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Curtis Stevenson
Thursday, July 12th

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Have a hard time 796 kids. But you're aware this sort of some parts here on the 79 being the summer perk continues however we can make it tomorrow is in with us. It's good for me more worked all afternoon yeah man's c'mon cart needs of his time off here and just like everybody does and they're going to be with us to do you with us yesterday with without Beasley we were working here are pretty good. And with a solve the out today penalty tomorrow. Yeah I think it's pretty timely considering talk a lot of hoops today we got to soccer stuff obviously with the Miami city commission vote and noted some other things but your memos were obviously you're on the Miami Heat your freshly back from the summer league they're going to be an action coming appear in a few minutes. In the NBA summer league Las Vegas playoffs. You know there are they're kind of short handed here. A little bit but we got a lot of stuff there was kind of still waiting around for some C news and some NBA news and in its candidates. The heat in that nothing happens eaten as we it was we know me anybody ever bit dizzy that is you have been linked to a lot of things that could possibly happen. Which which gives everybody cannot on alert so to speak yet and he's going to be one of those Summers where we could be waiting until the end of August or -- happen you know I mean it's maybe even the September with the Dwyane Wade and whether or not there comes back for sixteen seasons sung Wayne Ellington and Wayne Ellington watcher yet mellow watch and we got all kinds of watch why Jimmy you know all sorts of stuff that's it's an out there speaking of hoops Amare Stoudemire is gonna join us here in about 1520 minutes and hander he's a part of the Big Three. Where the Big Three lead. Which is coming to town July 20 that's that's next Friday 7 o'clock to the American Airlines Arena. And he's part of the other Tri-State team when Nate Robinson and Jermaine O'Neal. And it's a big names in that league and I'll be when differently for him oust Taliban. All right you know what is this it's kind of just that we're you know. Old man basketball little bit three on three but having watched it and it's on the fox sports. As well having watched it's it's pretty entertaining and all these guys are fresh out of league. And it's it's pretty cool to see the mom planning and after a solo Amare is gonna join this year. And we'll talk about the league obviously but mark was just an anti lock remote to Longo is not yeah yeah you're right and he was there for. For the playoff on the within a game of the Eastern Conference finals you sort of set having come to that team knows my first season. On the beat and being in Toronto and seeing Lee get limited in that game just as Winslow. Started at center of remember that yes I do remember 7 PM game seven in Toronto after a whites and went down again degree in an I can tell you Mari was not too happy about. Not being utilized in that series but you know what he's come back to American Airlines Arena over the years is decision not courtside watching games and claimed ask oneself over and Israel. Yes he played last year and Israel as a victory trying to archenemy a little bit and come back to back in measles to Omar of all that a very interesting guy very very interesting guy. And of course has roots here in Florida went to went to high school open up openly whales. And was. One of the high school guys that made the jump when the last guy yeah 2002 NA and that worked out there's a mean you think about. The LeBron in the CoBiz there's there would there's there is the hundred guys that when liberals and placed the kind of just fizzled out there made the jump from high school roast. Mari was one of those guys that. Due due in no need for college whatsoever if fun debate these these are ranked guys who made Joan I want college. Put them in order write him who I was in the brawn would have to be one LeBron Kobe. And Kobe right and then after that booty could next music Garnett against both Kevin Garnett and of Bergen academy in Chicago 95. My and that's when it was unheard of right he was the first guy to do it even Garnett that's a good that's that's a very good now I mean you always you always forgets. Because great has been so many years of one of the one and done there's been so many years of the of the one and then guys. And you know JR Smith with a high school guy Jermaine O'Neal of the high school guy. Obviously Amare Stoudemire we mentioned I've put a mark on a march 4. On that list right now mentally we're not looking OK everybody who titles if you can beat that you read that it. Then the Texas and 6797467974. But part of that and we didn't Obama to get to the Mari I don't know last about. At an apple with some of things to ask well but the high school thing is. Part of me incitement those guys go leg if they can play so be it it's up to the NBA guys either scouting. And letting them live work on the other side of me some I'm such a huge college basketball fan as well. That. Don't like to see. The guy is that the I like to see the guys at least in college for one here and really get a chance a look at them and showcase their skills. And then. When they come into the NBA at least Leo probably anomaly shall like every other inner NBA scout. You have some film Watson's beat Serena OK you know what you get a little bit of Margaret bag with military young tell about. You know what some of these guys are rather than just show in the MBA and you know nobody really knows we know what's going on high school what's your publisher in that area or anything like that so but I think the league has got to make some sort of decision. On that as well. In defense zone a point to point when he won his brain and ZBA so that there's going to be some resolution on that now Tracy McGrady. That's another goon it up. That's hard that's hard to be right there Moses Malone obviously was the original moon. Sean hemp somebody text then that's a good one. Shunt him actually enrolled at Kentucky. And had some link some some great issues there. And then he went to a junior colleges and but but technically he was you guys who got their greatest to a team accident when you know that's the military's top violence and death that's let's that's a pretty good when their 6974. If if you want to Texas shows Lamar somehow join us here. And now in a few minutes it's we're about two hours in a I would say and via Miami city commission. Is going to. Then it's. Will. Has. Seen so did the presentation Rory miles and David Beckham the supporters and the opposition. Which has shown up. To voice their opinions of Miami city commission if we have some sort of resolution by the time we're off the air not freed or handle it. A little bit later on but I don't know how this thing is going to go my guess is. They'll get the necessary three votes and future city commission. The commissioners Ken Russell. Who is the the swing vote. On this whole deal. And I have no problem either way. I think it would be great to obviously that it may have to get in front of me this is what they do for liver so I've come we're not in there and you try to put the numbers add up. And if everything makes sense that yes okay. Let's put it on the the referendum. In the ballot in November in the ultimate let the public decide which is which is kinda most democratic thing to do yeah besides I'm I mean we we kicked it around yesterday Manny and you know we'll get into when we did yesterday if you work or not. But I'd be shocked if this thing. Got shot down today so was it yeah I mean I think you'd you know smartest thing for politician to do is that the people decide right then and nugget in the women and the main thing to have a moment sentences OS is just a complete disaster boondoggle but I mean mean Corey Maas and David Beckham mean they have their act together it seemed like at least on the forefront of Islam has been. Four and a half years in the planning Brian this is this isn't something brand new people to know Beckham was trying to do and and I was in location in and where they're trying to do it is it is a whole other debate but. You know he let the people decide what to fraud that's the that's what we're our country was founded on these changes that go to that. And we Miami Heat in action against the assimilate well of course updates you. On now on that will be nobody taken on a New Orleans here in in just a matter. Of minutes. Examine guides him for that tell you Regis on the attacks slightly thousands here as well we got a lot of things to get to. Here on the show many Navarro is in those all afternoon got a question a common observation for mainly the text machine is up and running so send it on and I'll give back to that and a whole lot more refers let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. These XW eighty XY AM South Miami at WS at best that can be HD you'll Miramar plea deal. Come station. Hi good news here in South Florida's Miami city commission in the wooly here arguments for or against and guard to be David Beckham Jorge mas MLS soccer complex proposal. They need three of the five city commissioners to approve it then there would be on video hub to go to a public vote. In the Knoll November Miami Heat in action in the summer league playoffs that's right some of the playoffs they just tipped off. From the Cox pavilion in Las Vegas they're taken on the New Orleans pelicans know them out of pilot know Derek Jones junior and this one actual shorthanded. For the Miami we'll keep him today as the the show continues ends. And Wimbledon. And Julie Gerber. Has moved on and she will tape on Serena Williams both ladies won in straight sets so Serena. Who is a new. Mom it is going to play for the Wimbledon championship on Saturday morning shocker to steal the book listeners who are now. I'm not surprised by that surprise right languages that are just gonna have a baby this is that they look at ocean thinks dialogue imagining continue to dominate the game not it's human senate senate and the united in certain circles. It doesn't get enough. Publicity obviously isn't as some of the other sports. But you can make that case a she's probably dominated her sport. More so than anybody that we've seen in our lifetime yeah throughout the course of her career ended to do it now after having a child's human childbirth and coming back at her age and the injuries in the weird hair and that's. Yeah like I I don't know what what more you can it's with you can say about Serena Williams when she comes up like the greatest athlete conversation and all that stuff and those women's tennis in. Pure and but. Please please she's she's Mineta too long dominated too long this is just again just peace agreements that. Come back from around and kid and and be right in the Wimbledon final night just enormously beater her. Or anything or anything like that so so that's an that's pretty quota watched on on a Saturday Saturday. A morning aren't so mobile we have air balls we he talked yesterday where we hear from Eric Spoelstra as as well. As he had some uninteresting things to say about about Hassan Whiteside in I know he has to say this Manning and we'll oh here for pollster here. Coming up after talked to a Mari. But I. If they can't get anything done. Then this is the same roster gonna have come back here. In you're gonna have to make this work at worked at some point. Com and I'm just wondering how that gets how they get smoothed over so everyone everyone is on on the right page. On and make everyone month stay on the right page. But at least early on in starting the season you have to get everybody on board here and it's what what was the of one of the skull is and so urban pull the rope in the same direction so it was a great. There's no question that it editing keynotes bow and and Hasan really I don't know where they had lunch some people were thinking maybe Turkey cheese or. Some some silly like right yeah it's not about that and I can dispose got the new born there and and what they are parts. Guys went outside put his office products as follows the ball that no gas. In all in all seriousness I mean these guys who have to get on the same page and enormously the spill has every reason to be upset with them frustrated with him. Com and and outside you could argue the same way you know he comes back from injury in the heat and basically completely gone another direction while he was out in terms of their offense. Never really spoon over the did much to sort of re incorporated and just kind of kept things going. And so that's that's where everything sort of fell apart between them and that Hasan is still the highest paid player on this team is going to be the highest paid player on this team. For the next two years this is god knows he's not backing away from that money next summer. And so you gotta work on it and and and fix that relationship and and make something of an and so. Look at it he can come out and say all the things that wanna say that things aren't as bad as they were. I was in our locker room Philadelphia. Seen Hasan up close seen couple behind the scenes there there is. Beef and and and frustration and they're gonna have to work it out of before they get back on the court hearing in September and instead give back to work in and so. I think they have a little bit in into its gonna be a process everybody paints a son Whiteside as the bad guy in this in this. What percentage of blame would you put on on everyone on this. Well I mean anything. Part