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Thursday, March 8th

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Government before 4 o'clock you know what that means. Reports October career opportunities at 1000 dollars and give that opportunity in just a matter of minutes Curtis and park here on them and I didn't think it. Hope everything is well on a gorgeous Thursday afternoon and I'll just say that perk because there's college basketball games coming out of my ears right now. And I am a a junkie as you know and this is like to me this is Christmas for me and next week is going to be or better yet next we met but there's just so many games in there they started at noon and there there really go until midnight tonight. On the university of mime is gonna play in their tournament game. The ACC tournament game tonight just after 9 o'clock we had a huge night here in South Florida sports when the day we welcome this morning and it was just a gorgeous gorgeous South Florida day. And it was like man this is this is why we live through this isn't just that one unbelievable. Postcard type day is enough. Yeah yeah I I go for a little warmer but you know what let's not complain let's look at your. Naturally you're the one with the heat on when it's 65 degrees out there and in the fifties and that's as I'd like like 76 the seventy. Like perfect I cannot wait to get him here and and do the show and then tonight's we have very we just have. But you'll pick your ledger you speak here in the Miami Heat of course were to take you read until basketball. That is a big game tonight against Philadelphia 76ers. We're gonna get an of that in just the moment and I believe perk if I'm not mistaken. This might be the first time that they've had their entire roster that we we kind of we kind of thought they'd have in the beginning of turning him is that correct I. I think you're right I'd I'd. And in fact I think this is roster plus one with the addition of going way he's sure yes but yeah Magruder is gonna be out there Ellington is is probable with a body injury or limit has been bad. Tyler Johnson has been bay so. If Ellington plays tonight and nobody else gets hurt me and nobody knows little pop suffered at stickers on my dad this is the first time all season and here we are march 8. With what seventeen games ago yeah I believe that's right right yeah they've had their entire roster and I understand everyone goes to rains and I'm that's I am I playing means Ricardo here. And boo hoo I'm a little heat. But I understand that that that's not. Or the latency it actually is plus two right with bad way. It's a feeling that right and he's the starter or he loves me he was the last that is moment yeah you know I can't get mad and I'm not you know I'm not criticize them better but at this is the most bottom line. This is the most talent that Erik Spoelstra has had to choose among for a single day they are gonna get. That here but first 4 o'clock on the dot time your chance to win 1000 dollars and 700 to get. Men gave money contest. Your chance to take home a thousand bucks that's straight cash only text the word great bull rate would be our. AK EE. Break 272881. Leg break on your car brake to seven to anyone in your registered. Text break 272881. Right now if you don't win this time next chance at the top of the next hour at 5 o'clock on another new code word. This is a national contest mentioned veterans may apply do not text and drive by the way. Reviews that break in many don't want to use it that way to tax break you can text is worth about before Rogge. We did at 1 o'clock hour so it can be done and bought it is it was yes we have a winner. Here in South Florida so we certainly thank him for a listening to thank you for listening and we want to thank you by giving a chance to win a thousand dollars to text break. 272881. That's how you get to the contest money to get to us on the cement into the text line that's different text line which is 67974. 67974. Anything that's on your mind please send an and we right. And certainly encourage your text messages. We have the Kansas and actually we that he connection it we have hurricanes in action doing we also as the one on the NFL which by the way Robert come home from the Monday Morning Quarterback he's gonna join us here in about 420 so right around in about 1890 minutes you know he is going to stop violent we got a question about George Landry. Overhead just. It with a book value and that we always talk about Super Bowl team and how tough it is to keep them together because once you have success. You get torn apart people you don't free agency year people poacher coaching and a border. You know just what ever and that the major except patrons will blast the last about a one patriot and in that in that position. But only the the dolphins they got a makes a move here in the movement year's start was it Wednesday or you come march march sport Singapore PMI. I don't Abdullah Abdullah actually look up believed that. Wednesday right that's Wednesday yeah. Yeah I just know march 14 scorpion they have to get down to every every team has every town to get their own TV so perhaps that's why he's reject Capital One 77 point two million right OK very good that's where you have to get in any relation here see a lot of cuts. Throughout the league that's why Iran's economy can these moves Hudson restructures bright yet let after that everybody goes bananas again bricks and signs what's a guy Greg. Correct pin in the offseason it's your top 51 salaries that it can only give the salary cap even though. Yeah that that's a brilliant and a little emotional point there so there isn't a lot of movement here and the dolphins are gonna going to be spared the dolphins are you would say of Oregon one of the more active teams. Certainly what they've been able to. Everything they can trade for Robert Quinton and Robert and random. You know will will he look at what's coming next week we think that dumb linebacker Lawrence Simmons died in Julius Thomas. Are probably gonna be released that was slave the team about thirteen million they're both about six and a half million. Told doctor Robert come and appear in about in about fifteen minutes or so before we get to all of that and so much more let's get to. Thursday 4 o'clock headline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. true Miramar. Miami Heat post Philly tonight at 730. Big gains here both towards the standings and a tiebreaker purposes. The heat is currently in seventh place in the these two games behind number eleven Philly. Now Miami might need or Wayne Ellington he's probable in the last word games when Ellington didn't play. Miami shooting 32 point 6% from three point range going to a two windows doing so. We'll see how big difference Ellington and his three point contribution make tonight has blown Tommy decided to start with a pregame show. At 630 right here on AM 790 FM 10 or three HD to the ticket. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry has on his franchise tag tender clearing the way portrayed. No Trace however are believed to be imminent no trades can be official before march 14 this first day of the league year. By signing that tender later Landry is guaranteed a salary of a normal sixteen million dollars from the dolphins the official toll isn't in yet but. We think it'll be 151000013. Point nine mill. Yeah I've seen sixteen point nine sixteenths according to yeah in that neighborhood him whatever it is it is a means arms and already a very rich man can't. Let me ask you this question is the question and I have that we as I think as these leaders. Mail wasn't clear. Only get a commute if your I see all these reports and I understand perk I mean this is my first rodeo. I understand some of the CBS. But I he is a seems to be a lot of teams that are interested you know you have the browns have interest you hear the bears temperatures here. You're offering words have interest to tie in damages they were just governors and reject a lot of teen boom. So we have even if half those teams are BS it seems like there's a good market for cars and recruit what do you think is the sticking point what you think is hall will be. The harder negotiation negotiation normal with a yeah yeah yeah body that there on the page arms or the compensation to the Miami Dolphins I. Probably the money to Jarvis is going to be that the Topper two Democrats are probably agree that yes you know the dolphins yet the doll that the compensation for Jarvis you know you just get whatever you can get. Com. Basically. To give the dolphins' most basic net once that sixteen million is off your books you'll say whatever is reasonable. Right like today's regardless they like him. You don't 20217. Round. By app if they give you a board or is there are some like that you probably just a that money off. Our books right right now because right now he is against you is against that cap like the dolphins Maher it's an eloquent when you're the mine which Allegheny MBA when you go out and signed guys. And that you have was of the ten days it's a match it would have you know you can go out negotiate any other context would anybody else you're locked into that until guy decides assigned. So Jarvis is sixty million dollars goes against evolves abolished in one sign guys to do anything. Because he's an impediment right now an anchor a financial. He's deceased taking up that space until Israel to do with a music record right now jars Landry is scheduled to make sixty million often sixteen million dollars roughly from the Miami Dolphins. In the 2018 season. Bottom line. At the bottom so I mean I I tend to agree with you I. I don't think it would be like six or seven topic but I do think anything like four or some yeah that would be get a degree of error four. You would be happy I think the guys in an Internet and I would have no problem I think I think all these teams I think that's fair to give up for Jarvis. And that would then the question we know now becomes you know but the bigger question is can you work so long term deal to to to certainly of great. Expedite that process. Their until July 16. They can't figure out a trade who worked out a long term deal otherwise Jarvis plays on the one year contract. Can't sign extensions so after the regular season is over so. Let's say you saw the change he's still think he's going to be out here. I'm I'm from. A little bit more than Tom that Jarvis is that going to be out here may be you know the odds are good mincing their per I'm not I'm probably not I will that was your hands to and brought up and down there right. I I'd go to select and edit a little Martell he went over this yesterday we did a sports pertinent sentinel dot com. As Greg there what good yeah yeah yeah I saw that actually yeah areas on Schwartzel Tjornehoj Earl Jones company nearly a minute and after I actually Wear jeans so long sleeve yeah. L. But yes I think is probably about sixty by upper lip and Jarvis is known. That's down from probably 75 yeah percent we have last week you know so did you let me know when you had 50% to that's good fun right or. That's that's when also off after the dolphins are really sweat yes Florida Panthers host the Montreal tonight at 730. You know that had a big game is our supply game home Simba dom from what I hear the Panthers are two points out of the last play also heard correctly there aren't there we don't know her a list of other headlines you if you don't maybe that's the puck ahead. And I'll just as if you inability feels about hockey don't ask me well. They are of theirs they're on their couple points back and they have three games in tow which means. They have three games that they would preempt that less played basically so that more entries get points. Bob there playoffs inning document tennis those last week coming bark off. Might be the best player in this pound. And I don't really know globulin but you look at who I mean he's become one of the best ten players in the NHL on this run here it is forgotten ridiculous no longer has been ringgold. I mean they're they're the planet rests hockey and they live and a couple of years and have a long when street. Everything is coming together here do you hope that they can keep this thing going to and they don't manages. Just candidate hit the wall like they have the last couple of seasons. Can you compare bark off to they are Damian Miller. Everybody. Small market you don't really hear your book hockey like no we they know the other night he was an all star but I would be a bigger I will clearly be a bigger star he's a Boston or Chicago it's not another market Tampa. Yes I mean commercial group. You know. I'm in Florida and Elizabeth before Pampers. Are. What would you say perk in the MBA. The Denver Nuggets sack or an hour ago Sacramento. But like the Denver did New Orleans. Armenians more I mean they just they just don't want a soul I wanna play a series in it and over twenty years ago so I mean like this that you had to barely makes a playoff race so they they are forgotten you know an integrated view of things. There might be bigger nationally and locally owned and they're not being national. Correct there with a dozen top list of what you changeup right exactly the don't exactly. Building