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Thursday, April 12th

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Wonderful sets and one so. Burn at the crime is our time here that united ticket glad you're with us tourism perk on another addition. Here on 79 in the Tigger in on this Thursday April 12 2008. Tina. And we have our playoffs for the NBA all set and ready to go to this weekend perk. And I know we're gonna focus on lots on the sixers matchup as the heat's. Clinched the succeed last night the sixers. Who have not lost in in sixteen ball games clinched the the third spot in the Eastern Conference. But I do it I would like to at least I would like to at least talk about a little bit about the game last I don't ever assembled on. Already to the match of and it very very profitable game for you last night one and that's resides what is that normally around us that and is on its. Time at least you're buttery butter me up like some people around here like sex me at all hours and last nights there August Biden launched tomorrow law. About it as close app that is that is a very close released by the way Frito going to be in good for you tomorrow yes I am running so but nevertheless yeah. You know. Not enough to those two things are connected whatever and nobody would connect those you know inside it is tiger really OK fine yes OK I got to do that got to close a little half but I did I it was just on that front that got the 44 wins which the the the on the over under for the season win totals 43 and a half now and we're sweat that one out I did I might get a mobile full disclosure I didn't go. Guy I mean I tried to heads a little bit middle little bit so to speak and and I know it's disallowed to what were some that are writing go all the usually you know I got you know what's steel and I did say bully bill let's just let it ride but but I said you know I've sweat so many of these games and tight ball games. I got the 43 wins. So I ended up cash and something right at the end of it right but I threw a little bit on Toronto last night getting they're getting for again for the middle idols that disarm and remove. That heroes are relies a trial to play the people and they certainly did play their people they played that like they were fighting for playoff yes in the last night. And a good job by Toronto because of an insulation play all the games you know. Is that base he's performance last night doesn't do any thing for you. Looking at this best of seven beat. Did you kind of exhaled a little bit ago. All right now now there on trek now back on track after the knicks and and okay easy. Fourth quarter is normally it's only going to lose three straight there were those of home regrettable aggressive when you've been solos so people as well home. I agree. I think that was a very good performance to go into the playoffs win or lose now. It's better that you worn. Clearly right well better that you want well but the the way that you play and all of that it. It would have been encouraging either way but it's way more encouraging because you will. Well now that perk I don't see thrown the first round. So yeah and I analysts. I know some people are like you know had an old school mentality all the hurricanes you know back in the eighties or anybody anywhere any time. It's like relax okay I'll I'll look. Let's is due to Philadelphia or more or. Or you know or Boston you know within in the equations are almost all other scores start rural land when you are out cave he win now the only real slower time than just. But they get Philly like let's go our tonight at the matchup in organ examine our little bit here than you look at that brackets. They they don't have to see Toronto if they have the UN if they don't if they be necessary around and on the C Cleveland's great in the semi finals of the conference. So it would have home court against Milwaukee. If yeah you advance out of its heat Milwaukee that is yet so important site right now we're getting where it's. They asked you know we we're just look at the he would and answering some questions are presuming some scenario. Butts. This is. The this is gonna happen here and it's gonna happen at 8 o'clock on Saturday nights in Jalal MB either. All indications are he's not gonna be a bit available for that game so I can't think of more advantageous spot for Miami to be in to steal one on the road if you're going with a series you're gonna have to win on the road at some point so Marco folks just got a triple. You know OK that's fine and then that's fine I'd. Hi this is a match of perk. That was extremely tight throughout the course of their of the regular season. Between he and the 76ers and I expect more of the same. As we get into the first round of the NBA playoffs. No I I expect more of the same also camp and that leads us right into here is opening. So we've got this he and 76ers playing as the 63 match up in the Eastern Conference first round playoff series that that starts on Saturday. I've got the sixers in this series I just don't know what in how many games I I think that clearly is is definitely going to win Billy is the better team really is the more talented team. I think Billy is going to be able to impose its will on the C. Which means they will play a more up tempo game that he would would want to slow this game down a little bit. But I think Billy is going to be able to keep it at the temple that it desires. And what does that mean probably need the winning team's scorers. 106 points 104 point city of the playoffs and the gains due slowed down a little bit. But I just don't bring that that he has enough and that's not a slight against the Miami Heat they they. They met expectations this season they did not exceed expectations but I I think they met expectations. But they're just running into routine that's better is this going to be a long series I. Again I have not determined that I I would be surprised at the heat gets blown out. In in any game output it to you like that I expect them to be all close games. But. I definitely expect Billy to win. Number of games I'll come up with that later I always think six is kind of a cop out because that's you know if you think it's going to be six in say six. By that's usually kind of a cop out so how come up with a number before this hour is over but from. Sorry he ends I think Billy is better and I do think that Billy is gonna win this series. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJ eyesore by drone nerds and win would AA and drove nerds of aventura and pine crest. Like it over to drone heard Scott come South Florida's I. In the sky boy oh wait a crap all over like the playoff hopes ran out of the night and OK absolutely. And those six I got to say you know what this team and I get knocked out the first round CO. What do you. I think that holds a shot to win that's not will they went to a prediction coming out of all of the critics right now because animal than the big things MB. That's a big deal for me. There should be a vigil for everybody and paid. Eight know with them a no without him in the sixteen game on every parent I mean the sixty win streak his grave it's flowing in the they've been they've been playing great basketball. This is and this is that the new season. And now you've got market a folks. You know I mean. So you know. I hear you I have blog there's nothing wrong when waiting to the last possible minute late you hate that. That's usually what I don't know I'm not you know I'm not here tomorrow I. CI feel confident that Billy Williams a series by. I really don't know yeah I really don't know how many games. It will take them I do expect that they'll be close games. Because he always plays hard the heat plays good. But he does have Dwyane Wade the heat has. A son who can hurt you inside with or without Joseph will live bead on the floor. But I I think the talent is is going to win out in the secure a better team yeah. Here's some of the some things that you love about Philadelphia. And there's some things that concern you in a playoff game. Mainly deal down the stretch and some of the ball with him guy Kenneth free throws in the yielded there's certain things that. The game is gonna be different than just freewheeling like they have the last couple weeks. And a liberal they've been driven tremendous that you would say this whole process thing is is ahead of schedule. The fact that they're the 3 seed in the Eastern Conference here their bicycles get their. Next year and a lot of games that they won so there there ahead of it even with all the injuries default half the year and an MBB in and out. Question win in Philly the clearer. The process work. I got I think it's too early to say that now right now I'm gonna get a third seat no I agree you kind of need to make sure that these guys stay healthy bolts. And included so. You are now viewed yeah you gotta get to semifinals. You get to them you know we might be well. I think this year. And during the week and this right away with full sun and the economy to an affiliate there COM ME championship. But the mean they got at least get to a finals and keep this group together and and be healthy and all those things which is still a long way out knowledge as a very young yet it's pull Simmons and MB they they had us they help you in their core. It you when you're talking about winning a title did it needs to be. Well it should be that we're right in the tree won them away and here's your columns your thing and that's what I am hearing a lot about Philly has like coma like they've arrived. Now they've Morocco they know is that there on an airline said then they'll do it this is not true destination the number receipt correct that's not that's far from your destination. So so so they they don't know yet do under used and I do use it you know legally you at all OK no no no. I'm not that I'm not that again. Good season you met expectations but thumb. Your running as an amendment beads are playing you take your fill yet. Yeah no wow. All right okay I'm a guy I respect that new algorithm and I respect that. And read to me that the me a major. You know game change Robert you know what series because it's it's what he does or Philly and what is Assad could do for Miami Susan bears bears the other part of MB not being New Year's Day. Can't Exxon. Her freely and will's ball allow him to hurt showing that it should not that they need to get rhythm in the offseason you know I thought you know he showed that mean. I'm biased on run right that was my outlook for us on the whole season like this dude should be able to her. Pretty much every team and it didn't happen there's one thing they can call perk round here that's a homer. That's for day and a senator. I'm in the U I Homer Simpson as I do I do all these second favorite TV here revolt on me fingerprints of. Somebody got paid in the NFL today and now we're gonna get to that of course. While we all the match or sit in the NBA also work we got to treat coming up too we'll tell you about that. Coming up we got a very special guests that were well talk to the 5 o'clock our first look at the fort lock him up. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SP HD true Miramar. The Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers first round playoff series is set gain more and is Saturday. That 8 o'clock at Philadelphia game two Monday. 8 o'clock at Philadelphia. Game three. Thursday. At Miami's game wore Saturday at Miami and that's of course some. A week from today next Thursday and then a week from this Saturday. For game more. Games by six and seven if you hear April 21 April 26. Europe I am sorry April 24. April 26 and April 28. In game six would be the the first night of the NFL draft that Thursday April police are able to only six Logan and and during games that'll be the third night the third night of in our children yes you know open Philly. Just to kind of give your you know to tell you real scheduling. Update there and then now we're going to be a game three by the way that's that's a definite order without doing are broadcasting live. A week from ma we've from tonight sorrow for others lazy daydream rock and they've yet to a life again can't wait for that side. Nuisance or senator Joseph well MBE who was recovering from march 31 surgery to repair a fractured orbital bone see it it's doubtful he'd play in game one against Miami impede has been cleared. From the young concussion that he does sustain and when he got that injury in a collision with a teammate Marco folks. Turn into the NFL. And the Miami Dolphins quarterbacks baker may be old and Josh Allen are set to visit the dolphins in Davey over the next two days. Mayfield Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma is in today Allen is in tomorrow. They have on the dolphins say detainee the car roll is visiting with the dolphins according to numerous outlets a car roll who played for New Orleans. Has sixty tackles three interceptions in twelve games last year before being sidelined by wrist in groin injuries. I Tinny to Carl is a guy who has played free safety strong safety and nickel we talked before. A bow of the dolphins having the the two strong safeties back their teacher have done a little Rashad Jones. Adam gay city didn't go so will the I deal we need a free safety somebody who's you know last line of the parents keep everybody in front of you. So will see only her and who's their third save in middle ground war. The dolphins there was a Baltic and see Jeremy bolt Akins is a quarter now Michael Thomas left so just let you know they're actually I don't know market yet they don't have a but I don't really haven't experienced. Recently they're trying to get Karl on the cheap here real cheap again he's he's had some injury issues mes and ease of veterans so he's not gonna cost you a whole lot I would agree I'll be oppose that because he knew the guy in the New England isn't that right right he's a veteran say it and