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Friday, June 22nd

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I. Do. Well I certainly don't think. That's right good for those guys I wanna we still don't division. You know I've. I think levels are themselves I'm on us this yes growing with regards to admit but still got. Yeah I definitely have got still got to sell anything so. But good for those guys. We wanted demanded a third hour. And they got a gun on him from harbor are good for October and then and LeRoy and the beast was along for the ride and Robby Robby what does. Was instrumental in in pulling that off as well you know he can pull off the 011 draw the draw now I mean I have through the router for both Muslim I want blue spectacular. Gold at the Swiss. Not. But I oral cubs on trilateral gets all the scores and everything in the grisly new Brazilian this warning was bonkers and another great day. Of soccer action but are cursed per review here on a TG IF Forman and meaning. How much you pour. But. Yeah belongings they have the air yesterday near a thousand long draft last night's dismal. And I hadn't felt so left out since watching that thing of the heat fans as my senior prom I mean and it was like a I'm waiting for much for some and in all the logos all the names and all up all the teams are pop it up and I'm going. Many in this sucks and I understand it it's part of what the heat arm out. And you don't have born drive to go on your team and the heat aren't about to draft a half these guys who when we roll into the season a few months have these guys are going to be nowhere to brief announcement on inspectors busy after the Tony the first third fifth picks we know in the Taiwanese. Maybe somebody turns out to be a player and then or maybe not mentally room turns out we play a little wheels are not met by yes yeah. But yet I know you're right I'm just it's just one of those things are to seriously uses felt so left outlast anyone engine that. You know what the cause of you know we're talking yesterday about how if they he was gonna trade into the first round trade and into the when he is not really worth it. And then so I always looked and you know during those picks in the teens I was. Are they gonna do it thing but once you once he got to like number one any number nineteen or when he. There. I'm not once and for heat purposes anymore out of Boston from bass rapper TI got it was pretty purposes. And probably until might take ten. You know that's way even though I knew. Went straight to number and by nine ST yeah yeah but I mean I was Urals the guys go like you did but. Yeah I mean in the I think reality set in in the in the mid twenties where it's like. I did I really didn't think they were going to get into the first round and I was just keeping an eye out and I don't know I don't have a problem with that. No no no but. But years since their last night and your dislike you know I mean its its woes it within the BM. Three and a half for four hours sorry it's 730 in and around midnight you know and it's just going in you'd his own hand but the only time he imagines he was. Windy compared to Johnny walker to Dwyane Wade. And I Chris Bosh had a computers as much is who loves it Wendell Wendell Carter. Or was it Barbara Bagley whales back in London today Lee and doubting I'm vaguely right and then elbow right. And then that went with Phoenix traded the pick for a Philadelphia or Philadelphia drew the technology Israel off just right and his dog doesn't respect the that's. I'm sick and I follow him at my desk. And house and out to support and and I got here to hear my immediate that I turnaround on the CBO OK I don't know what welcome to NBA draft irrelevance. And again us via and I knew I don't know probably that though. Know what is it fair last night that was. There was nothing new for us now there was and the Miami people felt really left in this all kind of left out. Now the basketball and it was clear he had. Wales' dogs in this as the you know great deal the logo never appeared on the on the big board Schuyler counties okay all right Pat Riley but he spoke late last night after all that. Abandon. And even though they did not do anything last night. Pat says a lot and I think in perk and I we've we've level and would be reliable and pat talk from pat talks we listened we listened hard. And we're gonna go through you touched on in the Assam about a variety of things Dion Waiters. Wayne Ellington took a back Udonis has lump. And then obviously the trade situations and then obviously in the draft last night of course who so we're gonna get all that were to hear from that runs from late last night if you miss the rim played Korea we're gonna have a four you hear Rene you're kind of up and we're GNU deal tossed too much different things or get to up to all of apple we're what was your biggest take away from the draft last night. Gosh I don't know that I had one big take away I I was intrigued by the Lugar Dong ditch trade and we would train young trying to fund and the next darkened house yup yup exactly exactly and and I believe Lucas is that he didn't work out for Dallas at that. You know last night was basically his first contact with a and so that was probably. You know the thing that got my attention. From the most. It was probably that trait and I didn't know word well Don kitchen and trios in you know mold bomb goes up the road and in Orlando he was a guy who. We're intrigued me maybe just does he went to the University of Texas and I'm from Texas. Thumb but those were probably the beings and you know. We had some some other things that happened during the draft that were there were interest earning. All right and tidbits are in danger and Anand and Atlanta Hawks. Position and yeah. Trio learned via the sources yen and you know I don't do this stuff I didn't I mean nothing really light. Grab my attention like the Michael Porter bowling do what fourteen Michael Michael Porter falling that far was a little it was a little surprising. The one thing it's up to Maine not them that not that I mean a lot fewer care about this budge wanna make point do you look at how mature some of these guys are such a young age to. And anger and doing the interviews yeah yeah. All those guys look like like classy real first class individuals and that's an and the units were jet to take your calendars and all that money at an all those guys. And you look at the nineteen. Year old kids they're going you know they're young that there are far more mature than when we were nineteen their perk. Well you know look at Housley this and and you know maybe other people live have noticed this but I I think. A lot of your. Younger players now just say in BA and NF bill nowadays. The cause of other media social media or podcast that they might have been on in high school to learn or you evidently no huddled. There you know the boot on line service I know spur highlights by. I think players are more comfortable in front of cameras or behind microphones. Now that's a good point I mean David don't necessarily as a team and death. Videos have been out there they've been right yeah talked in yeah every guy I mean was interviewed you know he was aiming now it was just silly idea idea about me about me. About all those kids had a great story and it's just fun to watch some of those guys come and see how they are. See how they develop. I don't and one of those guys is why locker room not just does so I thought that was pretty cool I feel a little bit from from some of the mock drafts who knew what he lives in San Antonio. That's a great spot for him yet and then his story which we all knew you know coming from reading they re the kind of reiterated that last night so Miami got some humility or involve the hurricanes got mad love. And I look got a became lay any a celebrity the last few days after his media interviews and SI did a story I think ESPN did a story ever reviving his thing on the slow some for the and the yeah yeah yeah month I'm a media. Superstar make good for the applauding yeah. And that hat when he put on the hat man. Spurs had that hair do hair Lonnie was I illustrates style right there. So that was good enough in exotic good drafts in its its you did Jesus say we have the number one overall pick new I like when it landed there they had some shooting there. You know there's all the trade slip and then woes users drop the mom left to right here on stuff but overall yeah I mean I thought it was we'll see what happens. I don't know exactly who got a whole heck of a lot better yeah. I hear it is I thought it was a good draft of that makes sense I don't even know what a good draft means but. I didn't. As far as like one being you know moment. I don't have a takeaways like now while they got him but I thought it was a good dram won't entertain. They move they move along pretty good and as opposed to telecasts and and all that stuff so but the heat's they come out of it when nothing. And that's not surprising we're gonna hear from Pat Riley here we got a ton of stuff to get to a joint text show. Pilfered do so on the tax on 67974. 67974. Let's get to 4 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FSB. Teach you Miramar. You Miami Marlins at Colorado 840 tonight to start a three game series marlins' fifteen games behind Atlanta in the NL least twelve back in the wild card. Here's the bigger news for the Marlins up manager Don Mattingly suspended one game pitcher danced releases minutes buy games for their roles and throwing at us San Francisco's Buster Posey. It's really who's scheduled to start here Monday against Arizona though will a deal. His suspend. The giants' number in the giants' day and all that stuff friends gave Derek Rodriguez and ski. Bruce bossi unscathed so over snow was it was on Strickland broke his hand after six right right right yeah I that the monies lost to a it's Montel that's arousal Sheila legal officer yeah. I'm not I'm not sure that I agree with some Israel and hang on terror assistant five games and that's a long as we planned to start means a stereo articles Johnson says she saw. NBA draft news to you employers taken last night money walker number eighteen to San Antonio Bruce brown number 42 to Detroit. Heat president Pat Riley spoke at our after midnight among the being CC at the team hopes Dion Waiters will be told the the start of training camp. Waiters that ankle surgery in January Riley also see a beat he has not offered. Senator Hassan Whiteside or justice Winslow to any team in a trade and he added he's been in touch with Dwyane Wade via text saying we want to have Duane back obviously. But there's been no discussion about next year Riley also see it. Udonis has loam is welcome to return if he chooses. And as far as the off season Riley say did I don't know there's going to be any midnight meetings at a free agency I shouldn't say a current I don't know there's going to be any meat midnight meetings this might not be the year for us to do today. Other NBA since its. Well you know that's coming my dad yeah that's yet the so there will be no Kevin Durant born Pedro Obama drama mailing me and LeBron and LeBron are going to be quiet the last. That's what I'm taking that to mean that the way roller transformer to players not planned aid this year or not not good for windows elapsed yeah. But I mean this is we're here for morality and you know rally Avi was just tired it was a long night by. You know it would to me it seemed like he was defeated. By these are users try I think he's trying to let. Lee the lately in the little though labeling enough for everybody that this could just going to be doesn't mean art yeah yeah MI and let him but it but most like in my Nazi MO doesn't then you know pay don't pay me for. Yeah well we'll play some Riley sound but my. I I thought I heard him. Referencing a multi year plan as opposed to let's get back in this thing you know pretty quickly what's from the eccentric Seattle multi years reality. Yeah anything shortages in a pipe dream and it doesn't appear that that's gonna happen. Other NBA tidbits Cleveland's LeBron James has until midnight on June 29 to pick up the option or choose to become an unrestricted free agent weeklies and that we comes a week from today that's exactly right Cleveland GM Colby all men say it last night. We continue to have good dialogue with his management team so take that what it's worth a spurs GM RC do experts say at the team wants to retain more quiet manner but. We'll explore all of our options Buford declined to say whether Leonard has made a formal trade request with the team. NHL draft round one tonight at 730 from Dallas got all your coverage starting at seven on our sister station. By sixty WQAM. Florida Panthers have the eighteen pick of the first round. Rounds two through seven start tomorrow at 11 AM World Cup Brazil the beats Costa Rica to O'Neill pool Costa Rica. Out of that I added side I still have not seen the goals. It's I. I article I'm so gaga had to go to the driving range they complain gulf tomorrow but I as as some what's the personnel in the house start wants in the second half. Amber's real split and all kinds of pressure on them. And I'm looking at this and I'm going. The longer I wait to go to the range which I've got to do about it you know relative issued a 102 tomorrow anyway but I it's gonna get hotter sob I've just got to leave the man so violently mentally that. It was probably about the I would say maybe the 58 minimums are and it was in the early early in the second early in the second half but Brazil's. Already just. No pressure but it was 00. No. And that they went in the stoppage time move and they got about a las summits on those other welding tools like six men is obvious time. And then Marcelo it's a tremendous. Shot to set up. There was a header and then continue came in and hit and hit it in knocked in the back than that. Those are just a beautiful place they put the beautiful game. And then you name are got a goalie in the you know and they mean poser rice brushed and then they either went on a break to name or gotten down on late. And doubt it was an amazing like how quickly Brazil just fuel and funny and they came out there like the wire they'll let the warriors I mean it is they wouldn't win the shots are going down era. And you can write on Mondays ago right ones they as they they just kept. Probing imprudent right well everything us they were just probing they just couldn't get off the shot but it was like well good. Look quotes now but I always I mean yeah if you tuned in the wrong grocery who's going to the draw here and then not. It was a