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Curtis Stevenson
Monday, April 2nd

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Our alongside Chris Perkins Frito here Curtis are we joining us. In need 5 o'clock hour some sitting in for him today and tomorrow. A lot going on besides the NCAA final game outside the big local story which isn't really made clean national story. Is this current white side and his rant are on Saturday is post game rants. Decrying the lack of playing time. And he and Erik Spoelstra view his teammates met the media earlier tea perk. There was about twice the size of it of the usual media contingent that he practice the first thing Erik Spoelstra said when he walked up to us on the practice court. Is sarcastically with a smile on his base is you know why are there so many of you here today is just being normal heat practice. A as as the sun was say nobody's doing it with cuss words right. I mean that's a just hope they he got he got a a triple double in in speech on an unknown Saturday after the game and it had this they reverberated all the way across the nation it's on sport center it's the top of a ESPN yesterday. People work all of out of the Miami opened yesterday final days it did slow than the men's final and people are coming up to me ask who what when about Hassan went on climate so that you have analysts at this thing was pretty big as the most publicity Hasan has gotten all season. Now Laura Laura I'll probably is is media people that. Say oh we should have been so blunt team meetings look we you cover things up and an even longer than I have. How many Vanilla comments do we get routinely every day from the players and coaches that week that the week. Interview just run of the mill typical. Usually not so exciting comments that 11 guy opens his mouth and speaks his mind. Some of the some media members not all jump on them and say all he should have been so honest why you can't have it both ways you know either bag for a honestly. Our blog this you might disagree with the said would be glad he spoke his mind. I'm glad Hasan and said what was on his mind because. Look to do would be and genuine right and then sold you know maybe he didn't quite handily in the correct way. When you include the bad language I think that was his big mistake by. Speaking his mind I think that was good or assign a that was good for the heat. And you know was good for the media and look I think a month it's a great. Saul when I when I got word that the vetoed it that's Lewis said I'm on my god this is greatest this is good till Monday's talk shows yes and it and it has I'm sure the other shows. Delta loud as well but aside talk goes if you don't know what were talking about what's plea this little rant now. It's about thirty seconds long left side sat out much of the latter part of the game one the nets went small and Erik Spoelstra was small. Was the son afterward wasn't happy about that here's what he had to say the media. Isn't going to you know us if we wish him a long while we match and now we don't wanna bus and a penalty while we must know. You know a lot of teams all latitude on Albertson's brand sold in Wednesday's show host. This is visible. You know and and it can happen. Really cool things a lot of things it could use for your use of Osama you know on. When Nolan. For me. War I think those three is for yeah yeah I had already got his money's worth you got to quadruple in their yeah yeah he he got his money's worth men and look guys feel once again I I don't think that it's it's such a bad being that have signed seared what was on his mind because that was. That was kind of what I thought he had been dealing and it was more it was some and that I have wondered about. Allow. Because I often see a bit of sun gives you your best one on one advantage. On that court. The Wayne is a better player you can say Goran Dragic is a better player but. One on one advantage. 36 year old Dwayne wade does not have that one on one advantage over most other two guards. On does not have that advantage over most other guards his son does. Over most other centers one on one. Yet look at the nets are one of the worst teams Arabia he always seemed to lose to them. I always wonder why coaches always. Necessarily these are what they did this week to do that how would you being the aggressor and let make them react to you. I know I I I agree with you 100% on that and actually that leads us Cindy here's the thing it would nice segue there you like moon yeah yeah. Whiteside. Guess you could say he erupted. On Saturday. After the the Brooklyn game after the overtime loss and he was wondering about his playing time and how he's used. I agree with Hassan Whiteside but I also agree with Erik Spoelstra. And here's what I mean by today. The song is a guy who sees that he has this one on one match up advantage against other teams and wonders why the team does not trust him enough to put him out there and utilized him more. If I'm Erik Spoelstra. I'm trying to win games I don't really care how much Exxon Whiteside is is getting in salary I'm trying to win games. And I think the one being that that we heard today out he him. That kind of backs what the what. Erik Spoelstra is doing was Dwyane Wade's comment. When he Syria quote when he's engaged in in and intuit and wants to do what her son does he's one of the most dominant sinners in our game. And he went on to say. You can't do it every game but there are some nights where you see that he's in beast mode. But there are some nights as players were you just go through the motions and that all of us as players when he puts his mind to the game. And he wants to go out and dominate. It's hard for people to go to the levels that a big guy like that and take you to. That the big thing is Dwyane seemed to say what's O has been using as the as lead rationale for limiting his minutes. A son does not give his. Poll all the time so. I think if the sun makes that hampered this is Dwyane Wade saying this this is Erik Spoelstra doing this. If my son makes that effort and gives a a mayor effort all the time I think that his minutes will increase if not. The guy is gonna end up frustrated and complaining. And he's gonna end up getting bombing again like he did this time. Here's the thing a sponsored by the DJI store by drove nerds and win would Indra owners of adventure and pine crest. And over to drove nerds dot com South Florida's I. In the Scott why do you think we selected you with a sign that giving honor percent effort you know I. I know we will all out you know before he got us contrary to LE MEU raw and on the court signaling your official scorer if you tell that. You don't like tip the ball count that as a blocker anything you'll write my my fingernail got on the ball. Because he felt that every stat would increase the amount in this contract. This argument you'd maybe that has come that's something internal. Tell LeBron works a lot to Wayne Crist all those guys were or bought off. You know and indeed need any anybody looking over their shoulder but this is that yeah this is the immature part of disarmed. That's got to be so frustrating not only to. Erik Spoelstra but his teammates at times as well. And the look and and again I think that the biggest thing that Hassan the wrong in voicing his opinion was using those cuss words. If he would have just see it it's annoying I'm frustrated I don't like the minutes that always giving me blah blah blah. I think he would have been okay may he's older pulled him aside and talks to him but it's it's not a national story and he doesn't get behind. He chose to handled this poorly now again what TC did. I don't disagree with them but. When you look at houseboat plays him and what do wings hated this is a hosts on Whiteside problem not a Miami Heat problem. You don't want question we'll never know always I'm real curious what has signed what is said if given the same question but the heat had one. Reported that would have made it real yeah. Really bad yeah yeah I think this fatal loss but it they had won once and a lot of lines and losing yeah that would have been the ultimate selfish thing this thing. Yeah yeah he would have been portrayed beer eat dairy badly now see right now I think he's being portrayed as eight frustrated young man. Which I think is the situation. Yep that would have come victory all it's selfish man and did you know blue win when you're talking trade in the off season. Which lets face it that's gonna happen. Then it's. No longer for itself no. I yeah I can I don't know who's taken that salary right now. Right he's got two more years prayers and about it I was one more here here yeah when are you going yeah so is yet about which you don't let the when you talk in the off season. You wouldn't want that label of selfish all that would put it in families you were yeah I universally well and it and it would have hurt but he did you know the trade value also you've already got that tremendous salaries got people who take to do with big salary. Into play that position in a bad attitude. As a lot of that's a lot of assault on somebody. Now the does this sound bite we played as roughly thirty seconds or so long. We figured coming into today that this our first like probably the best coaching and practice today from. The media relations department. As to what to say or what not to say but his answers we we we we we found out were were were relatively short shorter than that Celeste with some some sound from his side today hears him talking about his post game mood on Saturday. Cause a spark Ferdinand and often frustrated. You know on government laws are required to get bigger. Maybe the answer the question maybe he doesn't say that if April was a win. Yeah it's a double for his city would. You would hope he would because that would have been. A big victory down the stretch assay because that would of clinched the playoff position yet. That would not have the right time to voice individual frustration after a big area in which you clinch. A playoff spot that would not redesigned to go public with your personal issues no. And yours is son I asked them or later today he regrets the rant on Saturday yet you know Lama sort of how incredibly different I don't know. Let us home so well caught up and one and get their win. You know and are your competitor probably wanna be out there but you know but owns a distressed hostesses. We will play more than I forgot who got you headlines here to there I wanna play another white suddenly get back Erik Spoelstra handle a lot city actually only. Made one big statement part of another one and any major shut down all questions regarding his it was very Nick Saban ask but right now before continuous could have. These kids WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WSS best HD true. As we've been discussing these similar some life size hit today he was frustrated and should've handled things better when he went on his post rain rare Saturday after an overtime loss to Brooklyn. Whiteside question his playing time and suggested other teams in the NBA might be only use them better. Whiteside it was fine for his comments. Miami Heat is off tonight back in action tomorrow hosting Atlanta to start a stretch of its final five games in nine days the heat of course is in seventh place in the east one game behind Washington. A tiebreaker I hit of Milwaukee by the way no NCA amino no NBA games tonight. That's because we've got beat in CA championship at nine when he on TBS top seeded Villanova. Takes on third seeded Michigan Miami Marlins host Boston a seven tonight to start a two game set Marlins are going right hander Trevor Richards. Rid Sox throwing lefty Brian Johnson. Florida Panthers host Carolina tonight at 730. And get this the New York Mets in the New York Yankees had their gains postponed today due to snow. The Mets who played Billy on July 9 in a double hitter. The Yankees play Tampa in their home opener there are now postponed home opener at 4 o'clock tomorrow those are your it. I Saudi ID photo tweet out by Mike for Karl with a very good sports columnist by the New York Post. Got Yankee Stadium very early today put a picture of Yankee Stadium there was covered in snow when he said my office for today may be. Are you know what I saw one I think by ESPN. Had John Carlos didn't like on the top step of the dugout taking a picture of Yankee Stadium and it and it and ESPN put a captain on some light. This is out you know you're not in Miami anymore yeah occurs well there you go again nothing ever to viewers are you're here to go it's too hot right right right exactly close the roof because by the way they had the roof open or brawl organs medicine and see that's outs then that's little talk about let's say Derek Jeter needs to make the inexperienced better. Like I hate going in there and there's like it's it's 82 degrees outside there's like a 10% chance of rain. Close that roof right it's like to open the rule it's a teacher like you should've just got a dome if you're gonna keep it open like three days a year and a fixed roof dome a minute what little I I thought maybe they were closing yesterday because it was daytime it only euros beautiful on all organ is I think this time a year you can do it during a game like you know July and August. And exposure you wanna open for a 1 o'clock Sunday game or whatever the case yeah. Let's play another sirens sound bite saying now again the you know the their teams are on the league he said that want a senator. So he was asked today. You know about that common saying he's not sure of his future here. And I'll stand as is the fact I don't know about heaven knows they're cute you know nothing guarantee this bill you know home I don't know I don't know. Do you don't know close of business that ended his day in you know right now just to look like I you know did you did you make all the. He's he's right about all that you are he seemed to be. Coach doc my impression numbness feeling right next to their. But he seemed to be contracted T 80 if given the choice he would've just. Set a little bit of stuff that a little bit more benign. And may be reacted more awhile there wasn't pressure is on Sunday but. You know maybe just held his tongue a little bit and has cooled off and end and maybe could not send the way he set. No I I I really think that if he wouldn't of custody would have just snuck through the it's annoying and I'm frustrated. And blot well. At the tussling in the air and saying com. Some other other team there's other teens like to use a center. That's that that's let net crossing the line all right that wave across the line. Actually so but AFP what does it and it wouldn't cost the wood just left and it's annoying it's frustrating if if he would have slid you know I don't like the way spoke uses media I don't understand why we don't match up. I really think he would have been OK but the billion other teams. Could use that could use a sinner and a cousin. You've got to find you've got to Bynum. I agree and and you know they did find him an undisclosed amount one of the people who was there with me there are a lot of us there. Was Manny Navarro Manning's gonna join us next we have fifteen minutes heat and talk about the satellite side. The rant on Saturday the reaction to date. And of course tomorrow and he can finally clinch a playoff spot that's next on fifteen minutes eat right here on seven and that's I had fast. Our team Manning's. Okay. And fifteen minutes that he is customize my champion four by four South Florida's number one keep truck and SUV customization shop. You're guaranteed to have the hottest war by four modifications in town called champion four by 4786502. 