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Curtis Stevenson
Monday, May 14th

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Best of tennis there with a custom. Think up until 7 o'clock per usual here on 79 didn't take gets us a lot going on today. Wanna bet on that. He's well well well plays that we I've alluded to have a lot going on so we do if you bet yes that you'd be corrects and Cyril and sooner or later you with the W would be able to collect on that so. Brought you out there that are making some some wagers in the them darkroom backed Alli user on some of the dark interwebs right right right he you now can come and join the masses as we got some big news as Supreme Court if you haven't heard by now I mean it's it's been everywhere especially on all the well the talk shows here on seven knives are by has been talking a mountain Dan included a mean just be big news. In the world of sports whether you're gambler or not it's going to affect everything now moving forward you know the times certainly have changed as a Supreme Court. Basically lets states legalize it legislate their own several reports Kim went but I do Domenica rundown hard rock right now and take Houston in the overnight. It's good to you about it but not legally not a arm right. Casino let me some shady characters hang around there and not legal you didn't hurt or back to the dark Alley and so that's true rail with a that we have got to get rid of it we haven't advanced as a society that gave them in any progress or my bad. By the wasting your money three minutes we'll give you a code word that's right another week men were doing this in the gym at soldiers and this is big time we had a winner last week in our office went thousands free contest which is WTF by the way. Wind thousands resold you really don't worry you'll 4 o'clock code word. Are sneaking up on us we got you covered here by the way Ian green grossed. He is a NFL aids and obviously he is an attorney Maya Indian attorney to be NFL agents and anyway to be an agent but he's gonna join us and wall or gonna just to put to butt off with him a ticket office as far as what what he thinks how this will affect. The leagues in the players and everything and and gets a notice on him. And then a 5 o'clock hour we are especially at 6 o'clock hours us does recover it from mob from all different angles around here. Yemen where you weeks we have three attorneys Donald Jones from University of Miami allow law school by when he he specializes in constitutional law. And they're not Daniel Wallach men and six when he he's a Fort Lauderdale based opponent opponent attorney. Perhaps the prima imminent voice in the United States on this topic so you might have heard among on Lipitor earlier tires excellent he's yeah he's he's a big time big time boys on the topic so we we've got to cover from all angles. Yeah. LeBron might be happy that this happened to day right now because we are talking about his team's. What do you call it woeful awful forget mobile performance in game one. All those little guy that's gonna push it down only relative that is just down a little bit so we. He might be happy he might be ready to go that's a good analyst of this game today it has although we will we will lose the -- there's -- -- he won't he won't escape scrutiny now know enough and you know his teammates the had a bad game and his teammates failed to pick them up yet and and therefore their down 10 and I got some that I got a different organs I feel different about that series what's the game yesterday. South I'd that we I think we both likely was gonna make it back in the finals of the brown make your creation retirement. I'm not so those are the way I am a little bit die likewise soluble. Yeah public yeah how I look I. As you know because my big being was from. I I I still. Doubt the bronze teammate site I have played them LeBron it was that supporting cast but I doubt it. I still doubt the supporting past. But I still believe LeBron even after what I saw. Answered luckily when I've been doubting as the Celtics I've been kind of dismissing Boston I'm number like most hand the I just I don't know how they're doing it. I like but also shows what we saw yesterday just that the law to hold you know numbers they're tough minded that's the one thing and and and they have a deep defensive mindset that they're us they're athletic they're Agile make him throw multiple defenders that LeBron and know what. That that's like the old Tyson being everybody has a plan to get punched in the race they never got to place yesterday Boston but the three daughters from LeBron the name never goggle. Clearly though literally coated their do you fourteen midway through the third but Dow's their spurt and then Boston. How to add their their spurt and then the fourth quarter it was garbage time for for the most part will get an all of that blood a big day in in the sports world and a lot of rolls around money in the sport blocks what's on your chance to win it. 1000 dollars 79 you to get you to that's when thousands free contest it is take home a thousand box. Text the word of a guy on low lying in now. Lying in 272 knitting one and your registered takes a lying in LI Ol and woody asked. Went to the zoo last Sunday saw line. While this is news. I've never I've never been into one but I seen there commercials for food lion. They're on right there on the all those like those those ACC broad dad yeah yeah yeah trying to tell us a supermarket might never been in one so food lion the new Lion King knew your fan outlined my moving you know outnumber single nineteen problem where that. I had nothing exactly why my apologies pronounced the receiving they never have kids planet are if you got that nieces and nephews Lion King would be good thrown for a few hours in quiet Nomo given I've got I've got nieces and nephews but I was that's that's their appearances eerie okay well uncle uncle Chris is the tunnel title they promote local parks and then they now have a gambling legal here to challenge your your blamed brings out and gambling. I think it's they're kids to watch a line continually blame uncle perk along for a few minutes tags the lion to seven to anyone at. Do it now if you don't win this time you're next chances of the top of the next hour this is a national contest message and veterans may apply to do not Texan drive you as always you can text our show which is 67974. That's diary to 6797. A winner to go up there. There was I saw a video of some some families somewhere missiles like get into the news it was a dump a promo bit. They arrest some kind of vote of a line in safari. Somewhere in some place in the world they. I got out. Take pictures with chelios and I'm gonna do incident at cedars were like hey here's your own art circled it alias rim went back to the gym for whatever else yes let's not Smart not to. I don't know that's not to that's not very yeah. We got a lot of things to get to hear busy busy busy Monday this is gonna be a lot of fun here. And we yell out things to get to but it is a historic day in and around sports and not a gambler if you are gambler. This is going to affect sports moving forward you know in a large capacity what. Palms I Obama changed today. But it certainly has set the wheels in motion for a lot of things to change. And I guess is there's two camps right burgers either either for or against that's what's gonna come down to as all as all the states try to figure out how we do this thing differ gonna do what. Yeah yeah you're you're exactly right camp and I'm definitely on the port side that leads us and here's the thing. As you might or might not know the US Supreme Court in the six to three decision ruled today that states can decide whether to have legalized sports betting now. I think it would be a beer eat good thing for the state of Florida doing. Not on any kind of a moral campaign about gambling whether it's right or wrong I think look. You Texas and you can earmark that money to help the state. I think that's a good thing I'm not a big gambler. I might have put a hundred dollars in an account on line for the Kentucky Derby. And I'm might still have fifteen of that dollar is left. So I'm I'm not a big gambler but look if if my general opinion is if you're not hurting yourself or hurting anybody else gold sport. You can pretty much do whatever you wanna do and for me that includes gambling on sports now. I think that this is going to be a great great news per the the pro sports leagues because it. Keeps them relevant at one more level should be great news for the states because of the influx of tax money. How this affects the daily Tennessee leagues college sports the bookie on the corner that remains to be seeing. I don't think there's gonna cause good people has been their mortgage or win money on gambling. Although that remains to be seen that I don't think that's been the taste and in most casinos or or lot of reserve opened up around the nation. Sports used to oppose this because they viewed it as an integrity issue. But I think that that has dissolved greatly over the last you know few years decades whatever you wanna say yeah there's a a Tim donning the every now and then but I I think those issues have. Have mostly dissipated. Maybe there's a college basketball player who bets on himself. May be. I doubt it but may be may be a pro athlete wants to bet on himself. I remember the stories that Floyd Mayweather went to bed 400000 or insult against Colin McGregor. But look all of these things are slippery slope beings that I I don't. Are going to become the norm. My bottom line this ruling should be good regenerating tax dollars and using those tax dollars to help. Where every you designated for each state I think that's a good being so I think today is a good rule. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJI score by drone nerds in Winwood and drove nerds Bevan turned pine crest blow it over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's I. In disgust. Our Donald knows Lebanon to place a wager from time to stop stop lab would never believe that about I guess so I mean and I've never I mean I've had pushed back on the air and even off the air from people in you know gambling bad gambling issue should do you should promoter whatever. I solicited its its what I like. And if you don't like it then don't do it that's fine but I never push it on anybody as well and misses and I'm the first one to say that's. Because if everything about this for years and I'm insane you know eventually is going to happen. That there are a ton of pitfalls in this thing that need to be worked out right so I mean if you're against it in your gonna text in and you're gonna mention well what if this happens what of that happens or what does this guy's taken money and what of the integrity of the game isn't a factor or if they know the outcome of this as eight. I got you dude I mean I there's a reason it's not. That's simple right so the states and it's not going to be every state. Right there's enabled State's gonna rush to grab the money amber and grab the windfall of New Jersey let me start taking bets as soon as next month yes. You gonna have. Mississippi West Virginia Pennsylvania already have infrastructure in place and they're ready for the taxes out of the fall. Some states will come along something to wait and see. Howell those states handle it and then they'll you know corrected themselves on mental problems they raised yeah absolutely yeah. And it's gonna be it's going to be I don't know cross little cluster truck. What time to time right on the into things a little but some say it's a one apartment okay dislike not receive that states have the lottery which is the same thing Theresa gambling right in my biggest interest would be. How do you see the league's come into play on this in the league's wanna cuts that right in the leagues are gonna have to embrace it now and how far they go to embrace it like my for example with a B betting windows of the American Airlines Arena. Right that's a lesson that question I think you can Bennett in Vegas where. In hockey believe that they that you can bet I have to double check the well meg is basically right logo advertisement that could be remodeled to bet on the night you know that'll make you have a golden Knight yeah you can dot. Yeah I don't know you can bet on the golden but I think they have kiosk where you can place but I balloons I'm not surprised my yeah. But that's the big the leagues are when they're gonna want they're caught yet but the leagues and half two breaks and Emily racing. Rob AM ligament but they're one they're gonna want their money in and port it's more money for them it's more money for everybody so. That being said we'll what we'll talk all about it here we got up. We got a bunch of experts lined up here and I'll try to love they're gonna make a smarter today there was gonna get today yes tonight I did on the location tribe and speak against Marlins gimmick caught up with 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SP HD true. ARAMARK. As we just mentioned the US Supreme Court and a six to three decision has ruled states can decide whether they wanna have legalized sports betting. Today's landmark ruling struck down the professional and amateur sports protection act. In 1992 law. That for bay state authorized sports gambling with some exceptions. No we should know the American Gaming Association. Estimates that Americans illegally wager. About 150. Billion dollars on sports. Each year or so and has kept told you New Jersey. Has already passed the law to make gambling legal it could have. Legalize sports gambling by the NBA finals. Was talking to a couple of acquaintances this morning perk yes yes who publishers say who who might have some knowledge on the top of my interest and drag it might have an interest in this yes and and Lex. Yeah that's the other thing that's the other thing we you know you can you were trotted number hey how much is gambled every two billion dollar loss outside of some rock hey how much a 5000000000. Lead. You know we don't know no nobody knows and you don't declared on your taxes. You don't mean you don't know where people's income is going not especially people with legal lot of income I eat athletes and I see the actors and I don't know having doctor dueling millions and millions of dollars. If your heels other good job there whale lost a million on