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Tuesday, March 6th

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I go on days Tuesday after what is up South Florida and beyond I would say. Whole heck of a lot Curtis and hurt with you here on. They have 790 inevitable before three C two -- glad your with us we get to our supported a perk how you feel my man shot until like -- passed and got to know I asked two hours compact three hours and Toobin we'll do we got a lot of a lot of crap to get into the next 120 minutes because we got heat basketball I'll be some was over and given to big winners last night against the Phoenix Suns were two minutes away by the way. From your opportunity to win 1000 dollars in the 790 demand. Awesome and I mean it's a good man gave money contest won't give you the Cold War to text in to wean them. And we had a big winner on Friday. Here in South Florida we were informed of that so that's pretty cool and you can win with the Colbert coming appear in about in about. The a 10010. Seconds or so we vehicle were bots. Before you to that's Dave Johnson's gonna join us he's put that they know the Washington was hards of the heat's on a back to back Orr in Washington it's 7 o'clock. Tip off the heat so are create toward the rear its six or you'll get an abbreviated. Ball game today whirling and go for a couple hours here. But an expected win last night a good win last night I called it and perk you were obviously Frida was in four yesterday came I attempt to deal TCB. Just taking your business. Yeah which which has been a problem really heating gives the dregs of the league but. They pitched no problem last night no problem that's right Hasan was ball and Winslow was. Was he was on his A game last night you got to rest guys only known you know nobody played big minutes last night. All all the things you wanted to you could have scripted it. For the Miami Heat last night these it was it was the right script because back to back tonight writing in to about 315330. In the morning last night before the they had that the pillow. And and Washington who's lost three in a row by the way all at home all home to oh at home you know ovals they got a last week Indiana got him a couple of nights ago so the Washington will see an out heap. Now you start worrying about the teams in front UN that the teams behind Jewish you're the Miami heat's. Yeah exactly and and look that's what he needs to be worried about. Any way it is there's the teams in front of them keep that you know keep looking forward I know Detroit was armed them by. Keep looking forward. My opinion on this team still has not changed there throughout and and nice is a bad out there right. If this team can get those threes go and I keep saying that I know of Pat Riley spoke at that the mainly less than. It has a funny to say this he knows way more about this team and I do but I isolate three pointers Pat Riley say is defense. Well the main I don't know we can both be right out I'll give the not a panel for me but I still say three point oh. Got into that's coming just they were two very interesting and I gonna cut it took him as. You know you put it on the players and put it on Spoelstra Inoa in a lot of ways saying hey. Well we're good enough men were gonna to make some noise in the Eastern Conference rude enough to win a playoff series we're good enough to get two of and so it all to a four spot and have home court advantage. We're good enough. So no more excuses we're gonna enough nor do we know where do you agree with pat or not. I agree with a I'd pat I don't know about Alvin pat he looks at Israel takes is what you want him to say right you know we stay anchor we're just an AC Mel pat put the seam together in the belief that they were good team and I think he still believes that he gave all those guys the money. All that money for a reason and he wants those guys to play up to those contracts and some of those guys have not some of those guys have some of those guys so. Are in the middle but I think it is if you look at at some of these guys what their cables pushing go to some Whiteside. You're going OK you have more of those nights Lleyton did last night. And they're gonna win some games and you'll find themselves in that position you're in a position right now for chance to win 1000 dollars it's 4 o'clock on the dot it's a seven and it's again. Man gave money contest your chance to go a thousand bucks. All you do is text the word spraying a spring is in the air perk to 72881. And your registered when it was reported that next this Sunday and I have no idea and XR days ago loaned her mom made us understand. I was learning that they always surprise I'll find out like we do we do that on a Saturday nine dollars an hour like on Friday more. It initial public sabathia. Let's bring forward so's our word is spreading as PR I NG Texan right now 272881. That seven to 81 right now. If you don't win this time in a chance is at the top of the next hour at 5 o'clock. This is a national contest message and batteries may apply do not Texan drive by the way so spring is worth and the cool thing about this contest these you can texted throughout the 4 o'clock hour. Soul you can text bring it for fifteen you're Texan at 445 you Texan at 431 he takes it for 47. And your registered until 5 o'clock until the clock strikes 5 eastern time you can texts range. And at 5 o'clock we give you a new word soul was text right now in if you miss it you know won't give you the word throughout the 4 o'clock hour. As as we move forward if you like to take our show anything it's on your mind Cendant and 6797. For the toll reaches on the text line that goes directly. To perk and myself and Aaron Viles of the executive producer of this fine radio establishment. Stephen Ross he has some very interesting comments he's got he's got its stirred up a little bit all straws here that is actually out once again here in South Florida. We're getting you together that we actually have the audio here we've done some dig in May we be able attract some of that some of the audio down and Ortiz said last night about the anthem what he's. And then I don't know if that's a big conversation. But he said is coming to misconstrue some always curious when. No code. Stephen here's here's what you said how is that misconstrue we will have that for you here coming up in a matter of moments and then he had some comments about two. South Florida being a you know what will bode well how would you put a not a great sports town perk up. And and you pointed out to all those early this was the first time he's taken that kind of stance or that little jab north and the South Florida sports fans know what's the scene like this time it's become it's become a hot topic and it's spread like wildfire about for. Throughout the community that's all anybody was talking about is why auditors do Ross said and it raised an opinion on that we got to our opinions on that put those on the first I'm Stephen Ross. As questions. Via the fan loyalty yours are saying if it was the August port down or not. We're gonna have the audio of that's when he said it not too low long ago before you continue and it's all that dude good stuff let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SS HD true Miramar. The Miami Heat. Starts off that is about their back to back I'm sorry in Washington tonight at 7 o'clock. The heat is in seventh place in the Eastern Conference. Washington on a three game losing streak all three of those losses that homes as loan dummy target your pregame show at six. Right here on AM 790 F them 1043. HD to the ticket. Don't know John offer Washington they were they were greats without him early on when he got certainly did leave the kind you know they hit a little bit of losing streak here first a lawsuit that Austrian row we'll talk to Dave Johnson the play about limo Washington will do little insight here in about fifteen minutes. On what to expect tonight they're all big down the stretch man these are all big games your special teams are chastened. Yen and I look with with. Kelly a little bag did it seems that he kind of has a glut of bigamy and rightly am on a bottle display five minutes last night yeah. So on again a little it will get into the blood thousands of influencing decisions are well I mean he'll be fresh for the second night of the bank to bank and I. I doubt that the incident going into the game and a rookie and he's got Presley only able to match. Smoke kind of explained last night that is hey you know guys so you'll certainly match ups and ten minutes. Blood. You know his great grandma died. And he he missed Saturday's game right. So you know I don't know refusal to down in the dumps or some thing in the he's ball's juice and you know what he me you know he needs maybe a couple days to to discount you know leaders did get over that you know I mean you know he's he is a human being you know how close he was too great grandma but he did. You know leave the team that and the funeral so materials or shall I take I don't really need to got a nights. Were blown this team on Phoenix. But let them just kind of relax a little bit will play a little bit at the end there to get the to get in the ball game but it Babbitt to sit. Threes which happened last night right now you could see kind of a match up being garage you need bands there but what will talk about the galleries are too much into the other way but we know somebody something's gonna suffer minutes he had to wait until I I where you're going back right when you win and you have is always always this is the bench. Moving on dolphins owner Steve Ross is today he won't require his players to stay in during the National Anthem now. Ross was clarifying remarks from the New York Daily News and many other outlets on Monday night. That quoted him as saying he would require players to stand. And I've got to say listen to that audio for Monday night it sounds as though Ross was born correctly by those media outlets. Steve Ross also in hot water with local fans are saying Miami is not a great sports down now this was something else would he see it. On Monday night he was apparently responding to a question about New York Yankees great Derek Jeter who is now the CEO of the Miami Marlins. Interestingly enough this was the second time in eight months Steve Rossi is Miami is not a great sports don't. We will have the audio of the first