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Tuesday, July 10th

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About an immense advantage to him earlier on the ticket courtesy of Turkey hanging review and though. 7 o'clock. No bird today the summer for continues. To exact marte isn't with us all afternoon long Zach and good afternoon and. Ron CI a front sea off Frans Shia. Is the is the team. Of the hours they have just beats in Belgium in the effort semi final of the of the World Cup appears that tough moments ago just before we're about to go on the air the the French team has as one of their own. To the the World Cup final. Happy Tuesday to you my man. What's going on in I was when I was reading headlines headline on this Francine making about the World Cup finals as. First World Cup final since 2006 and might it's only there's only. Two other World Cup's in between that arrived this cycle and it's not a legacy in that many a huge drowned her wallet doesn't make no it's played every years before or year. Not only in funny like you know some of the teams look at the job yes is Almon the first time this is have a dude it's just 2006 and you're going OK now. Yeah that's that's not exactly a drought when you're on two World Cup's there but therein. And that's good news that might not be the biggest news right now as we get some Carmelo Anthony stuff. To get into here and many tomorrows who joined us from Miami Herald live from Las Vegas similarly. Is gonna stop by here and either get rated take on the Utah Jazz and all that's fun. Big news is within the past half hour agent or you're now ski. Of law of ESPN has has waited a couple things on Carmelo Anthony here. And and Zach has to diss your readily gave you what the audience marinate on this as well. Our story filed to ESP and social world streets thugs there road for corporate what he's here and in advance of and in in the equitable if not. Eminence parting the Oklahoma City Thunder grand Carmelo Anthony permission to meet with her respective teams. Including Houston. And Miami meetings took place in Vegas in recent days and boy that he follows that up with a little bit of another one. Our thunder are working on trade scenarios were Anthony. 34 would be moved as expired contract to be wave becoming a free agent once is Tony eight million clears waivers Oki C museum pennies permission to waive no trade clause which he has done to facilitate his exit sources set so that's what George tweeting last. How were. On soul we talked to many about that coming up here in about and about twenty minutes to sort around 420. Are your general thoughts here receive the heat might be in on Carmelo. Bomb. If you they think happens I'm cool with it I. I'm not like advocating for it I'm not yearly. Let's go to Carmelo you can. But if it happens. I'm cool with it depending on what what you give off. What what did he trade back because I'm not a big proponent of trading backed draft pick at this point for an easing overpaid 34 year old albeit an expiring contract. However. I think that Miami is is just leave this summer. Where they're just so stagnant because of their inability to do anything because they don't have tradable asses and they don't have cast based. Is is now. Stop this trend of trading. Draft picks five years from now because eventually it's going to catch up to you. When you when you'll have those assets anymore and I and I think that he could use young players to start developing it they're not to be able to lure the superstars. So if it happens cool I'm out I'll be excited for. I I wanna see who they're gonna have to give up. Offer this to happen. But. They kind of lukewarm on an overall well. I look at it this way there and I think I had a hole easily route is looking at it. It is I'm looking at if you can make this move here if you're using this trade opportunity or Carmelo Anthony as the vehicle. Two yes OK acquire Carmelo Anthony because you like Carmelo Anthony's you like Carmelo Anthony at some point. But also as a vehicle to possibly shed some salary or shed a contract or two didn't. In the deal as well and you might have to attach NASA to that we are we talking about this all the time here might have to give up on when you're younger guys who might have to go up a draft pick. Blood I think you would acquire Carmelo it and you like Carmelo we can help you this season. And you would use this as a vehicle to get out from under a bad contract. And also attached. May be an asset to do that sold talked to many of that I mean how did you just say we love Carmelo Anthony let's just right for Carmelo Anthony to make as better. I think it's like yeah Carmelo can help was Blige. This is an opportunity. Got to get rid of some of our our baggage year that we have on this roster that we don't wanna be attached to next season let's not forget Carmelo is a one and honor here. Come LB of one and done for the most part. Off lease contract wise cap wise. The Miami Heat have a year urged left on everybody on their roster now one year. Yeah years left on everybody that's that's noteworthy. Write us on Tyler James Dion Goran now one year personal tune to read a Linda Kelly so. If you pin. Bush and get rid of one of those contracts just like you said in the word. You know the shortest flexibility there where you it's not all stacked up where you got two years three years four years three years three years two years. On everybody's deal. Then I would be an advocate for but again you gonna have to give up you have to shall we need a little bit and then Oklahoma City. What's their motivation do they wanna play or do they think they can still compete in the Western Conference. I got Paul George and Russell Westbrook so I understand they wanna get under the Kaplan I would think that they want a player that can help them this season. I would think that Oklahoma City he'll want somebody that I mean that can that was released take Carmelo spot a little bit and then take those minutes so. It's tricky we'll talk to Manning get his thoughts on this and and how might be home might be done. And and see if the about the heat apparently are in it and I think Jennifer come reason like Carmelo. And the use they think of this as an opportunity that they can that they can move somebody that that they wanna get out from under. Bob there hasn't really been much going on here as far as the trademark his concern was. In terms of Oklahoma City I'd like it okay maybe they do need another player here they're but they're here they're bill sorry 310 million dollars like how much more in the fourth and look I I understand if they make a trade their where you're trading even Sowers but some Oklahoma cynical I don't think Oklahoma city's goals to pay a luxury tax bill of 310 or a total bill. 310 million dollars or goal here has to be shed his salary and all the tax that comes with the which in total that a hundred million dollars or. So I just. I don't see them eighteen. Taking equal amounts of contract Betemit isn't of the team involved. It may be is about I don't know I really is. Although there does that sour on Carmelo I don't I don't know that that's I don't know exactly what Oklahoma city's motivations yes. They would say they might tell you you know I will pay the tax always going to ever Carmelo Anthony. We is a wanna pay because you know we think he's stepped right now we're paying four million dollars for James Harden. Well I was back and I think they learned their lesson now a game and out and analysis noted that there bills 310 million dollars they're gonna have to take back some money. The question is do they take pac money outside of this of of this year. And he really can offer the man because they said he'd have of contracts. That are that go beyond this just the season so they would be taking less money essentially Tyler Johnson's contract. Which is used him as an example let's say because he's seems to be everyone wants to seem to be trading him you know Miller makes Tony age you may nineteen the drive the throwing a few more millionaire. To make it work. Also be less what you beginning another year on Tyler John's brother but maybe over overseas as you know what Tyler Johnson and helpless I I don't exactly know. But you know they're not gonna do. I mean I think I think Oklahoma City if that is want to give him give just get rid of prominently they would have stretched images be done with the amount to weighed them. But I think they want to get some to form. You could be rendered that they're there could be another team evolves in the can be a buy out here. As if it's a buyout mean I don't I don't know exactly like Emma would be targeting Miami. Com but did this there's a there's a lot still to be determined and then maybe some Neil brake blower on the air. But that is not what we'll talk to many coming at it come up in a few minutes in England and in and says at least questions as late as we release them on your older woman and William Manning's. Thoughts on this but there's a lot of there's a lot of different things that are that are percolating out there and yeah out when he I would think Houston would be illogical for it right you'll pursue with the losses that they had recently these last. Reason they just last mob my eleven how these Saito who pummeled to live to forwards mbah a moute. If you would play and he would be given a chance to win temperature. And those two things having me you know you would get the play a single channel and if I was component knee right. I was terminally and I was bought out or I was stretched I'm still getting my money. You signed with clean state. Well that's that the located here at Delmon yes that's that's your question the burger question okay A wiggles they want him. Beyond that to your question right I mean I mean both advancing. Worsened DeMarcus Cousins. Why I don't mean his reputation on the isn't tremendous I mean Carmelo Anthony isn't exactly. Mr. team guy and we need to have almost three point as his career last year imagine how many hill hit a system where right going to be pretty much be wide open every but it herald state I don't know exactly if you wanna go down that road. And then the second thing is my night your party so far and none have well I don't know I think it is like you know you just six all star call of the day. I don't know if they really if they really want him in that locker I don't know. That in my guest and the other thing is. Is is how would you play if your come out do you mean he must apply inducing the opportunity to possibly start probably start any attempt went to. But I mean that's a good it's good question what are your mellow you would say listen I'll play I'll play for the league minimum which is two and a million bucks. And it might championship just like that that that's the big not and his careers to Boise Nevada champ but America's cup is made the smartest move anybody in free agency. You know I I don't know what happened behind the scenes I don't know who didn't who didn't offer him what or or or who didn't offer him anything. But the fact that he's going for one year he's getting paid five million dollars he's going to get a championship and then at guys deciding maximum deal. Where does this the best this is eagle possibly made because he's gonna have a championship which he'll never have to worry about for the rest of his career. You can always sign a contract and get paid as much money he wants wherever he wants. Just ticket agent. But I perfect execution I. I agree everything works out that way were too but you know blog you'll think he would but your come LEOs want to you know what I'd I don't want to I wanna make as much money as they possibly please go to get money from the spy out of my eventually I'd say you know and I want five million dollars Obama you know. I don't know mean growing of these made a lot of weed you know kind of mysterious decisions. In his basketball career and allow home revolve around him being the man in the morning on Monday who so I don't know of all of a sudden he's 34 years old. He has an epiphany everything changes where he's mr. team guy like in the Olympics every four years. You know I think voice that always gets along so well on the Olympic team go into a once every four years for two weeks two weeks these mr. team guy and then and then every every. Every other season like who want to play with a let that all of all be of all the cross pollination in the NBA over the last 5678 years. Who is wanted the player of the week there was bruise that written there it rose ahead it's Elena took Carmelo Anthony pulled on me in good evening said. If he hadn't signed that extension in before 2000 tanning would have been a region with a the other guys well he won at all as money and that and that's one of the decisions you're talking about it. I'm just you know the same but a multi drug this year will talk to mean a martyr and a few minutes. But it is back with our 4 o'clock headline. These XW eighty XY AM South Miami at WS at best that can't be HD you'll Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. All right we'll start in the World Cup war we had one of our two semifinal games today. France and Belgium France and beating Belgium one to nothing. On the Samuel boom boom TDs header in the 51 minutes. Taking the French backed the World Cup for the first time. Sister doesn't sit well this it was an and that is that the exit on. Head but McEntee yeah so there's an he's the he's the manager there. I've while watching the game here in the studio in N out look like they had a few scoring chances were for the most part. Not a whole heck of a lot but. France had a couple of chances late but 10 is enough there. Belgium was via the team a lot of people thought into a pool he mild upset with but France is going owls who they face. Tomorrow we got we are being within Nokia underdog Croatia still left so yeah I don't know how courageous simulate that game after their performance Ollie that's the other thing when you're literally passed me on the field against Russian knows what's Saturday in late Saturday night over there fighting went till midnight Saturday Night Live Saturday night and they're gonna play. Wednesday nights yet he would say well too big deal I mean they're goalie cramped up yet another I would I was thinking about that is he I mean no and place a wager from time to time. Announcing a mother as a game was unfolding thinking out via I don't know how much Croatian gonna ever in the semi final round. I don't know about that it aren't. Over baseball winning Marlins. Look to win again against the brewers. They're facing June Julie's chess scene he's on the mound for the brewers 733 points or severe marry. Yeah I nine for the Marlins when they're young guys Pablo Lopez actually had Andre Brin is on the they talk about some of the younger guys. I'll wanna know with a five point 73 ERA. I heard those very vows very good job by W and under both