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Curtis Stevenson
Wednesday, June 27th

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Oh yeah. Chris hurt and many Navarro southern hurts so. Captain Curtis is out today so I'm sitting in here with Manny and many NBA just won't stop Manny now doesn't won't stop they don't go wave and they don't they don't use the break every day it's there's a story it's entertaining if you're reporters nozzle which one is he'd like to warm occasion effect eggs but listen to any for everybody else yeah and all this man it is and and now we have this ESPN's story and it's in their best reporters right up from Adrian Wooldridge ruled. We'll know rusty yeah I will actually sent us a little bit and and run and win horse wolves and Rouse the yes there were ago. A bomb that three of them are are reporting that Tom the pressure is mounting for the lakers from office. To execute a trade with the spurs to get caught wide Leonard and that this is that I I don't know many what. To me this is a little bit stunning that the they would put the pressure on the lakers from a resort pressure would be coming from somewhere to get something done right now. The current topic here are well yeah I mean at the spurs don't wanna trade collide. To the Western Conference and what do you know do I guess. Look the bottom line is this the story basically is telling us that LeBron James to me anyway the way I'm reading it is his choice to go to LA right that's really what he wants to do yet but he doesn't wanna be the first guy to go he wants there to breast superstar placed. There's obviously been reports about Paul George. Potentially staying with a Oklahoma City that you know he he wants a player Russell. I don't know man it's the kind of posturing that goes on of the Sammy you're suspicious part of the game was the limited game. It is an unhappy port limited. Our objective is a slow climate years we're going to be talking about that thwarts morning now we have doctor nick EU home of Ball State University now. If you haven't heard about this guy. He is a guy who has proposed a radical idea too in intentional fouls at the end of NBA games. And part of his proposal is you stop the clock with three minutes left. And whoever is it he would say they heed his leading Milwaukee 10610. Warren. It's seven points from the highest score in the game sold the winner in that scenario 106 of little ones he. It would be bursting into a 113 points so we're quick rafter Evelyn. Talk about this the odds are you know Zach Lowe look Did a big story on him. Not long ago doctor Il also has some interest in baseball ideas. One album is a moving is is a variable strike zone according to the tell. Which would basically let the the better known. The strike zone is going to be the widest when you know when you have zeros writes a one strike in minutes' notice green. So you better swinging early Mattel put that ball in play. So Jeff passes it. Did and yet he eat so this guy is is immensely ironies impediments that Carner in the eighties miss a guy right you view highly intelligent doctor nick he loom so he's going to be on airports wanting yeah ball took a university do we get that it takes the cash rule is there will yeah. It doesn't really care about is the Pastor Wright. I didn't know that we're gonna put on the spot and make them give us some. At six money we're gonna have will Dusan Barea of the sun sentinel. Michael worker and one of the things he's a high school Ryder and one of the things that the Puerto high school. Association. Is considering. Is re doing the way that they do move the play offs. And not having classifications. According to enrollment but in according to say yeah our rank eaten so I guess that you're ready smaller school like it may be a hokey when I begin this right and right. Smaller smaller population and enrollment rather. But being on talent and a big power rating I guess you would be playing with it with the bigger schools I guess and but I'm guessing they're gonna figure out which of the Nancy thomas' bracket. Yeah he's everybody's going to be iron out whatever way as well it was a dominant however you. They didn't let let's let's make a play our quarterback is now for three weeks. Our ratings got a drop off steel but I don't we don't look closely will be under Clara guys are right drop our power ratings so you know we're gonna we're gonna have all of that plus a whole lot of other stuff yeah. I am sure everybody has seen now the story of our our team Bradley the Diamondbacks pitcher whose city to disband. And when he was on the mound once so. We will talk about that we've got a couple of this game up yesterday a couple of bloodied bodies have popped up right in Norris Jenkins and his how does not mean to be tell us about this at all and then eight a body was discovered in Antonio walk in freezer at suntrust park the home of the Atlanta Braves yeah actually evident buried very strange calm we've also got and and you're gonna you know this I Udonis Haslem finished third. India Wyman stokes boating which is basically the best teammate right in the NBA honors that'll you be across the league a lot that that's exactly what this show was so that was. You know that was something that we didn't get to talk about yesterday we talked about the NBA awards and and everything like that hum. I can't remember off the top Mejia who won that award I can't erupt top line on the outer neither whom I I have to go back and look but yeah that. You know it's insisting that numbed added that Udonis has them basically an award will not basically it is it. It acknowledges the best teammate new in the NBA and read the players' arms and vote on that and like write letters vote and and Udonis Haslem finished third so. I'll we'll talk about that little less that out also but dumb. I tell you many it's it's a it's it's interesting with this with the spurs. With the spurs' situation and number Nicole they spur situation yes. Make that they kind of are there certain Robin I know it's a lakers situation at a camp situation and NBA situation but. If they absolutely positively were used to trade him Al west. Who are the most likely trade. Partners but it's it's it it's Philly Philly or Boston to either one of those teams and you know Boston can ask ask itself do we want a guy. Well obviously is all NBA first team you know player selection in the past that I was coming off an injury. Who's I think why maybe 2627 years old already got a look at all the isn't. Order we wanna hold on our guys who hold onto the young guys the G in the browns'. Of the world that Jason Terry Adams of the world tour you know younger and cheaper. So I don't know maybe Boston you know sort of says maybe that's not a trade today you wanna get involved because they play the same position the younger cheaper options. And they're guys on the rise maybe Philly is the place that eons of Poland because Philly sort of needs. Ambien in the middle but you know you go out and give them of you know world class player that at the small forward position that to me that puts them on another level so I can see Philly. Working out a deal with San Antonio maybe that's what ends up having you'll see. Man there's there's there's going to be good stuff man at the NBA offseason indicated it has gotten better and better and better with with each passing year and numb. Yeah I thought last year once I beat here but we we have more drama this year more high drama this year we're gonna talk about all of that and more but first we're gonna get too poor like Hitler. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. We start in the NBA where as we were just talking about ESPN is reporting pressure is mounting for the lakers from office. To execute a trade with the San Antonio Spurs to get cold why Leonard now. ESPN contends that there is a race to secure Leonard before LeBron James is faced with deciding whether he was to become a free agent on Friday. There's also that concerned because. Paula George is no longer assured of going to the lakers this hall Paul George might resigning with OK he sees so. A lot of pressure on on the lakers according to ESPN ESPN also reports. But LeBron wants to make a quick decision in free agency. They say that these Celtics clippers sixers and tabs are among the teams that have made trade off close to CNN. O'Neal. We also know that. But the so hole though you know as so again that ESPN is reporting the Celtics clippers sixers in cavs. I've made trade offers to disperse what we ask you this. There's absolutely no way he Uga Uga back door anything the lakers a three team trade and trying Gideon and I don't cavs a you know a dead calves were Boston Celtics right now. Other can be TT entry is a word absolutely and those reaping seems explored question. But coli could not Indo the lakers under any right San Antonio and obviously know a third team isn't all right and let us know the pieces that Mikey. You can't turn around and flip them either canyon right I think there's a rule. There's rules and how long -- you know for instance whenever guys are traders on Carter's house the BO is a great sort of a grace period or whatever however many days it is yeah with where they can be treated and held for your I believe that your free agent you can't go before December 15 right that's that's what we library team right side right this would be it would be a good trading a player wants him to another run I'm sure there's some I would have depends on the contract. But yeah obviously you don't ways that the lakers to sneak around and and and figure out a way to get a direct route through the back door but I I would think that you know I would and possibly entertain this idea many times yeah I would guess whoever acquires climber and it's not treating. I. I guess oh as. So that they'll be very Smart of the team we got what Steve important here in the right light and what are you know what it what you want Alonso ball right is that it is though categorized. Exactly exactly so I lowered to talk more about that in the meantime we skip over today in a bill Miami Dolphins revealed their training scale. Training camp schedule today now practices began July 26 at 830 a M there's a total of fourteen open practices. All of whom started 8:38 am they're going to be it Nova Southeastern University the team hit quarter in Davie. The training camp schedule is highlighted by an August 4 scrimmage it hard rock stadium. That's 11 AM start on a Saturday the last practice open to the public. Is August 14. Most Graham are different than hell now and no no no and then you stay positive box well it's a regular listener and it's priceless. That. We will we will put a flag on your ways players Libyans that they know sliding and none of that you say and they're like the statue of liberty baby. Yeah good baseball Miami Marlins host Arizona seventy and tonight in game three of their four game set also game three of the tin game homestand Marlins at their three game. Winning streak snapped last night they're now fourteen games behind Atlanta in the NL least. Eleven back in the wild card of Manny you know number we pay attention to the Marlins around here. Attendance via last night they drew 6159. They're still last in the major leagues in attendance now they're barely over 101000 they're averaging 101040. Were per game. 4500. You were. In the next lowest team Tampa Bay and did you start have a good deal on Groupon what's kind of the deal that they gotta gotta gotta branch out apparently you know billion I think it's going to be very keying many giveaways as David Wright McCain's Lisa do right to run a lot created to get to the football game as yeah yeah they they they got to trust so ma'am but. Winning. It's winning that that that may take awhile yeah let's take a while that's. Look in the meetings on you might not some some money off boasted to actually they have they have some pretty good discount field of spook so resilient outside to a real molds those product of the season that he's he's really had and Brian Emerson is an those two guys on the nights knights stories this year now they have they've. They they have some talent but they don't have enough talent to get anybody excited and opinions excite. I happen to you got the pitching can really get excited yet in the victories between them to victories really help the college World Series Arkansas against Oregon State. 7 o'clock tonight gained sue that best of three Arkansas holds a 10 lead thanks to last night's 41 victory. World Cup action may mean. Defending World Cup champion Germany salvia. CE shocking turn of events absolutely socking. South Korea two goals and in the final minute and to knocked out Germany in the group stage for the first time since 1938. Seoul South Korea east Germany to near oak trees we learn to beat Mexico you're pre world wars who ran pre world word soup Sweden beats Mexico three NATO Sweden this through as the group at the winner Mexico is through as the runner up. In group. 