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Curtis Stevenson
Friday, March 9th

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They understand them and we talked about things and throughout we can talk these sort of there wasn't one guy it was everybody on this team and the Palestinians have been. You know all of them before his uncle's. So that they know with need to be done is great you know when you have multiple guys. Economically and you can go to and the animation team tougher content without them 114. Rebound into the heads of shark shark back inside and let it loose ball down the floor when you got a three out of one break out of you way. Her parents fabric now with duke. Blunt political revenge love you may read this do you weigh you would've been dotted ministers demanded. Quite important at this time of the year you know where it through gangs. Spezza on the ticket business that would come off a loss in Washington about come back here. Three point night to hold a thought a few things. Yeah there's a very tough for the event man with a hole playoff atmosphere an infinite. Only playing late last night following a lot of late 99 victory. The front of the hometown crowd. First of perfectly here on a fabulous Friday afternoon perky and you know the saying you can't mess up Friday man especially when the hometown team wins. Panthers also or big winners last night the only team that came up to slow the short was the Miami Hurricanes don't fret they'll take a couple of days off and get ready for the big tournament and next week every Friday to you and everyone out there. Yet strangely enough the canes were kind of I guess you'd call of the post season right there at the conference tournament low but probably the team of the three. That could afford to lose right. The regular season pro regime paying enormous and yet you know they're I don't get am I mean. What maintains her in the turn and came in the tournament and of bird lack of a better term heat in Pampers are trying to get him to turn. Trying to get into the turn and Andy and the ZR are trying to position themselves there's a better spot determined. But yeah I mean that's the thing that really hurts last night about what the changes there reports and a half from the start the game away you know started off like getting Reitman. Look like they had control against Carolina Carolina looked like they don't know what was going on. You know Roy Williams uses subbing in and out of all I'm starting and then you know I knew they were in trouble when late windows halftime yeah Carolina it. The only walker well I call it all valeo Michael Utley feel like surviving an unlikely survived the first ten minutes. And win when they panic kind of back to the 2319. And I don't mind he's in trouble and a halftime. It was like I particularly Carolina. He's gonna win this game I thought and then. I did today big run away with me when they did put you know the some questionable calls there immigrants that are honor whined about all that stuff but you you know yeah I agree in the tournament they're gonna be probably six or seven seed. And you know this is what it's all about are you were 100 or hear would've been nice to. To play tonight yeah fine but you know just do it next week is what you're what you're looking for Kenny went four games getting gets a final four. And this is what she would building up all year long for I. Bob attained. Were okay. In the first half you know Carolina was gonna come back to make a run and actually I didn't expect UN to take a sinner twelve point halftime lead. Into the locker room I expected to be close but I did expect the kings have believed. And man that well by Lonnie walker America did issue a three from three quarters quart or any make soft drink field goals and a pre rolls and they go into the locker room with a one point leave net. That was that was deflating to me I can't imagine how deflating in my have been to retains at least. If you have a one point leader two point lead it's like all right we we bought a moth. But I did to me it's a different mind though it was for me. It's like and it does become sick a lot yeah at times and then also. I mean Theo prince was best round of last night the Carolinas got dudes I mean if there's Carolina aren't so you have to and I know some calls and not go their way but again in my you're not to surround your wild about it but we are gonna celebrate a huge win last I heard Dwyane Wade Mike Inglis was on the call the Dwyane Wade other nasty jam follows a nastier than that didn't. Just does not know are just okay yeah how about a sign. Are you have a slump I don't know. Yeah how Simon and he would let his left testicle rests on Doyle and b.'s so this is your man takes on I'll have to say that lesbians that's the ultimate insult Manuel Gonzalez ground that's right you don't let anybody do that OM BE sold incredible restraint. Course you get your but will every team in an individual at that point targets you just let it go. That matchup has gotten even more personal between the two big men in the eastern converts were to get into all that is so much more but his 4 o'clock in you know what that means. It is time for your chance to win 1000 dollars straight national me it's a 79 unit to get. Man gave money contest your chance to take home a fouls in the box what we better on Friday we do it all week long doing it all month long. To the end the march text the word. Scale scale home last time I jumped on the scale pert there was scaring them to 72881. And your registered text scale that says C a LEU scaled 272881. Right now if you don't win at this time in next chances at the top of the next hour this is the national contest mess in battery may apply do not text and drive you have the entire. 4 o'clock hour to text the word scale. And then. At 5 o'clock we'll give you a new code work so and we do it. All month long we had a big winner last week were very happy very excited for the gentleman he actually text in. And and said thank you very much are we certainly want to wish you good luck in that scale roll. On a scale of one to ten I'd today that Jolo indeed. Inside the white side. Just fall all over him was out given about an eight and a half nine on Leo on the dunks gallery there. I am I've been hoping that it's. He cavs first round match up and I still want details that's really you know Dwyane against LeBron or just LeBron against bowl whatever. This and beat her son for a set of best of seven man that will be nice I got to be really nice. I did not talk about it now mean to say like you know cared you know our right by new I'll start company it was funny because I was getting ready to watch that game. And I go man this season did this needs to be Hassan Whiteside type of game. And you know is this is what you pay importing he's very consistent as we know. But as like five is for the game has had him I I'd I wish I would mention that on the show I wish perk and I would've talked about it about to be assigned really establishing himself in any came out and yell played well MB and they need that out of the big guy. 26 points eight rebounds. Was very active very engaged shot a great percentage hit most of his free throws. He was very good played with an edge played with an attitude hand you know he gets into it and we'll get into the some of those the stuff about him and indeed and all that stuff hit him in the back and I didn't beat him up in response that is there are great. So that's a bit spice it up but I. I was one inning gave some thought as my point any yes if yes get a technical so be it in in in the grand scheme of things. But that's the Osama Whiteside the ideal for all the ugly ways and fabulously way it's been that been better than that any of us thought these aboriginal fourteen points per game since his return. Certain guys have been have played well this stretch a Linux picked up a little bit Ellington had a couple big shots last night how Johnson's played well the last couple games but. Would that mean the key of this team is going to really make a push is Cordoba some Whiteside. Is it not I don't I think it's a son and justice. OK let's just play it is yeah I got this aid to many justices there yet. No I'm not ready say a son is there yet but I think again I think that most who are the ones with the most growth potential. And both of them can do it deep instantly which you need late in games need to deepens the stops and again I'd I think we know we've got. Among boron and end JJ and Tyler and JEO and all of these others I I think oh yeah a lot of the expect her slash room for youthful improvement in her or Grohl storm immediate meeting expectations whatever you wanna call it. I think most of it lies on those two guys on on justice and a song and it is look good to see Lou good to see both of them play and will last night. 35 and 31. They're gonna be a playoff do we know that just a matter of CD right now at Washington at home tomorrow. Washington place tonight in New Orleans. Who has been on the ball into the Davis is the moment thing though yes but they won ten in a row. So were you watching animal awful back to bang and if Washington and the you know you can you can make up some ground here watch it loses tonight you beat Washington. And then not and then next week did he go on on eight. On the West Coast trip Monday Wednesday Friday. They see Portland Portland Sacramento and in LA Raza in order a Portland Sacramento LA. So you're going listen Portland has played its players while they are well ambient. Sacramento you gotta win that game and the lakers that's going to be a tough lakers have been really good thing the last quarter of the season last 45 games usually got a great record so. Bottom line is good win last night if you split the series against Philly as far as tiebreaker stuff is concerned. And I think this team. He's hitting their stride though do you feel that I think tomorrow will be a telling game but I think this team is it realizes hey. We went to that bad stretch after we won nine of eleven when they lose eight of nine. And I think their readied a magazine they're gonna we're off to Yeltsin in a row here but I do think. They're starting to turn the corner a little bits where I can see I don't see. You know low of four. About five or six seed is totally out of the question I don't think they're going to be saddled with at 730 spot do you. I act I think it's very hard to say right now from a 100% they're in the playoffs. I still they have a shot at winning a first round series. You don't hi guys in their seven re probably not but again I think three through succeeds. Bull pretty much all him on a shot at winning the first round series and I know three should but I links exclude upset three. Yes even if if if Prius Cleveland Tom saw it it's. A lot of things can happen. And it's. Between correct me if I'm wrong gap between like seven. And the war it's three and a half games. Well let's see Washington to Miami they are one and a half games out of two and a half games out of the four spot to an example out of the four spot out of their full of the fabric. Yes it's the saw its its so jammed up the thing at the finger at would this heat team though is is it. I think it's bowl is constantly getting a better idea of employees. Will with whom. And we saw Obey him get a live a few more minutes last night after a believing had nine minutes combined in the first two game so. Bomb you know oh you've got you you had to experiment when Dwyane came bank. Not being there were a little yeah a little bit. More with tale coming back now Leo winner a little bit more with Ellington a little bit more with Babbitt so it's mostly like a mad scientist. Well I'd just like like what I saw the with a finish that that's like why aren't I agree I don't know I grew much into it by duke. I think they played a really good fourth quarter form last night and over the Internet work in to a washing before we continue. Let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. These speeds WP XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. As we're saying the Miami Heat host Washington 730 tomorrow he is in seventh place in the east one game behind number six Billy. Washington currently in fourth in the east. 44 ranked U whim basketball team is awaiting Sunday's NCAA tournament and most announcement to find out who plays we're in win in the tournament. Now McCain's loss to twelfth ranked North Carolina 82 to 65 last night in the ACC tournament. Cap yeah we I think this UN team. Do you say you can't you can expect them to get to the final 40. I don't know what to expect that but. Hole ago I would go that far apart I recent gains in the term I think if you get to giving it to the second weekend if you game you know getting into the sweet sixteen or so classic that Arnold or the sweet sixteen ounce are easily exceed what we did some dangerous animal I thought about us as we oh real wins who gaming in and a sweet sixteen Q did. He ran right now right right now Jerry palm of CBS sports. You know a guy has. The dam as they succeed taking on Saint Mary's is 611 matchup with Arizona team yeah but you know I mean. I mean heads wanted to couch this discussion by. You know you wanna see that you wanna see the Brack of the rapids wanna see the match ups it was all those things Bruce Bowen not expected to play in the first round is an earlier round. One that's our that's our Bruce Bowen and run a war that's less bits are. That's our Turkey its activities is Ron Reagan it's good half a this I mean this. Date that got a good squad no. But yeah I would say sweet sixteen we throbbing in his problem or ceiling target yet. I mean they want to expect to be that be a penalty a year and now I'm going to be considering they'll have argued. The best player Bruce ran right I mean I'm surprised they were able to finish that we were just they were just all these tight ball games. But you know we'll see we'll see the growth of mean if Chris likes of money walker you know no they've played well thing gets. The big men if they get you know Zune do the LG quantum has played well it's just it's just so crazy to predict returned and managed just so crazy especially when you're in those middle. Middle seat that's that's open you're gonna get some good opponents. Yeah and Mary as a writer though it did not like givens in the but that's the match W saline they could be one and done but. I would say I would say sweet sixteen is certainly the ceiling for the stay in Florida Panthers host the New York Rangers tomorrow at seven. There is keeping up their hot streak now. They're they're doing that promise one last night those regain ground but yes 50 shut out of a Montreal you take that every time yeah out yet how it got opened last night yeah. And finally you him baseball opens a three game series against Notre Dame tonight at Alex Rodriguez park at mark light field. Now tomorrow is going to be a double hitter starting at one blog due to expected inclement weather. On Sunday slowly over a mother a Sunday there was no well that's what this littler UN sweet Syria and those most recent rain come I gotta tell you whether they're playing a double hitter tomorrow starting at 102 has lost all his college basketball has. 