Fighter's Fury 1-14-2018 (UFC 220 Preview, Wilder-AJ-Fury Triangle, Weight Cutting Issues at UFC St. Louis)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, January 14th

UFC St. Louis fight card hit with bad weight cutting issues. What are the best solutions that the UFC has to fix these problems in mixed martial arts? Robert Whittaker falls out of his title fight in February. Who wins between Luke Rockhold and Yoel Romero in the interim title fight? Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua have there next fights set. Who is more at risk for a loss? Tyson Fury keeps asking folks who they want to see him fight next, when the fans already told him. When is the UFC going to strip Conor McGregor? Is Khabib vs Conor in Russia the plan for the fall. Plus picks for UFC 220 and Bellator 192. 


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Mixed martial arts and it's time for fighters feeling each side. Here's viewing. And it's what hysteria on seven that take it. W wave next how RC atomic guns are out this week so be us. Just together in the truck streak well the world of mixed martial arts and boxing. Is this is a busy busy seven days' rest by Pandit is going to be crazy pack. I realized the putts were right because of the away in the last week showed the elephant does that and I've I've forgotten as is the annual. After division gaming and so a UFC fight night cards and get some with an action tonight. Which will be fantastic. Duo Choi take on little heat and Stevens. But we did lose a common event this is really scared so we had. These guys there. Unfamiliar with this you ride a hall. Really really fantastic striker. Finalist in the U in the Ultimate Fighter years back Tuesday on veto Belfour to night. And that's why it's not gonna happen again cancel really really scary issue at the way and he reportedly fainted on the way to weigh ins the commanders said that it was on wave. But not only that he fainted but doctors believe the court aerial wanna that he suffered. Seizures. Because of the wake so really really scary stuff that's going on there there was another incident where to go out there is supposed to make his return. On the scarred his opponent Fella Zak Cummings as he was cutting weight in a bathtub. Came in it is had. While cutting weight so a couple really scary way cutting issues. For the sport we're not gonna see a couple really really exciting fighters tonight and it really is the darkest side of the sport that's going on right now. And the try to fix it it looks like there you know especially look at the California State Athletic Commission with the chickens that they do on weigh ins. To make sure the guys a moral point you know they're not doing. Things to do very extreme cuts or that the balloon up. Sun has done some of this with the with the idea of of outlawing IVs so there hasn't been steps taken to get this thing right. But. It felt like when. There's a couple things the change to the early weigh ins the numbers are certainly in a different where. More people are missing wait for whatever reason they thought this is going to be a better plan because the window would be much healthier to rehydrate. Well for whatever reason the idea of guys having to have beyond weight earlier. Has messed them up and your idols not a guy who's had problems this in the past so it's he's a frequent offender of cutting weight. But it is it is a scary thing to think about what these guys do to their bodies. You know one of the the fighters that page vans and she's in a new weight class ten pounds above where she hasn't by initiative by naturally want fifteen. But yet some really viral follows that went out. With her. Earlier this year for her cut to strongly and it was his brutal he looked that are in shoes. Wasting away her body to get there and something that. Seems to have a worse effect on women on what they're doing and you look at these things annually and with with all the things that these spiders have to do it stimulates the biggest fight they have to go against is the scale at times. And what can the sport in the process and it's seemed especially to. A problem mixed martial arts. And boxing in the couple things going for. One there's a lot more weight classes mean. Every every fourth fortified pound you got a new weight class so that's one thing. I don't ovitz also a culture thing and opens because a lot more guys come from rustling so they use of the more extreme weight cuts. But in the torturing other body. But it is definitely something in combat sports that's unique to the side of the fence of mixed martial arts where guys are. Just doing extreme measures to get themselves. In the most enviable position. To win fights and be the bigger person and to have the stronger skill set to have every advantage going their favor. And so you look at it like well is that the culture of the sport. If they really did add more weight classes were more we will just be taking advantage to be and other weight classes you would just give you more options to be an extreme Cotter. Or people really fall in true or do you more commission needs to do what California's doing you know we have a hard enough time right now. Getting everybody to adopt the unified rules and the change that they want to Vegas in the capital fighting hasn't even Daria. And you really wonder what measures have to be taken to get guys. Healthy to the scale then may get it healthy to the octagon serene yet. The