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Curtis Stevenson
Friday, July 13th

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Breaker that I'm on Friday welcome aboard the person part here are some and I mean it's a good following and pants do okay in the group best of no hard today as the summer of perk. He continues on and continues on how many days have been out. Through 32 weeks Ernie he now is taken to this will be this'll be two full weeks to fully took a Friday by the way that was men tomorrow of the Miami Herald who was in for Chris. Today and I was in for Chris yesterday and the day before. So we've been though we bring go into the we got a very talented. Bench here on tonight that we very talented events we've. Gone in and many and brush back from Los Vegas and and has been on us last couple of days and we certainly thank you. Operational term are drawn it's been as in Oslo it's been a lot of fun we're a lot of fun today we often easier to put some heat news. Very Jackson your colleague of the Miami Herald and worst bird was it with a last week when when the summer of perk was was go. The week that the is outlaws and you see guys tag team then the and tapped to each other in and outs. So he's gonna enjoy this because he wrote to Wayne Ellington sort of nastiness. And Wayne Ellington is is back in the heats. And he folds for a at least four more seasons award into and all that was Barry but. Kind of caught me off guard a little bit manual you. Yeah I mean I didn't figure was gonna happen this quickly but I guess push comes to shove in and Wayne agreed to. Comeback for the money needed which is basically the scene Sally had last year so now him into the all the particulars. Where he'd our cap wise luxury tax logical thing. And you and I'm discusses here. Over the last course abilities like OK you and bring Wayne back would you prior have to send somebody elsewhere so if you know you're gonna send somebody elsewhere maybe you get the waned you'll die net. There's a lot of a lot of moving parts are so low in all that as we move forward and won't talk to very as a join us live from mile from Las Vegas here. Coming up in about in about twenty minutes or so. Also. It was the I guess of a big day your slash nights. If you're a if fury and MLS or soccer fan or. Miami Dade County resident or the city of Miami Reza last night in his. And we had no resolution. So it didn't use a soccer term we have to draw last night's. My own ill no record nobody we had to win we know win on either side we have a loss on either side we guys got to draw also we draw last night which none of us had. I thought they would at least I am today. Eight hours and I watched that thing. From I got home I watch it for about 815. To when they wrap that up about ten minutes eleventh. And yeah. There was what it would would you how did you see Hillary everywhere UHU Red Bull looting Ohio yeah pretty much I wish as the I mean you know you want talk about gray. And standing in every guy's got to come in the although and tell his story a in this and mad and but I give. The I give our city commissioners credit because. Especially Ken Russell who really won in certain. Things included. On this in this proposal and the they weren't included there are a couple quick takeaways are here's cliff notes version you aren't. The Marlins screwed up for everybody. Okay that the Google's version the Marlins have screwed it up for everybody because I was such a scam and a boondoggle. That that everybody is is is afraid that a lot of buyers remorse but trouble tones that today they were there were ever driven a deal last night. More Muslims. They'll still. Still federal and then the composers like we don't want to do the Mozilla and you know. So. The Marlins screwed it up for everybody because that was so so blatant. That's the that's the first take away. That I have militant go take a way that I have just watching that was. This without the shotgun wedding last night. Non gays. You know Jorge mosques and his people I'm not gonna sit here and blame put blame on. But nobody had the right figures. It was this thing seemed very rushed. This seemed like they wanted to get the video won it this much is people I still want to understand where breeze coming from. Played there like none could do was ten minutes you'll come back and let let's see we hammer this thing out tonight. Leg it was it did everything just fell Russian commission of a whirlwind of porn I have years in the Russian. Well this sites you know your Overtown forever and I handled the site until like two weeks ago no this this was the site at the door and they were talking about it. Now leave behind the scenes they're working on all the numbers in and things like that but it just seemed a little bit rushed. You know because they're talking about some number and the commissioner I want. I don't Apple's numbers were words that proposal acts when you know it would dislikes lobby worked on unarmed Marxist and I don't. All of those who put blame it just everything's seated just did not seemed organized right you know I mean it just does not seem like everything. It just seem like a rush job and the commission didn't know you know did dusting they wanted was a rush job. Because and if they missed some that are doing that so I was the the cardinals were as a visiting just putted the thing. Until Wednesday morning when the do's and orient and W a public hearing so we all the Buick out of unspoken that allowed stuff. There's no doubt those camera the numbers and get this again but I expect Manny this thing will be on the ballot. All you have to just leave it in the people's hands ultimately so I think as much as there's you know some people are out there on Twitter and certainly showed up yesterday too to have their voices heard in the and you gotta kinda have the main the main players sit down explain it to each other and say okay. This is this is more proposing be nice and clear and then in November everybody decides that wanted to. Right there was there was three issues and just the over disputed bridge version here in the more we'll get to headlines we it is the most the real tussle to get to hear. W bridge version was a they won it all cleanup paid for basis of the Miami would pay zero for the cleanup. Underneath mowers country club so allegedly went down there and their fine in the green slime. Or like aliens vs predator down there or something crazy. Then they're not responsible for cutting any of that up. So much like I'd find will do that now if he gets to crazy where we go down there we find like a nuclear reactor and we find you know some form of new life. And Robert McKinnell siders have been there anyway. Like the government's gonna come image of this whole police down if we find something dad's leg completely off the charts here so they yield those haggling on that the second thing was. They want OK so put in a percentage if disease and this is an obit deals put a percentage where. If all set in the amoled this this whole project dispute comes. Crazy successful. That is that the city of Miami would would receive funds. Coinciding with that success rate so it would be just a wonderful little money back there will be only one time payment only be like Kate. Utility here in five years with the stadium here and it's sold out and there's tons of people here and your hotels Fuld but you're solemnly hot dogs and foam fingers everybody. We want we will 5% of the process of the you know whatever. You profits yes correct am wasn't just like not an all you give us the land out into the regional tour money we make of our. All right so now secondly the other thing was in sync. Was and I think his resume counting will be Utah was what was a fifteen dollar minimum living wage say they'll work on property he had a big hit at least fifteen dollars an hour. Well soul and it's a Muslim. You tell there are a little bit lighter. We know about that one so that's where kind of hit a snag there and and there everybody started you know movable Lotto you know for about an hour and a half and then and then decide the showdown so. We'll see what happens I think though the iron some of those things out and he'll be respectable. Proposal that the city of Miami commissioners feel that is to be put on the ballots. And then. So be it but I guess you do you let the games begin that thing is approved. For the full court press that Jorge Mossad David Beckham are gonna put on the voters over the next four months I can't wait to see her soon. Renderings and everything. I mean it's going to be this is a beautiful displays is going to be this is said that there are great it's going to be for jobs in the city Unionist they're gonna do how also social. But you I was reminded last night about Miami Pollard the national. David Beckham medicine there for eight hours yet to really know what they held and I get myself into here. Four and a half years here and and we still care they were still look closely at this thing done here not easy getting booed man. Now none no no doubt about that 67974. So that's the other bridge version of their filled the need to consider a spend or wasted two and half hours in my life watching now last night so a fill the need to. These committee to give somebody the the abridged version there somehow if you watch that. A motive but not many just whoever was there that was an hour that's how you word yeah. The had to work at it that the columnists and and the sports writers that goes yeah they had to do it. Cotton less eight hours. My my goodness 67974. I tell you Regis all right after I wrapped that up. Manny. And they shut that thing down I was. Trolling the Internet in very Jackson had the story. There Wayne Ellington was back with the Miami where talk to bear come up here in about in about fifteen minutes really get to all the particulars. And what it means moving forward for the heat. Bottom line no brainer nobody hit more big shots right for the Miami Heat last year. And Wayne Ellington you know he's not the best defender he's not the best passer all those things but its meaning. When the heat were on a big run and they were up seven. Who would push at the ten and put to other team the way more often battles wing militant. When he were down 567. Points. Haven't scored in two and half minutes. Who would hit a Big Three or big to. To kinda tourists pay. You know. Q kill that killed he was killed the rally for the other team and just give the Miami Heat about a basket who had morbid shots. Late game so I can't think of anybody. Warsaw on their roster than Wayne Ellington. Now and he he would exploded when you had huge quarters. Number one I think the second quarter one of the game's early in the season yet 21 points at like six degrees. In that quarter which is ridiculous he would when he was hot he was on fire. And the heat you know they they won a lot of games last year when when when Ellington. Got hot when he and eight when when he released fourth three pointers. Senate new MBA record for most threes off the bench and a franchise record for degrees. So much of his office was predicated on Wayne's success effusive in shots Miami had a real good shot at winning. And in this day and age of the MBA. Where. What would you say man shooting his that is more important and anything right now no question. I I think that's the number one weapon everybody wants router and a long distance shooters right OK I mean yeah it's debatable but it's an I would agree with you bright three threes are worth more than two street where more than twos just they are. You take Wayne Ellington off his roster who's the heat's three point shooter was the next best shooter who's and who's the next shooter where the other team's goal we Kelly Mecca opened and we can't give that space we can't give him. Airspace to give him a Kris who. You know I had I did I can't think of one Kelly Kelly out you could argue and he had a phenomenal season you'd you'd say Kelly who party medalist maybe gore on the two those two guys right. But those aren't. No they're not they're not they're not gonna make you change your defense right I mean those are hot and cold guys to me Tyler. Hi I'm holding jobs are hot and cold Quincy Dion last year but went down to guys are we Kelly we got over we've got a hug him we've got to be on him. Our and then there's a huge drop probably uses humans are we to tell me tell Leo when it's your best three point shooter went out these donors like. Went yeah yeah he magnets. Like that's important he is to what the it does is only guy that's really that I shooter well and and even Philly that -- out of the playoffs that Iran. I mean they just yet he had better get a bad playoff run hybrid that's that's true. That's that's true they are pure point that I put. When you're six million. That's that's a no brainer and you wanted to run he wanted I mean now's a whole thing in this way you took long news he got an early on from the heat and didn't like it. And and who knows I don't know how much the heat increased their initial offer by but obviously got something that he felt was there which was basically the same. Salary is last I will I'll talk more about this and what it means going forward. As we'll check you were very Jackson who broke the O Wayne Ellington story last night for the Miami Herald out Las Vegas. And noted his thoughts on on a variety of things there was some NBA trades last night's some salary dump some movements. So me and can't be done accelerated gives you a question you can move salary he just you have to give a process and and right now the heat don't we wanted to know talked to Barry about that and more now that you're willing to give up any of via any of the future. And sacrifice that for the F present he's gonna join us here in a few minutes first of its 4 o'clock at. These Stella UK XY AM South Miami at WS advance at the beach Ito Miramar plea deal. Com station. Our let's start with baseball the marlins' final series before the all star break and there at home though Marlins park. Take it on the Philadelphia Phillies dig area they'll throw for Philly. Oh weigh in show and he gets the ball for Miami seventh and first pitch. Romo Marlins. Parks. Moving to men's tennis we Wimbledon semi finals are today. And Kevin Anderson of outlasted. American John Isner. 