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Friday, May 25th

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Thanks. Ultimately your panties at TGI. Wolf bonus coverage of Curtis and hurt because. Dan is doing God's are off the last the last couple days Memorial Day weekend as is Chris Perkins. Many tomorrow of the Miami Herald you hear quite frequently. On these airwaves he is gracing us with his presence for the next four hours mainly at the we get the four hour. I'm marathon home show today we're gonna tell us stuff going on and what a miserable. Day here in South Florida weather wise they're doing a volley weakened but gained three minutes would give you 3 o'clock code word for govern due to an thousand dollars second certainly. Brighten your day many good to have you in every Friday or have me yeah I'm you know it's funny I was in California last week my Brothers warnings are missed. Like whatever was like six or seven consecutive days. And now announced today of course it's points so let's look back and handle this going to improve for the holiday weekend though I don't you know I don't know the weather guys god bless them I don't know what you know what what to believe would not believe sometimes. I just got to pull the radar once in awhile and violates the enemy in South Florida incinerate everything on Leuer. It's the matter if you're gonna get a break from time to time that's going to matter you know during the day of the Israel lighten up a little bit but. Coming in or just just treacherous out there on the roadways are on the safe out there but we're gonna give either of the code word here in a couple minutes and a chance to 1000 bucks a week. That'll though brighten your day we got a lot of things to cover. And we're gonna do a lot MBA with Manny we're gonna get in the Miami Heat and now potential offseason stuff with them very Jackson was in yesterday you're coworker of Miami here of course and we do a lot of permutations. In the nation as you know because you deal with them all the time. A little bit antsy as he as the season ends in the offseason begins they're getting a little bit little bit nervous. Oh that's it's a confidently nervous or if its decision on something that happened here. Yeah I mean you sit here watching LeBron you know march is way towards the finals again or you know assuming you pull off these back to back wins against Celtics. And your board here in your board here he thank you wanna know it's one on anyone who knows who who Barrow is gonna bring in and it's natural you sort you know sort of warn of the ESPN trade machine and and tore some scenarios around in trying to figure out how to a year and Hassan Whiteside and get something good and returns Irish delegated and I know fans era. Are anxious and and wants of the positive that happened but you know look parodies really good at this he's done this long time. And now I suspect something do wop in the summer I don't know what it is that things have to go well. Violets deduce from Maine are right there -- explore that a little bit as we as we continue on of course that Jermaine beats right now for the in my murals Miami but you've covered everything every bit of sun here. Enough in South Florida so we're gonna we're gonna jump around here but NBA is certainly on our mind and a big big news although not shocking. Coming out of the Houston Rockets in the Golden State Warriors series we're gonna have that for yet. In in just a moment also in this hour coming up our right around 340. Stuff and off the sorrow of ESPN he is based used to be covering the series. These three down near them BC six he's gonna stop by at 340 soaring at the the feeling in the mood because. When you hear what it. Has transpired here. There is a question that's going to be asked and and will certainly. Tried to try to answer but it's 3 o'clock so let's get to our code word in the seven do you dig and WTF. Contests. Many as 1003. At WTF yes well yeah you know it's woods' win thousand street that's all we're doing around here after just a thousand bucks. Audio do is text the word boss. All lost 272881. In your registered text lost LO as he. 272881. Did you were you a fan of the show lost. No actually my wife was that I couldn't get into it I I I never saw I never problem in my view one of those things I need to get to on the on the on the rebounds you know let me have the right on the revisited somewhere but I never. It really watch a lot of network television back then but lost its analog to a that's four miles basho although I think the ending kind of sucked for a lot of people from what I've wanted to yet. Right yeah I was through my wife as far as what the feedback I got from her she was disappointed with the ending she thought. Otherwise the series is great she likes all that scifi type stuff anyway and and strategy stuff so. I just think the the ending really is when a lot of people have heard that. Many times I just can never gonna international. Lost is our word of 3 o'clock word doubles they warriors lost last night. The I Houston Rockets and perhaps have lost Chris Paul. For the remainder of the series were any of that. Just a moment text lost 272881. If you don't win this time connections you'll be at the top of the next hour at 4 o'clock this is a national contest meant as a generic may -- do not Texan drive we the the winner a couple of weeks ago from Hialeah so life can happen to you just Texaco were lost and will reiterate that throughout the course of the 3 o'clock hour. And as we. Get to the 3 o'clock hour let's get to headlines. Ask what you XY and south why would you accept each show yeah. All right game 6 tonight in the Eastern Conference we're gonna take you right up until basketball. At 730 with our pregame coverage. It's in Cleveland Boston trying to close out LeBron James and the cavaliers look to things offering thirty but our coverage. Begins at 730 right here on 790 in the taken moving out west game six. Is that will be tomorrow night. Out west Houston of course last night's winners over golden state lady that series three to two however Chris Paul who was injured. In the late stage of that ballgame. As they just strained. Hamstring and has been ruled out for game six tomorrow night in Golden State's Chris Paul rolled out for game six. Of the west finals vs the warriors. For tomorrow night moving on the baseball the Miami Marlins back in town their take on Max Scherzer who throws tonight for the Washington Nationals. He is a seven and one on the season via the Marlins counter with Jose your rain you know who is Owen seven. On the school endless yes a little bit of a day ahead of her until there. First set for Marlins park at 710 and three of them awesome baseball news why not. The Boston Red Sox have a designated Hanley Ramirez for assignment. To make room for Dustin Pedroia to come back to the the roster former marlin and Ramirez. Designated for assignment so they have. He's ten days the trade him or to become an outright to a free agent so on Hanley was. They get fifteen million dollars 122 million dollar option next year he reached a certain. I'm certain at bats and so forth with a Red Sox put he is looks like he's gonna be. Moving on to another team and those are your headlines so many if you war. If you're rockets in the morning how do you feel terrible. I mean your 320 yeah. And it got you got game seven at home if you need yeah. I think you've just terrible because you know Chris Paul's gonna be out for game six in and you know look hamstring strains those are things that you recover from you know one day into the next to one to two week injury I usually ask him to be back one to two days right as is not gonna happen in an even if he plays in game seven and are gonna get about a 100% anywhere near that. So I had from if I'm Houston. I'm I'm really upset because this is my opportunity. To be doors you're stepping on their necks and then at the end of the game righted DN right when you when you're tasting victory. Chris Paul gets heard and then the whole thing sort of gets. Take any taken from underneath your your feet here so I feel bad for the rockets I think the series is over Chris Paul's. Not gonna play in game six or game seven I think there's no way the markets when the series. Game six you expect even if Chris Paul was was a 100%. Golden State was gonna come with everything they are absolutely so you kind of thought OK golds as a win that game were to back the seven Campbell through this thing out Monday night putts. Now if he's if he's out or if he's limited and that's such a MI mean outside outing at the acted legally worst injury. For a point guard to pass that hit it and they don't have them close in right and had to get rather have a foot injury that I hamstring injury and you saw. Him justice it just grab it and he's he's battled a ton of stuff throughout his career. Why he's got a hamstring injury earlier in the season he missed a bunch of games he's had a knees that are growing. And you know you always say we're more fuel to set hey you know this team's gonna win that team's gonna win bulked market down it's a lock. You just never know when a sprained ankle might pop up or something like this and can change. The course of the series because. You would say if Chris Paul's a 100% what are what we're juror what would your mind to be on the series and then Boston's gonna win this I. Camera shot to win game seven yeah I mean I think those states to join game six no matter what we're going to be back home there obviously motivated champs are just gonna go down like that but the fact that there's no Chris talk with the the rockets' rotation is so short to begin with generally seven guys decision have been playing in the serious form. And EE take. You know the second best player on the team out in the two meetings got no shot. Was also a mis shots affecting Golden State without your you know right now yeah I'm an integral and David West do west just got completely undressed last night and exposed. I mean they were they were marked him every time down the court just and pick and rolls. And David West is a Smart good veteran type player. An image is the only they they they had no answer there so eagle dollar who'll see you know his status for tomorrow night's game but. Against them Jimmy Monday night he if there is a game seven and that's and that's ignorance in the I think I agree with you I mean I I agree that there's Libyan seven. Now this is it is early game 7 in the Eastern Conference finals we got game six tonight. Similar scenario for Cleveland's. They have to force a game seven on their home floor. AM IE I thought Cleveland was gonna win the other night I thought there'd be some carry over from from game three enforcement's admiral players. I'm shocked liberals point to Boston in and how they're playing on the real arms just Cleveland. I just thought there'd be more there may be on May be overestimated some of their some of those guys talents went. Arena and George shelters and Thompson JR Smith three guys they're starting lineup gave them absolutely nothing and those are veteran guys you would think they'd be show up a little bit more on the road. I'd understand why Boston guys. They might not play well on the road we know how that goes with young guys these guys have been around a lot and they were no shows you the night and obviously. That led to a loss and LeBron Kenny was saved because. You know he was just he was just the was just OK it is stuff in a moment but mom I thought could win the other night where you see the cavs here in this series Kennedy forcing game seven. Gavin think LeBron at home I had always you know go him in game six a must win type situation especially against the Celtics team that that hasn't played very well on the road in the playoffs. As you mentioned an and I think. Ultimately comes on the Kevin Love I think with Kevin Love is playing well in the series. And and the bronze kind of got an a partner to go with to help them score points and and rebounded to all the things that that love can do. And I think Cleveland's in pretty good shape so. I think there will be a game seven and in both these conference finals and the man LeBron he's gonna put humans back tonight there's no question I think he's got to score 67 points because the other guy's struggling he will. What they would do that the other night a player that's and was it wasn't a must win the not a failure right and they weren't home and bosses played brilliant people he knew his nose and we caught up all these teams this guy played bad and that guy stinks in the skies that not clutch. Gregg of new teams credit sometimes smooth so you got to just stay in Boston played well. Just like. Last night everyone wants ripple stayed at all said they can't they can't. They can get an offense late in the game in the they're screwed around they got no go to guy and it on over to pass it too late in the game. As is like hey you go to him give peace a lot of credit. The way they the way the idea that how much do you make go. Low LeBron and the the tired issue. Is that a factor all I ask you when you covered him for four straight years. He's in phenomenal shape army just look at him physically. Eight. 82 games I know most people look at that and say what he play all 82. I should have been saving herself for the playoffs he doesn't look like a mile and a guy who's tired I don't see I see a guy who I was is haven't worked really hard. And and and play that is at the highest level possible. Isn't the first time he's and the Owens and his career low and he is 33 years old I didn't I think looks moral guy who's. Frustrating yes completely agree yet he's just bombing just maybe he's mentally tired. Physically I think he's fine the rule when you do when you stack it up I mean look at game three when he dropped 44 yeah. A heals all of a sudden you're gonna retired a quarter and a half in a day to day and a half later. No I mean that these guys have a day break between games at the very least. And that that's more than enough time and they got to travel and all output really Cleveland to Boston and what's how long is that flight time and our I mean. Look the bottom line is these guys aren't that they're professional athletes are in great shape LeBron trains. All year long he's the last guy would ever worry about feeling tired look it's one day when Abbott Norman in the finals against the spurs when he had done. The other cramping issue and San Antonio all have put. You know the condition to be finding Cleveland tonight. I I just I don't adding it to caught up in the other tired stuff I mean. He's just. Everyone's tired to stymie your first IF physically beat up yeah and and he's played the most minutes of anybody in the league he's played in every single game. He's older than anybody that's in even even a top those lists like you look at the top guys. Minutes played. There's everyone's in the early twenties it seems like 45 and under and he's 33. But I exist he sees that now is not easy pass to do a lot lenient and but I mean that he but he's had to do allow all season. But if there's any guy that can handle let's. They would it would be him but. You know the other night many mean it was kind of they were down about. Our team about seven minutes ago and it was you know it it's a good thing is the maker route they're gonna get back in the game who had been then. And he turned the corner. On some drives. Three consecutive times and hit dornin Clarkson twice for threes which permits thinning gills the kennel while we're tournaments right it's just. You know that you just used wonder what's going through his mind in that spy where you hit you hit you know wonder too though for sure. It's a different ball in your back in the leads under and it's seven raid and you know your attitude in your mind sets a lot different but bomb. He did not play well under his circumstances and nobody really played well I'm all for Cleveland. They got base Leno show from everybody the other night including become a lump gets 147 most that was on early on. He's got James got a scored when he's he needs at least another guy who can get his own book and consistently hurt and and and love to me has to be a guy who's averaging in the it in the low twenties for Cleveland to win games in this playoff series I am and go back and look at the winds wins and losses what he's averaging. Income to look at Lebanon during the break but I think that's OK he's got to have somebody complain often they can't just be all him all the time well. The mis you're you're you're run yourself into the ground and even he knows that right I mean at this point because Boston won the nose in Boston. I can do which is advantageous. To this narrative that he's tired is that you throw a lot of guys out. So it's not like LeBron just run and Marcus Moore into the ground for forty minutes. They throw more SATA and they can throw hate him at times Adam rosier can get you know can run at him at at times and the colors are different angle zoom yeah they're all. I mean that's that's that's the plan if you're if your Bret Stephens and Boston averages and starting we a lot of hoops to get too many tomorrow. Is in studio with us our special guest coastal port today. As though we get ready for the holidays whole weekend once again our Stefano for sorrow from ESPN's recover in the Houston Rockets will state series. Course was down here for many years with NBC six on the sports anchor side he's gonna join his right around 340 in this hour so we are a lot more to get to. Or hit you with some some more Eastern Conference. Files questions tonight is Rick take you right up until. Our pregame coverage at 730 right here on 79 to take. So in the thick as your home. Home of the NBA conference finals tonight we have game six. Of the Eastern Conference final in the Celtics have a cap begins at 730. For you take you right up until that and then they're gonna tip things off at 830 right here on in some and I mean if someone else. Or three. HD to the tickets. Curtis and purple extended coverage you're no Dan institutional best of today as they taken again this Friday off the last couple of days off get ready for the holiday weekend no work as well as perches is off but Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald as it was all afternoon. So we're excited about that we a lot of things few let's talk about with many if you got a question or comment. Or an observation from any or myself enough feel free do. But Texas on it on the on the text line just be careful out there to not text and drive for the text line is there's always 67974. At 67974. We invite and encourage your text messages. Well we got we're a go a couple of different ways here in the next hour or so in about twenty minutes Stefano for sorrow who's been covering the Iraq it's called state series from ESPN. He's gonna join us at 340. Also Tom Withers he is the Associated Press beat me in helping Cleveland covering the cavs Boston series. So he's gonna join us at 42 wanting sold get an Eastern Conference look at game six and Western Conference look. That's that game six as as well take strides in. Guys know as usual or rockets have drama on the dot gets suspended the finals were the cavs and you down sixteen warriors who have won that year to resulting. Well LeBron still titles in Cleveland. Also Arnold basically a no show last night and the rockets often used car from a three quarters and had to rely on. And Tony defense and they beat the dog warriors were you more are you more of with the rockets or you kind of looking at Golden State and looking at like really. But you guys are supposed to be a dynasty. Well I mean I'm more impressed with the rockets is honestly a mean you're going against the team that's got four legitimate all stars guys that it could be hall of famers and you've basically got two of those guys and your side and you mentioned to the lead in the series that's the way I always look at it look at just black and white like that. I think even the warriors he gets in here and says it's disappointed they've lost two games basically because they strolled the fourth where it. You know that that back and haven't for any team in the playoffs. And and the rockets have been a good defensive team this year they've been they've been improved right under did Tony so. I think adding you have to give them credit for for what they've done. To me is more impressive that the rockets that are actually in position to win the series because. That there are numbered when it comes to look to the SARS. And on mean it's. And how where we were. Was a game for Manning. Going into that fourth quarter in in in Oakland's right. And how close they were to go up 31 like it was a mean you know are on Twitter loss of the series is over given the given the championship. And how quickly things have turned. And not only delayed turn in favor of the rockets. Winning the last two games are now losing their losing their point guard and I mean it's almost mean it's almost like would you rather have Chris Paul being down 320. Or being up 32 operas all how right I mean it's a yeah actually duke and ashes are to show. And alas I was definitely hear coming up I mean just Houston. Late how should you feel right now if if you're the rockets obviously. Your you don't have your guy who by the way carried them last night when when James Harden was kind of know shown. Which he does quite often seems like in some big spots. But and just budgets are harder Solomon at this the reason why is there a similar broadcasts Reggie Miller senator Blanche time. This is the reason why you bring Chris Paul this why the rock of balls Houston no question so for those moments last night and now he's blame and we know he's out for game six and then. How effective is he is he going to me if he even plays. In in game seven that's there's just a lot of luck well a lot of emotions that are going through if you're if you're rockets and right now trying to figure this thing out. But today it's pretty Terrence who you know ode really who's who's who's gonna commenting do you Chris Paul is in general growth had his moments were cynical big shot with. Mean he's not he's neck and it is there an obit of your office the lakers ball those are going to be guys one on one the way Chris Paul