3446. Or go to champion four by four dot com. Fifteen minutes of Pete is also brought you by all pro orthopedic and all throw at all pro worker Pete could sports medicine. It's their job to help you get back into the game with four south war locations there's one near you. Go to all pro orthopedic dot com for more information. I'm filling in for Curtis Stevenson freedom we're alongside Chris Perkins will take you up until 7 o'clock the main topic today. Has been his son were Whiteside rants on Saturday we're gonna get into some NC double talk as well. Curtis Stevens is gonna join us the next hour talking about debt from San Antonio. Right now it's too many tomorrow on the Ryan fuel down posters convenience or gasoline they're truly steps. The united beating Amanda you're not one of thousands of people covering he practiced today at actually hurt walls were joked about it right away saying how would be contingent was much larger Parikh. Regular he tried his everybody wanted to talk about. This kind of what the questions throughout their Manning. Is. Would he have done this won't happen he would die on this the heat one. Had a sort of a look much uglier as and it turned out to the art I eat one racquet any system some guy. But it's funny you mention are Credo because I had the same conversation with him or similar conversation with him earlier this year in January in Toronto. It's all about playing time in about his attitude and basically what it says order monitor waiting I'll be fine. But obviously but listen there ringing in her on all losses of these new. Where he came back that buying him out since the upset about not playing in the fourth quarter. Beat derby go back and you look at it identity check on the spot but I bet the look of the number. Of the 49 gain on the white that it created is not late. In the fourth quarter or overtime of what any of those games so. I'm that there'd be top of the game where the guy I'd beat any team is sitting and watching the most important minutes and again. Paid many. The two guys that I liked it seemed to be kind of polarizing our son might side injustice Winslow I think both thumb should be. In the games and fourth quarters. Although maybe not necessarily. At crunch time and in her son's case it you know will take that up later but. At what point is that he responsible. For developing these players because we keep hearing about their shortcomings. I know the players are responsible but at what point do you look at key development and say. They they they might be not doing these players this is not be doing as good a job with these players as they could be doing. Well I mean look Bert part of it the old charm of this rosters that there's so deep right you can go ten. Eleven guys beat by part of the payoff was batted. Fewer minutes and so I'd like upon guys like justice. Don't get the opportunity to sort of play through mistakes they're playing really battered enact given effort. You know spoke to take them out they put somebody else that was going to be able to get the job I think. Part of development. Is having the minutes on the court the dark and it doesn't the guy when you look at improvement act like you really improved this year opposite point two percentage he's got that up I think over 40%. Still. This late in the season and you know he's improving little by little on the opposite side. And and I've seen improvement overall in the I'm the one guy because of the injury that I really feel like he's taken a step back you just don't see this same burst. Of speed was probably running up and on the court I folic two years ago when he was spite of that contract. He was hopefully art up there every single ball he was running open on the court full speed. And to meet you just he hasn't been Mac guy and not on a nightly based. How come IE you one of the things that frustrates me and I just rob basketball football as well. We've got to react to what the other team is doing how about taking your strength in making the other team react to you. Yeah I agree with you trio but are coming up foresee having part of the deal in the NBA is. This small ball work hoping that all the best team in the league. I have basically done it and input side and back to the waited late this year. Well what teams go small and and they bring you know I'll forward it was very small forward. When they go really really small. IPod can't keep up with those guys he's just not getting in the way he's not earning enough that any. In those situations so. Android app but so he'll Linux and credit when he'd been in there. These cute doesn't mean there have been phenomenal completely got the best but my grip on it seemed so. It's not only a matter what I'm not playing up to put the guy who replacing him essentially in the fourth quarter minutes. A flagrant. Many. When when you looked at Tom has son and his possible impact that's the at the end of games. What what would you say is the is the biggest contributions he makes number one and number two. You know when you remember two years ago when spoke move to sign into the starting lineup. Where the playoffs. Is there a chance he moves him out of the starting lineup this year. Puts them on the second unit and maybe hasn't played alongside Dwayne a little bit more to maybe wake them up more or make them a bigger part of the of the young team. You know I think it's it's a good idea part of of that are having them run more maybe with respect in unit maybe that's better for him. But the problem is that there's second unit is that Sudanese restrict their team when Kelly. Vote getters you really wanna mess without formula that point one that's really the best group that you put out there on the floor highly. I think inside because of how far we are into the season. And just because of what his role is is which is basically rebounding. And getting easy baskets were available. You kinda happily remain the starting lineup for those reasons but it'd just be right BI mean. I'd definitely awaited shake things up maybe don't get him more fired up right fired. But at this point 05 in the in the regular users follow your group. By a little too late art experiment without. And late in games specifically we know his son is you know he's Doug. Post player rebounder rim protector does that change leading gay does he give you those same beings late in games or. I don't what what what do you think men and why wouldn't he be in there if he does give you know same beings late in games. Well I yeah I mean I think what he gave you the first quarter's same thing you're gonna get in the fourth quarter strip such a problem is. Teams are basically dictated by bought smaller. That you need faster guy out there on the court especially in transition and there's too many good but how many times this year I thought like you go back either of those years ago with the scene he seemed. That made the playoffs. I got in seven of these are garments in the final act like with our. He would get back on defense he would be involved in the play this whole body part but I look up this season and have started to click OK awareness. You know he's not in the picture he's not yet an awful all the way back he that you look when this. I really think he injuries I mean I'm not gonna limit the bombing rerelease think they have affect them. And that that you hadn't been in optimal shape and so I think in the fourth quarter. Wrecked because he'd been down there or really get it in a close tight game they go to Cali because so he opened up more than their clock only allows morning. Our war on lever on the board JJ to get to the rim. And not absolutely clogged up and that's ultimately what they tried to fill on the left there are preferable thing is driving it in and that is not wait on the first three. As somebody or art program. Miami Heat herald beat writer Manny Navarro joins us here on 790 the ticket won of the comments that he made at the end of that little rants. Was you know there are a lot of teams that would like he said her a lot of hero Luke legal like a senator thank you reform and asked him today. What you all bout that comments in the end he said he'd like to be here. Buddies and ultimately it's up to me it's it's up to the heat. Look at your crystal ball season opens in the fall right around Halloween wore a summer Whiteside be in the roster. Very question Credo I I don't think so I think Miami's gonna find a way to unload him. To somebody else I think that's that's sort of the one issue here and we can go back in time and criticized Pat Riley say. Why spend you know what I'm responded that contract. The situation vehicle completely different in the situation that uterine doubt the rockers all analytic has emerged drafted. Spam out of bio I think you know I met my question obviously today it was he's still figure that would this team and he says yeah. I think the reality is the way that it all is utilizing that brought to the way the majority of these pubic is successful or not would look on the court it. It really with the other guys on the court with with Kelly said he screamed expect herself. I think it's the possibility open double Miami. Is able to trade him as somebody who is willing to pick pick Comex contract for the next ten years maybe if you like the Milwaukee Bucks who. They're kind of likened the situation right there in that 78 spot. It's gonna be hard to attract created that the credit you need to be willing to trade on the light side because you're not gonna find the body big and created either you need to make a trade. Maybe take our couple that fired contracts like the Bart Parker. All and Donna has that it really eat and it's an average to your party one year each of those guys. And and you sort of live with the revolt that was so yeah haven't I think I think that demeanor that group effort that are going to be here I think it probably 6040. But he's gone. Her to think we can get degree creek one on one for solace that the dog that yeah if you get like a case of bratwurst yeah yeah yeah sure you're a bit. And I was I was gonna make me a dolphins Joseph parent say you put the dolphins' front office in Milwaukee and maybe that's so that's an accrual is that it after I take a shot at Obama sales grew. Pay many ask answer lease something could you talk to the two good heat fans all the time. Has anybody changed their mind about wanting to face Boston instead of Cleveland in the first round I know that the Celtics are hurting. They're the six game winning streak is everybody so afraid of LeBron still. They'll take their chances with the Boston and should they be thinking that way if that's probably millions linked. I know I've she's my mind. The Celtics. That he got to give Brett it has a lot of credit. I know they'd be directed at an attic was eleven and five or Lebanon or without are treated here I think they've continued to improve that mark. Look the bottom line is it the Celtics edit out this most of retired the side area let's see. Quite a bit but what's a really good players in the way that they are. You know I. Given the choice now are fighting I don't give it to I Arctic Philadelphia art out of and the big is certainly have a chance. Of looking at that number three seed and you're earlier games back of the sixth spot so maybe the Philadelphia series would be much more appealing. By many. Think they slaughter coming out appreciate note tomorrow night of big ninety you know Detroit won last night he'd of course lost. On Saturday they can finally clinched a playoff spot I think I would do you know and it did something no one that they were obviously most of the talk today was on a satellite side. But the secondary talk was finally getting that done in and they can do at you know yeah it's in their power to do with themselves. Yet a question and end and they should get it done and I think the pistons are at the sixers on Wednesday celebs you know. Another opportunity. To the edict which is well so. Yeah I mean I think my name is gonna win volleyball game against Atlanta and that a shorter I think was he's an ending a surge lyrical even ending ankle injury. But their best player talked about their best players. So I mean there's no excuse for the eat every I know that net to sort of about Matt Foreman back and I expected Saturday into the close. What Sox I mean there's no. You're either block the law does Michigan have a chance that it. I got a little by employment and how hard I want to seven anymore and that. Yeah I'm gonna get my point I don't know Curtis is Cheri but it laid a little money. Supporters will restrict us make away like entertainment terms as a us. And what coach want Howard to be awfully disappointed of this Michigan pulls the night yeah yeah I'll bet. And rob rob we'll have no continue to be very yeah yeah media relations guys on the Villanova sizzle Dwyane Wade was asked to neighbors in the money exchanging hands he's the rock makes a lot more than I do. So many things come out appreciate it has been a bit sorry guys I take care yeah I think. We could have a strange at number three tomorrow I think Toronto is is against Toronto is at Cleveland and Brooklyn is that Billy. I believe so it's a native Brooklyn wins and I mean Philly wins