766767641. Need to set tiebreaker 2624. Tour. They a six hour. Fiasco. India men's semis so Kevin Landers in the south African moves on the eighth seed he's gonna take on the winner of the Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Joker took the first set 64. Russia Nadal leads the second set one there. One love in the in the second. A set and one at a total is this just came across the wire here. I enjoyed about DeMarco Murray. I visited decide to retire after seven seasons. To end those are your headlines some angry fan as he orders. You know who who might have been keeper league you do any of that so yeah oh yeah area an element of the few weeks 129. So I keep really exhibited that Ramiro yeah yeah yeah yeah but I think after Russia that you weren't in the jump off of on DeMarco Murray and and then Tennessee at their dinner usually back. And at Joseph Louis is the is also back for but the with Margaret bunch of injuries and everything and honestly had a pretty drugged them get a pretty good run in embryos Oklahoma Horry. When they play in Miami out there. And yes I was there. In Norman. Than 5113. Someone that wasn't pleasant Miami got a back when he went when he yes but armored DiMarco back there really was true freshman for for Oklahoma but yeah retires at that position man running back. Yes it's not for long no. Not anymore. I'm doing just that the punting and all that but. Teams you know in terms of you can't figure these fancy football Adidas. Knowledge of Iraq I mean really the days of the of the that the guy sort of carry the rock by himself and being the main cog in the opposite in the every team knows to be right back corrales then if you get the special ones you try to ride them like Iran's on. I would tomorrow now on Kareem hunts right and it's like yeah along with young legs for lights you know when they're before the Oprah but I mean you know get 45 years on you. May only be 26 point settlement to get bunched Ares moon means that now you look at jump off. So really good guys Eugene Peterson idea that your off from football comes back now the terrible. But DO DeMarco Murray I mean you know seven seasons in own pushing too. Yeah you're you're done 6797 for the toll reaches of the text ninth many tomorrow we will host. All all afternoon long Rio tunnels have to get to on the other side Perry Jackson Miami Herald went to Las Vegas will pull away very from the blackjack table. And Obama's thoughts on the on the Miami Heat resigning Wayne Ellington was of me for Dwyane Wade was a mean for the Carmelo Anthony stuff. Announced the heat are willing to part with any assets future assets doesn't look like that's going to be the case will be a irresponsible talk some heat next here on 792 to. One way to listen to figures on here Smart device or computer that's you can read about come out more renewed John that's where strain is fast and everything else you're looking for some download and read about common happen. Now and don't miss your favorite figure show radio dot com the new home and have a nanny and FM 10 forgery. HD two of those tickets per Stevenson alongside many Navarro. Of the Miami Herald as the summer of perk continues. And a man who was in that same seat last week eaten is now in your seat out Las Vegas covering the Miami Heat were winners yesterday. As they advance in the Las Vegas a summer league to play tomorrow India in the post season but the big story with the Miami Heat and our next guest who joins on the run fuels and downstairs to restore his guests lined their truest of beyond convenient broke that story last night. From the Miami Harold Terry Jackson of course you know foam on Twitter at FLA sports buzz and very joins us live. From Las Vegas, Nevada as we've pulled them away from the from the roulette table just for a few minutes for the sitter who are very thanks for dates were taken a few minutes here. As that he filing. Berry how about that. Yes yes good to be with you vote this so. I think it was a very important signing because as many have noted that one of his stories. Wayne Ellington at the second best policy mind on the team last year what they eat and fourth quarter points. This was a player who contributed more toward winning. That virtually anyone else on their roster alongside Dragic and Richardson obviously those were the three best players last year. So to me this was the key signing in that without a dollar amount that they he'd probably realistically. Didn't necessarily expect they'd be able to get him out of no Ellington had aspirations of getting something. Closer to the 8910 million dollar range but the market dried up pretty quickly form I think once but you teens got other shooters like Philadelphia. Opting to get Wilson Chandler and absorbed in the and to their caps they consider pursuing Ellington once those other opportunities disappeared Ellington realizes that the option was coming back for basically the same salary. As he had last year in a place that he wants the plight. And I know some people look at this as well yes he's a nice player but don't we already have enough shooting guards on the roster and I would say yes but I still think. You want to eat but Wayne Ellington in your rotation in the league that so values shooting. Absolutely very and you know one ramification it is now I was pleased that the heat is over the luxury tax line. And that we know how much Pat Riley in the front office talked about making sure that by the end of the season. They're back below it close to. And so what does this mean for Dwyane Wade what does this mean for Carmelo Anthony. What does this mean for the last minimum of two roster spots at the heat is gonna have to fill here. Well on the Carmelo front I heard yesterday from three people in the league that he's expected to sign with Houston. I Yahoo! Sports reported today in Houston that the heavy favorite as the yesterday neither organization have been informed according to the person I spoke with. Would vote to keep and what Houston so I think everyone expects them to go to the rockets at this point. Wade definitely will be invited back if he wants to play I presume that he would have to give in the five point three million mid level exception now one could come back and say wait a minute to that would throw them. If they get way that money that would throw them. About eight and a half million dollars over the attack which would be attacks well in excess of ten million so might need a second thought about that. My answer would be that even that they do have second thoughts you can not allowed Dwyane Wade's career to end in Miami over another financial squabble right. So to me that he is pretty much compelled to offer that because you know it it's pretty clear he doesn't wanna pay the plate for the 2.4 million. This year which would be their only other vehicles. To re sign him so. Five point three would be the way to go to they do have a biannual exception as well for 3.4. But I know our understanding is that he would launch. The full five point Teresa the ball and waits court seeking neither player retire and I guess so what that you know he wants but what they eat no. So Ellington would be a twelve guaranteed contract you would figure wade comes back he would be thirteen. As well would be fourteen which he comes back and then he could either keep fourteen or fifteen players as they added fifteen you can be sure will be someone earning the minimum. Yes out and follow appear with woods when he I just wanna make this point one thing I heard last week when I was out in Vegas is that there are incentives for doing to come back he's got that shoe deal with leading. And I think you know he's looking for a lifetime contract I'm looking for. You know more money out of the shoe companies in China right now as we speak so there could very well be incentive for him to wanna come back for that so that he can get that left function contract Barry. Another thing I want great. Point Manny yell and in what one when I want to or did you guys as well as far as the tax is concerned. I the story in Miami Herald dot com right now that the heat is continued efforts even in the last couple of days. To try to shed salary. I was told by two general managers for other teams this week that the three players who've been made available are Whiteside Tyler Johnson and Dion Waiters. I ask does James Johnson available and they said no is name is not come up. So those are the three names that each trying to move and as of this point they either not attached a character. 21 of those contracts to incentivized to team to trade for them so at this point Miami is not offering a first round draft pick and Tyrone Johnson to Garrett Tyler. That bill could easily change in many pointed out and when when you when you and I spoke about this copy here today look at the Denver Brooklyn trade last night Kurdistan where we saw. Denver just to be able to trim their salary. Capped and pack commitment by 43 million gave up protected first round pick. In order for Brooklyn to take two big contracts including for read off their books of the ultimately could be in a scenario where they have to do the same or maybe they have to attack to justice when blower first round pick to Tyler Johnson like I just to get under that tax threshold. That could be moved mated any points from now until mid April next year but at this point there's been no carry. Attached. To any of these players like site waiters Johnson and try to complete routine that I spoke with. Well then hence lack of movement area right I mean it's a no brainer why allows teams don't want those contracts in don't want those players use your swapping that for bad. Those guys have multiple years on the contract so you would have to throw in there a little bit of a sweetener if you're the Miami Heat are you surprised by that. That that the heat's are kind of staying pat or you know it's apart in the punt at least for right now on some of their there is your assets of the half. You are not particularly in Germany united vote heard throughout this off season that the heat was pretty much resigned. To bring back largely the same team and I know resigned as the negative connotation to it. But they can't put a glass half poll. Perspective on this and say look. We're going to be better because these guys have played together year like I probably won't missed twenty games again we'll have a healthy waiters at some point probably by. November if not earlier and we're actually going to be positioned to move up a spot because Cleveland gonna slide out of playoff contention. So all of those factors I think would give them reason for hope. As ours not attaching a carry 21 of their bad contracts. I would agree with that move at this point spreads its reasoning even though Riley is downplayed the value traffic's you don't want to be in a position where you're again. Trading your first round pick is that it's the easiest and cheapest way to add talent. What first round draft pick hoping you did on that player obviously so I would be disappointed if they eat that patched next year's. Up first round pick as part of the deal to get rid of the player and I agree with them for not attaching Richardson had a bio Winslow. Any trade because those are key young relatively cheap pieces. Who you would want to in case you do get an opportunity to trade for a start you would need those assets to be able to include the package. Should the right star player become available now Leonard of course is available but. You know it as many and I have reported at this point they eat is unwilling to offer everything they have require liner without any commitment from the next summer. All excellent points Mary. Something else and think about too is I think everybody's looking at it like the heat has to act now in the summertime while there's available cap space for teams excite truck. But it Miami's gonna get an a luxury tax they could always trade Tyler Johnson's contract and get something in return to get the deal thought. You know. Exactly right it's one thing which they could easily do and I think like they easily courses would be their help it's not that easy but give me the best scenario would be if they heat. Can find it seemed willing to traded up tradable player earnings date fourteen or fifteen million a year who is simply not as good as Tyler who's gonna make nineteen point two because then you reduce your tax bill perhaps to