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Curtis Stevenson
Tuesday, August 7th

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Following gas sector and our. Absolutely right days to Rosenberg here on a Tuesday afternoon. Again until 7 o'clock go out things to get sued today on this August 7. Of 28 team we're about five minutes away from giving you the 4 o'clock whole word for Gupta in 1000 dollars. There our summer's swindled contest lousy this year. Where talk to Adam Beasley at fort Tony coming up a lot and dolphins info for him as were troubled days away from pre season game number one that also while we're GNU total Tampa Bay Bucs football in the off 5 o'clock hour that's the dolphins' opponent in the in the pre season. Opener. And of course we got a lot of things to get to. As as we work our way throughout the throughout the afternoon if you wanna Texas shall feel free to do so. Tech site is always open at your convenience at 67974. That's a 67974. On the out on the text and line hurricanes continue to do to do their work. As we we got 26 days to LSU. I new game and it hurt any game I mean man every. Third they cannot get here fast enough. Because read the point I think in free season where. You this would put the pads on his wanna see something different. And what of the what I think most fans than going out today the last. Couple weeks or throughout the scrimmage on Saturday there was he somebody. Else outside of the Miami Dolphins hitting somebody different than the same guys over and over him and the players to the same way. Yeah and look. In all fairness you're not gonna see a whole lot of those starters on Thursday. You know what the debut of hard knocks tonight might be better in that scrimmage on Thursday right but it's all we've got is always got so. At Adam days has not seen it yet. How much Ryan and Tim hill or any of the other starters are gonna play in game one. He is not see it how much like rate on McMillan or some of the other youngsters will play. But I really tepid if they follow the familiar pattern starters go maybe one possession one series. And amid and it's going to be up to the reserves but really yeah how much looming debt and to safety and and those guys that I am rating on play that sort. The question on the deceased Frank Gore out there I mean I don't I don't need the city. I Danny Amendola are even Kenny stills or some of those other guys Kim wake out there I know the drill we all of the deal here. But the guys that. Our second and third and fourth string on the depth chart that you figure I'm gonna make the team. You wanna see that you are those guys and definitely wanna see the rookies. And you wanna see a gummy in my does that he might beat. For me though the guy that he wasn't the most concern among a second I might be germs might hop behind him. Because those guys that that are gonna make the team and that's the position of need for the Miami Dolphins. Yet you wanna see me of his pastor girl see the first round pick but those are guys that at tight end spot where they need help. And at least been hijacked picks on those guys tenuous you know what those guys have to offer. Early on for for the team so nobody's a mug W. A level interest as you move throughout the throughout the roster. As you look at that you wanna see and but this is a progression here with with pre season game number one and get to them Odyssey series the big one. And then fourth you just kind of one you just wanna close tries to stay helter yeah you don't notice it anyhow yeah. And you make your cotton in your into the regular season yeah and that we have to with a one cut which sort of last year so there's no little cut down a measure twice cut once in right now emperor I mean I think right now. Of the 5053. Man roster. Or you can name fifty guys. Pretty close yeah yeah I would say pretty close Thursday there's not. The the big decision is is going to be. As it often comes down to how many of this group. Do you Tea Party Teepen six wide receivers are T Boone for running backs be keeping port tide here instead that's probably the biggest being by. Yes par is if you have to hit 53 players right now I think you could do that. Barely reliably having not even seen eight pre season get. Yeah I mean and yet this one of those years there's not a whole lot of position battles like last year with a view. You know backup quarterback to move the quarterback goes opposite of Zabian Howard. A mom. Ticker. Pretty much the rest of your starting positions are are decided. And your kind of looking at back ups and it is that your word used people elect are you getting used to say T. How much are you gonna use him between the twenties. You know we know he's red zone we know he's third down but we know he's a blocking liability for so these are the types of things that you really need to find out increasing. Warrior until 4 o'clock code word in nudge a second dobbs made a move last night's and this was the name of that though operable knew from last couple years. And and that could cause quite a little bit of a stir here at a news or downplay the little bit. Those town and insisting interest and pick up last night or gets that'll get the headlines of the mobile to tomorrow's pins with without a visa real hustle to get to. But first let's get to the 4 October time which is where a thousand dollars and a summer swindle contest. You're just tickle a thousand bucks. Top organize Doolittle 101000 dollar pyramid here curtains would have been very good here content very I don't know where my money is what is some news tonight guys thing I does you know it was a you're accruing and over time and effort you so you ever read it good answer you get you you know you ten dollars in the kitty very bad one you you knew where when you miss you 200 dollars and crush all. The and three others were right I know so little added a good idea as much as the summer swindle yes target now I know I'm a little and in all this. Our rights spears let's see here perk you ride this it has it has two wheels. Icicle of blue -- would be right there we are I that it is important are no word text the word by ten dollars for you work. Now you you're almost at the positive. Text the word by. And you can win a thousand dollars would be IUK need to 72881. And your registered text by a seven to anyone within the area don't do that. If you played if you played athletics in the eighties though black coaches wore bike shorts right there was got to read the phone trying to all right RS that. I don't know the tech's final tell us. They have to some text line you know it's true of course we never had a lie you're you know policy on the exiles like Internet if there's some there's true. We've ever had anybody leave after they aren't there on the text line ever is it's like Internet. I'm telling it it was on the text line it's got to be true I think was great there was ride hell yeah. And and in some of those other company's privacy and buy it recently note I'll though you don't know all these companies a regular comeback pool was meg gonna come back then and there is you get to get John Bruno where those shorts during training camp and I come back and elderly relatives though he likes short shorts. So via the old coach's shorts. I yeah I I was couch how. Well I'll just say there's I I can't recall how old I was when I first learned how to ride a two wheeled by. And maybe six. Silence. I don't irony it's no number either. But I can. Is the word of the hour BIK he. Texted the seven to anyone to do right now optional in this time munitions to be in the top of the next hour 5 o'clock. This of course is a national cuts as mrs. and data rates may apply do not Texan drive and do not have a defeatist attitude about this contest because. While we had a winner completion of lighthouse point we've had multiple winners on just on the shall all those on multiple winners. On the other shows will also. On this show we've had winners so those volume you again a chance to win no. Don't Texan drive but when you get to a stoplight or when you two were aiming to me. Edged it by 72 in one and to be registered for the entire 4 o'clock hour and you have the entire Howard Dean did. So you don't get in next five minutes you have until 459. In this 5 o'clock it's switches and then we give you another code word of five. And then we roll from there so that's that's how this summer swindle a contest works what do you make of the public signing Jeremy Langford who a couple of years ago. Was was he was without a gay civil Chicago and he had a really nice year. And the dolphins I was kind of warmed to heal a bit by surprise last night. Again he says he's just another body. Bring an end but you would continue injury Julia Frank Gore. Camelot I like a lot and I think you know as you do anything in the scrimmage to the other majority of the work. Into anything to think that they were looking elsewhere boarding major Jeremy Langford last night the dolphins just figured them out. I was a little bit surprised that I'm gays must tell us today that as you say they just need another training to embodied by. You've got a lot of training him bodies really when you factor in buddy how them Brandon Radcliffe. And a little guys are that yes in Norris peering. You know I thought. Was it really on the border for the 53 and probably make it. And then now you have to kind of looked him wrinkle of how I wonder years but. Clearly there was something either well I'll I'll put a license they clearly. Either Adam gays really isn't happy with those guys where's he really likes Jeremy going. Well I think that during training Jimmie about to lose francoeur a lot. I don't know you know whose Kenyan aligning properly diagnosed and allow you really think about yeah. So if you are going to get some guys work I mean OK and if you wanna I mean we all know this this league's about relationships out of gave Sicily proven that time and time again. So you wanna give a guy look to bring him in ever win a golf has brought in in his was under a different regime but remember they brought in Josh Freeman a few years ago and the that was what was that Dennis that he's moved when he drafted and tamp and he was out of the jobs and in my view on the job now you're you're in pretty dire straits. So you know yeah you throw guy a bone who's been good he and you say come on NM. Aids is an injury or some that happens or if you did crazy in pre season. And and you know brave couple long runs maybe there's a spot for you here so. But I don't think it's an indictment on the guys Adam deal. It's not as not a bold confidence I'll tell you that then. I would say this you know soft in the somebody about K limbo large. Earlier. This morning during practice. And I. I haven't seen a whole lot from him he's looked okay. When you know he's had a couple of drops he put the ball on the ground a couple of times and and those are things we did two in the dog house. You if you really can't put a lone practice squad though because somebody will take it he's got potential and he's a fourth round pick. So I don't know what the plan is he's done a little bit as it kick off return but I think it's like third or fourth string. I don't see him out there are a lot of special teams but. I I probably will very soon because YouTube. You know you've got to do something with Melissa gonna put them on the on the inactive list every game days so. I I haven't been really impressed by blog I've in my assessment right now the running back situation would be Drake and gore. And the improbably room or two other guys whoever they turn out to be at well blog will be one of them. Because he's he's a draft pick so Sinorice Peary Langford. You know buddy how. All all of these other guys. Lankford is is gonna be in the mix on I would guess because. Why Ellsbury Amir and. Yeah I also think dumbing it is not familiarity would now log in and M and then get an atom isn't him the off into the Iraq I mean I guess I I just humid there's a reason guys available to when everybody's got a full camp to that and so the thing you know owner. You know and he you know he knows that a couple of good seasons few years ago when there was hears the name it says. You know there's a reason why he was he was still flown on their sorrow. Don't get don't get too excited on that last Beasley about this in a couple of things related to the dolphins come and appear in and about fifty minutes the first let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. These weeks WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best at MB HD you'll Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. Miami Dolphins announced today they're moving their training facility to Miami Gardens ending their association with nova southeastern university in Davie. The move could come as earliest when he when he. The facility is estimated to cost 75 to eighty billion dollars it will be all privately financed. All built on private lands it will be located. A Jason Soo hard rock stadium I believe on the northwest corner apart rock stadium. And so now the biggest thing as it relates to the fans and I think is the parking. This yeah this is that's the biggest things when effects. You'll afforded you the tennis that is being built right. And now you're building a and I assume they're gonna build another bubble there