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Tuesday, July 3rd

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Think part time concept that it could take weeks. I know best of damage due today files are often. For the week we files are Duarte when we say we it is Thursday its alongside. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald and Berry is going to be with us for the vacationing Chris Perkins. Today Thursday. And Friday Barry's getting the fourth of July off and then of forces day for you to celebrate during. And I know you will and meaning basin UCL a you drag what's going on the MBA all day. All day tomorrow correct that's ever June July celebrating right yeah I remember July 4 last year waiting on Gordon Hayward. And the all of what do what do joyous occasion out once yes it seems like every every July 4 for the past like ten years burying. You could connect is some sort of NBA or Miami Heat moved kidnaps yes and this can be one of the Dulles Summers ever ran he essentially. As limited tradable assets Curtis and no cap room and her up against the luxury task attacks and that's why. A lot of heat fans are in a state of depression or at least exasperation right. Yet I think they just want something to happen in their looking everywhere else opening up their presence around the league. On Christmas Day and they're going we one of fancy new toys to talk about. And their Jones junior is not exactly doing a form right now so ID we're gonna get into once what does he could do down the line here this isn't. Freed season. A day here too it lasts a little bit longer than that. And what are some of their options obviously. You've been keeping track of that and we're discussed. A lot of that is removed forty we have we have four hours with the here so we are with you all afternoon we got a bunch of stuff to get to a lot of an MBA related. Us on them any sporting news is gonna join us in about in about 25 minutes or so talks of NBA with him hello we're gonna head out to LA where at the reaction from from Laker fans you've got to be giddy right now. And knowing. Fans and controlled the Laker for in the thing would be off the warrior Koreans at this point. Yes although. I I think we might be overstating cousins signing just a little bit only because. We're not sure how he's gonna come back copycat ways to me is is as difficult an injury to come back from. As an NBA players anything you can have we've seen Wes Matthews another struggle we saw Elton Brand struggle about Elton Brand is said. Players simply do not return to what they work after this injury. Never the same player and ended merit Mehmet cores career Chauncey Billups was done after that. Anderson bears out another guy that debt. You know his Achilles blown out it was really really never the same. I agree with you and there's a lot of different reaction that Google don't believe the cousins signing is is very basic as a lot to reaction the other side was all of the wars are related to a Null. And then the other side await him in here says coming off an Achilles I don't play until February march. Hi he doesn't really fit in what those are days his game all does did so there's two of reaction but let me ask you this. To start off your resolve the big news of yesterday after the Rondo signing and everything out Los Angeles. Board bogey cousins that I I've been saying for two months down he'd be in in treating out of my mean you should should look look that. Are you more surprised that he signed would the warriors. Wore that there wasn't more interest around the league. I was surprisingly took as little as he did from the warrior and I don't think there was an offer. That was forthcoming for anybody close to the maximum which is what he initially talked even after the Kelly but I thought may be some team might invest 8910 million to seemed set for 53 was surprising. There would have been he'd interest if Miami had been able to move us on Whiteside I was told early in the prost is the summer that if we can move Whiteside. Cousins is a name that would interest that's but the pelicans would have had no interest in a sign and trade. Involving Whiteside and cousins even if Miami had done that I knew would have been hard. Had a 129 million this year which would have greatest challenges in terms of keeping Dwyane Wade if he wants to stay so that was the issue with that but I can understand cousins decision for this reason. As he said he's gonna miss the beginning of the season ESPN just reported that he's expected back to play in either December or January. Eyes so I can understand it Steve Kerr Bob Myers goldmans say general manager. Pitch to him it's not only will you be part of a great team that wants you here. But you're going to be playing into mid June there and your injury you will appeal from Biden's you're gonna get two extra months he wouldn't get if you signed with say a Sacramento. Who had to well obviously wouldn't go back to Sacramento C don't exactly. Atlanta working that cap space and Kleenex for example paperless government April or right right exactly I think that would be highly appealing to a two so I can totally understand it from cousins perspective. Especially because he said he didn't get any other offers. I know there was report. Odd that Boston showed some interest but it is not confirm where they actually made an offer the mid level exception so this might have been his. Only legitimate offer and frankly being able to showcase himself in the post season and probably is a Smart long term move for him. You look at New Orleans and you mention that with the Whiteside dynamic they a lot of signing younger cheaper option Julius ran with that money and New Orleans is not going into luxury tax day the real they are not going down that road so they did Julius rebuilding in their big so there was really no fit there but yeah I'm surprised it ruins had all my god basketball's over widely watched the league and all this other stuff. Yeah it's pretty ridiculous I was when I saw the news last night around 9 o'clock I was like oh my god artist comes out and I'm a big cut in Spain. Well I didn't talk I really like his game. So I was like wow this is this is pretty crazy but hey it's not his fault it's not warriors fault that nobody else made him an offer. And nobody else made him a significant offer. I mean. So what do you want the warriors do what you're boogie cousins to do I think it was a great move for him if real warriors weren't that that's a significant upgrade even if he's. Half of the player he was. Coming off the Achilles is still better than any of the fives that they've had here in the way in the championship teams. Right I agree I guess the one team you can look dad wondered why didn't they pursue causes more vigorously. Was the lakers should the money that they spent on JaVale McGee and Lance Stephenson. And Rajon Rondo and contain his Caldwell Pope. More than twenty million combined for all of them. One of them is going to be signed with a room mid level exception but that money could have gone to cousins and Wayne Ellington a shooter certainly would have multiple lakers. With LeBron on that team and then another big now LA it was a bit of a jam. Because it basically had no. Natural senators left on their roster. And lost the big obviously with the Julius Randall moved so they needed someone to play center initially. And I think that was party's appeal of JaVale McGee who actually led the league in blocks per minute. Last year but if I were them I would have done Ellington cousins and then another big at low money we just fill in a senator initially. That to me would have been the only other team that would have made sense for MLS he would go on the Boston route but even then. I'm not sure how much. He would have played in Boston clearly cousins when he got minutes in Boston because he's an all star caliber player but he would have had to. A split some time there and veins are so would have gone small time so maybe more and certainly learned a ton then precisely or personal where we can play four or five so. Maybe Golden State is the best option or. Now as crazy the sound you you if you think about it and you sift through. The initial shock year old women okay it makes laws and I'm a little surprised there wasn't any bigger market. 44 DeMarcus Cousins from a little bit a little bit surprised. By that but I understand from his point of view him going there and you mentioned the lakers pay the lakers could say you know what show us if the two recovered from that Achilles. And will give me the money next summer and you come and play in lawsuit as a play and play with LeBron. Those guys will be calls guys that you mentioned that the sign assure all on or under one year contract shall talk about the law of broad effect on him leaving the Eastern Conference what's left in the Eastern Conference with the Miami Heat are a joke there's a Jimmy Butler story out there. Which is out which is pretty interesting there. As you know this is where rooms waiting for a disgruntled superstar. To kinda emerge here in maybe the heat can can get in there and and make a deal organs 'cause that. Very jacksons the Jackson isn't with us all afternoon we got a ton of stuff to get to before you duality of the 3 o'clock headlines. EXYAM. South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD you'll Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. All right guys began with the World Cup earlier today so we invade advanced with a line that nil. Verdict all over Switzerland. Scoring in the 66. Minute Sylvia Swedes are off to the quarterfinals take on the winner of Columbia and England is at the half right now Columbia and England are nodded at zero. Zero also halftime is right now solo get underway here in just a few minutes Marlins and rays tonight's. As the the Marlins have to make it two in a row against a Tampa Bay they're gonna try to out Trevor Richards. With Leo record of two and five fury just over five via Tampa Bay Rays will counter with Ryan Yarborough. Just after a 710 first pitch and be a Miami heat's summer league they're in action tonight. Has last night they lost to the Golden State Warriors summer league team so it kind of 68 big games from their Jones junior NB am at a bio tonight's. They get the the next most popular team it seems the Los Angeles Lakers. 9 o'clock tonight in that game is on though on ESPN two so. Last night if you got a chance to watch or heat are not NB ATV tonight to your chance to watch them on ESPN two are enough on national TV and those are your headlines. There Jones junior Tony for points in motive eleven rebounds Baylor mile and 1414 last night. Four for Miami in a UNICEF. You're looking for reasons of optimism marry him hold on me it's going to become it's going to come with some of your younger players if you're going to get better. If in fact the heat are not able to make any sort of moved here. In the next a couple of weeks and this is ultimately this more or less the same roster you're gonna roll in the training camp with. Well summer league play should never be overstated of course if you wanna look for positive signs last night one would be Derek Jones appears to develop the three point shot. He's been around 20%. In his career as a three point shooter known as the guy who can beat skill defender. Needs to improve on outside the court even though it's got defensive ability. Obviously the atlases and as well known runnerup in the 2017. I slam dunk contest that you wanted to see some sort of perimeter game developed last night he showed that. From three point range again we're talking about NBA summer early but I think the sign last night was encouraging from that it. From bam we saw a Euro step move last night had not seen that from bamboo more. Last night was not one of his better nights offensively he was off with a shot. Committed some turnovers once again showed that he can handle including a new Euro step up and honestly he hit the boards last night. With fourteen rebounds I think those were the encouraging signs. Erik Walden had a very poor sure shooting night. To meet courtesies a marginal NBA player I'm not sure that beats even going to invest two way deal him next year and beyond that. Five other players played known particularly impressed except IE. No one knew who play to their Julie team the last two years the one former NBA player on their roster aside from the three he incumbents is Rashad bond. Seventeenth overall pick by Milwaukee and 2013. Then a big disappointment played in a 139 NBA games did not chew well last night had a great block. Terrific block that made Doug Christie go nuts on the NBA team right now it's but outside of that it would seem difficult to believe that his career. Will be salvaged here's a question is. Any of these kids Notre Dame point guard any of them that they heats auditioning the summer well any prove worthy of a two way contract or does not appear to be any. NBA fifteen man roster worthy players on this heat's summer league team except. Van at a bio and probably Derek Jones has been guaranteed this season at one point four million. Right well he made that decision for almost they signed him that two year deal basically guaranteeing them NBA contract so. He gets basically elevated from AAA to a cause he's what he's baseball analogy but yeah separately stuff on me. MBA players aren't about three minutes yes you should be of the mean those guys like that guy's going to be a player that guys ordeal that guy's the real deal. And may have been injured Joseph showed that the other guys not really. What you don't have a draft pick in the first or cigarette after the heat this is the road you can have to go we have to bring some guys in here and try to find the find a diamond that in their in their somewhere. Now they've been able to do that we got the Rodney Magruder and Howard Johnson and some Whiteside to some extent. But yeah I don't know maybe if I Ferrell but the measles model to get a handle on the point guard pilot shoot low bids. But other than that we'll see what what what comes up with the L eleven guys and a contract. And we still don't know about we know to which we're gonna discuss your moving forward we still don't know about Dwyane Wade. We still don't know about Udonis Haslem I get two to fourteen guys prepare them that they have a contract like Riley was almost it was funny when he said he. But he of these recent we have too many good players. You need you right there but truly great players so they have an overabundance of guys especially at certain positions. And you're just trying to work it all through here. And that's why a trade is most likely but obviously you need somebody else to pick up the phone on the other end it's a yes to one of those trades. Well as a last night here's how things to do with Wayne Ellington throughout the month of June heat conveyed. Privately and even to an extent publicly pat Riley's press conference that they wanted to find a way to make a work with Wayne Ellington as far as bringing him back Ellington would refer. To play year next year. So the feeling that the Ellington camp pat the rat June. Was that Miami is gonna make it legitimate offer its gonna take them over the luxury tax threshold but then he would deal later. With having to get back under the tax and the Ellsberg and he would have until mid April next year to get Miami back under the tax however. During the first day of free agency on Sunday. Even though the heat called to express interest in Ellington they also expressed concern. About the luxury tax and their ability to move contracts so that's why Wayne Ellington has not re signed through the first 48 hours. Of free agency I was told that it's still possible conversations are ongoing. But clearly the heat did not come out of the gates with the offer than ever that the only two campus hoped or and that they almost expected because. I think going into free agency. The heat had optimism that they'd be able to move some of these contracts and get back under the tax threshold of a 123. Point seven million. Even if they went above the tax threshold for a couple months by signing Ellington I resigning Dwayne wade if you want to come back but now I think. There are some serious questions inside the heat about whether they're gonna be able to move contracts like Tyler Johnson to be able to get back under the cap. And that's led to where we are worth Wayne Ellington where all it would take is a call from garrison to Riley saying you know what. Let's give Wayne Ellington two years 141000002 year sixteen million will deal with the tax consequences but. I know as of yesterday that had not happened they had not made him an offer. To stay in remember Wayne Ellington would like to states are right now the ball where it is and heats. Court just don't get to numbers on the tax here but I just wanna adjust Manassas or what present. They're out of the tax now in Iraq they weren't in the tax last year too it's not just paying the money. But. It's also your what's sure in the tax. Let's say they wanna go for next year or the year after that you're in the repeater -- excellent which is far more arts right so that's another concern. He wondering why we wanna pay taxes here when we're not a legitimate team picture contender as so we paid this year and we pay it next year. Then it would be an enormous tax bullet by the bill and Oklahoma City is facing now rides I mean it's one thing to pay okay would you if you pay an extra five million bucks for Wayne Ellington or six million bucks for Wayne Ellington Dwyane Wade or whatever it is to which he could handle that but dubbed the build the longer you stay out of the tax. Is beneficial because eventually if you for if you feel the Miami Heat feel this way I'd imagine. Eventually they're gonna go for it and you're gonna you gonna dig into that tax. Long you stay out of it is beneficial down the road for when you're really into it like that like Golden State is now an Oklahoma City is now than those Bible to. Aren't so we got lots of to get to hear mayor Jackson isn't with us all afternoon we come back Robert who got bush on DeVon me from PS sporting news NBA writer will or talk to him about LeBron DeMarcus Cousins Miami Heat everything going on its image and stuff. On the go on the heat tried to trying to make some moves so we have more of that on the way right here on seven and take. It's. Cool. And order. The regular salmon and it's. Don't know now. And inside the run out of Cleveland man it's out there bonds. That is gone this is why we've been telling you. You gotta go down the radio that comment right now that our street is. And everything else you come to expect from there to get app to go down on the radio that comment now a dome is your favorite too good show rated I come to hold him some money in a from. 104.3 HD two. Tickets courtesy of Berkshire heroes of an idea the ticket bird Jackson is our special guest host. In for the entire afternoon and the mother country England. Has just scored in the 57. Minutes. So England is up on the Columbia. Right now 12. Nil Barea knows. The World Cup has taken over. Especially our town we got army of Stephen in here. Do you know what shirt I've I saw bouts a hundred. And fifty times today it was that yellow of Columbia the Jersey everywhere went today. The fair answer out of about where their Colombian jerseys. Love the pageantry and beloved but they're down 10 to England here ending was a little bit of a slight favorite against against Colombia so we'll keep up today here. As we move throughout the the course of the afternoon. We talk W cousins earlier in debts is hard to show we got some C