well candidate but he's getting in the Canadian open mostly it's a sitting governor not to understand and there any day you I mean results anytime. Other scores Nigeria to beat Iceland soon mill. Com. Now in Nigeria plays Argentina in the final match at that groups they are not that argues in this thing we know -- seen and let me get this they have to beat Nigeria him and then they have to halt the Iceland does not to beat Croatia. By the same room it's a goal differential ready so that that's basically what our team. Is there I mean there's there's still a lot of it and Smith and they got a chance so you're saying there's a chance. And then now Switzerland to beat it are Serbia and who won an excellent excellent women don't draw 00 that permit personal reasons yeah. Right writing that with less thing to tell you about some Stoneman Douglas football coach Willis may has been reassigned according to the sun sentinel. Parents were informed of the move via robo calls. The cold C amaze reassignment is not related to the February 14 tragedy at the school those are your headlines. But we got a lot of stuff to get to obviously but the aftermath of the NBA draft and what does that mean. As we head in the free agency next week we got a bunch of text we're gonna get two years of cinema on anything that's on your mind on a Friday afternoon Bergen Iowa Hamlet 67974. That's at 7974. Howell Pat Riley. Handle this offseason was spoke last night late last night and we had a four in a traitor Johnson and I didn't take. Boost. Blogger really and. They've Smart guys are. Feel it just fine here on a Friday afternoon allows and is there bluntly entire operations. Glad you're with us. He is Texas till 679746797. Floor. We're here from Pat Riley spoke last night after the draft concluded. The Miami Heat word. It's a dormant when he'll be a war we were right now during cleared during the draft there. Bubble and hear from riles and you know and Rouse speaks we listen and Morales always. Is always some into the code with the over the godfather pay the tickets app is going away soon own if not already but don't worry don't fret. That's like have been telling you download. The radio. Dot com app for months now to get that bad boy Don that's where our stream will be and everything else you've come to expect from the to get out some download ready about comment now dome is your favorite to get Cho. Radio that come home of innocent and any and if someone a four point three HD two. But does ticket texts comes in just a few minutes ago during the commercial break is the son Whiteside going to be in the heat uniform this year question mark. Well Kirk why don't we ask pat that question here that graduate that at bat last night and here's what he had to say bikes. Thank you know a lot. A son. You know contrary to what people might think about us treating him that we haven't offered and anybody really guest for the Indians so. You go through emotional period for the player. And and you deal with this and come back in and you work things out. I a lot of talk about us on for a second out of this anyway today because those lining almost much in the draft last night Kirk and it. You'll social media on Twitter a little bit Shaughnessy you know follow all of our guys that cover these genes if there's anything cocaine when there really wasn't but you know but a lot of people or you know make a joke tails on white tiger trade yet hey Patrick for maggert to read those a pad you know. Gagarin a satellite citing all the means in the just saw that stuff you know. You know social media and some but I'm think I'm Mike. Like it at now I do think that they would entertain a deal of I think everybody's available on the roster who you are nobody's untouchable but. Hassan Whiteside to me is a can be very very productive player in the NBA. He hit a bad stretch. So as I just don't want to. I'm not ready to give him away for nothing. And I don't think pat is either I that's not good business. To buy a below or but Leo can buy buy buy and sell loans on Whiteside that's not how you get better. So. If there's nothing that can make you relatively the same team. Night you know hey okay we're gonna give you assigned you gonna give us a player two and you think well you maybe were when better but it you know we're we're getting an equal amount. Guys that late leads the league in blocks couple years ago the guys that. Sure it's a great percentage guy that can rebound. Guy you guys the top five top three guy in the league. I'm just not ready to give him away for nothing. I don't think that's good business and Pat Riley I firmly believe perk is not going to do that either. I'm not yet we're still. Not right now not right now but do it. You know this this is the long game that your playing here and there's no reason to rush into a deal with the sun again true dumb. You've got. There the whole offseason here to go but beyond that the trading deadline. And then aside from that. You never know and collide Leonard is indeed you never know category all right this summer no god no motive idea but I'm I'm saying. Aid there's no pressure to make a bad deal there there's no pressure to make a deal with. Regarding their son because I do well aren't you not diamond. Who knows what's gonna happen it again and nobody expect coli Lennar to be in the situation that he's in last season so yes I hang onto his son. And you're not committing to disarm the whole season you're just saying right now's not the right time but you yet you'll. You would deal asylum speaking. For Pat Riley you would deal a somber and as you say. There's no reason take a big scare. And on on a billion for Jay Chandler Parsons and I don't think exactly I mean even electronically or salary no apparent improvement and I'm trying to win and end maneuvered or ethnic there's a reason assign a hundred million dollar contract 990 you know in our contract an independent and Dallas was right in there right now there's probably other those other teams well thousands Leo right there. The guy complaint now is the pain busy. Aloof daisy immature whatever you want to phrase it at times yes but if you go to rehab and get him back. Then I'm not ready to give him all the way out there and give up on him yeah isn't all. Isn't renouncing sex please tell me why Hasan should want to improve he got a stash. Cry he's a person leaves the national radio let it rip my guys like me on the radio every time he turns it on you doesn't look up to questions after the game haywire or chew when the fourth quarter. He wants to play and the thing about a son is. And you could say this could say there's this there's a deeper there most suns' biggest gripe all your long. The play. So solid Steve Williams College he's mister Pratt is war. You know he if they asked them likened to come into a game like rotting bodies and are not come into the game rain they debt. The guys frustrated and everything worked everything evolves from him wanting to be on the floor and wanting to contribute. Right and end. But the one thing with the sun is he's got to understand how he'd been seen and now. That being so things have changed a little bit and and maybe maybe you swinging back this season to where Hasan is a big part of the off prince. But he's got a he's got to realize. All of this of Lee he's complimentary. Offensively he's the anchor okay what are we he's complimentary at and and Pat Riley did have a eight quote about who signed it. You know blob blob blog he see it whatever happened then was two months ago you move on and you make the best of it I think that's where we are right now so a probe the stuff about it did if it needs a dud mediator do you know I'll be the guy betweens Owen assigned. You know I I I think that is just kind of accepted. That assign and is going to be here for the foreseeable future was my best that does not gonna give them away for nothing. They. Passer either I wouldn't say yeah I wouldn't give away anybody on this team were nothing if you get people away for nothing like. You know glue weld thing with the lakers Susan's got seventeen million dollars and you just wanna get. Get rid of the contract the heat is not in that situation now where there's nobody that you'd just need to. Purge from the Ross I understand some whites I just 34 years old right right the end of his career like he still ride productive season. In that in that body another argument or one guy who is yell at that age is Dwyane Wade. Where where's all this leave without Dwyane Wade while rallying here's his guy. I haven't talked to him doing I've talked to his agent and a I think now over the next nine days between now and by the first now we can sort of focus on all of these these things so we shared text. He's communicated. I think and a regular base of a lot of people in the organization. But nothing has been decided between you know we want to have Duane back obviously but there's been no discussion. About about next year. I knew I'd say no he stance stance on the teasing doing his maintenance is no. No end and I think the wings decision is going to be based on his role and that as I stated before I. I don't think Dwyane Wade is interested incoming here in order laying next season. As the primary school or the know guy who has to do it all and I'm afraid. End. I'm thinking to Wayne might be afraid. That by him being on the court it's going to evolved or devolve into that. I mean it morons not taken that shot Dion and hopefully he's healthy to training camp and ready for the start to see them but James Josh Johnson and just as Winslow Josh. They could all be that guy but when Dwyane is right there and he's got that pedigree one not so awesome the ball. Right why not win this game instead of experimenting with Josh were moron or just this here's a dude who knows and that's. I I'm afraid they're gonna fall into a pinnacle trek via the grain. End of the game from time to time I'm fine with. But yes they they relied too much on Dwyane Wade and that's unfair to Dwayne Wright right and if they're gonna do that didn't have to offer Dwyane Wade some some more cash. If they're gonna expect Tim and anti Mormon go to guy you know and I. Do you think all of bird to win them I'm not even sure that its cash and I just think that it's neat I think that he looks and and so is. You know why ample wide like we're not we're not gonna win the title like why am I going to. Have to train this hard and crank it up to this level. And you know I I don't know that between starting and and coming off the bench she's going to train less hard but you know and I'm cyanide I'm not sure he will soon have to take it. To that level for 82 straight games. When I do think I do things you wanna be comments Amir of your ass to you this pursue with the history of the franchise. They can't commit a low ball blame him and say hey blame your go to guy like there's got to be so well that's a fair balance there. Whether they know of merit in the middle that ball or a little bit more this got to be something and then what they're gonna offer you. Yeah yeah I I I just don't understand I think you start off with a. Land of the Wayne you're gonna be complementary guy and Wayne you know you say can't you signed the deal right. Two million by Christmas Dwyane is you know seventeen points a game in and 36 minutes. I don't think it's a money but I think you're doing it would be happier you could turn back the hands of time and then he would be more excited about this but it. That's that's what I project on all the way one. Guy who can mitigate that whole situation is ready mentioned Dion Waiters come and he comes back and the better move on and take some of that press trouble or so what is up with Philly cheese and it was six and nine months that's what the that's what the news that doctors say so. We hope that he's ready for training camp over knuckle push. Hi I'm a little bit when global concern on this. Right you know training camp is October since the nine months now January. The last their premise through a similar situation with the doctor where. You're an attorney Dan and arrests imagine that we William on the floor and they react raids and again and that isn't really your. Now all they gotta make sure that he's right even if you'd if he misses you know a month or two of the season. May be Dwyane Wade can be. For the first couple months and in doing it takes him to yelled and then Greg contestants not merit it is the bag and and then I'm going to back up to the playoffs but let me just I'll just run out just say this. If there if you're looking for reasons on how this team can improve who. The first guy you got to look at is Dion Waiters. Yes my camera area yesterday I mean the young guys that you better we know that Madrid beat Dion. Dion guy who goes back if he can be your sixteen to eighteen point score that you big shots and didn't and penetrate in the paint. They miss that in nobody that putting pressure on the defense off the dribble last. You and nobody who have that attitude that that mindset right you know I I agree that they get they miss out there that's one thing that Dion brings whether he's. You know I whether he's gonna succeed down the stretch or not he has that mind set of we've taken it suited deep prince as opposed to a lot of the other guys who were paralyzed. I'd buy get the right opportunity I'll take this shot deals like screw it I'm a make him the shot and I'm cool I will create the shot and take the shot and that. They they miss the the attitude as well as the steel. Riley was also last last night stand about going after a whale the whale conversation the transformative player or hear more from Pat Riley and also. Where they active last night man per guy. I just felt left out last night I just felt like everybody was at a party. And I'm snow comes in at home. You know on the girl on sun neo prom dress and in my date my date just you know she he never showed up right on the sitting there waiting for some way to put it of course sides on meet burnout no but it came to my door bird nothing with the Miami last night not. In over their bag bootleg guy at the party in the club who's never gets his back up off the wall Palestinians there just stands there visitors fans barely type of passing you by historians live. Every time they through the Loge write my heart just bitter pattern elects to be total and then enough not enough well. Below is next you're dead. Well in other pregnant now you are now right for now. I don't know where this doesn't today. Are my dad called me today and he's out of town and he's I gave the draft they owe nobody. Let me nobody. I go well AJ they traded