they're gonna have an indoor and mounds or practices Sony. And it. It you know from very stadium that has gone which is very which has old great parking great parking. Spot at hard rock stadium. That's gonna get a little bit Dicey than men and we'll see how that works out because. They're gonna eat up a lot of a lot of ground to have a lot of ground there now so I think as a fan that would be the biggest concern is. Is the parking in the good parking in the and the prime parking and and all those things put by the end of their open. And Davey and where they you've been four. I want to say since the mid ninety's Douglass saying that let's say Thomas. Jennifer song I wanna say 23 years I don't know if that's if that's accurate. I have to look at his Bay Area there's there's been a minute they've been their. Or law and I mean I guess the I mean you know more than may mean per brightest. It's not as the football sums is morally they want all the offices when everybody kind of and 11 area yeah there there run out of space the deal is the. The athletic part of that team is in Davie the business part of the team and is that hard rock stadium. The athletic part is running out of space they've expanded the weight room they're expanding the the the sports science facilities area and so they yet they've they've got portable trailers out there right now for for part of the sport science facility looks like a junior high so. They are gonna move in move could come as early as when he twenty and Miami Dolphins at their eleventh Brett is a training camp today the defense clobbered the dolphins on the ground in the year in the red zone in between the twenties. Well almost total domination tight end Mike is sick he's still having issues would block in today. Allowing say the mink of its Patrick the blow by him or second Ryan Taylor hill. But you're sick he did have some good blocks and one on one against Mika and had a nice catch in one on one against me goes so. It's kinda give and take the air you knew gutsy T had issues blocking coming out of school he's only had eleven enough bill practices so. This is going to be a growing experiment quarterback Brock us Waller had an up and down day quarterback David males who is battling us us Waller for the backup quarterback position. He had another Workman like day so really us Weller has higher highs and lower lows. Ailes is a lot more steady so it's a tough decision they're for Adam days. One more increase net penalties remained at an acceptable level I guess after Saturday's ugly performance. In the scrimmage so the dolphins are showing some improvement by the way don't open CEO Tom Garfinkel. Tweet at their home you know born schedule up well over those who were insisted they will be wearing their white jerseys week one vs Tennessee. We three vs Oakland weeks six against Chicago wheat seven against Detroit. I would jerseys we nine against the New York Jets. Week sixteen against Jackson deal when they where all are well. Throw backs. Week thirteen against buffalo in week fourteen against New England baseball Miami Marlins host Saint Louis tonight at seventeen inning game two of their three game series marlins' seventeen games aren't billion you know least sixteen Beckham awhile cars still less than attendance 9787. Or name. That's more than 5000 behind Tampa Bay who is second to last. By the way from. Sports Illustrated's three season top 25 is Al. Clemson number one Alabama number assume you whim number thirteen UCF seventeen. Florida State eighteen. LSU Miami faces in the opener is 23. And our other local school well I guess I shouldn't say our other we've got a couple of other local schools at a U number 25 those are your headlines. All right 67974. That's how you reach us on the text hello I'm William O William yesterday for the Marlins a renewed do we know really breaks it. No I don't IE you know what I have not looked yet. I'm not look yet it's. I from a trying to find the over a recap of up to keep that on the you know let me nobody got where lately the and see what we've got here today they broke deal losing streak last night with an isolated and and I didn't have this little ten eighty by 62 mile tall man about her attitude Marlins beat her catch and said that's it horrible way to. That's something we've been avoiding an insult more impact so those are good for them regularly thousand mark last night but when I saw. Jeter's not going to the what is it to the twentieth anniversary yep that of the Yankees. World Series. Champion's book that the 98 champions that they they say he's going to be the only one of the war or not there Mariano Rivera Jorge Posada. And Andy Pettitte will willow beat him that's don't be August 18 so. A lot of and he's he's committed to the Marleau. Well I ignored that and I'm here I I get a but I think Ellis an hour ago but mayor if you know upper Jeter though maybe he doesn't wanna be hassle with questions you know about the Yankees about Marlins. Or maybe maybe maybe that's it let's I don't know idealism he misses when he get a few more coming up that'll be the twentieth anniversary at best you got a few more times thanks for more guys coming out more title that you then you monitor. Yes that will be honored there around. So that's that's a big deal for a for him we talked out of these here or its involvement stuff. From on him also in the 5 o'clock are told you Tampa Bay is going to be on our mind rich drought covers via Tampa Bay Bucs. For the at Tampa Bay times as our. Continuing look around the NFL until bay is certainly albums radar for a Thursday night pre season game number one. Had a hard Roxy who he's gonna join us in the F 5 o'clock ourself a lot on the way radios have a ninety. They deserve your listening for training camp updates every day here on the biggest ones right today jewels and governor growth. Visit them experience and age age difference to discover them and age Digital's dot com for Ramel law firm under present dedicated your financial recovery fighting the insurance company is worth it and by Alexa the North Miami always enemy yeah. He's in deal. Person per Greg with you here on 790 the ticket and let's it'll training camp. Update in the preview for pre season game number one with her NFL Miami Dolphins insider from the Miami Herald in your free really right here on 79 who did he is our feelings insider. Enjoy it is August 2 on the right feels announcers who may have doors just fine. There are surely step beyond him being and Adam Beasley is Weathers and Beasley I know all you cannot wait to at least to see a football game on Thursday it's about damn time. If you can believe it or not it's been like 32 weeks since the Miami Dolphins football game. It's about damn time. It is yes I think you speak for all of fans and even though is pre season. You wanna get out to the stadium anyway get back in the back in the mix there. And and started new here for the for the new season or read a little bit here per hour kick him around here earlier would make it Jeremy Langford. The signing mean his guys had some success in the league. Certainly familiar with with the L log ins and out of days we know how. Jason is with his relationships here I they're pretty senator running back what do you think. Yeah I mean I thought maybe you can't make a little bit and always end and I heard Adam cases answer to. Why did you sign. Jeremy Langford and the answer was we need bodies Europe appreciate. It. I had that it wasn't exactly. Spark a lot of confidence media and it is destination that. Electric might pick its roster for the very reasons you alluded to. They are very set our running back now you know knock on wood something could happen. Between now and in the C opener. But he different core or Kevin drinker this dark that's a bit the depth chart says one the other they're gonna probably be 11 day. And kill mobilize is going to be the number three options so for the dolphins to keep for running backs particularly because they have. Six tight ends that team and they might keep for those. That that for birdie that kind of great I mean great special teams. And I just don't know that the case so yeah I think that the if you're if you were a betting man which I know you're not at work. I would not place money electric pick misty. Okay you're duly noted there because we think Europe's. That's made these what do you make of the backup quarterback position. It's as a good battle it's not a sexy battle I know but the way that I look dead bees is brought DOS Waller has higher highs and lower lows. David appeals has just been kind of steady. Do you see it that way and won't use the being in the lead right now would either rom is in the league. Did you really think it's a good battle for. Now it's it's not it's not done excited low key but it's competitive now that. Oh well I mean yes there's competitive because either distinguish themselves and a great way. I think that's the way to put it. Even dicier beast and let these guys might be listen right now. Who we are you know brought costs are up about me. It's a real effect that it had a pet food. Get hurt. Oh Ronald Ronald Brock has been one of the nicest guys I've had to do well this talk don't. Yeah well apparently it is what. It was after the preceding games and it I'm sorry that's garbage men and we went five for like 7% to fifty yards and we touched down of the entire. Scrimmage. And follow up to my house Allen decals the question in a positive way he brought you really. Good vehicle practices and you have a couple of hiccups early in camp. But what's been the difference and keeping it gets there like comparable that's there and his response was I don't know what you've been hiccups. And then he can he compete with other guys from it's a tremendous. MI responses duty to four picks in three days. Actually I was just internally wanna get a dart players situation and that's what else again but yet it has some hiccups but he doesn't like we usually very much. While well you know what I I do think that that brought us Waller has looked pretty good. Against these second and thirteen. Players which take that what it's worth it beat it to get a deal goes down he's not playing against second and third team players I know. But I think he's looked pretty good against second and third team players fails. I'm not real sure but. At the bottom line is you rob I wouldn't trust either problem against starters that they had to start. Well I think for backup quarterback you're looking for a caretaker you let the guy is when these first round draft pick up the star right away. Then that acute stealing and in the estimation of the teams that drafted them. And you feel like maybe immediate things go right early on you can win with one of those guys. I don't think that's the thinking what brought cops fired David fails I think the thinking is equity to get to a game will be the guy forests. And if you need to do that maybe get to regain demon half. You wanna do it with a guy that doesn't make a budget stupid turnovers bright you wouldn't be acuity and lead to carry the football yeah. And how hollers at six Texan. And end up at eleven practices or whatever it is too in the last two days and they'll get yet and he hasn't had the highs and even to about cloud. But he hasn't cost them in the football I mean it's pretty good care of the ball that's why I think you'll ultimately win the job because in the bad can it be able to trust him more. If you think back how this competition again. Bales was the front runner to get wet because he didn't start a game last year but all but. He put all the the first series finale and played well enough that these so called comfortable bringing them back funerals start it but chances to beat the back up. And rock out while I was out there hanging around without a job. And no they're going to keep put it yet to be kind of convinced by it. By the personal side to side if it Adam gave to expand as significant as I was broccoflower had to be convinced to give Misch got. I think guardian cases mine he has an idea whose ahead. And nothing I've seen in the last two weeks we'll change that dynamic I think we're at salt content on David Field will be the backup quarterback for the dolphins. Ambience is with a 079 it'd take did talking to the coaches of hurt and Beasley balls that you can jump in on this part. Who'd you wanna see some off Thursday night and the coaches really wanna. Give extended playing time Judy get a good view of if they can play or not. This is going to be those type cancer but the truth policy abroad came out and take ahead. A one time you'll probably play a series may be too dependent on how well that series goes eagle three out of probably bring them back up per second. He's got a play Todd I doubt that Al the first quarter. But at some point he's going to have to face that that live action. I think that they can take a big help to promote world was in December 2016. We did that they've seventeen with a now about seventeen even more eighteen months now since he'd last seen any real pass rush. And I got knocked over in practice like a week or two ago like him wait but. He hasn't really taken a hit. What I wanna be I wanna see right and it all I don't know yet he can make the throws a practice yet he knows the offense. It is different dynamic when those guys he's not wearing a red