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Friday, March 2nd

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Yeah. This Friday. After Friday everybody courtesy of bird with you here on seven unused tickets and that the little card show rent it's a couple of minutes hearted there. No worries that just means it's 4 o'clock you know we're doing around your perk I do. We're given what you Kohler we're gonna win straight casually yeah so right out right out of the gate here racket that running a screw around here powering its that in a moment will be screwed around in a moment. Right out of negated time virgins when 1000 dollars it is 4 o'clock on the dot. It's a seven on the ticket man gave money contest your jets take home a thousand bucks text the word movie a movie to seven to anyone. And you're registered text movie I am old beat. I 272 it'd one now and if you don't win this time Arnett your next chance. The top of the next. The the code word gets its all throughout the four guard are so movie is the word text it to seven to anyone. And if you missed it rule give it to you the next. You know couple a couple segments here although if you're listening now obvious she got over budget to bring your carnival a same till 5 o'clock in the entire hour. Takes code word and were doing moment long it's extra cash homey and it's a thousand bucks man who's given away a thousand bucks. But put us here on in some and I mean if tomorrow for three HD to the take a burger is back from Indianapolis. And then and perk Williams all of that's on to deceive a manual refresh you look you re energized. Yeah and I am doing good man among more hours a sleeper idea but I asked pine mountain. Make a joking they're million illegal regular that's what Indianapolis come on will do for his policy. When you get in a midnight and and it cigarette iMac and all that all that good stuff there. Other code word is movie it was a horror movie last night for the Miami he Morgan all that he's on the Angela come and appear. In and about fifteen minutes eagle fifteen minutes heed early. Movie bowling ball finalist Jim Larranaga he's gonna join us at 520. And we'll talk to him on his squad here wrapping up the regular season. Against Virginia tech's senior day. Just a celebrates those are Kwon do name is big shot and I that's that's. Big day for you limb and and a big game to them there they're probably both in the tournament you remember junior tackle believe. You win point 19 Virginia Tech putting on an eight. The vice Versa Buzz Williams or turner team and old talked to coach about a lot of different things no coach is fascinating you talk about. When my favorite people in town. You know the the one thing. Never when they hired coach Joseph the one thing I I I I mean I told people it's. This guy has seen at all. Yeah and oh yeah and that's like that's the thing. She's seen it all you know I remember talking to him interviewing him and they were somewhere in some snowy outpost. You know whether it was a Carolinas or reviews go back Maryland was in the conference and I'm like coach you know rumors are numb and every interviewing them. And I'm like what's going on is a well bomb sitting on the bus and the loss of Omar luggage. And it's snowing outside. And were about an hour relates. Band aid all these things all these problems and it's like any side. But it's no problem will take several figure it out yeah it's like the guys being through every scenario possible. You know six players injured players you know players have a girlfriend problem answers all out every scenario you know our flight gets injury practiced or not practiced. The guys seen it all and done it on high level. And like he's never it's never like go what do we do what do I do you know you're never liked. OK coach tells I go okay with you know I've never been in the situation that's well the first thing that struck me when you know talking to coach though. And and obviously. Knowing how he operates so it is march in the man this is an area upon as well that game last night perk was certainly maddening in its own right. And I say I would just say this is big two game NBA schedule in the what's your good your matter somewhere in the middle leader somewhere in the middle yup there's probably. I would say tended twelve games. Where you don't really have any control over. And like you know 45 memo usually your your on your side where you just come out and you're on fire. And and there's nothing the other team can do wreck and I felt like that was the case last night the lakers. Well rested were in his own in a rhythm and they just came out in the lakers could've beaten. Golden State last night and almost a game again make it and use the last that if that's how good the lakers play not that they he played. Played played well. But there's just some certain nights where balsa just kind of knows you stronger hands it's just there's like five or six of those nights the course of a season where the other team. He's just going to be that good and that's with the lakers were last night. Yes you were watching that game I was watching that game listening tonight will be heat's gonna beat submit flea gonna catch up and even if they ate a mentally lose by light. Eight or twelve. They're they're gonna catch up and it's going to be a competitive game porous stretch of minutes and knack. Just didn't happen right none of our heads into the lakers were in in yelled running at a different type of speed gap they're running at sync on Barkley come by Eritrea and Yemen they were running at a speed that they heat cannot. Mary she right you're does that limit can even approach really write these guys doing the same game that another that he. The heat's defense was abysmal and understand that they look disinterested they can. All those things but I just kind of shocked that one of and he went to a big film session today. And they were embarrassed by that you know when coming out of that which it should be but I that's one of those great Disco this kind of show the tape for five minutes ago. Okay is is what it's one of those nights in the league where we got our butts kicked man you know let's just move on here. Let's make sure it doesn't happen here the rest of the season that's I that's that's all I took it are you sit here and instead talk about how bad they were and they were bad. But some members delicately lakers. They were hidden everything Isiah Thomas was was off the charts go to the hoop anytime he wanna use in this three console Baldwin has staying. Users want those were you ran into kind of a buzz saw and you have that he played a lot better the lakers are still gonna win that game and a minute it's. Olds rose philosophy is probably going to be. Let's look at that film from last night and show them what they did. They'll probably understand. It's not. It's not gonna be like you have to teach it's not gonna be like here's how we won and you know here's how we wanna do this sits. We didn't do what we wanted to do you pointed out and you keep it movement. The does get you got three games in four nights coming up here are gonna go Detroit. On tomorrow you got Phoenix Monday. And then you're and that closes out the -- game homestand tenure at Washington. On Tuesday the second night of a bad back so. Detroit and Washington you don't wanna overlook Phoenix you can overlook anybody. We've you know we see what happens when the heat does that but that this is a tough three games and four nights coming up so yeah I've been exposed. Strategy would probably be. Show what they did wrong against the lakers don't dwell on Tuesday and energy to move. That's one of those that's one of those you know bad dates that you wanted to forget your life yet not yet to me it was like gay yum. It wasn't like a a lack of execution due to ignorance of the playbook is what doomed them. He just didn't have a good night can only lately and certainly certainly my lob or they're you know they're there trying to finish strong and a good impression on free agents. And like the lakers got some good young players meant and if you don't know it's not familiar with their work first on the -- of play than the seasonal Seaman a couple weeks on La La land. But I mean branding and Julie commanders on Alonso ball can play I mean c'mon Maria still list now I realize that it can get hot knowing crews were constructed. I mean they they they got a guy like Julius Randall to Israel's communities and tough you have to figure out like their original art. For them to pick up his ops are not gonna you know and get rid of him so they can free up more cap space. But but yeah I mean the lakers they got they got a future in and you saw last night. Are you bothered by the heat losing to a team you know. I had an upward of one of the drinks when he 730 or not now not because the heat this with the UR. And I told Jim formula for Indian I stayed with that I'd form one of those homes and has to be has to be yet though. So there's still an accomplished that yet on us more on religion. Toward that goal yet and Amy and Phoenix each and every Phoenix and other items are now like Phoenix is on a different level to lay the dregs of the MBA. Bobble talked to Tommy di here come and appear in about twelve minutes the first let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. The big news for the Miami Dolphins at the combo line did not involve any of the prospects involved Jarvis Landry the dolphins granite wide receiver Jarvis Linder permission to seek trades now. If Landry signs the print size Tinder wished he needs to do to facilitate the trade and he's still on the roster on March 14 which is the start of the league year his cell recounts. On the dolphins salary cap so. Capped. A little sense of urgency right there I mean if you wanna think about any kind of a deadline they don't want that sixteen million on the cash. So by the start of league year so. And I don't know what to make all those now on this coming to the groups here and I'm not happy about it perk. But you know I'll I'll keep an open mind with the dolphins but I'm coming to the groups that are scheduled up replaced them. She's yes I think they did you and ask me ethnic guys that thing got started off the 5050 and then after the franchise thing I think about it on up to 65%. But Tom. Yeah it's it doesn't it is not looking good for Jarvis staying. In Miami and it seems like their interest I mean this seems like there's a lot of vase stories of their where there's a lot of teams that are that are jumping an enemy enough for the ravens in the mayor's in the colts and and and the giants in the brown and that the niners at a lot of teams. And listen you look at the look at what's available free agency and the draft horse injuries the buzz good as you can get a lot but I mean it's always say Perkin life timing is everything. It was Landry if you wanna get paid this is a Goodyear get paid to Georgia trade for team because there's not a lot of did you need. The beauty pass catchers there's no pass catchers available. No no I mean it's it's going to be is going to be in year. Maybe Alan Robinson or all right coming Sony's earnings right right mark he's Lee has had knee injuries also up there in Jacksonville. At John Brown known dad I don't know if you trust him must Sammy Watkins I have I don't know if you trust him so. It's not it's not the glamorous wide receiver freeagent last. Miami Heat host destroyed at 730 tomorrow now he remains an eighth place in the east one and a half games behind number seven Milwaukee. Wayne Ellington and Tyler Johnson. Are both doubtful for tomorrow due to buy bruises so. That doesn't do the heat any good listen that that three point shooting low nearly missed again able sings her. And generate without the other and I goalies I had to otherwise load and we offer of Morgan yes yes yes that's which who they wouldn't win by Bruce young women from bank they were without last night amid mounting an all they would have held to me in the bottom lately he's got nothing not a guy in the you know we're gonna Kabul Texan he just sucked last night it's like OK the other did. You know with the lakers played really well also sometimes is gonna give the other the other opponent Greta knows a popular around here. What's up I'm just gonna say boy that is a team. Played pretty well believe look which got on your front court last night with a silent killer when it was a one for 9 PM yeah and it is this analysis. The. And that bothers me years you're losing a home game to lady. A bad team understands and they're they're bad but I mean and they played well recently in the heats I mean that he. Like yeah that's what they did all year it is who they are I mean that's. It is it's it's who you are when your in that range and I think it's not a low in the that is. I there's a lot of teams in the NBA better and that things that's so it was awesome I think he gets you on any given night and that that's why said perk before the before that the homestand and he were fair by five points a and he were pretty good they were suspect. The twice at 41 as well to that of five and I was gonna happen yet. The newly scrubbed some gimmick so yeah I mean they were out yet took three into. I was I don't have enough faith oh you know I've US writes I don't hold you'll see on tablet experience yeah yeah our college basket. Ball Miami host Virginia Tech at noon tomorrow in the regular season finale you wimp when he won an eight overall ten and seven in the ACC Virginia Tech when he won nine overall. Also ten and seven in the ACC. Last thing Florida Panthers keep an eye on these guys they host buffalo tonight at 730 at the BB and C sooner pregame starts at seven and our sister station and by sixty WQAM. Those are your headlines. Alexander Markoff is quietly. Of becoming the best player in town. If you don't know if you wanna think about it and that's ultimately how might have to think about John Carlos gone and the Hulu is the best play here in South Florida. You know our respect ours is gone its gone its most like slowly so that leaves on the dolphins sue Tim hill and wait that's you're trio regulation more. Baseball into NATO. Yeah okay seriously that's the area and be like yeah that is the Kansas have been have been. This deal with them via. Bar club is better than two anyway. And not not I mean on an online now or six year old Dwayne I did you know we. We know declaring hasn't yet you have you guys he has Gaza right now and I'm not a hockey and also I have no idea he's coming. No idea he's really like these distinguished himself or wrestlers. Around and that does a good tribute to their. They're jump here in the in the standings. Speaking of jump in man to the the heat got a guy jumped last night by the LA lakers point earth honest bowl team these and IDs in a playoff. Caliber spoke team arguable buck 31 at home now is miles an alarming here was Tom De'Angelo. How they fix that or that was just one bad night by the in the arena by the bay dual fifteen minutes he ran out of the gate right here on 79 minutes ago. Fast. The team then yeah. I. And a minimum you. Justified by champion for 54 South Florida's number one Jeep truck and SU because he position sovereign guarantee them the hottest four by four modifications and down. Both champions four by four at 7865023446. Part of a champion for by Ford dot com also sponsored by football pro orthopedic and sports medicine is their job get you back in the game with yourself or locations. There's one near you at all toward its dot com for more info Curtis and her craft with you here on your home when he. They have some and Anita from 1043 aged into the ticket let's go out check in with our main man Tom De'Angelo covers. The Miami for the Palm Beach post in the MBA as well and he joins us courtesy of the run fuels announcers to be in stores just lined they're truly stepped beyond convenience. Tom happy Friday to you mom and I you don't. I'm doing great dad how are you. We're hanging in there in person recuperating from a hospital days and Indianapolis yeah we're trying to nurse him back to help your little bit here probably. And I live in iPad that I thought all you guys down South Florida or what. Each well when there's. Yesterday via a week than offering overnight shelter yesterday. And we had a blast man it was unbelievable support got screwed out of Allen in a big time way. And I got I got to go to Indianapolis Thomas I consider myself lucky port Lauderdale beach. In in in February and march or or downtown Indy colonial. Architecture. That's plenty to elements of dominoes were good but I. Ultimately it's a couple of hours ago what came of that because I was a horror show last night. Exactly the words Erik Spoelstra used to cook is that there are actually the horror film on them