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Monday, August 20th

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Actually heard our gentlemanly lawyer fees per person per day we view on day. Marvelous Monday afternoon miles it is here as always we'll take yup until 7 o'clock. Kids are back to school. Miami Dade. Reported that today Broward last week has the kids are are back at it's also national radio day today. So will celebrate by doing three hours of radio here on 79 to take that's Howard is celebrated here polar Betty a fantastic weekend Leo I'm so to get to vote on the NFL's gonna continuing to look at the Baltimore Ravens here in this hour for four. For forty Jamison Hensley who covers the a Baltimore team for ESPN as Miami's opponent Saturday evening. And hard rock stadium he's gonna stop by here sort look at the ravens in also look on the NFL take us to. Minneapolis Minnesota we're gonna check in with Greg Coleman sidelines for punter of the of the vikings a long time sideline reporter their fixture. Up there in Minnie he's gonna join us in the 5 o'clock hour so our our. Our efforts to hit every single NFL training camp were or who about halfway through there so while we're row Rolen here or try to knock these out here in the in the next couple weeks I was you'll talk a lot about Friday night breaches in number two. Up in Charlotte where mom and Chris Perkins was at were really into all that so much more but. I'd like to start the show some some. Some great news for for you personally in some and some. Some fantastic news that that's been around here in South Florida and will quickly sweep the nation if it hasn't all law already. You do a marvelous job here on the radio perk butts. But you've been doing something else a lot longer than people know you for. And in your enemy you may hear a little bit of the a switch here here and sophomore correct yeah. Yeah yeah I am man I am joined in the Atlantic. So it is a start up sports' website we're in I believe 38 market cinema in. The United States going to be in 48 markets by the end of the year plan on being an all 32 NFL markets. By the start of the football season so it's an exciting venture. Looked it up at the athletic on ghoul or the athletic dot com. On you know just on your browser the athletic dot com slash Miami is is our website here locally so we're gonna hire you we got me. We're gonna hire he writer Dalton writer Miami Dolphins Haider you will brighter up Pampers writer that's my estimate okay that's leader also bright horizon we're gonna go we're going to be police that is exciting it it's it's all on. And venture capitalists so there's no as those annoying as that you see on. And all these so we have sites are not going to be on the athletic it's more long form writing in and Mora teachers we're not too much bother with minutia. You know mark Wii's gray. With a sprained ankle or anything like that will look more big picture and what does that sprained ankle mean for the tight end position Ryan Tammy you'll. For the all bins for the bank ups do you need to search the waiver wire however. Tight is traditionally done in this Altman's and what more is needed will will kind of used the injury as a jumping off point to look at it more in depth. Great teachers going to be on there we've got a whole bunch of outstanding writers. Look it up. On line the athletic dot com by it is it is they the service now. I've got it being on my Twitter account at Chris hurt for a three dollars and 49 cents a month. So that's when it comes out to world here a MacArthur yeah Vietnam you can do that burned out but but but. You also get access to every city that we're in in America so you get the athletic Dallas the athletic New York. The athletic nearly. If you follow in stated you follow you whim if you follow UCLA if you follow Syracuse. We got you all covered all over the nation so yet go to the athletic minutes. Yeah no it's it's is me a lot of talented people and they continue to add people so. I'm very very happy for you need you know that and and and people just if you again for. Perky is no longer with the sun sentinel is now with the athletic so that's where his rating. Prowess will be and of course of continue to be here each and every afternoon hopefully you're not you know throw me over. Or don't know enough I don't can I don't know where now where we hear mental stuck with America just checking their so was so great there. And and and really slow focusing on now on South Florida and yes we do and we do have a net also been an athletic as a net yeah got a web site and bind us on Twitter all over. Let them you know for for a few dollars a month man immediately so that's if you're a sports fan. And the South Florida sports fan there and having into into this market was some very talented writers. And there's Jimmy more to come and you know recognize the names and you're gonna wanna find their work and certainly find their perspective. On the writing side of things so great stuff there and I'm very happy for offer you perk and I know it's gonna be huge success and you're going to be. A big part of the. That success. At the at the athletic let's if you want Texas show over to do so at 67974. That tiger reaches on the text line 67974. And now we it's if you question a comment observation anything that's on your mind I descended on in that. Charlotte was was to Neitzel Tom there you up there we talk to on Friday. You got inning got got into yet any explanation we ever get to the model why they keep an extra day early I have bother me all we get along I don't know why wouldn't the run defense. It wasn't the the shoddy play and that the backup quarterback spot. It was weather though the dolphins a deciding one extra day in Charlotte. I was just so just for the heck of it and they wanted to do it now know that this week they do wanna get on a a sign that a regular season schedule so. They play on Saturdays so. They're normally all funds Tuesdays during the regular season today is Tuesday when you play on Saturday you can follow me so color they're off today there they're working. Jim my days Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. There's on a regular week you worked Wednesday Thursday Friday. So Friday you'll be like Saturdays so they'll be off they'll have their walk through and and they play on Saturday so. Basically I know I I did not get there are they just they did just went ahead of this that they wanted to do some a little bit different. And so they went up to Charlotte a day early did not perform very well I didn't think. But Tom you know they're they've they've got the big game this week. Good. The third pre season game against a team that's usually out physical them. If that's a term in the in previous years so we'll we'll see what the dolphins a whole lot to digest. Meg game on Friday. No doubt this is the Soviet missile test here. As as also bought Baltimore's plate tonight was organ headlines replacement against Indianapolis on the road feel and overtake when Jamison here in in about forty minutes or so but this missile test Saturday hard rock stadium at home. And and organ that is due out. Two of the course of the next couple of days. We won Iowa look back a little bit a little bit on Friday from game one game to you wanna see some progress in did you see that at all I'd of the out of the dolphins do you see kind of them a run up pay we played. Okay game line. Put a little bit better in game two. I thought it was a great game in the sense offer pre season game. You had both teams played their starters deep into the sudden war muted I doubt was I was like hey this is pretty cool yeah that wouldn't expect. Right Demi and edit out I was that was pretty cool. On I just my enabled both sides you know him noon and and Carolina so I thought from that perspective there was it was if you were ill people kind of rag on pre season games. But from that standpoint it was you kind of got your money's worth even though you're just watch it on TV or listen inaugurated yet. By the biggest disappointment with the dolphins where you saw some of those same types of years that have been dog in them for years. When it comes to giving up the big play right the Christa McCaffery 71 yard run. And taking bad pursuit angles which we saw TJ McDonald do from the safety position. Making mistakes in the rear its own or just those critical mistakes that AJ derby pass and her parents we saw the 21 Jenks holding. Last weekend and they dug the first team all been Steele can't score a touchdown it was good that it Zabian Howard got interception that was good that Robert Quinn got to say it's. Almost had a third sack may be on the very first play of the game when Newton dumped it off to a Christian McCaffery. Right before McCaffrey went on that long road but dom sold and kept there's good and bad but the the good I mean that the bad these leaks that you keep seeing when it's miss tackles and and they talk about miss spits on road and you're not in the right gap you don't have big gap integrity and so. One person screws it up and so the whole being screwed up. These things have been happening with this tool for years and I. I keep saying cap despite these types of beings despite the penalties this is not a dome team this is not a stupid team. But there's a team that consistently does bone here and things and so I don't know where that leads up but it. This is were is really not a dumb or stupid teen but they just consistently do these only get it means they added that they just assume Jack could to get their act to get ready right you know and a and so I don't know where that where that. You know use your talent is not good enough to erase. The mistakes you make what you went burst of 152 and 28. You can't get that back in one place this team has that takes like three plays were listing to chip away at Clinton's. They're like that that we ought not we ought that body or that cousin in our family right he's a Smart guy here he got the full ride scholarship. Remedy just cut it is always may give them altogether this can't get it's that he did get right and I try to get it get right. K get it is Delonte Parker the metaphor for listing. Probably so probably is like abortion the month and a lot of talent and a half he tries hard yeah likeable again try yellow leads does you know he just can't. Quite finish the ring right it just it just leads his team can't get it together you know you just made one. Bad decision. Adam being in jail time decision and it just kind of it just kind of kills kills your momentum and kills your deck just like those those penalties in the in the minds on the at a couple holds. Then a delay game and there permissions on its is that he's indefensible. And it's inexcusable. At this point. For your first team offense have a delay of game in the red zone and I mean you know. And I don't know if that's on gay sirte and you know ward. What guys elsewhere but what are they were so why you have those goals are too that's the play caller in the guy who's our random to the line of scrimmage and get that ball Smith I mean I know it's our job to assign blame around here. But I only mean care who were on. I don't even if he's just didn't correct in just did not happen like you're holding OK and beyond bright that's gonna have pride you know do you make it happen in the red zone. Right but but it's gonna happen but yet you. You just don't have the explosiveness to overcome their you don't have and Antonio Brown or you know tiger leader hand it to hurt or whatever. I understand there was the do a lot of fuel came out with a sour feeling out of a game on on Friday night which I get. And they mean that they're not they're far from per pertain to me this team news. Is high water mark might be might be nine wins maybe ten if you can if you can see everything going up. But I I do think there was some good things in my image Robert Quinn a couple of sacks there. I outside of two plays I know there were two big plays the Jim McCaffrey. Ron and also the Ian Thomas crossing pattern for a time you don't. Outside those two plays in the first team defense actually played pretty well yeah oh yeah Augusta that's a Solio's so I look at that look at Timmy hill and 1417. Sped around yet leading to a deeply neutral while Obama feel a little bit but he was accurate. I do I still do I still have some concern about things that concerns we're moving of course. So this of the fix a lot of things I I don't. Cap I don't think that that I think they'll go over the Vegas number which that it was at six and six and a half I think they'll go over that number well I hope you're right I. There's probably people like you upper. And I played I think they're gonna be a seven or eight win team but that's not good enough that. When when I talk about this team usually it's against the backdrop of are they playoff team are they playing to a I'm insensitive. At best right there that's where your dirt out of Super Bowl contender but they're they also should not be 85 win team and they should beat. Contending for a playoff spot nineteen wins everybody's goal should be the player because you mean you may not think Super Bowl and you're right means durable relatively realistic I don't that's fine I mean. But could happen but let's be real live. But you can't get just didn't turn it exactly yeah he's an Internet that's 32 teams Holdren and I get in you getting just getting into the turn yup. And if one thing that this league has taught Assisi the worst refer she can go. Back urging gold 545 games. So aging aching too crazy here and everybody should goal is to make the playoffs and soul in that should be involves obviously a member and they were playoff team it's year two years ago sociology. They thought the on this is out of the realm possibility. Would get into the tournament who happens from there so. I yeah. I'm not as down on the team as some people work and on the front nine is at least a there's you know. And again and again based on some things to fix them and and organ of that as we move for violent person going anywhere on the radio side open season on here. Rights appear on a freak announcing in the you know what I just here there at worst for going to hit somewhere by listed. And this and that just the right side just the right idea to go until he's gone to the athletic Wear. He's gonna be right here each and every day just before 4 o'clock here on 79 tickets to get to 4 o'clock deadline. