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Friday, July 6th

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Everybody is our hero examine this thing following. I sector and our. Bumps over in AM LeRoy no reason that third hour though I guess he was he was protesting. Curtis avert revealed yet until 7 o'clock very Jackson. Dubbed the Miami Herald is our special guest host. And Barry and I were just watching it. Belgium take down in Brazil. 221. In the quarterfinals of the World Cup so Belgium is is moving on and Brazil with daily goal in me. The bills in the 72 minute to make it 21 after. Building got out and do a two nil advantage so 21 was the final there are celebrating. On the pitch right now also was a Belgium. Is a moment on will argue the other updates and the scores in just a moment but but Berry got some big NBA news here that we need to get to right out of the gate here. And it relates to the Miami Heat finally finally something that that is heat related that the possibly the economic and move on correct. Yes so washed up. Ten time all star apparently has interest in joining the Miami Heat today Carmelo Anthony in the Oklahoma City Thunder reportedly are going to divorce. This coming off season according to ESPN it's either going to be. Through a trade or more likely through his release and ESPN reports that three teams that are expected to pursue him. Are the heat the Houston Rockets in the Los Angeles Lakers. And I guess there's probably few players as polarizing. Throughout his career Curtis and Carmelo Anthony and I would say more so now than ever because some people associate Carmelo with a guy who was an epic score. In his pride a terrific player who averaged over twenty points a game 412 consecutive seasons. 28 point seven per game just five years ago. Two win the scoring title that year but remember. This guy is a shadow of what he wants averaged sixteen point two per game last year and worst of his career absolutely shot forty point 4% from the field worst of his career. From three shot 35 point seven. That's comparable Lewis career average he was awful in that first round playoff loss rule against you talk. Not a good defender by any stretch of the imagination I just looked this up players. Guarded by Carmelo last year shot 48% compared to blow over 46%. Against everyone else. But no buddies and Mary's and it went buddies and it does this name and to auntie used the phrase. Of our late great friend Jim mandate yes that's Carmelo Anthony's name make your toes tingle Curtis is a day makes my toasting a little bit Barry yes. Bucks. As it relates to the Miami Heat how would he fit in that he's not a prototypical. Erik Spoelstra type of player. Blood. For a team that lacks some shooting specially with the with the uncertainty of Wayne Ellington. For a two income relative had hundreds documentaries lesser which is the most he's hit in his career he really average was was what it was the or the percentage was what was. You can shoots the game has Britain's prince he hit big shots. So we were not shy away from that and that's something also this team would certainly mean. Blacks. Is there a we're gonna get into a lot of the there's a lot of variables here. Question is would Miami want him it would Carmelo want to come here. Would he be at the top of their list but if we're going down and saying oh yeah yeah fine day and will the the money it'll Turkey doesn't nuts. It does yeah I just don't see how they pay him unless he accepted the 2.4 million veterans minimum. But if that's all Miami would offer why would he come here as opposed to use a little lakers where he would play a lot probably for both. I have a much better chance of winning a championship this year. Yeah that's that would that would be my guess the last. Mean he's part of the banana boat crew maybe he wants to hang out when Dwyane Wade Miami. A chance do. I think Carmelo even at 34 feels he can rejuvenate his career and maybe get another contract not a big one but maybe get. A couple two or three years here left I think Carmelo I don't think he's feel like he's gone. I think Seoul may be they sell them on rehabbing a little bit but he's got certainly you got some options. But but I think he would still help a team and a certain role. But the other thing right now is I don't mean he's a name Mary ended today in led. Doesn't that when you coming through the problem here is he they have too many guys that have too many guys. And are you with 34 year old Carmelo Anthony George rather play Derek Jones junior India in the summer really care if you're if you're really come down to it. I just don't see it unless they make a big trade and got half for the roster for somebody and you need us you need a stretch for. I don't I don't see a scenario where getting Carmelo other than just you we have Carmelo Anthony is going to be a windfall for Miami the Miami Heat. Right I don't see how it validates you I mean look at what Oklahoma City did last year. With three star players they couldn't get out of the first round so at this point I don't think he makes it tangible difference on your won loss record. He doesn't defend with nearly the all the that the he would like. And you mentioned Dwayne Wade's name. I would say wade would probably be the biggest lure. For Carmelo to Miami the heat has any chance that perceive three team race at that comes to that. With Houston in the lakers I'm sure there'd be other teams and at least throw their hat and remember. If wade returns he would likely take the heat's biggest financial carrot or five point four million dollar mid level exception. For teams that are up against the salary. The the tax. Tax threshold so if wade takes that then there would be absolutely no money left for Carmelo except. A biannual exception of about three and a half million. Which he would probably be reluctant to offer because it would be well to the tax so wade stays. Wood to be the biggest lore for Carmelo to come. The only money available to Carmelo would be the veterans minimum. At 2.4 million and again I come back to the question even though there are a lot of appealing qualities about playing in South Florida. No state income tax. Being able play with Dwyane Wade why in the world with Carmelo Anthony come here for the minimum when he can join a championship contender at the minimum or maybe even a little bit more. Right well policy and Tony million dollars coming from Oklahoma City at some point but. I don't know how much money at the rockets can offer more than that Kim and know the rockets are strapped right only you haven't done taxpayer exception so what the Laker. I don't know what the lakers cap situation than the Melamine and then all of a sudden originally signed for one year anyway but OK so maybe the lakers game six animal inbox. Our I would say right now if you ask me if I'm Carmelo put Carmelo is always done things a little weird and for those are criminals always gone for the money. But I would say yeah if the lakers wanted him I would think the lakers could actually use Carmelo Anthony a lot more that to me seems to be good fit. They need shooting. And he gets along with LeBron and I think LeBron can actually light a fire in him elements say dude let's go man it's LA this is the big this is the big states here. Played little defense didn't shape here. Let let's do this thing I think that would be good that actually to me would be one of the better fits I think Houston yesterday just to catch and shoot guy that's fine. But I didn't play with a brought I think you would definitely benefit from a. I grew with that I think that would be is best at and remember the reason that Oklahoma city's doing this is they're facing an incredible. Luxury tax slash payroll combination of 310 million that's historic. By NBA standards no team has ever had. A combined payroll and pretax at high. So that's why they wanna get rid of Anthony either trading his salary or they can cut him and stretch him over three years which would basically allocate its 28 million dollar cap that. Over three seasons at about nine million apiece now to meet the one thing with Carmelo that would be most appealing to Miami. Would be if they can somehow trade him. A trade for him in exchange for deals and have time left for example you were able dump Tyler Johnson and another small piece. To Oklahoma City for Carmelo that he would do that in a second but that would have no. Appeal at all to OKC because then you'd be taking on similar money for this year and do that Tyler Johnson's contract earlier to a second year. This would be the most fascinating question for me I would love to know if either team would do its. If the offer Tyler Johnson and then the healing peace they offered justice Winslow Wear them. Save and Oklahoma City asks in addition to that for future number one pick on next here's another one down the road. Would think he'd do it knowing that you dumped titled John to its contract I would say no and and the reason I think we both feel though is remember just getting rid of Tyler Johnson. And his two year deal does not give you any cap space in the summer 2019. You need to combine getting rid of Tyler Johnson. With getting rid of the sun or Goran Dragic at any sort of meaningful cap space next summer so while would be great. To get rid of Tyler Johnson's deal and by the way he's been vigorously trying to get rid of Tyler Johnson's contract. We'll never meant that I've been told by someone directly involved. They are looking to do that had no success to this point but even though would be appealing to get rid of it. I don't think Reilly's at the point where he's willing to attach to assets and our values exactly two in this case well label about what may be so okay so Winslow and Tyler you would do for Carmelo. I think about it I really think about it OK I think about it and depending on what else what else you know what will also art is in the mix what else we could we could get a four in the mix on Hawaii. Maybe justices of the peace require I don't know but I put out but I love about attaching to assets is to get a load Tyler but doesn't get you. The dozen players that you said that doesn't get you further along in in in shedding money in and closer to. To being a player next summer or even in the point one me even exactly I would. Cathy John and James and those cuts. I would attached to us it's you can get rid too big contracts of one because I knew that exact because then you'd have enough cap space and 2019 to pursue. Irving her Butler choir who have been can be a player yes. Am I getting ready to essence to not be really demand really B a player I'm with you. If you in in free agency or via via via the trade market are very Jackson is with us all afternoon long we got Thomas of the it to its football stuff to get to very below harder work he's got a himself on the Miami Hurricanes. We got a lot of inching things that we're gonna get to hear throughout the course of the afternoon usual Texas show. Feel free to do so at 67974. We are realized text Rolen and below we'll get to some of those as we go roll on here allows an easier so we got the entire operation up and running so let's get to four Marquette. These XWEXYAM. South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar plea deal. Come station. All right just on final from Russia. Belgium has defeated Brazil 21 in the quarterfinal match of Belgium defeats Brazil so. Go to moves on. To the to the semi finals to take on Fritz who took out your way earlier today to milk. So half of the year semi finals is that the other two quarters will take place to moral. Now in Russia they wanna Mozilla Washington Nationals 705 we'll do it again tonight. Section of the four game series marlins'. Kuwait nine nothing lead last night and lost. In the Washington Nationals so we'll try to get their heads straight that I didn't really gets the ball for Miami. Jill Gonzales smiley is over and he takes the mound for Washington and in the NBA the heat are in Las Vegas summer league tomorrow they'll take on the New Orleans. Pelicans at 5 o'clock to start the the Las Vegas summer league after they wrapped up. The Sacramento golden California classic. Yesterday with a victory over the canes. And is very knives has been discussing. Carmelo Anthony according to a general Janelle ski ESPN and the Oklahoma City Thunder are working. Together to part ways possibly being game but buyouts or eighty trade both sides. Or are motivated to to get something done also. According to low loads Tony Parker. As agreed to 82 year ten million dollar deal with the Charlotte hornets. And those are your headlines. And you know it's always is significant day when it. A hall of fame caliber player who's been with one team are so many years changes teams so I think Tony Parker news is pretty meaningful. Seventeen seasons in San Antonio Curtis averaged thirteen point eight points by point seven assists more importantly help the spurs won four of their five NBA titles. And really key cog of the team. There was arguably. The most consistently good team of any sports franchise aside from the patriots this century right 26 time all star for Parker. And it's going to be weird seeing the spurs without him. And now obviously. Duncan well into retirement. Parker gone Ginobili has been considering retirement every summer since the end is near for him so a new error in San Antonio. And as it turns out the Dwight Howard trade for Charlotte even though they essentially just want to get rid of them. And took on a senator who's going to be no value for them. To write in my stopped him exactly that did give them enough room to have the money. 