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Monday, March 5th

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It. Is it right your house there clearly this is not final cast when they're going to tell me who sings this I would give you I will give you. A thousand dollars which will be giving away here in three and a half minutes. I count of clouds and whether it's Israel there. Calculus yoga. They regularly out with Israel thought I'd gotten that. A 1012. The decimal a couple of the elderly and box the united weakened as we can trio and did you had a good week and then organize have a good weekend here are you kind of that's unlike the Oscars. I stay away from that last night Alcoa we wrap I would have been an underdog are you about terminal longshot to win on oil anyway what he went to a shorter so that's a special work. Animated Dillon who who who watches these things were a market that's that's where you know what I I I still love the Oscars. But after I don't know either and I thought as I got older I get more cultured. And and just kind of going via a the other way now I mean just and I think he's always like I'm sure there are some pretty good movies mixed in there would have these movies that was elected get out. I love it when to get out do that that win anything to get out with some stuff. Yes grizzlies weren't you on the Euro Basra without those good movie that's an action movie I saw the animals and I've never read and heard about those movies which is which is kind of the case right. We were here's the amateurs and her he's nearly summer big but I I didn't see any of those I'd like to see some I'm gonna get Alex once and stuff because that was a good movie I like what you saw and did well the box office. You know it's all it's like it's one of those things where if you actually saw these Louisiana rooting interest of Italy have a rooting interest. It's hard to come on what's at it it's like any award show but you tune in to leeward Jordan for somebody while last year when they screwed up of the best picture and they announced Wallace mark Hammel. Is announcing the best short animated Oscar earnings and the winner is he says I'll out. Please on sale now and please don't say allow employees and cellular and joke about that and they brought back. More obediently done the way to give the ouster. We're pretty panties. He's a he's in a little even knew he could finally Easter X probably he's been up there a little bit here William La hill leading man of his time like Gaza with the Dick Tracy was on the the other image for you that thirty years ago and heavily again chino and that's a big stock no heaven can wait all of the basic hello Warren Beatty was like fifty when he was doing was only thirty years ago poignantly Donnelly this year's decision it's Bonnie Clyde. The you mr. debt natured doubting as we get it's it's 305 day for you have to write a five day has its as its march 5. Here here in South Florida a a big day we allow things to get to. Mention the the Oscar ratings Ergen really meal they've they were Dow on a lot last night as. But I don't know what to attribute that to anybody ratings are down for a across a war on a lot of things. These days hopefully not to show as as we keep it flown here we got a lot to get to at a bees is gonna join us a rough sport what it with the latest on Jarvis Landry that was less of that happened. Over the weekend we had a big week in her in the Miami heats up they want against Detroit on Saturday at Phoenix tonight won't get into a lot of that but yesterday was a staple of our community Miami family festival you were out there I was there Pat Riley spoke you were there to hear it throughout their pumping the Miami Heat for information all of the dialogue for a sort of talk about. I'll tell you so here's an interesting comment so we're gonna play and a little bit and alligator reaction of them and in a marriage interest in Sabah where the heat stands now how he views them as the playoffs is just a few weeks or nineteen games ago they have the Phoenix Suns tonight. I'll talk to Tim Kempton the later on he is the color analyst. For the Phoenix Suns spent fourteen years in in the NBA and in professional basketball. He's gonna we'll talk to him about this matchup tonight which is kind of a must win for the Miami up but Saturday was a must have been home to Detroit as a team that was chasing you you look at Phoenix you can't screw around the Sunday camp messed up. Messed around like you did against the lakers on Thursday because of the sons. They they they are what they are mean their team that's won nineteen games this year there are their steam rolling towards the lottery but if you come out let them get hot and let them get low confidence. They're like the lakers in the nine dollars and it's gonna be a long long four quarters before you argument a 1000 bucks it's 4 o'clock on the dot. And it's time now for your chance to win 1000 dollars is the 79 and it's a good man gave money contest your chance to go a thousand bucks trade casually. Text the word here that a year. AIR. 272881. Air real symbol and you're registered it's that simple text air 272881. At 72881. Right now if you don't win this time your next chance is at the top of the knicks are 5 o'clock this is the national contest. Miss in the veterans may apply do not text and drive. I you can register throughout the 4 o'clock hour so you have 59 minutes as of right now to text a year. 27 to 81 we'll give you another secret cool word cash were coming up. At 5 o'clock you can always text our shell that's a separate lines that protects line these seven I mean take a text line. At 67974. We invite him occurred text messages of course. Anything that's on your mind on a busy week in breed I agreed to this weekend. And just a general tons of fun I mean you college basketball Americans get a win. It's March Madness right around the corner selection Sunday is his Sunday. I love that you got the heat in a playoff push. Got the Panthers in a playoff system known adolescents you've got you've got NBA all everything happening right now. Baseball I know we have our own feelings about baseball here in South Florida with our team but if you like baseball that sneak up around the corner were less than we're less than. What 25 days now opening day. You got you know if your golf in your tennis and all those things NBA com mine was this weekend draft Hawkins is all over the place. NFL free agency. I mean you talk about there is something for everyone you talk about this is my favorite time of year this is my fair Tommy your from a sports standpoint because there's no where you can go in the sports arena. Where it would be a hole that's not important right now there's some do you go to every sport right now and it is certainly relevant. We've had that discussion now with the way you and I haven't by. Your favorite months of the year when it comes to sports because there of someone's like this summer when is basically dead is as baseball when there are some. Where there's a confluence of everything people say April maybe you've got. You know he's the NFL draft you've got done. Playoffs the starting in basketball and hockey you know you've got the end of March Madness you have a master is going so there's a there's something for everybody. Yeah I mean for me it's march I'm moving march guy mid October allows thing rather the sports. The you know converge when I mean certainly I'm just here recently you're sitting around. You just flip the dial on on Saturday or Sunday and yells and there are sure everything's going on everything is gone and we're here to talk about it and let's get to the other big stuff. I gets us to 4 o'clock hit the. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and W exact fix each. Teach you Miramar. And the resume play tonight against the Phoenix Suns and losers of twelve of their last thirteen and overs of the second worst record in the NBA. Damn out of bio he rejoins the heat after missing Saturday's game for personal reasons now with Howard Johnson and Wayne Ellington both listed as questionable. With left quad contusion to Miami as were called both Derek Walt junior and Jerry Jones junior from Sioux Falls of the geely tip off is at 730 in our coverage begins at 630 when our pregame show. Virginia is now the only question number one and he talked we've by the cavaliers garner all 651 place votes in today's bowl. After finishing four games ahead of the field in the ACC regular season race this was Virginia's fourth straight week. At number one and you know what that's grace but it doesn't mean a damn thing well within a week knowing and when everything when the bell rings and they know every that if that doesn't right doesn't mean a damn mean for them though a number of regular season number one of the most in the AC tournament. But come come next week men with these games start to the there's other than matters there much like Coachella set on on fire is zero and zero starting today would you like and I'm getting ahead of myself in the tournament tab. All four number one seeds meet the final four horror. All four upset. Things other than well it's funny because the that's. On the game they show him my deal was Tuesday Williams they Williams said they were kind of like doing predictions that candidates and away. I give us your one bull thought. And his bowl winning Jim Williams bull thought was there will not being number one seed they'll reach San Antonio in the final four the wow one. So now to see obviously wanted to you kind of know the seeds art than a once he czar. I mean you look at at Virginia is probably going to be one. Either Xavier Tommy and beyond as you say it's going to be one we'll see you do can be. With the AC turner may have Vegas deacon there. Maybe. Michigan State although they losses weekend. Comforted somebody in there but nevertheless we'll see the four teams are but yeah I wanna see guys against the brackets here but next week at this time Frito it'll be handled all the Villanova probably the other one but next week at this time they'll be they'll be massive. Amounts below on work being lost around the country this would studies done on this. I mean there really has there's been studies done on this and so we will do another article or two that you'll that you'll find float around on line next week that. We worked all around offices. Not only dirt during March Mandarin the week of March Madness are considerably down. Mean did it the mimics a considerably down because eight people are just screw around fill out brackets all day long how do you fill out. I do one. Maybe two maybe two daughter held I I'll I'll do one out of two at the most. Put out by one the main one now spread around to a bunch of bunch of different things okay. But I am the one like that out might be my 95 different poll political act but will be one it'll be one bracket. That I'll stick out of the game is on and your show is on our I need you gonna be well let's look at all the money you're gonna happen then that's the other thing is less. While how will work is down around the office in the when the games start nobody's won nobody's everyone's on the computer in their. There watching the game or you know their in the hallway or are there in the you know in the break room watching the games of the game start next week coming yes the production around exports they were you're into sports. People in offices around the country. March mad and you know unless you work likens workstation frost that. You have that seeks careens opens your boss coming from under the seat in the works Karine. And high in the game the game screen right somebody's admitted that a couple years ago Greg they had the like the aegis of the blood elves and goes to recoup the spreadsheet or something that's as good as opposed to Arizona playing playing lipscomb and how to run their desk and the Steelers are cheering yes I'm down the same yeah its. The Oakland Raiders have released linebacker all and Smith after another opulence and and the raiders announced the move today two days after his legend alleged involvement in a domestic violence incident. His fiancee told TMZ the former all pro has checked into rehab facility and use your multiple published reports of former Marlins outfielder Ichiro Suzuki 44 years old I believe. Nearing a return to the Seattle Mariners where he of course had his heyday. They're working to finalize an agreement with that former franchise icon good for him Michael peca and hope he gets a job in baseball. It belongs he belongs there it's very belongs I was slow them down on the moans and bring Britain did not bring him back just for Sonoma batteries like the yacht like the army younger thing where I can understand the mean those guys earlier. Take you so far do so much for you when you're trying to join the Marlins are trying to win but the Panthers you know they had a free of that spot for sure for somebody else but. You know Ichiro we were we were. We're blessed to have I'm down here for awhile I'll actually an important absolute first ballot hall of Famer hit kind of boils easy guys to root for and got Lucy is seriously doubt it. Indy any uniforms it was a DA was the most hits ever combined corrective three does. He had them Arnold and all she eclipsed Pete Rose because in the you know if he had his champions and it's in Japan. Yeah I'll I'll I found laughable know that I would agree but if you came over if he would've shot he would have shattered Pete Rose sure that you came over a little bit earlier politics writes in on the seven ID tech sign a six of an item force captain where their only for him once he distinctly teams have to say it forgot already are there things will be I you can forgotten