of this is is the message that the heat who was sort of sending to us on I mean not only is he the highest paid player on the team but. Yup pack coming out and saying things like he's going to be a guy. Lou you know averaging 25 and fifteen you know and and be one of the NBA's best players and having the sort of lower expectation. Where assigned. I think sort of felt like we guys doing in any given me an opportunity. Right and so you know Tiger Woods I I kind of agree with bright and and so. Look I mean everything and have a last season between the Deion injury son's injury JJ again heard early in the year. It it just it. Spoke to Boston was owed us which is coached team doing the best product on the floor right got to win games and so he moved on and Assange just doesn't have the maturity. Ordered ordered over the patients really to come back in a situation a that's a you know what. I've missed a bunch of games I can understand the office change. And you know there was the issue with the knee brace which is a big deal behind the scenes he was upset with the he didn't wanna Wear the knee brace they're forcing him to do to protect themselves. So you know I mean. Two years left the heat's gonna make every effort to make this work because they can't trade ambitious nobody in the league who's gonna pay at the spot. Right yeah that's in you know I am and I understand that. You know is here's an axle comeback too it's like these he can't accusing glued. Can be a good a year show you can give you fifteen intent I mean you don't have to run offense the room you can get fifteen points on put backs and and dunks in and you know what the occasional jump shot went Wentz Bos and rule in his eyes diseased heart you know firing along isn't shot. I mean he can help you this on whites they can help you win but he's got to be in the right mindset and I think last year he just felt abandoned he felt as if the heat. Let you know. One and a completely different direction he thought he was part of the plan. And he he didn't feel like it when he came back and so. Spawn in just have to work on their relationship and end I think if he can really communicate to him paid this is the way things are going to be from the get go. Nedney Thomas on the rest of the way because they think cinema must do to on this is what we expect these this is what you have to do. And then from there you know he's he's an employee he's got to do the best and that's. You mentioned Dion Waiters there was some TMZ footage of Dion Waiters walking out now a Los Angeles and they asked about. You know LeBron leaving Cleveland asked about the chance in Eastern Conference in the values kind of say it's wide open and global play four here browse watch now I don't know if you've seen in many. Well look like he had little little bit of still live there he walked a little bit now that he was just trying to walk cooler in the Benelux. A little bit and that's something that. I don't admit if you if your if it's worrisome to you here. But we're getting to. July. And Agile way you got August September you get to camp need and one thing you wanted and one thing you pointed to if there was some reason for optimism. If there was some reason for. And spoke target position they were to hear from home later pot in her growth was OK you're the only big deal we've wrecked school healthy. And if he does not back he's not back would be healthy out how much reading that there okay well. He'll be back in you don't remember Thanksgiving or Christmas and they're fine by it. You can't expect him to be ready to go maybe he will be but that's they're living quiet on that front. Well I. I mean here's what I was told he plants are I would say the heat's gonna be as patient as they need to be to make sure when Dion waiter comes back national issue you care what you can have a setback Americans and it's your basement is done his career with the U re done at this point at this point the way the roster constructed. And depending on whether or not when he comes back you could you could be patient you know pilots to be at the same guys here nobody is treated Tyler Johnson is still here. And and Dwyane Wade comes back winnowing imposed by one of those two guys you have more than of depth. Where you can save yourself that we can wait to January for gender really get 200% and played that way in and so. I think it is going to be as patient as they have to be. And you know what lobby on there on the story reporting hey DO you know camp started the announced you know still come and back he's not a 100% buy and are gonna start the season all I expect all of those things to happen. As we near the season that it is there's going to be a delay. Yeah yeah now I just and you know listen story out measure of plane already and that and then just the other day we saw him shooting shot you know first time priest around a quarter. That's a long way to playing. When he got to remember this ankle man this is some he's been dealing with since high school. The same this is Seaman and he got three years left on the contract and you know I mean you got to be Smart and patient and on yeah you can you can have anything you know to the end feud is it's hurt again another year and things your victory. That contracts you know. Why would just you would say that contract would be almost one of the worst things you've done is he's gotten nothing out of him over. You know for four years and then you still two years in his nearly anything so that would be one of the usual back to those they a huge mistake see I get this thing right and get up and get him. Accurately got a lot of questions here on the text line which we're gonna get to hear read a terrible got to get to Amare Stoudemire. Coming up next the Big Three is coming to town last Domata son lost him about the it's time with the the Miami Heat of the Big Three is a coming to town July 20 to you wanna get to take its Big Three dot com slash. Tickets will talk to Omar. Stoudemire bump that and a whole lot more coming up next right here on some and I mean tick. On seven that's the ticket hurts in part many. The horrible Miami Herald in for Chris Perkins. So on this on Thursday afternoon we got very special guest coming up the first next week decision. The jets to steal all of our casualties down dollar summer swindle was for the keywords we'll give out between 7 AM and 6 PM and takes them into. Seven to anyone. We'll just take all of our money away remember don't Texas and private message veterans may apply its tickets thousand dollars summer swindle. Coming next week to handsome and an NFL one. For three weeks do you choose to get a radio dot com station I'll tell you what else is. Come into the South Florida. Next week it is the big screens. League and joining us right now is is one of their superstars. And no one of the other great players of his generation a six time all star for a member of the mine he joining us trending right now we ran fuels announcers for me is sort of just like they are truly stepped. Beyond convenience Amare Stoudemire. He is where this part of the tristate team which is undefeated and Amar your co captain and others for joining us here on 79 minutes to get our things Marin. And then Wellman and putting fighter or off. What has been recovered herself lord came away. It's back deny American Airlines Arena July 20 and figures are available at Big Three dot com slash Diggins. You spent a couple of years with the Miami Heat tie and how special it is. To come back to South Florida is still a lot of fans saw you last year while courtside at the at a public he games. And he only spent a few a few years here but how special would come back to South Florida. And die and playing in front of some of the other nutrients. Are remarkably beautiful you're not a lot of on the border post yourself go to the mile high school career yeah Bob and they're prepared report for the Miami. What a dream come true for me in my career. He did amount to Primakov trouble back here for the pre three month different club or more experiments to bring their children or religion or all the players at all robot to. And also encouraged by the book itself. I'm sure. Talking when Amare Stoudemire and in a marlin askew you know as a guy who still obviously has a passion for basketball. And you know you're still helping the Miami Heat just a couple years ago. To sort of step away from the MBA. An and just sort of move on as a guy who you know who gave so much of the league. And and you still interest and may become a back to the mean you're you're looking pretty good in this league. You ever are you know I don't know you don't want your ball real wanna draw offered look over you want to negotiate and later would see a lot Spiller Grail. And Oliver wood to a carpet square off with Somalia Rwanda are a real group applauded spiritual Amerigroup. Well government commitment to our guards there are open to return back to Libya to. Are going to be we're going to you're continuing to operate under treated wood to recruit. What what's been the biggest adjustment plan you know three on three and you know kinda half court setting here. Other than the the usual five on five run an up and down what's been the biggest adjustment for you. You don't meal would be Garland to go up and down a more appeal triple south that we could mount a period period. That we somewhat talks started back you Bernard Felix. Almost almost triple cum gala pick it up on the court little bird what the problem occurred at least also member garage remote record fuel from outlook for a few. Farmers and give god who are. Retired we did it feel to do other groups are mature group work. Albano wanted to pick up a little not totally retarded boy. Still feel the spirit sort of broker who thought that was what this week. Amare Stoudemire is where is the bit with us the Big Three is coming to town July 20 at the American Airlines Arena. Offer tickets go to Big Three dot com slash tickets you mentioned Steve Nash and when you guys. Had at Roland there before you head via the knee problems a Mari I mean it was it was amazing to watch a mean you guys with a although the greatest thing going in the MBA as far as style. And now it seems like every once is trying to emulate that style. Did you kind of look at around the league and say while we were kind of had a hard time as far as tempo and pace and what word duel it out in Phoenix Aaliyah in the early two thousands. Yep also offered an upper you know it's who we were were there. When and in particular and about or not bode well for the about my. Not what does well where's my marriage and Marshall where were true culprit there we were able to creek golf markets on slaughter coach. Well real lives court we're you know plea to basketball people want to deter children you'll. Mariette you know the Tug of former teammate of yours is is big in the news down here right now Carmelo Anthony. He's gonna get probably bought out or traded at some point you were to I would do Oklahoma City Thunder. And jobs you've got to know him pretty well in New York. Keep fans there are interested in in in northern little more about Carmelo can you tell us about him as a teammate. You know I know you guys obviously had B expectations put in funny when you got reporting gather New York put. What can you tell them about Carmelo and and maybe the possibility you might be you know play here. What do you mean out through Brooklyn New York we wanted to pitch we wanted to pursue one of Nokia PO and come up all. Are in new York and he it would America's oil through our default view the post went together. What one paper to be just just would not particular couldn't use the profits farmers or what are. What cooperative spirit you know mind would forego walks or our home. You're you're you're you're define new Yorker guy there are real Opel final score. You you obviously you know with the heat it was it was one really good season I thought an a at the end there. You knew you were really playing as much in the playoffs which to me was a little mind boggling considering their losses on whites and in that series and you probably weren't too happy about that put. I just see what was that season like your final season in the NBA with the heat sort of getting their ride in and and you just that experience was that like for you. When I was Graham announcement planned soon follow what flowers I was doubtful or suckered me but not a good spot it was just nothing poignant James told. You know which would script familiar order brokerage. Of what the player also want America to get to play much which uttered on earlier but it could go there true. Obama Bob oil leadership among quoted an Auburn to console would use of what is going on deep into the playoffs. Well what imminent military it was a great run had a beautiful calm them play in Miami. But he makes where works are pretty amazing when it all when I got there. So. No group or an all those to you for your. You know and ask you about her son went because. You know he signed that contract I think that this summer. After you know that season ended and the people obviously. Put a lot of pressure on him to deliver he he had a tough playoff series. Against the sixers lose injured most of last season what was your experience like playing out with Hasan. The criticism you know people sort of give us on all times he doesn't give the effort every single night what was your experience with him in the locker room. You know and just isn't as a teammate. America to clear where or notebook I mean obviously you have lot of potential and your chair too soon to become a great player what are