we're in notes in those things was I don't know I don't know I quite honestly don't know what's ground ball you know what you were the Roman there at some point but yes they're gonna be authored a techcrunch about treatment by the way. It's our some unedited and anti money contest of thousand dollars is dog. Got about seventeen minutes or so. Text the word page. GE 272 hated one. And you'll be registered to win we had a big winner couple weeks ago was the last Friday when a big winner you know text page 272881. So. You can't limit if. It is cannot and it's a text page 27288. We know we were talking about arm pages Alan page and all that and somebody text and am one that I missed Jimmy Page. Jimmy Page and excellent outside a sports I like them doubt it ourselves and now they're in Vietnam. We got a lot of texts or my colleague Jeter is not running the dolphins. Rights of you just get in your car. And you're like man I gotta I gotta tentacles and does that's gonna have those guys left and we we got about two and two hours ago we came on so I do agree on the offense and it's a funny text we've got about a million Jeter's run in the dolphins text and on and all those things. But the culture change. Interchange that's one thing that Jeter has not said but yeah Marlins isn't everything obviously government should culture change would you evaluate your culture change or more time I think I might vomit from the time I got roof and. So let's let it eat you know that it. We gotta we gotta put that story in our back pocket but I want to hear more ballots so I don't know because one day you didn't wake up in the tub of ice with a kidney missing did you. I woke up with a tub. I admitted I recycle I almost broke my neck in the shower and I. See you you created a culture change. I wanted to get out of out of Burma and so they tell you it was a total Portland's that we didn't I didn't wanna see your Burma street for about out Austria. At our great if it does if you don't think if you don't think I did some advice wince through some. Some you know some life changing life changing ideas and of that young you know they'll run a look at the Mitt look right Amir after that was you are right hell you do when your life so natural selection and reflect all there was a lot of that yes. Also changed gap when you hear that when you hear that freeze. Sometimes I think it's it's just dom is is just a bunch of BS yes that means. This team is winning this team is not and I would know if you think culture change has much to do. With success and failure. The Miami he likes to say call for change and and they've done pretty dollar or cultural sorry for and they've done pretty will bomb a you know you deal as they are as good as an administrator and Dwyane Wade is in Baghdad Erik Spoelstra etc. Pat Riley is as the one who orchestrates at all. It's usually winning team that has good culture right. Alabama football maybe Mark Richt has brought the culture back to you whim. New England Patriots right but I'll ask you this some. The Cincinnati Bengals. Yeah they they had. Quote unquote bad culture right we'll bunt today's birthday and guys act and a pool and getting penalties but they did make the playoffs five straight years because they're good players cause they had good players never talked about as perfect as the deep back and I'll write him a knuckle here but he's a good player I know. I I am wondering does Notre Dame culture change obvious that the bad culture quote unquote bad culture in Cincinnati did not keep him from making the playoffs. Did keep him from advancing in the playoffs do you think. Maybe. They have the incident against Pittsburgh right they write one of the masters you don't hear it but I don't think it was I think it's talent thinking that I don't think it's right it gets down to talent I guess the San Antonio Spurs and say they have a certain culture. But look went without Tim Duncan who tears like did you know what what is your culture worth. Are there are there and successful teams that have. Bad culture kind of like you would say Cincinnati though and and and are there are their bad teams that have good culture it is now. Due to Sacramento teams possibly have good culture column Reynolds they have bad ultimately. Well here's a big culture here's our look at organs or your oldest in your right but here's the thing either culture it's like if you if you don't have it. Like your only they don't brag about it like the Miami Heat don't brag about it just become it is what it is he or who they are. Like like. Yeah that's what does the person is going on a diet there was talk about my diet all I optimal I'm down to you know to browns all I'm only gonna eat this Amalia it's like out. I don't wanna hear about it just drew and two already. So over the teams have talked about how their culture it's like one of these heat it just let it. Happened to it when it happened you it just happens organically. It's not electable woke up this morning Julia. Meeting guys at ten a bomb come brings everybody and haven't days Chris Grier all the scouts committee like you ought to read to change our culture so let's cut it Dahmer could sue and work culture change around here are right ready break. What the hell does that mean like all of a sudden now we're gonna change our culture what that held does that mean that's what I wanna know. What is that does that mean and how does that mean nobody's gonna coach differently. Does that mean red material mom's gonna is gonna look at players and draft players differently right does that mean they're not get a goal and overspent infringing. Is that America is having crackers you look at different players in the draft. What the league does that mean we're gonna change our culture here's a text culture is winning. It's that simple exactly and where I went assert that happened it becomes routine indicated becomes