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Curtis Stevenson
Friday, March 23rd

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Here on seven on his tickets. Persons are put you on a Friday afternoon following the rest of Dan and still. And the crew after Friday's everybody's out there we got a whole lot to get to get three hour tour today we'll take you Redmond told Miami Heat basketball there. On the road OKC a 7 o'clock our pregame begin so we're gonna take you right up until 7 o'clock and perk your out yesterday. Pablo we have a lot of ground to cover two days mommy and this is the a busy busy show. Some fun stuff like doubled stay was gonna join us here. In about and about twenty minutes we'll talk about a fight you and and spring practice again alone look at though bush is up to. Madonna notify you so that's going to be a lot of fun but we get some some news today. It's kind of a bummer there that. H Wayne high Zynga has has passed at the Asia AD and his legacy here in South Florida is a complicated one it's. But clearly one of the biggest sports patriarch we've had in this town and no question about it. Yeah he he definitely was. The guy all three teams the Miami Dolphins the Miami Marlins the end of Florida Marlins and in the Florida Panthers so. That right there aren't any brought hockey and baseball to South Florida so that right there gives you work a glimpse into his. Impact down here in the and you consider the business holdings when you have but auto nation and and and waste management and blockbuster video. As a mix business school at nova southeastern universe are you serious time right Wayne and Marty are using. So is beyond sport but especially sports because we're sports show the dudes impact was absolutely you. I mean and we're gonna get into it here as we move forward and Wayne's had some failing health the last the last couple years. But. Oh what a life here and edit in him. Here's the thing tiger will get to it low because Wayne kinda got a bad rap over the years. And we can all live through it's not and so you know we're gonna kind of written word we will let that Clinton's plane hitting and get into a note you know the Marlins stuff and in the lies in the house all by itself. But here's just one quick thing on that. Like its wing doesn't come a raw come along idle little of South Florida it's hockey team. Animals are forty as a baseball and now eventually. They would've gotten teams but I don't know all Gergen hockey team there's Dwyane rising and is involved in the early 1990s I don't know Jergen baseball here. If Wayne rising is not involved in the early 1990s yes eventually. South Florida's beautiful big enough market where you're gonna get those franchises but I'm off to get him as early as it did. Without that without Wayne being involves his dolphins legacy is probably the biggest one of that people point to on the dolphins for the for the longest amount we're going to see Ross in 2009. Of course purchase from the Joseph Robbie Findley who was in some financial difficulty of the time in wing kind of came in at. You know Shula left Jimmy came in that. That the a lot of people of the data as. Not cool I mean but. Everyone try to guide did Nick Saban and he went on got an X 808. Mix there in turn around him and you know hall hall but on them. And so there's there's a lot of things in there and his. Legacy again is is a complicated one will try to up talk a little bit about a here and there Jason Cole who cover the dolphins. Back then that and when Wayne on the team he's gonna join us a little bit a little later on by the way were about a minute away. From giving it a code word for cover dude when 1000 dollars and disseminated to get man cave money a contest but. Mean if you're singing about it perky is the about sports figures in this town we do for a living what we'd love to talk about. What were involved in. Hot yes like. Riley's shall love Marino wind like when. Hi is it when I guess they got myself in an area heiress and he's right up there with movement the names that roll off your tongue in that first wave of same here got me yet he knew he was that being in. Look. You know this this this is a guy who. I I think. Kind of made self put South Florida sports mad as far as some being a big time area because he deal bring baseball and did bring hockey. You don't. Ball was established down here with the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat was you know kind of plug along they really took off when Pat Riley got here but. This was still kind of aid. As far as national. Nationally regarded it's an okay sports down but then when you have all four pro sports teams and then you whim takes off which sizing and up and do it but then it it becomes a major player NASA. I think you rub grid point is is South Florida came on the scene and getting those expansion teams and heads early success. In the in the Stanley Cup finals three years later no Marlins won the World Series four years later. But like we knew Wayne head deep pockets in Wayne was a major player. So like it wasn't just some you know Ricky dink owner right everyone would call high singers olds three South Florida like he was a major player in the business world only person to start. That two of three fortune 500 companies as you mentioned. But in blockbuster AutoNation Waste Management so yeah not only did he own and bring the team's South Florida but he was a guy that. You know from the business world it looked upon the country is all way rising is down there now that guys legit necktie has gotten got the money he's got the cash he's got the connections. He's gonna he's gonna get some did not something done down there are right. It's 4 o'clock so let's get to our thousand dollars. Time your chance to win a thousand bucks it's seven on you to get man gave money contest who would do it all month long. The month of march is just been crazy around here it's your chance to go a thousand bucks text the word west. West slow what do you got for us Randy west IA is. I can go better met no matter what he got some bad men out of Wesley by Adam West OK you got our own anyway I know of course you know modern people are gonna that was an animal less that would Michael Keaton Marion also like that right no other modern yeah that's going back to the TV show the best bat man. Is that west yeah. Yes to me I locals haven't seen the other met me in so Bradford trio of it would Christian Bale could you know there's a male anatomy yes you know Michael Teague could you name all the Batman techno okay will try and even come close text the word west west to seven to anyone and your registered. As WE ST to seven to anyone right now if you don't win this time your next chance is at the top of the next hour this is a national contest. Message and data rates may apply not Texan drive and we will reiterate the word west throughout the a 4 o'clock hour you got Adam West you know Robin was. Back in the day and move boy I know. Burger ward per boarded a straight answer you know to say yes there's been that sees the encourage them haven't been out of west. Yeah and Michael Keaton. You know you got down on yeah I had that one rank you at Christian Bale juvenile and oh yeah I did. Lou I don't know that the current incarnation of them in his right now now. K Ben Affleck welcome that would have gotten that now who don't well yeah that was yeah I know that we have an indoor might have gotten one more mature guys. Were that were that a lot title to get out there I don't know the name but I can't tell you he's in the new in those new pres it was at the expresso commercials knew Tressel commercials so Clooney. There you go out to I would go. Not yet pat myself on the back nine million I'm not a basic yet know that's a written that but yeah like a two run double in the bottom of the eighth was dealt by one from me with your idea when they're at the next dinner party. The depth discussions come out and you'll feel excluded yes I can I get amazed people with stuff they already know you could jump in its stock Conan has an extra minute into the conversation yeah as soon as always from the table. And you will be doing the hills east in the adoring million dollars moves back that they too Burke blockbuster blockbuster video audio stereo I thought about blockbuster today in old age wave hi Zynga. And do about that place was revolutionary. At the time it was an unbelievable ridiculous I had everything you have seen as we're close you have the small neighborhood shops the you know but them blockbuster game alone it was the only beings and as. People will not know how ought like kids today and I and we sound old who say that. But kids today we'll not know how bad ass blockbuster video was yeah back in the day like Dallas and by the way the struggle to. Would you walked in the blockbuster. And you go to the battle of the new releases yup yup and there'd be nine tee boxes of Jurassic Park you know. And you're just look at is there one here is there one year what is viewers the other enough that you as the other being over you would go up to the to the tone allegedly came when somebody would stick them in that little -- and so you're trying to get him and nobody wanted to stay in just aliens you would hope they could stand in processing give it to you before somebody else game Ilya blockbuster Mamo old memories blockbuster I'd be one of the coldest like that might be one of the the things that make me feel so. Old when I try to explain to like the millennial generation yup and I don't feel like I'm an old. Old soul yeah but under forty. Yeah coming up I'm like ancient here and writing means. You try to explain like yes VHS videotapes and this is what we get on a Friday night exactly exactly in the red would go over to blockbuster do we grab the the the tub of popcorn. As it exists that there. And you watched you know you'll you'll watch die hard on on VHS assessment and and remember to rewind to before you take it may or your recent movies have a little redundancies it looked like a little car race card all that. Things behind and reminding you to like web dollar 99. Wasn't see that's I mean make her toe wing were vital in past games. It's back in the day you don't rely entertaining yes that was it. What a monopoly not only in business but also an in sports. Governor Wayne H has has passed away at the age of eighty years old the news broke this morning. Yet men and very very set time pour pour in South Florida and and that leads us into years of paying. H Wayne raising as you know died on Thursday he was eighty years old. And as much as the good stuff as Wayne left behind. There was be bad being so let's talk about that and that's dismantling the 1998. Miami Marlins Florida Marlins at the time. Defending world champions. And I didn't like that move I still don't like that move and here's why I think it's bad when owners try to double dip. And what I mean by that is a pure and owner of a pro sports team. You're going to make millions when you sell the team that's your big rocket that's what's that's what that's when you're investment pays off. Who expect to make money every year. Year after year well I think that's double dipping and I think that's bad owners are not and that's what I easing a bit now. I understand that Wayne was losing millions. With that Marlins team. And so it wasn't my money so it's easy for me to sit here and say Wayne you're wrong to break up that team you should have gone on losing money. But Wayne you're wrong to break up that team you should have gone on losing money. And Wayne are using also Syria that that is his biggest regret as far as the Marlins was breaking up that team that quickly. Having said all day thank you Wayne high Zynga. War bringing exports to South Florida sports that we probably wouldn't have gotten for years which means the Miami Marlins in the Florida Panthers. You bought the Miami Dolphins he was a good owner. He was a hands off owner he was a guy who I think everybody liked by the way that each and listening stood hairy theory winning rising above everybody called them. Wayne soul. Look I I just want it to address that led Wayne high Zynga again thank you for everything that you did. Areas that blemish or breaking up the Miami Marlins the Florida Marlins in 1989 DA but look I'd. I guess I don't know what percentage opium is is able 90%. Sports wise 95 by. He's way up there as he was definitely a giant of the industry. And they giant on the South Florida sports team and he will be missed and he is appreciated. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone there is located and ever enter on Biscayne boulevard from new purses to repairs all the way to customize drove drove nerves has all of your drone needs under one roof. Visit the today as drone nerds dot. Don't I got a lot of things to to get to hero come back we're gonna get back to go to H lane and kind of his legacy which will be complicated also Butch Davis head coach of course for University of Miami. He's not F five U they got spring ball up and running again this spring game. Coming up in it was a next Saturday were talk to bush about his team here to we'll check in on now on FIU football. And and check in with with bush which is always great talk about the draft to talk about all those leads are coming up here going on in congress Boris all of those things a blitz of humans and that by you after the bridge the whole Lotta stuff is a lot of things get too with with butch here in just a few minutes but first let's get 4 o'clock headline. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. As we just discussed H Wayne rising and a man who once owned the Miami Dolphins Miami Marlins in Florida Panthers died Thursday. He was eighty. Hi Zynga was regarded as a good owner who was mostly hands off perhaps the biggest blemish on his record dismantling the 1998 Marlins the year after they won their first World Series. Yeah that's the that's the one that and I'm Wayne was. Public enemy number one of the stone for awhile as soon after that a low profile pretty much today via even though he on the dolphins and he sold off the Marlins and Evans in the Panthers in the kind of you know all the dolphins. A lot of people just hated Wayne for that and I got some thoughts on that I can and you know first thing I was a big win was a businessman yet first and foremost you love this teams who loves sports bubbly Rosie businessman. And yes and when he could've held onto that team for a little while longer. Blessing wings saw where the economics of baseball we're going with the salary cap and with the X skyrocketing salaries that you see a baseball. And the and he goes you know what this is the catching on here and it's clearly sustainable. So we got out and you would say it was not a good baseball without a good businesses and I think you would say yes. And like some people that knew Wayne back in the day used to always tell me when Wayne selling that you wanna be selling yeah. That dude knows a lot right he knows how about make a business where Miami Heat at Oklahoma City tonight at eight heat in seventh place in the east. One and a half games ahead of number eight Milwaukee when you have games behind number six Washington. Dwyane Wade is questionable with a left hamstring Hassan Whiteside scheduled to be out with the young left hip. As loan Tommy tide have the pregame show starting at seven right here on AM 79 the F a mortal port three HD two. The ticket. The dolphins have brought us Wyler in or visit the veteran quarterback play records Adam gays in Denver and 2012 to 2014 when gates was both quarterback coach. And Altman of coordinated the dolphins have also re signed offensive tackle Sam Young to a one year deal. Just as you say that Merck at a show after reporting. The rock cost whether signed the deal with the dolphins. Oh wow wow. So I don't center's report that allows that is on top of that in the in the back there and just. Just a point that out to me why you're reading that so we can amend that and say gosh well I was number that was added that was a do. Quarterback wise are they good. Not that they are. It's an instance things situation. Myanmar co worker or mark Kelly does bill bill Leo video on this on this topic today that cover this topic rock dust while learn. If they signed him what does that mean does it mean that they've given up on the hopes of getting baker may deal and realistic hopes I would think that's one of the things that it means. It's you will wide receiver Alan burns is going to sign a two year deal with the Dallas Cowboys. Florida Panthers host Arizona tomorrow at eight and tonight. Sweet sixteen continue starting at 7 o'clock in the midwest region number by Clemson plays number one Kansas. Number eleven Syracuse takes on number two duke. In the east region it's number five West Virginia against number one Villanova and number three Texas Tech against number two Purdue those are your. Was a lot of stuff there and not a lot of video we got busy show would do fifty minutes he. A little bit later on MBs is gonna Jordan's we'll talk about costs while assigning Frank Gore he enjoys the 5 o'clock hour Jason call. Oh over the dolphins when H Wayne was was the owner. We'll get some perspective there also Jason of course covers the NFL for Bleacher Report billion George's in the 6 o'clock hour Ndamukong Suh. Looks like there's a front row on new front running team for a number there is merely a way to you hear what team that is it has got me excited. Fired up but I agree I'm wade fired up about it but we gotta talk to Butch Davis a stride which is gonna join as a coach who defy you spring balls and full. Full gear for butch and his gang we'll talk to Butch Davis coming up next right here awesome and I do ticket. And Lee Roy Horn I grunt about tree loaded music food festival tomorrow I'd probably gym theater. Laura brought about three dot com and for all the info there's also the super VIP experience which includes a meet agree with the bands. Like the strides. Super VIP also includes free drinks dome is more than two tons of crawfish and genuine New Orleans food and spirits they're brought about three tomorrow at the commonly Jim there is finally here. Ladies Zelman brought you by aims to deny any and every 1043 HD two the Tigger Curtis super bag with you here. On 790 the ticket and we had a special guest on the lines bring his in the air perk and spring football is back for everyone including. The FIU goaltenders NF IU football been hurt right here on our air the last couple of season joining us right now they ran fuels announcers resource guests lined their choice steps. Beyond QB is the head coach. Last year first season in F and F five U eight and five ball get appearance puts day was will this coach thanks for somebody you don't Friday. I'm doing great guys it's good to be with him. Likewise. April 6 at the spring game 3. 7 o'clock could be back on the field coach. How how are things down there and didn't just come off your first year I'm sure. Our guys are kind it's everyone's kind of I know what to expect here in your number two is that correct. Outlook for the you know for the most Portland all the should kids know what to expect to remember obviously gone through you know to offseason conditioning programs and I think the worse are difficulty making huge strides in that area we're trying to get they're trying to get stronger trying to get faster. The biggest challenges but this spring uses the fact that we lost some actually dynamic players in the program my Europe. We lost six starters on offense all of the skill Porter spoke wide receivers are talking fullback running back in the you know we should the biggest part of it was largely due to quarterback in the NB control and we lost those six other starters. Pretty much all work underneath climb back at guys in the secondary Anthony went off this year it's been a huge gigantic charter in this courtroom for the previous five years and great leaders so. There's a lot of challenges that you know every year you guys know there's always the jobs okay who could step up who's going to take place the guys. The graduate but no you know you've also you've got to feel you know a leadership role of the guys are pushing guys in the locker room on you and also he's human. In over the summertime so there's a lot of work to be done here you know this this spring and certainly over the summer time. Bush when you go into spring football do you always have one goal is as far as. Let's make sure the players who get in and out of the huddle and and know our drills or is everything more U thirty years specific you know I need to make sure this quarterback and new this. And and his defense of linemen didn't do that how do you models bring put. Let alone and I think that pushed to the 2 aspects of the morning is clear you've got to have some goals. You know we didn't have opened at quarterback for us this year relay ash Joshi out who's putting much. Penciled in as a starter in boating terms you're pushing your starter a match were. You know your goal last you know it has just started because quarterback doesn't play well that it doesn't matter what sport it just looks like you're gonna struggle so you know I know we've got a huge competition to quarterback position. You know Marreese Alexander won album Christian Alexander and Kayla Williams. Apartment lease on life kudos go to battle and what are we give each one of those guys. A lot of opportunities deployed with the pushed you to just see if they have the magic there and the Korean group in the script in the hole. The other guys nor have they respect as far as leadership and and certainly. Purple and it's out of the equation and make great decisions so let's clearly got to be go number one for us and it probably promote football programs but I think. You know besides PX is no aspect other than that Google's most guns and took it the other thing you know there are abusive. Teaching kids to consider ruling on the matter on Saturday afternoon and that's the competition aspect of it. Oh they compete to get more playing time and how they compete. Could go on the local your program they'll be able to us via. Therefore you nickel and dime packages regular under loans those things and you and no I guess is that the third aspect of boring for many years always been. Experimentation. Is moving guys around. You know guys who maybe played wide receiver can make porn in the secondary guys who played enough. In the defense why could they DO a real asset to you in the offensive lineman. Ian does so no move move in the piece you are looked like a little bit of a chess game sometimes we Gibbons report five days to. Learn what to do is give much music club play and so you know what I that doesn't look bad or you know was accused of the safety that maybe didn't have the speed. To play in the back and then your secondary but you know what no other way you know he's not bad if we move the will linebacker who claim underneath so. There's a lot of warm on our program right now. Butch Davis is Willis here on seven I do think it. And coach at. Tell us about some of the of the newcomers are Samir. You're you're recruiting class and you go back to your days at Carolina and obviously mercy of Miami. Is it easier. And why is it easier for our freshmen or true freshmen or redshirt freshman to come and play right away is that the case in the dad's case more more in college football these days. Why I think obviously that the numbers as a factor to the community period determined yet underneath it could get some scholarship concur from almost automatically avail lecture his. Maybe waiting in the wings a year to now actually lifts. You know it was only 85 scholarships and you'll probably lose somewhere in the neighborhood we had twenty Sheen is as yourself. You know that's about or improper some of your guitar rock church. So freshman you don't need the guidance Cooper wouldn't probably have prepared than you had the opportunity to come and wide receiver than. In the end you can could actually maybe god made the outside structure of those guys are really pretty good chance you're running back. Dropped into them because the line if it's a little more confidence. We could you could go I'm glad you're. No curtain Kevin Oliver they're. They played you know picker and make plays in week one and then there are about every single week you have access and very pleased and by the end of the year they were able to get into the rotation then. And that's something that we've got to do you've got a little bit of both the oxygen water feature to wind so. But use this skill or federal court that chance again the end and we played 74 and last year and I'll come with the ball believer that if you know the usual low that you can create for young and they keep coming and and until you win games and there's no purpose and wait you know your Camaro or in and I think between coming to go to they can recruiting class I'll be shocked and surprised. I'm slightly too cute WW hugely surprised that it been different things that maybe eighteen though he don't play you know other significant amount of help of known. Oh yeah and and bush and speaking of that I wonder what you think about the early signing period how did it worked out for you guys this year and end. Is is that something that mostly benefits power by schools were gored doesn't benefit everybody. You know what are we looked and I would for the national coaches convention in North Carolina back in January and as coaches at a meeting. In the end they took a straw vote in there and ask your way to wage and what was their Indian in this news. Arafat and independent school recruit everybody all under 28 schools and represented inched up. Only three didn't like it. So it was almost an overwhelmingly unanimous. That all of the call didn't like it from the standpoint to warn. Are you pretty much were able to to figure out exactly who you gonna get who. Wanted to come into your program because you've got those things done unit to spin out six weeks. Babysitting guys in the month of who he ended December in the market can word wait until. You know especially natural blonde and collectively the period. You know as a waste of time and for the could move conclusion that he knew what you gonna get you to use. The second at the big dreamer good word but maybe we tried to hold or five scholarships and and zeroing in on guys. That we thought might be different record than we were fortunate to come up with a couple of during the month of commercial. I think it was a good going mole what it calls for college football I think I think I school coaches like it. Because I think it was a mauled by order happily got signed they would go with it didn't appear with all the basketball wrestling in law the other thing could they were doing and you're in the winner concho. It was a good. All coach. Butch Davis is our guest here on 79 in the ticket. I've coached Miami is seems to be on that schedule last time my last time I checked into a group what is what what was your feelings when you know that game was finalized obviously nobody knows about the unpleasantness. Our years ago and and and there was no game for for a while their blood. You're players while local guys got to be fired up about it just what's the overall feeling about having Miami on that schedule for 2008 team. Well when I took a job yeah I mean I needed to that would go to speakers here could already started working on that. To try to finalize that I think that you look you wanted to know from maybe. Maybe a year or more before they even took a job and it obviously reminder good football program concrete wall on the front backyard. You know significant amount of these kids have all played. Pop Warner all the way up through high school football against because Earl whipped each other so I'm certain that. You know that they'll be highly competitive again guess from the standpoint of you know the familiarity with all of these kids and so. You know it will be a huge challenge and using little more than the amount you a lot of times you can find out how good your program is that still the development of it until you play against. Really good competition and for me that'll give us a great ideas to you know we make in the stride with the program that we want them. But I wanna take you to leave football meets life situation and we know you guys don't add up by you had the the tragic bridge collapse and and unfortunately. You've been through a couple of situations marlin Barnes comes to mind group. What are the best way to handle this with your team did you talk about it or do you kind of added you know is is football the time to kind of get away from that. Now Yahoo! I think you have to reach out BQ you're so you know obviously you don't unfortunate chaired the journalists. The review incident here and then clearly you know. The Marlins on into the woods who is dramatically more impact on the football politicos use football player. He's been in the walker and the report that Jim for a couple of years should go on these global all the players and who on the pavement. The end we should listen I huge amount of time reaching out and at. People that could actually cope ballplayer. Do you with a brief and and and all that they felt on the road schedule broken hearted or. For years and she'll know obviously Mitt Marlon and he's so little logo on the program that no we wanted to be their fourth vehement and can help them try to you know yeah do you make. Have you Michael logic out of something that describe it is there in the end you know knowledge of the same thing. You know we talk is cheap here know a little bit about an extra warm where her trim. Didn't know their young lady who was an actual student therefore you that he. Yeah actually gates circle that is in the central authority with power and so you know we want to you know talk about it bring it to Prague. Find other feeling you can and and make ourselves a vital war counsel available if anybody you can kind of thing in. You know it started it situation huge gigantic tragedy and do you know everybody and I think what you're involved you're not involved that you have to beat. You know you're out there who saw