your agenda could. He entered the camel to the water which can make secure majority cannot amend so. You should Israel to have superior it would throughout the will power and return America to become great. On so it took the ball his core as well sure I mean god their environment or during them all who for the arts and knowledge that he needs to become great. I'll put a competent to do so what street. Amare Stoudemire is what is the Big Three is coming to South Florida the American Airlines Arena July 20 at 7 o'clock. And have you want to goods Big Three dot com slash ticket tomorrow it's not here on not on this here the type of watch the games and it's really it's really entertaining. Bobbled the meat audience doesn't linger some are just out of the NBA. It's got that what is the competition level I mean it's got to be. It's hard to turn it off some when you guys go out there. Well what can fans expect to eat when we come out there and watch you guys play this is not just hey we're going after the present here and make it look good here. To you guys wanna win and he went on look good doing it corrects. But. Publish or may not think you've got to may not be immune you're not a right now we'll go LaMont stroke war opened on the bench didn't charge him yet. Article doesn't dot you know god god will return to compete in full force there to win so. Follow wise to restore workers' quarters recruiting and other they'll be prepared to play it. Automotive Jawad and weren't. Co captain of the undefeated Tri-State team to play alongside Nate Robinson and another former Miami remember our Jermaine O'Neal are gonna take on the coast callers. Led by Carlos Boozer Ricky Davis. And and Mike Bibby another couple he Pete to alumni right there Amar thanks for thanks for taking the time and and best luck on the return we'll see out there republics thank you. Regret not or are you got Amare Stoudemire right there and if you want take its Big Three dot com slash take its and in this league headed by ice Cubans got a lot. Big names and it's. And I've watched quite about a little bit skeptical Manny eaten by coming out of the gate but it's been pretty entertaining. And I think they found a little bit of a niche you know in the summertime in the nucleus of these names are 1015 years older guys are freshly out of the lead. And yield would just watch Amare Stoudemire played for the heat's. A couple of years ago and enclave very well for Miami you know it's amazing for Mari doesn't go down with those knee injured off. I don't wanna I don't I don't wanna go down that road but you're right I know I mean the thing about the way the immediate change in speed game Paul phenomenal hall of Famer yet. 11 of the on Libya anyway might be probably all Bremer anyway when you look at the numbers mean rookie of the year six time all star. A second team NBA four times first team MBA once. And do a lot of different things came right out of high school up the road Lake Wales I remember when he was in high school. And dine here in the stories written about this guy and it actually saw blame high school over northwestern are you okay who planned on him determined it was it was just Phnom I mean the whole every beat everybody in the city cannot seem priced out of my that we can he was and Florida mr. basketball yet and an unbelievable talent and then he had the micro fracture. Mean yeah surgeries. And and then was never the same you know and Amy really wasn't that new it's a New York was still a very good player we signed a big contract. But but he wasn't the same. Deal with the quickness on the lateral movement in the running up and down and do you still very good but when him and Steve Nash forget that thing Roland there but my Dan Tony. You would say this guy is unstoppable but there's that they were they were ahead of their time minutes on the the bill that's probably one of the best compliment you can you can. You have for an athlete where. What you were doing. You know ten to twelve years prior whatever one's trying to do now. Amare summer part of Max contract player in his prime colleague and today's MBA yeah absolutely probably the best suddenly no audio and I I think you're right up there with Williams needs. Top ten player and I just know there's there's no doubt about that any try to make a comeback in these 35 years old and you know you never know stay in good shape given the Cuba the dream alive there and the Big Three is committed to out of things to Amare Stoudemire for for joining us right there once again. The big three's got the other four point shot and really really fun a lot of big name a lot of big legends. The coaches the players and they're coming to town American Airlines Arena good dust Fam family. Friendly. Type of type of atmosphere so if you want to get send and check it out July 20 it's it's coming to town to stubs from the corner for the Big Three dot com slash tickets links Amare Stoudemire for joining us a lot more to get to. Here on the show many tomorrow is in with a all afternoon and Miami Heat are in action as well summer league style here in the the playoffs what they chew on that. Well we ought return on the other side right here on 79 to take. Pain relief finally. Soccer tournament match on Sunday July 15 starting at 9:30 AM that a by. I have to the rear of the 2000 did you vote World Cup be your friend goals. City plays Doral is located northwest 36 street and 83 avenue and around watched the game on a giant screen will be. Plenty of entertainment any Tom prizes including. The chance to win Tiggers is he Real Madrid or Barcelona play it's all sponsored by Cleveland clinic. And rip it energy drink real energy for real people Christie would sit back and many of moral. Of the Miami Herald would dig up until 7 o'clock we got the Miami Heat in action right now. NBA's summer league will allow a lot to chew on that in in just a moment also currently right now the Miami city commission. Is is hearing. Support Banda and opposition. Because of the I'm Dorian must David Beckham's MLS soccer complex proposal. They had their chance to showcase. That and then you know you've been note abilities every nominee you've covered easily publish on Momo over the years they're very thrilling the very entertaining as I luckily have not had to go to me on really yes you have in your journalistic career I've never been doing city commission know I've I've not related you have lucked out of those things man yes rules I've helped out on on voter's name no number I've apparently covered. You know rallies in order for certain politicians but as far as city commission stuff. Well I mean it's what you'd expect to learn their image their proposal mean Beckham of them but there when he gets up there was today and have a have a have a say you know have a voice. Of the opposition or support and you know it was not going to be have be a rays are to be done in like ninety seconds. You know everyone you know I had to give up there and on and on and on correct yes they had had a leg gets the ball and our I don't want to know Soccer City near neighborhood we got its okay all right so you're against it. But if they get three out of the five commissioners if they vote to approve the project and it would just it would get to the referendum and be put on the ballot in in November so lot today's a big day about the future of soccer in Miami we're gonna get back to that here. In in a middle and in in a minute but air balls jump. Spoke yesterday out of the around the summer league. And six minutes Barry Jackson doesn't. Six minutes we have the audio that's. Yes. AA and laureates of the meet here as well we'll get. To some of the the things that that was asked and answered. By the other head coach Eric ball shook a son Whiteside and and the rest the roster possibly returning intact here's what's allowed to say. An opportunity to start off season healthy. Would be really picked through stuff for us so we have a great opportunities for internal growth. We have a lot of the guys returning. So that itself is think the continuity ends and the corporate knowledge that we burning from one season to another can really help because. What we're seeing in that's a lot of turnover. Every single offseason a lot of teams different. The easiest thing to manage. We bring us some familiarity. Which we think can be for help. Peter a 4847. With under three minutes of play. Before the end of the first half solo played pretty well against a New Orleans and no they're Jones junior and OB Eminem bio. The only player you would sail probe of significance would be Duncan Robinson Manning. Yes and and their Walden who is still. On the summer league team uses two way player last year for them and I know that. They rescinded his his qualifying offer aware but spoke to his agent this morning the stock mutual interest so I think there's a chance their Walton could still be in Sioux Falls this year playing for a the U league team. Right I mean the tobacco point car yet you need to have somebody in the system you know also. Yeah and I as I just recovery of all these things and in an okay smoke bringing back the same team. What what's it mean in this is a possibility here. Let's say you know Carmelo Noelle what to bring back waned bring Greg Dwayne Allen is the worst thing in the world I think this team has upside thing this team has intrigue. Blige there are some things immediate figured out not just Osama Whiteside. There's some other things roster wise that need to get. The need to get to the cut immediate sorted through here like one of the does the don't have a true backup point guard a lot of combo guards minute should be an issue. Up pecking order would be would be a concern of mine. And we you know you kind of run back into the same. Into the same problem is they have a lot of good players who deserve twenties the 25 minutes a game right but that simply is not feasible and possible. Every single night is it's. No I want to know it's a Curtis is part of the problem with this organization. When he signed those best of the contracts that they did. It is in minutes and if you're going to be O Richard a guy you need to be able to have. You know some nice numbers some nice statistics to show and and nobody on this team really takes a lead. Dominant role I would say go on guard it's probably the closest thing. But you know let the NBA team will trade for guys and on this or have great numbers. But on this team it just feels like nobody really shows out there's never a night where it's like OK the this guy's the best player on the team and and you know it's every night it's different guy. And I think it's tough to showcase skies when when everybody's you know war plane twenty minutes one night and the next. And and that's right yes avoid here with the committee's in his. Part part of the reason why stern traded he's got to trim on the rotation if you Wayne Ellington and Dwyane Wade comeback and we just the the number of guards on this team. It's just ridiculous. There's wings in general to all of you wanna go there but yeah Beno here's the other thing that the problem is in the solve our roster management minutes is all about. You know you want a guy note two to earn his money. So if you're gonna hand James Johnson a four year deal is Megan Miller was a six months 1660. Million a year or sixty daily total was a fifteen year and to some. Saw you may fifteen men like Alan Gottlieb more than. Twenty minutes a game. Your year pain and zeal satellites attach wrote in earlier we're talking about a sign a so why give it a hundred million dollar contract to an entry electric ten million dollar a year player right. And you I can better understand that and give your case that a lot of guys need more minutes and should put enormous but you have so many guys making that type of money it's almost like you wanted. When I get the most out of butcher paying them and it's just like. You're not when you can only play him when he 125 minutes and then if you get into the the dangerous game. While you ride the hot hand. That's that is the hardest thing for coaches do night in and night out. Well and they can you also create problems in the locker room right is dancers at the American opportunity. To to to play in the wondering why in in. I mean those are all issues that this team has sort of been fortunate not because of the injuries not have to do it right I mean. The reason to oil than it looks so good is because the song why it's I was on hold much right Kelly Kelly was given opportunities replace him it would ban the reason why people go to Bob Graham was because. Osama was out. Net wean got his opportunity because Dion went down in ommission. They've kind of unfortunate the injuries that have helped them avoid ultimate idea here right but Britain fully healthy running the genocide of the roster general what's gonna happen here. Here's a spot let's say on up you'll say well this is same team from a last year what's the big deal. When you say is the exact same team that's not. Because we want playing with are full roster and where we thought that this thing. Could be and work to grow and in the meantime other players got a lot better. They've improved they've had real team competition experience. Which I think really helps and the depth that we have will make it competitive open and the vessel make each other better. So if you're if you're looking at because this is we're getting to a point here Manny NN notes is still. A lot of things can happen putt if you Morgan into it when you show up. For the first day of of training camp for the Miami to millions and that roster. And I don't know exactly how it's