time coming up here shortly finally. Your real hot Florida Panthers at Tampa Bay a 730 tonight free game starts at seven and our sister station by sixty W 2 AM those are your headlines. Yeah panthers' chance to go fourteen of seventeen with a win tonight's. Tampa Bay is the best team in hockey points wise in their what. This could be a first round preview by the way if the fans again and then everything holds true which it looks like you'll public and wanna do it. Intrastate rivalry going some well. I kinda I kinda I kind of looked at Tampa the last of this that's what you wanna be that he aspired to have you been over there and did he win two years ago you know with a got the got two now I mean they are giving Tampa Bay. It's what you aspire they get a good fan base is the Diebold you'll like hockey. The Andy and they've had a lot of success. Which would get us to the Stephen Ross comments the us media because as much is in we can get into a little bit here as much as. People put it he put it on the fans. I would like to put it on the teams. So I mean. This is what we do for a living I like the feel that we have a pretty good. Pulse of the sporting community and I like to say that what are you know we were pretty good how we read about everything Mel. But as far as what people or interest today in what people like people don't like. Is it a good fan bases and a bad fan base. All of those things we do this every single day we take the text we used to take phone calls we take it all the stuff on Twitter. You've been in this town forever I grew up in this town all of these things. So I would just say this. About the initial comments of if somebody says its summary question it's a bad sports town and I would say this I would say hey. Basically it's a very young support. I read the Miami Heat have been around for thirty years I mean that's an awfully. Then that is that is a mean if your thirty year old person they mean that is a young man. Where young woman that is nothing thirty years is nothing. So as far as history is concerned. There's not a lot of history there's there's not a lot of you taking your kid to the ballpark in your and you've taken your grand kids to the to the to the arena to watch him play. The key in the Panthers have been around even less than that when you're talking about early ninety's. 1993. 1994. I goes the first the first time those teams have ever played. Okay the dolphins yes obviously have a big history go back to 66. The hurricanes football team basically wasn't relevant to 1983. Early early eighties when you wanna look at that way. So as far as the big crowds going to the Orange Bowl. So that's early eighties I would say right off the bat we don't have a lot of history going back on and I and I think that that's just going to take time that she's going to take time to grow a fan base. Secondly I would say this perk. What. How how have the teams. Don in growing their fan bases. If you would grade them in that short in that short infancy. And that you and I've been around and pretty much for the entire time of the key. The Panthers. The the Marlins in hand you know the dolphins I was elect will be a further. But how would you say the Panthers have done here in the last and since they've came aboard in 1993 of growing fan base. And I bet at this stuff for me to say I I Alina I would give them enough. I mean I would say Evian the horrible as far as what what like what do you do aside from integral player and any slimy just the way the way fans have been treated I don't think I read some of it has to be put on the team so mean. The that they if I mean I don't blame people for not going for not willing to buy a Jersey or invest time in invest. Resources into the Marlins organization because they've been a joke. Christopher for fifteen years yes there were a World Series or won two World Series but as far as trying to actually a gross something in this town. They have failed to this point. I look at the Florida Panthers. Ever since they left the Miami area there's probably half. The population. Of of Miami Dade County especially half south of flagler the dosing that is set foot in that building of sunrise before there's never be a great evened it up there. You know the Panthers play. So and while that is they haven't won anything as a lived one really good now but didn't want anything given given a reason for people to go up there. The dolphins since the turn of the century have had what two playoff seasons. So I mean. I would just say I would start there and say well what's the reason we know given what you know of the dolphins were wrong on thirteen three and they weren't sell out of the heat. Or there are the Marlins are the Panthers were winning all these games and nobody was showing up then I would say all okay pad sports town but I would start with the teams. What have you. Had a chance to rule for let's just say in the last ten to fifteen years in this town. The Miami Heat yes and people showed up in droves and then what else. Yeah well I'll tell you this cat my my explanation is is pretty simple. I find nothing wrong with dolphins and heat fans. It's you wimp football that I look at as the here's ranchers you know the Marlins and and and the Panthers. I I can kind of understand it. You know as much as people wanna say that this is a baseball town I don't think it is I've seen no evidence of that in twenty years. Hockey town we know it's not a hockey town. I think it's more of a basketball town now than a football town but I did you know BC and the and the dolphins I have no problem equity attendance again attendance you know it's you William when you have five national titles and you're still average a year in the metro area of I don't know 3000004 million. And and you're still averaging in the thousands. That's what makes me scratch my he would. I I know you know I know although do you know you women and and all of that it's a small private school blah blah blahs that the whatever. But that's to me that's the only area in South Florida where you can point and question. Whether these are good sportsman and organize and you win a football. What based on what they've given you in such a short time should have better. Butts in the seats you know let's see you see UN virulent EU limits talked about. And on radio and you win and gets a lot of attention but butts in the seats that's where all criticized South Florida sports fans and other other than that. Is this just like any other Taylor if you win people show up if you don't they don't. I I would agree that McCain's they've built up enough -- enough goodwill yes currency where they should buy you yes there's value of you know ten lean years yes they've actually yes they provided you a lot of excitement and a short amount of time right almost unprecedented so to Nick Saban and not only Alabama not starting to come actual bit a lot of people make excuses about the move to to hard rock stadium in the orange ball but still I mean yeah I you know every so. He has that added again you know we know when I was in Dallas lead. You know you have the Dallas Fort Worth metro area and they would say to build a stadium in Dallas people comport were all going to if you build the war were people in Dallas low blow and you don't know they've got baseball and football both in Arlington which is the midway point kind of Pembroke Pines but yeah its I. I had. Thanks football fans are what makes me wonder everybody else I understand down years it's just like anywhere else with the other team. Trial wearing did to Steve Ross's comments are coming up on the Osama Dell fifteen minutes a heap as will talked to Dave Johnson he isn't play by play man for the Washington Wizards. That's tonight's opponent right here on 79 you to. Yeah. And fifteen minutes here this customized by Jim B and four by fours uploaded number one gene chuck and SUV customizations shop. You're guaranteed them the hottest four by four modern days in town. Well Jimmy and provide for a 765023446. Or champion four by four dot com falls is sponsored by marine Al Hayat. Lobos and Martinez your insurance attorneys got drilled by me under her month. MIL fourth grade against Porto medicines or W two back in the scheme with force out four locations there's one near you gonna call for orthopedics. Dot com for more info courtesy of perk with you here on your home and 8790. The ticket we got the heat in the wizards tonight. As a big 1 in the Eastern Conference as are looking up at the other Washington Wizards who have lost three in a row he played pretty well against Washington this season. As the heat coming off a big victory last night. Against the Phoenix Suns where he got a chance to rest a lot of guys and probably one of the more dominating performances of the season. I'll put up a 125. Points. Against Phoenix as we head out right now to derived fuels and now's there's commune stores just like they are truly step beyond him being an answer we find the play by play man. Of the Washington Wizards Dave Johnson joins us here on your home of the heat seven and 92 to get Dave thanks for stopping by Howard things up in DC. Nobody. This is just a straight game to all those grab some type the wizards but is overwhelmed that's how it happened to be a bit like somebody who might he play blast site so they've got their own where you must remember it looked like in the NBA in February and march in this. Of course of a year or two thirds of policy sort of what she's going to be a crazy one because. If you turn your head and stranger about a week ago the wizards were within. A half game of third place and then Mallard herb took place so it's changing that quickly melt put everything in Borger big game. Yes sewers is a Washington team that I mean live lost three in a row. I'll longest streak all at home are they trending up trending down the John laundry started catch up with them a little bits urge this is a little bump in the road where your team are right now we think. And I attribute it to bump in the road in what they believe they need job and I'm amazed and it wasn't absolutely demonstrated that you know they can be. More than double voting age outlaw it and and it's you know Miami Heat over the over the years that are quality teams. Your winner missed some key players they don't they don't just pulled up and then collapse I think what which show this is just. And I am on the team sincere but. Would chose