a bitch a ritual and when that happens it's it's just it. You you don't need to explain it to the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat have a system in place beatle there with their system erratic here the Miami you have strong leadership which 10 culture with the big thing is. Perk what are all those teams you mentioned have a comment and they go to the playoffs to the polls and it wouldn't beyond that. You too strong leadership knew Popovich wiley saved and Belichick. You're not bliss yeah messing with those guys. You'll get your act together in New England whether you're Ochocinco Albert Haynesworth. I'll name them a bunch of guys they brought and you'll get with the system you're out there that don't care who you are. Miami Heat you don't get what the system. Good buying CEO. Could buy it doesn't matter San Antonio same deal. Oh yeah you know a strong leadership here I'm not done coincidence perk I'm not that being on the leadership and I think it's talent. I. I got the talent to begin. But I mean it but that's when you get into did you get into the dangerously low wall where you know. We're not good enough so where he lets certain things slide with this guy answered inside with that guy. And we're gonna keep morale but they did to me the culture thing is. Yes it's winning but it's just you'll just flip a switch until we change our culture. It's over and over again why do you why do you get right chicken lose weight when you lose thirty pounds not because you didn't go. You you yet you had you had a you know. A lettuce sandwiches at a hamburger today and you know it's going to the gym over and over again lifestyles and budgets eating healthier and today not a die it's lights out all of those things that's culture at the capital overnight. Thing he culture was born what when they drafted Dwyane Wade you know. It did twenty years in the making it detects heat the Cleveland Cavaliers have the culture no I don't. They win. They went to live superior talent talent that he guided it to me it's talent adult mortality colts are two different things. You could say I eat out they go 42 or 4141. Would you would you would still cigarettes and a great culture would you not outside the town. All of us but you'd still say their culture is great you would say they believe they do business is great. I say of their culture is great because they're winning. If if this tempest of this heat team missed the playoffs for the next four years. Are you talking about he culture. No but it's still recognized I was saying that you're just it all come from today's that you won yeah yeah. I think it's about salary com now in the heats case heats news the ball in space with soon. Let's face it this was mostly a money move and in the same being with Jarvis. You can talk about culture change and all that. It if if those guys were asking for less money or making less money asking born Darvish is taste making ensues case. That'd that'd. Culture changes not a bank and it certainly is not mentally bring it I got to the don't insult as well as over financial move the money and money yeah. National you need it yet you need to do you need better talent on your reminder that don't and the culture change comes with. Now but I can they win I can also make the argument jars Adrian numbing it's Europe that are more talented players that you're gonna wanna find in free agency. I I would I would listen to that in believe so then in the end of them would redoing her house in order world's 6 o'clock hour we have got about the best culture in town that's the Miami Heat. They have Portland branch again when Michael holding does the blazers games up there. Spent ten years in the MBA Michael Holmes old school. He's gonna join us here in the right around the around six when he. As rule check Google him you'll fifteen minutes he'd action. Welcome back with the headlines and will open up the 6 o'clock hour on the way right here on seven kind of take. Moment of against the here on them and it's again hard at work we're doing here. Just a moment big headlines making day for the Miami Dolphins 79 you to get. Is urging you to play hooky with eleven tarred show and watch the two. Each of the guys in the shipping container have worked for. We want you to join images Wakefield coming up this Thursday from two to 5 PM it's when the kings are going to be an action against Loyola. Which is right during McCain's demand that to take shipping container bracket challenge and pick which of shipping containers appears as your favorite. The winning beer will be announced today of the national championship candy and re launch really really cool deal. They'll be loud music from the red means wholly dances and above the skyline. Be there at 2 o'clock on Thursday with led the charge having dinner watch the games. And it's all brought to you by. Aliens have and any NFL moral fourth cute 143 HD two. Tickets. And the damage to everyone's going to be up that's going to be one huge party. Revolving around the not only the the Beers and also the canes playing and watching the NCAA tournament. Which I can't think of a better place to to hang out there with those guys. German lot of excitement there man I mean there aren't we were doing this little radio show I would be there yeah yeah I mean I mean so please. People are fill out their brackets you're gonna see a lot of a lot of elation and a lot of heart break right. Yes agreements as the great thing about the term and as you see people's reactions when those scores roll in and you see who is off to a good start on the first day and who gets brought back down to earth on the second day. Outs in. It's much they were timing of it is amazing is just that I think it's the most democratic. Did the best waited to two for a true champion bee crowns. When you look at. Everybody gets seated according to their. According to their you know