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Wednesday, June 20th

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Graeme these guys are awesome and I didn't think it probably about Sudan and zoo and the brokers a burgeoning it with the else. They've got until 7 o'clock loud and as here we got Lauren run in the entire operation and we got a busy busy show we got a lot of things to get to. Kirk and I had just started off by saying let the tree needs are being being in Yemen and my bet on May lie there we have broken the seal on the NBA trade machine as a pretty big name. A someone's day one of the great big men of his time. Has been has been traded yeah once again she's due two way to basketball purgatory slash hell. Enough in Brooklyn Bo get an all that went. The draft is tomorrow we of course got you we got you covered we gonna have the NBA draft tomorrow right here following our program. And now we know the Miami Heat do not have a first round pick. But they can make some trades they can make some moves that can jump in the second round either. I mean I I I I firmly contest perk. I hope so and look. It'll have to go a long way to beat last offseason but I but I hope that it qualifies as as one of the big wins when you look at the big names are removed last off season with. Kyra he and Isaiah and called Georgian Jimmy Butler and a little down yeah all of that stuff but added tunnels candidate Maine but we're gonna we want them activity we can't here's what I wanna see gap well I'll tell you this I wanna see some teams. Changed beer or three season out look like I. I guess I mean. Oklahoma City kind of idiot that we thought that you know they were going to be decent win when they got Paula Georgian and mellow. Houston sings or receive their greet their outlook right by getting Chris Paul I want to see more teams like that like what Minnesota did okay that's all right you guys you have Butler and but I wanna see some teams big old Rome you were OK to like Houston India to light. Now I can look at you as one of the top two team top two or three in your concrete well that's what I wanna that's gonna take your great player and you're getting to that team or a couple of great players yet. And I and in realizing. In the east you know you you've already got Boston. That that's that's established then we'll see what really does but. A team like Toronto team like Washington can you. And you make some kind of move I don't you know Portland not only there in the mix but they you've got a good bag where there are New Orleans you know bogey cousins. You know worlds I got no idea beyond beyond LeBron and collide. Let me tell you you're right but eminent domain if you're gonna W would jump you're gonna have to get a LeBron idea to have pretty Napster coverage you can make some moves like -- he could -- could improve their chances when they can make some moves but. Well you'll get I look at the other way that's yes what you're great but there's teams you have to scrub off the map like LeBron leaves Cleveland. All of a sudden drops off the map yeah I dared they just disappear right soul all of a sudden like that seems limited so for every team that. Yeah like I was saying like for every winner there's a loser being soul you know you're getting their view the lakers and you get coal why what does that mean for San Antonio right then all of a sudden so. All these things and play mania while we have Michael ran on yesterday who covers the spurs in the NBA for ESPN. Yeah if any just broke basically we had him on and the like an hour later the news of quiet. And and Popovich meeting so wise that caught everyone by surprise winner they are gonna meet Michael said as much they'll push and know the you know the we don't know the specific time frame yeah amid presidential pot when the public get on plane you have. Because that's our laws because what we have heard you know both or what day was at an all the wide news right came out Friday what we have heard. Both war and during that news was that cool why does not want to meet with pop. And you know his references to go to Los Angeles preferably the lakers and what do you look in and follow the other is one of Michael's right right that was that was one of my questions was so what's gonna happen with this. Meeting because we know that pop was able to talk to LaMarcus Aldridge. Last offseason when Aldridge was kind of salty and pop basically say look we are trade new. So let's let's work this being no. LaMarcus Aldridge ended up having a big year he was a second team all NBA and I believe and and so now you've got this situation with with wide. And you wonder can pop do the same being but at the time a few days ago we at her cool why didn't wanna meet so. Major step with that meeting now we wait to see what with see it at that. Meeting we gotta tell us off to get too by the way if you don't know by now where have you been real World Cup central there will give me an update here we had three. Very very tight matches did this morning in this afternoon World Cup is this an excellent so far we got the Marlins under way around San Francisco. I wanna get into what happened last night's if you if you stayed up that that the old baseball rule book got reopened early unwritten rule book on Rick well opened last night. And there was some beaming and there was some innings and there was some rejections. I thought it was great to do that tomorrow suit up for themselves and and all my stomach wanna get into that as well also. We the news kind of hit us here who as we were rapid of the show usually allows and actually found the found this story about the coaches. NFL coaches odds to be fired first NFL coach to be fired up and Adam gaze was second on this list yeah. Which I thought was absolutely ridiculous seeing and we got into it ultimately will open the show last night mom and I wanted to revisit that also. Are sort of talked into once daily coverage of dolphins for USA today also yesterday. Athlon sports released some of their they're all American teams and their watch lists in the pre season list. And a couple hurricanes around there any end point also writes for Athlon sports and is a big part of that so we're gonna pick his brains on a couple of those names and and talk a little hurricanes football because. I believe it's about 72 days Ellis shoes that aren't so you know I it's yeah its gonna be here before you know it so talk to him about fifteen minutes let me ask you some. Do you like these pre season watch list or do you being. They are BS. And they're just for publicity because like you know on the but let's not call list there's like thirty players ever and they know that each newspaper in that town is going to mention Haiti a watch list my idle mind and that's the way to get a newsletter that you'll do reverend IRS what to do yet I don't mind. Look let's face it a lot of the guys on this pre season all American team I'm guessing your. You know by mid season you're going to be going into this dude should of been on that list by. That's the way the game. And also it goes enemy let some other I like it was actually light gets me fired well also to our gets me thinking I don't know how I thought oh. Oh savings leaderboard come with me I mean you know I got asked lines I got here you know you Sports Illustrated duster everything you got everything I have got my college already and ago yes I. I'm gonna pick up the NFL stuff this week and yeah Kaplan on the and every time we're about to go to bed every time. You know we got a few minutes that magazines open it up every time we go to the timing is right in the house and we're gonna have a bad boy right Edwards is where you know we're getting off. And what it does is it's also good starting point to it is published on what I could mean. I love college football we are much as anything yet. But I feel like I say that about college basketball and about the NFL and about the NBA in bombings in baseball now so I seasons progress that you kinda okay. You put one on the back burner and then one becomes you know front runner yeah. So like you forget oh yeah Mecca was the quarterback Brad Wright it's parental role they have a gaggle of the returning running back at Stanford but this coach is here now our heat transfer right now he's the coordinator that's right so the all American teams like OK let's take a look at this thing is from what it's worth it pre season rankings aren't exactly I think it's already starting points. So I think the pre season rankings and a lot man Adam but I think all they do is it's a met there who say oh those. First few weeks those days well because it is your clothes are not right it's one thing to see sexist laying you know old. Oklahoma or whenever I guess that's America you know sex is playing UCLA. And that's that's one thing but at its number eighteen Texas against number eighteen UCLA one now that something you wanna watch. So yeah yeah and and it's on the island and you know all looked LSU like Allah issue. I think is gonna be really good. Am but they've lost some people they often don't just had a million players in Iceland but they're not as Gooden this year maybe they're a top twenty team with my top ten team right. But you know whatever the ranking is you don't treat seasonal throw that up against Miami that it I think is helping him acknowledges what a million is just kind of a starting point in a reference point. Together when acclimated to the into the new season I assume we got a ton of stuff. Two gets you always text to show as always very easy to contact myself for perks 67974. That's 67974. Well before we continue let's get to 4 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSF six HD true. ARAMARK. We start off in Major League Baseball where you were Miami Marlins are taking on the San Francisco Giants. 00 score in the into the first inning they're going into the second inning now. You know that this that this is going to begin insisting. Finale of the three game series can't. Could be a little bean ball war out there today and you know this thing is mingle and and Monday night. The giants closer hunter Strickland comes in in the ninth inning. Bulls a two run lead. Lewis brings in I believe he hype the game up on is here. But he was at that they grew they threw well high in tide on him. Keystrokes. A base hit in ties the game up Bob Levy tied it up but he split the bad so boldly about Clinton told Matt glib and so they went hunter Strickland leaves the mound Branson is on third base and they glare at each other. Passports who yesterday's game. I believe I have all this right number I'm a might be a little bit off Lewis Branson. Gets hit by pledges son Derek Rodriguez. So. Apparently Don Mattingly was caught telling. Buster Posey your next. Sure enough Buster Posey was meant so the Indians straight alien Don Mattingly get hit out of a game so that leads us up to today. So far no. You know being bowls but I will say this can't. You know under strict and as Al six to eight weeks he punched a door on Monday night after he blew that those saved so hum I don't have a bit of a capital. Yeah I was gonna say this say this from the blue layers when I get down there. Also giants are salty because Evan Longoria then yes last week that's right seriously broken finger and I will throw another one out of you remember this yup. Scott cousins breaking a Buster Posey is ankle on the nose was eleven years ago. This was seven years ago. But Posey is still liberal she still there. The giants that that was a big boss to them that year as they were World Series contender and all that stuff. A hand I think they demo they might need those memories die hard in baseball even though. 95%. Of the duke of Gloucester hasn't changed at all since then you're done a load is still there Buster Posey is still there understand they didn't DL would vote you see that Marlins uniform he's not having any. As like the Jon Karl stand Mike byers. I don't know Seattle like that but whatever I decide whether or not I don't know I don't know where I'd throw that out right now you're right right. I moved onto the NBA spurs coach Gregg Popovich met with co Y Leonard in San Diego yesterday according to a Adrian walker now. What ocean arouse the a ESPN. Pop this presumably trying to talk littered into accepting a Max deal and Leonard is believed to one play in Los Angeles preferably for the lakers Leonard is from Los Angeles. Other news in the NBA Dwight Howard's been trader from Charlotte to Brooklyn. In exchange for senator Tim we must go to second round picks and cash now. Howard has one year and 23 point eight million dollars left on his deal Mars Goff who years 32 point seven million dollars left. Trades can't be a crucial until July 6 when the moratorium in my. Why we're gonna talk to oral had a not Carney who is he NBA writer for Sports Illustrated spent some time down here in Miami with Theo with The Herald and he's you know says that that's a great trade for the nets. The nets by the way are opening up a ton cap space for next summer yet. Ron's analysis was good news is downgrades were were inches. The ones and say 88 gave the nets and a and give Charlotte a deep correct Laboy got a great year and that's agree we had a very productive for him in his stage of his career. For Charlotte last year. But there's a couple of things a player Dwight Howard my goodness. This is what is sixteen. Yes I believe that's right Orlando anyway. LA Atlanta Charlotte Brooklyn yes yet. Okay they are in his ass out of town mayor and on Orlando but the state on January alone so the stand and then thing was run in the eighth to let everybody else connector and fast enough now. And I did it some LA because I was a bleep show Steve Nash and everything and has your back is back was bad all that other stuff. But when using its ready Atlanta. Well as Atlanta got no player's right and that's your hometown and it and then they beat and they could Garrity of bassinet and then charlatans want to look at should you have via a decent here move so I mean Dwight Howard is one