21 Brazil to beat Serbia to new O. Brazil is through as the group. Those are your headlines. So go back to quad Leonard were second here. How does Cole why force a trade Manny because we seeing other guys tried to do it from. Tiger re Irving had that initial list of fourteen said he wanted to go soon. Boston wasn't on it and I remember boss who was added later. Chris poll got his choice Paul George didn't really get his choice. It's hard to force these how does how does why Morse well read anything this your next year you'll be read write or. Reading the tea leaves I mean you know it's kind of it I feel like why sort of soured that relationship with the way he sort of you know everything that happened this past season. With his injury and say and in on the are gonna play America that whole fight with the spurs I think you're just on on sort of the terms with the spurs that we don't care we value control rate for next year. Now the issue is jobs and become when when teams say. Look we want Clyde to agree to an extension and beat and he's not willing to that's really were quite it's all this power it's it's it's tough on the spurs. Trade me to Philly I'm not gonna be there more than he you know that that's really anybody any anybody I don't know too much preferred destination anybody else is going to be a Whitney port year right so I can see this drag her for awhile. I novices reports that the lakers have much of pressure on them to make this work. I still see how that's gonna happen I can't see. Other leaguers are gonna get out of this one with school high right. When when pop in that organization that they care about. You know not treating them in the conference. I mean look at your pop in this errors deuce and collided. In the banking would be LeBron follows. Your your fourth at best and on right behind Golden State Houston and the lakers right at it and it makes more sense for them to get somebody. Who started in the cigar was some good young players in the eighties and and in Philly and in and in. Boston in their draft picks available so there's there's things where if you know you're Santonio. Unity that's situations and I'd rather get the the player and a pick. Was an Elvis long term whereas he too and the lakers maggots leaguers are the same thing with the new you know you're facing quiet recently so I can see why hit a source of regulatory. This out they Bosnia. You know it is is like the rule in life many don't eliminate yourself right and let me do a physical one over they're they're eliminating themselves. We are going to talk to doctor nicked EU home next segment Ball State University. There's this dude is is he's he's a revolutionary he's a Renaissance man he's got ideas. To speed up the game of baseball and help the game of baseball but more significantly. To eliminate. Late game intentional fouls in the NBA. Wait till you hear is ideas he's coming up next. Boundaries amber and 79 that figure that wax O'Connor is off seventeen street in Fort Lauderdale personal world soccer whom blood tomorrow afternoon. Played amber who's Baldwin awesome prizes enjoyed who worked dollar Miller Lite thanks. All day long and take it with amber and the ticket at 2 PM Thursday afternoon it's all brought to you by Miller and AM 790 F bill moral worth three HD soon. The tickets. Many we talked about. This out of the box idea for basketball mood and right now we're going to get some elaboration on it. Brahma the man who created joining us right now on the Orion you'll downstairs convenience stores gas line. They are truly. Steps beyond convenient doctor nick Elam. A ball state university and he's going to explain. His proposal for ending institutional wild that in the basketball games. Doctor doom I you don't hear Chris Perkins winning tomorrow. It strictly Wiki thank you. Are right. Doctor and out of first bowl week we've got explain nom how you got involved in this site. You know we we know that you're highly intelligent by doctor and being a member of Mensa but you're a former Cincinnati Reds grounds keeper. An and you're professor of of what their it to a Ball State. But I'm actually is still hanging on the ground period much masterpiece theater with the red ground troops that I worked on a very limited basis now that. I am just wrapping up my first year Ball State University. By the educational leadership department there so I helped her prepare. I graduate student who aspire to become school principal at school administrators. And that that stems from my background of the school principal myself out of school principal athletic director baseball coach. Math teacher in Ohio before taking this job your Ball State. OK and so it. Tell me who buys have the general idea it correctly here are saying it's a it it's a game between the receipt and the Orlando Magic. That he has any one vote soon to 100 lead three minutes left the clock would stop and you go seven points. I hit of the team that has the highest total so in this case the first seemed to want only nine would be declared the winner is that generally correct. Yeah that's a good explanation other than the whole reason behind it you know I'm a lifelong basketball and I love basketball. And so it's disheartening to me that so obviously the quality of play deteriorate late in games and so the idea would look at the scenario you just gave there. You know if you were to just played first 109. Then if you believe there and a final stretch. There is no reason that stalled played passively you continue to play assertive leader try to get to the target score. If you're trailing in Europe beat since there's no reason that to Fallon and wait three weeks you get could still play legitimate defense when your offense and you're trailing you want to rush and force of what we shot you can play your first dial. That whole combination of factors will make. The outcome of games less predictable and then lead to more late comebacks. And you're guaranteed at somebody's gonna win the game the swish of a net on a more memorable game ending moment so I think the way that we can keep in and handle being do we really enjoyed. About late game play and then eliminate early he had all the things that we don't enjoy. Which he went dark to make you of Boston university and in these guys come over a lot of good ideas that to help to give a basketball and baseball I want hosted a basketball I cover the Miami Heat for a living so. I want basket now you guys have actually. Put this in the player does not just a conversation it's been used in some tournaments already ice has the NCAA looked into using it as well. So yeah where it had been implemented was that the basketball tournament or GDP in June 2017 on an experimental basis and so they'll literally big thrill for me because I've been playing these games. On my mind and on paper for ten years at that point and so to finally conceded action. Deceit it was meeting all the primary aims defeated would not only released sound but really cool. I knew then there that this concept is gonna live on beyond June 2070 and so are hoping that it would still be with GDP and I was very exciting win that they recently announced that they will use. This format. On a whole basis for their full 71 game turning that. This year which starts on Friday special or at NCAA in NBA. I had had communication with people and the basketball well. I'm not necessarily sure all those conversations were supposed to leave the room. What likens it that I have been you know. Pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback that I've gotten. I'm pleasantly surprised by the open mindedness that people shown for the idea and so I'm encouraged by. You know worried psyche idea could ultimately grow the ball. We're talking a doctor in Nate you Obama Ball State University here on 79 minute ticket partisan perks throw and doctor Il and tell me who why are people against it aside from being traditional list. Are what what what are some of these specific reasons people think that it. In god that you know changes beginning to radically or what what are some of these dissenting opinions here. A great question so. Why I don't know probably the main reaction was just that it's at first glance it seems like it's really radical idea either he kind of look at it and it bit look at Catholic from outer space this idea but again minute. Mighty ain't here not try to change the game of basketball related to the opposite. Trying to preserve more natural style of play. Dirty and at every game and so that's why it was cool to see your reaction last year when it was put in place. Looking at abandoned and player and they reaction what like people's jaw hitting the war it was more like well yeah I get that now it just looks like real basketball all the way through the into the game which is something that we don't normally. Get to see. Another kind of reaction art I guess misconception is that. People have no other credible lead and I used to have this at least myself at that frowned but that I don't think strategy actually works a lot more than it does. And so for me has been surprising. After looking at a sample of thousands of being defeated the but that talent strategy only works about 1% of the time so not only is it just. Not a good appealing style of play but it really just doesn't work and yet it's still represented the trailing Pete Best option under the current format. And I would like to give them another option of just playing real basketball. And I think they'll give them a better chance come back. And I think that's interesting when you say it only works 1% of the time with all that analytics that you have nowadays of you know per 100 per sessions and plus minus. What why wouldn't a coach tell incidents that what would he be aware of it and end. You don't jettisoned that strategy. Well because then on any other option if you digital album the clock run out on you and your lose the game and so you have sold currently. People are willing to disrespect the bit they are so desperate that they get the cow and hand away free points could that so desperate they are to stop the clock. But if you get rid of the clock for that last stretch of the game. They would need to handle waste three point they could try to try to investigate legitimate stops and go on Iran you know we feel we can learn basketball the game of Ron Paul are being used to big runs. We just don't see them during the final stretch because there's so that the clock is working so much against the trailing team. On defense bit of balance and we've three point one are off and then to Russian or so but we shot. We don't get to see those one league games but I think if you got rid of the clocks. You'd see a lot war big run played games that they we could see to really get some thrilling finishes and again knowing that it that it's always gonna end of the swisher but that. We would tell this inlet stockpile of the memorable moments too. In games and then and clinch championships and crunch milestones and things like that I think they'll be really cool. Now obviously you've got some ideas tough for baseball as well and wanted to get that out on the air. As far as the strike zone is concerned can talk a little about that and and in what your I guess the thinking behind it. Yeah I want and I appreciate you give me the chance to speak out I want to claim while we've given that up. You can these ideas for baseball I haven't research them or less than not nearly to the extent but I have a basketball. So and I future however go about researching to be honest but I think just on paper this is something that might work some some baseball. Actually think baseball writings I disagree with people who say they've based all of dying but I do think there are some real long you issued that baseball is basing this course link. And patent game. The overabundance of strikeout to walk and home run that these these are things that need to be addressed. People talk about. Trying to manipulate the strike them the way to address those things some people say well let's shrink the strike zone across the board. Well that would shift the advantage back to the hitter which is a good thing but I think hitters have become very picky and take a lot of pitches and got even more walks some concern about that. Other people they will look just make the strike them bigger across the board. In out improved link to gain batters would have to get the battle their shoulder but I think we didn't have a lot more strikeout to Europe to me strike strike out says that it. So my idea of a dynamic strike zone this is something that just passed and wrote about recently. The dynamics strike zone he would start each at bat with the strike zone a little bit smaller than what we've seen now the end of strike and we'll get a little bit bigger with each strike. And I in this sort relies on an automated strikes and you got to do that without the idea would be it would force pictures to prove favorable pitches early in the app that. And would totally get him get that take away this notion for hitters this mindset for hitters but the third and try to work deep counter take pitches it's it's more of a mindset of the best pitch I'm gonna get as early enough that I need to put that pitch in play and so I think it would help with the game along a little bit. Now doctor you were talking doctor nick human Ball State University here on not Curtis and Kirk. Now duke had basketball do you have to win by soon like him onto the schoolyard or is it just the seven point. Pursuant to that to that number. Right now it's just first say that number and that's that's what I prefer because I think it's it's one of those things war. We're building toward this great fashion of the game I don't think you wanna get too cute with it. And you're probably not that an issue we get to something where somebody is getting to that target score they win by one point I think that they're great finish I don't think you can do much better than that. People suggested adding that revision of win by to win by three win by four. Things like that those are things that are you know on and the idea being. But you know for now I'd like to see how continue to see how this plays out with just a win by one format but that's what's really great about having this now. Inaction and and having more eyes on it is getting more brainstorming and crowd sourcing of how to take it the idea. Which I think is already a pretty good now and making it even better so I think that's pretty cool. And and finally what what is what has Vegas sing it to this because that Beck on the altars. Kind of their betting scheme right I mean they're there I shouldn't say betting Steen back there there there's breads and everything right there they're their way of life what what is legacy and about this. So one thing that I think is it's pretty cool I think I think Vegas should love this I think Vegas should embrace this idea because just very generally. People. Are you think it has always found a way to stay one step ahead of the betting public. Kelli stay in business and I think this would just give it one more way to stay ahead of the betting public it there this kind of a change in format. But another thing that I think it's really cool. Is again this whole notion that being at the end with the switch of a net some sort of a shot whether that three Warner gone way out midrange jumper. The free throw all these different way to gain could end all the different players who could end it I think would introduce this state that kind of a cool. You'll phenomenon of these other prop. Trying to bet on how the game was going to end and I think. You know those kind of prop bet that they're really kind of sucker bet switched Vegas club obviously. But you know I think people would have won trying to play along and pick how would you be an end. And so I think they get some book for every one thing that you see with TV PP check there. Website here in the next few days the tournament dot com. You'll see there panel of