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Curtis Stevenson
Wednesday, August 8th

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And stuff today. Get our courtesy of turner. Tobin LeRoy MBAs through about four minutes away from the 3 o'clock code word we have forgot about out of some personal continues. Here on am 79 in Pomona for three HD two of take it allows and is here as well we're gonna talk fantasy football coming up. In about fifteen minutes of my clay from yes B and so while perk it's that time you're your your fancy questions ready by the way if you got a a fantasy question in a I ascended and on the on the tech side 67974. Try to get to as many as possible. If you get to the draft coming up your keeper lay Yamaguchi -- AM thinking about draft and the scare that guys and that on the sex Isaacson and I its own formal try to get too many with with Mike as possible. But but we're gonna talk to him come and appear. It about street your stimulus of the get to a one day away from the dolphins in the field for pre season game new world owed owed it to that end up by the way perk. And if you're gonna last night of hard knocks. Continues just to be you'll have some some snippets of that charms injury goes off on his wide receivers. There's a big part of the show last night as expected baker mayfield was the star opera hue Jackson's he lost his brother and mother yeah. Rodent within a week I didn't I heard about that but yeah any kind of here's some stuff and I mean that literally mean I think Dell's right around time Tony Sparano paso. Becoming a gun got lost Lou with everything if you're if you're not a browns fan are you Jackson follower. And and now certainly emotional last night but are not continues. To be just one of the great. Sports shows documentaries. Whatever you wanna call it's they really do feel that fifty minutes is is pretty is pretty. Unbelievable how you feel the moment. Man media outlets are not this morning at about 730 before starting work him. I bella sleep last night I I was doing Stubbs and so I DVR to name in Nam went to bid at about 1115. And I watched like the first fifteen minutes on Ambien both sleep so I got up this morning and to jar Risley injuries tirade to his students F bomb parade fails I'll have my coffee this morning. There was a I was I was humans call the night that city you know what I does I guess I got your watch are gonna so bloody obvious lossless you know what. It's coming on I I decide got to go out I gotta I gotta see it tonight and start off with LeBron wouldn't show you kind of figured who actually I. You know that kind of caught me by surprise I didn't think they would start off. With LeBron not buddy would be mentioned at some point in the war weeks but I it led the current but I knew on that whatever I'm not a Indian or another and I just. Does that mean M. Did you Unionists won the the big story lines was going to be. That Cleveland's loss dream and basically losers of the NFL and if not all of sports. For the last you know 1015 years I mean they've been synonymous losing. So you kind of knew that that was going to be the the focus of the show and we're gonna turn this thing around this is where all starts here in all it's numb so it's Hugh Jackson jumping in. A little Erie lake area for the Klan used you know. And then you know LeBron leaving so now Cleveland the browns are now kin if they win will be the toast of the city and all that stuff so. It was good stuff you know bogey delegates I got a thoughts on knocks on all of it into very entertaining published they didn't do much. Heat Big Three during the dolphins' hard knocks did they know that I think about it I don't I don't I don't think they touched it I don't think they did any yes. We have the I don't really another epic about a bad hadn't even thought about it to you just now mentioned it yeah. But but certainly you know LeBron leaving is a void there in the Oakland the browns Phillip and and you say rejoice about Cleveland. I mean they are passionate I mean they they they. Are passionate fans and I was straight starting with a high school football anatomy married yet and it's it's high school Ohio State in the Burnham as far as their football. All right let's get to 3 o'clock code word I assume we got some stuff to get to hear today 67974. Is a regional techs I've got a fantasy football question we're gonna well when you slow fancy coming up here. Early on in the 3 o'clock hour and the next segment. But aside your jazz won a thousand boxes is evident that it is summer swindle contest. You just take home straight cash on me a thousand dollar bills and all. I per year ago a problem for renewal ten than 101000 dollar pyramid here and opera's been very good and I think I give some good some good. Clues here media aren't awesome that's gonna happen in your future in your. Your units. Listen this is your this is you for future your sets similar doesn't mean there you'd destiny out I was thinking horoscope. Yeah. I'd take out of that video game you and again that no. Text the word destiny it is your destiny was the destiny of the Miami Dolphins the season. What is the destiny for the Miami Hurricanes. PE ST guy and why destiny texted destiny. To 72881. You might know an exotic dancer named destiny takes destiny the seven to eight they want to do it right now perky you know you do. If you don't win this time Unix is into the top of the next hour this is a national contest. Misses a nutter has been obliged not Texan drive destiny DES TI. And why we get right out of the gate here bleep Ohio deaths. Very nice right there so. They'll tell you this camp. Hum one of my most hated sentences and all of sports writing. Blank now controls their own. Yeah and I know I don't I don't want to see our stories two years and you can't control your own destiny. Of me and as. No it's banned yeah that's that is your destiny no matter. What you do why has your destiny I hate saying and on radio too because is it everyone says you know the they control their own that's the very well there's no other phrase like that nobody its creative with that. Yeah I hate to use the same verbiage. That everybody else's and I've got I've got a lot of beings in sports that really bother me but that's that's not really got four hours so they're clear idea of some of them are ever on how we. I'll tell you real quick the other one is the is the line of you've got to go a 100% otherwise that's when you get injured. I've never run into an athlete who say I was doing mellowing on ninety. Pursuit that's that's why ample Miami right I was just had a fast I got a concussion below the legal and 80% correct I was out. Screwing around up there and that's and that's how I got hurt. That's one of those Lou it is George Destin area. Yeah also those in the back to the future write his own little man when he's trying to. There with his mom Lisa Lyon your destiny earlier in the cafe they're unaware that those of women are seen the movie not obvious Marlon Jackie Thomas yeah yeah. Can you and I that's when their man you're on point they kept the good job solvency of the destiny for the dolphins as they may. Would you take you need right now you're the Miami Dolphins. If I'm the dolphins know a bomb adult in spring and probably. If you're the dolphins you gotta think you've got a decent shot at 97. Per ups perhaps another sin and 600 days but if you're if you're in that building Nan you wouldn't take eight Nate right now there's let me ask you this may doesn't get junior and in the wild card probably in the in the wild card tiebreaker. Probably not throwing now you're probably not only should be depending on how you get they they used to be ingesting lead in the Mitchell asked this in December. I but let me out of commission the short quicker this summer and a note here. Those guys there that takes everything a little bit here you you woods is my ten mum on the hot seat. A bomb. It's it's war might aid if if it it can get hotter during the season right now I'd say it's warm it's not hot right now I'd say it's more poker but has possibility of getting yes definitely a thing. Okay well cool yeah yeah Leo and and for ever gotten to that of that I that could happen. So my point would be if you're trying to survive. And you're trying to. Get another year if you're my ten bomb and whoever else she thing isn't it could be in possible trouble over there would you take ate meat and want to let the. Yeah yet you're trying to move on yet you're just trying to get me through this year but I definitely under proceed soccer art of that medal yet to remote login pirated make. None on and nobody is offering no no no it's not not with the track record and I went when I mean I'm elaborate and it doesn't billion mostly start off but he know and just collapse. Doesn't you know whatever. Right at knows he's a married yet and nobody's inspired me not. It may want to see it and you will be an improvement over last year in Haywood would certainly. Debunk a lot of the people's theories on the dolphins that think they're going to be in off five or six when football team so. But yes they Nate is is the dolphins destiny usually it is. As a taxer as a text or road and 67974. That they Regis on the tax on talks of fantasy football that Tommy year. They're ready get ready for their wraps per you have me. You have a long lists of questions over the that you can't wait to unload. On Mike later coming up here in about and about twelve minutes or so the first that get to 3 o'clock deadline. Please Stella UAE XY AM South Miami at WS at best at MB HD to Miramar plea deal. Come station. Start with college football and we start off local league where you will starting tight end Michael Irvin junior is expected to be sidelined for months. After sustaining a knee injury in training camp he's expected to have surgery soon. Could be back in November or December that tied him battle is now expected to be among sophomore Brian Delaney. And freshman Brevin Jordan and will Mallory you whim opens the season against LSU. Little bit of a loss there a veteran team around a little bit at the end of last year when Herndon was out right yeah yeah you know I mean aside that Mike was gonna you know really do anything and he actually. Was just an action and he held his all for the most part he wasn't different maker. Or certainly not as father and in the playmaker but he certainly held his own and it gave you some depth there and bottom line now you're relying on to you base your rely on you for true freshman. And so I'm not mistaken none of these three years well we know depressed and haven't caught a lasso and a payment yet though and neither has so you're you're gonna starting all over to an alert to any place and special teams last year but. Yes and I was starting all over again correctly server and was and there are a little bit in the huddle that bright bright. We'll move on to college basketball where they NCAA announced rule changes today. Among the most significant. A leak prospects in a league high school prospects. As identified by USA basketball will be allowed to sign within agent as of July 1 of their senior season in high school or college players can hire an agent after any season. If they request and a valuation from the in NBA undergraduate advisory committee. But these agreements these this consultant consultation with agents. Must be terminated when the student and rolls in or returns to college so another words. You can be you can consult with an agent during the offseason but the second you and roller toward class historic. You've got it in that relationship and jerks her I am yeah well yes it's you know. We you know we know how that works out usually. And the end the NBA NBA's role and now this whole one and done thing nobody knows. How did do anything with that is just kinda and then just eliminate the blue and on missiles to that is that's one of the worst rules in sports. Yeah I understand this I can attend I can disagree with that but but nobody has any idea how to handle any of us. From what I mean schools do a good job like I mean. You know Kentucky does a good job I think mark and what Larranaga did a good job last year with. Beat you with the spurs. A lot longer yeah know what. All they do is do what they do is do the best that they can do with it but as far as a governing body. Liked to mean yes you're gonna one and done area in the kids here than his here for us a semester and is gone right to generate the most of it that's fine I mean I nine. I mean yeah I mean Larranaga the coaches they they know what there and in two but as far as how you handle ageing sand. Going into the draft and should there be major torturer any on and any of these guys. And act like all these like all these guys that know that they're gonna go to an MBA in a semester. Larry I mean they really go on class so now. Athletes and now we're Millwood deal with that right I mean the colleges just need to get better. Money right determinant money like it you are they they want the one and done or else you're not gonna see these deals at all. No no that's led to that level a bit torn on to like to see all the guys playing college that's like an out of college wrestling you know that Russell right I like to see the guys playing college at least a year. To the mix of basketball better rather than just going to approach the sitting on the bench for the first appears you know. The at the other major rule change approved today. Anyone that declares for the NBA draft and does not hear their name called on draft night. Will be allowed to return to their former school without penalty now awful the year they aren't age and I. Yes yes but there but the exception there is you must be invited to come by so if you don't get invited and participate in the Columbine. Then you know this this does not apply to you. Miami Dolphins are off today they open pre season tomorrow night at seven against Tampa Bay at hard rock stadium. 07 days sip pre season games are where wide receivers can make their biggest impressions on coaches. So for guys on the bubble such as Leon they crew were Sean Scott Isiah board Malcolm Lewis this is a huge game. Other position battles to watch tomorrow night backup quarterback between brought us while learned David fails. Cornerback between where Dre Tankersley and torn retire seeker. Between rookies Jason Sanders angry Joseph. Miami Marlins host saint louis' 710 tonight Marlins eighteen games behind billion in oil lease sixteen don't have Beckham while car. Still last in attendance 9744. They did get 7230. Last night finally the NBA opening week national TV schedule or released today good to popcorn ready on opening night. October 16 two game schedule delete at Boston OK see at Golden State those are your him. I want it to the Christmas Day games because about the money so it was just the national TV schedule that they did on referring to there so yeah disease or start Tuesday October 16. And a nomads in the heat would start the day after we don't know have any information yet and not surprisingly the heat are not in any of the the opening games or the Christmas Day game give the regulars. Federal ought to come out in the next few days that's usually how it happens they blazer four days you have them do what is last year afterwards yeah yes they do there's always Christmas Day and yen and Martin Luther King Jr. I don't know started yet now they get over Christmas Mark Luke and then my day. And in Nam. The opening night Christmas MOK in the in the race. It's scheduled to all of you are in on any of those prime time and came as no surprise though not an onus is no surprise that's just where they are right now and but Christmas Day is said LeBron will take on Golden State's up in the in the Bay Area that's the prime time 8 o'clock game. And Olajuwon does things the rockets should be Golden State rode the best match of LeBron again lakers and Celtics I mean. I think you can't go wrong with any of those match of by the way all the seem to play on Christmas Day anyway what they do is basically a five match ups. Five games the knicks are always a plan Christmas to they've played like every Christmas and supply and like 53 years they played every Christmas is 47 seem like. They start play on Christmas Day at the guard and such like a tradition that's like the lines Kallis put on Thanksgiving cereal and extinct always open Christmas then basically what you have is what you have. Nine other teams that their final games. Yet Dunham. Those MS YT yeah yeah the Grammy best nineteenth or not yeah I had the New York TV market obviously weren't. Right but they're willing to ditch the Chicago and you know LeBron group brings you LA so yeah did you pretty well covered. But the MBA tries to put the best teams on for Christmas around right there with a plants and uses planned Utah's in their Portland's and there are the Phillies and their bosses in there obviously the lakers Golden State. Oklahoma City and and so on so. We get that little bit to a little bit later Robert George offensive football though coming up my play from ESPN. Get your fantasy football questions. Are you can send a man on the tech side of 67974. That's 67974. Re into your fantasy. Football next Johnson a nine to take it. They've put thought into the man that read my plan from ESPN hero Curtis and her. After the minor was overturning him updates every day here on the tickets by the way today Joel's daughter grow visit them to experience. The age an age difference to discover them it's an angels dot com by mail law firm 100% dedicated to your financial recovery fighting the insurance company is worth and in my legs in the North Miami always enemy. Senate. Deal but set out of Iran feels announcers resource and assign their release of BI interview and that's or refine NFL fancy football expert from ESPN. Mike clay joins us you fall on Twitter at Mike clay NFL. Fantasy football season is it back people get ready for their drafts all around the country in the world. And Mike joins us here on 79 to take Mike thanks for stopping by our things. And they're good guys like that all regular even accurately about a month away but yet we're all ramp up and are ready to roll. Art let's get right into it what is there consensus at the top and is is running back the best way to go. If you've got to if you got an early first round pick. But spent the Billick ran great at running back certainly Rick year more prone to injury by diet you're okay with that go go running back there and back and start with the terror running back. That's totally fine there are a lot of options that are really matter where you're picking in the first round and ended especially indicate it's your pick him late. I you're in have a lot of options from the top muddy up belt I'm early David Johnson your top guy. I doubt due again to your pick a late the first and you have guys like. Kareem I'm Alvin coach Leonard horn and Melvin Gordon nurses hosted talent at that it is in this year and again if you wanna go little steeper either you're worried about injury in the in the NFL it's obviously been a big problem go to wide receiver a little secret in Odeo brouder Julio Jones soda back and the other topic YouTube. Plenty of talent to pick from in the first rounder to appear drafts. A lot of people cringed when you said David Johnson's name right there from from a season ago as he was the number one overall pick her certainly right there are number one or number