24 Tony Parker to the Kemba Walker Tony Parker point guard tandem. Probably going to be in the top rear for the east if you look at that point guards. And when you see other teams had pieces that you don't consider playoff teams won the first things that comes to mind my I don't know if you think of mrs. Okay with a all the east teams rebuilding is there another team like New York or Charlotte that makes itself good enough over the next three months. To legitimately challenge the heat. Detroit Washington for 1 of those 8 Eastern Conference playoff spot is that would obviously be one of the worst case scenarios for Miami. I know some fans will say actually might not be a bad thing if they miss the playoffs if you get lucky in the lottery but the odd Gallo are so slim lucky in the right here you have the eleventh or twelfth worst record in the league right you're likely gonna pick there are so. I to me I I start wondering are there any of these Eastern Conference teams that are rebuilding that will get good enough. To put heat playoff berth next year at risk as we talk about. There are six teams in the east don't even seem to be trying to win yet there are there in the midst of rebuilding program like Chicago and Atlanta. Cleveland certainly will be part of that Brooklyn. Orlando so the only teams that I could see would you adamantly challenging. Those top eight and at the moment I have Miami seven Detroit day. Would be Nixon were thing is comes back strong. If they can do something with their roster. And Charlotte. At the moment that you took playoff team even if they lose Ellington even if they lose wade. But every time a team like Charlotte the next does something you wonder could one of these teams surpassed Miami this year. You got Detroit in their I do that destroy what should I am I and seven Detroit I think the knicks are looking towards next summer there and they're looking towards the summer and they're not gonna rush for zinger is back keep. I'd be shocked if he's back before the first of the year anyway bury. He's brought here by looking more towards. Valentine's Day. And Corzine is back and they're going to be Tony under by then anyway. So I would say noted the knicks but I would you Charlotte I would you Charlotte was a playoff team two years ago and so they just got all mixed up last year. But I would give Charlotte a of those teams. The the best chance addressing that question but the knicks had been. The look in a clear their space. Get all their ducks in a row and made to them and and how money next summer and the following summer to go on free agency and try to get somebody to pair of forcing its. And he it's actually pretty lucky to regards one that there in the east obviously. Because if they were in the west they might be at 101112. Seed this year and the other thing is that Wayne Ellington. Has not found an offer better than Miami Friday that right the heat has an offer out to Ellington it is not what Ellington has been looking or. Miami's made clear we love you we appreciate you we want you back. But we're up against attacks and we don't wanna pay significant tax bill so Ellington it's gonna continue to wait this out may be eighteen will come through. Within offer that's more significant. He'd love to come back but. He could've gotten this done in the early hours of free agency and because of tax concerns they did not so they remain a risk of losing their top score. That or their top three point shooter ice it's I should say that can go either way at this point. And no telling when Wade's gonna make a decision he could stretch this out well until August CU what is the market for. Carmelo Anthony well we'll hear from some MBA insiders. Adrian awards are announced he also Stephen A Smith go away in here is that Carmelo is probably one of the more polarizing athlete certainly in the MBA. That we've seen in the in the last warning 25 years. A lot of people level. Lot of people don't like them a lot of people thinks you know it's only a matter of time before he figures and outs. But but Carmelo Anthony looks like he's going to be on the open market here after. Oklahoma City which by doing this transaction is going to save roughly ninety million dollars. And very and I talked about this a couple of days ago it was you like royalty on your roster and a diminished role. For ninety million dollars or not. And I had to deal goes and does pretty easy decision for them to me I would want anyone except the whole wheat LeBron Iran the Davis type player on my payroll for that as soon they said diminished. Did the minister told the British first and by the way yes nine game. Yeah for LeBron and anybody gorilla with a 34 years Altman's role. October oh career C low season no we're gonna well. We're gonna pass on that it's all that next right here on seven and that. Join seven and everything at my grinding members of the civic center. Semi final. Coming up Wednesday July 11 and 2 o'clock joy to the beginning at least in my tanks and Chuck Robb sour beer for the game of and again available. Front you buy and some and I mean if someone else for three G to the tickets are happy Friday to you from. Us here on seven I didn't take it personal perk show very Jackson's. In for Chris Perkins. On this soft Friday afternoon will take him until 7 o'clock we got a lot of open road here Berry so a lot of us a lot of got a lot toppers so we wanna get to its football star through and get to and also a lot of text messages so we know how many. I think that's scheduled so a lot of opportunity to presenter or actor on the tax and so get those checks in at 67974. On the text line. 67974. Tex rights and possibility wade and Carmelo to the lakers not. The Miami Heat I'd still be surprised if wade leaves here and however one things will navy with LeBron and LA navy was his wife obviously having to be in LA a lot. For her acting career Gabriela union bought. I just keep thinking about how meaningful was emotionally for point to come back here. And the one thing he's emphasize more than anything is I'm not leaving this place again I want to finish my career here. So the question is does he have the desire to keep playing. Going to LA doesn't solve that. He's happy here when his children are happy here desire rising young prospect at sixteen. I years of H happy to finish as high school career here is going to be senior next year so I would be stunned if the wind follows LeBron. Carmelo or anybody they'll. Yeah I think I think Dwyane I think Dwyane has come to a a point in his life where he's content. Yes good way of putting you know and on and on and on a variety of things and he just wants to do what feels good. And I think playing in Miami Heat uniform feels right. Dots if you guys are really doing basketball if you want to legitimate basketball and if he doesn't then it's. That's all there out all the conversation nigam rescission today is Carmelo Anthony. Looks like he is going to be available NN news broke couple hours ago drug problems is not going to pay that luxury tax bill. So a lot of the most likely scenario would be. Stretching Carmelo Anthony's salary over the next few years a trade. Would not be out of the question putts here's what in general Jaruzelski said though the market would be for Carmelo Anthony. A market will be significant because now it's Carmelo line probably a veteran minimum deal. And whether it's in the starting lineup whether it's coming off the bench and on a great team there's going to be a lot of suitors among contenders. For Carmelo Anthony and that number in Oklahoma City was not sustainable on me to think yeah I'm how many players in the league really would you. We will on the spend a 107 million and so it makes sense or both sides and and his market will be significant. Now this could play out over the course of the summer that they're gonna work on traits are his personal home city they can get to that they can do that stretch provision and any time. Later in the summer so they'll try to work through here and I also think they'll work with Carmelo they. You know for his we're really in a gesture probably any of of goodwill it they may not want this to stretch out so far to inhibit his opportunity go jump on someone else. Now loads would go on and and saw this in the written version that the lakers. Houston in the Miami heat's would be teams don't be issued in the services here Stephen A Smith. On the on the same topic in the where he might land Carmelo. Melo would be in Houston he'd likely be a starter. Where hall audience which CP Torre Egypt not to click the ballot. And as a result. That might be a more ideal landing spot. Not to mention the fact that way melody it would CP three AJ taught at obviously they're confident they'd still be better than the lakers. And I think they'd be good enough to be go to state. Lines though Steve Highsmith on Stephen A Smith show I think the rockets and lakers are better. A better opportunities for Carmelo had Jeff it's nothing fits in better outlets the heat. Really made a big trailing image river while Leonard and he had to trade for guys to acquire Leonard. Then Carmelo would be more of a fit to come in for a year. And it kinda get this thing going and player role but other other than that I I I I do I just don't see it there than just be adding another. Semi a good player. Who needs the basketball like easily or do you have enough good players they need a great player on this roster. Right and wanna talk to the heat about Carmelo in the past feedback I've gotten privately has been very very next I know where there are some internally who don't think he has much left. There are others who think OK potentially. We could salvage this guy get in better shape if he'd be motivated to do that at this point in his career which you might not be. After making all this money he might just be content being tail end of my career Carmelo Anthony stand still three point shooter not gonna give much shepherd otherwise. I'm with you and with Stephen A Smith I think Houston by far. The best option for him slots right in to the position Trevor Ariza had of course the reason I signed with the Phoenix Suns. So to me that's natural for making to be per Camby to next year and he's gonna get his minutes if he came here which I know you and I both think is unlikely. If he came here what he would be the ideal line up would it be playing him. At four with Josh Richardson at three we're really Richardson. Two shooting guard bringing waiters off the bench when he self they it's starting Carmelo three. He's kit and you can guard three can guard threes in the league anymore okay so yeah deployment for you think there. And how diminished would you be defensively Mike goodness well Carmelo is her for this that it James Johnson. Now very even though Carmelo has Carmelo can rebound from time it's army has yet has shown that strength when he won still he's a willing rebounder but. I just think at this point he's more stretch for shooter he's he's he's he's. Not only is he a busy port defender but he even when he was in his prime he started four years old and he can guard James are the parents of oral threes the league these days. Right I'm with he is funny age I don't think we can go more than two minutes in any Carmelo Anthony segment without using the word diminish. Right right I believe it's his first name now yes that too yes the minister Carmelo Anthony. Com. It's funny you know what he did was with you know with his legacy what he did with us to be all Famer. Yes I mean but and he's one of the great scorers of all time. My problem with Carmelo Anthony is always been one thing is answered everything was always just while the shooter. You know to. Like you know that were down ten while I need to shoot more so than we can get winnowed to get back in the game what were up and you don't want to shoot more because we'll they'll get at the torn. You know is answered everything was just out I need to shoot the ball more. I'm trying to think of players like that or you can watch him and even though appreciate the skills are still be exasperated one other that comes to mind is Antoine Walker. Right with a all the tippy toe threes where you wonder what went on his talent as is the best he can come up the first shot. Yes. But when the and he was when he was on. There was mesmerizing yet snowball you know McCullough gets the loser tag. Let you know 2003 he takes their views of future freshen him with the national championship. Bomb I thought the biggest and he shot his way at a Denver he won his money. If you were to join the mixed in with those assets there would have been a lot better. That was his own faults. You know the of the four Olympic gold medals. Whatever like dream you'll you'll bring that stuff up all of college later in the Olympics he did yeah fitted with these guys. I just roll my eyes at that stuff. But he is a perplexing guy. Went but yet he's going to be an easy enemy and all framed in ten time also urge you mentioned one of the more popular players. Mean league wide endorsement wise. Shoot sales all that stuff over the over the last decade plus in the league. He's been he's been he's been a big name is still a big name. So I think there's going to be there's only going to be. A market for him. And even though his percentage was down shooting wise I think he can still be a very effective three point shooter and in this league of you can shoot your cigarette. For awhile and I can tell you one question Carmelo Anthony and Hassan Whiteside are both in the answer of the question would be. What's high paid players had the most disappointing first round playoff series in the NBA couple months ago the answers would be Hassan Whiteside and Carmelo Anthony Anthony in that opening round series loss do you talk. Average eleven point eight points shot 21%. From three's just 37% the series. And here's my question again. Unlikely Carmelo comes here but if he does where does he take you in the east let's say hypothetically. Yet the starting line up then of Dion whose status incidentally for the start of camp still on settle up the ankle injury. We'll probably be back at some point October November. It's not at the start camp probably were early in the season to underline that the gore on Dion Whiteside to. Josh Richardson Carmelo and then a bench obviously evoke when they add a bio probably Tyler Johnson. Just easy not to Ellington maybe maybe weighed maybe not just us as well that he was what needs. So it's up to boost the best of the fourth person who thinks probably 46. I would say no better than fifth. I am in Indiana a reliever now I was not a pacer believer at all even the first four months of the season and kept winning and winning. But now I'm convinced this is a really good team we're gonna supplement that team Tyreke Evans that that's general when today Doug McDermott. Who's terrific shooter so to me even Carmelo at this. The stage Carmelo which remember we must use the word diminished again. This stage of Carmelo player unlike what he was in his prime pork by years ago even Carmelo on this he roster I do not think it's the home court advantage in the first round. I solving Indiana has about a roster. Orca and or the latest on the side of the lets you. If you're looking at high end ceilings for both roster who has the better top concealing the Miami news or Indian pacers. I might lean a little bit toward the heat but that meant nothing last year is last year when the heat's material was better grandiose that's the one team that finished ahead and eat right in the standings last year rice said. How wisest possible but if they keep doing it month after month throw deep book keeps playing at that level if by Djokovic if miles turner keep playing above what expectations are. And remember how well they play in the first round against Cleveland at some point you have to give the team respect and say okay. Maybe everyone is just underestimated Indiana or now long term here would be my question. In heat pacer comparison. Even though Indiana has good neon young assets they built their team very well. Remember this is ownership with the pacers who did not want it to pay their attacks or even have a very high pero me their payroll. At least going into that Evans signing a one year twelve million that's week. Was in the in the ninety's so Miami's gonna have much higher payroll so the question is. If all of these Indiana pieces need to be paid eventually including old depot will pacers owners should do. But to meet. What is he gets Carmelo or not their stolen boat. With Washington with Milwaukee with Detroit but all those teams jockeying five to eight I think Miami Curtis with Ellington and wade to. Remains. As good as Washington in Milwaukee I think without either or both of those they take a step back. And they're probably seven the rate in the east they get all this is on paper and a lot when it happened perhaps the heat will miraculously find a taker or dishonor Tyler they've been unsuccessful at this point. But here wouldn't be my concern with Ellington at the heat ultimately loses him. Shooters are coming off the board pretty quickly Ian Clark guy who played each summer league a few years ago sports a pretty good careers shooter. He re sign with the pelicans at the minimum today there are not a ton of shooters left Jamal Crawford is one. But these players will probably go to championship contender to need shooters like the lakers so you wonder if the heat needs another shooter. And Ellington leaves or they gonna find one. Know that I may have to look at their roster one or whatever it wanted to be on the pacers. Is they're not paying any other guys right now. Right and they have about 55 million dollars in cap space for next summer so look at doing other print earlier and arousal Diebler what else is an amen to that much money just. There are much better cap situation in the heat on the same. If you'll hear that where the heat have gone all in doing you have the good of the the potential of the better roster. If you again pay. These guys that play into what we think they are I think the better than Indiana not clear that they did you have last year put the lives but clearly you have more money invested in those guys. And when and why don't make any Indiana's constructed their roster over the last year better than he but does not mean that I think Riley is done horrible job his body of work. Would suggest he's done a great job even though he's made mistakes clearly the last two years but here's one example last summer while he was giving James Johnson. For years and sixty Indiana found an effective small forward. Is a very good shooter. In by Donovan you're a two years 21 million who would you rather have I know we're talking about. Different players JJ is defensively skilled or Bogdanovich is not a great defender and he's a three I'd much rather have. The the shooter two years at 21. Endgame shots and more years and sixty so frankly over the last 1415 months Indiana has done a better job. Putting their roster together now Riley gets a Mulligan because of all of his good work here. For two plus decades but that's a fact of matter. It's triggering negative around here it seems like bearing. Now is that it's are we being too negative or Ariza just a sign of the times. You gonna explain that coming up next Muslims some weird text messages. 