the other piglet driven by the gore covered politics etc. take a guy who built that you have Allen brought out. I have no idea and I think Houston added I'm would now Seattle remember what happened to that room I mean all those they get passed around like you know yeah. Everybody in the MB the second round picks and I did Houston yeah definitely dance around you look at the tape on some red red ordinance known three team and an all aware right from four years to go. Well who knows how is how to treat them like you another sergeant John where these pigs go. Police the second of the first round we know the second rounds I know I would argue whether being Q will really win these big it was used and had no idea. I live from round we come back was noticeably you text messages. Coming up next right here as the united take. Tomorrow seven added to our kids are staying in the shark. And the federal business develop improvement districts to present the coconut grove street seemed. Brits free fully plugged in sets from Alex DiLeo money may in the dreamers. We're shutting the streets standing chugging down the streets maybe anytime you shut them down her as a party can and that's when I mentioned twice got to shut them down man numbers and helmet tonight shuttle on the streets yep put up those barricades and that bring in some caves and some speakers at a stage history part of me just a sweetheart. That's at the turning governor grow into an all ages street party sponsored by shell lumber and hardware guarantee low prices for more than ninety years. Visit chill lumbered outcome in the semester coconut grove. From aims of and any NF from 104362. The Tigger courtesy of her wrecked with your busy Friday following the NBA draft rim more from. Pat Riley here coming up do you see where that he Boston celtics' first round pick Boston had and Tuesday night last night. In Boston Hillary is the united. But. Robert Williams the big man from Texas a and M. AA and you know all these guys give paraded around the next day and everyone comes in they're exhausted in the days leading up to the draft right yeah this is okay as Moses finally get these guys are sitting there were dealt CA all right women's it seems city to city line around the obligation Israelis they're trying to literally organized. Eyes buy it. The the. They're first round pick key overslept. He or mayor introductory press conference this morning to the conference call. Yeah idea I had that. And 11 AM. He was he's state back home and in Louisiana. And he wrote for the draft and so he'd yet of a party of Buffalo Wild Wings. So did not after the party Hedo went to his mom's house and and trade down to sleep. And the next thing he knew his sister was wake them up going. Didn't you have a conference call today. And Cyrus is what you now as the call by an hourly rescheduled they have the coal. And they are one of the stories which is something only only a media person could really appreciate it so they have the call and they say it's a ten minute call his cell ball is below static and is breaking up and they can barely understand it. So you know from reporters there you gotta be cracked and not. You remember. Let me tell and so heads when he had dug Geico for important poisoning he missed his introductory press conference who we got them on call after the draft. But the date yet so that's one of the or lose you lose London India and and you know do you believe that he'd just overslept thank you whole over no he wasn't doubting overslept this is the thing. They said it was a time difference thing yeah. That's on eastern time by years OK I mean like you didn't seem tried to cover but he now we see it no I overslept right. I'm sure you have Parnell the last and you get out and we're staying relevant parties are right I must yet it's the funniest thing if you watch the draft last night. 'cause this guy's a monster yeah. He would have been like a top ten pick last year we came out and would these so he goes Lleyton is the first round. And Tillis is saying and villas usually doesn't rip anybody Google's liked yet this did you know he's got me down restaurant we issued a questionable error. His attitude to these exiles like a 2.0 assigned to write. It is not like what are we so roses and I'll tell. And obviously the basketball ahead them like what are at this these first time you're on the job in your first requirement on the job at my job didn't use her up you have one job I wanted to pick up your cell opponent at William does her solid yet to do responsible for your first for Yahoo! ultimately it as an NBA player are hey dude you've got a call tomorrow. To talk to the media you gotta do it day yeah the strain to demonstrate on it right and then outs Rey ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring. This can imagine the PR department is just light created at some point without that we you gotta go to range in telemedicine and you're probably you know you wanna protect it didn't give him every opportunity but you gotta go to Andy and you know we we can't find rubber legs. And is it his own life. Low bail and the small panic that most sort of often met in the Boston Celtics offices in. I just found in funnily that's the guy the little one guise of warming entire draft a bill this is likes it of their you know really committed to the game and I ask you this somebody brought this up and I don't I can't remember you know on a watchdog he's talking his shows and read a lot of stuff but somebody say dumb. Do we. Do we unfairly questioned the motor of big guys more than small seems like that yeah I miss last night yeah it was that last time that you I don't know that was like this guy. Oh alert at all or did I know. They're out. Ed and I I I really had never ever thought about that until they see it. And those like good guys like order I. Quarterbacks nobody questions motors know that no leadership yeah and Emmy and with with like Dwyane and LeBron the date they might you know walk up the court. Every now and then until I was but yet nobody questioned their motor ride their son. As the motorcade at the play and motors billion motives of the big men with the motor and then Agile and he's risen stated the Andre how it. Oil is just yet Doyle's hasn't announced if yours do you do you replied that appear patent now yet. Did you let it ride ride your blood vessels are dogs two nights on the as yet Philadelphia individual Olympic media you know yeah you got to let that roll off Tibetans and do by the way I knew the unreal from the Bahamas but I didn't know his story. I didn't either till last night that's awesome and we don't want people listening in the Bahamas yeah and our signal reaches over there that's awesome man tossed yet in my girlfriend was asking where he's promising of the Bahamas with the and he was saying is whether one parent is Nigerian the other Jamaican was that Nigerian and to make some like that zone like that. And again Phoenix yes the governor's own yeah. And then he goes to screw up there and Eagles Arizona and then he goes it just lets on this pretty cool Padilla the bomb the Bahamian flag in the in the suits and I design is really cool really they but he healed a couple of years ago looking now to get now the FDI injury Aden. Who the Miami Heat getting next well Pat Riley let's get back to little riles talk last night after the draft. The old whale Williams by the whale when you were down about Collins have you every that I. I know that. With the that there might be some will watch them swim through and there are. Is this the the whales are hard to find and pattern is trying to. Pat trying to figure out how to get one here he was asked about that that's who live in infamy men on pets they have and that's final press conference of him of the whale question I think. Here's what he had to say about askew and about trying to find that elusive one. When you're free agent player like we have been since you know 20062010. When you go after Kevin Durant it was a launch we've always thought big. Go after Hayward. We've always thought big surprise it didn't happen with the key word we would break plan B and I think that's for rearm and we look at this is needed to two years. Around her playoff team playoff contender or how are we going to improve its gonna be from within or it's the possibility of some transactions that might happen is that going to be easy. I to pass around a double two years on everybody which nobody likes speaking the truth and no he's absolutely right and his army he's the group that those the of the whale stuff. Listen I mean the either on the money the only the only money so it was sort of although all those years he was talking about since those sex they always had money. Today they had money me okay 06 you win it you bring back that same team Mike and everybody were brought back the right to bright bright idea they they in on they've petered out okay in the new retool how many do you trade Shaq in the east are the under the cap. And then 09 you have urban a one year deals. That's set yourself up for ten when you got the Big Three jet all the money in the world you and then you rode that wave until fourteen. And then what judo. And then yeah you hear it and you pieced together a budget standing. As much as you could and then an asterisk is is that the Chris Bosh blood clot situation really right. But I don't know that right right dad's appearance unless ray and it would you know you signed a bunch of guys. Dean Tony sixteen. Am on when and been one year deal and then. Yahoo! decided that. To bring also back now and and that's where your offer me thirty and 112 half of the scene recognition acts so you can let it just doesn't go to Brooklyn. You gotta let Dion Waiters walk you've got to let the satellites and or down which it'll do well that is doing zone Sanaa and commenting that they they aired in a lot of those ways could that remembered at the time. Now I want a lot of heat fans and all that. Told don't do theirs out of some Whiteside. You're just you I was I was in favor of signing a song and I look favorably what they did last year. And I still think it was a good decision. They're there are no guarantees. Clearly would screw them was. The danger of signing them to all those deals and that was that those players did not improve or play at the same level that they did during that thirty and eleven finish ranked result on the Arizona players. Probably 5050 well actually actually I guess you got to go 6040 pay I'm usually a player guy but I think the players. Did. Their best they did you know it'd nobody was overly disappointing except and so on right wing. Of that Lola Moore will get to on the other side the 5 o'clock hour and what where they'd trades that were being bandied about last night rally. That's a question of more from pat Riley's spoke after the NBA draft at the headlines we World Cup central that are here and can be a tremendous finishes. In the earlier matches today or have those details we got things going on to a Texas showing him it's on their minds and then. 67974679. Some form it's excellent and I want to also. Throw some love we talked about it earlier but to UN guys. Very happy for money walker can hand and Bruce brown really cool last night hurricane front senator Jim Larranaga. Out there that's great for the program agree for the receipt of mine with that as well in the 5 o'clock hour coming up next radio and cemented. O'clock Curtis and we're back with you here following. Busy Thursday night NBA draft then in our cross hairs for the first hour. Get back into it Riley had to say last night in the future of the Miami Heat many I also look around me MBA a little bit more here. It's a good text messages and repeal the natives are little restless per. As they want. Well I'll tell you what there's there's one there's one native who. If you know you're you're talking about. Our signal goes to the Bahamas and it was like well who do you talk about a get static element in Miami right well it. The pot I ask do these things are imperfect but on the plus side it if you go on vacation you can arrest records that to us and you could hear Obama. On radio dot com and allegiance to this tickets app is gone away but don't worry that's why until it goes down the radio that come up. For months now idealism that was anywhere on the move that's where our stream will be and everything else you've come to expect from the to get out so Goodell the radio that come out now and don't miss your favorite to get Cho. Renew that common holdings of banana and FM 104.3 XT two. Ticket yeah I'd. Boy and Bahamas right now in some fried cog perk then. Notes. Nice gives them by Amy and style beer right there yeah. Oh downtown. Nassau the sit there was beat in the same. Odds and can I am or you could be in the resort. Beat on the road in the resort apparently Atlantis are stable did that did that. Did the other casino or rove and Paramount wanna kill beach there was have no idea. They were building a couple of years ago they ran out of money. Oh yeah and you know some Asian and investors and they ran out of money were no most of these you know even bigger than media. You vigor the Atlantis but yeah I get down there we're perk and your Armitage is here you know and not a week to in the truck you'll you'll be you're feeling you'd be tropical law student Alamo it's nearly parts unknown for a couple of weeks and anti Obama. I am definitely just BS radio that comet that's where you can now. Find us he also they have a draft picks last night and it was a very left out feeling if you were you friends. I mean I'm just he's waiting for some and happened you know the on anything they showed the heat's logo once now there was no mention of the Miami Heat snow somebody say is that's called the Baha mar so I'm seeing commercials for that went about what you wanna see those commercials that world culprit marlins' games there. And again you know they regularly see tomorrow we see commercials regularly right in the army I was out there has its you know same person I was down there for well about two and a half years ago and it was new looked amazing but the half finished yeah structure and everything yeah so that sudden some sporting event they've been running commercials on a very regularly regular can be a look on the ground in the NBA but I have and I know you don't. Hop film and I'd let somebody hollered when somebody well that's the beauty of the analyzer report irrational idea banality listening probably done yet and that's well Texas a six of 974. We just to the conversation moving we have no facts we'd like to swoop facilitators yes we're used