of those guys he's. Behind the scenes got your pain in the ass and is one of those guys that he's never gotten any better. And that's sad will get to delay a back to the right lobe of the only know what I said park yeah. Well the exact right Tommy did not think you know it is unlike Clinton's eyes wide side of the white Carolina. Now I'm just don't understand how that big Russian mines. It's a slow you bet Bordeaux. I don't know where somebody is on the go green and a million. Who let's let's just went to the Monsanto must golf who's gonna contribute nothing. Are gonna contribute now I'm a singer and yeah say in an NBA going to the heat the guard Dion Waiters at ankle surgery in January. Is looking good and pick up game according a lot of bio now this comes courtesy of my coworker Ira wonderment. From the sun sentinel Ira was out of BTU basketball camp self Broward high school today. Out of bio who's gonna play in the summer league with keyed in Sacramento Las Vegas at the pick up games have included there won't junior. Gary Jones junior Wayne Ellington and James Johnson among others out of bios live of waiters. It can't do anything to make us better I feel like Dion has another unbelievable ceiling to home. He's looking good to meet you entail he's been in the gym because he's been working so. The that what it's worth a real Mickelson apologized today for intentionally hitting a moving ball on the thirteenth green during the US open on Saturday. Mickelson seated in a statement I know I this sort of come sooner but it's taken me you dazed calmed down my anger and frustration got the best me last week yen. I'm embarrassed and disappointed by my actions it was clearly not my finest moment and I'm sorry. Off Phil did right there was keepers keep the sponsors happy by issuing them. Yes that's the gentlemanly thing to do in color was hitting the jumbled ball on the green not the gentleman in denial by the sponsors like they did he mean to close this thing in the long with your life here and we have to make a savvy so is an apology Pepsi cup and you those checks to Wear those long sleeved shirts. Yeah hit an end to watch yeah its World Cup action today Portugal to beat him Morocco one Neil. Uruguay defeated Saudi Arabia one meal your wife and Russia advanced to the knockout round. By the way. We saw two of the best score goals in those two games right now there's no Ronaldo and Luis Suarez. We don't test me on that we were sitting in here watch and I ran in Spain before the before the show and your and your screwed but own goals and everything. Mean and it's I'm I'm just all over this tournament by the way Spain to beat so I ran one nail. NFL Tom Brady who was forty years old hit on mr. Graham he might retire at forty by Brady's communications they're quarry into each single. And the company it was a company by those three Monty emote geez the see no evil hear no evil speak no evil cat. Hear this news. Well I said the other day with the operate as who's so this is news this is more news channel when he shot me down those ads I do my son no news value and now those names you know it's forty bucks 55 more years of misery dolphin fans that. I still haven't found the exact nature of this communique if he just volunteer today anyway college World Series Arkansas over Texas Tech who do nothing in the first inning Oregon State North Carolina play tonight at seven those are your long wind it headline. JX yeah what would look like it's a lot of stuff all right I was regular that we're targets once daily dolphins there's no way at a pace. Can be on the hot seat no way out of gays to be on the hot seat why is that while these odds out of Vegas. This is skewed that way also toggle hurricanes football with an extra 79 times. Until the has got a boost I'm listening you. Yeah. Senator Mario science. And I that is losing. We're gonna you know who me what movie this is from. I will give you move. What I I want to dial YouTube being you do me throughout my yes we'll call it even yes doubling nothing yes I technical report. I know me I get the last twenty years where this is then this was. I think that's what's that this was think you know I'm trying to get the name this is. Bill Owens is great it's been. Spurred on. This bill is not hello this is. And I sang it it was revealed who it sits. You are you are or Kevin Dyson of the one yarn out of the titans in the Super Bowl man. New and then it was. When the ability to know it was react get what Louis is arguably of all time. No I don't see and I know that's a line but I don't know members of all I know Wayne Gretzky okay Weymouth. Wayne no way not winning the world and I waited a year ago Wayne's world they're Nazi. And it. So close but yet so far yeah we're a far away they'll pay this Saturday seven at the figure is our sister station in the shark and the code to grow business improvement district present the coconut grove. Sri seeing it with free fully plugged in sets. From a Alex though the Leo Bonnie may end of the dreamers were shutting mysteries downturn in the grove into an all ages street party it's sponsored by shell lumber and hardware. Guarantee low prices more than nine years of the Chilavert dot com. And the semester kogan growth remains of an Nina from 104. Three HD two with a ticker Curtis and perk back with you here on now on 790 the ticket and a subtle footballs and Obama's Limbaugh's look at Angel lawyer. I got to wrangles announcers unions are SI. Neutral and have not to beam comes and obviously your city today covers the team's Athlon sports and Amanda definitely knows all about Wayne and Garth and once daily Jones here. Audio on the ticket it's a long. That I Kimberly oh repeated notice and it. Courtesy Tony what a year that movie demo likely you couldn't. How we had early in the music ten or fifteen years whatever doesn't. The enemy go to ten years and it's like that's going to want inside it's my time my time frame resistant than twenty years earlier ideas like in Texas. We we used to always say around the corner and it's like three miles I just live around the corner yeah yeah I had to do it corporate. Area I expect. So our audience wants so we saw this being from odds chart yesterday that from. That that Adam gay east is the second most likely coach to be fired or or that's that they have opening odds hue Jackson was plus three in the Adam gays plus 750. Marvin Lewis and billions Joseph plus a thousand. Here's what here's the scenario and it gives do you Antoine. If the dolphins start off so they won in 31 and 48 yen. There is some disarray or chaos on the team coming off a season. In which you have the crisper stirred you have Rey Maualuga. You you had a Lawrence Timmons. Did and urgency Adam gays being the second most likely coast of the buyers. It's possible well I don't think so gladly went ping you and I note recovered a quality here is that Stephen Walsh have been low even tools all. Like he was cruel and don't feel that way Kuo he shouldn't and delight. Elise and give get this season to see how they go now if bingo all the rail and they go green at thirteen Ford. For twelve they are all but also that point bullets it's our belief that that -- fires. Getting somebody that he really really cope with it a few years ago. In the middle seat up to 34 day. I have a hard time he would do that you're writing and one mouth and I don't think. Bob boss Ross would do that ever are done the believe that the over the going to be an absolute dumpster fire like the first month of the season I mean even if they go one in three. We are there have to be sold many levels there have to be like five Chris first three incidents. I mean that we're in order to be a ton of stuff to go on its OK this guy should not lead our football team that put him. Up ahead of guys like dirt Cotter. Who I thought he should have been fire last year. Vance Joseph who pay beds as it was a heck of a defensive coordinator he's proven nothing as as as a head coach in the NFL so far. I mean is that these guys in the playoffs will be years ago I did I just find I designed this this this thing mind boggling here I just can't see a scenario. Where the dolphins to be that much that much panic mode to be one of the first coaches fired. Lived in the area Logan but let me look at this as I care and overall speed than the bug bit German team of the doubt what adult recruitment so. It's respected and the media I do. I mean people thought that the normally by 67 win team not periodically throughout the course of the year outsourced the bitch and bullets. He did go see this thing play. The meeting national media does this fit to realize that they can this team is gonna beat this so I. Maybe I'll import of this that mark but I can't remember them being disrespect to light ever. Would dare you guys got to do something about that let's go oh man and X I don't think like a trial. A giant. I add a bit like. Tony Tony 112012. Like Tim hills rookie year in the and the year before that when you when you start off what of 17. That guided they were better greatly dis respected. Those three seasons well I. And say great leaders respected I would say that they were irrelevant national right like they are now. There are restarting all with their new coach Joseph Philbin and then of course Meg Ryan Taylor held up so they were like you know in December were there everybody you know Ronald last year the pre season projects and weren't great but Italy also let me ask you this again hum. If you don't you think big days would be safe if there is disarray for the second straight year. Our. And as it isn't that that's the only thing that's the only realistic scenario. But I did see like if if you know if players were complaining about gays were. You know there were days you know others there were some other sign of a disarray had. As you know I don't know if we're gonna get a Chris Mercer type incident gamble players are a wall that. That's the type of stuff that I beg gives the impression to. To Steve Ross this being might be out of control. That's the only realistic scenario but do you think he could survive the entire season if there was an incident or two with a bad start. I think in that case we might decided to end the year I don't think you've got to be fired within the first four game Alec Spielberg go anywhere. Well welcome back and then you know you look. Called them by then sped up they want it restarted and everything at the bout of that luggage are now locked inside the make the move so I hope that you got to beat that case I think he'd ended the year especially with their hope these numbers schedule. And he -- so bad I can see it possibly happening there but it's I can't it happen the first Ford we senate seat at the date dates they have a house vote to begin the year identically tightened since they got a couple of home to Cuba tighten the raiders but I don't see any of those days just gonna be if they own paper today. The Russians are definitely would know. Game. It's not only get to the hurricanes here man it's it's about seventy days or so before they'll strap it up against LSU well the pre season. Teams start to come out all the watch lives and of course you right for into Athlon sports and they have for the other hurricanes among them among other team but. There a couple of guys JaJuan Johnson was named to the pre season first team all American team. And Shaq quarter ran was on the on the third team thoughts on that any other notables. And that was any guys slighted or are just your general thoughts on on the hurricanes got coming back. Well you know just luckily accord between what the best he says the bus and agencies saw the light so no brainer. And also one of the best in the country so. Could it came under threat flagship laid side to combat school and it may actually may help elm and all. Sort of getting drafted by the court trial picked. Side a quote strapless scored quarterback and guy exactly after the minimum psychic thing to be quite honestly if you've been at it this that I can beat. The hearts of few years of Miami head. And those that this year be any different I noted hurricane called on people on the because of obviously I was which is ignored and beloved. A they'll play better defense is going to be a force that's upcoming year and they would see them all paper that they can be ordered her big extra so. Aimed at how good does Dequan Johnson Aaron and I mean are we talking one of the the best at you women the last decade or. Second or third round pick how would you quantify. I wouldn't say IBM uses compared and the public defense best they had it in the heyday but what I will say is. Well as they insisting he is a big key right for most of they don't get the joke. Publicly in an effort to for first round second round here. And upcoming draft because all eyes here of protest but yet he deftly what are the best. Because the bad but in the country and a that you get a penalty really got credit he cougars because ultralight might might he was has really. But don't cut the being good obviously leisure they thought out and though they this year will go to get a bit more curry. Are more credit than it deserves. It's all great stuff man thanks as always and thanks regiment all of us on short knows precisely. I assume I don't followed it up like here you gotta ant once daily Rick Perry covers the adultery USA today. And the other hurricane's wrath on sports he had quantity as as early first round pick but. You know you anytime you're down that road Fergus I greatest of the all lose a well I don't like the last decade yeah. Authorizes the talent Boson Taylor had every right right right that's why Dow's dryness mood denies the championship era. Right but he's as good as I've seen yeah me and it is in those guys and they've been immune to ten years the of the of the ran these and Al Golden's Ameen. The other jones-jennings the first round and things that are intelligent innings was. You know Brandon meriwether I think he's better than him so. Good stuff right there by the way those the odds are we're gonna re gonna armor doubles on brokered if you miss a story. From yesterday and while we're talking it's one about to. About at a gay sitting get fired or anything like that does this kind of there is projecting he will be yeah so. A week and understand it's Rooney gets him inside their old it's that puts some your text messages. At 67974. That's eight Texas right here let's have a nine to take. Talk alone. Quick little canes football coffins. Football briefly. We'll talk to NBA the 5 o'clock hour. As Jose pretty pretty mixed trades that was to us say a pretty big mane was treated in the in the NBA and that the trades begin. Organ ironing you know that but Rohan. On that Carney who works for a Sports Illustrated covers the MB Asian joints around five points while forty minutes from now. He's an op bottle talked trades in Hawaii we at the draft tomorrow and I then. Let the games began as far as a player movement. In the MBA I think the C was broken a few hours ago with that would point Howard being enough being traded. Payless and every day the ticket for the according to your window you're just went to get to an upcoming game concert. Another great event a quarter as Miami technology partner in your local South Florida technology company. Visit them online and quarters corp dot com and sponsored by Lauderdale BMW. While Pembroke Pines. 