you as well mementos I was listening to that and interview video go out of me home Marlins. Updates in minor league reports that things like that those those very informative because of your job with that in less than a mile walk off. His semen. Insane now Pollyanna this tank and lose games and you know winning run Big Apple not nice and I'm. That doesn't mean it's again and again I keep seeing Gary Patton in. That's less rob Manfred said and let attention array. All the teams that have won what's new images and how they think. Well yeah well yeah a little team that that tank and have been bad for ten years and a warning that. There's still that that's the Marlins expect a pretty much yes that's the spot but they had actively tried to lose to baseball and state they mildly tried to. And that's been in by not spending too much I just want them get to 65 wins me get over that 64 and a half men in the rubio will be good to go for the season. Our rights and it's always some more big sock in his that the maybe not a lot of people are talking modern novel you know these are Real Madrid after nine seasons joins Juventus. On a eight is it a hundred million euros is Aaron hundred million year and so it was a it was a 162 transfer fee or something like that. I'm on the outside or understood they pay as much money get a player that's how we're doing and then the claim eligibility in the answer yes and in the news previously reported. Oh velocity components these grant permission to meet the Houston Rockets in Miami Heat. Renewed two's imminent departure on nobody knows that's going to be via trade via buy outs. Be stretch when Eminem is something but the heat are involved with the U wanna get involved than that there are involved wanna get involved we will make some did not mix of the happier also the heat in summer league will be the material of jazz here in about twenty minutes and we're gonna go to Las Vegas next we're talked to Manny Navarro about all this Carmelo Anthony a business also. He made a little move there with a Duncan Robinson signing him to be a two way contract was gonna say that that the added another player the players man whom Duncan drop soon. And I don't know who elevens where he's been like after missing emotional through and I'm seeing from the picture I mean Jackie Stewart they go yes he's a three point marksman right there how are being an if you want you can shoot in this league you'll find anyplace to actually. In in that Lee Bollinger talk to me tomorrow about a guy who's. Hit a lot of those shots and Carmelo Anthony over the years in the heat in on this what's ago what's the latest year. As some new reports are are servicing that the the heat or when I get in on this thing where it's Carmelo Anthony and Manny Navarro coming up next live from Las Vegas right here on ticket. It's seven. Things going on busy Tuesday after the first it's alongside Zach Duarte was in for Chris Perkins is the summer of perk bizarre burden continues. Here on on seven night that they did we're gonna run out to the right deals and dollars to me is Georgia on their choice of god you greeted the joint. Right now Las Vegas summer league. It is amending the barge that was the Miami the these are. Miami Herald any joint news right now here on Oregon man. I know a lot of things are how they here but things are taken a few minutes out what's going on out Las Vegas. I'm actually getting to enjoy my lap in bigot oracle web feet. And Barry Jackson got in last night he suburb is that a target. I get one day of on your date what files. You have the other hand off to all dubbed area there early you know of course are an action against the the Utah all jazz here. That's that's kind of decide. Aside thing is that's going on here the big news is that broke oh. Little over an hour ago my age you'll genachowski obvious BN at the Miami Heat and the Houston Rockets are one of two teams that are imminent. On possibly trading for Carmelo Anthony what can you tell heat fans out there and and your thoughts on if that is gonna happen. Yeah I mean I've what I've a lot of the best fit for Carmelo really did because they're looking prop up sugary the orthopedic. I've after the you of you know you bring in Carmelo the real leadership off some contract here. So my thought process that it eat some of the Miami and and that that opened that. They're impressed the end and Pat Riley to that the other day on the side lives. That is probably repeat trade because there after the appeal involves cap space. That it absorbs some of the money that you would have to be moved. Heat especially would have to get back at least 18 million salary that they were doing betrayed straight up with the thunder in order to make it work so. He's started the map and make it what it knowing well our average. Make it ninety people at the Paramount put another player on the lower and the dollar have outlawed in Ruger. Or somebody of that ilk but my point is our I think there's gonna get hurt you off if the heated but it acquire a Muller and much. I just don't I don't see that happening acting. I don't think you really make it seem that much better shooter yet I'm crop these language. He struggled operate a whole lot of the or not necessarily agree anymore. And I'd look at you are I have to even the ball great going out a dispute the use of good fuel for Miami or not. Many Zach here is this a trade where that the heat are trying to get future flexibility in terms of cap space so they are actually trying to legitimize themselves is a contender in the Eastern Conference and in the 2018 season. Well I mean I think pattern go into the thinking about wanna put my bet you momma boar you know obviously with the backdrop of yet I wanna be out. Like stability so again why this whole thing sort of Bob Vila Miami really involved. You know. Would they trade for Carmelo and and destruction and or release some or you know what what what would sort of happened with all the money I I need to know who the player who are all those annoying that Miami has been Carmelo. You know we really don't know what could be over featured artists that we coup. One of those things that discriminate we are I think ultimately what I have to do you want to get beaten back at this ability effort chairmanship. He'd get rid of some of the dollar that we all about right it's got to get rid of them are that if he can go after. The marquee names from alliance that he. Is Dave marquis names and not a marquee player and what he's not fat diet and though he you know he could help he. Definitely become even more competitive in these profits right away. But I don't think off an earlier better even though with the amount off off. Many Navarro joins us from Las Vegas where the summer league action continues to. Take place in the NBA. Many follow me on this a little bit that we ought to about the salary. But I look at roster spots and look at players and quality players that would demand playing time. I'll with the Derek Jones signing the other day what does that bring him up to eleven or twelve. Players. And let about players you got Wayne Ellington sitting up there they won back connected to the twelve you got Dwyane Wade wreckage of the thirteen got a Udonis income mega fourteen they sign the Duncan Robinson kid to a two way contract that did you have fifteen reg did it just seems to me yes wanna shed some celery. But it also seems like you were you would be better off. Just from a roster standpoint of doing 8882. For one Horry three for two type of deal. And then yes you get some salary cap relief so obedient but they just seemed to be running into the same problem is they have too many kinda good players. And these keep piling up yours received gonna bring back Dwyane Wade Udonis Haslem. They really come down a minute here we are will be right and I think. You know that the super quick and they don't Rick they don't bring Carmelo and traded made. I think are still looking to move. You know and somebody on this roster model sort of accommodate. When he men and boys and playing the point with their best player in the playoffs the way you could argue. But the most important where we're gonna see that I mean what will be greater or three corners. That you were 188 and and Yahoo! is pretty much predicated on or about game one when he was out of that fact he. Though. I think there's certainly interest or Miami or to bring both of those guys back. But with without he is rosters at the moment. You you got double somebody somebody have to get out of here and ordered me. The minute sport because so many guys who the guard position men and so. My guess is. Are there would be the number one guy to be on the move that they got the ninety million dollar aren't for everybody configurable. It is the only weird not feel. 186. He's the guy who could help you win. I think he's our guy and he got better stock right now than than Bob. While like that it puts everybody would book you have Bob. Concert will learn pioneers in the first guy. Maybe beyond Reuters it would seem cigarette I'm a guy coming off major act of Serbia I don't know. I think it is the move somebody silent Bob. Many DC the heat moving one of these younger guys they have and that a by AO. Or wins lower Richardson in order to clear some of this cap space in a situation where to trade for Carmelo Anthony. I think if I really feel that he's going to be a player for somebody who's gonna make this better creative it's one in 98. They've got you know back channel conversations with Jimmy Butler. Whoever's coming out of 2090. 88 the outlook on the Miami that I think I would move one of those young guys you look Miami at this site but it would have you have to deal. Pretty strongly that he would be the far corner to get back kind of guy. And you know not to move somebody young. I found it off losses. Minute there's another report. From love from Ager will your mouse give ESPN about Anthony. Being move doesn't expiring contract and then being waved a surge of becoming a free agent once his. Twenty million clears waivers now and without that may permit that to happen with the yes and no trade clause bomb is that a possibility won't be the advantage of somebody doing that villages. That Oklahoma City wouldn't would not take any money back is that was that would is that the Playboy. That that's the whole field and added that scenario that you would not be involved the salary to do that curls are I think you know. I think what Oklahoma City doing bookkeeper. You know he's been out child's feet maybe Sacramento cool or yeah Atlanta's world. Who say okay. We're gonna we'll we'll take Carmelo in which you gotta for the job with that maybe that's sort of a lot of work but it did and it makes Forsythe they were stretched. Carmelo although it would hurt their copies for the next. You know three years I think in the end and that's probably the Smart move for the amount they can get a trade daylight. And and maybe that's what's up you're maybe this is part of a conversation with. Or the people in Houston to think that. Hey let's make a three way trade here and we can get it Carmelo and an eighty foot or so with a better there's forgetting other good player member of the rockets are content that you. You know are really win the championship no one win away against the war so maybe maybe they feel that. It's worth you know. Whatever risk that they're gonna pay. Yeah and loss of Bob OTS and the clippers who Trevor reason for NC. To Phoenix they need afford he would fit in perfectly there I'm not I'm not denying that. Let me just a blip busy Jim that was just her just a second here. Tyler Johnson and the dog that was the none of them wanted to want a bigger reportedly want picked. The next first round pick would that get it done theoretically for Oklahoma City. What you'd have to include a little remorse dollar if powder arbitrate kicker. Which it's great that from a bite to eat three to 28 they keep it to get 22. So I think you have to include another player that by somebody on a minimum salary but in groups of I don't regard. But but again I. I don't he would have benefited okay he wants to be in a position where they can. You don't get out of the pack my ticket forty million dollar in guaranteed rights and I argued swap. Right at the right of the I just don't be he'll keep you to Miami directory of the victims are thirteen involved. And they're able to move money around I'll wait and there's been obviously so. Many what is justice was a kind of thin in in the picture and automatic only in the in the trade with Carmelo Anthony but. So the last year's rookie B I believe an end and we're not exactly sure arrested at the what he is inane who eat it if he were to resign as just reduce him before that he has started last year. You know you kind of strapped the heat of the salary cap again going forward where they stand with him BCE CO PD says they're gonna. Try and movie there now or at trade deadline there but they're gonna wait and see with him try to resign him in the off season. Well I mean look he'd he'd be restricted free agent next summer and and looking at the way that. I'm going to be more people money next summer. Which is looking at the way things went this summer with limited out that the district it's an agent. I think justice would opt out of a hell of a year that's coming between European you really heavily about him. Everybody knows that that the jump shot it really didn't they are no shot better. Require this year but. My guess the key will be sort of progress forward and see how he does this coming even before making any sort of lost a bit but I think it just comes out. They really really well and you feel like keep you in the form part of the future then you could be Miami. You know start to negotiate with a connection to bricks and he'll be restricted create the you know the public chant we keep all the match whatever property that's what you. Harmony at the tables there now before you get on a plane and and we'll sit there. In studio either special guests those of audio from Las Vegas to afternoon drive here on the ticket man to all within about ten hours span. And you can't wait for that thank you Manning. Our political Xperia line many tomorrow covers the the Miami Heat for the Miami Herald and many loved being with us tomorrow. Freshly back from from sin city they're brought to yeah the old three way trade. I think if you or Pat Riley is acting in your looking at. Does not. Is this is at the sister are here has been any trades. In the NBA for the most part when you look gramley right now. Has there been anybody dumb and anybody's salary has been a couple of minor the old little Charlotte. Made a couple of moves boom you know but they're just I mean I was just. And even those these images adds. But a finger pad here on. Hey there's not a lot of moves to make key here there's not a lot of trade partners this is one Obama. AM let's try to exhaust this as