in a bill one more time here Cleveland wide receiver Jarvis Landry is close to agreeing to terms on a deal that would average fifteen million dollars a year Landry who of course been disbursed more seasons with Miami earning three Pro Bowl burst. Was traded to Brown's upbeat couldn't reach a contract agreement with the dolphins. That would be a nice hole four run nice take away and and look day. That's a belt which you did your Jarvis. Would have to get to make it worthwhile for him to. You know bitch and moan about the franchise tags here in Miami yes traded to Cleveland a multi year deal. Was kind of in the works but we didn't know the dollar amount. This makes it slowly got paid man did this accident say it's not as he was going to and if he was gonna get you know the dolphins at average cinema. I averaged Jim offered him thirteen five. He wanted to at least seen by. So if he would've signed with Cleveland for like thirteen five or an average of fourteen it it really wouldn't make sense this makes more sense. Time is not necessarily the the million per year he's getting 47 million dollars guaranteed yeah yeah bomb and accord Is it nine more million more in guarantees that Mike Evans got from Tampa Bay. Who signed a couple weeks ago when he got silly money so you know. And the Giffords are jam like Jarvis Jones got away when a man of mystery that Bob is it wanna go that high I don't blame them so the dogs were going to have high. I think Google would go that high. By damn skippy man Nicki got he got he got paid and you know what. Where you think he's worth it Willie don't think he's worth that Jarvis stinks he's worth it in his eyes. And and the browns obviously wanna invest in him so good for him and a halve or for Jarvis and her. Yeah one more NBA no Orlando coach stringer bowl in New York Knicks coach Jeff Horner sect were both buyer today. Horner 660 and won all four in some seasons Bogle 54 and 100 in two seasons those are your hitless. Yeah horny no surprise there he was the he was Dead Man Walking a mile after the season. They need to reboot there. Not when and Oklahoma looked surprised a little surprised by that went through blood possibly because I like drinkable little bright. Bum but but but Orlando's made no progress no. None of these guys got to like like the I mean in Imus and don't have the talent but you can't let you go back some what do you do or joy is is what have we improved on in the last two years since you've been here yeah and enough. There agreed was gonna flip now to little bit last night was me with Orlando winning in. All they're doing is low balls here and in the right so you know Washington. Doesn't plagues on ball in Indo Orlando. I guess you know whatever you played win the game really. You can they're right that's right or be played win the lottery bow and depends on these things are easily win the lottery all the heat are in the the big turn McMahon yes they're playing to win the game we get more in this matchup you'll come back. And look at moved to the regular season mean anything. As you try to forecast what they're gonna do in the in the post season. Also all of a literal look around the MBA and arguments are give us your thoughts and out of your thoughts on now all of the the matchup there. Four games Saturday. Four games Sunday it all starts and then. What does he all those old the thing on T until the 494840. Nights of basketball you know we got up and I'd perjury and other tomorrow night right. Case you have to you have to forgot to in the do maybe you figure you're got to the losers on the but then on Saturdays are merely a basketball every single night. For about two months straight that's that's an unbelievable thing myth that I economic and Matsui. UN spring football game a little bit what's at 6 o'clock well. Well the yellow metal talk about that although talk about the just the real wages have so much has that done years at Tommy when you yeah we hope this New Orleans right you're gonna have a lot of movement some older flowing and and we'll come back until you're talked to read on the 5 o'clock arm excited about this about a bunch of and I do take. Ask pat. Team then yeah. I. It. Ten minutes it is customized by Champions Tour by force South Florida's number one gene chuck and as you because musicians shop. You're guaranteed them the hottest four by four modifications in town called champion for my fourth so and it's 65023446. Current champion four by four dot com also brought you by your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez both real fiber is under Irma. Bikes trinity they deliver the fast is in and it was the best in home Wi-Fi experience and now you can get a full five lines and accidentally mobile talk and text included no additional cost. Call click or visit and excluding store today in by. All pro orthopedic and sports medicine. It's their job to get you back in the game before self formal occasions there's one near you put all pro orthopedic that count for more info Curtis and perk back with you here in your home of the heat's. 79 B with tickets. We're here for Dwyane Wade following the game last there were to hear from Spoelstra as well. We're gonna do a little mixture of the game last night to block the tab and that humans they were two pretty great. Anyway Wayne Ellington got the record that's why he is that's wild all over him yesterday Perkin R&R and the year. I've you know. I've thought about I've thought about you wish he would hit five. I've raised in the fourth quarter rose to give me crap if it's at all why you anyway now originally all over his Joan and I want to throw line yeah I'm Dan Ryan and you can always more bigger shots than Dole's season and I guy. And then you had you know he says the record which is pretty cool them anywhere in the game I receive is a big part of winning that game. Just a swing low. Probably about a bio last night how about I mean liners say they like rod goes on his base that day you know just look what lethargic out there. And then look let me real quick we know we saw we saw what may ambling lose what he brought. This dude is gonna be out of the rotation in the playoffs probably right I doubt it. I doubt that I'll these two and obviously yes seven number of minutes but I think Amazon's membrane a man I think is ball show. Will be quick to go to bay about a mile he wasn't he wasn't you're gonna play down a mile last night and it was Kansas. Out of me either in the the team need a little bit of a lift from the front court in debris and certainly certainly brought that into an Afghan city you know in the news again this is part of the. At fame and I was saying you know you were say an assignment Mike is a song gonna bring it misspoke blowing some. Kind of give them the leeway and I'm not going to be on a short leash resolutely remodeled shortly after he gets around announcement today gives you. I go back to who you trust me and yeah so close and you trust the M beat absence for that reason might not be a big factor if a solid ball and and I would say the he could have a problem here by. You know song comes I'll slow that that's that might be EE you know he he might end up with. 22 minutes showing that you know look like a Dwyane Wade regular season high minute warm. If you're just joining us Chris Perkins started the show by saying he will not win. The the first round against Philadelphia Sony sixers did you think your weight eating give a. Again and Brad I have not decided how many gay ones. And I don't I don't think it's gonna be a sweetheart no harm armed deciding among 56 and seven or don't like America like us they always do it a six is kind of a cop pal it I think and in this series in mice in how I see it. Six were kind of be a cop out so I need to go like five or seven. Now let's say you're wrong I'm a singer and Oscar if you. Another sign a spine Dillard Georgia so you were to semi you really came in here and in the restore the show an idea he'd lose Oscar well. That is is based on three things relief of Billy is the more talented teen Billy is the better team and the heat struggles on the road. Yes now. In the in the end we're gonna get there what happened in the in the regular season as both teams in the boil weird in that puts it close games bunched up in the same month. It seem like much and both teams won on their home floor twice. Yeah so now him a personal note on the road won a game. And he had big leads in the blew big leads and they were just of those like craziness going on in that in the four games against against Philadelphia adds report the same. As we get into the club the playoffs here which start withdrawals or which by the way I guess. I guess they had to go started because the the flyers are playing in. Sunday. In the NHL. So I can you candidates a public Saturday night prime time. Yeah I mean you know Saturday night that's that's pretty. It's okay there rate. Per offense and very you know I'm at the bit on national TV on a must this year at the that was variances in here. But to anyway he's been through a lot of these battles me old vets know. You know we try to game that we know that we can play were officers now that they obviously are planned phenomenal basketball a lot of confidence and we have to go to home court. On this thought this thing go put on quitting is a big very seriously and are you know two teams that. You know really play hard in all we'd through and through so is a bit little things is going to series for either team and I look forward to it sounds. You said before that we we found out the matchup here sub them on the whole of holding you to all this is bush and then here and you were your mistress seventy sixer today. You said this to us and I don't mr. 76 I thought I eggs are you where a doctor. BR yeah. But you talk more likable chief stubborn guy I think more I realize I love mowed any obviously in a remote Carol Mo cheeks have I am I so. But you said before the match of you said the Dwyane Wade would be responsible winning two games for the Miami Heat and the policy gives sting of that. Yet I still think Dwyane can win Hutu gangs definitely got into the Atlantic and a and again let me let me just Clara by I'm not saying that. You know Dewayne is gonna put up triple double or he's gonna play 42 minutes what I say he could win a game Dwyane could be one per team and but the one you'll old lady hit. Gives you a 10299. Victory so Dwyane is clutch that that's what I'm saying that. Bet his basketball DNA that this this is what he's about this this this time of year. I till I stop doubting Dwyane in the playoffs like three or four years ago. Maybe longer it was during the Big Three era against Indiana when bosh was sideline so. Yeah I'd. I don't doubt that Dwyane could at 36 years old could deliver two victories the rest of the team that they deliver the other two to advance. I don't think so I'd 6792 before that tell you Regis on the Tex lines 679 some four. Gundy a budget Texan have been coming in here periodically wanna get to those but Erik Spoelstra. You kind of knew this might have been a possible match up this early in the game plan. And all his thoughts weren't in place after that thrilling victory last night but to our viewers his initial thoughts on the matchup following the Toronto went. This is great competition you look at our games and gratitude to every game went on to the wire that's crazy keys were tons. Both teams had big leads lost leads this is what you want usually. You know 36 matchup this season opener. Yes. Now would you would you urge him he'd fans on Twitter last night and even listen to some shows. Today that the fans wanted Boston does that does that too. You know I don't think that the that he should have been afraid of anybody in the first round now. Clearly you don't want to. I guess you don't want to ask for a LeBron James in the post season. The match up I want to see because of the story line Allison but I don't. I think he should beer even if it was a 18 against Toronto opening heat. Would've won that series but it. The heat has no reason to hear anyone. They play hard they played good. They have enough talent to make any best of seven interesting but I. I. I don't see them. Win in the if you go to these series and it's yes it's about stars it's gonna be about Ben Simmons. It's going to be about Joseph well MB if he comes back and plays. It's going to be about Goran it's going to be. A lot about Dwyane Wade in key moments but there's always wild cards is always guys. That that can typical series. Especially one that's very competitive which like we think Philadelphia Miami it's not going to be a sweep I would be shocked if there was either way. Off Miami swept to Morgan at five I'd be shocked either way if if there's somebody won in five games this is gonna go pretty deep here. But there's also said something the last night in Iowa you fans take a listen on this. Argued in my mind that might be his best game complete game in Miami uniform there wasn't anything that he didn't have his fingerprints on. In this game to contribute to the went there it felt like he had 12100 pounds. I'm shocked when I looked they deal yet eight if felt like key and it. You know 1012 times that felt like he was the rim all night you know making plays for us. You know who he was talking about the of the audience know Erik Spoelstra was talking about my he said he's never had a better game for us then 109 I was last night. Who is Erik Spoelstra talking about 67974. And it's exciting getting here quickly was a Wayne Ellington. Was had been a Matta by oak. Who wants its who visits. I mean my debts. My guess might be Josh. Josh Richards then. One beaten her I don't know I don't know. That would be unauthorized terrible shooting when Josh and 900 years bush was terrible. Kelly Nolan did not play and no Mayo didn't play well you know throw just steer empire we're getting some techs here. LE. Ellington Knoll was a way though didn't it wasn't them