Deena Lang w/ TLB 11-29-17

Wednesday, November 29th

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Mentioning them. The no detention authority. It saves there have been. He's got some good runs coming out of this week goes on whether the DNA that is now Obama. I have. This need for these. Critical work always calls this week and you may have questions. What I have of course. You can have bubbled to afford to more I don't know man because once you don't silently once. And you get sick and you started just what ever. It's. An article has got Weaver or is it again. Yeah do you Lang and hear from one of four point three the show ideas and out of Uygur mound. All right cool. I found is that on the road and how are you. I just did he differed over here used to soldier boys is it to your work registered very ultra boy don't have a normal girl voice I think you. He comes halt so Lira it Tobin you know he's missing constantly and comes on the Holland he goes all star surged Ferris I'm. The search stopped and alcohol and migraine and made it very bad decision could in turn that beast. He's an open book and everything that he does is on social media yeah. So he's so he's gonna say about what he's putting his own mount given to calling in sick in a terror bust himself that doesn't care. You know slightly reduced we I had to sit through one of these like these d.s benefit thing that we all lived for a little bit as like you have the opportunity to dial a doctor Mike. That's the worst thing b.s could ever have because we Helena hotline Nazis it. You know Duncan. I think they got this thing and he knows don't they all that you don't mind it. Like you put him on the evangelist Billy is that the under energy we can't have him that lets not forget. The boom. You're wearing a boot on and off for three years yeah he said he said the law is recovered for somebody who doesn't move faster than a diamond in a number eight leisurely walk. What does that we yeah it was a commercial progress and commercial with the slot. Doing an actually Harry AT act right so let it be true so we pulled up pictures of us. A move some low. Just a bit faster and you know having an obsession I Italian they are adorable until you go near them you're toast slots yet. Kind of. You mean otters slots they smell so bad I could slot settling a weird mixed following. The people there they immediately the people who like drugs and I am a Pug owners it explains every I don't know like I don't think that's so ugly that it's cute. No angle for Charlie lately that is cute Chardonnay yeah now the drizzle some weird are you the Japanese fighting dogs they are mean I have a problem. And I have to like go to some serious training does not give my athletes you know that night. They're me say that there is a serious training through certain news or ban on any you know not. And I into the Panthers can. Solace social media how is that. Fine and it is line and they didn't know they did not win and my five year old it was his second game and. Wednesday two points and and for earn The Who led the Blackhawks. That's an aura DA answered to two points in my son goes I ego takes his handlers had off and hands it to leave behind. And he goes on dine. Doesn't. I. There with my daughter I have to teacher all the ways of being good character in sports since she's like she's always going out to say yard daddy who recruiter for. I say no rooting for were for the dolphins there wearing way or were not ready for the pages there wearing blue suit I got to the ring with phase he's a rat bastard. He's done evil things any cheats to ya doing in ways they understand the most he's a cheater I'm pretty sure she's familiar with the term grabbed best day you know. Every kid needs an ally yes I was elucidate how we got a rip tide you are you stow that it's finally here. I am and I know you were there last year yes your your gorgeous wife and you guys are Sana side of the stage and I don't know there's going to be any room on the side of the stage for us anyway that's my concern we're not in any room on the side of the stage this year that the bands are so big. Last year than I guess oh my god these erring KG Allen and you're going brain dead and a flick guys are so we're gonna have to watch from the crowd you're OK with that we're gonna watch absolutely file on on the stand Fort Lauderdale beach newness it's gonna be a crazy crazy day. Are there any British bands though like that British band last congress did go to. Isn't as a national. That's all. He wanted to do like hit his favorite JG I wouldn't went to Vegas to see kind of Macgregor he went searching for hooligans. Ray had that's all you're gonna get mad at me this I'm so with him on that. I'm much I love Michelle man yes that's what that Spiller of the struts his shall make you feel that you're gonna get that with Casey elephant that's going to be your big you're big flashy like he comes out and a body stocking like peace had to Wear any Lhasa tele back I that we where's he can pull it off. He and times that he is getting into it Portugal the man is an honor and you wanna keep dry out four and they're playing in the middle of the day. Support of a demand their one of the biggest bands and have won the biggest songs Steele