67974. That's how you Regis on the tax on 67974. Look at some your text here. Momentarily 67974. If you're out there. On the you know on the roadways of South Florida is don't Texan drive but issues detects anything that's on your mind. Send it in perk and I alone won't evaluated him respond to a off the air on the air. And and get after a little bit by the way I've shark. Came out with this page yesterday as we were as your wrapping things up just repeal it kind of came maybe came in mid commerce didn't. So they had odds are there's odds on everything right demeanor is real turning into a gambling site and I even though they put out who will be the first NFL head coach fight your. Looking and here's we're the numbers came in huge Jack's was plus 350 so this is like it strategists here you know you're drawn some money and trying to get lucky it's on yet. Hue Jackson was over that we won one game at two years and won one and 31 right. If you go on six Agassi in the same dude by whom you know fans that are mural role to volatile. How to gaze was second brings me on this let's news secular plus 750. AM I don't get that was we just talked implement Marvin Lewis was third Vance Joseph was pool was quote Barbara it was a missiles are racing tied for third ranking. OK I get those a little bit dark gutter and their Cotter lights yeah well. Know our cutter mean utilities under chi would Jamison on stuff in those goals high praise guys that brought you like Newman's Own goods on Jacksonville that often sucks I mean mean off of the guy. Jay gruden is plus 12100 along with cutter hobbled posting sixteen under bill O'Brien was of the so that's that's where that story came from that's where that's of the odds are if you're kind of just wondering. Why you were talking about fire Madden days that the odds in Vegas is those rods out just for the element. But. I mean it but it seems I get any applause right targets in that every time Vegas says some thing. It seems like it's it's it's has its way off line with what we think about the dolphins. Right whether it's the wind totals whether it's. Odds to win the you know get to the playoffs whether it's this is site. Yeah I don't I don't remember of bay here's was far off. Last year I would guess that they have been the last two years. Because of the success and and when he sixteen and then the failures of last year's six insurgency but that's my guess but I don't remember the futures either of those seasons. Well last year what they would they win when they went seven games there were 7966. Until there was six intensity they were. You have a settlement over seven some of that went yeah so they came upon run again Cutler basic. As usual yeah so yeah but but again. Dean the only realistic scenario that I could see for days. Is if there is chaos or disarray or upheaval. On that team put a second straight year but I I don't think atypical. A quote unquote typical one import start. Opening is gonna get that gays buyer with a look at the coast of France already fired right. If it's a one horse so hard again and you've got players who go a wall when you have the same stuff as last year then maybe Steve Ross looks at it and so is Adam gazes in overseeing remember. Adam gays right now is a five under coach. He was still insane burst here in six and CN last year so let me ask you this question. God this is the fundamental question that needs to be asked by everybody out there. Is that gays on the hot seat. No right no right to vote to me that's ridiculous. Talk about that if he's not like Carter. Yes cute Jackson like dude you got a little bleeping football game without you both guys are on the hot seat. You know maybe Jason care let's go get them back to the playoffs OK I understand that. Slim X. Early. I get now this one is harder to this scenario is harder to. I guess force the other than did that the the team chaos but. Say run antenna hill gets injured and and now you have brought us Wyler in there. So perhaps and and all of you to mean the scenario even Vegas have a unit you're reading Steve Ross's mind. So if if that would happen I would say perhaps Vegas is. Well Steve Ross is sick of the way that they treat it Tenet deals injury the last two years. Eight and Vegas would say he's Steve Ross looks at Adam gazans is Percy got me Jay Cutler now you get me brought us Waller I'm not go on produce so. I will again under its own stuff out there that mental Davis is thinking. Are open perk I could do that to ten NFL teams if things go completely. In the crap are guys who get fired left and right. I mean I'd I'd yelled you're we're talk about worse case and Arabs are the total question of an idea like that his job security. And you nor should he. Or is on the hot seat. That's all they mean that's that's that's the bottom line for me so I think it's pretty ridiculous. To have that zap him up there and yeah. If there's a million things go wrong if you don't you get another our coach in his office. Doing what you know Chris first there was daunting if you got you know six guys duo of ray a couple of Rey Maualuga or odds are abstinent. I wouldn't say six I would say if I would say if that happens and you're off to a bad start. In her hands you know that's a sign of you know to Steve Ross I look then I would say he's on the hot seat yeah so so yeah. I mean there are and to me there are quote unquote realistic scenarios but I don't see them being. Beer ya don't see them as being close to reality right now from where we sit on June 20. Like I don't see a player up people or anything like that but. Blood may assess or get money on both sides of the Eastman so. You know but I mean that system means and since I don't I look at a little look I think the team sucks that's fine I'd I but it means they'll throw some money and Adam guys go win some money. Probably RT doesn't mean it definitely on the hot seat. Any of their own for their enough fire in the dying. I pharmacy in a year their told us he has and that's what I think but again the first coaches of them the first coach. That's always that's always a weird deal that's always you know what there's. Many intangibles. Riders say gathers bielsa being again not yet that I would say player. Player or coaching staff upheaval or another tenant heel injury. Which could make you know Steve Ross questioned. Hulu the direction. That they went with treatment and who you have as the backup. It's fun but I don't think he's gonna question all that. Mid October. I think Tommy Italy and England though play out there I think we know what they ought Stephen Ross he's not impulsive. He's not just don't know that everything is the one thing we come about the guy he's not unless he wants Harbaugh as its coach. The lessons of Michigan man you don't do. That Obama the net other than that he's clearly patient is reasonable unless there's a big block them. Anywhere it involves. This and he's not and he's out of bowls of all right dogs and good Texas Arabia to those here promise you come and appear 67974. We gotta get back to Dwight Howard trader wanna do that perk in. Does it really does set the market so to speak. I think it's a good barometer. Right if you're trying to get you to penetrate the sun Whiteside try to trade. Some of these other other contracts. Look what I mean Dwight Howard got traded four well real we'll tell her body we get the headlines on the Osama gets the 5 o'clock hour also talk about. The NBA and the trade. With with throw him a nod Carney from for SI Sports Illustrated he's gonna join us here right around five Tony Reggie Johnson a nine to. Christopher. Busy busy. Hump day here. We're rolling through June man also or World Cup central you know that we guys. Three very tight matches personnel get in those here coming up here in the in the headlines for Israel and NBA trade. And now we're talk NBA in about 25 minutes or around five Tony with wrote him. And Carney cover Zia NBA for Sports Illustrated you've heard of that little. Let out little publication yet they can know what they're doing so he's gonna join us here and he broke them adroit Dwight Howard trade enough and links we acquire more quietly and news we actually. Have some real news on his meeting with Greg probably to get the NBA draft tomorrow night's. So the games have begun when it comes to the NBA offseason that's for sure in the world soccer tournament updates on the ticket. Are brought to bide Miller Light to the original I'd be your only 96 calories great taste less feeling please celebrate responsibly. Curtis tempered with you here and is now within a couple hours to play with Iran to give up until 7 o'clock. As usual here on the on the ticket we got a a bunch a text that. That we're gonna get to hear at 67974. That's a 67974. I wonder what Vegas had. The Jack civil jags look at last year I'm I mean. NFL where you know bill churns a lot so yeah they're gonna be off on a lot of most most of the rest of their kids and as there's an inherently Italian teams that. Yeah go from you know. Up five wins to nine win. Only president that kind of on a regular base there there's it's in this is lawmakers is always right Neitzel who. Well I mean it is kind of a a good a good you know. Text testament good staple hear me it's not just some guy. You know putting out you know putting out some comet trail from his basement saying allegation be fired or will be the first coach fired but is actually money up on the stuff help. How much money or help what percentage of the time do you think biggest comes out on top. Of a given bet whether it's eight. Futures bet on the Balkans war itself who's gonna cover in the Super Bowl like you think Vegas is it like 80% of the time that well make money you're 20% of the time they just. Hit on the right wounds are like I have and I have no idea what it all depends perk like that bet. There's one winner right. So you've got to get running on the others to offset the winner current albums that sold so like there's so big win that likes. Yes so they but what percentage awards aren't asking. I don't know outnumbered I've never seen anybody won by that I that we always old Vegas suppose but like. I am I just wonder how often they know. I like they are they winning at like 80% clip or did they win plugs Lebanon 5% cards and wanted to make big money no. Like how many times has Vegas come out on top. A given bit. Whether it's again well whether it's huge problem Orioles. Game game that they can write a note to game profited from game they don't care about the game and other props. I mean I think they're probably 505060%. Now if that I mean but their. They're only paying out one winner Greg so there's you know a few public you'll who's gonna win the NBA championship. We're gonna win the Super Bowl. Okay you got the one winner Reynolds you'd take a bunch of bets on one team. Then you're gonna have 31 teams that that's going to be desperately win right that's right that's where you get your money and that may yet correct sonus wanna you wanna spread it around what you don't want 90% of the money on one T yeah that's less. I'm wondering like this you know like we yeah I would what does somewhere there's a eight cut off point Norah marginal profitability. But I you don't do what that is the Vegas is it. Based on meet the amount of money I'm on a certain bat or the number of bets you take you elect a futures I guess it's the number let go by and by the way I mean I it's always wonder though could we always say Vegas knows but I do. Does Vegas know all the time or does make notes on the right. Nets they screw up but they have they're they have their information what grade they have in there of people that sit. In a room all day long and analyze numbers right and have sources just like you have sources for stories that may veto OK and they look at a lot of it is is numbers German data. Put a lot of it is other ill sources that they have throughout the leagues and then contacts that they made and they put together something that's going to. You know but here goes for the most part have have equal action on things as far as the yeah like some of that stuff is is he gonna do you have to rattle him a little bit. Deck of a sure guys get fired from their jobs guys saw. Like you know Bally's hire somebody in the last two years and they're losing money in you Byron 'cause he saw what. Guys on the morning and we have a dialect similar to those guys on. By the summer we'll ask them you ask him a question of your question. And I'll let you know I I I did he. And odds maker interview wants and the united I asked the guy sore you good at picking winners. NEC did know setting lines is totally different from picking winners or I didn't pick winners CC and I be terrible wreck but I didn't and