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Curtis Stevenson
Friday, June 29th

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It's on betting his his own free agency. Well okay it's not officially on but LeBron James has opted out of his contract so. Did loan maybe Chris Perkins Barry Jackson here with you Curtis and her show Friday afternoon Curtis Stephenson captain Curtis. He's still on vacation so Barry Jackson State bubbly and ably Sydney and warm. Very once again this is the LeBron passed right we we have to to LeBron we must stop LeBron. The decision today he is not opting into the final year of his contract thirty by point six million. This pretty much remove the sign and trade possibility right. It does today's decision narrowed the field considerably you're now looking at teams with cap space or Cleveland as being the top contenders for LeBron which would mean. The lakers possibility Philadelphia although that seems less likely. And the lakers and Cleveland. What he did today was. Nearly eliminate Houston as a viable option it made the heat's scenario which was already very unlikely or even more unlikely. And the reason is not to make our our listeners brains looks low budget but the cliff notes version of this is. I wore a sign and trade to be ex accuse you now with a team up against the cap. And also up against attack is the case with Houston and they eat two what would happen would be the heat now or to acquire LeBron in a sign and trade. They would become hard cap at about a 129 million dollars which is six million over the luxury tax threshold that would be awfully difficult to achieve its possible. But it would be very very difficult so when LeBron made this decision today. He was likely eliminating Houston and any chance of Miami has diminished even more so so now the sets up as the lakers. Cleveland decision on in all likelihood though I'm sure Philadelphia will put on a full court press. And it's so fascinating perk how cool YE factors into this thing because. The pressure is obviously on the lakers to try to wire coal YE a now to entice LeBron to come. But here's the other thing I think the pressures also on the spurs because the lakers would be their most motivated ever. At this point to offer the most that San Antonio could possibly ask sport. But that motivation begins to wane. If LeBron comes without co wide because and the lakers could say. Look we can just wait it out till next summer and we don't necessarily have to offer every asset we have now for quite so actually both sides faced pressure. To pull off something on Kauai in the next odd. Probably the next or five days. Before LeBron makes decision and of course on the periphery of these talks the heat looking to get involved. Boston apparently unwilling to trade Jason Tatum and Jalen brown. So a lot going on but the senator the NBA universe at least the next few days will be Los Angeles and Cleveland. And to a lesser extent Oklahoma City because Paul Georgia still there as as the next year guy right after I LeBron and Chris. NN San Antonio. Yet as answer Antonio you know like the pressure that's on LeBron here and and you know that's kind of what I would like sued a kind of touch on right now. Is there pressure on LeBron and I I I don't think that there is. Because LeBron where ever he goes you're pretty much I LeBron knows we know. The league knows your bowling ball more now you know if if he goes to the lakers we don't know appealed it to the conference finals budget. You're going bars so. I think that LeBron is able to relax in this three agencies go round as opposed to 22 in and 2014. When I think there were a lot of there's a lot of pressure on them a lot of the unknown what's he gonna do once he gets they are now we know what he's gonna do right he's gonna ball how he's gonna lead you somewhere might not be to a title. But he's going to lead you bar he showed us that in the last eight years. I don't think there's any pressure on LeBron but what do you think Mary. You know it's funny because his chance of winning. Might be better in Cleveland this coming season than LA if the lakers don't give Paul George RY Leonard. Coli obviously will have another another opportunity get them next summer so. If LeBron goes there alone goes to LA alone I know we were talking yesterday is this even better than fourth or fifth seed I guessed we would probably project and is a third seed of it's LeBron. And then may be a decent player on one year Reynold B that Tyreke Evans. In a Davis someone of that ilk. That probably gets you by you talk Minnesota. Portland New Orleans some other contenders concede that part. But the chances of LeBron. Without collider without Paul George getting to Western Conference finals this year we wouldn't be slim so then the question is what LeBron figure that he's in a better spot to wait one more year before the move to LA. Re sign in Cleveland where at the very least they would likely be in Eastern Conference final name again. Could possibly beat Boston that's series next year Boston's healthy donated Celtics would be a slight favorite yet but certainly you would give Cleveland every chance to get back to finals so that to me would be the most interesting decision if the lakers don't get collided don't get Paul George in the next five days. Those LeBron go to LA knowing that not only his final straight likely would end this year but his streak of making a conference finals also probably end. Yeah yeah I had I tell you look. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are probably calling the lakers in the spurs this lady and out of our conference right we we actually opened. This man out whatever you have to do get this man out of our conference are we're gonna talk more LeBron James Moore NBA plus. You don't there's he dangled almost LeBron James stuff right we're gonna talk about that in more right now in pork like deadline. These XW eighty XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar plea deal. Come station right. LeBron James once again the big news in the NBA in the big news of the day he has decided not to pick up a player option on his contract with Cleveland. According to multiple reports. Meaning he'll become an unrestricted free agent now Jenks had until 11:59 PM tonight. To make his decision. 11:59 PM tonight is redundant isn't it it does your department ever done it isn't the hardest hit escrow Barton was so that's why we couldn't get a until 1159 tonight to make his decision. He becomes a free agent at 1201. Sunday morning so 12018. PM on Sunday he is that when he becomes pre negotiate with any team now remember players cannot sign contracts. Until July 6 when the moratorium is over. Celtics executive Danny Cain saying today it's unlikely the Celtics would require. Any of the star players on the re agent or trade market. Dangerous peaking today as they introduce their first round pick Robert Williams and Danny saying saying quote. If by bill like it'll help our team we explore every trade of layers of certain magnitude or superstar first ballot hall paying type players. We're going to take a look into the tires and see there's some in the air but that's all. I think those beings are unlikely so. You know I'd I'd I'd like you see it and I yeah I guess that basically means Jason Tatum and Jalen brown are not going to be involved in in a trade talks that are. What it's worth. Chris Sheridan a bit more sports dot com you guys know that he was on our show few days ago with me Ian Curtis Stephenson used to write per ESPN. In the Associated Press well Chris Sheridan last night. We did that a league source told him not to tell now the Miami Heat in the LeBron James sweepstakes. Because the source seated. The key to getting LeBron is getting quite Leonard. Now the source apparently did not indicate how Miami would win quietly and so that is they stumbling block in the buried at all. Questions with the he'd even have the assets to acquire one of those two right so that the whole notion of them acquiring both was always laughable let's not to minimize what were shared and reported and I have been told. But the heat would be involved in the quite Leonard talks. I that's been told me from the outset this offseason. So I am I have a good deal of confidence that Miami has called San Antonio and the players that would be in play would be obvious Goran Dragic. Josh Richardson. Would probably be Miami's most marketable asset ramat a bio who would be one of the heat's top two or three most marketable assets. The question is though what about justice I think I would say he you know was as well rob it and told to me that of the heat's most marketable assets we can be those players and justice just is is the one they'd be most willing to move. But obviously that have to move three of those asked that to get why. So is it possible leak gecko I sure you know it's been reported there either in the discussions and I was told that they would be in these discussions however. The lakers have more motivation than Miami to acquire coli because the lakers know that their chances of getting LeBron could hinge on this so what the lakers are doing. Beyond obviously having assets like Brandon Ingram Kyl who's my future number one picks that they can trade. The lakers are also trying to get additional asset which would mean. Draft picks that would be higher than where the lakers would probably draft they had coli and LeBron so they are reportedly out shopping Alonso ball there was one report that Miami was among the teams along with Chicago and Orlando the could be in the mix. Opt for Alonso ball in order to give. The lakers an asset that they can then look to disperse it's difficult to meet you envision Pat Riley wanting the whole one's own ball solid C ask oh yes plus a shot is is broke it right as well so I'd be surprised if that happened. I mean it's clear beeper and tell me if you grew this I think the lakers would simply have more motivation to acquire quiet because they know the Serbian player. Would likely stay and also player who could help them get LeBron went with the heat would there be some uncertainty even with Riley's natural self confidence. About whether they could and you know keep them a year from now. Right right and I I I think I think you'll read in that exactly right and and and call YE cool wide coming here. I don't know why he would stay now Pat Riley can be very convincing as it as the executive and he would show that he knows how to move heaven and or get star players. But if uncle why am just looking at this heat's situation and balloon man that might be asking too much. Plus even. You know you need so much more to get it hit a Boston and Philly. In the in the east and you know if LeBron stays in Cleveland will now that's another hurdle you've got to cross. Toronto that's another hurdle you've got to cross although LeBron might hear them where you but Tom. I you know I just think they're souls so much. Bork or Miami to have to overcome to get Hawaii and so much more Miami to have to overcome to keep cool wide. And a long term deal that I guess I just think that it's unlikely but. The talk of the key. Being involved with cool wide Leonard is out there and and obviously that'd you know the heat talk of being involved with LeBron the Stephen A Smith. Kind of report I decided that should have been called a remark Reverend Wright is a port other than a report these guys remember yesterday Stephen A Smith say that. A source told him that Pat Riley. Erik Spoelstra and LeBron James. Might have been seen together. And on in Miami and Indian he'd quickly follow that by saying I don't know if that's true so. I you know who'd who knows they're there all period bar bets but the heat stays out there in the discussions going to baseball Miami Marlins host the New York Mets 710 denied the pitching debut. Of Cindy all content are all Alcantara. I don't struck I don't working on now that's what I had Robbie the degenerate Toby is not Al can Tehran all cantata. Balkan cut off anyway he was the prize of the Marseilles who would deal with Saint Louis so Cindy is going to be on the mound tonight about that and is going Sunni. Marlins fourteen and a half games behind Atlanta and in at least twelve and I have back in the wild card last in the majors in attendance at 101018. About one half thousand behind Tampa Bay and per game basis. Finally World Cup knockout phase starts tomorrow Argentina and brands at 10 AM her why and Portugal at 2 PM blows. Are your headlines. So Barry when we talk about but by the way we're gonna have your read of the Miami Heat Porto went in and he's gonna come on an end break down some of the heat's situation the likelihood or or the good you know kind of high in the sky type situations that come. He bands have been discussing on social media in windows on on you know both both on our Rahm. Takes line and on Twitter. What do you think. Is the likelihood that the heat makes a significant move book war of the season starts and I'll tell ya. I think it's slim to none. I I have to see it and I continue to say. Don't just look at the start of the regular season of some sort of balls deadline that up. Barrels a year they're gonna win forty something games again and be stuck in the middle. Remember the trade deadline is also Al the year you can make significant moves there. You know who knows who becomes disgruntled or what ever. So don't think of the start of the season as any sort of artificial deadline having said that. That they something something major by the start of the season but that's highly doubtful how do you see that well. I don't discount the possibility because how many times Reilly's surprise us by pulling something out of does that quite Hillary is getting Shaq. Or in his early years obviously Hardaway all you want to morning or do you know where rights are Odom we signed Elton Brand who. To all perceived locked up the money with the clippers where they can they can import to get more right right and I've been consistently told this offseason that Riley plans to get involved in virtually