Jersey or the proverbial red Jersey and then the defense has to hold up. Look at the tee off on them. There could be some in the back of his mind saying hey can I think this federal might he get out again. I outlook dry conditions pretty strong minded. But I wanna see how he handled that that that for me. That is the only storyline that matters between now Gilbert yes there are going to be some position battle yes. There will be some roster batters battles for the picky if you look at it third spot. But really the only thing that matters entire season is that Bryant can handle it right we'll start to get the idea that on Thursday. Yeah I I would agree that own bed as the number one question I don't know how close will get soon. An answer or resolution on that on Thursday at. But mind you know what these mine is not far from yours on that and and that scale as far as I don't know how much will find out as its rate one McMillan I wanna see what you can do you know that the captain of the defense of U wanna put it like that the as the middle linebacker rubble we're three defense. And he needs to be able to make something happen he stays out there he's a three down linebacker is rates low and NT go in the nickel package. Rate Kwan of course the guy who's going to be mostly in charge above being active in stop and that run. So I. I wanna see what rate blunt and do all we saw them last year was one up the basically up to this point of training camp 'cause he got hurt in the in the pre season opener so. Yeah wrinkle on his is a guy that I wanna see how much does he play how will does he play. No I think that's absolutely right there's still some. Question marks surrounding him is basically been given. The job right yeah as you get to play well at before this point as a rookie and salt and say he's played well again now. But we don't know we have and go like yet he's going to be good NFL player not. And and yet we'll get some kind of clue between now and September 9 whoever the opener is. What I see all those guys felicity wherever there's a question mark you'll principle on the offense in general you you you and I have seen a lot of you know uninspiring offensive play my the last week we happen. Once the pat came on in my opinion is open to really took a step back I mean really. Yet these three pick eight Dave from NL three interceptions weaker maybe Howard practice. You got the scrimmage which was against the back ups and they went three and out would have had to strip sack. On the second drive. Charles Harris was allowed to get right can't help it that you had today. And an insult if I'm wrong with the old one of the poor opens a practices I've witnessed. As a reporter the dolphins they did nothing right today. Your thoughts. No it it was made that look I I say the deacons beat bill on the air on the ground. Third down between that's what these red zone I mean you name it. The the defense beat him and then. You don't wanna make too much out of one day you don't wanna make too much out of three days out of war which might be what we're on as far as the deepens does Drummond at all and it's. Will will get about a better glimpse on Thursday even though won't be the starters but hum no you're right these it was definitely there they're there worst performance of training camp. But you know will will step back a little bit and gain some perspective and and see what it ultimately means big picture but small picture cool but. Now what are your thoughts afterward we asked he says he is satisfied is content with where it all it is is right now a one word answer. Yes I really am. No no techno I couldn't let you know but I I think devil days is Smart enough to know that he sets up a small buyers dormant peace is no. Because they hinders what follow up questions right that you know how we are bees lieutenant bill O'Neal's mind well. About the tide in does that well tidy and you know we would go position by position and days would end up getting pissed off Madison you know so well what are you. It's weak or whatever was last year and they're doing what they do now. He's not gonna worry about the niceties because no what's that it was time to Rick is all he's got so they'll probably don't. I remember the quote from last year were the worst Altman's and in a tale right. Garbage. I love those days. Beasley go back to count down the hours to to serves and I will talk to later thank you I felt bloated out of HB's that's iPhone on Twitter are Miami Dolphins reporter and of course. Miami Herald or dolphins' insider and that an NFL insider as well. There's two days that you love with Adam gays when he's just been a great mood and joking about everything and he's you know one of the guys that you would bring beer with thing. And then when he's really pissed and he's trading day a guy is different kinds. Of voting people because there are yet gays gays does not mince words when he gets this and he's pretty bunny and a sharp drew when he's brilliant a good mood so. The day in between Adam days that's all right but the that the really happy days and the really pissed off days. Bozo the Mondays on that beat. I we're gonna talk to travel to talk some dimly Bucs were ballclub in the 5 o'clock hour while we got a lot of sexually we're gonna get some of those here we're gonna and facilities. Are coming up at 679742. At Texas show plus if you miss a 4 o'clock code word would you that on the other side as well. And boy you would talk about the depressing depressing. Show of support we got that last night up in Ohio we'll get that next Johnson and I didn't take. Plus seven. Is gone but yeah all. Your breaking sports updates it was sort of a gauges from all our shows and hosts on our new radio dot com maps to download it now make sure you turn on out of the cases in the settings. Rated on Tommy new home for everything games have a nanny and a from 1043 HD to the ticket. Prison per bag with the here on 790s the ticket on a Tuesday afternoon. As we got a lot of things on our minds here we're gonna get to your will take up until. 7 o'clock Rick Stroud is Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Covers the NFL for the ten over eight times in the box. And that's there's his opponent for the Miami Dolphins or looked around in a phone continues to talk to Richard come and appear in all forty minutes or so with the latest on what they're dig. But they're gonna do a James wins then and yeah a lot of big names on that team has a vision team they were on hard knocks last year at this time. Tonight 10 o'clock you've got to the Cleveland Browns are making their appearance on hard knocks I contestants must watch TV. Com and download forget. If Jamal I'll get to it. Pay by the to me that's it's still one of the more riveting things and even though wean probably know the story lines him a lot of bigger mayfield. Going to be they're gonna focus on some undrafted rookie. That is strug is June try to make the team. You have a lot of that that's why I'd like hard not to actually it's good it's the players that. Don't necessarily make the team because I Hoya he did it when they head Houston on and it's this big JJ watt commercial. We know JJ was it we know he pushes tires we know he works art. I'm just so old and I just don't wanna see that Brian you know that it like Vince Wilfork was was entertaining. Last year in the of them at the ends of line. And the conversations that Tom that that there are guys Houston went with with JJ Miller com and and last year was calm Chris makers make a right to deepen the linemen and and all those guys. And Ryan Fitzpatrick in Jamison are just like action if you're on call all that stuff is there was yeah yeah. But I but I really liked like you know when they did the dolphins with the beacons of linemen would always play in the little ukulele or whatever and and they had less oil in the realm. Just some moving and what was the mood and he. Whoever the guy was he was let's round brown photographer and get a lesson and and you know the accountant turned tied in less Browner. Yeah I'm I'm really more into into those stores and Indian. Obviously when they go inside the meeting rooms and a who'll ever forget Mike Sherman blistering Michael Agnew and what would do where are you. It's that you when he saved lives you're all of the hoopla was the GWB cutters bomb whatever today I cut yet I mean that. Terribly horrible players have got to eat that but at as the as a viewer I I love going inside to those places but yet the day of the teachers you know I I. Like I didn't really neat to see Jamison and his girlfriend are JJ like the star players you're going to see enough of them give me a little. East of the star players that that's just meego assessment you'll see some Jarvis Landrieu on there I'm sure please Jarvis don't beat top encrypt. Please don't make me have to write it targets in resale into a little come on that's all that's what old iron to I don't know slower sic of today. I am so sick of does it take you shot on the dolphins as they all know this is much better than where well last foreclosures. Paid Tyrod Taylor many throw much better football the last guy had their armies and throw me the file I am. About 98%. Sure he will take shots at the dolphins and bills and whether hard knocks will hear. It did end up on the editing room floor. They could be led to arms to Syria has already hopefully that's what they do I'm sure Jarvis will take some shots it's whether it makes the year. Whether it actually makes the show that's the that's the question. But I am pretty certain that Jarvis will take some shots hard. Hawks tonight and and that should be led to me is must watch must watch. On TV and the grounds but also the browser aged and immediate them what over a pagan break a bigger Maeve Giuliani. Quarterback to guide to Johnson gets a running bash and Jarvis Landry. Yet demean the Josh corn stuff I'm of Armenian of that. You got yet some gets damaged and guys on that let's vaulting. You know I I know nobody here wants to hear this but the city of Cleveland has been insisting for. What the last three years less work for years and it'll run well yeah Republican Convention you have Indians in the World Series against the cubs you have LeBron backed mayor Johnny football. Who did this you know it it'd they've actually have mean I'm not saying that you know and you better off living there than here I'm not saying that all I'd rather than ever have some interest in sports story lines last. New mamiya material for so far as the browns they've they have gone and won two incidents on the you know that's insisting in a different in a bizarre sort how can that happen sort of an action of some real players this year and that you're gonna win a gamer to every everyone's analog Johnny football my god gives us that judge. I didn't hit that I forgot dude I didn't hear enough to watch Johnny please call you you know I was I was off that that date yet so I forgot yeah you know house Friday night you know I get into my rhythm I'd go home right yeah right I gentlemen what among you know we get our own little area yeah and I saw it kind of got caught up with something in households Watson by a baseball game or something and hands like Tenet came in like midway through as a group like thirty to an offer on what the hell happened when this thing here and there is danger ill and he was a disaster there and yeah exactly football. Johnny for what all. The injury there is no more from me and I loved Johnny for ballot and I told this Leslie burger said. I'll know in five minutes as he too if he's in a play in the NFL again yeah Diego Miami and ammonia. That that did that that was an absolute crash and burn for for Johnny football staying in the state of Ohio who all I heard. Last yesterday as we're leave in the show and all it. His big rally in Ohio so Urban Meyer Reyes there goes big rally there and I got a lot of book guys on the on Twitter and FaceBook and all that stuff in there. You know you know key Urban Meyer hash tag super Urban Meyer all this other stuff and and it's like okay fund and support their coach. And I'm thing in this is going to be a pretty big turnout here is to be yes yeah and his. Dispatching people of Columbus to cover this thing and it's gonna be like paternal. Where they're gonna have people just a big rally. For Urban Meyer their culture are gonna stand by their poking. A hundred people show. Yet over you know the petition to me was the bigger deal I didn't think you know I'm not I I just. I didn't know how many people want it to be there's nobody told me Ezekiel Elliott's that was there that right area I'll com. Yeah I don't know how many people would show up by you know what they have 23000 signed the petition beat the online petition to keep them. I thought that was the bigger deal is showing your face there and cameras get to win. I'm not sure how many people war was support urban debt much. I'll know that the existing because. We don't know what happened. Right so you're kind of going in blind faith here right exam exam. Exact webpart I thought to be more fuel religious can be able itself we lover because he goes twelve and over your right. You love him 'cause he wins but are not willing soon like. Have your base ever shown at a rally of if things go sideways and you become the face so bad support of a guy who deal