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Wednesday, June 13th

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When they were home and around here you're damn right Holland about then is to win the proof. Courtesy car. Three hours sore man that you have until Frito here on 79 U ticket it is a we got a lot of stuff on man budget. Try to do you know trick you into thinking there's a lot of stuff going on but there there is like usually there's lots of colonial which funds of going on and then there's like. Well I don't even over going to be able to get to at all kind of stuff going on right leg really got three hours we should have like 67. Another word had to abandon that any -- times are buds. I don't know three hours is enough for us to get into. And everything we got we a bunch of guests that are gonna stop by and now of course obviously the audience that makes them the show so. I'm sentencing text throughout the course of our three hours here 67974. Atop. How you're reaches here but no we got some big news man not only nationally. Or internationally. Also right here in America are today berg I think we should get into it why not let it led to headlines tonight you got in the but with the World Cup starting tomorrow I know the United States is not in it. On its little bit of a bummer but everyone's got got their team they're gonna root for I figured by now putts. In in eight years. We argue that cause being World Cup central audience that yeah now you better you better believe it man where are we doing a show from the stadium or somewhere. Odd I archer hopes alive I hope we're on there actually and I. But the years they days right right but debit (%expletive) is huge at the United States Canada and Mexico. I'm. Have had a successful bid for the 20/20 six World Cup. Most of the games are going to be here in the US Miami is going to be one of the cities or is one of the city's. The US cities that'd be to host games you think that Miami would definitely. BA city to be awarded some games whether it's early round were quarter final or whatever but. Absolutely huge news kept this a good did this. Number one for the US to get another World Cup our first World Cup since 1990 Bork. Number two which means the US pretty much is going to be in the 20/20 six World Cup host nations almost always get the didn't automatic berth and then number three just do have it. In in Miami such an international city with. You know such a south American layer where. You know soccer is is just obviously so huge wave bigger than it is here in the United States so it it is just going to be. Crazy here in Miami in 20/20 six. Down ray's yeah I mean these funerals start to show off with soccer and and but this is big news Syria and are you I'm certainly biased are so I mean now I say that right up front. But I mean Miami. He's going to be a very. Prevalent city. That is going to be showcase in the World Cup. And I think it should be I can think of too many cities you mentioned cam is gonna get. A couple a couple games you know Toronto host I'd imagine Montreal waving Hoover. Mexico City and a couple of cities in Mexico won't get some gains of them of them the majority of the World Cup. Group play and obviously when you get into the the the quarters and I'll. The knockout stage is going to be in the United States so and you know what we. Did we didn't host a 94 at that we have the window we are single article earlier. Orlando Orlando host at Miami did not neither. Joseph Robbie nor. Lou what would have been the other facility from. I think there were some facilities. In Miami although Orange Bowl right guard Joseph Robbie Orange Bowl era is horrible being considered a neither problem or got it tempo was also considered and didn't get an Orlando did that was the only. Site in Florida so Rome. Yet decided DM Miami almost certainly it at hard rock stadium the tennis is going to be going at that time Steve Ross will have. Further established Miami has the international soccer slate in the United States. With although the matches that he has a scheduled including ones coming up this year's so I'm I would I would be shocked at Miami did not get one of the plum gains you know I really would. I'm not I'm not trying to you know give anybody else and in the country the shafts. Because of the soccer is is big in a lot of different pockets in the United States and a lot of places where you when you think it's big. On the midwest. The the blues Dallas Dallas is huge right and you're the young Malaysia with a soccer being you know you don't understand what Miami because there have to melting pot here in the gave way to South America. And so on and so forth public does lot of places you were the only girl yeah. Ali Al tell you how I look at it that bears. There's a lot more Americans soccer fans in a lot of these other cities because here in Miami epic its you know your Argentinian improving in your Colombians Brazilians. That's what you know makes up our you know soccer watching audience in Dallas it's probably you know I'm guessing a percentage of 70% America and in maybe DC 60% of merit dinner. You know Sera and again I'm Russ just total gasoline. Here it might be what 40% American as bars are a 100% a soccer maybe I mean I know but it's yeah I think it predominantly. Our international soccer fans that make the Miami angle around that but that doesn't take away coming net. You know the excitement is going to be that much bigger because it's gonna mean so much more to them that it is soon. The South Florida American soccer in kind of a light meat who I look at it but I I don't really have that much passion I. I am curious about the a bit but I don't have that much passion for it. I you know people from Spain in an England and Germany who you know come to Miami early appear. You know they they bring that passion you know Columbia in Peru Brazil so. To me that's the that's going to be a big difference between Miami and and other big new. The question always an international city so I mean. And you know eight do you at all dolphin game -- that's an American sport per say you know and Jim shirt you know you would get 30% of the crowd as is Hispanic or you know whatever whatever you write whatever register for an international Riley right but like you know like Atlanta got to provide Atlanta. Two for me is just how would your shot at a game LA Atlanta whether there's a bunch of people that are. Therefore because they're from another country they love the sport or their born on US soil and loves or whatever it is when they're in 42000 Tebow wants argue that congrats Atlanta slick to me it's all okay the same you know big could I in the sport hockey team they barely support basketball team of their males and one of the worst sports cities. That that that we haven't inside the that the exploded up there last year Orlando's been huge so minutes of the cities that you would they go soccer man. Obama is gonna work there. It's it's surprised I think at least me but getting back to last and that is that too you know. Given the shaft to another city or two I would just say this Miami yes Miami should have one of those that use a poem games. Miami should have a big big part. Of the World Cup in 2026. Yeah I'm a big focus is I'd be shocked if they weren't were not pay because the fans. Be because of those facilities in the stadium I don't then don't. Let him fool you the redo of the stadium was a big deal obviously look at the events that is our that Oregon attractive with a championship but the Super Bowl. And things of that nature and then obviously. Of the lifestyle and they're gonna show you know I'm sure that their big pitch was obviously you can be a Miami get the fun in the sun in the sand and all that stuff in the party in and the nightlife. And everything that that Miami comes to be so law a big day for the United States today for for South Florida as as well and other another major event. That's that is going to be coming to work town again it's nearly eight years away but it but it'll be here for you developer. Can't buy I went in 94 I was living in Dallas and you know if I had no. Like little to no interest in the World Cup at that time it was you know I knew the height and and everything like that. I win. Absolutely incredible absolutely incredible and the city is is you know I did did the presence of all these other aliens from all these other nations as. Is just incredible man I'd. Add to me it blows away the super rule blows it away I had not even not even close to us. The excitement and it ended just you know but blows that's around this worldwide have been as opposed to a US event. It's at some into the hole and if you're not a soccer player and you. You just sit back and observes. I you know the magnitude of of this of minutes would. It is is this just different is just to. You have to know what's going on YouTube users watch the atmosphere exams and your own man this this is like an error saying he has got elected you don't you're not me. Bowl in NFL and you didn't win Miami is hosting the Super Bowl like you don't walk around and there's a blows like. On the news and yet World Cup is at that times whatever you wanna say times two times or whatever. Tires we and then they'll be on display starting tomorrow by the way Michelle Kaufman who covers soccer and does a great job. For the Miami Herald she's gonna join us a little bit later on the show what all this means and and what it means for South Florida and obviously you got this is the year's version or before your version of the World Cup's on tomorrow morning in now in Russia the host country of United States is not. Did not qualify for that so ruin a new all that W the monthlong tournament that'll be starting tomorrow personnel we World Cup central here on on seven anything that is the mouth that. That we made to new got another thing that's on tomorrow what United States open and everyone's got tiger mania once again we had been ten years almost ten years of the day. Where were you when Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate I'm Torrey Pines here in 2008. On that bum leg wound who would have thought that we fury beat ten years later full decade no major tournaments and not only everything else that he's gone on in his life in his. Personal life. That that has gone on and here we are and some say that he is back in rated when interment will ready. From the Golf Channel gonna join us here in about a fifteen minutes or so luck we will preview of love tiger. And get his thoughts on. The termination of cocktails on the New York wheels up in New York right now so while we're gonna hook with him also very Jackson's gonna join Russell later on in the in the 5 o'clock hour so while we'll get the latest of Columbia South Florida sports buzz. With with Barry Jackson before you today let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. Please it's WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FX Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. As we just mentioned the World Cup has come into the US and 20/20 six the United States Canada and Mexico. One in a bid to host the event again in 226 now. Miami is one of the US cities built bidding to host games if that's the case the teens could be training. At the Miami Dolphins training facility that is a possibility. As far as adopt the adoptions be dolphins they are weighing their options between upgrading their current Nova Southeastern University facility or moving to an entirely new facility. But talk of moving to a new facility. Has been out there for awhile so. Eight years away Tom Garfinkel Miami Dolphins CEO was saying today. That there either gonna stay here and put a bunch of money into north nova southeastern or have a new facility but. Keep in mind it's eight years from now that's what Garfinkel seated and he's right it's it's it's too early to speculate on that but. Some and keep in mind Miami Marlins host the San Francisco Giants tonight at 7 o'clock in the third game of their board game set. Marvels of taken the first two game samurai yeah men so it has sued you know who always believed in Derek Jeter right. And we all Conan got a giant has you accede to happen tomorrow manhunt principles Texas Arlington man just like giant. Well there's not many there's not many of us Al. They're both speaking of that we got to Miami guy ms. a lot of us up there. It is a thrown Manger forest Libya for the giants University of Miami Columbus guy so what he's thrown for the for the giants it's pretty cool and mosier how does that go on here well here. Well I'll tell you this marlins' seventeen games under 500 porting games behind Atlanta and now he's twelve and it felt bad love Arnold Selma last night's game drew by 2926. Time they've had fewer than 6000 at a at a game this season. The Marlins remain in last place in the major leagues in attendance 101411. Tampa Bay second the last thirteen 1499. So Marlins roughly 3000. Per game behind second to last in the MLB attendant. Jarvis Landry the Cleveland Browns wide receiver has made another comment about Ryan Tenet deal Landry and an interview aired on the NFL network. CAD hasn't hurt from Tim hill since his trade to bowl win. Quote I'm not surprised we didn't really have a good relationship anyway so I'm not surprised in equal. We will talk about that later. You know yes we'll talk about that some changes I'll tell you this last thing to changes from NCAA division one council today. Transfers. Our athletes may now leads rules without asking their current school or were permission. And from division one ball players can now play in war games and still take they reassure years so. Those two things are changes by the NCAA. That betrayal spurs being now a a player until the school he wants to transfer. Their name goes in who they databank a national transferred database. And bad way the other schools other coaches come free to contact that student at leak so. It's that it's a change and in the way the NCAA does things seemed like a change for the better. Blows or your hips see but they do say conferences can still make they'll blow more restrictive. Months ago rules and that national rules so you know ACC could go back to the old way of doing business. Where you have to seek permission. But. We're excited to shoot it which I I I understand it but if you're gonna just get rid of it just to rid of all that nonsense. Yet it's you know the football coaches are going to be strongly in charge of that gap a you know SEC you know we knew we'd like old way where you where you gotta ask permission and and you know so we can yeah we can basically blocked entrance where we don't I like this new system. Poorly hopefully most of the major conferences hopefully all of the major conferences adopted it. And the Richard's stuff yeah I mean they play more games now whenever zones that are going 34 games as a mafia to find so you can get turned them in game number four in the first quarter