that there are little. You know this for the families that reflect. There is no no doubt about it thank you well said coach. April 6 at 7 o'clock the spring game it is absolutely free. Had done were Cardoso was stadium our coach thanks for taking a few minutes we've talked to you about football forever but and your verdict is in food and hopefully we'll get you on here in the in the near future thank you go to English. I don't spores are pretty sure you got a coach Butch Davis right there notify you and we talked to butch about the Dre. Ask the guard tower and I always say is an end in Dallas you know with the cowboys during those glory years and then coming here do you win a month. But it's the little means a lot. A look at what's on the knives as we've moved boarding post notables and by the way. As reported by Tim Reynolds. Who we got to get we are you Tim one was I saw him downing utensil and you did at the arena yeah third I got there isn't getting into law he was that the Olympics though you know we've Tim was low on the news of the world but forgot it's a moment he noted. That FIU is looking at Marlins bargain as an option for their. You have football for two point ninety not this year isn't going to be a hard rock between nineteen. And you James Blake James CAD's and if I you have informed of a decision part rock in Marlins park are the two viable options. Blake could be OK with these old with either those so it's a fight use call defy you stadium it as I usually mr. small so you can't have it there. And I understand if you don't wanna have both games at University of Miami you but to have Marlins park for every pretty cold coming up tomorrow as far were doing. Yeah. IN GE I'm not involved in the heart and our. I'm not I'm not a big Mahan of the of football in the baseball stadium. I'm not sure how that worked out the bowl game. That they that they premiere of all my really OK yeah I think I don't know sight lines brought that. Off the top I love that menu blocked off my did. I'm thinking harder on. Some different I mean you can't have it if you have a user's role did you gotta have the the bigger revenue and moans work. Hard rock mean mobile soon happens with modified use. If I use called errors are things which Butch Davis for joining us we got a lot more to get to. Brock cost Weiler. Is that official that's going down Brock costs while there is a member of the Miami Dolphins what does that mean for their search for a possible quarterback. In the draft perk and I will discuss that. All shall continue to examine. H Wayne rising as a legacy here in in South Florida's exports. Magnate sports patriarch here as you look at the South Florida teams and got a lot of text on that as you start the show that's a Texas politics of an item for. Plus on the other side you mystical word. At 4 o'clock Republican who 1000 dollars will are reiterate that as well on the other side Reggie Johnson and I do take. And he. It's about dollars and that could learn that addition at 4 o'clock. We don't have a 5 o'clock but first we remind everybody. Coming up tomorrow morning at 10 AM the ticket brings you here weekly with Tommy tiger. This week Tommy welcomes the Goran Dragic. James Johnson and Mike Inglis the coach Tony Fiorentino and a more guests. It is a bonanza of heat basketball. So tune in and get your he'd fix every Saturday morning at 10 AM with Tommy tiger and he week of the names of a nanny and from 1043 C to dig I may give. And perk you know this. I. AM. I'll be driving around this of the Tommy tiger in little heat basketball against you and Oklahoma City tonight on the road. And you know on the road for the next couple games on the road okay see tonight's. We're its cigarette habit to our coverage at 7 o'clock for an 8 o'clock 8 o'clock tip off. And then a Sunday. Sunday evening at twilight game at 5 o'clock against the pacers. On the road before they come back and take on the cavaliers and LeBron on Tuesday which will be down at that game. Are shall originate down the American Airlines Arena but. We know the teams in the playoffs is the mad though. It's just a matter of way are and who who they play. And what what's it gonna look like this this stuff in the eastern commerce getting crazy. And I got carrier ring and it was a minimally invasive surgery. Yes yeah that sound that sounds like that so that my sex life out of a lot of what does that mean minimally invasive. I what's going on there. I thought I had no idea what I always hopes always been that means. Scope instead of a knife right okay pretty much everything must go now yes but yeah any time they open you up. The open your exits and basically it's not a big deal I don't care what what it is pursuing your talk about the playoffs started two weeks you know you know do you got Cleveland's situation we know their deal. Toronto's gonna be one. Boston is going to be to Cleveland might saving to the third seed I mean you got Philadelphia as got a easy schedule down the stretch they are playing great basketball. They might Jumbo for the third Labarca before he did six you know. A Philadelphia. Heat first round match so what does that do for you I think your feel pretty good about that. If you're the heat so a lot to play for a lot on the line we'll tool all the support he talked on the down the road here but the good news of the day. As it relates to the Miami Dolphins. That it just happened about. Half hour ago. Brock costs while looks like that's a done deal so he's going to be yet he's only it's a done deal he's going to be the dolphins backup quarterback. Newton current I let me just say this I'm not big fans of both. If I'm wrong is there gimme gimme or you're missing something well. Dad I think here's a pink here's the message here. The dolphins realize they aren't getting one of the top four quarterbacks in the in the draft the newspaper's royal quarterback and so now it's kind of well. We got David bills Embree and and dowdy. Let's give brought us -- this is a man who Adam gays is familiar with remembered days. Oslo was drafted in 2012 days was Denver's quarterbacks coach that year amid a thirteen and fourteen days was the dolphins coordinator when us while I was there. So there's familiarity. And I think there's still an idea of well you know if somebody is good there in the draft. You know we could still get that guy. Later on later on down the road. Whether it's blue ball from Washington's aid or whoever it is I don't think this necessarily means the dolphins won't get any quarterback in the draft but. I think it pretty much rules out the possibility of first or second round. And I I'd hoping people wanna hear that but that's kind of what it then that to me that's. That's what I see out of there's I don't just see oh my god it gaze was a little went Brock cost Weiler. I see here you probably not gonna get that guy in the first round you better get what's out there and beer and try to work some and. I I understand the familiarity part of this but he was also very familiar were Julius Thomas. And the other guys that that that haven't worked out here is. Young girls are usually taken great hits saw rolled out their main they're some other guys that he'll help me out with a spurt that have been float that are floating around at their did you listen to assign more than the restart whether anybody final oh. Out with now let's alas we were talk about Chad Henne yeah that's not attractive plant so right now but there's the other is that there's the you know and allow these guys he couldn't get anybody from Minnesota but it made it three yards comedic. I I I. I yeah here's the thing on on a rock Rottweiler if he doesn't have to play them find with a but ABS the play then then that then we're in trouble around here. And I understand that's most cases with a backup quarterback seeing and it's not it's not a very sexy position. But you can rob Matt brought back Matt Moore do you think. Yes or no perk is Matt Moore better than rock console other. May be slightly okay what is your question obviously I don't agree slight lead. And it didn't rock on another pass play then then you're you're in trouble you're in trouble again. I'd I think one big thing with with Matt Moore was they were worried about. His health and whether he could holds up you remember after both of his starts this season he ended up missing time. So I I I think that's and and and his aides that there's got to know you should not Oslo is on a one year deal. Com soul. It's not as though bit though the dolphins are heavily invested I think that this is a sketch as opposed to a fix for that backup quarterback. So as a good adjustment to a giant pays off if he was a free agents. That those out there that you feel you could go on after Teddy Bridgewater he could've gone after Josh McCown Dakota gone after. Mike Glenn in earlier in free agency and I again all of our holidays I don't any of those guys do for you. Like what I like goblet doesn't do much for me no. And again I I think this is largely situation noble goes remember earlier in free agency. Mum. Look like the dolphins have a chance to get baker may feel this was before buffalo made the trade there's no for the jets may betrayed so. I I really think this is kind of a sign of the times the draft has changed we'd better get who we can and if you're Adam days you're. Don't want. This guy don't want this guy did at least this is the double on Knoll. So let's give Brock had an easy way he has played in the NFL like he has started Narnia to play and I get that. I tap those guys you brought up for starters this is a backup yeah but okay yes I understand that. Trying to illegals coming off two knee injuries well I think your right to any deal with the right detailed two years ago that had missed a start in his career. I would think that much of it. But it's for the rest of the time the right ten Eagles on this roster perk. I consider him. One play away. I don't have enough confidence in his self anymore do you. No I mean I I have a little confidence but you have to have a backup lamb and you know that's that's the the big deal with him now. And the texture as bright as far as starting quarterback or backup quarterback us Waller is clearly a back up. Net basis it twice this offseason Ryan's and a deal is going to be our starter so forget you can bring in a guy such as a Teddy Bridgewater. I don't think that does any being good pretty days ten original relationship and and maybe not toward the toward the locker room because. You talk about little locker room you bring in a starting caliber quarterback. And your starters as a backup. And your starter sol sol as in you're gonna have some problems. We got bully a lot of problem techs like a lot of people laws are what would you think they're not exactly and through giving this move ringing endorsement. On the tax on which we'll get tutor coming up your. At this as we open up the 5 o'clock hour by the way out of these he's gonna join us. At around five Tony we'll talk to about this move francoeur we still got to get to that is some what you weren't initially his thoughts on Frank Gore. And coming home for for frank. Also found a couple review new code word but the 4 o'clock code word. While we gotcha is west it is west. WE. ST text west to 72881. And he stood at about ten minutes to text in west before we a week. Flip the script to give you another cold word for the 5 o'clock hour for your opportunity when 1000 dollars or seven and take it man gave money at contest to back after this person part of the 5 o'clock hour next here awesome and I do take. Hey you're on 79. Kirk doesn't hurt when you hear dig up until 7 o'clock. At the dolphins news that we're gonna get to. Also got a code word coming up here in a couple of minutes talk a code word for your opportunity to win 1000 dollars. In our seven and it's a good man gave money contest the first it is back. The morning shows looking for this year stool of the week call Famer. The likes of windy Kobe Brian when a horse to Heath Bell and Jeffrey Loria. Sending your submissions to the morning Joyner morning show. At the ticket Miami dot com and each week a pickle weekly winner. The weekly winners who really fifty dollar gift certificate of Florida number that it may go pick this year's hall of Famer out of attend weekly winners. And if you sent in this year's election you win the grand prize. Of 500 dollar gift should ever get to Florida lumber in 2018 tool we call fame selection. Brought to you by Florida lumber in Ames have a nanny and FM 1043. HD two of the ticket you can always text the show we invite and encourage your text messages and a lot of people have taken. Advantage of the tax line at 67974. In their response to Brock oss Weiler signing with the with the Miami Dolphins. We get a couple of text here. Can they convert brought to a tight end he's 67 and be good red zone targets. Also. Gays not what I thought he was after the first year. Well we finding a new coach in two years as usual. Or ten. Table gets better and Bob is terrible at his job it is just more confirmation of that. You wait till ten hill has a rough start and the fans are screaming for Brock. Fox Weiler. Loves you Mark Jackson go to Miami and flat out beat out Los water than caught him. The also while over cap predicted all the cowards you're now almost dominant. Sick of days all these guys used to work with. This moved its case fired calling its. He's gonna now when our guys going to carry this is tired edit it gets is to go on and on and on. That also. There's a couple of people that are that are calling. Me urges asking me about. You of the knee injuries and stuff. You know one guy says everyone everyone's players that are adding there is player win the F smokers. Also this other tax rates and I'm a physical therapist. Ten he'll be just fine referred no setbacks is your instructions are common to come back with a much more stable and stronger in the them before it maybe sell. But I heard everyone just rave about ten hill last year in the first time he rolled out as the explode. Soul like an iPad ACL surgery at about four and I'm going on number five. So I'm I'm familiar with that might be fine but forgot that ugly football a year and a half. I'll make sure we have a nice insurance plan just in case. It. Yet UND you know would there about. Tim hill and the knee is bad beer. But let. Because of what happened last year and now there's room for doubt now there's a question of race definitely he would if he would've come back helping him play all sixteen game goers know we're very glad it even though it's still could have. In the right. I mean the guys who played football and how do you miss the last twenty games nineteen regular season yeah I mean good including that while car and Arizona game your home back to escalate Campbell. So I think it's human nature to say the guy and a little bit and and probably a thirty years old actress Oscar so it's look at it needs certain there of the tester is right we all know that ACL surgery has progressed. By leaps and bounds in the last you know decade twelve years now yeah right about that whatever however. This is this is your team Adam gates or Mike Tannenbaum or whoever you better take steps to. Have an insurance policy. Yeah does not your bleeped yes that's exactly right. Yeah that's old room you know if you don't have a quality guy that's that's a fireball offense. If you don't have a quality you yet you don't have me back in your idea that you can't just at all Tamils are always been our last two years. Kids use an excuse all right it's 5 o'clock till it's. Which can voice someone in my in my element to monetize your jesuit at thousand dollars is evident to take it. Mahan to aid money contest or does it take home a thousand bucks. You're like this one perk text the word trophy. She's rural 30272. Hated one and your registered. Text trophy the dolphins was less than they wanna trophy. Move nineties until there's a good question 92 the AFC roses. Well they've got to the SE Jamison game of the loss I want. So I usually don't anytime. They don't win the my guys know how well does it make if I mean anybody on the team yeah like Jason Taylor got a deepens our player of the year trophy okay. I don't like those sports leaves the participation leaves were reach he would gets a trophy right right Erica Nelson. Ernie and gas trophy text trophy. 