the wrong that you don't you know you're sticking your neck out their not a guy when you dull already 'cause he wins twelve games but. But you a little. You have some sort of a self awareness a lot of people don't love you will not believe 100 people certainly go to the 7-Eleven needs it and I have three sorties and a hundred we will children like five match the cell. Awareness that you thought they didn't have there's not I don't you know you can sign a petition but. You have in your face on camera Eddie rallied and if things go sideways in fourteen days or some. I'm not sure that's lead the image you want of yourself well you know that type that type of this will be shown for years. Urban Urban Meyer rally turned out tighter you know when you're there are some. And it's. You know you might sign a petition but I'm not sure you willing okay. Yeah you would support him no you real value to bring about bidding you Brigham grade point 900 people yeah 400 people are getting when they don't really know would have been like it you have all the backs and you help that urban was done wrong if you had a all the facts and you know he did so ended up the chain but they email got lost her okay that's one thing. But when you don't even know what happened I think a lot of people. Will sign the petition because urban wins games but the not really go out based on this until I know more than half. I guess we have to do applaud those people right we have to say good job by you right yeah. That we have huge Auburn number of people resiliency that outlook for the spring game yeah I think I think that tells you where things are with urban and I had an exceptional lawyer right yeah I mean that's why words like geez you know that's not that cannot help his cause. In the end in the court of public opinion though. Where what people are sitting on their own opinion no no you know and I think. Souls that. Everybody is still either torn or wait and see art and I Hollywood though and I've no idea what's gonna happen with that I mean I don't either I mean I've I think one of the keys though they led to me was. Zack Smith. When he say that I never hit her meaning his ex wife Courtney Smith. But he did you know those those text messages and and correct me if I'm wrong those text messages where he apologized I believe she stated. Bird bird shall putting your hands around my throat improved a con. But Zach upon not mistaken he's say is I never hitter the only time I put my hands on her word offensive. So if he did I had to get out of a situation so I think his deal will be. Yeah idea I have my hands around her throat important content but that was to keep her away from me dude in my so that that's what I've been reading between the lines that. Is being is going to be I never committed an act of domestic violence when I had my hands owner it was only to keep her away from me and you know it depends of that that's my guess. That's my guess a lot of government saying I mean they're gonna have to sort through all that up and that's gonna need a fourteen or six member committee yesterday and a couple weeks to make a decision and I had no idea where that where that thing is a is headed for for mired in the future there we get into the 5 o'clock hour here. Up by the way we still got about 10 minutes at 4 o'clock code word in. It is by BI KE text by to 72881. And to be registered to win a thousand dollars and a summer swindle content social got about ten minutes and then knowing that the 5 o'clock hour we with a 5 o'clock code word rich crowd. Governor Tim may books in the NFL will argue with him coming up at 520. And also get some heat stuff we won two we wanna get too as well a lot more to get to as we continue on right here on seven on the ticket. About 5 o'clock it's seven times. Senator Kirsten Berkowitz youth. The storm season man in the city it is once again partnering with local to the weather authority team which you certified meter all the Betty Davis. Former director of the National Hurricane Center and heard it's bushels Max Mayfield in hurricane specials Bryan Norcross that is the dream team. Of storm coverage right there and keep you up to date all the latest storm news this season. Our storm covered greater ability to respond to my BNT services. Protecting you would be GT mpeg windows and doors QB of today this hurricane season right here on aims of and I Nina from 14322. To get a radio dot com station. 6797 for the tell you Regis on the tech side 67974. Get a text. Comment question or observation send it on in any hints undermine feel love feel free also. We're told minutes away from giving you the 5 o'clock cold word. In our summer swindle contest for your chance to India when a 1000000. And does here. And who can use of our lives and dollars right now so what does that out now I'm due course. But it's in the everyday per re coming here in. Aggregate ready for football season commercial is live from the trees using a normal wanna we're gonna talk to Tampa Bay Bucs reporter. Rich drought covers the NFL for Jimmy times. On those great job he's going to be here in about 45 minutes or so. But it seems like every day something is his bees that he's dissing the Miami Heat and their lack of movement in the offseason. Right this is David Aldridge. And he had he had. His. But it is high season rank every single team what they did in the off season he were dead last yeah. He could hills but not in Cleveland right now and lost LeBron right. Saul yeah if it seems like everyday we get the win totals command and Vegas has a base really a 500 team 41 and a half wins. And now there's ESPN which I don't remember this Paul coming out. But. Apparently assigned Whiteside. Was on the ESPN does this poll that who do you think will make their first all star game. Right to have his right and as Greg and as satellites I was levels last year and this year he failed to make the listeria. Do I think he was number seven last year on the on the lists I believe the parents correct. But yeah he's not done it this year and and cap. Once again how the mighty football and right. Because his son's reputation. Has has gone down along with his on court perform. Right I mean his trade value should tell you yes yes just rather they have they have the first time all star has been Simmons. Donovan Mitchell. Nikolay Yokich Jason Tait Emery go Baird Jalen brown Chris Middleton them Booker Clint capella. CJ McCollum all guys are better players who need then Hassan Whiteside. But yes some lights added a bad year he was hurt he was moody. Demand he was a very good. It was very good at the end he wasn't very good in the playoffs right spark. When when they rarely really could have used he would finish that he could provide. He he he didn't give the many. So let's not I'm not surprised by that much about surprised by this viewer in me down on the heat this year people are going to be looking at the team. And saying. You know. Whoa what they do within the same old same old to be a 7 seed in the Eastern Conference and it's up to the he has to those guys to. To prove everybody wrong but they're not going to be a lot of people buying seats stock. Outside Miami know. No there's I don't know we prepare for that everybody not at all be prepared for that I mean that does it mean Dwyane Wade's gonna come back I think it is going to be fine and all that stuff. But as far as when you get star didn't the stuff like the dolphins. When you get. All the people coming out where they rank and all those things he are gonna be a fringe playoff team move. Yeah and then. I I would I would agree with that assessment. Because you are bringing back basically the same team that went with. Leg 144 games last year and there there are so many X factors but primary on that list. Is Dwyane Wade coming back in how is he going to be and how is Dion Waiters going to be. That we don't know we're getting the same Dion Waiters right at an appeal be the same for 82 days or they come. You know twenty games to to get back into you know get back into the already had a. A lot of variables and there's a lot of avoidance on the on the roster are let's get to the love of god go forward here to amber just went a thousand dollars. It's a seven and it's a good summer swindle contest. You just take over a thousand bucks. Here's the word for currency here I'm okay you when you graduates. You are blank of a year. The dolphins were looking for a lot out of the dolphins' draft. Blank this year blasts there we go clash senate. Class is the 5 o'clock were perched on fireman he's in Fuego and text the word class. CL. ASS. Card is going to the head of the class net text of the 72881. And you'll be registered text class. CL ASS two's seven. 281. Do right now if you don't win this time your next chance you give top of the next hour at 6 o'clock. This is the national contest message in veterans may apply do not text and drive again deals from a draft class and the clout is. My when my favorite all time quotes. From bum Phillips about Earl Campbell don't know Obama was the first asserted. He might not be in a class by himself but it don't take long to call rule. The Connecticut. If a player Adam yeah yeah yeah bones in a bit about group and that's that's pretty good right there are so glass. Cool and then the obvious. You know. I don't have no class. But I have low class right now none you know month among the most simple noun you know on the low class individual I know that. So hello. Asses aren't 5 o'clock word their tax 272 it'd one. And and you'll certain via registered are the other dolphins moving up in class. By moving their location here. From from no weapons of Miami Gardens would do the bubble. The knicks say memorial bubble how that unity is there a daily Cella. Two what was the high school over there. It is a there's no my husband the high school Autry didn't some went to across the smut Sonoma must know sentinel so the moment. So do I still adapting go to waste man insult to the high school re yeah. I mean they couldn't put him on a fifty year by a slim. There's a sell it to the Broward County school district. Thank you could have sold it to you whims of McCain's got there would you have used to go up there are every now and then when there was a lightning threat not not not often obviously that's a long Basra. Dobbins or move in their their camp near perch at some details. On no on that so let's get to 5 o'clock headlines. These XW eighty XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar plea deal. Come station. As we've just mentioned the Miami Dolphins announced today they're moving their training facility to Miami Gardens. Ending their association with nova southeastern university in Davie that's where the dolphins have been since 1993. The move to Miami Gardens could come as early as 20/20 the dolphins will build their facility. On the same grounds as hard rock stadium a believer in the north west corner. Of the of hard rock stadium but. Yeah the Miami Dolphins. New facility will cost between 75 and eighty million dollars. All privately financed all on private land so no sweat off your back South Florida Miami Dolphins have their eleventh training camp practice today. Defense all over the offense ground game on the include a year in the red zone between the twenties on third down. Deepened just all over the Altman's once again today. Don't be overly concerned it's just training camp and we have not we I don't Syria we have not seen these guys in a game. But I will say this. I have the dolphins right now again just in training till the ports in a pre season game winning seven rate games. That's gonna probably looked and frankly if you look at you put a number on and while that I mean they're not that I don't think they're going to be terrible but I don't have them in the playoffs. I don't think they're going to be like a five win team. But I also don't see tin wins so I'm right now again Marty put it hired semi grade is what I'm thinking article I've seen him in a game. Article in my action for over six and a half. Has very silence of the sizable sizable action. Sizable I think you'll be okay there yet I I do you wanted to know he's gonna go in the mail of an air I got a steal my got to simply the first. As sick the preceding games OK when you sit there with seminary games so nice nice that's how I kept counting saying right now. During training camp before a Seaman like him make a prediction right. Would like public. After after the pre season that's less when I make mine a contradiction claim the title directive which is made a prediction there that's what you're I was hoping. Doesn't what I think right now it's not like. Written in stone this is what might being them you know there's been saying this is what this elderly appear -- writes his fins align their better fins delighted that's good that is the million dollar question my parents. Yeah that is we. Quite honestly we don't know that yet. We really know that really that is the mystery of of August were. Ball yeah. At B backup quarterback. Battle brought us while our heads up and down day David fails who has been the more steady per warmer. And another Workman like date so look will see us while we're like in the scrimmage go seven for seven. But will also see him have to interception days we will see fails go seven for seven. But we will usually see him