best fights the guys making their bodies get to a certain weight class to be the healthiest to be the safest civic equality bouts. You know there really is a scary element to the sport right now and so. You know present to your rile hall hopefully he he bounced back from this quick and we see him back in the octagon soon but. You know take his time as well that's that's certainly very scary to hear that may have had a seizure. In addition to passing out. From his weight cut. Vito Belfour very very classy with the fight being canceled of these of that in that this is supposed to be in his mind the his retirement fight at least from the USC. So that ought to win a little bit longer for me toward. We also had another injury. Up popped up and that was Robert Whitaker Robert Whitaker was supposed to bite your seat to 21 is supposed to be. Is real homecoming his first his first fight as champion. Established champion. He was the undisputed one after. Joseph Peter gave of the belt. He also is not going to be able to fight so what's happening is. We are going to get. Luke rock cold take on you while Romero for the other middleweight championship law Robert Whitaker recovers. There's a couple things here. It's huge bomb that would Agassi Robert Whitaker in that environment get to fight because. So is awesome when a champion gets that that that moment. To embrace himself at the top of the sport in their hometown Steve day we got to do that in Cleveland not too long ago and of course with that a little bit later. I just get that opportunity to adapted to be on your soil where. You gets it to basket and a little bit. Sometimes it goes against you you know we think about actually go back to steep pay beating the British overdue in Brazil so does go against you at times but. You know it it's still a cool moment and so the fact there were there's not a real fight as he was also you know user government during the first place. And I guess is not medically fit to fight so we do get Little Rock cold vs Joseph while Romero. Which is which is critical both guys training down here who's to allow more training down here over and in Lantana. Within a goofed and Daniel longtime. A member of American top team so South Florida connection there. There's a pretty awesome fight I like the fact that. Even with Whitaker going down we got ourselves a really really entertaining fight. And you'll matter really close matchup against Robert Whitaker last time for the interim belt. While microbe has been was on the shelf. Lou Brock cold. Had some time off thought David branch recently was the most fantastic gunfight in the world but he did get the job done and said these two are going to be in the cage. In a month's time fighting for dinner and title and I think that's it's it's a really really entertaining about. So that's some of the that was the big news this week as far as injuries are concerned. With USC the other thing that got announced this week you have seat to 22. Max Holloway take it out Frankie Edgar. For the response yet paper view ago. But they got scratched because of Frankie Edgar being injured. Now it's back on and not tell is an early early big time player for the slight minus to B to be frank Uighurs two plus 225. To really intriguing fight it's these frank he's really the only. He's their left now 145 division IMAX hasn't beaten. Although the economy Gregor who's probably never gonna fight their again. So if you look at for a true clean out at 145. Of guys who have been at the top. Frank he's really the last piece that Max Holloway there are some of becoming contenders. But as far as the guys who have really been an act crop of the top five. Max is beatable some of the some of these beaten twice so it's been a pretty incredible ride to watch your Max Holloway. I don't know of anybody saw this this past week. But did you see that in Hawaii you know I get the emergency alert system on your phone it we were. We were just riddled with his during the hurricane where. You get a warning of her of a tornado in your area every thirty minutes in into your iPhone is go crazy. Listen wow so. In Hawaii. This this warning came up on your phone any minute phone could do that that's. But his says though warning. Ballistic missiles headed towards your area this is not a drill. Which just set Hawaii into an absolute panic bird good half hour to apply only crap we are under attack North Korea's fun watching us. What the hell is going on. Bomb it turned out not to be true. But even still it was it was a wild thing. Max Holloway. Genius that he is he puts the pin they aim name of himself. Flying. Knee to the missile. Has toward Hawaii I got this other autos fantastic. That's always gonna fight this fight in Vegas for not gonna get the Hawaii car than a lot to a wanna see deceive the champion fight in his own town. Really a business logistic issues and why it's not an easy thing to get fourth but Matt Salo is going to be fighting for it yet here. And we MC Frankie says he beat the holy hell the idea Rodriguez. So still flood fight. Very very entertaining. And it's been a lot of shuffling has been a a lot of shuffling going on in the USC this week. But we have a busy busy fight night tonight and even with losing your Ryan Palmer is Vito Belfour we still got. Fantastic fight Stevens Jimmy Stevens do vote choice. Really aren't any fights seem page van Zandt who. You have to see obviously wants to see great things from Taylor just a rose