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Thursday, June 21st

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I thought that. Stevenson alongside Chris Perkins Carson park. It's a yemen's elite NBA draft this evening outright big big night says teams try to. Transform an Alter their roster of further future. Sued the Miami Heat are up to tonight if there into anything they do not only pick in the first or second round but there are reports of their. That they could that be looking to trade their way into the first or second round greens all that Tom the Angeles can join us. A little bit later on in the show coming up ground for Tony Bobby marks is gonna join us use the front office insider former. Up and director of player personnel and general manager with the the New Jersey side Brooklyn nets from a few years ago. Now he works for the the worldwide leader he's gonna join us in about 25. Minutes nobody marks gonna stop by and and wearing the latest on him the draft and the heat's approach to free agency last about cloning walk numbers brown and where he expects them to go to myself well I just coverage come under way plus as you all know real World Cup central. Here on Curtis and perk and has hurt you mentioned. Just a a few minutes ago. Things are a little bit messy for Argentina and not in a good way it is just gone final or get to it more in the headlines. Put Argentina in a very very. Perk I was just you know we are doing some stuff here and that we run around the building a little bit but a very chippy game. From what it looked like. In Croatia. Pours it on at the end and you get to see the life being sucked out of Argentina. And they lose three nil to Croatia. And I don't have the numbers I don't think. They've been officially eliminated but it's a just a crippling defeat and runs goal differential there may mean. If Iceland just kind of does their thing it's going to be tough for Argentina to advance. After they after they tied Iceland on nose on Saturday morning much. What point you if you thought things were ugly for one of the best players in the world. A little whispers of all time before may not only gets all the blame again everybody you know how it goes I didn't give me a letter of credit where it's all the blame. He was he was the man who was probably under the most pressure in the World Cup right now. You know and and didn't didn't come through India in the opener and and now here they sit calm fate is is out of their hands is I understand it. Soul. While while messy it is their life is going to be very very rough if you don't if you can't leave Argentina out of the group. Days it's you know like he's going to be very very rough I shades of England four years ago they to give other group stage and it took all the all the punishment but not as Argentina's is that we have to those scores here. In in just a few moments we got up a lot of stuff to break down here again we're going to be. And it was very hot so very very hot spurt as this is the longest day of the year yes it is Wednesday summoned the longest day of share data and it was hot and then I just took a little peek out the window and here comes. The rain yes it would we're in our pattern baby we're pressed the usually summer yeah that all right man that's all right but. You know so far the humidity is held off camp. You know there that that the temperature is gonna rise. I just one day humidity to stay away as. Long as possible man loans by a longest day of the year it will it be that way for Bruce brown tonight. He's got about project you Williams you Williams player he is projected to the late first round early second round I've seen so I could see Bruce in the in the late the first I've feuding family the second yeah it's it's it will be yes speaking of the longest day of the year to be that Bruce brown. Our our other U rim guy Lonnie walker. Thinking what late. Late. Possibly late lottery pick. Maybe CM to 1516. So much you'll get out you'll get past fifteen opening so fifteen is the wizards. Washington. I think so pretty shallow I'm only got a few teen through Washington just in his Washington the clippers can take him of one of those double takes and a couple people in slotted it tend to delete that we have a rulers come and appear annual chicken with data on on him but LC. Where a workable local guys guys go and obviously with the Miami Heat will do. You know there's three more from its illustrated. They're looking into jumpin and then buried Jackson audio Miami Herald. Follow suit to do look at that jailer. Hutchison from a Boise State 67. It's shooting guard slash small forward. Power play you'll seniors are a lot of college experience. In most mock drafts have him going. Early twenties to mid twenties. So old that's sizeable move for Miami to kind of jump in there in a drab and that is pretty darn deep it's there's a lot of mean. It's a pretty do draft from what I consider I don't think there is a superstar that you're gonna plug in the right day one of the guys going to change your roster but. He has loads very good players Donald there's a great players yet. But they could possibly turn into some great players but. Yeah I'd be shocked of the heat jumped into the first round perk I would do I mean let's Camille love a guy. What's gonna cost them. I am proud probably. You know two starters and I'm contributor. And I did you know. Are considered drug to a starter and maybe Josh a starter and contributors are. I don't like Winslow and James Jones wanted that much again in its warnings but they don't know yet the twenties you're right that's a bugger if they're targeting a player like that you now they wanna get up and the Memphis seems to be opened for business you know. And Memphis seems to be shopping the fourth overall pick. They wanna get up it's the heat wanna do. I don't know I'm well. Look at us Tom the Agile because the news wanted to get a didn't you look if you wanna get the 43 pick in the draft yes. That's going to be something small but something that they're costly costly regulations that I heard that yet. The bill the player may be that's that's discuss it now if they wanna get bigger than that then I start that I think you you start attaching pieces then you start saying okay. You take Tyler Johnson and won't take Chandler Parsons a remembrance. Will take this pick moon then just started grating. You know you start attaching things. In and building at that way but it is one jumpin get a first round pick you are up against the cap. I mean would you I mean you're not trading justice wins lower bam at a bio war. Any of those guys have to get a pick is or anybody else on the roster. That you would say it's just it doesn't make a lot of sense unless they truly truly think. That this guy is going to come in India rotation player immediately on his fall over the. That's what I Lincoln and I think to trade into the when he is a first round your your almost half snap and I think you probably get to the teens or do you just gonna leave it alone to meet. I the guys in the twenties third. As far is sure worth means I'm not sure that's been much better than hi second round. No I know I ordering them is sold out to be the player that to the two love to when many in the cigarette I I when we suddenly got summing those that are now would be shocked by that I would be shocked by that but GI. I would be against half step in and again what I would mean is trading in getting into the lower first round in the twenties. If I'm gonna take a risk first rounder it's probably going to be more up a sure thing and it means somebody in the teen Internet. You're not you're not gonna trade up into the top ten. No we did that's not gonna had to read the team to a rally be as high as the heat food and could realistically go. Cat bites you you're just went to monopolize to to get a question mark you do you give up proven qualities. Two to get an unproven quantity they. Well UBU requiring an assets so it which is which is fine I ask that you would save some money yeah I guess there are there if there if they're entertaining that's. There's got an. You have to be a corresponding move also right when she belongs to yeah that's right the right correct on the love of a bit yeah maybe to not trigger move down the line but this has no wrinkles and some flexibility if you could shed a contract or. Well whatever it may be yes. But they but it's tough I mean for their situation. You can't say they're gonna acquire an asset and shed a senate contracts are gonna happen no way but you know what Tampa with help kill slay this though. Pat Riley and Indy Ellsberg. And they make you believe that. Might be possible to do so though because as we can sit here and say damn that's unlikely that's unlikely that's unlikely that's unlikely. I know pat hasn't pulled any being off in a few years but. You know it's it's kind of uncertain offseason. Kind of an uncertain draft so. Would give it what maybe 10% chance auto and now we million OK maybe they do goose did something major might may be in. Maybe single digits you know actually my. Point as you're gonna have to give up something that you like correct some soul it's gonna hurt. Right Somers and her two guy I mean he fanned it's easy to sit here and say. Trade Tyler Johnson Hasan Whiteside for whoever you know they're asked to give up something that you'd like you know I saw them that you were planning on for the future. Yeah I told goes yeah I am giving answers I would go jump you know whether it's your one either. You're younger guys that we don't have a lot of and how many picks rarely. Means you know next year they have lose their panic. By debts. Now the weird thing about the trade the draft tonight is. Teams can teams giving making picks and you almost they're going to be with that team either right so that that's the weird thing about the image have a valid like. You know as any unit is. You know he's gonna make a trailer QB picking proteins that you don't know from until about a week from now we're all these blogs its moratorium right and it says that's what moratorium over and that's when these things and you know right now you'll have a sense of what's going on yet things leaked out all went as far as what's actually happening if there's a larger deal in place. And with the heat that's where that's the bill large that's the bigger issue is yes. If you're going to make a bigger trade. If your going to an active tonight's the vehicle to do that. We all know satellites probably available to auto to a Johnson bill who hell everybody on that roster for the most powerfully available for but we're just is tonight a vehicle for them to to get that. Dawn. Forty just wait till after the drafted to start you know cold call and just do it from doing that point but the draft when you know teams. Teams get a little crazy on draft night and teams got some. Some some commodities to work with betting get a lot into some sort talked about remarks come and appear in about and about fifteen minutes from office insider former. Process in general manager in the NBA so we'll get a straight from a from him what so what draft night is what he can expect this evening. And on the plan Ruben for for a Leah for the Miami he wants to ma a bunch questions. On on that front four get to that let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to admit. ARAMARK. As you know by now NBA draft tonight at seven from Brooklyn the Barclays sooner Arizona's DR Andre Eitan expected to go number one to the Phoenix Suns. Miami Heat does not have a hit but. As we were just referencing Jeremy Wu a Sports Illustrated tweets up this morning. One team to keep an eye on as the draft nears the Miami Heat to have been pursuing the possibility of acquiring a first round selection. According to multiple league sources. And he goes on to say at the moment to keep don't own a draft pick so. There's that it stays true knew about it that's all things stay tuned. Also in the NBA Dwight Howard was rated from broke out to Brooklyn from Charlotte yesterday has asked the nets for a buyout in the the nets are trying to comply according to ESPN's Adrian Wooldridge Belsky. Woes talk to Dwight Howard by phone how we're seeing wall. I wanna be in a situation where I have an opportunity to help a team win that's my only goal all I need is a real chance and a clean slate. Where it's not people talking about my past. In the quote. The Nestle buy him out the nets have no interest in winning this year they need to get another pick which the now they have their picks bosses and travel anymore. And they're gonna Havel who a bunch of money cap space that you where they could sign two Max guys so broke mobile player next summer. So they really don't have any interest in going our unity and in all probably the probably buy him out and accommodate right and then where he goes I. I that's all that's what's gonna be interesting and and for how much money out hoping money shouldn't be allowed for Dwight way we made enough money and he said he wants to win right stroke and bright so will will and we'll see if a quote unquote winner fairly space expert why Ellen port tolerance. Tolerance that's that's yeah that's that's more like by the way. You know we've been talking about anniversaries. NBA finals anniversaries. Today June 20 persons other long another one cat. Look bronze first NBA title. He won in in not when he twelve on this date to June 21 five games over Obama's fighting games over okay see so that's that's today's NBA finals anniversary. Mood