the guy who actually see it he doesn't watch games. He looks at numbers Vietnam and I was like ball are you too you don't you don't watch Eagles know I look at the numbers I don't wanna be resist. I look at the numbers and and yeah. Cell lines are good so I'm not cut are winners and yes let alone and you just need to get money on both sides right right that's failure you're probably right near. And yes it what you think that winning and I would say okay probably within a point of yet I know to make money for the casino. Yeah so yeah that's is that president and I look at lines every day secretly OK you can and we're Taylor but as far as regional equity media sort of somebody text in Vegas is right 90% of the time. Don't doubt that here's here's the key this tax they write enough to build an oasis in the middle of correct nobody says yes that a billion dollar casinos keep go enough. I should have a couple of rooms and a couple of those casinos. But it inaudible side would all be one coming to a a corner near you. As is the states to invoke their own laws here throughout the throughout this country nevertheless there is Asarco and instincts have been with. With Adam days we we had a bunch of stuff to get twos went to a new to make mention some of the some of the text message there were a minority at some of the text on. Dwight Howard in the NBA rumors out there as well at 6797467974. The key. As it relates to the Dwight Howard stuff. Does that mean. Harder yeah I mean I'm just trying to get a feel. Right now we have no idea what the market is as far as NBA is right now yes those were so we're trying to figure out what the market could be for a guy like. We will also Whiteside is probably going to be available he's on the trade market we would imagine Tyler Johnson's on the trademark if we could imagine Riley said as much and it's nobody's untouchable. Now. Knowing that about you know trading anybody. Think certain guys certain DeLia could this have to depend on who's coming back you're in your direction but as far as. The guys that are making the the contracts and we know within the guys are. I'm just trying to sort of like I have no idea what the reception is going to be when Riley picks up the phone. You got to believe he's been organ phone generally tomorrow night there to be working the phones and I don't know what the reception is going to be around the league and this is where it's gonna be tough. But Dwight Howard it's traded today for him a month off and a couple pixel. OK I mean Dwight Howard those without a pretty good here edges it all seems. It just we know we we saw last offseason for what Jimmy what was traded yeah. Old George you know upon portrait actually repay and we may and I mean it turns out it was I don't know do you know. No I I I don't and where I wonder about this offseason. And I'm pretty much any offseason. Is it that he is not active early. What does that mean. But from the standpoint of you would figure in the first few days of free agency the big names the the big deals gold down. If he is not active early he does does that mean they're going to have to deal with. The equal opal left overs roam free agency and the trade market or does that mean they just decided. They're gonna be patient may be stretch this being out till trade deadline. I don't know he doesn't he doesn't have a whole lot of stuff to. And they get it open ball but he could be a third team but the heat could give away a lot of key pieces or one piece by. The I just don't see the heat being I 8080. A strong. Attain that and initiate a big deal unless they wanna give way a lot you know or 41321. Weird spend before you the headlines here the guise of free agency is pretty thin. Yes in a lot not a lot of teams have money in the team that have money all staying here. Outside like the lakers don't they stink the lakers could delay the lakers have a history and in the regular track team. Like the other team to have like a lot of cap space bar this summer like hawks. The bulls. The bulls are okay this nation but still the that the kings neo Lotta shady team's sole steers. LeBron is obviously top free gentler option Paul George. Player option Mosul guys think they're linked up next to go DeMarcus Cousins and Julius Randall moving Hoosier stricker didn't know Marcus Smart restricted. JJ Redick. Derrick Favors Isiah Thomas. And like Dwyane Wade the top. Freeagent diamonds with the Dodgers and right Isaiah is damaged food's here so that the coach has to be with. A certain type of player right well today. At least he's a shorter so unique you'd ideally you have be dominant player you know he complements a dominant player whether it's. A big man or LeBron or whatever so you can always get better during in free agency. Other than well the LeBron Paul George right right is right up to see that going down yeah like four players the like last year don't like looking good Jim last year great LSU defense and slow. Doubles is a somebody free there's not there's a guy right exactly and there's no money in the bill got sand and you'd be saving money next year right. Oh yeah I mean they've will see what happens with coli book. Klay Thompson. I read so. You know you includes. Does decide little wait wait and content and free agent got yeah. I was in the class is Nadler and yeah does exactly. You know big time their let's get to 5 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WSS best HD true Miramar. We'll start off with our lives of their your Miami Marlins lead the San Francisco Giants won enough and in the top of the sixth inning this is the finale of their three game series seems to split the first two games. I don't think there's been any bean ball war so far today Debbie no these two teams have a history. Really going back to this is I'm trying to do what is this like their fifth sixth game in less. And a gradual way that they play and you know last week. No laws or three four and then and then the this the Marlins third straight series win this would be this would be. Between the giants twice and then they Orioles saw on installments. Yeah Marlins a start the day fifteen games behind Atlanta in the NL least eleven and have back in the wild card and can you known him saying get that being down the single digit by the end of the week that low carb thing. Yes I was altering. And I understand they eyes again I love your dedication as you look at the wild card standings each and every day that's it maybe that's that's what we're shooting for spurs coach Gregg Popovich met with quietly and in San Diego yesterday according to reports. Popovich is presumably trying to talk littered into accepting a Max deal. Leonard is believed to wanna play in Los Angeles are probably where the lakers cap how do you think that being result settle this thing win. If quiet Leonard has his eyes set on LA. Then. You're not continues mine and the spurs can trade him to a bunch of other places. By any innate in those teams to try to rein him for a year but if on the spurs have like at some point in discussing you know lot. Shrewd man to the lakers have guys that the lakers are gonna give them crap back. Leg the one thing that made sense to meet perk. I know you don't want him in the conference all final camera sometimes is up to bite the bullet right. But if you're we have view quiet letter I'd rather trade him and get better players the trade in two to someplace else and get. Worst players. Well here here could be of beer of the spurs OK you trade collide to the lakers. But what if that's the tipping point now LeBron so it is our magic your I com Pete if you're the spurs you're done you're you're done for the next two years you're not going to. You're going to be Golden State. In an. San Antonio and ordering anyway so go around Brandon Ingram column and all I'm just saying that maybe that's the way the spurs look at it that. If we say in Hawaii to the lakers and then LeBron decides he wants to go. That we're we're locking our sales outlook for the next. Three years four years well this is quite Leonard they're not they're not going anywhere anyway or next year. Are well today I mean you know what I'm saying you unassailable sleigh and as opposed to sending him to the east. Why that's all anyway. Does have a okay quite goes is that trades where they trade him to a Boston find great the Broncos LA the shot better than Michael LeBron. Well no I think my. I don't know and diverted billions and boot it depends on who Paul George Elaine brown give up in Mont Jordan and the bronze in the San Antonio since I don't title you're not a title contender but you did. You know you did. I don't at that lakers team is used you it's the only thing. And important for the spurs the spurs best player LaMarcus Aldridge. I mean you know you get Julius Randall and and bring in any room in a few other pieces Bynum would Marcus. Although that's a trade school why there are giddy and if you tribute to him to Boston why aren't you did today yeah you get. He had Jalen brown honored that they are human I don't know anyway. I didn't think we the spurs. Welcome to welcome to the new NBA spurs yet where the players and tell you how how it's gonna go on spurs haven't dealt with this how how many of those players window. Like Paul George and won a total Casey and I and I it was Boston on high res list. I don't think they want Turkey was I think he was out of Colin afford anyway most of these players win. You know what I would dispute that OK and NFC LO will will listening to ship some depth will finish it must Dwight Howard. Been trader from Charlotte to Brooklyn in exchange for senator Timothy must go up to second round picks and cash. Howard has one year and 23 point eight million dollars left on his deal mas dog who years 32 point seven million less. Traits can't be official until July 6 when the moratorium ends. From movement on the golf Phil Mickelson apologized today for intentionally hitting a moving ball on the thirteenth green Saturday during the US open. Bill said in a statement I know this should come sooner but it's taken me a few days to come down my anger and frustration got the best of me last week in I'm embarrassed and is going to by my actions. It was clearly not my finest moment and I'm sorry. So. There's that fill our member fill us much is the league you talk about guys things remember certain that guys. Things you remember come from certain guys that you should not like now remember that for awhile even though like pets. Ideally one like Phil you know had a hunker thoughts double payments are may do it that's gonna be remembered like ten years now yeah the loss of reminded viewers over. Yet you haven't determined that console mere Korea want you to commit career slam World Cup action today Portugal defeat Morocco one kneel in Uruguay to beat Saudi Arabia one kneel or why in Russia advanced to the knockout round. I intent. 22 of the top players in the tournament scored in those students additional Renault dole. Morrow Portugal and no Luis Suarez herb block Spain to beat it I ran one Neil. So about the X dynamo soccer knowledge no let's wars or no though your ass over here and I'm I'm I'm gonna truths we stop it right there World Cup sense and struck at strikes NFL Tom Brady who is forty years old hinted on ends the rim he might retire at 45 years old. Brady's communications there quarry and are you cinco. Brady wrote that accompanied by three monkey emote geez the see no evil hear no evil speak no evil monkeys so. Five more years of Brady that's it man that's it is healed healed he might last well more coaching staff right field. Out 601 stated in and Esperanto. And and Cam Cameron and Nick Saban and Joseph Philbin and her acts. And dates that Tom Brady strap on another five motorists. Incredible. Anyway college World Series action Arkansas leading Texas Tech by the not been in the top of the live organ state plays North Carolina tonight. And by the way. We did report earlier because it was written in the papers that he guard Dion Waiters has been looking good and pick up games. That was relayed to the newspapers by bam out of bio but we have since been told that dam on a bio misspoke. Dion Waiters apparently has not been participating in the street and somebody's looking bad in that group as well that out with the government but not here learned. Apparently Bim model bio misspoke and that the words it though we've gotten those ridiculous. A lot of headlines there we Dwight Howard didn't move today we talked to grow and not Carney from Sports Illustrated all about it joy is next or 79. To. Beta sigma seven. Don't you worry though. That's why would tell you go down the radio that come out for months now that's where our stream is in will be and everything else you've come to expect from the ticket app. To wrote down all the reduce that come out now and don't mister Faber to show radio dot com and Obama himself and any NF from 104. Point three HD to the take occurs expert wreck with you here on 79 you do well the single has been broken as being named on the NBA. Off season and joining us right now they around fuels announcers who is or is just signed their truly steps. Beyond convenient covers the NBA for Sports Illustrated materials work. I had SI dot com also wants to work down here at the the Miami hell yeah I know memento that's right our own and that Carney he joins us here on seven and into your Rohan thanks for taking a few minutes how are things. I'm great thank you got so much for having it's it's absolutely my pleasure. No I'm no doubt about it and give his boys back on the South Florida Airways romance isn't he though. Also you fall onto Brad wrote him and that Carty just like it just like it sounds there all right Doug you broke down the white Howard trade here. This was a little bit of a surprise. That's that Dwight coming out pretty good season would would not fetch as much why is that and what went behind these two teams make you this transaction here the day before the draft. I think what's happening right now is it like certification Natalie just it just crater I