now Donald's nominees in the east permits here when you know the term right as far as the the conference tournaments a couple teams. Get upset Bjorn had a Big Ten turner Michigan won yesterday. So they are you know league pennant produce not gonna get a number one seed Michigan State so well the term to start this week Miami is in Brooklyn they have the double body which is a big deal. So little play until Thursday. So you're gonna get you and your team has publicly at least one game so I'll see all shakes out but a Miami certainly is going to be in the in the tournament. And the running I wanted to who's in the running for Jarvis injury. This thing it is getting weirder. By the day because. Clearly he's available. And clear I just wanna go out and because. Every time I turn around Frito. There is a report that debt all the teams registered an IQ I can name you ten different team more than I've name for the number one Cesar. That seemed that dead people think that are interest to you got Tennessee. You've got Chicago Bears you got Baltimore you got the jets you've got San Francisco. So there seems to be a big market. For Jarvis slight injury here. So my I've led to believe that aid they are going to find jobs going to find somebody wants to pay him his big dollar amount. And B that the Miami Dolphins. If in fact they are going to trade Jarvis and you would be able to get some more than fair compensation. I mean every dollar turnaround there's a report this team interest in terms this team isn't true drivers. And we all know what we do when doing this. For as long as we have there's always a team or two that is lying in the weeds the socket to show their hand. That's that could spring up and say all were were in your gonna a man and I didn't think they would be interest to write him. Well I mean simply does a lot of interest in this guy. Did they did the dolphins are Smart to let his agent then try to work out a deal because no teams are gonna trade for harbors Landry and a one year franchised. And see him walking your from other the second to a Dell they've got to work out a multi year deal with harbors Landry and then and only then. Do two teams get together and say Ari can we work out their compensation and in getting land reform is so to toot your process here but first you gotta get new agreed to a deal otherwise everything else is as. Right and I and I guess I've resigned to the fact that he's arguably with the Miami Dolphins I'm so I Olympics I think he'll be he'll be going to sign this franchise tender. The league year starts a week from third thing and then. It'll soon after her first day of free agency which has to be fun I think you'll see a lot of things happen. That day and and a percent and Beasley you'll lightness all but these little back and forth you know you use on your show with a with perk. Before it was a common Singh was sure that Doug Jarvis Flannery was gone next day Powell maybe he's not gone. I think what's gonna happen a deal will be consummated a contract we were calendars and I think Sampras is very interest and you put them on the air. And look local Rob Lowe did you know and it in his view starts with with Sampras has go add a talented receiver like that they can only enhance the office. That might now in the team's workout compensation I don't know what I'd bet that one really sparked when he says well. If you if you don't if you wanna connect the dots on this thing like if you're young quarterback. The the keys Chris Young quarterback's best friend told Fuhrman took two miscue Chicago or even Rob Lowe who's not relatively young but as far as starts is very gives very. Is very green. Problem he's he's like him ask does it good player. But he is a young quarterback's best friend than he's always open he's act that that security guy. Where where all I'm in trouble who's open and Jarvis is always open he's been that guy for Ryan. So yeah I mean I'm I'm really curious to see how the site housed and I think you'll be funny allows easy this coming up guiding me put in a jar was gonna sign his sign his sixteen million dollar in debt that goes right on the cap for the dolphins true. So and then it now puts it on the dolphins almost you can say hey you wanna work out. With you wanna work got to do with another team but if it by the drug is as a light any of that out they are. Now that all of them would have to pay him sixteen million dollars in aid and there's one guy that would think would play that out and in bed on himself. Tourist season would be a guy like jars manager. Well I think and why why should be the only EES in north of a hundred catches. You know he's open now he has a little trouble finding the end zone I think that's one Achilles heel. But you know he's done so social quarterbacking I wonder were ranked ten oil slick about this like you know through the sky a hundred catches a year and suddenly your take a lick where my throws gonna go. Obsolete and I agree with I've you know how well I was certainly would wonder that if someone -- intent at all bomb tech had one data from the Miami Dolphins you better be wondering that I Alaska and amusing about this plus. Pat Riley had some very very. Strong and I thought I'd ever inch to comments quite frankly I mean Riley always says. Has some good stuff there but I thought this is this is one where rally kind of puts it on. It's bowl and the players here down the stretch to now to make the playoffs but but do something in the playoffs we're gonna hear from a from rials as the heat had their annual family. Festival yesterday which of course is wildly popular widgets that here as we move forward in the 4 o'clock carbon atom Beasley from the Miami Herald and a fellow involved in satirist up by next here on 79 minutes ago. Bad. In the morning show is looking for this year's all of the week hall of Famer. Who'll join the likes of win the Bryan win Norris. Keith bell and Jeffrey Loria we actually have the banners in here in our studio looking right out of here. And we need a tool of the week for 2008 T hall of Famer sending your submissions to the morning show at morning show at the ticket Miami dot com and each week topic a weekly winner. The weekly winner will get a fifty dollar gift certificate to Florida lumber locals that. Then in May they'll pick this year's hall of Famer out of the ten weekly winners. And if you sent in this year's election you win the grand prize a 500 dollar gives you did we get to Florida lumber. It's the 28 same tool of the week hall of fame selection. Brought you by Florida lumber names have and I mean after 1043. HD to the ticket Hampshire freedom has the a couple of nominations were for the for the tool of the week as a free dollars and for perk on this magnificent Monday afternoon. And we got a lot to get to their next as we check in with him weekly. He is Adam BZ RN FL in Miami Dolphins inside Ernie George's right now Mirai fuels. It downstairs convenience stores gas line they are truly stepped beyond convenience. Adam how are you doing today. There's court. They illness. No I don't think so it's I don't think there's any reason for recent today I thought I thought he was out because you and him were or were out last night because -- as somebody told me it's your birthday or something this like I told this is Bertha so I figured you guys route running hard you know and and didn't didn't they get into about five or 6 in the morning and that's why that's why perches. It is absent today is that the truth. It's topic is certainly a musical theory and IE I understand why it happened at that Beck guest that night NC park since he's our paired up in the streets of Indianapolis on Thursday. That is true that is definitely that definitely that question. I was told last week I was filling in for per today so this is no last minute all I'm sick. But that. A beautiful day outside if you look at the weather forecast last week. Yeah that that's that's the beauty of vitriol that's when you yeah I will be out of studio thing really I'm gonna take next Friday off and because you know the Thursday night you're going to be in every turn and up. All right what's the latest here every time I looked around there's a report that somebody's intercity and Jarvis Landry is it is this is this just fake news or just gonna happen here. I mean is silly season and a lot of other reports that have been out the last 4872 hours have been pretty bogus. EMI for personal hero was the Jarvis and eleventh overall pick clothes but there are very top and skirt for to Chicago. The Jordan Howard the yeah and then about five minutes after that report dropped that the bears couldn't get except yeah border or have quite sort of fast have to say yeah. Well that not happen and so welcome my guess is my sense of political and here is that the market for Jarvis might not quite do you what services people thought it would be. And we've been talking about this or for weeks upon weeks while we expect you once you feel like Antonio Brown but he's not Antonio. Does not. And seventeen million is not going to happen and probably more like 1213 million. If that over four or five years. Would be the number will probably get it done it and looked at. There's there's nobody that chicken going on here between the dolphins. Jarvis people and other teams around the league because there's there's a rogue police the dolphins can't afford that sixty million dollars on their. On their cat yet but indeed Darvish signed that tender and can't find a trade partner. So what do they called Ted that the vendor that last second you know kind of like pull the rug out money jar resort they go ahead with this and it just take a sixth or seventh round pick for Darvish and that's all I can get. But the idea that there were the dolphins with Jarvis Landry on a one year franchise tender be able to go out and get. Huge huge value I'm talking about my second lol first or even big billows seconds. I think that might feel far fetched now that the dolphins go and with the idea look we just need. Jarvis to give us additional ammo to move up in the first round because a bigger mayfield who ever when he talked to. It is a match didn't happen when that gates if he's there at six or seven didn't we can go make make a play form that makes much sense to me thinking. You're gonna get a real roll hall for Darvish Landry so because all the reasons we've talked about financially doesn't make sense and he is not that. Transcendent players are really good player that's probably worth the third round pick if he got to the contract coming whacked. Birthday boy Adam Beasley joins us you know you look great for 45 are you really do. This is it's at 39 today. Wow look at that next Euro which of the afterwards they'll see your day closer to eighty than you or to zero. Don't have a lot of it away. Now that it's it's pretty close yeah you're you're you're doing it's better than not turning middle aged. Girls and that's the dolphins the dolphins aged man that it will age you. Great care of when it. Magic to cover the browns. Do you know how many dead. Yeah as yourself so what let's look at it the mindset that we don't know were to surmise and you're right in tanner who we are coming back for missing the last three games plus a playoff game. Two seasons go missing all of last season. You know enemies is all the progress is great but we don't know what the actual cases you're coming back. And and and re having knees can be iffy at times and suddenly they're taking away your more your most prolific receiver. He's got everything it himself or who was gonna make up for all these balls are caught I mean my job just is gonna get if they deal him away. And less we're gonna get some great replacement his job is gonna get exponentially more difficult. And I don't think you can. That kind of money all the ships Credo and think well no we're we're we're not ever. Replace there was it will put Giambi played no one was gates and chairman. It. Yeah we're not hopeless case with Giuliani was what one player but we can do by committee. And maybe Eddie can grant from the field more maybe to get a little bit more production sadly I take Farouk may be maybe they go sign up tight end the draft tight and relatively high look at some of those balls. And what can carry kid it was my Q and the best at doing what running backs they've had some time. So there are ways to make up that production. Can you make up where we have intangibles that Jarvis burnings and you know there's nicknames usually it is up at all sensed. I'll probably not but there are ways around it my in who receivers kind of one position in the NFL it's the glamour position in particular position. But how many teams truly truly value wide receivers and how many of those wide receivers are worried that value how many your work. Antonio Brown contract and I'd say very few it. Certainly be one of them. I don't Beckham is another how many more do you think that man. Without this guy and her team we are lost our offense is gonna work at all it's in my opinion out you guys weigh in here so we can't let guys. Yeah yeah yeah than than the numbers you're your cultural got one hand and then then getting to again to double digits there. Who's going to be the dolphins Scott patty berg that's the question I have it there you're trying to play fast Giambi. Odds are so we're clear here her Beasley LS about Robert Quinn and that transaction as well. Just about about it lands you where there at what do you think is tougher is it. Him trying due to meet there is his asking price or they haven't or compensation. Or for the dolphins what are things you meet summer like. I'm like give it some of Amy his asking price they're not beginners we get to the compensation part as far as the trade