doesn't. I mean this affects the whole bowl roster right there at everybody is good bye this. It's not as you lose Chris Paul it's like everyone gets everyone gets turned over. And who's available now who's gonna hail ball losing part of the in a ball more yeah delegates and more pressure off deal more stress on him. Therefore he's not gonna be the score or try to score like he jammed it in Melia texture here. You know how about the two losses without Iguodala doesn't that tell you how important is well yeah I think absolutely because. Mean you look at what they're having to go with all the sudden this great deep Golden State team you lose one guy and everything seems to unravel. And you look at what a you know how personal he was. Weather was scoring. Weather was passing weather is being the middleman. On a fast break. Whether it's finishing on the break was playing defense all those things you know provided by his guys knew what three years or will remain finals MVP. PB what would you say humbug mountain is Nancy that he be an all star but he beat a top player on a number of teams remain center has put a number of teams still. In the MBA if he was given the opportunity Meehan reps so yeah army is under your losing the player it's it's it's the domino effect. Ball all those other guys have do like magic grow green jewelry can bring up the ball tomorrow night gets out of who's who's it gonna be because there's. If your goals they got to Harden the jedi aren't all time but he didn't and who brings it up in just giving airport and maybe put that in your goals this year at all. We can turn these guys over and over then we can get out and run and then that's when they're just a monster. That's what I thought the series is over as great as last night's win was for Houston to lose Chris Paul to the kind of hamstring injury that he's got. I just I don't see any any way shape reform that they win either one of these last two games even being on their home floor even playing as great resort. The eagle backing you look at these game for game five was especially. The game five I mean Paula didn't some unbelievable shots. Down the stretch and and you needed those shots to beat the warriors in the first place. You're not gonna get from somebody else Joseph breaking get hot Brady can ignite that so exposed here in order form he's an animal. But he's not he's not gonna carry you and and and YouTube when so much pressure on Harden to bring the ball of the court to create for others. Which is something you really hasn't had to do a lot of thankfully because Chris Paul's been around to do their form so. Eight this is just this is disasters for Houston. I I hope did. You know it's the for a little while. He's got some some insider news that that maybe this is this hashing strain isn't as bad but I I I just don't seem to have. Well they played a little while they played it. Seven guys in game four and they played seven guys in game five last night you zooming yet so I mean. They got the you know Joseph Johnson's on the bench and everything had to go right forum and I mean it wasn't like they want with cushioning and they had they had to have some abrasive it's a great defense. But they did get some breaks. Yeah well I mean but you know you get a bench him and got some guys on Joseph Johnson on their Ryan Anderson pummeled day. And Nene sits there I mean they got some guys some names of some guys that are some good players but they know we second that it'd that would say to reckon Phil. Police the point guard role the point guard duties. Four for Chris Paul and not to be not to step in and be Chris Paul but just. Bring up the ball get your get your team and offense all those things that's going to be that's going to be needed against Google stating that you know just going to be blood in the water. All of those things. That ping that thing could get ugly. Tomorrow night but many mentioned Stefano the sorrow Beaumont ESPN he's recover in the Houston. The warriors series is gonna join us here in about enough fifteen minutes also giving the other 3 o'clock Colbert if you missed if you just opening your car on a rainy wet Friday afternoon as we get ready for the for the holiday weekend we got game 6 tonight in the Eastern Conference so your all your very confident in Golden State right now yeah that they're gonna come back when this thing where's your confidence level on how. Who's going to come out of the Eastern Conference obviously it's elimination game tonight right for the Cleveland Cavaliers would receive a game seven on the parquet. The this week and Sunday night's. Yeah I think without question I think the bronze figure out a way to win at home in game six as I said. Adding Boston's road record in these playoffs it would be a 11 or two road wins in the playoffs it's not a lot. It's 18 is there one and other one time one intends so yeah I mean this is not gonna have a from Boston on the road and did they need home court advantage to be. To be the cavaliers in the series about the rarity chances and after the seven games that you have to. Figure out a way to win game seven in a moment and that it's the very well happen but I I think at this point my money's on LeBron he's proven it too much overtime I thought that if the cavs were gonna get knocked out. It was gonna happen early in the playoffs when when these these guys were. We're sort of struggling to gel little bit and in. You know I think LeBron is gonna come up and and play great again like he did in against the reform. If this is. Loss on them on the Cleveland ledger. You know where all the conversational go immediately tonight oh yeah and stuff. I created the aids is that it's like cellular jumped the gun human talking about a for you area. And Gary and I were talking about a kicking around a little bit edits on it but it says and we had them. We had we had guests on yesterday throughout covers the haves. And and he had he made some good points on mount on talking about the Brown's future up there and it is not about basketball maybe you know he wants to raise his fame in Cleveland. And there was Chris or Chris for the war. From my Cleveland dot com and they covers the cavs and is a host of 92 point three. Up there in Cleveland and you know the cavs fans are holding out hope that. Maybe he just wants to live in Cleveland and raise his family and it's not about roster per say or not. Necessarily the number one thing that wall that will determine his future oil well I can win a championship but these with these guys I gotta go somewhere else so. They're holding up that hope. I have no idea. I can say this many were ever is it if it happens if he moves on. There's always a story line attached absolutely there's always going to be I like to call a marketing campaign there's going to be a sneaker to sell. In a few months right and LeBron is going to tell the story of why he and we move that geo changed addresses. But. With that being said. I don't see that marketing campaign right now. Maybe you just say he goes and plays with his good friend Chris Paul if they can come up short here against home state tries than you know to try to knock out. Golden State next season. Away if you play the those this show business card maybe a little bit and he wants to be you know the movie mogul and all that stuff maybe. You know that plays out other than that Manning. I I I don't I don't see a direct line Horry Horry game plan so to speak to you. No I I mean look at any possibilities out there. I think it's the hunger is in LeBron. To trying catch Michael Jordan then then the options are very limited there's only rental places we go to a wind if you and your best just to win. Then I agree like Philadelphia home just yet there are so used in whatever whatever way you can attach yourself to a couple of other superstars who can legitimately make a run. I Golden State and win this thing I think I think if that's number one if that's the norm party that it's those two cities. If it's beyond basketball now. Then it could very well be Cleveland and it's been a lot of chatter coming from from the writers of there that you know LeBron obviously has a lot of strong ties that area. And it brought him back great BJ he left the heat to go back there because I was actually there was lot of pressure on to go back in and make things right to win the championship and you know he hit it that is always got to make those people happy so I think there will be some pressure to stay there but. If not I think LA is is is the destination I think that's that's a situation where it looked lakers could have a pretty good team they can I was a get a guy like Paul George who I think LeBron always loves to give it solidly analyst right bring somebody with some and he can. And then and he can pick and choose a young roster great Julius Randall you stay Alonso volume golf whatever the you know whatever the cereals are and. Please for Magic Johnson right I mean that's that's kind of a sex the a little addition to the whole thing not part of the Laker tradition and in the about a beautiful way I was is there mean it's. I was leads traffic sucks but you know you go on here you can have a pretty nice home and and living right there on the beach they think there an amount they're all they do yeah I I was living LA they think that that they and I was other for the Australian now's a conversation it was everybody was like so when LeBron comes here and I'm dislike well you know. But I don't know man I I think it's it's it's one of those three destinations I know heat fans there are sort of hold I don't know while maybe once a come back to Miami. I'd you know I'd be completely floored that I. Yeah I I I I would too although I mean. Yeah I would I well I would too I just don't see the scenario there in the heat aren't exactly in the best place right now. To make it happen either know Tom and but if you know he will be somebody well you know lie who cares about you know kind of sick of LeBron a little bit. But any even if you are these the first domino falling all the scenarios like. When free agency Russian and when the trade stuff starts is getting more trade designed to be about three NC. There's nobody has any money and his allies huge free agents out there it's going to be you know the trades as of adept he's the first domino to fall because they do think. Yes he's going to bring somebody with him if he goes to another team like he's just say. Paul Oreo one. Pay why what's going on down there are you unhappy you're not you wanna go hoga somewhere else. He's going to if he's going to he's not going to let's say Houston. Are you gonna Philly who's kinda capped out at that point if they sign him. Then he's going to bring somebody with them to another team but our teams have cap space allegro one team. Pages like Miami held open points and the cleared their decks this is what LA did hoping this dead that he would arrive. No question at a loved one thing I would say. One thing that there any capacity in the back of the bronze mind is there any term about him being the first domino to fox that your such. Well what happened last year with Tyreke sort of you know being blind sided by something like that I fillet. He's he's kept whatever plan he really wants to accomplish here in the off season well under wraps because he's ready to surprise people that's the feeling idea right. I feel he he's he's he's kind of been fighting this thing for awhile since curry left. And it's sort of figured out the dominoes and how much aiming at the sky here and act and there are so I expected to be a while some are really did. Haas going to be it's going to be I'm we will always got basketball games have played a man it was so good champion crowned on the of the celebrity go to and check in. On the Houston Rockets Golden State Warriors series seven of the sorrow these three down you're an MBC's 6000 he has yet been covering this series throughout. Always had his. His viewpoint coming up next right here on 79 intake. Weather radio that comment busy official new home. Well seven I needed to get downloaded today to listen to us anytime anywhere Curtis and her back with you here on 790 the ticket. Many Navarro is in with us in for Chris Perkins. And we got a special guest right now have been talking a lot of the NBA conference finals and joining us right now the Iran feels announcers who is was just on their choice does beyond convenient as on August 2. You know this gentlemen these two BR down here for NBC six now with ESPN's Stefano for sorrow is with us and he's been covering the Houston. Golden State series as a chips. Back to Oakland and there are there any a must win mode stuff and oh thanks for taking the time I you don't. Good doing good man myths and amid the Miami always. And up and be doing this done here. Sure yeah domain you're kill it here and and we don't want you near here and you've got to all the sudden this thing McCain he series. Now let me ask you this question here. But if you're a Houston Rockets fan how do you feel waking up this morning 32 but now Chris Paul's out what's the what's the mood if your rockets man. It terrified and I ticket limit ticket should be because. The rockets fan you're using has seen this picture before where. James Harden needs to lead his team to win in this situation and then. Unfortunately for me it hasn't gone well he hasn't played well the last two games in tone he set himself today at practice that. Are you feel a lot for Chris Paul. We also Google up or because he's practically won in the last two games he just said that you hours ago practice so yet there there are cared they are terrified because. They don't have apple truck at this point Harden or to report portrait thought about it boy there are not a 100% confident that. You know he get it done in this situation but what happened last year at the spurs now. Can you do it absolutely court order appointing him one of the guys wanted to but scored easily you can EBP. But you know. They haven't seen him do it in this situation before he had a chance to close the borders are over there I think they're you know a lot of people think and. Game seven and got kind of where there. Stefano it's Manny Navarro of the Miami are good targets you don't Wear you down and so well good good years so obviously watching this series we know and and watching the entire season for the for the targets we see how important Chris Paul's been. Just to the office in general and an even on the defensive and positive there's been an improvement there. Give me a scenario where that the rockets still find a way to win one of these last two games because I'm not convinced they can do without him. Yeah Lekkerkerker because there's no doubt but we don't want kind of so reliant you'd you'd like you've been in the defense has been outstanding and I think that's kind of what a lot of maybe national. Media and an and in other markets people haven't really seen the rocket or how well as. You know helped really how much its rules be seated at the quote you've got players Trevor Rita is. Playing at a meeting different series I don't need guarding Kevin or analog you're gonna get is just the amount of lecturing them on a little plate plate. Feels block you've been doing that you think getting on on these guys has really been a peak peak he'll get Tucker the same thing kind of mean. Diverted it to him on now a little different because there are a little different and they switch on every pick and roll. What if they continue to put you front like that actually cocker said that they could play even better eat it certainly have been reluctant or orders are probably their best defensive effort that I play. This ease him. And I've covered a lot of their game here. They're there to pick on another level they got it and delete and the level and if they can keep doing that. They could spew they could feel wanted to investigate and as we know that all they need. You think it really hype up that you put pressure them into tough shots make them an ice so he might they have especially you know black library being in first quarter. It would it would be incredible the amount of isolation plays at the borders to run because that's all they were getting we're getting anything else. And if they can do that they might be able to have a you know that might have a chance you wanna beat the next two games. Seven all the sorrow is our guest here on 79 to take you fall on Twitter at the sorrow ESPN. Covers all the Houston teams offer ESPN in the NH town of course. Of the rockets here India in the western finals got a bunch of stuff on Twitter. About Chris Paul and it what was the mood I mean we know he's up for game six a massive display deliver game so what was it upbeat wasn't hey we might get them back or. Are they looking at this says as he's going to be out here for the remainder of the series. What would you call it a practice today I mean it would kind of that normal. You know form of an ever been pretty happy laughing smiling mood. You know off hey everyone in the big win. But you know we did ask about you know about all week repeated their kind of doubt about it what the public interest being. Cardin said he knew that Chris Paul house last night about 2:30 in the morning. And all its you know we ask him what to what will you do it and he was kind of like were just talking about life men just talking about likes. And I don't know what does that mean. It does that mean anything you're kind of on our recruited are you know you know it you might not be back in this series I don't know. Like you know Aggies guard cutters could figure you're just talking about like. I don't know whether he can really play games that are we not to answer darn that she already. Oh you know Brendan just how bad it is you're gonna cry. I don't know there's a lot of belief that he'll be back. For game seven it is you know it's Eric if indeed that that there. Yet doesn't it doesn't really sound good does stuff and I don't I talked to my to my boys about life amuse you get ready to make a big decision. Exactly see Selig that's something that's on Chris Paul's mind. Looking at look at the series doesn't want guy who stood out and is it knows of some who's familiar heat fans and that's Joseph Greene or mentioned him earlier. Oh what's he been like out there and used in this season because. He's had his moments where he's looked really really good. And any of legislative important role for the rockets. Maybe think about it only seven. Seven man rotation and he is that seventh guy and he's been played some big minutes in game four with a lot of his defense. A defensive play late in the game the big you know really kind of turned it. Than in game five you know he had a couple Big Three eagerly but there had been no would happier than beat the Houston vendor agreement to use the native the guy. You know I've talked on several times just about each is kind of riding this wave right now what do you expect game winner over its in the in a regular season he was. Don't look happy you're good knack guiding it is shoppers don't sound easy Houston die hard of the got as a I've 45 tattooed on his one shoulder you to use the Oilers local and national logo tattooed and another arm. They the guys is so accused been ignored all the old school during these. You know a lot that it would like you Olajuwon all burger you what Robert Horry. There he's an all these old school Houston throwback jerseys for all these games and the guys whose. Ecstatic to be here he's beating eighty wearing an important role in and you go to rooted out. About what Gerald and the mattress in. You mentioned seven man they only played seven guys and girl Joseph greens some of the man's stubborn old Julio gets that spot I mean does he go deeper to the Benji has to. Does he go deeper. Depth wise and also who brings up the ball who handles the ball outside the James Harden who's gonna get that responsibility. Wire cord and I mean he's going to be the starter and a lot if you don't have the luxury of bringing guys go to air or off the bench. Like rocket through so you know he would speak for them last night he let them in scoring. He was big in the second half but you can immediately got out of law and yet they're gonna expand their workers appeared on these of course are the gonna. Ellis too much but Dutch beating that would ease you know what he called look at practiced. The other puppet go to eight men maybe nine spread those minutes now Chris Paul without Luc Mbah a Moute who probably will return to the rotation he's been. Really bad offensively. But still does the job defensively there's really what it brought him here. And you know you might. Ryan Anderson just because of the match up Easter it to the floor at the big man position via AP's. If you can jot it could be a problem out. He's not been getting shot pretty much since game two of thirteen three of the Utah Jazz series where. There he came back from injury had a couple shot but he really hasn't done much since. So we you know I do feel like he might get a minute. Just because of the match up but well we all will be that we're going to be attained their rotation maybe not. Stuff and the Curtis and I were talking about this last they would turn about LeBron in the future and I know we're in the middle of the conference finals here. You know Houston's a win away from going to the NBA finals and and Cleveland you know needs two more wins to get to get back there again. But. Obviously Houston's been a place that's been talked about with LeBron. And and as possible destination what sort of the feeling out there are no obviously they got a lot of things in their mind but it's it's sort of been in the background all season long how realistic is it that the rockets could and a good LeBron I've sees that Chris Paul others buddy but I wonder what's the real you know real feeling out there in Houston. Out here I think that there's a kind of they have got the group about the big it truly believe it very attractive people who really don't want it happened because. Really don't know you get LeBron James they're gonna have the leader happened really get rid of a lot of other pieces that are recruited are from vehicle for them. A cappella for one it will not be on this team if LeBron decides the company and he has been huge