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Wednesday, May 23rd

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And dedication. How nice stereo on a day like this so let's see you Wednesday afternoon. We're confident around here personal perk review. We go out there is a busy so busy today and FC. As we do each and every day. Through the course of the month of June rough through minutes away from you either 4 o'clock code word for your opportunity give you a chisel and a thousand bucks in our WTF contest which is. That's when thousands tree mr. Perkins when thousands for thousands freak. Pertinent I it almost feels like football season around here who are you sprinted in from the county and I know you know a year you get your story has done for the the South Florida sun sentinel. And raising this is bad it is is that morning and all of that is much more of course we actually saw a real basketball game. I after out I forgot what that game what like competitive bass bowl like for awhile there and we saw last night and we saw surprise. Houston Rockets are tied up at two games apiece with a Golden State Warriors. The Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Are tied at two games apiece pivotal as they say Perkins came to five tonight will be on our airwaves were to take you right up until basketball tonight. You're on 79 you take as we as we have gained five. Of your Eastern Conference finals first time. The both the west and the east were tied at two knotted at two since going back to. 2012. Yeah it's great so while the games haven't been glued. Here we are we we added we got a huge equity serial got a bit of series on the structure exactly us. That's good and that's all you can 14 yeah I mean it's it's not how you got here by the mean. It clear that hand of two dug well of course he or involved in that heat were tied 22 against the government the Celtics. And the obesity thunder were tied at two in the west. Where the San Antonio Spurs in the U ultimately beat Boston we ought echoes the epic again. Game six when LeBron and then and then. They be the thunder in five games in the yet in the NBA finals but split all of that and Houston as usual some backbone last night they showed I think the nation's something Michelle some defense shows a defense anytime you hold him out on the warriors to the only two that the united by to 92 final believed scored twelve points in the fourth quarter yeah I didn't realize that yeah yeah until after the game yeah. Because Joseph to watch because socially runs going all right. It was just it was Golden State rim the first hard rim the second goal of state ring in the third used to rim before. Yeah yeah there was just so it was so lopsided there was no back and forth like basket for basket it was. Are we're gonna go on our twelve will run okay now we're gonna go on 194 run okay now we're gonna go on a 34 to seventeen run of the right order. And now James Harden gonna go off now now stands gonna get to seventeen in the third whatever he got yeah I mean it was. A lot of a lot of excitement in their game. Warriors are still at about 21 favorite to win the series though even though these do not have home court advantage that two of the army in three games will be on Houston's four. All of sudden it's got that'll be fun man in America and I was going to be. Where and I I was one of thought there was gold states this thing was in Columbia around here but we got game five tonight tough attitude to the Wiki five to look forward. Outlets with a more basketball some more so as a move for Els into a seat snub as well. As a some of the post season awards. Borrow our league team output it's 4 o'clock on the dot and time your jesuit thousand dollars as the seven I needed to get. WTF. Contest. As you all know by now that's when thousands free we got a winner a couple of weeks ago from Hialeah it can happen to you you've just got to pay attention. And and text in the cold or it's really simple. And you get his chance to take home a thousand bucks and you can use a thousand dollars and straight cash only text the word Disco. This got yeah 72881. And your registered this way DI SC. Ole. Perk you were a big hit in the in the Disco era where you're not yet. Huge usually bottoms US I think Afro I used to be at the club games and one of my favorite songs. Disco duck Disco duck and a do you usually with panic at the discos were cartoon than them and consummate a few time I'm not. I can't get the Disco that I think they're going to be at BB&T center come and appear you remember there was they'd disaster was a misty park where they had Disco demolition night yes yeah yeah Els blown out the records that coincides with vinegar and I yeah. At some of the it's limited and that night to boot yeah I but Disco Disco is the word of the hour. And that's your ticket to win a thousand bucks tech. Text Disco. To 728812. Right now can only this time. Your next year's Uga the top of the next hour this is a national contest we can win we'll local winner to avenue got a couple winners last couple months and Marshall where purges is lucky around here this is a national conscious measures that are as they apply to not text and drive. I'd you can text on the show that's of the direct pipeline to myself from per 101000. Who is running this entire operation 67974. That's how you reached the show's 67974. Anything that's. On your mind send it in even if we're not talking about it right now. Chances are we're going to be talking about it at some point yet and we're gonna get to your tack is we have three and a half hours right now we're there until several other people will talk about right we got the you know and National Anthem stuff. Guy Richey and Todd need no cock meat goes in trouble down here again Cox is up to no good via. Ryan Taylor hill is back on the practice field obviously we've got in BA we've got Josh Richards and Hassan Whiteside was on Nam what is snapped and snaps at talk in the sense that somebody's cat as a site wells lay and he he takes the jump shot any terrorism Cameron says something along the lines of there's a difference between you can't chew and you're not. Allow tissue where are somewhat said he likely to report of all time we're gonna get to risk everything we'll we'll get so we don't believe you're in your car at the time that we get it but we're gonna get too if you don't like what we're talking about right. Now just stay with us because he will be talking about something else cost marriage Ehrlich by the way we got a couple of guests lined up here Joseph -- gonna join his covers in a film underdogs Obama goes he's enjoys here in about fifteen minutes or so John can jamming one of my on my favorites. He's a class at the academic semester and just college football on ESPN. I am also you know in in right in line with the Miami Dolphins and everything that they got going on with the website and and everything he's just stop by because it is a big day partners started yesterday but this is beginning of football season for the most part who who has a one sport winds down in the in the MB yet another kind of picks up a little bit. I know were cut months away from the pre season and and in the real games start now. Butts the hit the field yesterday you guys were not allowed to be out there but today he's got the city. Miami Dolphins out of the football field and of course everybody wanted to see the quarterback Ryan ten hill because we haven't seen him in quite awhile you're right. Camp and Tim hills out there today running around throwing the ball spin pretty good. He had a lot of confidence in in his steps meaning he wasn't favoring that asserted repaired left me. He looked pretty good out there that leaves us and here's the thing. Bruntlett hill went through his second OTA practice today that's organized team activities quarterback camp whatever the heck you wanna call. Pretty good out there he would eat talk to us the media after he went through the practice and he was speaking in the team auditorium. And so he comes up to the podium and and we're kind of you know joking around with them before he officially steps up there and he's going now I've been a long time zones are saying you guys blah blah blah and and he remarks. Bad from the did. And we're like really value meal and ten they'll let me go dog not that I exaggerate but you know but I kind of Mayo and so that's kind of how it started off and and I still say it all the right being CE say that dumb about the knee injury that he sustained in August he said he dealt some and pop. He said he company's shift on saris that he spelled it shift and he knew that something wasn't right. But he didn't know the severity of it he said he doesn't think that he made a mistake. Through the course of treatment meaning not getting surgery. In December when he sixteen and going all the way up through our last training camp without getting surgery he says he thinks he made the right decision. He says that he is not worried about Satan the burst hit nominee easily at the knee has been through everything that it possibly go through and he has confidence in it. He said he brings cleared by his surgeons who return to resume school's football activities. So there are no drawbacks with this neat. Again he was not wearing his knee brace today but that will change during the regular season and it might change during training camp. But he's not willing to be wearing that knee brace during OT days. But the upside of a every being was ten a hill seems to be in a good place mentally. He he smiled today he joked around he was battles around on the field. Again I know physical limitations. I didn't see it anyway. Jump favoring that left meteor or any being in any way shape or fashion so. Let's hope for the best run antenna hill now I I must add this. This is kind of the same stuff that Tenet hill was saying. At this time last year and kind of the same stuff that we were thinking at this time last year aides and hill is back patent on a hill looks great. But at least now that need has been surgically repaired so there's reason to have more confidence in the knee and if you listened and gays. There's reason to have more confidence in Ryan O'Neal. Things are off to a good start will see. But for now beings are any good plays with Ryan and you know the as a thing sponsored by DJI. Or by drone nerds and win would syndrome there's a Devonshire and pine crest. Blown over to draw owners dot com South Florida's eyes in the sky. We're gonna hear from my intent you know coming up here as he says personally spoke since yes since August yet. So I'm that's not a big deal a big deal the first time he's folksy guys that's from a lot of the for questions and he's excited about the new guys as he does of course everyone's excited at this time a year that's the keyword everyone's excited I am. And so will dead as the show goes on we'll get more into materials and about culture change Arnold Jarvis landry's being absent sing. You know I don't yet we talked to about a few other beings but we have that's that's not a though some some two which appetite. So to speak is that a student did that it you know we're just getting started here so let's get to 4 o'clock headline. These kids WE XY AM South Miami. And WS SHD true Miramar. Your Miami Marlins are the New York Mets tonight at seventeen under wrap up their three game series it's gone more than one so far. Your Marlins just eleven and a half games behind Atlanta and in no leased a mere nine games back in the wild card. I've been advised not to bring out the role so it's not a good deal on I don't. The deal if you think it's 500 gross coming out yet know just Friedman came up to me today it dolphins' practice and don't bring out the dam broke I was like 03 though it's not coming out yet this author and relax credits to please everybody has cubbies okay it was a I will tell on that matter tax. And we just missing quarterback Ryan ten hill spoke today he says he's not worried about his left knee and he's happy to be back on the field. Tim hill say it that he has been cleared to resume full football activities and he's not worried about dignity and on the neat as far as the team running back Frank Gore didn't do a whole lot in Nam seven on 79 on seven. Or eleven and eleven drills today coach Adam days Sears he doesn't expect gore in the 35 year old to do a whole lot during the OTA says he hasn't done that year. Yet his need beyond the right now. Now and get to let the youngest it's a more tuned to desert lies and I. Right everybody's everybody showed up so everybody showed and nobody's hurt correct that's great program like announcement direct. Us they'll NFL owners have unanimously approved a new National Anthem policy. That requires players to stand if they are on the field during the anthem but it gives them the option to remain in the locker room if they prefer now. That was announced today during the NFL owners meetings in Atlanta. The teen can be mind if a player or any other team personnel does not stand up. For the M them. He guard Josh Richardson did not make the NBA all defensive team which was announced today. Can't you call that a snub right yes after the lenders to say you didn't make it but Ed yeah you can call the snub if you want to because I I didn't. Believe that he should be O America. On the first team all depends of teen Utah's regal bear Philadelphia's Robert Covington Indiana is drew holiday. And Anthony Davis. Some. Is that right. The missing somebody go bear Covington holiday. Davis I am missing somebody second team Joseph well and beat Philadelphia. Dream on dream of Golden State Boston's Al Horford. San Antonio is on to Murray and Minnesota's Jimmy Butler. Ex dolphins offensive lineman Richie in god Nino is being held on an involuntary psychiatric cold. In Delray Beach after an incident at a Boca Raton gym this morning now in con neo is a free agent after he was released by ball low. But he reportedly threw a tennis ball at a gym patron and then through a dumb bill Adam. Anti needle was reportedly rambling about the government and screened at the man to get the bleep off my playground. In that needles course was implicated in the dolphins bully scandal during the when he thirteen season. It was around that time that he smashed his own car with a baseball bat while living in Arizona NBA tonight Cleveland at Boston at 830 in game 5 of their Eastern Conference final that series is tied it suit cap. Is this definitely Boston and I urge you on LeBron watch. Just not a hero exert enough. Rudolph reporter wrote and I turtle all right I visitors this scenario for you may also has won its last game of the year yes I think this is mrs. The season. And the series turn Boston's undefeated at home soon these wells are Eritrea number and I that I'm does not think that's right I think earlier in I UNESCO with the with a cab zionists don't the last thing I'll mention here because I guess it's about time. Washington and Tampa Bay in the NHL yeah. I am avenue and there we go perk blood drops at eight boos are you were hit Bob stark I'm proud because as a game seven yeah of the conference finals I guess I've got to mention the guys the best two words in all of sports are games have a thing Q we haven't won tonight well. We win. We win OK we down yet but yeah I don't seven or recover a glass tiger with a rock he's got the Winamp it publicly. As sick it says all of their prospectus is evidence yes that's that's and to let the boys who would you leave off with a first and was an old people old people are ya ago again the yeah. Yeah now listen via it does to others take guys a stop crackled and it is yet that messier a big bills to a thirteen. Maybe he got snubbed but I get I did accept the argument that he got snubbed he was. You know we I'll just say he was left off. Reimburse the second team it's. Kind of understandable that he didn't make it but I do listen to the art. Yeah we did this goes back to