up here 24 ranked University of Miami placed twelfth ranked north Carolina at nine tonight in the ACC terminal Brooklyn. The chains when he to an eight. North Carolina at 23 and nine is. Sixth seed in the tournament finally look bronze list has leaked the teams that he would think about joining next year. If he becomes a free agent. The list includes sports teams Cleveland. Houston. LA lakers Philadelphia 76ers. Make of that what you will vols are your headlines. I would be a little bit of that little out of this time I'm assuming that is that lives get leaked by LeBron people so Goldstein and are clearing cap space everything to sleep well LeBron people with a purpose. By the way almost seems everyone except I think those who put up billboards and in on. I don't know the cavs via an ultra they won't have cut the other got a I don't know about a hundred. No attempt to put up until toward the guys and I'll purchase digital high and every night that's how you sell to state yeah right leg that was standing ovation and posters and and things when his face on it and we love you the rally where you drop the parking ticket speeding ticket sales are utility law. Philadelphia. The lakers Houston or Cleveland. I would make I would make a bet right now and I said last week you were out and I'll start we're talking in we had George Sonata on the and they think they got a real shot at it. Who are cut a LeBron out there and you know free it was afterwards and go. And I said well Il but the basic LeBron is it's always about the narrative has always been about the story it's always Jimmy as much it's about basketball. But what LeBron is a two game changer where he can go to a number of places and he can change it change everything overnight being so what was the narrative OK got drafted them one at a Cleveland. Why do you from the Miami well he wanted he wanted to bounce a basketball with his buddies on the beach and went for first class organization in win titles so that came together then when he left Cleveland what was it it was one big commercial he's gone back to save the land he's gonna bring them a title. Bob my four years in college in Miami was all about going to college and learning and learning how to win now debris all I learned back took to the land and everyone all the the you know the built the poor souls in Akron Ohio and Cleveland while the taste of championship the city of Lou. Loser it'll finally win one. So he's fulfilled that promise so what is the next narrative is my question. And I don't have occurred direct answer to that gives me more about all I wanna go play basketball somewhere it's going to be it their. When I mark I think campaign behind their I think the narrative is clear at this point it. He's chasing greatness he's chasing Jordan he wants the muscles title he lost those six titles and now Libya I think that the because he's he's not going anywhere. Where's he can't win a title. Right and the reason he once those. Titles as we know that LeBron is very. Oh we're up his legacy old that that music so what are the abbey. I well I I think that you put those things out there to see what those teams can do for you now. How well can you prepare beings for LeBron to get little titles to get title number seven. So that he can pass Michael Jordan. I think that's what food that's the narrative that's what he shooting port to me that's what we want. I think I think yes that that if that happens tremendous that's great but I just think there's sport there's got to be there's that we explanation where he picks up and leaves Cleveland. So there's going to be if he goes to LA it's I love. I wanna beat them the business mobile the movie producer guy. As well as the and you think it'll be more off the court I think just on the court near what the court report but LeBron public we know Witten. No matter where he goes perk. She's they're there and his team becomes the favorite almost. But he was about it yet clear all it's not that leg to Minnesota perky they would be the favorite. If you went to. You know a number of teams well I think the. Favorite to me it's it's winning it is your front office or hear it like can you make the moves to get meet titles. LeBron don't wanna just you know blossom I don't know and don't just go to the final he's got a sass Jordan. Know those things you have to be you have to be snack all those teams are loaded they I didn't see any. I didn't see any you know shady teams on there there's no Charlotte's on mayor of blame and. Billy would be the one that you know I mean their young talent but there are you know unproven I mean Houston is it might win you titles this year right right. The lakers you know about their young guys yeah. In their cap space so it's going to bring another guy with him right then and we don't really is a young dudes everywhere. I mean we're gonna talk to Tom mcinnis was still a little later on your riches this match up and that he's basically going to say the Cleveland because you know hail of Cleveland. Yeah you know and they go maybe they ought to get some deals are we'll get back to that here that's very inch to get some NFL that's been very instinctive. All Robert can't go from the Monday Morning Quarterback he's gonna join us next here on 790 the ticket. We don't mark your chance to win the ticket thousand dollars demanded money every hour we. 6 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday lets the code word in Texas to seven to anyone feel a chance to win the money you. Would your perfect hand came mentioned that are available I don't actually drive visit the national contest we're giving away a man gave money on and have an idea that one gulf war. Free agency to the ticket before I go on word we just given out a little while ago it is great it is to break. These are hey KP did you break 272881. While the next hole. Word coming up. At the 5 o'clock hour we got a lot going on we get a busy night basketball wise occupies in South Florida. But football is still alive people's minds and we get out to the rentals announcers who is doors just line. They are truly stepped beyond convenient and joining us here are courtesy of her. This is a football writer for early Monday Morning Quarterback. Beautiful home on Twitter at Robert Clem go Robert Congo joins us right now on 79 minutes ago rob thanks for taking a few minutes ago it's a busy time how are things. Well I guess we're going to do that we're doing great man reduced the laws on happening. Any NFL odds you know it never shuts down a never sleeps. And this is almost as though as active adds up as the regular season is the next couple weeks here in the in the buildup to the NFL draft Jarvis ladies on everybody's minds down here you signed this franchise tender today to make that official Bob what do you think his future is. We hear there's a lot of interest but is it strong interest that Jarvis replay elsewhere next season. Well it it if he ends up getting treated and playing elsewhere next week in which is really the only popped bully because now he can't eat an unrestricted free agent. And I think it would have to be a team. That can convince him market some assurances from him and eight people that they work out a long term deal here and in the near future. I'd like via the idea of the brown pulling the trigger on that I think that. There's a lot of optimism there and there's certainly going to be a lot of optimism they trapped. A quarterback number one which a lot of people expect them to do you. Phil Jarvis what Andrea it gives the impression after a keys and that. You might be dealing with a printer quarterback are you know long term quarterback for the browns. That kind of exciting being there to be a part of but my hunch is that they don't get anything done and that's just might get. And they admit he end up playing in Miami for another year. While that that that would delta force Miami to have to shipped around a lot of money. They're Robert to get down but beat the but the salary cap by next week blood out Gregg Marshall existing projects and Nelson says her good arm sticking with the free agency let's go to some guys who were in the Super Bowl. Nick full. I would what do you what do you see for him I don't know that anybody is gonna wanna pay a big prize for him also Trey Burton. And and Malcolm Butler Trey Burton could be somebody of interest deluge of Miami Dolphins what. Those three guys what he he could limp free agency was. Yet Nicole hasn't been an interesting one because in it you could see him stepping in and hurting her starting role. But you don't really quote they consider him quite in that Echelon. Kirk husband or even a Teddy Bridgewater. K gene I'm just because the triple five to a small. And I note the thing that about a guy who. You know just one Super Bowl MVP. But yeah I think she and that thing pat Phelan and an eagle go into next season with the best 12 quarterback combination in football. That that's my guess they are but if if you go to any one of these teams that are picking in the top end it and like that people are talking but. Ready to collect the quarterback are still wouldn't rule out that in picking a quarterback. In this draft just because there's so much talent at that position and and and everyone of these guys in the top 45. In the draft it's it's you know flavor. And W and local level regional flavors. Are you that you talk about Malcolm during and that and Trey Burton and I take. Jenkins especially probably on the downswing a pretty illustrious career. I think he would be a I don't that they would try to bring back different leadership factor. And Burton who is a promising young player who could probably be a starting tight end. Anywhere in the lead I'm outside of you know the new England and implement in Minnesota police believe that premier tight end. But I think you're seeing a lot of teams go with more and more two tight ends that. To where you feel like you can problem ball which are also revert took on the path game so I think he'll he'll he'll fetch a lot of money and create an. And Malcolm Butler promotes from New England yet but the weird deal there in New England just because of the way to the Super Bowl ended up I think that. That gain probably know. Maybe two or three million Euro whatever long term deal he ends up getting. But you don't keep playing well enough against some really good football team they appear. We get paid like a top ten quarterback but if you started and that's Super Bowl and an had a great game and they let him walk. He could have been probably the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. And Robert Klemm going right for the Monday Morning Quarterback of your NFL fan audio foam on Twitter at Robert. Clem told we're talking NFL free agency here as a relates to the upcoming NFL draft as well I think Kirk cousins is the first domino to fall. Are you mentioned some of those teams might be injured in a rookie quarterback via the draft. Where do you think her cousin and up and how does that affect kind of the quote unquote market. Oh well I've always heard about Kirk is that he's looking for a great piece right. So it it's narrowed down at this point. Some people reporting to the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings. I think that he ends up with the vikings just because it makes them. Super Bowl contender and and probably the odds on favorite. For a championship at some point within the next two or three seasons. But if he ends up going to the jets then that really complicate things at the top of the draft because that takes the jets out of the running. And that put that fixed picked up for grabs. I'm in terms of teams that may wanna trade up and get their guy. But if he does go to the vikings I would expect the jet depict a cornerback. Love Robert what would you think of the Miami Dolphins seeking a quarterback in the first round and if they don't take a quarterback in the first round. I'll what do you see them doing pour a backup quarterback. Yeah. Well you know I I do think that they are interest did I think they're they're pretty motivated and a lot of tying them to speaker made field. And they're certainly going to all the steps that you would if you were gonna draft a quarterback they're having all these guys and for pre draft they're good they're going to all the pro day if they interviewed all of them have become mine but it could become a situation where they have their pretty. Satisfied with the quarterback situation they may go out and try to plan a high price back up. Knowing that ride in hill you know there's a month and certainly there with his knee injury. I'm and it could be a situation where they're trying to. Up the value of their pick and convince somebody that they're deaf school week. I'm going to draft a quarterback in the first round when their real attention is cute trade out of that spot. And move back and and and maybe pick one at a later. Brown quarterback for meat and Rudolph for Lamar Jackson or even bolster. You know that often to liner really any other make any other. Any pick besides quarterback but I think you can a lot of teams do that go through the motions of picking a quarterback high in the just going completely the other direction. What's going on out Seattle Michael Bennett gets moved