long as we came here. And and see if we can a get Carmelo if there early one tomorrow. But beat you if you'll lighten your your cap space even a few million dollars and you get out from under. Another year of Tyler Johnson. We got a two warriors right so it's basically okay yet you gain some flexibility. I think that's what you're looking for and there's just limited dance partners out there right now man and were. And we're sitting on the worse you know sit next to the wall there hold up the wall and the parties going on here. Well there's a couple things in for saw it like Manny said it doesn't necessarily make sense for Oklahoma City so we have to see if there's a third team involved there because of they're trying to. Shed salary Whiting is going to straight on take up I don't know what with a here's the thing out of auto policies motivations right now they're trying to shed the salary and they don't want to donate money next year. That's a that's fine that's one dynamic sense just to not take anything back but of their vegan okay Carmelo he's on the same player were over the cap all that stuff. And they're real but they like Tyler Johnson commercial try to win make up all Georgia Russell Westbrook they doubled to roster so they don't want we still we still wanted we still think we should compete here. And be the third best team in the Western Conference that is coming happens in Houston portal state we're gonna slide right in there. Bob but maybe maybe they think maybe they needed just as Wenzel like you maybe they need to limit a buyout and that would that would go over the top there. But I don't know exactly what Oklahoma City motivation is yes they wanna get out from under cardinal's contract. But I don't think they just they want I think they still want a player I think they still. Think that. You know they can compete in the Western Conference it just a one unload a player and not get anybody to fill that spot. Yeah and and hopefully fewer eighty to Miami look I understand the pat Riley's. Precedents to trade draft picks but there they're ready missing the point 11 draft take yet that that that trades gone around now. Through double teams and then if you don't have them any draft picks I I'd like to see in my and he kind of keep on it to some of these tropics here especially to taking 127 to twenty million dollar contract EE I get it it's expiring but you know that they need to start keeping some of these dropped. I develop some younger player IE you know I can easily disagree with you Oklahoma city's regular spam at a bio just as winds lower draft pick. Think Pat's morally and a par with that you know to young outrageous isn't Indians are well. Now I mean that's certainly not debatable yeah Heidi nobody. He'll Russia's didn't begin jammed up here with a bunch of players. Talk about minutes. Just it's very huge thing but will keep jagr is Carmelo Anthony report. New general announced some of the trade going down execution in Miami. Are the are the two front runners but this is certainly. A developing situation we'll keep tracking it which is a mere text messages here on the other side what do you think 6797 for the 679 some four. As he tried to get better is that to our days are special guest host then all of us all afternoon right here on some and I didn't take. Oh yeah as soon. Michael Ryan and members of the shipping container and Jay wake you brewing for the world. World soccer tournament semis final. Coming up tomorrow at 2 o'clock do Wakefield began releasing my tanks and shock of rush hour beer. For the game limited -- available to Wakefield Wakefield growing incidentally owns Kraft role in the heart of the one would arts district get there with Mike in the crew on Wednesday tomorrow. For the semis brought you buy in tonight and if someone. 43 XT two of the ticket won semis is already done. All argued that in headlines is now the 5 o'clock hour approaches Curtis Stevens alongside Zach toward day was in for the vacationing Chris Perkins and yes spurt it's a lot of vacation days but he uses them only this time a year usually. So while perk is out for the another week to be back with the so of this week and he's missed a lot of the action around here especially in the MBA. As the heat are inaction out in Las Vegas act. And it's 1410 right now with with Miami trailing the jazz. Of Butte tall about four and a half minutes to go in the in the first quarter Duncan Robinson. That's a monster big news today on now on that we can fill Rabbani and on that the heat sign him to a two way deal. Insight into a deal who has seventeen of 28 for threes up before hitting his first three corner of the cons as he has since missed another one. So overall through some really plays eighteen for what 29. On three pointers. I want to ask you this country and by the Syrian break. I think the MBAs and a fantastic job with the summer league and and kind of using that dead time in July right after the that the big big free agency hoopla kind of dies down. And here we are now we will we're almost in the middle of July and you know to do it this year we luckily we have the World Cup. Right in the next three seasons were not going to have the world and even the next forces because a World Cup in 20/20 was in the winter current the summer league. And the NBA free agency to me have been more compelling than Major League Baseball well. Okay you mean now I'm I wouldn't go that far but I can see where you you would you would say that maggots who were you would would prefer that over over baseball. The NBA is an a fantastic job a lot like the NFL of controlling the calendar and what they've done is. Through the course of the year. They they've spread their sport out to they started their starting earlier now so. Four was always Halloween. And even then I used to think you know credible basketball even as big as an immediate 101000 other anatomy season but really the start until Christmas right. But now you again it as people. Are into the MBA even earlier than normal the season starts earlier than than usual source now and mid October and it's stretches. Throughout into June. You have the Mitt the finals and you have the draft than you have for. Free agency. And with the summer league remember watching Michael Beasley play. His first summer league game on you know doing a doing a show years ago on a grainy. Computer screen an awful of the old or heal our land though that little Orlando jail where people were fighting for elbow room there. And watch Michael Beasley was debut that meet the mother had Warner to the summer league games on. You're on NB ATV Baghdad or ESPN pinellas you know that's ten years ago. Though not too long ago I now live every game on NB ESPN NB ATV. And obviously there's a thirst for it yes it's kind of a down period where you don't have a lot of lives sports especially every single day and night. But I do think people see the rookies play they're one seat. The young guys play in you look at the the property. How popular geely has grown in and gotten better there. And I'm with you minutes and a page of the NFL and people people or are into is no doubt. Case in point. Every time I turn on ESPN. At night some really bad basketball's not they're interviewing a general manager a coached a player to me distracted. I turn on TV date you know baseball games on ESPN. Which one while I mean I can guess Marlins nationals. On ESPN it was a fox needles on fox clarinet Firefox and I in the audio to a baseball. If metro locked into this building which you know who he was. I would know blog when and exactly my point. In my and the thing about my child is yes he's great baseball player. Going right now and you know he plays in a relatively big market and yes it's his stars still matter shiny. As you would say. Carmelo Anthony's is in the MBA at this point Brendan were talking about Carmelo. And in news you waited to to my truck yeah baseball I mean I not to not to its board against board. But but baseball's got some get some issues that they need to iron out with the with the younger folk and I don't know exactly how they how they fix that I still love baseball. I grew up with baseball. Blight and it's cut it was kind of my first kinda love. That quickly moved on due to basketball. A blight I I understand how how people are can get turned off I understand probably would I think this market though it's tough to really. Really gauge you know you go up north there's there's there's it's a read it become more regional sport where people are under their team jump the summer becomes normal lifestyles which in the colder city's work. The it to bounce of the ball park in the Weathers grave and beat up. You make a whole day of it went but yeah they got some they got some issues that they have to Al's got the all star teams that are the other day and delegates and they're there to do the best players of the league there's no doubt mr. ads and race them going. There might be like two guys might be in the hall famous poem obviously you're not mean I'm just like the others years where you had. Just name that you may run cal Ripken junior and bonds and it and you'll have all that's because the steroid stuff and not necessarily. And discount look at that at some of the guys. Am going and really you know like Wilson Ramos you know is okay the starting catcher of the American League on Nick Markakis. Is like as is the president great years of its like you know you. You used to you don't grow up in the not too long really look at some of those Lyon have to be Ken Griffey junior. And you know guys like that Barry Larkin at shortstop in his pocket and I. LE III just and looked obviously I I it's I speak or permit local perspective. My. I I could not care about is are now I'm sorry men like I I know that did the Red Sox are doing really well. I know that the Yankees are doing really well on the adds to me like peace policies not doing a service is doing a disservice to itself. Armed because I mean everywhere every time I turn on TV summer league basketball's on and and and the ads in different teams in this different players there's different coaches. Antley beyond baseball it's like. It's kind of right now for me man but again it's in the middle jibe at this is the only sport it's in season right now. And it and it bit to meeting just don't have the interest. I mean you again you turn on the national media shows Charny is being what are they talking about talking about baseball now though luckily wreck coming out of retirement via. Now was I mean yes baseball in time of season being too long and so on and so aren't so obvious as he was some of the all star numbers yet. With the home run derby wiping people enjoy and people like to see that and then the the all star game which will be a week from a week from tonight. On while fox of the the view of course all we got to hustle to get to here 67974. She wanted to jewelry on the tech science 67974. Six and 974 we have some news on Carmelo Anthony has Pat Riley Erik Spoelstra are courtside. Right now I'll Las Vegas watch in the heat's summer league team play were you an update on the score we come back. You also make a transaction today. Regarding Duncan Robinson but the big news is their pursuit of Carmelo Anthony and we'll explain that on the on the other side also. A former key player is a little bit perturbed about David Beckham's group with and Jorge mosques. Ruining one of his favorite golf courses no reached for a opposed soccer stadium will tell you that is in what he had to say coming up next. Puzzled at the 5 o'clock hour happy hour next here on seven items they're. Back you're on the take its quick reminder our seventh adding text club is the on nothing get earlier. Breaking sports updates and push notifications from all of our shows and hosts on our new radio dot com app. So download it now and make sure your you turn on notification is in the settings rated the economy new home for everything games have an Iranian FM 1043. It Steve to the ticket person per family here on 790. Stuck to our days in for Chris Perkins all afternoon long has the as per. His vacation extends here throughout the the course. Of the the week as he takes the time before the dolphins season what are we or some sixteen days away from army officer and general opening up Zach who who so they have yet to be Ric Flair there are real and rounds on sixteen days away don't get too excited they're united but the all of us let me ask you this question real quick. Are you excited more excited for Miami Dolphins training camp. Miami Hurricanes. I think I think the no brainer as the hurricanes that may mean if if you're if everything's equal where you're a a Saturday guy in a Sunday guy. Then then how can you not be saying about the hurricanes yet but I'm pumped and I that we that I mean especially the way they kick off the season against a team and a program until issue on that stage. Labor Day weekend my buddy and I Sunday night down Labor Day weekend night that Sunday night Jerry's house. You know big crowd big broadcast all that stuff. How in the U win that game and you know I I don't know with a priest is appalled have them I've seen them as high as sixth. And hands in on as low as a wanna say sixteen. Or eighteen maybe. But if you win that game your probably. You probably jump and in the top ten somewhere you're probably in they're not that means anything but just the buzz if you win that game. You know everyone's going to be there was going to be excited and every doing that. But Padilla how can you how can you not the big easier if are all things being equal you would say you would say the hurricanes but the dolphins. In that regard. You know it's quarterback back so you got to be excited about that mean if you're the most. You know lukewarm Fey in on Ryan Tammy hill. What you went through last year were tick color and that whole mess. You have to feel really good about it right ten opener I've always been a right Tenet and excited yeah I was on one of the few people a day since the inception of Bryant and still others like are you excited and I I mean exciting and. And years you're gonna. I mean how would lukewarm and I we are going to be like what you its quarterback record that's that there's a lot of unknown factors we were dissing looked he did to meet the operative line. The dolphins seems better blood. You know he's Kenny stills acuity is to look at. I don't what you I have zero faith in the body Parker despite. Until I see it not gonna believe what about it Parker did do has been a complete waste of talent thus far. Since he's been drafted. I I would like to I would like him to play up to the potential that public surrounded him when he was drafted but I haven't seen. Kenny stills and a more wider series. I don't really see it either I'm but I'm excited about Lilja. In those guys are I think that's why the only the year they're hoping on. Have this this across the board where everyone gets 