when you're having a tight schedule I like the wizard navigate games and in twelve days and angered you're missing. A key player like they're ordered to outlaw. I didn't now all of a sudden there at all for two losses that the would you order first time this year they. They're pretty moot essentially they're all pretty losses and home when that burdensome to make sense but. It does what he considered would do Woodard came out and also break because of travelers won three out of four games. I have a good result on the road against Milwaukee and an adequate Golden State in the second move back to back. And I played in Toronto on the tonight later. Indiana and during that church eat it either fatigue on number ever deal Yorkers shouldn't percentage. In the three losses 31% of and that there were a bullet just. Born there and and that you know that bet where. It looked it was a mr. I want period but. Clearly. You know where you were feeling the impact of not having him. During this busy stretch and you know her doubts about her. Getting through tonight and rendered it more and they ought to moderate weather trouble at all and but. It is important ones that that the wizards can can. So by that and I don't try to get a positive result. And then regroup because. I don't burger trending downward. There are different it really as a a bumpy the road because they've. They've played well. But sloppy as happened and that's another example for any motive wouldn't stretch where they have they have 51 turnovers. That the last three losses for one turnover in the 73 losses. During the winter to run. Without John all the work we've put that was hired as low turnover related to get back of that but I against Miami. Dave I believe that the wizards are two and six without John wall's wreck wreck. Where are they were and are now referred art art. You know one thing that I thought about Washington from last year. Needed to improve the bench and OW brain miss the Indiana game but. How how has that been it's been performing so far this season do you ain't. And a and an old Washington this is right up their for the number three seed if they get to number three seed would it be because they perform that well orbit does may be Cleveland or Indiana kind of went on a little swoon at the Indy thing. Not because they've performed that well I think they've they've shown that Britain that it no bleeding India that they can compete. Even show flashes there at your computer wizard cleaver sex you know. The of the year in the NBA where equipment CME server is it a little longer are these incredible accomplishment is always. In a soap opera like series tickets you ordered out there are numbers you know some cereal last year that they're the cavaliers didn't wanna. They saw certain in the end her face the winner in the play out of wizards you know big win latency and click on Saturday and I and and always played him a good club so it's. You know is that if they get the Bernstein build or format that particular point I mean the bench. Potentially New Orleans is surging in the way they could defense first and then a lot of players come in saying that there at the bit to vote Kurt Billick. And or less than he uses its combination of news is hard work produced. You know that letter certainly renewed warning and then so he'd be they're bowing. Reform that only the sense of level but now improved his offensive game as well so that's where. The bench has gotten better Mike Scott is is shown he's still born in India that's where parents are better. Then. Ed Thomas several key given the chance in the in the absence of job Walt. Has shown. That you know he also very much alone in the NBA and again. Other than ever danger involved but there are some incredible number of of you know he had seventy assist vs CEO Paul promote solar power or something like that so. That's it you know he's just an obsession good basketball playing 867 guard. Who could also during that stretch he was Grayson Russell or sports or Kyle Lowry. And he was he was equally he was just keeping him in front of their. And using his going the right way those guys are still great players still can be cute but he made it more. And and so it's a critical one of monopoly there. You know the wizards are two somehow. Question this that barrier and get the Eastern Conference final game is a team that. You know pretty hard as our last four seasons there's made the year the second round. But assert their crashed through the bench the bench has to be better and M and oh yes Vietnam wall. You know after the health and well. It's not say Johnson is a play by play man of the Washington Wizards Dave you mentioned the other scheduling their little little quirky they played twice in a span of two of three days or two days really back in November. Each team winning on their on each other's floor. And in the wrap of the series tears as tonight and then Saturday wrapping it up here and that's it it's it's kind of weird how that happens. But. You yeah just look at Miami what kind of concerns you when you look at this roster really heats up as they match up with your team. Well you know there there always are in attack mode and you're you better get back on defense and they're they're. You'd better be physical in the end and then the pick and roll has some fine players assortment to more than your commute via reader and you know. And so on one side against us as always. You know big big challenge him and though there is future blast against. There have been times so it it's. You're curious last on the wizards. Who wanted to ma am at a loss is eager to home in the last on this this sorted out it's. Ballots that little or just going word just what are I mean unfamiliar language involved in Europe seven players in double figures last month so. You are so that it deserves an up so hard by the workers but they need to be physical. In the third in the pick and roll him and hurt the other chant let Miami you know shred of that way. And they're getting getting back on the console will be be so critical so hard for the wizards on. You're right it's it's become there's thirty teams he had hit it how we end up playing. One team twice in only two under the seat and that that boasted a little bit crazy but you know what we just keep. Just keep showing up until it happens match. They were John here on this the most curious so Washington the you know ego you got really good players. You that you kind of been around him the last clears in the post season walking what is the the expectation from the fan base and more. Portly upper management is this a second round team is as conference finals team when fully healthy. You what does it kinda or bust for the Washington basketball team this year. Are you I don't know what you are never more output of advice because it's events that such a defender of fame but I think Easter proper spot on I think the only the really balloons. Helio last year and then it's quiet it's if that was oversold right now there's always good looks. You know the wizards play that Celtics series. Am I have the home court advantage. On the game seven was NBC either is color would have gone to the eastern Salvador a court of godly and looked it closer look at them just. Saying that they paid the price per. In theory not not having home court manager and met there in that series so I think you know they've demonstrated to a body of work that this is a team. That is that is capable of getting to Eastern Conference final button you know. They also dealt with the reality now as a separate times in four years of being. Right Winger Kris you be sir you're the pacers a couple of years ago what are the winners could win in Indiana losing at home or. But this routine that. You know is right there and so then Menino is going to be right there you have to eat healthy. In the play out. And then buried playing some of the best basketball until. The whole produce that there's this was first team continues here to hold serve all John gets better he comes back rested and better. And and that can be the impetus for strong partial. It's a team of them earned a medal for firms like competence now. The other is a year and there's a bit of anxiety about you know bird can we make that next step I am and that that is very rested. Did Greg call and I should be good one thank you very much for joining insensitive no. All about it Dave Johnson play by play man of the Washington Wizards we got basketball for your coming up here at 6 o'clock or pregame coverage it's an early start tonight so perk and I've got an abbreviated show is so we got a lot of stuff to get to we can't mess around. By the way speaking of mess around you don't want to mess around with an opportunity to and 1000 dollars in our 4 o'clock code word right now is bring. That is spraying as PR I NG takes it to 72881. Of the rest of this hour the we'll give you another forward at 5 o'clock for your kitchen when 1000 dollars. Code word right now is spraying. Were you make the call upper we're gonna make the call we hear from Stephen Ross this is the audio from last night to where he was at a function. And he was asked pretty directly abouts. The nationally at the business and all those things. And he says his con is comets were misconstrued. Mood gotten so we're gonna play those comments Tuesday and Ross and you make the call next here on 79 you to. And enjoy the ticket and LeRoy hoard it about it broad advisory food and music. Crude festival on Saturday march 24 it's finally here per call my eyes at prominent regional theater log on to. Crowd about three dot com and April code to get very limited time for discounted tickets. There's also the super VIP experience which includes a mean agree with the bands like the struts super VIP also includes free drinks can return. Don't miss a more than two tons of crawfish and genuine New Orleans food. And spirits that crawled about 3 march 24 the Pablo. Each campus theater brought to buy aims of a nanny and a from 104362. In the ticket summer we're talking about this for months ago when it first came together. Am in the damn it's finally here of him and Hillary getter we get to some it to me and all of that they we got him a lot of our hope all the elements of Bastia. The odds are noticed raw fish do you eat the do you do you pinch detailed saw me and I suck everything did you gaga I do the soccer right I do the the B did she'll. Crow there's