we Obama and Mayweather group publicized you know we'll talk about how much you bet some assets legal yet right well breakfast at rest debts off the books here. I have no idea what's wager in this country I have no idea whether you can throw out any number real and it seems that sounds about right. That's the other thing we have no. Documentation. Of what's being wagered on any day to day basis not. I mean I I trust that somebody like the American Gaming Association is. It's club VI don't know how much people spend every day on illegal drugs or anything like an yeah I'm sure there in the Baltimore embodied the united somebody has a general like they've done their homework and I mean I know we don't here we don't actually know your budget and it just a shoulder in the ballpark the money the money you know cool all right how many people are gambling and what they're gambling on in the urine are an ignorant they. That's that's not documented yup yup. Miami Marlins York Miami Marlins are off tonight they started three game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers tomorrow. That will cap a seven game homestand now look. Your Marlins are a mere ten and a half games behind Atlanta in the in the least just nine games back in a while caller. Show some faith in this team and I went out to the game on Sunday I was one of the seven days no bells and 430 by now they're nice. You know not many people sure patent that team NBA tonight Golden State and Houston in game one at 9 PM by the way the NBA draft lottery is tomorrow night. Com Phoenix has 25% chance at the number one pick. Finally the Miami Dolphins concluded their three day rookie minicamp Sunday offensive coordinator Dow log ins. Since the dolphins again want to try to run and a simple no harm law minced. The prince of coordinator Matt Burke CN Mika it's Patrick role he's the first round pick the safety out of Alabama. Will depend on how much he can learn and Burkle also plays the lead it's declined to mention who is the favorite to start at strong side linebacker. Those are your headlines. Yeah the log singer made me laugh again did you guys left to her I doubt I could face off and again I just got to see the enemy and we knew we we've bin through this week and with bill laser Clyde Christensen now there's no law against that. Joseph Philbin and end end end you know gays tried it before and it insert a punch line they care they just haven't been able to this being done but they're gonna try again loves it about hearing about it Mexicans over the month of Parker's recover. Cut your. How we got to get to NFL agent he hit her he goes he's got to stop by explain what what all happened today with the what the supreme court's ruling. On now on states legalizing it and are trying to realize their own gambling if they feel free to do so he's gonna join us now triggered a 79 tickets. Ended June oh right now particularly saying it's WCF. That's when thousands free every hour. From 7 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday a chance to win a thousand bucks by listening for that hours keyword. We have to again hear about about twenty minutes of the a fork awkward if you miss it. That all you do is take that through seven to anyone that seven to anyone this is a national consciousness is inveterate may apply. Don't Texan drive it to get this thing. Eugenia listen for your chance to win that's 1003 I'm sure they'll Bob they'll saying. WTF when they heard the supreme court's ruling earlier and earlier they are via a different story altogether a dramatic you're smarter out there. As and he promised here on Curtis and perked. As you head out to the Iraq and fuels and 1003 I was just line are truly stepped beyond communion. NFL agent in green gross is our guest he's not represented them locally the dolphins Brandon Fields Damian Williams John Denney. And he worked with the alternate sports agency out of Chicago. And and we're glad that he can make a few minutes for us here on 79 to take it did thanks for joining us thank you sir are you. I'm gonna argued restaurant. In we're doing good man please please join us. So even had to go over this this ruling for us it hit the the broad strokes I mean Supreme Court Tom. Rule six to three in favor of allowance for us legalized sports betting. So not cut Joker was seven the tune up a major public. It it's what they did was overruled a portion of the spoke professional amateurs what protection act. But basically. It says to the states what you can't do it could you couldn't do sports gambling. Told not to get too legal and technical on you would basically about they shouldn't violated the tenth amendment. Anti common during the law which basically boiled down to the fact that. If the feds haven't made a law. Then they can't then say what you can't do something. So the script can make a law the federal. Law can override a state law and they can make a national federal law where they haven't entered into a subject they can't then say well. We haven't done thing but you can't do this either we can't. Command you were commandeered your light. To do something on that subject. It is just a small technical point because I seen that it was a 63 decision. Seven to somebody tacitly insincere it was 72 what whereas there. I how is there room for error there are current or art or a lot of Reading this. Well I again not to get there too much back in my law school days and most decisions arm. Have more than one opinion written a lot sometimes the decisions can be written. And there's one opinion for the majority and one to the cent sometimes there's special concurrent. There are wings sort of getting to a majority decision. That aren't always five people like one opinion that for like another seven or one opinion and to guard and other so that outcome and computer and couldn't. Our commercial. Arm this one there was one of those situations where there were only really true to sending Joseph who's there was one special concurrence about how sometimes. Things can get a little computers. NFL agent in green gross is our guest here on 790 the ticket. How. The league's there was this was coming at some point down the line. They've been talking about especially Adams over the NBA little bit more out there on it. From a league standpoint. What do you think they're next step is to try to obviously. Be able to get a handle on this but to be ultimately pro active. I told ya so the league practically were an opposition but I think they're mad at them state of being able happy emphatically that entire. Sure there's said that they lost because now it open but by the same token they're ready to capitalize at the point that out so. The big thing that we could talk about what they call really integrity. Some statement from the cultural Latina gone from 1% of the handle or the amount spent on their sport or all the way down to a quarter of 1%. Contributed hundreds of billion bet illegally that now will come to light Butte that legally. 1% of the whole lot of mark. One point five billion total. A go a lot of money that goes in complete coffers if they're given the and adequate. But one of the argument against integrity who need it that they have and after Vegas fort over the. Oh. You know odd that's exactly where I was gonna go what there's so. It and helps him the least is is this intellectual property type of a dealer. How can the league's just demand money that they haven't collected in Vegas. Oh boy you're really taking me look at holding back corporate art so there's a concept called free ride and in fact one of the reasons. Seems to help our broadcast likely there was the case back in the sixties that actually doubled the Pittsburgh Pirates. And they are sold the rights to one of the radio stations but the way the stadiums constructed back and the there was a defense but you could see the game true or not radio station literally sat out chop up outside the fans. And broadcast the games and so there was a ruling that went all the way up the court that leave them in bulk sample and I don't mean it makes the US Supreme Court can't remember. Bomb but nonetheless it's discussed the concept what you eat. That the pirates were going to the trouble putting on these games in the expense of these games and so therefore they control the light. Two out to disseminate how these games went out there and clearly. My initial awards to one radio stations are prohibited another radio station from the legal term in free riding on. What the pirates are putting for the game. We're told you're gonna make you smarter today. We yeah. Once but I sure that's always in the gringo joins us article for you personally this has got to be good news for you write more money goes into. Opera BO proposed league that that the that the NFL religion makes him deals down the line more money goes into the pool there for the pool bigger their for the players cut its gets bigger couple players as I mean the likeness of players today. Possibly you know use that or could that be advertise money. Advertise via my all those things how does that affect if you're an NFL player here your big money player and this ruling comes down in the state you plan. All right so two separate things as you pointed out one is money going to the coffers of league. It fell to their well being are distributed to players view the salary cap each league has a salary cap or percentage of revenues through that league itself. Go to the players of their for the salary cap increase whose. View this jumped and that will go to the players in the dimensional likeness sold. Back a few years back your arsenal that actually sued and do what we're used to the likeness and image of their and it exports. And that's helping expand the exports association came to. Cut deals with the players association about leak of course there are owners that are invested in Grafton and send me. So they cut deals to Uga players images and likeness and as well. I would assume them. You're given that the ruling today we don't know what to troll but I would assume that we'll probably go to on the same road. In fact the players association put out a joint statement about having. Eight feet at the table and being part of the process I would assume that. Going to be very much akin to be a licensing agreement and a separate money so if all of a sudden. Save the job. A barrage decides to. Put opened a whole new side all across the country they want all fifty states. Likened gambling and they want every state to have NFL gambling and they want to be able to use the players images to promote it. They cut kept separate deal with the players' association players could get paid twice for one trip to increase Metalico. The revenue coming in to their sport. And the second time through licensing deal that onto the players association. Players money only and that that would then be distributed to all the players. Wow players of the players would have to like the idea of here we go we got a sex steered somebody wants to know how does the makes online poker or if it affects online poker at all. I don't believe token this was specifically rated. Related to past not the forget it's the Internet gaming act like you we IGA I think it is. Up so I don't believe this'll affect our mind poker. And what about players Ian does does each league need to say you know enough though you can bet on any team except in have bailed out how they're going to be handled. What we hear that along kind of precedent that any player or even for legal batting at their betting on their own sport so. As we all know betting is worth spending it legal and they get natural player you still what your passing through Vegas where the raiders in the future play the golden Knight now you couldn't bet on your own sport anyway thought I would. Assume that that restriction will continue all the because it already in place for legalized betting at that exist. I can't imagine they'll open it up to players being allowed to bet just because you combat in more places and take us. What do you think would be the biggest opposition not understand each state has her own. You know set up. Political moral compass but what do you think nationally somebody might stand up with a lot of backing and say and not and now we widow we don't want this to go down. I mean you know crusades people who are worried about. People who ruled you know become addicted gamblers it'll banker or mortgage money or their lunch money that. Our climate and so on but one of the big and speaking of crime the flip side of that is who's. Right now we all know that there's a 150 billion there's got illegally Drupal easily and a lot of that is all true. I'll show we treat people aren't. In a lot going to make nice if you don't pay your bills so. Unfortunately. That side that it is very premium this help to bring it into the light so I think the crime argument is actually more in favor of allowing legalized gambling and knock. But again gambling addiction is a real thing there are people who will go out and bit more than they should. But they're already have. I know people not myself because I am also registered through the NFL players association. There are people you can go online right now in the United States of America are you a morning gambling web site and Camelot NFL football or any of the other sports. So already available to them now will just be legalized and pack. And bought out into the open rather then going true I'm European web sites. You could do now. And Ian who we we can go one all day but we we've got to limit visitors are charges correct. I was coming in anyway exactly because of. Thanks so he could opt for college lol yeah well. And the book. The big thing I want people to take witness as well is not all of a sudden see it just a national blip at every state now has to go to the legislative process. All legalizing gambling for each state. There's probably 45 state that are ready right now in New Jersey. A Mississippi Pennsylvania West Virginia they're already passed legislation in anticipation. That if gambling became legal. You could see them open anywhere in the next two weeks to five months. There are other states where take where I live Illinois the process is just beginning it might take them a couple of years to come aboard your gonna ask you a whole big patchwork. Are there and that's one of the arguments yeah argument began its going to be a patchwork of Illinois new legal Indiana