gonna go over with the nation. I'm guessing they'd be will be at this point. So does that W bracing for the fact that okay if that happens then. Put a smiley face on on force. It's it's not easy Yemen as pink is the fact that they were sort of disposal so easily in the playoffs. About Philadelphia that you look at the steaming soup it would what's the topic and thank you for everybody's healthy beyond that is best. Oh. One playoff series when you know I mean in this week in the Eastern Conference and though with Cleveland basically out of power or expected to go backwards. It's Aleman you know did. Deceive should be good enough to to give Boston Philly Iran I don't even know that they can do that to be honest I mean at their best may be with you on playing at a really high level but. You know look I I would I would tell each man's. They eat you got some good young players right now the amateur and any of more than right justice was close though here Josh Richardson still here getting them out of bi coastal here. Yes they're they're in a tough situation and turn to some contracts and in guys that you wanna move but looked point one he's not that far away and they're gonna have some freeagent. Money at that point the league continues to change. UD UD year here and so many guys are signing one year deals. I think by the time we get to two point one everybody's basically start it's going to be you know. One year with a player option for a second and really that's the way a lot of these yeah because tee into teams there. As much as they'd like to keep core groups together you know the warriors and so forth. I think teams realize he can't continue to to. Hand out these for your deals anymore. And and sort of bank on it and and say that you know because of a contract goes bad each group and you just if if if you get that Ryan Anderson inner. You know somebody and four year contract you Campbell we just completely devastate your franchise so I think as we move forward here. Everything is going to be a one year deal with a player to proceed. Well you you might eat it sounds a bit crazy to politics is one or two owners to say login back as thirty argue Mecca Fortier could ruin that guy and player and teams can't help themselves but. One thing and it is the one thing that's apparent. And welcome back to talk about this is why you probably on the something is the lack of movement now mean is does the heat aren't the only team it's just kind of stock. It was a lot of 45 teams out there that want a remake their roster and some former fashion. In the long had a back contractor to bred dog got a Ryan Anderson sit on the bounce they all got a hold a joke you know supplements did lakers at love Angus in their mayor. Amigo you call it if you really wanted you know if you're out your border worker appear. If you're little to do any work he has won a float around ability to be irascible George he'll make it nineteen million dollars a year for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Let go look at gig as you would think Romania. And teams would love to get off a guy in just mix it apple bit. And yet. Nobody's there's not even bad contract for bad contracts swaps which I thought there was going to be a lot of this offseason. And there's been absolutely no movement whatsoever. The only team to move a little bit was the hornets. Dwight Howard and got my contrary they got his back beyond low India majors you know they swept doubled in an elderly sit down volume. Yields move you have expiring country knows it knows that but there's been there's been none of it and I'm. Very very surprised by that welcome back we know that little bit more here with to the other 5 o'clock out of the headlines. And will also updates on the heat in the at the summer league action as a reached halftime. Are against nor Orleans as many tomorrows it was all afternoon long here will take up until off synagogue a back to some some he talked. And now what age you. If anything goes down on the Miami city commission in their vote for for the MLS project to be. Put on the ballot in though on November and a very simple question that I it's by opposed to everybody just thinking about this. You know and and 04 against what have you just. Can. My Miami Asia's they South Florida and everyone kind of put the Miami. South Florida can they support a soccer team will it be it's a success down here I'm simple. Is that the question you really have to ask will it work down here. Will they be a franchise that will have fans support the people will go to. On a regular basis. And we'll work IEA IE don't have I have some reservations on that over the years and you look at the current state of the pro teams here in South Florida. Angry and they have their reasons for succeeding or failing failing. They have 52 and people the most and I. That was the lowest attended game in the history of morals park when he 5% of that stadium this. Filled to capacity and averaged 5200. People showed up. Three Major League Baseball game in this town is pretty frightening we'll explore that and a lot more coming up next right here on seven and take. Coming up at 5 o'clock hour here on 790s it's inside your witness heard he was alongside many tomorrow. Who's who of those all afternoon in the next couple of days. There's only one way to listen the thing on your Smart device or computer that would be rid of that come out for a review about comments were stream is and everything else you would before. So without the radio that combat now and don't miss your favorite take each overdo it I've come to new homeowner in seven Eileen. From 1043. But ticket 67974. If you wanna wanna text the show's 67974. Still free to do so we have some soccer text lemon in here that we're gonna what get to. Also a that you on the heat and the New Orleans hurricanes. As third quarter is underway from Las Vegas as the Los Vegas playoffs. You are on the men's basketball right now and yes. Weird yes there was that we would have room retirement what do you do with the trophy of the natural ms. trophy right. I think it's free pizza whoever whoever wins determine the end of the pizza speaking of a free pizza. Papa John's. You you are familiar with of that yes yes will get into a bird to mud we'll get into what. What happened but of Papa John. Shot here who's the guy in the commercials who's the chairman and in the face of Papa John's pizza and he was all of those commercial paid meaning over the years and everything. And give abortion money bull bull. Over the years that's where his business started. He he's had AM. You. A similar conference call and saying saying using inward. And at stories out there's that's a mean to read the story there but the fallout of that. Who's pretty pretty widespread. Marlins have. Dropped Papa Johns has a sponsor. So was a Marlins five this for five runs or more you for the bazaar repeat so so public Johns is out as sponsor for the Miami Marlins. And also the mobile it's Papa John stadium. And liberal is discussing whether should take the name off on stadium right now. So there is a significant fallout in public Johns is one of those. Companies that is widespread throughout throughout sports every there was no Papa John's Dillard's in the near town like the Marlins finally got those are tomorrow's nomads like all across. Baseball Leo all sorts of things or console as most companies that's that's kind of very heavily involved in sports. I would say and I've been to just about every baseball stadium every NB stadium and it's say probably half. The college football and basketball and in this country I'd say probably John's probably had 50%. On of those long term partnerships and that's rush selling at the stadium yes I mean it's a pretty high percentage. No there's no doubt me just commercials over the years of all the football guys and everything in so he's out an apology on. He's out as chairman and they you know he's. To shame that they should be but now all the teams the obvious if the wanna be associated with public pizza and zone they're cutting all their ties there. So that's just the W mortar come. I'm sure on on no doubt from what you mentioned pizza there yes and and perfect segue. Yeah well I just something something that that happened here with the Marlins to before the show happen but that the dropped them. As they as a sponsor us six nights and for the tiger reaches on the you know on the text line 679. 74. We get a couple of text here. Guys Miami is eleven European city where soccer is the number one sport. Unlike them following American sport I'll support especially. Now to heat aren't very good. When it comes to when it comes to soccer also notes or some final would he bring back the same roster must also needs to to have their dollar profiling his players otherwise they'll have no trade value standard throughout which player does well and maximize that could get a basketball that cut it for this team. Yeah I remember a global years ago removed two years ago we were in Orlando for the opener and Aaron the. How to put words pre human and what is vision once this roster he basically. This could be the Portland trailblazers you know the team that just has a bunch of guys are pretty good back court. And is competitive now and Portland. Had stuff phenomenal season last year at their team in its weapons or Toronto I think that format of a plane with a bunch of guys are really deep roster. Just just not very very successful in the NBA exists you know they got their annual orders much better than anybody in the Miami Heat have now. It's insists. You know and people point that you. They mean it's it's just it's Connelly you know what it's like many. It's like. The the the the team and you know discovering high school and college football for so many years. It's like the guy that doesn't get that the the five star drop back quarterback so they got to run the spread offense went right. Right they got in the they got. You know they got a gimmick it up a little bit let the athletes make the plays or we're just you know I we can't compete so we're gonna run a different are we had some like that. In it that's kind of what like it has to be is that you know I love bill two point well pistons do. The five guys there and wanted to be Jimmy give it a total of one team and how long it wasn't years of the MBA yeah. Let's go duels or you can find quarterbacks in the fifth or sixth round of the in the NFL look at Tom Brady okay. Yeah yeah yeah they got they got that right there it's one guy in eighty years of the NFL. That the other worked out in the and that in the draft the became halting quarterback but that's not the Normandy of those pistons teams Larry Brown the one in the losses the spurs in seven games. Other try to repeat in the heat matchup for those too many times. Before in those playoff run. Dude Chauncey Billups was I was a hell of a player known rip Hamilton was an all star shooting guard. You add Tayshaun Prince. Was doing all tablet I've been walls was defensive player of the year Rasheed Wallace was all star caliber player like that team. Wasn't just a bunch of guys. That you put together fuel point to a civil that's always do in the MBA it's just. You need stars may and you need to guys you can throw the ball to. You know two minutes ago does a dude just be better than everybody else I mean at that point in the playoffs and the just comes down to isolation basketball. You know final two minutes of the game who makes the place we went went through that good. And you don't have to start the doing you know in one or two over for this not mean it's as if you're. These two different formulas try to put a team together. And especially when you move playoffs and special and you know to play elsewhere immediacy of the mean they come down to. The last two minutes and there's eight possessions. And who's gonna win. You know who's gonna win five or six of those eight possessions whether it's your own defense or offense who's gonna make a play with a block. Or a big rebound or hit a shot or whatever. It is usually those oh superstar I reporters are we'll get back to the cost. We get to due to a few other things here on the on the docket but let's first get to 5 o'clock headlines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WX at best at that beach into Miramar plea deal. Come station. Our love you're just a bit in your car we got a text there was an over Zain news on the stadium deal love Miami city commission is hearing it. Support from my Jorge Maas and David Beckham. And also opposition. In in regards to these soccer complex proposal. That is being. That is being right now that is being discussed and the commission meets three of the five commissioners to approve it. And that there would be put to a public to vote. In November for Yemeni news on that. We will certainly relive it to you via the commission. Started hearing the the proposals around the around to a structural or three hours in here Miami Heat in action in the summer they go Las Vegas they lead the pelicans. From New Orleans 63 to 61. About six. Six and a half minutes ago in the third quarter that would end. In and women's tennis the Wimbledon final is set as Angeli Gerber and Serena Williams both advanced you know in straight sets in those. Are your headlines 67974. That's a U reaches. On the text line anything that's on your months ended in 67974. We invite and encouraged. You're your text messages. Zeile organ to organ to a few of these here on here moving forward. But. We got into an estimate of the soccer conversation here. And what is what is your gut feeling. On if you if soccer would work. In this