on the baseball Miami Marlins are off tonight based there are three game series at Colorado tomorrow Marlins fifteen game behind Atlanta in the NL least eleven and have bad in the wild we got tomorrow. Owns and as it relates to all all the stuff the one on San Francisco. About Louis princess and the devils turned into a nice little story there yeah I seen that scene you know out of it that it's a nice little. Bit of draw shown some fight perk yeah yeah yeah almost almost literally. NHL news Barry trot who live Washington to the Stanley Cup title a couple of couple weeks ago I might maybe about a week ago right now he was named head coach of the New York Islanders today trot his five year deal with the islanders is reported lead double. In annual salary what he would've received under shorter deal with the caps so. This is the dude who. The caps won it all from some bin Isa is screw you and he has double his annual salary salary reportedly. Over wept the caps were gonna put him on a shorter term deal this wasn't hard to figure out how this thing within. We know our trucks here is gonna get paid by somebody else who's gonna flip the bird to Washington management that's exactly what he did good for him. World Cup update because as Capps is. Essential around here that's right wrist of beat her real real room one neo. Brands moves on Peru eliminated from Denmark and Australia 11 draw Croatia the beats Argentina. Three Neil. Got a lot of effects on that come in and man guy so. Ed basically and I understand it right now Croatia. They show Russia Europe wide and brands are moving on. Egypt Morocco Saudi Arabia in Peru have been eliminated that's where it stands right now those are your Hitler Narnia they aren't in a still in it but they're you know they're dead. Eight is out of their hands. Right there they're old one and one and they're they're seem to resulted in their mind to Syria where Lebanon on goal differential and they have to hope Iceland just. You know really. Who really lays blaze and a Croatia's. To another moment on. So yeah Amanda Australian game this morning in Denmark I was grade. A little bit surprising but Argentina if you would talk about. Just one minute and it's one thing to lose in sports per right yet but it's one thing to lose and go down. Inflame. Letting them alone outs and doesn't look as and it's showing prevail in Maine in the news. It is crisis time there. Yeah you tightly you tie it and are drawn with Iceland in and then green near old Croatian. Gorgeous pretty good still America team under Argentina and are used to be or something right but the messy of the messy. Bashers are going to be out let me ask you more public sentiment and a well worldwide cinema at this point. Do you think people would rather see Argentina advanced or Iceland had been spent after two matches and you've seen. I guess messy and I guess they still want to miss you you're out there a mile away Iceland you talk about undergo tell us your premium and that's as though Hezbollah says since sister Jane over there. 302000 country of 300000 up I think and this goes back to her own you know our own kinda. Inaccuracies our own our own inadequacies in the faults. United States has going sixty. Cities that held or 300000 people. And as population of Iceland of three on about 300000 people well. So take that into account the minute we got about sixty cities such as Iceland is ever over broad and we're not there is Steve Ross needs to bring that Iceland a team over here for one of those summer classics right now all hell breaks that they'd love to come to go to Miami and an Icelandic citizens and what are they Federer and no crazy there's also an alum of these and get sunburned opted to everybody loves it down here. And we love of the you know we love we love who talked to a Bobby marksman is going to be is going to be fun worried after it. Front office insider ESPN's he said to join us next rip off the viewpoint from a former assistant general manager and player personnel. On the just hours before the NBA draft we attend next Johnson and on to take. Twelve the time is finally here tonight tonight we got the NBA draft them. We're take your right up until our coverage of ESPN's. NBA draft right here on overnight and figured Curtis a bird we got a very special guest joining us on the right jewels announcers we have stores gas line they're truly steps beyond convenient. Front office insider for ESP four vice president of basketball and assistant GM. With these new Jersey's last Brooklyn nets enjoy this right now on a 790 the ticket Bobby marks is our guest Bobby thank for joining us Annan on draft day how are things. I'm good are you wonderful. Let's let's get right into it here. How crazy do you expect things to get tonight you see a lot of trades. What are you most intrigued by here as you look at teams try to transform their roster and an Alter their future. Well I think the probably a lot you know or what it costs would be needed to get it to the top ten. I think it will cost teams and at a minimum first round pick or for next year and here's. And I didn't get a lot of value outside you know in the country like we go number one but there's a lot of influx as far as student. Suited canoneers you know there's teams that you know would like to. To try to get up here to freeze or maybe he like Denver. I think that's kind of where we are it's interesting that. The summer of 2015. All these teams that find these contracts that are not very tough for me right now are trying to shed them. Onions and if you look at Chandler Parsons in Memphis that's one contract they would like get rid of and that'll cost you probably the fourth pick in the draft and I think that might be a little bit of a book but little. A trend tonight. Bobby we had a report earlier today that the Miami Heat might be looking into getting into the first round so the likelihood do you think that he has. Laviolette their view on the move just Lenovo and Josh Richards and I don't know what else would hat off to get into the first round. You know let your trying to keep you know trader future first yard one going out scenic. I think you'll be at a challenge did he get into the into the first round with. Would Miami. So if you'd never say never. You know removed. You know Richardson Winslow in you know and then Goran Dragic. You know you you guys there with a roster I don't know if there's it's not there were on the take on those those contracts and give up. He'll get up first. If if your Miami especially where they are. How why this summer you know they'll likely be a luxury tax team. So bought them some restriction background might be different. You know they don't have cash and out. And trade because of that Nick Roberts straight from march here to any. If they divide that conflict that the deal that won't happen until it's like it. And body marks is with those here body what Auburn to stay in on the he'd I know were about a oh a week away here. From Austria and seagate go on but. He fans are are waiting for pat rallied to pull the rabbit out of a hat once again here. You know his then they're up against the cap they got some some. Some difficult contracts to move here what what do you envision on them trying to reshape their roster and getting better. It's going to be tough. Mean it really will be I mean to go and here's you know they're pressing in the luxury tax. You know you have you know your your face guys are Josh. And Goran. You know and probably just as there I think. Yes Tyler Johnson contract is really hard to move if you if you want it now goes that million in ninety million dollars next year. Waiters analytic James Johnson you know locked in for the foreseeable future. I would say we've you'll probably crossed off from its Miami on that you know ever want here on the wish that I just don't see clear paths in getting there. If you don't trade for him which would be hard in Cleveland to do. So I think it will be hard for pat to kind of really really appreciate this roster going to. Into creating get in the updated their most of their creation shopping you know last off season and it's a good team it's just not a not a great. Mean it's not a you know it's it's it's a playoff team but it's probably not that you know that upper Echelon where I'm sure they wanna get. Bobby did this draft isn't regarded as a superstar Lleyton draft but who do you think is the most sure fire. This dude is gonna be in BA. You know who may be an edit a multiple time all star lets say hall of Famer but a solid multiple time all star who was the most sure bet in this draft. I think Darren Jackson mentioned they know I really do I think his ability to playable position. I think there's still so much outside there. You know why he could be a little bit of a work in progress but. I like Jack in better any. I think that the doctor can be really good I think to be really special player to be done. And playing you know 45 years in the Spanish you know high level will be where the league is right now I can play off the ball you'll want one of those. At least he felt like Joseph Johnston you know not to note you know about you know muscles standpoint but he's got you know Joe's he's sick they keep thirty. And my point guard for. And I think that that he's only nineteen I think that this guy. They're tremendous tremendous upside here as you'll see tonight if this draft that dominated. Or with a big up front and other top probably I read it day to go. And then we'll see a lot of wing players and that if he the 35 Marines. There so it's it's kind of broken up and this and respect in you know this evening. But remarks is with those profits insider from ESP and get our coverage coming up at 7 o'clock. All of the NBA draft Bobbie Blanchard about a couple of a couple of Miami guys from you lamp Lonnie walker could be a lottery pick. And also law also Bruce brown what are you what you see in those two future pros. I think a lot of these greens right now it is nine and new York and fourteen. Denver I think that's kind of where he is. I I think Bruce had flied out of the first round I I would expect him to get you know and at 3334. Arranged by. There's certainly change that you know it often doesn't get and that the Celtics are 27 and I can certainly see him sliding out of personal which is it. It's not getting deaf girl who early with the intent of getting drafted. It's not in the world these days when you get when you fall out the first round and how the the contractors structured for berserk around there. It would be similar to to a rookie scale contract. Hey Bobby I'm intrigued by mold mumbo from Texas I only saw him play three times I'll tell you that right up front. We know he's a beast defensively in the paint we know he can score can he defend. Bigger suitors who might take them out and is that even a factor for forum Obama. I think from the factor for him motor you know I think a lot and that you could probably make an argument for a lot of guys are. No effort level of consistency. You know what you can get you know for for thirty minutes at him. I think you've got to make sure that he held any violence and sometimes you think your four and and and Dolan drift out to three point line. Where yankees. He's got as much you know physical. You know. I wanted to domination but he is. You get remote he's got a lot of upside here I think he could be one of those senators that we talked about or won't. Hey Bobby thank you for your time I know it's I know it's busy and of course the draft is tonight so thank you for joining us yards away from the draft really appreciate great stuff I don't. Thank god you got about remarks front office insider for. ESP ND bomb on Twitter at Bobby marks 42 and if you're an MBA guy NBA fan. That's a former. Vice president of basketball and an assistant general manager in the league giving you the analysis and he could very well be. In the league it back in the league at any moment he's telling you what he thinks likes Jerry Jackson. Perk you mentioned Beaumont I'm Obama and he seems to be. The the data skyrocketing up the draft boards and for every one I would say for every winner there's a loser right so he's the winner trade young the point guard Obama seems to be. The loser as he seems to be falling down draft boards to it happens. In a couple of hours Lonnie walker. Could be Delhi bound the clippers that'll move those two picks with a twelve and thirteen running that's going to be enough in bodies range I think Bruce brown to Boston. Has Bobby said it's a good spot remember coach Larranaga son is in Boston I think there's an easy scouting there they catching Larkin there. I think there's there's a good connection there and also you know Bruce brown a kind of fits in the type of team the Boston wants to. It is is assembling with the other wing guys their multiple guards that can play can play multiple spots into a lot of different things so. I'm looking forward this tonight. I think the Sports Illustrated in their mock draft camp Bruce railed on the Golden State at number 28 right now he's that was for Bruce I was slender right you. I get sick defense with those perimeter players you could. He's he could really fit in defense of he would pick my leg bruise Brothers a lot of things shooting needs to be it duties to improve a little bit but you look at the body and look at the explosiveness on the knee injury this season really hurt him and hurt his stock but. I think moblog assuming downgrades it one of Phoenix. Margaret bag is gonna go to David