experts which they've included me on and I'm I'll walk on that panel but hey I'm by. Stop predicting the of the outcome of the tournament you'll which seemed you're gonna advance but then also making our prediction of what is what player and what type of shot is going to win that two million dollar championships I think though that those are excellent play along with I think there's a lot of opportunities were Vegas to capitalize on the. A doctor is and we appreciate you taking a few minutes that is hosting concept then and I encourage people to bug Gould doctor nix EL 8 AM. And the checked out some of these B ideas that he's that he's got out there it's it's very fascinating stuff. Doctor Gil and we appreciate it and we're really keep your number will probably be in touch again. That's great. Are very tight but is not the art does not panicking about mix I'm always getting in and fix the couch rule. Yeah and you know we'll go to that it would work together into a bit more goals in soccer also knows how to I don't know how to we have more scorned ally like World Cup but not not influences the I mean the I don't know is just a bit of the level of play up by the way. Switzerland and Costa Rica 22 draw and got a reported that earlier in Switzerland. Winning one but a 22 draw Switzerland still grew odd group. Many when we come back. We are gonna we are gonna talk about. A couple of other NBA beings one of those Udonis Haslem finishing third in the Wyman stokes award voting. Vote by. NBA players as the third best team mate in the league will talk about that when we come back. It's against. Celebrate the fourth of July in the city of sunrise join us outdoors at the BB and C senator from live music kids activities food trucks fireworks and more the live music includes classic rock legends grand funk railroad the American fans. You're them and slim bunker oh yes we mean. Mean Curtis talk about whether people heard of him and there are a classic they are classic but he got to be of a certain age but they are classic gates open at port thirty parking and admission are free for your safety all bags will be searched. Visit sunrise FL dot gov for details or call 95 war. 747. Or six OO CU and sunrise on July board with AM 079 B at bill moral worth three. Hasty to. The ticket. Curtis and her show with Chris Perkins and Manny Navarro camping Curtis is Al today he's going to be out for the rest of the week and enjoy a little bit of vacations are well in Louisiana Louisiana words what you do it evens out. Isn't isn't sounding yet he's he's got a bunch of stuff on the to do list you know I got to check at all before football season starts so I guess yes that's what everybody's doing nowadays man drowned in China well. Actually. You guys aren't all the all the ball guide regularly as you know we're taking our time off in NBA yelled into an anything but they can time mop dollar dollar on the hot seat right now. But many. I wanna talk about one of these. Beings that got away from us yesterday that NBA awards show and I mean Curtis talk about. You know whether James Harden should've won the MVP are huge to give it to LeBron every year Dwane Casey as the coach of the year but. One thing that went way under the radar Udonis has. He finished third in balloting that Wyman stokes award women spokes teammate award. Now this is significant because it's voted on by the players. And it is an award getting knowledge is the best late in the NBA Jamal Crawford of Minnesota law and men who Ginobili San Antonio with second but Udonis was third. What does this tell you about the way people think of Udonis around the league and does it say anything about Udonis his chances to play next season whether it's with Miami or somewhere else. Yeah I mean I think any any NBA roster would love to have a guy like Udonis. Because of what he brings off the court. Madison leadership but I mean practice every single day and I and you you see it. As far as being the first guy in their needn't you know staying late with guys that kind of stuff he he's always had that reputation. But I mean I think this is speaks to how below of these and by the way I went back and looked. Last year he was also third in the voting to say anymore so two years in a row where he's he's been right there. And and so he you know which shows Lola responded that guy has to get you know 36. First place votes around the league there's a lot of people like. Yeah yeah and look at what do you think about you'd be coming back next year I. Look at it he's going to be I I think. Obviously he's going to be taking up roster spot and I'm not usually one of those guys who says well he deserved you know because it. You take up rushers by you do set the organization back a little bit. But. There are certain guys where I do with being. Quote on quote he deserves it again. In this tone. UD is one of those guys Dwyane Wade is one of those guys. On the dolphins' Jason Taylor would have beens that promise would have bin. There are certain guys who who you gotta bend the rules. Well I guess of you dean wanted to come back I would have be a big problem with. No I would neither an imparted to apart is you mean guys who will sit and and not rock the boat you know about it and I know as much as you. Kind of a couple weeks ago we caught up with a complained he says he DC can still play right. And the woman doing overseas I think you sort of need a guy who can set the tone as far as say I'm not playing every single day. And yet I'm still showing up and practicing so if you need some of the sort of set the example. And on this ski team we got so many guys who come you know Dion comeback from injury. You got essentially a thirteen man roster you whole rotation if you could Dwyane Wade re signs a deal we know it's about. I think you do need to have somebody is when the sit in and I think you do you continue to be Erica White what you. Bet that that he thinks he he would like more minutes any bankruptcy it's still it was a yeah I think this is a little bravado him saying you know I still got it or else those sort of say and I'm odds is the guy who can sit on the merits of the team needs them not just a cheerleader I don't I just that shouldn't righted his kind of has proven it. Everybody out of out of you saw this tweet. But it it's is it's entertaining. He actually tweeted out the new himself. You know. To elect a vertical to us and jumping up on a box really yet and I and it looked like you know everybody criticizes you diss heard I write you know where's it gonna last season can barely get off the ground right. I mean he does he's got a sixty inch vertical in this. If you video site and he's is kind of you know he sees its everybody that's the audit that that's. I think more than NBA probably does that more than anybody right we have been there just Gordon. No in the video him look elect the freedom incredible hole where I wouldn't you know. But football players don't do that a whole lot. A baseball players don't do it a lot. Hockey players or MMA guys but I NBA guys love my show ever but they do now or just you know sun hit in the three and and what was his line it does not that I can't shoot the three that will let you let me right yeah kid at Amazon's does NF three years yeah and we've seen a knockdown three week in and hit shooter unless you're just started off kind of encouraging didn't yeah. It was her first two games that you had you know the career there right yet it would got a couple military a couple of buddies out by the tail like three or what in the misspoke Busan that look you know spoke just isn't that loved it it's kind of exciting night you know in the now and then there's been an against right right yeah. What are you hearing may we got a text and many talk about him saying her bronze people were mourning LA and buying now Alia was everybody. And asked about that I was on channel seven over the against its extra and look here's the Briton to bring this is the right distance and I'm I'm the one who's reporting is is that the people who have said this bronze people were out there. You know buying houses are looking to buy houses this'll more than I think all the reports are reading your reading about the spurs you know in the lakers being under this intense pressure to try to you're collide. To me totally shows that. That's where LeBron really want to be you want to go to LA that's and that's where he wants to go play basketball they've got the best situation in terms of bringing in another superstar with them. And so I think that's his first choice is so that's why set a set on Sunday night under sort of saying that. All the tea leaves all the side everything I'm hearing is pointing that way and so I you know I think it's pretty much a done deal because I felt like that's. You know if if things work out exactly the way LeBron wanted and that's Koreans. Yes all right well hey look calm when we come back there there's we talk about dumb Magic Johnson saying. You know that he would quit if he didn't get a big name free agent in the next two years. And we're gonna talk about. Whether LeBron was serious I mean magic was serious about that or is that just kind known you know. Some committee said he subcommittee and without their codes. I don't know maniac you know there's there's so many expect here's what your Magic Johnson also re so I don't know he would actually serious about that. Or if he's just put insult Mal paired a kinda. Put the focus on him and not on the quietly inner goings on I think him Eads is like Riley c'mon you temporary expertise and little and say look we don't we don't get two guys this year hasn't ruled direction but it didn't say he was gonna quit in two years older you're right about that yes. Well. Yeah exactly they're gonna talk about whether magic admit that literally tones. Color pink and that that in a you know there might be some caviar or some bare learn we'll talk about that we come back Kurt as a perk 790 the ticket. Here we go all the god. Joined some time and Mike Ryan and members of the shipping container at. PM. The game limit stands will be available ads a week wait field. They Wakefield brewing is independently own craft brewery in the heart of dale of wind blew it. Get bear with Mike and the crew on July 11 brought to you by AM 790 FB a moral port three HD to the ticket. I like that in Jerusalem from the wire. Yeah happenings of that yeah yeah you know what I. I I watched the wider. Maybe a couple of years after it came out. When it went to the wire come out a rally old Bible six select panel pre 2002 in the morning yeah still holds up by the way did not and that show is so good but it's so intense that I. I haven't gone back and watch it on Netflix and really OK I used to come home after he games and I used to just watched like three straight at us so brilliant is being watched. But now I just. I don't know man who but it was intense what it was just you would do is get. Sucked into that so you do you watch him after you won one and that's another right now we get so now I just you know I don't wanna watch one today and then one that wins even though are seeing them all but again I just feel like I got a beer and watch didn't. Like clear the schedule like yes I have you know I don't view our stood there to watch that stuff so. I don't know man. Anywhere talked in both for about magic Johnson and what he would what he would see Ed. About. The next two years and and he said he wasn't under any pressure. But he was also owned. I don't know about what magic since we can take it literally. Let's hear what Magic Johnson had to say. No pressure on me. Emote too much doubt I'll always done it you know me finals I've been in. You look so you think I'm worried about this. And played against Larry Bird in the finals on me a moment and then nine. Vintage car it's NCA champions you know. I'm Magic Johnson on the still the same to. I'm not going to change. And no pressure on me normal too much that's what I do I do want to I'm excited. I so no pressure on them yet the pressure on your. Left there's pressure on him so. Look what. Ann and Andy and you know magic saying that. He would step down no. We're excited about your reasons. And if I can't deliver almost that down myself to have the farmhouse that was the you know because yeah I can't do this stuff. So does it by the way the wires on HBO go thank you tell those guys and I HBO not net the whoever wants and I'm you know I was sad scene on the gym a deep ball to always now. Our website at Netflix and even even if his DVR or showtime amber yeah HBO go by HBO go. Did Magic Johnson mean that literally. Yeah I mean I think I think there's certainly going to be a sense of pressure to deliver here this summer or next but I think part of the reason he said that was. There are there so much pressure right now just to get two guys this summer that he sort of tell people we don't get anybody. Does it mean when are gonna turn axle and who is a two year job restarting it would have to sort of look better from that perspective right because I'm sure in the back of his mind he's worried the resin oracle. Can you know what I'm looking at this Magic Johnson thing and Pat Riley also see it that can be you know it's a two year process. Or the Miami Heat. I don't know that Danny Ainge oversee it and we look at any changes like when is he gonna make a move and all that all those picks that he has and all that stuff. We see what he did idea do you think it's going into a you know Danny Ainge did it like he's right he he waited a little bit he's. I know what magic is yeah I mean yeah I think he's just he. You know look at the whole reason he was brought in was to was Turner's ranch as a Romney's five straight years and miss in the playoffs and and being sort of a losing team in in the whole situation with Kobe at the end and and just sort of you know it is time for the leaders are warning yet you know an end to slowly to put pressure on himself yeah yeah I mean there's no question he's put but I but I think that pressure is already there because people look at him as. The difference right to resume came back he's supposedly the one it's gonna. Bring players back to LA to get them accomplish here and so that they put themselves in position they've got a good shot at a really really good shot at it. And again I I think this is where LeBron ends up I know right now we're getting all these reports of he's he doesn't wanna go on us and other players there and all that. I think when push comes to shove