isn't. Can we then limit Indiana. Bettors from at least our mind to consider crucial and Illinois just like right now by physically went to Vegas. I could be allowed to bet because of legal in Vegas. Right now. You're supposed to not be able to bet film in America but. Not molest you can't even if you live outside of Vegas. Are there going to be stricter control now but we're opening it up so there are still many questions to be a result of lack of all the sudden overnight camping on sports across the whole you. To all new world at least a legally. Exactly. As we talk about it then you're taking a few minutes and and the knowledge was outstanding thank you very many in things. Greeted. RN FL agent in green gross based in Chicago Altima sports agency represents solve number of NFL players and he's got a lot of dolphins as well Damian Williams John Guinea node used to repair and renew you'll lot of guys over the years so that's the NFL's agents a prospective right there of the players are certainly don't know one like this it should I mean yeah it is on its own enemy and a little more money in the month 52 when he Oreo the University of Miami law professor. To the Donald Jones gonna join us he is an expert in constitutional law that's the miles of more info. From my him and also in the six rock our Daniel Wallach a Florida Fort Lauderdale based attorney. Another verbal assassin is gonna join us here on the show we allow Smart guys coming your way and and some big day it's it's a big day but I think. As as in left us with that nothing's gonna change immediately but this certainly is going to set. The wheels in motion for a lot of things to try to get done and there's a lot analog we'll have questions and a lot of people. Are gonna have they wore what happens of this as what is this league gonna do what is this player houses mean what does this mean for this team was Weaver colleges you raids the college you know he has colleges are free you know basically free reign now. Op yes I don't know I I don't. It's there's a lot of things that need to be worked out here because one thing is there's going to be a whole lot of money yet Senator Clinton won their cut of one yeah. That's the main thing. And if you want to cut money than you're gonna have to gamble some and so what is the NFL give what is the MB it jump into what is the NHL is a bit to what about some other sports. Where you would say it would be a boost the NFL certainly doesn't need to legalize gambling. And a built a strong as as as any sport around right well out here a smaller sport well how did you know Jewish your game up a little click here to bring that it was in the brings a little bit more interest in your game they look different and and did it L is under assault. Were you being CT and safety being two elements so perhaps this state you know props them up a little bit more. You know I do it's not gonna make those lawsuits go away definitely but. Perhaps this this kind of helps them with their pop. Hillary won Texas shelf you'll reduce those 6797 for the 67974. We got a lot more to get to but if you missed our 4 October trumpeted when a thousand dollars. Global give me that next right here let's have a night to take its. Our thanks to the NFL legend in green growth for joining us. Agent's perspective on what took place today with the Supreme Court ruling. Also at five warning if you a law professor and he's an expert in constitutional law Donald Jones of gonna join us. And then the 6 o'clock. He is and experts expert at turning. On on all matters including the one that we're discussing which is a sports betting essentially. The him. Live letting the states decide in their own right to the cliff notes version would be they passed a law which was institute 1992. Stating that that's no longer legal. Now states can decide if it's legal or not so just like we have what Merrill allow marijuana laws there are now owns they decided now. On and this was all started back in 2009 with and governor. Electricity in Jersey I believe that this case was cold Christie vs NCA right and that was the Murphy another governor of their so he took over. But this was his baby and almost ten years ago and here we are in New Jersey that's what Jersey is ready to roll like new Jersey's. The infrastructures there they plan on this. They knew when the day would happen that hey we're gonna be ready to roll all the started went all the casinos out in and Atlantic City sort of failed to the economy and I think we need to we need some money here where we go okay sports gambling there's lot of money be in that. So let's try to get this law passed. And you heard in there also. Pennsylvania is locked in and loaded. West Virginia Mississippi. So. Florida yeah we got a lot of casinos on public there is thirty. Is a 38 active casinos and seals in the state of Florida and I think that's the number. From if I read write soul. But I do think there's going to be a lot of states are gonna wait and see. What the other states do and how how the test run is in and then they're gonna they're gonna follow suit here seven added to eulogy to join us for. The march for cancer this Saturday on Fort Lauderdale beach. This your cancer claimed the lives of over 600000 people that's over 16100 a day. Join us as we march for those fighting is deadly disease. For more info it was a march for cancer dot org foursome we all know somebody that and has battled a terrible disease so recall that's a great event this the Saturday. On now on Fort Lauderdale beach let's get to our open door policy perk here we got a bunch of text messages here we don't have a lot all answers for everything. As I said there isn't a lot of people questions. About the numerous things what are open door policy is Roger I've Florida lumber in the South Florida or superstore where you can find over fifty miles of interior Dexter doors in stock everyday Florida lumber more than just slumber and went Bergen I gonna take a catalog of of different questions. We're trying to get him to. Our guests here and only today about the movement what we expect some aerial promised them and in the next couple of days and the story is not going to go anywhere. Has as things start to happen across the country and maybe even not maybe even a statewide. But how question is you know a sort of how good is this for local casinos. Well I mop my answer I think regrettable usual hard rock. Or another casino. Here in South Florida you all you would be able to do essentially that passes in the state of Florida would. Okay see Obama sports book. My main security getting yardage getting the gamblers there right party getting I think the the most the biggest thing would be for the racing those would be for a horse race right for the dog racing right. In the highlight fronts on those are suffering because people aren't going near for the sports anymore and they're going mirror for. The the table games and those are things. So you got a sports book there would be reason you would just add another element of customer all in one maybe you know yeah I mean as the enemy Horizon League park rocked you got everything there aren't as is is you know as is morbid or mean to me it's a destination place re telling games were the last two being the coming in right yes like glued to judge grants and yet you have commitment machine and messiah does right right that's that's our clinic and a lot of unknown I don't know the exact the on some of the even Vietnam. While there almost able it's. So I already know well the only a select few but yes of your if your one of those that casinos in South Florida or wherever across state. You would just. Knocked down a few walls set up a couple of tellers troubled big boards and you'd be a sports book. And you have people walking in place wagers just like I'll make you pay Vegas. Pretty left although the talk about the sports betting and everything like that Mike. Sports books aren't that big out Vegas. When did that mean it's not a compared to the other compared to the casino itself yeah yeah look surge has already decided related put on their own and they're great because really there's no other place the door but I mean. They got their ten or fifteen windows of the MGM and yet the big screen dim bar but it's not like the number that Blair regular casino that's just the list and right like a convention center right. Right with mobile to table game at sun life. It's it's amazing how Vegas as has grown bingo and less money years. And I just went last summer and yes ads when outburst started going in 97. It was just morphing into kind of the Disney's family plays away from. Just gambling in and strip clubs like goal was to come and be out there and and big gulp this nation and the only vacations and and and you know the shoals where I I I guess as risque Euro or whatever you would like to say when I went on Bourbon Street. I went out there the first time mama some and I either and I'll have a circus circus yeah. I had either. Yes I haven't I mean like you say the sports book is not beats being in Vegas but it's it's definitely. Part of the prize money Yad dig us. Black you remember the US audit did I mean on ESPN or whatever those wanting to the Vegas sports books made a a a record on sports betting last year a record. Paul land you remember what the amount. They handled the handle a series the money money is up but it doesn't take much to open up sports book again mega you Caesars in Caesars is. Out of there and done in las viewed Caesars like the original and it's nice. But I mean it's not Q is solid this monster were. Problem you know ballroom monster rule it's you know compared to the casino the other compared to the table games in the slot right we're just want rows and row yeah rows of tables right and it's like you walk half Obama finally OK there's the rumor of the sport mortgage walk in. They got the TVs everything set up something you do what it would take much for any of them. The current casinos here in South Florida to just filmmaker Roman sports book and tried to get that now the mom money ego drove through there. You know that's obviously documented. But but yeah I mean Vegas and have like just your convention center room type of sports coaches kind of OK here's our sports book airlines on the on the big board there. And and have added to the 4 o'clock code word before we get to the 5 o'clock hour when I get that out Tia if you just jump in your car on a rainy South Florida today. A code word for the 4 o'clock in our WTF. Contest which is win thousands free is lying in the that's the lion LIO. And the text lying in the 272881. Like movie the lion king and night. I like tiger's is. I'm not so crazy about. Lions okay assess lionized the only tires I like are the ones names woods who aren't making making runs and on Sunday you know Tony the now now like. It's. And yeah. Sugar leads the most famous line and was our most famous lion in noses and say it's simple samba that the lines and gaga line here aren't doing and it's Tony the Tiger. And I who is our most was the similar mostly Muslim Barry Sanders. Mary will play botanists say and I'm I don't know a lot of lions perk there'll probably you know log on site and I used. Right after time our reliance isolated one lion like move like the animal. Like you know the animal yeah I know we got a lot of things to get to only get to some. So more text here any jazz are harmless this new line a merry go there let's have a good one test threats in there we go any just the hard rock pushes through some of the Super Bowl I I don't I don't know. And they can write you gotta get the economy Florida still has to get the statement we still got to get the law passed it. MS I don't like yeah I I am speaking out of turn like I usually am. But from somebody tell the cowardly lion was abuzz burglarized. But I that the state Florida still has to pass the state law to legalize it in the end they had to hand out licenses to. Whoever the casinos and an MB in you can open it up that's the way I understand. Let's see welcome to the end of sports in America guys it was good while last of that occur occur eruption rained now. All right so to do lingual right there. And I would just say if if you think corruption hasn't been around since the beginning of the sport to say since the lions you're hanging around in the coliseum us in the gladiator days and then you're then you're crazy but I I mean this is they'll be some dissenting opinion what's I would love to discuss it and seekers is that this they're gonna be pitfalls here this is not. This is going to be. Just unilaterally in mind that that you're gonna have to try to avoid here but I'm curious how the league jump into we talked in. About it and we get back to in the 5 o'clock hour but the leagues like it our kind of against the once they once the bachelor guy where's our money. NASA will ultimately all the leaves one is there money I mean that I had that. That perception. Of impropriety that could go long and acting of that is in great we reduce. You did the leads their money and I I bet they'll be on board and look at colleges. Maybe maybe use some of this money to pay the athlete and so hold parents I know that's a whole load different playing both. Maybe you did use some of that money to pay aptly winding winding one. Sports treasure chest or pandora box and now I'm I don't know day and be open and all sorts of things here right I know that we were Regina and worms rumor. I'm here I do think it is a basketball literally do or die here is the plea is going to be as always and some so that is LeBron we're gonna get to it here we're gonna get to and on the other side here Rhett and we'll get your code word for Robertson with a thousand bucks right here on 790 the ticket. Official new home 79 it is sick kids. Download today's lesson to us anytime anywhere Curtis is perk with you here on a busy Monday afternoon of everybody is getting where they need to get to. In a safe and timely fashion given 5 o'clock code word here. In just a few minutes. Also we got to O'Donnell Jones law professor University of Miami an expert in constitutional law. Other verbal assassin he's going to be here five when he talked him about this is a basketball here in in just few minutes is Eastern Conference finals open up yesterday I hope. Before it's in the code border hope you didn't just lobby were kind of figure now okay Mother's Day. I can see mom we go to early