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS advanced Atlantic beach into Miramar. Radio dot com station. AP pre season top 25 college football poll out today University of Miami number eight. Miami plays at Ellis plays but you know against LSU on September 1 now. Three players or players in that game were going to were named to the Sports Illustrated pre season all America team the first team players. Miami say he took on Johnson LSU quarterback greedy Williams LSU linebacker Devon White. Miami linebacker shed a quarter million on the second team of that Sports Illustrated pre season. All America team so look we're all for those guys when Miami plays LSU. All four defense the players got. Yeah and the AP call Ellis who comes in at 25 so Miami I think that's where there were about eighths would be where I'd put him if I was doing the ranking system. I don't Sports Illustrated have a third team and everyone you know go all crazy yielded just two relax. If you beat LSU you're going to be so you know firmly in the most of Florida State nineteen and then I I actually didn't write it down leader in the you know yet at you was not ring no Florida State was 1919 and UCF. Was 21. So there are also those of the those of orders will love sell them if someone comes is number two. They both got a bunch of first place votes in Wisconsin now won first place vote in the in the AP poll Georgia story on how states five while some resolution on Urban Meyer this week or semi Wednesday now we know about urban states. Watch in six in Oklahoma who is is seventh so a Miami jury where right where they should be. Yeah I think that's above and that's a better spot retain its yeah that that's probably number the biggest numbers thirteen days from a sure exactly exactly exactly. In a bill tonight Baltimore at Indy. Also in a no no for you tell you to think about this cap rams' defensive tackle for side Ndamukong Suh post Christian McCaffery 71 yard TD run. Against the dolphins on instant Graham. And he have a big caption oh wasn't right right up the gut LO LO audience so I mean I think he's saying. Young missed me don't you. Ndamukong suits Ronald Shea their son Jeff Jarvis Landry here with his who uses his new team. Still got eyes on the on the Miami Dolphins it was really loved it down here man they was at Madison and the dolphins were winning a whole heck of a lot. In Iran get a chance to really go to a Super Bowl and the browns I mean Jarvis got paid up there are many rounds you know their expectations are are they are well liked. Yeah well Seattle pinky through shape but you could say he's in a better spot if the if you know you he's got a better quarterback right right probably. I'm feeling is like. All these guys must really loved living down here in south floor well they'll wonderfully for the bridge and I can't imagine the franchise. That much to live have a lot of success led. Like it you figure all this doesn't like him and a better spot and they wanted to throw (%expletive) or the just really petty I don't know I it's with his very. It's a very odd that that these just little seal a lot in the in in pro sports is it from time to time yeah I don't see there was a couple of Miami Dolphins this off season. Usually guys go way and I must place it on bury bad turn bury that yeah and these that they were at. Business it was it was the business somebody in a bit of bad terms you're like okay you're out in LA you have a playoff team now. You're spot your better spot let's say they Ilya fire from a jobs and it's like yeah okay you're salty for for a few days are weaker to. But did you get a better job where you're getting paid more money now in a better situation. And a better part of town. Mayo when it you know whatever in your life and you're still like ripping your former employees your Leslie motives don't pungent I don't. Right you sort of moved on billions and I'm a better spot where I care about those yes. Marlins off tonight. John Carlos Stanton in the New York Yankees in tomorrow to start some games that Marlins nineteen half games behind Atlanta and you know Lee's. Nineteen bag in the wild card those are your hit a couple of nice wins those Saturday night time in the yesterday they. The put down Omnia on the Washington Nationals so yeah I think you know what I have looked up your number. 60 porn I am writing to their familiar than dead yet haven't I haven't checked since yeah metal rallied well Wednesday Tuesday or winzip awards Saturday close to a hundred loss recess but they made a prize is still there but the eleven slightly under but they were. Before Saturdays and earth they lost fifteen of their last seven it was so yeah it was but maybe twelve game road street losing speaker Sutton yeah. I'm good yeah it's like the Yankees are in town got to give that should be fun and a look at that and doesn't have Soledad I Davidson's a break today. Well let's go back tomorrow and in. I mean booming numbers right. Well I just booming numbers Wednesday after the Tuesday and yeah Tuesday Wednesday at the end to maneuver a two game set it to see going out and put over Andrew crow. Funny Yankee fans aren't there let Tony by today should be there let's at least for you at least one final show up even owns a singles 35 and change right. Yeah a little bit under that I think did so while it may be best man whose school back in me you know first for your school the final at that putt. With the doubling over Tony my only an accidental and even I'm joined by its wanna eat somewhere from old Saunders is somewhere in their for the Yankees for the Yankees dominant 67974. That's they get to his. Adam days had some very interesting comments about his offense which we're gonna get to plus revenue take a peek inside the Baltimore Ravens look round the NFL we senate's opponent. Against the dolphins your hard rock will get to a Jamison Hensley coming up on the back and on this hour all that straight ahead right here on 79 minutes ago. One why don't listen to the ticket on your Smart device or computer and ask for the radio that's come up for radio dot com that's where stream is everything else you're looking for some O'Donnell the regular come out now. And don't miss your favorite ticket showed we will let you know via many issues of the after leaving email support of radio dot com and our corporate I T folks will be getting corrected radio that come the new home of and seven and you know from 104.3. HD two the Tigger Curtis and perk just get rolling here. On AM Monday due in Texas show to produce so at at 67974. That's 67974. Dexter writes and net and we did not solicit the stacks terrible quotes from decent regard to the red zone offense I made excuses. From the coach well that's what what stirred it up here over the Euro weakened yesterday. Coach Adam gaze was a dressing and Velasco I guess production in the red zone and ends that's troublesome you can't kick field bulls. Look great though keep in game rookie. When Ewing gonna meet anybody new enemies anybody good for the most part. The beat a couple of teams like to did last year and and so on and so forth but you're not to new really beat anybody if you're not. Scoring touchdowns if you're just kidding fuels and skim instead of scoring touchdowns so here's coach yesterday on why the red zone offense is just being how woozy suddenly. You have some things. We're not doing it in the prison yeah right now that we've been working on entry campus. Sometimes we try to throw things in there for a game specific to what defense does have a rapid enough. It's gonna look like crap that's so market and about one. I know. Which. Okay that's pre seasonal about these are practice games look and these are you you wanna make the mistakes now instead of making mistakes and among a month from now. Which which I again but coach also says. 83 down conversion lingered on the 224. Two for 24 is your game easily go for 214 down it's been downright terrible. And. Ourselves about spot they're entertained. Third and 25. You know third and fortunate I mean just this is unmanageable. And it comes from second now penalty. Natives play. Those were really have to eliminate our issues. No native plays a person down. Gives us a chance to say 36 or less which gives us a higher percentage bird. Right now that's a that's a symbol for Boehringer so if you look at third down the widest amount on third downs what I've battled third downs that there battle on first and second now. That's well that's where that's that comes from right in nobody out of here how good you are no I was gonna consistently convert third and 393 and twelve welcome your New England Pittsburg. The rams when the great dolphins all any great offense in the NFL yet you open verb more than the dolphins would. But you cannot consistently convert third inning third and 93 and 123 and thirteen all all those third down but if you win a first underwent a second down. And you don't lose. He'll get a penalty will get negative yards then you're in third in four playbook Coolio going to be around that we ought to pass a third and third and five started 330 to. All those things so that's just simple simple football and arithmetic when you look at why the shovel on third downs. But the big picture problem you know the small picture problem is trees snap penalties. Penalties. Ridge zone stuff. Third down stuff. The big picture problem is these are the things that keep teams from. It's the difference between being mediocre and being in the playoffs right now so between seven and nine in ten and six. And if you only have one of these beings like you only have the preset penalties or you only have the third down struggle or you only have the red zone. OK you can deal with that but kept. For this this all this training camp and her a lot of last year and a lot of a lot of the tennis he'll era. We'd been hearing the same teens and vets the problem and and again. I'm telling you this is not a stupid or dumb teen. But the bold here it means keep. Happening and I don't know why well I mean maybe it's a bone hit team as opposed to a stupid or dumb team but I. I get a different coaches different general manager different. It's different pretty much everything well and it keeps. What's violent things is this is lip service from coach case here's the quote they're kind of got everyone can around up. Do we want actual red zone stuff now don't you wanna be careful what you show that there is third down so your things that you might play where team. She's a one time mine ever you do it again to launch right now. All right so I mean it's optional so that is like today means got over selling a little bit like hey where a lot better born act and to grow our all our good stuff. India in the first couple weeks and I get that that's fine. But he got to look at the other side of things Carolinas are running their good stuff that I scored in the airline has not run and run in their best offensive stuff in their schemes. And there there were able to stop you. So it's been on for now all around the NFL that's why all these these games. Are going under which is which for me that W hours a week and that's all these games are sixteen to twelve. You know ID you know in nineteen seventeen. You know win in two weeks are all going to be you know 31227. You know so it's execution and nobody's doing that are nobody's showing everything is just lack of execution. But a half of the time show on something I don't play where you want to befriend want to home like a price should be willing to restrict or wherever what they I didn't notice about the penalties. This team the good enough to overcome through a good year and an error Rogers. Our Tom Brady had started twelve of the matter and this team is the simply weren't in good government a big open a lot of little. At ten yard box work. Everything have to be perfect the gonna script the plate for us to be perfect second I've been perfect by at a time of the total budget generated when the Balkan that's definitely feel the Fed up. Well no longer than that that's. Little how many dynamic play makers. Is the issue of you know to my departure was supposed to be that guy make you sick is supposed to be that guy. Jordan Cameron was supposed to be that guy right and we can go down that list rate so. This team and exit the plane by this team plays like probably ten to twelve teams in the NFL. You have the only a year or your lying in that. Everything kind of asked to go your way for you to win. And even if it does your probably an eight or nine maybe ten win team at best being on the you know there's probably there's a number of teams in NFL and operate. That way believed some Siemens up close and it so long. Here at the or the Miami Dolphins. But I. Do you think coach case phase is over selling it a little bit and AZ and it's gonna under deliver here because. Okay yacht showing anything. Fine I did it by examining two weeks all of a sudden their unleash this this crazy offence or this. This ludicrous speed offense and also in the tight ends going to be involved and ending may be so. Black aids is almost a dish you know you're kind of setting yourself up for yeah if you outing at the Tennessee Tynes and is still put up seventeen points a game. I mean did you know that it's going to be an avalanche negativity around here from dolphin fans. It is and again that's the thing that I see is these repeated mistakes that the heat teams from being playoff teams. And I really don't think the dolphins are going to saw. But I just see big eerie new signs that this will be a playoff team because. As everybody notices they're in your own biggest enemy right it's you don't really need. Baltimore or Carolina or Tampa doing great things. They just need to do good things and the dolphins are going to allow that 71 yard runner there going to put themselves in second and goal from the sixteen. Or things along those lines and so. I have the talent wise physically the dolphins are limited. They're OK they're OK okay. I mean there's not a whole lot of pro bowlers out there but there's not a whole lot of slack he's out there there aren't. They've got to give themselves a chance and they consistently. Do not do that and and that's. That to me is this team's biggest short coming right now. Linebacker is not great at you know you're gonna have to rookies out there essentially with McMillan and and to Rome baker. That cornerbacks out we win Bobby McCain has no debt I think you still need a true free safety. And not too strong safeties in and now we're shod Jones and team GTJ McDonald. You're tied in position is gonna gonna have some learning paying some growing pains we don't know what to expect out of the Vontae. All that being said. You're not a bad eighteen you've just got to give yourself a chance to BA playoffs to. I budget tax eliminated and they had you're a few of these super that golf at grundy means one thing to Derrick Henry here. In your week once daily fantasy. Boone why can't I can't disagree with that whole lot actually you like their technical. I'd love to two years then yeah. They get rid of soup because they think did they pay him too much but hey that. Her color ten mine to do nothing also meant more is better then. Then the current package we have now front office has no clue. That more had a tough go of it. Last year but he also didn't have a whole lot of past the tech to meet. What was Baltimore 41 not the forty not the network is and we're yeah this is you can't hear you can't lays you off Matt Moore suffered there's a new season memoirs on savior. I was right americorps. That was last year this is and I think they're just going to. My judgment up front office yeah yeah we can rather than a lot of example you just Ivanov says local art doubts whether that's one of them. The backup quarterback. Hands I was fails us Weiler is garbage gays in the often sock. Fails to struggle last week fills it was awful yeah he and his drug violence I use it anymore and you know who's been on the price. Petting a Beagle who knows jays excuses enough excuses I see a lot of teams to penalties tech check the ledges near broke a record the first heavenly still scored when they are afraid to try stopping you excuses find a way Tommy in Hialeah. I I I don't believe with the don't be afraid but I I believe with a lot of the rest of it text look I don't think there are afraid they're. They limit themselves but both of you wanna talk about front office okay with talent and then if you wanna talk about on field okay with penalties and missed opportunities. I like this text what did your show Celek in 2016 during the pre season exactly. Same probably and they made the playoffs dolphins will be fine. I I would agree with all of that except dolphins will be fine because I bet it sounded a lot like this in the 2016 pre season. It Maine and was point is and we you know you re the team and they were right they program their new playoff team but that I agree with I agree with that tax up until dolphins will be fine. Okay well I here's a thing on elect and I'm not sure. I'm I'm not too negative again I'm just I'm just its pre season. I'm just strategist. Hanging out here but I understand the same proud of them last year looks like him fix those problems yes so that's where I'm concerned. The other thing is on the that the passing game. I'm leaning do you give them a pass pardon upon onto the ball downfield because you know you uniter too big guys even playing the other its aluminum feel by the border into instills. Are your speed guys long without Orwell's and so they Israel above nobody's prisons criticism is that into Obama anfield. And they had notes someplace outside of a couple runs are