6797 for the 67974. Right here on seven and take. Over the regularly absolutely. Weekend in boxing and MMA I'm quite as you're live at 10 AM on Sunday morning right here on AM 7 am and FM 1043 HD two. Deteriorated dot com stationed. Curtis in part. Harry Jackson. Is in with us all afternoon to go back to some of the Carmelo Anthony Texas this moment is a couple of good ones make. A case that the Miami you should pursue. Carmelo Anthony. Which we're gonna get to enjoy Texas show feel free to do so 67974. On the Tex signed 67974. On the text line yes Carmelo Anthony. Is available albums and he's not going to keep him. Tutu the fact that they're gonna pay huge tax bill. With his with his salary and so forth so we'll find a way to either trade him or waived him cut him stretch him. All the different are permutations that you you can get rid of a player. India MBAs or you'll be on early roster. I at some point in the foreseeable future. But the Miami Heat haven't done much here Mary and me we were just talking about. He better than the pacers for the fifth best team in the Eastern Conference. ID the sixth best team in the Eastern Conference and owner on. Boy that's that's not very hopeful you know that was too long over talking about it the best team who's who's better than them in the entire NBA. Hands. Seems like. Judging by some of the the text messages that the the natives are a little bit restless so to speak when it comes to when it comes to the Miami heat's hands. I would say. What on the horizon here would you have to look extremely. Forward to as your. Your your and again as your relief so to speak is a as a selfless sportsmen and submit it to satisfy your your thirst for winning hurricane season I think. I think I'm fired up about that and New York to Wear any of some working to business but outside of that I saw another. God another deal with a golf estimate the playoffs odds were the worst in the AFC down there with the jets and the browns. We know at this marlins' team was up to right now pretty bows low as you get losing in minor league last night. To Washington Nationals but you've been in this town forever you covered sports in this town forever could we be had a kind of a low point right now. Yeah I was thinking about this today occurs son thinking this is probably the second worst on the century to be South Florida sports and the only year I would put worse. Would be 2007 when the dolphins bottomed out in the Cam Cameron year at one and fifteen there they he has slew of injuries. Fifteen and 67 and Riley's farewell coaching season Marlins were bad it's 71 in 91 and the Panthers missed the playoffs as usual. So that was 2000. Survived three points out that you as always right always three to five Ottawa has Byron yeah just by chance they miss it again that tell us it's ideally I would say this would be the second worst time to be subtler sports and and when we raise the questions we were talking about this before it showed today. What gives a South Florida sports spanned well. Rudy is right now the heat is sort of in this abyss where there and OK eighteen a decent team. But we all know the great likely it is that will be between fifth and eighth in the Eastern Conference next season. And probably lose in the first round analysts thing magical happens we know the dolphins are likely a 500 or worst team. Barring a lot of great things. Happening at once piazza be against that I don't think will be three and thirteen which is what Sports Illustrated predicts. But I don't think anyone can anticipate playoffs we know the Panthers have a good young core they've had for the last six years always seem to come close and don't get beyond that. And the Marlins plan is in the early stages of what. Jim boat in the former nationals GM has told me he thinks it will take seven or eight years for the Marlins to be good and I'm hopeful it'll be a little sooner than that. May be worth buying so take the hurricanes out of the right just South Florida sports proteins. What gives you hope. I mean what what comes to your my. Is it a waiting on some magical ad space in 20/20 for the heat so may be weakened big Anthony Davis to come here I mean it is it's. Is it hoping that Hannah hill what we saw weighed in 2016. Where he was obviously before the injury. Where he was a top twelve NFL quarterback based on passer rating during that you know two month period. Is it thinking that that's who he is I mean what gives you hope to fight to point to one thing right now. I would say. The pitching the Marlins are assembling in their system. And it or not I'm encouraged about that. I don't know that they're gonna have enough bats long term there probably snapped a hope all these patrolling on a regular encouraged by a Contra Lopez right. I'm encouraged by those too several players they got this off season to twelve miners. Guzman the pitcher they got there up to understand you know light on us I think you want or nick Knight he's the guy they got the the first because I don't know from heat standpoint what to feel hopeful that. Because we know. Barring Riley being able Paul rabbit out of the sacked the great likelihood if you're gonna put odds and the great likelihood is that the heat is somewhere between a six an eight seed for the next two seasons and has bounced in the first round two I hope that that. Of course not what I like something. More interest in absolutely but it's hard to project anything more than that endless Dion Waiters comes back as a second coming of Dwyane wait. With the dolphins where's the hope right let me make it that's Patrick's gonna be a good player. What gives you hope. That this franchise will be championship caliber in the next two years three years five years six years. I have more faith in them and the Marlins getting their act together that okay that's I would say there and even in two years of really at the Marlins having a decent stats. I did the heat will be crying and then it'll be fine could have even if they ride this thing out there have all those those bad contracts. Off their books released a couple off the book to really be morally positioned to do something I detect threats and you still got Riley. So that that that doesn't. How long 73 OK I want you wanna go and how are the top that is open. What is the cap space necessarily get you we've seen them lose out under and see them obviously lose out on Hayward. And I guess their luck will turn eventually because they've been an attractive NBA destination. For years but if you don't get Anthony Davis and 20/20. You're not looking at any of the transformational player in that class that we know of yet I mean may be high re may be Hawaii sign short term deals and go back and free agency that your when he twice but Anthony Davis is kept saying he's happy New Orleans a lot could change obviously over the next couple of years. But who is this gray whale all that you're gonna get to elevate your franchise. From what they are now I want to make clear. I'm not totally bemoaning the heat's predicament I think it's much better to have a competitive product every year on the court than to be in Atlanta or Sacramento Orlando the winds nothing and keep selling their fans is vague notion of him Mulder we're gonna be what Philadelphia was we're gonna tankan begun will wait many many of the teams taking don't end up like Philadelphia or they end up to be as bad as they are now. Like so are like the Marlins are doing right now there's no guarantee you that they're gonna come out of this thing three years from now like the cubs right seven teams in baseball are tanking. And I bet yet at least five of those are not gonna be very good five years from now OC does not all of the tanking teams can win. Not as far as what else gives us hope I guess. Panthers the way they play the second half the season you think OK wouldn't be inconceivable for them to be. A top four seed in the east let me let let them make the playoffs first obviously aren't big like that they're at so I'm not totally down on the heat I think again there's something good to be said. For having a representative product on the court. This team has been six you know has yielded a consistently quality product. For nearly all of the century in there's something to be said for that I'm just saying if you have grand hopes of playing late into may and June there's no reason for hope in the coming years. I am I being too negative Kurtz. No no no I think I think your you're whether there's there's levels of hope here does that mean a thing with a lot of people's not just a championship or bust. Where Jimmy I mean I think there's some levels here. Of all of hall but I do think it's it's yet to sift through it here but I think I mean. It's funny because the dog the dolphins might be might be third or fourth on the list. Or or even if people who wanna text the show. Can name one specific thing as a south water sports fan it gives them hope I'm not saying just saying the dolphins really flattered to yes something specific that tells you. Better days are correct is it Dion Waiters are you remembering the Dion Waiters who with a winning shot against Golden State two years ago and still think the sky in his mid twenties is gonna come back as an all time great NBA shooting guard I mean what gives you hope. Because I can't find a lot of. Are organs on the texture and nine continue to send those in here it's good questions 67974. Here 67 guys that a vote it's that plus. We got to it an upset in the world couples say about that headlines coming up Israel but of the 5 o'clock hour on the other side right here on 79 in the technical. Our hero seventy tickets courtesy partner Jackson and Chris Perkins here. All afternoon happy Friday to everybody is quick reminder 790 text of his dogs guns though. Putting all your breaking sports updates and push notification from all of our shows and hosts. On our new renewed outcome maps to download it now amateur U turn on notifications in the settings raided a comet. Your new home for everything into an arena from 1043 HD two. Ticket you can always Texas shows excellent 74 on yeah on the text line. Question. At least right now it's that's on the table is. What are you looking forward to what will provide hope to hear. In in the foreseeable future you're about halfway through 2018 essentially your Barry yet so the next six months as we wrap up. The year what are you looking forward to and you can extend tool to further that. But. Sports lot of it's about hope a lot of about it is is a lot of it is about anticipation. And if he'd come back with kind of the same roster. Team we know with the dolphins are gonna being. You look at these in the Panthers. Who will be will be. You know where they'll be in camp here before you know it's. You look at the where the Marlins are as we approach the all star break. What are you kind of fired up for here. Took the hurricanes off the board which is a little bit unfair. Because there had the one thing that's not that's very optimistic in my opinion. Yes what will the protein which I understand you know we can all agree that the hurricanes there there is reason for. There they are certainly there's reason for optimism are in Coral Gables. Without question and we frame this this way I made the point the last segment. This is the second worst time to be South Florida. Pro sports and right acknowledging that some of our listeners are not UN fans so the second worst time to be pro sports in this century behind. Only 2007 when the dolphins bottomed out at one at fifteen he was fifteen and 67. Marlins were twenty under 500 and the Panthers as usual miss the playoffs so that the. The question that I raised is tell me not a team that gives you hope I only saw a thing about any of these teams they gives you a smile gives you hope. That the future could be brighter I have two things or an M maybe I'm reaching to the world. Ban at a bio would be one because you see flashes there where where you think okay. He eventually be Shawn Camp I mean the PureAV what this is a name. And the ability to handle what we've seen again in summer lake. And the ability to volume rebound that at least gives you hope OK maybe we have an all star so that would be one. This this is what is the type of thing where where we're looking forward with this question not okay I'm hopeful about the dolphins are mobile by the band there's only specifically. On these were teams what you do you hope was a south large sports that. So for me add a bio would be one. The second one Curtis might be a little bit of the stretch. But I'm intrigued that for the first time. In decades. We might see the tie it and become a threat with the dolphins were a legitimate receiving threat. We have not seen a dolphin tight end ever catch eighty plus passes we have never seen a dolphin tight end catch a thousand yards. Worth of receiving yardage. But guess sack he did enough at Penn State. And now the last week week and a half of OTAs as irrelevant as they are to make me think maybe there's something there and I've heard enough good things about the psyche. From NFL scouts that I respected think OK maybe that's something to look forward to how about we join the rest of the NFL right and finally have a tight end. But come the same threat what a novel concept at Miami might actually be able to join that party and have a tight end to scare teams and. I'm playing ten on eleven in the passing game. For for half the game there's a lot of room here Barry there's a lot of Amir. This texture here put in his own terms which is fine the keyword is break out. And we have a few cellphone athletes with that potential this year ten a month at Parker Drake for the easy Winslow could potentially put it altogether this year. I can't wait to. And so we have a very strong running Magruder fan base in presence on this afternoon children I've known as a site as well new remind you of of that. Look at Ford Centennial has what everyone else seems. Everyone else seems to we see in him. Also quite a few live out of my house quite as you just Richardson's OK fair all of these are good ideas. Though it looked