Deontay Wilder w/ TLB 12-13-17

Wednesday, December 13th

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What's the fuss is does regret at a highly apart yeah. So. It was like second fight and I I'm looking now from the sins man that is the big dude that is a big jump and down there Mike. Oh man that is now looks like Dion there while there. And then put through together to there was Luis Ortiz loses come back fight is used despite the odds. Obsessive person stuff and I didn't go down and so Dionte is gonna. Look like you want to get down to business early on and so we thought the rundown sister is it was just such use of the community refine. The WBZ heavyweight champion well the odds are wallet that you but the township really appreciate it. Or its own problems for a new toolbar. Would Doug men would do I and so we want to that we want to get you want to you wanted to talk about you coming down here this past weekend and what went into the idea because you're supposed to fight Luis Ortiz. He popped on his his PD tests and you guys got scratchy ended up doing that Massa before it's against him Verne area between them out about ninety seconds. Armed so why did you decide to come on down here and did you think all that was gonna happily do it all work out as planned when you end up in the ring with him face to face. John at each other. Yeah well you know armed all of our will be coming down there to comfort the boo boo some commentary you know. I'll probably a couple of mediocre stuff like that Islam bias some other brain hormone. If I'm doubt in my early puberty. You know they awarded retain its so boxer and it so happened that the other cold rainy rebel or two albums sold under the cause you don't. It would be overzealous so much better grip on network problem like yellows that you know is look for opportunity. To do so I don't know I thought and renewal and reform the government basically. That boom it rolled them back GM's other superb opportunity department moment. Operated and what they're marketed mood of the community will twice so. It was perfect so what what what's ironic it was suddenly would there I'll make it to get out of slaughtered for the part got out who you gonna repair. What he'd be there. Because who's still on cost Obama between us and I knew you gonna respond to Rick so he gave me out of tune part of our lead. You vote was February to reduce our you know made this a number mount announcement official did Obama still won't. You know he. He did a lot of things. There wasn't fair for me at all pulled the trigger a lot of people who else but they've won a lot of people. You know who a lot of ticket a lot of wounds but it applies aired if we have to go. Cannot take something new try to recover but what do rescue Ager with great job but recipe you is just there's just been. Young men are you know there's just disorder. Dion today until Brandon and I were we're we're ringside for that flight we saw you up there we Salma all the go on back and forth but we could really hear what you're saying. So what was the message you're given near me. Oh yeah there's a house speaker's what do you guys think it was all on the TV broadcast the weekend here we all were just. And sooner or we Giuliani could only guess who was going on between you two. What are you what are corporal resellers and yet week to week and we are in the stands it would give us the TV broadcast so we couldn't hear you guys are saying to each other back and forth in the ring. What was your message and and what did he give you back. All of this eventually it'll and to him that are still warm up a bit. I don't know he messed it up the first car because you definitely do you know you're gonna put the fire is so I'd metadata but don't look first Arthur but to blow. You bring everybody had been and you know I'm. They do it was a mess and our oldest known that I don't. That a public would you assess the dark and you should go home to my you don't his knees and thank god. Or sicker opportunist second chance you know there are still won't cost you wanna you know. Oh don't you believe the dual spraying him a lot of people out mixed emotions about you do. Tuesday. There have been what can you do to meet beckoned him to Dubuque and he's open go and you gotta fight somebody you know and what army become arguably be one of the best. It is attributed. You know and now I wanna put up to the I don't want the best. I wanna see you know. Oh he beg you to privilege it was to be especially bitter bitter bitter debate that's all I want. It just abuses are met report cards are in my career and in my life there are war that bears of the bears. I wanna sell opal left with a net. You don't want to know every now argue we got up by more opposition. Figure to a certain point because empire is just not ready and a lot of game golds. Well it probably wondered how were you must Asia smears to what people Brad you must be ready. It would be until well there are always ready. What would my opponent they both have spread did it must give some of the job. Just to try adaptable platform and our diplomat that we watch very little opposition particle dark until they give me some rights of all well know when you Moore must've been memory would be. We're going to be afraid being there were certain of its report then. Olivea about to break loops. What I don't know. Want to know so like why why did did it come so that point we decide like I don't care now whether or not their problem for stuff because. Lot of times I can be deal breakers are fighters where. You had your opportunity you messed it up and I don't wanna face a guy who I eat is suspected cheating or no is cheating. How did you get to the borrowers like I don't care anymore like let's lexis almost 12 I wanna do. Many good for for a while it was supposed to have been a wanna get in the ring with no matter what he's taken. Well I had are about it until. A really had to have a clue would go back and when he heard that it you know work local hours and know what we'll talk about it in order to beat you and bill BC have rooms. That's laid down and you know. On the stand at least be fired you know what visits in the message to would be that he missed a light and so forth and so well. The message is. Now get him back on and say it is Tom Rath who has gone on because of Sony's. Realizes who are not asking questions. So robberies. Marie American as well on over there but eminently that he was wild LeRoy from telling you that and as soon as crazy and all I know is. TNT has do you loaned it's reached. You know I've ever seen Ned serious. I mean that love is as long as Heisman. Highs in the other you got a crazy long preached. Biden's record isn't long reads we don't understand this is a sadly just desire he could you know as a visit this is no this is no doubt he has he has the longest reach out there. And so. Until what you guys say millions on new with the highs and drove opposed. It's got the longest reach out there so that's what it is. So I had I don't care that is made fun of like we well this this will. This will be be proven and don't care and we annual your closest to farms yesterday too I saw that. And so does the way it was oh yeah yeah don't don't don't don't you don't you front on that. So I when we get the odds are back on the odds and actually it's were they suffer from hold out their poise for a second to cellular phone backed fixed. So I do it and so so you was so you decide at American fight doesn't matter you are you're gonna take him on a matter what day they how to be taken. Almost seven