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Curtis Stevenson
Wednesday, May 9th

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4 o'clock here and I say get local board it's Curtis and perk for taking up until just before 7 o'clock. That's another busy showing a lot of things to get to and of course we're gonna kick it off you're in a few minutes with our WTF contest when thousands free. Jeopardy when 1000 dollars and I was told this afternoon by I management's. We had a winner on Monday perk in my so congratulations that winner in news in Hialeah. And in the his name is. Mr. Christopher Sanchez so he's got the drinks. He's got the drinks this party of parties that his I have he's buying your emotional congratulations to Chris resendiz who won on Monday and this national konduz but you can win we've had get a winner moments ago. We ID we had a winner renegade here on Monday and we just are normally so. Recognizing him and really the code word you Texan in the newly registered win we'll do that in about three minutes able to the top of every hour 4 o'clock 5 o'clock. And at 6 o'clock to a text into the radio show he can do so. At 67974. Anything that's on your mind sinden. We invite and encourage your text messages per good to have you back freed it was in your seat yesterday you know freedom and I or run and gun and and I got to blast our instruments on a good again thank you so we know we're doing our thing a little bit book it's always good when you wanting to talk about and that's it that's certainly helps. And now we got a little a game tonight which are gonna get into. Or any a lot of basketball today although we do get some football stuff. Though we won a sprinkle in here but Mike Wallace are good man reasoning here on seven and it's easy and enjoy this. In about 25 minutes so we're in check when Mike in Memphis. Not this over the grizzlies but David says the other former coach gets the next job let's have a big deal. Right as are tied there as their chance maybe LeBron me you know likes the bill fish is who else. But we're gonna talk about the MBA and I was he covers in BA and goes all those things. Up there and Memphis further for their team and we'll ask him about other game tonight and we things western finals wise has that is similar goals they'd. And certainly Houston masters or a certain Monday night no. That's that is a long long wait. Isn't right for them for the series there was waiting for our yeah that seems to be but I don't follow TV and now also ought Eric Smith. From TS and in Toronto what do the raptors do. What do the raptors do he's got a drizzle 5 o'clock hour. Do they stand firm do they blow it up do they tweet it to do they retained Dwane Casey. And if they made roster changes perk we all know we as we've been through this before. There is that certainly. Is a trickle down effect in the NBA we talked about this a little bit. Earlier in the week with everyone kind of basically capped out outside of a couple teams namely the lakers. And there's not to the my resize your Thomasson in there and give him some money what. Width of the seller kept going up and he'd go into this trap a little bit the last couple years. Everyone was spending money when the sap. Zeller cab when nobody wanted to just sit out of the game right so I don't think this is necessary to give designed to be a big free agency summer hey the money's not there and be the players aren't there. But how Saudia better Wheeling and dealing. And that's where you know we think being on we hope. Injury free and Pat Riley can work a little bit it was magic and then you know kind of improve this roster so if Toronto says hey you know what we need these we need change it up. That's just another team with another you know pool players that you that are open for discussion just adds more. And on this earlier that the heat I'd get a player from Toronto. But player from Toronto might go to another team and another guy available wreck and you mix and match here but so I expected going to be it's going to be. Crazy crazy couple months here when the when the MBA oh offseason hits on his life and. Expect there's probably going to be another surprise camp like quite winner was this year's surprise you know. Transformative player way oh mpeg whatever term you wanna use. To have some friction in order to show signs that he might be shaking free he stills polls we meet with the spurs but. I bet there's another situation like that where there's a pet at the very least friction. You know where we still don't know coli is gonna shake Reba how bad with. You know with a broad sweep in Portland this week in Toronto don't you have good days you have a short series already know I can't upset somebody's somebody's going to be disk Ronald will see if it gets to the point where they move. Are at 4 o'clock on the dot time for your chance. Two and 1000 dollars is the seven and it it's again at WTF. That's when thousands three contests. Yes or your chances Teoma thousand bucks. Text the word chick boom chick were ticketed here were picketed here on the radio to 72881. And you registered Tex tech KI CK. I used to love to play kick ball. And that's that's what you got it. I got some. I'm I'm I'm in them think in football here. No they wanna take the kick off. Out of the game and they do end and I wouldn't mind if they did the Villa keeper day he'd use that as a kid Casper to. During the tick off your to do that now after somebody scored a touchdown and and celery kick opens at Conning you throw it. You are high arching that's your Dick off you say deeper pay. OK I got tested it yes about a long way to get around McCain I don't. I hope they don't they'll do in the NFL little perk that being your headlines would be cool man have I have you know have run into had a he'll stand at the ten yards or just talk president he had begun to touch back. That's what's replacing got ahead the long leg with a guy has like a Long Island EC quarterback get taken out all the time right it'd be worth it just take a shot at the quarterback. I don't after he throws that would that would defeat the purpose of the can go over the limit well it would not just an idea about. About high speed collision would be happily on have you started a ten yard line so text Kitts KI CK the seven to edit one do it now if you don't win this time. You're next and Jimmy in the top of the next hour 5 o'clock this is a national contest mercenaries and apply. Do not text and drive war our reiterated were reiterate no checks were dropped to 4 o'clock hour but it's kicks of getting in now and again you can win man can happen to you don't say those you know it can happen you we got a winner on Monday and we just started doing this this specific content you have other contests in the past we had winners. Which have been a national variety this a national konduz we had a winner in Hialeah is name's Chris for Sanchez on Monday afternoon so it can happen eutectic two's seven to 81 day you'll I don't know how much were selected magnitude to help. Honoring him up Christopher Syrian Jews were alone now is the time area we got he's got money in his pocket a little jingle. And you can win money you can you can have people calling you didn't you loans video money. Burke I'm a big Celtics and the night yeah. Just for some reasons there let them. You. This I guess I I've got to know where you're below event at a pretty good night last I get you know and you have got a New Orleans made a big run late you know we were you know we didn't know who we we're on the right I think what else feeling good yes woke up feeling good news though and they were of the you know he that you doubled down a little bit here and say let's go for broke. Again as about a pick them game so we got the west final set weight on the east finals. To beat Cleveland is a Boston or Philly I don't know. We don't team's comeback from 30 soul a year ago lame boss is gonna have to close this thing out of they'll do it tonight the things that very very interesting his bosses had trouble on the road. And really well a moment don't all of a sudden mr. ball jumps on their side yeah yeah and so it's. Yet admitted it's going to be interesting to see what happens tonight and aftermath that leads us right in these years of playing. Boston holds a 31 lead going into tonight's game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinal series of course the Celtics and close out the series tonight. I think we're gonna learn a little bit about Boston tonight I think we're gonna learn a lot about Billy Billy is the team clearly that. Has every being to lose because the season is over a year you lose tonight. They're going on the road in hostile environment. After they've just put together a pretty decent game it it wasn't flawless but it wasn't really good game a change in the starting line up. This is where Billy should be feeling really good about it soap and we'll see if they can capitalize on this little bit of momentum that they've built up with a game where victory. Boston I say we would only learn a little about Boston because. If face if they close out the series tonight. It wouldn't be a big surprise to anybody there up three won their home they've been playing well this whole series. And to me it took to meet tonight for Boston. Is more about can you keep your composure. And handle the task at hand which is winning a game that you're expected to win. The only. They're a whole lot on the line here not not just extending your season and taking it back to your place but there's pride on the line. There is whether you are the team that we thought you were and that should auction were. And it's whether you can handle these matchups that Boston is going that you especially deep principally. And can you beat your this being Al I think really is a better team than to lose three don't want to Puerto one to two Boston but I'm not. So sure about that will find out tonight again we can learn a lot about elite we can learn a little bit about Boston I don't know what to expect tonight. But I do expect it is going to be a fool's day. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJI store by drone nerds and win would end owners of Devonshire and congress. I don't know were to drone nerds dot com South Florida's eyes in the sky. Game four was Phillies tried game and and they got in one out and they weren't going to be swept by Boston and he just McConnell. A you know now that's you know that's got to started coaching. Yeah yeah we are talking about coaching is a factor in the playoffs. The match ups and knowing when to shake up the match up and and try to get in a banish your teen so. The job by Brett brown TJ McConnell whole team really by two. Yeah nobody's had a Lewis off Philly really up close here and allows guys has had a great series against Miami and some of that is seriously you'll mime is not that good or whatever where everyone to take it. But Philly element Simmons had a really good series MB play well when he came back sorry our trio Redick Ilyasova no they haven't gotten that type of production on it this is the basis for basis from any of those guys that had a dollars and potentially Simmons Simmons is. You know he's been out he's been. You know that's what McConnell got the opportunity but I think boss and close them out tonight perk I hope they do but I think they really do. I just don't see Philly I mean this is not their time yet that I thought. Game four was their pride game now Boston mayor guys left and right when Shane Larkin you know he's a bench guy but he's not gonna play in these out now they've overcome. So much we've seen in sports perk. Whether it's football baseball whatever it is there's only so much. Is usually got loose right like bridges and if brought the next man up at some point nobody's up right and you look I do when there's nobody there. That there anyway but I just remember unit probably won't let that this is the same thing out here and you're you're you're. You're getting next man up and it sort of makes you know you know on the Idaho can they are sorry you know we can go right to deliver. There is so I went and is wondering how much Boston Jan. And overcome. We talked to you on a lot of it earlier in the week about you know Brad Stevens. But yeah if your boss in you when you meet the hardest thing is to close out in opponents who moved. Great for anybody mayor Barbara Bronfman and Ron in Toronto. Number a recurrence you know LeBron Toronto Toronto that's not yes the exception of audio message last night Mangold stable and and then Houston managers to Eagles to Hilton's. But he got just an illusionist like Davis is less is go play and if we lose fine there was expecting us lose. And you know who is the other team was certainly tie last single state in Houston but they were able to look. Two to finish them off their four we get to Mike Wallace or eleven if you miss let's get the 4 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Your Miami Marlins are at the Chicago Cubs and a getaway day game started at two when he right now the cubs lead since five. Top of the fifth inning Marlins lost the first two games of the series suit cubs meaning the Marlins will not win their fifth consecutive series. But you might be happy you know they started played today seven and a half games behind Atlanta in the NL east seven and a half games out of the wild card. You were Miami Marlins at home on Thursday against Atlanta to start a four game series against those rays. Kept the whole ball game like Pacman against the Braves right. Not a good outing for way into an opulent three you know you have nine earned runs he's clueless. He's sorry today over ten right now yeah he he really struggled today NBA tonight Billy at Boston as we see it at 8 o'clock game five of their series Celtics lead 31. Denis kept told you Celtics guard Shane Larkin the former UN stand out sideline in depth delete. Due to a left shoulder injury. Dolphins coach Adam gay speaks tomorrow I hit of the team's three day rookie camp that begins Friday offensive coordinator bell law against expected to speak on Friday. Also tomorrow Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson Rickie Fowler grouped together Indio players championship strong first round at TPC sawgrass and part of B Europe yes sir they tee off. One. Ichiro reportedly didn't know who Tom Brady was last year when the veteran quarterback texted them. And asked if he can watch his extensive stretching routine this is according to a column. By yup Peter Gammons India athletic. Ichiro