have a two interception days so. Us Waller is high highs low lows feel this just kind of steady. And and neither of whom are what you call Lee and I deal backup quarterback commit in a bill so. It is what it is. Isn't Georgia is an actor really careless about either of those two guys right now. Let's say that the materials and I heard everything just goes to a goes to bleed. Yeah and I and I hate that this team is built like that but anyway that's a different number number that's right okay the guys come in and play and play like for like two quarters or half the game. And save save your for a lot of fine. Well DeVine but it Brian Daniels out for any significant amount of time this team's screwed. Yeah I hate them they're built like that but that's known is that I is that a fact perk is that an elderly man are you dying way they are. I mean that all of a sudden rise in LA this. We knew this during offseason when we thought they would get a backup quarterback or draft a quarterback. We'll simulate that plus the other thing is there rolling and keep one of these dudes right. Thank you out there are correct so there Mateen two quarterbacks he's roster spot elsewhere that's that's my guess okay and it by the wave were still talking about. Either fails Ross whether a month from now. Against serious problems. Okay yeah neither of them is impressive. Neither right yet whether the emperor that means I'm into the other. Yeah we I mean. And they did look they did getting in aid and do a decent job I have no idea I doubt it but what do what I think right now is. You know how you had kind of a sense of security with Matt Moore you thought our right to be asked to play for board game six games. Maybe could go by yeah may I don't think that you don't you don't feel that Oscar Auburn Hills. So I mean I'll I'm really easily gets old guys all wanted to face the camera that Le Le Le spaces. Buried Adam days had no great and met more right 'cause he went out got Jay Cutler. Side I think cutting days delta Mal Moore how we feel about us Wyler and bill. Rises as you mentioned that some Lisa's involves a map more than you're not nobody Matt Moore no matter more is not doing right on the roster and I think it be funny like Thursday when the somebody throws an interception either. That in no desire play along and opened fails Oslo throws ago makes a bad play that the fans are chanting we want more now they have Rivera boy. I don't know though we've. When I started in part on Hussein out of that below humorous. Well you know I. Don't knows what the fans which is I you know I remember the what was the we won who is the quarterback a murderer Kyle Orton Kyle Orton Diaz maybe 20122013. Record 2013 but anyway it opens announced their home uniforms scheduled today. They will be wearing their white jerseys. We won against Tennessee week three against Oakland in week six against Chicago in week seven against odd Detroit went on lights out what Jersey's week nine against the New York Jets and week sixteen against Jackson deal that Jacksonville game will be all Ott was the man what everybody likes that the old Macs well we know thirteen against buffalo in week fourteen against New England also has the same for the present and let's sit baby so that's your Miami Dolphins. Jersey uniform bus schedule baseball Miami Marlins host Saint Louis tonight at seventeen in game two of their three game series marlins' seventeen games on billion you know least. Sixteen back in the wild card last place in attendance. At 9787. Per game. That's more than 5000 behind Tampa Bay who is second to last. By the way Oakland third from the bottom and their make and make him a nice little run low payroll. In low attendance opens at 181000. Every four or five years Billy Beane makes an aberrant I know it's a big credible at. By the way last thing I got more UV Sports Illustrated pre season top 25 is out. Number one. Not who you'd think. It's Clemson number sue is so we thought would be number one Alabama. University of Miami comes in at number thirteen other state schools UCF number seventeen. Florida State number eighteen FA EU number Tony. You williams' opening night opponent LSU comes in at number 23. Those are yours is you are searching. They're doing and number eight by the coach's poll that's the lowest I've seen the minute and then I think they've been in topped well I I the only one the only other woman ever call up my data scotus blog. Deals like that yeah that's an area like Frederick every I think they've been topped in pretty much right they've been yet there are under so that's a little summoned him a twelve rude William I mean this is a million different polls ills than do I look at the you know that from Johnny from from the street corners coal and everybody else is. I you know I do think that they should be a pre season top ten but you know I had. Being I'm not no matter cause anybody else because they're not. You beat DB you know you enter in you and your options you know newbie just to be just fine there aren't we gotta talk to us until bay Bucs Obama I wanna what's biology was rans Winston. And done everything else is our our tour around the NFL. And this is the problem because we got the real see this team on Thursday night praises the number one Rick Stroud over the bucks in the NFL for that army times. He'll stop by next right here on 79 minutes ago. It's. The. They are 700 club is on but you can get all your bring sports updates and push notification from all of our shows and hosts on our new radio dot com maps or download now make sure you turn on notification in the settings. Radio dot com your new home for everything games have a nanny and a from 104352. The tea. Curtis and perk back with you here on some an idea that cigarettes. And we get a football game in a couple of days it's Emily Buccaneers will be role in the town. And this man hole as well roll across alligator rally here for pre season game. Number one and he joins us on Iran jewels announcers who is stores just signed their choice of beyond convenient. Hug covers the NFL and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the terribly times all of us NFL writers around our Rick Stroud is with us here on some nine minutes ago Rick thanks for taking a few minutes whether as we get to the CN actual football game and a couple of days how about it. Yeah man it's here it's good no preview them it and blah blah onto the players Serb. Necessarily the fans we got football that's all matters. Let's let's start with the big guy the big story coming out at temple which is Davis Winston. The suspension news how much air was kind of taken out of this football team. I mean obviously is a big year with dirt cutter come back patting his job on the line and they got this is a make would Jamie is. I got a lot of guys made a lot of money how much was kind of in a buzz still find out that you were gonna have dame is out of the gate. Well I mean the other handling the best they chanted you know how it is in training camp you do try to put days together board. In reality I mean this is an unforced hair and this is something that. You don't want ever have to deal with your franchise quarterback missing games and and to start the season especially given their schedule. And so. You know you have to juggle wraps you have to decide how you're gonna you know in the games I gonna protect the quarterbacks that you want to protect. A fumble the guy that's gonna start norms and Ryan Fitzpatrick and and generous for the future so. It is the problem is some and they they're trying to work through. But you know the train moving not a mandate I think in some ways. You know though at a football team though app to took fire and other areas the step their game up because they're not gonna have their guy but you know also to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Started three games last year and knows he knows who he beat the jets and Miami lost to Atlanta calm so they do have confidence in him and in the guys around them. Rick let let's get some real news of the season here. Are you happier that you don't have to watch hard knocks this year or that you got to see the whole cold and help their practice today. I would not so. Well folks everywhere I mean north Koreans everywhere around here but. You know hard knocks I mean it was interesting to me anyway we saw what the height can do and I think I think the books that we go over their skis a little bit. Not a bad place to the cameras but it's the national perspective was that. This team reiterated challenged not just where C south but you know to win a super boy and clearly there weren't there yet and they didn't handle it very well. I still think you're good football team to overcome hard knocks but they weren't good football team so. Yes it's a little less crowded on the sidelines without them so that scared. Our pogo of those goes I mean I think. You know a lot of players pose for pictures were in the dating a guy understanding with a guest shot on Jackson but. You know James is getting beaten up particular picture where of them because some. Racist thing to focus in the past them and the sex tapes and so like that so I you know overall is not a not a good day. You know what and I I was gonna ask you know what was there are some some whispering. Or some some some talks going on now there are so like I guess you know I guess it's hard to forget what but poll did say and so I. Yes so what was it a little bit awkward or did the awkwardness kind of stay off to the side a little bit be picked. I don't think I don't think when it was happening in real time that many guys thought about it realized guys Europe that beauty brands you know and the pay their assault and so mum came over there just wanted to get their picture taken one of them I think about employers may have come over but. You know it means different things to different people and a lot of people are beating Davis cup of that we just we just post the pictures that Janus torso with all program without commentary. And it kind of it kind of what exploded so you know that that just goes to show Unita Genesis has learned this Ers should be by now. That. You know you're you're going to be scrutinized. All the time on and off the field unit rate base that franchise who have. For the quarterback and and the decisions you make however innocent at the time that they'll people will will have a commentary about it so. I guess it's a lesson learned for everybody. Rick Stroud is our Jesse covers detail may Buccaneers for the Tampa Bay times and you valmont Twitter at NFL shroud. Rick who's gonna run the football this year it's something that Tim a man seems like. Image trying to funny guy the last few years and other felling move awful Doug Martin. Who's going to be though they want to be run in the football I should say the series season. What is there any a couple of guys I think bit Ronald Jones this is going to be you know. Probably the guy did though won't touch it the most I would bank especially B. It has productive or remotely as productive as he won in college what they didn't have. Any explosive runs the last couple years Doug Martin felt rushed for 500 yards through the last four years. So you take a guy like Jones who is who is known for. Prolong rides and and you know I go home run here a little bit now you know he's a rookie so he's he's so that rate of planned third down just yet. And I think it a perfect world. The boxer Mike sort of what what the saints had last year marking Hermann Baumann Camaro where you have. Peyton barber who can pound the ball inside. You know he's a physical runner that can move the pile and then that Ronald Jones to begin among the perimeter either in the passing game or the running game. He can take your breath away so that's I think it's going to be a combination of those two but. You have good backs like they have the ball like to have a lot so I think Tobago on hand with Ronald. Early certainly human and they were right it. Hey I'm Rick what what is the situation out there with with dirt cutter and and it is he's so pure this year or do you think he's got a really you know. 8910. Wins soon to protect his to solidify his situation. They're all on the hot seat Mullah Omar and this is why. What happened at Genesys. You know it has put everyone in a bad position not police source said coach the general manager. Jason might stand here on five years now without playoff appearances abuse its season. Bomb they're gotten better from a talent stand point but you know George said last year you know after it won five games he said he felt fortunate that the that the blazers brought him back I mean there's flirtation with Jon Gruden and some others I'm sure. So yeah I you know you'd you'd have to win I mean everybody knows you got the win in this league and you know now if if if they don't go to post season. You know detail out of the first three weeks of their rally. You know and and you could point to Janus is perhaps this is being the reason why didn't make it or something like that insurer. But I think. You know winning winning is you know is everything and it's the bottom line and that's another judge so yeah Dirk castaway and this year and I think everybody knows that or their jobs are on the line. Ed and did the Roberta oh why don't deal is that is that all forgotten you you you know you draft the ticker in the second round obviously had done it worked out but where is that still hanging over Jason might in dirt cutter in the entire franchise. Well that'll beyond that'll be on the first slider to have that Jason's Wikipedia page and mania that that I was gonna go on the they pet them soon and anytime you dissect around pick on a kicker that that was such an abject failure and ribeiro who is it's going to be sending him. But you know the the bucks. Haven't been Elvis says so the kicker thinks it's a cut Matt Bryant you know a hundred years ago and Matt Bryant still kick in for the falcons at 41 so. You know it's like you to have one or you're always looking for one and they hope that Chandler cannon's barrel they brought in here. And the freeagent from the jets paid a lot of money in at least in practice he's been perfect for the most part. Get a strong leg so they they're hoping that this is the guy that they make you get this thing behind them by. Until you find one. You know you can lose games and also a lot of close games last year there are three and seven and once or games last year. The last thing for you Rick how are gonna bring grinds to an there in Tampa browse wife to Alessio about it I don't know how important do. Well they're both doing well amigos amigos. Seems to be at the end and they got a one year deal and what they've made it a package deal smoked. You know but he. Either you know you guys know Brad I mean he would say he is his abilities belie his age and I mean he's 35 and these freakish athletic league I missed some games last year. But you know you look at over the last five years or the only Arabia. Richard Sherman has as many interceptions so he's still very productive he's he's got I mean nicked up you won't be playing in this game I don't think it and practiced for a few days. So you know but as far as Niko goes you know she's still. Just so strong some people but otherwise. Seems pretty happy here in camp Bernal. 