Clark. What all the new weight class me of her for for page or is this going to be a short of it first you move training camp she's in Portland this time. The one thing you do get Darren Elkins vs Michael Johnson moving to the main card. On knowledge of the huge Damien you know earlier did just about a matter of of time their two cellular paper. The main enabled Michael Johns Tuesday in August I think that's fantastic fight you know those two guys will go in there tool bank they'll be. To it's a ceiling of absolute slugfest in the making Darren Elkins is like a zombie. Easy it's so hard to put him down Michael Johnson is just always like you never know it sometimes he looks like an absolute world beater. Sometimes he looks like after a couple minutes and then just can't put through for the entire fight so. Wanna receive in the minutes tonight I think that's very intriguing and I think tomorrow's numbers is a meal meat. Another very intriguing matchup different skill sets come to the ring tonight and who's on looks like the next world beater. 170 you know on top of the Darren Elkins there's a lot of really really tell the guys that one Saturday but. You know mill meet in the slots and in his own right so he got the got some really nice you know it's actually funny too late looking at this card. And this discard always seems to do. Very positive numbers to your gonna have the lead in and a lot of promotion tonight during. The NFC divisional game between the vikings and saints. Which is one of the benefits to UC keep that relationship with box. But this is always this is always a traditional car that does well and Yelp but in the past has had like Connor McGregor headlining it before so this is. DO Jeremy Stephens not exactly a household name payday advance certainly is so she she and she always does well ratings wise. But Jerry receive the verses duo joys and adjusting matchup to see how. That carry overs gonna go from the NFC divisional game but really really entertaining part we come back. We got a we got ourselves a big and coming up next week not to because of the size of the fighters but just because this in a lot of people's minds. It is a very very important fight for the UFC and where Tony eighteen will go outside about that next. Each miners feel. Carry on seven I did take it we take you over until around 11 o'clock today. Couple boxing because before get a DO CU to wanna which is going down next week in Beantown. And it we got forty some reports get out this week that kanell Alvarez and dribble GM agreed upon. Their rematch for the first weekend in mag. This was a report from the LA times and apparently got word from golden boy's camp. Their Gomez and he's their president. And he has said 98% Duncan knows agreed to his side no rematch clause just way announcer would you give the OK we're good ago. Strangely enough. The same side of that fence. Can now this was an Oscar De La Hoya who came out and he refuted the reports. They blade on triple. I promised all fans who get it done soon when trouble G agrees to the rematch. This sucks this sucks beatable G in a cupboard aren't a lot of people's mind he got screwed in that by a lot of people thought. Obviously troubled G won that fight over Canelo Alvarez. But because it ended up the way it did. You lose a lot of leverage he doesn't get the doesn't have the accolades he doesn't of the ball his court it doesn't go to a ate burgers now. The other thing what this is when that when they're making these by its nor the rematch clause it's easy easy good to ago. But when when somebody doesn't lose about a side doesn't lose the belt. Based on the leverage on their sides of the got a gold renegotiate biz in the holding and thing. So should these are the tough spot right now because this is obviously the biggest money fight it was the biggest money fight in boxing this year then of course. Got a McGregor verses what Mitt with a real box immerses boxer this is the biggest fight the boxing had offered by itself with two pure boxers. And I would say going into this year commercially. A Muslim there was return to fight somebody this is the biggest fight boxing has to offer cell. From one guard dribbled into either a little bit hamstrung in that all right do you. Do you go the way. Not fighting an aloe and fighting let's say a Billy Joseph Saunders. For a lot less money. And you get to keep some leverage what people say are let's say he goes and beats Billy Joseph even though is getting older. And though he's he had some trouble chasing Canelo. What we have positioned against religious on the let's just say he's got the risk of fighting a guy and Billy Joseph where did you lose. And that is completely off the table. All are there the fight it out lovers again. Continued to do what he did in the last fight although that's also a risk and if he if he wins. Almost certainly. Sets up for a third fight you know it definitely puts it in possession where okay. If we agree to this. We know that. It's going to be in a position where. And aloe verse triple Agee. Gates don't happen again which it it basically almost a give yourself up for two big payday. You go but Billy Joseph. Yeah he gets kids and they pried into acting on it had to bend to Oscar bill oil will be scramble Luke fur applaud for Canelo. But. There's a risk of losing and a risk of people losing interest in you. And so what are you go. You know it is guaranteed bonus of his guaranteed purse was three million