news. Bolivia should lose to some LeBron just what did you think Obama LeBron. Going to Los Angeles in the subsequent moves that the lakers have made here. Op go a Zack and Iran yesterday and he kind of through this that means like the bronzed is. These kind of resigned to the fact that they're not going to win early. I find that hard to believe with a guy like LeBron. But clearly they're gearing up for you year to three and beyond. Well would've been fascinating to hear magic presentation to them woo that magic Selma on Saturday night as far as what the timetable as you can be sure why Leonard's name was raised. But one of the interest and authorities on this is David Griffin former GM of Cleveland to I think has been very good as an NB ATV analyst. The last couple days he said he believes LeBron primary motivation with this is wanting to further his movie career. And obviously he's got entertainment company out there as soon to be close to that. David Griffin thought with his main reason for going to Los Angeles certainly doesn't hurt his wife likes it out there it doesn't hurt that they have homes out there it doesn't hurt. That his wife has been working on renovations. Of that home for the last six months so to me this was a business decision. And a family decision far more than a basketball decision you can point to pass most of his career. As specifically. Something with Wright his move to the heat Curtis obviously some basketball decisions and you have got to get her that he can widget to do exactly. Move to Cleveland clearly an emotional decision not wanting to be loads in his hometown. Since there was certainly no. Feeling of loyalty to Dan Gilbert that was strictly to be able to give the people of Cleveland something where he could go back. To northeast Ohio in future years and be appreciated rather the low. This decision though to me combination of business from a non basketball standpoint and family. And if you put a month truce or remind sure he would have no expectation of winning the championship this year but he would probably think that it's realistic. Once coli joins them right at the if you assume the coli is gonna force his way there. I would give them a shot against is Golden State team if they are able to hold on to their other assets if they wait out. A year at Hawaii next year to a nucleus. With Brandon Ingram with Kyle whose mom we were natural Alonso ball obviously will be in time. I think that team alternately could at least challenge Golden State because to me it would have some form a terrible what Houston that's right. And if you so was able taken to seven games with a chance to win if Chris Paul had not been injured and why couldn't a lakers team with LeBron and quite here's my question do you. If the lakers can get collide this offseason but I have to give up. Coups in my Ingram future draft picks and we see a Western Conference semifinals matchup of LA Houston you would favor of. Thing Nikolay LA Houston who favor like. No doubt okay no doubt just as their stars would be superior or the hardened Paul dumbo or get them the two best players correct. If it and all that comes out to that the sport right that the two best players AM. The one thing I'm little I'm a little bit I guess. I was a little bit Luke Walton I mean he's he's another guy you know is that. The right guy for this and no that's them in the top of my mind. A little bit during during all of this but. Yeah I mean you're no doubt about that very. Buds VO do lakers put a slow it I would say this. Where we sit going in the playoffs next year. This rosters to a toll different for the lakers and I just talk about why mile what they did in Cleveland this past year right. All these guys bill when your deals there they couldn't trade to make some moves. In about just talk about getting quiet but adding another piece here there are so by the Timothy role in training camp with in the lakers. I agree I would be surprised if not the same team they're gonna roll to the playoffs were for the most part and where do you put this team with it Ellie do you do in the pecking order Golden State obviously one. Houston three delay your virtues into the lakers a slider number three that easily or is there more comp competition and conversation. You know it's funny cousins and Reese signed with the pelicans I might have put New Orleans ahead of the lakers if this is their team and if they don't get coli this off season. Now I would say LA would probably be the slight favorite for the third seed because of a bronze greatness but. I would say that's a sure thing I could easily see a scenario where Utah or Portland finished as a regular season ahead of the lakers. Minnesota would be a little bit of the stretch New Orleans might be a little bit of a stretch now that they've lost Rondo went cousins even though they signed affiliates rental. But to me of the lakers acquisitions. I can understand all of them in some way except Lance Stephenson and not because the issues. It's Stephenson has had with LeBron the because Lance Stephenson has never been good outside of Indiana correct so why are you making a commitment to player who has never done any thing. Outside of one particular team it probably NN dot. At Indiana against some point when he under performs in Los Angeles the Rondo thing at the dollar figure. Nine million to me was a little high especially because he's not the type shooter you typically like to surround LeBron with by. Do the part of that move that I can defend would be that's. LeBron talked about wanting to play with high IQ players though and Rondo is certainly that. In addition he'll allow you to play with pace because it is gifts in the open court. He will light a fire under Alonso ball so there's no sense of entitlement there so he's probably going to get the best out of law until balls those two. Compete for the starting job so I can understand the Rondo move I would have liked it at less than nine million. JaVale McGee I can understand only because they needed to defensive presence play center he played well in post season we mentioned in the first segment led the league in blocks per 48 minutes. And it continues Caldwell Pope move I can understand because he's improved as a three point shooter since leaving Detroit. So all of those I can understand which of these poor moves of going out the roster Curtis did did get a EU you have a major issue. I. Mean none really I mean I I yes you like little more shooting from from those guys but you look at I mean if you if you can't provide that with a bronze for LeBron. At least provide LeBron will some guys that are going out there and they're not gonna take any glee from anybody and Lance Stephenson is gonna get out there and he's going to be a near ten towards the other team. Rajon Rondo is not gonna take any crap from anybody. Guys that are these guys little kooky and a little bit weird at times yes but I think. LeBron respects those guys and you gotta believe prayer all these moves run by LeBron. For the most part they were thing rubber in the sky with the robbery in Mecca and what do you think especially a guy with the incident that little bit of history which probably it's overblown part of upon a little bit. With with the stuff for the Indiana. But. I was the president at a a bit more shooting but if there's the design out there are gonna have to go. With you know another line I think it's an OK let's go out and let's be kind of agreed bloody team here. And at least right now and there's some thing else becomes available. Then we can get the prototypical. LeBron roster with shooters and and though those are the things. But missing isn't going to do if you're lakers like. You outrun the way that it's not if you're trying to catch dealing doors it's not going to be done overnight just wasn't possible. Right well two names that I would have pursued defied and then Wayne Ellington Jamal Crawford and it's still possible they can get Crawford is a minimum deal. If no team offers some form mid level or T just prefer to go to Los Angeles Ellington presumably is gonna get more than a minimum deal. But to me I would prioritize those two certainly over Lance Stephenson. Would you charge JJ Redick over over Casey pretty Caldwell Pope. Reliving the about the same moment there are yes he had JJ Redick all the more but very very narrowly more. To me that's an awfully tough call I would have said rather. If Caldwell Pope but not improved to three point shooting obviously Redick is a better three point shooting Bret Caldwell Pope that are superior defender. So to me that's a bit of a washer might have lean toward the toward Redick they're. And remember this Rosser also has a guy who has been buried their walled Zhang who played well I mean every heat fan were calls. That second round series against Toronto the second half of that year the one year post LeBron where the heat made the second round of the playoffs Luol Deng was a key component on that team. Playing as an undersized power forward. He hit his three point shot right even though his reputation. Is being not a great three point shooter he was effective in that role that year. So it be nice to see Luke Walton give it Deng a chance to play alongside LeBron is a stretch or. Last year though there were games and O'Brien when horse made his point and ES PM last night. There were games last year. That they would play 78 guys the cool thing still would not play. So clearly. In the dog house they're not probably for any attitude you should disease a good guy but more so for Luke Walton just believing. But he's either not good enough to play on the steamer wind played to sap sees on that team they do out shooting with coups my if they don't give them up for Leonard and they still have. You know a rising young player in Brandon (%expletive) So the team around LeBron is pretty good it's not great but it's probably not as bad as some people might think. No and in the I think the dang he's won for the young guys last year I think that's that's amendment. But the jury with the lines a ball thing you got Rondo got ball LeBron is gonna handle bought time. Those are GF three point guards right there. So I'm I'm curious the end of the Lamar stuff comes in the play I mean is that there's going to get a point little bars and say something that is just told Leo line. And them bronzed and have to react to. Just wonder how about how that's going to go so this is gonna be this really fascinating. Once it you know. People talk about wedge one LeBron ago I just want to be something different something it's something we haven't talked about the Cleveland so it was a stalemate. So him go to LA here are going to Philadelphia. I want this is new in this is different in the UB fastening the CEO plays out and LeBron is probably the only singular guy. Alicia gets three or four guys together which is hard to do now. That can topple off Colmes state so ever once does know the biggest storyline the MBA is what Mary moving for the next couple years is can anybody be Golden State is anybody going to be available to catch Golden State. And you know Barbara we're LeBron whatever team LeBron gone that's the team it's only has the most the best of minutes for me anyway. Exactly and most of all it's going to be nice just not seeing another Cleveland Golden State finals for the straight here in Ottawa but if and adjust and we'll talk about this at some point during the show today but the Mets the Cleveland is in the trade Kevin Love. When it will he be inane that makes sense for Miami but I seriously doubt the cats would would love for Whiteside. But they've got interesting issues especially because their first round pick is protected only top ten Atlantic gets an otherwise. All right let's get to the heat Mary let's get to lead and you mentioned Kevin mom also Jimmy dollars in Maine that's out there. On Jimmy Butler could be a guy that it could be had out there. Via the trade if you wanna Texas shell feel free to do so we invite him encourage or text messages senate voted 6797467974. On the text line on this July 3. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald as it was all afternoon talking a lot of MBA plus we combat updates you on England in Columbia. Coming up next right here on some and I even take. Join us to celebrate the fourth of July. Tomorrow in the city of sunrise join us outdoors in the media entities that are. We'll have to play for live music kids activities through drugs fireworks and more. Live music including classic rock legends grand funk railroad the America at bay and gates open at 430 in parking and admission are free for your safety. Hall bags will be searched through the sunrise FL dot gov for details or call. 9547474600. Semen sunrise on July 4 which is two mile rule within seminarian from 1043 HD to the ticket. Christie was alongside Barry Jackson here we are in these seven these six admitted. England still holding on to a one. Two nothing one nil. I advantage over Colombia and England continues to it's oppressed here. In the in the latter stages will keep you up to date on that also the 4 o'clock hour Alan. Mostly wamp who will host lakers talk we've talked down before here on the show he's gonna join us and out or you'll. Feel about how on how things are out in La La land and what the other lakers. Next move possibly. Could be up a lot of you are waiting Barry for what than the move that the heat are going to make here. In some of them did the most popular text on the tax line at 67974. Over the course of the last couple of days here on the show is. What of the heat up to. What are you what are you gonna do what do you do and pans. One thing we knew that out of the gates in the I behold the themes understood this they had no money be spent. So there was no money to used to throw at anybody the last couple of days so that wasn't going to happen now. When the money dries up in the players drive up. Teams are kind of looking around and then there would be more sis. I think more. Are capable and more apt to possibly making a trade is that how UC. That's what they've been trying to do they have not found a market for his son Whiteside he would be very difficult to move gained Johnson's contract. Dion Waiters or use that to two million. Doesn't seem movable things coming up major ankle surgery. So this whole off season was about can we improve our roster through trades knowing free agency was just not a viable alternative. Ought to this point they've since nine stymied in alt tent skirts I mean they they certainly tried now with coli. Both Manny Navarro might herald colleague and I were told yesterday that even though they eat was in on discussions they inquired about it there was a certain point which the heat would not cross because. Riley was fearful. That he would lose him potentially next summer because school wise people have been so public. At least as anonymous sources to reporters that he wants to be a while they were you on that they were an article that they inquired about co wide but. Basically Riley was not gonna give RC Buford and Gregg Popovich to choice of all of his assets he wasn't gonna go in there and say take any four players alike. Because it was too risky for me it's perspective remains that way to trade all of your best contracts and best players per player who could be gone in a year. Because then you'll be left a scenario where. You're not gonna have a ton cap space if you get rid of say band justice. Richardson has a blog for guys that they're making no money exactly where they're still not gonna happen even in a scenario where they trade all of those players there for most marketable. Players we just named if they trade all of them for Kauai and then were loose collide next summer the heat would still not be in position to add a Max player. Certainly not a Max player and another player because he's still have this on Whiteside. On your books are 27 you would have James Johnson. On your books at fourteen you would have a lick on your books at twelve you would have Tyler Johnson on your books at nineteen so. There still would not be the flexibility even if you were. Able to trade for coli using those four players know that he used a link instead of justice than maybe you'd have a little bit more cap space but. Bottom line is that Riley is not going to trade his does that so it's per player unless he believes he has a really good shot at keeping up what. That's just Riley's mindset and frankly I agree with the I know there's some people who think take the risk get the star player now worry about later later basic. Right diligent and sell them on on on staying. But yes I I would if you if you. Now if you knew he was going to stay that I would definitely do all without question okay sure I'm with the on the but you agree with me and the whole belief that you shouldn't do this if you feel like there's a good chance he's not gonna walk right not just to the Dodgers got me got my roster and then in the yeah don't do that ended his then you're about to take Assad or somebody. I'll give a damn birds are whoever I'll sweet mid day and we're talking about you gotta take one of my bad deals exactly and I know some peep. Also we will look Oklahoma City took that risk they trade for Paul Georgia knowing full well the Paul George wanted to be a Los Angeles but here's the big differences I pointed out on Twitter yesterday. Oklahoma City could tell Paul George you're going to be playing with the MVP a league MVP and gambled that their relationship with the right to the point the call George would wanna stay there the dead and that he'd like his head coach Eddie has a likable head coach and Spoelstra similar to Billy Donovan but the big differences. And there is no Russell Westbrook. That Miami could pair with why so quite a be staying here for who sent. Right right and but that's in that's the problem. Heater running on this Hampshire hamster EO the hamster wheel right now is it's you kidding they. You have to get a guy to get another guy. Exactly but you gotta get the first guy. So good I think it would be okay get caught why secure him so you can secure clay Thompson into your whatever whatever it may be. So but the first guy is guy that you like. You know one thing is. Product typically be homegrown right he like has drafted right like Golden State like Stefan curry on greens that currently Thompson right like Oklahoma City with lots more like wade here originally exactly yeah I but the heat. Don't just inhaled if justice was an all star did you do these things become a little bit more. Clear here but. But yes in and by the way the reason Paul George or staying in Oklahoma City is as Russell Westbrook really really. Showed him in embraced him as a teammate and showed him some love for lack of better term right. And living there I think proved more enjoyable to. All George that he probably anticipated but it eat it just made a great point. If justice Winslow were all star caliber players ban out of BioWare already Shawn Camp jar zevil then you have that peace to be able Laura the start. So a the most unfortunate thing from the heat standpoint. Is not that they haven't been able find another whale because they were never gonna get to rant Hayward was always going to probably lean toward going to play first former college coach. The more unfortunate thing is that of their limited number of draft picks have been hit on somebody like way they'd been decent players Josh Richardson has been. Far better than what a forty pick should be but no all star has developed from that. Or you'll the other routes where Hassan Whiteside. Right some Whiteside hasn't developed into that. Player he was two years ago when he