called back. So but didn't have a good XP guys someone to say okay. Let's let's let's hold off on that just a little bit here but now run defense is still concerned absolutely. Linebacker blizzards are absolutely in the second quarterback in the third quarterback fourth quarterback is of concern absolutely. Soul yeah I mean but. There's a lot eagle and every NFL city they're having the same conversations about their team and pay is this gonna get better is that gonna get better is this going in a fix that's all those things but. The offensive conversation consider ought Adam gazes an offensive guy. That they're going to have some sort of they're going to be better in the red zone. Do you believe him do you trust him that's that's the biggest question going into going into. We won against Tennessee won't have to we'll get back to that coming up a little bit we got to get to. Jane threes opponent the Baltimore Ravens Jamison Hensley we're gonna preview of the ravens and noted to be our look around the NFL. Mark Jackson what's his role going to be this season they analyzed different won't new guys on offense to Joseph Flacco avarice surge ends. This is the team that's I always just. Finds a way to not to beat Miami but to beat down and yes the the Miami Dolphins a look at that next Johnson and I didn't take. I think everybody is gone you get all your bringing sports updates imposed on occasion for all our shows and hosts. On our newly fixed radio dot com and apps are downloaded now make sure you turn on those occasions settings. Radio dot com new home for everything games overnight into tomorrow four point three HD two of the six person per track with you here. On seven and nine and our look around the. NFL continues. And a close look at a Saturday night's opponent. Pre season game number three the Baltimore Ravens team that officer seemed like they're very familiar with over the course of the last few years. And joining us right now on the right fuels announcers who has served as financial systems beyond convenient is being ravens reporter. Jamison Hensley is our guest here on the ticking bomb on Twitter at Jamison Hensley. Davis and thanks for thanks for taking a few minutes there are things up there in Baltimore. I didn't pick. Don't go well if it. We're kind of a stretch where. They've gone eleven days without pre he redeemed so they're quite good right by at Indianapolis so it could do that speaks in these remaining games. It's good to see some action actually happened so. What they'd start tonight in the play three games we'll update circuit that reform but is the walled church work been able to write anything substantial. Output speak. Yeah another under there under the they're national spotlight tonight so be good. Watch tonight against against Indianapolis the old the old cold steam there so ought to be that'll be pretty interesting here. But let's start with Douglas over the quarterback steered Joseph Flacco. What is the confidence level up there they got a whole bunch of new receivers they got a rookie tight end in the first round. Odds they think he could have a bounce back year or is there one just say and what are we gonna get to see Lamar Jackson out there. Way kick it occurred there at the conference global and plot blueboard this year maybe than in and re content history with ten. It's wrote kind of twofold one. He's healthier than he's been. Probably you have to go back to the 2015. Seats in the early part of two got to keep. He's dealt with a knee intrigue yet neither does last year that sidelined him for all training camp increase fees and so on eighteen what every year he's been doing something that I noticed. Kind of set him back. He had a full training camp pull pre season as the crow would really good. I mean I've covered entity got only get 2008 I think this is spent his best training camp he's ever had the other party kind of alluded to with Lamar Jackson anytime you. Draft quarterback in the first round that incumbent quarterback especially a Super Bowl winning one pay attention to it and yeah I even. But what kind of downplayed the motivation factor owner but he top two teams meet late they. Kabul agree that kind of lit a fire on. This year so yes you have hope Dearborn motivated took Flacco. And they expect and that's probably his best seasons of 2000. I Jamison so loved my partner Curtis their took care of the sexy. Questioned there. The guts of the organization Ozzie Newsome that this is his last year he's stepping down after this year. What is on the Mitt through this organization. And what kind of may hold is that going to be. To fill believe Gurney Acosta Dean Acosta right. Are you enter the costs and yeah he's metabolism and brings it right hand man for cover over a decade now put. You talked to anybody that's been what this organization since the beginning and you do that you say. Who has. In the foundation he talked about all the field it was Ramos. Our news well part of the tour victories seventeen years off the field is thought to do so I mean he is built to Super Bowl champion teams. Our opera you'll well he from most of his tenure here. And he he he he is just had that eye for talent. And knowing when Quinn getting information from his scouts just knowing. With that gut instinct or what is the right decision to make and you look at their first round pick. Many lately either been kind of hopeful a little bit. For the most part but it was the first round picks. They have not just been starters they've been Pro Bowl players and you periodic put it miserably against a pretty much anybody in this league and you could say yeah it is it. It can't make it it took all over the tight and what you. He would try to make it into a hole and as a general matter as well but you're there because the I it was kind of popular with the organization that it was it was almost behind. Five years ago when he Rio Ozzie Newsome are basic cable rebuked by your deal. That five years. We it's time to hand over the reigns to air constant. And he has turned down. Several GM jobs for years including the dolphins arm at one point and they just to move kind of getting appealing to make. It's time to reward that loyal soldier and that's kind of what they're going to they don't think it's going to be a huge transition took it. There has done things under Ozzie persona so wall but it's not going to be the same with there's so they can all calls what he's gone to organizations. Moved here from Cleveland in 1996. ESPN ravens reporter Jamison Hensley is our guest here on seven and it's a good talking. Baltimore Ravens football there's this little thing called fantasy football James and down if you're familiar with it it seems to be gaining steam on nationally here at zero. From this point of view and he's a local guy to whistle through that and Alex cons what type the year do you think he's gonna have. He's got a really good year and I wouldn't say pop can running back but I that would state how that he. Com is the problem with with Alex here is that he's an eight and a situation where there is date there. Although reluctant to give him. Twenty touches perking. So limited because they don't feel like he he is a huge just wanted to speak backs. That you can just keep wearing teams down wet. On another aspect that he has the deal migrants. On that he got a couple or so much. That he has that special light or dark dark by Turk art to help him on TDs as well so it's morally running back by committee work. You Alex is is that speaker back but it won't third down the group while Allen built have a promising second year player can Dixon. Are so yes young out Combs will be productive and I think. He tends to be sleeper among a lot of teams are but I wouldn't say he's gonna be a guy that you're gonna wanna draft the first traffic second round. Yeah definitely but probably not not pushed. Pay Jamieson tell me about the Baltimore defense always physical always aggressive but being. Maybe six than points allow last year and not believe first and not takeaways. How were they going to look is this going to be a quote unquote simple Baltimore defense. Hey they could return every starter from way back a year and it's a group that beat the other played well. But they kind of put in perspective big big play here for backup quarterback. Last year. They got kind of lucky with foot injuries to starters so. They know they kind of got a couple of breaks here and there and won the last week of the season bail out of forty and twelve completion. Which was a pretty popular touchdown from indeed old Kyle avoid. In this season finale that talk about oil. So again you can see the understanding had a good season last year but went defeat from the local law and order a trip to coils of line. Are they felt like the point and there had been a change defense coordinator each piece is going to recruit them because I. Are recruited linebackers coach Don we mourn dale op but Andy's. Picture of things worthy of their vehicle. And get all the more freedom. Nicole make adjustments. Rate for the snapped when he sees some perhaps what the author of the big really haven't had. In the past but it gets more responsibility to the likes of air levels CJ Mosley took they're hoping that will improve this defense but overall. Meet up that continuity. 1111 starters back from a team that plays pretty well defense salute for the most part by the Security Council the. Offensively your brain Willie's need to bring in Michael Crabtree you bring in John Browne you've still got hairy men there. You draft Tatum Hearst as as as pass catching tight ends. It seems to me that there's been no. No dynamic player on offense it just seems like the lack of better term James is this electorate dobbins is just so boring. Odd to watch at times. How do you think it's gonna do it where are a lot of those targets and go in the passing game. Yeah I mean they they really have tried to at least revamp an Emmy and took a team. That if they had a lot more cap room they would be going after. You know of what make it bigger splash with what you're Jimmy grain up. You want and Alan Robinson top like that by the with the cap that they had on the kind of if they wanted to a new book. The sort of past that. So. You know Mike Wallace journey back when they're gone they've been replaced by Michael Crabtree. John ran on Luis need. And they feel it in the best players. All of them kind of had a down year the previous year because like they're legal and how they'd be worn together and John Reynolds say. Com this is a player that has battled injuries throughout his career with the Arizona Cardinals. He's been coping and hear to make a lot of plays and plot goes talk. A lot a lot about how you look at likes what he knows that people. Hello John Brown does not with the speed with his ability Hewitt just one routes. It has become one of his favorite channel deal took it invalid field that it improves Flacco and the revamped passing attack. That they can actually be a little less boring this year. And so Jamison final analysis what what's the outlook for this team nine wins eight wins. A while car what do you think it. I honestly I Q when you said nine went prepping uses oracle I nine and seventy. And just like the past couple years it's gonna come down to play you know he and he. Don't be in the mix. But it could become one of those things where opiate tiebreaker you're there. Where they get in or not but I think the feeling for that he is headwinds. I don't see this team I'd be having. Bottoming out more than seven and nine I think they're kind of warned his little routines. I thought see them finish 97 and you know at what point at the end Pacific next to proceed. And last thing James is short week how how is that going to expect them against Miami do you think as far as playing time or anything like that. Not too much because I think what we'll do tonight is what they did last week. Arm go apply to rule out maybe a couple series Lamar Jackson you know they're exciting for tropics. People all over all of the action proposed or is our quarterback our and then I'll Robert Griffin the third compared in the second half. Are either nearly Coca quarter quarter half by. Because it has such a long way off but they're not gonna be put their short soup while an extensive amount award I don't think. The shall we have as much effectiveness it was on the regular season all but I think when it when the ravens come down to Miami. Again Flacco played the first quarter. I'm happy to feel more second third. Mine and property the throughput port. It was a great stuff thank you very much and and will soon Abbott Saturday night pre season game number three at least for the dolphins you guys a play next one but James and thanks for taking the time great stuff incidents. Thank you very rest show you got Jamison Hensley covers the ravens for ESPN. And that is Saturday night's opponent video and put that extra precision machine that really kind of industry. Dad I didn't know I didn't know if it would affect like some of the linemen or turn on on Saturday they would play a little bit less so were they would. If the starters would play into the third quarter as you traditionally do in that third game so. And I had dolphins got lucky right now is the mercy risk of bone up on the second team resume the third quarter somebody feel good about sales gap filler so delicious red zone possession. With a touchdown ticked. Dolphins late late Saturday. To the public service really for us earlier whether it's really what that is so original and I thought of that are. Out I know you know you're all over there Housley and about that Saturday and hopefully some Ireland up for another day Saturday exactly to the dolphins beat the Baltimore's back just that's the question that today and aggressively earlier down too hard that good stuff right there. That's timely because the volatile played Baltimore Saturday also. We got a couple more teams organ preview today mayor were rolled through this thing. And both of these teams are on mine Israeli season schedule at the Minnesota Vikings retarded Greg Coleman here and 5 o'clock hour sideline reporter for vikings. And also we had the Cincinnati at 6 o'clock hour. That's another team that Miami is is a woman who wrote both on the road and try and so so very timely there's there are look round in a vote continues but also. A couple of teams that are on the on the dolphins' schedule come back we get the headlines Ndamukong sue. Making fun of the Miami Dolphins wait to hear that story. And where the Miami Hurricanes ranked going into their big matchup against LSU although that four in headlines coming up next right here on 79 minutes ago. Ten weather authority team which you certified here on the Betty Davis. Former director of the National Hurricane Center hurricane specialist Max Mayfield. And hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross keep you up to date on all the latest storm news this season. Partial coverage on the ticket response might be empty services return to new Fiji to impact windows and doors. Giving up today that hurricane season right here and in some and I mean if tomorrow 432 to take it a radio that comes station person per wreck with you here. On AM Monday afternoon all the physical back to school all the kids are back from school first the us we got your first day of school memories there mr. Perkins there. And really liked the first day is not a lot I love school less cool as that was when you've got to see all your friends you know in overtime is none of it's kind of random. You know when you see your friend but it's cool. Everybody was there so I loved my Hayes I hate I mean I hate school I liked. I'll buy like the I like to see you see your friends yes the social you know but I mean as far as like you know school I liked you know recess and I liked you know movies of the playing of the sports right. You know I don't buy and like you know sitting through all the classes are sitting through their we didn't algebra. Yeah well you know and I want to I was with the