for this team. Throughout the entire post season and really all season long. Either you don't you have to ever read it was also created so you'll a lot of things that would news you've which seemed to give their best quotes. You know to keep getting over that hump and beating Golden State ought be there are a lot of people were kind of skeptical to bring you your LeBron. Well of course you know the enemy that we build it with back guy on this team which is pretty good players. You're also gonna feel the team that can have a chance to attribute to a bottle or so I think there is kind of a kind of divided right now but like you said. They're they're right now they're just stressing out about our progress ball. Why don't butter or else ultimatum they are after a loss in the congress and I yeah yeah yeah LeBron looks pretty good there with. Probably accurate yes definitely gets out of here on this you go back to use for game seven you expect that. Dick Covert yeah preacher we were talking about it we got. We're talking about it today or over experiment had an out he got on Monday but you have pretty pretty committed to be associated aspect orders in seven of the beauty is due to Woolsey. I want to hear your still you're still played a separate. Thanks to take your time they got a jump on a plane and not really appreciate great stuff that the man dials it up plays out in the next couple days. Our record here record and it's a bit of sorrow from ESPN used to be down here with MBC six now obvious BN. There they're huge Stephen is either Houston in Houston guy there obviously got to tell you funerals their duties got a city yeah he's got he's there he's a Houston man used to be in Dallas in the before that was in the Miami in the Houston before that. But really begun is great job and is she an all time on on ESP NU foam on Twitter at the sorrow. ESPN. Iowa come back and anyone over the 4 o'clock hour after that here also. If you miss the 3 o'clock code word let's get that out there you're just opening your car the 3 o'clock 3 o'clock Koehler was lost or lost. Pock Chris Paul has been lost for game six. LO ST text lost 272881. Ten years you can win a thousand dollars we registered take over a thousand bucks and then we come back when we hit the the 4 o'clock Mark Williams the other 4 o'clock hour. Pork awkward in the the Covert right here on 79 to take. It's due today bigamy. Last couple of days off into the holiday weekend Manny Navarro from Miami Herald is in with a man who ordered awesome variance in stores which really gets to. As we as we move forward here Tom Withers from the Associated Press often Cleveland he's gonna join us here we to. Talk Western Conference finals with the stuff and office are we're eagle Eastern Conference finals Tom weather's coming appear in about about twenty minutes also in about. Two and a half minutes we're gonna give me an opportunity to win thousand dollars in our WTF that's wind thousands free contest we have the a 4 o'clock code word. You're just a few minutes let's. The ticket would like to congratulate Michael will bond for being this year's inductees into the tool we call fame. Will bond beat up the likes of Kim Jong own rob Manfred and Nick Saban Bill Parcells that well I was a tough. Tough final final panel man I realize in one eye and I was out of town for 21 yeah. You want Manny and and of course you're sitting right behind right in front and behind you is the banners which right and you're looking and you just turn the look and see where if you are to put his church of the we're gonna get that remember not yet. Just happens or Julio. By next couple which would have will one up there in the rafters but he joins Brian went hoarse Heath Bell and Jeffrey Loria its exclusive company right there. Eight regular ticket studios in the tools we call fame Talbot brought you by Florida lumber more. Then just lumber you can always sex the show's 67974. That's Tony reach Manny or myself 67974. We invite and encourage. Your text messages here as we ought to get to one against the Miami Heat stuff. And and we have time also some miles to Miami Hurricanes stuff was Nia. I love the countdown he knows Russia council should reveal where a hundred days at Miami and LSU OK Ali I hope pirates got in the count down the nets that's a hell of a way. Who to kick off the the season Newton and national TV and you know you get mine is not back. Right. They're getting close. This is a sign of that's being being the case yes regained its like that you know like ourselves trying to think today I saw that and I knew you know you knew him well scheduled. Audio while hundred is okay fine a trio to have on levers. And you're almost the last time was at Florida State last summit opened up. National TV it's been what ten years. Yeah it's been awhile little while there cautionary after the of other games and intended to be open season there were national TV. Outside of Florida State it's been a long time. Yeah soul you know there this is this is this is good stuff until it's fun. A fun time to be to be a Hurricane Fran there as this not mean. You always look Ford football season in were in regards to whether Bob fan web whatever in York jets fan Bob fan bears fan for state fan Texas fan my weekend. Well when your team is is on the move right in the right direction there's a little bit more mode Joseph working for you where you and I let's get this thing started here. Yeah and and it is definitely a sense of of Joey can redeem ourselves strike is that just the way season ended with with those what those three consecutive loss Verizon. And and you're hoping that you know those those guys on defense as those young linebackers that those guys take the next step in this is defense gets even better in. There's a lot of reasons for optimism is your chance and they've they've done a good job recruiting a lot of those new. A freshman already on campus participating are gonna play yeah participating in drills and stuff over the summer and they're gonna they're gonna greater role in the falcons are. Art let's get to the 4 o'clock code word. In our. WTF has went down the street contest your chance take home a thousand bucks right here on 790 take it to the text the word of pet. Hat to seven to anyone in your registered PET. To seven to anyone many Democrats yes. I'd do it left eleven year old dog pummeled by the name of Dexter. Now that's my guy. He's eleven so he's like eighty was like 7777. Yeah he's got the he's got the little gray goatee there you go in and any any walks slowly relative to our right to Sodom but he's a beloved. There's a lot of folks have been in my house who were of who were beloved or or or loved excerpt is a very cuddly soft trying to get these kind of take on the look goes on oral belittled by the righty sounds a little overweight right little little little packet around as it is now you got Graham notes they brag about two turned forty. Next month so I've yet he's he's he and Aaron simply. Writes it is one pet just one bucks that's the guy he had exit there good job would Dexter so hat is our word for a 4 o'clock code word. Had every once and I'm pat. They shouldn't everyone should note that there was ever a panacea if he gets on the spaz everything about having kids I would say pets are sort of the perjury barometer of whether or not you should have kids to that you can't handle guys this isn't an Asian markets for years I want enough I wanted to be responsible for nothing living. Right the diamond houseplants writes I would like nothing. You know I had the I grew up with pets I love dogs and an awesome but he out and we and you're toying 03 Ellen nothing to do anything I had to be responsible for. And then now ultimately. True some circumstances I got I got to catch. And and yet here I mean it's it's it's great again and I there was a cap on. I you know. She does her thing and and it's a lot of fun but yes. I can see you OK I think number out of arena which hegemony but yes he gets it is progressive there. It is a good tests or visit you if you've got the patience to handle especially when when when their movement European on the floor thousand. And all of the things that you have the patience for that than did you know on your on your way towards another. Gamble pets are cuts are gonna make your day there and that's. This is a national content message and enrichment like do not text and drive. 67974. That's how you reach a 67974. On a go on a rainy. Friday afternoon we're gonna take you read it until our Eastern Conference finals between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers would have for your right here on 79 B the tickets and that brings us to hear is the thing. The cavs are in the elimination mode here one more Boston victory. And they are moving on to the NBA finals and the cavs are getting eliminated and what does that mean for LeBron James and his future well not so fast on that. Brawn James has played in 21 elimination games. In the playoffs in his NBA career he is averaging. They all time best 33. Point five points per game in those elimination games he shows up he shows up in a big time way today. And the over under tonight many in my friend is 35 and a half. Mouth points per game now. The rockets into all by himself. But I expect any big time performers from LeBron especially. Early on in this game and you look at all of these ball games a lot of home. I think every single game for the most part has been decided in the first or second quarter in the first half. Somebody some doubts whether it's Boston or Cleveland has jumped out to a ten to 1215. Point lead and just kind of the SATA on that about the course of the second half I expect that to be the case time Cleveland LeBron is gonna have. Maybe a forty point game but I would definitely take take a little take a little look at going over 35 and a half points. And he's gonna bring a couple other of his teammates along for the ride and we will have a game seven. In the eastern. Conference finals and LeBron and the cavs will delay that possible elimination at least for a another game and that's the thing brought you by drone nerds and win would enjoy owners and amateur. Their DJR stores also in pine crest play in order to owners dot com. South Florida's guy in. The sky. Cabs about a seven point favorite tonight's at home against. Against the Celtics just. This is a wild look how bad. Both these teams look outside of their own gym. He it is I think I think they're due to have a good game here I am I still think the cavs are gonna win. But I on the it's gonna blow off fashion I think there's going to be the game where the Celtics. Try to steal one good game he adds a good in the end right I think there even pulls it out the end but it I would take the the under. Take the you take the underdog Celtics jobs and to the south exactly the okay to the point to. And you think the someone who is it and we're gonna finally gonna get we're gonna get a Rainier coast game in in this matchup by. I hope you're right I just I wanna see. I don't have a rooting interest for the most part by doing this I'd love to see two games up. We great asset especially in game six here oh for Cleveland because like you said every game and it's it's sort of been. Whoever gets out to that early lead in the first half of that's that's who wins you have and is not very competitive I'm sure. Not a although there hasn't it's just yeah I knew and you know. Nobody really threatens anybody knows some automaker you know some rivers down lawmakers 67 over on Boston that was a game for. Ills like police and appeal by LeBron and LeBron from back in the minutes I got a bronze back in the game now on rips off for sure it points and it's like. Like no there's no real threat there. In any of these games that the summer's gonna make a push in the in the second apple we have games 642 nights. On our airwaves right here on 79 you'd take it and also Tom Withers from the Associated Press. Covers the Cleveland Cavaliers he's gonna join us here in about in about twelve minutes or so but before that let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FX HD true Miramar. Boston looking to advance to the NBA finals. They're up three games to two we got game six tonight our coverage begins at 730 right here on seven and you take it looks of things off. From Cleveland at 830. We got a game six out west that will be tomorrow night with Houston up three games to two. After last night's home victory however Chris Paul will not play. In game six tomorrow night with that does strained hamstring Chris Paul is out tomorrow night. As Houston leads that series three games at two in night in game six Marlins back in action tonight. The nationals are in town to take on the fix fish Max Scherzer he is seven and one he's gonna throw for Washington holding your rain yeah. Gets the ball for Miami he's old and seven. On the you know on the seasons alone for that elusive first victory seventh and first pitch from. Marlins part one other note in baseball Red Sox have designated former marlin for assignment Hanley Ramirez so essentially. Haley doesn't traded here in the next week or so. He will be you will be cut in could signed with. With any team for the for the most part and Haley was a designated for assignment to make room for Dustin Pedroia was a coming off Thea does disable those for a suck so. Those are your headlines he bring you bring hand ram back to the Miami and just trying to. I'll I don't know what this team does does try to edit. Just try to gain any sort of buzz or anything to talk about. In this town I don't even know what they could do anymore. At this point but you gotta start somewhere right Manning. I don't think they care about bugs I mean they did they would they would have go around try to says he's Warner ordered two big names this oversight I think. I think this is all about finances are now all about youth movement so I. I cannot see Hanley Ramirez back in Miami even though it's a new ownership group in the relationship is different etc. I just yet that's not gonna happen. Sound off him cameras are bringing debatable park you know anyway now you know I'll think you were web just you know to create create a couple days bonus for sure to cobble out you know the meeting. You know perk and I sit here every day in this as we look at each other than it is now a lot of talk about now with the team and nearly on nobody was talk about on the text line and this and that and secular state and writer does he do before you know we why we were not shocked but it's just like maybe it is I mean maybe this is. You know we need two years we need to get our books in order we do you know want to cement order we are payroll on water yeah this whole thing was just screwed up as far as we're concerned. Stars how we run a run this thing. But at some point they're gonna have to true they got the make. Some moves in the right direction right tried to to bring fans to the ballpark right and ultimately reveal all today that WTO. Roster rooms and things like that. I'm right now just like pay. We're given you know we'll check back with his in the public years. Well one thing you know it's funny as having a conversation with our under Fernandez who covers the Marlins and I'm I'm no longer on that people each and a replacement on an Osama. You know next week's Major League draft and the Marlins for years. Even though the other sort of slotted draft positions as far as money they were kind of always going under slot either drafted a guy. Try to save a few bucks here and there. If Jeter serious about winning. Then that you need to start seeing the Marlins eagerly at the thirteenth pick in this draft yet see them take guys who they might have to pay. And maybe invest the money in the young guys that you think you're talking about the youth movement. And don't pull Leo Jeffrey Loria trick. Scott Boras clients right now we thought that you two guys right on its side after taking them now the easy to have the best players so I mean right but he asked him if you're going to tank. And you know follow the model of the cubs in the Astros some of these other teams of what the Braves did for a few years in Philadelphia and the White Sox. Late yet but yet has yet that trade yet you we want those pics with yet to get the guys that you want and then just you know by double and signed up to what it you know to what's toward draster for Serena gonna Pavia big leaguers and yet you better pay that the draft picks reminded you're -- that gets he gets have been -- on the farm if you're dead and -- your tigers suffered -- hundred loss season you -- you wanted to pay off for use. Us somewhere and therefore you're gonna have to check right good stuff they're made tomorrows it with a all afternoon long real off things get too many but coming up next for me go to Cleveland where I talked to. But Tom Withers who covers the cavaliers for the Associated Press read his thoughts in the mood. As the cavs to avoid elimination tonight all that next here on 79 minutes ago. To the ticket for the accorded ticket window you just went from a human game concert another great event. According slimy technology partner in the local south border technology company. Visit the on line and of course score dot com want to buy a lot of WW or fines. And brought to buy insurance attorney Anthony Lopez a 305800. Irma are we checked with the Western Conference finals. Earlier the show. Let's check in with the Eastern Conference finals here on Curtis and perk no Chris Ferguson a Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald is in with a anti net out of Iran feels announcers to me is stores guests lined. The are truly stepped beyond convenient. Answer we find Tom Withers who covers the the cavaliers and all things Cleveland for the associated press and we certainly thank Tom for making a few minutes with a here on game day Tom. What's the mood in Cleveland here's a few hours away from game six. The mood like it always is in Cleveland nervousness. The bended very strange season as you guys now. And you know. Now that there's a possibility of elimination hangs in the air again just like it is game 71 round. People are somewhat I need you but I think there's also confident obviously. Because the way to LeBron has played in these playoffs you know. That being thirteenth post he can hear it at an extraordinary couple quick. Pick forty point game and crew buzzer beater and it immediately carry very flawed team about it are you could match. Tom it's many tomorrow to Miami Herald I you do hey man. Could you. Good so I wanted to ask you obviously you know as writers we we who are sort of working ahead and have stories in the background. Everybody here is wondering what's gonna have a LeBron it is the season comes to an end tonight will you leave Cleveland eccentric such a what's your gut feeling that way and obviously every decision speculate put a lot of stock to a from covered him all season long I I guess the feeling it from Lotta people who got us will be differently than it's been. Buddies despite a sick Ronnie Lee's got a spare me here there's. There's reason for right to stick around what's your gut feeling. I'm Mike guided that he many probably give me another year I'm I'm still of the mind that you can end up pick and that option up. 36 million dollars. And probably dragging everybody the same trauma can slap some you know he just signed a one year deal. And hang around and you know you just mentioned and you know you. Everywhere Miami's very well aware of the what home means a LeBron and in the fall he can be opening up his charter school here in Akron. On his son is not going to its greatest considering some high schools in the area. You know this is family unit that that it is a very different place than it was four years ago when. You left Miami. And we are obviously a very different place than it was eight years old when he left Cleveland so. Pompano he had said before guide it you know that's been pretty well documented that. He wanted to come home to Cleveland he wanted to retire with the cavs obviously. Things have changed very dramatically. With this franchise obviously when Terry Irving which came was treated last summer that turn things over and then we got the trading deadline. Roster upheaval so there's been a lot of factors here but I opened at the end of the day. That all means too much to Emory now obviously not the the need not go sit back and take a look at the landscape. And that's not to say that the cavs don't got this current roster now to rebuild around it yet so I'm I'm still of the mind that he's gonna stay here all week for one more. Tom Withers color as the Cleveland Cavaliers and all things Cleveland for the Associated Press you can bomb on Twitter at T withers. AP joins us here on 790 the ticket how did they get to a game seven Thomas ultimately what's her best. Avenue for him winning this series and getting back to the finals. Yeah it it's like it always is and it's getting LeBron and help you know the games that they've been very effective in this post beaten and especially in this series. When he's gotten contributions and you not gotten. Nearly enough. Leader Kevin Love has been in foul trouble the last few games in some really tough work well against them. The other night up in Boston. So they need gloves that you don't give them 120 foreign hand up like that they need the energy problem. Tristan Thompson who has been. You know in a big factor in this year's and they need JR Smith and Kyle quarter make shot new JR is really bad. An anomaly and you know that you could say that about the entire career but. He had been so streaky in these playoffs. He he remained in in so many ways kind of the X-Factor for the team when they're make inquiries and they're moving the ball on offense. They're very tough to beat an ever mentioned reported you have a lot of want the team it's still. You know not connected defensively it it probably should be but they help the public the 36% the other night. And I'm probably weren't met him toll in the third quarter when it was obvious to everyone I'm LeBron basically kind of checked out and said you know what I guess people like. Very little energy left now and I need to say what I can per game sick so I think the key united. The cap is it. It to get off to a good