McDonald's last year when they had the big run the need to make the playoffs goes back to. When you or not a sexy team when you're not on national TV a lot when you're not in the playoffs and you don't make a big run in the playoffs than they were kind of a quick outs. Yet overlooked for the you'll do a lot to the boards you look at. This team in Utah. Rudy go bears they're not always in the playoffs don't on the holiday biblical errors is a legitimate first single defensive guy. He enemy need my beard deepens player of the year. But I'm a delegate Jimmy Butler you know the guys you can make your case for our drug domain -- did earlier before he's in he's gotten vote before I don't know if he's actually made by and let them vote you know does Andy Murray and probably to Ebola two guys you look at that contain those who just for just sort of got to enter in my green off out of there. No I am I remember him being. You know yeah I think it's easy go jas I think it's it I think that that's part of the yardage you're never on TV. Like nationally like you did and I think the market perk I don't really know when you're coming up its popularity Conn there's a lot of ways to. This is popular to console wars by doing Johns Richardson as it is worthy as a certainly anybody by the way I think I'm not mistaken it was voted on by a hundred media members. If I'm not mistaken that's a thing that's all deepens as opposed to. Like cold to restore you know whenever you know. So don't blame the media. I public Joseph Spezza and does doesn't it probably didn't vote he didn't vote for Josh. Now right Ruben we'll get after just a memento one of our favorite show shad is that I covers the NFL the dolphins for the Palm Beach post because the check in. They get insight his insight on what took place what went down here. In indeed we will talk to him next right here on seven on the ticket. Officials amazing bedecked out there you know it's been on. A long road to be back on the fields. A lot of hard work a lot of time and effort evident across all of them. Guys and it was trader and working with meek reality image in the right so. Has been a lot of help along the way of this little a lot of words to get back and put it back on and supplement just insulting to some guys you know. And Emerson sitting cafeteria look into the glass like the little kids it's not allowed to go outside and play so. Just felt blessed to be able to what do you play and do what I love. I don't still football's past here in South Florida. That was Ryan tanning hill. We haven't heard that voice and a long time haven't heard it sends her Disney back in training camp in August he is back on the field we're gonna have more. Drama that's any man as we move forward quick reminder though tonight 790 the ticket as your home. For the NBA conference finals tonight we have gained five pivotal game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics and cavs. Pregame at 730 will run your right up until after. And then now looks of things off at 830 from Boston right here on aims of and and you know from 1043 HD to the ticket Curtis perk back with you here. On 79 in the ticket and we heard from Ryan Tammy hill and now we hear from another one of our favorites here he joins us is August on Iran fuels announcers commune towards designer two systems beyond do you mean he is journalist who covers the NFL and the door Miami Dolphins for the Palm Beach post Joseph shad is with this Joseph thanks for taking the time it's it's been amended I don't. Yeah Joseph it's always always pleasant here sell off what was your big take way gets it right up on the podium we haven't talked to him what did you want to know and what did you what did you find out. I'll talk to Ryan for the first time in months. And Ryan an email address some of the questions that we haven't been asked people lost a month. Now crisper and ask him about. What happened on that play what do you remember or enter his mind question for us. All right and hills so many days and so to a vote warning that question and so. He was pretty. I don't want to meet you seem like he did at peace. Now but he was also candid when I asked him about whether he feels he eats had been through Warner to me is. That unclear. And he talked about two separate incident but it is really one name. All one injury and basically admitted that he wishes that that different doctor Gibson given in the different bid price. So I appreciated that candor from Angel who didn't know it was really good and ultimately yet. There have been a minute that you today. Back at X and eight Joseph what did you think of Taylor hill overall because I thought he handled himself well. I thought he looked good physically I thought he was in a good place mentally. But what did you think problem and do you think it's going to mean anything in September when the regular season starts. Yep perk I mean you look good in terms move around the pocket throwing the ball constantly and accurately. But Cano though you look good practice and quite frankly you look good. Less boring and before I got hurt in the summer so. You know. It is good to him back out there I think that she is the mystery about decent offense now. That is well beyond where it was only when we last saw them and shield. And and he trillion beyond him to catch up to speed all the new guys she's around it by so many different guys. Centers and guards and receivers and tight end all new so I mean I'm sure that some excitement that comes with. Yeah and I'm I'm sure that there is true and I think the team was excited but Joseph how you handle OTA is now because you know I looked at my story from a year ago. And that there that the one of the things that we talked about was Lawrence Timmons and how he remember throwing up on the field it hard rock stadium. The the year before Lawrence Timmons has gone to another thing I wrote about was energized letting how good Ryan's and it feels that he looked. Julia dye is coin you yeah so how do you own do you do you take all this stuff. With a grain of salt now now that you're a grizzled NBA NFL veteran reporter do you still get excited about it do you temper your excitement with wit readers how do you handle OTA's. You don't generally optimistic excitable guy coming out of east once you know similarities drew a parallel in the dug it. I'm excited to go out to practiced that. And you know there are sometimes words you know. Wednesday in the middle receded and then you try here we go out to practice search the middle training camp and you'll likely warned his command. But I want excited now wanted to see out and it looked a point he'll make it archer will. Off pretty good morning to you might get picked you looked in the line assuming fresh face used new guys. Deeds and deeds that opens late at this time of year. Eight name in only made out to about 568 is wanting to rock. I know I would put a lot of money on on almost five and should she get. Why is that Joe's Joseph show the promise pose was about in the series of works incident with you and your colleagues. Why did they are good whether it be bad news has been great but OK so why is it a crock why why is Vegas all of a sudden taking stupid pills on the Miami Dolphins and. Well I think it annoyed with the men and a month now by the way they can usually knows there are so I don't want anybody comment in the edit. Usually rice and you're right about the biggest goal tonight so I construe. You know look I think that candy hill with a better player than people realize I think that does the golf and have more gap old rule. And get on defense you bit the biggest underestimate the impact every one bill and my I think they probably didn't see that Robert Quinn didn't act. My HP data Ndamukong Suh but don't you saw so many store names go and you always taken six wins. What we want fixed loan at Jay Cutler and ma. And then it just didn't you need your schedule. And much more manageable schedule so I don't know I just think he wins which is not exactly predict and triple. Now there's an and I agree with you Joseph but I I can we all agree on this I mean if something happens to write to an email when he misses significant action. This can this seems drafting in the top five next year. Yeah yeah yeah but you don't like it is no reason that the bank debt and the hills surgically repaired knees. They're gonna give him any more problems. Than any gators never had a knee surgically repaired last year we all. Wondered openly whether or not can help it had surgery and I mean goes Tuesday should've worked in a frankly right. Joseph when when you when you look how they are today. By Ed and you know you and I both know there's things that we can't report that we saw. But was there any thing that. Really grab your attention like that you know bring gore is not gonna do a whole lot of teen stuff that's not a huge surprise. He's 35 years old he's a veteran he's committed to I don't know what he's doing her any thing out there that that particularly grab you did meet Danny Amendola and his intensity where he gets the bumble and he whips his helmet to them to the round any causes anything else out there. I mean Emmett Till practices hard you know you. It be argued that to speed. That's on the field when Albert Walsh and she came grand Chinese solar out there but the 24340. Guys look. And is really going to be a big impact and I think they afford this kind of sleeper receiver yeah I was injured all last year he looked fast and good. In his new number even what are you think it may begin take it to keep some time that that patient. And a rookie president from Penn State or someone you know Paul Moore. So aside a few times and you got him in Egyptian stock now. You know when I can get anything from the Washington blatantly coach. You know all the run around a gimmick and what. I think that you saw. Quarters playing. Nickel and outside you saw CDs playing. Center field and Nicole. And you saw two linebackers that she saw three linebacker to nickel resource signed. And that creates tremendous versatility car should the guy who I think is a Smart guy and not for the and coordinator he's got a lot more Cha couldn't work with this year. Joseph did you hear on this notes on the first day of school and they're still Angela Silva says it all and all that stuff but on paper. What do you visit him they're gonna go into training camp with though on paper what is their biggest strength and her mind was our biggest weakness in your mind. How. Policy shrink to be the receiver position to think that their really. Are stacked at receiver. I think that the combination of Parker. Skills. A little didn't amicable. It's really quite good like can be among the dot to complete despite depletion of charms or injured. And got you know concerns include deficit corner. And I'll tell you that it can return from an Achilles injury we don't know yet if quarter Tankersley who legitimate starting one church any NFL. And they wanted to get hurt and it's certainly been a tough spot. You know we'll see if you're beating Howard makes a stepped forward to still run defense is going to be can turn without you lecture the improved in the area are on decent schedule worked pastiche and com a kind of boring but you know he kind of wanna be good if coal and I think if you have a chance to be better Bolton. So we were talking you win a football season is here we're talking football Joseph OSHA Joseph thinks that in a few minutes is always up always appreciated thanks Joseph. Joseph shed covers work on. The by the Palm Beach post in bomb on Twitter at shad Joseph that's as. CH. A and does great work and some out there today you guys were hobnobbing out there and. Yeah you know and and it's. What I think a lot of people when you ask about a weakness. Would list a lack of star power. And and will see if that they yeah because you you lose let it receiver. Right right eye institute yeah yeah and it was and I have to open ended for Joseph right right Neil you can answer however once you. So I think everyone looks at it differently I look at the mark I look at my real weakness the mile and a lot of people looked at the marquee player. A lot of people look at that again you're not alone saw alone. You know and I don't straightaway. Well traded away you allow him to part through. Eleven Robles our belief by pursue re no secret for women are great players do you have on the in the locker room ready it may be cam wake may be. I don't know so that's. I mean their spring gore. You know by DEU a fourteen year. And and he's not a platoon system so there's not a surprise right has impressed limit anymore French writer right right right expect greater or for our school would not would not he's not a Pro Bowl level. So you know there's just they're just doing a lot of shot zones great Owen called Josh sit and even though he's been or rubles on call him great great I think I mean yeah I mean that's just let that nobody can answer any deadly fields are businesses saying I'm gonna live guys is that I'm there I think probably most people would answer the way we used looked at. That it yet you you don't have the marquee name to start out. Concern relegate their answer relegate our we're just get. For your opportunity when a thousand dollars will low give that he once again LC can Texas show feel free to do so we invite and encourage a text messages. 67974. Six of 974 a little later on the 5 o'clock hour John to Jimmy is going to joins Morgan is some hoops we got a game five tonight. And did the a Golden State's. The day they choke up a little bit last night it was all about the rockets and what was your big take away from that games are finally got a good one. In the NBA conference finals get more of that plus. Richey and Todd me though is back to the news Mowlds cogs committees in trouble here in South Florida mostly about that next here on seven and it's a. Yeah. Yeah. They coach for joining us right there. Lot of people excited on the text line about ranked tennis and should be coming huge quarterback Bakken. The team I don't think has a shot of doing anything without. Without running into any also a lot of people are excited to hear run into any help. And he's back he's back is quarterback we hear more from from the QB coming appear as we move forward but. The legendary coach the games baseball team Jim Morrison's last season that the U. And you get their canes baseball right here on the ticket including the team's run in the ACC tournament there plea tomorrow night audience comes in at seven so were to take Q we're beard to grip until the game. Tomorrow night they won last inning of Notre Dame so. And 111. In a row Indians. You can keep on winning you'll find yourself in in the tournament and we're gonna carry. That game right here on the on the ticket so good stuff right there. Eleven wins in a row for the University of Miami in the thing when he sees term with a but the automatic bid to. To the a post season something they missed out on last year Serbian held way to send out send him out you know sex shows that seven ninths event for the 67974. Where you the code word for clock code were if you missed it here. Coming up we go away on some things get to your clerk. But I just thought last night's basketball game was in the miracle we haven't had a good game awhile was really fun hands there was a lot of things to get to. What was your big take away I mean you're a silly things how the game ended the final couple sequences. We should have called time out who should not called timeout we talk about the runs earlier. Butts. Right now how do you see this series is is it it's tied it to the somebody does anybody have an advantage. But I. My big take away was. Wow he knows there are nice job right that was my big takeaways and I didn't know they had bedroom I question I I thought I really thought there's going to be a short series. Really thought we are going to be sit in at 31 right now. And so yeah that's