and Cleveland losers right which is very possible we week could go to have a blip. It where it stands right now lot Cleveland is a half game ahead of the sixers right now there even half games behind. The raptors Philadelphia's nine games behind and again UCL a bunch up is he serves and nine and a half games behind. And really get the second three. That are you know the you know in out of playoff teams. All of a further back to the wizards are thirteen and am back here fourteen snapped back tied with more evenly when the tiebreaker so it's it's. To the top throttled Boston and then Cleveland Philadelphia and the pacers are gonna finish. Or pot 345 in some order in Washington Miami and and the box are gonna finish 678 against some war. So it's it's it's survival and revenues of 33 here and yet read three sections and they're pretty much as you say pretty much. Within those perimeters yeah by the way the ticket is giving you the chance to go to Marlins game of Romberg it's real simple head out in the MetroPCS. Were in Miami. At 7246. Southwest 117 avenue on Saturday. One to three of the MetroPCS store you will be given a special cold word. You can and are on the spot to be registered to win the chance to watch some hard ball with old roms. It's brought to you by MetroPCS and am 79 yep immoral for three. HD two with a ticket we will talk to Curtis Stephenson at 520 in the next hour he is in San Antonio I go once again. At the final four that we get a little bit more talk. Next right here on is that. Seven guys right. We'll have a championship takes place Saturday April 14 at the Miami marine stadium flex park. Located 3601 Rick barker causeway on Key Biscayne registration is now open the Orange Bowl dot org to anyone who wants to give in on the action. The event benefits big Brothers big sisters are Miami and the ticket would love to see you there. He's Chris Burke enzyme Frito filling import Curtis Stephenson today and tomorrow Curtis is gonna join us at 520. From San Antonio is a once again going to the final four the sole long time he's got a big record this thing. Gas I can't remember how many straight years you sent to any seven RE yeah I knew was over when he. But yes that's incredible moment of that is amazing guy Glenn I don't know that have done anything for when he seventh street hustler guys. I mean I haven't done like you know 27 straight football opening days or any teeing you know recovered NBA over college. That's that's that's upheld a street. This is I was rooting now being from Chicago I was a referral Leo Leo they they're essentially kick Korean in hoosiers and you they didn't win make it do you know they were down at first by like eight or ten points then went up now and then you know than Michigan took over the game and and now loyal as Ron magical run is over. Maybe you'll courtesy of have talked about this I think we like. Cinderella stories particularly in the first two rounds to make it up to the sweet sixteen. And maybe further oh I'm amateur how many people nationwide. Want to loyalist to continue because people listen all they were look look at Michigan their number three seed oil was eleven at. And a three seed is a ten is a seven point underdog to Villanova you think there's a limit in general besides the end of that team. As to how far we want Cinderella stories to go and then we want to blue bloods to take over. No audio the egg cat feels that way Curtis feels that way don't you only wanna see him go so far am I the only one to see them. Complete. Live the impossible dream right Gordon Hayward Mecca or shot ball world ending do exactly eggs ME vets. C always say I root for the best story I don't have favorite scenes you know and I'm a journalist tonight I root for the best story. Best story would have been Loyola winning or Butler winning or or George Washington winning or. Virginia commonwealth winning I mean both are the best stories you the better story this year UCL a wins the national football title or Alabama. Right I don't think and if it UCF knocks off you know Auburn and an Oklahoma and an Alabama. A great Ricans. That is seek to media and along those lines let's continue this. The best story from Ian. It's notable wins that's two titles in three years that's an awfully tough to do that Timmy would be the best story better than Michigan upending the wildcats. Now okay now you're talking about tonight's game night game let's go to sites yeah I mean that's I I guess so. It I guess it would depend on. Held a game with a ship from where we sit right now I guess I would say that you know Michigan was there and in 2013. And now another back to loosen the removal team that got stripped of their title and their coach are Baylor and Bjorn said that he doesn't want the title I I thought if the if I don't we'll get from Louisville has given the Michigan. Yeah certainly a political solution yet right exactly I had I don't blame them because it's you know it's looked as if he's he's a guy whose school face that same situation right at the dove vacated final four right. Not they didn't win the title of a man but that the vacate final four appearance sold. You know I may be bit maybe he doesn't think he doesn't think like that. Because it could happen it while it did happen to your school. He did say by the way and I think a singling to this article. That eventually that I was going to be you know can be honored at the school. Yes you know because a mile secrets we're gonna paid off by that it or mr. Ed yeah yeah and so you know those those victories were were vacated. It would be nice seat. Camp I've honored in some way. It would be it would because that was just a dynamic team and I. I recovered a coverage that meeting and in high school wasn't analyses from the Plano east is where is he went to high school and dumb. Yeah and and and and rate Jackson was from Austin so you know Ross I actually saw both of them play high school basketball. And com yeah just a a country and setting dynamic team. You know from the baggy shorts to the blacks do it by freshman to a and everything and it would be great yeah that that final board you know that's gone but it will be great to see. Michigan honor of him somehow get those guys back together and. On love and eventually laughable and by the way of Chris Webber ought to be isn't kids are not to be Everest kids. And they misbehaved you think he says to a yellow snow don't say go take a timeout quick and deadly. And yeah I saw on a mile reality Isa tone to travel first and I'm. About Roy Florida lumber features an open door policy attacks we have here from the 95 bourses once again criticism of the work ethic from his son. We now how wade when LeBron was here ever criticize wait for not getting back on defense. C'mon guys nobody you know an annual. When this I was sure that final year I can remember in or you him you know interviewing him any group setting. With everybody else after gains and on the games that Dwyane didn't Fellini did seem to plea in a lot of those that particular year. End and their very good friends but LeBron it it wasn't hard. Is to read that there of the bailed inferences to Dwyane Wade when he Islamic guys playing her. Or not trying hard enough he really seemed to be a senate going away like get your butt back on the war on appear or not we need you to play. Did I hate you know what I thought the when they were losing to San Antonio 2014 he. In the finals that LeBron looked down that bench and thought. Nobody's Denton and younger on this team including Dwyane I need to get the heck out here. And yet it did the wait was looking kind of beaten down dear and in that when he fourteen final so. Yeah may maybe somebody needs to study you know do that with Tucson I don't know if they would work but com. Yeah maybe some actually with a son I don't know if you can make those bill Christy like to set that straight right. I'm always portal lumber that open door policy for a lumbar is the self boarded the worst superstore where you can find over fifty models of interior and exterior doors in stock every day. Four lumber is more than just lumber yes or you know Dwyane got a lot of criticism but. You know now he's he's back now all's forgiven then and now we you know he did he was really upset today at that two minute reports thingy was solved he was he was when I saw gore and refused to comment I gore is like I don't wanna get find a way to set. The report sucks I hate it. I like the two minute report why well they gain by it. Well I'll tell you what's to be gained by it is the NBA isn't just saying there are refs blew it so what. At least you acknowledged the mistake. If people here to look at who the refs weren't wanna talk the next game or ridicule homework or whatever feel free but I. I say I do think that this is some. Credibility building. On the NBA's tastes were cut at least there acknowledging. Yeah our our rafts they messed up sometimes those critical part of the game. I guess I'm looking at you what you're saying makes sense I'm looking at it from the point of view of the teens I'm for the team that got screwed so to speak. They they got to be limits and we should have gotten this call it may have given me Ewing they've been able to snatch it would a victory out of defeat. I look okay that's fine by you know that's but there's no reason sue. Be little that. Because that the NBA is just it's like a team that goes over game film and it it's like give it as a player. You could look at your coaching though coach the game was last night whether hill are we going over this bill we can't do anything about it. You know I think it's just a an acknowledgment. And hopefully the rest get better from this as opposed and in just sweeping it under the rug. And as a as a member of the basketball watching public eye and I'm glad that the NBA is at least. Holding its ramps to some form of public accountability. I would add that that's their ideas am looking on from a team perspective. How much would you pay you for guy and your team is just simply go always say you know character which it paid. There's the door Dolan had in the bottom way out one team is paying over forty million dollars. Just sell someone you know what we're better off without you there's the door could buy. Tell you who next right here that it. Track the yeah this your tool that we call Famer who joined the likes of wind the heat spell and Gloria. Send in your submissions to the morning Joyner morning show at the ticket Miami dot com in each week he'll pick a weekly winner. The weekly winners will get a fifty dollar gift certificate of portal lumber then in May still take this year's hall of Famer out of the ten weekly winners and abuse in in this year's election. You win the grand prize if. 500 hour gets her to give certificate. A four lumber it's the 2018. Tool the week halting selection brought to you by four lumber and named 790 inept immoral for three HD two. The ticket alongside Chris Perkins Humphrey donor sitting import Curtis Steve it's encouraged. Will join us in about 25 minutes from San Antonio he's at the final four again I'm I'm real curious what he thinks of of the match and not just an x.s and o.s thing bridges when he preferred to see Paul bass you told me he probably is glad that it's Michigan and and all over rather than loyal going in there. Yeah yeah yeah definitely man definitely. But like I say I I want a serious underdog being just. You know code. Come to its full tuition and ended you know CM complete the task guys. But 'cause. It's it's good that you have the underdog going to a certain point of the turnovers. But. Yeah just finish the job when one of these years finished the job in really delivered next donor to the to the big schools. You know it's amazing because we all CRE then I think rightly so all right this was a one and done for a for oil although never with the you know within the next 20/20 five years Hillary even sniff. You know the the final four again and you know they amend this far since 1963. When they won. When they want at all. And yet after Boller almost you know after Boller got there once you've thought all right that's it Brad Stevens Gordon Hayward they'll never see it again and got back there again the next you're right. Right by saying to me that it's interesting in college basketball when you talk about these quote unquote smaller schools. Is quite often and you get the match up below fourth in this year players in the program. Against some school like Kentucky there or Kansas that might have a new one and done. And does that experience and being well versed in the system. Council allow these superstars. Eventually in the end. History tells us the superstars win but she and record a couple of upsets along the way and get to the final. I'm wondering if moser is gonna be you know of loyal give him more money if any school out there that still has an opening her army of an opening you know and just recruit him and say that it's the thing about disliked. A last second shot for a couple of those first games they of course played Miami in the only around. You know in your shots like that make moser you know more porn mode he better coach or is it just. He's in the right place at the right time you've got a great cities it. Elevates his reputation how about that Brooke walk in the pits because I don't. I actually don't know how good a coach CA and I don't know what that program has done in the previous three years or what is project to do next year by com. They had been due to high profile right now Frito and and it's a great time in your Porter moser. If it. If you look you're the hot name and there's a desire bold teen that needs a coach. You know I'm guessing Xavier with a desirable job for a second they just wrote there says they write they just promote their systems so but if there they job out there in the use your hot. All boy that is that as well rings that's great time I'm a Florida Gulf Coast in the dude who window USC got a billion correct to right and correct. I got the yeah yeah they play that high high octane style ray and and and yeah that's that's the timing paying. I noted dish shocker Smart go to Texas the year after Hezbollah. Hokies in Iraq right it was he was there are currently happening and he was via but yeah it's it's a you know that's the thing for Porter moser today. If this sinks out because right next year you might go back to being third in your conference and you're yearned you know you've. That that opportunity