start to get something out of their backcourt because George Hill and and as I mentioned port JR Smith have been all over the map and get guys to knock down shots. Talk with Tom Withers of the associated press and in Cleveland and then Tom wanted to ask yet. You know you mentioned a little while ago we answer a question about LeBron and his future in Cleveland about them tersely Gooding. The roster. And obviously all the focus right now is on on the playoffs and in winning this game tonight but. It it's it's quite obvious everyone on the outside that the LeBron needs another superstar another guy sort of helpful if he's gonna go back right on a championship I and others you're salary cap limitations etc. How did the cavs going this offseason and upgrade the roster and give. LeBron or reason to stick around in Cleveland and and you know beyond staying at home but upgrading this roster and. Well yeah you got incredible lap that you know he obviously you know Kevin Love has been on the trading block it seems like ever since he got traded to Cleveland right. He's been the guy that nobody got a you know pointed the finger that when things aren't going well and obviously Kevin. In my mind it way too much of the blame when things have not gone here you know it's been a very difficult. Transition for him in the third wheel here for a long time yet to become that second scoring option. This season when carrier ring got traded so you know the between love who you know what could probably fetch you a good lawyer return. I'm you'll have that number he picked you know the Brooklyn picked it. Which famously thrown into the mix in the carrier ring idea on the steel. Com that is now the number eight overall pick in you know you can look at that in two ways to either. And that that you could potentially package with what's up Kevin Love or others in the case may be. To get somebody in return. Or it or to a building block to put around LeBron at some point that I'm with you you know he needs to buying that now that. That second guy and I'm you know it's interesting you look back now at what they did trading deadline. All those trade in the won the a lot of us really didn't understand at the time was. Dwyane Wade going back to Miami I mean everyone here was. We're happy for Dwyane but we also look at it as hate the guy that LeBron really could use pump layup by mature enough. Yeah that's been a real missing piece you know the cavs over the last month or so. Well looking back on the Tom would have been better off just to stand pat with that roster. No I don't think so I think it was just way too much turmoil going on you know the yet they comic thing was not working out. I'm they had. The infamous now blue meeting where you know guys almost came to blows in I think at comic the question Kevin Love. Reason for an American games man we got the revelation that. That Kevin was dealing with an anxiety. Issues. So that team was ready to carry each other's throats out so. They had to make a big move there and they get it and I'll give Kobe Altman purse your GM a lot of credit you know he brought in some years. Energize the team by Jordan Carson has been good at times Larry Nance has been really good brought it. You know had given the moment not nearly as many as they need from him and hit a decent but there was no way to could stand pat with that roster and still be where they are today. What are with Tom Withers the Associated Press in Cleveland and Tom sort of a follow to that to the other questions I had. Do you feel as though Cleveland how estimate to move where. LeBron not gonna be content with this roster we're back to there there's sort of forced to do something this summer with that draft pick with with Kevin Love is is that sort of the feeling. Around the cavs right now. Yeah I think it is you know it obviously we haven't spoken Q owner Dan Gilbert in in quite some time so. You're looking everything's gonna change I'm. And what they and want to do you write this he wants if he need LeBron you're still if you want LeBron here are still. You know one would think so we know that you know we all know how their. Relationship it has been splintered and and you know somewhat piece together over the last few years so I'm you know if they want LeBron to stay. Obviously they're gonna have to do something that's gonna probably have to be dramatic. And rash. Because right now this roster is not equipped. To challenge for championships. Continuously. And you know at the end of the day that's LeBron want to do at least. That's what he wanted to do going into this seat you know he's still talk about trying to catch the ghost of Michael Jordan and and when thick strings so. Problem I think maybe your your point earlier about potentially bringing. It big time you're here to Cleveland to join him I think he's. Is it the big missing piece here you know again a could you could see you are toward George Ball almost ended up here Paul George rather almost ended up here last summer pump had. Even Griffin not been fired that's probably what would have happened here. So you know you would think that if LeBron decides that day. But the cap you can do everything they can to try to get somebody here to help out. Talk this thing goes sideways tonight or alternately in game seven of the units of the finals that kind of beat you don't opera pretty good achievement for our for the Cleveland. Fan base there but if it goes sideways you're the next couple of days Bob what name is the angry mob gonna start chanting up there in Cleveland. I don't really think you know I don't know that I'll be honest with you I don't think that the pitchforks and torches come out. Necessarily if they lose this time I think a lot of that had to do with what happened two years ago. You don't have this franchise still been chasing after a title. If this city was still in at fifty or would it would be 54 year championship drought. I think there'd be a very different feeling around here and I think because of the rollercoaster that this the in his van and all the adversity that this team has overcome I think. They're not only Cleveland fans back big LeBron is content in that. You know they've done about it was well you could expect. You know that had. Numerous injuries as we've mentioned before the roster of people so I think it could god goes sideways could not going to be the backlash I think you'd be in previous years. We did seven and our future. I think we you know I really feel like I'm not I've been around LeBron long enough and I can just add up you can send. Four years down their you know luck and you know that laser Coke bad. That he had and he had this morning shootaround and so. I fully expect him to come back and I think we'll know in about the first three or four minutes this game which LeBron we're gonna get good night and I fully expect beast mode attacked the rim LeBron. The other tired stuff was over was that over made Reno over oversold they are I mean I I thought it was a little bit I mean I'm sure he's tired but I mean I thought. I mean he yelled that the tank certainly not is not empty in your mind. Now I think. It's clearly critique right I mean it's rare that you see LeBron in the first quarter. Bending over and grab you shorts and and clearly laboring to greed and that's why I was wondering if you were tapping my. And allergy problem worse or something you know respiratory bothering him could equally what an LP didn't have. No the first that we've seen so many times in the work layup that he normally make that were rim and out on and so is used you didn't quite happen that night and look. August 26 time in five and we look edited out what the hell is wrong with LeBron and meanwhile 90% of the legal it would take that into a career night game Eastern Conference final also you know unfortunately for LeBron yet that it's that the bar so high that when you come short of it we all sit here and second get. Time management in a few minutes is measure the game approaches here this evening thank you Tom. You're out rates now Tom Withers right there covers the and the cavs for the Associated Press up in Cleveland good stuff right there so he things were gonna game seven there are so. I think we're gonna gain some of the west arena game seven out east and then. As they say Manny all bets are off and who knows what's gonna happen here and a lot as we know can happen between now. And the next game seven's I mean the level Chris Paul just just last night's shockingly he did not mention this on why Tanzania and LeBron James clamoring to believe in god and I wanna get in that there. Because boy that is is that the question of the summer. Yeah is as you know we talk about is is the summer Hasan. Is this big right again we had a two summary we did Andy Reid did but now it's the other way it right this summer getting rid of us on knives and everybody wants to do many tomorrows in studio with the season in for Chris Perkins today as a particularly the weekend off the holiday weekend everyone be safe out there. Nasty weather out man NASA's is nasty all over South Florida I don't know wherever you're listening to us it's it's not it can't it can't be good. So be so be careful out there and by the way calibrate your mood up. With your opportunity to win a thousand dollars have you missed the 4 o'clock code word would give that to be on the other side right here on 79 to take. This. You're on 79 ticket partisan power with you here. Bonnie Friday afternoon no Christian Americans. Chris it is out today perky is taken the world. The holiday weekend many Navarro of the Miami Herald is being with us all afternoon long and we're having a blast with with a man got a question or comment Pelfrey to. Texas on it on the on the text line 67974. Understand. The weather is a terrible out there and this is the message don't got text and drive that's a no no up there and please be careful out there but gets of that on your mind and final holiday weekend everyone's kind of often outer space sometimes Manny where they wanna get you know thing about. And the even town or the barbecue or stuff like that but just. Just bill Shuster takes seriously if you got anything Mets. That's that's on your mind your quick reminder of the on the radio about coming up as an official new homeless and and and it's Iguodala today to listen to us any time anywhere also if you miss the 4 o'clock code word for your opportunity to win a thousand dollars an RW TF and contest that's wind thousands free demanding. Text the word pets. CBC. Text had not Dexter met Manny has a dog named Dextre that your eleven years old eleven years old god bless Dexter. Text that is 72881. And you'll be registered as a 4 o'clock Colbert and about twenty minutes were given the 5 o'clock code word and we got six Scott Colbert. You can win we had a big winner a couple of weeks ago from Hialeah. Mr. Christopher Sanchez. We have a winner on the show before that a month before that we got lucky we've been wrong hot so they surround here so. Just a Texan and and you could be taken 1000 bucks that's certainly. Would doubt would improve everyone's mood here. On a on a rainy wet kind of miserable Friday afternoon here in South Florida and I hate to be a bearer of bad news on the materially better. For the for the weekend there to their right to judge buys of the radar zoo in some of the some of the forecast say it's an executive and clear up to Netflix and she'll weekend I think. It's one of those that watch a lot of basketball. This whole experience tomorrow for a couple of game sevens here Manny you know I'm. Sunday we're gonna get a games or whatever game six tomorrow you know we know that the that we have a game seven on Sunday in the Eastern Conference. And there we have a game seven on Monday in Western Conference who received two gives him into the you know about school that's that's how it's certainly it's certainly going to. To line up here all right you cover. The Miami Heat right now is and let's talk about their predicament for a moment here my we've we have really dived into it too much here in depth. But I wanna get into where they at right now in in your mind. What is what is the but the time bomb but what is the Soro called it's that's floating around pat Riley's office right now juicy it's well. You know as is very Jackson it has reported over the past month that this thing has been progressing more and more aware everybody you think the organization sort of tired. Of us on whites and attacks I think whom priority number one. Is finding a T hear from us on points at fining the team. There's one take on the final two years was Carter trade partner summit that society disinterested somebody's going to be something of value in return besides salary relief I think right now that that the plans is still it's something of value in return. They're not complete and total dog mode where they just. We'll take your garbage if you take our garden and to that point yet. But I think they are certainly at a level where. Assange antics. And Hampshire being the air strike talk about this and so this week that it's Ingraham post. Of him taking a jump shot and then basically saying I can hit the shot and does not allowed to. How do you plays and that is now live over well now I mean especially in light of of all of his comments during the playoffs. Being unhappy about is playing time which. But getter reasonably happy about it but at the same time we could those of the about it so. I think. Again I talked a lot about the apparent that relationship between. Hasan and an an Erik Spoelstra. I think we've probably reached the point we're probably. Irreparable right you're not gonna get you are gonna sort of get back on the same page here. I think between coach and player I think there's there's there's a feeling you know our children come on say all the positive things he wants about us on but I think. Everything we've heard all the chatter on the inside is the they're kind of tired exact so I got the party won this is fun to hear from us on. And then you know any other way you can improve the team talk Johnson's contract the bigger albatross up there. In a lot of money invested in their guard position Dion Waiters supposed to be back. What kind of health is he going to be in those are all questions that. You know going into the summer that that that had a sort of facing in I think. I think you know someway somehow I expect the team to be better I think I'll find a way to to to make some moves here. You were a lot of teams on the market looking to improve and there are a lot of cast race so that there's going to be trades to be had. When guys that everyone's kind of in the same boat that you are right it is OK if your you know to score around the league moon. Some might mean everybody. It's amazing to me I think it's is going to be the craziest summer we've seen from a Trace employment I can't not main Mateen. That you would not be. That there would not be super aggressive. Absolutely. Evenly even a team might be the rockets and they lose like they're going to want to pay. Were close any ads and be that one extra piece of Philadelphia. Adds some the Boston. Deal Boston. Could be looking to move he seized a former Big Three anyway we got martyrs wars terror rosier Jill brown will throw this to these guys require a letter. No got quite ill whatever it is. You know the only team that we may be Golden State. If they win it all okay were good. But everybody else whether it's Oklahoma City the lakers San Antonio. All these teams are going to be looking over Minnesota all these teams that were pretty good teams are gonna look into jump in there. And and certainly do something. Some. But here's the biggest problem Manning and you know you know this is a prominent Riley knows what. Yes you are I I believe Riley if you get there are certain guys he can still sell them on everything the cultural lifestyle Miami no sitting on tax all that stuff the program pay were were one of the great and you'll franchises in the in the in the MBA. He's assets he's not coming from a position of strength now too if you tried and tried to improve this team I say this all the time with perk. He can make this team completely different. In a heartbeat. He could make you swap guys out left and right. The first couple of days of the trade you know the dope free agency were everywhere on July 1 he gets are making moves and this thing to look totally different come opening night. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be any better correct ill so I'll ask Jimmy from an asset standpoint and from a strength standpoint. Clearly he's not coming at any team signs not a strength. Pilot Johnson's not a strength. Where's the maneuverability as far as shrinks goes where OK here's what somebody else is really going to pick up the phone and say I want that guy. Yeah I mean I think there are assets on the team that obviously. The question right answer be asking themselves who's been organizing Josh Richardson and just as well as Alabama on a bio. Truly building pieces towards the championship I think that's the number one thing's gonna ask himself. Or am I willing to part with some more all of those guys. To completely hit the reset button and I don't know where he is in his thinking and others guys that he obviously likes. A whole lot but the pats traded guys that he's the he's like Wright trinity Jones who. We like a lot you know Eastern Europe Ryan Grant Brian let Ryan Grant grant problem are all those guys you love them and love the upside but. You know he moved them to so. I I think we're in a position where. That's looking at the Eastern Conference he's a realist and end. You know the one thing I can tell you he he told us. In his office last summer after you made all these signings was like this Ross never said he loved. And and so I think on the anybody who loves no I don't think anybody and everybody on this team is is available for trade and if there's a way that he can. Get a foundational piece he will do it then and I don't know what that foundational pieces I don't know if that's why Leonard I don't know if this you know he'd have the the recipe that it did to cry that guy away from San Antonio it's gonna take a whole lot. But you know I think he's gonna try and he's gonna make every effort to try to go out and get a guy -- letter somebody who can be that foundational piece. What an essay that here's my prayers you're in his dressing we re on that they don't have a building block. To throw off the first and foremost they don't have a cornerstone player but they don't have some way that they can build around. Bob and that's the biggest problem before you wanna get to Boston or Weaver championship you need a guy. Anyone got any any guy who can try another guy that's done and that's it you need the guy that's cool to. And Madonna got that guy is going to attract other guys and you couldn't piece together that guy just out of you thought it was. Maybe it was at the time heals all they can do Hasan was gonna be that guy. Say OK we got a big man. And if the sun is coming along hearing your two. Then all of a sudden maybe you go out and you add another guy in the towel I'll wanna go Leo you use some of the names we know Wyler were. In a piece but you gotta start with a found that the Ku is the where's the foundation for years it was Dwyane Wade. And then Dwyane Wade you know you your track you'll bosh and LeBron. And then do you thought it was when LeBron lefty goes OK now it's Chris Bosh and and obviously that happens with the with the health stuff. Leaders going in they thought was Whiteside when you signed him a couple of years ago. But who's the one the cornerstone guide the untouchable guy this is okay we're gonna this is our starting point and now every move we make this kind of rotating around him. Yeah that's a great question I don't know why and I think there's our guy on the roster on the I think we all know that there is either the other search for I got to search your form there's no question I think you know you you like Josh Richardson all live having him you look at him you say well. At his best maybe he's he's an Eddie Jones type player right maybe he Soro Torres electoral depot somebody you can develop that. But you Geiger and it's gonna win you cherish it leader Jerry should know also. I'm having justices in the same bodies in nice. Complementary piece Alabama out of bio yet he's a guy that. It's sort of like the ideal senator in today's NBA or a guy who's really athletic can defend really well defend all five positions. And and you hope the office comes around but every every single one of these guys. Is available for trade we know pat doesn't care about draft picks so to me it's how many of these pieces that that have real value. Can he can he package in the deal to get something that he feels is putting this team on the hour trek and maybe it's a two step process. Maybe you're not trading. For that foundational piece but you get a guy who maybe you can turn into a foundational piece in a year or two in another trip to my I don't know I didn't do so many different ways you can go about it. I think what we all know without question is that the heater multiple steps away not just one big step they are multiple steps away from from contending for Accenture. And we say it's 5 o'clock Darren many men's one end on this in the morning Abaxis LeBeau later but just have there was 11 saying not not a duel over but it does one thing that just to destroy really. Hand strung this team what would be. Well I think just the defected who signed cap space search is on and getting better I think I think he you you you gave Max money because you believe that he was gonna development of that diet and with the complete jobs away or at least a good player. Right beside the very least yergin the number two. Right a guy who might who would give you good player would be an all star and a guy who can make a real impact be one of the top five senators lead heated internal though right I mean Tyler Johnson mean. Hopefully she say hey. Brings effort he's not a he's not a pain in the ass right you know assigned you mean this and he did either you say are these are determined to Shaq. Like he's going to be a pretty good player force ready to deliver that right right now. You know that's