every major name that's available. So if peace does not succeed in getting quite Leonard you can expect an offer. For Andrew weakens and not perhaps the Mark DeRosa or Kyle Lowry if they become available Toronto apparently is willing to do something so because of Riley's aggressiveness and because of the back. But he is not content with this roster I would say yes it's still a possibility that should not surprise us if they do something big. All that being said I think if you're gonna put odds. The likelihood would be that they keep Wayne Ellington and then they try to trade. A bad contract like Tyler Johnson for another bad contract for guy earning less money the title Johnson so that would bring you back under the tax threshold. Miami's up against the 123 million dollar tax thresholds. If they can get Ellington say on something like a two year sixteen million dollar deal that just a hypothetical right projection on my part. That would put you over the tax line by about six or set knowing at that point Andy Ellsberg. Other heat's cap guru would have more than. Ten months he basically have until the last day of the regular season next year to get the heat back. Below the tax Marshall and the way to accomplish that is you tell team GS were willing to take a bad deal. But for someone say earning less than what Tyler Johnson is making this year or James Johnson to basically. You'd have to sacrifice in terms of getting a player. Not as good as Tyler Johnson the one making less money to get it back under the tax I think if you're putting odds on scenario is Burke that would be the most likely one. But I don't discount Riley making a big move just because we know he wants to. Right and oftentimes desire with Riley. Has led to action it hasn't been a successful the last few years with the longshot bid for Durant falling short for Hayward but at some point Riley's going to achieve something. Significant again because that's been his MO. Yeah I I I agree with you. And of course the big being years and win windows Pat Riley make that happen. We're talk to a guy who might be elusive some light on that era Reid be long time he denounce or been with them ever since the inception of the franchise. He's coming up next Chris Perkins Barry Jackson 790 the ticket. They're 79 FM 1043 H needs of the ticket for sale. Our annual NBA free agency show we Zach Duarte and mr. Degenerate Robbie from the midday show that that's going to be so man they were good last year right when the free agency discussion begins tomorrow night at midnight. Or Sunday morning at 12 AM if you prefer those guys who bring you all the latest news and speculation from midnight to six you don't want to miss this. NBA free agency has never ever been covered like this. Well not since we didn't like this last year. Anyway Tony and AM 79 the FB a moral port three HD to the ticket a radio dot com station. Look. Very we've been talking about the heat in what he might or might not do. I guess some expert opinion right now that you're not an expert buried side note note as we always say no disrespect intended. Right right but there's no more voice respected on the each anywhere then our next guest there you go out there you go says so. But look joining us right now on Leo Ryan dueling dancers convenience stores gas lines they are truly steps beyond convenient. Mr. Eric read he read you don't. Chris Perkins Perry Jackson actually share a few minutes with you on this last summer. Yeah man so let com. Eric you know that the the big discussion is about LeBron James and there has been attachment sort. I guess seized angles being being thrown out deer by other writers and other parts of the nation. Yeah what do you think about the heat lending any big name player. Either through free agency or trade this off season. Well you know it's hard to say Chris you know it would I would sit put it this way for me it would be unexpected. But haven't we been through this and could never underestimate the the unexpected. I mean I think. You know you can build a scenario. Purse purse saying just the way you are. Figuring that you're going to get better from. Having Dion Waiters come back and the group that's been together a couple years. Not satisfied. Growing young talent see where it take shape as you approach. You know the next year or two and 2020. And we know that Pat Riley would have taken that route we also know pat as a man of the moment and he's dynamic. And and she wants to ignite this thing you know. He looked and I don't I don't think you'll sacrifice future but he want to win right now and compete for championships right now. And if there's anyway for anybody to do it you know you nick you can never count out Pat Riley in the Miami Heat. Eric from a glass half full perspective you mentioned Dion returning as one factor that will help. But beyond that you had to make a case. For how this team could advance beyond 44 and 38 I think you get to fifty was one other reasons beyond. Well for Pirro. You know return. To a productive positive chief of promotes on whites I think they'll be the first thing not by much. But I think it can get it is it's silly to say this but it's so true it's it's premature to talk about next year's team yet. But you're you're surviving the case if it came back this say about that I think waders return to health and Whiteside return to a productive positive player. Which I certainly think he can be was that before he was not that last year. He was also not held secret for much of last shoot two and so my question marks including who will be on the roster or who won't be and then you have some of those questions will be decided in the next few weeks. We're tucked into the legendary Eric Reed of the Miami Heat here on 790 the ticket Chris Perkins and very decked him with UN. Eric when we talk about Hassan Whiteside medium Berry were talking about this yesterday. That you know when he came back late last season I can't America grandmother's funeral I believe that it was but when he came back to it seemed that the Altman's hit change that they were. Doing more more of the dribble hand offs and they get militant way more perimeter than they were even earlier in the season and my question to you we is. How does era Reid may or read how the spirit Spoelstra. Make cosigned more useful and in the all been small word. A great focal point is that on air Spoelstra to come up with that or is that on her son to change through edits hoot and and then earned trust. I think it's a lot of poke. And other intangibles mixed in. You know on that on how to do that but I think any coach. You've got to play multiple styles both you know what I think what worked against Hasan. A little bit. Is that the the style change that we're seeing in the NBA we're big men aren't to great advantage they want war but. But you know there and everybody's playing that perimeter game. But if you can't play the perimeter game as good as the Golden State which weary Houston. Were some of the top teams in the league. But you know I have my suggestion would pay eighteen would be got to play to the straight the personnel you have and when you have been at some light side. Looks and I want we'll watch a lot of the playoffs I remember watching Indiana early in the playoffs and and looking at miles turner. And no offense to turner it made me for that moment I appreciate white Shia. I. You know I could see why people are down on them off the year that he had but he still you know I think in elite rebounder. I think he can be Italy each shot blocker. But he's you know he's got to make some changes that they've they've got a clue what he's on the court it shouldn't be dribble hand off when he's not. Yeah Olympic and band that that it hit them so. So have a lot of choices a lot of guys in and out of a lineup I would say there there was a war it's a roster at the moment and maybe looking back last year but a lot of what I would call roster parity. And that gives coaches a lot of choices. And you are expulsions got a difficult one of those are good choices to make where you'd be. And he got a lot of people can do things for yet but he ultimately he's gonna try to mold his team to the to the trading capability to the roster that the cast. Eric watching band last season what most intrigued Jim what kind of ceiling is there with him do you think. I don't know it's too early for me that could know what his ceiling is weak we know that he needs to grow as an offensive play. I think he will just because a coach a bully is. How thirsty he is for success in the and they keep writing what it would intrigued me the most about. Is that. You know for a guy his size he's so athletic and we saw him get out on the war and guards not only who warns. He'd get out there on the perimeter and defend freeze and you know in the league that's guns small crazy but one thing I didn't see enough for my idol and I last year was white side. And pay him in the lineup together and it was probably was well under a hundred minutes for the season together some of it was because of the the the injury plagued season the sun had. But you know what why you may struggle look think how it works from an opt in to perspective and only time will tell what that would work permit defense is that in the rebounding perspective. How could it not work. And usually think he'd look at that lineups and matchups from the defense of lands first so. You know it is both those guys are back I would like to get a look at that but it. But it's not easy to but but I it and small lead but I love bands ability to defend out on the perimeter he looks like he's going to be impact full defender I'd I think his rebounding and out sensual. We'll continue to improve the looks like he's out and hard work each summer. We're talking to Eric read the voice of the Miami Heat here on 790 the ticket Chris Perkins of Barry Jackson with you. He read me a very were talking about bad that pat Riley's best move since he's been here and we're talking about the the midnight free agency meetings that he's head and we couldn't think of the best ones but. Let's go a different direction the best trade or free agency moves. That Pat Riley has made and the biggest the biggest surprises I guess and you know I I I used Lamar Odom because you remember when they tied up Elton Brand with all proceed with the clippers in the end they. They couldn't the clippers couldn't match the money on Lamar I thought that was absolutely brilliant a pet. I don't but the best moves and just kind of whet our appetite for the unexpected. It at in any in the next few months it happened so some examples of those moves from pet what do you think. Well he you know. That you talk about that exposed let's start with that first move acquiring Alonzo Mourning. Who is entering the prime of his career they used twice tiger's hole in the heat acquired him. Well blockbuster trade and makes a statement trade we're gonna try to be the best and go for the best players out there. I thought it was probably. You know kindred spirits a perfect coach player you know relationship to lead an organization that was forging a new identity. And the most obvious of all the moves and and one that I which field what it is you know. In all that's happened since with a super teams that have been put together and and the emergence of Golden State as a as a true dynastic franchise right now. What pat did in the summer 2010. And I think went under rated because of all what's happened since. But for two years prior he saw it coming and it wasn't as commonplace it is now. He gave you are you a first and second your head coach Erik Spoelstra a team of one year contracts. He got his coach experienced. That coach gave them two playoff teams while they were biting time in and making sure they had enough salary cap space. And had had the vision and clear away and to know obviously was available and and he always thinks injury Tuesday. So being able to put yourself in position at eight stay competitive and the be open financially. And able and every other way to make that. You know colossal. Free agent offseason of of it putting Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh and LeBron James together it was magical how we did it I think the before you results speak for themselves. Eric we wish set read the third one on their results when he TNN and scheck would you say they heard. I would say that that would that would I would put that third on my list and you could make a case that it would be second by animal put its third just because of the statement value. Those first set of moves by Pat Riley. You got to remember where the key war. When Mickey Ericsson and Pat Riley took over news yes seven years into the franchise. We we had meandered out of those charismatic glory early days of other expansion. And we were just sort of floating in in NBA mediocrity. With no real basketball identity. And they changed the moment. You know pat was introduce. There on the carnival cruise liner imagination. And the acquisitions of morning. And Hardaway and then Jamal Mashburn and PJ brown and even though there were no championships in the ninety's we got our first contending teams in the late ninety's. Eric it was obviously fun for all of us journalists fans to see wade back last season would you hope peed return next year and can you think back. Tear most memorable wait calls gains that you called lie many wondered to come to mind. Well you know how. I think with the way with Tulane I'm so happy that he came back last year. Because it is something that that was so important. Torque fan base and I think even more importantly to tour franchise. It put it put the team and the iconic. Best player in in the history of that franchise back on the on the same collected page bill which were and now ethical always will be show. Just for that for that reason alone does he Twain. Come back put on the uniform. And have the kind of moments that he had with a 2 PM the last sees that weather continues or not. You know that can be up between and the ball club I won't whatever Twain weight loss. I love to have