the Barnes and look at his situation semi futures and LA. This is this is where when we were basketball irons making movies in Hollywood and be of being a billionaire right. You know I think eventually he'll come to that. Decision if he has all right. Matt are you up and I have no idea what went LeBron is gonna do and when it's in a body was they and it even. 2014. I would stay in here I was wave wrong on both of those on. I'm sick of of picking. What LeBron is gonna do when being wrong I'm just gonna sit stay out of the nuances and slate and this month. There's a Cincinnati stays in Cleveland oh yeah frustration. They're there could very well be if if if if the things blow up with a LA and that's why you know when I was on TV people pilgrims on NASA what I think. I pretty much it's pretty much I didn't say it was a right under a deal like these certainly always allegedly. Is. I can say for certain person I'm an essay on the divided on the icon and a 100% law because things can always change and we know from current sports as long as we have are coming. You have last minute opening strange things change is yeah so that it should've seen in Russia pretty much blew my job. He's back as a voter that is exactly right he would he would let us also wiggle room and look there there's a whole lot that that's going on in the NBA. And com we're gonna talk about a whole lot more NBA star burst we are going to get to our bio clock it. Please XWKXYAM. South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar. Radio dot com station. Big story in the. NBA star Swiss. The Los Angeles Lakers ESPN reporting pressure is mounting for the lakers front office to execute a trade with the San Antonio Spurs to get. Coli Lennar now. ESPN contends there is a race to secure Leonard before LeBron James is faced with deciding whether to become a free agent on Friday. ESPN also reports that LeBron wants to make a decision very quickly in free agency. As far as the scenes that have me trade offers to the spurs were wide. ES PNC is that's the Celtics. Clippers sixers in Cleveland Cavaliers. Among the teams that are known to have made trade offers to the spurs. For Hawaii many we also know that these these lakers called the spurs and the. Where is pretty much gave moment tumbled finger wave right yet they told the in the cold shoulders and we're not sending our our. Franchise player to the tour beings right yeah yeah I don't eliminate yourself. Right OK you're. You're you're not getting out of the west it is is cool why litter goes to the lakers and ma'am LeBron follows. And then you've got to deal with Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston. And whatever you wanna call it they have little known out there in Golden State then that small dynasty or whatever you wanna call it big dynasties as of yet. Forget what you're gonna I guess that's the big dynasty now but yes that's that's the latest I mean. Mounting pressure on the lakers mail we'll see what Magic Johnson can pull off another NBA no. Commissioner Adam silver had his contract extended through the when he 2320. We're season. Silver is believed to have earned ten million dollars last year. In a bill though Miami Dolphins revealed their training camp scheduled today practices began July 26 at 838 him. Now there are fourteen open practices all of them are gonna start at 8:30 AM. All of them are going to be a nova southeastern university in Davie the team's training facility. Except. Where the August ports scrimmage which is going to be hard rock stadium and 11 AM last dolphins' training camp practice open to the public August 14. Shifted over to baseball Miami Marlins host Arizona's 710 tonight it's game three of their board game says. Marlins lost last night had that three game winning streaks that they're now fourteen games behind Atlanta in the NL least eleven games back in the wild card. The big number we pay attention to around here attendance. Marlins drew 6100. PP nine last night. There are still last in Major League Baseball and attendance no surprise there. But that number is dangerously close to balling below 101000 Marlins now averaged 101040. More per game. Four and a half thousand per game you were in Tampa Bay noon not a good situation man. Our college World Series tonight game to Arkansas against Oregon State at 7 o'clock. It's a best of three series Arkansas has a 10 lead Arkansas to be in Oregon State. Portable on last night World Cup action there in being champion Germany Bowen out. Didn't get out of the group stage for the first time since 1938. Germany lost to South Korea today two meals Sweden to beat Mexico three neo. That meant Sweden goes through as the group F winner Mexico is through as the runner up Germany. They're going back home maybe not not been. A group. 22 tie Brazil to beat Serbia to NATO. Brazil is through as the group B winner of Switzerland as through as the runner up. Bos are your headlines. Early heat announce their summer league roster the full. Roster I think it's twelve guys. I look at teen guys here that are confronted me 11 addition it's kind of adjusting. Rashad Vaughn. Who came out of UNLV played in the NBA you know last a few years on and off with a couple appointees he was a fifteenth. The seventeenth overall pick in the 2015 draft 66. Shooting guard so he'll be on their somebody to watch this summer the again he dirty at their to their to waive players. Derek Jones junior and her want unity begin qualifying offers so. We'll see what happens on the eve of Sacramento also a Sunday night than either for some of the so nobody bats an address that's not a betray. That is not a but like you said the positive nearly an hour and a half away from services that's maybe not emitted from the Bay Area nets at the stand and when you make that drive upon not mistake in. You pass through Martinez California which is the whole love. Stand and then Gundy really hit okay and as for Martinez California parents and zero at any monuments of listen to my goodness I don't doubt it yeah. He's somebody with a witty clenched fist shaking and on the freeway I am trying to stay in your. Body yelling or something like that the Jeff so sarcastic remark but the other I don't wanna go down there have been sold dissolve it right and Goldman unfolded on who has good who has played yeah I don't wanna go there. 11 thing that. That we always talk about as we get into. This time of year is the free agency possibilities. And and how much money each team has. Bobby martz and who is just brilliant brilliant man he is he's got a broken that down so we're gonna talk about it in the in the next segment. As far as what each team has available. And and we're that he is in there and in the grand scheme of beings we know that the heat as they. Will call him what a second level player right because it's that they gonna be in on the initial wave of a free agency and NB trades. But after being shape gal you know that he might be able to get in there. We want to talk to just you know just kind of talking. There is a spot where they heat as far as re at. Acting and and that's to see what happens with team such as Washington are they gonna do anything with their back court. Toronto we don't think they're gonna do anything with their backcourt but but they weren't Portland are they that is going to looting and you know the thing that we have to remember here Manny is no matter how it looks right now. Danes can change right two years ago car carrier ring. I don't betrayed that last summer less on last year right less MS lament last last year I bet. That happens and nobody saw it coming in during the season collide later. Right we'd like who gets the list stop at Pittsburgh right. There are over listeners and you didn't see that Blake Griffin another when they're always campers seem situations that come up. And the heat could be in position to pounce on one of those as a as they secondary team. What they want to know before we go to break do you look at this as. This has to be done by the start of the season but look I look at the trade deadline and and beings that could happen I mean look. The heat is not eight title contenders so if you don't get anything done. By the start of the season to me that's not panic time that's not kind to be pissed off that Pat Riley and in the Ellis bird because. You do have up until the trade deadline being you should look at it like that. How do you view yeah I mean I think this is a game a deal work and going into next summer you know why there and you this team is looking to make trades and looking to upgrade the roster. Whenever guys are available and everybody knows we get closer to the trade deadline their teams with the two fingers who you know maybe their season's gone sour and they just pull the plug in right. Sort of preempting the summer Brighton and making a move before. This summer comes along so I I could totally see the heat all season long you know being sort of tied to trade rumors. If they make if nothing is about in the summer which could very will be the case it could go in tiresome without anything and as we're getting close to sort of training camp. Or you know the seasons just sort of getting off to a star that's one that's when a team. Makes a trader calls Heaton says someone to make a trade on this right so where it looked and they got to draft picks now there's only the only one they don't have it is 20/20 one so they've got their first round picks for the next few years and and they can use those entries to sweeten the pot. All right so look. When we come back we're gonna talk about. Beings that could happen where the heat and again. The heat we know that the heat is not going to be eighty. Midnight. Player as far as free agency we know we're not going to be Ian on the quiet manner trade talks. But as they secondary. Figure in these in this market. We'll look at their money some other teens and and what they're thinking and where they heat it CN. Chris Perkins Manny Navarro 790 the ticket will be back activists. Yeah I am partnering with the weather team from local ten including former National Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield. And meteorologist Bryan Norcross to keep you up today this hurricane season. Our storm coverage on the ticket is sponsored by B and T services protecting you with PGT. Impact windows and doors. Keeping you up to date this hurricane season AM 790 and at bill moral port three. HD to the ticket. Chris Perkins many Navarro back here on the Curtis and her show. Have incurred a Stevenson. On vacation take a little R&R so Manny has in here witnessed the blood NBA stuff right now many whole lot of NBA star and one of the means that came to your attention and and you told me about was. I mean this Bobby marks has has broken down Bobbi marsh is always excellent. On salary cap issues drafted drew. But mostly salary cap type issues. He's broken down every team situation here on One thing that this can really help you win is figuring out. Where other routine stay in and who could be a potential trade partner with the heat. Again the heat is not is not in position to be a first wave create and see. Big name trade team in you know initially they could be a thirteen. In a trade where report big name guy I guess they can make an opera and and somebody could accept the off you do have. Josh and you know other other young talent but. When you look at this being. Who comes to mind as as as a potential partner where they heat and why. But it's kind of a loaded question so so bear with me because a lot to cover your lips I think gives a look at it as they Izzy to tears sort of system I think number one on parodies which this is a transformational playwright a guy who's gonna help. Attract other superstars in the future yet to start off by looking at players and then a fining guys who may be on teams that. Aren't really have a whole lot of success right so you can scroll through the rollodexes they are okay. Who were some guys immediately in the Eastern Conference I look for is a Washington yeah right the eighth seed there's the most immediate division champions this year I know John Wall had some injuries. But you go back and you and you look at that team and what happened in Washington this season. They actually played better and if so that's as right we would just Bradley be on the rest of those guys. So if you look at the the contracts and how much these guys unit paid maybe John Wall. Is a kind of guy who becomes available thing okay as as somebody you can target and Arnold Porter a lot right he's like they're paying him a bunch of money into it and yet I mean right now the wizard project to be over the salary cap in 201920. And 221. They'll both of those years and that's you know and John Wall super Max extension goes into that. So maybe that's the kind of player. I know it's a division opponent for the heat but maybe that's the kind of team. It he can work something out with. Looking across. The rest of these and comes over and there's a few teams Toronto Raptors he mentioned earlier were they gonna do with Kyle Lowry the Marta rose a Serge Ibaka. New coach. You know I don't know that you can get. DeMar DeRozan not there yet if if they were completely new department who don't smear I got a phone call that you make. You know for for for a player who is all star caliber type player known to bowler. A ball you have some ball absolutely the Portland show blazers are west's. At port right they got them backward out there with Millard and CJ McCollum. You know. They're trying not to overreact out there first run I got swept they're trying not to over react out there but they've got a hundred between a 112 million dollars in guaranteed contracts right now. And that's without their senator each compact yet so I mean maybe they take a hard look at their. You know franchise and say. How do we sort of take the next do we rebuild we blows so. You know there's to me there's a -- there's a lot of different teams Jimmy. You say you go but down the list is scrolling through the Oklahoma City Thunder and I mentioned this when I was filling in for you actually a couple weeks ago when I was on Kevin Curtis but it. You know. Another option rally has is to try to free up to create some sort of flexibility. For the summer of 2000. Nineteenth and next summer right into try to get rid of some contracts one way to do that might be. Are treated for Carmelo Anthony and and you I was got to give the thunder mean something back in return but. Carmelo Anthony's Contra