Dada 5000 w/ TLB 4-24-18

Tuesday, April 24th

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Very exciting done a 5000 he is just walked into the building. How to do many of you that self flush Jeff but how -- I'm Rebecca complying with the gloves in the beer is good value immense good to have you it's been awhile. He's been such you've been in a crazy ride for you ever since the the last time we saw you in the in the motorcade deny your. You work it out you guys don't promotion yet the brawl promotion and lot of things going on demand so. Dogfight it was such a huge success it's blown up on Netflix. What is the deal with the now in the CO RNC Ramallah time deposed in there's going to be a dog fight to were all waiting with bated breath. Was that stare and now when we get to see the next chapter of restored. Well right now we're about 90%. Through would dual slide around to. And we didn't have nothing compared to all fun one to right so it was amazing but when you see the contents is going to be displayed. You know to the public you know to the middle of the people that are waiting. You know is going to be astronomical. Because the ball flight one of them losing dingle ball flight to gonna to create a word for. You know do they want to they want does is Netflix back in this like they want this on their platform like how's it going because you guys Jimmy puts so much into the first one. Took forever to come out I was always a million billion won hell's think coming comment because I want to hear the story I read a read the stuff back in the day a new town when they when they featured you. And finally get I was very exciting that Netflix has got a new again next a next level job of exposure to yourself of course you know. Our home no one knew how big dogs like one was gonna actually be. And it was almost beyond an album wouldn't promo images dropped and it caught fire merit in the world was who has been in all. You know and on all four rounds and legal will be more and try the day the night libeled finer smarter and you know couple guys like Exxon should pass the ball one sold it short and on and just gave individuals just. It tastes awful ordeal Barcelona ultimately the cameras home what you guys write to the point that. You know you'll be able to identify what dump no single father of three kids worked in two jobs in milk. And how all of the whole plot of of just trying to console one right now. You have individual locals toward will be able to relate to is god so before you even get inside the cage and policy already the fan base. And want to look at everybody. And make fun of them always photos audio octagon and you know all the boxes in Brussels always fought the side of the sports. You know we put the job which I go on is a three cited Steelcase professionally built. But I've done to develop organ. And really. Raising the bar to the point that no going to be able to trust this you know the best bill the bill has been the Colbert has the best the windows and Nabisco what I do not give. The visitors. More coming to Miami something else the full two of them so beads I don't want to come down to Miami as the world's it was green house the bigger backyard in America picks. Led to LeRoy and explain to b.s the go to Stanley you've got only your fists and and the whole crowd watch and they want ice there's no there's no run and around the ring or anything like that that it's it's right up against it. Yes it is you know it was designed to. Cover all the gun to promote confrontation. I look at. It. I wanna take the beat out of boring so what do look at you know changing the game you know the orbit around the world and should throw a couple of days it could you know our. I didn't invent backyard fun but I played in a very liberal to write it sucks it's something that you see every day and altered his appearance amid little more. Acceptable for the people of the 24 cents and Obama are going fishing will goodbye so honest to god it sure you know and dominance of amused by Donna. We've got to change the game because and then this we didn't we did the writing right in the twelve by twelve minutes box but it was already done. So critical mobile secret talks and you don't sort of survey of these guys you know gone big on. You know Google squared circle. You know sex slots there how could I be. Just enough to prevent something that had the significant level of of of of being too. So okay what would I go on right. The point. Have you caught an up close and know what their. That's gotta be hard to get out of a good up in the fight if you do quotas on that point you know and it is twelve feet. Why. One feet. So the goals you know a number thing like it that the opponents of the most worried about other than their opponent not letting their opponent gave pollution complete nervous and uncomfortable. This we got down a 5000 with the us in studio so. Worry where you are right now with with fighters and guys want to be in the backyard because is it it's got to be harder now that you have the notoriety that you do. Are you doing it accurate are you doing these in they bring in the tried on in two road you know. A please there's a venue how to how do you plan on on on doing this now for guys to have their place to fight. What this is it right now you know what enough so that triggered a different cities different states you know because. And in this dirt that was just me. Right so now this has gotten so much better than I've gotten into this and look a whole board from NASCAR big tobacco little salute you name it you know. Business owners did see the vision. You know just don't look at it for word came from two words were elected metaphor where he can beat. You know and the next you know are amongst the column because of tennis and golf around so they're enjoying. Drop don't trailer. You know ends a lot during the war on notice because again in the this we're getting. Put this thing the government Billy Corbin was found around an unknown Powell's gonna turn out or something new for mobile balls right but you know and it became a blockbuster. So now that I've grown and they've always say form imaginable you know it put me in a position of bank outside of the box and slowed no ball fly around to Israel we got a Great Britain carriage of how the hole in the ground. So we have been since I don't look a chart on page 30000 balls. It took to get their turn built and shipped you know from Portland Oregon to Miami so now we are rim is now we know bleachers when you walk inside the back to our. It looks gorgeous out of Montego loans arena. I like it meant not so for you personally you've you've now got this this you've always been. The great promoter of the backyard and I got this great venture. Are you went to fight again because you you have such a scary incident the last time you and kimbo fought one of the best refight. Be Billups I've ever been excited about you know having you guys we got that thing in use and I was I was jacks that it was Miami it was gonna get that national TV exposure. But it was very scary for you man Mikey he was the if I'm sure your first time it in M and that kind of