misses you but gifted if it sinks up for him. I don't know it did your your reputation is not interest him that's what would be the key. We'll talk a little bit later this segment about someone who's being paid or forty million dollars to just apps we we've also let's talk about. The person I thought light of the best weekend in sports and all the country you be surprised may be who that is but first let's go to here's the thing. And why. You access to show and I will listen to our headlines before we do here is that being as we've been talking about all day he senators on white sides here today that he was frustrated. And should've handled things better when he went on this post game rant Saturday after an over to overtime loss. To Brooklyn now Whiteside questioned his playing time in that ring and then suggested may be other teams in the NBA could utilize him better white side of course was fine for those comments Miami Heat is off tonight American action tomorrow mostly live at the start to stretch of its final five games in nine days. The heat of course is in seventh place in the east. One game behind Washington and a tie breaker I hit a Milwaukee. Reno do you like the heat's chances to clinch either Tuesday or win today they've got a back to mess with Atlanta. I think so and I think they're very motivated from why you only when I gather to practice today. There are incredibly motivated to end this thing tomorrow delete for anybody else to lead the wind and I Milan Italy for Detroit to play on Wednesday get this done tomorrow. At their own doing. For the record. They see is they sure being a lot. To make the playoffs absolutely positively. No way they can miss. Right that's what I say now mathematically make good but there's no no no wearing absolutely no well they're not zero jail which is the matter now what CD will be right right I agree in CA championship this tonight top seed Villanova takes on third seed Michigan at nine when he on CBS. Miami Marlins host the Boston Red Sox at seven tonight to started two games that. Marlins are throwing righthander rate right hander Trevor Richards. Rid Sox throwing lefty Brian Johnson three go no you're out there over the weekend you saw your beloved cubs. What did you think of the atmosphere what did you think of the Marlins. Giving their fans something they're too right now. There to shoot a the cubs Pugh told themselves yesterday at this accelerate if there tomorrow I don't know hidden till fifth inning in LA they teed off on Jose cantata the fifth and sixth. You know scored a total six runs the Marlins are okay and and and you know they they entertain their fans all three of them that were out there and we look at our our our consulate was out there he he can verify this was this was aid decided home field disadvantage especially. When you know waived that if the cubs score which they didn't you guessed rate yet no big cheers. During the seventh inning stretch its route. You know some people say Marlins but the cut it was drowned out by Syria hobbies this was an absolute cubs crowd. The Marlins are being transparent now last year and in previous years they would give off that was 101000 B while there they were announced tickets sold out people there they announced it has like 25000 that it would be a joke you would be downright ridiculous. This year there are doing people there are people that are in the stance a percent bows in the seat 101000 it's it's it's it doesn't make them look good but it's certainly more transparent. Yeah I. I think a little skiing like that. Could help I mean maybe it. Maybe over the course of the season it only gets you an extra 200 Iranians but. I think the the effort though the message behind that is kind no less com. Mac and less. Jerk dished I guess we could say or less like you have something to hide right like you say is more transparent. It is gonna make them a laughing stock but it help well I think it's a good thing not a person loading your eyes have somebody. Now you know in about 67 the Ewing announced the attendance and I just somebody in the inside who giving I don't know I remember anyway we got out without did I read everything I read all of the Marlins were just leave it with me in the Democrat who was your contacts like like I'm gonna rebuild. I drag I got it right I've got to tell you right now. Oh we'll make them so Mac is their baby you re like. 6000 people to stand there is a twentieth 2000 and I would tweet the league's action exact number ultra or not that's outstanding. Florida Panthers host Carolina tonight at 730. New York Mets in New York Yankees had games postponed today due to snow Mets are going to placed Billy on July 9 in a double hitter the Yankees who played Tampa tomorrow. It thwart him in what now is they're postpone home opener. Those are your headlines. And thank you and don't look at that it's only this at at times there can be too much honesty right. In in pro sports. We we've seen a tape that's on Whiteside perhaps you have what one of those times. There's another time that came up in college football recently that leads us right in the years of being nice and so smoke was so UCLA coach Jim Mora to. What in the heck is this dude doing to his quarterback Josh Rosen now. Jim Moore and now twice in interviews with NFL network in the in yesterday with Sports Illustrated. Has Syria that he thinks USC quarterbacks Sam Arnold is a better beat the Cleveland Browns. In his guy Josh Rosen UCLA quarterback. I am wondering how old the other players. At UCLA the guys who were steel beer feel about that no we know that Josh Rosen tweeted why WHY with a question mark. We'd let it appears that it's an in reference to to Jim Morris comments by. You know. I think that this is something that could undermine more with the players on his team. What ever he thinks out of Josh Rosen I guess he will tell who the teens that that inquire. And I have no problem with that and it's putting this stuff out there in public. It makes it look like Josh Rosen is soft and it makes it look like slammed Arnold is a better. Quarterback and better equipped for the NFL now. I think that more has been pretty good about saying what he thinks in and in saying that he thinks that. Rosen needs to be challenged intellectually so he doesn't get bored. That's among the things that he said any links that Sam Arnold is more of a blue collar guy. And better equipped per Cleveland. First I thought well maybe more is doing Josh Rosen a favor he's keeping them away from the browns. But would you repeat these comments and you know how it was portrayed the first time. I'm wondering if it's bearded Josh Rosen and more than that it. I'm wondering what the other dudes on UCLA are thinking that Morrissey of the belt Bingham. And that that's one thing that I could undermine Mora in this whole being now I guess if the players in the locker room or going on local boards right Josh Rosen is a little soft and he. Maybe that helps Mora but I think publicly. And a bomber crew and Obama player on that team. I'm kind of wondering why is more trash in this guy. Here's the thing is sponsored by the DJ I store by donors and win would it drove nerds at aventura and pine crest and over to drove nerds dot com South Florida's I. In the sky today it just makes moral or bad I think if you wanna trash talk Yorker you know your own guy. Behind close out or just what I'll owning plus. It you know what what if Rosen goes down now few notches because of more his comments not only is a cost of prestige it's cost him millions of dollars to now. You know you don't and so. They're tangible and there could be tangible expert doctor or. You know and I mean these the other the other case that really comes to my mind you remember Pete Carroll when Mark Sanchez all cited to go right now did you USC and NB Carol basically trash mark sensitive. And but but I thought that that one and I can't remember how. Actually turned out I bought this. Pete Carroll was upset because that left USC without a top quarterback and that's why Pete Carroll at that might have been the case I can't remember what the truth was but. You know I kind of saw the anger purpose out of that one. This one at the pin and it just it just seems. If you like you say why go public with this and why east you've done this twice now yeah we're just you know I would tell teams who asked me and I'm sure he was he calls anyway. Tell them finally proved yet you don't write it gets back to rose to expect Rosenberg released just keep quiet I yeah I just don't know the purpose what would like what do what. I guess you and be on it mattered might again the first Simon thought maybe he's Jon dude just rolls and a solid. But you were heated and no matter what you into the end it's how it's received publicly and in that locker room. And it its immediate as I don't think it's being received very well publicly anyway I don't know I was being received in the locker. You know and and and Eric brought something that did that you meet leads his. You know bitterness and Moore park is he's no longer the coach Gary to get fired yet and so maybe this is just him. Venting his anger at Rosen. Rather than maybe institution itself. Beat it could be. Tom. But man and I yeah I don't think a lot of guys just would have to field in what is what is TC and about me what is he saying about me to it. I edited it just seemed like he's standing as quarterback in the back. Now we are talked earlier about who had the best weekend of anybody in sports now is you can pronounce this person's name your better than I am. Let me let me take a stand 'cause I know it's it's got to be the Notre Dame player game that there are a wreath AR IR EU. Yeah are a Rico old coup you know I'm certainly not an organized because I don't have the name in front of measles there's no way. 000. Are closet opened opened Lally I think yeah well she made a Nikko older blue Ali I believe. The pronunciation she made this step back jumper that ousted UConn in the NCAA semi finals and it is of that and by the way that that. Kobe Bryant's attention right right you know ray and then. Yesterday it almost an impossible shot with a hand nearly blocking it. To win the NCAA championship I mean just one of the UBA this is the greatest moment life of course and all almost from the same spot. An and nothing but net are no problem. And I arc in this last one yeah I mean those balls were they were a bonus rendered straight and it didn't rattle rounded and battles three times its reading it I look I'm not a women's title watch women's basketball IRS would you once somebody does this not once but twice in a 48 hour span. That catches my attention and good for her I mean just amazing shots. Just to I you'll you'll never forget these events for the rest your wife won't would have been good enough she does twice united just the you know this. This game the semifinals of the Notre Dame and and you on right and seat late a couple of crucial free throws. Late in regulation she hit a nice. Jumper with 12 they were in bounding with 12 left on the clock and there was I don't know maybe forty seconds left in the game two hits a nice today I mean she's you have those two shots machine. She's really had a and a nice sternum mantra. You know from the little bit that I saw she has nerves of steel oh yeah I'd the gentleman does not get rattled yeah I mean superstar I'll tell you the other. Funny being that's the you know. Bizarre out them watch in this UConn Notre Dame game and they showed a a graphic that Tom. I think it say at UConn senior class. Was like 148 and soon. Second best winning percentage of a senior class and UConn history and I'm like wow you won 46 now 143 in your second best. What if these women have the 111 and women's rights say yeah actually that's right your second best that like 1483. I always come back what would this trip to the men's side of course tonight at Villanova tries to. Dari second. NCAA title in three years in Michigan is standing in their way you Novoa. Is he seven point favorite here to talk about this when we come back. Our old Curtis Stephenson and he is apropos for the San Antonio knew it was a preview next Revere that's like. Yeah. Off Miami avenue on Thursday. From 63830. PM. No white trash specials an awesome giveaways to start your weekend right off right what more light only 96 calories less filling. Enjoy responsibly it brought to you by AMs of an idea that pummeled for three HE two. The ticket he's Chris Perkins I am free Joseph filling in for Curtis Stephenson who will be out today and tomorrow good reason. He's in San Antonio he joins us right now and you'll write fuels and downstairs convenience soaring gas line. There are truly steps beyond convenient Curtis guess what I'm gonna say you're right off the back. I look back with your paper and Obama get my own yeah it sucks well so. Yeah. Boy are you doing that lottery just thread radar like that in my lap five date is an indoor enjoying responsibly or senatorial. What beautiful hi how you enjoy so they're how many times go to the river walk. The largely were were virtually on the were walking and it you know and it's gonna open everything kind of centered around at the convention center and the Alamo and an although you know the Alamo dome a couple. Couple blocks away until I'm actually right on the river walk and staring down one of the boat that picked people around. Per you know to show all the all the tight and everything so. We're in the river walk right now and autographed by the dollar market and will go a couple blocks sort of the dome and or you'll win that thing and I. Okay camp here here's a moot question for you have you had have you had some sex lyrics have you have some Barbie Q. Or have you had chicken fried steak since you've been there you've had to about one about to borrow or all of that was from reckless. Are you don't you have good sex and you're a good sex I. There are Garrett Mexican food coming out of everywhere perk I mean it everywhere you look and I dormant the oh my god I woke up. I woke up even yet today or yesterday barrier and the outlook might you know what. I I would just like them and make them go one plate and down in a line look like around the block. So lovely girl offered the day you can connect beginning a barbecue. That you get anything you want here but not. You know that compared picked out certain pro Lobo put. Other food here is great and you know. It'd probably has been ten years