comes off the books and Exxon received it would free up some of that money medalist when he eight. He just Rio was 28 when he in my summer that yeah highway Otto Porter 26 million right out of power for Washington. Look right now Oklahoma City has been a bit below your attacks I think this is going to be the fourth year in the last record fourth time in the last five years and what you have shall court eight it if all George returns okay see you have a payroll 151. Million at tax bill of a hundred. And Foreman with an a no holds a denial of right and noble to go out of the way so who's to say OKC doesn't say OK won't. We hope will gladly give Carmelo Anthony and you're able to free up some future money. You know maybe like you know that was one of the traits and there's a camera with a couple weeks ago was senator. And and it Tyler just needed those two guys off their books is too long term deals and maybe in a young turnaround use that money a year from now for clay Thompson or some. Right yep because that it that that class you know Klay Thompson and in Tyree are in and coli littered. You know that's magic Johnson and also I in that class right here and if LeBron takes a one year deal he's a. That last. Don't next year having money for next year could be potentially huge but. You know do you feel comfortable giving up. Like a job and Josh Richardson knew in a deal like you to give up some wide Oklahoma City not just dominant right you know it's owed. The toddler contract you'd you would happily get rid he's he's going to be it would nineteenth nineteen an engineer Richard and I incidentally are there. Just as Lee a better future. You wanna Duma in the hopes of in the hopes of clearing space and right to make the run it carrier one of those guys credit you know there's no guarantee in this league right so way if it isn't worth the gamble. Ray and again we're just sort of going over all the different sort of this is hostility Pat Riley could be thinking about that's what pat Mindy have got to be asking themselves right where it. You know there there's there's so many guys so much talent out there next year. I think it probably would be right. I mean listen I. This heat team is is not going anywhere as currently constructed the B a playoff team again there's not gonna go to correct that's right and that's basically you're not going anywhere you're you're kind of stuck in that middle ground so. You know you have to give a little to get a little slow. I think it would be worth it I I we knew it just knowing that Pat Riley in in the front office that I know that. Has not done anything in the last couple years I do you know. With all due respect to Kelly Nolan Ryan but that is right yes it got out he's long and mistletoe and Randy sort of mr. Gordon exact any committed himself to these long term deals too good players Margaret put notes young men but I would I would because if you don't give up something new you've got no chance of getting anything right right and it. And the end goal is to have these transformational players that you can attract other ones and figure out a way to. You know build. Build another championship caliber team otherwise you just another run home run of the little playoff team and right now I think the hitter kind of in the position with the Atlanta Hawks were. Took over years ago right cards that were pretty good team right bright and and and went down to at a Cleveland. I think that's the best case scenario right that some of these guys are all stars are borderline all stars they play at a high level but the east on our good enough to be. You know the Philadelphia and Boston looked. Odd how about how about some of these text here many this text. There's no question but in order to make moves in the MBA if you're gonna. You know get somebody who's a transformational put you got to give up some that's exactly right and and my question to detect series is Jerry T transformational player is what is. I think I think that's granite right he's our best value player right now. Necessarily all star right not necessarily. All defensive team although he's either in the defender but. He's. A Jack of all trades master of none at this point in his career yeah say good score good to render I think at his best of the way have always envisioned him citizens he was a rookie I think he's that he Johnson Eddie Jones is very good player all star start believe you don't but Eddie Jones was not the tip of the spear he right now the number one guy that he wasn't gonna lead you cherish about himself so I think. I think that's the way past look at this if there's a way to land in number longer an alpha male a guy who you can boot your franchise around. Then maybe do that looked at another option here or something else appropriate to listeners. Minnesota Timberwolves are kind of an uninteresting situation themselves OK they got and you Wiggins is Macon. A boatload of money. And Carl Anthony thousands who get paid. Right and that is going franchise and his sequences and you made that move for Jimmy Butler so are the timberwolves who were the eighth seed in the west looking at that situation saying. Yeah we're okay being a really. You know. Decent mediocre. Luxury tax money now. So maybe graduated as a guy that you make a call about an I don't know how good keeping Williams is is he as he did it tomorrow. Two years he could be Evan he's got the office of talent there's no question that it's it's can he do it on both ends and and so maybe that's a question that you know pass ask themselves is evaluate weakens and really. Is he is he would guide you identified him as a guy as a franchise player or somebody who could be a number Warner and or a really good number two. Com this text from. It's a fatal flaw ought to fall in love with your players you can get other good players down the road it's all about the money all the time. Do you agree with that I don't lot of below but you'll players yes. But you can get other good players down the road. OK but bets at that that's gone on to me that. And advertiser might may not mean it like this that's gonna where Washington is lose kind of where Toronto is you need the transformative player wearing neat the whales are really. Because Portland has good players Washington has good players Toronto has good players Indiana has good players but. I think if you're you've got to look beyond you eager players but you need that guy or those two guys will either guys that are here and in the playoffs and help you with a series that and right Knightley as we're gonna take over and and that's really what everybody's looking for right now and and yet you're not going to be able to beat the warriors as as they're currently constructed but that that organization it's going to be hard for them the key for all of lemurs with four potential hall of famers. Happy and and pay them as much as they are now don't ask you something about Golden State because as we as we look at the big picture and they won three titles in the last four years. They did get down. 31 to know they don't Beatles were beatable this year you have nausea and I'm everything there. There were down 31 OKC a few years ago running it at an and that was the same here that they blew the 31 lead. 22. So LeBron so they they can be beaten now branded Fremont was out certain circumstance. However this year they go seven gains right now and against Houston. So. They have one night I mean pretty Donald imported years and you can't I don't if know you candidate and it doesn't you know waited. They don't ask how they ask how many right right but. Is is there a eve look at a little vulnerable a little more vulnerability then didn't we think or know us what you see is what you get I don't care about battles almost could've would've sooners. Well when you've got a team like Houston who can score the same way. Golden State canny two legitimate. It you can argue James Harden and and you know Chris bomb or partner in the hall of famers who are right I mean. Then when you got two guys and they can take over games for us in the back cordon and score and visuals those guys are you have a chance against the warriors and so. I think that's why you know people talk about the lakers and if LeBron goes up to leaguers there's no chance he could he could be the warriors I disagree you get one other superstar with a and that young core the lake is and you know I think that's out Annie takes too. Two greats and a and a really good supporting cast and you can be Gomes. Yeah you know I mean men with LeBron and Tyreke and again it pandemonium and you don't ones like a bit more so they've been rated B a month so. And the other Texas in though what I meant was you can trade your good players to make the money work. I met that ring absolutely yeah that's that's that's the whole point is why I think it doesn't even matter who you traded through the heat I think you're just trying to identify. A player right now. On extreme right that isn't going to Wear an organization who's paying a much money luxury tax. Isn't having a lot of success or not enough to make the owners happy are those that haven't there's you identify and say this is who we're gonna go after with the trade yeah. Tom. When you talked about. Wigan somebody say is a somebody texted you should Miami look it wigand's of Butler Greece to stay in Minnesota. Butler apparently doesn't get along with wigand's yeah that was that's been reported and talked about it but there's an enough is enough to cause a rift to calls it I mean is this LeBron and Qaeda re why don't I don't know I don't know the extent of of the relationship between the two of those guys what I've heard about you know I've heard reports about that in and so certainly I think that could be a reason why Minnesota. Could protest and listen to deal with the heat you know for for with this text leno's talk about. I think. I liked justice I really do but I but he's he seemed to be more Berry up and down and there there are limitations. Moved to set. In my. I I kind of look at them as equals I think justice has the potential to be a better player than he is on offense when he shot across the 40% this year. I want what's his cap and I can't envision just as maybe fourteen points a game yeah I mean I think that is best justices is you're averaging 1516 points and came into the following a whole bunch young. And you know play an excellent defense on both of those guys are solid. Rotational. Players digital nod 1012 years right you just not. Stars stars and that's and that's what he needs more anything else they need to identify. Somebody whether it doesn't matter who each way to get around but somebody that you can have in this organization for the next I don't know 5710 years. Yeah and then look that is the big being with with this team obviously is it. It's I did not buying that player yeah right I mean you know I I don't I don't somebody asked does somebody texted how many transformative players are out there. I don't know. I mean I think that we covered in this segment we talked about a lot of guys who are on teams that are that are good but just not great and and so you have to sort of knock on the door and see with that team is willing to do. Would debut was willing to take. You know or give that player up to Soros hit the reset button themselves. Yeah you know well. You know look. One thing about the heat is they don't. They always say they're trying to win a title and so there's that. Let's open impose pressure on the heat there you can't just. You can't just go through a stretch of three or four year stretch of re more wins and got to the playoffs past are going to be cools. That's not good people with debt and and so will we come back to talk about that light. Should pet just be cool with you know you just you just realize birth three or four years. I we might we might be 4648. Wins and we might not be title contenders. There is is that a wise way to kind of CEO or do you put the pressure on yourself. And make yourself bull were able to bad deals because you feel this pressure we must compete will talk about that next. Chris Perkins Manny Navarro 790 the ticket. The ticket isn't physically and I repeat there's tickets and it is on this is why we've been selling you guys need to dial lol the radio dot com at. Like right now that's where our streaming is. Everything else you've come to know and from the ticket is going to be on radio dot com. Did that at double missed your favorite ticket show. Radio dot com the new home AM 790 S bill moral worth three HD to the ticket. Chris Perkins Manny Navarro back here with you on the Curtis and perch show camping Curtis is off. All the rest of the week when it happens she'll be. In front of his TV right now and and watch and some gains and you know make it a wager through actually exposed BO run errands don't we get a list of stuff that he had to do. He can get mad too much free time right now. And we'll be back home port seven whimper of baseball game starts or whatever time that he the he'd be better get it there and done I want him to get those aaron's done so we'll we'll see you'll get a report next week. On on what campus known group I will be here next week but I'll be listening on the radio dot com you'll see would be nearly as nice that I could transitional. National got this thing ligaments yeah. Manny we we talked earlier on I see it we're gonna talk about Pat Riley in the treasury put on him so. You remind me of something even better during that we've talked about Udonis Haslem finishing third. In this. Why mince stokes award the best teammate at the NBA com awards show. Finishing third is pretty good and has had a lot UD Jamal Crawford when it best teammate voted on by players. We'll flip the script. Would be the worst team. Like three feet I don't wanna get a buzz on the sunlight sites and he said that just already started. The about it where it's at the threat of a sudden putts aren't. Yeah about Boris Said the words teammate like any any QB anybody moves off order any team would dies today and its name in the league league can take this the football a million. Look JR Smith is going to be popular right now right right again mourn. Bad team yeah to Nevada where it is adequate at a situation where there's there com. And the dolphins they have they needed a Coulter trained and opened on the consume would've. Would have been a Dawson did a good job you know lies. I of the dolphins I don't know who would get that for the door opens I don't know that