'cause tell it you can hear the UN game baseball game starting tonight starting at 645 tonight. Right here on AM 790 F a moral worth three HD to the ticket. And I'm Mike Evans and said we just out he got rewarded with a new contract by year's 82 million. 55 million guaranteed to Mike Evans one procedure from Tampa Bay. He's got reason to celebrate today those are your Hitler. Well I mean if if I if I'm correct per don't make him the highest paid writer should remain in the pro. And William to close. And and if you're wondering if that affects Jarvis Landrieu loosely no. No that's snag it I did raises the market overall but Tom. You know nobody's looked and bat for Jarvis. Not a lot of a lot of the Dalai Lama and hear and see you look at that what Ndamukong Suh got sixty guaranteed right Emiliano di the other Hopkins what he signs. He signs. Eighty million dollar you know and he got 36 and 36 guaranteed we have sold 55 Utah about twenty million dollars more guaranteed and for my guarantee that held a player no mind you I mean he's he's outstanding I mean they got. They had to keep him working we're Jamison see if they got something there but. By the way we an affiliate Thomas after two in the NFL and that's why Jason Cole. Are good man from the Bleacher Report he's going to stop by on the other side also Kurt Kelyn. From pro basketball talk like a museum doors in the 5 o'clock hour we go a busy busy Friday show. And of course you can always Texas shall we invite and encourage your text messages. At 67974. That 67974. Are you also point out anything else of Berkshire up there in the first segment you just send that in and the also record setting up an extra one stroke. Or after routing sergeant Jason Cole is gonna set us straight. Legion of boom is over yet what's up with the dolphins Ndamukong Suh could he be repudiate it can't tell you he Aqib Talib what are. I'm just I'm not you got Marcus teeters on the key to leave his corners we have LE race. Teams are made in them made in removal talked NFL with Jason Cole we stick over the Miami Dolphins owner he knows. A finger to about the hometown team he'll stop by next here on seven on the ticket. They join the chicken and LeRoy hoard not a crime about street food music food festival on Saturday march 24 at Pompano Beach amphitheater log on to brought about Tree.Com. Good news from a coach ticket for a limited time for discounted tickets. There's also the super VIP experience which includes a meeting angry with the fans. Like the struts of super VIP includes free drinks don't miss more than two tons of crawfish and genuine New Orleans food and spirits a crowd about 3 march 24. At Pompano Beach every theater brought to buy aims of uniting and after 1043 HD to the ticket Curtis and perk with you back your Friday afternoon and as promised we got. Our NFL man Jason call for the Bleacher Report one of the best in the business and he joins us right now they Ryan fuels and downstairs from me and stores get slime they are truly stepped beyond convenient Jason thanks for making some time for us happy Friday to you sir. Real problem Jason are traditionally every hole. You are our regular market you guess that is an inside joke that we cannot sit on the radio what is there aren't you want got to be utilized. Grass guys are likely gainfully employed Monday morning Jason. Listen we'll party on edge around here anywhere I Sebelius and amplitude over the over the edge there. All right don't run a week to week basis around here anyway I Jason Jarvis Landry in the Miami Dolphins are you surprised at the approach. That that the team has taken to this point. Our model what it means what went into relative order. I don't think q.'s. You know I think about that pad. Critical problem for your trade credit because. Nobody wants to start negotiating. Live term plan agreed at that you're not. Sure why and here's the question for their little one so awful lot laughs. I'm cooking non guarantees you know it. Should he wanted to applaud your field championship world will view toward each other bureau chief. If you can go one gotten scripting Niagara bureau why were you aware that beautiful eleven dollars. Throw open our record books or create two big. Problem militants wanna album for the when you're for the sort of cooking. Am I have a hard time about it the troops. We can kind of know where that would go little would be inverted sort of voted to respond to turn. Well on as you say that we just got word that Ian Rapoport is reporting. From the if there were net. The browns have just traded for our slander. It's about a great parents that's the problem well what particular problems there Michelle by your Rappaport. They have the capitol this terrible or deal. I do don't know when you don't like if you could Mike government. We have to know my W group sixteen year applied in. Shown again. Not include them got a lot of money to order to affordable and wondered what portray a huge huge problem lies. There's two student that we art you'll get on a long term deal. But what do you what do you think about the my DeVon still drizzle. But there are about to blog with a what's your pin number one we're simpler. Maybe you gubernatorial groundout to Morgantown who don't know is that somewhere in the ballpark outs in cute talented. What the other side size he can attribute all the options to look it over and that's what you can do not want go to into Google while welcome up baker worked at what advocate article. So like war Gallup got a lot of them aren't the others know. Hoping to yet. Are more because I'm probably over two weeks Clinton does not come out what. But when you pay receivers who want to pay that occurred on general. Antonio Brown won the Q but he can clearer don't want outside done. I'm opposed to it now. Whenever Hoosier women more than prototypes are now. Yeah yeah Rapoport just a few minutes ago this problem and it's 1005 ms. hill sources the browns are expected to trade for dolphins wide receiver drums landry's so obviously this is a developing situation so Walt Woolsey were the conversation this. There's all adult and you really out there Google that Contra. We should be really really particularly the employer. Yes you you can't you can't afford to pay down on. Doubt about the money troop out of that promotion will problem comes. And and show after his just tweeted that two picks are coming the dolphins whales there with the law that means OK so Jarvis is off their books off of their roster presumably your Jason about where they go how did they fill that void at. Others have talked that may be they part ways when Madonna can shoot a free up some money what's there are approaching things here in via via free agency of their players. Also in the upcoming draft. In her house and that let them go out there and you know take a pollution horrible watching questioners. How healthy our ability and ambassador Robert Byrd's public got demoted. She felt like she burst. Out of that you can find somebody there. Yeah it was like. I guarantee you look at somebody who kills you Tucker and who went occurred you know I can win lose or or how people off or misconstrued it's. That you do if you actually you would like to have her cheek you don't want him back up but. And what you probably truckload account which you wore the brown hair brown Trout. You know over eighty million dollars cap for it can't possibly spend. Especially at the top or a quarterback football and sort of much different to wish that we could not the group we apply restriction you're the back. Jason called for the Bleacher Report. Is our guest here on seven and decision. Cornerback drafted a quarterback in the first rounds where where do you think those picked eleven do you think it's time to kind bite the bullet on that one if elected got a high. Like I've. The problem only do what only you know when Luke isn't gonna get any better. Am perpetual Libyan troops no right to reduce these sort of hit. There's feeling or clue it's kind of obediently Q I. Where he's just good enough that you think OK you want compared to. Then you missed local one year and that so order Taiwan so as well versed in order to achieve a good case a couple of by the rhetoric there are no other reason that took threaten. Aerial who say Taylor rule will create a quarterback and we'll be written on. You're not to not to play a little bit about your estimation. You can always get the pick out four. The quarterback that you grew out of the first round of long and they don't. Want they don't sort of broke all over the shoes woman planet but it surely want to avoid that. But if you technology can be killed a lot of course somebody. You know which order or will he do you should go to post up and took. They Jason let me ask you about the the dolphins from over all. That. It will where do you see this franchise going. It's as far as free agency the draft and and next season is this they win now being orders this say we better keep an eye toward the future. You know no knowing that Adam gays is now a five under coach in the regular season. Look I think it's once we include overwhelmed with regard to a different on the right direction because he want to. And the golf and want wherever they think that their accord can look closer look at what we were to do what they were last year and we're kind of agree with that. It over a murder that happened in the quarterback but the other could do it doesn't mean you can keep going on. On that treadmill you know keeping pressure overpaying for a guy likes to. And not challenging quarter. Quebec or material conviction Gupta you ready to go now to move on from Q and say look we can go that position of would somebody a whole lot less expensive than me not be quite as devastating. It. No we can't we can pick up first their coworker a great program. To create better controversial or all sort of so to me. That's the direction ago India are not afraid to kick quarter crack. The first round of this properly check around route depending on how how close to close look on. You know put up or shut up because we've done a gun who bought. That's. I am when I'm trying to win right now. I'm trying to say we give back in the playoffs. And we can make progress. Become an illusion camped out and we better be ready we have sooner than later the duke would. Ratings were aware absorbed I don't know exactly where. It's gonna happen sometime by then the division becomes open. The we have the same conversation like four years ago maybe I am gonna go of those things 2013 number is going to be done. American concern discussion about the senate version or a U turn which usually have a mid level quarterback Craig. Somebody who Eurovision outlooks of plus or minus. A spark to write beautifully Albert stark. And then you go to ruin your when he brought him only improperly coached her a couple of what right deploy deduct that Turkey down a couple of to right. So that happen until useful and OK eighteen. And your soaps and from the team that goes genocide the police were tucked her of all time. Am arguably is comfortable are totally put agriculture workers quarterback while I'm gonna. We have a lot of them on the outlook out of it you don't usually beat that team Barack. I'm Jason a busy busy day thank you were taken a few minutes with a as we always appreciate her to a sigma. Jason are you angry. Until our work as it our usual breeding. Well I got a all covered enough over the Bleacher Report by default him on Twitter adjacent Kohl 62. All right so during that interview as soon as we asked about Jarvis Landry. And Jason said to be good to get yields are saying drop your books and they can move on from drivers Landry. According to Ian Rapoport. From the NFL network also at a shelter from ESPN. Following up on that. He's been traded or he will be traded. To the browns the browns according shifter are also working on a new contract for their new wonders you were tersely injury and a deals expect to get on her source O. They trade for Jarvis injury in accordance shelter the trading two picks in the dolphins. According to his sources. Kirk will talk to my opponents when he eighteen a one until nineteen OK you have more forgive some more information on that I know you're you're you're working the phones here as well try to get some information so it's all happening here in real time here. So willow or trying to figure this thing up a driver's injury. Will be moved to the browns. According to multiple sources now in the dolphins get a couple picks it looks like the browser would you know if you're giving up that time of compensation one to work on an extension. For Jarvis injury and keep him. In the full shall Jarvis of your Jarvis ran. He's in Cleveland he will be playing football. For the Cleveland Browns this coming season so. It's it's kind of come to ahead a year and it's almost via a done deal for the most part. Other than not dotting supplies across some tees and so for and so forth are welcome back we'll talk more about this that's that's a huge news repair things is Jason Cole for joining us. I'll talk a little bit about the NFL. Oh we got a lot of things going on we got to it's Friday we not only got our cash contest going on by the way our 4 o'clock word is scale. That is scales of protects their right now to seven to 81. Do we register to win a thousand bucks in our seven it to him and gave money contest also will be giving way kings baseball tickets every single hour to you may have four pack two came to baseball. Every single hours so we haven't any of the 4 o'clock hour so that's coming up we'll have 5 o'clock hour and 6 o'clock our cause were integrated until cain's baseball ACC player of the Notre Dame in town as a Kid Rock will be on the called this this evening mortgage accurate tool hurricanes baseball right around 645. Down at the light would Jarvis Landry. Off to the dog pound your reaction on our tax on 6797467974. Up more on that nectar and Johnson and and take. First and send out of the browns' 42 yard line spinning heel it a shot dead on first down Texas now. Play action fake that he began it looks flyers battle caught what it. Landry when he cut back and I don't. Touchdown Jarvis Landry. 