to Zambrano around here I tried to ensure we can't score didn't really write we keep the ball move let's say you don't you show them we just we just move the ball in the move ball movement around here. What's. These you. She's draft last night I agree I understand I'm not an amateur and other complaining about it okay right. But last night sucked because basically your team was involved in any of that aspect at last night it is a is a night of hope. Last night it is and let him do something that was just watched Johnny your children ports to voice his heels there and that some of these picks are going to be possible Obama. You know he mighty determined juice. Look. That it may be I don't have a view Goodyear's spending get a big another contract the men. This alleged housing bottle so why not pick him Obama out of all the players. I don't know why but I I just it's about mobile home Johnson Billups is doing all these player comparison ends and or are you are going you and it's I don't you guys are gonna stink it up. Yeah he was. He was doing some pretty good player comparisons last night and I was I was. Or toddler Johnson who'd. He got mentioned Chauncey said that you want it only played against. Tyler Johnson I was like. There are some national. Who was that for I can't remember but he's lived I don't know I and I know what happened I'm yeah I could I can't remember I can't remember how's everybody knows a little Texas and you know and I was like why now. He's a guy big easier Monday of somebody up played your late in my career I would jump out of my. The only time he mentioned that they compared. Think. Was a bag with a Chris Bosh yeah a lot longer considered doing whales like settles likes Motorola now one. I wasn't even chance Obama was and I'm leading into the diverted to adjust road. I don't know little of that Osama bin Laden is scrappy six via the summit also takes out of that was a column though the match sure maybe but also. And an image in the Miami heat's pick being traded from from Philadelphia also allows and look this up earlier in the 4 o'clock hour could. I don't remember what the hell happened to their second round pick right they traded that for jar Nell stokes. That Italy sixteen so that was a wasted picked it up so journal smokes Donna you know being played for Miami. But yeah that was sold Goran was your first round pick last night essentially Gerard L stokes two years ago it is clearly one of the pension. No conscience wasn't too and don't would have to have children but also won Portland mix. A charge in Atlanta game between fourteen palate don't Kyrgyzstan with a painful no idea. Okay yeah but he did say he played again I don't know I don't bodies there's somebody who played against Lleyton mark career right and I'm like. Yeah I don't remember I don't remember that. Yeah I don't you know what time outside I'd like Zell how's that I there was that point at least I'd add to the boards were. July I would think Elliott hasn't delegate supporters has out worked or that guy backed into Nagano OIQ yeah during camp together summer while we are not releasing the messiah who knows who know. I intimate VI. The Chauncey comparisons. He compared somebody to Nicholas Batum tunnels up John's a pretty good you know I. Doesn't have been two player. But they don't Tyrus Thomas mentioned in their Tyrus Thomas pirates lost yet this does not ready it is build was due. Yeah. Yeah I had a heat beat the but I but I was kind of impressed with how far Chauncey wind whipped with some of those comparisons that you know I'm sure he sit in the hotel room just thinking of guys that he played against. I got home a little late so I got home alone when a mix gotten and Manning and that we got Litton Kevin Knox and I was actually competitive Tobias pairs like oh god oh my -- target TV oh I didn't catch there. Wow. Parents are you play a part of a ligament you let me say this to bind it to buy chairs of the ninth pick would you take that in this draft well. Leg did that's on certain this thing is. The last thing because last night is such as the night of hope literally thinks they're getting the next LeBron in the next you know guide to change their franchise but yeah. Are these guys are going to be Somalia and bench and a few years. Now here's a sex somebody says that there was a big men that they say it best during what's his shooting. In the in the montage compare him to Joakim Noah built so the specs is some and other man out here. Well no I took you know was one of home yeah I get the job than we saw I was I was gonna have paying attention to two dollars. Oh where is the biggest one of the hugely Bluetooth and it. But like walker did lately and I submit to that earlier felt like slow your roll on the town of and Lonnie. Merriment he Kamel and Saddam is more like on the gotta gotta look at a but he compared to a fulfillment of Gilligan one bucket they'll. And that's G-8 that's yacht with the right lonely walk into anyway that there in the same town and use and I. Yeah like I would slow led them who they like I would. On any I want to appear anyway delight future hall of famers in that draft last night sorry competitive Denny Green for it shouldn't be for him and on the metro. No metal movement should be more like you know green green and I and a lot of children Lonnie was is is all better built and Lonnie king. Take more bunting in the paint and finish. Better than Danny Green Danny Green doesn't have the body that a lot of those. Men and never will lies only in a bigger stronger but yeah I get to Donna Mitchell good one. But but yeah there was there was there was it was while last night and in just waiting for some and happened with your team you know and and it really it really never does and then I understand it. I'm not saying it's a month's summit disagreeing with a but. Last dying to watch and everybody else clap and celebrate another and got them until highlights of and there's is basically. Nothing in their Riley did say. That he hasn't kids is the trade but decided not to may end me and we're gonna hear from pat and more on that coming up here in in just the moment 67974. Is on you as value Texas. I battles fun I like the Miami Geisel topic for Lani walkers know for Bruce brown who. And have to wait too long in the second rounding up pick. And you know another thing is after elect of the first top ten top twelve picks. It's not aware it's not how where is not how high you go it's where you're gonna go man like if you're gonna go like money walker. Who gives so. Rip if he got picked for spots lower than their but he thought our free was lottery pick the go to CNN told you noon. You know when I registered game where you wanna go you analytical number twelve. Two. You know he wanted to you have to meant listeners are right wherever I know Sacramento or email her or sub out boast that can't get their act together and what I wanna go five picks later to the spurs right. Right like I mean I know money right now might be my you made little difference what I you know running out of San Antonio right today it's as. Libya is going to be a big disappointment. Moving from Miami to San Antonio I'll let him know that right now. But Julius and it's on and off Croker I don't know I grew up there but I got and I always wonder sending around. It was a great sound like a football team that we at least we did we really did your time now AAF baby right after eight the eight scene in the league. But our boys is a great place to grow up a great place rays of Bailey but if you're single and in your twenties and thirties. Get Tellabs. That's why that's critical islands out I'm gonna get to a whole lot more again Peres spoke less than if you miss it goes late after the draft does. I think ended right around midnight and that Peres spoke to the B do. Media we have a lot more. Delivering back Wayne Ellington one unit Udonis has them only now I think thing is gonna get tricky Manning some is having on the bag. Loops. For. Mr. reporter the man with the golden arm and that's going to be problematic they wanna keep and I think they need to keep him we rally on that in the the trade stuff and everything else that he fearless and all about who we continue here the first is at 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to admit. ARAMARK. Miami Marlins at Colorado an 840 tonight to start a three game series marlins' fifteen games behind Atlanta in the NL least twelve bag in the wild card. Clears the more important Marlins newsman manager Don Mattingly was suspended one game. Picture day ends Braly suspended by game for their roles and throwing it San Francisco's Buster Posey who else Braly is scheduled to start here on Monday against Arizona. He is a fueling his suspension ever Cisco's there's enough landscape like Miami Miami was the only one at the start trouble there. Can you built sufficient outrage for the Marlins for some big goals against tomorrow can we be out do we start cursing baseball and men and the giants are can we. Can we make an outrageous now. They got her back there we go let's let's go to where I read somewhere where outraged. MBA who knew him players taken in the draft last night Lonnie walker gold number eighteen to San Antonio. Bruce brown goes number 42. 42. To Detroit now heat president Pat Riley spoke last night technically this morning it was at midnight. He sipped at the team hopes guard Dion Waiters is going to be healthy for the start of training camp. What you're had ankle surgery in January Riley also Syria he has not offered senator Hassan Whiteside Mora just as winds blow to any team in a trade. You see it he's been in touch with Dwyane Wade. I'm not sure about his status for next year Riley CA Udonis Haslem is welcome to return next year if he chooses. The same is true for Dewayne. And Riley sounded as though they're going to be very low key this year's sparse reagents CC is. I don't know there's going to be any midnight meetings this might not be the year. Were us to do that. Inning yeah they're reality again other NBA tidbits Cleveland's LeBron James has until midnight on June when he nine that's a week from today. To pick up option on this contract or choose to become an an unrestricted free agent wonder what he's going to do yeah I'm think in the latter Cleveland GM Coby Altman said last night. Quote we continue to have good dialogue with his management. Today they took Colleen sexton and thousands comedian because they do a point guard with the relevant on the news of right at a point guard situations garbage it's dire George Hill mean the pain in nineteen different George Marshall coming makes him an hour's lecture you know. When you know that says that god bless him he's Lou we're. No now c'mon I mean exiting the youth at that point guard spot so I mean whether LeBron there was only two years or not that's a Olympic that's a good driver Cleveland. Buy it by the pound sexson kind of ill they'll just eat less leverage Taylor about. Yeah I hate you any candidate and look into all of them they have a net net question. I get his is his answer was good. But you put them on spot. Look at our tournament like this unfair politely she can only ask the guy every guy so many times so what does this moment feel like let's go to spice up a little yeah yeah everybody sees that she's the last of the deaf right now I understand that so she's a tough spot I'd say hey what does it won't feel like yeah but the LeBron that you knew was gonna come up in this like. How much of that thing and about LeBron and LeBron I think likes young guys in likes the history of the game move but nothing that took place last night. I didn't like LeBron is a great thing in the draft unity thing and no nobody knows please boldly on vacation right now LeBron. What is clearly I don't even know he his decision hi is on TV I don't think he had no interest in what it what went on last night's. Now as far as as well as a way as far as would have known you know as it's not gonna how it affects him now right now and has basketball GOP's soul of more rusty knows he's above that he would love that as he has right put its sights you know they did it could incorporate major Wiggins and you like get out here right. Page called sex senator that are out of LeBron you want it here's what he thinks of the dram. Shebang is Napier. Rather us that's that's that's. A serious runner that was common. Seltzer is LeBron took the perhaps. One other NBA note spurs GM RC Buford say the team wants to retain for quite Leonard but quote will explore all of our options now Buford declined to say whether coli has made a normal request for a trade NHL draft first round tonight at 730 from Dallas you can hear coverage at seven. On our sister station by sixty WQAM Florida and there's. Pick fifteen rounds two through seven are tomorrow starting at 11 AM. World Cup Brazil to beats Costa Rica to O'Neal Costa Rica Al. Nigeria is the seats Iceland soon Neil. And will will go over the Argentina Nigeria situation later Switzerland defeated Serbia to run. In the last being Stallman Douglas football coach Willis may has been reassigned. Parents were informed of the move via robo call. The call see it maze reassignment is not related to the February 14 tragedy at school. Those are your hits the bottom line on the Argentina's back you can dance here they got into Nigeria where there's just the final game of the group right Coastr aka out. Those who read out so he had Edmonton between. And it now Argentina's basically coming down to a goal differential. Whether they can make it doesn't have a lot of pretty bleak and arsenal are. Today's outcome there they got it should they get a chance here and decent chance and the coast three judges' brutal they're grown through the split there with. Brazil they score in the 91 minute and for the first minute stoppage time. They get a goal and then name targets one lay the amendments to own just like value thing jobs Obey them too low I'm still the proposal does. Not and long live from Nigeria who have both of those goals care remembers that but that first goal we had man he. He Lyondell on the pitch and he he basically there are such Moussa most of the first touches like a flying late key Tea Party controls the bounced that one time and just absolute rocket into the back of the net. Look at the one thing that really impresses me about the soccer players or football player that first touch what they can do that ball and and just. Control it Mahan start move and it's just absolutely amazing. They he did nothing last night and Pat Riley said we have suggests that makes trades but decided not to make any what do you make of