right you can he communal and Little Richard on the F literature on that's so yesterday you know when it was better for the kid. I'm always for that other than just you know camera in the other Anderson clouds paying everybody. You know the bode well short of that Parker I'm I'm all for Obama offer everything that's better for real privilege it all right so. Yes her real loss of going on here and of course. George Texas show feel reduce 0679 some fours were diskette Rolen went oh we're gonna talk some some Tiger Woods with will gray from the Golf Channel. He's a pension account kills in New York. There on the Atlantic Ocean man get ready for a all the links style course tomorrow the United States open. Tiger mania is a bad does the actual chance to win this thing last will gray from the Golf Channel next year Johnson and I didn't take. It's our job is going away him. Not it's already gone to the threat. I've been telling you develop a radio dot com asked for months now that's where our stream will be and everything else you've come to expect from a ticket apps so go download the radio dot com am now. And don't miss your favorite to jolt right about now on the new home of intimate dining and up from 104.3 age did you take it Curtis perk back with you here. On 790 the ticket and got the old Rita com map because you don't want to miss our next guest. As though we're gonna head up to a new York and should a cocktail site of the united. State's ultimate N and will great staff writer from the Golf Channel is on site and he joins us right now they run fuels and bouncers to me is stores just like they are truly stepped beyond convenience. Well that particular time once again always good to your voice. Order your all right let's get right after here okay. We know he's kicked competes we know he can play golf once again is Tiger Woods ready to wind up a major tournament like this one at. Something he hasn't done in ten years ironically. Had this same tournament although a lot the same course back in 2008 is he ready Kenny do. I like this ever want the tire question and some people trying to sidestep around it may be you know reflect and then. Are you guys jump right in when he talked about tiger that he's in the main draw a needle at all as they I mean. Yes he has the ability he has continued to exceed expectations since he came back. From injury in the latest addition of a comeback in January Brady said it's been ten years. If you wanna major in five years if you want any determined on the PGA Torre spent cloak so I'm. This year but I go back that. The word from Phil Mickelson who also had a lengthy victory drought and the earlier this year he's that I needed to win a regular tournament before I am going to be able to go to a major. And trying to win again I think we could see a similar stepping down situation with tiger he's the win. The national he needs to win. You know the John Deere classic before he's going to be able to go on a potentially win 850 rich tribute to. Well I didn't ask you this about the younger generation of golfer as they are you relate to tiger. I did. I don't think the tiger Chernoff has that mental kids that he used to have over there at the old generation of you know Phil Mickelson and and and and all of those guys. Are these guys scared of tiger do they have reason to be scared of tiger. Oh it might have reason to care Tiger Woods but they're not and in fact it is the the other end of the spectrum they're chomping at the bit let the opportunity. We go up against tiger coming down the stretch of any term it especially. A major even Rickie Fowler is one of the more he's been. Guys among this to be younger and groupies 29 and I exactly young guns in state but he says I want tiger to be at his best I can beat him at is that these guys. Jordan he'd just been promised tiger would at least we have video game like Roosevelt T given that you pay real vote that they have had to go. Head to head with on the PGA course that they are salivating at the opportunity to get a chance. There and see how good is that is whether or not forget that this week while. We see but it is certainly had improperly been very different from what tiger encountered ten or twelve years ago whatever the runner for the ills but it is they went up a report. We'll read from the Golf Channel as well the United States open source. Tomorrow from Chicago kills. Not necessarily for this tournament will but just in general it seems leg and the best players in a moving target the last few years whether it's Jason Day or Dustin Johnson or or Rickie Fowler is is there a clear cut number one jordin speech Roy mackerel like these are clear cut number one guy in your mind right now the sport. I know I'm content to the questions as they're they're they're the guys who mathematically could become world number one with a win this week. At the US open I think any discussion is gonna start with Dustin Johnson he's the betting favorite in what they get. And deservedly so he's back to normal world ranking he just crushed the field in Memphis last week. By big shock when he played them that gulf. In the US open over the last 45 years but as you mentioned there are. Five they. Eight guys you run down the list of you know would it surprise you worry want to know what it surprise you. Justin Thomas one note that all of the guys that are near the top step up and on any given week show why they deserve to be. In that discussion I think that we're still a long way away from. Getting his situation we have one guy who was head and shoulders above the rest even in the majors. Will have got to at a golf question for you guys you know I'll start this by saying don't love the US open as much of my favorite major. Because of the same old reasons everybody else I'd love to see these guys struggled to make par like we have to every time we go out on the course but as of course superintendent you see the course is getting longer like I think senate caucus plan. 7400 yards 7445. I think that Bethpage black might have been the first 7000 yard course. In a major but. With you know players are bigger stronger faster equipment is better than they've been talk about scaling back the golf balls if you're a superintendent. Why don't she make the landing area up postage stamp. And and make it like a six iron contest or eight iron contest into the green and structure your course that way I'm opposed to the longer courses because they. It seems like the guys are out killing them can't continue trick and under assault about a regular tour event it is that possible is that insane what you think about it. I think that I would lean more toward possible that in saying I think it they're ambitious but you look back at what they the US open five years go that buried in Philadelphia about that a short Kirk court relative. Some of the other unit and that would be eat that that the only defense that the court more than it was a really tight on the landing areas that it played very difficult and when you admit you were missing digging into them bankrupt but he. It's 88 question and a problem but it is cute big one for the game right now because if you said that the PGA tour gross. Are getting longer they're getting better but they are went 001%. Of the golfing public and that you set up a course specifically. Four of the best in the world are you make it playable for the other. You know three million people that that are gonna come through and a different side. You know week to week in the PGA tours they don't necessarily look for and demanding of a hat and he's he in the majors with specially. The US open but AG said this is the one we hear we all the fact that we get the carnage in these guys. Sitting over fifteen footer for bogey and you make really good players look really silly without hitting a very terrible shot. You know it it's a long range five years ten years down the line we're still going to be asking these questions about is the ball going you are look in the courses you as a defensive not to the organist Paul. This week but in the interim that back in there and enjoy that the credit crate and. Will gray from the Golf Channel joins us live from Chicago kills side of these twenty. Eighteen US open in the also adds to get off so listen not 24 hours oh well I'm. More on tiger here. We all know he's he moves the needle I mean that you need and I think he is the needle for the most parting golf. Bobbled since his return what's the best way has a mutt I guess requisite but has there been any drop off that you've seen it. Or when he comes back everybody from ten years ago comes back what's the best barometer that you've seen where. His impact is still wide at an all time high. I would go back to develop sports championship in Tampa and in early march he added that tournament. Kind of on a whim don't really expect him to play humid up I respect him. He almost won in his first ever appear to permit. And we tell you what that felt every bit as as they were in the tiger tournament bid in 2013. Or you don't a year 2006. And he'd he's getting older. Including the mayor but he is bill Tiger Woods in the crowd they'll come out and they respond to when the crowds are out and they're going ten feet from the player responded all the this domino effect we years walking along the ground. And it feels different and that's certainly the case a couple months ago I'm sure that it will be dictate when and if tiger played his way. Into the mix and a major championship on the weekend. And we'll speaking of that it. Is tiger winning the absolute best being that could happen. Four goals and you can measure that in any way you want TV ratings or whatever it is that the best thing that could have been could be. Still beating tiger to complete the career Grand Slam would it be tiger knocking off you know Justin Thomas and Jordan's beat you know come in from a stroke back on Sunday to knock off the young guns I like what what is the ideal scenario for this US open. What integrator and a person who could option peerless and all these. We talk about what could be on the anatomy Phil Phil beating tiger to win the Grand Slam in your view is basically. The order of the god would be. Pretty high up there but I think that whenever you have a question of what would be best for golf dot dot dot the answer more often than not is going to be tighter Ewing dumping the coach meaning he is. Still head and shoulders above the rest but I think specific at this tournament and especially on a venue in New York recourse worked Phil has come close. Twice before I think that'll be a very close runner up the term with him finally getting that last play the career Grand Slam. He turns 48 on Saturday to visit 27. US open appearance if if and when he gets. That that fourth leg it's going to be a very very big story. Well it's got your on this give us a few guys here won't ask your fur for one if you got along great but I give us a few guys here to draw on our foursome for the weekend. Took you're bigger rounding out your your roster look they'll give you want sleeper and that will be branding great use south African guy who really turn the play well. In the US open and in here. Hasn't had the best form the last few months but he came in fifth and third into the last three events one in fact that the morning England this is an event. That he usually circle he's a guy just last year took the heat to. At the open in England he can play the really good golf. Animators setting wouldn't surprise me to see him contend but the guy that I have circled big time. And we are not talking enough about him is an expense and one of major U a year ago he is leading the PGA tour. In fairways hit he's leaving the PGA tour in greens in regulation. Last time I checked that'd be pretty good combination when it comes to the US open he's been very quiet under the radar the last few months. A lot of big gains of one tournament so they have gotten the attention he tradition well then eight and seventeen. And he is definitely guys that I think. Is getting enough love and I think come Sunday we keep that would be talking about major number Kuper an expense. In a steady stance and those guys is Canon's always hanging around hanging around it that easy all the sudden got a bunch of top tens and top fives and then socio couple putts go his way he's he's always in trophy in cash in the big check. Well we are always very generous grace with though with your time thank you for joining us and enjoy the tournament as well. Perpetuity and always will gray from the Golf Channel and he does a great job and really gives us you let the meat and potatoes you always say that for. I do use the meat and potato is what we want so that's that's that's all that's all captains are in me but that Saint Louis Mary gets the green beans and corn on the cob and I'll meet statements we and we're the cliff notes version. I was so it is just one guy and I met a finally got that. Think wow what are you guys thanks to well Gregg from the Golf Channel for joining us now here's what was ours tomorrow. World Cup starts tomorrow and grades the blog that they know is thought it was not the yeah that's this ties the. And in the end is a draft will be here before you know which you know pretty clearly that's not that exciting there's no pick but skill in itself there there are three agencies are soft then soon after that in a bill training camps open and then. Or you know it may be where it's up to. With Berry as will check in with the the buzz man yeah yard he's got any any. Eddie in full force will not get that that puzzled it's a mere text messages you can always taxed the show. A whatever is on your mind send it on in at 67974. Right here on the tickets. I was never an advocate for their quarters ticket window on your jesuit tickets and upcoming game console of another great event. Of course mining technology corner you'll himself for a technology company. Visit them online and a quarter of that comes close by and large WW Plummer finds. Can't rush to buy you're in charge of turning into low physical 305800. Burma and so will graduate golf Jennifer joining us there. A lot of people enjoyed does it refer. They US open ended. For the World Cup start tomorrow we got some NBA stuff that we're gonna get to a very Jackson coming appear in the 5 o'clock hour. And also we got some NFL related items as the dolphins continue to. Oh work out in Germany jammed a wrap things up here in the next they're so on the mobile off before. The real training camp mr. Perkins bucks. Does mean we don't have some some new news as it relates to one would Jarvis Landry who continues to. Makes some comments and we have a a new initiative on the show whether it's our shot or statements. You went surge Armisen made some some interest in comments. About about Ryan Tammy hill yet again it seems like and I understand when you go to a new team they're gonna ask you about. Where you were as opposed to where you are