correct. I mean yes and and that's an end and that opinion is a new team is gonna. Trade him for a one year rental and a subpoenaed here to do when miserable and most of those teams have enough. Our cap liabilities other folks are ready they can afford a sixteen million dollar hit one year. So that's going to be someone arrested a multi year deal and that's why does the Smart GMs are really ball in because. The dolphins are gonna stick to a server out that when you compare at least a third round pick regardless Lander which I don't know that's the case it was just the sake of our league does is talk radio say that the case. Third round pick Serb there's a public opinion actually mean it that is still haven't got some value. And so it came knowing that they're gonna have to give up. A young player they're gonna have a rookie contract and rookie minimum for four years. Plus how K. At least 1213 million dollars a year in their salary cap that the Jarvis at some point the math just doesn't add up there. That's right look I credit the dolphins are trying to get something from Landry because they were burned by it. It would be burdened situation and all these guys in the past where they thought that you would keep the guy in the end up not cut and and then you know you really. Stop with no compensation at least a year of of of the guy walking. And and they don't want that would Landry they want to get something out of it because each each network patent and any wide receiver in football reported first four seasons in the make you heard me a lot of those are qualified Rollins that the U at all and to use in the running back but he's still call a lot of touchdowns and been really productive for this team. So the problem problems of saying you know look into the ground say look this is a bad year wide receivers in free agency and the draft. Then you want to do that might get franchise that was history announced that he once you're wide receiver. That market Dalton and there's going to be a desire there's gonna be a demand for a player like Jarvis and teams might be able to pay a premium to do it. The question is what's that why what is that compensation return to the drug that opens are good with the Jarvis final with the other team is good wit. And that's why I think we're seeing that's what we're we're officially one week into the saga now. And what you know we get kind of surmise that. You know without increasing their franchise and one week since. It started to come by and I kind of thought it would get done this past these because everybody important was in Indianapolis. And it didn't that we pass so that tells me. The dolphins just try as they might to get this done a finding that this is hard and it's just tough because it is a true franchise player. It's not a guy that can change the fortunes of a franchise. By signing with the team. And they get Turkey as you mentioned before the compensation vote for drivers and the teams involved. Look I've that it today I don't think Landry is going to be a member of the Miami Dolphins in 2018 I think it gets done somehow. Maybe it all and blame can take a lower traffic and they wanted. But at this point now I'll ask you guys I don't know how you put toothpaste back in the Q let it. You know you you parties said the Jarvis very clearly we don't value Morton this year and even that we might I didn't do that. You're not going to pay what you want to hear how do you make that Hannibal had you put all these personalities into a room to say you know what. The win football games now I just don't say. Not a metric as those left the station tire iron I believe that while we got about a middle left here with you music. Oh what do you think of the Robert Quinn transaction I think makes a lot of sense. I mean there were 26 western sacks but then again. They got a guy who he's healthy and we don't know that's a big debt he can really really. In the first few years with the Ramsey was an absolute beast and you paired him with can't wait to bring Charles Harris along a little bit. The other branches of the underground 2016. They're able to get pressure on the quarterback which they couldn't do last year yet a lot of money yeah. Our health concerns that it diminished capacity at this point often don't have any luxury there's there's really no great options in the draft. Free agency is going to be really expensive this is how they do it this is out at all and think a lot of other moves I think they'll work role that. Bush to take you know you can take my trash with a grain of salt milk diapers and have a thousand more room for the draft happens and of April and but CBS sports had won today you know it's good for Sports Radio discussion and all that. They have the dolphins actually trading up to number four with the browns and say what they give up to get the number of oral overall pick. But taken Josh Rosen if Mike Tannenbaum Chris Graham gays aren't sprawled with a quarterback who did not Paramount can be a very aggressive guy did you see him. Pony up enough to move up in the draft to take quarterback. Yeah because it doubles or. Remember that Dion Jordan we thought it would like. The Dow was silent and that was Ireland. Yet but nonetheless you just don't know what it takes that was only the second round pick. And so from eleven before Prague in the comparable. Here's the thing is that the Japanese know they cannot go into besieged with Brian Kaelin right fellas alone is there planet quarterback. It blew open the face last year and in the odds are something will happen at some point again this year around goat out of they have real aspirations to make Iran they need a similar position both this year and beyond. And I got bigger mayfield I love them love everything about it yet you owners' side. It'll crazy but I think he engage our. Are there there there's your animals they are two key in the pot they are really a lot alike. And I think you would just be absolute injection of enthusiasm. Fallen back into afraid what brought some food we talked fun with Miami Dolphins even then sixteen was it that much on. Have a big picture mayfield Nachman aren't that before on animal that I'm all in for fun now let that happen. That make our jobs a little bit more interesting and make for good copy Beasley congratulations you you survived another year man thank you take care. Congratulations on the thirtieth revolution around the sun. Beasley are NFL and Miami Dolphins and Sutter from the Miami Herald thanks for and protected and we got Saddam Pat Riley had some really really strong comments yesterday about his basketball club get to those next here on 79 do you take. Good for joining us in the latest on. Jarvis Landry and the Miami dolphin receiver Pat Riley here just a moment he spoke yesterday at the Miami heat's family festival seven I. The ticket is urging you to play hooky with the Levitt art show no batteries in the that right there needs of the guys in the shipping container of worked with Jay Wakefield to brew. Would they believe is a championship beer we want you to join them and from two to 5 PM to take the shipping container bracket challenge. And pick which of the shipping containers beer is your favorite winning beer will be announced the date of the national championship to hand in Reid launched. We'll be live music from red means wholly dances and above the skyline. And tapper located in the heart of Winwood. Be there at 2 o'clock on March 15 with the Levitt are shipping container and names have a nanny and a from 10432 to the to get tis the season for lit a little playing hooky. Would determine starting up and done no better. Opener. Time or place then. Curtis Davidson and Frito frozen for perk up purge probably playing hooky. As as we move as we move forward here. Are we hear from from Pat Riley and the family fest at Phoenix Suns tonight so while we're gonna take you write about till 630. And getting a 730 tip off. From the American Airlines Arena afraid you're out there and the heat it seems like a big rallies at the judge in the always seemed to win the day before they have some of these events here. And that's one of become one of the staple events in South Florida heat family festival. I do not know this actually some of Dwayne wade didn't know it Udonis Haslem the no until Riley senate. Then before teen gallons or the team Stanley best if they play the night before the undefeated they usually do well it's funny how that works it's funny to they know they know of the I don't know what. They know they know that is going to be. Habeas our medicine wasn't always seem to come through here and it's always that it's always a festive atmosphere Monday when you win it's always a little bit it's always it's always a little bit better as well as. Has as well so boy Erik Spoelstra was was I was joking with us yesterday about that that. You know he here here's Erik Spoelstra got that at that somebody. Well he's he'll look up in the second. I worry that guy you talked about. Not wanting to be the first one to lose the night before cameras will get to that in just the second only player are we got that one OK there's Arthur. Here's our sports are talking about maintaining an unblemished record the night for these dollars and family. I've never felt more pressure that it that at the speed up games before this event before a gala event. I feel more pressure than. What we're in the files that we have to get this industry guys got to stay alive and force Israel to do that last night first. Know that I had was from pat and on my desk. So well done to save the day for tomorrow. And you obviously used Jody I'm more pressure than noon finals but still you do you know if that's an unblemished mark you wanna. You ought to maintain that I want a plea for you Curtis here's here's Q Pat Riley summits we can react to one of the time here's Pat Riley and his thoughts on where the team stands right now let's just. The love and enjoy it enjoy this playoff ride. The crowd's been great. The games have been great very very close games some games this morning it's a typical NBA season. All right since pat there and I agree with him whether that this has been fun as every game feels like a playoff times for the crowds and the enthusiasm you've been down their blunt seven down there. As well it's everyone's fired up man and obviously good Dwyane Wade back that just that just puts a lot of coal. And a lot of you know gasoline on the fire that's that's raising down there are so it's all good right they're so far so good from rials that are. What else we got their free don't. I guess more summits are here's Riley saying were are not many just puts pressure on spoke. You know when they're surely pressure expo in the players Riley saying armed with a talented and versatile roster. We have everything we need. We have botched job blocking we've got picked enrolled big successful you've got to pick and roll cage you can get to lay out we got shooters. Defenders Rio a lot of versatility. I think coaches got a great job and development system that's for everybody in. So let's get on with a. Now we've got everything we need that to me is is saying look I've done my job you guys do years and you yours. And they looked they could move up higher as we said before right now there. Actually closer to the number three seed and they are the number ninety distant memory right now there's three and a half games. Buying the cavs a number three so there's a very. Sixteens really bunched up. In the Eastern Conference three through eight. End. So they could move up but still they have the talent to really you don't make it to the conference finals no I think this is Riley. I I don't LB it's taking the pressure off himself but I think it's it sounds almost a bit unrealistic we have everything we need well he put it out there are you pretty much any also add little that's something else and not Friedel. But to be you know they see is that is that good enough for the scene just to make the playoffs yet okay boy he was asked are should this team be higher than a seed. I think we can go up up the latter having. From the teams between. Four in nine or ten like three or four games apartment. Five game winning streak puts up reports we've already been in third that so. It's great it's just it's great I wish we were up there that I haven't go without a lot of these games that doesn't. So maybe much hears it and that's the juicy suffered their from from rally from yesterday's fan fest. Here here's my biggest takeaways is as I think Riley is what it putting it on on the group on the players and especially on the coach exam existed we aren't good enough in my heart apart we are good enough to not only make the playoffs but. Do something in the post season. Now the question I have is. These are the Miami Heat as good as those teams that their jobs jostling for position in the Easter comes are they as good. As Philadelphia are they as good as Washington are they as good as Indiana are they is good at Milwaukee that's a question you have to ask yourself. Are they better than those teams or at least on par with those basketball team and the question is I don't know. I still don't know I think they're all they're all relatively close. I don't think that that you can exit definitively say mine's better than Philly which is beaten them a few times already this season and they're gonna see them. On this week as well that there are better than Milwaukee that are better than Indiana that there are better than Washington. I I don't know maybe. But I don't think that's it that's you an absolute state we get to all were better than most and we know as good as Chicago urgently Cleveland Boston Toronto. So where they fitted and that and that and that regard but that's