it's on like said the complete opposite side opposite way are we gonna get the 5 o'clock hour a board meeting tomorrow. As as we continue on with the 5 o'clock code word for up to and when a thousand dollars were the headlines. And gets a big news in the MBA on Chris Paul it's all that about right here on 790 the ticket. Before. Both but but yeah they need 5 o'clock hour happy hour here on some unedited ticket to Manny Navarro was in studio with us here on Curtis and perk we're takes you. Up until 730 to get these 5 o'clock code word which route we're going to. Unveiled here in just a a couple of minutes but. Pretty good at 730 night looks the news coverage of the show because. We got Eastern Conference finals tonight we have gained 6 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics in the cavaliers cavs. Jason elimination down three games to bring in service 730 civil run irrelevant to that. The Minolta things off now from Cleveland at 830 read your name some and I mean if someone 043. HT to. The ticket we just solve the most sparsely during the break funny. Aegon Manny and myself together and you know and it was it wasn't too crazy wasn't too outlandish. Or and again that a little bit more here but but it's a name that Meola it would get people excited. One other thing before is it a code word here just Dwyane Wade what your gut feel on that I know before you thought you probably gonna sit it out. He's on the you know Dwyane Wade you forget how how. Wildly popular he is nationally and internationally sometimes you know he's on star or those commercials are in the finals here and Jabar. I mean you you when you're paying what you bock you know your big time with the right that I mean the Dwyane Wade's not just a a local startlingly is an international superstar. We had that list ESPN has its say which one about ESPN and listen whatever. But he was 31 in the of the most rom famous athletes in the world. Still pretty good weather is forty earth thirty whatever it is that's pretty damn good. The the fourth of Tabasco play on their lead weights you what do you think he's got options is my point what do you think would you put your film on that ores are predicated on what might or might do I move once. I think it's solely predicated on the roster in the rule that if there's something for him. And look he said he wants where Miami Brady's within his career it's here is wanna move and grandson of retirement or a little more run here run back he I think it's totally predicated on rule and it he'd make that move the united talked about off fair I think that's a pretty intriguing. A situation form. Are we're gonna get to them move here into in and certainly in due course but it's 5 o'clock on the dot and his time your chance to win a thousand dollars. It's disseminated to get WTF. Contest many that's when thousands free you got then I got your chance to take over a thousand bucks only got to do is text the word. See sometimes all the stars line up pure text the word dragon. Drag didn't mean to seven to anyone in your registered text drag him. Goran Dragic in the name as the dragon crap we do not treat him though in the you know we kept them you know dragon DR AG ON 27 to anyone. Does get on my favorite video games those double dragon. Mean right I'm sure man had to hear that you iron same SA will house page wise. Double dragon what he got dragon if you're the dragon Bruce Lee ray and it's right here and do dragon you know right dragon named any they'll drag and related. And on the wagon big right now you know you're edged out Los Angeles China in the news hauled off the manager of the magic dragon and there you go okay let's see that's that's a good run there. Dragon text dragging in it's a seven to anyone do right now if you don't win this time. Your next chance is at the top of the next hour this is a national contests message and veterans may apply do not text. And drive. You can text our show many are myself. 6797 fours on the text committed 67974. On the on the text line be safe out there on me on a crazy. Friday afternoon as we get that ready for the holiday weekend. We got game 6 tonight in the Eastern Conference. Oh we got game six out in the Western Conference. Tomorrow night and we got the news earlier today that Chris Paul is going to be out. For game six with a hamstring strain that he suffered in the late stages of their win last night and that leads us into here's the thing. Yes Houston has won two games in a row against the highly favored. Dynastic Golden State Warriors but it came with the cost last night as Chris Paul. Has been ruled Alps for at least game six and who knows his availability if there is a game seven on Monday night's. It's funny how the basketball gods work this is a team Houston the brought in Chris Paul to help them get over the top. And beats a team like Golden State and get to the finals and helped James Harden and it seems like he was doing just that. With some clutch clutch shots last night. In some big time moments and took over that game at times and clearly was the best player on the floor. In critical spots of that game let's as the clock wound down a hamstring injury and all of a sudden Chris Paul is done for game six. And what is the prognosis of the Houston Rockets moving forward tomorrow night to team get to a game seven and if they do is Chris Paul even available or how limited is he we'll see how the rockets just. Only played seven guys the last two nights. The more pressure on James Harden. Probably so. But certainly it's a bittersweet feeling. If your if you're Houston Rockets fan you wake up today with a 32 lead but Chris Paul is out. For game six and that's the thing brought to you by George and when would enjoy owners an amateur and pine crest. Their DJI stores. Fly over to donors that come to South Florida's high in the sky we talked to Stefano. Off the sorrow from a ESPN earlier about the Western Conference and you know Chris Paul wasn't a good mood it at shootaround today before they jump on the plane Oakland and fool around but. Hamstrings injuring many I I I don't know how he's not playing tomorrow or not I gained seven maybe he'd he gives it a run up there. But guy. I think this this socks for Houston I mean it just it's just it's just bad luck images one of those things where. You just shake your heading go damn man were kind of work Hannah. Hearst in this regard where now we say that duels out there gonna win that series in this team's gonna win that series what's the point of a pushing it to a game five is. Hey you never know what's Amazon in turn an ankle right you know some guys this rain and me. And all of a sudden you look at how this how the series can change and certainly right now you would say you know they're down 32 in game seven. We're beyond Houston it's war. You might say the gold there wars are still the favorites to win the series. Yeah I think there in a position to win right now Chris Paul's are gonna come back miraculously from this hamstring injury and and and looked like himself in game seven I don't care who does play the game he's just it's impossible physically impossible to come back to restrain that quickly. And and be effective so I think this series is essentially over I think that the warriors are in prime position now to win it. And it's sad because I I thought the rockets. Really the last two games defensively the job that they did. Was phenomenal and an ear to hold did the warriors down in the fourth quarter. Out of a hold of those under a hundred point teach our little businesses will million Ronaldo doesn't yet I mean that's that's well known reliever who would have ever imagined we'd be talking about. Via Tony winning games the defense but that's. That's what the rockets have done here and but you know without Paul it changes the entire dynamic not only because he's an all star player but because he is the you know jet propulsion system of that offense he gets everybody set up and to move hardened back to point guard is sort of need him to have to carry the offense by himself again they got some supporting parts that are that are bad. Joseph greens not taking in the NBA finals. On as always are gonna step going to be that number two option I don't care how we amenable buyers Wilson thinks he is this is not gonna have. It's a whole trickle down effect to you it was 12100 dollar and gold state and we still know his status for tomorrow night as well you look at it there's more guys are put into different roles. And Ellen Chris Paul bring up the ball. Chris Paul was playing great defense on stuff Korea Times you know Chris and Chris both providing offense with Pitt with that with the shot in the in the dribble drive and putting pressure on the worst defense just Ohio alone on things who's doing in this leadership of all let's not put. Now the trouble down effect of Cano who's gonna handle the ball should target him the ball more. Okay now is he Alan Ball more. And he's you know more facilitator than who's gonna be the score is you know who get pushed in that role. Is that PJ Tucker probably not he play Joseph Greene more you come when Joseph Johnson off the bench. There's a lot of different things here we're gonna make he'd better in just a moment but let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Game six tonight we have on our airwaves and a ticket to 730 and that's what our pregame coverage starts at Boston. Isn't Cleveland to take on the cavs gain of six the Celtics one win away from going back to the NBA finals. As a Boston leads that series three games to game six out west will be tomorrow night's. Houston with a three games to edge and now one Chris Paul is been ruled out of that hamstring injury for game six tomorrow night moving to baseball Marlins are back in town the roof will be closed as you as you'd expect. For the Washington Nationals in their visit Max Scherzer the record of seven in one he gets the ball for the nationals Jose uranium. Record of 07 he gets the ball for Miami 7101 pitch from Little Havana and one of the baseball notes former. Marlins' Hanley Ramirez has been designated for assignment by the Boston Red Sox in the in line in lieu of Dustin Pedroia. Being activated off over the disabled missile. In the mayor's most likely if he's not traded with in the next ten days. Oh will be OP. A freeagent. He's scheduled to make fifty million dollars this year and 122 million dollar option for next year's souls who were. Came there mirrors. My end up and those are your headlines are we got a lot of text here people didn't you know what's the move what's the trade with a trade here. This is. This is. How much is what you explain it and then Al this and I'll just jump on the back in there Diaz we discussed it during the break in this was this is just us just. Just kind of just be guessing right during the break his tennis could bawling and say okay this could happen here and there we kind of piece it together. And that's why you should be running an MB franchise man right. Sure. Fat wallet. I wanna start off with the premise that I believe that this is a two to three step process for for the heat to get back to being cherish a little team I don't think there's water to trades out there overnight overnight that are gonna have to figure your playing in a position where. You're gonna have to give up some assets to free up salary cap space successor. So I IC I sort of start this whole hypothetical situation but it by giving you that she appeals that you understand where I'm coming from. What was the street and sort of the roster formation for next year. So obviously Carmelo Anthony's been a name that a lot of heat and then sure roll their eyes and say why are we want to act I just had a terrible season. And Oklahoma City. He's not gonna help dig this team the champs of global again. My point is. Tomorrow is not taking your chairmanship next year. He's freeing up cap space because he is due when he run the less than 28 million dollars next season's got a player option for. He's heard it from anybody else or he's gonna pick up that option. I think you view the heat. Your whole poised to try to get off. Some salary guys that are signed not only through next season but the year after one of those guys is Tyler Johnson. Another one of those guys is Josh Richardson now just Richardson you could argue was one of the team's three best players. But is he guy that you're gonna build the franchise grand am best and one of those contracts you're so right next contract pretty good contract but he is the kind of guy and that the Oklahoma City Thunder might be willing to take it. Tyler Johnson also you know that nineteen Linear Contras as you sit there and you do the math actually works out perfectly he combined. Tyler's nineteen point two million and and eight million dollars that you need for Carmela and and I guess when you sit here and you foreign you've sort of formulate the roster what is he gonna look like. I don't know they're going to be nutrients envoy to the summer they can pay that's a bonus. Assuming you you make the street right you get Carmelo back you have for one year. Hey guess what Dwyane Wade probably wants to come back to write he wants a part of this he got a role for him Dion Waiters is Iraqi accord. Right so the way I sort of look at it as is you got Goran start and you gotta Dion at the two current Carmelo at the three get to stay a starter and be here be probably you're leading score one lead importance of shooting music he run your stretched very she aggregates more often to be better offensively there yet be a JJ. And Hasan because you gotta keep this on over to undertake a maybe you give them a chance so to rehabilitate himself and exceed their trade and by the deadline to a team might be desperate. And wanted to take that second year of the contract. Then your backups are just this at the point guard recognize the need somebody can handle it just proves to us he could handle that. You get the weight off the bench playing in that six Merrill that he loves playing with his body Carmelo that. You got writing Magruder who's finally gonna be healthy defense defense of stretch the a three provides a defense mellow probably won't write it and on topic is absolutely. And you got them out of Ohio that is as you Big Ten Kelly O and Kelly oh those are those your ten guys. The that standard and you've got off one move and it helps a long term right in I think your look oh how much better you are on the east. But yet but probably better offensively to you'll sit back defense defensively but yeah I I opened up I would be cool with that. You'd be cool that motor co I don't recall that I mean it what does it gets admit me tickets to the five seed in the east maybe depending on whatever. Audio does it all depends on what happens in the east again you're not contending for a cherished of right away I think. What he'd fans have to sort of come to terms with his ex have been affected there's no magic. Potion here you're gonna need to free up money in someway and by getting together Carmelo and yes it sucks that straightaway. But if you want a free up money for 2019. And get yourself in a position where. Maybe your another move away you can maybe there's team wants a sign of the trade deadline or somebody who looks a gore on target to says we'll take him at the trade deadline. Now your freedom more money for 2019 I think that's sort of the thinking. Apparently in the organization is gonna have to take that just just from a realistic standpoint yes there will be guys that that are traded this summer. But the ultimate question is can he get that transformational player with what with what they've got nice they know they've got to take steps to get to that point. And you know in Carmelo. In us maybe your cell Carmelo on haven't won Goodyear. Braille only although we Dozier. Yes he's still not as old man Carmelo I mean he's he's is in the legal longtime. And then. Let me go ten deep right there may be you wanna bring back Wayne Ellington if you can may actually caught Leno exits I would guess you wouldn't because you have to priced used the you know the exemption the tax exception to bring back wave going Monica California I got it but again it's all a one year plan at all hey look we're we're taking a step. We're gonna remain competitive we're gonna still put an entertaining team on the court. And and try to develop guys and that's you know maybe that's the one realistic move they can make art and admits this is one move right just one right one movement of the mid that you would think. Oklahoma's had been willing to do that announcing to be a huge market for Carmelo Anthony either in the league where was on there's ten teams are will be winding up a better for that much money that Williams for one year. I've got a text to get to those coming up Manny Navarro and myself to take up until 730 lot more to get to hear right here on some united take. I'm back here on 79 and say that you are with us on a rainy. Below me dreary Friday afternoon hopefully many myself didn't write your spirits here after a huge fan I. Yeah I mean I'd I'd like that team and Emerson you're going okay that the thing major there and again your Huckabee Virginia region next year. You're not winning you're probably nagging if you're doing but Tobin argue. Fourth or fifth seed 6 seed in the Eastern Conference but I know what happens probably right in the movie of the same boat as Bubba and you still have some upside down tick. Which would which through which ordered two of the Simone plus loaded some your text here as well but a quick reminder of the radio that comment as an official home of seven I needed to get downloaded today to listen to us. Any time anywhere and amoeba upside would be. You know Dion Waiters come back. You know what kind of clear Tuesday on turn into I think Carmelo can get you know motivated Carmelo. And a contract year may we don't just. Deal in Britain re. Idolize or just kind of reenergize. His career and the way he's auto around the league. Maybe Dwyane can help with that little bit still got young pieces like justice Wenzel them out of bio could grow. Into something special. And sell you its explore Rodney Magruder within the other so all excited about him and now Muni got a three of some minutes warm again brass and Rodney still pretty young so you know I do you Kelly Nolan is still coming in around a little bit and in his own right so. I do think you're some things here. You allowed attacks are to get to it if you let Texas so. Feel free to do so 6797467974. You're just joining us you know meaning an hour plane fancy GM here a little bit. Arm but you know many had the idea here and I think you'll both kind of cosigned it Carmelo Anthony and think. Oklahoma City that obviously didn't work Paul George is not going back to Oklahoma City no I think we we all you can you know edit or let's say what you guys don't know what's going out added nobody you know you're right. But there's certain things that you do know are going to occur Carlo author Paul George is not going back to Oakland so. That did not work. Carmelo Anthony what's there are used for Carmelo out there. So you you know you throw Tyler Johnson their way salary wise is throwing Josh Richardson. Would they be able to do that deal you think that would be appetizing now would be attractive to Oklahoma City yeah Carmelo here. And we laid out the roster there's a restoring us that was kind of our. Our our our trade their army trauma. What's the biggest what's the thing I mean you never say never with Riley my enemy MBA but dig organized a manager wigand's Carl Anthony Townsend some of these other guys. Both cousins is an interest to want to firming right because you can gamble on the money in the years of bush and you would have to do to get him so that would be another way I think that's another guy that a much you rely on. Like you know what what are some of the ones where you just think there are the big pipe dreams a dead heat fans have you with her well. I think any any sort of idea that you're gonna get a young player in his prime a guy like Williams are gonna like towns is if you know for what you were offering in return without draft picks is is a pipe dream I think. As frustrated as it might be in Minnesota with the way things worked out. They know that they've got the the kind of players who can really you know if you gonna trade and you wigand's you're gonna get some general quality back to the guys you know 2324 hours old and not getting justice Winslow who runs. Not a good young player yet for your good young player right. Yet it can't can't hear you created and they're not gonna take a satellites out of there that's it they're saying Assange the missing piece to 22 winning in Minnesota and so that's why. I think every time we see these traits in areas where Miami's getting back eighteen you know. High draft week. Young player who's in his prime you know who's who's just sort of coming into his private to me that's the pipe dream that that's not gonna happen. I think if you're the heat you're not in the position to acquire one of those guys probably. Wish you where which you just are and and and so he you have to you don't think that more realistically what can Miami realistically get. That's gonna help them get better. In a process that's again this is anyone's that processor you'll prize that sitting there. You know sort of shaking a magic eight ball. And coming over those trees that are living in OK this is this is gonna work because of magic eight ball says solar or some trade machine is Vince Cecil he's got to make it's got to be realistic about this whole process. And it's gonna take multiple steps. To get the kind of turned you know transformational players that you did you're looking for. I think. Primary interest for got a Carmelo you you police of the vision have some money come off the books in 2019 which is due to meet priority number one you wanna charting in that position again. And then I think the second thing is you you give a guy like this on Whiteside. Or you know other guys on this roster. The chance to come back next year and improve their stock in terms of being able to trade maybe coming back next year with a different roster a little bit of a different roster. A little little motivation. You you get outside