my big take away is Houston. Nice job nice job they played defense. Tom like we say you old Golden State in 92 you've done a good job I still think Golden State well. I still I I still consider golden state of favorite. Sotomayor. If I was to have to make eBay yeah on this two out of three I would bet on on Golden State even though two of the games. Are in Houston I think there's that much better. An and analysts say this also for Houston because we talked about this mom yesterday. They took advantage of the situation that was given to him. From the standpoint of Andre it would Dolly is now you have to win those big loss right you better win and they dia so let's let's give all the credit. Two to Houston and no Golden State. You know you can say they'd they weren't themselves from the twelve points in the fourth quarter standpoint know that. A hardened. He steals in the fourth right here at one under rail will both on the fourth. One under rare that he took now for the lay up and and the one that he threw back to Chris Paul but anyway. Those early only I thought a moment earlier in the game and Libya but anyway that Houston did what it had to do and it laid defense endings ardently defense so. My hat is off to Houston I was not sure that they had that animus. Actually don't know you'll the warriors in 92 point do you eat you a ton of credit and I'll. And not gonna do that two more times I can handle the big question preferred I think per produced an emperor Cleveland but I'll tell you this though Golden State I mean Andre Iguodala because. He is so important what they wanna do not what they got off their bench that basically nothing. Adored him Mel gave some good energy but they got nothing off the bench you've still only played seven guys in their Gordon was big down the stretch and some big shots. He was off all my long putting game that tight like that those that plays matter and you know Golden State all of a sudden. You know Osama who do you trust in these spots all the setting Golden State. Light deal have a bench. I don't have. Like they have their big four and externally who into anything brilliant in the in the lineup and starting lineup after that you didn't Wes doesn't play very and you don't Nick Young musician Jack are out there you'll Livingston result is fine. Public you'll be very good yeah the Rosenberg last night value. I'm just under assailant all the sudden we we took all the depth and all that stuff in this. This death lineup and you lose a guy all the sudden you're scrambling a little bit and I give credit to then Tony he really close ranks is that you know putting seven guys that's it. Now that's it player Corning play Joseph real dimension green was a very good either use and you know had his moments he he had a couple of plays not eat any deftly brought some energy. Porsche shot selections my problem with them but nevertheless. And that's the other thing liberals say perk is that I haven't seen they took so many bad shots last night and I think part of that is Houston's defense. I just relax it's like it's like they were. Even in a much time late in the game just overall outside of that first out of that first. Six minutes of the game in that third quarter they just took a lot of and they I know they make a lot of shots right but it just seems like everything is rushed. Everything is like they were just trying like I it's like the guys that the the hitter that's trying to get. Was pressing he try to get three hits every at bat right right and it's like they're trying to get they're trying to hit at 100 run every shot. Where there was staffer where there was to rant or whether it was clay they're just try like OK let's just get a run going here and I think in Aggie you credited credit to Houston they were speeding memo up a little bit. And forcing him in the sometimes tough shots but yeah I'm with you like Houston Mike that's a game now the question is can he do it again right into it twice more. Now object is the most important again tonight but again. I liked this text guys amending Curry's hits that three Golden State wins and overtime right CP three should have missed the free throw. He beat three missed the first three treat these sort of hit both free throws. Mom but yeah I I do you could curry hit that shot yeah. I do think Golden State wins in overtime I know there's a noted that. You know Houston T been playing pretty well mean that fourth quarter. But yeah I agree that Texan that that that. That shot was you know well I'm comfortably closer you were rooting for Houston the current to. I mean it was I you know I'm still believe they call that I'll tell you the truth I mean the game is over and and you. All some BS well. I mean but I knew that are gonna do and I think that was the conspiracy theorist in me says let's let's make it was released I TV I really annoying and I really thought that the week Colin and their internal and beckoned under and then I'm like and you put on what happened second look. I'm like are you. I'm always of the case if you can make the shot make the shot. Yeah so but bankers falls trying to make the signing mr. yeah. Right OK I'm always obviously you can make your regular four point game brightness over minutes so there's no there's an area where you can loose right. Seoul. I miss it on purpose I understand time's gonna take off I just say Macomb. Now the other thing is. Yes that's gonna open look out even a few got off in time now is one of the replays a one of the scene that he got oftentimes I was just curious if he did I. I'm an idea but he got off and you know I have too many a time when there's a half seconds on the clock but I thought it was yeah I I did and then you know. Says Wright did you know the rest. He gives them the benefit of the doubt it did have gone in a wonder how how long they would have scrutinized lately and 85 to go straight to you big or is it just. Straight overtime win Golden State goes straight overtime there have been a luxury cars are I just. Yeah but look I think that. I don't think Golden State played poorly. They were out of sync because it would dollar wasn't there but I did. 99 point 5% of the credit goes to yes that's all right now you point 5% of the blame to go blue state losing to Houston so begging. Yeah they played they impressed me. I agree I agree getting your did you scenario do you know that's that's a single they had every reason to quit you don't see at 120. As they had every reason to quit staff curry just blitzes you in the third quarter of Poland's late third quarter were down 8270 in the on nineteen to four run you know. And in now little spark either defense. Somebody takes in not sure about bones say winning in overtime big or was obviously depleted of energy green couldn't even Joseph Noel. They they were depleted but you're in Golden State and I just I think. Houston would have a lot of that. But tightening they had the game one yeah they're at the right here yeah and then yet Chris Paul has bought it off the court and the celebrated a new combat and they hit a three wood and a half second left and you're in their ultimate goal over. Yeah I'm lush but maybe I could does Houston impressed us all night and residents who wins this yeah that's right they. But I do come that I do think Golden State would have won an overpass of I. We're flying here we go out to get to hear 4 o'clock hour before we get to the five let's give you the 4 o'clock code word as promised it is Disco. Disco DI SC. Oh Disco texted to seven situated one that's the word you text. 27281. And be registered three chance to win a thousand dollars in our WTF. That's when thousands free contests you Tomasson all right and then as we hit the 5 o'clock hour we'll give you the of the final talk coerce a last chance to get in the 4 o'clock word which is Disco texted to. Seven to 81 John can Jimmy's gonna join us in about a half hour also we got some NFL news as a relates to our good friend. Richie in cog needle. Man these are aware of torching tribunal will be here to nicer. I know a whole lot whole lot less on us on a serious by I mean. You know it I guess what a couple of months ago or whatever we were dog Jonathan Martin was the guy you have to worry about most in that. Situation but Richie man no room. Couple people Texan in the sounds like CTE. I don't know it it it does sound like he's unstable when you consider what what does he say about retiring that football is hard on your kidneys and year so yeah its. Hopefully Ritchie is is is okay and if he's not he gets some help our. Rating is that situation and it Hammond down here South Florida related to that story also the NFL makes a major change. We'll explain that as well on the other side right here on five here on 790 the ticket. Move Obama congress and o'clock hour hour. Here on seven I needed tickets via that fact up period every Friday and Robert on the morning show sponsored by Motrin room. The taste of affection ordering books and Rome rumors on Tuesday but nurture them. Be nice Jim little bull trend room tonight watching in the game five we're gonna take you read it until cavaliers and Celtics. We get to game fives. Coming our way Kirk did a really and a couple of game sevens. Possibly hear or are they going to be to announce. That's that's the question risks here are we getting into that I'm hockey. That that's gonna be a lot of fun we only had two game sevens in the playoffs so far in Cleveland Indians Cleveland and the Celtics are walking. Hostile to Milwaukee. Yes zone to their names are so all of a sudden we got so we got to we it's a series on grand opportunity in non known NBA no now wait a minute is this great drama or is this. There are or an end what five days are we going to be gone and who's gonna beat Golden State Evelyn. Well which are going to be saying well yes that's what this yeah but that's the question that's today's question it is is it if we got to draw the X now every drip drop of drama that we tea anonymous camp but it's arguably its. I think it's a little thick but. Really if I had to take what was. More improbable to happen or more probable to happen before you 2 are our 5 o'clock code word you're. I think cleans your limit Syrian. Is that more probable and Golden State went in the next two I think. Did that the series let's put it this way I think the series that has a better shot of going to seven games swing. Crazy other sounds is Golden State Houston open guzzle LeBron if that sounds crazy just crazy maybe it's. Well no I I you are a little I listening I think it is because Houston is the home team. I castles Boston. Yeah yeah but they they don't have LeBron. Netflix. I don't understand that you have less advanced but that's the perk lets you know little secret that's kinda how home basic that's statement on you know they have LeBron James in uniform BS bill I mean that so tell anybody I figured out regular guiding James yeah well. Look from. I'll I'll say this. I guess I guess I did see Houston Boeing's seven but I'm just went it would dollar returns and if his knee is okay. Rally like that Thompson got banged up last night and I don't know have been the humidity any yeah. Yeah W is bad last night I mean you know bottoming of that that's the other thing like you forget like to lose a kind springs ankle is out for game like. Also in the contains everything now. I mean you Kennedy you know just how fragile things can be retirement altogether a 31 all of sudden it's 220 and you might be losing a guy if your goal state and then now you know. But it did you got two of the next three. On the up on the road let's get tier 5 o'clock over time you're just 1000 dollars is the seven and it it's again. WTF contest. That's when thousands for WTO there's a lot of people that roar last night whether or that or slam. And TF when thousands freeware that's exactly orders and I know the your chances take over a thousand bucks text the word lock. Button. All Locke who 027 to anyone in your register text block LO CK. 272881. Always look for good lock. In the in the sports world. LeBron James is a lot to have another triple double this post season. OK on the Internet at least through getting to do look at least at least apparently revealed tonight on that that's fine no no no. As not a lot I the cavs are a lock to win the series really snapping go insulates a lot to win the title again. Okay parents so you were gridlock and down around Narnia textile block LO CK 272 rated ones to announce you don't win this time next year's Uga the top of the next hour. This is a national contest the message and batteries may apply do not text and drive enough. We media the power or code word throughout the 5 o'clock hour you can Texan in throughout the entire hour at 6 o'clock it changes over me and we give you another code words so we had a winner couple weeks ago in Hialeah. Sort of happened you just a Texan and end. And we wish you all the luck to the world on the final cough and Cold War which is lock it didn't the Panama Canal this and locker to you years ago. On Cameron Beckman currently do okay who turnover for bigger. Bigger ships to pass the bigger which is I. A lot or two for bigger ships with to sound as soon ships. Smith does. It's in there goes up the regular sewage blocked the bill. And I have been down there in awhile but you can always takes us. You'll reduce those 67974. It's a 7974. Do not Texas the code word OK no that's 69 zone for is up. Is that you wanted to get an answer beyond our own personal tax liner that's what you did in two. Into the show and 6797467974. So it's two or two per gonna always in this the pivotal game five moment here. And I'm I'm Jack up man I promise come up yesterday I was bummed out that not yesterday's does the west was over. I mean I'm pumped to me I think we got something going here and I think green for one hell of a weekend in the eastern Western Conference finals. Moya I sure hope so kept from. I I I I think that. Both those both of the teams that were down who'd won Houston and Cleveland. Showed us so ho. With their game four victories but the question is can they get two more victories that leads us in the years of being. I was very impressed by both Houston and Cleveland with their game were victories it was obviously huge. They were going to go down 321. But now they are each tied their series at two to sue. Can either of them do this to more tartans. And you would have to Cleveland could because of LeBron. And in spite of the surrounding tasked. Houston. I am not so sure I I really like Golden State that's not. Anything you know and I'm not alone in in that opinion. Even with it would dollop possibly being slowed pork or game five even with Klay Thompson possibly being slowed for game five. I still like Golden State in this series. On the other side. I would be very interested to see how Boston comes out tonight protecting their home court after getting smacked around a couple of times after thinking that they were in control this series. I wanna see how Boston comes out. A lot of this series is in Boston's fans and a lot of this series is in the bronze hands and talk about the east. I don't know how much is in the hands of guys such as JR Smith Kevin Love. Kyle Korver those other guys and that's always been the question with Cleveland. We'll see what those other guys can do tonight. On the wrong. And if if if they didn't play up to move the level that they play two at home. Low this series will probably. I don't know cabinet this series they'll probably go seven games eyes. I I I think this series goes seven but the bottom line is this I like what I saw from Houston and Cleveland. Can either of them do it who more times in the series. I really don't know I I I really don't I doubt while I doubt that I doubt that that they used in case and I think LeBron tea and I doubt it Houston today and we'll see what happens here in the next few days. Here's the thing sponsored by DJ ice. Or by drone nerds in Winwood Andrew owners of Evan turned pine crest violent over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's eyes in the sky. Several confident over their perk I have I have confidence in LeBron and Golden State. The Nolan look those guys we don't know the guys I mean your. It's stating what's right in front of you right because look the thing with LeBron is if he drags this. This I don't the surrounding cast will say to the finals it's it's clearly his best job since 2007. Al. I'll look it up under the bridge if not if maybe allow the yen on it LeBron James over under points tonight. Is it would be a good wanna look at the I think it's going to be the web the numbers got to be sent it well like. Birdie six and have 34 and a half site yeah 35 would be the cut off for me. But I would say tonight to LeBron game because if you win tonight if your Cleveland. Then you go home and respect those guys you're supporting cast to play well. If they go if they're LeBron you don't want to get to a game seven on beyond you saw on the rogue. 