who was implying for the Marlins is looking at this text and the Texan is that I got your name from Alex Rodriguez. And I watch you stretch he identifies himself as Tom Brady each C role. Then turns to a Marlins coach answer is who would ask this Tom Brady. That anecdote was given to Rotterdam and it's by Don Mattingly. Those are your guitar. There's a lot of funny things there and that's only. There are the first thing would be if you get a text message from a random yes a random number right right and is not no no due to the number what I write is just got anyway is hey can I watch you stretch it struck me right there is creepy and its own right. You know I mean right and then the fact that you don't know who Tom Brady is. Is that almost. Let his reaction had to be genuinely credibly go somber right what do you think like it's like they showed a picture of him Ichiro and know who he is. But all the quarterback you're going on you deny you might not be an American ball. Tom Brady such a big star like you got a Knoll like when you go in the Boston. For a series and there's IE on these on the billboards and he's on the commercials like. But there's guys like if you're not in the soccer. It got an old let's dig out of though like what messy looks like her home like ya know the name Lionel Massey. Are on all albeit not. Whipping you lose it may be you know what. IINS. Less than me out of my yummy chose a weird guy kind of evens as the world goes all the you know he's got his routine and you know I see weirdly he just that may be his cup from a different cloth where you know maybe he doesn't watch TV I don't know you know touching I had no idea about it. I bet by the way it's cubs ten to one over the Marlins and there. Yes it tend to buy Tim tender loin in the fit club over tomorrow. I bet there's a lot of guys that you went through the NBA NF bill a Major League Baseball and you ask them. Lionel Messi. Christiane over and all though. They might know the name but the face. And wouldn't wouldn't it definitely wouldn't know the base. There's a lot of guys who wouldn't know the name even if it Lionel Messi your legal messy I don't know how he announces Burke's main Leo. Yeah Leo but that too much I don't know maybe I'm overstepped and I Massa or Tom radius of your. Sure it's. Don't know each your no no no no no way. I under slinking about whipped through the dolphins' locker room and ask you know Ichiro is. Out of around the at least a third of the guy did it when I did meet puzzled look. I guess if you went through the dolphins' locker in ten years ago he sure was the MVP and winning and two under for the hits it was everywhere. Also our MVP all that's Donald bullet that would be same thing you know. Pride I am proud of is very winning man I I still you know football players. There and I and it you know just did it if you don't like Ichiro and you know being from Japan and not. If you're you're an American base player I was being what you know and and you follow you know even other sports casually but I. Yeah out from Japan and maybe not okay and is. This is just you know he because you always want to panic you know and obviously it was eating me up on American ball maybe it's true. But I mean does live your does me at least he he plays here is a resident here at least 678 months out of the year replay based on what he does the rest of Armageddon if you don't tablet market you don't pay attention to American football does not like you see somber radio commercials all over the place. Well I you know I mean I mean it's. You he's met Delaware and files you outfits out. I don't know I I don't know it just may be each I think Joseph is just a little different but the reaction has got a gentleman who does Tom Brady yacht my. Our right to talk about maybe arguably outside a message or some of the other resources and although. You could say I mean Tom Brady Michael Jordan yeah problem is there Virginia you know he's yeah he's he's an American football and yet these robberies up there with when and I. Missing years in Europe. I'll blow mobile will take us commerce and right right. We'll ask who the bleep Mike Wallace that knows Mike Walters I know Mark Waugh my old white checkered Mike Wallace a little Memphis next Johnson and I didn't take it to. Yeah. The radio that comment is if there's Oklahoma 790 that's again downloads of today's to listen to us anytime anywhere. Including our next guest says we jump on the Iran feels it does is against those guys on their choice does beyond community here on Curtis and perk our good friend. We go to ground. And city Manning and we check in with our main man we do my Jack with Michael lawless you've on Twitter. At my Mike Jacki covers the NBA and the Memphis Grizzlies for grind city median of course you heard him. Here on 790 the ticket over the years he's covered the heat. For in the NBA for ESPN and won't back Tuesday's. On the newspaper cited things they I'm cities do and SEC football they're doing all the stuff blown runs that he media may have taken school visit and see what. I doubt they brought it just matters more Mike Wallace man. What to. It looks as if it does little ultimately you've got to live from Augusta as tragic incident yeah. Okay look good. Because you're glad to deal which. Guys messier glass city media try to do a little bit everything that is relevant to the the sports brand and our region man in that region spread risk 25 different states at this point prefer being where we are geographically so yeah we just try to keep offering on a pulse and everything but obviously right now about this draft lottery is about this in the post season in the all of these being on all the coaching circles. Luckily right now it was pretty NBA heavy right now. Yeah Mike so what are what are what are what are the grizzlies duel and I saw that JB bickers staffers is definitely the in the mix. Are they close to naming him the pulls on coach. Yeah yeah he is important and lastly a you a couple of days ago he was. Made it made it official and signed him to a three year contract and and basically promoted from the and a companion. A lot of people who you know some people make stressed it is. You gotta the you know do that when he went something like fifteen and 48 over the last. You know four file must defeat an opposite Dallas fire but the record really didn't. You know didn't kill the whole story about what he was safe and what he had to go through communism came obviously was definitely injuries and turmoil and try to develop some young guys so now it's beautiful sleek. Clean slate to next year really go into full season. I'll put his own plan and beautiful shot but it was one of those situations where he's grateful and he still is great for his with the with his bill. And you know he still wanted to beat ultimately get a coaching job they couldn't force seen that it would happen like this. But I know it is is happy that they both end up in situations that we're better than where they were when you started this past season so is in the New York. Happy with a four year deal making or more money and in JB's got its first full time hit coaching job at the tomb in the states. How my count is this is turnaround in New York. That man I don't know if he does this year and XP the conduct honest you know honest actually two that united has to look to communicate with it would is. Even after he was obviously dismissed from here and he had nothing but it. You know I mean obviously our relationship goes back when he was in Miami when he got the year 2009 so he's not known -- and in even as we talked about the potential by the dot com and the I didn't feel like the New York opportunity was best suited for him from that standpoint. Because they're gonna be any good next year based on the injury situation what was -- -- on the debt market is going -- still look for salacious stories and headlines. And it is again there's gonna speak from the heart now might not always. Constantly and always often provided in those kind of situations so you know some sort of concern reform from -- standpoint in New York but ultimately if he's given a fair shot and it looks like their front office given and is given it some time on the stability. A myopic you have a chance to get that came back to the playoffs but they meet players so it is not about coaching and you're. It's about the players in Iraq. Hi Mike what have you seen so far in the Eastern Conference playoffs and end. And what have you thought of me I would not say what have you seen they've been well the same hole sable as far as LeBron in Toronto alert have you bought anything differently about the live dopey as the playoffs and that progress. You know it's funny men and looking the wrong amended when these guys where he. Did my playoff predictions going into the postseason and I said that they were on a ghost said that within the Adam would be forty restarted and I got a lot of you know feedback okay what are you talking about you crazy little crack should be fired. And anyway seven you know I mean it was one of those deals where I didn't see that Cleveland cream coming together and a new Indiana was gonna play a whole hour they weren't necessarily more palatable they were gonna play hard. And I see Boston given them that same kind of you know same kind of series I don't know if long goes out and I don't know but Boston could probably closed off because they have home court advantage. But but the fact of the matter is when LeBron has done man pampered you are not covered in Kurdish but now I'm here for enjoyment to occur. As you know all of his career and yet he's basically decimated the east you have to you know I sent out a tweet earlier this gotten like. Thousands of replies and like some re tweet. Their reaction but the fact of the matter is he helped to tone that pistons team that went to the W oh what's all of those finals in the in the mid 2000. BP took out the Boston Celtics when he came to Miami basically destroyed their their roles blue beings you know in one year and then he can Miami took on the Indiana Pacers game he killed he made sure look different garment would be it would duplicate the Brooklyn man. Okay did he never let that Carmelo giggle in the New York. Anyway back to completely and took out or letting you know took out be Atlanta Hawks team that won all those games panels all stars and then he's basically decimated the to details after as many three straight years ago did you think you'd probably get past LeBron and the only got a basically. Control of the NBA for a decade like that was was glad got a dual with a guy named him Jake so it can Obama as soft demand for what he's done that would be that would easily at least. Decades ago Miami till for some level there when he left and here I mean just those are yeah. You know it was my we're all during a down here during during all that Mike Wallace joins us here. On now on 79 units they aren't the ones about less for you might we got the Western Conference finals said. We though you know LeBron was LeBron but this is the de facto NBA championship and everyone thinks it is. I wanna believe in Houston Mike I want to believe produced and but I can't believe in Houston they just they seem like they're going to let me down at some point. Even if you didn't Golden State is weak which I don't think they are. How do you see how do you see this series playing out. They don't like he used to battle. Legit shot because they're gonna have home court advantage of Golden State is gonna have to go on the road and hostile situation could to get that done and that got vicinity and I mean when you win as many games go to state is one over the years. You've done a lot of that on the road they'll ultimately will mean it comes out this. Houston is going to try to beat Golden State but playing Golden State skating and I think that the mistake I don't think they're gonna be able to do that I think there the second best team they're playing Golden State now. But Golden State is back at being Golden State and you know again it's one of those situations where Houston is also so he radically between them look really really bad and losses and they look really really couldn't wait to that it could play to the extremes wrapping Golden State is more solid in terms of what they do from game to game in the waited a place so I'm even though Golden State doesn't have home court advantage it would surprise me at all that they won that series pick and battle because it may not be as competitive going to be entertaining. But I don't think it's gonna be as competitive as a lot of people think because I think once Golden State hit his role in the can play defense the way they defend from a team perspective. I don't know if he's got enough comments about beyond Chris Paul and I can say it's hard to get it done. Yeah it. When when you take over there ever coached pretty much in any sport I think you you. Have like a career for which year window to get your team a championship or to the Super Bowl NBA finals World Series whatever. If things stay the same and NBA meaning. Golden State stays together out west and LeBron stays in the east. What do coats like JB baker staff David is dale anybody else could they go to their older and say I know I usually you have to have a three or four year plan but. I'm a deep sympathy from that owner or owner like dude you're on the plot like at W any other coach. I meant to ask you a question on I got to do is just pointed to to what's going on until Ronald Cummings and saw that this guy's going to be named NBA coach of the year for a record season in Toronto and then there's some momentum that that he knees removal and that just shows you now circled this league it is I mean look Colorado in the top model definitely under cheap and I think Casey has some fault in that. I do think that you give them another shot maybe it turns out differently. They had a better team that could lead I don't think there's any question about that they just didn't get it done and also there's gonna make some candidate there they do not you can't really you know you cannot parishioners Jesus is to play music in the NBA man issues. Just hope that you can catch what these guys weaker. Or coming off of injuries we've seen injuries impact series before noon and you know if you're used to before like this just bad shot. But then after that you know you gotta go back to the draw humble man in the west. This Golden State team is going to be together for at least another year after this before. Trademarks contract comes