48 during. Sixteen. Thirteen. You'll hear that we're seeing that today dolphins uniform any. On her dog its land jury according to Alter reports the three time pro bowler. Been traded to the Cleveland Browns. For a couple of draft picks with some of the details in just a moment courtesy of perfect with the here on 79 the particular thanks Jason Cole. From the Bleacher Report for joining us and the jars of injury news happened as soon as we asked Jason about. One thing about the terms Landry and crazy crazy stuff busy day here with two at all here coming up in just a moment but first we remind everybody that 79 the ticket is urging you to play hooky okay. With the level torture and who better than hang out. With the crew. From the lover partial each of the guys in the shipping container. Have worked with Jay Wakefield to brew what they believe is a championship beer we want you to join imaging Wakefield coming up. This next week march 15 that's Thursday beautify PMS first day of the instantly tournament. All the games will be going on it's going to be unbelievable two to 5 PM to take the shipping container bracket challenge are pick which of the shipping containers beer. He's your favorite the winning your will be announced today of the national championship canned in re launch how calls at Dobie live music from. Red means wholly dances in above the skyline. Be there at 2 o'clock on March 15 with a look toward shipping container and aims of and any NF immortal for three. HD two. The a ticket. A lot of tax rolling in 67974. That tiger reaches on the text line. So 400 career receptions for Jarvis Landry all the dolphins uniform. Over 4000 yards 22 touchdowns. Played in 64. Games Jarvis did did not miss the single game in his career with the Miami Dolphins. Jarvis Landry a former second round pick. I can confidently say it was one of the the better selections but the dolphins have had here. In the last ten plus years as far as drafting players. And Jarvis Landry is now going to be a member of the Cleveland Browns out of chef there is reporting. That it's two picks. One this year in this upcoming draft pot and then one next year soul that compensation will be interesting to figure out also. What Jarvis injury signs of four with the Cleveland Browns. Does he get no his his quote unquote huge huge payday or does he take a little bit. Of a of a haircut obviously Jarvis had to agree to this trade to be an opportunity working on the story. And trying to get as much information during the breaks and so forth but Jarvis had to sign off on this deal some assuming that the Jarvis is looking to get to get his money's worth correct. Yeah I think so and and you know the the big being here Tom really is what his Jarvis leaving for work but I that was his his big deal was the money. And soaring what is what is worst yeah. Red belt clip we jokes about the last couple days well Cleveland you know this and that up. And is that a lot of other teams that during the bears though the ravens the titans had interest according to sources us differences god loves you so much but he goes to the worsening team in the NFL. So yes maybe they may be maybe they may Kim a top five paid bloggers who were just all my Kevin's got. I don't easing that's. Budget boot Woolsey will see what Cleveland does but John. Ours is big thing with a money line and I'll have a yes and I and I'm at one point that he was not going to Cleveland soul. Made it worth his while well or or or it could be a statement on the market for Jarvis correct. That led Cleveland was the only one who made him a decent offer. It might not beat Cleveland gave him big money it might be that Cleveland gave him the most money and the other metals were like noon. It's not easy you know so I had I don't know I added it's it'll be interesting to see how this being. This being worked out. But yeah Jarvis to Cleveland. In knots it's pretty while there we go lot of text Rolen and it's 67974. That's 67974. On the on the seven under the tickets. The text line wanna get to a couple of these as. You just hear in the news if you just jump in your card Jarvis Landry is will be your whenever you know how well we wanna phrases he's gonna be you betrayed the browns. Yep treasury still be official until Wednesday at 4 PM it is the start of the lead here but around yes it is it is confirmed that Jarvis will be traded to Cleveland. Highlighted text Ronan. Which lands it would stop being so greedy. Those tax rates in like Wes Welker and Ted did in his career really takes off after leaving the dolphins. Jarvis in the pit of misery. Not. It's that could be. That's the way it appears right now right they've Jarvis could've just gone at this with a level head he would have to play in hell. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out can't wait to see how much more the browns offer you enjoy the state tax. Options are fools for not locking of jars best player on the team easily. No wonder Ross is having the Miami open at the stadium there's not going to be a damn football team here by next year. More stupidity but from the dolphins the slogan now along with Wes walker trade is when the stupidest moves of dolphins have ever made. A bit these but they take these. Picks and use them to move up in trade and take baker mayfield and track. If you would what me what do you think compensation would be three in a 53 missed it. Some like EF three I think a three wood would have to be involved to make it worth the dolphins while putting it could be two Fords but I if the dolphins got a good deal they Gotti three back. In the AL and just to be clear I mean the just talked to Jason called out and Jason says you know it's good move by the dolphins they had the cannot pay drugs and that money orca. Again it I understand that and the question remains now is. How did the dolphins feel that way you'd need. And is that a void filler on the roster order they go and draft somebody or one sign somebody. This is this a big loss for them like the money aside money aside for a moment. And if you wanna pay Jarvis or if you wanted to pay Jarvis whatever you do it. Does the production that is being lost and I've heard some Ive heard you know textures and some people. The dual we'd do radio host route all of that you don't that he finds a way to go catch a bunch of eight yard passes right OK I don't think it's as simple. I don't think it's an easy. The plug in guys and had nine catches next year pledge harvest in over a hundred catches and be that reliable. And you look over the browns standpoint. It makes a lot of sense for Cleveland because they're probably gonna go undrafted rookie Gordon and they're gonna want a guy. And if the browns play this right Dick Lamm say Kwon Barkley in their rookie and a quarterback of the future right there you know Hillary to the gonna Marie young quarterback who we handed off to reliable running back. And have duke back there to do Johnson a couple of guys that are reliable. And Jarvis Landry is probably the perfect. Wide receiver for a young quarterback. In his big yoga is developmental stage because that's always open in the off this little ball down field a lot and here he's got the moves a move the chains and yes. So I yield a Cleveland dueling. It makes a little bit of sense there from from him at least in my opinion. Yeah yeah and I mean look if your Cleveland you've got to go more pretty much everybody right you've got you've got the money to spend. You've got the draft picks to acquire new talent and you gotta you gotta get this thing going. Yeah I got Du'Shon Kaiser hue Jackson State somehow is as coach. You you've got to get this being going or you know hue Jackson and and they just change up front office or throw off isn't going anywhere but. Hugh is definitely looking at the end of the road and this franchise needs to be looking yet again at a new beginning and this is the year to get it started. Parts of Jarvis Landry will be traded to the Cleveland Browns were a couple of draft picks one and 48 team won in 2019. So generously injury. Gonzo while we're gonna take a quick break and come back Robert of the 5 o'clock hour before we do that. House Jewish McCain's baseball tickets were in a festive mood around here call number seven right now due the to get conscious line which is 786. 5340790. That is 786534079. Via the U and three of your closest personal friends are gonna go see. By Jim Morrison McCain's baseball team doubles final season in the dugout. Two a change baseball season no better place has taken all the action. The down and down and out Chaudhry is part of mark like fields are caller number seven you'll win those four tickets for an upcoming game. The season we'll give away another pair Tiggers in the 5 o'clock hour and other predators in the 6 o'clock hour. Putter feels so good around here on Friday and we come back wall of the 5 o'clock hour now in this Burke have some some heavy duty headlines putts. We'll give away our 5 o'clock code word for your opportunity to win 1000. Dollars all that straight ahead here on some ninety the ticket. The puck by press way is a beauty. Probably a great back deuce thirty yard line. Well that one a football game for Miami a couple of years ago your call. Opening day against the Washington and football team. Jarvis Landry takes the punt return and takes it all the way to the house for a six now jars and you'll be doing that. For. Cleveland Browns. Really get to that and so much more has that story is still developing here but. Happened about. Half hour ago Ian Rapoport of the NFL network and and I'm show after Europe so multiple sources confirming it. Pop Ergen I've been talking all about it what does it mean we've been taking your techs here are some people are very upset some people are. Say hey good luck up there and in Cleveland. And we'll move on but certainly you would say one of the more popular players with the Miami one of the certainly the most productive players the Miami Dolphins in his prime. Is walking out to blow the door for the mind Amy dolphins were about ninety seconds away from give you the code word here in our 1000 dollars. 