a lot of commentary I guess I yell at their program you know I'm I'm Lewis would come I guess I guess I did. Down and dirty with at least as good across whereas we use politics of vote fraud and drug that's that is the absolute absolute. Best there when I first moved to San Antonio and it was it was still largely unsettled they were you know ponds behind our subdivision and and all that but. In the pond to be at least to see crawfish all the time may involve longer my cousins Reynolds say but yeah decency the pro finished. Don't you love Crawford Sloan crawfish are brought about through there that's coming up in the in a couple of weeks are we with good talk with Dave Johnson there's we got a basketball game to Levy went for the Miami Heat put. I steered us Geisel he guy's ass and crack again with it was on his comments. And they broke late last night seeing. And and Oz happened since last night about 1:30 in the morning I'll watch in the end of the who was that the the BYU Saint Mary's game I go online and black sports online had the first report that I saw. That's even Ross said that big you would have. Players not one of players to stand brilliant being out about the outcome of X that's kind of a big deal because it crosses have been not only one of the most outspoken owners in support of the players. But you know you are totally out of his way to say yeah you guys you know you guys wanna do it I believe what you're doing. AM IOK how's this going to play out since then Turk looking in the last twelve hours or so. He has he has walked that statement back in said that his comments were misconstrued. That's where the stories that right now correct write it right now William Durbin the timeline here because this thing is developing in real time Theo it sure. I miss him and thank our set tourette on this in the thing and only of the things kind of tired and an audit. But is what makes me here's what Stephen Ross said last night that a function in New York. This is from the New York Daily News this is Christian red who is asking the questions. This is what Stephen is a Stephen Ross right here your owner of the Miami Dolphins are. We're now in the news. Yeah. We're here. Players. You. It's. Important players. What you're doing you can. He joins us. Change miss it should. No cure its best. This change suddenly. And I was. He's rewarded. Obviously in fairness it's valuable what wasn't kidding something else it's in this. The 1990. Didn't hear a player. You do voice okay. I am. Even indirectly the you know Cleveland and yes. And you know it's. That's the president's revamped US LV six and one thing. Sorry that. Unknown to. Like Donald. But I think they're a lawless yeah struck me. This message do you want. Tall. That's him I allows you Rossi Christian red New York doing news stories comments misconstrue. And in your mind per year could you be they journalists in the. They could've been misconstrued. Here's the bottom line he was not misquoted. Here and claim to be misquoted. We all heard what you see are so he was not misquoted. I do question when he so it is all our players will be standing now. Here's the deal Monday you'll were called in when he sixteen. When this first started. Aryan pollsters got the dolphins together to Lonnie Jenkins blah blah blah they did it. There was no problem that year it it kinda died out this season until trump made the comments. And at that time. Steve Rossi did. He would prefer that his players stand. He slid. He thought that Donald Trump he he supported the players stance and their right to Neil. But he thought that Trump's comments changed the incident or the message taking it from a protest of social justice. To ours a social injustice. To a protest against the flag in the military so Steve also stands woes now nearly as ineffective. I once you do stand. He never say it I won't make them stay and Adam gates came out and see it all of our players who were on the sideline. Will stand amid and you remember the players had to go into the total for a couple of games and then the dolphins even drop dead. So look Steve Ross has never seen it that he will not allow his players to stay here and so that's what makes me question what did he mean when he suited all of our players will stay and does that mean they were rom if they're they're going to stay in Syria. Does that mean that if there on the sideline they will stay and I I don't know but in his clarification he he's never see did. I will not I will force my players to stay in but he didn't say that on Monday soul. The dude was not misquoted. At all he was not misquoted. I can give him a little bit of an Al on. His comments would. When you play that perk what do you take away but you're you're you're a journalist and you're sitting right there 88 and you're hearing the words come out of his mouth what is a story that your writing. This Steve Ross is that his players will stay in for the not a wimp and thank you that are needed to hear death mechanic and I trust you when you know we're challenging year year. Mean you have the only journalist and integrity in the name of her and yeah so yeah he was yes it happening again clearly he would not misquote. Right there is disease of me and Rosie sonar and he's inclined to like I wanna give the guys have done and I understand. What she was singing and early it's like yes it was about it was about social justice right then it became about all of the elected if the military in the flag will have to give up what became about a you know and unless it was I mean what it what was clearly what we became out and so bright but that's what people were saying that he'd like to that's what a rush came right as far as the message that the players were trying to convey. Everything got lost in everyone yelling and screaming at each other. But the course of all this going on right so I think Xerox like K okay. If you got if you want a meal. Make sure you're kneeling so we all know why your meal link and your knee and well and you I'm anger and and other people understand that your not feeling you're not a spur disaffected military. And so on and so were we all know how this actually that's. I mean actually what he said was he wants his players to stand he memory. You never say did you know make sure people understand why you're kneel on the. Beginning of that he's like he's he initially I supported them yet does and he's kind of guiding and do everything he's got little short right here where I don't know what was going on what message everything was trying to the message from people that were well I we're saying they don't like it and the players who were doing it and I think that. I think the deal on that to me was that when a business decision. Well that that's saying I want my players who stand was a business decision he never. Again he never say I will force them to stay and but that I mean that was a business decision are so but you are tired of the employees wanted to get that out there's that's what he said yeah so he wasn't naming a list of the Steve Ross during this and and even an am complaining anymore this is ready whoa what did you mean Steve broad brush because we're built right in your nose was one being right and then you don't we her would you say did right. So that this really isn't even an end completing this O Steve Ross thing what's on the air the people don't yet or are you going back under current you know who are you going back on your word and all the support that you gave to Michael Thomas and did he still run in which is growing that yeah well that's what the issue is to me I don't. I mean whatever what he wants to do he's entitled to do it. I just wanna know where we're going to sinkers in the he has no clothes well it seems like he's caught in the middle which you can be caught in the middle I understand it. I I I relate to being caught in the middle on both sides of its. But like you can't be you can have a microphone in front you and not have not have you are prepared answer for that you and president you're coming from. The misconstrued as kind of like cool day you know yeah that that that's the selling book. I'll add this last week curiously enough Adam days was asked that the combined. Does he care about players stances on social issues. And his answers curse word out of his mouth was no. His answer was basically I just won the guys to play and he said you know Kenny stills has been doing a good job out in the community and we support them by. Adam gays that's why he dropped the you know if you're going to be on the sideline you must stand him in the players are going in the tunnel and after awhile gazans like. They just wants to win the ballgame and see and so that's why he allowed players back on the sideline to Neil. And didn't care reforms and some questions about. OK that closing of the most controversial thing missing putts. And that's not that's what national a national story global story is different right did puzzle appetite to scale we just gave you some hollow Pena Popper is maybe some some cheese sticks right now. We're gonna get to where he gets the primary every year to the meat and potatoes they're coming up in the 5 o'clock hour because he questioned. If South Florida is the good sports town or not and you. You my friend you called him out because you said this is the first time he's done this the first time they get a little shot. And the self florist sports fans will get a hear that audio coming up plus we got your code word for your opportunity to win 1000 dollars will be the 5 o'clock word coming up on the other side right here on 79 you to your. 545. Here on 79 it says here. Bridges urging you to play host Q what's clever charge show this is going to be quite. Aids and events and man did to the guys in the shipping its inner work with Jay Wakefield to group would they believe is a championship beer we want. You to join them at. PM to take these shipping container bracket challenge. And pickle week which of the shipping containers Beers these are favors doing bureau will be announced today of the national championship canned and Reid launched. They'll be live music from red means wholly dances and above the skyline. Brewing is an independently owned crap Parikh and tapper located in the heart of wind would be there at 2 o'clock on march of team development are shipping container. The names of and I mean after 1043. HD two with a ticket park I believe