who goes to be on the back end of that paper view. But you know from my mind if you if you tell all over our future bulging you look at what those scorecards where. Where. You know. You lost 1181 teller card and you just got to be shaken badly comment. Because of this kind of incompetence. I gotta be treated like this in negotiations. Because Natalie blurted you know what the hell she was doing. A tough spot for troubled it it really is it's it's a tough spot and an and it stinks. But I I really don't think there's another fight for these two guys that I think you will get worked out of we will obviously get him out we think is what LC unit. Put on that weekend I mean it's it's routinely the biggest fight weekend. In the boxing. And if not that then the second weekend in September. To get a hard time believe or not gonna get that fight cups ago at a mile but it is it is concerned to see that. Oss is Chinese power plays are gonna be a lot and I don't really know what he does and it's all because of of a judge to understand why fighters. And so infuriating. That the judging his pour it's because of self like this it's not just the wins and losses it's the leverage the dollar signs is a prized fighters these guys go out this is how they make a living. And a lot of how you make a living is also the leverage you have when it comes to negotiating table. And triple G having a win. When they're negotiating these contracts is huge. And the fact that now he is a draw on his resonate instead of a win is is is. Completely irritated. So. We'll see you becomes that I a hard time believing it's not going to get done but. You know Oscars do this move we're trying to put the pressure on getting aloft and other other news and notes that came out of box in this week. A bunch heavyweight fights finally became. Official we got Luis Ortiz he's got the out there while there march 3 march you'll be busy last month for the heavyweight division. We also got Joseph Parker vs Anthony Joshua that's official for march 31. And we look at those two match ups and you hope to think OK after this these guys are finally going to fight. Can you guarantee it no absolutely not because it seemed like these guys are talking a big game after their last flights. We're Dion did a spectacular knockout restore burned. He would at the Josh with a less than stellar reports or calls to come. But even still. Both those guys run hide the odd that he was running a little bit higher even though that Anthony Joshua had the fight of the year and into people's minds with his win over Wladimir Klitschko. I think both these guys are going to come out of this by on top. I'm like how Dionte came out of that fight with Burmese to burn even a guy. Who was very interactive. Wasn't in great shape. Toga on short notice he went in there do exactly what is despite what he was supposed to do. Where if you look at the side and if it Joshua. He the same situation had a little bit of trouble at the last minute opponent got head butt out his nose broken in the fight. Little bit uglier at a questionable stoppage let's be honest and that's probably a fight that should have gone the distance and the first sign it was high did tilting at that Josh is favor. They stopped the fight and end it looked like it looked like a pair shoot stoppage if you ask me. So you could probably say for the first time of these guys' careers. And the Joshua isn't exactly on the same trajectory as the got a lot of BI to while this probably go a little bit up. Edit Joshua plaque telling if you will and that's how quickly can change. If they win their fights. Joseph Parker take on it Anthony Joshua you know he's dogs glass jaw says that we've seen is vulnerabilities. OPEC that's that's fair but. I do think that we've seen Anthony Joshua B a lot more battle tested that it Joseph Parker. And it if you wanna say he's got a lesson I take a Klitschko but yet he's no world beater as far as slugging is concerned nobody looks at. But the truth is all the guys at the kiss of death when it comes to punch. But melodies a slouch either he's not he's not some Ballmer can't put anybody away. And he got up off the canvas put him down again I don't know how you can get anything but props to having Joshua for that fight. And they look at the out there wallet despite its Luis Ortiz. To meet she's got the more dangerous of the two if we're a look at who's put themselves more at risk Dionte is for for sure Dele undefeated fighter. Very awkward. Awkward style tough to figure Utley scene deal they want to leave himself open before. Does he look like he's getting that's super comedy is about himself as he at least they that next championship lead. Yes yes he does but Luis Ortiz. Even with the the issues with the testing and all that. Never been beaten he's also got stoppage power. A lot of it's an unknown factor he's been very avoided in his career. If I had this guy who looks like they're gonna put a little bit more on line here who's got more risk. I would say it's Gionta in a couple things also without doctored the other is America. It doesn't exactly have the nation behind it I think if they just who loses a fight still gonna be a big star in Britain. They're a little bit more of a knowledgeable fan base right now they're a little bit more forgiving if they're guys lose. The odd thing if he loses this fight it's got to back to the line for him. You know especially the fact that if he just has the Tyson period