up Kobe's contract comes up so you gotta hope that eventually somebody's got some way you want to go off and do their own thing but for right now this team is gonna be locked in for some years to cover you know wherever LeBron goes let's see Eastern Conference finals trip at least at very least you know that. Michael gets out of here on this pleasure by Jimmy card for a long time in the Miami heat's. Fans are down down here a little bit and seeing kind you're still out with a whimper in the first round of the of the two of the playoffs here. And you know the light side stuff you know all about it here. I wonder what moves you say I think it's gonna be active. Trade trade season here once the MB offseason to their ways of organs the capsule is not a lot of money. But but how does it better if you're Miami right now when you're kind of capped out. Did you gotta go train route period Pat Riley is his own o'clock when it comes to that because I. I don't think he was totally convinced he wanted to rule this came back after the last year any sort of spoke to that. I've definitely know he doesn't want to roll it back to get mixed it for another year. Because it's only gonna get so far with what you have somebody that's basically a first round team. I'll bet they can't get beyond that in the heat which would tell you should be able to give further demand east but the bottom line is that you got white fat contract here. He got -- just as contractors to got a largely under achieve the money that they're going to be making it next season and which you also have teams around the league that look at the blue ball 120 million dollar contract to Rob Portman as a team and they have to disrupt some things to Ronald detained you know searching baucus contractors out there that's equivalent to white guy ask that you gotta go down OK see Carmelo doesn't really hit there. If you guys want more years left where as you might be it swings open in the three team trade. With a soft money to bring you back at Carmelo for one year and then you're back in the free agency can with cap space next year so there are some options here. You know from Miami to do those kind of things because they're not the only team that's getting antsy with some twenty million dollar salaries and books. The odds of their muzzle for Mike that that somebody is gonna say hey you know we're done with the style we'll give me we'll give you little deal here and see if my if pat can work a little magic here Mike has always meant that you for the time the best there Willamette will catch up here when when free agency starts. No question what do American accent yeah. So in his Obama Lucy barbecue to use a missile doesn't that was and is a model Lucy barbecue. That might be administrator how to. And I didn't and that's that's Michael Michael Wallace joining us sitting home on Twitter. And my Mike Jenkins of the Memphis and doing some great things are team as it is a great. But but what he does that for that organization running their media operators. Nobody and they really do Dave let's say yeah they're they're circle is not just in Memphis Grizzlies basketball yet they they do college some. Yeah and I'll sort it all had their community outreach right right and a lot of good stuff so I'm Alice Goodman. Mike Hsu Mike's messrs. so logged itself on the MBA with with him welcome back we got a lot more to get to including your text messages. A real Tom Brady I guess Tom Brady's not big outside of America is lower realizing there. I I wouldn't think that you know you're very tourists or Europe or Asia and aren't I would think it no I will get to text messages on that if you don't know story world liberal running back is Mike said. On the other side 67974. Let's say Texas policy mr. code word at 4 o'clock to win a thousand dollars well. You're not gonna sell UT next Reggie Johnson and unused tickets. Don't count count count count count. So Michael for joining us right there will be some more NBA on the way. And Eric Smith from TS in Toronto girls raptors we're gonna go up too old can't enough to know about an hour and we asked and about the rap. Here in my talk a little bit about the possible talked to him about that coming appear element also if you missed our code word in the 4 o'clock hour forgot you were 1000 argue that you just a second. That leads us into this from now ended June. Right here on the ticket will be saying WTF man that's. That's what's out who drink. I Newsom we say that a lot of rumors went down the street perk that we're saying right. Every hour from 7 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday a chance to win. A thousand bucks when listening for that hours keyword then all you there was text it to seven to 81 at 72881. This is a national contest mess in veterans may apply don't text and drive the ticket is saying WTF listen for your chance to win if you missed a 4 o'clock code words. It is kick it. It is kick KI CK Celtics kick. Two seven to anyone. I get a kick out of seeing LeBron here. Around the two Ronald rap are very good perk yes very good right there. We're getting another code word at 5 o'clock we still got about twenty minutes to get get the 4 o'clock Covert and you can register now to registering here is her 4 o'clock 5 o'clock it's. It's makes no difference every mind we had a winner on Monday. So we we got that information this morning in what our money from highly. Yeah injures a listener and Malia mr. Sanchez listen and Miette Texan 1000 bucks. Easy. It seems that way right I mean I was rigor get an ominous look menu should I mean you could beat you could make this your profession right just. Texting you get a thousand dollars a day keeping you could do that they've got 5000 dollars a week removed. Out either retire the words sticks here and 72881. Those go Kohler. That would cover my expenses for the flu virus and an my grand a week I think I would be I would be covered there so we're gonna go we're coming up at I 5 o'clock you'd always sex show we might encourage a text messages. At had 67974. Events that feature a story that he had no idea who Tom Brady is I got a kick out of that and you are talking about yes the very good yards of a WTF yeah. That he said yeah. Yeah I mean you know Tom Brady. She give assessor laboratory at the top of the hour in in that in headlines. But meant we gotta go I'm. We a lot of basketball high stakes high stakes. In the NBA playoffs right now can I am no doubt this is this is no limit Texas hold a man this is it this is it so. Here here's one thing there's an idea wanna bring up. Who wasn't. For DeMar DeRozan feels like Lowrie tells how lost year austere cents a stormiest. It here's here's what I think it it was definitely a lost year and for the directors I wasted the season right. Mir okay same being applies for Golden State if they don't win the title right. Yes lost here if they'll wave they don't win the entire exhibit is viewed as a failure same thing for the rockets a day it'll be Golden State right. Correct they don't have wind title but they got to beat Golden State rose what did you do although I am I right I would say as harsh as it sounds this is the reality of things business records in modern day MBA yeah same thing over Cleveland they don't get to the NBA finals right got to get out of EC got LeBron you Camby or Boston or Philly Richard Boston happily playing with house money right now yes and optionally. Yeah so. Your ears I I will say this about of about Cleveland. That. The style points don't really matter for them right I mean he you do you have to go seven to to beat Indiana and what do whatever you have to do. Com the style points don't let Golden State got the style points kind of do matter. Cause you're going to war just rewrite your bully for you play Simone the best teams of the Soviet era. Like it I'm unaudited if you struggle a mom. Although nobody seems to were called you know whether you struggle with whether you win the title but the Golden State I think it got style points do matter I think they do do you think so. I didn't just win the title I. Little bit like yelled like let's just go back to Jordan cadets that seems to me than you know there was throughout their because LeBron stuff these days I journal sentinel you know nobody remembers and they went six game with Seattle or went six games would you tall or with Orlando know when you're when you're splitting here is and that's when it mattered when you can get zoom right Zorn went to seven. You know I don't know discredit a seven game you know we're Phoenix they went six games are right with Phoenix since and not tax and it's the shot 93 right so much as I mean. You know it's really mattered when you're splitting hairs like it if you compare. Golden State you know rattled and say to Jordan bull but but we're just saying greatness oh yeah you just win the title. You mention it if it goes to game seven then you can look at it will you know okay. Any concern that big deal right Tiger Woods early if I literally valuables they beat Houston six amateur are not back Gordon Brown added trio when you talk about the Golden State is chasing knowledge image of their chasing. A dynastic. They have dynastic aspirations where there was a this is the best for Fieger run enemy hit grit there that's what they wanna put their mark on site right now and fight I think that mark could be a little more of a stamp with the estimating that blue if they blew a huge now you know for all right and it beat Cleveland for all right that's gonna let -- get a real Obama lasting memory like. Hotmail was and and you know what and and along those lines I mean it. In their legacy does the team that blew a 31 lead to a to Cleveland no doubt now dream on whatever it. That was definitely do you know what would you say facilitator cattle is the reason. What ever buy what you have their head again as a tiebreaker it in the grand scheme of things. It doesn't matter now but as a tiebreaker with legacies right. But the first he's vs they have to win you have to win it goes back to Houston that's the majors on her gold yes it is if you seek every gold state. Houston would you would you want what ever you know it was in what was the point of the season yes like Toronto opponents and on we just wait till our last six months yeah. And now Leavitt harsh but let's wait let me ask you this camp. When you talk about Toronto and and what they need to do next year. It is this analogous at all to the Buffalo Bills that loss or straight Super Bowls from the standpoint. As barber called. Buffalo never dia panic and and make like. I don't know change out for five starters in one offseason though some racist changed. But I buffalo kind of stuck with the program didn't say that we're we're good with. With our guys can Toronto or more two day. No no no not at all. Now I mean they could do that if they want to but I'll that's wise result buffalo is getting to the super tumor. Liked Ronald getting to the finals against the didn't that's a hell of accomplishment right on us against the let's not get that's right that's just build it from the standpoint of your hitting a glass ceiling. A ball below a node to Dallas was twice. Washington and then one idea so. Well proposal doubles they got blown out correct re. So hum. You know it it is so a lot of patience to me or yeah this is a slow and Toronto can't have that same patients you don't. They keep an eye and applaud them for for you know I mean. W I look at that you disabled buffalo teams may be should have made some other changes. Right I mean in hindsight they were kind of tapped out a solution Toronto. The national they stand pat do you need to make major person nailed single let me ask you this question on a smaller scale Mike Wallace is mentioned in a little bit. One about the Miami Heat. Why can't they just say you know what we're doing is back. We saw lights it's gonna get his attitude right he was injured after the year he's going to be why can't when he what you think I'd want to be here and here. I think as he did say that last year OK yeah and and not opening there in position to say it again. As part of town when I don't know as far as how that applies to Toronto. I think Toronto Lewis. Is probably making the most significant well in Dwane Casey gets strange now it is easier to change out one coats and more players right so. If let's the first thing happen as the first I think that glad I will say that's. That's almost the best move that you can make with bank group by I don't know the Mark Jackson to Steve Kerr. Our situation. Would compare here but I Toronto has. Personnel know they're they're lacking a certain on court quality which became obvious. Against LeBron. Maybe a dip and voice changes that but as far as upgrading in talent. By what looked like are you gonna get us. You did you guys get like a poll George tight right and have a Big Three. If you don't really have maybe three right now Mellon tunis I wouldn't call in November Roman date. So maybe that's ahead but as far as breaking up the backcourt I'm not sure I would do that I underlies our legal guys are good players you know that and also the hard to find a good players right fine. I mean clearly you remove a bobbled the Bok has two years and 45 million left or something like that. In balance Judith says one year it's 620 and eighteen million dollar option. I think right now from where I MR rather move one of blows OK there and been eight and Casey if you did you Casey and what do you bock. That's enough I don't imagine your singer wrong or right I don't know I don't have the right answer of saying. And that's why did you do they do what I do right is far right JC do they cannot duplicate analysts and blow it up. Wooden bowl eager to allow write one of the ensuing man up maybe a couple of right right when you try to write like you have two threes are right now glancing blow up yet noble titles that are out of the ruled the right answer for it I mean because rarely. This is a tough spot to be very tough cat varied business doesn't happen a lot and sport no no no a solo art organ mourn this coming up to Leo the 5 o'clock code word for governor it would 1000 dollars. Plus we get to to headlines begin Toronto whether it's Ronald talked to Eric Smith TS and Toronto and doubled the vibe is of their Camby two good but. Maybe there's there is meals a Phillies there's you know let's run about as good again let's see if we can get let's tweak it a little bit. But this is you know as you were in the similar spot with the knicks. You know years ago the