their resume during the regular season and it's all neutral site games. Oh win in advance like is the you know there's no home field home court advantage there's no teams with a extra days off. Everybody plays you know the Friday Saturday or Friday Sunday Thursday Saturday. Is just you win and you advance of that set first one to six wins if you're in the playing game's first one to seven wins. There's no re seeding of anything it's just you win mid whereas a Friday play Amanda just. This is that the greatest sporting give enemy now like the World Cup but I mean that's that's I'm not among bigger basketball fan of soccer rim but as far as true tournaments go it's the best of the best. Com. We know that the NCAA is a money making entities. Is that why Oklahoma's in the term goes straight young brings eyeballs in Oklahoma State USC and some other teams are out from all may be but like notre BI looked odd. I know that there they're not. You know. Some totally Alter risk stick organization. Can't say I'd be mad at him I I want a secret young in the tournament now in Oklahoma totally deserving. Rally you know US a year Oklahoma State might have been more deserving. But do you wanna see Trey young do you wanna see them add one of the best scores in the game or do you wanna see the better team. Well we're deserving Seymour the court insisting player I guess more intriguing player. We haven't talked a lot about the term and we don't know but I is a let's carve out a few minutes here one outcome. Just on that front yeah just limit for anybody that pitches that they don't get in today. Like to shut up all right when more game really. Yes I I don't wanna hear from Notre Dame I don't wanna hear from from USC Oklahoma City I don't hear from USC. Will when they beat Kansas vice road win another game and you're in the tournament and I go back to look at everybody's records here and I say don't loose of that team. If you're a global global five point lead with a point nine seconds ago against Virginia and if you you win that game last week you are in the term in my friends. You are going to answer global and so what you say it's who voted what he say in Oklahoma good job. Yeah your and your nation bitches every year note I mean you're you deserve the job Saturday and deserve it more than US a year Oklahoma State what they were yes you got your top ten team down did you have did you lose it at ten in Yemen wanna game in the year 2010 you're exactly yes. But as far as it's just the teams that that are are complaining like stop it. You you don't find anybody who aren't. Well I'd go back homers and amber or ever ever really rarely this league it's so it really doesn't make any mistakes but it'll make a statement saying legislator and if you're in you deserve to figure out you deserve if your 24111. Okay beat 22 intent in your in and you are there any of those teams when an extra game per there and we're not having the conversation about it. So there again if your global Opel five point lead with point nine seconds ago. Right I mean if your Saint Mary's sucks or 45. You know what. And when your comments earlier confident that they get the respect it deserved winning that your game you are horror core count. That's it welcome tiger a year when I'm going to outlive a one thing I'm gonna complain about our. Before we get to headlines. That's elections yesterday. All thousand abomination that was dollars and hour beings that goes. Well that that takes you back to know what they're trying to do that takes you back to Betsy be like. Magic Johnson and Chevy Chase doing talk shows I should in no way I should know when they had the life studio audience for this thing was going to be an excellent track and know. The studio audience of what like forty people. Right from the camera panning around it looked like they were in a mood quartet did an Evan sure I mean it was. I did I didn't like the dampening. There was no drama to it alphabetical order with the with the damn automatic qualifiers really that's how you're introducing lead to this show terrible alphabetical order for the team we already know lettering in. Terrible. Term I would've I would have rather seen like the last war in. Two and and show those teams on the edge of their seats you know old European and you're. Seeing are yet it was. I give them you know next year you'd this was your first year turner you worked out the blow and you come back better next year. I'm I don't argue previous market terror aboard a terrible terrible it would RA and I love him and I think all those guys are great I love Ernie Johnson I loved Charles. I like I think everything they do debt roll out was that drew. There are still held there or don't ever try something new it didn't work I give him credit for trying something new didn't word it. You've got to you know go back and do some wave better next year way better like do not repeat it right correct as of this that's what we've learned don't repeat as he tried it it didn't work dolby. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WAS at six Ph.D. true Miramar. And yes I know texture it's it's Evan turow always say you have insurance and the same person. Dings me a bit I used to do that quite when you're when you're talking we'll retirement archer a sieve like that being with like a food court soon you'll probably. An internal dialogue ensure Ramona Evan Shura. Yeah like Devonshire an inter Alia who in turn Devonshire was never yeah all work police officer Scott. Earlier this New Orleans. The job we have your gas anyway a Miami Dolphins will cut. Defense of tech on economic and sued as we possibly as early as 4 PM winds at the start of the newly Newton new league year. If so is released and designated as a post June 1 cut it frees up seventeen million dollars in cap space. The dolphins have also cut linebacker Lawrence Timmons they're expected to release