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Friday, May 18th

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True here on seven I think it's a Friday garden work with you here. Tuesday. Shade under 4 o'clock keynote that means at 4 o'clock we'll give you. The code word for your opportunity to win in our WTF contest which is when thousands free. TG IF perk is back after a what would you call I'll many holiday yesterday. Do you holiday rainy meaning how are you that holidays regularly get out of South Florida now know. Nobody couple's massage with your better half Korea's idea man adds so I am at a good time I enjoy that man. My masseuse was a little rough at times but I told her to be a told him you know you can be a little bit more aggressive. So she was doing the shoulder blade with her old bowl. All are winners and error there was a moment to paying debt but I always like you know a little bit of a good man good paying their perk you know oh and you know and a couple of spots it wasn't but I had the idea on how do you feel my idea how do you feel I feel great outlook refreshed you know what. The thought the police being used are still the same belt the same when I walked out as an as when I walked in. So good I'm old but I didn't you know I didn't feel like really need like creamed corn loose you know light. Yeah though they have old good. You know I feel they perk pals and this is how I feel that they work all right I come in I sit down now I've pop opened the text machine you know. Right now I I don't know what exactly what's been going on around here right. The last hour so you have told Willie Warren beast I dry here this is their short diving and new film and I didn't but I believe in ability furlough while. That he had the best of did as do all I just the first text that icy. Is Brad Stevens is the best coach in the MBA. Erik Spoelstra is terrible that. And that's why are we ego down here we go I mean that's what I sit down my Friday that no longer so this is our world folks oh okay this is our world were you sit down. Oz and a pretty good mood it's Friday. Right we got a big show lined up Korea where we're really into a lot of different stuff and I sit out and I see that. So yeah well look look at an event because. You know Frito. Has a philosophy that the most important person in any sports organization is the general manager. Or the you know but it comparable the person get the talent that will be didn't change. Then there's this argument about Coke vs player. I'm player guy I'll take you know my best player or not that's two players over the here coach. So that put Brad Stevens at. Three at best the med organization right there would be any love only the top play your way to say that I reared. Ordered him right now Jason Tatum or whoever. And then there is Bret Stephens a will get into that islanders tonight as yet you know not that that's actually got you go and that's got me going. And so Obama I'd like Brad Stephens I really do I place them on a high amount of value on him now in the huddle. But Ainge has been more important in this process as an. That's a that's like yeah explosives terrible pars really as a commodity Lechler who are on us with gotcha I asked I'm I'm I'm in the C hum hum humble and all on the Brad Stevens section you're going off almost bolster their regular consular please read your buttons that are most terrible sort our our. I as of that time. Yeah ads are doing today every ride a. It is Friday demands of the ways of Kashmir and cold hard cash manned. Time your jazz who have a thousand bucks is imminent that they did WTF that's what I said when I saw that tax oh win doubt is free God's as the suggested they go over a thousand bucks text the word sparkle. Sport I don't know Arnold's. They're small Shuster championship bring senators mark knows there you go all right sparkle that sparkle to seven to anyone that says PA AR. Hey LD which you got for me out sparkle. You know I don't like to say this because we're not getting any money but I have used a brand of paper towel colts are oh. Okay that's that was that was the Missouri most of those was our cartoon. And there's a little was there a little dull. Wasn't there something like that maybe there are girls little baby I want I want to say zones on the like my little pony even though when you primarily to do that to a firearm and and. But I like sparkle grower mrs. sparkle or something and opponent that there was there was some enough. Some ground and my little niece might have been playing with a long time ago who is a situation sparkle in order okay until sparkle 72881. Doing now. If you don't win this time your next chance of the top for the next hour. This is the national contest message Derrick may apply do not text and drive real big winner last week. From Hialeah sort can happen to you. Just texts just be careful out there now Texan drive. And will reiterate the word throughout the 4 o'clock hour if you missed it identifiable give you new code word minutes six will be renewed code word we're gonna showdown for the weekend. And the below continue it was as a Romberg amber Monday mornings he's still got the three more chances it up. That's a thousand dollars newsroom this cold hard cash when there's huge miss for sparkle was on the Simpsons look like homer. There's no yeah that was his name was as part mr. cargo that was when yeah he look like that Khartoum the blue boot like the Japanese. Cartoon character okay was like did it finally looks like I'm always there wasn't a sparkle on it and argued call whether act. Where the Miami Dolphins offense to average 25 points per game Ryan and Tim heel marks are. Yes yes when I intend Hillis oracle and smoke rise to a different of Parker must Markel. Argyle stock down hard now stop just stop the sparkle Smart sparkled it just assume just stopped when his ranked into the loan their perk. The run today is that we can't we can't go down let me answer this question before you into everything else guru who you closed down on. And who I'm in history most down on on the Miami Dolphins not the coaches or or a bomber have been a player. Is him. Probably you know I don't know appeared at this point I don't know you're so much delve under Bonn today because he set the bar so low. He does it will be Dovonte. To me he's just said now he set the ball bar so low that I. Like there's there's I don't even expect much many more fair I understand what you mean Verna. Here's my my record yell as the geysers of told her but here's the guy leg of his name is mentioning just kind of roller rise. Yeah I would tell me that's abundant Michael Jordan has so much until someone there you you know these formalities that letting them on days got to take the case does not want to be the first room. All right Lisa sparkle saved by the bell Lisa sparkle I know the release of pearl was on saved by the bell the girls and you know full episode that you Dovonte mixed oracle. You know as though the one do you ever since there by the well. Never seen a full episode of seem to show whipped through but I remember Serena. Pool thirty minutes of sparkle that we have Lisa. Only a sparkle portals are OK colonel Mario and it's not a lot of somebody says paper knows yesterday did you wind sparkle now. I am I a beer if it. Yes it was effervescent. Learn let's remember that here by the I wanna do is hoops here because no moves last night I there was a hockey stuff. Port Washington. Lose last night we had and put no hoops tonight perk. No sniped at got to wait till sat until tomorrow night man win and then all of a sudden my view that's very much be over by Saturday and I was that I. Yeah it could be eight it could be and in the each best of seven series. There are different checkpoints along the way. We're gonna get to one wins Houston Ing Golden State in the air game three but the biggest one by far regardless the this weekend. Is going to be Cleveland against Boston that leads us in a here's hoping. You know when you have your best of seven series there are a number of checkpoints and let's just take the Cleveland Cleveland Boston's. Series. The first checkpoint was can you get off to a 10 lead Boston check that off. The second checkpoint or Cleveland. And you even the series and take one on the roll no they didn't do that Boston checks at all the box they protect home court. They take it to a lead knell for Cleveland. This is the biggest one of the series so far right can you bully going down 30. Because once you do that is just a matter of time that you might extend a series of seven but. You're not gonna win. So this is the big checkpoint or Cleveland obviously you've got to avoid going down 30 those first two checkpoints slid by OK you missed opportunities. This is the big one. You go over to Houston Golden State right there don't the first checkpoint was the same being can you take a 10 lead. And we saw Golden State was able to do that and the entries used and it came to beat and you get one game on your home court they did bet so game three isn't as big a checkpoint. In that series. Cleveland. This is it you don't win this game and again you might extend this series. But you were not. Going to win the series I believe the the teams that go up 30 were are like a 130. You know now or or something like that with Cleveland's weeping Toronto. Hum this is that pro cavs so they are at that point. Where you have got to win on Saturday if you have any hope of winning this series. I think most W is gonna come down to the complementary players the guys aside from LeBron but will do just that a little bit later. The plane is this is it for the tabs the series won't be mathematically over if they lose on Saturday. But are all intents and purposes stick a fork in Cleveland if they lose. They'll be done. Here's the thing is. Answered by DJI store by drone nerds in wind good in drove hundreds of Evan Turner and congrats flowed over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky Robin sparkles from How I Met Your Mother that's a good right there. Him and your see that you have brought such harm your mother. I I have seen those British idea that as one of those solar and never was like winning. When it starts to come on that something that I want to I turn around what's all its always on somewhere yes always on somewhere on order until you go ready right exactly his along ours and some version of law and order for a unseated leaders from right. But that's your Robin sparkles. That's that's gonna write their context so you can do so at six overnights or fork. Texaco were 272881. Dabble Texas to Austin, Texas and 81 territory wanna tell you it's a sparkle. Yeah Cleveland is a desperate team tomorrow night just like it is it wasn't an averaging two nights ago Bill Clinton as well as you complete the whole season is on the line right or is like Houston's was your that I can go to go to home. It'll clear everything you know obviously gigolo 30 don't mean you can even mean if you're claiming you're there is some solace yours as well well we lost to a trillion dollar rate. You know all right what I mean you gonna do an equitable and you can yes you can do that we do real good idea. But I think we all know. The Cleveland is a little bit of trouble here and they need to kept up to exist or by a by the placed a fifty dollar bet on Cleveland at the start of this series. And UC that I can take any amount of that base bag right now I'd probably take about 45 dollars may. Even by Bonn on Cleveland but that I applied they're about forty back via I probably take about 45 baca and just. These other guys and then we've known this is this is not a big secret I. I just got a budding game to deny they kind of funny we have a we have a little bit much I think Golden State there's no shot the Houston you know. I think that series is over and answers is 11 and here we are in the other series and your life you know. That's even more so but you know they their goal back home Cleveland I'll talk more on that club let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. Little bit of somber news historically. It mine's Tim did in a school shooting in Texas it happened this morning. As Santa Fe high school which is located between Houston. And Galveston. It is believed that it is nine students did in one one faculty member we will keep you updated on that as the story develops. Baseball news your Miami Marlins started three game series at Atlanta tonight your Marlins just two and a half games behind the Braves in the NL les nine and a half games back there while in the wild card. We get to see the freeze for the first time right. You been to Atlanta have they know it's blatantly and nothing is their first visit to Libya I have an ounce and the freezes. The man I know he started awful and one this year. The other trees kind of run its course he did so on the you know. Really has gone again sir this is they held. The immediate stuff in there that we took away all crab races rays of the star of the seafood end under news like priest free school that's a good idea. I agree he has beat it's like it's a enticing when Buster Douglas knocked out I got a site now yeah here and he knows the deal are the freeze is gonna. The prestigious title disappeared. By the way you know Marlins are are on the road tonight they start a six game road trip. Marlins last in attendance in Major League Baseball they're averaging 101600. In three per game. Tampa Bay the other Florida teen second to last 141710. Third from the bottom the Chicago White Sox 151601. So. The Marlins basically in last place by about. Well worth bells and. Her game from an overall standpoint baseball has failed in the state of Florida and you cannot deny you you're not deny you loosely at that before in the attendance figures are not very dues. Not very good at baseball I an ideal everyone thought it would be perfect. You know this spring training you're willing to beat Tampa baseball has failed in Timmons has some success to over there. Baseball has failed in the state afford refer remains as does have to go cordial the Koreans why would Israel. Yeah this don't take our teams well I would be very sale and that happened. NBA this week in Boston at Cleveland in game 3 of the Eastern Conference final Saturday at 8:30 PM Boston has a 20 lead. Houston at Golden State game three of the Western Conference finals on Sunday at eight that series is tied it one game east. You have baseball out final home series under coach Jim worsened this weekend com. You will is is is playing Boston college at 5 o'clock tonight that game was moved up from seven. To avoid possible inclement weather. Tomorrow's game one plot is that correct yeah but the word out and covered 1230 yep. Home series or coach Jim Morris 25 years. At the Helm you live football announced kick off times for a new gains today the September 8 home opener against Savannah State. Kicks off at 6 PM. September 27 Thursday night home game against North Carolina. 