with. You don't. What you that time of the year where you just what Brooke Mueller I mean that businesses. It was a eight a total meltdown in it was one of those games I mean. I think they had it but it is an important time in the history this franchise that reliable point that regulation. Oddly it's been ten years I know that a source in 2008 black rabbit. At least 131 point regulation. The last round of the war it was too but I don't worry as the 2008 we expect to court. Ten years when you think about that it ended and it Allen and go to the green to be an amazing. The credit scores aren't. Totally crazy in the NBA but for the franchise with a teen that prides itself on defense that. Spent so much time and you know at this. This you know what they mean this culture that just missed the character of this position. It really was and it was just you know it would beside it was just a bad bad matchup for eighteen that was. Cheating all years running up and down the court. Against one that doubt that that you know before 23 steps. The lakers girl half court. Tom you know I have been saying since the all star break that I I I think this team's big being on Altman's needs to be three point shooting. They are shooting come 35 point 7% which I think is like maybe twenty or third when he bit in the NBA last night I think there were nine to 31. How good actor do you think Betty is as bars there at their Altman's and their ability to score points. Or do you think it it's elsewhere like their abilities and penetrator or drive in two acre or whatever anything else. Our date date. They still do driving kick and we know that you know well what last year that the they would do what successful last year driving chicken but they're doing that they had beyond waiter so the whole year in. He was 81 of the top driving kick out a leak. Not for most of the or anywhere last year but yet I think is it it is critical in you know what they wished we thought we see we've seen these gains were. We're always known it would go lobbyists Emory. You know it it track on quite get five or six a quarter a couple of times. How that opens up things that. And when Josh which is at least you know one when he was shooting with more confidence back in December girl first couple weeks of January. How much more successful they weren't exactly at eight yes treading a very important part air carrier rockets and I think that sure enough you they they're. There. I'm not sure what I think the top ten of the camps in the league together that there he likes the game yet writings and we know at Ellington was hit league goggles before the injury the other day will be your last night's game but they. So they showed up as a matter of of making them. Believe it or not and who would have thought this situation this a year and a half ago you'll be recruiter which are out to be good point shooter. There was site they made real or is already made real for the millions game and a a game in nine minutes played yet in political game yet minutes why didn't they knock down a few that that hurt a little bit. Began of course not having the RE EE like taking a three like taken a bit it it'll play like way to market but beyond. He had no problem you know taking a shot at it is taking over responsibility. And clutch situations. You know it will take got three at that point so it's a big part of their offense. You know I've. It is part of an I think in the Indy and the funny part about it the opposite opposite problem late. It my heritage you know even. Even during our seven and eight they lost their their offense was okay week. I was ahead of they have come up to games where that we know they're optically challenged different areas of things happen quick and everything have to come together. But it was at different times did I in it and I say this same knicks still are you know like in last night's game they were seventh in defensive efficiency. But the defense would break down at certain points. Adaptable wind and then even as good there are opposites might be yet you want to scored twenty points. The tide was turning we saw them getting those clutch baskets up sensibly. Getting those basket back in late December or beyond December early January. And it was kind of Ali leaving out where they. You know they had word lose in a row and it's an incredible of important data hikes. With a ball was in the year the buzzer went off in the game what had yet to be decided. And the real war they lost. Dwayne made doing shot at Philadelphia great look it look like it was good coming out of his upper hand at the buzzer recorder that would've won the game. Just short and then did that in the middle on the longer overtime when he took a shot. And the other night eight two point shot that won the game against Philadelphia and we had a blast or modify gained a regrettable that's how close the that that this team in the event. Tightness of the game you're playing in an exact kind of lead. Law of averages because we remember those games in Utah Toronto and they and the one they want quotes so but. You know they don't build I think even out in excess he now we saw the way when he ticket chart to a beat beat those who beat out. But I think it's I think right now the big getting enough offense a lot of the time to win games it's just that. There are defensive breakdowns at certain times. That just kill them about last night was just. Just a total aberration last I was 48 minutes to break that. On the Angela covers the Miami Heat for the Palm Beach post he's with a here. On 79 it'd take it is heir to bolster comfortable with kind of grow local writing her dying with Dwyane Wade here. I mean ever look at haltingly would play those on the go on and I get it. But I just don't think it's it's a long term and formula for success. I think you need to have other guys who want to take that shot and I think the crop is and they were it. It is he's gotten so young and when they need it that the a couple of few of them leave you know Joshua Tyler. I get those will be a justice. What would they. First played with Dwyane they were. First year in the league rookies in very young players. And they deferred to and they were you know kind of been on him basically like a lot of people what rookie covenant that we wage is thirteen year you would be. It now they've. The different players. They should have more confidence now to take the ball in the perfect example. You know I don't think that they they should get they don't need to defer to him as much as they do I have to probably take a shot hello you're a bowl games against the little one when he had one. What a great look equivalent and I had no problem and he didn't create those shots which in which a lot of players even have a tough time doing. Into war when if you notice that I think he would do when he was a fight to win the big the pelican scored with about seven seconds to go to take a one point lead. The wing and got inbounded the ball that. Had to Josh yeah a month ago Josh would take a blog and got to the basket. Time and it leaked it to get to top one. He gave it right back at the way you look forward to give it like back on the back I think. Got what you don't give these guys got to know yes you don't have to defer seeing a bit. What happens to these heat if that trend continues because I look at this team and while you do need to lose created around or if you have like what forty something games of spreading it around and you were whatever you know. Dud just barely over 500. So it it might not be in these guys DNA elected isn't what grounds what so what what happens if this trend continues with with. You know everybody playing the blame and so playing alongside winning. Well you right number one I think the wings in the alt a bit of the only real well I think the other. Is the easy com and obviously not playing right now. A you know they still were. That they get that freeway talented but they've got a Charlie a big shot in and they still have a five better than 500 they were winning record it quite situations. It will you know it's it's. Wayne took a shot in Toronto when he went to that the by the Utah. Josh with a that the budget we took public that he took a couple other. Active they have it a bit now but not. It did not you know they don't have that strong personality as to when he does they don't have that. Who would. Who will. Realize that they can you know they can take a shot but it ultimately passes the ball and outlook get right back. It just bad. I and I'm confident that at some point someone else is going to take it shot and I think you'll win you'll have a lot to do without technical college in each of the two lots. You know connect where they would would be Betty was. He sounded surprised that just gave back the ball I think he would have liked to see just defaulted or. Are like. So I. What happens I I don't think. I don't think you got to get see them running away from the ball and even a week or do you think there is going to be situations where. If there in these situations many more crime yet on the players will be willing to do what we've just got to see them you know and maybe it was. Maybe with the timing getting caught up with that'd. The return here and you know everything that's gone on the last two weeks he got he has been on and off the court has been. You know he just could never ever ever have scripted it and thought about it I was proud of stock popped the court to do what he's swinging. Started to these last two games of winning game two last second shot kicking my chart. I think at some point in its debt to happen soon. That kind of just settle it yes he's an option he's a great option you can he can now it's create his own shot probably go to anybody. But I can do it too you know Josh Richards got to pay just richest got to pick it gore Rodney and you know we know we can admit you know whoever else is on the court. And remember last year James Johnson was back quite that but he's not a story because whose name is completely a biggest cop with just totally shattered. But he was a guy who got some success doing that last year he won the game at Washington last week at the C last year. Just taken a while the basket beat back I think that last shot to the Iraq Baghdad has shown they have been in the they get just a matter of getting about a woman night and I really think big goal because our. Tom always a pleasure thank you heard guzzle inside and and we'll talk to you down the line here enjoy your weekend and now that division's home stand strong and stay in the thick of things and some pretty. We know Islamic bank it's on the hands though he covers money you've Obama proposal Arthur Tron here you foam on Twitter if you're he'd been at Tom. De'Angelo 44 Tom De'Angelo 44 we go out token here on a on a Friday afternoon Jim Larranaga is gonna join us. Here in less than an hour right around five point by the way. We got to our our code word for your pitcher and when 1000 dollars I'll tell you what that is. On the other side for the four talked are we on the Colbert coming out of 5 o'clock hour. And one of the stranger stranger stories that we've seen in sports and involves a guy that he was say yeah. I didn't see him doing now it's that next here on 79 to take. But exits on the head over joining us we'll get back to the gate here in due course ugly night last night. Against the Los Angeles Lakers coming up tomorrow morning at 10 AM the ticket brings you he'd weekly where Tommy tiger this week. Tommy welcomes none other than that you've heard this guy Dwyane Wade opera that main page he also part of these other names Rodney Magruder yeah. Army may have really brought her on while you're away but never yet we had running on Oslo deal tellem that he's a sex. Like oh key role in the so we reduce that is a big fanfare around here that was those Wednesday we had running girder at night you missed everything went on come on I don't understand how mine. We had Magruder. On he'll be ala Tommy tiger tomorrow John Roddy. One of our favorites Virginia's finest right there and opinion property in South Florida he's only man that you need to contact and and Jason Jackson Jack generation Japanese anime and Jackson's I mean that's a source of a lineup and straw and so many more so tune in get your he'd fix every Saturday morning at any atomic type of he week on aim some and I mean if a moral. Fourth 360 to take it he weekly idol machine weekly report I I I get up that is my routine. I get a Saturday morning and I make sure that I am mere radio you Jim in my car. And I I make sure I get my he weekly every week with Tommy tiger has an amazing show he does a great job so her heat in that is a must. Listen to radio from ten until noon each and every Saturday during the the NBA. A season thank you for listening to us as well by the way we got a text messages and we invite and encourage a text messages. At six of 974. We go lot of stuff to get to. Coach Jim Larranaga is gonna enjoy as a five point oh talked about we'll talk about his team as marches upon us and it's and certainly any maddening. They wrap up their regular season tomorrow at home against La tech in the Hokies. And then the ACC tournament. Is next week we got term it's already starting the Big Ten tournament. Is under way ago these little daddy tournaments around the country. Brackets will be printed out a week from Monday around an office space near you yeah so prepare for that. By the way it's a 4 o'clock hour and as one if you're just somebody in your car here. Text the word movie that is movie MOO. V I 8272881. And yet just when 1000 dollars in our 79 it's a good man cave money contest. So. This movie 272. 881. Ando given a code word over the at 5 o'clock in the 5 o'clock hour here but Jim all power to offer an opportunity to win. A thousand dollars so I didn't before winter break. I ask you we were kind of tease the story here there's a story that's that's are going on in the NBA right now. And this guy was he was he was. Suspended last night he's on the Cleveland Cavaliers. And his name's JR Smith and he got suspended for conduct detrimental to sing so when I heard that last night before the game. I thought to myself okay what did you argue the stone. All right insurers one of those guys let's just say he's a free spear. Or AKA he's he's looney tunes right you one or the other I cried so JR Smith but now we have in into the details of come out. So they lose last night the Philadelphia at home they don't look good duel and and JR Smith. Get suspended for exactly doing what work. Throwing a bowl of soup at an assistant coach Damon Jones OK so a lot of layers of the story that are very funny. Hey Damon Jones and I knew this that Damon Jones or odd to call him Damon Jones to he would have any. He was a little guy that made a bunch of threes when Jack was down there he was like Jackson ballet a lot of the time right are right that the of the fact that and I knew he was a coach. The fact that David Jones is a coach like these instructing mend yet is I find funny. All right I find that funny yeah I did this in the in that regard yup the David Jones it is is an NBA coach but nevertheless it good for him. Came up from the G Lehman. Know he's definitely he's not actually showing me as a number you know leader of men known you know we ask him or James Posey. But right but I illiterates and yeah I mean this is may the target some of these NBA bench is like tech as a coach right. A catalyst that got the wreck when he was a player man like I. Could barely make sure around every day he was always late and now he's now you tell me what to do never. David and Joan are David Jones gets super thrown at him by JR Smith yes now that's in this perk about gonna give you. Ten guesses on paying. NBA players through soup on his coach who debating you probably would guess JR Smith at some point we cannot JR will be a minute yeah he would that would be unit. Be in the yeah right let's but the question is what what kind of sue yet. I wonder how hot was. Why is it can be very scolding yes. I had and what kind of bowl was in plastic bowl or you know on a bold can do some damage as a bull yeah Bay's book what was it a Mulligan told me it's yeah. I'm doing at the very elect the soup Nazi rally that's good but it with a time and I me you got a lot of possibilities here right what did the bread like the soup that comes in the bread eat the bread ba ya gotta regrettable. My favorite there right unarmed but JR Smith what type of what type of sue. Does JR Smith's rights US like JR Smith is in weird personality out he's got to be like a mushroom Barley right someday you wouldn't you know that you wouldn't even guess for him right. What slew these JR Smith potato. But did you think of JR Smith and what type of soup does does. Right he's all over the place has got to be some eccentric where exotic eight can't be like split. Now he's definitely does not topic I know it is and whose ultimate love. Yeah I kind of boring kind of bland. An earlier round or yeah I got. As I was gonna say it's the like Lou bad urban you know I was I was a bit of ham and their depth and could guard AM right I told him what was still put JR's ridding what personality. Not a chicken noodle not enough of that base know again in that. He's got a lot of is living it was just maybe is some clear brought the end upset stomach dollar now cleared chicken Brohm now because now this is that this that this is a daily occurrence for jurors were like he's assume Peter here we. So Darrell does it. JR Smith as they that you think there's his personality where did your Forte is policy gains baseball Rosie OR it will serve on the Coral Springs bottom upwards and the on the seven I it's a good Tex lines 67974. 