bulls. The golf through this a little spot you mentioned buffalo mean to get by the bills at times it only seeking it's very very very frustrating. Sometimes just one started to boom on everything was sometimes patience. Is the Lester we have an SEC football coaches they tell us some stories of frustration didn't run in Alabama right yeah sort of dug our next Johnson an item tickets. First of our canyon was. When you. On this Wednesday afternoon for a couple minutes away from giving your data and 1000 dollars or go up to 5 o'clock code word of in our WTF contest which is when thousands for. Somebody 1003000. Bucks on Monday can be you come up here in a few minutes Leona. Stay tuned but first quick reminder that seven entities and once you to join us in our own celebrity judge. The beasts. Of the east at the orange ball food and wine celebration. This is an awesome event at the Broward County convention center this Friday the most amazing food and wine. Big portions are gonna publisher restaurants over thirty from Broward and Miami Dade and all you can eat open our whom live entertainment and music Indians in presents a great causes like make a wish a Special Olympics and Obi leadership academy. It's cheaper than a night out at a restaurant for crime and allow for tickets go to orange ball that ornaments or will dot org George -- who went celebration apart Orleans have and I mean if tomorrow four point three XT two. Sentenced. Eco luring goal hungrier. Yeah I would yes they are over definitely go longer there are some people yes some people don't. Don't partake in move all you can drink so that spine back whatever whatever your eyebrow would be drink and some. Mine and some Beers in essence is the is a food and wine. Celebrates in the Broward County conventions that are sure we actually from George will on this tomorrow tomorrow yeah we're gonna let Taiwan talk about that. So that's that's going to be good to do here in in South Florida. On lay out on a Friday evening with the headlines in an ailing Yeltsin than on on gays. And I'm a mom I'm curious to see because we got rookie mini camps are now we do and in this weekend markup on us here and your term on gays here and you're going to be out their cover and rookie minicamp obviously. Possibly at that and and headlines as well. As we get a busy 5 o'clock area too but it's 5 o'clock on the dot and time for your chance to win 1000 dollars straight cash homey. They are seven I didn't think it WTF when does free contest jazz take home a thousand bucks to listen up text the word no it's. Know some 272881. That no it's NO OTD. 272881. What you got on no. As I was watching that he flee a 76ers. I made a mental note of Hassan Whiteside attitude. Wasn't to a. OK that's very well on Wednesday. The Nazis the warriors in the rockets that hit high notes that a high note last night winning their games now. LeBron is hit all of the the highest notes droughts is his campaign unknown from a terrible singer people second period no. Okay burger and flew to you write notes anymore. I did in high school right whales anymore says yeah I'm right there are I you're not exaggerate neither side on nine. Donald's book you don't look at their I can I was audience members in the know. Yeah that'll all the notebook yes I've never semen is an editor of the university human emotion or that I'm a man parks arts and watch and it's a text no. The seventy minute one to announce you don't win this time. In extensive the top of the next hour this is a national contest message and veterans may obliged not text and drive note 27281. That's the that's value when the content you wanna just. I make a note of that number because it's not the same as the shall text number yes somebody also said please make note that the Marlins suck again. Boy gets that here in headlines gentlemen appear there in action. Bob in Wrigley bill against the you know tennis is resurgent Marlins by the way they're not just the Marlins that a resurgent Marlon then maybe not this series they're about to get this lyrics that they were before this and by the coverage yes but that's no to seven to anyone then you win money yes but it's usually out worker myself it's six 974. Different lines that's the techs like 67974. And 7974. Oregon Texas recovered and has anyone AV one. The national contest that it's multiple times per day for the last couple months we get away on Monday about the way Texas has -- in the states inning right there Seattle was intimately and I. Among them president someone from. By the way takes them on reduced power gala my power ordered home for my. Let outburst some of them on that in your reduced hours for years years since a gunman. But you have power cords at home so I haven't been on the Tex lines out on a slow it that that was soon. Texas Bettman anyway we we you know overtaxed who got some regulars. Right but that we had a winner on Monday afternoon. So here we digital tax Chris I cynicism. Highly highly congratulations ham if you know him him up for launched definitely but we definitely a winner on Monday we had and our other contests we have we've had winners. In the passing. So envision the future hopefully yes it can happen you notes and others you know oh okay Elvis nobody ever wins right. Ring so win local yes we really so we're it's really cool man that people world where women with cement. To the to the show here 67 ides of and for the tiger reaches here on the text line. And head up to Toronto in about forty minutes and taken their two a TS in Toronto. We'll see what the raptors do with this with mr. bock cool. Of an ending for them as their season just went dead considers a possible way toward imaginable. And we'll talk to him coming appeared about and about 540 but. We're human kids are for the dolphins and you're gonna you just talked and gays tomorrow and he's yes is that we have always heard from their absences through. A sense when they have their season wrap up like January 3 is so much that I believe the season finale was on New Year's Day. And I think what gay spoke on the second the third or whatever was we have not heard from him then since then. Well actually we haven't been at Columbine and owners meet and I want you you know that's that's been a while a bit at the actual facility. Which is where will be speaking to him tomorrow. And there are a few beings that I don't want to hear from and case. And one thing that I do want to hear from madam case that leads us and here's the thing. Well gay speaks tomorrow. Here's Maine beat what I want to hear from him as he enters his third year. We've learned in the past. We've learned what works we've learned what doesn't work. And we are going to put that into a day this year Nowotny specifics on what were and what didn't work I just woman know that they have learned. You go from Tim and 626. And ten. And look in the tendon six season. You had a lot of things go right. In that six in ten season you had a lot of things going wrong. I want to know that they have learned from that. That's all I wanna hear from atom based basically I'm not sure that he's prepared to go into specifics as far as. You know doing this with the Vontae Parker works and doing this width. With layer meets console doesn't work but I just wanna hear that he's learned here's what I don't wanna hear from him. Dovonte Parker is going to have a great season I'm sick of hearing that from a crime that's organization. I'm actually sick of believing it it's I'm apt to blame prevent I'm sick of the month at Parker does her yeah support. Another being that I don't want to hear is about Ryan Tim hills left knee. That being is not an excuse it should be held. There is that there is nothing that he can say. To reassure me that's kind of a wait and see being. So I don't really want to hear anything about Ryan Tim hills meet the other thing that I don't want to hear is culture change. Because you know how I feel about it can't buy time to apply the term culture change to meet with mostly applies to crisper sir. And Lawrence Timmons and Rey Maualuga burst or for that video. It's ignoring the powdery white substance talking to the Las Vegas model that that's how I term it. Gold platter that's on let's get. All right well you wouldn't answer it differently Lawrence Timmons for go and they were all booked for the opener Rey Maualuga after being arrested at 7 AM or 8 AM I'm sorry not arrested for having a Miami nightclub incident at like seven or medium on a Saturday the day of a walk through so. The bulls were the culture change beings hole lead their done with that so really I just want to hear gays mostly say we learn from the past. And again he doesn't have to be specific. As far as how he will apply that knowledge this year. But I wanna know that the last two years want Justin thing. Here's the thing is sponsored by DJ I swear by drone nerds and win would Andrew owners of adventure and pine crest. On over to drone nerds dot com South Florida's. In the sky I like Adam days I like I like you know I like the Chris Greer that I did a mom you know and so is so so but. The odd I zawahiri more excuses you know when I see your three right they all that stuff to you as you chronicle like it's your tree like we you know. I wanna hear that we we missed out on this time. Now is like. Your odds you're getting paid a lot of money on hand to exit of fixes team and I don't know what to make him in now because the first year. Thought you were you're the whiz kid everything old received last year you look like when you fools. So I. Now we'll find out right and and and they are everyone thinks they're gonna stink. Yes naslund its own land that's the reality of that someone's you know opinion right I've given you my opinion on the way. You look at over renders you look at power rankings look at all that stuff. No matter where you go to Bob Dole and we're seems bulletin. Seoul proved them wrong. You've had three years to reshape this crushing terrible Coulter Jane does and that I don't hear. How you spin it right three years you've changed the roster change you you've had enough time. To try to figure it should learn some demy now right now what do you see here's what I think. Is probably the biggest being that gay should learn to. If it works go with it. I under an and that means the Jacobs IE you know you're you're going to be a passing team in jail or died comes along and you shift to being a running team and to me that that should be the overriding being with him that I don't care about. What I really want to do although I'm sure he's frustrated that he still has not been in his passing off its board entire season but did die and that running being got you to the playoff right so he's I think as far as person no skiing whatever if it works cap. You don't go with the. Let's fire amoeba react I mean that I got to gazes gonna unleash some offense like and the like the league has never seen before. When I don't know it's no it's it's not bad it's not bad it's just that again this is a guy who's not easy. Passing off prince it and just constitution when games. Yeah about your system and also the suffering now is when games are CI and annulled offenses his biggest frustration. But look if you get into this season and Kenyan great is is going to guess what you don't run your passing an ounce of its newer era on the ball good coach first. Well he is the coordinator al-Qaeda spokesperson portfolio as a head coach when games yet. And that's loans and like you go with what works yeah I know you'll ruin your past low prince but it did Drake is in getting yards on the ground just let. You're running the ball went to the playoffs and again you guys know what were now passing offense that's at 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SS HD true Miramar. That's offenses like gods Monty Parker he's that we need him for passing offense good luck roof boy. While you with the Dovonte been. Liu wrote for an idea that it. Miami Marlins you are Miami Marlins at the Chicago Cubs and a getaway day game that started it suits when he right now. Cubs lead 123. In the bottom of the seventh inning. The Marlins lost the first two games of this series meaning they will win their fifth consecutive series. But your Marlins started the day. Seven and a half games behind Atlanta in the NL east. The Marlins start a four game series against Atlanta on Thursday can roll hall all games like pac man. You're Marlins will be back in the thick of the NL east race by next Tuesday from your mouth to Jeter's ears man there ego got a cardiac ball parks come enough you can. Look the Dodgers are imprint three games after after after the abrasions leave soon crowds of what winning by 30000 each night that's regularly answering their rights passing offense perhaps. An obvious at an obvious NBA tonight Billy at. Boston it aging game five of their series the Celtics lead 31. Celtics guard Shane Clark in the former UN standout sidelined indefinitely due to a left shoulder injury as we just told you. Dolphins coach Adam gay speaks tomorrow inhibitor of the team's three day rookie camp that starts on Friday. Offensive coordinator bell law organs are scheduled to speak on Friday. In golf Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler are grouped together Thursday in the players championship at TPC sawgrass and wanna be drug. They tee off at one. You heard this already Ichiro reportedly didn't know who Tom Brady was last year when the veteran quarterback texted him. And as the key to watch his extensive stretching routine now this anecdote comes to us from Peter Gammons in a column India let it. Ichiro gets this text during spring training last year when he still with the Marlins. The text say is that I got her name from Alex Rodriguez. I would like to watch you stretch. The text deride him by himself this Tom Brady Ichiro turns to a Marlins coach and so is that at its Tom Brady. This story was related to Peter Gammons. By Don Mattingly the Marlins manager. Those are your digital age and out of barely not a big NFL. No don't know he apparently is a couple of years they have to say that you have here and they'll pay you know being the one player you probably know it's Tom Brady sure it was not my fantasy football I think we now recognize that there Nadia matters he he does not high in the draft right he has maximized and Brady years these if something something I don't know. He's. He's in the or the UB in the kind of the Ryan Ryan Ryan has limited OJ miss Winston. A situation that he's not a let's use of that said that second tier there