brunch so can't be backed by the time we get to the game and then sued Amazon if you're the in the into the golf tournament. The black it was a dud yesterday man I'm really that really you as a tomorrow yeah they are now. Com among the Marlins game which certain of before three but. Push boy. But among the Marlins game game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals and the players championship. Not sure I saw a whole lot of excite. Yesterday Webb Simpson was just like when he had that big on display I'm just gonna go off taking eighteen pars baby in this in this in this little fake tiger's X no please spare me this mess you know. Kelly you know my thing on tiger I don't care and a major right on yeah I mean well the main perk I mean it's not a major technically but ulyetza doubt that he won that tournament that's just it does doesn't help catch Jack a solitaire bell tiger are you gonna catch Jack everything else means Jack aren't. I and I OK gotcha and nine point is he can't catch Jack and Jill and a major policy actually showed signs so. Well least semi old tiger any showed that over the weekend. Networks where everybody was going low he went low doses much are at 5 o'clock on the downloads get to our. When thousands free contest because WTF around here yeah that's right and we got an insane for WT average went downstream. Your chance they don't thousand dollars man straight cash only text the word yellow. The yellow 272881. And your registered takes yellow. Who would you LO YE LL OW what do you got for me. I like moods of many colors. Yellow is not one of those colors. And equity Evan yellow flew peeps. Well it's gotten so peeps I'm curious the mustard. I can't let my router mustard but yeah like yellow mustard on you like yellow foods okay got me perk has not yet does or does not wearing down not a good color for food in general hum what about I anger him like Goldman carry water Brody got fruit. Yellow we're down light yellow light lemons are yellow lemon yellow mango legs are mangoes and umpires aren't they coming yellowish. Yellow wish I wish one day I'm just arms and say I'm just calling your dad had no lemons lemons as I did have this in the that we can discuss this in the show meeting. I use like yellow not gonna bring up boot you know yellow the color of the boom Yoga Journal not Muster probably not a good color for food in general in general general exceptions pregnancy is somebody surges and yellow food. Yeah probably not going to be. That enticed into. What about when like you watch those old yellow squash some of the text and no squad is yellow rice that's a good one man bananas. And I see now now urine I am I am but as implements they learn it all yellow. Yellow Texas is 72881. Yeah 07 to edit one do it now. If you don't win this time in next chances of the top of the next. Non Indian curry you know like ruby inquiry double leg that their legs a little weakened and couldn't see here is a good text or do not eat yellow snow that's that's good yes that is a view that receives no state or vice. That is one of the first things they teach you if you're never seen a snow before. Are we got a lot to get to hear while more on the the Supreme Court ruling here again all of those special guest law professor from University of Miami expert in constitutional law. Donald Jones he's gonna join us here. But so on the front page in your hat if you add the Celtics yesterday. And you took the you took a one and a half you were dance in my halftime and I mean you pass and I particularly. You're talking about blowout city that game was not insisting whatsoever. And I got. I got to become a station with a couple of guys today in hand and I you know the lakers to their walked in like who'd win in the series. And guys say per liked a lot of what why how Boston looked yesterday matchup wise yes really that I really did series and then not likely will know when a series. Gone away by. Yeah I saw. In note one game and I and all that's double talk about it but when idol when I got to see it. It looked a little bit different image and I it I think Boston's got a lot more gold for them than a lot of people thought. Art well kept mum I I I'd like Boston for all the reasons that I saw yesterday. But. I've got to go with Cleveland for a reason that I did see yesterday and that leads us and here's the thing. Boston is an athletic team that I love see it is tough minded and defense of mind. And that's what I'd like about them. That's what I thought he could use against LeBron James it's what they did use against LeBron James yesterday. In their 10 wait 83 game 1 victory in the Eastern Conference finals. The big theme here clearly as in the other series against LeBron is. Can you keep doing this and holding LeBron down. I have zero faith in LeBron surrounding cast Kevin Love in and George ceiling Kyle Korver and and all those guys Tristan Thompson. No faith and zero. It's LeBron that I have AT&T and so this becomes just like it was against India and and I you know that was just a mauling a Toronto. But is this becomes. Can these some of your hearts be greater than LeBron James. I'd like Boston I picked Boston to be believed because of things that that I saw with Boston that they didn't do. Those saying beings exist here against Cleveland it's just LeBron. This dude is playing an out of his mind right now and I know he had a terrible game by eight. You know the standards that he said and in game one right fifteen points seven rebounds nine assists. Two blocks. But he had a seven turnovers and he was all for five on from three point range. I doubt you'll have another game like that this series. And when LeBron gets going it seems to get his other two seemed to get his teammates going so. To me it it's just a Boston vs LeBron just like it was Indiana vs LeBron and to Ronald vs LeBron. Have a lot of respect for Boston are like what they do. Man I just can't go against LeBron right now. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJI store by drone nerds in Winwood and drove nerd the Bevan Turin congress. My son over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's. In this. LeBron never went to college but he knows all about March Madness have zero level concern at this stage. I go to college so not March Madness. None of you did better throughout the series in some ways you can do better thought spears book of the novel one of the Donald to been dumped for a whole season. But for me there's no and level of concern no matter how about opera tonight seven turnovers. How inefficient I was shooting the ball just confident going into this year's no matter fund it's 00 series or down 01. I even down 31 in the finals and has been humbled come back I at this isn't to me. And I'm not and a I don't I'm not gonna make this an overreaction Monday and all that stuff. To me I just watched that game yesterday perk being made it wasn't about Cleveland calls completely awful yeah browse bad. And everyone's execute from LeBron like they're not a winning game hell when LeBron scores fifteen point right he's got to go off and everybody else falls suit. He makes pleasurable Nielsen and the the defense has got to key in on Jimenez just you know to free for all. I just looked at what ball boy at Boston brought. It and how personally are and I knew all their guys but I didn't know how good they were. On this stage like Jason Tatum does not look like a rookie Jalen brown does not look like to say in your gotten all these guys rosier. Mean DeMaurice. I mean if Hillary is Smart and I mean tossed. Defense of mind economies con a confident rule you know and I think Brad Stevens you know you never gets it never gets them to down. Keeps their confidence up. I dislike their formula to be able to throw a lot of guys that LeBron. Be able switch on a lot of things and get out on shooters that's only where Clinton's going to be to the can't drive to the hoop thoughts on LeBron nobody else can put it on the deck. So love to Newsom were down under but you know I don't know but whatever right they are you Al go take a little joke about and that's fine don't you know how can win that match of war or at least make a you know. Push it to an even even Q like. It just is more about Boston for me the Cleveland that's that's all I'm saying what watch a game arsenic now expected to be a long series as meg a single six or seven. But right now I mean clearly gonna have to do alive ball. A lot of different things. I think in in in game number two late in the here's the other thing it is not to say that LeBron can too because he can't bronze gonna have to have a thirty. For the rest of ways he left averaged thirty LE. Yes sir I doubt I mean I've thought that bolster calls I averaged thirty but yeah birdie. Ten. And twelve. I don't know PS average a triple double but he's he's got to where where he says when he's this he's still he's got to make the players around him better. And that's that and that's what did you know Louisiana recommended against Toronto those numbers will come with the communities they understand like. What I just I let's say Boston I mean and missiles while like Boston against Billy Byrd. You know this is eighteen that can throw those bodies and. You by the Boston in the than the other teams are more by Arnold couldn't was coming in via I'm just very very more of this very impressed. As Boston Boston in the Boston looks like during better as the playoffs go on nearly seven game series you're walking. The new USEC around what they did and then now here on the verge eyes is game one. I did some things were eye opening yesterday now they don't know to LeBron mentioned reference you to think. Then you're asking LeBron half for those monster games. And a five. They did then it gets then the margin of error because the bronzed the monster games he's not to have more monster game from the when the series yeah I don't know. Right now I see zero problem OK that's fair while they had just six left that's who we know let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. These kids WE XY AM South Miami and WS advanced HD true. ARAMARK. The big news of the day relates to legalize sports betting the US Supreme Court. As ruled states can decide whether they want to have legalized sports betting today's landmark ruling struck down the professional and amateur sports protection that. A 1992. Law that for bay state authorized gambling. Sports gambling with a few exceptions now the American Gaming Association estimates that Americans illegally wager. About a 150. Billion dollars on sports each year New Jersey which is already passed its gambling law. Could have legalized sports gambling by the NBA finals this. Year clear there are driving home right now get out of works on the 150 billion how much too I'm two super ball good football season right there boys on their own numbers there had right let me right de I could be times twelve okay the other you death. You are Miami Marlins are off tonight they started three game series against the LA Dodgers tomorrow bad finishes off a seven game homestand. The Marlins just hit and I have games behind Atlanta in the NL least nine games back for the wild card don't stop believing. But you have. Just 7435. At the game on Sunday. Well you are one of the most level Myanmar girl three we went there we left. We left at the start of the ninth inning so we miss. Boards a three run homer west thanks well it does put you know. Where they were getting one hit the time to write and and and India we wanted to see LeBron get blown out the middle when it's sea tiger lose sales figured it was I was I was look at all lower for Osama. I guess the Marlins provide in my best sports on line Eric I'd say this like they got the Dodgers coming in MMI bigger thing of the nice thing not a regular work like eight under the answer right I don't reds yeah. Yes so it's. There's hope the Marlins men don't stop believing c'mon you little journey on a stalled subway gas gift idea when journal and NBA tonight I'm Noah sickened muscle would that would. There's a role in the tourney. Golden State at Houston in game one Western Conference finals 9 PM. Kept what do you think in here and Houston gets off to a little story better home they better they better they were they all during the season this is what they want home court is what they had to get new and they give it up at 48 minutes yeah that wouldn't be good for their sight no doubt would be that would that would not be able kernels of just crop right backed up by the way the NBA draft lottery tomorrow night. At seven. Thirty to really get that we have the game falling Frito tonight's of brilliant for short stint on it and we're gonna have oh game in the Western Conference finals here we're gonna have a lot of basketball by the way we've you know we are and all over the last conference I don't do each week ends into the final so we're gonna we're home for basketball you know the rest the other wrestle away here so make known that. It'll we at the lottery. Tomorrow I guess there's lot of good players the lottery. DeAndre might be the first over epic Mormon Bagley movement they'll live with him. Lou good daunted Odyssey on sport and I I don't know pronounced decline in old city we'll see how at all hollow figures out here. Trey you don't. Tiger are probably you know it's I don't know what more important Eritrea yet. Lot of good players lot of good players last thing to tell you here and in headlines Miami Dolphins concluded there's three day rookie mini camp on Sunday. Offensive coordinator Dow log insipid dolphins again in what to attempt to run an up tempo no huddle offense. Deep into the coordinator Matt Birk. Syria does say he'd meet the pits Patrick first round pick from Alabama his role will depend on how much he can learn you know they called him a Swiss army knife deacon clinical even play strong safety complete three safety. Matt Burke also played police declined to mention who was the favorite to start at strong side linebacker. Along side middle linebacker Rey on McMillan. And weak side linebacker Kiko Alonso those are your Hitler Melia temper often stuff tomorrow I'll step it well you know ideally it's it it's. It's usually a good idea poorly executed by the dolphins because you want personal personnel get up to the line of scrimmage you get the cars before they can substitute it's been done to the adult show numerous this was talking big doesn't end anyways