fight probably done but he's got options. The day if you lose this fight it all his options ours is options eyes he would take a Luis Ortiz again. Pulled out and be an active in just sit on his hands for the Anthony Joshua by he knows that he has some. He has some making up to do as far as the star power and and and again people clamoring to watch him fight and I thought that was a big problem with Dionte early on his career. Ducking order fights are having now havens. Have them avoid tougher fights taking our guys and PC who have never heard of yet as big platform to take on the spiel 'cause in the day who flaws and guys who just never heard of it was a I've got a big hindrance to his career. And he couldn't take it on guys were bigger names even if there were a bit older. But he seems like he's in the right steps now Tuesday on higher risk guys he's getting all doubters away from him. So. It'll be inching the city but I I think both of them but right now I think both of them come out of those fights would victories I really do. But I definitely think that the underwater. Is stepping a little bit more to the bear trap then after Joshua and again they Josh of the little cut above Joseph Parker. And boring some thing. Catastrophic in that fight happening like sailing in the last went ahead but or nasty cut I think he really should handle that fight okay the we've seen that. The stand and was questionable against Wladimir Klitschko but he battled through it he got out battled through it cost to come. Adversity with what was going down. Yet he was in there with a bona private really was gonna do anything with his hands by a guy who wasn't going down easily and weather the storm so I think that. Both these guys should TCB. And we'll see later on in the year I think we'll finally see that had a rematch which would be really really great now. As the last days that to a division right now. The big wild card this is Tyson Derry. And I think we're all oral were all kind of getting annoyed with the Tyson fury get up right now look we all to see doesn't your back in the ring. I think Edward divisions better with him there but it's more entertaining. Yeah obviously brings a very lively personality. He also doesn't mind being the bad guy. Which is definitely missing in this you know at the just a bit of a golden boy. The odd day while other kind of hard to hate on immunity you think about his stories Olympic. He's Olympic medalist you know the store with his daughter. It's impossible if you look at his characteristics from that standpoint to be able. Yell I think he's trying to go to the outside the board Dion Taylor who's down on the most your guys is Tyson. You know you bring up the old greats it's a good way to get boxing fans against you but these days trying anything to get the fight at this point even if it has to be the hated part but. Tyson is that is that shrew. Keel if you will of the boxing ranks. But it's getting a little bit tiresome as a boxing fan. To hear these games with Tyson fury you know late every single week gates you'll need to feel what it's like. We told you what do you mean who we want to see you flight. As a so. Easily put first hand to your social media account you asked. What are you what the as the flight. David Price social winner or share embraced it 75000. People. Say they want to fight it came back the results are read it was (%expletive) breaks and then ask the same question depends two months later. So what's the point are you could give the fans what you want it to put up to the fans to pick up the fans vote up to it. And you've got to make the fans feel important and B and invested in your comeback. And then you're gonna just ignored they say what's the pointed toward it just to get people more pissed off that or or think that this is all a ruse. And look Eddie or give up the street that what we're not doing business with Tyson puree until he proves that he can. Get himself in shape and walked into the ring and get himself a win and you want and also then I think it's completely for everybody here. And I'm not somebody who's on the side to promote a lot of time. But if you're Anthony Joshua what the hell do you invest all that time into a training camp not knowing what you're going to get from Tyson you're the only wildcard. We don't back and forth on by Shannon Briggs I mean right out of Shannon. You know he's my guy but it because if Gary let me get this straight. You didn't you didn't harper around you lineal champion of the world you beat Wladimir Klitschko you do need it data easy you danced around and you embarrassed him in your mind. I'm supposed to believe. In you beating Anthony Joshua which you're hesitant to fight a 46 year old man who hasn't fought in eighteen months. Who's been out not really been training he's out doing CB eighty farming and god knows where. So he's not even trading. And that you have hesitancy to fight him you you're on the fence about fighting guys you've just told you what they wanted. This should be the comeback fight for you need to guys at 21 years of age on you. Mean. I see more training videos of you lately that to have him. But yet you still that's happened in the ring this is still a dance you when your your management. What is that what did its is that that you do when. Let's see if quite some old shall rival David prize what's the CU fight them pretty level ornament winner that that you get you back into the belt game. Now you're