7 o'clock because I game will be on ESPN. The October 26 Friday night game at Boston College kicks off at 6 PM. The game will also be carried on ESPN those are your Hitler. All right good stuff right Arial they get and Jim morsel but here we're our we're gonna bomb. We're gonna join a game in progress so we are gonna have a game in its entirety but they moved it up. A few hours because of the rain. Situation here in South Florida and wanna do that to me get rained out so we're gonna join in progress so. Who knows by being in the 67 inning when we were joined Jozy out there. But yeah pretty pretty distort their materials that even though that you knew this day was come in the Jim was gonna. Hang it up so to speak puts if you get up there tomorrow 1230 they're gonna have a ceremony in the 1 o'clock. First pitch send out Jim Morse the the right way may have coaches managers yeah or remove the threats are missing a little bit here wanted to enlist. As he certainly is that it's gotten a little bit a little bit crazy. On how important he's been to the to the Boston Celtics mullah or explain that next right here awesome and I mean it's. Back here on the ticket. Courtesy of our review here on a TGI have afternoon. The legendary coach in the game baseball team we just talked about Jim Morrison's in his last season that the U. And it's the final series and you can your kid's baseball right here on the ticket including tonight and tomorrow night's. Last two regular season games at the life. We will join tonight's game in progress at seven it got bumped up a little bit because of off. Expectation due to the rain so the start time was moved to 5 o'clock. And tomorrow we will sign on early at 1230 to carry a special ceremony that humans throwing for coach Morris. To get down to the light the court warrants last series in the gables against Boston College. Melissa millions right here on the ticket. Very very well deserving for coach Morse. What he's been able to do what he did. And following in the footsteps of in the cleats of Ron Frazier being. Even more so is that his remark warrants are Belgium saw a little bit later almost it was a money had a six that we should. We host it did have a milk shaken in Jim Morse is owner some development. As a pretty good when we should I hold a little chilly tomorrow at 4 o'clock leg game in damn right yes and a I know they got a lot of specials as far as some. Pozen discounts to get wise down there in honor of coach Morris is so. There will pack the place tomorrow hopefully the weather cooperates a little bit and and I get on down there just dishonor him 25 years a vote. Well sustained excellence to a Texas show feel free to do so at 67974. We go out excerpt this this one here Bergen this would do a little bit of Marines are here but I mean is it is the truth and amateurs trying to. To stir up your blood on sorry how has hockey feared. Better than baseball in Florida well I can I can tell you that right now Tampa Bay actually. It is about top six or seven market in the parking. So if you thought you know OK now now the Florida Panthers. Our are near the bottom but Tampa Bay has worked out over that at the top five top seven marketing it all hockey. Oh right no they. They it has worked with they they they have read a text to a person back debate they've averaged. More than 191000 this season which is capacity that's. 100% so they pale sellouts this year so and they Taylor has done their daughter is Sarah. No no it is not just this year now amended the lightning out draws the Vietnam that the race. This whole area residents I don't know it's the Big Dig it is there into an over there in Tampa. And kind of weird because you're telling ball how but they did you know they're winning they're well that's one but I don't know they are true hockey prints but they've they are supporting a hot team so more power to that's all that's better than ignoring hot dog or else I angering you have a good it is also a as hard to say. You know when you get into that you know true friends and all of that we see the Chicago White Sox third worst in attendance right fifteen and change. And somebody takes that in and as you know because Tampa and Chicago were second and or from the bottom Marlins on worst. They were asking to Tampa and Chicago calculate the attendance the same way the Marlins like true attendants Merck and I was like I bet they do take this is virtually no I don't yeah they probably do the old way tickets I don't know of Tampa and Chicago have more butts in the seats from the Marlins. And in in other words a meg gets back to the to the good the you know or you're good sports we regard Chicago is a good sports dome. But the bottom line is when the teen doesn't win pretty much every. Rina is empty right I don't care if you're the Yankees or Dodgers or as you know Alabama football or whenever people stop coming. So you know it's. You know it is is dissed him by a good sport stone and in South Florida is bad. I don't know Tebow is sporting a winner you've got to win this are you gotta win you do that win. Night but but my thing is this airport like OK and blood I was about the heat when he would he had. Probably. 88 years. Of of high level Basque prosperity right so. I have always said this before. This college and goes back to load web like Wayne's rookie year to yeah. The Big Three year agreement is 0506. Are there when Jack failure which I just right right a right to do it right could those couple lean years where Howard wouldn't seats were covered writer and wings rookie year where you started out women forty Libya. But the point you must point is. That you had. So much winning during a stretch it's kind of an elder and on the one the dolphins in the seventies and even into the AD break. So you built up so much. Our credibility goodwill and so much goodwill it's a pretty good times especially if you're if you're like your your if your your teenage years or your right unease. Like it's that's all you saw Bruno doesn't all my god now you're seeing Ron a year right LeBron when your fourteen LeBron when your fit you know LeBron when you're 1670 college that's what your your your allegiance is really you know kind of you know take effect so. Like the kid could really be sorry. For another 678. Years. And people would still go it's like the bump the dolphins got all the word trash since 2000 what to perk. Now I'm like yeah yeah I debate right here yeah mid or twelve under their right part of building was still sold out there was still as a now it's now the last couple years after 1012 years one playoffs able same mall. Now the fans to start off camera to throw my season tickets you know guys yelled at all did that it took ten years about football for a while into the talents and I'm done. No but the dolphins told of so much goodwill. So if you win that yes there is a carry over even if your battery or you don't set 6789. Years whatever it is. And then eventually it's your just gonna be like enough is enough yeah. Yeah and and yes so. You know what. I will say this about com Tampa once again at least they are going out to support a winner but I. Yeah you know is how is hockey done in this eight I actually don't know camp that. How long is. I'm way out of my comfort zone here hello all has I like what Bret Meyer that planets like the conversation hello his samba being good at hockey last more by a year ago and have a little premieres you know they didn't all right so Seattle and I. I don't know what the attendance figures were into him available for the lightning was a ball and before they were you know doing what they're doing now is they're good at the rave I think they drew when Joseph Maddon was there right when did and they were we not a not not like I yeah I remember the trop was not like more than it was yeah it was notoriously and to. Yes not like this should not for team wants the World Series. We don't know under manned and out like they should but yeah I mean you are baseball's failed in this in in the state of Florida hockey you cannot say it's so hard Tim is working. Yeah so I mean this incident those two clients that question 67974. That site you and I don't wanna see baseball league. I know. You know I don't know if I don't know this town would miss the Marlins I would miss the Marlins went out and let the you know and again demagogue who. Since that stadium's been open probably averaged two reunion a year others and I do like a big alien and all know but this is the only thing now more will be worried about. Is the transparency is great. About the butts in seats some of the Marlins. Implies eventually but where is it where when it went in game right why is that why you being honest now why is that number so importance right so in five years. Even if 'cause I don't know what it's gonna take too tough to get people back to the game I have no idea great. I don't know who's gonna take three winning seasons it has entered a playoff berth in whatever is I don't know what it's gonna take to get to 40045000. That mark. Maybe he'll never happened maybe there's nothing that can have a lesser just giving away money boom I mean you know and free lap dances down though there was gonna go down there and still place. But. Bo what's the end game with a number that they're going to say at some point. If if they're winning let's say they go to the playoffs and interior being in the number is you know 111000. Total attendance average right. You know at some point I'm afraid junior is in Sherman are gonna go to amazing race Longo. This isn't working great here's our here's our 111000 a game for team that made the playoffs are. Nobody cares about baseball down there we can't survive down here. They're gonna blame it on us. When they're gonna say you know how they're and Jeter and and Sherman are gonna try to that's what I'm afraid of is there any game what the Jonas Leo because. Because quite frankly perk I think it's gonna take a lot more. A lot more than just hey you were above 500 per you'll come out B we made the playoffs. Pay you we signed a right fielder for fifteen million dollars a year. It's going to take a lot more the Marlins essentially this year. Without the fanfare or an expansion team and a lot of people's minds aria in their hearts and souls there is no. There's like we talk about the sea and the gulf and just now perk right there is no old emotional attachment whatsoever and if there is an emotional attachment. It's all negative. Yeah yeah I missed you know what it. Somebody had given me some color theory on on the Marlins being they did lead the tendency thought it was somehow. Financially related maybe to some kind of taxes are slow burn some kind of being com. I I have not I and I agree I with a view that's that's eight year I have not heard that that's in game. But. You being I would I would die just have to think there's some kind of financial something. In in this change or reporting what they convinced some there's got to be some reason assets in the states Bim right. Right yes yes that disincentives whoever the hell for honesty yes it did during the regular rhythm of the spores doesn't it's embarrassing. It and there's it's embarrassing dilemma every single night Leo. You know as much as they can blush off and on Loria and all that other stuff like no it's embarrassing to the product to their pre on the field that they report you know 5000 people. She also ballpark anyway that's a little bit a little bit shady. Aren't we got a lot more to get through here realize text two Cummins at 7974. On the up on the Tex signed 67974. Wanna get to us and NBA stuff you're gonna do on the side plus if you missed the 4 October for cover two to win a thousand dollars an RW TF contest. That's when thousands free by the way you see you next here awesome and I do take it. Yeah it's an excellent. I did yeah. Yeah that's it isn't it can you just. Yeah. There's a new home 079 in the digital download it today. To listen to us anytime anywhere. Courtesy of perk back with you here. On 79 you to get where it take you up until 7 o'clock and then we're gonna hit it off to hurricanes baseball in progress. This is a Jim Morse is next to last final game. At the delight so let's it's doing your little misty eyed down there I'd imagine so we're gonna. Take heed to it in progress it was the game as the release schedule for seven tonight and we're gonna have and it in its entirety but with the weather situation here in South Florida. They move the game up today soul it's gonna start at five so we're gonna join in progress with the voice McCain's. Joe's got to battle Hebrew earlier reminding you that as we move for boring golf to a 7 o'clock they also if you miss the 4 o'clock code word for opportunity to win a thousand dollars. In our WTF content that's when thousands three. Go to orders sparkle. So. Our goal SBA AR KLE. Sparkled text Markel Q seven to. 81 even after 39 minutes in on anything new for sparkle I'm not so that's one of those who just were you know what. During the NCA tournament I noticed a sparkle in sister genes well there you go look at the center gig maybe this. And you went to you had a couple's massage yesterday why do you mentioned that after sister Jean bomb to say in light convinces. Or could there be no sparkle to Libya a sparkling ring. And the end mr. Perkins future. Understand you ain't getting any younger my man I'm not I'm not I'm not but no no there's not you're gonna pop the question yesterday. Obviously I don't why would you companies will be easily gotten beat he's the kind of started that Dorsey do you know of course he believes they didn't hear all the holiday is proud Mary guys. Yes they want people to be married with Ryan you're miserable and yes the marriage also married guys wanna recruit yes the single guy lives in America to do. Then it's it's it's like you know I don't pressure your because I let her lifestyle blog me your your little bit different yeah you have warm and I don't. I you know we love the bachelor life were untethered to some degree right right right. So yeah I'm tether on this you know not to not anchored like it's untethered it and you currently own ball and changes. Is that surely did. Yeah I'm unhappy. That that's all that that's all. The matters are regularly used all the matters until you have a sparkle in Iran and X the tax 67974. That's again. Into the show I only get to this here married to this sort of bottom elbit. And this started a couple of weeks ago we had Chris Mann Exxon now. From. From Yahoo! and and Chris is great job. And I saw tweets. Like the day after we had him on in a thin it was just when Boston was really start new do their work against Philadelphia. And as Brad Stevens stuff started a little bit out of control and he gets re out there that you know would you rather have Brad Stevens or. No of the lesser player on the team which who's more valuable. The Boston Celtics red Stephens or. You know pick a player. And in this thing is now ESPN's Don Harkins is doing articles on and I saw all. And now is this is Brad Stevens getting too much of this credit here. And it's like if they get to the finals and they finishing off you know where the stories of ago Ivan are one thing about for the most part. Like I mean they