the a way to many Elway admit it would it would in my talk about they just say have Rey Maualuga and Lawrence Timmons who incidents like it's here so. That will be two candidates off the toppled bar he would. Hum the Marlins matter come language said the brewers have some trade interest and Jared Detrick. The Marlins I don't know I heard some there since early Marlins in that clubhouse. I don't know firsthand but I've heard some names mentioned that I don't wanna. I don't look to me mention these names and I'm not sure that I have them right upper that's not a good clubhouse in right now yeah right now a lot of surprises me because I. And you know learn I got to be here any animal and Omar team brought those beloved in the about but I don't know who's who's constantly it's so yeah I know via text Moses hundred Hernandez or Marlins. Now that's and I think. It's still a little TV and they've got to go out at Lance Stephenson were bitten on the text line. Yes bothering you and yet he they just renounced his rights right. They yeah pacers incidentally are from these other bogey cousins well they're thinking about ways to the rumor this is the warriors you know the biggest unit of swear EP and pick a glance if they get their bad boy every year it's way EP three okay for everybody that he didn't I tell you should. And I think I don't terminate what the mayor right affected because the Mayo thank you say that to be legal all right let me be. Bogey cuddly to Carmelo Anthony all De'Angelo Russell. Am on there you go right now at this has been this way Newsom good candidates via. Policy that somebody could Josh McRoberts them. Josh took credit risk this can stake yet. But. Yeah yeah. To be a fund the bay reduced due to go on the rest of the soon found out we vote on a winner at the end let's maybe we named award after what you think now she's clearly. It and Reggie Hancock meego. Mean Donna Martin was I was born and this is. Rich these old agency might vote for. The iron element in the and then who not coli winner Tony Parker would vote for him via Tony Parker an entirely composed the entire spurs roster and on the entire city of CNN's polio. Isiah Thomas. Isaiah. Is well yeah he calls terrorist in Cleveland yeah he did what what he's saying he's we have some like we need to. Pass the ball more or we need to he sits on. Like his stuff you games back. Right like three or four games back or whatever it is pretty eSATA general out of turn he did a great but I think as what he did in Boston playing around deuces and that he can. I mean that's that's a team and right yeah yeah yeah that shows you gotta you gotta kind of balance and stuff. That's a good point man here yeah you gotta kind of balances somebody Sears. Rondo lower income Hedo mean. Reza and they look them up in Boston now that title theme yeah right and didn't. Now we will Dallas not so much Rick Carlisle know Russell much that that wasn't too eager Ryan leaf. That's old school look trails everywhere oh that's old school. Anybody chokes the coach is pretty much. Yet here on the list. Let it yeah I would look at say slow. If you you have you have you physically assault your coach well and you might not be a better teammate right now you want to do what happened. I don't know we don't know yeah. Let's see here who else is who else is on this list that somebody is so Jay Cutler. Yeah. Well new Cutler I guess I guess of being Cutler's. Either he didn't need and bust is there a list here I'll just save it Null views out of the smoke between that's yeah. He was yeah he was he was not the guy who you were sued look at for a tough play in the clutch just hang in their. Outside of that and shipments could million dollars and get out of here with a Omar reels and say. Delonte West we have to bring up the laureate James and all that on the news and and that's the only reason he's on the list all right we'll bronze mom and at a idea to bring him out but a few days. And any further just said the name I and I. I'm not going to if you don't know Gulu letter draw your own conclusions. Dwight Howard. Mom my old Tonya Harding. Oh with a bad teammate and answer period right yes or Jeff Louis very bad teammates the other I guess is figure skating here you have a teammate and as a part of the duo right. That's true I mean haired teen USA the it is saved every woman for everybody's loss for the goal and that's not heard a lot of look out for number one Joseph Kim Noland at Kim knowable what he'd do. Why Jesus talks almost trash about the heat right cloned animals wouldn't column so beat some then I don't know what yeah but he used to he used to mix it up with LeBron Brighton from the sideline everything so maybe it's maybe a team penny likes Joakim Noah maybe that maybe there is some points. Let's see here Barry Bonds. Then TO. New bit I don't know I don't know we entity would have to somebody gonna gonna learn in the minutes. Yeah yeah I wish you'd be. Richey Ritchie has got to be up there written by yeah we don't know we know we're a return on net it looked. Jose Canseco. This George. Is a I hate when we come back from. A colleague of mine oh mark Kelly broke eighty. A story about Ryan Tim Healy he had a column about ten hill about com breeding him. And so we're gonna talk about that and how old. What standard should run in tennis you'll be greeted on the guy that I've got a standard in my mind and I really think that the book is out on Ryan and Tim hill but. We'll talk about tennis hill and how would he should be judged when we come back. Chris Perkins Manny Navarro 790 the ticket. Get all of your breaking sports news updates push notification as. From all of our shows and hosts on the new radio dot com apps downloaded now make sure you heard the notification settings on the radio dot com your new home for everything on AM 790 F bill mortal were. HT 238143. Hasty to the ticket. Market speak this shall be allowed her breast Perkins Manny Navarro back here with you for the last hour. We got. 30 end of rig likens right yep the gunners coming up next at a 7 o'clock. We've got one more hours here with you we do have some news from the Marlins right now none of assumes it's actually good news Derek Jeter spoke today. And he say it's in the I'll consider that the right hander who was the key piece in that Marcel Ozuna trade. He will start Friday against the New York Mets he's being called up you make his Major League debut on Friday. Against the Mets. So he'll be the birth pitching prospect. Brohm from all of these guys that the Marlins traded away to make his debut in Seoul. Yeah highly rated its MacArthur yeah or to a better system number two in the system and would you say passed ball in the ninety's. I ninety's I'm a slider changeup. With a single thing I'm actually take it's a lesson in part and really yeah I baseball this I covered for seven years I. I like let how many games have you attended and I didn't hide it and it won this year I didn't attend any last year why covered one earlier this year back in May at the loose right. But that's it until a bit too yeah I. I like going out there but there's always someone else you know and the you've got to. Do whatever it. Straighten out the closet or so much that the like go into the games but I'm like a lot of other people somehow I just never make an alphabet thing bone Lauren. But I really do like it may as well Wilson went what falcons' Eric and do ma'am because. When you start to see some of these guys that were acquired in these trades for those are the entire appeal rigel ozone and right and zero new you know all those guys yeah and and and you traded. Whether whether their pitchers or not you would like to see one or two of these prospects come up and and really you know show that Marlins are are getting something yeah right there's a plan my plan to get back in and these guys are or where we've ladies who want you want justification right or their part of the plan so. Will see a man at least that at least that's something right now had been some progress. Now I've talked about my colleague at the sun sentinel Omar Kelly. We you know we'd we always are on video argue to the putting out about. Oh is that will agree on the on the dolphins' season record Mike will agree they're going to be seven and nine or eight Nate. We will disagree. Passionately. About why they will be that and how. They get to that my so. You know Omar is always a big Altman's a blind guy they they need better bars on screw you Omar the guards are insignificant and so will argue that it. But will agree that they do need to upgrade the Altman's a line and but at weak us all our rights this thing about Ryan Taylor hill. And he was saying that. We need to come up with a reasonable measuring stick or Ryan ten he'll tanning hill is. 37 and forty as a starter. He has a career passer rating of 86 point five and many you know the big thing about ten zeal has has been for years. Well we really can't judge how good years does he opens a blind saw store. Every excuse in the book and everything that they had the bullies scared dole or he's an up or all kinds of coordinators over the deep slot and they're always behind in games they've got a pat what ever. I think I know where Ryan's and he'll win as I've I think he's a slightly above average quarterback. I don't think that you could get to and win a Super Bowl with Brian Dennehy you know. But he's not going to be the primary reason they did get two or win that Super Bowl. He will be you know just one of the secondary reasons are your defense and your running game would probably have to be the primary reasons. Evan sit all that. Let's talk about what you'd think a let's just say a franchise quarterback is you know to me I would think that. You know the stats are very tough led basically you've just got to do your job and he but. Prince eyes quarterback I would say you take your team to the playoffs all are seated. Maybe you get your team to the playoffs three times and in a five year window. I guess that that's that's pretty good I mean. Three times in five years two times in three years. I'd say this this is our judges I think a franchise quarterback a guy who's not just slightly better than average. A guy that you can invest money in and believe in wins in five games either. I think every team unity I look at it from me tenant six perspective your tenants sixteen you're gonna make the playoffs right. I think you're in your franchise quarterback a guy you want leading this organization there's going to be five games that you when she wouldn't want. I'm not saying he's not nearly the team in the fourth quarter and two minute joke everything right but I mean. He's gonna be the reason you won that game because he was efficient he didn't turn the ball over and he hit guys when they're open. And I don't know that I mean how many times do you go back in the dip at 3740 record how many wins over the last you know the first five years did that he played. Do you credit lines and a whole. Not a whole lot not a whole lot he he had a good game against the rams and when he sixteen. Om where he'd you know he bowled out he he really did but there aren't a lot of those gains on his resume where. Yet he had the fourth quarter comeback or he had a slew of third down conversions. On a key drive as they marched down the field and and so believe. Or. You know he just passes you that. The whole game the running game is as bad in the deepens as bad and so. Four and keeps you and where he keeps you alive he. TI don't think Tim hills that kind of guy if you wanna say he's look. Rush into it until is definitely 100%. A legitimate NFL starter who no doubt about where this is not a Chad any situation where. The dude is actually a back up but he's your starter by the ball. Taylor hill is a quality in a bill quarterback he's just not. Going to be an elite quarterback I've been in his career he's probably got a couple of Pro Bowl appearances in them. I think in his career he's probably got one season of let's just say thirty touchdowns. Twelve interceptions. Is that season going to lineup with the rest of the team playing well. Or is that thirty touchdown twelve interception season got to come when the defense is allowing 24 points per game. That's going to be tricky being with Tim I don't think you're going to get multiple thirty touchdown seasons from here right. So I. You can win with ten healed but to give him the definition. Or the label. Of franchise quarterback. I'm not sure that we're there yet yet I look at me it's sort of to some perspective can you builds. Case in today's NFL can you build a strong enough running game and a good enough defense that carried championships. Or. Is the easier route just. Tom treaty and Aaron Rodgers and and and just try to you know maybe take as many chances at finding that guy. Vs building everything else I would tell you this I would tell you that a mom IB MBA right I mean you got to have star. I think that's sort of the winning form and of the Eagles and when when that's as the this year are saying well we want a whole lot of games with a really good quarterback. Yeah well I is I think many quiet as it's kept a lot of teams win with that defense running game in formula and philly's defense was the you know but he indeed answers here we know that Denver one with the defense rice run no way it was terrible that year and Joseph Flacco has won with the defense Russell Wilson has one with the defense so. It is you go back and I know that you know history was the record low Russell Wilson. That was defense and running right that was no at the legion of boom was Armstrong wins and now that deepens is gone and you know Russell Wilson's performances as did a little bit but it. You're relying on him very heavily. He's a good quarterback but he's not the least. Type of quarterback who can consistently lead you so. That deepens running game being I think is the way to the dolphins need to go Y I I really do and again I would continue and that. I don't know maybe offer topped my he would in the last decade. May be war by teams of one with the prince of running game my. You know. It's out there it's about halfway each hour. We between between the bradys who rubles a year Rogers. You think it's it's about that if if the. Almost yeah yeah yeah and and I think that a lot of people want to read it. The quarterback Danny Strong passing game print that but really. There's only so many elite quarterbacks out there are so. Listen output do you like this in the last fifteen years. How many we know that Brady has it been the bowler but. Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees upcoming Super Bowl debate and opinion in my nature of those yet that it's one apiece so. You know look hum Jacksonville is an is a team that's lined up to to make some hay with the defense and you've got Blake portals there so. I think the tennis still is a good quarterback I mean you can win with with Bryant in his zeal I think the standard that that you need to measure him on. It is did you get Ryan's him he'll go number one. And then once he had that help howdy deeper more if you're looking at Ryan's in hill to leave you beer. Like Brady light breeze like Rogers you're going to be sorely disappointed and soul. I don't judge Ryan's in a deal on that standard I the runoff assess that helped them out and then he has. To do his part I guess ultimately here with a conversation really you know boils back door to his his right ten held that you want here for the foreseeable future. Or do you need to go the other route where quarterback fighting that quarterback is the magic elixir or or at least part of the magic elixir. Ideally you want that quarterback but. Again there's very few of them out there. And and so you if you go that other route. I I think you enhance your chances and they knew if you sit there wringing your hands waiting Ryan ten Hilton's turn ended Dan Marino. You're going to be wringing your hands all day in the meantime you would be you would be wise to go out and surround him with running game. And defense and do it the way other teams have done. The there's there's finally awarded the dolphins do the entry into either pretty well and I got an idea this is the sewer yeah oh yeah and and I I I praise Evan gays or two years ago and he's a passing cold she's a passing game coached. But he recognize I've got to ride did die you know we won the war in this deliberate soft 200 yard games. So he abandoned his passing game but he wants to get back to it and I would tell Gayssot and you were closer to. Getting to a Super Bowl would Jay had died in that running game when you are without energize and Ryan O'Neal and passing game with. No tidy and if B Dovonte Parker eagles' on and on it just drop against the dressing room starts covering all adults yeah that's. You know it it. Taylor hill. Depending on your version your definition a franchise quarterback. Again you can win a Super Bowl was sure you can get to the Super Bowl with them but don't rely on Ryan's and he'll whom speak U there. All right so let's let's do a hypothetical here. If you were to trade my antenna hill to article one of the six playoff teams in each conference who can he lead to the Super Bowl right now. Dili the patriots as a rule. I don't know beat it lead the patriots I think he could lead Jacksonville I think he did believe nearly. Maybe Minnesota. And. How much further into a wanna go with this. Yeah. You know Ryan is is. He's -- yes I have C a system in quasi. You know this isn't a deal of where you pit. Send him to Tampa for instance name and you know you'd yet you would give him some some nice weapons. Com which we've Mike Edmonds and an OJ Howard and those guys at the falcons in my limousine. Might be another team falcons might be another team you have some weapons and placed. But the guy he needs a defense team believes they. I run into any hill could be a nice finishing piece fourteen but he he's not gonna lead you anywhere. Next next segment we're gonna talk to a wells Dusan Barry of the South Florida sun sentinel. We're gonna talk about some changes coming to high school sports that are very exciting. I mean I am fascinated by these book Burris we're gonna get 2 or 6 o'clock deadline. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best that can't be etched Ito Miramar plea deal. Com station. NBA news ESPN is reporting pressure is mounting for the lakers front office to execute a trade with the spurs to get Hawaii Leonard now. ESPN contends there as they race to secure Leonard before LeBron James makes his decision on Friday. Whether he will opt in and stay with Cleveland or become an unrestricted free agent ESPN also reports. That LeBron wants to make a decision very quickly in free agency. Miami Miami Dolphins reveal their training camp scheduled today practices began July 26 at 8:38 AM. Fourteen open practices and all all of them will start at 8:38 am and be at nova southeastern university in Davie. Except for the August 4 scrimmage that's going to be hard rock stadium the last practice open to the public August 14. Miami Marlins host Arizona's 710 tonight in game three of their four game set. Derek Jeter Sears today that right handed pitchers say in the alt and tear the key piece and that Marseilles who betrayed is going to be brought up. And he will start on Friday against the New York men so. We'll see how that goes that's that's going to be very very interesting as those pieces start to come up and and make their mark and in Major League Baseball we see what Derek Jeter DA it. Opinion getting compensation for those guys that he traded off most right most know would let let that starting out you'll college World Series Arkansas against Oregon State tonight at 7 o'clock Dane who. Of that best of three Arkansas holds a 10 lead they wan port one last night. World Cup results stunning. Germany's L the depending world sale slayer not go into the knockout phase South Korea defeated Germany two nil today Sweden beat him mystical three nil. Sweden is through as the group F winner Mexico is through as the group a runner up. In group. It is Switzerland and Costa Rica. Timing and it suits who are decisions they had draw or write a 22 draw is that the official language yes resume because Serbia soon mill Brazil us through as the group. Switzerland is through as the group. Those are your headlines coming up next. Wells to even Barry of the South Florida sun sentinel to talk about. April holds little or high school sports and and anybody who played high school sports will look at this and ought. There's a proposal. To do the play off classifications. Not by school enrollment which they are done by now but according to wait how we're ready. That's very injury that was doing that party scene there is another question but there's another question we're gonna talk to wells Dusan Barry next on 79 need to take. Soccer tournament updates on the ticket are brought to you by Miller Lite the original light beer at only 96 calories it's great taste less billing. Please celebrate responsibly. Chris Perkins Manny Navarro back here with you on 790 the ticket and you of those though the all air conversation as it is not often about high school sports Larry and Manny just like the bright we're just sit here and education ideas. Beckon towards we've both covered high schools years ago when and so we're just talking about all these ideas. And it's all related to what could. Could happen here in the state of Florida in some bomb high school playoffs they're they're considering some new ideas. We got somebody who's gonna talk to us about that joining us right now Ryan you downstairs convenience stores gas line they are truly. Step beyond convenient my coworker at the South Florida sun sentinel wells Jones and Barry. Wells million Manny Navarro or are sitting here kind of scratch and our kids that what what he burst explained this proposal and and tell me what you think of it. Yeah but the proposal right now and that is excluding footballers who can be basketball soccer baseball softball girls volleyball. The way it set up now there are nine classic Asian determine the champion could not done. By school enrollment died the proposal now. Is that they will take the rankings from the actor he's been all right another formatting and I'm back prep ranking but they're open to consideration on how to tweak that. Enable take the top 6014. For each sport. And you will be placed into division one. Build and take the next 64 ranking Deco the division Q. And then division three or six will then be about a 115230. Teams in each class occasion. And then those will go to descending order in terms of ranking. So the way it can be set up as you're gonna he almost like. And and he double A type tournament vibe for back all the sport like take basketball for example in division one where you could have. You know each team that won a championship the pack your all be in the new super division. And then you go down word in and it's gonna be armed by lecter you know ranking looking toward that highly ranked itself. Pretty radical ideas here and it is. It and a lot of blood and he back on the. Now I you know what and and I I know that I'm gonna be overstepping my limited boundaries here wells but doesn't. Indiana don't they just do an open state basketball tournament you know it's all less vacations right. I believe so I'm not positive on that I believe though but I mean wouldn't want that kind of what war essentially getting cute because in the past you know obviously. He could be set up by you know small school to play and QA arm one acre QA and then you figure one. In 98 that you could have for people. Paper talking about what you got university school which is some power up program in Fort Lauderdale and finished number two in the nation may have thought Vernon Carey Q number one prospect in the country. You can have a then you could have. A program like Dillard who's the big power out and sick people each Helio perennial the champion and eat it. And then you go to school at Miramar grew out agreed to deepen and nine A you can beat all in the same classification. And a school like Greinke crap which had an enrollment that is very incredibly small you can have them all in one classification where. It would be the best of the bet per day at all going out. Or target the world's Jews under the sun sentinel about this interesting story that the FH is say the Ford Chrysler that it association. Is considering here going to into playoff system for many sports although football's not included. Wasn't wanted to ask you as a former high schooler who's who's been a part is community. My whole life it due do we sit here and and when we win the division two chairs or do we celebrate we're number 65 I don't I thought we go behind because it's it's a little ridiculous to me. That you would have a state champion who is the Arnold 495 best team yeah in the state. Has this been a concern I guess from from coaches and and people who have who have heard about this. Yes absolutely I've talked to lately by coaches so far and they're having the same thing right now or that winning division one championship. It's an NCAA championship but anyone winning after and then we steam cleaning a division chief championship I mean. Yeah extreme example opposed the narrative that the 490. Fit that scheme and they would be the favorite to win. Our division sick championship and you would get to claim that the championship in are you get the they that you work state champion. And that you look at that and I was looking at a ranking from eighteen that were in the top special that would be in the top Echelon of division that we're talking about. That war. Five and seventeen for twenty lap these and mama. Dole and think about that and you're gonna look at the skill level it should not gonna be gut and the F picked up they've essentially. Saying as much saying what individual and these are that deepened divisions sick. There are conflicting by we're doing it by raking these are or skiing and it contracting because. One of the reasons they're trying to change this stop it because it. The play between a lot of blowouts in the state turnkey you have Kean university school won the championship game by forty points. You had a lot of teams winning by 35. Independents was going is going down for all their sport kind of across the board so they want to stick something in. I agree that they do need to decent exit and I applaud the picture at the eighth for trying to pick out the clock. Outside the box and do it but I don't think that it be entered especially for the reason you stated on there it really diminishes what it mean to win the championship one. Outside the division one you're gonna have a lot of teams that really. Aren't deserving of it and you're gonna have a lot of teams to work maybe the third best genes they Micah. Link Healy who won the eighty title this year phenomenal. That he might not even make the final four atmosphere and then you see a team that's not very good at what he championship. That it doesn't seem fair and her guard. We're talking will do some very of the South Florida sun sentinel. Here on 790 the ticket. And and wells a stone us about the proposal for a high school playoffs. I guess over hole and then in many sports excluding. Football. Wells was to have a different aspect of this and that's the travel aspect and I know that. When I covered high schools in Texas the way the that was always a concern got a lot of your inner city schools like in in the Dallas district and the Houston district. They hit the hip problems you know getting buses and and you know financing to travel would. Would that be an issue at all for some of these schools or or could they pretty much work that out and at a reasonable level. I'm I think it could be issues so the way they have a proposal now but not hot occasion the optic beat fourteen to make it. They would then break it up and QE region. But what had generally been clear is that so say for example right now because they've topped that he's fourteen to crop they don't they buyer. Region that you could hypothetically I'll make an extreme example right now they you have. The 55 top ranked teams are all in north or the rural South Shore up. In the 55 south ranking and then you have maybe one school Jackson billion won in Orlando. That could pose a lot of problems travel wise I don't think it would be out extremist that but. That one that's gonna be interesting Q a how they work that and read it on that you could see a lot of travel problems on air pump right now. You know pretty well structured where you're not really having trouble shoot or most caught the key should eventually get to a regional final but. That's one could be an issue very much as well I think that's something that probably will be trapped on. It's important to note right now that the bill proposal and that they're going around eight. They're trying to describe the plan get more feedback and it wouldn't gold be approved until I believe