out of bio you that was about. Justice Winslow. The best game he's had. In his uniform justice wins and losses played her justice played well. In these young guys that could be a wild card in the post season. Maybe yeah. Yeah well he's going to be played that well I don't know if he will be that you ask is he died candy guy yeah look you'd be meaning positively no IIII. I think justice and the song or the two wild cards that I I. I think I know what I'm getting from everybody else on that roster Ellington KEO Duane. Did you know it was a game after the Madrid just is playing well not an hour in Tony. There you know they're talking of talking doesn't look but the still a lot of things that just is does. That is not good basketball justice yet just as mr. cup loaf close shots like he always have been just was one of six from the line. Right Bubba it's up to the free throw look at. But yes that need to clean that up he Brecht a couple of shots he still gets up in the air. And doesn't know where he's gonna go at the basketball which is a cardinal sin in in in in the you know let you that's how we came up camp that's that's how the game is late now but I. S would ever by an illegal and they are you have no idea yeah go up in turnover Q does it did that make great plays. Yeah. I like does as I I didn't I looked at last night's game is. I don't have I have no idea what his best game and heat uniform. Ears I don't I didn't think it was a good game very good game last a very good. And he does well him in the bowl hum. Little book that says that those address chemical or current. That I think justice and a son to me are there are the wild cards I know Josh is capable of taking over and he always capable of taking over we saw him in balsam last year but. Yet to me it's as if you're looking for a wild cards. It's just so. The slopes are more on this matchup coming up it's good to be a wild post season look at some of the of the match ups around the Eastern Conference in the MBA as well. Dominique Wilkins is gonna join us here right around we're around five when he we got a text message really for some of those. At 6797467974. Right here on your home and eats it and I didn't take my. Back and Democrat his ticket courtesy of her anguish. Well we go outside to get to Julio a lot of ground to cover here. On a busy Thursday. With quick reminder to join the together and the beast of Ruth Truman South Miami on bird road. For whom watch party Monday night you know just two and a thousand dollar jackpot was three and a half. Great food is just the beginning a bruise room sports grills. Two in the beast at the bird road location that's Monday night brought you my opinion happening in 719 FM 104.3. HD to the ticket you can always text our show we invite and encourage text messages. Palin that's on your mind send it on in its 67974. That's 67974. Or bring it to those in the second. Text messages. Forward and overwhelming and yeah nine that's why I wanna stay on point number answers many of them as I know and I know we Ares civil mere. I just don't get worry him before and orders he would already avalanche here were to you yeah and there's going to be club where we climbing out here in the 5 o'clock hour we got Dominique Wilkins coming up. But I wanna clean up a couple things here and get to some good some information. Game one. Sixers. The the line of the game this is a dishonest okay compared. Affiliates they seven point favorite over under of away and half yes and admits that's who in the they think no MB. Seoul. Philly's a seven point favorite soul a lot of love for Philly for Vegas there. Other thing there that's for game one or a lot of money from noon to is that. Well it wouldn't so I guess it best holes when it started writing I want an idea as a first line I saw us when I almost forgot to look resolution. Yes that's true we gambled got talked into here right okay now that's. I am on usually does I haven't seen a series price meaning who's good who's there are two in the series yet. Think there wanna get more information on the Bieber that'll that'll definitely be out within the next few hours you know they'll make early on number on that. Our odds to in the NBA championship. Okay. Now that's a little extreme that we pretty loudly he can pull that off but that the favorites are the warriors of plus 150. Rockets a plus 150 raptors at plus 800 and are you be wrapped a travelers at plus 800 rap is a plus 12100. 76ers must 15100 that's when the title. OK so you'll know that even by the way that's a view that you betterment of a hundred dollars up on the warriors you've got a hundred to win 150 yep. If you bet the cavaliers to win it you've been a hundred win 800 pusher on her back so he's still got the camera pretty remote east correct yeah. The heat are by the way. They are 50000. Into the 50000 to one. To win the did the NBA championship. Move so if you put a thousand dollars in the know in the NBA championship. To be close to retire at fifty grand chimera for those are right I think that's that was the gym to Ozzie in the Eastern Conference. Cavs minus 110. Raptors plus 276. The plus 375 Celtics applause 3000 he are on the bottom with the pacers. Had up plus 101000. When they're least that's the bottle with a chaser yes to a league yes. And that's going to be the first rules series. Indian Cleveland OK so you know who butted into tears as he leaves Cleveland event that's the interiors and the odds with a lesser commons quarters a minus 105 as our rockets minus 105 ovals are strong favorites and everybody else is a longshot. He blazers are closely 500 thunder plus three grand jazz plus three grand what are the spurs. Further plus 101000. No coolant and wind than the list of questions when the west yet. My appeals on the stump and in ever know. And LaMarcus. Is it. He can do not mean he's immediately on the streets permits a little long odds perk right and I'm just not right left don't value their Oslo site and I. That means what I think said no to a Devin says you have all the information just gave you there here's the match ups. Out west let's start there Houston and Minnesota one verse is a good play in game last night Minnesota Reagan and no I don't. And then you have the winner of that series in the semis would take on OK see in Utah on the 45 matchup. Westbrook an amendment to Brad Bryant okay. The other at the bottom half of the bracket Portland as the three C and against the pelicans sixty. And then the winner would play Golden State in San Antonio in the 27 local base of Golden State and and the rockets are on the opposite side of the bracket. Obviously is the one in the one of the two. In the east. Toronto is gonna play Washington. Backcourt matchup right deal in low against girls into our Cleveland as your 45. Against Indiana. In the so completely the winner of that series that we assuming it's gonna be Cleveland and Toronto. Answers right here. I know I noticed that I yulia lowering looted then I'll take your action on the cast by the way. It was the first round that come see me most anybody else with your money you could see me back or I'll take that action right. I put Toronto in Cleveland to play in the semis which isn't just yet. Today and here's where it gets really interesting for as it relates to the heat and this is why I think it was on the Celtics too little or shoot the 76ers. Is because you you. You're gonna see some flawed teams on your way news conference final salute. Sixers he we know about. Celtics blocks. Those the winner of those it will play in the semis. So you don't run into a big daddy who if you I think Cleveland's big daddy do you avoid a big daddy in the second round. You avoid Toronto's aground your avoid cleaver the second round. Boston is depleted we know Milwaukee is OK button and then you got the semi sixers need a Miami. Soul somebody's gonna get to the conference finals out of Philly Miami Boston and Milwaukee. And in its accounts finals and you're in the fight government and your wants them away from pot. Philly Philly as a as a three C that's you know it's it's. You look at Philly and you think wow they're so young guys you know I'd just hard to imagine him in the conference finals by. They're three C you know a sixteen game win streak which. I think it's good longest win streak into the playoffs and NBA history upon not mistaken and don't I have heard somebody and Europeans. No notices of limits its it's pretty freakish winter dew and what they're doing right now. As lesser without their big men and in my enemies let me ask you this do you think Billy is seeking. Borges Billy heat. All. I think they're peaking I think that you want to reclaim the early playing your best basketball right now the clinger asked what perk you know I just think for a young team. Like there's not a there's not a lot of there's going to be a track record with these guys with this group. Right dole is a first playoff series and all those things it. I've you know did weakens it everywhere the way I've for you is that it well experience as a matter watch Prius does matter and I watched a lot of the post game stuff last night. The end there's a lot of the here's the two theories of thought there's a lot of people that love the sixers and what's not to of the searchers blood you'll fall in love with a six looking. But the lob you'll let's say who populate that look in the series and on. Miami's the team that can beat them. You know Mark Jackson last night you'll do on the of the blazers game was like. Martin this heat can beat sick they are they could put the sixers to bed so to speak. So I. But he's a cereal prices here these are the series pars are we just of the series prices Bob mood okay so Philly is minus 400 over Miami. And heater plus three times that means anything Phillies would win the series. You put up a hot you put it under 40100. And if you'd like Miami you put out a hundred to win number 200 dollars to win 300 Denard. Soul that's the key road record W. Going into this road performance booed booed a little bit for the all they've been very close games is amenable to finish. Toronto's is the biggest favorite of minus six having five ending Cleveland's minus final five. The boss's bosses told the boss would be one cubic clear. Basel minus 145 over more than he mountain Boston in my in my David Boston that the robot even. When the seriousness. So aren't so do what you want there you know do what you want their. But yet you when you went you want to. He was minus 505. How art tomorrow as it does closer to that is saying parents earlier job allows them with due to a it's that and that information exhibit 974 that's I get to us on the yet Tex I'm. 67974. I think they'll be upset to perk I do think there's going to be a little bit of a huge. I think there's going to be enough says somewhere. In the lead in the first round east or west third there could you know and will find that by seeding. You know a lower seed being upper a little bit. The odds to evidence of that out and I believe you want to be boss in the B I mean even though. It's still would be a little bit a little bit of an upset there are just some of the Milwaukee's you know. A great team so to speak our let's get to the the 5 o'clock hour. Dominique Wilkens the hall of famers gonna join us we'll talk hoops with nominee. So degraded the game of all times human highlight film right around that so that's pretty tough one right here pettis. Also we've given away all week all week long we've got a huge reaction to these are big time tickets we get Eagles coming to town next week. We Jimmy Buffett and the core reform and at hard rock stadium that is going to be part hey you know par Hayes. And we are gonna give away those eggs in the 5 o'clock hour some go to see the Eagles. Yes not the Philadelphia Eagles the Eagles band Eagles legendary Eagles in Jimmy Buffett. Then you have this in the 5 o'clock. The 5 o'clock hours happy hour here on seven is that you wrap it around here. Yeah well bass won't renew for a couple weeks but it's finally got to match up to Canada. Diving into and really try to digest in the next couple days before a Saturday night. As the game and number one up enough up in Philadelphia person per pack with you here and a quick reminders of an on the ticket in my issued an Agent Orange ball panel championship. It takes place this Saturday at the Miami marine stadium flex park located 36 of one or two marker causeway on Key Biscayne registration is now open at Orange Bowl dot org to anyone who wants to get in on the action in the event benefits. Big Brothers and exits in the fall of Miami. The ticket would love to see you there we also have loved this had detects the show 67974. That's how you reach the suntech signed by the way Dominique Wilkins. Basketball hall of Famer William do you do anything anymore like Thomas equal to meet him sneak human highlight film yeah. Nietzsche join us at 520. And we're gonna talk to him about via the playoffs and on the Miami Heat and hard not to talk about what some of those guys like how the NBA is. Is later today and there's a different name and I feel like you know because I'm thirty years old perk. I don't feel like I'm old Maine and great but I do want that I've tried I've I pride myself over the years and I've I've always been. You know I majored in history you know will that a major and some of the most part what I mean whose history. And I disposed of the big fan of thing you know I like watching a what I want real Babe Ruth and Sam usual. And guys ever saw play. You know early days of Leo criminals of Arnold's things so badly. It's funny because you really the game is so different. And you look at guys that played in certain eras and it's so hearted to. To to compare the eras and and it's really hard to do that. But there are certain guys that were just ahead of their time looking like I was at the end Marino was thirty years ahead of its time. Has she was throwing for 5000 yards when