them back. Even when he saw him for the year and it happened in Cleveland and in Chicago. There wasn't a time where we Tony united goalie that. That that opposing locker room. And enjoy some moments with a mute he could never repay him in friendship Bork or loyalty to a to a guy that has done so much pearl for all of us into this. But it's. Town in this fan base so. In terms of his greatest moments I mean that we're there were so many. I don't know like to pick out one in particular one that. That's very memorable to me is at Madison Square Garden when he when he wanted at the buzzer and you know there was a great woman in Miami when he showed up on the table right in front of us. Too many to many great games. Good to pick out one or two it and I I just think the privilege for all its not me as a broadcaster all the twos as basketball fans and and people who watched the key. To watch the whole journey for Dwyane away from you know rookie did it all started to NBA champion and now you know he'd legend. Eric we appreciate you taking a few minutes with us that's Eric read the voice of the Miami Heat. Look we'll will be Watson free agency along with you and Tom we'll see you Pat Riley and he didn't know Dicey. It's always fun it's our first step towards next season and enjoy the rest of the summer Lucio and someone. All right Eric that's there read your voice of the Miami Heat. Very we've been spending a whole lot of time talking about LeBron James but believe it or not there are other free agents in the league. Wanna talk about some of those next three creative when we come back there's some intriguing names out here. And we'll see if any of them can help the Miami Heat Chris Perkins Barry Jackson 790 the ticket. Like Indiana and their only a few months Phoenix and other one don't judge Trevor reside on game seven of the finals when he struggled. Horribly are essentially is is a terrific defender. Average eleven point seven points per game he's clearly an asset. Now here's a name or how about Rajon Rondo has your vision of him changed because he rebounded blaster sort of made his career. Go back on track. I think the key with Rondo is you have to make sure that he's happy I don't think that he plays well through adversity we. Saw that with Rick Carlisle and in Dallas right that was an absolute disaster. And so it if he's in a situation where I. You know and I don't know what makes Rondo happy. You know I I I guess the the whole overall situation but he was productive last year. And he showed he can still run and all been to mean he was a huge key. Board New Orleans so. Given the right circumstances. Yes on Rondo I think Trevor reason is is such a good. Role I think he's a guy who can bid and any system. JJ Redick needs a specific system. Tyreke Evans of the guy who I believe to be productive and a whole lot of system so I I actually think that they help the middle class. Reagents again you know these archer your top elite guys. But these are the type guys they you need right you're gonna if you're gonna do something in the playoffs you know win a first round or second round series you know I don't know. If any of those guys are key to the title but they're they're complementary players who could be a good you know fourth fifth sixth guy. I'm not on a team that's gonna gold bar in the play I like the the the meat of of this re agency plans very much but as you say. A lot of these guys are gonna pay there's like this isn't 2016 where where you know guys like. It based gore are getting paid you know this is this is more realistic right now so. I be very interested to see where these guys go and for how much money. And keep in mind the cap is only jumping this year by about three million dollar EM 98 to about a 101 may be a 102 so that means that with seven teams only seven teams having cap space. Beyond the mid level exception wickets eight point eight million. Or several teams it's five point five million or so for Miami because they're going to be. Up against the tax threshold so keep in mind they're going to be a bunch of good players we're gonna have to settle for exception money and I think the poster child for that group perk and end up being Isiah Thomas who was of course terrific for Boston two years ago. Limited to 32 games with the cavs and lakers. This past season because of paper a hip problems but still a big time scorer averaged a team point two points per game shot just 37% from the field last year but I think that was in part because of frost and because of the effects of the hip injury he might have to rebuild his career and signed for one year at the mid level couple other names who could be in play at that mid level guys who think they could command more. There really might not be able to continues Caldwell poking he's a guy that I know the heat is like in the past good defender spent last year with the lakers averaged thirteen point or points wouldn't be fit for Miami this year they keep Ellington. But he'd be out there in that mix. Joseph Harris a guy from Brooklyn he's easy to overlook the nets because there's all relevant right but he's a guy who can score shot 42% from three's. About Brook Lopez is he still use boards is rebounding so depression at four game that you wouldn't spend more than five or six million on yet. Lopez he's an interesting case because he is he is a a vanishing breed right he's gonna that big lumbering. Big man who can you know I guess made his name went back to the basket some basketball but. You know what what is I think he could help you but. Clearly he's got to be. What your seventh 89 guy right on your on your roster. But I I think that he could help you in the in the right situation. Clearly a team like Miami would not bring him here when you have. Assad and analytic M Graham and your Boeing the more athletic route. We with that position but I I think he could help. The restrict reagents are mode click Capellan Julius Randall not going anywhere. You know it's going to be interesting because Houston is up against a luxury tax and it's gonna be difficult for them to keep everyone Ariza. And Capello I think Capello will be a priority for them so I would make use in the front runners where. Aaron Gordon's interest thing we have Mike Bianchi on the show yesterday from Orlando was that even though Eric Gordon said he wants a Max contract. I think we heard my beyond day I think and I try to act almost that they notion that idiot this Max putter but someone might make him an offer there's speculation that the pacers. Who have about twenty million in space might make an offer for Aaron Gordon who's a pretty good power forward and certainly not the only one. And then two other interesting restricted free agent names Jabari Parker and Rodney going. Now part our heads and blinked as the heat in the Pat Summitt said why can't you do Whiteside for Parker will you can't do a sign and trade. If the player signs in offers feed in the heats in no position. To be able to bid for any of these restrictor reagents simply because they don't have the cap space but someone might take Parker something because you see up pensive upside there. And here's an interesting one to me out of the or top restricted free agents. The and you mentioned a couple of them about Rodney hood is he the guy who average fifteen game for Utah are the guy it was invisible for long stretches of the playoffs in Cleveland. And and then kind of was a spark towards the towards the end in the blame game of that series so. Yeah that that's a that's a good question Barry we're we're gonna get some of those answers broke quickly. I'll tell you what with this situation it you know you see why mellow opted in I mean nobody was gonna give nobody so income 22 billion maybe even eight million early stage tonight right guys and I think the guy like Thaddeus Young opting in with Indiana because he. He's about thirteen fourteen million I don't think he was gonna get that on the markets though. I always liked his game that's a serviceable player but he made the right decision I think you stick your finger up in the in the air and you see which way that the money is blowing and is blowing in your bank account you're bad you know and. And Danny Green outdated and millions Danny Green and since I can't today and a cantor in his eight trillion with a net a knicks get all of these players perk seeds there's just not that much captain may generally be in a green was an excellent when I'm out here and remember of the seven teams with significant cap space meaning space over the eight point eight million midlevel exception several of them are rebuilding teams. Who aren't in position to appeal to the top free agents like Sacramento Atlanta Chicago those teams that they don't spend on free agents could just. Take bad contracts from other teams. And but also of course demand draft picks to take those bad contracts so I think the money's gonna dry up fairly quickly and they're going to be. A lot of good names on the market who will have to settle the eight point eight. Odd million middle level or the five point five million tax Payer mid level which is what Miami hasn't by the way he has to hold onto that taxpayer mid level. Which could fall by 455 it's not known yet exactly where will fall but the reason Miami has to hold onto that is because. That would be a way to pay Dwyane Wade. Because as the Associated Press is reported weight is not gonna pay is not gonna play for the minimum here. So if wade wants to return the heat will almost be forced to given that full tax Payer middle level up my point or five point five million. Our creator and see is that being today. When we come back. You know LeBron James has already. Decided. Something BU current ban all day today. We will tell you about the team that has pretty must decide it. And we're probably not gonna be in the mix were reagents or trades. Will tell you about that when we come back Chris Perkins Barry Jackson 790 the ticket. Point seven million to six Mike Bryan and members of the assistant trainer Jake Wakefield brewing for the world soccer tournament semi final on Wednesday July 11 at 2 PM. They Wakefield will be scanning am releasing my tanks and shot across our beer. For the game limit to hands will be available at. They Wakefield brewing in an independently own craft brewery in the heart. Of the wind would arts district get there with my and the crew. On July 11 brought to you by AM 790 FL 10 port 38. A radio dot com station. Chris Perkins Barry Jackson back here with you on Curtis and her show can't incurred a Stevenson my usual partner is on vacation he'll be back on Monday. So we're talking free agency here in and obviously. LeBron James is is the big news here but. You know Danny Ainge also hadn't an interest in what. Today beer Ian and he was basically saying well based not basically he did say that. They're pretty much out of it. Board getting a big reagents or making a big trade getting one of those high profile Sampras Albert players. What do you think that means the book that I you know knew at that means Jason Tatum and Jalen brown are not going anywhere that there. But if you're looking at the MS trait Gypsies telling other teams forget it and and he's telling his aliens. Because we are doing that you know don't expect us to pull a major move. Is that how you interpret it and as bit smaller of the any change. Well I don't know that I trust things more than I would trust any executive who has publicly he's not gonna do supply you all remember Pat Riley before the Alonzo Mourning trait nothing's going on grilled right. Everybody go home early and not beating us but what age in this case I actually admire his restraint because without any assurance takeaway would stay beyond this season and then I think it would be foolhardy to give up his young NASA I wouldn't feel that way if why Leonard was truly open minded. About where he was going to play beyond the next season but because he's made it abundantly clear through friends and other sources that he wants to be in Los Angeles I do not blame Danny Ainge for not offering Jalen brown certainly for not offering Jason Tatum. Both of those players are likely going to be multi year all stars Tatum almost assured we will bill will be. Brown's career arc would suggest that he would be an all star as well no I could justify offering Tyree Irving. You are coli Leonard we've seen a report from ESP NF that is a possibility. But I'm not sure the spurs would do that because remember Tora a chloride can be. A free Ager Tyree I should I get your free H next next year and there indications he might wanna go to the New York market preferably the next. Possibly Brooklyn I know Miami has been on his list last year when he asked plea jumper trait. So what Irving there would be a risk for San Antonio to take him on as well. So even though Danny Ainge has all of these wonderful assets of people keep waiting for him to pull the trigger on another deal besides diary Irving. This does not appear to be the right one. For them because the last thing you want to happen if you were so to expand its trading Jalen brown trading one of your high potential number one picks and then losing. Why Leonard in a year and remember. Not only do the Celtics have potentially or number one picks next year and we isn't credible right other assets can still remain relevant the next decade. One of those picks could be as high as second or third in the draft they have Sacramento's number one pick unless it's number one. So the kings certainly will have incentive to win but no one projects that they will always next year even if they get a mid level freeagent. This offseason so you're gonna be looking at a likely lottery pick against the Celtics next year I admire changes restraint here. All right let me before we get the headlines let me give you some and chew on though. If your Denny lynch. And you have all of these assets. And you could put together eighteen. That had edit score. High re Irving. Why Leonard. Gordon Hayward why would you not. Opera either Jason Brown or our debt Jason Tatum or Jalen brown. You've still going to be pretty loaded aren't sure what we're gonna get a hit lines first you think about that we're gonna get to hit lines right now. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and beached Ito Miramar plea deal. Come station. I know you probably know the big news in the NBA. Cleveland's LeBron James has decided not to pick up the player option on this contract with the cavaliers that's according to multiple reports. That means he'll become an unrestricted free agent now LeBron had until 1159 tonight. To make his decision he becomes a free agent. At 12018. AM Sunday. You'll be free to negotiate with any team just a reminder. Players can not signed contracts until July 6 reagents cannot sign contracts until July 6 when the moratorium is over. I just so you about this one Celtics executive Danny Ainge did today it's unlikely the Celtics would require would require. One of the big name star players on the market note or reagents for the guys on the trade market. Now he's see it today. Wolf we're gonna take a look and kick the tires and see if there's some them there. But that's all I mean those beings are unlikely. And and angels talked about began acquiring a big name free agent or a big name player via trade. So Barry I our imposes the US second or go what's wrong with all bring one of your star players. If you can get Cole why and combine him and we saw that that Connie re Irving's name according to a report has. I've been mentioned in in relation to a a possible trade broke wide but. You're gonna be loaded either way right if you let's just say you have cool why Leonard you have Gordon Hayward and you have. You know whoever rules Qaeda reorder or tape them and and brown. What's wrong with weed doing that in thinking that you can convince card readers they were is that the problem that you must still debt. Are why I'm sorry I'd get both you must still get collide to stay is that a problem yeah. I think a case could be made to do with the way you're suggesting we're certainly. A Big Three if they were Irving and Leonard and combined with Brad Stevens coaching some general Reuters lawyers are in the state prisoners at a that team could do possibly challenge Golden State it would be out of the realm of possibility that they can win an NBA finals against the warriors at the same time as tempting as that would be to put yourself in position to have may be a 5050. A 4550 by chance of winning the finals next year I wouldn't do it because you're very much at risk. Of being without two of those players. The following season if Cairo he elects to go to new Yorker Brooklyn or even Miami if the heat can somehow get the cap space in the summer when he nineteen. If Leonard should go to Los Angeles which remains the preferred destination so then the Celtics would be in this position two years from now. Where you'd have Gordon Hayward and either hate him or brown. And some of your future number ones but certainly not all of them because they would have to be sent out in this proposed straight to San Antonio that's why as tempting as it would be to do what you suggest. Danny Ainge is gonna say I'm sorry Chris Perkins. I'm not gonna get asked I going to. It runs it course here with this group and see what we have and remember we still don't know Boston is with curving and they were just because of their injuries in the postseason. So I I don't know how many teams in the Eastern Conference can legitimately justify. Trading eight ton. For Leonard only because he's made it's so clear he wants to be in Los Angeles and I know even heat fans used what. About the heat's involvement and the heat is involved from all indications at least in talking to the spurs. It wouldn't appears though what the he could offer would be the best possible offer Linux and Antonio could get that high you know some combination of Winslow and add a bio. And Goran Dragic and John Richardson. But from all indications the heat at least is involved but I know we would be surprised at that happened just because it seems like. The lakers could offer more and they're motivated to offer more. I'm so what Eastern Conference team would even be really all that motivated to mortgage. A lot of assets forgetting collide for one year the one that I can think of where you could justify it would be Philadelphia. If all it would cost you would be a couple of number one's in various art should not having to deal obviously Simmons or NB. Right right yeah well so basically you're saying that Danny Ainge and take a page out of pat Riley's book dealing with me and say mind your Rome weeping business. The cloud of up to seven I. Vs right who exactly you guys remember that went right snippets then he admits but they'll want to Pat Riley greatest hits it right it is what it is and and and I I love how the heat spokesperson called the exact right time Bryant actually an an and how that word these publicly. I. Is that what the PH join at I'm exciting yeah I am moving on and take this what it's worth. Chris shared them get more sports dot com he was on this show with I mean Curtis Stephenson a few days ago. Sheridan you guys know former ESPN Ryder warmer Associated Press in BA writer still have some sources. Chris Sheridan reported last night that a league source told him. Not to count out the heat in the LeBron James sweepstakes. Because the source he would. The key to getting LeBron is getting cool why Leonard. Now as we civil war the source apparently did not indicate how Miami will win quite Leonard. I mean I guess there's a chance that if if if he gives the spurs the best all predicting get local Y but I I just bond that's so hard to believe Barry because. I would if if the heat has the best all predict the spurs can get Burkle wide. I would have to look at this errors and say how in the world did you mess this up and right and I would think he spent to probably say well wait a minute. You could get co Y may be for Adam bio and Dragic and Richardson and then you have Whiteside and Winslow left to try to withdraw our. And Andy Garcia at this high in the sky and regulate that but I wouldn't say Cleveland even if LeBron want to come here I would seek Cleveland lapping at any proposal puts on the Winslow and whatever else their party wanna put in per cap reasons. And that would be even if LeBron. Wanted to return to course seems highly unlikely at this point so this whole scenario of them getting both players. Highly improbable. But getting co why cannot be ruled out and yeah you're great writer you know you're leaving that door. I believe there's a crack in the door I totally am because Riley has said publicly that no players untouchable he would light. To do something while also sort of limiting expectations. You know catching down expectations for fans to expect something. But the thing I've been told consistently is that Riley will get involved in discussions for virtually any. Star player this offseason to expect that so I would expect nothing different with regard to Leonard to me I wouldn't do it. Only because. I would feel like I would be not only at risk of losing a player to the lakers and a year but likely to lose a player rate and that's. Even knowing how appealing the heat is to players once they come here right even with that in mind if the guy grew up in California has made clear that he wants to play in California I think you're almost hitting yourself into thinking you'd be able keep them and everyone points to the Paul George thing the same room here's a guy. Said he want to go to Los Angeles now we might stay in OKC will come back to me if he does they know Casey. Because at this point we heard Paul George on television the other night talking about how much he loves Los Angeles right so that could very well backfire on the thunder and lest he states. All right well as move on to based on Miami Marlins host of New York Mets 710 tonight it's the pitching debut. Bora Marlins prospect sandy Alcantara. And he will be prize in the Marcel Ozuna deal with Saint Louis I hope our pronounced that right Robbie the degenerate. Told me you can't say Balkan terra. It's got to be all cantata will I just got a call from Jim Blarney gaga you're about who commended him for recurrence aren't exactly exactly of Marlins last in mid Major League Baseball attendance at 1010181. More Marlins know. Pitcher Caleb Smith scheduled for July 9 surgery to it's a great three let's range he's gonna miss the rest of the season. Hum World Cup news. Tomorrow starts the knockout phase Argentina and France at 10 AM. Or why in Portugal at 2 PM. And speaking of the World Cup coming up next we've got Jacob G of the Washington Post he's been covering the arm. DP World Cup I'm sorry no he's he's he's coming up lab we've got Tom De'Angelo who's coming up next of the Palm Beach post. And no we're gonna talk about some much possibilities. And some NBA free agency tambien lo of the Palm Beach post coming up next 790 the ticket. So you guys know our boys Tobin he's on the afternoon show every day one that pretty well. He's gonna break down everything from this week in and boxing and MMA on fighters theory. It's live at 10 AM on Sunday morning and don't mess it is right here on AM 790 FBO 1043 HD to the ticket. A radio dot com stations. Chris Perkins Barry Jackson back here with you. On the Curtis and her show Curtis Stephenson captain Curtis is on vacation so Barea says men with recap as bad on Monday. By that time we're probably gonna know something in the NBA somebody whilom. Lead dealt some kind of a decision or some kind of teams that they're going to talk to. To help us understand what's going to happen by Monday eight and beyond and all through the NBA season this guy he knows everything he's gonna you gonna tell you everything that's gonna happen he joins us right now. On the O'Brien duels and downstairs convenience stores gas line they are truly steps beyond convenient. Armey and Tom De'Angelo of the Palm Beach post dumb break it down pours everything that's gonna happen over the weekend go. Going to be flying up to Sacramento Sacramento Sunday morning. I'll I'll I'll I will I will I will have to do. Purchased the Internet wallop on the plane to make sure I don't miss anything. And then I will catch up where on sleep when I get to Sacramento. Now like Sacramento you know I've always they have the best thing about Sacramento is your ninety minutes away from the Bay Area what the problem what do you do out there and I think I am relieved I don't think I've ever had a good time out there are no considered good people inside though but there's nothing going out there is there. And that value you don't have a number of downtown areas Bruce. Not a bad area that Bennett Weiner you know I like that arena this year for the first time. You're pretty nice arena and really years I dig it is really good job with better green it's more just so much more modern than. They need 08. It's it's tough to make up what we'd think well yeah baseball park obviously you can while people with the way you all. Bells and whistles that walk up. But that you know they have a concourse that looks out into the court it's it's really it's. I unlike a lot of it just. It is just a bit better Felix it's in decades is it is a lot nicer than a lot of these old kind. Even you know American Airlines Arena outdated already you know so. Talked like he arena never so much time downtown but one of the reasons I have a brother lives are five miles out. Elect him but but the last lap but what last year was disaster because it was the middle of the session. And we couldn't get anywhere near downtown a lot of spending about 250 dollars for the worst if sealed in a devastating. In the Ottoman and an NBA city selloff. Commercial we get that this will be different Wear nice nice location and for accommodations. Three blocks from the arena and spent recorded an arena before heading out to Las Vegas. All right well hey. Tom let's talk about what the heat could possibly doom. Either via trade or B of free agency. This off season so something that's of significance that I think they've got they've they're almost certainly be. Re active instead of pro active. But buried Jackson say is do not hold the lead eliminate him from the coli Leonard sweepstakes. What do you think could be 88 any cycle big move that that he could make him the next few months. I think we would buried. I would get my hopes up but there's an outside shot it in there to what you know the lake the lakers didn't hear a lot of pressure. On the spur those. Number one and make a deal. There's a lot of pressure on the lakers too late. Could you get echo why I think they're going to butt heads I think that. The lakers are going to. Not want to because they think the spurs are going to be desperate to move collide because there is gonna lose him any way. And then and the spurs are just very reluctant to trade him to the west. And you know and and then and then the lakers will disallow what would get a next year if you if you want to much a must. So the and I think they look up a while I think it turned it in the direction of what what's going to help with helping me in the last couple of days is that car that the Celtics. A kind of fading promise on this car these talks and and not maybe not willing to give up and Jalen brown herb you know or graphics are already had a package ornaments. That really limits and that they have the spurs just say OK we get the lakers they're out. Yeah I think they come I think they have an outside chance but. He might might thinking is this is the best type of player you're looking at probably the level of buck. I give Bobby Parker someone like that. Already. That Albany new reunions are you know that yeah if they can that they can make some kind of crazy kind of iron trade some kind of I just just about right trade. That that kind of to me that's something you've gotten there is is the level they'll get to as far as the the talent level would end in acquiring players need and that's gonna be so difficult. A pay I am not lit up the possibility that he basically