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Thursday, May 24th

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Following ultimately Emmys are on 79 and six kids. No best of Dan and stewed today's so little extended coverage of Curtis and perk. And Oprah today it's made it's that time a year when attempting a little bit of vacation so we got Perry Jackson from the Miami Herald is going to be with us in studio. All afternoon long sugita pigs birds. Very brain on a variety of issues in four minutes by the way will give you the code word for your opportunity to win a thousand dollars. In our WTF. Contest. Very good afternoon Miley WTO means wind thousands free so get an idea of relegated here so I've heard yes when I believe rehearsed it's great to see a very it's always good to us to sit around and and chatted up here about sports we allow things going on here in South Florida busy afternoon. We had a busy night last night and into near a busy night this evening as well it's a job until. Cain's baseball as they try to keep their season alive and to their season afloat in Jim Morse is final campaign so we're gonna take you right up until. About McCain's baseball we're gonna couple guests lined up as well Tom D'Angelo from the Palm Beach post he's gonna join us we'll talk NBA in Miami Heat with him. As before you know it the season is going to wrap up. We of the finals in next week and then all of a sudden it's going to be a free fraud in the NBA in the Miami Heat are going to be again after so to speak trying to improve their rosters so while we got a lot of things to get to bear but you just came from dolphins cam and and that obviously has gotten going and that's another thing that's on everybody's mind. Well we couldn't watch practice today the dolphins are allowing us to watch practice only on Wednesday is generally during the spore we period couple of other days as well. And of course he can't get a good read about offensive line and defensive line play B can get may be some insight into skill positions. Odd but always the caution Curtis is don't overstate what you see inmate. Because last year we all were raving about Ryan Morgan a drew Morgan rather the receiver out of Arkansas. Who of course did not thing once training camp came along and it was on the practice squad all year now all being said we always have that hobby out before talking about those and yes couple things worth monitoring from yesterday. We saw a couple of nice throws from brought us Wyler and David they also even though. If they boost and help the probably don't went only four games there was still reason to think well may be brought us Weiler salvageable. I may be David fails could be competent back up. I obviously UN perk talked a lot about handily yesterday you look good yesterday threw the ball. As well as he did before the injury showed some mobility so I think you're looking at largely the same player he was before the knee injury not gonna know that for sure. Until 290 pound defensive lineman is chasing him right or or swift linebacker or blitzing corner what we saw yesterday was encouraging I like out. Double lives the rookie running back from Arizona State rang yesterday ran with sports so those were couple things that stood out and I guess the one last thing I'm sure you would perk touched on this. I'd Danny Amendola. Obviously knows how to get open and a guy. Who is. Hyper hyper serious about his craft where he's throwing his helmet when he makes a mistake you stripped of the ball yesterday as you guys know from Jalen Davis rookie corner from Utah State. I was so angry that he had to be console by three people. On the sideline not here here's my question real name is Jarvis Landry threw his alma. After something went wrong and practice is there a double standard here with some people say well with Landry it's unacceptable bullet in the dole it's. Right to a goes a lot one guy's got an attitude from the other guys just competitor in fiery right right now that's not how it goes you know when when the guy. Gave drain on green is screaming out the officials Horry has put his teammates he's passionate. The you know he's trying to rile his team up but if a son Whiteside does it or somebody like that with that is it all he's just being you know he's just being a jerk out there he's just trying to you know he's just trying to make all about himself. Yes I think it comes with a resume and the reputation they're so yes. Drivers Landry and I don't know will how this this picture has been painted. About Jarvis Landrieu on his way out that he was a bad guy. But it seems that's got to be the narrative but Danny Amendola you come from New England he's got championships. He's mr. practice guy he's going to give it all out there so yes I do think there is a double standard there. And I can tell it was Landry he actually was told during his dolphins tenure at his locker needs to be cleaner you can believe that so there was a lot of nitpicking with Landry. And I think the difference with Landry and am and dole as far as. How they show emotion is the fact with Landry it carried into games and a negative way what we're sub ahead Bunning in the buffalo game that probably sealed the state here. Couple other things real quickly from yesterday. I like to. How Isiah were to look he's a seventh round pick from Virginia Tech the receiver a year ago I think he's got a decent chance to beat out Leon Dick group pro would probably be their sixth receiver job. So that was encouraging. And even though the dolphins have made this rule that we cannot report who's with the first team right who's playing what position. I think we've already established that the dolphins have a set offensive line. And they're gonna ride with this group for a few months the only wanna could be in question is maybe Jessie Davis at right guard if he struggles in August Ted Larsen is really good may be a change there but the rest of their offensive line. In September barring injuries is what we saw yesterday I Kilgore sent her placing pounds seat. Josh sit at garden of course the 21 rounder to tackle console and James the dolphins believe strongly that that is a better line. In the line last year that featured bouncy. Andrew Mon bush trot I guess we'll know for sure come September. And if they firmly believe that that's going to be an upgrade. Eyes and that's one of the reason why they're going to be about our football team going into the season very Jackson Miami Herald is in with a no delegates are today and in the best of Stewart got they are off. Few if you're her listen to earlier obviously up. I'll recognize that it's 3 o'clock on the dot so let's get to. Your chance to win a thousand dollars and seven I needed to get a WTF. Contest that's a win in 2003. And the 3 o'clock code word. Is honey. Honey. Let's see we got honey badger Tehran Matthew Perry do you like honey on any any thing dishes or anything like that on. Peanut butters underage have a honey peanut butter and bananas I would go for that allows and Kaman right now with a honey peanut butter banana sandwich I would need it but I have no expectation he's gonna do that no because they IV gone by the time they got in here and opens allows him but I mean he's eager to pack it away a little bit just like I can't. To text the word honey text it to 72881. And you'll be registered. Tech's Tony HO NEY. 272 hated want to right now you don't win this time next chance to be in the top of the next hour at 4 o'clock. This is the national Honda's message and veterans may apply do not Texan drive get a big winner couple weeks ago here on the show so it can be done so text Connie and double re generate that word throughout the 3 o'clock hour the GNU work. New program four and five and six are we got we got a full showed they were gonna go right up to around 7 o'clock that would change baseball should be getting under way. In not in Dermot your take on Clemson with the voice of Miami Hurricanes Joe's again keep on the call we got a lot to get to Tom D'Angelo will talk NBA in Miami Heat was nearly in last night's. As we get the that's LeBron the cavs on the brink of elimination heading back to Cleveland tomorrow night's. Op I thought they are going to win that game I thought there'd be some carry over from Cleveland to Boston. But it just seems when your plane in distinctly different team when your playing in the in the home uniform. And the whole marina Bay Area it's it's it's just it's strange especially with Cleveland team. They got some new pieces but they got some experience or Tristan Thompson JR Smith and those guys were complete notional last night's. Right yeah I think the youth of Boston feeds off that crowd many we see Tatum and Jalen brown just more effective at home. In this post season but last night reinforce curse what was clear to everyone LeBron supporting cast is not good enough not George Hill. And JR Smith last night starting backcourt combined nine points combined two for eleven shooting from the field. Three turnovers three assists not nearly good enough. Their bench we've seen Larry Nance and Jordan Clarkson the two guys acquired in the Isiah Thomas straight we've seen them play some nights. Not play other nights last night they were largely ineffective Lance had some good moments. In the first half with four blocks played good defense early on. Wasn't a factor in the second half Clarkson shot three for ten. So basically it's a roster that limited around LeBron and love the two roster specialists. Were Kyle Korver for example can do one thing really well but isn't going to do much of anything else. And I found it interesting that the story line last night which Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson and others were harping on. Was LeBron is lack of energy now this obviously would be a very good game for anyone else 26 points ten boards five assists. But he seemed to EU slightly less engaged in the elite LeBron we normally see in August some one point 26 turnovers as one area where obviously didn't play well. I think. I expect him to come out with one of those big LeBron James and be more aggressive shooting the basketball and he really cool. Did not do that they want to settle and get your boss your credit for that are their defense and they're switching their run if you guys out of blood. Yes and then you know you at the end there you see him chug and that water mean housed them another bite me after a long way to drink and has come and just coming home in just. I just chug a whole thing a Gatorade. I zeal of retired I mean this guy I expect them to come I think your win game six I think warriors in game seven here vary but there was a stretch there. It was about seven and a half minutes ago he minutes ago and you're there were down about thirteen. And you're okay if this is it that they need to make a run here either way they're going about your hitting me in LeBron took his man off the dribble. Off three straight possessions. And he'd kick did twice to joining Clarkson who missed three other the other one might have been Kevin Love who missed a three. And it's just what do you want the guy to do could he's going to make the correct basketball player that's won the upper wrecked about LeBron is he's not mean. He's not hogging the ball or he's not going to take a bad shot for the most part. So he draws the double team he kicks it to a wide open guy and it's just brick after brick after brick and you're just think in the why I want you wonder what's going through his mind where. Yet man I had Ray Allen in their one point you know hit that shot right tiger carrier ring sitting there. Hitting that shot and it just seemed like he had there was nothing there was nothing there for Cleveland to just kinda help him out. And what my biggest concern is going into the series was. For them to beat Boston. LeBron needed to be great for four games. And could he be great for four games and he was great in game two but they ultimately lost a game. And I'm not convincing even if he's great in game seven they would win game send Donald doesn't see the F one a schism of the Celtics especially during home games last night you saw how Tatum was pointing LeBron defensively stole the ball up dunks on the other end. I mean there there as well as of them obviously should carry over to the road Leo we see it manifest itself more when the Celtics are on. Jalen brown Tatum rosier just more effective at all. Rosie was only three for fifteen last night but six assists. Impacts the game defensively I think he's been one of the stories of this post season we now know the terror rosier as a starting point guard and one other guy want to mention curse. Marcus Morse. He's had a really underrated post season got under the skin of Boston a bug of opposing players as we saw last night when he got into a with Nance a little bit. But you look at what Boston's getting from Marcus Morris for fortified million a year compared to what the heat gets from James Johnson. At twelve to fifteen million a year you can't tell me that there's an appreciable difference between those two players now some might take James Johnson because of the versatility in the defense. But you see there with app allocation. Now that's an example. Of Boston having the benefit of a guy whose contract was signed with Phoenix in 2014 before the cap exploded while we he had to pay James Johnson. These new prices so it's a reflection. Of the spike in the capsule that Jimmy suburban example a Boston gets a similar player for 13 of the price than what the heat get. And mark his horse was just fourteen now is fourteen but let's very effective this policies yeah. Ultimately our guys that you you know has bounced around a little bit aliens in Boston and embroideries and he kind of he kind of gets it going there but you're right I mean that's. I didn't think he'd do you know you'd be able to defend LeBron the way he hasn't LeBron gonna get his and we know that but he's been done he's done a great job. And just at least made him work at times. Two to get a good shot art let's get to 3 o'clock headline. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX HD true there. Miramar Florida. We got a game five tonight outlets have to be Golden State and Houston at 9 o'clock Steve Kirk today at shootaround said it Klay Thompson. Expects him to play Andre Iguodala is going to be a game time decision however both players. Did participate. In a shoot around that series is tied at two games apiece. And other gonna go on just after 9 o'clock from Houston has very and I just talked about a game of six will be in Cleveland tomorrow night with Boston having a three inch to two. Advantage in the Eastern Conference finals after 9683. Victory last night. In the Boston we got hurt in baseball this evening as the game number two. In the ACC tournament. It'll get drawn them scheduled to be at 645 might get pushed back but just a little bit mobile we'll have baseball Korea as a change will take on the Clemson both teams are one and oh. In the tournament Marlins are off today we'll take on the nationals is welcome the Monster Park to a horrible weekend set tomorrow night moral booster to a three from the Mets. And we have our Stanley Cup finals after Washington. Beat Tampa Bay last going to be the Washington Capitals and the Las Vegas golden knights are lord Stanley's cup that series' most. Are on Monday and those are your headlines. You know what's so that to me last night the point you raised right before the headlines Powell Boston's able to throw five or six guys against LeBron and be generally effective now obviously. You know being effective against LeBron means holding him to around 20/20 five point 26 turnovers but last night. We saw Marcus Moore says you mentioned effective against them we sought to hate them being able to run them that his size and length and forcing a a turnover. We we've seen even smaller players be able to switch and be effective against them. I it's just been incredible to me how what Boston Zabel do with their youth that's what Annapolis is an. Really hasn't carried over to the road in this postseason because you wonder how can they be undefeated at home in the playoffs but yet it has not carried over. To the road unlike you I wouldn't expect it to carry over Friday I think the series is going seven Woolsey game seven on Sunday night. And it's funny LeBron last night if you saw the post game he was asked about fatigue and he admitted well may be. A little bit but then. One another reporter asked him later he said you were fatigued he said no I didn't say I was fatigued so if he was reluctant to admit that. But you wonder if they loose Friday which neither of us expects. What is the perfect situation for him out there in free agency the one thing to me that could get him back to Cleveland. Is a lack of any other great spot for me to be because that he goes to Houston. Obviously. Eat you know their lack of cap space that would be a challenge you got to play for less no one's even talked about the crazy notion of them going to Golden State which almost seems unfathomable. Ot delete has been mentioned but I don't know from a a living perspective of where he wants Tina's family to live why that would. You know be greatly appealing to so what's the ideal spot to you. It gets a lot of Cleveland does everyone can say he's miserable in Cleveland they're not gonna win anymore at least one substantively with him wears a perfect spot. On the nerves when I'm in there Islam Varian and and that's the problem mean you look at that you look at his career arc in his career track. Is there's always been a story behind it there's always been a marketing marketing campaign behind. You know he goes to Miami OK he's going to sub preaches playing would Dwyane is may have perk with Chris Bosh needs to win a championship he accomplishes that he goes back to Cleveland. And you know you need whoop my and it was four years of college so you know I'm come back to Cleveland. I'm gonna deliver them a championship Pete he makes good on that it was you all the whole I'm going back home and that whole marketing deal. I don't know other than maybe here in LA maybe he plays though the Hollywood movie. You know wants to be the the billionaire tycoon mega mobile maybe plays that card. Maybe he goes to Houston plays with a one of his best friends Chris Paul. But I don't see a perfect scenario. Where it goes all that makes a lot of sense I I I really don't so I mean if it's about championships. If it's about rings and trying to catch no magic or Kobe your Michael. May be I guess he would say in the east would you not yet maybe Philly align yourself with two young guys that are emerging. Other than that I I don't see a scenario I mean you can basically wiped out when he cities right away in this whole deal rights. And you think about Western Conference teams that he could go to where he would even be favored to make the Western Conference finals next year. Ahead of Houston gold does that mean maybe if he went to you tell which is not gonna happen right he's not gonna Salt Lake City that's OK you can make a case there. Maybe New Orleans obviously would Anthony Davis playing alongside. But even in that case you could not go into next say season saying the bronze team will be to well runner make the Western Conference final and that's why his options out west would seem so limited. If he wants to assure himself of going deep into Posey. Here's the other thing that I forgot to mention very he's gonna bring somebody with him. He's good weather is Paul George he's going to bring somebody with him if it's not Golden State or Houston which is already stacked for the most part. And maybe Philly he's going to recruit somebody whether it's takeaway you don't like San Antonio come play with me he's going to recruit and get somebody to go with them if it's. A New Orleans reverts all in