why I think a lot of it. Just safe to say stuff they rarely gets caught up in the moment even at the owner of it likely infested after a win. He says they have enough they have enough to not just debt in the playoffs but do something in the play. But you don't want they also are operating in a text wrote this as well I was gonna say before even men. And we we've talked about this before that they don't have a superstar on the roster I mean there's nobody you know of the Greek free even turned you don't enjoy it don't they don't put right in saying that he didn't say hey we don't superstars who regularly do we know it's it's a far. Can use it as an excuse well in this organization never uses excuses they don't they don't going on that road. But I think he's also. Perhaps overestimating the roster what do I blame him know what I say the same thing probably okay but Brendan Reilly do that is my point rarely does he over estimate and all of a sudden have pie in the sky type of things with the roster that he knows has some limitations. So when I mean that when I hear him say those things I think he believes that this team. KK can be a fourth or fifth seed and win a series in the in in the playoffs I'd go that's what I believe him. When I hear them those words coming out his mountain we don't know what the matchups are going to be obviously the at all depends on the seating but I would be shocked this team seem mated to the conference final they want to get onto ground covers finals for rice and women used to merely a series what sounds like his expectations are higher than what we have just one series and you re disappointed. If that's just as far as he went okay while putting words in his mouth but that. To me that's reading between lines you think that's that's I mean I think he thinks his team is a good team and at days they've under chi a little bit to this point. As you could say that you know he can make you can make some not excuses but you can make some explanation that they've had some injuries. And so on toward but he seems to think that he's put together a good enough team to BA player in the post season yes or no. A player yet they I think they can maybe get through the first maybe. I'm not here. I like guaranteeing it at all I think during good team they're in by no means great and I think. Again reading between the lines sounds like he's labeling this team has is greater nearly great harsher than there are what do you think. Out their folks which is some audio text text line here. We gotta open door policy was brought you by Florida lumber the South Florida so adore superstore where you can find over fifty miles of interior and exterior doors and stock every day Florida lumber more than just lumber rally put it out there there you cannot detect enough. What to think it's 67974. That 67974. On the tax level of some your text. On the other side they got a game at the pretty much have to win tonight easy Phoenix Suns personal back to back by the way to play tomorrow Washington. Him this week you Washington gets Philly you know Washington again. But she got a handle you know TCU beat him out tonight freed knows what it's all about taking care of business. Against the suns we we all would have against the lakers last week they did a good job against Detroit. Public tell you gotta win against Phoenix you'll come back where it took so your text messages. And we'll get to headlines as well or the 5 o'clock hour on the other side and we got your opportunity to win 1000 dollars. In art cash contest that's right that's coming up next right here at seven I didn't take. Every game. Take into an intellect is unsure of her time post game show was as emotionally wrapped with a game Lexus and Subaru calmer minds always an amazing deals it was my champion for a by force awful reasonable NG truck and SUV customization job. Put a champion for by Ford dot com Curtis expert here on seven I do take a Frito is in for perk. Today on this side a Monday and we're about two and a half minutes away from giving you our next code word for your opportunity to win 1000. Dollars in our 79 you to get. Man to me money money money money money contest so we veco word here coming up real gets your headlines as well we ought to got a lot of text coming in. In Nara open door policy on the text line at 67974. I brought to a Florida lumber on the South Florida door superstore where you can find over. Fifty models of interior and exterior doors and soc everyday for a number more than just lumber you can text shall we invite and encourage your text messages. At 67974. That's a 67974. And we did this one today freedom I knew this would come in here I'm surprised only took an hour. But it did come in the future of drafted them Booker incident also Winslow down you know how long coming in number and television director Josh Richards and what number ten and Whittle them before and I rising river that they do thanks for the banks for a Texan but thanks a lot techsters but he did owls come in right OK with. Glad you glad we had a good time to address that on but guess Devin Booker is in town. And he'd he'd need to figure out where he is because he could light them up in a heartbeat. And I would normally we'll talk to Tim Kempton come and appear. He is the on the collar man spent fourteen years playing professionally in the NBA and overseas he's he's seen it all he's done it off he is the suns' color analyst on the radio side. Hour and talk to him in the 6 o'clock hour just before we turn over toward he'd coverage. But but you normally would say yes. That you should win this game. But but I just me I'm going back to flashback to Thursday night week has said that the about the late in the lakers. Probably have exactly do you have more talent in the Phoenix Suns right but still there a team that yes that lost a lot of games. But if you let Phoenix get wide open shot you let them get in transition let them get up and down. Like yes naked Miami at times looks. A little bit slow afflicts. Against some of these younger faster teams especially just one they wanna go at a breakneck pace Miami wants to run of mine wants to run the had there at their convenience. And Miami looks low a lot of times against some at some of the against some of these teams are just wanna get to a 125 points every night. And I mean this is a very fast team they have enabled it to be real successful. Also in transition but their struggle or Alec date they have the potential to be very good right now they're certainly not showing they've got a lot of growing to do having lost twelve of their last thirteen. And it's not like the heat right now our defending the Tripoli with. You know a great great record I mean look at the whole losses they've had they've lost to Sacramento they've lost a Brooklyn. They've lost two Orlando are right they lost to the lakers are right did teams coming here. I'm not saying all bottom Peters and the lakers are are a little bit better than a bottom Peter but nonetheless. Right now the heat you know dead and a peace a team that just terrible in the coming year there's still a chance they could win. Together for over for five four or 517. To thirteen at home. Everybody else outside the Washington has a far better home record Kirch going through being sort of wondered by I don't know what he's going and that's that's organs over 500 but that's not a great home record and it's not a huge point of the season don't you wanna be you know I would say win almost twice as many easy was at home in an ideal situation go 500 on the road. Yeah he ought to be double that at least eight over nine overflow. At home are tiger. Chance to win 1000 dollars that's right it is. 5 o'clock on the not so let's do it it's disseminated to take it man gave money contest your jazz take over a thousand bucks all you have to do is text the word mouse. Mouse. 272881. In your registered text mouse MO US the 272881. Right now and if you don't win this time next chance is tomorrow morning at 6 AM was dazzle Romberg and amber. This is national contest message and data rates may apply. Don't text and drive. Mouse MO USC. You're seven to. 88 hole one optimal audio the entire hour to register pitching now in 6 o'clock so we'll give you that Colbert you missed out if you. If you just heard right they're old Texan drive but malice is the word text it to 72881. Before you continue let's get afraid he's got to 5 o'clock headline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. And the resume play tonight against the Phoenix Suns losers of twelve of their last thirteen and owners of the second worst record. In the NBA bam out of bio rejoins the team after missing Saturday's game. For personal reasons now what's Howard Johnson Wayne Ellington both listed as questionable with left quad contusion. Miami is were called both do or won't junior and Jerry Jones-Drew anger from Sioux Falls of the G league. Took office at 730 in our coverage begins at 630 with the pregame show now Virginia in college basketball somebody it's gonna garner. A lot of attention over the next few weeks with selection Sunday coming up in six days conference tournaments coming up. They are now the unquestioned number one in the AP top 25 the cavaliers garnered all 651 place votes in today's poll. After finishing four games ahead of the field in the ACC regular season race this was Virginia's. Four straight weeks at number one. They all for the season even if they lose in the ACC tournament even if they lose early in the issued or no matter they're gonna be the number one overall seed I'd imagine. They've had a stranglehold on arguably the best conference in college basketball. All year long they ran away from the ACC. And and good for them but next week who booed that's all I ever 100. And it's forty minutes. And if you have a bad stretch you can and you'll be going home in a hurry as March Madness selection Sunday will be this Sunday. Gained we'll start next week and animal globe brackets galore around here that's freedom and I damn guy can't wait and Anderson pools has to be a lot of fun by the way just a quick mention their Miami Miami what it was job we look at the totality of the season the regular season. For them to get the third seed in the ACC. Have to lose and Bruce ground. That is that that that Jim Larranaga its target every time we turn around go but this is best coaching job that's how many great coaching jobs he's done. But this might be his his best year from what he has in for a were first team to kind of come together they finally got together than you lose lose ground but you have to yet to figure that thing out. Them to be the third have been finished third in the ACC that's that that is about as good as you can do. Dial the way back machine to fuel per second. Not in general are negative the unlikely he got George Mason to a final often when they hire him no more your thoughts on you learning your permanent I'm raskin him legally he hired a light on while to lose their summit we hired him and talked alone on Wednesday. We got them on the air and I'm like you know why why Miami why now because I'm sure there was a ton of teams that made a run at him even after that and any in the run it was it was at 06 it would do is with George Mason. And he's 06 I believe those extras and a hand here Florida won back to back so. Cobb. You know he had teams that made run runs at him big schools anyone as a dirt racing and to be just I kind of thought you know what okay. You wanna kinda just walk off into the sunset lobe it may be retired down here in South Florida counted as well I mean I'm a grandfatherly type guy just kinda you just kinda slow slow walked into her and I was completely wrong because it was just the timing was odd. But it worked out perfectly I mean he's coming he is done nobody not even the folks of Ireland Lehman at the time Sean I course was the idea right were ceramic. Nobody can say that they thought that he was going to do this type of job. At the university of mildly it was a great thinkable and unthinkable he's exceeded everybody's expectations article he watched across campus he's a rock star right now oh yeah he should be I mean but it just to answer that question yeah I was very odd because it was like. This time of your career do you wanna go and Miami was. Might it was in. An established products he had to build display and he's a good recruit frank cave was it was it was. Deal NCAA tournament and I T for three years NCAA tournament. And I T for three years. If you inherit top point program that you just come in and kind of fine tune it and then put it on cruise control. The build this thing up and add his aides and we get accomplished and he missile settle at George Mason I just kinda wondered you wanna coming here which gets its hands dirty down here. You really gotta do you really got to do some the down here this is it has taken over a national power and I don't know if you wanted to do that and how surprised that he did and he's done an amazing job at a. I think he's he's doing great and I never thought he would do as well as he's done. The Oakland Raiders they released linebacker Earl Smith pepper and other off field incident raiders announced the move today two days after his alleged involvement in domestic violence incident. Ausmus beyoncé told TMZ the former all pro has checked into a rehab facility for exactly what she did not say. And multiple published reports have former Marlins outfielder and future purse down call chamber Ichiro Suzuki nearing a return to the team or he made his payday. The Seattle Mariners are working on a deal to finalize an agreement with that former franchise icon and good for him I mean this guy is just amazing you know he came over from Japan. First year in