September. First though because that's what you're going to effect until 201920. On 20/20 these and so I think you're gonna look around for feedback I think at that point something that would be to gut than that well. Wells one way that I mean I've come up with a solution here by the way having parents sitting and listening to you look at the way I was the data when you win the region. That's eat into the regional jet musical when the triggered a really strong region want to just invite the two regional finalist is that a plane the regional final. In your backyard. All of the regional finalist go to the state tournament and then you pair them up and in opposite brackets of that. In the end the championship game at the very least it's. You know could potentially pay those two regional finalists who would who are technically the best teams in the state to I think that's usually the way things shake out right mean. Baseball for instance. Mean most of the time it's the regional finalists and as the two best teams I mean softball I've seen it happen. An and in the end those teams don't get invited interment only one of them does and the winner. So what about what about that former what are the united. I agree I think that the good one on the if you look for football for the at all and caught by the U pat. American Heritage and cardinal Gibbons were by far the best cute he's been caught Friday they made up in a regional final. American geared to a net gain in triple overtime and then they went to a championship game and water I'm. Baker county in the championship game at 34 nothing at halftime. I think that that the scenario where I think that plausible were they can do something work you kind of cute some re eating out. The bracket so you can get it because a lot of complicate that especially what you're talking about south war pro football for. People back a lot of sport is that you'll hop itself fourteen better. You don't get much higher up and level and then you're having them play in that regional final beat even. A semi final but you get such that the and a dramatic speech championship I think that would be another good one it they've got to find a way to make EC championship game. Better and maybe we should be doing away win. On the the north south and regions in that regard and let it get the best teams playing in the past will be and. Talk will do some very of the South Florida sun sentinel here on seven on the ticket. Well look at before we get out of here such on the ox breeze academy situation look at that. I've been fascinated by that also now correct me if I'm wrong gonna try to summarize what's going on here odds ridge academy. In Palm Beach Tony a private school I believe it was opened by. The Coke Brothers rightward would be important finding answers bankers but that politics have nothing to do that I just mentioned that as a name association. So this this school. Opens up and and they but comedy eight or they start football anyway they become a football power there were runners up last year they got players playing. College football Ivy League schools and stuff like that they were state runners up this year. They have shut down the football program the school is still open they shut down of football program. There was a petition to get the program going DM but they say they don't have enough kids they don't have enough participants to say we play. And I is that correct and if that's the case is this the case of a private school that cost too much to attract good athletes they didn't give out enough scholarships but what's going on at odds rich yet. There's a lot of that going on so yeah any need to right the very well in terms of how it's going out Oxford academy at the program that. It was a meteoric then on the from one that article all the equally playing football for sixty years the past 3130 and six. During that. Stretch in the attracted a lot of top talent I'll try to homer running back reroute you mind you a straw is about player that went to Oxford academy you're the dark helped build a program. On and you look at it right now and early on. The key gauge here at that they were building in the fourth year they came up there walk and hail Mary that would send in the state semi final they were set for you among get beat them. They made a decision not to renew the contract it doesn't associate who it really. With the architect of that program and how to building and something that looked like it was going to be a pretty special program and team that could event. A national program on that level what ended up happening here at the end. They were not getting the same amount the player after a financial aid. What not distributed the same way it was before when they were getting you a lot of kids in these classes there again like 1012 freshman and each clot in Europe building it up. The path here it didn't really terribly get away with it but you look in the spring right now they had I believe it was. True freshmen may be up four fights off more on the team itself. You look at it they were in serious trouble and then a lot of players that key players transfer out in the spring I think. Seeing the writing on the wall that football would not going to be the theme and that. They want kind it'd be Ricky emphasizing football when they got rid of their coaching 2016 and then. It got to the point we only had three offensive lineman on the team right now they're about roughly maybe twenty to 25 players end. Oxford decided that they couldn't play safely but only three linemen in the one bit about players so they are shutting down the program and for now for the fallen in will likely he'll return at some point but it really shocking development for a program that really. Seemed destined to become. I national all the help powerhouse potentially. But Obama you know maybe I know a lot of people may compared who could it be kind of the incumbent decline at the Palm Beach County mom. Bed obviously that's not gonna happen they're falling off the not completely but I'm a drug and fascinating to see how this has played out here especially that program. Yeah yet nominated yet with a New York rise like you say united and I you know I'm not big high school football player and and I would just totally follow and as you see it Travis over there sending kids to college are competing for state titles and did you see that there discontinuing football's the stunning stunning turn of events. Eight will we appreciate the time it we will have you back on again peninsula at the time. It entrapment I'm in as well Dusan Barea of the South Florida sun sentinel we will be back to put a bow on this being activists. I am I'm. It just adds to the traditionally gone to the RD's. Looks against ads is gone and this is why we've been telling you you need to download the radio dot com at right now. That's where our stream is and everything else you come to expect from the ticket that. So bowed down low the radio dot com am now and don't miss your favorite ticket show. Radio dot com the new home a AM 790 MP a moral port three HD to the ticket. Chris Perkins made me tomorrow here in our last segment. So many as as far as what you see from the Miami Heat coming up in this. You know ended this weekend. Anything significant. On the horizon. And that's under I don't think so it. I. I look the way I look at it obviously Wayne Ellington and that that's the number one thing right and finally those of the two guys at a party rotation. I'll put those things it. Could take a while to yeah yeah is is how big a priority is Ellington it's he would. I well you he was big to the offense in the regular season right. But I think what we saw in the playoffs was Philly sort of game plan Foreman just take them out when he was basically irrelevant in the series off. I look I think it all comes on the finances I think apparently they've made moves before to avoid luxury tax and and and that's what Ellington represent and that would be right near an end of the luxury tax you pay him close to eleven million dollars for next season. And science who have you know I don't know what to a three year deal. And he's and he wants a comeback when he wants a kind of he's he's been a journeyman is poker he wants to have one place break any likes living here he likes the team like his teammates. So I think given the preference he'd wanna come back. But I think with the heat seek. You know. Two golds luxury tax for this team right yeah just just they'll say no and so to me and then a part of it though all of this really is medics. You know you this rosters so deep now. You know you're gonna have Dion Waiters back right you'll for the beginning of the season. You have Dwayne back assuming he he wants to come back so where do you do you get the minutes that these guys and it's eight. The one thing I think about Ellington is he he's gonna get. Good money somewhere correct right there's going to be other kids I mean this is a guy who said an NBA record for three quarters off the good. So I mean it's not like the you know I'm gonna have competition and they they gonna do the Tyler Johnson Willie LUBS and the rights for an item that is doing that for for winning that's why I think winning is not cope act just as we examine what I would think I would think at this point because of the number of people the on this roster. And because of I luxury tax and Yemen and then rain and then everything else in terms of this money that other teams could be up there may look the thing is there's not a lot of teams with money so. You know the heat might be able to it didn't we offer him more than anybody else could. In terms of like you know having his bird rights and so forth so I mean. I guess there are. You know there's a possibility that a team you know with money in Atlanta off. Or maybe the lakers are some of like that could say we're gonna we're gonna overpay for him but I just don't see team sort of doing that so. I think the scenarios there plays and he's there were written about the problem is can you move. Players off the roster due to a clean up the rotation make it shorter and then at the same time of woodland text. Yeah and one thing that that I am going to be looking forward with this heat team is. How did they wanna play and what I mean by that is. What is Hassan Whiteside role be questioned yeah aren't fresh yeah are you are you going to play through him. Well we know they're not going to play through him are you going to play through him at at. At key parts of the game or are you willing to stick to kind of kind of the way you ended the season. If you're not gonna play through the sun at key parts of the game. What becomes his role on this team him well. Then you know it costs now as we know what whats is role because you don't have Kelly a limit on the Florence and have him in the fourth member of Durham on trial right you're gonna have guys who. More fit your game right at and so that's ultimately the key here its can Erik Spoelstra sit down and figure out a way to make us on effective right. And maybe a better option than Kelly and bam I don't know that he can't I mean that's something that's that's that's what the whole trick them all this is it's not just. You know. Eric's got to put on the floor it's Erik's got my regard it would make them effective write books are available 24 million and he's got the potential will just out some numbers to average eighteen points and twelve rebounds with two and a half blocks. I mean it's bowl can't beat a guy to limit him to twelve points and eight rebounds and one block right in minutes like you. At 24 million you've got to maximize this guy. I don't eat in so custody you have to you have to get more out of my pitches he can have what happened in this Philadelphia series how beat be the way things are but again. Let's I was not the only big man this happened to it I mean you couldn't partner kitchen and poorly here is basically irrelevant that series so. It's how can you re how can Hassan Whiteside and maybe not completely reinvent himself but. Add something to his game that you don't have to take them off the floor. By the way what happens to deal Andre Jordan with the Austin rivers for Carson gore tot trade right. Well the blow more tight this certainly could be insurance and and and right. It if he decides to be really decide to trade him DeAndre Jordan he would be the insurance form. I think we're taught Saddam a thirteen million dollar. Deal and from what I would we not old right EA agreed he's he's been really don't wanna know about it he still productive heat but he he'd be sort of replacement of filling yeah assuming you you you move away from. The laundry doing does Andre have a future in the leaders he is he like responded well I mean I think the under is perfect situation is doubtless because he's going sort of to a team that. And then the mavericks him in the and to put some nice young wings that you know blockage and and Smith around. A big men like 300 Jordan or you know the markets caused somebody like that where you can ever so financial team their notes. Yeah yeah well I I wanna I wanna see what Erik Spoelstra comes up with because hum. Boy you've you've you've got you've got a bunch of would you say a beat talent. And B minus talent. No eighties. A bunch of c.s. But I would say no not really any Dieter and that's really right and there's a BC team as far as lemon yeah it's a. So really that's what that's what the heat is and and you know but then you look at the rest Eastern Conference. Who's on the rise man. I mean Charlie China Garrity Kemba Walker the bulls in the nets don't appear anywhere close that manages. Drafted their future this year I don't know the cherry on Israeli and team in the playoffs you know. The Detroit Pistons is to have brand new coach so I think he knew right peg where they where they where witches or win what did you learn it beat. Brian Austin or Australia middle to the usual block and we'll see what happens with Indiana. Right it's Indiana and Indiana has little bit of money to spend two you know they don't be looking to add to their rosters. You know by. Eight many I appreciate it man I'm still gonna be in next week when I'm on vacation actually are no two weeks and weeks that's right you're in Sacramento and I'm going to Sacramento island a resort resendiz right. I meant well. Look enjoyed it. We will be back tomorrow at 355. I'll be back with a very Jackson. Coming up next is Josh Freeman engraved likens everybody have a good Wednesday night.