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Wednesday, March 7th

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Think it'll is stuff. Well this part here on an NFL mortal forgery aged into the Dick Gephardt does in transit. Neil will be here shortly we go out things to get 2000 this year running in the higher operation we are just. Ninety seconds away from giving you our code word for the 4 o'clock hour. For your opportunity to win 1000. Dollars review I'm here. In in less than two minutes real opting to get to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald or junior I'm on radio 790. Multiple multiple ways multiple times. To the course of the year Auburn you enjoy result twenty minute want talk to him about a couple things that he's. In between about and write about for the Miami Herald and always get a check in with that would be do remarkable things mainly. The impact of one Dwyane Wade. In his return to. South Florida and again last night doing weighed 22 points. For the Miami Heat off the bench he dole losing in overtime. And l.'s top one last night just always it just seems. They are always climbing uphill they got down big and it was just. I never I never felt that they were going to win that game. And normally I'm pretty optimistic displeasure with the team argued that plays very hard and you know to be to be honest I got a lot. No little fan in me but I never thought that they were going to a game. AA decide Washington was always just a little step quicker a basket ahead. Evil and Dwyane yummy that reversing got the lead. Was it 1988. Now the first thing the ball game myself but man did this in this sum does not sum does not gonna. I'll be right with the game and they killed just a little bit short of Washington and you don't know no shame that on the road back to back wash it lost three enrolled they needed that one I only too much to get upset about. Public get a handle your business. Tomorrow night against Philadelphia which we get into as as we move for but the impact of Dwyane Wade I'd thought Dwyane would be as. I think as good and as efficient. Those are more opportunity he did certainly in Cleveland. But I mean I've ever burst in here with perk and immersing them. Whatever when they too made the trade whatever how many games a room whatsoever coming in zero was laughed you know to 45 points or teams whatever was. And armor throwing up so I will doing weight 120 point game. Well Dwyane Wade you know wool wool he averaged you know and you look at that. The last few games to get that deal fifteen plus points doubled to one point games in the in there. And now some of that is out in the to be would you say is good or bad. There's like some of the other guys step up but Dwyane is Dwayne and Dwyane who's doing it and that efficient rate even though he was over five from three last night had a turn over late in the ball game. But a Dwyane Wade's given yeah I think our whole lot more than you expected plus. Obviously the impact the social impact really cool story about him going to a Douglas a film and high school crowd today this afternoon. Meeting with some of the kids and and we'll discuss that as we move forward but it's 4 o'clock on the dot so it's time now averages two and 1000 dollars. In these 79 you to get man gave money contest. Your kids to take goma now hole inbox text the word. Home that is whole moment. HO am he takes home 272881. And your registered text home at 272881. Right now and if you don't win this time. Your next chance at the top of the next hour this is national consciousness in veterans may apply. Do not Texan drive we will give you the code words though before Clark are you of the entire 4 o'clock hour to text. Home to seven to 81 so at 459. You're not too late at 5 o'clock we be on the code words so. But but obviously you heard the corner right there right now so Texas. Which is home to seven to. Eight aide wanted to attack the show at two different text line he has an item to detects my natural simple though. That's 6797467974. That they are reducing payments on your mind ended and we invite and encourage your text messages. On yo money busy busy day in bird Johnson and join us here in about in about twenty minutes or so we various thoughts. On a couple things mainly the the Miami Heat or Ford continue let's get to 4 o'clock headline. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WX at this age age old Miramar. Newly NFL. Defenseman Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks no more you being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. Also part of that legion of boom defense Richard Sherman and all signs are pointing that he will not return. To the Seattle Seahawks while more on that as as we get into it. A little bit later on Miami Heat off tonight we'll take on the Philadelphia 76ers. Tomorrow. At the American Airlines Arena Florida Panthers they got lost in overtime last night the Tampa Bay the pick them points. There off as well they begin a five game homestand. Against the Montreal Canadians the BB NT senator tomorrow night as well and we came to baseball for you this evening Keynes and F by you look crosstown matchup. Our coverage will begin at 645 Kevin Rogers will be on the ball. So low or get out of here just a little bit early of this this evening. And the ACC tournament started yesterday changes not play the busy the last game on available. It is considering they have the double bye they'll play at 9 o'clock tomorrow night. So McCain will have moved the most of any body as a time to wait to play the winner of North Carolina and Syracuse which are gonna play and this this evening but all the conference tournament games are gay and go on around the country. I'm I'm I'm deacon pretty pretty much ran just all the games all the time. You know started noon today gonna go to midnight tonight just little precursor to what can take place next week. When you look at when look at March Madness and and everything that's going on on now on that for a ride that front we mentioned Michael Bennet being traded to the Eagles. Diane Richard Sherman he's not go back to Seattle his mom's on FaceBook say and his time in Seattle has done the teammates have said. Through different channels that Richard Sherman has reached out to them saying okay. It's been great playing with you put some you on the docket we got a Seattle. And you look at that that that leads the boom defense even Earl Thomas has been involved in some trade talks and late in in that sports the typically. There is base there is a really small window to get it right. And you just you just wonder. Because there's a lot different factors. Obviously agent injury coming to play in that sport like no other but also be is you can't pay everybody. You'd just you just to get in the when you have so many I know it's a good from Abbott and all of the love that this problem. Would you just cannot pay every single on and they paid him to answer a couple years ago he started complaining about his salary and and and threatens it out games. You know they they paid Earl Thomas. They paid Richard Sherman they paid cliff favorably paid Bobby Wagner. And at some point it's going to catch up with you and you just wonder how that's Seattle team. If in fact this is the end of the run will be remembered as they are Marshawn Lynch rushing attempt to wave won't back to back in the Super Bowl. And now you look at it I wanna suitable and that's that's a big deal yet that everybody would take a symbol which look at did they maximize the most out of that group. When you look at I think Russell is is a top ten type quarterback in the league and Russell Wilson's really really good. So did they maximize. The most out of what they could in that group together when the playoffs all of those years yes. The image of couples who roles like. Usually rolls back to back your looked at a little bit definitely looked at more make a dynastic tiger group. And now you're looking at all these guys. Go and elsewhere are getting older. You can't pay everybody all the all the big contract you signed the starting on the back into their deals. Richard Germans coming off an injury are you gonna pay him like the top quarter all these things start to pile up. And that's why it its knowledge so hard to get to the top in the NFL but also stay at the top in the NFL will. Next sooner. Over Iowa quarterback because there are good when they are if Wilson third round pick and when he had to apparently got to get rid of argued. And I could be a point where you know what many for a good defense. And get an above average quarterback but thirteen quarterback to be McCormack award buck and two you're bored in the debris fortunately none loudly are talking to us. No torture and did you lately LeRoy you can barely get it or anywhere LeRoy. Was telling us let them go through them argue that many Americans feel more Billick. Hey we got but with a little movement which they didn't corporate life. Two awful game a lot of plugged him in contention and how about the wild to allocate Philip the defense like when the federal. Given laughable for all of her and a and an adapter very appropriate for two years but given all that money. Two different for guys that generate a blow replacement quarterback Matt you know Matt Moore magical account retirement. A comfort thing called Alex. Like about it but I judgment is still cautioning 220 million optional that's that's a thing in the NFL. So you'll pay outs between language page real Russell Wilson went to ensure this holiday for all of the time being let go of the jet that is gonna give 31 million dollars or mentally and all of the current cover and then. Be really bad from expletive confront an improvement from. I mean I owed about them on the Russell Wilson thing broke quick and MO bring it back to the release of the golf and because a lot of fascinating things going on in the NFL and the biggest thing with the lead that the dolphins have obviously jars and you were Churchill try to for a how to play out. But that the thing on like Brussels that they got a little bit and look got lucked out Russell Wilson. Because they got a guy in the third round and they do not have to pay him first round money which isn't it which isn't as. Which is as big as the one original 78910 years ago with a big rookie scale but they. Got a guy where OK they could they could base they were paying their court at any any money so they cool would pay their defensive guys for a few years. It now that eventually has caught up to them where yes you're gonna have to pay your quarterback. Admiral in for the cheap labor in the NFL I Roy is looking for the fifth trumpet the sixth round pick. To come in and play at a Pro Bowl level and yell your pain I'm 60700000. Dollars a year but he's a plea but he's playing like he's. You know like you were six or seven million dollars a year. Everyone's looking for those guys Jarvis and he's been a guy for the Miami don't start to injury has made a mean relative to what his production is peanuts in the NFL. Seoul. You've gotten away with a unity Pro Bowl caliber receiver gets under put balls who is your most reliable. Best offensive player. Who hasn't made any money the last four years. So what have you done to allow allocate the resources elsewhere in a salary cap sport and the mule where the dolphins go over the pay you know they paid obviously and number two they create other guys. So now. You look at it you're gonna Jarvis yes Darvish is time is up artist wants to get paid Jarvis is. Outperformed his contract and now you have to pay him what the market will bear and that's where the dolphins have rewarded Kiko Alonso they paid. On tree branch they obviously went on to sign Ndamukong Suh they paid Kenny stills. They paid a number of their own guys. And now Jarvis injury they're going at match it's a little bit to rip too rich for our blog at me which I'm a little bit too which I'm a little bit confused by anyway lead them. Notable in that one become a did you know we got to talk about this bomb over weakening of the video come out and implement primitive people on Twitter and YouTube. And the whole point was. Built and worked for me but don't. The team in the long form should millionth of 51000. Cubic work fortunately I'll let you. It would do what the big head no different than me. No I I agree with that and I always said from the beginning almond charms aside but I do you think Jarvis. And his people should give a little bit and an aunt and everyone's got an opinion on this whether it's you know this is only big crack at a big and at a big time deal. This is you know his his his quote local window to make money. Is the next two to three years and where he's in his quote unquote crime I did all of those things could really wanna say it in Miami. I'm you know and you you can you can give back a little bit and you can give back a little bit more. Bob but a bit but I got I got no problem. With guys that did say you know what I just wanna get the most money that I can walk column. You know while I'm in the NFL. Considering this is the only time I'm never any easier paid daylight that I can't you can't I can't argue with a guy like that. If you just was a you know what actually cashed the biggest check that I can for the next three or four years. Set in my family to set up at me for the next you know fifty years. You know you may see me say it's selfish. By the a lot of you'll do the would do the same thing but are only human than a blood. Not gonna go to Obama well don't you go sixteen and none of it and nobody should nobody should we start to go funny papers are saying that that yeah Alito and he's got to get these did a great paid and he's denigrate what once they franchise that you knew he was getting a great pain. He was he was he was guarantee that money now this is just about. Long term money at all and all those so yes I'm not I'm modules are sorry for our for our plans are going to a football side of things. Whereas our they are they better off without arms and then they are. With Johnson for six nights and four that's you re just. On the X 967974. That's later to social football talk to go get the some NBA is library Jackson. Is going to join us Dwyane Wade what impact has been on South Florida since he has returned. There are some some tangible numbers on that the Dwyane Wade effect here in