the same team back with a mid level exception guide someone else wanna be creative and a lot of me to walk to get what they thought. There's going to be a lot of guys out there looking for money at third week second week of July and you know that we can kind of maybe pick up a nice bargain at the mid level exception or something so. That I bet that that's also create possibilities Maktoob. It. It's likely scenario is this team returns largely intact the most Riley can somehow dump. About contract for slightly less bad contract just were two players have a change of scenery and if wade decides not to play and doesn't take your taxpayer middle level Miami might not even use it because the tax reasons now here's a question the perk and I were tossing around I want your opinion on yeah this undercurrent of discontent among some heat fans certainly not all fans but some fans and we are wondering are the people. Who are spoiled to expect championship. Level contention every year from watching the Big Three Eric those people obviously haven't experienced being a Sacramento Kings fan Orlando right. Phoenix Suns can't. Are those fans primarily those who just became heat fans around the time of 2010 young people or are you sensing some discontent meant even among people who have the perspective to know. That they're going to be down cycles and any professional sport and your not gonna remain a championship contender every year. I think they're both very hectic I think gala a lot of that is people who think that you know they they became LeBron and you know Chris of the Big Three era and so it's going to be time we have Pat Riley would be easy. And oh my gosh in the playoffs one year and they didn't barely got in about a year outlook. And then and then there are others that and then they're just be unrealistic stance. And and it didn't go down my mind cut them what pat Riley's of the mother. I mean there you know he's just people just expect him to be able to do this every year. It is it's almost like getting getting in the room with Kevin Durant Gordon Hayward was a bad thing. And now you've got to take those interviews you've got to get in the Roman two to get a have a chance in an up and you're not gonna hit on all of you know can you gonna have maybe one out behind. Yeah you know that there is at the Kevin Durant was was a real what woods was such a long shot Gordon Hayward got a little better chance that we can now he got the got. There final Parikh. But really Ben too knew that Brad Stevens the Celtics had some kind of brilliant job but what you may but you you go forward if what would people be much better feel better he didn't. Even have a conversation would Gordon Hayward last year signed Paul Millsap or some you know. I argued that took it public you just couldn't do anything and they'll be happy. You know I don't know if you keep getting it together and did you get an interview with. With a Kevin Durant who don't sign a ballot that's horrible went even taco with what's. We should have signed a bit you know. It level guy or something so I I think that they're. That's the big issue when you're the victim of his own success of these people expect so much at least in the year when it's. It's just it's just unrealistic you're going to release such an island that was saying yes. Yes they are reset and surely missed the play I'll play a hybrid a one year they still go they got in the past sixty the next year you honestly do you want to have a recent like the Philadelphia 76ers who goes six years well he slept in the playoffs and then tap or all of that. After six years in this great process. You went five games in a playoff opener but I'm in the second round. You are exactly you wanna sit there for six years until we alien and then I'll be coming draft picks that they. Into the big blow during that whole thing a much better could they be I have no street. The big going to be a debit card finalists are next to three years so unless LeBron goes there which I don't think that's chance right now. So you know it people just expect way way too much in and they see what happened you got about a victim of you know it's fast. We're talking to Tom De'Angelo of the Palm Beach post here on 790 the ticket Chris Perkins and Perry Jackson here with you. Tom when we we looked at the heat. We know day they don't have a whole lot to trade I mean I guess they do but. It you know you don't wanna give upload the behold team they don't have a whole lot of money they need some internal improvement. Having said that. Who do you think is or are these some guys three guys. More most likely to show significant improvement next season and and I guess you could include Dion Waiters even though he didn't play your butt or to view the 32 or three players most correctly to it to show that in internal improvement. Well I think number one beyond gonna make history and better yet commit preceded beyond that we saw. Before he injured ankle that two months straight reverend was hurt that hurt here yet be the growing. Bone injury would go to those remarkable the ball in it he would that that first half of that year he was injured. When he got better from that and you know about that. Midway point about the point where he beat Golden State for the next two literally scores and an ankle with a very good player. You know in the play you can rely on him he was seems to go to guy. The he took big shots and made a lot of them probably more than the wing lead this year and I'm not knocking the wing tipped the shot he made some but. But you know made a lot of them and we are great Big Three vehicle stadium proponent against against Cleveland. I think he's gonna help number one I think Josh Richards is gonna continue its climb it is going to be up you know Josh is going to become an. First second third team all NBA player but I but I think he can. That cut the paean at all being an all star. We know we know we have had the great two way game. And I think it you can also see band of pro am going to be a very good player may be a lot per bam has obviously the big upside because. You know I'm a Little League one year. Even legal also small improvements either editorial Linux and us are gonna get more comfortable sitting very well. And then of course the biggest question of solid you know just what justice when most of we can't settle in to hear what player. Will he be council that there is room for internal improvement but. That being said you know listen we all know this what are what does that mean that mean. And still has a what a trusted for his seat I guess to conduct Cleveland cavalier LeBron leave it may be. Foresee. But that's still get you at the very best into the second round. Tom what's fascinating to me this summer is that the heat is unable trade Whiteside in to this point there's been no indication they were able again. Close to equal value for him when there's this so called intervention. I don't know the rights height and width Spoelstra and I obviously this'll be a series of conversations that Pat Riley. As with both the player and the coach it's pretty obvious will see a white side he needs to bring it more needs to be more engaged needs to focus on the things he can control the question is what he tells bolster. Because to meet even though rightly views this is salvageable. There's one thing that's hard to see how they're gonna reach a compromise on witches. White side as you well know thinks he should be playing with 32 minutes a game that he got two years well Spoelstra now apparently Busan is more than 25. Minutes a game god so how does that get reconciled and if you're Riley what would you tell your coach without seeming to meddling with that. First Obama is the easiest it was pretty easy to have those is to have go to the reality show children but so go to the bench and like Clark yeah easily HBO so that replaced. The signals to the site. Then that they could maybe and then I mean you talk about Obama Glasser is a marketable of the eyeball that would that would you have a match. I definitions vary I just don't think. I just don't think Eric. We want anything to do what has filed right now unless. He's a different player a player that a compromise the player that it worked in the think he'd work on any piece something. Some kind of improve and some kind of attitude adjustment. What what where when they meet again in the end if you look at cover for troops started training camp. I I don't I don't know what you know we could start the field with a fine be in the first game of the year. A tight game and someone going small in front sitting on the bench and what quarter and outcomes famine in Cali and eighty Leo here. And you know what I I I could see that happening and then what would happen I think is he just going to be. You know eat eat it you can go local feed and I you know if you go the whole season and he did things just get worse hoping to get things get. The way they were saying in the plan that would be to lead at that that really bottomed out obviously a lot of out there. That's a fun opt out. Lou great guys got. Yeah 27 point oh million you can't beat a nobody you'll give him that money though its own right. IE I I understand until that you'll get something and the any might get look at 27 million he might get thirty million over three years so he might. You know that might be. You know that might do would form. But I Cedar Point because it as you would have to if it's if if that's even a possibility. We're probably at the point where Hasan listening dean my role will never change slashed. Increases in Miami and you make it miserable enough to wanna talk about what you said it would ask for help authorities. But you're right this possibility does he's done cannot be ruled out. Get any of the problems that happen thinking that there appears determined that early in the year. What a headache that going to be our year. Yeah how it'll it'll it'll it'll be the overwhelming story of a lot of it will be easier if it would just be card. Very very untenable situation. And looking at a point where you could you please don't take all that it would yeah British media without you leave if we get to that ballot and ally I wanna give a you know. I want to give Baltimore the benefit of the doubt but that they can come come together meet me in the middle and and you know at sun better get a grip on what it is that apple want sensible. You know OK they're kind of you look look forward looking at least more. Two peas or it to make a fun happy would lose some kind of role that will benefit the team I want you know and I think. Obviously they're not start the season trying to find that but I tell you. It's just not out of the rubble possibility or just go he ought. So we are equipped to leave you know from your IA had no matter what they say about. We're not trying to treat them that apparently quote rapidly because you're not really eat it in the word really in bad. Think they like. CEO saying he's a record a part of yes we can go and I you know all the that the whatever the merit of whatever regret about some white cybercrime would not we're not trying to trade Buehrle. Yeah yeah it really nervous though it's not soon asserting his purpose here does the qualifier that she needs to go he did a deal yeah. Haven't been out here really a factor like that however says it but. But you know and accurately and everybody every coach every French are gonna say they're not gonna medical help if their business. And pick up that player to be coming back he's gonna you know all come back with you that it ought. Trading off a Merck. I think now we've got there they know very you know very you know who's currently in stock agents in the column neighbors are out so. So assign have more idea right now and anybody it would probably from an agent of what they. Could he does have pocket so. But the but it will eat there's the coping you're going to be hit it to maybe for Tina has zero cap space or it has a weight over the and has very limited as tradable commodity. How low interest in they're going to be the next two weeks. Yeah I agree hey Tom we appreciate it man and I'm sure we'll talk to you in the next month or so so stay by the boat. It sounds on the end of the Palm Beach post. When we come back Mary we will touch on just what Tom was talking about here with. You know bit of the trade rumors involving players Danny Cain spoke on that today. About having to address those trade rumors with players and the players who come back you know you have to talk to them you have to talk to their agents. Purse when we come back. The woman who. I guess the over driver in the she has spoken she has issued a statement will tell you what you see here. When we come back Chris Perkins Gary Jackson 790 the ticket. AM 79 he has little. War three HD some of the ticket for six hours and NBA free agency show would back Duarte and mr. degenerate. Robbie from the mid day show. Right when the freeagent discussion period begins tomorrow night at midnight these guys hit the air it's also known as Sunday morning at 12 AM but they're gonna discuss all the events they're gonna break down everything that's going on. They're on from midnight to 6 AM do not miss it. Create and C had never been covered like this. Well since we did it last year anyway. Tony and Robby the degenerate Zach warrants say AM 790 F bill mortal port three hasty to the ticket. A radio dot com station Chris Perkins Barry Jackson here with you on a Friday afternoon Curtis and her show. My usual host captain Curtis Curtis Stevenson he's on vacation he'll be back on Monday. We were talking about NBA free agency and and dumb trade rumors and all that kind of stuff but. We do wanna skip over to me in a bill buried three Lee and beat the woman at the driver. Who was allegedly broke by. Has released a statement. And this was I believe per scum. Are brought to us by Juno lane of by ESPN Tampa. But you guys know the situation on on this that dom. That incident. Allegedly they weld as it did occur in March when he sixteen. I'd be in a failed did not start investigating