nobody else was right now that is commonplace right and that's when you if you really wanna try to do. Distinguish who the great ones are from air to air you look at guys that that. That we're so far ahead of their time and you could put Dominique Wilkins in that category as the score no doubt and as a sleeper in a jumper and I just offense and it does that offense a freak. Well yeah athletic. And just lived and who this talents. Com. You know the game we didn't know how to handle his talents. They would probably the big knock against nominee is that his teams didn't advance. But at a whale deserving hall plays that we're not dumb no brainer. Coming up here in about and about twenty a little more than twenty minutes to go 606797. For the hawks in the playoffs correct. Parties Greg and Greg. Nor did the knicks and Brooklyn in the lakers and the clippers is that the bulls. The bulls and I make a lot of big time big markets there are one of the NBA. What mr. silver's that you are ready to take notice. They've taken on talk about those big markets right got yeah back in the. Right after earlier really the new city of champions right you merely as well. Is that still a big deal do you wanna see the big markets is echo effect ratings and tackle and effective interest in the NBA playoffs. I think it's gonna I think it's going to be one of the most watched NBA playoffs we've ever seen so roi so rue I'm glad you seated. The because that leads us right and here's the thing. You guys know there's a few things that I hate about sports these sayings. One album is weak we take the best player available that's that that's in a bill saying going into the draft if you draft by need that's where you get in trouble. Enter wrapped. Here's another one that's a bunch of crap. NBA is better when the lakers are good NBA is better when the knicks are good. Punter Brett looked believe is doing very will right now and at bars I understand when people say that because of the TV market and beat the numbers but the big TV markets bringing. Look there is no representative. In the playoffs this year from the New York TV market as can say is the Nixon Brit Brooklyn nets are not in. No representative from the LA market right no lakers know clippers know representative from the Chicago market bulls didn't make it. I bet the NBA playoffs do just fine. I hate it when peoples are you know win when the knicks are gonna league's public how long has it been since the knicks were good anyway. I mean come on out and what that crack. The league is better when the knicks are good the TV ratings will be fine. Toward these playoffs even with Al Bos major markets being involved now look again. I understand that you had a home team in one of those markets. You would welcome the additional TV sets that would be turned on. But at the same time. The league will do. Fine in these TV ratings that without the lakers without the clippers without the knicks nets or bulls. That saying is a bunch or crap. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJ I stored by drone nerds and Winwood and drove nerds a aventura and pine crest. Come over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky. Or is not taking any any prisoners today you know starting the Sosa and the people not in the first round matchup against the sixers so I just completely came in just urinating all over our car he parade. On today and now he's saying it doesn't matter let me ask you this because obviously that's okay because they do you think they'll listen I really perk we talked about a couple weeks ago you mix. That means something down here you all I wanted knicks to be relevant I don't want the knicks distinct I understand okay so don't let those aren't clear on that more clearly you agree with that and I agree with okay. The second thing is I think in the NBA it's not it's not as much about the teams as about the player hundred minutes of rest and the other reserves right now in the other sports I think it's different. I do I think the Yankees when they're in that's bigger yes then if the royals are and yes OK you know I think if the did me in golf and it's a member of the idea of the cowboy is a war the raiders are in there. That's a bigger deal than if the titans. Wore the Carolina Kantor's arraigned nationally and national interest whether you love those who don't eagle seems hosting president and that's without a doubt okay. Seoul the NBA. If the MBA I think it's more about the play your and the star player that that that each team bring right McClendon. You can go through every series and think about. Later that you wanna see right whether its Donovan Mitchell or Anthony David what you hear about the team Orleans is or is it is one of the worst markets in the league yet but they have incentive for the players and right so that's that that that's fine Oklahoma City. Is on the middle of nowhere for the most part small market yet tiny TV mark yet they did they and everyone knows of Oklahoma City and then their players when and the sorrow implode joy you remember Obama to win Dario was journalist up. Sewing and when heart was your soul now let me ask you this question discover someone just pick your brain lobe of do you think but I do think if the NBA could have its. They're away they would want the lakers in the Nixon definitely 100% OK okay yeah yeah art I just. I just don't like the the idea that. The league is better. Win the knicks are because you have the one TV market you have the New York TV. Look at. I bit the bunch of people in Seattle and Oklahoma. Arizona and Vegas who don't give a damn about Nick's. They wanna CD be better play any better team and they led it's a TV market guys. I mean if the knicks are good does it doesn't mean that the leave it right I mean LeBron makes the league better right now we're gonna. Rocker but you know he played anywhere in the lead the numbers immigrate to resolve all around. That what's going to be interesting though and not to get to deal technical here with the ratings are doing that but I do but it's Toronto. Makes it to the finals but that'll be a nightmare because not just a nobody cares about Toronto in these states is. Did TV you get no ratings yeah area there in another country bright sold the legal register like if you're an advertising you're gonna get no. There's no way of six years if the American rating being you're not gonna get all of Canada the logic Toronto. But you're not gonna get as those numbers for the most part soul. That's good news in the C plus Ronald atlas throws number sixty team you know they're good team you're right friends are no manners element sexy since well. Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady could cost one day they want sixty Libya OK so you're the league if you want what's the best finals match of their losses say. Golden's. Three. I guess are being Golden State Cleveland. I always being designed to help LeBron driver and work articles yet and you you know me miss my. I used to and let's go sickly and from over the speed routes for. Yeah right right I advocate you know me I love the dynasty I notice. Gold say LeBron around four right you know there's people are all I'm sick netcam matchup I'm. Bring it back. Right bring it back and I do think outside of the out of the rockets. There's nobody Easter covers that can be. That could be gold state and if if you core if you got to the finals you can always say you know what. If there's one guy that could do this LeBron. That would make it that would make at least a story limit your follow yeah I would say there you know that's because LeBron could do that's all yet not from where we sit right now yes it. As I say look let's give this being a chance took those. Look if two run no goals in their first round sweet second round sweet. Eastern Conference finals by game victory. You know and and Anna stepped Currie is is kind of you know hobbled in Golden State struggles it. You know it could be had had a really good series he's you have no LeBron but. I agree with you right now but let's see how this thing plays out right of Billy stays hot. I I won't I he's just as LeBron and LeBron is but I'm saying fill that hot Philly team as young as they are in the process which is a aid you know well known sports starting now they're gonna have good Marty Brodeur bridal well aren't you know they could draw a crowd but I agree with you right now we. Let's see I'll play elsewhere but clearly right now Golden State against LeBron is. The desire Dominique Wilkins gonna join us here in about and about eleven minutes but before we get to me could get to 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS SHD true Miramar. Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers. First round playoff series in a certain dame Moylan is Saturday in Philly at 8 PM. Game two Monday in 1000000008 podium. Series comes back here on Thursday a week from today for game three that will be a 7 PM tip ball in the heat tells. Game wore Saturday. A week from this Saturday back here at the AAA Su thirty so that's games one through war. Game five if necessary is April 24 and Phillies game six if necessary April 26 in Miami Heat. Game seven if necessary Saturday April 28 bank in Philly. By the way 76ers senator Joseph will indeed who's recovering from march 31 surgery to repair a fractured orbital bone that's the one around here it. He said it's doubtful that he plays in game one against repeat of this series. Philadelphia's a seven point favorite early out of the gates and not only one I'm a little surprised not to that line man that's a little bit fatty for me there perk that's on the road sixers are high. So maybe everybody's on the sixers and and and Dave on six funerals like I understood you get caught up in six receiver. But I don't have a OK I've been taken my my medicine I don't have successfully right now and but the one thing we had a text earlier. By the week's game three is Thursday we from today we're going to be broadcasting live we are regular airlines arena you know that's going to be awesome and it's a pretext and that the Saturday music that's that hurts home court advantage because the 230 start. You know and as I I think it might hurt some of the home over Mahan split right at the teams it shouldn't. No likely I Akira Milosevic you have had Z with the Big Three. Pulls us in the heat of had to like 330. I guess the name maybe the Sunday that there there were pro and in the mid afternoon on a Sunday we're devils trying to remember all I have no idea I don't remember a lot of detail early weekend games for the Miami heat's. Us what's in the early rounds of wells but I think that's critical it's pretty neat but it's playoffs man you don't need you don't need any like home court like the place will be rocked him and that would be jumper and yet. Especially if the US leader down 30 or something like that in my Google Buzz the building but I doubt that. Non diet plays that place is gonna be rocked and going to the Miami Dolphins quarterbacks baker mayfield and Josh Allen are set to visit with the team over the next two days as you know every you know bill team gets thirty visits late bigger bringing in thirty players to their facility their heroes and a man there there used to mayfield Heisman winner from Oklahoma is in today Josh Allen is Ian tomorrow. Stand on the dolphins New Orleans safety Kenny the Karl Rove was a free agent he's visiting with the dolphins. According soon numerous outlets for Carl hit sixty tackles and three interceptions in twelve games last year before he was sidelined by wrist and groin injuries. I'm thinking that they're looking at the coral as more of a free safety he's played free safety strong safety and nickel but you know I TJ McDonald in Rashad Jones were both strong safeties. They tried to do the you know 11 up one bag and and the guy who was in the bank has the presage the built on struggle that's not their job they. Their program like strong safeties you see the ball would you go make a beeline and take somebody's he would often. You know free safety you've got to be a little more cautious play your angles don't let anybody get behind you as opposed to that strong safety just gold you know seek and destroy. Salads and then go back from a safety they're looking to get Kenny on the cheap here. The strong weather lays awake when the strongest against who hit show. Hillary down and dogs that needs to be running were generally with you to take a good angle be sure to make that tackle don't let anybody behind the by early breast and groin injuries at tobacco companies are there. Moving on. Cleveland had received which sucks but it's a road ouch. The rest of the growing and that's over you are a lot he's been heard a lot of sly is let's try and they're trying to get him really cheap yeah. Yeah. Real wide receiver drivers Landry is close to agreeing to terms under a deal that would average fifteen million dollars a year Yangtze no he's not seat 47 million guaranteed. Landry who spent disperse or season for Miami. Earning three Pro Bowl berths in the process was traded to Cleveland. After he couldn't reach a contract agreement with Bo opens. And finally one more NBA no Orlando coach spring ball low and New York Knicks coach opponents say both buyer today Horace 660 and one old war in two seasons. Mobile 54 and 100 in two seasons those. Are you didn't voice vote was the toast of the MBA now too long alright with that than yeah yeah it's time. Yeah listen I'm not saying he's not he's not a good coaches and actual scenes though. That day you know they were better me than say they've given me no progress in Orlando know. Not home known and then the knicks the some reports that they're rushed to Jay Wright's. Which I don't know Huntsman or I don't know what the knicks are doing IS II that's item and. Direct glimpse that the black list ESPN a pink did eight possible guys I think of his deal was on there Marc Jackson calling him Iowa Mark Jackson