South Florida where Berry's thoughts. On that in a variety of other things as we return. On the other side perk will is in transit per will be here within a within the hour I believe just run and Ted Lilly had to take care of some business so. Will be O will be a full force here. In eight at no time we got things get to Ali busy busy Wednesday afternoon right here on 79 to take. All things Jim wars in his last season that feeling here came baseball right here on the ticket. Including the game tonight we got things. Kept by you this evening Kevin Rogers is in for till we see on the call. They've got pregame show starting at 645 tonight following a trio of seven anything you know baseball right you don't think about the value of Portsmouth and recover your game at University of Miami sports but it's an institute to learn more with the golf fort Madison dot com person per. Here on your home if you have an end to take her will be here shortly just in transit. Acting purely a few things we got bury Jackson on the line from the Miami Herald reports you would hear him. Frequently here on 79 to get them very joins us right now Iran feels announcers who is soars decide. There are truly step beyond him being in very little while also when he gets on here and just and to see a take your temperature so to speak. As you have the pulse of the South Florida sports fan and what's going on because there is a ton of stuff happening very argued on. Doing great let's I loved you get your article here about about Dwyane Wade's and then also Bob turner entertainment. Dwayne Wade's return to the heat off on and off the court you can say it's been a over successful so far yes or no. I it has been in many many ways it's fine. Carter's CS three game to Tony points or more over its last five do you know how many twenty point games he had over its first 61 XEL zero. Very. Let's get the cut by a via the first that you want and this team clearly needed someone who would. He started down the stretch you upbeat outlook mail taking control game play Dion Waiters and what actually better. They needed someone like that and of course you'd like more the late game shots football. Are such as last night but he gives you so openly gay which rosters simply not that in the second unit from a certain standpoint. I'd been playing very well with so I think it's been a positive move it never guard and and you mentioned this story approach that they had my legal dot com it's amazing. I an average of about 151000. More call that not people but all sucked but probably equates to over 20000 people. Have been watching games on TV since wade was required compared to the port trait. Juliet sort of reenergize. Our fan base in people who were maybe on the fence about watching that you are now. Far more likely to do so that they were. Or weight would choir didn't ticket prices have gone up as well. So yeah I think it's been a ardent move all the way around it gets a question with them is. How much upward mobility do you have from the eight spot I think Milwaukee clearly would be the seem to catch. They've under achieved Miami won the season series stirring up things so they on the ice breaker there. I'm a little skeptical about the picture Washington now that their three game back and everybody. Everybody keeps waiting for the collapse by India but it's simply hasn't happened right and it I have to be surprised of the conference that Goran Dragic. Need to play a couple of days ago. And and you wonder how they're doing it with a roster where they're best players go deep Pau and Andrew are good but for miles or not yet so I mean that would be the one team and at the end of the year you could say how did the heat not finish. I had an Indiana but a lot of other teams in the east including Detroit. Can be asking that same question as well. Yet know why I do think Demi they're they're playoff team buried just a matter where they're gonna fall in line here and I think it's too early does this say you know would you rather see Toronto or Boston in the first round because there is some some wiggle room there in the you know to get as high is as may be may be five. Because let me Indiana's ten over right now that's going to be beat up that what do you what used to. What's a reasonable number of for for Miami I mean ten more wins we will where where do you think they're gonna end up when it's also been done wind wise. Well I think getting up to Parse these go I think. Getting up to five is realistic but I think seven it would be most likely maybe surpassing Milwaukee percent of and I concede and finishing amounts and forty. Five win range maybe 45 and 37. The rate they're going out keep in mind that spoke to Oklahoma City twice that so that West Coast trip with a typical game against Portland. And again against the lakers which will be far more typical of what you what but two weeks ago right then clearly. With the lakers tablet they get all sorts of problems last Thursday night. So even though it called her the schedule. I didn't knock any schedule and it's odd to see Kurdish. Oklahoma City coming here in the final week to receive in the next the last game of the Monday night sort of unusual to have a marquee Western Conference game. In the final week of this decent but that that result obviously could be court proceeding. No electric come down in the final game at home against Toronto you know of trying to guts of things wrapped up there and then that he might be playing for seeming. The heat maybe they'll be beneficial this year a matter corn last year. Certainly did not help them out very Jackson weather's from the the Miami Herald here up very well it's a thoughts on the on the dolphins here and and just. Other charms injury thing how do you think this is going to play out and you think what lies ahead for the dolphins here is inter free agency and ultimately the drafts. What was landry's and for adult and he's going to China tag and an I was informed of that by. Up by its people last week as well that is going to happen or what's Landry just suddenly change his mind at the last minute. So that that you know the goal of both parties you know would be to complete the trade. I don't know how likely it is it's gonna get to the next few days the dolphins and obviously like him off their books. As soon as possible but they want something form part of the question I would happen to your team like Chicago if you trade a murder or plastic throw Andrew you can go outside freeagent. Without traffic compensation likes sandy lot. So that would be the challenge in moving can't. A source free agency goes expected to be active but I don't expect them to spend a ton of money I don't see any contract and he's close to what's to got a couple of years ago I even though they extract against the cap now remember they can clear outs. Well over twenty million and it's back they have one scenario that they talked to people that would make it clear that sixty million. Which would depend on what they do do. But odd so they will have the money to spend at the meet positioned here would be the issue do you go out and spend. Our starters money on the linebacker. Even knowing that there's a possibility you could spill your third starting linebacker job in the draft which broke once met will remain adventure or possibly late banter rash. Avoid these states. That's one reason why I don't think the dolphins are gonna spend that China at linebacker and free agency even though they clearly need a third starter to care what Alonso and record McMillan off the ACL. Obviously starting tight end who needed. I would have a post in Miami Herald dot com and a little bit with the name some players and interest the dolphins at that position but I like in the likely scenario they are distracting one tight end and inciting a veteran tight end as well and I think the most interesting thing beyond where like injury ends up Curtis most interesting thing the next week will be what they do to objects. Because we've received indications that they were inclined to move bonds from the nine point three million dollars he's due next year but the move has not happened yet. And no one is completely certainly included. Whether they are going to move on from him but if you do move on urban and then. Yet that very limited class of free agent right tackle back to one game might be the best free agent right tackle the market along with Cameron planning. Of New England Neitzel will probably be best overall apple and interagency also from New England so if you create that need to. You might not be able already starting right tackle in free agency which would need your options would be looking Jessie Davis there from caller or. Strapped in the capital the first two rounds possibly Mike McCue and chief Notre Dame and number eleven. Which were probably underwhelmed a lot of tall and stands. Or biting your starting right tackle and second or third round by moving on from James well very very tempting. It's a calculated risk because it's not easy to find. Sturdy reliable like tackles and the free agent market is just very very well with that notion that your. No we we we've been through that position. Trying to find the right tackle that's why they went out and drafted 21 James in the the first round we will we've been through some of those turnstiles. Over the years his very Jackson joins us from Miami go to a fall on Twitter at at Philly sports was. There's a lot of myths misinformation out there right now Barry and I and I understand it. What are you hearing about the dolphins. Out could they realistically how much does it take a quarterback with their first pick whether they trade up trade down. It's good they take a quarterback with their first pick what do you think. I I think it's a real possibility would like say it's likely I wouldn't go as far as to say it's likely I think their other positions like linebacker that would be more likely but I do think it is a real possibility. As I've written I I believe that there is a genuine. Interest in finding someone who could be a quality developmental prospect better than branded dowdy and someone who actually comes to games. And win game spore would possibly be in their parents for Canada or life to trait can go in any yourself are. I don't people who he told me that they like Josh Rosen and baker makes field. And person mentioned roads and to meet in fact today it's someone who spent credible. In the past than what they feel the site as I reported a couple of weeks ago the dolphins were impressed. By their one on one conversation with a Mitt mobile state cooked dinner with them on on the march 13 tonight reports pro day. Which are reported two weeks ago and Peter King made noted that this week as well and you typically invite a player should be entered the night before its pro gay only if they're genuine interest. So I seriously doubt. Can bomb in Greer are going to invite the player to dinner just that subterfuge to make the rest bully think they have entered the player frankly that be a waste of everybody's time. Yeah I do think there is genuine interest to bay field I'm skeptical though about whether he gets to eleven. And I'm even more skeptical about whether Joseph Rosen gets to what. Johnny has there is very Jackson Miami Herald of course you hear frequently here on him of a not in a 4104322. With a ticket would you make a buzz he crosses comments violate the anti Midas kinda. That whole deal we will see how that plays out here that you're close this season. But also kind of mentioning that this is not a great sports town that seemed to get everyone kind of you know eyebrows raised around here in South Florida what did you make his comments. I agree with Dave I don't know I don't know why people are criticizing him for that not a great sports that are on one hand you can't say that heated add. One of the ten want to sell out streaks and history the NBA which is gone go live on the other hand the market obviously it's struggled at times supports. Other sports baseball and that is that bottom spy is simply. Our hockey attendance is very war UN can only sell out marquis on games but not a great sports editor band wagon sports Allen. But that's part of being great sports I don't. Think most would suggest that I've done nothing wrong with Steve brought articulating that. Burial as pleasure thank you comment below. You got a very Jackson Miami Herald. Always inject in Woodbury and the quarterback and for that often does he mean seeming like it's picking up some see the and again. It could be a lot of smokescreen. Involved and certainly my interest did they love they can make sure they might love Josh wrote they might love Josh down. But when push comes to shove when you get into the war room there might be another guy that they say you know what. We yeah he's too good to pass up at another position whether it's a linebacker. Whether it you know whether it's another type of positions so. All those things are some that are executed I'm but the quarterback thing seems to be picking options. Some steam we'll ask our army man Chris Perkins who course covers the Miami Dolphins for the South Florida sun sentinel. Parker's in the building he's gonna join us. On the up on the other side we got a lot more to get to get back to the heat loss last night in overtime your buried impact. On. The Miami heat's Dwyane way not just on the court but also off the court really cool story. Paula Dwyane did today. And going up to martyrs Dohmann Douglass high school while the details on that for you as well you know sex joke. At 6974. On the other side also would give your code word for Gupta and 1000 dollars year. India in the 4 o'clock hour still time. To get to to get the code word in for the 4 o'clock hour radio on them and I do take. Yeah. Well his back the morning shows for. This year's tool of though. We hall of Famer who joined the likes of windy Brian when a horse he bell and Jeffrey Loria and in your submissions to the morning show good morning show. The thing a Miami dot com and each week they'll pick a weekly winner. The weekly winners will get a fifty dollar gives you didn't get to Florida lumber and then in May though at this year's hall of Famer out of the ten weekly winners and if you sent in this year's election you win the grand prize a 500 dollar gives you the regular four lumber. Is he 2018 tool do we call