talked about a million enemy perk. Jason Tait armored Jalen brown I don't know and compared to Brad Stevens replied you with Brad Stevens is the day is the owner of the general manager Joseph hot dogs at halftime. Mean does everything. And it's it to me it's getting a little bit ridiculous. MI off base here and one that usually the friends coaches that I know a lot of people. You know I hear people do talk show Los you know anybody can coax LeBron and anybody can coach great players anybody could coach this guy and that guy. And they minimize coaching and I don't I don't I'm not going bare. Bucks and so but the bottom line is new talent to wean. Birdie and foremost. You do you know what I covered in BA I used to have a little seeing that I would think about teens and I would say. You don't want your coat should give you took the fifteen man roster in the head coach and eight is you kind of divided up and say. You know beat these three are the most important are these are you know. I would always say you want your coaxed a kind of be either in the bottom of the first quarter or the top of the second quarter mimic love in the middle. A little bit and in other words if you take it in other words you just a Big Three heat. I and you say would you rather have LeBron or spoke well obviously LeBron right Duaner small blow obviously Dwayne of the victory in Josh yeah and and amid maybe there's one other person that that you would read Ray Allen Don as they may be but whatever. But it the coat starts at and you are good there it Beckel are slipping down and a number. Eight number non only days be like I'm used to be like right he needs like five or 60. I usually apply that to two other teams and some teams it works you know you did that you could debate would Golden State you can debate it with pop and when they had their Big Three and they were winning you know Cleveland might break it but in general. That's how I look at teams that I look at Brad Stevens here. And made and I. It's soft at but I I would rather have will will take. Kyra Rian Gordon Hayward out a bit I'd probably rather have concerns like this conversation is is is one that's so popular is because what he's doing what I was guys are probably rather have Tatum. Embraer. I'll probably rather have Jalen brown the brands even though probably rather have Al Horford and the Brad Stevens. After that when you start getting to Rosh here in Smart. Who else would be at the top of that list you know and Aaron brains wouldn't be an. That's probably. That's probably we're probably gets a little murky and I don't I don't Stephens as the end all be old I still need the talent is more important. Because the players are the ones who actually make it. Mickey goal right nobody's no coaches and has not has not won without. Talent. No it's it's it'd be sad that's a tough when them be a very tough list to find the coach who was and I. Thanks Al and this is not a knock him Brad Stevens he's doing his job he's coaching a mop. But I think at the end of this thing we're gonna find out the Jason stadium's going to be all star and asleep. We're gonna find out the Jalen brown is gonna is gonna be you know a borderline all star mislead. We're gonna find out the terror rosier is going to be an MBA keyless starter averages 1617 points a game in this league. But I think that's were writing is as good as a young team people look at what he's doing you with a bunch of cast offs the only. Guy on the team as you would say is ledge as Cleveland should resume is Al Horford. Yeah I don't think you know the downside of his. Yeah yeah and now the veteran and an accomplished defender and and everything like that he. He fits today's game as a as a big man he'd he's got the skill set that. The 21. You know does this guy who can have been multiple positions he can put the ball would floor offensively. You know not a not a perennial all star by the odd that a lot of the tools in the tool box that you need. Be a success so in our politics would you take it coach over a player in any circumstance. Over a well over a star player over like the right now. And none of you're having an undrafted your drafting a really would there be any NBA coach would take over LeBron. Now with the re any NFL coach you would take over Brady wherever you wanna be Brady Rodgers when every orbit. With a re any manager you would take a look like you know I might take I might take Belichick olds were. Anybody but Brady. Because Belichick just seems to do so much. Especially defensively. Pour pour his teens. But for the okay but here's the thing of the browser wars and losing because that one is unanswerable because we can talk about that for years. You know it's like the city in the egg. The Brady Isabel segment called 115 season you have about a 20 in Cleveland from Arnold knows of no no I was I understand that. Com by in a you'd say Belichick lost the Super Bowl this year right. Wright does despite having Brady but by not playing. While Malcolm Butler. Right that's a that's Belichick control like Brady was so they're doing what he could but the coach ultimately have more control in the yeah I was there by the lineup but who have they have Brady that you're B 52 and often. And add audio I think. That's that they lose more valuable will look at what did you go without Brady three and one in the okay and presidential but here is because the Brady Belichick won his one I don't know it's that's the ambassadors after the as a hey let's let's move off that let's move up to let me that's what is the let me give you who's this who's. I don't the second let's go to the NFL I'm not taking them over Aaron Rodgers or Brady your nuts. Yeah I'm upset about it go to a third of us coach and in a well Carol. Yeah maybe peed I don't carry forward as we just record your guys that are Karen Peterson now. Carol yeah we'll just say Ichiro was just don't have parallel to take him Aaron Rodgers that are birdie or Pete Carroll. The RB yeah. I looked you know what. I understand the did they here's here's where that hears word that argument gets too with me because win win Beasley was talking about. You know. Adam B live Miami Herald was on with us he was in with you yesterday in his talk about it if in ten hill stays healthy put the dolphins now for six wins. And somebody texted me about that they were like yeah he's right and I was like let. You know Philip Rivers before last year had three and four win seasons were born by win season so like bad. That wouldn't quarterback you know that might I might take this the coach over the quarterback because. Again that the coach in football. You gotta think all in Indy and he's got a lot of control. Is a whole lot of control and and look. Belichick did lose that Super Bowl form right by not playing Malcolm Butler Brady got out there and ET did listening. But and it is in the end it was the culture who. Lost that game back they go out Leo more control I didn't know Philip Rivers he's at bats these quarterback can have bad seasons saw I would you know football there's so many. Variables. But I would agree with you rebel. Rivers is that Britain that you observed Three Rivers hasn't had bad seasons. The team has had bad records rivers rose rose had good seasons. We'll get but he's but his control over their teen night I do you know I would take the culture because you have all pins and these parents. And you know special team you know no disrespect to the Italian football it was a little different football but in general yeah I. You know a basketball him on tape in the player pretty much every time over the pop overs low over occur over Brad Stevens pretty much every time if you give me Kevin Durant or. James Harden Russell Westbrook burst referee pretty much I'm taking the player over the coach. While I think the other thing is the ill ask Williams one guy it's only a five guys will recommend a huge difference in this tax I would've taken Riley over any at lead all day long. Legal back to show don't really think it rows over over magic gore or green. I love trials but no no there's no way there's no way. Now there is no way rode the bus and pat over Korean War met Albert that's army optional thing where her shut the thing that I didn't give me career even KC Jones there. You know you don't on sleigh amid the of the call Boston Celtics no to go to their parents are yet to read you know right now I mean yeah it took for what was Paul Westphal right at west midwest and yeah Paula said. And how he got on the job and consider that yeah I'm not taken rials over those talents out now take riles over Ray Allen but not overdoing. Now Obama and all yes idea Sunday area Michael Cooper yes right Michael topside irons. Yes you know ads are your career not medical. We weren't worried are you ready and worthy of the great that's where it gets our motives of these tags there is some good ones coming in 67974. If you wanna Texas so feel free to do so we invite and encourage text messages. Plus at 5 o'clock we hit that mark. And we'll give you opportunity to win a thousand dollars in our WTF on says that's 1003 right here on seven items again. Before. Our favorite and it showed on the ticket will be saying WTF. Bulls. To loosen everything to them. Well this is when thousands bring up every hour from 7 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday. Chance to win a thousand bucks by listening for that hours keywords in Texas is seven to 81 that's 7281 or giving you the keyword here in about a two and a half minutes this is a national contest. The week in we have a couple of local winners here most recently visited that rates may apply do not Texan drive this ticket is saying WTF. Listen for your chance to win. 67974. That tell you reaches audio on the text line got a lot of different text here and different views on. On everything and there was coming up their own. Spin on things. I ideas that day there's as simple as I can put her acting. And I never knew hall of fame coach. The did not have hall of fame players. Yeah I think that's. I think there is true there there might be an exception are true but I know I love the final of the that there are like congress goes all time. I mean if that's the thing the next guy's not a guy whose date Mon a hall of fame coach. I mean I would doubt it policy demean their motto was we had a lot of winds but I don't know I mean I did there might be bunched in general dilemma marshals say he's a compiler and Dick Mata. You know the dude do you struggle legitimate I don't know model might have warned that might win with Washington. In the seventies. I don't know about I know we we. Digress digress let's social should you throw Shula analysts. The don's great odds bath. David Dunn yelled Donna had greasy hands on and Johnny Unitas and and Warfield gray and Mercury more innocent and marine though. AM and I mean look yes Johnny oh me I understand there might be an exception or two grossly 95%. You're core while ago about Ireland fibers and you register me that's just kinda how. How you kind of have to look at it aren't you gotta look at. You have entered into in 2000 dollars is a staring you right in the face right now. It's 5 o'clock on the dot and tiger jazz take home a thousand bucks let's do it out there at seven I do take a WTF. That's when thousands free contest. Jazz take on what thousand dollars this is real hard cash text the word. Mark is seven to anyone annually registered text mark MA RK. 27281. Do it now. What are you why do that's Assisi in in track right on your mark. It's I go I like it when Mark Jackson says. Head down man down on the broadcast live then you know ray. Com. Mark at this time. In the indeed Cleveland. Boston series because of Barry pivotal time right OK very good market dead down 20 or up to all over you wanna look at. Mark this time for next arguably relax he code word for up to 2000 bucks but the bug uncle lord is mark MA RK this is an easy one. To seven to anyone do it right now you don't win this time next chance you get top of the next hour at 6 o'clock. This is a national contest message in that race may apply do not text and drive. We will reiterate that this no word. Throughout the course of the 5 o'clock hour people who are getting off worker jumped around here let's go live casual have a maker's mark. The maker's mark has anyone who would stay Adam's mark. Abu armed this is out of the march silver solar yes you know what I saw it behind some stadium the other day. Putted like a baseball field not sought in the background it wasn't boss battles marred group yeah I thought oh god yeah castle a slots they were behind some stadium and also a lot about that. Adam's mark bunker you have now. That's boy that's what it's one of those things that had moved right as less like the diners club caller where you just go to. By these kind of grow. I it's like why now. There are some pro there are certain things when you stand these these the Internet. We watch or bring him more lets you watch old movies adolescent old you want to wish like the eighties and the nineties right right and you look at like some of the bag there that the scenery in the background. And liked his phone Booth on immigrants original toppled bill you know with the bill right of the way the building with its the closure ma yeah organizers of the blows a mile regulate like full roofs yet. Aria you know they like and you're you watch like old you know you you you're gonna remember this do you remember the TV show Canon or use you know the the detective the bad guy what was his name William something but he's to have a he several car phone. And it was like a regular. Rotary dial tell rendition of consoled his car with a big court and all that he's always think west cool he's got a bone. Imagine driving around with like a rotary that's what. Rotary golf ball with a big. Castle as one of those things I is it's I mean I don't know I think technology we lived in the to relive in the technology we've we've seen a lot of stuff run always wondered at. What era have you seen the most stuff like my apparent audiences in 1930 to 1930 morsel they seem to be had been a commercial air traveling cable TV and radio and flat screen TV and all of that right we're gonna sealed a computer like the Internet until then no light. Like it it it's its amazing that era's that you live you know like our marriage. Like if you look at our if your parents are born in the forty's or within congress that it tune into they've seen a lot. Yes like the Internet I did see a lot though illness level and not bring it down my parents went through that sit in the back of the bus and you know. But yet you see technologically right to stuff to see if so what I'm saying and it's like. But someone like we usually isn't we've lived in the tech now that technical wage yeah souls like. And were holding grave we get that far area. Okay you remember driving we're gonna like you enlarges it. I'm an ounce of stories for our aren't you remember driving with the the both men and yet to know how to pull the map when you're trying to reach the big man is right down the highway and yeah people