Arco residual bit earlier writes I think you're educated on the editors there obviously a playoff team this year in a very competitive Atlantic Division. Fair and I swear they're the team probably has the best feature many of these sports but and and if you're gonna wait for reasons for hope for the Panthers and they are dragged down in this general who's. Topic that we thrown out of this being. You know the second worst time for sap. I would say you're gonna put on that list he could obviously put bark off you could expanded to all of their young forwards right or some of their odd that the young defenseman like act black. It didn't look great job of drafting and and deal talent I mean he's that the red meat for the judges. I just a does make the playoffs first right before you sort of what the closest to a championship bid this talent that we make the playoffs first. Exactly that's summit checked the dolphins made the playoffs before alas I'm the president. We've they have a half ago you know I mean you were just twelve team and I'm assuming over we know we know what the morals are bound to say and I disliked you a little bit of baby steps here while the closest to a championship but to lead the playoffs here for the first time. In in a few years if you're the if you before repair this but yes roster the way that crucial to their roster you would say they've done a they've done. A a very very good job the Marlins pull it gives me hope. And all of that guys if they're the sarcasm mr. premiere concern that a lot of. Like a last night the general as well what I mean for for bear clawed to go this long where he went almost the entire month without giving up bad. Given up like ten minutes and 33 innings and maybe not today though today is not that I got him on nine nothing I know that today to say you know what I am college really put it altogether out of the bullpen after last heads towards the Doug's case. But but Derek I your Reggie was a nationally rather reliever of the month yes and that guy must be a truce that Ritter fan as well and other. I impressive young Marlins reliever and Adam Conley had been doing well except for oops the Grand Slam last night sorry. Word gotten a few of these Barry we're gonna fewer these on the texts. And Obama do the update. Here we get the headlines here and you'll see of it's it's somewhere in the headlines OK and you can you kinda seemed you can yes. What we're getting a little bit on the sexual people are looking for as far as hope. That's a in the foreseeable future we'll get to that lawyer texture but let's at 5 o'clock deadline. Police still a UAE XY AM South Miami at WX at best at that each state to Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. All right let's start with the real World Cup as Belgium. They defeated Brazil two to one and so. Belgium upsets the Brazilians in the quarterfinals. To Belgium moves on to the semis he'll take on France who shut out your wife earlier today to nothing. Bill is similar quarters will take place tomorrow beginning at. Ten it gave him. Baseball tonight the Marlins after giving up a nine to nothing lead to the Washington Nationals last night though. Back at it they'll send this really to the hill against Miami so Gio Gonzales a little 51 pitch from. Nationals Park. Move into the MBA the heat's summer league in Vegas starts tomorrow and it's an orally Republicans at 5 o'clock. And big NBA news looks like Carmelo Anthony and the Oklahoma City Thunder according to ESPN's agent fortune or else you are both motivated to. Two to part ways sometime. This summer via trade or possible buyout of Anthony's final year of his contract and also speaking of contracts Tony Parker according to bodes well assigned a two year ten million dollar contract. To become the up point Carter backup point guard with the Charlotte hornets and know lose are your headlines. 67974. On detects an entire regions are there any guesses here will we got a few a few more than one more than one year. On the tax final of people are looking forward to providing hope. Everyone afraid that there. We give me begin by saying it was in the update courtesy Carmelo our fans looking forward to the slim possibility of a Carmelo Miami Heat Mary no doubt be that would be the logical yes. Pro stumped pro soccer. Okay that's a good one so thinking that the Jorge mas David Beckham and them will create a product. That's credible. And successful I'm assuming. Okay just texted pro soccer no word is that a lot of the MLS and soccer team we just get angry and multiple tax on unless I mean I'd like for them that actually. Our roster a stadium a nickname Colorado Z New Jersey colors before going that far you. OK everything yes that you know certainly I agree you know it's dilemmas in Pittsburgh the playoff the for their hoisting the Stanley Cup. You're asking for how about a uniform and an actual a schedule magnet. Before a year before you're rolling with the with the MLS team title drives you aren't measuring the tax on is the message on that front OK but that is absent. Yeah I know it's it's a very interesting parent I mean if someone should be able no talent you would think it's back. Right and having an arrest tacked right and it they have money to spend having the respect. To lure players here where you would want David Beckham being much like Magic Johnson as the front person with the lakers. And Jorge mosque has a lot of money respected locally first they need a stadium though they're gonna make a presentation. To the commission next week. With the hope of getting something on the ballot which would result would Mel Reese golf course. Partly becoming a soccer stadium sock silly so that's still in play as well purse I got one more for you worry about the tax line. Another reason for hope and again maybe I'm stretching on some of these -- of that Patrick. How many years have we been airing Eric air out that the dolphins cannot depend Ty gets bright. Last year allowed most catches a league against tight ends. Which has been are occurring night mayor here for years second most yards allowed to tight ends only Oakland allowed more Nate just allowed. Four yards more than Miami to. So make a Fitzpatrick is who we think he hits it he's a guy that can shadow tight ends they can finally make the dolphins at least. Representative. In their ability to defend tight ends and that's recent broke. You got I don't know if Ari how extended to the last that somebody else also. May mention of this as far as. Charles or some of these really excited about Charles Harris. On the tax line looks like the ultimate young still on the line and Charles Harris who don't sell America great quantities. And young studs at corners and playing safety young potentially dominant defense somebody texted that and I would say just their last couple of overall draft some Inca you mention the tight end I would throw paerson in the haven't seen anything yet the makes him look special Rick on we have no idea yet. You go back to console I think there's still hope there. Parker I've kind of lost track of a lost hope on that front. Literally some of those guys if you're looking at hate they can be good. That's where it's got to come from somewhere through our you know I didn't make it could be could be a dynamic player that they that they got in the draft so yes optional. Of the young defenders you just throughout and the text or throughout. Not raise say that on Charles Harris after two sack per year I don't think he's close to bust but we need to see a lot roar. Same with McMillan mighty good player we just don't know where there's been nobody work. Now some might come back at me and say OK how can you be excited about mink but perhaps not quite as excited about McMillan the reason is Minkow was a top ten NFL draft Allah I had a scout Tellme. He's spoken to other scouts who Lee who raided Mitt make up its Patrick ahead of Denzel war. The cornerback who went forth the Cleveland so we're talking about eight top five or six. Draft talent who fortunately for the dolphins slipped to eleven. Now do I have statement Milledge sure but not at the point yet where I can say that can be a major source of optimism until we actually see him play it down. Ot the other one that you mention was Avian Howard you mentioned young corners. I would say some degree of optimism there because we've seen Zabian Howard at his best. And it was pretty spectacular right I mean that New England Monday night game in December the game against Denver as well. So so it was real it was spectacular yeah Zabian Howard in that Monday night game against New England there you go and their spectacular yes but both of his six right. It in that game so I think was Zabian I would throw him in the same boat as Niko a reason Borough. Because in the that's is Avian Howard that he really is rather than just tiny sample size then Miami has a legitimate number one corner I guess we'll see this. Charles Harris modes of cemented that Charles there as Alex. Yes another that would be like the Dallas club build off guard that's why when I wanted to get through there. You know we got a lot of dams a lot of we get our art ten hills we are pro soccer's were getting some wave bubbles hey wade coming back for the he. That's not that's not lost on a lot finally get a fun see I'm still waiting for our first there Joan junior. Based on three spectacular. Summer league. You know JT real mute so we have a GT remain assigning on the tax line I. Excited as they could sign too long term deal the Marlins do have interest in doing that I don't believe they've made a proposal yet but they have discussed offering him a long term deal I think. With him if he except sit if they make that offer this offseason he takes a great you'd have a building block. For 567 years at Pete doesn't then I think they try to deal him and I would say Houston would be an interest thing. Landing. A point four. Offer opera JT had a team that he probably would have interest in going to. Not far from Aurora right on his roots in Oklahoma and the team he'll probably be looking for catcher is I think prime candidates that. Yeah or to help the zoning W time teams in our in on him. As far is as far as the the JT remitted to build the one there tomorrow joke arguments of other staff earlier and you might be excited about and some and other ideas. I got to see them do something first I gotta show some will slow goodwill of faith here maybe signing or mutilate. So forwards being okay purge purge purge purge I mean I need some. Some give back here I need some what's the plan and what's their next what's their next what's their next step of the plan. It was easy it's easy just to get rid of guys in trade guys in and trim payroll I just numbers Wayne to see what's what's the next up this. Well sort of something a look for to me this is the most interesting thing with the Marlins this winter. They're gonna have sixteen million coming off their books with Brad Ziegler at nine million this year he'll probably be traded the all star. A break or trade deadline late July and Junichi. Zelaya who no longer on the team he was designated for assignment there over a month ago. So that sixteen million that. I'll be very interested to see if the Marlins used that money to its to acquire an established Major League hitter because clearly there are lined up needs a lot of help. So their payrolls that a little under a hundred million this year. If they feel pressure. From baseball to use that money and stay in the range of 95200. Million this offseason because remember. The pressure would be the Major League player's union already has pursued. A grievance against the Marlins and four other teams are not using enough. Of their revenue sharing money on payroll so it because of those factors and as a good will show as you mentioned Korea I just don't tomorrow's wanna re direct the sixteen million coming off their books. And they can make their line up a lot better by signing. But citing a starting outfielder whose Major League quality better than like Cameron Maybin for example. Correct yes mavens no more no better than tobacco breath at this point in Pittsburgh. And and most mr. for the for that matter right but yes some let me just a on this and even then there understand the pain and prod a bunch of money we actually don't be a home run last thing once use of the understand. They got a lot of bad deals. In Shannon. As just wrapped around their necks for the next two years correct when he million. And 22 my product still do fifteen million next year I understand Carlos Castro eleven million next year so they've still got to deal with that or more a year or two years and chance. It's somebody good saying it has to be this offseason but at some point there has to be okay I see what you guys are doing I'll buy yen. But up until then I'm just like okay whatever right they just don't immunology and I watch him every night I've heard you know I've reform plan. NM adjusted eleven all that goes a bit as far as the long term Jeter playing in okay. What will rue what's the next step your what's the next big step here. Other than we know what's that one was. Get rid of payroll and make all your balls guys and then. What's step two. We could just have to that albeit interest and will get to the next segment here also get to more or text your Carmelo Anthony. Should the Miami Heat pursue him looks like he's going to be available. Or I'll get in that tournament right here on seven I didn't take. Back here on the day can't. Kept that damage. The thing is wanting a partner at local weather authority team. We achieved certified urologist Betty Davis former director of the national art games that our American officials Max Mayfield. And hurricane special Bryan Norcross that is the dream team right there to keep you up today. On all the latest storm news this hurricane season. Partial government figures question might be into services protecting you with PGT impact windows and doors. Keeping up today this hurricane season names of many never won a 43 HD to the ticket iridium dot com station. -- perch here on 790 Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is in Willis all afternoon Bertha Lewis. Three of the five days this week and we've patio had a blast and fortunately offer us not a we're gonna miss Berry service is next week. Well Adam Beasley you're kind of part of The Herald and Maine Navarro. Below will be in all of us especially missiles when you're off to Las Vegas for the summer league. Right and switching spots with many many scum bag from Sacramento Las Vegas I'm going out there and there should be uninteresting story lines next week there. And I guess we've been talking about Carmelo this. The ESPN reported that Miami. Would have interest that Carmelo is like go bio Casey which looks likely at this point boom of thunder once again out of an enormous tax bill that would result. If they keep them so in the likely scenario of the thunder simply cutting him. Then ESPN is looking at Miami the lakers Houston is is most likely options I've heard internally from the heat mixed reaction. About Carmelo. There's some feeling that he doesn't have much what certainly never been a great defensive player think others have more interest but if you were to come here it would have to be at the minimum. At the 2.4 million because I don't see the that would be earmarked for weight if he comes back it all. And interest in peace Curtis just moved on Kevin Pelton. Booze and analytics an analyst guy for them wrote something about two. How Carmelo would fit with these three options and ESPN has mentioned would be teams that would be good fits perhaps I years. Couple paragraphs and he wrote our heat. He