gave a lot of money except he was first in blocks and secular field goal percentage in. The second in rebounds I mean he war is I mean look a little legitimate big man piece that you want to play well with. If you if you're a guy and now he's just he's just another guy. Right almost more difficult certainly for senators to be able lower teammates like no one's saying I wanna go play with the Andre Jordan even though he's widely respected as a player. Andre Drummond does well but you're right if Hasan had been all NBA caliber than certainly mine you'd be more appealing destination to some of these free agents or at least of pushing aside and rate. We're ready yeah which we've seen none of. The mortgage problem is they have no cornerstone they have nobody know nobody that they can that they can. Don't let this league built around just know we've been thinking compliments right. You know within and that severe weather from now okay we meant when you call -- letter let's look at Jimmy Butler here what's the latest there that that's the kind of popped about an order did not. Yes interesting report today from Joseph Cali of the Chicago sun times this afternoon he said that according to his sources Jimmy Butler. Has no intentions of signing an extension with Minnesota this offseason he's eligible for big one. Instead he's going opt out become a free agent next summer and the reason for this is uninteresting. The joke tally of the Chicago sun times sites he says one reason is that he wants to play with Irene Irving. Who is everybody knows can also become free agent next summer the opts out of his deal with Boston. And the other reason according to joke alleys of butler's quote all but fed up with the nonchalant attitude of the younger teammates. Is a specifically Carl Anthony talent Butler is quoted in late. April by the Chicago sun times as saying. At times I get lost and how everybody is not will is not built the way that I and bill in terms of playing only to win. So that's certainly an indictment on his minister teammates so the natural question is can he get involved in its. Well the heat might have the assets to be able to do a sign and trade for Butler next summer. What's hard to conceive though is them having the assets. Without any cap space at this point for next year. And having the assets to be able to do sign and trades for both Irving. And Butler that's sort of unfathomable. To you know obviously woody have a cap space to sign both. But there's no realistic scenario where the he will have cap space to sign two players and even the scenario of the heat having the cap space. Curtis to sign one of these guys is unlikely next summer because you have to either get rid of Whiteside and gore on and take no money back. Or Tyler and Whiteside you need at least to your beat contracts off the books just to get involved for one of these guys tool. Is completely unfathomable. And lets you do both her sign and trades and again he doesn't have the assets to get Jimmy Butler inquiry Irving. From Minnesota and from Boston simply through sign and trades and some. No no shot. No shot ends. Here's the other thing element to acquire. Minnesota even gonna probably get two years out of him. Minnesota goes back to the same spot where we just talked about is that you'll. You know Crist on exactly mean and what do you Minnesota during any assurance that there saarc injury vote long term. So they kind of unit to be able to another you two years out of home. But I'm just saying you go back to that risk that reward type of a type of gamble there what's Minnesota left with after all of us so that's also to something to be considered. Who should Miami be targeting. That's a male wanna get into here in the 4 o'clock hour here aren't we know. What probably can't happen what could happen what moves Carmelo Anthony Hebert of the focusing on okay seek yet a bad tax from a there. What what he won here for for Carmelo Anthony I've said for months leading up to his very. They did my Riley to make them look different. Very easily. Not necessarily better when you make it look different. In this point I think people would just they would take different right now and the savior if your heat fan. Because just as you well some in the of the different on this on this roster also. Was it mean for Dwyane Wade moving forward gets a tax on that which we're gonna get to enjoy Texas showed good question comment observation senate on its exhibit 97467. Nights before also. Are we now to Los Angeles and we're to talk to Alan sleep while he is the host of lakers talk in that. All obviously talk about LeBron and what the city feels like and everything goes forward and what moves could be could be on the horizon. For the Los Angeles Lakers would come back we'll give you an update on England in Colombia as well here as we're approaching. The ninetieth minutes. In this a round of sixteen the final round of sixteen. As the winner moves into the final. Quarterfinal spots we get to that coming up next right here tonight and take. We just garlic. And match. Update you on that just a moment but a quick reminder. Join seven edited to get my Greta members of the shipping container. July 11 at 2 o'clock G Wakefield will be canning and releasing Mike's paying ten shocker bras are mere. For the game limited Kim's availability Wakefield there way to bring is in apparently owns craft breweries in the heart of the Winwood arts district. Yeah there was Mike in the crew on July 11 brought to my name's have a nanny and every one of. Or three HD to the ticket we approaching the 4 o'clock hour here Foreman is before four here on seven and ticket. Curtis to units and in Perry Jackson are in with fewer special guest host in for Chris Perkins Kirk. It is on me very well deserved vacation. For the the next week or social Barea is a going to join us not only throughout the entire afternoon today but also on Thursday in on Friday. We got Thomas have to get to also we got another NBA signing here. This is gonna upset heat fans probably is that the onto anything and everybody else's were you to that in in just a moment but. Colombia the score on any header off a penalty shouldn't offer a quarter kick. In the 93 minutes who we are in extra time. With with about five minutes of extra extra time. Soul we're at the 94 minutes so it's about to. Base illegal in to a extra extra time to but basically Columbia scores on a last second hail Mary if one of if you wanna. Put in to those terms here to foresee 11 tie excel. I'll winner moves on to via the quarterfinals. Let's Colombia is on the board so 11 against England of course walk that you laments we. Move forward here. We got a ton of stuff to get to a little by the way a little bit of a change of plans here and as everyone in the NBA world a super busy right now. I was so we're gonna talk to Sean Deming of sporting news at fort when he and a Allen's plea law sleet off from mom. Who does a Laker show without losses you know as a five so we're gonna just I'm over what he backs on was he enjoys him 3 o'clock hour in his global business reasons it was a four when he. And Alan sleep was given Jonas at at 51. So while we're gonna have those two gentlemen coming appear on Demi of course covers GMBH senior writer for sporting news. And a -- water is is heavy heavy lakers out in the in Los Angeles. Oh we'll just get to the news right here as its intra now bury. But Nam and the Tyreke Evans was probably one of the bigger names there was still on the board. And then he is now off the board as we say. He is signed with the team that you probably least like him to sign with if you're the Miami Heat he agreed to deal with the Indiana Pacers and his team. That that he will be directly competing against for a top four seed next year if you go on the assumption. Obviously you never so many things but on paper Boston Philly Toronto would appear to be the clear cut top three teams in the east there are opportunities to be the fourth seed certainly eighteen who would get. Home court the first round you include Miami Indiana Milwaukee Washington of that next Indiana clearly now. The best of those teams after adding Tyreke Evans and Doug McDermott in free agency. Remember what Evans you're getting a guy who was on the market as undervalued. Rates last year only because he had. Threesome and getting a knee injury correct but he rebounded from out last year was terrific for Memphis averaged nineteen and a half points a game shot 40% on threes made a 114 about. So the pacers have now I did do Tyreke Evans who is a legitimate starting guard in this league. They've added Doug McDermott when the NBA's top three point shooters shot 42 and a half percent on threes last year. So their roster to me is now clearly better than Miami's last year. One of the questions I had all season was how is Indiana better team in Miami when you compare the personnel of the two teams and yet. By the end of the year it was clear the pacers are the better I know there was only four when difference between Indiana's 48 wins Miami's 44 but even with that. I continued to wonder of all the teams at the heat behind in the Eastern Conference. Why is Indiana one of them. That made me shake my head now though if you look at the material specially with Miami. Having not re signed Wayne Ellington or weighed up to this point you look good material now Curtis India has the better team. So not only were they the better team on the court last year now they've got more material to. As a heat mention this upset. I think in general I think you're a little bit impatient I mean I mean you and I'll put myself into it in the defense shoes. I'm I'm a little bit frustrated. But frustrated. And people not because I wanted Tyreke Evans on the heat roster or something like that. It's just they've in the heat of boxed themselves into corner here and that there there in their finding it hard to find the combination to get out of that. Can the one thing is and again I'll go back to this area. This isn't this isn't going to be done in in two dates. Does some some things to take some time here. Hands. But if this is the same roster that you go back to. In October or September if you go back that would basin of the same roster. Maybe you have weighed maybe you don't like the debt last year outside of an injured Dion Waiters. We have Wayne Ellington maybe you don't. Vigna I think your your he'd fit in your little bit bummed out about that. I do to end. I've been understanding of their position. Knowing that Riley wanted to have at least a playoff team. Even though we clearly made some say the game Johnson to I was gonna have a playoff team you would say right right and they still have they likely playoff team my guess is it's a scenario. Where if you establish the fourteenth we talked about the top for the east. Boston Philly Toronto Indians some order then if Washington Milwaukee should make it. Then if Detroit. Should make it with two way Casey's or coach getting Reggie Jackson back sub okay. So you presume Miami than is one of the top eight. But let's say we're zinc is comebacks are. Let's say the next under his Baylor substantially better Charlotte was hard to figure Brooklyn would be hard to figure. Orlando as well Chicago by rights so they heats and very fortunately it's only because so many eastern teams are rebuilding or tanking right. But just one other team like the knicks nuggets it's a plan yet if we need as major injuries that Nazi are right so we're looking right now is a rock and a roster that's likely somewhere between. 6 and eight even with Cleveland leading may be get the five but as of July. The third today Curtis hard for me to envision. Miami having immaterial to the top four seed because now with the Indiana adding Evans and McDermott just impossible for me to see Miami being better than them. Unless the pacers have significant entry. I'll talk more about the MBA obviously it's on them any NBA senior writer for sporting news is gonna join us. We allow morning get to the first look at the 4 o'clock kids. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar. Leo dot com station. And airlines are sponsored by air Italy roundtrip flights are from just. 394. Dollars from Miami but to homo let's start with the World Cup end of regulation. Final round of sixteen match Columbia's board. When I mean 93. Committed to two force. Extra time it is tied at 11. With a team wins the winner moves on to the quarterfinals to face. Well now be Sweden who took her Switzerland earlier today one nil. In their round of sixteen. Match of the Marlins looking to make into a row against the Tampa Bay Rays. B 7101 pitch from Marlins park. Trevor Richards gets the ball for Miami. Going to be a Ryan Yarborough for the Tampa everybody needs some early back in action tonight there are losers last night. Against Golden State 79 to six Yates. We'll take on the Los Angeles Lakers just passed a 9 o'clock this evening in a couple of NBA signings of note Jeff Green won your deal with Leo Washington Wizards for two and a half million dollars also. Former NBA rookie of the year Michael. Carter Williams who signed on with the Houston Rockets in Asbury united just discussed Tyreke Evans signs is a one year deal would via the pacers bury one year twelve. When your twelve million with the Indian pacers in the whose are your head are 67974. That's a Regis. On the text line 67974. On the on the text or hiring. A lot of people are agreeing with you that Indiana has the the the better roster. Overall. Also so a lot of your say OK so what what is the what it was what is a reception. Odds as a socialist text what is reception around the league does anybody want anything on Miami's roster. I think he finished rhetoric is asking well what what are the what are the conversations. How are they going when Riley asked about a trade those early is anybody wanna satellites that are Tyler Johnson even if you're talking about bad for bad contracts. Likened to a heat person told me the white sites trade value around the weakest talks. So no there's no that's there's no market for whites ID and lets you have a really bad player on a bad contract it's longer than white sides which has two years left point four million. Little over 27 million so you're not moving him. James Johnson a four year sixty obviously one year into that deal you would need to take another bad contract I to jettison him. No one's trading for Dion Waiters off the ankle injury and nobody straight for Tyler Johnson in nineteen point two million and that's years unless you're taking on. A substantially. Worse player. Who's earning twelve or thirteen or fourteen million year I remember you can do trades to teams that are kept that can be trades at the salaries are within 75%. So theoretically. Miami could acquire another player who's earning fifteen millions that a nineteen point two. But what incentive would that team have to do that trade unless they're trading a player is not as good as time went shots so then you ask yourself. And what's even the point right I mean maybe Miami would do that just to get under the tax of wade comes back. Or Wayne Ellington comes back so the heat is basically in a position where they're assets. Are unappealing except for the three year for players that they would like to be able to either keep or use and a trade for an all star player. And those assets would be. Ban at a bio Josh Richardson justice Winslow may be Kelly Olympic. May be Goran Dragic. And I think the belief is if any all star caliber player is generally available in trade and would have an open mind about staying with Miami long term. And you can be sure Riley would offer. Many or all of those assets if such a player. Emerges but soccer player hasn't emerged because Toronto apparently is one to stand pat until they see where LeBron ended up. Obviously coli is made clear want to plan LA. So of the heat's four or five could assets. The one I've been told that there are most likely to be willing to part with would be Winslow. They really would like to keep Richardson and out of bio but. They be open minded about both of them that they can get a star obviously not it's just at the right star has not emerged out of co Y a letter to. Had not blown out in California didn't wanna play in LA. Riley would be all over that's right I guess yeah it's so ironic Curtis because there would ever want points of South Florida. Having such an advantage in free agency because no state income taxes in a state. The keel playing in Miami just it's a sexy Marc deploy it. Pat Riley Spoelstra is well liked. But frankly geographic issues are what's working against the heat in these last number of moves that have been made over the last eight years Gordon Hayward. More comfortable playing in the northeast with a college coach he played for quite Leonard Juanita play in Los Angeles LeBron Juanita go back initially to his home state. So is this partly as a result of bad luck for the blood. Pretty angry heat fan I do agree that mistakes have been made. And I'm curious what you think the lesson is to be learned about heat meant to its roster last year. To me that we your lesson is do not give lucrative long term contracts. To. Jags and jags would be to use it Jayson Cole term NFL writer former colleague at The Herald. Just another guy right there and they have given too much big money to just another guy while decent NBA players but hardly great players. I would agree with that but when you're talking with four year deals to James Johnson four year deals of the weight on his four year deals. To Tyler Johnson even though the the first two years were very very cap friendly out. He just does this too many of the older two Eagles got a roster. You know they should've gone to with with a couple of those guys made you lose and maybe you don't you know the satellites I think listen everyone would have done that same time. Hi I agree with you saw you know that was not question by anyone that I was coming off two years we led the league in blocks and one on the rebounding you know you had to do that yet yet and that some are gonna sit here and tell you sit here and Tyler went rather you know they should've known better than that but I think yet they got caught up in the moment on I'm a little bit of those on that that thirty and eleven stretch. And it's. Just you just view this extended yourself got a little bit too far with some of these guys mean if these guys run to your deals have James doesn't two year to year. You be a lot more manageable and then the bigger problem is nobody really has emerged. Nobody has emerged from that group as being a great player being a difference maker. And in Riley thought OK let's let's throw for five. Of those guys into into the into the bowl into the bucket. And see if one pops out and as an all star or as a great player and nobody has to this point. And I asked that. Question why did you guys go for years and sixty million for James Johnson rather than two years in thirty or one. At fifteen and the reason I was given was not only conviction. That he was going to be clearly above average NBA power forward but also concern the Denver Utah would swoop in and get a both. Some I'm sure there's there are those there was some risk Paramount thing that that wasn't just he were getting themselves. But it just seemed like for a guy who is more of a journeyman type having one career year. That's a risk in its own right saying is he gonna duplicate this at the latter part of his career. Exactly right remember the James Johnson body of work had been generally a journeyman player until that one break a year with Miami. So they clearly put too much in that one year and I say that as a guy. Was