even get back under the tax it would be their goal so I think that's the more likely scenario being able to dump Tyler Johnson as opposed to just finding a team who would absorb his full salary without giving Miami anything other than a second round graphics. So that would be the goal just. It take a player back who might not be your rotation wouldn't be as good as Tyler Johnson but earning somewhat less money whether it's thirteen knowing your fourteen million a year. And that both teams are over the cap remember the salaries can be within 75% of each other's boards making the map work from a cap perspective. And preferably without a contract for the next he's right because that's why you wanna know is morality. Guarantee videos and essays by holding on these gases by not trading Winslow but not treating them out of violating these young guys are even the first trumpet. The heat in the go into the season you win until February to me to trade. Maybe that value of those players rise right may be absolutely maybe I'll listen via waiter comes back. And even though you've dangled him right now being injured Deon may be a team sees the first two months of the season deals as you know what I'll take a risk. So again I think there's no reason for the heat to necessarily Russian this is this is an issue there they're not gonna have cast weasel points when he. They can try their best to set it up for next year but in the end I think the right approach is be patient and make the trade when when you have the most value. When it in your in your. Not products which you all the players you have here. Right I grew that. Yeah I mean you look at everyone if you across the board everyone stock is down right now. No that's not how you you get better it's easy you know who's trying to get value when there was stock is down very don't get on seventeen. I'd be my advice there was a and and enjoy yet enjoy the rest of the games out there we'll see of the heat team here can make a little run here in the in the playoffs of the Las Vegas summer league yours should be a should be fun. Eric thank you as always for joining us. Thanks so much there Jackson you valmont Twitter and a Philly sports buzz and nobody has a more information. On all the different teams and than BJ right there are many of the he wrote to Wayne Ellington story last night the kind of you know out of nowhere to me how many guys in the ambient Korean music insanely they beat Walsh. On a slower. I literally there's an audio Astoria let me just you know are responsible those bombs and sand and those are the guys that we're going to be Obama we got a medium and try to answer that charge very Jackson. With with the story and on and I was. I mean it's been very slow here moving we have the big trade is very referenced. With the nuggets that quote broke which is basically a salary dump my ends. In but it candy means there is some activity other. Automatic ornament would get more into what. The Wayne Ellington just one year the six million. Am kinda what it means for we need him how this roster sitting shape taking shaped lip twelve guys now a contract right twelve guys so that's club dues here. At least he's right now that'll make any moves it will guys publish it on the on the bench will get more and the other you've got to question a comment and observations send it on in on the tax on 67974. That's 67974. Manny Navarro is where this all afternoon. Right here on the ticket who. Tiger and sixes any place to arouse a place to be for the final world soccer tournament matches. Coming up this weekend Sunday July 15 starting at 9:30 AM and by Bud Light official beer of the Tony eighteen fifa World Cup be your friends goals. City based arousal did northwest 36 street and maybe third avenue in Doral. Watch the game a giant screen will be plenty of entertainment and a ton of prizes including the chance to win tickets. C Rio Madrid or Barcelona play it's all sponsored by Cleveland clinic and rip it energy drink. Real energy for real people Curtis and virtuoso and a new ticket no perk. As he is out once again I don't know I heard. Pay a rumor he might be back on Monday I have no idea that your not at at many tomorrow as it Willis is bill with a student. Studio the last the last couple of days and low figure out of perk we backed. On now on Monday or not but he took a solid he took a solid couple weeks he's not he got to do that football dolphins camp started what to lesson two weeks already that he's a troopers that it is their -- he's a pretty good trooper for elective exe months yet. Seoul we're going to be easy gopher for awhile presumably so he's gotten let you know no dolphins arrests this summer none out exactly at the office have been born is. Born as a as anybody here in the off season that's a good thing by the way. Big news any news that comes in the NFL right now is bad news for your for your football team. But do you judge good news last night. Did the soccer community a bad news last night. When it came Torre muscle spoil that coming up here to open up 5 o'clock hour we'll hear from Corey Maas or hear from David Beckham we hear from. Miami city commissioners. On the if you didn't you know really. Tune in to watch out last night I did. I was interested to see how it would kind of all go down when other readings were for that that's right yeah. And guided the Marlins and that's but to put yeah I mean just you know the grandstand name in this bad I mean. Yeah the year UN though you know I allowed to look to politicians ago my goodness and then you're looking at Horry in my scenario on what these guys are businessmen. Tigers meal then. They wanna get a business going out here and and you could see where Iran was trying to. Trying to smoke everywhere else out here I'll just a just a little bit and try and figure out of this is a good deal for the for the city or not so they ended up punting the issue until Wednesday at 10 AM. And we'll see if the its resolution on not on that from boy here from all the other parties involved. Indy in just a few minutes of 67974. On the text line Manny we got a bunch of text here as it relates to the the Miami heat's questions about Dwyane Wade. Jabari park and Parker. Possible options really heats. Also want teams that that have cap space Italy a couple of them left. Unless action facilitator of trade with the with the Miami heat's. Seoul Lee yeah now. I tip the the the three teams that have money or at the one that's most interest in Sacramento. Just because. Dave Dave what exactly means there are some were looking upgrade that shooting and shooting an eight opponent on right and so to me that's the most interest in team in. You know they got a young nucleus they're not going anywhere so. They might we will take on about contractor. And so somebody like Tyler Johnson's from that area not Osama Whiteside go to Tyler Johnson Tucson started on that demand a man known him a big. But but yeah I would. That was certainly be no silly be a possibility but in the U I think it's looking more and more now what would now the tax bill. Take us through oh and I know I don't make your head hurt. And break and break up the calculator sure applies what do you think Dwyane Wade would take this of the mid level Greg right at the 53. That's that's what I think he takes the guns back. So you blitz is that you wave in the news out of six veteran minimum right. Writes that she gets you to fourteen guys on the roster correct. The tax bill you're gonna be paying in salary and taxes about a 150. OK so per hour and it's for a 120 million dollar what's at Kapalua 29. 1129. While no one point threes the luxury tax line okay and right now. They were at 1197. Before they agree to win it's another one about one point 51 point six so you figure you're gonna get into. 1311. 130 took it brought big agreement wave and Ellington cost them. Cost Mickey an extra 11720. Million dollars yeah that are much. Erica I mean. I cannot sit there used set who's seventeen and twenty million whose whose contract is between seventeen to him though. Well when it Doug Johnson's and there are a well. And and I think I think it's it's sort of you you put the building blocks together you start with and as I understand I just a bit of a hat is not if the reports are true at least right now and that's not willing to militarily that's actor I think that's why hat is not throwing enemy picks it because he wants to see. I gotcha you know what got you and again it's about building value I think once the season starts guys start playing and start to realize hey I got. Moreland take a shot on this maybe you don't have to move Tyler Johnson has admitted that a thread that's a toll in your exact seat and be patient. But I mean in general and engine 73 million dollars Mickey did not get to where he was or in his father and I get to where he was Mohammed accurate to where they are. Where just 75 million out of the deal. Butts. To bring back a couple of key components what you gotta Dwyane Wade who now have you know I don't know what the market but Dwyane Wade makes makes you money. Those are not well I mean just in Jersey sales alone. I mean right when those meisters he's came out everybody want one of those those who between vice jerseys in the round back in the I mean he sells tickets man the fan base. Look at everybody got emotional and excited to Nady hit the game winner against Philly here at home and it was. Listen if we all know he didn't go anywhere we know Iraq and win a championship with this. When he is there reason you know especially if let's say he announces this is his farewell to me how those tickets to sell out or everybody else's the last. This is the last time writer blames it and when I tightly about it a couple of years ago he told me he didn't wanna farewell to actually. It is if he is gonna come back I can't imagine he's in and out of the same time as my lesson I don't think he's that type a guy worries and you know they're gonna roll up to vote the rocking chairs Foreman every city and all that stuff pray I think going just kind of wants to go off on on his terms. A little bit. But I do think easily back. My editing which you mentioned with. What's going wade played well last year he has he had a a role last year use use their best player in the playoffs he could argue I mean you really good and he he won them the warning in that they needed to win or the million of the one. In which is game to him and that was all him. Right and you know I do think when you mention Wayne is still one of the most popular players worldwide. Well in China I mean are you kidding me so he is probably there's anybody. Am not not to not to might not too. Diminish his career but you wanna Milken as much as you can just a moment was when you're still playing at a high level woods is at a broken down plane that's hard to watch now this is a guy that can still. Looks good for you know twenty to 25 minutes stretches and that was the most important thing was that he was willing to accept that city for so long we thought there's no way Dwyane is gonna come so bench yet there is no way he's gonna play 22 point two minutes we have right now he realizes that and this is good at fourth quarter right in it and listen his car his. Publicly many if Dwyane Wade goes to LA gets a gets a fourth ring as a matter. But did that I mean it doesn't matter and get his his. His careers already set. As far as his legacy he's got three championships he was a major part of all three of those championships for the Miami Heat up. So I think you'll to go on and go ring chasing a little bit. That's not gonna change his legacy is one of a shooting her as well time so let me go sit the bench and they may play some a little bit for LA or Houston or whoever. I think he he realized that that's not that's not what I wanna do he comes out every night in this standing ovation at that arena. You know every single night I loved. He loved every second of that last year coming in that and Cleveland now and I think he really came to appreciate what it was like to play here I mean that was right you know playing Chicago dealing with the those young kids. In his stuff and human Jimmy Butler right and I mean it was is the ninth hometown stuff for please post this fans dim. Did they tell you what's your television you don't hear Brett. Latest budget volatile anyway here you know the first time he went 63 team they're like that this data here man Mario payments get twenty million bucks a year. There was no. There was no well I mean upon arrival the AARP. That was a headline in the way Chicago sun times or whatever out there there was no good vibes you know dude go built up. That he was going back home he basically created that story right. You know it was like Chicago and all those are prodigal son has returned Newton there was only a point where it was going you around here okay going to join row you beat the bulls nominees do eliminate them in the playoffs so. He's I think he's gone back to design a play for anybody else. And it's. And the only other team play for is if the if this LeBron calls and and begs them to they're announcing that happen if things go a little message here may yet if things got messy here in and learn wreck like Barry mentioned he was strong arm and a debt. But it is I think the other thing many were just funny. I think Dwyane Wade has more leverage in the