supposed to be the guy who told the real championship you are the ring championship of the world. Okay. That's your claim and that's your piece of the prize right now all of that I don't agency get another belt there's appointed to. But don't expect the fans face and say. You guys get a sub my next fight. And you have thousands upon thousands coming back saying who they want you to fight. And the tight I want you fight Shannon Briggs and the like. That's it again. You guys want to fight it like when. A man doesn't wants to be a millionaire we have you finally answer with a multiple choice question we all answer to push the button number we wanted to. And we came back with the answer share breaks stop. Asking me again. You sure it is sure like I. I get it you want the answer to be at the B Joshua Wright but that's what you want today that's up the pace right now you're not on your bottom Hollis right now ties and Gary. As buzz is that may infuriate you and as much as you may have a claim to the lineal championship of the world. I guess your arguments. But business is business and I don't understand how anybody could be involved with a guy who looks the way you do who's acted the way you back did. And has no oh. Way of know what to reliability is to make it a fight. So. I can completely understand you. The boxing world wanting you to get a win prove yourself. You thought toward a half years. I completely in the box to a one in prove yourself. To make a comeback. Proved you can get yourself but the fighting shape get a win. And thank you summit of the picture. What you can do it for McCouch people remember oh yes. President Peters got skills. Lesnar is the real deal. Does it put the fight fan's mind is very waning it's very iffy. So. I don't know what this is with. He had you know. Only right back in their by the judge and another low man and expect the next fight you wanna see within city Joshua is the odd day water. Those do the other other one into ponies right now. You're you're on the edge you know what today you know apple one. That's what stands right now don't ask me again while wanna see you fight I told you. Thousands told you. (%expletive) breaks that you come back fight make Abbott in the spring. Stop dancing around. Enough already. We had a heavyweight champ of the world Steven me dosage breads and gotten next. Beats miners feel. But just hearing here on seven and that second so anyway even a confident that we owe lots dive into. Solution would shed two hours. So. Double techs Roland on the calls brings on attacks lies 67974. NASA detects and when what and when is up with the economy Gregor. In the Europe's see how long does the promotion give him before his belts are stripped. Alleged in a Joseph Rogan gave up this week you do a podcast tie with a which is very good. And Joseph says that he he he thinks Tom is gonna get strips and needing that he thinks that decision's going to be made in just I was in very connected. We have Dana White. And you know passing involve these promotions Joseph does a lot of the videos for these promotions so you imagine he's got a good idea of it. There's another rushing connect came out this week there is day. There's a story that the USC has put on hold a venue in Russia for September. So that's the case. You imagine. Tony Ferguson verses can be is going to be booked sometime in the first part of this year. Probably for the undisputed lightweight championship of the world or quarter quote undisputed. And then won't get. Converse is to be their plans that imagine B Conor vs can be for the lightweight championship in September I think that's probably what they want. You know the B a lot of time out of the ring the offer collar mean you probably saw it and you're talking in. You talk or almost two years at that point just shy of it a lot of time out of the the octagon for got a McGregor but. Think he's doing a little bit hardball here with the U of C wants it bad to that deal to where he wants it to be it's understandable. But that looks like. The way it's gonna go wouldn't be surprised if we get an announcement. Soon. That Connor is gonna be shipped to his belt they did just announce this Max Holloway. Frankie Edgar but I wouldn't be surprised. If we got in addition to that Tony vs can be on the cart the note and note can be wants the fight early on this year. You know I think Tony would be found that two they want that for initially. And it sticks for Tony. At the Tokyo went I think Tony can be can be an argument off the get me wrong I think he's deathly says his style a guy. We do a lot of damage on the ground. You know he's also very and what the book very unorthodox in in in their skill sets so it's not it's elegant figure if if if Kabila knows the flavor of the month right now. I certainly think Tony Ferguson to win that fight definitely. I just. They give you receive the tea leaves that's what the US is hoping for. They wanna see can be get the belts around his waist to fight count immigrant in September. If those reports that your. Agenda reasonably enough. So what good would not be surprised. If you see that happen but it got Dixon difficulties to take a lot of there's waters in the most critical evaluates and susceptible to getting hit big. I think Ortiz wins on points. And malls and to win waters a bit too cocky and fury is overrated and with this guy with a big mountain in the minutes he'll set. I think it makes some points look I think if you