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Tuesday, April 24th

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Government as passports appear on 79 the ticket Curtis and perk enroll in glad your with us on this game five. Afternoon that's gonna turn in the evening as the the heat can be their final stand here against the Philadelphia 76ers as could do talk with does act there in the why not see our brought to buy out Miami packer org after two minutes he relegate we're gonna go to Philadelphia we're talking Tom Angelo from the Palm Beach post and about in about twelve minutes so you don't wanna go anywhere. We'll get to the latest on Josh Richards and his availability. And and know what he thinks about some of the keys for the heat to forced. Pay a game number six. But it's today of how do you feel mr. Perkins here. How do you feel about about the heat it's always. You know these games there was a little bit tricky closeout games elimination games. Last chance canes in hand whether you're trying to when you're up three wandered down 31 where they're trying to close the team out. We're trying to and trying to stay you stay alive they always take a life of their own it seems like. Yet now I. I don't feel good about the heat's chances tonight. Com you know Philadelphia has as answered although all the calls so bar and in this series Manso. I actually do not feel good about the heat's chances tonight and that leads us right into here's the thing. Is ignored for the heat tonight there is nothing else other than winning or elimination. It's game six. Or game 50 sorry they heat is down 321 and if they don't win their season is over now how they win. My first being on that is the fourth quarter they have got to play better in the fourth quarter. They've been outscored every fourth quarter of this series and that's a big reason why they're down 321. The other thing they have to do is find a hero other than Dwyane Wade I'm not saying a hero for the next three gains on singer he roper gain by were tonight. We're pretty sure that Dwyane Wade will be either in the fourth quarter. Who's going to show up with Dwyane Wade is it going to be James Johnson Goran Dragic just as Winslow Hassan Whiteside Wayne Ellington Kelly he'll win it. Tyler Johnson they've got a whole group of guys that they can choose among. And none of them have come through so mark. The third thing that he needs to do is keep in mind. That this is a war quarter game and on nobody gets back to playing well in the fourth quarter. But look. The heat has gone into third quarters with whipped leads in this series that he has waited every halftime. In this series. They've got to understand that this is a four quarter game no mental lapses. That's been a big being all season that's been a big being this series so. Look it if you're you're asking me what he needs to do he needs to play its best. Gain of the season that's pretty much how you have to get down to it. Again I think Philadelphia is a more talented team I think Philadelphia is a better team. But that doesn't mean that he can't win tonight. Finish out the fourth quarter. On another key role and play all four quarters with no mental lapses that's the thing that's gonna give to keep their best chance to win. Will they win will see. But I do think that that he has a chance to win this game this isn't a game that I look at and say are Philadelphia's just gonna win. You might as well not even show up he. I that he has a chance but they've got to be incredibly disciplined and there's no doubt. They've got to played their best game of the series tonight. Here's the thing sponsored by DJI score by drone nerds in Winwood and drove nerds of amateur and congress. And over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's I in this. Guy you know that's been on the most frustrating things for me in this series where I thought the heat and you know how to chances. Mean you look at the first half and looked at through you know the third first 36 minutes of these games in the heater either winning or right there with them. And all of a sudden things have fall apart even in the in the Indian too that he won. They had that big lead in the gave up almost all of it in the fourth quarter in. And named and then they pulled away Heather a little spurt there at the end salute to win it but the sixers and outscored Miami by 42 points in the fourth quarter. That's in four games in so I mean you view the average on that end and it's pretty damning right there and that's pretty alarming. How does go rectify that we'll talk to Tom the Angelo about that coming up here. In in about ten minutes Vegas certainly doesn't have a lot of faith in the heat extending the series. On shot shot by net. No I'm I'm shocked by the spring. Well yeah spreads nine out of ten point net. So you know you that's a blow my that it isn't and that's in a playoff series you'll you're gonna to double digits to your your winning handily. So you know will will see it. You know these are tricky games here I I do know that the easy. Are going to show off our but this is more about Philadelphia and how they handle this how they handle prosperity. And and if they think our board the better team we're gonna it's gonna roll the ball out there we're going to be fine. And all of a sudden you're on a plane coming back for game six but is he some cab we we saw some comments yesterday. Rom Joseph well and be team. Made it was I I don't I don't have the exact quotes in front of me but it was stuff to the back over we have enough right now I was now art timeless now there. If you that he are you taking that as this dude is looking right past us the EC east Lincoln we have the series over or are you just say NN whatever MB and say whatever. RD take that personally is that a slap in the arms tonight. I didn't take it as I didn't take it as any sort Islam by just like if you're Miami you can't worry about anything other than. No matter what happens. You have to win two nights yet you can't be concerned with with him beat well you know just just like last night on I'm sure Ricky Rubio was not concerned with Ross Russell Westbrook Salem gonna show that we know right now and people play your game and Indy win but when you're down 31 or demean and you can't think about being down 31 while we gotta win game five the red green sector. He's just he's gonna win three games in one night you can and you can't worry about tomorrow now you were a war about tomorrow tomorrow. As the old saying goes so just win tonight. And then you come back home and then yeah you go from there are so this is this is the hole that they have that they find themselves in the if you say. Hey I mean he's gonna win the series known enemy only eleven teams of have come back down 31 what he's saying can they win tonight. Yeah I mean if Italy but they're not they want the misusing about it was the best you game of the of the season. There's no doubt about that and it's easy enough to say hey if they play well the fourth quarter they should win. But that that has been the case for all of these games where knowledge he'd have. Please they've played extremely poor in the fourth quarter in the Philadelphia is really been able to hurt it up but maybe that's just a Marco. Of Philadelphia. Finding that their own kind of stride a little bit and saying were as good as anybody when we turn it on towards the back to that looked and Tom D'Angelo fertility. Let's at 4 o'clock July. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. This why pot playoff update is brought to you by O Ryan duels and downstairs convenience stores. Where they are truly steps beyond convenient. Well we're gonna start things off at the top pier Miami Heat visiting Philadelphia at eight tonight for game five of their best of 71 round series Phillies have a 31 lead they could close out the series with a victory. If he wins they bring the series back to Miami for game six on Thursday. Miami's Josh Richardson did go through shootaround today. Erik Spoelstra said he is about a 6040 chance of playing tonight so we'll see what happens with Josh Richards and says don't only tell I get to start with a pregame show at 7 o'clock right here and AM 79 the F them 1043. HT sue the ticket cap. There's no way just Richmond misses this game to not to run he might not be a 100% there's no way he misses. It was a short of a note from your corner. Earlier in the lineup tonight that's right I mean that's it's one of those games in 6040. Yeah he's he's plan was Tommy Dee come and appear about that but yeah and I now. The main thing is is this is not shooting showed working but now I. Ed is it going to affect him that's another thing but I don't think he was thrown up their fee was that he was gonna hurt them on the floor. But does so in sum the monitor early on tonight. Other NBA games tonight Milwaukee and Boston that series was tied at two games apiece San Antonio at Golden State. The warriors lead 321. Miami Dolphins have picked up the eight year option pro wide receiver Dovonte Parker. According to a league source. Parker's gonna learn about nine point three million dollars for the 2019. Season last year. He had seven receptions 670 yards. And one touchdown Teva is is that any kind of a surprise you they know they didn't do that for drugs Landry though I don't know. Big surprise there but the distort clear this is not for the incoming signals coming season this is for winning nineteen next season yeah. So they made the decision two years out we're gonna commit nine million dollars seeing him next this season. So. You don't want to obviously give up on the guy but they could have waited elected did and say you are yeah yeah porous two months a.'s price could have gone up also. So surely begin the series you play nice aliens not not not chump change or no known ties unites us a little lesson you make right. Just a little after taxes workers. That's after the government could take their eyes elements are lessening Miami Marlins at the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tim Tim tonight those are your new markets attacks 6797467974. We got a big show rolling here lined up where we're gonna talk ruled draft of that museum of 5 o'clock hour. He's gonna join us putts are coming up next to him is he Tom De'Angelo. From the Palm Beach post rather than meets. Forcing game six will get to a next right here on 79 minutes ago. Yeah. Team medics. Okay. Fifty minutes of it is customized by Champions Tour by force South Florida's number one Jeep truck and SUV customization shot. You're guaranteed that the hottest four by four months fees and downhill champion for Dubai ports of an 865 or two. 3446. Or go to champion four by four dot com also brought to buy your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez call 305800. Irma. Well we got a big one tonight is this the final game for your Miami heat's. Though they got a lot of lines in there and a big hole down 31 against the Philadelphia 76ers. In the best of seven here on Curtis and Perkins out to derived fuels announcers amused or just lined they're truly stepped. Beyond convenience. Up in Philadelphia it'll be a raucous crowd as they look to advance into the second round and that's refine our main man Tom De'Angelo towards the Miami Heat in the MBA for the Palm Beach post. Tom hi feeling that I. At that. Bob Dylan's pretty good I hope these he's got feeling very good as but at that all of a lot of good byes totally. One of the. Yeah there's there's no doubt apple play almost a perfect game or are reminiscent of game two for the for the most part. Let's start with availability Josh Richardson. What can you tell us about about his probability applying. Well he's hopeful he participated in the shoot around today. And that are supposed to sit that was encouraging. He he he he process of losing 6040 that he playing. But only slowly says that the Wayne where he. Wade said that's that's that's pretty good out here. I. Playing if he if he participated in should around any U mostly everything they haven't used today during shootaround now. You know they've they've just not it's not just given that the final stamp they wanna wait and see. How he is that the treatment when they get to the arena tonight but. My expectation is that you know lineup. Someone of the big stories in this series has been the fourth quarter. The Phillies Philly has been out scoring the seat Al playing they see why has that happened. Boy. Hurt in some way it it's really hard to kind of put a finger on because. And it is Eric say it today you daddy to three quarters of the year and plus they're up I think we've done sixes and three quarters of all. Board games and they've led every see that happen. This success just have just clamp down at the press change has changed in the fourth quarter they. They've taken Goran tragic out of