Miami Heat due in negotiations. Yeah right. I mean you could say that tonight and I can make the argument he's winning he's worth more correct correct opposed to what they asked him to do last year my nose expunged which is unfair to blame. A little unfair import guy at his age. Make him take all big shot tape bails out of his ball in May do this first as they do you is a big Mormon in the mean many good young in the media. You guys it's your time here don't be afraid to pension once in awhile. Seoul leg boy if you really wanted to be hard core negotiation guy it's a five million bucks. Let me woes there could be but but you'll meet all the big shots of the in the game right all you you want me to be the closer right. I felt I I I can tell you that's okay from conversations that I had different people out in the instant and covering the scene for awhile. Dwyane Wade DC certainly worth more than 500 while I agree I am and it pizza and if he does this. Any comes back on to fund and the shoe contract the whole leaning. Right right that to me is the real plus I mean you know the legacy stuff and I think you know on the back end. If Dwyane Wade wants to do anything with the Miami heat's. It'll be it'll be you know with Mickey moves on a knicks running the show. It will be. Dwyane Wade will be taking care. Wanna like like daughter like like a lot of never have to worry about money for short right putted by a by happenstance we're Dwyane Wade might need a job he'll always have a key under the man. Correct yes so I mean that's the the other thing. With the with the with the Miami let's get to let's get to 5 o'clock hour here by the way. Many I don't get soccer I remind you were that whole deal that went happened yesterday that eight hours just. Hold. Dragged on and everything but we got Scott Wilson coming up here he's our our senior national correspondent wash your post Tug scud beginning of the World Cup tournament. There's about 2930 days ago. And were at the finish line here with third place game. Tomorrow between Belgium and England in the we have the of the finals France and Croatia and your big Croatian guy you're you're all over Croatia I am there the the underdog and and I and it like I should have put some money on ally of those you let's get more you'd like him more he had some money on to win The Who will do very result correct yes get about you know thirty to one or fifty to one. When the when the tournament started here too is gonna join us verify Tony Potts what happened yesterday when ornate mosques. How do you feel about not coming away with a resolution last night and and also the Miami city commission little hardball last night. On the go with the MLS proposal below we hear from them and went to a headlines coming up in the 5 o'clock hour that's their trade Johnson and had the ticket. What will come on the 5 o'clock hour here on seven and I didn't click yes. Christensen alongside many Navarro. And take up until 7 o'clock on this Friday the thirteenth. That's allows and I got some Good. Friday the thirteenth the movies don't hold up. Now right. Many what was your what's your favorite scary movie misery as a marlin scream. Thing about that let me remind everybody or seven a detective has gone gone but you get all of you're breaking sports updates and push notifications from all of our shows and hosts. On our new radio dot com maps of element now make sure you turn on notification in the settings. Ritter that your new home for everything aims of and I mean if someone afford 38 due to the ticket. It's patch should try and comment I think it's between the exorcist. Rule book and that still holds that still holds up yet and and the Blair witch back and it was kind of and freaky kind of freak that's got to my John Wright like Alex carry movies like. Kind of a freak shows kind of stuff. But but you know if you watch the kid you know Freddy Kruger some of those entities and and Michael Myers. And then you kind of watch some late years later it's like this so she's like Freddie was sole aim it at some of those added some of those movies. And what zone do hold up. Good question for the text line which would scary movies still hold up today right not a scary when you carried out when he saw as a kid or when you were younger. As a kid you know like you said you know in the end. These they would still scare you today. I think one of model one that really scared me. I'd arousal little rough probably like thirteen million or twelve or thirteen so a little bit out of the Freddy Krueger phase. Was first I saw signs of lamps yet. That was you really taking this very willing to say the crime drama to right to decide to gather reading people he announced that analysts that is that is scary ride that didn't sit too well with me. As twelve or thirteen year old like how crazy how freaky. It could be but yeah Texas is certainly holds up. Not a lot of the Friday the thirteenth not a lot of different ideas Halloween the first couple Halloween it's. I think you're still a little bit scaring them in the you know and then. You go for the scream was kind of take off on all those other movers the scream was kind of like the first scream was was to bat first double screens no they were there were and Jamie about Ryan so I think you're just to hold overly and they play them all the time if you you know on the but by you allows them. You play the music. What's. The houses out of a horror guy now he says now. That's why you Detroit's success Twitter. All of the outside the gate the gate keeper to to Twitter on jaws. To a Texan yeah that's a good on the shining. Actually I actually saw the shining again. It was on one of those cable channels on like a Sunday afternoon or some connection and watch the shining you had seen him like 1015 years in the shining is is pretty freaky. Try to use is pretty pretty crazy. Pet cemetery in. The first it's how as the second and I I have not seen Ives I got this the second is on DVR. And I might halfway through. And it's kinda scary at times but I'm aware of the story is going to sound really the first and O the clown or McDonnell how it's gonna end. So much halfway through so I haven't already we are of them you know when I didn't get to an ally. I'll I'll get to the original Texas chainsaw massacre that hold that yeah it does anybody with a chainsaw. Just mutilating people on the side of the road that definitely holds up in in the air it's weird because any time I mean you know that they're doing all kind of like. Work in different heroes and timing here chainsaw immediately think of them. It's just. Years of Richard ministry and that we human final destination. Tremors freaked me out. Tremors open it a number of attacks like this is a major this is right on that as you know. So they don't understand a renewed texture tremors enough freak me out. No now my and it kind of news now on Allen denies there are going to be little monsters underneath Leah. Underneath the this is boot the soil they're pretty Worcester because you were scared to go to sleep. There's no way not to falsely. Yeah I mean when your kid you mean absolutely. Right here. You're scared of certain things like that Saul some of these. Yeah I was I mean until immediately in those movies yes they ran the first couple via plates you know it was a mad men out there and you know. I better be good nice to people or else he's gonna find me. Pregnancy that. Jaws is a good one. Jaws is is the is is is again with a somebody came in here and still. Hear that music meant to this day. In your anywhere near the water and then drop down here rowers are on the water. Prison movie years ago bullet. Like Toronto east LA it was only the take home of the jaws of Houston's and Alec from Peru on a movie. And some other than that. I had a suing for aidid a dorm actually collect that but there for about a month. After I saw that we Paronto. And Halloween. I'll violate ten or something in the irons and whether the front as well might find a way to get in there yeah that was my disease dimmer that would come answer but there was this season. Intimately aware like that happens right right they think you know leading them to some of these private pool living motivator like a public pool right at the frowned as any other in the canal all of a sudden. They've pushed through all of a sudden they're like the wind CA pool who has just job and everybody mean to you there when yup they're so good times. It's Andre there was with a reprise of the Nolan. Is about is. It's on some way to and everything -- is only bearish for break that's all that's all those who were. Like biker number two detection Texan aren't so we got to we got that out of the way it's Friday the thirteenth everybody. So Saudi Friday the thirteenth we're gonna get to. Now Jorge mas. Boy those guys must of thought there that while it's a last night they must of thought you were talking about. Just a freak show that debt commission meeting last yesterday. Eight hours. Of just. Just I mean it's just been a lot of nonsense and you want to and a half hours and hours I needed and I just it's just. Let's everyone stood their ground that the they did a good job. We're gonna hear from all the particulars involved eventually punted the issue until Wednesday at 10 AM soul of their it does seem like. A lot of things though there or Hamas of these guys stayed in they weren't. This thing seemed rush. And the city commission. Was not going to let them just blew by that yes pain and with the marlins' deal his legacy the Marlins the Marlins screwed everything up around here. The marlins' deal which will sports lottery realism correct yes. And on services is a very this is a pretty good deal. The Marlins the world's never came along that the missing have been approved the fireman. No problem. This thing would have been approved in five is all of a as the best we've seen from for offer Major League Baseball or Major League. A sports team in our town by far. But now you know it's. Like anything what bore Jorge mas these guys the last one. At the party and there's and there's no there's no there's no cold beer left. There's no chips and dip. I mean there's just there's just some some weird looking vegetables and some. Some some dip over there that the FD that they're the last ones of the party man and it's no fun for them that's why we have to go through all this. For the for the commission let's. This is the way it should be me having this awareness of the EU kind of wish it would have been this through the moments. So yeah absolutely I we got a lot of two in conduct so we're gonna kind of look at Africa with Ebix thank yeah. I absolutely Anaconda yet faces of death yes traces of that definitely would a little bit disturbing their puppet master these two premiere episode she's a me too. Public masters in the pro master and the public diesel public to come as Khaled lake OK here's another one Chucky. Yeah the original trailer you watch out now it's like I could take Chucky I can take that lead to nowhere that ball is gonna get me. That little ball as good with a knife Abu tig is that I'm a Democrat and we'll take care Chucky and he was just free will and you know taking everybody out back in the day. And as a kid isn't all man installed the release your you know resolve really bad past and now you look at any what's Chucky movies now and like. What were we austere and writing you that you would take care to you got kids when they what are they scared over the what do they get that we have C. Lots of younger and younger girls week it's not so much movies is intent they can watch and your mood is a nice moment the Walking Dead and we my wife and I watch a bunch and that's well and zombies the the only such even though he changed channel Trojan in zombies there has been Roman I let's get to use 5 o'clock headline. These Stella UK XY AM South Miami at WS advanced that can't be HD you'll Miramar. Radio talk. Com station. All right let's start where is gradually baseball Marlins final series before. The all star break the Philadelphia Phillies are in town to play in general throw for Miami it'll be edgy Gary for the Phillies. Simmons and first pitch. From Marlins park Wimbledon. Men's semi finals Kevin Anderson one in the in five sets over American John Isner in the tiebreaker was 26 the 24 in the fifth set. Also all sorts of records they didn't. Unreal John Isner and always plays instead of matches. But tough falls a little bit short right now we're in the third set between Novak Djokovic and Rafa now they're this match would push back. Significantly because of because of the first match so Joker and the dollar tied at. Had one match apiece and are there than. Third set here once set apiece and in the third set tied at two at one. As Joker wants 64. In the first set and Nadal won 63 in the second to this one looks like if you go. 505 sets as well and Greg and I don't know DeMarco Murray the titans running back as retired after after seven. Seasons and those are your headline can add one more dispute journalists and media related when we got regardless of the Jimmy Jimmy Butler 20 yeah me contract extension off from the two rules that's right we have gotten that. Not wanting to ties long term future of the two rules exactly right let me towns those in the so so those tries that he turned on the money well. Mean some guys are targeting a money but. He we