to a in in a lot of people's leagues there but you mentioned the the risk factor. Let's talk quarterback here a lot of people love the fancy quarterback right old I got Tom Brady Iraq got Aaron Rodgers. Odd how high is it to take your quarterback which your philosophy there I mean but when you really look at all the numbers and you graded out. Aren't there from one though like ten aren't they all kind of like the same guy. Why I think a couple guys at the top the separate themselves like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady but is it really depends where they're drafted you know if you can get those guys in the six there's seven ground. That finding casualty that's probably not gonna happen in fact. India Italy right now Rodgers and Brady or early in the third round at that too early for me there's just too much talent on the board. Teams are throwing more than ever the running back it via a comeback is in in you bought it three wide that there's more top and tight and you would need to address those positions urged. And then after that yeah a lot of guys are very low. Up from your Cam Newton Carson went Russell Wilson's here. All the way down to even Matt Ryan or back at Scott Jimmy for a couple of half mile on either guys that are well out that make up then. But there's the guys they can get you potentially top ten production because. Again all of these guys are so. Close and valued though I get the savvy move in and you league especially here and in casually Wear yearly make their. Are reaching way too early is just wait until the very end. And you're gonna have come away with it a night that that a deposition. Mike when we look locally at the Miami Dolphins I guess Ryan's Emmett Till would be the guy that most people would take him they take adult and for a couple of reasons but. Where would you take Ryan Taylor Steele where do you project him to go and in most drafts. And then after Ryan McNeil and where do you go with this Miami Dolphins team. Yeah I don't think my year Miami and like be too much this here I handled by the hurricane spend I am not buying a that the dolphins this year and I think they're probably a year or two away from about being competitive began its is that it even a week at these so I've. You thought Tom Brady the patriots now leading the way and in that division that I think they have a lot of boy on this rocker but at birth from a beta you perspective. I mean maybe right in looking come back this year to bounce back a bit and and get input and irrelevant but. I think it's probably a long shot I I think you're more likely to go toward can you break we'll actually do like a lot you know this guy has done. Everything that an app that have been so far in the NFL he's been extremely effective one of the best. Yards per carry and yards after contact mark in the league since you've been around. So like you like to melodic it yet to break out when he eighteen feet and I'm buying on him in the third or fourth round draft. And they're you know I think there's the operative on a Parker I really do. I know we seem like a bug prone on your four we ate it every year right now. But when he was healthy last year there were twelve or games you played back into the top thirty and the U receiver. And that was with one touchdown you know in yet bad luck in that department though I think he's got to get that straight out this year to close at five touchdown and that on at the targets. They'd seen it where they were last year. You gonna pay out dividends instead they. NC football expert Mike clay joins us here on 79 that taking a bomb on Twitter. And it might clay NFL or booed booed overvalued. In that in leagues or who don't show where you're really like him who's being undervalued and who would you say is kind of a sleeper so to speak for you personally might. Yeah always a lot mean in the category of the tour guide that I'm not like there are Michael Moore and the content is dumb I'll opera quarterback out there opera but well then I get talked about the debt that the position. And well and that we usually one of the top five we're back it. It's a little too early for me I may very well but this is the mid pack QB one but he just doesn't have the odd that he admired your when. If you address just thirteen script. That you are with a pass heavy team in the NFL they're they're changing gears this year they're all back the run he's gonna lose a lot of those patents and and it invesco limited and he production a little bit that you can get similar value. Later on in your draft so why did god put him kind of on that. He overvalued side on the undervalued side. What would go to eat air how about I got like sort of look at you know wait for a dart at running back in back in the cold fact you're great the fifth round pick this year. I like them going into the comedy potentially this year Chris carton who I like black here. And you know what can take that number one job and it in the Andrew Luck led offensive by the way he's been undervalued guy well. There could be a lot of value to be at a book and is the most likely three down back. In in the colts' backfield again a lot though to be figured out there. I'm Mike we've got a text here here it always struggle between two keepers Kenyan great port twelfth round pick or Tim Newton for a ninth round pick. PP ER in six points per TD pass keeping Hopkins and Beckham as there have been six round picks well. Yeah I'd like guy we like the way guys. This may be one night and it's great for sure I you know he thought he may or may not in that we don't know leopard or yet but I did talk about the reason that like in many people get out. A potential. Starting running back iron feel good about every single week at least is running back who may be even. He does more than more than that Korea in the twelfth round I mean that there had been no brainer and again their stomach step that the quarterback position. They break. I used that pretty there and then addressed we're back later. Another text what rail should I look to take teary on Johnson. Yeah that's that's tricky one because then you look at John that he the second round pick this year it could potentially be looking for work force a roll early pick attic it if you thought after the game. And he would be the most likely guy do that. However you would air 11 of the most under rate back to the past decade. On that roster he likely to be good if the goal line early downs short yardage and Theo Riddick who. I passed by the your eat one of the best pass catching running back in the NFL he's not likely to disappear and then put out Tamara Billick could don't have a somewhat of the world so there are a lot of melt the speed. And for that reason I think you know you're you're looking earlier than round I would be seven. That that that's about right probably around seven earlier in the bag which they. Just stay on the rookies is our rookie things their coach come in and step in that could get get a get a lot of touches her her targets or have you Jenny rookies that you would draft you know probably higher than that may be fourth round earlier third round earlier outside obviously sick on. Alia yeah a lot that lot that other rookie running back that I like a lot I think guys. The next best option Roy green and Barkley in Denver I think will be to clearly back there. Very tight the boxes in India two down a goal line option for Washington banned or kicked or stomped them. They're passing situations Ronald Jones and can't debate. To be the lead back and shot any I know that Chris Carr might buy just the excited and I like her carton but I like anymore and you this year. Even going into the Columbine I thought penny was this your Kareem on a lot of similarity side the production you'll lose that mr. Production after contact between YouTube player. And value a penny app Pallet that I'd like your cream on what the NFL in rushing. We're proud that he let the F the F aggression you know kind of distant and another to think next in their belt I like penny a lot of it is not it's taken long. To be the lead back in Seattle though all the guys with bigger bind oxen will be in the fourth and fifth round. I'd like another one from our text line luck Aaron Rodgers wins or DeShawn in the fourth round in my dynasty. About Olympic died at the end make the top look I I thought I think you have Roger there right partners are. Yeah yeah Rodgers has the might of went on the quarterback Philip several beaten but it went out we could have Arctic beaten but. I then any just tremendous putting down the field maybe the best player in the NFL every bit and time the injury but you know it you can deal at that it is how productive he is. What he'd on the field though while I will give yet. Couple quick ones are Michael Jon your keeper and regularly no PP ER O'Dell Beckham or Korean hunt. I'm gonna go back in my yeah you you write up on the player overall loan could go back. Okay Pfizer is our general philosophy is that that you like to the you know just trying to give out advice on how to. Manager team or or when you're drafting your team just try to go. You know a heavy rare skirt try to look at those consistency week to week user uses some guidelines of your if you're trying to give out advice for somebody that wants to no how should I drop my team this season. And that is they well I'm Lester my friend on Monday we have we pick up our. Our marathon and yet the edit it be a lot of fun but it part of that a minute drop an article. Which is my ultimate trap or I do it every year and that and I around ironic they had to attack he dram which players to be looking at. Alternative which you'll like the guy like he goes from. Round one all the way to round sixteen so that's that's probably hear your best road map. Or that I figured well eight in. Is much money big Monday the 24 hour fantasy football day correct. Yes I believe it's 28 hours where the world economic work on more than of all day so why yet unfortunately I get a little bit of sleep I would sit night but I think I'm my colleague Matthew Berry. Adams shepherd LB Bobby puts at all when it hour. Guys were more than anybody else their man you know over forgive or forget about the hassle back Brothers are all those other dudes you got to the winds that are always close in the yard goals. And and work it all the heavy hours how many league's RUN might. A man died. Not including. Which wrapped only league where you read it has picked the players and and let it play out out went right at the minute the lineup I think it's like going on that team this year. Probably wait. Yet demanding. Eric I don't know. And a impress excellent excellent they might pay to agent Aegon a few minutes we'll be watching Monday and and of course cellphone your advice on the on Twitter. And on ESPN thanks for a suburb by Mike you're going to myself. Any time I think you got my clay from ESPN. And yeah Obama doing Lee's company GM's do you pinkie fighters per spur year. He's got a fire like a third of is is GM right well he's the only words I know audiences can't be doing well. Ma mean he is I'm sure is leagues are doing pretty well no but he. Yeah he's got me when you do it. I think my total losers seven. You know owners seven OK yep five or six I did. Why fix this five or six I consider boo the borderline of insanity. Well yeah and I'm always going to item and zero experience open I am not a I know that. I know that I always say my side obviously I kind of acts like 45 last like the last couple years I. I was just got to take an incredible amount of time right yeah because the got a little gambling so. I didn't have back to about four or five. And then and then like some somebody always sucks me in to a league I mean. Like some guys aren't totally man it's on and I went and you know what yeah. So much time is trying to keep up with everything going on in each league like if you're just in one or two least. OK you know keep up with the NFL when you keep up with you wanted to leave but. Records every league hasn't sold transaction so that's the thing with every that's what would drive me crazy what. That's that's where yeah that's where gets left his. It's it's hey you got all everyone like the guys wanna make trades every right right right which I always tell you and you and so right in my mind there's a little weird number. And it's like you know the guy what's the swap pictures in Atlanta time for those off the legs and then the other guys wanna trash talk. Yeah yeah yeah it up and I'm and I'm like I don't tracks are where the right I mean tiger amid a 79. I don't I just a scoreboard I got your RAI the bridge I think I don't listener trash talk. I just took your money I don't know I'm sorry and anymore right. Let Maria Elena did today and really is Marty anybody. Could not really yet you guys Stewart again five or six to me that's that's borderline insanity of parents who are three okay. You know that that's good fun but yeah once you get in the 560. I don't know let's dissect and all that man it's I just don't you know does. That is Henri and also the commitment to to keep up with all those transactions and I can I could use an assistant GM as well and I do you would you would fire me unlike -- soup I could use an assistant. And don't have a director of scouting ago while we give that title there you have no responsibly you know you you've got to give me like offensive quality control OK so Mike -- so I mean you get the its due to bring in the coffee every morning you have ever disagree makes her of a sharp these are out there and offering condolences for the meetings and the other projectors is plugged in Ramona. Yeah arts that's just over my claim there was a lot more to do hard knocks last night if you if you're caught it was good stuff do's your thoughts on that. Below play some of the the highlights specially Jarvis a Landry didn't after last night he was big part. Of the of the show plus you miss the 3 o'clock code word well we'll give you that coming up on the other side read your answer united ticket. Just got some criticize my play for me it's the end for fantasy football and a leads us into our. Seven edited to begin the fourth annual fantasy football draft party with NFL analyst John Clayton and CBS sports fan the expert Jamey Eisenberg. It's going to be Sunday August 26 I believe that's the day after the dolphins' third pre season game so I'm a pretty good idea around the NFL on which. Which rosters and who's getting the majority of the carries and targets and all the playing time did get twin peaks in Davie. Which is an outstanding spot and I've been there many times it's unbelievable festivities wrestler won with a live broadcast followed by the draft at 4 o'clock. This is the best party unity and hold your league's draft. At twin peaks with John and Jamie going table to table. Offering new advice seeing by a John John John to what that Chris and again everybody Freeman. Boy oh Leo anything here and Anita you have bell cow back geared to idle Alex college age I Jamie. And that that is just you know of their role is gonna kind of be like a Bill Parcells consultant role right label. On the view I would say an emblem was here what Ireland was in New Orleans there's zero a better job of those guys don't yet again they better than those got better they better. Those guys are targeted their jobs the guys that you mentioned there but Jamie and and John are gonna give you all the great advice there. And there were table table offering you. All that expert expertise. To help you win your league and league commissioners are gonna get a fifty dollar bonus card who by the way of trolling your draft or twin peaks is offering. But obviously as you can imagine space is extremely limited so go and register now we're only a few weeks ago here. At the take of Miami that comets sponsored by Yang going to happen your inner ego. MI twin peaks eats drinks and scenic views perk found out what scenic views men's yesterday boy via the tax line wow. I I had no idea bit. It'll react creative you do per trade twin peaks. In so many ways and text line. Yes yes I had no idea or not we're not like not though the verbiage but the I don't know what does the the business yeah literally and what you can do with some. Parentheses are at severe now's the 2006 o'clock hour we a lot of I guess somebody right now I was owl alarm pleased and shocked yes that's all it was. Yeah although once that are it's a mighty let's we a lot of stuff to get to him today I don't know where where she ago we get to heat trade rumors that we're gonna get through it. Also we got some types Roland but let's get the code word for doing your arms and your Murdoch's last night. But let's get the code word if you miss a 3 o'clock resisted jumping in and out your car. Whatever your up up to out here in South Florida. Destiny is the 3 o'clock over seas they're about 21 minutes or so to get them before we switch over to the 4 o'clock code word destiny is at 3 o'clock code word DE ST guy and why. It is destiny takes destiny. Is 72881. Jarvis landry's destiny. Has. Well it's put him in Cleveland Ohio limited volumes in his destiny has led him to to be with the the browns. And I don't know who phrase last night about her watch and hard not. Bless them. Bless them a Missouri and LSU and LSU yeah LSU. And that's led Jarvis Landry was bless them last night on on hard knocks. Receiver they called Jews. It's electrifying can't. Like dark as the weekend. Are losers do. Lesson that I'll open every DB every defense doesn't. So bless him is pretty much. You know you know god bless is what is a nerdy guys in this give us this ability to be the best and other people. You know so it's no different than coming on here and going yes indeed he's got a blessing knowing got to be Sunday put him to do work a solid is solid this. Lives of bless them perk muscle. Jobs are pretty good last night and I know he's good but I mean like I I I think I things arm's gonna have a whole season apparently Jarvis is gonna have. A good good run up enough pumping Cleveland I'm always like Jarvis so I'm a little bit partial little jars of the L player and I won't be surprised if he led the NFL in catches once again. Up there in Cleveland. I wouldn't either but you know the thing with the Jarvis I think that he wants to do this year is get that yards per catch up but goes. You know the big sticking point with the dolphins why they didn't want to pay him. Though the amount that he won it was because he was viewed as a possession receiver. And Jarvis and his agent always say it but that's because that's how you used Jarvis who aren't so if you read him he could do those deep route so I wanna see we know that Jarvis didn't. Catch everything thrown his way it's candy gobble up the yards so we will see minute mostly. We got his money so I don't know you know he said last night all dosages win. And I firmly believe that. And he got up in the wider see her and that that's a room that got some you've just quarter wasn't there big trader Corey Coleman. Right after this right after this I guess they traded them. He was all the footage last night cooler moment and then they traded in my two days ago those kind of weird seeing him up there nearly straight so you know Antonio Callaway helped in totality. Collison who is a we. And two days ago Sunday side than the guys there's some guys not not soup now. And they were hurt all of this and and Jarvis is was happening over the and is