34 and a half ago pictures or you know we hit it right there. I think it's it's some it's monster to monster time for. For LBJ tonight and because if you win now and then your fine but he can't do it alone that's that's an easy enough to have the big game and then the other as a follow that's always an. And it is not always gonna happen will have a the last two games. Right but he didn't adapt my game wouldn't know as a said the Abdul wrote this is due to some deals as gym tonight in Boston that's running. You know about the names about a pick on my boss is about a one point favorite so. But yeah I just. I'm I'm on Cleveland. On April and come around tomorrow and on well yeah that's why but I mean I think there's this thing is gonna be 40. To amend and then four in a row let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. He's got what you XY and south. You set 60. Yeah. You Miami Marlins are at the New York Mets tonight at seventeen and Marlins had just eleven and a half game behind Atlanta in the NL least. Just nine games back in the wild card pay it no reason to worry man. Jeter and Sherman had this being under control right now kids as well in those series tonight Bernie didn't they actually do it and then the big dogs against the ground tonight puts Israelis fits in for the for tomorrow's tales Smith is a keeper. Turned to the game yesterday a last night between the first and second quarters of beat Houston Golden State game. Saw Dietrich so two run homer two run home run district and Pamela in India so they were a good dude done. Don't worry about the Marlins seem to farm system Billick come around starting pitching is gonna come or how the Marlins always do always going to be in contingent right you have faith helps. We're talking about the Miami Marlins here. In a little news. Taylor hill snippets he knew his knee injury last August was bad because he built his knees shift. But he didn't know how bad it would be that injury would have been if we keep them out for the entire season as you know. Dan hill who has surgery to repair that knee says he's been clear to do pull the ball activities and he's not worried about taking a hit on his knee. By the way Frank Gore beat newly acquired running back from Indianapolis the Coral Gables high and you will mosque standout. He didn't do a whole lot today and he probably won't do a whole lot he's 35 years old. I believe fourteen years in the league is that right bus zombies all these. He he apparently never did much in in Indy or San Francisco during OTAs. Adam gay city probably will not do much here wouldn't albums kernels for a resort the last hours a person on the right word about right I I agree. A statin and a thorough very quickly here in a pill owners have unanimously approved a new National Anthem policy. There were wires players to stand if they are on the field during M them. But it also gives them the option to remain in the locker room if they prefer this was announced today during the NFL owners meetings in nine Atlanta. This policy subject or teen to a fine if a player or any other teen personnel does not stand during the National Anthem. Like. Might isn't it how they got a little unpleasant at some in Italy's state concrete I hate these this is the roll down a break the rule whether don't think there's consequences would vote for a couple of years now. Nobody had any idea what was going on we had guys in the locker room out of the locker room dealings standing. We had developed a wave in Pittsburg came out during Miette dominant guy oh crap for that Michael would and I think even the guys that were like in the middle had no idea what to do you. Yeah I at least you have what you have a policy now from. Its all so that took place you know yeah yeah two states some. Gimme those yeah it's it's reactive instead of proactive but you've got a policy in place. Heat guard Josh Richardson didn't make the NBA all defensive team which was announced today on the Bernstein. Utah's Rudy go bare of Philadelphia's Robert Covington. Indiana's Victor only deep ball and Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday from New Orleans that's your first team second team. Philadelphia's Joseph will indeed Golden State straight Mon green Boston's Al Gore were San Antonio is on primary and Minnesota's Jimmy Butler. Yeah rob Burke got robbed I can't take anybody off doses are in numbers they got robbed. Nominal available legged that my tal who always has all the guys are gonna head coaching job. And he either of the fire anybody you know right I had nobody should be by indictment of the new blood to come in right that I am able addict I'd be -- says like though to god that she got shafted in the tournament that's right well usually got the TV off. It was right at all the I don't harboring go to you know I certainly should be this is determined or are now to be in the tournament will be a possibly get to easily out. So I am I can tell you but he also has a worry but just ridges and got snubbed. I will blow out that so ex dolphins often a lineman Richie into a neo is being held in Delray Beach on an involuntary psychiatric cold. After an incident at a Boca Raton gym this morning now into Toledo who is a free agent after being released by buffalo. Reportedly threw a tennis ball at a gym patrons and then through a dumb bill Adam into a needle was reportedly rambling about the government and screened at the mayor and to get the bleep off my playground. Think I need oh your call was implicated in the dolphins bully scandal during the when he thirteen season. It was around that same time that he smashed his own car with a baseball bat while living in Arizona. I hope cogs is okay yeah sounds like Nam he he needs some serious note rush like serious mental help regularly and you're pulling your leg. Unhinged in your rambling about the government. Well who you at all bar bill as amended that to lend themselves as well and and you know what an unmarried and stay away again and and a guy like Richie I mean he. Reaching those like 643. Tim likened likened to stop him right I mean it no you really so. Oakley Richie gets help if if it's determined that he needs help. NBA tonight Cleveland at Boston at 830 in game 5 of their Eastern Conference final that series is tied it to a piece. Finally the NHL tonight Washington and Tampa on game 7 of their Eastern Conference final. That set 8 o'clock those are your headlines like Summers a cap cap really Covington. Well let's Philadelphia's top five in defense in the in the legs so I. Coming tonight if I'm not mistaken he got he got boats for defense of player of the year last year not so he's he's knowledge that yes he is not like you know. He the he got lucky this year came out of nowhere he's he's got a a reputation. Texas says. Digs on Demorrio yes that's the guy with the by the degree dollar on the aren't quite honestly I have no idea how designed to Marie played this year defensively I'd I didn't watch this murders the whole lot so I. I have no idea I have no idea. I mean I think a lot of that is as the popularity contests and quite frankly he'd. We're never on national TV announcing a lot of people as they really want to know know a lot about Josh Richardson. Neil nationwide which we should have this very quickly I know we're up against the break now apparently it's on Whiteside and as we're talking about Josh. It was a grim or snatch it today snapped Jenna and apparently he was he posted. Some thing that basically he looked into a camera. He he he made a three pointer any made a remark along the lines there's a difference between. You can't shoot and they won't allow you to shoot art so that's that's a little food for thought as a son probably. Works on his next destination I like the one with the he's talking to us to look at. Like I haven't seen much mores mores of the cans and that's his mom's tatters caddies have a North Carolina you're Nordstrom's or is there a family of there. I would give back to that story but stunted jamming special guest yes that's right covers the Miami Dolphins of course in. Former player into the great job on the ESPN a college football junkie Jim resist a buyout talks and bombs OTAs next Johnson and I do take. Yeah I think it's and different situation tough to say you know what year would ever play. Now in a while isn't getting. Physical restless and I got a lot and that's the reps in Oz and all the meetings. Going to the game plans talking through practices after practice and also is getting all the mental reps is that I would it. The folks flying obviously fingers of his era so nothing can. Compared to his arrest bush sound like. Wasn't wasn't authorized last year and didn't see you'll is happening and try to stay sharp and it just think that immensely so I just went through last year learns. And a lot of ball. Now it's matter of putting it in action isn't. Hordes of trying to NHL boys we have not heard since last August. When he ripped up his knee on the first week of training camp. As we're back here on 79 news ticker Curtis and perk with fewer and to give it to about 730. That's when our coverage of the NBA conference finals will take over. Tonight we have gained five. Of the Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics in the cavs pregame is going to be at 730 and we're gonna tip things off at 830 right here names have an NF from 104. Three HD to the ticket to protect the shelf over to do so six have a 97 for the 67974. Which Ronald Robert Johnson Jimmy here. Who of course covers a dolphins office analysts and those great job on ESPN. College football coverage. So allow it to conjure response here for him hook up with them. That's at some point bella talk while Ryan says now a big believer in this park in when you sit for whatever reason injury maybe just said because you're not very goal ought to. Whatever it is but you get a chance. To sit back and watch. Others play I do think you can pick up certain things are gonna help you down the road. Yeah I think so soon that's you know that old being the VA that players talk about mental reps. And you know telling you know if you listen to him and he listened and gazed. He got a lot of those middle reps last year he was so Watson Jay Cutler during games. Watching Jay Cutler during practice he was sitting in on all the all the meetings and was apparently pretty vocal during those meetings also so. Yet Taylor hill was he was in the mix a mean he was he was right there in it last year it it wasn't as though he was away from the scene so he. He says he made a lot of observations he would've seen if he was playing yeah. I just think they observations there's a big how big a believer in you a chance you just subs are observed things observe observe things and up. He is a guy that has played every snap since he came in a league. So zealous sat behind a quarterback for a year. And then got you know in the kind of ease demand for gab Israel's thrown into it his rookie year first start against the Texans. Any in the end it's a start since he's been console in the mix in the mix in the mix in the fire. And that's great but it's like any job or anything near take any job that there's a lot of thinking going on there's lot of reaction there's a lot of hey we gotta make a quick decision here. They you can look at it you could say. You know what let's just let's just look let's just take a step back here only watch what others are doing when we watch how others handle it ending just a different perspective for himself. You know I think in the long term maybe that maybe that can help him out just just a little bit but we hear more from Janet hill and you losses favorite target certainly can Jarvis. It and he did you know what one thing that that he suited kept that I. I asked him hum. You know Adam gates told us all through the off season end and Chris rear the GM and and Mike Tim on the executive. Ryan Taylor hill is our starting quarterback. And there was all the buzz about oh Josh Rosen no baker may peel and but Taylor hill told us that Adam gays do you talk to woman India tellem that he would be the starting quarterback and Tammy hill apparently wasn't worried about it. You dollars and word obviously. Every team also evaluate positions and and make the best decision for the organization that they think is appropriate. But. Never changed. My course of action in my plan are mistreated here you know I knew. Coming out glut performed. Whether just to somebody you're not and that's okay sister you know that's that's case every yours you gotta go on reform are you bureau so. I'm excited you are have the opportunity go and do it. And do you do you think that. Tennis he'll should've been concerned Goran I mean no I don't think that he certainty. Sounds like he's he's a veteran and he knew this is my job to looms as opposed to they're bringing him baker mayfield to take my job so that's what I was saying I liked his mind's. It to plug in dealing the cards on the table and I think they brought in competition that that he would welcome that means again it really hasn't having competition against it came into the mile. But but but make no mistake about it he's a Smart guy he knows what's going on this a big year for him if he stinks. The dolls or new quarterback and he'll be elsewhere. So this is a big year for ham but I do think they have a lot invested in him the injury last year was just it was just bad luck. I think they have to see this thing through this is his seventh season he's going to be thirty years olds. It's put up or shut up time basically for him with this with this franchise and you know that's and that's kind of about it with with Bryant and you know blood on a lot of new faces. And I think I can bring some excitement and I think all brands of attacks on here are excited they do that did you get their quarterback active and I owls that it is and there's a lot of other variables here perk but also an and also there's the also. If see if your quarterback is good in your team should be good but more so than anything. I think if Ryan Jamie hill is is healthy. Then. Then the the and the dolphins are going to be or refined if he's not the and they got some some serious problems let's talk more about it as we jump out there Ryan's jewels announcers as stores just like they are truly what steps beyond inconvenience well that's a fun little but I'm confident and it was pretty ESPN's college football coverage John and Jimmy is joining us here on seven and it'd take it John. Thanks for other extra stop them by Howard things. Everything go well football backed omen a better route that's for sure you got that big smile on your face as always do John and and we certainly wanna talk to you. All about it are we're just talking about Ryan what did you want it noted. At least on the record we have been able to talk to him but up what you wanna find out since his injury back in August the first Tommy there was beat everybody