yes. Joseph Philbin and build Isner had a G-8 more years ago you know deal and it's enough melting like the dolphins are one of the teams that do it hurts. That's why it's so amazing when they keep talk about we wanna do it was like. I don't know what's ms. I don't know if it's quarterback. Communication and that's that's the one on one constant over the Kobe Bryant and a company they have not been able to reduce this score points to score more points in just OK to score more points or less told him we aren't doing I what's next month at Parker ready for break idea what what's your sentiment all got to get the titans weren't all right I'd ignited a mass stars desert us like it or not we've gotten rid zone. Righty combo in the fourth quarters. Take early pleasing games here we've. We've heard a lot of whom we heard a lot of noted the match up is a bank often Disney is Beckett that's made it known that as they stink and it's been been it's been great actually for the first receiving games now where they go three and out there's nine seconds off the clock I clock. Eggs XP cabaret back baby is back. Up tempo the no huddle all know it's football season and where that often they're talking about running their up terrible offense you know what. Football season is right there on the corner vibrator on the corner coming up on the other side law professor. From the University of Miami constitutional law. Donald Jones that's right another Smart guys coming everyone smarter what happens and they would scream chord do. What does that all mean moving forward we'll get the out of the DiLeo come up next right here on time radio 790 the ticket. Right here on the ticket over. Everything and nothing. That's 1003. Gloria thank him every hour from 7 AM to 6 PM Monday. Friday the chance to win a thousand bucks when listening for that hours keyword in Texas to seven to anyone that's similar to anyone this is a national contest miss inveterate replies do not Texan drive it to get a saying. WT was it for your chance to win if you miss the five of. Like our code word will be that C in just say and just them. Few minutes right now we got a very special guest here on current some Perkins we Joba to the ground fuels and thousands restores just like they truly step beyond communion to. Big ruling by the now his name Supreme Court earlier today and joining us right now is. Professor of law at the University of Miami in an expert in constitutional law criminal procedure and criminal law. As well and he's an author and he's very Smart guy and I'll give you win money here to know. But you but you're gonna get smarter which. We're gonna make you smarter today and that's going to do it again educating your use it cost about thirty granite that and I and I have. Forty. Jones is this a reservoir. Mr. John Holmes thank you very much huge audience. Here are right will they do where they are taking a few minutes it's a busy day. And I'm sure love to reach out trying to get your legal expertise on enough on how fast that plays about the on the rockets tonight. What what are the ruling mean to you. When when you heard about it as it relates to the state of Florida. Well it means that people who want. You know jobs. Construction. People who could benefit from gambling come to Florida. Aren't locked all the indeed is what little state legislature to. Enable them by him and passing the law necessary. To make gambling. Legal and and Florida the if you look at what those what the ruling does. It opened the door. And that the door had been closed. And act called the protection. Not literally been. Here today asked yet. The proposal which of course protection act and I had dual prevented states from sponsoring hall authorizing sports betting and it is in any state in the United States. And Abdul was close since 1992. Now Supreme Court opened the door. And so all the state pick get the people of those states to gritty and people don't always agree on GAAP. But you can get them to agree an epilogue the mound you have sports betting and that potentially sixteen billion dollar industry. State that the big tied to it via. And and so you know while so big thing stop. Yeah it it is incredibly be another look let me ask you this. When when you when you have something like this that that that passes. Who would be our oil that could pass we have the Supreme Court ruling. We have something like this in Florida who would be objecting to it would it be may be the religious right on on moral grounds would it be that you perhaps a bit. Some deeply unity you'd you would have religious right you have DN CAA even people who. Feel Lucy college sports. Professor news. College presidents. But perhaps even athletes when. The night in the 1992. And appear PA past. Bradley who at the basketball player and public figures Bill Bradley goes you know that is bad because that there's this. Concern that you've graying gambling in. They'll end up corrupting the aptly sent the local rock sports in the of the 1950s. Deborah Kolb which. That was the point shaving scandal almost in the college basketball. Until people are afraid that. This will be corrupting influence on sports. The NCAA has sued continually took traffic you have made may lead to keep this the federal ban in place. Absolutely indicated the big loser of the day. And that you know all those who are opposed to gambling on religious grounds a looms as well. But then there are a lot of winners on the other side. It would would any businesses. Approach that I within like maybe Miccosukee and ended. Assume it's like it did and they'll they'll have sports betting probably next two weeks and actually you know put over a decade David anticipated this you know I know that certain tribe. Anticipated this ruling they are ready to do their sports betting. Now and so they don't it is big they have the -- in their obligations they don't beat that clicks of state could start whenever they've got to get a good that they now about war while never made that big east state laws let me take that that made these state laws that they have to deal with the bit did they'd been there and that dependent on. New legislation that is what is the question no weather map that some gaming compact and they have these gaming compacts. So what. But. A fact of bats this is big business with them as well. And you know there have been many Indian reservation or any any in the Trout that we got a proper and of course now they have competition. He's he's certain states already set up toward you guys. What Delaware Mississippi New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Dana. There. Always put. Now is so it. Potentially have the market to themselves now up to date conjoined at. Clark can join hands and there's pressure from Florida join in that the difficulty that you have a flawed is that outside. My of Miami Dade and in May be Broward you have. Florida it's like Georgia and there is days is just part of the Bible. And so that's that that's that's one push on the other foot other side. Economically. Didn't you know gambling can be an engine. It is bad for Atlantic City at that for a state of Nevada with gambling can be an economic engine and that the powerful to. And who did and sometimes economic struggle inflation. So you know that you're here and for a gold drama. You know at these. These major move you know move constituencies. Come to head the course. You know it may repeat if maybe that the battleship what may be that. Everybody will disable jobs. That go to oh but you know there it is the potential for a ensure that. In Florida between those competing the religious right on one side and economic interest on the other. Donald olds with a law professor from the University of Miami an expert in constitutional law among other among other things let me ask you just on the timeframe issue legislation did that would bring up we have to bring up on a new bill. And then we will be voted on the public how would it how it is it was a time for. It was extremely good and fly it can't be that unless you have a a confidential about the that that be quoted on the public that they could put that. But you know generally is simply a question of getting the legislature to agree and it is. Going to be different in each state. Opera doc who chaired the they had passive and 20112. And able majority originally. What would potentially that the problem PF PA but they had a constitution that. That was in place that wasn't cool until 2011. That's how all of this whole controversy major restart because what they kept that commitment and maturity tried to that clause. And the battle has been whether or not they can act. Laws it and the state to heat federal legislation banning. And so New Jersey says well you know yeah after the federal law that banned that we think that that unconstitutional based on this. A difficulty and pack common theory theory that. The federal government cannot make the state legislature it's sort of political prisoner. They cannot they can the federal government can tell individuals what to do. But the federal government can not tell state legislatures. What to do. They can prohibit child labor as they compete in the environmental. Fiasco that they can't tell state legislatures. To Ricki Lake can gambling cannot command net. And so these B battle as well but not this violated that anti content during provision. And why the Supreme Court says yes yes he does violate the anti I'm doing provision. And that the federal government has made the state of New Jersey legislature hit certain. And that that pilot attempted then that until now that. The T AF PA had been struck down. New Jersey is free Delaware is free. And Baltic country. 22. Authorized sponsored. Gambling they can respond to gambling they can all right. Is so. It's laid it there in America but what better. Donald has a great supper and I got so many questions that you can we put an awkward to call you back a few minutes do we get lol yeah or forget. The outskirts of our Donald Jones you'll law professor. Expert in constitutional law those guys really smarting at Tel he's making Airways Mardy here he's given us the lowdown here we're gonna come back up and they have been more of on the other side right here on 790 the ticket. Long. Summers. On the train found though we. Very bad on the brick to have that is what my favorite songs that. Swing just Kenny Rogers has I was scrambling isn't like that non now would you I don't know though and call them. Puerto by the way the radio that comment because the official knew all of seven I need to get downloaded today to the source anytime anywhere we want to thank. Donald Jones prefer for joining us for a second segment here is so good. I'm corpsman in Helm over. Lot of lot of things to get to with a double law professor. Who is. But he expert in constitutional law at the University of Miami and amber he's gonna rejoin us here in in just a moment. On the Iraq and fuels announcer serious there was just signed their choice of beyond convenient. If you. 74 Donald joins rejoins us here. On on 79 U ticket in and just a moment while waiting for its reconnect with the professor Jones. Let's give up the F 5 o'clock code word if you miss it a fun yeah hockey it is yellow. Yellow our whole YE. LL OW yellow tech center seven to anyone. I took them. Eating on the text line by saying be wary of yellow fingers back to guys took a beating up and silly tech yellow foods matter yellow. But the other and that. Ads for the beat down on that we governments are Jones back with us here on seven I had to get from Reza thank you for joining us again we allowed question lobby were Texan in but they're quite glad to hear and so on it's lonely to you for extending it a few minutes here in August Jatiya we'll get to to dinner here. Did not and a few minutes here. Dow Jones University of Miami law professor. Extra constitutional law authored by he has he is at all let me ask you this browser because as the my biggest question here is how the leagues are going to get involved in this thing. They don't putt well without the without them the content there's no gambling so we thought that the Phillies are gonna say okay. You're betting on our product we want a cut of the products are right I'm interested to see. How they lay out their rules and regulations. What how I know you don't have revealed that the answer all these questions but. Well how do you think the league now that it could be legalized state to state how do you think the NFL the MBA the NHL Major League Baseball how do you think they kind of tiptoe when these waters. Well they have the power to enact regulations on that player and that he knows so those sports. That that this whole sports betting. Mechanism depend on at least. The perception. That they are. He did not a corrupting influence that this is whole tone that this is. Going to be consistent with the values the fair play at stick to sports. Letting athletes. In college. A particularly without corrupting them so is they have to have sort of a clean jeans. Approach and they beat up a partnership with the NFL and NBA put them to promote rules and regulations. And Toby is so they're trying to demand. That they get. Funding for programs. Funding for. Oversight mechanisms. And they've they've really just want a piece of the pie. And they won't get it. And they will save it because they need that support is all over I took the question. You know the people setting up casinos. They have to go to look who lobby legislators that they got to lobby mayor they've got a lot B cup I'm powerful groups and they need Adams over of the NBA they need the commission that the NFL to support them. So it kind of like the total cost symbiotic relationship. Boy does that get the bills passed an audit that the political dimension here he's over the water there to handle the politics negotiate the oh rapids. The political. Debate they've got to have allies in that these are there obvious allies they will get them but it will cost money. The NB data and so we're support. NFL support equipment that's gonna cost money and I'm sure that city that has a lot of potential money and it's so it will get spread around and so I think what happened to me is you don't have states. That is some states are going to be in it and it and they're going to get the biggest piece of Thai and that's gonna promote other states to wanna get it so you're gonna see an incredible amount of activity