thinks that and after that yet and it's going to be a wild one tonight yeah that's about as I've. There are about as good and I feel project in this draft out that goes yes it's going to be pretty wild up there at the top. Figuring out. You know who's falling and and and who's rising and I think material bridges. You know I'd I read and. The knicks are the next easy to be examined today excimer Kevin Knox at a Kentucky. The knicks are kind of you know I am not him at number nine you know and and we'll see what Miami does he knows report out there like the of the big 67 jive from Boise State's or see if the heat you know what they about the heat. It be tough to get into the first round could you gotta give up something yeah. They now you can buy your way or it's easier to get into the segment enough cash easier to maneuver into the second round so if a guy falls them in the second. But I would not hold out true much hope. That the heater going to do something tonight but you never know I mean this this is draft than always say whether it's the NFL. NHL whatever it is. Teams get crazy things happened man and inspectors and have a folder haranguing in my gonna pick it up it's yes. We know some unexpected is gonna happen so. I but but we don't know like who were the most likely candidates because it seems the the last few days there have been a bunch of guys you know according to mock drafts and but information that's out there guys rising falling and it. It just doesn't seem to be very set capital's first well then again you know the truth to the the strategic misrepresentation in other words lion per exam right now and try to undergo angrier and more are always you know always is like usually you know like maybe five of the first seven picks you can you know you're carrying the clones. And this will yeah I think is the first two and after that. I think there's a lot of very good players this down on the does agree right great players draft so but I mean that doesn't mean that these guys you know bureau your basketball club we're gonna talk to Tom De'Angelo coming up here. In the 5 o'clock hour and we'll get the latest on the on the Miami Heat if they could pull off the move get that with Tommy Dee from the the Palm Beach post a lot more things get too we are World Cup central here. By the way don't forget that while they chew on off on everything and happened this morning in this afternoon right here on 79 in the ticket. As disrespect. Check god that's first and demands for those words. When he gets thrown out there us. Really get to vacillate disrespect for the game mode which is never good at boulevard guys you know are young guy yes. Do you should know better we see here. What's. The severance of Stewart giants player had to say about Miami Marlins. That was Brentson as that was a Marian Anderson injured I don't know who end up staying up watching all that. Not many probably not many not many at new and including me I did not. No I was and in oil and item number seven and perk which is that's less Qaeda has wins ultimately it's sadly a disturbing November oh there's there's a reason yeah so I have no life. The moment but a quick reminder our world soccer tournament updates on particular brought to my Miller Lite. The original I appear in only 96 calories great taste less feeling please celebrate responsibly I can tell you that Croatia is is celebrating in Argentina is knots right. Right if you just in out of work in mid may we missed the game where you you saw parts of and what have you. Argentina and of Lionel Messi. Fall three low to the croatians. And there there advancement other group. I need to find a bar haven't been to a bar to watch a match yet and dumping him the best. The best possibility for me because of the time they're in Russia seven hours ahead of us schism is at 2 PM week here and match. When golf's Saturday so Sunday. I might have looked down and see who's playing it at 2 o'clock. I'm not against drinking beer at you know eliminate him. Don't know it's a mental though you have writer of the and it ADR. Prefer not to that's a lot Oprah bird I will have to do but I prefer not to 8 AM is a bit too early to. Nolan gaffe and I prefer not to I got a good one for get a good one on Sunday perk who got Poland the that's on the Google now. Columbia rule find a Columbian restaurant but see that within. Now see for the eight day is how I have to get there at like six there yeah that's at 2 o'clock and that's clot I get there at like how yeah how is gonna give you 8 AM idioms that bad either England and Panama only in the Panama so I disagree on things about our. Drink and brilliantly. And the customer I had just. It's a live among vacation around town nice you know last year in Vegas no limitation our I might have a cocktail into it at 8 AM eastern time you can justify with the time difference that tell you how. Might have been still look yeah it's. 5 o'clock somewhere I. A mother instilled in Indonesia and the I am in Vegas but it's surely knew him I can't write and Miami time sides are during you perk. You can always you can justify your argument on another problem. Mayor. And there I am not wrong that we all and you have got to find a spot and I know somebody tell her Churchill's I've been Churchill's DN ultra. The British yeah. And I like. Fruits and bronze for the for the German matches Dohmann in the cables but if you eat Churchill how early. You have to get to church feels the seat England I mean it. Two hours before before it gets really pass out of it plays well too far. And churches the I mean in the he's responsible Lewis was Oliver boards of the problem and Palmer pines. The right off from the 75 a lot of us. Oh yeah yeah yeah that in the again the big. Complex layers are yeah there's thousands and right now around the area but I don't know a lot of soccer guys ago there and hang out another pretty open pretty early morning NL is it. I'll live right by a Brazilian spot global tackle them on 79 street last night edge I can't get in there it's a small spot it's. I'd get him elected to the right to try to match. And the Germans but right across is not a matter and I love World Cup down in South Florida men c'mon pleased with. Maybe that's why were World Cup central I've really man I'm shift crew you know all the different bars you can go to and hang out with these people and hopefully their team wins. We're gonna update you on the other other scores here on this as we get to headlines there will be on the the 5 o'clock our by the way Tom the handles gonna join us from five Tony. And we'll get eight it's interesting view from Tom. Bomb on what the heat might actually do know we really there's a story out did he might be buying into the first round I don't. This I don't either dual. Because of this is is part of a bigger trade. Though did the right. I have a small piece of trade but vote trading for the 27 overall pick in the draft right to me that's a garbage back I agree. I agree giving up bowl any of my young Amazon opposes the winds are all right guys are you nuts well us I'm giving something back or else I'm shedding so now you're talking about. Attaching a Tyler Johnson that's. And then your taking back and then you got to throw in a justice Winslow image your taken in the aggregate to pick it may be a power player of the lesser deal. Then okay then we can discuss that but just to get the 22 overall pick in the draft yeah I realized right in the if that. Seems kind of pointless to me. But yeah you're really and and and really camp what is the load when when your talk about low first round. You're really kind of talking about a Josh Richardson type origin. Yeah and in your opening maybe he's slightly better but again you're you're doing all this story Josh Richards inside the battle. And I'm not really sure I'm not really sure that that's worth it. Yeah John Tripp maybe the Mario Chalmers tied bundle Mario was actually a second rail near Obama doesn't tell the server or you can look closer Ryan don't hold your legal right fingers crossed exactly. He's now I'm not sure as we're. Actually I am sure I don't think it's worth none I don't. We're now I just don't now you're talking about getting up into the top fifteen in top in the lottery. And then you're talking about the a different discussion here fall we'll get back to hear not what I wanna play is her by this is. After the Marlins in the giants now if you don't know what happened how you'll hear the cliff notes version Marlins and giants. The Mattingly got thrown out the other an idea Australia throughout the other night because those prints and hit a ball and celebrated a little bit. And then he got hit some and then that danced really hit Buster Posey you know and then they got up they got upset and last week. Evan Longoria got it with a by the Marlins and broke his hands are pissed about that. And then there's also the stuff going on you know the baseball stuff we all know how this worked so here is Mark Melancon now he's a are giants reliever and this is on Camby are there big other big sports station down in severance is on the Oakland area. And did you giants games and he was asked about about what happened during the Marlins series. Give us your perspective on this on the Princeton kid I guess in Miami it's sac fly and enact them like it was a walk off the last night hits all the right field line. Fizzled and the basket and and hunter when he's leaving McCain had had some form is set to state their rookie maybe being a little bit too exuberant not maybe Nolan unwritten rules of baseball how did you see that. You have my respect to a since its he just was disrespect to the game now. There are also being excited. I'll be happy to get a base hit there. There's nothing wrong with that. We're pulled the bat out too long and flipped the bat in the round person continue to job. And to me it looked like you look at history. That's shown it's not even you know be happy celebrated team is doing right. But oh road anybody's face. It hurt. It's seek cap but I didn't see all this stuff live by watched highlight in real stories what Steve note at highlights and ML beard Or whatever. But I thought we and brits and got that hit on in. It's. Monday night M com India Tibet live. He's just taken some chill music gray death yeah and so that's that's what I thought more of the bad play and enjoying it under Strickland was about not. Not directly disrespecting the game I thought this was you threw at me you jerk now I got a single and blew your Slavin tied up the day goes on the road. So let me just say is hunter Strickland to jerk to a lot of lot of sucker with a broken hand of the constant normally Unita employment age Zell 68 weeks. He's got a history there. But when they use when when a guy says he disrespect of the game. Please pass me passed me the vomit bucket right studio right I mean nothing gets nothing what makes me want to hurl more than. He disrespected. The deem my. Take PD's. Right now maybe that's disrespecting the game may be may be an uneven and I mean maybe now. But getting excited for red that's batting a block seven these bad everybody waits bright perhaps for the season rookie game on the road. Yeah been struggling and he ties it up in the ninth but I just love all these jokers out of them boats that say. Well you know you can you can celebrated this what it's okay what you lay out public what's acceptable as is the bad foot now holds and looks at the home run. Two seconds. That's acceptable let's and so but if you look at a two and a half seconds. Wild and now he's showing up the pitcher and now he's disrespecting the game. Outside for a really do. Rarely. I will say this there are beings and it. Disrespect. The future board this respect the game like what. Well I'd Phil Mickelson just disrespect it began to go to a baseball but they all right it's all baseball. Somebody blast a home run in the outfielder doesn't move. That's considered showing up pitcher at least give him the courtesy you jogging track ball whatever you're. I'm just telling you can the beginnings of it there and let him. Everybody on every detect new and old hat everybody knows that that's why the opener felt. I got a dog or stupid or the other girls are dom but that bets the rule that's that's the rule. OK that's good. It's like and basketball right what what happens when their book out called. And the ball it's a dip bowl and a dude shoots a three pointer practicing. The guy under the rim snatches it you're not gonna get a look at this right that's number okay about us so there aren't there are violations how ever put basketball like I didn't fights over that nonsense that's do not help but well good guys do get into fights about OK did ball. You cold meat for homing I've got the bowl I go. Yell at the rest. And somebody else from the other teams trying to snatch the ball out okay right you don't disrespect you don't take my ball that's that's a disk was I'm only you don't you don't do that you don't come take my ball work. That's your I don't have a problem with any of that stuff and okay you might not my bet is he one of the unwritten rules of the game you'll let anybody just come pull the ball out of your arm. Talking to the rep you know I don't poke the ball so there are rules however. I did an eye opening Branson's being is infraction. Rooms to that level become I thought he was pissed off about being pro net. Earlier in the baton now you get a base hit Iowa I wanna hear your unwritten rules that you seem to have a mall down their