the game. The fourth quarter they. You know that the heat haven't had much answers for the error they're athletic ability. Eight. You know big youngest. They're running up and down the court is still playing with a lot of pace. So it's it's either they had just seen the way that if if clamped down defensively. Because we know they you know they think may read throughout the entire. Series except for game two that you know they they've been pretty steady offensively I think the biggest difference has been defense and and the heat have to overcome that tonight I mean you have any anything closest to what quarter they had at home. That the best fit the seat until it even again in the heat one. This sixteen point fourth quarter lead that was reduced altitude so they have played well at any of the war war war. As on the Angel joins us here as we are ready for. Game five from Philadelphia he ultimately or one in eleven. All time in in game fives also. On that fourth quarter the six and outscored Miami by 42 points in that in that final stanza. Which is which is pretty scary what it what it's supposed say about. Trying to rectify that especially this evening just get a to a game six. Well for a small one and eleven on the road. It's the gap. You know he said they have they have to. It would mentality big winner in the first half. Having won every first half that it play. They just can't you know that they just can't borrow but in the fourth quarter. Whether you're traveling alone in stressing that it that it would be a lot of those games come out think that you know just continue what would do that would negate the intensity gets. Really ratcheted up. I think you know you've had you've had. You've had the experience of Dwyane Wade in to those fourth quarter that really paid off. He's he's put up pretty much assistance that he. Five or six or seven guys you know goal line James Johnson. Have been out there Kelly Olympics on the fourth quarter Kelly is back to sit and use two well beaten chart. You know he had his biggest gains early would do well was that I think you see more Assad to. Because side you know for all the criticism that is well deserved. He has played well defensively in the two games against duo will be. So so they can you know that they can catch up. If they can and visualize that in the middle. And then just they've got to continue to pressure bed then segment beds you know to have a mistake we all know that if they continue could. Pressured him it just don't let him get into the get out here re report on the court if the running game going and finding three point shooters. Then he kind of knocked down they're offered a little bit and then you did that of course they have that kind of solved with what it would benefit. Tom we've seen two weighing come through in the fourth quarters in game two games to a war. It looked good when he again and say and he's got a rescue them in the fourth quarter but if Dwyane needs help. You know you look at those. The Reza maze of the other guys you look at how they play this series who else is there to help weighing. A couple of guys come mine and the ones who are on. They need more article or on what quarter and he has. Did this and that kind of a stay. Does that kind of seen throughout this season is that. It gore gore line just for whatever reason in the fourth quarter I think what happens. Really see that. Listen this is the guy that the ball in his hand he basically people are so they really stuck depression and that there was duct trapped. So that the try to find a way to get him for the two guys if Josh Josh which you know it starts that's very defensively. Offensively offensively. I'll probably would say not what they need that you walk of offensively they need to get him going at it if he plays against set I. Do expect to play doubles court that he could get that you get depression or. James Johnson James had a pretty he's sincere if James can get go when he can be played all that fourth quarter of two easiest thing kind of steady. Kind of what we expect that from him most of this season. So you know those those I adjustments of three guys who are these scores. Which means playing lately but you hear your scores and then. You know I have signed just had to be that guy in the middle. Those with a guy that you to get more on that they cannot be depending 36 year old guy and those with water. You know they think that they need more of these other scores something they did not have not gotten on a consistent basis. And Tom what about Erik Spoelstra is role. Jennie Slade has signed more minutes does he have a quick trigger. On Tyler Johnson in favor of Magruder likely what else to you spoke do. Yeah I think I think number one on his first point I do and decide if they if they if they get that her son they got. In game four. We're finally kind of showed some life in thirteen points in the picked up right there in and he's finally showed some life. Yes and especially with a B now probably played. More you know at least thirty minutes with 31 game I think so they're probably giving boards saying Thabeet has not supposed to be about 30%. He you gotta figure the opposite and you'll start to comment gets. As he gets what plain sight hearing and now. You know gets when used the basketball defensively and fine. So that the case that he has or yes side to make sure that he does start off they used they'll start the ball in the low post. Seed in the start scoring. I think I think about a lot Allah I still in the back of my mind yes I still think of it could be a possibility of a switch starting lineup but. Tyler has been. You know he has not been very good effort by the sort of the last two games basically. It opera. So he darkening of the are if you if you feel like what you feel like you need offense and probably. Right but was not the way to go but if you just wanna get more defensively of that position and expected hope that you gotta get your options from. For some odd games Johnson up from from. The starting lineup anyway that you could probably go with. Go with that offensive more that the sense of presence to guard. So I I think but either way although the pattern was seen with. With Tyler he's kind of what we solved that last year first walked 567 whatever is of the of the game. And I'm the second half and any doubt it doesn't really doesn't feature I think policy board that. Because I think innocent when he played more than twenty minutes you're gonna see whoever gets going. A play another guy I'd mention it will go back to it just you know the whole scene with somebody skinny guys going Wayne Ellington and more of a presence. We need to get big they need to get to wane said the biggest disappointment. That he as of this series. Play with that second unit is great not not circus today if not they delicately balancing going get a lot get a model role reporters we saw a little bit the last few. I have and that's the second quarter. But we saw that a little bit cited for. If they could get him. Going at a crucial part in these early in the fourth quarter that we war. Get those punches if those reporters come in much as the fourth quarter that would definitely help so that that's another guy I think that you. You need to see if they can do something that the justice spoke to something to get him. I guess in shots. Get his confidence going so we can maybe get on the three point street. We're talking Tom De'Angelo of the police post or Curtis and perk. Baghdad Tom two other very quick lineup questions come we Singh's ball make changes. In the starting line up in series before right DB two homers and a son. Is there you you mentioned did you know Tyler played limited minutes are they're starting lineup changes. And would it help to play Hasan with Dwyane a little bit more with that second unit in the and especially in the fourth quarter due to try to get the defense and get that lob winning gets on involved. Yeah also it just means seven out of my college years ago. And then Toronto right to right there yeah yeah god I don't think you certainly are not that Whitewater but you know that's. And I think that that a real possibility. I I think I'll. Yesterday. I guess she Hasan but when implement it subtle light when it was with the way. That you need to get it you know. He keeps that offensive presence there was quarter to keep the scoring and then also make sure that these guys going offensively get the wing sort of don't. You get to wait out there and hit his get it rolling in the fourth quarter kind of spearheading the opposite side I don't see any. Any real life it's not all I think conflict but I think probably hasn't. Minutes wise. As long distance. It was able to match. I I and then there's the starting lineup and went on with son you mentioned Tyler Johnson plays limited minutes already. Right yeah I I don't think it could you change that's about it that the may not may decide you know on him I think anyway and then see what a brilliant. But you know what did it justice is getting a lot of minutes as he's played well this series but yes that was that outside possibility since you're right you're gonna justice. Starting in their power. Biggest K if Miami is gonna force a game six dom good job here on this one. Biggest key is well. You mentioned a response as if they if they play well of course but what can I still I think what they won the building to. In game two they happen if they come and think that they can win it's not like figure out two games. You know an error knob and just could compete here and they get they played really well first half of game one. So I I think if they have that confidence they've is there in this game in the third quarter they have to be able to. This patrolled there troll Philadelphia osment plays to eat there the fourth quarter. But they do that they about with a win and that we go to game six and at that happen. Happened guys we go to games is it against except it in the last four games one that won by the Roche. Well you know this pretty wild hey Tom thank you as always Wear your time and I get ready for for the game tonight and and anger is always a man. You got that's on the Angela covers the MBA in your Miami for the Palm Beach post and down. Tom joins us joined us throughout the year end Alicea fourth quarter Ziegler goes comes down to with this team. And I think Doby and in the fourth quarter chemicals and out the of the a big issue a more game five as we continue right here on 790 the ticket. Oops look societies. Are you subsidizing and say oops sign it and saying oops upsides and they aren't a draft versions coming into the ticket for my Big Five from Florida bay Cuba inspire Ramos. We'll have you covered from Vince give in they'd be hard rock stadium in our draft party at Dave and busters in the open plaza Hollywood David busters entering play watch sports. The biggest draft covers also brought to Alexa North Miami always enemies and deal. And by Carolina auto body when your cars until there's only one place to go it's Christmas around here man were two days away. The NFL draft and all the coverage will be here on names of and any and everyone before. Point three HD two. Ticket will draft picks with are in a fellow Miami Dolphins insider. Adam Beasley at 520. As things start to calm down a little bit. And then they'll get ramp up here on imagine in about in about a day. We'll sort the here's some murmurs a little tidbit today at the browns might be considering. Baker mayfield with the with the number one pick. The browns certainly control the draft that's that's what we hung. Having picks one and four of the browns control do they take the quarterback running back combo and some border cinquanta Barkley. While and and Sam Arnold or Josh Allen urge our rob baker mayfield or do they do the quarterback. Best best quarterback best defensive player Bradley child and tell. You know pair him with miles cared they took number one a couple of years ago. The browns they trade out of that fourth to a team like buffalo. Or somewhere and wants to move up maybe Miami who knows yet there's like this and there is over the browns certainly hold the key but but they're gonna take I'd imagine. Tim Arnold number one and then after that I really that I would think the giants the Barkley number two. After that I think the jets' league quarterback at three. That be my guest. My guesstimate but this is the first draft that I've been. Working sort of speak as a member of the media and you know trying to figure out what's going on here. That I don't know what's going on that a yes no this uncertainty there are so many things in your variables. And in the trade possibilities. Does buffalo try to move up through the dolphins try to move I'm Garrett there does Arizona try to move yes on the Purdue the quarterback need and you know just seems you know and they're