today. Or you know just how he's feeling how he's doing out the offseason. Rehab buoyant how we move it around you know he he's been out of football for quite awhile I think everybody. That was an attendance they just wanted to see what it was like this seat number seventeen the last urgent in 2016. Play any game was pretty good. Now all the time off would be able to get healthy number warns the retain Adam Gates's. Sense of what he likes to do in the offense and how well he was going to be able to move around him. He checked a lot of boxes over the last couple days and I'd see him. In terms of being able to use his feet. Move would in the pocket do all the drill he wasn't limited according to modernize and he's throwing the ball on time and on target which was really nice to see. John you being a former quarterback Kirk and we're just talking about this I think I think you can help you win your removed from the game a little bit whether it's a benching whether it's an injury and you get the sick and takes a mental rapture just see how these are sick and an observer there's really no pressure on you. You think that can help Brian because he's been in the fire since his rookie year. Having an entire year to Pakistan on the sideline. And just observe. We're using his words absolutely. I think you'd be able to garner a lot of things. By just watching and being in the meetings in seeing how the opera it was called and what they were trying to do offensively. And how it fit his game I'm sure he said in meeting work. He felt like well this is for me maybe I wouldn't wanna do it that way or. He'd eat felt like you know this is I understand why Adam peace is calling this. Play now because he's setting up the next one and and I think you can garner. Some information and some patients from at least. In my experience playing the position when I was hurt morale and limited for awhile and sitting back. It makes a lot of sense sometimes in you can take it step back by that on the sidelines and beating it. And then when you get your opportunity go out and tried to. Mimic what you if felt like during those situations when he couldn't play. John we we get this tax and I'll I'll ask you a question about the text the Texas how much better do you think the quarterback who did it. At thirty years old especially when he's never been good and is coming off a major injury. Here's my question to you off of that text is. Don't you think Taylor hill is due spore a I I guess Lee a career year at some point it seems like quarterbacks between the age of 2828. And maybe what thirty soon you due to some of your better years so deep what do you think Taylor hill is doomed for a good year and what do you think the coming off the injury willow will how how will that affect. You know apart I think he goes back to your definition of what is good. Now good great any leave Europe there's a lot of different in between those three. And I think Ryan has been good I don't think he's been no or quarterback will take a look at this first three years when he gets gut. Qatar beat out of them and still be able lineup complaint. Any guy to navigate that and more I think it's. A lot of the things that he does really well and you watched it and improve on. On awareness in the pocket you want them improve his deep ball he wants to recruit and a lot of areas. And the only thing he did was play really well for those seeking that he was then now when he comes back it be able to take the next step from good degree. That that right bank. Really have a lot to do with his. Coming back helping number one but woody got around him to work with that think this offensive line is gonna be probably one of the best if not beat that he played behind. You're gonna have some new. Tools that slot. He's got a couple of experienced weapons on the outside and he got an electrifying back that can break it big play they are. So he gets some help from the tight end. Good degree is it is a big jump is that might beat three years ago I think. John good Jimmy is worth this much in doubt in my question John. It is important that's good to Greg. And a lot of new faces a lot of changes on the offensive side of the football and I think I gigs business most comfortable with this unit here in a year to three. How do you expect it to all come together. I think they're really strong up front number one and that very important I think the interior of the offensive line would go board citizens. On coming in with experience and played so many games and National Football League I'm looking for their meat console to be. Take take that step that you're looking for Ryan can overtake it left tackle and you want you want James to be consistent. And I think you know the question mark is Jessie Davis big guard that. He's shown that he can play at this level I think the offensive line is going to be couldn't with the addition of M and Colin Wilson minus Jarvis Landry. It's not gonna be a system that goes through this slot I think it's gonna be spread out I think you can see a lot more opportunities. On the outside because of the pressure if you wanna call the double barreled pressure on the inside we have am and Colin Wilson. Either war and that's not even talking about a a tight end. Catching guy that can stretch the field. John gets out of here on this 10 we need some college football nuggets John Dietz do you have a nugget about you will. You tell us about the Missouri quarterback drew law did anything about I'm gonna need a lot more drinks sell out at this point. Are right now that's good now we know we don't get most mobile ball early miles and 800 give me an interior Alabama and yeah. Do you do that you don't let out on. Good that. And it slid that's only here and so and that is going on Jimmie did that's an analyst right announcer tonight there. Exited about it before you go of the dungeon right and then did you vote upon everything right Joan back to you that they'll be more formidable over the summer and I hope that will bother you that John thank you Holmes. John guys got to Johnson Jimmy Miami Dolphins in. Let's an illustrious begins college football coverage and follow John on Twitter the down a lot of takeaways from the Miami Dolphins are your dogs fan if your college football fan will follow Jon and Jimmy Corso former quarterback Tim all around good guy a saint Thomas quarterback right now well rounded guy in the John's a John's abyss there's so. Good to steal a few minutes with him on not only a couple of things get a little offered a perspective from former QB in. And and although he'd he's. There is another guy who likes the offensive line yeah zags highly offensive line you know and I'd I'd like. I acted almost kind of go along with Tom on the interior Rahman still little concerned about those tackles limits on who enjoy NJ Marmol. More on this coming up here we're here for more frightened you know as he is he's back the dolphins have their there'll TA supposed to get back to the the MBA as well we got a lot to get to plus we missed the 5 o'clock code word. If you just jumping into Karl gave me that next right here on seven on the ticket. Thanks John and Jeremy bird. Spending a few minutes with us listed every day is it for the quarters ticket window you're just went to get through an upcoming game concert. Or another great event a quarter as Miami technology partner in your local South Florida technology company visit them online and quarters corp dot com. Sponsored by Lauderdale BMW or pines in brought to buy your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez called Treo five. 800 Irma Curtis and per hour with you here on a busy busy Wednesday afternoon we yell out things get too. We hear more from off Ryan Jamie you'll plus triggerman and gays who spoke today it's OT days. Well I mean at least if we ever get to these we got a mini camp and then the great for the summer rain. There is real CA is are mandatory mini camp. And though we'll be done. Jin. Four to eleven. And and then break it'll to training camp starts like July 28 the real Holyfield isn't yeah. It is an isn't as opposed to always you know big giant and by the way dew points and care out there about it though the hell yesterday. You have guys here and ACLs. Ali you had done the chargers lose their their starting tight ends like there's like that bad things could happen as much as but he. Point is things can happen yeah big newsworthy things can happen in the and even if guises run around. In underwear and all that stuff and then of course for the dolphins at the big day because. You know Tim hill he spoke for the first time since. Getting hurt you know its own in the up immunity and in the the last August and before you delegates will give you the 5 o'clock code word if you just did not work in a jump in your core I don't think it's raining for the most part out in south for a first time in awhile think how we supplements are going to Damon felt like somebody from Detroit. When you when the sun for the first time in five days and go out with that being let's listen this feels like yes this god watching the game last night between the wars in Iraq has a well. To this and look at that Namibia to look like at Canada I might have lost their loved it really does make. Let's get to the 5 o'clock code were here if you miss it it is a block. LO CK. Now we're gonna we got a all locked down around here perk expects it to seven to anyone that's a lock LO CK couldn't I just asked Duncan Jimmy about a lot. You did drew out drills at quarterback drew lock this. When it happened six. Are locked tonight. Is that a Muslim for the Celtics and I think you might it has to be right. No not must win in the senate need to win these senators Maria and it's a need to win. And Iraq again why I guess the round kind of supporting cast for LeBron and I. Even though they would be going home for game six with a 32 lead I lost a lot of IRL today zero confidence goes to stay here just so. The soap the wife of confidence in Boston that the went on the road. I 'cause I was in those dudes that I do end in Cleveland supporting casts. Bring I don't know on the road no no less on the role still resides and I still got more confidence in Boston on the ruled in Cleveland supporting terrorism prologue I don't know almost no respect for that. Supporting castle. Ron I I'll take I'll take a cab and I'll take. Cavs have to at home here are let's get to. In that scenario obviously game five tonight by the Atlantic rep to game five lark gorgeous stars have a thirty superhero. A little bit deeper with some some police coverage right here on seven I needed to get let's hear from Adam Jason Day who. Talk about Tim hills for some we were talking Monica's. Obviously he was back on the field. And just. Talk about sitting around the learning some more things are getting better graphs on the grass on this offense and out of gays said the quarterback well he's got more knowledge and ever. When you have the offense. To a point where you're reacting you're not thinking. I think she's really. Really to that point and he can do nestled level things to where he can get us out of bad plays he can. Make right Jackson and make sure that we're not running in about blue exterior it's great move slower Foreman is brain. Guards are all that's all good news right no that's that's that's excellent news because sounds good look. Ed does pass coordinators and coaches have told us one reason that the that this team. Could not run the hurry up. No huddle offense. Is because the quarterback has to explain so much to all these other guys. But at least we know that the quarterback has the ability to explain in the quarterback and one of those guys going I'm not serve really usual lineup. Taylor hill understands the offense now. I that doesn't mean he can play it like an Aaron Rodgers level but I I do think that his his knowledge. Of this offense is outstanding and it ended improved last year while he was sitting out to you. Listen to them to others we haven't seen that yet as. We'd only be seen him on the field today by. I I have reason to believe today he's always been a base mark quarterback. It's been you know both the physical part of the job that he hasn't been laments. Job I do think gays is writing that you don't think you just wanna react and do it. From what let me ask you this question what is your biggest question. On Ryan ten narcotics. Are easy O coming up. Well as to me I'm. The neat. The neat kind of willed will see I mean it's. It supposedly okay. So I I don't really have any concerns about the knee I I really don't I. My big being with Tim hill is just like it was so you know through three years ago. Can you make guys around you better. Well I think I'm I wanna know about is he still athletic can still move around his disease don't have the mobility. What I remember quarterback that had a knee injury named Daunte Culpepper who the dolphins signed who was not even close to the same player. Before the injury I am not trying to say that that's a crime tales or look like. One thing about Ryan is he could move around there was some escape ability and there there was a note there was an elusive in this two on the defense is. Had to had to at least respect. Will he could scramble on a third in four. And get and get a first down at a gaze was asked about Ryan's ability now that's going to be a wait and see but here's with the coach had to say today. On that front also something he's done I thought to have good. Until the world Bratton. As far as we've got any setbacks I don't know what they could be but I mean I feel pretty good place I don't see them move around just as wells he ever has. I had such good news and and since today's everyone's excited there rejected news this should be good it's good for the dogs they got the quarterback back yet this is this is. You know one of those days of him we got a text about football fans welcoming Ryan Mack can. They're happy that he's back Aminu or the like ground or not they have no chance without Bryant and it already this season right grinds in here really is holds the key to the season. There's a lot of new faces a lot of different guys. Ryan's. Main guy what part the last three years been Charles Landry and three straight years led the team in receptions. We know Jarvis is now the dog pounds. Hey Ryan you're gonna be out there in jars is not going to be sitting there waiting for you throw the football how is that gonna look at is for you. On no Jarvis Landry as you never. Garza's stuff he's doing a heck of a competitor. You know one of the most competitive guys on the football field loves the game let's plane looks competing roles in winning. I think they're on solid so obviously. You know it's not the easiest guidance replace a softer placed plus I'm really excited about the guys we brought in I think we've brought in veteran guys guys that have played I level. Does it play for championships. And I can really help us you know with a combination of but the guys we have we really have a stack receiver right now. That. You still really cost in a matter who's in the game that we had good match ups and and can win you know yet. Although Wilson yet Danny Amendola Franco in the actual all these guys are. I've played at a really high low for a long time and and I'm excited about playing with a. By this front office will be will be judged on some a lot of those moves in pay and trust me we will be tracking those moves. Here on 790 the ticket during for. Isn't it's. As being maybe a bigger year for the front office than pariah until it. While there may go hand in hand you know pretty much I think they're the kind of go hand in hand. If Ryan has a great year then they're gonna win some games and everyone's going to be back in front has pour your he's injured. Then they're not gonna have a good year and there's going to be changes. Yeah but I think there's a big middle ground there where Ryan has a decent year. And some of these