freedom I'm. And Campbell all but kept our courts are sports I don't know but that's OKG. You can think whatever you want soon but what you're going back to okay the knock a ball like that know me I'm explaining to you because I don't. Part I know what what what guys think are dumb and what would they. But these things acceptable on that honestly I think it's all ridiculous no okay that's buying weakened we didn't think it's ridiculous. But those things exist. Okay well down here and that's why guys get I mean it didn't matter what week the rule the unwritten rule exists. And if you break it you can expect. I did a reaction right consequences elections I don't you mean I didn't you can think whatever you want but you can't deny that exists right. If you have the ball at your arm in basketball when you're talking to the wrap up returner and somebody tries to pocono and neither does not you're on a more tired and more budget. It doesn't matter what you think about it that's that's real lives and we see that every resist the disrespect game doesn't matter that's it exists now that's stupid or disrespect the game that's ridiculous world that's more of a personal disrespect when you do that basket. Would always described in Iowa gets mourn this week to 5 o'clock out of the headlines as well next Johnson and I didn't take. And celebrate the fourth of July and the city of sunrise. Joining sound sort of leniency cinema live music kids activities food trucks fireworks and more us live music including classic rock like in legends. Grand funk railroad there the American Mahan. Vigil at 430 in parking and admission are free for your safety or bags will be surged visit sunrise FL dot gov for details. Or call 9547474600. CU and sunrise on July 4 within 790. And if from 104.3 eight to the ticket prison per brick with you here Henry to up. Press play on the 5 o'clock hour the longest day of the year perk to do feel longer to you doesn't fill you with. As though there is the official start of summer. On the on the old what do they call that almanac. The farmer's almanac advocates almanac right on a stubborn I just read that as a kid and I don't know yet yeah ya UNS Xia and these used to blow used to believe that stuff they knew they would know the weather from two years from the right there over the almanac. It's incredible but longest day of the year and a felt like the first day of summer today no doubt no doubt about that put. Yes we we got a lot of things to get to hear rigor to the World Cup update here. In it just a moment Tom the angels gonna join with him about when he minutes or so talks comedy about his chances. Of of jumping in the first round making attorneys may get the draft pick. And and try to reshape their basketball club as NBA draft is tonight we're gonna take you right up until. Our coverage of the NBA draft the rim have the complete coverage. Of the draft ten knights right here following our show right here on 790s the ticket are so we heard from our clients and he was upset about those birds in the spread to regain. On your bag in this conversation yes OK and it's one that it's been had before but I think it's just totally stupid. He said he disrespect to the game all right here's here's my my just mice and. Or which I yeah I don't agree with that but let's go. Rubber you think there's your. Unwritten rules though OK okay nobody knows what they are I don't know why our park Hamas and anybody who watches baseball no PR and notable where's that tipping point of mud and I understand why guys the best. But a but here's my Q okay here's my senior in my scenario whichever book time for. All right bases loaded two outs whatever it is being they bring in the reliever. He strikes a guy out in me in a tight ballgame right he's pumped his fist coming off the mound yeah yeah yeah yeah. The other team to now he she shown us up. The main scenario. I hit a home run nannies are it is fair is that he's bad play yell if he's excited. Because it's a big play in the day right and go to the blog has shown us that's exactly what mark Lance of most talked about to me that's garbage that's crap why can't you get excited now you wanna talk about. Stealing bases when your up ten runs. In the eighth inning OK yes that is childish. That is your running the score in football. When you're up thirty points and there's two minutes to go and your running a flea flicker sixty yard bomb down the field. Yes you're trying to stick it in the anger trying to really really embarrass your opponent and run it up. I understand. Why team would get upset about that and even then I'd say you know what I want to stop those needs right it was as. Pretty much the same thing that receive it but when it's when it's a guy's snares a ball half second too much or she is bat flip. Is off the ground a few feet higher than normal. Then all of a sudden he's disrespect in the game that to me is just pleased that guy needs to get that I need to get punched in the face. Well I don't. Again I don't think that the Princeton being was disrespect being. The game I thought he you could say he was disrespecting the pitcher who just know their own that is hit. And then he gets those the base hit all bummed to tie the game isn't I don't really have a problem with that. This is this hurting the culture is what is well no I mean it if you clear atom that's that's the way it's receipt cap it I mean right or wrong that though. I'd in the game and that's the way in the game that's the way it is can't this is just. I mean what else do you look at this kids. Bet that it that is the way over cooler is played so you were managing the giants Hewitt said hey next time we're heading acted probably yeah yeah I had 99% yeah. Athletic. Build and it in his butt out I'll tell you this okay an and and somebody text at this and I I agree so. You know you're you're stealing those yours you're up. By Bruins into Europe seven runs in the ninth inning and and you steal second base are okay that's one of those beings that you just don't I would like that yes but well whether it's right look so people say screw would you stop us you know darker and I agree with that too hard so so that that's an unwritten rule. Bunning to break up a no hitter. You don't convey that that's frowned upon yes violent yes but I so. Here's the basic and I'm getting on eBay users it when we do but the right but that's saying it's an unwritten rule but I can put your miss you're missing I think you're missing. My main point is this. When it's cut and dry all I think legends football forty points. And your throwing. Seven yard bomb. Just a run up the score that is cut and dry there is no. There is no more you disrespect you disrespecting to gain disrespecting your opponent was simply to me it's a 999. Is not the same thing to me. I know that's and that's what a difference what's the power to disrespect meant. You're disrespecting your opponents you're you're you're telling me yeah I'm up fifteen an open and you can't stop me gonna make you think. Four book but I don't think that's just respecting the game I think that's disrespect OK fine but anyway yeah. But I would say that is pretty apparent this middle ground there. Baseball with all these all these these guys talk about. Like Obama Lance it was about different there's all this is the worry middle ground and nobody know who don't see that's where we're take a straw except I'd I think it's very clean. Like I mean how many times if you show up it whether you agree with bats showing up the pitcher or dis respecting the game. There Barbieri clearer. Circumstances. We're. If you do hey beat is gonna happen you show my pitcher. You're gonna get hit next time you hit one of my guys next time on hit and what your guys like it. Is black and why did you Bunning to break up a no hitter frowned upon black and white. Right stealing a base with when you're up seven in the ninth inning. Squeeze bunt when you're up twelve by black and white like these these these gains or not. There's not a blow relying on you might disagree he. Wit it but it's not a blow reliant you glared at the pitcher a guy get a home run guy you show up your your pitcher as an outfielder and don't like give chase so much there remained even. Let me I don't really want to let everybody did the president's big game yes or no. OK so that guys and bad guys and ask mark Lance and play I don't know if he's an a clown but I I'll tell you again I disagree with this whole premise. He's saying that it started that that brings him was wrong. Because he tied up the game any act like a child Iceland no Bronson got. To do what is it. So we're OK so. Blame brings in that situation coinciding with the net in that argue a blouse and OK okay okay that's now he's now in Branson Witten have had his. Bin bond by a pitch earlier. And he dia met. I can see. I can see the giants being pissed I won't agree wit it by but I know that's how the game please let me Branson did nothing wrong. And Hebrew though they put this guy and you and you know what in the stuff you're talking about cam. This stuff from Little League like little bit like we taught him Little League it would guys squared around to my were squeezed. You throw the ball right between his size if he can't doc to their locker about these are these rules of the game why. Is that is I understood that about and talk about celebration. Were a guy oil pumped his fist a little bit too longer than normal come on dude Greg. You know he ran around the bases and he was screaming that the dug outs today we got we got delayed come on man when you're excited its ports. How do you not get excited when you win it when your rookie and you hit a good game tying yard game go ahead double in the ninth inning how do you get excited and social promotion and then the other team to what you showed too much emotion so that's what we're gonna throw one in your in your back. Pocket next time. Again those guys again. You might not agreed but if you do that you ready if you don't know somebody stole an action next time you're up you're living in a dream world. Like you're a bit like you're in La La land if you'll if you put your this that that pitcher. Or the teen and the next time up you your outlook and get close to the he's gonna throw at me. What sport you can play in your own like. A baseball. Would say that's what's wrong we've done all of a new financial and emotional. Come you can't show emotion it's showing up so is directing it right out of people today wiped off the unit that hey you tell me what where the line is a showing a guy you up. I just being excited about a play half on half of these deals. No way perk heard it here it's clear. No pat knows cap listen listen no way if you hit a home run. And your joy your just pumping your fist and it's OK and here. That's one being gay he glared at the picture or do you glare at their bench and you hope your it's apparently different than you can tell that's. You just said goes rigid and did nothing wrong correct messed up under president yes and you got this guy for the giants any disrespect to the game and he would you like he's the one the worst player in the in the game so where's the miscommunication on that are a demagogue. And I again. Mo monsoon was not including that first part that that to meat is the big debt that's why to me that's why Britain's inflict the bad. This new atom now Brit doesn't have an ax to grind right now so he lips. Now should be even write you throw at me I got to hit not see that we're Wallace wouldn't you know what else I am good at you know once been. That's all these guys take themselves way too seriously. Blatant play in a kids game disrespect did game police are let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS at six Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Lot of stuff to cover here NBA draft tonight at seven in Brooklyn from the Barclays senator. Arizona is the Andrei eight and expected to go number one to the Phoenix Suns Miami Heat do not have a pit however. Germany will sport so was illustrated we did this earlier today. Once seemed to keep an eye on as the draft nears the Miami Heat who have been pursuing the possibility of eight of acquiring a first round selection. According to multiple league sources. And Eagles on to say at the moment we eat don't own a drafty. And once said what are you but I know. That's right not not five detained until a once seeing Tom De'Angelo beer to straighten everything out here and about about a minute yes they do it's an interesting story and that's what he trying to move into. Most right now the second the first not a yes or would that cost them a lot more. Yeah it would more NBA news Dwight Howard who was traded to Brooklyn from Charlotte yesterday. Has asked the nets for a buyout AM and they're trying to comply according to ESPN's Adrian ward who Rao ski. The white talked to wold yesterday by phone or actually talk to him by phone usher was yesterday. The whites see Ed I want to be in the situation where I have an opportunity to help the team win and that's my only goal. All I need is a real chance in a clean slate where it's not people talking about my past so. There's that. There's that. By the way today a part of the motherboard Brooke the not amount now Arabia I think sewing and just Bieber be rid of them. Today the sixth anniversary of the first title of the Big Three so June Tony burst it beat OK see in game five and Ron's first and the bronze first not a right. Little dolphins news they will open training camp on July 26 action