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It. Us. It it. More for here on 79 needed tickets. Welcome aboard Curtis and perch here. Following the best of Dan and Stu and the crew Eric lousy this year greens did Moore is here. We are loaded today cut us up to get too glad you are with those you can text us and gets your text in early and organ tomb in due course 6797467974. Od. And also our quiz earlier look crummy NFL. As we're about we're about five or six teams. That we yeah we haven't checked in on yet so across the falcons jobless here in about fifteen minutes. Your boy you were you're gonna see up there in the eight TO here you'll be traveling. But tomorrow so you'll be out with this Wednesday and Thursday occurred on the you don't check in from the stadium on Thursday I was act Ortiz going to be in the next couple days. For you and you'll be back on Friday. After Friday after the game on the big break down there and boom big preview of my amien LSU for sure. So we got a lot of good stuff cooking up in the next few days. But yeah men you're your boy deal that is you guys get paired up there in in Atlanta value but guy or you are downtown guy. No Al I'll do whatever whatever. Dili the lid is married with kids so I don't know if he's going to be able to get out mom tomorrow night boards Thursday after the game so I got to. You always let him call uneasy but you know let that white Beagle regularly but you'll be getting out of some in some all of I didn't know where the so it's not going to be anything crazy but I'll I'll probably enjoy a cold winter to. Atlanta is a live as I've always had a great time out Erica downgrade town. Very. Eclectic. Different. Plug in the downtown area is really cool. We're still a big village and in the Dow it means very clean whom else southern. That is there's Landon school they got it about wrapper for me in a sports down we'll talk to the letter about that a little bit here and and falcons I'd imagine they had a great football team. Hand the soccer thing up there is going crazy. Yeah so that's kind of unbelievable yeah I never saw that won't come in so La old check in with him coming up here in about in about twenty minutes here last month Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley and all those are all those guys coming up here in that in just in just a few minutes we're gonna ever madam gays to as a as well. As as we wrap up via the pre season and boy it's it you know Jerry Jones came out with via the comments. Today about the eighteen game regular season. And just going to that and I mean this we talk decreasing to be really a joke. Mean it really they're really kinda or rears its ugly face here this week. Where none of the guys are really in play while you Adam gays really hear from him on one what he thinks the starters might do. But there's a reason they expanded the really kept the the cuts to one cut at the end so all the guys are basically. Amy and I don't mean to sound harsh that are going to be doing other jobs odd jobs in a week training camp body's not playing football professionally for money. All those guys can run around the next Neal two nights from now and they can just get cut the next day. And look did there there is the a benefit that they will tell you coaches with the organization. That these guys get to put more stop on film and more coaches get to see them play and that's true partner aside. Most of these guys are gonna get picked up this is it. Zipper for the majority there and a ninety man roster and they cut it down to 253. And the majority of these guys. That's that's it for their orders. At forty guys roughly early in the practice squad yeah 32 your target how many got forty or 12100 guys yet. A whole bunch of guys that been in the vast majority of them this is it for them. I add I don't know what percentage is maybe 15%. You know get back into the league in and cycled back through but the vast majority this is it I. You know I I I I liked what Jerry Jones was saying from a from a fan interest standpoint. But I think. Part of this let's face it is as an owner. If you've got two more regular season games nobody's really one more home game right right as opposed to a pre season game here you go and should seeing Al Al. Al hide in a spray or safety and and saying that our numbers sold it yet more players get injured in practice or whatever series is something like that. But to change. Not Jerry disguise it as players' safety on his on his weekly radio show on auto five. Three the fans. He says probably better physically for players who played two reduces the game's only. And only two pre season games and he believes or creating safer game for the young players I mean. I think we're going that route Kirk I think either gonna get expanded playoffs or eighteen game regular season we're gonna get to that point because there's so much money out their means McCain leading money on the tape nearly a mile and they'll look and understands yes there's money to be had and that's very un and failed to leave money on the table. Correct so. Now that money will eventually have to trickle down the players and the players left to agree to an eighteen game schedule mood and all those things. And I think ultimately they will because the money will be too enticing. For the players in the gonna get there to get a bigger piece of the pie. But as far as everybody that's involved the pre season's kind of kind of is kids' camp. I mean Joseph pre season game this can all you need. If you wanna have a scrimmage with a team or some like data have some joint practices that's one thing but like it mean to charge regular prices. For what they're gonna everyone's gonna see on Thursday night is ridiculous because nobody he'll play outdoors and I. So I mean you justified the first game. You can just might maybe the second game. You get guys playing a little bit in the third game so nobody really complains. But the fourth game. I mean when you have like writing openly talking about it's all about Tennessee or you know two weeks of mounting leg nobody easy this is going Elena Damon on anybody's radar screen if Europe if you and often suggested a couple of guys. And we'll talk about that the commit to team this and that. But for the most part around the NFL I don't think anybody perk. Draw fan's standpoint who doesn't won eighteen games. I would think everybody would write right. I mean I don't mean if you're sort of fate of the NFL out there please text in its exit 974. And said you won more games now I understand. The simplicity it's perfect right now you don't wanna screw around with would you think is perfection. As far as the scheduling of the one bye week everything kinds of B. In is some potty go with Terry how everything works. But if you get more games that mean something and less games that don't mean anything I would think everybody's off for that. Anna I say this for from the players standpoint then there's this is something that must be collectively bargained. Eric if you get any staying. Get that control away from Roger dale right eased judge jury and executioner on all your discipline. Give that back you have a perk I always a good pardon nobody cares about that well I I know and it. You don't care and until you get in trouble today and I and you find out that really. You could get in trouble for anything right you don't have on arrested. And and so that's that's not look all I'm saying I know that they think of themselves. That's what we'll let you think of all the luck because the league think of the Ugandan and look at the the guys who come into these situations dude that's look at it it. If you have that situation. It would be all right let let you go to the same person and to hear a million to hear the appeal. We have we have people voting all across all across the state in the country today. All right I've voted today Y do people vote. The loud they vote for your your best self interest where the interest of people around I don't voting for. You know. For other people I vote for hey what do you think is going to affect me the most pleasing to affect my family the most right so those are things that you you investigate and and ultimately cast your vote on. So of a player in the NFL. And that living comes up Perez is take you want more money. Or do you want Roger Goodell more power. Damn thing in there what I'm not a knucklehead I'm marketed in trouble I'm not gonna do drugs I'm not to have American beat my girlfriend are doing that. So why would I why do what I care about Roger Goodell having power I want more money for me and I went let's say more time off. From you know two days or whatever those are the what's important to me you know those guys voting in their perk. Mean the voting in the messages of the of them sell and that's been outstanding amount of Josh Gordon. No that's the mistake because it look if you're Damian Williams or Michael Thomas do you think you'll get more money. You ask is getting cut and the next the cheaper guy is getting the money. That that's how you got like. You know it'd sure you can you can coordinator Roger is gonna get more money for the sixteen game season. You'll. Good luck buddy good luck. Well I'd rather vote for that did vote for her stuff that I'm never gonna be a part of well you don't know that's you you have Lee. Why don't you targeting Central Park let bags as well and I can go Lotta women say you know what if I get in trouble that I deserve whatever the whatever underdog. I'd I'd look different when you will you vote for when there's economic evidence into order does dollars Iraqis get the power out of Roger Goodell strict hand I mean the guy's in trouble. It's some it's it's not yet well you're a fraction of the players that are in the NFL I would say that you're not getting an extra 2010 and ill will and the quarterbacks in the Pro Bowl players will. You know your player number. You know fifteen on the roster of fifteen to 53. I doubt you're seeing much more money. Doubt we'll gable or whatever is also what went on saying how much less at the time I was back to some of the they bargained for years or whatever whatever other perks you may get an extra biweekly. Whatever you feel is important to yourself that's well look I. The greater good of the game because if your trainer gives you a supplement. And your body is now like like Julian Edelman and you're Julian settlements teammate wolf that's that's affecting you right down. But I can't expect a guy I like him if we if we if we around here work. We say you know what we're gonna vote for all you know first in right drug test. I can't account for who's gonna get pop and who's not gonna get popped up his leg. You vote yes or no I don't you know the real patrons and Eaton knew that Julian Edelman was getting a call whether anything or losing a pop for anything. That's why you vote to get control away from the dale. Because of the young Noelle if it's important to you I just do those things are going to be importantly more important things to me tech strides in at the very cell which way to vote. Alan I. Would help more voters are like I am. I try to vote for Y believes the most qualified kid doubled the discovered her body not just myself no I I look at the candidates NL those things when you look at the issues I mean. Yeah I don't have any kids. So you know it is. These school going to be worth more than let's say the old I am a mother who is out. Whom we enjoy senior programs who went whatever it is if you don't have kids you have kids. While those things really porn you better schools better. Educational programs if you have older parents. You may much might vote for more senior programs if you don't have transportation you might vote for pay. Better public transportation around south floor whatever it may beat. Obviously you know for UCL McCain it's gotta be somebody that you like is somebody that you'd that you think has their act together but as far as the actual issues. You vote for what's important them in their house. And. And that's why the NFL players get crushed and NFL owners who Bo what's best for the league in themselves and you know what's going to benefit all the owners the players don't vote for what benefits all the players they've Oprah what's going to benefit Bingham. But owners vote for what's going to benefit current owner's frantic rush. The players as well that's why that's why the players have to wake up OK that's weather and the situation there and you'll notice it right yeah yeah but if vomit vomit a player. Anomaly in my book in my life in this league. His five or six good years on getting as much as I can end it before they did me the hell out. And that's. That's just the way it is Bergen I can't believe that I would be the same way yeah. I do I don't blame them of that that I would be voting no I wouldn't be voting for the better. The betterment of the player that's gonna come ten years from now. Round matches I gotcha gotcha yeah let's get to 4 o'clock deadlines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best had been reached into Miramar plea deal. Come station. Like when we start off with a bang like that man. Hit lines Miami Dolphins concluded practice today in preparation for tomorrow's pre season finale at Atlanta now. Reserve guard Tim Larson went down without a parent right knee injury there's no word on his condition. Wide receiver to team grant remains in concussion protocol and Dayton practiced. As far as tomorrow's game coach Adam gay say they try to get cornerback Tony lit bit. As much work as possible you guys know lipid live the team in interceptions two years ago with war. Last year he sustained a Achilles injury he was out for the whole season he's in per. Competing for one of those backup jobs with core Drake Tankersley but some live it has never regain that warm cabin. They're hoping that they can work him back in two Foreman and Adam gay says tomorrow night will be a beat your Thursday will be beat. Yet there's no doubt right now you have. Zabian our original one quarterback. You have to have about McCain as you're there quarterbacking. May give its Patrick is your