for by the wants to move up the European trade partner and moved down. Do dolphins I think there in that. And in no man's land spot where in new if other quarterbacks are gonna broke wants Smith is gone. This Germaine at Edmonds is gone is the guys they think that can fill immediately like for the most part. Do they look at and say well. Reno who will move lets see if somebody wants to move up. Four. A defensive tackle or move up for Calvin Ridley type rumored move up four. You know the next best quarterback Demetrius Patrick has gone was most likely you will be off the board there in the first seven rate picks so. There's there's a lot work in their assaults regular Beasley a seat. What his when his mind citizen of course I where Jeff George your gonna be out at the other facility on. Evident meet me and my coworker Omar Kelly and Adam Beasley are going to be out there are so. Look no buckle your seat belts for that one goes view. If you ever been where those on a Saturday night on a road trip. You know of course we are gonna say the same things because there's radio and alcohol involved and an alcohol will not be involved totally in LB but if it's as lively conversation when we took three gold is is moderating and if he's got a lot more sentences in I will be impressed by Israel again I'm just treatment. That's right and and it didn't take or resorts transcripts. I argue and written on each other a lot Le lapin. Yet do we meet Beasley and Omar always argue about the ball we though we we have different approaches we have different opinions their colossal these so that's that's going to be good read all your all you guys are crazy on August or not yes yes yes. As prerequisite for government enough well. They'll be some fur flying on now on Thursday no doubt about it and well a team that hard rock. Stadium which I believe I'll be a part of after the show also over the hard rock and then now Lola team at kinki of the Davie after you're done with your round table need after the show. And then now we'll have a team at Dave and buster's. And as soon as we'll get the you know the particulars on everybody there's a moment just me it is it is overnight it we have every angle covered Iraq animus of a thing. Off on Thursday night for the first round of the 2018. NFL. Draft there's possibility that the Miami Heat could be playing that night park. So let me ask you this now you slid it is going to be like Christmas for us yes are we get an a bunch of residents are we getting couple looks cold about doing well underdogs in memory to be seen yes if you were the draft we have to check on that red with upper management blood. Shop. Little loop really got a few we got a few minutes gentle and as it is all about them about the minor writes. It's in the could force a game six would be on Thursday night. 7 o'clock here India American Airlines Arena but. Mean is there here's the thing that we're we're we're from a draft simply that's very odd to me. Covering these things for over the years and you as well let me ask you this could be of the same vibe. I usually there's a consensus consensus from dolphin fans paying. Even mean even with their jobs in the twenties now guys even if it. Even look like we guess it's obvious to describe your critics who want Jane Wright and all ends of line whatever right they got you all right for you know. They got to take this kind of got to Garrett he brought in Najaf they got to take a wide receiver and I got to take a safety whatever. However it is there's been some sort of feeling. From the dolphins fan dumb down here. Follow somebody that they can take no I think quarterback would certainly think a lot of people's intriguing because that always gets everybody go on and I think for the most part. Of the dolphin fans are split on right to any hill and then even then the the the the biggest Tammy hill fans around realized the guy who you know guys who played professional football. Game in almost two years. When you when you think about it that he would always gonna look like well other than that like I don't get a sense of the fans. One to anybody. Leg I don't even say hey. Even if it's crazy like to open trade for sigma moral there's nothing new is that shows you feel that they is that lack for enthusiasm. Not just lack of. I think it I think it's combination of things that calm the Balkans have been all over the board as far as. Mock drafts. That's one thing they have allowed him needs that's another being amend their so much uncertainty. Up there at the top so no there is no consensus. Those are the main reasons however people do know that Adam gays really likes baker may field. And so that combination. Plus the combination of drafting a quarterback in the first round has people excited. The Indian it was he had some kind of wings as you say it can't. Broke on Smith lime background of Georgia delegate delegates of him gladly gets you excited remain Edmonds the lime background of Virginia Tech enthusiasm kind of Wayne's beat Avaya the deep into tackle out of Washington enthusiasm wanes hello der der when James safety out of Florida State in -- the Wayne threatening baker may yield is the top god we're excitement. Vin has broke on Smith the man everybody else is just an a on a kind of sliding scale to me. By the way germane amendments the linebacker from Virginia Tech. Is Ferrell son yes he is tight end of the golfer and as a 100% correct for people that you know go back a little triggers like three of the one. Where I currently have don't think he has a brother who's a running back in New Orleans although he's got his guys I think there's three kids I guess and it may be then. Another one might be out of school or or. At Virginia to but yet it's it's it's it's a talent and we is mine is probably good job yes there'll be at a very good job with those GMs Manso yet to make and look. A big difference in and broke one and remain. Rope on Smith there's going to be smaller. Pass sideline to sideline guy I believe he goes about 61 to 35. Jermaine Edmonds is your halting big linebacker Eagles about 65 to fifty. So there are obvious size differences in those two debate but no sewer generally regard well they are regarded as one and soon. It depends on who you trust as far as the linebackers who's wonder whose true but broke one smitten and Jermaine Edmonds or are definitely considered one into this one back. Are what your confidence level for this evening Morgan of that. As the he try to force a game six that's what it's all about his. Win tonight bring them back here and and we'll go from there and try to extend the series. As a as much as it can will try to do on the road plays with a one game two winning last week up in Philadelphia while more on that also bees you'll join us here at five warning as we take to right up until. He basketball our pregame coverage right here on 79 to take. Lauderdale air show that a by. The greater Fort Lauderdale convention and visitors bureau coming may fifth and sixth at Fort Lauderdale beach. Film as the US air force thunderbird there. Navy F eighteen super hornet and power votes like this guy go and Lucas Oil race team get your tickets now Fort Lauderdale airshow dot com. It's the Fort Lauderdale air. Show brought to my name's have a nanny and after 104.3 HD two tickets. And if you don't get your tickets we will be giving away tickets to the Fort Lauderdale or shall we was only a pair of tickets let's say we didn't see in the 5 o'clock hour or attack it. We got like a 790 jet. Knowing there were 79 the aircraft carrier. And putting people out there and a little more like hover craft their prime content coverage crap out of luggage room. Yeah some like to ask from Joan Ernest Jones-Drew and exits but the Fort Lauderdale air show. That's that's cool deal we got to get some leeway here in the 5 o'clock hour for bumping up against happy hour here. If you're if you're just joining us we've been heavily on the Miami Heat obviously. Also and visa's gonna join Richard about forty minutes where talk NFL draft within our weekly check in with easily. About the dolphins in the NFL tourism I'm dolphins were in Miami Herald of course here quite frequently. Hero some a nine to cancel we are feeling on what the the dolphins will do per gonna order stuff. It's autumn of that a little bit but game five tonight it's game of emotion. And it's a day of emotion how do you you steal. Bombs I feel pretty cool and I feel like you are going to play. Playing good basketball game they are going to play hard bitten they are going to play well. But one thing where they have not done those things. Is in the fourth quarter. They've been outscored by 42 points in the fourth quarter in the series of four games do the math that's almost tenant tenant quarter let's not glued to New Haven in the win they had to hold on their their bacon there who have finished it's of two women and finish that game. Bombs and the question is. Oh when the fourth quarter rolls around I think actually did you will be either up or within striking distance and then who emerges. And here we are. In game one per this is game when he examined seven yeah 87. And the guys that he's you know you can kinda count on for the most part is your 36 year old guy got at the trade deadline and Dwyane Wade. And we all love Dwyane Wade around here but he's been able to do you said he could win two games in yeah I did he's won one. He's 11. They squandered an opportunity in game four right under tremendous effort by Duane but that's because they didn't have anybody else to help him out so. Doing is no doubt learn tonight. There he doesn't trouble and there's only one man on that roster who have showed me that he has the skill. And the experience and expertise. To get them out of trouble that's Dwyane Wade. That's a good seeing that that's a sand saying it's a good thing because Dwyane Wade is on the key and now they do have somebody who can do today. It's a sad being because then if the wing was not here. A series would be over. And this team would be really really floundering I mean really floundering. Wayne has given this team hope in this series right. He's the guy who gave them the game two victory he's the guy who gave them a little bit of hope. In in game four he's the guy he beat only guy. That I think as that well he's only guy that I trust. 22. Be able to make the necessary plays I've not seen from anybody else on this roster. Goran Rogers has basically disappeared in the fourth quarters James Johnson has been up and down. And James Johnson and justice Winslow they have their hands full when they've been depending bin Simmons. And so on Whiteside hasn't had the minutes Wayne Ellington has not been a actor Tyler Johnson has not been a factor. We can go on and on and on. The bottom line is. Dwyane Wade is the man that I trust on this roster he's the mayor and who to me if he does not only in. He must play well tonight. Even if the other guys play well ice deal will have the eighth that the Miami Heat has enough to pull this game now. This is a night or Dwyane Wade. Whether you think he can deliver or not you all you have to think that he is the guy who was qualified to do it and pretty much. You have to pick on this roster he's the only guy who swallowed by to do it. Like it or not Dwyane Wade is the heat's past hole tonight. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJ eyes. Or by drone nerds and win would end drove nerds of amateur and pine crest. I don't know were to drone nerds dot com South Florida's IE in this. Guys we got our tech slide up and run and of course you can always sex the show we invite and encourage a text messages we try to reply. Op perk myself mainly perk two many as possible offline we try to read as many. As as we can on the on the air 67974. I tell you reaches a 67974. Mention Ellington in there. Talk about Texas say this could be Wayne Ellington game they need until late he's back home and clearly that's just you know it's funny how would you have a guy and Alex and going to its rights and could be due to the sixers defense well. Well it's it's gotten some good looks and he hasn't made a few of them. But the sixers the one thing that the sixers have done this or should they did in game four. I was so impressed with the defense in the hands on Miami in game four down here and remind me at 61 points in the first quarter in the first half of that game. And you look up there's sort of you know midway through certainly got they got to know what he points usually administered to fourth quarterly at twenty points. So that Philadelphia's defense and there it is there activity in the fourth quarter. Was why they won game four and you look at why is Miami crumbling. In late in these games yes in game one. Was a little bit it got on him late and inflatable shots on the looks like me 9230. Points. That looks bad but for the most part in these days to come to mind can't find reasonable options of scorn us that you just were talking about. Miami. I mean we all of Dwyane Wade and every Tommy has always throwback games everyone cheers went. You think about in the in the context of you have a 36 year old guy looking that is saving your ass who you just pick up. Relatively frequently just say you know what you can help us yeah I mean ME will cover Iowa phrase that right. Coming Cleveland was making the change shudder a year or two more athletic team. And Dwyane didn't fit in those. And now Dwyane Wade is them a lot more than I thought you would do on the way back he could Jameel up but think about this I mean that's what you're asking. Who save yourself peer you can save your season and that's disturbing that there is not been a more. Reliable option for Miami I mean look around these playoffs. Look at look who is doing these things Donovan Mitchell in and you tall. On Anthony Davis Anthony Davis holiday Rajon Rondo you know. And it might be it's not just one not write these teams have rightly or is there are three other guys right today that heard exactly. Exactly so all means some Miami lags way behind on that right even Philly when you look at Simmons and beat him in the collection of sergeant and rest. And Ilyasova. Yes it's at the heat has been winning that sit. Let's look at. And and we're doing our trust and worry get into the autopsy whenever the season's over. But if the season ends tonight and I ask you going into the offseason who is your girl to guy on this team. Who it's like I've just got to be Dion Waiters right. Liberia has got to be negative way doesn't come back and enjoying. Even if he did come back he'd be coming off the bench and you probably more right buried right right limitless and it's RL to super strong orders correct correct so. I don't like Dion Waiters GAAP I don't see any. I didn't project should mean that I think we've seen in noted at least in the second half of the season that is if you really focus on him. You can shut him down or limit him late in games and then it's good luck in the heat you're scrambling. There's a descended Dwyane Wade can have a a couple magical nights here and there were either she's the man but you're looking for just more supports. More of a supporting cast. As you need you need a go to guy in the and upload. Complimentary slash supporting. Go to guys million have got to know they don't have that. No they have going house opened one of work to whom would emerge I thought somebody will are really did ask nobody nobody nobody can I. Six of 97467974. I tell you Regis on the Tex sign of just a kitten in your car. And and your jumping in there and get ready for game number five we got you covered here will take you right up until our pregame coverage at 7 o'clock the first of its 5 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX HD true. ARAMARK. This one up playoff update is brought to you by middle law firm 100% dedicated to your financial recovery fighting the insurance company is worth it. Miami Heat visit Philadelphia tonight at eight per game five of their best of 71 round series Philly of course leads 31. The 76ers could close out the series with a victory. If he wins they bring the series back to Miami for game six on Thursday. Miami's Josh Richardson went crucial round today. Erik Spoelstra weaker than Tom DeAngelo list Richardson's chances of playing at 6040. Given that they've given those odds I would have to think that Josh is gonna be out there tonight says loan Tommy tiger to start with a pregame show. At 7 o'clock right here on AM 790. FBO moral worth three HD to the ticket cap. Did and Josh make the bigger difference on offense or defense tonight just Richard. I I think the defense is already in there I think it's more offensively. Went in the hidden some of those threes and and put some pressure on Philadelphia's defense is always going to be there it was you know inform yeah. But I just more of the offensive game has not come around let's slow things are just talking about. He should be a fifteen to seventeen point scorer in my opinion. My home with his atlas schism in his and his defensive ability to go to get out on the break and and this is obviously his shot making ability so. Yeah now is he part is they issued a resume play tonight. Mom minutes or so so it's David -- isn't 6040. We we know Josh is a competitive he would you know until now you know nobody really disclose at least some of the Cuban island if you you know because the main thing is him they're gonna run him off some screens and if he goes yeah I'm really come on I'm jostle then left shoulder as much as possible remarks that have indeed lay some lumber on him means it has joined our don't let you have the entire offseason to a figure it out and you know what if or 48 hours which are well yeah whichever that's the best that's the basket center and whichever way yeah -- car of tomorrow yup we'll have to undercover you know and under to worry about tomorrow tomorrow but the heater about a ten point guard tonight which is a live shot hi there are shocked shocked a little highs should be I thought to be about seminary like there was for the first public in Vegas. Is this straight. A straight days of money in Vegas Tron who. Even now the money or has always try to do right or is or is this a case of the public just links Juli is so much superior to what they has always started I was started wanting to me and he adjusted. According to the company and the lines liberties is never power ranking Pruitt don't understand right gamut. It's never power ranking all the all of Vegas wants is what they want is the percent the V of the money on one team is right some of them there it's been reticent maggots they were collect and you know what you the right. We're gonna take 10% or take our just walk away from it. And refined so yeah I mean now is into the wind moves a little bit when I mean ten. Yeah like that's an enticing number like did you have been a lot of these games yes the number is as much. A reflection of Slade public confidence and routine for lack of a better term as. More than I do Vegas thinks is going to win by what. You are well part of that factors in if your lines make gratuitous starts out Philadelphia this Texas team yet so daily there's a lot of people that are and if so far they've been right. Yet what they're held Philadelphia pays the league there's a lot of people that like Philadelphia oh yeah they like you know. Whenever they are the team all right now in the in the Eastern Conference you know and that factors in as well. There are other NBA games tonight Milwaukee at. At Boston series of started to move to a little bit surprising there San Antonio is at Golden State Warriors lead 321 I'm not mistaken Gregg Popovich will not be with the team and turns out relevancy or not. And out of his wife Golden State just they're gonna finish that thing off tonight. Does rise and Tony of one day's flow was a Al Sadr for them Columbus or what they went through digital league has ended up finishing that game but he had walked in Boston where it's series and Boston. Thoroughly dominated the first couple games and they're certainly better. Then then walked Martin played very well and all the sudden they get home and walked he plays great Bledsoe plays great and he was kind of the keys that. But. I don't I don't think any of the either. Of those teams. Let me have it play Philly. I would make I aisles or make either one of those teams that almost makes Philly the in the favor real one of those things where I've seen. Yes yes I'm still wait and see on on how that series comes out and end on Philly I'm not. I'm not just canceling in Philly because these series. Well I'll say this each series has its different match ups and has different challenges and from here on no. Billy is going to play teams better than the Miami Heat. I thought about it and Ivo watching I've amid impressed by that and Phil are some watch your boss and right now yeah yeah I was impressed by Boston when they're 20 but now. Not so clear cut that out indefinitely now. An audio that works writes Miami Dolphins picked up a bit you option for wide receiver Dovonte partner according to a source. Parker. Is scheduled to earn about nine point three million dollars for the 2019. Season. Finally Miami Marlins at LA Dodgers at Tim Tim tonight. Booms are your him to a 6974. That's Irish is no big in the mean we're going to be is coming up here what we're to talk draft what does any reason to want to parkers or anything mayor now. You mean I. I I'm a little surprised that they did it but but then again I am not you might as well lock them up. And and so you don't get into a as the story there isn't saying. No I I think I think they just figured you know one. I'm surprised let's move forward with the bonds a many studios Danny Amendola Albert Wilson and will will see what we have been 2019. In 2019 but at least. They know it bill they'll have. Those three under contracts deals Parker and an M and Dolan and they're probably crossing their fingers say they don't need to draft a wide receiver. Next year. There it's it's I think it's. It's anfield move for this year you're hoping to Vontae producers and it's a secure that positioned for the future because he does produce. You have him to any steals Amendola Albert Wilson and you can go here and let baker may feel a touchdown passes 22090 that. A B interest and that's a seat on the bars coming nine million dollars in twin nineteen that's on the books that's what they did today so they basically signed into a what. When you was there one year one year extension and nine million new British racer didn't pick up that option arm gets out of Beasley draft is couple days away. Where the dolphins think can and eleven could they move up could they moved down who's on their radar we're gonna all the straight dope from Adam Beason from the Miami Herald he'll stop by next right here on some ninety the ticket. Carlos Dublin from game five just a moment we got the NFL draft coming up his golf until the eleventh spot. By the way the radio dot com am is officially awesome and I do take a downloaded today to discuss any time anywhere you know and missed it. Anybody including our next guest joins us as August 2 on the Iran feels announcers who is or was just signed their choice to beyond convenient. Here on Curtis and perk are NFL Miami Dolphins insider from the Miami Herald. And a big part of our draft coverage on Thursday evening evening Adam Beasley are we could conversation with the man b.s at a high films and I'm a man. But there are some more than I guess from a friend. You'll arrogance in this Internet the gestures staple here as on seven and in particular should say here. We don't do anything without getting it's anywhere you first year. Here's the question Curtis had few good golf he had grabbed my bonanza. Nobody is that he ever location I'm not now let me set up a stadium man. So your your your dream cocktail that probably that's. Yeah. You may language does that shareholders and yeah see it's will will do brow beating Brito. Making service academies I think I didn't know what to try and so he. Easily yeah he'd hit you did these these nervously at pizza to see it being controlled three of us me you know marginal. I got an early on where I wanted to be for draft night and that's. Why. Zero so yeah I'll be at the stadium and we're gonna outlaw a lot of fun here. But I'd sell what what do we think in your I just heard this question I mean you know the team as well as anybody Perkins it's. Mean this is what you do on a day in and day out basis. And obviously interacting with fans is big part of that whether you know people emailing you or are on Twitter. It seemed that every year is a consensus that dolphin fans want a certain player. This year I don't get that MI wrong. No you're right because we have so many yeah I'm speaking. That it didn't look like a different directions and there's literally it when you're picking eleven you're at the mercy it's on the other teams. Some you're you're you're right. I do think that there rule there is a couple of scenarios that the dolphins fans should be pretty upset. And that is number one scenario is that Jon Gruden calls the whole way to eleven which. Some believe could happen. And it opened it to Korea picker picks somebody else. I think that would go over poorly particularly because. And and we deserve some of the blame and then I'll I'll I'll take a lion's share of it but. Hasn't been rewritten and backing that we were really hyped up all the quarterbacks and particularly insider you know mom to have two months ago that job version. It is so you know. That they haven't talked very highly of god truth was they that much and yeah it's tougher mentally and and