who'd ever as Tom greatness. That's funny a lot of levels Logan bag and let's bring a funny. It's the best sports show on TV and they were out again last night we'll have for you next here on 79 and they're. The official new home of 790 the ticket downloaded today. To listen to us anytime anywhere curse is first with you here on some and on your ticket in about twenty minutes we're gonna Toronto where talk Eric Schmidt. TSN Toronto about what do the raptors do. What do the raptors do yes fill in the blank there to his thoughts on the mood of the Toronto which can be good one but. Was doing doing Cason get. Iron on the you are either trade there all star players. There's a lot of things in a lay up there and then. And whenever that front also much a lot of things. Around the NBA including what Miami Heat could be in war. Come come trade time in free agency time in July 1 flawless stuff kicks off after the NBA season comes to a comes to a close to many of the the MBA. The I mean I'd I think it's the greatest show on TV and I think it's I think it's the best and that's inside the MBA. On on TNT. I think it's it's as good as anything. And last night he beat after the deems in the games weren't particularly. I would say no dramatic no you know you know I just I promise of just hanging around like you know I'm me from all night Al perk some discount like ours they're good movie on early baseball game on and I designed this goal I go back to. Yeah it exists you know I'd now like Shaq and no we and Charles that is grade. Kenny has role. So they got into it again last nights and and here was inside the NBA. Late last night on the East Coast this is the chuck wagon and not in the daddy didn't into. To repair his relationship would DeMar DeRozan Pargo yes he does proposal you have to do it because person that listen if your best player. You did your best player he was benched by U. Well he does not appointments reported no disrespect your best player who has you don't have a great relationship best player you know. We're going to win this and he did not that's not true that what you eat in a government. No just consciously some it's just that's not true representative Baird got runnin' rebels rod I don't what happened in my round when it was not Giordano yeah we're just good at what not to problems. We'll do mental ability to buzz about who doesn't run as far as the volatile hopefully you aboriginal yeah. There's a lot of want to every loves how would you best little roads you drove on to our members are due to resolve problem anyway there Jesus Jeff you have no matter how much you train to. And that's not a I think you're right there's overall isn't you don't know. Yeah it's probably not enough. Yeah no tornados and a milk run out of some of those down the errors and he got to repair did other grandmother does tough. And it lets you very good until you win win you got to tell. I didn't have the way out and held why you hated going to write it up and down the court who argue all you wanna do we taught quarterfinal members of the joke but you can. We'll just skip everyone who homered world. Love their little liberal great player your total. I don't know and I don't remember. You don't just above import all of you have all the players and tossed out of court you can yellow bugs I would probably didn't probably know how great player learn that you would've got a twelve hour walk away Paolo say. I Wilson. Can you Cano Kenny relaxed. At this is what it does Ernie was at the Emmys last night and Ernie in the Emmy Awards for the sport so he wasn't there so they adding that Casey stern is his name. And uses and you know you just get out the way when those two get an idea yeah. But yeah Amy Kenny was like I don't wanna part of this. Out but yes Google me chuck quickly became. It Internet sensation late last night early this morning you know if you're wondering where that came from and obviously their talk it was a Jewish between doing casing DeMar DeRozan and they got into a down here with Riley and Shaq can check may have I think to a rally we want. Soul out of anybody's right or wrong I I typically would suck on that front of forensic side that make you need to have a good if you're coached. And you're trying to survive in the MBA yeah. I'm major Pat Riley whatever and Greg Riley right can say right checked immediate drastic change. And as news go right remark a slow. Ask David Blaine. You know read our report that was coaches right right and wage is he's probably in not Pat Riley more Davidson channel and more David blatt yeah. Do you have to go along with you have to have a great relationship with your best player and 'cause they're your best players were set the tone for everybody else yeah so I would agree that I I just I mean I think we care regret rob Taylor isn't funny watching them. And you know what I don't know that. I don't care if that is stay in that is scripted. And now putting most of that most of their most of their own line of ghostly bites most of their arguments you can tale announcement. Correct but I'm saying even if to say hey even if it's like negative Shaq goes to what he's always gonna go to the no rings thing with the shock. When I don't think I think but I don't think that's like. Script is okay what you know chuck yeah I think that's just done that is that as second right Chad that's personality abortion. And it is probably the most in scanned superstar correct sob ever encounter like you can never won PM he doesn't laugh at himself very well. It it rarely ends we're at high high you got me. If it goes back to arm better than you. You know I'll one up you. And look checked as as entertaining as Czech news. He does not take criticism very well in that I did anybody say just just go with them yet does joke with a me it's like Rick. Eight he can't he can't lower himself Pete can't you know and do that he can't beat you double slap and insult or Null and choctaws. There are some details at such as noses students that you unarmed Obama appear on Don right in this job you nom haven't gone. I yeah it was jackets just takes only one to admit to a certain point we checked in to get serious. You can you can you can now. I mean besides the one I don't really care I only care who you who side you're wrong I just things like that that is great that is does great television myself. You know women must favor commercials on TV right now is the Long Island with him whistle blower where. This sudden some resolve and yeah a moon shot I thought about Tom heaven. A lying to Romo lines facing party and and and shag goes he goaded sucks is going to be a classy of parent and does she yeah exactly the sag goes you know they used to call me the big classy and I shot. He didn't call him bad as it is OK so hurt him that's a sole purpose of their relationship. Didn't call him bad you know to check claims that menu that's. That's perfect of their relationship I have to lead perpich Merkel I don't know Madrid again you're living here you just get so there is good so ramp up. It's actually the answer that's that your and the jokes like. I don't know what he's talking about here that he didn't get into so I think they bit into it way worse than that. Like this was I thought this was like under control but they're available in time where you'd like a couple of years ago little light through where it was light. To tell you all need to step back Bertini would intervene and you know. While there's no let him go amiss when book yeah earnings because of that two parents have to dinner because it is all right let's get to our status library hours I debt. This this hour to do this again this is this is a TNT lasso inside the MBA. You add Charles Barkley in Shaquille O'Neal. Going after it again Greer won one moral more tiger Charles and Shaquille. Going after one more time here last night to repair has truly. Sherwood the Marvin Rosen Pargo you see those proposal you have to do it because we're sort of madness and you have your best player. You did your best player he was benched by U. Well he does not the point of supporting all disrespect your best tours merged you don't have a great relationship best player. You never want to win that's front he did not that's not true that well he he's in good original Mel just consciously some did just. It's not true mirror his budget we have got runnin' rebels lot of I don't what happened in my room where it's always about Jordan is not true we're as good as what not to problems. To mental ability to buzz about who does a lot of these articles about how you're all familiar aboriginal yeah. That's my point everybody's how would you best play on Georgia totaled just a numbers I'm due to resolve problem anyway there are too good to have you no matter how. How much freelancing that there's not a did you write there's overall doesn't you don't know. It's got a lot of have a commitment OK okay. But nobody got to sort of does down the errors and he got to repair did other grandmother Augusta the real that lets you got very little play UN when he got to do. I didn't have the way out and have quiet way to go to Brad did river down the court who are your own you when you retire. We're both members of the joke but you can. Just got hit homers and they're all homer and your great play your a lot of dogs all right I don't remember. You don't just above import all of you have all the players and their. Well sprouted what you can yellow bugs in every 12100 I'm no great player let you would've got to know how to walk away Paolo say I'm Wilson. They won't connect and it's it's it's so funny because Julius Shaquille O'Neal went on Ortiz would year old kills one of the wrestlers of all time. Left where Charles cards or crystal revolt under a food and there arguing like you know like little children write off about this and what I think it's I think it is great. Which is funny how it kind of started where Charles's trying to make a point spreads to others on his point across about the Rosen and the wrap up. It's such as cut it's obvious I'm in and Charles you can tell he's just getting the liberal that I write that you'd like shove Shaq yeah let me finish. Andy says and then gets is the medicis. Goes off eurozone was right there Duane and I mean Duane live Internet title we all that are. Don't finals yeah Ericsson final yeah I mean Shaq was still on the first team Ambien a year. Yes that was definitely on the decline or starting day you're still first all NBA yeah your right leg shot wasn't just go oh my you excel doc I know he loves it but but and so is Joseph Louis those tremendous against six right there was this tremendous. All throughout the playoffs because he was the deepens a replacement and as you know six yeah was real it was Shaq always came out and permit because they were bringing in. Gary Payton and James Posey and sold gas at added as the defense of closers but I design I mean I mean I'm from fuels electric shock resistant nobody likes tackles for tsunami you know sexual have been section have been MVP his first year with the heat now and a couple of guys from LA let them off the ballot and Steve Nash got. Or his personal to by the way. Story I know. From Marc Stein of the New York Times we're gonna Dwayne Casey is going to be coach of the year then considers perhaps the Stoner. Brad Stevens gets zero votes. From his peers coach of the year really zero volts we have a grant them the solicitor. I didn't I can get the list well he didn't you didn't list the list because it done you know is not coming out until June awarded a continental arena so they'll write it but does he does not gonna win and targets and yeah yeah and out. My computer is officially. Fur. For coach of the year in the in in the NBA. You would say it's like well how come what's the space side you talked. Principal Snyder aggregates of voting is only the Hayward you have some votes though. I'm trying to think you know my Tim Tony just because there and Tony news notes Kerr no army Popovich may because then how Hawaii and you know occurred is gonna get the suspect because in all talent. Our problem it's in a choir rev the season. May be Alvin Gentry gets a voter who Spoelstra maybe it's a voter to. What more quickly and WR official is being an African commodity majority in BCA discarded the metal box or coastal commission are yeah yeah does it'll be seated right right along last year. Fine now right. You're right you're right that was NBC area you know. Are the offenders those laws little runner yeah be a trial let's get their trip TS and Toronto. I was with the raptors are up to his visa draws on the side right here on some and I mean it's an. They've backed up here every Friday from our morning show sponsored by Bulger and Rahm. The taste of perfection or when he bought general almost from the does not just age when nurtured Curtis. And her tragedy here on a busy busy Wednesday afternoon and is as proud as we announce in the run Phil's announcer through his doors to assign the are truly stepped beyond convenient. As are we checked in with that Eric Smith he is he up play by play man for the Toronto Raptors does an excellent job up there. Covering the team for over a decade and the on the on the big station of their 590. Via the fan Erica did you take a few minutes what is analysts were kind of been pretty hectic here and is probably when you a couple of days off but things forming some time force. Yeah it'll prompt. Pilots are here I mean well I we know the mood isn't very grew wouldn't following the raptors getting swept bio by Cleveland but how bad is it in Toronto right now. Is that I thought I should've got into a big step on a couple of books on Twitter over or whether or what that work done. When hard drive showboat 45 minutes ago and and jeopardy you Willard drive post you can do it in a lot of folks right now. Are even saying after it in when regulars here and in the second best record in the NBA overall and top five defense stopped by an offense that. All that doesn't matter because you claimed in the second round that you got swept in the second round per second street you can get swept in the second round. Press Secretary the year but LeBron James little brought it be to its straight co leader bill. And that's all that's ballot. I think the did you guys notice they'll welcome from having what brought down their burqa leaders well. You know it's it came despite still got your boss whoever and that no chasing the cat we conference finals. We're talking about an eighth straight appearance in the finals for LeBron jeans. It would