it and so last November November when he seventeen. They had like a seven month investigation. And they eat. Ended up suspending. Worth three games dame has had a statement yesterday. Saying that he regret that the situation that he took over bribery in and that it was uncharacteristic. Of him and he has now stopped drinking. Well today over driver released a statement and it reads as Bob lows. I am glad to see that in a bill disciplines Amos wins and I do appreciate his apology. Even if it needs some work. I would like to publicly acknowledged that NFL investigators. Particularly lease of 30 and John Ina really they're crying pro national. In thorough investigation. My experience should highlight the importance of women are believing women when they have the courage to come forward about sexual assault. Perhaps that night could have been prevented if others had believe me before. Mr. Winston once seated girl should be silent polite engine so I disagree. Cash today to meet to. So you know and you know. While he was addressing them. Erie. What do you make of this whole situation because well we're seeing. And in reading from others. Is that the NF bill could've suspended Janus for six games and and might have. They kind of wing tool and basically. Except that this as they compromise the loot the three game suspension saying Nicky is not gonna contest it it's not gonna go to court. I guess it's kinda like a plea bargain in in regular court right bed you know. Will cut down your sins you just do this time but. Is that a appropriate do you you ruled that deed new BO OK with it and your thoughts on this this whole situation with dame. I do have a problem with negotiated settlements because I feel like rather than being punished directly or what you were what you have done. Other factors come into play like is the player import originally from public relations standpoint is the league fearful of ramifications. From a PR standpoint if the player get suspended for a lot of games. Two quick things to read you one was from Jeff Schwartz longtime NFL offensive lineman he tweeted yesterday so Winston basically admits he's at all. Gets three game suspended seek meaning as a deal Lelie and maintains his innocence has a lengthy investigation which isn't as thorough as it should abandon. And get six game suspended. Help me out here what's the policy admit guilt and get a plea deal why even have a policy I agree with that and I thought Mike Florio pro football talk phrased it very well. When he said that's. He said that the reason the NFL might have had a negotiated settlement with Winston instead of merely suspending him for five or six games was it could be that the NFL Florio says. As a desperately tries to bring the PR poke his back to football. Didn't want the next two months to be consumed with new stories. Delving into the nuts and bolts of the cakes with Winston's camp working the median eventually taking the court. A case that as Ezekiel Elliott did a year ago will make the NFL seemed to being competent. At best malicious at worst so. We almost have a double standard here if this sort of backup offensive lineman in the NFL. Feared no public relations consequences. Then he likely would have gotten a six game suspension for the allegation in play here which was groping in overdrive there's been nothing to disprove that claim certainly. And there was an apology from Winston yesterday the we didn't specifically say would be dead right so to me. Clearly a double standard the league is worried about ramifications. From a PR standpoint. That should not be a factor. And doling out discipline to a player. And that is my issue with this and I do see your comparison to a plea barring you know edit I understand that but still I I I do have a problem with this. Because I I I do think that. In the court system and I can't think of a specific example right now but. I I do think in the court system we we've seen cases we're. You know that the that the prosecutor or the judge or whoever. You know just say is look we don't need all this stuff getting out a you know it's the government does the military or whatever we don't need all this stuff getting out of if you're a banker and and so you. Sometimes you reach an out of court settlement if I guess of you know civil suit perhaps or whatever. Sometimes you reached a plea deal. I don't really see that much difference here I I I really don't maybe you know this is kind of let. It is kind of an out of court settlement between Jamison in the league it is kind of a plea deal between Jamison believes so. As CDS it might seem I think it happens in in the real life. Corzine has no problem within undrafted linebacker getting a six game penalty for subbing in a Winston gets pregnancy that might issue and it and I think there should be firm penalties in place to specify. Particular crimes Viet. You know a felony immediate domestic abuse if you specifically state if you are first time offender of domestic abuse this will be your penalty. Now this obviously would need to be negotiated with the players union. But I think that's the way to avoid. All of the controversy around every Roger Goodell ruling take arbitrary nature out of this remove good Dell's ability to. I make decisions without any sort of guideline thing and just be more specific in your labor agreement about what penalties will incur. Or what crimes rather will incur what penalties just we don't have this mess every time a ruling is made. A few text here real quick somebody sex in in a bill has no right to play the role of judge if no civil conviction occurs. That's wrong. The CBA does give the NFL that right that's a big problem. More than play years. And that's something they need to negotiate. That and that addresses this text. Where are the criminal charges from the police or Winston. Part of violating the personal conduct policy is there does not have to be eight charge or an arrest. This is what players have agreed to. Somebody will not CN it's it's it's kind of like an out of court settlement or plea bargain somebody's is huge difference a quart plea deal the victim has to agree to it. Somebody else sexy and Z with around innocent and still suspended inconsistent again. Com at did it that the personal conduct policy violation of the NFL. You don't have to be charged even with any being it's just. I don't even know what the definition is of you bring bad publicity to believe your team or yourself whatever the standard is. Roger today that the bill can get Chu and we've seen that time and again. Look we gotta go to break right now but when we come back. We talked to Tom DeAngelo earlier in the Al were. He was talking about. You know coaches said that the that he possibly having to. I deal with players whose name has been out there and then you have to of in a trade rumor and then you have to mend a ends with them. Danny Ainge talked about that today about having two million expenses. Because of trade rumors and he talked about what he bought. Of those trade rumors. You can pretty mix much figure out what he's seen a big kids do but. If you can't will tell you about it when we come back Chris Perkins Barry Jackson 790 the ticket. Join the ticket to celebrate the fourth and July in the city of sunrise join us outdoors. PNC center from live music kids activities food trucks fireworks and more. Live music yes it's bad listen to this classic rock legend grand funk railroad the American band. Gates open at 430 parking and admission are free for your safety. All bags will be searched. Business sunrise FL dot gov for details or call 9547474600. CN sunrise under lies more with AM 79 the FB a 1043 HD to the ticket so radio dot com station. Chris Perkins Barry Jackson back here with you for a final hour. Now Barry. We talked to Tom De'Angelo last grand and we were just talk in heat trade rumors and stuff like baton and dom. Brought up the the big topic on bit of a having to patch things up possibly with. With some of these players whose names have been mentioned and in some of these trade rumors. And Danny Ainge talked about that earlier today and he was he was saying that. Yeah he doesn't that's not relish having soon. Entertain all of these trade rumors that are out there. Because CC did most of these rumors are balls he C a names are just scroll around. In the media he steer reporters probably don't care about the names and he was he was. You know pretty nice about it he says it's your job to report good stories and half being the talk of talk about on the air. But he CN. You know it's it's a tricky situation. He said these are complex situations and I think it just like reporters don't like answering or having to respond to rumors. Even though it does give you good programming. I don't like it anymore having to deal with the players that are calling meet and the agents better calling me when their name is in a rumor that's just like totally made up. So what do you think about. If my player is is here is their name in a trade rumor. Is. Are they eat do you understand if they're a little bit alarmed or or short or do you think today. Look Europe Roma suck it up be a professional and and just wait till something happened forgot. I could definitely see how that would rattle you especially you have family if you like your situation if you like your coach you you know this runoff as whites do. I can understand and and I can understand a player calling his agent and his agent calling the team. What do you have any input the board that later well our sympathy our guess our. It's a bit but as you said this is part of being a professional this is part of the unique nature of being an athlete where you can be traded me like you know teams are very sensitive gets to the notion of reports of players being offered in trades so much so and this is somewhat unusual last Thursday night after the NBA draft the heat spokesman. Came back in the room after Pat Riley spoke to the group and said. We wanna make clear that we did not offer any player in training aid because there'd been a report from SI dot com earlier that Winslow yet was being made available well. You can be honest in saying that to but also. Know that you can had general discussions and winning teams saying well could I get a wide wondered if I were to offer right these players and those so there's a way of Riley saying that honestly but it not telling you the entire picture but Ainge gave the reasons today why teams will always say we didn't offer this guy and trade NY. Basically sportsman should not believe it when an executive says that like Danny danger virtually anybody else. Yeah yeah and I could look wind wind yes because when they say that you know we didn't offer him back right it. You didn't formally offer him yet by no formal but the name was put out there by you perhaps you didn't. You know you did you get kind of say yep we included. Him and award him. We make the trade rumor and workable or so that's not a formal offer but that's putting the name isn't good. You know in the discussion and so yeah there there is a there is a a fine line there but. I'll tell you this hum. I'm I'm the type of person who I. Pretty much nobody is untreatable to me. I know that. You know you you had your Dwyane Wade you know bad in 06 year old seven he's on tradable but pretty much. Nobody is untreatable look at it I'm an executive there are a few exceptions that I see it you know Dwyane Wade and 06 or seven. I wasn't trading him I was he but. You know I. It will be harsh reality but to the player. Book your name might come up in a trade rumor. And art I would know what to tell the player beyond that Iberia eight except. This is pro sports right. Idea what's problematic is that you are shopping a player and the player calls you and asks are you shopping me and my available on trait. Eli did the player knowing that there's a decent chance the player we'll find out that indeed he is being shopped and that would damage the trust forever going forward it would jeopardize your ability to retain that player in free agency. If you choose to down the road so that's a very precarious spot. Maroon team executive to be in you know. To be ambiguous right in saying do your name did come up but you're known. Whatever but we did not bring it up we did not all you but yes your name did come up rush hour or something. Ambiguous exactly got to the album Acer don't do. 00 without question it's like I like a give an example of how this comes into play were fans you know my at some level of interest in this yesterday I Tonya game Cooley. Who is the lakers right into the LA times formally NFL writer covering the Houston Texans. I she tweeted that the lakers had not offered Brandon Ingram yet in the people are wondering well why wouldn't they Albright Brandon Ingram furcal eyeliner of course you have to do but he clarified it correctly so and said this doesn't mean they're not going to yet in doing so oftentimes easier reporters' tweets someone has not been offered yet don't assume that the players not going to be offered. It's a message that team wants to get out but clearly the lakers would need. At least Ingram perhaps Kyle crews not perhaps multiple other assets two or 31 round draft picks to be able to get coli Lennart. So as we sit here at 605 on Friday night's. Two days before the start of NBA free agency what we know today is that. LeBron james' chances of going today heat unlikely as it ever seen right or the Houston Rockets have diminished considerably next to nothing. By his decision today to opt out of his contract for next year so what that means is. We're looking at likely the lakers or Cleveland for LeBron possibility of Philadelphia essentially the bronze decision today is limited him to teens and hap cap space. Or resigning with Cleveland. The other bit of news today quite wondered talks continue. There was a report that the heat is among teams engaged in those stocks. I believe that report I've been told Riley is going to pursue. Any star player and all this off season other teams reportedly involved everyone knows lakers and