nuns are for awhile so we have to go in we and we had to go to church every day yeah Leo so we had Leo and ants in the church are today. But it's. Bluntly hey I hate getting up in the morning he would have been awarded an animated going to bed early man and one of these things it is probably you know how how it's turned out for my life their perk. Like you know and did not Monday Night Football yeah. He barely made it through life that was the first quarter had a good about Danielle now could not sit and watch the baseball is not there why AM saws like summertime. You know nobody really cared to Kansas stayed up all you want to do it every where you whatever you kind of dead than if you. Your little bit sleepy eyed going to camp the next day nobody said the award Tia and it was good but then you know back when you came back to school. It was like to automatic clocking on damn man I mean you know it is the game just started to my odd man out. You out of date myself you normal. I guess is I used to go to bid of my parents will let me go to bid I would I will watch the halftime highlights with our also. And then I'll go to bid after the half time highlights stood there and political season net house and get to halftime yeah I mean we never really had a a big time it was you know my appearance. Can't common sense and fortunately we had comments and so we wouldn't be up till like 1130 min try to get six right. So I don't and we never really had a to bind big time you know why seriously thou kind of a nightmare in the morning bows out million dollars in what a good deal with the board I you know let's see how you're here is the thing with me which was you know it was it was so. So transparent stupid. I was fine Monday through Saturday. Every Sunday morning I had a stomach ache or a headache I acted on a Sunday school like Jackie gold shot onto and say. Are you bill Saturday and Monday I was fired but you know every other details honestly build out on the good lord messages that I tried severe Perkins period Silas burdens would have I tried to go until I every Sunday I tried right I say they haven't met Maggette who cherish those. You know avoid outside so they handed out all the syllabus is today I class regular still do that hadn't sold by televise. That's right and so by liberal floral there. We'd like to get into the dolphins and their they look like they need to go back to school spano on a couple of things which were gonna which we're gonna get into and get into here. Also this hour we're gonna check in with the Minnesota Vikings Greg Coleman. Former punter is their sideline reporter his. He is gonna join us here on the back in the and the 5 o'clock hour so we'll get insight as a look around the the NFL continues who has talked Jamison Hensley. Who covers the of the Baltimore Ravens four four ESPN. Did not look good was second play of the game coach McCaffery 071 yards and administrator for a for Carolina and Ndamukong Suh had some interesting. I guess commentary it was some interior. On instrument which were to get to in a moment but. What would you sit on vans that are for yachts and oh my god we're going to be terrible everyone's right we're gonna have the one of the worst teams in the NFL. I would say chill out have a little bit of patients I've got the opens at some Hillary wins right now. And that that's not going to get a dolphins fans feel better always out there and I don't know the right. I will get the fifteenth again right and you know but look I I think that that's what this team is and how could they be worse I I think injuries how could they be better if they helped themselves if they don't. Hurt themselves with penalties and and missed blocking assignments and missed it spurred her bag gap integrity on deepens boasts types of the desert from a talent stand point their roster is probably about a total row militarily and bill got a they need a couple of Pro Bowl players moral submerges decent enough there are players which. By the way. I said before and on some of these and there's Bobby there's there's a third of the league. That is elite talent laden. Probably eight or nine teams right. Probably maybe ten. Does the third of the league maybe a little bit more. 1012 that are in the middle of the pack like the dolphins knew right yeah Washington and maybe a little bit more. I but the Washington ends. The Tampa baby I have good players out on the average roster has pretty much out I would almost say to any of the 32 teams are in that six through nine we don't. Right well what do you think now. You know what happened is there's going to be probably seminary teams are journal file sync right now so we're just gonna get injuries on grounds of who's wrong but -- but we'll remember Harris covers easily Muster up there's gimme ten teams that just flat out stink. Then there is back. Soul soul you know the rub of the roster and look at these rosters there's blood and all of the kind of this in the same boat as a lot of a lot of teams like the AFC. Yes knowing easily Pittsburg is only two I think in Jacksonville. Special and off on defense. In at running back is a Lleyton. But outside of that. You know Baltimore Sun bubbled and the players. That's good players but there are deep dancing but there but there I mean there rosters pretty much average Cincinnati's pretty much have you literally AFC. The jets the buffalo who in Indianapolis. Without having Andrew Luck without him we know we know he's looked right so you stay in a lot of there's opportunity here from Miami in my biggest question would be. How does the OK how do they get to your saying if they don't make those mistakes they agree saw the other night then. Did that that they're they're good enough to get to a nine or ten when threshold. I think so yeah given our given reasonable health. You know not a you don't have to have extremely good help you can have you know. Four offensive linemen go out of the season you have with the women average complement of of injuries this season. I think they could win nine games because Americans still out of the of the one of the worst teams in the national. Yeah well they know they head out and look ads and for that president proved with the notable recent pre season dinner if you're a dolphins plan B (%expletive) off your team not it. The other people not at the U writers who predict that horrible Vegas people who predict that. You're the one that's holding yourself back and I mean your teen right I mean. Look. Well. Well there I heard about would you perked yeah I mean yeah I if there's anybody to be mad at Desi to open space and it's your players it's fourteen. It's it's not the little miss all the people who say don't gonna subtle or your team is holding you back soul and it might look inward. OK fine but am I sitting here with the dolphins underpants on here say all those guys don't want to talk about you and it's gonna be 313 this year. But that's a that's an if I'm missing something here. BMI too close to its. And I hear a lot I hear I see and hear a lot of the guys that are down here. And there's in the same thing Holloway knows those guys on the weather talking about national god you know yeah Obama to win seven a game will be fine you know they'll be where they are that I could be America that be good they're gonna beat somebody good. And everyone's gonna get excited that it loosen the jets that are right the other w.'s gonna kinda be who they all are my question is all okay. You know but it might I'm missing something overall where like somebody's gotta be bad in the you know somebody's every 32 out of 32. So and everything that's that's that's that's the dolphins here. Yeah I don't I don't think you're missing anything I really don't I mean it's what Thomas examines major missing some nausea I it's it's it's not that bad of a team a you know op Ed good but you're not that bad you're not three and thirteen bad now if you get a rash of injuries or some and all bets are off but. I just given that do and they didn't but but they should not be that out of the restaurant for the if you're right Daniel goes down. Then yeah yeah but if you lose canyon Drake if you lose governor Wilson if you lose. Do as Georgia if there's if you. Moves to Jimmie down like they still should be able ready windy because you know Pro Bowl players who lose. Well just saying those starters much or do you just what ever. My point is the roster should be good enough to overcome that we're all the setting your your doesn't unravel right this is an at 22 man roster right. Exactly and that he had pulled back on the on the front office as a percent. Yeah and look again. I I don't I don't think that this team has a bunch of Pro Bowl players right like right now you have looked at Rashad Jones. Him way. And after then that you didn't even yeah may be sitting. But there. Ten Gil might be your best choice after that after they organized any order now yeah. Here is actually ran outside and divert runners in there from from the training. But the point is won the point is this is not a team that's going to have six or seven Pro Bowl caliber players. So it's not a talent Lleyton roster but it's it's about averaged just like we say and so but they've got to play Smart they've got to give themselves every single chance. And capitalize on every single chance but regardless a challenge for OK but the other side. Is if they if you've Zabian Howard takes the next step. Why can he be a Pro Bowl corner. If Blair me time to take the next step my game he'd be a Pro Bowl material Kenyon and Ray LaHood you know that's the other senate thing is is they have all these first round picks. All are all these guys gonna pay off at some point it inhibits factor going to be the NFL's defensive rookie of the year that yelled those type of things where. Sure make it all happened but it well I a couple of them could happen well there's no possibility of yeah annoy it is it is a big. I have a bigger problem Satan to stretch. That way bend the other way which is rash of injuries and continually shooting yourself in the foot. Because we seen it on the negative side more. Again six of their own first round picks on this roster no Pro Bowl appearances for many young Tim O'Neal and Charles terrorism so and so into one James and Dovonte Parker and and Wilmington is not there. But Tom. You know bill's opponents of the Pro Bowl appearances out the door when I was are there holes first round pick. Our real quick here so you think it could have a better chance of going. Bad and good. I I think it's just as good a chance is going good and bad I. This I really have no indication to who think right now that they're going to be a playoff team Horry five win team. So where does that put them separate wind sorry it's here's our 5 o'clock deadline. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best dad at the beach Ito Miramar plea deal. Com station. AP college football top twenty by free season version out today University of Miami. At number eight. Alabama is number one that's really no surprise defending national champs Clemson number two Georgia and number three Wisconsin number four Ohio State number of five. As for your local schools Florida State six era number nineteen UCF. Checks in at number 21. LSU checks in at number 25 that's going to be Miami's opponent in the season opener. And look you guys know the Sports Illustrated pre season all America team came Al few days ago. Just as a reminder core players who are gonna be on that field defensive players in the Miami LSU game we're on the person say. Scenes first team Miami safety took on Johnson first team LSU cornerback greedy williams' first team LSU linebacker Devon White. Second team Miami linebacker Shaq quarter men so again September 1 Miami LSU number eight against number twenty. By third at thirteen days away by the way if I ever have a son nominate him greedy greedy lazy like they had no CS greedy Williams as your name when he when he gets that when he gets clippers free agent contract you'll see what agreed yes or no McCain's opened up at number eight to start the season they'll finish higher or lower than that in the final. A role in the lets them when they're cap our diets are now their permit yeah because they did they finish higher they're almost a playoff team right. Oh almost homer you finish higher you know. One would assume a number aid to the finish higher or lower than that the end of the in the finals coaches Paul bear are finally people. Yeah very good in a tale of Miami Dolphins off today they're back at practice tomorrow Miami hosts Baltimore on Saturday in that built they'll. Third pre season game or one more NFL no and in that Al that your opinion on this one cap rams defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Posted Christian McCaffery 71 yard touchdown run and instead Graham that was ruined on Friday night Carolina against the dolphins. Any had to be caption right up the gut. Oh well. So sue is kinda laugh and at the dolphins he's gonna say and I knew you guys would miss me. I don't take it is really light evil mean spirited. I kinda taken as you know that LO will ally but it's been a war but yeah there's a serious there's serious side to Illinois and it would come under some serious side to it that yes. Miami Marlins. Off tonight. They host the New York Yankees and a two game set starting tomorrow. Your Miami Marlins nineteen and half games behind Atlanta in the NL east nineteen that in the wild card those are your Hitler are. We're gonna head to Minneapolis in about twenty about a half hour when he talked to Greg Coleman or look from the NFL continues but the vikings sideline reporter Logan looked good look at Minneapolis. And Tyler Donovan because candy into quarterback Kurt does ends and they got a really tells of football team up there. And look at that we didn't. At the death of Tony Sparano seemed honestly you know that's affected them in in either way positive side there is a that's a reality then had to deal with. Big tribute to before there Saturday game against Jacksonville on Saturday after Knowles watch and that's of those. Your heart warming so what we'll talk vikings football coming up. And personal real quick on joining the athletic I'm leaving the sun sentinel so while we announced that at 4 o'clock hour book pro you who didn't hear I am. That's going to be covering the dolphins at the sun sentinel have recovered the dolphins for the athletic at the athletic dot com slash Miami. Follow him on Twitter. At the athletic or at the athletic in my neighborhood will be talking about it more. Euro. Yes she's you're you're no longer afternoon you're no longer with the South Florida sun sentinel is great here with the athletic yet today everybody I'm everybody knows that and yeah we're gonna have a lot of fun with that you have the course of via of the football season though down athletics make it. A lot of moves in the made a great one hiring you. Mom and a leg into Ndamukong Suh stuff that that deserves a little bit more than just a tough a quick conversation to that next here on 79 to take it. Face it that is bigger budget or fourth general. A fantasy football draft party with the NFL analyst John Clayton of CBS sports. Fantasy expert Jamey Eisenberg it's happening at. Sunday August 26 I've tried this week at 22 navy festivities started one of live broadcast I plan on being out there just sneak it around. Followed by John and Jamie doing their thing at. For space is limited to register now that Miami dot com there are no more spots to draft your league. As that has been filled up so we wanna thank you for that should be great times. Please don't come out one of the things to get the fancy spirit with ticket spots like tingling tavern near there eagle image twenty seats drinks. And scenic views. I'm looking forward and actually for that that's meal on the island last human and yet. As to who don't want it puts you on the spot especially since sure. Big time big big bigger and bigger than you were before mr. athletic but don't opinion down there with Sunday but. I think