Eric Poms w/ TLB 12-5-17

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, December 5th

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I'm very proud to announce that the producers has lied to police as young commute Eric palms CEO of George Bush committee joins us there act as it's I'm really appreciate it. Thanks so much absolutely no worries no worries so are you know. When you realize the canes are eligible to be in your game is that exciting because there are other hometown Timorese like. Other instances of good it's gonna be is much torque because the the local to you of course the should be this should be a home run for us. Yeah I mean it's it's obviously very exciting. Our arrangement we have which traditional cap worn Orange Bowl. Is with ACC champion on one side and then they go semi final. Did you get the next card strength teams so. Much like last year when Clemson went to the semi finals and in new Fiesta Bowl. Forced they would let next highest ranking we knew this year that book want to remind you positioned themselves. Whoever won insurer who was gonna go to the well and most likely the one who lost. Was gonna come to us so we did it was a possibility Clemson or Miami would be our game. It's great I mean like last year when you go local component. Within national. Powerhouse program like Wisconsin like Michigan that they are. You were great combination as a lot of excitement of South Florida and across the top physical across the country so well we get basketball war. Erica I know listen though I'm shirt we love the Wisconsin people we're glad that Wisconsin's in the game. But is oh like a little part of you on Sunday got hammered in that Alabama doesn't get into the top four and maybe they end up down here. What say you I mean the cool we have with the Big Ten SEC and her name offers those opportunities but you know. The top four in most years you're not gonna news negated until the details selection. And so yeah we neither of those possibilities but we never have opted artistry. And for the glass I've been here a long time we go we were very close to bury operators the athletic director there the coach Paul Kirk courses are different. And we've always been talking about that table with content consort just ecstatic that we while ago Wisconsin. The quarry fan base. They're excited to be coming down here and I notably great night. Org has got to get more tickets as a home team get more tickets like I don't think we should get Wisconsin Ammann tickets like you'll. You know it's a really just the obvious candidates and to be up. Look what the reality is in our world both teams at the same exact amount of tickets. But then the other half of the stadium and so vocal. Go to mastermind is going to be pretty well and I. All right. It what's the slide valuing what are you guys noting has given way this year is a love knowing what what the other kids get prizes for the game. You know what I think it's like a key this week where there's a lot of options. Were regulated by the NCAA so without concern amount of dollars split the kid to be really happy with. The options and it's exciting I mean both teams are amazing years mine stir up and you know. Well Wisconsin's star twelve though they both finished with wood who also losses but. The young you know programs on the east San bigger quarry coaches and I think kids are going to be. There to celebrate an amazing season and the gets a part of what do you. They about the zag like you guys have a classic bull horn ball that goes down everybody everybody wants to go to one blow anything about like all these bulls that of Scalia that too many. He got he got late though the margarine butter bowl or some nonsense that's gone around the league like what do you think about everything good luck to those bulls for everything. The under a long time and I've seen the evolution in the postseason college football and now there's four people games. And I actually chair of the football bowl association are very connected to. The business in the industry but it's great I mean if you think about it across the country. In other so many programs to compete at a high level and have. You know forty cards two there's eighty programs get a chance to clinch a postseason college football it's great we feel really good. About where the child born Orange Bowl in the sugar born accessible caught impeach and rose. Or because we feel like an over the course of time or 84 years old they have to special place. But there is great things happening in Boca Raton for example were you know eloquent when you say you what an amazing year and there were way children. And if you. So yeah I think it's great you know it's it's a balance between where the playoff was taken things with the tradition of the bowl. But in the end the more inventory the more opportunity student athletes to celebrate great she's. They you've its iMac really appreciated Matt would look at followers of the game and all the celebration you guys have around she got a lot of things planned for the teams and something's going to be a lot of fun. But a lot of phone report revenue answer hopefully and rude shock you don't look at what. They want. Oh. Yet we'll bring the party you give us we will bring the party I know they didn't mean to install on right away after the incident at a prison good runs thanks so much Orange Bowl committee see over any sixty it's. Now normally I like about it instructing its last year.