272 day one it's TR oh. PHY. If you ever get married perk they're your trophy your trophy husband. They're gonna I'm an apology to my wife is from Skid Row and 7881. Text trophy. If you don't win this time your next chance is Monday morning at six there was as a Romberg and amber this is a national contest a message and the data rates. May apply until the text and did you arrive with. Frank Gore if he hadn't gotten hurt. He might wanna Heisman Trophy down at the University of Miami off frank his back. With with the Miami Dolphins he is back in town that news happened yesterday having on your chance your thoughts on that. On the show predawn hour to get out around a little bit I like to move. Part of it is the south a part of it is I like frank I've known since he's about sixteen. As David UN everything he's had to overcome he's been quite an inspiration. And so that Mike cloud my thinking a little bits. But from the get go he can still play football. He was that there was nobody on that often throughout the western Indianapolis and still he still was able to grind out. So you know 900 plus yards in I think he's going to be re invigorated to play in front of his hometown fans. And again he is a complementary back he is not the feature back I like the move and I think it's good PR. And considering now they don't have to go into the draft and they and take a running back they can address some other issues in the draft I like Frank Gore. He had to miss the game and a number of years he's reliable great locker room guy I think that was a good move perk would you say. Well can I got. Some bought some Frank Gore that leads us ending years of being. Did video today as I mentioned before my coworker Omar Kelly its own sun sentinel dot com. We address Frank Gore and his acquisition. Omar if they Miami guy he went to Carol city high school. Omar is a big UAM prayer and and so I think that his judgment on this acquisition was a little blinded or prejudiced by Beck. You got a hometown here bring gore from Coral Gables high and University of Miami coming back home. Which I'm fine with that but one of Omar's beat teens and and may be with some fans out there. Is bring gore is going to be a good leader port Kenyan Drake he's going to be good for that locker room he's going to be good for that running back room. It's all true. And that's all fine but my big thing is you need somebody who can produce. I know that Kenyan Drake is the main ball carrier and and and bring more will be complementary player. But the dolphins don't need a warm Fuzzy story they don't need a guy to come in there and be a leader. That's why you have a running backs coach at all and the quality control coach Altman's a coordinator and I he would coach those are the guys who can provide. Kenyan Drake or other running backs with leadership. They need somebody who can produce now look. Bring gore it has been very productive and very durable I believe that he started all sixteen games the last six seasons. The last three for Indian in the in the previous three of that per per San Francisco. So my thing is this. If rate gore can produce every complimentary bag. Which it appears that he can I'm all for this move. But don't tell me that. You would like this signing because bring gore is a feel good story and Frank Gore could be a good leader. They don't need that they need guys who complain so bring gore can play this is a good signing. But if bring gore is primarily a good story. They need to look elsewhere. Here's the thing is. Bonds or by drone nerds located in aventura on Biscayne boulevard from new purchases to repairs all the way to customize drone drone nerves have all your drone needs under one roof. Visit them today at drone nerds. Dot com aren't as fired upon its excellent. And we're gonna get to that and now you got me fired up about this city Yad I think you're too much on the whole our side or are you love Frank Gore yeah yeah. Thousands of pregnant and let fly with Omar covered UN yes exactly and and we're all around the a year ago you know and I have been due to our viewers that yes he holds a few in credit probably hall of Famer right bring gore probably had. The gulf I mean yeah I filed in yard right Ortiz and don't Rush Limbaugh you know recently by yours pastors mark yeah so let's get out yeah golf but. 35 year old running backs camp. I don't know what their history is in the in a bill but I'm going to sale the top my he would not good news nine days and not good you'll be 35 next month right now or anybody hit curricula. In matinee here to learn his idea. By the way 34 year old running back usually aren't good but he was pretty good last year he lost all right now what I might it francs a freak let me just say this a year CR a year or so and and physical enemy has before we get to headlines. You said the dolphins don't need leaders. And well the dolphins keep telling us don't laser leaders. Look there there trash talking guys on the way out the door right. If Damian Williams was still here and Donna consumers do here Jarvis Landry. Mike panel seated do you think there were a BOB is whispers about the leadership in the culture change no. If supposedly the dolphins knew this after the 2016 season. And they didn't change the locker room culture that some mid am this is not on those players this is on the dolphins and so I. I don't like hearing all that their culture change in and all that crap does get me some guys who can play football the rest will take care of itself. And and I I I think that the dolphins. And stuff out about these guys and we know what's that all. And that's pretty cheap. That's pretty class I site YOK I agree with you gonna let's just call like this is an NN getting getting more leaders out out take players I'll take talent over leadership eyes grew leader Ali with few that I didn't talent and I do think Frank Gore can still play so contribute. I'll get more of that plus we got Letterman nowhere where drama consumer IP to landing. Or you get to that presidents get to 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. The sad news to start off with eight Wayne hi Zain and the man who once on the Miami Dolphins Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers died Thursday he was eighty. I think it was regarded as a bit older who was mostly hands off perhaps the biggest blemish on his record was dismantling the 1998 Marlins that was the teens. After they you know won their first World Series. Miami Heat is that Oklahoma City tonight at eight that he does in seventh place in the east wanna have gained a kid of number eight Milwaukee when you have games behind number six Washington. Dwyane Wade is listed as questionable with that left hamstring injury he went crucial round today Hasan Whiteside is listed as well with that left hip injuries as well and Tommy tide of the pregame show starting at seven right here on AM 790 after a 1043 HD two. The ticket. Miami Dolphins have signed quarterback Brock Oslo the veteran quarterback play for coach Adam gays and Denver. From when he twelve to when he fourteen when gates was quarterback coach and opens coordinator Jason softens vornado those last two years. Miami Dolphins have also re signed offensive tackle Sam Young to a one year deal. At least now with Sam Young they have a backup tackle war or both 21 James on the right side Laramie tones on what. I like Alexa and young outfielder Brigham back ash about that last week and you thought I would be in play and how close court that is as a swing guy as you noted that Depp said. Headline is a lot better than it has been over the years a lot of these guys. Are quote unquote question marks is towards the der building is concerned. Dick directed I'm loving how I ruined including you guys this I love that little when they see you guys yes. I'll Holler when including you guys the South Florida media is misinterpreting the signing. He's probably going to be the third string quarterback people okay. Well right now what's depth chart look like Burke. It's Ryan Tammy you're. And then you need to back up a Mong brought us Weiler Davis fails and Brandon dowdy. And who would you say is the backup quarterback right now brought in Oslo OK so until that changes sir ma'am he's the backup quarterback. Right now they go out and make some other moves in the Jeff Lamar Jackson then we'll talk about him being third string quarterback. It may be builder Doughty beats amounting to him but a mile into the dolphins they go in with the pecking order of Tim hill -- Waller and then. Bills and out. Right buck us I would not come here to be a third string quarterback anyway I mean that's that's who think. Oh well we're like are are really materials is going to be just fine leg in my MIA in my outlook he basically did he should be but. I have a you've got to have a plan B Bim burned twice now how do you not like to do the project column last year. Well look she met her not once somebody better in case something happens that. Who word they didn't and gazed didn't trust him. It we know that because they they went out and got Jay Cutler and beer and Brandon Doughty they didn't trust him. But we know that because and 2016 after ten hill got hurt. And Matt Moore got promoted the they went out and got TJ Yates to beat the backup bypassing Brin and dowdy so. You do need a backup. Ended the dolphins seemed at the last two years and you need a backup that they hid coach trusts. And I I'd I'm just going to think that he trusts brought us Waller more than David. Bills were or brand and out. I get back to in bill headlines specs you will wide receiver Alan heard it will sign a two year deal would Dallas. In a jail Florida Panthers host Arizona tomorrow at eight. NCAA sweet sixteen continues tonight starting at seven in the midwest region number five Clemson plays number one Kansas. Number eleven Syracuse takes on number two duke in the east region number five West Virginia against number one Villanova. Number three Texas Tech against number two Purdue those are your headline. 67974. That tell you Regis on the text line Kurdish your word about Ryan what about Carson went to buddy. Bridgewater. Of Shawn Watson Lehman's Shawn Watson there yeah like I'm sure I'm I don't care really cared of those teams. Let go there you know so I don't really care and you fill up got a pretty good situation of course a let's can go. They got their foals. Bridgewater yeah I'm I was sitting all the best Shawn Watson all the best. I don't but I don't care about meals football teams like your but the dolphins down here and what they're gonna do. Late I don't know I mean in my wrong for that you should feel really good about Ryan as as as like. What you just for me now like he's almost about to go to the point where he's injury prone. A leg to the first time he takes a hit to that mean in pre season the first time he rolls out. Leg you're not going to be holding your breath of your dolphin fan. I mean you Lar and I it's again it's human nature yet the president waited in over a year and a football game. Yeah I think I think you have to be Smart about you can have eight that that that the knee is going to be an inch and all that should be but. Is yet again. Use youth you have to have the eight good backup player anyway and that's what they're trying to formula art also Ndamukong Suh. Saw he is little things we're doing pretty good guys a couple of days looking at the New York Jets baby apparently have a murders as a leading contender I would look into Ndamukong Suh play against these guys twice a year absolutely love a dual. Do you know well and I'm thinking let's see pounds he is dawn. So Reynolds record dolphins' offensive line I I'm thinking I'm thinking for a gore opinion Drake and advance and it feels it all be on high alert. If Ndamukong some signs with the jet. Cycle we got a lot it's not discuss with the dolphins and including that little piece of information at a Beasley article and I'm I'm intelligence data from the herald's south by next here on seven I didn't take. In del march we have a chance to win the tickets. Thousand dollars and man gave money every hour between 6 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday listen to the code word and text it to seven to anyone. And you a chance to win the money you need to build your perfect man cave. Message inveterate may apply do not Texan drive this is a national contest were giving away man cave money on names have a nanny and FM 1043 HD to take it. If you miss the pop up code word we'll give you another opportunity will tell you the code word. If you missed out after we talked to this gentleman courtesy of progress with a here. On an at seven on the ticket and joining us right now the Ryan fuels and now's there's Jimmy is or is yes I'm there truly stepped beyond communion as August your NFL in Miami Dolphins insider. Adam Beasley joins us here to make sense of what the dolphins are doing here. Beasley and I know. Get ready for your your Syracuse watch party tonight our Internet and and your team has got a chance here man this is going to be fun and you you say every time they're gonna get blown out in the and a winning. But nevertheless. Brock oss Weiler is the is the other topic of conversation around here. You know he was coming in referral off for a look see the end of signing him what do you make of its. Well you. Take. It like five million dollar cap space and I need a backup quarterback. And there are a bunch of really good quarterbacks are on the market that they have replaced out of and then they what they stopped and looked around o.s lap I didn't wanna go into the draft without somebody. And brought out rather more than somebody is he the guy that Adam is now is pretty well spent. Was it three top four years but the Denver. 