now. And you wanna you wanna shine a lot of freeze on where you are now being but it seems like he's he's also throwing some shade where he was which was down here with the dolphins. Yet he. Had to interview on not NFL network that ear today. And he was asked about. I went why he would. Why he had not heard from ten he'll since his departures since his trade to Cleveland. And Jarvis is response was quote I'm not surprised. We didn't really have a good relationship anyway so I'm not surprised. Saying that you know he's not surprised that he hasn't heard from Ryan and and look at the fact that they didn't have a good relationship. I'm surprised. Like there they're not the same type a guy like why would anybody anybody who knows Jarvis and Ryan in a deal. Like why would you think these two guys would. Like beef ravens they were co workers. But there you see Jarvis is attitude out there and and he's a new school limb blowing in flashy guy. Ryan's inning he'll bury old school you know keep your mouth shut keep you here down do your job. They're like almost a 180 degrees different so the fact that they didn't have a good relationship are. But perk they're not the first guys that come from from opposite ends of the spectrum culturally or financially or will be no different different. While parts of the country or even from another country. And the first guy you know first why guys show up from from Texas and kinda you know I go home every night when my girlfriend and married my high school sweetheart. And then you know another guy that comes from another area who likes throughout the club every now I into a more flamboyant whatever it is not the first. Teammates to intersect that had different interest off the field or a different personalities in my question is is is this it just seems like. With Ryan. It just the guys that are around adored good good players. Arms managing my hound C. The other other guys you have more chronicle you have many guys over the years that have left. It seems like nobody's impressed with Ron maintain hill. And everyone goes but nobody was more of the company guided my pouncing. And reds in Eagles back in it seems like when guys like you you know I'm. And it's not I'm just this is my question on all of us here and your colleague in the sense that they've I wrote a great. A great article about the other day a site may be you know Ryan's got to win at like look at the Mir and say OK I got to do more here. But I'm just wondering whenever we get to the end of this writing detain illegal experiments in I'm just wondering if it's going to be a complete dud or not. Because you look at isn't completes. Complete tenure here in South Florida. He's never they never brought in any competition form and this and this is not go to a singular Koji tough for the children multiple code red. There's been multiple off front office people in charge but it seems that they never bothers me the competition he got the job from day one. While the other guys think that he's been baby he's been coddled all of these things I'm just wondering when they say. When the right into any old thing is over we go back on lingo. Yeah we kind of got fooled that we saw this that was going to be it was going to be pretty good and he was discovered fraud. Our Brian is not fraud these are for fraud now let's not what is he has not it is. That's easy he's a slightly above average quarterback apparently he's a good NFL quarterback is he Pro Bowl quarterback note the all time quarterback no. He's a good NFL quarterback and I like it you'd know that some years ago. You're fooling yourself. Right I mean it's it it's likely if you're you're looking at Ryan slayer and Brady you know we a lot of Aaron Rodgers and give. You were fooling yourself so. You know Ryan is what he is I'm hoping that might Pelosi took a shot at them at. All in in any way shape form or fashion when he slid words to the bank of I had done now the penalty is going with Philip Rivers with the chargers and and I believe that his goal was something along the lines of I I have an elite quarterback now and I'm always dreamed of playing with the lead quarterback. Back or or or or shot means soda shocker statement. No that's that's a statement that statement is probably a hall of fame guy. Only that that is ace that they stay in many you know I am one to play with an elite guy. We know Ryan Tenet deals not leak guy. No he's not elite guy and everybody in the an uphill. So my my pounds he is making a statement he's he's not ripping Ryan Tenet feel do you run tales finished product. Pretty much yeah. Pretty much OK I think I'm the co chairs say that out of gates would not say that. We'll know by his job depends on being able to make Ryan better looks of it. Everyone keeps saying that's. And I'm wondering is that they are we gonna get to a point where he's just not gonna get any better and then we're gonna be nine years of trying to any help and it is gonna look around and say what the hell happened to those nine years like I run gonna go. Wait a minute man we got really nothing out of that. And I'm just saying is there are. There's some sort of light at the end of the tunnel and maybe all these guys are right same. And at some point Ryan's got to look in the mirror and Ryan might have to say you know what it's over it's on me it does it just seems like. It's it's never his fault about everything even though he gets criticized by the fans. It just seems like we're gonna walls always love and a lot of marble live out of that he would have any weapons yet at all but the line here that this. And the ill after a few guys get one guy okay jars and resist Ronald. Fine he's he's a he's a bad seed whatever you want caught my downs is this a you get 4567. Guys that say you know what he's not a leader he's not this he's not that after a whopper you kind of look around and go. May we were missed at some the hero Brian. Well I think of the fans hopeful fans are are being there they're they're pulling themselves. If your management board the dolphins you look at it like here we spent a number eight pick on Ryan. And you'll hang on if you talk about replacing him. Com what you're talking about a spending a high draft pick. To replace them right which which could've been Dion Jordan right in but that was so soon after graduating in a real. But this year your number eleven like cortisol that that's the other like you you drafted. Dovonte what 1517. You're drafted JaJuan like when he won two like who. More of these quarterbacks. Sitting cinemanow a minute wait a minute I'm just I'm speaking again there's there's difference employed again if you're you're the band. You're you're very hopeful and optimistic that Tenet hill has something special if you're the runoff is your life. Yeah we doubted you know we've we've got to make something out of this guy we got so many other holes it's kinda like not drafting a quarterback number one this year. That book what is the year that you go to war to. Spend a high pick on a quarterback and then sit. When you're not a guy that's what I'm saying there's differences so you're management you look at it like that and if you're Adams days right now you're you're. A point of view is. Might assist dumb can make this guy better. So there's three different perspectives to me on an infielder and there's a run office and their coach but to me through it all cash. Timmy hill is the same as he's always been slightly above them. On the I think all those scenarios that you played out as some might job by the wind your quarterback for the Miami Dolphins that's their job yeah I just for the tournament the first round seven years ago doesn't mean they have to they have to go on with him for next ten years but there's been a million quarterbacks that have been replaced. And a bunch of other guys. My biggest my question to you and to the fans are all of this stuff. That you hear about Ryan is are we gonna get to a point whether it's at the end of this year next year three years from now or we're gonna go. Well him may be all those guys were kinder right that he's he was a leader he was in this he wasn't that. Does it wears this thing going where you you want ten years all of all he's just above average quarterback or is there are a peaked somewhere. Is there light at the end of the tunnel is there's something words you can't get better because. He's approaching thirty coming off a major injury on this one I just wanted to know if there is. If there is going to be an up swing here. That's all orchids go to conduit to come to a point where you look back on angled out the waste time with him those big waste of time what do we got nowhere with him. As our guy as a franchise quarterback somebody has to well look at that and figure out who does he have. He might only have one great season in them but that's that might get you to the Super Bowl might get you to the conference championship. I don't Philadelphia is that until home asking. No I look I I've told you my opinion on tyranny here dole. And to me my opinion on him to heal again. Is that. You can get to a Super Bowl with Ryan but he's not going to lead you there. And so my opinion is unique to put a deepens our running game around him like Billy. And that's what's going to get you there are now if you wanna go the other way which shall opened it and Adam gates does. And you wanna say Ryan will lead us there. Yeah you are gonna get to the end of this lingo that would only be done that this guy didn't have a helping solar Reno that yeah so let's don't give you give the guy help you are going to get to the end of it. And and say this guy it was a big dud but if you think he's going to leave you there are no criminal and you're setting yourself up does. And I'm not trying to bash the guy who have been a supporter of his W understood where I'm saying where everyone you know and I. Dismiss it as one of his money that's like sour at all my. I don't see Oscar have you been caught and that's why he's angry called Greg Jennings ripped the ball well Rick joining that has been when he got everyone at some point. Got to look at and say. Rural maybe maybe we're missing something here may be right in need to take some accountability on some stuff and he needs to fix trying attaining York rather than everybody else trying. Well here's here's what here I come down I don't I don't even think it's a matter of Batman and again. I just think you're if you're looking at Ryan and and saying that Ryan needs to look into were. Wrong. Ryan isn't gonna get much better let you see this duper for you and then that's what that's but that's my opinion that I don't admit. Like guys you know if if Bryant if it. Right until a deal if he goes out there and hands you know when he by touchdowns and twelve interceptions. I'm not going to be disappointed. I will be disappointed is the guy who thinks will Ryan should have 35 touchdowns and eight interceptions so. But the other thing to perk is just you know all these guys and it if you wanna go get a court front you want to just rolled into julep just throw that you'll bring in a competition over the years than any of that other stuff. If you have an inkling that even if you're a 1% about a day sitting on Brian a Yankee yeah his best days are behind him. And and you'll get your overall view Brigham Brock gosh Weiler for project that's what you've got I mean not even you know Qaeda and that more. Mean. That's all that's all I'm saying where all these all these guys that are going up the door. Are saying stuff that you kind of piece it together all our all these guys wrong or all these guys sour. Or we Richmond fed the company line for so long that we just we just started well. I'll also say this I mean the guy's gonna open door like. The guys were taken shots at Ryan I think you've just been it's just been Jarvis if you wanna say he took a shot but. I opening penalty took a shot from Mike Wallace didn't take a shot around Charles clay Dion Sims Maurer. Lamar Miller Lite at. They certainly know this thing in my glowing glowing endorsement he but yeah I mean I think. I mean he to me most people know way in a deal leers and you know the ones who are gonna be let down I think are the ones who think there's Tenet Gil has some Aaron Rodgers and. I we're gonna get to 5 o'clock hour get the headlines big day here in South Florida we'll discuss that on the other side also very Jackson's gonna join us here in the around five Tony right you're awesome and I do take. About a 5 o'clock hour. Courtesy of our member of the here on the ticket Eric Jackson Miami Herald and of course you've been here quite frequently. There on seven that he's gonna join us here in about twenty. Three minutes herself. Listen are bought whites over and break everything down from this weekend in boxing and MMA on fighters fury live at 10 AM on Sunday morning. Right here on name's Tim and Nina from 1043. Tasty too. Tickets. Shock coffins gonna join us in the 6 o'clock hour big day for. South Florida in the United States and big soccer news as the the World Cup will be come on back here to North America. Part of via a three country a bid. And the World Cup starts tomorrow by the way in India over enough and Russia Russia will play Saudi rape but it kicked the the term in office so we got a lot of things going on with would Michelle she's gonna join us in the in the 6 o'clock our joint text to show we got a lot of text here. 6797467974. Port continue on let's let's get to. The other Jarvis lenders offices are courtesy of the NFL network he was a chat with Andrews is silly now. And this is won't hurt and I were just we're just. Gavin about. This group quarterbacks with Tyrod baker mayfield with Drew Stanton is the best group of quarterbacks. They you've worked with also suggested that what Tyrod has done which were which you guys in the side build camaraderie. Is not something that happened in Miami necessarily. Right is that fair yes OK have you heard from Ryan technical not her influence and are you surprised that. No on the surprise. We didn't really have you know good relationship anyways so. I'm not surprised all right so you don't mind looking in the rear view mirror and saying those things about your Ural seen. I mean I was a child in the back and review mirror you know files focus on the here and you know every ticket in here and you know I was trying to take a shot them understand how hard every guy in this an effort in the NFL works you know a specific position especially the quarterback position. But at the same time to. You know. I mean I give credit where credit is due. So that's that's what we're talking about shot her statement. You know hearing and learning they're per yet here hearing he is hearing that at the Indo com. He say I I would say it's is more of a shot when he says I give credit where credit is due. Well that's where it makes me think it's a shot at leading leading up today I didn't take it as a shot a really didn't. Plus I