LA her one of those one of those teams he's going to bring somebody with them kind of like when he brought me when it came down here Miami he knew bosh was coming along for the ride as well so. I think that's also that's also in play but the problem with that would be capped it cleared up his remember for the lakers to a 42 Max players need to somehow find to take a wall gang which is going to be very difficult. So even the idea LeBron and Paul George with the most of the lakers returning team. Always Randall's are stricter region and not even church that would be enough to get aid to Western Conference finals your buddies our team better. Then Houston. If it if we say right now the Golden State obviously their 22 in the western finals it was a Golden State's one Houston to does LeBron called Jorge Alonso ball Kyle Kuchma is that Laker team pressing Houston for second best in the top. I think there they're on they're on the level with Houston broke a comedy there's Google stay out of their mobile choosing Chris Paul be a year older. And then they Hughes has got their own problems cap wise they got some guys some some bad contracts and on their bench. The Dini to her kind of figure out there are so it. You look at what day Billy please having guys the other night and snow was Gerald Green. Almost Gerald Green yellow people go grain are we got a lot more to get to hear on the show very Jackson is in with a all afternoon. I we're you to a lot of different things with suburb coming up next we'll talk more MBA and specifically the Miami Heat you got a report resale Hassan Whiteside. We're gonna talk to Tom De'Angelo from the Palm Beach post all that coming up next radio 790 minutes ago. Back here on the ticket. And we'll extended. Birds and Curtis and perfect Jackson isn't workers are very from the Miami Herald notes and still. The best stuff they are off today seven added that it's your home. For the NBA conference finals tomorrow night. We got game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics and cavaliers pre games at 730 to Bob's at 830 right here names of and I mean after immoral war. Three HD two the ticket. Let's head out of the run fuels and owls there's news source just line their choice of me on TV ads were. All our guests are joined at. But I and as promised we talked to our main man from the Palm Beach post covers the MBA in your Miami Heat Tom D'Angelo as those Tom how you feel today. A Broadway play doing good there is excited to it's chatted up with a here. And now we are just talking about game five last night Celtics in the India and the cavaliers. What what was your big got your big take away as Boston continues to be undefeated at home. And really had no trouble with Cleveland last night. They're the reason that stand out can be number one I was shocked to see LeBron James gap in the second quarter. We haven't seen that he raised his hand. To come out with about four minutes to go in the second quarter that's wonderful about the guys ounces still recognize that yes outs came back in the bottom minutes ago. But he would. He was get passed in and not sit in the second quarter. That's going to be concerning him this guy has. I'm not surprised considering the weight it's guys had on his shoulders in the in the minutes he's played in his career by. You know maybe stock I mean maybe that you know what I know for sure we will never see the project play 82 regular. That's that's notable one. Number two. I think the cavaliers would have been it would be better team has been making trade. I'm almost good that you Dwyane Wade the way it. When will include a sovereign a Philadelphia you've missed a pitched to took to regain an a seven game series public in the EJ Crowder. And these guys leave these guys that got just a bunch. You know it's a mixture of guys that. I'm not sure. Any of them and you know again and I'm gonna be going to be okay players. How much of an out in the future and nearly about these guys they could hear a lot better. We've enjoyed Clark and them Larry mantle of the world I mean they really haven't done a whole lot. Remember three of the vote were held today gets gored and the and finished third and that rookie year vote and voting. I'll be part of general manager who would not take decent Qaeda credit cards in the aura Donovan Mitchell right now. Tom I'm with the I think that. Cleveland clearly would have been better day camp that roster intact one reason is Rodney hood a guy who actually was it legitimate NBA player new job but as played sparingly in the series it's hard to figure what they're doing with him now with the Golden State Houston series how remarkable was it as your on your couch. Odd couple nights ago watching Golden State scored twelve points in the fourth quarter watching Houston defend the way they did to. And could we possibly see this again for two more games. I don't know ball I don't know Barry but I was amazed seeing that brought the rockets won a game what would you trust in each. It is yeah the thing is a couple things that particulate matter is number ones. You know blows hard in policy numbers they played they really didn't quite well to grab. Harden had a great first half Paul Chris Paul started coming in this government tweeting that that's. The rockets need Chris Paul to show up when they were due by double digits early and boy did he ever the second half. And that one of the game but they wouldn't play. You yelled at me and Hancock Hardin and Paul good to get those two. If those two guys can get it together for two games. And he held and then not live but they are two more games of the and the wars or deep trouble and uptight over the littlest. It is if it was strange to see even some of these players shying away Kevin Durant did not taken a shot the last three minutes of give it up that equality have been in some of those shots they would get in the fourth quarter. And back twelve point lead. In the fourth quarter and the gang that are basically two meetings when that game that game they would want and that they would of won a title. Because the winner this year is gonna win the championship and they win that game they win this series it completely and the title on the line in my mind. And they in the and they gave it up so while I still think that when the series. Because of Mercury used it to different like that again. But if they do so look out there like the rockets might be plant will be over the rockets my when the generic championship series. Tom D'Angelo is whether you valmont tourette Tom the Agile forty fours again just how would you handicap the series both series right now Tom do you still holding its gonna be. You observe a Golden State poll what do you make on in the eastern side and. I pick I pick the competence Dixon Goldman's been in a pickle they privacy I actually I I wouldn't I I said the opposite which is seven Golden State five or six social life for both. Now I'm not sure. About shortstop Eckstein showed up on any comply. If I say anything if he gets of anybody and edit you don't win tomorrow night it's a total gas. Dodd just you get the kind of which is the Celtics can kind of reverse this trend of the way they played these first two games it. You know it that they play the way they've been playing on the road and we will play the way to play at all but at all except. And I I don't think the worry is when this and I think the warriors actually win tonight when this six. You don't let you know that the but but now. I I I am more. You know probably have a Likud leader become. More confident that the warriors and believe it or not but the bush is gonna win that series. The but I still pretty common in the southern gonna win that series not sure it's gonna be tomorrow. Now all the permutations we could see Tom in the finals in past years ever won would have said Golden State we weren't would be the most compelling not sure that's the case now seeing as much of Cleveland's struggling so of the possible permutations for finals matchup which she would be the most interesting and competitive. Used democracy. I think a big wind gusts sixty sevens and I think gold they play anybody they went in five or six. I think he's been bought it would be removed for a really at C series that would that would be much longer than than Golden State plainly the creep. Tom I'll legacy thoughts always go quality of the Miami needs and Osama Whiteside and obviously a berries got some information on that saw around you guys this kind of get after it here. And what what do you make of his latest saga social time. Post and where do you think this is all headed. Could you imagine burying the this that Google looks similar offices yesterday ma whatever it was two days actually chip out when they got back. Incredible and Hasan knew what he was doing right dump telling us is clearly a decision. To jab them write what yet one more tweeted them. And Allen always shocked it took them to make that. And not basketball not look at the back when I wonder delicate and try twelfth cracked. It. I don't get it I just don't get the immaturity. I don't understand how he has not gotten their message yet. And it is that they may finally get sick of it wouldn't find the man and a march early April after that after that. But still from that point on it when you know week after being greedy and the comment about the coach wants in the corner set in your great. And then up the game by you know the question. In the course it was about the team and turned towards south I should play more RB. I don't that they would of come to the point at. I wouldn't for the top seed who think they're not going to get my way. They they don't want a salvage something from the contract it still yet but because realistic and they got as they got a clearly that this. Last season not this 1617 feet and they'll take back built right at this point they'll pick seventeen points. And fourteen. Rebounds to lead the league in heartbeat. A year ago you would have that they want war but now they'll think that the minute. But I don't even know but I don't know that you get that I think they give away I think he didn't do everything they possibly can't get work. And knob and that means taking on a bad contract. But you know maybe even up where you are younger play it it'd be happy give up bam or court got a justice they get. Yeah but but for him. To get nothing we can they would do it for him alone dystrophy capsaicin in you know get stage and take back a one year Kirk's military opened a white I would straight up. I think that you that of the of the journal president I have seen the video you know alive yeah I mean I'll kind of player populate contract. That is I guess just how low do they wanna go what if you wanna go to Leah. You know. Yeah it did like a who's who go to guy or a quick look but too they wanna go to that. You know but there you know I is what he just how far down they wanna go. To get something to you know get rid of him and get a cut and I hadn't picked up with a career the most that's a really good player of the Stephen Adams has years left you know you still do that that that extra year. Because he'd be getting something of value in return so I don't know I'd I've that we think are you think that. And any means possible. Tom and largely with the on this and we both supported the heat's going to try to trade him but I would draw the line at taking on a mediocre player who has three years left on his contract but I think yeah. Yeah I'd say a battle in the contract will be war. I think you'll pick up another bad contract but the knock him exceed two years in a sawed off. Now how about to an average player player whose average at best less similar license contractor may be a little less like Alex led the Phoenix someone who would be. A serviceable backup center in the navy second round pick which is essentially a throw away looked. Would you even go to the levels of taking that bat which clearly is not value for his son if you just look at the suns statistically. But only to be rating yourself of that headache so I guess how local. In terms of quality do you go in terms of what you deal with Scott for. Yeah exactly where and how would you know just at what point does that say okay this is actually we're gonna. We're gonna live with this and try to turn this around. I don't know I don't know how it's. I just don't know how discussed in the article that he guests this time at the time at the time we know it. It Hasan. It would have got to anywhere near this. Is even after the incident which was fine. If he just played it could each soldier and you know say I understand the play out and understand these matchups but it wouldn't get a series of you know I feel that based anything just play the good soldier it would come to this. I guess I don't know what they've had enough. Contact I can go to get Riley did they ever have that conversation. That he was gonna try to talk to. Pat America that are seasoned. But just about everything that went on. It in at the end of the second half of the season culminating with the playoffs. I don't know kind of caught what kind of conversations that had. That cap that would try to do this and dimension I I kind of doubt it. I mean the fact is that got him in a woman's abducted. I'd I give them the benefit of doubt and I don't know what you would crack I would think it would the W did. I think that's that's probably gonna come if they find they can't move from the summer that I think. In September for its pretty clear they can't by the anchor then you bring the three of them and to a room and Riley crisis at ten. I had one more forty Tom DeMarcus Cousins obviously guy out there that's coming off major injury. Torn Achilles awfully difficult for big man to necessarily come back as effective with that sometimes you can't sometimes he can't what is he worse if you're the heat would you pursue them. He wants Max monies likely not gonna get that that's thirty to forty million over the length of the five year contract how aggressively would you pursue that if your Miami. Would you give him a signed contract I would not our beat. I would Julia idols that tells you well yes yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah what's your deal. Fiat now and of course you don't have to be assignment train gotten pelicans have yet to do that probably. Chris Simon's Simon trade up but did they want asylum there it would have David so what they creek pilot confident about. You know and it's been a look at a lesser salary because that could. That could work if you if you start somewhere around in the mid twenty's you don't come Italian in nineteen. Yes I would absolutely take a chance on him and invest in a special equipment. Being able to another act that got to do this. I don't know that do this without signs on the roster I don't think can be that but it is this man. Involving enslavement of the and they and I sign and trade what are we waiver with the ball straight up. I don't think it hesitate for a second to do that. Tom we always appreciate you spent little time with us it's we thank you very much Tom and and we'll talk to assume when those things are teaming up again no pardon pardon the pun there thank you Tom. Tom De'Angelo from the bomb explosion and foam on Twitter. Tom De'Angelo 44 very Jackson is that what does the Miami Herald we go to bonus coverage you know David still. As they are off today subtle best of India in the 3 o'clock hour if you miss the 3 o'clock code were little comeback and and we'll give you that one talk about your report amounts on Whiteside and is is it. Isn't you mentioned the idea Saddam but is it beyond that is it is this thing. On salvageable if your son Whiteside in the Miami Heat also release in the last hour or the all NBA teams in the go first second third team while that Korea. As we we continue on here on 79 minutes ago. There's no need. We've nightclubs and you know don't. You'll vitamins don't. Side and if you're unfamiliar. With the story retired I would Tom D'Angelo we will it's. And catch up to date on what's going on in he nation on the radio dot com is the official home of seven wanted to to download it today to listen it was any time. Anywhere. Looks that a version bonus coverage of Curtis and perk no perk today perks up the next few days. Perry Jackson has some of those Malia of the Miami Herald and there's no rest for the weary as even during the commercial breaks her Jackson's. Putting information out there putting information out there ringgit to all the information that you have bearing but only get the info that you have on Osama Whiteside and pays social media postings and very you've been in this business for over twenty years. And win Twitter and Inkster Graham and some of these things came along a sports did you ever think this is Powell. Trades would go down this is how players in front offices would would be going back and forth. He's Libya guy sitting from his locker ripping so ripping a culture ripping a general manager now it's this passive aggressive. Media post and it seems to be as effective as as as anything ever has been. And you know what's funny one more thing I'd add to that would be the players Tribune a new web site. That has been uses a vehicle by several players to announce the retirement or to announce major news so that is pretty stunning. Now with Whiteside curse even before yesterday there was strong sentiment inside the heat to move on government to trade in this offseason. There are a lot of key people in the organization who have had it with him. Who want to move on to who don't even. Even care how much they get in return just wanting to our waist and his frustration has built. Over the last several months for a couple of reasons one obviously is then. Is public complaints the constant writes about playing time of which there Ben at least a half dozen. Over the past few months but the other issue is. A subbing it's clear for everyone to see which is back the you don't know what you're getting on a night to night basis some nights he's engaged some nights he's not. But also even on nights that he's engaged. He doesn't necessarily do things the way the coaching staff wants him to do it. And teammates for that matter. Setting picks where he's supposed to be on the court at a particular time they're just too many mental errors too many things it exasperated coaching staff. For several key members of this organization. To wanna go forward with the so the impression I've been given is that Pat Riley will look to try to find trade partner. What's unclear though obviously everyone is will they succeed because you're talking about a guy with 2427. Million left on his contract. Close 28 that last year. You're talking about players coming off his worst season in three years but partly byproduct of is minutes being down from 32 against 25 began. And the other thing it's going to be an impediment is the fact that all of the maturity issues that we thought were behind his son. Are reared their ugly head again this year so other GMs are aware of that they're gonna say to themselves to Y one a deal with a guy who's a knuckle it at least some would certainly call on that. Now one question to me on that topic as well is. If you had someone who complains. About playing 25 minutes a game or that general manager say to himself okay. Why wanna get my coach to player is gonna voiced displeasure publicly. 