790 the ticket man cave money contest. Will give that code word in just a second Morgan who. Gonna talk some heat basketball on MBA with cordial and and 6 o'clock arable we we were gonna have occurred on your the puck puck arbour would do a lot Jarvis here. And at the pertains to the dolphins were to go from here. Authentic your reaction on the text line at 6797467974. On the 790 the ticket. I text line also. He were big winners last night if there's one last night teams did not. That's the the quick recap of what happened last night border talk she Basil for Hewlett in the 6 o'clock hour but right now it's 5 o'clock. On the die so let's get to it time for your chance to win eight Al wounds in the dollars. It's 790 the figure at Maine and gave money counter measure takes. Your chance to take home a thousand bucks text the word. How probe Burke. Willing and Jarvis landry's now playing in the land is he not. Is that the land right. All right so now it's LeBron James and jars Landry of the two biggest athletes including right. Oh probably solar. Indoors and out of the I mean you know we heard a jars of yup they're but certainly. Jarvis. And we'll be heard for him but the land LA ND takes land to 72881. And your registered just like that text land at 272881. Right now. If you don't win this time your next chance is. Monday morning at 6 AM as dazzled Romer an amber. This is a national contest messes and veterans may apply do not Texan drive you gonna text land throughout our rock our. So I know your listening right now so you can do that right now as long as you're not driving. Detects the lane and 272881. Blood if you had to embody your car for not listening will remind you here to read the different points of the 5 o'clock Garcia until 559 to your register to give the entire hour some like you detect within the next thirty seconds. So that's throughout the contest in the count is gonna running all month by the way we get a big winner last week. In the audience were very happy for for that person we want you to win too so land Texas to seven to. Eight you want plot attacks rolling in obviously on reaction. Two. Jarvis Landry you have some some information as far as with the compensation might be. According to some sources there before get to all of that though let's let's get to a busy busy 5 o'clock headlines. He XY AM South Miami and W exact day. HD two Miramar. Well the big news today Miami Dolphins are trading wide receiver Jarvis Landry to the Cleveland Browns according to multiple sources. It's believed the dolphins will receive two draft picks in the deal more than 20181. And Tony nineteen. The picks are believed to be between the third and seventh rounds in other words the dolphins will not get a first or second round pick in exchange for Jarvis Landry. Somebody text and arguably you know thinking on that from maybe they the browns on the number one pick in the number four pick in the first round. And lobs on the them eleventh pick rent out. Somebody Texan hate that maybe they swapped for an eleven but you know which is you know it's dives they commit a little bit there but that's a not the case. Yeah no no no not not the case not the case that that would have been. That would have been in a big shocker. That would company while that would bury while that would have been very well. So you had Jarvis Landry going through Cleveland. NBA the Miami Heat host Washington 730 tomorrow heat in seventh place in the east one game behind number six Billy Washington in fourth place in the east. To report ranked U whim basketball team will await Sunday's NCAA tournament in my announcement to find out who plays we're in win. The canes lost to twelfth ranked North Carolina 82 to 65 last night in the ACC tournament. Pains ought to get a good seat that and. Probably exceed and excel and Momo limbo Orleans haven't yet would be my guess they were there. And it also divers came into play but they were the third third seed in the ACC. And 24 in the nation bright and whoever however you stack it up. As far as the best conference in the country the AC still CA CC still primo for me so yes they're going to be a six embassy bombing in matters that much. But they're going to be called selection Sunday we have a big party of league down the Rask teller. On campus and then we'll see who they play we'll see where they go. And you know anything happen in the tournament but I would say if they can win two games that be a great year thinking get. To the second weekend. That would be tremendous. But but yet not up numbers brown is gonna hurt them as far as. Being able to string together four wins and at the San Antonio for the final four. I don't think they have a special group I think that a very good group that over achieved a little bit at times union blood as far as you know make it a huge run. I just don't see how important. But if he had the pin me down today what what war what's the expectation when a couple games and that's about it yes reach extremes I wish it was reasonable way to Italy it's a great year you know and it's a great year. Matter is Gil again we'll look fourteens and it's a final four. All right in the media than you would say this is. I'm not you know Jim's been one of the jobs better teams usually hear teams are a lot more a little more experience. I thought when the machine is one of his better coaching jobs really that he's done done his Dunning is being. He's an amazing job but I think this team over achieved just a little miss coaching conference like. Yeah Airways which is. I kind of unusual to say considering their projected to have 21 round it was brown wasn't there or for that half the year a lot of the year and then there's Lonnie walker. Refreshments. Bruce if you had Bruce helped him Bruce brown. The new go in there and it's a different story by. You yeah laments having fun as we fund the next couple weeks anyway with the boys and we got the new tournament announcement format on Sunday where where all the callers I don't in excellent idea and traditional lad. Will say well I like the drama of the old way but. They've they've if you don't adapt you die right. So yeah but I am sorry I guess I mean we're we're told though my guess the the reason is that don't want people leak and it. Yeah so you don't give scoop on the Internet like what happens them in a bill dram when people weed out like two minutes before the commissioner announces. Right which launched which does take away the drama that I again yeah yeah. NHL Florida Panthers they host the New York Rangers tomorrow at seven College Baseball you him opens a three game series against Notre Dame tonight. Tomorrow's game will be a double hitter starting at 1 o'clock at Alex Rodriguez park at mark light field. And that's because there is expected intimate weather on Sundays so canes and Notre Dame tonight at seven. That's a game that you can hear right here on AM 790 at their moral worth three HD to the ticket. And then tomorrow those teams play a double hitter starting at 1 o'clock you William those are your headlines. ACC play opens up against against Notre Dame for a Jim Morrison's club will take you right up until workings baseball tonight just before. 645 your Kurds you'll join us in the 6 o'clock hour we have king's baseball tickets which were your way in 5 o'clock hour here. In this hour in the 6 o'clock hour so you wanna go down enjoy of one of the great great. Environments in sports here in South Florida and just as you know people watching in general just hanging out and watch in the on a beautiful and I think that and a beautiful night. Friday evening down according you'll members of the mansion there. And yours in this day and you're watching you pegged you are these the new indoor practice facility you watch are going up mountains senator feel now it. And the palm trees swaying it's. It's good stuff let me ask you this question that we had some of these textures of the Miami Dolphins street are asleep and we are the Miami Dolphins better today than they were an hour ago. No of course not of course not and I don't know how they're gonna make up or Jarvis. Averaged a hundred receptions a year Ford 400 receptions in his career. That make it up for that might it might take as many as three people. You you really don't have anybody on the roster. Who is capable of delivering. With the consistency. That Jarvis the liver. You know I'm not talking about. Big plays I'm talking about being consistent moving the chains being a third down target that's not Kenny stills does not Dovonte Parker. All you've got an idea in his is more squeeze ray no disrespect to mark weeks preceding that by all you've got he has. But you need some playmakers and end of of eight guys who can make plays it it. Mid range plays in short yardage plays. And whether that receiver comes as they tied in to whether it's somebody else out of the bank deal loan size canyon Drake whether it's a slot receiver. I don't know but I'm guessing it's not going to be one million. Okay an item to be fair here because the dolphins you know. They have they have a free agency to go through and they have a draft to go through. Put right now you look at who is their primary target Kenny stills the monthly Parker. Too keen grant those other three wide right now. Jim Leo and take group. Or if you don't you don't demarcus Granger marquis gray there that bit tight end Anthony Fasano is an on restrictive freeagent. They did they signed AJ derby last year which you know may have Thomas wore a two other Italians I know that is that none of those guys. Move the needle so that's what they have on the roster right now yeah they did and we don't yet now and yes and you know and and in fairness to the dolphins now mom. You know we we knew whom that Tom. It's Jarvis left. There was going to be this gaping hole and clearly the dolphins knew that soon so you don't look at this right now and go like this the deserts food. You knew there was going to blow. I just the point where okay now he's gone and yes this is the reality of it. It is you know weird how do you and it was fair you know they can go out writing because Jimmy Graham isn't some other guy does. Jimmy Graham and and Trey Burton and Tyler I've heard out there is freeagent tight ends hum. You've got Alan Robinson and Sammy Watkins out there is as creative receivers are opening the door open for good aimed at high. At the wide receiver position because you do already have the Vontae who should be. That died. But yet I. I would say that they won't get a definitely get a veteran tight end and and not one guy to make up for Jarvis but they will get a veteran tight in we will address the tight end. Mid rounds. And I say that they will probably get a veteran free agent wide receiver again not. With the intention that this one guy will have a hundred receptions a year by. These guys will be part of the way they will all contribute. To make up for Jarvis I got a text your 67997467974. Just a ton of Tex gets nothing is off 5050. A lot of people were in the dolphins a lot of people saying they're better off without Jarvis and. Or hit tell me what you think about this tax guess what do way to screw over two and a healing Devoe a bunch of garbage to work. Well that's kind of march oh the mean they sorry ten and well my question to you is. Do you think Timmy hill is capable of making any of those receivers better now. I don't either NN has never been run into an annual spring he yeah I can't think. You know he he has taken advantage of the tools that he's head but he is not made any one better right in this open teammate Charles played Baylor to these deals are Jarvis soared. You know anybody. And that's not a Charlotte Tim hills not a charlatan and a low he still would top fifteen quarterback in the. This is right go with Shara cinema big Jarvis fan. And if this goes back dumber or you know in the end when the show when Wes Welker got traded and everyone lob or Alice Walker we got a second round pick gonna Simmons got good good good. And I'm thinking wait a minute. Wes Welker caught seventy balls from Joey Harrington Cleo Lemon. Like that's pretty darn good thing Blake what do you think he's gonna go and do with Tom Brady. Leg Wes what it was was just odd an odds we'll discuss that he's just another guy. And you know I think a lot of people do Jarvis is just another guy out there. Takes couple hundred balls ranked can't help you pay what do you think in the end it was when Cleveland. On sand like. Dear to your question about. Detaining hill made Jarvis or do you like Jarvis is Jarvis stratus is gonna do that would anybody right. Sole. Big debt that's the thing that the production is gonna is gonna be there. For Jarvis Landry now you might night didn't they might be some other mitigating factors of their as the browns often does a dreadful. But as far as like Jarvis like almost like rides and all that did not make Jarvis if anything goes the other way around union. Yeah so I look at it from that standpoint. Of yet chart targets is is is a stud his his game is going to travel wherever wherever it goes. Come in and you know I'm a little bit I'm a little bit upset that the united muzzled so last week when this whole thing look Greg was gonna go down this road. Psychotic came to grips with a but. You keep the dolphins are not as good as they were. Yesterday. And now they have to they have to fill a lot of production will see what they do. But I don't see a lot of viable options out there either perk. For the Miami Dolphins is worth passengers human some you mentioned a couple of tight ends seeing you know to the lot of you out Robinson do you Ramirez Sammy Watkins. You go Jeff Allen Ridley with the eleventh or I don't know olden. But I just don't see a lot of backup plans and what I look at on the roster. You know it. You can't tell me team randomly out day crew are here to save the day that doesn't make me feel really good. Uno the dolphins are not looking at like okay Bayern I mean come on bay bay why I thought god everyday in practice they did they know over ten yards to Greg it's a bright and he's gonna catch any balls Arnold almost knoller from Tim ball angrier dates I guarantee you that I guarantee you mean. Look we we we know that the team in limited we know that Leon take rue is limited. They eat they need to get some guys who are reliable. And if that could come from the draft but. I I think you get a veteran at both positions at tight end and wide receiver again. Not a Jimmy Graham Allen Robinson type you know old dumb me and type veteran by. You get somebody who can beat piece of the puzzle and who can be are part of the solution as opposed to wade when me and solution. Retarded and that doesn't make you feel any better well. It's sort of make a business reality man it's reality but I organ it's at least sectoral and as if it really if you're if you're going to get one guy to replace Jarvis. What is still out there and yeah yeah I mean and usually out you're not of of guys available on meet. Jason Cole mentioned MEM and Danny Amendola okay. Nice nice player yet how these days gives artists right exactly the men and yet I have no knowledge on him he's got more injury history. Yet right exactly so so it's not an idol idol right know I don't I know and when me and some I know it's not absolute and also an absolute okay Jarvis is gone plug in player X I get it. But that's just nuts is does doesn't sit well right now are we gonna to a bunch of these text here. You wanna join 6797 Ford it's your luggage starts in jars Landry has been traded to the Cleveland Browns. For a a couple of draft picks will come back we were some more of those details are right here on 79 minutes ago. Yeah. Started. 