67974. So bring them on and we've won and that's. Embodies sales he's eating chicken noodle no doubt. Are we got a little some which are you said the other night my girlfriend made some excellent choice. Either a Turkey chili or motive Tony. Chicken pay really. He really does look like a chicken I said the new. How does Alec alphabet soup that's kind of funny that out of business at a spelling spelling like this you know words in the soup look at this Tennessean broccoli. I don't know I don't know gloves is meant to assume things out there JR is all about the much the ball only got a can be easily Campbell's chunky slew. Dumbo. Somebody say is ROC does not thought about the bodies and that was a styrofoam bowl full of Simi hot chicken tortilla soup. Tortilla soup. Excellence is true calling Italian wedding and then that's yeah that's interesting he was leading a French onion would recruits on and melted cheese and that aren't so there are there in little mood on this morning's round and soups right now similar yard DA BC soon. Our American meal bigger winner you have the big winner out of this yes let me know it tortilla and live in Manhattan clam chowder and lobster biz chicken and stars. She grabbed some. Like that attitude of the stars not recognized like when Blake being robbed totals. Let me get more exotic here are really ringgit a little more exotic. Uh oh cut Koppen new rules for agencies. What type of soup does Aerosmith like wedeman is person out but it was who do you we. I don't kinds of some bullet what's your favorite like I say what's your go to pursue. I and I actually available to sue the boats and so I go to service to pursue. No. Go to some I go to assume my go to the soup like broccoli cheese my go to dupe or clam chowder if you're out of it you know nice restaurant or. I got more than one go to soup or I'll go with. Maybe a tomato soup. And that's what's who do you bond you have in my soup. Not by all kinds of soups are re just that little Superman to Turkey new. Just like in the one's sure that going to go to like what's the total which originally you go and do my ten so that you don't like Coca pads excellent panel satellites so our Gatorade which clearly that the demos are the ones like the rim and now I know the rig data review group on but I don't really don't have a favorite some ID OK what I don't think you your life out of government asked that question okay what was it does she tried to. Should try that as we know a single digit. It was last night that's what we're gonna talk about your favorite super regular Iowa though how bad their defense was last night my punch out or intimacy is Bo. Which is well new ways to not focus on how the host foe. Is that that's Lisa yeah. Okay and America and Ringo paranoia that that's a little industrial I pull up we'll figure this thing out here we got to get to the 5 o'clock hour here were given a code word at the top of the hour for your opportunity. Want to win 1000 dollars. Now my whole Lotta soup right here on seven and to take. I've been trying to live here on 79 minute session turned to burned tanks with you on Friday afternoon glad I was the center and used to aficionados. Joined the ticket to watch the best. Beach volleyball players in the country in the world on Fort Lauderdale beach at the beach major series takes place on Fort Lauderdale beach. From now through Sunday for more info on this amazing ventured up the ticket. Miami dot com we are out there yesterday during the show and it was it was those amazing man it was a lot of fun now they have that set up there and it was free. And there was a lot of glued looking people walk around. How bet man I'll bet you did you pass up on the beach now that. Joffrey goes on we have for those eyeballs pop out of sodomy Frito is just he come believe while the was up there man. And CNET X him medics say isn't the cubs won the series man he was are you going crazy yesterday we had we had a blast of their remission ma'am you're off las screwed around and Indianapolis. About earlier misses the good suffer an average Lamar Jackson as racially going off right now on anybody that says. That he may not a quarterback and if you have any ideas. Oh playing him as a L receiver where some gimmick player Basie basically you can go open your hat if you're any NFL general manager thinks that. Yet looked. Baker may feel a mink stole the show everything at us on Twitter Mandel an article right now Alomar is going off right now on how he's a quarterback and he's not a lot receiver in the NFL did and I. And you know what. And and eight. Let's just say this I've only seen one person say that he should be receiver. Now bill poli and his account I I'd I've not seen any other draft M lists or heard any other in a bill people saying he's not in a dual quarterback mark no one. As it snowball into account because the Opel is on drafting. That's why I say I'll do that but he's not a decision maker in the right fell anymore right I mean he's not a guy that they yup there's 32. There's 32 opinions that matter on on all these players. So what do the 32 main decision makers think of Lamar Jackson that is the biggest question. Yeah well I mean that the clearly. The big danger with polian is used to be a opinion sleeper and you worry that people think along the lines and everything. It could be worse I would I mean I'm doing a bet I'm going to bed you know you don't have to move you know this week soured perk right now that's what it's. I mean that's not an overture senator and there's guys in the NFL that that the dollar has a low margin some of those thirty soon let you know seven re double might agree would build polo just because they way he's you know he's slide he's a running quarterback that is that's not a couple of tees as the but the slight pain. Dupuis 63. Now I mean but he's not the reason Cam Newton tells me now the the running quarterback in the NFL is they look if it's still. A little bit it's. It is it's still a little bit dangerous in the fact though well has it worked to mean. When you're primarily a runner and I've said this year before. You half to ads. At some point on third and aid you have to sit in there and stick it in there and fire in there. And Russell Wilson and do that but he can also run. I'm you know some of the other you Aaron Rodgers can do it can can run around little bit. What you can do that he can throw you can't that. There's not a guy that just relies. On his running first and then throws it like Russell right runs around the find an open receiver half the time. Right it and throw it down the field so you look at all the guys that come and you know eventual re young yet he won rookie of the year but at the end of it all kind of fell apart on him you look at the guys that have come into the NF. I'll be very RG three I mean the big danger is that you're ahead your clock is like three years that that's that's the big danger. But you're gonna make plays but it's only going to be like three years or in your done a good here's my biggest holiday of beating. If out. NFL decision maker if I am drafting people here's the first thing I do when I'm sitting up for the come by and I'm watching all these guys come out or does he remind me up. Who is he. What's his NF no comparison look like yeah because it does point. There's not too many guys that are coming that are gonna come into the league and just completely do it all there and could could completely reinvent the leak. So I don't like Johnny Denzel and I loved me and Zelda death. I just loved I loved everything about right at the back of my head a little man was tell me are going to be Abbas in the NFL enough because of the the ball to Hilton loses his game. Does it who does he remind you while. Who's going to dog forty oak lake who's going like she's doing it yeah so look at Mark Jackson who's going it like Lamar Jackson is doing it. Who's that guy. And that's where you get stuck on on a lot of these players perk. Yeah. Yeah no no doubt no doubt. Hum budget I I I think that Lamar will be a quarter bank did say you know I Michael Moore and therefore I these drinks local DA didn't Amir's is numbers were pretty much the same as the size and trophy winning year. There's your enemies all out of the Yankees trade yeah he did it in a pretty comforting and against high level competition but he's yelled at her body right there up in Indianapolis he is. He is a quarterback art it's 5 o'clock so let's get to your 1000 dollars your chance to win a thousand bucks. It's seven and that's a good man came money contest your chance to take home 8000 dollars text the word pair. Hair 272881. And your registered text pair that's. Yeah. 272. 881 now if you don't win this time your next chance is Monday morning at six sailors as a rom remember this is a national contest mr. veterans may have vital Texan driver doing it all month long here. On and so and I mean if someone for three days into the ticket while you have the entire 5 o'clock hour to text and and wind sort of pare so if you missed out. If you jump within that your car. For future reference won't you won't keep giving up the word here and we just don't you gotta spill also it is and you could spell like. Yeah I always thought anyway yeah I mean you know he he. Hey our hair right. I'll make the words you know don't realize is just yet you don't want somebody who has yet words out of my idea tell him spelling correctly there it's not a hair like we're prepared this year it's Payer like you like Datsyuk. You like pairs. You read tiger's not I I have payers on sandwiches I'll slice them but I don't like it just eat a mess I don't like that green what's and the reasons. You get a Turkey sandwich with something yeah yeah he's slicing clear. But look he doesn't Turkey or chicken some bacon stands on some tomato some of Chicago time but it unlike some old not bring it. It's a bonus and weird have essar per the terms current like you know like who loves oil like about you'll but off the wall there and we got Jim Larranaga coming up here about about fifteen minutes. Powell talked to him about his basketball club as there. Charging towards post season basketball senior day tomorrow Virginia Tech will be in town the rapid opportunity though and off to the ace is determined they are determined team. Just a matter of seeding at this point and out last well brood about Bruce brown as well to these events. Rooster come back at some point and where's is you you wanna be you right now your basketball team you wanna be you wanna be at least. USC you know we're playing our best ball right now and you'll be healthy. And come up the big wing is North Carolina that's got a couple a lot of wind in their sales being as they move into the NCAA it's also. Got to be frustrating for coach bill day. The first time in your career you've got soon burst ray owners into and and one number sideline. You know Lonnie walker and Bruce ground right now we're Bo project it is his first rumors and NBA mock drafts. And to not have one of those guys you know is just going to be very frustrating for go to our whole team. Yes sir rights and running quarterbacks in the literally are only runners when they are young. Throughout the history of the unifil the older scrambling quarterbacks got total got. Less as they scrambled examples or Ron Amadon Randall Cunningham Vick. Elway accent etc. yeah those guys learn to be calm quarterbacks. On a lot of guys don't don't last long enough to learn to become quarterbacks yet. Now that's less of being with the running quarterback is that your career is going to be short. You've you've got to develop you're your quarterback's skills as opposed to you were at Leet skills but yes Ron Amadon guy I mean he got so many concussions. I mean that do would've missed like he was playing now with all those concussions he got. I you know mean Michael Vick is an existing one I mean very because he lost a couple of those years in prison. But he had the big unit came back with Philly but he than Vick. Any victims a helping arm big candy known and he wasn't yeah like stricker left left wrist and in the right on Jimmy did it was an amazing yeah. Arms of his accuracy. Throughout his career was OK he's got a veteran guys that get better those first couple years. But but yeah okay that's four guys you know it's four guys. You're talking about here are good to bring up here and older for guys who are probably the last thirty years you Elway. You'll back two and 83 and Cunningham there Womack will Randall draft the only Boise somewhere and airing on MVP a couple of times you'll Michael Vick and Steve don't. Like that's like that's okay. Nobody wants me on the but we visit your name VO fifty guys. Never you know scrambling running quarterbacks the pretty much pretty much washed out here Lamar Jackson. I highlight film I reform but he's an interest in prospect. But some. I don't know how well is quarterbacks for Russia before we get to coach yelled let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS at best HD true there. The big news for the dolphins from the combined they ran at wide receiver Jarvis Landry permission to seek trades now. When Landry signs the franchise tender which he's expected to do soon. He will be eligible to be traded officially. If he still on the roster on March 14 the start of the league year his salary celts on the golf and salary cap so. Watch what's that has a moving day. So yes society either way correct. Yes he does well if he wants to be moved or he wants to get paid well organized I didn't sit out OT aid and all that and girl Joba. Jarvis junior I'd be running the sign that. You there's no interview with the dolphins that is the may mean yes and I'm getting a long term deal right into the assign you could but I mean lever for him the facilities radius assignment tender anyway Peterson and the bombs couldn't stuck on sixty million of there's no particular entree that's what you're saying. Yeah well I mean. The bottom line is if he's still on there if he's on there roster on March 14 in the new league year starts. When you go into free agency that money tilt against Redick so you. So yeah you would have to yeah you would have to do something. 22 and you can create some more money right with the but by cutting some guys. But yeah that's that's part of the wreck that killed sixteen million answer yeah there's that part of the since of sins of our urgency either so. Yeah so while and so now we've got word that at the rams are treating the incident Robert Quinn. Cornet and generally the escort Adams show after just happened here a while we were out talking about to. Talking about Jarvis. Robert Quinn who is what he's been the only use permit an 82 years you know out of north Carolina's defense event is being traded to the Miami Dolphins and apparently hello. Last year Quinn that. Eight and a half sacks. Lleyton played in fifteen games he's been up there and aids. I would say what what would you say perk for us this round pick for someone that Robert Quinn maybe even a little lower yet maybe it'll probably say don't you for them the rams earlier been active here in the with the trades. I am with the dolphins as they got William pace. Last year they want to work. Okay so like Robert Quinn that that's all I'm just some distorted here as of the division broke some dissent duels on the fly here once the inventory of I don't and a cylinder into they thought they haven't had need for DN. No knowledge they definitely 100% yeah yet that was that was yeah I was on a lot of lists a close. You've got out Tim wait your he's got Andre branch right and and then you've got Charles or insurance today. Okay well bodies. Pages on his immunity when your contract he's owned real clear remember animal care and now now. So you're you're you're in there and you you do you do still need another pass rusher. Rom and and you know the good thing or from William Hayes was a run stopper. Yes and so and hundreds obviously heard rusher death toll got hurt and so on. Mrs. bill until a grimace and other UNE bay slugger assaulted him on the defensive and that they. Forget the other get cam wake obviously whose pass he's going to be Hammond branch Cameron brands in Asia terrorism in Paris today is already there. And that's that's pretty much knows that all kind of rumors totally against the males I mean that's a good a Mets and what is good player who quit Hitler. Yeah I AM badly and and look bad. You know that they they still do. You know we'll we'll see what he's what he can bring us bars they may pass rusher. But. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised to a they made one more move. At that position. Free agency or lower lower round draft pick. Just because you and it's one of those positions where. You can never have to me right rough is like cornerback one can never have too many good. I mean the Amway can mean god I'd love loved him way musings do you put it out to sit in five seconds after he retires is named on a delivery of honor but I mean. Yet some point like two and plus she does you wanna maximize can't wait so you don't you know you'll want you can't play him on obviously rushing down the selling that's Ilya. You can bring and I got you okay yeah I'll amend our local right. NBA news are not NBA news NBA happenings here Miami Heat host Detroit at 730 tomorrow he remains an eighth place in the east one and a half games behind number seven Milwaukee. Wayne Ellington and Tyler Johnson doubtful for the game due to buy bruises. College basketball tomorrow Miami hosts Virginia Tech at noon in the regular season finale you wimps when he won an eight overall ten and seven in the ACC Virginia Tech when he won in nine overall. Also ten and seven in the ACC and finally NHL Florida Panthers host buffalo tonight at 730. At the BB and C sinner pregame starts at seven and our sister station by sixty WQAM. Those are your him. It'll be 28 next month. And l.'s thirty to tackle the nap sacks couple forced fumbles. Yeah guess not a thing about a little bit here that makes a lot of sense having Adobe video play with the phrase a six round trigger some last year someone. I'd have to look it up it wasn't anything more than anything right about five or lower forgot Robert Quinn your back anything better in the draft and that I mean obviously you're getting older. As far as an established guy I like to move a nice thing about you probably do need some. Some quality depth there because Andre branch I mean he cannot Goodyear Wright who knows with him who knows with Charles here's a question and answer today you know unique and some attended today's army you weren't up to camp in today's gonna have nine sacks in the in the one you know one practice and then read or heard from again. Yes and that's as Hillary here. Today today's value is he can play inside and outside which we saw last year but he's a he's a low level player he's a special teams he's of course special teams player. So he's got a little bit about you but as you know there's those that. Today is a seventh round pick from a small school Marist. He's yeah he's giving you what you expect it would. It's just a business like all these times there was his rookie Jiri that always amazing practices of the year like we for the like this break out. Campaign is a slam like she's just kind some draft pick out a Marist. Yeah and a man that's pretty much what he's given you letters and so mentally I need help state that they did that was you know I I thought that Tom. I thought that from linebacker. Hiding here and backup quarterback and pass rusher were there were big needs and so long and now they've they've taken one off that list current role as well. They've addressed one way they haven't taken an already addressed one. I took corn Adam Chester involve the treated for. On defensive end Robert Quinn from the LA uranium to an on the the other compensation. But that is a that is the deal right there it was we talked to a coach shelves in learning when our favorites are on here. His team is wrapping up the regular season tomorrow down the Watsco senator and spot tech senior day honored Kwan new net big shot of the day it's Carolina. March Madness will talk all about with coach ultimately decide right here on 79 tickets. Like her out of your car no worries me on the to get out the stream on the ticket Miami dot com or even on radio dot com and that app as well. And if you're here in South Florida can hear that he games online as well so many ways a listen so many hot takes. And you don't want to miss it miss anything including our next guest courtesy of perk back with the here on 79 in the ticket as we get out there Ryan's jewels announcers who is or is just on their truly steps beyond community of one of our favorites. Could wrap up the regular season tomorrow against Virginia Tech the watts goes that are and then at the Brooklyn for the ACC tournament and then on it to the madness that is march. Yeah University of Miami men's basketball Coach Jim Larranaga joins us here on 79 due to your coach I don't today. I'm doing great we just finished practice then. Get ready for tomorrow. Coach let's go back to the other night in North Carolina and you've been a part of over a thousand games at the head coach. I am going to be a couple of thousand as an assistant as a player. Odd times score circumstance opponent. What have you have you been a part of a finish like the other night in Chapel Hill. It's one of the most spectacular ball time where. You're on the road against the top ten team you've been leading the whole game they come back and tie it up with or seconds to go. We don't call a timeout we just in down to our. Being your leader. He takes off take a couple of dribbled in alone do a three pointer for the win. And it'd gold gained all of it and they tackled them at the end of the court did you see that. Yeah you know I don't get the win the march here. And it is team spirit. And that's what art this is all about. You see you at any time a guy make the game winning shot is is the big East Coast erupt. Mesmerized Joseph what does that ranked in you know regular season victories for you. At the University of Miami I had clearly when you call into North Carolina and win and it's not like Benton and condom the you know. A controlled the game that that's going to be a huge huge marked for you out. Well you know week and so many great games including this year we've been already. Games decided in the last 32. The game before Carolina we'd be was in college you have to trailing by a board game wouldn't. Under five minutes to let. And have made a pretty big comeback we were down nine with like a minute ago. So or we've got some great wins out over the years we beat duke in overtime and Cameron Indoor Stadium. But it won't buzzer beater you know some of these games close but. That that's probably the most exciting and we just made sure and and let let go walk off Grand Slam home run. Coach does this below what's your message to your team now Virginia Tech. Odds of your better wins on the road when you handled my tech they're playing extremely well as all conferences seems seems like they're playing extremely well here this time a year. But how important is tomorrow coached Dolly for the resume but also for the ACC tournament I believe you're still in play for the double by so. A lot at stake tomorrow afternoon correct. They're really is. You know. Virginia Tech and Miami are tied attendance seven the winner goes to eleven and seven and it could be as many as 45 teams. Tied it eleven at seven at the end of tomorrow. Including North Carolina if we beat them. There are now 76. And outfitted seven. Does well 1111 at six that I got play duke so they can be eleven they can do you have. Yeah. Yeah so anyway. That we get soaked up Virginia Tech. It's the top point five even our estimation. It already is ridiculous the double a team in the country. It beat duke the other night ended bush speak at Carolina earlier. I read an article in the Washington Post that said this is Virginia Tech. Best seeing in the history of the program and hate the idea. Could go ought to have the winning his he's been in the school's history so. We got to get over that they've got to be a very very football game. Jim I don't know did you know you get caught up in there in the moment and you sometimes get carried away with beings not I'm looking at this college basketball season. I'm thinking I can't remember so many top Tim scenes losing to unranked teams. Now some of these unranked teams have been good right Virginia Tech etc. but. You guys but dom if it does does that strike you edit. Is is this does as this happened in the last ten years where so many top tens go down to unranked teams. Well yeah I think there are always upsets during the regular season. What will be interesting to see if the upset continued during the NCAA tournament. Good every everybody. Here's the underdog. And build higher seed is supposed to advance so. Bands really especially if you're you're team is not involved. If you're into the you're you're just here be European but it but I. Speed is playing against somebody that either a mid major or not someone who doesn't give what we've given a lot of credit permit in the tournament. Though those games become very exciting group of a lot of upside but right now college basketball with a lot of parity. Especially in the gate they were our. Got the team how out of the committee gonna judge noted Dane who played. Irregular beat that without the pre seeded player of the year but now a repeat of where the years back. If they win it Virginia. Tomorrow they played Virginia tomorrow by the cold than it backed it big Virginia reported the NCAA selection committee big. Yeah I know that's that's a good one I mean you're talking about a player of the year candidate coach and their completely different team when he's in the lineup. And a they won big the the other night. Let me ask you about when you're injured not injured stars of Bruce brown. Can you give us an update on Bruce and and it could you possibly reappear for you here in March. Well the next evaluation. Is march the twelfth. So we're we're you know we're still ten days away from the doctors even looking at it. He still the boob. That marks the twelfth rolled around. And the doctors clear him and all of a sudden it got to get shape that doesn't happen overnight. So we're not we're not thinking about getting Bruce brown back in and him playing it for the rest of this season. But Bruce has been great is that every practice. Every game he's he's shown great leadership. Any that it just a great young man we just want to get healthy so when when he finally a 100%. Then he can come back and play. Whether it's you know. Get ready for the NBA draft or get ready for next season. Coach Jim Larranaga is our guest here on seven an incident they got their final home game the regular season finale tomorrow we senior day honoring couple seniors including one noon. Dot Watsco senator coaches mention a big one against Virginia Tech. This coming year you want your your your players. In your team to be teaching coach. Do you think that that's the case with your group right now other plan their best basket more on the on track to playing their best basketball as you see it. Well we've won three very close games and I think anytime you win a close game that builds confidence. We not we knocked ought Notre Dame and a very close game north of Boston College in a buzzer beater and we knocked off North Carolina. So I think we're feeling very good about ourselves in terms of teen spirit. I think everybody's enjoying. Playing together. But our opponents attempt to do. Without well we look when you look at the North Carolina game we won. We scored 91 points but we also gave up 88 point. And that's really not not supposed to happen. We're a team that should hold our opponent to under seventy. Maybe even sixty. And we weren't able to do that against the high powered weapons team like University of North Carolina. Coachella with us here on him some and I mean after one of port three HD IG to the to get how they got a game tomorrow coach but the tournament format you're going to Brooklyn this year. How is it how exciting is just you know every game. You play every day eight win an advanced. The tournament format how exciting is that for you and how you you kind of explain that to your team what it's all about. Well everybody goes into the tournament whether it be ACC tournament of the NCAA tournament with the same record. Zero and zero. And what what's happened during the regular season. You can put that on a shelf within a draw you can erase it it doesn't really mean a lot. When you go to a tournament it's win and advance lose and go home. Vote you've got to play your best basketball every single night in tournament play. How much MBA but watching coach whatsoever things out. And earlier you got your son up in Boston how much NBA what is about things even look at that what you intrigue here is there there are regular season wraps up but they get ready for the post season. Well my wife and I have been BA elite as we watch a lot of NBA games like all the Celtics in view at the Miami Heat games. I like watching Golden State I've got a very good friend who got. Courtside seat to the Golden State Warriors gave my text William during the game he picked courtside. You don't feel about the action on Watson and on the big always watched the clippers coach Doc Rivers did a good friend of mine. I watch the mavericks when they're on good Rick Carlisle went amok all the players. We watched the wizards because. Sheldon McClellan. Comes Shelvin Mack is with the wizard. We watched the Phoenix Suns because. They've done Reid and of course we we watch the Celtics because of my son because vishay Larkin. That that's a lot of teams a contract of coach ma'am my goodness what are. A lot of blood. It magical and say they're coach Houston. Do you like the way they're put to Houston big Golden State that style there what how do you see that match it up here as it would seem to be on a collision course in the Western Conference. I think they're definitely on a collision course and I think Houston for the first time as a real chance to win. And the reason is Chris Paul is such a great defender. And I think that will really put Houston in a position where they might be able to upset the Golden State Warriors especially. If they can hang on there in first place right now just a fraction ahead of a Golden State if they hold on the home court advantage. How much fun has been two. Loved it I I love the way he's an icon here a great ambassador for the key and for the NBA. My step and I helped him run his ability to impact your Miami for years. Oh it's great I know he loves it. All right in the world coach the way back in Miami and you guys are hard charging towards determined man everything is great in the basketball world here to. In South Florida coach thanks for taking a few minutes with a us. Does look tomorrow that's a lookup from Brooklyn and obviously selection Sunday and and beyond coach thank you as always. Thank you Coach Jim Larranaga right there is the best. He is the best. We are blessed to have him running our basketball program down here at the University of Miami because he has a lot of fun. He loves the game loves the kids who's been to a final four. Guys in the finals Cinderella yeah. How was that was one of the more unlikely runs we have ever seen. In in this town and I remember army purchase go back to the days. Of the old Miami arena and when the program wasn't even around and Bill Foster brought back to Leonard dominant big east and and just like the days of view he would say like. Miami is a basketball. Twenty top 25 team perennial team Miami's got a chance to go to the sweet sixteen mine he's got a chance to go to a final four which they have been. The last you know two years ago in four years ago and hours of your nuts. You're nuts you know I doubt that flexing like you know. W let's say like. Indiana football's got a chance to win this those are good BCS national tour was right you know towards what are your that was in Indiana football has a chance to win. The the BCS national championships. Just saying that I know Josh Freeman gets excited I even though your gear and your jolted the argument you just throw it out there I did everybody dog and I'm running. It like Vanderbilt. Had a chance to win the NCAA. Final four or the other NCAA college football playoff right. Yup that's what it was when you talk about Miami basketball. And. You know frank cutting goggle that very Clark was kind of a mass. Bobble