yesterday Richard Sherman says he's probably lucky to be back at. There's reports that Earl Thomas could be traded. Is it is it a cap deal is it just personalities. They think that defense kind of run its course. Well won't well the big moves on Seattle. Well I think if you look at. The way to New England has had success it's part of it is never. Overpaying for aging talent. So if they feel like a lot of those guys have peaked Michael Bennett Richard chairman. Earl Thomas can't chancellor of those guys to pick their apex of the NFL player. Then because of the time to move on. I'm you'll never be directly past its prime were good money in New England. They will bring back guys who can contribute for way less cash and I think that's what they would like to do. With Richard Sherman towards the back end of his career. I think the other opinion the analysts that. That locker room has grown more and more unmanageable. And getting rid of Marshawn Lynch and Tom was part. Trying to return to it than the normal thing and something that a locker in the could be sort of malleable from a coaching staff. But they they made their own them wanna Super Bowl with some of the Raduyev. Outlawed guy at the bit better in the NFL. On and and I think now with that the that this regime has that rare chance. To build a winner and then rebuild the winner I think it like to do things a little different. Rubber that delivery unveiled situation seeing it's things like both sides are kind of uncomfortably can say and what I mean by that is let beyond gives the tag and and he's not happy but. He they have killed a you know he's he's gonna do not gonna miss any games. But it appears that he's going to do what he did last year economy all of training camp. I don't know what what do you make a bad situation beat the Pittsburgh is is OK with him missing everything and and being their for games and is is this they are you unhappy uncomfortable business like compromise. You know. I think Pittsburgh feels like his expectations are unrealistic. And you know Q what eight more of an Antonio brown and while they're both incredibly dynamic players. On who work game changes for your offer and one of them please. A position that's at the height of injury risk on the entire field and one of them is the you know speed receiver who played outside the numbers. And never get heard. And we've seen dealt with schemes in seasons before so you know I don't think him not being in camp. Is that big a deal just because running backs who were starters and established. Throws really don't do much in the pre season and there it continuity there that often so it's not like there's all that much more to learn. Related undone but I think they would like to come up with a long term solution it's just not gonna be making him the highest paid running backed ever live. Broad agenda here on this one here is concerned just coming other Columbine at the top of the draft you mention the quarterbacks that I guess is kind of what you'll flavor of the month what type guy suits you best whether it's our honor her dark older roads and or made field I you always take one Barkley he's a great player but. Maybe they're running back to is there a kind of reckoned that on the top couple players are leading up to the draft after the combined. You know I think this particular are on the top floor and had another really get any better than that just because they are all so different. Varying levels of who are experienced bearing all and there's varying strengths and weaknesses too. I'm very personality. And I think each of them. Has done what they can and to lay claim that top spot but it's just gonna its all going to be about how the browns feel about these guys. And and I know that they've got comical and in their building was pushing for baker may feel. Accomplice John Dougherty is not gonna make a snap decision and certainly not going to tip their hand. I doubt that many people will have a consensus on who that number one pick your gonna be going into the draft. I'm seeing Arnold out there but I'm not convinced. The other thing is I'm sure they would like to leave some ambiguity there because they could very equal weight rule number one. And take a quarterback at war and stockpile even more picks in that. Thirty to 45 range in order rebuilt that French. It you know you get that Shelby a child the pass rusher Armenia they got their paso slasher and miles Garrard put the there's no doubt the browns the other kind of control the top half of the draft and the hopefully they'll screw up their guns and heard up in the draft right up Robert thank you very much for joining us side amber agrees with the time I know you're busy is what potentially Gillen I think from a man drove. But I am Robert slam code of fall his work on Twitter Robert Pompeo India Monday Morning Quarterback that's where he writes about the NFL and lot of moves per man you gotta move we went we ask them like ten. Questions are well you know about how. I was surprised by what he's about Malcolm Butler and and me live you know my calls himself a couple of million under the thumb that. And you know on the life of contract. A good amount money can. Yeah there's no money he calls himself for Belichick on it was look at the full story on that note put things earning a wild man would you would you say it was a mix mark Shara 14 march. Nowhere pork Pia you've got a bit under the cap under the cap them easily and a lot of cuts. There will be an edit in restructuring or deal I mean the dolphins are what nineteen million over seventeen million older I can only got a yeah you've you've got to do you know Robert Quinn and end Jarvis the way it looks right now right and that's gotten that that's not just as easily as cutting. What Timmons and Thomas Edison network did you gotta look at dwell on you might have to restructure it you know who are way curtailing new alert. Yeah there you got a little bit of work to do it's not it's not. Eight hugely impossible task but you you got to work. Yet who's more right it's not as easy to anybody and cut those took the idea. Migrant and again you got there and if you do that you've got to replace right that we don't expect no more similar Simmons an influence on both angles leaves you know I mean that well so far that's about twelve maybe thirteen million plus a thirteen million. I don't know I and then got to replace those guys so it's crazy Tommy airman a lot of moves lot of moves we made we got a huge huge night tonight. This is one of those you dream of this like our weather today in South Florida. Beautiful man breath they give what is today what is today this is why eleven South Florida this in your sports himself for a sportsman and even lower or about sports on records some that you live for nights like tonight is huge night debt we usually we go out more to get to on the McCain will be an action hero Panthers and action and of course your Miami Heat where you can catch all the action right here on seven on the take. Our thanks for all joining us right there for the Monday morning quarterbacks. Football seasons is there's no offseason for football means to steal these so it's amazing how does things. Didn't change in football and they're gonna continue to change here guys which rosters and cut and drafts of all sorts of conditions there ought to me amazing and it's great army here and video that we got our bracket contest purchase. The twin peaks hoops hysteria. Logon visited Miami dot com right now and register I registered this morning by the way perks on Carl Cameron ago. Then come selection Sunday saying get on there and make your picks level teams of their. Compete against all the host here in the producers here at 790 and you have a chance to win a fifty dollar twin peaks gift card every round and grand prize. Albany Meehan cave party for ten at twin peaks in Davey I can think you're better part of the narrow twin peaks. The majority not including twenty pixels hysteria is also brought to budget Wakefield bring. Which is an independently owned craft brewery in tapper located in the heart of Winwood. Played 27 any hoops hysteria now added to get my Miami and dot com the Miami Hurricanes begin their March Madness push tonight. In the in the ACC tournaments they had a double byes so they'll be the last of the teams to double by to play disaster 9 o'clock. By the way if you're looking for all these games we have we have more cover story here seven I needed to get of course will have you basketball knowing he's such. Love the sixers. Coming up just 630 who if you look over the Panthers game that's over on eight AD AME eighty you know OK and figure out eight AD AM. And then if you're looking for the teens game that will be on 56 in our sister station. The beach UN so Julie love call I think your pre concert at 845. Duke and Notre Dame will play at seven so you know that he goes long and might bleed into a little bit but that McCain's an end. Pain in them north Nolan tunnel play just after nine in October it was not a good. Here outlook what do you think about you know beat the selection Sunday is now on turner sports a believe it'll be on TNT. The new format. They're going to announce all sixty eighteens in the first ten minutes of the show. But they've gotten apparently from the stories that are real they got him playing especially with last year's that it took too long to. They are preteen sold they're gonna announce all teens and and I think they're gonna go in and do the brackets after that. The is that gonna ruin it for years ago I cuddle used to light. You know finding out you see those teams that are its 45 minutes into the show they still don't know of therein but apparently people didn't like sort of what do you think. All teams in the first ten minutes with regular rule in the drama. Are gonna watch that didn't stop. I liked I. I'm a traditionalist but I also don't mind you you have to accept change. Because if you don't you're gonna real you're gonna be consumed by. Two com. But like CBS I mean basically they're they're selection show and I've been watching since I was you know 67 years old or was removed before it could be a watch TV I was watching that thing. I always like you know Gumbel OK now we go to. Chicago alike that the number we wanted to do my job against Jim it's really where I live there in the incident doesn't Nichols data and they're going crazy happens and I wanted to kill forty. The guy is totally stable beyond its pulse on their gonna. And then the you know Merrill and comes up and ink. I identity could seal the match ups and then afterwards they do the breakdown of it. But but the real urgency because if they just lay out all the teams you'd always anybody's don't know who's going a basal till that. Yeah you'd you'd least find out I'm a little bit about some of these stinks too well. I mean like if they like Miami what we need a grammys and bottom you have the Brent did you play and Brazilians are you an idea yet. But yeah I owls are works put obviously the change it up and in no way now I think I. Not that this was a problem for them but you know how it the NFL draft the league got school because the knicks come out two minutes before on Twitter I think so they want out. You know not have come in the play correct I was gonna say at least visibly stepped toward preventing that that. Nobody's gonna school among their own story right you you yet you do it into a minute and did pretty much all comes out at once remarked well but I. They will say I'm not he had. I at my lowest you on a light the traditional old you know build that drama but this is what the people want you know at least celebrates in the NCA are listening to cleanse. It's what I've been I was thing about who they just watching their their college basketball coverage which is reduced as it did Greg Gumbel right Greg Embraer dot com. You have out Clark Kellogg of Seth Davis and didn't like they're set. It's in that they it's been missing for twenty years yeah leads in the same same thing for twenty years. And you know and it's worked so why would you miss a couple of in this day and age got to change in Macon in Iraq to do that but it's been the same OK we have highlights and insist they've sent our weather team and the cartels and our about team that we're gonna commercial there regulator has been the same thing. But now. You have you know turner in a bunch of money for all the gaming not they're gonna want the championship game every once in awhile do they get here so I mean we'll see how works out of me analog you'll still don't have cable. Southern Lebanon fruit you know the championship game of the final four games come and I think that this year's within the final four game on TBS. I'm not sure how that the game at these I don't know what are war was I think they had them put you know good for them it's funny now like. Just going back 67 years ago perk whom where. We could not watch any of the games yeah. And you would just watch the little box right directly in his ankle and Carolina which you know the score would change out and you don't know excited and again and zag an open legal duty right at all here's a live look in for three minute period. OK great I mean it it's just it was so like I'm just. It's funny if I ever. Have