that's when they'll have their first training camp practice. No word right now on whether that practice will be open to the public others will rookies report July 18 veterans report July when he is. First practice again in July when he states Thursday July 26 earned a I don't know it. Dancers resorts are so honest I know and LB do and enjoy what is they just don't it is a little before that was it right you're right that. Miami Marlins off tonight they started three game series Colorado tomorrow. NHL news very trusts and Leah Washington to a Stanley Cup title recently was named he would coach of the New York Islanders today now truck is five year deal with the islanders reportedly doubles what his annual salary would have been. On a shorter deal with the capitals saying on the NHL very brief lead the draft tomorrow at 7:30 PM Panthers pick this team. The panthers' home opener is October 11. We know that they play at. Net Kampala on October 6. The entire NHL schedule is set to be released today should have been released it at 5 o'clock actually so we will load gets more dates were you on that. Finally some World Cup updates brands of beats Peru one Neil France moves on Peru eliminated. Denmark and Australia 11 draw Croatia. An essay hammered smashes Argentina and over you know that's that's a quote. That's like a spanking. Pulverized the forty dollar prize for now that's. That's as benign nothing and then baseball you got about ten to 2530 point win in basketball that's a bit too big deficit got to buck. Q so World Cup as we see it as we have it right now Croatia. Russia are wise in France have Bob moved on Egypt Morocco Saudi Arabia in Peru have been eliminated those are your. It'll be in that update today I'd love to be buried trot tidy nine and admire that man yes right now then I would not even though he still rich and famous on stuff. Not a good day to be Lionel Messi. Not today to be a lot of messy and and Argentina. As on that was pretty embarrassing to announce real it is draft night around here we got to draft this evening for our show what will he do the some rumors of their. The look in to make some moves tonight. Tom De'Angelo covers he'd for the Palm Beach post in the MBA he joins us next here on seven and take. General. For the according to Hilliard just. Concert and a great manager Cortez went to Melbourne in the local South Florida technology company. Them online at a quarter to score dot com sponsor might Marta BMW golf number behind Curtis Burke Greg went through here plus seven do you think your home of the heat and the your home of our coverage of the NBA draft which shall follow our show ten nights in what will the Miami Heat do have a couple hours from now well let's head out to the ground fuels announcers miss or is this line. They're virtually Simeon can be and try to get a glimpse into Pat Riley is crystal ball. Because the Miami Heat does a great job for the F for the Palm Beach post also covers the NBA big night tonight Tom De'Angelo joins us. Here on 79 units are getting home on Twitter atomic De'Angelo forty of four. Tom thanks for joining us here on draft day Aaron thanks. I'm doing great guys that go well and ready to see if we're gonna be ever a dud in Miami no we're gonna have surprise. Yeah we'll we have something to write about something that talked about around here but as it relates to draft that art let me ask you this too I'm a little bit confused here. Let's start with this there's our ports that you might wanna get into the first round. Let's say those are true let's just say. How do they get into the first round what would they have to trade at money why is how they do that. I would guess it would be some kind of a combination of Goran Dragic possibly yeah a young player or two but. It in and also probably involve next year's first round pick did you have between nineteen or prop it. Now. If you didn't he that you trading. Josh or justice or band hurry. To. 1516. Made first trip took probably not. Probably not permit first down on how much are you gonna get that value that you get that he getting out of these players so actually you get an outdoors for Josh or bad. Gore on you trading gore raunchy yet what were the C eight a gay made to wait. Stick around twenty say and then possibly a couple of players that you know free up a little strange because Goran is making no I think it. About 181718 million next year. Depending what you can get back so maybe dubbed a little bit more cap flexibility that would help besides besides Wayne Ellington. That that's possible. You know ideally perfectly Hedo took indeed as we all know they agree we're all sure it would no one's chatted and specifically on this but we all believe they're trying to trade upon white I now. Could something happen with that huge contract cannot create it and you know taken on another bad contract that they deals such as Memphis trying to get rid of Jim Parsons. With a year deal so I wouldn't be that one bad but something like of that hill where they could. Maybe kickback and the bad contract and the disgruntled player. I don't know I think he's doing very difficult. I. I'm not sure I think if we it would come out of tonight it was civics and he did something. My guess it would be they got it to the second round and they bought it they purchased a second round pick. And now and at least you know to pick up somebody there rather than first. And Tom whether the heat. Does get into the first or second round. What are they looking for is most likely a shooter. Three indeed god what what would you think. Well I think what illiquid looking for number one perk is. This parade would be Mort too because you're not gonna get us started up a bit and get a good top. About you know lottery this trade read more to get some flexibility. And pick up a depending what they trade in you know they got a product to pick up maybe a point guard it's it's you know replicates coroner ball. The deal are even it's not you know about backup point guard. You have a ton of wind especially at the wing comes back and the score five guys could play that didn't specifically to a breach. Yeah also what's a Babineaux look there. Toward the pension goes they estimate of kind of deal where players who were involved. League and he's I guess it would depend a match but number one would be if it was quad and it would be. That they would go looking at a point cut or or they can be doing this they couldn't clean up space where they could possibly kick. You know when somebody create allocate a lot bigger yeah admirable lot of money by. Is at the start of something where they think they're going to make a trade Corey Kemba Walker or John Wall that a much much. Larger scale trade in the starts you know kind of the ball rolling and go on the ball so it would be it would be interesting if it's a great player is involved it is not just like purchasing a second round pick. Because that could tell us what he's speaking for the future once we agency starts right. And and you know me and herders were saying and this move probably. If they get into the draft it probably does not happen in a vacuum right as you say it is probably of a part of a bigger strategy right. Yeah I I think yes exactly there's so many. There's so many moving parts in all of this because of their you know. Having to do one thing to free up flexibility to do something else to possibly get make a trade or get access. Get into the creating game. That it's it's not going to be if it's something we're just one point one it's going to be my. Tom D'Angelo is joining us here as we're couple hours away from the NBA draft. Would you here right here on seven I didn't take it now time they've the they've really had no players and for workouts. And that's correct but they haven't tended workouts here. So I would guess. That you make the question is that the problem on on perks dealers. Oh exactly how do you how do you think they're going to look at some of the pleasure that you're gonna into the second round is her name or two that you would think that intrigues you or treat them. Yeah yeah I'm sure there are a bunch. You know beat but because these guys are. You know so off of off the radar. I would guess they probably have a you know change fifteen guys that does that interest to the inch and and is the reason being because the even if they gave birth going beyond that. There's a bunch of guys they have on a list who aren't going to be drafted that they are gonna start looking at tomorrow to start doing this summer league roster. So yeah all of the these guys that. May not within days however probably they interviewed and he painted it to you twenty players such as the Columbine and again nobody else significance would name that that that that. The people clamoring over that that would image here. A going to be it's going to be your appetite that I gonna have to make a difference right away. But it probably if I'm sure they have some projects I don't have those named to find out what has you think it probably took about rally check Jimmer it you know Indian and those guys. But I guarantee they were out there they were looking in and they cherry wood told us. The it would we've we've talked to ribbon changed Oakmont Chicago. I've become mind. That it problems much harder it's it's so it's a harder work for them when they don't have. A picnic because there's so many give them what think there a look at what possibly with you on this issue fourteenth pick last year you know there isn't exactly going to be there will be yeah. You don't know now we get we get a move in a we have the twentieth when he hit the twentieth thirtieth. We then moved to the second round oh million up a look at a much of a drastic. Not a high amidst a question answer and said just when they'll bring anybody in these discussions that the rapids and I can be a double surprise because they could. Big jolly get a pick and then be the player is would be will be on top elected nobody has any idea. What they what they've been looking at here at all a little only they do really other than they hate what team and it could relate to the heat. What are you most entry dear to see what they do tonight on draft night. I'm intrigued by a couple of things I'm intrigued to see if we're Dodd who would look at such a good school and it hit rob. It's Sacramento truly had this been a smokescreen that we are just that Bakley if not. When when the agreement off the border Dokic is now the next. Next big you know probably the next guy up in Atlanta had that number three pick what do they do do they really want gym or do teens start scrambling for that. To to move into that it could you know cause of the objects very unique talent. And the second thing is what does Memphis do with a double what could they are they want to they get desperate to get rid of the 49 point two million mail him Parsons may be the worst contract in history in the NBA. It and there are so desperate they would have passionate about what picture which moved back a bunch. And if they could just get rid of cautions what happens with that pick if somebody delivered a bunch of teams I would think I would think. The team that moves into that spot. It's probably would connect. I'm Obama. Inconclusive and he's a very intriguing player. And a lot of team to look there have by interviewed him a lot of team that had a mean specifically I believe the number nine could be what war. Take Parsons contract. And do you know what swap swap picks and moving just to get baba so that it did you know that hit that that the book or create. That's not gonna happen until you bet it will happen beforehand with that. But this is able to move Parsons is going to be. The scene we've got to be very sure because going to be taking on you know a very bad contract next two years they're gonna be assured that a player they want is there. So somebody wants a dodger he's gone and about that to get it up and go to the court to cut costs cut it but if someone dear conceded that they want. If we have to see what kind of movement of Qaeda. I you know what what we hear what the chatter is once that we pick up the board. Tom very quickly here regarding Dwight Howard we know that he was upgraded from Charlotte to Brooklyn yesterday they're report that he's asked the Brooklyn nets for a buyout magnets are willing to comply. Is there a realistic scenario in which squeaky becomes interested. In Dwight Howard the freeagent keeping in mind. That the white said he was to go to a contender and too right probably won't play for the veteran's minimum especially in Miami. Is there a realistic scenario where that he could be in a rested and. Out of Iraq is constructed now absolutely not they have horse and a layup concept right correct by. If they were able to do something and is there were able to move whites I mean. In the end it you know what the problem is that not gonna have the money that I just can't see anyone giving him. I don't know what you want she's gonna have a feeling it Qaeda tie is gonna get paid initial contract. You what I mean with the buyout is going to. Heed that you've got to retrace the contract he's going to get. The majority of his money I don't know why he's got what he did you don't want to get SH stay out whatever the buyout and I want to make up the difference so I want 8000000 and nine million up in the top. I mean this guy's history used in this is mrs. Such an incredible story for a guy who's going to wind up in the column and nobody wants to me being treated for garbage. The death