don't think. I keep seeing in the last few walker he's been in you know you can't count it's fourteen and four years I think what's happening to you have a decent player for Charlotte chip again. You know he doesn't run at me particularly. To he refused to come out the bench he's someone who I think teams don't appreciate. Locker room at my parents following them around you know the total underground throughout his career now took the workings were rather and I haven't even though he's productive player. I think what Brooklyn during an incredibly Smart I've they have the potential at a lot of cap room next summer they're finally get the draft picks back. Our they would be well under way in terms of their rebuilt. For Charlotte you know I think maybe you don't quite like so much that you need to dump him but taking on an extra year's salary. And these are really stuck right now Charlotte bad situations the obstacle or looked in the mirror and figure out what they wanna do in order. Romano always enjoy reading what you right I'm I'm not gonna ask right now about sway TP and his views on cocaine. You had to do you had to think about the a couple of days ago about draft day trades that should happen. And one of the that you had in the air was Hassan Whiteside west met used. Win Dallas an 82021 lottery protected first round pick. Eight explain your thinking in no in proposing that and throwing that deal out there. Well I got paid personal that's really wishful thinking from my partner at Oregon. You to think and I think he. Are the only team without a pick I believe 1211 draft. That's a huge track it's likely going to be the first here. You NBA get rid of the one and done rule which means not only to have college freshman in the 20/20 one draft. You're gonna have high schoolers and that the loaded with talent that he asked to find a way to get. Into the 20/20 one draft. At this point getting rid of white sided petition back. Actually I didn't matter who you're getting in return for him and that trade what it comes down to just isn't moving on from him. If you would have such a negative present on the court for the in the class who have been out of Iowa who is the modern center of the kind of what you want for the NBA moving forward I don't think like I. Had a lot of utility currently. You know I wrote that that trade to happen that was well very pro he perspective on it you see what happened with Dwight Howard I don't know like I. Trade value even that good how are so I think the heater could have a tough time keeping them. But they need to find a way I think to get an opportune right now I'm not only is he holding back am he just has proven that he he can't really be a positive impact on the team. How how do they do that amends whatever you fail once wants to figure out ran as this. How does Pat Riley I mean he can change the roster. I think we all can agree on that but Kenny and change it and make it better this off season. I he. There's got to be a lot of magic tricks that for him to kind of make this thing work here is there an avenue do you see enough desperate teams. That are gonna pick up the phone that gonna say okay pat yeah I will do his deal. How do you see the heat's off season unfolding. I think he are gonna really have to embraced patient. This copy gonna take a look at the rant capable right now go to seat obviously still very very good. Who's available who betray maybe you consume the trade for quite a letter is yet to give up. You know combination of atrocities in justice would vote and ban at a price of for a couple letter word that EU. You do get the best player that an attorney in Italy won here that that contract. I think what he that is genuinely look forward okay 20192020. And we can kind of absent at state. You know maybe catch the tail end of the word dynasty and rebuild a contender that I think you can have a tough time. Moving the contracts they wanna move whether Tyler traffickers are my side I don't think the heat should attach a player like justice when hook. Or drop for Japan and Arnie great contract I don't think Richard Hatch act like just to get rid of salary. I think the better of them are playing or between nineteen not yet the 20/20 yard eleven play out in the next couple years and then down the line when you really kind of focus your rebuilding effort because I think. The interest of hitting home runs right now you might regret it if you acquire and acquire clerical island who is a flight risk giving up you know some of your best asset. I think for the heat as. So out of the sound for a market that expects. No big expletive moves every summer I can be really need to be patient and think future. A flight risk I liked I. Wrote I guess that was stolen on the Internet and it's not there are stronger and so wrote an updated list of sweat he'd be here so he's the he's like. Patsy Ramsey and he catches up to him. And I guess they they asked him about Canada legalizing marijuana and his response is I want people to pass cocaine everybody needs to do cocaine. Now the way you know joking aside should the NBA be concerned. That he voice this opinion I. You know I presume that he's joking that tend she in the NBA talk to whom should the NBA final what do you think the league to do about this Ron. If the strangest thing I think you already came out of it are gonna say to take on guys eagle and I don't think the league needs to sign him. He's still got that post championship glow he get. If you re great in my opinion you know people are comfortable putting cameras in the same I do think that we should maybe talk to them and say hey. Maybe just don't think it's just how it I don't think that any player that is in for cocaine use shorter I don't know about the drug. But I don't think any designer or anything like that. You know that took have been burned more attention to the situation make it a bigger deal than they need to be. But they can have a quiet conversation media over the order they Haywood and our players average in its ability but. You know the tour in October and that they make it a couple of jokes. You know I don't know how much he slept well it's been a nonstop party since he captured it it won a landslide this stuff. Ronan does Carney is our guest Doug covers the MBA for SI dot com. We got the draft sneaking up on us here Rohan and I wanna get your thoughts on that. While before we let you go you had a big draft to travel again to please tell everybody about that. That they can find you for tomorrow night but oh what do you what are you what are you most intrigued by tomorrow. Of a player a team. What what what are you what mostly Ford to tomorrow's the as the draft takes place here and nine guys start to again taken. Well I appreciate yet we have our lives direction on that side dot com at 730. In time of the draft coming up at dot com you can watch the other writers break down everything that's happening in real time didn't know what I'm most excited about. I'm really curious just east teams. Or competent picking big men up at the top of the draft you look at where the Indian going. The commute guardedly it's their recruiters players Lee got a picture beyond our of this thing he could drop governor. Order I just don't know if you take a guy like I'm Obama and the bottle Marvin back he will they be able to stay on the court. During the playoffs when teams go small and there's there's a lot of respect and taking big men near the top of the draft. You can make sure they can choose what you need to make sure they can defend perimeter players I think it's really interest to. I mean the best parts prospect in the class class. I'm going to replace senator will air guard lecture me on their greedy guy like Mikhail bridges kind of lurking out there collecting. Could be more solid pro for 100 times if not as I it was healing so I think between characters and let it out and plays out. John Green on number one of the sun dried instruments a lock. Yeah that's everyone's been agreed that it be bearish article after that who knows our neighbor and will be all we logical we listen and and and certainly font you on the on Twitter thanks for taking a few minutes with a great stuff. And I promise you we're tomorrow we're gonna bother you think about a month from now when things really started enough is free agency after we SARS in flight risk yes. I appreciate it. It's my pleasure. Variant beyond any time you pop. You've got to thank you LeBron. Role and not Carney who works for Sports Illustrated covers the NBA's got a big draft special tomorrow with the other guys at a sports those are great stuff man who partied harder since the title old vets can persuade EP boat over ten. Yeah yeah nothing's being those definitely out in the rescue of investment at a living sweat TDs imparting his whole life. Soul you know it is one of those. Are you and I can relate to that perk. Yeah it was a tough Haywood excellent what I want for New Year's what do and I were up for July 4 would do it and I'm like and I'm just that nothing really man and a widely and you get to go I get the hang out all night and party drink it all those guys kind of do that are in it yet. We have today except except I I don't have the title. But other than that alma there was lady beetle best writer or I used to beat you as he did it again is excellent image image of the last ten years of life I just need a title you know that's that's one of those things in the party and and stop this and attributes of regatta trophy carrier on the great stuff from royal national of the draft we come back we got a text to get to hear. On 790 the ticket. And so over the fourth of July. And the city of sunrise join us outdoors at the previous season of live music kids activities food trucks. Fireworks and more live music including classic rock legends grand funk railroad. The American band. I got furcal perked up. Gates open at 430 in parking and admission are free for your safety all bags will be searched. Visit sunrise FL dot gov for details or call 9547474600. See you in sunrise on July 4 and they have so many NF immoral four point three HD two tickets. Court is almost here. Yeah a man. It is the first day of Summers as a mother and tomorrow is personal and aren't you know an elected official but I was again as a Memorial Day is a start of summer. July 4 is the middle summer no labor days yet that's how I look at. Now they as far as whether it's a little bit different yeah yeah I don't know its decision to steamer out there today by the way it's a huge jump in in your car there and head home from my work to sit back Internet AC on and and relax and will up what do you all the way there are also you wanna Texas show feel free to do so six of 974. That's at 67974. Thanks Rohan. That Carney from sports hill is for sports illustrator for joining us. NBA draft two is tomorrow you know we've been World Cup central around here the next last week yourself right we're going to be World Cup central and NBA draft central tomorrow I can guarantee that no we're gonna of the draft following our program we're gonna have a proverbial axis yeah instituted an. Yes that's deserted the are we gonna have and he gets we have some drafting analysts that are gonna join us tomorrow letting the other bag yet but. Or allows been heavily working on that sort of amicable as somebody marched into to bring down some stuff. For you rule letting the image just conflict as kind of a weird deal because college basketball. Yale Lotta people most he's the one of them anyway so analysts who watch into public tournament like a militia become mental thing you're missing bodies as play great. Which idea okay. But once they get drafted there once were in this process and they blame me MB that are may want snows of north earning good soul. I do things a lot of very good players in the strapped tunnel there's if there is a great players that can change your franchise tomorrow. If you take him but for you Cooper when we got a couple young guys here are some local guys here blood. Who'd you wanna Selig what what guys like yeah there's always a couple of guys and they're just got to move there's a whether Tim NFL draft. That whatever it is that you say OK I wanna see where this guy going and don't see where he goes who was a player for you tomorrow night. Probably my Obama from Texas. Easily yeah because he's. A sinner who. Just stay a you know seven foot one. He's projected an acting role on C it was right now saw somebody else talk about this you know watch like. When he shows. But they were talking about from the number of minutes played by a seven voters and in this NBA finals and it was. It was like. Seven minutes or some something ridiculous so we go back to mow bomb by and told who'd skinny dude but. How many positions can heed of the end. I I just wonder how how glued he's going to be only saw him play three times. In in at Texas a season but I just wonder how does. How strong like you if this duke goes like number three you're number five and does his game is is it gonna translate. Is it gonna wait equaled his draft status that's right I've got my doubts. Okay Mike average for a young from Oklahoma. And he's Colin. But already he's on they say yeah that's that yes we projection right now is he's gonna I don't know that that's what intrigued you don't have remained in the busy lives. Like at one time you as a side is like. Number five or so like mess that is giving a top five paid right worse than five. And now there's our minds about Thompson knew exactly yeah I'm MC and like thirteen fourteen so don't spot right no luck perhaps. I think trade young I mean he can shoot the basketball he can drivel you handle. He's bigger than most people think. He played in a pretty good conference. I think he's got the goods and Ozzy stuff curry I mean I don't know I doubt it like. I think he can shoot an illegal of the surge he's gonna to handle any to shoot the ball I think he's better than you know those summary order parent body style like Titus. Ties to Jones income Beers who committed duke couldn't you know