said that Miami would be an interesting landing spot for Carmelo because the heat's defensive versatility. In James Johnson Josh Richardson and justice Winslow Miami is a number of defenders capable of guarding multiple positions. Making it easier for Erik Spoelstra hiding Anthony. On the opposition's weak is offensive player the question for the heat Kevin hell right sunny Question is whether that effort would be worth that given Anthony would either displaced one of these superior defenders. Or a better offensive option. Kelly Nolan frequently play that role for Miami last season and it's far more efficient as the score Cora and Anthony at the stage at Pete's career so to his Wayne Ellington. Made a team high 2273. Pointers last season. Evan bell who goes on to wrap up his Miami Heat assessment with that's. He says of signing Anthony is a pretext. For not resigning Ellington my rate as a top unrestricted free agent left on the market that's a significant downgrade for Miami. Which could offer the taxpayer mid level exception been pushing the tax already as it is that you have all those players shooting guard. And or close Dion Waiters and potentially Dwyane Wade. Presuming you decide to postpone retirement so it's hard to see the need for Carmelo Anthony with the heat or where his minutes might come. Helton concludes that none of the destination Houston lakers Miami would be an ideal fit although. I know courtesy you and I think that the lakers used to would make more sense Houston each step in for Trevor reason I went to Phoenix starting small forward on a championship contender. Lakers he would either start or come off the bench and certainly didn't score. Yeah I absolutely I just hope I sorely see it hear anyone that we know Carmelo can do is play defense. So okay and now we're starting to question it is still a viable shooter any viable option. Hello from from deep and image she had a hunt it currency since reporters usher. When relative to 27. Last year Dwyane average. Just over eleven points per game. Being 26 minutes played Carmelo average sixteen points in 32 minutes play. So if your if your rule weighing those two and and the present is much higher relative to your weighing those two options yours and yes well Ellington is a better option. Then Carmelo Anthony what are booty broke Carmelo bring to you okay he's not afraid to take the big shot I get it and I understand that his team is lacking guys that are going to want to take the big shot. In that spot went. I don't see a huge need for the heat to. Want to court Carmelo Anthony unless like I said. If they got their roster and make a big trader some innate you know there's a three for one or something and they need a guy. Then Carmelo would be you can do hours and Carmelo at the presidency isn't as it stands right now they don't need another guy who's to clog up the roster. And and not really play as much as is he probably wants to play. And I think the other teams meet him rockets. They are just they don't play demons to begin with. Catch and shoot that's fine the lakers I think there answer neither shooting when you look at their roster surrounding LeBron and we all know the connection with both of those guys as their all. The funny thing is all three the stations are apparently all. Three very good friendship with with Carmelo Anthony. Right and remember Carmel you mention his defense last year players that he guarded chuck 48% against some compared to 46 an app overall and frankly. If US me huddle I want shooting late in close games I would be just as comfortable with wade. And even Dion Waiters judging from the sample size we saw. During that thirty and eleven run to close 201617. I'd be just as comfortable with those two taking shots late in close games of both are healthy. Then Carmelo at the stage of his career. So I wouldn't I wouldn't even find the lure of having another. Big shot maker be all that enticing with regard to Carmelo I just seal largely I don't say washed up. Because they think that overstates it I think it's still be a useful bench component for somebody. But I just see a player who's so well past its prime that I simply don't think he'd make an appreciable difference on your won loss record in Miami I think maybe he makes you. A little bit better than Washington Milwaukee maybe I'm not eating convinced that. Let me have you just miss you this year and this is this is kind of this is why these conversations are so fascinating. To me. Where does he would you have a bigger impact than where would you have a larger role. Regular former LA Miami or Houston. I would say Houston number one does he steps right in and start right you would assume that I wanna keep Eric Gordon Gerald Green on their bench he simply replaces Ariza. I would say lakers. Maybe people lakers too but I'm not. And that's what I would say the lakers to a Miami three ain't man I would say who were the better teams Houston two in the MB chairmanship. The lakers are certainly going to be better than the Miami Heat right. I just find it amid credit. He would probably bigger role with those teams than he would with Miami yeah those teams at one of war compete for championship and the other will be. A fifty win basketball club for sure. Yeah and the reason would be because as Riley told us at the end of the season. He said we have too many good to great player Rangel would be actor is so they had too many a little above average NBA players strike while Houston and the lakers obviously. Our top heavy workers and has to only players and the lakers have won. And a few other nice pieces around there so that's why here he'd be just another guy with this point is average. Certainly a little above average offensively well below average defense of what they're more vibe on those rosters I think he recognizes that himself yup and and that's where he should go I'd be very surprised at the end to. Your right and you know if you wanna get into a real a real. You know mind blowing question would be. If he doesn't want to demand moment there's the mid level left wouldn't know Dwyane Wade or Carmelo Anthony who would rather have and I think. Dwyane Wade is Dwyane Wade still the better player we know where the seminal factor why but it got down to that Dwyane Wade or Carmelo Anthony for this roster. Who would you take. What a good question. Even though Carmelo average more per game last year I'd rather have wait okay because at least there would be. A leadership component there. Where there's accountability with Dwyane where he was still talking to us on another teammate trying to read them engaged. Et Al no part of this of me saying way is probably more of an emotional thing because of way it's connection with its franchise. But even so I probably still rather have way but it's close. It's certainly closet Carmelo has more years left on him than wait I think Carmelo has more basketball left in him no more good basketball left in him. But I would take wade even William you have a lot of shooting guards and you probably wouldn't have a need for Carmelo was a church for. More than and more so than another true too and Dwyane Wade. But I do you think you look at there's a Mormon accountability factor that with the with Dwyane Wade. And I think he's got a little bit more invested in this roster returning to this roster and willing to help out this roster rather Carmelo Anthony is coming in. And you can go in the tank and three months and and and you'd be training about the trade deadline. If things and work out so overall I think Primeau probably has a little bit more basketball left in his legs. But I would take out to doing win honestly yup I would to an art to separate the emotional stop pleasure you're kind of. And I know he fans are frustrated by the complete lack of activity other than signing Derek Jones with Wayne Ellington and offer has been made it's not ellington's liking. That remains in a holding pattern is Ellington decides whether wants to come back and an offer. Not as high as he would like or perhaps go elsewhere wages and holding pattern as well. So that I I can take the heat has made efforts to try it clears salary Tyler Johnson Whiteside very much available they would likely moved James Johnson as well. A lot of cap space is not really been an issue for them the Sox as they weren't getting LeBron. To meet a lack of cap space is going to be a troublesome next offseason because it's just picture the scenario Kurtz if you had the money. What the lakers had this off season to be able glad to Max guys next offseason. I would say the heat would have been as good chance as anybody to get that Jimmy Butler Kyra you're being Kabul. But the fact that matters they don't even have money for one Max contract. There 120 million over next year's projected gap so if they had not committed all of this to Tyler and James and Deion. And sun although I don't think anyone question the sun move with the you got a fairly steep one of those in there and there right. Then they'd be in position where I think they would have an excellent chance at those two. If you believe the Chicago sun times reporter earlier this week that those two guys where I would like to play together and butler's unhappy in Minnesota and is not gonna sign an extension with the waltzes. Found out that that would that means be fair would that being said. You're probably a 35 when basketball team this past season and no playoffs all right we'll all those players got there right outside and it's all those guys let's cavaliers and the playoffs this year. Troop when you're not mean just your. Your 35 win team in lottery. Right but your soul extracted enough to get but learn Irving you know our players who are those two surrounding. Ban in Richardson. Get tee in the discussion per second best at least at the very least and to legitimately challenge Boston. May be unfortunately it's not gonna happen arrest Riley can do that its third most magical thing of his career I heard the Big Three. And Shaq I don't I mean if he's able clear out cap space or somehow get two Max players next summer. That's even more impressive in the first trade of Alonso which is what's. And it's still that it would if you was able to do this and just what about would be the top any toppled any general managers resume for the most part. If he was able to clear out clear out this roster here in the next in the next eight or nine months armored come back we get sillier text messages here 679740. Gets more techs are what are you hoping for a lot of people over joked around Salem for more lottery picks from hoping for more high draft picks when it comes of the dolphins. And as a relates to a quarterback. You have an interesting comments you've been working on correct for the yes I'm on Miami Herald dot com now. Lot of can handle stuff on a bunch of things are gonna get into that are in a segment very dress thing that's come next they were this right here on some nine to take. Back here on the ticket Thursday and and Barry Jackson will take up until 7 o'clock. When. Josh Freeman will take over and Jack to our day please. The crew that'll be take you into a Friday evening at happy hour here on some and anything we got us up to get to here has we still got a lot more to do quick reminder. There's only one place. One way to listen to the take it on your Smart device or computer and that's with the radio that come operator dot com that's our stream is and everything else you. You're looking for some dialogue read that comment now the measure favored to get show renewed a come new home of himself and and you know from 1043 HD two tickets. Tech site is open at 67974. We invite and encourage your text messages. Just be safe out there if you're trying to navigate treacherous roadways of South Florida just do not text and drive 67974. Its exit without some four. How big news of the day is coming out of the NBA as Troy Anthony will be hum will be parting ways with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Trade could be possible most likely a buyout or a stretch provision. Which is basically. The Camilla it is going to be a free agent to tell anybody in the MBA he wants to do so that's going to be that's the bottom line. In the heat courting major Walter announced he are a team that Carmelo. Would be interest today and then he would be interest and according to him. But also the lakers and Houston Rockets are another team and bury their toss that around here and we didn't he would not be. They a good place for Melo and B I don't think that he can you smell particularly well also. We were talking about that a little bit but audiences and football stuff here white gotcha and you got a fascinating fascinating column in Miami Herald not come. Right now about right Tammy hill and also about first round quarterbacks in drafted quarterbacks in the NFL. And I've been saying this for years. On the radio and you finally did the work and put the math to it. Because they're what does a draft a guy in the third or fourth round draft a guy Adelaide and Jimmy comes out. And it's like. OK fine I just think usually you're just throwing away a selection for the most part. But the Miami Dolphins always seem to be in that predicament but but tells what you what you got forced. Are well I started thinking about this is as he says everyone was screaming why did the dolphins at least take some quarterback take anyone Lockwood had been there in the fourth or just take anybody so here few things I found out from looking back to quarterback selected in the draft. From 2000 through 2016. Left out last year. And this year's draft Robbie streets so 124. Quarterbacks were drafted between fourth and seventh rounds from 2000 to 22016. Of those a 120 war. Guess how many became above average starters. Taking gets of those hundred in 24 early deficit again forced to seventh round since the turn of the century. To the turn of the century 2000. Five. Okay three and are now one was Tom Brady so that's the argument why everyone's got one anyway that Taylor's come. Right exactly exactly it's once every lifetime you got Tom Brady as the rounds whoever and anybody can do so anybody can do. Zach Prescott's Kirk cousins were the others are also three average starters selected. Fourth through seventh rounds since the turn of the century. Ryan it's Patrick Tyrod Taylor David grower okay. That's six out of a 124. So 118. Of the 124 quarterbacks like to fourth round or later since turn of the century. I've essentially done not of those late round picks went round picks a flyer on a guy yes but it doesn't stop there. Now I certainly understood the argument that the dolphins may be should have traded for Josh Rosen. Certainly Rosen as a good career we can question that decision if for if not the Patrick evening to its Patrick doesn't turn out to be great. But keep this and with regard to two quarterbacks who were selected to. In the first round since 2000 urban 45 of them. Only 13 of them became above average starters so fifteen of the 45. Nine others became average starters so that leaves 21 of the 45 were boss or close to it now. If find the dolphins and I was making the argument to Steve Ross who would have welcomed. Quarterback even though we like stand. I would of said the law. The odds of mink of its Patrick being a bust are much slimmer. And the odds of quarterback we selecting the bus slid in the isn't it you know it in and in that list of he would be in that list when he's in one of those nine effort started he's one of those that I mentioned. What shocked me the most of the study that I did Curtis was how few quarterbacks selected in the second and third round make it. I would've bought the number would have been much higher now okay