slot corner. In the first guy off the bench as your quote unquote fourth corner. Which are gonna go to a lot is this quarter tigers Lleyton express is that he got Tony let me get Tony and restored a tyrant all of us who tore the sirens started camp yeah. Yet to word retire was battling for that up or starting does our tore back up top backup position really to the starting position it was a retired tankers Lian and no lip bitten and they decide to move Bobby retained from the slot. That valuable torn Tyrus got a bawling all a little bit he was undrafted rookie from UN LB last year he kind of splash but. When it comes to that consistent snap to snap play. I think that's where retired. And lit it in tankers we let down the coaches so they'll be looking hard tomorrow night. That dome that backed up that backup spot and by the way does the game is Thursday and a sit morals pre season. Now right in their religion I don't care about educational tech aspect I please OK in my iPod or was it to 835 years and I care about education the point is. You care about things that hit your home a little bit a little bit differently or more and close at all with you don't have kids. Yeah like I. I don't care what school lunches there are serving in in the school does not as important to me days as other things on my radar screen but yet kids obviously. You you're you're more you're more inclined today. Or they serving you nutritious meals at school and all the other thing you're removed or there and those are the teachers up to snuff your yen teachers accountable not sayings let's of those all around schools are burning all the books in the in the playground okay amount you are down into the public education okay. Doesn't really slow in August reputation that's up way up against and so that's the that the bill that I'll be running on a more. And I know games you and the screw education. Reviews you joked you might win on net. You know grab you might win a mess it up Oakland linebacker Khalil Mack who is from Fort Pierce. Seems likely to miss regular season games according to Yahoo!'s Charles Robinson. Robinson wrote today as of Monday evening sources say that both sides remained entrenched in the same positions. But it contributed to a stalemate in negotiations since February that. Basically Coolio Mac once a once a long term deal that would make them NFL's highest paid deepens a player. And the raiders are saying no we're not offering you a contract extensions so. A couple of sources of a couple of stories rather have Syria the situation is pretty much pay him or trade him. And boy camp when you talk about trading Khalil may number one you have to get a huge hole. And number soon and you really get what that guy is worth. I mean you get noticed DiLeo met no outside now be interested to see how this ends up I mean this is this doesn't seem like it's gonna move to the next couple weeks. So does and and it does seem like Jon Gruden. Is they say gruden haven't been involved in the run in the negotiation there was I don't know what at what point. He would get him ball diagonally on Mac yes. 100% raiders under totally iMac more than Khalil Mac needs the raiders right now and I'm really say that when you talk about player negotiations. But I go I buy believe that in the stint in this instance. I I've I think you're right also Miami Marlins are two game set him Boston tonight at seven marvelously wonders on Atlanta in the NL east money back in the wild card but. On pace to win sixty by gains can. Thirty games remaining that they read that's what you care beds it man I'm cashing tickets are on here how has that number eight Miami Hurricanes continued their preparations for Sunday's game against number twenty by LSU. Coach Mark Richt see that he doesn't think his team is still worried about ending last year and a three game losing streak. Rick see a quote I don't think they think about it much but I think they know to be great on off and can't have self inflicted wounds by jumping off sides getting foolish penalties and missed assignments and finally. You same bolt is scheduled to make his debut for the central coast mariners in the Australian A league. Soccer. Lead it's a pre season exhibition game against an amateur scene but. You know bolt is the eight time Olympic sprint champion. From from Jamaica. He's been practicing this week on the left wing and he's expected to play eighteen to twenty minutes. Enough Friday's exhibition. Their coach Mike Moby says quote the being he's struggling with more than anything else right now is getting used to the football fitness. You sit in terms of skills ball is doing okay he C a quote he's got rudimentary skills there's no problem about that. It's about being able to do it at the speed that we do it. Those are your hip. He retired from competitive racing right that's the Ugly Betty and I'm pretty sure me and retired anytime at all it's a new measurement go from an ethical from track to soccer. Most of its biggest soccer tech threads in Florida education is that a guard result anyways let's go to soccer stadium. There you have it right there you go alleged that made right yes let alone. Let's forget about it in South Florida that lets just build more stadiums as one of those things where you could get up there hasn't as a joke like these nuts I know get some votes rising fuel Colette yeah boats that look flat. Well norm that is the platform that I am that I am going to run on percolating read your regular season schedule. No school. Rain had you know let a little more stadiums charter you did you do. My intellect he might did you know who like messing around and triple W my mess around and obviously I have mine I had three and you stadiums they Allen in Atlanta the other cheap food up there in Atlanta too and I mean she dug in charge that right a dollar for hot dog yeah yes that's great idea I mean yeah on yeah management problems or was he in the we will watch the game there in the same on the concourse just. Stuff isn't so hot dogs and not and so does all game long. We'll talk to. NFL continues. We got the eight TO coming up next the stock. Right here on 79 minutes ago. Change radio that about wave guide communication is back in the sand bar in the growth starting. Thursday night join the bee's Terri from all chains and clubs on the pro gains side comes in bringing the best came storytelling anywhere in the audio verse. Paul James radio's rush to buy we've got communications. Wave guides me to jays in the global IT solutions and Richard land and sea but AJ jewels of the grow the premier jeweler in Miami in my sea embargo on the growth. Home of the fish taco in her right here on am seven nanny and everyone else four point three. Eight seed to the ticket also on the Thursday night to dolphins bull rout of the pre season in Atlanta against the Atlanta Falcons joining us here on Curtis a pert. Is the man who covers the Atlanta Falcons before the or Atlanta. I journal constitution. Our good man as with a sub Iran fuels announcers who is stores gas line they are truly stepped beyond convenience. Mr. Ledbetter I'm setting mister Perkins up there. And I hope I hope for his safe return here Friday afternoon for the show so we're gonna put him in your hands of the next to holidays is that cool. And very poker move right there are very important look like a bit of mud that I got here. Com I'm scared but it's always fun up there always moment. Deep layer. Tell me about these falcons this year are they. It's Super Bowl realistic for them or is that just a hope. Yeah very much merely a big current. They. You know in a dent being led around Philadelphia and Leon rot. You know under and being denied yeah in the big court really goes on to win the super bow they were favorite to enact gay men. Bring him back on both games for Mac game pretty much. That want starter at right there art and bread if you go. Bring back the new fullback we don't know who that they're going to be there Rick you are here it is just the color can. They'll try to get a better or not but the way or Clearwire and I quote deep. Back. Pepperdine Eric Bowen made it clipboard and they've got. I met people there replied so the that would delete or close but aren't and then now doing that tackle spot. Bob Hope back a committee with people in the not real McCoy I knew Jack cropper and everything got back. Is Julio Jones happy and healthy. I haven't been out there and I don't reject contract would. But few doubt the real happy people are Batman ride down a little. I'm little white men in this. Pocket. If exactly man and a dear Leo what about Matt Ryan he's got that contract Nixon's been right and and I wouldn't it would he's like thirty million a year like that is is he worth the contract extension. That. Yeah the end Chris Perry made our men I have above the red dot near Milan. They have done anything but win since 2008. A couple of down years. I'd start seeing them well. What many would make you know did a bad job replace them loud men around here but there are other than that they've been and currently in new. Two in their feet tip into a bid to put up big time. No you wouldn't like that you know Brad that doesn't happen out here real Gwinnett you know I demanded money keep them open. The deal Orlando Ledbetter is our guest here on 79 minutes against goers the off falcons for the Atlanta. A journal constitution of course a look around the NFL and the dolphins are reveled the pre season in Atlanta Thursday night. Against against the falcons what does that show about a local guy here Calvin Ridley the first draft pick where does he fit in on this so on this offense. They're back cabin it being a big play guy around four or are there any. I think he gets down to fill it and it went that route route route runner. There's death you know we'd end up the job that I Alabama any crap they would not get more aptly. But I had the premium yet there are Peyton get open deep. And said he did you know return pit stop that we did know about growth not counted barbie's now it's that brought the pop. That at opposite the big play capability that they felt would lack in lack year the plumber Palin Gabriel but I do agree behind him. Then wrap itself. The group put those big plays bit meg played opposite of polio couldn't going to be available that they reflected double Leo so much. Eight deep there what are what is the biggest thing standing in the way of the of the falcons' Super Bowl hopes summing it. Is it like New Orleans or or is it like takeaway giveaway margin what do you think it is. Yeah it I think all and then that aren't encrypting data BM have stopped we road. With you know hoping it don't remember they better and prop him a lot of categories. But you know not stop the program to give me real bad. And the turnover margin has to improve they had 36 the collective butt out between offered to bond and I'm. Brian bull. Only learned that you know and I've been it's been one of my best they're cute stories we'll let you know how are not great though there imported. Very important straight up so well winners that it knew only they have more on what negative turnover ratio. Yeah we we know how important that is down here love the dolphins were. Well when us they liked minus fourteen last year they were one of the worst in the league not good not good two years ago and they made the playoffs though I think they were like plus Stewart plus scores so. That kind of points it out right there do you live now the the pass rush 'cause 'cause you know you mentioned tech McKinley we know what I believe big beat Beasley was a pro bowler last year but. What about that pass rush end and the defense overall. Yet I predict what that they are accurate let him Wear it. When he in the round are you can get there by the year we ordered to adopt wrote a year or delete it ain't what it that they'll. Do but I'm back there and and data there remote but McNamee backed a mop. In my dock now no grey yeah and Jack Crawford who. About the interior he did get up the field it and at quarterback Tate out. That that's the front sports. Well the nickel part of that he bit that they think they can get after. They don't count or not there's not a McClain I don't run at. To adopt a bear killed a former done here that. Really haven't done much up here but they like him and I don't need to know growth rate and then you know maybe ready or not Scotland he'd start the third here then. What I'm very glad year. The backup or read that I would being so. You know they doubt the guy Brooke read that really get much pat Ryan but it. You know you are allowed to nap he'll get there is up there you have it dark and thought god battle that there had been. Memo to pick perhaps ready group get group. The Orlando Ledbetter is our guest covers the Atlanta Falcons for the Atlanta journal constitution involve onto it or deed Orlando age. JC. Orlando the twentieth of three. 