Fake Gase & Fake Ajayi: A Meeting of Hot Heads.mp3

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, October 12th

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Jay good to see it. So award to the coach studio talent. And lose the general view is so full Gallo. One thing I'm thinking is you know the leadership on this team you are Jarvis beauty vision via hot heads. Hornet like I know I'm hot head but you're you're high junior not blue goose is good we're together. Don't know or are going to know more and you go I didn't know who's it. And I don't know you know cloud all drawn to bangers and mash well. It's I don't know what the hell you're talking about right now because your accent is so hairy like I could tell you're giving me attitude on the one it is attitude. Backed by two real good. Shall soak it all British and essential man hours to get out there. Crucial moment Greg. And again once you get open that old goods abroad say they have an admission no don't all go. Over the place that might listen. Snow blowing is a known that wing. Tactic okay the patriots doing it we didn't do it compares how do you think I got Jay Cutler play well the tank. A brutal rule. She looks old coach that coach water. You know.