2050 without clothes that you're you're got beat because of the help the problem with mr. wolf let year. This is gone by that you look Chicago. But there's certainly some liberals familiarity there is just yet another one these guys. As that particular quarterback as it is humid days that seemed defined as you know it job wherever they send up a net. I don't know better jobs through the NFL having more present it at some point because of finally get to dynamite and it seems. David fails and say can you and that. Well. Yeah he was when the music goggle for what one year may. And in the N down here so yeah he's he's he loves him some men gazed. Of these the acquisition of brought us Waller. Is part of this I I think that part of this is all sold. Then we might not be able to get any of those top four quarterbacks so let's get some opening. And then if we get lucky in the draft either through trading up or somebody pulling down so be it deal would you agree with the. Wherever he jokes supposed joke about buck us by our political. But I mean this week seriousness yeah it's. Gonna departure empirical evidence they like the six foot seven giant that. Is that the the last thing never got to have a Rottweiler I didn't early being exasperated as he thought they. A Broncos blow out probably 2014 unit in Albuquerque gonna finally see the field. Only to have it any way impact just you know as from this base is also sat there together we can actually pull the Oslo equipment that. Oh yeah hey basically got traded were for OPEC right dealers contact me that they threw in a second round pick your take. Students that. Around the grounds Jim yeah. I think they. Malaysia the history of back up quarterback Miami Italy it could be assembled as or more all right it's going to be. Well what you've done your rightly does do is give them a little bit of flexibility at a cat I mean there's there's a chance. Had a great chance there's a chance that data field now for roster spot we have to see yeah. Training camp go lose. But did know they had actually your way impact on whether there going to try. And if they do actually succeeded. In getting. A quarterback early on that the more time passes the last I think they're gonna be in the running one of the top four guy you I think it would have made his move regardless. I don't know there would have been how gung ho. He can't everything they'd get done this year. Tells me they're trying to win 2018 yet about Butler a lot of big teams and a lot of vocal appearances but it's not like a tank. There the mood. They are for a purpose not just that the dump salary try to open this year so I think they would have gotten a veteran in here somehow. Matt Moore wasn't going to be that guy. But I don't know how much confidence you would have as the dolphins and if Ryan held goes out and acted on the Oslo yet shown me but aside from. It's person's safety net that you can edit and really will be carried the team. So I don't think they probably wanna get a guy I think you'll like could could be a spark it. He. And that's why I think they're gonna drop one early I just don't think it's gonna be at eleven I don't I don't see how they move up at this point to be so cost if it. I think you're thinking more maybe second round or even think and pray enough in the the first again we're due to the top of the low thirties. I twenties or thirties and it is targeted as a result of the march actually match are more likely in my mind. For the Balkans you can get. They can be so much that he didn't because god I'm I would probably be to have been down here to cover him on it cases I just don't happen. Yeah I don't see it happening need to be let outside is very quickly about the people who. Think that the dolphins are gutting the roster or rebuilding. Depending on who you want to call returning starter these guys could be returned to like fifteen of the 22 starters right. I mean I guess you could considered ten hilly returning starter maybe you do maybe you don't but. They're returning a lot of the regulars or better or for worse but this is not a complete redo old and all of its on the. Ideas that there. Twelve guys that are on their team in October that we're playing meaningful snaps have not starting an outlawed and that includes the red Maualuga is legit guys that that we're gone long before now. So there's been a comic turn over there really has put your right. I just think wait what has gotten people so fired up it is rightly so because this is a you know it took its entertainment business. Can't want to be entertaining they wanna win that view is we entertained but they want and they know it's exciting plays. When you got your roster with all the big teams that's gonna call some problems there really is and the fans are gonna be upset not be of interest to see. They're having trouble selling tickets this point we'll probably hear a couple of months or so. Has it there's a bunch of noted it is up to the market but. Yeah you're you're right perk. They gave me they came into his policies and we didn't know what their plan was then we kinda do now. We again and a lot of that you they've gotten older had gotten older that you talk to people by the organization and they don't think they're very mature last year. And you know another way to put it is a culture change but I think immaturity was a big big reason. But they went just six and ten last year and it. That's wrong they want on sixteen. That was kind of a cover up her first number of structural issues that roster. And good for them to address the question is have they done now and then I I think it's. To paraphrase you get that power right you you gotta make plays and talent wins out coaches support the count more important. And I don't know what game breaking talent they have right now on the roster get a cup just fast receivers that can break and be really good we don't know. But I think sort of played it quite that variety concern I just don't see it is those those breakers that. That that we've known here in Miami. Help them that helped win a bunch games and sixteen I just don't see a roster right. Enemies pleaser NFL Miami Dolphins insider joining us from the my ringer of course you hear quite freely here. On a 79 B of the ticket Curtis Burke with your hearing take up until. Us 7 o'clock aren't offering gore. This idea of the nostalgia stuff. The maturity stop all of those things are great. Question is can he still play I think you help this football team works that I. A little wishy washy on it. I'm I've sceptical sceptical there I'm questioning I'm not skeptical agreement. Did you get the dolphins as much production as they got Damian Williams last year. I hope so. I hope so be in my thing is that I know that bring gore is the physical freak but he's also a 35 year old running back him in a bill and I know he doesn't need to have 252. Series. But he's still there at 35 year old running second minute and 34 years old he was more productive than inside Kenya Drake last year we had a great year so well a good a solid year right on a 997. And a bad thing yes yeah. Three point six yards a carry blood there's no question he's got lined up and played a great discussion about lead like three or four different times early immediate toward towards the like that you have I think the curious skills and and then have that. For the hip injury in 20102011. That. I talked him at the Super Bowl after the twelfth season that he doesn't you know miserable whatever the laws were a they lost the ravens. That the niners did. He acknowledged he thought that head up that that most recent entry. Created six you're serving your five years later now I mean that's not it at that yet if he's still playing the able to replace sixteen games. Once thought congresses ever get to seven straight years of sixteen teams from him but it has an that you you don't get that engage the running back Malone your birdies. Off topic out the guy but I doubt he's going to be available when you're right at what point does he do you lose a step and that's. That question but if one of those two port tropics they have. And that way they have three guys that feel like they can depend on that public plan. And b.'s. This this is going to be very low key. Acquisition I think for now but Simeon. He does he give you a back up tackle a backed up swinging offensive tackle on the right and left side. It is daddy big deal or is that just kind of a it's a big deal when Sam comes in and gives you solid play. I think you need to look at their all and supplying booze in the aggregate. And I that I ask you this do you feel more or less competent offensive line you do it Paul wants how are you more. Yeah so I would say it success is saying don't go into that acquisition going to move the needle up. But to bring about a guy who is your sixth or seventh open so why didn't you do a pretty good because you're probably. Down the stretch last year would you say used it their best opens a lot of. Probably yeah from. Yeah bill. Yes so on balance that you got to say they've improved out. To watch he's got to play there hasn't Larry Thompson definitely have to play better than he is but yet is the fact you Sam Young back back in those guys up. It helps. Easily go kill this man making any data to thing. I thought if you're ever gonna do that you know Tug boat I was under the. If you candidate's way this story we love to hear early hear about it we discuss all you know we got so caught up with all this the dolphins news here yeah. The passage dolphins do not know is a little arousal of the before your time we got JC goal coming up we're gonna rock yeah I actually didn't. It was rising up that much really when I went back cover of the Monday in 2000 no one and and the first affable to I I had. I met him a couple of times but I actually did not deal with knees literally go I think that's a blockbuster video memories and I well. Course it. I'm a tropical consider you the blockbuster bowl by the way played at his stadium. I mean that was the that was all all of his players that corporate that's coming into it simply speak up one and now there's no I mean it's a remarkable guy. He was remarkable guy first person ever to have three fortune 500 companies I believe. You don't put three of the fourth branch out Florida. I don't think you'll receive someone like him doing as much as he did ever again. No and deal blockbuster park if you have pulled that off widget which was out there that would have been. Neal some sort of some sort of just say you know crazy crazy. Well I'll leave you this there is who we I helped contribute very little. Elected connected to the bottom line if statuary. To The Herald characterized and he's in him as the original Tony Soprano you know us. Jim and putting the twenty year old kids start out as syndication business. He had to pay all the guys that you've walked up. For for for not taking this Waste Management services so you're there is going to put it away on Zynga go in trying to collect and got no I don't want to pick up my attract and keep them there. Now I didn't know that now assessments that this is a bullet and it's how we got to run bad things is always enjoy the weekend and we'll sit your team does look tonight v.s via. And Beasley are NFL Miami Dolphins insider. I'll welcome back we got that we got a whole lot more to get to amend my goodness. We have to do is he coming appeared to his cause as you said rule join us. In the 6 o'clock hour talk a little bit about Wayne rising and his legacy of the past. Yesterday's news was. You know kind of came out today also by the way if you miss Tom bronco word promise we'll get a Tia trophy in his trophy Tex we're trophy to seven to eight they wanted to on our code word. In arson and I didn't take it man gave money contest Curtis superb with you were taking up until 7 o'clock right here on the ticket. And. I'm. When things down immediately for job in Viles though bush Davis joined us in the afford our and our Jason Cole is still comfortable talking to what middle of the NFL's Jason Lewis. Cover the dolphins during much of H Wayne high Zynga is ownership and the reflection on mountain the sports a patriarchs. Here in in South Florida wanted to see Jay-Z and beyoncé and hard rock stadium this summer listeners as a rubber hammer every day next week. At 7:40. AM. And hill players scrambled Jay z.'s song if you know the song log on to to Miami dot com click on Jay z.'s picture. And the right song title and registered for a chance to win its beyoncé and Jay-Z viva hard rock stadium on August 31 full 2018. It. That is going to be one of the hottest ticket to going of the on the run to toward tickets until now live nation dot com or win tickets. On names have a nanny and a from 1043. HD two of the tickets they're Curtis burglar with you here. On 79 even take you'll take up until 7 o'clock we a lot more to get to real lot of things get too before we turn over to our party coverage I wanna get to that. Let me ask you some real quick. If you win those Jay-Z and beyoncé tickets yes. Are you better off going to the show. Were scalping those daily tickets all depends on like tiger expect the let me say -- -- a bit if this Myanmar girl were -- -- if it can't -- I had to take like you know evidence here but you have I had like eight grader or tenth grader let me have -- -- -- let me answer that question let me answer a question you being a man who was in a committed relationship. You would be you would be probably stopping those tickets. It is baby we will scalp the tickets will go have a some nice dinner and we'll we'll smile the whole time me. Who is outright free agents right all right and I know a lot of females yes who especially love beyoncé yes. I would be using the ghosts and you're the manager did to my best of my advantage miles that way I'll. Scalp tickets probably remind you be given a bigger and so when we audio because right the way it works out. His album get sold like aware of who I reminded. They bottled column would elect a democratic are currently they might take so shall we try to buy and we felt like you. Thursday to the vehicle for like seventeen dollar at American article he's not yeah the draw but he put the heart of. But beyoncé is obviously yeah Johnson is the big key in that one right there are no I have a I've had a lot of females over the years and roll beyoncé beyoncé beyond Salem it all fails as I can do that's that's millionaires helping millionaires you know security injuries the correct yes. It's a rights and elevated the stakes in the book returning fifteen to seventeen stars on the sixth and he has six in ten team is tanking of I like it was a blizzard two and a story it's funny it might just I was having with a college basketball coach. And I'd known him for you know forever. And he was coach when I play then. I rated him one that I say hey you know he coached in the division two missiles over the you know you don't really know yes on your there on TV a whole lot tiger a lot fascinate coach college do this year off. The worst year in fifteen years worst team ever ahead. We were dreadful we were terrible I mean we were just we could not do anything right and that is a pause and he says so we got what we got through and come back let's. Let usually what you're