coach Larranaga mean he's got this team it did it's things of that loss Bruce brown. And that's going to be tough to see if they have definite a deep run even think of the neighbors that Brownback would care as coach tenements in there than look like their whole not much hope to get him back this season but. You never know you get hot I mean they've been a lot of good teams this year. That's amid tomorrow med that's what makes interment so maddening users you never know and I and I and I feel like we've CDs and has a lot of years but I I firmly believe this year. Like yes this is as wide open as we've seen to this is this is vary wide open. Which is gonna probably you know contribute to a lot of upsets and a lot of crazy scenarios and different teams in everyone's kind you know succeeds in seven seeds and five seeds advancing. And all sorts of law also to madness as they called dark Texaco shell for joining us right there we come back. I'll get a bigger winner here a march to the shore. I if you're just joining us and it will explode and go on the other side as though we know a lot more to get to hear on a busy Friday afternoon. Curtis and for our review here on seven under the ticker. Are you have a chance to win the ticket stub is now. Money every hour between 6 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. Listen for the code word in Texas to seven situated one and you have a chance to win the money you need to vote your perfect man cave resident veterans may apply. Don't Texan drive as the national konduz we're giving women gave money funny and have an Nina from 1043 HC to figure things to Coach Jim Larranaga for joining us right there. Are always love talking social guitar coach offer for an hour about I mean he you know you heard him there he's I he's got to merely pass like gal watches on the wants orders are all aware is. The wizards I watch the Celtics I want John what do you do to ease the illusion is a signal to be assistant it yeah anomalies and known he was asked Al. Over an actual coach and he's got all his his. You know former players and all those I mean he is a basketball junkie so. He's got thoughts on the there lingered out Saturday was about a if you miss the 5 o'clock hour there's still time Texan in the word is pair. Fair that the pair UT TPE a 1000 dollars. On nerves and seven and it's a good man cave money at contest money money money money money and text that now is fair to seven to any one. Right here on his have a nanny and F 14362. Of the ticket are we got a million things going on right now Robert Quinn. According to Adam shaft or. On his own right before coach Joseph came on has been traded to Miami Dolphins Robert Quinn. 28 next month. Our Tony may minimally eight years came in early North Carolina very talented guy had some great years early with the rams. But the rams are making moves the dolphins. Neither the fence amending either held a defensive end. Here's the deal as it relates to the dogs get a mid round pick her dogs that you're on the ground that we don't know the exact composition and that those some swapping a Nixon there. Seoul. You know the rams obviously finish with a better record than Miami's so. I don't know with a rampant in the first round Tom ahead but the rams were probably swap at some point so mobile play you know ten to twelve spot put Miami in one of those of around so. That's the deal what do you make of that perk. Pretty pretty good deal you didn't you'd have to give up a whole lot and you that was a position of need. The dolphins were to date they've got him way. They've got Andre branch I got here as the days and I'm restricted free agent will work pays a restricted free agent so you're bringing back basically. Cameron malveaux added a kid who is you know right now at Houston. Undrafted. Last year undrafted rookie so. That was a position of need a pass rusher and and they got somebody will will see. How will it works out but hey you only had him wait and Andre branch. So nice job by the dolphins and look this is. There's not a continues a pattern under Adam days of trading for veterans right that you traded for Kiko Alonso. You've traded for Byron Maxwell oh. William Hayes and Julius Thomas so this is. This taking this path you know this course of action is is not a surprise. They'd they have shoulder they like to trade war for veteran players the last couple years. Goblet textures right in sand this doesn't say much about Charles Harris no trading for Quinn the they should draft and joke who text are writes in. Join a Texan you do sort six of nine to have four on the my text line. And it is wise I mean we all saw Charles cirrus last year and I'm not trying to take a shot at beat he would. But you've got to play and right you've got to mayor you've got you got to play in the future I. Those of this guy's been worked out yet two sacks last year trolls here are some talk about right right feelings are unknown yet you yet he was he was very suspect against the run. Let late in the season they started putting him in on nine in in past and in a running situations first and second downs but he started off exclusively 83 down. Play here and and was struggling to. Two I use that quick first step read that was so highly touted. I don't know how good Charles Harris is army maybe he's just going to be just another guy. He's immune jagr out there or he could be a blustery bigger player I don't know right now I have no idea what to make Charles terrorist the the bud bud just look at the numbers it was a wake wages. Which is is is is akin to the week is doing bodies is autistic yes luckily you know. And then you've got branch who who did not play well last. I'll have embattled. Knee and groin problems in the end. Actually had to have knee surgery there's no there's no assurance that he's going to be re pro or the start of offseason work alternate. Right yeah he's getting some mileage on him. You've got Charles Harris like they needed a guy like Robert Quinn the very least you could say that guy act we can rile Mac and I got gonna be there every Sunday to be the player forced. Some may not be a great player anymore ought to be all pro anymore but he's going to be a good solid player elected you bodies there and. You know and and clearly this is not going to be the end of the line at that position because now. Let's face that you really only got. Three got a well organized the right you wait branch. Queer and and and here they. Another guy and others and then a swing yet they need to Morga yeah we're going to be you know the guy either perk that's what it's also a member of some guards Robert Quinn. Traded to the Miami Dolphins the first of many many moves. I would think here we this almost gonna what George Landry. The draft to get free agencies just this a fun time a year man's crazy we're gonna as you know reduces it be altered so that just goes down the no show. And make it even make it even god you're here we got a lot of stuff to get to as well in the 6 o'clock hour. This is an interesting story perk. I greeted on those until a last year some a Texan assert over the summer the Texas a bullet. That there's a junior college in South Florida that I had no idea about it he recently yeah it's ASA Miami and able football team. In the head coach you're gonna join us yes and we're gonna order talked to him around 621 me. Before I turn over McCain's baseball and asked him about about all this and you know this is this is this is totally different this this this is this is so. Oh good we. You know we were we were talking about. I see these stories like this yeah I believe weird we're talking about why there's not more junior college football in the state of Bordeaux or in Miami. The state of Miami he wanted to go back Howard number. And we got. A sex from a Rainier for a is who is who is on sports sports media relations director here. At ASA college. And he said blah blah blah we're playing football down here and so. I was never able to get out there during the season goes the dolphins keep meat so free and busy throughout trades right right exactly but I I met Rainier and a at a at a heat. Game. What what game do we go to. And reducing game. And so by yeah Menem met him there and dumb and now dale we we've we've got the coach I was and I love junior college. Football allies. I'm fully cover probably about three or more games but. Texas was a big junior college football state so. Well we had done here and I and I played you know in in the conference. That has you all these little schools. Select your idol flow mole and a dole flaw and you know saint Thomas and Thomas in some of those little schools. Daylight and a new I'd never heard ASA over the years not another new low and you go like I never knew like I don't know fifteen of leave reserved for sees right foot yeah and so I like they are there were really I don't new school I know I am glad I have yeah ASA Collins and write what you know you hear all the million you know deals and Tom is she got on nova southeastern go for memorial. The guy. North with a from Palm Beach and promised land Ankiel all these schools. And it's like that's a college you know so. Yeah we'll talk and apologize and you don't roster who yes win there so Obama earned a scholarship yet on and on his roster Moscow but that's just one of those stores are really could eventually cool here sophomores we're talking around 640. The other had do you think you module a monster junior college program that now here in South Florida I mean my goodness absolutely it is only tell makes a lot of sense that's by either we're drinking. Before that joke. Or that's it that's how we stumbled upon lies a more junior colleges are Florida yes one of the tools like Leo or. We we we both had suburban there before the over the shall wanted to I can remember that goes back in the summer is kind of a slow day yeah plus. We got to get to. JR Smith and his super did you or you don't read that Damon Jones we have a winner did that I announced that it would not and I I put it on I. You're chairing this committee but here's our question earlier. That ideology are Smith had spent the last night because he threw a ball soup. At this is a gross Damon Jones yes the same name Jones he's Waverly. And my question was. JR Smith what type of soup does JR Smith because she wasn't because jurors in this kind of a different cat. So what you know when JR Smith. What label soup was in the JR Smith through a Damon Jones now I am I ask you I said like everyone's got to go to assume. And you looked at me cross eyed Santa or go to get a favored soup. Kirk I don't know why I have one I have never ever. Like had a discussion with anybody I've never had never even had heard that phrase my goal to sue no but like a favorite to what I don't understand. What's you'll favorite everything you walk in the public's and their regular favorite. Soda there's a favorite Gatorade flavor that the favorite. You know favored Brenda oh that you use a favorite fruits. Favorite soup like you're going to wow you I guess I need you and you're making a lot out of assumptions about yeah favorite something. Not so. Yes OK let me play for a beer some belabor the or yes but Oakland restaurant and there's French onion in his crib chatter in this chicken noodle and the broccoli cheese and all the time did you which one do you pick. What ever won them and move more I don't I don't have like annals say older it's my favorite like I. I don't know I just don't think of some like it I now have a favorite salad. Caesar I mean and like I. It panel of the JR Smith you that we are Israelis. We gotta win. I technologies any good top that if you give you get top that please send it in on the text line at 67974. Try to be our winner here earlier winner will get to fourteen years ago she cain's base which by the way we're gonna take a take you up until cain's baseball today the main black mayors are dollars and one of the cool nicknames. In all of college there in town. To take on the Miami Hurricanes will take you right up until around 640. And then the voice of the Jose Jacqui what have the other call for you right here on names of and I mean from 143 HD two the ticked. It's. Coming up again. Our little. Music theory here on a Friday afternoon trending and do. Friday evening coming up tomorrow morning at 10 AM to get brings you can't wait they would Tommy to die this week Tommy welcomes and none other than Dwayne. We need as well as Rodney Magruder John karate and Jason Jackson that is a star studded lineup in. And so much more so tune in and get your he'd fix every Saturday morning at 10 AM atomic tiger and he weekly claims and I mean it from 143. Eighteen to that again I never miss he weekly it is my staple show. Every Saturday morning I'm making a point that I am in near radio in my car. At 10 AM till noon was the heat weekly Tom it is Greg great job of that to would that show and you. Main wave in arm and Rodney Magruder Virginia's finest John Crowley and strong. Her victory in any got the Jack show man right there to. Jays taxes is running things that's that's a great lineup prepare so. Let's from the tomorrow at 10 am men not not good news you know last night. And we spent a little time on how to start to show but I'm ready to move off Lowe off that bad boy last night because. Now pretty developer that's when you just you just file away as. A night so his speech saying you can't sit around and whine about it because you have Detroit come in here and you know fish is homes as strong as Detroit. And and against Phoenix you always sexy show at 6797 for the 67974. On our seven on you to get text line. Is so won this at the way above his point. I think you know we're gonna say because I must say and I think we're simpatico on this one here perk and marketable Chile be considers too promising no. You know what I was I was going to. Six that person bank. But kudos from bets that that that's a good question not only is I think it's is I think that's insulting the chilling. Chile stands on its own work. Which I don't in his own category correct and has reprisal Texan yourself firearms shocked that she would you would think Chile's soup. Well I don't I don't know why aren't. I don't know it's that he. It's of some. I mean. I think I've actually stands alone some general Norman or so Joliet to a user's time of Al leaders who is its own category. Actually actually runs its own thing chilly you know he doesn't view and hang with anybody chilies and oh man he's alone. He's the Lone Ranger out there he does his own thing again as a mean idea I mean I yeah. And that I mean thoughts and the fact you know chilly there so you got a winner here when it's that here come and appear at. It's a six of 974 in the win or it's a must obtain a baseball targets. As I mentioned busy six rock. He's Zia head football coach at AS ecology which is the junior college in Miami which anonymous really any idea of a couple months ago. He would. If you're if you're young man that wants to play college football. Maybe get some issues grade wise or you seen a couple of years to get to get yourself together junior college down here Miami. Yeah I mean there's a there that's a good option right there any mention one of the young men would senior onto the mercy of Miami Los saw coach about that. And just kind of a different story so we wondered I want the side roads today and like these you know different different types of things. Plus in the community perk just a candidate. Highlighted listen and follow there's an Iron Man deserves or shine nearly so let's do it here he's gonna join us here about twenty minutes. Isle retains FaceBook from a bit about and about 45 minutes. As war take a dollar Coral Gables Joe's got two of the call with the main black bears buds before you continue on all those men dread the day let's get to lose 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Miami Dolphins have trade accord defense of in Robert Quinn of the Los Angeles rams according to multiple reports. Quinn the 27 year old 27 year veteran had eaten half sacks last season. Now Quinn would join the dolphins presumably. As they rotation defense of men. Coming into the game behind the projected starters Tim wake and Andre branch and joining Charles terrorists in a deacons have been rotation. So the dolphins have creative Perot Robert Quinn. They now sacks last year 32 tackles. Hi I want to Hummer one or call I don't recall offhand if deeply inside at all. But that would be some inhibitors Bowden and according to rob a lot of reports of their it's a mid round pick obviously we're thinking four or five. Somewhere in there that's our guests you know and the dolphins are swapping. Six with the rams in one of the rounds to yeah. So that would move down the rounds roughly whatever it is