fame selection brought to my lord lumber names of many. And MM 104318. To its figured Curtis and perk with your heroes have and I mean take our thanks to Barry Jackson Miami Herald. For a check into this could do just did Perry as a view on a couple of things Perkins in the house perk I you do Roma man. Our man had to battle I 95 so you know. Elena antidote to all the news yeah it's business gets good care coaches which is fine so we will go later than and if Roberts on the big deals a video area. Talk to bear here a little bit here. We got off things yet to hear how one going into this he buried his throat a little piece on on the impact of Dwyane went on and off court I want to make mention of this. Dwayne wade spent this morning. At a martyr some of those high school in he went he went there and the fans the students obviously innings I think today. Yes it's it was their first full day back where I think everybody was in was an on campus in and Dwyane Wade awfully back to back. You know travel I only know what time they got in last night probably 3:4 in the morning and by the time his head at the pillow. To get up a few hours later into go to that school. Just. It just you can't say enough about things like that. And that's why he's going to be you know one of the one of the did the players and one of the figures in this town that that'll be remembered for 304050. Years from now it's going to be. You know Dwyane Wade is going to be a conversation of of the best sports hero so. You know Z zero Sydor and talk about the AF point two points less than a lot of stuff. Hobbits come in we know perk I just watched the game. Are else tired this morning you know yeah I'd be out of the driveway flies goes back okay. Did you say it's my day off man we are playoff thing somebody I don't wanna go out there today. And you know he's out there this wasn't a paid gay you're anything like that he's out there doing what each candidate to lift there to lift everybody's spirits and spirits and got a standing ovation I believe in the in the auditorium of the cafeteria just a really really cool story. Yet you are you out of the our story on sun sentinel dot com and all the social media pictures of two lanes taken pictures with these kids. And their reaction to Dwyane Wade it is it is incredible I mean it is. It is absolutely incredible we've got. Yet we are in and vote goes in and videos and all kinds of stuff but. Clearly these kids went crazy and and you know it's been opened to brighten up there are their lives after what they've been through. Any any little bit helps them a visit from Dwyane Wade got. We don't really really cool there we got jolly about when he element 17 minutes before 5 o'clock shall we got these 4 o'clock voter which is home. The code word is home for your two and win 1000 dollars from Texas to seven to anyone's immune just limiting your car. Or giving away a thousand dollars every single hour on the hour or next door will be able. Be given away at 5 o'clock but every 4 o'clock code word which is home. Any of the entire work like Karen takes an in your chance to win so it's home. Text home to seven to. 881 that seven to eight. 801 the Miami Heat could not bring it home last night a perk and I say this but earlier. I mean. I. I just never thought that there are gonna win a game last night. And it was just I don't know what it was it was just they got down early it just seems and they always were a step behind. And I don't think that last night was a bad loss out of been a great win for them. But you're looking at you kind of take it taken in stride so to speak. That Washington. Lost three in a row he Rafa back to back. He had a couple of guys that particularly that I play well I didn't I didn't turn a game off last night the hauled him. This one is really really hurt to how did you take its. No I did it was and that was last July 3 David Bourne night second night of the bank bag it and you're going up against an opponent that lets spaces. They knew they had to win right there losing streak and all three up more of a narrative quality opponents. In the cultural Google's right go in Indiana Ronald they're exactly the teams he had good innings but but still as you say they all know. Right now and and and so while Washington knew that it had to win it was going to be asking a lot of BP. You don't like the 17 from Kelly Olympic. You know politicos there has been their most consistent player I think. This whole season. So yeah you just got to swallow written and you keep it moving much you deal with the lakers game mom wonder what's so would bring him. He only had four minutes last minute by minute the night porn we we know that he's coming off the the death of his great grandmother. We know Luke Babbitt is beer and and Kelly Olympic is bad so you do have a glut of of being me and so Le somebody's gonna have to kind of take a shaved there by dom. I do wonder about Graham from the standpoint camp. What would you wonder about well we we we did the use of him. We saw him tear it up in summer league and me and he was slow to make the rotation during the regular season then he comes on like gangbusters. And now. His minutes have been reduced. And to me he's he's a guy that can really help you in situations. Like the last two nights and so. Hum I yeah I'm I'm I'm still living in and wondering what's gonna happen with this rotation as you see yesterday Ellington. It's still got to come back so among your your backcourt dom shooters. Slash shooters somebody's gonna have to take save on their minute they're also but I I watch with a lot of interest as com and natural bow. I'm not criticize and lo and anyway I. I mean searching small shows right now like the army started Tyler Johnson the second half last night because Thailand was playing it was played him rates. And Luke Babbitt I mean look who I've only deal gives you certain elements. I like that element that battery life you yeah I'll let you there but like to some nights where he does in the economic and shot yeah because you know being knocked it in the late ninety you know yeah I mean and that's that he's not a he's under he's not owed to lender and now he can shoot a stretch she's a stretch for so. Problem but you look at. The thing about a more curious about white I would quite signal and I know we've been unusual before brilliant and dilutive. I mean is not a good road against the cold secondly you've pretty much split up Q&A turnaround include beckoned and both in and at the top of the block Nolan I decide when this million plays and how often you play two nights ago he's he has agreed to what one of those games of the year. In the last night you know eight point six rebounds non factor pretty much being only plays 21 minutes like. If your question is played PM more and settled on okay. But like my question is is this linked linked to a on stub his Maurer is more personal he lifts whistler. Yet and I just I mean I don't. Again I mean it's who he is put it is those are the type of things that too but really I scratch my head that if you go. Play with enthusiasm play with life play with energy play with. Bigger than 24 hours later just don't play at all pretty much just come out and you're just you're just dragon ass and it's just. That to me it is the biggest. Thing that I think is holding this team Mac and you know I know some real parties given up on us on. The blight you know you pay them a lot of money in Indy in the hopes that. He would do would be another level to his game. And that that the heart and the other thing is like anything in life is like anyone perk we all know people. Whether they're great writers where they're great radio host whether they're great bankers whether they're great teachers whether they're great basketball players. They all can have great nights are great days you know and play and do well wow that was a great speech that guy gave. Wow now's a great idea that you have. What are they consistently doing that do they bring it every single day and that's where there that's where the great ones. Or at least the the the good to great ones really shine through for a lot of people is do you bring it every day. You do a great radio show once a week. 48 right right before those right right that's how you feel about some white eyewear. Yes once a week it looks great and then the other 34 games or destroy and what what is that. Yes and I can tell you this gap that I really liked the lineup well I I can't remember did they are overtime win at our call on. Kelly a limit Josh Richardson. Odd Dwyane Wade they went small in the Olympic Games to a small medium it would pay at the article but I don't like I I really like. That line up in the and that's a lineup that. With that come out think that Goran was out there a link. Moron to weighing. Josh Kelley a limit then on I believe was was that lineup but I. That that. A lineup that I could leave them that I really thought that they would use to close games after they acquired the winning a ball that was going to be your closing by don't know these things. It's Lou Clinton's most runners are of figured out let. To meet you get that line up go and to close out games you're on the. I'll get to the slow a little more with the humidity heat in the 5 o'clock hour. I'll get to the 5 o'clock code word is well well new code word here at the top of the hour post love headlines is a lot of NFL news than good to hit the trade today. We have some big names that that'll be playing elsewhere next year. In the in the NFL while all editorials news our appearance of a nine minutes ago. A the clock here. 79 and take. Kirsten perk with you glad you are spending. Part of your day with us we got more to get to hear from up on the show we got a code word for your opportunity when 1000 dollars in just a few minutes into the cove where we're at the headlines here. Follow on NFL stuff to get to plus of course he'd lose in overtime. Last night opened up in Washington while fifteen minutes heat in this hour as well but I quick reminder here market is down seven I didn't figure is urging you to play hooky. With eleven tarred show each of the guys in the shipping container port put Jay Wakefield to brew. What they believe is a championship beer we won you'd join them at Shea Wakefield on March 15 that is a week from Thursday is the first day of the until they turn about the way. From two to 5 PM take shipping container bracket challenge and pick which of the shipping containers Beers. Is your favorite the winning bureau be announced today a national championship game canned and re launch there'll be loud music from Remy. Holy dances in above the skyline and on March 15 with a rubber tarred shipping container and aims have a nanny and FM 1043822. Of the ticket. You wanna know those guys anyway. But then you may know those guys on the first inning shall determine whether they've gone on and your hang an edgy week Gilbert. Yeah I mean them the most exciting part of that to me will what is it independently owned brewery and chat room and you ask I love those were. That is that the exact phrase infinitely old the really telegraphed her grandparents that were there we go to elite crowd out there I don't know that gets me fired up. I'm sorry I missed the beer sensible retinal camera and we would be there for you're I would be there we were doing the show yeah I. That day and by the way it was an immunity but yeah and I am not looking forward to doing on the shoulder during the during the tournament which starts at noon and you know will be missing games and will be distracted and yet you know that is just disagree were really know that the Balkans. I know I don't know I guess you you you're looking than me and I notre. I mean I'm I mean why is this going to be bogeys I have a bracket a little I don't know I don't know but I'm I'm already be getting your leg at second round of the AC terminated at MarketWatch in Boston cows and he stayed so recent during the breaks you know sort of slow homework now and I'm deacon man it is a it is it is my fair Tommy here we are lucky I delivered the. I was my favorite time I you know I always go I like about it or yeah I love football but let me this put so like October when everything comes together put but I like the football. Football basketball crossover which really is I guess we're November. We re gonna sign in college but yeah whatever. This is good good because it basketball's simple swing the ball playoffs college football. Is is ramped up on not a big bowl game guys you know. But then you get like this time of the year when you get final four in baseball is a start now and basketball is is winding down in here and into the playoffs. All I did it you know it just depends on what you know when I'm in the moment always say that's my favorite time. I you're only on that it's hard to choose their. Costing them in the moment it is 5 o'clock kid is no better moment than right now for your chance to win 1000 dollars it's a 79 that's a good man cave money contest. Your chance to take home a thousand bucks. Text the word here it is clearly. Late we got a whole lot of our Lleyton is down to noon to get to. Tags played 27 to 81 that's plates. PL ATE 27 to 81 right now if you don't win this time gonna chance is tomorrow morning at 6 AM. With does dazzle Romberg and amber this is a national contest mess inveterate and apply. Don't text in drive. And you missing Daniel and I come out with the American wind and I never win anything. We had a big winner on Friday evening listening or shortly with a 5 o'clock heroin that we had a bit winner. So on you know thousand offered their season around him I never win anything the odds are against me out too many people. We had a big winner he can be it can be done it was done that it has been done. So text the word play it will I'll remind you got 5 o'clock are you haven't so. The end of this hour to text plate threw seven to 81 now last winner needs that'll barbecues like in the Olympics and you play. Right yes literally down him and saying you know you play yep played they're an American person that they you're gonna. Hudson's success and I don't for the tell you reach us on the awesome and anything you text line as we get a couple of texts coming and Babbitt and Elizabeth cobble for Miami. As far as bigs to delay. Also agree we don't need another level from us on we need and expect his best period. Let me just say this about bad bad analytics. Good offensively not so good deep into the right. Yes yeah flag you know where I mean I like getting the bees in there but I think that's really what prevents a lot of these being. Match ups there's always you have to do in somebody with all stretch wars now. You know it is habit you know I had is bad it really you know I guess he could depend a five depending on who the ideas by. Yeah blasting and that's that is asking a lot still yeah so I. I wouldn't disagree on the bad. Bad analytic Turkey will say bad. That can be to the one of the combination but. He I'm not sure it works defensively. Null and he when they went small last night didn't have the how a rim protector in there yet at times with with with virtue ami. In the that I mean as much you wanna assert rotation. Sometimes is just about feel every night and in this thing any MB NBA. If she is there's a so this is not. You know we're just not accustomed to a tiger it's not clear how we grew up in the NBA anymore where you have a five right where is gonna 40 yeah. You have your power forward for he's going to be on the low block right. You got a three who's cutting your your swing swing me yeah. He got a two Barkley it's just not that's not how the game is played any news or more position was basketball writers as everyone switches and has to match specific. Yeah yeah listen I. I think you know and heard Perry Jackson on here from. I think one of the things that we see it was very true about that second unit since winning the comeback it's got some stability norm being on the second unit. I'm big on the second by and the closing by. So that's that that's a good thing too to see there with that that Tom that I can buy it looks like they've got a little more stability and again I think the the tin man rotation and I I kind of like I know that somebody is gonna get some minutes that are very meaningful like Babbitt has six minutes but. To me you know they see one through five you're not gonna have a big advantage on most teams. 