the ultimate respect for James Johnson I appreciate that he's an asset for you defensively. A multi skilled guy when he drives to the basket he's really good. When he's aggressive when he's bent on driving to the rent but too often last year we saw passive James Johnson and clearly the four years. Was at that money the four years of that money. Way too much for James Johnson it's clearly handicapped do you and I think the Tyler Johnson move I don't wanna call it a panic move after losing weight. But the belief there and you just touched on it's if a guy like Tyler it kept progressing like he thought he would be where gone from a guy. Who was a pretty good NBA player someone. Who was and he was never gonna be a great NBA player in the classic sense of great but someone. Could be eight top three NBA bench guy. Just fourteen months ago Tyler Johnson finished top ten NBA sixth man this year didn't get any votes and I don't think anyone would say. He was among the top 5026. Men lap last season but this is what he'd expected. They thought. We are gonna be giving the sky nineteen million years the last years of the contract but it's really. Twelve years twelve black hero for years you're thinking okay he's we're gonna get Jamal Crawford yes but no no I mean they're what they've essentially gotten. Is it okay we're Matt got to who they tried to make a law. One of the younger. Eyes were not gotten not very much Jane pay. GO Jack writes just another guy Doug Johnson when he would turn on the NBA games. Is known errand round out there right and who honesty isn't that other than boron. Hassan at times. Richardson certainly. Is the top five NBA's defender at his position Kelly's valuable absolutely I mean BO for the money I think that's one of the better. Deals that they got a yeah also grew the other fight but they just yeah it's a slow but a little frustrating that aren't we come back we'll talk to us on Demi is NBA's senior writer for the for the sporting news. Or give him could recap bowler and it's gone on and and look ahead to what to possibly go down here as MBA free agency is certainly up and running LeBron to L a probably cousins to Golden State will just all that in a whole lot more to it next right here on seven that you took up. Yeah. A. But are now. All farm and you're breaking sports updates it was implications from. All of our shows and hosts on our new radio dot com afternoon. Gotta check that out to go download it right now make sure you turn on notification that the settings rid of that county new home for everything games 790. And if someone or three HD two. With tickets courtesy of perk. Here are some of that in the ticket very Jackson Miami Herald is in for Chris Perkins on this on July 3 here is are you ready for the big fourth of July as a still 11 Colombia and England in the final round of sixteen match record shall keep you up to date on that you've been talking of course a lot about the MBA free agency. And a man who doesn't very very well for the sporting news. NBA writer is joining us right now they rentals announcers do me a source inside they are they are truly stepped beyond comedian Jon. Demi joins us here you bomb on Twitter at the same handle match on them any any joins us right now on your home of the heat in the NBA 79 to take a shot and you're very busy they predict a few minutes for bury myself are things. Are you guys do and we're doing great here reduce or to sifting through it all year. And of course it all relates back to the Miami with a local team but for you from a national perspective you're obviously LeBron LA that's the headliner here what is struck out to you were stuck out to you hear the first couple of days of free agency in general. Well I mean I think. Paul George go back to Oklahoma City and and the way that happened the speed with which that happened that was something that I was a pretty big surprise now that showed that he went back. But but but that didn't really take meeting with anybody else. Certainly not was what the lake the read on what. You know should which would have presumed GE at least. You know they'll but. So that was a pretty big surprises I think. It could get market doesn't go to the warriors. I think that that have a lot of people who bought. A little ticked off you know and they and wondering not you know future. You know how much more to the worries me now. Cellular that that something that's kinda came as a surprise. And then what the lakers are doing what the rest of their roster perhaps something that I think got. You know you would have expected that. Another also arguing the bottom but we haven't seen that at least not yet so. Yes it is it's a pretty big mysteries out there. John we've seen a couple names come off the board today Tyreke Evans joining Indiana. All the secondary moves not the ones involving stars but maybe some of the next tier of moves which ones deal like the most and which ones deal like released so far. Yeah I. Does that Tyreke Evans go to Indian it and that they used. Chunk of their cap statement that the experiment a thought that was a bit strange. You know obviously eased a guy who can shoot but that. Public comeback with Tyreke Evans. You know I think that that that that using that that cap state using it wisely. I think that was. Pretty good mood on their part you know Phoenix getting Trevor Rees no that's Phoenix is not going to be a playoff team. But they've got a hunch young guys with that team we just don't seem to be making any progress you don't seem to be. You know any NBA caliber players in terms of their approach to the gains. So getting better and like Trevor Ariza in there you know who is a guy who has that was you know a number of teams at this point. You know I had been around for about 1516 years. And I think that that will benefit those guys that they try to sort out a date with the NBA players here and who is who doesn't belong here. You know obviously in the world and lose in the market cut into a pretty big blow but I liked the fact they went and got due to handle I think. You know bruiser down low like that. Really does a good job of sort of protecting. If he gave itself I like that moved through them as well so yeah you know the did that the the headlines they're the ones that what it's October I think there's been some pretty good through those second tier Mosley is. Well dollars are starting to add to dry up and quality players are starting to disappear. So what is the best way to improve your roster you'd be it via the trade show on do you expect teams. Two to get a little crazy here and and start making some moves. That's usually what happens after that first by six days of a free agency or the first couple days after the big dominoes fall. And then and seemed to realize OK well. Now we got to keep account of the business. Let the what we can actually do since we struck out creative suite. You're expected to be pretty busy. At least the trade rumor on I don't know how many he moves. We'll actually get them pulled off the Kemba Walker. It's certainly. On the market now and an order certainly clear that that that he would be available. It like to move another salary their unlikely to do that because there's so many of the contract. In I'm mad keen. So you have would but he certainly player look. I will be discussed of course quite Leonard we've heard plenty of times you could probably have mutually so big man. You know across the league for a month. You know course starting in Miami was we would have some Whiteside. But but but you know you go right around the league does. That there are plenty of big men available at its is that the route that you wanna go but that. You know certainly right now I think the trademark is is gonna be yet. With the way that. That they do that so many scenes look to try to make some changes. Sean did the heat obviously will fashion themselves as the team that has a chance to move up into the top four in the east with Cleveland obviously falling off. I do you see them as a team that legitimately could challenge of probably obviously not Boston and Philly the Toronto Indiana or do you view the mores they 67. Eighth tied seed obviously decisions are pending with Wayne Ellington and join weight. Yeah I think that that that they need to bring both of those guys back. There that the bad sectors that mark in the mirror you know and and and we've seen that over the last couple years work. It would just seem to take one injury. And they and then and thinks his head up pretty batch of them felt you know I didn't think that that. They are in position at least at the top fives you're so. You know obviously box and Philadelphia Toronto. You know that Bennett I'm compelled to team like Miami or Milwaukee. Indiana. Those teams will be in the mix of that number horse eat. But he apple Miami they're going to need a couple things like it's a think help is going to be a big issue for them they've got to be able to stay healthy. An and I think they need some of these guys that they gave the big contracts to. Layup to YouTube to make some improvements. Individually in this that haven't seen that was you know there's Johnson Merck both Richards and he evaded that they really do need to see those guys. Lay up to the deal with that are being. Sean DeVon sporting news NBA's senior writer joins us here on 79 even ticket. What do you back to to LeBron and how they filled out their roster here we're losing their goal with this year thing in year one and I understand that this might change here. And before the trade deadline here but the got a lot of young guys. The got a lot of some older guys who were little bits a little bit kooky here. Where were where he what do you think the plan is at least for year one for Los Angeles. Well I did that make up talented guy who you know completely good word and then itself stick with data are. A little kooky. You know whether the Rondo or or JaVale Omid EU it even since but you're but but the thing you have to pay attention to is based on those guys one year deal and yet that keeps their flexibility of the effort next summer. Look at that that they're planning on trading for a pro quietly and they still think that that's going to happen. But is it doesn't he's going to be a free agent next summer they want to be in position. To go after him then certainly there will be other guys you know quite console person. Lou will be able to perceive as well. But but what you I still think that they have coli lettered at my and signing these guys to one year deal. Because it'll eat what you got flexibility and play with next here. We're most focused team like those six or who are the word of possibly going to Evey other mobile contender walk while Leonard. You know it sixers are sitting there watching all this the next and there are that they're not sure what that quiet world. Sign with them or wanted to go to the lakers next summer. It gives it to watch and as you see that the lakers are arguing all this going out of the way to protect that aspect that your assessment Q battled the bit that's gonna make you think. You know maybe we should think twice because like missiles will be in position this cycle I love it next year so. I think that that's the plan that it's still about quite like it here. Shania at a uninteresting report a couple of days ago about Chris Bosh obviously a name that T fans are fond of about the possibility of him returning from blood clot so where does that stand in if you could tell folks what you reported. So he's. I Eastman in LA sort of for quite some time now and were robbed Polanco was. Happy at the Thomas was Lou would need to go over dead as Chris Bosh is agent. Of course pointed in the lake its were on opposite now. And and didn't. There's still the problem of the of the blood clot that and the blood donors and an outlaw that works the other end and whether he could be cleared medically. But he still trying to be cleared medically and it's years. That he would like to return and I would like that to join LeBron with the lakers so that's that's that's still a possibility and and it's something that Chris Bosh has not given up on. You know from what I birdies it's still enough. And pretty good shape and could still play in the NBA if if you can get somebody cleared him. On this blood clot thing in the end and show that he can play well on blood centers you know there's there's been too much nervousness around that. It to you to get him back on the court but it but it it can be shown that he can do that without that. You know without risking life obviously. Then then bed that met up the net renewed hostility. And John one other thing just on the warriors last night we saw one of outrage from fans after the DeMarcus Cousins disclosure that he was going to be joining Golden State. You think it has reached a point where the NBA could lose some fans. Because of outrage about the disparity between. The top teams and basically the 2627. Other teams in the league do you see this helping the league or could you think. Or might you think there might be some sort of anger where actual and personally would be diminished in some markets because of its. I think they do lose casual fan because of this went. Or you go until final them and and it's a foregone conclusion as this is while there really last year's. Where as well. Bad that bad but you're not going to bring that that sort of acute excitement that brings people who don't pay attention to the NBA all year a period Italy's some of that. And and I think that that the list that they run here and they and it's something that that is playing out. Now having said that. Not much we can do about that really isn't you know I mean that the brits haven't broken any rules verdict saying so there's there's really not much that belief can do about it systemic. Possibly about yeah I think that it is it possible I think this problem in the best position. To put together a team that's matchup wise. Could could could at least get the warriors a series. It's sacred spew that next year and then to end and make the final interest in them but some of them might go away. But but certainly if there if you could get the continued sense that the that that's at the F the playoffs and then finals are offered nothing but you are going to lose certain segment of fans no question about it. Sean great stuff thanks for taking a few minutes about sides of the time but thank you very much so great that you. Aren't there yet but let me get. You got its shunned them in the right there MBA writer for sporting news as a great job cover the league in you a of the boss story. Yesterday we talked told about the animal with a Mac and ask you about that question about that as well. A little bit to look at the nutrients texting and whom the humorous about that salary. Reappearing somewhere on the on the heat's books as you as you would know. There they're very but that is designed for joining us also Alan asleep while he's gonna join us. In around five Taiwanese as he has host a lot of lakers talk show up in Los Angeles and Julia the more of the lakers feel. And up and what's happening out out las handles also. If Colombia and England we are an extra extra extra time right now. We are in the 114. Minutes. And it's still 121 so somebody's moving on we'll see if if it decided in time or we go to to go to penalty kicks. You get today as we continue on. This afternoon amber Jackson isn't with us all throughout throughout the course of the afternoon hours it'll take you up until 7 o'clock right here on 79 to. England and Colombia this moment. A quick reminder today of September here again because once again partnering with our great weather team from local to and including former National Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield. And meteorologist Bryan Norcross to keep you up to date this hurricane season our storm coverage on the to your response might be NT services. Protecting you with PGT impact windows and doors. You mean you're up to date dessert in season names have been an email from 1043 HD to take a radio dot com station. Slate. Is. A really new penalty kicks near route presumably. As it is still 11. England in Colombia for the final spot in the in the quarterfinals. And we are in the 122. Minute. Here as Harry came scored the opener for England in the 57 minute and then in extra time. We had the Columbia score in the 93 minute short 11 will certainly keep Gibbs today as a as you can afford here. This afternoon here Curtis Stevens alone senator Jackson. From the Miami Herald varies it was all week outside of tomorrow Thursday before the July office he should. And he'll be back this Thursday and Friday coming about five when he Allison Lee law. From from Los Angeles does a talk show out there about the Los Angeles Lakers called lakers talk. And he's gonna join us here and we'll talk about the LeBron and impact out there who are doing with their roster. Scribe very let's get back and he's here coming up a couple of things I wanted to with via the text line. Chris Bosh then there for a near the posh could join. LeBron out Los Angeles bosh is moved up their full time all that stuff let's just cut right to the meat of the matter here. Is Miami on the hook for any of his set salary were on how messy that got at the end there. Never again that's not an issue for Miami body Wesley cap meant exactly no concern keep in mind. That Chris Bosh by league rule can never play for the Miami Heat again so that's the question he could play elsewhere without any negative consequences. For the heat however. Are skeptical about whether he will ever be cleared correctly like because he still was the issue of being on the blood clot medication governance NBA fears what would happen if you were caught during again. Right nothing really exchange bosh is campus and well there's better blood to blood thinner medication out there but. Still come back to losing stumbling block that we did a couple of years ago Reno with bosh went in play bull with that story comes everyone kind of a one about his salary so okay that's too bad we got a bunch text on that all right of the moves that are on this each radar screen. That are most you know most prevalent. Are prominent to have him outside of via the trade is you cannot forecast. When knowledge in the gotta wanna bring back also Dwyane Wade obviously is the name. That that is out there we don't know what wade wants to do. But with the heat I think the heat would want him back. And would LeBron went out to Los Angeles and Montana. Made that leap of of faith and knowledge it OK well maybe you will. Dwyane sitting there was to play for another team again but with the with Gabby in the acting on lots of Los Angeles maybe the lakers we have fit for Dwyane Wade so. Howard's power than he handling these two are situations. Well with the way they're basically waiting on what he wants to do and he wants to come back I think they'd be compelled to given their five point five million taxpayer mid level exception. And in that scenario that would push them over the tax but what with the heat do from a public relations standpoint they can't haven't and we're league and with weight. So wait so I guess the ice at 5553. Actually and if he wants to play for that. Then I don't think the heat's gonna have a choice I don't think they're in position to be able to insult him again by saying no no we want you back on the minimum. So that is something he has to keep in mind as they. Debate how much they wanna offer Wayne Ellington now and Ellington I've had communications in the last hour. I with someone involved in that process who said that there is disappointment. On the Ellington side because