49 yards and a first down. Everything going for over. In the shotgun now comes the fun center. A little setback deviant Williams hosted the right to left entity that's gonna. Help our play action. Look good backhand. I have in the back left corner of the end zone. That's a dolphin. Just like that Miami comes back and answers with a score of their own. Whenever you're away from the seventh seventh time. Like to jars Andrea is brought to dolphin fans over the course of his four seasons with the team and 400 receptions. Took boots Jarvis will be doing that now. For the Cleveland Browns traded today. Per couple draft picks Morgan some of the particulars in just a moment courtesy of her back with you here. On a busy busy Friday afternoon we're talking Jason Cole about the NFL earlier in the off. 4 o'clock hour right around 424 point five union and as soon as Jason came on we asked them about the dolphins and Jarvis injury in as Jason was explaining. What they should do which are obviously injury and what what you what could happen terms entry it was sources according go to Ian Rapoport and then out of shifter. A jar has been traded so is. Kind of funny how at all broke down here on the show solo will continue to break it down. But a quick reminder you gotta get into our bracket contest. The twin peaks hoops hysteria logon to the Tigger in Miami dot com right now and register then. Come selection Sunday which is just in a couple of days. You better get on there and make your next compete against our hosts I got my I'm ready to roll man I'm locked in perch ready to go thousands going to be. On their doing his thing picking winners and you have a chance to win a fifty dollar between heats gift card every single round. And the grand prize holy man cave party for ten had twin peaks in Davie gratuity. Not included twenty soups hysteria is also brought to you by Jay lethal brewing. Which is an independently owned craft brewery in tapper located in the heart of Winwood played 2790 hoops hysteria announced ticket. Miami dot com yet there is they have some there's some fabulous and luxurious prizes there. For you to win. But the you know the other parties you wanna you wanna call in and text in and say you know. I'd be Romberg and I'd be Dodd bee park and not a courtesy of Mr. Big college basketball you soft. You know you have any teams in the sweet sixteen. You know earlier idiots and and then he'll be right so and then if you're the big winner get to brag all about your friends and everything so. Everybody is an expert right forever is an expert. Until you hello Abdul scores are ruling ride until he until you got to put it down on the computer for everybody the C rod. I I I had western Kentucky in the you know and in the elite eight you know I had the hell I love the whole toppers game. You know everyone says that after the fact right next week. Next week or Boise walking around Europe walking around the office right there right off Texas Tech. Off love their action. Well love love that their high post game write but I never give tax burden that we. Which is great I love it and so he would just to put. Puts down men put down. And we'll see we'll see who's right and who gets the the most picks there again we him you know it at some point. Tom O we need to have a segment going over some of the best names from the turn it right the exact. When I when I was in San Antonio. In his dim ball. Lou is that Wyoming he he it's a little while yet he went to high school in San Antonio box tick him. Those across town and it always one of my favorite in CAA tournament name's Dennis Tim -- yet at twin sister name but Meeks actually. City yet so I'm tournament heroes they yeah about a month after and I'll just the name just a if you had a a a great name where you remembered you know as a great name in the tournament you know. I mean this dim Bo is they. It's that it's a member oh and I never forget. Correct I IE I agree on every sports those takeovers remember cowboy hat and all that stuff out there differ. Playing for yet. Luckily at some point right we need to go over some of the names from from the tournament some of the great names we know ambassador bill Holmes. Okay you're going to really zero patio. Israel pads cups you know not only do it so people may think at a Belgrade because of the great name was left to go let me just you know after 1990 was you know your your I don't know I had no idea among bush people are people are grueling this -- -- make him the stuff well the next if they're gonna converted in clinics in your top goal is critical. To the on the business card that lets you. That's Dallas and Charlotte got our eyes you know mum on the work that way right. My mind does that work that way. Heartburn it's sort of review holds wanna bring a new one in Rapoport tweet he took the brunt of solicit to me wonder Contra Rivera Kendrick. The two sides are not included a long term extension as part of the bill they'll likely tall but do you report they do. Landry could obviously we play for one year. And see how it goes to a million. It will take a chance to win a player. Rip a player when Cleveland the Cleveland all I Cleveland's been sixteen million went well and know when you're an accident like if they it'll stay up above the cut the salary floor right and few have publicly who they wanna go Obama. The vigil around pick collect up to fill their margin of Republican right of the field around pick this year and for particular what do the two before picked. And next shift of topic. I don't mind California Landry if you are workmen Cordoba. And I invited guests. That it might make a prediction he will be you have a new contract come come training camp. That's just my I mean I put it's been sixteen million and Jarvis and they're gonna get something done worked out yeah Jarvis had defeat it let me put this way. Jarvis had to feel pretty good about. Organs of the now in his representation and the and the browns had the feel pretty good bargains that the war novel long term deal. For them to go any sort of compensation even if it's just a three and a five or simulate that. I mean I don't think they're just gonna rent them for sixteen game for a team that was only sixteen after an Jamaican accent is it doesn't. They didn't it doesn't make any sense here that that would be sole Cleveland. I'm trying to think of the avengers. You know for Jarvis like I guess I could see gambling on yourself. But. One of Jarvis is a point slip that he made in that the teaser for the documentary. That that where he said he'd he's not crazy about playing on the one year franchise today for Miami. Was he easy a look at Ryan Shays here and that's that's kind of been Jarvis is being all along is I want financial security part that if I get injured this year. I've I've got the money coming to me that I earned in the previous four years you play on that one year take or you know you you blow out your knee. For the dolphins drama that was the right right now isn't no reasons probably our budgets sexual and and and and a couple of your names here too which are which we're gonna save here. But stick Stephen Ross takes writes in his complaining that Miami is a bad sports town that wasn't sure last week but with the moves he is making. It'll be a bad sports town pretty soon at least for the dolphins he is a huge hypocrite. Let's see here. What would what would your opinion be if he signed. We signed him to fifty million Mir on our on our upside as a team wouldn't be in the same situation. As if you played on the tag. Ten to fifteen a year. I don't concentrated Parker on landry's he was a better player last season fans should give. Should give their jerseys back it's going to be a losing season. Well I outs either of these. Signing Jarvis who fifteen million a year. The dolphins wouldn't say that I think I think if you paid Jarvis they multi year contract at fifteen he would he would. You take that aren't you know an eighteen million a year yeah lobbyist is going to be the same situations that you played them say well no because. Because Jarvis would have multiyear security he would have guaranteed money anyway much to decide for or just through congress 82. By guaranteeing them. Eight that and he's just under its order Brown's high speed receiver they have seventeen point five year you know this is roughly what sixteen and have seventeen year. Whenever those guys 55 million guarantee doesn't Darvish won't start once. In the NFL fertile and other the NFL's my guaranteed money right OK it's money that they're guaranteeing use all these big numbers. You know 80000090 million it's the guaranteed money it's the signing bonus money and it's different from India where everything right here every dollars guaranteed so when the LeBron James signs up. Our five year 260 million dollar contract when somebody. He gets 260 million dollars in baseball. I think when when John Carlos and sign a 325 million dollar deal. With the Marlins will be years ago he's getting 325 million dollars if he does an opt out was some of those closet there but every dot if you. If you shreds up is me you know if he doesn't play it. It's guaranteed money ya Chris Bosh we saw what evident down nearly guaranteed money even though he got ill so. In the NFL it's about guaranteed money so he wanted he he wants to set himself up with whatever that number is. And that's because limit and a Mayo. Hum date could cut chew. After the second year and the annual walk away with whatever was guaranteed in that contract they won't always you. The third year fourteen million report dear fourteen and have been and I just like off the book. Never paid attention to the first number always pay attention to the second number yet we get into money that you're guaranteed. Right economic ensues going through all this right now whoever is gonna end. His money and what widow and his cap hit is also some and it's the guaranteed money it's the signing bonus. Upfront that you get so yes Tarzan you making sixty million dollars this year is a ton of money we'll sign up for that work it that that that's an amazing amount of loops. Put Jarvis an injury. Is looking at every other EO or top wide receiver in the NFL. They're going well they have thirty yes forty million dollars over the course of the next three years that is guaranteed to them. That is going to come into their bank accounts that is what he is angling for. So I mean I I don't know why people keep growing off of this going back to this why would he do this while he knew that he wants some people it's a long term contract. That's it and and for the people letters asking yes sixteen million dollars is financial security of course of the years but. You won multi year you know why why take sixteen when you can get 45. You know sixteen continent or the pulls them deported by Darren and well supported by noting there are a lot of us are trying to figure this thing I know we we had there explain that you'll explain. I I think what diesel for. Yet people are just looking at. Wow he's gonna make sixteen million that should set him pro life. Com well. I guess imperial. He's. Really what he is what what he has earned what he is due. It is probably around thirty million right now and get that guaranteed money yeah walker and was make it 25 million dollars on this tag the last couple years. Right Andy walker cleaned up on the stage lol yeah but you're you're gambling on yourself for every year and edit again. You get injured. And and that's it in NFL is different because there's that second contract for most players that's the money maker a lot of you know some players will get a third contract it's fairly lucrative you're citing contract. Your you know home below the age of thirty and your your best years are still here to view and that that's the one where you need to make a deal. Kevin Pittsnogle would probably it will probably win that whole thing got hit it's not gonna demo we've got a god see him god and here also now gone back to real West Virginia just sits novel pits not a part by Jones will be tough to be right there sleepy I don't know it and this is the amnesty bill does it go. Into its own segment already so will will win and we go we got a lot of texture perk and I wanna go and get to as many as possible cause there's a lot of different. Odds are as Landry if you haven't heard has been traded will be traded how we want to phrase it when the league year starts next week to the Cleveland Browns for a couple of draft picks. They're not the first or second round picks. Their their pick this year cornea shifter and pick next year welcome back we'll talk more about it radeon seven I mean it's a hard. Inside. Bradley. A six yard touchdown. They only want. The play clock is Cutler hurries into the shot. Cutler looked game. It's. Landry. That was just grab by the inside there's military. Stick to our. He's provided a lot of thrilled over the years four years as a dolphin 400 receptions on the button. 