town and as I thought about it a little bit more. Know some of the beast and and and and LeRoy driving in a little bit here you know there's just a lot of things that that. It'll bother me but they just kind of they raise will be in red flags here and I won the the only thing I want is it to work. I just won it I've seen too many things fatal. And too many things just get screwed up around here in South Florida and I recognize. And I think you do me any two. We are different down here and things are different. I'd better not worse we're just different for melted bottoms society. We don't have a a true downtown. Type of atmosphere or complex that everybody golds to. Every Friday night or Saturday night there's a lot of different areas. We're where people congregate. Here in South Florida solid going to downtown Detroit were all the stadiums are down there and you go to the games on your drive meaning go in the new leave. And unity with insisted there's it's not like a traditional you know Chicago where he knows downtown areas where you go. Or some other or some other cities so when you talk about building things nothing of that they're Thomas. A little bit about but the MLS once it in the urban core where it like that's an MLS thing too that's what it's like. Like OK well that's not necessarily gonna mean it's going to work just as you won in the city limits of Miami. Because the best place in Miami is again so spread out you wanna know. Where it's gonna be convenient for people to go to also where the people are coming from if your building the stadium. I mean as much as the Marlins park was the big is boondoggle we've seen white building it that far self. Almost to alienate a lot of your Broward fans that wanted to go and you would sit watch and they really want a road game a little game. But you know the one thing that the one thing and has held up in this town. Throughout everything. Is what is now hard rock city. Because. Joseph Robbie when he when he built the stadium. Had the vision of everyone is going to be moving more. And here we are. Almost that's the ability 86. Or opened at 86 in civil and open and here we are thirty years later. And it's still on the perfect it's in the per replace and that's why it's been able to survive but you get into a while better centrally located stadium that everybody can get to. And our rock stadium. And you know I did this just little things like that if if it's going to work the just to take into account. You know we've got what those five million people down here between Dade Broward and the surrounding areas and I think all of those certain you know if we have to drive more than 45 minutes to get somewhere. And then have to deal with partying and all these are. Most of urgency at all right I mean on a Friday Saturday night a week are you gonna drive an hour and a half to go watch. I don't know. A mediocre. I if you're if you're on the fence then. You can say you know you're probably not probably not I mean it's just the reality of things you really wanna go all the people go. But I like to say to like really do we lead the league an excuse Newton where is it RI AA announced a bit too far some of the I just you just wanted to be. In the best possible location you're gonna do it is do it. Right game like that you know with the baseball team. Here's a simple question that we still have the answer and you're 25 years in. They better efforts we've done in the town. People like great. Does baseball work in Miami or in South Florida. If if I just don't have an answer tape demanding I don't. I think it would it if if things have done differently would use different ownership group. Somebody who invested in players and if you if they have the right a brooch. Where they kept guys and guys weren't leaving I think it I think there would there would have been a little affair when you had two championships. Oh within a decade I mean it's a you had reasons to follow with a moral occurring in the end you have a lot more reasons they. But but I'd like people like people. Like I. CBQ this must you know say wait for a while from Miami. You know you be sitting at a bar with a guy may be immune you're talk about sports whatever and then. Did you get the question hey dude what's W baseball team on the likewise they've made to think like why isn't baseball popular down there. And you know you kind of get into you know some of the ownership company but they give people asked me to people like baseball down there and I just go I don't know. I am really legitimately don't have that answer because it's never been able to a dim but it's never been. Given a chance to succeed not so maybe like maybe maybe Derek Jeter's gonna spend 200 million dollars and they're gonna have a team is gonna go to the playoffs bomb. You'll four out of five years. And maybe he'll be thirty maybe he'll be 27000. People there Renee 30000 dribble their answer wow wow look at this yes if you committed people show up. Or maybe used to really get the crowds that you got all along and your look at and say while they put a competitive team out there are for a decade. And still nobody shown up. Then did you stronger hands ago no baseball as a working missed out there will descending at Tampa Bay. I have no idea bay sports and terribly either they're complain about stadium now they're gonna get it there are trying to get a new stadium bill. Outlook that's all we heard for ten years down here well the new stadium or is it worked out probably was this in the hearts of in the rain OPEC to that they built that stadium and now and same thing. Agassi if you think about it if if you go sort of the key route right where you would double championships and your competitive every single year. Look they've had I don't know how many straight years of sellout but the means to the point where yes there is not packed every single night people wanna go. Right either they wanna go to your you know they're willing to make the drive. And you know they've had that there's a following there's a low for the heat so I think. Anyone of our franchises down here can be successful. But it's got to be a thing where there's consistently winning where there's good leadership and there's never a feeling of you know the ownership groups cheap and they don't care about the fans and they don't care about your emotions and there will let guys walk. I think I think we you know suffered as any we just carry our heart our you know. On our sleeve and and won't Wear a no win I think we just we don't wanna spend our money your time on something that is a war and this is the way we are. That's that young people saw its New Year's is not a good sports town. And ice and on the knowledge is that you're wrong in your wrong about that. We're just the very word is a very fickle sports town Newton where people are just gonna show to watch trek people are gonna sit around. On a Saturday afternoon and just watch you know bad teams. And invest their time. In there money on just anything. I think people are more. They're more sophisticated than that NM mice that might sound you know funny or or or different. I think that's the case where people are just so you have matter wanted to watch with I don't wanna go watch a foreign twelve office and I'm sorry. My every single Sunday and higher bad fan of the thing. Do better and better fuel cell and had been proven in this town in the hurricanes were we're just in a Malays for twelve years. All of a sudden. Oh my god. That stadium last month that season. Was me that was orange boy west Manning you know not labored to detect the Notre Dame and and and those games those alleges that we've seen. In fifteen years because because I think here I mean look people when you win. People shall and that's just that's the way we are in this town and people wanna support a winner they wanna I wanna be there for the big moments. And outlook it just build a winner that's what the secret is to tall this eat you you went consistently. You put a new product out there are people shall remain and it's a lot in recent night. You know it it'll be close are noticeably sexier 6797467974. How did some text messages and and also get some of the things the oil wanna get to get back to the the Miami Heat and get the other latest from Manny here. I was what they could be up to via the the trade market. As I as we continue on right you're awesome and I'd take. I've got a job you get all your breaking sports updates of bush so advocates from all of our show's host. On our new video that's come apps are downloaded now make sure you turn on implications of the settings reveal that come to new home for everything in so many left them. Well Northridge lead to a bit sick kids. Sort of super show here on 7:9 PM tomorrow is in for Chris Perkins for Quebec on Monday we think what he's got some other vacation hadn't cashed in. Perkins will be back on on Monday as the the summer of perk continues so many will be with us tomorrow. As as well we got things going on many am excited about this weekend we got the World Cup final Newton thing would try to get the a little low World Cup analysis tomorrow on the show. And and of course we'll see how this breaks down what the with the soccer news and the and the soccer the soccer. Stadium proposal here. And also we got to the MBA still still front senator NBA summer league has become it's become an amazing amazing amazing Lola cottage industry that the that the NBA. Has stumbled upon here these 27976. With about a minutes ago in the eye in the third quarter in the playoffs. The amusement if he were the twenty succeed they were two when he first actually play first look at the flooding and at the seedings there. At and they're they're leading their New Orleans has been was the eleventh seed so on and how you. You Paramount opened. It's of the Atlanta for somebody and he were a one and 210 absolutely after the three into the now's the playoffs and so Orleans nor a smoke jumpers game out there were 21 come into the game so I'm Joan five point lead. End of the third quarter and outlook that you would see how are how they do on capitol may not about me don't know what they're told junior. Allies has probably won't make any sort of impact on the on the big team I don't know any time Duncan Robinson OK you mentioned there won't junior. Earlier. We had to get this guy Jerry Jones is 124 points and sign. Now jobs and billions. When he year old Jerry Jones is playing in. And hungry the last couple years and and overseas for the last six years god bless him and players old and near coastal mineral and yes still trying to still trying to get it done. Carmelo Anthony. Nothing new in new on that fronts that's gotten very quiet all of a sudden. Which means that I'm thinking of something might be in the works for for somebody here I'm just trying to figure out news on this thing what Oklahoma city's motivation will be. And also went to a question that question and then I wanna get to it seems like there's a new. According to the oddsmakers and this is funny how you Jim on anything these days and there's a new there's new co favorite in the why Leonard sweepstakes apparently arms. Now the clippers how I'll tell you that team in just a moment but Anthony. What is Oklahoma city's motivation we know that when his contract off the books. I'm still trying to figure out. If they did it just stretches ass and to ensure its contract and that is solved and on that and do they wanna get play you're. To replace him too they wanna get draft picks form because I'm just trying to figure that out. How he can slide in easier 'cause he. If they buy him out. I don't know if you I guess one of the he would have a 5050 shot he would say if he was is that our free to come here right you have to decide whether or not you assume that would be in Tony in Houston his buddy who's not really fond of those and right now DelHomme and Bob you'll bring up part of competing along with him in New York February evolving in the rugged forward in this matter OK we're heeding your along with him and in Houston. And that can be a problem. Or but here he comes here than what how does that how do you pay him with Dwyane Wade went on to that it's little more complicated. If you trade forum. Then that becomes a bit more cut and dry and then obviously he's coming here you get him in and you alleviate any other team of getting in of getting him whatsoever. Well here here's a here's a way OKC and and look they've got until August 31 two huge use distrust provision so so really I mean we could be waiting all summer. A mellow resolution. Here's why OKC doesn't want restriction because then. You got nine million. On the books for the next three years against the cap room so yes you're saving yourself a hundred million dollars. We heard yourself when it comes to salary cap for nine point whatever it is that you have to pay him that what's the count against your capsule. They're trying to find trade partner potentially a three way trade so that the team that really wants mellow. Takes on his contract. And then say somebody like Sacramento or Atlanta somebody who's still has cap space. Takes on the money. The Houston wants to get rid of right do they want this mother contract off the books and wanna pay the tax. And at the same time still get a player right they don't want to lose mellow for nothing and then still get hurting the capsule they're gonna try. Until they until the equates to try to treat. How far they'll go home along the way we don't know. Like I think we could be waiting a couple weeks future for two resolution now as far as knows decision. And what team he wants to join exception. I