are notes state roll forty. And now you just Punjab and that's. That qwest win right yet again for now which we thought that was cool to now is just on the owner programmed into the park GPS yes the only thing I mean to the government did you couldn't pull the map I'm I didn't ex girlfriend used to yell at me all the you can't even. And right at the exhibit zone map in their promo man who'd you you get the trip tick from AAA there that when you took a trip. In the right you know he's got all the maps you Geller who gets it against Orlando. And gets away at the free orange juice up there and then they have all the different maps and everything. That Euro and a Georgia or Alabama or Mississippi and you've got a map these kids are listening though that you know they already got all the horror tale of the Arab League like kitty it's like fifteen years ago. That's had you no strings gap was funny we just of the blow your mind. And none of them blows my mind is a Jim Morris is retiring in Yemen after the season 25 years man that that's it's all right there is. And I can tell you I know it's it's College Baseball. Right OK and I guess that it's not the NFL is on the MBA put you can put Jim Morris is Reza Manning. Up against any coach K any coach. That has ever come through South Florida and any sports. Yup and and look this is a guy who is as much a part of the athletic. Fabric of this community. As anybody has been for the last two plus decades. That leads us and here's the thing. This bottle home series this week in are you whim coach Jim Morrissey 68 years old they're playing against Boston College. Personally it's become an up tonight at any time now they've moved the game up to buy the flock to escape the possibility of inclement weather this weekend. Is the final regular season series or Jim Morse final Holmes series or Jim Morse most likely. And this is a guy who just deserves a moment of acknowledgment in recognition and thanks. More than a thousand wins at Miami. More than eighteen wins in his 41 year career. Which I believe also includes a Georgia Tech and Elon college. Who did you whim to thirteen college World Series. Two national titles. A 166. Players selected in the draft when he your problem going on to play in the big leagues. Jim Morris again 68 years old 41 years in coaching. Has done a lot of good things for this area has provided a lot of memories or you whim baseball fans for College Baseball they and so. This is just that thing huge this is just a moment of acknowledgment and recognition to one of the best coaches in this area has ever seen and probably ever will see. Jim Morse it was nice to know you for the brief time that I did and good luck in your retirement. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJI store by drew owners and win would. And drove nerds of Evan Turner and pine crest and over to draw owners dot com South Florida's I. In this guy got a couple of championships under you know under the belt there and constant winning in this is really the last couple years it's kind of got a little a little bit Dicey in that just. It seems like he's gone out to the right time come before this being you know you know this could be what two straight years right out. Post season here are so. You know looked at nobody though very few you know go one for ever and leave on top so he's lucky he's leaving on top relatively speak. Not some ago how many jobless amount are having is known as was his decision he had this figured out a couple years ago any of state. One in the college World Series last year I think he would have said Graham bond movie idea a madrassas that did not buy you some analysts say yeah you know genuine towns. Edges and Jim like he was known we're looking at houses and going I like that house let's move like that house. Well you know there's really might have a good like a serious legit real state career understands after a breeze. You know after he's gonna kill me or so yeah aren't going to be a test of university so yeah he'll be you know doing his stuff and ambassador what have you but. You know what part of the community yeah part of the Texas based in general it's because they're there they are by Obama's policies and it is only five in putting by. They need to the end of her way to try to reinvent the so little bit because it that's just oh that's just the College Baseball thing yeah and try to you know how and how it in the recruiting thing on how to get players. And make the money work and on the scholarship side that's that's a that's a bigger and much larger issue but. Yeah Jim bowl eligible wars man three is about as good as we've seen down here in in South Florida so you know we're gonna join another game in progress here in about two. And about a little over two hours and lessons rather I should say and also tomorrow's game at 1230 either have a special ceremony assuming you're down do more polite I'd be. Maybe a Muslim to. Guys in this community known as three design easy when right Jim Morrison's one anyway and blame way to snippet of the numbers that they whereas. Don't pill should have to say that no slots parlor pedal boat with Nicole Lee the room three you'll get smacked in the face not only get a smile let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD true. ARAMARK. Little somber news to start off the headlines here standard did in a school shooting in Texas that happened this morning at Santa Fe high school. Which is located between Houston and Galveston. We will keep you updated on this story if anything new breaks. You're Miami Marlins started three game series at Atlanta 735 tonight Marlins two and a half games behind the Braves in the NL les. Nine and a half games back in the wild card. The Marlins you know the most interesting number. Associated with this team this year is the attendance. Marlins less than attendance average attendance at the ballpark 101600. In three. Tampa Bay second to last a Major League Baseball 141710. Chicago White Sox third from the bottom. 151601. So. The Marlins about 4100. In last place in average attendance at. And it's a Lilja worse as the season wears on one would imagine because. The and a huge bump in the first couple of series for the cubs in the Red Sox right right and then and yeah. And they get 101000 yesterday a soft like him since the right moment right on the nose Cameron mills camp there. But I thought they CIA. IBM. Will have to see somebody text in civilian and he was that many but at those camp tickets three you may know Carol. Well I think the good the campers payload that's what like part of the can't think I'm sure that you would deal but I do you know like when you go to camp do you pay your kids or go to camp and they say you're the school whenever they say. Yeah we yield inaugural Marlins team owners are included in your feet right yeah I'm sure they should come a good deal yeah but there's still paint something yeah. Well anyway you Marlins in last place of residence ago those five those five to write them a hundred right right. Rips and even that was Mary suspects. While how how you dealt the Marlins after all they've done for you after all they've done for this area how you dealt. I'm very very very easily per. A consummate it beat date Boston and Cleveland in a game 3 of the Eastern Conference final standings we fine you. To be by a lot where a lot of people in Boston at Cleveland in game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals tomorrow at 830 Boston leads to a won that series. On Sunday at 8 PM Houston at Golden State game three of the Western Conference finals that series is tied it one east. As we just mentioned to you UN baseball final home series under coach Jim Morris this week DN. You wimp hosting Boston College that game started at 5 o'clock tomorrow's game starts at one a lot. Both of those games can be heard right here on AM 790 F bill moral worth three HD to the ticket. And finally you win them football announced kick off times for several games today. The September 8 home opener against Savannah State kicks off at 6 PM. The September 27 Thursday night home game against North Carolina kicks off at 7 PM. October 26 Friday night game at Boston College kicks off at 6 PM those last two will be theory on ESPN. Those. Your headline is it just me or when you win you're you hear those like those start times and you get really excited about K oh yeah you start thinking and menus he Friday night 6 PM all right not. I'm feeling October 26 we're going to be here on the airmen. Now. Now the now coverage now that we are wrong I IC exciting years pass and but now. You give more excited because you actually feel like your chance to beat an argument off a ten win season but right you're under you know now and like they you know the apple bosses here now. I sat down Bill James. Now you're like yeah we can beat Ellis too weak to beat this team if you're cancer and we can beat an organ beat that team. There there isn't there is more of an element of yes. Another layer of excitement there rather than just say football season's here maybe maybe maybe not now. Yeah she feel the general. The level of excitement and expectation for your football team. Men and look yeah I'm looking forward to some of the some of the bigger games. On the schedule. To see you know do you win gets off to. Last year you are to notes and less less grievous rather announced last three so yeah yes and I'm really looking bored seeing what happens end. Clearly after the loss to Pittsburgh last year you wanna make sure they take care of business at every at every turn so there's reason to watch every game. We're trying to tease CB around here we come back we'll give you if you miss the cold were one that you won on now we got a text to get to wanted. Some MBA stuff and Brian win horse that some do and insisting. As did Mark Teixeira. Former yankees. First baseman and so on yet to hear a lot of four on this side right here on some and I do take. Let's say you're like you're extended big he's congratulations to Michael will bond. Permitting this year's tour. Publicly call Famer induct we will LaMont beat out the likes of Kim jungle look. Rob Manfred Nick Saban a Bill Parcells and scoreless advocate Joan who including this really gets to be kind and Anderson and a I was like does seem Kim Jong wounds big face appear on the banner. You know day he he needs to be they need to put the the runners up. Up they're also just sold so don't beat becomes much more impressive when you consider the the only out now I mean that's out. I heat he let beat up her tool of the decade. Will bond won't joins windy Heath Bell and Jeffrey Loria who are right in the rafters behind us there are. Of the 79 in figured studios in the tools we call fame it's all brought to you both been brought to buy Florida lumber. More than just lumber. By the way our code word for the 5 o'clock hour if you miss it you're just somebody in your car in RW TF wind thousands free contest. Did they are cohort is more more text mark. MA RK 272881. At seven to win 81 as many of texted me and do you do you know where Jim Morris is tonight. His remark why so there you go to your one you know who I might. And I might nominee for tool of the week was Mark Teixeira I hope there's another mark another market did you hear it she had to say. About his former teammate Robinson can go on the Michael Kay show 98 point seven ESPN in New York yesterday. Now we don't know could know is had a rough go over the button. You and for the Addai ran well suspended because he was caught. With a diuretic and assist them it was later found out the diuretic was being used as a masking agent. There's some sort let us know before you own hands more than a year but today before that Brett. So he's now a million he's on the disabled list that now is not getting paid and he can't play in the post season with the mayors get there and it loses half the salary of the eighty games which whenever he Elena Hillary and gentlemen your two reporting right archive there. But you know once you have that's that mark on you little market years ago. That's stench of he tees like there's a deal no halt playing right there is no magic concern your your does all that stuff is out the window so here's what. Mark Teixeira first baseman and he's worked brilliantly and now former teammate for five years and Robby in New York. Here's what did say when as a real well I respect that rob or doing you know PD's when he was with the Yankees. Roddick you know this assistant was on the list for Biogen. Of course they're consistent you know. You'll buy dot forum you know Al Gregory gets up up by pilot then assistant and Melky got popped. There are best friends when someone gets lumped into that group it's because there's evidence there's a paper carruthers of smoke trail. So that was that was the Sierra on now on my occasional he also would go on to say. And here's what here's what gets me a little bit a little bit disturbed here on this one. I don't really want to go into too much detail Teixeira said I'd love Robbie I'm just not surprised. I don't really want to go to go too much further but I think a lot of people are kind of saying the same thing. So that's what he said the micro can thousands and thousands think I. Dick Trickle halfway on that thing hit it right. Low is what you keep going. LeRoy eagle and off on this and I'm not sure that I agree I really that would probably want to hear or see what did you can't say I'm not really surprised by them and say why don't earlier Ogilvy to musty job I'm not surprised. It's right. I mean Hercules here tonight and you're caught you get caught with you know it you know ten kilos of cocaine in your grand trunk and then you know mantra gives me and say Curtis. What do what we you know did you know I'm not surprised. And then actually good at that they've let it what do they wanna know laudable what you're not surprising young. It is seems to me you can't go halfway on that either you do go. I and I don't know any thing. I NC well I think he's my guy and you kind of defender or two ago yeah it was common knowledge and I was doing the guy was doing some in the locker room. I don't see I don't see why you can't don't have way because as we work well. You might you might be. I would say you might be 80% sure. That he was doing something but you never personally witnessed it like maybe somebody told you all did he is definitely units somebody you trust. But shoot it and witness. So you could say well I'm not surprised there were whispers. By EU can't permit you can't go 100% you you never witnessed it yourself. But you heard from reliable sources that you had this is happening so you could say he's. That prize says that they are ya know pretty much what he's and it. That like yeah I knew whom I suspect this was on and but but I don't wanna say eat much more because eventually. Under Priscilla dinner but but we basically say I got a lot more Arkansas Obama got to I don't wanna go to Georgia I don't wanna go and do. Further detail essentially says well you're not comfortable saying it doesn't he doesn't have firsthand