and and skill wise seems like a pretty good bit there so we couldn't handle the board eleven. And they make you look foolish and they did it break the market opens and I think that might not go over well with that don't care don't they obviously put. But I you know I think that once scenarios that. That that. Could anger the bad basic eight here's the thing. You're gonna get back to fundamentals at this point because there's so much always that thing is you're hearing. There's about 10% interest in the end and at 40% span and the rest satellite outright lies and and that's for a reason nobody wants to be. Had to have their their their whole court shown before they you know that the river card comes out they wanna they went up. Keep as much mystery as they can about the pick as possible. And and that's why I think you need is you about the fundamentals look at what the dolphins need to look at what they're out there officers got to look at the reasons they lost last year and there's a you know they did all the and tackle they don't have a starting linebacker they don't have a very tight end. And couldn't cover the tight end plus they didn't have any depth at quarterback and if Brian can knows me. As a setback you're the only competent whip prop up while it took the best in the playoffs and on the receivable and they'll say yes. That's why I think those before real position the dolphins will address. In some border we just don't know who will take eleven just because they don't know at this point they're take eleven. Well be some you cold enough bills' front office people outright liars in disrespect that David deals in that comment Neitzel. That's pay these what about the fifth year option on the bonds they Parker. Good move bad move or irrelevant. Well the good news because it's irrelevant on the day they really had a it's a very little risky and it has the possibility of being pretty high reward. The dolphins just. I decided that. George. Baghdad neighborhood. But if you can get. Didn't get to the other part of for almost half bad and all the more apt that. And he's playing well I think it's good value. By Nick Diaz. It is his career is what it is essentially what 45 this year guy. Three touchdowns a year 400 yards your stuff like that around the neighborhood. Then he either he's actually not that he did not quite formally dollars and do we risk is that he has a catastrophic can relate to receive Medicare. Can't pass the physical and the new year starts. But I think it put your options all basically all the law you know all the powers into the hands of the team you know shocking right. The because a player can outperform that contract cannot do anything to be under reforms that he got that. Easy enemies he joins us here on 790 the ticket follow in my ten imam as they have a history of liking to make some splashes and make some trades. On during draft time here. Well what is the what was the probability of you say the bombs are to make some sort of movement not a first round. But but move up or down and slide around a low listening for bribes for whatever reason try to get more picks org a certain player that they've targeted. Yeah I think yacht in the moving up for probably 10% and picking up that you move up probably only beats he and summit that's set in navy. To get ahead of you know San Francisco and you have might wanna linebacker. Yeah I've been staying at eleven probably sixty could be with you by 60%. And the rest of those thirty and change. Has them moving back. I think they're they're going to be a good player lab there there's going to be a player that they could use eleven. The question is they look at their roster and say you know what. I'm the one that we like isn't there you today is we can if slipping back or tight spots. Maybe try to get data that is great if not now latent dinner action maybe some. Another linebacker. Rashad Evans. He had some some interest in Miami. And then we use that so we got. But into the first round again it Salem Mark Jackson lasted twenty. And and then that maybe get to first drop ecstatic that that the possibility. But I don't think Rubin now I know crackers had a couple weeks or last week. That they are happy Hamlet to sick not but the provident need to do we get the quarterback they want. I just don't see I think that you've given up way too much and and and that's the key look at the team needs but also it'll. At least giving the impression that they think they're gonna win at a high level this year that they're they're gonna make the playoffs economic Iran. Part of you that when you give a budget that's at stake players not played your quarterback. These what are the positions the dolphins absolutely. Must add in this draft now I think there's three album I think dom linebacker defense of tackle and tied in must be add it no matter what rounds you take them but what do you think little. 1234. Positions what what must they take. Industry. Good great if you had to settle purpose to answer your questions for you you don't act. You know I don't know yeah yeah yeah yeah I appreciate equivalent amount situation. Yeah yeah birthday is gonna be so fast to me come out and speak at all to be great. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah and assert my authority Somalia. These. This is accused Iraq at all is that you quarterbacks think they'll open the somebody didn't cover. A tight as I mentioned that clapping make Fitzpatrick kind of a wildcard here. Because he's really good he played a lot of positions and you might be able to actually cover a tight end he's got. He's got the skills to do that. And he's got the added benefit of being from Alabama plant critics David who. Probably like we can't say Nick Saban is is the most formative voice and data base is said or do you think it's maybe Mike Martz or somebody else. I would stones they Sabin was right up there close and. Yeah and listen to Nick Saban is a totally gung ho for everything we hear. About Mika did status says look you cannot let this guy get past you at eleven he's going to be a multiple award changer team. Food we can't take it Patrick. Lot of them and I'll these will be there eleven but I mean even if they don't move the spotter to but I always thought. This south but with soliciting you know it it was played itself would say the quarterback your normal work. How pretty often for wind and of Notre Dame had to go lookup to. This one's just moon knows great persons who know some regard. OK so that's why we got there. The Mangini really go at some point or eight. Yeah with the countries in ago before James. Yes because. That's tough that's because he's better and he you know he plays he plays on the corner and safety slowly stood during its acorn is more about. More prime position you know sequence got sick on Barkley. Yeah partly out of our league catcher. Joseph blow definitely. An accident left in the coming resentments flowers and gifts or more on this. Seven orient eight right now. Yet so many of the two linebackers they do think that those eleven. Yeah we're on Smith and Germany and in business news it's beat Avaya what are what about Denzel ward rounds Ohio State yeah. I mean I don't think it got their own little possibility that is better also eleven. That's an accurate or read all the observers should raw and upn and and and made that selection I think Denzel war to be there from Ohio's. Eight yeah Mika but but your point as soon will take him out yet. He could only help that team and I wouldn't be opposed soon selecting a cornerback. Wow I mean I don't really castrate casserly said that. Don't see that as one of their two biggest need would blows me away if that's accurate. I'm. Odds are you this v.s who who is the shut down corner you you kind of have your fingers crossed you returned. What guys out of guys was starting. Experience coordinate their sleeves and while we're totally. Yeah I think it is about quarter right yeah you're in the slot and does nothing for me. But. I mean. If you couldn't predict that video recorder like I guess you do it you don't know which got Tony a look at what I'm mad that he's a quarter you could take. A lot better. Defensive tackle quarterback that took her impact position is that but Suzuki has heard so that was what really pick and. Now local knowledge you get the best cornerback the best on sand. That you feel aboard eleven I think that's that's a great golfer are you dolphins you know let this this is a best player available vs need argument and these you know I hate best player available I've still needs in the draft so. And so it was cause greater mean let's be honest you agree that it last week you said. Of course needed impacts our board yeah yes you read it and that's where your board but it did guys that might not otherwise either get pushed up because India. Do I dizzy and Butler meets and so was the best player available right. Yeah yeah. It turns around and look to be honest I mean. Yeah I'm quite well guard regard last year not a great tackle this is this is the you'll find that we really is. I agree but it's a point neither the need independent and attend the value everywhere phrase it that is that intersects Wear them into the spectre of the top three player in the draft. Eight on their board and he slides to where they are then all of a sudden that cross sex in the OK this is just too good to pass up that was. Or just visit eleven wood which could take. There I don't know I'm still trying to dig throughout the cross excluding with that well now this ritual OLOOK. I got you yeah miniature. We'll find out if there's an idea obviously that's a big tease for that. That the key model at did you watch that sports book or not. I definitely don't. But not yet there are involved there is a lot of jobs props are gonna go over here and authors of for the draft the org chart as easily until later I mean it. Can be easily joining us here to design and honestly don't tomorrow all right. Yeah I think I don't know and we'll that we got little thing called he. And yet so yes that's yeah I've been reading reprieve angels are examiner has less of a patent we we haven't really mentioned the heat on the show yet. And I'm Joseph I mean obviously yes. Hudson note yes really it and we we do have a game to maneuver. We didn't help another name Thursday. And we'll figure that out with the draft covers there than I Depp went. Yes the movies and yeah I mean meager I think I'm a big Lincoln it's veteran guy guy I do too I agree with you don't think he's going to be they're not opening and anyway. Bad but I do digger quarterback a lesser illicitly just trades up a quarterback could fall but then that they more advantageous for the dolphins who the quarterback. Falls then is many good thing here's the dolphins scenario you want if they're not gonna trade up they don't they wanna keep most elections if not eating more selections. The biggest scenario when your red spotlight the dolphins are. You want as many good players to get pushed down to use that other teams want so that would be the quarterbacks. Just ethical and open your options okay and there's a couple of and is obviously there's teams. That are sitting there. Ahead of the dolphins that have no interest in a quarterback Seoul alone. Well you want a number ten right. Oakland do one with the giants. Did it could go either way I don't know candidate did gathered they're undecided Alex but I think it did go do it right now in these articles say at seven Chicago when they need to separate Cisco at nine Oakland at ten. So of all the sudden you get all the things go funky at the top. And the browns control the draft all the sudden a baker mayfield word Rosie or both those guys start falling a little bit into the seventh eighth ninth spot. That is why haven't a.'s involvement either taking notable players that they like baker may go to draw through which we think they do. Or swing and a deal and and it's getting more assets argued Sotheby's it right there will come back to back to yell like game five tonight. As or about and what ninety minutes away a little less than ninety minutes away from our pregame pregame coverage lives as well atomic title to grab until. Some of the cut also we air show tickets a review wailed to the next segment also gives them your text messages. Feel free to Texas shows 67974. On anything that's on your mind here on a busy Tuesday afternoon right here on seven I do take him. It. OK after every game to take into into the Lexus answers were a number of times close game show is that has openly grapple with a games Lexus and Subaru Plummer finds always an amazing deal. Plus what Jimmy if for my for South Florida's number one Jeep truck and SU because Jose shop but it champion four by four dot com. Curtis and perk back with you here on your home of these 79 to take it where it's a given to our