consider this nineteen QBs selected in the second round since 2000. Guess how many became above average starters in the NFL of those nineteen QBs taken second rounds the turn of the century. Hillary yes. Drew Brees obviously hall of Famer Dirk car. And I included to go wrap below edges based up the small body work although you could easily say there is just an average guy. Who became average Andy Dalton Colin tapper so that means fourteen of the nineteen. Never became. The guy with the team ever picked in the second row it's even worse in the third round since 2000 should 21 quarterbacks selected in the third round. Three have proved to be above average Russell Wilson duels nick foale's match shop another Josh McCown was Africa. So of the 21 quarterback selected in the third round since 2017. If fail. So. I not believe me I was part of this group that was saying. The dolphins have to bring in someone else beyond David fails this off season. Draft a guy take a chance but after I did the research I can understand that we don't have a conviction a guy correct you shouldn't. Worsen unless you love a guy like that like I forget the old coach was a Martin might have been Martinez for the patriots. Big heat means I won't quit my job a futile draft Tom Brady was it right down to six written these are this there's something about this guy I lump. Let's you have a complete conviction. I he's the son of somebody that you know all where you use it is you know what we're gonna take him. Because we know so well and we like his skills at what have you but very what do you just look at the thirty look at the 32. Quarterback and his go up and down. All all of the list of guys now in the first round picks Mary. Number one picks overall. And the entire draft you go Cam Newton was a number one overall pick Alex Smith was the number one overall that James Woods it was a number one overall pick. I'll Matthew Stadler was the number one overall pick. Those are the first exit it all the first round on Angel number one overall a jerk off number one overall pick the bigger although although the other guys that are first round picks. Top five to exit that in Matt Ryan. You know from Roethlisberger was a top ten Philip Rivers Eli Manning was somewhat over on the shuttle lots of hundred homes. Eagles on you have a Brady there that's one cycle haley's comet could its once a lifetime that you're gonna see that again. And then you get a couple other guys to fall through the cracks at Russell Wilson Mike Russell Wilson was two inches taller he'd be a top fuel to the top five quarterback that you're anyway. Rainfall suit cracked because he's a little bit small okay deck press god same type of deal other than that or the guys. That. Dan are you don't Sam Bradford number one overall pick there's another one Joseph Flacco first round pick Mitchell Drabinsky first trumpet player brawl for trumpet goes on and on and on. Right right and I I put this article also. Quarterbacks and dolphins fans that Lee should watch when they watch college football the Euro is not to say Daniels gonna fail. And I still think he has a pretty good chance of being above average middle cornerback the only already exacts a just put these four names in the minds of Dalton says just so when you sit on your couch on a Saturday. You can keep an eye on these or guys drool walked out of Missouri. He's make Shays top quarterback in this graph class going into the year now I must add the Scott via. I talked to Mel piper in June before Ken Dorsey last year UN milk high percent Ken Dorsey could conceivably rise. 22. Third in the draft. Obviously never happened he went all the way in the sixth round so keep all this in mind but that moment. Drew walked of Missouri keep your eye on him 44 TDs thirteen picks last year was out impairment Josh Allen. The Wyoming kid who went to buffalo rumors around this year. Justin Herbert from Oregon you know if you watch any. Ducks games this year any organ ducks games keep your eye on the skid to. Projected to be a first round pick. Eight games this past season fifteen touchdowns by season so keep an eye and in shape Patterson's an interest in one here's a guy who played at Mississippi. Seventeen touchdowns nine picks last year transfer to Michigan eligible immediately. And reports this week that he signed with the Texas Rangers to play baseball in their minor league system bought by all indications he still gonna play at Michigan. And it will up pursuant NFL career he chooses out of me a hard sell to be exactly and I know you watch some of these his cards that you watch more sports and anybody so one asked yet. After I give warning and what no life that's what Barry mention commitment makes mention other I don't think he's very studious grass crap I have no Saul our life that Roberts. Auburn is Jared instead of me unless I don't know what butchering his nuts at OK okay the Baylor transfers through. Op for 3000 plus yards and opera last season eighteen TD sixteen picks. He's projected Mitt per track so those are the four guys you watch college football this year and if you're off the tanning a band wagon or if you don't have a conviction about them. You're likely starting quarterback for the dolphins long term if it's not Ryan Dan hale is more likely to be one of these spore than anybody else. Which of these ordeal like. Eight by the way it goes it goes to those not necessarily going to be the best for college quarterback those are the best jewel for the pros I corps Iraq two right according to people who do this reliving what Amaechi a dean grew cooler and the other draft analyst. They might end up by these boards the potential. First round quarterbacks nexus those guys you know prior to organize neutral pierce of the like that but as far as. Pro ready quarterbacks to go. I really I like Herbert if your disfigured block would be the of the lowest of the ones. I like Herbert Paterson. I haven't seen quite a while but you gonna know if he Q if he makes it work if Harbaugh came into worked and forget about it. And that's going to be that's going to be that he can't play in the NFL as a top pick. And then sit home you know transferring. It will see in that you know Islam but their guys come in from symbols often liken bill there but probably would be the guy earlier on his attitude the traditional. More pro pro quarterback and say Mario widow mart rose a superior athlete ought to let. That those are some interest and aims to follow him. We'll see it's amazing when you look at it now Mary. Mean armor we did this can be years ago a brat Kyle would have been on the list. Yes and you know not saying that that's not a good list you have which is but that's a listener but he always did change a lot obviously yes I stocked. Can rise and fall the next few months one last thing from this piece and I did. I think mark duper great former dolphin pretty accurately captured the feeling so many South Florida sports fans dolphins fans when he said this he said quote. We always say Ryan can ill has a lot of potential but there's always something wrong with them. Mark duper told me I still don't know how good he has this year's Stewart died Britney needs to stay healthy and perform or there's going to be trouble in paradise. Dan Marino likes him. So that's mark duper weighing in on the dolphins think but there's one thing we can all agree on. Is there must be a determination made this year I know perk and I have a running joke and he'll be back in this chair and another week. Gergen I ever running joke that. That will never be able to judge can help until like 2038. Because every year there's going to be something where he'll make an excuse it's it. Well we didn't have a great offensive line correct well he didn't have a tight end threat okay the guys going to be thirty let's make a decision now right. Not now but clearly after the season. Yes yes so we all can move on with our line was our lives yes yes. All right that's very Jackson ride their for the Miami Herald he's been with us all afternoon we got about another hour to play with zero to yup until. 7 o'clock we'll get back to some of the NBA stuff Lotta people texting in. On that and and we're just talking about we got a lot more to get to hear as though we got a full hour with you'll open the sixth. On the other side next here on some and I didn't take. Minutes got a big upset in the World Cup today. Vision that city based aroused placed a bid for the final world soccer tournament match on Sunday July 15. Buick from Sunday starting at 930 A Amber's about about by an official beer. Of the Tony eighteen fifa World Cup beer friends goals. That he plays to arouse located northwest there's extreme in 82 avenue in Doral. Plus the game on a giant screen they'll be. Plenty of entertainment. And its enterprise including jazz to a Tigger suit see Real Madrid or Barcelona play. It's all sponsored by Cleveland particular bit energy drink real energy for real people. Curtis Stevens alongside Gary Jack. Sit here and Curtis and Bert Berry isn't for Turk to vacationing criticize Chris Perkins will be out. The next the next few days and into next week as well we'll get. Couple of rotating ho said abusing your caller to the Miami Herald and our good friend here it's amended its a good reason will be in for a couple of days early next week. And in many Navarro who you're gonna be a swapping spaces with out in Las Vegas for the heat's summer league minis are out there are currently. Limiting his spot he'll take your spot here cellphone networks burn. Yes and 211 degrees in Vegas to look forward to with a low of my thinking 89 you know all I have a trivia question point Goran there was the I. Can't remember where was it wasn't a far far away land to merit without a lot too early it is a galaxy far far away. When the last two weeks the lowest quarter the highest recorded low temperature ever on earth was a 109 degrees that was the low. And I I wish I could tell you where it was like it make the store. Or better but weren't. So I was inside it's like everywhere Israel that is where they're gonna have the World Cup in four years is that or is that or a look that bad because of the dead an in cutter they'd indeed move the World Cup. Her through the to the winner how I'm gonna be happy in the World Cup and more of a ball game four and a half years in a couple via back on it yes. I don't know I don't know that's one thing. You get into the World Cup is it is it is a there's not a lot of competition right for the World Cup all a city in. Omon. Sets the world's hottest low temperature ever a 109 degrees. Most high. On the high it was a 127 minute ago the yes themselves. Some minutia to share with your friends of the cocktail or consider that when your we got Vegas and your in his way and you know what's off trying to a dry heat though remember it's dry you yeah yeah your biggest guy you Vegas guys there. And so so I'd like some aspects but no I like the food. I like two but again I just like a spectacle that okay what about the gaming and gambling never. Great interest in America you iPod myself an exciting young sitting with someone who might get some interest yeah. I would say am I gonna to put any you put any future events on here although our conversation earlier could be tough to the finding future bet on in the in the South Florida pro sports teams. As if things look you you would get long odds you would get some good pay out here. But we got of that earlier. Also a one million suit some there's inquiry. Irving information out there it's pretty good carrier restores are pretty good on how to phrase this carrier ring is a very. The more more fun of a carrier ring more and more he's big he becomes more and more interest and to me. Although he's probably. I think he's crazy. For the for the most part here so we'll allow we'll get all that plus we had some your text messages to the sour dough out things get too. As a lot of time to to do it yourself 67974. That's you get to us. On the on the Tex lines 679744. Get to that let's did you a big stories of the day 6 o'clock deadline. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD you'll Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. Far right will begin with a World Cup we had an upset this afternoon. It's. Belgium they take care of Brazil. June toward that that was your final. As a result found themselves down cute and Elvis scored in the seven segment of Belgium holds off and advances to the semi finals two to one their take on friends who shut out your way today. 22 nil. Other set of the quarters tomorrow. Morning it'll be sweet being taken on the favored England and at 2 o'clock Italy Russia. Have a host country taking on Croatia. Among the Marlins will take on the Washington Nationals once again Marlins Louis nine. Run leave the last night and then the losing the first of a four game said. Against the nets Vince rarely gets the ball for Miami this evening and Miami's finest G opens on. School throw for the national symbol 51 pitch from Nationals Park. Miami Heat there in action tomorrow India app formats of Las Vegas summer league as altered on the New Orleans pelicans Obama played in Las Vegas at 5 o'clock and couple a bigger NBA names that are on the move one will be on the move shortly. Seems like a general Jaruzelski odious Jim is reporting that Carmelo Anthony. And the Oklahoma City Thunder are both motivated to trade or possibly buy out Carmelo Anthony which would make him a free agent or or trade if they can try to find a trade partner. Either way Carmelo Anthony will be on the dumb move this summer both sides have decided to part ways. In Tony Parker a long time point guard on the San Antonio Spurs four time NBA champion he has signed a two year ten million dollar deal. With the Charlotte hornets and those are your headlines going to be strain. Seeing Tony Parker any Charlotte hornets Jersey seventeen. Magnificent years with the spurs helped lead them to four of their five championships. Always an emotional day when a player. From New York team who has meant so much to your franchise leaves for the first time one interesting side notes of the Parker. Departure was remember one of the reasons that was cited. For Cole why Leonard whining out was because he was angry that Tony Parker had said that his quad injury. Was what a thousand times a worse odds than what Leonard Hadley is what made. Apparently cut way. Eight why rather are trying to mix carrier ring Weiler together it made quite Leonard even angrier with the spurs. Because Parker made that comes to Marc spears of the undefeated for ESPN got this won't today. From Tony Parker which I thought was interest in him he said did. Tony Parker. I have a here's again quote from Tony Parker about quite wondered I had no problem with quite Leonard. We never had an argument when the journalist asks me if my injury was worse than a wise I said yes because it was true. But that did not lessen the significance of his injury. He took over the franchise and I gave up the torture the franchise willingly it's very sad the media took one quote made it sound like I didn't want to play within. He was the face of the franchise. So the next that the call of the coal why Leonard San Antonio Spurs. Trilogy now will be with USA basketball because pop there's gonna be coaching him at the end of the month I guess there's some hope. From a spur standpoint that will be able. To repair that relationship when the two of them are together again for an extended period got to run your chance it would be it what boy it's not going to be our. Remember this kid I mean if they chance. That is is that's going to be strange yes because I mean. It is you talk about being a professional bird