do respect the Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh as bag that says they work and probably better than heading abroad threatened to include including carrier ring. It is still about LeBron James period we're talking about what are the top three to five players a ballpark generational player. That the raptors are 114. Teams in the east that has not been able to keep one man out of the finals. Per potentially eight straight years so as much as spoke trot out say it. The regular season doesn't matter and I do get back and I agree there's also some that beset work. About he got to the play after three straight years to a guy that nobody else is beating either the other fourteen genes are. And that's what I kind of battle it way. Well are you a blow up a 59 when he fired the coach of assist in nineteen are you gonna trade. Lowry and aura DeRozan because they haven't been able to get over that hump. What's the value in return to your cheek getting for the men what are you getting back and that's what is your future look like. I think there's far more questions than there are answers. And hence my sort of stance so. Almost status quo you know he wanted to stand still and let it would catch you could also out targets and have a very young Intel that up economic elite team. And still yachts and Milwaukee teapot with Irene where they were hoping mixture. There's lots going on easy quick standstill. But I also don't know. That it's the doom and gloom blow it up and and start a new. That some folks in Toronto where he may be that simple around the MBA. Our pocket when it comes to the raptors. Yeah Eric didn't as far as where the raptors go from here we've seen. Talk. That Dwane Casey might be a major change up there because. They're the feeling that the team needs a new boy east. I would say you probably more than any team meeting number three and a Grassley and number three like Paul George Chris Bosh. Kevin Love type to complement. Allow re and DeRozan. What do you think should be blown up should Casey go do they need a number three what do you think. Go block. I was it was brought in to be that guy and he didn't turn out to be that guy he kind of added up and down regular season. Probably was better than he was worse over the course regular C a but he struggled mightily in the clip yet vacuous. But first couple games against the wizards and that really struggle outside a unique eight game three when Iraq and we did that come back with with the abroad adding that ridiculous buzzer beater that just broke the raptors arts and in that comeback attempt. Of our pocket hasn't turned out to that third guy that you're speaking out. And it today's MBA is good as well Richard it is. Cultured as a big it's not necessarily the most up political mobile based. Isn't that third guy either so I would agree that adding another piece would certainly help. I think there is some going to be set for whether a different voice might get more out of these guys. But at the same time welcome back into eight and solicit the idea will be. I agriculture and public sector birds are already. Regular seat or not we were dumping it tripling of the last but I also think that 82 game. Sample size is an fluke. So it to me Casey's voice wasn't being hurt all too well that worked for five months but certainly not hurt or the ten games and postseason if they weren't buying into. About the new flock to reduce dial why did it work for 69 wins what at work in the regular season why I was working in terms of being top our offense defense so. I had I hear all that go auto sector. Is it that I Casey. I think the top urgency guys to go one local people may be an and an utterly bit. I think maturity question but even if it got Colin neutral this back out yet. The interesting thing and when you try to figure what to do trial as well as. There are young pieces. But I don't know that there are young superstar pieces. I think that OJ had an open will be a good player the blog right Fred been bleak dark portal Bastille yuck but I'm not sure that any of those guys are future also I hope Obama. But I'm not sure that any of mark so you got a Lowrie got a DeRozan and a block of for what that's worth it and certainly up and down. All three has two years remaining on their contract. Now you portray 12. Pringle got nasty and at the possible but. You might you be keeping these guys and then kind of pitting your refill each set or each week what are we're joined used in two years from now. Probably without so two years now bosses that much better. Philadelphia got much better pay I've been included Miami that I like that that the key that you guys get down and by the and then took pieces that eat at. That's gonna be the challenge for messiah Cherie right now is trying to figure out how to put it altogether for the current. Let alone future. But I think the ultimate trump card I use network now beat this trump but I think ultimate trump card will will be where it abroad let's go to pick abroad could change the landscape of the conference. What he's east. Or at east. Well they're sure to join his radio voice of the Toronto Raptors and of course. Works on fanned 59 in the huge monster radio station up there the night in Toronto and he's joining us here as of and and you take it Eric how much of that comes in the play. Mean you should never kinda wanna do things are be reactionary in that sport but if LeBron heads west is easier to say hey let's bring miss a group back. And try to make a run of it and I'll ask you a follow up. If by some reason Toronto if Indiana beats Toronto. Or you guys don't run into LeBron do you think this was a finals type of team. I think this team could have been the final yes. You and complicit at. Also that we shouldn't and partly it is nice to have a different perspective as well I want you can't Tupac mute well tell me if I'm right wrong or otherwise. Week I'm here on Toronto welcome in the end it was the take. Cleveland seven game that we couldn't evil when one I mean does not through the pace are better or what they're not sure it in my mind. Indiana. Why not been swept by Washington. Try to beat the wizards and sixty. To me at all they'll match like illness may be didn't get matched up better. Before that read an effect it George Hill missed what reach fourteen that you're meant massive impact on the back out on the rest of the cavaliers roster. Two it took us allow. Indiana to expose certain matchups. Maybe the old miles turner match up better against kept out the doughnuts out unisource spot that would George nobody in the lineup all the people Glock. They get to experience federal defender waves even kicked out of better chances stratus sold a LeBron James that a rookie coach you know we get. And oh by the way abroad still scored 44 plus three of the seven games against the pacers as well. All the soccer here but the pacers push because as further than the let try a little bit. It might have been matchup drew now he's Toronto in particular pacers. Yeah I would have said that troubled gonna PD India that would open market that for what it's worth it but it was an editor or are up you know we're just. Topical Olmert chart of course go to pick the rappers. I picked caps to be Toronto. I did not think that the raptors even with a cute and I went he's like keep rapper T I did not in Toronto. Would be LeBron James in the series out there that think it power sweep now. But I suspect people who would win this series so. It's fun to look back were restarted it's what brought it out of the comforts. Yeah I think all of it should be looking at if he's got around how we react or how do we react based on where you. Kevin though it did that as a personnel have been in two ago when he reacted to right. How market to compete as a tunnel how Mike gonna try to win a championship. I'm gonna go join the best team. NC that helps and it has so why wouldn't organizations do the same thing. It's April acquire. A superstar which is extremely difficult to do. Bed why which I do your best to try and oh boy. As many superstar so spot which sound ridiculous but to meet. That's a product of TM JR or all I looked at which isn't much that won't be MBA in what sport. Would you got what 1011. Champions. Franchise is win the championship in forty plus years yeah it's not parity like there are other sports so you gotta find whatever loophole you can't. Try to put yourself in it in a fantastic position. Two win or to avoid superstars to dust you shall a better chance. Eric thanks for making a few minutes with a great stuff there we'll see what you guys figured out there and they will get your ring here in a couple months thank you areas and yet you got Eric Smith radio voice of the Toronto Raptors also does the show up there on the fanned 590 which is there a big big radio. Cause sports station up in Toronto wildly popular up there. And usual Toronto perspective there army and I tell kneecap by Iran what do they do is they got bronzes. Yeah they do win a bum in the front office of the raptors or even a man. I have to ask myself this. If next year you run into LeBron James again. Do you have reason to believe the outcome would be due right no no I don't think you do. I you're gonna get to the 6 o'clock hour we got our code word for your opportunity when 1000 dollars. We'll get to headlines as well also to a Texas show he can do so it's 67974267974. Right here on some ninety the ticket. I don't play by play man for the raptors for joining us there. Inside to what's going on up there and how that relates to aggressively. Hand that you're Miami Heat because the trials and play and then. Everybody will be in play in the building here and play to upgrade their roster. We're looking to upgrade you to. A thousand dollars we're gonna do that here in the next the next few minutes it's our 6 o'clock code word maybe the code word here in our WTF. Wind thousands free contest. Coming up here at the top of the hour. There was pretty convinced about his rafters along. He thinks they've got to a winning group and if they didn't run into LeBron. That's that's the other side of it is you can be. You know you can be optimistic and say well LeBron beats everybody. You know we had a good you know we had a great season and it's just I mean that there is something to that there to being patient and riding it out. Deeply was he was adamant there 59 wins and top five and also to weakens means something it was a fluke I don't dividends any thing. No I you do every damn good team when you win 59 but if you can't get over that one role blot. What's more while I'm write well whether it's a whether it's a step in you know getting through the second round are getting through a certain player. I am not sure the regular season does mean anything. I organ its delegates at the moment is a lot of things there we are things you on here. In the that only to the 6 o'clock hour but I wanna remind everybody this and every day of the ticket. For the quarters ticket window your chance to win tickets to an upcoming game console or another great events acorda slimy technology partner in your local South Florida technology company. Visit them online and a quarter score dot com sponsor might Lauderdale BMW Palmer pines and brought to you by your insurance attorney Andrew Lopez hop trio five is under Irma. And raid on Q you've been given a ways these tickets all week long to the Delray Beach craft beer fest and we're in than the 6 o'clock hour so where do that in this hour to fifty dollar value it's Friday night may elevens eleven a couple of days. It's a fifty dollar value and your chance juice sample over a hundred plus craft Beers cider. Not even wine at. It's like speed dating for beer open Delray Beach that's how that's how is conveyed to me so we're gonna give those away give that away in the 6 o'clock hour here. And we're bumping up against the six soul. Let's get right to it here perk. Time for your chance to win a thousand dollars it's a seven and you take it WTF wind thousands free contest we got a winner on Monday man who breadwinner and we had a winner on Monday. Christopher Sanchez in Hialeah. And he won. In the here on the shelves so you can get happy new year you'd just take home a thousand bucks all you do is text the word fantasy. And and. Fantasy. Well 272881. And your registered her college you have first dibs on why this is easy raptors Graham's heavily embassy. About beating LeBron James and the best of seven wow. I don't think it's ever gonna come True Blue. How about this the first pick in fantasy football this year will be. Todd Gurley. Not very birdies weren't really gun belt. There anymore is that you have to read only Mark Ingram who gets credit reporting to us today and Obama fantasy that's fantasy football's first Nichols Amanda you know when when I was when I was covering high schools back in back in Texas and in four star telegram and in Dallas morning news. There was always this big. High school basketball tournament and Wichita Falls called the embassy of light's tournament. Okay which yeah I always I don't I've remember that all the time to panic to have those results from the panel seal lights are deliberate and I'm the only close somebody with a local teams up there okay in a sea of lights always around christmastime. Text fantasy FA NT ASY. 27 to anyone do it now if you don't win this time. Your next chance is tomorrow morning with does does though Romberg and amber this the national contest and this is in there it may applied to not text and drive. If you miss it and we're gonna pull reiterated here before the end of six (%expletive) are you have all our two to get it done. How about Argo old school of one more what we I mean what do you mean c'mon in then hit me hit me Rebraca mr. Rourke. Internet sue. We're out. Since yes in a sea island is there you open your mess mess for the whole he has asked with a gray beards in the CI Fantasy Island the playing the playing the claim both to blame the moment these arsenals I still stumble of offense got an episode from here yeah you're probably well. To go search and I mean I got I pay for I don't know what I'm paying for might do well no doubt you scroll through you see all these channel I'm right Barney Miller remote and all of a sudden this front well you know it's like you know you always as ESPN. Wherever they gain czar and I. Then yeah Ginobili go aggressive while. You just go search and it's like how far does things go right there you're down late you're you're on a rabbit hole and it's like yes the golden golden girls are