32 minutes tonight. So that's why I think. It's gonna be challenging to move them but if anyone can Riley in a deal spurred at least any from a cap standpoint. Have a good chance as anybody. So I so I think an aggressive attempt will be made to move on odd couple things stand out to me on this story. Curtis won as the fact that at this point. It appears as though the sun is just messing with the heat because it took effort yesterday. Earlier this week to film a video and shooting the jump shot and saying there's a difference between being able to make it. And being allowed to and it's it's a conscious decision. After filming it to put it on social media on minister grants are at this point it's almost like he's just messing with the heat and daring them to trade him. Which surprises me because I know he likes living in south Clark he's clearly unhappy with his role here both minutes and his role in the offense. But he generally likes living in south large that's why I'm surprised it's got to this point where his son is almost doing things to try to aggravate the heat more. I do the one other point I was gonna make was not only is the son frustrated. Without coaches have handled and obviously specially Spoelstra playing in limited minutes but I think some of his anger. Is tort Pat Riley as well the reason I say that is that's I remember having conversational than in January talking about how he's dealing with playing lights. Any said to me two or three times he said this is what the GM here wanted to. And I said what do you mean any so when they signed a political when they drafted bam road this is what they wanted they wanted more big men. And a couple times this year make comments about having a teen pulled senators and big meant so I think he's resentful even though we would never admit this publicly obviously I think he's resentful both. Spoelstra and Riley for different reasons Riley. For emphasizing. The acquisition of more bigs and Spoelstra obviously for cutting his minutes from 32 to twenty by the game and not playing in. Late in close games can you in your minds and I've gone back and forth on this. Can you justify his minutes being down as dramatically as. It was this I can't I can't I think some of it is is I think so it was going to be an ounce ball in this regard is. I understand of the problem with the Sonos was her all the time this year now the problem so it's both jobless who is to win games no matter what he's looking at that one night. Two and a half hours. Against an opponent how do I win a game. I don't care about long term short her I just wanna win this game and get us into the playoffs so if the suns got to sit. If facades not right if he does well one where his knee brace or does. I am a deal with that I'm just gonna put the best final to help doubles win that when the scale I think spoke. Had that that that mindset and I have no problem with debt. But I think along the way something had to be. I think conveyed to us on Whiteside what was going on here he was so in and out of the lineup. And I don't think they and she Ottawa who Udonis so relation to pull this is what's happening here and you might not play every night you might play seventeen minutes in my latest. But no matter what you have to play hard. And I do think there was something lost in there especially that stretch where he miss what he missed like nine or ten straight game rejection played very well. It seemed like a big change how they wanted to play offensively during that time Osama was out. As expulsion just wanted to ride that as long as he could and obviously your son was not a big part of that equation. And he didn't really understand that's I've put it. A little bit because he is a talented player he is a good player there's a recently signed him to 98 million dollar contract he thought he could help them. So it's not like all of a sudden he forgot how to play the united thing. The injuries. And then everything just kind of piled on after that's. You know the point you raised about should there be more communication I think that did happen. They had a bunch of private conversations on the shuttle there and Whiteside in fact after I tweed one of them someone tweeted nobody's doing it with as many chats rocky start as the solid say nobody's doing it would blacks and whites agree that's so they had a conversation the all star break in the sun for awhile. Was appeased by that he asked Spoelstra can you allow me to play more through mistakes going yanking after I do one thing wrong and for timed Spoelstra did that. Then after awhile there were so many nights were Whiteside was not at his best though not doing the right thing and as you get closer to the end of the season. Obviously winning which is always a priority becomes even yourself and you're not gonna let things slide and if you think you're have a greater chance of winning a game without a bye don't know when nick you do. So I think they've had enough conversations. Each side Spoelstra Whiteside know how the other one deals but even with the communication at that level it doesn't mean they're going to agree I think there's a fundamental disagreement. In how they view. What his role should be Spoelstra views Whiteside. As one of nine rotation players not anyone deserving of more special treatment and Kenny old Kelly a limit or ban alibi were virtually anyone else in his rotation. Whiteside views himself as a superstar upper Echelon NBA senator should be playing 35 to forty minutes a game. And also just as importantly Curtis in Whiteside might. He believes he should be a focal point of the offense which is simply not going to happen. With the dribble handoff offense that Spoelstra has an even if Spoelstra accommodated his offense more toward Whiteside. I'm not sure we've seen enough growth and polish and white sides' weapons of game to be convinced that he could be a 20/20 five began to maybe could but to me I don't have enough body of work. To say that conclusively. I I had no problems to some Whiteside thinking that way the problem with the saudis he doesn't bring it every single night. So that that's the problem that's where the worst ball shall put him okay yeah you Monica play 35 minutes we're gonna we're when you're a loaf and those minutes users on the bench. How when and argue back on defense during into the wrong things on our rotation so I do think he idle promise on. Wanting that responsibility. But I don't think he he can handle that responsibility. And why should coaches ever have to ask her effort right when is that ever an issue here with this franchise. Beyond his son it's not right and that's why I don't think he can work out here and yes per yesterday is this beyond repair. I wouldn't go that far but I would say you're awfully close to that point. Where it's clear that both parties would be better with a fresh start but he can't completely close the door because you don't know you're gonna be able find a taker police. Auto market as a right now and using the market isn't isn't very good. Barry Jackson is it when this all afternoon. We got a lot more to get to if you miss a 3 o'clock code word it is honey. Honey age ON EU wide takes money to 72881. We have the 4 o'clock hour we'll give you the 4 o'clock code word for your opportunity to win a thousand dollars. In our 790 the ticket at WT. Ask. That's win thousands Rabe very contests you can do it when a 1000 bucks to 3 o'clock code words about ten minutes again and is honey we come back Bogut to headlines that we are a lot more to get to all NBA teams throughout all Sharon had a two Cleveland. And and chat up there without those dumb of the covers team up there Chris. The door Andrea his thoughts on on the game last night. Is this is this the break is of elimination for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers as they head back to a house for game six tomorrow night hit the 4 o'clock hour on the other side right here on 79 to take. Plummet up against the 4 o'clock hour here on seven not that ticket courtesy of perk back with you here Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is in with us. In for Chris Perkins a legendary coach of the kid's baseball team Jim Morrison is is in his last season at the UN you and your team's baseball right here on the ticket. Including the team's run and he sees you turn their play tonight against Clemson. It's at 7 o'clock is when it's scheduled Wear it to you right up until baseball here so it might be a little bit later on after seven maybe 715. As the complete some of the early game but we're gonna carry that game. Right here on the ticket as they try to keep their season alive as the they beat to Notre Dame in the night a plea comes in tonight will be Notre Dame yesterday. 21 to four. You know if they went and I know we don't talk a lot about you a baseball player if they went for eight games under 500 and Jim Morrison's last season. To making the college World Series that would be a storybook a story as I can ever remember and our market right Hollywood. I wouldn't put it on par with rallying in the 2006. NBA finals is because of the magnitude. The importance of UN base but I put the top three in terms of someone coming from all Lodz. Two two win because remember morris' final season UN will play was gonna be disaster they climbed over 500 if they win this ACC tournament there's still a long way to go. They know what they will lease make a regional have a chance again on our. They won eleven baseball games and are amazing and nearly won eleven straight in your enemies. They've been some good teams along the way so be on the call this evening and will keep up today as we move for. You'll further on in the afternoon. On on the exact game time but we're gonna run you right up until cain's baseball here on 79 to take it were approaching 4 o'clock on the dot. And that means 790 the ticket WTF. Contest so let's get the a 4 o'clock code word. Out there for your chance to take home 8000 dollars here on 79 in figured the text text the word of old. Old how pro reburied with you in this afternoon olds. Texas is 72881. Or you're old Barry covering sports it's over twenty years now. Are you a little packet to you and I get what gets a little tiresome I enjoy going out to a routier's. But you know in sports media were in the business of hope trafficking yes so you tell people what's going on in OTAs but you know in the back of your mind that this is largely irrelevant and the undrafted receiver who looks really good in shorts. Right against the defensive back a veteran player who might not be entirely engaged. That really is not gonna tell you a whole lot of that processor does get a little tiresome which makes me feel maybe a little little. Well yeah but I mean the as the seasons change and we know where all the skin is going eventually. When the first day of training camp pits I mean it's like it's like the first day you're you're covered sports Aminu gadget yet. You know the first tee gamer would have you. I think Jennifer for a lot of us it's certainly up it never gets old around here to tax old that saw all LG. OLD to seven to edit want to right now if you don't win this time next year's ago the top of the next hour. This is a national contest the message of veterans may apply do not. Text and drive will reiterate to that word throughout the 0:4 o'clock area of the entire 4 o'clock hour text that word into register in the Wii remote code word of 5 o'clock. And at 6 o'clock as well. Well we were talking about Whiteside last hour and you look at teams that could be possible partners. Milwaukee could have been a few months ago but the problem now is the player who's been tied to the heat most in Whiteside trade talks. Is Jabari Parker is a restricted free agent. So that would make it very difficult to pull off sign and trade and the reason would be. If you if a guy signs and offer sheet he cannot be traded to that team that he signed with as part of sign trait so you could. Do trade but it could not be done from signing an offer sheet in addition someone's going to pay Jabari Parker probably a lot more money than he would want to pay him. So that natural trade that people bandied about a few months ago Jabbar Parker and John Henson. For Whiteside which I think that he would do now and an instinctive is not realistic now. Because you have Jabari Parker's restricted free agent. Another team that's been linked to Whiteside Dallas they obviously pursued him as to Portland when he was a breach in two years ago there was a report in the athletic. In the last few days at dallas' priority for big man. Is a free agent market DeMarcus Cousins will be what they're mostly I Julius Randall's bars adding. Power forward a lakers restricted free agent DI Andre Jordan is another target of their residents of Dallas it's one of those he can take them out the next. Even though Portland pursue Whiteside a couple of years ago I can't see any scenario where they would offer CJ McCollum. And I was told the McCollum was off limits to anybody trade deadline. Now obviously passed word to months or who was swept by New Orleans in the first round of the playoffs. But even so it Portland's gonna move McCollum they're not doing it for Whiteside so that need to be talking about a package a bad contracts right. I mean more heart closer my nose Meyers Leonard. Evan Turner I'm not sure that that would hold great appeal to the heat. I it. It could the clippers get in the next if they lose Jordan and free agency I could Cleveland even get in the mix of LeBron leads. So there are few teams out there that would be interesting but no clear cut logical team at this point. Funny you mention Cleveland bearing and that leads us into this hour's here's the thing. Well there are on the brink of elimination up enough a Brinkley my were by the way were talked to Chris for dork. Who was who's up in Cleveland and does a great job on that 92 point three the fan and cavs NBA reporter he's gonna join us here. In about oh about twenty minutes with the cavaliers one loss away from being eliminated. That gets us to LeBron James in his future and maybe the biggest domino to fall in any sort of freeagent. Trade scenarios that are gonna take place here once the season. Curse now that's still forty minutes away from that happening question is is Cleveland done in this series. Boston hold home court once again undefeated on the parquet this post season but LeBron James last night to not have one of his better performances just one of six from three. 26 points ten rebounds five assists but he turned it over six times and clearly we talked to Tom the Angela earlier look like he was gassed. In early on in that time and that ball game and at the same narrative seems to repeat itself once again got little help Kevin Love. Was the only other player in double figures and he did most of his scoring early in the game they got nothing out of the three starters. The other three starters interest in Thompson. By George Hill or the JR Smith now going back to Cleveland some of the role players fill them more comfortable. In his baskets signaled a bigger perhaps are we headed for game seven oral tomorrow night be the end of LeBron James in Cleveland as we know it's. And if that is the case that that's going to set off all sorts of ancillary possibilities. Around the MBA has very just laid out a few and that's the thing brought to budge on nerds their DJI store. In win would enjoy nerds in amateur and pine crest on overdrawn nerds dot com the South Florida's. Hi in the sky. Certainly bury you with say he is the the biggest I would say domino. As if he was quote unquote available on the free agent market. And then now however other teams think they haven't in on him we talked about it earlier. There's no direct passed for him to go anywhere. Arm although all. When you were covering it there was an eight years ago now. Who would've thought Miami would be it would have been a destination. For LeBron James when it was what when it was all said and done so. I find it hard to believe. Unless there's just not nuclear option to maybe want to sign another one year deal with a one year option. And just see if somebody emerges next offseason we look at this roster. And I'm I'm I'm kinda leaning towards what Tom the Angelo. Said to us earlier they were better off just. Keeping that group and attack without would Dwyane Wade and some of those other guys. Because he's getting clearly no help here in this team is certainly not a championship contender. Right and the for your body of work we're gonna see from LeBron. Is gonna end up failing to what he did in the four years with Miami's clearly are not gonna win a second championship this year and had. It's run a finals. I is probably are going and Boston can preserve home court and winning game seven even if they lose tomorrow night. Here's another scenario for LeBron. And we talked in the first hour about OK where's the ideal spot he could go. We determined I'm glad you and I determine as we can convey this to LeBron yes there's no ideal spot clearly in the Western Conference and he's not been enjoying. And already loaded used in the Golden State team there's not another team where he would end her next season. As a favor to even make the Western Conference final start in addition in the east you're looking realistically is still adelphia the question is does is family wanna move there. And there was a report that he's at least intrigued enough. By Philadelphia that considerate but. Is no clear cut ideal appealing scenario emerges the warm. His best course could be going into Dan Gilbert saying look I'm gonna give you a year but I want to be the one. To help reshape its roster and it has to be done discreetly because I don't want the public thinking that I'm running this franchise to be you tell me. Put me in a position. To make decisions whether general manager. We don't bring anyone in here that I don't want and I will commit to another year maybe two year deal with the player option right for the second year so I could see him giving Cleveland one more year if he can't find the perfect spot elsewhere. I could as well but I'll how much they can improve this roster though that's silly thing in one offseason batters did things get crazy and as lot of teams that are desperate like Miami Heat and there was they take Whiteside will give you will give you. Some pieces back but you look at what are there one of their assets outside of the the number eight the eight the eighth overall pick. Which came some say is that is it is a good pick some say it's cut on the outside of the of the top players. And then Kevin Love is there anything else to one on the roster certainly mattress in Thomson. With his contract is there anything else I mean look what they got all to believe. In the hi we Irving trade very you'll look back on that's a co goblins and a great job of the time look at it now. Not so much the mesa got the eighth pick and what Rodney hood Jordin Sparks modern dance for carrier right. Right not nearly enough and really. We we can oversimplify. What what we're seeing in that would be fair oversimplification. By saying they miss Tyree Erving right there Kyra you're lucky Cleveland series series they would have bride this series is over Cleveland would still be the booster copper Campion. And would be making in eight consecutive finals at least with LeBron North Miami four with Cleveland. I it's funny we talked about how it drafting Napier for the years ago might keep LeBron your ultimately didn't obviously that was all parts. But what Cleveland does alleviate neck. In late June the other pick acquired obviously in that trade. From Boston through Brooklyn. That could play a role in what LeBron does because of the two players that LeBron has a great affection for player you really appreciates may be that. Tilt the scale a little bit. All I would caution against would be everyone saying oh LeBron is out a year he knows he can't win with this roster you tell me what the perfect scenario one right and then I would have more conviction that he's leaving until he leaves I'll still have some. Feeling that he might give Cleveland at least one more year to see thinking back on track let's get to 4 o'clock had. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD to admit. ARAMARK. Well game five tonight out west as Golden State Houston their series is tied up at two games apiece. But the things off from Houston at 9 o'clock Klay Thompson. Is looks like he's good to go according to Steve Kerr earlier today Andre Iguodala is going to be a game time decision. As a book both players to participate in shoot around a few hours ago game six registered to vote about LeBron James in the cavs are up against it down 32. Back at home tomorrow night for game six in Cleveland the Miami Marlins are off today we'll take on the Washington Nationals for a three game home set weekend said the search. Tomorrow night at Marlins park we do have changed baseball for you tonight on off on our air following our show McCain will take on Clemson in the right around 7 o'clock depending on how the earlier games go but the canes are looking to keep their season alive when the EC tournament. They they are one and oh undetermined Clemson is also one in no and we have many of the Stanley Cup finals are all said. As the Washington Capitals defeated the terribly enlightening last night in game seven will be the Washington Capitals. AM at the Las Vegas golden knights for lord Stanley's cup. There's best of seven series will start on Monday. Night and no wounds are your headlines you wanna text the show feel free to do so. 67974. That's you Regis on the touch some wood on Tex wanted to to bear on just a variety of things Rubin. Heavy basketball we're do little more vessel we're gonna get back into the dolphins though you routed dolphins. OTA's today and we got some interest examined talked to a lot of the players are mostly on the defense side of the football history is more offense. Today was more defense so or gonna get so we're gonna get back into that just just will be a plus Richey and Todd Mino. Some of the more details on his I guess detainment. Who was arrested yesterday his detainment at a a Boca Raton Jim. Are starting to come out and at the very least they're disturbing. It's regarding rich she's I guess mindset. As as he had to be baker acted and renew the some of the information yesterday. There have been Arian more of the details out today in the police report. It's sad you realize what we've seen. In terms of income and Neal and Jonathan Martin both badly needing help we saw the evidence and obviously with marred with that picture of a gun that he posted which resulted in. In police taking him into custody for short time. And you think back to bullying and think you've got two people. Who clearly are in need of help from mental health standpoint. And if we thought it was bad my goodness could have been a hundred times worse start with those two could have been even more explosive and tragic knowing what we now know about those two gentlemen. At the time ever was taken aside remain mostly were picking Johnson Martin's side Donald a lot of people. Or picking Johnson mark side Richie was the bully and he was portrayed Alec but is it looked at Indy is just kind of the perfect storm of two. People coming together and just hit it to be just being a toxic relationship right both on balance all against both clearly in need of help yes both having problems at the time and just you know does that kind of manifesting itself. In in real time and as we sit here you know foot 34 years later you have to richer revitalize this to his career but buffalo. Still hasn't still is is battling some sort of demons and obviously we know Johnson morals than he's ever been able to get on track after that. Ordeal and if there's one thing in this tragic Casey can hold adults accountable for not that I'm looking to assess blame. But I think where there's still needs to be accountability is. How did the dolphins not spot any of the sooner how is Joseph Philbin said so in the sand he had no sense that Jonathan Martin. Was unhappy the reaching Kanye was giving players about Todd was east so out of touch with his locker room. Right that's that's that's one of the enduring questions in my mind why. Allow organ some of more of that as we as we continue on your bridge actually Miami Herald is in for perk. This afternoon we come back up Chris for door cavs NBA reporter and host on 92 point three the fan voted them in Cleveland here. Is it what's they on the brink here if they lose is LeBron gone everyone's obviously forgot about that what's the Oates who is a Brinkley literally forcing game seven. And Delaware their chances be to try to win a road game over the weekend Wear and all that we get to. Oakley will perspective next here on 79 tickets to the Ronald tired TU and especially you know. Did you think you look tired at all Palin's looks to me yes. The consensus. Got a red plate now the concerns. This entire how tired. They are forcing game seven. We'll find out in just a moment get some insight from the Cleveland. Here on Curtis and perjure Jackson is in for Chris Perkins today virtual course from the Miami Herald here quite freely frequently here on 79 B the tickets some video games six. We're gonna have for you tomorrow night heroes of and I need to get your home. But the NBA conference finals tomorrow night we're gonna have the Eastern Conference final between the Celtics in the cavs of the cavs face elimination pregame starts at 730 to was at 830 right here on aims of and Nina from. 10 yeah. 43 HD two of the tickets are let's head to Cleveland right now Iran feels dolls there's amused or just under actually steps. Beyond convenient that's where we're gonna find Chris Fyodor cavs NBA reporter. And host on 92 point three the fan. And you can foment does see the door at Cleveland dot com any joins us right now on 790 the ticket Chris. Things are taken a few minutes how is the mood in Cleveland this afternoon. Beleaguered I don't know that there was anything that they saw in game are you give them that confident but can band seemed confident that there's going to be a game seven and then because there could be gained seven. That having LeBron James on their side going to balk spinning and owe the cavs have been dreadful in pregame against the Celtics in Boston. There is confident that the cavs will win that game because of LeBron. Chris what's the mood today among Cleveland fans with regard to LeBron because last night obviously was an odd game in which is energy seem low. We saw the six turnovers which isn't all that odd but he was criticized. On air by Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson for not being when a central brought our fans today patients with LeBron are they questioning if he's checked out. No they're patient with him I think guns they believed that it was an anomaly. I think it's a little bit delusional though because. But the truth is the cab have been at their best so far in this series against Boston in game three. And there are a number of things that went into that first they were coming back home and that was to their benefit. But that would also be only game this series where there's been two extra days in between the game. And that gave the broad time to recover but gave the cat is more time to game plan is in their older guys' part to recover. And they looked fresh. They looked spunky they looked energetic. And that's when they better have their best but the reality years. LeBron James in the cab it's high minute team of their stars play a bunch of minutes it's an older roster their playing against a bunch of twenty somethings in the sell their. And they haven't had those extra days and I asked prime Lou about the summit conference call earlier today guys I think that he had to change some things throughout the course of this series. Not as much practice more film work and then practiced. Because of the maintenance that he's trying to get her his players in because of how crunched the schedule is. So that hurdle but the cavs have to overcome and after LeBron looked the way that he did last night it's not like he's got to put your time. To recover and it if you give as the supreme effort and inspect like a lot of people expect. And probably should expected because of LeBron and that's what he does and that's what he's known to duke. But if he doesn't that in game six just took forcing game seven. I think it's fair to wonder what he's going to happen in the tank. Board game seven because game seven going to be his 100 game played all ready to this point. He led the NBA admitted he had to take got a huge offensive burden during the regular season and the other series that need play out. And it's just. At some point. LeBron James is human like everybody else even though he doesn't look at it but we couldn't active post that aren't. You human and the east being kept up to you win so much is demanded. Cavs MBA reporter and host a 92 point three the fan in Cleveland Chris Theodore is our guest here on seven knighted say it Chris how much of the blame is on the supporting jazz outside of love and and LeBron. Quote unquote deal the rest of the guys. Do people look at them and say they're dragging him down or they're just not very good. Yet that's got to where the fingers being pointed today it's also being directed at hi Luke seems to be a bit of opinion how to. He had been throughout the course of the regular season he has been in the playoffs. But but I think it's very very difficult for tie Lou and it's difficult for the team to win. When they're going to be out of order from three point Rangers they were bent their formula has always been their formula of how they're built. Fair nine and a hole in the postseason so far when they shoot. 34% or better from three point range. They're one and six when they're 34%. Or worse. Last night there were nine of 34 from three point 6% from three big jets don't have a lot of avenues all that. It striving kick its take advantage of mismatches. But they're also so reliant on the three because they don't have another creator aside from the bronze picking get shut out for guys. Open looks for guys and just create shots for himself. The way that carrier ring bid for the last three years for this group so. I think it's very difficult to win when you get ten point from three of your five starters that would strip it out and George Hill and care Mitt. And I think they combined to make. Quick math about eight. Goods it simply not good enough the way that those guys are playing I'm on the road at home. They've been a lot better on the road they're just go to. Chris when the cavs played really well after the trade deadline acquisitions. The first couple weeks ever once said well with Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance and Rodney hood. We have a younger more athletic team. What's happened to those three guys in postseason do you blame the players for not performing well do you blame tie Lou for not playing them very much or do you blame Coby Altman or perhaps overestimating these players when he acquired them from the lakers jazz. So I think it's a fantastic question and I think the answer at the bottom layer it. And I think it starts with. You don't know these guys from afar write it very difficult to know who Rodney hood is at a person. How he's wired what he did gain is. How he's going to translate to your system. You don't know that from afar there's no way to know that I've used the analogy what you're going to a bar in your hundred feet away from a girl. And you Seaver from across the room your thinking at all. Very very nice I wanna go up to her and I want a popular. And then you get closer and closer and closer and you see some of the flaws in the imperfection and you're just not as attracted right. That's kind of the same thing with Rodney hood Robin Hood is somebody who if you looked at last year and pulled even if girl all over himself. It seemed like it was way too much pressure it seemed like his game wasn't ready or it. But at the same time this past year in Utah before the demonstrated forum. He was looking to but he was looking like somebody who could create offense or themselves something that the cavs didn't have the million dvi. Something else that they needed to replace Jae Crowder. But I think you have seen throughout the post season. That the state is just too big for robbing hood he's not tough enough he's not physical enough this is the time of year where the technicality really ramps up. And it bothers him as for during quarks and I just don't begin to gain as polished enough. We were talking to him the other day and he said he's being guarded in the post season I'm any different kind of way than he's ever been guarded in his entire life. And and that's what the post season is all of your flaws are magnified. The opponent is scouting everything about you and trying to make US uncomfortable as possible. And trying to take away what he sees you do that. And that is your game polished enough. Are you good enough to overcome those thing. In I think the truth historic parks and a role player running as a role player Larry and inch junior from role player and there are gains just aren't good enough at this stage. That they can overcome the fact that all of these teams are taking away what they do that. And making them completely uncomfortable. Chris how concerned are we Cleveland cavs fans I am sure the commerce say says already started the season ends tomorrow or. Worry it may be in game seven but if they did bounce of LeBron has to get back to the finals that LeBron. Might might go elsewhere hustlers are looking at their roster and some of the big guys you just mentioned the future certainly doesn't look Lego like a championship caliber roster. How worried are fans up there or do you think K he's come back they can make some moves that we offseason. Where's got to the panic meter on that right now. I think the cavs fans are looking at there's the same way that maybe even the cavs front office is looking at this right now. I think deep down there is hope in capital plan that. This becomes a non basketball but this issue. That guy's LeBron James looked that Cleveland is that I look people and so much I want to raise my family here in Cleveland they're comparable year. And I don't wanna move then from year and this turns into a non basketball decisions. I'm not saying it's going to something that's probably what people are clinging to. Because from a basketball standpoint. There's not a lot here that he would let John Q there's not a lot that would appeal even if they beat the Celtics and get to the NBA final. But that doesn't change the reality that Kevin Love is the second best player on the team and he's miscast as a second option. It should be a third option LeBron James signed up for he signed up for re looking at the second option is kind of Kevin love the third option. Two bit and the team that he signed up for this and the rock spirit that he thought he was calling to when he decided to leave Miami. That doesn't change if they get to the NBA finals. The fact that they've got so much money committed to trip in Compton and George Hill and JR let them they're basically on movable. It really hamstring but things that the parents can do this all season. To improve the roster realm abroad yet they have the Brooklyn net aspect it's the number eight overall pick. Eight of the top three pick may be that gold star hunting for a guy like what Lerner John Wall or somebody else. Could be that second guy but they don't seem to have be accessed to improve the ceiling of this team immensely. That's something that is going to be a factor in the decision. India and over to fuel the owner of fifteen. And there were people and LeBron james' camp and his family that pulled him to not go back to Cleveland because they ended there. We decided to do it. Was able to undo the decision he was able to get the fans back on its side delivered the championship but he promised that all those different things. But the relationship between being Gilbert and LeBron James has never been good and that won't change if the cap the Bible though again. They have to hope that it's an emotional decision in his love for Cleveland is what went. Chris what's your instinct as far as the likelihood of tie Lou not being retained if they lose the series or if they're thoroughly embarrassed. In the NBA finals and get any feel for who Dan Gilbert might have interest in. Should he move on from dilute. Torn on this one and I think it was good question because on the one hand I had said on the record. That one day he would like to coach thinking that it's kind of like that young upping coming that eking get it and done he can develop to put in his system. Players are going to Whitman. It's not LeBron centric and all those different. The coaching LeBron is great because it comes with finals and it comes to win it all of these wins. Under the bill the very difficult because he wants to do his own thing from time to time and because. You build a roster. To maximize him. Rather than what the coach really wants from his players. If that makes sense so so I think it is something that high. If they decided to go a different direction if LeBron leaves it's something that I think would appeal to tie. At the same time. Think it's LeBron goes they're probably gonna go into a rebuilding mode and they're probably going to start over. And usually when you shift from championship mode that. Usually there are casualties and usually they do make changes when it comes to getting a new voice her head coach and somebody different. To import. As per who the end Gilbert would go to the thing that you know about being Gilbert is he wants to create headlines he wants to make a splash. It was state and blatt the guy that appealed that stand. When general manager David Gergen at the time wanted tied Lou. But what did David black. He got the flash he got that name it it was different it was outside the box it was going to turn heads because it was coming from overseas. I think those kind of things appealed the ban was sometimes wants to be and look like the smartest guys in the room. Hey Chris great stuff great insight lulls it happens tomorrow night we'll see all this lawless leads who should be ago crazy offseason up there thank you lament. Think we've win when it comes to the capture crazy you know their normal yes they go Chris Theodore kept him reporter. And hosted 92 point three the fan. In in Cleveland and diploma on Twitter at Christie's door that's FED Ol are. And you know a lot of interest in things that are now he tells snow of the it's not a basketball decision of the Romulus think we were thousands Tuesday it's kind of somewhat what we were talking about. Earlier Barry we got a lot of things to get to including pointed to some golf and stuff with you. As as we end the other 4 o'clock hour by the way if you miss the 4 o'clock code word for opportunity to win a thousand dollars will give that Tia on the go on the other side as well. Barry Jackson isn't for perk or take reverential cain's baseball here which should start right right around 7 o'clock or just passed a 7 o'clock in the ya in the ACC tournament so restore a lot more to get to. On this a Thursday afternoon right here on 79 minutes ago. Congratulate Michael will want surveying this series inducted into the tool that we called fame. LaMont beat out the likes of Tim jungle and rob Manfred Nick Saban and Bill Parcells. Mike wolf on joins windy Brian indoor season. Well Jeffrey Loria in the rafters here tickets studios. In the tool that we call fame it's all brought you by Florida lumber more than just a lumber Kirstie what's in the alongside Jerry Jackson who is in for Chris Perkins perk will be out the the next few days take it'll take you'll time meaning a far earlier colleague at the Miami Herald will be with in with us tomorrow afternoon. And then now we got Memorial Day weekend. Cut up as well we Alley basketball game tonight Mary. And and Houston. Houston showed a lot duel to the nation the other night by winning on the road snapping Golden State's sixteen game. Home court playoff win