600 side Rick standard inside you know you know how that works there and so you'll be all you Obama. And I've been fired yeah I've been blocked and then now I'm back on. I guess I think every school that you know it's come full circle for instantly go pay ago they ripped gobbles it down here a couple days thanks it's been a few minutes with us interest. Our guys report thanks Rick Stroud covers Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the terribly times in the NFL. You know that that's one of those teams that. You know doesn't win but there. Constantly in the news right I mean Volquez let's me go or hard knocks her Jamie as. Or you know Jason might get me I don't know why now why don't mean it's just. They they stay in there like the dolphins that that they they somehow find a way to stay in the new Watson you probably you look at they got dunes yeah they do let's act. I'm Jack and yeah a long day how or why add beans yeah I'm Jenny ms. Jason German always. Levine yeah. David Kwon Alexander Vernon Hargreaves they got some stuff and yet I've got some telling them that name. Right I mean in this country and have fun with yeah yeah Tommy mad that I was shocked that rubber undercover Lester now. You know and you remember his seated sizzling Narnia. Says the Al those guys of their because they have they have like that they got guys and play man. They've got players and yours well how well it would do little with five games last year now. Leg they mean you're going to god first round picks and big creating guys and like Kevin Palmer however one of the two might be a desert. We're in the and a bad dude it's tough and beat me and yeah you just don't know cornea and the best way and you know in the bowler ma'am I mean yeah he's a bullet. So tired so we'll see their act on on Thursday here we got more to get to including if you miss the 5 o'clock voter for governor of new and how who's in dollars and our Summers Wendell contest we're gonna get to that also UN Texas so you'll reduce Osama money and its exit reminds them four that's 67974. Right here awesome and I didn't figure. Thanks to Rick Stroud for. It's right there good stuff on the bucks 7900 as the diplomat the Children's Hospital kids expelled. That's coming out. But a month from now on December 8 at the museum of discovery and science on the part of this event last year he got kids it is a great time we're talking more than 35 team activities. Including science technology entertainment art and live concert by. Genevieve goings from Disney junior and Kevin Quinn who plays Sander on Disney's vaunted you don't over those fuel are your kids do in their loved its turnaround seemed. Plus the public aprons cookies will be hosting kid friendly demos throughout the event it's all sponsored by going a main street children's dentistry in north and onyx. Impaired SO mama's visit the take and I'm dot com for more info Curtis and her back with you here on eight to Newsday after noon. Has we're anti government till 7 o'clock you know is Texas show. That 679746. Of 974. And by the way if you missy 5 o'clock code word. Averages jumping in the car if you're known for model work. Try to navigate those treacherous roadways of South Florida the 5 o'clock code word is class yes. So. Perk your first class individual needs and merry go. All right first class and yes you can't fly delta sometimes I get upgraded to first class I'll tell you what in all my time perk. I've never flown first class. Act. Out I'll say this I. To me you know he had more comfortable cheers. They're bigger the boarding is a big thing you bored person and you get off first. The free drinks I've never I am you know because like when I was getting those upgrades it was usually when those covering NBA. And for that you know you I I would I always fluid like 6 AM so who drinks were not there yet they were not a factor. Right above my my my my thing is like if like. If I had a goal argument never I never been out I've never been. You know to your level and I went to Europe I wanna do like the first class. Com for all that stuff. Yeah but I'm on Miami to Atlanta Miami and Indian market might 100 is that you know let me put me in there in and I'll see you know fine. Intravenous Sammy and out and now and I'll survive the next couple hours bright soul. But yeah I'm never flown before the first class called charter bill done that before about their phone the first class like full. Kinda deal bush again I mean you know you seals people up front their looks and looked pretty. It looks looks pretty cool so classes are 5 o'clock word class C. LA SS. Except to 72 weighted wanted to be read decision about twenty minutes or so to lug your register for that at 6 o'clock remember another under the code word coming down the pike here and and you're another opportunity to win a thousand dollars. I will bring some them up that so you know. We're speaking of class mom my niece in Texas. Must take eight clear back pay to class. You can't take dumb. Those you know the old. Right it's like the NFL policy clear bag policy so it's good idea and yes it there guys and they waited days relive this again and my my sister was telling me that dumb. The their thinking that this is gonna come to there there in there in San Antonio got another sister. With some nieces and in Austin but. They say they think it's going all throughout San Antonio and maybe throughout the state of Texas boot the clear bag next hour or so and murder him yes must have a clear tactic to take to. Clinton's. The 2018 NFL draft class was just inducted to kitten. And your colleague in the south course until they write ads that's of stung was instinct and I don't know what it was over the last like four or five days. Over the weekend I don't know there was because we had Ray Lewis go in the or we had. Couple linebackers get in in ray Lewis and Brian Euro in her locker room. Bobble we got a lot of attacks on on Zach Thomas king and and and Dave put some thoughts together. On and on a London Zach awry and all over 55. And if he gets that call to law also the speaker pitched for in the fourth inning at the other called to the hall. And it it'll it'll be very adjusting its sister you know I never worked and everyone you know we were timeout TO yesterday a little bit. And hey it seems that everyone picks their own picture picks and chooses there'll fights on guys tearing. Right every home a lot he's not a first ballot guy in this guys beat good but he wasn't grade in this the national Obama. And everyone kind of sticks up for their own guy. But. I mean no on the surface Zack to me is going to be tough to get in to I think you should get in the yes. Now my biased yeah. Struck out but no surprise but I was surprised JT got in so quickly. I thought he'd give it a year so and why it what I why you mean by that zone is do with how they play and how their career unfolded. It is because. They had. Mean a lot of this comes down to exposure. And the dolphins unfortunately when JT in Zach was at their best. There was no Super Bowl team there was no big playoff run. It was more those almost always one and done in the post season and when they were done they went out in a big way. They would get blasted by the likes of Denver aura or Oakland or some other teams. And I think that ultimately. Is going to hurt Zach Thomas and his efforts to try to get in the hall of fame because as much as. You sit there in May if you put if you made every media members stay here and down and look at all those numbers. Yeah zag you would say these guys are BN. But unfortunately don't do that's what you remember a lot of the times and you remember Ray Lewis because a lot because of Super Bowl because of and is a member of great defenses did and all those things are Brian Urlacher going to a Super Bowl and leading that defense and reports say that is kinda. How it done and how it goes. M I'll based Bert or is he got a legitimate shot here NSW. Well. I don't know exact Hadley legitimate shot but he should have a legitimate shot. You read through the the day my column and a lot of this stuff we came up. Because people know. And end or noticed. That Zacks numbers are eerily similar to Brian Urlacher and absolutely and Andy you know you have Thomas as a five time all pro her locker on the four time all pro. Thomas as they seven time Pro Bowl selection her locker as an eight time Pro Bowl selection. They were both rookie of the year for their conference. That this is from them reading from mom my colleague Dave tides column here. Zach Thomas. Bryant her locker was on to top by. But sixty dances in the bottom third of the league. Zach was and by top by deep princes only one deep prince that ranked in the bottom third of belief. So you you keep going through these beings and and you start to see him down. You know that's that's Zach is similar Zacks sell out you'll be here's what here's here's what goes back to know Super Bowl no big playoff push no AFC championship game. None of those big time moments mean there's no deal all the great plays Zach made. They weren't made on those type of stages unfortunately the other thing is. That Urlacher has a defensive player of the year award that when you have some like down terrorism that's pretty hard to to ignore. And for a while other your Urlacher was face of of of of of the NFL yes he was below is ahead go right he's got ill have you know in years. You know you're right right years you know you're taking the role that was once occupied by Dick Butkus are addicted to a Super Bowl and and all of that kind of stuff com. You know one other thing that idea he'd eaten by hall of fame linebackers. Whose careers overlapped whipped the zags. Ray Lewis when Junior Seau Derrick Brooks Kevin Greene Brian Urlacher. Thomas ranks second in tackles in that group. Third in forced fumbles. But he's last in sex soul. You know that that's you know that's a glimmer stay nowadays even the you know even though linebackers aren't deepened civilians and middle linebackers are definitely not. That's a glimmers that but I but I think the point is. That if you spec numbers up. And so the names off I agree yeah I want Zach would be Zach would be right up there are so the mystery that is. You have been the mystery is you know why is he not. Com you could soon buddy they've they've tied. Best writer in this area by bar not even close the always says these great anecdote so at the end of this column. He's got the anecdote about. You know Zach Thomas bit the fifth round pick who who was sold small. That one's. Tom Glavine the Atlanta Braves pitchers. Through sack his key his car keys when they were standing also Ronald still thinking that Zach was a ballet. Let him the other story is remember that exactly who they go barbershop. And he told the barber that he's a football player in the Barbara sere Yahoo! what high school. So there this I know you know Zach Lee Beebe got a who doesn't look it. And now the stats are kind of going along with that look that it just. You know you just don't look at it that bad Zacks career and and immediately think it. That's hall of Famer just like you might not look at Zach in immediately think that's a middle linebacker. But to dig a little bit deeper and Diaz action up under rescind bees seriously. Serious consideration. Why aren't Yemen have this right does it was a win. The so this had been the year 95 in the draft to them. Right to draft him in 95 here believe any idea probably so the following training camp Jimmy Jimmy's those Jimmy's first out of the it. Jimmy memory and Jerry can write to me and like the first week of training Jimerson and said two guys already made this team. Or one guy is hurting me this team now whose who were one. Bly in armor is the ball of course Marino right and who's the other guy whatever and it was Zach Thomas and Larry Izzo every which order was or what have you cement. But those two guys there is rules undrafted and Zach Thomas was fifth round pick in my. I take stag and like that was. I mean and then this is vows like began does just the this whole aura of Zach Thomas. For a decade clause in in a dolphin uniform but yeah argument which was that symbolize that if you just put some of the numbers problem and that all that stuff yeah he began. Blight. You know use is at a lot of other things go into. The hall of strange stuff but. But I hope. You know the of the day I did that that's the other thing the Dave hides the world of the guys that show up in Camden. And you know of the all those guys did a Roman days guys stand on its name this guy needs to be in Indy is a fight for for for those type guys and things like that put. There's no doubt about that but you're right you look at your locker you look at severe and very little as usual the number deal women. Zach Zach resume was right there was always guys we just forget. Purer. Tackles and stats and also think of the team's success. Just just wasn't quite quite there to assist clock hour here coming up here also the other code word as wells. 