the majors won the MVP in the rookie of the year an immediate impact. I was at 2008 through 2002001. Were as. Unbelievable and Ichiro you could say those guys that I did it was really cool having him here in town for those cavalier and aliens went historical clubs and then to 200 stands three years of all time leader in single season Emmy just. Guaranteed and Altman. Miniature army I did see that question always you always resonates with me users wonder if you would came over for years but do you he would invade record I mean there's kind of an eighty it and there was -- hundreds of players come negated what he was point 930. Maybe if he he would've I think you would have in the ultimate leader if you if you if you put his entire career. Absolutely I mean it's him I mean the time he came over half of his crime was gone. Well I don't know about that battle with the added I mean what you intense three years of of of the nominal plate right but it means you could add even more I mean just it just like you yeah in his twenties were all played in an in Japan. And again these are like yeah I mean yeah all those years. Where he was over there where you look like you can imagine if you just started. You know five more years earlier in the needed what he would have a couple of years ago I was in Seattle and and when my wife was there for conference so I got a crucial goal Mariner's game and he understands English better than you think he speaks or interpreter. But he understands English and he had that and Griffey was there at the time. And they were just. Having fun ormat each other does drawing back and forth in the clubhouse and calligraphy cents on the make bottom and and each row. Why did all the time understood English or welders leaps out you know yells lead you to. They everybody was lap and so he understands English a little better just a fun loving guy and has the nominal I mean one of the one of the best bass he's a slap hitter. Phenomenal baseball player but I'm glad he's get a job and candidly as everyone knows the curse. The cuss words before anything else their fuel an editor for in that's that's kind of cuss words in Spanish or did and yes oh yes yes now. And that's that'll be on will be set about that they're gonna wanna say Ayman restarted and obviously will will read along really well we enjoy this license Haas has 67974. That's a you reaches. On the on the text Lima attacks come in on the Miami Heat so rightly I thought it was pretty illuminating rally had to say yesterday he thinks. This team is good enough. Now you would what good enough is this not a championship team. Not a not a team that that may be even if you get to the conference finals. But a team that can certainly make the playoffs a team that should make the playoffs and a team that is not just happy to be in the playoffs a team that. Probably if not be disappointed the putting on the matchup if they did not win. At least a series in the post season. I think maybe a series but I think beyond that all bets are often and I. Again you Riley was a little vague you know in in his comments but I still think. He's overstating how old what I'm Riley are probably say the same thing I mean what else is gonna say. We're terrible we we were we lucky to advance beyond one. Doesn't BS like like like like a lot of people. Lot of people are better than you know a lot of guys do their Frito like I think he was something he's got a pretty good to Palestinians. I think you realize this team. Can do that you mentioned hey we got up to the third spot why can we do that again he did mention that OK with the you know they may faltered a lot they've lost games they should know they have. But now potentially the talent level is there you do I agree with it the top level. But I think it is our hearty thing this team is gonna I think this is a decent team I don't think it's it's it's beyond getting to the I don't think they get beyond the second round of the playoffs if they get that far why aren't they help season yeah I think Debbie. Considering a lack of superstar I think you'd be pretty good I think they won a series but in the first round of the got to the kind semis W pretty good year and it was huge that they want against Detroit because and think about had they lost not a and there are four games ahead of Detroit are now had they lost on Saturday night. The one of only two games ahead of Detroit which is a very close margin plus Detroit wins the tiebreaker now the heat win. They've pushed Detroit back four games right now and he won the tie record that was an enormous victory of course beating Philadelphia was a big want to lose two nights before. Yeah and I don't know that lets you got to not guessing about catching teens as opposes holding some teams off that's where that's where your mindset has to be if you're the Miami Heat now let me play one more Riley cut boring because they're talking about the length of the bench when Riley was coaching and the game this bowl coaches in right now. I don't look at it does. Being inconsistent drew hundreds of sometimes the lack of continuity. You know through injuries and and analytics and how coats decides how he's gonna rotate players. It was easy from there. I mean I was zero help locate the seven guys eight guys that it was a different game back there. Pin up five guys that on the bench and hate guys played recently got her dog Balto blog put a nice guy in. But Gil months woods you know use a you know rotate seventh place six and trust by. You can always lose like five or let him coach knows who his cry about going out there. Yeah I I agree that plus Riley had he gets pretty good options are looked at it and are registered and analytic. It is that it's against even Alter too much magic Kareem worthy of yeah. Guys yeah I imagine to ABC. That's worthy and give it to her dream of Patrick you way okay John Starks Derek harper. Wells though Timmy Hardaway now pat how built some of those teams that we joke with yes. But I do but I do agree with him on one thing. Like who. Like if you had 78 guys that you just trusted and you believed in. You have to go searching for guys nine or ten no yup or about that unless there's an injury but this team. How many and MS has questioned before a perk in this to how many guys do you truly trust on this team. 34. Maybe yeah I'm name. May I think you can probably say five maybe. I mean regularly and I think it'll today after the what a given night they did so inconsistent like you know would you throw that guy out there he's going to give you this tonight against the Phoenix okay oh in terms that if you wanna label like bank and trust in the future one yeah degradation as. It's usually okay you know you can't it be you know what that you can't put us on that you can't put him and you can't say I trust this got to be consistent one night after the other writers too many examples of the opposite happening to. Put him in the category I trust closer to three or four then then then that's my favourite over on the side on this club are look at that plus let's assume you're at your text messages well. As as we continue on right here awesome and anything. For now the end Marge have a chance to win the tickets thousand dollars a man gave money every hour between 6 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday of the some of the code word and texted to seven to anyone and you have a chance to win the money you need to build your perfect man cave. Message in the average may apply don't Texan drive this is a national contest we're giving way man gave money on aims of and I NFO 1043. HD to the tickets. I've just been informed. On ala tiger of say about the alleged reform we had a winner. And try to who was from South Florida too by the way the code word. It is mouse for this hour for 5 o'clock in the code word is now so text mouse. MO USC 272881. That seven to. 881 at 72881. And you'll be registered to when you have the entire 5 o'clock hour. To register. And if you win like we have a winner on Friday you win thousand dollars so we we have a pretty cool there so can listen in and now the next code were will be at 6 AM tomorrow morning. With does dazzle Romberg and amber Curtis Stevens alongside Josh Freeman freedom is in for par today on this sub busy Monday afternoon we talked enemies he earlier. In the 4 o'clock hour about the Jarvis Landry deal. Jurors and he's very weird your per because here's a Dicey at the seems to be a lot of just told me personally I'm freedoms are the I know that here's how I see it. The drivers everything is inches is very strange because he has a lot of leverage right now are not tunnel. And there seems to be a lot of interest from a lot of teams right now. But. Lot of teams don't wanna meet his price tag which is his his current salary in this huge seller which I guess that's where the dolphins don't wanna do that. I don't think compensation will be that big of an issue. But here's the other thing that of the other teams. Know that might hurt Landry in the dolphins too is once Landry signs that. That they've the tender. In the tank sixteen million dollars and took directly goes on the dolphins salary cap and that hamstrings the dolphins because they can negotiate and do some other things. Seoul. Teams know that and that they know the ball is going to be in that position so even if Landry gets a column term content worked out with a young team acts team X also knows why we give you the dolphins what a second or third round let's give a fourth of petrol because. They don't want middle Landrieu on their books they don't wanna pay him sixteen million dollars he was for one season. So it's really fascinating to see how all of this plays out I do think. Landry's gonna be playing elsewhere to deal will be console might. The the biggest thing as I see this summer is not to agree to agree to fatally injure what he wants. I think compensation can be worked out amongst decent last week when you and I were running under the Utah in gap might not be as wide as people think that you know. A little movement on on both sides get the steel dawn about it yeah I thought I thought so if you're if you really if that don't really wanna Landry. I don't know how much I don't know how much they really really wanted to keep it seems like they were ready to and they may disease and to move on from. But the biggest thing that that Beasley said which I was variously in this is the road we probably are gonna go down here Prado is. That is the dolphins want to move in the draft. That'll NG could be a sweetener for a team. So don't wanna move up in the draft they were and and all these reports and some warmer BS let you know eight its flights that time a year. If the dolphins want to move up and take your quarterback. Than they might trade with somebody and say hey we'll give you Jarvis Landry to remove up you know 678 spots whatever it is in the draft and you've got an. Axel slot receiver again references don't value them as highly as he and his agent value value himself and so. But you know then that it's a good piece and it's a good trade chip to have in if you get them. So I don't question is will the team meet a man reached price and all the team in meet the dolphins price whatever that is third round or whatever that is or to move up. As part of a package to move up in the drafting and moved higher than eleven. Yeah I does that mean your Landry like if you're the dolphins he's gonna go on running and and and sign that tag and signed that tender and the funny thing about a guy like Jarvis Andrews driver's injury is a guy that he will bet on himself. Like jobs added parred the last guy in the room real that I would say. The last guy we would say. He doesn't want to play out the year under the nobody wants to everybody wants the big deal yeah -- risky interact everybody but but everybody alike with everybody wants security give me it's important to me the five year deal get the signing bonus in radio right what's the Big Five year contract give me all the money you know it's a it's a myself up so everybody wants the security. But if there was one guy that you would it that you could ask. And point to in this town you would say. She will bet on himself she is going to have the attitude of screw it. I will play and I will now make even more money to them have another huge season it be a guy like charmed I mean he's got a lot of patent himself and I think that's great is better than I any self doubt all you want a guy. Who supremely confident his billion peels that you know what all we were the eve I'm worth this much right now. You're from now I'll be worth even more like jars and usually the one got to distance you'll join us up to me were beat you get that got a sister obviously for a year and opera another should. Have another 110 catches and and instead of you know. You know whatever the my money is this year I'll make you go more money next year whether it seems like that guy it's happened was last night I cited some Manny you know examples last year you know last week. The biggest one I can think of Max Scherzer former cy award winner he's won three times now I think. And the tigers offered him six years 144 million dollars that's 24 million a year guaranteed every dollar guarantee. He was a year away from free agency said no I'm not gonna do so when you place throughout the year ago and you could risk injury and pitchers are are prone to injury. He plays one more year go to the fridge he signs a seven year 210. Million dollar deal he made a better himself and came up. Oh with a gold McNerney cash and cash in the in a big time way I just. I'm I've got a real relegated to the fact that our central group evolve and I don't listen I don't think so calling and they're gonna have to