Agassi where the rams are some of these rounds but the you know do prided swap deal moved down ten to twelve. In one of the rounds and so what will figure all this out here this course the weekend but that just broke here with the last hour about Robert when Sony unit and they had another solid player on the football team. And yeah I I didn't really demean your there was sort of a tight ends. In linebacker. He ends up backup quarterback hit another running back and everyone's always bitching about the offensive line. Like yeah do I guided I didn't really realize it until you you can straighten me out here he had De'Angelo on the end run around and. Oh no they don't and they hit thirty sacks last season. And I I can't remember how many of more from the defense of line. The though the vast majority of them were there weren't a lot from linebackers and Andy tens of excellent on blitzes or anything but. Plus there's no no it's not it's not a lot and and so this is a this is the aid unit that needed. Bet the year that fear factor to it to to put into. He's good player and players only weeks to be 28 in the league for a minute he's been in for. Awhile came in early out of Carolina but they he's the player Robert. Results are results of these Trace for the dolphins have been kind of mixed right because they got. When they've last couple years they've true when they trade for veterans they got Kiko Alonso from Italy. But got Byron Maxwell from Billy. They got Julius Thomas from Jacksonville they got William Hayes from the Graham so. Hayes worked out pretty well know Maxwell. Up and down Julius Thomas not so much Kiko Alonso is were dealt. Merely well is pass protection is is a very shaky but. They they've done so so. We had a good year last year is the bird previous two years are there is production was down but he had a bounce back here. You know and then thirteen he was he a five years to down thirteen Gao was completely in nineteen says he's exists on Pro Bowl slam yeah I mean he's a good play her. And the ram just kind of wondered if the rams are definitely in that window of trying to make it to the Super Bowl I would think. Nozzles cap deal with them what they're what their problem was put. Yeah bulls will see the double the dolphins do another body there for sure I mean another body at the end as well. Yeah yeah and and a matter of bank yeah and and look. You can pretty much. Be sure that. His deal will be reworked somehow because he sees he's scheduled to make ten point three million dollars and 920 and 200 yes yes so. And the rams are shedding captain are gonna pick up they Boston's a million dollar real deal this year has certainly blown up there. So the rams the other got some caps off of him in the work out there. Soccer so they're your audio Robert wins here now and we also know that you know the story broke last night the dolphins of granite wide receiver Jarvis lender permission to seek trades. Now Landry has been extended the franchise today you must sign the tender before any trade can be done but if Jarvis was still on the roster on March 14. The start of the league year his cell recounts against the dolphins salary cap and that will. That will slow them down on the free agent market so there's a sense of urgency. There. Miami Heat host Detroit 730 tomorrow he remains an eighth place in the east one and a half games behind number seven Milwaukee. Wayne Ellington and Tyler Johnson are dealt pulled due to buy bruises. College basketball Miami hosts Virginia Tech at noon tomorrow in the regular season finale. You wimp when he won an eight overall ten and seven in the ACC. Virginia Tech when he won a nine overall. Also ten and seven in the AC. We talked to Coach Jim Larranaga is about a half hour ago coach though it's a huge game tomorrow because you're looking at. CC in the ACC tournament and you don't wanna live in NCAA. Well in the NCA butter but let's just talk about a Brooklyn for Segui to say these interment. If they beat Virginia. They'll get to reduce average attempt to get to eleven wins. They could be in the top four in which would get the double bye ya so they would not have the play on Wednesday they would play Thursday and that would probably see it may be easier to that hasn't played. Has to play as always are getting game. So all in third straight a lot of things that state you sweep the series tomorrow good Virginia Tech. There's still a lot of different. Scenarios out their blood if there on top for the 200 other tie for fifth of Jesse it's a tough for the ACC which would give them a double by. And there would only play Thursday Friday Saturday enough to play on Wednesday. So that we really cool to look can win a championship up there in Brooklyn and obviously proceeding in the ACC term it another another in the NCAA determined perk. For for Miami so called shells and it is a huge game remains to begin monoline tomorrow to get on out there it's senior day the couple seniors. Most notably one Newman's been honored pack just drag his career bin to bin a fun one but just the shot the other night that's that's going to be relived over and over and over again. Yeah and and ACC. Virginia did I see this correctly I did see the game. They score five points in the final nine tenths of a second to be little. A lot of points it's like to ask coach about that we have time why it's up to get tube that was Virginia. And they yeah I mean. The Virginia on revenue of our top ranked Virginia Campbell it's funny how people look at the look at that and now we always love it because this is what we do for living in sports. You look as Mike my god Virginia. And then leg but blogger look as they what the hell you doing mobile. Like good old Joseph like de Virginia when I get a little open game away. Well I look. If you score odd points in the final nine tenths of a second you stole a victory. It's you know what because. Even after even after blue oval travels on the inbound. Virginia still has to get a bully and and and and make a basket in the final nine since it was and they give that. In the billions I got a gimme credit finally. Florida Panthers hosting buffalo tonight at 730 at BB NT sooner pregame starts at seven. On our sister station by a sixty WQ radium those are your headlines. All right 67974. On our text line message gets his young winner for this here I have to put your door to them yet we're we're trying to figure out what kind of soon. Is what was was. Was JR Smith eating when he shut that bowl ad Damon Joan right Smith is a different type a cat either the reverse a valued ever personalities a little crazy. Obviously if you're throwing two Greta when you're when your coaches. Sort Gosling to like like the personality type of soup is JR Smith. So we had all well a lot of a lot of denies ever being from this spot so to broccoli and she rise in. And you know we we we got a lot of we we got a lot of those. A lot of money gets in trouble there was cream of and we can't sit out this yes we got got a lot of weddings we got a lot as a risk. But the one I'm like what they got we got here this on you modest trite. Try to strike okay that's that's that's very JR Smith and he tells them is these drink he's tried so try yeah. Know what is driving that disarmament oust America and they make the soup yeah yeah. Okay that's just perfect and guard the guy just I join got a sex and try try very simple as. And we got Newman who don't. OK and I mean I want to Demi I like jambalaya teleglobe we have a lot of funny ones here yeah solely through my little egg drop soup puts yeah. I'm gonna go look at the right and they somebody up and I was a drop soup Aniston rom on the one Tom sue yes I don't alphabet soup when he -- telling some you know also where customers. Something like yes something's something's funny you Damon jones'. You know I'm not I'm not come. I'm not surprised Damon jones'. I think he's the only NBA player who when I was on the beat whoever called me at home. And that was because I called him a journeyman in a story. And he called me at home. Who tell me there he does not like that term and it's an offensive term. And he does not when it applied to him I'm like the payment you've been unlike I don't hybrid machines and it's like the last three years and so we went back and porous so yeah he called me no viewers call me at home to say well why did you call me a journeyman don't. Do to get somebody that I have my home number icicle Damon Jones on there on the radio off for years because he played no. LA but. You know balance praise those teams may have it has affected Damon Jones as is is the head is a coach. And he is in charge of something in the NBA I find hysterical and the fact that JR Smith was having none of it and he threw his tripe soup. At Damon Jones. Are even better yes yeah all right what I thought the Cleveland Cavaliers are getting their act together. Entertainment entertainment Jones and JR smooth is Smith and soup gates. Yeah I'll it's just fantastic and they'll audio last and and you know the other part of this is come. What do you think it takes somebody to say or do to you. Where you'd hurl bullets who battled. Know you got a pretty past and you gotta I don't think I mean it did he insult your hands and earlier I don't know. Your jumper or you're you're sure who's your car likely you young woman. Like a I mean to sue somebody. I don't get through anything at anybody. They got on the got like a view of its they'd throw in the U wanna fight let's fight like about like a bomb if they give you were sitting at a lunch counter and reading soup together. And he's like I'm gonna just possibly soup when your feel like I'm going to get up and say listen let's them outsiders them or let or I'm going to physically. Put my arms on you I'm not gonna resort to throwing like sold on you or soup on U verse or starting a food fight. Leg apparently Jared Smith well I just see like throwing you know I've met my reaction that's why I think jar jars resolute crazy they you know he's crazy person. Yeah but let. And bolt being so light it I mean the he could've thrown it great that Hummer or anything like eagle wad up your years in which what is a one -- on why I want you say which is a lot of miles you have better any al-Qaeda my fist about how the angles and whispered to my knuckle sandwich that's I don't know how how good aimed you have when you. I'd like RG delegate soup on you. Yeah those a lot of bowl. I agree perk Iger and that's why I like a gray born and apple or an order like I don't always thought it was a witch into a ball like I don't know if you guys using symbols of how how good paying can you have when you roll a bowl super I'm very good that's why I would not I would not suggest that. That's. That's why. I brought it up some labor Texan which is regularly as chairs with the pusher on. And that's what prompted a that it goes right there that's your right they're good text by a little bit move appears trigger from government work you've got to veto this news around get. My least the only team fourth and sixth round pick me often get Robert Quinn and often at least without making six room. North of the solar swap six. And the dolphins Q before us. Current cool that on the window. We don't know that the drive for progress from Iran Figaro brilliant and beautiful thoughts and appointees are Republican thank 2000 as you bring some sanity back to show her you know aren't that's a Robert Quinn deal there may get that. Fours and a six go to LA. VM mean Miami is Robert Quinn. And the rams sixth round pick in twenty team. Which is this coming draft and a couple of months. Good great grand wonderful. Reverend himself and our idea Quinn's affair and we got it. All right we talked a little more some more football here he is the head football coach at ASA college and if you don't know what is it colleges you better stick around and learn because we need to learn just what went along with you here pretty cool stories happening in Miami head football coach. I's gonna join us on the other side. And then we got canes baseball as well drive Subaru is our winner. Try try try try try it is the winner out of the soup terrorist with I was eating according to our our Tex is right there goods about it you get to. That and more coming up on this I writers have a nine minutes ago and. Yeah it's like the best beach volleyball players in the country and the world on Fort Lauderdale beach as the beach major. Series takes place on Fort Lauderdale beach from now through Sunday for more info on the amazing events. Check it out on the ticket Miami dot com we're out there yesterday at where we. Our show originated had a blast out there who are some that do. This weekend ticket out Fort Lauderdale between the check out right now. These I love these these types of stories here's to find out a lot of things about our community what's going on here. And as we got a discussion over the summer about junior colleges and and who was playing football down here. And AS ecology never really heard of it. And in reality we got a couple of taxes than we kind of figured everything out here bobbled the head football coach Chris. Bowden is is where this year on the Iraq jewels announcers Korean stores gas line their choice to be on UV and Inco the second year. With with ASA college coach centers for joining us here I you don't. We're doing great it's a tussle about is that god this is the only junior college. In the in all of self Florida is that correct. That is correct world war private junior college. We are the only two you're called instead of Puerto out of football team a private or allowed to do that so. We're going and we completed or even here in looking forward to going roar for. Wyden and tell me about. You must have an incredible. Talent base to work prom right because it does this is cell board of mrs. Ball capital of America. And how it has it been tough to get guys to to come here ordered to even get him to understand that you exist. Yeah I mean I I got down near two years ago. You know for the artist played one season. I was our sister school in New York bomb which would McAuliffe couldn't blow him up there are so. Bomb yeah I mean we've we've done a very good job recruiting you know we have a full staff of you know full time coaches and make sure that we. You know going to every high school and talked ever wanna go to camp in you know try to you know will we wanted to show the white coach Scott could take their kids and secure a move mom ordered schools and other Kris I would agree we got a lot of kids sign out here in the last two years and you know and the junior called global fund you know for us because it is rooted than just local so we and our job to make sure that. You know we we take care of their academics and they we get the model it out when you prepare them for the four or school. Give this you'll pretty well I'll coaches is like well me I didn't know anything about it a lot of audience and annoy the about it. Bomb the U guys are that the silver storm is a college Miami silver storm. Hum what is the reception been like when you get out the schools here and say ASA college it's got to be. I'm sure some people aren't very familiar with the like. The camp decides all those things that go into it tells Lou but a bit about everything that goes that that's you know going on at your school. Right what we we have three campuses so once more Miami Beach when it isn't Hialeah. And football program than anything so I'll you know for office are you opponent articles obviously we're new school and you we have to go in there and and talked every yeah every coach never Hoyer and parents and everything and you know I don't know you know what we're Bowden and don't we have scholarships out storms have meal plans on you know we have a full time. Coaching staff or we don't have two teacher doing anything else to our our job is solely based on hurting you know train and archived correctly and when he names and move on I'm on so. On the noble with everything else goes starting off brand new it was you know a lot of but they're gonna coach for president. You know and then I think you know going into your four and we haven't covered that suction from. The coaches this year arming yen early last year as well Armon your relatives that depends on the kid you know the kids how to comment. They're the most they're the most important workers out of our players that may go home to their coaches to their families. Pomp and the tone that the experience but they have pure and that the coach treat him well on the school trick from Wallin that's the biggest thing. For ought to we can say anything to look at it but you don't want them out. I have a fair shot we want bill move mom and we're gonna talk to our job to take care of it or five or give them all our jobs