knew he was sour with those guys from from from the start. Home mom so what does he got one year left. He's got one year with a player option for next season. Which he can become affiliates in the summer he wants and and then pretty much go with a report was basically him and Carey wanna play together somewhere in the east which gets he fans' ears all been excited and Lincoln well. How we make that happen here I think the only way that happens if he treats for Jimmy Butler could mean some eight continually to Tony when you don't go walker. Rightly Whittier where. Jimmy Butler is good player. Jimmy Butler needs help yes so that's the thing gets much more like most guys do. Am but Jimmy Butler is these kinds only one LeBron. Right now and the ruling communal wonder rants. Mean there's there's there's a couple of centerpieces. But after that there's a lot like Jimmy well I would say is the be all he's a beat player. A B star yeah B star you're going that way you know he plus star right like others don't think there's a lot of superstars. In the MBA. 456. The other deserving guys and can teams for. Right where there then and they they can be the lead guy in the and you you take your cue from everybody else but my guess Jimmy Butler as the as your second best player. Course your best player. Not you know you're now one in a a championship there by 67974. We're gonna talk as a result or somewhere talk World Cup here was doubles of wash your post it just few moments I wanted to. We're here for more mustard to slow but what took place last night at the the commission meeting. And you tell frustration was. Was was. Quaid it was floating around that were quite a bit especially as he gets in the later hours they wanted to get some sort of resolution done but here is mr. moss on not not getting result we wanted. Zero frustration a frustration this is Vietnam. A very long day a lot of information exchange to spin off process has been conventional we. We're obviously timeline. To be able to get a stadium built I think on Wednesday I'm very confident we have to. You know incorporate what the commissioners want to listen to that night we only get the right balance language on practically next Wednesday. Does that whole thing seemed rush last night and I don't know who to blame around no results did you see him like this was as though the shotgun wedding last night and there one. You know everyone wanted to go to the party but nobody wanted to clean up the Mets was he any senator earlier meeting that there were very were well prepared they're asking for ten minutes to sort of gather the information the commission Dinara in front of the right. Dead only you had to sort of last night. Well I think they're they're thankful for that and here's a mosque says he's confident there it's in the done here in what five days. A billion dollars when bringing soccer. We're bringing technology investment in 3000 jobs. We all need to embrace. The commissioners are residents highs as living here in a businessman because these opportunities don't come up often and I think that things within the commissioners that exists in these wanna with the right away. I'm gonna reiterate we're gonna continue doing things and fair market value that is a good deal for the city. Because that's what's important I have always said from the beginning no taxpayer money. The only unknown in my opinion as a remediation we'll figure that out once you get a measure on the lakes and I'm I'm very very confident there will be able to get this accomplished by next week. Yeah they or a mosque they threw a lot of stuff back at him and his credit he didn't flinch high heating get you know you can get you know. Deep bag with some heating kinda lose his cool at all. He took it all in stride and that's what you wanna I wanna see and hear from a guy whose whose. You know may soon from a David Beckham's the face but Torre Maas is the juice and the owner. Of this team. So. He took everything in stride because they were they were thrown himself ragged him he doubled three me agree remediation and that's basically the cleanup so. They have there's a bunch of stuff that's underneath the land of Miller recently have no idea what's gonna. Is it and Jeffrey Laurie is money home when the EU Branagh I mean all the you mean dead bodies who knows what buried underneath the dollar is country club right. All sorts of deal just corn that's the biggest issues they don't know. What's buried there are so they find some alien life form for something that the city doesn't wanna be on the hook for bread and Corey Maas is like yeah I did it. But I have no idea what the hell we're gonna find out there my soul. You know until we know what's down there ancient in deal. Indian burial I mean yeah I mean a he goes in this in South Florida here's Miami city commissioner. By Ken Russell my he is basically. The one that's a legacy most opposed to the stadium. But if you had to if you have the rank all the guys that are Sam who what's the hardest vote for more mosques in their group to. To get there would be it would be Ken Russell and here's what one of things he had to say last night. I don't need to change my mind I think that was very clear with what I believe is good for the city for the residents if this deal and happening this way. Breast authorized allowed voters to authorize a no big deal he has to the best deal for the residents and right now it's not. Right now as his main thing you know to blow things in there. That they won in mainly and 0%. O'Connor present privately funded hundreds approach fun 0%. That the kind of be on the hook for free in the clean up if there is some new you know befall a sudden there's an alien life former some nuclear reactors some sort of crazy scene you know all of them some crazy. Foreign substance and nobody knows about underneath that in that Laker in underneath the other cut in the Mel Reese country club. Also wanted a percentage of the profits if this thing is a huge success. Long term and fifteen dollar minimum living wage for anybody that worked on the property. So the three main points those are the three main sticking point for it is that they're gonna have to iron out and and then of course there's opposition. And the public spoke issue that's what took so long and here's some say that's those on -- stated. Gonna win it'd sexy. Just like back and exactly. Soccer stadium in Miami and doing. Sorry. To go to the vote even bigger and all use job isn't. It with her. Teens. And young people thanking them thank. You can. Another couple days and time is up thanking. So that was the highlights yesterday my message decommissioning. A and nobody wants that man nobody wants that here Saturday happened years ago tomorrow deals and nobody wants nobody was gonna erode. Well once again but there there is quite a few opposition I think they're gonna get those finer points were out and it's gonna go to about than you would talk about. Just the I guess the obviously order must of his group are going to have the full court press for the blue. Before the next four months but the opposition. They're going to be out in full force to be in our panel of distinguished. Go quietly into the night so. The battle for votes will rage on. Once this thing as approved amount I think it will be by next week during any of those those three things at least hammered out so to speak it will be put to an ultimate vote which I have no problem with. I just want this thing to be transparent and and also be vetted properly and I think this is a pretty good deal on the serve his buds like we said earlier the morals Rwanda for everybody. It is and I I hope to Beckham's gaze at the end of winning on building the stadium. They got to put the statute and masa from because those out of obviously done the yes yes it. I was wondering David Beckham's mind was going as a sitting in it. Courtroom in Miami Dade County at two that 1030 at night last night to one. One held and I give myself and zoom and home I guess let's get to a talks or soccer is to be World Cup here will allow sprinkle and and ask him Moscow about yet the MLS project on here but we World Cup got third place game we got big final. On Sunday let's get to Scott Wilson he is our World Cup correspondent from the Washington Post. He stuffed by nitric here tonight to take. Wal-Mart cash in with 101000 dollars source window. Keywords will be about between 7 AM and 6 PM at Texas and into 72 hated one another chance to take all of our money away. Remember don't Texan drive remiss in veterans may applies to 2000 dollar summer swindle. Coming next wave that tried Monday organ is that going to. Right here on am seven I mean FM. 1043 HD to the to get a radio dot com station Curtis and perch here on 79 deep. Perky is once again out today many tomorrow is being with us from the Miami Herald and Mandy. Real soccer we don't have we got sucker undermines our bigs are we got the World Cup final we've got to what's going on here. In the with the politicos and or animosity David Beckham and it's all things I'll World Cup in soccer Scott Wilson joined the senior national correspondent from the Washington Post. And he posed the daily World Cup 2018. Newsletter Scott you joined us I wanna say about 2930. Days ago. When this out when this tournament started here so while we wanted to bring you back your your outstanding men. And now we want to bring you back here and a check in on everything as we get ready for the third place game tomorrow. And then obviously via the big final on Sunday that would rejoining us Scott. That's a pretty inherited a direct yeah okay all right so here we are Croatia France who had this matchup. I and past Croatia. I think to their attic kind of a team of destiny this year they of that played three straight games in extra time or in the Lowell. And I feel like they're just done it yet they have the experience. A lot of their players to play champions league final to reaching ears. And I just feel like their they're just so hard to be. And credit for it can be a little bit fragile even though they're full talent so I'm leaning towards Croatia and that's what. Scott wanted to ask you because it. To me the Arthur the MBA at Croatia getting to the final because it's like the New York Knicks finally getting there what is sort of the compares then you know I believe the president and the underdog status. Right I don't think it's that far maybe it's more of a Denver Nuggets kind of scenario that. But public. It's that they are. They're a team that has it has always been full of really good players to play at the top clubs in Europe but never really coalesced. This year they're just really finding mirrored their chemistry. They're there at a strong team in the sense that they are built sort of right up the middle there there. Very very strong and no make that team really hard to beat. So I you know it's it's they're not if you don't shut it make if they started off really well just destroyed Argentina. In their groups and down so they've been gaining momentum. But it's it's really just the resiliency they've shown the last couple did that has me thinking there. They're sort of Al prediction here. Croatia obviously sky is the team that that really surprised everybody. Oh who is a team that the poor showing with the biggest expectation there's played to choose from what's in Germany wasn't Brazil. What czar what czar in Argentina I mean who would you say man these guys really embarrass their their country. I you know I think more than anything I think I think Germany the obvious choice but I think Brazil frankly I mean. Argentina with a team that people who. Have a real problem. They they were you know among the favorites so to speak simply because they have the best player all. But they agents showed that you can't. Egypt can't win when the rest your keynote this week that was how I don't Brazil is the biggest disappointment I I thought that they. Even more than Germany where the team to beat come again and they just never really got going. They were a bit patchy land they were fragile. I was most disappointed with them I think that they were the biggest slipped out. Going into the turn and how did people feel about France and were they legitimate. Favorite team that people thought could could get this far when the top. You know have the over achieved or he won't what are they sort of stand. You know I I think if I don't think they have ever achieved. Why can't have a right from the start the beyond though I have to give them credit for that they were finalists in the European Cup championship. And and probably should a war you know they were they really should probably one that Portugal. Upset them in the final in in a kind of in a weird game. So they really are the best team in Europe and in in that sense they are that they didn't. You know they did know her chief. But I do think that there years they're they're the youngest team in the tournament. They're used is both you know huge positive given me energy and skill and talent. But it can also be negative if you get down a goal against the team cup for Croatia. It it it really does have that experience it's going to be hard for them become apoplectic. Scott Wilson is our guest senior national correspondent from the Washington Post. He's got the the daily World Cup 2018. A newsletter you can follow him on Twitter at the host