Danny Wood Interview w/ ZRA 7-14-17

Friday, July 14th

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How is Danny Danny wood New Kids On The Block they are there in the middle there to war right now he is going to be here him and his pals will be here on Sunday at hard rock live. As a 7 PM yup Paula Abdul young boys to men and he's with us here in the Iran fuel on downs is convenience stores gas line. Truly sense beyond convenience dep now Danny. Oh lead to wanna talk about you guys and that's what they in the middle of the Evers all always good talking to the morning to one Georgia when he gloating that. First about Gordon Hayward us here Miami we're the losers balsam was the big winners don't do any gloating. I'm not really I mean let's wait and see how at all and other people is the culprit could definitely going to be better but let's see what else they do in. Com could you could still good. Look at the very very respectful take. Coming out of Boston there are no gloating just a wait and see approach said he off. I don't wanna blow my and I live in Miami you know I own rights rights that he'd driven it better for. I think it's better for the NBA and go and not about it honestly you know. Yeah. I'm six I believe this the first and we've had you on a few months and especially since Amber's dame back so it enemy wanna season you also but I but I wanted to you as well people don't know out there. Danny IDs mother passed away how many years ago Danny. On 1999. Okay from breast cancer and Danny and since sort today a foundation member Betty foundation where. Helps raise money awareness and all that deal helps out women who law or going through breast cancer. And and Danny unbeknownst to meet and had reached out to amber. And provided her with with a lot of stuff that that helped around yes sir and thanks guys out policy thank you as well. Yet Olson and I am I couldn't be more years painful for her uneasy like remember Betty did for me and then remember they sent me a whole package bumper when I was getting my double mastectomy that little stuff that. Read that really held Dinkins really prepare a breast cancer patients and I know they do that for chemo patients as well in an in your organization has incredible work. Well thank you I mean it's just one of things like get to do out here on the road in life I raffle off bomb for four tickets to each show on before the tour started in. Com we've raised. I think overbought 75000. Dollars to stop of that so we just continue to do than to try to help patients on the patient every day people. You know come through and are recovering Norah that they're in the middle of treatment and and it you know one of the ways like can give back. If people wanna donate where can they go. Just got to remember ability dot com. And and of course for prefer new kids tore okaying go to and KO TP. Dot com and you can check out the got a new EP thankful is out there are so so it is the show on Sunday okay what would you want awaits you guys playing tonight somewhere where you where you anyway tune out. Where you were playing in Atlanta tonight we played Charlotte last night. A so on Sunday there they're here their Hollywood at the hard rock live. And is is there anything different that you guys are doing this time around compared to what we saw you couple. A couple of years ago like what what's the main theme with the toward this year. What does this show a little bit of a throwback we kind of go back. Our early albums in kind of run through the middle part of the show on troop from. The beginning up and show our new EP by. That the hard rock can be a little different will be a little. Smaller place they really wanted to should come in play there are so. Everyone agreed for me it's great to buy get to get on the books about the show and drive home and so. I'm very happy that we're ending in in Polly. Did not get a yes the last show that's more correct. We Arab journalists and the buzz going on right away like it's it's party time in let's get a drag on time at the progress update any Ascot Natalie out of there late August together backstage or whatever that yeah. Along to maybe once not an easy and you have better things did did you got a few hours if you are into Sunday night hangout area. And we've had we've if four times we've done five and Euro and I want when we did eight shows and are trying to work out every day in the morning. So it's it's not that it's been a long tour is used to spend a little bit of a grind that time. Some sort of world music on around enough to afford show and much you that in these days. More than you. You have to these intelligence. I don't I don't live to be so light but heavy weight Maryland as they inch eight and oh the and I only. Asks people that you work out because I don't eggs doesn't really hammered out besides just. A much everywhere it's been acting out every time they don't hit them a mile from the mood for a any technical problems that have been with those are my own question. And is it really is. Analysts do technical problems going on onstage with the boys to men and guys and candles Sarah needs gone. On we we have we we brought them back onstage and believe it home town. Between Motown Philly like them back in the middle part of that but this. This tour it's not when you see this show it's not really. Not really mantra that our star showed just trying to leave who threw it doesn't stop even when we change though. Amber I don't I don't know if you know that your you do in the thing again we got cameras in the dressing room. You have yet it did any explains amber what that is got a dollar. It's a quick change can we go down we go underneath the state to change in guys shirts become an Austin. And a lot of fun going on the CDC's mission is cameras don't vote on two sides of the state. Those people on the area know what's happening aren't there