look at that. Certainly with a while there. He has a he has rescue again that he does leave himself open. It's also though it makes him so great. His is punching power I think is unrivaled right now on the division I really do I think I bet even. Bigger than it's it's bigger than Joshua is Joshua is probably more pristine. Probably more that traditional. You see the amateur background and I know that. Want a medal but while others just like it's 68 it comes from wherever. And it comes with with absolute with apps and just fire and brimstone and it's it's unbelievable ungodly power. But you have a guy who's who tees Cuban background. Stands of that that awkward style south paw. Certainly if we give Waller problem I think that's what makes it such intriguing fight. And and why I think it's it's more dangerous. For while lunatic this fight than it is for anti unified Joseph Parker. Though there was little that was announced to do we know what's going to take on Lucas brown that's a little bit of injury by at least grounds for awhile. Yells at some some testing issues but the thing that's a fund had with the that's command on the pipe as well that's also marched. So Margie the thirty got the out there while there today on Luis Ortiz. DiLeo wide verses loudest round. Going on the Tony for the moon 31 GI yourself. Anthony Joshua day under a spark to get little trio match of the job going on there let's let's get this you institute's one. Look it's not that it's not the best. Part of the world intact belt was same car that night. They have shell Sante are Rampage action which is now be the main event. Instead of Douglas Lima vs Roy McDonald is now the komen event which is a little weird. Because I would think that. The appeal. To get people to about torn night there's a big USC main event like there is. Have as many good fights you can early so people don't tune away. Obviously the appeal is that you are on. You are on for free. So. There's over the cannibalism kind of sucks provide fans the means to be really busy week next week but. You know would be nice if but you know why can't what can children PG fighting the next week and and and Rory and and Douglas you but in the next week by the have to be on the same night. But it is what it is. I did figure also sucks for you chip in that was laid that you and get that shot he's not gonna get the lead in from. The two legends fighting going into their fight. And the supposed to be big showcase for Rory as well. It's a bummer but they have a really good card ballots or from my mind I think that the card. Between having jealous Rampage obviously to know guys this really cool heavyweight Grand Prix that they have going out you haven't talked much about. But it is a really really great idea about or has going on you know they have all those veteran guys. Have this tournament evident heavyweight champion forever. And who cares let's just mean in policy you know that deep let's is that everybody go out there and fight for one belt I think it's fantastic. You also got Douglas it was a Ramadan a fantastic fight. Two young guys leave has been a chip forever really as a guy on the shot that it probably deserves take on a very credible guy. And Rory MacDonald whose be in the current UFC champion. And that un itself is a really good note to run. Top of the idea Michael Chandler won there marquee fighters. Just an absolute absolute bad ass. And he's back in action after a really unfortunate loss of his title where. His book got injured it was who's got a boat is can really go on. So it's good to get to begin to see much you know about Hillary and that we got their Peco. Who is their best prospect so. You think about the best prospect. There are staple. Superstar fighter Michael Chandler. Douglas Lee University Roy McDonald one of the best image of buy it's they can make plus she got to. Strongholds in former USC guys have Rampage resist jail they had a really really good guard you have cigar they great you know what you got. V main event you got the absolute event of the night in Steve pavers Francis. No doubt that's the fight if you if you between a Spence LaMont Peterson fight next week. Between all the flights on ballot Tor. And USC. If I if I was only allowed to watch one but only to watch one it would absolutely be. Steve de pursing got no doubt. And and second places are very very far behind. But it is only what's gonna give the most entertainment throughout the night a book that took on us again that's probably one because. In the slot the Poconos demeanor mean it's cool to see his rise that is that it's great to see that Daniels giving him. This opportunity. In a very weird set of circumstances like Daniels the champion. Again after. The last image we all heaven or had his. Cormier losing to John Jones is a very strange situation. And look for right now. Everybody looks and say look judge you that fight took something we don't know what the repercussions are not yet. We still have day we still don't have closure what battle would John Jones. But the last image in a mine with Daniel Cormier is. John bogeyed the holy hell out of him so. What do you do with that how you spoke to treat this is this almost like for a vacant belt. I guess. I think Dana is going to handle and I mean we'll have a big issue really. Stop Daniel or hander Daniel anyways you know that the cut from 205 hasn't been as easy lately it feels like Daniels moving onto. The next part of his career. So. Is