28 to three who that's still in the minds of the fans up there and and even some of the some of the team team members up there in at an Atlanta. Oh yeah no doubt about it I mean don't red clad super Boehner agree that the Myanmar read they're new it. It's couldn't predict that it that was the lowest ranked deep spirit there are well I had superpower it when he there it. So you know they cannot get number I got ahead but you know they made up for corn to the football yet but I although there are expecting years. I had a rookie and new years ago. I'm not a spot that you're expected to play out and I am a little bit but it it. So poke around here are really bad about what they think that he bit him because. There are a lot of that will be our beat top of what happened president in the the boat. Bit more on Andy that in the road in the big comeback by the. Take. A deep live let me take you a little bit off the football field and ask about Atlanta as a sports town and general. We see the soccer team is getting huge numbers. I'm guessing that the Braves are doing pretty good numbers as as they continue to leave the the NL east. How is the the the sports atmosphere down there and I'm guessing the falcons are expecting nothing but packed houses once again right. Yeah and of course about people about the new stadium in love with some might some bad night. Stay in their wrapped around the dumb but the other thing but quote quit and I thought app that not open it up early and open it up late so you know during the dead naked you know. It's been spent to make the more noise. Yeah I think the that this stadium read about them then broke bug in the new bank bought a new football stadium. You've got Georgia Tech got both parents still amid side George stake. So you've been a moderate things that are are doing pretty good pit stop that they got a big game that we did then barrel down. The other but now it's being better than not I'd bet it would you know the minimum not a player dollar. They used they have that car brand new packed up there are a lot. You are helped pay for it by that you know they didn't so we're but it's the only bidder in the community. And there are you know the back the thing that I am out of nowhere and no. You gotta you know hope they're prepared better for that. And they had been bid up burning at a time out there the last report. Or wow I thought there are found trailer but you know they got they got the work to do. Yeah SEC football still number one though meg recommend. Not recommend now are rumored. I mean are numbered and that I mean not that not everybody limit that I remembered the new renewed good you'll agree dot it would. I mean what the oh that a myth people wanna say that but in that there are seeing here. Around the world oh well it certainly around the United States you know we're back in and admit they're united not a box that. You have to know what not rampant crowd applauded for output by up. Why that's that's good to hear you guys got a winner Sheehan certainly should enjoy it. All right return bird that Wendy's here mr. Leadbetter and we'll talk to you as soon thank you normally announce tomorrow. Are you a better rapidly. Deal Orlando Ledbetter. Covers the falcons he's been cover the falcons are wanna say dormant fifteen years at least. Yeah Ahmed the live we're both covering nine NBA like back in true. 97 or some 98 some like. Very very recognizing. What allow a lot of alone also an attorney do you live in a well he's also we're turning right so yeah the so yeah he's he's doing all right that is your Missy Elliott is one of those sports downs you know versed transient yeah that's why I asked him in Scotland not above being a bad sports how would you know the Braves are dual well falcons are doing well on the soccer the sock is being crazy is unbelievable right they're just there isn't 145 and 50000. There are now that's a fact I don't know that that is when I never saw count. I don't know that's actual butts in the seats that it thirtieth the actual but even if it has writing that it's half of their prerogatives and take your hat off to be on hand and that's that's one of those places its long hair that reputation much like Miami that. Some transports around people did Miami Atlanta Houston mom. Towns where people just looking and nobody tears people don't look at all the empty seats and turn left I want to ask Dele regular blood. Right now that place is going to be blowing out as far as actual attendance and the falcons giving do you give you re used to boost yes I'm in go to Tuesday we're at a new stadium -- and they've got their stadiums down there and and then you go but for years it was SEC football it's all rector right right and he Malcolm burn any good the hawks have never heard you know I don't know and they've never been to a conference finals I don't think we were not anywhere in Georgia Tech was an afterthought right around town about Paul Johnson and run and that the triple option or whatever date compared to Georgia football great everything else going on. So that's good that's good to see because. They got a great football team and they got a good football team Atlanta we'll see a little bit of them. Thursday not much obviously as the media are ready for real falcons book know we'll we'll see the guys out there and falcons suitable armies Miami beat Atlanta last year third at seven seen enough to drill bit at halftime and Jay Cutler worked his magic baby SS and you know less direct access so we saw a new era of the high points. The only thing I was yeah I certainly do and doesn't only for the. Idea sell more on pre season game number four here as you wrap it up here we are things get to 67974. Is how he Regis on the text like 67974. Quick timeout Bagram more ready Johnson and I didn't take. Collison said they didn't want you to join us on September 8 at the museum of discovery and science were talking more than 75 steam activities. Including science technology entertainment art and music including a lot of cuts is by Genevieve going from disease junior and Kevin Quinn of Alexander and his these. Bonds plus the public's aprons cooking school be hosting kid friendly demos throughout the event. See what an amazing putting classes they have to offer for kids and why you're there stop by and meet plates oh. The public source play games a win prizes sponsored in part by Goya main street children's dentistry in north and onyx. In paradise island Bahamas or does the team might be dot com for more info Curtis interpreter with you here on a busy Tuesday afternoon to a text shall feel offered to do so. At at 67974. That's 67974. Revere from Adam gays and get his thoughts on pre season game number four to be Thursday now. Thursday night up in Atlanta as a you're ready for this op. Perk just want to go up a good position battles anything. That's pressing return to other quarterbacks. Earlier but it is there is there any way that's this really fighting for roster by out wide receivers. Tight ends. Any big name you know about the kicking battle yet and is there anything that that that that is that he was say a B headline grabbing that come out of Thursday. No no but calm look the backup quarterback battle is going to be the most watched battle between brought us Wyler and David appeals. You're gonna keep an eye on Leon take rule because he's a third round pick from a few years ago. You keep denied and Isaac gas the other as a new round pick from last year Tim Larson hurting his though right knee. Could help eyes because he ought to stick around for a little bit we'll see. The did the diagnosis on Larsen and by the way. No we will looked at that interior offensive line you know Tim Larson was the back up center. In Goer he was a backup center they just moved him to back up senator. A couple weeks ago because I think they weren't happy with Mike Matthews so calm him Larson. As you know. It's hard to say backup is a potentially valuable loss that this is a veteran with starting experience. They've got not just out of by the way really coming Ted Larsen with a -- him with a lot Lebow fanfare and it really hasn't produced movie yet he started what eight games last year and then he went on I ER four for the last seven or whatever gore or vice Versa with other and it's getting a starter when they sign him and he's has kind of been just there is a guy he's a guy but Tom you know you'd you do have to watch that but. Yeah look there's not a whole lot to watch for tomorrow night there really is and I can't even make up story lines salute to to give you. Because this is this is actually bin probably the most a date dolphins' training camp. That I can remember Richard Tom Kirk well you know what we are on that we're on that path last year and and I see a Vietnam. Like literally minutes before Ryan's and he'll blew out his knee. I don't and so but but this wasn't there are there really has not been much to keep track of Michael pretty much all the starting positions have been. And have been determined coming into camp pretty much your 53 man roster was decided. Pretty much right coming in to camp so. This skit really was all about he Brian Taylor hill safe and healthy and up right let's get to the regular season that's pretty much we got here. Lawyers when Adam gays had to say is this him from today after after their working out. On any group cities to speed on look at that on Thursday night against Atlanta. Both sides of the ball and they have a great outing last week and we've got to make sure we put better. Mean that's really its its full sized ball so I mean it's hard to say this grouper. You know just once of launching both sides need to show a lot of improvement in these guys make more plays from the hit and given the opportunity. And we got guys that we've seen actually do it and and we just we to have very good game last week and that's and second half when it's just whether. The has employs modulation issues they're that we. You guys just spot Lauder who in the melts I I'll tell you this go away you know there's not a whole lot to look more for excitement tomorrow. But always say this pay attention in these pre season games to some of these back ups. Because they will have to play clearly we don't know who's going to have to play or for how long put two backups always have to play a and when Adam gates' is we didn't do well on either side of the ball that's a real flag to meet. That your debt is lacking and we talk about the debt that add up quarterback. It's lacking the depth at linebacker it's lacking failure starters linebacker lacking. On your debt that the defensive tackle Lou keep an eye on it. Tim Larson you just took a hit on the offensive line wide receiver you're good because you have. To eighteen grand and Albert will Simba remembered to keen to sideline right now so. Look the most part if if these guys who play a majority of the time on Thursday. Passed to play big. Big roles in the regular season you're in big trouble. But some of them will sold at just kind of keep an eye on that and and remembered the you know. Where will the dolphins beat hitting the waiver wire bidding linebacker and cornerback. Are two spots that they are definitely after the cuts or maybe they're deathly gonna look out look out there and grab a veteran or oil as a Saturday for a Clark says yeah I think a big war by over sixers on my network yet Saturday. Well Martha and trying to gauge here if there's reason to hope for this football team especially. This season it's the rookies. When you being a player amiga has captured mica said Keith Jerome baker if somebody else can emerge and became mobilized. Down the road Durham smythe winner may be if these guys are they think there as good as as they think they are. The despicable well for the dolphins here's coach K Sandra class. You know make it makes couple plays and its defense Jews don't you know I'm an organizer. No they're anxious for Mike to involved in the passing game when you're going during the season conspiracy and a lot of things in practice and it's those guys excited they know it opens up on things for other players these guys don't feel like rookies. Rides that's encouraging right there organ that is there's something that can be said about this team if you're looking for reasons for hope. Even looking for reasons for optimism. About this football team going into Tennessee certainly be hey maybe they've finally hit on some some young play making type of talent on both sides of the football. At with mango with the sticky and some others. I would be more excited about that in December rather than September because. I think their contributions early in the season and are are going to be minimal as ready. Continued to figure out the NFL in just the routine of traveling. Getting to a new stadium heck getting to your own stadium and on game day that's it's all going to be nude than not that it's you know beyond their comprehension by. It's all going to be new by mid season you kind of settle into a routine a little bit more. But I will say this up her gaze and Matt Birk the defense of coordinator talk about you know the rookies in your not a rookie anymore and they're not able considerable rookies. Bull crap. They're rookies they'll be rookies all year and no matter how you try to talk them up. They're going to make rookie mistakes in September October November and December. And so I I understand. This you know and we don't have time for you to be a rookie being. Their rookies and they're going to make rookie mistakes and I. I didn't quite honestly I don't really get the you know I feel comfortable with all our rookies and they're not rookies anymore talk I I really don't get. But I think hey that's what they wanna do what I think there's this this they look up there than guys had the past perk up right there I mean considering the Dion Jordan and Charles hairs in the guys that they weren't even on weren't even on the radar screen going into week one. But he's got him starters. CIA I think that's the case for one rookie and that and that's Minko. I always try his look lost or go home baker has looked lost us whether play and say sell alongside him. Kayla blush has a concussion right now but he'll be no better than number three behind reagans and your it was going to be odd Durham Smyth might be number of pour. Behind Otis achy and and and mark Wii's great and AJ derby so. Look the rookie class is it it's promising they've they've done some good beings and practice and but it's. It's only practice and they're still rookies so again I target that I know whatever they wanna say about that none though they wanna talk a mob and an all that kind of stuff but I I just. I kinda don't get it like there they're rookies they're good they're going to have they done rookie learning curve by. I don't I don't see any being really special about. Any of these guys votes potentially except Minko he's easily die wiping as a rookie. And I don't come in the Pro Bowl let's not get it twist it. But he's the guy who I think as a rookie get so it and we'll get it all season but I think the others are gonna struggle I really do good safety include. Look at the battle on guys may do certainly would be would be would you know we get all the action could no doubt about that I look at the 5 o'clock hour hour here we had some of your severe text messages 67974. On the tech