that we'll talk about that next Johnson and I'm entered. Am I. Am I can imagine I. Take join it's gonna celebrate the fourth of July in the city of sunrise just outdoor hobbies into he's alive ridiculous activities toward trucks. Fireworks and more live music including classic rock rock legends grand funk railroad pools there of the total receipts and strains of millions they remit so to this and they're the American inverted and I've heard that a bird bit gates open at 430 in parking and admission are free. They can be that. And for your safety all bags will be searched visit sunrise FL dot gov for details. Or call 9547474600. CUN sunrise on July 4 with Ames have a nanny and FM 104.3 22 tickets. It not to run the show into a ditch but. All you angry they're part of all bags being searched I find myself know if it. Bags are not searcher there's not a metal detector at an event at a gathering I'm kind of looking around likeness. It is well it was sporting event or whatever concerts this is just I I won't say that business. If you want to bring a bag then and in most men don't have. Brags right. Where European Kerio grinder and has your ideal man per though. Fanny pack or whatever there's also other very convenient. Idea is that it's Louisville on it's it's old it's different I mean I you know. It sits about him too you know I don't wanna have to stands a wallet they're right there. He's right he's there it's all. But. So men have been you know they have their wallet yet. But. If from a woman who. We're bum with a woman who like you gotta have the nowadays nowadays. It's just so much she's gonna have to clear her purse the clear bag you don't have it it is a lie and you know lomb has really eager to get stopping you hassle and in this is to be lot of Nolan and you disputed throughout two. A event like a big event like that yes no matter what sporting event concert yeah activity distort and throw the stuff in the clear person to be good to go. You know what's funny about that and I think we do when me and my girlfriend went to a Marlins game and she head. The clear bag that she got from the NFL from the dolphins are. And so she took it and it was like you don't need you don't need it's not a Major League Baseball requirement like it is and in a bill in. We both kind of looked at each other like what you have metal detectors at Marlins so you do have to go through a metal detector but yeah we just makes it easier to say and I've seen no it makes it makes it a lot easier writer makes it a lot of the line moves quicker success and violence grow as opposed to avenue you know somebody looked through all your stuff and yeah. But it is a lot with my had a girl was adults to suck on do you throw that I'd be audio only gets you got to get her personally go out the SCSI it's Stetson. It's made things a whole lot smoother here when you're out we're not arguably better and they. Sick days or elemental yeah you know as the source of the world we live in Iowa is the world we live and Lisa hey Ryan and I think it's going to be I mean when the fuel started the year we did take your shoes off the first time or in turn on your left are yet to turn on the computers so everybody hearing word that free can now analyze it and then now it's like second nature national unity and street. With a clear bag that finger in the and rightfully rightfully so 67 nights and for its acreage is on the up on the Texas open Evian BA draft going as a football stuff here. Jim is Winston news hit us yesterday at the end of the show being and we have some more information on that. Andy columnists over in over in Tampa for the Tribune has some very very strong article. About Bob James Winston and and this latest misstep so while we're gonna hit that. Indy and about ten minutes away at some we have some thoughts on that but so let's hear more from Pat Riley. Said it there was no chance of last night to to make a deal to swing a deal and enough to materialize tears of Pattinson on the fronts. There are some opportunities but. You know because our situation. We felt that he was best to. Pass and every second round pick cause to sack round picks or. Future stick around picking cash something so. When you get into the second round it's like it's like a lottery is (%expletive) game monopoly and it's not. It's not worth it. I had some I agree with him on that I mean if you really fell in love with a player who who the maybe you do that put. They were certainly not in a position to of the start even second round picks us to start throwing those off all over the place here's another thing perk. Last night what you saw you did see any guys who traded that or guardian rosters did you. You'd NC now knows all. Those that suits your insult is colleges saw Carmelo Anthony got traded last night or something. Or. You know auto group whoever else you want the audience joining untreated for so no whatever guys that were on the block or even some some bench guys that you nobody got swaps sold last night really wasn't the time for that news. And you know yesterday we talked a little bit about the possibility of it last night were there wasn't time for that. So now as we get into July 1 and then this is when you really win this is that's when you start to you start to wheel and deal. And one more on path here is what had to say basically just and trying to reshape the roster and look at long term on this team. I don't know there's going to be any midnight meetings. Not this year you know this might be the year Tom Cruise to do that but. We will plant where are already planning for the future like we did in 2006 through your Tony tan. And then trump talk tennis has looked around laughter minutemen to rent rent with Hayward. I don't think we're gonna be in it that way because we can't we don't have the cap space and we're up against taxes so we got to do some other things in reversing that direction. This could be not a passive summer. But it might not be the kind of summer that you may think that's something. It should happen you know from that standpoint and I think that's the same way for. A lot of teams. So I mean reality the little little little reality a lot of reality but the reality that fund a lot of odds and I thought that was incredibly candid. Last night in I've bought it. At a time you know all season at the time to sil hole right dram the you're selling hope no status yet free agency trades were going to be better next year we you know we're gonna do him. That was ozone hole last night pat was. Pet sit with a big plate of reality. Yeah there was some deal to help beer but you know being what's it gonna sell his off in the cell they don't have the wealthy and well well no he could he could say old you know we think Josh is going to be much better we think our improvement is gonna come from within that's our plan. There was none of it. There was like you know we're we're hopeful that we improved with the it and we're not where cash strapped I was this a little high in the sky optimize agree with you I agree with you. But these here's what he's doing. Pay as they have no money. Pace of the midnight meaning stuff and are we sitting on somebody's sourced about 1201 next week right sand hey here's thirty million bucks during complain about social how I mean the reality of that to me is we know I don't know I know but the reality of that to me what pat say. There is no Pat Riley magic brewing here when we. Any well with any top free agents with a with a no number no I know that's that's what he was saying that like I I know I'm Pat Riley but that's not working right now about his laptop for you anyway. No there's not you know it. The that he does is gonna get this is getting a fix via the trade movie this is getting a fixed via a trade sold and that's where he's. Hoping. That he can. Breyer a better term swindles somebody who and and and and breed in and re make it a little bit. And hopefully you get a guy that. That is better than the guy you got rid of I don't feel the Y stuff they'll have I did I just don't see it but if you can get this is that the name. Carmelo Anthony Boone and hope he can have a career you know have a a career year let you know. From three or four years ago whatever it is there's going to be some reshaping elbit but rob but Reilly can't control that. Riley that somebody has to trade with him. Right so if that's but I think he's holding out hope that that's gonna happen perk but you said what he did talk to Josh Richardson or Bernard Dioner justice on once. Did you do that Google has to be traded in two weeks out of the right did that. Because I think everyone's available. And these is going to be working it and feel that doubts. And he's gonna hold somebody blinks on a dealer too and if they want just Regis and the deal makes sense that he's out of here there's nobody that's intelligible on the roster. I think your divergences here a month and a half then you're gonna start here and yeah Andy Berger a dead. Got a lot of other sanitize them I I I also think that. Tom what I get from pat is. The improvement is gonna happen during the season like wind when he said you know you're looking at a two year deal. I think he understands also in this was to meet part of the reality sandwich was. Eight. Our our players just are not good enough right now they're trade value is down players they shouldn't say are not good enough by. To get a quote unquote good deal for one of these guys that they're gonna have to get off to a hot start and shall somebody because. What team saw from this teen at the end of last season. Not very impressive. Not so it's it's I I I think that's another part of it that. Once the season starts and if somebody is averaging you know sixteen points a game well maybe that opens up a trade avenue by. I. Just didn't see yet I don't think that pat was Graham or or anything along those lines again I just thought it was. Beer read real list. Right I think you and I. Because I knew that already have dugout and I think mostly Koreans New Orleans doesn't buy the text we get every down all while most I will cut I would. I I think I think that people knew it and and maybe last night it was at a stellar mom you know. Lake gold those high in the sky hopes be more realistic about your hopes and and real and reality so it is. It might not happen this summer. Is here it might not happen I guess immediately. I don't know I didn't know many people here knows Sheila so there's nothing Kabila to realize for them to be really really a player in free agency. It's gonna take two years. Now I'm not saying they can't get a star player this summer and our next murdered dissidents in the next calendar year. But it's really two years to clean up their cap for them do. Make like got a two superstars. So and I think they they can't get a guy now but it but for them the right rarely Beale air force like the lakers are the lakers right now. They need some contracts to know they just need to summon up there at DC yes you need to get up on Assad or Tyler or whoever else or James. Liked her debt you you'd move. So eagle so many of those guys intake back so much expunged of you're gonna suck it up at least one or two. You know big time deals so that's that. The other OK let me ask you the squash is crucial to the side. And it allows you is now using money that what is going to be the reaction let's just say you get Dion back. They have a couple guys in the summer league which autumn run down some of the guys in the picked over the summer they were so like some of the guys in and out there and most find a guy in writing on Rodney Magruder that I did or Jones junior. This sounds of guys here but what will the reaction from the nation be if they come back with basically the same roster. In two and a half months when they had to when they had training camp. What is going to be the reaction will explore that as we continue Reggie Johnson and I didn't take. Taylor is normal. And break everything down this weekend and boxing anime on my experience. Live at 10 AM on Sunday morning writing our names of the 9/11 1043 HD to the ticket if you're anime fan February boxing fan. There is no better show. Octagon ring and then the fighters you're a man that's it's a must listen to if your area of your fight fan Tobin each and every Sunday morning. That's a 10 AM Curtis super bag with you here. If you're in parts of Miami Dade Broward. Palm Beach Downey the was it a little crazy and it's just. Judy do sit back and relax appeared now trying to navigate these treacherous roadways on Friday afternoon. When it's raining in the morning announce give real dangerous so be careful out there we are traffic reports coming up and of course you can always texts show. But do not do not text and drive at 67974. At 679. 