was the other guy for the next year you know and fizzles and you know just fizzles there he's he's proven himself here. Boy if if your fears deal no you wanna work to do do you wanna work for James Dolan. Moment I don't wanna work you don't get paid. Jobs in any appendix a paying yeah but yes by the way Chara got. He'd man do for Jarvis service got page there's a lot of winds are stronger and damage so that makes the move worthwhile for him in all I agree in the office just we're gonna go that I was I just find. Really happy he's got to be the brown look dark you know I that he was gonna go that high they knew they were pretty high. And you know the problem with that real quick it is in two years. As the day of not made the playoffs they're going to be going and she's well why we pay and Jarvis the lunar. Any dues you know just a lot of people listening trust the process parent aren't I right. I worked for supposedly we're for the browns I don't know bring your team you look at your they news. They dared not as they're not. Dick could be okay. It is wooded or. The UB OK okay A meaning six wins yes we just don't evangelism last year than women of us. We can you talk to Dominique Wilkins here respect the hook up with the a basketball favour of the human highlight film Oscar about the post season. And a whole lot more Dominique Wilkins is coming up next right here on seven I didn't take. They started tomorrow Miami Acker than the White House. Our time on the ticket weekdays from three reports that makes their run to the playoffs but not hot. Beat hours bonds by Miami Akron the playoffs are heating up and so are the saving money accurate log on to Miami Acker dot com the Miami Acker Miami. Hot shower every week they've entered a war right here on aims of and I mean everyone a four point three HD two that triggered the playoffs are here purge. And better talk to one of the legends. In the National Basketball Association. A halt all. Famer joining us right now on the run fuels and douse it means or is assigned there actually steps beyond community here on your home of the 79 the two again. Courtesy of park as we invite diamond equal in the humid hot. Highlight film the greatest that they have a long time he joins us right now on 79 it's a good talk a little boobs and also. He's got the he's got to cause that he wants to up. Bring some illumination to dominate thanks a suburb by Harry don't. Well we're doing we're doing great man we're bird ready for the playoffs here and and you've been a part of a lot of them this time a year. Did you ever did that bring back some memories there are you OK we're Roland April spraying you it's playoff basketball time does when things get real. Very for many many years of this parameter a year you'll whitbeck Leo I don't care how long you've been removed carpet. You can't help but think about the great moment in the forgot you had like. Domonique tell me do you consider LeBron James the favorite to come out of the east we you know Toronto won 59 games. Boston is Dan Ronan personnel but they had a good season billions the hot team can you go against LeBron coming out of the east Dominic. A regular season means nothing to well you know in the team carried out at the right time and Cleveland has turned around it start to play well Europe's Philadelphia no question carry to momentum up definitely helps but. When you got a season guy like Iran. You gotta bring your a game to beat him you know quality and beat them if you don't regular weekend so I feel think that there's going to be between them and their two Ronald commonality. What do you think our team down here we you know. Miami it's been kind of up and down season they look great one tonight. And not so good the next other play in the hottest team as you mentioned in in Philadelphia here a lot of people like their chances. I'll pull on the the old up so there's dressing if MB jango EC matchup wise in that day in that battle. Well I think it I have a Mac problems he'd been a white saddle to glance I mean that's will be about a major problem for them and all the opposite glanced around. In a bit Stephen king live CNET clip Toobin and well. Before and so a bit bit beer and then it was strong chance but you plan to get to Berrian had. That will retain their. They. You think about the game nowadays you know with the proliferation of the three point shot distress for the back to the basket sooner has been blown bird a you know over a decade. Do you like where the game that beat Mike Weir it's going. Well I think things are and so when they don't have a big man who completed and sat out there if you look at two Ronald for example they got three big guys that. Jillian penny in the pile up points in the paint so you know the three point shot at the very prevalent were shot. In the and in the NBA what is not the end all be all you gotta be willing to mix your offense though because if you're not make a net three point shot what do you have. These so you gotta have the ability to get sort of creep a line. Not only get to the predawn would you you know computer foul trouble so you always should have better pet mold in your game as well as to three point shot. Basketball hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins joins us here. On 79 and it's a good food you like to watch dominate the other team a style of player all what are you gravitate to now on this kind of new wage NBA. I like all of the above the you know unlike the great clear of everybody likes a great live what would your I'm also like to great teams earned that may know you look at Golden State when he played look at senate only way they lead over the years you know Cleveland they're even born on the team that. You know you joy to watch but I I like good bats are like we got some play. And because that's what we come out and got play hard and got a ticket pay money to see them that. And dominate what scene nowadays could have stood up in in you were era come when you look at. A Golden State you look at Tim Duncan spurs means LeBron Steen so whether it's heat or Cleveland. Could any of those teams have advanced in the playoffs possibly won a title. During your era when you don't believe they know it is hard you know you could get I don't like comparisons and so you know we had our time now these guys time. To shine in and do what they do we we didn't clean it differed area argue that our students they would. No what would happen but you know a bit of the great physical combat big physical and very competitive fact that you know and that's a lot to income. Dominique Wilkins the hall of Famer is our guest nine time. NBA all star is where the sirens have an idea to take it Dominique Kelly had a lot of causes after the after the NBA career but as what I know auto or personal audit hits home. Tells about what you're doing in your battle would die beat diabetes. And a device called Dario and and in some of the struggles that people are dealing with his diabetes continues to open. Become a moral problem here in the United States. Yeah whip in addition to it you know go watch what I eat exercising. And we're really trying they ahead of the curve and stay in shape. You know I've also. And a minute or divide and so my every theory Brinker who are completed might Dario within the glucose meter. Bet. Your immediate debt relief monitor. Your blood sugar and you can use it with you mark Holmgren you can track your. Your car entry and feminine trait. They're record clearly on the bike then the barely able to buy if you look so small easy to carry around broke up another. Option and now an option another tool that we can use to help monitor. Local level because nor god who predictors there's there's no number you know you have to be able to make light out strangers. Q&A man who would be the right way. Might argue there are great great provide that help you manage your Doug. Menu you played you had to deal with this during your playing days and I mean the other big there's a huge misconception out diabetes is. Being the wrong foods and not working out. And end all of all those things that come with that. But you mean you're an MBA player and one of the the most physically fit man alive yet you had to deal or diabetes during your playing career correct. No actually I didn't you know diabetes is very hard to detect when you're in great shape. And I do realize that and throw out their return in Europe there are. And now when quarter archer got burned my adopted commander renewed Tibetan Britain do not dying yet they're well what do that. Lisa don't get along the bed. In the upper level expelled Genco. Over the years the last eighteen years I've been trying to do we use and they're buying something that worked on me. And now I have in my Dario is definitely help me continue to maintain. And and managed my that we. And Dominique when you talk about lifestyle changes what do you have to do and haven't had any of it as any of it been really difficult. But of course because Amir to you know get rid of all your recruitment out. All at the bit Cuba brightness. But. Not a big trip to cut it out with you can have small court did you get destroyed cute. Put yourself and Michael program or how you see how your actions are how you take medication so basically what I've done during. I'm not too. Always use a Wickman got to have it wears you can be clean look we've done well and so I drink a gallon to go in the water billion submersible I love that smooth chicken period sturgeon that duke. He'd written be compounded paramedics don't Pamela as well then. The web site to go to is my Dario dot com Dario blood glucose. Management system as Dominique Wilkins. Is is our guest the what are you most probably look back at your career oh and as far as what Palestinians out for you of all the accolades. You know what. I have I think the thing that this stand alchemy that helped our cup come as the clearing and and that the man. And we knew more. Aware of being all Kramer and now I have the statue in front of your building. But let you know how well you comment like that. Of course are. Dominate. Human highlight film you're the man I consider the best in game Dunkirk in NBA history or what does it say to be a great in game longer than a slam dunk contest is one thing that guys like you and and Shawn Camp and some others just exploding off the dribble through. Ebert. And premiere of their debt. With a Doctor Who took the natural thing move would not have looked out never worked on to. Even an adult content our network on donkey or content or little spontaneous. I used dock in of course load tool. But intimidation. To bag big guys up Molly Wood into outlook but no I'm when I doubt that. I mean I try to doctors aren't that good so it might thought every. What could have been able Nadal who put it very rare audio which we think so important don't smoke that darkened we're about to meet. To have been motivated crime. By point six other boys who gets out here on this year dominate. In this day and age averaged bug just under 25 for your career rounded up to 25 what do we averages in this day and age here we will get it to where under the authority there's no doubt right. Arbour who come I don't know border will be over thirty or 35 game and I. No. Listen it's great dogs and a couple of threes and you know that's still no career no debate what you can coach her for me now. Well why do you have what would really predict and are of critical part of its economy. I mean you could hurt me now so we. Ask you know they didn't sit on the perimeter right right. Let me go around here they're golly I'm gonna go watch all NBA classic go watch some of those games. That you and Michael and the Nixon and Patrik and and the Celtic Manor in the. Play Bernard. People have no idea. Know what they're all out Tuesday right they had no I agree that hey Ali good score outfielder world knows that many will remember Derek harper ride people all the way up the court man these huge physical. They'll point audition great defensive mayor Luke and the and really work. Pay yet dominate thank you for the time it once again let's that is my Dario dot com Dario blood. Glucose management system and and it's import it can save your life you wanna get on top of that Dominique Wilkins thank you make. Final probably agree here you got murdered men into the playoffs Dominique Wilkens right there. NBA hall of Famer and I would say to play Atlanta for mobile home of the the better part of his. Best days of his career went to Jordan yeah when George LeMieux the southern guy he bounced around a little bit later on his career put it over agree never a year and was a superstar there but. It just adds a little bit underrated. Woody method for Dominique just for the markets. Tail end of that but having what truly one of the and who great lady played and had a little more team success right playoff that was would be fitting that's of the day with a. Already advantageous and they just ran into various brick wall and others Patrick Ewing or Michael Jordan or whoever it is that bad but we are all standing. Here right great team and Arctic. It's hard to you know do these guys up that's what you Iran has are listed on Michael's best bronze best co exist with all that's governors like go to slogans like. Damn dude played out there have been on a top ten most wanted. In game darker mayor nobody know old body badly and you just give him the ball on the wing and and you know they'll cross you over in theory goes when bill through the playing. Right in the eyes and in them yeah on three guys ain't when they can with the rough houses there. Thanks Donna Hogan for joining us I enjoy that renal perk enjoyed that I hope you enjoyed that follows could catch up with with a legend there are talking a bit about the playoffs and once again go to up my Dario dot com diabetes. As a a big problem here and a Nick's been doing that at the latter stage of his career and his life so off. Go through