because of that it would love the guy that grew and why he would pop patrol. People would indeed be getting hit by bill and in the meantime we got it made the announcement he thought a week of the of the flight I mean that we. The week Bubba bouncing so far in India and you have Ortiz so doubles regular role for me. And Augusta golf for a minute you know good two to have food to have a market to think that way. You know the coat but he added we gotten there and we had reached a that we others. You of the appointment is that they you know they're lesser opposition is dumb I bet that that met with. That at Wimbledon when he met new government would want him to death denominated. Metal a lot of pain so. In doing what you gonna be like you don't like it did colonel Moore you know that it did you have the target may have heard must they must build. So are you more prone to be out there are and it will actually I have no matter what whether you or brawl would not. That is not building up when you face in the beyoncé while I promise you I'm probably only to them. Go to our regular words when you when you go again today. Why Al why dad's there why the decisions you pivot and go back with a Ortiz instead of it seemed like after you went over to burn. You're ready to jump ball over the image Joshua thing is that on their bar they're not ready to get in the ring with view what where to understand what that. Remote detonated it has been blown up or you know they're still trying to spread. They're still trying to plan of the purple mean. You know I'm already know what they're Dolan. You know also noted that air about stop there they're trying to get his minutes are racist they kill them before they can all reach a yet to bottom because they know. The great trend is going and they know it. They know it. There laughter and also would that be answered you know I think he's trying to fight for a good they had no interest in me they even at that meet the may O Leah. Would there you know my people that you would give enemy and it would eventually develop took Spain you know yeah we were deployed to Bubba block. Whether what we know golfers they're Rick BellSouth spirited game trying to make or. You know me and so would that be it's very Whipple Parker. So I don't gonna sit around much or some nobody you Norman amount amount amount we dock and do barely could be buried in a bar we go to operate. We know the world know who won't won't who. The war and old bit more vocal. Vulnerability. Don't wanna try to do just sit where respect it more you know they just came out and you know what we do is not ready for you we don't wanna play. You know where in the fight game here I don't wanna sing right no plot. Everybody don't want CY dish dirt. The stove right there you know what what would dissent and let people know was blown also we don't move well but we had to move more in a way so why he are the partners Starwood for good. I want actually eulogies. A single book that will win him the first are not our view what I deal was still burn even more hard. Bob Roberts is due to this wires are becoming it would have you got reinstated our mayor though it looked like a regular. Are the voice of our recover you don't BC. Put them back into. So why not you know you're right there you go here's what I'm always not let me give Greg Willard is so. That's doubled my whole although a bit you know do you value back years older let's continue despite is a great why are they Yugoslav a lot of questions. Improved to a lot of people have been at I am a bit. The update your Tuscaloosa guy. I know you you root for the tide what do think should happen in this college football playoff. Man is going to be content tricky you know arm are remarkably cheap enough. So well with this season because a lot of stubborn hormone share in my life it will have been traveled to allow boy you know. You know I definitely support the prisons marked a marker from the in the city of champions. And I'm doubly good depth now about what support and around you know restricted because you know could've got they got beat all born. And they Beckett you know reliable blood available we will lived in the beat him a divot in the Ohio State. Oh. Well you Hussein is a big advocate of so what you know and she didn't Wear. A bag or villages. They've got big game and play to a bush developed a poster wrote down you know. You know I know because when you do put the players he's he's a definite word co. And you also favored to limit you can play you gonna put him through those who would you got it OK you don't assume that originated because she's war. And on the floor like a bottom you know also I'm always support me or memo wrote about it. What do you think of we think it's a security guy cleared yesterday it's to box and yes he does out of well ring run in not too long ago that goes by a couple of years ago. When he was still active do you do you see that fight maybe in the future. It's appropriate or not like you're a Mets clerical spirit that relaxed and have him sit out did him. I will be to a bug got reinstated. You know but Obama had reformer in Tom. I would look before you are we're not still part of the border for years museum and all but what was book before that become realistic. He's got to do shape though he's got to get a say yeah sort of goes. Yeah bomb before this ought to go but the biggest the biggest step to do. Is that he's very reinstated. And that's the biggest thing because you know we meet our dollar debt that would mean that is smaller smaller we will small amount today avoid to visit. And no more excitement the better it can be so long I would look forward to resign as it would serve. Well look forward to know what we do misshapen you begged with the lead after the. What do you think about I do in the Ortiz tied down Hamad who agree we knew we saw the crap that there are going wild for you guys London's it was it was Jenna buzzed on the so let's let's get a real title fight down here in my am win ever get the title fights on there. You got the. The flurry of outlook report in my movement and due to maybe make she regular house there's a little much I love a little more developed well the Loma Marleau the world of the ocean this public and I have a lot of people. Actually yeah welcome back on this double I don't know what going. The commission this stuff like that we haven't checked into that because they'll allow played the important commission admitted and did that burns like. Conditions yesterday and opened. Guess they got shenanigans on. Ha okay I was little bit. You know put we're well aware as to what happened where it was to that problem two to do fire everywhere you so everybody. That dude don't do it and it just just off our mobile you know spokesman UN arms and are well sometimes. Certain states Miguel or 2220 bushels on their because of the insurance policy that they haven't that deploy put it into the street. Tennessee is so high on over on the the yardage it was policy of different things that you rarely see why is there. Did you almost never see quite bitter you know and so they exist like that I don't know if Florida right at a map you know I haven't looked into it may have been. What are without Karl but the developers and as bill when it when it built a development of oil or Denzel and on and you applied. Present the Tom Mann thank you for for joining us next whenever that went down this past weekend and you know hopefully we'll see what goes down the road for Tony eighteen. Mom ran. Why men don't have a great big men of god bless. And.