67 and eight. You might get a small advantage like 89. You can get any decent advantage over other teams as far as matchups and I'm not talking about your. These guys gonna score thirty plus points but. In a four minute stretch maybe he can get a couple of buckets and three rebounds or. To do well whatever I think that's I think when you get down to 789. Does he have a bigger advantage than they do one through by the. Right and that's good and bad. Because the suns in what joy your first five. Times it would let mobile what's got them what that got them back in the last night. You know there's excitement by writer is that they don't bet on it Greg there were down and seen heard 1618. Noting that it was nine was between seven and nine or something that was something were some that weird. Already out of the gate my guy you know I I don't switch over to of the college guy came right back. And I'm like we wants one on here and then you know Tyler it's gone in the second unit really played well we gummery effect in that game I'd ever assembled weird galas is never thought. That they were gonna win that game it was just kind of little weird deal. But. But they got arraigned tomorrow against Philadelphia and in the gonna get their they're gonna get their cracker Washington again on Saturday that's a different story but you sometimes run into a desperate team. And that was kind of the wizards last night they had to get up to that that home winless about wade Bob Ford did Dallas get to 5 o'clock headline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WM SS SHD true Miramar. They'll Petraeus tell you about in the NFL's Seattle is trading defense have been Michael Bennett and seventh round pick to Philly in exchange for wide receiver Marcus Johnson and a fifth round pick. Then it had eight and have X last year. LA rams inning linebacker Alec Ogletree and it's when he 197. Round pick. To the New York Giants in exchange for fourth in late round picks in the 2018 draft. Ogletree had 95 tackles two legs and one interception for the rams last. Graham really make him move familiarity that Ritter Robert Quinn and you know Alec Ogletree trees are still offered on the dollar area you don't mean. I would think you know the golf and might have. I would think that name by the came up when they were talking about Robert Quinn maybe we need in conversations office certainly could use a mile Michael realized. I don't know exactly the rails what they're doing exactly determine which any younger it's. Yes the only thing I can and but. Put together Graham sure were about to do it regardless of saving a whole lot of money with Ogletree to deal with Quinn. But not a whole lot bridal and I understand the money it owes an issue with a bullet the rancher team there obviously are close Russia on offense yet he's victim there every defense. Lastings we'll on the NFL man. In a manner that teams have to be is a week from today at. Like go to a week in six days and 23 hours for more PM march 14 you've got to be under the salary gap projected to be 177. Point two million missile that's next whether it's Wednesday yeah. That's yes Switzerland six days and 23 hours of relief program we are from that I anyway. I move the Miami Heat is off tonight last night's overtime loss in Washington dropped Miami back into the eight spot in the east. A half game behind number seven Milwaukee. College basketball 24 ranked UN employees Thursday at nine and eight EC tournament. The canes are seeded third they get the winner of tonight's game between Syracuse and North Carolina. Florida Panthers host Montreal tomorrow at 730 and this at take this what it's worth. ESPN's topics they came out with a third in a bill Mott draft today. He has Miami taking Oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield. Those are. On movies like the throw that in there like these you know just I. Is that for the things that has to do around me up morale the audience up on I'm I I I think it it's of interest to everyone but coach always reminds me an email to us these new perk I did. Yeah I don't know I really don't know if they're going to do this night. Listen Steve Ross was behind the driving force behind the Ryans and heal old draft decision and when he twelve. Some soul of OK if he would have if he gets the ball began perhaps. And again to really heal what was going to be the starter he was he was he planning for the youth regards though. If I were call correctly and I remember doing all those draft shows. That was like Ryan like even more without repairing for the draft show any. They were gonna take right and you know my leg that the delay did the week of the draft we knew that I had 90% we knew we were there written that Renton. Okay they needed a quarterback they need another dealer her art and only meant more to take a good guy young gotten. Now whether that it was simmer not doubt was it. Well there you have by the end and one of the big things with Tim hill bow loves here. Oh how longs a I've been a quarterback as he plays a much sooner so that was yeah that was really kind of the big deal with the regulars is a you know you wanted to position. Did you have the right guy but as far as taking the quarterback in that spot because they weren't gonna get law they were gonna get RG three right it was basically two and a healer Wheaton Brandon and what is based Russell Wilson was. Down on the right line it's Alan Miller was Delmon aren't like them. Bertram right right but but did that draft. Everybody knew that Aldrich or quarterback any. OK so I did that those Steve Ross gets involved and maybe he pushes it over the top. I don't think that it's not a screaming need right now. For some for most people. So you mean you have a guy in ten who you're paying money to you like Paula so I'm just in 2012. It may allow a lot more sense. This would be a little bit more of a surprise me if that is now. I would be off for I would be pumped up for me but it just seems that this would be a little bit more of we're going we're thinking outside of the box just a little bit. And the dolphins were thrown from what I've seen. Maybe except the time the only trade up for Dion Jordan which obviously wasn't it didn't work out and they haven't thought outside of the box here in recent memory. Com. I would I would say that. That might be true I mean look down gays vehicle to a running off prince with dale died right calls I'm saying it drafts like rap while I was like yeah I don't know and higher procurement now. There's never been there has been shocker there loads on the Parker OK when you obviously were the odds on James he joined our army times when in alignment he's gonna fall to us okay all that gas mask double figure that thing out. Charles areas are the bunch of guys there we kinda like Irina pass rusher can waste beckoning younger will take him. This is said there hasn't been a lot of lol okay this is a different philosophy. Salads I say that this I'm not sure that this is outside the box really. Are Angus in an especially well especially if you're Steve Ross because again I I can see in limbo angrier and gays going. Yeah I'm not worried about the future I'm worried about staying around in it after 2018. Right. Short term I see Steve Ross Nolan yet I'm going to be around longer than the three of you guys I've got to think about my franchises hill big. You're never you're assuming you're roster since he's saying that I don't think unions. I don't know why I don't know if he is there I don't know if he is but a lot of the rumblings out of the Columbine and when you talk to people are at their looking quarterback. And I. If you are Jumbo hungrier days would you be looking quarterback. Probably not. So where does that rumbling come wrong why agree but it but it the owner is the quarterback you better get on board with quarterback while the president could be the case right now. You know that you don't culprit is the kid to an end here here's the other being can you you've been through many drafts right. You know how much of this up a smoke screen like. Always say that I yes so I think that's sorry and and and you get suspicious when all the stars are to align don't you win I know CBS at Yahoo! and and everybody. I know talk to personnel people who I don't know Miami likes a quarterback. That's yeah that and so there there is room for caution here but goes a lot of every month draft doesn't have let you know I've seen some would veterans' names. Some some way rope on Smith some with remain Edmonds. But a lot of them are saying quarterback. And nobody is reason for suspicion I will but as. And and I don't want to get too excited right now it is your bubble bursts of his BS right. Right I got only get all jacked up about them really gonna shoot them at quarterback by. And then finding out the you know they're gonna take gonna take Quinn Nelson there number eleven million righteous. But there is seems to be. A lot of feeling that. The mock draft I would say I would say that I mean as much as as much as people don't like where Adam gays did last couple years of his guys like. At that that would be the that would be the guy I would lean on that draft for for quarterback you only had to deal like any of these guys. Yes I love Blake racial I love Josh frozen okay. Let's do with an editor and that really kinda gets on board and obviously the scouts can do the due diligence put Adam gays. Is a quarterback corps local guy that's what he was hired for this job you took its going to work Adam gays tasks like this guy now frauds of the purposes at a gays love Ryan tanning. He's really NC says he does rather read twice since the season IDC it Tamil will be our starter and when he eighteen right moves say that. These guys you like getting these guys better. Record that's on those are some tales essay. I think Josh rose's brother Ryan I think bigger mayfield better I think Josh sounds better. That's the case NN hasn't just that I know we know that the backup quarterback has been called upon the last two years William Matt Moreland and and Hilda hurt meant more when Jay Cutler got her miss two starts. And this this organization has seen the last two years eat meat who have something. I backup quarterback whether it's a young god Richard grooming. Or a bed a renewed you do need to have someone who can that be in a play that position you lose overtime last night we got fifteen minutes he will get that next here on seven on his ticket I had. And fifteen minutes it is customize my champion qualified sports supplement number one chuck eventually customizations job or guaranteed about four by four month vacation down. But champion four by 4765023. Or 46 or attribute flow by four dot com. Also brought spots by Paul for orthopedic and sports medicine that's their W two back in the game before South Florida locations one near you. At all towards British dot com for more info Kurdish confer with you on a totally rainy and sleepy. Wednesday afternoon to go green miss. And blue parts Lisa do you rate of for the rule Broward County area. Yeah yeah I was up in Deerfield Beach and our and our office and her son in law office we got Moreno airman and you know. I live in a Condo I don't have a New York so. It always gonna (%expletive) me off when the weatherman though we need some rain we need to who we don't need any damn rain I'll have a yard all right you know physical and up the Lake Okeechobee to big help us with the drought okay exit permit of that that's climb another other than that gap. You're running the Redding could stay the hell away Ringo away jingle I don't have a yard I don't need. The water most Clearwater house committee and work officials about I was about 1 o'clock Porter was. And in Yemen and I was denounce him so I'm always man I don't know what to do I don't know what to do either repair for that I just want lunch on a live I live in South Florida I just won a regular Lake Okeechobee. Give us longer we go rent a drill. But America doesn't value would probably wanted to speedway in Kansas I understand that so we get this one a one of those one of those days. Has as we move forward and nobody's feel really good about the the loss last night in in overtime to the to the wizard I don't. Against that crippling I think the mean there's going to be a couple of miles from here. As