mean you mentioned how to get pouncing OC rivers got okay right Tyrod Taylor and a rookie quarterback who's done nothing. So that's what he's joining up there and he's raving about the that is genuine if you want to praise the new guy I get all that. But it still Tyrod Taylor. And who's probably about the same as trying to you know my opinion not run and tyra. OK on time I would disagree a little I would say they're bouncing. Yeah yeah I yeah I had not think I think Ryan has betterment Tyrod and really the players are you know you want to nitpick I'd say he's a sixteen does Greg whatever that you don't talk. I would say that the base tomatoes and yeah I say guy that's all I mean yes and that's going to the NFL a lot of the stuff. Tyrod to get to know player of lesser nevertheless let's just right it's not exactly he's going and I mean he's not play Brady correct yeah I mean India and by the way. Brady is the nobody's pre. Don't like Rogers. So you'll say well you know he's not a course on this like saying you know. Dion Waiters is not LeBron right you know these guys would we know that so. You know what Tyrod Taylor to result in special dislike to you know Ryan is discounted those special made him confined himself a little bit more I just I'm this. I'm not trying to trash the diaper I'm just under is wondering where all of this is going. And either your part of the problem your part of the solution or your just part of the landscape. And you can't just. Ryan isn't part of lens like I like I don't even see I. I don't even see how there's a big question about what they hamper Ryan it's like. Would sit Stoops replied yeah it is like. Like I again I can understand Iranians saying it because you're hopeful Yuri Dalton's band no doubt. I can understand the front office being hopeful I can understand Adam day he's being hope rank but to me. If you look at it does do and thinking. He he's got you know 38 touchdowns and seven interceptions and lump. You're crazy poker you're absolutely. Crazy and you're the guy who will be disappointed at the end of this. But I think if you worry book ball in in Denver or Chicago. Or attempt and you look at Ryan's hand heal. You don't have it display this thing is gonna end right where it is now eight may 79 maybe another ten and six but that's where it's going to. I wish I saw. Things as as clear as you do perk because Anne and I and I would tend to agree with you I would agree I mean that you is what you figure else. OK you have figured and again I'm not idle ping eye and I don't think poorly of Ryan's hand heal I honestly don't. I think he's a slightly above average quarterback. And and if you think that's a rear porch shot. Then I guess that's how you take it. I'm not written I'm drunk I'm giving you an honest opinion of the gods if I'm placing bets right now and we're looking at when his career with the dolphins is over. And you're looking at. What is it going to be what you just said I think the next five years are gonna look kinda like previous idea right yet stick disputes and I think that's her disappointment or. But if I had to put money on where I thought his group B I'd put it what you just said. There's certainly agree with I agree with you now pick. Read our jobs are on the line. Our livelihood is on 100 visuals are on the line and almost noted that right so they obviously do not agree with your assessment. It is bigger than that did then I don't know why they have those jobs because. You would think. No there's more there know there's a great season him know he's just he hasn't he yet. Are going by your other theory which is also a good one. If you got a bunch of help around him you be allowed better which you always say yeah. I'm I'm just is asking when we get to a point where it's all said and done it we just going to be. Just look around and showing on. Oh boy that was a big waste of time and it actually has because when you don't go to the playoffs when you don't have winning seasons. When you don't do what he thing. I don't care there's no difference to me meet other than having a few happy Sundays when you know for inside. They're 179. And four and twelve. Like you're you're in the same boat as everybody when I looked right I agree so you guys are years no playoffs and all that other stuff ten year one playoff. And to me it's like well that was condom I was kind of a big. Allowed Al has led now that this is time now where you're out here yeah I I would all use the term waste of time I would use the term let down. But budget about being with to mean the thing with the management and coaches. It is the coax whether it's Joseph Philbin or Dan Campbell or Adam days. Turns to management and he says here. You know I I think I can I can work with this guy hell that's a lot of guys got the job right he's the quarterback guru he's the quarterback whisper he's got the system. And so it's like you know put. There in my hands in a deal in my hands I will mold this guy and I will turn him into a champion. But I I don't think that anybody any of the coaches are deluding themselves into what Tenet feel he is. There they're tricking themselves into what they can make them because of their knowledge in their system and they're. Because I didn't I'm Joseph Philbin I'd worked with Aaron Rodgers I'm. Adam gay side I work with Peyton Manning I can do it. They tailed it to management management goals that's what we need a guy who can make him a mile winner. And it's like who die are not sure anybody out there. And not make ten mile winner make Tim hill aide you know Aaron Rodgers. And and I am I just look at the situation I know nobody can make him until Aaron Rodgers yeah defense and running game for that no but I am assuming that I don't I'm not I don't mean that literally I mean you know eight. Eight a guy who can lead you to bear tailor hill cannot. Again this is my thought Tammy hill cannot lead you'd be here he can be part of it. Like like nick polls right he didn't lead Philadelphia beer he will be part of it. That's what to me that's in a heel is and. Like I said. The other part of the problem your part of the solution we're just part of the landscape and addict as a quarterback. When you're going on the eight years nine years willing to have a guy like that for three or four years when your role on 89 years. The next couple years with him. And. It's just like you're gonna have you can't have a guy at that position. And you know we get above deck so capture make you still don't know what taking shots tale to bomb asymmetric digital film one of the guy replace you wanna go drive their car. Like yield to Joseph Philbin Joseph Philbin saw that he wasn't the guy understand you're going about you coaching staff who have gone through players we've gotten off its corners all lines. And guys up the door don't exactly give him a glowing recommendation. And I all the questions I NASA started the conversation was this work. Was what we get to the end of this deal. Is it just going to be O might wow we were kinda I thought there was going to be more their I thought Obama talk consumer boring today on him talk about. It's like to me it's to me what you know ten years when the same got a quarterback. In and it's just gonna be use the same stuff we saw the first three or four years like you said. Spot next finally the to me beg that is just a colossal waste of time and some that. That's just that's just a complete. On depressing idea when all these guys are are saying. That they he's not a guy that the guys at the guy and then the teams easily he is and then what is going to be the end what is going to be on his tombstone at the end of moments. Well see first of all I I take I object to people blaming this on ten as you know in. Because it's not Tim hills ball it's it's management's ball like. This. It's as though it's as though from ten A deal is supposed to be a great quarterback. And he's letting you down. And to meet that that's that's flawed thinking. This guy was never supposed to be a great quarterback he was supposed to be a good quarterback. Andrew Luck was both to be the great quarterback from that class followed by RG three and and everybody else just kind of of one place. And so. You know. To me it's a bit so I don't have anything bad to say about Ryan tenant you know every player. Because he's doing the best he can handle having a good score. Yeah I mean think of the quality Europe L starter I think that's a good thing to say I mean but again he's he's not a pro bowler and he's not a hall of Famer everybody can't beat that. And and what I'm saying is. If you're talking about what goes on his tomb stone. You make quality NFL player. And his front office bales and that's Ian Wright coming. I can I add salt and feel of almost everything here OK because he is what he is an AP thought if you thought he was more shame on you which same Ontario. It's like event if a guy has never run a port 340 he's only run more fines. And you expect him to run a war three and get a gold medal show on. I was projection of of this who's the most talked about about. Jarvis Landry and and some of the guys who or no longer here in South Florida in that horrible person get to 5 o'clock deadline. Please it's WT XY AM south Miami Heat. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. The big news across North America the World Cup is coming here in its money 26. The United States Canada and Mexico won their beer to host the world's biggest sporting event. Most of those games will be hailed here in the United States Miami is one of the US cities bidding to host gains. And if that's the case that teens could train at the Miami Dolphins training facility. Now from the Miami Dolphins standpoint they are weighing their options between upgrading their current facility at nova southeastern university in Davie. The war moving to an entirely new facility the dolphins say that's eight years out they haven't made a decision on that yet. But if you've kind of been following the dolphins you know that they have been looking for a new facilities so. Stay tuned on that one Miami Marlins host the San Francisco Giants tonight at 710 in the third game of their four game set. Your Marlins have taken the personal from those giants Marlins though seventeen games under 514 games behind Atlanta in the NL least twelve and have bad. For the wildcard but those numbers they want to zero. They've won two in a row here's another number though you know you know we keep up this is our big number tomorrow does that on this that's why it's important that you have the bad but I am I'm just an observer alone for you. All our all our peanuts EMS Wright are an outsider winning bets that's right yet you as look like you do. Midcap have a bad of as to whether the Marlins will draw 101000 or more on this on this series going down. Yes major rule more than 6000 yesterday two days ago last night they ripped by 2928. It was their sixth time. At fewer than 6000 Marlins still last them in a bill in attendance 101411. Bird. And and we or some peanuts and right now we get to answer to peanuts on that island you them slim build draw over ten grand over to England and these games and then Thursday is get away base those not looking good for me not available twelve Tim burst into no we come back tomorrow blob blob all the information on the other we will we'll visits the businessman's special tomorrow doubt. And I don't know we'll have the exact attendance will be a look and see. Actually can you tail between six elements and bells and a 35000 seat and you you better might have to wait. To throw the box were to come out argue better hope and assurance who's the starting printer for the giants from the University of Miami Columbus he's bring an eight no matter all that he brings he bring an eight bells and and and Ireland's South Miami is running tests that are Israel hatred and the Marlins themselves will attract 2000 right he would call have you know one everybody down there that's a billion tired that's really classical numbers. Ice that's right exactly exactly wrestled a reliant on. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry has made another comment about quarterback Ryan tenant bill. Landry and an interview that aired on NFL network city hasn't heard from Tim hill since his trade to Cleveland. The wind when asked why he would not as if he was surprised about that. Jarvis is oh I'm not surprised we didn't really have a good relationship anyway so I'm not surprised. You know Landry is as. Landry continued by saying that dumb. He wasn't trying to take a shot at Ryan he understands how hard every guy in the NF bill works especially at that a quarter at the quarterback position. Then he finished up by saying quote Burnett the same time to. I give credit where credit is due so. Make of that what you will but it sounds like from that it Jarvis was taking a shot OK I wanna know how blessed art beat Chris Perkins. Notary. Validation that's a shot. Yeah when he says when it because you heard his voice simplex and they're like just from the quote I didn't think so but when you hear how he said it. Yet bin now I take it cool I think that he's taking a shot two changes from the NCAA division one council today. Transfers. May now leave their school without asking them for permission. And football players division one ball players will be able to participate in war games a season. Without losing. And a year competitions and playing board games and still get a richer. Those are your hip. Nobody has more information on all things South Florida sports Miami Herald very Jackson. And of course you hear quite freely here on 790 joins the show next here on seven I didn't take. Pride to achieve their but he allowed to have an opinion that baker mayfield and Tyrod Taylor are better quarterbacks. Didn't rise I don't know the point in saying that these black that Indian. But where I disagree which in this is contention last week. That cameo bit and organized activities pro and the receivers informal work outs before. The offseason program against but simply untrue. Bearish receivers is that this year and last year that can heal routinely organize these swelling sessions which are very common. Prosper you know established NFL quarterbacks that are held off site in February and march. So I had no idea where that came from. And it's or to comment today that he didn't have a good relationship with Brian. I know some might re really into that and say well should this be concerned should we be worried that our quarterback. Cannot porch pods and its dealings with his skill position players I don't think we should conclude that at all. Because in part country noticed this is what was saw Stephen that there's no point and crazy at Canada when we vast about it which is predictor. All but there's a lot of unsolicited. Praise of Brian by players as well I thought it was pretty telling when TJ McDonald a defensive player who you would not sink in Iraq slot apply volunteer