45 catches. For 700 yards in six touchdown Louisiana I think they have three or four or those guys and Albert Wilson and Danny Amendola. I think his recollection this dissect DT yeah could be in the tight ends you know I mean there's there's a lot of no matter by the huge quarterback back got a feel good about that. I just I I just for me I don't know but the defense meant I was sorry I have to believe in his defense for years okay. They they had one of the worst defense is a couple years ago and will low on the whole Vance Joseph gets a head coaching job. Off of that when he sixth ranked defense and then what are we do we promote. The head coach of the worst unit of the team. An and not a name is is is is to go linebackers coach and remember Matt Burke they promote Matt Birk who who's the cornea of the worst unit on the defense and a year. With the linebackers we've from exact guy that two defensive coordinator which makes no sense the defense was lost several times last season. But couldn't stop a nose bleed so. I don't have a lot of faith and deacons. I know I mean I would say yeah meaning and they're count on a couple guys that they've they've drafted. You know the end of the NCAA the rhetoric on real nobody didn't get hurt mean you're basically getting to draft picks the make of its Patrick has got to be a player and I think he will be. A player. So Austria I mean I just and you get your starting quarterback back from fuel until twelfth two years ago I understand you lost lot of guys of the team. It's hard to not at least be optimistic about that aspect of all of things not predicting that they're gonna win the division or to anything my dad put. Hard to believe that the cancer passed. The win total from my from a season ago 67974. But yes sixteen days away from my program there. Training camp just. And he you know they erect all right merry go way general Jim now ski this is about an hour and a half ago. Zach Amir about a rate to a come on the air we get we will bomb globe and here into it's a moral value as a many would bomb. He texted or tweets out story filed to ESPN to this wasn't per say MO. But he follows up on. And here's what between out in advance of and in habitable if not imminent parting. The Oklahoma City Thunder Rinna Carmelo Anthony permission to meet with prospective teams including Houston and Miami. Meeting took place in Vegas in recent days. Danica we mentioned two teams they're Houston and my Emmy. All right pat rallies in Vegas search portion is in Vegas are watching you play Utah Jazz right now. And then falls up with another tweet about twenty minutes after that one. And says thunder are working on trade scenario were Anthony 34. It's his age would be moved as an expiring contract and we've becoming a free agent wants his forty million dollars clears waivers. Okay seem easy and needs that Anthony's permission to waive no trade clause which he has done to facilitate its exit sources said. Ours to a human you're listening in on these these heats concede they seem. To continually be connected to Carmelo Anthony ever since the news that Carmelo Anthony. Has. Has been you know will not return to Oklahoma City and some former fashion. These have been immediately connected to him. They're kids that's not as Dwyane Wade and our bodies I you know. Well first of all I think if if they somehow mining leader able to shed. A salary or two off the books. The as a mission the first hour they all all the guys they have Syron are signed two years. So it if we can shed some of that salary. I'm off Portland plus Mel does bring us a sense of intrigue and interest of the season next year because. You know he was playing out of position last year Oklahoma City played about four never done and his career. Any any did have his best three point shooting season that as a professional you eat eat the only shot 40% from the floor in total. But you know they're they're there is still something there with Carmelo Anthony I do think you breezy and a sense of intrigue to this team doesn't really have right now to do I think it makes his team. Better. No I don't think it does but that might not be the end game here. I think maybe there's a shot that. And look you always hear this with the heat when they kind of renovate. Guys' careers right is especially in the in the latter stages of their career. I guys to not a Miami have their best season. And it's typically when they're in a contract hearing guess what Carmelo is in either a contract year because he's a free agent next season photos of the regularly throughout southern he was a deal so Levy making get him to buy into the heat program he culture. Hashed Nike culture then maybe maybe they Yassin and there but. You know the size the setting of the salary. I I had this doesn't excite me a whole bunch now. It also depends on what how how this all comes about if he comes to Miami. And its CE trade who are they trading what are they trading what assets are they giving up because I the if you ask me. Need they should be learning their lesson. From not. Having a lot of trade glass is that this points they have a few young guys they have a few feature about first round draft picks. But other than that. Did did they don't have much to trade and you see a team like the Boston Celtics who are now probably need the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference they've got to watch young guys they have a bunch of NASA saturate. And in that dated doesn't seem to it to be coming to an end for the Boston Celtics so you'd like to see Miami kind of position themselves. It took in to a spot where they have some assets in the future. Whether they'd be one assigns a buddy of free agency whether they wanna be able to trade for somebody and you can't keep trading away your assets and look I I understand you try to get some flexibility year. Play at a certain point. You gotta you did did this is it working its not working a double off fourteen Riley empty Riley here but it's it's now working they've they've been able to do nothing. Because they needed to have their hands tied behind their backs because of what they've done the last couple bucks -- its earlier text messages on this here as as we continue on here refers to get to 5 o'clock in the. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar. Radio talk. Come station yeah we have our first. World Cup finalist France beats del jumble one to nothing wrong side. The front side a EU meet the UDT header with signs that the first minutes since France to the World Cup final they'll play the winner. Of Croatia in England which is tomorrow. I'm not sure. How that match is going to take place considering decoration of players were dropping supplies for days ago when in England you know let's England French final what does that do for England France final. Mean those are two big teams are now. You know it. Some like you know you got like I think has been a great welcome I like the integration there I would really what I've integration before it's an awesome place an ID traditional white but and that did. Based on Saturday night. I don't see any even a goalies Tampa that are now legal. The goalie is grant a pick I think that's crazy totally doesn't do much silver a lot of you'll root against England that's for sure though so the weird corporation tomorrow. Let's see also all over on the diamond Mauna czar. Looking for aid is second win in a row Isiah actually not cite their third win in a row as they beat Washington. On Sunday night in the last night they come back. Walked off winning it's a brewers. They have hobble open when they're younger pitchers on the mound tonight when known five point 73 ERA Julie's shots scene that takes the mound. Where the brewers 73 with a three point six the REIT ER eight. That that this does the Marlins I want to document through this house has. The week and and and we try to assist in the person. When they when their goal Dominick on the streets with the aid they beat the Mets and I think two and three a couple of days ago they were when he says some baseball again before that look. I known we want we want our teams to win I did it's. But at the same point. This team is not built to win baseball need to look and they'll lose. Upwards of 859095. Games were evident here beatle tour they're gonna like I I. Happy for these this team winning baseball games that I come down hard on the Mona I am not a Marlins and I'm not a fan of the approach. A twenty years of trading away your best players Mario you know I can't. We do because I'm watching the game last night and they wanted to make. So what I have I have my one you know we didn't believe Marlins game so you want them to lose I don't know I hate losing I'm stunned and am stuck you know in other. Purgatory right now I think you're up you know doing one there if you want to have that you know have a feeling towards the Marlins religious don't care. Would you want him to lose to the one you want them to get a better draft pick or something or just want to lose Alice by its sound so stupid because it's it's a Major League Baseball draft yet I want to have a trap of getting our itself so dumped it here myself you know I know I've got just one week earlier on and how dumb you are just I don't want them to lose despite. Okay you know to get in there eating when they're cute ears and he loses a game and in July oh you know apparently you do but no but I would just remind you exact 262 games like they're going to win a few here and there bu I -- still going to be going they're still gonna get a very high pick Lou there's still going to be one of these these big. One of the worst teams in baseball. There's just a lot of bad teams in baseball. And it's like in a 162. Now and ever actually have some real players. I think Martina pronto back now they actually got some like some real MLB guys that are in that clubhouse. You know with Justin Boren real mute so and you know you got to. Along those as a hero for what it is and you me I should have some real guys we stagger writers turn to a pretty good pitcher. He's gonna get traded in -- weeks probably yeah exactly that's exactly again OK let's root for much guys who are not going to be a year into his prayers yeah. Lot of them honest thing that's what the Marlins and they suck you win into getting emotional out these players and he got some of the best players in baseball what do you do these two bomb off. Every every player Lamar to split up played here for lacking I don't know how the real one arts as big year for ten years. Maybe conine after but it through and into the means different stints corrects the repeated my point exactly man. How would you target and again all attacks drew second rounder right now. Leg I don't know of this is the year and I'll think there's a lot of people that are going to be in mentally that some people got a text to speech to see checked records a lot of people there's going to be a lot of fuel they're going to be broking broken under a mad man time and had a little bank loan. If they you know lately I think it is so to waste time with his team they never invest in their place as they move JT riddle in the offseason I don't know I don't know if there's going to be another knowledgeable starling Castro because they had GT road on nobody cares about GT NS you know I'm sorry GT Rudolph you're listening on offense and I think -- behind everybody everyone does gnome. At that point to a morals and a much. This anti Marlon that's all on our part and that pretty clear that a Purdue. Only the headline we got monopolies Real Madrid joins Juventus. Leaving Real Madrid after nine years a hundred million dollar or so million Euro switching leagues now and trying to stuff where switching leagues did you make this a terrible to American sports is just like. They can and you bogus anyway the Australian basketball team is outstanding and they. Well and above me try to think of the army teams have different leagues. Yeah I really can't that I really can't get it at the citadel or light of the signals a part of the NFL. So later Rodgers went from. The Packers and signed with the Tron organized yet sanity in Somalia whatever I mean that's there's none of the multiple leagues there different I've leagues but. Yes that's the it's big news of the of the day also a headline that made me laugh we're gonna get to or gave to them in the side also. There is of opposition either would be to Beckham minority monster stadium planet comes from a a pretty big names here in South Florida who low. Is golf that's for sure we'll get to that the next right here on some nine to. Yeah me. Once there was no chance the weather authority team was certified neurologist. Betty Davis former director of the National Hurricane Center and hurricane specials Max Mayfield. And hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross that is the dream team as the warriors. Of hurricane coverage right there man there unbeatable. To giving up today on all the latest storm news this season are storm coverage on the target is sponsored by BNT service is protecting you with the PGT impact windows and doors. QB a today this hurricane season right here on am seven any NF from 1043. HD two the Tigger. Radio dot com station Kristi it's alongside dec workday was in for perked. On this afternoon and now we'll keep up today as a lever approaching halftime. Tween he and the U taught Jack as. In the in the summer league Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra saw 21 Howard courtside at all watching the the heat to butts. Could they be oh watching and talking about Carmelo Anthony. In a possible and a possible trade scenario we've been talking about labor to jump in your car on this. Tuesday afternoon trying to get home to or from work our newest member of the Miami Heat Duncan Robinson. Nine points on three by shooting from 3M makes him. 24. Workers 32 you've got to tally on and that earned him to a contract that happened today before. The the game and heater up 4745. With about sun under tens of Israel before half time to go today a lot while fall while. Conclusion that game before react to you got a list of going on we get to former key player who is come out opposed. To the to the soccer stadium which is gonna go to a vote on Thursday the proposed soccer stadium in entertainment complex everything that David Beckham or he must have have plans. We're gonna get that story Ramon could this make me laugh. And that is savior if your with me here on this one I saw this headline last night and it's been float around today a little bit here. But. The headline. It was Philadelphia out was strongly considered. By LeBron James. And the story that. There they're managing partner Josh Harris in the coach in. Not everyone thought that they had they had an excellent chance of winning LeBron James and they felt that the that LeBron strongly considered. Joining the Philadelphia 76ers. And you know I read the headline