and they've opposed to the final warrior. And I don't know what the other obvious you wanted to do on jumpin on the good it is a major event. But but they know how to hosted and and they do do they've just done a great job again. You've been out to 27. Straight best city to host a final fours. Which were. Wow boy. 030 can I don't know that their man. It's it it's really night whether it's always good you know looking at the weather channel and they have some people that are that are promoting next year's final four in Minneapolis mosque and the and I put out ode to look at little piano man I don't know how many code taken brain to make that trip. But Indianapolis I like it because there they got it applies. Downtown. But but Antonio is. Is probably it probably one of my favorite absolutely elated and make job. Well you know the keeper. Mean it is not like everything within walking depend. You know and at a he'll get a colonial provides that. You didn't come along way in the last couple years but but I say if you could be really asked me all the all the cities are San Antonio prob be a top two or three. I so. Cab what are we gonna see with this game tonight. Villanova against Michigan is is our our big guys blog there gonna gonna be the impact player for Michigan or is it going to be Jalen Bronson pervert rob Miller nova what do what do you think and here. Weber at Brigham Villanova right I mean I am out here and I talked capability earlier and he was doing his show and you know and you pound Villanova and put it all mean politically the other night. No they played all season that most talented team in the country. They might have one of the best coaches did not even go to the country right now he put everything together and Jay Wright. I'm human again did not play a perfect game the other night but they'd been managed to win that employ old so and they know how to play. They're going to be able to match up pretty well Villanova but acute acute Wagner argument can you cannot have another big night on the board are over. You know 1213 rebounds that got permission gimmick you can apple a trip when that thing. Welcome back in the point guard upload a lot better and a rock on related way beyond starting field got an app that might about into the tournament. And it Wagner got to do is paying Doug probably have to retrieve like either the other night optimistic and keep this enclosed by. I just don't I just don't see how Villanova what they did. You know have a complete opposite of shooting the basketball the other night which possible. Op I think cubicle cam throughout but I think the little product pulled away with you know eight determined to go on the game. Probably win this thing pretty comfortably by a ten point. Courtesy and courage Stevenson joins us from San Antonio or later tonight. You'll see via NCAA finals when I don't know what number top seeded Villanova against number three. A Michigan how much you think experience counts in this Winona and will love having won just two years ago. You that brought up a lot I mean I think apparently helped the mean you know at this command is crazy I mean. You know whip with a everything that you're going through. As a in 1920 year old kid and and all the bands that are here and everywhere you look there's you know people Garrett warrior and turn against Jun. It can be pretty you know pretty eye opening a bit richer first time. Our expert I think that everything that that goes along with a final board though who is going like you know it refill our. Our copper championships being mean it is this is this a bump or what I Super Bowl. The amount of people that are here and as far as everything that's going on there helping direct in their war I think if something happened you know. Villanova can certainly not some of their experience. But I think John Beilein down the other side. He's I mean I hate I hate to pick again on because I think he's one of the best coach in the country considering the material that he had to work with a year in and year out. Well I don't think I think it comes in the play I think poking tablet double bent a little pride that a little bit more. You know I've been sitting around all day trying to think of reeked of why Michigan and how McCain can win the game. And I just can't come up with enough of them. I hope but the called camel and a good game. But I just think Villanova is just too good shoot down. And and just could do it's going too well right now. Per for them to get beat tonight. We're talking to captain Curtis Curtis Stevenson mark co host on this show here on 790 the ticket. Cap I am wondering if you paid much attention to the Hassan Whiteside situation even through. This afternoon when he see it that he's handled the post game comments. On Saturday in correct Lee hee were read at the way he handled it he said that he trusts Erik Spoelstra did. Did you follow that closely and and do you have any thoughts on on her son and with that expletive in his tirade that he went on after the game. I think it is again without that these these other games what you know what you know I can rapidly being worked and I thought. Where they were up in the second quarter than might have been a double digit and then and the Brooklyn took the lead in the third quarter. And then they openly losing in overtime and Don you know that start making regular round than. And you're going okay. Tie it it's finally it's finally boiled over I think it would only a matter of time. Be booked for a time was going to say something. Now he's that it publicly which goalies they eat and that the way they they run their business wanted to usually wanna behind closed doors. And maybe needed Boykin is opinion behind close doors but I think dominant band to make all that money. He didn't take too kindly help it. Now I like book buyer in a time. And I don't know what's really gonna the Pentagon in the north that they I do like. The fact that he wants to play anyone could be on the war. But that's not the way to go about it our aunt and especially from a guy that ms. Otto both look in the with a thirty point game and did it thirty games about. But he missed a beat him. Our goal I mean if your him you'd wanna come back to contribute anyway you can gan told the timing what are what the right. Especially when they're trying to solidify a better speed and the coach he's been. But I think when you all the men at. And have been brought a couple of months now guys you go wrong whether the Kennedy knew at some point. There was going to be a boiling point where I'm white side and it happened on Saturday night and video we do it behind them. And we'll see we'll see how they come out you know I've been ripped out and see how it affects them and play ultimate of the not a mean this in the big threat per tonne. Pocket he paid they're gonna have to make a decision in the summer. Do we retool it's roster we re make the Procter and now being obviously trading at some light side and epic doubt. So do you think that'll happen we we talked earlier of Manny Navarro he and I are both that he practice today. The sounds and Saturday there are a lot of teams who would like me a great senator a pair prison without has basically. The message she was asked about it today does he fit in with the heat. And he said he'd like to come back here but he said I'm routing control that the only thing I know for sure is the only sure thing is he said his death who work while others. I could have put a grim statement coming from the satellites as no less true when it's it's it's a little bit disconcerting to hear that but. Nonetheless he says he doesn't control that he wants to be back here I wasn't quite convinced that. But do you think he'll be on the opening roster com October around Halloween. I mean I I a big corporate partner and I think pretend that today is comment that everyone like that are yet. When he choked up the play everybody would one hit them on their team. How many night in an 82 game could be that that happened. Not many you know we going to maybe in the when he came to defeat when exactly played way to pay. Now that the spotlight we wanted to see every night I think that's her frustrated with the Miami Heat. They beat Ottawa he'd go up and down. So I think that's the first thing I didn't go and eat it could it be how. This being played on the playoff. I'm white sided beating. Are in pretty meaningful minutes no matter what the matchup are. In the fourth quarter of the playoff game and definitely I think the Miami either Wimbledon. By the the twelfth go along way out there right now I think it's trending in the wrong direction where. Pat Riley would be happy to move it for the right pieces. A guy GAAP. We're about to let you go here but well I'll tell you one being. No and sexist you see a lot of pickup trucks a lot of cowboy hats a lot of big belt buckles and a lot of cowboy boots. If any of those come accompanied by Levis and not wranglers you call him a fraud real cowboys we're Wrangler just out on got a. Bring back Eric cowboy boot into a lot of pride agonize I'll do that much man. These dirt dumped them because they realize blue cowboy capital cowboy boots so much. Republican and even tonight ostrich boots and all you got all kinds of Allah it'll look look at a price tags and Z. I work around or under out oh. My right man yeah. But they won't be wearing leave as they we're raises real and we've dies it's real real cowboys real westerners don't weird legalize it you go to Texas and eulogies from what you have all that stuff and you -- leave is you will be left out of the state and you've got to Reagan was cell site and you can tell by looking which ones they are. Not you see the -- guys emblem on their pot a night of regular is if you have to look at the emblem of the probably pretty close anyway what's the difference. This is not a slug it yeah. Yeah. It is open three can understand is like going to Chicago and putting tests up your putt on applicants from Manhattan to get the hell I was gonna run you down here. Though it might help you cook. Curtis thanks very much if GAAP and our viewers remember or care. You know what are some hot dog places that will have yet so out there yes no I don't. Don't like that extreme and not dog it's not just Chicago that dog has what seven ingredients right the pinnacle of the sport peppers and tomato the celery salt. The relish the Muster does. And onions yeah I think it's seven angry about it there's I don't like relish some a template there I like either catcher by my count on mustered only two. I double Jerry you're the guy who each sit at Shula state tells would catch up on necessarily. Actually I you're you're do you violate all kinds of rules I I can put ketchup on signal front however I want to stick without. I that the see this it's. I do. You'll be kicked out of my dinner table it is integrated gets you over forty million go away because I'm excited that next break. I calculate that Ellison who have a lot someone who was paid by team forty million dollars to ally. Lot of minerals is that next for your ticket. Listen every day in the thick of the Florida teachers your window your chance to win tickets to an upcoming game accord as Miami Heat technology hardware and your local south for a technology company. Visit them online and record score dot com sponsor might Lauderdale BM but BMW a number pines. And brought you by your insurance attorney attorney Anthony Lopez call 305800. Alongside Chris Perkins I am Frito here filling in for Curtis Stevens and curse will be out today and tomorrow. As he's at the final 4273. Years. As incredible moment and that's incredible. I'm trying to think of what it was street I have been even compared Savannah there isn't I can't think of any. Other than anything I've done. More lies or any otherwise 273 years known anybody has any 67974. Curious. Have you done anything. Of significance every year for 27. You have been to every he'd opening day may be too well and yeah maybe could've been every marlins' opening ray even though the may be every UM home opener football and that's all fine yeah I don't missiles but I I just don't have any any. Such streak like that but I don't know why I can't think of anything that I've done and I'm workers that if people. I've done anything like data 67. 