to a unsolicited. There Ryan's leadership. Was especially this last season now we didn't go into that asking TJ McDonald what do you think about Ryan as a leader because he doesn't play on outside the ball and that was something that he volunteered. So I think Bryant getting a bad rap. Clearly he's improved as a leader I know there's at least one offensive player of the east texted routinely that solves these and just to make sure he's he's on his game. So I I don't know where increased objective in doing this but I don't think that should cause any great concern about him until as a leader among fans I think our only question about Ryan. Should be what it's always stand which is as this guy merely decent NFL starting quarterback Rudy so they're more than. You have Barry I agree with UN Ned Yost upon Anthony also talked about. I think he was asked in an open Indy questioned the difference between this team last year and this year. NEC and number seventeen he's he's back out there are good which is Brian and I feel so good point yeah yeah yeah players are you know bringing up Ryan ten mile maybe that's just. You do that because he's the quarterback but there are a lot of other. Directions that you could go with that answer rather than you know bawling back on the quarterback got. I think a lot a lot of that is genuine but buried let's let's go through today and and and World Cup news. We talked to. We we talked to a couple of people and and and you know be attacks we communicate with some of our some of our listeners. How big a deal do you think this is to the city of Miami and and himself Florida we're glad I think it's bigger than Super Bowl news but. How excited should people get about eight Adobe have been eight years away but how excited should people be about this news. I think at your soccer fan you should clearly be excited if not I'm not sure you wanna get terribly worked up about it I would rank it ahead of the Super Bowl. Producer reason that I Super Bowl place standalone event that once he gets every year while World Cup there you know as we heard today perk they're gonna be twelve cities like that seventeen candidates. In North America so Miami will be you know what I have just stayed doesn't cities that states we are selected and there's no guarantee that it would be you know very surprising us. So far has not selected. But I don't think it would be at this stage you've been benched. Of the Super Bowl simply because there'd be a lot of other cities hosting games and because that's slower likely would not as a trip to. As far as the dolphins and their facility that. Supposedly the head of the team that come sooner or teams that come here. Good use the dolphins. Wasilla tee as their base. We we know Tom Garfinkel spoke today any say at the Baird. You know we did it could be that they put money into their current facility or it could be that they get a brand new facility we know talk has been out there about the dolphins possibly getting a new facility. Has that story up progressed as does this does this stay be it today. Do you think that takes a closer to the side of new closer to the side of renovation. Of of the current facility or do we know. I don't think it increases the urgency around the nation because the dolphins already concluded that they need a bigger nicer facility now they've been very clear that it's quite possible they just could expand its. You know their facility here at nova southeastern. I taught the nova southeastern president about this a couple of weeks ago he said there is no land to be able to expand. He thinks it's something could be done here the dolphins are yet convinced that. So they're looking at a handful of cities a couple of days. There's nothing unidentified. Couple in Broward which we know that you're Mars one of them because you're marching mayors and public about it. So I I would lose Mort scored thinking they're going to move but that's just an instinct that's not any reporting on my part but I think. I ain't I cute saying that the dolphins are not convinced yet that series definitely enough space here to do everything they wanted to ultimately that might be their decision to stay if no other city steps forward with something that's financially. Feasible for them. But what was when I ask a question got to know what needs to be improved and they're actually the answer I got was. Everything and I know Garfinkel gave one example today up players walk to article into the shower. But basically every aspect of the facility. They believe he's upgrading and I noticed that the mean a lot for Spain and other than the fifteen or so practices that they can the country. Yeah I mean there in it Morgan do the bubble to bubble become. The greatest plays for birthdays and by amid frozen in south yeah right sort rented out and everything. Odds Trotter group some of that adult Eric Jackson with a aren't very. Let let's let's look at some matters that are a little bit more pressing from a time standpoint. And that is what the heck the Miami Heat are gonna do here in the next month or so. Everyone's freaking out about that I used vogue with Josh Richardson he had some very image thing comments here. We everyone knows there was went on the bronzes is in here. How how how do you think it's all gonna play out as far as do you think Miami is going to be at the forefront of this. At least trying to make some moves out of the gate here. Yeah I think they'll be very active with any all star caliber player whose name becomes available audience I would be surprised if they get Paul George sweepstakes. At Spartan sign and trade goes and remember my and he doesn't have a cap space to sign any of these players outright to seventeen billion over the cap. But I think pretty much any overall star player. Who becomes available will be sued no that he you know they DeMar DeRozan has been benched and several times someone that rightly I like social raptors to such treatment DeRozan our Lowery. You can expect the they like to markets content Belichick can't move Whiteside than the sign and trade Kirk cousins would seem an unlikely and I don't see the pelicans having an interest in taking on Whiteside 21000027. Million the next two years if they're gonna pay that much in my locker confidence. Was clearly the better. Bill I think. You know Miami looked in these discussions but the problem again this is limited access they simply cannot put together packaged that would be is appealing. As what Boston potentially could be. Now about being shell I wouldn't completely sold short what that he could offer because they do think there would be some appeal Miami offers three among. Some combination about a bio. Richardson and Winslow or when nick maybe Goran Dragic so I think that would lead to a quality player but I don't know that it would be able to beat out coached. It offered that Boston could make for quite lender for example of course we're not even sure the spurs are gonna try to undergo that I'm sure you both you guys Sobieski and story today saying that Popovich. And Leonard who will meet at some point. And then the decision will be made whether the spurs should trade. How many times of human ass on the streets of LeBron coming back to Miami in what's your answer. 512 point three and my answer is highly unlikely. I think it's just so improbable because you clearly can't do with cats they. I mean even at how right we were told. And we know Andy Ellsberg the cap magician but they were told you that 24 hours to clear 55 to sixty million in states to be able it get LeBron for Max contract. I'm ready to ensure that back it would be achievable and some people look at states would probably pick Goran Dragic per second round pick but beyond that. I you know there's remember much what constitutionally this year because there's a very small increase in the cap. Two run under two million this year. And since he would not be in position to take on the sound like cider drink doctor Tyler Johnson as they stay virtue Miami so that they could get what brought. So it just seems so impossible to me and it's. And even if they were were willing to do a sign and trade. What would be left here would be so bereft of talent that LeBron could not possibly compete for championships. With a roster that would have had to give up pieces to Cleveland. She who you know to make it works I I think will be you know conversation with Riley LeBron probably respectful one that I'd be surprised if we irks. More on that again as far as you know any deep connection. Well all the news breaks very win earlier damage thank you as always for joining us here and and of course sell seen here in the studio here in no time thank you very period. That's good thanks to Jackson covers it all sports for the Miami Herald. And you valmont sort of some must fall that is they must follow a Philly sports it was right there so yeah I mean though the LeBron stuff. Yet again it's this is just too many hurdles is used to many hurdles thing for him to get back here and though it's still out there in that it's still kind of you know we were kind of wondering what he's gonna do but only to back him and ask you about that a little bit further and know the we were you we try to put a new spin on the run thing mother when I try to do that I. I'm all aboard today another hit. I think Brazil are right by the story has not progressed him like three days right oh yeah. Got let go of GD says Gary Payton today I guess he's going to meet with Cleveland club that's true better than that you are but that's not your yes look at that next your asinine and take. Hillary. That's why isn't telling you to download the radio that guy. For months now that's where part stream will be. And everything else you don't expect him to get after Goodell on the radio that comment now on film is your favorite figures show. Radio dot com and you'll momentum and any and every one of four point three games into the figgins. Both Texas authorities said that the ticket app is RB for trouble spots so. What radio that come download right now get it done you'll have it for till the end of time. Perpetuity so yes man it's distance that's where we're going to be and just get that done it's it is so assembly and I did it and no no hassles there are so. Handle that and you got no worries if you're a listen to as as a Romberg and amber in the morning her. Dan has to got to the crew. In the mid days and then you roll right into Tobin LeRoy and beast. And enough perk and myself allows and we got a little we got our little three hours here in the afternoon wolf three hours of radio real estate here on 79 him enough Frito and everyone else that and I need him on the weekends and he gains in the audience and we're load. Obvious any context shelf overdue Sosa tonight some fourth thanks to bird Jackson for joining us Michelle coffins gonna join a sin. And about. Loaned you say perk about 35 minutes of darkness and the 6 o'clock hour when I get to Michelle because. She must abduct young I was I was surprised that barely see that he would not. Count the World Cup. Up there with these Super Bowl and his rationale part of it blows. Super Bowl one time deal World Cup is a different venues we absolutely legged look was huge for Miami and South Florida. Yeah but. I use is going to be huge go around America Motorola I agree without but it may go overboard one sit. You like the OK but if you only gonna get the T three matches Syria a group match. And other quarterfinal match that's this. Big deal. I it's not like having the one you love the championship game like if you say mine is at the championship World Cup match then maybe it's a but there were but it is spread out throughout the country selling a thousand gonna get a match well and CEO of Cisco oh. And LA and new York and New Jersey and and I mean is we all know you'll Canada and Mexico or in this deal. But there's going to be everyone's gonna want a piece of of the action here so to speak. And you know blame Orlando Atlanta all those in all the cities the soccer's kind of jumped up Seattle. Which has been which has been big so you know Chicago's Soldier Field meal that's a that's a logical. Bots that there is the reason I think that it's it's gonna be bigger then a Super Bowl is because. Not everybody in South Florida it. Reaches out and touches the Super Bowl and I think more people will reach out and touch the World Cup from the standpoint of that's my nation or I'm born to this bar with all the other Germans are rumble and this bar with all the other Argentinean. And Brazilian like. The bar scene and the parties are just they say from what I remember and and and not Dallas it is. It was bigger it it really was amiss is Dallas Cowboys aren't you know of our during the Michael Lind and and image and Troy. Days I'm not I'm not saying it's a wrong especially eight years and now I doubled as a president very said that by. My point is is scattered like OK let's say let's just say Europe Colombian fan man. They might not play a Miami. Right Blu-ray might play in Charlotte. Coroner Brett U gonna find a way to get there to watch them play there that's I don't know I don't know I know I don't think you know you go to a bar here and and you watch your own little bugs that with a but if you can't if you have the means you get your car you know an airplane you wanna go to that game you're of that match point but yeah like that. That's where it gets a little bit scattered gets all spread out where if your fame and such is going to be South Florida it's like yeah well we're gonna have some matches here blood. Perk if you're a die hard Brazilian fans and they have one match here but then they're playing in in Dallas or of the plane in Houston or they're claiming kids city. You're as a going to be in Kansas in the year 2000 used to want to blame there too that's of saying I am. Well I don't know I mean a lot of that because of them yes and you get a hotel room and you can get to a sitter for the key is hopefully you're in luck. But I went on and is like. You don't you're Denver Broncos ran and the Broncos are in the Super Bowl. You can enjoy it here in Miami one spot but if if fury if you're a Columbia banned and Colombia is in the World Cup in their play and in DC and you'll probably go to a bar with a lot of other Colombians are a dual touch you will touch the World Cup. More intimately than that Broncos brothels and might sit and sit at home. And and watch the Super Bowl the Columbia Mahan is going to go out to a bar with other Colombians and to meet to me that's YE. I I think an end and then even if your team isn't playing there's other matches to watch on TV. But you can go gather at these different spots that that's why I I think the partying and and the gathering is is bigger war World Cup and super blessed as. That's what I remember from Dallas. I'm talking ninety or 94 at such a long time ago the idea for me I was you know go to the zoo fifteen site is this kind of