mean back could be leaked out here any day I mean it could come down to. You know if you if he feels he's not any treaty could c'mon and won't here anyone wanna play news scenario really weren't in Miami. So that's that's on the we could hear at any point here before him some relief. But. As far as when all is gonna go down and when it becomes official. It could take awhile and it I guess as a as long as though Casey still thinks that they can trade in will be waiting for this to. Is a mellow ultimate has revealed trade power over any trade. And I'll Melo would do this because I think he just wants to get out of there anyway he's getting his money one way or another that is true here so why why why would be YE. Mean if he wants to go some where you can say I only really go to Miami are not working out right right. Right and the only way the he would take on is if they're able to. I guess when his contract and train that they're they're gonna get rid of you know Contra the there wanna get rid of which would be beneficial when he does and artificial right if big if if Melo did that and that was the case right otherwise Miami's only get him as a as who've been a free agent once he's once he's cut out of that deal with Houston and in their handling the 27 million the result. There's a report on CBS sports dot com and one of their headlines in this is it was strange to me even reading the story had begun even more strange and bizarre. According to one of the the sports books. The other guides on who com car quite lateral play for next season. Has the Toronto Raptors. At even money moon which is very it ended but it does explain why. Just as Toronto has become a dark horse in the Ian gave me in the choir Leonard sweepstakes. And IIIQ her call. Of a player of his caliber Manning who island Newton and nobody knowing anything about the player or or what he wants break. Well like whether or does that and he thinning. And he's been so quiet of his career into of the process that I think we have so many people just trying to. Trying to make a guest and then you have a team. Dad's being in the San Antonio Spurs who is being strong arms which has never been strong number four yeah well. I mean it's it's a unique situation right you know you would never expect just the sort of dysfunction. To come out of Greg Popovich is program and and the whispers. Do things. But there's a reason behind it I mean do you listen the agent would Borowski part Catholic I do which is that you know that. One church recently listen loses. Is saying in here at a park has recently about. Hawaii in free agency and so forth. You know the whole issue with co Y is. For one. He's got a much of founding members behind the scenes that are on the strings right he's got an uncle. Family members who were were being sort of advising them then he has an aging that I think or how to need to that was not a traditional. Basketball legends of football we sort of handling the money and so forth. So. If it's it's it's very complicated. Crazy deal where you got a potentially one of the five best players in the MBA. Who's kind of just been mismanaged unum and not run by the traditional way or enemy when we need to get ahold of LeBron you need to get a hold of Anthony Davis or whoever it is whoever the you know top five players are pretty easy that are represented by the best guys in the NBA why. It's been a different animal and the spurs. You know obviously you have made him scarce in terms of media and so for the justice of their way so it's it's just weird this whole why I think I think about another sports. There's really nobody like right somebody who's top five and in. In their software and nobody has any feel for the guy in on the right is MEI video of what they're you know the guy you know the only guy and you think oh. It's kind of a weird one but Amer Marvin Harrison. In the wide receiver yeah. And Maher got it in these were which is say mean nobody knows where he goes after practice nobody knows what he does. Nobody sees him out and out and out there abouts. You know and nobody really the about the guy. Dean ends he ultimately got in some problems after his career. Which probably would give you a clue OK were viewed nobody's really country's been that's what goes into some real good. But gill is that this guy they have where you'd say what you what you tell me about the guy. How are you nobody nominally about only see the look there's just nothing and nothing about him other than he's just an unassuming guy. And everything has been set about a my thing is just hearsay. So I have no idea what the guy I want to do where he wants to play when we wants to play with what he wants to do mean all these guys he's not all social media. I mean he's added there's no even my could be wrong tries to read the tea leaves on the stuff where a guy to send out tweet and you kind of say all okay that I want to do this and add. Think there's there's none of that with him so I've no idea how this thing is gonna work out or what what. And then he got the spurs might just say well you know what. True Religion trade wherever you figured out we might ads in the Kardashians and I think that's the only way we're off. Don't put that don't cast that spell on him at that many how dare you the only way we'll gated Eddie inside. Hamdi one of the Kardashians. I am seriously haven't house or reading it means that employer. Don't please don't cast that. That that's spell on him and he's. He doesn't deserve that our combat with severe text messages 679747. Money and we're still awaiting word on if the other Miami city commission. Is going to approve the the plan to put it on the referendum in November for the MLS soccer complex rating goes down between now and Ian Marshall certainly. It's up to speed on that he was your thoughts on that as well right here on some and I knew tick. Yeah. I. Sydney left around the like the big for the final world soccer tournament match on Sunday July 15 during a 9:30 AM is going to be an early start. Boys and girls from the Bible Atlanta official beer of the two donated fifa World Cup beer brands golds and was arousal. It'd northwestern six street and in third avenue and around once again one giant screen there'll be plenty of entertainment enterprises including just went against. C Rio Madrid or Barcelona player of all sponsored by Cleveland clinic and recruit energy drink. Real energy. Or are real people Els one of the things many what are the time between then get into it a whole lot earlier by like the MLS has this rule. But they wanna be in the in the urban or my as they call it's. And I would ask you through. Brendan I don't know why that issue and and as everybody out there in South Florida. What is the urban core. Of South Florida. South Beach right and that's the and that's the that's the hip place to be right to the Letterman nukem guy. I heard it. New big cables living there make their he's very tried that would beg him under four years ago a news. You know take your shirt off and all the labs on David Beck commonly thought there was gonna throw all waterfront land his way. And he realized that that was going to be the case and we are four years later still trying to get this thing done. So old so. Sotheby's is now the question waterfront lay and his out of the question so I'd ask you urban core. Like I don't think there is a two I don't think other than yes. Put it on the ocean. Put it on government cut if you can't. Have you know the though the ocean I mean I'll be the perfect landscape correct. Where I would say every Cisco's data out there he does urban communities that he'd have right there yes I mean all of the all of the. The background. Is is just absolutely spectacular and it just image of sings. South Florida. But outside of that I ask you okay so what's next. And I don't know there's a Pacific place me if you they view it said you know Curtis what's urban core Miami. I would never said all right next to it mining international airport and noticed in Mexico and I never order that would've thought that that's right there's nothing there there hasn't been an imminent that's just it's a golf course it's an airport and a lot of traffic that's what that is I mean you. You don't know Joseph rewrote rating eating drive down costs all those hold tells that that made famous of what what do what else is around. These kids is a win what is the urban core okay. Right now it is when way to close at Winwood five years ago you left we were left me is the you know said what are you nuts nobody goes to win would then. I mean for a stadium. Yet I can't I can't he win would mean little when we now know like an immediate but I'm just trying to get a get a day you know. And I think MLS does it definitely is but flawed when it comes in this town that's all. This that we won in the urban Corley of you know duke as a I think there's there's several locations. That in this is what where I'm coming from. I want it to work so that an console so there's several locations that I think would be demographically. Plausible for. Population and also the traffic. And for and for fuel to get to his weaknesses we are very spread out to be below west will people. That are. Better on the beach to be able to get to and vice Versa. I mean you hear you know and just use your a lot of things product Kansas arena macro way out there a policy that OK fine. I'm on parliament one way down there. I just try to think you know if you if I am starting to be a team or running a a team or. Building a stadium Manny knowing this town. And were both natives here you know what I'm trying to do I'm trying to limit ads many excuses as possible right from the fan base. I. Am completely with you and I think that's an any part of this and we had this discussion and pre segment but he you mentioned. The vision that Joseph Robbie had right to put it right there on the deed. Broward border will what's the one project it's already been approved here in South Florida that's a huge project that's going to be an area of growth. That new mall right the one now that's way that's a Sony 575. In. Turnpike of the the new mega mall that new mega mall I'm one little white out that Wright went out there that's on the Dade Broward border I think people you'll people moved. In that area between Miramar where the dolphins are thinking of various milled at a facility. That area out here there's old what's a land I think that's arisen where Isaiah wanted to build. Thought we went to a blockbuster park little bit south of there. Of the bug but yes that's where was new and again there's no other land available right so it was moving west now. Which does that too liberal and that's only land that's available and you look you know the housing projects on somebody look at how many schools out there on the young people out there. You look at Weston dreaded the road in the row south of there. In Hialeah gardens and all that whole area and from Heinz. I like that's that's the new area and has live out west and. Pines and you know I'm I don't necessarily. I'm not sitting here saying that's who stayed in closer to my house but. I think you if you if you're thinking about where the growth is where people are going to be hanging out that mall. There's going to be a lot of people even now mall that mega mall if you're close to that. I think need you to pick up people on a Friday and Saturday night my wants one by I want to soccer game. Register that the you know that ruled the MLS William lest they wanna have in the urban core okay yeah that's great when you look at some certain cities and having her record when you look at Atlanta. And where the Georgia oh will memory was now called Mercedes-Benz on the new stadium knew we look at let's just use them exit the soccer. That's a new or expansion team in the news they're kicking ass of their but the tennis everything. Unity and I've been on that a million times. Right there that's perfect that's yet that is the urban core right where the Olympic village was and downtown. In the express ways and all that other stuff. Yes that's pretty easy to figure out war in certain cities where. The urban cores in South Florida it's not that does that that the amazing nobody really goes into this city of Miami party you know the time right I mean it it's South Beach. Well here's an and then everybody's got their own neighborhoods are bright and there's there's probably a ten different places right that's go to you go to the hard rock Wang. Real hard rock there and would. I know you laugh allows and stop it OK I know why you laugh and yeah as tropical park yes of course we do the job of hard to access and writing poetry slam idea. I guys who hang out of that kind of does that tell me that a new to the party he knew the party to OK so that's that's a misfortune. Yes troubled part has been discussed. Marriage is the beginning of sports talk radio was down troubled apart has been considered for at some point. A stadium is this since 1985 is back in Puget in my we've been dormant emotional or from Korea China had. That's a total pork. Total bargain yes if you that it total market if you go to buy a metro rail everyone's gonna come in watcher watcher team play. That's the other that tiller missed in this in this town. That that the perpetuated. For the last the last thirty years right by the metro rails right there read it should ever lose the match Oreo get down the arena okay answered his knowledge of auto park. That's our that's our salvation yes. Is it in the build something out of trouble apart already NB dealt with the rights of citizenship and force that's that's that's that's oh my