974. Jas money. Tomas people like hell was he owes money Tomas well. People in Arizona don't wanna know he is because we take a lot of money from them when Dave Stewart total restore in charge of the Diamondbacks they decide who did nothing with analytics. They sign this guy to a six year 68 and a half million dollar contract mother's three years left. 42 million dollars of that contract in the new regime. Said no seal later we they put him on waivers now another team in calling them because on the responsibly contrary. He could refuted it and so he's now he was gonna go to the minor she could've said no I don't wanna go but then you would have forfeited contract in Oregon zero Woodman tore up. So he's not going out of the miners he's old 42 and a half million dollars think about this if somebody says TU. 42 and a half million dollars left in your deal boy we are better off without you by shoe go away mad I I'm trying to think of basketball football baseball hack anything I were call. Up your number worst team to say good bye to a player polling that much and the deal. Not basketball oh yeah you might buy a Moe berg fifteen Tway I think will give way it was what 1516 the yeah we're able yet I wanna say Willie Anderson right was it will Shandon Anderson notes are Shannon. When he came down here with the key on the old six title team in the nick someone say they pay them like nineteen million to go away is less than half rice correct correct I mean that is an enormous. Total mixes every year we made mistake. And and we did tolerated anymore no I mean you didn't see a baseball fan just to appreciate the magnitude of of many millions of dollars were teen says you know what. Forget it old will pay you just told you Fianna. That's that's incredible. Speaking of the streaks. Somebody takes him I have a 36 year Berkley street herself are so congratulations 36 revolutions are on the sled so us you know it's good that he's showed up for a reversal about a massacre in. Some old park racetrack. So yeah I guess that's a good so is it costs while our rob Hewitt on the guarantee that's a good answer but the guaranteed part of us Oilers it was 37 million yeah. So I don't think it was as much here yet he. An active remember how much how much he actually claimed it well actually when you know he was guaranteed 37 million plus we have had that first year you know and then they only on the different they only. They're double them. Greg. So but you know those are the words the remainder on his deal is negligible because it didn't count out somebody serious Joakim Noah. I hear that the streak somebody so airs every single Miami Dolphins home game since 88. And every London game. Plus more rolled in on the London wow that's simple that's the rest of. That's all their impressive that's impressive us thirty years of a golf until game and and going to London that's that's that's a cheap every London game. And in the in for a just world road games a year more than eight right I guess it. As cypress that's really impressive thus it was so hot Charlie Weis and Bobby mini is getting paid he's a million a year and a million point 25 or something at least 25 yeah yeah yeah let's yeah. And probably some said maybe it was brutal guy heard on podcast saying that. He's also got to deal with you don't hear you play for the Orioles for awhile he's deferred part of that deal as well also he's just getting. He's just getting one in new woody after on the Charlie Weis was paid. I think at one point by Kansas. Notre Dame and Adam am I missing somebody to love New England wouldn't pay him well he's as he left yet has he left. What he was paid by at least two schools it once and it has to be amazing what happened here it's amber your football like he knew when you get Emery right right right. Yeah boy dies at medicis medicis outstanding stuff and it. Money to us geez so and Izturis they had. Meg probably you eSATA for your 44 million dollar deal with the heat here though yeah that would mean you know you you look at country actually the year I mean just. Albatross country yet my fever team has on the cubs any of these entries were 184 million. He soon going to be most expensive defensive replacement baseball. It's a horrible Contra yeah it's a horrible heeded the deck. Yes he did yeah he did today at top speed this is apropos of nothing William and I say that. So my wife and I took our kids to Disney MOK this past week we came back last Wednesday. We pull into the rest stop with off the turnpike I think it was Fort Pierce you I walked in I set my wife I know that. And I don't wanna bothering was in the Stanley but at the end when he got up I went up but I said. You're Daunte Culpepper right it was just a matter. Sure my handy when you talk for more than ten seconds I said you'd Ackerman are you guys to cover you wouldn't you know in your briefed on the dolphins. He has the size of Texas costs you guys guy very well. And that that I had a nice about the other stuff you know work out I'll give you the funniest most bizarre. Incident like that that I that I came across. This went on live denied in Arlington and pudge Rodriguez was where it had just come up. I saw bludgeon his grimly at Burlington coal electorate are calling and freaking cool factory followed by closed with its kids male. And I'm just like wow I mean and he you know this was like. When he first come up whatever flight 93 year nine or whatever but still I mean I. Mood you're in Europe and six did what. The Phillies know it and that's that's ago exactly right or what you real where's my goodwill rocker right now there there was no shot that I was in there but Saigon now I don't republics for buy one get one free I don't think those guys you know about an hour now now they can afford to have public's deliver their stuff and men. Run them all over the place I go to Walgreens by the way and pick this up and yeah right I go to other shoe mistaken and pick me up a stake in the end I'll pay you for all that stuff. As I was at a Iran they would be they black out the last series deal but that was only twenty some million dollars and I guess in his first broadcast of the SP NJ lo came into the broadcast. I saw something about it so I didn't I just saw him line I didn't you know and I don't really care about he runs and no good. Yes I saw a headline today and make it she'd visited him or some Pomona so that you know nice nicely for the eyes. Yeah that yeah no I mean she came into the dolphins press box I wouldn't. Wouldn't be applause okay you can look at. You yeah. They don't really listening right now yeah I mean L side with with Loren Beasley gets quiet and intentions Taylor. I better go hungry that everybody it's Tuesday alone right come on I had male female old young whatever you go to Tuesday loom over Beasley sorry. Per the big story earlier today it was decide Whiteside the residual. Part of it on Saturday after they won 10109 overtime loss to Brooklyn where he largely sat. For a all large part of the latter part of the game and used very upset at that and expressed his. Sentiments using the BS word four times in about thirty or forty seconds any post game rant. And he were off yesterday so today we got reaction from his teammates and from. Erik Spoelstra as well and and satellite side talked about that we will play that sound Korean next right here on the sick. There's some noise you know us if we wish them or while we match you know we got one of those and those while we mustn't know a lot of teams don't let him a lot of threat so they want inflation so. This is this sport. You know and it has been really bully. It's a lot of things that could use for good news Osama. The satellite side on Saturday areas frustrations after not playing in the latter part of the game. Erik Spoelstra once small in response to the net going small. And after the game he could see discern for obscenities and about a thirty seconds. Clip so he was not happy you're gonna play some sound a little bit from him today EF three's get a chance to think about it for. About 48 hours after the team find him an undisclosed amount. Yesterday and after he was talked to by Erik Spoelstra and others on the team as well. Back up cheered every Friday with a robber on the morning show was sponsored by bull trend roamed the taste of perfection award winning boat trailer Roman rom that is not just age. But nurtured he's Chris Perkins regular co host of the show. His part or Curtis Stephenson is in San Antonio and his 27 straight. Final four Ryan Freel I'll be sitting in for Curtis today and tomorrow Seoul has some white side spoke today her at practice. I think he brought cooler heads prevailed I think also he got a good talking to by the team on his checkbook. Is a little bit later and audio guy makes ninety million dollars or four years I don't think he's gonna feel the effects of it too much we don't you know holy bake sales for the guy. But I think he just I think he's just a little bit in terrorist as to what happened in and that's the impression I got. Yeah well I think he's embarrassed about what happened in. Being blind and and and in hearing the teen and his dirty laundry in such a public way but. I'm guessing Hasan still stands behind the message. Of what he was saying in that leaves us in the years of being. I'm not sure whether I should be mad at Hassan Whiteside this rant that he win on Saturday. After the overtime loss against Brooklyn. Hassan basically stated that the way he's used is BS and there are other teams in the league that. Probably would use him differently and more effectively. I tend to side with her son in a lot of these cases because I like him and I think the key should take advantage. Of the individual player who gives him the best one on one mismatch. However. I also tend to look at Erik Spoelstra and Dwyane Wade and what they say and do. It's poll by his actions. Does not trust us on late in games because he has say it publicly that he doesn't give his all all the time. And then we see that both follows that up with action by not playing Hasan late in games. Dwyane Wade seated. That her son when he's engaged he's one of the most dominant sinners in our league. But he see it there are some nights as players you just go through the motions. And that's all of us as players. But he Syria win Hassan puts his mind to the game and he wants to go out and dominate in Seoul to meet that's delaying saying her son doesn't turn it all won enough. That he's capable of earning it on but then do that enough. Aside wits bowl and Dwyane Wade in this situation. You guys know I like her son and I also like just as Winslow who were two of the biggest lightning rods on the team. But in this situation. Am sorry I've gotta side with the older guys. Oh and wade and the guys who have more skins on the wall and this NBA game. His son I don't blame him bending. And voicing his frustration I think he went way too far by using the cuss words and saying there are other teams in the league that could use a good senator. But aside from that. I really don't have a big problem with what a son seated. He just needs to be more mature and learn how to be more diplomatic when he's expressing his frustration. Here's the thing is sponsored by the DJ eyes were by drone nerds and win would enjoy owners of Devonshire and pine crest. Blood on over to drone nerds dot com south lord knows eye in the sky. I agree I agree lawyer saying damning I look. You wanna guy who cares that he's out playing year's loss for said that much. If you was apathetic and to sit here OK health care from on the bench you really want that guy and her team rest doesn't want this just cash and checks no you don't want that to you wanna go with a burning desire to get on the court and an L you know. I I dare to say they're and there are very few players are probably any sport that are just that apathetic they wanna play they when they wanna earn their paychecks they wanna get out there and do. What they've done all their lives with his lane and do you being good enough to play to get paid to play a game they absolutely did and it. Listen you also. Have ride and that pride works win you're around other players like right you don't want Joseph well limp B clowning you on social media again right allies you don't want to lose the respect of of of guys such as Udonis has lament Dwyane Wade. Let alone you know were on drug nature or anybody in that locker room so. Yes I I applaud her son who were still being tried Poland still giving a damn but if you do have to understand that. You've got to build your frustration. In such a way that you don't embarrass the branch is. In in a way that day you don't make it look like there's conflict. Even if there is conflict. Because you now you backed the team into a corner that's why they had to buying new so I applaud his passion but I would tell a son. This starts with you like you can change this narrative. And you know it may be it's too late this season. But you can change this narrative. Moving forward. It's it's it's really it's it's a bad thing when you helps low and Dewayne. Kind of criticizing your effort led that's when you meet and to look in the mirror and it'll. Chimera figure wire some athletes like LeBron it's been you know. Dwyane Chris Bosh to bring back the Big Three at Ray Allen knew god party go to the hall of fame accurately why those guys are so self driven I can armor going into practice. And you've been up at that practice court many many times it's one level above the main playing court it's one and a half. Basketball courts. And I can't say the number of times I saw a Ray Allen on the far ran. No sure on the shooting 13 effort others having somebody rebound those balls and passing him again and again and again he's kept 213 pointer. After another any by the way just like the most famous shot he history he never looked down he was a state he stepped back threes he just knew where the line was. Just instinctively. And he can you that's a guy who apps Lou who sell Truman. We have not seen that sort of that part of the satellites and quite frankly I'm not sure we ever will. Evil evil you you might you might be right about that here's here's one of my big things with the sun I just talked about and even efforts that he Eddie gives. Evidenced by a vice bowl win to Wayne's words. I would like to see her son become a better passer and you you can't. The he wants to attack the basket driving seat and you can't play any sort of bowl along those lines with the sun in their because once the ball goes to him. You know how we've we've let's just say with with the Zo or Shaq you ticket in them double team comes they ticket right back out right with the sun you pass it to womb dribble dribble keep the ball up in the air now three people around him and he's looking for somebody to pass to an end of the offense just gonna grinds to a halt right. Now how good the other being. You kind of need that in the playoffs. It becomes more about half court game. If the guy can't pass just grinds your whole Altman's to a whole new while his defense and his rebounding might be good. I'm not sure you can get around that all weapons of slowed sales are. Along with giving good effort Hasan kinda needs to look at his game in and how can how can I had a big guy play a smaller game. I really think he could look to some of those older senators have been good passing sitters. So you goods could still play an inside out so it's not driving kick to keep that three point game available alive. Roy and just also lets look O'Brien and it was names come Toxics the learner but. I'm returns a Yom Kippur off seasons when he and and and he's polished as anybody would you look at one aspect of his game. One after the first year here after they lost to Dallas in the finals goes down to Houston works with Hakeem Olajuwon and I think a lot on the post game just. Even if it's just tinkering improving in the offseason one aspect of his game and right on the happiness army gives. Yeah yeah no. I think that would help tremendously. Because it's. Look and I keep saying this I really like this on and I'd like these mismatched. We match up advantage that he gives you and I I wish oh take advantage of that more. But I can also understand them not playing the song and late in games because quite honestly you can't trust his effort. We will talk about this further we also given to some sound from Erik Spoelstra reversals gonna have. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And WSS best HD true Miramar. Big story in town Hassan Whiteside the heat center sit today. He was just frustrated and yes he should have handled things better when he went on his post game rare Saturday after an overtime loss to Brooklyn. Whiteside in the real question is playing time and suggested there may be a team we're two up elsewhere in the NBA could utilize his skills better. They he'd ended up spiny light side where those comments now we hear is off tonight they're back in action tomorrow they host Atlanta to start a stretch of five games in the final nine days of the season. He'd actually has the home roll back to back with the with hawks. The heat is in seventh place in the east one game behind Washington. A tiebreaker I here and of Milwaukee and three go. As far as the playoff match up I know a lot of people are hoping for Boston because. A high re Ian and Marcus smarts injuries Boston has won six in a row. Do you think it still wise for the heat and who cheer for that Boston match up or should they just say if we get LeBron we get LeBron whatever in the personal yell over. On the hill LeBron I think sisters and you know go for that and Dwyane Wade himself today was asked about that did you should you offer specific match up and he said no units we do weekend. And always let everything else happened or I don't worry about who we met up with at all. Yeah that I expect that from the players I wonder what the Iranians being out of Boston has won six in a row. But they could lose five or order and the season make good. Regular army needs you don't wanna be without Ariana how what's the prognosis. You know I think he's still a maybe for that first round OK yeah so nothing and and looked even a 100%. So you're you're gonna get less than under person I read. So it it. Boston has a pretty solid team though. Oh yeah they're sound so I don't yeah yeah. Movement and NCAA championship tonight Villanova the top seed for meets its region takes on third seeded Michigan at 92 when he on TBS. Miami Marlins they host Boston at seven tonight to started to game seven Marlins a throwing righthander Trevor Richards. Rid Sox Roland lefty Brian Johnson. I will be there bees to be there are nice nice Red Sox what must they want about why I am I saying nice nice as it Beasley and gas no surprise I know Boston weeks. Lastly I actually did not mean there are no quack general Jersey said he was gonna Wear though. Out of out of was Red Sox won and now so I'm may or may mean orange Marlins. Jersey their reckoning goes against your reportedly. Yeah. We've got a story to get to the regarding that later. Hello. Florida Panthers host Carolina tonight at 730. And finally the New York Mets a New York Yankees both their games postponed today due to snow. Mets will play there is they're they're postponed game against Italy on July 9 as part of a double hitter. Yankees will play Tampa Bay in their home opener were a lot tomorrow. Those are your headlines so we'll see judge denied in Stanton make their home debuts tomorrow yeah at about two homers in his first museum via. Yeah they they kind of know that the next game that they goal combined over I think that was like Gallagher getting there yeah you're gonna held Thomas strikeouts between those guys put on a homer go when they go hand in hand rather I don't think there's a Yankee fan and all the love I don't think the strike pay it look you. You're gonna get homers you're gonna get strikeouts. And I would say both guys are probably gonna hit 280 right. I don't know that either Rome is gonna hit 300 but two ideas for those stylus you know for guys who hit forty homers a year drive and under. I'll take it. That is the number of the matters most for stand and I have asked him of Torino is that the biggest number the most important step you have. Is a game's played because everything emanate Jim Denny's Ashley key states like he really doesn't do all that often. If he stays healthy those numbers are is going to be through the roof yet here's a question him and I can't have addressed this error before we get on Eric Walters comments. Which numbers can be greater combined steam and judge homers. Or morals losses. Oh boy you know what. On the go homers. I'll go a little hard over the losses 'cause he united really yes because I mean. How times have guys hit more than fifty homers two seasons in the rough economic times stands helping them to do some. You know what if would have won only hits say yeah well. What was going over the over under in Vegas I believe for those guys combined your premium let me guess let me guess. Tom I would say me. It can't be mature over 90767676. That knows the odds are it was like 39%. And six spurred judge. By and now those guys. Are are they going to sue. I thought I saw something about. Idea reaching that one of money. My guess you know you have the idea you yeah. And there are gonna miss many events from nationally are definitely a little bit further populist view operator announced you know giving me well. It's any SE can alleviate some of the judge will tell you what if you keep your. Allison Joseph Girardi I'm right there are removed you know. You know you just keep this kind of way of giving him a day off without giving him the day and by 01 thing we have to talk was his game cap or new manager Rwandan. Auspicious beginning rush and had your point he made some mistakes. I you know or going a little bit long so I promised promised next time we come back when that hurts balls for some that's next on its. We've got to figure out the scream on the ticket Miami back. We even have radio dot com and that app and if your your soft more than you can hear the heat games online as well there're so many ways to listen. And so many hot takes welcome to 79 minutes ago we hope you are having. Hey good Monday. Kids back in school and Dade County this week is a spring break. Is over we took our kids to to Disney World there knows gradually in Orlando since I was the owners meetings between nice and miss you see any other owners know they are they were and who know they were in another and there are the regret as an area that we are placing in the rest of the donut. Without that kind of calling. No I beg to differ freedom and Bernard are. Especially your car I just it just a Toyota thank you very much that's Chris Perkins embryos sitting in. Per Curtis Stephenson Albion today and tomorrow tonight after after the show me Greg like instilling in on my show and we'll be joined by. Adam Beasley and then tomorrow of course you can hear the heat game right here on 79 particularly key play the hawks. He win clinches a playoff spot. And then you go by the way back to backs they put the hawks in Atlanta on Wednesday but if he would tomorrow. They are in the class everybody knows they're gonna get in this is a matter of when that that playoff spot is is clinched the game is its 730 our pregame show with dazzle on Tommy tied. Begins at 630 right here earning him 719 FM 1043. HD two. The ticket. So. Let's play the sound from air exports from and keep saying I'm gonna play it reacting today we got to he practiced today and Erik Spoelstra said. You know just sarcastically martial me guys here for to watch she practiced pulling of course everybody was there for this hour Whiteside story. And he of course knew that he didn't talk all that law he gave about a 22 after the speech. Answered I think one follow up question for me and then really refuse to the to go about it any longer he'd had enough peaks the use gonna say his piece. And that was it anyone to move on to win or any other topic. There was other than Hassan Whiteside rant but in the meantime he did make some comments and let's play a couple right here here is his reaction to a sound white ties Cummins. We've already handled it within this team some has been fine. Nelson's poor planning poor judgment on his part but it's tough first time players who is gone through. Frustration. My confidence level except. After the game guys should just quick shower to cool off maybe do look for the media and then. They'll really have that are coherent response to whatever happened in the course of the game the next day all of us. And apply it looked that's easier said than done you know if you. Have a bad loss and something bothers you about it you wanna get that off your chest you don't got to some guys resistant say you know what I'm not talking to the Mike. But many of you don't know he's not the Damon now tribe you know say the word yes and drop there were times in in just a few seconds but. It players vent their anger a lot of for a variety of reasons yet. You know I think it's below is very correct in in talking about good and taking advantage of the cooling off period I believe. Every Lee gives you would like a quote unquote ten minute cooling off period. After a game the time when you're just in there with the players and the coaches the media has not allowed in. Quite honestly an end in most cases ten minutes is quite enough but there are some occasions. Such as this where ten minutes might not be enough where a guy is just fuming and and he's just got to get this office says. And Frito. I'm not sure if you were their post game but I believe. That I heard Manny or word or bury jagr it was ironic Michael's or frost yeah who were saying that they had already talked to light Dwayne and boron. And and of course boats speaks right after the game but it. There were no players to talk who Saturday night after the game that Hasan was basically the last guy that they talked to so I guess the sun. And you know 88 good cooling off period considering everybody sounded like talked before him. Sound like he was gonna get this off his chest anyway and I thought it was kind of interest being in the clear. Where when he starts off saying it's annoying I believe Ira wonderment and elapsed. And win Hasan says that kind of things world this is just a son being silly Hassan. And in the sun drops the BS right and it it is whether our project at this Sunday interview or not. You kind of sense everybody going low. Is that serious what. Oldest is serious all moment or players that have sworn in and what our first reactions are this is good run like this bonus but don't write that the told him I think when the sun Percy did it's annoying. I think it was iris somebody lion house but then when the sun goes on and say that's BS. Well wait a minute there's even money. Know that this is serious he's not just the matter is I don't sort of the limit as readily admit that I was on on snapped it raises serious so let's play another somebody arrive tomorrow and put Erik Spoelstra. Here's Spoelstra saying you'll make a sound better on and off the court. We're here to help the son he's going to be just fine. We're gonna help form we'll continue to learn how to be a better professional home to about a leader in this lock them up you've got to teammates. And ultimately had to be better win. He's been taking those those facts. We don't seem weak handle it before practices behind this. Translated world told Santa censor himself. Oh yeah well we'll we'll we'll see all the time it is all like yeah you're exactly Adam BBD re precautions will be a lot more severe if this happens again this season. And that's basically it 30. Where does most of the responsibility. Lies here it week I would think you'll save a son that's what I think but beyond but is this like. 40% oppose son. 40% coaches and and 20%. Veteran players such as Dwyane and UD is at 40% Hasan 40% veteran players and timbers and coaches about it. Please don't respond what his 180%. Of I would agree with Eddie you know I mean if he tries hard all the time gives Erik Spoelstra reasoned and to keep on the court and to not take him out. Not this happens here he's never gonna. Beyond the core all the time they're sometimes matchups don't favor him. Right now it's it's almost like at times he's given Spoelstra or reason to not trust him out there. How do you think Dewayne and you'd. And I think they know if you crowd Tucson too much proudly using good and you you don't wanna smother him but. I be there they're veterans they know assign a wonder if if they pull back if they go talk to limit he'd only takes moment you. I wonder how they choose its best I can remember on and he said he talked more improbable I'm guessing you did I think he did sign on I saw that quote. I asked way directly dated talked to listen no one talked to yesterday I talked to today at practice yeah but he didn't yeah hallmark greeting right next summer you do mismanaged yes yet in the ciresi didn't do it all leverage you wanna talk about decide it all only in the biggest. Most general terms though he didn't want to touch this someone asked about playing time because that's that's Eric's decision I I have not it'll ultimately take this a step. Further is do you think that's the Wayne saying there's no reason to air the suns dirty laundry there's no reason sue. Hear how I handled that assignment because it would probably only grow it keeps the story alive. And sons and I was an underdog why sort of legally said even talked to my actor guy yeah and I don't think he did I think he just. I think you and others within organization. Talked to him Giuliani lifted yeah and now maybe he said he's talked to practice. Doing would say about what. And maybe in the locker room after practice he goes down there and you know and then maybe has a war with him privately right where the leaders in that locker right. UG is the first woman comes and that that would handle something like this. I yeah I just wonder from what will you know what day would deem to say you know you DNN two way and we'll take one approach and then. The coaches will take another approach. But yeah I wonder. Who who gives a son. The most read them does anybody scold him does anybody 'cause Adam does anybody they'll Adam do you Connell mommy Mitt. This photo for a while I was sometimes you know I think that's a big part of coaching I think one of the things. Besides the x.s and knows. That Erik Spoelstra I think maybe is greatest accomplishment with the Big Three it and you'll Peter Reid disagreed. Is a managing ego Saul as us a 100% not he. Read always say they're. What we see of coaching Al their during a game. Of the X is the knows that that's probably about 30% of your job I mean. All that time win when you're not to come when you're not. Actively coaching and game right your massaging the old and coming up with strategy and communicating with guys that's that's a huge part of of of your. John and look at I mean you look at the heat after a bomb