a lot of fell out of 79 if you're going to be out there and our sister station 560 I don't know who's going to be out there side by enemy and others to be yet a Jimmy a lot of fun to get ready for fans have my first draft yesterday afternoon for. Boom. Yeah routine Lebanon makers' teams all right it's a new age. And it was a buddy of my name from a couple of years ago on days like this that I wanted to leave or you're new to believe while we're both just hearted guy yeah yes there was a gun owners they and so we started like half the guys are online and half the guys up legend in Orlando. And if they took five and a half hours. Yeah and resolve. You know thousand users Theo is one of those like tacos and New Orleans lost almost that is illegals and optionally mistakes and longer so just kind of 01 of those things where it's like normally doesn't take them on perks offer all you know. That these Vera is not a fantasy is great talent depth and empowers those you know we had a name I was like that's like a real threat. Thank god for there computer man they got for the the cellphone and Hannity had a gap Brad the Lou website on there and everything gasoline. And it was it was there was buzz good at the first one under under the bill there and and that's the cool thing about our large Sunday's deal was asking me after. All the third pre season games right now and you're gonna know all. Mom time right. Right if you did whatever whatever point in the preceding month the optimum time to comment on any team in every ten days after that third preceding game. While the other thing is you know the injury stuff. So all right. You know via that's the other thing where you do draft liberal Hillary did did you know like against Shawn Watson I had the outcome of the guys there and they get hurt here and there pre season Gaiam. Then yes you if you had AJ matier and a little bit earlier right yeah you're not doing too good right now without that anybody had eczema now is reporting yeah yeah the Buffalo Bills do and I we've been bad for them right yes Morris embassy leaves a viable for this team headed to return if they would have to be like eighty team leader right does have a let guys get and AJ which gear and AJ McCarron relatives would have to be participating in the late. Further to the media driven to be taken I think an oil all right it's a elegance so yeah a man. Let's run this back a little bit here before I get to Greg Coleman talks vikings football with with with him in our locker on the NFL. Continues to us by the little vigilant text messages really keep trickling in at 67974. Detection is always opening and if we don't mentioning here every segment 67974. We invite and encourage text messages which Federer final a lot of them off the year especially perk you know and then and the will read the good ones off on the year beyond talking laptops right now so little out of sorts aren't really gonna go you're worried after it here to but a dominant sue this is both of Christian McCaffery gossip into an art center Williams kind of embarrassed. Mean can't even though you know site on the post game show Leo and I even though it looked like Carolina really. Now there really designed play in Carolina all the guys on on the front did their job they've blocked it will edited did well and you know Miami's Q let that happen. So dominant civil. Now in dollar it's about away from Illinois playing for the rams season. He's flying alongside Aaron Donald's then turned Oliver shows up he will be on senator novelty right. But right now and number twos in the rain elements and there are good team they're playoff team their possibly Super Bowl teams are Mattel wise. And these kids that that run did not go unnoticed by Ndamukong Suh. No slew posted to his instant Graham a a video of that Ron. And then on the day of the captain of that video he could write a good fellow oil and so god bless the Internet and so did this this was in the in the gap there in the hold of the side of the deal that he played he was the lefty in to tackle. Jim wait let the tens of men and they kind of win. You know kind of right at that at Baghdad there and I'm bears' offense his right side. So that that did not go unnoticed by Ndamukong Suh and therefore did not go unnoticed. By your colleague. So you're probably going cunanan could be a competitor colleague Anderson data creditors are are good men arm under Osama bureau of the Miami Herald. Who posted this on Twitter. Last year was soup playing anyone percent of the plays the Carolina Kansas rush for 294 yards against Miami. Daddy 69 yard run any 43 yard run it wasn't funny then it's still not funny and down economy. Our government that game was a money and I Jamie it's Carol laden then this is actively whitewashed and that ourselves blinked show for a reminded nominates it was part of that so. I don't know what it delegates who gets out of posting that. And I mean you don't let the facts get in the way is Armando pointed out two and number ensue like hey dude the defense and when you're in there there are still gash in your guys. Last year the problem I have the prom and evolve into this and probably talk about with the penalties and and the lack of efficiency in the end them in on the money part of the field as. If they know he's been fixed around here so that's my problem you know a.'s you don't like it is same mall problems they're forced him the same old dolphins around here so that's disturbing to me didn't but Mike economic and soon it just it like. You're Jarvis Lindsay is one thing meg and Ndamukong Suh. It's like to these guys that mean they were within a lot of football teams under so bigs they just love living in South Florida that much the girls salty that they got booted out of here. I think I think the money has a lot to do with it from the standpoint of Ndamukong Suh and Jarvis Landry. Were cut for financial reasons wasn't their performance Ndamukong Suh may one Pro Bowl in three years and nervously and remain three and four years. This wasn't a performance being this blows. You're not. You're good but you're not worth from you know what you want and so we're gonna get rid of you. And I think prevailed there was probably a feeling of I'm being scapegoated here look there. Ndamukong sued his three years here. The dolphins were 28 in the league against the run thirtieth in the league against the run in the last year fourteen. In the lead against the run sold. I. The the point with some luck Dawson did his job I thought he played well Joseph obviously immediate some sodium Mike Pelosi who's in a different category he wasn't total financial he was. Opportunity. That did you two were just popped up. And and help also that tip penalties but talk about Landry ensue upping their still smarting a little bit because. They were two of the top players on the team and the team just by. Yeah we can't afford to keep you and I think that hurt their feelings. What they were asking I agree with the team I agree with the dolphins Ndamukong Suh was not a boom here it's just that. I'm not sure that any deepens a tackle nowadays. Can live up to a sixty million dollar guarantee. In his contract as era and Donald is probably about find out. So it so could have never played up to that money Jarvis Landry well he hates this he hates this term but he was a slot receiver and as such he has control over the game was also limited so it wasn't those guys it was their salaries. But I think those guys don't like they were being scapegoat a little bit. No that's fair egg by a couple of things clean appear it was an NFL post on the highlight. And Ndamukong Suh commented on right up again Iowa among mentally and tested I've been mud that's fine I mean is that of the dancing part of the story responded to until the full story he felt the need to to get a little shot in their right of the gun oh well. Here's a thing. On on and you could feel you being scared that's gotten polite they didn't wallets or just move on with it but I'm just curious where. It's a of the double we're number one or number two in in rushing her top five in rushing defense last button. Nobody is pushing them to choose a ball. Right but it did all of the de bugged at all when any good at stopping the run last year. So it's not a good they weren't I get top five. And then they get rid of suitable for whatever reason right god he doesn't work hard and or whatever their reasoning in the care of stuff. He does he's not a leader vocal leader of the money whatever they wanna spend a fine I don't care how they do. But it did it but and then he would when he sees this and he goes and then he makes economic I can understand that a little bit more. But when your when they weren't very good at stopping the run which she was part of a down here being. And then there's doughnut stock and then in there's still I. Stopping Iran which obviously he won a comment like like I don't get like cattle did did the scapegoating they're going lot. Because they were bad last year with a few and I understand you were probably doing your job news but the numbers just did not add up. Right well I I would think that that's what they would resist write that that if if you make a Pro Bowl appearance or well less well you make a Pro Bowl and you run deep prince's 28 or thirtieth. You know that's not really your fault last year he did the run defense is fourteenth. You know I think he probably problem looks at the situation in those idea in my job all three years. I can't control what the other ten guys do and Jarvis Landry to a certain extent. Probably still the same thing that I was out here ball and I can't control what these other team and guys do. When you decide not to pay guys YMI on that list like why are you gonna pay this guy and not pay me. And are acting well not I think that Israel's doesn't cost too damn much money. Yeah. That it gave the offense is only gonna average seventeen point six points per game which was 2628. And you know why you'd you know you're gonna spend money on somebody make it a a bigger difference maker insane with the run defense that. If they're gonna finish 28 or thirtieth anyway and I know last year they did finish fourteenth but. Yep you're going to spend the money spent and on a pass rusher or quarterback to not Eddie been to tackle lose control. Over the game is incredibly limited. Neurons on a dollar and use faulted that they were not all that money either right I just fine and I knew Simon Kennedy he humorous where. You don't see a lot of it is around the NFL island sports in general a lot of guys for a reason this week that around the door here you know people it's all Jarvis is just you know Jarvis is a different ingredient Jarvis is Jarvis yeah but you know you and our consume we never really heard a peep out of an Allison is an area. Do you did mess that's the thing about sue that's right that's the thing about sue is that he didn't really do a whole lot of social media commentary now and ensign doesn't really and yeah unless he's promoting a cause of tears are. You know clinic he's having some like that again he doesn't. He just keeps his Moshe. But he's he's he didn't this time not a fan of Derek I don't know why actually I'm with you I don't I don't know why he did. It is Derek had reruns for buck fifty in the first we use others wondering what the commentary is going to be at the dolphins are one in three out of the gate. In summary six a megaphone in jars Landry or not organs whose face and ask for money you know it's going to be it's gonna get a little bit ugly. It's easy as I don't think so I'd be surprised but Jarvis I wouldn't be surprised when tarnoff who got tomorrow and Marlon tomorrows are not a human is is there tomorrow correctly on Monday Night Football and I am that we have to we are rocks. Tomorrow night are we got some more football on the way on the ground the NFL continues the it is a team that is on the Miami Dolphins schedule. They're going to take on the Minnesota Vikings. And that game is going to be. The December 16 up there in Minneapolis so. Some interesting stuff there we did when Minnesota not just. Our look around the Lee and we're going to be some good fancy reformers houses seeing in the due out her cousin gonna fit in Dallas took off the injury. To fund digs the UN the defense terraces with all that stuff. But it's also team involved they're gonna match up with in in mid December as as well so while that's a natural talked to Greg Coleman who is the sideline reformer former honor. Of the of the vikings and now his thoughts into law Minnesota Vikings football next Johnson and I didn't take. As one weightlessness and get on your Smart device or computer and that's what. The radio and tell. Thomas first image is everything else is looking towards the Dallas radio that come out. Now don't miss your favorite to get show and we will let you know view of any issues with the African email sported review that come. And our corporate it people will be getting corrected reader become the home of millions of an onion FM for the fourth. Point three HD to the ticket courtesy for back with you here on seven on the ticket and our look around the NFL. We'll continue just to Mosul in two the Minnesota Vikings and Greg Coleman here. Also in the 6 o'clock hour renew. Take a good look at the Cincinnati Bengals here so we're we're not if your team today here and bolting by the way are on the Miami dolphins' regular season schedule was so good insight. There are gonna give you hear induced fantasy stuff and whose side. Whose role in up there and and also little preview of things that come when the when the regular season rolls around joy to architects showed you feel free to do so. At 67 nights and for the 67974. I tell you reaches on the text line feel free in the tournament send it as we jump out to Iran feels announcers and answer is yes I'm actually stepped. Beyond convenient and as man's been doing a great job. Up in Minneapolis for you all all time vs the player. A great punter from Florida any of them are right there on time mr. Perkins. Greg Coleman sideline reporter for IK FAA and I'll be enough up in Minnesota and the the vikings radio network he joins us right now. On seven and nine you to Greg thank you take a few minutes once again thank you sir Howard things. Think in the world been in when you see Florida and am but generally arc. There you go. There you go unlike the. Spoken like a true radler and there I like that's that's good stuff here does here that they have there's been I'm sure there's been heavy hearts. Up there and not in Minnesota Greg and Tony Soprano we got to know him quite ago quite well down here as head coach of the of the Miami Dolphins. But he has had a tribute so with the other with the game over the of the week and housing team and has a community handled. The sudden loss of coach just. Well it's it's. It is still full of emotion on both sides. The fact that we lost Tony and he was such a great man not only a great coach but if you hear. The comments made by the guys they're really not aligned room. Out of the last several years that you knew that Tony was much more than a coach. He was a military it was a father figure he was a coach he was a friend. He was all those things are so all of those men in the biggest adjustment. That they had to make was bridge knowing. Coming to the realization that okay Tony is not just felt sick today or don't vacation and you know Tony is not going to be witness. In and that's a cold hard fact of reality of life. It's surpass that we all must go we almost traveled down that. But to receive they would do attribute that the organization did for four for Tony in the Stanley. I've got your words. I don't think there was many drop I in the stadium speakers. He was such. Agreed. A great person and a great coach and sorely will be missed out only about spam me but better coaching staff and as I mentioned the gas and an operative line rumors. They Greg let's go so the offensive side of the bowl on the field and Kirk cousins and and what what are you expecting from from him