side 67974. Also we're gonna continue Urlacher on the NFL we had the Seattle. As I don't talk to Virginia Muller was DSCR sideline reporter solo across the Seahawks off the list we'll talk about the the legion of boom. Is that R&R IP Earl Thomas yeah right that's that's that's about it legion of boom is dead out there and know where they think that football team is going with Russell Wilson. And and Pete Carroll so what will quote good normalcy out perspective going to be on the back end of the of the 5 o'clock hour gets has obtained stuff which will do so. As a Sunday all eyes will be on Dallas for LSU and in Miami has they'll kick off the. In somewhere minded Texas Arlington chatter that game is in Arlington so. You are wearing a sexy or if things aren't as high as that means nothing really for no one knew him LSU but I just live to point out a win grand ideas that meet lesser rooting for. Miami LSU tiger cub room for hire a baby yup root for UT Arlington right and we saw playing football in like 83 the spirit lives on vessels club that way I imagine there over and up with a the second IR and everybody's got a football teams that you guys Burke yes I know I know how they play lately lately would be wise fiscal decision soon. Focus on non nursing an engineering right at at UT it and it's paying off for me right now I'm sure does yes and now so yeah I guess I don't know that engineering degree insurers in the mail so off I used to cover the college of engineering and the college of nursing so. Again has nothing to do with anything but there you go there figures for inspect that you didn't care about. Fantastic let's get to 5 o'clock hour next here on seven I didn't take. Coming up 5 o'clock hour cursed or hang in which you glad you are part of it whether it's. The thing is once again partnering with the locals and weather authority team which she certified meteorologist Betty Davis. Former director of the National Hurricane Center are hurting specialist Max Mayfield and hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross. That is the dream team right there of our hurricane trackers and Storm Chasers. They're gonna keep Gibbs today although his storm news this season are still covered trigger that is once might be NT services. Protecting you with PGT impact windows and doors community this hurricane season. Right here on names of Narnia from 104.3 HD two the Tigger radio dot com station he'll always text show 6797467974. We we started the the show we talked about a little about the pre season in about. The eighteen game schedule and Jerry Jones got a throughout their that'd be better for everybody and so on and so forth. And I asked everybody. In the audience if they really. Did not want the if they'd rather have this schedule or. You know more regular season games are less pre season game working and everybody lied and said no it's just fine the way it is. So. I'm calling BS all all all that now you did invoke on the tax lied to and the techsters. AM resuming in this area are confined the text here that basically says that him. That the NFL I'd be stretched themselves a little too suicide yet and Mark Cuban had one of our favorite quotes a multi CD which is what perk. They did hogs get slaughter rights but if there is in new revenue stream out there the bill will find its. And I just can't imagine this is the inability it's it's kind of pervert the way it is the at age fourteen divisions. Everything seems to sync up. Yet even number of teams. Are you play sixteen games they always home we're all everything kinda seems to balance itself out here who. Later gonna tell me you can get more real football and less than fake football. Like everyone signing up for that this for the fan is concerned that's all. I might be if you do you think it's overkill what have you but. Until the number seed Abbott write you say you know what. Instead of a Thursday night. Pre season game tomorrow. That's not going to count if I soldier or Thursday night president team's account in its week one. Then then you know I mean it's just the last two pre season games and I was kind of point is Messina fourth pre season game you transistor and out the window they're solid. So you've this I would rather just see two pre season games on I'm really not for lengthening. The regular season there's never any so they're never gonna do that Bernardo and nobody's drafted him you know why I got to I don't necessarily wanna see an eighteen game reflect battle to see more regular season games like what what's the point. Well it isn't the point is you will then they threw for voters the owners are gonna make more money but I like I I have no interest in like. Basketball and they wanted to go to ninety games no football to eighteen no baseball to a 160 by no. I'd like more game to the more action yes that's I would. I would as they certainly are poisoning while extending the playoffs more than once during the regular sank and I got out of there and play I don't wanna see more bad games I don't wanna see Maurer. Wheels vs the jets or bills vs Cincinnati. I have zero interest and that Julien another round of the playoffs. Okay we can we can talk even though you're probably gonna have. Sub 500 teams competing in Q it's been in the playoffs. Well adult albeit you mean you take every of his while you take every drizzle are now anyway you could take. I mean if you added one net. Yeah I mean there's some usury might have a you might have a under 500 team that you've had under 500 division winners and that really hasn't that the stakes kind of is channeling me right here detailing the text don't won eighteen games what game scheduled don't need to see the dolphins lose even more game to try it as a more work for perk us. Well I got back to our voting scenario about earlier you out how would you vote for her doesn't want to motivate a team Chad's game scheduled that means yes the work to Dexter game has yet I'm I'm not get many to gain more salary writes I'll tell you that right that's all I'm not kittens gain more salary I panels high and mighty people text is Texas show earlier saying all I've vote for the greater good of everyone else I don't vote for myself and I'm Mike okay. Art please you very skeptical that yeah yeah if you are good for you could whatever may just have been night. Which by the way. I didn't theological vote out there anyway today and they got they showed that they showed some old guy and he was I wanted to get here early so I'd beat the line he's like and I was the only one here so I've read the lines. Right. And it shows some of those at polling place in those ghost town yeah I know that people shall appeasement. People who live from most right I mean that's a hole on discussion. An area covers I vote for that level of that lines and nobody out there today somebody who takes my in this mistakenly shot at my school UT your going to and sorry per even Colorado school minds hasn't football team yeah. Now a lot of football team and look we're different. We're different we're different. Let me let me guess you this year because we got the dolphins and then we got the canyons here McCain's just start here. On Sunday looking hand quarterbacks obviously the position their remotes at first who. We have two quarterbacks that's I think a lot of people are kind of lukewarm on the rising figured I would say I would say to. And a hill more than rouge yearbook both. People. Are not lukewarm on either they usually have an opinion on both. Quarterback I think those years has gotten to a pretty big level on Iran's got an opinion on him. Com in app that let me ask you this question here because as. You would say and as far as big goal they are going to determine whether those teams have a lot of success or not. Ten and you know definitely more than rouge here and I think pertains can. April jeered dose. If he's only slightly improved a link retains can get to. And get back to beat ACC title. Who do you trust more to do that tenant. Well why is that I've seen him more opening them more familiar with his skills that I think are more familiar well and I think. He's more familiar with this you'll say meaning he knows his limitations are being better than rose year. Rose airless space that he is still a young kid from and you know clearly being college she's younger than ten hill but from being a starter in a you know in a I guess pressure cooker and in the regular season road here has done it or how many games that he start last year twelve. Thirteen they were what would attendant three certain games and Timmy hill has done it or sixty plus. So I I think and you know and caused him you sixty close of a mediocre. I know I mediocre football mediocrity. Average quarterback play but I an average results but I think Timmy hill knows that. I. Like you don't see timid field doing the same thing CD three years ago like. Trying to force balls and he'd he knows what he can do. I'm not sure Rosh years that that spot yet. Okay browser would say rosier has more help and rosier has let get back on the right things that's that's why satanic deal must do more than. My leak because with the defense. The league doesn't have to do a whole lot paid. I I think the dolphins Altman's niece's school or high 2320 by points per game you William does not. The defense help. No doubt that joblessness or more points and adding an alien they they're gonna get authorities were commit that no but I mean the great college for their children they don't have to you it doesn't have to their deepest hole people two touchdowns. The dolphins defense can't. Animal about the standings because football may have you're really good you're going against NC state north to you know like play an SEC don't let me I understand where you're saying that the defense is better. Yeah but but Roger has a higher margin the bigger riders are bigger cushion right now you would have score more points and up with the DUI Anderson. With the defense I own a home league fan and I just think DA there he's going to he's going to play well. And if you know he has more help around him. Which is part of that like everyone says you know everybody made a big about the two Alabama quarterbacks. Or whoever starts is they're gonna win and a meter by a hundred because the team is so good around them that's what I like and Saban system and it's gonna make them look good anyway now. Now you have to make a decision when you get to the big game at the end of the year. Like when Saban pulled hurts for for the backup in the championship game and they were down two touchdowns. In the third quarter of two point seven or whatever once that's when you got to make a decision but whether playing all these other you know UT Arlington schools. You know it's going to be a do nothing the matter who's running who's running. The plays for for Alabama look. Got opening Dexter bus he was ever shut out eighty deny or Tim higher or Bruce Collie or some of our other fine UTA products so let's step away from that. But yeah I I just think that Ryan and Tim as you'll put your trust more you trust him telling our trust in him more. I do and they're both. Look I don't you toss the ball off I don't know exactly off what I trusted to give me like mediocre okay football. But I don't ask him the ball outs I don't heed other. That's not who run into an uphill it is and and I you know. I'll tell you this. There there will not be a time where you're simply too bull run into and he'll this year become a performance. There could be another time this year that Mark Richt. Is tempted to fool the leak rosier for performance like Ahmadinejad has hit OK but that's because of who yet you vacuum up the rights and it doesn't really have anybody back Jamal that's worthy. Like their parents allow an NE WS not out here you know two and one doesn't Nebraska goes for one series and out and toast of the goal and I'm just let it. But you know what but you know I listened all last year as a lot of you imprints talk about what Malik Rose zero couldn't do correct and tired. Look I I think the Ryan to manage fuel is more aware of what he can't do is he plays within himself. I'm not sure road jeers at that stage at a one on setting up went up his game my AD if Pete thinks he didn't hit this ball land because he did it against Florida State. He'll try and I think Tim gill knows I can put this guy earlier and I can't pit that Pauly and I just think it's. Awareness that is why big part of that's fine but I'm willing to take a couple of interceptions from from rose year. In exchange for a couple of big plays he's a little bit of a gambler I get debt that comes with the territory. But I I'd rather go that route then super cautious maintain hill this is dumbed down a Damian and Danny Amendola for five yards. Rather than let's try to make a play down the field. So me that's another discussion altogether but yeah I mean there's going to be some mistakes there but. That's fine I'm willing to live with those with with the leak get a much attacks on on this we'll get to those of that in a few seconds here 67974. If you forget anything on your mind Cendant on the attacks on the first I get let's get the 5 o'clock headlines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS advanced that it reached into Miramar plea deal. Com station. On pace to win 65 until we need man's past is I'm 65 overcast and that's there is number of sick people are glad that we needed that we can. Points are. Anywhere or somewhere else involved is on for a while right right exactly yeah no that's when I hear this word in the eyes that are belzer won her eleventh time maybe number eight Miami Hurricanes continued their preparations for Sunday's game against number twenty by LSU. Hum coach Mark Richt talk about Malik Rose year. Earlier today and he was talking about rose years progress. He CMO leak is constantly getting better more comfortable with what we're doing. There's a lot for knowing what to do exactly knowing exactly knowing however being works understanding our system. Plus his thirteen games of experience it's hard to replace that. Now Rick was saying. In practice they grade every