tight end Julius Thomas. Those last two moves could save another twelve million dollars. So what do you do with the money in the and around freeing scene just throw an element should guys and overpay for guys once again to be in the spot two years from now. Are they gonna change that quote quote culture. Way I I say the first woman they're gonna overspend on creating some will be in the spot in two more years. That's my guess late. They could have as much news into Harlem bombs perk. No I think I think it's clear in light of these moves here now. That's an excerpt that I don't know if there and that if they're all you know of them of the well wishers and everything. Is is rosy in the life of a of the guides him a chance you you do a lot of unknowns on these moves this year you do have to give them a chance. But viewed as a whole of of what gays Greer and and tandem home have done there's no face. No there's no faith and we're sure they're there they're the ones who have bomb. Brought on this most recent round of questioning right they were good after the ten and six season. The annual ward some contracts to guys such as Kiko Alonso and Andre branch Eagles six and CN. You use ship ball Jay had John you know Landry and Seward on sold. As they brought this on themselves they had it rolling their four seconds I had the classic here on questioned him what did we here's my bigger bomb and and you can talk about culture and you could talk about all. On salary cap and you could talk about coaching styles of all this other garbage. They're getting rid of their best players. That's the bottom line out how that makes you better like I'm I am and isn't it a black and white existence perk up. Yeah a good vs evil every single day Petra I I try to live my life the dolphins are not better when you get rid of your best players. Well here's why you have to wait and see you could be better. If you spend that money more wisely there's not a wide receiver that they're going to find on the free agent market that is better than Jarvis Landry. And there's not a defensive tackle that is better than Ndamukong Suh or as good as the dominant soup that is available in the free agent market true or untrue. I could believe both of those Alan Robinson they do different things Al dark sides are in ten days ten games that attend games well. Here's what I'll tell you on day that yes he might not find a better single receiver or better deepens a tackle but again. What do you do with the money. Perhaps you find a receiver and a linebacker. And then you find a defensive tackle in a tight end and while you're not better at that specific position. The overall team improved with what you deal with. However. Recent history has told us the dolphins will not spend that money in the most wise way possible. Yes so leopards back to our. Head that I really don't so there is there. Miami Heat they are playing beat Portland trailblazers at 1030 tonight the heat is in seventh place in the east one game behind number six Billy. Just three games behind number three Indiana cap. That'd. BR he will not have guard Dwyane Wade tonight he's got a left hamstring injury but he also wore him sooner Hassan Whiteside he's got to let tip entry. Yeah I cited talk to Michael Holmes he does the blazers games he's gonna join us coming up here in about though. Twenty minutes or so loyal fifteen minutes he'd action with him a late start so kind of is kind of messes with our our mode Joseph a little bit he burden bridges you were waiting for a huge game to start here that's what we got to go we got three hours today. Yeah you gotta have gotta have a couple copy around a 10 o'clock tonight right now you'll make the entire way right yeah yeah yeah definitely. You know what I I actually. And didn't didn't watch the the fourth quarter and and didn't see the wing get injured because I I turned away or I'll buy that you have right exactly and how long's it been since we've been able to do that with BP they played all these closed and turned away for awhile you remember. What I got. Interested in watching him in turn Beckham he was still here it's I actually didn't even see Dwayne leave that should be fun and I Portland or Portland the gas to watch it we haven't seen Portland and they you know and a lot this year. College basketball at University of Miami plays Loyola Chicago at 3 o'clock Thursday in Dallas and a first round NCAA tournament game. That's too private school blender kept a loyal Zoete a Catholic school a private school in Chicago obviously loyal Chicago. He moved up to number 22 in the top twenty by today. You whim is the sixth seed in the turn India region they have a point to a nine record. Loyola is 28 by Bayer the eleven seed Loyola is the winner of the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. You William if they win and play the winner of Tennessee and Wright State Coach Jim Larranaga CN pertains guard Bruce brown a projected number per round pick. Won't play in the tournament as he still recovering from that ankle injury. The Big Three Almeida to Florida State is in there and Missouri in the first round. And Florida gets a winner of saint Bonaventure and UCLA they're also succeeds so succeed for Miami. And for the Gator and 990 reporters say it's a job out of the big threes. Olson are our birth state schools the big winds only and finally the Florida Panthers host Ottawa tonight at 730 those are your headlines is not a hotter team maybe in all sports right now. And the Florida Panthers certainly hockey. It's it's MO is amazing scenes that are bigger stories. Nationally and locally and I think it. I don't know how big story the campers are in the NH realized I would guess they're you know one of the hotter team go against in atrial brands. The Panthers are on their radar but locally they just get his get swallowed up by eight. Jarvis Landry and Ndamukong Suh