it just a case of hey the hungrier younger fighters gonna get lucky little punch perhaps. Perhaps. But. Look we've seen Daniel it guy can take a monster shot if you're coming in there was just one weapon. We've seen him take the good of the deadly shot in the division and that is Anthony rumble Johnson and and and dole right through and break it now rubble pop up. Second bite very very strangely. Mobile can be. Much more hesitant to engage like that. Same as they trade the other I would hope so. I would hope that that book it would takes in tips. I thought I heard chill some in this league and has bug is about he made a very very good point of you know Lou Brock called the spent time in both camps will do what what is what happens there when both guys are. Both guys are are chirping at him for advice. I would say to stay out of that live there if if Iraq hold. He's got his own ability oil amounts image of what the word only been a hell alone they'll fire at a fight Romero and a few weeks. But I did Daniel go away and it's not it's not a slap that. Volcanism there would never seen Daniel Cormier lose and it's not named John if the guy across the case from is not John Jones. And Natalie and not see them lose an ROC didn't Korea in danger against anybody who's not named John Jones so hard to make it against them. And we hope that this a judge a situation gets cleared out and it will sit as a third by between these guys. With weird circumstances surrounding it who knows but but but the Mac daddy of next week is Steve neighbors France's it's. Look. People have got to does it display. You know it's ought to promote these guys are stars. And I I figured sells itself. Look you have Syria since we're gonna have more and more top offenses than anybody. Against a guy who's an absolute freak he's USC Drago he's been trained at the facility. Against the guy who's the humble firefighter from Cleveland. Who's not. Really. Great at anything that looks Stevens has meant he's got one skills that it is better amongst the rest. I do just goes through he's been knocked him of the believers out left and right he's been he's been beating guys. For a second time worse than he did the first time what you did to those on those. Com and France is still a bit of an unknown you know the one thing that I think Q we can learn from the last by. When he took over team. It is man that dude is that dude is is big and I don't mean manages the captain obvious there but he's cutting to get to the heavyweight limit. And so that makes you look at Steve I was like well it could just take him down he's got the wrestling background. And public and added thing how. He's got he's gonna have he's gonna have twenty pounds of steep that. Nobody wrestles. When he pounds more than they do you re Russell the same weight class. So I don't know where he's gonna get that ability. Due to a tree trunks for legs. Massive back patty how do you propose he's gonna take him down. I bigamy Steve day. You gotta be the higher volume striker. You've got to put the pressure on we know steep face tough no walk through Boston up like the last fight against us on those he got off from a knocked down. Against Alastair over Ream. I'm just seemed we have two more adversity that I have Francis. But the margin prayer seems like it's very very small. It really does that one mistake and it seemed like princes and be like heat seeking missile and take you down. But I'm up against the back on I'm saying in the champ is going to retain. And I'll give you that my reasons. Are because I just haven't seen enough of that from Francis and steep today ideological looked at for these fight this and yet this is going to be where it's the end of the road program. That we have seen have been put on the campus recently. But. He just he figures these things out. He does. And whether you wanna call it championship mentality or toughness or just the way he's a lot better. Striker than people give him credit for. I think that the guy who's been higher pressure situations who really just the stuff seem going to pay it matters nothing to him as far as. The the the build promotion putting more behind Francis the fans may be wanting Francis to be the top. I think that's stuffed is a Texan 00. Point zero. And he just shows company winds at sixty pay is gonna show up and he's going to bowl through. Prancing down there and I think he's gonna find his chin and he's gonna find a way to get victory there's no show this fight goes the distance. On the sixty day. Wins this fight late second round that's a bit. And I think and for DC DC retains his title. I think he breaks about a third round but that's what goes on fault him for a look those Olympics but O'Shea chills sudden Rampage Jackson. We're Coachella we would be upset that. I don't know got to shape rampages in bit but Rampage that not have little or weight limit to be worries me a little bit with them. On the road I'm gonna go Roy McDonald Douglas Lima to become the new welterweight champion. In bella tore the Olympics and Amelio there'll spends however box and actually be LaMont Peterson retaining his idea to go. And hopefully more active this year because he's he's one of the young stars in boxing. I like to see him little or active and they get more fights form itself. Very very exciting January 20 going up in the fight game. We have a lot to look forward to re capital same time same place next we got punished or we'll talk to them.