my Dario dot com and with the advances in technology. It could it could save your life are we a lot more to get to hear. Including Jarvis lay injury count. The mom and he got paid I did see this number common. But Joba is Landry got a whole big bag of cash we're gonna talk about that. Artillery at her and of course the Miami Heat and the sixers playoff matchup the is the sex. We'll get things going Saturday night in prime time out to your breakdown went down right here on 79 minutes ago. Chorus. Ticket window just renting an upcoming game according to Miami technology partner. And your local South Florida technology company visit them online and a quarter score dot com sponsored by Lauderdale BMW a former pride that brought you by your insurance attorney. Anthony Lopez. Call 305800. Irma. We don't have heat tickets to giveaway today you know but adding we have summing that just as good or if not you know just as better depending on. On not on your style and your preference we have Eagles. Jimmy Buffett tickets to get away. Goodman as they have good man we have to pass hard rock stadium next week I Jimmy Buffett India and the Eagles in concert together. So while that's quite a duo equated tandem right there so low we're gonna give those away let's do right now perk where you say that there's really so much of the by the way we got. By the top of murder of 605. We're gonna sprinkle some NFL draft talked here and were too we were exactly two weeks away from the first round draft. So Jonas tolls is gonna join his stress NFL draft analyst. At and TT scouting. And done he's done a budget stuff with USA today and draft breakdowns and very good stuff on him he is gonna join Israel around 605. And though his thoughts on what's going on here and rule as were two weeks away here so I do think. This is when reserves to settle an old bits and we can really start to piece together what's BS and what is not. I think the next does your real I think the teams kind of shut shut down their war room a little bid that kind of close ranks. And they released are doing their work there's just a lot of there's not a lot of misinformation out there than the next two weeks. It's everyone kind of says okay let's get serious about this and let's hone in on some certain guys here. And and I think you'd. You'd find out at least a little bid of bull run idea I think a little bit on where teams are off. Are are leaning so Jonas tells gonna join us here in about and about twenty minutes but let's give away those tickets. Parenting is Yossi the Eagles Jimmy Buffett called number seven right now to our ticket contest line. I've been guilty of during the number up too fast perks are ago 786. 534. And 0790. Muslim Gordon 786. And 5341. Both seven and nine Ole. And I de goes a good let's do a better way yes. Totally different topic but this reminds me of that so sometimes one from ordering food. Chinese food Italian food to have delivered to my house the tell me this ever happens to you you're paying by credit card. And as you're reading your credit card number to them they're repeating it out Lal. And your your sink import those eight people in mind who probably got there probably writing it down right here. Yeah your credit card 551055. And the expiration date etc. honestly to that is under Reid and Nicole from the back or 20 yeah are just. I don't know that I'll do that. I an item that's I told him some time you know until a sound just like a jerk up bill like they're gonna spit in my boom could do not repeat my credit card number route them out while. And I just there's saliva in in your in your blood analyzer done you're done when you make that were right for I don't know if you. That's who people repeat your credit card information out well I don't think they empty restaurant. Virgin or I stands IE I'm straight cash and cash into our I have great cash and I'm doing our national me I decided to. Not that on the credit cards. I should read I have Iowa and I have a three Schroeder's house right I assure that all my information. Is the I hate the people call me like I mean let's I call you I don't give any of my information Leo Doug I get I get I mean there have been some people look at for me by the way. They are fine. But I will call you. Let guys with a because it was all without with some credit card company right handed your. The 6 o'clock hour NFL draft coverage is coming into the ticket full speed ahead run two by. Big Five from Puerto made Cubans wired wrong we will have recovered from prince Kevin Davies. Hard rock stadium in our draft party at Dave and busters in the Oakwood plaza Hollywood. Dave and busters he drink play watch sports tickets draft coverage is also brought to buy mommy Charlie your number one draft choice it's Christmas in April around here. And rightfully so the NFL draft and all the coverage will be right here or names of an irony and a from 104. Point three HD two the Tigger the draft is two weeks from tonight's. And Jonas tolls. For a NFL draft analyst for and he's scouting you've moment to read Joba tolls NFL. He's gonna join us in about a seminary minutes we're rule draft six year. In in the midst of a crazy game last night for the Miami Heat we ever playoff matchup sets. We've talked a lot of about that for the first a couple hours of the show continue to talk about that tomorrow. By the we will have a white hot heat hours starting at 3 o'clock tomorrow also little. Extended heat. Coverage here on your home of these 790 the ticket and we're gonna have a bunch a guest from Philadelphia. We talked Dominique Wilkens earlier like we're gonna just blow it all out here the next couple weeks whether to draft or whether it's the Miami heat's. It's going to be it's going to be front and center and it's going to be a lot. Of all of fun what they got like I find fun here let me it's been a lot of NBA the last couple of days here yeah but baseball brawls. Raleigh like two weeks into the season Manning yankees and Red Sox are on every every night every that it's in all of a sudden there's a baseball brawl every night and I tried and this time it's the Yankees the Red Sox and there are. They were our old buddy John Carlos stand was well they were questioning. Whether he should get involved in all that does is yankees Red Sox still. Especially in the northeast resonates through a lot of people on both of them are very very Virgo this year. Yes yes they are gonna both be good but I like Tampa I'll tell you mandate you always wonder about these baseball bites and you always wonder who's to win one. NY like are they throwing punches and did you know did the relievers. Feel obligated to job all the way in from the bull run in and it's. But there is one thing that I did wonder with that rid Sox yankees buy and that leads us in the here's the thing. Where were hearing judge and Jon Karl stand and during that little dust up between the Red Sox and yankees. And I'm asking that seriously because I I I look on the video very casually I didn't I didn't see either problem they might have been out there right in the middle of it. Judge and add 67 to 82. And John Carlos then at 66 to 45. They should've been out there right drug to intimidate somebody but here's a question. Do you want those guys out there throwing punches. I mean these guys are home run hitters these guys are two of your major offensive forces. Do you want them out there with a chance it's you know back. Let's just say break of anger or get their draw broken we know you know Stanton has had some injury issues in the past. Not his fault not result bites but. You know just that possibility would stay and put himself in that situation. Do you want them out there. Or do you want those guys at their side is kind of bad there in the back ground. It do you do you think that you know everybody else who's mixing it up we'll be looking at them like wait a minute news. You were the two of the biggest dudes in Major League Baseball in your stand him back there you know not mix in enough. I don't know. I don't know what the right in Syria as I guess it would be for them to do what every other baseball player doesn't. Go out there and find a partner Indians for a second I don't know but I I I wonder where those two guys were. What they were doing and wide. And if you're a yankees in. What do you want judge and John Karr in doing during a bench clearing brawl. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJI store by drone nerds and win would syndrome or the Devonshire in congress. Why on over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's I in the sky. That would be one of in their mix it up in these girls are huge like news. Right nobody is that if if they threw upon cheered the deal with and on the other hand they could feel it by. I know our curriculum and solid judge got in their little bundles but I you know I taxes taxes are confirming that. But those are two that the two biggest guys in the image made in the N in the in Major League Baseball. Seems like they're on the same team in lake area judge and John Carlos in. Proceed judge know like his couple pitchers that are you know 6667. But. There's not a lot of dudes out there that are big guys me and the Euro who you know who knows that I'll I'll Jose L two based right but there's not every baseball you're group. You've been to a dugout like you stated publicly there's not a big dudes running around out there no soul. But you know I'd still like the old the old Donnybrook I like the old brawl. Now that wanna come out there and just do the dance I don't know what Red Sox yankees that's going to be fun here AMs. We have to create some sort of baseball story lines here regular team isn't going to be in the mix so to speak for England the one thing that. This and there's no fighting a football anymore for the most part. Right there's no fighting in hockey that's baseball and hot news worthy of you know not these kind of gone away and get it used to be I can't remember the last good NBA brawl that we've had. And yeah well NBA they've made it clear view if you cross that line didn't suspend my right did beat the San Antonio that's definitely a government welcomes utterly dominant that there was fighting like those fights go. You know and and you don't a you don't call me what you wanna call me I'd like I like I like a little rough housing now and again if if if if the two teams say to each other but. Yeah man knows what it is Red Sox put up 100 runs on them the first match of this weekend yup and then the eggs the American widened. I was just. I like that we talked about the robbery they would not have in the lakers and Celtics are right there in the clinics. Big Red Sox they were they're both good and they've played each other you know that's that's a little bit different there are before we get the Joseph tolls are talks about a told Jeff let's get the 6 o'clock deadline. These kids WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers first round playoff series are set. Series starts off with game one Saturday at bill Lee at 8 o'clock. Game two Monday at affiliate 88 o'clock. Game three. Thursday. At Miami 7 PM game war. April 21 Saturday. At Miami at 230. By the way Joseph will indeed. So is that he's not sure that he's gonna play in game one is is as a matter netease it'd scalpel you know he's. Recovering from the surgery to repair that fractured orbital. Highly unlikely he's gonna play Saturday night and even though more so this is a sixers are seven point favorite Saturn and its nuclear. Quarterbacks baker mayfield and Josh Allen are set to visit the goldmans over the next two days mayfield in town today. Josh Allen in town tomorrow New Orleans safety Kenny the coral visiting with the dolphins according to numerous Al list. Of Corel has sixty tackles and three interceptions in twelve games last year. Before being sidelined by wrist and groin injuries Cleveland wide receiver Jarvis Landry close to agreeing to terms on a deal that would average teen million a year. Intercourse and disperse more years here with the Balkans earned three Pro Bowl burst. He was a traded to the browns after he couldn't reach a contract agreement with the opens. Finally in the NBA Orlando coach spring bowl will New York Knicks coach Jeff Horner saying both buyer today. Warner 660 immortal borns who season's bowl before and 100 in two seasons those are your hitless. I had 67974. That's you're Regis on the on the tax on let's talk some NFL draft for two weeks away it'll go back. To the MBA playoffs but Joan tolls joins us NFL draft analyst you valmont to Brad Jones tolls. And FL and he joins us here on the right feels announcers Meehan soars guests on their truly steps are beyond convenient. Here on 79 and it's a good job they've taken a few minutes hi dawn. Aren't you got a man absolutely let's get right into the staying. I could says this draft is probably the hardest to kind of figure out. Where guys are gonna galway where they're gonna get slotted in probably the last fifteen or error twenty years I do try to read the tea leaves here two weeks away. Is that the case that you've got guys all over the board. Yeah I've been to compute the one while Chirac we know what that cater to you you put the nail on Albert. This is you'll watch were eight it's a lot of work. I beat her -- at least or or our sport first or. It can be made Hannity crazier a lot of our. Jonah Miami Dolphins as you know have the number eleven hey there's been talk that Adam gays absolutely loves baker may appeal. The quarterback out of Oklahoma. However the dolphins it could use broke one Smith works remain Edmonds the linebackers. Out of bud Georgia and Virginia Tech respectively. What do you think the Dalton should do and what do you think the dolphins will do and we will we will listen to if you say they trade up for dale we listen to that also. Yeah I think the alternate I I think there and a good spot because they keep it there or proximity to these are struck it rich