right right oh we got to. Right widows and let him and after that is going in and you're. The words are gone after that I'd miss you guys joke cartels out of Ambrose said he Mario watch those things on trails former minister LK EL UCL literally. Never have no idealists Arnold no ideologue who looks just under our content who could pop up. Let me get through this text here before we get to headlines and and everything else Toronto has never even close. Even if they did not run into Cleveland does they were may be the fifth or sixth best team in the league whom. Again. Is travelers to have a legit shot to win. The Larry O'Brien trophy. On May be candid they honor third or fourth best art. I only takes a shot and our neighbors to the north to yes I would say I would say this. Any says look at the top sixteen teams and was able to to win. OK but that's fine I agree with that texture but all you when you get to the finals you do beat one of the teams out west. You have to beat three or four from that is re so you're if you think you're the best team in the what with the east which I don't there was a stretch a month ago it was say trials and list. Of the dream you would've said you're crazy. All that then once you get to the finals. All you'll have to beat San Antonio grants. Only ones seem known is not an all star team rise of the west in one city one team right whether whoever gets there are very telewest right so there's a will little note also understand been done these big beings which I love I told you I love covering Stanley is he coached. Because he would say some things that were just so real that will make your kids in and that was always one of his beings was. You know it doesn't matter how strong the west is you'll have to beat one team you're not beating a Western Conference all star team right now will have to beat one team it doesn't matter how strong that conference at. Right I was how is jumping on the a few web sites today here perk and one of them hit it lives with little surprise there you never you can never. Yeah there's always a good time for football all right you can always used the royal football here they are. And they hit it was who's gonna be the next thirty million dollar man in the NFL who knows on the heels of Matt Ryan's contract last week you know and it seems like every week there's and the next quarterback is up. The right to be the next paid guy ready and they showed a picture of air Rogers Richard makes sense because he's young enough this contract is going to be up. And you just wondering you know just how high is the money going to goal for quarterbacks in the NFL. Yeah you are in and com. Kept me you know last week. Or maybe it was earlier this week I get my days confused but. We we have both seen Mike Greenberg on ESPN's new morning show get up and he was talking about. The thirty million dollar a year contract that Matt Ryan signed in Mike Greenberg was saying. The NF AO audit head of a bird exception similar to the NBA. Which basically allows you to go over the salary cap to retain your own player. It was a pretty good idea until I heard Bill Polian replies. That leads us into here's the being. The Bill Polian was saying that the reason that NFL owners like the system that they have is because. Day he really relieved one. Some kind of salary cap certainty. And I didn't really understand it and until polian started talking about it. And what he was saying now is that he thinks that. The cap exceptions. Give wild and rampant inflation they they leave you today and not cost certainty NFL owners wants cost certainty. Polian was saying that he ought to carry over up cap space. Allows for tanking in other words teams in the and a bill if you didn't spend up to the cap in when he seventeen. You can get that money debt left over money for 2018. Polian say it will that allows you detail. In 2017. And and have. Have more money available for the next season. He also slid again when you have all these exceptions such as they veteran's exception any bird exception. It allows for or toward the cost two to fluctuate. The NFL owners would cost certainty. And peace is the system that they have right now dim view that cost certainty. I didn't like what he was saying but I agree with it and now why understated and wide NFL owners have the heart kept data. They don't want to be able to go over the cat two to bring you to to re signed the quarterback. And polian is point was. You have to you rally way. And he was saying that that's the big challenge that OK you can pay this quarterback thirty million. But clearly you're going to have to come down under deepens a beer and or your cornerback or your tie the end. And that's part of the challenge of putting together a football team. I used to think that was kind of BS that. Because you draft at this player and you go room to room. You should have an exception to retaining him you shouldn't put this guy through college so to speak. And then allow him to go out and and make money or somebody else forget somebody else somewhere but. You know let. I kind of come around to the way that polian inks and I'm a guy who is not definitely absolute in every being. So here's where I met. I like in baseball that the radio has the designated hitter and inhaled does not. I don't think there's a right answers so. I do like the different systems in the NB AM in a failed there is no one right answer. It's you just do whatever you were ownership group wants you to do. In the NF bill they want the cost certainty they want the harkat they don't want exceptions. I think it kind of works warm and I think Jumbo sport so. Yeah I say give them the give them their cost certainty. And let them do what they wanted to do. And I'm OK with it. Here's a Dave brought to you by DJ guy story in win would end. Drove nerves a aventura and pine crest c'mon over to drone nerds dot com self lord knows I. In the sky I will couple things that I'm okay with a because there's labor peace so as a consumer and as a fan. I really don't care about me me me and I just want my football to be sure of every Sunday right so. Don't destruction they haven't placed. Let's be honest the players. Get screwed this the weakest players union of anybody just right of anybody yeah. And the owners are more powerful anybody that your score so and he's a member of years ago the players they were it was as the lockout when allowed in there. Here eleven or twelve when every year low as well yeah yeah yeah but the players. Gay they're not equipped to to go on strike for our purposes of survival locked out right but don't lot of these guys are out of the league appears they don't have the money yes gazelle like in ga where guys have played ten years is it Y got I got fifty million in the bank I can rat work for guarantees Malia right and at and around the league there's nobody has contracts right distance of the players now where we're power we want to beat the players get screwed whatever. The owners have the control. In the NFL under so. OK in other sports it's not it's is that NBA it's the players right. Maybe. The it's 5050 but his private. In baseball it's the players yeah so all in football it's the owners could play sensible not even close to dealers will viewers get. Soul yeah I'm all for whatever the structure is in place yeah. Because I don't want any any problems so it's been fine for a long time. So that's raw mat but do they get screwed together but of course owners don't want to you know they don't want they want a. All right they of the they're right and I wanna make money. You know just like the players want to make money the owners right to make money and and and the most money possible I should say Brad UA NN yeah that look polian said about cost certainty. Made a whole lot of sense to me. That I don't Alcee that you know how much you're spending every year it's not that right it's not well do you know Aaron Rodgers wants 45 million man. Right no on eight you know our Arquette is this right we get bored to pay Aaron this by. The rest of the team orders without writers it's as our cap. Your TV money how that balance out and and everything else is gravy clears right. And adapt TV money and then every ticket reselling hot dogs we sell merchandise we sell that's all that's all ours does get to 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and W Passat that HD to admit. ARAMARK. Not a good day for your Miami Marlins they lost to the cubs thirteen to four they had a getaway day game today it started at two Clooney Marlins got swept. By the cubs in the three game series so obviously the Marlins will not win their fifth consecutive series. They started played today seven and have games behind Atlanta kept in the NL east you know. This thirteen before they they put up play a big number today the cubbies federal health against the Miami Marlins they did but but you know those Atlanta Braves come here. Starting tomorrow there's that may be and I love doesn't really know that doesn't by the crowds. You know spread the news listen I think will have. More than 7000 parole for these games against the Braves. But that's that's what I'm slim more than 7000 Parole Board games against the Braves are Americans Don is America now MBA tonight Billy at Boston at 8 o'clock in game five of their series Celtics lead 321. Dolphins coach Adam gay speaks tomorrow hit of the team's three day rookie camp that begins on Friday. Offensive coordinator dialogue and scheduled to speak on Friday. And then I think you've heard about this one by now Ichi road did not know who Tom Brady was now as the story goes it was related by Peter Gammons. In a column in the athletic. It was last year's spring training. Ichiro gets a text from someone who says hey. I got your number from Alex Rodriguez I would like to Rome and observe your extensive. Stretching program. And it's signed Tom Brady. Ichiro turns to a Marlins coach and salesman and is Tom Brady. This story was sold to Peter Gammons but I Marlins manager Don Mattingly so I think it has some credibility. The funny story and headlines right. And procedural cursing roses even funnier I was in the deuce got command of the language doesn't right now I know it's easy to use windows on the curse words for the rough I actually used properly it in proper context on problem today are we got a bunch of tax on the MBA about LeBron. About the Eastern Conference about Toronto a when he gets to those and then by the way that story we've had gotten some text periodically throughout the course of the show we ever really. Talk about like. Should journal Tom Brady. I I don't if you don't keep up with the American bowl which which I would like to lose my students under so. And I think there's some there's some people like you just have to know. If you're if you're a regular human being in the US they have been about LeBron would have been like. In. You. Brandon got to let. People more international did you live look bronze more international through social media and the ambassador Paul has more of a global game there's no doubt I guy you don't mirror that although we're out of the US. Yeah but you know I. Tom Brady is you know he's not as not like he's on commercials all the time or anything like the low key guy anyway I understand who's married to supermodel yeah he's not you know what I wasn't long he has met gala last night I tell you that much Yahoo! will be linked Ichiro would know him and I know it like you wouldn't know JJ watt who don't know Brady or drizzle Brady is the what do you. You maybe we'll also listen I don't know Willie's got to know somebody from the legion of boom yet religion or is there. Some you call it like take batting practice with a new idea yeah Seahawks need do you think of that was signed Ryan and Tim hill that there is a road all the dolphins there. Our guests of that. And I'm right there on terror. Roberts during college child I don't know real met. Yes welcome mat out of that puzzle giveaway these Delray Beach craft beer fest against that's next heroes have a ninety the ticket. Take seven or anything it wants you to join us and are still owns celebrities judge which is the beast. Leaves. At the hardball food and wine celebration at the Broward County convention center Friday. The most amazing food and wine. Big portions big portions Sony restaurants or thirty from Dade and Broward. Well you can be open bar live entertainment and music in did it for such great causes like make a wish. Mann Norman wetter burn over they're getting it done Special Olympics. OP leadership academy. It's cheaper than a night out at a restaurant silver tickets that order will not or did your whole foot wide celebration. Apart or they have 790 and after mortal four point three HD to the tickets. So beat beat snow this move let's put it what would these know the difference between fresh pasta and dried but yes yes pretty good idea v.s I've been. I've been out to dinner with the beasts obese consuming the characteristic somewhere by Dahlia onion. Yeah yes so you know all of us via. That's why these girls. Liberty just like you know no coincidence that he's our guy he's going to be he's going to be out there. And we're talk to. We talked Salim or it'll bring you more about that really given that how you can impart that if there were some the nadu also. Bomb it's the same night. So we yellow coronation here but we do of the Delray Beach craft beer fest that's going on Friday night that well we have a fifty dollar. Give way tickets since dollar value would give those away here before the end of the arsenal for sign off. And Frito is in with the endless daily tonight by the way and just everything it wants to and so they're gonna take you up until 10 o'clock but we're gonna. Give the Delray Beach craft beer fest. Tickets away before 7 o'clock so we still got a ton of stuff to get to hear per minute busy show we talk to Mike Wallace. In the 4 o'clock hour talk to Eric Smith from Toronto play by play man for the raptors a little 5 o'clock hour we got a game tonight Boston in Philly. Talked about Ichiro and Tom Brady won't let me get some of these sexier because we have a really good night the week combined. The dale ray beer festival with Orange Bowl that's more heavy coat teen with Beers yes that's the way that I have at all as doing I mean I've read it as dead meat like were simple role might be the at the halfway point. Philosophically yeah it's Barca Madrid yeah yeah you're you're on the summit and I'm here I'm going to do that next year yet you're listening to our housing and tomorrow and look