in the read the story and I go okay. Heating heating shoes you guys. Is that like is that I mean. You lost on LeBron James. Why would you why would you just well but he was really considering knots though he strongly considered honest which is BS I we have no idea if LeBron did or not. I think that's just saying what they wanna say but why you like any of the trying to make themselves your fans feel better are you trying to make ourselves like yeah you know I'd. LeBron. All we almost got LeBron slamming were were were in the right direction here like to know it's like asking the girl out and she says. You know I strongly consider you a but what went out and I'm gonna go on the go with a Michael. On the up on the date there put you know I strongly consider even though. So you kids over there you keep Philadelphia at an army and in new you know maybe they're looking for. Something T will make them feel Letterman situation doesn't divide that is exactly what to doing it is admitted to took such a loser dealing mine you want to lose it. We might he would ever do that like I write what we are strongly. Consider like. To make it to make a point it could say like you know what we felt good about our meeting according Hayward. Pablo money you could say all that some and we thought it would well we don't we're in the running all that stuff but Philadelphia may appoint this to come out and say. Like yeah it be avoided for the lakers and there's you know I'm a proud leader in Philadelphia. Yeah yeah I don't I would never happen at Miami personal no it's Agile it's it's a loser. Just the way of looking army. It's city Philadelphia matters from the practice and bases in terms of lightness in the being cordial to other people. So you know maybe they're trying to I mean they did throw a lot of weird stuff lately with the Jerry Colangelo stuff coming down and now they're they're they're. You know flaunting and they were these second and obviously a lot. As them to cement its rights and then I'd be in to the punch regularly bring up that's a mindset about hey were last year. Occurs and Gordon Hayward about Miami. Miami and pat themselves on the back for finishing second in the Gordon Hayward suites sweeps the rights not a sort of Hayward said we don't Miami's one is it was close. It wasn't Pat Riley jumper and a denouncing and which secular on Gordon Hayward man we are strongly considered. By Kevin Durant. You got and again and maybe they should make themselves feel better about the whole situation now I don't know. The more I think about that situation on the bridle or Philadelphia. I got before it happened at that be one of the best fits the and I you know I thought about. The more and now Benson is he's the ball in his hands as he's not a shooter so what do you do with LeBron a situation if LeBron. In the has the ball as men's and is an easy and she appeared so you said this yeah I'm not sold on affiliates and everybody else's for the royal wedding Boston is that the much brighter future it was right now I need to move more to Simmons. And MB more soothing to MB needs to stay healthy and play a full schedule but. You said this when we were on the air. And it was the day after LeBron signed with the lakers last Monday and you said LeBron. Doesn't wanna win or his first priorities that's not his main priorities not when correct. And I kind of I was like man that's crazy to LeBron is like we read to me I view him as the ultimate competitor lots of black. And they thought about it a little bit more. And kept thinking about it and LA's the perfect perfect match for him. As far as what he wants to accomplish off the court almost things. But and I always thought it will win Leo perk nice talk about this the last couple months leading up to where he might go on all those things usually Cleveland. There's all there was going to be a commercial tax this whole thing there's going to be some sort of marketing campaign. He was just gonna end up in Minnesota playing with Carl Anthony towns and injure wigand's 'cause he likes those guys like that was gonna do nothing for his brand. Nothing for his future after basketball. I can lean in a lot of different places now he put his trust in LA that means he wins one ring in the next four years in a way. And that one happened to Devin to dethrone Golden State and that's going to be enough for him. He's he would have won in three cities one in in in three you know winning Cleveland. After all those years of you know losing. But it was it's more it was it was more of them more than about more about fastball like Philadelphia okay you're an Eastern Conference great. It's easier you play remarkably young guys great. It's Philadelphia. They got some history there but let me look at LA just makes all the sense in the world when you look at me when I connect all the dots about. Movies and market being in OK you're hanging when magic Johnson and in your play with a great franchise. You know what they'll figure in the roster out at some points. And even if they get one championship out of this thing. They're gonna there it's gonna be deemed a success I'm Los Angeles and the can be camp prequel to what processor look like in years 34 and know if this thing last last longer than that. Lou we we're not gonna know what's what does it look like until then but I feel comfortable saying this and in the foreseeable he chain in this year. Now anything next year at the Los Angeles Lakers are not beating for an NBA title like who may be very good basketball team and the probably in the playoffs. I don't think they're top four seed I don't see them get into the western powers finals I don't see any of that. LeBron had difficulty in the Eastern Conference with the Indiana Pacers. And the Boston Celtics missing their top two stars you can tell me he's gonna have success out west. This year potentially. On his own. With a slight maybe it's a slightly better Austin and he had us I don't know is it is asleep at this point as currently constructed by the Los Angeles Lakers better than Cleveland Cavaliers were last year. He's gonna get through from top to bottom of the set I think top to bottom their problem Kevin Love kept Kyle Korver George Hill you eating model ball is is that is better than what did you sub Camelot like that that's that's the only that's the only card to play there where Kevin Love up or maybe that's another all star. Well George Hill is nothing special don't you do you do the lakers have and also probably I mean bring in Ingram is ism is an emerging guy that they think can simulate the easy making all trial less I I would think play when LeBron yes you'll be on all sort of the sheer you know -- coups mile Alonso ball. You know Rondo can still play a little bit we will see how all the pieces work but I do think a senate JaVale McGee. Physically and the roster overalls better I mean OK they interest in Thompson I mean I'm he got upset Kevin Love there was nobody special on the cavs roster the lakers least I'm a couple of guys that have a chance to be special but I'm with you overall. I think just that LeBron they can with the games will be a top foresee it may be leased or copper in the west ran out of that in his cup which he. Has too many good teams steaming its I mean I just adds that the bronze or go to LeBron wants to do it he will do it. But they're still fifty win team there but this roster. Is not. What it's going to look like I mean you know next year or even at the trade them on me they are just getting there does there does getting. Kind of started here and there there's more guys there's more moves to be made here if he was in the Eastern Conference annual he only had to play goal in the state two times a year in Oklahoma City two times a year usage now he's up they'll seize more times a year. Are your. One adult CNET team. Ousted in tough I could be wrong. The western comic is loaded. Slowly but I mean he brings. The thing is that she brings. Mimi got LeBron James you're gonna like to all starts now just getting LeBron McGee that's how I look at it but you're bringing your bringing 25 wins with you. To a team that won thirty you know one Thirtysomething and rational and this one is a broad thing 82 games but it wasn't always the final days little mileage he wants to like they're not they're not going to be 500 team that your being in the seventh race in the Western Conference every shot. Well the seminary of the senate and 8 season eastern and the western covers us here at forty went a familiar with the 300 NASA and as it did it wouldn't. Let me the Emmy and Obama thing is you look at. The deal look at the west just on the surface. Golden State in Houston. Give me who who else is is locked it in Portland was 3-D C last year. I don't think they're really duplicate that they got their own issues and even on a spree that OK my New Orleans lost Rondo a cousins who look cousins of her half the year and Jews ran. Yeah I mean many other bet on the lakers I would Nazis Oklahoma City is a wildcard to me. You look at San Antonio no idea what would disperse I think I think it's you know we don't know any about right now is the number it is a guy I don't know anything about anything because they they based they drafted a guy who was supposed to be top three. Michael Porter. Right okay so I think how good is no different this new one giveaway for missing the playoffs last year one channel and SATA guy who's supposed to be top three you may be no. Let me that's great and and you Todd Donna Mitchell's going to be a star like all postings are nice teams and I'm LeBron James but I had dinner today I'm taking LeBron James van. And auxiliary pieces to be to you pause the Denver as. Who whoever whatever mid level. Team you want trouble Portland's whatever mid level Western Conference team you wanna throw at me out among take LeBron James an Indian were on the idea to do with its. From what I have for in the we will have to have a communal yes I wound. You'll have to ask me twice on the fact that I honestly tell 74. We're gonna get to a bunch your tax Syria we've been neglecting the tax which I certainly apologize we did some your text messages here. Coming up on the on the of the central Texas she'll feel free to do so. The heat looks like they're in on Carmelo Anthony below we'll get back to that on the on the other side also update you on their summer league play here. As other taken on the Utah Jazz as we speak out Las Vegas to win their own to. In in Vegas summer league it's that next here on seven I didn't take. Basically placed around. Pleased to be for the final soccer tournament match coming up on Sunday July 15. No one's semi final. Over and unless we go one up finalists at Saturday at 9:30 AM and we all goes down that my Bud Light official beer of the two Dudley tee fifa World Cup. Dear friends goals of the city placed arousal did northwest 36 street and you can second avenue in a row watched the game on a giant screen if there will be plenty of entertainment and surprisingly the chance to win tickets to see Real Madrid. For Barcelona play. At all sponsored by Cleveland clinic and rip it energy drink real energy for real people. Was outlined by the exactly him an idea I attribute it all to you my man. It is on my hotspots is flown by there yeah jungle. Cheer on your own hot sauce June oh yeah. Because listen when you when you wanna eat healthy. It's not exactly the most savory food ever. So I got to Dow's it was some noise reduction hot sauces government bear little very little you know. Caloric intake during there was zero yeah friend got some Frank's red hot here zero calories than you're you're eating something over there in the mused out throughout south we have time for his amazing eating hot sauce with whatever that right now at a party and put it isn't putting cardboard on hot sauce yes aren't on hard woods is trying to eat healthy and I'm with you brought your in good shape and you're gonna look at is that you want nutritional advice here needs. No more boring it is the better it is boy that's. Litmus test that's a you can see amount in the board. It's that's for sure one thing is not the target really boring here. And that George is it with a saw all afternoon here. Infer in for perk you can text the show's 67974. On the Tex signed get back to the Carmelo Anthony pursuit as well which. Had some it's an interesting tweets. About two hours ago. And now we're gonna organ that we read them amend rehash settlement here we've been in now talking about it are quite a bit here as the Miami Heat. Our lives is now in summer league action. Taking on the Utah Jazz in Europe 58 to fifty to about 67 minutes to play them at a bio with a thirteen points. Ford via Miami Heat budding former key player. And a man who had to arguably the biggest shot in franchise history Ray Allen. Has has made an appearance. On now on instead Graham. The end Ray Allen is. Is basically. Bringing brings some opposition to David Beckham and his partners vision for a new stadium complex for the new MLS team. Which they're going to properly unveiled to the city commission to vote on it on Thursday. And then if the masses the city commission that it would be put on the ballot. In in November so also rates have to instead Graham. And he kind of had a long. They on here I well you know I'll just read it here yet it a big picture of Mel Reese country club which is. You'll know the big golf course next to mine international airport. So that's already so that's where the proposed stadium and the entertainment complex all that stuff that they that the they play on have a soy. Now post a picture of the Mel Reese country club on mr. Graham. And now he's at Trey for by the way that's as handle. And here's what Ray Allen had to say this is Hillary's golf course or international links of government Miami it's the course. That is located right next to Miami national airport this week there's proposal to Terre a majority of the cores down mentally soccer stadium there Norris has awesome first tee program. That is ran out of this course there really to John children the game of golf and gives them a public place to play not to mention all the great tournaments and events of course post. If your unfamiliar with Miami at all there aren't too many public courses for our kids to play at this Thursday July 12 the one fortified the B town hall meeting on whether or not the stadium should be built. Whatever you choose now's the time has become of you wanna keep this beautiful plot of land. As it isn't keep this stadium for being built to Wear orange in solidarity to on the meeting or sign this petition. On line. All right so that's that's Ray Allen or or who by the way if you don't you're gonna buy now rounds of the golf. So around rail by coming off from Kamal eighteen right now. After playing through it I played 36 or if it's for bush and not push at 6 o'clock your rounds of a golfer. And we welcome this yesterday as it we will