but look overall pick. But it's the poor are still out there are on the outs. Because you Donna what Mark Jackson Paula to order. And it's gonna wanna trade up I'd try to be high premium commodity. That we aren't you didn't see it at all from butare. Or trade down what I would do which freaked out that it is important for or act like patriot porky liked but wait a cardinal. I don't want or CEU. Want them to book. And these cute pictures war. Or so we can. He developed global spot so what I would do it quicker and are pretty fast. I'm Kris package forward Gallic more jacked that's where he would try to look for what people will do what is. Nepal and are you duke bench and get spoiled their curricula that all the man that did it in a couple times. I'm really cute there and play a bigger issue here ample public build goodwill which irons. Ordered builder who spoke with the Broncos I think. That at the altar and have a legit play with the it was a problem. Or the chart number two pick ticket third project or future bickering about what it will do turtle why aren't they should do is. It's tricked out of its most if they can't probable pick. NFL draft Dylan showed told joins us here on 79 integrity of foam on Twitter. That a Joseph tolls NFL who's the best player in the draft to Pena in your mind just. Is this guy could not miss ten years from now there aren't there hanging his number up at the at the stadium here we're talking about camp who would do one can't miss prospect that that you and identify as. You know I sort of bumble falls showed that you know I've been on record saying that. It's odd that my career of one player to the hall of fame in other clubs squared Nelson from over kindergarten. On this guy really ever so right on eight. Here's a guy who's proposed what was across the border so walker got our guy in the creature operational margin but first and second level you don't like or shall Uganda the ravens. Is it more tolerable version of M and she can stay healthy I think she'll be a multiple possible Kuroda got the picture actually get their aspired hot. The dolphins need to open a tight end and you know they they probably are gonna get on with the number eleven it. But that this seems to be a decent. It's hiding in class it seems he seemed to have a lot of athletic tight ends up believed. Does that keep from a Penn State is a former volleyball player and basketball player. Seems to be a lot of tight ends along those lines would you agree with that assessment some some good tight ends and can you get a good tied in in say third or fourth round. Yeah I think that partly crosses are inching its I would be so that we saw last year. We're much more popular people are viewed OJ Howard Beatty joke groups and neighborhood literally a pop. There are good or how did or are you tracking the first so edit the Lou went out or rattled by the when the first round. Structured here at the prudent Alia that I think caught in the second Byrd grounds were each greatly Dalton because it's. You know you really don't you don't want spent in a political figure out how to must choose special guy. But not a special athlete class. I mean you don't like a Turkey you grab the public that allowed. I'm ten. It would look like I am really history never disappear and it'll come by Burkle Joseph for your dashed such that it took a look at what that Berne Davis. Packet 05. But then. Because without starter yet which hate Hearst. I'm Ian Hummer to be a great pick in the third round rude bit extra to grant India much racial guy in Nevada in line. Block certain critical of fuel to triple wide spot so to me there are a lot of good value in the workforce while you can guys can wait. He door pickup starter in this for second round of the trapped. Me ask you philosophically about drafting kickers because the dolphins lost their kicker Cody Parti. Am I believe he went to Chicago I'm not mistaken as a free agent. The last ticker they draft it was Caleb Sturgis. Bid round in 2013. Against. Didn't work out peg rate but do you believe in drafting kickers or do you continue just pick up a ticker as a freeagent. Which I think the dolphins abdomen their last two kickers. Yeah it's neat to me I don't BQ this but the practical magic or potter almost they shows and special quality don't hate because. If you look at them but personally today but Dan Bailey type format but does. The couple signed an adult cowboy in the same draft and understood it and under free agents to put out by kicker in the league today. So I don't think you need to drop kicker made bogey the kicker to the Dracula or years a lot of them having can now. So to me opt armor that we can see on the commitment kicker so heartless and took quantify the value as draft. What was shall you do financial situation so rubber why noted that second round pick much maligned. A track compare that appear to mature enough. She has great keep on college great production. Well you don't know the kickers can do it puts a residential setting is McConnell principles kicks in an actual environment so to me I don't think it's. A bit toward you have to drop the kicker in the in the draft. You're gonna happen it's on board as we've seen from the district has been under a creative so I'll wait for sure and a trip to Austria the stricker and honors. Joan just to recap here we'll get shot here on this and it's thank you for for president few minutes with has been great stuff if you think you name it all there isn't a mayfield. And what do they wanna get it on May feel they're gonna have to trade up you think the stop for quarterbacks are going to be gone somewhere inside the top ten right. Yeah I think I think that is similar to lock or orchestral pop for. What little boom boom boom EC can't Arnold Josh Al Bakersfield. And jobs from going approached or pick. What are the bulk of the almost first or fixes when they trade up or not a lot I think that you mostly portrait partners all the suitors who worked in the giant to. So it depends what you got the better treat operated the dual perhaps it's better tradeoff between the two. Q can it be that the 21 round picks to the build markets with John it's. But I think record most likely to be either he or if those top three go with them it's your Joshua articulate but Likud chemical or within the law. John thank you for the time and awesome stuff here you'll valmont Twitter at Jonah tolls. TU LS NFL. NFL draft analyst at and DT as a scouting thank you John I'm. Leon good stuff is great stuff man housing as good inside there he loves Glenn Nelson. They score direction ago Ohio I agree that. While we know of time basketball sic on Barkley because that could be a guy like where does he kind of slip or fall quarterbacks are going high. Somebody you know to the colts. What are the colts too likely to look like he can't you know he double injure the accident then what is sitting there in the tablet I knew that I think this I've received those that write a student who understood now you know. I just think distract is going to be. It's unpredictable in the wild as we pretty wild some of that is because a lot of guys like guys toes because you love the guise of is like. I think there's a lot of there's a lot of really good players on he had like six guys you go okay we got to focus in and try to get one of these six guys right if your point teams. I think there's there's you know there's twenty guys in his thirty general can we go get one of these guys. I think there's a lot of talent that's kind of fair across the board of two equally equally as good. No question about that targets of Java tolls. As were two weeks away from the version on the NFL draft for two days away or less than two days away. From the NBA playoffs including your Miami Heat we're back to the matchup against Philadelphia out and try to win the game last night. To close it out the regular season but it's all about Philly next here on some ninety the ticket. And they. Hey it's back this morning shows again this year is control of the week its hall of Famer it's a big deal who will join the likes it windy brand with a horse Heath Bell and Jeffrey Loria. Send in your submissions in the morning show good morning Sheila to take in Miami dot com and each week. They'll take a weekly winner of the weekly winner will get a fifty dollar gift today Rick gift certificate before the lumber. Then coming up in May soon. They're gonna pick this year's hall of Famer out of the ten weekly winners and if you sent in this year's election you win the grand prize a 500 dollar gift certificate to Florida lumber. It's 2018 tools we call things selection. Brought you by Florida lumber and AM seven Iranian from 104.3 HD to the ticket cursed her with you here on Thursday afternoon we've been having hoops with Kia with the Miami Heat in the Philadelphia 76ers retarded Dominique Wilkins. Earlier about two playoffs in the that he chances there. Perk start of the show by saying that he will lose in the first round of the NBA playoffs in I'm like give okay thanks appreciate that thanks for stopping by. At least we could have waited till the end of the early lead to six Tucker had an academy here tomorrow. Look let's get that on the record there I I tried to just off people equally in the 4 o'clock hour 5 o'clock hour and 6 o'clock every everybody is entitled to Democrat. I was stuck fully yes correct yes so we don't you but the main hurt like I don't I just the Joseph well MB thing. In his uncertainty. And you sing without you might even when they don't have jewelry for a single game you think Phillip who's gonna win the series yet. They'd they'd. I'm pretty blindness six. Game winning streak eight games they won with MBE eight games they won't without ins and outs of the essence correct and here here's our look at the series and I'm you know I'm not trying to bring them anybody's parade around and I know you're you're you're Myers general assembly that better yeah a much write my objective opinion it's not as he and another sixers ran. I think. Earlier the better team. I've been really is immortality to fool and I think he rolled problems. Suggests to me. It's is going to be very horror of him to get out of this series they've lost believe twelve of their last fourteen road games the heat so. You the better team. You have the more talented players. And the heat struggles to win on the road so I I don't know if it's going to be these people get swept. And I'm thinking it's probably going to be a long series. Six or seven but I. I I haven't decided on the games yet but I I think they'll be close games also I don't think he's gonna get you know. Blown out by well over this team every game. But I'd just been the better team will win this series and that's Billy to me. Okay I think he'd have a chance I think he'd have a great chance of winning a series. I think game one his democratic critical because you have to win one game on the road to get that one. The series basically changes. If your Miami. A little but there in the old everything is just a lot to overcome an agency up and Simmons plays. In a tight game late regatta cam make you know the trouble is no joke and don't retreat doesn't free throws. That to me would be a little bit concerning if Hamas Islam is almost Philly fame and the and then I just denied surrogate this perk and I know this is like do you get Erik Spoelstra. In a room with Pat Riley as much as pat. We'll try to distance himself moved from. It's there expulsions deal you know that right now. They're sitting in a darkroom down the American Airlines Arena right now and they're going through some stuff in Pat's given whatever it is sane. This is something that you can use against this team our eyes that you have that title in Italy this afternoon. Yes and say thanks both past that I've been an experience that I I I don't rise as dumb enough to be trusted I'm telling you know is I would say he's not being just under a sink in a series as close as this could be. I'm just saying that they gain and once again in in in the regular seasons Riley doesn't have to do anything. But I just think when you have that type of brain trust and that type of of availability to a guy like Pat Riley. Moved that that can be in Baghdad that do you stack that up. I take that. Every single day of the week over over Philly that's all that's all I'm saying and in a tight series Beckett that could be the difference. Where pets as you know what you know there isn't something you can do to get after Mario Belinelli. Or this is how you need to handle storage or or or this is what I think we should do with Simmons. What he thinks oh I just think I mean. How can that not hurt their perk idea I had that wears it like exports is done at all to see you at all the other guy Pat Riley I mean that that's. I mean sad. I don't know I don't think tank gets that involved because that's that's really micromanaging that's not trust in this boat you've got a good coaching staff there are there still is a battle. It playoff time there's no reason they can have a twenty minute conversation. And they might get something there that's that's all a guy that's fine but you don't pat doesn't play. And the game about players nobody if you give an anti if you had to give an advantage to one side on the coaching in that won't try would you give I didn't argument in my and then ultimately about Paris and I think that comes in the play at some point. And his series that could not okay. Very tight in my but it's not enough to give to keep the victory no no no that's old but I'm saying if you're looking if you're doing it like that aren't getting those dolphins breakdowns in the papers all the years who has the edge when the dolphins run the ball right. And I I get it and those that I do the heads to Miami on that front okay then that's fine but if if it's not going to win you the series. There and that's it took it that it's gonna help them with others. Use so you're picking the heat