Ethan and Perk Interview Marc Spears 3-24-17

Friday, March 24th
Ethan and Perk Interview The Undefeated's Marc J Spears

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Ryan fuel announcers in being serves guests lined they're truly steps beyond convenient. You write or the undefeated beaten catcher not the undefeated dot com. One of the major contributors over their mark spears mark thanks for join us. It's doing. And beyond petroleum Monday may well. Race is over here you know as the biggest malls be like 83 in sunny and so as a remembrance. Usable as. I've been marketed. So that's that's. The up market wanna start here would you wrote about. 2008 title without. Ray Allen that we we talked about that a little on the program here couple days ago I am just wondering how did that sort of conversation come about. And and did you do you think they'll ever be thawing in the air between Allen and Summers or teammates. Our home. On that product it was actually marked in DC the other bowl game and an unknown Rondo for a long time and a you know before over the Celtics for two years in 20079. And in so. The more you can't not put them on bull stuff. In both the and the public's and then suddenly goes. You know look at all the I'm out. It's in induce treated pretty much okay pulled it out school. Already coming right. And I would hope our. Yeah. It and after data that we have some more questions about it it. Room. You know I know via strong opinions about. How things troop or rate is starting to go to Miami. Two rival. Team that knocked the Boston Celtics out in the Eastern Conference final. You know appears. Also let quote explained. Why it was so that Kim Garnett so I don't want it is completely agree that move. Though there are few question. No no end in. You know who operate on this one and hope that he could figured out what but I don't vote their race or put them so who district leader's group. There's probably mutual armpit in which would certainly make it artwork. Yeah anniversary in 2008 it was that it can't be too donating to the boat yet. Eight more what do you think has been in Vietnam. I guess the biggest story in the NBA this season. Make it seems to me like it's been a lot of off the court stuff whether it's some Charles Oakley or or whatever and and it. As opposed to James Harden you know Russell Westbrook maybe to I don't know but Kevin Durant moved my guess is technically off the court but it. It is on the court stuffed the bill at the top story of the top a couple of stories or do you think it husband. Kind of both the office off the court stuff where others you know Dwyane Wade and and Jimmy Butler trying to baldor they're old man power cooler or whatever what was the bigger story. You know to me the biggest story is that that the BP rate that they disinterested in and wrote about why men are today he kind of wild lead the way. Why is it in him. Challenging. Russell and James Harden and sold shoes. We continue to be a lot of attention on that but yet it there's been a lot more. I've drama than normal weather moved Charles Oakley year. Feel like there's been a couple skirmishes lately are all as it is Wednesday. It is or that there might be the media before we keep want us. There you know who. Mean he's only talking who grew out of our. Under the truck restrict. I don't. I don't go to the killer bloggers and others so. PI know him up or ethnic. They're lured. I don't know. And immunity. While they're there to Florida's mark there is and then this is like they say about Florida the further south you get further north you are. Love you yeah yeah I haven't but is it. But it didn't hit it out no auto. Hi all all the way all the way to bet you love all the way back to. And I. I act if I. Will take notes that we have to. Toyota Marc spears or the shot he didn't include using is indeed here in. You the when. I think. You know what it ounce. Intractable David do you really terrible a kind of leaning toward ardent. And a lot of ways because I didn't expect a rocket to be this good. And then you know Mike and Tony did a great job with all the in the end. That brought him are more like there's this place team in now and they're pleased James Harden who have been amazing and why did. If this spurs can somehow lead brought warriors put atop the eye can see a rush of will start at home court moves way. Obviously. Russell Westbrook is is that I can it be. Rant and it missed so many games room perhaps he'd be in the mix arms in the grungy. Did Thomas it. It incredible right now today. I give in order. I'm mark. The national perspective or even your perspective as a national writer on the Miami Heat. Odd clearly they they put themselves back in the playoffs teacher. Afternoon Lebanon thirty start what you. I don't. Our best writers and people wearing. It low. So what would you think the direct me to believe that my leave. It. Let's look what do you think there's season it and miracles are around spoke coach of the year. It's. You know what do what do you think about it the team as a whole. Yeah our. You can rule out that this that. The muted documentary won this round to people's lives were changed LeBron went back to Cleveland. And yeah. Urquhart the germ. That Peter aren't. Ordinary men and create typical year attention. Benefit that we under the circumstances. You know losing waders. On. Looted in. Are young sipping your Clinton's. We've blown. This I don't know how is that together but it is. And I mean this is pretty fighting. I don't know and they've it. You know and they had that one stretch recently where they are bidding went and ever yet to rule on the little it. Well alone. You know problem. I'm intrigued by the public gain. Do they can do with that they're kind of like it could birdman. You know. Get the 400. Be pretty cool you know I don't I don't know lose that duct tape here is a I get it though like I'd perhaps. You know the bigger than it. You know bad news bears team that she just they didn't really grew weigh in go and there's ms. They did they keep figure out a way to do written in stricken and apparently had a pretty great pretty good year limit their we're in sit and our own I've always liked him. And. Actually part one of mine and it was great for his career. Haven't really got him a lot of override it goes to the injury issues and even when it like wade embarked certainly hurt. Really like Warren. I hope that the he could figure out a way to build or operate it well why would make you build a program and make mr. Tom wanna talk to little notes and Marc spears from the undefeated about the Golden State. Looks like from everything we're hearing here you're hearing that to Rand study back before the end of the regular season. Yeah you know what we cannot go this way in the them. Look we're bitter internal years so we could read tea leaves a lot of arm. The press release came out that stated that. To rent. Will it could return. In the regular season. I believe this is typically aren't decked out here well. I've got. Them back easily era on the back arson. You know lawyers put that out of located in there it Warren did not bidders would not. Horrible one is that he's not having surgery but to that they would rule that out there. I'm. I think a lot of people were suspect in the words but it used dumping yesterday running up and down the court. And I think the plan all along with Aaron that it caught and it. If he comes back with a week we're ready with even though we're given the chance to like you're covered now. It negatively from underneath the government and be ready for opening game well. And mark from a I just from a publicity standpoint. Would the league be disappointed. If any team other than. Cleveland or Golden State. Won the title and then they dealt with San Antonio winning a report a low profile spurs but. Couldn't they be happy if Simpson and James Harden wondered if it doesn't have to be the eastern sexy too easy to promote that the whole off season. Well I want he. This could create this bird story. And what the miracle eaten there are husbands and once obese. Man. You've written a month. It better photo realistic. Certainly realistic scene I don't know why. Moment it hit the personalities with. He just doesn't want the spurs opponent style I don't much like what we're William love what you wanted to live. Perhaps because the very little data. You know TV there weren't there Witten spurs. Do think that. You know Jane Harding is. And entertain me the appeal for television that Germany could capture the nation a little bit. Part of the eastern side. I don't know that there's you know maybe they get excited about that that it Armitage now walked. Well I don't really think it's a three team race that it you know on the web. Is golden state senate Tony you know it is really gonna take a lot where. Somebody in the east of Eden what I do think that the gap between me. Cleveland and a Little League teams in the Eastern Conference is getting more. Mark thanks for taking the time we appreciate it and will's will soon we can do about Egan down here in Miami. All right may give him up front general David. It at the crap high spears faith I'll be right back got some identity.