there expectation had been. A more significant offers the what's happened to this point but at the same time conversations are ongoing his return is still certainly possible has not been ruled out. By any means but. What I can tell you is that throughout junior had been conveyed. To the Ellington camp. And in fact Riley even said this publicly. After the draft that they would like to find a way to make this work despite the fact that the heat is only three million dollars away from the tax threshold. So I think the heat's thinking throughout June and then. Okay let's sign Wayne to a reasonable deal. Could be a million a year seven million something that range and then worry about getting under the tax over the next nine months because remember. Your tax bill is not determined until the final day. Of the regular season next year so even if the heat was seven or eight million above the tax at the end of July. It would be irrelevant as far as what their tax ultimately is what's happened I think is that the heat. Has found it's going to be awfully difficult to trim salaries. From their existing payroll they're only three teams right now that that cap space remaining there are only three. Atlanta Chicago Sacramento. And my sense is that the heat is gone to those teams and say. Would you like to full Tyler Johnson to your cap space anyone of a number of other players whose contracts we'd like to dump. And the answer apparently don't know. Because they marlin position exactly so the heat to the position now where they're fearful OK if we signed Wayne Ellington to 89. Ten million a year and then Dwyane Wade comes back to five point three. Would we be able to trim substantial salary and not have to pay tax so that treats predicament so. When Ellington conversations are ongoing but clearly. Miami did not make the offer that the Ellington camp had hoped for because remember. All it took for San Antonio to get Marco Belinelli was two years twelve million McDermott another skill three point shooter three years 22 million. Joseph Harris. Proved Brooklyn comparable player I'd say ellington's better but Harris is a good young player two years sixteen that's the market now for shooters. And the fact that he was not able or willing. I'm more willing and able to go to that point would Ellington at the out to the free agency is surely disappointing. To the Ellington camp all that being said the options might be so limited for Ellington that he might end up coming back here just because you got to take maybe a little bit less than what he'd hoped for. Right now if Atlanta Sacramento in Chicago the three teams with room don't pursue Wayne Ellington and ellington's options are finding. One of the handful of teams and has the full. Non taxpayer. Mid level exception which is a point eight million. Or convincing the heat to give them something close to that. Right and in those three teams you mentioned there's a reason why they have all accounts space that's by design. They're just basically you know they're just geotagging and body bottoming outs. And you know they're not maybe the senate for one year or something like that why even bother they rather just give my guys a younger guy a little more hello there are so. That's also book that's below by design for the outs in those teams. Bomb going down that road certainly not coming to he with the trade. Take one of their bad contracts with literally mean in the heat of the elected to go further than a year with with any of those other deals so. Yeah this is Jimmie fascinating that to go to watch. I didn't make the case bearing. Who who is more bigger shots for Miami last year than that when militant. No one was the team in fourth quarter points second on the team in plus minus. Thought he was terrific last year that's even beyond setting the NBA all time record for three pointers by nonstarter big shots when he said to me this would be a very big loss and I know. The argument against resigning and some heat fans of articulated is why do we want to tie up. Our salary cap with a another multiyear contract this would probably be a two year deal if he stays. And I can understand that the same time he is a valuable component and Miami would be clearly diminished if they lose them for team. And a league that values three point shooting more than ever before to lose your best three point shooter. Would be a significant loss like I don't think there's any other way you can put it other than losing Wayne Ellington despite the fact he's played for a bunch of teams has never been all star. This would be a significant loss if they don't get something done in the coming days. Yeah I I certainly agree that BO will do lure of more Obama. That he fans are certainly feeling you feeling right now Narnia a little bit bummed out art where the penalty kicks. To decide who's gonna answer the quarterfinals Colombia and England. We come back we'll update you on that also it's the 5 o'clock out of the headlines. And also fire torn down slowly walked he's gonna join us and we'll talk LeBron and the lakers with him he is a host the lakers talked. Out there in a Los Angeles. Book because it means. This is what we heard all last night at the end today Barry. Book because as the warriors it's all further in the MBA named Roland basket brought back for all of us forever we could never watched the the sacred game of hoops. That's ever game is that the case or is a little bit a case of overreacting. Will allow William that is as good he is headed to the bay gets that next here on some of that you take it. Not everything is over slow. They use advancing in just a moment for the to get after the officially gone just like one of those teams. Again the ticket app is flawed. Lower re found and that's why we've been telling you you need to go download radio dot com apple and do it right now if you haven't done so already. That's where stream. Isn't everything else you've come to expect him to get apps have been download the radio that come up now. And don't miss your favor tickets show radio dot com the new home of team seven Iranian FM 1043. HD to the tickets. Curtis and perk here on seven that you take a bird Jackson is our special guest host in from the Miami Herald we've talked. As you probably presumed by an hour a lot of NBA in Miami Heat the first couple hours because there is the lots of NBA news going on. And a lot not assuming he news. But I think a lot of heat fans one there to be some sort of new Ager who won and what's going on. And out we address a lot of those issues here in the first the first couple hours we got to come more hours ago here callously while he is a host of lakers talk. Out in Los Angeles he's gonna join us in about in about 25 minutes and or talk to him about. Abroad and and Los Angeles put that the the biggest arms shall I guess yet Paul George and you have LeBron. And then last night's. You know the you know we kind of in the dead of night you know around 915. You know arrows finishing up dinner here on the East Coast to discover a settlement. Bull bode cousins to the Golden State Warriors and then here comes every here comes everybody else with the with the same joke. Right 82 I know why even watch the NBA. You know all those things as it did this league is ruined although all these things. It eyes I understand it is kinda ridiculous that book because zoom into other. But it's not anybody's fault. It's just a matter of circumstance Barry. How did how did you perceive this is not exactly the warriors were exactly the favorites before the Big Apple two cousins. Overwhelming favorite by the way. Right and keep it might he might not even be on the court late in games it would dollar might still be your best option against certain matchups but remember. He's probably not gonna play according to ESPN until December January. Coming off an Achilles Elton Brand who dealt with this injury has made the comment that he's never seen an NBA player comes back. As the quality that he was before this injury so there's no telling it to markets cousins will still be in all NBA caliber senator weather will be. You know greatly diminish player so all that being said the question was uninteresting to me last night they threw on Twitter is. For the markets excluding Golden State to the lakers Houston. Boston maybe Philadelphia. Does what happened with a another all star joining the warriors anger you to the point do you become fed up with the NBA and say. I am not going to watch how many fans and albeit fewer of them. But the question is will a significant number of fans in the NBA's other 26 markets say. I'm fed up with this our team can't compete for championship. This is ridiculous I'm doing something else with my time and my money I'm becoming a hockey fan amateur or college basketball more may be I'll clean my linen closet more they're number of things I could do other than watching a sport where the championship is now foregone conclusion. My instinct tells me there will be some bands like that I don't think it's going to be a huge number. What's your feeling on this does this put the NBA air risk or could this way could this even lead to more interest even if the NBA finals. Would before blowouts next season. I pathetic well finals ratings might take a hit like they did this year a little bit I understand that but as far as who being caught in being prisoners of the moment her overbearing. I mean correct me if I'm wrong in it's always kind of been this way has it not. Maybe not to the extreme we're Golden State is this that we have a stacked team but. There's always been. 55 team deck when the championship. And everybody else is this kind of playing in the game. Right I mean go back to Jordan's bulls go back to the showtime lakers. The Celtics. The spurs' dynasty if you are called that into 2000 what what you want whatever air you wanna pick in the MBA whatever Berry you wanna pick. Mean very what's the number on teens and of one NBA championships. Over the century it's been very limited right lakers spurs. Heat obviously three time map virtual one cellular immunity in the all time probably teams you know the Celtics got. So many what do they got forty some gym and the lakers. By Houston but your isn't it fewer than a dozen teams over the last thing that address yours well right championship runs right well so status and yet you do make the good points saying there have been super teams like this before. But for perspective according to a life sports this will be the sixth team in NBA history. The school loans eighteen to have by it all starts from the previous season. But the first since 1976. Presents Celtics team of 75 cities that right so this is unusual that regard to be able have five in direct crime players who were all stars and that's why I think we saw the reaction. We did last night of people just throwing their hands up and say okay this is ridiculous all right well. Yes yeah I do that we've never suited to this extreme and a bogey because it comes back in his net and is really good and it's just let me forget about it always going to be these guys anyway but. I think though that the intrigue of the league is now that's why the buying and LA figures was better for the league the him staying in like Cleveland. Is now every OK who's. It's like we need this we need to chase somebody. So now give me is about who were who everyone is chasing in early elected NFL's only that I parity. But the MBA it's like who's who's coming up next who's ready who's coming for the champion so was Neil Jordan had to go get the pistons. And when Jordan got the unity drew sort of beat Detroit. And then they had their run and then that petered out and there was another team that came along. I think it's who is going to beat Golden State that's going to be the storyline for the next couple years now. No way in my do that for the next couple years when it happens I think that's what are you will be most interested in them. But you know and the other is leagues always been about stars to bury mean you watch gained because you wanna watch the stars not necessarily a certain team. So I think the legal refine the bomb. And a but I just look at it as this league has never been stronger. Right ratings wise money wise franchise values are an all time high we were sitting here in the middle July it's all dominated by NBA talk. Hands. I would only be better if you divvied up to superstars and put him in certain markets. I don't know what what what what what what do you think of you if you did the all those of the old ABA draft we have the regional trapper. If you had every team had a certain dress shop superstar. I don't know I think the league has always been about stars and if there's 41 a team so be it or if there is one on every every team in the MBA doesn't really matter. Well keep in mind then even though finals were toll lopsided this year. This finals rating was better than every heat's Big Three error rating except game seven. I took the series that went to seven games Ray Allen here were these birds can't be exactly against the spurs so even though a large part of Americans said they were tired of seeing. Cleveland Golden State the ratings did not suggest that. Because those ratings even in a sweet without the benefit. On the fifth sixth and seventh game which would naturally do better. In games 123 import even without that it's still beat out the Miami series during the four years the Big Three are. To me though the gap between Ballmer say and everyone else has widened not only because of DeMarcus Cousins. When Houston lost the valuable piece and Trevor Ariza. Some casual fans might just remember reason is the guy who missed eleven shots couldn't make any in game seven of the Western Conference finals. This was a valuable component of that team. A guy who's terrific defensively. Was able to help him. The switch effectively defensively against Golden State they won't listen PJ Tucker rule out the pick up some hello Gerald Green. As well we know Gerald Green obviously has had an uneven NBA career. Now you could say the gap has closed only if one thing happens at least one thing that we can think of now it's logical Kurtz. That would be at the lakers can get coli like there's some. Because then I think we're Ron Cole why team especially at the lakers can hold on to Ingram who's one of those two. Doesn't that trade both furcal watch. That team might think would be every bit as good probably better than Houston option so in that scenario I think there would still be legitimate counter right now. Houston yes they could give Golden State competitive series but without a reason now with cousins joining Golden State that gap has widened to me. So dual jurors fonts on Twitter for the most part we're gonna we're it will give you some response here on the tax on real quick here 67974. Here. Ratings can be manipulated we get that text there that's from the old that's a whom do we get the conspiracy theorists out there. I think the casual fan will not watch. But see I did not watch any regular season games last year I only saw the finals. Surrealists that he does something of the that's only reason why. I want to get my attention. Magic Dennis Johnson Kareem James Worthy of single showtime lakers are a lot better than than this Golden State team okay and aunts that's up for debate certainly. I've got a lot of angry reaction when I poses some my Twitter account guys and not watching it right most people's lives are gonna hurt the league one person says I'm done I grew up in the eighties and grew up with the NBA. What it has become now was a joke. I do another says that what she gains of the heater and on the plants I could care less what happens with the arrests the NBA I'm disgusted with the imbalance in the NBA far more people had that sort of train of thought. Then those who think that that the NBA is going to be health records and other you'll follow up on that that's my until the right will they still watch yeah yeah I mean well we'll watch their team. But to me what's more problematic than the Warner's being as good as they ours the fact you have. So many teams and are building mode where there are relevant fact half the eastern conferences in that position Orlando and it's not intentional with them they'd like to be better than that's it Alanna. Which is clearly making an attempt to rebuild. Brooklyn in the early stages of a rebuilding program Chicago as well now Cleveland as well so. I would think that he will almost have to get to the playoff spot next year. The six teams aren't even trying unless the pistons and the next supplant the heat in the postseason piece of Cleveland. Is not a plan to correct that means essentially. Washington. Milwaukee. Detroit's. And Miami will be gifted spots five through late in the Eastern Conference next year analysts the next. Somehow are able channeled one of those steeped 'cause it's very difficult to envision anyone else Cleveland Atlanta Orlando. Brooklyn any of those other bottom feeders being in position to compete next year so that he will be the playoffs almost by default unless the next and the pistons both of them. Our playoff worthy here's my question to you on this whole thing. Doesn't this make the case that you need to see teams one through sixteen how can you justify. Leaving a couple of good Western Conference teams this year potentially Denver again out of the playoffs and have a based in east it's two or three under. I I I I idol and I don't wanna go down that road I didn't I just think it's all cyclical. And it just the way it is it's this is too bad and you're gonna have to. Get an a spot if you're western team you wanna do all that stuff with the all star game fun that's all star game you wanna you wanna draft guys be out of the west causes could be so many home fun. Police Armisen with the integrity in the playoffs. Then no 'cause I just figure out and everyone that the west is loaded pot. That may not be the case of a couple years I just think that I would just leave the way it is of the issue of the west and I do think. I mean that would take away. Mean you would add some intrigue but also you would take away a lot of specially you would take a lot of you would take a lot of enthusiasm away from a lot of those cities like of the you're trying to get the seventh spot in the eastern commerce released by. And all of a sudden he had no shot because some team out west at target. Then where do you lenders and that team would be and he would be out I just think about it be even more of a morally. Imbalance in the MBA as you look at markets and and you do wants. The East Coast to be just as strong as the West Coast ideally and he wants senior Jamie ray yes absolutely no during the regular. Sees in the NBA is gonna have to deal with. A lot of the most attractive games being 10:30 eastern time's right which means TNT and ESPN will probably have schedules. Heavy with the lakers and warriors east coaster is each animal take. 2 trips to the eastern and central time zones a year figure out a lot of those games being on network TV. I to me I think the ratings won't be hurt but. And I know we don't CI die on the seeding one to sixteen thing and you you just made a compelling case to leave that the way it is but I don't come back at you with that's. If you get a lakers team with coli at some point over the next thirteen months and their series against Golden State actually. As a second round series more Houston lakers. How can the league justify having a second round series. Involve two teens were both of them might be better. Then the best team in the Eastern Conference or be more compelling matchup I get to weaken justified by saying. This is a way