march 15 in the first day of the ends of interment as well. Seoul march 5 maintenance though he'd make it tuned for. Well yeah army multi purpose multitasking. Means that today you wanna get out of work early you wanna you wanna play a little hooky now. You wanted to be on the games will start Thursday around noon. The off sixteen games that day. Existing games on Thursday sixteen games on Friday. It is we our conference turning games going on right now. It is an amazing time a year if you're if you're college basketball fan or you're just downright generous either way either yet it's a lot of fun guy says there's fun for everyone's good good wholesome elite on cam budding birds a chance to get down hang out with the limits our show when and Jay wake Joseph what are your better than that that's a great events that take advantage of that rule coal Corso keep reminding you. Of that we got a code word coming up here in a couple of minutes. That's that will give you. For a chance to win 1000 dollars also we're gonna hear from Stephen rots taken hello would you say was facing a shot at the South Florida sports fan. How would you please this perk. I would say that he's telling the truth he's a South Florida native he's selling the truth as he sees. I don't think he's taking a shot you can can you construe it as men but I think he's just speaking what he honestly feels. OK and he's done it twice in the last eight months. Well organ here the first time he did it here do again last night tonight and is great cities is not a great sports own. Mom only let me ask you this for rhetorical word. Let me ask you this summer and they mean you fall the dolphins as close as anybody covering them for the South Florida since then you write every practice you're at every game you rent a home away everything. Do you think that the Miami Dolphins fans have supported the dolphins in Stephen Ross was he mini horses or nine. Yeah I literally go do you mean what I think at a at a good level. And he's owned a team so he is a first hand experience. Do you think the fans through and winning how I think the dolphins fans have supported that team since he took ownership very well. Very well I mean I have zero problem with the dolphins aliens and their attendance SeaWorld. 00. Right okay well I mean I mean what are what are you gonna blame him to where they may two playoff appearances in the last ten years and I do come and now. I'm with you on a mom Margaret I don't strong every game that should I can't be mad at them so I mean I don't know exactly where he's coming from a mean. I mean that's well I I I think that. If you look overall and you look at India and you have to include Marlins and Panthers. And you William. Com. I think that's where the that's where the debate that's where the argument comes right but he forgot all. Government for almost always deals with a his team his team has been has done has been pretty well received since he bought that team. Like guys understand I understand him be a little salty if there was you know if there was 30035000. People showed up a ball from games. But through all the not a lot of success on the field. There's been a lot of people that have put a lot of money into his pockets. Off of the field. Well now whereas I'd yes but he never aired you know we could make a comment on Miami's. Without you know he didn't say dolphins millions are good sportsmen and he Syria Miami sol. That's it but that's his museum has closest you know that's yeah so I mean AG and he didn't. I think that he couldn't be. You can criticize. Or comment on the area of South Florida while still being grateful for his particular embrace. Look I wouldn't sound like double gets that moment there a string of money tiger just two and 1000 dollars as a seven and losing it. Man gave money contest your chance to go a thousand bucks. All you gotta do is text the word Paul. Paul T a LL 272 rated one and you're registered. Texted to text Paul TA LL 27 to 81 right now. And if you don't win this time your next chance is tomorrow morning at 6 AM was as a Romberg and amber this is a national conscious message and data rates may apply don't text and drive we had a big winner on Friday right here in South Florida. It can be done mandates what I do with yeah take advantage of it text. Hall hall T a LL 2728821. At the mortgage to Stephen Ross. And awarding it to Apple's grip the we have he'd come up here we get us an abbreviated show by the way early and go to 6 o'clock here. Sorely got we only got until 6 o'clock here talked to Dave Johnson earlier about about the the Miami Heat in the what was this night. I don't I don't the suns and that game and what there was some good things together he just has played extremely well. Look like almost got his rhythm back the last couple of games. Hassan Whiteside was it was a it was a it was a had a great game new ball up there. I'm just trying to think if this team is going to make a little late season push here and wherever that bush will take them. What do what would you like them that what player would you like to see kind of have a great. Great month to end the season ought to let the Miami that's. Easy. To our race and we saw last night just guys just this guy doesn't resign because hoping you can separate them. Brohm the prom be. I guess. Disappointment standpoint. From this season to be potential of being good like. But those are that's who got James Johnson whatever. Dragic whatever. I look at. Justice and house on and I say they could be so much better and if they all are this teen. Is a whole lot better if James Johnson is as good as he was last year and I'm not sure it takes this team to a different level. Justice and her son they can do you think justice makes them mode and make every over the forget. Acquitted but his defense definitely beacon in multiple positions that. You know my thing on justice don't worry about your offense this year. Do not worry about it you work on that in the off season is too late it's too late there's nobody I mean you know you can you can work on some stuff but he you're not going to make getting a big improvement between now wind. You know and whenever that he gets knocked out of the playoffs focus on deepens Justin. Like neglecting the effort he gave you the last couple of nights though that's on same affecting give you any any of that. And what wherever his offense come comes from he's doing. The defense and we'll all our all season long but as far as the offensive numbers in the efficiency. And the threat out there that's that's where. It's big he's been lost I mean it. If he give me a double figures from here on out that would be rounds are too much to ask you are not just this average double figures. Yeah it's a game best too much. So we'll let you know I think is gonna do what's generally know that what did you say justice winds of buildings gonna do is just on the capability of of doing it that's relatives of what he could possibly get. And a player can play well for the next. You know three weeks of assistance. We'll do that defensively I mean you're you're still gonna need to shut guys down at the end of gains in crucial situations. You know whoever somebody's go to guy is justice. Sickle you get on a. He's been doing now a lot this year the other stuff just wasn't there like last Sunday at twelve points at twelve rebounds had five assists he had four steals. He was plus thirteen on the floor you plus 1 AM believing in Detroit. Blake all those other little things but the defense now contributing to is to stuff on the offensive end to. So it's a mean and how big is defense has been lacking the whole season. So it Noah but you're saying improvement. Justices the guy who can do that if he improvements if the sun improves. Those two in and do not the mean to you just can't. Not not on Austin's its defense of its defense I mean. Don't be fooled by that from justice last night look at that violent nasty I that's in 2000 miles a year or so you don't believe in the pocket dolls were or got through. I apparently kernels OK fair enough Chernoff thank you just as I mean like yours well let's turn it is also known for his defense for his these battles going on at both ends of the court justice were as deep as I only. Fair I think assigned him and you know he has the capability of doing that that's what's so frustrating with him. I before we get to hear from you Rossi and let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. These kids WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Miami Heat visits Washington tonight at seven that the key is playing the second night of back to back but. With last night's victory over Phoenix when he climbed into seventh place in the Eastern Conference. Washington is on a three game losing streak all three of those games have been a whole. Laszlo and Tommy tiger ever your pregame show starting at six right here on AM 790 FM 1043 HD sue the ticket. Big week for the heats you look at Washington tonight being Philadelphia on Thursday back here in the heat's house. And then you get Washington Saturday night in the heat's house and the next week they're they're going bye bye. They're gonna be late nighters at Portland at Sacramento at lakers Monday Wednesday and Friday. So I have decided we'll see this team until March 19 when Denver comes at tells a big week as the teams are chasing. Against that he X this is fun man these games all he's not a. So much yeah yeah no this is rated absences this is the stretch run Manso. Yeah Lou Ann and I still in the heat debt is is the thing that's really going to work. And it sides so. Arm will see tonight as the third game in enough were nights for the Hedo holes also was as well as I've and I go back. As well remind you perk where there are 34 we gotta get 44 wins south I don't I don't into the countdown no no no we won't we Lola oh or Tim warming trees and more and and you will you'll be happy mail to save it will be thrown a party around here yeah he's on there else. Moving on through Steve Ross. He told the sun sentinel today that he won't require his players to change during to stay and I'm sorry during the National Anthem now. Ross. Some people say that this was a change in his stance some people say it wasn't. Ross was clear by remarks that we're that appeared in the New York Daily News on Monday night that's when he see is that he would require players to stand and listening to the audio