74. Get back to the MBA and the Miami Heat specifically. We got a bunch a text of let me ask you mean the kits that flush this out for a moment. Organs James was in here a second but. The is the Miami Heat come back. By the way they I wanna let's do this here. A couple of other guys they got on to say the Solis authored this as a complete college basketball fan Burke but I and I love the draft last night become a huge college basketball fan right. And then it's kind of crossover to the MBA from low but the heat. Did add some guys of their summer league which just starts July 6 I believe them out of my ability and be plain that you enter Jones junior we all that. But the got mad Ferrell from Notre Dame in a small point guard reminds me a little bit of Chris Quinn reckon the day I he's probably got a little bit more of lettuce is them a little bit more. But he's a really good shooter he's going to be out there Darrell Macon from from Arkansas. At and I season Duncan Robinson from miss again. And they had a couple guys Dikembe Dixon from my university of Illinois Chicago. And and a big powerful work from off from Georgia was actually the SEC. Player of the year big big body. Undersized in the MBA but that's exe to forty for four putts. You know you need guy was this is a player of the year. Nevertheless went undrafted souls young that he and I think he plans to find a guy or two looking in the summer league. They are and they've done a good job of that yet yesterday. That being said maybe they find a guy or two that's rotation guy on the back in under the running Magruder somebody like that we the run Magruder around here right there Lou we've got our our territory each changes number but I eat he told me songs directly widens I think that more than one Rodney Magruder guy out there well there there was one there's one day it's. A solid right recruiter Reid yeah he's he's everything he's he's yeah he's a bit extra. Pointing. We go to training camp in a couple months and we and we re going on the media day park and we're doing interviews we'll sit there they're bringing in the guys. Talk about the offseason in the season. And it's the same list of guys who what's reactions going to be from the he'd been. It. I don't know the appropriate term addition it shouldn't be surprised. It should. He. You shouldn't be deployment ivory I don't mean I I don't. I think it you were if you're looking at things from the optimistic side yet you can be a little disappointment. I have a little disappointed but I think if you look at the situation. And you listen to what pet seated last night. They come back to camp at the same team. Let's go. Do you really had no choice you really you had no wiggle room didn't have many options. Like boat. What would somehow you know the trade situation you know the free agents I slashed. Money situation and you her wet pet see it I just don't let us open as a tea and the average he end. Again while you might have been optimistic. You cannot be pissed off. That they come back with the same team because to be disappointed you obese is surprisingly disappointing Uga you. Slightly work. We're going to last night among Twitter last night angels media partner and is not just. A couple of guys running around the delight of some Whiteside. People last night traders on Whiteside for for nothing just get him out of your trade on Dario is back Israelis do that exactly. Indy nor should thank right but there's fans it does want him gone Rotella Johnson gone the right. If that for whatever reason. They're not going to be happy if those guys are back in the in the lineup I in October. I understand I don't I don't think that's even close to the majority of OK I don't I'm I'm just a guess until I understand it like you know I I understand a certain amount of people are going to be disappointed but. I think the the heat Mahan who is. Ranges rom. Realistic. Soon slightly optimistic. Year ago snow messiah that's kind of what I I thought could happen and would happen. It if you're that pie in the sky optimism thinks Pat Riley can always do it. Oh you're going to be disappointed. Even after derail even after they were you go into this and and you heard wet pet Sayed you know the situation. If you're still disappoint it. Eat you haven't been paying. To another it is talking about terrain implement talking about that I know I mean I'm just coming in every single guy. You can Mia just give me one deal that you know you know whenever whoever it is makes me look different makes me. Did a different type of team and I've said for for months now of the that Riley could probably make the team look different in a heartbeat. He's gonna make him look isn't gonna make a better that's the tough part you trade guys. Don't know but I think these. The every seat in should understand that again aka you're gonna have a segment pie in the sky people who still believe cart Riley can do. Any paying. Those people will be disappointed that seemed names on the back intact but I would go as far as to say a eighty by pursuing a. Uneven numbers high but I and bigger your trash you equation. Buddies won't talk about her. This next 100 whites effort obviously to have a million hey you can't do that would be that magistrate that magistrate about the yeah and now and there's a lot about their perk so both Morgan replays it was not like they just heard senator next next fall but again. I don't even know it's. 15% of keep me okay bye week that there the entire 50% Texas show. Has done a good this has bonded and they might be on Twitter and on and I could glamorous it is clear loud and what percentage what do you say you would you say I am badly underestimating this. Up mocha double Republica hypothetical could come along to reduce that he's gonna retire and Oklahoma through he's not opting out. Hope that he couldn't door white side but it won't be wartime and Tyler were whittled guards for Carmelo. I'm sure he found what looks something you know like you could combine what that 500 team next to this one sweeping middle. Around the 85% of the people are to be going yelling go he with the same roster. I think that's a good idea I think at the playoff team. But. I did did that's a tough sell perk. Well I. I don't think so I think it I think it's reality that right I mean it's like what if if you have that he million. You might have some crazy trade proposal but there are. They're not based in reality I think the best majority of heat Iranians understand the situation. And and they're not they're not saying just get rid of some on the vast majority keep millions are not saying. Just do okay years. What do you think Pat Riley is up to what do you think his motivation is he wants to make some moves. Why didn't he wants to make some moves because the other thing where to look as he was the winner title right. So it's it's pat comes back and ended dirt there's no moves to be had and what's hats mines said going to be he's going to be disappointing we heard it last night okay say is he's disappointed that the fans should be disappointed as my point I. I don't know I guess and is disappointed. Is this had to do better then and it disappointed me I think didn't what's the right word perk I think it had his reach acceptance. Like I had like a link what do you think that body could do. Well I think last night that talent do anything I think pat was just kind of there exports of stuff and I got a problem that they do anything last night. Right that the name I sit around triggered it in their ideal problem all that about when you get into the nitty gritty is over illustrated last night and nobody traded other than those draft picks. So we talk about getting down to the nitty gritty of trading players for players. In the offseason here in about a week. When Pat Riley is these are ready to really deal. And if there's nobody to deal with him. And that nobody and he's got a bad set of cards. Then I think at the other bit me pat wants to get better. He wants to. Get a better digital players get a better roster are Spoelstra Benazir pat give me this needle point Carney played may negotiate pet to. Here are bad and in what he say it last night did we might be looking at a two year deal here's my yes but the senate is I guess I'm trying to run but. No but here's the thing cap look we're talking about. Opening the season with the same roster products and pet knows. He's kind of box stand. But this is not a single deal that doesn't mean that pet. Is going to close the season OK with the same rock those guys and going to use these are just as he's at the end are no sold a lot of what they reaction would be. I think the real action should be from the heat then yeah. I think I knew that this was leading up to this like all the evidence political play all. Or do you know Vegas or Sports Illustrated or what pets it was all pointing this way now again. Regular during the regular season that's their and you get disgruntled players you've got traded learned about the virus contracts this in the I don't think they're going to close the season with the same roster they opened the season with output I I doubt that every serious OK okay what's your whole other question Reich and Douglas opening the season yeah rep. Pretty much to say one season at a time progressed to the right of the right guy and I'll I'll bomb leveled jumping Taylor got far ahead try telling that far ahead here we'll get to or get ahead here in the 6 o'clock hour. We'll hear more from Riley here we got some football some to get to possibly your text messages or you want to contribute to the show feel free to do Sosa and organized and discussion we as a two. You know we I know we don't see how it. Well we're gonna get to James Allen got a day anybody locker and I like the guys who are historically there's other that we awful hour and a home messy up male streaker. A well. We're gonna talk about that maybe not the civil cigarette and everything else we got to real hours ago radio seven knives it's a and. Gross soccer. Updates on particular project I'd really like the original light beer at only 96 calories greatness that's killing. Please celebrate responsibly do so this weekend if you're celebrating responsibly. I'm aspire to see who's playing and find the spot get into one nations bar. Oh the nation was gonna win. Yes. I don't know what I usually the other the other day. You tell me of resumes play in this morning. Corrects them and I didn't I and you know I didn't notable tackle the little spot down the street know my Uga had I think. Lined it and that's for you tomorrow with some you excelled should look when you find me a German restaurant or so like the bar. Germany plays tomorrow. What time they play uniting the play a lot of public and we owe it to him and naming poll. Plants we need to Mexico the us is that would beat them that's eleven you're playing golf together play golf I'll be nice go to Mexican restaurant group have got to win and we have a little spot but just opened little street economic dream of them fire me and they went against mr. Mittal. Well Colombia on Sunday at 2 o'clock is probably in Colombia or seen in memory I said you go Churchill's write a day that plated AM in the morning on Sunday. Sort should please know what time Libyan England and be like. 2 o'clock I'm I was a bit about this guy W overrated economic room between clubs on get on their time. You'll be rubio terrorism picked on Perkins the to a there so sort of the source though I don't mountains around from Texas site. You know not to not to not to. Channel my inner Landon Donovan but at the Mexican might be the best deal for my most Mexico right. It's give and Wells Fargo human mind. We got a bunch of text here. And knew where I wanna get some of these but Reilly also said something else last night. And it feels real wheels are and what we were just it was you know we haven't gotten around to it but it's really we have got lane. But I mean it was my feels about my thoughts my practice that's small for being so damn informative and we have got the idea I got a Wayne Ellington. And he has bobbled that right because he stewed him and Foreman yeah c'mon pat scaled back will be at right all right here's what he had to say basically were post season team right now. We believe that we're playoff team and that we can get better and so and a thinker the kings feels that way. If you look at all the teams that have room out there. You know a lot of those teams obviously here. You know are not the teams that are in contention. But you know there's only I think two teams that that could really be players you know Philadelphia and maybe LA and but there's a lot of the teams to. That. I'm not so sure that you wanna spend the kind of dollars right now that this and 26 thing. OK I pat is right because only the eligibility of money are a lot shady teams to being outside those who just meant that in your contention yet Atlanta. Sacramento Saturday media Sacramento. Remember not members of this blood of the Abu Chicago's got some rural. But so is a lot of shady teams and always illegal seems they're all just oblivion rebuilding bowling Brooklyn they're just waiting for next summer and all of us up. I think there a play off team in new. Take now. Let me take off my feet underwear for a moment. And now I'm gonna turn around right yeah look away from our I okay took it offers regular guy. Now. They made the playoffs by two games last year. All right. Detroit. Juliet Blake Griffin. He Reggie Jackson a new coach Dwane Casey in Detroit miss the playoffs. Who's to say that he will not be fighting for their playoff lives. Next season. You look at Washington. Milwaukee will be in Indiana won't Philadelphia young Boston. Toronto there. Doe sixteen overall playoff teams I don't see them going anywhere. The only US yeah I do agree with that I agree and I saw the right in there is seven. All right the team we don't know about this Cleveland obviously from the playoff season. Now the heat would make eight minutes scenario impaired. Outside the Detroit. You know Charlotte. I don't know what how to handle the hells as to when they're right. I still live you can walk really are some players they were good two years no not right. He led yeah they're good years ago there backlash I don't know. I don't know I don't know what the hell is going on in this league and that's like the Bermuda Triangle basketball Charlotte right in no idea what the hell's going on there nobody can figure that plays out. The knicks piling up forcing his back until mid season and next thing they're gonna struggle Brooklyn that they're off for next year or the year after that meaning. Chicago will be improved probably a playoff team Orlando and Atlanta. I know I'm just saying yeah there probably a post season team. But that's not exactly a lock. And and if they if they have. USA if they have medium heat they have medium. Injury issues meaning right you know James Johnson misses twelve games and Tyler mr. sick single or. Mr. Simon hit her right now oh right you're exactly right now so your looked in note do you know your way and may be may be at a seminary street. Right he'd underwear on the other posters to. Knew he'd underwear off. I again let me let me turn away probably a post season game by. Did you say that what your fingers crossed. Probably a post season team but you're and a guy. I I can't. I can't definitely say that the heat is going to make the playoffs next year. Yeah I know it depends on a lot of things like there yet there are other teams like yeah. You know Indiana can yeah will be in the playoffs Toronto yeah will be in the playoffs that he in the can't I can't go that far I would say yes they should be eight they said BA playoff contender I can definitely say that but you know. I just gave me those same sort of an hour work every part of that there were there were in their one game better in the AC last year. We all remember how how did did entertain bounds of India. Okay soul. You tell me who's out who's in. I'd to give his LeBron leaves Cleveland's out being K that's a spot. Affiliate going anywhere pausing on anywhere in the inning going anywhere Toronto. Neither of them ignorant arrogant players back to Ronald Washington and lawn and it's gonna you know they're going to be free moment play right to retrieve Washington to get him in Washington. Even if they trade guys they're getting guys back that there is that the Troy. You know the rare bit of a question. Over the Indian river for your Graham just say all right Reggie