game five coverage within. Sprinkling in a little NFL drafters were couple a couple of days away it's our girls are we could check in with Beasley so. We got a lot of dolphins info there in little lull traffic in themselves that's up for debate will city. Again as the quarterbacks in the they're the two things about the draft are the quarterbacks. And into the tree possibilities really well and bug but didn't always a joint teams are trading opportunity for the quarterbacks and so you know the quarterbacks and the browns the browns control draft one in four and all quarterback so. But the two big story lines and after that everything kind of just falls you know could go anywhere. By the way the story that we see that we weren't gonna talk about a few days ago. Tom Brady has not committed to playing that you saw his agent Don eat any mountains and I split. Designed to show after who broke both sort. But yeah we are right to ignore that it's we we both say it would not even and I'm proud of where we have to Wear and would even grow and prosper rights to slow wrote that in a Brothers. Just so people know that Tom Brady isn't peck playing on this season. He does play don't plan yeah right. And yet as if there was any doubt. Tell me like last leg inform everybody of them showing up to work tomorrow. Near Madrid to check in and I got edges don't on the largest skill decides it's fine it's funny like yeah this contracts not up. He's given no indication he's gonna retire soon look right odd and you may hit some kind of assurance when they treated Rob Lowe. They live some kind of knowledge and this kind of one of those let's get a story out there about Tom Brady well I mean it was you know what it will only legitimate story. You know I think I think everybody looked at it and bought an older guys who does that play right robber that McNamee. Also I saw the thought was some of the first NFL over under is. They're out yes. And it's that basically not to get too. Patted dolphins in the pages about ten and a half of Ryder crawl Dalton's let me guess six and have correct yeah. Also the six and a half bills were six and a half. No the jets were six there. So that was that was like early early. Obviously very early. But I I don't wanna get to do much into it but in my what did you Soledad and once you with the dolphins were in the division was but yes it was pretty it was pretty depressing. If you're going pour some action on the dolphins would do taken over where the under on six that I'm sick and right now before the draft but obviously. Hope before you see him in training camp and heads. I pro I'd probably go under. I probably undergo a lot yes I gotta tell you can't buy at the I don't know I would say I would say if you I would say. David six and a half yes collecting six a six win season would be the best guy I would go under yeah. One thing I always Specter arena's injuries and of course you have no way of knowing what position they'll have injuries. But always look at their overall debt of football. But you know you're probably gonna lose. What three of your starters were at least three weeks. And a couple of those guys are probably going to be season ending injuries you don't know that means they missed ten games or six games Orton. Whatever but you're going to have some some injuries. And you've got to look at the overall depth because you don't know where the injuries are Telecom and well last week for example right right and to me that good that could be a game. We're game and a half. It was just funny because I saw like houses looking and analyze our data for like ten minutes it was too planned on the draft him even penalties after the draft a little bit unique ornaments talk about those kind of the first. Look at what Vegas things a lot of teams. And you know everyone was kind there was there was a lot of there was no like eleven or twelve obviously right there was like okay ten and a half of the Minnesota might have been ten and a half Green Bay was ten but it seemed like there was a Lotto. Bomb. Everybody was kind of bunched up yet yeah you know I don't ram three relied. Ten. The niners were like nine Seattle's dignity ideals at all. And then you look at the season it's signaling is way ahead of everybody else it's a soul like she's so is it everything. It's the same thing nothing hotel at all within and that number and this is of the bills of the jets general. Agers see those in four times so lights you can you can if you could be the bills are in and a nose is running simple but if you could sweep the bills with a generous of the that gets you will cost of that to the number of sick I would say yes six and a half you're on 79 or six in ten. I only right now towards towards six intent the only sex Joseph 67974. 67974. Billion sixes. Game six how does Miami get to a game 6 tough Thursday evening. Fourth quarter is that isn't being given that the deal for Miami do little. I mean it is the Leo we we like to break things down to to be very simplistic busy could organize you aren't very bright now so I don't think you know what is the bottom line. The bottom line is mine he's been outscored by 42 points in the fourth quarter in those first four games of the series. And even in game two when they won. Miami Heat and the dignity then again it happens every bit of that through tears that they go up you needed Dwyane went is so in 9896. And 9690 war with four minutes left when he came in because sorry the and I guess a lay up to me and the assistant Jerry Johnson and don't knitted jumper right doses. Seoul did and and and he never looked back but. Are you your so reliant on Dwyane way the didn't get you out of trouble and that is. That Witten and actually that wouldn't be a bad formula. Gives. There was somebody else behind wade who use they did all right will this is your number two does your number three. They're just isn't always emerged there since nobody's commercial on the roster oh by the way yes I spoke to muddy 6 AME meal was probably go into the game all right he heat yet he supposed to begin not a jail. Today might be out already. And you know he's a he's a Philly guy commands so. High profile. Robert Kraft went to see them. And then how does it hasn't yeah yeah but he's yet I did they media's most B might be out right now but yeah that techsters. If meat meal goes to game tonight. And overs at a crowd swelled Crowell BD oh yeah are or part of the crowd. National and everybody would meet Neil Flynn. Hello is my feeling been incarcerated there. Columns have been. I will not news I have no I a couple of months maybe six months on assay had been six I think so I'm not sure allows we'll check on the yeah. But look my micro should be. If you being being in jail and I've been I've had been I have been on lockdown recently perk five months he about it. All right so but Monty and I'm assuming is not a lot of low lob back there. Like I ever heard a lot about the conjugal visits are you doing that and I'm presuming him out of him behind bars and years are per I don't want to. What is it is that what's the first thing that the fight is getting is you would the first night out your mood the game which is a big deal. But it analog over five mud what's the first thing a meek mill with that I'm thinking he's in the club. Dude well you're talking about kitten he could do that in the car on the way to the game OK not her. You know slip out of lead to be route as much is a much is going to a game it's fun. First night out in five months yep you got time after the game. Kevin perk five months'. Time after the game. Like that's about the three hours that that's like you know what I do want to wait any longer feel I tailor your your meat meal I mean either of you can have maybe halftime. Etc. free on the ride. Okay locked up. It is us somebody sexy in a million donors to Obama. Somebody else exit when he Kevin Hart to show up to the game like game two. Somebody else and uneasiness are asking to have you. Know no but I mean that was the two games down here. He's disappeared like Tennessee I'm seeing them anywhere regular by the Kansas I think Philly kind of goes case laments that the setup is that you have lost this game no well enough and I'm not I'm not beat him I think nobody would you really believe that. That was a spike in New York. Yeah but that that's that's a 100% different in this win. When Dwyane Wade has asked after the game what prompted that and he some models and Cisco aren't you send us an insight being brands are friends and our fans our policy in Philly battle this thing and I really think Kevin Hart cost him game to open our I doubt that anybody seriously. Ridiculous but there there are fair device aren't hard I would want him anywhere near Dwyane Wade to society in my for the U I think it's stupid ridiculous. I billiards industry and the thing I Kevin Hart was nowhere nearer the antagonist that purple shirt Iowa it's nowhere near not even not even in the same neighborhood same ring a slight lead yet okay we you'll agree that the Charlotte fans would be like we don't purple shirt guy around you that that's solely different when he was not brands of purple shirt not before that incident now. I we're gonna get to the 6 o'clock hour here we are more to get to get the headlines over the need to move on with the Monte Parker being opportunity all about that also Tom De'Angelo he's gonna stop by your little later on this is blocked our. As out we'll talk game five with him. But before do you that has promised color number seven to the ticket contest line 7865540790. That 7865340792. And a pair of tickets to go to the Fort Lauderdale and tried Fort Lauderdale air show that about a greater Fort Lauderdale convention and visitor's bureau coming up may fifth and sixth caller number seven it's 2786. 534. 0790. Restart the 6 o'clock hour next right here and only 79 to remember. Here take debacles seminary. Log onto an our pregame coverage will officially start with Jonathan does go and Tommy tiger. The dig up until 8 o'clock and then that's when my king listen Virginia's finest Johnny crowding. What have you covered up and they're gonna call the action. In game five tonight from Philadelphia quick reminder Miami anchor since the white hot hour on the ticket. Happens every weekday from three until four right before our show as he makes a run to the playoffs a white hot hour. He is sponsored by a Miami. You're the playoffs are heating up ensor this thing's a Miami Acura. Log on to Miami record that come Miami Acker white hot heat our every weekday from three of the four right here on name super nine NFL 104.3. Eight to take it Zach towards his nominee a great job. In Manning and that hour and now perk myself Obama jump in in the tried to you know chopping up a little bit. Before our show with it was act reason great guests yet my finger us on on today. I Iran ross' team on earlier in the week it's as long as the Miami can now continue to play basketball remember white hot heat hour here. But that might come to a close this evening lung in game five perk but some one thing is. Is its ill in elimination game. And what they're here facing tonight. You kind of look at the the coach a little bit and then you go back to trek style everything's on the table. And you cannot worry about being sick you cannot worry about saving a guiding for later you can not worry about any thing. You worry about tomorrow tomorrow. And you wonder is there any thing it. And I don't like to call a desperation because you don't need to change a lineup into all sorts of crazy things. But you just wonder is. Hey do you make changes here this lineup has a lot of flexible options here. Do you wonder if there's any anything that's any button it's bowl can push for this evening to especially in the fourth quarter. That might the might turn the turn tipped the scales and he'd favor a little bits well funny you should ask that. Leads us right in the here's the thing. The biggest thing Erik Spoelstra can do tonight is not to panic. Because of the teen senses panic in it's going to trickle down to them they're gonna lose their composure. So spot has to keep this school and I have no doubt this bowl we'll keep a school. Now as far as being that spoke at doomed lineup wise to kind of shake things up and number one as it played Dwyane Wade as much as necessary. I know Blaine has been done like lead when he something minute limit. Blame has to play 36 tonight you play him 36 he's your best player he's your best clutch player he's your most experienced playoff player. You you've got to ride weighing as much as you can tonight. Being that I think expo should look at. Is getting that second unit more time on the court. And if it whether it's the second quarter or the port quarter or whatever but that has in the heat's best unit now. I understand that what what I'm proposing