Scott Wilson when he joins us is August you'll be ranked fuels announcers commune stores just like they are truly stepped beyond communion. Pirates got tomorrow we have a third place game which now a lot of the you know tournaments do this anymore. Now I've been known to place a wager from time to time so yeah ornaments got here sought. All of our motivation here so help us out here a little bit as who's gonna want to show up for the sub match tomorrow between Belgium and England. I think Belgians gonna wanna show up more than England I think Englander really believes. It was going all the way and you know. Croatian look at Madrid said that there there was a certain arrogance about English team that that Croatia took advantage I think they're gonna feel really let down. And and I think Belgium and it's gonna wanna show something I mean the fun part of this game as she got the two leading goal scorers in the tournament. And so if they're coaches do a fact Claes at tomorrow which I think they'll both be desperate to clinic at the wanna win best. Terry Cain admirable lookup will be a lot choke if I were you and I were put some money down I would I would bet belch. My youngest daughter Jennifer was is always dominant psychologist and court not I don't know it is. Third place that currency right it is the third Gretzky and a little something something just to spice it up Bragman he's got the zephyr actually X yeah. I'm what is it with your Sunday your son probably take all your jelly bean drag and Euro and he's figured okay we've all that is right. All of it yeah and and they they're actually accepted at current he apparently had some guys that step. Scotty you obviously cover all of soccer they had known him down here. The big story obviously is the the the FC you know that the team Beckham's trying to. To establish here and you know last night. They basically resupply where. They couldn't they couldn't reach resolution put on about her for the voters feel that pushed it for a week and you know they've been transported half years now to get soccer going. You you you obviously know about the MO less do you think he can be successful here in South Florida. And I mean it in my view it if it's. If it can't be put her own place like South Florida it's just not gonna really work so I mean I absolutely think it could be huge success and with Beckham's star power behind it. I just can't imagine it's not gonna do well and in that you all feel really get to you you know we've we've. You know DC united is. You know won championships. And but also played forever. In old rfk stadium. And it's it's it's not a great place began. We are just opening up our news media. I think this week. Out of stadium and it's gonna be so it's really nice so I think it's gonna make huge departure soccer Washington so. I hope they can get their act together with the stadium and that that does matter. But you'll have a lot of bad out going behind your that team so I I've a feeling it's gonna be tried. Scott and thanks for a particular time is always man and hopefully want to wait four more years to get you back on your talk a little off. Talks tomorrow World Cup here willow will reach out to any time up. We gets a Muslim soccer stuff going down here we're told we will with the with the MLS team here. Quickly where you'll find your your newsletter here and and kind of wrap of the World Cup coverage. So it is you can see it higher on our web site worshippers dot com slash sports. And in and you can sign up for at all probably don't want you were pretty late the K in. But and next time I'll make sure that all your listeners get a get a good promote to that so thanks very much for Adam. They always put to thank you very much guys enjoy the games are Scott Wilson from the Washington Post senior national correspondent likes Belgium helix Croatia. Mumble the ups and number graciously invited Teemu destiny here over there and there are underdogs to the median price there are many thoughts and I was completely may be extra minutes into Raleigh north basically another man mode manual full game right now so that you know they're gonna have tired legs amounts on the gas so good stuff fair we mentioned it. The the eight hour when that thing in those ten the ten minutes 211 nothing wrapped up. I watched about two and a half hours of that coverage I passed the Yankees Indians really for that yes and I tuned in new. And it's. Jill Bakken get the nasty looks that are. No I believe they they he was the that he was done talking mylan there was down to the nitty gritty the nuts and bolts of financing. The though. The low minimum wage. It was mosques and his people were it was they were doing the numbers by the fab by 8 o'clock you know my time I got home in a student that think it was pretty fascinating but the decide the punted. Till till next week. And we'll come back we'll talk more about that what that means. Also the Miami Heat made a move last night's. Which which covered a bit off guard their man it will live my surprise. As though we'll be back into some NBA talks as Damane tomorrow it with a all afternoon long right here on 790 the ticket. Thanks caliber joining us soccer on our minds. Should be fun one Croatia and France. On Sunday to wrap of the the World Cup basically plays arousing and that is the place to be for the final worlds are determined match. On Sunday July 15 it would. Replaced to watch all of the action starting in 9:30 AM presented by Bud Light. Official beer of the 2018 fifa World Cup be your friends goals. City police -- located northwest 363 any third avenue under our watch the game on a giant screen there will be plenty of entertainment a ton of prizes including just went to its. See Real Madrid or Barcelona play all sponsored by Cleveland clinic and rip it energy drink real energy for real people. Kirstie wants alongside many Navarro was in for Chris Perkins here on this off Friday the thirteenth over but he is haven't a a great it's great day. And we got a lot more to get to your to give until some o'clock I wanna get some of these we have addresses. Call loss of all the N NBA moves Isiah Thomas signed last night out with the Denver Nuggets we haven't talked to of that. As thousands in Denver makes a big trade big dumb a lot of salary they sign. Isiah Thomas whose body first team all NBA two years ago current and he has all sorts of problems well who says surpasses a way. He hurts his head he gets traded. And who is just it was just one of those it was a bad year and never kinda. I got any footing and got any any sort of just someone so bum of normalcy. In his life for his third and on the court here last season. When you have got those looking to make him a huge amount of money in one of the best stories in the MBA now science from issuing the minimum. Yeah we see he was quoted as saying out there to roll out the Brinks truck for me when when you know that items in Boston in. Instead a you know gets traded to Cleveland has all those issues there pitcher into the lakers and yeah I mean it blood in the MBAs on forgiven man you can fall really quick thing. Plus the Xavier aggressive you're a 57 point right if you're joining ardea combo guard yes right many and now he's going to be in a good place wanna play for. Michael alone loses loses an assistant I guess with the kings. Before when when he was there and so you know I mean in I think in the end this is going to be a good thing for as they simply for good team did the nuggets are. You could argue were right there on the cusp of a being a playoff team in the tough Western Conference so. I think there's going to be good opportunity for him to shine again. Yeah you closing if you had a lecture money to play with if your Motley the Miami Heat. That's one of those low risk Carol I don't know if you go for two layup maybe some William you know the arts degree or some. Jim tax exemption that yeah maybe or there or two for ten. Where you know with the Pope with a team option you know for the second year something in five million bucks years something like that. For our guys play at apparently that it has pretty degenerative and I say you know 57 point card slot there's no other believers out there. For guys like that there what you can do we continue to do so Clancy had a flu season and then he's now you do that again. And the hip injuries serious injury you know it's one of those things where forgot whose velocity explosive and get into the rim scoring. Doesn't play a whole lot of defense to begin with. You better be able to score and and he's got to prove it again he's you know he showed flashes of it with the lakers put. Coming back from from from that hit. You know he's got a chance he's gonna the the nuggets have a pretty good team. And I think a six man tired role we could he could do of the world. Yeah I don't know I revealing a comeback player of the year can't correct not a would be doing Rebecca work out for them moons and failure of two million bucks ulyetza losing now like he's now he's a terrible locker room diary knowing that that's your team members bring a terrible locker room guys. I thought this was funny but I also thought this was uncalled for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was announced it will not acknowledge Terrell Owens individually during enshrined meant. I next month which is what we three weeks. From yesterday is a whole thing game Newton went through actually this is a hall of fame game. And the hall of fame which by the is separate from the NFL also this is not a focuses or Roger Goodell aren't the only that but this is the the pro football fame if you don't know. About why they're doing that all ones said. Last month that he's not going to attend the ceremonies. Which are gonna be in early August is that he's gonna make a speech should have a party or whatever he's human caught at his college coaches the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. And he's gonna deliver a speech airs we'll put exec acceptance speech there. So and accorded approval hall of fame and in all its name will be included. When the whole class is announced. And his photograph pull your materials. About the hall of fame weekend but owns gold jacket judicially present it in elaborate ceremony in front of that will be mailed to him first and Saturday morning. Probably will not be recognized individually. By the by the pro football. Hall of fame there's no reason to bring him up as an individual he's not there are some hall of fame executive director Joseph porridge and the focus is on the guys who are here. You say TO is is is a deep bag he's on the all time the daggers of all time. But if you're the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Is OS isn't this just a little bit. For lack of a better term. Going down his level little bitter trying and trying to how deep bag Terrell Owens. There's no question and and anything is here it's like. They could take in the higher road and just said you know we're gonna announce you with a everybody else don't you know I was you know going to be that you live your speed track but it's a he he's he's not mad with that he's been with the writers for not putting limits of its tally misdirected. Anger. I don't know why I guess I mean yeah I mean that I'd have to care enough to throw YTO is doing this new blighted. Okay he's having a speech at Tennessee Chattanooga. That's where it all started rambling I'm sure that that it's a feel good story in that regard. Seoul is that he's doing the species of said he wasn't a first ballot guy OK so is obviously oblique you know those guys and that's fine and they call and they believe in Emery but they've arrived back I just think yeah we all electoral can be adults here. It feels really great players. Of all time he deserves to be in the hall of fame. And he's not gonna be there but to have him like he's not around it's right liked and you know like to not have a little video of TO. By. I mean nobody's done this before. But it just seems a little single penny to seems Wilbur we seems like week if you offer my how dare you not show up to our hall of fame ceremonies okay teacher not to show up. And we're not going to include your name Moroccan in we're not going to bomb. Take the time to individually. Acknowledge you it is going to be and you know in the in the in the list of guys that are inducted indeed Norman earlier jacked about the way I don't know rightists. It just seems like it's just it's just. You know T those studios. A is that the hall of fame for the fans to yeah. Is this for like they the TL fans. And how the hell player right now he's surely deserves to be in there first out and that day you know Joe's highlight package. Let everybody clap removal on ten minutes are getting Hume you know he does and our speech so I'm not there is deliberate and you know GAAP and are you in ten minutes Joseph was pilot jagged ridges it is amazing. Chose numbers or whatever else you wanna do up there. And move on we ought to wise not to we all know what TO another hundred degree there. Idol I don't know why one dollar up the in the begin with them until the funny thing for me Manny was just Pena and I guess as the main motivations stick to the writers. But for a guy that was she is soul. Thirsty and soul. And wanted to hog the spotlight so much. You would think that the way these guys though the first guy there