Jackson I think Dave mad that he all right playoff team. He'd underwear but it's yes. Put it that does not hide it's it's not like you're saying. It's not like we're saying they're not designed in Boston say Boston's right team oriented or even an Indiana right. So this and I'd a little to Riley tells a lot of so called. Well I was optimistic as he was last saw that right. No because I think he's right when I. Might. Did the that are above the 51% right as opposed to 99% right. Now by nobody and you can't that that doesn't make me sleep a whole lot better tonight. Later pat you can just lean on that. And I noticed and you know that yet and any god bless you know he's not leaning and but and his egg on the Celtics and endless other search image of caliber. Team and heat or not when you're saying. From from an off season. Movement standpoint from what we how motivated you are to make some moves to reach changer roster this off season. If I'm Boston yeah you wanna you wanna see what's out there may be it may be go. A big fish hunting but if your Danny Joseph you talked about with the same team a good man. If you're around him he's I don't think you feel that good about whomever the same thing that's all. Eight here is here is a a perhaps. Blasphemous text admitted lead from the text or blasphemous. Hate to say it sends is not our culture of a trip to the lottery I be buying whip next year we need a used revealed. About that can handle it well that's that I didn't virus that they say hate to say isn't that's not our cauldron. The Texas there right up front. It would what do you think about that is as we go into our headlines when he. I mean alternatively you can that you want it okay let me let me take the -- take these sneaky approach to the Pat Riley. Being a nova isn't what pat was saying that. You come back with the same team in May be that does get Q2 to rebuild right maybe that it may be you do you know you come back with the same team and and throw your hands up in the air we were we were boxed in any way but this is a backdoor way to get to the rebuilt you just. Allow the team to collapse on. So not I just opened at which we know but I just I just OK now what do we episodes but it but it goes back to that I could be as did not to be that bad last the next year. So good but say you have some injuries. And day's low if you if you have you have to give you go from a 44 win team to say a 39 win campaign mind yeah then you get visitors per month balls yet got a consumer luckily yeah is about your particular 1516. Million lottery regular third on the thirteenth pick in the draft. There congratulations what does that did you. Again another may be another program at a mile and maybe. Soul. Like yeah I mean. Yeah that's so yes somebody just accident how do you achieve a tank season with a mediocre being right you don't you know no well there there's only there's only one way and that win. Anybody. Two game injury turns into six or seven game injury that's that are still there they're still not there and let's go to 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX HD drew me. ARAMARK. Miami Marlins at Colorado 840 tonight to start a three game series marlins' fifteen games behind Atlanta in a NL east. Well bay in the wild card. But here's what you need to know about Marlins manager Don Mattingly was suspended one game pitcher danced really suspended five games. Where their roles and throwing at San Francisco's Buster Posey. It's greatly who's scheduled to start Monday night here against Arizona we will appeal his suspension. EPA you can't take away at in Australia start amongst the home fans I mean on that we've had that he wrestled for a month now value. Arizona. Demonstrated against the Diamondbacks is about place. What 78000 people. At least cannot deny the fan the home fans and in Australia start I hope we damn you Manfred I hope we break somebody else is going to. NBA news soon UN players taken in the draft last night money walker goes number eighteen the San Antonio. He's going to be a happy man Bruce brown goes number 42 to Detroit. This Bruce room at the playoffs in the heat doesn't. That ordinance that which you forget that before Detroit. Now because labor is not because Bruce brown busted by what congratulations to those young men but policy. By the way lousy first for the University of Miami have two guys have to players. They've had guys here and there Timmy James and James Joseph law. Lose and Shane Clark in Jay Larkin was in there and Rick Perry RC years your job Dow's cool last night and that is a testament to the program to ignite for for layer in Asia and you wait to see Lonnie walker great kid great story was only here for about eight months but he made an impression on. Around here and and Bruce brown. The stuff best luck to those young man. You know we have to as beast is as lonely walker eligible for the U limo thing. I mean you were first round pick mature one and done. Euros a loner meanwhile were in appeal to. They're not being not a mandate on how many years the mean that could have been. Mean if there is no maybe there is so he's over those eligible they but the got there they had a backlog of football guys they're gonna get to first there. I heat president Pat Riley said the team hopes guard Dion Waiters will be healthy for the start of training camp. Benicio they're not going to push it waiters had ankle surgery in January among the other things Pat Riley say it last night in his post media. Post draft media address. He said he has not offered Hassan Whiteside or just as winds load any team in a trade saying that he's been in touch with Dwyane Wade. Via text adding we wanna have Dwayne back obviously but there's been no discussion about next year Riley CN weighed in Udonis Haslem are welcome to return next year. Riley's sounded as though there won't be any miracles during free agency this year. DC it quote I don't know there's going to be any midnight meetings this might not be the year for us to do today. In quote and as you know the midnight meeting means as soon as the dome as soon as reagents can talk. Teens and arranging midnight meeting with them you know writer and hopefully you have no money to rent any meaning excellence that's you know pretty logical. But rally was he was passed outpatient bills last night all he if you thought you was it there was there was a sobering not address you or what I was a U overdosed on those pills. And you have to manage I've been known to do that after overdosed on the patients pills I haven't been on debt will Akamai and half. Okay well I should've sold them to heat may insert current residents haven't taken a moan don't get high on your own supply heard strange split or rule is that of the turns like clogs their goodbyes I just wanted to anyone I'm fine with that humor more of the of the ten Chris Mihm anyway. Big. Cleveland's LeBron James has until midnight on June 29 the week from today to pick up popular in this contract or become an unrestricted free agent. Cleveland GM Kobe Altman say it last night equal we continue to have good dialogue with his management team it's an idea. You think you think LeBron has been watching World Cup soccer well Colby Altman has been talked into homes that the good dialogue like. Like mobile and Izzy and fruit into the bronze attention and he's cheering for Switzerland it's like campy LA man a kid that's simple and easy and nice and neat there's got to be able drama in this thing this summer that's all I. A spur ZMRC Buford see at the teen wants to retain more required Leonard but. Well we'll explore all of our options now Buford declined to say whether winner has made a formal request with the spurs were a tree. NHL draft round one is tonight at 730 from Dallas and you can hear of action starting at seven and our sister station WQ a him. Florida Panthers have a bit teen pic of the first round. World Cup result Brazil the beats Costa Rica to Neil Coles to Rica. Yeah and a nice no you Nigeria to beat Iceland two nil. And Switzerland to beat Serbia to one now Nigeria and Argentina play in the final match today groups staged. Argentina still has a chance to advance and knock out round the need to be re over Nigeria. And then they eat they need it's gonna come down to a point differential basically. So we'll we'll see what I have Argentines and a lot better shape than they were reassurance that yeah and you aren't the main point they're gonna Croatia is already grew from that group so. Argentina. And Nigeria and Iceland are battling now for the second spot finally. Stolen that was football coach Willis may has been reassigned according to a story in the sophomore to sun sentinel. Parents weren't warmed up the move via robo call. The called C amaze reassignment is not related to the February 14 tragedy at the school those are your influence. I'd 6757 forwarded Samir tacks here also we have some things that we just didn't trying to get to all afternoon and yet we have not been able to because you've been so busy. With the NBA draft and pat rally so until the bag next your 79 minutes ago. Didn't exactly back even though. Right we will before I had and let's go with so subjective. Some kids that you're pretty demanding that we don't know who will. They'll tell you. Yeah. Yeah. You can't you can't play it dealerships play the actual command actual song. And so forth but idealism as we called him on residents. We talked about those of who they said it was oh we're Toma Jay-Z the other day. Yeah and oh by the way did you a year ago will blow over some puma stuff blow. Also well let me get the subway listen every day and it's again. And we appreciate that you do but you do quarters ticket window churches winter is an upcoming game concert or another great event Cortes Miami technology partnered locals off for a technology company. Visit them online and a quarter score that common sponsored by a lot of WW. Well number pints we you know ours are about Jay-Z and the reason he got the job is Greg his memo is a disease that does he resonate with the but the young people still in the hip hop community and the basketball community in the shoe community and that's my coma. You know was signed him were hired him in all these guys all the sudden are aren't pool while alas they draft class living that organize and anybody. And it's a big names interest on OK with the jays he's still. And loud and says not really. You know I'm like OK that I sort of thing and man I I'd like I'd wanna live in the world. If if if DuPont was still around he was the old fart or mandatory as the idea that old man I I it's like man that. Recipes to both of those guys that I I cannot imagine that happening. Even Jay-Z IME bear debate beyoncé room everybody gets old and everybody does you know but the lead that the but he still guy he sold passed out on the narrowness. Yeah. I don't want all over the world were rare in that that is the that is the case and Michael Jordan's old Lou. Have a George the Coleman and but he's old he's terrible running a basketball team but. He's he's not the sorts of cool Michael Short I can say is still. The the coolest guy around I still cool man we talking about. Is it wasn't prepared to old. I agree console and it would disorder but he's still cool. I didn't angle that he had a cool. I hardly alone it's hard to stay cool as you get older I understand that but certain guys can pull it off. I agree I agree you're cool. I'm old. I said. You're cool guys you know yet not that event via his his cool factor is not going to expire he he's not no losers who. They're losing their cool a little bit over and now over in Tampa. With the same as Winston's thing let me hit you with this one right. The story broke right on the side nationally king James Winston's was bitten it was him banker for a three game suspension by the league. We have all the information and now we know is really a six game suspension. He's a mission said you know Wyatt and his people this is the alchemy the three and a more appeal obviously misery of suspension and move on. And all this is stemming from maneuver. Incident was an over driver in Arizona in March 2 down sixteen no story to come out for about what eight months after that lose weight in November November of last year on this Phil's been gathering information since. November of last year and apparently Jamie is so the box that not exactly how all. The air and tell the NFL. Exactly what was going on so the NFL you know how they are they got upset about that and they can just go you're suspended for game five game six game that you do whatever they want. It's Roger Goodell and it's you know no sugar added doesn't need to be an arrest right we learned there was not a nervous I was trying to conviction there was not anything which it was listen to. Just listen does have a history and it says assorted one move to some extent but. Point being is Tom Jones who's a a sports columnists over for the Tampa Bay. Tribune. Urgent utility times daily times and had an article this morning and here's how it starts perked me. Trade him waive him cut him whatever just get rid of him James Winston should never play another game for the Tampa Bay Bucs. Not one guy and. And you know some guys go for shock value all that other stuff but this is a very serious matter and it goes any any chronicles that in the chronicles the history of Florida stayed. And he's there he is really just once in a very good person. And he goes through a lot of things and it makes it compelling case. The Tampa Bay should just sit just. Cut and run right now on not on James Winston that it's not going. Two to turn out and it to be very happy ending this is a bad idea. In them just wondering. With the landscape that is with in society and it should have been like this for a long long time. Unfortunately it wasn't easy but now that it's more on the forefront in the sexual assaults and and abuse against women. What do you do if you're the dimly Buccaneers and after the blazers and act Americans Russia across your desk. They're gonna keep on. Died at its. It had its. End in sports you'd have to do some release sordid. I hate it not been this isn't sorted but you have to go beyond this to be to be cut to be. Take out ticked off to your team it. In this would would almost be precedent setting almost as you've got to a star quarterback who. Is brazenly hearing the hopes of the franchise. Fair and you're gonna release him from. Over a sexual assault or day and an unnoticed is not the first time by. Pro sports just don't work like that. This is not my opinion this is rules. Fortunately got Leon Noland a bigger ball and vested in him. He