but I don't you know it was a big deal by it wasn't like super boring think they're both huge events and then again. You get into 2000 and you know giddy years from now. Who knows what everything's O looked out the the you know the Lansky was soccer might be a little bit you know I'm sure it's going to be Groban who wrote my Orlando don't get me started on that done and. You know I'm not a believer in that. Because that was what we heard in Dallas and in ninety Morrone how soccer is it. CR I I believe that I believe in the World Cup and it's a huge event and a huge party I'm looking forward to it. But I stop I get all the bandwagon when its stars back conversation. Now soccer is done not only in America and people are. No it's not it's always said the admits going to come and it's going to be. Ending right and then soccer's gonna go back to its normal level. Well I mean we may be United States seem to be better you know I I is does I think there have been many years that's all that's on 'cause and that can. That can change a very old but there's no doubt it's going to be. A monster event. Yeah I haven't I'm really don't work I really am I you know I'm I'm gonna. I'm not a Tea Party balloons were like eight years and Kramer do that per the millennial part of millennial party brought balloons to Jerry's place and shares folding chairs and that's what I'm gonna do got to start reading outs among those are. That's the test its. As you can tell you what that's like the new millenium you have a new millenium stadium would have yeah. We we we are not some barns there we special coffins yeah join us in the exhaust our X what we need to get a put a down payment on. Now wants out. That's right that's ready to play tennis you got to make sure the spot will still be there and opened originally gamble that's that's where we need some scouting we do we've got to be Smart about is tired speaking of scouting LeBron a scouting locations where he's going to play next. I wanna hit you with with this thing I just I. I'm sure it's been said but I disease we try to find new ways to bring to talk about LeBron James and his future. And I gotta I got a little bit of a public knew what I think is just as far as. How this thing is all going to play out and how it it could possibly play out on where he'll be playing basketball Nazi's we'll get to that coming up also would get to headlines and who pressed play on the 6 o'clock hour plus we're good Samir text messages 67974. 67974. Jarvis Elaine injury had some very answer comes about rains Hannah hill. Now you're gonna example is this your leg. Mad a big deal and then you're lying. Might be a little moon bigger deal than I thought oh no not about him and we're gonna talk about that as well. And Michelle Koppen will talk big soccer style woke up sore tomorrow. The big it is in and the United States along the Mexico and Canada won it today for the Tony 26 you'll get update on David Beckham member him. He's closed up who just don't have a soccer club anytime now now. Liverpool in Abu that he might have a soccer team in place by the time the World Cup rolls around points one has Tuesday night that that's a bit yes. That is. Boom boom six pars that the Miami team up MLS or. You know the US pursues Columbia in the opening match or we're you know right. You wanna talk about a very slow growing sense yet very slow process for it's been that guy in him trying to. Get a stadium and get a soccer team goal and he thought he would just come down take your shirt off and ruins. We'll give everyone realized waterfront property or David Beckham. You're the sex is bad around here mister soccer we be whatever you want. It feels like that they cannot that I can work down here so all talked to Michelle come and appear on the in the 6 o'clock aren't all that and more next here a 792 ticket. Agree yeah. Yeah. Check out. And our boards all the regular things out for this weekend box again today on. Fighters fury live at 10 AM on Sunday morning right here on names have a nanny and FM 1043 HD two tickets courtesy of work. As were pump enough. To the 6 o'clock hour here Michelle Kaufman from The Herald or soccer. Amongst other things that's her are being forced to answer her deal there and she's got me fired up and assure soccer fans certainly are sure casual sports famine. And the special than the younger generation to use the World Cup here in a World Cup than mine is going to be a big part of in 2026. And three other World Cup starts tomorrow right yes match Russia Saudi Arabia and I don't get this thing cranked it up and Spain and Portugal big a group B match in on Friday low and perk and I will be World Cup central at all I jacked up about this I mean it's. The one thing I'm not saying I'd like soccer but it's not like you know a basketball for me your college hoops or NFL or college football baseball. But the one thing is and you mentioned often allowed the pageantry and everything Dubya just sucks in it's going to be we put on for the month to see other setting up. Plays out and out and follow it and plus. Another gloomy following is NBA free agency the draft is a week from tomorrow Lou and then and then we get right into it don't report out there that LeBron James goes. Went to inform Cleveland's. All of his plans now I don't know exactly how in depth they're going to be I do think. And this'll get me too well one talk to you about a little bit report and the audience. Is. You look at LeBron James the last two times he's made this decision rank in 2000 intend. There was 10 what would you say it was one of the watershed moments in in the history of sports TV right yet you know per hour on game yet the decision. Four years ago and you don't letter lose Sports Illustrated right. LeBron James. When he's doing something doesn't do anything. Doesn't really small rate more predictable yet so mean to my point here it seems very nice and Heidi and me. If Gary Payton says his son is out there on a basketball team and that the lakers have all this cap space. He's just gonna pick the LA lakers. That's that's what that's what that's all I'm saying is. LeBron. He's been more than anybody else. Controls the narrative controls the story. And idea I you've got to give him a lot of credit and as people talk credit. Nobody knew what the hell he was doing eight years ago yet. Terrible before he uttered those words to Jim Gray area that humans our zone nobody knew who what he was doing. Right at it for years ago. Nobody had any clue what he was there. So. I expect that to be the same thing again for maybe you pick Sele. But it just seems too nice in the where. Console that's going to be I just I just don't see them did not being drama filled in drama soaked. And it being at the end of all this us going oh my god he pick that team oh or he made that the actual weights. That's what that's all I'm saying I'd be a little bit disappointed perk. If it just gave it the dots connected that simply. And it was that easily in it was color by numbers so to speak where was all Magic Johnson oh they have cap space well called George is coming. Well any idiot can see it's going to be the lakers. I guess I'm hoping there's more. Than they hear and that's all. Well it. I think that there will be more there because we're dealing with LeBron and this is a guy who news. Image conscious. A guy who is publicity conscious. And a guy who I think is kind of bomb. He does enjoy being beat the showman rising out right so as an eagle he's a narcissism he's an ego maniac perk so there's there's no doubt about all that. In other kids her idea that eagle mania yes. What does he he's wonders where all time like he's got the resume am I gonna sit here and say he should not have an eagle yeah. Yes ego maniac I don't know but anyway. He's he likes he likes being in the news now yeah whether that's eagle mania part. Putting in our own business that are ego maniacs LeBron James or the right to be the main actor what's. Mean I don't read those aren't very ego maniacs get LeBron James. Yes he's that he thinks he's he's the man. The here's the me yeah yeah but he's already right don't you name it LeBron James is not going to do something that's going to be back story news now. Right right right sensible budget is not going to 'cause I I see a perk he's not going to make a decision where everybody's gonna go Alia yeah. Well I knew that we feel well yeah I think yeah it's going to be it's it's just not how it's gonna work per it is the it seemed laid out at all. How does that woods is Doug is simply as oh. His son's enrolled in school they are a month before and he's gonna be if he's gonna join Los Angeles Lakers. He's gonna give us a little bit more of a show and this thing is going to be. Down to the final day in final hour where. I'm a look at you and your look at me go. Arrow. Argument between these double teams. I think that it will be can't. A a good seat pretty closely guarded secret I I I do believe that. Arm him how he announces it though that's. That's what that's bug. That's what will interest me a collective eye can see him this time just. I simply is putting out a week. And it and it's that simple men Twitter girls raising you know I I can see that men. Not to say that that's not a but I Agassi at this time being a little lower key then the decision which slows. Nationally televised. War of the letter which was I guess you know nationally published internationally published it was. On mine on Sports Illustrated dot com one of the you know. Most known recognized. Sports names in in media site I concede but I. Yeah I would I would I would just disagree with the ego maniac I don't know why is that far but what I but he loves you loves being in the news there's no doubt about that zeroed out about that it's not. Yeah I'm I'm I'm insisted in the math it. That the announcement. It's made by or couldn't detect threats and clearly cap does know what eagle maniac actually means well I would say if you only get the actual meaning from Webster's dictionary it's a person who is obsessively the statistical or self centered. That that's LeBron James OK. And I think that's wrong to see I think that he has that right. I don't even CI TI I I take exception to that characterization. Where what did you say obsessively he. Like a good guy and I don't that person was obsessively egotistical or self centered. Yes Seattle I don't regard him as bank. I don't mean I don't mean it. He he loves being in the spotlight but I don't know if anyway that's the best semantics here are there but for the yes they're there well I knew I know it means but LeBron LeBron loves him some LeBron we know that. I I will not dispute that penalty not one while playing good but Dwyane Wade loves him some doing what I was doing where it was not it is doing an eagle mania. He's the umi I think LeBron is on is on another level where you have Mozilla and that's what that's all I'm objecting to a good. I you know I think yeah I think Dwyane loves him some to Wayne also fine let them. When you're not even like you're not even willing to show any respect towards a guy like Pat Riley. Like that's that's not ego mania activities and that's what is about as bad as it was a bad business practice but it's not that's not me looked at me look at me I'm. You talk to me I'm gonna watch the World Cup that's not eagle. And then as bad practices banned him. But it's not like how was that look at me look at me. Like I'm gonna watch the World Cup while you talk that's saying that's it's you can call it disrespectful or bad business but I. Like is it narcissistic or ego maniacal. Kirk you don't think the LeBron James knows that he runs the NBA and I'm saying that he does not rush it don't know right. But if you don't think. That he's humble about that he is I don't know I didn't say hope I don't listen he's got one humble bone in his body about. How he holds all these teams hostage to the very end he yelled as he does its yield Cleveland hostage. I mean that's that's that's all eagle that's all him controlling everything. These aren't like the village you know. You know what I'm going to do even a little bits and I. No chairman to ring on my calendar for the Mets say although that those guys don't have an eagle really LeBron James. Is no god not and eat all I did not I just object sued the ego maniac. Like I did I got LeBron loves him some LeBron okay loves him some too wearing wide array loves him some to rant. I wouldn't describe any of the three has. Back to why the Miami again why you the Miami he won in more power he wanted more more blow it more than as he wanted more that what what does all that perk. What does all that and that's and he's not entitled to that because yeah it's. But this is mornings a controlled situation but more and more and more I wanna make decisions on front office personnel I don't go on. On who we draft I want it I want to the decisions okay. But what's for a day like loans that power vessel right. Now that's what I do. But look if LeBron and LeBron is saying I can do that sold what like why is that eagle maniacal let all I object to a bit. Look and loves him some LeBron and I just that label is what I object to. That's all I think the labeled most of our system and ours is a series and that's element Eleanor I think I I think he's on the same level as Dwayne as far as it goes. Welker and Kevin Durant in a lot of other players there no I'm not saying they're not announcing it's wrong we're not like when you now you get to that level like I can geez. But it I think there's a difference like. I mean do you think Brady is an eagle mania. Not not to abroad global no. Munich I think Abreu was able many a gritty would say you know what I deserved the Heisman quarterback. Doesn't do us and that's not that's not see but yeah. What is the interests. Yeah yeah. He knows that it might take forty million dollars my defense is gonna look like it's gonna look like the X legion of boom right able LeBron this is an idea though that's the business. I think you're confusing like. I'd say the Pat Riley thing is not easy though it's a bad business. Like there's a difference to meet other there's a different level let's don't what are eagle related me I don't know. The current all that other way to minute he's not her mother and there's a difference between being ego maniac yes and having an eagle. Correct OK so if you want your money let's have a that's coming eagle or wanting to get. That's an ego maniac because I say pay me. 35 million a year that doesn't make Ewing. Eagle mania or nor does not it does not what you ask you why is LeBron is the US MER Brady Brady takes less. As a bronze medal and running the super super Max. Now. You were a does he need than the and the money could say. You know what one judgment and l.'s version of let's say yes to do all that but yes we are Brady the Brady shows a lot of sacrifice a lot of things like that. Where is LeBron I don't think LeBron knows that he can control