from that interview it appears Ross was ruled correctly by those media outlets he did say. All my players will be standing. But he came out and issued a statement saying you know those those comments were misconstrued. Steve Ross also in hot water with local bands from that same interview because he see that Miami is not a great sports town now. Everybody up in arms and about that but this is the second time in eight months that Ross has made that remark will play audio for a four U brom on July. When Ross was at his. Annual pre training camp media session. And he was asked about David Beckham and his MLS effort. And Rossi at that Miami is a good events a bit of their town but not his radio sports town as we'd like to think we are so. Let Monday's second time in eight months that Rossi a Miami not a great sports don't. Finally the board of Panthers are at Tampa Bay at 730 tonight pregame starts at seven and our sister station by sixty W 2 AM bones. You're here's my chances are playing out of their minds. As both teams as you would you would say the heat or are definitely gonna make the playoffs correct yeah. To me that's a guarantee right. I guarantee it would Leo okay obviously among them and take that guarantee I'll stamp that out of US mail right there on that guarantee you there and on out. Send it away the solid just a matter of seating. The greater the chances to do could get there as well have a couple teams get canes and in. In post season in March Madness that's going to be given their name will be called on on selection Sunday the replay in the first round -- their first game of these interment Thursday night at 9 o'clock. So we'll see how they finish up their going to be called it's. All these same man it's it's about damn time dog in the playoffs of the same the same time art Stephen Ross you imagine this was him. A training camp Greg does what he said. Backlog and it is July July 27 July till he sounds haven't seen this exact date just before the start of blood dolphins training camp Steve Ross always meets with medium bowl pour the start of training camp or early in training camp. And he he was asked about about a David Beckham basically in her and his as a soccer yeah he said of those you know classical and already. John you big events of the newly for refer Borchard RT so here's the boss Ross had to say on that front back in July. Miami is the greater deficit and that's what it's really don't have it it's not the great sports city we like it that frequent. But no end that. Coming in to compete with a us I would want to. In that last part is he was talking about it MLS team coming in to compete with the dolphins but again. That's that I I think Miami is a great event city that's what it's known as it's not the great sports the CD we'd like to think we are. So there you are now Deborah are you offended when you hear that are you pissed off or you you just think that's Ross sticking his foot in his mouth again what do you think about. I think it's Ross kind of just gotten and not sticky and not knowing winning it not getting it. Palm and Miami Beach guy now he went to write Miami Beach I you know he'd put everything in most of us on a New York already is a billionaire real estate developer but he's a Miami Beach. Guys already knows this area. I mean but I don't but I don't know how many people are running around South Florida championing it as the greatest sports town of all time I don't I don't understand that. I think the fans is pushing his fans have been extremely loyal meaning. Com so his personal experience owning the team I think has been good every time he's brought big time soccer matches those places have been sold out Q. Red line is she almost yells events. So I don't know where where he gets off and where he feels like she's been short changed as a sports owner in this town but I. He didn't say that though he never see it he's been shortchanged let's talk about he's better about something lost not a great sports are not sit I don't get that at all he was he was speaking very mad respect the and he. He was asked specifically about. David Beckham coming in here and guys see I don't take it the way he said I don't take it as well get. Either bin spoke about last night what about last night's comments. I I haven't heard that audio but it's it again I take that as a if on the Miami sports being I'd be pinned. I put that out there right now I feel a little bit like dude like once you cross is Steve Ross never ever ceded. Ball aliens are bad or I've been shortchanged by dolphins fans you know. Recital and say it's not a great sports town merger it's a blanket statement on all sports man to bat you know I think he has often fan no he well he didn't pass statement perk it does with her when you say it's not that it's this is the not a not a great sports town and that's including his team the dolphins. I'd done that doesn't categorically mean every team has bad games. But it's a blanket statement it is the blanket statement today if you say. If you say. It's the most part yes it if you set for the most part but not specifically but if you are not necessarily. But it comes off as as as as as a shot to that to fans in the fans and his fans he's older Mateen you should know better. You I'm trying to no I would I would agree with you there. I would agree with you there are you should know better but it does but it sounds to me when I listen to the audio and I was there for the president of the training camp they'll sit right there. He's saying this matter of back he's not saying this in a binge old bing addictive way I'm not saying that I did he doesn't respect and I'm. Saying that he's got an axe to grind but he just admits he doesn't feel like it's a great sports town. And I would ask Campbell Stephen your team has basically stalled for the past. Ten years since your own dome what more did you expect as they've been pretty loyal here through thick and thin. And they pay a that's expensive to go to games every Sunday and I would think that they've supported your team pretty darn good. I agree I just asked him like web and what what what do you think about that like you'll think you've got enough support it sounds like you'd like a little bit more support there. I don't think I'll I don't have I don't see cap you know we take it we take it word you know what I don't take this as they shot at dolphins fans at all like take this as they shot at. If it's a shot it's a shot about the entire. Picture. About including Marlins I agree looting you win and win. And loser is the dolphins can handle right and a lot of the ball could say it is also the Marlins fan and a lot of the ball but it is also the hurricane fanned. And out of the bubble but it is also the heat fan right so it means is it's he's kind yeah its. They all they all intersect to. Here in South Florida so I think she is kinda taken a shot in his own free ads even though he may not have meant that. But he should've George vetoed. Chose his words a little bit better so I. Yeah I mean I don't loosen you said yourself go to sports re being offended so I mean I yes. But but but we but she's slid out he's not but it doesn't it's he's not saying I wish I had more money from dolphins fans. Yeah yeah you're mature you're saying it sounds like he's bitter it opens they. During which he had more money. I don't take it like that and all I take it. Again if I was a South Florida sportsmen and yet you're talking about me and calling me a bad hand but I was like they don't open season ticket holder. And that's the only team that I have season tickets Bork. Not a and it. All right we're here we go I text them and on this limited to those coming up next. 67974. If you wanna text the show's sixth and ninth some forward to those on whose side you're on seven and ticket. Hey after bringing game on the tickets until x.s and superpower finds most enjoys dazzle complete wrap of the game flexes and who remember pines always an amazing deal sponsored by champion four by fours all fours number one Jeep truck and SUV customizations job. Put a champion four by four dot com courtesy of her back with you here on your home he's seven I didn't take your word take up until 6 o'clock today we had an early heat game 7 o'clock to buy off. From Washington DC. As the heat and the wizards game three. 04. He one in one against Washington and both played though way back in November and both one on each other's floor. Kind of went a little weird scheduling quirk retired I would Dave Johnson implement climate of Washington. In the 4 o'clock harper they've played. Oh Washington. November 15 and seventeenth. Home and home video and then they'll play tonight at Washington and they gear Saturday s's as. Resorts and those create unity yes you and your board your board games against the good news team. Just colleagues India too little too little per cent to little before game four days suggest. So it's as we he wrestled him over the top of the hour are the question on the table is this. Stephen Ross was at an event last night in New York. In the at themselves been played out and tired we do we we we address that. Earlier in of people that still will you please doubles you'll end up happening. With players you know come what first game of the year in week one. If there's enemy with a Wii some more resolution of that I mean surely yes about that. Before that poll book I don't know how that's going to end but that's certainly been played out. But he also said last night. That he thinks Miami is not a great sports town those are his exact quotes in the weekly audio from back in July when he was asked about David Beckham. And the soccer group coming in and he said Miami's on every sports town and he basically said you'll good luck to Beckham. Trying to you know to build a fan base that's going to be tough that's what his thing was supposed audio from back then. Right but he said it again last night mine is not agree sports town so that's the question on the table when you hear that as a sports fan in South Florida. -- you said you've field people should be offended correct. Sportsmen and I would be an editor listening to the show right now your sports. Pretty much have you personally. Later during Boerse to listen read to you and oh yeah yes Elizabeth L. Your news collier did in the car on the way home from school and dad is listening and you listen to music but you're sport we welcome you to. Yes