streak. The series is tied it to the go back to Houston they're gonna ask two of their remaining three games if there are three games. On their home for. Kin Houston hold the soft because I think it would be. A even though they won sixty plus games a new normalcy in the was I think this would be one of the more recent. Upsets big upsets we've seen in professional sports of number years. Well I'm psyched about tonight because as or better a more compelling. NBA game that we've seen in the last year I don't think so you're finally seeing what everyone except Golden State fans want to see. Which is the champion being tested yet right where they're tied the series it's now essentially best of three. Where they no longer have home court. And to see what happened on Tuesday night just stunning to see Golden State. At one of the most important quarters of the year obviously was their choice. But to have their least productive offensive quarter twelve points were none of their gifted offensive players could hit a shot. To see how they completely fumble that last possession where remarkably the bad shot they did get was Klay Thompson trying to lost this. That's jumper from high degree. It's it's just it was. Mind blowing to me how poor shot they often I guess the one of the take away from that game isn't have you Curtis ever seen the rockets defend. The way they did on Tuesday night the team that's clearly known. For how prodigious how prolific they are offensively. To defend with the effort any energy in not only got to defend with the effectiveness. That they had on Tuesday night was jarring to me and I give a lot of credit. Odd to Chris ball is obviously knows a gifted passer gifted offensive player than he was very good defensively. PJ Tucker gave them sixteen rebounds quality defense. When a Fella who has not had a good series and not played well on Tuesday night. And for Houston to be able to do this. Playing only seven players with one of those players being heat outcasts Gerald Green. Right to wasn't amazing to me and also on the night were Eric Gordon their best benched or shot four for fourteen. Carton was 1126. Ever them to still be able to win. I was remarkable recent to meet any chance Houston has. Is contingent almost entirely on can they possibly replicate that defensive effort again. Either Austin need to walk. Because it. It's it's you know Golden State playing as poorly as it did offensively is like a solar eclipse and media happens once every three years could use to Houston doing what they did Tuesday twice more. Not once more but twice more. I cannot I think part of it is also ovals they did not shoot the ball while. And I think another part of it is parenting did you miss Andre Iguodala and if you can play tonight's. Or possibly games six and giving us some in the Cuban ironically Thompson might be limited via an awful game. Yeah he banged a busy now both players. Words shootaround today. It occurs that Tom's gonna play and obviously when you Agassi was start like he normally does. But I get out in big games on this isn't you look at for all the Golden State's. You know that did this dream team that they've they've got. Look at their depth all the sudden. You know David West is not plan out there at all you know it'll play any of their bigs anymore so lose a guy like you Iguodala. All of a sudden as is his it is straps them a little bit you look at what they're bring in off the bench. You know the nick young and you enjoy all else and Shaun Livingston's nice player but they're not as deep as just because of the versatility that Iguodala. Policy you play multiple positions and they can give some guys some rest during it during the game so you know even those guys you know like you doubt he would say is their fifth best player on the team. All of a sudden pop I think that changes the way Steve Kerr wants to run that but I don't have enough confidence in the face the Houston is going to put forth the defense of efforts. Hi Amy if they do as a cynical there's not gonna adjust to that angled mistakes that can have a better game plan for what they saw the other night the most remarkable thing Barry. Is a Houston basically did that in the game but they were getting about to get run out of the gym early on in that game they showed no signs. Of any sort of Bob you would defensive attitude and then some that just kind of click. And all of a sudden they turn into this this defensive demon of a team at I didn't realize until after the game that the goals it only scored twelve points in the fourth. Quarter on their home floor it's a naysayer that's unbelievable yeah yeah I can't get over Mike and Tony playing only seven guys in a series that's going back in port right. You know play at the temple of the series being played but obviously these are seven very well conditioned players. I guess if there's an eighth guy you would wonder may be why he's not playing it's Ryan Anderson and establish shooter. I so perhaps you could make a case for and even Joseph Johnson maybe. But I just been so impressed by Chris ball throughout this postseason I know he always had that rap against him of okay didn't take eighteen deep into the playoffs. But have we saw the player he was playing alongside the last the years. Blake Griffin unable to lift Detroit even to a playoff appearance so I don't blame Chris Paul Chris Paul. For playoff shortcomings in fact he said the third best plus minus. And any player in post season. I was reading over the last twenty or thirty years obviously behind LeBron and Michael Jordan. Now here's my question about heart has he done enough in these playoffs and he wasn't great the other night eleventh when he six from the field three for twelve on threes there was a winning effort. Has he done enough in this post season to dispel. Doubts about how we is in the clutch or do you wanna see the next do you know now you know before making that conclusion now he's done very little. So for me and the other night when a long way. That you know he does he he he hits made some big plays and he actually played some semblance of defense when it counted. By no means you won the MVP and then that's great all but as far as him joining. The likes of the great post season players know I think if the they'd have to be Golden State may have to get to the finals. From the white some of that stuff off of awful you know his Reza man as far as. Not being able to win the big gamer are being able to leave his franchise I don't think just put up a good fight even against Golden State. Is is going to be enough I think he means to do. A little bit more and I'm with beyond that and also what we saw from Golden State in the fourth quarter not only that we're shooting. What's so many isolationist. So much hero ball but so on character I should I deemed that it plays such an aesthetically pleasing way corrales passing the ball and it's so tempting for Durant with the height advantage he has over whoever is guarding whether it's Chris ball. Or someone else just to continue to isolate and launch shots over and often that works when it's not working when he's not rolling offensively you have to get other guys involved so I was just so odd to see Golden State resort to what Houston strides that which is isolation ball. So what do you think what do you think I just don't I just can't I mean I can't Count Dracula trust Houston. You can't trust you seem though they have home court now they've done what they wanted to do. He went and got a game in Golden State may have gained seven now on this what they played the entire season four we lost at home court ring game one they got it back. So you would say all things being equal all things being equal their shooting par right now after if your Houston. You're right where you want to being. But still there's just not a lot and you'll gold states looks like there are a little bit injured woods is still does not allow there's not a lot of trust there until they do it. But if they do doing. Very early on this is voted till 5 o'clock hour here. If they do duets the Golden State run so to speak. You wanna talk about one of those dynastic teams. But how will they be remembered by if they lose and they don't give back to the semifinals. And a with this group that they were assembled how will they be remembered. When it's also been done I would not agree on something he did which were consecutive championship where I think they're more sound than he did for those warrior fund Russian general idea sign it. You know there's a lot a lot on the line here this a lot of low yield legacies that conducted change of course a few hours. This this evening of course non elimination game but so whoever winds nights certainly will be up. Will be in control we're gonna lie again to the 5 o'clock hour on the on the other side putts you still got about eleven minutes or so to get into. Get in the 4 o'clock code words for color code word for up to 1000 dollars as old. Oh hell the old to tech's old 27 to 81. To it right now and only come out Bogota via the 5 o'clock code word we at the headlines and how we use some Miami Dolphins have a very Jackson was on OTAs Alaska. The last couple of days he's in for her this afternoon or get to the 5 o'clock hour on the other side right here on 79 to take. Jim shall do. Awesome and an incident downloaded today to listen to us any time. Anywhere. Person progress with a here on some of that is to take it very Jackson in the Miami Herald. It's in with us fertig in the a few days off the always sexy show. We've gotten my apology you've neglected some of the text here or get to a few of these here on a variety of subjects is here and I have bounced off. All around the of the lot the last couple hours at 697 for the 67974. That's how you Regis on the text line we got to we have another couple minutes or at the a 5 o'clock code word for your opportunity to win. Thousand dollars in our 79 you to get the WTF. Contest that is wind thousands of free. We're gonna take you read until teams baseball this evening your take on clumps and ridicule right up until about 7715730. As the kings are waiting for the the the previous game to end you know how these tournaments co game goes late game goes an extra innings. So on and so for the as the kings try to keep their. Season alive and I know we're gonna get that mobility and some golf and stuff with Kia Mary as well as you've been. A routier's a couple of days and I just go get it wanna get your feel for this a football team I know it's extremely early but just wanna get give him. The sense of some of the changes and what to expect here as as we approach football season but it's 5 o'clock so let's get to. Our 5 o'clock code word. For your chance to take home some cash it's a thousand dollars in the seven on it to get WTF. Contest which has signaled a thousand bucks text the word doughnut. Doughnut is the award to seven situated one of the annually registered takes donuts DO NUT 27280 wonder what they were donuts. I would go with glazed to why it was the question the first occur team when you said don't it is first I think of is Oliver Miller. Former Phoenix Suns center or like asking if you would like another doughnut that's the bursting McCain in my mind I don't know why. Go to the first President Obama was Homer Simpson. And doughnuts all Roger Stone tells one thing's just word association right way we do all these psychological test. How what is the what do you think Donetsk. Doughnuts into 72881002. At the manager special they're very when you walk in a Dunkin' Donuts right they got a little something there. Or the blue Berry was the blueberry cake. Blueberry glazed cake donut those are always good ones. But donuts Texans a seven to edit one do it now. If you don't win this time addiction is to be in the top of the next hour. At 6 o'clock which of the entire 5 o'clock hour to give your text word in donut to seven to anyone. This is of course national contests message that originally applied in a Texan drive. We get a big big winner in from Hialeah. Couple weeks ago we had a another winner a couple of months ago. So what it can happen to you in just this text and you'll be registered and he'll certainly be begin to go. In our out in our contest here. You know we spoke to someone today who I think if I had to rank a list of the ten most important dolphins guys whose play this year will determine. How they do from a one loss standpoint where we'll have a tangible impact on how many games they win and lose. I don't think we should overlook the sky rate on the mail and you know what a boost it would be to this defense. If they get a middle linebacker finally first one since the days of Zach Thomas to be a high level in how. How old disruptive player. And the dolphins believe they might have that with McMillan. And unfortunately the entire rookie year wiped out last year by the knee injury sustained awful times in his very first pre season snap on special teams. We talked and today as a young man he's really impressive very mature. The good work ethic good leadership skills so we learn some some pretty interesting things for him today with regard. How he and Bryant and hills injuries and they're covering is sort of dove tail. Close a lot of things as lot of questions Barry and we're gonna try to provide some answers and mention the dolphins that leads us into. Here's the thing. This certainly. Well there's a lot of turnover in a lot of change for the Miami Dolphins offered team that did not have a lot of cap space in the offseason they found a way to completely. Personally offensive side of the football. I'm just reshaped their roster they have the quarterback coming back. In in Ryan into any hill this is your three for Adam gave certainly I think the front office is on the clock and you look at a lot of national publications a lot of power rankings a lot of pomp rock prognosticators. As the football season. Vastly approaches they don't have a lot of faith that the Miami Dolphins are going to be much better than they were last season most most. Have them finishing. Up around five and a half to six wins I think. If you average out the the Las Vegas win totals for a lot of the sports books. It averages right about two about the over under of six wins that would be a six intend football team the one saving grace and that is that that. Is ahead of the jets and the Buffalo Bills team those two teams at the dolphins obviously battle inside the the AFC east. But there's a lot of reason for optimism this is these kinds for optimism for the Miami Dolphins but if you look around for it it is certainly hard to find. And as the season approaches Woolsey of some of these changes. In fact word. Are good for the Miami Dolphins because the Austria a lot of talent India in the offseason likes Jarvis and you might pouncing. And Ndamukong so we'll see if some of the new guys. Are are ready to to kind of change the course of the dolphins' future and that's the thing brought you by. Here's drone nerds Brian their DJI store in wind would enjoy owners an amateur in pine crest line shortage owners dot com South Florida's. High in the sky. Barry where you are you optimistic or on this team a little bit that I know of of the bar's set pretty low but just so overall our youth sums up on some of the the overhaul that they've done. On this on this roster as you kind of scandal locker mineralized. Heck there's a there's a lot of new guys in here from last season. I was OK Curtis is moving on from Landry because I felt at that salary he was replace a bolt by cheaper players I don't think. What they get from receiver will diminish appreciable eat with and then dole and with a Albert Wilson. I was OK with moving on from county because the other player who graded out similar we last year Daniel Kilgore making substantially less money. Younger more durable. The one moves I didn't have a question was was soon even though he wasn't the ideal teammate even though we kept to himself I just wonder how this run defense is going to be. I even. Average without in your your subtracting a player was one of the best. Ten run defenders in the league at defensive tackle you look at any metric site. It would suggest that if you use your own ice certainly the way soon play the run last journey played well. You would think okay this is a clearly above average run defender. He used to track him. You're relying on Jordan colts players had a very uneven first three years in the league to mid round toe late round picks from last year in god show. And Taylor a keen Spence a guy who was a rotational pence tackle in Detroit but I just asked myself is that enough to even be an average team. Against the run. That's my big concern I would say second biggest concern would be do they have enough the boundary corner opposite Zabian hour. You have Tankersley who is OK certainly is a rookie not great but okay yet Tony what the coming off. A health issue to be really serious per quarter right. That torn Achilles so you wonder how he's gonna respond coming off that to those would be my two big concerns all being said though. I think this team is being underestimated a little bit because everyone's thinking okay. Or 56 wins I think that is as you said setting the bar too low because I could see a scenario. Where they can get to nine if I put on my rose colored glasses maybe even ten wins although that seems unrealistic but the way that happens would be. It's the run defense is at least okay. And more importantly it tanning hill plays like he did during that stretch before his injury in December 2016. Now remember. Big game before he was injured against Arizona he was awful big game against Baltimore played horribly but before that. There was a stretch obviously of 67 games when he was really really good including that comeback win. You know in California where where they scored two touchdowns the last minute so I think if ten hills it is best. If these receivers are as good as I think they are if cassette he comes then. And is their highest impact receiving tight end that we've seen in years. And I could see a scenario where they at least get the 500 may be even a little better so I think setting the bar for five wins is too low. But of course all that contingent on ten ill being healthy and being what we saw in November. A 2016 bright as opposed to the Danny always saw a during earlier parts or square. I don't get more and this the first look at the 5 o'clock headlights. These kids WE XY AM south Miami Heat and WSS. HD true Miramar. In the NBA game 5 this evening Golden State and Houston at series is tied at 2 games apiece 9 o'clock. Who took off from Houston and Klay Thompson he is looks like he's good to go according to Steve Kerr Andre Iguodala he is a game time decision. Hobbled players participated in shoot around earlier today we got game 6 tomorrow on the Eastern Conference as the cavaliers had back home. Facing elimination after last night's 9683. Victory the Boston Celtics lead that series. Three games to Miami Marlins they're off tonight. Or take on the Washington Nationals for a weekend set and Marlins park being tomorrow night we do have baseball. Hurricane baseball this evening as their ACC tournament continues. But they are far won in oh there take on the Clemson Tigers were also won in oh. They're gonna wanna get things going right around 7 o'clock or so are still depending on on a start time we're gonna take you right up until. Very the first it would Josip Jackie from a from Durham, North Carolina. And finally the Stanley Cup finals at. Is set as the Washington Capitals defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning last night's Obey the Washington Capitals in the Las Vegas golden knights for lord Stanley's cup. Voted the best of seven started with game one on Monday nights and those are your headlines. Barry let me answer this question on big believer in talent wins