somehow. Make that up now they have a chance to move up. Nancy draft a quarterback I think maybe then in the long run this deal could Wear short term in my experience of pain long term. Especially if behind the scenes despite what Adam gave says old Tamils are making great progress if there's any reticence at all. On the dolphins are behind the scenes and they feel they can get a franchise quarterback moving up and going to. You got your vote as much after early on man you're really you're really. I'm Agassi fall in the trap because I do I do am fascinated by it by. If it's amazing how many different. Crazy. Permutations there are because. In and I said this last week we were talking about it I said. I don't think there's any teams out that there's any players that teams are sold on therefore there's a lot of players born a lot of different teams in their four. A lot of speculation and that leads you to a lot of different theories on where guys who go that's why there's so many different. Mock drafts into mystery no because I don't see a clear number one pick I don't see a clear number how secret were more aka the reward quarterback in this year's draft I don't could see a clear. Up defensive player in this year's draft good I see a sequel Martinsville running back and he's gonna go there early outside of that I I don't think anybody knows who's gonna have a top of that draft. Two things fascinate me about the draft and always interest in the draft especially the high part of draft first couple rounds. One world Barkley go I mean because if if the browns who keep number one and number four fast are gonna are good all solid they are gonna skip from the number one I don't think he's gonna be around them before either I think either. You know the two T two teams behind them. Are the giants of the colts might might draft him or trade down of the draft for some of the really wants cinquanta Barkley. And by the way Mike Freeman has agreed tweet he quoted an NFL assistant coaches say one Barkley. I would punish myself I'll say the war in in the growing in many many mentally tough it is to be addressed. So that's what they've never gone there for I don't know while he'd he'd wanted to endure the pain one can also were these quarterbacks go and how many on the first round. You know where the big forgo an NA know where where's what's gonna happen assay with Lamar Jackson as well local product here. Will he you know he's refusing to to play anything but quarterback in the NFL will tackle for a with clubs there are a lot of questions and those of the big ones that that I want answered well the dolphins decide. You know to move up and be aggressive my tantamount can be very aggressive when he wants to be he's proven that in the past. And and their old Tennessee somebody literally like maybe they do the do enough to move up in the draft there's only one there's only one position that would really I think the did dolphin fans. Relief whether you'd be quarterback to have them. I mean Iraq and all good let's draft another offensive guard or defense of tackle you're gonna you'll want you know. And and now the acquisition Robert Quinn. I mean how many more defensive ends can you have on the roster especially since use blasters first runner. On the offensive and all I know that fielder spoke out linebacker I don't know I mean you know they they've got ray Kwan and Millen returning. You know he injured himself in the first play in the pre season last year. The number of different positions under singularly positioned I think that would really get people excited would be quarter I I agree I agree there's none other. Unless you address some out draft a Barkley he certainly neck up ball. We Calvin Ridley at eleven if you you know mile mile outside of that I don't think there you object to the tight and worthy that they're gonna take that high so they keep their first round agree to move up. There's only one position I think can really and syndicate drafted a player somewhere else Bosnia that would really get this Fiat based do fan base excited. Would be if they take when you evidently if you're in the final look at I'm in the front office Curtis. And I'm there and not my measuring stick is not gonna be ol' what's gonna get the fans excited I've gotten who I think has passed this team. Wins we'll get the fans excited I'm not gonna sit there and say. All I've got a draft this position. Because his ruling and energize the bambino I'll I'm not saying to do that I'm just didn't get it but that's the reality of I think it's a reality but it can't enter into conversations with the executive Y percent I never should that tell you they should draft and I just made the statement of what's going to get the tax time you know the right running here. What's going to energize your friend is get people excited about dolphins football again that they took a quarterback absolutely and that's a goal and that does that. And that you're getting to the point oh. If there's a quarterback that they love than just that there is joy and get it over and very quickly over a period of time which I don't think will be too long he will be. The most popular player on the team. You know they always have the backup quarterback is has he will be the shiny new toy that eventually emerges in the starting lineup. Well counselor plays on the proposed for live and nobody and along on this potential up on the whiny he he he did hobbling David hardy who used in many years ago. I got to text messages that will get to at 67974. About is somebody takes in about. Chad Griffin how cool all like Verizon was that 120 wraps. Yeah with a prosthetic left arm I mean he lost his hand when he was four years old. Oh that's amazing one of the coolest things in and I'd I mean I watched I've seen him play a couple of years ago because again his brother there. The last couple winners and his brother got drafted and played issuable on the NFL. There's not room to this kid. Almighty god and then he goes there and is the story of the com buying and know now's pretty amazing so some Texan about that we'll get some of the that he text. As well plus the code word for the 5 o'clock hour. Will revisit that close you were glued to the Oscars last night and I know exactly who I was going back in front only care about the big awards. There was a summit happened you know and during the masters who won an award and something happened really weird afternoon. After the Oscars don't talk about targets of that on the other side here also as you get sillier text messages 679. 74. Right here on 79 minutes ago. Wallace that's why you're out of your car know where he's got to get out the stream on the ticket Miami dot com or even on radio dot com and that after the well if you're here in South Florida you can hear the heat games online. So many ways to listen so many hot takes ready basketball coming up at 630 our pregame George we talked to Tim Kempton he has the color analyst on the radio side for the Phoenix Suns broadcast he's gonna join us in the 6 o'clock hour as a whole take in our pregame covered six thirty. That'll start in the 730 at the American Airlines Arena. Courtesy was in Josh Friedman is in for perk on this busy Monday afternoon. Covered a lot of ground today Frito when it comes to Jarvis Landry. The Miami Heat pat Riley's comments yesterday at the the fairly vessel you're out there. You were you're in the straight dope from the the Miami you know what's going well with this basketball club then Riley you know assignment. His his state of the club he's thinks that they have enough speed and say enough to win a championship but he said we we you know were talented and upn were were versatile long enough. NS are of dot dot dot just left it at that and annually it sounds like he said our I've given you guys and off the rest is up to you coaches and players. I think we can go up. The latter having. From the teams between. Four and nine or ten like through four games of pardon. Five game winning streak puts up reports we've already been in third that so. It's great it's just it's great I wish we were up there that I haven't without a lot of these games that doesn't. Yeah they would do with the help out the ticker a little bit because these are these are some stressful games of they've been playing in lately. But you know Riley EEO I think that so I think it was a mandate of you have enough. Now finish the job both on the bulls to Spoelstra in the coaches into the players as well. Mean if by my happenstance and I don't think it's gonna happen but if they only the playoffs the B three out of last four years that they've been. The play I know and it's it's now exposed job is gonna be in danger but you actually they would have to look internally what are we doing now. You know warriors Julien the loss of LeBron and you have the unexpected loss two years in Rome no doubt optional the divorce from Dwyane Wade's we had a lot of things have happened three out of four years economic playoffs right would be the but the bottom line business and they are bottom line organization. 30 last four years you've been on you to not be in the post season and Riley is not just hey we're in the post season rate. Like you know there's I was perspective is amazing thing leg of the Detroit Pistons get to the post season. Everyone celebrating a but the try to limit the post season great public reverend Trey worked out of the Charlotte hornets or the Orlando Magic find a way to get to the season. Everyone's happy if the Miami Heat. Find themselves in the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference nineteen games are now freed all. What's the reaction around town I think alone and cool warm you know and she writes I think the rash meet. Should have been higher under performing group that we would do well enough with the sort of higher speed chart correct correct. So you know I think rather save as much right there rallies in yeah. We knew we can get a higher we could be better but using Riley's. Some way we play before coaching has changed you know he really only trusted five guys but you look especially in LA. The guys that he had to trust I mean it was it was some. And abolish all famers right there. But how when he would he trust that he was coaching this team to use your that you. It's not a white side would be one of those guys and he would trust game inning game I know too much and console Goran Dragic I'm gonna trust him. Kelly liquid healthy I'm gonna put him on the list right now I think he's done while he's got the best plus minus of anybody on the team I would I would say Kelly Atlantic I would say Duane going around I would say Duane. And I would say analyses Josh Richardson. Yet. But I don't James Johnson last three what do trust no he's been underperforming. Dion Waiters before he got hurt. Was underperforming. There's not one damn out of Iowa has been. A pleasant surprise. But I wouldn't say I put him under the heading I would actually trust him one game after another you know and and in other guys and arms look and on the list. Richardson is a very nice surprise it didn't look like geniuses for signing to that for your honey I say Johnson his offense is still is still you know canal work in Portland is also the deep president one that's for it was every night you know he's going to be a lead defensively and so I so yes that that's an attitude that this guy do you trust the guys you can count on. And it's time we hear you or the guys that you account can't count on any Wayne Ellington is these is hit or miss at times. You know I think is that he's got a really good year and how awful little bit not Winslow not Wenzel nods and Tyler Johnson James Johnson. No neither club and I mean. Does there's three or four and that sets you right now and I thought maybe you'll be Mormon now that I look at the roster that that that's all I'm put on him at a bio still rookies these looks great time yes but he still rookie can expect to the go up there and and and give it as he's learning and especially when the bell rings on the playoffs you know you can you can you know that's just very different animal. Right means that says if your it's usually a short list who do you trust and and so it reinforcing a Riley. If Pat Riley will you me if you if you was both coach and the current position was it like it was back in 06 woman on the title. When he made that same statement he made yesterday knowing that he's the coach of the team I'm not sure. He might have withheld that. Or at least phrases and how many guys do you trust. Lower you know all we have everything we need I'm not sure those were the color Riley's now if he was the coaches and that's that's the stuff that's the main take away that I took from yesterday is he put it on Spoelstra in the play right. So I'm squarely on them if it was ultimately makes that statement. I mean it was an interview was Cogent and bizarrely. We may not I don't think rallies trying to be you know be it'd be a jerk about it no but he's just like those and we should be better. So he's putting it on on Spoelstra in the coaches and sending more portly putting on the players. He's putting on the players hey I gave you would be Contra Gene Johnson. I gave you a big contract Tyler Johnson I you know I drafted UBM at a bio I gave you a big contract born. You guys need to finish this thing out right in your capable of doing it. A week we've seen you at your best we know that you guys are better than losing my 45 to the lakers are getting blown out of the building that's unacceptable. Now if if let's say they get through the first round and lose in the second round. Oh boy I guarantee this be asked by somebody I won't I'll be glad asking myself. I'm not gonna say compared expectations where did