secure you know. You know people don't but not as good players on the team and make sure they are good or Yemen guy home to make sure the current situation at the end of the day. That's one thing that matters you wanna use all the hope we get your education people. Chris vote in his organs he's head coach in NC Miami football the other silver stormy year desolate is forty years the program usually been around. College the school grounds that four years as well the score around a lot of. Yeah no orders too well so we're going door for freedom and yet but it will orbit around order or it's wilds. And so Chris tell us about yourself why don't we know that what you played at Villanova right you're you're in their whole mainly due play it would Brian Westbrook. At at Villanova Brit Hume Brian lists. I. That is 100% sure we have Tom cook the no I I I grew up in Southern California in the I got lucky and only have one scholarship what Obama put into the sport for three years. Gut player with you'll some tremendous talent he. There would be around a lot of great coaches. You know at the time and equipment arena football league for about. You know on how secure none of the coaching and and that when the arena league shut down for Europe and the that your college. On the New York. You know bill and scored seriously all of the new York and I've been. You're ever sense and along the way out Corbett sort of boredom so. Couple of all over the place and you know I love South Florida this is great rock reminds me of home you know grown up on the beach California put. Bombs you know it. In my experience as a quarterback and then coaching a lot of places that have them come to exist. It's really fun to be around these kids you know you we have another really good level and you know this is coach incredibly coaching college. You know I think this is the most rewarding job in in football coaching because we bringing kids that. Need to get their lives contract in the very short time and then we are. So yeah agreement in the coming from not knowing whether academic and personal life forever. And watch some plan on TV two years later in electoral virtual earth to release a wrote really rewarding job force. Yeah I mean this is what it was pretty crazy I mean to football may we you know. A coach we got we got dudes all over the placed on your football for me amazed at any sport baseball basketball track and field I mean South Florida as a hotbed. And then you get up to get up the than the turnpike so to speak. And there's some JC's but the it'll play football. This did you guys play football which makes it really special here who do you play where do you play. Will be a winner games how does that all work out. Yeah we will play thing we have a full court and team and pulled it became so we're neighboring you know everyone and we don't have cut so we now will have about. Route 20250 kids are ready for fall camp on and we have limited equipment but we'll have a full or CDB team both teams will play during games. For the horse should be. We have to play five games to be to go bowl eligible so we played Georgia military college home and home every year. On the neck this past year we had no call you talk horn in and then we're on the down pitcher under our our team. Were playing Lewis or community college in North Carolina there about fifteen seamen or mean black wanna. Thought call it out away and there are cup and semen in the rest or insurgents Kruup schools are or MA IDB to insult on the trigger when it. You know would you go to teams that we face are always going to be top fifteen here is because you know goes the teams don't wanna play more to your college team or why isn't. Not so we get a really good job last year on you don't even know what our team going into no planes no not a practicing. And knock mall but you are really think this is the year that you know I wrote in order to put this program on the map and we got a lot of kids coming back a lot of you know my opinion you know. As Chris know you have me a player at the University of Miami corrected crispy and Atkins. Okay per ads and how how how many of your players. Move Johnson moved to. More monsoon to four year schools I'll just say that men how many are our deep ones. I'll let last year we nineteen kids. Find scholarships for your school all the way from. And then you know slew of other guys who find low one may wonder boy. This year we have we I did I'm already. From. On your left tackle to or their government to Miami senior he came and played one year and he's trying to trample. Arm at all RC team mentally didn't have had to do want master. You maintain this 2.0 woman took four rotten news now got three your support of a couple so it is. We a lot of his final a lot of the lot of you Susan are you a future as we move on and on you know like I said the countdown yours is second non. Armpit it's amazing picture of the week out just walk down wires are amazing tell what sorts lawyer says it will release on. Did you practice with these kids in the Detroit on one when doable. Nova the cigarette out academically all feel wise and then that's early on our reports from textile smoke and on. And and Chris you know I'm sure there's people listening who have tears that will be. Eligible Bora Bora post high school ball now or a couple of years from now we know Rene Perez your your us sports media information director does a great job. How can kids or parents get in touch with you rule or Rainier or the school. Either web cider tweets you've given to give us some contact information for prospective players. Yeah I mean you're really does a fantastic job on with or what you are I mean really I've been at the junior called lone see a lot of different schools I mean I really think he does. An amazing job and he DePaul on quarter you go to Mike workdays as coach Kirk Oden. Tom are linked to more questioner is right in there right number in the handle so if you click on that so let out. Arm all the coaches are are good to get back the kid we did you know argue about it you know what I did but you know we try our best make sure we were tolerant. Every message every call you know as best as we possibly can but. Probably can always go to our agency to order page army though that go to areas that website and fall apart email and phone numbers look on their. As well also. Mohammed symbolic separate though a great job with that not equal good on the social media side which not kids and problem because I'm going real well and I really think. Going into this next year's going to be very exciting and very exciting just to be cute and Bratton. On the work site. Coach read the idea that we as a junior college football throw out Howard I'm so happy I look I'm from Texas all you know I was there we did you know trinity valley and and all those. Although schools there in Texas and you know you always see the scores are heard of TS going on to play JC put ball in and then they go wherever side. I'm I'm I'm very very happy that we've got a program down here. This knowledge of regret I mean you I wish you know the other three college who called it was our hope all's well on the console. No one travel was that the movie great immediately. If they allowed him Dade and Broward mall at the word miracle is that Al drew called from all these. None of the Cuban state whatever what is what is the a ridiculous prop that a couple now. And it is it's probably just an expense being right birds they see the adult football at the expense is that is that why more JC's and the state don't play. I don't know I mean I know. I think normally it usually gonna make that the amount of money on the panel we're at a lot of huge expense because you know by and helmet every fury over purely looking at the troubled by the but I don't I don't know what the reason is you know confident are you expecting from California grown open. You know if you if you go to US you're still you just want your you don't call -- called up there and I think you'll see. If that happened down here who've been amazing how many people also in. No it's like I was struck us we figured we figured out what though they say college it was that you guys had a football program odd coach thank you very much and we're gonna check in with you here the season approaches all right so while we're gonna bother you park or future for a few minutes here to tells more by your team. As the season gets going right coach enjoy the offseason that recruiting. That is if Chris boat and he is the head coach of ASA college it's a junior college here in Miami three campuses probably got to find out why more GE c.'s don't play by that he it I think more exotic and expensive tickets and it's expensive sport is an easy guy and trainers and you give facilities. But this others overseas started months ago when we were Iowa we were talking about it put those aside. The relatives JC football programs in Texas and intently California everywhere Oklahoma didn't. Right this CC basketball programs everywhere mile going a Miami Dade community always reminding south years ago. And we go you go up the road to. All the different there's a ton of Community Colleges in. In Central Florida and pump up the road here. And it's good enough my football programs yet and is it a sport where football is king and I don't understand I've got to stink like would have scorer on here right and then somebody attacks and that's about as a college or sort of a programmer they had sort of global program. And I know years old now so and you you remember I don't know if you William Steele does this they used to use. Run to get it right is it northwestern Mississippi junior college and and BMI Virginia military institute and they would. You know they're kind of if guys signed ending quite well by you stash him airport calling me I need you gravel meg going starts right was I think I was nor is it northwestern Russia in the northeast Mississippi I'm surely the party still down but out of they have that if that they have some agreement schools today yeah yeah. I don't out of the legality all that bad but I mean I'm sure they still the only. House of certain school that they want guys to go to but don't write doesn't do coaches in the system and all day you're right right Miami silver storm. And the other got a great website and everything you know now is cool like I mean yeah I think it's great because all these kids I mean house one of those kids perk. Coming out ice Clark is one of the play yet and I you know where you know and I send my film out back and it was it was film. No it was eerie video a little literal do you know that I got you know I got recruited but you know you're not really gonna play in the walk on here write this. And IE you know and I got lucky and I went to a smaller school. Oblivious want to play Emmys went to the dream lives what you do you love basketball you a football field baseball you love track swimming whatever was. And and that's great in. The funny being by the time I was don't my senior year oh I was sick of baseball because you go Rome you know your sophomore year. You play the season and then you play. Summer bowl. And then your junior year year and full bowl. Regular season and summer bowl in senior year in football bowl regular season. I was I was done I discovered I'd like baseball don't love and I couldn't hit a curve ball well we wish you know. Credit to her all the stuff that that that that rarely stifles your baseball career because. You get nothing but a steady diet of curve ball well I love baseball especially when it I love playing it but I didn't I I couldn't do a year round effort you know I'd done it you know. And I'd like most kilometers a mile mostly but baseball. Listening to Joe's got a call right here on seven I think that you are you are such a pro and he's doing that and in about seven minutes man in about seven minutes Jozy is going to be calling the Miami in the main black payers are in town. It now in my mistaken there was that bush 41 did he play at Maine didn't play baseball in million. Bush 41. Of Bobby the I mean look and OK we got. We go we got a little rain delay. Parents are still turning it over to Jose. Though were doing there loud as we go real rain was never popular professional army onslaught of media apparently that was originally against the protocol is you guys will offer the complete with a little. I'm of the on songs and William agreed manages content. The the field of rain on right okay parent also until the TARP is now. I was it's a low though are so why don't we do this let's. Let's see here let's in this that's figure this thing out here. There's not. There's not there's no shortage of topics right now yeah. Jarvis on June 9 inning he and ranger we have didn't hear him like toward missile take a break here we'll come back it will reorganize the situation here. I'll figure some stuff out here but I outlined out of the bush 41 to play baseball mean. For some reason OK and I I don't know that anybody hears us yeah I was gonna say yeah bush 41 and her that I forgot who retired offers an America. Yes they unity Reggie George HW island Reggie Bush. Honestly they're resilient probable come back here and low updates you on now. The canes baseball situation down in the gables optimum next radios have a nine to take. Oh yeah. You want to change baseball in just a few moments but another quick reminder coming up tomorrow morning at 10 AM the ticket brings you meet weekly with Tommy tiger. This week Tommy welcomes none other than to Dwyane Wade and he's he's a good one. As well as Rodney Magruder our our favorite around here. John karate Virginia's finest. And Jason Jackson. The Jack show and so many more so tune in and get your he'd fix every Saturday morning at 10 AM summit tied and he weekly on aims have a nanny and tomorrow 432 to take it. I don't miss a the heat weekly show. That is a must listen to radio if you're a heat fan. The gas he brings on the questions that harass the topics are discussed in here he free and it's a must between ten until noon right here. On 79. Ticket. Let me ask you this is going wait the best player on the heat right now. Why is he better than Kelly Olympic right now is he better than Josh Richardson right. Talking about like the last two games law I'm mile later. I'm an answer a question a moment but we're missing about a here and install a little bit. Not really but let me just. Say about cain's baseball here Joseph Jackie is done Coral Gables the main black peers are in town. There any rain delay array announcer if you're tuning and get your hurricanes baseball fix on this Friday evening. Just we're gonna we're gonna slow log adhering to tell you our show here for the next fifteen or twenty minutes or so. And we're gonna get another update down in Coral Gables and if if it's a no go we're gonna go to ESPN radio until it is ago if it is ago. By the way. Bush 41 played at Yale the data and main yeah so. Somebody straighten me out yes I was gonna say I men are from that where I mean Maine is probably. Reopened they're getting confused with ye old Yale problem so I don't even irons not many. Ali you know who is they who would be the most to his leg with a plus some. President played at Maine whose post is famous main alarm. I think that had a couple baseball players I want to stay out it's one on one of saying that they have a pretty good baseball program so I think they had a couple major leaguers in there. Over the course of the years to give us the famous. Most famous. Famous main alarm the most as Marquette alarm. One of them would have three Dwyane Wade we just ask you about. Does is when it their best player. The heat's best player. I still I Aggies to signal. I I still say no. I silly Josh Richards in Iceland born as bad terror. It is is not a shot at weighed in on and on and anyway but but it's just coincidence just a question it'll be taken away like you know can I don't know I don't. And I don't think nobody's taken that way but but I mean in the ever golf fired up did him we were talking about and you you left me alone and went to Indianapolis. On the discussion and pour Frito sit here and and he ended on discussion but after we're talking Monday little retarded Tuesday. No retirement Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday we're talking about Dwyane Wade. I'd like the fact that you and we were kind of agree and that we'd like to try to Dwyane Wade. Was taken all the old shots late game you can't rely on Dwyane Wade every night and do that he's not the same player he was that's not a good formula for success. And that really goes on Tuesday and just go bananas and hit all the shots and you know wins a game so everyone screaming and me on to on the next day bond cap you now Dwyane Wade is the man do you take all the shots he wants also stuff even allows only is his first game winner and he Norman six years so all those things go but it's here that because it feels so good. Every time when we guzzling good it will get to tingling feeling in their body and it's almost out of it's a way we can do go wrong to you try to you say yes he is really the rest are always others are Gordon still better Johns Richardson is still at her. I led to the inside Whiteside is the better Ed Kelly a leg is still better and then doing probably falls and at some point in there. The fact that Dwyane Wade should not be their best player considering Cleveland told him to haul ass basically for nothing there that's your best player you were in serious trouble I continue to that you got to Chicago tablet. Dwyane dole is still their best closer. And that and that's what that was I I did I did say that Monday legs but that he will play their best closer. That's a problem. I mean it's into Wayne's basketball DNA to be okay there and again it's not about blames the other guy he's paying all this money needed counseling early games. They don't they don't have to do the material all that money and that's my problem with what did they get this is what it's become like you're gonna play all. 