in Miami in the tournament and Derek Jeter moves and there there Dwyane Wade coming back it's. It's tough for them and at the Marlins are higher profile in the panthers'. By the way Derek Jeter is not running the dolphins aren't so I'd landed and we don't know if club except and it. For the new audience in the guided in this car is Coleman public those guys are got a text for them and it's been a brutal with their socks off perks there is going to be on fire when ice in this text in he's going to be laughing it up all the way at 7 o'clock. Yet we got that ends at about 357 to the Turkish aid to see it that they it's clean then throws and that it acts it's a great text. Like like you know what what if not if your if your first or last. Yeah in those of you the guy you know when you when somebody texted him like 357 there was sort of show. It's still a good textbooks is not as funny at 612 here. But as seeing the same Jeter Tex were involved 600 times the Texas ball in their shoes they don't know right people just get off work in Iraq this guy's been caught in this one at the office of he's been all I gotta Dominic hit with is to either Texas soon as I get in the car and then there's like yeah. Pay here's an interesting text com did it say is mum. Kurt this is classic eleven seed against the six see the hurricanes have a terrible perimeter defense. Loyola. Some of the best shooting the one of the best shooting teams in the league come on so I think that this Dexter is saying this though. Upset alert. Okay no problem with that guy I don't know if you're good about that match I imagine you'll but it might be could be low low low oil law. I feel really good about the center a matter I think they can beat Tennessee or Wright State. If they can get by Loyola Chicago I'd I'd love their match their cigarette matchup I don't like the first round matchup problem with that guy. That are continually 2.2 and a point favorite on Vegas. Loyola they they sprinted around the got shooters they defend at a high level you're defensive player of the year and a conference. Dead that's a good team and may you know a good. They're all good teams this time a year like you know outside of the sixteen seeds. And some of the fifteenth seed that I know has been a couple fifteen tees up to its over the years seeing. You know you get into the 710s of the thirteen fours and all these are all good teams when he's all damn good team to observe a culture. All these teams got a good culture. As far as the all these little programs that win year after year and your deer in the the maybe it'll get to determine every single year. Put all these teams are 125 games a year every single year for the most part right. You know after you know all these teams are and got something going on their level the South Dakota State's. And the number bothers and the rights states you know Murray State's all these teams win the old twenty point five games every single year. Yeah I love that I I absolutely love that and that's that's what I like to see. Tell you this real quick that we're we're getting a lot of B to and done with experience. People saying that they they're they're not going to games is years some one person simply canceled the season tickets I don't know that's. Actually true but we're we're doing a lot of long for frustration running high tech. I will address that next here on 79 minutes ago. Mark you just joined at 6000 dollars a man came money. Every single hour between 6 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday listen for the code word in Texas to 72 rated one. And your chance to in the money you need to build your perfect man cave. Message inveterate may apply to not Texan drive this is a national contest we're giving away men gave money on him some and I mean if a moral force three. HD to the ticket courtesy perk if you hear Michael Holton. He is the trailblazers radio analyst he's gonna join us here about fifty minutes or so's been over ten years in the NBA UCL a guy. Good player overall player and they love their bass won't Portland purchase that's one of those things. Like I always kinda tell people. And you made trips out there. They flew low there's T blazers out there it's one of those like the forgotten cities how. That they are now is I just love going to some of those cities how passionate they are about their teams of Portland's that place of Iraq and tonight. No Dwyane Wade no Hassan Whiteside first with three approachable ask. Michael why oh why they've been so good that 19 year old third place in the in the Western Conference right now. Portland is who'd thought that. Yeah I mean at seamless terrorists. Take him off on her unit as it is absolutely incredible what they've done that I didn't see this coming. From the trailblazers I didn't know they could be in a three seed in the west right you. He really thought that that was since O'Neal spot right that that spot is like. It belongs to them righted its Golden State Houston San Antonio but no. It's what. Issues that still improbable insane to think Golden State has overtaken but as Houston and Golden State. And Andy do you still totals are lawsuits and yet they did and they did a bit lost to a Minnesota. Little of the moment the gold Houston's got a behind the loss to. The loss last was a last Thursday the Golden State lost schools are not at sixteen losses. Well no. I know that because I'm under 67 and a half so that's a fifty blossom is good be excuses now I actually. Yeah he's gonna head into their regalia this has got it really effusive poppy douse lessen the glue them on yes. And then the Miami Heat per green or they win or about 36 million to forty flow yup. Yeah forwards on Margaret here. A party you have the party to pay I like this text only because of the reference at the end. Dolphins can go bleep themselves they haven't been relevant since the days of moonlighting