it's always been this is the way it will continue to be but to me there's something odd about that no Western Conference at least. Could be better than the NBA finals the league is lucky that Boston. It together really good team right because if they hadn't or if hi re should go out west next year then this will lead to look more ridiculous at least now the Celtics who are the clear favorite in the east will field a formidable team even though will be clear cut underdogs to go let's say the final. You're pinning the worst possible scenario which is fine but but we said this last year did we not and it worked out there that do not in the playoffs that it may mean. You know so does until I see it and really delighted that I'm disorder renders willing to say just that with the way it is that's all that's all but but certainly you could have that scenario where. Yes two of them last half of the western finals or eastern finals two and a can be deemed there is a relevant we're gonna head out a lawsuit those were talked out mostly watch here. He is the host the lakers talk blood. A busy day again as we at the World Cup quarterfinals all set so let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. Please tell you he XY AM South Miami at WS at best at and BHD to Miramar. Radio talk. Com station. Are right just a few minutes ago England. Advances. On penalty kicks as they defeats Columbia. They were not that one of peace. Four they went into PJ's so England moves on that. And they advance in the World Cup they want to face. Sweden who were one to nothing winners earlier against us Switzerland will be Sweden and England in the final. Quarterfinals as the the round of eight certainly is set via marlins' affiliate to the road at the gym they raised this evening general Richard over the ball. For Miami against Ryan Yarborough for Tampa Bay 7101. Pitch from Marlins park. And the Miami heat's back in action in the summer league in the youngsters taken on a via Los Angeles Lakers. Tonight at 9 o'clock. If you were losers last point 7968. Last night to open up their summer league action. Also today we found a few NBA signing Jeff Green agrees to a one year deal with deal Washington Wizards with two and half million bucks. Also Michael Carter Williams he is a joint. The Houston. Rockets. And Tyreke Evans is headed to the Indiana Pacers on one year twelve million dollar deal. And those are your headlines. You know today is a day that I can understand he bands being upset. Because the team that clearly had to be in your sights even before you think about Boston and billion Toronto you need to make the incremental move. A being better than Indiana to BA legitimate contender. Furry top four seed in the east to get home court in the first round. So at least have a pretty good chance of making second round of the post season. And to me after Indiana has signed Tyreke Evans and Doug McDermott. In the last three years their roster clearly better than Miami's so today in heat fans I think have a right to be angry. Ought not that he was in any position to get either of those players because I have the money to give Evans the one year. I twelve million or to give McDermott the three years 22 but I guess it's a reminder to heat fans of the mistakes that have been made that's what lead in this position. What's their cap clogged author arteries clogged. Curtis but their cap clocked up yeah that's these people with some chest pains when they hear when they hear that news they're very. You're a little bit salty about about the here is because their lack of movement which should not be expected but. Now that they're in its and other teams are are making moves in the heats. The kind of stuck in neutral right now yes they are right I mean it's beds have been the best way to put it. And the they're trying to find some traction here in free agency. Which they had no money to spend they're trying to find the shooter. In as a trade partner that seems to not a not a not not appear as of yet but rare early in the stages. And then they still have a couple of guys that they have to figure out. How to get some free up some money for which we talked about earlier when notes at a point where it wants a comeback. Right I think of the heat can keep Ellington and wade which is very much in doubt with both of them. They certainly have a chance when the trip Waite plays at all he said it would be for Miami I've been told in Alaska hour and a half. That there's disappointment on the Ellington side that the heat is not made the type of offered that they had hoped he'd be able to get by. It's conversations still ongoing remains a possibility. If he keeps both of those players tonight think. They will be right on par with Washington in Milwaukee in the discussion for fifth seed in the east I think they can go anywhere five to seven and again. We're just judging us on paper without knowing what the he won't look like come mid September late September or camp all but if they don't get either of those players. Then I think you're talking about a team that's behind Milwaukee in Washington clearly behind Boston Philly. Toronto Indiana and then you're talking about a team competing with Detroit for the seventh seed if the knicks suddenly. Become good again. Under is still in May be you could be seeing heat team that wouldn't even be cinched make the playoffs so that would be the grave concern pretense it's about this year. Now if you do lose Ellington and again still a possibility can return conversations are ongoing if you lose them then your probably looking at adding a shooter at the minimum and he Clark type. Someone falls through the cracks this offseason you can get could clearly they would have a need for another shooter. Even though the roster would be thin without wade and Ellington. So you know there still hoping he will keep both of them they would have to get rid of at least one player tax streets. One other note there Wilson Chandler also you get traded in a salary dump basically. The Philadelphia so Philadelphia's spending is pretty much they've they've pretty much Max themselves out right they are maxed out three teams left tapped cap space they're all rebuilding Chicago 23 million Atlanta 21 million Sacramento eighteen million of these teams have the eight point eight million mid level are we get back to the Miami Heat here in due course but we're gonna head out to Los Angeles coming up next. Callously walk he is the host of lakers talk. How are the lawsuit Louis fans her. Power they receiving this news of LeBron James you know is great news. Rather celebrate that and how about a Lance Stephenson Rajon Rondo and JaVale McGee and country AB is Caldwell Pope and the rest of the roster in other getting acquire letter below will check in talks among some lakers hoops. And MBA with without the next right here on Sunday ticket. Moore did show some love. But hey it's good for tomorrow. You have to join meticulous celebrates in the city of sunrise join us outdoors in the BB NT senator live music. Kids activities through drugs fireworks and more live music including that's rock legends grand funk railroad. There the American mandates are opening at 430 and parking and admission are three. For your safety off actually search through the sunrise FL that gov for details or call 9547474600. See you in sunrise tomorrow. For the fourth of July. They have so many never won a 43 HD two's for the sake Christopher trek with you here on your home. By the heat in the NBA seven ended to bird Jackson is in for Chris Burke bear of course Miami Herald here all of cross. Our platforms here on 790 the ticket well. You don't let him party in LA man all of the last couple of days is news that LeBron is is headed their way we had that feeling eight years ago. And now joining us now Iran feels announcers amused or does get signed there truly stepped beyond comedian host of lakers talked. Out in Los Angeles callously walk joins us once again here on the show Alan good to have you back and I'm sure you ever would you still party and out there play enough play in the songs and and just party it up and down now son says how are things ran. 48 hours straight just nonstop parties nonstop for his. It's been it's it's you know it's been four for a franchise I know nobody is. Nobody sympathetic towards the lakers because doubt successful of spreads Bobby he'd been by five years enrolled haven't made the play out built. It's just kind of a rejuvenating feeling to have and also are all a favor be a part of you know obviously the lakers franchise something that you know we we really haven't had too much a good taste the basketball over the last few years. LA obviously wins the off season by getting LeBron even without taking into account any other moves but I know. As obviously you've seen the reaction nationally how they've surrounded LeBron has sort of been questioned of these moves are there any that your question that fans are questioning B Lance Stephenson Rondo had nine million. Our continues Caldwell culprit JaVale McGee. Well I ID. I think about lakers are trying to get some kind of experience in there what I mean by that Rajon Rondo obviously. Has won an NBA championship has at battles in the playoffs you've been against LeBron James. And that even late even then you know this past this past playoff run. They took the pacers took the cap the seven games and big part of the might that is how can we get players in here that are going to be topic could be gritty that are gonna protect LeBron James. And that you saw that all the other young pieces that that really were key to the lakers getting 35 in black tee and other than Julius Randall but. On I'm OK with I think the Pete is that they added. It's gonna come more down to. The culture that the lakers are creating can you guys speed and are they all kind of pulled the role in the same direction and then obviously it gonna be it is it's not all gonna get fixed in one year and I think the lakers know that which is why these are these contract from one year. Ellen how attached are are the fans to those young pieces. Obviously of co wise name comes up I would assume around Los Angeles you can have anybody you want. Pablo how attached to our fans do they think he'll bring in Ingram and touch a more Alonso ball but take us through kind of the young guys on their roster. Well. Before LeBron James came Laker fans would upset at having the majority Laker fans what they thought would be a perfect off season. If you read or you beside Julius Randall. And you decide Paul George and I think a lot of that you would just from an H perspective they dot Laker fans we think in. Here you got all doors going to be 28 years old and then you just gotta keep building we'll all die young core. The reason why try to set it up that way use. They are they they they do definitely take some pride in relief for the first time in a long time kind of building organically. And they've got some feel pretty good young pieces there. But I think now that LeBron games this year. And the waiting is not what will win in 234 years from now it kind of speed up that process of the that rebuilding side of it. I think now it's it's it's more open to say well if if you can get quiet Leonard a player of that caliber. And you've got to give outbreak gaining ground in May be Kyl who's months and fixed. I think they're more open to it the one thing that I think would stop everybody and their track is the fact that why is openly express. He wants to be a Laker and in 2019. He could do that on result. Any concern in Los Angeles for immune from the other hosts and down. From fans about when the clippers have a legitimate chance to get coli at some point either via trade now current free agency next offseason. I think if the lakers did get LeBron James you know that that's that's the thing would this franchise of the last few years. One domino never felt it also whether that was. Meeting with Carmelo at the LaMarcus Aldridge Kevin Durant you know all these names that over the years by the lakers met there or try to meet with none of bomb actually committed an act in the moment LeBron James said. I'm gonna be a lost in the lakers you give them three guaranteed years and potential for four years. I think he beat stopped process. Well what if the clippers can go after one of these guys that the Steve Ballmer the richest owner in professional sports Jerry West and audio that anybody in greatest executive of all time. But I think doubt that LeBron at the Laker. I really really feel like big name players out there freeagent that are available. I think they'll probably narrowly and there it if it's being in Southern California is the destination. I think it's pretty clear that the lakers are are building something that they could be. Bartow council Eli is our guest here on 79 in the ticket he's the host of lakers talk on his BM loss in some LA Palma Twitter. At lakers talked ESPN. Alan how did that the bogey cousins news go over in in southern cal last night. Not only is the warriors had another dude but also the fact that hey why were we got in on and on this guy. He added a little bit of a gut shot I was just rapid and do my Laker show on Monday night spend. That came down right for the show to cut it does there had failed a little bit. I think probably more so you know the fact that he beside the warriors you know it it's not that he ended up with. You know the the Denver Nuggets or any of the team that was that just the mere fact that he signed the warriors aren't a one year deal. Five point three million dollars that would have looked up to swallow because. I thought Julius Randall's citing that two year deal with the pelicans. They're just kind of assumed well OK it made me this then there's opening the door for DeMarcus Cousins. But obviously they started eating up some of that money PPP cooked twelve million Rondo took nine million like you guys mentioned. I think it with a little bit of disappointment but you know outlook we don't know all the details I have no idea if I did hear from Marc spears that you know DeMarcus Cousins was very disappointed that no team to reaching out to him and who knows what he's Biden is mighty was going to be getting this summer. And and maybe the lakers just about what this is too risky for us. We have more I bet on some of these other big names that that's where we're going to focus our attention to. Alan we saw here in South Florida Lou wall gang thrived. As an undersized war undersized power forward on a team made the second round of the playoffs two years ago to Toronto. To seven games what does Luke Walton have against ruled thank did you see any way were he could emerge as a factor on this team playing alongside LeBron. That chair and I'll tell you what this this year. I'd be surprised to it'll use him in any capacity because look I remember watching law they've weathered Miami or Chicago and I enjoyed I just. Enjoy is basketball IQ I enjoyed. Kind of the fundamentals of the game in the effort that he put out on defense. I don't think anybody has anything against the wall being what happened was when the new regime came they just basically said look you are not part of our vision. And we are only going to focus on our young kids awarded it developed that we don't want to take in TARP Cowell whose mind anytime from. You know bragging Robert Joshua any of these players they are. There there full attention was on developing young kids but the season you know that could change because now all decided. It's that stopped process is now actually went 35 games. Now you or you don't expect it Dhabi he'd be in the playoffs he if you could make a little bit of noise. And maybe to outlaw all day because you've added guys like Wayne Stevenson and Rajon Rondo these are veterans. Maybe outlaw big have a little bit more. A president sorties a little bit either piece of the puzzle. I really don't think anybody as they need to get that might it was more the front office saying. You're you're not in our plan you're not our vision RBC law bought two years left on his contract. Alan all right it's going to be fun man it's going to be fun when we were really bother you know a couple of times a year here man when that when they did play is that as usual but it's going to be a little bit different vibe there with the with the bronze in the in the uniform and thank you for taken take in a few minutes here and and that is always a gallon. Guy A you've got to callously walk he is also lakers talked out Los Angeles. And they go through of course there they're all fired up there for the lakers have made playoffs in five years. Am in a long time is they've been relevant. How about Charles Barkley obviously gets a lot of predictions wrong even though. He's a terrific studio and looking out by the same lakers is currently constituted this was that before the Rhonda signed. RE 67 parades seed in the west is that selling them short. With having who is still the best player on the planet anchoring that team I guess yes putting teams like Portland and Utah ahead of them maybe the pelican. In Denver and then that some teams I don't know who who has ahead but you we all know teams right. If you if if LeBron is still boo LeBron was Jesus a list he's forecasting LeBron is going to fall off. A little bit which at some point we'll have them but there's no and it looks like it's happening anytime I doubt that department wants to make that proclamation Hamad. You know but it let's and let's I don't know because. In eyed as you Mary what's better roster porosity is now. The Russia that he had a month ago. Oh I would lean. Slightly toward this roster but I don't say would any conviction because who on this team is as good as Kevin well nobody. Okay then Mattingly in Britain Ingram. It may Robby is yet to probably have as your second wrestlers trending right that's Braga are out as you as you go to pecking order I think. There were there shrink the numbers there. I think ultimately even if they don't that colliding could emerge. As a third best team in the west but I'm not can I not commit to be a third seat because it'll take time for this group of players write to. Played together Utah has the advantage after resigning Derrick Favors of having most of their team back. Certainly Portland even though. There's some angst among Willard some of the other players about losing Ed Davis who's a popular locker room died of Brooklyn they still have most of their team back there riding. Seth Curry's brother Seth who's really good for Dallas two years ago before missing last year with a hip injury so I could see those two teams in particular. Because they have chemistry finishing ahead of LA during the regular season. But even if the lakers don't get why it would be hard for me to say that they're not the third best team in the west heading into the playoffs next year. What is your instinct telling you by askew Houston lakers second round playoff series wins and and how many games if the lakers don't get Hawaii. This offseason if they don't. I'll take lakers in seven really. Interest I would lean Houston just because you said the question is who is the lakers second best player on the other thing is with the moves they made. Who were their shooters beyond Guzman was a ball is a jump shot that must be repaired now continues Caldwell Pope. Has improved as a three point shooter appreciable Lee since his days in Detroit saw given that. Rondo not known as a perimeter shooter Lance Stephenson certainly not especially outside of Indiana. So winners there in the shooting that would be the big concern and why I would say Houston at this point. Clearly better than the lakers today. Yes yes