god that's. Did your kids that. Having yet I will I will be taking them at some point but yeah please is just it's it's it's crazy even dominant. Santos yes years ago oh with a girl from my years are years ago you Ferrell is less than they all know the affair was. Balloon by Tony yours yours is tells kids. In solitude. Now I've Neitzel he's very no there there is there argue about that into our president by you want to. And how that can turn out you're you're Euro in the know down there. Oh do they want you mean FR you do want it to that land for some rigel they wanted to in the list of the affair. For them what they did security so I could have been done out there are a little bit of Hainan island nobody else can. Yet these fair man. Okay and I've been of these for a long time. Bush what you're saying where is where do you where do you go Maddon a demagogue. I got a low. Ten by twelve. Office space that guy. That's what I got there in the in my emulates west my Muehlegg Centralia many knives and a have been around about there well known to be. To be honest with you on the on Africa but don't mean like if there's and there's a million places you can go. But NA and what you said about that dog mauled and yeah all that all of that area measures this is. Moving out there needing. Out west in its in its amazing rising it's. Or just because of the expressway it's there I mean if you wanna come from Miami you can do that you wanna take DePaul might only 26 you can get there. You wanna come south from from you know Europe open Broward in the northeast takes 75 down. Obviously in their expanding it the other all the express was up there mean there's new stuff being built I think that would that would probably be the best. I welcome back we'll get to the 6 o'clock hour 67974. We're good Samir text messages here 67974. On the on the text line and was he going to advance. In the playoffs. Love the Las Vegas summer league will update you on that as well headlines right here on seven items and Jim before 6 o'clock here on 79 minutes since you're glad you are those there's only one way to listen and say get on your Smart device or computer and that's. For the radio dot com rapport radio dot com that's our stream is everything else you're looking for some will download the regular come up now and don't measure favored to to show radio dot com the new home of insulin and you know from 1043. HD to the ticket Curtis and perch here on 790 the ticket many tomorrows in for Chris Perkins. As he's been Louis last couple days will be one of us tomorrow as our special guest host as well many from the up from the from the Miami Herald you're waiting. You're you're out there and hit somebody there yeah. And and now you just kind of in a holding pattern of the branches we know what to keep maybe just Wayne watch Carmelo watched Dwyane Wade watch me to sit around wait for news happening now. In leaders certainly audio. On the clock when it comes to of that regard there so we've we've talked loud about that you're her from or bolster earlier. India in the show we're also awaiting word on the the Miami city commission. Day in if they're going to. Proof. The referendum that would be put on the November baton ballot for on the University of Miami residents to vote on a a soccer stadium yesterday. So I mean I think I'd I'd be shocked. If they didn't prove it to at least get to the ballot part of essentially to get the put on that I I I mean you know politics I mean I never try to do too. Mean I have a hard time during a sports. I'm wondering am I gonna try to predict what's gonna happen in the political arena. Already early city commission. And a lot of people look at and say well it's not exactly only a bit up but I mean there. They look like they have a pretty significant. Plan in place unless you just want to argue that there is that the it's a no bid. A process. But in Anderson there's opposition with the first she. Of Miami who I I'll lose my saw earlier they brought the couple 100 people live this morning they're ready to. You know viewed you know tell the story and so on so forth. But it's proving anything to say this is just going to get it should be put on. The ballot for votes recognizes that this is just the first I've been in her attempting to get this done after four yeah I be shocked if they be in that if the NBA just shut down today. I did and I'd be surprised and then. I have no idea what was and what they would do what the future of soccer Miami have no idea. What the next step would be challenging to have a next upper plan B in that remember yeah I mean with any and they change the location how many times. I mean who's Overtown and themselves you know right. No literature. No I agree on shared I'm sure Beckham wouldn't quit this quickly but. In good to get tired of the whole months. Could. But. Via. Mean. I Overtown was never. Yuck that's the thing that that the into the bother me but it just kind of it just made me a little bit. An uneasy about where. We heard over town and all the sudden this place happen like five minutes and eight and now and then now it's it's is it just easily happen so quickly its site. You know. It just that they need in the and they were just taking of the better deal. And I just I just wanted to be vetted properly and everything to be done right. That's all and what I mean by that too is not just like yeah I know Jorge masses got a lot of money. I'm Rory must now lot of connections in the time I mean I know all that's an idol David Beckham know soccer. I yeah I know all of that mean you could not place a better marriage between a businessman and a sports man. If you were trying to figure out how you get it this good team as you can put together right Mosul businessman who's made a lot of money to bid knows us tell operate those things and other connections everything and one of the biggest races in the sport that does like he'll make garrison town rally coming together. You know twenty years ago when he really one thing about it. But on this saying is it just. If they're just occasionally just to the okay that's opens available. A lot of it is going to be location a lot of the disease is going to be how this project is perceived and where it is and where. People wanna go and spend their time in their money obviously. This could just put it places I mean that's you know you look at a lot of cities. And B we talked about this earlier with Herbert quarterly. There's not you go to and it did then there's other great cities in this country. But the and that there's like two places that you would go on wanna hang out where everybody Eagles right. I mean having traveled to just about every major sports city in a completely immune I think. Miami's won the unique places like Dallas which so spread around a lot of different neighborhoods can go to. New Yorker some like that I was a bit like yep Miami like it on any. There is. 1015. Hotspots and pockets of South Florida where people go in congress and hang out and spend money and do what everyone there. Soul you know you go to certain other cities that there's like. There's like three spots. You know I'm not talking like restaurants or bars and target like areas. So you view you know you take that city and go caseloads build to build a stadium there where everyone's already gonna go there and then so OK yes. Miami there's there's. You know you there's four times that. He would say South Beach or you would say oh OK let's do without western let's do it. You know partner they're really gonna try to look at the ill or wherever whenever may be and then. The other thing we basin as having limited Broward County from this equation the Broward County with dozens of to a professional sports outside of the cancer slow but I mean that Beckham's whole thing from the get goes in. Miami right. Means east that's noon and he wants this man right you know. Which are Anderson I understand there that. But you know if I told you well you good if you build little bit north. Or are you comfortable and Broward County but if you build of the human. Like ground hard rock stadium but it was going to be the best location I mean we should take that but urges they want OW city Miami we we you know have a it's a site c'mon. Yeah I mean I think at this point if you if this gets shot down I mean he's gonna have to look outside the I mean where else is gonna rule was another spot. You start just Terry buildings down what are units of at this point. I just don't see anywhere else in the city of Miami. Well an ominous as his running via molest two has that role but he won it in the certain areas and he's just done a moment but yet I mean this whole thing from the start. Four years ago when David Beckham showed up. He means it muddled mind your bust. David Beckham. Wanted to be an Internet if you wanted to be in an international city wanted to be eight in a store. Started. City and Miami at LA was already taken LA is where he played. So he can you give a reason he came over to begin with. New York was already taken. What's next on the list no unless you're in Miami oh my god Miami that that little hole of the Monica in the Miami who does one play in Miami who has won a party in Miami. It was a no brainer. Seoul. Four years ago it was my aim your boss Beckham wasn't gonna come down here it's a while I got Miami. And then I might look at Toledo. And then I'm gonna go over here to Charlotte's. It was going to be mine in the Miami franchise that's what he was gonna put his name on that plane that was at those the only franchised and I think along the way this should be you know something. If good do we how moma show or to task and were would be paying did your fingers to be that hard to get to this. Points on sheer I'm sure he thought this is going to be a slammed on seeing the success that. Other you know soccer events here in the city you have had over the years. I think he sighed did did the city would be more especially have to you know just skim the marlins' deal Dunleavy thought you know. Is demolished got a stadium well I'm I'm she'll be happy I'm David Beckham and Motorola and here. And you're gonna say all right how to get this done and it's been the complete opposite end and it. You know it's kind of I kind of feel bad form because he's I was not a bad guys that every good intention here. Two to bring the sport to a city in and booed and in a place its units are so much international flavor like Miami does. Com was you know we're just we're just different when we're not we're not like everybody else so that was gonna rank the top ten hang out spots in software really. Rude arrested that. There goes the same spot Miami right everyone hangs on the same neighborhoods of Miami. But that's our that's our rules that so year old right new. I mean please do that those you tell me that now that those tag that takes just a gala bit more in how many times. No matter who it was your run in and done and before you get married right how many times you take a device they were eagle on the night. To your buddies and it would get like nine different answers from everybody else one to South Beach all. I'm going to off for a lot of B job gonna go to our round common ago. You mean it is the alma go to the grove. A little here and and I can understand. During the course of time there were places now to win when they're once or go to women and now the court's time different. Places change the hip place is now Leo did it but yeah it. Where we're at some point when you tend to anyone and you know when you went to have a good time periods where where was your. What would you buy Treasure Island basically Manny Ralph Ralph DePalma all right there Treasure Island EST I see you do that with the neon lights yes. TI's 2000 men that was it that wasn't correct Molinari there let's get to 6 o'clock at. Please it's WT XY AM south of Miami and got the US advanced that can't be HD you'll Miramar plea deal. Come station. You have many took cities. You know what I didn't I went to a season that was in my spot I was in the grove man late ninety's I was down. What was the name of that club. With the way Willie is on the third floor you've been none of the grove bring back in the day I could see it I touch played one event after a lot of you girls dancing on tables those my spot. This soul. And now we have Texas questioning of South Beach is a party spot OK. Ladies. Really man boy. People think ninety million out some of these some of these Texas man explore a little bit jump in the car. Just drive around Miami until they get out your neighbor a little bit does a lot to the love to see and do in the in South Florida here Miami city commission. They hearing supports and a and opposition. Right now in regards to the David Beckham Jorge mosque. MLS soccer complex proposal on all of that in tales only three of the five commissioners to approve. The other project and then the and they will be put on the the public. Ballot in November so source awaiting word on that this this meeting. It is the city commission Wilbon of the public in the start around 2 o'clock sore about four hours in here. And in these things to drag on Roberts offered any words between now and seven. And if not Frito will take care used it Republicans as is. Also love though I'm sure have the get into it if any sort of news breaks between now. And and then of course will be back tomorrow to talk all about it as well. Miami Heat Manny 110106 over New Orleans. He had no our didn't step closer to the pizza party. I mean it's that they play Saturday now against the oh winner of the Celtics. And sixers having these and dozens knicks Celtics knicks or other is