for the last three years. It is just unbelievable so. Who was going to we're going to be the next soccer. You know I think he's signing for probably. Not the veteran may be no exception in the five million dollar range with eighteen. That. Is just if it. Is going to say we can't make this work he can be the difference if we can get them to just give I give him but have never rebound. And shut up in the locker room and not backward he. You know Wilt Chamberlain and not act like he's gonna have that scored thirty grabbed thirty Broderick just need and be independent. What it would of Cleveland you know what do we would get so up and LeBron stays in May critical life. Yeah I was throwing that out Tom I was just has made Peary cats rule. Like what if LeBron has text at the white today. And say did you go with me any city for the veteran's minimum Ed Dwight can rehab his image and get on a title contender but right. Yeah who knows and as a reserve also maybe. W I think definitely goes to let that be interesting if he gets even accepted this if you know what and who knows that this guy would go to this guy and then. But maybe the worst thing he may be the word or certainly the worst he made as legal last few years the way that the reaction we're hearing every time we traded. And the party he cities crowing as. He's rated which originally which which which is really makes historian. So so incredible return of the every car and so on the sharks and dolphins get well we can make him work was to make them work it. Year after year he signed or traded for. And it takes someone gave less than a year find out oh boy let's get a body or that event or parade went a little toy when they Simon would cooperate when late when they get ripped. So we I don't know who would Eckstein whose gonna do that but it's a that's gonna take that chance. But my guess and it's going to take a strong personality likable broad vague they they've gotten what they bring him grant had to hear that they would talk to which they. You know. Can we do yes you know can we make this work that you've got to make sure this guy. Stays in check in the locker room and he doesn't want because of that you because to a team that doesn't have a strong leadership or you're just gonna be the same thing all over. There on the news more than one and LeBron will be the only guy that could just say so yeah. This is it's going to be in your gonna like it hey Tom always a pleasure meant thank you very much of the doubt we'll see what happens tonight they do is always come. Yeah thank you he is his hobby Angelo goes the Miami Heat for the Palm Beach post warfare two on here you're valmont what are your he Finneran MBA for an atomic De'Angelo. A 44 argued stuff right there we'll see what the heat do. Pay either way Warren B watch him and of course listen and we got the draft coming up right. Right after our show right here on some in nineteen tickets. I Saddam De'Angelo for joining us right there we got somewhat more news on the Miami that just happened here it has the last few minutes we're gonna get so that's. And it just a moment here on Curtis apart but the tickets after going away soon but don't you worry. Don't worry don't fret that don't. That's why we've been telling you to go download the regular come up for months now also get that done if you haven't already. That's where our stream will be in a stream is and everything else have come to expect from to get app so go download the radio that come out do it now and don't miss your favor tickets show. Radio dot com the new home ovens have a nanny NFL 1043 HD to take itself round abouts. And you're not near a conventional dialed in this arena netcom is easy and and even. I I can do right you can save even a caveman can do it closed eyes downloaded it it's couple weeks ago easy. Right easy now moron nominee now right so we got that done very symbols so yeah dull because I know some gonna have. In whenever is shuts down. The and were in the summit to be texting where are you guys where we're camp finds as a Rama gonna amber. Oh my god you know where's Dan where is this too and where is pleased to LeRoy and Tobin where is free and lower their rhetoric commando. Raid on a com reader and a congress that done and then you'd be off. All set and and good to go 6974. Lets you reach some of sex line. 67974. On the on the tax line all right so we got the was Jeremy Wu report them. Earlier today and answered and here's what he had to say he is a beer at a press reports OSHA dot com outside dot com Sports Illustrated. And is the limit general Ken kind of worked up here. One Jamie give an eye on as the draft nears he tweets in Miami you have been pursuing the possibility required for consolation. According to multiple league sources at the moment he'd gone on draft picks we tweet that out bush zipper for noon yeah out of California right yeah somewhat arts and and his colleague edits were associated with this a few minutes or destroy Israel off the air with with Tom De'Angelo and they Seward asked Tom the same real questions through an anyway but a Jake Fisher. Is is tweeting. Between this Ivan told us is wins those available in Miami's trade discussions. So. While we're relying misinformation I'm telling you this that's gonna happen right I'm just saying there's some smoke out there regarding the Miami heat's. And when it was whoever what does that tell you that justice. Is available because what it tells me it is. They're probably looking at. The first round right as oppose you're not given up justice for a second round vehicle or package rights of their own that's what's so does that low no less with that. That's about old you know it's. Where do you believe that reporter not. That's. That's one being the net tells me right at that netted a you know if that's true then the heat is. Highly. Likely to be looking at a first round pick how as opposed to be and trying to just you know engine to that second on. Give me you know perk argument going here. Did they got to give them the I would say for does one's vote you're getting into it you're gonna need a lottery yeah I'm a middle middle of you can lottery fifteen day. Now that I would agree I agree somewhat agree amounts in top ten right and that's where you're getting in if you tell a 100% of the exit. Much injustice Winslow for that the 43 pact under persona not real and that right out of I don't see a player there anyway. That you that that is better than justice Winslow I'd rather now if your attaching justice Wenzel and salary. Yeah does his lives on Tyler Johnson going to somebody. For a player and a peck then it's different. But young did did he meet a sweetener to get induced to whatever conversation. In just his Wenzel might be yes so it's arguably a straight up one for one deal. I don't think it's now a wind out dog and that's not enough correctness. Right Wheaton. Surmised that we in that what the makes the most sense for us not enough but I'm not calling so I'm not called in Portland with a 24 pick if they argue the picked up right. Ramped up to the magic but he's terrible terrible. That if you're good I'll words to the lottery okay. The offer it doesn't just once this probably part of fourteenth pick maybe he can do more straight up deal there you know with some pieces. But that if you're really getting crazy or if it's David Justice in just then. Yes it is justice in the twentieth pick or the thirtieth it then you're getting into. Okay we're gonna take. We're gonna take a bad contract offer you we're gonna did you Tyler Johnson or some Whiteside. And and then you go from there and then now taken much bigger than just it's a business. There you go that's that's where I was gonna take this what if Lowe what if from and I can't remember the reporter's name this year JS Vick Jersey this year aside. Well what if he only has part of this deal. That that. Justice is part of a three team deal or or something and yeah so that's also by. I'll just throw that out but no outages undrawn if I'm the stronger if things go from what. From that we correct what time we should point yeah what do we surmise what what is likely. Maria could be including could be could be you know a bit on to saying. I'm not this thing pro Tiger Woods it's as if he doesn't Wenzel for pic is it just doesn't make sense now doesn't make this list is getting a top like twelve pick. And you can really get into a guy that decking come in and play Bradley takes a little spot and right is better rate the that's fun and like. And like we were saying kept. Whatever happens with BC well if he gets into the first round. Debt debt transaction isn't happening in a vacuum it's probably are part of a bigger a bigger part of this player and we'll see on old Berry soon sooner rather than later. So then you know just some stuff to keep in mind as as you hear an unnamed were soon. I like certain names are probably part of the bigger some. Hobby of a bigger trade. Maybe a three team trade another move by that he. Yeah I just doubt that anything he does tonight is going to be that's our move that our that's one of our moves that's it. I think that's removes linked to something else that will happen very quick. Peninsula with a lot of insulin yeah that but he is giving to perk you don't steal fuel to bottles trades anyway I did guess right. That we're Todd editor Tyler don't like where did you just with a for the twelfth correct. The import tax on both side the measles futile picks have been in the in the NBA so all. We draw the OK we we have something to talk well I am that you seem to be more. Balls that I thought they would be now they're doing something organs or is it on yup that I'd rather talk this is due diligence at the very least from the heat. This is due diligence and well hey look and and you have to figure the way that these beings are are getting Al is. Look we are often. At the break and we taught everybody knows is these sorts usually don't come out from the heat they come out from our pale Stockton to the Atlanta at GM and you know that of the reporters hog into the Atlanta GM and he mentions that he was talked into that he and just as little slower is available or you're right you're talking you geared just as part of your. You know covering the lead you talk to the people in Sacramento and they say by the way he would. You know. I heard but he is calling around and so the and you call some other teams seriously he's been calling you and so let you know that that's my guess sort or an agent you know calls I heard such and such. I was talking to this team and they told me he called but. It's it's really it's rarely you know Pat Riley delete this to somebody you're Indy L is perverted. The heat is a Barry lock down organization usually comes from outside the heat. Correct yes this is coming from bud but. There is some smoke there. Darius there there is smoke there and so there are smoke and we're gonna see if there's a little little fire tonight with the a month ago a couple of people who have texted me and I'm thinking. Tongue firmly planted in cheek. Eater making room for LeBron now we got Mario we got a couple of though suspect I. And tongue injury or you think they're serious techs no I think so but those are serious tackler baltics think those are serious tax that is crazy the sounds of religion Jewish. Those going to be tongue in cheek apparently well all our problem one for Winslow for Greek freaks radio yet. So I mean that's it you know. The why does somebody lapping gently yeah well actually that's the same personalities a look at the numbers now that's I did a jolly laugh at work but that's our I don't know if it. No no there's the mean the people there's the LeBron thing just allow her to answer them on the run thing it's not. A pipe dream to some heat fans out there they figured you know he's on the list is on the farm team lists. So therefore they have a shot right so you're saying there's a chance you know aren't front we got to get to the 6 o'clock hour we got a lot more to get to get some more your text your plus. Ball man I would do I would you know let you hit you'd love to be at some of these venues to watch the World Cup. Yet this afternoon. Argentinian joints for a that had not had a game that was not fun today will tell you all about that plus more on the draft tonight is to get rid of our coverage of the NBA draft radeon seven I didn't take. Our sister station sergeant and totally pro business improved. Urban district. The coconut grove street scene was afraid. Pull the plug in sets from Alex. DiLeo money made him dreamers were shutting the streets down and turning to grow into an all. Pages street party at sponsored by shell lumber and hardware scared to go prices for more than ninety years does it show lumbered out come. And this that nest coconut grove from may have some many not from 1043 HD to the ticket. Currently is that thing going to be is that going to be like coconut grove arts festival area. I'm I anytime somebody say you were shot in the streets down whether whether it's absolutely I have an anvil grave was never in in Little Havana. You say you're shot in the streets now you've got my attention. Yes and I don't party like get you don't just let the streets down for now yeah Bloomberg restaurants it melts it did I ask as a party as a party. I like that and we're Russia in the streets. That gets militant all right well yes those who no doubt I'll tell you love it just got our attention. That is at lunch after recording allows and has got some breaking taboos which we'll get to in just eight seconds. I always tell you Kirk news this time of year never good news image in the NFL and that is the case. For a free certain quarterback where it's that in just a second putt on its draft I hate that we're gonna take up until our coverage of the MNBA draft. Starting at right at 7 o'clock and I like the image after that thing flies you can read into that many moves that the is daunting with the trades on the radio at that thing rolls so it's going to be fast and furious are coming up coming up at at 7 o'clock also Bobby marks. Front office insider room for ESPN and former assistant general manager and director of player development personnel. He is he's gonna join us in about in about forty minutes also we're gonna get to headlines as well and Maria back to the draft. Lots we have some breaking NFL news. And accord and Adam shaft or the NFL. Is playing planning to suspended. Quarterback. Jamison Winston. For three games for the upcoming. 