single play when it comes to two passing plays he said you've got a job grade. Did you do your job right you Jude declare who the Mike in the middle linebacker rears did you get to protection right. Your ball handling your work your accuracy wasn't a completion or not was an accurate throw or not did you make a good decision. And so. The mid did you allow yak yards after catch so these are the things that they're judging Malik Rose zero on every single practice every single old soul. Take that what it's worth Rick seems very happy with the scores that. Yeah and and if you and your on the back or rather cozy Perry from what pill called things are. All things being equal that he's can you need to take the second team snaps a quarterback does it mean if there is their knees if there's an injury. All Sunday night or something happens where they formally that's going to be in a co seek but he took according to what what the people are allowed to see the reporters down there. He took the second team reps skate well that would be another option quarterback and I overseer journalism and will be other option quarterbacks. Lastly here you say in both. The eight time Olympic sprint gold medalist from Jamaica. Will make kiss soccer debut in Australia on Friday now. Usein is going pour a professional contract. His team the central calls Mariner's. Are playing a free season exhibition game against an amateur team. Bolt has been correcting it left wing you expects to play about fifteen to twenty minutes in that position not on Friday. The Mariners coach Mike mole BC is about bolt quote the being he struggling with more than anything else right now is getting used to the football witnessed. They say the bolts is is doing OK as far as soccer steals again to quote Moby. He's got a rudimentary skills there's no problem about that it's about being able to do it at the speed that we do it. Those are your headlines. So I don't I don't know to make about out of their cap. And a live publicity stunts. Yet that's what some people say that it is an and I don't know like. You know what it's like you're saying all those two have enough money enough publicity and maybe he's just born I don't know right right I don't know if this is not. This doesn't sound like you know we know Lumia in my Yahoo! and a few years with San Francisco back in the day Olympic hurdler. Are we ever gonna have a star two stars three or whatever us a multi sport star like Deion Sanders a Bo Jackson ever in career and have a guys. And today we're well. Lay an age where the kids in everyone coming up is all. He's there now it's it's all about one sport focus on one sport early and his focus on the one sport. And yet all these guys riveted Oklahoma who has never order a driver doesn't Tyler my former wrestler number not yet. But are those days over an hour how good of quarterback he is orbit. Go to a baseball player he is. Tim Tebow. This was but I mean I tourism ME he's making his mark means playing it will see. We will I I I don't know we're and they yeah and I would say that with confidence that I that make a big deal must surely a tiny like pitching in and and me and my dad Leo yeah right I get a call my dot Michael Jackson was like to all storm both sports who had dealings in Alexander's Brian Jordan right Jordan another one. Robert Dion Sanders played football game down here it's dolphins. Jumped on that and helicopter the helicopter or plane whatever and then played a baseball in a playoff game in Atlanta who say indexing day. Even so I'm I noticed at some point I think at some point we will. I think we've all we have is Tim Tebow at this point Gregory of the and and he's retire from football members Spurrier. Ginsburg and invite him to the O Orlando team that leave it there that they're doing it to you live with American football alone whether they would go whatever he wants my tight end. But Al Baath yeah and yet being Tivo kind of on a snicker that. I we haven't attacked Syria to those coming up you're 67974. On the back end of this hour Rick talked to budget Mueller. Who is the Seattle Seahawks sideline reporter our look around the NFL we'll continue. And now in about and about half hour so will take him on this Seattle Seahawks who is silly and of some a Texan Russell Wilson who played baseball at Durham and. NC state right right current Wisconsin. No boobies on NC state he played action and finally you have these are good he was yeah you and you played minor league against him I don't mean the hill I don't how did you gotta get to major snow I agree with you there you got to beat them both sports. I mean if I waves are legit. If I really focus I can make some scintillating somewhere you don't mean apparently took it seriously from out of from out of plans Ellie leave your some right I mean I complaints and the penalty for a couple of weeks there in time frame. I get her it was kind of played mylan based bomber like back in the day when we're in high school per humorless. When they have like a thousand rounds of the made a guy that we had so many guys you have some of the guys who drafted it was like you more for if you're just that that you got drafted based right right just in case you decided to play we got to rights. Correct yeah the next round just that I did the Dallas Cowboys be about with Carl Lewis one year. It just in case you decide to play we got you right records just in case you decide to take a baseball bat what you've never pick the right guy. Is that we don't you may be exactly exactly yeah. So yeah Russell Wilson I'll customizable and the ancient emperors Danny aide John Elway we saw that may no way also yet and Jamie Lynn anyway so not a baseball real baseball for the blues and yes he did to the majors. Mummy of the enemy gets in the majors Kansas Tennessee margin paying out early today. In the minors Marge is not a battle right there are organs Amir was more or the other techs on the attending over here that we there would get two decks are awesome and I didn't take. Yeah one way to listen to the sigma you're Smart device or computer and that's with the radio dot com app where radio dot com. That's our stream is everything else shall keep forcible download the radio that comment now don't. Miss your favorite to get show anyway lets you know if you many issues with the written with the gap. Mean email supported radio dot com and our corporate I T photo of you get it corrected pretty adept on the new home of James have a nanny and everyone a four point three XT two. The ticket Curtis and perk with you here to yell until 7 o'clock. Because Jan Muller who is these side Seahawks sideline reporter. Out there in the yeah Pacific northwest and no talks and Seahawks football with her. As a look around the NFL continues we've we've done the bears the blocks the chiefs the lions. The giants the jags browns fans as the cardinals titans ravens vikings the Bengals Steelers jets the Texans the bills the Packers the Broncos charters the raiders rams cowboys saints. And and we're in check in on the falcons a little bit later on with. The Orlando Ledbetter India and the back end of the 6 o'clock hour so we're only about five or six teams away man and we're in knock those out here. Late this week early next week rule that all 32 teams in the NFL perk and how is treading too weak one moment. Crisis this is like December football for us we gotta win now. There's no more messing the room and we got to knock these out and yet these are the big points that we got we're gonna tell ask you couple that we got to cross off the list but we it is. Everyone's enjoyed it we've allows is an example lowliest can reporters and and and experts together from each team and we try to. As interesting as possible from a general interest standpoint a fantasy football standpoint and the local guys on the team standpoint so we're not. We're not necessarily asking these guys day you know how does your offensive line look it's. You know we knew they'd they gave up 48 sacks last year are they improve there are roles you know how are Sean trio Anderson the former UNQ booking or. Some of them like that we're we're not. Like breaking down safety play none try to keep it. General. I'm not the pat ourselves on the back whether we've done a good job with that was seeming a pretty. Pretty broad and fancy stuff and everything so whoever plays enjoy that we've certainly enjoyed going around just enough refresher on a lot of the teams in the in the NFL we got a text here let's get some of those target 67974. Or fewer if you wanna Texas show. We invite and encourage your text messages to a we got cooking over. Well you were talking about boating earlier today and I don't know how you people voted somebody text and then. My whole bleeping house voted today including my wife for the first time you're so very proud of your house ways. Here's here's one that I'm not sure about this gets back to what we. Wanted to talk about on the text rosier vs Tim hill. This person says of rouge your struggle Sunday I suspect carrier Williams will start from here on now. Savannah State would be a nice game to get your feet wet Toledo and at by you won't challenge either mutt. Jets you know I would disagree. Here's the thing is illusion that this is we know not against a malicious. And you're still human and here's the other thing that nobody has any bleeping idea. This is the coast he carry ready to play. College high level college football is an event that idea. Does that guy where he's texting from. Have any idea guys no clue now I know I have no clue yet no clear end about erosion here last year even though there's about there's about three people. They a few more that half a really good idea if no cozy pair complain how little football. One owns Mark Richt Little John little what might be a cozy pair. Outside of that. There's not a lot of people that have any idea depositary complain how little cultural ball that's not a shot in the cozy Gary that's just we don't know anything I don't know about Jeremy Williams. Yen by the way I was just gonna say they they mentioned Williams but Rick was saying today hey willed nor Nicole security will be right back out. Right but which genuine assume beat the other guy's going to be thirteen were. Let me ask you this though can't you know there's the new rule this year where players can appear in war games. And still be reassured. Will that come into play with any of the U whim backup quarterbacks like will they eat and I'm not talking about blowout games either home I'm talked about will they. You'll will Rick have a decision to make up put it to you like that. Mel why didn't they believe plays poorly. It really gives. Coach richt a a an opportunity causing death and then then yes fine. But this long dismally keeps winning and playing well no it doesn't common job that means he's just start every game that's lower than. Now IE if you wanna get some guys leg of Europe a hundred enough and gabbana staying and you wanna start and you play and cozy the second I mean yeah. Yes they're good and yet right there could be spore game three games like that where you're like I let's not put me where up. Fifty to nothing but let's not put him in there we go to Richard all elements as they appear are good but other idol thing because the roads year's performance that will be back. And that we actually get to see the coast he Perry play real college football news. Mayoral enemy with or take we're getting these tax last year about accorsi Perry goes there was not a great place culpable last year only hurt me well we didn't know believe rouge it was ready either we don't we go to. Look I I would assume that cozy pair was gonna walk out of high school. And all of a sudden just be this this this the next highs crucial moment yours or Miami like everyone relax about the difference for crying out loud before he had the plate and a single game yet ever was is assuming a cozy pair it was just. Discussions are about to start next room is name and he was going to be. He was gonna be that the next great thing. Can you play games first before everyone starts you know put him this this way and that way he might not play again all this year. You might not play at all this year I mean you may start any games this year for the University of Miami or what it was last year. Well I. Think that's 'cause nobody knew about rosier. It was it was you know approach zero is ready to play last year I hadn't seen him play whatever just a lot of cold season to get there I don't journalism's all the sudden. I did it with a coast I don't know I. If rouge here was the tennis deal of you years ago I think people would be talking about theory and and and you're in Williams right now as. They need to be ready but. Now you know ruled cheer and yeah. He his chance and whether we are going to drown your address Thursday Gomez on Thursday there's a lot of other cozy pair and journal it was everything else going on these red they're pushing buttons land as he ever remote it is all those guys there's a minute he's the Hokies from but they're definitely held right. No but I think that whipped with. Family now you know all right this. He might not be able to beat Clemson but he can be you know Notre Dame in Virginia Tech and at best use so I think there's definitely way more comfort with the leak. Now. I hope I would be surprised I got. I just know that these guys that does this look in the replaced believe Croshere got a holier last year. And I expect to do it again this year an expert the case to be an exact same spot they were last year. Win the division. Battle at Clemson up there and Charlotte's first we December or shall be great. And you know you're you're you see what happens up there may be your little bit closer to clubs and then you were a year ago hopefully are being what you're never going to be underdogs in that game that's for sure dancing comes in healthy. Seoul. You know I I just don't ideas. I'm not a big I'm just I'm not enough payoff a fan. Of trying to replace a guy that was pretty darn good for you last year for an unknown right now womb and and and Mark Richt is all you need to know. Mean