and I'll know I've only if I can do that penalty to put it aside and every time possibly knew that huddle and is going. Mean why I mean unless there's a good reason I just don't see where pops can understand why why let her once out. And then I mean Popovich is going from me championship contender for the last fifteen years to. But the first time in how many years that they might not make the playoffs for the quarter of the evict requirement. Oh they'd be in danger right they'd be competing with Minnesota and Denver for bottom right playoffs seat so here's what's going on with coli from all indications Philadelphia. Has made this offer Paris Eric Robert Covington for potentially number one pick may be that number one that they own from the heat in 20/20 one which Miami originally traded to Phoenix that picks unprotected. So far Santonio is not bitten. The reports are that the lakers have not offered both Ingram. And Kyle who's who of that they've only offered. Ingram again this is what's been reported along with draft picks the spurs won both players and they want a lot of first round picks as far as Miami is concerned. Many of borrow my calling and I have been told that Riley is reluctant to trade a lot of assets per player he doesn't know. Would at least some degree of confidence would stay. Beyond this coming season. So there have been discussions between the teams. But it has never reached a point where Riley has gone to the spurs and said hey whatever you want and the reason is even as much as Riley craves a whale. As much as any heat fan he's not going to trade all of his assets for a guy. My begun an ear because then what would happen you'd be stuck with a team still up against the cap coral without any of your top trade assets like bam or Winslow. Or potentially a lick or Josh Richardson so I don't lot of people are saying don't laureate that go get the start in visits and to stay. Riley in many cases would but he's not in this case because you have a player who publicly said at least. Through his associates of the hasn't senator with his own name on it associate to make clear he wants to be an LA. Curse are you surprising number of people who were still saying if your Reilly go do it anyway. No I'm not surprised the people get impatient person fans impatient is that there are some line anyway. Right so they can do you know they're gonna come back and audio are how how you know how can rally sinus Arnie was such a dog coming on up out of Marshall and this and that and they were the same ones that word that would calling in. Midnight two years ago saying they got a sign outside of the Max dallas' all along is ready to give the money. So. Yeah I mean fans get impatient and. The big emotional. And they don't it's not their their reputation or their butts on the line when everything goes when that everything goes south and it does go south. And and Riley knows what he's doing and I think Riley has to get some sort of reassurance but yes I was telling Riley pay. Either you get out assets. Yup no guarantee about quiet but we're gonna you're in Europe assets. And your young pieces or you can go up cap space. If you leave your gonna have one of those two I think he would take that. Would you agree that. I would that forever you have to insignificant can't prevent it allows the severity. Exactly right that was there at left is losing him gave him enough cap space to sign Boller and carrier and of course he would do it right under the scenario that would not spaced on either. Right so you you if you think you would lose your your young players young assets you young future your first round picks. And you still would not be better off on the count. Wondering if you you have to get sixty million dollar staring into face to go spend on two other guys. That's a known thing so either scenario I know you gotta cover your butt so to speak on not on that front. The Tony Parker thing but I'm not surprised by a bird because fans and they're good they know they get anxious especially now because he's never done anything. And Oleg acquire Leonard is the only guy that's really available. What a couple of things are wanting it to Tony Parker. I don't know him leave your knot is inning makes it easier if choir once they are not that doesn't really seem to be matter in the whole deal. Also Michael C Wright. This is boosting donated to the cot covered everything is all this also ties together missiles to try to stay with me I know it's not very you know and try to piece all this stuff together. Michael C Wright he joins us a couple of weeks who actually covers birth. In the NBA for ESPN. Here's what he had to say on ESPN radio about coal wide possibly going to Los Angeles team up with LeBron. He wanted to go to a play for the lakers. Split from what I understand now he doesn't want to because LeBron did. And he doesn't want to be you know get the number two guy he walked to be dug you can beat that guy. In San Antonio. A an organization as pedigree by championships were great coach why would you rather be that may at some were opening you know you hear all the stuff about law. He like with Tony Parker city elect will mark my original bit. You know now when you look back and everything to me it all out like excuses you know just say you didn't wanna be an San Antonio. To begin. Right says Michael C Wright on not ESPN radio covers the spurs freest in India and yet. Fascinating because who wants to play with a broad and who will play when LeBron in Los Angeles. I used to think and and may be it's still the case by. There was something wrong with you if you do not want to play with a guy like LeBron James because of his own self admission on selflessness on the fort. It all those things but carrier ring. Seems Asian wanna play with him anymore. Paul George I don't know what happened there may be just overwhelming love from Oklahoma City but that Cairo Fisher last week Perry. And now coli Leonard is there is there should have been around legal guys not wanting to play with LeBron James for a variety of reasons. I wouldn't go that far I think this is just a carrier ring thing I mean to me the most amazing thing is is Jason Lloyd report he works for the athletic. Where he said that during the bronze final season with the heat. Well Bronson something to Tyree on the court following game when he was in Miami. Sudden to be effective keep going keep doing what you're doing you never know I can be back here one day. Which would suggest to LeBron was thinking about leaving even before you left Miami months before he left Miami and then what was fascinating about this was carries response. According to Jason Lloyd the athletic. Kai everywhere in the locker room basically said we don't need that what's he talking about we don't need that guy. Now there's one thing to have confidence in yourself as an athlete. But this is a patently absurd for Kyra you're having to tell Cleveland teammates in Cleveland management. That eight cats team that was going nowhere consistently in the lottery during the four years LeBron was down here that they don't need that guy. I mean it makes you wonder what's wrong with Tyree Erving right when I know their players who have Mario Chalmers I confidence right where they just think they alone. Could beat the entire NBA on their own but this to me is a little Cirque. I agree and that's why don't understand what they mean. Guys wanna be the man. Okay is president do you want so why Leonard. He's won a championship. He's one. MVP of the finals how we're against him as we Cleveland maybe you wanna go into it yourself and be the man I get a but yeah they do you're playing with LeBron you're guaranteed to win. And playing with intelligently with Colby. Who's gonna take forty shots a game and then flipped him the bird when you ask for the basketball played your demeanor play when most unselfish players. So I just I don't get it from a basketball standpoint. And it's funny because tirade. It was mentioned to. Carried wanna go through the circus of LeBron staying or leaving. Number 8000 futures for currently nets tonight. Which I could've bought a little bit but of card we oh we already had that mindset they don't think it okay do you wanna go through and be held hostage thoughts of I didn't go abroad to beat him we don't go when it comes to that but as far as playing with a guy like I can't. If you're going through even more so that we may be the Michael Jordan. Buried lately Magic Johnson who. If you're of another player specially spore. There's nobody else I'd rather play with them than a guy like LeBron James. Who's gonna get to the basketball make you look good played defense all of those things he's the perfect teammate. And then in in a lot of that were in were a lot of that regard when you when you look at all the boxes that need to be checked out of it and. And look at all the respect to guys who wanted to play within. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh Shane Battier is there got more respected ray and Jane back Ray Allen exactly all these guys wanted to play with LeBron so no I don't hold anything against LeBron. Because I read it on playing them right now that local put them Cleveland. That's that's part of it didn't and all of that much to go in there and suffer couldn't Ohio cracked putts. We'll see who shows have been Los Angeles Berry. What is shocking they don't get a second star yeah it was awesome that's what I'm asking that's sort of got asking here. Who's you know. The only Stephenson Rajon Rondo drumming. I still think Hawaii ends up there to meet the other most appealing option Tim would be the clippers but I mosser under port and I cannot call. Who was who reported that the the idea going to the clippers had become less appealing. Two coli Leonard because he didn't want to be. Clearly. You know second mark what do you guys and go over to the exit of Italy and your team is given on the panel right. Yeah good way of putting it right now but they'll have cap space and you lakers look at space for second start the odds on favorite would be quite why but it's not. They're going to find someone. Who's going to take a Max contract from the question is though is that it transcends enough player to make them a legitimate challenger to Golden State what do you think that you have had a rough. Our first week of create and generate the B Cooper's. Community clippers. They've become even less relevant and they. What if Philly should trade for quite shockingly they keep imagine if clay Thompson then join LeBron next year with polite. I will get to that scenario and Samir text messages 67974. Next here on Tim and I didn't take. Did you take in my pride and members of civilian tenor Jerry to bring for the world soccer tournament semi final on Wednesday July 11. At 2 o'clock to eight total beginning releasing Lexington shocker broth sour beer for the game and the kids available there Wakefield. Georgia Troy is an intimately known rapper real heart of the one would arts is to get there was Mike in the crew. On July 11 brought to you by name some and I mean FM 1043. HD to the ticket. Sort of super here on seven an instigator Jackson Miami Herald is in with us and he's there with a slow all afternoon in the last couple of days. On this holiday week. And there's been a lot of fun and no one knew push of the door just let yet but we just want to make mention that with its it's been a blast here. And via the audience certainly has has enjoyed your last couple of days. But we do have some stuff to get to. Before and Frito is a tortilla take over here at the at the top of the hour couple attacks or just talk about before we go before we continue on here. 679746. Of an incident for the younger generation is I want to play with LeBron wade bosh and older guys are LeBron years younger generation is. Different in that regard. Well I certainly could make the case for French and to being a reason for why LeBron to enable to attract other teammates a French ship with Dwyane. Long preceded. Them teaming up Steve writes clearly that's been a different reason and any player. Right yeah generational that these same thing yes I mean it's a good point he brings up younger players might now wannabe. With him but the but. It does because waited waited and those guys when you tear just because they knew each other. Just because there are familiar with each other the wind beyond that rise in some young players might wanna forge. Her own career path right now are not yet attached to a star right and that that that is that that comes with him you know McCall immaturity but some guys younger guys think they can do it all about themselves and things of that nature. I just think or one thing that you you're stupid in this league. If you come anything you can do by yourself. Italy is now. Did you just yet. Well the my question is then will the super teams ultimately work against the NBA and there's no evidence that it hasn't backed the opposite has happened. We've seen in first. Just continue to grow. So for all the complaining initially about the DeMarcus Cousins signing this week is Golden State is gonna be too good for the rest solely will this diminish interest. We've seen nothing like that look at the crowds and summer weeks apart mean settled on meadows Jim has sold oil. Vegas first day of summer league we see big crowds there so. Any fear of the NBA losing. It's magnetism losing any appeal because there's such an imbalance between top team and most the rest of the league to this point has been on found it will have. Answer this question what what do you think would work better long term for the MBA. And it's hard to to dispute anything MBA has done so to this point certainly in the last twenty years. How many superstars you finger in the UB true. Gained changing players that. Your your playoff team with them your playoff you're not a playoff team without them. K let's name two rant Currie LeBron. Anthony Davis might Ballmer category now because he's so incredibly good and because he did lead New Orleans post season this year. Do you start with those or call why when healthy would be if that's correct I UN that who else to that's what's. OK to the OT got you get five right there right. Transcendent players where if he is on your team you're likely your plan your regularly OK Carrie I would I would say. Okay I'll give inaudible playoff team from the out of left I think there's more than you. Then you'd think. I would put it. I the output Russell Westbrook in that category. I admit I made toilets. Daniel Willard in that OJ Bernardin as well James Harden a category progress at all public and Rodriguez were denying right I mean I think there's probably fifteen literally thing about it. OK I think if you want to squeeze out NC may be. Karl at the town's got the potential may be John Wall. May be indeed and Simmons MB in sim is the only. Yes the rose in the dot I probably DeRozan has the least get to the important thing is maybe if he's healthy maybe I think we get the fifteen or twenty. Okay fifteen to twenty may be is but they only about ten sure fire one yes but bring your time is about making the playoffs right so you talked about a guy to make it eight to ten win different and he does not have them. He did and the to have a player like that I think there's 1520 guys we could say hey you guys think of DeRozan if you put on a thirty win team he Mitchell forty win team. Or 38 when Tina targets in the playoffs the second. So there is. There's thirty teams in the MBA correct. What's that we have twenty guys who around would you rather placed twenty guys that thirty MB cities and then have us ensemble cast like the heat do down here for those other ten spots and when