I think he's better than that settings are more explosiveness. I'll select child sex in a little bit by Tim trims it a little bit more games will be more refined than sexson sections more explosive. Bonus since sexton and indeed him when they played in the regular season right now I mean no I mean I got it doesn't it. Michael Porter junior is ECB twelve challenge I believe is when they play Michael Porter juniors a wild card it would the F with the injury. Jerry Jackson is got all the all the measurable she won it. Bly yeah but you really do much of Michigan State. You know we numbers wise right he's look at the object. The day then there's your idea that's that's the animal on middle and on camera isn't really though Jersey Darko Milicic right. Will figure that one out eventually so all the. I do think the of the big debate is inching and and you got to run blocker Bruce brown right buddy olympians the big bend the big man thing. And I said this. I've thought about business at the scene before the Golden State stuff came the three point line really. Just just. It has really reinvented basking in the ambient changed the game right in etc. but you know for years Joseph wow the big man the game is going away from big man. And I used to say. And I still say this although now it's harder to Tino to kind of proved your point or it's harder to people to get on your side. And it's a wise MB moving from moving from the big men because they want more shooed the warmer still more this. In it was just the media as well no because. This is nobody nobody's producing big men. From college basketball. As though there were like ten years are big Sox right exactly so you know like if she showed up tomorrow. It was draft eligible boom everybody what you have to do. Instead would you ask you a powerful some bright minds they were there wasn't quality big men being put in the now you look at drafting a downgrade seven footer Bagley is is six elevenths Bob a seven footer you know carters of bigness the only young guys there. Where OK now you start to see some traditional big men in the MBA now that the three point basket isn't about in Bible not all that stuff but the tomb of the two best shots of basketball. Are the three year old winner in the though the over the boards don't. Soul yes and you know kept the seat with a big me and what I wonder is a you know and one reason that. Colleges don't produce amiss because. High schools and AA you don't produce them because nobody plays that style of game. And so when you get to the NBA if you normal Obama. Are you able to defend you were position. Officially. And and what I mean by that is in in college and high school and eight AEU. Obama could just go out there and and B seven B your better than everybody else says it's gotta you know Michael Beasley. Coming up through a UN high school and college at nobody made them play defense it was like might go out there are scores thirty points. And sold them them Obama being as he hit to the the end. These some of these dynamic being our guys that are in the leave now on their kitchen and some of these dudes and how effective can he be edit like I know more Obama can take care of his game. But can he do of the end what the game has become and that that's what I've done. The point. I just don't think like the big men or did you ever see the big men again I think that crazy I think. It is gonna come back where you could see 1015 years and now like you don't like that textiles like fasteners miles. You're gonna see element that's that's Gardner doesn't have to start. At the bottom and and because quite yet because like that the NF no. Did you just change. There was a change it high school with seven on seven minute change in college firm end and then yeah that in the end it did you know then it goes up today in sales but. Like you fury a big guy as. You know you kind of need the game to change with you because you've got to do in other big guys also know that's fair. You know we know Hassan Whiteside in that mole right writing a hunger a 100% off sale like is yeah sung Kim just go out there and dominate on one end of the court and that's okay you got to defeat and now sonim blocked shots but DeLia UBS the other part of your game you gotta do. Indies and it's like when the heat point 111 that this is kind of a good example he did Tony eleven member than they had they felt that neither they had to have a five on the roster. So they had. They had soldier has Ilgauskas right they had a moment lure big catch him on floor they had I wanna say they had Dexter Pittman. Reminder Pittman might have been with the media and Americans is our ability to Oklahoma and forget the saudis. I was that was an Eddy Curry not currently have read the might of a demented somebody else you on the but I remember you have big cat NBC. They felt the need that they had to have. A UD center on the roster that one out of four right. And it was just. Immense (%expletive) in the off season realize it's true that those guys that the you know those guys stink yes so why am I wasting my time just have a five run I'd rather have. Another weighing another another option put my best on the floor and Roloson and I've been this game after he went to see Chip Kelly right as this goes back here in Iowa where LeBron nearly yelling get your athletes Mario and then and hits the ball and run all that other stuff. But the point is akin to those guys were bad. Though my point my point is that they're lawless out of the density area but if you add a quality of quality big men. You're not going to shy away from that you're willing you're going to put him on the foreign find a way to dominate because. To a shot the basketball over three right now. In the dark and really dominant big man we got thrown around there in new consistently score adds a 60% click could on layups and layups and dunks. Dan. And your altered your cultured to delve. Yeah. See the trade off though is if it was the other one I think that is wrong Eric yeah I just does it yeah. Yes I'll look at all these they're billionaires Daniels misses some yeah that's right that's right I forgot eligible on your actually I had Dampier and the when he said the model we have the ball and Jennifer are Dampier yeah yeah a big Z will both those were reduced Dampier has all right I go there corner and then Z isn't yet of his career as I don't useless he would be our senators and all those guys were. I think big Z was the only other all star on that terrible 2007. Can stinger that that LeBron to to the finals but getting back to the sun so. Yes you can company into embodied in any and he's got a new dunks or or the dominant big man and I shouldn't say it's on but at the other in he might be given up threes and so now you're making that three for to change OK but that's something there we talked about it but once I was on the bomb in the big on talk and no I'm not about us shack yeah yes I showed upper right wing showed up correct in this era and he's one play. Yes guys playing in debt and our guys is a good birdie again there he's got to play by. Yeah the game is big it's it's interesting camp because the game has kind of gone away from. Well not not kind of the game is totally gone away from those dues and I got keeping them like you if you have that dominant big guy you could just. Just make the other teams commit just by. And we haven't seen that guy you know because I don't Dwight Howard could have beer and but -- we yeah that's a different he's been traded that's older and well Oprah. It lines and jello well that's something that we just a bit and he's on the all time. Could have been less movies on the all time could've been team yeah lighthouse are going to be in team demonstrated again it's that plus Riviera. Was warned them that team also oil company. Texas team and that is why is senator series I don't know really hasn't yet and yet we have a look whereas now download a moment ago I was a bit of force senators like feeling that my dad how all these big guy I play I just basically judge them where they good dudes who the media big sea with whom those dudes now as a learning. Yeah I don't care picked him play better. Don't tell me if this whole this whole MBA all about a mile and up Ehlers is there is I don't care Jay Cutler Sox didn't need right. Now who cares of the law with he didn't by the big cost the the town a championship back. That's hurts us and other matters all that mattered what did to the six next here on seven I didn't take. Coming up on 6 o'clock. That's right don't worry. Especially regarding the tickets out don't worry about that. Going to be all right I gotta do is download the radio dot com Abby would tell you about it for the last couple months. That's our stream will be in our stream is and everything else you come to expect him to get up. So go download and don't worry. The radio dot com map do it now I know mr. Faber take its show. Rated comedy homo names of many NF from 1043 beastie to the tickets. Don't worry just get that done man ranked. Three little birds me you and wells and Lauren. I will be. Is. Me no including usually loud and I. I'm Bob love Bob and I get idea we've crafted bestowed because there was you know use the Bob anytime and you can't look but it's as you know Bob which in such a mood. You know you just wanna go to Canada. I had some doubt now is our posts and articles slash PP ROK I understand you know Bloomberg go to Seattle Cisco just go just flail it somewhere with the dragon man they say is they don't worry about a thing you know I think whoever those things it'll be all right there perk there you know every building is gonna be all right so. I use the Bobby tablet just puts me in that mood of telling him like your mood and vacation mood oh yeah you Ayman Syria's vacation mode there aren't any dialogue it was about a lot World Cup games all that yeah you argue our sports bomb. All of a sudden death a man I'd look at the long and the dolphins. Do their part and keep people out of jail and stay out of headline correct I mean chilled soon though and probably in mid July is because in this thing gets ready for training camp start work on a couple of weeks for trying to sort and this is what I speak is the truth pardon. Nobody over the dolphins facility. Can that can dispute as any news. That happens now. Is bad news. The relievers in the dance and pretty much yeah yeah I mean he you know you did you just have you know a guy. Yes they had had surgery on his wrist and he's expected to be you know that's bad news ready for Carolina Panthers are bad that's bad news of gamma is a good news that he needed the surgery. You out any you're pretty much yeah he's it didn't arrest. You know. You know rip and his teammates. Whenever there is any news you don't want any rooms and every NFL team right now. You don't ever or look great. The Brady. About 45. Lanka aren't you out and have you heard 90% grade I Eddie neighborhoods and correct you know is not good news like this the colonial Jones things going on and banana. That's a we have that too Leo and TO. I don't want him Morgan I would TO OK then there's and the keys that. Cam Newton's like celebrity softball turn him into falcons are suitable pass a come on then yeah I mean openings doing downhill. So that's a yeah that's a weird when they're out we got Thomas of the get to hear in 6 o'clock hour we'll get to headlines and and everything else. And also new text messages six of 974679. Some forty settle for two corners you'll lose text or rates in the new math. It's gonna have to evolving of the MBA before small guys would only shoot threes and you have a big seven floater like Shaq did this say this. Listen to reporters it's great it's fun it's on stuff basketball has always been and always will be a game for tall people. Okay willing to all of the better in basketball right right so let's let's let's just start there. And are they going through a phase yes it is a reporter more part of the game is never absolutely. But. Does say that the big men are getting phased out or that there's not a place for a back to the basket big man in today's NBA yesterday I would have to be more athletic. And be a little more vs told them let's say some of the the plodding big men that we've seen in years past. By op I think with a you know we don't we start our modest as we've talked with. Withrow in that Carney Earl earlier from a setback comments there was you know what what he most intrigued about draft tomorrow. How many big middle be taken early June and creole for I don't want to touch any big men you know everyone thought that. No it's the big mid to give the reason why I does that look so good bigger and now all of a sudden there's some good big men and NBA GM to say you're damn right we're taking these guys. That well there's a difference between being a good big men they do a good seven footer and being a back to the basket seven cook is a post player. Yeah and well they're they're zealots. There there's no orders. No room for the back to the basket. Play your unless. He's able to kind of the end perimeter big men. Now if you can do it that's fine but we we have not seen that guy. And and that's the problem and and I'm not sure that begged it is being trained. For this from the standpoint of how many how many offensive. How many teams are going to go with a back to the basket big man whether it's AA you high school or college of. Guys good enough and that is still similar Carl Anthony towns you go with it. Now and then you cut and now he's got to do a better job of defending. What he's a bad defender in the post to. Radios are just that does not he's not athletic enough now that's just that's just a desired thing for him but as far back to the basket yeah I'll you know I'll take a guy like him. Dwight Howard. Was traded say we need John earlier withdraw him about that and he says is a great deal for the nets. Dwight Howard's basically turf in the MBA he's being he's officially on the altered team when you look at it he's fourteen years warrior recitation news is near. And played well last year. Had good numbers right yet okay you play well. So it in the well. Yeah average sixteen and twelve right yeah sorry we're and so on average last year. Did play well he was around those numbers. Yeah but that's different I mean it's a use heard half the year in the so now music. Dwight Howard played one of his better seasons the last couple years ago so my point is. There's stuff off the floor that teams don't like about right to stuff behind the scenes and romance and you know he's not to come off the bench. He's not gonna be more involved in pick and rolls like he was in his youth. It was either miles on two. But Dwight Howard is a perfect example I remember when they went to the finals was at 07 when they went to the finals. 