kids if if if somebody of some woman didn't. Bury this thing is they wouldn't be for more than more than a couple of months. Tried to explain your kids what it was will what. Are things like I know it man. That will undergo core not like seminars where they didn't have you couldn't watch it yeah yeah now you know you you can go one on line and true TV you know that have a million dollars every every day to watch every drugs and every single game all six or game you're playing is all other Maria used to have to go to a bar now. Now you have your TV a laptop and an iPad you have no problem even switch among the UNC every game that's being played with without you know without bullet through a big. You know did about change in settlements to. We're gonna come back here we got so we got there by the is a few minutes. To get in our 4 o'clock Colbert which is break that's BR a KE takes at 27 to anyone. Three chance to win thousand dollars. When the clock strikes 5 o'clock which is going to be in about ten minutes. We're gonna give you a new code word sir for your dream it would 1000 dollars must come back with some. Of the headlines these South Florida sports night where he gets all of that on the other side right here awesome and I do take. Or 5 o'clock. And helmets wave Omar code word for coverage in two and 1000 dollars and arson and I think it's a good man cave money contest courtesy Kurt Beck with you here on your home of the people integrated until basketball. Sixers are in town for roots that headlines we'll discuss that. We go broke quickly before get to that after he game on the ticket to into the Lexus and who were per pines post game show was as though. It's a complete grapple with a game legends who were drummer pines always an amazing deal sponsored by champion for my torso Ford is number one Jeep truck and it should be customization job. Great champion four by four dot com Tommy he's gonna Doris right around 615 or so. And go get a will courtside their perk we we start the show. And we sit this is the first time tonight that this you'll probably have their most. Healthiest roster. Fourteen of the eighteen bright on the run Ellington presumably is gonna come back tonight a corporation on that intersect at. Soul you we had a ruined the Mac last week against Philly and then Doug Johnson goes down halfway through the humility goes on average in the game and it kind of messed everything up. So we really haven't had their entire roster now we talked about this in the earlier in the show. The duel of the people Texas 'cause they 'cause. The and there are on the button we'd imagine Dion Waiters we did not. When we were saying that they had food. The full full complement plus and an I and I need doubled down and out the full compliment plus Su W that it Babbitt and delaying correct and then we got some text what about ideal winners analyses and things so yeah but yes that's what we need our taxes because. We salute those honest so we need puberty Barak straight. And and you surely do that's a good look at them and that's a that's a big exception right now I'll everybody that Dion and aren't like Dion doesn't matter right at him by. Yes I was really reduced state we were testing the audience the misses are you you don't have no way to go but but likely. You knew were coming back I forgot about the only I had to do as well no he's not coming back we kind of already we always got a new weight rod emerged and I don't know because we got a text about it from the right immigrant rankled a receipt I was gonna they held how screwy is less than we remember Magruder and area and Magruder is back and so they're pretty much Shelby and Ellington and forgot about weight like you know got its shelves for the year yeah shelf for the year like you just the united a year he's done. I didn't in the mean black out of sight out of mind he's the 08 minutes later that season his ex he's not a guy gets you know when a guy gets put on injured reserve for much further it. And put into you know resume against right exactly. Home don't the old school the old school way of letting that is. You don't want the injured players infecting healthy players. But reality is there rehab debut nobody they rehab. When the team is present. Different data back to your typical day do you like they are. Army it's not doubts that you move on with what you have yet you you do your rehab in the morning while there are you know practicing and everything like that name when you're on IR and by the time the players are. Are are in the locker room and stuff you're you're pretty much out of there as you know the guys who play on Sunday set to be willing Gavin didn't yet and work on. The games move on everyone's life moves on without everybody somebody's telling you were sitting around here thinking about Dion Waiters row what was us big deal waiter soon. The game they move on like winning the on back next year and training camp starts out we won't talk about the ON politically we've got about Richard we've got about a week but this is all the guys that they have a better readily available is the healthiest. They would have been. And we wanna see US boat does what the rotation bail amount by Iowa's been one of the guys who's got the squeeze out it was gonna play her tell everybody and you know I mean does this yeah I just wanna see what you had. It interest me was what's boat does and why not I'm not criticizing him on just making permanent its its interest. And guided that's going back tonight in win Ellington beckoned him playing because they knew his shooting pays 5 o'clock on the dots of time for your chance to and 1000 dollars is 79 you to get. Man gave money contest your chance to go a thousand bucks. Why he would do his text this word ball. Ball. Two. LL that is how you spell at 272881. And your registered like dolls called deeply wooden dolls at the kid after they were balls all the time unless you do that you consider GI Joseph let it all just symptoms and those action figure. Okay actually. I get hit a golf ball is like raggedy Ann and raggedy Andy did you have to Europe parliament to elect Cabbage Patch Kids now. Notes to the puritan roots over that but. Here balls right yeah yeah yeah those will be wells mantra of the a word about RB. OK Barbara doll or but I cancer perk your Barbara dollar than you know I don't know all the outside let's see bush for. Story brilliantly and sports show dad had thrown his own thing out of your radio yes as I don't indulge to another million seems. Seems seems inappropriate. I can't understand you're working in your upper communal I got you get these aren't scripted at all. Text it to 72881. Right now if you don't win this time your next chance is tomorrow morning at 6 AM was dazzle Romberg and amber. This is a national conscious message and that originally applied don't text and drive got all 5 o'clock hour to install and oh ball. 272881. All the way to 5 o'clock we had a big winner last week and Doug good luck to you everybody out there don't text and drive begin in doll to seven to 81. That's how you win a thousand bucks if you wanna Texas show. You can do so at 67974. That 67974. On our on our text line we have Robert clinical earlier. India in the 4 o'clock hour talked a lot about NFL free agency end up and Jarvis Landry purse got some big news on that so let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD to omit. Jeremiah. Miami Heat host Philadelphia tonight at 730 that he is in seventh place in the east two games behind the number seven 76ers. Miami might gig Goer Wayne Ellington back tonight he's probable with that thigh bruise. In the last four games without Ellington Miami is shooting 32 point 6% from three point range. They have gone to win two in that spanned says loan dummy target you start with a pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790. After a 1043. HD two. The ticket about a bigger game tonight Perkins picked a man I like to eat home in nearly fifteen and eighteen on the road humble home team. And end the way they got a closer look. I'm go doing things that last coming in to Saturdays through this you know what perk I want this one tonight. Yeah they're important years I don't have a game based on his I want this that is that is the big this is one of the big ones in the regular season for you yeah you know what hey guys I can't I got I got a lot of my energy stretched all Rollins in Iraq called why didn't the landscape we got a lot of things going on right now but I like this one that I cry that you did a low pretty you have this one and enough that you're gonna look at here. He him the weekend Saturday. Washington. So soon to dwell in the playoffs you've got implication you've got to get one of the things got to get one got to get one got to get one before you go out west and Al west is a second that's going to be able trick lakers lakers to close it and so did tournament the lakers named in Portland open. Right in Portland or Portland Portland's eight liberal group that Greg there when you in a row the MBAs crazy. I 18. They think seventeen. Houston's only day six innings as it exists and Jessica rent. The and New Orleans Portland eight. Nor loans to in New Orleans is nine I think has denied and tunnels or six in Toronto right and I think Toronto DeRozan was amazing at the end and LeBron was amazing at the end of his two point segment than her. It's just this is crazy and there's some teams here are some teens make him some rooms right now Ohman and this is what season I was clearly hit this is this is the time you wanna play your best basketball and you really attract the other there was got rosters heal the buyout stuff. Annually you're really limited the accelerator of the storm here yeah yeah and and. Listen are New Orleans to be doing this without booty cousins and and Washington still swim whale without drum roll but in New Orleans though blue demon. Hats off to a NFL note here Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry has signed his franchise tag tender. Clearing the way portrayed. No trade however are believed to be imminent now by signing that tender Landry is guaranteed a salary of just about sixteen million dollars from the dolphins. The salaries will be certain so a lot of the new league year starts on March were. Team so what's the what's the next move here cause of goods Jarvis it made his movie signed it was a match where you're expected him to so what's the next move here. The next move to me is going to be for Jarvis to negotiate a long term contract with some team saw his agent is on the horn you know with with team drowning them there is no Baltimore trying to he would remember Chicago right trying to get a number 58000030. Million guarantee whatever it is right thirty million and number. Yeah they have a number and that's what they wanted to and then they'll come back to the solvency we have a partner work out comments they yup now you worked out the trade. So we'll we'll see where this thing though that you know that the the clock is ticking on the Dalton's. You have to be down sued the cell recap number. Which we think is going to be a 177 point two million. By a march 14 were PM. That so win today that's Wednesday at work here so I'm going on the arguing our code word went on as we sure will be so what I went into Fulham was but but that's sixteen million will be against Erica that's right and it will it will count against their head and prevent them from shopping aggressively in the free agent market so let's hamstrings similar to what goes one of the over right now. We want to leave he's seventeen or nineteen year obtained some of seventeen and nineteen. He got a bit Robert Quinn and also he's an unfamiliar ground 011. There's more to do they've got some work to do tell us more to do NHL's Florida Panthers host Montreal tonight at 733. Game is at seven. On our sister station by sixty WQA I don't alienate our stadiums organized Iranian stadiums are yes there's going to be an 880. Starting at seven a lot and display and some good hockey right now and they have to bring great. And they started those nice big home stretch your home ice a mile Canadian fans there tonight. Should just add to the to the energy in the building when the cancers when another one tonight on on their home ice so we told. It's a big night we told you that he playing we told you the Panthers are playing. The third gained 24 ranked University of Miami placed twelfth ranked north Carolina at 9 o'clock in the ACC tournament in Brooklyn. But change its money to an eight. 