what he had to say in the in the wide receiver meeting. I don't know. Yeah. Then I don't know. Why they go do. But it. Please. If you got hurt. I think Obama. All doom hey bro I don't know that you shouldn't practice. I'm sure. That he's beaten and see Jesus. We'll be Islam grew up their behavior patent and then he would they're only here for a you can you know I know it's. Well. He. You know. You've got. These. I yeah. Not now and oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She may. Know about. That happened to him I'm young enough. I'm. But I didn't know. That's yeah yeah. All the time he thought. No I don't. This business. We're. Like usually occasions. This thesis. Bless them. Blossom per net blossomed I would be there are two months to the Jarvis Landry and yes those are a lot of allow Tony to have bones according to Dave side of the so uncertain moment my golly easily tracked their well he's got the whole speech he's got the whole speech. On an island and sun sentinel dot com winners and we knew Jarvis is passionate and so on and so forth. Opt out to you what part knocked bottle out this keeps in this every every hour. Parlux and so it yeah it is not only is it has the access but he did look they do with it's it's it's out it is in grade each it's. Just everything going on and it was just really it's is always very very well done bomb public the coach she's they got in there. You've got through a hue Jackson prison. You got Todd Haley now he's a screw ball in right diesel screwing. Then you got doctor heat Gregg Williams yeah mr. Browning man on the defense of sighed as we mourn an inning he got Todd Haley is over the those guys. Peru was the cardinals head coach from buffalo buffalo blood flow yes and it's he was head coach and you could tell that those guys wanna do their own thing into Jackson's like all the time his sand. The Smart team and my team. And I'm a dual mind away. And it's just I don't know agency you would baker mayfield. A bit baker is is what you would expect right kinda young in and a little arrogant yeah I'd look down I got Obama seems to be a lot of fun. So elusive like a guy who you could go out in Nam but John Kelly Wallace euros a lot of fun though he were well Alvin's baker is is a bet. I think baker is probably a little more into football then there and Johnny football was done it football was more ensued the social aspect of it and the glamour life and all that I think baker is god is needed down. A little bit more no that's my impression of them from college. Yeah I would I would I would agree with that but he does come off a compliment cocky. Yeah he's a rookie he's he's a he's an arrogant rookie but you know. That's the impression I got of him at an Oklahoma ranked you know if I wouldn't expect that of like Josh Allen or slimmed Arnold. That's not their personality from college bit. You know that that was portrayed the baker yeah yeah I I don't know that we disappointment that simple. And no I know Jarvis was is is what you're Misha -- here in South Florida but if you look over some sound financial advice. Don't need to get the Kosovo Karl NASA man who was defensive line yeah yeah yeah who was was trying to explain the miles Garrett who's got like thirty million dollars guaranteed. If ya put away 101000. Dollars. And you don't touch it it's gonna be worth 600000. Dollars a time you retire now and then if you're on minster Graham two hours a day. Two hours today. That adds up to a month. Oman idea. It of it would spur of the entire year that you're on minster ever Twitter and eight and then some of these guys just like dude I don't hear I don't hear an yeah and one guy I would I don't know it was he was like so what's wrong with. Accidents like it was wrong when you're not getting better so you redo as a and that Els was your life itself. It's this is this what did you forget it you know and on the of the effort and you deal with guys every day. In the locker room he forgets it was at 22120. Yeah already yeah it's like thousand knucklehead allows Tony Stewart Tony three. Two out of it like yeah we'll throw that you know I'm like ten grand man ten grams of the man that's a Rolex ads this ads that and when I make it's a million bucks a year ten grand odd man out so so we deal which realized. Just do you know what a great spot some of these guys in and some of these guys are in if they realize it might yet do you put like. Like nearly 1000 is as a brewery like yeah if you put like. 200000 dollars in just in Macau. And just told clutch like you did there all a little small body of signing Bo is a my dad will leave it there you can have become a millionaire by the time your careers on loan. Sort of thing is massive is the same guy who was talking about it didn't he he was out with Taylor spent a sort of didn't realize is there's he he tells her I need to go by a rowly route Rolex just OC knows that I don't have. Are you talking about money and and you're trying to impress stay right I just say it was we've got to be impressed by guy with a Rolex. Prominent pro athlete would let like this like. Jerseys like a girl that Rolex is as like a pro athlete within. 40000 dollar car that's you know what even Biden is that I get a domicile Marco Barrera. Yeah Mozilla always insisting it's it's. And hard knocks is always insisting there military stuff yet have a big the access they gave me you know the little tear when Tyrod Taylor is talking to or man. And a little kids don't does you know I'm almost six years old and they and sudden Tyrod in my birthday is Friday and he tells the kid may we can have a party together and here are just opened up and down. And I a public that the excess of the stuff they do with it it's it's just just brilliant. Yeah announce very well done edited and the Josh Gordon's dove is like. When Josh Gordon's on the field he is a rule unstoppable. The problem is he's never on the thrill does that then like a funny like a funny. I used to live Shriver does the does the voice over. And like this the just a funny big similar destroy and some of the funny. You know just jolts and and and one liners there in in it you know the deadpan voice is just is really is really funny there. A mission and then you saw John Dorsey and and no hue Jackson and their media relations guy right going over how they're gonna handle this our. The gutter here got a real exciting right. I got sick. Right they're formulating there there exactly and for the media people because there's some like this gray and likes to gain on how they're gonna handle the media yes citizen got Al disarmament as Saddam and that's what they're going over that was the meeting where they go over how are we going to ever listened. And then somebody's able limb that's gonna get into who went to see do bag interacts they were lit we just hear about Josh result like how. There's real quick here before we get so I thought it was funny the baker mayfield. Gets I am sure this was a little bit different the timing wasn't the same. But gets off the plane is in the airport. And they all had that child that was great to see you that would have been David at a spread LeBron stubborn just open net and that was our. Stand coordinate Shelby is our standing I'm thinking to myself you know what. Nick shelved when it's all said and done might have a beef right far better career than me. Has there therein therein airport and they both players have just landed and and baker mayfield is being escorted around by eighteen executives Iraq we get where you baker taken Nixon is over by the luggage carousel waiting for his luggage and poor people are like so. Do you play ball. Yeah oh well what position running back vote was denying nick. Well good luck to you last you right and you clear mayfield and escorted around by the CIA and autos the evidence the. Outstanding now and please don't like after the third spot behind. Me like that so low I was around he's zero pick yeah. And that it was just give them the difference between those two it was just Al stay and they were today in the great round they showed the browns who were grabbing make me feel bad right right everything right and Nick Jonas and there was. It's a it's it was a good stuff if you haven't seen it it you know it you're in some of the stuff. My exit was just talk about but but Martin is always they don't make sense and and it was really good again. Oh certainly certainly NASA last night while some more of our Jarvis and some other thoughts. Audit coming up we get some heat stuff that that's swirling around Romeo continues to get after it as the MBA is really some of their prime time. Games have to get too and headlines plus with to a 4 o'clock code word plus. We got some some new roles in college basket was a relates to some of the high profile. Players just pour zillow from ESPN's cal bask on Sutter he's gonna join us. In the back end of the the 4 o'clock hour so we got a lot of stuff to get to also gonna head to Kansas City as our look around the NFL continues it will do some chiefs talk. With with one of their Dino reporters from a from Kansas City he's gonna join us in the in the 5 o'clock hour so allow more to get to. As we roll along gets in the code word 4 o'clock next here let's have a nine to take it. I. And. Some of that stuff has started yet. Leaked a little bit. A lot of that glory here in just a few minutes plus we got some trade stuff you wanna get through here as well. Regarding the the heat. But our seven out of Texas was gone sorry it's out of here man what you can get all your breaking sports updates and push notification from all of our shows and hosts. On our new radio dot com apps are downloaded now make sure you turn on notification in the settings. Radio dot com your new home for everything games have and I mean after immoral for three HD to the ticket Curtis and perk. Back with you here we started a little bit early with damage to the crew on vacation. So we're gonna do today we did the extra hour of 3 o'clock hour. And then Friday we're gonna do the 3 o'clock hour tomorrow. But totally rubies were at the actually our hasek third hour for them. And the next week will be on Tuesday Thursday they'll do Monday Wednesday Friday to discuss our courts and Oprah took it back and forth the his pick up the slack for offered and is to be on vacation so obviously know best Dublin their when they're not when they're not. On the up on the air so that's what we started just yet had a bit early. And if you missed anything below we'll get back to earth here India. As we move forward here in the in the next a couple of hours just poured Zell college Basilan solar Prius and he's a drive around 440. Talk some college hoops with him they got some rule changes in place and and what it means for for college basketball lull to get his thoughts as that's it's kind of big topic that's that's floating around today also. We're gonna head to Kansas City talked to a at entice recovers the Kansas City Chiefs. And and he's going to join us as our. Look around the NFL we're gonna Trenton 31 teams here. Before the end of the month of August we party does not doubt the bears in the Buccaneers who did offer little play in pre season game number one tomorrow. Tool scratch Kansas City off the up off the list and you know we're just dual key bridge we always like to keep it. In general would dual fancy football hey pat my home what easing her hand Kareem Hans. How does team look in a new you know his drafty old yes you know so you know we're not and you know we're not gonna breakdown hey you know they're they're all from a 43234. While we like to keep it to our arc. Our goal saloon go to every team is just kind of you gain some information in some knowledge from from everybody here. As as he gets ready for your fans football drafts or whatever your you know if you're playing one of these teams and where your fan of the raiders your play QNC took. Whatever may be just a panel of remedial refresher course here on now on team that seemed so low we certainly enjoyed talking these guys and hope luck hope you do too as we go we go from about it seemed that the team to a team are let's get to the 4 o'clock code word here. Tiger chance to win a thousand dollars is a seven and you ticket Summers swindle contest your chance sail a thousand bucks. Perk has been. Is gone in on fighter he's been in Fuego. Sorrow on Denny's is here I think we should go on the road here and do. And do it tore here I don't know how ready we are here aren't so I give a symposium perks evening get you can play along here to and your car at home. We do like 101000 dollar pyramid type deal here okay. But I fear. Superman wears. There you know I am very sure I don't think that's what it was that the blinked dear three you know limit military Superman wears de and K okay yes. Text the word cape. Hey CAPs. Is 72881. And your registered takes cape CAP to seven to 81. Oh great signs club sewed Maine with cape. Frank is there is turning their daughter actually Larry David. Larry day yeah that's right he appeared in two episodes that went in the womb where he was imminent and a new stereo and and in those of the ellipse yet on the list on the point on the Tony yes. In Georgia where in the Mateen this team has yet Kramer's a theater theater yes. And we were there and we are ER. These are your attorney were isn't capable hybrids Gaby seems like dictate whether yeah does anybody deliveries to Wear a cape music some sort tape outside of superhero. No longer dollar price right and see so no disaster in the question. And like tapes everything seems to be having LP gore top pats the world sorts of other things. Those. Right scarves kicks don't seem to be not. That don't seem comfortable society not just doesn't seem to be appropriate in any certain rank very cape. A lesser superhero wearing spandex took Jay is Tara is our 4 o'clock word text of the seven to anyone. Do it now if you don't win this I mean extensive in the top of the next hour this is a national contest. Message and batteries may apply did not Texan drive we had a winner couple weeks ago from White House points so maybe hand some at some point soon though wants food. Take my girlfriend's bother to Cape Canaveral lives in an attempt. Okay it canal opens Ilya Canaveral. Did he isn't the the spaceships of all let off that's that's always a a good scene Oliver what what are his to do with tape. The Cape Cod league disposed of on the day older guys. OK minor league. Baseball league Graham I'm thinking about that our tallest prospects don't go LeRoy yeah in advance so Kate part so we'll see we'll. If anybody gets gets kicked out there during its targets and then. Something go on their 67974. That's how you get to us on our regular text line 67974. On the listen to us like Larry David did also voice Steinbrenner speaks the only ones that tells loans as the Texas near media Larry David did the the jury did the boys were stunned right Steinbrenner. Palace that was just Brett Dallas. That was losing is bringing that character in there are no doubt. No doubt about that the hitter of the robbery and some new characters and to their roster on the are they not this a more trade rumors that have. I don't there's anything new was just kind of been been swirling. Around here the last couple of days or so. And and we've. We murdered cotton up. And to some of these sees rumors here the names aren't are changing for the most part he's the type deals that are needed done especially the timing here. Sam gimmick. I never know if it's immigrant immigrant I'm pretty sure it's gimmick but anyway he's. Rights forward USA today reverend you have been around forever those Sports Illustrated as Sacramento and be back in the day. He was talking about. Carmelo Anthony and Carmelo going to. Bowing to to Houston. Which is expected to be you know expect it to happen sometime soon. He says. In other rockets rumblings I'm told there are not pursuing. Or interested in Atlanta this kid based more as has been reported. Eagles on to say now a possible rockets deal sending Ryan Anderson to Miami. For James Johnson. Or Tyler Johnson or someone else the Houston grass things can help. That's definitely something they'd have interest in. But Bay's Mort isn't part of their discussions so. GE saying that the rockets would be interested in James Johnson or Tyler Johnson who were Ryan Anderson that's what he's here. Rival over the heat below the he'd be inches in doing that they'll be both flew James Johnson got three years left on his being. Macon what sixteen and MA year looking Tyler's got two years let's just say torn each. Today and Ryan Anderson got tears of tornadoes. So there'd there'd deals are based on identical boots and I like Ryan air civil law we all he does a shoe yeah. Yeah I you can you can see what a the rockets who wanted to do it. But I silence and then yeah they have they have needs there. Ride the rockets need flexibility thing versatility. Tyler Johnson James Johnson and actually be a very good fit for those guys for that team. And they're try and then they're close so then they know so they're trying to they're trying to put all their all their. A sheer in this in this basket for the season. But broke reheat the US until we need another shooter. Aside from Ellington. You need a designated shooter aside from Ellington that's pretty much while would see why they would do it but what I've. From that you get no relief unless you get Alicia get off of James is thirty year. And OK but that doesn't really gets you put you in position to be 00 Wheeler and dealer. Mean I mean I guess it does if you just let it ride out with the other guys than you're just. I mean that's just I I just don't see it we talked about there was a there there permutations of his deal last week to the rock of throwing a first round pick and in my is that enough to do it. I don't think so because hey. By the way Tyler Johnson James Johnson are better than Ryan Anderson. Yet there soul. Any not getting any salary cap significant salary cap relief so why would he do that. Unless you just won another shooter again. Let's as the only guy that's all I can think of right now. So I and I don't think that's I mean I understand what was Houston is trying to do but the heat down well let's. That's as much as. Muddy Texan and you trade JJ to create around 85 million dollars for 21 Meehan cap space. Also Anderson pits and that Baffert role okay got on court right pat that's. Unless you know you you must just deal that you need a another shooter because other than that. Right I'm not going to that's well that's what he does he's a one to mince. Allbaugh ran salmon like your bud bud James Johnson is better player. Right leg that would it is so like who's winning that trade and Indio dragon in significant salary cap relief. Then that I don't know that that's so enticing for the for the heat's really we know and looks like when the restart their upcoming season and it's that whole lot more so let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. I was starting college football you will starting tight end Michael Irvin junior expected to be sidelined four months after sustaining a knee injury in training camp. He's expected to have surgery to correct that MCL injury in a few days from the tight end battle now expected to be among sophomore Brian windy and freshman reverend Jordan. And will Mallory. Staying in the NCAA going over to basketball. In CA announced rules changes today among the most significant a