Celtics are involved. There Ben reports as well the sixers. Are strongly in pursuit in the clippers as well and Philadelphia this one looks like they might be able to make most track and offer aside from the lakers it would probably be built around. Dario search and draft picks to the question is if you're a heat fan isn't even wise to all of you for your best assets for Leonard knowing that he wants to go the lakers it would probably take a combination. Of Dragic. Add a bio or Winslow and Josh Richardson and then you're left even at San Antonio took that offer perk. You're you're basically left with a lot of forced the fifty yap on the starting line of the Dion Waiters Tyler Johnson why Leonard James Johnson Hasan Whiteside what is. Right well well and and you know what what's your bench I mean you are presumably you'd have Dwyane coming off but. And we ran and way don't I don't know I just getting quite a site I don't know also run but yeah I I think one the one of the beings that. Makes the heat 840 or win teen. Is that back up unit that debt and you'd be losing a lot of you were quality players slashed debt. In that in that deal due to to acquire wide Leonard the more we move on let's get to our 6 o'clock deadline. These XW eighty XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD you'll Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. You've probably heard the big NBA news by now. Here it is Cleveland's LeBron James has decided not to pick up the player option on this contract with the cavaliers according to multiple reports. That means he'll become an unrestricted free agent. Now James had until 1159. Tonight to make his decision. At 12018. You know most Sundays he becomes three to negotiate with any team. A reminder players can't sign car or free agents can't sign contracts until July 6. When the moratorium is over Celtics executive Danny aides say it today it's unlikely the Celtics would require one of the star players on the market either through free agency. Or trade. Danny Ainge was speaking today as they introduce their first round pick. He CN whoa we're going to take a look and kick the tires and see there's something there. But that's all I mean Goldstein's. Are unlikely. And again he was talking about getting a big free agent or make new trade for a big time player what it's worth. Chris shared a bit more sports dot com you guys remember him he was ESPN NBA writer Associated Press NBA writer. Last night he wrote that a league source told him not to kill now the heat in the Lil Jon LeBron James sweepstakes. Because the source did. The key to getting LeBron is getting called wide Leonard. We just talked about how one likely it would be for the heat to get coli Leonard. But you know very Jackson's is the gore is still open though don't Vizquel pat Riley's though. I don't know about LeBron coming here but right that would be bad that highly unlikely to. Let me get both of them and one quick thing before you finished. I you're your your update for those who wondered why today's decision by LeBron to opt out makes it less likely for Houston or Miami for that matter to be able to acquire him. If you acquire a player by a sign and trade. Then that you face a hard act. Which would come into player for if you're against the tax threshold like Houston and the heat are so. If the heat were now to do sign and trade with LeBron in the unlikely event that LeBron told Cleveland next week that he wants to return to Miami and he would have a hard cap of around. A 129 million which would make it very difficult for them to fill out a roster at this point even if LeBron wanted to come here even if Dan Gilbert. I agree to a sign and trade with Miami so that's the background as to why. At this decision today by LeBron make Houston a long shot to land them and certainly on the heat a long shot as well. Miami Marlins holds the New York Mets 710 tonight is the pitching debut of Cindy all content on the a rise in the Marcel ozone a deal with Saint Louis. One more Marlins no pitcher Caleb Smith faces July 9 surgery to its agree re less brain he'll miss the rest of the season. As far as the World Cup well it resumes tomorrow knockout phase begins Argentina against brands at 10 AM. Or why vs Portugal at 2 PM. Speaking of the World Cup you wanna stay tuned later in this hour we've got Jacob and G of the Washington Post. He's gonna give us his thoughts on the World Cup I think it's been a very good tournament. Course you know must soccer knowledge and on the hit about him and so what we're whatever that's worth but I've been very entertained but coming up next. Meehan barrier gonna talk some NBA free agents. Aside from LeBron James will tell you who else is out there. We both the middle class is pretty good but here in the C did any of these guys. We'll let you know when we come back Chris Perkins Barry Jackson 790 the ticket. This is why we've been telling you you need to download radio dot com am right now that's where our dream is that's where everything else is that you come to expect from the ticket that. So gold they'll load the radio dot com and now. That way you don't miss any of your favorite ticket shows radio dot com the new home up AM 79 BF pillow fourth. Chris Perkins Barry Jackson bank here wit you we're gonna have Jacob G of the Washington Post on next. To talk some World Cup today he is the off day I guess the though the break between group bays which Indy yesterday and a knock out phase which starts tomorrow. But very we're gonna talks on NBA free agency here and we're gonna talk the mid level guys the good. Not talk in mid level as far as salary kind of him but as you know not mid level exception but just mid level guys in the class. We know it at some guys who were. Al there is it's is live by LeBron James right. DR Andre Jordan might be in another one of those all Chris boy cousins. Right to Moran is obviously rose five and Paul George or at the top and got six cream of the crop guys obviously LeBron in Durant and Paul standing above the other three and then you've got about twenty players that are going to get paid something question is will they have to settle. For mid level exception money would you think point eight million or will they get more the only team to have more than nine million cap space this summer perk. Atlanta Chicago Sacramento. The lakers that Lee Dallas. Phoenix and Indiana and all of those teams are rebuilding accept war. I guess the lakers don't wanna consider them so right there building but they sort of bar in Philly obviously in position to win Indiana a playoff team. But all of the other team's rebuilding so it's hard to envision all of these players getting paid summer gonna have to accept. Mid level money some of the interesting names tell me of this group what guys you like Trevor Ariza asking Rudy Gay. By Avery Bradley wing will Barton Derrick Favors. Tyreke Evans Rajon Rondo sort of resuscitated his career kind Davey is Caldwell Pope. Aaron Baines did some good work for Boston in the playoff I Joseph Harrison intriguing name off from Brooklyn. Of those guys all of them are gonna not want to get more than the mid level some of them certainly will not who on that list appeals to. The boot my my top five are a reason I gave Bradley Evans and Rondo. And you know Barry we were talking about how there's not a whole lot of money out there that's why Carmelo Anthony. Return to okay see now clearly nobody was gonna give him 28 million. Betty is young went back to Indiana he was thirteen point seven million are believed somewhere around there. But Rudy Gay is an interesting one because he opted out of his deal in San Antonio eight point eight million. I don't know if he's looking to become a starter again I don't know he's looking. Pour a better position as bars. You know a team are not sure you gonna get a whole lot better than San Antonio I don't know what he's looking for but that that's a little bit puzzling. But I still like those by Marie is a day Bradley Evans Rondo. And I'll throw it back to you on this theory. Is the heat in play for any of these mid range. Three agencies had the you know some of these guys that we mentioned it is heated play and would any of these guys do the heat any good either. Not at this point by the way wanna quickly at three names that was that I gave Isiah Thomas certainly worthy of at least the mid level Brook Lopez still offensively skilled. Sent her although a deficient rebounder Ed Davis a very good rebounder for Portland so I would add those and also slows in the restrict it guys oh yeah. Compel Julius Randall. Aaron and Eric were Morgan Harrington who is loaded up for Max money but right probably not gonna get that Indiana has an interest in Gordon. Lose the magic power forward and then Jabari Parker and Rodney hood are going to elicit interest towards the heat's involvement remember their tools this offseason are merely. The mid level exception or tax paying teams teams that are either apple luxury tax or above it that's going to be somewhere between five point three in five point five million. Plus they have the ability to pay Wayne Ellington over the app. By as much as eleven million dollars next season though won't take that much presumably keep them its power of bringing back because your idol lazy he's going to be paying twice for him out twice as much well I guess me he will be of the salary in the luxury tax. He's worth. I do I think he is because he as he would know led all NBA players in history among reserves are three point shots last season and remember. The way the NBA rules are structured even if you go above the tax to re sign Ellington which would invariably happen at the agrees to turn in the next week. You have until the final day of the regular season next year. To get back under the tax yet before having to actually pay attacks are what that means is if the heat hypothetically he would Ellington a two year sixteen million dollar deal which left them about 67 million above attacks then you would probably see the heat try to trade. But Tyler Johnson James Johnson for contract. Odd that would be less onerous so someone earning less money next year. But certainly it would be a player lesser and a Tyler Johnson because the team is not going to give you a guy earning seven million who's as good as Tyler Johnson rate per Tyler Johnson is earning nineteen point duke says he would have to sacrifice talent and such trade but I believe that will be a priority to get back under the tax. By mid April of next year when the regular season ends as far as the heat's. Tax Payer mid level exception of five and half million I think that was going to be saved for Dwyane Wade until he decides if he wants to play from all indications wade isn't terribly inclined to play for the minimum. As the Associated Press is reported so would take the five point 45 point five to keep them. And if he decides not to play next season then I think there's a good chance he would not use that exception unless. And you're beat a copy. Say he would trade Dragic. In a deal this off season you need a point guard in Isaiah Thomas is sitting out there and Riley can convince them. To come for the middle level I think it would take eight top talent like that for the heat to consider using its mid level knowing where it is up against the tax. Couple other names on to throw throw out there. Two guys who missed all of last season with the injuries not necessarily it's for the heat but nevertheless intriguing. One would be. Pot. Curry's brother stuff Curry's brother yeah that Korea. Who only two years ago made a 137 threes are Dallas shot almost 43%. On threes who missed all of last season with a leg injury I think that seal and his percentage was better than steps yes and into my dad is an excellent point oh yeah and another player missed all last season with an injury who still. A very solid NBA guard Gerald Henderson he's coming up that surgery so those are two names of guys who didn't play any NBA last year. But will get some interest this offseason and have been good NBA players when healthy. As far as reclamation projects a couple of names to keep in mind too failed to lead draft picks Juli a local more on what one point averaged seventeen a game before it fell out of favor in Philly then was still to Brooklyn where it was a much of a factor last year and their loans Noel yeah who obviously had the ability to be a lottery pick but has not done much. With Philly and Dallas so if you're looking for an Eddy Curry type reclamation project week here those those would be a couple of names. But to oh what one thing with regard to there stricter pre agency you mentioned perk. He does not have the money get involved for any of them not Julius Randall iron Gordon Clint capella Jabari Parker Rodney hood. Beyond where LeBron ends up and work coli it's traded what's next most interesting to you about what we're gonna see the next week in the NBA. Mahan I would say. It is it's gonna be cool constructs they her. Championship caliber team. And what I mean by that is. You know Boston. I guess Boston's pretty much been gonna stay put. We'll see what Houston decides to do will see OKC has any kind of a move will see what lakers try to do by. Pink shirt you know depending on where LeBron goes beings you know you're going to have a new group of teens. Is an amendment let's be honest it's not going to be more than what three or fourteen but try to put together a title contender. So you know Houston's gonna try you would assume San Antonio is gonna try you assume the lakers will try Boston. Nearly what are they going to put together to challenge Golden State. And how does it come together and free agency is it trade is it done right now or they patient. And and and wait till the trade deadline I'm gonna be very fascinated to see how these beings come together because. Look. If LeBron stays in the east. Then you would assume people are going to come join him. Right oral equality state in Cleveland that's what I mean if he stays in Cleveland you would assume that somebody is going to come join him aren't. I just can't