23 and nine is the sixth seed. That game can be heard on by sixty WQ a him. Last thing here say this for what it's worth the LeBron list has been leaked the ports seems that he would consider playing board next season. You know he can opt out up to this year Cleveland. Houston. LA lakers Philadelphia 76ers. Those are the teams LeBron is considering for next year's supposedly. Those are your headlines. So very Gelman and the cavs are still in the mix maybe. I guess you don't you don't wanna yell what appeals all the home trim right now you'll still don't you'll of the league that list and Cleveland's mount on it you get a look. And by some chance by flown some fluke chants of summoned happens to like three guys that get heard out Golden State or. Or two guys in Houston if Clinton wins the championship can openly dislike when it's like back in mean you know already fourteen team. If they beat San Antonio he's not going anywhere but in a one year deal and he's just riding it out or you don't walk after championship. Oscars with this new communal this new younger roster that they put together but that's that's a long way away. Bomb of the matches in the audience and I gave you. You know I've been I've been known for his way to from prime time yeah yeah I don't ever known right there with with Louis great restraint and yes there restraints and vigilance yes and kids and just screw me know that right if I said you get those who do you want those four teams are you want to feel your address and MB there won't take. Rule that's a good question. Room record I believe are whistles fourteens. I believe it it is right now in the favor of the that the OK but what would you say I would probably tell tackles for articles for. I probably would too because there's the field is what. Clip. The cut he's Agilent clippers supporters spurs Miami and Miami's been out their furlough about I don't know how that happens Miami I don't know I mean yes and Orleans probably wouldn't be a consideration and you got to. Well guess it would it would blow here anyway. The billions and billions like us that are I don't use it to me it's all of basketball it's could well be more about. It's going to be more about selling his his brain and see you know to me LeBron consult his brain and anywhere army for goodness sakes east so saluting Cleveland for most of his career you have little deal LeBron can also go anywhere and win two. Well yeah clearly true. Yeah but if I I think the port LeBron this is about giving to seven titles in passing the six that Michael Jordan has. And prevent it you also need a front office that can make moves the way Pat Riley made woo both say so what team is that. Com I don't know if I think it's I think that right now this is his list to alert everybody. You're on my radar you're out the cap space you know when LeBron comes in he's going to want to run innings to a large extent. So if there in that front office you better think OK and we accommodate you know LeBron and his ego and his people and till morning to be noon on decisions unless. Intro but but perk I think your finger over over thinking it a little bit of like those four teams he goes to Houston. Tomorrow. Day and with their roster none none of these seemed to show they can win a title recently it's I guess except for Cleveland and but now you got to develop unbelievable LeBron goes to Houston. They're the odd they're there they're the favorites bar none if LeBron goes to the lakers. They're probably one or one or degree water to figure three favorite yet if LeBron goes to Philly they're the favorites in the Eastern Conference. In the run stays in Cleveland they're still the favorites in the Eastern Conference. Probably. Yes we've taken that this could well yes and a potential and so so for all this clearing out of cap space all that other stuff as currently constructed yes you have to make some minor moves. But yes you're James guard Chris Paul. LeBron James you're fine if you're Joseph let me Ben's image of LeBron James you're winning the eastern conference for the most part if you have LeBron James Alonso ball. And some young guys and a lot of Catholics which they are you happily going up to clear up cap space. They're gonna be right there with golden Stater Houston and in the in the in the Western Conference. Yeah amid a broad changes everything despite him showing up went out in your gym. You just yielded the pendulum swing vote morsels of violently towards you all of a sudden. It does but I think that I think LeBron wants to be and save this makes sense I think he wants to be as close to a sure thing as he can be. So in other words. Yeah Yuri favorite. He was a favorite here in Miami you won two of four titles. I I think I think he wants to be a favorite like Golden State where you can you can penciled in Communist share speak hit right in an. But you can cancel them and I hope I don't think he wants to be like Cleveland right now. You can pencil them in pretty east. But not for the Indy you know I think he was to be penciled in the NBA I think that's what he's looking forward to either ignored you can do that there's no word that is that possible a single player with reporters well you've got a dual you and make sure that your front office is capable of like like Pat Riley was right like the heat. Like Pat Riley was not going to let that Big Three era team. Mom be deficient in in the needs whether it's a lender or or perimeter shooting that I think that's what LeBron once there is probably according to have talent you've got to have a front office that knows how to keep you always. Doesn't when he's got a goatee woods' run by a bunch of goof balls I mean I guess that put the ironic thing about who LeBron was the one the blue of the Big Three or LeBron was the one that the blew it up. That stunned as Ubuntu is now though. Noted on to say and it's like Pat Riley they had the position in for another three year run. But Nigerian I was gonna have with Chris Bosh and an ailment ailment but ideally you went out and made moves to position themselves in for another. Good run and LeBron was the one that base will be scrapped it and decided to go back to Cleveland. But gather the biggest thing is that normally would be read but the problem is. The broadly you know nobody ever thought the Golden State would be able to together when nobody has ever thought regret that this should be able to go to Google put this together. I had on level yeah I mean the first step right I didn't think Seth Curry was ever going to be healthy enough to. You know play like this not only was going to be dog by my foot and you know ankle injuries and everything book. Who got healthy and that was you know me and play in the the dream on and it would go in we know the rest of the roots there. There are a lot of headlines and lot of headlines and a. We set I've got a bunch text we're gonna get to hear six 974 that's a Regis on the tech science exit tonight 74 also be missed the code word. At top of the hour we'll give that to you as well on the on the other side here we and he basketball. Early start 630 were out of here 630 or pregame coverage starts on the edge of impoverished boast he's gonna join us as well. No and appear on some and I do take. I brought about street food and music food festival. It's coming up in a couple of weeks Saturday the 24 of march of Pompano Beach input theater. Log on to crawled about tree dot comedies promo code ticket for a limited time for discounted tickets is also the super VIP experience which includes a meet angry with the bands. Like the struts super VIP also includes free drinks don't miss more than two tons of crawfish and genuine new or. Leans. New Orleans it's yes no he's saying is that I get into it looks decent thing and spirits a crowd about 3 march 24 of the Pompano Beach in the theater brought to lions have a nanny and a from 1043 XT two. The ticket is are we get around dinnertime and boy you know to assure our offices in our studios here you get out here. I guess any talent that we leave here Mano thing and got the kitchens cooking I cook gonna put you got all sorts of stuff man you've got. Like Jamaican food have a mob guys is right there and then got on the drill hole laid all we have. Yeah Haitian and and dead somebody in an all kinds of the real loud mouths and mouth is watering back there Rihanna is an illness hungry Ohman and reviewing the only one man yeah I mean it's 441 zoos embryo was some peak police. The patients that Henry's free of that crowd about tree liner in retirements media makes me hungry. You can buy a lot of food for a thousand bucks all seeking use it to. Picks up your man cave it's arson and I take a man cave money contests are far. O'clock word by the way and you could Texan throughout the hour until 6 o'clock is stalled DO LL DOL now. Text that tree opportunity when 1000 dollars to. This number 7288172881. So don't don't you when you hear dole it's either Barbie where you'll be running. QP gold Barbie deal. Yeah yeah Wednesday to all of us DOL LD ODOLL. Well this tour we've that's what we have established their you don't text us. Texas shall we invite and encourage your text messages re glad we were earlier glad you're with us here on a beautiful Thursday the most notorious dole. Gotta be Chucky. Well I mean Barbie doll is pretty is notorious like bad loans notoriously like I am doing that badly and murders people I was just back yeah I guess got to be Chucky right deserves or worse dulled and chuck. When you're talking about. The evil ball evil dead chunky would be would be probably number one right now Chucky is about all you're doing or what you're seeing those who refer you Watson were actually no I've I've never seen a single one of them OK I don't know can I know you're not a big movies are not at an animal and horror movies see. I love break me the horror movie scare me. So I don't know hopefully that's all I'm always scared me so I will not watch among north fool I'm not gonna sit open. You know wasserman and get scared million people are around my apartment knowing who is that noise okay will perk your Yuri grown. Grown ass man I I know that no chainsaw murder is going to be lurking underneath my bid right no I read that far. Could there might be I mean this is self for a saudis things get a little crazy but like that there's not going to be a leg gave the six inch. Doll that's going to come to life that's going to be able to kill you in your sleep. Like if you watched the Chucky movies now I put out the kid I saw that yes they were a little bit that would that would creepy guy a little bit yeah. You know when your ten years old stuff creeped you out got twelve years olds of creeps yeah yeah. But when year 48 years old I think you'd have a little bit more of a you know that you either have an important you filter that that just is not going to keep you up at night. You play allegedly in about the raiders and their and the run here. Till you make now people are given us. And to build all morning we saw doll. Like eight of those moons all the solid all you have to solve all. The salt calls ago when sick are part. So although saw movies were about to dole whom what do you that was like his I was he's tool of destruction Alley totally excluded don't know. Right he's the only person that was a creepy dolls are real creepy Daria yeah it's also note that ball's called the saw volumes. But Chuckie I think is still the war problem solve this perk also need is blink you after a scary movie. No because Turkoglu was scary movies. Law so that that eliminates the need to have going on let's I would if I watched a scary movie but I don't I don't want to our. Series I. I keep it out of my mind a little ball out of my mind put good perk Lex scary movies. Any idea to help from the audience here. Like what they're like a scary movie the media stuff that can really. Happen what has seen a boat there yes I agree now the worst of those sir my ex assistant Damien because that's humans. Like you know I I don't really beer Freddy Krueger but just in case psyche momentum among. Okay click click click OK but we like my close fire. And it appears the chips that decree and in my mind. Then I'm going to eliminate that chance by not seeing the movies are like so you would not go camper camping at camp crystal lake or anything like that. You'll do any of that legal and no no part of that. All I can do it now because my mind is clear I mean I'm not I'm now I haven't seen any of those movies ID you know I saw him a long time ago. Thought I don't I don't think of the possibilities and apply it seem like six or seven of those movies and then I went camping. I'm checking into the Mary yeah. I got to even I. Like I love hormone which maybe I'm just numb to it. Yeah like united did if you're if you're if you're a child like you you all watched the the first quarter Ruiz to me. Or the Jason movies you know yes they were they are there are some scary parts there like what I was a kid. You know dose that yes I would stay up at night. And I would be I'd be freaking out English that you watch that as an adult and you're like really do that's not that scary like come on that's really cheesy as a matter of fact not even scary yeah there was a lot of adults I have a little wondering and I don't. Saying I'm I'm I am an adult men a grown man but com. So I took the diet they they still they still get to. Okay fair amount of Hollywood blonde yeah yeah no corner of Columbia a week Monday juvenile right I don't go and do I'm not calling you anything I don't care I'm just say elect if you watch some of these movies per they're not that scary anymore or call me a week learned doing okay I'm I'm calling on the calling me a curve what about Blair witch project never saw it I thought it would be on our anniversary neo. Yeah about jaws that's about underdogs find out I don't watchdogs into into the ocean no problem you watch jaws would you watch you want to Chucky. Currently prevailing jaws would just charges would be reason to not