leap. College basketball prospects as identified by USA basketball. We'll be allowed us will be allowed to sign with an agent as of July 1 of their senior season high school. College players can hire an agent after any season if they request an evaluation from the NBA undergraduate advisory committee. In either case the agreement with the agent must be terminated when the student and rolls in or returns to college. So you're not supposed to be able to consult with these agents during the time that you were actually enrolled in school. Also the blow another rule change anyone that declares an NBA draft. Attends the Columbine and does not hear their name called on draft night will be allowed to return to their former school without penalty. I rule drugs just wears a look coming appeared about a half hour from me is being caused bass alongside her new social world I mean to put us. But I put it in real simple terms here and on what this means what this. Affects and where this whole thing is going. Cut NBA Miami Heat. Reportedly opening the season October 17 at oral. And oh October 18 at Washington that according to Ira wonderment of South Florida sun sentinel gains and dates are starting to leak out. Among some of those are NBA's opening week national TV schedule. And on opening night national nationally televised games. Billy at Boston and October 16. Also in October 16 OKC. At Golden State so some of the gains for opening night. Christmas and that MLK junior holiday have been released. Here's Christmas Christmas Day or your quick rundown her pert bucks and knicks started noon in Newton then you go Oklahoma City Houston at 3 o'clock. And Philadelphia and bosses at 530 and who and then the lakers and Golden State it eats. And then the wrap up with a eggnog is Portland at Utah law. Let your Christmas Day slate which is really they're they ones showcase their best team so that's what they think of of their best teams and where they place on. All right Tom Miami Dolphins off today they open pre season tomorrow night at seven against Tampa Bay. And gazing at the pre season game to where wide receivers to make their biggest impressions on coaches. That's because the plays during practice or so scripted between. You might have a run segment or you might be throw in the bowl to Dovonte Parker and Aurora Tinny steel so. For guys on the bubble. That's Leon take rumor Sean Scott Isiah Mort Malcolm Lewis this Tampa Bay game is going to be be tomorrow night cap it's going to be their chance to go out and get some balls thrown their way in and show what they can do. Finally Miami Marlins host saint louis' 710 tonight Marlins eighteen games behind Billy in the NLE sixty you have Beckham well court. Last in attendance at 9744. Well last night they don't have a smallish crowd 7230. Cozy yet cozy will see what they get tonight. Those are your headlines and the Marlins bullpen has been doing up recently and trees. Yeah I bear claws is he's had a rough what post all star break stretch on Christmas and so star break. So I will will see what they can do it Bacon's really right now where we're watching your numbers well 64 and now. Yeah yeah sixty violence yet where we're based it re seeing of the Marlins can avoid a a hundred losses right now. Brands are we don't have another early on it'll have like a seven game losing streak uranium from Colombia I should hit that's number we that I bunch attacks on that he'd deal. Duracell also live at the rocket's first trumpet how it deals floated last week that I saw was similar. Similar prospects were John senator Johnson. And for Ryan Anderson I think if you like Ryan Anderson I like Ryan Anderson. But. Yeah right into your payments when he million bucks an X two years. Soul. Late it is is one of those deals that I anyway so this perk need haven't done anything we know that that's why it was says of the worthy of the worst offseason MBA. That that he can change your roster and make it different name but that necessarily make it better make them better. They're big problem. Well not their big among their big problems. Is that nobody wants the guys on their rosters and sold. You're you're just kind of boxed in it is one thing to have a roster that the geysers sold so. But when nobody once your guys and now you're just gonna box beer limit is that that's a big problem here. You mentioned that in Cam Newton in mobile get this on the other side here that's that's easy to say. Meant to me that's true put may be that he don't want everybody else's. Dots. I get this deal I would I would wanna make that deal you're not getting your good play you're not getting the better player out of that deal. Everyone has everyone has bad contracts. That are just they're just saddled to their bench from him. So as much as I I like the fact that Riley did not just settle to settle. And just change at the changes and maybe in this take a loss on some of these deals. Right lol you know you would civil and we wanted he does well I think what from east import riveted on. Jail cable beauty we're regular Tyler Johnson we elect Joseph Johnson when I gonna do offer Ryan Anderson patella Johnson that is gonna Iran isn't as good talent out. Letting you look at it from the other side where you go. Rally hasn't just made a move just for the sake of making a move. And changing the roster because everyone's been floated there's a mean average he's got can be more sitting there and Ryan Anderson sitting there. And they Heath Evans and I don't know because I mean. When you look at that you trust to there's nobody on that that roster that is just a waste. There's nobody that's a waste. It now wouldn't say so there there there are disappointments not waste acknowledged there so is nobody lets you don't even get on is not a wait Null Null is not let's go get worn this before it's clear text messages. On on this topic as well 67974. View one with sense of the men do so right here on some and I didn't figure. To. Oh. Well as I once again today if that means. Storms we brought out there in the Atlantic and there is once again sponsoring. It's harder for local and whether authority which certified Nadal is Betty Davis wants any right now. Channel ten that given the weather here in the studio former director of the National Hurricane Center in Turkey's specials Max Mayfield. And nurtures specials Bryan Norcross and Uga today normally the storms this season partial coverage on particular sponsor but AT&T services to take it you didn't. PG ATM back windows and doors to yesterday this hurricane season right here. On in have a nineteen a from. 1043 HD two to get a radio dot com station Curtis and her press with you here. On a busy Wednesday. Afternoon. As the eighth day of August were our work our way toward pre season game number one tomorrow night's. Out in two out of hard rock stadium. And we need some of the back some of these key text but isolate Texan is a good catch by somebody out there. And that until last year did his country to the team option. So they see only has two more guaranteed year so he's based in the same boat as Tyler. So he would have ultimate flexibility after a after after the two years so. Yeah I mean it just go back to our U. You know in two years the heat are gonna make their move. Right right play on what you think of when are the heat. When kidneys he really get in the mix for and have the money for for to determine a free agency that has a disease that they can't easily before that army traders are right. Yeah and really use are watching them. After a year and a half right as the trade deadline comes up in you've got some expiring contracts. You know going in right well a million little. But if like if you're the heat. Your basically you're setting your Celek in the reality. You're setting yourself up for. The off but the one need twenty season right the 22021. Tony Tony Tony Tony once again. Right that's what your goal that's what we're going to be a player. So you wanna get all yours yours things in a row here all your ducks in a row you wanna have all you wanna have okay justice is a keeper Josh is a keeper. Those are going to be our guys for the AM if that's the case and then you go where have all this money. And not the same deal doesn't arrive when your doors to beatle make it but that's when you you'd think word that's going to be our push that's going to be our launch date so to speak. Right it's like you know you're sitting there saying like you you know you. We're sitting here and now worry in 5000 dollars in debt perk. You and I ran of the American Express card here on 790s you know the corporate card here memorize we need to we need a few months to pay this thing off here. So we're gonna pay it off and by the end of this year will then we're going to be we're going to be fine. There we go out and and run an up again so that's where the heater at their was basically two years. Of these contracts does because what's gonna happen they dare not gonna get ultimate salary cap relief for an of these players so basically you're ending to swap contracts. And there's going to be no real. Certain salary cap relief well until the two years are up anyway. The the big trick for the heat the big playing here obviously is. You've got to see who's in this free agent class in two years we know who's available next year. And of next year is the better year than you better get active next year. Because they have if there's nobody to make a move forward in two years. And what's the court well I don't know who I am looking that far ahead on this at the end arms in the heat right receipt I'm you know obviously Patton Indy have looked at that correct yeah yeah they know me running the city's Alberto Gonzales tells us what on Canada in this and that right there that that's what we you know as much as we can sit here and say a yes that's when you'll get your big cap relief and that's when bill make their big move. I'm sure they've looked at it and it the better free agent class is next year as opposed to two years ago. I think that they're going to debt position to make a move next year. We got Logitech Cyril has Rupert you're probably is Tim Johnson is better player is just not good enough to repaid fifty million a year. Or that much better than Anderson for that matter. Say bye to Tyler not JJ the heat have nineteen guards. Also some leases that this always say that James just has a 3-D with a 43 player option I thought it was the other way around who we can Al double check on that that you know. It's only two years untie other ornaments on yes that's correct. So those steal the two years is when you kind of busy pitcher. Pitcher being me you know money. You big money back. But that's what you can really start to make some some some moves. If you're if you're the Miami Heat put hill there there are kind of in a in a tough spot. So it's assurances are basically he'll be mediocre till 2001 over a big player wants to come by buys and I mean. Yeah look looks like James Johnson has yet two years and a player option and Tony Tony twenty. Anyone's rights is a three year deal could you not tease that OK true player off okay and so wrong on that so his son team option it's a whole layer options are racist three years and now my biggest thing. When they sign all these I don't know probably a sign in Reno easily they got about the team back there with third eleven perked. My biggest issue was. Did you have to go four years or James Johnson essentially did you have to go for years were Dion Waiters. A subtle side you had to do it. And actually you know my view on that I I didn't I actually didn't mind that blood. I broke one of my cardinal rules is don't assume improvement. And I did and I would say that he did with all of those deals occurs. I don't know what the heat was thinking my thinking was. Okay you've got a mock up 444. Years. Bill do better than they did and that 3011 finish and they will have trade value because. You're going to be trading guys that are under contract as opposed to trading somebody who has one year left and now the team is on way if I can't sign him to a long term deal. Both law and might think obviously words are you assume that James and Dion and and Tyler and all of these guys were going to improve yet. They didn't they basically stayed the same and now other teams look at them and going fair bet rice and those many years. Now hold. Or right now that you have no options right. Then your options busy here's where because if anything the last month and a half has shown us. Is they can move these guys right now the polls are the only option he'd have his majority is talking about the only hope that Miami has is. You you run this thing back. You hope. Dion Waiters comes back and he's great. You woke Tyler Johnson improved some whites I gets his game back and then. And if you wanna get off of some of these guys who you can get off of them. Or you just ride the wave in May be there or maybe they they win 45 to fifty games next year. And they're really good because all these guys improved. But there they're released that though the with a lot I shot that they were being able to move in his cuts. But considering what we're all what else is out there you've got to read the tea leaves and say okay you know this that you're getting Ryan Anderson type quality back. We make it twenty million bucks a year so. Day that's all they can hope for is just to ride this thing out hope these guys get better that's the position therein right you can't make anything and I mean perk. Now the other thing has been that's been that's been shown to us is even if there's a guy available. Ward did that the heat have doesn't get the if the quiet letter was available being. I don't care yeah you know how you know have no that's the jones' stint yet though I think Joe's I think about this step well to text here. When I see it and I was assuming that the free the players would get better. And they didn't the Texas says exactly. And you're assuming free agents are coming here stop assuming. The draft has all we need. But you gotta get to those big players in the draft and and I'm not as good and and also Leo I'm not assuming that reagents are coming here. I'm just saying where the key to get in the mix I I don't assume Klay Thompson is coming here terror money hi re Irving I don't assume that. But for the seat to. It the heat has to be in position to get them. 22 we've been. Too we've been you don't have that as a possibility the other being is this text. Bringing about a comment the other day about that he'd only having 41 wins I'll take the over that seems like easy money that was to remember what's of the Westgate in Las Vegas and the port number 41 and have art and so. When we're talking about assuming. The do you think we're getting the same Dion Waiters back because to me that also factors in that 41 and a half. Every anywhere issuing our enemy in the Dow's run around with a one bum ankle. So all he's on the he's healthy than your anger and yet something got to deal winners. But is it going to be the same. Because Dion was. Trending toward being your late game guys. The confidence will will leave them that's that's who he is that's in his basketball DNA but will he have the steel to go along with that confidence. Is he going to take the next step can be the guy you can put the ball in his hands in the last three minutes. And he can pretty much get the job done for you. Bet that's what you have to kind of ask because sometimes. Yes sometimes. Right. I mean he's not going to be a Kobe at the end I really don't know guys is he going to take a step from the last time that we you know I think he'll be you know be your go to guy. And an MS and reasonably that's that's wait and see. Read a lot of things in recent super close no no don't know but no no no no again just progress from where he well I'm not so I also love the completely healthy price as CIA when you say I don't see why not though I didn't see why James Johnson wasn't going to. Stay the same improved from the 3011. Or Husain or Tyler that. That's what I'm saying. None I mean it's I mean I described as a get a disorder become those guys mean James Johnson. Little bit of age. Mean those guys have different circumstances Ramirez you can mean. You have and a and that's you know that's that's not criticizing the key urban heat planned well that's just looking at this being objectively. And saying. Yeah you're right they Dion Waiters is gonna be back but. It is he going to be the same Dion Waiters it's like you wonder is he going to be the same Ryan Taylor field or is it going to be the same bogey cousins. Well that model that you mentioned Dion Waiters I don't think that that's a huge parties get to with Dion Waiters. Like when you ask me pretty close games they'll sometimes yeah right. In the sometimes is gonna throw a thirty footer that's gonna barely hit the rim didn't endure to lose that way and sometimes get a bank one in there was gonna say always clutch and also the studio. So let us an atlas that he's not gonna be like. Some all star closer known he's just right I just that I don't that the bars that set that I played yes we like Bhutan he'll pay is he gonna do what he did in sixteen. I don't think that's too much to ask do you. I see that's another one that I I did I am undecided I I don't know if he's I'd I think that he is going to be the same Ryan Taylor hill but I. He when you have these guys who were still a sending and they get injuries. I wonder if they're going to continue rescinding or they'll level off word half season three quarters of a season and then take up to where they were. We already have that level officer gonna give music production that he gave you before he got hurt MR and a more inclined to give the benefit out to younger guys anyway. So old I got a thing like James Johnson if you get all you know as you get older site. Okay the unity in your thirties early Deborah for 25. And yeah yeah yeah get her for one season. You know your you can still come back in the OC why can't continue view to get better anything 67 I chipped in for that tiger Regis on the tech signed. Got a question or comment observation that some some MBA. He talked in there we talked some. College basketball we're just pours though because that's what insiders just up by next here on 79 minutes ago. Your breaking sports updates and was okay and all of our shows and hosts on our new radio that come apps downloaded now make sure. You turn on other occasions settings we knew that come your new home for everything game 79 you know from one of forgery. HD to the ticket for super wreck with me here on 792 tickets the NCAA has instituted some new college basket. Ball rules in the what does that all mean so Lumpur American matter a little bit and ousted an expert on here dub basketball insider for ESPN enjoy dissolve his shoe on Iran feels. And downs there's Ximian stores just signed their truly still beyond the vehemence refined Jeff for Zell who does an excellent work color covering college hoops Prius we inning joins us here. On the ticket Jeff thanks for taking a few minutes are things. And not in bed is still full circle sort of go through all the all the sweeping changes there that can make. Yeah so Ozal was only give us the other cliff notes version here I never read the book and I just wanna know exactly. How exactly this is gonna work here and what no one of the the big. Bold points that the NCAA is trying to make today. The headlines and delete coming out