knowledge okay but let's is that is that I am a lot word to I have a lot more Jews and dirt on. On Robbie but I don't wanna go into. Which are little row I suggest you go halfway on that either it's a do you defend your guy and you go you know what. I don't see anything you if you saw something but he's your guy Siegel I didn't see any thing. I love Robbie. I'm shocked blah blah blah or do you say you know what yeah. There was common knowledge in the locker Mecca was doing some and he looked a lot bigger I saw him inject well most of whatever and sort it halfway on that stuff. OK is it let's let's take the bones example if somebody would have asked. A eighteen mate. You know in the end and who thousands. Of what what about bones. All what is the teammate and a slate of who they say he had the dude in a lot bigger. And blah blah blah like you every night for a teammate could say yeah that the that kind of looked suspicious. And leave it at that right. You could say well I wouldn't be surprised if he got caught. Came back and everyone was turning a blind eye we know that this is different. Could bill already got pop Zoellick total Dingell pop denied the rest of hazing Robby to those there was steroids and he never he and he never got he never got suspended. He just got pop and went so like he's he's we know he's guilty. You know he's dirty he did something yeah yeah yeah yeah taught me it's assures out of the demon in leisure higher. To a solid d.s in the locker with Robby in the ask this question ten years ago they don't pay their aboriginal to a steroids dealer slob bigger than he did a year ago. I don't have a problem with what to Sierra Sierra I really don't items in this week the guy. Like it again to keep you heard whispers the word you're pretty sure that some school known that you can't prove a 100%. Because you're not an eyewitness like what are you goes that I Colonia new ideas that got in the I don't know they know come. I just that you say I'm shocked I'm surprised and I'm surprised also armed but if you're not surprised why legalized what did did did you have did you give you information that you have. Did say what you what you said goal but for the deals with the Mets is that you know what I got a story about about perk or write a story about somebody here at the radio station but I'm document tell you. I mean it's just don't you either don't say anything what do you so you're you tell everybody but C a I think there have been situations. Put it to you like this com. You bitter royal college sports there's probably a kid who was recruited. Who got in trouble. And you're talking to somebody else and you know again I'm not surprised that you got in trouble there there were whispers about him and they go oh what specifically well. If you you know you don't know or you don't feel comfortable saying you would say why well I can't say but. There were whispers about it the right information that it got trouble in college untroubled high schooler arrests are somewhat that you point to that. If you don't build. At liberty to say here you don't know all of the. He's a severe burger have a bureau quiet corner here and that's different than your radio show Michael Kay show when you know. The entire world is listening and you ask that question like together and you have schedule halfway on the stock that's all it's I have zero probably see it I really go into a cut me like he's the dude is guilty right. The does that leave you don't budget a budget but you don't have firsthand knowledge of its own out of this that's the other thing. And I know people are gonna you're gonna hit me just hit me with a Aaron Hernandez and that's fine. But when you're in the locker room and your failure with guys a lot of guys sing. It's hard to not know what guys are not in all I'd totally disagree a 100%. 1%. 100%. I use this example all the time because people talk about Joseph Philbin with Richey and Todd neat though and he should of known. And I say look it. There are spouses that you sleep with them the same beard you don't know they're having a beer all the time. Kids your kids are smoking were doing drugs you have no idea you film you bet. There's you can't say that you should know just because you share a loss of erotica is also Mark Teixeira but it team it was him. Losing five years snow. You don't think you don't think that. I'm Mark Teixeira a so what you'll do you have somebody would have picked up if somebody was dirty if somebody was something I think you can always type things having world great actors. There there's no way that everybody on every teen no slow this guy is. You know he's been involved in domestic abuse and this guy drinks too much in this diary how does he CDs in this guy's snort Coke like you don't know that about everybody I think you know that about eye bug I think away I think some people are great actors I don't think all the more I think for the most part you figure out who this. When you were somebody every single day I disagree age and you're on the road with them and there's a certain things that you can't let you know what they want you don't know. I think some people are great at hiding I grew dark some are good to me look good you know I think for the most parts. You could you can figure it out. I didn't Syria but I think in in some cases you configured out I am I being in most cases. You really don't know I will put it to the test next here on seven I didn't take. Oh. We're back here on selling new figures and we want you to join us for the march for cancer it's tomorrow. On Fort Lauderdale beach this year cancel claim climbed over 600000 people. Turns over 16100 every single thing. Join us as we march for those fighting since deadly disease for more info as of march for cancer. Diet or to a text. Self overdue so it's six have a 974 let's 67974. The text right here perk right here if he would have known Whiteside wasn't on motivated bomb. And rally would not have given him a Max deal people are gonna urged that goes to your points. On your point. That's the way has ballooned to an extreme not that we're talking about it since it was really turned around you take a cheap shot and so under. A cheap. Or deserved. Jon little a little cheap as that dishonesty. Pay every eight people stop and Turkey were they're trying to raises the ire on the legal business. Throughout this statement this is a motivating young man. Motivated when he seven year old Mahan who is just about here. The peak of his career right it's as president and those are going to use in the locker room and I doubt they were road roommates. We're into an eye on you're right he's not. My point is you whistle but every single day. For. In Ohio must and there are different drink right right no let you with some every on the road on the airplane on the boss everything. That goes down. Am Letzing guys can't hide stuff little. Like if you don't know what's going on for the most part with other guys that get you if you're on a bought if you're on a in the park we work every single day ago didn't we have a relationship anything that you take that if we were on the road every every other night early we were you know distant now on the boss going in this going to that right. Like you're gonna know certain things about certain people hear it a machine on my wife. Not only and no. No. Everybody puts you're gonna you're gonna have your to have an idea. Or if you're mean. Death I'd I disagree. With our own cash I'd all right you'll you'll know some of it but you don't know but you don't like you don't know like at duke. If it's this could this person says you know he used to say you're going out to dinner. And you're going out to dinner with a group and that person saying I got some work to do I'm gonna hang my head now. You're thinking he's got work to do you don't know if he's called an upper prostitute or call an open drug dealer okay so you don't know. I don't knowing that bit of a day but up with a guy for five years after awhile a little figure out. You know what let me go see check on my mom and here we see what he's up to today at the door and then you know 44 doubled these answer it I'm going okay. Some that I gotcha I gotcha I. I think he's Smart enough to arrange for that to happen at a different time that's why tiger I I I just being dumb you know I. I just think that we don't know as much as we do about people. Quite often a man you know I guess this all the time we cover teams and it's like our. Are covered the way a 112 year and that's I don't know what on earth lets you know we really don't. And I think that's kind of what you talked about ultimate in the locker talking to teammates I'm talking about when it was somebody old high name do you think everybody of the dolphins knew about Jonathan Martin Richie and got neo. I think there's no way there is absolutely one to believe. No let me answer your way let me answer to a.'s view accept my answer a bet. I think the sub those well locker enriching I mean it was running around screaming the N word. Angel and that stuff yes you have to you can have yet you know what's going on don't be don't mean an hour now he's texting him at night. Telling guilt talking about his sister and his family as of right I know that's a personal thing both Reggie is the locker screaming hey look at job that mark over here blah blah blah blah blah. Yeah you're locker room obviously if you have a set of eyes and ears your yo you're gonna notice that stuff doesn't but that that doesn't that doesn't rise to. The level of harassment where Jonathan Martin is going to enlist the aid of an Ernie. I mean how would think that the majority of the guys and from what I you know. Talking to the guys the majority don't just think that's just Richie bus and balls that's Richie that's how Ritchie is. Like you don't know everything that's going on and that's kind of my point is that. You know you might know that that this guy he goes through strip clubs for instance but you might not know that he cheats on his wife right. Like you you might know that he's not around all the time but you don't know what he's doing when he's not around our. I just don't think that we'd we don't know. As much about people as we think we know that's that's that's what I think that's true win. The majority of the top. How many times have you also about a murder ciller serial killer. You seem likes that today's guy I never would have seen this coming that's true right that that yes Joseph is did you acquire its neighbor right here at he was so we help me you know I brought her groceries I took my garbage out and I you know I couldn't figure out there and there are those rain and out of all of the I just. Yeah I I think just in that environment. When your around that we knew their that you're so close. I don't have I don't get it I I understand enough to have a certain certain people can write W yes yes I bet on them and I'm not talking about those about the I just think the majority of people can fool you that's what I think that bed. Yeah you know it's oblivious alleges that your head in the sand a little bit so you give this text take it from media recovering addict there's no more Oscar deserving actors and a Smart I heard that I filtering and an equation majestic old yet just a guy who you think. Does not cheat on his and his girl and find out he does Orton the reverse a girl we doping cheats on her night and you find out all those I don't think you know all that stuff that. People are great actors Geiger I just think when your out that in and then I'm now that you'll realize how you know the teams I know you're very you're very close again and again you're not. You know I'm on the team of 53 ball players your win. Hello time out there and I will write a regular until you're you're you're you're with lawyer collect or five guys all the time that's it. Additional you know all Buffalo's forefront got you right after the original Nobel. Not a guy in number twelve told the guys joining alum to those 45 guys you know you have the book on all 44 or four funnels cuts. Half the book on on Emerson or an in your current. And act like you know as basketball you threw for president you guys still iced out of the public didn't disagree with you there. I would still disagree with you there are well we got we tell us oppose the to get too we do we do did you hear Brian win horse at about about LeBron James this morning. I did yeah okay. Let's let's fire this one appear. Because the Cleveland. We really my have a couple more days of Cleveland cavalier basketball no I wanna see this LeBron run balloon back in here is here is a windy who by the way in the tool of the week call made by the way it is these you know its audience in Vienna earlier today. Well I just cannot see him going the Western Conference I can't see it. And let's just like I wanna be happy and live in Los Angeles because it's he had all George go to the lakers. And less or some other movie I can't see they're competing with the rockets and warriors they may when 47 games to get a four seed and then I mean beyond the second row that may be. He wants to do that my gut says he still wants to compete for championships. So he's got to stay east. Knowing you'll look east there's not a lot of options out there a lot of people default the Philadelphia. I'm not sure that's a great fit because of what she can meet with LeBron James is guys who can shoot. And Simmons cannot shoot LeBron the ball handler and Simmons is the ball handler Joseph Elin beat if LeBron came in played for the sixers John B will be turned into Chris Bosh. Turning to Kevin Love you we told the stand the corner and shoot threes I'm not so sure that's a job well indeed wants. So many and a few brought LeBron and you lose JJ Redick and are probably lose market on Al leaders on in the sobered up and not keep on both. I don't think that's great so I don't paper or bicycle it's wonderful. Now what I suspect what happened is that team won't make moves to go after LeBron made that teams Philadelphia may let teams we want. Maybe it'll flip the eighth pick pro player that really helps I'm going forward. But I don't see up perfect fit for LeBron and so that's why I really don't have an idea how this free agency is gonna go. Buys Bryan win or certain I like Brian a lot and I think you William Brown has really good sources. So you don't just throw stuff up against there and say okay this is you know why. I didn't I think is gonna happen this is he's got some pretty yourself. But. The Brohm might be boxed in on this one perk. 