still this country right now the. Where in Sanaa on the road. You know now I mean come on look at us were you guys yeah. We just get you yeah so there are very another big line and. And they've big it's crappy those guys they get into arguments and stats and that'll be interesting drama there lots on stage may be and you go and have a few too many sermons with the crowd no because corporate will be in town. The entire entirety for the device and what did you do you have play good cheap pop tactics is that's one thing I learned from the British do do you is light. Aren't I yeah. That life and there'll just imprisonment. No one house you just ask them simple obvious questions and they just sheer back. Yeah he's good and. Well yeah. Thank you would have because he's regressed by all. Doing you don't have a later OK and we can't pull that on all the we are made. Eight media done a British bands I made his dogs that I may be the British I don't see that happen. Now these big and that we have yeah I can tell they're huge you know are talking about a guy we'd street bird at the blues and abet. Right so to say he is not gonna go out here in. Salsa and by the way back. You aren't superstar. It was Chris became a big believer that you suffer through your bats though I'm with you and so I didn't want to a new wanna do a global barbecue sauce only now the point of this is here to be tortured for my big mouth. And so is gonna power through it and that's what we did and it was discussed aren't on appreciated it. You know now what we have to be two stages this year also I don't know that we used it last year we had a revolving stage Richard heck kicked off of its summit proudest finest moment by. I was trying to state surf on it. And we only did it again this here's a now two stages a close in the crowd who want to jump into the grove Lester. I'd you may have the opportunity. Is that yeah and it's broken out so you know how sometimes you had a big festival show and you have to choose between the favorite bands because they're playing a regular the other they do they're not gonna happen history. We're gonna alternates you're never gonna have to choose between pay and to be able to go back and foreigner and see the ante La says to go out. When a portrait a shark dot com you wanna get tickets or do you guys have it on Nona tickets. Yeah it's a way to get him a way to the LeRoy demanded he went down the hall is like today. Let's 400 promotions for this thing hug when I think it's the only two that the text are demanding it and so people dream. I mean every kind of split some weeks we write screen at the US insider bosses happy. Does it take you possibly can hardly see. My picture that we call that went down at you guys come out. We are you shed I know the your better than every NB should come out. No no no see here's the problem. I'm friendly. My wife is. Overly friendly. And I don't know show wanna be friends and every. Well it's going to be allowed small man. Amid British at me. Yeah it's gonna do outs and nobody has to be she shouldn't have to social little time with but we also religious elders like that words are out there this sort of. I love. People in the crowd. Then. Well then you don't have to talk to those people it there's so many thousands of people who dare you know lost in and and I'm just saying there's a sports are so when. Emery had been missing and that I have my mother frequent flyer friends seem. To have a boost you know. Today in the lead yeah I think I'll win George for tone. And really for time. A lot of retail outlets in here. And about that. He's got good mood oh yeah yeah yeah that's anytime they and he's doing real life time now because he's over the hill. A boy band. Next stop. My ball mark. And we lifetime. And at least now you'll probably say you're gonna go in the knock out a token if an outrage and. Not be a new buffer zone where it goes and it's important duty and foods date and may carry. Them. He does RT if you guys are on Saturday you'll miss this season average of his which is we have they the England seven I had to get sports oasis. And you guys have big TVs will be there in the sends a bar and there are so it's pretty fantastic and there's there's copper from the sun bureau. On the sun came mixing sat out an everything medical some beach you know black people don't like to be what we're. We also found it exhausting daily dose of honest I'm new to them but people don't knew before cabbage. And our. Hillbillies. We went on that Tobin I kind of want to I don't know Asa. Apple cowards yes and business bulletin Joseph field trip you realize that I'm probably so let's talk a barometer right now volume I have been in here I'm sorry I'll if you YZ that are fun. But I didn't know really yeah. Yeah Devlin he's an hour and you know those in my talk and visit again on Ito and on Saturday Lee write whatever I. They lag from one of four point three of the show are you guys to Sierra shark wreck on Saturday the retired music vessel is this week and you guys have heard us talk about we're very sad afford to be. Hero among us. And I am a minister Ingraham this. It is good it affords word oh British singer recorded total number. Of. And away it won't notice they would marred recent. We'll.