here. This is this is that big this is this is an industry about to blow up. Laughs professor Jones you know we have these bungling. Things good correspondence with our techsters here and and one of the techsters. Been corresponding with so did. It's good for states combat the residents and NIC and I had an aggressive theory has it been asked the professor how this can go badly because I said. I'm unsure of casinos or lottery have gone badly for the residents of any state. And in this person sesame beckons if we used in Reno is messed up they have family there are drugs alcohol gambling it's crazy it's is there were relation in in. Any US. Publicly. Bad debt that that's incredible that they you know I really think that they increase to be concerned about organized crime recent concern about corrupting influences. We do discern about. Crime that follows casinos but I had I think they're hoping more consumer. A about power over the about social economic. That other. Housing prices and Florida have been flat I mean did you know we've taken it imported from so many different different different. Things. It would be great to have an influx of money that would raise that that they'll be to pat they could raise a lot of the a lot of boats CEO we Florida is a state that that these jobs that these. Industries that needs. Construction conceals and sometimes that big building. It bit down into the ministry it jobs and good construction as good. I think that you you have you have more to gain. Then to lose now I do you realize that there will be people who will say that well isn't this against. A Christian values. I'm just thanking me. In terms of jobs I'm just thinking in terms. Is that the money that could come to Florida that could come to cities like Miami Miami would be ground zero. And it no. We have been kind of recession I would like to see. An influx. Of capital into the state of Florida outlook the seat etched I think the good for everybody thinks that the civil trial out of the child convict they won't get. Some of the pie so I think that there is that there are they is that he is the real concern. But those concerns are legitimate chance you. But I'm more concerned about seeing. Our economy grow. So you know if it would it would be easier for me it is true support. This is usually support the big economic growth floor and support that. I mean and president there's pitfalls here and and there's a lot of things that and the other could happen but yeah I mean. Even though the tourism industry mention the lasting effects of having casinos or things of that nature. Our party in the business of tourism and if there are ways you could you know Campbell down here legally on sports. That would certainly does add to I think the tourism injures industry that they would they I think they were there are celebrating today would they not be the tourism board of Rome Florence Italy and. It is that they they have reason to be as good you know the troubled Osama people who are now going to Nevada could come here. People now on the Mississippi again I mean I think I'd rather go to Miami vote. Those mobile. According to do as a privilege cold week we have something we have really a stake in San. And so it now of course it's still going to be up to the legislature but and it has been employed there there is a constitutional provision which says. That lotteries have to either approved by the people that's what it says now. Some people argue. Debt that constitutional provision applies to bid. I would argue their ways. But. That's gonna be into a battle that they're gonna have to fight. I think that. It's going to happen. I think that the you know it's just a question when. And I think that this could be good for slaughter economy. This is terribly that there. Like we go bungee like that former students texting in here present Jones thinks it is critical real man David. Professor thank you very very generous with your time and and if we ever run into legal trouble which we probably will on this show. Economic power to myself I we will give me a ring you know will make you part of our legal counsel would you don't mind. I like that an enemy combat an account wind it would I OK okay yeah. Certainly he got there we you're gonna get a good price on that man. Let god bless you yes there on the details. I gotta tell he's got to be working Pro Bowl trophies with us yeah audio ads you know and much like notes that he deputy QB every brave of to what serious pro Bono work right there are things the Dow's Donald Jones. A law professor constitutional law. Expert on that at the University of Miami. We're gonna we're we're told there were gonna hit this hard to. Six to want me we got we got Daniel Wallach attorney out of Fort Lauderdale being another verbal assassin to one of the leading national voices on this stuff brightness and I it was disease that is all of Dan earlier. On the lover tarred show he's gonna join us here at around six point where a sprinkle in some more hoops and it's some your text messages plus we got our 6 o'clock code word. Come on around the corner may have Gupta to a 1000 dollars right here on 790 the ticket. For the hornets tickets went on your chance to win tickets to the coming game. Concert or another great event acorda slimy technology partner in your local South Florida technology company. Visit them online recorders court. Dot com sponsor mylar WW Palmer times in brought to buy your insurance turning into Lopez called real 5800 Irma. Curtis and perk equity here on 79 it's a guy being caught my breath here in the last couple hours we've had so many. How about a public gestured to spend their budget taxes the lot of things yeah hostility get to. That's we're try to squeeze in here we other guests coming up as Daniel Wallach of Fort Lauderdale based turning one of the best and Leah in the country. And we're gonna get picked his brain a lot of things off you are asking about online stuff mom. Which was which is a good one lob who'll do their stuff online and sports betting. The last firms are based in Coastr Rico and other. Which is is is legal there but those guys can't come. Think miles has can't come back in the country or could they could be arrested so there's lot of sports books and when there in technically it's illegal. Blighted it's not really enforced and right so is the online stuff now open for open for business as far as in on now you know. Online people of everything. We'll ask him how that affects everything I mean this is. We're we're in a brave new world yes. At two locals that could stretch all over the place and the some of the questions you know like we were saying earlier Sunday. There might be issues that come up tomorrow bit. We didn't think about today you're right word. You know good six lowly publicized today because you were taking care of bigger Stossel stuff is gonna come up next couple days next couple of weeks and months really well. About coming up and a couple minutes where he be opportune when a thousand dollars it's RW TF. That's when thousands free contest will give you the code word here in about three minutes or so Texas writes in it and you get Texas so feel free to do so we right incurred text messages. On all fronts by the way. 67974679. So or who looked up got conversations going on out stadium construction and and well Hillary John separation of church and state correct online gambling. All kinds of stuff. I like I mean Morgan some people let's say you know gambling is bad at bay and then you know and then they were often and they don't say you know why and I would love. Tutsis here some some opinions on why they don't think we'll work what are some of the pitfall I understand it's not it's not going to be perfect system I understand. There is a chance for possible corruption. But I don't I come from a viewpoint of the gambling is all around us already. Gambling is all around it's doing a college athlete when it's a goal and place a wager somewhere. And then go and fix a game he would have the ability to do that already right now. On the -- joining my now it would technically could be ruled legal or if he went through a third person to place that bad but so there's a lot of things Logitech is coming in but here's one that we were discussing with professor Jones. Is how is the tourism industry providing well. Paying jobs. To other reasons for as low wages Ter is a is really strong industry for good jobs construction jobs are created temporary no matter what you build even stadiums great. Are tons of temp jobs and enjoy part time and low paying jobs not again. Right yes the construction part of it is fine. I understand that yes you build something you have worked for whatever it is 68 months a year and anyone with a project but it still a job that you are not not have the tourism industry. The point being there is if you. This if this is a another. Bombed by another reason for somebody to come into our state and spend money and that's what we're looking for that tourism is our business down here that is number one very first and foremost we sell sunshine. That is what we sell here and stayed affordable we'll make a lot of stuff we don't export a lot of things we sell come into our town. Don't enjoy everything whether or not want the daughters the beaches. The though warm weather when it's twenty degrees up where you live and spend all your money down here and have a good time. So if sports books are another reason we Las Vegas let's be honest. What he really wanted to update like Vegas got the shows everything as far as they can no law played an old the old. Bring up the beaches they got the great weather year round all of those things. If Florida could provide that's the that would be that would just be more to the tourism industry where the sport better would say you know what we go and party on South Beach. And play and play March Madness or play the Super Bowl or play in the conference finals when everyone to do rather than having to go to Vegas or Atlantic City your wherever. To place to place a legalize sports spent so that's all the tourism industry is our number one tourism I'm the other destruction of my understand. But the tourism industry is something that we continue to sell here that's that's what we seldom here and in South Florida and even Florida for that matter. Yeah that's that's what we do here so look guys I'm mostly for it. A bit 'cause week in week in Texas and we can get moneyweek and earmark that money or routines that we need in the state now. I grant it I know that's the idea behind the lottery you know I suspect that other agencies do their hand in that cool and it doesn't know go to education by. It helps did it helped write it's another revenue stream that could go to help. Areas of the state the you know on beings that need the funding so import permits us. By the way we sell sunshine except today except earlier today we're got a little a guild hasn't by the way we had a severe wet thunderstorm warning. Come through for parts of west in the and Cooper city and Miami lakes. So out west there if just be careful severe thunderstorm or rather was it to the next the next few minutes there but that bad. 'til 630 Lanka. So they'll hometown thing a little beating out they're so beyond looked out. If you're if you're out west right there aren't a slow the past 6 o'clock let's get to our 6 o'clock keyword here perk it disseminate it to get WTF. That's 1003 contest or just take over a thousand bucks. Text the word. Office. Office 272881. And your registered OFF. I CE. One of my favorite TV shows of all time is. Office. Yeah Adams did so until Steve Carell left correct yes I'm gonna helms' body and have a tie it is command rose made for that that them being the boss yeah PE NC now I'm. Was it was album I'd yourself when he came on for a while he was good who has the email came on Tet a Tet the what was her name is she was the boss he was like Allentown that estimates have rebates yeah it was on but I give Democrats on the people who nobody was the real. Melted like different cameos liquor I was there that it added Helms of over last season it was just Terry yeah that was a little you know what I hated that Jim and I what was that. Did you campaign are ABBA lumps. What's up prayers I read what's written and had ramped up the floating on a good but yes any guy who has a favorite character on the office. No that Dwight K shrew was very good man. Why is hard why fighters aren't there and I don't warehouse was pretty good also. Aplenty and their characters on the show on the smiling like that allows violent partner. Did Angela turned out to be good character. Oscar Oscar state farm director Oscar. Who was the guy you're talking like Stanley cookie monster's Daly who eluded character who lives. The the other the older dude who is. Always gonna suspect suspicious. Greed pretty I don't know pretty creating a little crazy it's crazy crew. And it wasn't the bowl haircut. The big heavy so like guy that talked like put him on the all balled all of the talk thought does Jim it's a lieutenant Kevin Kevin that was it was all done can you accounting with a Oscar in the father of the chemicals also and he was on hold a solid build a and so he would win win sign though was dead he got little I think he was he was the guy who put in the the supper reader and was let him or was it non. He's on the sign that we assign you steaks and Jerry's refrigerator a cut and didn't even put up the the cabinet themselves ground zero a vote that was a yet been that was two. Now and equipment that was probably tell he's an awesome awesome tyrants we got office does the show and if you snag there's. Yes we like the show Texans a seven to read it on good now if you don't win this time. Knicks' chances tomorrow morning at 7 AM with the is that with dazzle Romberg and amber this is a national contest messes than data rates may apply. I do not the text and drive. Both admit the gunmen detailing was also. Hurt him a millionaire yes you choose really do I mean it was very much a character driven show like most of those characters were really really good story lines you know whenever I access I just hate it. Yet MGM. But now's the time of soaring on her milieu told us don't know. Most people don't counsels some them. Confident there that he and ruined so many good movies bourse the love story in there this guy on the that was there and there was a lot of schools like good