'cause I don't see too many good options and I've said for months now that he's really Cleveland. And there's got to be a story attached. There's got to be some sort of shrewd deal attached. What I mean by that is that it's all about marketing campaign we left Miami it was about going back home in my four years of college all that stuff. Like he's not just gonna show up in Minnesota. Exactly is gonna show up in New Orleans and say I want to play within the Davis is gonna be tied to him like. You know LA would be the movie stuff in the businessman in the mobile. Houston might be hey I love Chris Paul he's my guy I wanna I wanna win a championship for Chris Paul I love Chris Paul blah blah blah. I don't see. A lot of wounds that he can make. Me be say the Cleveland sends a one year deal with a one year option so BA. But this he better off I don't know. I I think the story line. Probably develops after he signs. Right I mean. You can make up a story line Rennie location. It'd be you know. Within reason I don't know you can make one up for Sacramento but. Happy Eagles to the lakers. XY and Z a little icons and Miami XY and Z you really think though he wasn't on the story line is very little. Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade like all of saying it was storyline if he goes to Indiana you know as a team they gave me trouble the last two years you might. A way perk no way certainly the I had under saying they are like the New York we are going to York. That's close to the story line where we are going to capitals places there's no I mean the storyline like he did the like the New York. He's got an Indiana he's a goal less of please go to Minnesota. And it's but there's no storyline there. The story line could go kept it be if he made the took our. All I'm saying is you're you're looking at it as old the storyline dictates the destination desk none of us know why I I do lea I think you get to the destination and the story line takes a libel that don't nods adds other way around he's not. He's not just gonna go to a place in the this is all planned out by his team his guys that I I think what he wants to do is have a chance to win titles. That's it okay that's sort of that's the motivation that you stay. It. You call that a story line towards us. Like eight you know it's just a reason to leave. I mean story line I I think when you say story line kinda leads to believe that. This is so mom. I guess some. Does is this a new commercial it's being called out yeah that's the idea this is in his. The commercial he makes his choice did you make the commercial you don't make the commercial and then he makes his choice doesn't want to. I think it's I think it's more of the more the the prior than than than the latter sad thing I CI because. Again and to meet LeBron. Is chasing history he's not. The storyline develops when he gets the six titles or when he gets to Michael like that's what he's straight he's not Jason enough to contract or. Or my we deals he's chasing us what the greatest. The legacy of the greatest then then what you'll do is very simple promoted to that Leo and they aside at 6 o'clock are there that did that makes his move very simple and and get to that also feature code word for the 6 o'clock hour coming up right here are some united it's a. Against the 6 o'clock hour here we'll get the code word in just a moment here. Listen every day of the ticket for the according to get window you're just went to get to an upcoming game concert or another great event to court it's my M technology partner in your local South Florida technology company. Visit them online and a quarter score dot com sponsored by a lot of BMW power lines and brought you by your insurance attorney at the Lopez called Treo 5800. Irma Kurtz of perk. Back with you here and what the what bills are one all fired up about it per understand him. And there's there's a lot of things we're just doing a radio show here I know I know he's Sino and his two guys are talking and everything that was crazy on the tax line here that's I have no idea why I'm a loyal figure that out here we're about an hour away by the way at 7 o'clock realty of until 7 o'clock. We McCain's baseball for you tonight. And we're gonna join the game in progress because the game was originally set for seven. But it got moved up because of possible whether. And we're gonna join in programmes at 7 o'clock so you're working as baseball it's going to be here's some of the puck real power left with you here on 790 the ticket and it's running up to 6 o'clock here so let's not let's get after it. Here in our WTF contest. That is. When thousands. There you just take a 1000 bucks is straight casually text the word ready and perk are you ready and ready to work you know always ready. Ready are. You ADY 272881. And you'll be registered text ready. RE. A DYT seven to 81 to it now. If you don't win this time in exchange is going to be Monday morning was as a number and amber at 7 AM this is a national contest. Message and veterans may apply to not text driver gonna run this thing up until. Into June. We had a winner last week good luck to everybody out there and available try to give you the word here. Before we sign off but right now do it right now text ready. RE a DY 272881. You ready. I'm ready for a big sports weekend we we've got well what do you most of what are you most looking forward to. Ian you know honestly when I'm probably most looking forward to the preakness okay I'm not I'm not I'm not a horse guy and all. But. You know I got this ad because when you know win tomorrow boy's house and we bet the Kentucky Derby so. I've got a twelve dollars and ninety cents left. I'm going to be at the preakness song come. And it's an eight horse spiel cap on this I'm humble when he and for the super background might do a five dollars a perfect there's a lot of people out there I'm gonna I was utterly zionist I got to replenish. But yen and then after the society you know the money you'll probably I. I you know I got this TBG at and I was just they sent me a card the other day in and I'm just skiing in the stuff and big and see if there's a two dollar non bias and inactivity fee. Right I have to look I I didn't know I I just out at I know maybe Russia got Linspire element. Re not it's the Roman meal but I understand there's a whole idea I'm not doing good about that because after after the preakness I don't know maybe I'll bet the Belmont maybe I doubt it. But it's it's now I'm going to be deemed by three dollars a month should look I should lose. But anyway I'm excited about the preakness I'm excited about the two dame threes com. I'm kind of excited about seeing in the freeze tonight most insipid the Marlins that little CPC UP wins. We the previous week guys basketball we've got baseball. Yet most popular perk. Oh we we do have hockey camp and that leads us right and here's a how much of that last night the capitals hosts. You know doing with the capitals do every time this year CNN cap that this is the thing right here I wish like. Geared about the NHL playoffs because that seems to be too outstanding stories. On on both sides of of of the play offs and you know you you you get though Winnipeg at Vegas tonight and in the west and say you know Vegas is the the great story of the expansion team that has made it to the conference finals and we we haven't seen this I don't bring in in any major sport and I'd I don't think that we have on the other side Washington in Tampa Bay. The series is tied it at two games apiece after war and I understand it and the road team has won each of the purse or gains. That's outstanding stuff I wish I geared I wish I was into it. I'm just not enough like the miss an album on great stories on on on both sides of the of the bracket beer. In the east and the west but I just can't. Read my so. To watching yet normally during the Stanley Cup Playoffs I'll probably watch. Throughout the entire playoffs I'll probably watch the equivalent of one game well I'll watch half the period here may be a period there. I never watched more than one period because once they go to intermission a lose interest the men that sit. But I have not seen a single second of the Vegas golden knights I kinda know the story. I don't really know any players on the team. I'd just feel like I'm missing out on a great story there. I wish I cheered. But dang it I just don't I've leads us here. And it's a shame because I think I'm missing out on something great but. Life goes on and it's going to be another year without hockey in my life and there's a small boy but I think I'll get over. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJI score by donors in Winwood and drove nerves of Evan turn pine crest. It over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's I. In the sky riders cobble things in play here I don't like listen now but I decide what you are here you are missing out though nobody estimates you'd have to make you wanna care Erica so this ire from purple and also built in Joe's probably don't how much more know now. Much market they do to get okay first all while the dancers haven't done you know and rivers and not know OK so Kansas haven't genuinely favors right there are some cancers were better dancers actually were in the playoffs. More than once every time haley's comet rolls through then you'd be like K okay you you into a new go to a game regardless. So the finances haven't helped you there knocking out but I don't wanna blame the Panthers that's well no but the Herbert Bart bids there they're part of it. I. Now all right all right all right I'll blame for a guy how leave the numbers out second thing the NHL has this. This this kinda out of its bravado but it's like or it may may be totally opposite of Burma where they just a you know or hockey. If feel like a screw you right we're never gonna get you were not gonna try right where I am gonna try where Canadian sport were the big original six were all this other stuff. And that's why I think the old they don't care that they're not on a regular network cameras can find half these games. They don't care that big goal against the MBA playoffs right which is not good. So you know you can't avoid it. No there's there's ways that they can we were huddled around and as you'll fail and I think they try to do that in the nineties and even losing thousands and these are the hands of the relevant. Yeah and not being on a major network Kurds and other enemies in sports or. Hi I'm Ian than that but but that that's not being on oh on. You know could literature on a network though covering this year and half the things he has been lovers are the cells deteriorate Rick you were great. Dog yes NBA in the NBA pregame show and all the solos do yes we know that he's always in that was airing hockey via hockey was apart very little rose higher profile yeah yeah wind hockey left ESPN all of a sudden cool. Where all the hockey talk go. Always disappeared and I mean bright not because people start relaxing hobby union has no stake in its because he has really well than how we are carrying millions and weren't whittled Caroline records all over the exactly yeah Bob and all the setting you know ESPN's Kerry in the. The only NFL you know and there is denying there's nine for a hours Oprah and I want to complete regulars pre and post game shows in midweek so right and that's why so little highlight pedigree morals are best. So anyway so it is not my ball out of everybody else's ball the asphalt I don't I don't usually like that argument but no but I will excepted in this case the number one get multiple I agree but I I usually hate that are not comfortable. What do you think it is your money I watch again last night and it was great and we have on and on stuff. But here's the thing if it goes against the MBA it's it's as if I'm not watch it and I'm sorry let you know what somebody texted in the lack of basketball made me watch and it was a great game that's true nasseria you have to figure that out too. Especially in the post season you said the figure that out yet they I will say did a better job that Wilson and NHL with me has no chance going opinions NBA play all know and and that's their you know let. That's their showcase you know Stanley Cup Playoffs it's hard hit knew and the action in the drama and you're going to meet your going up against NBA and I rather watch NBA site. I insulted so like absolutely fantastic hockey stories cap but. In October economic feel guilty for not Kieran. Not built like dumb amen inadequate sportsman over the Aaron Beasley then committed to the estimates of the to bring in their Curtis have to make there was not much ball like I got called for a look a little of that line at that. It's not your ball. As good trend where I was it was a master. I gotta do their 67974. That's a originally the text line let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX HD Jo O'Meara. ARAMARK. Somber story to tell you about the start off here there too and did as a result of a school shooting in Texas it happened this morning. As Santa Fe high school which is located between Houston and Galveston. If there any updates we will bring them to you in this next hour. You Miami Marlins started three game series at Atlanta 735 tonight Marlins. Just two and a half games behind those braves and took it over in the Dodgers a man they did it took two or three from the Dodgers look at that they sweep the Braves got. We're right back in it clear that the Marlins just nine and a half games back in the wild card as played begin today. Marlins still last in the major leagues in attendance they're averaging 102603. Her home game Tampa Bay second to last. 141710. Chicago White Sox third from the bottom 151600. In one so. You'll Marlins are in the cellar as far as average attendance by about 4100. Per game. Not real good. Not real good in BA this week PM Boston at Cleveland in game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals tomorrow at 8:30 PM Boston of course has a 20 lead. A commanding to a leak out port to a lead. They they so they had a commanding 20 lead a commanding 20 lead always. I'm never sure how to turn the 20 lead and branding or just they leave or slight lead that's the pivotal game three. Yeah audience at the pivotal series is on the nexus right now and and this is able to limit tomorrow at about 11 PM the doors earlier definitely will be dividend. The other game to tell you about Houston at Golden State. Game three of the Western Conference finals on Sunday at 8 PM that series is tied at one apiece. You will baseball has its final home series under coach Jim Morrison's weekend. There are under way right now out at the light the game was moved up by PM. From 7 PM to avoid possible inclement weather. Tomorrow's game is at 1 PM it's possibly the last home game for coach Jim Morris. You know he's retiring after 25 years at the Helm of you William. Up 41 years as coach Morrison's 68 years old you limit when he by mentally by right now they don't win the ACC tournament. They'd likely will not get a burst into the NCAA tournament. Finally you limb bit of news day in notes kickoff times for several games today. The September 8 home opener against Savannah State kicks off at 6 PM. The September 27 Thursday night game against North Carolina takes off at 7 PM. The October 26 Friday night game at Boston College kicks off at 6 PM those last two games national TV games on ESPN. Those are your headlines. Rob I know it's all about TV but I wish that college published college football would do more of those who would give you more of the start time for games and grants. I'd like unified Bosnia this is just so hard part is a good winning paying down here Amedisys TV you wanna move games around and all right W who's hot and then I getting college is a bit harder I mean the NFL it's it's tough to begin with they don't know their stock for some Democrats seeing right right but but I mean and I don't have kids or anything but I know people you know if you got kids in soccer practice in this and that. You wanna go to a game and you off as the game's going to be a new or 3:30 or 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock. You know I mean until week four and two back Camille Little bit back Camille Little but talk powers they did not all but we're seat. Dig some more of those gimmick obviously. Yes Thursday night games in a B&B 7730 right right. You know is not a big deal yet but the other games thing you know the red random games on a Saturday I wish they did a little bit more of OK okay is resilience of the shady schools where you don't really know. A Savannah State. Okay that's I mean a national TV right. But you could throw that went out there aren't that new owner seven or whatever you want to and in the a couple months advance and so everyone knows that they wanna buy tickets and arrange their day around my game. Yeah NN and you know what and I don't know how much. You William. Thinks about. The weather and and and holiday you know the dolphins take that into a tail that they don't you know the September. 