acquisitions. Whether it's draft to create and don't turn out. Yeah yeah deserve a culture or above the coach well I am mostly Chris rear end or Mike tandem and probably in a ball OK and are sold on the ground tigers Yucca Mountain culture be in them and on nine Najeh side basal beat. I think she'll be fine I. I would say like 95%. Of the most likely scenario that'll come up Adam's case will be on number always going to be a hot seat next year but it. Yeah I know of all these moves over the face like like your terms as you goes or Cleveland and then ended an adult right now we're Wilson don't do any being in right just sit and doesn't do any being right. Yeah and right Robert Quinn doesn't do anything. Yeah he's the second coming of Mario Williams and yeah you know. A much much bigger negative to say and that's where we are on the stuff I mobile these guys all know ball I'm on everything but there's there's there's just a lot of quo there's a lot of questions does that say these questions can be answered in a positive manner. What they mean a lot of the big middle a lot of changes and incoming those changes is going to be second guessing it's like okay. Thank you glad you left a lot of guys or good football players walked out of here what block walk out your locker and being that cannot be disputed question is would you bring in locker is that going to be better. In its totality as a team we'll get to the 6 o'clock hour also the sixth awkward. We got a lot of news today that we're gonna get to we got to game five tonight to Houston ties up last night with two games apiece first time. In 6 years doubles the Eastern Conference in the Western Conference finals have been tied at two games apiece. Are we gonna get some real series or it's that is a kind of false hope your perk. That I think it's going to be re easy. You look at and we've got ready every other night right but every point 111 or the other is playing there's no criteria is our resolve there were breaks anymore right but game seven. Four if there's game seven east will be Sunday if there's a game seven Monday to the next four to five days for a five nights. Yeah I could get insane isn't ready plasma like an estimate of the break when they start they took the break last week they were closet Friday Friday yeah. And then Emerson yet and it's it's just games that is what they set up for here isn't just. Three game series we're gonna mourn that we'll get to the six here on 79 minutes ago. The legendary coach of the game of baseball team Jim Morris is in his last season at the UN the hurricanes baseball right here on us against. Including the team's run in the ACC tournament they're gonna play tomorrow night against Clemson at seven they won the last thing it's Notre Dame so they've won eleven straight ball games. And we're gonna care that game right here on the. Tickets. And mills keep women and you'll find yourself in the NCAA term occurs hampered back with you here as we opened up the 6 o'clock hour you can always text show. You'll reduce 067974. That 679742. Busy day and return to tracked down. All Leo all the big stories here per have a ton of stuff to get to our thanks to. On John to Jimmy for joining us in the and the 5 o'clock hour but there reached the the 6 o'clock mark and let's get this going here. Time of your chance to win a thousand dollars it's a seven and it's a good WTF. That's 100300310031000. Spurt out. Perk here your head now to out of town for the next few days I am going back to Texas and I'm sure there gonna ask you about this WTF contests are at home theater I'm curious there was us all about number I'm gonna. I'm gonna think before I'd just sit in with thousands free right and I'm might be texting at the time and you know some milk might sleep well your chance to take over a thousand dollars mil a winner couple weeks ago we've had a couple of winners last couple months here locally. You can happen you all you do is text the word space. Seeding text base to seven to anyone in your registered and that's. CE. Takes place to seven to 81. When I was younger perk Allen to a club in downtown Miami called Speights who boy I wish was. Just as. And too many. To many sun rises dancing on the patio at club space really. Really Sri getting me to the place doesn't get go until like 4 AM no I don't even a few words you were down the coast but still. Can presidency either in in always take your shades and don't we're gym shoes we will not let you win and computes. I'm very bizarre ruled out just the way it used to be actually I've been there while what about the TV show lost in space. Austin based okay no doubt about the pitcher bill spaced manly. They'll space manly that's a good one here you don't wanna welcome any of the shooters tonight any space. Pace and space and yes thousand fewer last night air space yes it is we yeah I gotta get up their airspace. To text base. 27 to 81 and do it now you don't win this time your next chance is going to be tomorrow morning at 7 AM with of the wildly popular. Pause as Lou Romberg and amber morning show this is a national contest message and veterans may apply to not Texan drive and I will give you the Covert throughout the 6 o'clock arbor don't. A waste any time getting in right now get registered. Mean you could win space. As BAC Texas 270881. No calls with classic gain space invaders during nights that space bulls this a couple of people who's been moved by not now let me just say that's. 'cause I I don't you know I I've learned one lesson here value of ten I don't you. You're not exactly mr. cinema no heck no right or from. Space balls have not seen and not seen it all in the actually only they don't know like doesn't isn't John Candy like some furry creature a little dog you know it's a high. The that's all I know is John Candy and it was only really is the person who lets some flu I don't know I what was that you have it's it's a movie that I I can say with a 100% confidence I'll never see over taxes are like cobra you that they Syria he raises his movie. You had Hillary in this space Gerri open space jam that's a great one. Rick Paramus New Orleans that's the most and I'm not Eugene Levy we had Joan Rivers was the voice of basically a female C three PO. Now tell us of going on space balls yeah yeah it's well yet since. Yet. Yeah zero interest no jealousy and Williams in the real Star Wars. No I have I have zero all the young ball handler and why now well guided. I think I've only seen Star Wars Lehman what was the second one the empire strikes back yes. Don't know devotes an idea. Okay yeah the original trilogy I think that's to say hey my right side I was I'm going out and say that she would note that shootings faced a visit Paris are worth yeah baseball's. Yeah and OK so good one there. We got to we got. Space. Diego you know office space in new moon chip easy you know on the net and I wanted to settle it down these roads where these boos there that I as. He's out for you I don't. More more often than our own little bit of space leased space leased rocket from the Jetsons as a ringer project we Laura that's a good right there and that's your right there are several gets its face yes you know we got its face yes SpaceX is to 72881. I don't know do you know what NASA stands for. I'm not even sure I think National Aeronautics and Space Administration that sounds good demise are not even sure that sounds yeah I think space is in the developing this essence. I would say there's little room. You would like if you were around Richie and cog needle you wanna detention space. And good you would you know what. The space cowboys you know. That it would a lot of space coming in here but yeah popular place grace is popular because they're popular. I will say this you know about the about NFL it is. There are different levels of stories in this league there's the anfield football story. With some you know you you get today with Ryan him zeal and us talking to him. There's kind of the all BO football story which you got today with the M bum policy. In a bill reached at the owners' meetings. And then you've got the human element of football. And that leads us to years of being. More about Ritchie and gonna need OE yet an incident today where. He was basically baker acted. He's in a facility in Delray Beach involuntary psychiatric hold after an incident at a Boca Raton Jim. We're Richey apparently to attend this ball at a gym patron. Did he yelled at the guy to get the bleep off my playground now. You guys know they're Richie was implicated in the 2013 bully scandal. You know that he took a baseball bat to his car and Arizona shortly at today. And quite honestly I am I worry that meant Ritchie needs some professional help and you know long term help you know you use you kind of look at that. Bully scandal for awhile in thought Jonathan Martin is the one who needs the most help. He's Jonathan Martin had the incident with his high school in California where he posted on. Social media those are shotgun and in the name the Twitter handles of of bomb Richey and Todd need Owen Mike penalty were both implicated in the in the bully scandal and because I thought it. Boy that Jonathan Martin man that that guy he'd he really need some help mom I'm concerned about them. Ritchie and Khan neither was the same way and when you see things such as this. It it it just makes you think wow I mean what what is going on with this guy it's easy to just kind of dismissive says. Richie you know he's crazy or. The way we used to look at rich seed before. The bully scandal broke was our rich he's just a bomb love and do. This is some very serious stuff and I am not saying that that Richie is is gonna go out and hurt him so for anybody else. But I am saying that it seemed like Richie is very close Tuesday. When you throw a dumb bill that somebody when you take the A baseball bat to your car. Richie recently retired Indian on retired and he was talking about how tough game is and under two knees and on your organs it. I'm very worried about this guy and and hopefully he gets the help that he that he badly well let it it appears that he badly needs. Again. He's been baked directed. Involuntary holes psychiatric cold so. Oh believe Ritchie gets the help that he needs and that. These types of incidents we we won't hear anything about him anymore. Here's a thing is sponsored by DJI store by draw owners in Winwood Andrew owners of amateur and pine crest and over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's eyes in the sky. I wasn't arrested. He was not arrested he was as per mentioned he was taken for mentally now baker acted. The end that the gym by the way it was is awful you model rolled lifetime Jim says he will not be welcome back on the premises. And and that's outsource your book what comes of that but yeah I mean Richie yeah one thing it is lot of erratic behavior. I didn't read really read into it once you know his he says he's talked buzz body being you know Boson the so much stress ms. Wright retiring right and then he is in blood and and I. Fine okay and then then the bills you know I guess the heels of some money on a sunny. Certainly right it was good it was like if you're gonna retire you owe us some you're signing bonus bank and so did it become low. And dialect when the ball and ran a play football again they put a mother tireless in the column on Monday and ready for that he fired his agent right and they just seem to agree on one thing a VO a lot of around a neighbor complained Obama Clinton Obama retired number tire come back in my in my. It just seems like a lot of stuff and we know which is history. He's got problems you know soul. He's get that'll figured out there but. And did it when you have an incident like this any kind of goes prom. Now you know Rick he's always been a fun loving high strong guards who. While he really hurt somebody you're hurt himself where he had thrown a dumb bill somebody in and a gym and FT to a team is all animate. Doesn't sound like Richie was provoked no the niceties he had that you did nothing to to Warren now the guys like an apple was right it was a guys is that according teams he said. I did nothing to I mean how many people obviously thrown at me how many people are gonna take done six port 300 pound Richie Incognito in a gym like when you seed. You know how big this dude. You know it's how many people that are gonna provoke that do know and then here's some of the hill rambling on about the government. You know credited as the solid stable but it does not so adding I think we're all Knoll. Mental health though in his order on the thinks take lightly yeah yeah it did yeah has written especially needs and that's going to be at the stage yeah that we're at right now today. You know in the past he would average easily known rich is a little off easily lose to anybody on loving god he mean. This this is a different level now on Jonathan Martin was a different level now this is a different levels deal well the thing to a duel Texan of the CT stuff that's that's an area that's. A concern very blatantly concerned got to throw in there let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. Myanmar. Roads are at the New York Mets tonight at seven CN. You're Marlins. Leo and and a half games behind Atlanta and in no least they're just learning gains back in the wild card nobody's given up pulled on this team have they kept. They're not out here per gosh Tillman Derek Jeter and Bruce surely to come on who who else would you rather have running your team. From about when he files. They have a problem our Ali arbiter 28 but anyway anyway. That's the information on the Marlins quarterback runs and he'll see he's not worried about his left knee and he's happy to be back on the field did a deal made his remarks today. The first time he's met with. The media since injuring his left knee and August. And the second day of this three day OT 810 hill said he knew his knee injury in August was bad because he know his left knees shift. But he said he didn't know how that it would be now and hill did have surgery to repair that knee. Since he's been here to do or ball activities and he's not worried about taking a hit. On the knee by the way running backs springboard is going to be limited all Rel old T days but that's not a big deal. He's been he doesn't usually do much during notes EA scores 35 years old. He doesn't need to do much during OT and is now. No he guard Josh Richardson didn't make the NBA all defensive team which was announced today I say he was omitted camp calls it a snub right. Got screwed up her job Dave it's regard first team all defense Utah's really go bear Philadelphia is Robert Cummins in Indiana's Victor only deep ball. And soon from New Orleans Anthony Davis and drew holiday second team all defensive. Doyle would be to Philadelphia dream on green a Golden State Al Horford or Boston design McMurray of San Antonio Jimmy Butler of Minnesota. Murray would be the surprise there but you know on these awards are popularity console I go back to that Kirk in the here and on national TV Eli. Then make too big run in the playoffs. Just refuses to a lot of people still rolled seal known including people that over the. NBA. People who cover the league no Mumbai you know look they're not everyone is not as good as you are. A OK and you cover the leaves scene and at least twice. Yeah you know bill maybe we'll remember her tonight and our gorgeous on and off that night correct the writer might not pertinent not everybody's has to do their jobs and war yet you know just saying thank there the world would not be a good place where bodies are similar I don't go to saint. Back today in a. 01 quick second NFL owners have unanimously approved a new national open policy. They're requires players to stand a player on the field during the anthem. But the policy also gives players the option to remain in the locker room they prefer. A teen can be subjected to wait on line if a player or any