this season and I. I'm a bigger Dauman cooked Mahan from the standpoint of the guy who will be responsible for moving that Altman's but. What do you see from Kirk cousins so far what do you expect from him this season. Well let me answer the first question that the second question first the expectation. Is not a drop off. I principally from work a case team did last year. Kirk is a veteran quarterback. With a strong arm great leader. A great football actor meant that he passed. You don't wanna take any steps backwards. Right because with most of the pieces being in place the nuclear. Of this football teams still remains intact which serves few changes here and there are you don't wanna see anything go backwards. The organization has done a great job in in in signing in keeping. And you know some key players who just extended. I stepped on the exited. Adam Zealand last year in eight in which he just goes on and on and on. What a great job bet that the wheels in in Mike Zimmer enriched Roman general manager has done. How would that being said I heard your comment that down in cook and delving goes sort of this conference. I'm gonna have respectfully disagree and the operative line goes so goes to Minnesota viking. As you will know we just talked about the loss of Tony don't got to scrambling from an emotional standpoint we've got some injuries at that we have to overcome. We would you know Jacksonville gave us a good test with the defense of Latin Caribbean last. Saturday afternoon and there's not going to be a drop off woods Seattle. On Friday night so you you you've got to. Who ever is million. The expectation is that you've got to get the job done. Is the expectation. I mean is it is it's Super Bowl level at this point has got to be one more talented teams you've had. Our go back to to you know the late nineties and and those teams. With with that group who now that the got the quarterback to figure out the quarterback puzzle solved. That he can and gets you farther in the post season where the expectation level library. Well I'm not gonna say it's Super Bowl or bust guys but that lets face that the next step the you. You heard that cliche used over and over games Super Bowl Super Bowl books by every everybody is and Peter right now. In in everybody had their eye on the prize of being that not only. Playing in the Super Bowl but winning bets that has to be the goal of every couple cheap it's not then you're in the wrong business. Yet been a lot of pieces in place but there are a lot of things that have to go right as you well know in in in injuries are part of which team. In man in who we had so many on on Saturday afternoon it was like commission. Urged they're pure rumor and our our certified athletic trainer. In his steps I mean I don't know how many. Steps they hand you know on them by April or whatever you using true to measure the miles and all that stuff but they had their work cut out. Out for the embryo we had six guys to go this year's miss of those injuries. Remains to be seen but. It's a party gained EE UU. You expect. You'd expect. Debt. You you've got to the NFC championship game. We didn't play well against Philly bats while we lost it in the fact that really the doggone good football team good enough to beat. You know Tom Brady into New England Patriots. Did I have been cast. You're gonna get everybody's best. So that means that you gonna have to book a look at you don't have to bring each and regain would play in the first place schedule. Roster were playing the best of the best in the National Football League so we better be ready each and every week to meet that challenge. A great and tell you about this the secondary but to let you know we'd window Harrison Smith and Xavier rose announcement that safety and roads that are one of the quarters. Maybe two of the best in the NFL. What makes that secondary goal and again and talk about expectations for 2018. It's simple you wanna know what makes that second year ago about. Didn't kneel under it deepens an inch Sheldon Richardson as you can detect a limbo until the most ever Citigroup is on the other side. And you got the linebackers we've been I've been Gideon and their entry exit of people are. Now talk about the secondary you mentioned broad Xavier in errors. Orbit Andrew's been able has been very good trading warnings was a first round pick a few years ago it's really starting to drink the Mike Zimmer Cooley. In his longest he continues to improve he's made the most improvement. But I've seen over the last several years and then he got the only answer is nobody in the back as a coach player or player coached. Who you who watches film in in his recognition. Up plays and situations are so uncanny. That's what makes it deep into aside ago. Front moves to back up they're up there in Minneapolis and they're off to a quick as it often does Greg Coleman sideline reporter. 40 for the Minnesota Vikings radio network the dolphins will take on the vikings December 16. In that week feet fifteen image of that first place scheduled Greg also love the dolphins part of it but but certainly the dolphins will be out all we match up there. I wanna ask you about the receiving group here. Adam Phelan Stephon digs how well they complimentary each other complement each other and what do we look at me looking for in the passing game what kind of numbers you think cousins can put up there. You know I'm not a stat guy I look for efficiency you talk about the women did export great you know you. You have to and Keiko root out and that same breath. In the corporate world former first round pick. Have a lot of upside strong receiver. It image in what we're trained well he had to learn what it meant your girl. Learn how to be a Pearl Harbor. You know but I existing domestic he's matured. As a player he's matured as a man in that they would with those two teams you see some dividends. Paid for him because you do now you can't. Double in in in triple team Adam indignity. Needs it so you get really coming down the middle and you get the portrait and look. Numbers. Look for them to move the football. Them. But I had my of these two guys raise beer battered Greek here's. Adam storybook. Career. Oh walk on had to pay to go to a Columbine. Undrafted. Made the practice squad four years so now he's an all pro. A grid like you mentioned Rick Stillman earlier and and he's another guy who disorganization is very familiar with. Why has he been so successful recently had hasn't been the draft hasn't been free agency. Hasn't been knowing when to extend a guy hasn't been knowing when to let goal of a die what does what does Dielman done these last years. I think it starts with ownership where and when you have an ownership like it will family. That provides the resources. That that coach Zimmer has asked for in coaches need. In Rick and his staff which it is with the wherewithal. To find the right players you mentioned to XP in the right players to bring in free agents. You know through Madrid it's a combination but I think it starts with ownership in our ownership has done a an amazing job. Guys you'd you'd if you ever get a chance to come up Gooden and take a peek at our practice facility. That that opened this spring it is incredible. You talk about a Cosmo hole but it is not Gotti. In I've seen most in the National Football League. This is in incredible incredible facility. And I mean heck it's it's a product of this facility when I was playing hell I'd still be. I. View it and I heard it's a it's unbelievable I mean the guys that wanna go home. It is wanted to hang out there than all the amenities there and it was and it was its tumble in winning we know that stadium is beautiful Villa and would agree to pay and you got to help football team Greg I mean you guys that you guys load from top of the mama do agree with you the dolphins a line that worked out a little bit here. I don't see too many weaknesses on your on your football team. And that you guys should be a right in the mix once again that tibia that should be good stuff. We got what Greg and hopefully we'll catch up and down the line maybe yeah maybe in December when when the dolphins have up there thank you Greta I. Sounds good look fortress so that more and Denny actually help. Definitely that's got to Greg Coleman former along time punter. Of the of the Minnesota the Minnesota Vikings and then another sideline reporter there are so they got a they had a goal to do it that they did lose a bunch of guys that that means guys got her around the yeah for the season but they have like six. Our game night yeah how I was out on it and just caught bits and pieces on a night. And I can't go out somebody else's. And it was yeah it was just the stuff that I saw. Vega who's the media studs up or down that's a mesmerized entrances on. Then he turns a man now delving coop is back I'm really not whose sole bunker dozens. Look just don't moms don't lose games now the zulus gave him in. There and do Joseph Flacco don't lose games and in come up me a couple of times in the playoffs yet but I mean for compared to his team and that's a big upgrade. It's an upgrade and then not being Telecom I'll Obama Kirk cousins direct yeah so I think it's a bigger currency betterment imminent. Yes that's they are now Eaton. May not much better but he is better. I is better but this a big year for him like he goes from Washington they were kind of a mess and you got in the knowledge Plano it's twenty arming and gets his way it. Yeah Super Bowl right and then I honestly is the reason my and it paid on money for the be the missing link here. And be the difference machine you know in the playoffs and that's for Kirk cousins. Was brought in the new art will gonna get the 6 o'clock hour we're gonna hear you back to the dolphins and it took place Friday night. And an all out so puzzles and a look at the Cincinnati Bengals in the 6 o'clock hour as as our look around the NFL continues so are heavy football they Laporte get to hear. A 67974. That tell you regions on the tech side 679 some forward to the 6 o'clock our necks are awesome and I did take. On the 6 o'clock now. Here on seven and it's a good tale of zero to ten I want you to join us on September raise its coming up it's going to be at the museum of discovery and science for the Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital kids expo. Kids go back to school today. And and Miami Dade County it's a great event for the kids were talking more than 75 steam activities including science technology entertainment art. And music will live concerts by Genevieve goings from disease junior and Kevin Quinn who plays Zander on Disney's part you may not over the fuel are well limo. Plus the public's Abrams took his will be hosting kid friendly demos throughout the event sponsored in part by going in Nova Southeastern University. The N as you edge gives students a competitive advantage in their careers communities handle life Christopher back with you here. On some and an interviewer and hear from Adam gaze his emission comments yesterday is pressed congress for burning rom. The offense and I think that's the biggest thing you'll take out of Friday's game yeah the red defense wasn't great apart. Passive as they gave up. The big run a Christian McCafferty now tech can happen. And crossing route to Ian Thomas for the touchdown and can happen. Other than half of the has played pretty well luckily Robert Quinn. Who got a couple of sacks. And now I know we're running in the him a little bigger. Eggs Avian at the intersection but I think I have the stats in front of me happening armor kind of got into him. There I'm on the back ups vs back outside I think Carolina rushed for 230. Three yards on Reagan was among the first two starters you have yours yeah now deepened the second quarter which have a really good thing another game has both Carolina and Miami. The they let their starters played deep into the second quarter which was unexpected the subtitles are a good view of what to how would you could see US steel has put. Yeah I thought there was good and bad about an equal amount from Miami on both sides of the ball and and that's why are right now I'm looking at him as a seven or rate win team because they've got talent. To win you know may be nine games but they've got just enough bone hit it mirrors and detrimental stuff. Who dragged them down to you know six or seven wins so. I'm looking at seven rate right now with with just the normal amount of of injuries that she CNN NFL season. It kept him and we've been talking about this with Justine or for years but that leaves all throughout training camp is they do it to themselves. And and we see the pass an appearance on AJ derby and last week holding onto one Jane's. These are critical Ayers when you're in scoring territory. Not even necessarily. In the red zone but in scoring territory. And and now you're pushing yourself back and you just aren't good enough to overcome those airs so. They be. Either need to get better. Or play smarter and at this point you know you're acquisitions are pretty much over so they need to play smarter they've got what they've got pretty much. Well yeah I agree and you know we're due to the security. But set acquisitions or something else. And yeah we you you mentioned rich aroma we're talking to Greg Coleman there and ai and I said Wally on the running creek Kurt Birkins take him over the top. Even to get in there and that's what management is all about. And you look at dolphins management is their needs to be decision on these guys doing your job I don't know. With the seasonal feel a lot so the guys that you bring in Johnson Robert Quinn. Albert Wilson Danny Amendola. And indeed you're you're draftees minutes after a night to sit here and then running those are that's one list and you and you get into your high draft picks and manga Mike is sixty Charles Harris even rate on the last couple years. Those guys can play. The Mike Tim bomb can stack if they can't. And you go look for somebody else that's possibly as it comes down to when you'll get a team like this and you're going where is this is talent evaluation there. If Robert Quinn balls out. Albert Wilson and Amendola. TJ McDonald from a year ago they brought him in Kilgore didn't kill wore those guys put my lower plays his role right than your fine and might have one guy and I'm not all under right guard you know home run now. Bottoms and that's this is this is a big deal here it is and then you go to your your draft picks may include a sixty. Melon who saw a growth that's all those things. So that's gonna. And you still got and and you still got drawn in Laramie as first round it to get up at the Burton you know booked in opens it tackles that. Have to prove that they can go to that next level as first round pick. They're good NFL players layered you know they belong in the lead they would start on a lot of teams but. The Dalton you know first round picks do you some you need some added. Good player some really high quality Pro Bowl caliber players. And the dolphins have not hit them and plus the other party as we talked about the draft and and the free agents a man this the talent that you let walk. Whether it's pounds a year assume where Michael Thomas or Damian Williams or whoever yeah those you know did you make the wise decision they're also. Bribe them in this imperial 79 rate may read this one know if this team you do you wanna stay the course. And those players play well then you're gonna go yeah I am attend a bomb Crist periods does know to don't need those guys brought in some guys are performed they spent the money wisely. They drafted wisely so you know because this is boo boo. You say Nate fine. Connection could make the big jump to 115 if you. But do you stay the course then I think that's the big question and a bright but I think a lot of it goes into how these guys and perform yet if I'm Stephen Rossiter I'm looking at. Yeah I'm looking at that Liz. And saying. Hey we spent all this money we let these guys know. How does double Wilson look how did they name