here would put your second unit against release first unit. As opposed to the heat's second unit against Billy second unit. I don't care. I'm looking for production tonight if that second unit produces better than the first unit put that second unit out there were extended minutes. Another thing would be having her son play alongside Dwyane Wade mentioned this with. With the Tom De'Angelo earlier when he was on in the poor clock now where. Look you need to get your. Your guys who can be dominant players in position to dominate. That's the sun can be a dominant player and Dwyane Wade knows how to utilize this on knows how to get him going. So that's another thing that both should consider. Tyler Johnson has not been giving you much. Maybe Rodney Magruder with with a visit with his deepens the mindset. Should get more minutes because Tyler quite honestly is not mean giving you any being on either end of the court. You've got guys such as justice winds blowing James Johnson who have been a little under stated a little bit low key. But at least they are giving you contributions. On both ends of the court. And it's not great stuff. In in in a given game able eons in other words I am missing justice hot off sensibly and deepens oblique or James James Johnson. For that matter but they gave you something it either end of the court every night and so. You know be these are the types of things that that that that he needs are not getting that from Tyler he he's not there's. Really know nothing redeeming about pampered he's giving he's not tip in passes he's not blocking shots he's not making threes he's not attacking the basket. This is not a rip on Tyler Johnson and this is they act so. Those are some names that spoke to do again the biggest being person Bo is don't panic because your team will since that. And they won't react whale but. Among Dwyane Wade Amazon Whiteside in that second unit and a quick hook with Tyler Johnson. Old does have a lot of options will see what he chooses. The one thing that I think you sure you Rose Bowl will not leave any tricks in the bag I think that this is. You know this is pretty much a game seven mentality. As far as playing guys extended minutes and and writing that being that works. My big being is how soon do you do that with Dwyane DD's are at. You know do you bring me an earlier in the first quarter earlier than usual. Or do you kind of let that being ride out and then you play them later than usual in the second. Quarter I don't know but I know this Dewayne is playing. Almost. The entire fourth quarter if I'm Erik Spoelstra and his game is close there's no doubt about that so. We'll see what's -- does he have a lot of options but for me. Most of his options tonight start with one to Wayne way. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJI store by drone nerds in Winwood and drone nerds have ever enter in pine crest. Iron over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky. Well techsters right now and start wins over Tyler Johnson start Magruder over Tyler Johnson. Play immigrants and a Tyler TJ can't cover our rhetoric. Rodney Magruder. Oh my god berg that you read my mind on drugs because these are Blair but the below average passer playing Whiteside with weed that is huge. I I would say I would just say this which is missing is you have a lot of options and when this team's. Our strengths is its depth. It is an I would say. As they semester Tyler guys at him playing guys that haven't been playing well yes. I would say they are running very very shortly I agree a 100% cap on so you can't screw around on this now. That's not to say that if you in the game and did that tugboats will start freeing insects right but it is using example few doesn't have it if he's hurt whatever. So it was just Richardson of doctrines in the shoulder is bothering him. Then get it out of there. Get him out of there some Whiteside looks bad debt and out of there get him out of there. They can't do it that's what the expo it is short lease time it is not about feeling it is about doing anything humanly possible. Within his realm of possibilities. To get this team. To win that tonight and then you figure all that was the volume but he and then you can massage egos and go maggots and all we do is just about winning tonight's game that is all. So whatever you gotta do you do armed bush. Ask you something because that's an interesting point it's not about massaging egos etc. Do you think the sun is on board with the and I'm not trying to pick on the sun don't care I don't know I'm no I'm not ask I'm asking do you think he's on board I would think this on understands that tonight I was noticing that these are held events before so does it does it but I'm just I'm asking you do you think I'm not this is not a you know I don't hear about what Hassan thinks this is they get inside of what's on skated. Do you think he understands that this is a game seven mentality. And that this is not personal or do you think he would still take it personal if the only played twelve minutes I would hope I think that a son would understand. I wouldn't think you see him taking to social media are going well we lost game seven and only played well Mitt I wouldn't majors and I and I think he would understand business does it it's there but right but I think he'd be upset about I think you'd understand yes. Yeah out of the well. I give him that much Greta good he's good illumination like they just. Starts the game and he plays five minutes he's got to turn overs and 2001 of the gloss on the last couple games is solid he's been the minutes are down because. Of his play in new miniature delegates he picks a dumb for Nelson may be so stupid fell slower or intolerance. Or in the case of gained three it was that dumb turnover. You that was the last straw wreck like that that follow those of a port a lackluster performance the thousand nothing to do with Spoelstra and how we look. He can stay out of foul trouble. That's what's done him in the more often than not but yes this is about it's about getting to be fine write and write in game six. You know there's a whole new ball and let me just a solid record is and I'll tell you what a bum Philly. Would come back here and have Dwyane Wade at the triple A playing perhaps his last game in eighty uniform and gone home not so you're really not not the do they realize that they'll. That's that's what I wanna go that's that's a good question they understand that I don't think the advantage understand I don't think the advantage shifts to be heated this goes to a game six what do hum clearly. Right I don't I don't possibility of delaying and and a cry out and not knowing the wings' net pretty Rowe except. You don't even want a roll those dice no you don't wanna get you don't have to get on a plane. Come out I was back down here I lose game six I Islam and placed a winning here in the in his helps the variables all the dads that's that's number one. We then game seven little. And then it here's and here's what I always say here's the thing. Two and you're talking about a big enough. But I always say you don't squirm around anger up 31 or something like that are up 30 it's going to be it's not in the face first quarter of the yummy he's gone yeah. Right let's and concerns and wrinkle all the sun and running game on. What did right to think and you get in Philadelphia did do are they are old enough and mature enough to see you know what we can't let this leave this is chance we need to finish these dudes off. Tonight we know Philly is good enough they're your you're a 100% right and they have that mental capacity that killer instinct that. You know we've got the put on the right list shall domino type mentality in and that's why me so far Phillies to passed all the tests the list would be another one tonight. For you to more on that let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SP HD true Miramar. Are you guys know the deal tonight Miami and Philadelphia 8 o'clock game five of their best of 71 round series. Billy 31 they could close out the series with a victory if he wins they bring the series back to Miami for game six on Thursday. Josh Richardson didn't practice yesterday due to a left shoulder injury he went around shootaround he went through shootaround today. Erik Spoelstra say it's 6040 chance Josh Richardson plays tonight so. I'm thinking Josh is gonna be out there as well and Tommy di get started with the pregame show at 7 o'clock right here on AM 790 at new mortal for three HD two particular. Philadelphia still about a ten point favorite tonight's. Ahead of the big numbers big number two big number not allow our respect for for Miami but no you know this thing could beat this thing get this game could be tied. Going into the fourth quarter in the Philly at Philly it's still cover they've done that a few times we don't see you at either had a lead in this army things. Have gotten out of hand for Miami in the in a very good money to own and very quick former fashion in the fourth quarter. So that's the key tonight man I mean I think that you're going to be in this game and what happens late. Other games tonight Milwaukee at Boston that series is tied it to a warriors have a 31 lead there. Miami Dolphins. I have a bum. Offered could Dovonte Parker picked up the year option and wide receiver Dovonte Parker according to a source. The Vontae is scheduled to earn nine point three million for the when he nineteen season. Last year Dovonte 57 receptions 670. Yards. One touchdown on only Miami Marlins at LA Dodgers at Tintin tonight. By the way that real sports interview with Bo Derek Jeter and and and Brian Gumbel is on tonight also on HBO. A blizzard hit loan Thomas a DVR that I am too and we're gonna have some of that for you tomorrow on the show on navy. Maybe if we get us courtesy of Italy eat do what you got pretty heated between Gumbel and and the interview area double really went after him going on Jeter is the whole you know we expect to win and beat Dieter yet on the play and you know semantics right because it was trying to win it was are you they're not continued yet can you continue and we intend to compete. Well that's what I asked you I got me right there and everybody intend to compete. Right around the bottom line is is he grumbles main thing was are you tank to rent her it's right on an. And and Jeter's. From what I've read and heard and Jeter's main theme was. I would never tell my players to lose. And art and kind of the point is well that's not what saint there's no coach in America all those in the locker room and says let's lose that first round pick. It's it's the front office that tells the the coach these guys are not play in the night. You know he really needs to take care of an ankle really going to be happy hour per we need to keep payrolls known or whatever. It eat it you know you're in a non salary cap sport. Put a better product on the field and you Lauren why are you not doing. An Alley and over goes out forward gets down to the coaching level. I know it is it's our I think this frontal says this is the team you we have. This is this is the team oh yeah right wouldn't get we're now with the with the Marlins ill did so. Dealings going Gumbel says we argue tanking. And Jeter said we we go out and compete every night right we expect we will win every night. They're talking to use it yet fusion answers your question yeah braves and it and Jeter purposely did not answer the question. Right but I don't know but I mean I would have answered the same way Jeter would have answered it. Good that I understand he answered it was listen this is that we we expect to all the all these guys we well to go on play hard every night him and we're compete every night. And bust their ass every night but Gumbel. No it is the roster is right a lot of good young players are battling it and Jeter knew that that's what Tony was getting at colonial countries that's stupid right exactly Jeter Jeter did get I mean for what odds are we'll watch it tonight a little bit to it. Jeter erode fronts so that's that's where that's where this dubbed as the uncomfortable stifle. Cheater you know he deviates little bit little bit you know load crazy Kennedy called Gumbel what mentally we Mintz. Lee weaken and it was slime out targets you're out on the golf course. Here's my question and can't. Do you think people here will hear about that and I don't either I think people made up their minds on on Jeter and the Marlins. And this this tonight belongs to that he and any kind of dolphins'. First round pick. Gossip that might come out that this night belongs to BC. Tomorrow belongs to the heat and Dalton's Thursday. That incident in cedar golf and keep our right and and then nobody write this three day low nobody gears and so. Just when the dust when the Marlins get. Back internal right now