all about music apologies about it you know but we got to go back so. You know I'm OK and that was you don't know is governed high schools especially the you know way back in the day. That was always one of the things you know that the coaches we go handle you know weird we were too they last year but we return seventeen of those start we got it was like so coach do you really think those kids are gonna get better or they just say. One fewer ads leading direct like well. You know sometimes they turned it around but if you got bad players can't you know let's have them dozens more years that's what you thought about that's next. It's the lights off the returning other starters you really want others writers after that exact rebate but they are returning a high number of starters and noted. When people talk about tanking and all that kind of stuff. It was the high. Profile names that are known Mike Pelosi Ndamukong seem that you jars of clay and he's your best players perk that's I mean that's what eleven Pro Bowl right I believe five per burned some three each for calcium Landry. So I yeah I I definitely. Understand kind of that shot. That initial shock but Tom made they do return. A specially on. Model to look to Frank Gore certainly. I'm disappointed and I know it's not that I don't like you know dominate bid basis I'm gonna prove it makes it more gung ho hum Google about it and I'm logged on hold on anything not look at this dude is 35 years old he's a 35 year old running back he's been very cute she is a musical three we know that. I look and I am comparing apples oranges I see what the 36 year old Dwayne wade is doing right. But. As I've just got to but got an and as a matter of when Wayne came back a lot of people or like Noonan. He's 36. So I mean. It it can be done sued. Yeah I know is that analytical about Frank Gore like what am I I question I have to see it happen you don't see how many third duck I urged that's why question. How many productive 34 year old UC Arab how McGregor 33 year old juicy and he's done it all these years but what's your expectation that you know to easily get like 5600 yards on the ground as Biamila what. Like he's going to get I don't. No I I. Listening and and it it's like I told us there the text Russa is fifteen to seventeen. Returning starters is stinking up or maybe it was a different texture but anyway I. You know I I saw Tom Thurman Thomas and aryan bolster come here and I know that's you know like fifteen years between them. You know but but you know we've we've seen the running backs come here and and the older players. You can throw Mario Williams and there at a different position right we we've seen older players coming in now. Idea bring this up on the video of me you know mark Kelly deal on sun sentinel dot com and Omar threw it back it means there woke him way to still productive right. He's thirty I don't know like you and years. So there there are. There are pros and cons but if you just say 35 year old running back normally an island. Normally not a good so I'm not I'm not be there's room to question this. There are unmet V. Prove it I know I know you've been and you know Frank Gore has been an outstanding running back borer. Our senior Israeli. Thirteen years 141000 yards. Probably hit it through the hall of fame ahead goal would be 967. Rush for 967 last year can still catch the ball. But he got we are you race in the probably hall of Famer like you know. Unaudited this thing likely definite dollar or like he has no there's no ms. Hilton probably probably in the hall of fame that was out agree about the debt by the way. Speaking today. Yes Ndamukong Suh going looking at the New York Jets. We know and Ndamukong Suh thanks very. Much about the hall of fame. It this this be a money move but I wonder if part of that is the bug up their make nice nice with a New York media. That could help my chances of going to kitten. I don't know I I'm sure he's gonna get a bag of money to. Podium that's that's. That's that's number one right but but I really wonder. You know soon wizard. So the guy who in the last couple years we we got to learn last in the last year we did talk to him about hall of fame and he knows the media controls to a certain extent and he's very aware of that I wonder. How much of the mood like last year he was much friendlier to us the media. And and we know that hall of fame was behind that but. If you consider New York I think money is number one. But I wondered why hall of fame how close that would be in the and a order I want going on with the jets so lifestyle so that's good volleys deceased who come here twice a year. Being draw on everything here and you know some would give us an offering pre game or post game but that's OK it is it's about what he does on the deal correct Syed you know. That's without the wind is so much fun that battles als is I'm of that on much needed we talk about robberies the other day with he necks out to be at rules sump into the sub to this is how the piles Soledad now Derosa McChrystal would hurt you know lowly Texas Pete has a live event this Saturday. So the trash talker will be a gold pepper. When asked you earlier we had those there it's me as though because that might be it's got bon. Bloodiest got a monitor some signs that night yeah. Alison how will spice up that runway does it well we're gonna spice of the 6 o'clock hour Jason called gonna join us. Talk NFL and a twin rising his legacy with him. At about six warning also got fifteen minutes heat as well. As lot of things going on in the NBA will come back and discuss that has all global of the 6 o'clock hour on a busy Friday afternoon right here on some and I mean it's a to hold. Continue to stuff graduate still brewing at Wentworth for your basketball term action to take the sitting at dinner bracket challenge ask for the sitting at dinner flight of four Beers. And ranked them in order the beer with the most first place votes will be brewed and candid. FM 1043. HD two. The tickets all have the the second half of the sweet 16 this evening action games will be start here in about and about an hour here plunging new any this term it's just been absolute. Oh don't ask me for any illusions at all. Only that easy unstuck it 56 point and that they don't enjoy island I mean look I we looked really look man I'm committed to hum. Am I look at that would what I have and I think. I don't think I've earned a point in this round. Yeah I Abraham. I got you're gonna go through W match of your out of there going to be any upsets I mean. I know the use nation is as the elected upset duke. Operative attends Texas big misses the pick of the Lola is as a favored over West Virginia by five and a half and Kansas affair by a Clemson. Last night Al Sadr for lettered as a matter of fact no wells have a for lettered word for lettered there's been on the show those few times a season. And and happy for for coach Letterman CB get to a his first final four yacht loyal Chicago. Their Cinderella ride continues Kentucky is out. And and Michigan just just rolled through Texas NM shall see what happens a lot more final four said. On now on Monday but it's dollars and anger and hold for a team's regular we have a few more surprises here tonight. And in this weekend to get on sex shall 67974. That's I originals gonna join us here in about twenty minutes. Offer Bleacher Report bowl try to sneak in some NFL questions but by the big main reason were we're gonna have Jason on this is a talk about. Between high Zynga. And you know I mean Wayne's legacy is a complicated one. I think you when you talk about sports in South Florida were. I think it's one of those things where. His name has to be at the top of the list bomb but some people. Remember that this mailing of the Marlins in nineteen Newman after the championship. But Wayne saw lower the baseball business was headed and you wanna be a part of it. And he got out of it but I'll say this and in India the Panthers. He he brought Pitt does and he sold the Panthers put the dolphins yelled onto it and I'll just say this about Wayne. You know wouldn't nobody could get Nick Saban. When he got fooled by that time. He got arsenal's young Parcells he got Jimmy Jimmy. He went and got made it happen save hundreds of the folders is dot rein in out here I can't practice of lightning. With him like twenty minutes there's cranes and steel and building a bubble critics say now. That's all H Wayne. Hands. I think he kind of gets he kind of gets a bad rap and listen to me Duane make the may make some mistakes yes but I thought overall. They if you told me like your owners Wayne high Zynga. I think you feel pretty good about about where your like I I think you're in good hands there everywhere at once it starts with the ownership but I think perk. When it's when you cut to everything H Wayne it was a pretty damn good owner. He was an end and there are there are three things I think are using I had the fans. Players and coaches appreciate write teach here yet deep pockets and he was mostly hands off. Leo and that's that's trifecta man yeah yen and an error I think that that people love that and looked at mom. And Wayne rising is a guy who's going to be missed right he's a he's a guy who com. I think he could. He could relate to a to a lot of aspects of eighteen whether it was the manager management or or the players or the so related school yet the fiscal side of it so. I Zynga is is definitely going to be missed down here and and we're gonna talk about him more in in the headlines gap but. I want to ask you this yes. We had an incident in the NBA. Where the Memphis Grizzlies lose by 61 points to Charlotte files over they take its record of 68 yeah yeah. Is that right the you have a record of 68 points that the biggest. Millions losing more than most lopsided most yeah well there. We're fast we're gonna strike call that Iowa that that is the man who opened. Milked his players word. Reportedly. Lasting com. In the locker room after the game last night and that leads us right into here's the thing. I'm not sure what is the appropriate. Brief. Period. After you get blown. Out in any sport right. But the fact that these guys are laugh being immediately after this loss does raise some red flags. Mean. I think it kind of depends in the makeup of your team in how they've been for warming. It's off putting initially. Who who walked into a locker room. And that this is something that was related bio Ronald Hillary who covers the B I agree is for the Memphis commercial deal by the way this wasn't a coax walking in and seeing this. Apparently birdie bicker staff and and none of the coaching staff ever saw the players joking and laughing after this loss. But cap at some point. You have to let go of that loss correct and and in this game. It was probably in the third quarter you probably suited you know screw this. You know it's not gonna bother me on the plane ride home I'm not gonna let it ruin my night I'm not going to let it bleed into tomorrow. This is but seeking. Maybe we watch video maybe we don't tomorrow but. I'm just going to let it go. If you want a person who believes in that attitude. Is it okay for players to laugh after the game. Is it okay for players to go out to dinner with three and something they might have had scheduled previously after the game. Is it okay for them to laugh at that dinner after the game how how what's the appropriate. Syria of grief after a butt kicking I think that's kind of what this gets into and I think it's kind of individual deal with. With your team what kind of eighteen do you have now clearly impressed having a very bad season believe they might be tied the worst record in the NBA right now lower their downed near they've won one game since he also Barbara Yost mourning two out of last 23 so. I could understand or that but it. Here and Wallace hundred for my claws I know I have my I know about my retirement lose here here's a question for you though. Would you think badly of Golden State if they lost by twenty by it and players were laughing after day after that game in the locker room. You probably wouldn't think much that you probably think although warriors are so mature they've already moved on so. It's very off putting and I say initially if you walk in and team got beaten by 61 because clearly. Certain being a decorum. As certain behavior that you expect you expect them to be. Install and Byron towel into the ground and and yell and each other but in the end. Does that get you where anywhere. I I I would like to know what people think what is the appropriate amount of time to grieve over a regular season loss. And reject add on this beautiful grizzlies team and ask yourself is it that big a deal. That these guys were laughing and joking in the locker room after that loss. Here's the thing a sponsor by drove nerves located an aventura on Biscayne boulevard and knew her sister repairs all the way to customize drones. Drove nerds has all of your drone needs under one roof visit them today at drone nerds dot com. Silly text and his elders is still of that outcome more than Charlotte did last night club ready the fired coach and yes let me just say this. First off you know when it when they everybody every fan wants the players to care as much as they do that's correct so great if you're a fan of Memphis and you're watching your team lose by sixty point and your parents. And your president ought to be more as the new rhetoric you better be ready to do you know practice after the game you wind sprints all like I mean now bleachers all right now when you say. Who you know who's grieving in this and that and what's appropriate think everything's different. It just like woods went window live in the family member dies or friend dies and passes away. Some people just wanna give Brit back to work and some people are crying in there and you take off your great everyone's dues as a result losses although it's not as extreme. People handle losses people handle losses differently locker some guys joke around. And this goes back to high school you you know you go back to middle school whatever we call that are on the guys right. You lose some guy jokes a guy is some guys pissed off some guy who wants to take a flame thrower to that delays. I prefer got to be opus on the especially. When you're still in the place of business now you're out to dinner with the bodies and it's two hours later up and your having your haven't you know it's Miller time. And you know what you can smile body on yeah we stink row we have our team our season's bad man. We've lost steel like Memphis is used to losing by now being but when you're looking at the cold surer. And in other words being thrown at all or not it's appropriate right and what's Molineaux with the dolphins Memphis is a hole is a cesspool. In Memphis is a losing culture. And you look at some of those guys on their roster. That needs to change. Immediately because I do think that is a problem perks that would be my that would be my answer. I'd rather have guys throwing chairs even if you don't think that helped swing. Than sitting there are joking about well we get paid next week so who cares. I wanna I won del sort of let's be. There we don't know what they were joking about they they could have been Joseph without something that happened during the game. You know the guy had is that you know sue lays on tied late pour men would assume mopping around okay gig and sixty. Are bad but let's not make it by it does not make it about. I'm didn't pay the and that's all I given how well we don't know we don't know. It is what yeah the mindset is of your joking whatever the level is it's an appropriate because. I just I'd rather have a guy that's that's thrown chairs around even if they think that's a look that's gonna help. I'd rather have that guy and I would just ask you. Probably at the headlines at a says you if you want to be locker at a loss by sixty. Do you think Udonis out of those guys have been joking around. No nobody I betting that I had a goes to what team to have. It it does I have to go back to that seen them where they had that's their team wins seventeen ran in the back comes the play the losses at some notable yeah and lost the cup economic I remember talking to Shawn Marion. Soon after he joined that team in and the eighty at one point he knows why is everybody so down around here I don't understand and I was like as stick around for a couple of months and don't get it and he did get to become numbing images and and this is it yet so let's yet situations are different pilots get to 6 o'clock deadline. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to omit. ARAMARK. H Wayne high Zynga the man who once over the Miami Dolphins Miami Marlins in Florida Panthers died Thursday he was eighty years old. I Zynga was regarded as a good owner who was mostly hands off perhaps the biggest blemish on his record. Was dismantling the Miami Marlins in 1998 the year after they won their first World Series. Miami Heat is at Oklahoma City tonight at eight heat in seventh place in the east wanna have gains a kid of number eight Milwaukee one and a half games behind number six Washington. Dwyane Wade is questionable with that left hamstring injury he went around shoot around this afternoon. I went through shoot around this afternoon Hassan Whiteside is now with that left hip injury as low and Tommy target the pregame show starting at seven right here on AM 79 BF them 1043 HD two to take. There are graphic humidity coming up here in about and about 25 minutes you'll. Paula talk about the carry injury and hand that the cavaliers my leg of the third see these are covered as laughing gentler more on. In the NBA as it pertains to the heat specifically. Okay see tonight this should be a fun one is really good one again your program negative legacy about OKC OKC is probably. The most schizophrenic team that we have seen in the NBA this season but is still got tell will do for demands heat after Jason Cole who's gonna join us here in about seven minutes. Miami Dolphins have signed quarterback brought us Weiler is he play for coach Adam gays in Denver from 2012 to when he fourteen when gaze was the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator poors case was opens a coordinated those last two years. When he thirteenth when he fourteen Miami Dolphins also announced they re signed offensive tackle Sam Young to a one year deal. Sam Young of course a local did it attend saint Thomas high school. X you will wide receiver Allen herds will sign a two year deal with the Dallas Cowboys Florida Panthers host Arizona tomorrow at eight. In the sweet sixteen continues tonight starting at seven in the midwest region number by Clemson plays number one Kansas. Number 1110 Syracuse takes on number two duke in the east region. Number five West Virginia against number one Villanova and number three Texas Tech against number two Purdue those are your Hitler. Good for her and he signed the with adults are they gonna cut does Bryant I don't know I don't know Los don't know what I did here and I keep hearing that they might but I don't know I don't know what the numbers are cap wise in the got a waiter would have never dove in dug dived in that. But I just to hear that Dez Bryant is it does Ryan is on the out salute the count as it may and signed an Allen turns it's not yet. I don't know how much they planned on spending at the wide receiver position Dallas. Well the panel stay easily. They're paying dead is yup somebody put them is that the SS on Twitter. Eagles wide receivers only some Mike Wallace to your check yet hand but he really got the plea last year. Like none of them like all combines did not make as much as does Brian the lesser yeah you know tailored base. Right did well and and India's. And he is. Just. Think of Tony Romo was still there. You probably pay Dee is right if you're going down field and all that. He doesn't work well with with the deck I don't think he does that's best done in my initial quake I don't know that has Los Acosta the last couple years to live well. It's I don't know what's gonna happen with a lot of experience you know yes hi I agree I don't I have no idea what you're gonna move off Raymond leg broken aren't they haven't. We need to move off and to move on and get to basic call from Bleacher Report he covered the Miami Dolphins during each Wayne's. Neal tenure as ownership also covers the NFL currently in present day for Bleacher Report followed check check in with Jason Cole coming up on the other side right here on 79 minutes ago. Dream moon. Across the boxer dot com and all the info. There's also the super VIP experience which includes a meet and greet with fans. Like the strides super VIP also includes free drinks so much more than two tons of crawfish and genuine in New Orleans food in spirit to crow about street. Tomorrow at the moment we gym theater brought you by aides have an Iranian tomorrow for three HD to the ticket. Courtesy of her back with you here we're and to get up until heat basket more towards begins at 7 o'clock. Off a lot of things going on usually we talked this gentleman. Oh covers all things NFL for Bleacher Report. Check out worker Bleacher Report dot com also fall on tour Jason calls 62 problem with each wing and rising as pat. Passing hour per guy and allows it worsened around this kind of thing about. Can we get on and talk about his legacy here in South Florida and this gentleman of course covered the Miami Dolphins during that time and knows they knew we H Wayne high Zynga. As owner the dolphins very well he joins right now on the right fuels announcers resource guests on their truly step beyond can be in. Jason Cole is with Sosa Jason thanks for taking a few minutes. Well obviously. You know a soy Detroit there are roadway and rising get tough negotiator. Thought love to sell Florida. You were covering the dolphins were on a number of years. Just junior heard H Wayne passed away or some of your your memories and that brought that brought about some of the other reminiscing about his time as dolphins owner. What am I swinging at Arnold will you. You really try it right what he's the sure look. A tremendous amount of freedom to try and win. Of them told me on the money brought in Germany. I think that there was supposed accomplishments about when he. Now maybe didn't you can converted to real people around you know that's unfortunate but I think. Again and it what the dolphins coming at the end of the day. What are those who much of the most memorably. Because when that team became more. Now billion dollars. The issues he was more than happy to throw it true or. Not because he didn't wanna be the dolphins on a book becomes the news that McNabb first and foremost. They love that part of that happened that the other thing I was with his ball. As soon as she thought the model would never work. He got out of bounds same kind of IPO with the Marlins. You know again I think you try to retain certain when would that opinion. Shook the triple for the won her first of our first or altered obviously. Two you know when the business model that makes sound amount of this. Jason what do you think is the best thing that. Hi Zynga did when he owned the dolphins and and oh you know we talked about Jimmy and we talked about dumb car sales we talked about save in. Do any of those ranked as number one or are there other things that that he did that might ranked as number one. Apparently he did talk to modernize and that team and a lot of work on their work their the world apparently took that picture. But there was a certain point in which they couldn't afford to Mitchell overture and stadium but when that occurred. And get the ball rolling them out. And so he took over from now mind though that I would not promote all. Those those are. Because when I woke up with a tough bush. Now that you feel old went. Solo. But it without him. I think that the team give. Good about where to even faster and become what competitive character and certainly. So ordered to open yet that was one Super Bowl if you want him to remove the ability to modernize state won so I think there were some. Important business when that happened with one. Of our look at our soldiers ate them or cheer me. Or giving sure local watcher to spend all the money that respect my treatment by him. When good something which route you can't export people the truth. BM higher brought them in to try to win. I don't think that you mr. would have the best football instincts in terms of finding people and other people didn't necessarily know about. What will do whatever I would consider possible prior to convert your. Jimmy woods was number one on every but it what do you got it done this done. Right. So statement was not there are certainly the number one dime ever put in what is gone. The case when Parcells will drop the puck and dirt and everybody could possibly can't. He got a gun he Gupta of people were covered kick the job with the ball. Didn't work out no it didn't Goteborg wanted to be. But again I think she tried everything that everybody else. Would have put them the number one priority and he got those people harder. Jason Cole Bleacher Report joins us over the dolphins. During what between rising goes a long tenure as owner. Of the of the Miami Dolphins until things that under no j.'s I remember after Saban basically left. And at that press conference and he's looking around at all also in the media too on what you want me to do. Like what I wanted to do now I went on to that everybody wanted any turnaround rim back to college like what do you want me to do it is almost couldn't. I've I've done everything humanly possible and the other thing yes he was a businessman first and foremost but if you think he was just the bottom line. A type of guy when the dolphins beat the ravens for that first win back with a 2007. And Wayne sobbing in it is owners who buy you don't think that guy cared about South Florida the fans in the franchise. And then you don't know anything about. He killer and again he wouldn't tunnel opened that keep you can hear rightly he took just bottom line to the whole time. All in here and the bottom of an owner there was a point at which. Every everything how to price. Right and then in my pocket you know how to how to play him and so that no launch. You know didn't optional material were billion dollars working OK there's a product of Aaron. That was not that was important and that's how he went him one if that's how he became we became. Whether or not I think the most important thing and Brooke Wayne. What Southport now people will come out with a all sorts of stories when a child. Now part by the people that look that's the nature of how that works right. Nobody nobody in that kind of pollution endeavor on the popular with the Republicans particularly not with the general public. Okay but. I can put their arms to try to win and she tried you can return. With it too franchising. I've been to put out a priority of virtually talking to fade. A friend of mine yesterday. I am when it came up in our search on talked about winning Vermont who. The law would talk about a notre. And he took all the time he was looking owner's box when and they want this mean. The picture on a late drive. Wayne got on the wind out on the elevator financial community at that that elevator was going directly to pick up the trojans. Am almost unfair that we could hear the screams in the elevator. From swinging out the coaches poll weighed out where you can secure the whole pot to cater to long between you distraught he was trying. Eric what you you know. You what do you want me to do I want to get the best people what could possibly find those those people. Did not produced what he wanted and I guess what I would argue impairments something I want upon reflection on. Okay not certainly nothing I knew in advance when he was doing me than it does not want to give the person who's already won the championship. Not deductible. But I know there are I can't say that I knew that going in. Or right to what I mean. You know what wing that I went along with a built like okay you took it to new jobs to still get Nixon to go get told ourselves. And find out afterward. Sometimes people like parcel and Jimmie Johnson can't recreate matchup and a certain problem. Hey Jason I in the last couple of days the dolphins have made three signings. Offensive tackle Sam Young which is the most low profile. Running backs bring gore quarterback Brock us Waller we know loss while I was gonna serve as a backup to Tim hill and and gore at 35 will be eight tandem running back to complement. Two to tinian rate what do you think primarily of the gore and smaller acquisitions. Oh look anybody who like football. You don't like Frank Gore but it would now I don't know how much you go left. You're Muslim law that football what playing Frank Gore. Knows more about football and understand you better. The thing you learn about the liberal Imran Annan circle again he did in football tomorrow I think he's going to give every single out for possible. To milk another year to this corner and Brooklyn now. There are close timing. What you're giving a guy who knows it is conditional on. Cope with a experience will help resuscitate. Brought out one of those career you know. I would you. You know this may be good book. We'll move it pocket we're gonna kind of recreate himself and get back to work on. During the first with them for a winner he came in when pregnant would injure. And did some interesting things at one a couple of games and some big throws. It's going to be now and that's an hour and he needs that he needs to go back to. Basics and out of gates among and the bills notes but it expended and be competing for the starting job no but that's okay. They are have a lot of high profile players here in the last couple weeks chases while you're just thoughts on that. The album for a variety of different reasons. And they got rid of some of their best players quite frankly and I don't know if they're better from a talent stand point. How do you see you know Jarvis and sue and bouncy. And maybe it works maybe a dozen but yeah I mean right now it looks like they're these guys they jettison a lot of their best