of it is college players that declare an indicator don't get distracted. Even as a nominee can come back the school after the draft so that that that the date headline the other one is that college player. High school players are going to be able to on the Eagan. Go to be a bigger now. In practice I don't think it would go and actually have. The impact that they have one basic theme. The players that come out come back after dropping track but happy by the NBA I'm buying. And look I think about it there will be there or have a lucrative enough option over these. To make it worth going and now we're back at school but I will players it'll depend on when the NBA get her the wanna double the latest report we have. Is that they're gonna look at until 20/20 on your point one want. And so I think for headline murdered and that is big news I think it but it's been good that. But in reality of it affecting more than maybe if he can per year. Yeah and that the C that was kind of where I was going to go with whip my question is that. It seems once again an out I'm not a huge in CAA critic. But it seems once again that the NCAA is making rules board of view as opposed to rules for the vast majority. And not that there's necessarily a whole lot wrong with that. But but I don't see this necessarily as improving college basketball. As much says it improves college basketball war up view of the elite players when would you agree would that a remote base. Absolutely inning and even increase stated that it but it only quote unquote leak camera are you going to be able to bond with each. And USA basketball according bin fade into the one pat wit identifying elite as well prospects and for the most part a lot of it thirty happened verbally Cuban agent. Those good up and expect to have many of them and for the college it is clear is the problem is that they're not and you have a need the route the college career. They're going to be it'll have been. After the Palestinians as. And so a bit about the about the split terminate that agent relationship again that if he barring an agent for two months after the house seat then. Let me it shapes that sort of you know not a PR stunt I think that their intentions are are good and I think it is the a step that that the Perry I don't think that you know they have on the command that are really gonna show. The stated impact that it. College basketball insider Prius V and jump Gore's old joins us here on 79 to take it. One of the members of outing agent is a kilometer fifty dollars can you give me a little front money here. Is it is that that's not still you can't have any of that agent his base is somebody working for you or. Is they're gonna be some financial transaction during those months that you can be associated with an agent. Yet there shall be able to pay for. Transportation and lodging and meals been like that they're not look at abide them yet. Or anything it is betting that that you're there met looked at their clan and the irony agent and then they in attract others and they can do whatever they want but if they have. Any hope of going back to college and that the only you know transportation lodging meals and played bad so what you said that he. One of the benefits that he has that and they'll work for you that it you know get keeping here and there. In this case there really can't early on the book they will be able to. And so that Beckel back in the original Q which which. Back in September the FBI investigation or opera senator Graham aged from third party. He needed. In almost eight injured or powerful and if you wanna quit the game. Or corn called queen of the game and and you're directing it the limit agent involvement been like that. Making them more a factor starting high school. It's not the end there are to think that make them more out or that he knows where it. The calendar change and they entered the truck maker hurting calendar where they're not letting coaches go to shoe company sponsored event that much. You know what when players go to the event either way coated so you have them so they're gonna call. A you coach your shoe company rep they're armed service people which are third party that you know part of the issue back in September so. You need it but they're really solve any of the issues I think it. It intricate allowed to prevent it from the investigation back to. I ever girding to Asia and evolve into one and done things like that hit a lot of different things I don't think it helped. And the the issue is that in about let them. You mentioned the one and done it's great when all the coaches say of their ads and all the kids should just go to the approach is go to the pros so there there there all pro player. Pol who is behind the the one and done. Or make the kids go to college loses because the NBA deal. They don't wanna budget general manager sitting in a much a hot sweaty high school gyms watching seventeen year old. It who's really behind the one and done is it the MBA because they're reading colleges and others let him go all who behind the scenes is does putting up the road blocks for the one and done role. An NBA rule and you know they don't necessarily want. You know budget seventeen Euro in the NBA I think if it helps that she accompanied it I think you know these guys are in college for one year helped build our brand a little bit. You know ban Simmons the hungry Marty back especially tree off the trail had been a one. As straight the NBA guy. You know he might even at that Europe they might have gone on draft lip nobody. But because he went to college you eat now built up popularity. Signed a lucrative shoe contract. And so there's a lot of different entity that liked the one inaugural NBA's chief among them. And that spurt that you know they're not gonna really talk about that until 1282021. So to me it hit home until they decide picking hit it seemed like. Today announced that it was a little bit not easily done conducted it thought about it but I think it. You know some of the deep felt the need to be ironed out I think they went ahead with you being. I'm without talking to the right people. I I I would agree but I you know I got the more I look at this it just seems to be so narrow. Did you give me any insight on when you talk about players who entered the draft and and our draft they're returning to their former school without penalty. Why the stipulation that you must participate. In the NBA tomba. I think you're so that they don't. They don't have that he players that are going undrafted and you know it is so neat and then it would come down here they have their own back where anybody that went under the back at school. I think you would see you know a couple under kid declare for the draft is they know they return without penalty. Forgot where they get that whether they get trapped they're not that restricting that for the come on guys. Elise sort of limit the number of a player you're gonna have given is because college coaches. There are too early because. A player who won that he would declare for the draft in on the nation. A coach knows that hey you know we're not gonna happen we have either on her plate that we Pittsburgh are all we have in the weather that transfer you know I will kid what can we do. Now they're the sort of sit and wait. But the wait until the Monday after the NBA draft he whether that can want to come back you're not because you know according to this new legislation they need to have a scholarship available for the kids. That the spot on the in Britain so. You know can copy your view that these spot did leave early they go out or buy it or play them. Now they've sort of say well you know you want to come back we have that spot and he does did what do we do. So college coaches are in favor of this of this new role and I think. In some ways limiting it sitcom my guys at least. Italy does that make you know pick 75 colleges at rip. And the last thing and I I know that I don't have this correct so correct me if I'm wrong it isn't there another ruled it talks about Tom. Investigations. And that schools are you know athletic directors are school personnel will be required to. Participate but I thought in and tell me if that's right but I thought there was also something where they NCAA can use like third party investigation. Information so like if if rural Ohio State this excellent or I guest verse another case of if a private investigator finds something they can use it or the police find something they didn't use that in the investigation continued. What what did that mean and how are they some item that. That you're right and I think that to me that. Bit more about Bob about the investigation ordered it might be the biggest short term impact if any of these blue and Burgundy look under the rug. With all the other headline but you're right so the the biggest thing is school present athletic that must commit contractually for all cooperation investigation. Basically and they try to get subpoena power and I think you'd be popular Wii you can't that they know if Jerry I'll get the diary somebody else you got up you. And the other part is an investigation can now take information from another administrative body. Well that the ER BI court police anything they can use that. And that it needing to go out confirm the information themselves. And so to me in the short term the FBI investigation the palace that the ball. The NBA doesn't have to. You know go out investigate themselves they can look at what the FBI 38 in and they can use that as as their permission make a decision based on that. And also you know some of the coaches that got caught up in it. They're going to be forced to talk to the NBA now they can't say hey I don't want the very popular it BI you know power over me. If they want them to say hey you got a contract you must talk and Anthony got. That that it had a huge impact on on all or investigation get they've got a really happened do their own investigating anymore and they can basically give at all to. The FBI or police Ernie like that. Let me get this huge change and also along with that. Is that the potential help either they happen that they're they're making those stronger they're saying you know like I'm banned Ehrlich I'm shall cause the you know five your post season ban I think they're really trying to. You know Nady had a little bit and saying hey if BI investigation develop apple come down. And and we come up with all these coaches that are involved we say that they like I'm bad my I'm banned haute even band they don't the thought to what we get the FBI now. But they're preparing for the little bit for the end of the FBI that the actions. Jeff great stuff man out we gotta run and I promise ring about it a couple of months when the season startled talks about some teams that the players and we'll get after that way thank you Jeff thanks. Yeah I mean I'll jump or Zell college about possible insider Prius preamble. His delegates are up to them what's going on and tells us from the new rules and. Yet that that last part I was just reading over it now and I yeah I just thought they'd. If they can take it they can take the stuff from the FBI investigation kind of as gospel. In the coaches are going to have to talk because they're contractually obligated but. Each they're not gonna do their own investigation they're gonna take bad as gospel there's going to be some. In the future of some assistant coaches etc. will be ducking for cover and probably pretty upset the way that this thing plays out. Good information from Jeff where Zeller right there if you miss would Jarvis Landry had to say on hard knocks. On HBO last night will have a four you puzzled at your 5 o'clock code word in headlines next Johnson and I didn't take it. Our styles and I didn't take your presents the good guys that Children's Hospital kids and expo. On September 8 is coming up this a great event I with a part of it last year and had a blast. And I was in the region but did your did your love this man. Is that the museum of discovery and science were talking more than 75 steam activities including science technology entertainment art and live concerts by Genevieve goings from. Disney junior Kevin Quinn who plays Zander. On Disney's bumped plus the public's aid brings cooking school we hosting kid friendly demos throughout the event it's all sponsored by Gloria. Main street children's dentistry in orthodox and paradise Ellis Island Bahamas. Visit to Miami dot com for more info person per prep with you were here. As decorated pressed play on the 5 o'clock hour and we'll maybe the 5 o'clock who werder. In in just. A remote. In order to we have Adam hi sure he's coming up here. There on five to forty and we're gonna talk Kansas City c.'s football with them. And what we're trying to do here is we're gonna hit every NFL camp. In the next two and a half to three weeks. So we had Chicago the other day we did Tampa. Who don't always play tomorrow by the way is who knows that timely. And Kansas City today and then we're just gonna wears it around homeowner brutally we're gonna roll through here or in do a couple I know. Here and there on Friday to. One a day at least and we're gonna hit a mall. And Maria via the only insight on stuff like you know who to watch who could be a breakout player. All of these different things that that you wanna know and just give your refresher course here is we get ready for the NFL seasons so perk and I allows and we think. Everyone would enjoy that we enjoy bringing these guys on and and getting information out of Seoul believe you enjoy that so. Mom I know tonight's kids see cheese tray and you have to say hello to hell we're talking these guys fork but just give the information because your team might be planned their team and so on and so forth obviously as a football player house panel home good news pre hunt gonna do. We're gonna check in pay out or Wilson came in city. There's there's usually insisting names on every team no doubt somebody that you wanna know about who went sued the college that you follow or from. Near your hometown. Or retain from that team from your seamer went to that team from your team. There's usually ties coach there's usually ties. Eight Albert Wilson a wanna know what the deals without rules and what is involved in there with them so. Animal all talked about about now all that's the come up here five Tony but it's 5 o'clock so let's get your chance when a thousand dollars here at seven I didn't think of summer swindle contest. You're just take home a thousand dollars. Are you just text the word art perk in you've been good on this omelets I think this to me and easy one here. To body of water. The Atlantic blank ocean there you go there you go text the word ocean. Ocean OC EOK and ocean is 72881. Newly registered text ocean OC EA and 27281. Do right now if you don't win this time in exchange some of the top of the next hour. This is the national contest message and data rates may applies to do and don't text and drive. Oceans. Eleven the nuclear right now we all those movies. Well remember Billy Ocean. So almost every yeah I have my feet in the Atlantic Ocean in. The United States in in Europe. Locating. OK very nice and there's a bar on how individual or Carly was oceans eleven or oceans thirteen. They stay open like Tony for three hours a day yet. Now voters is there. You guys have there may never know OK but I have been to Tony three hour a day bars I've been to the deuce on South Beach. I was deuce I have been there when it is closed and I have been back like fifteen minutes later waiting port to reopen. Yeah say it's it's been some other assay headline news in and sometimes gap but I don't know dateline we've been blunt we love in their Purdue we've got to go to law had that moment and the assay ourselves ocean's thirteen and it's still there there you go on how they'll be boulevard. Okay. Of the text line manual is on the text line is true it's not a pleasure I was like the Internet there's nothing they know the Internet nothing fake on this excellent coach every drive. Ocean bank. Ocean bank. Yeah so. Ocean yes. But yes ocean's thirteen man that that place. I'm sure is still pretty pretty pretty while there but he added time was had by all the time was semi auto memorandum is not a good time was that was only have my at all. Ocean is the F 5 o'clock word it's easy enough to witnesses. Ringo and T it's hideaway is putting this tense 24 hours they used to be my spot. How did it seems to close by would own thing you know they're so yeah Camby toy for our little bit much even for Miami. The 23 hours and Leo Leo and then I'm not gonna say that I'm not gonna say that at all what's Sobel an art rock is open 24 hours correct. I know out of being I think it is I know some of those spots downtown used to be like eleven. And what was so yeah a couple of those spots used to be. Win Nam. What was that with gold rush was down there and end up space and space and but there was another one that I thought was was open twenty. Four hours. Bogosian don't want their four hours space shuttle race was not known and although this club mogul Russell to implement for a that's on the first things Burke when you're an eagle and another city. But one of the first things I get into Aaron talked to the cab driver to the bar whatever. When house run and run and gun a little bidding will colleges that open. Yeah yeah he's got us right hander that's standard question persevere. Yeah how a holy you know local rally real candidates and if you're close unit soon. There's open later you got to plan your night at a later tonight accordingly yeah you have yet to do that because I got you get you get you at sites like to come a couple of cities and my midnight even when they all we will last call on 101. AM my demo Mosley nation as 2 AM. The beaches by the no downtown Miami used between four hours in on them like they'll look at you like cross site like what listen I'm from Miami. So you closed at 1 AM I'm taking a shower on am radio out there all right I mean that's dead to me that's is how it works down here. Here at in South Florida red area that's that's how it's working there 67974. That's you're Regis on the text line. A lot of text this ocean's thirteen okay. Is not an Howland notes on anyone name between how we're assured yes my in my development how those right there traded just north of how on the beach. Boulevard there he can get to did that it can't give that to two confused here are let's get to let's get to 5 o'clock head guy. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at W has advanced that can't be HD you'll Miramar plea deal. Com station. We start with college football you im starting tight end Michael Irvin junior expected to be sidelined for months. After sustaining him CEO injury during training camp he's expected to have knee surgery. To repair that MCL sometime this week the tight end battle now expected to be among sophomore Bryant who windy. And freshman Brevin Jordan and we'll Mallory know. Experience there whatsoever all those guys supposed to be studs listen to freshman who Jordan Mallory. But even though urban probably you like that a little bit experience there but a tough break for Ervin junior. Very much is college basketball in CA announced rules changes today among those more significant ones. A leak high school prospects. And they have to be labeled a leak by USA basketball. Will be allowed to sign with an agent as of July 1 of their senior season in high school. College basketball players. Can hire an agent in the off season if they request an evaluation. From the NBA undergraduate advisory committee. In any event. No player can have contact with an agent during the college season so. When the student enrolled in or returns to college. That relationship must end also. Anyone that declares for the NBA draft and does not hear their name called on draft night will be allowed to return to their former school without penalty. We just talked to just pours so called busboy insider Paul. All about it there I'm all for better roles for the kids. But and some of these arbiter of your early. Like you know if you're really into it's it is there's just rules may prove it to you now for the many. Correct in this case yeah yeah I'm not I don't think that I don't think it makes college basketball better now easier but it takes some pressure. All of the coaches and the administrators the the the the fifteen guys. That are the super early prospects. And but those guys are getting pampered anyway great. Yup. I'm not a big grin of of those two things I'm not sure that they move the needle much. NFL Miami Dolphins off today they open pre season tomorrow night at seven against Tampa Bay. Some position battles to watch wide receiver where some guys on the bubble could make a name for themselves guys such as Leon take rumor Sean Scott. Isaiah board and Malcolm Lewis. Other position battles to wise backup quarterback between brought us Wyler and David bills. Cornerback between core Drake Tankersley and torn tire ticker between rookies Jason Sanders and rig Joseph. Miami Heat there's their schedule is starting to leak out beer re slow leak. What we know now from our ruined her memorize my cohort at the sun sentinel the heat opened October 17 at Orlando. October and they play also October 18 at Washington so that's a rolled back to Barack and M and some other stuff from the NBA that is starting to leaked out the have released there. Opening week national TV schedule their Christmas Day games AM MLK junior holiday games on opening night. October 16. The nationally televised games are Billy at Boston and OKC. And it Golden State as far as baseball. And our but it was here about baseball in the sound. Your Miami Marlins postings Saint Louis seventy and tonight Marlins eighteen games on Philly in the NL lease sixteen who have Beckham while Clark who less than attendants 9740. Bork. Marlins have 77230. Last night in their loss tonight's rubber match right. They're they've both split. So for now tomorrow and we'll go to shows some. Similar fashion both came to a low scoring and him one at the end alternate loans. Okay 67974. That's how you reaches. On the ad text below 96797. Or ocean spray look at this notice as a Jewish person Jim street and pursue. Hard knocks is and so good man it's just the Jews it is so. So good to real baker mayfield there'll you'll bigger may flir forward Tyrell Kansas City his silly chiefs football. Opt. Boy man you just like you watch all these young guys come in perk and in the back in my mind. It is. In three or four years one and some of these guys are just gone extinct. Off quarks and you just go man. This is a big risk here's Jim this year he signed his rookie contract here's what 22 million dollar signing bonus for the browns. The most important person you're concerned about the right here. This teacher compensation can and can't hear your cycles and this is an obviously the biggest chunk of change in the Antarctic almost point two million. We've got fourteen to come in the right thing that'll pay for college tuition. It shouldn't. I like alleged it is I governments. Since the news this here he is. The close remedy. If you do something it collective default in that would mean is this guy that in Alexandria. So so there's all sorts of dangerous activities is in the windows Skoda and England's right now and so. You could still do it as long as you don't stated donors if you sustain injury doing it skydiving and guiding rock climbing. Racing you know there's a candidate so long list where you saw and what approach. Yes please. Yeah it's probably do is special for a group. Jack you do for us yes sir I am. So Becker main revealed thousands agent that was John Dorsey and l.'s troublemakers friends or you know just so signing his rookie concert or overthrow the provisions there. I I just you know everyone's so excited you're baker mayfield. And number one overall pick all those expert I just imminent no matter who it is Sam Arnold or Josh Rosen like the guy comes in you pay all that money. And it's like. There's a really good chance that this guy's gonna sock. And it just all the everyone and by the way it's not just that guy. Like big of angels to refine them make a bunch of money. Whether he's on the NFL or not in five years whom. Like John Dorsey reputation is on the line in hue Jackson is gonna get fired of bigamy for those who work out and on and on line. They just go in this guy and you're he's walking to the building and it's just such a crapshoot when you talk about franchise quarterbacks. I can make or break now the other side of that as he turns out then you're going to be employed and gainfully employed in rich beyond your wildest dreams for the next 1015 years. Kazakh icing the super balls and that guy is it may get everybody money. If you're you know if you're Mike McCarthy got Aaron Rodgers your fine your ballot said you got Brady. All of those things that everything he just on that one guy and that one position. And here's a kid that's 2122. Years old coming out of college. Boehner is going to. In three years what is this going to look like these are they going to be Channing. Big corps mayfield. Like they were you on hard knocks last night or other umi Channing baker Sox in three years in the dog counts. You know my absolute favorite part of that polls being that whole scene without question. Was John Dorsey the GM going to we signed display likes football news nonsense about skydiving it just signed the damned currently on the field. Well just what ever so we can get out of this looked like you know debate are willing to think this'll paper college to shut up and start you know what's industry shut up instant like on this. You know stuff where the camera showed up and signed the document or I love that I absolutely loved it. It's just I mean the money you wanting ever to make so much money Cingular got 25 million dollars to care I mean whatever some my money. Davidson was right but it's just like this this in this guy doesn't this guy. And you know half of these quarterbacks have got lost. And today they have and swing is in player acquisition I've. Probably. What forty to 50% album are. They're not going to be a bust but they're not going to meet expectations. And and that's kind of how old. Yeah that I that I look at all player acquisitions whether it's draft or free agency or trade the forty to 50% of them are going to disappoint doesn't mean that they're going to be out of the league. But they're just not going to be what you want it. But if you realize he's been a hijacker on alignment any misses. You can fix that he's been hired trapper gonna quarterback camp. You can't fix that well you you got to get another win that might as well as in the view this view but in his ghetto but you with that position to you're waiting three or 45 years to figure out if that guy's gonna be the guy you don't wanna give Obama guy. Yes there and I a year and that's actually what I hate about the draft a quarterback every year theory. It's like dude you're gonna have a bad dialogue like it takes three or four years applied out of one guy can play so you're gonna like. What renewed the other guy's contract before knowing that he can play. Existed stuff outside our market as are not always quote is awesome on HBO Oman. Unbelievable man so much stuff to you to get to let's look around consider our look around the NFL without anti sure from ESP NE covers the Kansas City Chiefs a long time covering the the chiefs there will talk checked him. On Casey coming up next right here on some benighted take. Regularly take my age they jewels. And coconut grove isn't a transition age difference or discover them and its initials dot com. I'm a law firm 100% dedicated to your financial recovery fighting the insurance company is worth it ham Alexa North Miami. Always enemy he's in deal Curtis a program with the here on 79 minutes ago looked around the NFL continues as we head to Kansas City the heartland perk. Middle America baby. I was there on Christmas Eve of that dolphins game and as they see Oliver and Kansas City and this man has been covering the cheese for a long long time and does an excellent job on not ESPN. Adam Tyson joins us on the Iran fuels and browsers to me is sourced guests lined they are truly step beyond him being a bomb on Twitter at at a tie shirt he has been and a major reporter who covers the Kansas City Chiefs how many years now item. Obama lost track at about twenties. So. It is the dog I can tell you that coach Oman care what he. Quarterback we're not when I started covering the chief showed. Photo op okay beautiful religion as they Len Dawson. And you know it will not look good will cure the with Joseph Montana well the good thing that's who. Patrick Holmes here. You go from Allen Smith the Padma homes here. This is a little bit of a gamble is it not. Yeah for sure you know I I can go. There was cheese could kept Alex Smith and they could have because you have one more year left in his contract. Did you change I don't know what they're gonna get without action that they get. Can't win and they make the playoffs now. Now they don't get much done when they get the playoffs but at least they get there are so mean it's kind of a disappointing season that they cheat don't release get into the postseason. And so world you'll see what happens from there but. I'm no longer term and over the chiefs are really excited about the possibilities here so commuters in the you know at all one point eight. And let me throw some names that you have people who have Miami ties. Damian Williams. Chad Henne and then Albert Wilson here what what do you think dump what you've seen of those pursue and and wept in Dalton spends expect. From Albert Wilson. Yeah anyone have a nice camp my I think he'll make two teen hero insurer when camp started by. If so far he's done pretty well and I think at this point at least on a predict he makes the team. Chad Henne. He's been okay in camp. You know he he's kind of you know would. The talk is all about them homes and all eyes turn on my home tiered cheese camps so these kind of go come through a little bit. Under the radar a little bit but you know he did achieve why is that he's a veteran and he doesn't need a whole lot of workers should be able to come in and not. Bob your run their offensive they needed to for a period time not Albert Wilson pretty it can guy. The he he came to that she's an undrafted player but. You know the chief kind of liked him and played well on special teams and sort of by his early years. To be made its way they have outweighed by he's either productive player and I'm a little surprised the contract the dolphins game 88 million dollars a year but you know he's he's productive player you'll he'll do some good things Miami. How about the speed on offense at a critical time hail Tyreke hill and then you got careened onto the I'd Sammy Watkins. Hi I mean it who was terrible offense or are we talking about Andy Reid's got to be just go on man. I got a lot of things that I did that I can draw appear every Sunday afternoon. Yeah absolutely and and you know pretty. Nice collection of Bob skill players and you know Caroline Travis Carroll he's not a sap some of those other guys you mentioned but that he is first 260 pound guy for sure so. You know there it is there was a lot for the chiefs team to do wouldn't. I think he changed going to be one of the most extinction only maybe the most pinched thinking in the league I don't know how good they'll be. Not that there might be that things might turn out from the sheer put a distinct with what they've got going on offense with a new quarterback. At all and and and the you know threats they have a receiver running back I think how all this comes together it's going to be pretty huge standing and not. You know. You know they can play some defense might be might turn out to be pretty good seat. Would you imagine the favored in the division they're going into the season. No just because of the change at quarterback. I think alcohol is going to be a good player right. You might be good player this season but it's it's just hard to predict. Barack. You know he can be able to do for the chief when Alex hit it right out of the bath right out of the box blood guts. We'll be looking concerned about the change in their defense you know they. One of the worst defenses in the league last year and I'm not sure that the things they did to try to fix that. We're gonna work at least not immediately showed they're gonna need to score a lot of points to win games this year and Bob you just you just don't know whether they're gonna be opted out of their first year where there are problems are cool there. And yeah Adam I was just about to ask about losing cornerback Marcus Peters he's with the LA rams now. A guy who would always around the ball always producing turnovers. How what what does that absence and is ready crippling loss or 88 humps look how would you turn that absence. You know hey Mark Peters yeah it was a it was a very good player and there's no there's no doubt it mattered in the right did in the turnover saying. Is it huge arena tour that was most beneficial will be achieved enough. Yeah I'll get back to that in a minute but you know all or part of the problem with cheese head master was they couldn't stop the run in one of the reasons they couldn't stop the run. Is that. They're playing with ten guys on the field will be opponents ran the ball because Margaret Peters just didn't wanna he was uninteresting that hurt. I'd be involved in a running play election could. We ripped the ball out of a backhand and he just was not interested in making a tackle world will be in physical and restricted interference or anything like that so while I'm here he was just a guy that opponents kind of picked up a little bit in the running game and so you know I I can go. You know it is from that aspect at least I think that you should ban that they're not being around but you're right and he took the ball away 800 times than not. I'm you don't achieve it didn't give the ball weigh much and certainly out there destroy loose loose that he didn't turn it over so the newly dubbed dynamic can be slipped this year that you have to be negative when turnovers in the late turnover a lot of not taken him away. I think this defense we talked about you know due to weakness there. It's not a defense that she's really wanna be put in in bad situations a lot. And they haven't done them much lately about that in recent years but they're going to be determined to overcome on the leak on. A lot more interceptions and Alex met. Might be tough for that defense. So you'll see Ella turned out but you know that dynamic is there. And Adam you know in an NFL offseason that's been marked by eight. What are they gonna do about him boom in this in this tackling being using the crown of the helmet. And deadly weapon. I've got to tell you this item from the more interesting are stories with you guys guard and I didn't go to butchered his name Lauren do overlay targets. And and toward each and he graduates from medical school he can't get doctor on the back of his Jersey but. What kind of guy is Ian and where were you funded on the side of putting doctor on the back of his Jersey that I thought that would have been outstanding. Korea is no that would have been are nice touch to the lead to a loud out. Because. You know it it is and this is the leader machine has never had a a medical doctor playing football forum so it was rude gently cashing in and they blew it so. You know. I think that was a mistake but. Out of hand tactic I mean if it's been kind of mentioning the watch him operate. I'm not literally. Pop to try to get his medical degree while he's playing football because. On the theory he had to be really disciplined I don't know that most people. Really appreciate the things he had to go through each both played football and continued starting insurers medical degree and I remember there that the chief got a game in London a few years ago when they had the bye week after he was. That he was going to be taken up up attempts during the by Mika puppet Montreal where he was just starting another war. You know he would study on the plane on the way home and in all the you know that the chief of normal rate is ready from the by intent that in your players are making plans to do is some fun things during the off week. No he's studying on the plane Coleman. And you know he's preparing for a the red medical tests that you did really well on by the way so it's economist there that it's one of the things that you did over the years to it to sort of keep up enough. You know you do what he had to do when you know he did graduate in May so a lot. If he did he then be an island. News is at least the freed from true for the time being released from none from the requirement now but then now he's just the football player so work you know he can now concentrate on that this time. I don't we always appreciate your time and coming on and not and given us the other Kansas City lowdown so odd things are kid gets in us up to speed on the chiefs here and and have a good season thank you Adam is that. Any darn yard. You gotta advertiser from ESP NFL nation reporter who covers the Kansas City Chiefs there is our look around the NFL continues so good does solid nine minutes talking to some she's the ball there what they gotta do. Pamela home's big army hand you have got a lot of speed on offense. Lot of fans you guys are hiring bill Spencer where Korean hunts given to voted no novice Chelsea across the middle that paid a lot of money to Sammy Watkins. They're gonna score a lot of points they should be exciting. Defense is out and said not very good look at Justin Houston and and that's never good lot of you are all related David Emerson here you know a lot of those clever guys. When he came here with NC state right the wind in the right way you'd you will amend Glynn India will Emerson not so well he was secular opening yeah you have to Washington and obviously the five he's right he's pals around all the wells. Yes really this has pretty good the new going to be memory and radio the old guys on the third for team the allies different names on the defense. Bob and I exactly guys that you're gonna go okay. This is gather we're gonna have for the long term there so should be as as the team surprised he didn't say who would be the day of Suez senior was the name of who would be fatal. Yeah the raider is out all the raiders they all sorts of problems a collegial Mac holding out I don't know what to make it's I agree coming back I mean he's just going to be an exploding cigar that's going to be a disaster. Are locate deer corn quarterback we'll see remarked I'm sham. Wait and see on the chargers you always like Philip Rivers and but they're always there always is there always shady yes there always downhill I would candidates right all right all right and insist that you didn't try to draw and a stable of board game losing streak I don't remember. My idea this is field goals last year to start the season in Denver opens beat them auto this I mean that he got Denver man Vance Joseph good luck. Good look around how I'll definitely think he's team M yeah. Good luck to bills I hope I'm also means well but I like Idaho these what I I like come home locked. Remember him at Texas there's a standing he's everything he's a San Antonio you know pretty sure I was like I was a watch like Texas Tech lose it was two years ago. And I you know Mike in the skies pretty good owner for anybody's on the sky. And then my Kindle. First topic dad with a Major League pitcher. Yeah they're not like you're number I mean this guy could play in the NFL the unexpected is that something you may be. Like is a fourth or fifth trumpet and also is for Shumpert in our area does exerted little I'm a bit and and look you you wonder about a lot of those Texas Tech quarterbacks are they just system guys right out there the united host listings Barry was one of those products and and he's teaching aid aid you know passing is tallest at their defense is supposed to be really good blitzer Texas Tech anyway has not into my home but yeah I I wonder about the o's guy is the boot. The Abu UH quarterbacks from back in the day and then you know are you a product of the system or are you a good player I guess we'll get another. Another level look inside and that depending on come home. It's a big gamble of the quarterbacks buck as you near your antenna and without Smith your own little playoffs is you're that was from there. But they obviously that's and they reached their threshold. With one Alex Alex Smith I will come back if you miss the 5 o'clock code word will reiterate that he would. As well if you detect the show feel free to do so it is up a variety of subjects we've been all over the place here only about some of the NBA does schedule. He is the games that have been released a little bit here we got to hear information. On now that we want to push out Tia as well if you just dump it in your car for happy hour had not. Head out from off from work here will get that he opposed the code word for the 5 o'clock hour. Coming up next radio 790 the ticket. There is only one. One way or listen on the ticket on your Smart device or computer and after the radio that come out for a radio dot com that's where stream of is and everything else are looking for some of them on the radio and a comment now know mr. Perry were to get show everyone lets you know if you have any issues that happen. You can email support and renew that common. 