not we will get more apathy I said this couple Obama mean when they were traded the guys that I I must say that we're getting their man it is. Like we're in unchartered waters like there's there's like people having cheered like the last couple years. Now you'll know when teams are all on one leg. There is nothing. About them whatsoever like gonna get you a couple people coach on the street told people. Text in here mayor dark baseball fan pages and Arlen Garcia last night Haiti will remain today it. You get EV do it enough and again this crickets ignore early when it was bad you get a couple. Head tonight Hernandez and Stanton you have some individual stories are you had the new snow you know little more to die hards that doubters me on doing. Arms code hasn't sex though we still doesn't that somebody texted me the other day about rcn and I'll try to front a mile area perk. And I'm not on the text me the receipt bank it basically Jeter. That's you know we get we get that every time we talk about that until about you know but but it is like this team and in the as a mild though losses continue to pile up puzzling news is going to be. You know there is the maiming. You know the tree falls in the forces anybody here to be one of those deals only winning into a couple of months from now aren't we got we obligated to get back to. They heats. And answer your text messages as game five is has come up boss pretty quick also Tom the ends of the bomb disposal Jonas. In the 6 o'clock hours well right here on 79 to. The ticket today recorders ticket window. Could open up and anytime you chance to win tickets to upcoming game concert or another great defense. Accordance Miami technology partner in your local South Florida technology company visit them on line. At a quarter score dot com sponsor might Lauderdale BMW Palmer pines in brought you by your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez hope real 5800 Irma. Courtesy of her with you here rim take you up until 7 o'clock Tom the Agile than joining us. From the Palm Beach post covers the Miami heat's real little preview to the preview he'll stop by here in about. Sell fourteen minutes or so. The following Tom boy did you would do and then says on Tommy tonight we'll take over. Hopefully is that the last time they they have the pregame coverage. And then Inglis and Virginia's finest Johnny chronic we'll have the call open Philadelphia it's an 8 o'clock tip and and we'll see what happens is one of those. Did this you know I know that either play hard here perking I know I know. They're there's gonna be effort I think I'm pretty sure it's going to be a. Of all these little part have been this is one of those. Where would you just sit back and it kind of see what happens you know what I mean and and and from a dam would simply get ten points. Yeah he to cover that I think you know that's that's I would certainly I would take the point rather lay the points and personally. But other than that like. No win it win it with a really with a shot Q if Miami won the game. Don't surprise me. A lot of you have says surprise a real mild surprise there but Donald who have shocked me. It well I'll tell you this it would shock me if they won and Dwyane Wade was not a hero. That's what which are okay that is seen it yet I haven't seen it from the other guys Reuters anything you know you're right you're right yeah. Bob was just one of those we'll sit back you'll see what happens here. You know Philadelphia there's they're gaining a lot of steam. But I still don't know how good his Philadelphia are they you know when the team you know maybe a month from now him and it is teams in the eastern front converts finals. Or there or they're they're playing for the chance to go to the finals in nine year old 10 OK now we kind of see how while for this group does it really grew before. Our you know our very eyes. But I still have some some doubts about the bow to about six or your little bit. But. Two. Let me ask. You you know com. University of Miami in the NCAA tournament loss to Loyola of Chicago and we all by you know Lindy enough in the final four. It is this a similar type situation is. Is the Miami Heat playing that upstart team. I eyes CI. I still think the jury is still very much Al because again. As as well listen Billy has looked and played well taking this 31 lead. The role only gets tougher from here and I know you know Boston and Milwaukee might not look like Denny being great. They're better teams in Miami and Toronto and Cleveland are better teams than my amp so. You know I don't know if I'm not even though we give this one to delete yet if Billy gets out of this round which you know you open they will. And it's over and every amid the in the fair to watch your boss levers or any fewer of those stimulus was as of yet what what do Milwaukee wins the next two angles it was joyful little bit of skiing at some excellent site they were probably will to Hollywood to what is your question answered it announces where are gonna analogy with with oil. But. I vividly on the immediately you have to take your licks before you move on rather it is a team disbursed on eighteen missing ten games two years ago. You're all right this organization now understand Ben Simmons in have been Simmons and ambient implant or I did I get all of that. But the scene when does this or there's one tends to contains two years ago solves an eagle just to make the playoffs and run to the finals but I am a big believer of and history has shown businesses. You know whoever it is Jordan's bulls. Whatever well what procedure go through oh they take their beatings and end at. It's like OK now it's your time Louis Philadelphia I'm like. Are today I don't think it's their kind yet when you're talking on making a serious deep run another reason why I think you know I took I took the heat in this usual pleasant OK Phillies there. Let's she is how they handle being a playoff team. And so far they've handled it. They passed all the tests and another one tonight knocking an opponent out for good. I'm trying to think of the team we know that Boston in the Big Three with KG and ray Ian and Paul Pierce. They they just Damian and won but that you know you talk about three hall of famers but the right person you're they were together they won. It Dallas did Dallas served there. They're due win when they beat the heat in 2011. I would think so with the messy no dirt doing well you know six. Analyst Deborah oh rice still there yet Dirk was but I I don't remember what they did like the two year I think that Dallas deal will because they did that the next year. With a guy out there next year that I capitals to their weight but you that you're going to know was that that that was that that little seven wasn't. Why don't Ozal seven. The Dallas that no no no you have something but I would think I am without looking cap I would I I think the Dow was probably served an apprenticeship as your saying. Right yet actually is in the M wait a Golden State conservative readership and Mark Jackson was there right. Yes I mean there's there's I mean there's there's exceptions there's still part of your approvals are like all the said the team had them the previous seven years isn't isn't in the finals. You know it usually takes a little bit of a growth over elements from a you know maturation process. Trying to get to the finals yes there's certain exceptions. Here and there but. I think for the malaria the Eagles did you do. You know shot shopping leaving the Big Three gets served a producer when you talk about that lost the Dow right I mean. He and the other sports is not usually that way for the most right football anybody people just come up from nowhere right in the basketball outside OK you know you go to the second round ego bit better and go over more older little wiser. Our night or in the conference finals and some teams just that's as far as we get. And some teams there is there is there somebody. What about the pistons that would have to be these recent pistons look of rip Hamilton and all of them. Baby. Wait a minute now an old. When the pistons win and old. Who win the pistons win. All. Mozilo or in the law and order a plaza San Antonio area and in the heat beat him but he's of those pistons went to buy straight conference finals. What a big day rule I don't know how much of an apprentice ship boasts piston served they might be right about those pistons. Now I can't recall but but you're right now but you're right cap in general you serve an apprentice ship in the NBA you don't just pop up out of nowhere like you do and in Puerto. Right so baseball are some of you out of words like it is usually in the seven games usually MBA you can see bill. Yeah you don't know you're right about okay they're start some they're not and they're going to be around for awhile right. Why is no question Philadelphia is going to be around for awhile. You know that's one thing question is how the market they go in this in this playoff series in a big check mark for them a big benchmark. A big whatever you're calling is. The mentally eliminating an opponent you're right no euros you're up 31 and not in an opponent out and making sure it in the tobacco and that's what they'd that's what they have going for them tonight. And we'll see if they can do that. And heat are trying to force them to get back on a plane and get back down here for game six. Yeah and that's all it should be on Miami's mind that it ought exposing you want to air those go walk in the locker tonight Angel right gained six on the Baltimore. On the top where the total enjoyed being set up Angel walked out there another no big speech alien nothing these B says weakened a bit that's it. Speaking of that come. There's you. Yeah I mean I mean you're the other role and what he's a minute this world and yet in a mentors. But does he does he you know throw trash stands against the wall or does he put it. Of the pool Hasan aside and sailors and big Fella you know it but he do any seeing. I think you know game seven ish or or let this could be the last game in my career issue if you deep pull out of you know. Just something where you go wow day you know you were you hear about the story at some point you know a year from now order. Ten years from now Longo pentium you. I think I think. Maybe there's there's a talk with those of us on. Yeah pulled aside if I had to guess pulled aside like this is like nothing needs to be said here all of that do exist and win this game no matter what it is is it about right this is a routine total rookies they know what's at stake in the semi and you respect him as -- right and if you do you let him you let the Meehan beat me and and they know on the other there's a lot of raw raw when you're down 31 you're trying to survive. The astronomers found a well another rob rob mean I mean ass will open like the WD have to walk somebody who has. Snow because of me there's one guy I think everyone knows what's on the line Amin Husain is the only guys you would think of if you really wanted to motivate him so let me with. Wayne Ellington. Wayne is a holiness Pope don't voters are playing well right I don't think they're not efforts error into it on the tires as her. I don't think I don't think Udonis needs to get in anybody's face were to remind everybody. What's at stake for the easy out frazzled I mean this is about are we going to shoot around tomorrow. Or are we cut in our lockers tomorrow you know and everybody knows that everybody knows that now shootaround at the beach. Now pretty pretty much are we governor exit meetings. And along offseason or we work on our a game plan mean everyone kind of knows what's at stake here and then. You know you're yeah you go from their point. It's gonna be fun that I man this is what it's all about here will see if the these and we don't have one in Omaha and then and then they can extend the series is about survival tonight that's at its on the line for the Miami Heat we'll tell you what Tom De'Angelo get his thoughts. Josh Richardson is availability all those you know somebody some. He takes in these public you DN for thirty seconds to play at sorry to in the face look at like that. I. Added a past UDs last act as an NBA players throwing a punch you beat you beat you go out like we had a gun to my dignity he's got to correct yes he he can't go out like they were that I thought that's what they did that with Anderson. With Philadelphia when they brought Justin Anderson I thought that that kind of work trying to bait Dwyane doing that there and I yeah. And he had a couple shots let their Alessio well actually I shouldn't say it kind of work as Dwyane who has little ass into a movement. Into the rule photographers are and let's show you what Tommy. Tip off just after 8 o'clock from Wells Fargo Center right here on your comedy 79 ticket.