1 o'clock kickoffs the dolphins try to stay away I'll put your. So this this game in September gets a surveillance data 7 PM I don't think you rim pays that much attention to that do. If you could have there in this is all this is my understanding and this announcement for for number years have you more rather they'd rather play tonight. Against you know Austin's. Com now they do that they'll get a better attendants say yeah I'm gonna say you against the Syrian and aids and the bad you know there and not to not to beat that you know it. Ugly guys did you do to get liquid up. That's of any college and any colleague write the tailgate gets Dolan and yeah you get rowdy you're Ralph probably are not are not exactly a noon start hypothesis society down here know we'd know. Not enough to bring up a sore subject but we CB heat game to 730 to. Office is not Saturday at noon. Not our deal now it's really not and you have somebody who still didn't know what club space there with him via some people still do some on the patio movements that corrects them who haven't slept openness and face and it just goes to miss it I oblivious to the MBA here we come back on Monday. What will be well there will be some of the what will be news. No the storyline here you know they'll be Tom what are we talking about Monday as a relates to this we will get them to us so we have so LeBron question. That Brian when horse. Kind of said that LeBron should not go west and you said the storyline and eyes of the storyline don't predict where he goes and he said when he goes that'll be the storyline right right that we all we both said your wrong in your wrong and I'm wrong in the text or lion is his way is always arguing because that's what we do right here on seven united incident. Baseball team Jim Morris is it a flash is that the U. Eddie here changed baseball right here on the ticket including tonight and tomorrow night's. Last two regular season games at the light will join tonight's game in progress coming up here in about 40 minutes at 7 o'clock after perk and I signed off. After the start time it was moved up today to 5 o'clock for for weather reasons. And tomorrow we will sign on early at 1230 carries special ceremony of the human growth of throwing for coach Morris. Possibly down the life course horses last series. In the gables against Boston College or listen to the game right here on the ticket I believe mine is a 21 right now 21 in the fourth inning. So we will join that probably around six innings. We amounts of o'clock sold join that in progress. With the voice of the Miami Hurricanes. Shows a Jacqui we're gonna have a whole game and limits and parity but they moved it up. This morning due to weather but tomorrow awhile before. Full broadcast for you at 12:30. PM 1230 with a ceremony which the Cantu enough for coach Morse. Per American Media per did did a really good job and degree. We kind of bum. Did Jim has Jim lizard is a guy who will be missed did and did an outstanding job here. Tony Tony by years it takes you where my. Thirteen college World Series two two national titles and. You don't like to say you know I'd like to say perk will get many of these guys he's worthy of stature of yeah yeah he's down there were the I would agree and are right next Iran out there and right next to the wizard out there. Don't agree on the front of the stadium there is that you were there is there's no doubt about that. LeBron James is certainly statue worthy. Wherever he finishes up his career much but in the immediately within minutes of just hours east of going to get to the games today I. Because you use said that his his destiny the storyline will be chasing Michael championships yes. OK so he's halfway there writing any fines are gonna win this year. So where's he gonna attach himself to get to James took if that's the case perked and I think there's only really two places he could stay and Rupert to I think there's only one place you can go really messed you citizen not. Go to bill. The existing in the AC joint Philly and and they just you know you're getting to the finals every year. Well look com. Not only bad. Klay Thompson's gonna have a decision to make after next season correct. Well you'll be embryos into in nineteen next in the desert next season scenario. Look they they can afford to lose clay by. Maybe they can work to lose clay so it. In other words this Golden State being is not going to stay together for the rest the look bronze career and two more years all the progress 35 they'll perk that's that's the thing well I if if you're in Philly maybe you're good enough to unseat. Golden State. You know day. It may beings maybe he's our. Exactly what's regular though Baylor certainties but it it's about as good as you can get it unity that's the best option account used to what you're not going to Boston localized there. I've Kauai hi re right is there so liberals to argue and together we know that arms do you think what I well I'll. Even go to Houston go to Houston to go to Houston north Philly. And and because wherever LeBron goes. You are. You are. A favorite or in the conversation to go to the conference finals right. Yes Maynard have provided he don't go somewhere black men. It's this is all sperm by we will Garcia liked it here yeah we have Brad when horse well earlier on ESPN. Just got image thing and you know I mean he's got he's Oswald connect does LeBron to cover the Bronson he was a fetus spray you know Fred Brown allowed. And this is this kind of interesting because. It's it could end if they've soured and I don't know three Elvis thing in Cleveland. The next question is going to be what next for LeBron here's what winners had to say on his future. Well I just cannot see him going the Western Conference I can't see it. And let's just like I wanna be happy and live in Los Angeles because if you Paul George go to the lakers. And less or some other move that I can't see it they're competing with the rockets and warriors they may when 47 games to get the fourth seed and and mean will be out the second row that may be. He wants to do that my gut says he still wants to compete with championships. So he's got to stay east. Knowing you're looking east there's not a lot of options out there a lot of people default the Philadelphia. Not much that's a great fit because. What she can meet with LeBron James is guys who can shoot. And Simmons cannot shoot LeBron the ball handler Ben Simmons is the ball handler Jolo and beat if LeBron came and played for the sixers John B will be turned into Chris Bosh. Turning to Kevin Love you told us in the corner and shoot threes I'm not so sure that's a job well indeed wants. So many and a few brought abroad and you lose JJ Redick and there are probably lose market on Al leaders on India sobered up and not keep on both. I don't think that's a great so I don't paper or bicycle it's wonderful. Now what I suspect what happened is that he won't make moves to go after LeBron made that teams Philadelphia may let teams we want. Maybe they'll flip the eighth pick for a player that really helps I'm going forward. But I don't see a perfect fit for LeBron and so that's why I really don't have an idea how this free agency is gonna go. I think he's. The on the Philadelphia thing he's right from a basketball standpoint. Brent Simmons and doesn't even Marco faults. Like I'm sure the available on the might of in my trade him or have you but yeah there's not a lot we we know what it looks like with LeBron do we not. But that doesn't mean it can't change. Noble we know we know what it looks like the prosecutor to have the ball on a scale that we know we saw for four years down here and we struggled the first year so Obama with a we saw we see what is in Cleveland per. We know how it's going to law. Soul but see that's the whole thing you say that but that doesn't mean. Can't change like it doesn't mean that. LeBron might be willing to play off the ball a little bit more if he's playing alongside bin Simmons. I don't think so ME. I don't think I mean he was whether that was carried for the most part all the time that's OK but LeBron was younger there. Tell us a bronze is gonna turn into like this post guy. Orleans on I'm not so I'm not saying that and all I'm saying that might OK just to throw out some figures. Suppose right now LeBron has the ball and his then 75% of the time right may be in nearly he'll go down to 45% of the time. That's a good exit so it's a lot and it dropped that's a big drop but drug I'd easily I'm honest I'm just saying you you can't say that he won't because it won't work. Because that that's what a lot of people say it about LeBron here right. Well lighted LeBron and Dwyane they both need the ball it won't work there's no way nobody took it took awhile you do but it worked. Well yes limits to say it will work if LeBron those two illegal you can make it work why didn't work eventually because LeBron had the ball. Like the hell's been Simmons lake all the Seligman Simmons is giving no he's well exhibit after the fall to LeBron that's how that would that's how that would work anyway oh well. You you you. You think that but you don't know where LeBron India's if you don't. I don't know saying is. LeBron could change because he wants to win titles. Okay this this isn't about LeBron don't dominating the ball this is about LeBron giving himself the best chance to win and perhaps he sees. That that would be the best you have. Heard the bronze best way to win titles is the bronze way it's not anybody else's way. Army Alessio let's put it like me thought I could buy a little bit if you're timeout James harder Chris Paul would you defer to those guys but the forgiven Simmons pleas are. Yeah I think is. Why wouldn't he could do was the Benson isn't that isn't better than LeBron but that's not a good formula and then the other thing would be LeBron. It is going to be times LeBron. There's he's going to driving kick because. And he's going to pass the ball that's as it is nature from abroad is the is one of the greatest passers we overseeing the game right he's fashionable guy who Q who did not the three last year. That's not a good scenario enemy he couldn't hit their sport other guys that are three other guys aside from B and Simmons he can pass to have to say that but that's one of the guys are passing to. And as I above them both but yet you are gonna pass to be in Simmons expecting a band Simmons is not going to be stationed on the three point line waiting for Ascot again sure. Mikey you're not depressed and Vince and his they would use the problem that's not a good formula to put a guy put guys around LeBron who can't shoot that's the other thing. That's a thing of the team military but either you start again you have. I'll just throw this out there and it's a million I don't know mr. covered but like wind or says like that from a business that would make students what wooden horse say it is is a big us. Ocean because look. If you have LeBron. And you have Simmons and you have indeed. Wouldn't she want. Ilyasova. And sarge and ready yes so so what I'm what I'm saying is. You're not. Blowing it out to be in Simmons -- three you're throwing it out to one of the shooters who you know you must I have a two content and my extended throwing furcal those guys are freed is an ideal site I'm ministers throwing out some named a bit but that would like this thing comes in the play directs a one year deal for 23000001 no that's LeBron money next year right at the argue that Ray Allen and Shane Battier and Mike Miller and your right led the league isn't devoid of shooters. You might not be able to bring the same but it but you know I'm just you know if you have LeBron. You know you've got to surround him with suitors right you are does have a bunch abstinence only there's. So yeah she owners OK but it's delegates that you see I don't think that these Google sure is cost money. As president of the league but again but but this is not a surprise you know you have to so right LeBron went with minimum wage players right along the demo. Only seven Dolan and his last seven years like this old shop okay I'm domain you really could do have a look oh LeBron would have. To make a change but what I'm saying is you can't just sit here right now and say a LeBron can't. Go to believe because. Because LeBron is looking for legacy LeBron is not looking to get MVPs are All Star Games. He's looking for the best thing to to get titles and so. If he has to come off the ball I don't know Mickey will. I'm just saying that. You would know that going in right UU yes yeah that's all I'm saying India you know how you have to construct a team around LeBron and and how that team must play. If it. If it wouldn't work. LeBron wouldn't go there. That's that's meant to double from electoral muscles that point make them pay relate to it this is salvo yeah gold gold plate and a couple of dunks emerging stars. But for mass will simpler we know how it looks now LeBron willing a change that later on his career and perhaps right Fred Simmons improve as a shooter yes of course right on this together stands right now that's not a ideal fit. That's not a great fit now they can make other more all right Greg that's what I'm saying you know you can make other moves. You tried Benson and if you want you want to Philadelphia and date for two shooters your leader Matt. Obviously has a constructive right now it doesn't exactly look at that's not that's not a good fit. I just constructed right in my mind. I they make it fit yes right that's that's the bottom line but I don't think it's it's not like hey if she doesn't know is not ideal but it you know it's like the Big Three here wasn't