but you're also assuming. In your saying they're gonna be the third best deal in the game in the west. That would mean that those young guys really got a lot better soul I would put more four or five right now. I don't if there's a team to put ahead of them cure CU put Evan I would say Utah because Donovan Mitchell as star potential not at the LeBron level obviously but they've got good pieces around. Right and with favors. Staying give that team with go bear. And favors here and Mitchell as a top three when your house being the Allegra. We are at Westbrook and George you have to consider them as the top four candidate who Wear their last year but it's easy to overlook them after seeing them handled. As they were by Utah on the first for a while there were him. But he taught the first round but he played horribly in the first half of the season there were great in the middle of the season and in the second half saw you and then they were awful the playoffs for the most part. So I don't know either you kind of like maybe that you is that they got their act together as they got more comfortable with each other but you're right I mean all all this is off fascinating. Yeah I would love you talk to third seed. And then lakers in okay see in whatever order is important that seeds and see that matchup in the post season Paul George going against the team he could have signed with. Going against LeBron that would be great theater. What do you do with a team those third last year port want to move move on the sixth apparent apparently got Denver San Antonio is still gonna have a guided why Leonard. And admittedly so does my soda. Yes and there's simple hook there's still a lot of teams there's still a lot of teams do you know what do you what do you do with New Orleans to remit to them we knew right. And even imagine we imagined clippers who have but obviously they lose the under George they have a representative roster the clippers would be a strong candidate for the seventh seed meets. And critics obviously they're not gonna be a playoff team. But with the top pick of the draft and a friend was probably going to be a very good NBA center Booker and rights and a adding a reason. You know if you have a legitimate NBA starting three who will see on both ends of the court that team will be a lot that. That's very Jackson right there I'm Kirstie would simply a lot more to get to here is to continue on. This afternoon right here on seven I didn't take. Our superb record here on Soledad good secondary Jackson is our special guest host. In for Chris Perkins who. Quick reminder our seven adding text book is going away but you can get off your breaking sports updates and push notifications from all of our shows and hosts. On our new radio dot com app so download it now make sure you turn on notification in the settings radio that come your new home for everything. AMs of LaDainian from 1043. HD to the ticket. The toys organ music ability. And it's. Somebody lets it go I am drunk. Columbia on the Texarkana 67974. Now. No I am not. Nor have I've been drinking even though it seems like everyone it's an holiday mood in festivities here. In South Florida. But I was off the on the question you ask me about the Houston Rockets in the lakers. And it's. One thing I would I would say this day I always to how I was at the best player in the series of its type series so take LeBron in that aspect of things. In Houston another year Chris Paul's gonna be another year older another year. More. Susceptible to injury which has plagued him throughout his entire career. Chris followed death but. That's a problem. And they got some roster concerns to. Mean. What how how does the calling capella stuff. How does that get worked out here there are some two couple teams are hot and heavy on him do you believe he's rooster to freeagent bear we're gonna go through some of the guys who were left by the way here in a moment. But I just what I just want to get back to that conversation a little bit if you ask me. Total bids. But just put it this way who's the second best team in the Western Conference right now as it stands we know who number one it's. I would lean towards Houston although I don't say with any conviction because I think Ariza is a significant loss they're gonna keep compel. But it's going to be difficult process for both sides Lusaka pellet tweet out a non happy. Emote G yesterday. And he's clearly a huge asset for that team they cannot afford to lose and there's no team. Really in position to make an offer forum that Houston would match Chicago's got 23 million in space Sacramento's got eighteen million Houston would match any outside offer. The question is. What's he worth now much has he taken to the tax last night NE SPN's Brian when a horse was saying he's a Max player would surprise me Paul Pierce. You gotta be getting him he's not a Max guy I mean obviously he's better on that team with Harden and Paul being able penetrated feet in the ball. And they cannot afford to lose and especially dosing reason. I T you are they the clear cut second best team in the west now or do you make case for lakers you talk Oklahoma City. I would say I would say yeah I would have a problem she put Houston but if you put a Gomez is a seven game series we take it lakers insisted. And I'm just knowing Houston's history a little bit I would probably take LeBron in that spot. Next you know next may or something you know all along those lines but I think these rosters to look toll giver but Houston's got some problems here because. I finally composed on a Max where capella is this a a very good player whose product of their system. And a product of playing with the with the with those type of pardon Paul get the blame. And and play the pick and roll. But. You know what do they do Brian Anderson. You know what do they do with some of these the guys that the table lot of cap space in the doobie try to find a role for him or do they move him. They bring Gordon back. And marine Debra Jo greenback. Might mean he's a little bit iffy to rely on I'm just not a soccer. Is a guy frankly they version of pursuit and says Jane Johnson now because he's a better player than James Johnson but because the financial memo was so much lower. And you have been out of that deal lot sooner than you are JJ. I'm just I'm just outside of a couple of guys Hart and Paul in Gordon to meet with the reason gone a cappella. There there is this just a lot of guys you that would trust on that team right red relying on more is needed. Dan Tony only trust at seven guys to end the season right and now they lost one of those key guys. They need to quality rotational pick ups on minimum deal directly with the taxpayer mid level exception. If they're willing to spend that at this point or who's available Capello probably the best free agent left. But everyone knows he's not going anywhere and I was in the restricted who was it and it was of the clippers with the meter run at him was that whales relegate those right out of a little the first day. Somebody kinda made it made a run at him but nothing really materialize there ER and if you're looking at other free agents remaining on your big board. The way CBS sports ranks and have market Smart. As the next best reagents still available to play is restricted as well and the question is. What is he gonna get. Beyond what Boston's going to pay again you don't see the three teams of that cap space that are left Atlanta Chicago Sacramento. Are to envision any of them making a significant offer the Boston would not match even though Boston at some points that tax issues beyond that. Next three guys on the board. Isiah Thomas in shopping nick he's going to be undervalued right talking about coming up or let you know a guy who was able to play fewer than forty games last year numbers well below what they were two years ago in Boston. When he was a top. I fifteen player in the league in terms of MVP so valuable the Celtics last year shell of that player. With Cleveland and the lakers someone noted that he started following the Orlando Magic. On Twitter in the last 24 hours so maybe that could be a home price there Rica to rebuild his value and be their lead score. I mean that is the ultimate kind of damn bowl. That I with it's the Miami Heat had a couple of dollars laying around. That would be the perfect guy that you would throw. 567. Million dollars that. Hey the union back a point art. Middle of the storm back appointees are Richmond was troublesome to me you can play him what Goran and yeah but he's also a guy and then you know is a combo guard would mean he. He was we of the thirty million dollar player a year ago 25 million dollar player a year ago the way he was going. That that could be a guy where team could really really get lucky if she's healthy and if he is right. But I just think his mind just got so messed up with capacitor resistor in the new got traded and then everything got treated began the and then I think he never really recovered from that. Why yeah that's a guy you I would definitely take a chance on into the Isiah Thomas. Now to issues with beaten Isaiah Tom that's one is remember the as the smaller. Of the two mid level exceptions there are ample teams but at the bigger exception which is eight point eight million so naturally a player would lean toward going to a team with that elicits an exception like DeMarcus Cousins. Where you're talking about championship team. Heats exception which is the exception given to teams that are up against a luxury tax. Or in attacks is only five point three knowing that puts a year at a disadvantage there and then also would Isiah Thomas. Unclear if he wanted to come to a team Horry wouldn't be a clear cuts are. Right and I'm that's a leg late date like that's going to have dobbs if he's got a little bit more Mon mean. Laying around the know they got a DeLia win relatively at Dwyane Wade but if your team like Orlando yeah I think that that might not to pay an extra. You know million bucks is a my debt but that is something that the heat. No the problem they did not have a true backup point guard last year right into the ended the Tyler John. Been forced into that role and frankly is not well equipped for his assist turnover ratio got worse last year that's one area of his game. I where I think there's been some aggression. I and then the next two best guys still out there. Use of Dirk catch the the Portland senator who's pretty good but not a great player there's a report last night the Portland actually wanted to its trait for DeMarcus Cousins and a sign and trade with the pelicans by. He has the same agent is DeMarcus Cousins and support ones attempts were boiled and then Zach Levine would probably be the next guy out there but he's restricted. Unclear. What the bulls would be willing to do for him so he's not a guy that he could realistically get and then the next three guys on the CBS what's the best available free agents. Will Bob moute more of a defensively inclined reducing got a birdie there exactly and so that would not really be an option for Miami I have a guy like that James Johnson. Wayne Ellington next on their list he'd Ellington remain in discussions then the file guy on this list of top. Thirty players still available. Brook Lopez his unrestricted still gifted offensively a limited is a rebounder and Montrose Harrell who just hired Drew Rosenhaus is sperm. To represent him he's restricted free agent obviously power rotation player with a with the clippers who had some good moments with the clippers in rockets. I named to not yours Dwight Howard. On that list is off the board has risen Dwight Howard news here in the last ten minutes or so we'll get to that lets out we have are finally in the World Cup. Well on the run that down in the headlines very Jackson we got another hour with you here on seven I didn't take it. Our house and that's you know what timing here it has yet to be a fringe retirements also hurricane season limiting his once again partnering. With our weather team which is an all star team from local tennis including former National Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield and meteorologist Bryan Norcross. Did you have today this hurricane season our storm coverage on the ticket is sponsored by being anti services protecting you with PGT impact windows and doors. Keep you up to date the certainties on AMs of an alien from 10432 to the to get a radio dot com station. Chris and Kirk with you here on some than take a very Jackson is being with us all afternoon long and they are quick programming tomorrow reminder. Tomorrow. Allows and I'll be here for July 4 will be celebrating the fourth year. Together will be three Eagles seven we got to we at the extra hour. 'cause I know best of Dan's two in the crew this week thereof they're off. And Barry way back with us Thursday and Friday and we have four to seven Thursday and Friday we get the regular regular show. Thursday and Friday so long extended version tomorrow and then Mary got a classroom for the July about the way. Not at this point a little bit of work. By I am just I got a tape I've tried not to get discouraged with the seats off season but today looking at from a heat perspective you will sign Amelie I am a little salt a little rough today about yes and I understood their position of not being able to do much with flexibility bit chewed developments today which are gonna get to any update cool cabs. Diminish the heat's chances of finishing with a top four seed next year. Even have diminished the heat's chances of finishing fifth and east in my view break and I can understand heat fans available irritated after they hear this news. We see everybody else get the and water or the Miami Heat doing so wolf what both the being good to before we get those get to you detect the show's 67974. So let's not let's get to some of the moves in the MBA and we got our final eight in the World Cup so let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best that can be HD two Miramar. Radio dot com station. I look at the live game moves in just a moment floods in the World Cup are quarterfinals are sets. Just about an hour ago England it got by Columbia in penalty kicks. England that moves on to the quarters after a time you know Columbia in the regular time at one goal apiece they're gonna take on Sweden. Who took out Switzerland. One that nil in the other quarter other round of sixteen matchup so quarters will be Sweden. Taking on England we have baseball tonight as the Marlins still. Look to make it to grow its attempt they raised Trevor Richards is hitting the ball here in about an hour and ten minutes against Ryan Yarborough for a Tampa. As the the Marlins and the rays will be gone from the park. Pat at 710 foot birdie basketball tonight summer league's styles are to take on the Los Angeles Lakers at 9 o'clock. I'm Sacramento they lawsuit go. Last night and the NBA signings of the day has will run through a few of these Jeff Green. Sunny one year two and half million dollar deal with the Washington Wizards also later Carl Williams he is going to. Team up with the guts Houston Rockets he signed. A one year deal Tyreke Evans. One year twelve million dollars with the Indiana Pacers 88 and a move that that just took place here with in the last. Twenty minutes or so looks like Dwight Howard has been bought out of his Brooklyn nets contract. And Dwight Howard is going to sign a deal with the Washington Wizards. So those are your headlines and I think we got to we are missing and anger we got a mall. There we got to mold Dante Jackson according to Lohse three years 33 going to stand you toss and jazz have been able. To keep their team together with her favors as well there are legitimate contender for the third seed in the west. Third or fourth by. I'll tell you why I'm a little bit irritated today if I were going to put on the acts. A heat fan which got her listeners are writes I would say that after the LeBron news you could have said. He has a legitimate chance to be the fourth team in the east behind in some order Boston Philadelphia Toronto. Now the chance of that I think has diminished greatly. In the last four hours and that's the war we get word on whether. Wayne Ellington or Dwyane Wade is returning both are in question both still very possible neither short. You're the two pieces of news today you've touched on both of them there would have meat will irritated by Rosie thing one. Indiana four games better than he last year in the standings now I think their roster clearly better after adding. Tyreke Evans and Doug McDermott. Just to give people some perspective Evans a legitimate. NBA to guard he played last you're starting two guard he played last year. At not an all star level but they really really good level for Memphis nineteen point four points a game shot 40% on threes in McDermott they batted one of the league's best three point shooters shot 43% on threes last year. So Indiana which already was better than me in the standings last year. Now has added to legitimate rotation players. Make them in my mind clearly better than what Miami as a source material goats. Then you look at Washington. One of the other teams along with Milwaukee Indiana that would be battling the heat for a fourth seed in the east to meet Washington now. Clearly better than Miami of those teams obviously we're only separated by gamer to the standings last year but Washington this off season. Has attracted more touch. But they've added according to the athletic they've added Dwight Howard. Whoever 166 and 125. Last year and they about it Austin rivers and that court tot trade with the clippers don't underestimate Austin rivers he's become a good NBA player averaged fifteen points. Per game last year shot 37 point eight from three. So Washington to meet is better they meet they need to bench open they got that yet zinni is so so you look at these moves and it pure heat and you think what. Why I think yeah I mean you got. You know the other pick up the pacer a little bit here bitter battle exactly what they can do. Everybody else seems to be adding some some pieces around doing getting a little bit better. Incrementally and one step at a time. Butts are that he just relying on OK we're gonna get Dion back okay our young guys are gonna get better. And I. I don't aimed at some point. There has to be here's the thing on earth at somewhere there has to be some sort of resolution with the sun points. You I think date that they did if they're not going to trade him in Iraq could try to trade partner or they're not going to bend over. And accommodate. For for a garbage you know contract on the coming the other end the nay have to figure out how they get the most on him in rehab him as much as possible. In I think some of that has got to be on Spoelstra and how they're gonna use them right. And they've made attempts to move Whiteside have been unsuccessful. I here's the question for me the one part of the wife sites Spoelstra. Disagreement shall we say that I simply do not know how gets Alec it's rectify Curtis to the satisfaction both parties. The playing time which I could see how the offensive role issue perhaps a compromise can be reached with giving him more touches. Which is something Shaq on his move movie tour last week. Told our newspaper told a BS PN seven you got to give more touched but the thing I don't know how they're going to reconcile its how you give him more. And 25 and half minutes per game that he got last year. When Whiteside clearly is not going to accept that happily. He complained about and a half dozen times last year including one and I expletive filled tirade that. Got him a