imagine that LeBron is gonna wanna run this being back again I know that they'd be his options are merely limited. But Allah and somebody comes to join him if LeBron goes out west. What happens in the east who who fills that vacuum and if LeBron is not in Cleveland and stays in the east. Looked out 'cause he's either in Boston or Billy most likely right which seems unlikely seems unlikely they'll likely on missile nationally you know like we yeah I had that because they you know money. It to my needs and interest that he goes out west. Because as a six seed last year that's one fewer team yet to compete with her and I top four seed in the east so clearly that he would be helped the Kauai ends up in Los Angeles with LeBron. Beyond the LeBron story and work coli ends up couple other things that interest me real quickly Burke. One would be just Paul George you have to go Casey or does he go to Los Angeles you know and if he does go to Los Angeles it's a lesson. Every time a free agent becomes available year in advance and says I want to go to another city if you're another team that trades for him you're taking a big risk and that would be reinforced appalled George. Goes to LA the Andre Jordan will he go back to Dallas after flirting with that right angering Mark Cuban right a few years ago will that marriage now. I begin a new and then half. Happily and then DeMarcus Cousins a guy who puts up a monster numbers. Coming off an Achilles what will happen with cousins he wants to Max contract. Part two just by giving him that team off the Achilles will New Orleans pay it and if they don't knowing that they played well without him last year after January injury will another team AM last thing I'm curious about what is that we do with their thirty million if they don't get LeBron did they just keep JJ Redick and his team together or do they do something that takes them to Boston's level yet and somebody sexy and very quickly what about. In the very Jackson met here on 79 need to take this news you know this is the natural grace. Played indeed yesterday did not tell base starts tomorrow. We got to send this whole big enough for you guys are joining us right now on your rise in fuel cells there's convenience stores gas line. They are truly step beyond convenient take a bogey of the Washington Post and Jacob I had I you know first of all those who stayed up late witness. Yeah is part of letter attributed to join the show up our right. Now listen tomorrow will start off with that the matches that are tomorrow. And we've got Argentina against France Uruguay vs Portugal. I'll tell you right now I'm a soccer no obvious however. Three of the best players in the world right with Leo Messi Argentina Luis Suarez of or was it Cristiano Rinaldo up Portugal. That's going to be kind of based soccer. Watchers dream correct. He man double left side of the bracket in an absolute murderer's row I'm Betty you're talking France. Argentina. Your body Portugal. Hey is it ended up but I think Brazil however there is absolutely loaded. And and we got a great picture that. Tomorrow I'm gonna be live blogging good. Portugal Europe why game I'm really excited to see. These trees strikers Luis Suarez from Europe wise. Christian are Rinaldo from Portugal square off or I'm really excited for that one bedroom prayer you have. What some consider maybe the most well rounded team. Against Argentina. Who'll be. Biden you know I don't know what I would call look they were able to Muster to get into the things are gonna hello look like a team of destiny right now between two great games I'm really excited. But the entire left side of the bracket. Is really. Now on the Sunday matches obviously the posts. Country often does better than navy's initially expected we see Russia. Having advanced IDC their matchup against Spain and I guess Croatian Denmark later on on Sunday. What should really goes org about forum I mean these guys their big coming in. They were ranked 47 in the world. They qualified. Solely because they were the host nation and you know we just felt bad for them to have them off by it. Going up against Spain into the rerouted distinct contrasts of styles. Russia did not really play possession oriented soccer big knock the ball down the field and they send their fastest strongest guy. And figured somebody just grab all of the move your feet and throw it near the net and want to try to push them. And Spain could not play that way they don't wanna do. It won't pass the ball 700 times in this game but holed it from probably 75% of that shouldn't. It's just a matter of ten may be creative enough to score. That is a really intriguing match up because Russia can have all kind of home field advantage and we seem that that matters and mr. Obama. So that was really interesting combatant. You can Croatia Denmark what the other one you were looking at I love Croatia. Humans tournament frankly I think there that seem to be they're so balanced. Luka modern age. I debuted playing the most even keel all the soccer in this tournament. And what we learn and World Cup or about. Defensive midfield. It's can you keep all your own net and and can you control the ball long enough to get enough scoring chances. In Croatia is midfield. Is so much better than everyone else's but I'm really intrigued to see how far they can. Now. We're talking to Jakob disease. And the Washington Post here on 79 get a ticket you can follow him on Twitter. JE AC EO BB. OG. AE GE. So that's where you find him on Twitter. Jacob let me ask you this the video replay system how has the BAR worked overall there have been some very controversial. Uses of it how well has this video replay will system works and is the first World Cup that we've seen it correct. Yeah but VirtualDub we've seen it we see it now and some of the larger professional leagues. Italy and use it for a couple years now. I think Spain and and and in the English premiere league also use it or not mistaken. Frankly. It. Oh there's there's two sides to the VA York. Debate. And one of them is. Do we make the right call button down to the official on the field coming college football style. Can say he'd have taken another look at dusk and then the other side is. Once we buzzed down that revelry is gotta go make a decision and does he make the right decision. So the crews are working in the Booth. There are calling down the on field official have been fantastic. Big news you know you're supposed to spot clear and obvious and correct lawyer urged. And they've done a great job and doing that. Epidemics all of Limon field additional. To make the correct call after looking at replay and that's what we've grown to some gray area there have been too bleak and hand balls. There have gone uncalled for because the referee said what came over defenders had. And I hit all the guys and by accident or came off his chest in office and by accident and we're just don't let play continue. But the guy upstairs has bogged down Ngo and today you really missed a call. It is in your best judgment and say it was incidental and keep going or do you need to award a penalty in that kicks. Soccer in the game of gray area that's why. You've played advantage on bowels. That's why there's only one mile what you would put it acre of territory and they don't want to rev great. So there's a lot of gray area we've seen them play out would that be AR decision. But in terms of I think compared to other sports compared to the NFL with the NFL to try to re like oh my god had a better compared to Major League Baseball oh my god is a better. So we had to be pretty believes it will be our first go round we're doing really well. You're asking the state of the US soccer. Appealed to help worldwide tournament people are still really excited he knew he was qualified. To vote or don't win anything. You know maybe they got to the group stage but they were not can be a favorite to win they were actually favored to knock people out. So I don't really know that internationally the president has amassed in terms of US soccer we're still seeing it. What a big impact is going to be on the the game long term I think the way most people see it. It is you don't have the huge gap you know gathering in bars and restaurants and people thousands. To watch the the American team play that we've seen in World Cup's past but that's probably what what could be the enduring problem be enduring problem was going to be. Can we get enough qualified coaches. Tribute to construct enough qualified players. To produce a good team I mean bite boy in the independent country of 300000. Merely qualified to knock out change their head coach is a dentist. The that it showed you that if you want to invest. In giving. Children. Opportunity to play if you will invest it and not just the best tactics and coaching. But they're kind of a battle be expert tips and are gonna help kids stay involved with the game their entire lives. It pays off now. If you look at from the US who are doing can you can you honestly say that it had a similar system and I think we all know the answer is no. It is a good pick a grassroots effort. We don't know yet what deep. Long term effect of missing the World Cup are going to be but we know the infrastructure. Generally speaking is not in place and has not been played. Jacob will get you out of here on on this one and we're joined by Jacob Z of the Washington Post here on 790 the ticket. The the tournament overall the World Cup overall written out to media guide it's I think that it's been incredibly exciting. I believe only 100. Draw a lot of goals and and and it's time there at the end of games. I think it's been absolutely fantastic. What do you think would have the TV ratings he would. Alden. You know break and have a good look at the TV ratings. Because I've just been so focused on keeping up way up through vivid and without guts and now the we're down to sixteen team mega take a closer look. I can tell you from our audience's perspective. There have been so many surprises and that will be live blogging these games and all of a sudden won't see your results have been. In the 87 minute we'll see a gold stoppage time. People get really excited about that there's a lot of engagement. Prominent from a domestic audience. It's great it's great for the game is very good tournament. It was great for big people who need an audience that watches. A healthy. And non core rocked. Tournament. And to see exciting games games went out they handsome corruption we've seen in years past. And seal from an American audience is very important for the game international. Page Jacob we appreciate your time thanks for hang in in here with us and dom if you don't mind will probably check in with you before the Germans over. What are guide all right thanks Erica all right let's take a majority of the Washington Post and Berry looked at tomorrow is a huge day for World Cup because it starts the knock out phase. Ever. Tomorrow is also the day that. Free agency starts in the NBA and that's the big story that we've been talking about. While we are here while we've been here all day. First the ball before we get back to that let me tell people this AM 790 and at them 1043 HD to the ticket. Presents our annual NBA free agency show winds that Duarte and mr. degenerate. Robbie from the mid day so. Right win the free agency discussion period begins tomorrow night at midnight. Also known as Sunday morning at 12 AM those guys will bring you all the latest news and speculation from midnight until 6 AM do not miss it. In BA free agency has never been covered like this. Well since last year when we did it looked only an 8079 the FB a moral or three HD to the ticket a radio dot com station so. Barry what do you think. Is going to be the big discussion on Monday over the week in. Will someone have you know put word out that this is what I'm going to do we did nobody can signs of July 6. Is weren't going to trickle album on LeBron a collide litter tray Paul George anything do you expect anything. What will bronze options now are fairly limited and it looks as though it's gonna be either the lakers are Cleveland Philadelphia. As the cap space and they would have an outside chance and all indications are that LeBron wants to make a decision quickly. So you would think sometime in the next or five days he would decide appalled George decision between Oklahoma City and the lakers would probably ensue. And that would leave not a whole lot of big tickets available DeMarcus Cousins would still be out there and there's a belief that maybe the pelicans and cousins could agree on a deal less than the Max as he comes off the Achilles injury only because. Other teams don't have a cap space to offer it to mark his cousins the type of money he's seeking the Andre Jordan you have a decision that's looming as well there were we could see the potential. Of the deal with Dallas op but one thing to keep in mind perk just eight teams figure to start free agency with more tax base or more cap space rather. The the non taxpayer mid level exception of eight point eight million so there's not a heck of a lot of money in free agency and you're gonna see good players having to settle. For tax Payer. Exception or non taxpayer except you type money which is five point three million or eight point eight million. So guys like Isiah Thomas Tyreke Evans may be JJ Redick can doesn't stay in Philadelphia Trevor resent. Quality players of that ilk Ed Davis terrific rebounder important if they don't stay with their current teams than those guys might have to settle for mid level exception type money because basically. They're only three teams that really wanna go latins spend on free agents who have the space. Dallas Phoenix Indiana and there are others and that's based Atlanta Chicago Sacramento that might be more likely to acquire contracts in trade to teams are trying to adopt. All right well we're gonna see what happens next week and over the weekend but I'm Chris Perkins that's Barry Jackson we wanna thank everybody who was with us. Brito coming up next states 0790. The ticket.