this season and I'm gonna say based on the roster that you had and the health of the roster is where you exited. Is sufficient enough I know everything everything going edu of course your goal is to win a title but based on the talent that you have. How do you measure this season. It's a fair question. But but it's Kenny answered because you don't know a lot after the season ends right we don't know how they how they how they went out and who they lost to and how that played out all the house of go six or seven games against Toronto in the second round of playoffs. And they lose you know by a couple of baskets in a big game that your feeling different again swept for Obama right okay Aaron Aaron I'm gonna. A lot of unknown factors but two years ago when you when you you took Toronto you know under the regular development. Let me a lot of it has to do you know the trajectory of this team and we go if you look if you lose to Cleveland in seven games mainly on well. Pay error you know eight and you're OK while we bring the same group back we get Dion back OK you know where we can be right they're. Did you feel differently than if you get swept thing and yet and they've you know by Cleveland lose by twenty points or Rene and I agree tiger right there they're I can't make a blanket statement like that. I mean I guarantee you win they win this season is already he's going to be asked some form of that question yeah well we I think we all know this team has a ceiling. Right I deciding Riley wants them to reach that ceiling. Like everybody else turnoff the last that you want is to under achieve and I think they've redeem all of their nineteen games to go anything can happen the week that win over Detroit. Winning the tiebreaker numbing four games ahead of them it would take I think a monumental collapse. By the heat to not make the playoffs right now. Yes no I would say that like at this point they're making the playoffs they're making it just a matter where your seat in the very bunched up. 3 raid in the eastern town they're they're making the playoffs right now right days as a matter of. If you're gonna be DC or attribute your going to be better to get a better soccer. And because you're going to make the playoffs I mean that's. That has to be a given that at this point I'd 67974. That's I Regis on the tax on welcome back Tim Kempton. Is going to join us we'll get a little preview of tonight's game which is a must win you would say oh my god solids you what I've said that before I know I know but but the the reason why it's a must win because you blew a lot of those games. The additional one earlier what you gotta finish of this homestand in style against the Phoenix Suns team who is up. Steam rolling towards the NBA lottery with Devin Booker comes in Josh Jackson they got some young players they got some guys. That is filled up so you gotta come in here and handle your business or the Miami Heat plus we get to 6 o'clock headlines. With tough Credo as well the other side right here on 79 the target. Bump up against 6 o'clock hour. Reminder from now to the end of march of Chester with the tickets thousand dollars a man gave money every hour. Between 6 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday listened to the code word to Texas and Texas to seven to anyone. And have a chance to win the money you need to build your perfect man cave message inveterate may have I don't text and drive this is a national contest. We're giving women gave money on names of and I mean if from 1043. HD to the tickets per Stephenson alongside Josh Freeman Frito is in for perk. While we got a busy busy show that we've been we begin to hears is flying by here free also Tim Kempton is still lose millions and join us. He is the Phoenix Suns. Color and it was on the radio signed bill is spent fourteen years in the MBA and playing overseas and I lost about tonight's matchup against the Phoenix Suns. Are sorted to give until 630 we get an abbreviated show today as we get 730 tip off from the American Airlines Arena. Against the against the Phoenix Suns so before we get to Tim coming up here in just a matter of minutes let's get to 6 o'clock. Headline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS at this age age old Miramar. And the resume play tonight against the suns losers of twelve of the last thirteen and owners of their second worst record in the NB ABM not a mile rejoins the heat after missing Saturday's game for personal reasons. With Tyler Johnson Wayne Ellington both listed as questionable with what left quad contusion as Miami is were called Bo Derek Walt junior and there are Jones junior. From Sioux Falls of the usually tip off is at 730 and our coverage begins at 630 with a pregame show. Virginia garner all 651. Place votes they've now this of course three weeks. They've been the number one they won the ACC by four games and multiple published reports have former Marlins outfielder Ichiro Suzuki. Nearing a return to the Seattle Mariners where he was a franchise icon he's working toward a one year the what I am to be alive man yup baseball star not the March Madness. You got MBA playoffs NHL playoffs nobody can beat the Florida Panthers down here. We got all your golf tournament your tennis tournaments. NASCAR whatever your thing is. NFL free agency it is got some good for everybody whatever your bag is Frito. You can you can dip into your goodie bag there's going to be something they're four and we'll ask my in my bag was the Oscars okay and and and TV first of all. She happened of who first off Colby when not right I mean I'm and I'm. It'll plug now thinking what do wife to do I mean I've got a one up coldly you know I was thinking about the the all the people that work in Hollywood for like fifty years just a and leg that just to win an Oscar even get nominated for an Oscar Ayers Kobe Bryant coming in after playing basketball trip while this this movie thing this the short story I think yeah here's a little poll here that I this others right in my spare time. After playing basketball that's gonna win me the big goal stature yet and they know who sees the short animated films were are these things. But they get out Oscar forum and you could tell me you know Mark Campbell was excited as hell the call Kobe's name you know any. Goes up they're dressed in a toxin he released he was dressed well they're in the Oscar some people that show when these weird weird out missed. And you know given basic acceptance speech but Kobe Bryant. I mean what you know what does he want twenty year Chanel a marvelous hall of Famer Kobe Bryant or Oscar winner Kobe Bryant I think Oscar winners pretty cool for ago. I think I'll sort of critical critical it's the only is first name's Zach Kobe anymore either one of the two Paul Bremer or Oscar winner. I think it's Oscar his pretty pretty pretty damn cool idea there's only so many of those running around here. And especially I mean if you're on an actor and of course an actor but I mean still. Oscar winners pretty cold as it was pressure on the Iraqis how to when the best actor Astor yes Donald while channeling you never know with a rock and not real quick and Frances McDormand won her second Oscar she was best actress she won about twenty years ago Fargo has a great movie actually solve I want while she was fantastic and as an out of Elizabeth and I never seen but yet section saw that yeah she was great and so she wins she goes backstage she's at the governor's ball. Noted that the Oscar has her naming grave got it birds getting grade and someone stole our ops I saw that guy and walked. The way the photographer of all people to war game pox I. I did this guy got the Oscar back he's in prince is enormous symbolic thing I go we've been arrested on 20000 dollars bail. Now according whose answer Rehman FaceBook pages he's been on the red carpet for. Oscars grammys a sag award MTV but I think it how does he get past security let me give an example your idol covering heat game this is what I do you. Just to get to vote to media work from I have to go through a metal detector. Up a bomb sniffing dog. Then I've got to go through two more. Checkpoints just to get to the media worker Mahal or go for media work room. To the locker room I've got to go through two more checkpoints and sure even though they know me they've seen me there a million times I've got to show my ID so how many it was at five checkpoints. Plus one in Austin sniffing dog just to get to the locker room in this guy goes inning gets backstage at the Oscars I mean they got to be wondering. What now we have two new security wise you wanna talk Jewish good. But that's still how does he get to. My first thought about saying all that the that maybe they think you're never trustworthy down to Miami yeah. And the American Airlines Arena as Frito average interest right now to shut the skeletal shady here it was the look but having gone through that myself yes that means that the American gathering has amazing to hear amazing secreted out of a couple more lit areas that I that I included since late last year grandson. They added a couple more like now almost all ball for more security less but I mean like I know the guards by name that's a while still live to see my. My by prospect but here's the thing it's like the guy that stole Brady's Jersey like a what do you like eventually your what are you gonna do with that. But if you wanna sell it they're gonna Knowles of exit and know that you run stolen it's. Ligament like Ali you can hide the sale right alleges gonna put it in your tenure in your on your mantle and just staring at. For the next 25 years thirty years and I stole that from Frances McDormand I have an Oscar myself. My leg I guess toilet you're going to get outed at some point or should show it or whatever she was crying like crazy and I don't blame her I would too vows or Madonna was returned to her and according to her wrapped she went on celebrated. It in and out burger. I've never been to close. I have never Berger an unqualified celebrate by Oscar winning performance tonight at eight Miller letter that's and so industrial does this yesterday just won an Oscar and an Oscar gown you're gonna all of a birdie outline ultimate don't Resop address of the Fries Zedillo's that's that's our Oscar as it is created out better than five guys. Yeah I like yes yes the five guys and excellent but an out yes and not miss to the U I'll have it and now lot. When you're out there and you have it it's like wow you know I mean so so Jordan being Jordan and and and we'd you know LeBron or they can. How do I get my Oscar the rock that's a pretty good deal. You can joke about it or not like that's pretty impressive he's got that now has mental or ward is that dog next all is MVP -- you know with no I Levy Charlie's finals MVP I was over there I think that's a helmet that's a little accomplishment for dad doesn't ruling pending does know what he's doing I'm gonna write this little thing called your basketball and walk away with a stat I mean those those bleak and people have been write stories for thirty years in Hollywood can we get a sniff of an Oscar for Kobe and Kobe Bryant comes and I am available poll about about basketball. Here here and I'm gonna win this pretty cool so pretty cool Oscar winner Kobe Bryant I we got we got a basketball game coming up here and the bottom of the hour pregame coverage. Is going to take place but we gotta talk a little suns basketball a matchup tonight. Against the Miami Heat Tim Kempton he is the color analyst on the sun broadcast former MBA Boller himself. He's gonna stop by next right here on 790 the ticket. And I. Fifty minutes to. Okay. A few minutes and he is customize my champion for my sports off Florida's number one. Jeep truck and SUV customization shocker guaranteed up I was four by four modifications in town. Called champion four by four it's about a six months of 23446. Of a champion for by Ford dot com. Also sponsored by Marino Hayek Lopez and Marc if your insurance attorneys. Call 305 in owner Irma and brought you by expended when it comes and entertainment you love excellent gives you more change what you experienced DB with a extended the X one and by all brewers beat against Portman isn't it their W two back in the game with yourself or locations there's one near Yuba all pro orthopedic dot com. For more info Kristi was alongside Friedel Josh Freeman who was in for perk on this Monday basketball coming up at the bottom of the hour of the Phoenix Suns are down. And we get out right now to Iran feels announcers mean Soares got signed. There are truly stepped beyond convenient that's where we find Tim Kempton. Then fourteen years of professional basketball is the suns' color analyst on the radio side he has the pride of Oyster Bay New York say joins us right now Tim I can go in there. Why are you went reboot some of that information to do better Notre Dame and I know I know you're ideologues on the iris and to determine all that stuff. But I'll let go and hit to a little New York Jackson. Right out of the gate gate. It's good that you guys in town man because that he needs a win here and I. I don't know betters over the schedule in the suns you guys are our are kind of hit the skids here what are you seem not your basketball club your down the stretch. Well alluded it's obviously definitely this gives the losses are power output. But young you were started seeing some improvement. Ahmad from from the old young guys and most notably you don't go right to just actually I regret to all year but he started to figure it out you don't you go to emotional you don't even as a professional early are. You know there was a lot of talk go blog Josh is a maturity pick it up technicals. Which were it was an important