2018. Season and this. Is apparently linked to that that accusation. When he. A salted or. Or. If handled a groped and overdrive. Bakken play sixteen we cannot I remember that story for you immigrants Reynolds and autism or that story. But the NFL is isn't apparently PD's re filling that. We just four games this is three games and it relegate. At this after tweets is this for violating the personal conduct policy and so. There you go so so Janus Winston and by the way. In case you're wondering those three games are eager are tough ones. What's at New Orleans at home against Philadelphia at home against Pittsburgh on Monday Night Football. Who's Tampa Bay's backup. Is it still rise since Patrick. He was there he was there last year I can't remember peace deal they they like a dead young Melamine that was the that was the big hard knocks on your other related to the young guys that the lights I'm seeing his face. They're the young guy that they liked it he got hurts. Me and then they cut the to the watcher Greg as the two got solid and they cut him. Buy it and then insanity in Austin Alan and and Ryan Griffin. Griffin's got there never got you know there's always that he's back you know it's Batasuna the revenue to spend any of that in Kabul. So. Good luck against those two Ian and see that's why Dirk Connor should have been a bit ahead a matter of days of the first coach to be fired as head. The murderers go free fire for crying out loud soft like this. Well there at three out of well that did it your dirt cutter that should buy me some time right. Not when your 09 urban one in seven or whatever going to be made there's no there's no guarantee that your Winwood was James when snow in a lecture in laughter. You can't look and and and all that talent coming in like my. You were saying yesterday cap a mean that you know that roster and say they really did they ever tell us that starts a roster. I mean come on man got big names on their roster. And they just yeah yeah remained OT you've got to Sean and and Mike Evans has as you receiver so. You weigh out your way it did in the game and OJ Howard but it bit. Tied in and the only other two other tight ends are I mean they got players. Amino. Well Jim as with so I would say that's the report. The report may have even even if he what what the what Monday night's third game. So he'll he'll invite him to against me that's my guess on that alone and then we backed them money and I gained just my guess you know he's well he'll I would yes I don't know appeals are writing the bill but the NFL found something that he was doing something wrong. In that and that who variety into down sixteen we heard that story you're like okay. And I think those Mormon story because and because davis' history here enough and it happened since that says yeah yeah. And man but I mean the NFL. They obviously found some of them and you know if you did something wrong min he should be punished were. There's no doubt about that but there was no. There was no police. Hitting it goes the police. Of those a police report no harm us for that well plus. He didn't have he wasn't arrested or anything like that right right but the NFL this is this this is the you know this is CBA is what you bargained for this is all the stuff. Ranging get arrest during giving you know jump embodies is suspended for three games because you know one we summed it happened two years ago that that. That's why I thought it was going known you know listens. Some years ago correct but my and here we are. Due to listen he's still he's still when he was in his future not just on this but just in general. Minutes are easily. He's got a he's got to prove that he's something other than. What he show and actually he even went to the Pro Bowl what two years ago it I mean he was like the fourth. Her you know there was that brought you my laundry and an all star right right right exactly. He's got he's got to turn the turn this thing around he. I would say that he's probably hit it forward. Take this for what it's worth Bryant and hill territory after five or six years readers on the news. Lou. There I agendas doesn't suck but he hasn't shown a study the other show to be anything special. No he's not Josh Freeman for that grew out for that were inside warmer Balkans. Trainer you know an area. Eyes on us for you and but he's not a and I resent. Drew Brees no we certainly not a anyway I had to Davis have been a suspended we gave back to the day after we got some have to get to before we get to. All of that let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD true. ARAMARK. NBA draft is tonight at seven in Brooklyn at the Barclays senator Arizona has the Andrei eight and expected to go number one to the Phoenix Suns after that. Who really knows Bagley too much in my bag and so that's tune yeah. And it does look mean camp in other people of Syria but after that unless there's a trade I think Atlanta take a look at dog to each. And then it gets old crazy were Memphis yeah it's it's there is should be a whole lot of water and -- locked and I'd be shocked if there was an idea I agree Miami Heat does not have a hit in this draft however. Jeremy will look Sports Illustrated tweeted earlier today mainly around 11 AM noon. His weeks at the following. One team to keep deny known as the draft nears the Miami Heat. Who have been pursuing the possibility of acquiring a first round selection according to multiple league sources. There was also the the report of the week from miles Fisher Jake Fisher. An analogous Schwartzel who is just kind of tagged at photo or tag that tweet. Instead he's been told that just is Winslow is available in May in Miami trade discussions kind of piggyback on that on on the on his. Colleagues tweet we had Tommy Angelo on a viva rock our Tom thinks they're their bigger. Work in the phones Tom thinks their interest in Newton Tom thinks they're gonna getting things sector has more likely than the first round. Because of the price. Right. And the heat there during their new diligent well here's the other thing to the do that's what you that's what you said earlier you know and I won that many get back to that cause your right. The Sears think perk. This is just a precursor to create a certain soldier on the phone with blitzes say you're on the phone with the grizzlies yet. And that and you know what they wanna get real threat. When you call them back next week. Clarity no wonder you have to come back right at you that much further he did you yeah yeah you know I go back in. And you'll have to start from the starting line what are your twenty yards dome way in this forty yard dash here's a rallies we've got to find out there's two things are gonna find out. Hey what it was running guerrilla who who what garbage they have the they're gonna about the put out on the corner you know. On the stoop so to speak to one on the Serbia for him for the trash man who's guard Chilo Parsons cardinal joking no garbage contract. What garbage bad contracts are teams can get rid of then right is it OK I can live with that right. And then Vegas say here's an parameters here's my Garber yeah which it was you were doing here you know I mean did that they're not trading Tyler Johnson. Or some Whiteside. Fur for John Wall right like that's not happening that. Seoul via blood. If you wanna get out from under and make just give yourself some more flexibility. So this lets what you're gonna do so right now in my Naji about picks but it's also OK I know I know what they want. All of war and will get back to the next week. Then in the NBA Dwight Howard who was traded to Brooklyn from Charlotte yesterday. Has asked the nets were a bio and the nets are trying to comply this comes from ESPN's Adrian will corral ski. He talked to Dwight Howard. By telephone and the white told him this quote. I want to be in the situation where I have an opportunity to help a team win that's my only goal all I need is a real chance and a clean slate. Where it's not people talking about my past. So that's the word from my Dwight Howard. Local NFL news Miami Dolphins will open all have their purse training camp practice July 26. Rookies report July 18. Veterans report July when he bit. Miami Marlins are off tonight they started three game series at Colorado tomorrow. NHL news. The Florida panthers' schedule has been announced. They opened the season October 6 at Tampa Bay. The panthers' home opener October 11 against Columbus NHL draft tomorrow at 730 Florida Panthers have the fifteen day. One more NHL no bear each rots in Leah Washington to the Stanley Cup title this year was named he would coach of the New York Islanders today now get this. Trot his five year deal with the islanders reportedly doubles what his annual salary would have been on a shorter on trek. With the capital so. Truck made out very well for American products yeah I did good to beat him today isn't it well like the last few months it's been good to be him. World Cup update because we are World Cup central there you go cap. Brands to beat Peru one nil today France moves on Peru has eliminated from Denmark and Australia 11 draw. And the little world talking about tap Croatia. Of beats Argentina three Neil. Dikes. Argentina. Can still advance out of the group right there are basically no longer the evident they're not in control anymore colonel. Yeah Iceland and and none are Iceland and literally Croatia they employ the right there are there in in the policy goal differential hurts them and there are Argentina's they're in trouble. Current troubles arises though Croatia. Russia are wide and France have made it out of the group phase. Egypt Morocco Saudi Arabia and rue have been eliminated those are your influence. That game we were watching them match earlier and there was there was rough and tumble. And just the locks on argent Argentinian. Players bases in the and the the fans and a coach and me it was shot give me the hell for Pia just a nightmare. I'll chime in there and I was trying to think. Emmy I'll shouted at me when it gets a text or others who sales like LeBron getting swept in the finals. And even. I mean it's like they're the dream team now there are damn good team they have won it did its best it's important right we're talking and never smoked yes and three Neil led Croatia but that's a good team no. But mature Argentine. Debt is overwhelmingly huge present tournament I'm trying to put it on par where. Like yeah I don't see him getting lower he got bows that is it can get today you found out how bad as you get worse. Yeah right right exactly but it they are way its is is is really going to be rough and and especially on little messy because. You're you're the best players so I. It's definitely of they don't get out of the group stage definitely going to be a rough you month's premium could be a rough couple years welcoming all the mess and nice for years still another World Cup. I yeah I'm not assured the pin it matters what he doesn't close look at the big. It is I'm not mistaken the big deal with him is Z you've got to get Argentina. You know the World Cup title right right now that he's not mean his club clubs there's undisputed he's you know. One of the best ever but he's got this other thing to be like if LeBron was great for Allegra LeBron won a bunch that she abuses with Cleveland. And then we went to the Olympics and calls look. Is there's it is not easily be good or it's the flip Carmelo right where Carmelo. They have much to gold medals I don't care by women MBH a desire to gold medal of these authority or through what our president Barack Obama trying to find out if whatever Melo got we let. That's an Garros that's a gold medal at a company that Mitt or it was like Phil Mickelson at birth saying doesn't really matter if I win a major. All right bill irons I heard all right mellow all right bill. I heard somebody somewhere around what chills listening to what somebody said. There are big in the case that Carmelo is a good player and he is a good player regularly there's regular Q talk NBA free agency ever journalist. And they in the they're trying to they're these tell of the like Carmel were Carmelo found the out of Syracuse tire somebody out. Our next family like Carmelo I can tell. Any Sidwell you know the that you got the gold medals he throws an Asia Europe and outlined early new lead that led rig that. And Melo Melo is like an Olympic ball like that the big the mid range jumper that he has this do balls. But. Really no right like they really though it. You're you're trying to tell me