we move forward alleging this question though Dwyane Wade when they got him back there will swing a mean and there we have Barry on these at 320 point gaming. In those six games he's been back believe that's great blues and yet three in 51 games with Cleveland was on everything you give them many. What was such a little surprised by the right so what point is. Perk and we've had the conversations to the expectations. I never thought Dwyane Wade. Would. Would do would be this good when he came back maybe it was just me. I never thought they would get this type of impact but I remembered when people will be was it. Dwayne was like 25 games like we have won twenty pointing. The universe in Ireland probably not now know like woody you won twenty point game and now. Are there almost becoming routine at the end. Some of them are out of necessity and what a lot of home in Alaska who have been in the flow of the offense yeah. And you know we could have that'll age old debate ended that gets everybody worked up you know you don't do other relying too much on Dwyane Wade or not. But the bottom line is Dwayne wade has been about as good as you could've asked for bringing him back here to our floor on the basketball court. He's he's been a stabilizing force for this team and that that's really something that they needed and I I did. Relieved like what he's done down the stretch nobody makes. Every. Clutch basket or a game the game winner potential game winner got a tour bus like those big event but you know let me yeah and you take the deal with the bad mails a game in overtime that three point play also a and in this the other one the the these that. But the marquee mores came in and and you know changed the shot there at the end and the voters there in the paint excellent call by spoke excellent execution by doing just better execution by marquis mores and by the way am I the only one I thought tele Olympic miss timed his jump on that Matt tippy and body was on his way down. When the ball finally touched his hand. By the way does anybody lay their hands more than hail also. Camera you know Marie who use of Amarillo little guy but man and I'm just like tail man you're you're all when he and that's got to have all kinds and turn you've been such an other guys in the regular lick that. A lot but anyway I buddy and I I didn't think he'd miss timed his jump and then going back a little bit further. Nice job by Dowayne he has proven that he still has close. And skill players coach Bo on deal waited 22 points in 28 minutes on eighteen shots last night against Washington I have always believes in that man. Com mail us I thank create. Kind of country song. I'm not as good as I once was. Thumb but Imus could once as I ever was and I truly believe that about joined you may might not they'll play. The role that he did for us in 2008 and 09 play forty minutes and and I would ask him played the best. Clarin defense on the other end as well. But for. Twenty to 25 minutes. I think he'd be every bit of who used to be just in contact Manson. On today obviously got extended because of overtime but I do believe he can be. You know we wasn't come and have a great impact on the cordon in the locker you know for the sauce for the state. You know that song right lose me. He's how is this planet nominee and then I'm sure enough I actually I would bet that a building on that yeah yeah on this clearly is and you know. Suppose writing her dying Dwyane Wade and you would they wanna. He's the best that the yes I agree that the that that a bit but that doesn't make me feel a very good to know I know. I know I know I know yeah you've got uh oh. Am. I don't know if reservations or slurs you got a little trepidation. Because of the position that Blaine is an elevated position it it kind of makes you wonder how stable this is that this well stays and they'll about the others. What's your drink a lot of these other guys to wanted to play a role on the now playing that role that's what I that concerns me. They don't need a 36 and Anderson agreed to and nobody will probably more than I do. And when Dwayne I hope doing it's a million game winners here the next two weeks. But. You look at. Yeah union the 36 year old guy that Cleveland had no huge foreign. Chicago didn't know that horrible way to get read or write that one is dead come to come back conceived you almost. Yeah does that say about your other your other guys that you're paying all that money to. If I can quote Denny Green they are who we thought they were. And what I mean by that is they had kept I don't know what they play before going on your fifty games whatever was. Nobody developed nobody show host bowl or anything. Or mere you've that killer instinct that. That knack for being able to hit those big buckets at the end of the game that. Ability to go one on one put the ball in his hands and and let him either sure or create for others. No one else consistently showed that is not gonna show up. For the rest this is not gonna magically appears so to me you've got to lane here to Wayne you've got the keys to the car in the end will solve this problem in the offseason as. Morris the other last night don't feel too bad about the loss of they lose overtime you want one on the but just. This is going to be good this is going to be gut wrenching to hear that the rest of the way here yet goes through and English so much ever ever and which is going to be a huge and I were watching and every loss is gonna just beat is just gonna rip your guts out but that's what that's what life for the MBA is when you're trying to for playoff speak seating. In essence both trying to explain my. Nights weren't able to capitalize but there are a lot of other things in our guys really competed. You know there's there's plenty of opportunities for us to make plays and I'm forcing us where were seriously there is a winner thumb and there's team on the other side. You know we decide to gather ourselves and everybody is disappointed in that locker room bugged and just the way it's going to be for the next five weeks not then went as exclusives to remind me. Everybody's gonna be feeling his emotions here this way or what Washington's feeling right now. Some of these games are playoffs tight jeans and vessel which should be desperately wants us with the players more. So they have sit there 65 games in the books there's 34 and 31 perk. Yeah that means they have seventeen games. Who can. Yeah. Are you are you expecting the key to bring to the bullish or just kind of wobble their way. Down there I guess a sprint. Would be. Well. Thirteen of fourteen win. I the last seventy you know we can bring a certain kind of wobbling yeah kind of modeling only like twelve I would take ten and seven are now perk odd that it fits you perfectly done. Yeah that's right now and I am well aware that Heidi because I don't well malaria around here that you get the 44 wins mass media for entertainment purposes only right nobody's Camille all the gets out of the world I'm okay. But we do have time to do this. Here's your schedule yes yes yes let's let let's do this because we were we were wondering I was wondering. Does he have any layup on the schedule in other words. Is very opponent who is trying to tank. Who is gonna look or undrafted players out there Byrd thirty minutes each and just want to lose to Miami. Even though he that loss of some some sheets has yet yes like you know it gets like the tanking. Gives to a new level of tanking union to late march early April. Some of these teams Chicago's been warned about a day in the lab they put out pretty embarrassing last night Bob okay here's a plus seventeen you've got Philly tomorrow. In Washington at home on Saturday then you're going out west Monday Wednesday Friday at Portland shot at Sacramento. Apple the lakers which also looks like your time athletic and yes. And utterly different things like usual for their first round picks and players don't care what you then Denver at home on March 19 in New York the knicks the knicks have won in like forever. On March when he first. At Oklahoma City the 23 of march and at Indiana too tough ones Cleveland on the 27 assembly where B at that game. Chicago. On the towing a home in Brooklyn on the 31 cut your marks got two Chicago. Tank. Oakland thank Brooklyn Sacramento tank that tank you know those that's tank those are there tanking right here's April Atlanta at home tank in Atlanta tank being at New York tank where 79 games. Turning an an Oklahoma City and Toronto and all threat of the season so if you have. Seven out of tin. Game how would I ten and seven common thing to ignore you fourteen and you think thirteen or fourteen that would be no I'm saying that's that's losing real hot. I don't want to know did you like the third of yeah I mean yeah yeah yours dear yeah forty aliens yet 4740 win yeah you're you're looking at like you are hosting hosting. What I don't know Julian first round series or Milwaukee you're so. Yeah bigger your somewhere that you have home court and that's in that scenario certainly don't. Real quick they're six and we got other guys are now deferring to the wing but it to their detriment they need to step up. We've talked about that before the very first game against Milwaukee I see that I thought the guys were deferring to delaying blah blah blah whenever. Do you agree with that statement is that is that true now I think that's true. Actually now I think that's more true at the end of gains as opposed dwindling comes in with the second unit ugly they're learning to play alongside Dwyane. And Dwayne earlier got to delete Alex's spot but dull and I think late in the games at that taxes. A 100% correctly in the game's going to be your off to watch basketball we ought to be a basketball you know fame and RX related to burger parents. That the only way it runs the show their late in the guys are kind of deferring to Dwyane Wade has kind of adhered to him and get out of the way. Is that the right approach to him because there's always the wind didn't wait a whole thing I don't think it is right every time down the floor. And I love blamed by the I would like the other guys take some ownership in some initiative. That tell you how we all know Dwyane Wade in the bullet to the team knows how to gain playing against that. They do which is still got a couple. Bomb Edward Markey Taurus was a good example of that lab right 'cause I'm late in regulation going came through so I would worry about that of course seven years ago perk up and now you're about how tough do you think it is no run in over a little bit out of do you think it is toward the wane. To give the ball up. It is bode you know and you union boundary to complain or whatever and do you think Dwyane is like do I just passage in just a slow. I am I gonna get it back. Do we should not put the ball in a do you think Dwyane go through that thought process or to the wings say I'm gonna make the best basketball I'd play if somebody's open they better make that damn well. No I think I think Dwyane Wade is I can make the shot to imitated. And that's fine that's what makes swing different there by Yeltsin and he used the quote unquote closer that we liked. But I'll think you're doing throw to somebody he's going all damn. You know that has deck I socks here or I mean you wouldn't you think winning would not only to that guy right. If he didn't Wear you trust your teammates and in doing trust is series by the wings like yeah. There's no better. There's no better place than the ball to be in my hands yes yes I think Dwyane between us overconfidence in the healthiest but I think when Dwyane bounced 'cause it's just is within take a story law crap this kind of thing that's out there I thought that was Goran I don't Josh I know you're going through my government by the way but yeah I'd I'd rather out of my hands. All right welcome back we got a lot of NFL news to get to Richard Sherman. Another guy who could be your be on the movement and I was tied to the Balkans and trade rumors last season either of those rumors out yes we hadn't with Jarvis and retreat we had a trade other those talks are ready made trade and other defensive stalwart on their team. They traded a guy eligible to seems to be disappearing all around us when it gets to go get some information on that. Plus the quarterback we have we talk about the dogs on the quarterback wells the freeagent route. As that pertains to Kirk cousins where he might land when they were wanna get some some thoughts on that from media from your perch here as we continue plus on news that will give you. The whole word for the a 5 o'clock hour for your two and 1000 dollars all that straight ahead here on 79 do you take from. And moving and then you're getting into her car when you examine glad you're with us from now in the market. Thousand dollars of man gave money every hour between 6 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. Listen for the code word in Texas to seven to 81 and you have a chance to win the money you need to build your perfect man cave message and data rates may apply do not text and drive this is a national contest. Or give away mentally money radio on and some and I mean if someone a 432 to the ticket and by the way this hours code word is play. The LA TT tech that to seven to 81. And you're registered to win thousand dollars plates PL ET he text 272881. So we're good to go me we had a big winner on Friday. That was that was listening in any text and then he won a thousand dollars so that so congratulations it can be done. It is we get a cut of the late then does the place that sells the winning Lotto ticket get like right thousand dollars or Tim Belden addition we cut to restart shall we asked Ted I don't know I'd be illegal emperor but I'm not sure. On the right. Side of the little guy being. I have no doubt I think the plays that drilled the winning Lotto ticket no I don't suggest they do yeah go slow you know. The deposition got the Asia cup is harsh I why I'm not disagreeing with few perk I wouldn't put. We're just up and Marshall meeting tomorrow today I don't know how I will support Q about. 