players in did not replace them with better ones. What looked on the perimeter player who throughout the world possibly. To get paid and it and it paid a ton of money in way more than those slot receiver you're estimate. I'm. Look he's not a game changer one pursuit of nuclear. Marquardt. Like in you'd want how eco tourism you don't want to enter in point nine million dollars. Please don't let alone anything close more like you're right. So. You know bigger box in the record aware that you know big simply could not pay them back kind of deal but not someone who want to build cute deal. Put. I think that out of its for two years if you know. Obama consider the real good player. But I compare how that much to get close to put to get eighty or 90% of the productivity. And he's not wrong. And so I think that that was all by on different. But we got to get our team our cap under control and to Tokyo for the what what about pollution or one. I'm number two when you pay a guy. That kind of money. He helped either all the time. First one we laughed out who looked on the picture of war and I'm not planning involved and you didn't hold up of them before that in terms. On the playing field. But you've got to beat the number one died when you're making that kind of corn and ID and and you have to be symbol that everybody looks up just. I'm working hard like every day American to the Obama camp wasn't around a lot of journalists as it was emotional. But not as much as garlic. That's solutions. And on about. That is the problem. And again the patriots went through that Clinton what to do is Thomas. And culture swore that he would never pick out what our outlook magician but come on and watching me 100%. The third I was gonna Dieter all the financial penalty or easily to a close with him them beaten with a potential that stood out a player but it. Leno audience with body. Jason always a pleasure thank you for making time for us as always and have a great weekend isn't it. You Jason call he is of Bleacher Report dot com as we could find his work covers the NFL recover the dolphins down here for. Yeah herald and the sentinel he did Dell's papers. Jason just so we thought you know what well we'll talk about about Wayne and is a legacy is ownership. Specifically with the mamma Miami Dolphins let's get Jason only talks amount of fill them as well so other exit Jason call for joining us your moments where Jason Cole. 62 we come back perk we got different timidity when again but he here we got a big ones that I have to issue the river and about plus. We have a five packets Agassi OC TO for you to go to a Fort Lauderdale international auto show moon. That's a sweet deal this is a fifty dollar. Prize right here we're gonna push that out on the final segment over Friday everybody's feeling good level give way and we'll do fifty minutes heat. All in the next segment right here on seven I mean it's a. Team then yeah. I. Customize my tibia qualify for South Florida's number one Jeep truck and SU because organizations shop. You're guaranteed that the hottest four by four modification in town called champions four by four at 7865023446. Perot and champion for my Ford dot com also sponsored by all for orthopedic and sports medicine because they're jumping to back in the game before so port locations there's one near you call for orthopedic dot com. For more info before you get to. They Meeks and tonight's management it's OKC. And our coverage our official coverage coming up at 7 o'clock atomic tiger Jonathan's dazzle. We have some news on Dwyane Wade which really get to bud before you to that. We got to we got the five back for the Fort Lauderdale international auto show before Florida international auto show that about the boys and girls grow Broward. C 2019 cars trucks hybrids customs classics and more test drive over twenty ride and drive cars and how cool is that in trucks. It's the first auto show of the year and it's all under one roof for the Broward County convention center. March Tony ninth through April 1 of what's coming up in a few days. Next week helped support a positive place for kids at Fort Lauderdale international auto show opens Thursday march 29. If your caller we seven right now 7865340790. You in four of your closest friends will go to the Fort Lauderdale international auto show caller number seven right now 786534. 07. 90. That's slow in coming to Iowa more on this match a boy we got to get to our thoughts in here looks like wade is gonna give it ago WB on hold some limited minutes tonight Burton so we got one guy back Whiteside still going to be out. Possibly no surprise there. The heat. Playing good ball player of all there's the Oklahoma City twice here in the final ten games in the on the road tonight I'm more of Oklahoma City is one of the more. Confounding teams like we that we had their politically mellow Bryant it was just they way you're out and I ask this question and he basically said yeah you're right. I said we're seventy plus games and we have no idea how good Oklahoma City is at all. Like this there's still a team that looks great some nights and they look like they are just they haven't played basketball with each other all yearlong. They look like that early season under other night who struggle right out of the gate. Before we address that cap let me ask you the fundamental Blaine wake questions sure. When you hear reduced minutes and 36 year old Dwayne wade. Is there a battle in your mind why play him at all. Well why why reduce just sit amount you got ten games so the playoffs. Whether you wanted to get him out there are a little bit. And also I think they saw him I need him tonight against Oklahoma City and I'm also thinking reduced minutes can come in that. I mean that assists. And lets you ever heard that he averages about when he a game right then and rightly roughly what whatever it lets you know what that's what amass what it will reduce is that twelve minutes that like three minutes of water and at that point is it worth it I think his coach speak to begin with I think it's BS. Because of Dwyane Wade is playing well yes it's gonna gonna want to. So I mean if he's playing well. They're gonna roll out there Dwyane Wade feels good he's going to be fine so the reduced minutes of music placed 12344. Minutes. Is now that he is gonna play half as good like twelve. I'd I mean. We know how this thing goes perk but it's good to get him back out there and is. Is uncle and advancing is that an advanced stage and I would come kind of a hamstring injury yeah. Just without I get it but it's a disappointing yeah to sweat I don't yes I am comment the point win the Wayne being 36 that if if he's not a 100%. One thing I don't know I think he's pretty him close the budget be conditioning issue at this point. Good mab and may I don't know maybe maybe. You know BC wanted to whole amount to lead a 100% in Dwyane got a little vision I think you can say it. I think he's playing is close enough to a hundred prisoners they know. Brisket I think a 36 you're never a 100%. That's by the their theory on that we out I I would you got to Dwayne aids and the about a abuse. Let's he's never you're never going to be a 100% ever did. Yeah he's always at 92987. Like. When you've gotten that much where in terror it's like yeah you know I'm I'm a core of good enough coach I. You know but no no Ireland the note to that I mean my opinion doesn't go no matter what you say what about the sometime. But I don't know what the minutes of the post season why not wait to lead a 100% I think he's pretty darn close I would guess why not wait till he's 100. Pretty don't look at OK lately and way to do I wait a minute. Pretty darn close could mean Pena he aggravated again now he'll miss game one of the plaza I don't think it's that calls I think it's a fine. Here's the other thing lateral amount because they they realize that when a couple of these games you can lead in the QB in the third or fourth Soledad that's that's the other you know what. Got to get back till they need him well there's an old double 120 points eighty of them in the paint. Yeah yeah yeah no ride. You know it did it's kind of a I have to throw that go. Take that through my mind and a son less than a hundred okay Justus. Ellington but this is 36 year old Duane who we've seen through his absence. Both before he was with the club and since he is your clothes are there aren't there are no other alternatives for Cuba's oil. You go with a TV on it yet that activism do things half fast around that they they feel a twain's good enough to go Dwyane Wade. Knows his body well enough at this point of his career he's like yes I'm at a given to go well silly minister was maybe he does put eight minutes eight minutes you know four minute stretch here for mistress there that worth it at that point why I mean if they feel like you do that you have become legends double shot of your job makes double plays they're gonna have to play a pretty good game tonight to beat Oklahoma City you would he would you would think that they're going to sleep better. The they have the last couple of nights for the competition is certainly better even Oklahoma City. It's very up and down. They're they're gonna have to play one thing by the way if you haven't watched lot of Oklahoma City basketball for people out there wouldn't Carmelo Anthony you will not recognize his game anymore. Yet his game is he doesn't get to the line anymore. Mean he is basically Kyle Korver that's what Carmelo Anthony is turned. And and and that's got to win this seems sort of take off right. Win win win mellow kind of changed his role in and change what he's telling extra he's not is but he's still the times where these where. Didn't need him to be a little bit more aggressive the dynamic on offense they'll just not exist it is not that those arms and beginning of the year you thought maybe Oklahoma City could catch lightning in a bottle and and win something out west who now I don't think they can win anything. I don't know out west and there were 43 and thirty right now believe that there are like what's six. Like they're at their record there are. Four months ago at the at a Big Three they have a big too. That's gone. As well how west no don't know it's not it's not that. They don't think anybody thought they were gonna win a second round series the wait at the receiving got going right. You'll talk that they were happy to be easy because there's a relatively sort of also slowly Soros about it would. Ticket pick it up and they did they won their thirteen over the they've they've won games right but it you're just going accurately be Houston Kennedy golds they let Teddy Kennedy Portland. Reckoning for obedient kid that did make it a series to get it to six or six games and it's. Leanings I'll I'll tell you this debate if they end up their fifth seed right now exact same record as as a New Orleans I oh against New Orleans has the tiebreaker on them. Well that's that's the good work by a series specially with the would blue DO so they could win a first round. Series but. They weren't going beyond the first round anyway right. I didn't think I thought were known before when they got Melo and and Paul George may be but now. After the after they got up such a slow start so what I'm saying is. I don't think it really matters that much from. You know and what what they looked like what Miller looks like now because this team has the ceiling right and and it's the second round in court decide. Have they went forward and then in a million mills got a team option are gonna player option is unique. And the ball towards our freedoms of this could be the last front of them but they're gonna play Miami twice a lasting injury mentioned you're so big deal there and also we come back on Monday. The winner of the game on the road and Indiana where they never play well in India. The knowledge than like they never play alone Indiana so that games will be concerning so I would you know you take one and one here and bulls will talk about it on Monday. But you know big stretch again. Maybe this is who they are the win one lose. One win one lose one down the stretch but. Outside these next couple games. You look at you look at what they have left and what they got five after these next three of them Leonid. Okay see indie Cleveland right right after that and athletics five of the seven organs lottery bound teams it and the next again. So you you find a way. To finish hit it and win some games here. We all know that that can catapult you up the standings and with Irene now maybe get the surgery Cleveland could be could fall back to maybe 4 in the Eastern Conference. But you get a 63 match up. With Philadelphia. You're taken at a few of the heat are not yeah do the syndicated billions of being the three C McClellan out like OK I'm telling look at the. You know seeing the slow year I think X six has any chance of beating three in the east are no matter who they are honest no no not and I look at between one and sue and everybody else is pretty good news if there he is a good team I when you start game 248. It's it's a jumble and I think three is bull bull. Whether it's Billy Indiana or Cleveland though now alas no Null and Cleveland LeBron James is not losing the first round in May twelfth. I I'll I'll comment else if if the cavs logo is anywhere. Next to yours in the first round you're done you're done I mean I don't care who are I think he's. At more vulnerable than he's ever been in my personal insults that I'm not disputing that you always be with that I'm saying he's gonna lose it I'm going at all. Yeah yes. I think about him lately they are a sprained ankle. To a rotation player. From being lighten. And even in the first round that that team has not come together and all they can score. But I'm not sure you know well back in the and I'm sure that their defense is is is good enough votes in there there there are pro series about. Asylum for answers to there would probably in the and you do you think that Cleveland team he has been as good as any of those. They're not as good as any of the teams supposedly turns out that has LeBron James and the Cleveland as good as he's been in recent years. That's why he will not lose the first right that's all the other night yeah. I don't know are a dome where this will be the end of it you know that too number. I wouldn't know it and yes you're right we're not saying goodbye on the I don't know enough about that went up the livid about gas though the severe weather as it were their civil weeks insertion would find out where they are in the in the post season with a plan. Are we got to get out of here thanks to Butch Davis for joining us thanks to Jason Cole for joining us thanks Adam be easy for joining us thanks everybody for for listen NN and joining us on they are right home on Friday. Loves the idea is always on does that though Tommy tiger got to he'd covered the other he'd do. Putts and I think it's okay see an Indiana on Sunday will do about once again Monday afternoon there and have a great weekend per common courtesy right here. He basketball is next here on 79 minutes ago.