'cause in the NBA are good closers. Many there's not many but about in my closing tick in the final shot. That's a tough one no I mean I mean Baltimore's final minutes last two or three minutes yeah it's the ball in your hands OK though that is for the heat it is important way it was Khalil. It wasn't war on it was the elevators well but beyond well this season coming Dion and seasonal sinks Johnson wasn't it yeah and then it worked yet. Does get noticed but that's not. That's not who James Johnson ears that's what he dear disorder full and he. I I love your fool the guy had a greater year OK okay now and not enough is not now he's back to normal okay what you paid Mikey you paid for the courier the yes that is expected when you paid Ramona money and that drug that might come across to the other guy's not going what do you mean it's attitude of dazzling all this heavy lifting a disk. Of his career. Yet if he's gonna succeeding or not it's likely that that's like c'mon dude how I felt I also noticed out of you this I am I am not surprised that Dwyane is their best clothes or. I I thought when when they've traded poured a winning. That was that was like. You know what I thought this now you have a closer like that's the Lane's role on this team. I I thought he was the guy to leave that second unit. And serve as the closer now you know taking when he shot tonight. And you know that's that's excessive. That's a reflection on the young guys what will play caller last two or three minutes ball in your hand you make the decisions we go through you you're the closer. Like every you know when you in the playoffs you don't need Tibetan god OK or am I wrong with Dwyane being that guy nobody. I mean we saw all season this year nobody else can handle that job. You can hope that it's James Johnson or Ord or moron and it's living that's sad to me that Dwayne that this team had no. Flows well they had the honestly got hurt on him again I don't know at all reasonably good dilemmas that was I mean I am I because beyond been injured all season right behind you don't want Dionte that you have to die with the Dion fadeaway three in some of the women and sometimes a denied when my promise. You know closer and held it hasn't won got all the time though Kirk I mean I guess if you have LeBron. Or Qaeda Reid urging party and like yeah dog that's simple do we free probably have a little bit simple let's say obviously when you went debts it makes it simple. I just don't wanna make it like I don't wanna make it absolutely where it's got to be doing it why can't don't like that because that's the other night that the player I love the other night was was the im that was the pass inside to assign. Dead those part of that big run like okay Dwight get the ball was hit below the short all the time of absolute words Dwyane waiter bust because of this is way way the last forty games a blessing close games which probably in the last forty games you would say fifteen men are fifty of them are going to be close. UPS had to leave I don't readily for success that's all saying. When waiter bust fifteen of those games close games it's gotta be somebody it's got to be some helping out here yeah these other guys you know I. MCI thing and that's the ideal. But the real reality. Dwyane as your clothes that you're wrong on all these guys are intended did you did did you notice I didn't think any of these guys were closed. Like we see that during the thirty and eleven deal or not they should punish rink in big spots a close look at the closing is you sick closer that's you you meet. Right although her superstar status. Yeah he's alleged drug coverage and should not be able to make a big shot. We're committed to go in the game a week of school. Because it's. That's what separates close there's room other guys that that the closures can do than that why you do that it intended corn can't make a play. Would look at the goal of the game you don't want them around. I wouldn't say cap. I want I did it out again how many guys in the NBA can be closers there would have many different closers are closers as they are doing and what closures to music superstar on the image that is an elite status. But to say that that he can't win the game that nobody else to win the game for the mind you outside a Dwyane Wade the final two minutes to me is ridiculous. I think it's true and it's true that is ridiculous. And it's and that that may mean or whatever but this is the lead on saying that it's not a dog eye to eye but if it is and as things going nowhere. Well I will see I I still. They're hit reporting three to 45 win this is knowledge guy ahead. Watching this team right I mean after again after Dion Waiters goes down. I mean you look at this team and you knew there was no closer like you were do you hope that James Johnson could do it or moron could do it but it. Early in the season it became obvious these guys that's not what they do it's not their comparable sales of Oscar special CEO. Into enemy Josh urgent. And it it had no problem with those guys taking the last shot right right I'm encouraging and I once told guys to take the initiative and do it. Yeah and I understand nobody understand that Josh herb coroner or cut our way intelligent they're not gonna turn in the Kobe Bryant overnight where he's at right Jesus told Goldman Sachs. And then again I I get all of that but if you're sitting around waiting for Dwyane Wade to save your bacon every night. That's not a good form you law and what have Dwyane Wade never gets bought out or never gets traded by Cleveland they wanted to hold onto what do we do what you do one now. If you're Miami Summers you know your dual what you did a forty okay and yeah I mean that's as those guys made some of those shots and some of those subtle way not. What were they before they got to winning like three games over 500 very boring over that would find us where they are really end up okay. But I'm just like it's going to be doing later and often. Meant and that should not be doing waiter and I think that's fair Dwayne too. I I think that's compared to win and I think that's. Like I didn't like what other important lately what other un quart purpose did you acquire Duane for like years you get to play 36 minutes you'd get to start nobody should closer and the leader teacher and leader and I hope perk. All these games are close. To hear if you're I don't think you when you play the percentage just worked up the last the last time the articles game worked out great. When you willing to take that risk every single night. Let's give you the other team's gonna figure this out art wood just to take away the ball from going into where they are next. To them into displays that his entire career. Yeah and he and he was over overcome because when was a better player at that point at 36 Alamo we can do that anymore. Now I I don't know I I I think I think I I trust the winning. More than an. Anybody else on that okay look like the way of saying it like three or four times more that's viewers aren't welcome back to those made the trade today. When he gets it Apple's we'll update you on this the status of hurricanes baseball down in the gables on the other side ready ransom and I didn't take. 7 o'clock here on 790 the ticket little bonus coverage Curtis and murkier. On aims OpenId and after 1043 G to the ticket if you homelessness while you're out of your car no worries you've got to get app. The stream of it's a reminder that comer even on radio dot com and that happens well out of here in south forty year old he games online. So many ways let's and so many hot takes a moment to our 7 o'clock version of headlines here just to get you up today it's been a busy day of the bombs made the trade. And the former all pro player won't say a percent say about that a second. But are quickly here's a deal obtains baseball. There are rain delay right now now Coral Gables and its weather pretty funky out there perk and I you know what I. It's just gonna go to weather dot com as you know we sit inside in this submit building no windows I walked outside about an hour it was very windy summer when it's windy in he didn't know there's laws Reynolds and it's in the roles and it rolls out here. But Jolie Jackie is ready on the called out Coral Gables Maine and Miami do refer over the greatest. No alumnus the no I'm actually actually a kind of gave up our while to figure that out you but. They were gonna go for air for another few minutes that were turned over to ESPN radio and if if the rain and the weather clears. We will have cain's baseball not obviously be rained out and Obama is Korean radio the rest of the evening buds be ashamed that concessions then couldn't open and no one has probably open a volatile and that you know doing business yes they're always it was a few Chihuahua. But before we get to all of that's. And what it entails it's too little 7 o'clock headline. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. to admit. Jeremiah. Miami Dolphins have trade at the defense of in Robert Quinn of the Los Angeles rims according to multiple reports. We end the 27 year old seven year veteran had eight and a half sacks last season now. He'll fit into a deep into the in rotation that has projected starters cam wake and Andre branch. And has Charles Harris last year's first round pick. But can't listen to this. The dolphins now have. Almost when he 5%. Of these salary cap per when he eighteen a 178 million tied up in forty tons of linemen. Him way. Ndamukong Suh. Andre branch Robert Quinn. Most poor or do 44 point four million. In base salary next season they have to do Quinn's deal and moderate and do a quarter up your act is tied up in war deep defensive lineman. That's pretty Quinn Quinn is due ten point three million. It by the athletic rams expect to redo them years expect to read Rendell and by the way very quickly your Stephen King went to Maine. All right I mean it's all his books are about around that area there didn't play baseball would know Gary Thorne. You're OK the sport is now learn some like detects and Paul Korea. Aren't hockey we got Mike DeVito government to me don't I do not was with the jets the patriots. We also low foot to two putt and went to Maine. Justin trails that the old where he passed away and all right Ben Bishop. Also those earlier efforts there and so we did get a couple a couple of names that are parents that said that than that in that. That's yes that's his address that is that is that is very low drama. Yes well commands a counselor brought about. The Miami Dolphins that granite wide receiver Jarvis lender permission to seek trades now. If Landry signs the franchise. Tender which he is reportedly going to do very soon. He will be eligible to be traded if he's still on the door opens Ross wrote march 14 the start of the league year his salary notes. On the Dalton salary cap so. You would have that 44000044. Point Warwick or deepened the linemen plus Jarvis a sixteen and the money starts disappearing very quickly. So I gather doll with a fairly gala south got to automation and the guy had moved out of makes widgets which is always liked in the red Zoller tablet to run well bothered salary cap now. You know you just have to work who have argued in his fixes. You can release drawn James and his nine point three million you can do release Julius Thomas and his six point. You've. And Lawrence Timmons and his six point war. So I there's a lot of data weighed on the sir there's being there there are some places that you could looked in and cut some meaningful money and they well yeah and they will. Miami Heat post Detroit at 730 tomorrow. The heat remains in eighth place in the east one I have games behind number seven Milwaukee Wayne Ellington and Tyler Johnson don't pulled due to buy bruises and have we talked about this earlier in the show. This is the fourth game of the buy the game homestand this is also the start of three games in four nights because you get Detroit on Saturday you get Phoenix on Monday to conclude the homestand. And then your at Washington on Tuesday that's a tough second night of back to back. Birds often washes pollution there well John Wall. That's going to be that's going to be an extended period I mean what do they may be twelve and two now ordered. I can't remember their record without John Wall but it's led they've done and they're Toronto tonight at home yet they do that's our international sailing the last three days three games has been pretty crazy there schedule. But nevertheless yes Detroit's book also. One who seems search trying to track you down stand millions bunch is coming after you so he that's a must win tomorrow unless they must win. What what what does he do in the starting front court tomorrow does does doesn't let it go up against Blake Griffin. Do you cook bail amount of bio in there at power or we know you are gonna have a drum and against the sun. But he has sold so it's Bowen got a a decision America DP Chief Justice Winslow in the starting line up. And at before I had the solution to the three right. And put Josh Richardson at the tomb last night a police do you start amount above that to my caddie and I are bailed out W against LeBron. But you know house Volek continuity with the I don't know under the front court dummy ever wears off last night put pressure on court correspondent Kelly on a terrible. Yes so could be some would consider right. It is going to get scenarios considered some but. What does he got to yell and again on and only a stripper to mr. you have got to win that game tomorrow night yes this in your zip. There will be vary very nice to win that game. College basketball Miami host Virginia Tech at noon tomorrow in the regular season finale detains her twin one day overall ten and seven in the ACC. Virginia Tech 21 to nine overall. All sold ten and seven in the ACC and finally the Florida Panthers they're looking good recently they holes buffalo tonight at 730 of the BB NC senator pregame. Started going on right now and on our sister station by a sixty WQAM. Those are your hits. Are busy weekend here our thanks to Jim Larranaga good luck to his team tomorrow. As they wrap up their regular season he joined us earlier in the show also Tom the Angel stopped by and Chris bowed in now's those cool to get to know AS and various things college. Our thanks that are or are buddies over there is a college kid to know your little bit here. Junior college and the reason why we we there's no other. It's against the legislation. State legislature is run the whole area ASA in the private slowly and participate but apparently and in the Florida legislature has forbidden. Junior college football it at public institutions is what it's like somebody else you know. That's why we don't come on and ASA. Two pretty cool story right there only four years of existence. 1009 year old man for all your efforts. Burke has always you're out Monday in freedom back in here but you'll the roll we run and got it on Tuesday through until you you enjoy the the extra day off and I get your act together when every year the Jack cook in there. I came to baseball. Jose got these ready to go if in fact terrain and the weather subsides on April gables not UW SPN radio. And Joe's Jozy we'll keep you up to date if if the weather breaks. Throughout the evening and hopefully while baseball for your not obvious in radio and everything that's going on. In and around the NBA on a busy busy Friday evening all that coming up on the other side right here on some ninety the ticket.