this means that much of the NBA Childress off really on your flying with a bunch of superstars. Okay yeah but let Maine but it's the Olympics it's two weeks and right every fourth graders and and in the dude is really he's really good international player but. It's so legs now so. But it's so late at night getting you and it's good targets or when you go on vacation. And you wanna go like you wanna cruise and you wanna go skeet shooting now. Really like dinosaur or do you work out you happen to run the treadmill every day during those two weeks. In August price yes I and I'm doing good right now putting the ideas of materials a year you're gonna use something that you don't let you're gonna drink a hundred but it Ben David factory race. All weeklong. That's good that's Carmelo Anthony at the Olympics we got its share of the basketball delegates no words every four years SP. Honest news of the death I'm glad you are right I might be the best layer on on my team. Iraq but the look let's go I asked him half the Karabakh an auto what do you August objected and demanded that Corey for breakfast and noon. Yeah it goes to charity of the back of the border so going that's me out there go snorkeling volume. This is great accommodation valued toward the resolve that's Carmela deliberate teases his. You know that I can blend this to me you know share the basketball I couldn't you know do my thing any looks great. The script liar he's a great talent and then eating eskolaste. Two excellent for your yes it is not gonna translate to India are we got more Jeff coming up your organ gets that was Bob remarks. Around the corner and then our coverage of the NBA draft all right you're on some and I do take. Right the fourth of July coming up next wave to the city of sunrise. Join us outdoors for the media to set there for live music kids activities food trucks fireworks and more live music including classic rock legends grand funk railroad the American band. It's over the course thirty and parking and admission are free for your safety all of actually searched for the sunrise. I felt that gov for details or call 9547474600. C when sunrise on July 4 flames have a nanny and FM. 104.3 HD two and. Ticket more than a week away is the fourth drama here before you know it mamet's. Summer first day of summer. And the longest day of the year. And we got to. This hasn't felt like a long show whatsoever this one has flown by because we go Thomas stuff to get to and time they say time flies and have a fun man and it's all relative. And we certainly are having a blast around here per talked about remarks come and appear in about to fifteen minutes front office insider. For ESP and former region assistant general manager in the NBA with the nets and easy all time funniest the end. He's gonna join us and we'll ask him what did the thought crosses on. As you go into the draft here in the in the few minutes and what he should do in free agency what he might do tonight. There's a lot of stuff floating around out there but just Wenzel Meehan available working on how real that is we don't know what they're gonna but the heat is. Bill bill leaked there's no they're not only you organizations don't know so the you know when stuff says father Peter you know that he nothing gets out. Because basically there's one guy did know who's going on and I gang talking right now yeah. And and and and people know sit it there will be some repercussions. If stuff gets out. So yeah that's it there's that'll slow right and the guys that are in that Rome with the with the one guy Riley. They've been every thirty years for the most part you know slow and leave them there are grown there. Then all of a zoning and start to have an black morale but I yeah of course hundred no desire holly opera there's certain teams. Per you've covered both leave you journalists a league's forever real NFL NBA you know the certainty well you know certain nearly right there are literally eat. Now Miami Heat not one of the snow tonight here 91 of a right not at all. Oh now we don't some other NFL breaking news which owner reiterate your half. In about fifteen minutes ago. In if you missed it according Adam Chester NE SP and the NFL is planning to suspend. Quarterback. Her driver it was it was an assault to grow to an overdrive on her is very unclear here is that ever you know I can't that's our. He's Scottsdale Arizona I believe in in march of when he sixteen. And I just wrote what was the wrote hi Ronald Darby had a rule in this 'cause he. Who played with Jamison Florida State and at some point in Darby jump to say that he was in the car and nothing inappropriate happened there and I can't remember that was. Proven to be true Darby the Darby section governor not at two years ago about what he got. What do you want to have one thing in our report says in addition to a suspension. He must meet a certain criteria related to his conduct to return to a field so he had been notified of the suspension but he will be. Earliest tomorrow live signal to begin next week. All business of the radio has been notified now that's journey campaigns everywhere nerds on TV it's only. They're gonna suspend him and I said. You know try to get two games of receives a down three but if he wasn't arrested for any of that stuff whatever I don't read we don't know I don't know it's it's still very hazy. I let me ask you this kept my. I can't I don't know what precedent is an enough bill for suspending somebody porn incident two years ago. Maybe it's happened maybe it hasn't but it seems it seems a long time to Beagle won bay. And I well know that they haven't been investigating it since that time but it. Well let me and his assailants. Let me just say this. When she I'm assuming it's a she I think it's a C I'm assuming I always try to resume so yeah over driver. They didn't that's the story does not come out until overlap much easier for her for you after that yeah great. So those those the versed kind of bizarre thing that took places when this happened always happened last haven't overly you know ten months ago okay. So I would that that's where I would start there that the thing in the in the NFL gets involved. And out of they've been they've they've been investigating that in this for the past. Because whenever I was stressed out when the registered Mombasa last season last season yeah like maybe led in late in the season right and our call so amount they have all been in in trying to figure this thing out the last seminary months put a bottom line is if salesman James went in because there's really gruesome than. Wrong oh yeah he he. Violated the personal conduct. Clause which. It is you know it is is more abstract and concrete. Now so pay. This is this is the world we live and if you're an NFL player Roger Goodell. New witnesses in the first guy that the behaving get arrested hey. Hitting it charged really doing okay William bears the league and his name got dragged through the mud then. You is not in the wrong place at the wrong time is of me doing that so you get to you get suspended thoughts. There's just the that's just the way to 67974. That's a richest. On the tech signed 67974. Talked about remarks here come up here in about in about. Ten minutes. NBA draft. Just trying to oust its funny part I saw I love the NB ice loves the NBA dram much I mean it's just. Everybody's reaction it is it was funny house always just it popped into my head this is how to be a precursor to kind of what you know what I would be doing. In life looking but I remember. Light is it was like yells at thirteen years old Els and a basketball camp and he was. In in MM my coach gas meals aground this time. We're out Kim my coach as me he goes you know he's a would you last night you know them being you know itself legs you know do and they got a coach and a mock draft for the NBA draft and yeah and it just I remind myself of that I don't know like reading all the my trap eye when I was a kid that. I says Kidd delegates at 1211 currency went. I would do mock drafts you know you know. And I was pretty darn good at super I have. He's right and it just brought back some memories there Meehan Syria out kind veteran race right we're about to rise yeah exactly that's exactly who has is that hey hey. It doesn't problem over and dorm you know we're at some weight champ whatever up the up the roading you know these are the probably in dorm dorm a last night are who was involved. Tales they use Astoria they worry you last night Hayward you guys and dolls and video playing video games in the in the dorm college there was little love gave cars what little weary US that I was little mock draft for for Thursday's draft alone time there in the area. They go some pretty. Pretty funny right there who is the one guy. That and you're the one guy you really wanna see that there's more than one bruise on guys' policy where he falls tonight. I where he goes. I there's not there's a lot here in Jackson and John kitsch Mo bumble. Tray you know Michael Porter junior yeah Michael Porter junior. There's so many guys can it. Ronnie wood walker yeah and it make good. You know they could go move from. There's probably about a by teen slot that they could fit into and that's that's. That's just unusual at you know we're we're hours. It's really from the draft night and and there's just so much uncertainty at the top. That it just it just doesn't. Does that you'll await other drafts have. And and that's a good thing and it's. And really it's not that these guys the reason I'm looking forward to this. Is these are not bad players these are you know decent players who you really it's hard to project. How good they're going to be in so you're you're just kind of in this spot weird to me. If you're between. I would even I without just say in the top fifteen picks. Any of those guys who turned out to be. Usually it's like appeared you know the top three though the did you know you can say lead reject. That the the stud of the draft is gonna come out of that group. Right now I think is wide open including DR Andre eight million. All of these guys are and I don't see why were they see a lot of I don't necessarily see eight plus player I see a lot of other I don't believe China's beat law. And I'm just curious like Trey young I think tray young's I mean you are Michael Porter junior but there's certain guys that you think man this guy's got a chance to be really special. Nom. But. Dot dot what yes and here's the other thing here's the other thing perk that is fascinating we sit here and we have knows we have no clue. Like all these teams for the most part I mean they don't but they don't know we know how he straps were. Like your REIT we can map five years from now. All my guide trade they passed on trade young. Led the leg that we do we do the steps curry stuff like right how does the T wolves take Jonny Flynn. Ahead of stuff rotary. How do they take Ricky Rubio. Two point guards and says that curry led the Minnesota Timberwolves you're like how that stuff Currie. Are you old trademark or trademark green and secular or how. Yeah yeah I that's I just you know it that's gonna happen tonight it's gonna be you know it's it happens that I where you're five years now. One of these teams are going to be chicken but the MBA Disco and here's where you know pay. That draft man they got rights who they got it right. So on and in you if you wanna keep. Extrapolating from bear. They're there could be some executives who makes his reputation upload. Oh he nailed it in the 2018 draftees at dudes got a good future you know it'd. Maybe in a few years somebody gets a job based on and what they saw in this draft maybe somebody loses a job based on what they didn't see your right Joseph do Morris taking. What's the argument cardinals right. So the morning and you have been set of privacy bias. So the Carmelo got a mean it's. That thing stuck with the army EL celeb like the bin Gordon he gave bin Gordon a lot of money off Charlie Dolan wave are all a lot of money. But he never did shake it to know our nobody nobody nobody went from hotter than to not exactly. So is ours actually look at the numbers like that other executives who would not could have been also mentioned one name this that this is late. FAU running back DeVon motor singletary. He was Maine three season second team all American by Athlon sports. You know motor A he's a junior this year ripper 19100 yards. 32 touchdowns last year. We have mentioned the U whim here it's two on Johnson and and Arabs are upset quarter min I omitted. To mention though motor singletary so I apologize that but he is a second team pre season all American assured. Yeah I should measure a slower slower six so there's that. Well there's that oh awkward right there is gonna got to know where none of that's he deserves it that's heated you know what I always. Always say I'm gonna do you know stuff like saint Thomas baseball won the national tell you know when the state title and all that and the local track teams and you empathize I don't. Well we know sidetrack well is these pesky things like the NBA draft right right guy and I decided I get rumors such is agree I didn't realize these always Winslow might be might be out say a little older then I. Right we are voters about why are so sorry idea but I just can't do proper idea you. A driver and we gotta talk about these these tiny little things these free these events yes it. I would probably march front office insider former assistant GM in the league he joins us next right here on 79 to.