you know we're gonna win over all right yes you are you we come a sports jet carrying. Yeah I think that that I take that I take a little bit of a little. Undermine the huge OK but now. I wanna I wanna explain to mr. Ross and explain it's not a great sports town. And then well I would say this the team that you own debt that's image been pretty good to you. And then I'd go through the other fan base is it reached its huge win ago section by section. And I'd say the moral the baseless screwed over this entire this entire fan base multiple times including that stadium deal. While the chances of giving us and really to root for in the last and twenty years for the most part having a great season this year we'll see how that plays out. The Miami Heat fans have been tremendous. The old pro since Riley came aboard essentially what he's won at about 06 of the first championship years. And they continue to go stronger hurricanes fans that's that's a weird one. Hurting football murky doesn't basketball you know he sold out the last who got I don't know actual butts in the seats but there's only a lesson canceled this year. But even then that's it you'll see how that plays out on the road right. Oh but hurt if a boy is kind of a week that's what being that's my B would welfare which is fair but yes when I hear so I don't know what I hear it's not a great sports town. I just think it I think it's like a lot of other places. And I just think it's a very different down here because we haven't had teams. That have a history of 506070. Years of playing baseball or basketball or football. Like some other cities like Boston like Philadelphia like Chicago. We we just don't we just don't have that Lenny is a lot of other cities. I think that's part of it in the part of his Fergus is what I have. The franchise is given people any reason to go out to the ball game on a regular basis not march. No at a certain point though to me that some. It did it doesn't it's not accurate. Because. If you fury if you're a baseball spring and the musical out to see baseball right. I understand that your this all picture owner but at some point. If you call yourself and you gotta put your money where your mouth is right. And the same as a hockey fan that I I know your team sucks but you hockey player or are you a span of eight good hockey team. Yeah but you do this you do this all time for baseball today because your baseball fan which I'm Marlins fan right but pert you can't survive on just that that that tiny. That tiny for fraction of almost three NB a civil don't know what you're talking about owner I'm talking about eight billion like to give it a yen. Why not just go out to see Major League Baseball well this time web that you know that that's what I'm talking about that's like small small fraction of just have to build Blake hometown fans. That's where your court needs to be right. You can't just say oh there's baseball fans in town no no have to build New Orleans for me I'm not at their fans and I'm talking about your talk you're taking it from the teen standpoint. As I'm glad. I'm talking about it you're it's okay if there's a bunch of if there's a million people in Miami who say army baseball Maine and right. All right and how many of them actual actually attend a game. If if only 30000 of whom attend the game. And how you call yourself a baseball game and why don't I do you have fassel people I don't know I mean a big affair and they are I think I owe money that's what Steve Ross is getting but it is is that that's fair if you call yourself a hockey pin or college football player and or in a male. At some point. Show up to regain. Pay debts that's so that's what that's what I think he's OK but my point is this you don't like just hockey fans. You can't rely on hockey guy to show up in sunrise on Tuesday night when the flames are in town. You need him or guy you need him there fan. That will be there are. That that that's what you need you need moral in Spain and you need hand to her fans. Yes you don't get the occasional hockey guy doubled to show what could he loves hockey or the occasional baseball guy goes he loves baseball. But the fact is there's not enough can or fans or an off Marlins fans in this round. That is the big that is the biggest core problem when you look at it there's a lot of fans. There's a lot of dolphin fans you know. Hurricanes. When they're winning there's a lot of her independence. But others that. They're so is this so is this a bit of sports now when you say the Marlins bands. Are insufficient. The builder spans are insufficient right you whim is on the bubble correct that's three of your five better. And another average bear and then you've got some good ones so is this a good sports well or not I think if if if if I don't. A male and by the way the reason I put a lot of that on those organizations. Because they haven't really given the opportunity to grow in the last twenty years where they've only been around for twenty years. Essentially the Marlins in the Panthers to try a year and you got to 120 point five years and I understand. I'm I'm just saying you know. You know somebody somebody just ex im loving a sport isn't enough staying power for people keep showing up. Right back at some point that org that the team has to do mig Q1 two goal. In the Marlins a tentative just had to exit had just been poorly mismanaged the printers have just been bad it's just been made bad exit the Marlins. Now they've made bad decisions they've almost gone out of their way to screw over their fan base so you you absolve millions of guilt. For the for the Marlins this absolutely for the Marlins and I don't use it as I understand you ample ball. I've football now football you'll footballs we're won't be you know I can explain yet. I can understand your football sometimes yeah. Yeah. You know with winning whether winning national championship Pergo back the Orange Bowl you look at those media guides right there's 37 right of the right. Right guy you know football has been the one that's always confused me. Yeah and again I am so I have zero problem with the bands zero probably dolphins fans. Marlins and paled there is all right I understand you know I understand your you pissed off I understand diet. I don't blame you for not winning just in 200 dollars on tickets and parking and and your time I understand. But. At some point. There has to stop being excuses. And there has to be Lee you know. You you have to look at it and say all right attendant sucks in this this and this how do you still slip visited sports. What was it Ross fair or unfair in his statement is clear news where our airports that's where it is better. The committee did say is a great event town. Not a great sports town which means. You'll sew up the big gains but were the daily grind or win the team is not so good. They might be there they might not. I I would as an idol and I'm not sure how different ideas are most cities. Correct. I would agree bro were so slow like outside like other city. A lot like other cities that's the other thing that's true that that's what's getting the it gets lost in the conversation. My you know it does not like all all of a sudden. You know every book every other plays every of the joint around the country sold out except on here in South Florida. How come back oh browse what I want and there was a lot of text messages Lotta people are and are tightly in his note lol yeah we'll get some of these text messages plus we'll give me the code word to win a thousand dollars. Here in the F 5 o'clock hour that's next here on 79 minutes ago. Morning shows that is for this year's tour of the week hall of Famer. Who'll join the likes of wind you Bryan win horses. Heath Bell. Can Jeffrey Loria sending your submissions to the morning show at morning show at the take in Miami dot com and each week. They'll pick a weekly winner we know we have the banner behind and I might I know that that's just such a total combination. He goes a winner as the fifth time that it's as Brian Norris was a winner when he sick and Portia be honored. And Jeffrey Loria yeah that a picture of windy and America not on a diaper but it's still picture of them it and Jeffrey Loria. The looks nothing like Jeffrey Loria I should actually look like Dave in California some strange reason. My Jeffrey Loria is toll seventeen. There's a big dinner here in the studio it's actually pretty funny here but they need Tony eighteen Manso. Take our morning show the taken my me dot com send in a winner and the weekly winners were getting through to argue if you do we get to Florida lumber. Then in May in a couple months the pick this year's hall of Famer out of ten weekly winners. And if you sent in this year's election you win the grand prize of 500 largest diverted to fort lumber it's twenty. Eighteen tool of the week hall of fame selection brought to a Florida lumber names have an Iranian after 1043 HE two to get. I'm sure somebody might put in Stephen Ross maybe present president's suggestion I don't know maybe for these comments as a sports and we allies texture. Gotten them a me just say this or perk to the on late you know I live geography a native here on the South Florida I know we have our our our flaws on here it's not a pervert down. But I take a lot of civic pride in South Florida. Play was always does not agree to sports town I kinda you know my ears yellow perked up when I go away oil wait a minute here. In you know I idol I I think you're a little bit off base on that especially considering it's a very young sports town. In a couple of sports mainly in asthma she won majors board has given the fans know. Really chance to took root for them in the in the Florida slush money while and so I would just say this now as far as attacks on concern in the audience. I I don't know what we accomplish as far as what we kind of figured out here perk 'cause everyone's everyone's just all over the place here. All the anatomy it looks like his like happened have to meet like half the people. Agree with Steve Ross and have the people agree with you. Yet all on me. I think some people come in now with some like I might you know it's it's too expensive to go you know we would talk talk about the money aspect of the. I mentioned that night and again I don't know they're like you have a family of four and you know that the team having given you any thing years. I totally understand if you'll