with Bruce Willis. Tell you gotta moonlight would Bruce Willis and it only does show an inside that's undamaged so that's an outstanding debt I don't know that says about our core audience and our courts exercise. You're there you're aged hippie of you remember moonlighting. You're you're your age and I heard Bruce Willis and who. What was the woman's name. Sure I. I can't remember her name they'll perk I can't remember her name blondes yeah I can't remember her name that they are like the past talking dueled. Civil ship Sybil shepherd or yeah there you go. And they had bugger from over imagine the nerds who was one of the office guys yeah and in the the nerdy secretary. You know those cells that that was actually rituals is. You know claim to fame now so we start on the Mimi die hard McCain has something to mix superstar but yes it did very good mid 1980s reference I love to get into this century just a little bit. I'll try out and that is not a requirement for me you know and I as I was about still watch Sanford and so I like to keep an argument somewhat. Somewhat -- solid contemporary and like I love already referenced Alfred Hughes on the show Kelly did you did you start. I I mean we don't go back to the Willie out is go back to like maybe 30 Rock from the Saunders of their civil dead right I yeah Regis you know miss Chinese I'm I'm softly to an awful but Netflix by the way Melrose Place we you know you go back to at least midnight there for the dolphins there. And really get the OK really out Yuri with a text and it another legal base who go bleed themselves. Another one about I canceled my Dalton season tickets. Then I will. I wonder how many of these are actually author and again and I don't know we get this all the time we do diesel emotions are running high emotions are running high right now because of did there's a lot of this that knee jerk reactions there and look I don't blame you premium Vista as a dolphins there and I I really don't look knows. BP just the path that you were on that you thought you Roenick at ten in six. Boy that thing is that ping seems like a long long time. Right and then just the players you had responsible for that playoff season. Not too long ago just go out the window in my biggest question newbie question going forward here is what's over the quarterback situation. How do you view Amy if you are rebuilding even a little bit which I hope they just completely rebuild this thing. I mean an entry into Tulsa quickly if they go out and they spent all this money that they just saved of these guys. From. You know and they go out and sign a Trey Burke Ursula that okay. That's not to number anywhere near that just another patchwork freeagent dude get two to nine and seven there's no long term thinking here. But if they really must have this thing down and they have to go on to your quarterback eleven. That's to me is going to have to make this thing work pays there at least try to make it work. And just say you know what we're gonna rolled to an elbow our order we are our core regular future waiting in the wings you know we're gonna get our salary cap figured out we're gonna really stressed the draft. Does even if your building a team you don't build through free agency anyway. No and yet especially when you're trying to build. The bottom. Yeah I you know what outlook. I was coming around to draft a quarterback at eleven and whatever you know whatever the the situation was with culture changer refueled or sewer Landry. Now I'm really met him oh yeah you might as well did you get the die is bear it utterly you'd like baker may be old or the whoever. It it if he's there or you can move up or down if you wanna move down to get Lamar Jackson. Whatever age you pretty much need to get at quarterback in the first round this year. Because it's apparent that there is some kind of a read deals with you called a fool flares rebuild or patch patch were being on the fly. You might as well play and put you to go live that's what you're doing with the Su and Malayan remove write your planning for the future. You want money so that you can do something with it now these guys were too expensive to keep. And so or you're looking you know I this year and BR running go and we got to start a new. Or. If what you young guys turns out to be a good player. And lock him up with the money yeah. He should double Landry. You know well who who comes up Jordan Phillips and the voluntary Parker. Kamal and that signal to our war of the you know knowing that you're you're correct human polls and Kenny Hendrick turns to be a monster than to tell us that's why you're in the situation with Jarvis Landry right he could've locked them up last year are probably at the price that you wanted but the illegals out who has a 112 receptions and -- in a thorough you're done. That willow we gotta talk word orders almost on time of the Miami Dolphins because we we have talked with Fitzsimmons he retired a lot of solvency of the first. Two and half hours we got fifteen minutes he'd be here on the West Coast late game tonight is Portland's solo let's talk to Michael hole talks and he basketball fifteen minutes he'd. Struggle trail blazers with the radio analyst of the T blazers Michael hold talks he'd Portland coming up next right here on 792 to. And yeah. Ten minutes yeah. Fifty minutes of Venus because my budget before by yourself voted number one Jeep truck as you can customization shop. You're guaranteed death how to how the hottest four by four modifications in town called champions by reports of a 65023446. Great champion and four by four dot com also sponsored by marina Hyde. Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys call 305800. Irma. It brought to buy all pro orthopedic and sports medicine that's their job get you back in the game before South Florida locations there's one here you go to all pro or the bigs that come. For more info courtesy Burke equity here. On your home the timid that the ticket we go West Coast basketball tonight Burton released as of late watch in the Miami Heat and we gotta get an inside look. At this Portland trailblazers team that has been lazy in the is there a way to nine straight victories and a sling shot their self in two thirds but outlets and joining us right now is former team blazer him itself. Hello all time in the NBA eleven seasons to be exact and he does via. Home game and list all over the Portland trailblazers former big time ball or Michael Holden is our guest here on your home and eat 79 it's a good Michael how are things out in Portland. They know well and poorly and the team is playing well everybody's excited and you know coming down the stretch. They love their basketball out there it's one of those hidden gem in the MBA and you go to Portland and it's all about their trail blazers nine in a row how how. I've been able to do it. What too long ago that you know dame yellow rose with the owner and maybe they kind of move in a different direction and where was this team headed all the sudden. They put it all together what's been that would galvanize his basketball club. What they Damian Miller leadership and that caring concern and understanding that everybody needed to have a collective since the emergency. It's probably where it starts. You know would cherish south of the great job you don't give it to you up from prepared every night but the thing that is really been consistent through their nine game winning streak have been the defense. You know we got them. Everybody that watches him about we'll understand you just. Not booming sharp every night you not go beyond offensively every night and it took a while what is troubling the team has recognized the need. To focus on the beat in the bay and every night and I think that's been the backbone of duke went straight. I'd like to go away from the defense for a little bit and finish the sentence boarding. It CJ McCollum and Damian Miller played on the East Coast. I think they would be. John Wall I'm rarely real. Quick. A group everybody. DD DD DC you're geyser there aren't they are kind of the anonymous because of the bid to tell you Rahul a big portion of the nation does not seem vehicle. The other arm in the way abominable that we not well thought Leo every guy and trauma that they give your word haven't been around the block an MBA and understanding what happened. You don't declare them the west not getting the exposure and build the ability in the east. Damian Miller didn't CJ McCollum Mata real deal you I mean if you like basketball. And you're like god I can use do drilled home a place for themselves. And an entertaining fashion can get asylum fumbled don't need much separation Damian Miller didn't he get McCollum fit that bill. But what's happening right now is that the role play of the other guy art. I think the recognition. Obama played awful Damian Miller that he did McCullough number one. Number two Damian Miller repeated McCollum are unselfish and willing captives. Michael called his analyst for the Portland travelers whose. He'd end up blazers tonight at 1030 our coverage begins at 930. Following a free all right here on 79 you to get one bench guys it's happening here. He was drafted down here that was the whole LeBron if you miss daisy and ago the bronzed without you the best player in college basketball he ended up taking him. Those early worked out here. But I watch a lot of blazers games he's a lot of big shots for you. It in in key moments and just not only show about the images of the role players there you go down a list it seems like there's. Yes blue collar McCollum I'm circuits at the told each and every night there's a new guy that kinda take said that third force are for your club that's important is it not. It's very important I think you'd have a lot of mock the job that carried doctor and his staff have done. Empowering every player on the floor to play we're confident I mean the map and agree it takes to make. Big shot he makes plays and he didn't have to defer M by everybody feeling comfortable and confident. It will build now word that total is greater demote someone a park. Michael you know the receiver is going to be without Dwyane Wade and Hassan Whiteside tonight. How does Portland so he could win a Tibetan what are we going to see him trying to exploit at both ends of the court because of those deficits. Well I think their big gaps in the number one number two doesn't mean that he's not going to play hard air posters seem to always play hard they always play unselfishly. And shared a more evident by the plea to a fifth average to report logo and respect Miami's ability. It is still scored the action from start. What really what will happen in mid game that we'll have a playoff atmosphere because bold teamed or in playoff race you've got to tell you compared. And one quick thing about Eric's bowl so we know he's going back home the bigger guys you know when I covered the team. You know it was it was kind of made a big deal wins ballwind Beck. How is that now this blow you know it's not exactly Newell but move does the crowd acknowledged Erik Spoelstra in any way is has done his dad is here the crowd at all he does is he how they're visible. I don't know that they're the high level of bin ability but there's certainly a high level of recognition. That the poster spamming the big part of the Portland trailblazers. Basketball history and their whole slew of big part of the Portland cities scenario I mean he went to University of Portland. But I and so everybody's very aware and appreciative. And respectful of the poster family and I think Eric feels that now. If not evidence didn't understand illumination of people lined the ball outside the team motel with Erik Spoelstra the highly respected. Person