yet near what U yeah changing wow that's pretty cool because I don't know crazy yeah. Oh but that's really glad that that's that's quote for multiple reasons it's cool because when we get get a Cesar it was there is also cool because. Eager to see how I mean those changes and sir you only have seconds to actually change or don't even understand how performers do that during a concert. He we have a kind of setup we could take we could take as much time to do what I mean you don't wanna take a lot of time because. You want to show to keep going and did you know that we have slowed not stopped so. We haven't you have plenty of time to change. How how those guys it boys amenity and a decent dudes like what he's gonna tell you are not you know he he did not. He does to us honestly to what we yeah yeah I really didn't talk. Back employed before and I'm does that you know bit that LSU clowns in my act group and he's. Boy commandos there are friends so big you know we've toward this the second time we've torque with some sort of been the reason what torte with them again we we all get along really good really appreciate. What about pollen has yet what a volatile. What was been very sweet OK there you go there God's idea to dance onstage where there. Well it's it is an expensive video screens so bomb. It has program that I'm. I would yeah I'd have to figure that out like how much per share of that car. It's I did anyway you know those new kids on the blocking go to and KO TB dot com you can check out you know hiding get tickets for the show on Sunday which I think his. Is a single seats available and it's very close it's being sold out. On I saw I saw some video of you guys Danny where you played at Fenway Park that's the hometown obviously opened Boston a few days ago and crazy the anywhere. I mean obviously you guys are big deal on balls and that's what you guys from you guys we're the we're the biggest I mean the biggest biggest pop act. Late eighties you guys were such a monster but that is kind of crazy. Where someone tell is a teenaged Danny would back in the mid and late eighties hey guess what in thirty years from now. You're gonna be playing the same group of guys here UBB plan sold out Fenway Park like there's nobody who believe that that's really crazy right Danny. As non. I would not not the only route reunited in 2008. It was. Bought it never came up so. And it's beyond anything. A kid from Dorchester. Massachusetts could ever even dream of and this is our segment our second time playing in Fenway. So old battle you know just unbelievable 35000. People. And we we you know at one point in the show we broke out on the infield which you are exposed to total market on the infield. And we did it anyway and we did a couple songs on the infield. That was just as. You know from the dugout you're on top of the dugout and kind of black. What is the most I was a cyst on my buddies and in the business what is the most epic venue that you ever done were you actually stood there on stage. And your your your take him back SW element you had a moment we are just like damn man and this is this is this is what it's all about. That's the plan I mean there's certain ways for the five guys from Boston outfitted doesn't get any better than I mean you couldn't. I mean we didn't play there they didn't do concerts in the first camera for a super. Late eighties and early ninety's so he just couldn't come up with a better placed to you know. To play for us in that it was unbelievable I had a few emotional moment scooped up as part. In the show where we you know Donny it's up onstage he mentioned some of the people that we know that he mentioned my Marvin. You know Baird you know she never bought plate Fenway so for me you are sensitive. I'm gonna topic. And you still got to isolate your family when its brother Tori a daddy got you kids. Item might that I got my kid is cute dogs on the bus we're all rolling together hopefully still. There. There are still weeks. Did you CIA it's it's been is it went viral over the last like 24 hours a sauls and Good Morning America this morning about Donny and their Donnie Wahlberg with a 2000 dollar Waffle House tip did you see that. Yes and then me and him we we spent the wall while few times together and like I have to run a box Allen's life. Yeah I didn't make removed from the Oakland. I mean I could tell you is that I've been that would data point. I get tired he did not know and but I had to go low Kiki peek at bill Wendy's paid port and and Danny is an act as a rare look easier now he's an excellent temper OK I had but this Donnie Wahlberg. Get out there we. 2000 dollars zero yards and then yeah I don't know initial Donny is settled down diet Danny's good tipper as well. Well you know he got a TV show on CBS the reason that he's he's gonna do blood so he got to. Blue blood money to expand to Clark the other tours and his wife with a she's been around a lot yeah. You realize yet is if some of his family to console the only guys have been famine and Jo-Jo has little kids they you know. From white pages for the non. So they've been out there to. Anything I'm missing here that we need to make sure we let people know about Danny of course again Danny a New Kids On The Block they got EP thankful to be checked out of course and he doesn't forget your dating. No I'm not there we have crews coming up in October bellies on a New Orleans to cons well October 19 that's the only other thing. Awesome listen man a look at bode C news on needs to be a lot of fun really really look at photos we really good time man. The only time during early. I'm and get early Johnson yeah book. Before this show that's why an award Dave and everyone is invited to any Ono wanna become Maryland you know just. What we now are all welcome to show. Awesome. Great great job to any look at vote seasoning man. Our if you try and tie it semen.