90% 89 pursue I mean listen I'm I'm until things are going welled in my 100% right I could always use election jingle in my pocket here Larry and I don't but I'm glad that kind of that salad that could not bring it up okay make a note of that route is there option than you doesn't fool around here yeah I'm sure that'll be you know be received two with. Open arms now over the all of you here yeah now we get a lot of yeah I'm sure that's how that works. Five US attacks on the show. You can get into us at 67 ninths on four. On the 792 to text line here we got a lot of text I got here I don't neglect Texan noticeably. Here's one kept the heat have no shot at winning a series this year right why are we rebuilding. I. I I I think two to win a first round series you know you. You need to be between the three and succeeds I think and and that six he might not even be. You know to comparable 'cause you'll get either Toronto Cleveland or Boston. Basically. Is that Texas are because I don't think they have no shot I don't I'm still sticking by my eight. You know 43 to 45 wins could possibly winning first round series are you would have no shot no no no I wouldn't say that. Why are we rebuilding the heat is too good to take great. I mean do you use newsman. You'll probably be a lesser of a low to mid forty win team. You're too good to tank plus you just pay your paying her son you're paying James John and you're paying Tyler. There's no reason to tank like you've got guys were good are they did not win a first round series will find out. It looks kinda doubtful right now but if this should definitely 100%. BA playoff team. Yes Sheila and aplomb Pat Riley your bowl or Mickey heiress and I want my guys to get playoff experience I don't want them to tank I want him to learn how to make winning plays. Down the stretch and play off race and then have the chance to make winning plays down the stretch in a best of seven series. That will help you later so I don't wanna teach him how to lose. Wanna use them how to win and that's why I'm not rebuilding you're too good and you need to learn how to make winning plays not losing place. Yeah I mean I'm my concern about my Solomon I don't know what more bad. I just I hate to do I hate personally and Riley is on board Newton the defeatist attitude of tanking yet OK now listen. Win like what happened 2008. When they got when they got second overall pick it right when you have a year where it's like injury out treasury right. And all the talent depleted anyway right in your does any yet you're ever you're a year in all of a sudden you're twenty under my Christmas. Or new years. And you just gotta know where it's going at that point yours okay let's just saw this thing a little bit and will take will be able lottery. But as far as this grand scheme or plan. To let Hank and I understand. It is worked out. For a lot of teams Philadelphia everybody we talked to in Philadelphia all the best plan ever. Well how do you think or feel of three years ago quarter of two years or when they were they arrogant they're their teeth knocked in every. No neither an outlet in the right idea now love and I Aetna and how you are right it. I don't think he had to go. Right now all you would mean I find it funny -- would you offer affiliate while I don't want tomorrow. And they're like that the process work in the hall's best ever neck and I'm like okay we're dudes before you sleep last two years correct and we know they weren't right coming to you saw the wheels miserable right likewise why do you wanna do it. Eyes and and you look at Houston the Astros mean that it great it worked illicitly the Marlins right now we're doing. Like you think this year's demeaning fund people. Dubbed the don't blow this time of anything it's going to be a fun. So you would say ho let's take for three years plus here's the other thing. There's no guarantee at the end of the head of the committee work if you knew at the end it was gonna work of course you how many games portal quote tank yeah let's just say I usually garbage for ten year reunion Sacramento the next. Orlando all these teams. Have been bad for for years as it doesn't do you any good. Two days you have to be willing to to put in that the effort to lose all these days. And then you have three to make the right decisions. And the bottom line is again the problem with with the mean number around exactly beat. Well there's been his former bowl years as general manager. Overseeing some tank operation no. Nor should anybody away and I had a prominent anybody got a problem with that I would say too bad at address your letter to 601 missed nimble Margaret. Republic what we're trying to win. Right exactly so I mean like that that's something like you would like I remember the dolphins suck for luck stuff perk. I just like I'm Mike get out of here with that I won happy Sundays I wanna go and I wanna go watch team play and on win some games. Against army under I do I just I just I'm not from that's gonna be. Art I'm not a big drinking diet another text we're talking about teams that the heat will face that are syncing such as Chicago and and Sacramento. A segment also read somebody sexy and don't forget about help we're gonna get along the way for example. Houston can help with heat tonight used to play as Milwaukee tonight so US and its exude it's. It's as you know 90% about Reggie. None of the violence in America he yes yes but you can get a little bit of help along the way right somebody takes in is it me but since way it has been bay wins lows game is getting better. So there's let. Has the better of the somebody else takes him on the other part oh waves one gulf war in the end of getting shot someone else needs to step up. Learn. We're talking about other guys are stepping up in Dwyane doing it by himself somebody takes in are you serious is the reason they date of her is because they have to. They themselves can't do it which is why we need it weighed. Don't complain leave him closing games. No successor rights in on the line to the he had just Wenzel should not be in during crunch time he had a key turnover late in the fourth pistols and though. That him shooting a reporter of fifties or Angeles chuck Carter is not a good shot ever much in the game lineup is wade Joseph gore and Tyler Johnson. Politika Whiteside. Couple people pissed off about my ring income and yeah that law. I am I getting to make a little joke. Dim you perk I have grants and I like the ring like my grant green not. Brown I knew we did this Texas though for the other on this team guys rather be mediocre like Atlanta has been for decades are sort of getting a bonafide superstar. No we did never said that if you don't there's a bonafide superstar horizon you'll terrorize ambulance on that. I I think. To me the that it may NBA is more of a trade freeagent leads and it is draft league where you can you can take the shortcut very easily we saw with the Big Three we saw we checked. We've seen it would numerous other team plays. You don't have to tainting get that number one pick to get good writing you need to create some salary space that is an and recruit the hell out of the whales that that's really did. More important to me even then getting a number one. Our kids the 6 o'clock hour here we got some big NFL news we're running a trade enough another. All pro player could be on the move as well we'll get those get to the 6 o'clock hour by the way we got an abbreviated shorn showed just by a few minutes here we McCain's baseball with a double to right around 645. It's a Miami and F 5 use this evening. K rod Kevin Rogers will be on the call for a for Jozy tonight right here on some ninety the ticket. Join the ticket and LeRoy horn man. How to draw the box three food and music food festival on Saturday march 24 at Pompano Beach amphitheater or log on. Two brought about Tree.Com and use promo code ticket for a limited time for discounted tickets are also the super VIP experience which includes a meet and greet with the bands like struts. Tuber VIP also includes free drinks still missed more than two tons of crawfish. And genuine. New Orleans knowledge food and spirits of Prada Marjorie march 24 of the public we gym theater brought to buy. Teams have a nanny and a from 1043 HD to the ticket. And willing to throw in LeRoy. Just talk in your ear off about a lot of things Willy will throw that went into. You LeRoy admin and once LeRoy it's Nolan. Minute. The way we you know what we need to ask LeRoy because yesterday. Again we only have a make sure we have a lot. Our screen writer right exactly and and in my ear plugs. Yesterday somebody text that about laying New Orleans. Lisa it is pronounced no eggs. And I don't I actually don't know how the people down their pronounce that we've learned. I'm not no not Toronto it's Toronto. At the hospital throughout the second seat right lob Toronto I don't know if this is New Orleans New Orleans or no one's. Icing I don't have a local I say all home put knows a lot but New Orleans. Is wrong I think that's what I say a New Orleans. This Breaux a dual lends his New Orleans like this you don't live there that's probably how you say it nobody there are nothing New Orleans is really wrong which I say a lot you know odds this business number amen amen and yeah. No bombing outside type yeah I'm sure a little three ways right I mean I'm I'm I'm a great audio what you so I mean again I mean in New Orleans. And but New Orleans nor New Orleans is house probably was that million dollar loses you know like this local. A little bit correct yeah yet but yes what we know that when we have about an hour to spare. Oh there is no place to go or Ganassi rather is area hit there in the town in Texas cold. Bring rule that that eat. You'll say green do it's it's Green Zone and you know it's there's all kinds of towns all over America that you've got to pronouncing it correctly that it's not necessarily the way that. It's spilled or appears there's a local T nation up and Bryant could start right that I visit locals told me they call it Null and yeah I mean if you're local it's different. You know whether as far as if you're if you're now local which is what's occurred pronunciation but the cry out about three manic dagger hungry for Tom. I read that about the crawfish and everything nevertheless we guess that focus here and we got luck over there and pretty decent right now is. Blood take a Texan wrote in about that he don't have their version of it was a very with a very good observation by a texture you know sort of the reason is that there were no but I mean but I didn't. I didn't really think about that because the whole thing is it's just the premise of tanking like you have to written when you can't just decide 1 morning your tank. Is that big processor poignant it's a plane and you've got to do right now trying to direct so like if if if if it does is if he wanted to go that route. Late they would not every sign they were not a match Tyler Johnson offer a couple of years ago when they would not have re signed Dion Waiters and James Jones I. Like they would not have invested in those guys especially long term Contra million to try to move Saunders some. Yes but let me let the media that. Legs did eat it and obviously you don't want a tank or try to take would you go have a pick anyway I mean that's obviously not over the Internet play it right well there weren't so I think from a second royalty rates are higher in the center room right I even think about. This year this is just it's just a premise in general. That goes all throughout sports where I think I just you know I hated owning part of it. I donate part of losing and you. We don't even you talk about it or just you know some texture of it recruited while did you take account. Got to outside checked them at 67974. That's how you Regis. On the on the text line. We came rays welcomed a Fauria at the current 640 will Wilson you know Kevin Rogers will take over. Hour and a step aside he's gonna have a minute F five you of course Jim Morrison's final season in the dugout for the university of Miami's a real cross on action with notify you. And and Miami. Karen Rogers on the call because Joe's season is in Brooklyn. For the ACC championship. The kings don't play until tomorrow at 9 o'clock in the final game. Of the last teams that have the double by. So they're gonna wait to the last possible. Game two play got all the commerce certainly games coming up you got all of the game selection Sunday is Sunday. It is it is a really cool time here really fun time mere few of the brackets you know all the games all the action. It's it's it's that time when your calls that Zamir where is laws the slowdown in the NFL. Week away from teams eminently downs of the salary cap underneath the salary cap correct that's correct Nancy I started moves it is hard to shed salary steam to start to trade players. That gets us to 6 o'clock deadline. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SHD two Miramar. Got a couple of trades in the NFL to tell you about Seattle is trading defensive end Michael Bennett and a seventh round pick to Philadelphia. In exchange for wide receiver Marcus Johnson and a fifth round pick. Minute had eight and a half sacks last year also de LA rams are sending linebacker Alec Ogletree and when he 197. Round pick. To the New York Giants in exchange for fourth and sixth round picks in this years draft Ogletree had money by tackles two sacks one interception programs last season villainy to say this. No trade can be official until March 14 the start of the week here. I'm just used to write that matures at Miami Heat is off tonight last night's overtime loss in Washington dropped Miami back into the eighth spot in the east a half game behind number seven. Milwaukee. Tampa what do you what do you think this heat team needs some rest of the way. I know victories do they need a stable lineup do they need the ability to closed they need that second unit to come back. Oh I'm I'm still looking at three point shooting. After butchers your place to start because at that that remedy that remedies a lot of your deficient correct correct shortcut it's like throwing a deep ball. It is credited his like heaven to go in fourteen plays for the eighty yards or six plays and eighty covers up a lot it's it's a good deodorant occur over the blog you're staying in the end in the you know well I mean it just helps it just makes everything so much easier when you when you're when your shooting the three ball well. You know I don't think they're kind of they have some guys who can do is not like you're saying well they need to run more and you go will they don't have that talent they they have some guys who can shoot the three bad written Ellington and I against Josh who live there they're not a you know. Great three point shooting team that went last I checked we were down around 25 or 28 in. But I mean I mean you look at that what they've always been about has been among the concorde's from a defense corps so that that need they need to get back to that mentality of of of defending. And at a high level and then everything else will come everything else shall everything else. As it's constructed plays off from their defense though they'll get more opportunities to run. Will get better quality looks. And the defense to start you know you could say yes and then one other thing I should mention the turn overs. The yeah yeah they you know the basketball of those thing of his things in the cleanup literally doesn't go up into the can work on here. But it's amazing that they're you know like in there and again last night you know boom in the ensuing play particularly well last thing the bewildered stretches yeah politically great last night in the sun operative with a game. Yeah I'm still gonna point to three point shooting is what I wanna see you our regardless of that I look at your your defense isn't that bad it's not that great widget. You just can't count on holding teams soon 98 points. You know when I was I can count on more yet then if were gonna hit if we're gonna hit fifteen threes tonight yeah nine I agree with you there. College basketball putting port bring you whim place Thursday at nine in the ACC tournament. The third seed canes get the winner of tonight's game between Syracuse and North Carolina. And they still Florida panther souls Montreal tomorrow at 730. And I will repeat this statements anyway you look to. ESPN's comic shake him out with his third mock draft today he's got the Miami Dolphins taking low Oklahoma quarterback baker may feel. At number eleven. Those are your hitless. It's a love the fact that that Richard Sherman's mom Beverly Sherman goes on FaceBook yet. Edgy puts like idiots like it's like it's like your grandma. Telling you like look at. Little Tommy is using the big point potty right now Europe and putting up pictures of ages and puts that would like these little remote she's. Leg unfortunately my my son will not be players it's late this is where I was social media is Beverly Sherman Richard German bomb. Visually says Richard Sherman is done in Seattle so they trade Michael Bennet today being Richard Sharon's been telling all his off I guess laws teammates that he's gone. He's expected to meet with I think he's in Vegas right now he's expected to meet with them so he's apparently gone he's coming off an injury. Bottom line is reasonable was no more than a perk you gonna wonder where were were there the Seahawks are going. Like do you go from you go from hot and ideas and I citizens are the show I heard. It's just the it's amazing. It's so hard to get good at that sports it's even harder to stay good and that's. Or that that's the whole thing with that it's another thing that makes new England's run seemed so amazing is that. Once you get good I don't hear how you doing it if you do it with the cut off yet and that's are not to do with the high scoring offense. You do it like Seattle would deepens and run game however you do it. Once you get good players get poached coaches get coached players get out of your price for a. Tom Brady in the run would've been over five years ago they have in the Dow's weakest of Tom Brady would look like all the good Ol old wounds at the end you look them like you look like Marino Montana or Ron Amadon or Troy Aikman retired due to due to injuries during cautions they would have they would have been old you'll all Brett Favre you absorb what the blonde interceptions yet you do it'll look like that five years ago but has. No no it is not man so I had. Listen. Like I'm a leg it's remark it's it's yes and and that this is almost inevitable what's happening to Seattle as far as here he did report this guy in this guys that. By the way Richard Sherman also injured equipment you're killing Brenda doesn't exist I think that all of Seattle. You wanna pay him you know Bakley. You're not gonna guys bush and thirty come off on Achilles injury to quarterback right. Right level players here at that point and that's why the the margin of error that the margin missiles slam yet and that's why you know people Erica bitching about Jarvis and paid. Like I don't ever regular guy wants to get paid. Like I under I understand that aspect of things where you have. Forget about several small wind six to ten years you know your prime is about three and a few more years to get. You're your prime is that second Contra rebels for the vast majority of players there are some players are gonna get a third contract under the vast majority right here you have money by is that yes that starters to injury will never command more money is entire life and right now. He's young he's healthy now he's productive. And so if you once again every single dollar dollar bill not men and I'm not mad at you now. I can question this on you I can ask you this question what should be asked to everybody in life. What's what is what's the value of of life meaning quality of life. Would rather stay at Miami come soon enough. Yeah well yeah well that what would you give the U wanna go to Cleveland losing and then get every or you wanna stay in Miami do you like whether duke is your family here do you like to coaching staff do you like your quarterback didn't do you have a chance to win or not. All of those that then you get into all those other things but as far as hey man I'm just wanna make as much money is making get. And it nothing else matters to me that in my garden go for. But then you get into okay two guys wanna win when guys that run only on win I'd wanna get paid okay I got a problem the bush honest about it I and. Well I'll I'll tell you this man. When you talk about. You know. Quality of life pick well when you talk about not getting your pool. Dollar. Valued Tom Brady will will just stay our order or Tim Duncan or Dirk Nowitzki. When you're giving up that money. Don't you have to trust that. From office will do something Smart with that money like you don't wanna see the front office go out there and and draft Michael Beasley at number two when you've given up money correct. You don't wanna see them. You know signing Julius Thomas with the money they saved from you'd just the well came out. Are there have to be some trust right Ayatollah it's important that's a good point I and Brady has that Dirk Nowitzki had bit Tim Duncan had bad when you just look at a you guys who have given no I don't and I just got to look at in a vacuum so to speak but that's a good point but I don't think Jarvis is on that level knowing that guys know and we are aware and he's not taken I don't think he's taken that big of a shave. Cut wise we're just like you can get to employers money and arms them on to isolate you take a million dollar that we run and get another right tackle some some like that right. So but I just don't look at is actually your germs and junior and your. A million dollars apart which is four runner 500 K after taxes or whatever it is. I is that is that more than to pick up and leave and move your family. Moves to sell your house or all those other things just quiet I'd rather live in South Florida play for the dolphins I'd rather play for one team all micro all those little things are going to. The contract so as far as you know guys wanna play for the money FT one all the cash I mean I mean manager. Yeah now known I don't know that I. Jarvis is not gonna do anything extreme such as go to Cleveland to get paid. But I idle Chicago Chicago like yeah what's a guy but I don't know where the glorious for Jarvis. I I I really don't all the floors sixty million dollar well I mean as far as teams like wooded would you would you go here I don't wanna I'm on the floor of the floor could be the dolphins. There you know you don't know there's nothing you've been making numerous playoff appearance worse that's true so I don't I don't play in the post season. You know this is the rodeos those like hate. You know when you play in the post season you get the endorsement money to you get all that other stuff you get you all lose those things have come per play on a winning team yeah I had just. I've been told that Lehman is not. Address Ed you know that's an extreme correct I just so they're right ads is as. You know put out a title yet but I don't know yeah I don't I don't know where Jarvis draws that line are really don't I don't know what is the worst that he will take as far as quality of life. Playoff possibilities etc. I don't know. 67974. That's a reaches on the tech side 67974. With a few more of your textures so abuses CL a lot of stuff plays out. The Kirk cousins Kirk cousins things at the biggest domino to fall. In the NFL as far as free agency is concerned boarded that a little bit as well as we move on here and also get back to Muslim and Dwyane Wade did today which. Needs to be recognized and will do down the other side right here on seven I didn't take. Stores all around 645 K rod you'll have you covered. The legendary coach of cain's baseball team Jim Morse is in his last season at you that's 25 years in the dugout. You can hear cain's baseball right here on the ticket. Including today at tonight's game at F five you Kevin Rogers. Has got to call 645 got a pregame coverage or off just a tad bit early you amazed once again is brought to buy you a sports medicine recover your game. As the University of Miami sports medicine institute to learn more visit you L sports medicine. The dot com. It always Texas show at 67974. On the text line which some of these are text here as we as we. So our final segment so what will slow walking out here. Are things are very Jackson for joining us earlier in the in the show totaled about Dwyane Wade's affect. Only on the court but off the court has ticket sales have been through the roof. Ratings have been much better. Hands. Obviously Dwyane Wade the Jersey sells all those things. We know a lot of you wanna get a piece of of the new. Reinvented Dwyane Wade the second time around here in. In South Florida with the Miami and also. I was just I mean certainly it's Dwayne wade affect per put all these are big danger from another stretcher with a playoff but obviously you can't underestimate. Dwayne Wade's impact to meet. I know people that are just Dwyane Wade fans. We do not necessarily big heat fans for the locally wade and therefore they were you fans when we went left or Pallet like people like when Whitmore loves a comeback it was kind of a you know you go to urgent really gonna jump back on. Yet outs are you one being that the Dwyane Wade acquisition did for me is that. You look at the heat now and he's saying her. Got a better shot at winning their first round series now I'm not saying they will win the first round series. I'm not saying that at all. But you have a better shot with the winning like. I don't know if before you wanted to say they had a 20% chance and now they've got a thirty by over 40% chance but I. I think Duane Steele have some of that in him he hit series you for an entire year. Seven game series. But again the spots. Esposito. You know it's it's it's it's just into wings DNA so when you get into a close play off game. And you've got Dwyane Wade on the court you're going to have weighed more hope of winning and you didn't have the winning so I actually also requires all time yeah anonymity he specializes in in those moments and so I. I think that that's also something that wing does review is as bars that you know intangible things you can measure the TV ratings on the Jersey sales and NB attendance and and ticket prices on the secondary market go one up. But I think Dwyane gives that whole who coaches. Teammates. Fans that are. It's it's possible. Oh but by the way in its is McCain's based on that we do have a four packet to you secure way for cane based we're gonna do that here in the segment here. So we and you via opportunity go to a future. Cain's game before take its. And you go announcing some of the best baseball and I'm sure his partner mark played fields and we'll give those away here before we got to get out here we gonna get. It's that bomb wanting ever see a lot of stuff on obviously the NFL a lot of moves being made. New and wanting is the biggest domino Kirk cousins is that the biggest. Thing that has to go down before everything else has to go to. He might be because the next re agency and the draft so on the losing that everything is tied him yet is it not. Because once he goes in the other quarterbacks go in the data banks the draft. Well I yeah I mean you know it. Taste keen lemon and the others. Nobody like they're waiting on him I got really I'm seeing like like I there was a report that looked pretty pretty. Solid that Minnesota's rate offer him a big deal. Meaning Kirk cousins yeah. So then obviously okay and he goes to Minnesota taking them know. Genome British slaughter goes random Maria that frees up on a hole on India and obviously if you don't need a quarterback and yeah high in the drafters and then if you're hunting and end it did it just seems like the I think you got your right and you're right and effects of that and in turn affects an involvement too because if if it be an eleven to view the dolphins. And I am I mean I've looked to the purple I'm sure you have it up up up there on your on your screen. How many teams would reel how many teams are in the quarterbacks for the dolphins that yeah that that we don't have a we're not gonna know and forget the events that's kind of the big mystery is is who is who is going to take. The quarterback. And and why. You know hurt or. Are you going to take him because he's the of the best player available or just because you. You just don't think they're cute and you can pass on this do work or whatever it had they you know some seems. You know it if you're Cleveland. What do you think. You know you you you've got one in four and you've got Desean Kaiser and tenure there aren't 21424. I want one report earlier when it went forward Clinton owns one and one of four zodiac ten