just a coincidence 30250. I have zero problem with the cap. But. At some point. You've got to look at yourself as an area and say. OK the we've got a bunch of excuses for not knowing. Knowing the teams get good we're gonna go. Is that definition of a bandwagon they are linked. IE. I mean no I don't think so I mean edges they goods. Yet that you're spots sometimes and I never tell anybody how to spend their money because that'll anybody telling me as a Muslim I. I don't. I don't either I mean it it's your choice by Ed you know these consequences have. I guess public opinion actions right. And and so appear if you're paying basis and I you know boulder sucks it's gonna rain it's too hot the stadium location. And you've got all these complaints we get when the team starts winning. You don't care about the rain you don't care about owner you don't care about the stadium. That's kind of the definition of a bandwagon fan base so I'm just you know I'll I'll just that out there for you to chew on and and and you know when you see all these low attendance figures that's. You've got to consider that and then you've got to go back to Steve Ross was saying. Let me let's lets me throw this out the code word for the father drug are for your chance to win 1000 dollars. In our 79 minutes again mentally when it contest is hall T a LL. Text call 272881. You now to the end of the hour. So text or call 272881. In your register to win 8000 dollars all right I'm like. Can I use that in a sentence. Steve or Steve Ross has a tall order. Getting back in the good graces of local sports audience as they are using to be called were told me. I don't say they should be pissed but I I would just I would just say out of bed at times a little bit that seems a little bit you know just far reaching like it's not a great sports town whoa wait a minute. I I look at it from his personal experience perk he's on the dolphins. Ball he's been pretty appreciative to dolphin fans considering Mateen has really done anything since he owned them. I am I on the field I agree I agree with you one and also I Newsday the businessman and does a soccer stopped and he knows the inner workings of a lot of different things business wise. But of the teams but it from his first hand experience. Of owning a team down here he's I think he's got a pretty good run. No doubt at all that's on I don't know how to say this the. A lot of people are texting in about you know it there's so many things to do in this city. Even though. He's a monster into their bodies out windsurfing right Fred I'm not gonna say if there's. If I don't scuba diving that's why that's why don't we go as the Marlins park yeah if if if your college football player and and only time you can find to go to the beach is at noon on a Saturday. When you women's playing you're not really a college football and I rather go to the beach and and again and again. Right at least you're not really you complain and right though I've do we go down forever and that no developer at present ever. Everybody else is taken their team is to soccer practice and swim meets and recital and all of that and you don't do that legally and that's it that's that you met all the excuses you want I let me let's let me just roll through some of these texts are losers there's I mean now -- -- nightlife alone trumps any other city you think people party in the new York and LA and Chicago and Philly and Boston and Dallas and Houston and Atlanta here and I like down here that's why Kevin starts down here that's life and I business sentiment that I agree with the new starts they're both. Yeah I ask you about the way and and with that and you know how people talk about which he home court advantage in and where's it now. I'm a big I'm a big you know where people say the the visiting team comes down there and they get stronger and that's why the heat wind tunnel downgrades from Lou we had you O'Sullivan last week choose dimension that was the Philadelphia 76ers. End it was funny I agree a 100% was may have been Gundy it's it's funny how that works when he'd have a good team. But when they have 3-D leaders that cell based flu and you win with talent right you could shake off that hangover pretty well yeah. Yeah late a hard rock star player I don't know that I'd gladly yes and who could say hell yes over the three with those. I figured it out and it you have. Little easier for Iverson and those guys to shake off the night before a little gripe gripe I'd go indeed ladies out there and Alonzo Mourning those guys up. Baghdad coach Ed says yeah August today. Pilots get to a bunch of businesses do. Believe that idiot sell the team to get the hell out now that I assume I prices once I can understand that some dolphins fans are good browns fans are great. By the way I used to be that kid that there was forced to listen force our radio now it's all a listen to. Today got an alternative category we want to do we we have we're brainwashing a buddy to a budget children now he does he like the show your sheep that's all right who cares what a billionaire says whoever gets offended are sensitive soft shoe uzis and I'm a fifteen year season ticket holder are very young. Radio. See you on the football should be shocking as to why they don't get packed stadiums ever to verify you UF UC FUSF. After you. Make up for so many more current and former students. Time. Somebody say is that we're a sports event sound so the term bandwagon applies to us. There. Com. Let's see. I don't go to the games because I'm not a Marlins then I'm not in this area I would go to the games more if the prices were moral portable. If they were fifteen dollars to get in and get a good seat I'd go if the prices up food was better I'd go. That's asking a lot as an. That's kind of your ruling against major pro sport what I understand that led team bucks to blow policy out loses again I don't owning. The money aspect of things are broken out and that's what it's about for the most part this is about us if your interest about teams elect you wanna go on anywhere. It cost money especially in South Florida and when I go to the movies and you wanna go out to two of South Beach you wanna go to the gables you wanna go. The Fort Lauderdale beach itself cost money man. Stuff cost of par. And that means so I'm I'm not American route ends were right yeah but to say legacy of the Celek sports teams are the only place where you just use unloading cash. Yeah but if you could argue your girl you guys go out on the night on the town and going to a sports your spending some. And you have been an amendment and the bonds are limited yeah there's only so much recreational dollar and everybody's budget. So yeah that's true no bias I'm a 100% understand that you know its its principal is a lot of place this is a good six and I I'd like this line of thinking. Do you spend your hard earned money to go see a bad movie or bad show. Why should we spend it to go see a bad game. I agree I agree. When a well. Until it gets to the point where people you know if people called this a bad movie town Horry bad behavior town. Right you would you would you would not you would you kind of understand using that logic right. It it does it kind of does me UAE a bad sports now ago. What look at the government because of I don't understand I understand the logic of I don't wanna spend my money to CA last place team however. Running at a certain point. When you look at attendance numbers. It's kind of the bottom line dinged it doesn't come with caveats you're owner screwed do it might rain blah blah blah it's what is the attendant. When this team win win win but the latest. Video here and misses this is a conversation there were an afternoon tee I know. I know you never we never have enough time these you know we just. As yet hornet's nest but let me ask you this yes or no answer perk when the teams in this town have won consistently have people shall not. And that's that's all that's all a matter. But is that is that the definition of me in way internal to the book able short it's your question though he one's gonna go watch crap. And I don't blame people for for or for I want him to watch crap probe into the wanna watch Jay Cutler last year. You. I don't happen again and again. That has some consequences when it comes to the question is this a good or bad sports town. Win when he went with the dolphins are are are averaging 20000 and he is averaging 8000. And what are what are you gonna. I figure forbid they put a good product if they put a good team out there and people still did not show you have a problem. But net but has been confirm whether it's in the hurricanes'. Whether it's been the heat's. Whether it's been the dolphins. Again the Panthers in the and the Marlins murders are just I think those are they're yeah added those are different takes those alternate delegate studies. What you put teams out there that are Gordon and that are entertaining people show. And people shall open droves of people spend money and people make it an event. Well not I mean at Notre Dame and Miami was ridiculous. Noted Virginia Tech to shore of Miami was ridiculous the four years with LeBron and those teams where was insane. Dolphins when they're winning is you know is in heaven the a lot of abut his is is pretty special. You know I didn't have visited. Ex they Chicago good sports dome it it's been sent to him like twenty times then why did the White Sox draw less than the Marlins. Which I guess he means last year. Chuck soccer it's war now. It was a co watched awards are gonna watch the cubs and I say this about it here's the other you know I hired a wonder about you and football viewers the other puzzling thing about. Miami sports fans in the last X amount of years. Couple years ago. And you've heard this when Jose Fernandez hit according to the Marlins owner since New Year's. They averaged fewer people on nights that he pitched home games in regular home games and I I can't figure that one out either. I will pick it up tomorrow or carts and yellow bring our. There are literally flawlessly as a season getting that you're gonna get out of here is that those coming up next he's got a he covered the big one tonight in DC loudly very much thanks Dave Johnson play by play man for what you were joining us big server that Texans have a great great Tuesday Cuba right here on AM seven that we got heat basketball come up next right here on the ticket.