at while how is it to tomorrow night we could. Let me compromise and you both in the burglars entered the Delray time you could make that kind of I hear below that to do a couple of text that you guys realize the NFL's not exactly international sport right guys. Yes we do an excellent guest with Ichiro not knowing time generating an Intel is not as widespread. Go to Europe so you understand I understand LeBron James is known Tiger Woods is no right. He takes that baseball in Europe. I that's no idea met at a Dallas is risky editor and I don't know oats I don't know where yeah we get it and we're still top right or Asia as asthma and as Ichiro. Right that's right Israelis and the ugly display portals right like it's Tom Brady's right. He's the greatest all time. I did it on you that's also didn't. Meg Tom Brady's shouldn't get a pass like almost I'm surprised nobody throw about that. Yes and I'm not into those guys you got to know. But you should know who that is but yeah I'm beetle but if you don't follow American football which. You might not be cured a native of Japan and UB meg not about on today's you don't pass on the item has been a 100% not shocked alters resident felt pretty much nonexistent. Outside of the USA. Today article they are playing games and in London in an anonymous this whole city. Yeah Canada has the little to Ron old being. If you know buffalo was to give up on a home game coming up it's I mean I'll take what I think almost nothing is almost I think it's almost nonexistent. Outside of outside of North America. Almost nonexistent I would agree. These non mileage and pretty much yeah yeah. I mean in Europe and Asia Australia and Africa. NBA Kansas. MBAs so some you have India a little dot com don't auto industry here right to do things are higher existence it's like nobody nobody noticed all lanes in Europe is recognized almost taste I would say yes. I say that today yeah. How many of the top. Soccer players EPO players do you think would be. Recognized. By base over here by say be averaged a mayor in. Sportsman and that they would know the names that another they definitely yes let the face a lot of I'm seeing by the Maine know yet the wizard Tom Brady. Would doubt regularly used some you might know Messi is texting you or go. Some like that yes you would know you would know that yeah I think it probably balls off after. Messi and Ronaldo right. To the average fan. Average soccer finals ovals are just the average soccer for him but we're saying the average sports Mary do we would you say Ichiro is the average. Sportsmen and and in this case welcome to pay and nah you know I like. Like who's who's third in in in soccer now episode once you get as. Messy and granola like we either though the Brazil. There are yet name hardly Lou it will Suarez there in those you guys crazy at the time noon. You know Wayne Rooney I mean he does there's a lot of guys who yeah I have put it there's guys who. You see of their earnings to me how ago oh yes he's Rome that's in Sacramento yes I. I think for each zero OK Brady is I don't I would say a lot of sports millions around the world a being our president Tom Brady married to supermodel. He gets a lot of run council united thing Tom was go out so I'll tell you this. I don't even know it is they'll looks like like abuse so legal watchers of blood by super there's no way. Zero chance I could occur from another supermodel I I have no idea I really don't know what she looks like rushers I don't know that'll keep up with. Supermodel so. Now I I got a picture isn't. I feel credibility pertinent your home every night I really have to go any further down is there 67974. 67974. That's a resume its excellent by the way if you missed the 0:6 o'clock code word. Let's give an opportunity here for the stragglers here for getting your car maybe your boss may just a little bit late and you're right you had to get those those with a TPS reports done before he get out of here. And you you did miss the 6 o'clock code word you you need to win a thousand dollars man yeah. It's RW TF contest 1003 uncle were in it for the 6 o'clock Harris fantasy. Teen fantasy that Gisele would be a fantasy yes she'll be of men Tom Brady of affairs until my you hit number one in my fantasy football label it if if if you won that thousand dollar what's the innocent. WTF what's the pinellas FT AT&T ASY 27 to 81 won't be your fancy your answer your question thousand bucks. Probably go straight to a master or. Okay prototype and now you know Americans are mastered our I am how many thousands and you have 4000 dollars I mean it's always sure what your bag it's a fantasy overall what's your fitness which are big ticket Finnessey item there. Mom when I retire and live in the Caribbean. Can live in the crew him. That's last month started other moblog. You know three women men and and and rubber sheets and Chris that's yes yes but I you know I mean I I get an idea I mean I'm with you there rob with the man. You'll certainly oppose are now you'll Samie oppose corridor there's no doubt about that that's deal as a regional probably just pulling somebody's Sheen. He does at least half a year in the United States he knows Tom Brady is out with a more inclined to be that guy like you got to know like you watch. Sports an error. It's you adjust to us most is she got to know Tom Brady is in just even if you didn't. Reality is even though the name but he saw if you saw the picture of Tom Brady your audience that guy he's good quarterback he winds possible to try to get it dole. Who it is. But I don't like I let the politics perk right elect as your name and I know the phrase it like it is here people right guys the you know that guy is the Leo secretary of Stater that guy's the like all these scandals and all see the event as he that's the do you use it you know politics he might not know is that I don't know politics ought to hear enough of these dealings going around or something bigger something. That that's relatable. To what even a teacher has no business is no interest in the NFL right he is still sports person like you do it goes I'm sure. But I'm sure he's had to go to lake some awards show where there and Tom Brady won and order some of it past fifteen years she's a part of August Tom Brady as it. Man and I looked up by the way the the funny thing is that Tom Brady one of The Who watch him stretch. That to weasel cricket I know. Well you know what Ichiro is is well regarded restricting regiment so I was aryan fostered by Ichiro you know. A little more will moment aryan ball where I Gary Foster called I would understood who with a there is far right right right exactly. I can I can understand that I can understand that new you know maybe he. Lift some of the material on six in the TB twelve. Regiment in the in the TB twelve routine and you know doesn't read a teacher wrote Tex rights and he liked to come in Alaska and watch a stretch before the show if that's possible Kirk -- to handle attacks. I dude I I would tell you this mrs. The truth. I've not gotten a while lob but since. So what camp may be the show starts at 325 humans that live pretty 3340. And correct. And not have not moved from this chair and you still must read for our team my stretching routine. Involves sit in here and given those legs stressed out. I'm always it's a sand say three hour a time to. Always worried that your gonna pull him during years. I'm very very cautious. On that in them back in love him by the winner for the Delray Beach craft beer fest gets a final thought chiseled turnover free doughnuts one. Staley right here on seven and two tickets. Beechcraft here bed again. But before that. Script remind Hillary of that come up with the official home of seven and the ticket downloaded today. To listen to us any time. And you aware curse of her back with you. Another segment to go get a game five tonight. The Celtics they end this thing bird we got three of the four ready to go. Denard east and west finals the Celtics. May get a clean break here. And eggs we start target about LeBron vs the seas. That was certain that we have Boston bought an article that I perk and god listening once. I'm not and I had a that text that was pro work related takes their calm and it. I don't know what's gonna happen tonight I think both are still in Boston wins this series. Definitely. But I am not sure what happens tonight. They give you delegates that certainly in this excerpt Curtis question mark that's so arrogant you don't know flyers your own sensibilities to his. It's a talking about Ichiro here right. Like he wouldn't know Brady recognize and how should I apply and destroy an overwhelming I don't have anybody else's sensibilities you know I don't write all right sounds stupid question. So and here is and then here's his response like a person from another country another culture that's how Curtis. That's why you know who Brady is and he doesn't. Now you understand hash tag American. Arrogance. Then I said this I responsibly and that's Whitbread and I guess I guess I don't. I am acting mayor OK now right I usually don't double down I just let me know and I doubled down on the Skype. Are this girl whoever it is I said settled down he lives it works in this country for at least eight months is not a stretch to know who Tom Brady is. I don't think that's too much to Al but that's like not a crazy idea and I asked him who know Drew Stanton is right Eric is not a crazy right now they come back and says I know Tom Brady's. Always so everybody in the entire world should know Tom Brady is. A lot of know Tom Brady is yes. And I wouldn't say eight people in. And the US suited. I would say in North America would probably I learned that that Ichiro says it probably does Tom Brady and not necessarily but not. We here's why can't I don't know each year old follows American okay umpires and and I'm almost surprised by its right. But I'm just saying like it's so I mean really big you're that he probably woods and if if he was from hum say Mexico or Canada oh yeah. I would be surprised because your your way closer to American football in those two nations. You're from Japan one. I did as well exit risk and a whole time right I understand any any zeros been here for a minute right slim baseball in the US I understood it through the best years of Brady's career right through. His career coincided with a right title Brady's career they were. They were ball those same time I understand that and I understand your point and that but. Look at it again. He's he's he's not from here he might not follow American football. I'm out if if you told me that he's American football player and and then he would know Tom Brady at all and I'd be shocked that then like almost brought by you know. Nightmare this Texas the text that I don't care by him waving those were not under the sun the Serb people where you tiger should know we had no like who they are told me I'd be more shocked if it's someone from Japan did not know LeBron James. Bin Tom Brady. But got a I would agree I totally agree that isolated that from your siblings from Andy from Japan. And those with. But like I've written and directed to pick out like eight months of the year the last forty years right click on the know whom people to pay our dad used you probably know their best baseball player. There aren't there aren't a good way these cigarettes here call. You're number seven to take account just like 786534079765340790. You're gonna win a fifty dollar. Value to go to the Delaware beach craft and beer fest. It is Friday night's X thirty is the VIP entrance and then a 730 general mission over a hundred plus scrappy your cider and even line. Y nos are welcome. Unlimited sampling of speed dating premiere why settle for just one of find your favorite old school square pavilion in downtown Delray Beach. Come for the beer fest continued the party on the on the avenue who call 1800 call the remind you to drink responsibly all you do was call our concerts once and it's a truck before. 079 units of an 86534079. Oh mostly Obama. I mean that literally and figuratively among about Disco the here's your women friends and influence people here cap that clears it appears that they've got who's this this is a fair question. Actually and I think it is is it's going to be his wife who's more famous worldwide Gisele or Tom Brady. And another solid as though right now guys are ours is right right well that's all mail without agreement that. Yeah and then if you don't cellular though as you heard of that guy. This kind of an hour class rules when I tell ya I. I could not pick Brazil out of a lineup of supermodels. I really do not know what she looks like those who are now. No it if I gave their time Jolie her on some whip whip Tom Brady. Then okay yeah that's that's his wife buys. But I I I have no I dike could not picker out if you lined up if you put two supermodel side by side I would not known to build from whoever. Right here here's why I love the tax line this is this is what this is why you have a day. Brady is overrated not the greatest. Burial at the overload of haulers about timing is so is ending just didn't I tell you are. You are about to blow your league and it was the same guy either. I tell him that guy out attract that guy down and if you're what does that bring I don't know wells are kinda that that's that's the it's two separate statements there but overrated I cannot agree with them and even. Aren't all that it's not it's not generated by the retired or as they're not the best of all time data that subject line that's right but but. Tea right that's utterly that all the guys you lower tar balls are neck I just want to jump and gets the gets in his Brady is overrated Texan but a the sleep well and I've and I got you and Brady is overrated. I thought we reiterate to yes I think we've we've publicized deaths are we'll do all this nonsense tomorrow will pick it up where we left off probably not. What a basketball game at target miles of Boston to finish off. The sixers right now and they're gonna pick from you you were too busy reading other text messages. I I I you know I don't know I'd Boston's going to win the Siri look I don't know what's gonna happen tonight that's held that does not help the gambling public that's even deny body when I'm excited official bubbles are all about tomorrow. Just three minutes once daily air coming up next our thanks to Mike Wallace for joining us earlier. Also Eric Smith put that claim in for the Toronto Raptors thanks allows for a perk up Curtis Hebert right here 79 to take its.