gates you know right anxiety or nine and eight. They lost to Dallas that game. And then you know and little brown unceremoniously. You know bumped Spoelstra knew on the way back to the bench and oh by the way after that they were like fifteen in the next sixteen game guy I'm surprised. Oden have a dislocated shoulder rests and does stills both tried to downplay it odd no big deputy city didn't even notice it's. It's like yeah I have have you ever seen LeBron -- coach like that have you ever sings oh no absorbing blow like that since no I everybody you know added to progress to spoke LeBron for handling that the right well I think he needed to see the trailer was a wrong call I runner rice yeah. I tell you that you knew it and somebody six eights and sixty buy him a bone you music you know. Now you tell me if this next soundbites are antiquated Erik Spoelstra was joking with a stay he did find time to joke a little bit. About this as to what player should do instead of ranting to the media here's what players should do if they're mad its walls for instead of talking to us. I just want to. Throw a few days of my car after the game or TV in my house. That's actually a better way to build a system if you don't about the frustrations. And he does anybody any cars more TP houses. You know I haven't seen a house tee peed in like this decade right I mean. Well what of the sun really DA needs most are too. Yes it will create a new expo being going to wait and all the time you it'll this the right way could you imagine all around player. A couple things aren't. Metro exit they to you and you're 98 million dollars and get the hill off Biscayne boulevard right now all I can imagine the finds you a magic I'm focus on wash the car loan met. Asia coaches are. They'll drive few things I don't know I was as house I was reading is a very nice house of anybody's life just the the premeditation in the extended anger you would have to go through to get a dozen aides. And continue that anger and even when your Whitman met the car. Just begun not normally get in trouble over this and I'm so just it's volatile given their all the way he was upset he might by the current eighteen and I know that go to like Costco are right I get by a double. 10 yeah oh yeah yeah yes somebody takes in as. Possible their players who agree with what's on. Yeah I think it's possible I think it's very possible I'm hoping they in my Bible as one album but. That would cost me a minute but I would think that. You know here's here's one thing don't say real quick that. I think anytime you get a group. Of guys or or. People not even just guys that I'm sure that on you cons. Women's team that there are players who disagree with geno are you Obama and and probably pay his attitude or hate his his rashes or hate is Chris. I don't think you're gonna have this team players always agreeing with the coach. And I bet there are guys who agree with Hasan now. They're not gonna go public mile an hour and a but I I doubt very seriously. That there are very many issues that your gonna get eighteen of those players. Agreeing with the coach and their called in in lockstep that. That that just does not happen. Text writes in it's easy to manage egos when they get their minutes he took the man's minutes and that's wrong that's devaluing the man's stock. Erik Spoelstra has look at the big picture what is best for the team not necessarily what's best percent Whiteside and you can come back to reinstate. What's best for Whiteside is best for the team I'm saying that's not necessarily the case whether it's not playing him. Because of you are perceived lack of effort or simply because x.s and o.s wise. It doesn't make sense a match up doesn't make sense is why you seem baseball get a great hitter what year. A perfect example is is. Tom Glavine whole thing in here and I you or dumb is not so for hitting Michael Redd and the poor manager just you know dumb and every time I don't care might read it wasn't starting. You know as as the starting catcher whenever Tom Glavine pitched a point the Marlins Mike Redmond in the light the match up war sometimes they write when sometimes they don't. And and you know you could have the greatest catcher had a Mike Redmond guess what when Glavine pitching Redmond there might not be good for the starting catcher when it's better for the team. Yeah yeah and so that advanced that's what's I think I am electronic bingo is there a case worse poll. Has cut off his nose despite his base in other words. He was personally this off I don't play here could help them win. Any Tim died on the way guys are grist Rose Bowl has forgotten about players specially when he burst what coach. And you know say he would pull Udonis out of the game and you forget you know to to put him back in but. Out of spite I'm not sure a before we go to break we talked about T peeing somebody. So that you know TG's woes house or some like that this post did somebody say it. I TP my brother's house for April fool's last year he called the cops I didn't tellem it was me and so yes or. Holbrooke. And other large enough to add to that a secret for a year that's pretty good would you call the cops is the money TP your house building a better stuff to do you know what I mean what do they unity yeah I had a good idea exhibit put a review of detective likely take a pass of the yeah but the bigger result with oil right I. I he's Chris Perkins I'm freedom listening import Curtis Stevenson's occur some per show. We will take you for one more segment Greg likens fills infamy on my show and his co host the Adam Beasley that's next right here in the second. The ticket is giving your shares federal Marlins game of the robber gets real simple head out to the MetroPCS store in Miami. At 7246. Southwest 117. Avenue on Saturday. From one to three at the MetroPCS store you will be given any special cold work you can ever on the spot. To be registered to win the chance to watch some hardball with gold roms it's brought to you by MetroPCS and AM 790 immoral port three HD two. The ticket he's Chris Perkins I'm free of sitting in for Curtis Stevens and Albion tomorrow. As well as Curtis is taking in with his father who's 27. Consecutive. Final four that's pretty damn impressive now and I added it's nice weather in San Antonio is he said next year Minneapolis. Let's say. Yeah like words yes. I like I like Minneapolis and I've been there in the did a winner by. You know it's. It's as there is a really really on city but I. Yeah BM bared in the first NBA for her in a fill in for final word you just had hoped to catch it on the right day has if you don't. It it can be nearly miserable. They have those above ground covered walkway yelled yeah big goals on going to a better yet they do by. It's incidents of now it's it's it's you know what's gonna be in April or early march right it would get broadly got snow in the exact in May in name and your northeast again yeah yeah I did get canceled two. Ali's voice and baseball yeah you can't beat jets Minneapolis on the wrong day shouldn't. Which I guess is true for many years souls solar Phoenix they're out in the desert on the other end of the spectrum but. Yeah I'd rather at Vegas or penis on the wrong data Minneapolis well you know I tried the league get up. Pierce passes I could I had some sound cut up from. Erik Spoelstra Hassan Whiteside and other guys as well. So I took expressly is that it was like you know a balk or something a buck fifty America I want to ten bucks on the expressly go after but. There was nothing and I see assent I get an express lanes. Right wing bloc to have a hook if the only two lanes you're screwed. You're actually says there's nothing you can't go over they say if you go over those pylons 179 dollar fine yeah which is should be. But I mean I was like OK yeah I just wanna get your quick and then I get up on 441 year arrives dairy. Another only has block tonight I get here are my computer it's late. Total slow. Yeah and you know they were just as like everything we could go wrong did you spin the wheel you take you to answer as a rate by Reilly wrote it we. Gay cap more people like who's that I know that named for baseball player he's manager of the Phillies. And he's a big analytic I just follows the numbers of religious leader will hit a real good debut weekend yeah. Pitching pitcher Aaron Oleg ice cruising in the eye camera crew they're playing. But they were up. I know. Most pitching since I've been elegant third innings Ivan two thirds innings to 68 pictures he's cruising right he pulls my. Numbers must Singapore must we pulled out there and the other team scored and they won the game they overcame a five nothing deficit. Gets worse Saturday. A right by the way. You talk right I would he to cover philly's game with this guy is he's going to be will Russa to portal Russa made pitching this area. Gabe Kaplan three games to one T one picking things. And wow games you wanna speed up the game that's don't go to a Phillies game. So he goes to was bullpen on Saturdays walking out to the mound signals from the pen the only proper nobody's worm and. And not end here. How does that and he called any miscommunication. So it's something happened I'd never heard of the Braves manager you either play the Braves the Braves manager. Break snicker comes out to argue that nobody should be allowed it any more tonight other than the you get on the mound right. And the umpire said stepped in said no we got one up I got a little more mop I'm concerned about the players health. I've never heard that. Wow wow and I yeah I I would and it's a I've never heard that before allow okay yeah I I would gladly so Becker was ejected and mingling baseball rural letter to everybody involved to the umpire did the right thing. Hi I've never thought of that before marriage and because probably sicker forgetting that it's it's their stroke. And yet juxtapose that against. Speeding up the game right they did a little bit of the pitch clock and all this. I mean come on as that's just might. Baseball sending conflicting messages and it. Right not Narnia the glimmers ball you get right you can't let this dune warmup for like six minutes on the man owner and you know whatever he's gonna take. The month than that to be done in the bullpen you blew it sorry he just the regular compliment the pitches as zippy a new woman up in the bullpen. That's your fault. Years ago with the Marlins played the cardinals will Russo managing team. And the this is wonderful replay it was several loud and all hire one of the checker reapply goes in the first face well looks at the TV camera and I think he changed the call. And I that was Michael Russo boy in front month reporters after the game and I said you know that didn't didn't baseball's gonna come down hard on this as soon as tomorrow maybe. And say this can never happen again right pace of dogmatic and any guy a white my grill I mean nose to nose and said come on you wanna bet you what let's bet on this. And I shrunk like a violent I was so I was such a wimp. If I had any holdings whatsoever I was at final let's bet a hundred hours and by the way when you have to write the check three miss gold with the idea you not to reset. But I shrank like Canon and that was you know with kids it's like an umpire took it upon himself to do somebody hasn't been done before. Yeah yeah that's that's bizarre man that is there's there's there's so many beings and in in baseball day. A you know that I and I I just looked at me shake my he would play it. Maybe I recommend maybe I don't even know boo. I don't know that you can manipulate. People into liking the game right by the pitch Tel four by the shorter games and and all this kind of stuff by. I think people just have to like the game because it's a good product. Well there but there's so many things in baseball that just makes you. Just gonna scripture he would someone by the way wrote to you guys are always go ask has surged. How balcony this team lose three games to Brooklyn expose sucks and it cost the team the game. If one of you do your writing or commentary last week how effective would you be I mean it's Alex some plays once a week. This team should have won a lot more games while they also won games that probably should have won as well you get every seems like that yet they lost some. Heart breakers at home to Brooklyn Sacramento Orlando. I agree with that but they also won games that the proper had no right of winning as well admit this. Deluca I'd I'd Texan America's in the heat just isn't very good. Right I mean Vegas live mega sent over under like 43 and a half right for the believe they're they're coming in right right around writer I mean that. You know it's it's. And I think men look. It in your putting blame out here you'd have to do trials more blame Mintz ball right I mean spoken only. We know cook with the ingredients they had a bit sad that riled give them too I guess to put a par silt spin on this. You know one of women shop for the groceries that's right Tom. Thanks Bo is the spoke was a good coach he's he's not perfect but Stoll is a good coach and at. I can't really blame scroll forward. For this team's record right now I mean. Come on some somebody. Attacks in Erik Spoelstra is the problem he has lost ten games to bad teams because he's a bad coach so. Really eighty think this team would would have liked 51 wins right now they admit they had a different coach and by the way to see their souls forever if divorced his told me ringing off the hook in his agents in the second team lead epidemiology drop about a man look at. Put it to you like this about this team. If you look at him now. How many legit all stars debate have like should should boron made it is going to be and Simmons now that you look at things. This good this could be a team with no always arguing you're talking about they should. B data even for five or six games better I have a hard time believe. I agree and I'm a big big Erik Spoelstra felt surprise you as many. Detractors as he does alright guys that's can do for us our thanks to Manny Navarro and neck Curtis Stevenson for coming on Curtis is. In San Antonio the final fourth of that the finals he was saw the final four. And I'll be in tomorrow for Curtis as well thanks Erik while some terrific job by you tomorrow per can be and I'll be on from four to 630 coming up next. Greg like consistent from you will be joined by Adam Beasley they'll be on 7% have agreed out of her.