of the better Hasan whites and and you trade with a trade deadline if you can record you know you figure you can sort of givers of more time to find a better trade situation. I listening right now. You're your your sort of playing at a disadvantage for the. I'd. That a lot of text here this one just jumps up and stick to being a radio host OK yeah I don't. Louisville is talking about but yet neither of us are going to go to our day jobs in the upcoming NBA general manager. I. Debt trade isn't that trade is more. Plausible absolutely. Does sitting here saying you quietly at their forums on Whiteside right rig that stuff is ridiculous. On now where did the budgets of no no no Carmelo we as a man anything better or player better. This while like here you wanna you Riverside but will take Carmelo whole area as per. Again karma owes for one year and and the whole process is is about freeing up money this hormone that there one more year. Other jobs again in two more years no matter what. And in the same thing would Josh Richardson yes it's a very good contract. Did you sign up for four years the poised to get money off the books that if you are gonna make a run free agency 2019. You know you you lose a guy like Carmelo from the books but I don't wanna get rid of assigned by the way out do you wanna hear it Amazon not not right now not at not sort of in this. Market we are. Anything returned right I still think he's viable commodity any of the other thing which is a bad business. Here's the other thing that we're getting on the tax on an auto business these people are in right but they ran a business they'd be out of business not just say. Just dumped us on for whatever just take he'll take the eldest and just run you know you don't go for garbage and whatever to get them off your roster. But you don't you don't buy low and sell highlight that's bad business. Mean he'll do we got with the sun you wanna buy low sell high you know if you said you're ball yeah yeah. I mean you you don't you don't wanna do that. If it if you're the useless when you don't have a lot of assets he rather just pay keep us on Enceladus on his injured. Me catalogs yet of injuries as a result he's a broken down player. Who as the worst attitude in the league who's getting arrested and it is like he's the most terrible teammate. Of all time uses of saying at the plate right like yeah I mean. He's got he's got skills he's still young. I did the injury stuff last year Manning really just threw his season out of whack and it just never got going go to the first game of the year he played great. And just that would never was the same there. Now if it's if they can't repair the relationship that's one thing we know what I'm not just going to give the guy away for nothing. Right. Yet they're passing something that helps a franchise in the long run and if you're given if you're just trading assign. An and yet nothing of value in return and then didn't unity he demands to stick with the because he's at least gonna give you rebounding is at least gonna give you some blocked shots. You may not give you effort every single night that he he will give you something. And and I think. Unique he can't just like you said it's bad business nimby hated to see you're gonna drop somebody like I don't think they've reached the point where. You know it's sort of era Hasan by all means necessary has to be on the block and I don't think it's anywhere near but you know. Yeah if you can find it a trade partner something that didn't make sense of where you know maybe you're trading his contract for another guy who's in two years but you like Baghdad better. And maybe just kind of run like let's offered to us on whites it was a damn good player two years ago there's a reason he got on him in our deal yeah so what's that got Danny. He still does myself obviously I understand the attitude is frustrating and his body language and then all of those stings but the guys can play. The 826 and 22 opening night at Orlando when he banged knees with. You know which are very well really what really the league in rebounding two years ago. Blocks two years ago on rebounding ray you've made that we have Google I mean the guy can play. He's got skills and Everett but right now you deathly be selling low. If if you know you decided to to part ways of them and so again I think more realistic move. Teams and they would be willing to take on. Younger players even if there you know have a contract like two Tyler. If you combine them with one of the one of the you know that are young players he'd have I think you can free yourself up put yourself in a situation where you're free money up for 2019. And taking a step closer. Towards you know putting heat back in a position where they can contend for Chandra we all know. That this team even at its best. Probably not going to the Eastern Conference finals they're not you know I'm gonna they're not Boston affiliate in order but you're also not take you also not taking a huge step back either know you're still putting the team on the floor that's respectable. And in 45 games to be official says she did read or comprehend any and you apply and get a hungry Carmelo Anthony Wright who is is gonna wanna prove himself he's gonna have the opportunity to who's going to be in the starting lineup with the with the guys and beyond war on a again it's a it's all hypothetical fun trade and we're just. You know sort of spit balling here in as the you know these crazy days of summer nobody lately you wanna know OK that's something that okay event I think nothing fans. We love fans on the techs are embracing are now but I think he'll Carmelo Dwyane comes back to battle deal. Well you know I asset and look I'm I'm. Pushing for whatever is gonna make beat the best team I need to cover team that that's that's entertaining and and and you know not sort of going through. You know losing process were all the cameras lottery and again in this situation let's say this roster this hypothetical trade that we made with a ten man roster. Let's say for instance guys get hurt you know it just the next year. Right you hold on you could be a lottery team may be. You know you get cap space and and a and a lottery pick anxious so I think. If you're heats and you have to start thinking that. Matt you know again pat Riley's it's not gonna have a magic wand here. Were all of a sudden he's gonna make three incredible trades and you're gonna be you know playing two of the NBA finals next year I think this is he too. The year process at the very least. Though is the step stages yet you know that's were out here are we got a lot more to get to. As as many tomorrow is in studio with us all afternoon we got a lot of text again to add some of those as well. 67974. That's a 679 symbols forward to that come back real back to some of the decent west finals and we'll update you on now on a couple of things as well as though we're take you up until our coverage of the game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics in the cavaliers. Right here on some united take. Congratulate Michael. Will want to bring users duck season. If it was totally called Beowulf on the other likes of Kim jungle in the rob Manfred Nick Saban Bill Parcells Mike wolf on joints. Brian win horse Heath Bell and Jeffrey Loria in the rafters right here in the ticket studios are behind my amendment in the world they just go listen. Dollar and 2015 winner. Are sadly sixty deploy a point seventeen. And that banner will be the Tony eighteen hall of Famer. Michael well one it's all brought to us little warmer more. And just lumber. Maybe tomorrow is in for per today here on out on Curtis of perk or take up until 730. And that's what our coverage of the Eastern Conference finals game six will take over here a lot of text common in the pay your users throughout its trade. You know and then okay people terror apart Sox great and whatever. Will sing. I mean you know I think you'd be kind of reshape your team a little bit and freeze of cap space long term. Though you bring in Carmelo Dwyane Wade. No we shivering closet and he he made a great point you know we were we in the break about a trade 2009 that was. Sort of forward looking at that Riley made in an and ultimately. Help the franchise. Really in the by the biggest fish big as well that rise in Iran and welcome to chambers of abortion rate. In the finals there's no question about that retirement at an early they forget about that your LeBron James Bond and to tell them I'm Shawn Marion and you've got to be a free agent and Heidi. Walked out into the mind. Toll free and available like moral and hopefully traded for Jermaine O'Neal will your freedom to. 2010. That's an act cap room Nevada and Holloway. And Ruben LeBron bosh or if you are a group anywhere. I'd rather have won your Melo and be free for tournament and get a click and according to the fifth of redo the set of we have the talent to. So if the long are you gonna have to suffer through. Right now they are singers offers that Joseph figured it theoretically illustrate your word you would give peace. Police say Tyler Johnson. Sure on your hands just you have to you have something good and it just is Wenzel an ending a righty you know maybe with the numbers but the note numbers that are up yes the number signal there but that's a good deal trades that. Are going to happened are going to be. Are going to be available. If your if you're Miami Heat and a lot of people are are are coming in with. Well they got benefit from those hear them to be the problems comer an acquittal rate public that that conversation would do it do fourths of the banana boat crew that's for sure yes. Yeah Ned today were will be halfway there that's going to be kind of fun to have Carmelo Dwyane you know playing side by side even though you know it's it's it's another reason to tune in watch. Wright betrayed his final disease to make more moves two or three owners rushed roster yet known echoes of the thing which got to start somewhere. In. It does things are gonna happen overnight Legos is great Riley is and he is. He is he's not a miracle worker. And by the way let's is this is put it let's put another thing out there to. They keep put the son he put himself in the spot. Moon Dave Riley can have a duel over on some whites utter Tyler Johnson on two other guys probably would take him right now you know if the amnesty. Deal was still around the MBA. Think they might be invoked that right about now they could not salute soul liked you know O'Reilly knows what he's got himself into doing got in OK doesn't always work out what exactly what you wanted. But it's going to take some time here's the other thing. Almost every team in the MBAs and single for the most part you know that's what that's what I think we keep fans you've got to figure just remind yourself everybody is stuck. In neutral somewhere. On the turnpike. It's just a matter of how far you are along on the turnpike. Here a little bit behind. Some teams. But if you're an Oklahoma City. If you're in San Antonio. If your in you you New Orleans or Minnesota or Washington or Toronto. Wear it Wear you out right now you what what what's your game plan to get all the way to the promised land on the turnpike you know did so. You gotta play the money and I mean that's that's also noted comes out to rely teams dug themselves controlled by given how bad contracts the last couple years old Alice from the cap exploded everywhere at once everyone just went crazy and that's why everybody's in this position in and run the reason the warriors in the position there and is because they ended up dressed in those three guys. And then just cited one and Kevin Durant and they built this this monster. If you if you're not a position like the warriors were the sixers we drafted him beating you drafted Simmons in. You know you got sorry what are guys guys that you were sort of homegrown or the Celtics are gonna run the Celtics in there right so did you get so many picks and then. There'll parlay that in the tiring because physically and still keep some other guys if you're not that cushy position and here's moving I think. You have to be listed as a heat fan you know to go that route. Right isn't hot coal in that are out where let's yeah I just built through the draft. Great point that's great point you're limited as far as your exits on the turnpike right there's not there's only one way to go riles when he riles loves vets. And it's that's an excellent point mean there's not like okay. We're gonna go another route here into it now there's a there's kind of well there's dynamo. And one way my way or the highway so to speak to that regard numerous rallies so that also limited certain limits your options right. Right and again this is does that one have a that it would trade we came up with that leaves you with ten guys. You can make other small trades that LB for the future maybe acquire draft pick for justice Winslow or or be you know trade. And another guy on this Ross added that nets you something to it in 2092040. Helps you out just one move right I just want to Zardari. One that I think is more realistic and didn't and some of the other wandering Tora. He had to torture one one transaction they're 67 nights before let's say reaches on the sex line 67974. I'll look at the trade that have been made for guys like Tyree and Jimmy Butler he had a plane to get an all star cornerstone. Maybe. Maybe so but the point is everyone's economy is gonna be looking for that also. Our cornerstone wanted to make all those trees were made with draft picks. In in hand and that's one thing he don't have really offered immunity traded 20191. Round pick with you look at the clippers trade war with with Houston. When they give a Chris Paul they got a medical for should expect relief the same thing with that Minnesota and and right Jimmy Butler and they gave up a lottery pick. For both of the heat don't have that lottery pick right but but the wanting and the other thing too is that this is this is where it's tricky with a hole behind the scenes stuff is. It's a regular one to come to Miami. What do they well right how does how does publicize that. I think it's it's by going into free agency in 2019 by by landing. That transformational player because I don't think you can trade would you have free transformational. I just don't think he's armed with the assets of the business and position is get as close to salary cap space to sign the Wale that you want right and then. You know through trades improve your roster and go from there do all those guys. Manny that this is the name them I'm. Structure here and I do that before is his book because that's the one where I think that it the end do you they would ever be a sign and trade me. Because he's he's a free agent and maybe you know he's just gonna go to LA MB LA is no trouble little money at him and there would go that route they miss out on LeBron or someone that knew these guys come off an injury so there's some there's some caution there. No they're not gonna nobody's gonna Max him out. Totally. Money wise. If you're if you're. If your New Orleans I think you look at it like yeah we won back on our terms because we did have success without him and I think debt there they're that's in play. But if you're that he the FD go extra year in an extra minute and some extra money. That's a risk I'm willing to take it took root notes arrest naturally that's only guy ragged say okay. Let's that you can get up on all star overnight. That's the one scenario where I'm I would I would be willing to say it could happen all the other stuff I think is really well fantasy land with the acquirer. Or somebody like that. In the thing a bogey those to sign and trade in in you have to look at New Orleans roster how do you. Sort of make that work hard who would they want on relatives of the rebellious I wanna go to Miami because he knows what what's happening here and by early when it came and his son don't get don't belong there Missouri. Yeah right not a me I had a super solid B in this move that would be industry Brett and is only it's yeah that's it that's the only thing because I think if you could convince him with the money. Nothing and they gets tricky with the what is. What's the market for a book because as to what is New Orleans you what do they won back. I know that's just one thing where it's hard to see what I look at their roster it's hard to see them really liking anything on this new roster data I traded for assignment pointless you given up a better player and cousins. He's better than no I I I agree I just had to make the money were obviously you have to bring in some you have to bring you try to draft pick. Brinkley Alexa say coalition trading who are away and and and I don't know I Agassi you could figure out a way to make it work. But I just if you wanna get into into that all star. Space mean. Then you gonna because you would have to do that because you would have to gold. If if if the lakers or if no New Orleans is only offering three years my. Did you would go forth here correct that's a that's on site and where will you regret telling you enticement and that's something you would take the gamble that's only way you get into the Rome. With it and make it make it work that way LSU were Alessio was reeling and like put your disclose Miami Pat Riley and as there were cynic but that's what it's like if only if if a team going to a three year sixty million destroy and number what your fourth your eighty might come off an Achilles injury. For a big guy maybe that's what you have to do if your mind and take that risk and take that gamble. And I saw it and I I think the better out again. It is is free agency to Tony ninety there's going to be some good players available. In well in that summer you're right which you know that you did did the U nation as one of removed from the night right now. Read only rally rally cannot MEI Unita goes to see he's not gonna go. A he's got a mix of sub second that I can commit the same thing. Know that and this is that and this is the kind of move that puts you in a position to Alter the roster right and then also freedoms you know we have some spots because. Ultimately that's what it is I mean that you can't play twelve guys he can't play eleven guys you guys guys sitting there that that you can pull bleed sort of either get something out of them where it helps in the long run or you're able to trade and I think you need you need to sort of get rid of some of these these guards Jan and that's why. I think the Tyler and from other Carmelo makes cents. V the way relative press that president we have we have a lot of good players we have the opportunity to play too many of players that are of great players Maine's got a again comments in karma owes a great player. No way of doing good there meaning hey we can we need to do. You know turn to under one or something like right set some yeah that's that's the thinking gators did give great players guys that are gonna really put you close in chance which even. Now. By the way if you miss the 5 o'clock code word we're gonna well we got about twelve minutes or so to get that in right now. Let's to be a part of a code word in our WTF that's when thousands free contest it is dragon. Dragon text dragon DR AG au and 272881. Dragonball Z some of the text and eaten because live and yes a one on my kids and don't let them but I you know okay yeah we had we we were karma double dragon earlier we Allah will a lot of dragon. References earlier obviously Goran. The the dragon and puff the magic to puff the magic dragon dueling dragons roller coaster yeah sure yeah sends one that we forgot about that it would double the textures. So dragon takes dragon to 72881. We come back we hit the 6 o'clock hour. At six will be the the other code word here to wrap on the other contest. For the week also this be it for LeBron in Cleveland to face elimination tonight Maria back to that stand and talk about. Is this thing go on seven here what's the challenge for the cavs this evening trying to force that game seven back in back in Boston. Well I guess that on the other side right here on 79 it's a. Couple minutes away from giving it to 6 o'clock on word of recovered to win a thousand dollars in our. WTF contest that's when thousands spray. Here on Curtis and for many of our of the Miami Herald is in with us all afternoon we're gonna go to 730 in the our coverage of the Eastern Conference. Finals will take over game six tonight boy we got opportunity many to have some. Great basketball. The up the next four nights for rights in early. I'm expecting. A good game tonight. Certainly. Situation Chris Paul. Tells new and by the game seven in the west saloon and then I was. I have a game seven you know me in the stand we're gonna have at all for you here on our Airways by the way we've been your home for the MB conference finals. And tonight is no different we got a game six of these to convert files between the Celtics and cavs. Our pregame coverage or start at 730 so we're taking up until that what we about a little over ninety minutes the minutes tip it's going to be an 830 right here on insulin and in a from 1043. HD two. Of tickets. Talked a lot of hoops today and we a lot of text messages here. If you wanna Texas show chauffeured to do so 67974. At 67974. That's they Regis on the attacks on and get some good too many. Or myself here on the show but Dahmer would open up against 6 o'clock here it's almost 6 o'clock. And them. It's time for your chance to win a thousand dollars. In our 790 that's again the RW TF contest which is we in thousands three churches take over a thousand bucks. We've been doing it to Almonte forward to and into the month of June. We had a winner a couple of weeks ago right here in South Florida so it can happen you went by certainly would brighten up your dollar weakened to be a big winner in our contest. You gotta do is text the word honest. Honest HO NE ST text on us to seven to 81 and you'll be registered text honest to seven to 81 many an honest man. Boom you are your music confirm that right yeah I do you're an honest man and I think that's good quality to have a lot of people honestly and there have one that's a good one yes we out what are we got honest wise c'mon this is this a tough one here I think it's has built up for the price tags and I honest rights. Honest mom will LeBron be honest about his. Future plans if the cavs lose tonight and he's asked that question after the game I have a feeling he will not be doing. Any future conversation tonight what you know is going to be passed by absolutely. Right now. I mean these are being. Heck you can ask it before. Mean I guess you could but you're kinda gonna get the look from LeBron like really do right by it. Once they're eliminated and it may experience it is it is fair and honest. Odyssey is fair game Texas to seven to anyone to enough you know when this time in six chances. Monday morning at seven A and was as a robber and amber this the national Honda's message and generously applied to not Texan drive. Powell out remind you throughout the 6 o'clock hour that it's honest honest TU. Right you're like honesty and in the snow okay my we got a rally is an honest godfather. Protesters is that you know that what that means but to but some of the likes that nobody is honest man that Rio and the demise serum ghoul who comes out diapers and you know there was an honest companies and you should know man that she's always tells the yeah you should an Odyssey into the Acela some company and I had to yeah and on the site there. I've got game six tonight and we mentioned LeBron James can be an unrestricted free agent this summer. And they're facing elimination tonight and it could be the end of LeBron in Cleveland for the second go around now first go around. Brought us LeBron here to South Beach and into Jude championship in four straight finals appearances how will this and finish in Cleveland. And that leads us into. Here's the thing. Say. You say LeBron James and elimination games well in 21 elimination games in the post season. LeBron James has averaged. 