day you know. What are what are you thinking and and that's going to affect the draft and so you doesn't seems clear that. Right below images like the just like the giants are to you know do they Newt and other integral quarterback I don't know don't know right for me you know has the colts probably not. Than the unity 05 den Denver and yet there is be out there and your Anita McCormick and there's irony in important markets in Tampa Bay Null. Chicago know it eats ever since don't know what nine. Oakley at ten no I think it's Miami yet. Seoul is the jet leg of the jets signed Kirk cousins and obviously not right in the draft anybody all it does and and my point is this it just pushes down then all of those quarterbacks or do you think. Quiver Harvey I'm on your board. Whether you have Roseanne Arnold's now and now I am yeah I do mayfield whatever yeah it just pushes those guys down. So the dolphins. Are are going to be could be staring at for the dogs being staring at maybe just one gotta like that we stereo like two guys according to elect a lot of. Yes and and clearly we have to be wary of of draft day trades which you can't predict but you're a 100% wrecked. And how would you feel the dolphins. Pass on a linebackers specific the two main Edmunds of Virginia Tech or rope on smitten Georgia. To draft a quarterback I know that. You know you don't wanna get your hopes up about the dolphins drafting a quarterback bundle would immediately asked example article that yes you were sitting there less here. At the end camera works I mean upper and noon. Yeah I I would. I would I would go that also a gold medals are. I mean at some point at some if you think the guy's a sluggish that you realize that as great of a linebackers going to be at the linebackers great in the quarterback is great war will go better bigger impact on your purple thing to clearly Corbett Artie take clearly quarterback Brett. Yeah and I'll into the discussion really and it's. A moon. If you REE 500 coach which Adam gays is you went Timmons six okay and here in midnight there are going to be you know I just stuck to him but not okay even now you're talking about all the other outside. You know effects on the talking about straight mormons trader who do you take. Yeah yeah you're to give me all the other variables were new we need to say whereas here we the squeeze on nine wins on another story. The that's a different that there were conversation but that's a conversation that he's having because of a that's always. It always seems around here that everyone's just trying to get to the next quarter. It's taking it's again business that we're just trying to or can we squeeze a profit this quarter we scored we get to the next we get to the next quarter queuing get to the next season. And nobody has a long term vision. And long term welfare. Of the Miami Dolphins. In their best interest. And I don't blame those guys by the way if I don't know their spot above Jeff Ireland. All those years out of re saving my. That's right I would I would be trying to make a trade the onshore and I would try to make a big splash try new things but who's the guy that saying wait a minute. This might if this doesn't work out it's going to cripple us for the next couple years well outs are you this. As much as we wanna say that. And as a Muslim I hate saying this I think if you look at their offensive line they were trying to think long term right. Tony eleven Mike I don't see first round pick Tony fifteen. Tom Dwan James Merritt when he fourteen to one james' first grumpy when he's sixteen Laramie tussle. They were thinking purse they were thinking long term big picture there. I hate using that first round picks on the offensive line but and I think they chose the wrong area I'm being beat featured. Unlike deepens a blinder and my secondary and not my way all opens online but be that as it may I do think. But they were thinking long term big picture let's stable let's protect our quarterback and OK you know but it'd just. It didn't work out and again I think that's the wrong spot it was there multiple personnel. It was different decision makers was an actress for her still he was he was the only hole you are yet senators were going back to the pouncing thing I just think that that was kind of a coincidence we're trying to stay aware of saying yes. There's some there might be some vision there but it's also position those cells lacking terribly volatile more solid lines all those years any. There were ten million you know sack object of the Julian times so. Disney was so glaring it and it's so happened I remember titles not smoking them you know smoke and gas managing tennis whether draft they don't they'll deny drafted him there. Our outlook project alignment that's why I thought was I wasn't a fan of of that Dick actually even though he failed to them. I believe the cause my heroes stance yet how well I believe that two players that I see of the recent draft were Daryn Darren Darren Lee linebacker will didn't sit on how state media amid nom. William Jackson the third from Houston right consistency yeah Warner are now. You know that not the leader of Merv you know set the world on fire I just didn't think. They needed another often some linemen. I don't know I'd first I don't know but I thought you should go to defense. It's but by the south of some you know by the Internet is not lightly your Jackson is you know be in multiple pro Bono takes a lot of great ideas I just. I it's because this the other panelists thing because. It's gonna be it's gonna get pretty wild here that quarterback stuff is going to be is gonna hit him in the face here because his business in there's any guys the opportunity to take gather here. If the dolphins were to make peace of ferraris they. Who would you think would like Kelvin Ridley even though you have to Monterey and you know with that that would be a shocker right that would be like oh goodness well that would almost be what the hell are they doing. Good reports that you know Ridley is in different places and in not in mocks right eleven wouldn't be over drafting it would be. It's low level would be about word is Armenian allocated now are you the best player available guy. Or you I'm a draft by need guys I'll say it happening this crap about best player available. You know pay don't you had a lot when you have a lot of needs your needs are addressed the gas plus the lifting our current unless unless you rather paid. You know used up veterans and free agency as it is to do your hold snow. I'm gonna fill my whole us I'm gonna try to put my needs through the drought even if it's agency you'll be. You have though if it's relatively close. EU EU take you obviously want to neo with a double its quarterback to live music guys that can't miss guy. And everybody's on board to mutate that guy and you figure it out maybe you mention a surprise media I I still living to a quarterback read I would be shocked. I would be shocked per. None of that is me wanting it to happen but but all of that is idols I don't think we've put this for I don't think they have the you know what the take your quarterback Aaron. MI wrong no. Yes yes yes I think I think you are rule I don't you are things I have the you know what to take a quarterback. Now and you know what I mean by that. I know I know I know. And I know who to mean. You look at Tim hills left knee and by the way and by the way I would commend them if they did. I would like it I would like it I used to be a dull this season change my opinion I think I used to be ready and then you get a you'll get a died later on second or third round but Albert is bouquet mixed up yeah some illusion that you and I don't now what now this is a great years of what you guys coming up this and everything and if you have five guilt whatever you wary ray large actually get a five guys when the first round and UB TP thought delegate lead in the final half I thought I was topic here comics say has Lamar Jackson going to when he seventeen New Orleans in the first round yeah serving as Drew Brees -- -- right. So yeah you know Sam don't Lugo and just rolls little gold Josh Allen logo baker may do will go Lamar Jack and would be number five. I am told sees this as of a bunch of people are saying. Some people are saying they they will have dug up the option. Holes were quarterbacks will be gone. Room. I'll I'll miss O'Donnell agree that don't golf I don't but I don't think all four going to be home by eleven now. I don't think there is an amazingly quarterback he's just went through yeah somebody's got to do summon the insulin when but unless unless you have a lot of teams trade up. And then you know what a shame on the dolphins and you got to know that you get an old jumping over you. And if you need to trade up to its response to get your guy that you get after that a two. I don't I don't see them trading up for what that's not an excuse though are all they went ahead of us to back. As an excuse. We love may feel but he went number nine because you know because the jets traded backup in the head almost like you've got a widget which you have a figure that out to trade up to get. One of these guys when he's working as a really good don't do. I wouldn't. I'm not none of these guys strike me as I and I'm not you know from Lebanon not. Fine yeah one to nine under baker mate OK but if you like him eleven elect committee what's the difference well the difference is you have to give up. Something to get him and find that you're likable to select a I hope I like D'Amato level. OK I want you but some level medica take about eleven out of date a little Miriam pals. I mean at what you're really give up so you gotta give up to move up to sponsors and that's put us on that interview that the line for me okay. Like my point is my point it is I've always been steadfast on all the stuff that this is not just this quarterback conversation this time and I just say this every year if you have a conviction or guidance to a man who cares. Who cares you're gonna put other the 47 overall pick help they kill three bleeping picks for Leon cor rule. OK so united sit here until it was all right god you know yeah so you don't repeat the mistake. No but I'm like considers all my god we love our we love this quarterback we love baker mayfield. We can't give up the 59 pick in this years draft or we can't give up the seventy for a little in the morning nineteen draft. It's like really do if you look at the guys that make it happen. Yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't go that far because once again. You worse that anyone go that well listen you worse you were six and incorrect so your first round pick and I'm gonna hit the field. Now you're gonna trade away a second or third. Or a guy who's not even gonna tell us the PO this year the catalyst to show I don't know. I don't know that. Well I mean I'm deciding only if you up to trade up to get baker made a. Your third round pick doesn't it if your first drum beat the hell yeah we cable perk if your third round pick his good. But your first round quarterbacks sucks what's the point you're going to be six in ten for next five years anyway. No two quarterback doesn't work out then what is the point. You get up wall great you governor there rabbit he got another Jarvis Landry of your quarterback stinks that what's the point of almost as you can still go to the playoffs and on weekend. Has added didn't go to the playoffs two years. Yeah would run into a Manila Matt Moore finishing. Donna Edwards of that damn that the census that's the thing that's been sustained. If you're just gonna franchise quarterback why you squabble over a third round pick. I would I would do it this year again. Because you were six and ten. Your first round pick will not be on the field under that scenario. And now your third round pick won't be on the field either. Like you'll have a third year you're basically throwing away their first and third round pick for somebody who might play and Tony ninety destroy it might not come out throwing anything away if I if I believe that that guy. Is the truth. And I'm going all alone guy you know I mean I just I mean is this a franchise that they have three picks for Leon they coral. That was a mistake also because of saying that I got acquitted and I know the tech you don't do that though about if you're willing to do that you can't sit here and tell me. Educate you but not the sec round pick to go to quarterback of the future like that that to me is ridiculous. Yeah I can't tell me his organization. Might tip my kids and physiology or robredo on a par with that with that fourth round pick next year. Ought to go get our quarterback of the future. Would you kid I dug out this year not a cover that whatever it takes if they have the trail whatever we're just playing for example whatever it takes they have to trade up. Would you think don't even have to when he. Like I know I'm so I wouldn't I wouldn't trade to quote I think that's losers talk with nasal all we can't trade up into the top ten kilometer or going yet. Yeah I'm not there there's a price that's that's what it is what what would you camp in Google perk of whatever it is a second if I don't at all. Yeah I care and how how much is it would go up and how much farther to gonna go up two spots. Nothing crazy. But I'm not just a day and your that's too much talent to give up that's at times there in a few little you hold up. Well I. Yeah I get straight to draft pick for veteran later and I mean that. I I want I want more talent on my time and yours don't I'm quarterback your town yeah yeah I'm metallic it's a town as a matter of you know quarter that's outside Selma yeah and you know my school I'm. You buy it I don't know of one of the go to your whole war and finally quarterbacks. I'm building defense and run game. I'm before the united let's give way some gains baseball tickets call a number seven right now to the content slide 7865340797865340790. We got to Keynes based on the other side F five you that's right little crosstown action. Like oh we're gonna do it again tomorrow just before 4 o'clock A survey elicit their way the Texan and we appreciated certainly were doing and just before 4 o'clock thanks to bird Jack's were joining us earlier for perk allows a volatile man I'm Curtis. K rod is such call Keynes based on seven and take it is next.