other team personnel does not stand for the Tampa. NBA Cleveland at Boston at 830 in game 5 of their Eastern Conference final that series is tied to a piece. Finally NHL no. It's game seven that day comes in at Tampa Bay. At 8 PM Eastern Conference finals the winner plays debate is golden knights in the Stanley Cup final those are ignored him having lots one hockey game this season. I've watched I've I've watched parts of games that probably add up to about were periods of hockey this year. Semi or via perks prediction on capitals at lightning coming up here on the show yeah yeah I gotta tell you. Yeah actually. I will tell you this as we go to break I was you know how. Miami fans are always complaining about you know known now the debate is a singular players and they're. And Andrea jibe with the Super Bowl and all the dolphins go up. I wondered DC has been argument I they have volatile little while and I wonder if they looked at their scenes of the camps and you know and ended. The there's this gear and then and the nationals and I I wonder they talked about one that got away and how frustrated they are good. It seems like you know you get very localized in the and you think we have the market cornered on being screwed a sports fans several of their handlers might well my some say to Obama be in the argument anyway all also was a sun light side been up 20 womb we're gonna get to that on next here on seven I didn't take it. It's. Sixteen. You it's. Yeah. Its. Stay back here every Friday with a number in the morning shows but Michael trim aroma the taste of perfection quarterly bulletin Roma raw. That is not a staged but nurtured her super prep with you here on. 79 do you take your word ticked up until round by the hour from our ransom of thirty our pregame coverage of game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. Is gonna take over history and renewal of the call Celtics encapsulate that's a big ones picking 7 in the Eastern Conference finals and hockey capitals a lightning. Young got baseball morals and my big night and so yes you wanna grab global trend Roma Joseph back. And and relax a bit more of that coming up here bony gets on talk about some lights on here pain he's making news right now again I guess he's at home in North Carolina is from Estonia Lou so Charlotte so he's a home winning visiting family. And we'll get to the funny stuff personal resolute in those sports sports he's the first tossup Whiteside if you don't know we've fallen on is to grammar snapped chatter what have you. Some writes I just a little bit he's a little bit different yeah. The most people special social media. Oz I don't know whose cat this was but he was talking new siding of their neighbors and family members cannot do so we start with him talking about his his friendly feline here. Small words small arms and is now and says mourners. Insert here. Or. As swarms. She's morgues. Small words. Smaller load. More. When you have a bit like gore do. Well. Arts is more as we haven't heard from Morse bras mores had no comment. So but that was those mores the cats now in a satellite side so that's what the other two are some white Titus and we you know that's reliable important sometimes knowledge this. Due to that he he he gui is it's who you you don't get into the sunlight rhetoric that sometimes right yeah. In the nose mores in the you know do you talk to your cat from the and the time per. All the time yes our allies and news like every moment every hit that I've ever had in my house I talk to them like they're human. I really do this right you know it's been an understanding who don't know. He died this I don't wanna be the dude who's talking baby talk to the dog and he's looking that you like you think from a free committee rhetoric talk to actually sign it just from a base and it does Ali Hasan wanted the I was waiting for some hours to say something sensory loss at Missouri. And Jerry loves the way so yeah I was more user is still has no comment about now. So and after put it was more as he goes to a local gym and he's he's shootaround. And here's what what took place. At the at the local gym on social media doesn't know me. And I pops out oh. I don't know I got the job. All right so but he said there Macy's said. There's difference between you can't shoot and now and I'll not allowed to shoot insinuating that. He wasn't allowed to shoot with the heat in this this goes back to running this started what would you say per probably. Around the end of march early parole he had the first outbursts. And then it just kind of dis kennel linger throughout the playoffs and he wasn't playing late in the fourth quarter and all that stuff so. Clearly he wants to send a message. Actually you know I think it. Well I think it started when he got back from was in his grandmother's funeral. Because didn't didn't he like heaven injury and that was. I would say it's around the all star break his arms tonight that's mid February yeah so I were calling it but you know the problems with with the sun and ended putted the mass reduction and in playing time I Israel even when healthy and then trying to boost the back and forth. In the media and you know little snide comments before the blow up. Right on bus and under some of the blow right yes I don't build up was the blow open all the injuries and stuff is certainly built Dublin yes. The difference between you can't shoot and you're not allowed in any drains a three pointer from the top rookie and then he walks away impact so. There is that going on and then how much do you read into this via the Miami heat's. Party starting for their their season ticket campaign. And they have a a new. Yield big mural at Miami bright line train station down in Miami. And I guess you know there there there the slogan out cut through traffic finish at the rim. American Airlines is simple way he sees and dig its and its brand new they just unveiled this week. And as like Goran you going to the rim and and it has Otto Alabama a bio finishing at the Ramon dark. Soul. He's left out of that now and you know of the base routine so there's nothing really to its. He knows who party possibly some of the stuff part of me doesn't. Lutz. It's not Whiteside again I would I would not just get rid of him to get rid of him for nothing. But I mean it looks like this is is this. No rallies talking about an intervention. Is this relationship beyond repair at this point. Now know it's not beyond repair by. It's at the point where I wouldn't expect her son to be on this roster lest they just absolutely positively could not get rebel. And in that gays and you just come back in UND. You know YouTube pretend like everything is is glued in 20. The next incident comes up but I don't think it's it's beyond repair. I will say that Tom. Players as. It's hard defying guy a's who have the social media game that doesn't. (%expletive) you off at some point right. Joseph well indeed he didn't like where would he say about Erin veins. Men bond is just there to get dunked on it looks like doom him bunt put your butt out of playoffs right. I. Is this guy I'm I'm sure are you Donald I don't know of Dewayne is ever pissed me off on social media is owes him a lot allowed to be a lot of self awareness on social media well I think I think to me the lesson is kind of a you can follow people on social media and get all wrapped up in that. At some point you're gonna have to take the bat with good. And I think that's kind of the deal with the sun right there it goes off running game still he started getting injured and and he wasn't performing and and now the text that we get our. Ross on Easter devote more attention to his game and a social media. Before it was all funding gains right it was so I'm Bonnie so funny and he's doing it with wood blocks and now's not so funny anymore I. I think most people on social media will eventually (%expletive) you off and it's like. Can you digest it and you. You know ten or not. Have to post anything here is an angled funny and doesn't have to post anything or you just don't I mean this mores W talked to write that paying pace mores welcome moves are snapshot of whatever. That's fine but but and please don't assume oh well that was dollars and I think that was and you could say it was it was nothing this guy's done a lot worse. I mean of course blight I mean this thing right in this like I always am trying to interpret. Anatomy indigo the millennial round here but I'm just trying to interpret where how old guys you social media if he puts that out he's going yeah. You know bleeds police used ball struck that's you know I can score here you gotta let me. If there is if he's there if there's some anger behind that or these are screwing around. So he went out of his way to post of fur reason well. You know what I I think it's it's almost irrelevant and if there is. Anger behind it because. You're talking about perception. And if you don't have an explanation out there like communal put LO well Linda text or something like that you just you just leave that out there. Well people are gonna think yeah there's some resentment and hostility. Yeah like yeah that's there's no new lots of social media as much on Twitter there's no new wants unless you do that LO will send videos that video there was no nuance. Bomb or to the NASA the other this other question here is a solid white side. And I assume the most hated person in itself for sports is Osama Whiteside the guy right now because the only Ollie were always tax grew hammy guys monies Sox also is a community is on the right said the most criticized the athletes we have right now the skate well received ski burdens criticizing the most criticized Natalie we counsel for right now I'm not gonna go coach Chris go get some votes there. But just. Athletes move boy let me think. Both in this. Church nobody really on the dole my point is this that don't see anybody tears when we talk about Osama Whiteside perk. They're doesn't seem to be a lot of people coming to his defense. That's all know that that snow and no there's good news is that there's a lot of people a ripple annual report that's wanting but I mean the guy's getting paid him a bolo money. He was a no show for the most part when they need the most his attitude stinks a lot of times. Blood. So you wanna read the fine but the look is it to be a lot of people saying no don't trade him guys we need him know he'll figure it out it's. There's not a lot of people that seemed to be in assigns him. Know somebody's texting and he is not the most hated most aggravating. OK but that a little bit different is aggravating means that you you can you can be whatever relic right it'll can be aggravating when you points. When he plays but not I. You know the Hasan. I don't want rounds yeah I don't know anybody. Think people hate him. I don't like it or hate America does yeah. Denied the sign that there's a lot of people America here than did the same trade him for a box of rocks and a couple basketball's just get a map here the good thing to be a lot of miles on Whiteside. Members in the field club around South Florida these days knowing and I think that's that's all that's only because he's not produce. OK so right now it's Jesus criticize guys you the most to me there's nobody. Development they're saying don't trade route Lisa and I'll Jarvis is gone you're probably. Charters and arms means that in the offseason yeah whispers look I was just answering guy. Texting right now who just swore up and down that suing Lander were cancers. And and I like solid and those like those are financial con stole you know but. Jarvis as a scapegoat for a for a little pearls of briefs are rich there was still a lot of sharks fans are their home premium being one. Well you know that people felt Jarvis made the demand too much money to defend but I mean the sun is the guy and now they. I mean us there's only yeah so is the guy now but that acting that's only really been since February right. The mountains building and it was still some was still running game that their Christmas as Tom was still funny. And now he's not all of that he could c.'s Rick yeah well we don't know Bruce struck you better produce hi this is your funny if you produce that you don't produce you're aggravated. They're annoying there and I honestly admit it works very swiftly I know the does seem to be a lot of people that are that are in the suns who they're not camp right now I did not know who talked about a sonnet or are people saying hey. Right yeah dude another year or give until we all star break we are right that no million any of that is I do the bomber get him out of here. Yeah that's a that's that that's that's the polite stuff. We get on the text line it's a similar mindset is for is the son beyond. Re here here and that is a made that is your question yes it is a question that if you're stuck with them like is it. Is like. Dude you're just not gonna play. We're just gonna eat your salary on an up or do you get him out there and try to put him in the starting lineup again we're still so you don't like you saw these unit one of our best players we've got to use you now. No no way to do that now. Carlos you so bluntly are you are. And I think that bad players but that's crazy that's crazy talk. What gets that Nextel consummate guy you take. Come up with the physical. Take it. Download it today to listen to us anytime anywhere cursed her back with you here really take up until game five. Our coverage of the Eastern Conference finals series tied at two games apiece work tiny that we begin adding here. There we begin going acetylene. What this settle and man because this can be one hell when night we got game seven in hockey and you know five tonight no yellow baseball actions to be a fun night mrs. mrs. Well I'm excited that they worry another good game two to. Getting to the Beecher we get to. Blue basketball effect today back to back nights. May may be may be the NBA playoffs are about to turn now now what's going to be enough about competitive basketball. The two conference finals in the NBA final. If you miss the 6 o'clock code word for opportunity when a thousand dollars we still got about a twenty minutes or so we're gonna give you the code word once again here. Before hit the 7 o'clock hour real real bullish coverage today. A muscular retriever to about 730 Joshi had them publish post where it talked dolphins Ortiz with him around around 715 or so. Are there for return ought turned over to our NBA coverage so Walt wanted it would show shatter covers the NFL and the the domes of the puzzles and if those big data that because Renton field spoke to the media for the first time since he Curtis he died August. In August 3 of 4017. You look at how much everything is changed and send perk while things have changed. Yeah you know I've changed quite a bit of that. Yes well we're we're more richer I'd like to play. To me you know I mean why where but to me it's a long time it's those kind of a day W the quarterback Greg in the both a lot of changes or talk to joke. About but all of that coming in. Andrea a lot of text while assigned here losers of there's just a lot of. I you're your your Hasan play like if okay is it's dishonest here next year Emmy with us this scenario a summer before so what that rule what do you do. Do you say Hassan. We strongly dislike you and he. You're gonna you're just gonna sit. We we can't trade you were just gonna eat your salary you're gonna sit now these say that or do you say Hasan. It always starts with a song we strongly dislike you or do you say Hassan we strongly dislike you but you can win games for us so get out there and be a team player. If you can't trade him there needs to be become the Jesus intervention moment that Riley mentioned. If you can't trade him or you can get good value for him so I don't maybe maybe it is here's my my biggest question and ask rials over. Over the last line I'd say coach. Is the decision to