43 HD two. The ticket Curtis and perk back with you here on a Wednesday afternoon. Appreciate the game number one for the Miami Dolphins tomorrow the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Will be in town this thing is gonna get in in this thing is he would fast and furious perk in hot and heavy here in a hurry. Excellent dolphins play Thursday then Friday then Saturday and then Thursday. And pre season gets comes at too quickly here. And it gets a units installed pretty good before you know it Tennessee's going to be role in the Italian rated take on take on. The other dolphins in in week one starter wise. Realistically. I want to about ten or anything but just a regular starters office the events this couple series maybe 1015. Maybe yeah. I I would think definitely one series. And if it's a three NL maybe they get a second prior history it's not him but. Yeah other Europe. Look you're you're in a phils starters in the fourth pre season games usually play a total of about three and a half quarters. So. And and obviously the you know you know pre season you know the third pre season game is where they're going to get. Two quarters and played the first possession of the third quarter so it doesn't leave much time for the starters in the you know those other games. Really yet you at the priests at pre season the starters don't even get a full four quarters of football. Again it's usually three and a half so that's what you think this. To preserve probably one possession of the opening game may be sue. And then very little limited in the second game third game is where you beat bump and they pretty much don't play in the fourth it. He'll be interest thing missy and I decides there's a little bit here. And you know I say this I'm thinking a little bit negative negative written that a little bit negative on this front bundle I'll say it anyway if the court is the backup quarterbacks don't perform well a little do they do they do the dolphins looks look elsewhere possibly bring somebody else and. And the artist botanist on an out they're gonna yeah yeah yeah I know I'm out there and strike well it will depend on a couple of spektr's. How bad are these backups because. Remember Adam gaze has familiarity with both are squalor and feel so there's a certain comfort level. We knew him right the other thing. Obviously who's out there are and and does gays have a history with anybody that's out there. Look we know in the ended. Some seasons that Adam gaze has been here familiarity at bay quarterback Eli is that it is essential yeah so violence and an end if you wanna go a step. Beyond that is there someone that now log ins work with in in his past David bails this is on the call that MI. Don't know it's it's it's a legitimate. Question it is it is definitely a legitimate question. But those are probably the two biggest factors is how bad are these backup quarterbacks. And who else is out there that that gay spills familiar with that bogeys bills come away. Artist gets if you miss the 5 o'clock code word it is ocean ocean OC EA and hopefully they can throat in the ocean tomorrow. At hard rock stadium Texas to seven to eight they'd want to be registered. For the thousand dollar summer swindle contest ocean and a we young I was at the I was at the ocean Saturday after discrimination went to the beach and what can we don't really ocean. Allocate by the ocean. That's some that's a that's they're pretty catchy song that's I'll look at me like yeah okay shark all get older and on that. Ocean on the Atlantic Ocean of the civet Pacific Ocean the Indian Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean the Arctic sea heart to go there you know there's locate the ocean. So that's the color right we can't get any easier than battle this year something GAAP. I'm on the topic of pre season football this is one of the things that I've wondered about. Do you think somebody ought to do it differently. Because that's its drug from the simple and it's always the starters play one quarter and then they don't play hard earlier and they and he beat good. Like you Belichick changed it up. We know everybody else would follow right but. Should it be changed up and does do you think anybody has the guts to change it like if any read now decided I'm gonna play all my starters in the second gamer it eagles' five and eleven. And and somebody gets injured correct everybody's gonna call and an eightieth yes. If that scene ends up going thirteen and three. And Andy Reid goes back to while it all started because of our pre season change well one or two teams would entertain it. But it up bill is such a followed the leader leads I think it would take Belichick or Tomlin somebody who's usually in the playoffs tuned to rewrite condom that receives an air of that that's what I think about it but I don't think it would be bad like let's horror and in and doing something different. And that respect. Idea of OK we'll harm here's the thing everyone is scared sleepless yes this summer's gonna get hurt. Okay yeah which I think is ridiculous because now listen you don't want you know I'm gonna play guys. Into the fourth quarter right oh meaningless game granderson in that wreck but if you played Tom Brady. A quarter. Half half I have for every game. You know what what's the harm in that if a guy's gonna get hurt who cares if you get hurt. Oh in practice. Yeah why does he then it's true that you know Bubba I but yeah they'll. But the you know Iginla yes ride and today we always have pre season yeah third quarter remaining this game that's away got hurt. All those things recording milling gets hurt. In the first pre season game or the first snap of the regular season game what's the difference for our outlook outlook held on as well all you know he used the that is a meaningless game rather than. He he got hurt for the for the in any in a real game that matters so the stigma of guys getting hurt perk. Is the main reason why coaches would network will not do it. Bomb. Well over and really would rake on it's it it's kind of the same at the same argument just a different shade of gray because. Raped on got hurt doing what covering a punt there and so are your hands on the back row or less what they do well that's what rookie linebackers to look. This and that and that I did on the football right the lower orbits about that don't understand that that the half UT doubly special teams yeah to know that are complaining about that we're just ignorant to the fact that those guys put specialty. But the people that that say. Well why are you playing you he govern pre season. That was there would never forgive vocal coach well quarterback just blown up didn't want to happen to Mark Sanchez yes. Browser doesn't mention that fourth preceding Mariane rightly put a man in now was out for the so that's our call yeah of the forests are but they put on active yeah yeah I put it that the united images are out in my dogs on the silence and then the front active. But you know and I do Martin nobody general marks it's his back then right the end of a bit of leg of a real quarterback Doug that you put Aaron Rodgers. And you play them into the third yeah the second pre season game and somebody does bloom. Then everybody's right McCarthy's you know a lot about it right so I think the injuries stuff is so part of it stands. I. I think is just the beer injuries in NFL coaches are are. As motivated by the year as much as any things always be to get hurt. To me the probably the biggest problem with changing. How you approach it would be. If you played your starters in the second game well now you get a look at him against some scrubs I can't say that with all due respect I had a third steamers yeah but again what's wrong with that. Okay what's wrong with. But per exam last they hue Jackson as a hard knocks when those guys when did this have billing as practice is that while we cannot brackets and right. You can have a brag to send the sole. You know I advocates fear here's the other thing to perk. Did only four games. No no you don't entirely evaluating too well. It's it's important are the guys down the roster but the starters do not need for gates. They don't know but I know but the guys on the roster making the team I know who make it I getting through to the for these are guys may well right now and it's right it's not as much says. Bomb making the team it's getting used some game reps in a game okay Damon buyer right and so that's. That's the biggest bit like toward retire OK who's competing for the starting quarterback job. You have an undrafted rookie last year he got a sniff both samaritan he played a little bit from scrimmage against. JC but. You want to get bag die as many game reps even in. Pre season as you can before the regular season you know what Tim and you'll do and Frank Gore. So literally on the starters again you can play all those young guys on one. But some regular plays to me do things the real you're right these executives here pre season they'll perk. By the pre season MBA. That's week. Like this is cypriots pre season for every arguing is that we still pre season on any sport. Newsweek. This is you know I mean out of apology due to spice it up yeah well I think there was as if you eliminate two of the things work that's only thing you can do. If he does admit I presume I don't want to know what place nine load. College college as their pre season as far as some in a state then and all that right. But yeah in it. In happen no unfortunately. Yeah you do your biggest thing is you're. You're here isn't it cute guys last night hue Jackson was fearful guys practicing. Right right and we have in the systems are going we need to be upper right and and you can't you can't do any being you know out of do you fear Jackson I was scared to those guys practice. In shorts. That's out into these he'll let him run out there and play three quarters of the starters and there in a pre seizing aiming at somebody else. Sales though listen into the 6 o'clock hour we got the code word we got headlines and a whole lot more right here on seven on the ticket. 6 o'clock not seven I didn't take care. Which were once again partner with the local time weather authority team which is certified golf is Betty Davis. Former director of the NASCAR fans that are hurting specials Max Mayfield and hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross. The game got today anomaly a storm is this season are uncovered them take it. His sponsored by AT&T services protecting you with a PDT impact windows and doors. Give me up today this hurricane season right here I am 79 NFL one of fourth through eighth seed to take it. A radio dot com station. Courtesy of bird for a few years to dig up until 7 o'clock. Hit the 6 o'clock code word. Out in just the moments. Also Jarvis Landry was featured. Quite a quite nicely enough hard knocks the first episode aired last night if you. If you missed it I mean DVR and they'll play they'll rerun it a bunch of times on HBO movement all all they're different networks are and I know people got on the Meehan and also spoke so it's very easy to. To get to if you have a if the other cable networks. To me it's a great it's the best supports. Scholl. Documentary. Whatever you wanna call it's. That fifty minutes or 48 minutes of footage. It's just unbelievable. And you know he almost wanted. It to do it all year round it's like to have a full season. And the and at some of the other networks Perkins tried to do some other stuff the NBA does stuff where they travel with some teams and we've seen so it is. In my college season with a camera here at Florida that you don't hear showtime Manning did the try to copy it I it a little bit but how hard rock is. Is best for me it's it's hard knocks on the thirty foot. And you know it's it's different categories they're about those those are the two real sports is still glued to. When Bryant Gumbel but yet 3230 yen and hard knocks think are my two favorite. Consistently. Not are you going to be hard knocks is just it's just you know just everything he added saying not only human. Look most of the teams I don't even hear about. You know I. Have no interest in the falcons in the Tampa Bay Bucs but my putting it inside him take you inside of meetings in. The related to the front office being X and the way that the players being sudden how the players heading out with the each other right it's absolutely been. And it's just like they do they they admittedly had a preview or for next week. It was Corey Coleman get traded and yet. Initial with the authors it looks like he's testing the we auto that would Vontae Davis down here in but those little moments like how does how does the handle that's. Yeah you know there yeah they've gone way beyond. The terror comment and someone dies you're cut you know coat closet right move wave they moved way beyond that early and hard knocks him that was always. The thing you wonder well what happens when they get cut. Are not going to their house it's you know gets its. Yet it's just so far beyond what it would it started out being right or investors currently Willie Brown were -- Iowa but you know yeah right. I eat you know those like OK I mean this is you're getting. The inside stuff in the reaction the U all the rhetoric and you just love to see some of the stuff but he may have to leave from the current rules that some say hey we can't show right Benedict the contractually they had the agreement. No you can't hear that audio or you get shoulders bitty scrawny boy. Yet hue Jackson crying less than it is you know diseases mom passed away in mother passed away. In the same mile span of two weeks in the month of July and he's in there you know ball and at that as best I mean that's. It's just you don't get that type stuff anywhere rule on on on TV Jarvis Angie was quite frequent last night and we hear from us some of the snippets there the first exit to the 6 o'clock code word. You're just two and a thousand dollars a summer swindled contest the sing huge role in man. This things roll and into the month of August hall are you into this thing for a long time is given away bags of cash around here. Your shares of take a 1000 dollars get a big winner from White House point a couple of weeks ago. So we can happen to you but you gotta be on point with the code words here. All right. So purchase three for three today and -- via let me give you a clue he's as. Is this Sydney and kill because we run normally do a three hour show went four hours today that it directs Libyans loved eleven Darden crew were our own. So is this is really this bonus time okay early. Used to play game when we're younger called truth or beer there we go and us immediately at the text the word dare. Dared the AAR either seven to it on in your registered takes dared DA RE the seven to 81 do it right now choose her there. Daring to keep kids off drugs is that is it their programs around. Think everybody you know I think every kid in South Florida has their T shirts so where. Well yeah that was generally allows the it's usually there to there has to get some drugs though the program. Yup I'll how we outline how successful program was. Here's South Florida but we didn't try to. Dare dare down daredevil. Are you a daredevil and I know you're an unknown I don't know in my in my com would would Adam gays dear to keep three quarterbacks on the 53 man rush how are there any ordinary thing Beriault. W where were questioning Mya my comment about the back of quarterback stuff ritual. We'll get to the second. Yeah the good one of the old text finding kids are ready now. And its former big man at a hole gave that belief. You can directives right time to think again. At a Colgate. Right but yes began predict I'd have dared DAR 87 to anyone you know in this ammunition as he be tomorrow morning with a wildly insanely. I'm incredibly popular is as a Romberg and amber morning show at 7 AM. They'll give you the word this is a national contest. And message to veterans may apply do we use a drive that we use evil and evil. And that's. As a daredevil or didn't occur there daredevil there are no words there. Become a book daredevil or your daredevil which I know you're not a do or double you know I decided I really noticed them in a Christmas story triple dog beer. OK they're go to ground area you know went that was the end zone on the teller a local metal pole was correct yes. Let's start the mobile takes a writes in and tells us about the quarterback position backup quarterback you're over thinking the backup quarterback position. Without tennis you know there's no way we have any kind of chance of making it to the playoffs. Oz while there fails makes no difference we will be done to me you know. Can't stay healthy until and your rights. But