ideal to me but you have to you make it. Right but it was. And yes yet and yet they're they're the granted they're the quality of a difference in quality player right through you he you know blames hole was all right Amory right I would take three with a victory is agreeing never we never we didn't know what to expect the Big Three now we Knoll how it's supposed to look yeah. We never had all these superstars playing the other dominating the ball right now we know how gold state okay they can share. It can really gone Houston used you know the heat it can be don't know you are you know you know. It can't before it was a houses that look cosmetic work exactly now we have a love of a model where you can look at it that's that's all I'm saying you know right if it didn't when they get the Smart enough to know put the intellectual unbeatable turned and Chris Voss a that's another thing that will happen like Kevin Love. Personally I'm that's one thing. Chris Bosh said it best he said listen you're and you know what that's the other thing. That I think is almost a certainty because you can't ever got clog the middle of LeBron you want to get in there and do his thing in the middle. That's where it's one thing I don't think you can change perk. Whom sit at that I'd I'd I'd think you can change that I think you can change that and why couldn't you have them there. Because Obama is Kirsten Thompson does now he loses his part of the middle and also the founder yeah ones when you guys go to the willow really go to the hoop he leads the messed up talk about a guy in the post clamoring for the ball. LeBron as the one that he would get theirs they want lanes and and he was to get in there and do his thing yeah. You know what I mean billions of Philly is pretty much cutting team mark AME there night. There I don't know if they've ever clogged the lane have done that well and posts you know that's unreal tournament like a lot of guys that are left right within BM ended but Eagles outside. I'd I think you're making it a lot more complicated than it would be right to me you get I get talent in there and you make it. Were available on the favors in the east yeah. You know I mean I would I would certainly put that Arnold about the final thoughts before term or to a to Keynes based Mozilla no mobile we we talk about Monday regarding incidents. That's who we got to get to as well and what would you be doing tomorrow morning I average sneaky suspicion noted that next here on seven I didn't take them. We're. Okay. Who who. Pay the radio dot com Abkhazian officials knew almost seven not even taken download today to listen to us anytime. Anywhere. Person per quiz you here on 790s take or take you up until the top of the hour in the canes baseball who joined in progress. If somebody texted me. I've got a Citgo via intro for Vegas also. Expos view of overseas stuff on sports and oh yeah I don't see that in it's entire and a Guerin either single I mean it's Vegas early jets all sorts of cool stuff going wrong in his room watch Wimbledon over the we do learn and you get to that aren't in the NBA what do you know load that we got this Sunday. Sunday and Monday army in a Saturday and Sunday Sunday is a lesson tomorrow's these parts we come back on Monday. When we come back on Monday. Will be talking about mum. Wow auction or sold bronze short they still have a chance. And and now west will be and now west will be going and yeah a new Golden State with recaptured control. And I think God's money over talking about in the clear answers we're talking about. There bearer. Or not muzzle Brohm and about his his other work yes yes those guys come up big in Golden State. They're gonna come up bigger do their part I don't. You know cap I have zero faith and Dole's got a they've endured are gonna make everybody go to it's all about LeBron are irrelevant LeBron. Hell I'll draws the other line that lost yeah. Mean it is campy self. And Eagles I just. They're the better team right or or you are you wondering about that no. BP now your year over on the Boston side of love from whom boss and you are yet you're on the Boston side well a lot more the only yes yes yes and after game one. Yeah mom put gold via Google reasonably stable state hackles say they're clearly better right we both agree on that. Visa and I had a some initiative we occurred fuel on us there where you're out seeing how are getting cut Kovil slush. Stands at a probity that we you're we stumbled upon like cupid meets fantasy time but. If Golden State loses need to Houston or in the final scene which BB embarrassing in it's own right the loss of clout does that mean refused to meet him because right right there must investing in putting and yeah. If they lost how would this run be looked at and Biamila does a bit of a disappointment. Oh yeah yeah yeah it it definitely would be there and there is no doubt there'll be two titles in four years right president of beat yes. No but that's what I and that's what I work that's why I equated to was the heat it's like yeah all with a four finals. That's greater around here two titles yeah you like what does what you thought you coach should have beat Dallas. But I will be in San Antonio into when he poured on it all right but three and four years right is that there's been more fitting and just wait your part to. LeBron leave it like if you're that he places sought there was going to be so much more there you mean the 6789. Stuff they are not one not to write that. I know is a moment. From what was gonna happen. And hands it just you know you afford that's great if you would would feel franchises who would pay. You know millions of dollars to do that all of monogamy one finals who handle what she brought what Shubert able to put together. That's the thing and to me that's you know in this thing in England sports per would you can put the perfect you mean when you're able to manipulate and that. And all of the the dominos and all of the the the things locked into place when you're able to get the rain curry green Thompson in their prime on your team up. And then you and then you got guys like he. I mean Iraq is a finals MVP they're there and it's just kind of a guy right in your supporter went too timid serves at four years no no that's that's disappointing to come. But Thomas is not acceptable almost yeah well it it it took to me it makes you and ordinary good team. As opposed to a possibly special. Good team. Because if you win three and four years three titles in four years that's special you win two titles in four years look at it let's I respect you I see. Well I doubt it. One million does it remind you artists went championship. And the second thing is but it's just when you have that together. Like when you're like me the Blake the bush pat what they put together with the Big Three. You now was. Years of planning that was caps but that was all the stores aligning now is Cleveland going on about it when you're able to you'll just assemble a championship team. Like it that's hard enough to do you must solicitor Boston with Garnett and pierce every Allen but when you assemble a generational. Type of team right and you come up with two rained. You know I'm anyway I don't know law you know it's it's it's. Less than. What people thought the potential loss for that team so F Golden State loses this here and there and they've done their sick none two titled in four years again. Much respect but you're not necessarily special you're not going down with Kobe in check with three straight titles or some other great teams Jordan and etc. apparently think you do you hear any really great team conversation you're in the elderly you're under under achieved com race under its she did a good you you did well that the Big Three heat if will you win two titles and four years. You've done well but you're not special. Though school is not my head is off to you I see you you know I had good job but you're not special legal statement presumably that are cheering category though. Really you think there's a check is a better than they were better they're better than the big heat's Big Three teams they are yes you know I'm. In our totals of say heavily also. You're gonna watch Jimmy is weaken your watch went baseball tonight when you're gonna watch hockey was some proud you. I don't watch the royal wedding tomorrow doll tack. Is there am royal winning can we please stop with this stupid royal wedding I have something ultimately yet but I mean it's okay I don't hear any thing I know about the royals or the Kennedys for the rest of my life I will be a happy man now what about the Kardashians. Star don't even pay attention to the free in cart issue I got an immediate card and I got some things that might that might me Q. If your wash at your values we judicial in the bin Gandhi's you're girl I realize pilot she's not watch no watch I will not let her watch OK because there's she doesn't show much interest actually yeah Abbott you know these boom all of a sudden you're using your dad broke it by civil warrants is that trumpets at 5:30 in the morning after you know there's not going to be a wedding in my house. Might give her idea that's surely. Torrealba holds her over to my lover a war zone something new you know the how about some of the profits on the it's a serum eurozone and a degenerate gamblers that you downloaded that there. Trespassed. At the other but you're a degenerate. I've got a little dollars and ninety ready and willing to spend at all let me ask you this is an S utilities okay. These are prop bets are back this furthermore a wedding tomorrow I oh poor poor form at the wedding reception. OK but Elton John. Is wanted to slot all doesn't it favored area that's the sites in The Spice Girls I'll make him their classroom than that. The storm Z I don't know who storms he has woman handily campaign. As well John the huge favorite to perform at the weather has got to shoot show. You talk that Elton you know the value he element like. A last tour is the last like eighteen years of some of funnel good bye to her right he's well Madonna's Breivik. Let's see there's a couple of the ones here well there was a hat when right there isn't that how on his if they were wearing the same happen that's those I mean that's two regenerating with the royal family could control that right and make yeah LaGuardia though they've they're already the first the other area writes yes. The first dance song perk our. Lives and yeah okay Whitney Houston apparent. His is a tune of five but I do is just ate the artist not a song right designing our currency on the top morally. And. Bob morally tags you should eat and then held John Artis hill John sir Elton John has got a bigger I don't know yet you play it wasn't me. And I airplay they're not so I borrowed you play you. Your platelet three little birds right Mary Lou. Predictably were jamming every. The Whitney Houston I mean the jets yourself there. As is out I would say fluent. Yes we need gluten. The who's going to walk her down and out of their dad's not showing up dismisses American mark I thought she was going like three quarters of the way by herself for some new up and balloons that light is this it could be what her own brother illusion. The W two walks alone as it is a bad you could manage just fourteen to one that you want us alone unless that's the song by the roots right or dory Iraq glands. Thomas Markel who I guess is her brother lets her brother know a bad is not knowing that this is recovering from heart attack. You're right and I guess that's the most of where he's the Leo yeah there was some other drama club and attention Prince William Prince Charles or Lindsay Roth which isn't her best friend are eighteen to one. So did Doria Wragge is at 41. Thomas mark goals is even money and then if she walks alone is fourteen once awhile you alone you make a good try to make yeah got to make some money I got to I'd have to do five pounds on local. All right here's a couple other ones. Who are who'll be the guests. Okay now Elton John is one dose. 11. Do fifty so basically yeah yeah that's disease yeah like he he's there. But case that gives her on the amicable one surround John you know Serena Williams's is one to seven. Melissa continuously going to be there trendy ones are even money okay Paul McCartney's even money that the that's that's that's yes there's Barack and Michelle Boller threw don't want are they there what do falling one shows up then you'd been do you casually ticket. Yeah the UN really think they're either. Mom. Let's see do they have the girls already graduated loan. I'm like most peculiar and and northern OK imagine addresses any card action distorted one doc there's absolutely positively no way. They grab you know all I would take that that's what I don't want. Somebody hasn't invited guests. Like Wrigley or this isn't just somebody to show up outside the Royal Castle right this is like invited guests. Liked the idea I mean anybody could Hillary Hillary being fourteen to one dollar snippets. That's when you beat Simon callous 521 to beyond dubious right yes I know Sean Connery is three to one. Now. David and Victoria Beckham when blue blob Beckham's geez these kids at some time off looking for that soccer stay right side got to be there he's won the five yesterday though intentional arsenal as people are saying Prince Charles was walking her down the aisle that's already been announced. I'll confirm from the palace clueless Rosie off the that's going to be about a minute to the ones of you would have bet this this morning you would obeyed to the one there's going to be off the books Hillary. What Hillary our audience they know who the they know all I know I'm losing I'm losing faith in our audio right likewise had a passion. I had the important thing the most important thing what wind will be consumed for united here for California wine or British YOI. Article British law. Mean you kid like you didn't flinch from over here right she's luge is actress Rory your Myanmar army you know. You know you Kim to. You got you got to honor the boo boo your your whole story is it's California widest favored. One to three man who say write what they syndication is going to be British you know that's gonna be all done up the way they do it over there. The 118 the other an elder flower. And butter cream frosting that's communicates the news came a little bread is the brother got Mary demeaning hate that perjured and rises up unified is out when you pop the question you get married. Two of the woman wants so you know today. Yeah she was cal I logic California want my friend remain ignorant on that topic I don't mention that we got to go everyone have a great weekend love of that is always. Perk what a lot talk well Monday that's for damn sure we will let you know minimum then you'll go Marie capital of the wedding as well. Everyone have a safe weekend enjoy that we decades baseball Jozy. In progress against Boston college of course is last series Donna mark Layfield enjoy it's coming up next for perk up Kurtz talked Jim and have a great weekend right here on 790 the ticket.