marker should start to gather he things team can do the best job. And right now let's really grow zero until that changes than not that's all it really matters yeah I'm. Yeah I had all right. I was gonna go into Alabama but that's led Korea for Alabama not I was gonna say with with two and a receiver but let's not let let's lay an antenna hill and I don't know what's your opinion on that on that because I got me up and it matters who plays quarterback enough realm evidently both guys. Well I had heard that was a ball be moved by Sabin and I wouldn't have done it I think it could have very easily back fired him blown up Wednesday calls he move. I don't championship created daily schedule I was Tony Taylor is heard snow I don't know I don't know that Ed Balls is a dive right here in place yet. Sorry balls are so let's go back. Who. Tenet Zealand and rosier somebody when we're talking about what. Who we which quarterback do you expect more from somebody somebody takes it in CL I tuned in late. But major difference I expect more out of ten hill somebody else takes CN. Are you kidding ten it still has been the same doing the same thing he has been doing since drafted. Not. I will say this pretend to heal again I think that he knows his game a lot better then. And grows year and he will play within himself you're not gonna see Ryan and you know trying to do things that he's not capable of doing nothing the league is still a little. Peeling himself bell and figuring out you know what he can do in certain situations. That definitely makes Ryan and more conservative and more close to the best as bars so his playing but. I'll take that at this point somebody else sex in this happened you tell me about this they say definitely one part that is under rated it with Rosh year's game is his running slash. Remlinger built Capitol Hill and the and then there's no doubt about that that was a weapon last year. I know continue to be one this year now in and now on this day and age college football in the cozy pair has got can run chaired Williams can run neo Wheldon. I don't know I'm don't know much about him the other guys to silly one welded down low. This gramley abilities up to par with the other guys. Yeah like rosier is big and strong and he did in movie as a baseball player like he's got size on them. Now I mean yeah this teenager can't you can almost not play quarterback in college football you can run. I mean that's where Brad Iowa's kind of the anomaly at the end of his career and talked about him and his NFL future. Like the guy was statue back there like to move. So I mean it suggests in college football if you don't have a guy that can move a little bits. Like I'm not like Turk unless these. I can even make a caddy would see Andrew Luck has interlocutor adrenaline move coming in and let him move like the day. Like if I am now I don't pay me. I don't even know about pay manly I'm Tony and Obama courting that guy if he's that led footed when you Obama college kid and I'm looking at a led footed six foot 46 foot 516 year old. Mum might Pasadena news uterus and I'm like I. I as masses these deepens Libyans and and linebackers and elderly haven't tackled UN week. Look throughout the years the menu there yet you better have some agility. If Obama college coach and I'm going to one of these all star camps and I'm seeing a six foot five lead footed quarterback. I'm going. I'd rather I'm gimme gimme they got it can give me exist and gently Jimmy they got to move a little bit man. And now I'll tell you this kept. You know we will. Win when I when I say that in and maybe when you say be at the B agility and the escape ability. That's why I don't need a running quarterback I need a quarterback who can use this beat to get out truck we're not talking about I was very clear target of Andrew Luck is the guy who can use his feet to get out of trouble he's not a eight. A runner. Mom although we meet him run a little bit but just escape ability and Angela. I'm Doug has hockey and the tiger brings down and is third in forking gets a five yards on a scrambling in the got a bounce. Or can get rid of the ball and not take the sat right. You know of all those things aren't who's really running quarterbacks are Burke quarterback that has some agility and some mobility Russell Wilson didn't reject it on his team Jan Muller sideline reporter. For the Seattle Seahawks she's just not by a looker on the NFL continues. As as we head to the Pacific northwest. And we check in on the Seahawks next you're awesome and I didn't take. They are saying radio that's always got communications. You heard about it earlier. His back and see environment grow starting this Thursday. Night join the bee's Terri from all keynesian. Flats on from propane dot com is it bringing the best teams storytelling anywhere in the audio verse. That is it that is again Airpwn T right there all came radio brought you my we've got communications. We've got communications and global IT solutions integrator for land and sea. AJ jewels in the grove the premier jeweler in Miami and Marci and bar grill in the grove home of the fish stock on her right here on names of and Nina from 104.3. HD two the Tigger Curtis and her back with you here will dig up until 7 o'clock if you want to text in the show feel free to do so. If Europe China and every. Navigate those treacherous roadways of South Florida. Descended on and don't text and drive but just don't get to stop letter to tear. Your place of wherever you're at your destination may be said this on an A a texting him it's on your mind. 67974. That 67974. On the go on the text text line. First weekend a console bundle we had a couple of games over the over the weekend those dreams are extremely shady. By the way it just meant to to cut you off which again that's what you say when you cut somebody all right that's yes yes yes incredibly rude. Just as they know before our forget LSU named their starting quarterback it's going to be Joseph Borough tomorrow I'll stay here traders are so there just for you you canes fans were keeping up with Boeing's own. All over the place Ellis he was named a starting we're. I will get back to that puts. But are the Grammy NFL continues as we head out on Iran fuels announcers who is it was just like they are truly steps beyond three inches aside Seahawks. Sideline reporter and a gen Mueller is with us here on 79 in the taking of caller on Twitter. That agenda. Talks sports. And she joins us right now here on 79 units they get Jen thanks for making a few minutes with a sour things. So literally I'm doing well I embryo. We're doing wonderful organ ready for football both college and pro. You guys got a big one out there Washington's play in Auburn a kick off the scene consume everybody's jacked up the Mariners are playing well out there. But we wanna talk about your your professional football team here let's start with this here is the legion of boom is that is that a dead out in Seattle. It's certainly get a look a lot deaf friend and I don't know that you'll ever have been 88. The room they did with the original. Did you think about it went out and pile that Seattle had you read it by how you play it in Derry in general around well. You're not he had that are looking for guys like a site. The playback Eric they UN. Canada originally trapped everybody didn't think that he would be backed up for the play at this this year they'll. I don't think you're ever gonna he'll be in that boom like that. I think into overbought. The train ticket between what they were at what they are now. Started in the middle of flat feet that know they are trying to figure out what they're back identity is. They are a lot of talent they got a lot of guys why the ball. Do you think that they're at the right to vote don't recognize the name will appreciate their bile what. Jim when you when you talk about style and and and I didn't see I'm wondering offensively. What it's gonna be Russell Wilson last year's 34 touchdowns. Eleven interceptions. A ninety plug point four passer rating. By the numbers he he would really well but Seattle was nine and seven. Ten heat here read this team or is this team better off as it was a few years ago. Where your run game in defense and I know Marshawn Lynch and the legion of boom are coming back but. What what is going to be their offensive identity. When you have a question can he carry that he and will they run the ball yet and yet. So you brought the will the number. And white on the Wii they two I lap you're not trying to attack the rating but how much opted out at four. Which let go or eighty I'd burst that at the total lot. That you bought it. Too much pressure on an even though he and what you I'll quit. Diminishing return to the eager to run on you to be happy theory that much of the vote. And they every single thing and not that it's a bit on what rough but will there that. You're gonna have the opportunity that wrote the all my feet. Antioch who want to get back to what the ball and a lot of different reboot or and I international folk who is a pretty quick bit but well. If you run it all you all kind that is you control fuel position you what you eat and that a better spot. And if you are doing that would run back out. Are well what mark shot wise if you're never have other art but when it. Well what are shot was with the revamp you Molly often apply it. They are expected all the way around so bad pilot number Iraq. But you gotta get that run game weren't ball to have a balance the. Pilots to expand on that Jen Mueller's whether she is the Seattle Seahawks. Sideline reporting of Palmer and follow her on Twitter. At gen talk sports wiwa we got to connect with the guy got to put our fantasy had on your agenda he said to a draft tonight he wasn't always will be run in the rock for the Seahawks. So out what do you think you attribute. Get credit card it's gonna be your number one back. Chris Carpenter back at that Iran went back but he was in her lap here in its were you even though a lot of promise. I got a lot to limit practice but watching him at a pretty even it ain't much though he got a very typical pilot riding. I. Mean both in the pretty even in that they do a way to get that fight in what. They're already be even a smaller so well. Ain't going to get that one or two yards but it'd been locked for. The last year you had guys you've been hit you know we're the home run play every single timeout is better they would be op with the wind with it being that. Creek park that has much better if it in that regard. Were shot in any expect it to be right for week one we shot many were not purse strap it this year. We can't beat him on Thursday night in the final brief even if you gonna have a quarter edit speed in your quick net. And I would need it all of Seattle running back are back to be heavily involved in the acting game jabs from what we had seen a practice that. The re even with friends but I'm not. Eight juniors with when you look at the changes that were made out there and I know Pete Carroll like fired a slew of of assistant coaches. Jimmy Graham left and Richard sermon last day in and you you had a lot of turnover there. Was there an overreaction. Obliquely. You did you miss the playoffs on a miss steel bowl as low as I were coal. Basically but it was there an overreaction there or was that just salaries got too high players got too old and that's what what are brought on the changes. You know I would say when you take a look at the number and I'm glad the unit and that Opel. It when you look at the overall and I know that and a record it makes it feel like the sky at all. In it we're walking in and more accurate kicker lap here I'm not blaming everything on Blair is back and look. Or in the SP could no one had been may now get it out all he all but been. Indicate that he would pull out corporate the layup that they were. You know not why I ever know our other pre or out of whack happy at that it was time to do we. In that locker room a different spot. There are about where I'm able has been their problem I'm only in the court Nader that rough will it ever don't. The bad thing that you just need to get a different way than their. Camera home or not he is. And it per Jimmy Graham was. Jimmy Graham ever quite get into the pot and the weight that I think these guys to eat this year. Will an art to make it isn't about big name guy I spent much of anti. But I do think it was very had a actor and they are all. Jana how do you see the division stacking up here everyone's got Al obviously the rams are. Our team it's made up had a lot of his sec success last year and made a lot of moves. Everyone's kind of you know distant and in really into San Francisco. Arizona's kind of pick him up the slack demand Seattle's kind of in the middle there. Oh well how do you see the the division out west stacking up here as we got with as we enter the season. You know what it doesn't matter what the ramp record and then about a lap I ear back in the BR let them know what. The rampant wake Seattle up at these sectors it will offer the wind problem. That currently are gonna be the one that the B hop that targeted it in are really paying both detected in check because of the we ate at the game that played them all out. Over the last four by year. Everybody's gonna be what we grapple that you went there and we did you eat that part of the uniter flat year. You can't overlook we have a guy like Rick circuit. And you know how high they are. On I indeed see out there are keeping Arizona probably get a read they'll be well. But got started we might not being in that especially in Arizona. You're out of the price of spoke that you spoke whether it into an Asian or not. I think it. The outlet to lack of a rebuilding mode that some people would like that they because when you got run the world but at your quarterback. It can't think that there rebuilt to respond all the way back you know these are only the top and very mapped out its. Yeah I mean push comes to shove you still got the best quarterback in the division at least right now that's for sure. Jim let me ask you buoy we always try to