which shall we Terrell involved Cameron. Right now we want you back in the league any post always training videos but the one guy the once his moment in this in the sun. Just to sit up there and cry and tell his story so everybody. Is looking at me would be Terrell Owens right now writing of these that he's that guy. The real one guy you would say who is going to enjoy all the attention paltry and we can tell Terrell Owens and listen really we live in the world the social media now. I'm sure. Whoever the heat either as a speech he says Tennessee tech is that or is going to be Tennessee Chattanooga carries and has already went to college in the company he was bass summit to be sunny and our cast and out on an idea yet they'll be though he'll take it means only we said earlier shot I'm sure somebody will take your shot from a hall of fame when they meet their speed to reductions. It's like to Elvis like. Move on here know what it's about it's about his football Bruno the whole player. You called him jerks off the field everything but if you all finger kind of go down his level and I. All matters all okay where we're not going to acknowledge it individually and then. Okay fine thing you can game. Let like if you could show public I just go back to. It doesn't want to heel fans yes absolutely got to be moved out his back in this Ryan is about a lot of dealers commercial and teal jerseys needing. Awfully weak edited video out of there wouldn't know what they're director or not now a bit to the cast and that your office probably so I mean right and I mean as. I was at a little player it I mean she digs. Maybe the hornets Lindsay I think some of them might change him abiding some of them might change rather be all for those few weeks away often. Might lighten up on the cyst a little bit I we got to get to the 6 o'clock our our big 6 o'clock hour planned. I'll tell you about them do so we'll get to headlines when he made a big big move last night. By a no brainer move in in that regard also. We have what went down is in the Miami city. Commission in Miami City Hall so looks like we have to wait on some resolution for soccer will get to that as well right here ounce of an item tickets. And don't. Bowman against these 6 o'clock hour here on seven and it ticket is only one way to listen and it to get on you're Smart. He buys her computer and after the radio dot com app for every dot com. That's our strength is there any else you're looking for. So download the radio does come down though mister Paris to show renewed I'd come to new home of aims of that in a somewhat afford three. Stage into the tickets. Christopher here on 790 Manny Navarro was in Willis and all afternoon Los Angeles the last few days it's been a been a lot of fun many it's been the way I got about an hour ago. Altogether until 7 o'clock big story last night's. The Miami Heat resigned Wayne Ellington. Rick talked to bury Jackson who broke that story coming up here in about two half hour so remarkable when Barry. Live from Las Vegas he generated take on the Boston Celtics that's correct tomorrow in the old dispute quarterfinal Russell round to the quarterfinals the next round they lose their dot. Lizard on yeah you win to keep winning keep you planets are out here are some real early summer league games here. Are going possibly play tomorrow so there is out there for that you're out there last week and around Sacramento yet he has basically switched spots very was in here with us. Last week as they are special guest cohost. But on drugs are about Wayne Ellington and what does it mean what does it mean for the heat I think it was a great signing I was super excited I think this is gonna get done IG thought they were gonna give my two year deal. Bob and lock him up. But I can say Manny nobody hit more big shots and Wayne Ellington right and and I know your you view you can look at the numbers a little bit within the plus minus lots of ideas you remember games where. He were on a five will run. Paying you know with with five with three minutes ago. Who hit a three that pushes to eight points to force the time out from the other team to really put the game out of reach Wayne Ellington. Who was who was when they were searching for a basket and and and they were hadn't you know the of them this stat pop sub zero field goals the last four and a half minutes you know. Who had a shot to stop the bleeding from Wayne Ellington didn't morbid shots I know it is that you know I know he gym basketball. He's not a great defender not a great rebounder. I he played poorly in the playoffs for the most part. But you can shoot the ball any stretch defense and he's a best shooter on the team by far and at a thousand no brainer move and I think you look at values. Best value might on the team and maybe one of those values in the league. Yes six point 3000001 year deal and you know. It's I'd love looked it up here who's who's making six point three million of them compare winning. To guys that are making the same as he is for next season but I do that you're a few minutes. In the end all the all the points he hit on tap or our our absolute money and and look the bottom line is he last season when when. Dion went down the sun went down. Eric's bulls had to reinvent the offense he looked around he said I do in ways not here we are more under our history at Tyler Johnson James Johnson. Who's gonna hit shots for us and basically redid the ovens that drivel on and off game. We're gonna we're gonna you used Kelly eliminate a little bit here in the office but Wayne in the fourth quarter. That's the guy we're gonna get the ball too because he can knock down three point shots it's this league is dominated by three point shot he's our best. And he won a bunch of games from my 120 any last year when he made 43 pointers are more. So I mean he was he was too little to this offense and to bring him back. I know people look at this Ross and say come on bring in the whale bring in the transformational player bring in the guy who whose gonna help these two chairmanship. I don't need to Wayne ellington's you know play play of Josh Richardson more play the young guys more give him those minutes. That's not only this heat organization thinks that it's always about winning. You know they wanna win big but even NCs is that they're not winning big piece to wanna put a quality product on the floor and Wayne Ellington is a guy who's going to be on product on the. And I think you know with Wayne I mean look at the drug you need shooting in the sleet snow right you need. G spot up shooters and knocked on shooters more so than any time I can remember watching the sleek. Problem as the wind neo in the early eighties and into the into the late eighties into the early ninety's that stretch I think shooting was prioritized. And then they were in it and Ethier got away from they go away from the game a little bit whenever when the high fliers that may want dunk the basketball and game evolved a little bit there. And then we've seen it come back we're if you could shoot the ball you'll play even if you stink on everything else if your bad defensively. If you can hit it all open three with the percentages you'll play odd and there was some of these guys Jamaican soul I look at Oki went ounces of a shooter then like. Book of the drop off to the heat. Like there's nobody else it's reliable a reliable three point shooter Kelley show nice percentage last year but he's a marksman he's more of our. You know pay a bomb open I'll shoot it he wrote what you better watch out and I'll leave me open and easy and he's on a percentage he's got a good stroke but there's not some is gonna shoot the volume of lane. It's gonna go six for eleven on threes on any given night Kurt you know our goals ago rodeo three for five and really make teams pay. Tyler Johnson. Inconsistent. Dion. Same deal core and it always does feet said he committed top of the T Dwyane that's not his deal all. Justice gotten better. You get my point the problem was fugitive and what are shooters on our team. No no and and you have to have a guy you go to in the fourth quarter and and Dwyane after the adamant the trade deadline. You know he became more of that guy for the we took you to go to shot in crunch time in the fourth quarter. Well afford Dwyane got here I mean it was Wayne you know it was basically the way show in the fourth quarter. And you needed him he needed him take those threes coming off of screens and so forth that just the way but he won games and survive in the regular season and look I know what happen in the playoffs that the sixers that I held a job to sort of taking him away. But you know this heat team isn't necessarily built the levels of both the regular season I can see this team. If healthy with a healthy Dion Waiters playing at a high level I get to this team finishing fourth or fifth in the east and and winning close to fifty games so. You know that's that's that's that's a victory for the right down there. We're gonna get to some some text messages here 67974. That's 67974. Persons get to 6 o'clock deadline. These XWEXYAM. South Miami at WS at best at that beach into Miramar plea deal. Come station. And headlines are sponsored by air attack Italy roundtrip flight starts from just 394. Dollars from Miami. To Milan. Let's start with men's tennis. Is one that men's semi final. Went five sets and a record 2624. Tiebreaker earlier today Kevin Anderson defeated John Isner in the first men's. Semi final. Right now. Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal I believe it is just been suspended due to darkness. And a Djokovic took the first set 64 Nadal responded. Winning the second set 63. And it Joker is up in the third set 76119. On the on the tiebreaker and it has been suspended. Due to darkness we have five hour. To England the time change are convinced that's gonna be by. So you're looking at 1105 a night it's hard to tell. Because there though the interests and Isner match went so long. That it'd. Nadal matches we'll start 11:40. This morning. Ended up serving like 320 its campaign afternoon. As those suspended due Doug is it just happen right now there just walking off the court so will get to will forgot when they're going to resume play obviously tomorrow demands. Finals scheduled for us Sunday as well we almost three or plant in the woman's final tomorrow are moving on to baseball the Marlins are an action here in about an hour. And Marlins park no way in general throw from Miami and BJ to Ariana. Four of the Philadelphia Phillies are in town final series before the all star festivities. Us though throw get things going here around 7:10 AM we got into an NFL know for a Darko Murray has decided to retire. From the NFL play with the Tennessee Titans last year running back. Tires up to seven seasons. At the at the age of thirty in the MBA. Jimmy Butler has apparently rejected. Teams four year 110 million dollar extension according. Two the owner of the T wolves and as reported by one of the other stations up there are so. By Jimmy Butler back it up his word saying you know what I don't wanna be here I think these young guys. Our our foolish and you when they threw an extension Adam. 110 guarantee Manny. Yeah especially today's NBA do you walk away from that kind of money mean against anybody thinks he can make more of bright especially on the conference of Seattle to play here. And he's got his coach Sarah Tom Thibodeau and but he is like the direction the young guys are taken I guess his leg of their so those are your headlines there but that's interesting what does to a mullah what is Minnesota do. Like today the big trade him I don't I mean. He's I would think if you if you have a strong feeling that you're gonna lose them for nothing you gotta check from the LA. But what does that tell you went through a lot of these threes are 210 million dollars back in your face. It's that strong enough for me saying to him at a beer. I mean I guess you could sit there and they were ambushed negotiate with them all. All in all year long and hope that he doesn't opt out but I in wigand's in these guys maybe they get their act together in his mind. You the chance but they. He he will be looking to move salary. And that's maybe it's this nation really runner who knows our budget text messages here wanna get to underpinning Ellington evens out over paying Tyler point five million between those two isn't that bad. Kansas there's there's a glass that's a cool guy right there yeah. Mr. optimistic out there on a Friday afternoon right there. And then we got a bunch of text on on the TO conversation from little bit earlier Basinger eight. He's notably Paul if he doesn't respect the hall. Then why should a hall kisses butts screw on. It's fur and if it's for the fans he's sending the fans of big middle finger. You're talking about him. More about him than if you win originally. So I don't know which just mean. Like if it's say. I don't as a hall of fame and stuff was like when the guys that don't go to the draft Manning. And you'll come made that a big deal early on then and now it's like commonplace for guys don't show for the draft for whatever reason we just accepted. I just feel like. Mean yeah you should show up as a suicide or respect but. If this is the deed to both sides Ian ugly and you want somebody to take the high road here nobody is so. Right yeah