22 touchdown in his career his over his career is over Jarvis Landry. It is not Cleveland Browns traded for a couple of draft picks were good to some of the details as we move forward here or re. Reiterate some of the details there it's couple picks one and 2018 when 2019 according to Adams shifter. We'll take your text messages at 67974. Right here on the attacks on Curtis and perk back with you here. On 790 the ticket busy busy day quick reminder listen every day to the ticket for the quarters he ticket window your chance to win tickets for an upcoming game our corners which is Miami technology partner in your local self sort of technology company. Visit them online at a quarter score don't count sponsored by Lauderdale BMW per pines. Marino hi Eric Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys keep listening to the to get to when your way into he game we don't need tickets today we go Miami Hurricanes from baseball tickets which we're gonna you weigh in this segment were VOA for tickets to go see the Miami Hurricanes. Played baseball this season courtesy of instrument and you know from 143 DT to the ticket also. There's still. About twenty minutes left in this hour. And your chance to win a thousand dollars is you're still he still got time so he text the word lane and in our seven on him to get man cave money contest the word is the land the 272881. Newly registered you know until 6 o'clock we missed the code word. While we duty at the top of each and every hour. So the chorus lane if you just jump into the car and near you wanna get caught up on everything from that's. That is that where. I dollar took a lot of heat game last night and I don't know by an added Margaret Landry changes things a little bit longer we are gonna hook up with her heel and he is up and be ready for pro basketball talk dot com Oscar about the heat and the MBA in general shall do fifteen minutes here at six when he. Sorted that's excellent with MBA talk on the way he talk on the way at six when he but I was he generously injury. Is the is the number one headliner today as he gets traded. And I would say it it's a dissenting opinions of addiction it's a question. And I that gets a little bit unfair. But. Just like man I idea I just by Jarvis and New Jersey last year now who who should I by Elaine who should I get. And an again. It's unfair to the dolphins haven't gone through free agency they haven't gone to a draft we don't know. Woods they're going to do but that we we are in agreement perk that they have to do something to replaced or was injured as it's currently constructed on their. With their roster right now they don't have enough. Correct data there's no doubt it I do some. On debate that's not the man that is not related that's not up for debate it. The question is how and yet you could do slot receiver you can do outside receiver you can do tied in. You could do running bay most likely it's going to be a compliment but a combination and actually. You know I I say that netted. Clearly not there's no one running back who's gonna get a hundred receptions in a season which is what Jarvis averaged their prairie view receivers and tight ends. But. You know primarily how are you going to do it. You've got three positions that well really Moore I guess I'd. Outside receiver and slot receivers two positions hiding in his three running back in sport but. Com you've got options. At those positions. In free agency in in the draft so there are. Options. I don't expect. That they're going to get a full line player Jimmy Graham from Seattle that the tide in. Alan Robinson the receiver from Jacksonville Sammy Watkins received from the rim but. I don't expect that any one person in that formula is going to be high dollar high profile guy DOC that I haven't. Right now I would say that it's so somebody the body takes in Calvin Ridley who will be available at number eleven week and. He went gulp instead he won't be in the second round though no no he's not mean you when you're gonna admiral if 42 in the second real 43 something like that opens peak in the second round out the first way you were off the board. We'll summit happens you know off the field between now on the draft or injures them and are currently off from programs from down here South Florida. By the way those text union about the compensation. Cleveland doesn't have to give the dolphins a first or second round pick the dolphins. Are happy to get Jarvis Landry sixteen million off the books are so that's why you know people are texting in the compensation doesn't seem right that he. At Cleveland fills the dolphins look you you take this them like girls you pay Jarvis sixteen million. That's basically in the gulf and us later it. I a couple of picks it pits two thirds or third to know more they learn that nearly nude and that's clear and into the know that but I'm saying that's their compensation. Thing. I don't usually get a first or second that's just not related in a pill works really well I mean it especially when Jarvis already has the franchise tag on him. Cleveland or anybody else does not have to do anything it's it's it's on the dolphins to accept what they BG. We got. A relative age arbor sixteen million right in the everyone knew that the position of altering in the dolphins did not want to be. In that position 60974. That tell you reaches on the on the 790. Other to get text line. Oh boy see now here's. Here's here's an 88 kind of mean spirited text. But I understand it's not shocked I'm shocked I mean spirited and you're going to need multiple receivers because Parker will be out half the season born and grown here. Dovonte brought himself there rather than her own hair I have not that's not euros and yes everything in grown toenail. I have I've had a broken toenail that got ripped off of Yahoo! Glavine had a finger in tone that's one of A you know let's. Being hit in the testicles makes huge just kind of make your buck talker and that when somebody tells me they got a fingernail or toenail ripped off same. Being there next thereafter. That in this you said that Texans mean spirited. I'll raise your mean spirited all right taxes and I'd add this one unbelievable fans can't do Jack bleep right. Strayed star running back for crabby fourth round pick. You're not need right now admits that now history making wires he retreated for two mid round picks AKA. Nothing. Ten a bomb can't negotiate for crap. The little kid from the Sri can make better deals while. You know I guess once in his life in limbo while the little kid from the streets and also I don't street style on the street Earl little like everybody making and I'm excited to demand until ultimately on the street here per. Some they'll six and I citizen before imagine the browns training a pick for Landry somehow get cousins. Job partly with the first pick in quit Nelson guard with the fourth pick Douby is carried off that disclosure according to say clean and Coleman returns healthy browns also look like me better. Okay Blake settle down browns fan that's a lot Cutler but the browns. I like yeah Nelson and Joseph Thomas on the same side on that left if the browns don't screw this up like there they can get their their quarterback of the future one they can get sick on Barkley Formula One and for whatever yet they're gonna have a receiver there are receiving group with the Jarvis court Coleman before he got hurt making some strides. Josh cord you can tell just can't nozzle out you were saying should you pay Josh cord or drums and replace. Don't you don't you don't like the you're not even own set of data out messages text that in. All right just cordon it yeah okay but I mean you know that that's Italian meal in a date for Friday night days. I just don't do okay happened and I just score and it's just happy to be the only at this point you're serious aren't as bend in the league whenever he gets paid taken -- didn't he's proven that he does that come into camp not your you know done what about this takes gimme Brett the burial some have been. And I won't even miss Landry. Braxton burials is I obviously you see where he goes. Not just mr. Jarvis. I mean and I know that you know that there's a little exaggeration there but good Braxton burials tummy and. As a rookie and get let's say the the reception. That's a lot bands go now right yeah because I don't think I think. Kenny stills at 58 the bunting hit 57 last year honestly I'd like Russia like I'm not gonna no cigarettes say that's. That's kind of what you're dealing with nice you know Kenny stills as. You know that that's a lot of receptions as a Douglas that's a respectable amount Brazilians are feeling the as the reserves and wants a U well yeah. So I'd like Rex and I can't we all realize I'm up to sail I don't like about sex they're still out yeah as you would miss Jarvis that the Braxton and a nice player but. You know if you run you're telling on him to do the bulk of that making up Jarvis the new real. Miss Jarvis correct that I don't overture also was Jarvis was I would love for the Omnimax America I'm I'm thousand see where how high he goes I like Rex wears a lot. I just. And I don't mean overstate this I think they let drivers they use special player maybe it was a ball. Yes like I notice that that's getting overlooked that you don't wanna pay of sixty million dollars I understand that we all honestly I don't know that's a lot. Lou I at all that. But the say like that does a bunch of Jarvis Landry one of these right just hanging out. I deploy a tropical here at 441 that the ads and a bomb could just walk in off the street make a deal right put detectors at. Come on it and catching five balls force me what do you think there like it's just like Jarvis Landry pretty good at his job. Yeah youth this would have made that made that point clear. I before we get to the 6 o'clock hour we got more headlines in the NFL. We have another run receivers gonna get a huge payday. We teach here with this guy signed for up the road in the state of Florida where we get to that story. Caught a seven right now 786534. 0790786534079. BU gonna win four tickets to see the Miami Hurricanes. Baseball team. Late this season down at shoving is part and mark like fields color number seven right now -- you are the big win 786534. 079. B and you are a winner of fourteens baseball tickets. For an upcoming game this season we get to the six truck hour fifty minutes he was perky ones on the way also Jarvis injury more particulars on the trade to Cleveland. In headlines right here on seven I mean it's a. I gotta be careful bootleg nearly fifty cents Google run game. Second in six of the seventh. Day it is yeah. I don't please let. So I am going to be on the board again. Landry kind of orbit is back from the left side toward the back field. And a little ball samples off to the left and nobody thought of it out there an easy throw a tennis. Well that's vacuum left three point. Good news for acts that don't work that is. The sun. And so it Jarvis landry's highlights over the course of his four year career with the Miami Dolphins is coming to a close. Drivers slant your according to multiple sources will be traded to the Cleveland Browns for a couple of draft picks while more details here in just the moment it is back in the morning Joe's looking for this year stool the week. Hall of Famer who will join the likes of windy Brian wind Horst Heath Bell and Jeffrey Loria. That's that's a great trio right there. Send in your submissions of the morning Joyner morning show of the ticket Miami that comedies were equal pickle bill pickle weekly winner. The weekly winners were getting fifty dollar gift certificates Florida lumber than in day. They'll pick this year's hall of Famer out of the ten weekly winners. And he sent in this year's election you win the grand prize a 500 dollar gift certificate to fla Lama as the 2018 tools that we call things selection brought to my Florida lumber Indians have a nanny and from 1043 aged into the ticket actionable real text and it could be Adam case. Trading away his best players for draft picks could be Mike Tannenbaum could be the tool week maybe. We shall see how I don't know but yeah its stars and rescue too much money maybe he'll be he's considered tool wicca hello. I'll say there's there and it's it's going to be. An interest in look for the dolphins offensively next year when you consider that. Yeah from Mets when he sixteen success. You're going to be without. Jarvis and jaded Jai. And and and they were both clearly. Big big reason sport that success and in putting sixteen so. Iowa little the browns have traded for for drivers Landry and apparently. They who you know pretty. That wasn't enough they were in a little bit of a frenzy here they have just acquired Tyrod Taylor from the bills. According to Adam shifter. So the browns. Are said to acquire Tyrod Taylor who will be throwing passes presumably to Jarvis Landry. So old so you've got me. So what you knee would that you need sykora embark we don't treat I would think that got more first pick in the fourth pick. You need a young quarterback now maybe you still take a quarterback there or do they like to Sean Kaiser. You've got. If you're Cleveland you know gut the freedom and flexibility to trade either the one where the four current thoughts now and you've got tyra. I'd like Tyrod Taylor I think artillery and Margaret. Soul. They have us there a guy that they they can plug the star right away and Tyrod Taylor whom group for some reason did they give him know about love and buffalo. So only bruised muffled quarterback probable opponent quarterback. And a good question what are they doing now. My country and I forget the country and somebody there. Day we we are going to be started dignity freedom and yep he's real answer no he's not the answer old building on east. But he who else that they I forgive somebody in my forget new bills. Koubek network Letterman started building a bigger media but did that they're gonna go with Peter though no to the bills quarterback now. I can hear parent so the jets need a quarterback and the bills either quarterback might be better off gorge JP human and they compete and they go yes the urban sombrero and so the bills quarterback the jets in their quarterback. The pages don't need a quarterback and the dolphins that got renteria art OK it's a lot of things are prone Joseph waited. Nowhere it's always a little girl applied Seoul where were well I'll ask you this. The dolphins