atmosphere. Have ended to cut away for fights and and you. Basically came back from from the dead. Two to be sitting here today that's telling you what to do again is is that a possibility or is it just promotion from here on out for you on the. Guns which is I gotta get decked out you know I have to because. What myself I've fought. A few times prior to that Ryan probably not you know and their capacity to the board that she got torn clothes dolls and affairs communities so they. But I knew just like all of oh lose before you and those jitters and in this we do but once you get us there is getting terms game all and I think Martina could have been a lot tighter opponents say that individual that enhance the war. That day in that dressing room so we can only be a fig about doled out excess took us and I think that this thing is that. Foam. Mum did go. I had two heart attacks. In my kidneys went out and the first to board a quick shot and all of a danger. That they felt that is not. Normal. Weight the towel right but myself I understood you know OK well also and the got about a meg just won't. I'll let you ought to fund a so formidable duo and those of the Big Brother mark is saying might try some Booker T dummies you do I during work and what it's doing. Are important and my hands warm what you're looking in the dark you'll. I don't get it back at them like all I know what the right but you don't need income that floor you know to turn round and at the end of the day. I say this or that I found out a lot about myself. When you go into these situations. This is no guarantee it's gonna come on our women. Are you go into child as you go bald you know this is hurt business. You know and I came in the U nautical commercially reasonable amount of god you know on fraud in the coming back home you know shouting who am. When my body's are sitting down you know I just go back to Bullock and didn't say hey it's not that I know you know that you look dismissed my heart gave out. Yeah he yells you you fought to exhaustion you thought to it being older basically you going out there was. I don't think we're really understood what we're watching as it was happening what was gone but it may inside both of you guys really. It seemed like it's human both of you were basically breaking from the inside out. Yeah you you know aren't that to myself I've lived out of the monotony out Oklahoma dying is during prior. And I and I'm looking at a goodwill tour and still go for the most part. Right I was like you'll I've seen these guys fight so much better you know I've seen fighters who was Brooke you know slow. Omar and much potassium global woes over a six point oh. That's why dog fight round two is so important because it's not like me I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not a medical professional so. I will say it's important to mixing it the magic you know excuses but wants to benefit the bad news for 1520 plus years you know give their meta. Expertise to save us from the only way your potassium. Could've gotten too big states. There's only two weeks out of it loose and bills that are the world's digest it or injured. Right. And I know you know that for a lot of people they wanted to go to see fireworks. Everybody and I have full prior to god not. On. That settled the boxer you know. Oh taking this confidence that some people would say yeah we'll see big club fire that in my sitting in the little bits and important. How common and a big get the W you know and that was what I was able to do and how willing to leave it all of the men you know the right. Taught how to combat. Global before he gets out here this past he was two weeks ago kimbo son is fighting amount or he's got off to a really really good start his career. And he made note that you want to bring a fight down here to Miami in that there were some people call him out so read into this. And a there are some guys that either you train or connected to you do you know any side your side of the story without some peerage today and do an almost like. Akimbo overstock. Part Cuba in the in a low weight class and with forty guys. You know that we ought to do tumbles. Donna. Flight to operate on one of the best in the business when it comes down to a certain books interiors and marketing and soulful flight there. You know and it was one of my guys you know I went out to be behind the scene really drum line and add up to make it I'm talking about like scorching far. And yes it is cool inches there with the Mitchell the you know. The guy all the guys are inside pristine shape and no I gotta give it to his kids you know it is going it looks like you know he's more focused in his dad and it is. Monsters and he looks around as he's he's he's he transit without smooth studs up there's so you can see the growth of spin that but. I I look I'm all I loved by most until he's got Alley as well like I implore Alex. I don't know if approximate like the fights I think I'm fascinated by and I just thought it was a man and does that led the selling a pretty awesome idea. I really feel like it will be big will be big for the economy. I know that the people will definitely come out bush you know alone followed though his son you know the pack a lunch. We got God's the backyard and his heart. You know and we are whistles but also we have you know guys like aids day. You know lost what we have guys like you know a chocolate what I wanted and asked does not Giles ever recorded in dog fight community also fought blue Bruce LeRoy walker from the backyard also Jamal who's who's. Alex Caceres but obviously unbelievable. As I thought why don't really also did overlay data like this whole horse must do all gotten home from where dot does that to go to the highest of levels it's it's. It's fascinating map you for stopping by and I really appreciated thank you go Adam and I just wanna say. Everybody has. You know they have to understand that you know. Where the best at what we do. And we create opportunity for these guys that they're getting to the next level so when you look at you know the backyard as a catalyst. These guys we started to get better to and from there but who knows what they can take their game and what they can be you know and that's a spokesman representative for the movement. Wednesday the next cut out the next one we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna wrap up original ya gonna do defiant things in June. Because we got all low. Boo boo the pivot table and really ridiculous things this morning from kings in front terrible fire threat you know and we have unbelievable. Flooding it's my glass and he does it is there are going to be in my humble because we didn't expect. None of the foot is that we got for us to do it rental tools going to be and don't rabbit and the move in the trailer. Once we drop the trailer you know would look at that first quarter of 20/20 and I drink the coverage and you have you know Netflix and bald now still. People have expectation about how to go do that I probably did you know backed by anybody who's going to be huge does Google about a 5000 they've Madonna's marriage managed provision house revenue.