I mean. I know I'm not taking sides in this but it's like that you have the pro ball famous or won't steal not committed were knocked individually recognized him. You know army and then and then you've got all mean and how you feel about this but I know a lot of guys personally. We'll come out and said Waugh I know we don't need in was gonna show and it would have whole reform anyway and and it's like all right listen the guy isn't he bad. The guy is one of the biggest. You know assets that we've seen in sports in the last forty years. But the guy was one of the most amazing football players I've ever see yeah. No I mean low key but the bottom line at what your voting amid the he deserves to be in the house fringe no question but this is all new battle readiness team ready. Mean he's being patties being upset not want to put on their returns. He was in the first bottle of humor in the all flames. Flip in the burn right back out Iraq and the reason why it wasn't first off Ramon is because it was jerk. Right that's Hillary is which is funny because at this fall back on TO knee and thereby can say well they I'm a human numbers to be pretty easy out but we know why evening devoted to him because. Digits personal it was at their biases. No it was several UN because you were jerking your little bit nicer everybody and you didn't take a blowtorch every locker much Iran. Then you would have been first off for him. Getting back to Wayne Ellington and I can't for a second. He had talked about the six point three million. Last year either that the NBA stats here we go into 2273. Pointers he record. Keep record right Eric Gordon. Who's part of that ridiculous offense in Houston 2183. Pointers he's making thirteen and a half million Wisconsin. Joseph Ingles another three point shooter had 204 reporters last year he's making thirteen million. Isn't there are some of the new deal right right so I mean again he made two Eagles and almond trees while yet and we 204 and and you know I so again. To mean you look at where Wayne ranks as farce three point shooters six in the lead overall mix. Mean everybody else above and Damian littered Klay Thompson Kemba Walker calorie Paul George James Harden all all stars you're getting ready arguably. The best shooter off the bench in the NBA. And three point shooter and he's make it six million dollars that's it that's a pretty good deal well. But here's the other question and buried Jackson bird sellers enjoy us a little bit and we talked to Barry about this last week was this studio it's in my goes away when deal all around. But I'm surprised. Me lawyer Thomas lows anybody Manning you know that my but I'm surprised that nobody came in. With a blow your type socks offer. For Wayne Ellington and even early on a tree in Seattle fellas lack of money on of people thought that he can do it over yet but it from another team. Op yeah well here here's the here's three for 24. You know something like that and at some point you're gonna go hey Miami I love really a Joseph Johnson last year eight. Our two years ago I love you guys my age c'mon dude yeah that I love you guys but it would lakers academy dude commodity Internet down. And that's the thing is is winning is still young he's thirty years old which for a shooter for what he does the reality how was he when new things policies of the I must say there's 3435. So but he was still promoting best regular Clinton a couple of years right so again you negating the heat essentially here are signing resigning a guy who wants to be here who loves the city wants to be a part of the team is happy. Many of playing major minutes as he you know he he he was happy when he wasn't out there on the floor gobbling up minutes singer real slow. You know it's it's a great deal for them so I'm disappointed laws as you mentioned do more than shoot threes well little bit more mayor Cornel take it to the hoop. Ingles tickets and who a little bit but not. Mean yes Wayne has looked at limited availability their biggest asset is stretching right after they're over fourteen get out of there all four of them we also are obviously those are trying to regulators and I was trying to do comparable. You're around point out this you know deployment there hasn't yet when militant yet he's you know he's not a great defender. He's not going to he's not going to break down somebody off the Joseph hole. And get into the lane release that are there to rate locker room there. Animals is like his volume and now all of us will be to recently about Troy and talent and yet the most resilient real answer to him it is worth nine at ten at least and these are best shooter on the team. I mean he broke every single through for our record that organization have last year and so that's that's of and I won games it wasn't just like empty field in three all I'm saying that there you know. Do you match ritual support me. But I think having metrics in front of me I just boy I just watched the games and went down to morbid shots of anybody on the team usher morbid shots in big spots and it then. Anybody else. On that on that entire Russia took surprise many that that somebody into running here well I think and give him hey you know what will give you seven point three years for twenty million somebody just in throws a multi party might he might have gotten those offers within when he waited and said to himself. I really need your bit on six other army teams man not a way that well that's a culture is not right there ago. Obama and I'm not joking about the events that would have been able to recall around ads two parter right here with Wayne Ellington virtual America's six point I'll talk more about this. Would very Jackson come up a lot more. On the way here to take you up until. A 7 o'clock right here on cement to take the ball. I. Parents or any tax club is gone but you get all your breaking sports updates of pushover game formal marshall's post on our new radio dot com apps downloaded now make sure you. Turn on those occasions in the setting dreaded John renewal for everything into and I mean if someone before three. Teaching to the tickets per Stevenson and Manny Navarro we had Barry Jackson of the Miami herald's gonna join us from Las Vegas. Coming up here in about fifteen minutes very broke the story. Our last night that Wayne Ellington was resigning with the the Miami Heat turned up organ as some other stuff would bury two. Out there I guess the big news. Why Leonard. Carmelo Anthony is at the next big shooter drop here in the NB saying can definitely come alien because you know that's going to happen Greg Manning you know then run it's a boy he's gonna either get bought out of the tree. Right so that's kind of it. The big thing that we are expected we had a couple of trades last thing the MBA. There were just basically salary dumps and you know Isiah Thomas signs with the numbers so I mean I and I know some much. But for an MBA junkie. Looking for a fix right we you know we gotta we gotta get something back and we had a we had Barry Jackson we had a quote my last night it was and I got some that Isiah Thomas and headed to the nugget dot I got some that there. But pros definitely. The next thing is there and looks at the rock just and whether he's bought out or something. The rock to make the most sense right around resist because just we've miseries. Left to the songs in the laughs. Luke mogul ideally you know a slow the album today mbah a moute the that's while. The you a little bit ease yeah I murdered and none of the escalator at your favorite to Hutus who know how to. I notice that's why he but you know so yeah that's that's the reason I mean there's there's the opportunity there to play and I know everybody looks at his relationship with the Antonin New York you know I don't think little part bright. But one season it was Chris Paul when your banana boat Brothers yeah I mean I think we've all focal on the. This shooter they need in that offense they would chance to win a championship. Yeah you know I think Melo is Donald is comparable now on the Western Conference knows. You know Hughes is not the worst city in the world live in you Lisa you throw your buddy. And I think that that the best spot for him if the imminent Tony. Have a smooth things over a little bit so that being said many if they mean that's the case side and I just look at a here. It's July 13 right try to thirteen yeah we're two weeks in. To MBA free agency. Has anybody done anything. Top of me I can raise a look at his. The gap has got an even wider and bigger correct yes no question 'cause of the DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Golden State. Right let your bills are gonna close the gavel is a OK at the old are beer here wool organ assigned book. Yeah I mean really. Who is the closest team now to the lawyers I guess you'd have to say Boston because. Yet they didn't trade for Hawaii you know and we start to see were Koreans out by. There and healthy they're gonna have a healthy Gordon Hayward they're gonna have a healthy Terry Irving and they're gonna have that team that was basically a win away from. Get into the finals right. Right if I said even. Because I'm having a say Tyree I know carried him play in the playoffs but Carey got them of the big the big lead in the thing. But you individually the regular season all those wins. You to a stroke carrying carrier ring anymore goes to my point but I say you've got to within five minutes of the finals and you're gonna at a player like Kourtney were. Basically is a free agents like you're right like your draft the community now we get enough right to give you nothing my sugars Terry actually played for the last year. Like I would agree Boston Boston is the team the BE two warriors are clearly number one yes men. Number two Boston Boston or use or Houston I would give Boston nov because what I just mentioned and then Houston three. And then I would say Houston is story. Mom and then I would say. Danny gets a bit murky delegates Dicey for me to really does right does he Chansi Phillies there yet they've they're still Mazzone. No I guess anybody else in the Eastern Conference yet I'd I'd I'd stay out west I I I put the lakers had a filling. Oh yeah I put up for LeBron with a bunch of guys knew ahead of anybody else in the Eastern Conference right now. And I'm distraught after often put them ahead of Oklahoma City. San Antonio you saw. You've taught value target. You know what you know. I thank you to Boston College Utah's team to like Denver's team ally Portland's team Manny. Normal run I got an idea to go back to that like all those no you're right other teams that I like to teams you know I like Minnesota's team looks good. The you know you're like what's certain teams are trying to do LeBron. No and I just think like. In if you want to go even deeper and in the you know the lakers and add some deals with the eagle I eagle LeBron vs Denver seven game series the end LeBron. The LeBron I had just abuse you just put that on the front of the jerseys and you're sort of lakers is on LeBron right I mean Kansas where were coming down the sole. Now it's in a tone is gonna look like an the pelicans I don't know whether look like you know cause I mean Rondo and and then it was really good for the rusher but. You know each of them like young New Orleans the other nice to LeBron over the relatively is on them clippers are kind of in transition. You know sons will be open becoming a little bit. Out west you got dallas' going to be decent I guess now happen now what is Toronto gets boy. What if you know knew that the big story yesterday everybody street America because the oddsmakers know how them as as an even money it's to get caught Williams up. The notice in the W DeRozan would you rank Lowery would you give Lowery any healthy Hawaii Leonard a chance to you know mix equivalent of my own ability yeah argument chest these yeah. Even they could be Boston and then music adding they'd be league's second best selling it to be Boston. Medimmune another gotta play play. To emerge there they might some of their young guys that the repression as last year possibly super crazy or putting Boston or. I don't thinks that on the I think in a few months will be proven right why does and is a big loss the reason was a big loss to the he's resumed Milosevic Chris Paul's another year older right. I just go back to that Manning responded not stay healthy we'll see at the end of the year you'll go look back to LA times Chris ball to limping around and at the end of seasons you know. I love the guy for five times and I love Chris Paul loves game but he just sees it's always. Always a Hasselbeck I mean and soul and I don't trust seems hard news. In a big spot so. That's the that's not a thing and Boston's only gonna get better with those young guys that Mozilla Jason Terry that was to me all store it in a hurry. In June June pronounced terrific isn't that terrific player Munich in the near their rotation is like solid. Seven. By the end of the season manages that it might be the wrestler right and that's not a shot retiree or Gordon Hayward. Precious that Jason Tatum might be their best player. At the end of next year no no I'm not gonna argue yeah I mean he was phenomenal in the playoffs and you really saw a guide to this report that's just that's of the wrestlers do that they groups of stuff for the in the year.