this the elite eight is a Selig later that's what sixty I think at four games left the into the Tunisian and support and good to share. That's two pretty long road. Aren't these teams were in the playoffs what is a good experience is four games to get the tinged counting today I'll catch. I was just say man they can't win the order okay superhero. They can be champions of the the summer league so they win today there were underdogs there three point underdogs brotherly mini US melanoma but there was through an underdog who and anyone and they won outright once and when those six. And also speaking about winning it and Julie Gerber and Serena Williams both won in straight sets in the women's. Draw in the at Wimbledon and the play for the championship. Finals Saturday. Morning Serena are coming off having a child's. As back in the Wimbledon finals do you watch a lot of times you were tune in just the finals here. I used to I I do watch the yeah I watched the the big tournaments you know Wimbledon French Open US open you have a little terms of some of the determines actually watched and I love I love Serena. And I like Federer a little bit. But outside of that you know there's not a lot of people that I attended reverend the only dog insist. Did the staying garments and it's it's amazing news so much or we're now organizing the old guys are distorting and around just the skill until putts we enjoyed him. I mean I'll tune in for the metres pretty much that is yeah. And I the maybe they'll say that I million by the united search not Tennis Channel or anything now you know watching the Cincinnati opened again I go the hard court open if I did to. I understand that's a 7974. That's your Regis on the techs like Erik Spoelstra spoke yesterday and any. And he had some interesting comments. About Osama Whiteside. And his roster. And his team. Coming back next season. And the only got a for a few minutes your colleague Barry Jackson Miami Herald was eyes out there currently you just came back from Vegas ten days on the roadmap to be back here have duty back putting timing you'd Spoelstra in this setting. Mean this is a must strike. You know this is a must in this is good stuff so what he had to say about sun. And about his roster and folks it's a well. Well no big deal you you were the guys to a Mac were the same roster that lost in the first round of the playoffs. To listen to a 76ers team that you know and you really yeah has really been put up much above actual fighting is that what's the oh what's the big deals apple should just. That and and more wound that four year coming up next Reggie Johnson and I didn't take. Next ways that it is giving your kids is still Wal-Mart cash with the tickets thousand dollars Summers window because of the keywords we'll be about between 7 AM at 6 PM and takes them into seven to anyone who all the chips take. All of our money away that's right. Some number don't Texan drive and message of veterans may apply its to its thousand dollar summer swindle coming next week to insulin and you know from 1043 HD to the ticket radio dot com station. I can't wait for that I also can't wait many we just was a guesstimate appear. In about twenty minutes or so Amare Stoudemire and gays as you drop by for a member of the Miami Heat and Amare he's Big Three team in the Big Three. League isn't talent coming up Friday July 20 so that's next Friday at the American Airlines Arena. He has co captains of the undefeated Tri-State team and his teammates are Nate Robinson and Jermaine O'Neal. So Wal-Mart Stoudemire will move to Miami Heat. Slash two years ago correctly it's an existing season you the eliminated by Toronto in Toronto on the playoffs and then and we are talked to him about a couple things some Whiteside and and Miami Heat. And outlaws of the Big Three in everything he's a fascinating guy so Amare Stoudemire is a set to join us here in in the next segment but one new. Did you talk to local things are Spoelstra had a saying yesterday it's he got caught up in the and the summer league and lately is through here c'mon guys don't want to talk to I have to write. Well spoke doesn't usually talk through some of the there's been many years where he just kind of makes him so scarce on purpose by. I think because of what happened with the sun at the end of the season and and because it's been kind of a boring summer for the need. I think they've big convince them to to make himself available and as I actually spoke to him. In Sacramento he offered by army beer and stored for a beer so at some point in my cash in the okay. Let's hear that's like them beer with it was horsepower here but here's must also say this yesterday. As he was asked about writing things would start with the bigger elephant in the room obviously Osama Whiteside and also possibly him Andrus the roster. Returning intact here this fall. A son having an opportunity to start out the season healthy. Would be really dig through stuff for us so we have a great opportunities for internal growth. We have a lot of the guys returning. So that itself is think the continuity and it's the corporate knowledge that was burning from one season to another can really help because. What we're seeing in that's a lot of turnover. Every single offseason a lot of teams that's not. The easiest thing to manage. We bring us some familiarity. Which we think can be for help. Aren't so amending it he's just addressing the fact that obviously this has been. Binge about it they're trying to try to silence over he's basically untreatable and yet that's that's the that's the bottom line and I mean you can't get rid of when he 627 million dollars get that off for your books for not just one year but for two years. And a guy who. You know position as being phased out pretty much deuce you know you don't have to pay that position that kind of money pays Pena and his premium service that Serbia that's it. Right but. If you that he eats. Yeah the image the best about situation mom about me is because it was on his it's solid you're looking at him and choking no. And he's broken down and you just can't go into it and everything right but I mean even that where it's just he can't help you. Exxon Whiteside. Meguid whetted my leg here's a thing like if if the the first game of the year like they do like national Orlando priest familiar satellite signals point to a sixteen bush argument. No I don't mean that like 26 and 22 with a target that's right last year like edition of the this year but just that first game of the year though we're out of the gates why did you starting setter Andy grabs ninety of the jabs. In nineteen rebounds and has a seventeen points and three blocks no women's prize mean these Amanda my point is like the guys can still. He's still cool would. Leo it's not like and I think that's what's so that's what's so frustrating is. Pay OK you can trim fine I get a part whatever. Liked figure it out because the guys still Massa. Well I'll tell what anybody says you know people were one attacks that he Sox have all the stuff he's terrible on and he is a waste of space he's not. No he's still a skills and I think a big part of what happened last year in and nobody wants to hear this over and over in terms of the injuries. But that first game the injury. Avenue where the knee brace and then the heat completely change in the offense I mean that's the never got he never got he never got again Weiner came back from that hits it right. That's what they're you have to trap count on. If you want some rehabilitation on the front. If you can't get if you gamble. And I yeah I mean it eat you have to mean you've got to kind of no choice and and Spoelstra k's I'm just gonna not play and that's a stupid on his part. Well and and he you know I am not ready for the lead role you know I mean he cheated in some released last long way to go on the offensive and IE does good job setting screens and and and so forth and catalytic Camby short and senator mean he's a nice complementary piece. Now just make no known just he can't that's not the way this team plays defense would not everything's just sort of funneled to funnel distance on now available political and lasts five games he distributed too much and just to inhabit the body the Wear and tear. Text writes in his body so whites I can't retreated by Carmelo can. Up that one well. Camilla demonstrated anywhere yet that might not happen either. No I don't want to get treated no it's. Could very well be a stretch provisions I don't expect I mean. One thing I'll say Curtis I think part of why the MBA so frustrating for France. Nobody understands the salary cap meant like it is so confusing. It's not cut and dried exceptions all these rules. I think part of the reason we have such a frustrated fan base than it because nobody knows how the games play. And the salary cap in the numbers and I'll buy you think you really understand it but I don't and I think. The MBAs is created problems for itself because of that it's just it's not a very simple system for the average person to walk in and say all I get it I know why they can't treatise on points they've just. They look at that situation they get angry and and they don't understand. The way things. Whether they go to the trade secret mr. Reinemund and it works and identity Katrina some whites Idec has probably. Had a some whites and the trade machine tried traders probably traded the satellite side about ninety times for quite live and work at night and and it's basically gone through are always like well. I went on to restrain wai kit Riley do this right well what the hell's Reilly doing what's he doing on Vegas at each entry into satellite side what's so pressing. Then he can get this of the of this deal done all right one more oil from from the spoke man. Basically pay the same team from last year man what's the big deal here's what's on the site. When you say is the exact same team it's not. Because we want playing with are full roster of where we thought that this thing. Could be and work to grow and in the meantime other players got a lot better. They've improved they've had real team competition experience. Which I think really helps and the depth that we have warmer competitive open and the castle make each other better when you say. Writes that search portion at the getting back to the health thing that you just talked about and you know Dion Waiters. Satellite side that. Full complement of guy is. He's defined roles all those things are assuming they're not too many players. But never less injuries certainly played a role in the and lashes pursue with a sore right there and do you know I was in Alger to Maine two Maine that's. Right those of the two main guys. From the previous season and when they went thirty mile and a son had a pretty good finish in the seasons well. You know they're raising about how well he would plead their net thirty limb finish so. Yeah I mean look at the bottom line is he won a pitcher breast and an injuries apart of the team and yet he had a the bottom line is they don't have superstars here and Pat Riley. I was hoping that you would find a diamond in the rough and it just it just hasn't happened format maybe Josh Richardson. Or bam auto by oh lord justice Winslow will will come closer to being something like that I only did they are stars than there. They're nice complementary pieces but who knows we'll see what kind of growth. Happens over the Summers of Josh becomes a bigger offense well but I think that's really what separates he's got everything on the continent. In you know he can finish around the rim hit threes he gets you streaky shooter but if if if Richardson can. Cannot take the next step and he seized by the story got. Actually writes in his guys not us both fan and number's gonna count paraphrasing here. But he says Richardson the young guys don't have to find roles. And Iowa and I would disagree with that especially he's he's pointing to bring him. Richardson and at a bio outset of violence to the EP that's too early but at the media's role. Ridges that it doesn't ones I would just really say that's post faults the days of the finals by the start your story in your for their careers. Yeah I mean ideally you'd like that but you know apparently investing money in in how to tie easier every GM. James Johnson you're paying sixty million dollars to so right off the bat he's gonna get minutes. Dion Waiters you paid him fifty to four years since he too Mina act. How are you gonna. You can't just put those guys on the bench and say forget them a plane Eminem's gonna play justice and engineering action and Bambi can't do that mean. And the wanting to with the heat is in it's about winning for them even if it's not winning big. They don't wanna beat the Orlando Magic or the Sacramento Kings or some franchise that is OK with losing. They they feel like every year they have to put out something competitive something for the fan base. To root for and you know. Look it he he he just expendable LeBron James agreement that. Just whatever it takes whatever it takes him the good guy we're talk to next Amare Stoudemire the brought amend the Beers gonna help them out this whatever they can do to win and stay competitive I think. Offense. Have grown to lobe that's one of the big reason why. The they love the Miami Heat so we'll talk to Amare Stoudemire and get to and his thoughts as the Big Three is coming to town. Amare Stoudemire Wii is the echo kept of the Tri-State team will be in town next Friday at American Airlines Arena. If you wanna get two tickets to you do that without Amare Stoudemire coming up next right here on some ninety the ticket.