he I have a couple of bad teams that are three billing. Or would you rather have it just occurred dynamic of how five of those guys on one team were four of those guys have one team three of those guys on one team in the current model now what do you think would be at her for the NBA and which could. Will you think that. The the first model would be more enjoyable but on the but I don't know if it would play out that way it'd certainly be more content right. I'm with you too I think the super team model has worked better for the NBA than perhaps some would have liked and perhaps some would have thought. Because ratings have been terrific and keep in mind these Golden State ratings. Over the last four years old city against Cleveland had been better than the heat's ratings during its Big Three are so if anything. People become more interest in watching super teams the interest has not diminished. With a second super team following neat speak three Ara. So I think this might be its pains me to say that's but I think this might be best for the NBA to continue to have super teams. That the one risk you run. Would be if bands in markets it's simply cannot compete ever like Sacramento. Atlanta seemingly their bunch of them Orlando. We can name probably ten others. If fans in those markets corners becomes so despondent that they simply lose interest in the NBA and in the one other risk got a point two would be that's. If we get the type of NBA finals that we got this year totally lopsided. Four game finals were the rating will naturally be diminished. A little bit from what it would be for seven game series. Then I think that would be raised the NBA rods but beyond those two risks and neither of those is really come to happen it's because so what what they wanna remind people. The finals rating this year even when they sweet. Was barely worse than what the heat spurs' seven game series god. Five years ago that Ray Allen game sexier. And every other Golden State Cleveland series of months or years. Other than this one drew a higher rating. Than any of the big heat era heat for five. So keep that in mind because that shows an interest and super teams is only building it's not declining so I think. And I would say unfortunately this is going to be the model that will continue to see superstars one team up and the NBA's interest. Not declining in the least because of it in fact only increasing. Well I I agree I did you committed just doesn't make incense. It just does not make it doesn't make what did I what what why is it making doesn't he just because some teams can't win and you feel like that would naturally depression drug use it okay you you will visit the teams that don't don't wind. It's good to diminish interest from a legal hasn't. Sacramento been terrible for fifteen years since Webber and Bibby and soy Djokovic and and flooded the rest of those teams. Get a brand new arena that people show up Orlando up the road whether they even relevant but it almost ten years they went to the finals they just doesn't seem like. You mentioned it it's that you had a sweep in the finals I think very that would have to happen like five or six years in a row for the numbers to affect that. I did that he'd just it just seems like you would have to be ten years of the warriors blowing everybody out for somebody for their own wake up would say yes there's a really fun and her entertaining and. More right and there's another incumbent there's wanna always stop a curse part. Only team right over the cap. To retain players who have bird rights and that's not gonna happen because the players I think would fight tooth and nail against that ever happening because so many teams now are over the cap. And players are hurting so much because of these loopholes. But that would be the way to eliminate it because you're not having these or Golden State players stay together if the warriors could not exceed a hundred later 109 million dollar cap. Iran and the season it's gonna be on drew who range next year will be a 108. That's the only way to keep these super teams are coming together but the NBA has no incentive to close that loophole and the players certainly would not. No and if you're the owners and younger and older all of these bad teams. Your your your league team he's making money in your friends or is worth more more more wise you gonna stern why you gonna do what is and isn't isn't a good business. Oh you know Iran want to see it one thing I think you learn about the MBA. People don't necessarily. It's not about the team's about the starts. And I think that is yes there's heat fans. More Dwyane Wade fans in in in a sense of like of of that nature and the people tune in to not watch the warriors that you and watched the rants. Or stuff occurring in the finals right and everybody. Really younger generation of fans having. Far more interest in the NBA than they do say in Major League Baseball but we talked about this during the break I imagine there were free agency for the best couple players in baseball say Mike Trout. Wooded generate. Any sort of the interest or attention. That we could see. Not only with LeBron but if any of these guys were talking about work free agent if curry war. Iran we've seen is free agency there would not be the conversation uneasy ESPN shows the interest from fans in the interest to social media. During my Trout free agency. Compare to anything likely seen the NBA. Which might just be a function of the fact that the NBA has surpassed baseball or as a number twos. Orton are right in hundreds of followers but I'll play Hewlett plays in the billions second biggest market baseball so right there outside of him in Amazon's plays a Toronto. So Gary plays and is huge market and it's still it's still overlooked. At times art we're gonna get to a similar text messages here. I wanna get salute while I got to you've got to get a fascinating preview here on hurricanes football. And you know I can't resist buried a care resist here sight gag it's emerging football and with yet on the on the other side it gets that next right here on 79 to take. And yeah. Are. I. I did not hear a person burger Jackson has been with us all afternoon and there was us. Most of the week we certainly buried thank Barry for for joining us here it's been a it's been a blast the. A quick reminder there's only one win those who take it. On your Smart device or computer and that's with a greater America map or have read about comets were stream is and everything else you're looking for Segundo the radio that come up until mr. Fay were to get show. Pretty good job on the new home of millions of an Iranian tomorrow for three HD two. Of did tickets. Got a lot of text here recently as wanna thank the techsters. On the for throughout the show we've got a lot of good response here. Violate some analysts edgy honest to take up for Zynga is something we mentioned that there and Jimmy Butler would be a guy that's that would change of course who play off. And so I'm not sure about Boller couldn't miss the playoffs. Well he he made the glances and AC with wade but that the I'm not sure borrowers are differs with the playoff ready and fact finding he I would only want Butler fighting in Irving with a yes which would be awfully difficult to achieve because of the whole cap. Consequences and challenges. There correct but you know point being was. There is italics are where maximum of soldiers few too few superstars and around him and when you have three or four guys who are the superstars on one team. Just becomes harder for the league to be can maintain a competitive balance. But it's does not seem to hurt you know NBA and by the way it's been my dad for number of years in the NBA and there's only been a handful or teams that won the whole thing although. Every team has had their run I can make that that case in the NBA. You look at even some of the bad teams they've had. Brief moniker spurt of success you know we mentioned Sacramento. They had it rolling their for a little while there. They oh sure during the lever right did you sign off the that you there's absolutely Mike NB Demi in his prime I could point your boy do some of these the the worst outposts in the MBA. Phoenix and I you'd say well you know they had it rolling merrily early ninety's in the mid nineties. Jazz had fifteen years successive beautiful city Salt Lake City but what I MBAs smaller market there's not a Malone never run you know the drafting was the key in only see all these things invariably be your traffic because of Golden State hadn't been Smart enough smarter than the rest league to draft. Courier currently Thompson's right mind green then there would be known to rant there'd be no DeMarcus Cousins now with the mid level exception. Rights and it starts with traffic and started here with drafting during his second grade Aaron of heat basketball with Riley with Dwyane Wade now during the first obviously Alonso was a trait. But the big winning the winning of the three championships. With shaft with the first one with LeBron and botched with the second and third. That began because of the draft because. Of doing what apparently traded don't reply pricing drafted for Alonzo Mourning. So I mean you had traffic to train that's that's fine yeah I Minnesota cadets have courage that they took Jonny Flynn and Ricky Rubio back to back picks in the first round failure you know. You know two picks ahead of of stuff Kurt. Miami Hurricanes you got some stuff that your working on here. Were almost there Barrie were almost there are college football season ever one you on FaceBook in an area not a big FaceBook average going there there was that the uniform numbers of this so many days to you know like we're Larry little away from Miami Dolphins football. You know were or Dan Morgan away from Miami Hurricanes football X amount of days here. You got a great thing and we talked about the pro teams being a little bit under achievers in quite some time not the case for the hurricanes you can almost say that. Some people might be overestimating the Miami Hurricanes this season. I think they might be just a little but the polls such as up one's one that has UN ranks sixth in the country going into the season. I think that's a little bit high because of questions by quarterback we don't know if Malik has improved a lot now coaches and others around the program will tell you. They saw differently grows your rosier if anything he is strengthened his hold. On the starting quarterback job this cozy is not challenged him as much as some people thought Cindy I see them I want your take on this I see them more in the twelve to eighteen range with the potential to move higher but to me I'm concerned about quarterback right I concerned about offensive line we have only one real a leaked player in Yvonne Donaldson. I'm concerned about depth at defensive end they've got five. Good ones and actually got four really good ones with Dmitry Jackson ratios action Greg were so John Garvin. Scott patch would be your fifth nothing after that little concerned about defensive tackle so I have issues or I think maybe twelve to eighteen would be better. IA he I would I would buy side by jazz and up to maybe ten to fifteen. Okay idol top of don't Miller eight not eight to fifteen somewhere in there but it then you're splitting hairs with some teams. But I don't give them outside of the top fifteen of the LSU will be a good test to negotiate you tell me where they're not gonna be favored in every single game if they get by no issue. Maybe on the road in Virginia Tech. The problem he'll be the only spots will be favored in every single one of those games. Height we offered the line yes. I agree with you on that. Defense and tackle yes when they're fine and dandy for the title yes. I've been here and then you've been here about Joseph Willis for five years or four years seems like to me it seems like every year Jerrells is good this. Wolf finally figure it out this year. But I think now to be underrated losing. You know Jenkins. You know losing that the two guys they did to the draft signing defensive tack which is always a troublesome spot for me we look at linebackers a load of its secondary. You know you talk about it all American who get injured that you can Evans squad Johnson. Think they got speed. Like we haven't seen in years collectively. On on the all of a sudden the ball and I and I like Malik I'm home only guy. Whatever shortcomings yes but I think you look outside of outside of about six bad quarters. Intensity in the worst possible time talking bug was undefeated and have a heck of a year in was far far better than anybody thought he was gonna do last year so I think. No the year to mark bricks. Coaching I think there refined but you beat LSU Barry and sets a really nice for you any college football one thing though is saying. It's all about the schedule you play the schedule some out of your better than Michigan game or better than. USC if they're not honest you claims on your schedule and you'll get to where you wanna get to at the end of the season like we saw them last year. And three easy non conference games after the LSU game one road game of the nonconference beyond LSU and Arlington Texas is a game at Toledo where you have will be. A heavy favorite the point you made about defensive tackles a great one now would be my biggest concern because Macintosh in Norton. Gave them quality defensive tackle play that they hadn't had a while now you're relying on Gerald Willis pat baffle John Ford. A UN coach told me the last couple weeks were not sure John Ford is ready. For this level of responsibility yet even though he's has the potential B trip the player so that would be an issue things I feel really good about. Running back we're Travis homer has exceeded everybody's expectations people thought this guy was a specialist he showed last year is more than that. Coaches have been raving to me about DJ doubts saying he's got some of us invasion of anyone on the team we know Lynn Gardner is a five star runners gonna be really good. And then a receiver you get among Richard's back who should finally be healthy and Brian high tower impressed so much in the spring of fresh from an early in Raleigh. You've got to Jeff Thomas who will be as fast as any slot receiver in the ACC may be even in the country and too good looking young tight ends. Oh yeah not so I want to make the tight end point Tug of involves senator earlier than others do you get to the best in the entire country that he. Don't but you got what you might I've seen since Winslow and Jeremy Shockey Jordan and Mallory right now that you can it's yeah you mention I don't see airports holdings of good times have you mentioned ornament like ignored megabytes com king back for one welcome back your retirement deftly. Top five team right instead they were that the seventh round there's unfortunately there and didn't come back right that's an unfortunate thing for everybody involved and cutting 2000 his very. Been great enjoy Las Vegas in the summer league. And we might we might bother you out there something that no war scars I loved it could be within the last couple days been a blast during its great stuff over what in Jordan though you did out there there and have a great weekend allows that they do is always everybody the text in we've certainly appreciated for bird Jackson on Kurdish Stevenson. Cuba right here we got does that tortilla alongside Josh Freeman they're coming up next have a great weekend be safe. And and we'll talk to you up Monday Adam Beasley will be out in perch chair. On a Monday afternoon can't wait for that everyone's human right here exact and freedom next heroes of united ticket.