to win. Yes I am and I are out out go on the records out the public to the heat the Vienna and even I don't I'd like to know more about him beads injury that's all. Yeah not a blood on but I think he'd I think it's gonna help us here than the do you have of the makeup to win this series. Affirmative. So I know I don't think that they do it again that I'm I'm not a rip in the heat I don't think that he saw that he. He did what I thought they were gonna do right guys I see a 43 to forty by be a reason they come in forty more. I mean I I keep saying I think we know who this team is correct this heat team like what does surprise you about this heat team this year. Since the start I don't I don't think anything any any dirt they are who we thought they were and given that. Again why am I gonna have to reads 76ers a Charles I especially want to look at the standings and you look at the individual talent and the heat's road most. And I know and I say. Sixteen games and people are saying okay they only beat three teams that made the playoffs let's get penalized commands the look on the schedule I'm under addressing the people were saying I had it on that I saw hit you can't even get penalized sixteen to eight you can't. Out of your your plan right you replace your blame just women's singles will yes no no he didn't have a. A sixteen game when issued this year so I can especially without your best player so that but it but I do think I do think that's impressive perk. But I do think. That the national media a big people. And I think you do they're getting caught up in that a little bit and the army is all the cure. I feel like people are one are willing to the 76ers. Of the wants some they want some fresh blood in the MBA. And I think that they're not ready for that stage yet and I think I look at heat team and cap world it's a perfect team that can beat them in the first round I think it's a tough draw Philly. If I'm a Philly right now I'm going damn I would've wanted to see Milwaukee. Or even Washington real point of you yes. July due to bomb in Philly I don't give a damn we sixteen in a row where I've come and review and where Steve we've gotten no we are pure and really liked it he put on a sixteen game win streak right now would you be going. Tim we got Milwaukee. You Beagle in Milwaukee bring Cleveland we're gonna take everybody down here. It's great for the that's great how would you Phillips this year won sixteen in a row we would you be looking at a virtual round matchup I Bowen according and we substance that you wouldn't want you know. I don't know Google and Billy you're not going dammit we got the heat. Because that still think he'd have a are flawed team I think Philly still flawed team if Philly thinks they're gonna they're national walk over to a did not like this team is. This team is is is is starting to to get their stride here a little bit but they're still flawed basketball team. Yes. We're only talking about winning a first round series camera talk about him. Beating Cleveland dangled in space and doing it in a game and ended in a series that came down to the finals final day. If you could I'd rather see another team other than Miami at all of your filling. If you try our second round you're as in Milwaukee. I know I like duke they're they're that good even a little knot oh no cat no that's not what I'm saying at all. How he played recently up and down right healthy played all year. Where the heat who is going to now finishers. There inconsistent right okay yeah that's that's why if your if your Billy you're not you know I didn't you know one of space Jon calling in and ran original right. I agree that you everything that you said about the heat did you set it for six months and I sat right next to you what you've said it. Would you or your throw in Philadelphia mile leg there are some juggernaut like this and oh yeah. I'm like how no game I ever say that there are you never say you make it sound like Philip golfing idol favorite to win the Eastern Conference that I like. Two years ago been winning game. I still have some stuff to prove your bench Simmons. Soros himself to pro and then you're telling me that joy and beat might not play but you're telling the you're gonna tell me that they're good enough to win. Against it why he's team tournaments if you are quality in a very well coached Wally. I mean 44 wins you call quality as a deal. I think that's decent gap by you'd have come on let's just went through there you'll think that the heat are frauds do you like. Yeah respectable basketball college playoff team that's the Georgian and bloodshed and arrogant word of them equality live at. There are legit teams that Philly is good enough to say. Real needs oil and B we can handle the heat without our best player. I that's really jockey perk. At C. They hear you really sit around speaking in that voice I don't millions go and tell him we might add that's a Judas I don't say it and that took a look. Really might not have indeed and that could be a problem right I don't look even consider Billy the favorites and ease up people and a little bent out of shape here I picked Billy to beat the heat. I don't think Billy is the next Boston Celtics of Bill Russell era I don't think billions the next Big Three in the NBA. I think Billy will be the heat. Good B and six or seven innings I think they will be close games. I'm I'm not sitting here talking about really as the next NBA champion that he is garbage. I'm not saying that at all. I just think the better team and the team with the better talent. Is going to win and in the heat struggles to win on the road and look cool weather in beaters they are not. Sun has got to battle them sell it and Erik Spoelstra right away I don't know I don't know heat the sun has got his own issues correct I've heard both with. And if you would think you'd want MB in their causal motivate his side at this point of signings we motivated than. It needs being good move him in the off season. And yet but yeah okay that last spine but you know what I'm saying is I don't know how I got it indeed is right on him beat not being there for game one. How how how well do you think he can take advantage of that thing knowing him and knowing that her son is on a short leash. Knowing that Hasan resident and president I don't knowing houseboat usually handles this on it's not all routes on but I OK fine but so what about a sign that the yellow and other options so the bottom line is gonna win that game get a win game from examiner. What dishonest when he pointed to wonder about RBIs five points apart rebounds the government way to get did you know you guys I guess I mean you have to win one of those. Two road to pursue games on particularly I mean I wouldn't necessarily say you've got to win and if indeed is not bear because we've seen they can be. They can win they can be really whip or whip out MB its winning in really. It to me is the big deal it's just not with or without MBAs winning on the road. Have to win a road game yes we know that they have to they're gonna be as they have to win a road game at some point are welcome back. We have some final thoughts here we got to Josh Freeman right freedom is going to be in the drilled a burrito with Greg likens well that's good to you handle the usual group they're gonna come up here and out right before we hit the other 7 o'clock hour here so all we got a segment to go here 67974. If you wanna work text the show we invite incurred your text messages right here on seven I didn't take. An enemy someone. Guerrero broke watch party Monday night volunteers to with a 2000 dollar jackpot was now gravely. It's just the beginning of peripheral sports grill. Join the beast at the bird road location Monday night brought Cuba I've been happening in some and I mean after a moral four point three HD two. Tickets and speeding 76ers put their. Regular season meetings. Wild games on both sides big leads blown leads. A both teams won on their home floor twice. So I'll road win was not achieved by either team. Let me just let me just say this over the display perk and this is privacy the most when Agassi or at least right now. Until I you know a company about a little bit more tonight and as we get into tomorrow will be closed with a game time when you're gonna be out tomorrow for does that mean for you tomorrow anyways Sony get this on the record is just you have the sixers up take the heat and that will photographs of stakes later but. Others if the image is for the academy is MB. So if if if you're telling me Joseph Allenby does not play in this series looming for a few misses multiple games in the series. And Miami cannot win to me that is a major disappointment to me that is a major. A major. Disappointment. And that is a bad bad season for the Miami Heat and a bad playoff exits if if that is the case really yes. One era I looked it would be it would be a disappointment but. I think that Phil Leigh. Philly also. At Philly has better talent. Tom I think Billy is going to impose its will the heat again. I'm not predicting Billy is going to get to the Eastern Conference finals and allow north Philly get no second round. Right I mean I don't think that really has some great juggernaut ordered or anything like that I think Billy is better than the heat. And I think Billy will win because they are the better team because they have better talent male and remand. And not a big. Yes currency there a directive is it's crazy that threatening it's not just I'm not I don't think you take can be awful though that roster you could say they have far better down the Miami. I'd I think they still have better talent a currency that's where I think now where were I'd and then it has role in the heat's road problems are still going to be there and I'm. I'm not exactly sure how the heat takes it bandage. Of impede not being there. Is is it going to be by going it. With a son or the going to be with the sun and vamp or you're gonna be assaults at the realm like I'm not sure. You know is he is very is a driving T team anyways so. You know but he wouldn't have to change its style to a tax bill Lee with or without and beat that's good for the heat. That's a point in the heat's favor however. I just think Billy is is the better team they show that they can win. With or without indeed and you know don't tell me about there that they would you know non playoff teams are or whatever. None of the sexiest when they groin missed a singular figure super impressive depth. I'm item yoga do it's get caught up in that's I'm not I'm not caught up in that looked. If you want to look at sixteen games do you wanna look at the last. Thirty games you look at the last 82 games like what are you look at what the unit six real basic the same team without the sixty game winning streak. Well okay well I'm like what are you what he wouldn't again honey honey wanna break it down you'll look at the I mean the first 41 good the last eighty soon the last thirty the last ten to like how he would look at it I. I'm I'm giving them credit for for winning all of those games I just figured your ideas that dilemma giving them a little bit too much credit. That the sixteen game win streak is going to translate. Into this you know that they're discredited that go into the playoffs. And that's going to matter to me that doesn't really matter I don't put a whole lot of stock in that they're playing great basketball right now yeah let's put I don't think everything starts over and you asked me I don't earlier I don't give the heat had a sixteen game which I suggest that we playing great but it also would recognize. You're seeing the same team for the next Ford four plus games and it's all about the match ups. It's all about vote on that team they're not playing. Different teams every night we're different circumstances to get a sixteen games straight understood that under what are. How did they match up against the Miami Heat so the fact that they beat. Playoff teams are not playoff team for the past you know three weeks. That's great that's let's say that they're not playing great basketball but to meet I don't put a lot of stock into that because I think everything changes. Saturday night when the ball goes up at 8 o'clock its all about how do you match up against that one opponent it's not gonna be hey we're gonna we're gonna beat this team. But that and then all of a sudden we're gonna get a different team the next game it's gonna be how they matchup against Miami and with the MB I do not they are are presumably early on a I think that could be a big factor in favor of the heat. Based on that spot it and look I know I know Philly has no playoff experience. How much does he have. He has slightly more. Right slightly more of they have quite a bit more. You got Dwyane Dwyane will Dwyane and alone is a lot yup mean assigned to be a bit in the playoffs scorned in the playoffs we'll close out one series right. While he's got that the series of the two of the tennis Arlen and yes it has got that C of that season or other moron you are born in there you got how much of the him. Well a little bit out jaded and how much to say gentlemen Josh how much is he not Kelly O Kelly to cedar trail Kelly's got a started Italy's but it doesn't look like the Big Three heat right under an hour and had decades to play them very. This heat team does not have that much more playoff it's been known Billy no smoke have a lot more than Britt brown. And its coach bonus you know. Are we got to get out of here Josh Friedman and Greg likens are are coming up next perk lost it in the talks on Monday Monday man somebody somebody's gonna be down 10. Yes that's series we know for sure we know that Maury bank we had reopened at Sonoma that allow the bag is always thinks is Dominique Wilkins thanks to Joseph tells is always for joining us enough Jeff analyst. Josh Freeman and Greg likens are straight ahead Q Greg you're on your home of the heat's 790 the ticket.