go the ocean there. I mean you know but chuck I know I don't know it makes no since I can use logic and say you know a twenty foot great white shark is not going to be swimming in. More feet of water off Miami Beach. How do you feel that that's more like that then that the vote. Of a door. Am I like the idea that might be a little nurse shark or do you know they're my beast a vicious shark when it's not going to be a big when he put great why. Jaws is a good one jaws is a very scary movie you know adults would be stills as adults. Adult people would still be scared of jaws movie in the going in the ocean. Guess that can mess with your mind I agree with that that's a good one we had a couple of those on the tax on that is an excellent sort of final destination as the prisoners these perks are seeing these movies that are. Look at some of the somebody's new IT. Have ECI it. Did I the Steve meetings throughout the world one of the moment there on not a lot of clowns not at all which gets is back to our original system obviously isn't jigsaw was the name of the politics politics I was the guy by August saw bones told you so okay yeah thousand Hannibal Lecter keeps me up pebble in south academic theory you don't salsa and universal says the winner I've seen SR part of that assault on that yet that woods was rocking and bullet there was an album that though like daily if you told me like that that was a scary movies that yes. That could actually. Had some what happened. When you don't like Freddy Krueger. Scares you. That the media finally ridiculous noon and night or over ridiculously over the Chucky doll as good overtake you can overpower you. Six inches tall smoke there's usually do picker doubt heard you've been known to BO would cease geared of movies shake my he would. Kirk is gonna come out with a players Tribune article about this for a movie pretty much at what's coming out whether the what and what about gremlins di Leo. I think I can program when that never seen it. I'm not gonna risk a grim magnet or comedy and it's your opportunity and privilege it is now the Lotto a lot of fun 67974. Aren't super doesn't like every three got that out of purchase geared so that should have been forming real mess around with a yeah you that's quite honestly they've just finish this off. Sometimes skip the commercials come on now I'll change no change in general. Only lost commercials for the spirit who I don't. Moving on tap that's why after the paper crowns that puts a cap room the whole thing no elements and via pretty. There aren't added let's go back to he rotation which seems to that now get your mind straight right there a Soviet communism only grade that Sumitomo also a Hillary those thing that I saw today. The bum me out a little bit. And in this in this celebration of sports here in South Florida and is going to be a great night. We got the mind he'd come and appear in about an hour our pregame covered you'll start. We're gonna go around the arena. We got the canes in the ACC tournament and I think its North Carolina. We got the Panthers in a big home game against Montreal Obama and his team. Yours of these games were and all the same night he just so habits are all the same I know I get a to get award ago working. The player and for me is. Canes at 730 NBA games stay like two hours and forty minute drive so. Aimed at 730 yen and then you know be on the catch media and Christine at 730 and pains and and I'll be able to turn over must rest retains game not a hockey player. Right new million you know surely not delusional. Nuggets stretched out puts a bum me out today which we're trying to get to on the other side that I that I saw the discounted this did did that didn't sit right with me. So we're gonna get to that in the world of sports also somebody wrote in with the best horror flick which is the 2018. Miami Dolphins football season yet even. You watch Jay Cutler under senator for sixteen games or whatever was fourteen games and have more of mix and listening. I know that you take Jason and Freddy and a Michael Myers. And and put all the one man that was that was a horror film on horror films I agree with that I'll tell you this so somebody else did they consider you worth. Doom. Watching justice Winslow shoot. Sure pencil scary actually mr. Imus a secret you're watching horror film a horror film all all the while yeah. Even know if every time you showed up to hard rock stadium on a Sunday at 1 o'clock yeah I welcome back we'll get to hug at some of these text here. On the other side we got Tom the Agile he's gonna stop by here only at Tom's thoughts on a couple of things you got some question about the rotation meaning which we're gonna dress as well he's gonna join us here in about right around 615 right here ransom and I mean it's a. Are we got Perkins things straight here with all the are horrible we'd talk. Seven guys that figure is urging you to play hooky with deliberate arch. Organized feared that you're right not as good each of the guys in the shipping container have worked with Jay Wakefield to brew. What they believe is a championship beer that's awesome we want you to join them. OJ wait till march 15 from two to 5 PM to take the shipping container bracket challenged. And pick which of the shipping containers beer. Is your favorite the winning beer will be announced today a national championship. Candy and re launch that's awesome they'll be allied music from red means. Holy dances and above the skyline. Located in the heart of when would be there at 2 o'clock on March 15 that's next Thursday. With a little charge of entertainer the names of an Iranian FM 1043. AC to take early as talking about it Richard channel Dana Reeve air Stu got some the whole group that's the first day of the NCAA tournament. That is Jameson started noon your sixteen games. Saw in your gonna hang out those like I can you a better day than that. Matt Matt I won a lawyer we weren't here I would be there I wanna I wanna do Vegas for a bit but it's as loans on doing enough well it's free agency time so you're not you're not going to Vegas imparting your. You know at the phone and text and email and welcome to journal the. Everything makes everything is never shuts down shuts down leg just a moment ago those announced the titans are gonna cut the mark rumor. So they have the market hours going to be created which is not a shocker but now things become. Official yeah me and I've mentioned that because DeMarco Murray is news I think still a pretty good player a lot of injuries this year. Derrick Henry has filled that role. And local can be productive and into Texas and while the dolphins is second back the lawyer forgot. Reuters kind of throw that out there for a one kind of thinking that way about about DeMarco Murray. Oh and get too early to he's here to come the other coming up by cells on the today. That is what bigness of those little bit little bit disturbing you were aired judge says he's not into Oklahoma under Ripa yeah or yes I did. Says he's wanted done. Aroused little bows. That allows you think this season. I think you know I think a week when you when you and you know are real the story and he was saying that he does not attribute. His slump right through the home run derby guys like I was hoping he would like 180 of course you know force stretched well he is now however. He's Vietnam that's not it. And and then the story goes on minute say is that he was questioned about. A shoulder injury that he sustained that required surgery was that due to the home run derby and he didn't answer and and kind of walk off. So it might have been an injury related. Being as opposed to. You know how some guys say it messes up your stroke and just swing and so hard he he was saying he wasn't swing and a hundred timbers and he was swing it like eighty or 90% trying to make contact so. Perhaps he sustained an injury. And that's why here's my bigger question to you. Do you think every superstar should participate in those events like appear in hockey should you be in one of those we we know Dwyane Wade won the skills contest. Yes I think LeBron has been in steals bright but LeBron hasn't on the slam dunked yet that you ask you do the slam go that's the big yeah should he do. I think he has everything to lose and nothing to gain. I I just think that's a rite of passage Mans Buick especially you're a young guy if you get asked to do that. Then it's an honor and you should do that if you're if you're otherwise healthy you're even able to do that. At the bronze age does that now I think that LeBron is is more about it. He's Mormon in game dump her like a fast break as opposed to the ten years ago where he did create and all that kind of stuff you'll watch him in pregame bright I think now you know he's you know kind of an old man Bernard you know they'll you know what I mean united right. Rockets still probably win it but but but does the ship has sailed on that he's an of them tenure how good on those we can win those week when he that went into how good we yep because we know it's a different standard. LeBron to get a TN that exactly means get a tee inferred. You know damn near any being in and blah and then later in men's junior LeBron and and then I mean he's just got everything to my like social media style and that but that was week went when he should on this thing ten years ago when he was 125 years yeah. He should've done it and just said yes Sami was he's going to be as good as Michael Null. But all those guys Cole did when he was young. You have to do you use the commissioners Leno and you are the players associated somebody should apply some saw Roger do when your when your yes where is ideally you want to do. Just to promote the game to sing the fans and yeah LeBron doing because he's afraid to fail. That's why didn't I see I don't know it's he's afraid he'd stay illness is that. If he doesn't well number one if if if he doesn't win it he gets ripped more than more heavily than anybody I pretty it was OK I'm and so that's how that the in the what I just said. Don't know that that's the first part of it and and letting it rip and in. Don't know I don't I don't think that it is just that good it's an on its mayor pro LeBron right I mean that there's. This what he has to gain by winning it is what. He wins and he he promotes the the the betterment of the MBA promotes the slam dunk contest some of that on his Reza may. And also. Argue go look at it to mean the downside if he loses it this far worse than the upside if he win and I know our works fine but I know and I know he was a major superstar when he was 44 providers all but I'm more talking about in that kind frame that's when you do those magic yeah I I I can go back Frankie I sort of do you now regret it but now I don't care by early right. But like when you're you on you do those things like your judges who would sit there and judge. There and just did it last year as a rookie said he's not sure he's gonna do it again. Staff Curry's seeing it he might do the three point contests next year 'cause it's in Charlotte he's from North Carolina. All those guys there's Charlotte sold on May see it he should he might do it I think it's easy. I it'd get up there and swing and all those times like that can mess you up and if you got a injury second street up. I'm not saying it alls I should be to do as was when you're younger should be honored to do that all that's when I was younger nation don't. Should have been heated and I don't know but but now amino clearly you know this age but yet now I think that. Like he didn't play on it in our pools in Miami home run derby he's never done before but whatever dude. I think if LeBron and your old I give LeBron near the three point shooting nano or tedious piece skills contest they wouldn't be. I don't I don't think mistakes are nearly as high as it peed dear Pete slim down the guns. You know he's LeBron. Eric Jones a guy like he was he likes to stand like your your born to do that that those are born to be in that count as it was sold it's a tailor made for you. That's the other thing. Yeah every I mean that's the other thing like you that your soul. And that's what you do you hit home run you had gigantic home run this basically glorified batting prior. So they've but judge you he'll have to do it did at some point is there I just weird that he was gonna do it and like bill you know I was this kind of on tightly you know maybe. Yeah and I'm sure I'm not sure doesn't do it like should do like I'm not sure how the topic came up. It might have been talking about his shoulder originally decided you know in spring training that tie you in I'm thinking nobody just came up tournaments and yes or you think about little let me somebody did on those lumps like perk. We home runs or does he stand Ulysses. You wanna see Erin judge. You wanna see who else when you talk in my home runs. The big guys. What does he get market elbows him in and shot shuttle and dunking you know to me like yeah yours Charlie Black men in the home run hitting contest. You know we will all due respect to some some of the guys in the MBAs have done well like patrol of people only on the slam dunk contest plea doesn't do that much forming. But you talk about LeBron James some of the other guys yet so. Woolsey