characters some good here are creating. Yeah I hear you yet he was booed so many yeah Jin was good at W and so many have seen it shows a longer so it's an original people that you asked me to do so and in the early stuff is. It's like one of those bands on like early stats yeah I'll tell you it was a good seriously want to see the Miami Marlins play you do your first gay rights. Yeah yeah. Yeah the first game of the year man the first game of the year and look it was kind of become. Kind of a weird being BN in that stadium with. And announced attendance of 7430. If but I gotta tell you I had a good time that leads us and here's the thing. The Marlins game yesterday and beer you weird varies small crowd. Marlins bird I left at the start of the ninth inning. The marlins' loss border three at the time that. At the time that I left they they were getting one hit. I still had a great time there and there's a couple of reasons why number one I just like going to baseball I know you might have. Some them against the Marlins or Jeter and and Bruce Sherman and how they came in and you know they date they were humble or what ever you wanna say. I like Major League Baseball so I went to the game. I had a great time. I saw a Major League Baseball and a great facility that was number one but close behind that. I've got to say mandate that the people worked at that Marlins park are are just very good people nice they try to help. They're accommodating. There in a bad situation the team sucks the community is mad at owners nobody is going to the game by. I've got to say and I know this sounds corny I was impressed by the attitude of the people there at the ballpark. They had smiles on their base they were upbeat hiring good moods they were very helpful. That hope may be in game experience very good again. You know you're good you're gonna hate the Marlins. I like put the Marlins do you bring in Shaq in there on Friday I don't know how that went Delmon he was there were a Judge Judy he threw out the first pitch Chet can still move ground by the way he's probably most billions in superstar. In America right now. The wind to do was put on a show he can move the crowd. Getting back to the Marlins. Look I can't tell you to go out to the game that's your decision again I like I like Major League Baseball. I really liked that ballpark. And I have a true appreciation. For the people who work here because again. You know people probably don't bear. Possibly in a bad mood not expecting any being by. Those employees they do what they can they make it a much better experience then you wanna say eighty Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman have. The above my head is off to those people were in the ball park great job I had a great time out there. Oh lead hopefully I'll be back again at some point this season. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJI store by drone nerds in win would Andrew owners of heaven turned pine crest. I don't over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's I. In this die silly wants to know if you on the tax on if you took your role with you to the game. I did not I didn't the rope does not come out yet men and window where we're always. We're moving we're moving back from that Ganassi and if they if they got to 500 rope come back out correct without the promise you made to Baylor and also three out of port to the Bravo since and there are a rounder if you are going in the wrong direction we go out attacks a wanna get to hear we're gonna talk with the Cleveland you're still do it somebody takes the DN food is always great Marlins part yes Daniel Wallach who -- gonna join us Fort Lauderdale based attorney. In about a twelve minutes the first let's get to 6 o'clock headlock. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. The big news today the US Supreme Court has ruled states can decide whether they want to have legalized sports betting today's landmark ruling struck down the professional and amateur sports protection act a 1992. Law that for Bates. State authorized sports gambling with some exceptions. Now the American Gaming Association estimates that Americans illegally wagered about a 150. Billion dollars on sports each year. Now perhaps states can get their hands on some of that money by the way New Jersey which is already passed a law to make gambling legal. Could have sports gambling. By the NBA finals legalized sports. You don't want to hear or legal lines blown up gambling affect the integrity of the game how can a fan just a game there watching now the fixes in the also I like this one here listen DeGeneres. I thing of me imagine generates the most generous out why is gambling gradually really asset on radio I'm assuming you have no idea what dimming does to a Phillies finances life death. It's incredible you would even ask that question. My question is I'd love to see I look I wanna hear more of the the opposition as far as why why gambling should not be ushered in a through legislation. Other than just it's bad it just me I grew up around gambling. I know what they can do my own world both I've seen it I've seen the worst of it I've seen it you know not affect anybody's life. Like you know it's no different than alcohol affecting somebody's life it's no different than now than that ruining somebody's life. And you know who's to say somebody can't take their it's at right now. And go to the corner and buy him a bunch of lottery tickets. And blow their income that way and hope and hit the big lie so I mean it's out there it's it's already it's all around us yes I'd be much point to. Yeah I think I think I'd take the argument at the end state is don't make it easier. People to do sign artists as a perk no I don't know but I you know I'm pretty good and OJ you know what I'm saying it it's like you did the did the drinking days stumped when he won you don't lowered to eighteen. But does it makes it easier them but if you're eighteen you can probably still seek it out that's what downsides that you know I there's that and text here actually. A good six get back to the headline. It's as I've been a minister for twenty years in Florida and I don't have a problem with legalized gambling. The argument over morality shouldn't be legislated. People have the right to make were decisions. It should be accountable for them. So I I don't like legacy pick the rockets and like I support decision to support decision and and you will be financially accountable that's fewer. Hell yeah I saw exactly right. I'll buy somebody that is that is right also today and that's yeah that's right DeMarre lean your Miami Marlins are off tonight they started three game series against LA Dodgers tomorrow that this is off. The seven game home stated. We'll give up on the marlins' ten half games behind Atlanta in the NL east nine goes bad for the wild card and not let out in three months line. Marlins had just 7435. On Sunday. I was one album but yet small rental Mora thought that got us. That's the science as a result NBA tonight Golden State. It Houston in game one of the Western Conference finals at 9 PM. By the way to NBA draft lottery tomorrow. At 7:30 PM last thing in headlines here Miami Dolphins concluded their three day rookie mini camp Sunday offensive coordinator bell laud insipid dolphins again want to run an up tempo no huddle law in office well again attempt. To drum beat up simple the and sing in the same old crap that once at the last seven years I don't think you're gonna get that job by telling them days we will huddle after every play. Note and slayer. Not that got a little email what he wants to hear got the best when they scrap the no huddle offense the third series in every season I write of by the way deepens coordinator Matt Burke CN Brooke T mink of pits Patrick. The safety from Alabama this year's first round pick. His role will depend on how much he can learn. In DI in the system that would allow him to play different role slot cornerback strong safety free safety etc. Bo is are your headlines. Right 679 some four that's Leary just Texas just. Born in I mean yeah. Not we have a lot of things yet a lot of thing positive ties you were a lot of people are betting today I if I can place a futures that at some future dolphins' offensive coordinator to the end of time. Will say we're gonna run and a fast paced no huddle offense you know. Put me down for probably down first you know right now. The charges over the offense. Next here at this time will say we want her on a no huddle fast paced office. All my guy plays this past me like a vomit popular already. But you know I I remember in the ninety's the eighty's and ninety's all that the you know college basketball coaches he's always say we want to run an up tempo offensively and you get in the game and their. On the players slow it down their call and played early so why tigers I had to step. The dolphins are so batted it yet they continue to say that we're gonna throughout debts that's going to be a lot of other lawyers that it yeah the worst that it's. And it continued for you to come out that's the first things out of their mouth every every offseason I let's not let's get to a by Daniel walked attorney right here in Fort Lauderdale one of the best in the in the country. Or get his thoughts on what took place where the Supreme Court ruling on not on sports gambling next right here on 79 in ticket. Have already come after the official new home of 79 minutes against downloaded today to listen to us anytime anywhere Curtis and archive will be here on seven not even take it a busy day and lay in remarks decision by the Supreme Court and now we've been discussing it a whole heck go a lot here on the show and though we got another expert here very special guest who joins us as August 2 on the Iran fuels announcers who is or is assigned their choice does. Beyond him being that he is out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His and he is of course a gaming and sports attorney one of the best in the business Daniel Wallach is as weather's here on 79 news at. The targets Daniel thank you for joining us in making time president. I know you've been very busy urge earlier is that what Dan and and it's it's a crazy day thank you for carving out a few minutes for a sir. That's my pleasure thanks for being patient with me it has been a long days that I mean come on I'm on adrenaline right now I mean the his decision is almost seven it was about eight hours old in the end I must've done like on like fifty spots in. It just been nonstop from one called the next but it was take care of the guys back home and did you and I are from the same. Same region or practice in Fort Lauderdale also will look let's get into it I'm sorry we didn't do it. First and on and on army we were brought a little bit later so where were Edmonds is as all of you get to a so we're certainly find out what you could follow odd Daniel on Twitter at Wallach. Legal that's that's Wallach. Legal article you mentioned it I mean you've been in this industry in this business you knew this day would come. Are you surprised that that it's kinda it's it's here and just. The overload so to speed pitchers that you talked about here throughout the course of the last six or seven hours. No there's nothing really surprising element to Kate should should take decision that it took so long they will be oral argument in the Supreme Court was five months ago and everyone in that courtroom. New on December 4 that the court was going to side with New Jersey there's no mystery about it when you when you've seen enough oral arguments and mark in my career that I have. You know. I'll when the court is here pretty much made its mind up already just the only question which remained was how would it how broad with the ruling be would it overturned would be overturned a federal law and clear the way for all states to legalize sports batting order just be a narrow decision which favored New Jersey. And I went back and forth on that but. These be the ultimate result of New Jersey would win. I don't think there was really in doubt. And now Daniels of the big question here. How soon do you think we could get it I I have my understanding is Florida has to pass a law in May in places have to be licensed as it is is them that correct. Well that that that's the case in every state want to make clear when wanted to stress that today's Supreme Court decision did not legalize sports gambling just removed the federal law which prohibited states from doing so so. I'll read of that of the clutches of the federal law states are now free to make up their own minds some states may wanna keep sports betting you know illegal. Others may think it's a good idea to legalize it's so it's it's gonna go on a state by state basis and in Florida is in a very unique position because. With our warm weather and and in reputation indeed tourism business. This could be one of the big markets in the country unfortunately. The forces in the northern part of the state. You know than the Eurodisney wants to kind of maintain the family. First image of forest so so any kind of gambling expansion. In the state of Florida is always gonna face an uphill battle. But we're at a pivotal time right now because there's a ballot question. You know on Election Day to pretend to to give the voters of Florida assay in any future gambling expansion and if the lawmakers. Don't legalize sports betting and other forms of casino gambling this summer. They may lose the ability to control that in future years if the voters decide that future gambling efforts have to go through the voter consent process. While so and months years. I think in the state of Florida we here at least. Three years away. From having the possibility of sports betting weren't that we're not even in the conversation. Kim can't get a fantasy sports bill passed this stage it's and so we've lagged behind the country. On on on some progressive forms of gambling such as online poker online gaming. Fantasy sports or are there fifteen to twenty states have enacted laws. Laura can't get past you know pick kkk could pass square one here so I think sports betting. Maybe a little bit too progressive to the states at least at this point in time but I see it ultimately. Becoming legal in Florida maybe in five years it will happen Florida is not gonna remain on the sidelines and lose tourism to some of the neighboring states that are Smart enough. To