07 I believe yeah yeah raiders believe that's correct yeah yeah yeah game he was still a young man then again on ice cores on a high school guys by the way. And he never has never go postal. Opposable perk. Dwight Howard could be one could have been one of the all time great players ever in this league even mid as the lead changed. As he played perk and to the like what we just talked about the three point stuff. Dwight Howard had all the capability of being one of the great big men of all time and you know what. He's still going to be goat he's gonna make a bunch of money the it has made a bunch of money he's good as he might make the hall fame or goals. I don't know I don't the years I Obama does as yet but he's one of those guys that we talk about it a lot in sports right now. She what could have been go to vet vet. Team. I you know I haven't gone buried deep on this team but the the guys who. Ers or by years this dues here in April hole saying he can't miss many stumbles right Dwight Howard. Jake Long. Like that Jake Long for injury reasons are but and why did have some injuries but. Yeah I have a long career to a fifteen year career right MBA and it just tailed off. Just liked it you know from deep defensive player of the year and and all that stuff. Mom. Expedia. Whom to what we see now it's it's been it's been a big ball I don't know. No one Gonzales from baseball. It's on that team I don't know if one was hit it to the whole claim that his his early years he was mashed and a main home runs RB his. And then just you know just a law just dispel law there there's a you guys like that that would make that. That what the hell happened to UT. Like you're your career. Doing great here then here's the thing you're sitting on the or whatever well here's the thing on this perk your thing also is throughout this conversation is usually there's an explanation. And you could say Jake Long just injuries just does rit right has that was serious no L radio that the injuries have covered some attention with Penny Hardaway. Yet an area communities need Zenyatta. White power what's your excuse. These meals later yeah well what what what's the reason why. All you have to coaches right no and I rightly do what's the reason Odom had a back issue and Ali Al giving him a complete pass for the LA experience. That was a complete believe show with him and Kobe and Steve Nash in the lakers did l.'s all misguided you know and his backers was killed. I'll give him Molly on now. Like everywhere else Houston. Atlanta. You know Charlotte like you know OK fine you you're young and stupid in Orlando and you know what you had to stand man and had a good situation you blew it up there okay. That's his that's his immaturity but after that. Like meg what's the reason Mike's leg that Dwight Howard is ahead the strange the the agility. All of those things you want to get everything you'd want is a man known in the spam. This is the he's good enough she's gonna hang around he's gonna published numbers and your like dude. There's there's so. Much more or there when you look at Dwight Howard and yes somebody takes an angry and he'll Grant Hill. He'll probably still make him but he was right he was out like he was like at the top both forward he tried to push through an ankle injury against the heat. And what only one. In the in the playoffs and and was really never or 2000. Whatever year that was it was really never the same. Somalis is Steve Francis Stevie franchise. And though he was was he ever on the way. He was he's got a good player a very talented players or whatever Vince Young yeah Vince wasn't. On the way to the hall and earlier this kind of robust. I like these that meant he was rookie of the year wasn't here. Some like Vince was the idea so we got to get to it's always excellent first let's get to 6 o'clock headlines. Speaks to what you XY and south my WSS. HD true. Your car. We'll start off in baseball where Europe Miami Marlins are trailing by just three. Now in San Francisco bottom of the seventh inning. This is the third game of the three game series teams lose. Lit the first two games. Marlins started the day fifteen games behind Atlanta in the NL least eleven and a half back in the wild card. Go into the NBA spurs coach Gregg Popovich reportedly met with co Y Leonard in San Diego yesterday that's according to multiple reports. Popovich is presumably trying to talk Leonard into accepting a Max deal Leonard is believed to want to play in Los Angeles for horribly for the late. I don't know the money's going to be there wherever he plays well how about if pop to says yeah we're willing to it does give you this 219. Million dollar contract to sign right now if you wanna. Inquires like yeah good. And that could good about the yeah its nose and the money whether it is an. No I mean that yet that scenario which. Which pop would probably be sit there with his draw just on the ground right here's a pen relate to and I did you really don't like this great idea and glad that I'm good yeah yeah the Olympia make that with my contract with the lakers plus one new shoe deal. Is one of those injured right who walked on the street abuse well just right. Now getting hit by a buzzer and play gathers up it is as well as the customer to the ninety million dollar deal ran them a good news. And Dwight Howard's been traded from Charlotte to Brooklyn in exchange for senator Timothy mas god who second round picks. And cares Howard has one year left and 23 point eight million dollars and is contrary. Mazda of this two years left in 32 point seven million went on his contract. Trades him become official until July 6 when the moratorium ends. Phil Mickelson apologized today for instantly hitting a moving golf ball on the thirteenth marine during the US open. World Cup scores Portugal to beats Morocco one nil or are obliged to beat Saudi Arabia one kneel or why in Russia advanced to the knockout round Spain defeated I ran one Neil. NFL news Tom Brady was forty years old pentagon instead rim he might retire 45. Brady's communications. Sea air corps in east saint goal. Accompanied by those three Monty emote GC no evil hear no evil speak no evil so. Maybe Brady rubio who knows Google knows when Tom I you rate is this girl and everybody right now. You think so. Yeah you might be less filling ambiance grew so yes yes he might be right he's now he's just you know what I'm Tom Brady like him and I could die like golf like as well you know what I. To have that kind of power like LeBron explain or you know appeared mess a year you could just jet with people kept us right now with people unless they tell you about college World Series Arkansas over Texas Tech by two top of eight. Tonight college World Series organ state plays north Carolina at seven those are your headlines. Right 67974. Tiger reaches on the tax on realized he took Brady enjoys secular people like did you succumb to be it's still now it looks like he's having more fun like this is what the best thing is the company's foreign not not and this isn't like passive aggressive than us communication as a zone this is kind of bond like Brady is. I think I'm on a certain level I think he's also. Does it to screw with the patriots a little bit too I think I think implement the vigil rebellious act. I think there's a mess of them what it every company does something it's it's national don't know mentally it's it's leading sports and her first big Scotland the first at all. Braids waited you know reds responded there is is I am post I'm I'm actually a little more skeptical of Brady's. Good natured fun here are just opening it's part of you know as you see your career winding down become more human not the robot she word because you'll never sill. Your TB twelve lifestyle as a robot you need to become more personable I'm very suspicious. Of what breed used to. You know I complained yesterday about that the silly FaceBook documentary. In. I am very suspicious of is also let you know and everybody you know it I'm not mad hampered trying to pitch. Trying to be its main enemy not I don't know LeBron James actually likes bright. Tom but. I'm just suspicious of brings mode aside becoming more human or the reason and that's to sell product. Okay woman so we will be the first and do that not only would over the last guy I don't think also like yeah he's. The bottom line he's not going anywhere anytime soon boundaries that would be our guest on the top on the front we're not going anywhere we're still got to oh sorry about. A forty minutes or so with easier to examine those text which we're gonna get to a new aside. Coming up next radiance of the ninety's to. MO neither. This Saturday. Seven editing at our sister station in the shark and the governor grow business improvement district present to come in the grove street scene. With three fully plugged in sets. From Alex Billy Joseph. Body may and the dreamers were shutting the streets down entering the grove in doing all registry party responds by shell lumber and hardware. Guaranteed low prices for more than nine years does it show lumbered outcome in this semester coconut grove. Remains of a nanny and a from 1043 HD to the ticket courtesy of her for equity here. On a busy Wednesday afternoon. Kept my. Let me ask you one teeing. And nerves could shoot in the in the way back machine. Turn. Where were you were in the hot tub time machine right there on the hot tub time machine you and I bomb. Five years ago today and twelve years ago to say okay. Will what do you think you were doing. Okay five your ball I was doing this on both convicted it does. Oh struggle astronomy to them I do the radio show Perth Australia Andrews when he. Say 10 o'clock at night. Ultimately I imagine running of this. I'll probably I'll probably chase and somebody around a bar somewhere area if I usually take you closer and I 2006. In 2013. Because June 20 2:10 PM midnight obliquely you're doing you have pictures of me doing some your premium this is this. Is this a sting operation here I don't know you what's going higher heat. When the titles. Okay 62013. June 20 okay those of you in a bar. A bit you might have been a series of a shot. With a with a beer. I remember post 06 armor specifically if they were and you remember your first one part that's right so I announce well very quickly I'll tell you because. Yesterday what are two days ago we talked about Ray Allen shot. And and I would during the break free okay man and he say did you know how how like FaceBook does these you know by a year anniversaries. Yet a picture of me and him at a dance seven altogether so that that's what mainly during the race and we did the Ray Allen we get a reality it anniversaries yesterday that was two days a bully right two days there have been in play back to back. So yes that what we're you know and 06 and and 13 June 20 you have maybe 10 PM 103011 witness 11 PM I was in a game would have been over Iowa and my eleven while Dallas on six was away yeah I was in Dallas was twelve here or are there. There are hurting or there will be the first one dollar they were doing the first ones yeah yeah I don't know. No the personal was June 21. Cut are so yeah Tony yet toy thirteen that Tony thirteen with the spurs were here yeah they weren't ready yet. You look at it knows also Renyel probably no record of somewhere and are now pots and pans everywhere now as we celebrate mend we're getting ready for another big trade we're gonna talk about on the radio. I think it was a thirteen got a Mike my color were doing this would do and they doing a show also we were up. Gergen ready to the party of pretty good I remember 06 specifically to. And I guess as one leg funny funniest things Oakmont sports talk radio and just phantom in general yeah. So I remember. 