areas of sky idea policy might in my immediate or he may change his mind I figured you still do have resulted. That that that will be interest in a wondered I mean being a purse your Yankee probably will happen. Just be you know represented the brilliant an alternate to the texting you have have to have the guys in the in the content will be yankees. Don't get. You don't judge Gary sids as assailant. Though that is the that is I put myself Obama come on dude the moment contests. Year the year that Yankee be in the home run contest. Yeah the panel that. Passage every guy's done it right. Derail was in this dunk contests when he was junger was not rut I don't breast or whatever it did a hoping to ring and I'm pretty sure you know most guys to all mean when you're younger. Well there's yet it and it's a you know I always say in it boy you're appeared close to a seven footer I mean. You have almost no chance that you're you're paying times there's going to be sold. So I mean it. One of those things were just kind you know it's like an initiation the superstar we kind of compete and compete in some of those events they do it for a couple of years in the year and then you say I'm the retired I'm done. Yeah on the on that sound is. We are far from done we got Tom the Angela coming appear in in the 6 o'clock hour we got an abbreviated showed it because we keep basketball. Where Nassau much of the rotation stuff. And and what's going on Wayne Ellington looks like he's we've got we got some news on that George Landry we got some news on that coming up in headlines also. Thought yet about twelve minutes for you get a New York. Oh the text of the code word in the in the 5 o'clock hour here the code word is doll. DO LL takes at 272881. Doll to seven to anyone. Now until 6 o'clock in the next coach were will be at 6 AM tomorrow morning was as a Romberg and amber so takes gall to seven to anyone and you were registered to win. 8000 dollars right here on 79 units again. The morning shows over the years to. Hall of Famer will join the likes of win the Bryan win horse Heath Bell and Jeffrey Loria flagship of the we have banners in here of these guys. In the studio it's it's hilarious send in your submissions to the morning show a morning show. Had taken Miami dot com each week they'll pick weekly winner of the weekly winners with fifty dollar gift you don't get to Florida lumber. Then in May though picked this year's hall of Famer out of the ten weekly winners and if you send in this year selection you win the grand prize a 500 dollar gift certificate. A Florida lumber it's the 2018 to cool of the week hall of fame selection brought to a Florida lumber and AM seven any NF from 1043 XT to the ticket. Oh we don't have time. It and this is their deal but I came to think like tool the week me or tool to do Lobo. A year tool we get into all the year here. That's island we know who's been that two Ulish. School of the year. Well. It Jeter's gonna be up on that I was literally I was thinking Chris first there is going to be up ultimately it's very of jurors are tool you know cutting tool you know when he. Well he's Ballinger I know it's not that I am seeing outburst third. First there's not because. Of the substance abuse problem it's because. Really you would know and video. I guess that's that's that's what it would be like I think if you know I think it figured out the other as a tool I just think him is like as Iraq. I I think in the was a tool like a toy get you a little bit of a little bit of a you know I mean my god it's like bill as a miserable person on here Andy any of the bad player EO Jeffrey Loria no explanation needed right I'm element that I don't like Miller and Brian to I don't know that we have Brian I think I don't why I think that think that morning that mental LeBron Ty and I disagree without and but the point dating and we all time to get into it because we got Tom De'Angelo coming up. We we had it's headlines and everything else and we allow things get too before he bass lawyer. But like yeah I'll be curious to see who what who how they how they divvy of those nominations there who gets Jeter's gonna probably get. Jeter he's gonna get consideration haters gonna be in the running just because of office you know I don't know what else. You didn't have you have some other people impairment. So what did the morning show that's their deal their work on that and ran and we're gonna sit back and we're gonna look at Baltimore to have Lavar bowl as a tool we get the text you have I think I'm somewhat low I was awful time in their Legos you know little little South Florida time yeah all the tools that that. You know here every regular and you don't we open it up to the world yes we're gonna Florida hello nominations. But got a little bit of a South Florida time and I'm ready to shoot Jeter would be fear and running of the newly created that that's what is it always gonna be tough tool the year for them to figure out that Obama remember they got they got their money. They got they're big afternoon to morning glory because we have two time winner you have that's that's week. That is weak that is and easy way and that's does that Robert ever gonna earn their money in the morning fund via the tool we data as of four shore. And you go South Florida time we get huge cited South Florida so let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true Miramar. Miami Heat host Philadelphia tonight at 730 that he is in seventh place in the east two games behind. Number seven Philly Miami might get guard Wayne Ellington bag guy he's probably he's been out with that would that thigh issues so. We'll see if he comes back 'cause as Lowe in Tommy di did you start with a pregame show at 630 right here and AM 790 F film. 1043. HD two that's a. And we need the man with the golden arm and we need the golden arm back came before he got hurt you as little bit of a slump there will begin his shooting back there. That would be that's going to be big time for this team here because he's the only guy that. He's been the most consistent may have little downtown and that need that threat they need that threat only a short don't need that guy yes he made a lot of things he's he's at some of their biggest shots of the whole entire season and you know it's he nearly really as. And and Dwyane Wade. Tension up to a Barack quickly as well it has been doing just whatever in the realm pairings yet they'll. Go to the NFL Miami Dolphins wide receiver drivers Landry has signed his franchise tag Tinder clearing the way portrayed. No trades are believed to be imminent however now by signing the tender layer Landry is guaranteed. He salary of about sixteen million dollars from the dolphins so just saying. Yes Donna Landrieu won the lottery yet yet you pretty much have you pretty much tell you I mean I know he wants more than that him and he's deservedly. Has that right but isn't by signing day he's made sure he will be will compensate for race he has he has task which is gonna in case his story years of excellent football have paid off that none not as much as he wants but it's paid off in a big wave go through what you're looking at right now that the floors sixteen million dollar grant yeah so now it's what can you work out long you don't Eagles audio. By the way DeMarco Murray just trouble things. DeMarco Murray. Was cut by it or will be cut by the Tennessee Titans and Sam Shields will be somebody really ramps and solar. Who knew him too now allows just inform me of that Soviets and concussion issues rams need some corner help. They're loaded up there they got Marcus Peters. And Sam Shields young guy out of the Sarasota man Tim brings a Britain's big changes right trainer Robert Quinn to the dolphins and Alec Ogletree to the giants. Yesterday so we'll see what they got cook in there. Go into the NHL locally Florida Panthers host Montreal tonight at 733. Game is that seven on 88 in him. Going to leave local big night we told you about the heat we told you about the Panthers third 124. Ranked University of Miami. They play twelfth ranked north Carolina at nine tonight in the ACC tournament in Brooklyn. The canes at 22 and they are the third seed north Carolina at 23 and nine is the sixth seed. That game can be heard on by sixty WQAM. Bone spur. Your headlines and 67974. That tell you Regis on the text line bluff fifteen minutes he coming up here were Tom D'Angelo will courtside to American Airlines Arena altered what Tom The Who covers the heat for the yup Palm Beach post. Some texting does it should be. This franchise stuff it's a little bit a little bit weird you'll decrees them. They cannot pursue in the franchise decorate it is solid locked in that's what him signing signing period right socially they owe him sixteen million dollars Miami Dolphins if no trade is consummated. Odd Jarvis can just say you know what. Yeah I don't wanna play for anybody else ma I'll take my sixteen million Imus show to camp you pay me my money. And I will play for sixty million dollars this year and that I'll be a free agent exterior fuel if you don't wanna tell me again. That right there is great. Now an end Jarvis by the by Jarvis signing that saying. He has to show up to training camp. Unlike Libya on bill from Pittsburgh you remember he never did sign that today last year so he set out all training camp. You were under if you are under contract. Then you are an employee and you can be spying for the mandatory stuff Jimmy thought for missing OTA's book for training camp you can be fine. If you don't sign such as Libya on you cannot be fine but. Jarvis did sign so he will be in training tables dolphins will be still on routes. Odds are knowingly you know that is a good point about they got Bellic you just wait wait wait show up like two days for the season's assignments and okay I'm good ago no and and you have the same player early on and that and that. For the steal yeah I get in shape you yeah you know miserable season did buy it. Dubbed them the main point is Jeff Jarvis Jarvis is put it now it's on the golf game notes on the dolphins and as much Greg Jarvis once the work out a trade like it's like the that he is sixteen million dollars against their cap. The league year starts Wednesday and more clockwork remarks were in those road you have to be under the cap and right now 77 point oh and little else what we're going to it's going to be you know that Q that's a big chunk of money man near an end date and again the golf consumer networking and Robert Quinn salary of guarded you know epic that's eleven billion so right as and I say that. Because the dolphins presumably don't want generously injury here for sixteen million dollars. Yes they eat they do they want compensation. If Jarvis leaves so that's kind of thinking behind the franchise the non exclusive franchise today. Is they they want something. You know in the event that Jarvis leaves and they want him to leave because they don't wanna be on the hook for sixteen million. There Simon is pretty much so works. Busy night right. Busy night cap busy night is going to be a good night to sit Newman who's watching TV and aren't willing he had a big game that's for sure we gonna get to courtside Tom the hands over the Palm Beach post warfare it's round here. Would Gil preview to the preview pled down to the American Airlines Arena coming up next don't check in with a Tom Diehl fifteen minutes a hates. Right after this right here on 79 minutes ago. Yeah. Ten minutes. The. My my champion for my work. South Florida's number want to truck and SU because positions under guaranteed that the hottest for my whole lot of caves in town called champion for five point 7865023446. Robert champion four by four. Dot com and by all pro orthopedic and sports medicine that's their job get you back in the game with north south border locations there's one near you at all for all pro orthopedic Doug come. For more info Curtis and her back with you here we got basketball tonight. Would the Miami Heat it's coming up here in just a few minutes our pregame coverage and a big one as the Philadelphia 76ers. Are back in town to town De'Angelo joins us from the Palm Beach post. He covers the Miami Heat in depth and also the NBA. Tom thanks for joining us once again as we ready today's Philadelphia are you sick of these guys already what are I mean that's a fourth game allegedly threw X. Court game and went a month or so it is it a Wii is scheduled Philadelphia had the same thing with Charlotte they've played them what kind of less than a mop to it yet coming up. They don't think they started that stretch last week. We have very very strange schedule would. It's almost like you know playoffs he'll play in these guys claiming an opponent so often. In short stretch of time obviously playoffs it's just you know bang bang right up one after another but that's exactly how to get aid and an at this time a year. The way they are understanding it absolutely does it feel that way. That style that was the last report gain even played against and used as an opponent whether it's Detroit Philadelphia Washington. They have a Washington again this Saturday. Yeah and it'd been some incredible game that we'll get some of the match of your just a moment but per hour star were talking earlier in the