trade. Whites had already been made. So yes or no where we just want him around and move off it will take sixty cents on the dollar will take somebody else's pain in the ass. General and will this figure it out later OK so NASA is known we could still work this then OK then there needs to be come to Jesus moment with with its full straw. In a song he'd sit down and need to work out an agency Hasan is what we expect to view. And and in a promise not I'm going OK coach what you need to give me. More responsibility and disclosure to say what he'd earned their responsibility. And it's gonna go back and forth that was the sun is still very a very good player. And eat well seek immediate difference maker he's what are your these in these engaged any more that's the whole thing. On her test the whole thing you've got to okay yeah I seizing gay needs and sold like if he's at peace pissed off if he doesn't like ways always using them. Not going to be OK okay and he's not able or not gonna you the most bold and they don't get that out wanted to. I understand but that's that's a double figured out that can't figure out that you move it gets in on the bench and and have a meeting 20000004 million dollars and not play the guy with a guy is glued. The guy is a good player. Yeah see it's been donors there's no bell now he's a good player now he goes in a complete heard vote and we've seen guys go undeterred mode. Where all of a sudden it's like obstacles Lucy today in the playoffs. I don't know how have a way. Yet while much of a cozy Izzy was he really hurts or. Heard voter whatever right but you know what it is a Turbo is where I don't care anymore. Screw you make of all my money trade me. And and then we see that haven't ultimately MBA. Guy sitting on the bench mega Tony William Buckley fifty million bucks. That are like why is actual you know our guys you know whenever. Pain is just the some excuse after another he's heard doesn't the systematic decide that. You know I would say right now for an assignment this com. He's. He won't be Beck that day you know and I and I know it all depends on what you can get form. But you have to put this you can get light you know eighty cents on the dollar write these Ali okay here's. Out of here here's the other thing that I should've said to start this conversation. The Miami Heat in the way they would they would they run their business they won't allow him to sit on the bench being a Turk. So they wanna know how odds Abbott Dell deceived though they don't want him around. With the culture stuff and all that other things so gave WB a possibility whether to say you know what so what do you do. Jennifer and often basic real Jennifer somebody else's shoe perturbed. Contract I mean they they they only allowed Libya around if you if he's at his attitude is that bad. Idiots that they won't even. Darren I'm gonna deal with the perk and I don't blame him to do that with a guy it's about that had. Yeah somebody will take a chance of somebody will have a Arnold had contracts on ES that old that old slop out Foreman I don't know if they're gonna make it any better but yes that's that's will be on right now. Does that mean Amazon has. Most of the power here. I mean I guess that he had you know trade him to Sacramento and has them off by the union analysts he was their born like you. He's got his money like I believe this a sign off like what did you do well. I mean that's deceived this is what you don't know about Don and number this is what we don't know about a lot of stuff right it is does he really wanted to play does he really wanna be great. Does he really wanna be a bu I don't I don't know. That's the rescue were you run when you give guys guaranteed contracts or shall I still think everybody assumes it'll these guys love the game. No like a lot of guys are just good at it and make a lot of money don't want are no I agree with that I agree with the enemy and we love of the game down really wanna play at. They we saw that with Michael Agnew and Jonathan Martin and Wayne Simien and and we same guys who don't. Love the game your you just happen to be very good at them a little money you're so young age and you'll like it always say Hasan. Dishonest prove to you know through his journeys and through what it so to Dedham this contract. I mean to me are these shoulders you know he loves the gains in. Dedicate himself to the game and improve I remember whether he chooses to continue doing that. I remember in his final tuneup for Scott to say agency Brit I was just standing right right in front of them. Is that media day a couple of years ago thousand retired Johnson the Dow's down there team and I'm like man Tyler. Congratulations you got the big contracts. You made it through the deal league other geely and all those stuff all the stops and nobody did it chanting here you are man. That congratulations that I kind of just started the interview with I don't really happy for the guy right and he looked at me and he's like yeah that's great. But my goal is it was just to get a big contract. My goals to be a great player in league Michael's a live up to that contract my my goal is to getting another contract my goal is not a great career whom some guys you would say okay the finish line is what's. Hey I got fifty million guaranteed coming to me but I'm good. Other guys like he was like you policy fuels almost was. You don't people complain it was Contra melts funny but he was almost like. I was insulting him by saying hey you made to do now you can just chill right. You know on that is where you gotta look this is where you are right and I I just the united as a member of that everything about it and what's the mindset right. What's the mindset Perkins it's like everybody in life gives executive. The 500000 dollar office you know office job in the corner office on stuff. Is eagerness disagree joke right where you worked his butt off for Jeff or Jimmie I. Don't know how I act I don't think Tucson and it is a lost cause from the standpoint of a bomb he doesn't love the game or he's not willing to work I think he's on a bad spot. Mentally and system wise that. He's a guy who. He sees that he doesn't fit this system. And he sees it. They see does not doing any being to. Help him sick it's easy to selling him a son. Well I'll say that to mean Hearst Amazon's perception news. As he looks at him and say is we're not changing you have to change we're not meeting you have to wait you. I think that that's how he thinks it is wasn't and I think that's why we're in a bad way. But I do think it's a little unfair that they sign Emily change its seems to be changes little bit well they didn't know there's no Dell immediate right is no load against a little unfair to him there that's a there's nothing better communication if that's the that's the that's the case all right. We're gonna get to the 7 o'clock hour periods OSHA and around the corner but he still got about ten minutes or so to get in the 6 o'clock code word. For your opportunity to a thousand dollars in our WTF contest. That's 1003. Ya that's the words base who. So base rates evicted traders some Whiteside that could open up a lot of cap space for there you go all right Mary news outlets I takes a lot of caps or somebody texted him lost in space. Losses as he's basically yes he is basically TV show. 2000 was based on some debt limit it to that in my leverage almost double over in Tampa Bay are right across the street from mons Venus called the space Odyssey. Yeah right breeze to frequent that in the over in college there you've we mentioned. Kirk where is younger days used to go to club space Dahlia. A lot of space by the space travels around here via text based SP JC to seven to anyone doing right now you know when it. This time in anxious to be tomorrow morning at 7 AM was as a Romberg and amber we open up. The 7 o'clock hour or its headlines right here on seven I do take. McCain's made a of course isn't as the last season. Here at the eulogy here canes baseball right here on the ticket we're gonna tomorrow's game. Against Clemson at 7 o'clock as a team. Has this big run in the ACC tournament determine time they've won eleven games in a row we're gonna carry that game right here on to get where new our show we're gonna run your right up until. Whatever the pregame coverage starts depending on the and the the prior game but didn't play comes in and they won eleven straight. In this is going to be full self far they can take this thing in trying to get into the F. Into the NCAA tournament in gyms and Jim's final season Curtis super packed with you here. On 790 the ticket we're you gonna take you up until about 730 Joseph shattered gonna join us on the in about fifteen minutes is over and talk to Joseph about the dolphins OTA's course covers the NFL involves for the Palm Beach poll shows up there as those perk out there. Sort of to Joseph about everything but a lot about the quarterbacks ranked in hill and in following our coverage sure our show here we're gonna turn over to game five coverage. Of the Eastern Conference finals we got Boston and the cavaliers tonight. For you come and appear so we get to we a lot of busy things to get to. One other quick thing you this is your your. Outs tomorrow and Friday and Monday. And Monday and at some time here associates on Tuesday my parents Yemen we can have a NBA finals sets are yet. When you come back yeah we will have we will they'll be dealt within seven race if it goes so goes east is Saturday you're in game seven is Monday. In the west and west. Sort of a lot of things to catch up on my friend so we are men that's going to be a lot of fun so by the way very Jackson's going to be in the for you tomorrow in Maine he's going to be in many tomorrow Miami herald's going to be in on Friday and Josh Freeman is going to be able. A memorial at Monday's memorial they grow it is by the time this show comes on tomorrow. I will probably have consumed at least one water burger. I go to Texas they're gonna lumbered. Lot of other stuff I it. Got a good average thing boot. That's not the first but it will be old pro would be one of the first I'll probably take the water burger dome tomorrow ports spies around dinnertime through your make you hunger already here perk and I know I do I American food some Barbeque. Those are probably the three things are definitely much less sister she can sell it. Prohibit clearly Ireland Ireland home and do so this stuff there so we're gonna mission here but we'll throw forge ahead. As we always do here we got Joseph judge around the corner but let's let's get to 7 o'clock. Heads eyes. Oh. Your Miami Marlins are the New York Mets tonight first pitch is seventeen and read about ten minutes or so Marlins look. Just eleven halves games behind Atlanta in the you know least just nine games back in the wild card. Cap how long before there in striking distance of the Braves two weeks three weeks what are what are you what are you saying nobody drove away without the vision I would I would say that's sort of post up with everybody but the moral realism when nationals and there's the Phillies and Mets here but but yet there's how long before the Mets who have before the before the Marlins are within striking distance of the two weeks three weeks two years forty years swear what are you saying. Does win tonight mean you win another series they're the ego captain would win was able to talk one game a title it's an approach LA all right yes let's not microwave to go big picture was this just yet but did not just yet another great make any sweeping us. About physical guy and and their and their future prosperity. Right I don't know will will tabled it. Go into football. Quarterback Brian Taylor hill says he's not worried about his left knee and he's happy to be back on the field telling a made his comments today. During the second day of the dolphins three day old TA and the first time that Tim hill spoke since injuring his knee in August. Taylor hill survey injury he knew it was bad because he felt the need ship but he did know how bad it would be Taylor hill as you know had surgery to repair the knee. He's city's been cleared to do full football activities and he is no longer worried about taking the beats it. Underneath. Joseph shadow come up here in about ten minutes we'll talk more about that and by the way and his for every time you mention like a lot of burger. No hands. Pain in and out burger elect when we go out west side everyone ought axis once bettered that once but delegates today in a big you know what can write test right right like dale like they own stock in these companies are citing like. You know how do you go off Wada murderer over in and out burger and say that one's better this one's better. No looks alone yes about taco and you know rumble in the taco open you know it I mean come on that taco community their. Best best Mexican tech's next mass food in America. I don't know if I've had probably had taco Cabrera before. I've probably had them in my in my in my opportunities here but it just like silly images bomber go in and out burger and it's like golf while murders batter or. While the other places that are like you regional the regional ice plays right right right economic Donald's where it's everywhere right you know when then somebody we're there line Chilean open Cincinnati right everywhere whenever we get some of the big OK Mike Rhea that I don't like him they'll be good. Wrecked by the way you know her better they're listening. There's that there's no no I'm not a big you know the numbers that are. Anyway. Salem NS AO which which we were just only and are all right talking about Waterbury around her. Salem NFL NFL owners have unanimously approved a new National Anthem policy that requires players to stand if they are on the field during the anthem. But it also gives him the option to remain in the locker room if they prefer now. This policy was reached today or announced today yet the NFL owners' meetings in Atlanta. The policy subject's the team to a fine if a player or any other teen personnel do not stand for they and them. He guard Josh Richardson didn't make the NBA all defensive team which was announced today I say he was a minute kept saying there was a blatant snub. Shows a conspiracy against the Miami Heat it was a 00 jobs deaths there we go on like that I like I like these these escalators that is outs there's. I mean he struck it down like that. On the first team all defensive team Utah's Rudy go bear Philadelphia's Robert Covington Indiana's Victor Ole deep bow. Two guys from New Orleans Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday on the second team. Philadelphia's two well and be Golden State straight Mon green Boston's Al Horford San Antonio's is on to Murray Minnesota's Jimmy Butler. Bit of sobering news I guess to tell you about ex dolphins offensive lineman Richie in cart need dole. Is being held on. Involuntary psychiatric cold and he's basically been bay directed. In Delray Beach after an incident at a Boca Raton gym this morning now income Nino would free agent after being released by buffalo reportedly threw a tennis ball at a gym patron. Been through a dumb bill led him into Nino was reportedly rambling about the government and screened at command to get the bleep off my pro playground. Now in god Neal you'll remember was implicated in the Balkans bully scandal during the Tony thirteen season. It was around that time that he also smashed his own car with a baseball bat while living in Arizona. NBA tonight Cleveland at Boston at 830 it's game 5 of the Eastern Conference final that series tied at two games apiece. Last thing to tell you about NHL game seven to add your two favorite words in sport and sell that I toxic area there we go Washington at Tampa Bay Eastern Conference final that starts at eight bones. Are your headlines and I let's get to sued Joseph shattered total dolphins football it's that next here on 792 tickets.