Manso on and enemies and I were to get this thing around there will be opposition. Two to this proposal here. Are and we'll see how this goes down we'll see if Ray Allen who's a big names still missed down. Ray Allen you know people shall see if this was politician it's any traction we'll see how if you will show wearing orange. To the the committee here I don't have a horse in the race and that's what a dumb rights. Oh we can screwed over silly times on here. And leaving a resident of Miami Dade County. You know if you look at Broward do you like you don't care really about the man you guys read the bill you guys guys did you ever down there. I didn't edit your awesome up 95 not a word body fitness is no particular watch again. Then as well yes what is right on the important hits what that's good that's good that's been there at so if number Arafat be sure. I like that yeah you're like OK guys you guys you guys had let down there you all you are you crazy feel that a Miami. But as a resident Miami Dade county and the taxpayers a homeowner all those things. Yeah screwed over by a Marlins park. You're a little bit gun shy here on a on a proposed stadium deal especially giving up county land. I'm not for or against but I do think this should be vetted as much as possible and I can understand. People like Ray Allen being yeah. Oh we don't what do we need to soccer stadium for why did you play it Marlins park what did you play in hard rock stadium. I know the answer to that but they don't want their golf course to go away I can understand that as well. On that look I I'm. I'm with you mom and I'm not a Reza my Stanley is though I'm not a resident of Miami Dade County anymore in my Stanley is though. On a visit down here very often obviously. But I'm I'm with you don't have only have a horse in the race say Eads sounds indeed the development of the soccer in what everyone a colleague conglomerate sounds like a great idea. Mom and I need to agree Allen's biggest dud it deterrents. To doing this is is you know what it brings to the use and all that support this would. Potentially that did this soccer stadium would potentially bring a lot for the youth as well. To write and let you correct me if I'm wrong but soccer is more popular lingle also monks are user rights like we have a lot more kids doing soccer in the golf. I could be wrong on that won't have pretty sure I feel comfortable saying rate. And then also there would be coming out on the number of tournaments I put. My guess would be my guess would be yes. And then you know that first tee program Broussard amount that is going to continue or is going to be had a lot of golf course and that's that's my enemy is all okay late. It's gonna be another golf course so what if that's your biggest argument for. That's not going to go away that can happen somewhere else and at the same time I think that this. Is it sounds like he can bring a lot to the community is well not just you know having a and we heard I've heard a lot of the talk about this and on the station and efforts are really good points about. We don't know how the community's going to react to a local soccer team however I do think that. One of the parts with soccer in the Saddam now I'm going macro here and I'm not going micro and macro dissident this this this take is that. And America doesn't really develop its soccer players. And we don't really have the facilities. Further used to development in their soccer star and that's why. The united seasonality is in did not make the World Cup to cannot be Trinidad and Tobago go to college in a mad Trinidad Tobago. To make the World Cup who in and we start to dig deeper into that problem we get into though well. Il are used are not playing soccer are you are playing baseball and basketball on this and that and while they are using the solar. It's still one of I think it's still number one among among little little guys but then once you go in little gals who wants you to a certain age but I grab a soccer like coming out played soccer in the I kind of got to Hillary Jewish seminary in Milan real Olympic baseball to play you'll tackle football favorite basketball whatever and then I just never went back the soccer. But I mean it's still you because it tigers still easier sport to play when you when you throw a punch a six year old a five year old Julia a couple met two you know ball. They're going to touch the ball on have a good time and it's you know it's pretty simple. And then you know I think kids what happens it just kind of grow out of that for whatever reason. A there's not any soccer players to really watch leave the house growing up. But you know you watch jordin player you watched. You know Don Mattingly played or strawberry new watched Marino play in a back in the Little League soccer guys to watch and you kind of gravitated towards that. But. But it's still I think very popular thing at some point you know the kids is obviously grow out of it. Huckabee and promote quick record when he had a little tweet storm where. Rob Mossad had 44 million dollars in revenue will be made when it's really 21 element 21 live is made up. I did just aren't so then I got the same thing to do what little mental work for a ball parks are well will be weeklies and mostly on the bill even. My regarded right here with a tournament that's it expected back on the bill. And the build a whole other issue of lying according amongst. When you've got about a month and blood of Islam buddhism you know according debit card but okay well short money. All the second sort of a bit. All right it does mean a civilian these things are never cut drive they David sounds too good to be true usually is. And I just wanted to be vetted properly. Before we start building more stadiums for you know teams that nobody's gonna go to war might not go too bad that's all. And you know we get a bunch of text on the on. On the subject garbage proposed site for the soccer stadium text writes in next to the airport you kidding me oh thank you should be in downtown. By the American Airlines Arena. It's privately funded the county land does benefit you. In any way well the county land is the counties it can be it does have to be used for private enterprise it can be to remain as a golf course or the county can use it as it sees fit. That's that's the that's the key it's the county to do for. What they wanna do that our departure and record and recreation I support the project because it will also be a public park that don't host events and add green space. Golf courses also had a lot of natural damage. With the chemicals and pesticides okay. Let's see what we don't have enough golf courses in Miami. Or golf courses at every turn spare me or Tia rich guys just go to another course. It's public course there are many of those around. No this is going away regardless of the losing money for a long time rather average soccer complex than an office building there. I'm with ray this pony land at home said that did not even consider that far down let's make the 836 more congested. I lament publisher bill to stadiums one open roof and one dome it's a oh win win. And you know 141 against 141 against keeps going on in my that was in the view of soccer and you're stadium here yet you're before the for the for the project I do but. I just. You know I just wanted to be vetted properly and put on the ballot and we'll see what the OC with the commissioner. Burris who would commission goes on doors in the Woolsey what voting public does we've put a group put the Marlins park on the ballot this is the funny is that you almost part if I just told everybody. Well as that probably now ten years ago eleven years ago I said. New baseball stadium yes or no. What do you think what do you think percentages on that would be. I don't even mention. Was saying four. The fight and sing. All the guidance as you know baseball city and that door to a yes or no would be the Yucca would have been if I was to put to a public ballot. For every resident of Miami Dade County news at ten years. About what they were when they would should have been on the ballot of 1011 years ago yes. Nothing now out Alice Alice sport I don't think you would get there would have gotten 25 to 30% Pulitzer yes. And then that's even before I tell you how it's gonna be paid for. There was no clamoring by any sort of fan base that the Marlins need in the new stadium that was just kept telling you that some commercial that you lost the job because. We're told who did for a lot of the recalled yeah I mean yeah and clearly but I would talk about the financing and how the stadium. Got to the Dow was Demi nobody in the right mind recital format but the I just told residents of maybe they telling not sports and residents of Dade County okay. Twelve years ago it's at. Should we do you want a new baseball stadium. It would have been 730. Against. Not angry with yet you rationing may ninth that the big wreck at the baseball perspective right now and other relevant to perfect this book and forget about getting into housed in the house who get paid for and you're gonna pay for also just hate doing into baseball sitting around here. Normally held no what do you remember. All sitting around portal also to weather anyway. Baja. Omelet in and the like I just hate you when soccer stadium. Mean you're. And why do we need a soccer stadium your labor and the soccer got what a great while like you could put the ball players what they do this. But that's a legitimate question I consider a molest those when that happened. Let your basic pay we need to build a soccer stadium here I guess you are kernel panic I I don't know the answer to this but like to a lot of MLS teams. Share their stadiums. Some of the estimates some some do and and did some some do once it's about half I think. The most of all odds of say a most of them have their own stadium. And any isn't MLS season like Al. Yeah most of them have their own in the middle baseball's Internet and that's what I'm Ellis wants them all of once their own stadium and they won in Miami which I don't proud if you want to be built. If you're going to build a build to successfully I will get to the 6 o'clock hour to go back to Carmelo Anthony and and to your text messages as well. Coming up next Reggie Johnson and I'm you to see. His disrespect and. Check. I'll take. There's only one way it was in the you know you're Smart device or computer that's. With the radio dot com abhorrent radio that Thomas or stream is everything else here. Looking for some doubt the reveal that come out now no mister Faber to future overdue that come new home audience and I mean if from 104362. The ticket currency with alongside Zach toward as I will take up until 7 o'clock you're pressed play on these 6 o'clock hour we'll give an update on the Miami Heat. As they look for their first win in that in summer league play audio back to the Carmelo Anthony thing. Here but. The the text machine it's it's funny on subjects like this is if you're a soccer fan. Like yes demean blitzes such as Canada be honest about all this if you like soccer. You would want a soccer. Team in your home in your town. So yes you know you don't Heidi you don't have to say. We all these other things to say I like soccer and I wanna soccer fan just like ray Allen's like I like golf. I would don't want them to tear down one of my favorite golf course is in Miami. I want them to keep this because this is something I do this is this is in the best interest of meat on a when it comes to public. When it comes the public lands which is this is look this is about. And what's the best interest for the public that's where a majority. Will rise and we're gonna get. A vote on that. In the majority is going to win out what's best used for the land in a public capacity so I don't you know I had no problem if you if you wanted if you don't want it. I just wanted to be vetted properly. I wanted to be a success for everybody. Doesn't mean soccer. Here we get another sports team Zack in our town that's better for us that's better for business that's better for what we do for a living that's more interest. In more people listening to us will be talking about the team all these different aspects of things. I just wanted to be done right as somebody that's lived here most of my entire life outside of a couple of years in college. And claimed to die here. That I don't want it to be the Miami arena where it's gonna be obsolete and is gonna turn into a flea market in ten years. Right yeah we've had you know certain situations where we had franchises here for a short period of time and I do believe it won't go head soccer team here right. Well you'll had few soccer team we have analysts team unity and do what happened at Miami fusion yes and you know there's you know Howard I wanna spin now one neo management wasn't very good. They seem to be gaining they did gain some traction as far as attendance Austin Jackson goes as far as attendance tendons went up about three to 4000 for the first three years. And they played a locked car was was exactly my deal venue whether was centrally located to a lot of different people but a lot of variables are going this thing if it's going to work or not. But I just wanted to be to be vetted properly. And I hope it's a huge success whatever they do I hope all the decisions that are counting makes. Then that they work out of their better for our community unfortunately that's not the takes right and look at Amway together in in that we've heard this before we we've heard this story being told Elizabeth Warren and prime example as Marlins park well mullah mons ballpark right now where. Like 2000 mentioned lasting and they haven't built a lot of what they say they're gonna build because they're not able to because it's not attracting. As many people as they thought it was very. Nobody wants to go on so their businesses there in the promise all these businesses and that's usually what a plane is able in the stadium and then the you know attach all these other things. Mineral shiny around into a wall we're gonna build this a bill that he ended. That's great but if it doesn't have him you know the main thing is they wanna get a stadium built that's that's what the solves all about some about convention space or anything like that it's about getting an MLS team in town and getting a stadium built to house that team but we're going back and forwards touched and Michael I know what it would have like normal economic group happened look at. Our heart rocks they don't like to. I live there. They're an economic growth Wal-Mart tire kingdom of port of call. The T-Mobile source sonic middle sonic the story looks methodically went better economic impact. Bush is seen at ten years ago you did you take your. No they eczema exhibit building hard rock around the re trying to build the from hard rock for its hard rock was built and it just there really hasn't it just hasn't happened. A fur fur for whatever reason and part of that is now I mean my little bit different where a lot of people. You know it's not in the heart I just never became a destination per say. Off any you know they've there was talk that they were gonna build a blow the metro rail out there and are gonna get a line out there and is there it was gonna become like. Quoted some recent years ago I mean John Henry matters of the summit is at Fenway Park they're gonna all the shops and all these things around par rock stadium and you look at analysis now it's a stadium and it said there's still worn Parker as Gloria it was a war park. Yeah Allen's. Actually Matt worked on and on it'll look a lot of the same Israel. And setting the stadium is great by text right dumb animal get to a headlights organs that back to the Carmelo Anthony story here. I'm not a soccer fan and not a golfer and use the public liver summing else send it to Overtown the idea that there's not a space there is laughable. Yeah well they don't wanna be you know I'm because Overtown not a good spot to be in and I don't battle and battle. Disagree with that like you're going to make this happen build in the right spot. That's I mean maybe is gonna happen. Make it happen where it's not a failure like you said that's nothing but yes MLS they're. You know and Corey Maas is currently over time it was ago that they know that that that spot is is. Is a loser. Then that's not a good spot for anybody nobody wants to go down there. And he got to really really jam that thing in there with the land. Soul that's not a good that's not a win win for anybody that's a lose lose for by involved accounting. On the fans and certainly MLS and Beckham. And in mosques Molina David Beckham's holding you watch party for the Croatia England match tomorrow the wharf Miami twelfth what's going. He can go chatted with the battle I'm sure you'll be you'll be handing out some must pamphlets and Sammy you know we're all work as maybe we can get that. Let me get this done we got. Get across the other girl I there are let's get to a 6 o'clock heads. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami and go you ass at best at that BHD you'll Miramar plea deal. Come station. We have 119. Left in the World Cup final France's defeating Belgium won two nothing in the semi final today in Saint Petersburg who DT with a header as the 51 minute. The only goal scored in today's action France will play the winner of tomorrow's semi final game Croatian England also set forward. Q but clock over chewed the diamonds were -- had a game tonight's against the Milwaukee Brewers 710. First pitch Pablo Lopez on the mound for the Marlins one of those young up and coming prospect potentially tomorrow's could have. 105 point 73 ER 82 Julie success seen. They 73 record three point 63 our aim. Look for the third when you know real Curtis. May cardinal are they are but you're rooting your actively running against them. Because of sins of year's past the Marlins. The Marlins baseball. It's just a tough spot man because you know you want young guys to do well. The sprint and what they this could mean we haven't played this game allow perk has been during the summer of perk. And he's been on vacation but he always used to gives gives us the the old attendance numbers. And I'm just curious what they got last night for the birds who could who rarely come to town also they have form Marlon Christian church. Right which I was Wales watching on channel 7 NEWS. This morning and I I saw. And Shapiro was through the the sports. And he they showed it was funny they oh my god 5996. When they announced last night to so Shapiro. Was say in Christian she mixes. His mighty return or Rory you know two Marlins park and in the show my two guys just like giving the golf and it was two guys there a lot of back. That I maybe of that and I an ego shall be there now those those good read there. That's Donahoe was there that'd Christian yell at the zealots returns to my eye you enemy Christian yell at Cheju next on here. That's a Christian theology the two for five nights. For the brewers the all star Christian zealots the man who made. Totally crow last season is back at Marlins park and two guys there. The welcome benefit. A low in some other news in soccer around though. Moves on from Real Madrid after nine years headed to U Aventis on a hundred million or 100000009 year old con W more than two people Rooney goes back on their children back to anywhere near there and no applaud him to memorial I'll also Carmelo Anthony will be meeting with prospective team loses he's looking to. Move on from the Oklahoma City Thunder those teams include Houston Rockets and our own Miami Heat. You worry about what we're gonna get into the story here a bit more here we've we know. We talked to Manny Navarro earlier about its remaining seems to be thinking that there's this is going to be a three way type deal. So old blood makes sense because if it's just a strain on trade. Unless Oklahoma City just really pub it's players from the Miami Heat. Did try to shed some salary here and yesterday in delegates. Video quality I think everybody at this point a strong message about Richard you're obsolete well totally trying to shed salary right now rent my knees trying to shed salary for the future the future the right try to get us about contracts and that's the dance that that they're gonna that they are playing right now. Won't be an update you on that heard this kind of reiterate that for you by the way the Miami Heat looking for their first win in some of the play there 88 to 74. On the on Utah Jazz about five minutes to play. In the fourth quarter comeback where it's of that enter text messages. Coming up next Reggie Johnson and anything. Big day tomorrow. Are joined seven I didn't take in my bride and members of the seven to ten RJ Wakefield growing for the world soccer tournament semi final. Tomorrow at 2 o'clock AJ Wakefield will be canning and releasing my tank ten shots from Ross sour beer for the team. Limited chance available when you're one of those are two or three or four. If there was Mike in the crew. On tomorrow 2 o'clock game time for us to buy into the nine you know from 10432. To the ticket. Kirstie what's in Cannes extort deckers and perk Oprah today but the such Ortiz doing this in a with a all afternoon. And it's been a blast here we talked a lot about the Miami Heat in America and Carmelo Anthony also the proposed. Soccer stadium in reality as voiced his displeasure with a ticking away when there is a fine golf courses. Here in in South Florida Marlins who was mormons I don't only get to the heater Mon this is shady McCoy deal. As I could until it and I've always going to be officiating. But domestic violence act to accusations and there was a pet involved. In a few of the Buffalo Bills. And I'm just steal. I'm just saying. We all know you'll have to be convicted or even arrested him to get suspended or if it like it that comes across the commissioners desk. And he's denied all this but if you read the story we don't really have all the time of the world to do it's it's it's very disturbing your TV even did. I half of what he's being accused of the NFL is going to suspend him for. All alone time and rightfully so yes is ugly because there's claims of domestic violence. Players get accused in the you know and ends up being played the girl lying her ex girlfriend lying your reading Narnia always seen our fair share away in this this happens and and it actually really did happen so. Yes on the Isa tread carefully here because. There that they're coming off AG miss Winston situation which they still have to explain themselves. From why they made the decision they did to cut his suspension from sixteen to three after he was accused of assaulting into over driver. And manual panel on the lot and did lying to everybody lying to the to the public about the entire situation and now. This this is that this is really that and then you know I I hope for shady McCoy Sega for the bills eggs from the NFL. Another this is true because if if so it is it to get ugly real quick. Quick quick quick and Zachary Adam when Sinatra again because GOP parliament to appeal. But I see little pill but it would have jones' game policy to limit to where sort of dragged on congressional. He agreed to give us. Is it really can't get like those voters and lay analyzes a six game suspension right and because you all law repealing okayed its content up like Ehrlich tells us the unifil Warren about PR and an aura about a direct that's bad PR for the NFL. Well beyond conspiracy to have would have the reason why I got amounts the week before and be created for you when LeBron. Pixel removed and an immovable woke up I mean and I've heard people you know in our business and rightfully so. Say that that suspension on Jane this was. Totally. Was very light. Or Jamieson of the NFL should of came down a lot harder on James Wentz and now that person presumably I'd like me doesn't know all of the facts. I'm like the NFL did Blige. The you know the NFL just kind of come with these arbitrary numbers so you know if you beat of your girlfriend was that eight game suspension is okay. You know six games is not enough what it's all bets that to me regardless it's all bad stuff here. So I don't know where wallet he should've gotten six. You know. Via you know but you and you know even do that margin to eight then it's like I don't know it's all bad if I were a Kia anyway I don't understand arguing. Like it's like numbers or any thing I think what you're saying Bulldog respect when you get a forty suspension for deflating balsa smoking marijuana. And you only get three game suspension for sexually assaulting somebody I know I just wrong. It's all it's all to me it's all misguided by the by the NFL and let like I didn't look at James suspension and say all he got off like. Like some people did announce a lead up to may be curious to say in my missing something here where they said the NFL should have suspended him for tending to disable. I don't have all the information I don't heating get a reading get arrested for a he's not serving jail time for a he didn't even go to court Ford. It was there is an investigation where. Amos Winston did some things in a car with a newer driver that the NFL investigated and found out that he put himself in a bad spot they're forty detects money games. Let me shady McCoy could be could be found. I mean we on how public this is the worst machete record could not mine that's been the day in court. Might not be charged with anything. In the NFL might suspend him fur for five games just because if you tarnished quote unquote tarnished shield. And got himself caught up in. This mess. That's what the other the other two B is like you don't have to be charger idiots like all all you were accused of this and it's bad for the league sub them in the tournament again again so. Clinton we don't know that the priorities lie with it until I wanted to ask you this this thing there's 23 MLS team I believe. Hand to soak your cares your one true. For a perceive 456. On share stadiums that are matter like football stadiums were wanting Sybase Boston. And so the village use the game out I wanna check on the exact number but most of the stadium they want their own they want thrown field which is better for venue and better for almost things they want. Most of those stadiums are no more than 5000 which would either the promote stadium in that would be in in Norris and I love this taxed. Which which we get. Which is this is I mean if they let me keep doing this probably do this thing talk about eighty years old man Kobe. And it's here and we're gonna Ted tax and we're gonna get this tax in the year 24047. About tropical park went to the ability troubled partner. That it got another big how big apparently. A billion us bid to big heart nobody knew battleground area where you know you can play deems that you when they had the football fields is a I'm not rhetoric that person god bless that person that texted in the board untouchable arc on bird road. But and they want and they what is that pin in Miami there winning like the urban core of Miami's what they call it which is no relief urban core mine because my missile spread out to begin with so that's kind of that's kind of ridiculous to when you look at the stadium deal but the one I like in the city limits of Miami so fine. But yes outlook mean god willing Zack and plows and we're gonna go to radio shows you guys will be log on you moved on to better much better things. But now we sit here might be here for eight years so. Well I got I got to be by a little bit there bulwark we're being a reset here. And you know 77 years old take it out over take you know it's gonna be after text. Whatever it is distribute two subjects that have been talked about in South Florida for about the last sixty years nearly. The hurricanes to their own facility. And what you on track a tropical park read the hurt in the there'll football stadium. And nobody is better than Danny Marino like that those of those to be like the two things. But what a tropical park man you've you've dug around Magruder to approve the system of government Texan calling email improved about total moral trouble barber or use. Maybe that's it band that's hit an Arab member elicited. You know. Oh yeah. Okay it was a day of my I'd while you date anybody when I was growing up this and I get all the other guys as the hurricanes Phil and Joba go park. Our car. Here we are in a period of America in their own there either until it was deserted. The only weather got to compete you've noted a tropical park. I don't go and armored car on middle. There are no targets a landmark. So yes always viewed it looked as global volume and and let's get back to. Anything else related to those that lets get back to Rleal he totally Carmelo Anthony knows it's right let me give you some of the you're right the good call on that front because. It's just when final. Must say is they have their first win in heat's summer league yes so they're they're technically still alive they play a total of five games coming after three. The eagle on the playoff fierce will be going to the playoffs here. Possibly getting a least a total of five games here but a big win today in terms of point production and we had a couple star players. I had ninety points and a lot of points a miser Tammany quarters ninety to ninety win. Over the Utah Jazz we had damn out of bio to 23 minutes at 24 points only 513 shooting. But he has sixteen free throw attempts making fourteen so Intel is probably lead very active. Driving down into the paint and yet sixteen free throw attempts at fourteen. I also had nine read out to 24 points nine rebounds. Offer ma'am add a bio Duncan Robinson your newest member of the mine he sent it to a contract date twelve points. On three of seven shooting from the three there Walton junior