67974. That tiger Regis on the tech's 967974. We got some dolphins news that we're gonna get to hear as a you're ready for pre season game number one on Thursday. Defense would you sort clobbering earlier than any defense clobber the office to their defense clobbered the offense we gotta we gotta Kabul and nervous Nellie is on the text line. The way I know hopefully that carry over into. In the Thursday we'll get to that we have the headlines well right here let's have a nine to take. Coming up on the 6 o'clock hour. Curtis Stevenson and Chris Perkins here on 79 in the tickets. We got a 6 o'clock code word coming up here in just a few minutes and our Summers when no contest. Buds. It is finally. Here. Sunday August point six is that they need to mark down here. Seven I didn't think it might shoot or fourth annual fantasy football draft party with NFL analyst. John Clayton and CBS sports fantasy expert Jamey Eisenberg their back for another year. It all goes down as twin peaks in Davie. The festivities and you it will be best about their started 1 o'clock with a lot broadcast followed by the drafted for. Hold your league's draft would Jon and Jamie going table to table offering youth there. Expert advice so you're doing your draft there yup and John they're walking around. And I Jon judge over your old what do you think what do you think David and Joseph proof. For Jack Doyle. Money is tight and you try to what do you think what it Jamie when he got when he got your. Zach Hertz or Delanie Walker Milan and a lot given the good stuff guys in the game really any any you know. Hold your league's draft with John and Jamie. Going table that table and helping you win your league league commissioners get a bonus of fifty dollar bonus card. It's all free you want all of the draft there and have these guys Albany out of offering. But space as you'd imagine is limited. Torres is nothing in Miami that counts sponsored by Yang Ling tab and your inner eagle and my twin peaks eats drinks and scenic views. And it. I knowledge Damien and John Arabia an army Fort Worth I mean honors those of the superstars. Afghan army and out there perk they were a lot of 790. Personalities out there as well as sneaking around us both last year. All the blasted those black Ella weren't bitten so whenever twenty's and navy this year and those guys are the best thing in the protocol that plays twin peaks. While immunity of its scenic views a so whereas I was very deftly handled and I scenic views yeah twin peaks of little files left and I love it. Grab a hold of him at a very cold beer at a mountains where what there're a lot of mountains near the mountains and valleys as some and there's mountains there's. Twin peaks twins Olympics yes well bottom. A lot of good times in the in the in twin peaks and by the way let me just say this is all of that we get let's get to the six buckle your efforts like yeah let's do it this is going to be the ceilings in a tough one here perk. But it's averages 1000 dollars is a seven I mean it's again. Summers Wendell contest which as they could take over a thousand bucks not give perks include Jesse perking get to the code word here. Before we we foolishly assume they only phone. Yes OK calm this happened in the fall. When you when you gather. A lot of fruits and vegetables are just very you know everything you. I'm what are your good I don't know what it as a as a details attacks Iraq at tech well I think it the texture was. I am that. You say that I'm on fire and they were saying well really it all depends on if you give good clues that this market really has nothing to do with Meehan and my. You know. I guess ability to guess the words that I get a good clue OK I you know I think the texture were saying if you give a good clue of fourth grader ought to be able to solve these puzzles. Well I'm not impair okay won't choose me I mean you know who I watched those game shows these fuel king of the things right appetites you know no doubt aluminum in them the person given inclusive lose do go zones and diseases is like 101000 dollar German unity watch out though what's old game so there so harvest is our a is our word the fall harvest right harnessed. Is redder on the corner here harvest HR. H a RV EE ST that's H a RV EST harvest. 272881. And you'll be registered. To seven to 81 do right now you don't win this time in a chance you meet tomorrow morning with a wildly insanely popular. Says a Romberg. And amber morning show at 7 AM this is a national contest message and data rates may apply to not Texan driving any else for harvesting males guys I was well. You know let come. This there at the dolphins some. Have plant some seeds for talent let's see if they do not see they'll have a nice harvest. In September and October and November December over the stress or Taliban I knew is speaking of Zach Thomas not I'm not mistaken his high school was the pimple harvesters. Brilliant in Texas we know from him by I don't know harvester harvester. I'm pretty sure that I remember that correctly. Are out early that are our serves is an interesting make the battle of they're out on the floor and there and farmland parents that yeah no I know you know anything like the cougars and tiger did in your combine and the hardiness into the harvest time are gonna go kick some harvester blots. And I and looked it up right now I'm pretty sure that they were even pimple harvester. I'd say that's the the 6 o'clock code were you I'd posters and by the way this should not be the should not be. Go without saying here. We get more compliment you know what is the one thing we on the text and more so than anything else Burke other than just people just upset about obviously people written people ribbon something's. That's you know they don't rip off thousands choice and none of that is true that is true. Is lousy and you play the best music of anybody Ratner kind of odd to say and that conjure reliance. We get more column we do allows Leo we actually do and thousands of very eclectic Fella you know I figured out there. So you never know legally allows me over OJ easy to Radiohead to all over the place were. Borough working here and I don't I'll do an upbeat good enough job of recognizing 1000 plays good music here by the way it part of the show and everyone and there and a lot of people. Are are digging it man Jim. At the you know I ask the from. The twin peaks question. I didn't not know that there is so. They wait to see and. Breasts on the text while they got creative on that one guy and I've never seen I've never seen them that I was five. It's a really. I never do you know it's and personally and inside of breed disease correct yeah you know and imports Leonid I understand that us. I am I gonna say this text line really impresses me Sunday's high and wide you know there's never thought of it. You know the next frontiers was that we get a mode he's on the catwalk yeah well. Then you know you're on Canada day Amazon about an ally like this creativity that's. That's like when you used to get the calculator. Back in the day and 773 born turn it upside down it's all on us at this is broad has come along ways since this. Did you know simple to look at this is really where easily absolute great work right here on that wait till we get the the MOG the modes the capable tax line and then. I can only imagine the amount of who promote you we're gonna get on that's you know Brazilians inside of Peru the ideas about it is brilliant by the way that guys right. Well that's test of the threat but I couldn't may have the email we don't know that girl and I going to be somebody who works twenty Letterman yes and it's a big part of it yes Colleen and it now see now or. Let's we don't we don't. And you know we've. And there's there's sadness around that yeah now is on there was trying to out area. It allows personal. We're gonna get to six agog deadlines. Looked good it's tax boy we do that instance. It's been awhile and we had a Richey and Todd news story. We got another team got a new store radiates that person's it to the 6 o'clock deadline. These XWEXYAM. South Miami at WS at best it can't be aged eight to Miramar plea deal. Come station. It learns this hour's buzzer by ear Italy roundtrip flights start from just 394. Dollars from Miami to me line. Miami Dolphins announced today that they are moving their training facility to Miami Gardens. Ending their association with nova southeastern university in Davie the move could come as early as to when he when he. The new facility estimated to cost between 75 and eighty million dollars. Will be used with private loans and on private land so Zocor is loses this era trying to check correct yeah yeah I would assume so O'Brien finds a meaning that Zia the funds yet the less in my sees the program. Some other investors are some you know some other but yet private but. Don't worry it's not coming out of your tax dollars your insurance tax this is not a Marlins park you know this will not affect you as a as a public in South Florida. Miami Dolphins have their eleventh training camp practice today. The defense was all over the Altman's. On the ground. In here. In the red zone between the money is on third down. You're jobless and by land or see your hair on us on the size of New Zealand dollar from every man everywhere everywhere Robert Quinn feels like nine Robert queen's up there it's. Now it was able it was not it was not pretty tight end Mike Agassi he's still having issues with his blocking. Today he allows they teaming the pits Patrick blow by imports Akamai Antonio. However. I will say this war might specifically. We knew that he had blocking issues coming out of college right this is only eleventh in a pill practice two of them and pads. So you know let's not. Jump the gun here this is going to be a year long. Experiment to improve this guys blocking it is as I was seriously is gonna happen in the first monkeys and the ads. You and drafts in the block right exactly he is he receiving tidy and yeah might as your. Written tip blocking tight as a glorified wide receiver this place so he doesn't need to be better by. Is it's not anything that's going to. You know we get him demoted or or anything like that so it is just a matter of how would you use him and and what situations so disguise a wide receiver. Yeah he's he's got good hands he's got to do that led a schism. That's why you draft and gas back up quarterback battle brought DOS Waller up and down day David feels a steady day. We know it brought DOS Waller is more prone Soo high highs and low lows. Ailes is just kind of steady so we see that in being such as. Oss Waller could have the you know three touchdown day or two interception today they'll probably be like one touchdowns one interception the whole way. Only you could put like a semi positive spin on the backup quarterback he it's not that's positive it's just it is hassle. Hi is it hello Lou and had a David Fay hoses steady Eddy. I did. They're both low quality but that's the situation could have both these guys have publicity period of time the dolphins are believed to yeah yeah. Yeah I was gonna leave that part out at. I'd just like the butterflies are there because he's right you know either highs and the lows are low but then you guys Julio play more than one game yes he's ready and excited that the two tickets on snow exactly I don't know what I'd. Yeah there's not enough about the mountainside in Asia they satellite television builder team different now say it should be or a running pay run game defense base stealer so quarterbacks are cameos we joke about it listen. Dele themselves expose bill and let you would greatly yourself exposed ran in the quarterback