substantial finally last march. So the question is if you project band to play more minutes old when it clearly is not gonna play Fiore and might even pay more. How'd he get Whiteside back to the 32 minutes a game that he played two years ago. I don't know that that's realistic no you can't not how do you make the guy happy. Because he has it in his nature to how to add to be unhappy when he's not playing. As much as he wants and Riley can call white side it's bow into a room and say aside this is the way it is you better not out and has cited at that moment. Kursk and say all the right things and then Linehan was like a professional and then you get to the eleventh game of the season will lose in Brooklyn and you'll be furious again. Well let me ask you this because this is because is because you're right the that the minutes. There's only 48 minutes you've got to divvy up. The these touches can come from all sorts of places. But you can't there's only so many minutes ago and you're not trimming Kelly Nolan X minutes and you're certainly. Not trimming Grammy in any respect AM to get mormons. Now being nothing so I understand now Hassan. Well let me ask you the question first off we won't you cannot have a signed. We don't win the way it was at the end of the season. Eligible in twelve minutes a game was reading it doesn't but that's just a waste of everyone's heart right money time everything like that just a bad seat all around the globe just cut the guy if you're gonna if you get a view that only if you get to that point to that was about as bad as you get. But but let me answer that USB we've talked about earlier pay. Where did where did he can't go wrong so to speak a little bit and I said well for years for James Johnson dolls for your little bit rich for me. For guy in his thirties. Dion. You go to three years maybe it'll go for years you'll go that far out so but here's the other thing. It you have to forecasts assume your receipt. You sign a sign. You're signed yet you assign old clinic in member went assigned said the same thing that we all the guy upstairs or what was the. He gave me a quote I got a Malone one day. And I asked him about playing time I was looking for to complain about it I just said. That the way I phrase the question tomorrow remember this conversational it's January I said the thing. That it has to work long term with UN ban playing together at times for their to be enough minutes for you to be happy. And he said yes he thinks that is important by the way we only saw them play in 53 total minutes ago the grannies. But then he said. This is what the GM want it right he said it took me three times meaning. He puts the onus of all of Iraq as much a Reilly speak even though GM's hottest title but yet he puts as much Riley speed as he does on Spoelstra seat because this thinking was. We didn't need to use. A kick just outside the lottery on a senator and we certainly didn't need to spend fifty million free agency on a 45 and Nolan. Okay the Olympic thing I'm I'm more well off on all in on the the babe pig at that point you to the best are available. Yes to you at that point in your not you all wal K we can Wear even though you disagree things to be a mess MBA player on the road so you can't do that thinking well on the Olympic signing. Again I think it kind of might have boxed himself in on this a little bit because they do things you had to do for castle OK how is this going to look. Moving forward with these guys under contract on the service I think he'll look exciting was grade we look at how it affect everything else. And where in the spot that they're in now it's it's a little bit it's a little bit. It's a little bit tricky right now Berry saw leaves yes me hey where did they go wrong I think forecasting this might have been a little bit a little bit difficult for them. Yes and you invested a 110 million into sports and Jane Johnson only. And obviously both have assets Johnson is a clearly above average NBA for. I would rank in top third of the league in that area only as good a stretch wars you'll find beyond obviously. The top tier players who ball into that category so both our assets but they're not worthy of a 110 million combined on your cap and when there's overlap at that position. Obviously they're two very different players know what it is a natural stretch. War or stretch five JJ has always been. A below average three point shooter so I would have done the only deal unlike you I have no issue with that but Johnson I would have said look. We want a reward you for your terrific season or us we appreciate how much weight you've lost I would offer two years for thirty for JJ I would never gone to war. And even three I would have been a lot. And to go to. Last week the news segment okay what what these teams making the moves would lead to. How you figure it out it is not my job very to figure it out. That's what Riley spoke get paid the money a they have to throughout what they wanna do with someone they have to figure out a you Wear this are gonna Wear this what have you that you just can't have what you had at the end of the season and I understand. That he's doesn't have any trade value whatever it is that you build the trade value back up and he whispered as you can. In mid season. That has to be number one right now you have to figure out what what are we going we have to get something out of that position. And something out of him can have this just linger. Eight into this season and have no resolution whatsoever you just can't have a. Well if you're Riley obviously everyone's asking us on July things sacrifices off the don't complain right limited minutes so we don't make him winning play so here's the question if you're Pat Riley what do you ask Erik Spoelstra to do differently. Right is currently doesn't there have to be request I as coach to do stepping differently so your highest paid player is at least somewhat appeased or motivated. To get back to what he was two years ago. Sports is obvious do want to win games no matter what the cost you aid that can win games. Bob Lutz Spoelstra has to realize in Spoelstra I think eventually and if not here is is already involved in big picture things with the heat. It involved in god evil contracts and roster makeup and things like that. Beat you yes to realize they have to get something out of the sky was at a concert for the next who years. I visited they will ride it out for a few months have been double pay this is it in by the way. I put I put so that'll Spoelstra. Figure it out dude that's your job that your job here's a good player under million dollar contract he's got a lot of a lot of up. Ability and a lot of things that can help your ballclub figure out the best way to get all of those things out of him and make it work. Yeah there's going to be some nights where he's gonna be a little bit grouchy. Whatever make it work though for the most part of that the end it was it was just it was it was as. In that Philly series a mean that was just it was it was embarrassing but only for a sign those embarrassing for ball should it was embarrassing for the organization considering they've been the member country. Right I'm totally with you and the one thing that I think Spoelstra could bend on would be this I don't think Spoelstra. Can ever say we're going to give you more minutes because the first thing you said just now. His main concern has to be winning games that has to be above all right I think the one area where perhaps he could compromise some is. Get him more involved in the offense Spoelstra is to tell Whiteside this conversation frankly should Marty happened if you develop your offensive game your post game this summer or even a midrange jump shot that is consistent or you'll throughout training camp throughout pre season throughout throughout informal September workouts we will get you the ball more you're never going to be the focal point this offense but you will get more touches. That's the way to get a big men engaged that's not my opinion that Shaquille O'Neal's peculiar as young as wells anybody so that would be the way to at least. Get him consistently engage where he knows he's not out there merely to rebound sat Nixon weighty. Sell him on something yes it but by the way the sun can hit a jump shot outside to do most things. It's not like you're asking him to do something that he can't do oh. Like I I think assigned to help. So when he sits there and assigned complains about not getting the ball kind of like you do. You're right to you can hit a little baby hawk now do you have to continue to work on the stuff. Absolutely but it's not like you know he's completely. Il I'm trying to amid try to figure you ought to value of the player that can kit has the has no off the skills whatsoever when you Fallon he's shooting 45% from the foul line or simulate that. He's not one of those type a guy who swear he just rebounds by says he has. An offensive game and then you let him get involved in that in that all the Alley oops and all the dogs and he's more engaged. It all that stuff comes comes out and improbable comeback and will get the more into. Into this is what puzzled and Samir text messages 67974. That's that 67974. We got shot seventy he is MBA writer for sporting news he's gonna join us here on the back end. Of this out of the six hour toggle MBA free agency with a right here on some of that to see. Factor of that and I'd just say okay. Hey man the tickets after his officially gone that's right we L service toward the other day it's guards out of here to get that it is normal. That's why we've been telling you you've got to go down to the radio dot com. App right now that's for our stream is and everything else you've come to expect from the to get apps have been download the radio about comment now. And don't miss your favorite to get showed renewed that come the new homeowner in seven and you know from 1043. HD two of the ticket Curtis and perk here on 79 you to get Perry Jackson is our special guest host he's given us all afternoon. And we've we've had a blast for a lot of fun here open roads and Jordan out there we got a lot of text to get to bury here before we get to us on them any of sporting news talk some more NBA with him up Carmelo Anthony his name is is mentioned a lot in some of these tax here illustrating some. I wanted contracts for mellow than stretching mills contract now makes sense. For both Miami and OKC. It would make sense for Miami to be able to dump multi year deals like Tyler Johnson spurt of sales but it would make no sense broke Casey because if you're taking back Tyler. And say a second players say just as Winslow the money is still awfully close to a Carmelo is making this year Oklahoma City would still have been enormous tax bill. Plus they have Tyler Johnson on their books in nineteen million for the season after this one at least with Carmelo it's only one season left. They can cut stretcher where they could just suck it up and keep from the 27 million this year. The heat's downfall and whether in this predicament this all started with a Kevin Durant chase he'd had no business being in to begin with. Am blocking you turned down a meeting with Iran right mean Miami was always a long shot but to say no to a superstars it's about president. And also that and tie up their appetite up there cap was the decisions made last off season. To keep the core that they signed when wade left you know what's funny to me. If you had asked everyone. A year and it's four months ago. Was wade leaving a good thing everyone would have said yes because look at this neat little team we found this team that went 3011 in the second half of the season no but ultimately. Because they heat fell in love with the players on that team for a second half of that year. That is tied up their cap. Clogs their cap put him up against luxury tax so in retrospect he would be in better shape if they committed two years to wade a 48 million. That he might it take any clearly wanted. A sixty for three. Probably would've taken two for 48 he didn't really wanna go even much above two years 42. So if they had done that at least your cap would be in such better shape. For this off season and certainly for next on Susan turns out wade leaving which look like a good thing. Eight months nine months after that has turned out to be a bad thing from long term stamp correct and we still have weighed under contract now. Right right Ali be expiring if he would sign that to market yeah you're right you're right now I Egypt and in fact it's funny even though weight coming back next year will clearly be an asset and you hope he comes back. At the moment because you have to set aside your five point three million for him. If he wants at once he makes a decision on playing that keeps you from using it on an outside player. You know if they weren't gonna get Marcus cousins as long as white sites here that would keep you from dangling that to another player even if Miami were willing to go over the tax to do. Well what's your -- fueling generally don't have any enemy and everything inside right announcing anybody does of the human in me I've maybe we'll wade is even will be up to the airport to the heat have to come back with him in and show some love. Do the does he have to see the team. You know challenging for some thing. Is just a matter of him wanting to play. And going through the 82 game schedule. Was there is there be a compromise say and they blame. Because what that you know you're not to play him back to maximize that the one thing that happened is I felt bad for Dwyane. Yeah put the bad spot last year they relied far too heavily on him for two of them on him in about Dwayne I would tell them. I don't we will do it for the most part but you can say you know what. Five million I went ten million. How would you best player down the stretch out the top half in half of those games last year I deserve more. And they dislike is Mormon diamond on the other. Players on the roster that they're relying so much on him I thought those unfair to Dwyane Wade ever swimming with the comeback this year. Is it gonna be a season of that's witches and woods is. It's going to be hard on everybody. Right well I think the chances of him coming back. Would be enhanced that they were able. Tooth in the roster because now Dwyane might say look. I'm coming back to a team where were overloaded guard Dion Waiters is coming back. I still think he can come back their people Nolan who say they would lean more toward him coming back but not if they were predict but they make clear the way hasn't told him what he's doing. But I could see Dwyane making the case for not coming back to its coming back to a roster that looks like. A seventh or rates seed which at the moment is what Miami is you know after today's news elkington and and Indiana upgrading their rosters. Or he can also say look. I don't wanna what's blowing a tough position where he's overloaded with guards are not moving Tyler Johnson Dion coming back I don't wanna create. More problems even though Dwyane would be the guy you want most on the court waiting game so to me it's a complete tossup. I have not asked Dwayne what he would play for but I know Tim Reynolds the Associated Press has said that. That Dwyane is unwilling to play for less than meets mid level of five point three is not complete the Miller should be so right exactly I think you'd be insulting at this point offerman minimum deal knowing what he contributed. Last year so. I would think even though the heat in some ways would want him back it would also put the meant to the tax which they wouldn't be thrilled. Well. Rather that's too bad because ambulance. I mean that the mean the tax stuff. Hey if your comeback with the same roster to bury. Like what's the what's the one thing you can sell you can tell we got to Dwyane Wade's back right. Mean so for all the hot dogs than than the foam fingers when a cell phone video from from that standpoint it makes good money cents. The Dwyane Wade as you become a watch Dwyane Wade and this team. It which is probably going to be a playoff team right but you also formats in my plus look at Wayne Ellington and Dwyane Wade as a combo if you get into the tax. Those are arguably. Your your two. EO clutch players talk about Wayne L ellington's value earlier in the show. Most fourth quarter points. I care nobody morbid shots from Miami the last the last year and you would say if you translate Dwyane Wade's great shots. Opposite seasons he when he returned you talk about those two guys. Possibly will be losing both of them are one of the that would be a big big big hit to that roster move before. Right in the whole point edges made about a overlap obviously would be the case only Ellington returned to Ellington doesn't return and wade would have a natural role. Isn't the three point shooter obviously that Ellington is at least there would be a rule the way to feel comfortable coming back to. Without feeling like he's putting the heat in a position where they're paying the tax. Because the position where they frankly have too many NBA players not great NBA players but NBA players Donnie Ellington front. They remain in conversations I know that there is disappointment on the Ellington side that they used not make the type of offer that he hoped for. And the reason he hasn't is not because they dislike Wayne Ellington a lot Wayne Ellington but there are uncomfortable. About two. They're paying a tax and they're also. Feeling skeptical about their chances of being able to trim salary to get back under the tax does remember. Teams that are over the tax now have until the final day of the regular season this coming year to get back under the tax so. I think that he has come to the conclusion that if they sign Wayne Ellington and eight or nine million a year and that puts an end to attacks by six or seven million. They are going to have trouble getting back under. Unless. They're just willing to trade. Say Tyler Johnson at nineteen point two million if they're able to find a team to take Tyler for a player who's not as good at Tyler as Tyler but earning 150. Or sixteen million. Which they could do within the cap the salaries can be within 75% but I think the heat is skeptical of their bill leading get back under the cap and that's why we did not see a quick agreement with Wayne Ellington on July 1 but they do have a soul what the end of the end of the regular season to get back under the deck right. So any Ellsberg was as good as anybody in the business at the sort of thing. Would have time to get Miami back under the tax threshold I just don't see how they would do it unless you take another bad contract back. And a little less money. In the player they're sending out that's right the best we do because clearly also receives a cap space Atlanta Chicago Sacramento are not going to take. Let's on or Tyler. Back out on there's happen absorb their contracts for nothing in return pot one team did that today Philadelphia took Wilson Chandler from Denver. Because the nuggets are trying to get under the tax threshold so Phillies space. Has been taken up almost entirely the last two days by JJ Redick and Wilson Chandler. So the sixers those will be their wings this year jailer essentially replaces Marco Belinelli. Who went to San Antonio for two years twelve million but today it was not a good day for heat fans because Indiana has gotten better and Washington has. Got better Howard talked to a sharp Yemeni. Although of sporting news about all of these things as he's there MBA writer does not cement job we're trying to steal a few minutes for them coming up next right here on 79 in the ticket.