33 and a half points per game that's the most of anybody. In NBA history just just above Michael Jordan and surprisingly. Just a couple of points ahead of his former teammate. Hi re curve. So we know LeBron James is going to bring it tonight for all the hired taught I expect LeBron to be totally engaged from the get go in the way the series has gone. Which is the home team completely taking control early on. I expect Cleveland do the same thing tonight you know LeBron James is going to bring it. Having a monster game win or lose he's not going to give this is his final game in Cleveland he's not going to want to go out. With a sub par effort he's gonna wanna say I gave the city of Cleveland everything that I had played all 82 games this year. And and ultimately I did bring you a championship but world championship. A couple of years ago I. I expect LeBron to be engaged LeBron to be motivated obviously. And and in the in tune question will be. He's gonna get any help tonight I think he does the way this series has. Has taken place it really has been a an odd. That that no road team has really been able to to get any footing under them I think Cleveland continues that trend tonight they win or go back to Boston. For a game seven. And then who that certainly is is going to be fun. That's the thing it was brought you by a jolt nerds and went with a drummer and amateur. And pine crest finally drummers that Tom South Florida's eye in the sky all their DJI stores Winwood adventure. And time crest 6797467974. That tiger reaches. On the you know on its exciting using as a new game seven in the east as well that we both. I'd be shocked if Houston can beam gold stay without Chris Paul. Not happening now Mac app on their home floor I mean. But it at that point spread eleven and a half keeps growing dapper for game six tomorrow night in Oakland cavs are seven tonight. And the haves are. Still a little bit of underdog in the series 32 you don't mean. If they can win tonight I we all game sevens are. You know completely up for grabs teams like what you think Cleveland you've their big kind of keep them home court. Mo Jo going dancing LeBron James I I I think the tired stuff he's going to. I always exiting motivational or he's easier to magnate he's gonna have a monster amounted LeBron James has to sub par games in a row especially facing illumination. The dollar and and again and we see him do it time and time again we saw him here in Miami do it. Game six on the road in and Boston one of the probably his greatest playoff performance are right as far as I'm concerned. Just just unbelievable my game six in Boston that did the heat in that a winning in coming back to when that series and go to the finals when the chairmanships of he's gonna play well at home to me in. Cleveland crowd say what you want about Cleveland fans it is allowed arena I've been there are several times and it is tough place to play. And so I look I fully expected to go seven games. And it's good for them it's good business that in the end. You know Cleveland and Golden State would push the limit because everybody sort of right in the PCs that are restart your body it's gonna be those two teams again well we've really seen we've really seen both of these teams a bushel Alba. How about four or five days ago right. Arriving where we are now stressing out west right met the Dow is now was over the other night when gold did jazz were 31 of their own on their in their own jam. Thumb and then. More than ten points going in with ordered him now down and then you know Boston goes up 20 on my on not on Cleveland. Cleveland goes and there was job loss and Brad Stevens all that stuff that member of that whole deal Tuesday ritzy it's funny because these things take a life on their own but I mean it's like. It's only a couple of days that seems like a couple months. So it's like you had that hole. Fees and then Cleveland tobacco one's two straight games and now I fell in the travel woke you know Cleveland LeBron is and are on the table. And they just get what the other night for the most part in our roads as the runs out of gas and now here we are sitting in this herself. I mean that you go through the series it just there's so many terms and there's so many wild swings that we emotional on his game Rea who are thought to become. And have two game sevens were also have on. Possible. Yes and then how about Houston when he was defense right now would've ever imagined villages elsewhere criminals is at thirty threes and be right golds at a couple times that's really been the secret formula a in this series and forcing the warriors to play. You know that that one on one isolation. Basketball game that they're not comfortable with. And I think more most importantly we may have finally figured out. Oh what it takes to beat the warriors in the long to right I mean well let's let's say they come back and win this series. Maybe that's what teams are doing this summer is figured out how to we. Defend them and away where we've got to force them into play that isolation ball. The other thing is if they get beat by Houston here Eden. Do you do you. Say I would say gold states that it's been it's been. My gonna call failure. But it hasn't it hasn't lived up to their expectations mean. Putting this team together right when you have two championships in four years and Lou the 31 but he's going to back to the finals this year. You would say the group that they they they have they have under achieved. Well I think what we've learned in this series. It and maybe the playoffs in general how important Andre Iguodala is not and that was once signing remember was that last summer there and so we're before where. You were saying well maybe the lawyers gotta let him go. And they were lucky that he took less money to come back yeah. NBC now how even with four. Great players or all stars three mile for hall of famers who is also the dominoes are you still need that I got this guy who'd just fits the system perfectly in. I jango great credit to the war to loot the rockets are sort of figure not away here. Eulogy he would go out to. You know. Win win two games are on the series and and and basically put the wars in the regulation by guy and well the rocket pro gets a bit tougher here let's get to 6 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS at six Ph.D. true Miramar. Plus our Eastern Conference and we got that game for you come up here at 730 it's game six from a Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland at Boston look in for the fourth win in the series which would send them to the NBA finals Cleveland looking to force a game 7830 is our tip off time. 730. Is when we have our our coverage Retief you read up until. Our coverage right here on 790. The tickets over the game six out in Oakland's. The big news Chris Paul out for game six tomorrow night with a hamstring strain this season Houston is fifteen and nine with Paul. In the lineup. This this season that they end or without him this season and their 61 and twelve with him so fifteen and nine without ball 61 and twelve with him. That's in including the the playoffs obviously know Chris Paul for game six. They do cover holding 32 series lead on Golden State as it heads back to Oakland for game six. To morrow ninth but Chris Paul's been ruled out for game six no word yet on Andre Iguodala status. For game six to tomorrow night as well. Moving to baseball about an hour of the Marlins in the Washington Nationals get a three game series. Going Italy Max Scherzer for Washington is at a record of seven and 11 of the best pitchers on the mound he. He gets the ball for Washington. Marlins will counter with Jose uranium he's always seven Weaver's first win on the season how many wins and LSU was like twelve or some. Yet that's a tricky camera but still. Yeah yet to be approaching June and your starting pitcher who's been in the rotation the entire season to not highly win in seven hills. Yes that's a soccer and but the Marlins have a profit taking a series against the Mets look to take on the the national probably particularly well early on her own personal once the season matures or. Izzo is a beast 7101 pitcher coming up here and also won more baseball note the Boston Red Sox have a designated for more on him Ramirez for assignment to make room. On the roster as they've activated Dustin Pedroia. From from the disabled list drickamer off that a knee injury he suffered last last season so Hanley Ramirez looked like he's going to be with another ballclub here. Shortly and those are your 6 o'clock headlines. 67974. That's a richest on the tech side 67974. I guess he's honest cop father was. We text it was more clear if clarification there for being honest that he was passed Riley by how much do you do you of the of that do you get. Covering the heat and no on Twitter and obviously in your mailbox of the herald's now do you get a lot that would give more of you that horse Bo Sox. Well I think it's turned into more of the games past Riley by I think there's a lot more people who. Have that opinion although that is the holes both sucks things together B yeah a lot of that especially beyond that our game Marshall Ileana Marshall Matsui on the tax I mean that's a magnet for whatever you know goes loyalty to their. If they're not winning yes no but I think anyone that I see more prominent if one is growing if one is trending it's the game has passed Riley by let's. The commentary that a good more more completely. Bill. I mean. Randy if you look at his age and they look at you know the Hasan signing and Tyler and on and they say what does he do and would see you know what he would be the situation going to need to save some of the money here. In a sign guys that a four year contracts what any just do one or two year contracts and. I don't yeah I mean I'm magazine here and he doesn't he mean to defend him great but you know the mean Reilly's guy that's that's fine. I'd take his charisma over just about it and you know take human in my team in the future running you know it or anybody in the league but. The other one to judge what I'd like to point out from time to time things I noted that he duels is excuse or your apology personally that. But this team. LeBron left fine I was a major major blow. He should have known that was coming will be better okay fine. You'll elect Chris Bosh thing. That like you have hit that that is the ultimate bad luck. You are a close type of deal license periods of Miranda rights in the morning with Alonso that was a championship roster he built. Right and Alonso to come back from the Olympics a year. And outside the Shaq is no other better began in India Baltimore. And that was Etsy and we obviously don't have a result but the Boston of just that these things get Chris Bosh and how bosh would have aids in today's NBA. Well I knew that you view that it may be how things would have been differently from last offseason maybe Gordon Hayward does come here because you have healthy Chris Bosh to sell who still and also our Mary you know the mindset of putting our money into other Johnson and right there you kind of eat you put the money other places. You could say rally paying attention beside Tyler us on whatever I Israel you know well yeah clarify when they got it through the guy yet troll some really crappy law. With those laws of just kinda you wanna say it's spiraled out of control OK fine we literally mean that tree for Goran. Hours right then for the Chris Bosh news broke out or they never got to play together. You know than what maybe wade doesn't leave it is this a lot differently but that. Is that an impossibly bosh used to be you be all star when he points per game no question right now on today's game absolutely still loosely still I mean you must lead played at least forty. Right you know with a jump Chanda Rubin well I think the point that ounce of example I panicked on this moment parent okay well. You know we had some some really weird circumstances. Pop up here in the last the last 33 or four seasons here. Are we got more to get too many tomorrows it with a us regardless 7:30 in the 7 o'clock hour before we turn it over torque Roberts Tom Withers covers the Cleveland Cavaliers. For the for the Associated Press he's gonna join us here in eagle five. From off from Cleveland to get ready for game six right here on 792 to. I got news for everybody's sick kids would like to congratulate Michael will want to being a series inducted into the told the week hall of fame. Will bonds beat out the likes of Kim Jong let's. Rob Manfred knicks' David and Bill Parcells Mike wolf on joined Bryan win horse. Heath Bell and Jeffrey lawyer right here in the rafters of the ticket studios in the tools with hall of fame congratulations to Michael bond. It's all been brought to my photo number more than just lumber morning chill made that announcement. Last week I think they're Jeter wouldn't. I think she's a little bit through Latham Manfred had a room mansion here I mean Kim jungle base Ewing. It on the what you can say about him. But you know that's big that's that will bond beat out some tough competition there was no doubt and yeah that's thousand a barn burner. I'm a vote when he got Nick Saban Bill Parcells like. Knew what was barely receiving votes that stuff will models that succeed in that thing where he was used little bits a little bit just slightly higher than Loyola Chicago there. Trying to get to but he pulled off the upset man he won the whole thing. And the in the totally coffins yeah amigo is immune dodges we have banners in here in studio we have a big banner. With those and those guys pictures on them in the tools we've golfer and so that's gonna be up and running here in in the studio in in no time. Many Navarro is in with does as a perk is our take and some are taking a holiday weekend while we're gonna take you up until 730 were took a lot of NBA. Big news today Chris Paul out for game six with that hamstring strain. I need yeah you've covered the league for twenty years ranked. Been around it for a long time as well. Even if game seven. Would be hard pressed has to be he might give it ago now but that's a that's a that's a one to two week injury. If there's no setbacks. Hard to imagine he's doing back in one to two days. And and even he is who what is he gonna give it right. I mean you can't really don't swing the way that you want to and he's always been a ginger. Hyper guy he's auditors have Kirkland has or trial of Chris on their butts he'll throw out of the guys 'cause that'll he's a stagger under the times. And look it's depressing because he's really to me as a reason they won. Games for five in the series and the way he played. In the fourth quarter defending staff just scoring didn't big book it's the way he did shots that you just how did he make I mean. He'd he'd he'd really begun to play well it's a shame that. This series which has been pretty pretty entertaining. And all of a sudden you know you lose one of the best players in it completely changes. Everything. That's the big news of the day the big news of the night. Will be what takes place in game six word take you right up until. 730 by the way Tom Withers we check in with Cleveland Associated Press writer for all things Cleveland but. Over in the cavs as a great insight into LeBron in this team. He as we get ready for game number six up there in in the land he's gonna join us here in the Everett before we sign off store pre impartial right around 710712. Awesome fifteen somewhere in a neighbor he's into you know stop by and join us. It is a holiday weekend all lodged what are reminder everybody out there to be safe out there and just have a game plan lets you mean one thing is just have a game like he didn't create here gonna have a game plan here Manning resident game plan whatever may be. But if you're on a party is our drinking and you wanna go crazy does have a game play as far as your game home and all that stuff and there's no reason why you can have a good time but just have a plan in place I begin around how you're out you're doing things. You might now want to do anything concerning the weather is going to be downright terrible. Throughout the weekend tomorrow Saturday Sunday into Monday into Tuesday of next week. Many unique holiday plans to blue got screwed up because of the weather yeah I wanted to take my daughters to the zoo over the weekend and they love going to metro zoo that's a good lead chosen all right Miami zoo zoo Miami yeah Memorial Day weekend not that. Would have been funneled to the little barbecue action on Monday as well not really the rain will not happen not good in the rain no sort CO what what's daddy Navarro have to do what's good. Keep me on my toes and and you know when there at this age where they're 72. It's it's really can can repaint daddy's face with make up. Nice it's can we are you know what do tee time got periscope that can we yes can we do we get him to play some of these games that he doesn't understand would make sense to them. All that kind of stuff that's that's what I'm kids to store for me the next seven to. Whatever. I. Just don't take a rain check now because they'll volume I was gonna take guys is it allows good to you guys. Two into the toy store or wherever you Osgood to guys rise in what has poured down rain and I wanna go out the stuff but it and I'm like okay were cool. No they don't they only take that pearl. For a good excuse like an adult would be like gaga yeah our runner and neither am Jerusalem council on TV I'm good. Oh and kids they don't wanna hear it's raining outside odds is not a odds at net and on the it is wanna. It is what it. You get to that get to the good stuff man right in it and it's summertime schools finishing you know she's my seven year old just finished first grade and in better graduation ceremony she was all happy and proud to go per. You know medallions and an awards and trophies and all that stuff and use them toward this weekend so. I got to bring to our consumers can be raining. The whole time senators. Is going to be is going to be pretty bad here in south course there one just prepare for that and and does the impede do your own thing and and have a game plan if you want to if you wanna go out there for new do some things but it's going to be the was going to be pretty nasty. Throughout the course. Of via of the week and you can always text the show 67974. At 67974. On the you know on the text Lima with Andre Iguodala of lists on him he's he's questionable for game six tomorrow. You look at a guy who. That means is that how things that make a difference. On uncertain teams and who would've thought that. The Golden State I'll address Lewis uses gunman put Golden State looks awful. Especially. There's just there's no very little ball movements. It's it's it's everybody on the team in his one that's impact Andre Iguodala and also the other thing. And Steve Kerr those those great audio last night when you when he took it Kevin Durant aside and said. He talked about Michael Jordan. Penny said. You know is who's open. Don't take the first good shot. Let's let's get some other guys involved in the we'll get a back to you in this went three it was on fire since Steve Kerr looked at and says we were were put in one on one basketball. Hands you know Seth Curry had some nice drives in there wide. She doesn't look like an MVP type of player the last couple games did he give Hughes incredibly distraught. Golden State that the crispness. With with other with a basketball certainly hasn't been the last couple losses. Nine and you gotta give the rockets. Almost all the credit for that just the job those guys have done. The last two games especially in the fourth quarter games that they're losing in. Instead of becoming his team to just chalks up three pointers. And you know as are everybody thinks sort of expected them to beat Golden State whose draft out shooter my score them. It's been a decent it's been. Slowing down. The staff and and then those guys causing turn over shock clock violations things that you didn't see the warriors do and get in the play out of the style they want so. Credit to Houston and Indian Tony in and his staff and and and those guys of players for. Playing the kind of style that ultimately each. Beats the wars and maybe this is the ball well maybe this is you know it though the the way that everybody's sort of figured out agent beat the boys got to force them into. This one on one isolation type game