the look has just said look cousin who can overlook. Those are the foot bold decisions and that are fresh in everybody's mind. Right arrow towards the quarterback Ryan Tammy okay fine. Target quarterback those are football decisions. That you let one guy go he brought another and you thought he was going to be better and you were right or you're wrong. Reason is plain and simple. So for when it kind of went snow you know are they doing a good job I don't know but I think this season this early are gonna be very telling we know they're not doing your job and the result. We know that's no pace an atom gates was asked about that following Friday night's. Friday night's game was in field goals are fine they'll QB in the game they'll keep that the score look purse look at look respectable. Right you'll cover. You might cover up you get more yeah if you tease him you might cover. But as far as but as far as winning any mania beat anybody who is now a delegate to me while harbors or division titles reds on office continue to be a problem coach. We have some things. We're not doing in the prison yeah right now that we've been working on a change and things. Sometimes we try to throw things in there for a game specific to what defense does have a rep it enough. It's gonna look like crap it's so market at about one considering I know. Which. All right so he's he takes the load that that's great. But do you have eight at the Reid's own Balkans will come through in the regular season that's the question. Well he's gonna answer that question here in just a moment or try to answer their questions. Third downs and their two for 244. For 24. In the first public games are all in one on fourth down which I can throw into the third down conversion. Deal as well and this is the sounds simple but just for everybody out there Adam gays will explain its. Put ourselves in that spot they're entertained. Third and 25. You know third and fortunate I mean just this is unmanageable. And it comes from second now I don't. Net play and those who were really have to eliminate our issues. No negative plays a person down. Gives us a chance to say 36 or less which uses a higher percentage bird. I'm so he's right he's explaining all of these sound so great there radical and bothered him fixed so I mean you know he's explaining all these things and he's right. And third downs as is not. No I was converting third in nine at a consistent level only and a don't care how Ritter offices. Yeah once a while you deal Aaron Rodgers you can overcome the open all the time 39 or your third and 839 or longer your skirt. So the good teams don't get in that spot to begin with. Ayers that's what that's the thing right there can be good to. And learn when you add all these things out third down and and red zone and preset penalties in penalties overall. You start thinking. Maybe they're just not a good team because you say good teams this doesn't happen to third down consistently. It seemed ridge zone consistently doesn't happen good team preset penalties in Sicily doesn't happen good team overall and consistently doesn't happen. And it is just one of these things bothering your team okay to win against the B five or six some a look at. Bin that's when you start looking Angolan man. All they might not win seven or eight. Vegas might be right they might win five or six or that I mean where's some of the dolphins when you on the front side of the football I heard this fits in the run out of Baghdad Baghdad integrity or wit yeah I'm at. You cannot have all of these beings can't you just opens you their. When you start thinking all right they they might not just have a deficiency here and there they might not be a good team. Right by the way level when he talked about cap integrity that I know I know I weight which allows our play talk about Angela Wright no doubt have throughout my favorite things gap integrity you know. Offensive weaponry you know and exotic blitzes now saw the blood and I that is what don't you know as NFL season yeah. Honestly I'm here. But nobody likes steal third UB 33. And we hold. But you're getting off the field to the threw it away but there's a hail to the face some crap like that is just it would bad teams to wield too good teams do that. Here's the here's the talent they had Iran China and those of an eye opening from coach k's on. While they're being very Vanilla. Do we wanna show rentals stuff now don't you wanna be careful what you show and other third downs in your things that you might wait where team. She's a one time might ever you do it again to launch right now. All right so good to me he's over selling a little bit here he better show something against Tennessee adding it's the jets here. Or there or they are becoming around here with pitchforks wanna know what the hell's going on the offense so he bought himself some time right there and I'll give him some time. But if all of a sudden they're saving. The all these good plays that they're saving for week one OK fine. But if we see the same garbage week one and it's the same BS. And then than anything he says about the offense the rest of the year is hurling an amount to a hill being sparked. I'm not sure we're gonna know who this dolphins team is until about mid season and no nobody wants to hear that. But I think means there in such as the uncertain state with this team. That yet is gonna take a while it's gonna take a while. I could look Agassi they don't start off. Just throw some numbers three and one and and in going on three game losing streak every single start no one in three and going on a three game winning streak. I I'm bad on certain about this team. As the one thing that I think that I'm certain about which that doesn't sound very convincing right I think I'm certain about it is is there a seven or eight win team but. They did they there's a variance on and on either side so you're saying that again I don't know there were gonna win eleven on opening they're gonna and lose eleven. Man there's just so much uncertainty witnessed what do you mean the thing that is everyone's been known in the in the presumably showing him. Which is fine it's all but it's all even right that's like you complaining about your team can't tackle will. They don't work on technology works on tight and it's not all even went went went Charlotte Carolina is not giving you their best looks defensively and you still can't get in the hands of but that's what I mean it's been no rumble Sy writes and is so that doesn't that negate his excuse correct yes yes I don't think I'm pretty that they're buying his efforts to know so little note I'd bet every bright everybody's been Elena. Rice as his life. It's like when somebody's is our our team can't tackle legal let you work on tackling in the NFL. Everybody has the same amount of time to spend on tackling right. Everybody has the same amount of time they can spin and and so the stop about and is up about where we're being Manila and it's relative. Everybody's doing the same being addressed yet doesn't it doesn't matter but I'm gonna hold him to that comment we're gonna play that three weeks. I. I don't see how different offenses go look against Tennessee and against the jets in week in week one to play calling the play calling will be different that is my execution but that's about it and Clinton is different way and I Anderson I'm demos becomes of Latvia you know that's an outside agency were I have hundreds of her leave and someday yeah. Well I don't even know love a though wait till we get more ANC whoa wait till the defense gives more when it's right well yes on the we'll sing yeah yeah. Salty now we're gonna talk to or at target Katherine out Terrelle covers the Cincinnati Bengals for a for ESP and she's gonna join us here coming up. In about about fifteen minutes first at 6 o'clock deadline. These XWEXYAM. South Miami at WS advancing advancement beached Ito Miramar plea deal. Com station. They. 25 free season version came out today University of Miami at number eight. It was Alabama at number one Clemson and number who. Wisconsin. Georgia number three Wisconsin and number four Ohio State at number five. We have implored a skate hit nineteen. And UCF. And they've they've managed to sneak in there at number 23 I remember putting we'll announce our defending national Champions Tour yeah yeah that's right that's right so LSU is number 25 of course Miami plays LSU. In about a what's the tone down now to thirteen days. Thirteen days scenes Sunday September 2 Terry go endowment consume. Post any comment on social meat on on the Internet. There was a video of Christian McCaffrey's. 71 yard run. And and against the dolphins christened McCaffery of course running back for Carolina this happened on Friday night and Ndamukong so whose comment was. Right up the de L lo well. So it's it's got people thinking your seat salty as he. Izzy clown in the dolphins what's going on there are so both yet how that all the above sake that it could be both. Miami Dolphins off today they're back to practice tomorrow they holds Baltimore on Saturday and that till till third pre season game. And you're well in a bill tonight Baltimore at Indy Miami Marlins are off tonight. They host the Yankees tomorrow to start a two game set Marlins nineteen and half games behind Atlanta in the NL least nineteen back in the wildcard those are your where he has some canes were. Ballmer may be at the end of this week deftly next week we're gonna work. We're gonna have a good look at what to expect his LSU organs some other issue perspective on there. They're looking for quarterback they got they got there are always very towns have been seems like they're always there's always a guy suspended or per there's always some sort of chaos wouldn't. Are you lots seems like lots of first and second round hits but Barry you SEC title game appearances right the ally well she's got to do gets down to there's an injury in the areas dice and I don't name yeah Alec how the hell yeah. The other losers will go back to junior. Right emir of all the all the front they they always have the front line and they always have. Big award that he's now content and so damn what they're already answered yeah. We go way back with misty yes Soledad or drive in who might coach show whether he's you know. 'cause you don't tell the world but there's always some is always going on about this yet I have some guys suspended. I so they can this is senator I don't know why Israel arrested over the weekend. But there's always stuff going on with LSU the kind of hold them back right you know. So oatmeal bowl we're gonna get heavy and acting here and next week that's going to be to. That's going to be Marie what a way to kick off kick off the season and of course our look around the NFL continues. We got the Cincinnati Bengals though are there on the Miami Dolphins schedule and on as well October 7 up there. In the nasty Matty are looked around the the league Israel camp to care entities with Katherine around who covers of angles for ESPN will talk with her next Johnson united ticket. Stay in our textbook is gone but you can get all your breaking sports updates. And push notification from all of our shows and hosts on our newly fixed radio dot com app so download an Amish or turn on of occasions in the setting dreaded the coming new home for everything games and many NF someone a four point three. HD to the ticket. Pretty superb record with you here hanging on Monday able to give until the 7 o'clock and our look around the NFL continues. As we head to the heartland of America Cincinnati. Ohio I mean joining us remember Iran fuels and thousands of his it was designed they're actually stems. Beyond convenience bales reporter for ESPN's an affiliation Katherine throughout joins us here as we take your good looks. And the Cincinnati Bengals who were on the money often does schedule. And they're gonna get it going to. On October 7 but there at Paul Brown Stadium and Catherine joins us right now on 79 to getting far her on Twitter at cats. Underscored Terrelle and that's cat with a K Catherine thanks for joining us here on seven I was sort of business. Embody are usually see up at the Columbine thing now with Adam Beasley so. And I got a zone does not know that right. I I did company but you know as as as with anybody who hangs around with me please leave got a questionable little obvious right. I Katherine thanks thanks for joining. But I'll let him. Now got a good I would really don't that Brunette on merit pay you know Beasley oh my goodness there. He's actually coming up here at at 7 o'clock sowell paso along. To be here but but they have taken a few minutes here. And let's talk about does Cincinnati here what's the mood what's the expectation level you bring back Marvin Lewis your brain back to Andy Dalton. Didn't make too many moves in the in the offseason. Our roster wise what's the what's the expectation trying to bring back the Cincinnati team and hoping to make a move in the AFC north. Well I wouldn't think standard around the I think that they're frustrated. Could. You reflected opening day are opening night and if they get there ravens I don't think that stadium's going to be. It just days frustrated mood in Cincinnati. I actually do think the bank of. For who they are not done a lot of different things this year. They've actually parting ways a lot of their batter in which they don't normally do they got a bunch of new assisted they had to do coordinators. So under age change but in the I'm the stand with you Marvin those mini column and. They really have a good year I mean that's through a period due to get band back. But what does this team need to do to win a playoff game in and and give it one playoff victory enough to whom. Keep the fans happy for a year or do they need to like get to the AFC championship. I think the plan up now went Libya that I certainly don't think getting to the way out than not mean it's been. Good. Or wrapper at the last and they wanted to buy out team I was one. So bad until I actually I don't even know that I was blocked a bit outlets like the not so. Two they're frustrated I get it. But I think that. Hit it they would see that is that they'll have a raft in it that's what they need to do I think they haven't had a good young rock if they do have a lot of talent that joke makes it. They have Karl Lawson who aren't you keep used properly it could be a really good defense that it. You know act in so there is talent on this team but gossip via the biggest problem in they need to pick except for a that any just. I have to play better than we have the last two years. What about discipline because I did for a while it seemed had the the of their rent rather clear or not of kind of being on knuckle hit it team or bone here that team is. Is that definitely in the past for this organization that. But apart I think they'll Adam Jones gone and really the biggest. The question mark that there is not the bargaining and the right now he's hurt and you're not playing the first four games to see that. No I again say that. Maybe they had to misplaced. Loyalty it perfect just and that. You at this point it thank you don't expect it not to be there to September for various reasons. There right now with a firm pilots and our policy in the last two years those per violation of player safety rules. So it's hard to grow wild man by when he is healthy is a really great player so. You know I got to walk that back in October that rarely used really the only one you can say that about in August you'll only off the field. Yeah advocate and any trouble at all. Catherine Terrelle covers the a Cincinnati Bengals. For ESP n.'s NFL nation is with this year on 79 to take it AJ green we all know he's he's a monster on one side. Where the other targets gonna go John Ross. I mean is he is he a big time bust on the other side Tyler boys and Neitzel receiver yet I've heard a tight end were all the targets gonna go off they're not going to AJ green. I effort as always the question mark that help. They're trying to basically