everything and LeBron does control everything. And I'm not saying that it's a wrong on this saying the that is that's is the way it is. With him yet know if you're doing it if you're getting into the LeBron business were hanging you garbled no LeBron is running the show. It's okay. I mean come what I was and what I am saying is that it's like coming to the heat and and knowing Pat Riley rose's show that make pad an eagle may yet. He's the guy running it like it brought under the best player look at what that's that's me that's the chain of command that's that's the that's the ultimate white white kid LeBron doing that other players did do it. And maybe they could have maybe I missed their window of opportunity LeBron assigning a minute they did. And it did tonight it's only the term ego maniac okay like he's gotten ego and he loves him some LeBron. How would you how would you phrase at an eagle he's got as much an ego is like Kevin Durant. Erica that I looked at a mile. Please sir are arrogant about your ego and I don't think it's like out of control dangerous like. Marlins on wobbly too dangerous and it's an innocent not like. You go to Q can sell this coming days like bad blood bank that's how I mean danger. OK and I would mean like using your child I don't win I would I don't think it's like LeBron locked into you know anybody on Cleveland's that I want you got this guy like you would say oh okay. Like I Obama's seat but that's ego maniacal. What's you're walking in your boss's office and an earlier. The owner of the of the radio stations censoring you should hire this guy. OK good I used to work with them or don't -- or say I'm leaving or I can do your job better than you do your job like now like to me that's a little bit out of line. Even know Obama does Howard well I don't we're not. I don't and I don't see you on is Norah techsters because happier note how former album's nominated. And Abu Omar are you know don't like LeBron anyway sigh when the argument anyway. These studies WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. true Miramar. Why are you create a segment of know where we're going somewhere else were then we got a blog look a bit. Those there we go well look believe that. Big news here locally and nationally the World Cup coming to the United States and 20/20 six. The US Canada and Mexico one in their united beard. Now most of those matches are scheduled to be here in the United States Miami is one of the city's. Bill bidding to host gains. That's the case the team that comes here 141 of those teams could train at the Miami Dolphins training facility. Now the dolphins are weighing options between upgrading their current facility in Nova Southeastern University. Or moving to an entirely new facility. That last part of that the dolphins considering moving to a new facility is not new that news has been out there for. You read what is really wrong with what I liked it and I think it's cozy leg I mean we had Barry Jackson under Larry is of the dolphins. The showers are too far majority are like. That is one thing that of their CEO Tom guard Ingle brought up today but in in in reality they have. Outgrown that facility and a perfect example of that is it you walk by they're now. They've got soon. Trailers out there you know I use haven't. High school when you didn't have enough classroom space and that's where the sports science department guy and so yeah so that that's how they're you know sports science is new. In the NFL a more teens are devoting more stuff. They actually won the trailers constant trying to think of the name the eight. It's like gays lead recovery sooner or so that those other types of that's that's why it's not a football side of things I think it's got you yeah yeah I was administrative stuff that I write most and most of the administrator so now's out of the state of Zumiez they've already yeah but yet. A lot of sports does some new stuff that has come into the game yeah that's that's basic. What it is. Boxing fans will wanna know there's not a glove didn't end triple G into Nolo Alvarez have. Reach agreement took to by September 15 in Las Vegas so. Com there you go man. A middleweight fight no wait a championship fight between not triple Gian too now low. September 15 in Las Vegas so mark that date down your Miami Marlins host the San Francisco Giants tonight at 7103 game of their board games that. Marlins have taken the purse to. Don't wanna hear those the numbers on the Marlins I'm not gonna go well. If your mother do want to and roads effort that I know I know. Arlington in nineteen and a half out of school of first place I got hurt you know I like to keep people people that you need to track is from. From the time they're at their low point to the time they turn it around. I will be able to say that was the day they when they they were fourteen by in that was the low water mark the and they got to thirteen and they got to seven bag didn't. That's how they want peace I just wanted to document can. That's all Marlins drew 5928. Last night's sixth time this year they've drawn fewer than 6000. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry has made another comment about Ryan tanning he'll Landry and an interview that aired on NFL network city hasn't heard from ten A deal. Since his trade to Cleveland and he's not surprised. When he was asked about that Landry C a quote I'm not surprised we didn't really have a good relationship anyway so I'm not surprised. So say that what it's worth. To changes in the NCAA today regarding athletes. College athletes competing in division one football can now participate in up to war games while still being able to be reassured it. And division one student athletes who have the ability to transfer to a day a different school. And received a scholarship without asking their current school for permission. Those are your Hitler. Are we got Michelle coffin around the corner or it's some your text messages next here on 79 minutes ago. It was the thing is that courts should when you just win tickets to an upcoming games concert another great event accord as Miami technology partner and your local self or a technology company visit them online and Cora scored dot com. Allard a BMW power lines are brought to buy insurance attorney appealed opens a 305800. Irma. Curtis and per pack with you here on 790 the ticket yet we're not gonna or an active who agree or to disagree or what have you on that subject they're per. Don we're in Texas users attacks like the Ethiopian Texans are pretty. Agassi Curtis is right Curtis is wrong to hurt his right strong out. It was with a couple of others you know some element of and it's in Spicer laying right that's the but if there's a couple here. OK here's here's where goes into the Texas have dug in here and this is I called LeBron and ego maniac earlier per took exception to that. So. Curtis is so wrong about LeBron wanting control over your career and success isn't an eagle meany mean eagle maniacal trait OK he's ambitions. Is this pay right then that that that's talking to an admission he's okay fine. So that's for you for your side of things. And it here's the other here's another Texan I'm just try to pick out some of the better ones I like it may be ratified a Vegas only to ignore him in the meeting makes him an ego maniac in my opinion yeah. So yes that that's it that's another that's an example perk of batches. To me that's it Khomeini maniacal trade where it's like have to respect you don't just come on. Right now that's what I sigh I think that's not enough rope and I'm saying that I think that's bad business that's not okay yeah I just it's a bad business practices band warm whatever it is to me I don't know how our move. And when you have you know he'll like LeBron you can pull that power moving. Let's do that. Sure sure it is but doesn't buy here we go yeah I just this kind of object to the term like again. OK LeBron loves him some LeBron eagle district as a as it would you would you qualify that. Egocentric. Way what is the difference there. Just let a little bit less less less it's not as its its global softer it's so there. It means you can say you love himself of them LeBron does but I think to the highest power well here here's what I without him being maniacal here's what I've yes I think. Ego maniacal. If you say Al does he has an ego he has a large key goal. Those are statements. That are not necessarily. Negative could be. But not necessarily right eagle maniacal 100% negative. You know what okay but that's that's why I object that that's why I object so I think it's either bad it's either that battery thing he added I'm just right I know is we're not saying he's criminally insane leg under the saying pulls the power move every chance he gets because he's paying him. I'm seeing a guy. I would agree with you on that and exercising power is different than being an eagle mania. Right I mean every executive in America exercise power are they all eagle maniacs. Number I mean making Ers are legally. No I would I would just say the let me Mickey USA he exercised our around the Heaton Carnival Cruise Lines right nobody's Massa would make I would say yeah we Mickey would be if he came in had a total who drafts I sale ideal -- he's ever done. Now. Now on the Daniel Snyder's of the worlds the Jerry Jones is you'll dig I think those guys qualified. If you your ought to run everything I'll better than what your job and than you are right into everything. I think did you get into millions of that line at a lot of the our egos and inflated. Because. Well Augusta where the comedy World Cup's and earlier Michelle Laura Michelle Kaufman covers the the soccer scene for the Miami Herald she's gonna join his next real hoops or tomorrow we would welcome to many years we had the Rebecca we also observed it to America. It's gonna be a lot of fun with her coming up next right here on 79 to take. Now labor in North America will also. Yourself Ford wanted to get into it all Boston World Cup starts tomorrow Burke we know World Cup satchel here on 790 the ticket. And he got us everyday that's your for the accorsi window suggest to a ticket to. An upcoming game concert another great event recorded mining technology partner or you'll cellphones in the upcoming visit them online at the quarters we'll dot com sponsor might Lauderdale BMW former hinds. And rough you buy your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez call 305800. Firm offers support for our review here on a busy busy Wednesday afternoon and to talk. All things soccer wanna bes a soccer writers around of course you can find her work. With the Miami Herald been doing it for years Michelle Kaufmann joins us on the Ryan's jewels in Dallas there's convenience stores gas line they are truly steps beyond convenient. Michelle you've got to be gay kid man you gotta be we got the big announcement today at the United States will host the two running 26 World Cup we got the World Cup starting tomorrow you've got to just be it just so so much news you gotta be your head's got to be spinning right now thank you for joining us. Thank you ER earned a lot of it actually normally the last six World Cup I actually look at the World Cup this the first time. Then there's the other news that this was the first time in thirty years. I'm going to be watching it from here. Rather than covering it partly because the US did not make the World Cup is how may hurt me and I'm supposed to be attractive site. What if you had one US. Not managed to beat Trinidad and Tobago. I would think it in my class act okay Eric edit my potential trip to Russia by. Anyway up out there are so much going on right now soccer I think it'll work out our our morning with Russia against factory began nine. Friday they're they're great game being against Portugal. So you have Cristiano Ronaldo going up against all of his teammates. Pop up especially. Delicate you know that's going to be huge Emma writing and then comparing. The big news this morning for the US Mexico Canada and Miami particular. It act the United States wanna quote data for the 20/20 six World Cup with Mexico and Canada but. The abbey in eight games will be played in the United States including all the into the quarterfinals on and Miami is definitely. Expected to be one of but sorry about that Miami but they wanted to bit beat up politically there's no question it was Miami which is in the thick rough that they were life. Of the beaches of Miami the fact that hard rock stadium the Trout Summers at this sellout. Are there international. Friendly between clubs on national team Miami is obviously huge. Soccer house in the United States and globally and I don't Miami and I I'll offer a 100% sure there's 23. 23 cities. Erica potential both lists and sixteen will be chosen. I'd there's no doubt in my mind at Miami will be one of the fifteen. And the question will be how many games. Yeah we heard and which games will we get. But semifinal what we get a final we get the opening game maybe I don't know I think. Miami will probably be a good candidate for high profile game just because of the passionate these facts it's the gateway to South America and the fact that it's very easy to get to the airport. So I think it's going to be. I'm really playing time for soccer in Miami. I over the next several years leading up to this and a court with David Beckham's team it's the perfect start playing in twenty point eight so we're a few here and a weight problem. A lot of professional soccer in Miami. And Michelle. I I believe that dumb traditional lead the host nation or nations in this case. Get automatic bids and so I guess. That that's expected to continue from what I understand right so the US you would expect along with Canada and Mexico will be in that Tony 26 World Cup pencil send it. Yeah well out there yet Marquette separate Utley or edit the World Cup player it's. Okay our pal and I heard that. Oddly you know nothing UST I mean there's no question about her the host country always gets sent. And then carried it unprecedented there has never been a tri nations. Bit so there's never been a K port three countries are hosting. And it still being decided. Whether all three countries will get automatic this whether two of the three. Whatever came their I don't think there's any question that the US. Well getting and because the US is going to be hosting sixty of the eighty gain. You are gonna be the predominant host country by. You would think that Mexico and Canada should also get in as co pilot but I would mean they're giving three. The automatic three spot through CONCACAF eaten from our region would then go to bed at three. But none of the other teams in this region would have any opportunity. To make the World Cup so they're still deciding. How what can happen with that but no matter what happens. I think that you apple definitely be the automatic bid and the question will be between Mexico and Canada. Michelle Kaufman from the Miami Herald joins us here on 79 that you fall on Twitter. At call sports. Lets out about this year's world get your agenda you Spain Portugal on Friday I kicks off tomorrow with a host country Russia take you on take on Saudi Arabia in group a follow. Big story lines here without the United States. What would you think to what do you think the casual and I'd six soccer fan will gravitate to if they will all being knowing that the United States is not going to be participating. Right well without sort of gonna gravitate where there without the US has to be honest there's more interest in the in the not US teams instead of South Florida I believe and the US furious such as we Latin America. Down here they're just as much interest is not more. In the Brazilian team the Argentine team the Colombian team. Her little. It in the World Cup for the first time in 36 years in the Caribbean they're going crazy. In March are hard rock stadium has been a friendly between career home. And Croatia and make up forty spent 101000. People yet or Batman. 