get on board with the quicker than that tell you that Louisiana. Georgia Mississippi. A number of the southern states are eventually gonna have sports betting in Florida is is really high interest in maintaining its foothold all on on tourism and being one of the most popular spots in the country and an NN has a vibrant you know a little bit racing industry in and casino went in and highlight industry so with thirty licensed casinos are ratios. This is a prime opportunity for state of Florida. Do it to really dominate the sports gambling landscape is because after Las Vegas this could be the second most popular states for sports wagering. Given the warm weather that we're known for its. Daniel Wallach is our guest he's gaming and sports attorney based right here in Fort Lauderdale and he's over the here on 79 utes again. Alicia how the leagues are going to pursue this. Not only are they gonna wanna cut because they're providing the product but also I'd have to think that they want to be at the table during regulation how do you see that playing out. Well it's already begun play out today the press the public statements by the released. Have stressed that their preference. Is to lobby congress to create the I eighty uniformed federal law to govern sports betting. You have to remember that sports betting it's not like other forms of gambling that are confined to a casino floor. If you play at slot machine or for a or pulling your place slot in the slot machines to play dice or card games that some controlled within the four walls of the casino's sports gambling on the other hand. Com has a cross border aspect to it and the risk of sports corruption transcends state borders so what's going to be critical in any regulatory framework. It's cooperation. And information sharing amongst among shareholders stakeholders. State regulators law enforcement in the sports leagues and that can only be done the next most efficiently be done. And a national level. With an integrated national framework rather than on a state by state level so I think. For the states to take it on particularly since no one other than Nevada has any experience doing it. Doing this could lead to some really inefficiencies in the sharing of information in the spotting of you know suspicious wagers. Daniel you know I I've I cover the dolphins and and as you know and I want to ask you about the approach seems a deep thinking it would be worth it to approach seems to keep an eye on their players that. And or do you just kinda let that goal and then women scandal comes up. You you deal wit it you keep an eye on them through drug testing and alcohol testing. Will they try to do something you don't through their security department or whatever or regarding players. It won't be the teams as much as the league's themselves. And that could use the elk point two DM BA as an example. The NBA has already created a separate division called fantasy and gaming. I would prefer it would as a sports betting division of the National Basketball Association they're gonna hire experts. And bigger track. They're gonna track. You know post player performances and watch the games closely but look but also look at trends and and wagering activity to the extent that the different state laws allowed EMB eight systems to track this information to the NBA wants to. So to be might be a position where they can monitor the wagering activity. And and look for trends or suspicious activities are out liars. Like a particular game draws a disproportionate amount of of wagers on one side of the bet. If if there's something that looks suspicious there experts in the field that are going to be able to identify that at the earliest possible opportunity and move the teams. Aren't gonna have that expertise that that expertise will be housed. Probably at the NBA level the league level. Working in conjunction with state gaming regulators as well as a sports betting operators so would be the key to all this. It's cooperation and information sharing among the key stakeholders so this is going to be done at a high level. And did you do we have an example of what. Legalized sports betting looks like. When it goes bad and we looked at English soccer or Wimbledon lurks at do we have any major student Wall Street's. At a at. Well I I think he can point to other regulated markets as an example. Of how to do it right. Because. If it exports batting order remain. You know you know limited to. You know illegal markets remain offshore the leagues are going to be able to monitor that and I think the best system is one. Where everything is is channel from a from a black market into legal regulated market where. Room law enforcement authorities regulators. And sports federations can monitor the activity much more closely. So to so so I think as legalizing. And regulating it. Will actually. It will actually go further towards bolstering the integrity of sport perhaps some sports are more prone to corruption and others certainly. He of the NBA and Major League Baseball where we're a team game. If players are compensated very high level. There's less of a risk of corruption because what players can throw away a million dollar career. To share information with gamblers but the individual sports such as tennis golf. I mean you name the individual sport where one player can control the outcome of the game. And an end and Indian tennis and golf not every player is a multimillionaire. Some players. You know war or not earning large amounts of money in which thousands of players in the pipeline. The prospect of and other fixed match in it in in an individual sport is much higher. The new one of the mainstream US professional team sports and the same could be said about college sports so I think the real the real risk here. Is in some of the leagues or or or gains with the players aren't earning as much money is NFL players are NBA players. Yeah I mean we've just go to the content of the pro level we have gotten into the college effects and at our universities and chancellors and presidents are gonna feel about. All this Daniel thank you very much of a very gracious and generous with your time and we certainly appreciate on a on a huge day Daniels has went on Dorismond British. My pleasure Kurz Chris have me back on any time I definitely wanted to deploy to come back on so and on the Nam definitely go to sports legal expert in in Florida so you have the issue. If it's NFL or anything that touches upon the connection between the law and sports I'm your guy. There's finally got your pro Bono your Marcia. That's all been doing it all about pro Bono will go to. Somewhere. Hopefully we thank you guys Daniel Wallach joining us right to gaming of sports attorney. So that's another verbal assassin that we don't that we've ushered through yours to realize that out of this. Much stuff that led to. So many places to go at them because. You know that the a lot of the people who have been texting me in saying that. This is not going to be good. I I haven't seen an example or or were cold example of this going badly in other words and in England or you know on an EPA old the Premier League games Wimbledon nor. Like guys you know you every now and then you'll hear them talking about a some suspicion betting patterns at Wimbledon. And they'll invest here you but you know I don't know how often it's gone badly though I really don't. Nobody here's the thing about them but did and now. Like in Mike Daniels explaining you have. It is if all the sudden. There is a for their leg there's a five points a change of point spread tonight in tonight's guests know what what what's Houston Houston is I used in the bottom elbow while mostly to do about it aren't deserves a right there point favorite tonight right if all of a sudden they were seven point favorite road that that number. And add it to exit and you were really yes yes under the law here right so now they can monitor movements as I mean honestly it's all of the stock market yeah yeah we're aren't as it is it is important now if you have insider trees donation or what have you. Odds and it's gonna be like will hold their Securities and Exchange Commission in an area that he on the stock what's going on here are all they they have a new line of called the okay that's what the stock went up you know. There's a reason for that. Is that an example of weird like. Legalized gambling has. Like gone badly and and maybe there was a big like scandal are yet to shut it down toward two days like I can't think of I don't know the most extreme case of wind how it went badly or what would be eight quote for quote run of the mule. Case where it goes badly. Well I don't know I mean there's and that's about it and try to find all the right calls at their visual I don't know these mini. Yeah on the other side just I mean I don't wanna come offers as too pro gambling here like. Other than if you distinct gambling is bad I'd like to know what is the main opposition where do you think it does not believe if you think man on a moral. That's fine you know we might not agree on right but that's. Let's take that for a second OK but then maybe there will be corruption not the collegiate level right right or will corruption caught in some of those individual sport continuous talking about I mean I don't maybe the rest yes RD blown off college reinsert Reitman integrity of the game right will be hurt if it's easier we haven't seen that in women's league soccer or boxing were implemented. -- I mean if you wanted the virus free right now you -- Madonna -- legal or not I looked at the look the Vegas boxing judges might be a bigger threat to the sport legalized gambling come -- at some final thoughts also you missed the 6 o'clock code word give it to you next you're awesome and I didn't take. It's showing ties please do so for the march for cancer this Saturday on Fort Lauderdale beach. This year cancer claimed the lives of over 600000 people leftover. 16100. A day. Join us as we march for those fighting this deadly disease for more info visit march for cancer. Dot work Kurtz of perk back with you here. On 79 B the sick kid if you miss the 6 o'clock code word. You still got a few minutes to get in for your opportunity to win 1000 dollars we had a 1000 dollar winner last week thing. Mom last Monday as a matter Jones wily veteran actress resents it has a winner here but it can happen you just don't text and drive. Bob but text the word office. Office poll FF I CE 272881. Perk has a much bigger office than I do here at 79 youth tickets. Oh boy. The I I never go into the sun sentinel office any longer codes. It's way up north and very low it'll be nice beautiful office here with the windows and everything you read this office you know another hurting show them isotoner office here man I got a little I got a little cubby hole back there in a corner and I got a little brutal Iron Man that'll have a cheer our thanks to own Daniel Wallach for joining us attorney Fort Lauderdale gaming a sports attorney. If Almonte Twitter at Wallach legal. He was great you know and and also Donald Jones a law professor. Don the mercy of Miami. And constitutional law as one of his expertise. Expertise he joined us. Stands NFL agent. Ian green gross and he joined us as well so I think we covered the story about as well we are here possibly caused it. Here's two things that kind of bothered me about today we tried no no. We didn't get. Who the LeBron James and his great memories from that from from the game going over the first you know aren't our guys looks we both talked about the soft here yeah it was good but my guess is there's probably about half the guys and any team who could do it plus students if you ever talk to a ball deeper. A belt their round they will tell you old 68 Austin housing slump certainly by shots they hit. I'll give you one better per couple a coach. Yet coaches can do it do yes I mean it is good that LeBron was able to do it Andre Mon green was impressed. But you know I. I don't know I'm just like I think a lot of guys who do that. The other thing was the MMA the female MMA fighter who her corner told her to go back out there and and she's is she was gas going now for I believe it was the fifth round per title fight. Depp always think it's it's kind of sad win. Real sports. Meets with the general population. Because I'm thinking there's a whole lot of NFL position coaches here coaches coordinators. Who if you tap your helmet and say I'm tired fourth quarter pitcher aspect out there we're not we need you. I write a whole lot of it is BA coach of the whole Lotta college coaches so. I think I just want to throw those two things in will probably less about tomorrow well I might as her outlook on a good deal her bloodied face early that I help that we did not not believe she had to go to the hospital as well so there and say I'm done I'm done and there's blood gassing down her face it wanted and obviously is the only other eliminate people texted me and insist that her corner betrayed her other. By what one more quick thing I've followed a lot of players that don't have straddles rightly so a lot of beach kept Robin a flight they weren't in the wrong communal recalled a quitter. On the line for you beat that they would agree with but a total fine of up to get hidden in every day from an infant. Hey I agree somebody to stick to be and spiders spy you don't know we go through they shouldn't surrender backed out. I agreement I agree is she might have read it to guide you think they have better is just aren't even though I was very well but there have to be element of trust there there does so that's organized element of trust right let's say their their notice you know I didn't trust Beck there he's calling us at implicitly yet implicitly I mean every element of trust are we got a Gonzaga just allows each and every day that's right we just allows and that was doing the right thing around here and he gives us thumbs up. Aren't I think their way at Texas and listen of course. Thanks to Ian agreeing gross once again NFL agent professor Donald Jones University of Miami law school. Professor of law and and Daniel Wallach. Tourney right here in in Fort Lauderdale gaming and sports attorney. That'll do it we got real coming up actually noted basketball game one of the western finals for burqa Curtis will do it again just before 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon right here on the tickets.