here in Portland. Michael O'Neill analyst for the Portland trailblazers spend or ten years. In the NBA former team blazer in his own right. I'm Michael had good days of tonight's game we know the meter short handed. Where where where can Miami finds a rhythm here where can now we know it was a tough match up especially on the road personal three game trip but. Well where's Portland a low light and work in Miami perhaps exploit them just a bit this evening. Well I think it's going to be a easy baskets and me every team very and I tried dvd basket but I think tonight. That's going to be a critical area because when you're shorthanded that other guy the give an opportunity to to impress the coach and give the man that. And so. They're going to be playing are they being a Miami Heat and their defense the minded think marriage Walters teams will get into UOB can turn the TrailBlazer Bo ring given transmission. That would be a good thing I think for the need to take pressure awful who they're playing what I'll. But it took too exciting calling it these big big game up Portland played well in transition. They are the Michael. RBA question in general hum. In both conferences the race between three and eight ordered the does the separation between three and eight is is very tight. Almost three and CNN in the west. Is this a good thing do you think this is what the NBA wanted you've got some scenes and in both conferences that are kind of out there. But this pretty competitive the rest of the way and is that good for league ballots. Well it's great the league ballots than ever you won every game they have significant particularly down the stretch. Coming and that makes this feeling kind of more exciting I mean in past years he looked good team being out of the playoff race early. And then had to do with whether they were hitting guys resting guys certain guys now playing give a little odd things come up there aren't healthy for the game of basketball. That is not the case this season it seemed like everybody else something to play for every game that playoff ramifications. Well you're from you're still you're Bruins play in the play in game they got to run into Michael well how far the Bruins advance. Come I don't have a problem bracket Jim look I don't wanna refer to them the blame game and the president visited. They have it at it the mild surviving edit man I think and I need them begin to the second week here. And I've been reading at any time. I don't have to look at you and they say it would turn interview and again well what's what's. I. I'd say you know like it's such an exciting time for basketball army would March Madness NBA playoffs around the corner. You know do you like about the US export due to an exciting time if you like basketball the particular you don't Friday. There Friday of this week. Our two lead to the best basketball day in the new year would it into double A tournament every game mussina somebody left and somebody cry if it is so exciting. Demy and we'll hey thanks for sharing it with us enjoy and have a great call tonight and and should be a fun when he without a couple of our guys not on the fourth thank you for joining us Michael. Did you gotta Michael Bolton he is eleven seasons in the NBA the four player does the the blazers games out there are those lot of stuff on for organ docs and former UCLA Bruins sums up on their brackets are out there perk and you gonna pour over the brackets tonight. And you're waiting for the Miami Heat and blazers a star news and I didn't make the finish tonight right. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I'll make finish now make a prediction it's there yet be over we have an ugly out. Maybe one missile like went to 32 and two hours you know and it's that I mean that's that's my prime time right there that's right and I will how right I mean I mean I got the vampire odd hours of work and put up. This is also the revenge tour for the heat. The law yes Portland's yeah. They losses are real. And they lost -- lakers are all right so are writing about it it just you don't wanna go all of the of the you can look at who you played well against all you're going to against these teams know they spent well specially sacramental rite right now yes of course you know that's the events that that would be like Orlando last year and their shorthanded tonight but you know every two shorthanded the president has its that that the has pageants are kind of you know step up some guys have big game series they have the depth. You to you can't replace what Dwyane has done or does or you in late game situations but. But with the sun and you know. You can replace him I I I I have a lot of respect for his son you know I like a son in justice but you do have bail him and you have other. Other beings that you can do with your beings. As as opposed to just you know having a son there with a sit under the real women are we at a busy showed that ceased this thing was that Monica I'm exhausted it is you know this this was the day that the legal tampering period started and go oh you get Lou you know the two days before. Wednesday a 4 PM when you can actually signed people and so we had led a bunch in a bill moves to talk about we had heat to talk about you whim to talk about Leah. Who soon. And don't forget about those brackets there does it maybe edit go to our website that's right I don't register. 790 the ticket get to bracket up and for some big big prizes there will talk more about it tomorrow free. We empty for a while he's coming up next. With with Antwon Bailey could see Friedel is in the house we gotta go man we gotta get out of here Frito that we got street basketball for area. Thousand thank you as always thanks to Michael all links ever when the Texan as as well we'll look at them all just before. 4 o'clock right here on your only for Burke I'm Curtis 790 the ticket.