is the the quarterback of those guys are hard to find out if there was a backup linemen they realize your career oh yeah yeah yeah media rights and it probably eagle on that's right that's early. But here's what here's what Tom Jones had to say on on Jane as you said a base really. Going back to the Florida State days that this isn't the isn't the first time is in trouble. He says any rights allegations of rape reporters they question mark let's blame and shame the woman stealing crab legs a public question mark all players get free stuff. Shooting a BB gun and an apartment complex and cause a thousand dollars in damage question mark big deal that's his boys being boys standing on the table the middle college campuses they Voeller stuff question mark K he's just a kid. I'm a little grocery silent all the put it media's making up fake news and besides that's not what he meant. Though that's exactly what he said. And now this certainly those have always defended Winston will do so again probably by blaming the user stop making excuses for this guy he's a grown man he's point four years old is about to be a father someone needs to be to hold them accountable. The bucks to start that by telling Winston to pack his gear and get out. Well here here's another ugly deed to show of this story that. On ESPN's story that was that was dumb. Posted at 607. Today. And this is a friend of James Winston's who was with the bump in the years quarterback the night wins and allegedly assaulted. Are sexually abused and Hoover driver. Syria's wins and left a party scene alone in a car. That obviously contradicts Ronald Darby but this. This that it's is that they could the friends extremists. In this over when he became intoxicated. And I'm ruling. So the ad doesn't look good for Jamison I would guess that was part of the into bill's decision. I data did they they they they had the NFL. Dade I think Tampa or James that they tried thing. They weren't fully they have full disclosure am and that just made the NFL even more upset obviously right. And then when you're getting all these different stories yeah I indicted that's what the in the sixty would six games that's and then you Jamison you know up to three. Our own appeal all that they OK finally made a deal. Behind closed doors about this thing but yeah I mean. Perk I don't know what to believe. Yeah I well Amanda said there was no arrest there were ripe old has led well we've learned enough in this world. Where you ought to be arrested UCL a after arrested when it depends on the wrong. Yeah and we've learned enough from enough thrilled to know you don't have to be arrested to get suspended right hander arrest is. And of peace beside the point where they and a bill. There there are being is cold a Condo in that though that's a pretty big umbrella. But. If you bring had bad publicity to your cell believed the team. Then guess what is it it's pretty much gonna be in Roger to Dale's fans. What happens. Look you were you remember Jarvis Landry had an incident. Com with the with the next girlfriend and the league investigated and they ended up. Determining that Jarvis was was not at Bolter or there was you know there was going to be no suspension. So about but all of these beings yeah they eat bagel before the commissioner and if if you're not if you you're not Tom. I I guess a dub of a certain status good luck to you from from you know. Early to say and really I wouldn't even actually I shouldn't say that because Tom Brady is doubly certain status right and he got a suspension. Arousal there from there it was different but those who needs a date yet it's a bit. Says his conduct. I was on the fuel comment this is more this is more. I'm more serious than to Mosul to grips is when you go before a commission are good luck to you that's that's what I wanted to say and realize that and oh yeah. But detects a ruling guilty in and until proven innocent in caps were well now that's a scene of that went to my world I don't know that's not caps world that's the -- bill you do not have to be arrested to be suspended in the NFL right not that that was not again this is not caps world isn't Roger today old world right that that's what hotel is honestly I'm not surprised. It at all. Then he was suspended because that's what the NFL usually does or surprise when guys don't get suspended like charm slandered as usual in the NFL gets in there. And they start investigating stuff. There does there letter of the law all mean they if a guy gets drunk and a bar. And he makes a scene. And any any starts drop in some language about some certain. You know at this cities are certain people in the NFL and Roger Goodell sees it on the video. What's he gonna say huge change the NFL shield. You are teased that's suspense it you know that's worthy newly empowered to do to correct yeah he has an hour into it yeah they give gifts and Sami date it's up in his discretion of the players and you get it do you why and okay your driver's license didn't suspended for six months you might get suspended for three games through Gordon Roger Goodell meaning depending on what he finds. In their report right and if you and it ended you appeal guess like you go to rugged real. Right so that's that's the way I'm more surprised when guys when there isn't an NFL investigation guys don't get suspended for certain things yeah. I guess you're arrested and charged. I do definitely get suspended by Roger gonna NFL soul. But I am I'm beyond that I'm beyond what the box do likewise how do you handle this morning for a minute about well let let's say this. Addled. That anybody. Realistically. Expects Tampa Bay to cut him. Know you might have a moral or ethical stance some Beers and think he should be. But again. Pro sports usually do not work that way. I just. I mean. Just wonder about him as Winston you know especially even if yeah. I'm just even if it was it your fault if you were completely innocent the mark. Even if you just don't wanna put yourself into any sort of situation especially when you hadn't met before that's what I'm saying don't you is don't wanna even. You've been just now Ahmad get in the car idle idle while nobody do whatever it is but you know what. And and yet from the friends they employing. My goodness you're being you're doing the right bing right of the dude is intoxicated and on rule lead the tournament and over got a way from the situation. They probably think they're doing the right and right so you can get in trouble he's going home and I am UDE gets in trouble right. What that drugs Amos. The odd and I know I'd like his brands were ranked like the other journalists there is friends are probably like him you like Guatemala to the trouble right like he was a liberal lead up tournament and over. The president and the right now and then he hasn't troubled like. Just I mean I agree I'll these encountering a downturn now on. One strike two strike should it manages its. You just wonder about about a guy over in Tampa and paying him I haven't heard too much backlash busts. You know another incident or something else and and I would be shocked if they they just move on from Jim and son James was amounting to do anything right now we're gonna want the next segment we got we got a few minutes to go Josh Freeman is gonna take over. Women Greg likens will be up patrolling the airwaves many me made him. Many of the ship pier until until 10 o'clock this evening if you wanna Texas show feel free to soak. 67974. Of the 67974. On the text linebacker more right here on semantic. And our sister station the shark. And the coconut grove business improvement district present the program grow street scene. With the free. Fully plugged in sets from Alex DiLeo. Bonnie may in the dreamers who. We are shutting the streets down that down baby and turning the Grover to an all ages street party. It's sponsored by shell lumber and hardware geared to low prices for more than nine years with a show lumber dot com and the semester coconut grove from aims have a nanny and a from 1043 HD to the tickets went bloody serious street. Party you know that's a good time right like you don't have a bad time at a street party loyalists never is a neighbor you don't wanna see yourself look. Ran over his mailbox it's by the street party favorite part of city life street partisan like Miller street in the growth yeah. Which is a cool place that was street party in and shut it down so that might be on the agenda tomorrow perk. Looking for some that do we are going to find a few. A few months or two to watch a World Cup game out there on the corner there. Hopefully soon we'll be they'll be popularity spots this it's where it's the weekend here. Hand hit everybody was something some some something fun something in together the only thing we can started right. Some been on all right well. We we got this did did you see the they Ichiro. Episode I heard about it. So hold Ichiro you know one of my favorites so yesterday. There and the the the Yankees are are playing Seattle. In New York Yankee Stadium there and there's some dude sit on the bench. In the mariners' dugout. Mustache. Shades. Would eat. Looks very familiar. And so a photographer from the Associated Press that the picture of the dude. Sir that was Ichiro. Who you know he retires this year now he's had like a Seattle did retire front office now that's true to your satire pleaded not retire that is my. Way back next year that's my bad did not retire but you are not a member of the roster he's not trying to train or any thing race would take any chances on the bench right so of anybody remembers the old Bobby Valentine the skies wind up. Bobby got thrown out of a game and with a mix and he came back wearing a mustache a fake mustache and updates the Marlins called with the nose and everything what that is he called but. Yes there'll knows. The costume. Nature looks aside that that is very funny good mutual. Sounds good about this one now the U you heard about Danny change. He tipped who the Celtics were going to pick last night. Because he's on the face time with with Terry wrote here one of his players. And and what he didn't know that was teary rouge year. Was on bleacher report's on line lies at draft show laden so they're asking Terry rosier who the Celtics are gonna pay deals hold up well I'll I'll get the man at the top right so we based on Wednesday any change. And Denny gained jokes with him at first though we're gonna draft a point guard you know own reveres you guys right. Hah hah he he and and you know series have been really who're who're you gonna take. And and Danny Ainge is it is going to be Bob Williams Robert Williams the text lenient here we're just looking at the medical's. So this was before the 27 pick they got this as a at a scoop on loads this was on live on the Internet. Ice ball it looked it in and have seriousness now now wrote jeered the first thing he should've done was say it Denny. We're live online on Bleacher Report that's like it you have somebody in your car right and and that somebody calls you on speakerphone. The first thing you should say is I'm in the car my wife amendment powered my dad amend the power of my boss. Yeah actually November subsidiary united are not a couple alerts and alert the persons are aerials yes that terribly I didn't follow. They got AI you know we're not when you get home I want it to their off I don't. As bank. Moms in the car Atlanta area right now. I write eggs leg eyes open up grandma. The rep from shirt from the moment I answered an easier over the with the treacherous the you know king. That's an now cap peers here's my husband by the way I would that your right perk when I was in this. In this day and age especially if your public figure like you zoom. US and some years we'll be recorded in all of those that are right by the way that guy services mrs. is Tom's call who's overslept and right right. Williams and got it at the conference call Heidi introductory conference call this morning it was delayed by an hour he overslept the last thing that CF bill streaker the guy who was the BC lions pot hole them. This dude has now retained legal counsel he's thinking about suing either of eighteen or the player now this dude was. Presumably intoxicated the police city smelled of a liquor he's in boxers and and stocks and assert hands run around the field is as during a break in play like both teams are huddled up. And he's running around and finally one of the players just get sick of it and he just goes over and just. Knocks the crap out of this dude to dude could barely get up but now he's claiming his trauma he might have a concussion and so will see what happens. This is it. Against the lady wasn't at the Kansas City Royals game the Phillies are the Phillies at the phonetic that's right you know the hot dog. Out of the little load times and everything Jenna bruised because they apparently that was duct tape on it so did the hot dog doesn't disintegrate when it gets shot out the gun but C is not suing I am so proud of that woman announced this clown. Pac ten that's the you know that's not the way society is min you know stand him damn litigious Canadians are. While he told me the guys somebody in Philly or Canada who would be still rough I would say and Iceland's up in Canada saying match deceptively nights Wednesday Anthony. That's of software that's funny that's. When you know native I mean that maybe we need to be less litigious in. Yeah no we don't give me sort of well and yeah I've. Yeah I mean the end of the guy shouldn't level would that note the you know national review a streaker you do voter yeah I. I don't agree that throughout the regular lineup clam oh absolutely yeah. Are that's who we're that's who we're supposed to be doing that so that's our job via a clown around here now running around half naked kind of known we gotta get out your allows and they do is always romantic thereby attacks and thereby setback just listened. We certainly appreciated we you make the show and we do for you each and every day we love doing it. And will be back Monday morning there are some Monday afternoon. Just before 4 o'clock. And now all of a busy week and reflect on it will be one step closer. BA free agency but the draft behind this organism. I MB of free agency the trade stuff will be a lot of rumors he no business the south hit ago man for the next the next week or so. So while lob ball all your all your information cover right here. Greg Hudgens is coming up also Josh Freeman's of human right here it'll take you until 10 o'clock perk numbers have a great week it'll talked him Monday to the right here on 790 minutes ago.