06. A girls' dating of the time we went and we watched we watched it was game six we watched it and I at a restaurant over on the beach from and it was it was it was like a watch party but it was really quiet right. So you know those can it was headed our date night but don't standards it was like hey we got to I don't want to do all right tonight. And I really didn't think they'd win that game at a during its smoked. And and then game seven would be there to untie the announcer Lou was going that that was all six that that was one suit one shirt one time right right and idiots mole game six yeah and I thought okay game seven we'll see what happens suddenly then when the game and. So Bubba they win is so we're driving back. Were driving back in the car and everyone on the two on the the causeway. Hawkins' horror earnings. You know do in the lied to get people are set off fireworks. Pots and pans are coming out everyone celebrating rent. Am listening Imus in the lead the fast that he K yeah yeah yeah I have been feeling a manner and I came Lebanese genetic data that Kennedy template and that again right yeah. Is doing championship radio and he should be I know but I'll never for you know it's a dollar the raiders were the bat not a united a lot of Gregory. All that stuff them. The but this is the that this is where I go this is what I really question the business that I chose. Right guy calls and Eddie you know right and I know the sentence if I don't remember to do the firm called right guy calls and Eddie casualties to call. I would call and he calls and says you know what yeah a great game he's a big trip to victory even I don't you know. Eddie victim a call yet you know a big guy. You know great game we won the championship. Our first our first and our in our franchise history great stuff. Now let me tell you. We gotta get rid of Antoine Walker because he's a liability at small forward. That Antoine Walker is so bad defensively. And I I. Wow some I've stared at the radio now. My real good kind of looked at merely what's the matter they were you know Elizabeth why try and I go. Try as I that doubles that caller is that they were the moment that he picks are not. But that's you know. It's like he just won the right move in slow that he picks who starred Lou the rebuke to start and right like I got called back. Every night that's like after every day you know they write it he had season ticket right sped out of the upon thousands of dollars. But I he's sure he's all that stuff I write about what you wanted to write the end I have. No amount you spent wisely committee looking little seven yard to go. Real great job when the ship it to boy Riley really coach don't. Ellison Antoine Walker yes we got to upgrade at small forward because he's not content right there any ads were. That is egg and I'd I it just one of those it's one of those. Yeah what do you it's this one of the mind believe it's. Yeah yeah I was I was in Dallas cover in the cover in the game and united I have to right side I missed all of the champagne popping in. And all of that people would were telling me stories about you know rise Lee and and and seconds though in the way game and and nine yeah I miss I I got in there and and today you know all of the likely that the fifteen strong cards were read the news yeah it smelled like. You know like beer and Jim pain in the locker room though and yeah I miss this comment I miss that I miss that whole. Bowl celebration knows work and and then by the time I went in there. Like a good players were pretty much gone man's side I didn't see like all of. The hideaway. Of course directors are gonna take a for the caller caller was right or it's a locker was very frustrating and it's extra points out like they divvy up to him as they did upgrade at small forward. But it's easy when the chick like that's right that's the moment you pick who that's to our way to building this is yet your your first words after winning the title are not we need to get rid of inflow. That is the greatest that's what you root for that is what you what is the fear and nothing else should matter no. There's usually we will chairmanship okay. Yeah I'm still return to at times I think about that story yeah yeah they always say that's where those six dollars a yes that's what I was doing I was coming back to a here's a list into a guy. Complain after they just won the title and a half hour earlier today that he upgrade the roster out of joy for twenty minutes we got we got to where every. Greta baby right track. I expect people in business said he gave both. Hold on Narnia and the Eddie played at Tennessee didn't suffer fools very well he's. But that's. That's one of those that's one of those used on. You to shake your head berkadia Broadway Heidi Heidi talked that guy. Yeah yeah 2013. Com. Tell you there that I had a how little those little those little cameras the the camera something like that. But anyway I I have one of blows and I have been I have been video and stuff all throughout the playoffs. And they win the title in 2013. And and make euros doing notes settled in with Wilma and so and so we are doing our post game stuff on the court. And I'm I'm shooting video of of like you know that NN that the NBA. TV crew there with did you know second all those guys and Dwyane and LeBron are there and they've got the trophy. Don't you know while lest that camera on the floor at the AAA didn't realize it until late the next day so somebody has a great. Behind us and videos legs you have yeah they have had a great behind the scenes video catalog from practice is don't perk NBA finals practice is India so. And hope hopefully you know. We've sold twelve was was or six was twelve years ago today. Well it's is in a way it seemed like you is longer than an hour. Yeah no no it notes I did those in the younger weighing in the the youngest one price tag is still good install was still was suiting up yeah. Billy was coach and yet. Yeah no six yeah you know we're in principle that two of attacks that you know how are cool six with a signal fixed low number like note like none of them are being. Flavor than the first one's always the the more the coolest one here and no six. 06 to meet. You know I'm seeing this board. Probably the best I guess what Jordan there was one finals were Jordan average like 44 points per game 43 was being expose what he blazers we Hadley in the first Emery at 45 B in this rumors that we have yet to Philly game right in the Portland finals Wednesday. He had a great finals whatever year that was that at about a buck Dwyane in 06 and and then they end up until LeBron brings them back from 31 Brett. The medals six immunity with Don I mean you're you're on their own yelled what two games to none game three. Biggest shock or that series' fourth quarter and and like six and a half minutes left in. That's when yeah Dwyane you know mind going out like this and after that you know he wins Porsche straight those three middle games that. He average like forty points per game I mean just incredible final report incredible. Who advised shot in that series. You remember. How are if you agree with me I think you would agree the biggest shot in that series game three late. Gary pay here Italian GP so that's right that's exactly right either he didn't say he misses that said the go down 03 and then there you know you never know what's come back down 03 news well let that I that. Now that's been replaced by Borealis shot around a shot at the time I was at its best I was his new bridge guys know us as GP you know. Well I liked going down memory lane and a little bit perk I how I don't mind if I do a lot of you know I'm jobs president having a more playing you know what nice if if Brito wouldn't come in here I I wouldn't of even Muster Fred just vessel that was because I and you know what not I saw like ESP India saw this this morning on the this is like the twenty of their 25 of of John Paxson shot right where the bulls and inside of the silver anniversary of an end and I do like during the week we're gonna we're already NBA finals. But it didn't even occur to me to know in this day and NBA sponsors that didn't occur to me so real name in history never accused of stealing his material some that. I don't know he's if he's back there in the bull pin and and in the back office that we callable yet. He's probably not listen to show also screw Frito route out there and when it comes in and you know it's like they've realized I thought I knew I would. You may mean that's still years angers a little bit afraid or get rid calendar to this everybody important self correct that's right we love freedom and us but it's every minute or insult right now will come back we'll get some final thoughts here I want to get some of the text there on the on the Dwight Howard duets and good examples there were to those here. Oatmeal Marlins up as they try to win and yet another series perks could be breaking up the rope. Any day now right here on seven I didn't take. Some. And what. Bin. Laden. Didn't. Hey world soccer tournament updates on the ticket are always brought to bottom of the lights the original I beer and only 96 dollars retains this killing police celebrate responsibly. Courtesy of her back with you here. On 790 the ticket here we get a few minutes left with you and then now return over to Josh Freeman. I think he's got a threesome tonight man. Yeah right yeah he's got these new and got to be easily hand Republicans know is my understanding so that's going to be that's very hard hitting heavy duty radio for throughout the course of the of the evening. We I think we talk about the power earlier and we just have that kind of went to. Kind of what will probably could have been team a little bit here and it's kind of discard your digital Jake Long. The injuries really mean Jake long's career numerous. You've been happily to the hall of fame right no here in the world now Dwight Howard is going to the hall of fame. In the U I it's gonna make that subways and make some guy alien a couple of taxer said that the you know Adam said he had no way it held way garments a hall of fame. An ominous and I don't make the rules do and I'm just telling you guys going. Why it's not going to be first ballot like he was on path to be right but this is the dude who like Ers have the biz careers just going to be out standing. In the second half is going to be like. You are. The cubs and he got traded to the runway to the nets which is basketball purgatory basically yeah and me a Michael is it when he went to the finals with the magic. It's on my god this guy gets better. Only just he's never got better and that's all on how to him this is one of those volatile in the world and that was the end it and Jameer Nelson missed a lot of time that year did mean. Like that that was like there's a shortened. Orlando team may be a little clouds on the results of Kobe and the lakers and fonts yeah. So they tried to bring Jameer backed in the finals. I think I have my my MI years mixed up but I think but I have but the point is that that the white would lose. Yet mr. Mir it was a good players and even in his absence the wait was was hearing that the mean to it was a east. An absolute. This is one of those like to know this guy can fail he sees too big to fail. And you don't yet he had a back injury OK nothing too serious that really sidelined as we're basically you can select a better term a guy I was lazy in. Assuming all the people alike fright we all the people like the slight perk. A lot of business right they just do enough to get by hand and you're going dude your great salesman your great. You know your great creative mind your grade. Advertise your whatever job what are line of work you were in itself motivated at times. And you would say Ing in on a good. I'm good I'm just you know and that's why that seems below doing however you have he had all the ability all of the advantages and your like in his career still going to be a hall of fame career but yet you know let. It uses like these feels like there was so much there was so much more they are looking Dwight Howard and that's kind of that's kind of the underwhelming thing. I thought Dwight. Do weights. So too much crap from a lot of the older players Shea leading the list. Mostly I haven't sank. Resented the Superman thing that that he started and into white does it in the angles out to the lakers and follows him but. All the guys don't like smiles too much he's not he's not and since an upbeat look at about your smile and screw you to Albert and smile with a once enjoyed the game if he wants I mean. You don't have to have a scowl on your face all the time that doesn't necessarily mean that. Your more intense than somebody else. I thought Dwight took a really really bad rap for all that stuff the thumb. By the way your Miami Marlins are coming back at six to five in the in the ninth inning though right cardiac kids throughout our throughout spirit they're coming back. But I thought Dwight that that was that was very very unfair and and I remember a lot of older players just. You know at a time where it was easy to do it to keep Dwight when he was down. That that was viewed as one of the reasons why he's not as good as he used to be because he's not as intense look at him up there smile and on the court in. Daring to have a good time while he's getting paid millions of dollars to play basketball as screw you guys like that smile he wants. Now I haven't said that the white vehicle and of you know it's it's it's now I just let me but smiling had nothing to do with it today will probably. It was not a symbol of of of lack of intensity and that's that's a major flaw with this guy that that. That was totally ball than the Marlins look at your Marlins here capsule that I've Austin site into outs in the bottom of the ninth 65. And the dominant. Or top of the millions via the still at nine yet top of the ninth than devotees community here in the U you can't stop the Marlins then we can hold it we know that for months he's can't stop this team. The giants really the Prez not just this team was the print size right I'd love to stick a right to move Bruce coaching to write to the giants there I got thrown and on since last night I have no feelings either way about. I would like to see our its wind gap but I I gotta be honest I you know and it would be nice if they want but I. I Ed you know a screw you to the giants and well actually took the giants and it's like kind of forgot about my my bet there's Leo and we it's a I regret that but we digress the exact currently governor Charlie I'm not sputtered out there for there you aren't that's kind of been the shell for the most part. It takes its once daily for joining us earlier period due to talk a little Balkans of her came to him also Rohan that Carty joined us from Sports Illustrated covers the MBA broke down when Howard trade Jerusalem draft preview. And a lot of good stuff we're going to be as we've been the last week or so World Cup central we're going to be aria. Yeah it tomorrow. We're premium draft central to yet we are we got some surprises for the in the draft for tracking down a couple of draft analyst. And some guess that we're gonna that when I have for you tomorrow sold to ready in the of course we're gonna have. ESPN's coverage. In the NBA draft following our show tomorrow night's. So we get a big Tony for hours lined up for everybody have a great evening enjoy at all. Our thanks allows and our thanks to Lauren as well did an outstanding job today prefer come cursor freed gross coming up next right here on seven I didn't take it.