show that this is the first time that they've had they're there. Their most complete roster out we forgot a little bit about Dion waiter just a little bit we well forgot about it no he's not for so long that of the guys you know that could be available. This is the first time that you really had okay we're getting this guy back armory has got back they got so and so back in the social got hurt. This is got to the first time the guys that you know are available for spoke tonight. Well the bad omen as they were in this exact same position the last time they still played Philadelphia the at all. Fourteen guys. How the and then beyond realistic these guys on the roster and they entered that game the same situation. In the Mac game Tyler Johnson. And Wayne Ellington. So for the exact same injury left quad bruise on on the exact type same type of clay you know defending pick and roll. So that in it was the same opponent actually owe them open to get through what now what Eric Alter. Addressed that today in the and he answered this several times and yes this would be that. This would be the healthiest they can beat the rest of the cease I would Deion out for the rest of the year in Asia it many times you know bring it on what we figure out let me figure out who has to be an actor. Let me let me you have to think about it come the other bad but think about it all year because he's he's got automatic choice and the guys who were injured. Let me think about is going to be in the rotation because it's not going to be a twelve man rotation was probably going to be attend rehabilitation. And that and that is you know those are good problems good problems to have it be gal these. And I mean you know the heater is at or poll that they can be and and that's what you wanna be with. Would lead weeks in my month to go in the season and now and really fighting per playoff positioning. Tom I read your story today among we're we're with the heat finish in the Eastern Conference and you were pointing out that Tom might you know these next two gangs are against billion blogs and kind of let you know don't don't the play off. Implications of those. And really if you nobody's going to look at this as a four game set but if you see it Washington elite Washington and then at. At Portland right well Tom that's that's really really it's tough. What would you expect from the heated in this stress they've already lost overtime you have Washington. But what what is realistic we can reasonably the best that you can hope from these next three games and the and the poor getting settled brawl. I think going to and that they can still want to get the OK you don't want to Prius not until he got his Detroit's you know doing everybody a big favor. I have a bottom of the that playoff standings so laugh at Detroit and eliminate the cells eventually he would sit and we kind of know who EH EU but. To what you would go a long way out. You know they're they're well they're really the seventh because they have the tiebreak over Milwaukee thirteen away. From there came out of eighty their two game is our Gmail app or two about citing modest 62. Games out of script so there is a whole lot of that there than it did. Moving up they can do by winning some of these games you know that they just maintained here would choose to eat they went through your grief. Through the end of the West Coast trip you beating Sacramento LA as we saw with the lakers did move against that he might eat that's going to be tough went in LA. Last game of western trip obviously the Big Three and three complete. Watch the game the other night to the end of the script. It's gonna get it once again. The schedule would really amazing how. You know but it never seen in the middle and have a structure really not nice nice stretch or giving you ain't gonna get really typical you know it is difficult here for a couple of weeks. They come back from the West Coast they have a lot of gains against a lot of teams that changed to within the next two against Atlanta wanna get Chicago. You know so. They they they have a good that they're in good position to maybe caught. You know as long as they don't you know go one and I and structure something in and then you kind of buried themselves in the eight spot. So they can just you know play my partner here to be a business trip. That I think they have a chance to get up there I'd say this war I don't thinks accelerate our. You don't know separate right now you know I it'll be anyway you can contribute seven point Toronto an op would lock and finishing with all bought that (%expletive) is probably Cleveland. I didn't probably definite separate and we know Cleveland equity was going to be finished about third spot we played them so six generator all that chain wallet thing is. They try to get supplies and avoid those up between now and then played Washington are you somebody else. In first round. And you get a chance to get out of that first out. Image he can win a series if they're the 67 or eight seat no sport placed by but it deep Tim Eads can they do that against Boston Toronto or Cleveland who looks like the top three will be. Yeah not want Cleveland State number three I don't think I think the best that it'll force probably would. Two games than any one of those series they give a better chance of going to get spot and rock although they do we actually it played Boston trying to Wheldon beat them get beaten. Both on the road. You know we really don't know where. Yeah criminal legal way but might it got is that they're going to be they're going to be good enough to handle Miami's week. Assess which of them are coming back for the playoffs. So I've no I don't think they can bet that's why I believe that you get to it than they have a chance of when he. They put a series. Tom De'Angelo with a great basketball coming appear at the bottom of the hour 630. Johnson's dazzled Tommy tiger out of our coverage here Philadelphia I mean there's been such a kind of a weird series when these guys are. Do they match up well with Philly coming as it looks an item that the big league they blow it. But when the post game last time Philly at times looks like they're dominating them do you do they match up well against the sixers. I think that didn't want to use would believe that there income and I'll. It's hard to say no they led and they led by 24 points with seminary mentor in the third quarter. In Philadelphia and they beat last time. A welcome back Dwyane Wade shot. I'm so I I I don't. Yeah I think they've played them Krewell in his first game at Philadelphia they fell behind by twenty the twenty. Italy opposite the other and and they are 206 at the end of the game. Obsolete had been buried it had been a very strange series. But did an audience. So that so he got to say yes they do I just. This the one that you get a kick yourself over that middle game best second game Philadelphia went into the 24 point lead into what would be quite pack. Obviously to meet these is the best player or Philadelphia I didn't see I don't really like him deep and sobbed they need to think big they need. For Hassan Whiteside somewhat neutralize him to have a chance to beat to beat them. You don't know he would pensions and bent Simmons has is yes you don't have as flawed as deficiencies. And BJ just played well all around so. A date yet split of the Big Ten days ago so there's no there's no reason say they wouldn't match up well and a chance to win tonight. Domino smoke have a lot of things to do a lot of questions as well that rotation whenever I've got a lot of things askew but I limited to this. What's the uno would bail him out of body was asked is this a match up strictly a match up there was one on their. Yes she's just come back in problem I think the first night they wanted to take it easy arm because. He had flown during the day he was pretty emotional and very very close it was. Great grandmother who passed away he'd been away a couple of days so I could understand that I was surprised. That was Monday that I was surprised that he can play as much too big but. You know went with Kelly when it gives you Kelly when he can just got back and is you know maybe there's a few games so at least he's back playing this whole rotational minutes. I column. Indeed might look bad and when he did Monday night scoring. Would those 43 pointers in the first quarter. That's bad news at I'm really curious IQ to stick to the starting lineup because. Once again on now. Once again on in Washington's. Done up to a slow start. You know the black ops were backed a slow start to lot of gains at the starting lineup. Now pilot haven't played well I've wondered that goes back pilot is shooting guard so that's that's part of our what you think I don't if you get a lot of course but those are a lot of the department those questions yet he matched her. That he had interest Kyrgyzstan of not not just over get started last so I examined going to be a situation a player. I long and just. There's on this roster healthy. Win. Would assign Kelly James Johnson getting the bulk of the minutes of the foreign five. And he most he won't get. You know we'll get the extra minutes in the and that's probably the best when number one it's you know still a rookie. Still young and so it's installed outta him and number two now they had twelve healthy guy that epic out of rotation what are other. I had a feeling that one of the guys two minutes could be reduced I thought or. The injuries happened the last time that it was going to be banned I gotta be different justice now justice is played well and it gives it another layer problems and spoke to figure out what did you do with. Justice yeah playing the most minutes. So I think it's just a product Obama didn't. There's nothing going on I don't think there's nothing different with a hammer it just to try to vote here we are we getting to crunch time he's a rookie and we've got to pull roster. Tom and I gotta run here wanna get Joey got asthma Dwyane Wade here again I mean how surprised you about the production that he's been able to put forth. And can he keep this thing up here I mean that twenty point efforts it has been amazing. Yeah I don't think we know why haven't claimed he's not playing ridiculous minutes doing and then this is what he did all year long we went malaria are about the bench playing 23. Yeah. And then in the way Derek you know I mean that we know Duane Bennett a slow. And he's been making sure discretion close games make insurance stressed that he into the game. He's obviously become. And it demolished because obviously I would lie it made some type facility players too reliant on the wane but. You know he's got good looks he. You've got a three cornered politically cornered sentiment the overtime. You must act to play at motor. You wish you look at it as soon as he freedom so I don't know what I know all of sudden here comes a little help from. For the weeks I didn't think about the wink and a loaded up their little bit to the last. I mean to be shut this school about the zone had he eaten not willing to take those shots which executed there are a lot of players Christian. Our alpha males and in TV what you know is that Joshua showing a little bit up and I think just kind of started the current media with too much. But he was showing a little bit out of it's we're going got here. And there's really not needy the other rock of an honest people the point is ideal waiters you know he's not out there but he probably would be most. This. Group for the when he got so. Eat better and and a great help my knowledge I thought about twenty points a game. But they're getting you know to get it yet at twenty to 25 point performance occasionally but otherwise of getting twenty that it twelve to fifteen or sixteen. That kind of expect that I didn't ever think he had what a fourteen to. 1214 points a game and bashing the mid 42 shooting. Cleveland before he got here. Actually getting but we're getting a lot more. Important point you know by playing playing when he's playing he's is that Italian roots and somebody gain far beyond what CNET boxed. Tom thanks for is still a few minutes with us and enjoy the game tonight I know outsized him regularly it's Philadelphia kind of command if you got any time you got a son Daniel joining us courtside there. In your palm on Twitter at Tom De'Angelo 44 Tom De'Angelo 44 on not on Twitter there and we got to get out ever basketball. We got the he basketball coming up are up next with those eyes on Tom retired from the arena. And here's a struggle for tonight perk if you look at the Kansas game that's on 880 AM yup it is eighty gambit came to be on 516. Joe's and it will be on the call on that one and then right here if you when he mask well you're right you're awesome and any ticket. So that that your that your South Florida evening Colbert right they are thinks it's time De'Angelo for joining us also. I'll Robert Colombo from the Monday Morning Quarterback we I'll lively show we think everybody that listened out there. Enjoy the night I hope tomorrow. That does before 4 o'clock perk we're talking about three winning clubs enjoy all the acts of thousand thank you is always. For perk up courtesy basketball is coming up next right here on your home the 790 the ticket.