game and restrict your that I you know he so our daughter talked to the officials you. Demonstrative. Where would be what he wants to talk to get them and after and it definitely helped committed gained an aggressive all year get to the basket he. And he then someone. Wonder why aren't covered along with Devin Booker we I think we know what we got in Devin Booker put our they're pieces around them. Tutu go to that next level and I think Josh Jackson there's definitely made himself one of those pieces to what going forward. The Sousa struggled on both ends of the court 48 and offensive efficiency efficiency thirtieth. In defense of but the young guys you mentioned Devin Booker. And Josh Jackson may be teeter warn could they do they have the talent to explode any night any given night he really struggled lost over the last thirteen. Now without a doubt. That's a great point you look at Devin Booker you know his thirty plus points. Over the last five games to. TJ Warren and that mid range game is a great compliment. To it to Devin Booker to create some basic that he got jobs. Whatever it is starting lineup we're coming off the bench you go for 20/20. Five you know and and night with his aggressiveness. As well also. You don't you became the other night in Atlanta we blew I want you quality player very good component game and it took a reporter not yet been knocked you out so. One of them that the the door bird well they'll wait problem over the last. Ten or eleven games they've been playing. Together a lot better. They're aggressive then and their competitive this is definitely up there keep us. Although it still ranks in the bottom all week at times it has been very impressive so they're they're starting to figure it out that's that thing you got it seem like. The thought that up the loser just coming out here you know kind of kind of making the statement young guys. You know Devin Booker just Jack you get worn around but. As in any glee when you step on the court you're not only social kill yourself for that he would put your showcase yourself. For the rest of the week we got a couple guys on. I'm dodge you recall shack Harris didn't play great on the view that the bad. So a lot of these guys speak about her employer heart of their career is not just for this season but going forward. Tim Kempton he is the color analyst on the suns' radio broadcast he's our guest here we got. Phoenix and Miami coming up here in just a few minutes on your home and he'd answer and not enough from 1043 HD to the take it. Tim get the same is lot of fun and the lakers came in here the night and just kind of let it all hang out and they blew Miami out of the building. So the heat that's a problem with some of the some of the team we'll look at the record are all okay this should be an easy WNA just gotten they've just gotten exposed. Oh that's about two point guards but you're a little bit. A couple of years ago you guys have more point guards near the doors yet Goran who's now here you had Eric Bledsoe you have Isiah Thomas. By now it seems like up to point guard seems to be an issue you admit the move for Belfort patent what does he brought to your team and you think he's a long term solution. While you struggle a little bit more consistent yet their point guard position that. You know seven to eat averaging seventeen point seven yeah we're seven rebounds and seven assists while he's been with this time. So we've added you don't scoring punch the quarter the point guard position and then a lot of people know I'll repeat not a a three point but yet they're going to get into the paint. British around the basket you know that report opportunities that oil. But also what used to order what what we get them there those whose sister piled up because sort of stop them. He's a very very willing passer Alpert patent it and a little bit of a bright spot got a map and it's a great deadline. And yeah we're we're almost got that you mentioned we've we've been murdered drill point guard and ergo why they're the good on the ball side. So Oprah pay with his size is definitely bad. A nice addition not only on the opposite. But obviously most of them being over more. You know people handle regards you know could you just don't run our our point guard typical post and take advantage of that aren't there and then they'll put. Capable of holding his own not getting beat off the dribble as much so yeah I I think. It it didn't you warn those guys I'm talking about. Thought showcasing his created. At the end of this year I think he is someone that now as this sounds look at. What was our draft picks we're not. We don't definitely have to go get. A point guard in this draft depending on where Iraq or pick all maybe we don't get a big guy L for page towards up their point guard position. And that becomes less of a movie. When you're in the draft room. The two in Phoenix and very fast team could daily sometimes maybe they have trouble. Taking advantage of of opportunities in transition Google could they look at Hubble lakers beat Miami last week. Does it. Clobber them in transition and yet a very long film session the next day just talked about how bad their defense was good then look at that as a possible blueprint to beat the heat. Well of course whenever you see someone like that in and you know look. Coaching and you don't want we we have walked some guys are that travel with so whipped us so they're definitely breaking that down and that's definitely destroy the response because they're huge. And very inexperienced sometimes and a half court set they don't make the right decision so we can definitely look a lot better when we're in an up and down game we're just kind of reacting. You know you're pushing the ball you may have but we aren't true. Bomb that you know early in the shop and step up screen. Where you suckers aren't there to rotate she beat it definitely is much better when they're quite an up tempo game and then going that the lakers just beat them. That will be an epic as but it starts with rebound you have to give the ball off the glass first and get some stops to get their running game going. You mentioned Booker we're gonna talk about Devin Booker how special is he. Up in the media played against a lot of gray want to put you know what you've played especially for fourteen years Tim. I mean some people would say okay he's average in 25 but he's on a team where. You know he gets a lot of the shots the all year old saying you'll bad team you know it's kind of empty points. We just how special is he if you put them on a playoff caliber team you still have this type of production. All I I think so we had an important one thing that I really like about seven this year it is is assists. While supplies it became not only you'd see these you do get a new Shoppach to understanding what defense is doing too well. And he's still getting those 25 point because. You do rod double team and a mom on the side rod pick and roll. They're trying to pick the ball out of his hands early and now that's because they don't. That's about all we Bob but we have to go you got right back going get his shots all. Yeah I think you were better in our record was better all star this year so he's there he's an all star Calvert god for the next. You know 1012 years and hopefully we thought. As he continues to improve our record despair. Now all those considerations come into play but yet you want it he special that that just because. Of his ability to score but his basketball IQ how we start the learning how to play what his teammates recognizing. What you registered doing so Devin Booker is a special choir. It is your four video guys and their breaking down the film might seem to one of the challenges for the suns how do you handle. How they handle the size and apple let us as let's say Hassan Whiteside and edit them out of bio. Yet now that that's a that's a great point that's another area that Mitt maybe you don't want we go small with Markey script. Or drunken Bender they're just not physically strong enough to handle those guys as we speak we saw the other a couple of nights in the in New Orleans where they're gators solve our entire. Front line including. Both drug Bender and marquis Chris they're just not physical enough how to do it so upbeat get some help. From the guards kicking down there and if it goes straight post up. Situation double team don't let those guys get going early and then the big guys are just gonna have to play in any. Sometimes you give up quote didn't give up book a shot. You know so you stay in the game we have to be smarter about taking bows as well when we play against bigger stronger to me. Yeah I think there is it that does that to everybody in Arlington so you know that he could have definitely made about about ten days ago I mean out of that out of center at odds and captain is the color analyst on the Phoenix on the radio broadcast target rate for basketball here in in just a few minutes until a judge here on this here you look at the heat they were acquired Dwayne wade. Bomb a lot of people down here where we're trying to hold on to. The ensemble cast you know they got they go 8910 deep even eleven people and fully healthy. You look at the heat they need a star to get over the hump when you look at this roster. What do you like and what you don't like. Well obviously I have always. Like court blocked it at that point guard position I think he can score it. Are my pinkie you know he's one of those guys that knows how to run it I've always been huge fan of James Johnson. You know I'd like your work ethic I'd like are we creates. You don't miss matches and then your size on the defense to grant you know we're with he'd like Miami in that seventh eighth position. It's really a matter of like just they're there at that depth and everybody really accepting their role. And playing their role cougars to the book to their ability you don't go out you shall we what you can do I know what you can do QB everything that you can do very well. I in the night out and that spilled that team effort that he'd consistency. And I think that's what what Miami does anybody who rely on right now. For those guys that you know that there have been around awhile and really really come together as he down the stretch. Him one last question worst mentality of this this is basically young roster right now they've they've they're not even it's when he wins they've won nineteen of lost while the thirteen second worst record in the league. How the coaches trying to prop up that the attitude the mentality of the squad. Well we're a talented and gone out there being the spoiler you know you get you got the Miami you look at some other some of the games we have down the stretch and playoff team. Sure that you don't go play against you got a good time you're their machines and hasn't been anything that what what we do expect good book shall be as a young group. That you groan that you listen to us that you've gotten better at it and go forward with that so they're looking for that competitive. And hadn't met every died young guy's not going out there aren't just going commotion. Go out there and compete execute. Played the game plan that we askew and let me huge focus and as a professional even know what about the best situation. Hey Tim thanks for joining us though your visit there courtside and always a pleasure and I enjoy against you before when that moment. Thank you department are you an idea that's Tim Kempton dolls that suffered their Frito fourteen years playing in the NBA and and overseas and they got a the existing team you know you never say you look at 1213 they lost in the suns are tanking all these things. I've heard too many times Walesa's do you do when the show's lean into the heat games with you know last couple months and then we we come back the next day. Analysts and an elusive he's yea you know who we are you what I've had shows always there's no way there lose this right now we come back the next day and you're right and and there's an L will with the heat you're like come on how to they lose to that team right I mean this nineteen ago. You you know where they aren't in the in the in the ceilings the probably a playoff team Miami. You know dead the dead and four game lead against the piston right and have the tiebreaker right Detroit's and I mean the triplets Cleveland tonight. That's probably a loss I mean there but but spot seeding man it's about getting a good match up it's about playing your best basketball right now and you know Phoenix I mean the common man like you give it yet if you play if you play hard you should win that game we know the heat right now. Their eight seed right. They are closer to the third CEO three and happening they are into the 9090 gathered for her wiles are three and half games behind the Cleveland are saying that's a little while bond shop twice sixteens are the sinner not coming here again you're not asking them to block and be like Toronto and Cleveland and Boston the next couple games like Phoenix home like handle it handle your business and this is the TC BW and take your business tonight. Exit that is that aren't good show good stuff from Tim Kempton we certainly thank him for joining us are courtside as though we got to get out here we have basketball Frito let's get let's PCB here a that we TCB that this afternoon we got to a lot of things here on a busy. Monday afternoon allows of that you as always eluded him tomorrow. Just before 4 o'clock our pregame coverage is coming up next that's right. And then tip off from the American Airlines Arena is set for 730 for Josh Freeman freedom it's been a pleasure. My name is started riding dirty basketball comes your way next here and over the Pete 790 the ticket.