position. Further back of manic and gone out and gotten some other guys have made a trade or draft to the nine. And you know did not do DR Brock Rottweiler rice petty and David fails. All my those better even O'Brien is is fine. Yeah Miami Dolphins announced there. Whom Jersey schedule today this is that this is big the white jerseys will make more appearances are rock stadium in week one against Tennessee. Week three against Oakland in week six against Chicago week seven against Detroit. Op would Jersey's two appearances hard rock stadium we nine against the New York Jets week sixteen against Jacksonville that's when they'll be an. All on one whatever happens the orange jerseys real signals anymore they're they're done with those dogs can Jersey when it color rush. And from Thursday night I don't know that led that color rush hour on that there was no uniform and I think they have the orange Jersey medically Washington on the Sunday night years ago and Saban was here. And that those bad boys out those things were to read what I saw last time they I think they burned him in the parking lot after this game. I think that's what they did there are so bad. Most important jerseys to throw backs yes he warned twice week thirteen against buffalo in week fourteen against New England. Miami Marlins host Saint Louis tonight at seven in game two of their three game series mower marlins' seventeen games behind billion and I know he's sixteen back in the wild card. Last in the majors and attendance 9787. Per game. More than 5000 behind Tampa Bay which is in second. The land because they all the negative just wanted to the positive things like okay. There to what it would when he journey eighteen wins to go to see his five looks like regular avoid a hundred losses right and liked it but it literally here's what I want I want to get my sixty my wins trying to just material up. And I want him I wanna be distinct and Mets so the only live there or game I just remember the Los come against the Mets. It's been in big against the Mets the rope was coming out right. Now I I'll consider it. Primakov is not just Burke about a told you like that's that's a win of the over the last. And then I guess I mean yes I guess that's via various or someplace they're gonna finish like they're not gonna have the worst record they're gonna be like a hell execs are sometimes you think there is Chicago aren't ball lights Bosnia. And San Diego there and have a bigger thing is ahead of like for like five or six teams in the baseball but I told you that in March you would have taken that. You know you know ads and it's I'm I'm sure there's action now live is gonna say they should be losing so they get the number one pick at some point smaller trees per yes we're looking for around here maybe successes franchise that's right that the Sports Illustrated pre season top 25 college football poll is out. Number one. Clemson number soon. Alabama. You whim is ranked number thirteen other in state schools number seventeen is UCF. Number eighteen Florida State number 25. FA EU motor motor singletary Lane Kiffin just don't know how to criminals who are America's name and Aziz. I sit here now I have to add a zero up I have to looked about so I'm I'm I'm sorry to you linebacker I don't. Liner if you're you're really good we were yes hi guys I should know your name but but I don't have it memorized. It's easier. There's some adults accident yet and I've been texting movies on the text and right now we're go we're low we need a brawl I mean we've got so many boobs on here the anyway. Those who got really got LSU Malia and Miami's opening night opponent is ranked 23 as those are your Hitler. OK we had some guys Texan earlier and they were all candor and disrespect and outside of the top ten whatever dude. Like that's a low trying to see in the motto at thirteen you did I've seen as high as six and I've seen the lows twelve so by the mean I mean come on. You they beat LSU they're going to be fine and they beat everybody else they're gonna be in the playoff. Yeah like that they did that I don't understand where people legged in me if I'm a little bug FAU. Or one of the other schools you're fired. Debt yeah because then you can get left out if you go undefeated if you until this year Miami were on the table in regular that's why are not. We don't know him well again it'll change its. A brave man that's accurate that that's one that's the the guy that does the whole what does that was that called is like woody you know what you only do. That a mode you led the guy makes where he says he's his looks at you reduce or via video out on the Shriver and combat that. This drug the other Schroeder which got its. Wrote in attacks on you know others and it is also shrugged as good and it's it's not an amber slammed and I was talking about it percent of the Ian payments at symbol. Right DA I don't know how good cracked on the plane that there were some are so fired up about you know let's be people texting and news about the deal but a discount the role that look through businesses like it grade all over right we will we will go to the site and Moldova a whole other do some little things. I just I I don't Maggie you know I don't I don't use beast being on the text Lawrence on. Org unites. I mean really really impressed aren't impressed. There's a Richie and another rejuvenated his story out there Richie was in the news in wasn't good news back in May remember he got that dust up. Up there in the that's South Florida Jim. But there's another reaching Knievel story out there much embarrassed me come back and one team says is Null and it's a little crazy there from their older Tia. Where it's of that plus we had to be if you miss the 6 o'clock code word we'll have that for you on the other side if you miss it right here awesome and I didn't take it. You get off your breaking sports updates that push notification. From all of our shows and hosts on our new word about come after the hour now make sure you turn on. Notifications. In the settings. Radio that come your new home for everything games have and I mean if from 104322. Tickets. Hers and her friend with you here. On some of that is particularly the six truck Covert if you miss this harvest. Harvest HPR. BES. The Craig you plow the fields. Are you plant the seeds for the big harvest. I think the bed yet. Send them sounds right I'm never I've never phoned in my life right yeah sounds great right you never plowed the fields that are before perk. No harvest is seven to 81 but I mean downloadable. Anything else it would harvest so land on him there. The news that you broke got the Tampa harvesters were Zach Thomas played high school football and his high school nickname was the harvester is no. Harvest is is our is our word here. Com. Looks gorging got me those trying to harvest a return to the NFL's ME any sense. This thing is is really. That kinda kinda tough to figure here man. You you what do we know. Well we know that thumb. Apparently the I guess it was NBC sports or somebody. See is that. There. They're rich C deny it reach c.'s claim that he had been in touch with vikings coach Mike Zimmer. Recently. And and so Richie you know. So is that dumb. Since the year I have. And he'd. He does starts saying suit to Mike to Mike Zimmer on Twitter that that this is not true and then he releases this to exchange. Where he was supposedly talking to come to a Tony Sparano. So it's it's a Berry is kind of a very the recently departed Tony Sparano. Of course. Below zero Z did aide did that in their view enriching cut me though. That had a bunch of different topics last week and then when I got the football Ritchie says yeah I'm training five days a week. Two and half hours a day still in great shape just waiting on that caught had calls from Minnesota Seattle a religious dole are really just don't want to go to training camps Seoul city. So he manages the Mike so obviously like you your leg or right reporter your around the team up there in Minneapolis you like hey Mike Zimmer. What's up with Richie you guys feeling content rich in Mike says hells no. He goes no interest in totally false tweet that that Zimmer says no. So that's where gets OK this is always on here. So that Ritchie doesn't just destroys him. And calls him a bleeping liar. On Twitter and I you know if Richie was in contact with the late Tony Murano. I his stool. That Mike Zimmer was in on it right I don't think the two assistant coaches well and is off their own and say hey we got a spot for you here. If you if you are ready to go. The way that I so did was that Richie was trying to get spur Ron know to go to Zimmer. And get him and a partner Tom and and you know it's bizarre well and it's bizarre it's hardly a bizarre for a few reasons but. In this text exchange. With which. You know Richie put springs shots out there at his numbers say to Esperanto. There's no invitation to come to me in Minneapolis there's no now come down here and try L there's no any of their. They were there is conversation of Richie saying. You know I would like to come there. And Inspiron also is something like you know keep worked and now know that kind of stuff but there's no. By the ways and learn to Minnesota and we'll give UAE worked out. By the way is it ever playing in civil enriching Kanye. Right yeah so I mean this is a sudden not anymore. No and unfortunately the the sad part is obviously we lost Tony couple weeks ago. He didn't cooperate and give us the answer is kind of was a weird story where rich in Conyers is blasting Mike Zimmer on Twitter. And Zimmer leg and Zimmer is also. I don't know what his deal is when he's like. They totally defiant in there's no way in hell would be were inches in reaching economy. Well I'm sure that that let a few Irish economy right OK while while in my system. The Seoul. I I don't. The consumer standpoint. You could see any reason that he might take that approach would be from the bully scandal when. All the stuff that went on there with Richie bass and his car with a baseball bat in Arizona heat through a dumb bill that somebody in a gym in Boca. Recently honored I understand so I know history you argue no but well that's that's legacies Zimmer kind of be amid lead denying that but we're not looking at anybody. With issues along those line no interest in totally false story that that that's why do that I was I don't know what they're history maybe. You know maybe there's something else or there's something you know that in the organization is sensitive. Because XY and Z but. But like give if US and these tomorrow. Hey are you going to sign Dez Bryant and he says no interest whatsoever we debt. Leg that's just say now yummy it's a little bit harsher than me zealot you know there's no way in hell would want that guy around our team. There's a bit more of attack the actual way to say. Saying no other well you know I got to put on me and I know that I think Zimmer has any reason I don't know what that reason is that read that it's like Richard there was there was all this guy you know rose Maria you know I Gallinari yeah but I but I mean from the tax that. We've seen napping Mike Zimmer is correct. You know I. And look toward everybody emerging economies on the everybody's got their sensitive being like I think today if it. Well I'll put a team like this. You run into an annual got injured tomorrow. And you went to Adam gays sensitive ear or you call Jay Cutler again. You might get a response I don't like no interest to leap day. Right well I don't think so do all the guy the guy wins the six and tin like he's. Snub that still you know I haven't not in a ripple you be like now I think you know jays retired Bob all licensed sugar coated a little bit he would just come out the same thing. It's like you I knew we had to another radio station is that hey Annie hedges and in this guy Curtis select no interest whatsoever tweet that's. Musical trees OK while boy you're not you have be really old. Really care for much about that guy that's what made it sound legs that rules like just really like him we have no which is averaging Doug you're saying it perk. No I had yes I know audience I know there history there right but I get a serial that would have Riggio a little bit and I don't know what trooper Richey sinking right now. And right that then those. Those text messages weren't exactly in imitation like they know he's an exactly similar contract known in those text messages going oriented grind him down for a trial. Right bell so yeah as as the NFL parents. Bill reaching cog Richie just got to get that is hope I just hope. Rich he's got to get mean and tell stories we're talking about which they are not bad stories that's all. Yeah but they're good stories that he's doing well I just don't wanna come here one day and it's like page here Richie. And on the sidewalk well no. You know because. You know we've panel of the lived it with them with them so to speak we got we get a football gimmick abilities to announce. We do. Tim McVeigh's whirlwind really mean that can own and basic game numero uno. And that means these are NFL and Miami Dolphins inside rent check in with him on the on the other side and last from all the pertinent. Question to try to get some information. Regarding the Miami Dolphins all that is coming up next right here on some and I didn't take.