because of their past in the ball and you've got no chance. They were show on a couple of there are Sean O'Neal LeBron is a lemon a down 32. Games. And he had a lot of them here in South Florida new images showed a bunch of those on on not on ESPN here in the studio. And I looked up and you saw. Tony twelve game six of Boston yeah. Which I mean to me greatest camera saying absolutely. I mean just ridiculous given his uniform. Right up there with any of the greatest game I've ever seen Michael player anybody know easily to Hibbert. You gain six wasn't. Follow our Tony fourteen the spurs and the Ray Allen shot. So there's there's been. You know these a lot of gained three earth games where he's been down treated to an elimination spots where he's he certainly came up came up big. And and tonight we'll see if via the civilian do that and then if you can't do that in the conversations Emilia and go to wears his next stop. And I don't have a good answer I think a onetime adding the one thing. We did we can agree on Manny is there's no. Good. Great fit for him anywhere any MBA right now now back into done the ten who would have thought. Even a week before the decision that he come to Miami when you do in an order and I. But it may be something he emerges. But right now I don't think there's there's a clear cut all. Yeah he's gonna go to LAL he's got to go to San Antonio players pop up. He's gonna go to Philly it's over those guys up he wants to go here and play and they're always wants a say in Cleveland they're gonna figure this thing out and he's committed long term. There's no center cut but that's going to be. Ayello heals all you white type of this because that's gonna be if they lose tonight that's going to be the number one story I for the next two months and sports where's he going. Because he is he is ultimately the biggest domino and you know I use the back it would happen on last season. Or who were earlier this season with carries sort of demanding a trade. Out of Cleveland and in the position that that put the cavs in. My guess is and again this is as my good feeling. I I feel like this is a guy who's not gonna get burned twice he's not he's not gonna sit there wait to see what the cavs do this summer he's gonna force their hand. He's gonna say this is what you need to do our garden. And I you know I don't well I think he's implied in this for awhile. I here's level LeBron in Cleveland. He let you leaves Miami. Any sets up. He sets up the the pot the posse sets up. Diplomatically a lot of stuff but. He has Tyree and he has kept a level longer alongside with a new and so we set some wall this is a better victory than what we had a Miami and a younger Big Three that we had to land so we sets that. So is I hate to sound good here for awhile here we're gonna run this place where when titles and and note all and then all of a sudden while. He that is. Coming about Golden State pulls off what their gold stating emerges from worst occurred prisoners who were starkly Tom's turn used to restore. They win their first title and ended the terrain stuff happens and also the brother Ole crap. I never thought we'd total four big four right and all that's so and then his blind sided by the curry thing. So you know everyone's asking what's he missing enclave what's missing what they need what we need to staying clean as a carrier being that simple. As enemy it's all of those missing it's a walled in either make all these moves into this of riding hoods not a good player Wear them in the sky Larry Nance of what does that neither of the weather had carrier that carrier they're fine. Well. He's we'd sit against regularly what moves make sense for Cleveland. You know adding one that pass through the top the list this is cool why letter you know do they. This Kevin Love and maybe it's taken off for the spurs to. Say OK well I will give record for the I don't know I don't think so I think departing to more than that. But W is not gonna get caught with a as you know quote of pants down on this on the free agency thing where he's gonna go somewhere and an a year from now it's a mess now my foot in Cleveland and now as a as a mess right now doing it keeps the focus hit. No question the kids that believe that the lives long ago right so ways of maybe not even in the playoffs I mean. This team good enough with Kevin Love who added now without LeBron. There now making the playoffs they don't want to know and there's been a debate to a watery where you sort of farm we got its name. This is the worst team LeBron has been on I disagree I think the worst one was the post that first timing at the finals so is there any you have Kevin Love on this team there's legit all star type players right mean yeah. You say it's the worse than the last news is he went back to Cleveland. No doubt no doubt but 07 was a mean he had Larry Hughes and booby Gibson and Indians and bears now but he got swept by the spurs they had no resistance against San Antonio. That to that Rossum back. I roster was it was a pretty bad and are welcome back we got we got a few more things that we want to get to hear it to Eagles have a thirty Tom Withers AP. Righter up in Cleveland. As he gets ready for game six he's gonna join us here in the in the 7 o'clock hour regardless 7:30 this evening plus if you miss a 6 o'clock code word for opportunity to win a thousand dollars. We're good at Tia as well on the other side to get that that in before the end of the hour right here on 79 it's a. And. Oh. Oh yeah. Business. The ticket in accordance ticket window it's your chance to win to just an upcoming game concert. Or another great event Cortes Miami technology partner in your local South Florida technology company visit them online at a quarter score dot com sponsored by a lot of me MW of power kinds. And brought you by your insurance turning into Lopez called Treo five feet hundred Irma. Partisan fervor over the here on 790 the ticket Manny Navarro is infer. Chris today many of our of the Miami Herald what are you working on by the way you've had some you have some great stuff. And and any. I know sometimes it's not that it it's different between print and talk radio yet but you do you do you big board got some great great. Just. Pieces and it's one never want to know about that here and obviously what you are going what you got going on in the future that the at The Herald right now. Yeah I appreciate why every I do more obviously than discourage heat during the off season and this is one of those times where your chance to go back in and right. And on the some of my previous beats and and one Romans is still of the Jews is the highs will be definitely there's so many good stories here in South Florida and I was the one that was one of the toughest stories of the year. Was what happened in part of the list high school. Nelson with a seventeen lives or lost and it in the mass shooting in the of the seventeen individuals who were hurt in the end though today. The Miami Herald hosted its. And I don't see 61 or 62 annual all county Berkus and our county and we we took a moment to honor. You know Douglass high school. And in the individuals affected on the shooting that they remember some of those. Individuals during the breakfast. And and last night it went out to be high school full bugging me spring game. Between Doug was in North Miami Beach it was douglas' first game since the shooting. And just highlighted you know sort of the aftermath of what it was like you know there are three teachers. Them adults were killed and in the in the shooting back on February 14. One of them was an assistant football coach Aaron phys. The other one was us who are athletic director Chris Nixon and and in other what was cross country coach Scott Beagle. And you know life goes on after after you know these horrific events in and people have sort of carry on and move on and it it is wrote about. What what legislative been like for the football team because coach phys. Was somebody who. Unity plated Douglass graduate 99 came back you started coaching in 2002. And in on February 14. He ran towards the bullets and was basically. Leaving kids out of in the stairwell when he got shot and you know three times and in skilled. And you know he's a guy who was beloved special all team and it was as an honor to be their last night two to sort of tell the story I did talk to their coach. Will this mean guy who's from West Virginia he's got that southern drawl and you know just talk about him you know what Aron meant to him in in into the players or talk took a bullet you know offensive lineman who. Carried his his casket at his funeral in. You know I admit aaron's sister. She's she's a statistician on the football team so. Again I use is once story that I was able to write it you know and when the story first broke actually was one of the first the first reporter to write about. Coach phys and how he was shot and cooler than normal yes so it was sort of a follow up an opportunity be you know after the he season's opener after got a chance whatsoever there's winning and LA. Two come back to sort of tell that story and so that's what's up on Miami Herald accomplice our coverage. I come from. The high school breakfasts. You awards breakfast that we have every single year. You know our our high school I was just so many great guys come out here we talk about a football time. While the guys come out this they're guys that had a chance to cover the high school level as a Frank Gore and Andre Johnson and you know Kenny Phillips and Ricky Jean France law and then we knew you go to the list goes on and on guise of basketball players baseball players. High draft picks Manny Machado all those guys are covered there before they were you know big time stars and so. Yeah I'm sort of enjoying the opportunity go back in and and write some of these stories and you know I know you know reading newspapers kind of an old deal police these stories do. Go online and and there's plenty of opportunity to read them and I encouraged listeners to go check it out because I'm not the only one doing that we have plenty of great reporters it's the robot can. Right he's really good go high school features and tell these stories of these amazing individuals. I'm just a single time of year where there's not me it's gonna get crazy with the Miami Heat Leo so he Peabody jets are kind of OK aboard on the story for your weaker so. And obviously in you doing tall man whose work meaning underscore Navarro. On Twitter at minions were there were also I saw are wrong and just one mature machine guns in me it's a story to is just need you we should never forget and then you mean at some reminders to him as they get missed a normal person football game since Drudge all those things. Other certainly was Leo was a big deal we got before we get to the 7 o'clock hour and we're gonna get to very special guest and Tom Withers is gonna join us here is we get ready for game six. Of the Eastern Conference finals he's gonna join us here in about two and about 20/20 5 minutes the 6 o'clock code word if you miss it we got about. Fifteen minutes or so to get in fourteen or fifteen minutes. Text honest HO ON EST. Honest is the code word. 27 to 81 and you'll be registered in our 79 units again WTF. Contest which is. We in thousands free we had a big winner couple weeks ago from Hialeah. If you happen to you text honest honest here in the last 1213 minutes of before we get to 7 o'clock as a shutdown at 7 o'clock here. The next chance now going to be till 7 AM Monday morning so we got got a few minutes here text the word honest. 272. Hated one on us like honest a right to you wanna meet an honest woman or an honest man. H oh and EST honest Texas to seven to. 8801. So we got we get a few more things that we gotta get two coming it would Tutsi texting in this here management to we had some. We are we we fix the heat at least for for India earlier. Right -- there was Tyler Johnson just for super Carmelo I would announcements woods and we fix them but we we put it in the right direction the right direction yes okay so we got that red that we aren't we did our good deed for the day current living at the people keep texting and all these indictments it is is it's mime is easily. All these glory and back to Phoenix. Right possibility you want the the number one overall pick they somehow think that's. Zeppelin or order get Booker right that's the other option wise finished doing that. Because just thought I guess would be they would draft. The other Slovenian kid goes on terror with scoring and apparently other Slovenian Taylor on a big advantage of our future of that's that's the thinking. Are okay aka okay well that's not very that's not a good the you know convivial one you know we'll get a couple of guys and Anderson on the tax that we a couple of things you know. Paying what's his deal with Quayle in a Micah it like it when you get like ten different tacks about one soldier okay where where's this coming from here is that the scenes of the you know outside the same group of ten guys sitting around. Dreaming up these things you know Jimmy of these scenarios now because they've seen them on Twitter too and people are you know that sort of thing the thought process is like to find out where these things are coming from and I don't apple more are bogus right and it just rumors as well as today these visits every year and insisted to experiment and throw correct. And as a result of for a gradual and what or anything without your cell doubt. They would do that apparently Hulu Dodgers and then dropped a month to an event and then go in the Euro companion is entirely on the suns couldn't get it you might with a Euro cup thing and it did and imitate what they probably wouldn't take it when the European championships. That the yeah Phoenix into an inning of the number one overall pick for gore and our current thing bully when he would do that I'm right there winning and they have to cabs have them check. Or same Booker right Jane a true Democrat quicker than they draft Luka number one up yeah. Back now that's that's certainly that's of that tablet what is happening is recover aggregate to 7 o'clock hour also Tom Withers from the Associated Press let a Cleveland. In his thoughts on game six. LeBron facing elimination final game future game seven maybe all that stuff that we talked about right here on 79 it's a. On seven and it's you're with us. Person per year to go until 730. Manny Navarro the Miami Herald is in what does he do when this all afternoon long. And we're together it's a little ball is covered till 730 because that's when game six of the. Eastern Conference finals is going to take place we got to cover tonight. With with a brilliant starting at 730. Minute 830 right here on the on the ticket rim have Celtics and cavs here on 790. The ticket and FM 1043 HD two of the ticket solar reported that can't wait. Been fun the last couple night strangest Britain out of here again some of these against some of these games and open. We've had some competitive games on us and we had some great bass while we've had some some competitive game especially out west and I think we're setting ourselves up for two game sevens. And if we get that far are we US of your goals that Cleveland. Yes I think the the traditional. Do reigning champs yes they were though looking Allstate is not too hard those with Paul's injury mature into a moment here in the headlines targets and targets that. I just think it's hard as much as I like will blossom door has done it be for them to get to the finals of this team with no warning or no carrier ring could be. Article unbelievable no announcement yet I just think eventually. LeBron or find a way put you know. Liberal find a way does not mean it's it's it's hard to bet against that guy you know. That is just hard to betting is against Michigan's the Boston team that is still young still trying to find themselves. Especially at on the road. Come. Did maybe they play better on the road where they won it six on the road or ten and going home I mean that's what you know that's the Celtics right now settle. But I think yeah I think we're definitely both in the games of the be shocked if this thing got shut down tonight and I mean more shocked if Golden State lost at home with no Chris ball. Yes and that's and I haven't yet at Betsy that's the that's the other thing Tom Withers is gonna join us sports writer for the Associated Press covers all things Cleveland there we're up there and showered him about. The game tonight was Ron tired if they lose the future. All that all that stuff here that's gonna be on the table here in the and then the next few hours and know what happened with with Cleveland as. In other season could be over in their franchise could be in total. You know reshape mode so to speak to you stab minority think LeBron ends up. They've I'd like divided handicap it. I would say. LAM who by the handicap it. Com. He's got a house out there knows that house is all the players were at a house out there. I think the Magic Johnson stuff is enough I think they have enough money they have young pieces he can bring a superstar with them you know he almost hand picked the guy he wants to if it's Paul George or. If Cole while Leonard. I mean you better believe LeBron James is is if he gets limited tonight in this Pryor started out but diversity is on the fall clothes I assume this is what we're room at Newton. And I do think that's the and these are he had the skirmish in all I wanted to wanted to do. But now it's like okay now we're doing it sounds like now we're you know now it's go time the out now take a circuit your ducks in a row here but you know I mean can you wanna you don't wanna close that Dorn Cleveland just like in Miami Hewitt won down here in twenty. Fourteen mean. He wasn't even though the other sales say that it's the finals and hate stuff cori rolls an ankle or should be you know it's strange son and me like Chris Paul here. And you win the championship like your moment the Cleveland that he greater sign your one year deal and get on so put. You know go back there and everything's great release and other. You know ten months or whatever until you find out that okay we're not gonna win it again and you move on so but I would say the LA thing maybe Houston because of the crisp off stuff. Mean the Philly thing I understand stain in the east. But. I'm Ohio. I think in Philly he would have a legit chance to catch Michael Jordan I think I think if there's any team. That's really ready and built to sort of over ten think. The warriors on the basis of I think it's but they need they need it you know while LeBron made it couldn't have brought. Let's get to 7 o'clock deadline speaks. XY and south. You sent each each yeah. All right as we've been telling you all afternoon long game six tonight LeBron. And the cavs. In the Boston Celtics up three games to two on Cleveland our coverage starts at 730. Tip off from Quicken Loans Arena. Is set for 830 Celtics cavs. Gained six game six tomorrow out west. No Chris Paul has been ruled out with a strained hamstring. Houston however leads that series three institutionally and close out Golden State's. In Oakland's but no Chris Paul has availability. Is out for Houston no word yet on Andre Iguodala who remains questionable. Four for game six tomorrow in Oakland. In the western finals Marlins and nationals are going here in about about eight minutes or so. Max Scherzer is gonna throw for Washington Jose uranium gets the ball for his first win he's only seven. On the you know on the campaign for the Miami Marlins and finally Greg baseball note the Boston Red Sox have designated for senate former. Florida Marlins I should say Hanley Ramirez make room for Dustin Pedroia was activated off on the disabled list. Earlier today and they'll lose all are yours and mine to yours Texas shows 67974. At 67974. On the you know on the tech slide to search his apartment is his plea loses tonight absolutely no pressure. On now on Boston. Mean well. Your boss and you Rhode Ullah and they go back comedy you wanna go to game seven. Let you know we knowing if he's not here I I don't know if there's no pressure on Boston. But if you're an Austin and at every opportunity and turn them yeah you're gonna knock out the knock out the kings so to speak of Eastern Conference not of the champ. Certainly would do I think if your boss select. The get a prove that you could play. Their win on the road road always play well on the road right. Like Timmy is solid they've they've lost close games and got blown out Golden State and Houston will have better records than Boston and Susan's millions possibly have to be on the road yes. In the files of the final so they got to the got to win and it's at some point on the worn out to know that Dell largest known as is one of those things where uses that you can dissolve into seven and homeless pets. That's not a good attitude that I that I hate that is when the music magazine always a game five on home yo game game seven so many things can happen. And in Imus in the privacy wanna have that game at home and on the road no but you don't leave it to chance. Either way on either way Cleveland. Or Boston's not winning the final race. Mean there's that you know beaten whoever whether it's used in order Wednesday although I guess in Houston somehow makes it without Chris Paul and maybe you've doozies in conference teams chants. Yeah yeah I think you I think you have to write. But there are being helped you and stay in numerous times. Not I give Cleveland against the LeBron factor for me manages its overriding yeah perceive the Houston. I get see that. I could see that again two Nickels they announce it again after the I don't see it happening again but I can see through him being Houston. You know LeBron made you know but. We sort a lot about what before we even. Get to that possible. Possible scenario. And not including tonight's game six and read the table talk to Tom Withers. Associated Press writer what's the mood up in Cleveland the feel confident how they were gonna react tonight what's LeBron status is he tired. Victory come out aggressive how much help does he need tonight forcing game seven all those things below or get to a coming up on the other side right here on seven I didn't take it.