as we as we look for the upcoming draft. Yeah. You mentioned this to me before he hit okay the dolphins which I said. The dolphins have the 2013 draft when the worst droughts in his with the viewers coverage of the franchise and argue the worst dressed in the history of professional what. When it's thirteen it's a bedroom okay yes it's that. Leave guys remember the names Dion Jordan and and Jamar Taylor will Davis and Dallas Thomason reineck crew and I took that like two years ago three years I don't know that I'd remember I don't now yeah. All right so that O thirteen fourteen to live no players on the roster from that team that drafts and those 45 years ago right. Pesos guys to beat 2526. Years old 47 years old. In the air fraud those guys you know there's nobody on the team from that draft when he fourteen take me through a perk. The ones that drawn James first round pick yes Jarvis Landry second round pick Billy turner third round pick wolf -- fourth round today. Are the lynch the type in fifth round pick Jordon trip the linebacker the round pick met hazel the wide receiver sixth round pick Terrence today the deepens have been. Seventh round pick and you'll remember. That was known as the quote unquote small school draft. Because Billy turner was from North Dakota State wolf Aiken from liberty oboe taken to go on to Dylan doing and doesn't have to demand this was Tennessee he Jordon trip from Montana amend hazel coastal Carolina Terrence today Marist. One quick look it I said earlier that some thought above are gonna get a first pick of upper around the Bronx as you that the guitar Taylor sort of bubbles won't begin. The first pick in the door rooms okay. Cards so cards so the dolphins. Are getting a first round pick from Cleveland or second round pick. And maybe a not a third round pick where that further that the first or never jumping out they have multiple three Richard on that blood. The dolphins compensation for Landry here we got a million things on here yeah compensation for Landry. It's safer as a pick in this year's draft yes and one pick was there one next year's international between 33 third and seventh railroads Whitman or rather than later they use the first pick of the third rounds of trade and Tyrod Taylor shall not that it. I'm looking analysts had a browns if you know that the Olympic doubles fourth round pick 11 overall. Four Olympic one tweet real roar and a fifth round pick what to trumpet quantity it'll run for for a report with a look at. Code so maybe the third. You're right if they're getting a third round Cleveland it would be named senator that's about it that's will be made an attempt sensor OK so anyway. Back to the gulf and Brad that about your bottom line is this the dolphins. Let's make it start they could start OTAs the offseason workouts in April with nobody on the roster from the 2013. Port when he fourteen draft. When Clemens now drew will be in it really an incredible. You've gotten nobody and and Tony thirteen knew that like a mixed. Who wore 689. Picks. Tony fourteen to 468. Picks a seventeen guys. You want Jane listening in on it right tackle you guys know he signed to beat your oxidant nine point three million. And so. Whether they keep him will see now they've got a little more wiggle room you don't need the money is much. And and in non Terrence today and Walt deacons opened the season. On the roster as the other two members of the when he fourteen draft class bowl there on restrictive free agents. And everybody from when he thirteen beyond Syrians to money Jenkins might do mostly Caleb Sturgis Dion Jordan were strata Doris Taylor will do it they're all gone Dallas Thomas so. Could be used to address when he thirteen and putting fourteen that everybody is gone by the time you start off season worked out today. That is absolutely incredible like can you tell me that I'm telling you that team should win three games that teams should release its well you know it it you know it tells me why that team's gonna. It's been a lot of money on reagents to America capitals threat mistakes are fuel only human go 2015. All. Of course last minute. The 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD true. Are among our. Things moving quickly end in a failed him blunder for us locally Miami Dolphins trading wide receiver Jarvis Landry to the Cleveland Browns. Believe the dolphins will receive two draft picks in the deal one in 20181. And putting nineteen. Not exactly sure which takes gold go we're. The picks are believed to be between the third and seventh rounds in other words the dolphins will not JD first work second round here. In betrayed or Jarvis Landry. So and going along with that Cleveland has traded to whip up buffalo to acquire quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Significance of that realm in bill is now that the browns have a veteran quarterback. Possibly they could trade the number one or fourth pick in the draft they don't need a quarterback that badly so many vehicles in the there kind of war. Shifts tonight Emma I can I say this. I love with the browns don't. Yeah I have I got some veterans and and you still got draft picks to use to acquire more talent I will say this right now market down the browns will not Dolan sixty next year how about that on call it now I'm calling it now. There's no doubt we go maybe not I'm arms I I like what do I like (%expletive) out of me a little more bowler your pick the minute right did it three victories. The ugly better I'll go I'll double that all right real basics yes. Hop ground 06 and tell your your down and on college now for the really regularly and was younger you know why not because they're Cleveland. OK Hugh Jackson as the coach. Okay William thirty wondering who's not Jimmy you guys his ball he's not a disaster is not his fault I mean he's not he's not you know continue to strong Kaiser the whole. Well let's take a shot taken cheap shots I don't know I'd like why am I doing that I don't like to limit because you worked in Milano that's. Not because we're talking about the browns don't I don't like what they're doing man me and they did they get sick on Barkley. Yet no rights as traders trade those picks. Like I like yeah it's only now what do CM trade you know what what hole you get in what will you do with a 1 AM four. I and I kinda neat to see that to cut complete picture Tyrod Taylor guys not to use who won't are two delegates 500 on a good team. Tyrod Taylor. You've got Jarvis Landry I like cord Coleman a lot then I mean you put do you have to Johnson back here and drastic one Barkley there for the wind is underrated arms like that you pretty decent. Yahoo! is not bad ones I have to on December I mean there. Six intent on call and dial and that is a bold and that's right that might be the mold bowl prediction we've had on the show in. Putting limits put that in your pipe smoke a hernia but on Friday on Friday afternoon and that's enough that's popped out and does that in the bowl prediction encampments. I'm gonna go immediately gave utility into the headlines to retract a little like it never have I might I might go they are you in his 500 work hard do I don't four I eat. When I say you book this in in no Vegas for entertainment purposes only about a little weed out the first one in line with what with Mike crumpled on a 100. X-Play over five and a half on a browns. LOB boy you would you could you go to Cleveland to become mayor if it that there could be you know the tellem you have played them all along. NBA Miami Heat goals Washington 730 tomorrow heat in seventh place in the east one game behind number six Philadelphia. Washington currently import them. He's heard he'll be joining us in ten minutes from pro basketball talk dot com get fifty minutes he and NBA stuff the NBA teams are streaking. They our show recently out west there like I mean it's like they'll do president elect blue in frank the tank an old school records and they're already looking in the MBA man everyone's drinking. Seth Curry got her last night you had an argument an article I mean you. So are still okay here write or are they like they they've won like twelve of the last sixteen or so like there are honest look and they are in their way editor that they're there there Poland. Out west west is is is at the top it's gotten pretty tough up more Florida Panthers host New York Rangers tomorrow at seven. The 24 ranked University of Miami basketball team is awaiting Sunday's NCAA tournament announcement to find out. What plays we're. In win in the NCAA tournament which begins next week. McCain's loss to twelfth ranked North Carolina 82 to 65 last night in the ACC tournament. Stay in with McCain stains baseball opens a three game series against Notre Dame tonight at Alex Rodriguez carpet mark like field. That game can be heard starting at 645. Right here on AM 790 at their moral worth three HD to the ticket. And tomorrow rolled detains and Notre Dame played double hitter starting at one spot. That's due to inclement weather that's expected on Sunday those are your headlines that's a lot of headlines didn't even get to my Gibbons and his five year 882 million dollars. I can't let this for this may be no Mike Evans. The call for that alone some money on campus and receiver and he's got a lot of it he's you know. Is that 12 highest paid receiver knicks' Antonio round the NFL nimble bailout to offer out for. With five years 85 and 8250 by fire and T and T which is the main number there. Our more turbulent you Medicaid baseball we're taking a rebel torque coverage here at 645. Caller number seven right now we're told we had changed baseball figure it's a term we got we got loads of around here call number seven right now 786534. 0797865340790. If your caller number seven you're gonna win four tickets Osi came baseball. It's now game this season which is normally looks burn itself out charter is part and mark like field on the campus of the University of Miami caller number seven right now 786534079. Gavin friend about the 2015 draft nobody gets that but first we got to get the current deal and we're gonna talk oops it's fifteen minutes they heats. With him next hear us your home of the heat 790 the ticket. Okay. Team then yeah. Okay. The news. Just my my Jimmie and four by fours off Florida's number once he struck additionally customization shot. You're guaranteed down the hottest for possible modification in town thought champion for my fourth 765023446. Promote champion four by four dot com also sponsor my Marino Hayek Lopez and Martinez. Here insurance attorneys the 305300. Irma. Him by all pro orthopedic and sports medicine that's their job to get you back in the game for south Fulton locations there's one near you. Go to all the orthopedic dot com for more info courtesy of per equity here on Friday evening. Here on seven I do take your home the heater dark tonight back in action tomorrow in Washington and talk about the heat and all things MBA easily NBA writer and managing editor. At NBC sports dot com you can fall on Twitter and this is a very simple follow. At basketball talk Kurt Zealand army man joins us right now they ran fuels announcers to me as sort of a sign they're truly steps. Beyond convenient heard our things in the NBA Lam a man. There ramped up its been good but a couple of excrement you guys that trade that's actually pretty good all. Yeah. Yeah we've been on the Jarvis Landry picked for the last two hours or so off while we thank you for for dealing with us and being thought about it. Being you know just not that relevant at all. Fans just put down here we kind of knew it was gonna happen. But we're kind of cut sugar out what exactly where all those Pixar and and what they're gonna do with them. Just like just like anything but the fans are jacked up about the pick up. At the maid of Dwyane Wade. It it's been it's been pretty wild down here occurred here as. I I didn't think he'd be this good I thought he could be able to contribute to help this team but he's really become the go to man and he's excelled in this role off the bench. It made a limited role where he's got to dial up for only stretches you know what the fourth quarters of games are in a dumpster. He can still do that he can't sustain you know. That kind of played extensively anymore unfortunately. No he's not 2003 Dwyane Wade anymore but he knows that that said. They needed you know not an against. You know Goran Dragic and some the other guys here but there's a different level of shot creation and just. Ability to make plays that comes with Dwyane Wade in the crunch and other teams respect him respect that and plus. He's been so great community so great in the locker room for so many years and in greatly Tunisia to come back every apartment and everything expand. Its but I think everything you could hope for that deal. Kurt I believe that LeBron James has never lost first round playoff series. Will that change this season night the cavs look a little bit vulnerable but I I don't know they could be 36 vulnerable what do you think. Depends on the match up to be honest with you I depend on who goes up against them but honestly. They just writing that this I don't know how good they are was right about it in relation to Toronto and you know are the Toronto Raptors for real but. The question I would Capote is the first question I've got to ask myself is. How good is Cleveland I don't know that we know that yet there's there's still figuring it out and sent the all star break their porn for. With say an average defense and a slightly above average offensive. He watched the end of the game the other night where they came back and beat Denver interpret a look at LeBron scored nine straight points and outscored them in the final ten broke by himself in the final two minutes. Nobody