I'm thinking ahead of that I understand if you if you're rolling twelve games in thirteen years of their fills a run across whether your shirt right my point is. You wanna get ahead of that conversation. Where. And something happens where may be who was it last year when they traded for Sam Bradford right before the year. When when was it when Bridgewater got her with a two years ago. But you know yeah my point my point is if if something happens amassing your trade for starter but my point is if those guys in there tomorrow night and they stink. They're bad. Do you throw a third round pick for somebody that wants to get rid of a backup quarterback somewhere. The might have and never looked bruins' depth chart but somebody that might say yeah yeah yeah wool BO just four. You do something like that that's all I'm saying yeah. To try to stay ahead of that's because. Yes I do too distant traversal or some some all true all true all true insurance. Yet. Yeah I wouldn't think that they would. Though be my guess. And I was so in the text of it yet if you look to you have to go with the older us Waller bird seats to regain the more. You're probably screw but it is just or your four games in my discussions honey sixteen and orchestra there to correct it meant more to it. I mean it doesn't need somebody to finish it off and you know give me 500. And I'll tell you this also clearly clearly. If you have David bales are brought to us Waller and there. You are running the same often such you do from ten until further from the standpoint you weren't going to ask him to throw as much you are going to rely on the quarterback too much. You switch to deepens running game and you BA game manager so three or four dangers not too much to ask from any backup quarterback him in a bill but. Yeah I think once you get to 68 or more than that you your probably you're probably its group. You get RA went from went to George Russian that's my value to all of us that you know Adonal Foyle. That's it that's housing and a variety yes two big guys and out the end of lower than any guy who is our man from thousands of Pacific. Well Michael came out low and begin to me and the called pig you're seeing double there by the way speaking of that double there the TV show. I am not was Mark Harmon the with a host that who is that there was a closer look like he'll. Mark Summers now's a good call thousand mark Somers double dare. There was that judge why such a grown up yeah look the only mark Summers I know has is data show on the Food Network is that it's like something. Yes they mark Summers there. Nova doubled there was a dead these families in the late they would do. They do or double there you may do elect is optional courses and you know I know all that grew on me and this line Mars the dog and now as premier if I terrible now if you watched a little like when you're ten years old wells like bullish on TV. I mean. On the did remake rounds of the it's on Nickelodeon by the way whether image everything that's I don't know what Murphy Brown is coming back. A look at what the hell are we have ideas really designing women to be far behind perk I mean Murphy Brown is bank in the end I mean. Thank goodness. I'm not out of prison designing women are still with a subtle the ego thing they checked out yet. The physical challenge good car right there on the double their TV show I think the physical talent market out there there go I'll take headlines. 6 o'clock here. This week's WE XY AM South Miami. At W Passat Passat and beached Ito Miramar. Radio dot com station. We'll starting college football arguing starting tight end Michael Irvin junior expected to be sidelined four months after sustaining a MCL injury to his knee during training camp. The tight end battle now expected to be among sophomore Brian Lindy and freshmen revenue Jordan and will Mallory so. We'll see how that works out urban played the last few games last year right do runner was out. Had done a lot better than I thought he would he did you know well. Refuting it and he you know he Alou might get completely destroyed and and they they got beat because of him. Now he had a lot of work to do all that stuff but. Yeah they'll have an experience it tied and now. Mallory and Jordan are are supposed to be stuck Janet high school stunts were still fresh yeah there are soul you know but urban. Though is he. Played a little bit of an overall last year and he got a lot more field time than they thought there was so credit to him about receipt. It's at Michael's it's Michael's oldest son right there's so he'll be on the show for awhile. Very good matches here though colonel John's November December he could return. I staying in the college sports. NCAA announced rule changes today. Among the most significant. A lead college basketball prospects. And you only get that title if you write dinner by sold by USA basketball. Seriously. They will be allowed to sign with a agent as of July burst of their senior season in high school. College players can hire an agent after any season if they request and a valuation from the NBA undergraduate advisory committee. In any event. None of those kids can consult with agents while the school year is going on and so. There's that there's also this. Anyone who declares for the NBA draft. A tin has become buying and does not hear their name called on draft night will be allowed to return to their former school without penalty so. Couple of changes in the NCAA bear a lot of these changes. Coming from the FBI eight investigation. Into the sneaker companies and AA EU. Basketball influence on college and in Condoleezza Rice at bay community. A lot of these rule changes are are a result of debt. In a bill Miami Dolphins off today they open pre season tomorrow night at seven against Tampa Bay at hard rock stadium. Some position battles the watch wide receiver. Got Leon take root of the third round pick Isiah for the seventh round pick. Couple of un draft the UN receivers were shown Scott Malcolm Lewis they're all in the mix so. Tampa any thoughts on any thoughts on that dead Rashaun Scott has a Chia seed beat out Leon say crew. What last couple games of last season to be on the active roster I suppose he's made some nice place if I'm Leon taker or I'm packing my bags right now it's it's been a rough go for him the third round pick in and he'd pull analysts say he's got like maybe eight. Receptions ten he's got to say an okay yeah these are tens it's been rough in his career and route ten cuts of ten catches for and one touchdown you know. And they gave up three draft picks to get me out to correct yup. Yes three bleeping draft picks to get on thicker Isaiah borders is making a strong move I'm not sure Leon take rule was gonna make this browser when he's a big game tomorrow night a big pre season really mean it is here these are receiving oral perk you go Kenny stills and is still a solid hour Oliver Willis Wilson Danny Amendola to team grant. Two teams on disease a return guy register Hingis is a five or idea legacy of by and that Isiah is my sixth right now buys this have a nice camped yet been healthy recently he's still Wear a minute rear jurors because of his left shoulder injury but. He's been the most impressive Lemond that I hadn't followed by response not true Morgan comic play tomorrow litigants here that's has yet he's he's an idea he's not gonna make it though knows about yet let's go to guys that are ahead of Leon to coral. I don't know drew Morgan is I don't know that drew Morgan is but dom. You know I. Malcolm Lewis and end at sauce and Scott lies they outboard are all going to cause problems for Leon tick rule when it comes soon numbers. Mow mostly Rashaun Scott and Isaiah well mostly the Arctic cruise cause the problem for itself there does not mean he's sat him down though he has not. Baseball Miami Marlins host saint louis' 710 tonight in the finale of their three game series marlins' eighteen games aren't billion you know least sixteen have met in the wild card last in attendance. 9744. Per day still fly you see some saleable organized and they're they're really dark. Going to NBA. Does schedule is leaking out slowly and according to Ira wonderment of the sun sentinel my cohort. The Miami Heat will open with they've backed Tibet with back to back road gains October 17 at Orlando. October 18 at Washington. As far as other bits of the NBA's schedule that have been released or have leaked out. The NBA has we we know the schedule for. Opening week the national TV schedule what we know the whole schedule for opening week for Christmas Day and MLK day. The opening night's national TV schedule October 16. It's Billy at Boston OK see at Golden State. Those are your headlines. I'd 67974. Organs of the Christmas games. And and to some thoughts on that plus we'll hear from a jar slander if you miss it on hard knocks us slogans that. Coming up also in the back end of this hour talks affairs in football with my clay from ESPN so. Tennessee footballer is what it's ready for your upcoming draft your on the back into the six Reggie Johnson and I do take it. Seven I didn't say it invites you to our fourth annual fantasy football draft party with NFL analyst John Clayton and CBS sports medicine expert. Jamey Eisenberg it's coming up Sunday. August like six that day after the dolphins' third pre season game in Seoul on those well no a lot of things about some teams here so it's a good time you have your draft. And it's a great place to have that twin peaks in Davie that's where the festivities will be and they start at 1 o'clock with a live broadcast followed by the draft at 4 o'clock hold your league's draft would John. And Jamie going to table to table. Off during use their expert advice you at least in their twin peaks with a very ice cold extremely cold beer move. Staring at scenic views bloom and AM John if they want drowning out John. Jump like demoted John Johnny come over here resided here what do you think Matthew Stafford their car. And John playing the professor is gonna give you these straight lowdown inning as the Jenny Jamie Eisenberg. Come over and the leverage we love your work all my dad Jamie you're the best on Twitter. You're the fantasy man with Jamie what would you got forming here. Woody I mean I mean asleep currently around what what rookie running back is going to. Is going to come through for me right now uneasy union Amory their (%expletive) when you're facing the like cream hunt last year nobody had cream hunt this time a year last year right. Nobody knew any of those guys who are Jamey Eisenberg does so's on clay and by the way so those are our mantra and appeared a few minutes might play from ESPN. Will have talked to is who had him so we have Tennessee and remind. Are around here getting back to our big. Fantasy football draft party. It's going to be unbelievable. By the way if you have a draft they're nearly commission you get a fifty dollar bonus card. Preminger draft there this is all free to. But space is limited as you demand as a registered on the taken my dot com shall simple sponsored by Yang going to happen here in eagle. Am I to impeach eats drinks and scenic views. So are fans of football fourth in a real blast Lester doing it. We didn't do it again this year run at bat with run a bad. That's going to be that's going to be a blast. Hard knocks last ninth inning when you're Kabul Kabul snippets here of Jarvis Landry here. By the way we're talking about. The best produce both both shows and I see it hard knocks him thirty for thirty. Somebody takes it in a football life that's the attitude that's well really that's really do it yet that's really due to. This football it was because that's really good that's that's certainly 1201 dimension there. Jarvis landed in my doing the football evans' arms injured one of these days. When he's ready when he's retired to keep scheduling a multi year they certainly will. A hero's jars on the field as a member of the Cleveland Browns and a. A letter. You know let it. Women don't like Mark Taylor mania. Had this day every right there there have my on this trip and yet Jarvis Landry only signed with the browns this past April. Last season with the dolphins he led the league in receptions. Proving he has the best hand in the NFL. All right so let's start of senator doing now. I was in this when he cynics image Miami there being an outside allows and the earlier loudness of those little shot of Miami. And I'm outline that too much nobody knew he would take it that way because he mentioned he mentioned Miami yeah soul. I was like I think he was just trying to explain it yet that we had we'd because of dolphins we know how lines up there's no fans of collisions on one side. So look like Cleveland set up was it fans on both sides. And and you know I should chanting his name which he results you know he was eaten all that stuff up. But do you think that he was taken over us out of Miami and their involvement in all you know the fans are due this their indoor event. I don't I don't think it was a real shot at Miami I think it was more of a yum. You you try to up list the place that you are in kind of show did I'm in a better place these are better fans. I think it's just kind of collateral damages not it's it's not like saying Tim he'll never did this not. Presidents you sort of have a clip when apple elect a woman of well it worked or borrow you know we both started with a shot and involved and we didn't see the article it but if you explain that. That's one sign and map to that might be done and again Smart guy old. Everything is gonna go out swinging and. And he announced any amount Miami and I'm Zain and direct heat coming but it looked like he was signed it he was saying where the fans were but in the ninety's but they never. The perk of all times you're up there was it was any of the did that he was any did any of the officers or change ours Angela did the last say they heard an. At some point and I'm sure they did in training camp and I'm sure they did at some point you. They chant for pretty much every top player some art czar who catches America yeah but I mean that's some sort. You know are so easy that's stuff plus you know he resists. If you're bigger mayfield came out when and these dolls and does it mean business like Oklahoma. When they start Channing baker mayfield and everything yeah and everything like that eyes that Jarvis but then jars when nuclear in the latter serum and just he was an avid a man to realism. I'm no. Yeah. Then I don't know. Why bingo room. But it. Please. If you got hurt. Yeah him well enough. All you hey bro I don't know that you shouldn't practice. Especially. That he's beaten and can please us. We'll be Islam grew up there. Only here for a he's practice. You're game you know I know I know you well. If you know. This. Oh. Sure enough and. Oh yeah. Yeah and I'm. No. Yeah yeah. All the time he. And yeah. This isn't. For a pardon me occasions. This is thesis. Hi what are you don't wanna catch it catch him because it is contagious and I was losing his contagious that's for the browns are have been doing and that's what germs are starting about the and that that's. The Jarvis Landry that to know in Miami with the with the intensity. I remember talking to guys in the locker room last year after the after the chargers game. And they were just talked about how Jarvis yes absolutely win office at halftime knocked in style ball the table and and shall anatomy and they were like I you know especially some of the rookies out talked who they were like wow that and you know that's. There I wasn't ready for that and and some of the Mets were like yes what Jarvis does like that's who Jarvis is. And and you know that this is a guy who. He wears his heart on his sleeve so to speak this is not that was not make Jarvis Landry and you know there. And if you saw it you know it wasn't an act that's that's really would Jarvis Landry is no matter what you stink about. Where he ranks as they slot receiver how much he should have been paid or whatever. That was genuine Jarvis Landry and and that's what Jarvis brings to the table like it or not the you know so. If you. Have Jarvis on your team. That's what you can expect. But in fact an object to one thing I wrote quit and I'm by the governor but we got money but it is easy to say. Until that happened on the bone. When you guarantee for if I'm in don't like that that's on the fate nine when you got your money come at you and you guys have them removed from it. If somebody's hurt. It I don't know with how we both like hardly camp park look at it abroad which can't totally. Get out on the field through her well you know what you've Simone coaches them. You're young driver is your diapers so there but Jarvis never Jarvis wasn't making any money in the last four years and he always showed up yeah well I mean drivers did. Q the second round picks so it's it's not like he you know he was undrafted and was making you know 75000. A year. He's got a good salaries however. Jarvis I don't think Jarvis is ever missed the NFL game I mean that deuce and how they're practicing nobody you know that bad. Look that was the real draw our Reza dim light didn't like them or not accepted or not there was nothing fake about that mentality or that speech. That's Jarvis Landry and and that's his attitude that is why I say that it debunked they Parker had Jarvis is harks. With the bonds they said it would be one of the what do booed the best receivers and in a pill may be the best. Norton. Normally diggers out here that stay and allow them but it sounded like it just selling the browns got a lot of dudes that are just kinda I don't know. Present because it did you don't remember when the coach for talk is it we need guys though there are gonna play. As in that is a bunch of guys are walking around the first week can work off my hamstring hurts. Com are gonna summer sit out this at least that's what jarrah suspect that same idea guys that I wanna do the first week jam. And then even the coaches Todd Haley was vision about hey I need some guys on the field and you jacks of all we don't want we don't want to risk an even up there are so. But I'd like to want to excessive it and work on Parker like no you wouldn't tell anybody parking Oleg with the given its least amount for three well. You know what is funny that you mention that because. Can I did a story last year on Jarvis and add at halftime of that chargers game. And one of the quotes from our squeeze grade a tidy and was they Jarvis is no more of this soft bleak. Yeah you sick sincere or not it that's not a Jarvis but there's I I'm just thinking that. This speech last night. There's probably like a lot of the halftime speeches that Jarvis David and learn it did they work I guess that subjective right but that but that was real tart that was not made up that was not they Jarvis. Again like them or not that that was genuine draw I have no doubt from the Jarvis that I know and stuff but effort that was real. Time you mentioned on the part of their maybe our our fitness expert review next month at Parker this year in as far as the dolphins' draft are now we'll ask who are these. Draft doubled all things in fantasy football. I might clay from ESPN. Fantasy football is coming your way we're it's against some of that or break that down here. Think it's ready for I'm sure your draft for just coming up in the next week or two. Possible talked to him coming up next Reggie Johnson and I do take it.