out stands. You know show me the special players shall we the great players in. I keep getting back to that with the dolphins is who other great players who are there gain changing players. Who are the players that the opposing coaches whether to defend quarter offensive coordinator. Is looking at all week long in his losing sleep over I don't think they have too many of those if you can even name me. Three or four dean changing diapers though they might become some of those players those guys might emerge right now. Who are they're great they're great players. Given way Karen weight might make the top of the list. And obviously he's what 3435. Years old how would you stack him up. In that regard I would say at the moment they have no great players on the crossed America but they do have three who were onetime great players cam wake. Robert Quinn 2013 when he had the nineteen cents he's been diminished sense in part because of injury and Frank Gore is obviously a top five NFL roster. But to expect greatness or many of those three now specially gore his advanced age is unrealistic. Wake. Maybe the best you can expect as another eight or nine taxis and that's really good but that's no longer. Grates me and I don't throw around the word great like a lot of people that do and I think you're in the same camp it's me I think that were just thrown around. Wait to all right rights just like special guy yes exactly I think their players on this team who can be very good. I would include Rashad Jones weighed in that category I would include Robert Quinn of deacons somehow recapture. What he had and 2013 and fourteen. I I would say Kenny stills is a good receiver think we have to see a little bit more to go any higher than that. Dovonte Parker I don't even know we've reached a level of consistently good yeah no right to know we Drake is intriguing to me because last year not only was he really good. When he got his opportunity after the giant trade. But it said something to me that he led the league in yards after being hit during the last six weeks of the season that's telling to me because we knew we had the speed. But I think when he showed. I toward the tail end of last year's that this guy can break tackles too. So because of that combination I think they're still higher ceiling there too I expected to be a great NFL running back no but I think he can be really really good. I would put him and that category as well of good to. With maybe potential for more but at the question is is there a current great player on the roster. My answer would be no yeah. And and here's where here's rumble with this because you're gonna lineup every Sunday. And you're gonna look at the opponents roster and your gonna look at Miami's roster and you're going. Would we trade any of our guys for their or were they trade any of their guys for our guys and you go down the list including quarterback Barry. And how many times is that gonna happen the one thing is the jets in the a and bills they're probably. They're probably in in. I would say worse shape than Miami for the most part. If from a roster standpoint but everybody else you look at go. OK who's got the better quarterback better running back better receivers better linebackers and you go down the list. And I don't we devolved they're going to win that's the just look at from a talent stand point too often I understand. You know that's not the how it would mean you know it's all said and done. But when you look at that I just don't know from from I think they're just. You lost a lot of special players on our if you were if you replace them. This offseason and you're you're counting on a lot of guys to fill a lot of a lot of voids there that I'm awfully camp. I'm gonna give you three more names from a glass half full purse because of guys who may be. Maybe could be great again I know I never won a loosely throw around the word great. Zabian Howard. Was great denied knowing when Monday night game he was great the week before against Denver had two picks each of those games there was a monthlong stretch where he was. A clear cut number one corner. Now is it asking too much for him to beat that over sixteen get it somehow. Some way. Zabian our can be over a full season what we saw that capsule ride against the Broncos and against the patriots any talk today about. Being such a better NFL players bars preparation. When he was in college he said he never to watch film in college he realizes he has to do that year. And he's determined to become an even better player. If we can get. The New England Monday night Zabian Howard consistently. Then I think you're talking about a legitimate. Really good number one quarter of two other names that I think. If there is good as the dolphins think they can be. Could be at some point may be in the top. Ten in the NFL their position too soon to project that yet but. Make a Fitzpatrick in my second if Micah sec T. Is as effective a receiver and an NFL level was he wasn't college if he's as good a certain scouts say. Bucky Brooks the former not Carolina scanners on NFL network. Was raving about the sec he's saying this guy is gonna make linebackers look bad. He's gonna make safeties looked back. He is a modern age and a bowl tight end who's gonna do great things if he turns into Zach Hertz or at least at the very least Jimmy Graham as far as receiver. Then that gives you a guy conceivably. I know you know we're projected. But conceivably someone maybe top ten top twelve his position same with the Patrick. Fitzpatrick becomes. One of those rare breed safety who can play slot corner who can take the opposing team's tight end and shut them down becomes a modern day Eric Berry is one. A longtime NFL executives used that comparison to meet then you're looking there at a player who could potentially be in the top ten in the league. And his positions so to me that's the best case scenario if we see in even better canyon Drake. And even better Zabian hour plus their purses second round picks to meet that represents the best chance of them having a player who's in the top third of the league. At his position. Maybe you can throw in cam wake but I think it's a stretch at this point. You know his advanced age. And then the one other guy I point to. Would be Robert Quinn because he still south of thirty. And we did see the enormous sack numbers just a few years ago I music I like nineteen sacks. So if he had that in him and he still south of thirty and there's no reason to believe. That he at least can't be he really good defensive end of not great really good so those I they would represented dolphins' best chances of having. Eight top third of the league guy. At his position. And a source Rashad Jones goes you certainly can make strong Casey's you know top half the league its safety weather's any higher than that I think is subject to debate. One thing that they were with it everybody will agree on include dolphins as you have to start nailing. Your necks and not just drafting deal good players would get to that great player. And it's not gonna happen every single pick and every single round but she just can't have. Yielded the first round picks they where where they've had where. On day we don't even know tons old looks like he's okay. Just wanna be able to hit on on on a pick wriggle mile we got a guy that's that's not a Pro Bowl level for the next the next five or six seasons. On what jumpers Patrick I think he's got the ability. The tight and we'll see that's that's gonna be managed a 101 to watch because he's gonna get every opportunity to play. Yes and play right away unquestionably is so gonna find out immediately if he's got the if he's got the goods or not Barry Jackson is with us. In studio we got a lot portico ground to cover here to a Texas self overdue so six of an item for the six of 974. Or come back one talks more he was you. With the Osama Whiteside and and his future. Also up the police report regarding a reaching cog meego. We'll get into that as more information is has come out. As he was detained yesterday down here. Enough in South Florida so we're gonna get to that all that and a whole lot more right here on seven and take. Yeah. Zach Johnson and the ticket Kurds and Turks and we're taking up until 7 o'clock and we got came to baseball at some point this evening might be a little bit of a late start past seven is it gonna take on Clemson as they try to keep their. Season alive. The NBA season continues tomorrow night we're gonna have the Eastern Conference finals game six between us. All six of the cavaliers creams at 730 tip off city thirty right here on insulin and you know from 1043 HD two the ticker Jackson for the Miami Herald is in for Chris Perkins this afternoon. And now we are a lot more recovery including I know the roads are enriching commune also period. The police report is outs and it is is pretty pretty wild on not on what exactly took place. The at the gym yesterday and my Lifetime Fitness up enough up in Delray Beach. Op out I'll start with the the officer that was questioning Richie economy you know. And he met with think I mean this was after. Richey apparently. Throw weight at another and another. You know person who was working out to Jim. And obviously police were were were called to the scene. The officer asked Richie. To tell me him what was going on that and Ing cut you know. Stated he was just training. There's a guy walking around with headphones on. I'm running NSA class level three documents through my phone. This is urging Communist. Speaking I can't have anybody in Bluetooth capability. Of meat taking pictures of me. Jobs in the last incoming Intel. Him about his phone in the government involvement. But Ritchie told the officer he could not talk about it because he was under contract and asked who the officer was under contract with. When the officer asked why the government was trying to watch Richie and cotton you know. Ritchie told the officer that the officer did not have high enough clearance to answer that question. And officers say there should be no thing Knievel. Speech patterns are very erratic and he would suddenly change the subject matter something different. And now's the entire time he he spoke with him. There's a lot of other things that that are very very disturbing there but. Just you just kinda wonder. In this goes on the heels of he was retiring and Indian retired when he fired his agent on Twitter. And then and then now I think we're all very familiar with with Richie and cut me you know throughout the years here very broad this is a very very serious. Series still and I don't know there's maybe you do idol is there or is there does Seattle family. Is there and I am bigs there's a is there's somebody in his life that pay Richie you need Unita is they're in a brother a mother a father. I don't remember any of those two being involved during the bowling scandal deal. I do remember and speaking of of having a wife so I believe there is a family aka. But this arrest report which you just read the beginning of it gets even crazy auto yeah exactly said that he told the officer he's taken shrew second over the counter supplement. And show that whose hands were shaking heavily. He also would suddenly jump up and move locations without warning. Now and cut neither denied hitting anyone with tennis balls or with a weight sled which was alleged in this incident today. When it was explained to him his concerns about income neo being danger others in the league might injure somebody Antonio suddenly stood and asked the woman in the swimming pool to call the FBI this is it's not your not your investigations revealed within god Neil was suffering Alter paranoid stake. A state rather believe that ordinary citizens we're government officials were tracking him and recording an investigation revealed a while and con neo. Through the tennis balls in the way. And brushed another person's played with the way sled. He had no intent to harm anyone was unable dormant and his actions were due to a paranoia that he was being followed her cordon and tracked by the government. I it was determined that without care treatment there was substantial likelihood in Todd neo. Would cause serious bodily harm to insult and to others as evidenced by recent behavior as a result. In Kanye was baker act it is just a stunning turn of events for a guy. Who unlike Martin I guess that conclusion within Todd neo had always been that this guy is a meathead he's a bully and by. There was no evidence to this point or at least you know no great suspicion that perhaps there was mental Belcher mental issues involved here. So now clearly there you know it's very sad their mental issues now with the incidents that we've seen both involving in Todd neo. And Jonathan Martin and you look back Curtis to the bowling incident. VP of the few years ago. And think back out toxic ones with these two people. Yeah dealing with each other and how as bad as it was my goodness it could've even been worse and knowing now what we know about the demons of each individual has dealt with over the over recent months. Now I always say is an issue you know it when it comes to you know it would match or you know marriage or simulate that our relationship between. People physically always say like those people are they should not be together whether it's man or woman or anything in in in a related to those people should not be married to each other whatever it is. They're not right for each other. In this was the case with Richie and with Jonathan Martin it was. Just the play it's called the perfect storm where you got a guy who had. You know felt like you being a bully US obviously self esteem issues and in Johnson Marten. And then Richie who is. No had that bullying mentality but clearly. He has some some things that that he Estes he has to work out here and you thought at least Richie got his for his life back on track. Went up and played with the buffalo what do you make 21 or two durables up their release in May want to see me too as an alternate. And seemed to have his you know Ryo he had made some money and had his career going a little bit. And everything was good and then. He makes the eyes tween couple about a month ago that he was retiring. OK I mean that's fine you can you're you're that's all right many on retires in buffalo released them just on Monday and you wonder if he was on anything that may be that triggered this episode. I don't know fuels on any sort of you mentioned was true tech out going to what that is bomb went of that -- he's on some sort of drugs or substances maybe that played into some of his. His behavior but anytime your your own. Mean rambling about the government and people are watching you. Here's about you know paranoia behave paranoid behavior. That's never gonna wasn't just he was belligerent to accomplish something like that or just wanted to get a fight with a guy. There's lot of things there that you go this isn't this isn't this isn't right behavior from anybody. And one thing that I think has become very clear his players. Teams need to get a better handle of players psychological states whether they're mentally. In balanced and I think that's gonna become more and more of an emphasis. During the process of interviewing players before the draft going into free agency. But those really interest incurred is that the Portland trailblazers at the NBA scouting combine in Chicago instead of sending their basketball people. To speak to players during the process instead they sent a psychologist. And the psychologist gave the players. A written test so mental health is more important than ever I believe in evaluating players and you wonder if the dolphins had done more. Regarding a valuation players' mental health would they have brought Jonathan Martin on border would they have acquired routine in cog neo. I think all that are you know is a fair question this point and the emphasis on mental health and players' willingness to discuss it publicly. Has increased significantly in the last Alia you might have seen last night watching NBA playoff game. I have the NBA community service that highlighting Kevin Love. And DeMar DeRozan I'm talking about their mental health issues we never would have seen this in two years ago so it's good that oozes out in the open it's good it's being given more attention. Of course all this comes against the backdrop of the tragedy was Johnson Martan and within company over boasts. You know have Ben. You I guess and in Martin's case after there was that alarming social. Media host of a gun he was taken into custody and obviously the news today than Todd Nino. Being baker acted after a very bizarre incidents. An idea at a health. What one thing available on some other things realize things to get to hear. I couldn't Miami Heat and Hassan Whiteside and and so on and we're back to the MBA playoffs we have some dolphins news in the CO2 but 11 of the think as we get this on the text and all the time and I know you don't have a million to four announcer lemon as a forum but the CT stuff comes in the play there too. On laws and I don't know that just you know date. I have no idea where a lot of I'm sure I'm sure at some point dairy or have that information. But it's a lot of people just go right to that say while the guys played football for the last forty years of his life and you know he's been his head in and this is where he's at this point. And that may trigger some sort of adds conjured this behavior I don't know I have no idea a lot of people just run there when they hear stuff like this happening. Football players and one challenge with that is to this point. It we have not advanced enough medically to be able diagnosed CT in full. While the person is still alive threats that's one of the major challenges in being able treated if in fact CT is involved would any of this erratic behavior I. The that but I'm allowed to point that over there which maybe maybe you're right I don't know but certainly we don't have the information when when the person is still alive so yes the way to leave their deceased today and say OK yes. His brain was was severely damaged obviously doing to plan a football for a number of years are welcome back. We view the a 5 o'clock court if you miss it it is dumping your car here during happy hour here. We'll give you the on the final October for your opportunity to win 1000 dollars. Plus as the NBA season winds down here a little bit Terry you have report about Hassan Whiteside. And his future maybe lack thereof with the Miami Heat bring its that would very Jackson Miami Herald who's in with us as renting until 7 o'clock radios have a nine minutes ago. Let's go to the games baseball team Jim Morris is in his last season here at the yield and you hear James ray's all right here on the ticket including the team's run in the AC you Herman. The plane tonight against Clemson. At seven but it might start just a little. Bit later but we're gonna have games baseball for ia. With a Jolie Jackie on the call right here on tickets and down this could be Jim Morrison's final game that's tonight's if they if they lose they win. And the running eleven game win streak and they keep their. ACC tournament championship hopes alive and ultimately their NCAA tournament hopes alive as well but 25 year. Career here in South Florida is is winding down here week. I had we've had a lot of tributes here and a lot of people tons of stuff. Mom around town and written some articles and we've tried to give our appreciation for Jim Mora soup. By knowledge a lot of winning those very easy to deal with here. And will not be or will not be forgotten shortly around here he's going to be armor for a long long time and think. No regardless of the sport I think he is in line with one of the greats custodians of of a programmer team that we've seen here in our short South Florida sports history. I would