limited snaps and Mac app holes in it but even then that's gonna make a big difference to them to eat their biggest threat they interact. Then you have a couple of young receivers Josh below I'd be happy that your player. Yet job rot you I'm not ready to call but. Rookie season. What an odd about possible but he's not a very good yep and think that rocked it needs to show that he can play mistake free what volleys. Sometimes when you bandits like that plays are at stake here attracted you last year with. A fumble it just. The other week the preceding game he's slipped in got that takes six cent. You know it happened Dolly players he's got to earn the orchestra then of course how ugly ethnic or how. A really good year I think he's gonna get a chance to me if I may not receiver and I think that you can make the most of that. Debt and Andy Dalton he's he's a guy who I compared to Ryan Tim hill. From the standpoint I think both of them are slightly above average NFL quarterbacks. What is your opinion of Andy Dalton and and is he a guy that has another step weren't. At this stage and ended his career it's kind of like we know what he has. Well I've done it before I've no doubt apology but. For people who say that he completely mediocre I would point to than 2015 season and stay. I've those first decade there are kept this season I think when there were a though he was playing as good as as almost any line and that he got hurt. The last two years has just been you know the definition of mediocre that he has that ability. But I will say that dog never quarterback it's gonna take that he was back in outplayed them eat better you got. Who he that I who he would doctor greed is not Tom Brady. But if you hop their pieces around him I think he can be a fact that the problem is with the start of the opera divide. I Billick Dalton a I'm glad he's been hurt but that. And I don't blame haven't yet back forty times. He just you've got to play better and everybody knows. He's capable. He's got to show it. Joseph mixes going to be the number one. We got a couple of South Florida guys behind him in the backfield we all know what geo can do. Do you think you might didn't expanded role also give us an update on on our mark Walton if you if you can. A lot of people are very proud of what what he's been able to accomplish down here in South Florida. Yeah I think get a beating guys this year there's no larger hill to take away are you gonna get the majority of the Kyrie. Geo is never going to be guys that have expanded raw he's not going to be an every down back you know wanna be. At two Tories see over the past. I think that the way that you have is that how you like. How you like this knowing that change of pace back and really great receiving game. He eat he can have games or he just explodes and has partnered are receiving gamer Arctic air rep rushing game. We need a very good compliment and makes a big advocate to had a monster. Mark Waugh he's. Well is fighting for that. Their position. Between headed straight heart says it's been a kind of hard to say what he's been doing this summer just because he doesn't get any raptors make sense. And Bernard he's shown to big things can't I don't think he had a great game to get the tabloids but. It's probably get a lot of bout that they're pre season game and I think he's talented. We'll just see people about showed during direct can't. Get your thoughts on Marvin Lewis he he always seems like a very personable guy. I I guess maybe a players coaches if if you believe in that term but the man maybe to his detriment. But Tom what the what is what is Marvin have to do to to keep his job again. Win a playoff game where win more than one play off day. I say gosh he's been here so long who won a playoff game that kind of makes you think. What is. There are so you know like play it wouldn't make that change I do think that this year. There is a lot riding on and because even though he signed. A two year deal at the end of the year and like parents that are very frustrated and that's going to show lot in the stadium when they don't show up by taking. Now for other teams that might not matter better but are small market team like the Bengals ticket sales you mattered things like that you matter. Thought they had another back a year and there are losing money in the stands just. How abandoned them what they really Erica have to think all right we're gonna happen make it changed but you know if they go in there and he'd get the playoffs. I sat that I have in Africa and I can now be enough for the front office that it would showed that he was on the right against though. I don't think you have to when you vote this year he's gonna be fire it got back he achieves it's to show that it. Back on the arrived rather than just staying where it happened last. Why will that being said we'll get shot here on this Catherine are they closer to pushing. For that playoff spot with with the Steelers and maybe even Baltimore. In that in that division or are they close in on trying to hold off the browns for being relaxed in that division or where do you think they're closer right now. You know I think there's this. Then around the league or whatever are popular opinion it's better way to say it. That debate or you're gonna crash Bernal and porky and I just don't see it now with the caliber roster. Now I've predicted that it really made a few months ago and right now either write the middle. But I do think that there's a prominent roster that they can actually make the putts. I don't think the ravens have really done anything. Make themselves. Had insures about that angle has the Steelers are crafting a little bit but I do think it still went division and I don't think the ground we're there yet so I. I think that they angles you know have a shot per share. I don't see either extreme. With them if that makes sense. I was there and that's as are tool belt Dalton's now we're live in Lexington herald down here to Catherine we're in that same that same world doubted thanks for taking a few minutes great stuff. Let's see up there a couple of months except you gotta Katherine Israel covers the Bengals. For ESP n.'s NFL nation and a great lady even though she's friendly without a Beasley and I was coming up here at 7 o'clock with the that was here though yup yup I. Ravens dolphins and Ingles. All seem right now that they could be seven rate winds there. But I bet you one number is gonna crash I don't know whom and a bit to one of those three crashes to the Bible we talked with the five win. Here to Davis that has a younger when you talked with Katherine throughout so honestly can Wear on that same we've linked we'll talk to Greg Coleman. Who from the vikings the Simon you know I don't know encryption if you're now there should there you can boil we saw Super Bowl with him earlier but those those scenes cap where you where you hear that kind of analysis that I give with the dolphins and that by Catherine gave about Simpson that people are saying for five wins but I think there in the middle. Watch their kids. Some Auburn there's going to be bad they're just them B Ladell band right. No there there and somebody's going to be somebody is our friends and asked to be told that it might be well mathematically they have to be kept right so you're just trying to figure out. Oh that's been take shape there. Our thanks Katherine Toro are things it Jamison Hensley for joining us our thanks to Rick coma for joining us census does it don't look now that out loud and knocking teams off left and right out anyway we got the blackboard many areas could scratch and I'm off mail. Category at the bills tomorrow. You know which is going to be good we got -- I think that's gonna get us almost halfway to the lead right at the Texans got the Texans are radar and it's been so our look around the NFL Texans are we get in are we get in our friend down in our in a million or get rid of the candidacy of India but don't moan and right man to mark Syria marks about him on Thursday night but we hit the we've -- and we've hit the bears the box the chiefs the lions the giants the jags browns the Panthers cardinals titans or ravens the vikings. And the bank I'm not count that sound like about a dozen and having her animals were almost halfway through the league remain missing out here in the next and the next seminary it shows here before whether in the next week Dow's our goal I think we're gonna stick to it here. Welcome back we got a couple Fazio national detains as the AP poll who came out today and we'll tell you where they're at that's coming up next right here Johnson and I didn't take them. We. Mean. It's. Move it move in on earnings season ends it is once again partnering with a global and weather authority team would you certified meter all this and many Davis former director of the National Hurricane Center and hurricane specialist Max Mayfield and hurricanes specials Bryan Norcross says he dream team. They're gonna get good today and probably storm news this season are from coverage on the biggest lesson I BAT's services. Protecting you would be GT. Impact windows and doors. Teaming up today this hurricane season a seminarian from 104.3. T Tuesday at radio dot com station person per part with you here. Once again thanks to Jamison Hensley Greg Coleman Simon reporter for the Minnesota Vikings Hensley. Course covers the ravens for ESPN and Catherine Terrelle. Angles reporter from ESP n.'s NFL nation all stopping by today. Allows a great job rocker on the NFL couldn't as. Kagan but there and football season. Is here we got the first look at the AP. College poll today in Miami checked in at number eight. Number eight I should this question earlier immunity and generally answer for rebutted but I know it's tough question but in the final. AP top 25 poll. The hurricanes where all hurricanes being higher or lower than number eight. I am gonna say lower. Well and and but it's a trick question because. Sometimes lower meets our kids say they Anna's arrest I think they I think they will be nine or Ian Crocker and I think the reason that I say that is that's a two loss team at the yes I can see right I could see them losing to quivering in the championship game right and I could see them losing. Another a late season game to kind of trying to drop a must still still getting to the ACC championship so hard at least still still winning their division. Virginia Tech and I know they've lost a lot of a lot especially on defense right now so I don't know where it retains losses maybe it's LSU. And and Tom and maybe they were on the table and and beat Florida State and beat Virginia say. And then lose to but I I I I could see a two loss season in him. But there's gathered them for whatever reason finishing like nine or ten. And and no I'm not going to the playoff which you wouldn't assume that they would do they lost to Clemson anyway other pitfalls. The the the the schedule. LSU star that you were your room archaic and out say this pilot college football Talbot to schedule. All about just gets its that is yes that's a that's a huge huge partisan worries get immature Uganda where you get up and I get them at night and noon heavier. It's not balanced it's not the I don't know if there's so many hands and have nots in college so right now in play and you know going to Virginia Tech and plan on Thursday night's. Mean little bit different than playing in you know in in November is right ever the played September at new wouldn't admit it you're expert and you're aware yeah I mean you as it is right. The right so and then you got the nod converts all of us up to Alice jump the gate yes that's a big the other games that would concern me. Obviously F issues still got plenty you know I don't care where the play that game. Here there or wherever have a issue is going to be a you know what. At BC on a Friday night they have that nice run a bank what is his name to do it Dylan JJ don't might have us back in a country might beat you unity data man ran up the road voter yet. All right they're going to be our dear makers and Florida State yes yes that's another guy or which unit Wisconsin yes yes I left him for yes. Yeah but but the point is tough. An anti. BC bud BC Friday 98 that's an ambush scenario in their. And then you know that you go to Blacksburg. November 17 Newton and then the the this is always so it was these obscene. Ban games like peer. Did that it's not Virginia Tech has not embarrass you but it lurks like or is or is NC state that game is North Carolina not bad game. These are evaluated these of these C bullish within what five of six that there's barely hot lag do you remember exact. We won Iowa beat Florida State on a Friday night lab here the other good thing about that is game is is not a short regained Miami has the week off before. So they're gonna have essentially twelve days they play at Virginia the previous week to have like 1213 days took to suit that's. There's a new thing. That's that's the one of the horrors we have a one alerts I'm not saying it's a trap game I'm not just physical or is just yet they've gone lower overall pick on the last day you might not see it coming kind of like Pitt last ran all day he sees piracy could live with Dylan but yet you wouldn't. You really wouldn't see that coming for you MO BM PC law. On to say that yeah and that's a little bit you know item one on the road those odd nights Thursday night. Friday made TV don't really see a whole lot of on the other side of the division and soul. That's all. Let's all but I mean you know my will be favored to. In every single living LSU and they're ferreting associate by the way three point favorites they'll be favored in every single day. You know if they're undefeated going to really tackle Richard and I did. So so they haven't for get out here. Meanwhile more on McCain's them appear we got that we're going to be sold over when he was BP B the next the next couple weeks when we get out of here congratulations once again. And I know we have some people coming in and now the audience in the and you'd find you here every day on the radio you know but for your your writing styling is from the if they wanna find that you have taken your talents. To Wear my friend it's. The athletic looked us up at the athletic dot com and the athletic dot com slash Miami were open and a Miami bureau. I'd go to my Twitter page. Chris Kirk CH RI ESP ER today. We've got a a promotion going on now where you can get the athletic for 349. Among three dollars and 49 cents a month not 349 Brower and say yeah yeah three dollars 49 cents a month not to rethink the business model. That's right well we're we're catered to wealthy power. Yeah but but it's it's it's a great fleeing because we're win believes 32 cities right now going to be in 48 cities by the end of the year but this is college and pro so when you get those. The Miami. You know when you when you click on Miami you're gonna get chains and dolphins and Panthers and heat. And when you go to sued Dallas you know you'll you'll get some big twelve football as well as well as the cowboys and and it and the stars and everything like that so with every city there's college in April look you go to. Go to Wisconsin and and you're gonna get green bay Packers and and you dub basketball and you dubbed football and and Milwaukee Bucks you can follow the Greek freaks old. We're in every major city covering all the major sports check us out the athletic. Yeah so very very it's you it's going to be a big success and you're going to be. A big reason why it's going to be a taste success allows that they do is always for for hours and hours round here thousands. He can and there is national radio game and we didn't do our part here. We'll try to do it again tomorrow just as well not even better will we strive for greatness around here. Speaking of taking your talents of the athletic we got to get out of here and let's let's Frito and at a measly doing that do their thing come and appear will talk you just before 4 o'clock. For perk up Curtis Jim right here 79 take.