ask about some of the low pools or some of the guys from the state of Florida soul. I'll ask you about one guy on each side of the bowl of quarterback Alex would move from from F five you well it. I realize is probably a long shot there what's our our guys sag grip and been up throughout they're also. I got excited about it grip and Brad are saying they need bile every night like he. Prepared or Pratt made there'll. Ship's keel all in me though is going by act and it. Theme is going bike trip but the president I read on it now. I speak. You know as they were impressed me so much with. You couldn't believe it he went about his business that would kind of white you know even not hurt right until it was time prohibit start making them play. It's confidence level is up there and eat pot is bad now how you and pouring it brought her. You aren't gonna have it in Britain are being in richter Sherman all I need at quarterback that you've been there from the right. I like it right I. And you'd rather stick cool is likely eating at our. First night in the fourth pre season game because it can't do it right underwent a procedure on technique that two ATP and come and we sideline backer. Seeking had been hit under buddy they've been very Brett you're if you look at the plate special being. But it looked like he gonna get it can't work with that first team unit on Thursday. And now the go. I wouldn't said that after the first week of training camp a huge long shot to make it. He didn't look comfortable in practice. That broke that even the most. He had done a really nice job in the last couple pre eaten eating. What are either turn that back up quarterback dot it would not surprise you at all icky and that they all eat Eden really come on strong. In the last week or you know and it pressed the coach. What did you do here on this Jan ten wins that out of the question for the Seahawks her running people are underrated them just a little bit. I would agree that's what I keep telling people that win it might be a long sought to begin in the year that they picnic come on strongly. That. Her current elected Jenny Craig stuff things or take it easy and it's thank you very much. Gen New York she is the Seattle Seahawks sideline reporting a fall or her on Twitter. Edge and talk sports Seattle's on T in the popular talking abouts. And you know a lot of the big names Richard Sherman can chancellor. Those guys are gone Marshawn Lynch is gone on Thomas there alone. Again resembles a mineral title with her eyes she did a great job handling my. Scheck Britain's question because there is this team and and I feel Houston yeah yeah I forgot that they were boast checks you know yeah so. She's a pro. He thinks he didn't just look back in my days ago which Griffin and she's very very nice of her. Got to view himself and get to problem the a six block out of assorted headlined this on your text messages. 67974. That 67974. Right here on. The ticket. It's the most anticipated music festival of the year. Troops that Meet the Press about 54 on Fort Lauderdale beach a lot of will be announced Friday morning September 7. Right here on the ticket you will not believe your ears retire and is accessible powered by Ford it is coming. Listen September 7 2 AM seven any NF immoral four point three. HD to the ticket person per track with you here will take you up until. 7 o'clock we got headlines right around the corner my Americans Mark Richt they released the the depth chart the of for official depth chart. And window pre season. Or anything in colleges Basie all you have for every all the teams around the country is the the big big Ol depth chart release in college football nick Sabin. Everyone's nick what do you do what do you do what do you do you gotta make a decision and it just observing the burden just as well I have I have co stars I have an assailant and I have to hook. It is or you are or are there slash I do remember how but he officially listed at but right so they didn't answer the question Woolsey who runs out of the huddle against a real school holes Saturday nights up and Orlando as the official. Sorry but but nevertheless for the canes. The me Mark Richt has the coast you Perry or keyed Wheldon. As the as the backup quarterback finally Croshere Travis homered DJ Dallas strain on grey. You know I'm on Richards Lawrence K juror are your top two receivers. Along with just chef Thomas. India in the slot tight and you got Brevin jordin. And then and then is your starting tight end offensive line you know you got Tyree Saint Louis saint Louis's. Here Jones Asia left guard Tyler got teenager Saturday to Mahoney to regard the McDonald's in the is your right tackle deal line Joseph Jackson Joseph Willis pad Ethel Garvin. Are your are listed as starters McLeod. Quarter million paying clear ping me or your linebackers is your body knows. Who's a little bit banged up DO new kicker freshman kicker Bubba. From a Pasadena Texas yeah yeah always wears an emperor wears pass soon and in the Houston area Germantown was big Bubba. Is our is a freshman digger that he feels he'll immaculate new got a bunch of guys in return so was a big surprises there and you know I wouldn't read too much into its. Plus you'd expect a lot of guys that play especially on the defensive line. Rotate running backs receivers and and so on and so on and so forth so real texting and about that that's you know that's the that's the depth chart that those released a few hours ago. Harold food are you expecting Yvonne Donaldson to be a man opens alone he's going to be the best best of the women they have yet yet now. You know and no he's sophomore. True sophomore who saw more yet to say he played a little guardian. Tackle last year my that it necessity brand. I know are there does it seem like they were high on him that they did he call the prospect in the bottom on the hospital and is slow via on the modular play I'd imagine right tackle. And kicks about it right tackle him and rubio left tackle next year and then it microproze entry you know out of that right. One thing that. I got from Tom De'Angelo in the Palm Beach post which which I. I thought this was insisting he talked about on trade on gray and visit realist George realist towards. REI AE OUS I don't know realist George but he east say that this gives the hurricane having those two fullbacks. Gives him the ability to use the power I formation something richt did not feel comfortable using last season. My question to you we is. How how often did you expect to see that is that a short yardage. Third down goal line being thirty link on first and ten from the thirty yard line. That Rick might come out and in some bomb think it has more of a short yardage yeah I would goals India and and and we probably will see a very often does that's not you and stuff now especially my quarterback did emerge here originally by spring and on somebody to give a different look in in a short yardage situation correct yeah Obama Girl by the reclusive like that yeah don't you think that's interest look like little nuggets like that that just did you will get you thinking on the on the options that they that they have with their talent that they can do. That's the beauty of college football and I understand like like coach. You know any out of gates has said while we haven't unleashed a lot of what we want to see a man. But in any NFL like you kind of know where the pieces yes beings are that there is there's not a whole lot of creativity in the and a third leg my guess techie. You know he hasn't he's caught one pass. They know that they wanna get him the ball the red zone and everyone and I am in God's green earth knows that food so that's not a big secret if they have some stuff for him week one against Tennessee. But in college football especially guys that you've never seen play I don't know what what they're gonna come out with they could come out. Well hi you know dude to have to a full back to you know power formation person tanning and so issue whom I have no idea. You know nobody gets a watch practice nobody gets to know what's going on so. That's what makes college football so fun sometimes it is creates is that these big games not doing if Miami is playing. But to claim Savannah State next week. So Miami is playing some in a state Saturday or Sunday. And. Can apply Vanilla yeah that I'm wrong but I dispute Kirkland says. I don't put anything on tape right for real and taken rent campus UNC right. What do you have to basically you've got to bring you got to open it up how to bring it doesn't seem like a budget yet is a little legs these games so fun right out of the gate right. Because IE you know an abscess. This before one of the things that I absolutely love about college football is be different matchup sits. How I am boxing they say styles make fights I think that's the way it is and college football where. I love seeing a Georgia Tech who's who's gonna run that that triple option in you might have seen it. Last year but you probably haven't seen it to this point this year. And so that's something different I love to see the dipper Altman's and deepens they'll have they'll it's it's pretty strict restricted. College you could see almost anything and especially in your non current schedule so. Guess that's why elected you know read all these no books and pick up little notes and and try to think of you know the different style match ups that that you're gonna CI I absolutely love that about college football. Odds exhibit signs on for the 679744. Get to more on that. It's of your text messages let's get to 6 o'clock headlines. These XW eighty XY AM South Miami at WS at best at that BHD to Miramar plea deal. Come station. Miami Dolphins concluded practice today in preparation for Thursday's pre season finale at Atlanta. Reserve guard Tim Larson went down more than apparent right knee injury there's no word on his condition. Wide receiver to team grant were remains in concussion protocol he did not practice. Coach Adam gacy is that they would like to get William Hayes the deepens that in slash. Available where the season opener so he sale William Hayes who has been suffering from a hamstring injury and has not played all pre season. Is making steady progress do not expect to see him tomorrow night. They're getting William Hayes ready for that September 9 opener against Tennessee. Oakland linebacker Khalil meg. Local Kia kinda he's from Fort Pierce Florida he's seems likely to miss regular season games according to Yahoo! Charles Robinson. Robinson reports that as of last night both sides remained entrenched in the same position. That they've been in in February which means a Leo Max deal seeks a long term deal that'll make him in a bills highest paid deepens a player. The raiders have steel declined to offer him a contract extensions. Under an easy involved and that depends on girding. Essentially you know a zillion dollars a year to coach a team that team not nearly as good without a clue Mac in men. You know it is for all her all everything that I read Jon Gruden trying to be tough guy. I'm not dealing with there right now my deal on deal with the guys that are here. You better get you better get your ass on the phone and you forget about the crew on a hotline for now that Tony romo's taken over. You better get Helio back on the throne hotline and and get him in there connect as your best player on your team united hello. Not even close by agree with you hard knocks tonight it TN Nam we'll see what they have in store Boris would Jarvis Landry of baker mayfield and then. And what Bob lively and and huge acts as a mom I got on core boy I don't know I don't these Elkins of lying coastal. Look like a walrus. Amazed at these guys load what drives the mother Roddy were. Our white Mazzarelli Ruddy he's got a little Craig Stadler and emptied for the old golfers out there global what is the the animal knowing offensive lineman. Coaching a Mazda Roddy driving. Now miles. Tommy Tommy twitching what is and what is. Bob Wiley have in store for an encore here on hard knock we we will see brand we knew we will sign this is our U2 episodes left bright we get into the next week or next week you are you Jarvis doubt yet. Well you know what I am less sore wrist out on hard knocks the 9 AM in print and on video. I unsecured Jarvis Hawkins really did and and I and I actually wouldn't be sick of Jarvis talking to. They're given me more pass pattern and restrict what I guess you're from bloodlines when he takes shots at some X fund that's what makes it ridiculous. I mean go out there and and and and do your job. Really I don't have my little one or two shots okay you you say it which he needed to Ciba not every three and com I'm contraris your betterment. Miami Marlins sort of two game set in Boston tonight at seven Marlins to a one game behind Atlanta in the NL leased money back in the wild card but. We are holding onto the ropes this cap. They are on pace to win 65 games may be what's your number. 