put him top five as far as body of war winning percentage winning two championships Curtis I say the listen South Florida coaches. In that category and obviously apps start with Don Shula Pat Riley number two but there are a lot of names you can consider for number three. A compelling case for art Spoelstra certainly championships so a strong case for Jim Morris with the length of tenure 25 years over 500 all of them substantially over 500. For most of them winning two championships. Jimmie Johnson what he did obviously EUM carrying on that legacy. And even as years with the dolphins checked. Any dolphin fan would now take Jimmy's or years of a couple playoff appearances but what we've seen over the last decade. I think he you have to at least give passing consideration to Dennis Erickson just because he had to champ chips. I wouldn't say he would be number three on my list but I would say you got to put him in the discussion for top five. So those would be the names I would point two and one other name that we shouldn't leave out but I fortune Albert Brooks browser and winning the first championships. Setting setting the tone for yes yours to come yes and we all of the stories of Howard doesn't go too. Was of the world football league. At the time Washington generals was a federal it's now who's generals that right obviously. That other team is a Harlem Globetrotters. Team to beat up on. But everyone says I mean everyone to associate with a program says he's Bear Bryant yes he's won nine championships you know he's Jimmy he's just obliterated every record. Mean he's winning for the next twenty years when intent championships and in that time frame and it's hard to argue with that considering. How he got that thing Rolen and how anybody could come in and not to diminish what the other guys didn't but come in and dispute continue to win you expert power. If he would've been easier with more consistency if Florida State is my point right and that's their point is however one you know 34567. National championships. In an outline. I would say meow OK I think you'll put it you won't put a Marlins manager in their Jimmy Leland winning. Jack McKean and there he would throw him in there OK I might but I would give the edge to more search Spoelstra because of balling the championship soccer and I think just on dishonest it bawling some of them to some of the guys we've had come through this town I. As far as evaluating players and whether they're all time greats I don't want to overstate the value of championships but I think it's different with coaches. And our lists the worst averaging three best South Florida coaches most accomplished coaches of all time Shula won Riley two to be I think we need to see the rest of barracks balls first career fair to say whether he's clear cut number three a strong case now could be made to put Spoelstra number three because he's won two champ Richards has been a very good successful coach so I would probably lean toward him number three but I think. Our case certainly could be a professional burger for the reasons you just stated. Case can be made for Jimmie Johnson now. And Morris I don't entirely rule out even though obviously to lower profile sport. UN baseball then you run footballer heater dolphins are Marlins since I still think he belongs in the discussion. Because it's 25 years of big winning including the two titles nearly a third championship and even though the last couple of years haven't been great. I would blame UN's tuition cost is the reason. For why they've struggled. More so than anything Jim Morse is done because I had to tell you people in that program and other people College Baseball we'll tell you the reason you on baseball is no longer winning big is not because of remorse it's because kids who get only quarter scholarships. Are going too far cheaper schools because their parents can't afford to send them. Two US. Right one other name hair and yours yours yours all Korea area. It is and AL and these are unanswerable questions but that's what sports are reveals all about Ron Frazier. All absolutely sure that was a big omission. Per pressed not to bring us that oh absolutely have to consider him for top Gerri it's all right maybe in there to run again it was a lot like power started on. And -- -- -- recently made College Baseball relevance not only in South Florida but nationally with everything so. And I had a five way tie now for number three Astro ranger Jim Morris Jimmie Johnson all right yeah with Dennis Dennis Erickson dearly missing my top five I couldn't give it clear cut our numbers are I don't think you're you're you can either write your your pretty and well I would I would sycamores body of work but Ron Greg. There and you Spoelstra I think it's when it's all said and done is going to be right there with everything the question is is Erik Spoelstra is gonna get. If you do anymore winning with this current roster. And how big of a change it did we expect here buried in the next in the next couple months. And organize talk about this all the time it's been a common theme since the were eliminated by a Philadelphia. Ice and it's easy for Riley to change the roster. He can change like that. Overnight. What can you change for the better can they be better did you change in trade James Johnson in this dying entry back nine Goran. Opt for other people's stuff and get other players argue necessarily better that's the biggest thing is it might look different. When you had the training camp in some in September. What is it going to be is it going to be better when it's also been done and I have noise I don't I don't know tonight normally I would say yeah around you'll get a Donnie fix it. But I don't know considering the lack of assets. AMs. Your socks off flexibility especially financially they lack that certainly the seized the Gaza this could be his biggest challenge and part of that it is is his own doing. Basically by giving four years and sixty million to James Johnson by matching the Tyler Johnson. Offer sheet the season's salary spike in nineteen point two million this year or next year so Riley certainly. Has accountability for why he's in this spot. But the one difference I would say from past years would be that's to me. The main motivation this summer should be trying to acquire the best possible players you can't not trying to acquire cap space. And here's why I say that you're looking at potentially three high impact free agents in the summer when he nineteen Klay Thompson co Y Leonard and carrier thing. But realistically as you see how things have gone. What are your chances of landing any of them now obviously he could make it convincing case to Kauai if they get him in a room. But all reports say that he's intrigued by going back to California playing where he grew up. He's been consistently tied to the lakers. Friends of his telling reporters and other cities that LA is a team the most appeals to a you look at high re why we believe a Boston team where he can still be their best player but have. Other really good players around him. With Tatum and Jalen brown Gordon Hayward and Al Horford and why would he leave that to knowing that Boston could basically ruled east over the next several years or if they stay ahead of billion of LeBron. With a old age diminish its pot and then obviously third player we talked about with that group play Thompson. I saw among the TNT interview basically say what he is consistently set even though people think OK why do I wanna be a fourth we'll. Pieces who could beat this living in the Bay Area. And I championship team. Playing with guys I like he doesn't sound like someone who's eager to get out like Tyree was with Cleveland last year. So that to me is the argument against making moves for the sole purpose of getting cap space. And 2019. And people should remember this too. Getting cap space. Fifteen months from now fourteen months from now is gonna require a lot more than moving us on Whiteside or any either have to trade Whiteside and Dragic. Our hope that Dragic opts out. Next year thirteen fourteen months from now out of contract I would pay more than seventeen million. Or you're gonna have to hold the east somehow by the team to take Tyler Johnson. And Whiteside. That would give you enough space to offer Max contract to someone. And 2019 but again I'm not so sure the lure a cap space is big enough. Because of the three guys we just talked about and make that your priority I think the priority this summer. As to be moving on from white side which the heat has decided they would like to do. And just trying to find. Good players who are available in trade because of anyone a number of factors may be their disgruntled maybe it's a case of like DeMarcus Cousins or two player coming off a major injury after taking a chance on him. But New Orleans is not gonna be in position to pay as much as he wants so I think that has to be Riley's approach not just looking for cap space with the hope. He's going to be able lure one of these stars because of one of these players wanna get here to Miami of carrier ring does a way will be found through a sign entering. Correct but he did back to the cap space problem. Did that that's assuming you don't take any money back and that's just not gonna happen like it I can move Tyler Johnson were not taking something back. Coretta beyond your books like you'll talk about a Houdini moved. Even if you wanted to get to that spot where like they did in 2010 to have the books cleared of know of no contracts basically. Not even if they wanted to Cuba that I think you'd be impossible bearing. I do too and with Whiteside I think his trade value so diminished. The even if they succeed in trading him. It's going to be awfully difficult to get a good player was only one year left on his contract or maybe you'll get a player whose mediocre. Or even worse with one year left his contract but if you're trading Whiteside 24 point four million next year 27 point one million the next. In all likelihood you're going to have to take a player back with similar length and his contract which would make it very difficult to have cap space in the summer when he nineteen. And it's just amazing to me how Whiteside. Has consciously hurts this trade value just how does he think that. Doing a thing he did on minster ran the sweet talking about how he's not permitted to take perimeter shots here. How does he possibly think that would help his chances of getting out of town even before that video was posted the heat has decided. But it would like to try to move on from white sidewalks portraits. But when other teams see that no wonder why in the world we want a player with these maturity issues. With this lack of self control why would we want that headache so every time the sun. Opens his mouth their post something on social media that takes a dig at the heat he's only diminishing his trade value. No no doubt about that that's very Jackson Miami Herald ease him of those got another about an hour ago. Tom De'Angelo for the Palm Beach post to stop by here right around 630 reits among NBA talk with him emote more on the white side deal. As as well we come back we'll get to 6 o'clock hour and we'll be exact code word for your effort to win a thousand dollars. Right here on 790 the ticket. Well Republicans at 6 o'clock hour here on 79 units it Curtis and work. We feel very Jackson of the Miami Herald is in for per today particularly next next few days officer for the holiday weekend many Navarro bureau of your partner will be in it tomorrow. In in your spot Berry but we sell out to get to hear on 79 do you think it. And a quick reminder we like to congratulate Michael well on her being this year's inducted into the tool we call fame. Will bond beat out the likes of Kim Jong Hoon rob Manfred Nick Saban and Bill Parcells. Will bond joins the likes it windy Bryan win horse you fell Jeffrey Loria in the rafters of the tickets studios in the tool that we call famous talk brought to you by Florida lumber more than just lumber. The morning show was as Robert never having a lot of fun with with that yesterday that he beat the likes of Kim Jong-un. And certainly it certainly. Personally know worthy. And rob Manfred for insisting that he had no idea what Derek Jeter was gonna do for the big joke. I've trigger man effort was gonna get there was gonna get that now's my favorite does Adam is three to one odds are very yes it was a little short today it's new to me I know he was Detroit forty million yeah after Jeter's group informed all the other owners put their business plan that is exactly what we're going to do and writing and and yes side no idea what we're going to. We're going to do anyway we'll plug into the some some other things are Tommy and those gonna join us at 630. Talking MBA and the Miami Heat basketball him from the from the Palm Beach post when it's 6 o'clock on the dot. So it's time for your chance take home a thousand dollars into seven I think it's again. WTF. Contest that's 1003. Your tea jazz take a 1000 box. Text the word Ben done. Bend it to 72881. Annually registered. Text banded BP and 272881. Bands. Well of course I'm thinking bend it like Beckham which lead at the thought. Never has more been written or said about a team that does not exist for a good hour MLS team. Which at this point I'm thinking is probably gonna launch somewhere around 2033. Maybe it'll play in Gould's maybe it'll play. In will manners may be a plan Allopod I don't know where they're gonna play but it's reached the absurd point. Where we've talked about the steam now for six years they still don't have a home. And they're still not certain whether they're gonna play so sorry to get up on that tangent but then reminds me of bend it like. We do have a name though. Maybe may be right with thing in Miami freedom of the hour that whether Natalie what's been circulating online but there are other reports that may be. It's just state trial balloon may be there are some other great name. Now of course as you know as I tweeted my preferences the humidity. Bret yes we have a heat we need a human being in the humidity there but in the your your co worker of their emotional coffins and all of that story. And have been tracking that and the freedoms certainly would go to bed usually wrong with that that certainly would be installed fine. Saw I don't know you know him. That's fine but Miami FC your. Inter Miami horror the Miami palmetto bugs because I ran and I and LT saw this. We're third in the country in roaches. Trailing only New Orleans and Houston yes justly make a key detail to impress people cocktail party it's okay William were two of the Toussaint a New Orleans is one Houston's two we're third in the country Miami and roaches not surprised about New Orleans for the units of the girls. On there. Houston okay. Little surprise there but yes. Roaches are out of there out of out of control down here in South Florida we got a big Roche from our text the word Bender. Then you've got to bend it like Beckham bend don't break Ben B and if you don't win this time the next chance is tomorrow morning with deal wildly popular is as a Romberg and amber morning show. This is a national contest message and enrichment pudge not text and drive. Bender takes the band two's seven to. 88167974. That's you Regis on the text line. 67974. We got game five tonight vary between the Golden State Warriors. And Houston Rockets speaking of the roach problem there in Houston and 9 o'clock tip I sprinted out of your last night to watch the cavaliers and the Celtics are gamer Lenovo to par will this game. Live up to par as far as a determining factor. In who's going to win the series and that leads us into this hour's here's the thing. Houston showed a ton of resolved. On in game number four in winning a rugged. Road contest against the Golden State Warriors question is can they do it again. If you're Houston. For all the things that happened in this series including a couple blowouts you're in a pervert spot. Best of three series. Two of those possible three games including game seven will be on your home for sure you're using your right where. You want to be question is if you're Golden State. And you bounced back from that performance and homes snapping their sixteen game. Playoff home winning streak and can you re take home court advantage by defeating of the rockets two nights. Pressure is a funny thing my question is who's the pressure on Moore is a Golden State. To try to complete this dynastic run or is it Houston. Finally prove that they of the playoff chops to knock off a team like Golden State especially when. They're going to have. The home court. Advantage. Golden State is is an interest thing. Interesting mindset if you look at the fact that the warriors. If they if this is a team that what I was going to win the NBA championship Dow's big running joke on the course of the NBA regular season. And if the and if they do find themselves. In a 32 hole. How they react handed in course of how they react will go along way in how. The Golden State Warriors will be remembered. In this in this last four year run where they've won a couple of a couple of titles and that's the thing brought to buy drawn nerds. And your DJI store in win would enjoy owners an amateur in pine crest flyover drummer dot com Southport as high in the sky. I think there's a lot on the line rilya legacy if you're the warriors. And you're looking well also a lot of of Houston and you asked me earlier about James Harden and house scene for scene. Chris Paul how many opportunities as Chris Paul gonna get at a possible championship and Mike and Tony as well. This should be a great opportunity for his system and that system. Which has. Permeated itself throughout the MBA at finally be somewhat invalidated if they can win this series and I think if they do win whoever wins this here's re the favorite to in the NBA championship. Oh yes no question about that. I'm psyched about tonight because I'm wondering the remarkable things that we see. Either we saw rather on Tuesday night can we possibly see them again. What is Golden State scoring twelve points and a quarter at seems unlikely we'd see that again. Seeing Houston defend with the type the tenacity. That we saw on Tuesday night have you ever seen the rockets defend like they did holding Golden State in their arena to 92 points 39% shooting. I and it was across the board to I mean we saw excellent defense from Chris Paul from PJ Tucker from went Capello who hadn't had a very good series but was very good. On Tuesday night. Thought that was shocking can we possibly see that again you only see the rockets continue to win. Playing only seven players and had one of those players is Gerald Green who couldn't even make it here so. I think as far as your pressure question I would say a little bit more on Houston because I think. Golden State obviously has is quite confident we're even if they lose tonight they probably still assume that they be able to win two in a row but remember. As good as is Golden State team is they have not done one thing that they he did. Which is win consecutive championships hurt so that still is the carrot it's still out there for these warriors. I would feel pretty good about Houston's chances if it would dollar is out tonight he's questionable as of a couple hours ago with Klay Thompson is an all limited he's questionable as well tonight I think of Golden State to full strength. Still lean a little bit toward the warriors only because. It's hard to envision Curtis. A team that's historically good offensively. Having back to back game matters though have been dismal offense is what right and it's almost unfathomable to think. That the warriors got another twelve point fourth quarter another 92 point game in which they issued below 39% from the field. Anyway if they do so tonight let's just say other