only six points in twenty minutes of play. And some guy named Ike Guam eighteen points. Aren't rewarded what do Doug coming threes of the Communist and 3% 3% and I saw his little office space whose value is voted. Who's shooting going 70% clip they're the first commode on gays loses the match he is no loose 2435. Oh was that that's. Or by about seven. What about a cent on the news report that. I get a guy there in a day ago he you know don't the lowered me seven and a rose 7% shooter and so on those 1065%. So to disarm percent shooting free and it's the still sets that's the rules of the us. If that's whether he'd signed him to a two way deal today. Go bag for the did the same thing would Derek Jones junior last year. And they're Walt junior league of this encounter to visit what that means is did you hear that lots of people ask me that today when they when they heard a news where how he looks to be was a what does that mean. And I says it all basically tell a minor league telling the minor league system in baseball. But they can only come they can only play and be on your roster for. Forget the exact number he is what's like it's like but I have to sit cinema d.s and his days yeah and their of them that they can be on your on your big league roster. When to be on your team if not he's gonna spend most of the images the so if you wanna give him a look core if you get a bunch of injuries or some like that. They're gonna promote him of the group are quite a bit with their Dozier last year and ultimately he was rewarded with a with date guaranteed. Full level contract by the by the Miami Heat on let's get to back to Carmelo Anthony here a little bit here. Bread before we went on the air here we talked dominion over about this earlier. Who who join us live from the summer league and by the way Riley is out there all the heavy hitters on the NBA does is. If some is gonna get done is gonna get done bomb. You know of next to a blackjack table in the MGM grand here in the next couple of days but Angel genachowski. From ESPN. His what he tweeted out. I would say oh decision that round the woes are about 3:15 today at 3 o'clock today who he says story filed to ESP and so as was in his report this is something that he heard any file that. And we do this out essentially. And it says in advance of and in ever audible inevitable if not. Eminent party. These can just go with one of those world. The Oklahoma City Thunder granite Carmelo Anthony permission to meet with prospective teams including Houston in Miami meetings took place in Vegas in recent days. Image in those two teams Houston and Miami Houston makes a lot of sense Miami where the not so much what I mean Miami whenever they're in there and by then about twenty minutes after that he tweets this out. Thunder are working on trade scenarios were Anthony 34. That's his age runway would be moved as an expiring contract and be waived. Becoming a free agent once his twenty million clears. Waivers OKC needs. The Anthony's permission to waive no trade clause which he has done to facilitate his exit sources set. Who dug many tomorrow earlier. And he seems to think his line of thinking about I mean he's going to be one of our special missiles tomorrow. In now in studio with a tomorrow afternoon's climb back from Vegas to ninety. But seems like just a third team needs to get involved too. Too easily lubricate this deal. And it's here's Wright Ayers recommend it on this front is. There hasn't been met many trades whatsoever. In the MBA to begin with so this is a rare opportunity. For Riley to get pay. Player of the kinda likes. Write anything to get rehab a little bit and Carmelo Anthony which Riley always eggs in rehab guys. And on little old eight contracts. Brazil you can do is via trade the only way that he can get rid of somebody as trade. Then I think this is a rare opportunity that he knew. Want not what he was today's gonna tried to exhaust all the ends tried to justify the means of getting rid of one of the guys that's on a multiple winner contract because op I am shocked at least up until now Zach. That there hasn't been a whole lot of trades in the MBA have been a couple of minor ones I should Charlotte made a couple. Swapping all their big men around with and that's that's kind of been about it. It is urging him he's kind of been a weird stance where that the seller can't spike few years ago. Yeah and almost seems overspent. The suit and an end and it and I think it it kept trending in the direction a team's -- going to trended and there are four teams like a lot of teams that might is not alone in this I'm not a lot of teams are in the same position Miami is in. Where they're they're here to tie in terms of spending money I mean look at opponent Joseph blazers in they've they're in the same position lot of teams are in the same position where. There's two teams that essentially have legitimate cap space. And nets that Sacramento. And the Atlanta Hawks on Chicago's is is gonna bring back tackle me so. Those are two teams that Michael to McCaffrey's other than like the mid level exception right right like that pres elect legitimately okay I'm gonna go out there and over and spend over bid. Forgot for ten million bucks right mr. teamed up there and both those things think that nobody on the minerals relative. So so it the gears here the other financials and in in a position where they could make some kind of move. To. Get rid of water to and maybe multiple contracts that are tying him down for like you mentioned years to come and then that's. That's kind of where the interest on on the improvise because look at Carmelo Anthony's 34. Easy passes prime was not a good basketball player last year he's way he overpaid he's not doesn't really seem like a team guy he won't come off the bench. Even though that that's probably would he be best suited at this point in in his career. And that doesn't it all out of says from Miami to make this move on the basketball court. On the basketball court where you need to free up some some. Cap space for you for future flexibility. That's where this makes all the sense in the world I would get more and how that how we think the these you can accomplish that next Reggie Johnson and I didn't take. Yeah it's. Been a it's. A good. But it. Get off your brakes sports updates that push notifications from all of our shows and hosts. On our new radio dot com map. So download it now make sure you turn on notable occasions in the 700 of them come renewal for everything aims of and I mean if from 143 XT two. The ticket we should mention this a little bit earlier. But apparently the weather has been very. Angry the last the last couple hours here and I just knows that I peaked my outside work. On the Dade Broward line out of which way it's headed or not think it's headed south from Broward down so everyone just be aware of that set emir. They said that but they told me you know it was gonna rain today. And he's where we're rat which is north date in hasn't rained really much yet. But if they say it's gonna rain it's gonna come to support those all mean about the rain by now. We get ready for awhile nights of of somewhat of some stormy weather there but bottom line is this you know be safe out there and and you'll be you'll be fine out there it's something that that we're used to run here but just. Via mobile look after that bring your your handy dandy umbrella if you're if your head out here into by the way you'll have the Josh Freeman real flop flying solo here on 790 the ticket for the next the next few hours for is you take over at 7 o'clock. In a Jersey and get into the into the mellow think just real quick click I just look at it as Zach. A vehicle to. Move a contract yet because there's no other ways to do it in the MB yet. You can you know they're not gonna cut a guy. Let's see anybody on the heat like you're not gonna cut anybody. Your you know the stretch provision in the I'm not a big fan of that unless your like being in Oklahoma City situation where it's like one players cost Hewlett wrote roughly ninety million dollars. Soul you know I'm at city because I still think all those guys that can lead of budget you'll crap on some whites at around here like Timmy is still a good player. When I say that you have good games. And is solid he's sitting on the bench and he's useless to you like to some whites I could go up there. And it is first came back if you gave you sixteen points and ten rebounds and four blocks would you be surprised. No Alina right so I mean solid she's like. A guy that's injured in just a terrible at the end of his career like there's like we see so many guys in the in the NBA so nobody on that roster where he would say. Yes just get rid of him because he's just so bad you know you wish to us whatsoever. So the stretch provisional lots of soul deal they're the only other way to get out from under contract is to trade its. In the MBA is to make trades. And if Carmelo Anthony being available in view of some interest in Carmelo Anthony came over to mild interest and Carmelo. But if somehow the Miami Heat can attach. I'm just saying a player like Tyler Johnson who's got two years left on his deal. And if you've got to sit and assets somewhere to swing that you'll make that happen. Middle East that get you out from under. A multi year contract which right now. Outside of of the guys that are signed. What are they everybody's under a multi year deal. Son got two year old James has got it's wrong two more years we'll appoint an option team option. But two more years three if you look at a promoted are the odds got three more years. Gordon got two more years Tug of two warriors Kelly is that the three more years years. He does not so if you get out from one of those deals especially deal like Tyler is where you're not really cool where you're not really enthused about anyway. Then I think I think that's an opportunity to explore and that's what I'll pursue calls the vote rally not just we love Carmelo Anthony bring Amanda no cost no you ought to be able load something. At the same time great and and look especially if you're a butcher getting back is an expiring contract absolutely but now is the conversation comes. Q where I'm sorry what are they going to be giving up is it be street entree in Oklahoma City where if it is if they are trading eight Tyler Johnson for James Johnson. They're going to have to attached something shiny in net deal weather's going to be a young player or any first round pick. They're gonna have to Wear to Wear to Oklahoma City probably just straight up trade as she got straight yeah they're gonna have to make it worth of Oklahoma City you have an. Contact frank you're on your 100% right here on a percent right and what that cost is it would dearly depart with I don't know but here's the other thing I don't know exactly what Oklahoma city's is. Even if they would do that immediately Alan little who was it what you do that because it's. Of the luxury tax and out of they want another contract or wherever they really liked Tyler Johnson or James Johnson or Kelly Nolan occur somebody like that they take all all Yale we we we wanted that guy coming years ago. I don't know Oklahoma City wants him there in Oklahoma City is strictly about. With Wii is is is shedding cash than they're not gonna take on another year or somebody else I would I don't think so that just like that he would not. So that's why maybe you have to get a third team involved I don't know Oklahoma city's motivation is because I could say it is Oklahoma City. They're trying to win that to have things Obama's it might might say you know what Carmelo Anthony gets when he million stinks. But Tyler Johnson in nineteen he had a lot but we think he's about a player in the Carmona can help us I don't know what Oklahoma city's that you and there are. Right and then as many says that does he would have to also treat somebody else at a minimum cuts on some money to make it make the money Matt or consumer that's right areas over now if you're talking multiple team trade. And I can see a scenario where the he get away with not having to trade one of their young assets because. When you when you get a third team involved. You're getting a third team involved basically tilted to match salaries add that at some point as it's probably going to be one of these teams that we just talked about that that has a lot of cast these may be a a Sacramento or in Atlanta a where either Oklahoma City. Or Miami. Attaches something two with one of those teams. That that's worth it for them a young player or first round pick for a in order you know kind of like how the Cleveland Browns took on that sick around they took on in Iraq asked whether contract from from. Exit is a great example again he's got the second round to an example that in the MBA they absorb the cap space as arrogant unifil which they absorbed it and had enough cap space to do that. In his review teams to exit is only two teams are really have enough cap space to take on a contract Tony plus million dollar and at Sacramento and and Alina not a Chicago matched the exact rings you'll soul. We'll see but the there you know I always stay where there's smoke. There's flame somewhere. I'm interested to see others simply out because look he even if even if the lane Carmelo Anthony and it's just comment on ID he's not come out they was five years ago. It's still Pat Riley make it a mole man this is what we said this is what we said when Tyler Johnson got that deal with w.'s well they'll figure something out for nobody. He always figured something out okay and that's right and not panicky I've never an Al team Riley all the way like something will happen where. They're competitive there are good basketball team at the same time they're not gonna mortgage the entire future in this case. That would be either going into the luxury tax are trading away a couple. For trump I said the same thing when they cut said Tyler said the said the same thing when his intelligence and by that point they would figure summing up what we reach a point though need to figure something out here. Regarding this roster who is hit too many players they discount them regularly out parliament is gonna come from. You look at this roster of Denver back to wane in Ellington. As well like you need you need to shrink to a little bit via a trade or something for two for one. For something. I would I would think we shall see eight. As old two track called this year on your home and eat 79 to take it allows veg is always they submitting tomorrow to joining us from Las Vegas may will be in studio with us. Along with Adam be easily tomorrow so while we go home allows sports for you tomorrow Butte just before it's 4 o'clock this is actually you are mr. sexy thank you very much is always meant it was a it was a blast was a report today. I'm Kurdistan until do it again tomorrow Friedel flying solo next here on seven I didn't take it.