65 for her ego you need sixty born have your number but you need sixty by the reality is 65 yeah Xoom so winner winner chicken dinner yeah yeah we might break out the rope for that will will see. No break Miami Hurricanes continued their preparations for Sunday's game against number twenty by LSU today. Postmark Rick was saying he expects to use the silent count now you know this game is in. AT&T stadium and in Arlington Texas basically in Dallas. It's a neutral site game but richt -- he's no dummy he knows LSU is closer to Texas and Miami years so he's expecting a partisan crowd there in favor of LSU. He said though without question there will be more crowd noise and we can handle with our verbal Kadant so. Expect a lot of the young silent counts and in camp will. We'll see if you win those with the same being the dolphins used to go with a lot of teams go with where you get the right guard to a clinic. Cock is here to decide and and then the center snaps the ball I don't know he'll pet the senator and and and the downside. The of the group the right car will pay at the center on the hit considerable cock is yet to decide and everybody will know the including the defense by the way we will know the snap around so we'll see how that. I'll say this and and a lot of these kids have played in professional stadiums. Whether small star games or in in some old games or some like that. But. Playing in a game in that stadium there's going to be some wide eyes seeing early on in the. Oh yeah I've matter back. Mark Richt must say I'm one of the first things he wants to do when they land is go to the stadium to remove that wonderment and there as you get to get him in the states you are right let them take a look at it and they can sleep on it and right so when you walked in on Sunday it's not going to be brand new when you see that use her like that won't. He burst on days they see they usually don't do a walk through thing they used to do years ago when Larry was coach and but they were done in a while that is a Smart move by mr. Burke. I've been almost every stadium rounding the first time a locked and that plays as this and as a fan just the fan I was slack jawed yeah I got I was I was just staring for like twenty minutes is that she's Szilard mean cars up there. Is it where's the upper deck start where his hands. Look at this TV thing they got the middle but like I was for about twenty minutes and under is walking around looking for hot dog stand with. I didn't try to get ready to play games. I so. The mean that's just me. Being yeah I can imagine being seventeen and then maybe you played in a couple of big stadiums or maybe you haven't long. By. This is nothing like anybody's ever been to people ask me about Jerry's joint and I always say it's unlike anything you've ever seen stadium wise man. You know good move by Mark Richt there finally you say in both the eight time Olympic gold medal sprinter from Jamaica. He's going to make his pro soccer debut on Friday for the central Coles mariners. In an Austria and Australia now they're playing a pre season exhibition game and it's against an M thirteen. But bolt has been practicing. At the left winging he expects a play about fifteen to twenty minutes. In the exhibition game the club officials are expecting a crowd of about 121000. The coach Mike mole BC had about Hussein bolt. That he's struggling more than any being right now with with book ball fitness he's sale bolts deals are okay. And now to quote won't be he said he's got rudimentary skills there's no problem about that. It's about being able to do wit at the speed that we do it. Those are your headlines so we'll see about bowl commandments that's an interesting experiment I guess. I'll tell you this one of the I mean there's enough things they give me joy in sports saying but one of the things that give you enjoy it was watching him run in a big race without you know Olympics or world championships here. And when he got those big legs chug a man. Now's a thing of beauty. You know and and now I just you know and and it and it's funny that that. You know the soccer players take those short choppy steps and he's used to the stride so I wonder. If he'll be able to get his speed up I mean not dribbling a ball and no he's not going to be O you know he might be a LeBron but above a run in Edmonds rumored well I'm not expecting any. Ain't Romero and Ochocinco or soldier singer while for the Kansas City team. I did anything and make like a practice squad Andrea yeah I mean council city and Ochocinco like practice it was a big soccer guy got army maybe. Mean it's just hard to do like. They think you'll talk about that he's just that you're doing it all your life and how great of an athlete you're going to be it's an anomaly we know what I believe this is. What I mean this is even on par with like. The the and yes so right I don't know Rio in Australia I had no idea probably I don't care you can be gripped the greatest sprinter in the world move Palestinian ago play semi professional soccer. And and not be good at it just shows how hoarded his. Yet these. I do you know what I've seen and Karen Torre might we talked about Tim Tebow earlier like that the probably Alex actually cred like Tim Tebow is actually held his own yeah. In baseball it's him still being called up the yes he did so they do you actually like I thought he would be just bad. Like jordin bad baseball yeah suited yeah anyway since high school great that's what he said yeah why hasn't he plans to order anything to so. Yeah they're Tebow soul I mean you have a little bit credit people rip on the guy a little bit but I mean. There's gonna be running around with the SEC network now as you so got that idea does yeah I think he done so I I I am pretty sure that he's going to be back we'll take you re acquainted on the web today it's a decent job I thought. I'd argue is fine yeah items as an analyst and he did a decent job what was he on there with spears spears independent voter and Motorola right. I was dominant probably got I get a equated with all these guys that are. In and out analogy colors not do enough. Like to know and a man jobs that no he didn't he's doing that reality show very cavalier you wherever it is so we got to go is to see Cutler. Yeah you will will will get Beckham I'm not a big announcer guy you are like I am you know who the announcers are from like you know CBS a second team in. Yeah like I don't I don't give a damn I monsoon and end it is to watch the game and the announcers are important but. Unless they just really blow some and I don't. Or good or bad I really know I'd like I'd like most all the announcers great. There's a link me up would you really keep up with ideally this you know I'd likely know they. I think the ad like some guys like on games being you know like very Gary Daniels in on the SEC. Did I like certain guys on games yet. But there's but that me now but there's rarely got that I just despise. That I really rip like I usually like regularly disguise a life. I don't really dislike anybody right TO I don't know Gary did. Chooses pardon the burn Lundqvist has sunk to burn those. Right yeah noble Vern did perky retired two years ago. This problem doesn't burn still do and learns on numbers on he'd tell your eyes still in the SEC games. Number and power and burned. Auburn's been done for awhile alright yet sentimental and quality stills my desert golf but yes today's aaron's on getting into golf viewers with. What's his name. Anyway yeah plaza and allows. Brad NASA that's really that is you know was never I would have never been split but I yeah like your yen and yet easy to see that the voice of the SEC on CBS news just like. Just now. But he's about I mean I'm I'm sure I would know other. May be some other announcing teams but most require a vital if I don't know Byrne has been gone for two years I don't pay attention. Right now I understand that and I'd let me as an Emmy it's announcers I mean people I've never. I don't I don't think it matters to most people but a lot of people care like god who he Chris Collins worth. Have you yeah I didn't the FL people really don't like certain guys in the college in the just kind of whatever the NFL seems like people like people like Collins worth of Intel is a little. Don't carver. No he got real inside baseball like real scene here can hear that a you know the kids who seem not foreseeing Rea but. They have like this is always another was elected. Not ads that look guys I know that and in many ways you know certain start it got a bird's are hiding or talk to garner yeah I know that in many ways every time first there's of the text line he realizes that notion right there. 7974 or it's your text by the way in the back in this hour we gonna head to Atlanta with the dolphins play. This Thursday magna the Orlando Ledbetter is in order to be your that your guy do you lay it yeah hang out in the next couple nights ventured out tons of comments football. On the back in this hour right here on 79 in the ticket. Coming up September 8 over. Officer of the ticket wanted to join us at the museum of discovery and science. We're talking more than 75 steam activities including science technology entertainment art and music. Including a live concert by a concert by Genevieve goings from Disney junior. And Kevin Quinn ably Zander on Disney's bonds plus the public aprons cookies will be hosting kid friendly demos throughout the event. You an amazing going classes they have to offer for kids and while you're there or stop Miami played toe. The public source. Play games when prizes sponsored in part by Gloria main street children's dentistry and orthodontist in paradise island Bahamas. Visit take a Miami dot com for more info. I emceed a couple of the the kid events last year and and it was cool man you got kids. That was a blast man. I'm got questions about this and now what does Plato played all the way to label is public the public source. Sore so this is like Geddes is our best yet who who does he walk around this yeah regular suit me yeah he's a public source season he's Plato. Plato home sooner Spurrier always you're always kind of you're always dumbfounded on some of these 3. I am I'm fascinated by the hands on this data whether read live there these liners. You know play nine Plato is a public source he's going to be like Barney yeah. Rain deluge you grow up with what guided you grow up with. Party involved land to grow probably. Com. Well I don't know. Did I grow with Brad May be big burden. In Canada over Grover Garfield who expect him in Chicago okay Latvia and Bozo the clown Bozo the clown really OK so yes so that's us treasuries there yeah Plato a scenario has gonzo yes so he is the the source. Of a knowledge real public source who else public source public soars there. I love this text here big dolphins Ford twelve tough schedule. No not worn well thanks for crass about it you know. That's Neitzel hit rhetoric that that's old next paid guidance accords well that's as good against right in the heart of the matter that I know there's no BS greeting hate Dallas and I don't care how we're doing a deck. I imagine that guy get off like. Just a miserable they don't work. His boss it was all over his ass right. For the TPS reports but just all over his case. The guy turns on 79 and take him here cares about tanning here lose our ability something about the dolphins. Abramoff has any decision no I'd screw those guys our daughter and say dolphins for a twelve tough schedule and that's it. It's a birds sing Tex right now I agree with him that really you know he's not gonna go over his data data charges I don't know techno Hickman and Margaret McBride. Just what are those where pay dolphins foreign twelve tough schedule. Like just you know what my day suck solid text that in. And so guys today that texts this. Person might have had a great day they just have a low opinion known. Out of ten he'll really and you can easily and I'm mark. It. And instead of the birth might be one of the happiness the most well just that people are sitting there we oh actually I had a great. I had a great day have a nice evening LO else. Hell I don't heavy well it just I mean that's. The man or woman just Emma pick in the wanted to get up there chats I don't wanna get in the correspondence with a leg we were soliciting we were soliciting tax were there for their. For their record or anything like I don't know what will woods woods has brought the wood. That on where this is an open forum you know our parents well tough schedule that's the look. Got real on the air made a contribution to the show so you know what's this all blew it is all good. Nobody anybody else have anybody else that's in short Tex I wanna send us feel free. No beating around the bush. That your legacy not beater on the boy no no no. In that that was preceded by the longtime listener first time -- -- and the united there but -- I think you as a beat around the bush at the Orlando -- he's gonna join -- -- on the -- we'll talk falcons football tomorrow look around the NFL Enqvist -- we've kind of waited to talk out of trouble because office put the falcons Thursday night so so we're talking to him about Julio Jones and the other young -- caliber Ridley for cellular topic we'll talk Matt Ryan and we'll talk all sorts of good stuff. As not necessarily about Thursday but just about. What the falcons season is gonna look like. And no 1823 it's hard to forget from a couple of years ago. There were a playoff team a year ago they bounced back anyways it brought that entire team back. So we'll talk to him about if there are the favorites and a very tough division. In the south with the saints and the and the Carolina Panthers as well 67974. That tiger regions of the text line here's a short text two words. Short text that good job Lego. All right here here's one who can give a compelling argument as to why the dolphins win more than six games. They won six last year there have been thirteen this year they have a better quarterback this year. Stop right there that's at the that I mean that's why you need to go yeah I did notice you six once able settled out. You and say right Dan knows this he's that. He's six win or he gets in the six wins. We now is a complete cluster truck last year and got the six wins new. Well we gotta get out of here our time is up our thanks to. The Orlando Ledbetter right there also gen Mueller. Join us earlier we talked Seahawks aboard her as our look around the NFL continues only about four or five teams we across on the list Mansour excited about that. Has written in every every NFL training camp here. For the yet the season. Starts we got a lot more to get two more cain's LSU. Break down we'll have the next time next couple days also look at does some college football team especially F five he was a child Oklahoma we got some special guest book for the next couple days here. So or are going to be you know football intensive here. As we go lead up to Miami Ella she Sunday and of course. The dolphins wrap of the pre season Thursday evening thanks to grant as always thanks allows a great job guys for perk Tom Curtis keep it right here. Seven I did take it you have Greg like you alongside Josh Freeman right here coming up next right here on the tickets.