1047000. Preferably between Peru and Croatia so. And it got majority of people approving my Croatian battle. Are there at your interest in the Permian team that hasn't been edited nearly four decades. Argentina. But during my marriage and messy finally win the only trophy that he doesn't have on his threat to make it man that won everything there it went in soccer. Except a World Cup and that's why if he doesn't have that. Some people always say that America on a about it. Argentine player ever because he got a World Cup and met it is that that you're confused story line. The first billion I want storyline. It obviously redemption. They want to redeem themselves from the barracks saying it 721 block security. In the semi final blast site that they they have a fantastic team. When Murray back. We keep in playing that game and they have a lot to prove they want a group that that was just an anomaly and that they are related best team in the world. And and I don't. And then over here out and out and have a whole bunch of amazing aging stars from what we got. I'm Andrew. Opt out down in very good that I'm watching out for about that. Almost all their plans a bunch of their top players play an English premiere league. They're very very good so watch for them France is another one friend has an opportunity to go all the way I really think that they have the talent. To go all the way the question will be emotionally. Can they can they keep it together because I'm I'm thirteen and I. Dissension. Dissension in the locker room that they had in the past so hopefully they can keep it all together France will be. I never came to watch or at a corn. Jeremy every World Cup Germany you know pretty much think they are the defending champions. A lot of people think so when he began it Hart who won twice by their very good. They're pretty much issue went to make its semi final everything on time. So I Germany's a very good team too so there really are a lot of a lot of oxygen out of Icelandic in the font. Under docking your roots are I mean he's great in the European Championship two years ago their band parent these things. It is being called the thunder clap. It's kind of like the Gator chop a little bad. And they're different by it could hit their first World Cup fan. And I like that Egypt is an interesting story coming out of the Middle East. But I don't Allah Allah Allah is the leading scorer English premiere league this year the top corner English from barely get an Egyptian player. And he got injured. And there's the big question I have it in a quiet he's not gonna play without him I don't think Egypt has any chance. With cam Egypt could pull out some kind of the pride in the early rounds anyway. Now anyway their parents aren't a whole lot of thought to watch for even without the united. I know army missed so I'll. The World Cup but I get into it but I mean to be Ozzie I don't follow each league as closely as you do or some others here in South Florida but it seems to me like this is that this is a very wide open tournament that you could. You go with enough you know 678 teens or possibly could win the world the world couple months from now is that fair. Our yeah and I honestly think that's only fair because the independent champion almost never wanes it's even though they seemed everytime you think oh. You know Germany is so current and they want to left and the gonna win again but the thing you know stock Kirk. You know very strange or he can dominate it very different from other sports you can dominate a game. Dominate possession. But the majority of the game and then the other team get to one penalty kick go wide quirky you know goal. And they went so it's you know can sometimes be cruel. I would like it keep fighting we don't know going in you're gonna let it it's not like the NBA finals. Or you are you know pretty much of the fifteen they're going to be there's really no way to know. They're thick rough ground. You have no idea what's gonna happen in teams to merge that you never thought would cut the retail at time when a lot harder than anybody thought. So you know it can get high during the turn that you never know and I think that's what makes it fun and the other thing that makes that I had that the trash cans. I've been fan but if you go to any of the I had got up woke up stand guy that sits on line that ran a couple of days ago. And I live all the places the water in South Florida there are some really great art and restaurant. Having World Cup parties and watch party then. Rational than and it's so finally does go and hang out with a bunch of barker fans to watch a match. You have Michelle I'm gonna ask you to hype this event or for all the listeners thousand dollars and 94. And when the World Cup came through last time it was in the US I went to see Tom bull Geary and and Nigeria. Absolutely. Crazy absolutely crazy but I remember in Dallas like Germany plate there Argentina played their Spain played there. All the fails with their flags and and beaten the drones and I mean we think the Super Bowl is a party would settle it was lit. And so many things you can imagine what Miami is going to be like. Yeah what happened on and we talked about the passion people in the country they don't followed barker they don't know I'll be just a little that the yourself. Tom Brady had a four point one million followers on mr. Graham four point one million Arnold. LeBron James Cartwright I think it's 23 million or 28 million somewhere around there. Christiane we're not out of the 128. Million. I'm 128 million followers I didn't get Graham met he has 94 million gain market not 93. Million. So you know you have to understand. That Katherine for good or. Every other country in the world it just enormous it's something we can't understand because the thing about the World Cup is. The top 23 athletes in that country are on that team that top 23 aptly been Egypt. Army egyptians see the top 23 athletes an ice plant. Our army Icelandic he would. There are 23 guys are the most famous athletes in their country they're the best athletes in their country. So it would be equivalent of about taking the top 23. NBA and NFL players combined an NHL a baseball. Are finding it somehow was 23 best athlete in America. And yet another famous son about and that would be your national. And so. That's what they hit an every other country the collection of the greatest athletes the most well known athletes in their countries playing for their flag. Playing for their national pride. And so much of their their country ego. Is based on how their team doesn't work I'll copy you know but there's so much on the line they're so much national pride. On the line and nationalism on the item in this country. You know we have so many other things we cannot now we have the NBA we are college sports. None of the other countries that college sports we have people here that are diehard fans that the gators or Alabama or Michigan Michigan State whatever he ripped Miami. That's gonna exist anywhere else ever heard out everybody entire sport paction. It is arm but don't hurt that he's 23 young men every four years and that's why it is. Such a huge event and it's hard core fans in America who don't follow it or understand what's the big deal. Needed that big a deal there is nothing in this country it that they get that feel. As the World Cup that every other country. Michelle Kaufman is with a 07 ID it's against the afar on Twitter at so I'd call sports. Our big day for for soccer here locally obviously the other point 16 World Cup. Will be up played in North America Miami's and play a key role in that and also the World Cup gets a gets kicked off tomorrow morning. Over in Russia Michelle you mentioned other Beckham a soccer team from the onset. It's been obviously a very smooth. Process. To get this thing cranked up here. Are we go it. Like I read is there any other land mines that we need to know about. Oh how did you see here at the next couple years the the path towards up to having a soccer team our very own a big league soccer team here in South Florida. Yeah hey have been extremely well and I really thought and at the end of January when he had a big announcement and all the group plot. That big ceremony at the 29 I believe. And I thought our finger really rolling now keeping. Why did it we're gonna happen name of the team in about a month and we're gonna help the logo were at certain neck I really envisioned it going much faster. It's filled in well very very low. It happening I'm in contact with their with the people at the back of the group all time just about every day I am backing them that they is I think looking aren't. The main thing going on right now. It still believe or not the stadium by the never ending stadium saying. They're looking at now no recent volley off court right next to Miami airport they're not going to be playing you know we're out back it's not gonna happen. It's too small the space for neighborhood is not right for artists not. There's not enough room that it would they wanna do. There are some neighbors their spring garden the big one it. I was. The the Mallory. It is much bigger. It right out you know the 830 thick it's right up which Canon Douglass from the once while there's a lot of weight getting in to get out there's more bases by the year court. You know parking lot to that they feel that we didn't have it in the over onsite. And it also right next to the airport. Transportation hubs so why not a lot but come on tri rail and metro rail we'll be right across the street from the statement it when it yourself. Right now they're in the process of trying to secure that site. They want to have a vote. For the public referendum and that will probably be on the November ballot they're hoping for the August ballot I think it can be pushed to the November ballot. All indications are that they are fighting will work and that it will go to Baylor people will be in favor. And once that happens. Everything else so what could play that what I've been told me that there will be. A teen name and colors and logo. Up crime in the next few months those things are going to happen. They're happening slower than we expected are pretty practical plain funny poignant event. They have not changed at the idea that the airplane point when he. Edit temporary stadium probably higher clock. Maybe Miami might you know Marlins are could be configured internet's a little awkward. And then in 20/20 one they planted in grants state. Rumor little beer before you know it Michelle. I encourage everyone by the way to go to synagogue your alternate World Cup fan guide. Had Miami Herald dot com and of course you have the link on your Twitter account. At call sports Michelle thank you for taking a few minutes on a busy day and and enjoy the next month and a great British aren't. Thank thank aren't always a pleasure Michelle Kaufman from the Miami Herald and is one of the best soccer. Writers and aficionados. In that you'll find and avert passion about the sport and very knowledgeable about weren't there in that World Cup. Handy dandy guide is a mosque here in South Florida just as it gets you up to speed. On all things even if you're not mr. soccer perk. Men kept this a just concern yourself with the parties the place is gonna YouTube thought super boy always be. That you brought to come on really you know how much you know all of a meet the tape goes yes hello football baseball basketball guys don't even pay attention to it. Soccer and hockey this being. This thing is crazy. You're gonna be a very healthy young man walking by you Brazilian ball our community and ago who'll. Boy I'd like to go in there and talked to some of those people and see how they're doing especially the young ladies you better know you better know who they mares man. Yeah you'd better know so little angle there and just hang out there so Lhasa checked out out that's that's pretty cool and 20/20 six man in the World Cup they're up against Morocco. Like that you know that this is this is a no brainer and well here in and. Out of the bid process being cleaned up right where we lose a Conor and yeah yeah I know. Ed now that it's been cleaned up yet. But Canada's gonna get some matches early Mexico's your Tamara you know what I wanted to ask Michelle wonder if they'll use dome stadiums and I remember the only board that says those silverdome up in Detroit when news. Com but I don't know like how many I don't CD's that are bidding in the US or I don't know if it's all Al Gore or what. I think it's too early to tell on that perk because their volume reached a new stadium being built knew before Tony 26 again host. But they thought you know LA. Dallas to new York and Miami were candy that the biggest cities to host to the said the quarters of the semis you know and l.'s wondered among jurors rolled on stuff but I. You know that's eight years away but pretty big announcement and obviously the World Cup starts tomorrow real World Cup central here on now on Curtis and for meant nobody better than Michelle coffin on that subject. And now is though is great stuff right there World Cup starts tomorrow and many years it'll be right here. In in South Florida how about that big news of the day right there also our thanks the world gray from the Golf Channel for joining us earlier Tiger Woods on the course tomorrow the United States open. It's been ten years since he won there. A major that'll be the big story here the next couple days also thanks very Jackson from the Miami hero and right here on 790 for a checking in with us earlier got some some golf and stuff and some drums slander stuff from off from Barry Jackson. We gotta get out here may have been a hectic show. On the other side Josh freed men and Greg legends or take you through the evening thinks allows them for perk on occurs we'll do it again tomorrow just before 4 o'clock right here ounce of an idea that it.