else touched the ball he doesn't trust them the way you trust the language I. There's a lot of questions about how open do you really are defensively and how good. That offense will be that said they get Kevin Love back how LeBron James it's hard for me to pick them losing in the first round but. Could Toronto Boston beat them. Yeah I concede and honestly a hot one from a Miami team in Milwaukee can grow Washington team is an out of the question. Well that's the question around here as curt healing joins us here on seven minutes ago how I can he go here. And I know this is this is going to be in nightly thing here curtain on the strip. But on this I mean I don't know I might I just go back to war they better than an end but the team the me that's really just adds it's been amazing is Indiana. Like I can kind of figure how they're doing it each and every night here I think Washington. Buchanan no John Wall OK in these these I could see that Philadelphia we've seen their act. But you know that you're gonna finish 4567. Where there. Public Indiana's a team that I can't I can't really get a handle on how high do you think he could go this thing has also been done. I think six may be the peak at it but it's got to say what you said that it's the whole. Everything after the first couple is really function I don't know that meant I don't know the Cleveland falling below three but once you get to 48. I don't I don't know the Miami Condo with before but it's not like it's also bunched that a couple of wins a couple of key losses and and trying to anything could happen. Or or you know just. So being rolled an ankle misses a couple games and it changes the dynamic and everything for everybody so it's going to it's kind of wide open I exit could probably the peak. And I think Cleveland might be the most gullible as her by the way Indiana. They're on all numbers with the political Whitman all the peoples on her legit and when they're all they look like the kind of pacers team we expected but a severe. His. He's gonna win most improved player going away and turned it means that guys just did leap this year. They occurred out west. You know we're we're looking at Houston and they've been a atop the standings. Albeit very narrowly. I don't know for since the all star break whenever it's been but my question do you. Art is this gonna like the New England Patriots starting out sue and sue and everybody gets all they might be vulnerable but. In the end they're in the Super Bowl it is this what we're looking that would Golden State that we get excited there might be a challenge but in the end they will get to the finals without a problem. I don't know about without a problem I honestly think Houston is the best. Challenge for them this year I don't think anybody in the east actually that's a legitimate shot at a healthy warriors team Houston doesn't. But I've still got questions and and Houston honestly is defending really well they play at pace that would a couple of games in the series because. What James Harden goes off war you know they shoot forty threes in the game and knock down twenty of them. They're capable of scoring with them. My only question is really simply. I know. Golden State in the playoffs is gonna adapt they're going to be able to adjust their lineup that could be too big big beach small they're pretty good they're good defensively when they go small. They can do all these different things to be more weakness. I don't know if if Houston got adaptable if they can win in multiple ways which kind of have to sometime in the playoffs. Because gold state can take way strengths they're gonna make like more difficult they're gonna attack. No more I don't know how much play Ryan Anderson modems and lacking undetectable every time you walk forward know he defended better this year I can make life miserable for some of your rotations. But Houston you know he's and so once you might think has a shot and I wouldn't pick them buy into the one team with an actual shot. And is it mostly young Chris Paul and James Harden or is it mostly on the other guys. It's cute things they have wore a part of it is James Harden can't hit the wall like he hit the couple playoffs and I think Paul is all but I think. I am less concerned about them but that is part of it those guys have to step up their games. But I'd been deep into the side and really I want a seat improved to me they can do. In the postseason but they have been really good this season and frankly they've been really good at what you have to beat good out. If you're gonna beat the warriors you've got to be able to switch almost everything part of that was by design they went out got. PJ Tucker and Luc Mbah a Moute to go with guys like you know Trevor resistant got to switch or piece suit out there you have to have against the warriors. And they've been switching everything else seen him in practice seat when it probably shouldn't at times they are as ready to anybody but it's you know. What do for the fourth straight finals immortal these games for a reason and it's such. It's still he's still up to prove to you can do it against them. Kurt Dylan from NBC sports basketball talk dot com join us here on your home of the heat 790 the ticket yeah I mean with tears and it's like you. They look different but we're not gonna Knoll until they get into a seven game series with the whistle until you fully in this is that this couldn't. That doesn't just go back to Harding go back to Mike Dee Antonia and his games on Phoenix that you just you don't trust them. In the post season to you know it when it to get to get a couple of stops late in the ball game and in the in the regular season gets fun when this 130. But do you trust them to get some stops. I'd ask you. Golden State Houston is Toronto the third best team in the MBAs if you had a handicap it to say to me that the the the third best team in the NB a big. A lot of right now yeah. Toronto is they've been third in my power rankings for and I'd have to look back at the bat maybe a month maybe a month and half got like they've been there for a long time. And I think of right now especially in the regular season they're better on paper aren't aren't Toronto in Houston kind of similar in the sense those we elect. And they look good on paper man it looks great regular season but what happens in the playoffs can they do this again in the playoffs. Yeah they've they they're they're both intriguing teams that he had I think you're right they're great regular season scenes but it's all about the post season for them. As we look out west. What what is going on out west with all these streaking teams that game but how do you know we know that Golden State and Houston are the class of the west. But I. Does what it what does this mean that Portland is. Not eight straight games and war lindh's ten game winning streak come. San Antonio Steele keeping its head above water without wide Leonard all this stuff out well what do you make of Icrc. It was honestly from three through ten and I would throw Utah in there in Utah a percentage points out of the eight seat right now. And that the easiest schedule by the way of any team in the west arrest the way what they've been good or need to play seventeen to rest the way they're. They've got a real chance to get into the then. It's just even they're all slightly flawed teams that are just really really even men and it's gonna come down to know me I eat say injuries unfortunately or just lucky bounces I mean how much. The pelicans once generally looked also noted applicable games without Anthony Davis out back ago. You know it's just I think the war it'll be okay without curry for a couple games but that but pelicans that Davis who don't you lead an animal. I'm. But also in the streets they've Damian Miller did anybody play better over the past maybe month of the season and him and he's been made instant watch. Not if you and if heart hadn't won the MVP already and he's gonna win it. You can make your case for Damian loader charge in heart here and now Davis well aren't you know now maybe here I'd buy mean. You know little bowl but that's a great way to put it hurt you look posting that they're good but they're they're slightly flawed like San Antonio. Oklahoma City media minute sold out. You just do you look at these images there's this old something missing. Money to every team here what you know the policies of Kurt was out we think for your patience today and certainly the insight and hopefully we'll hook up you come post season time thank you mom and her. I didn't pay any time I got one last question you've got its San Antonio actually misses the playoffs to this still hold. Boom that's. Very nice as it's. That's very nice. Yeah poetry calling in the woods and the next item in fact I'd have as many years is a good point here is what is too bad it would want your play Austria and I think it was a wonder what if you went but it went yes yes it is now knows what he would do you didn't he win there have been additional cost lives longer. What hasn't been at WW restarted if we win streak when they drafted. They lost that one unit what precedent directly. On it and a league does this yeah I think that's dale Murphy a how these things turn out. The game now as you know who cares you know beginning. He wants out of my Internet it's. A career it's. They can make things you're. Currently he is or are favorites you know and I I actually never consider the spurs not making the playoffs. The last I heard some recent events as kind of that's I never considered that their two games out of not making the playoffs I have I had all year even without the core lies and and there yes that's a good point Mike Kurt thank you art and a they've become regular guys against gold status status could they could not stop to rant last ninety seconds. Yeah that was a problem last night. But yeah that he's that western conference's is praising him he would kind of cancel the playoffs right spurs you tee it up playoffs without spurred scores Tim Duncan is not there anymore so it's not. Watch the spurs like when the lottery known yeah that wouldn't be off. You talk you talk about revisions to edit that formula and low soda Duncan yes yes it is hesitant until it is a bit there. In the draft speaking at drafts. I wanna get I wanted I had to have the same for you here. So it jars in Madrid the browns did it's if they don't bring excellent James is a big possibility to. The dolphins will not have a player from the 4013 draft yes or the Tony fourteen on draft on the roster mow most likelihood Terry Terrence today and wal eakins or both on restrictive free agent they could depart right but yes but it does. Yeah thirteen of fourteen and I told you'll off fifteen yet. Here's just team's draft and pregnant on our democracy it was one. You have George Phillips on. Jameel dollars. On body McCain you know these these are idiots Cedric Thompson yes Hoon met didn't even make. It didn't make it past first cut sales so you're thirteen you have no players you know which is worse after ministry of the unifil or fourteen. No player via. And fifteen. Well there I go on all of it would only give credit to dig into you flew from two double for a week fourteen the bogey dropped to 86 players. Only eleven received Flickr contract including Africa. The got a ten year of the you have to expect eleventh I've got the count yeah and and those guys that was worthy of that trust on the distant yet it's. You know now is now part of that is that some of these guys because of circumstances not that these guys just sucker the dolphins messed up. Jarvis is price some soap out right you're not pay him that for Jarvis and now to one James mutter Christ himself well. And in Seoul you know that detects that that is mostly correct but. It's not age you can't look editing though while they have drafted bad players are they don't retain their own. In a couple of cases guys price themselves out of your market but. It did just of that is very correct Obama not retained your talent you don't draft and develop. McDougall Michael Monroe Olivier Vernon maybe refine the media before. Yes are there other yet there are other guys to me that. Yet there there are numerous other guys that Olivier got too much money he price and so but your point is well yes Lamar Miller. There are other guys Charles clay. Deon some other guys that. Yeah I know seems gave them ridiculous amounts of money but it draft and developers of Le don't do it in a thrill right but your husband a lot of money in real the dolphins go more often more often than not during those years drafted or let players here's the key cat you've got to dressed wise we start to start off well and that's that's that that's the key you've got you've got to start all you've got to start off with a decision to make me Jarvis Landry or age one James aura around seniority and he'll let that's the first step. And that's really mess quite often. Right wing guerrilla and John backs in the Travis Daniels and that Ted diseases and some of these guys who had been did you read on fast enough. Aren't Salome. The listeners out there they can do wait to get rid of us fast enough. I get us out of here and we're done man. What a day what a day when George. Allows the meg is always our thanks Jason call for joining us thinks the current deal and right there. I'll talk all about occur incredible weekend. Perk and I are gonna go to brackets how the school and we're going to be reckoned apologists come Monday afternoon for 4 o'clock. How how all of this he information while more on the Charles Landry stuff more NFL some is gonna happen I know what is. To be a great weekend everybody enjoy it out there for perk him Curtis James baseball's come up next right here on 790 the ticket.