is it happening in six unlikely you than you ought to have the first 33 games in a row. Those guys gonna choose a parolee probably not so you know if they lose tonight I don't think their Don was ogle back home and then they can certainly winning game seven on on Houston's home floor. ST those same way about the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here's a here's my my other question if you look around and this is a countrywide questioned very. Houston's clearly the underdog here even though there and almost no west. Do you do you feel some Golden State fatigue a little bit you love to watch them play but I do think. They've been so dominant even though they have one every year everyone's assuming they pointed in every and to be in the front on everyone's mind. Will be investing in the MBA and I do think some other antics Wear on people where they seem to complain about every call. And some of those things it's like you guys have you know for hall of famers five all stars. Stop complaining do you think if you don't have a horse. In the race and you just one vote. Group for that underdog role. Do you feel like that could they too vague that execution could be that could be in play here the next couple games you're just sitting down thing you know what I'd like to see Houston knocked these guys off. Right now my sense is that from a national perspective they're probably more people rooting for Houston tonight. Because you're always what you have a great attachment emotionally to the team that's winning are one of the players right now obviously I think. It's aside from those examples I think most people don't heavy rooting interest in the game is going to root against that team that's been a dynasty is gonna root. For the team that's the underdog but here's the thing with Golden State when they are playing at their best when they're passing the ball. There's no more aesthetically pleasing silent about what will we saw the other night from them was so out of character and not only was it an effective but it was on appealing aesthetically it was a bunch of isolation it was Durant just shooting over people without his teammates being involved. It was lack of passing that wasn't the Golden State team that any of us. Is used to watching so they get back to their back it's to their brand of basketball of swinging the ball of looking for the best open shot then I think it's still. Really fun to watch and I think that I would prefer frankly Siegel the state of finals playing that type of basketball than what we saw in the second half. On Tuesday night but here's the thing with that style of play. It's so easy for them to get the ball to derail it every time down court. Isolate them and haven't issued over people that he's always gonna have the height advantage whether hardens on whether Paul's autumn weather Trevor reason is on them. So I think Golden State has to avoid that trap. I'm just going to Durant play iso ball are having him uses tools what to or two inch rather to six inch height advantage over every defender. And and I think they do that if they spread the ball around more and if either courier Clay Johnson is on their game. And if green is defending the way we. I've seen and defend the most spark and I think Golden State still clearly the favorite going into tonight and again the only hesitation I have. Is it big would Dolly is out wordplay Thompson's. London and I agree it's hard to fall into that trap though wood to rants of the makes it look so easy and easy ways that those pockets like why why we're gonna go away from him. Let's just misses you adjust to go to the well. And but he writes seems like they do they get out of there ought to get out of sync offensively Ramallah from time to time we'll get to 6 o'clock headlines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. All right Mary mentioned Andre Iguodala is listed as a game time decision Courtney coach Steve Kerr also likely Thompson who was hurt dean dean for. And returned to. They Thompson looks like he's good to go Andre Iguodala will be a game time decision game time is sets. Just lament under three hours from now at 9 o'clock goals in Houston they're series tied up at two games apiece game 6 tomorrow in the Eastern Conference finals. Boston holds a three games to edge over Cleveland after less than 96. 83 a victory in Boston gained six to moral ninth we have Miami Hurricanes baseball for you this evening here on 79 needs to get McCain's. You've been there ACC tournament championship hopes alive to take on Clemson. Just past 7 o'clock first pitch. Or thereabouts at the voice the Miami Hurricanes Joe's exactly via FaceBook Miami Marlins are off tonight their take on the Washington Nationals tomorrow. Has opened up they weakened set against Washington and be a wash him in the capitals were winners last night in game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals. And they're gonna take on the Las Vegas golden knights. In the Stanley Cup finals of that series will begin on Monday nights in those are your headlines also bearing. The NBA. Had announce their first second and third teams that I. So wanna get those to be out here on the we turn on the other side if there's any any debates over the best players lot of are still playing. Right now certainly gold states used in the Cleveland. We're giving the all NBA first second and third teams they were announced. Earlier today where it's of that plus buy you an opportunity to talk to a number of dolphins are defensive players today including. Rick Kwan McMillan. And you're if you're looking for reasons. Of hope and optimism on. This Miami Dolphins football team he would be a good place to start because he was a high draft pick that got hurt essentially. The first play of the season. When you look at it. And he was a guy that can fill a certain role that is much need for this Miami Dolphins team. Pretty get your impressions on no on recall on McMillan and and more as we continue also Tom De'Angelo for the public posted joyous. In about a twenty minutes as well as we get to some Hassan Whiteside stuff. And NBA eastern western power finals with our MBA in Miami he reporter from the Palm Beach post all that come your way right here ounce of a nine to take. Simmons and it's your home for the time being conference finals tomorrow night and I'm games into the eastern. Finals between the Celtics and cavs big ones as the cat's face elimination pretentious or 730. Tip offs at 830 right here names of an Iranian government. 1043 ST two tickets to. Partisan perk Barry Jackson has been in for Chris all afternoon Tom D'Angelo Palm Beach post he's been drop by here in about fifteen minutes or so talk NBA. Osama Whiteside. And and a lot of things going on there with that with Tom the Angela of the Palm Beach post. Bear wanna get to the dolphins here in just a second as your out of OTAs last couple of days but the all MBA. Percent of thirteen to come out. Pennies the the ball errors. All of the lead here and there you have a big award show guy coming up and a couple of weeks but. This is where you go for the top fifteen players in the league for the most part these are. The studs of the studs here's the first team all Anthony Davis. Kevin Durant James Harden LeBron James and Damian Willard. Yemeni any problem there that not be so that OK second team. Is LaMarcus Aldridge. John is optical bowl the margin rose in the jaw while Ambien Russell Westbrook. Bind with that group our rights thirds it was a Jimmy Butler stuff Currie called George fertility Bo and Carl Anthony how old ones. I called Georgia's inclusion might be more of a reputation thing clearly didn't. Raise at Oklahoma City team to new heights I thought he was I thought does not want this one of his best years. But what stands at two unique from this list is. Not a single key player even got to vote now we can expect any player I need a top three teams but 33 players got votes not a single one of them. Place for the heat now keep in mind and son Whiteside last year was twice sacked. Among vote getters this year not a single vote and understandably so we missed a bunch of games this was not one of the better years but the last time that he did not have a player received a single vote. From the media for any of the all NBA teams 2008. What was Miami that year fifteen and 67. So to me from a need standpoint this is pretty depressing because it shows you how far away you are. And the one player that you thought would have a legitimate chance to maybe. Some day be third team all NBA aside from Roger who's bad they are both war adds a third team all NBA player with Phoenix. But aside from more than one player you thought maybe had a chance was assigned but instead he's regressed to the point where he's not even in the discussion. Majesty give you some other names of senators who did receive votes are rooting go bear Yokich. I Drummond capella Stephen Adams DeMarcus Cousins Dwight Howard all of them received votes on a single vote for saw what does that tell you about the state of the. Not not talent whatsoever Berry and by the way that's and other Tim doing we was hurt almost the entire season to yourself. Give me your own back to even before that you had Dwyane in that shack and you had salons on me geez this is this is a rarity. In the history of their of their franchise Mosul give me below give me the low end of of not just senators would just players were talking of the caliber of players. That got of at least one vote. I don't have the bottom five called up by surprise will be the gore on did not get. At least a moment but then again Gloria take it off the team writes. Eat eat you know the your your top three point guards obviously on these rosters all. You know far superior to gore on what she would probably concede so your your clearly even from your thirteen you're not taking courier only deep bow off. No high horse not been run overnight advocating network is about. Do not need to get a vote to right to sabres have made it to recognize special play in some I mean I knew you looked at it very bumbling bad. At least out there and let everybody on the on all the playoff teams got to had a guy right pat and I had a vote. And my question what would be this who on this roster even has all NBA team. Potential it's difficult to envision any of them now I could see Josh Richardson if his offensive game. Is able take the type of lead you that we see all of didn't go as high Beasley yes writes I wouldn't rule that out I think we haven't seen enough about a bio to note the ceiling there. Is an all star player was certainly beat a heavy projection. To think the ban on Abaya will be an all star but the atlases and suggests he can't. Entirely ruled out. But if this is what Hasan is of what we saw from the sun last year is what he is and clearly he's not all star caliber. And as we've talked about earlier in the show the heat's going to aggressively try to trade in this offseason and drug which. As good of players he is a certainly not going to get better at this stage of his career. So the the all star game appearance this year on an injury replacement and the third team all NBA with Phoenix. Four years ago might be the extent of the recognition he gets up from an all star standpoint so from a talent stand point this is a pretty depressing statement on the state of the. Yeah but I mean nothing various you're you're not surprised no it's not just the price of that million it's college for me. You that we can't sit here any with a straight face tell you. Pay discussion or gotten a voter that I should maybe a vote for more maybe. Right it just I can't sit here and say Assange worthy of over any of that are against it here and tell you Josh research in. Or James Johnson and or anybody else is worthy you spoke of some of those guys and they have great seasons all. Brian one problem is Riley at least publicly has consistently over valued his roster he said in an interview. Last year was serious sex and that he's expecting all stars of blossom. From the steamy was assuredly expecting Whiteside would be one obviously he's gone the other direction and then even after the season. He made the comment that we have too many good to great players we have too many. I would take out the two great part of that quote corners we have too many good players dozens of players being. Barely above average by NBA standards but they don't have. Players on the cusp of greatness that's not a problem with this roster it's that they have too many players of similar skill who were average to slightly above average NBA player. Here's my in my my prominent and and they don't have a building block either of them don't have a guy that's gonna be the cornerstone of their franchise. That they can nap then. Maneuver and build around they thought asylum might have been that guy they've obviously gone away from that direction for whatever reason and so is the suns play and his attitude. But if they were able to get a bogey cousins forget the just say. A guy this offseason. He's not going to be the guy's going to take you to. Back to the championship but they need a starting block we need a starting point player in my opinion yet is they can get Carolina three towns are one of these guys out there. Even an all star caliber guy which just thought you were signing with the sun. Get him. Lock him up and then you can start manipulating your roster building around a cornerstone. Which they seemingly don't have I mean I can't even tell you. Hey I like a lot these players but I can tell you any of these guys is our untouchable the right trade comes. They need a starting point a starting block the thing it's okay this is our guy now with C forget add another all star and then another all star and build around that. Right they're not gonna get a championship contention this summer obviously that's not news but we need to do is acquire a player who at least is going to get you into position to be a second round playoff team clearly. They're not yet so you have to find someone. Who's going to get you to the talent level of the teams directly below Philadelphia Boston and Cleveland if LeBron should stay there so there you're talking about Milwaukee. And Toronto which is very vulnerable can you find a player who can get it to that level that's the next that the summer. Plus one on losing a barrel to more time in the coming appeared about in about twelve minutes or so the other thing is if you're trying to attract a guy's gonna have a guy here first. Wade was that guy for years. Wade McCain was more attractive tonic Chris Bosh obviously. Because she was already here so if you're going to build in and get that Big Three which she knew we need in the NBA he needs at least have a guy that's going to be all I wanted to play with that guy down in Miami. Right Anthony family now right unfortunately it's not assigned to know even beyond the issues of the sun. Being difficult for this coaching staff even beyond the uneven this in this play keep this in mind Kurtz of the heat's sixth best lineups this past season not a single one of them included Hasan Whiteside while all of them included Kelly Kelly of one of the soccer enabling Spoelstra for playing a -- late in games and his team clearly plays better with a letter on the floor than Whiteside. When Whiteside was on the floor this year that he was outscored by 75 points worst among all players who made it through the year excluding only Dion Waiters. It's pretty that's pretty well before we get back to the MBA with Tom owning its some your your your just your quick notes and thoughts. About about the dolphins routier's you've been up to Alaska the last couple of days and you remarked about our Rick one McMillan. And and his returned to the a Miami Dolphins. He's toward Disney in pre season. And US similar beep -- did the media asked him about about him just coming back and also human rights and you know having a little bit out of a competition as you gonna got back on offense and you're gonna get got back on defense yours rate Kwan McMillan to a back from injury. And that's it and saying exactly this hit a young they hear the same day the stuttering saying that day. Enough from day one of those contests. Who who walk without a Christmas first poker run. Force beyond the waters. Most of whom get a bigger requirement okay. Isn't this post that was the late this keep appealing to other. So that would require McMillan who was the traffic got Ohio State logical forgot about him we don't know how important ranked tale is to the to the offense in the in the the hopes of Miami Dolphins but you think equally inadequately anything to us is important on the defensive side of things Rick on regular to make a big impact that obviously we missed you last journal. Yes I'd rate him as one of the dolphins six most important players because how big of a difference would it be to finally. To have your first in tax pulled disruptive middle linebacker. Who's not just a guy we haven't had that year. Since that Thomas I went back and look at some of the NFL draft analyst. Comments on that Melancon is obviously his entire rookie year was wiped out by the injury went zeroing of Said this in the millions too many issues standing his ground. And leveraging is GAAP as an interior run defender and could end up outside in the pros that's not how the dolphins seem they're gonna play in the Mike linebacker zeroing says he might have benefited from playing a long slide. Alongside more NFL talent but he's acted in plays a game good instincts he has the potential to become an average starter in the league like contain the dolphins believe the as a potential to be a far better than average starter and he needs to be. Because for this line backing route to even be adequate you need to Millen to be pretty good unique eco lodge so to be far better than he was last year. I don't wanna blame alliances play last year entirely on him. Because the dolphins put them in very difficult spots he was asked to cover tight ends are more. Middle linebacker should and they corrected that this year by bringing on make a Fitzpatrick by bringing on drum baker. I tomato that's still the biggest question mark of the steam as linebacker. At this point step on Anthony is probably your third starter at least in based defense chase balance competing within. Jerome baker certainly in that competition but the dolphins don't yet know if he's just gonna be covered specialist are these three down guys so McMillan certainly. You know someone who was impressive today he he's very poised for young man articulate likable let's see if he can transfer those great qualities to the field. Other thing today in and we did not get to watch routier's today Zabian Howard spoke. And to. I Timmy Howard is really interesting because if we get the Zabian Howard we saw the last six weeks of lastly there's great value at two picks against Denver followed that up. With an extraordinary game against New England two more picks play cornerback as well as we've seen any dolphins. Corner play year alongside the best of Brent Grimes. In the last ten years if we can get that then maybe the dolphins have a legitimate number one corner here's a number where Curtis weeks one through nine last week Zabian Howard went targeted. 96 passer rating against the week's ten through seventeen. 391 rating against Al. While. That's your number berg. That's a good nugget right there for Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald we got Tom the ads look coming up. On the other side but not before we get to Tom. If you miss the 6 o'clock code word for your opportunity to win a thousand dollars in our WTF counts as that's win thousands read the code word is band. That's bended. 81 and you'll be a registered. We'll talk heat basketball and conference finals with Tom De'Angelo Palm Beach post that's next Johnson and I didn't take.