Fighter's Fury 1-21-2018 (UFC 220 Recap, Bellator 192 Recap, Stipe vs DC or Stipe vs Cain, Tony vs Khabib set)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, January 21st

Tobin, Cima and Tommie Gunz recap a very busy night of fights. Stipe Miocic dominated Francis Ngannou. Stipe continues to get better with every title defense. There is no reason he's not the biggest thing in fighting other than his lack of microphone charisma. As for "The Predator" it's back to the drawing board. Why wasn't he at the UFC Performance Institute the last two weeks? Can he close the gap in a rematch? It was a huge night for wrestling. Daniel Cormier takes out another light heavyweight contender. How should fans look at DC? The guy who dominates everyone not named Jon Jones. Jon's lack of activity isn't Cormier's fault. The fans seemed more behind him on Saturday night. Dana White wants DC to fight Stipe next. Cormier says not if Cain Velasquez is training. Should Cain let Cormier take this one shot? It might be a great ride into the sunset moment for Cormier. Bellator's heavyweight grand prix is a really fun idea. Chael Sonnen takes down Rampage Jackson at will to advance to the semi-finals. Rory MacDonald is the new Bellator welterweight champion. He wins it with a busted up leg. Errol Spence TKOs Lamont Peterson after 7 rounds. Will we get the unification fight against Keith Thurman next? The UFC announces Tony vs Khabib for UFC 223. Will Conor McGregor fight either one of them anytime soon?


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Mixed martial arts and boxing fans it's time for fighters feeling. Inside the hard. Tommy gun. It's time for fighters viewing it on eight and 79 and then taking. Magnus Sunday morning everybody. The hot Sunday morning man beautiful beautiful weather. Well this cold nonsense. We all suitably old Marshall visited. Jaguars patriots I'm high we're gonna go watch and sports remember upon the watch party action loves those washboard in my house man first of all. A sub second birthday. Wasn't really I was I was out of the the spores moved Tuesday and tell a look at my phone as the cavaliers. Are getting a 150000. Points in the thunder. I have have the man gene over the had a pleased Jim. In and rope on the Islamic people on this this has games that we can watch this will be to look at like. You know all the kids are starting gets the next level their guardian and take. Over over over backs of just sugar and and processed food it was it was a glorious time. To enjoy that that I get home on them getting ready for this fight that I actually take my second TV out of another room and I set it up. In the living rooms like him is how both these are ignorant of a big night. I guess I don't we talk about is a little bit last week how upset I was that you had ballots or USC of boxing all the same night. Actually ended up happening. There was too much crossover as far as the flight she actually wanted to see. Let did pretty well like I was. Say early in the night mostly focused on ballot to war I really couldn't give two believes though what was going on of the UC total for the championship by I tried. I watched them. It just did not inform it didn't feel like there ramifications for any of those fights they were just there yet as to the championship fights that's all that matters. In the midst of one of them we had the Errol spends far I threw that up on my phone through the showtime live Obama phone to have that all non. And L Spence was fantastic. He goes up beat dominates LaMont Peterson. Puts him down on the campus in the fifth round seventh round rolls around. He's got its so in the bag this tour does the right thing they step and and they stop the flights I got that in the midst of things as they're all between the two have made fights but. Yet the toward definitely had. TV status. I was more focused on it opened until we got championship time. Once we got two. Receivers bull can. I was focused on that more and once. The only cross so we really had for the big big fights. Was. What we have. Definitely like we all thought. That had the biggest he'll fight of the night. I have every every punch in that first round. Felt like he could have been the end threads as was swinging for home runs don't call a stand porn hacked styles that's how it was don't perceive as had. Couple moments of danger there but. Steven was the better boxer we talked about this last week you know. It's not that I'm not buying into the dressing gotta love the friends is the gun that I loved I loved the build up of him. I loved the packaging oh he's the guy he's he's USC Drago. He'd be built in laboratory but. You forget how good Steve is sometimes you know and and and that he's got all the skill sets. We even saw him be more well rounded the one thing I think that really surprised me yesterday is. How much wrestling there actually was the thought Steven was getting the better album on the feet I thought he was a box them daughters are striking them and so. Because that. I thought it probably could have led that fight a lot faster. It was almost like a two point he wanted to show. How much more dominant he was that friends and god that he was just so what's next level. Better than friends and Ghana that he really really want to prove portly keep it fell sixty day. Korda put forensic got out of his misery a lot sooner than he did. And it's not to say deference we gotta kid back. Ready to get back to the top with a couple more sensational knockout. And that he could try and better his conditioning. But Steve is better he's he's just he's is that much better and I think a lot of the times when. We have guys who are super hot prospects. And the gonna be the next star you think. They're just not that good. Well. Is a god who is still probably the scariest guy in the heavyweight division. As far as guy you least wanna face because what the ramifications are if you lose. If you lose friends and got to know it's lights out it's like night it's over. Now we see the holes now we see how far he has to go. So maybe he'll get back there soon its it you know we we know that that edwards' vision is not very is not very deep. But Steve got above the rest he's a cut above the rest. He's better box that he is clearly about a wrestler and he is probably better condition that anybody in the heavyweight division. And he's got that we got one thing to wait on for Steve embryos engine that's his team last uses net slash back ever gonna get healthy. You know what he's wiped out the entire division he's he's he's he's done it all. There's nothing left for him to do until there's the next Franzen got recruited to come up because. That was a that was the wrong way yesterday it was a those a runaway. A a beat down a humiliation. Prayed to god be done at one point in the fifth round but instead it gives you. About 260 plus pound man is also. Very very tiring the post eBay has no gas left in the fifth round and he should stare difference and got a president and he he can't lift his arm. Is also droll orange he's got tired. It was it was some. News it was it was a national boards as the bay but they don't Sherlock noted I got. Britain's high rate was there does seem to want Tommy guns good morning. Or you guys I was busy not a fights. It weren't members and I used to pull I am. I was that you that I don't know did adrenaline is for the fights. Or for the and I thought about you last week did you. Well I always think about you but I thought about you specifically. Thank you during that Steelers means a lot and thank you so much I appreciate. Dummy goons and I think we know toe when it's about to burst. Eighteen I was I was going crazy with excitement do you Wear in the share its day you steal the soon. It's a slogan from the homeless lady who said the jaguars are gonna kids is the Newcombe a committed. Steal the show. Is Roberta she was under a bridge somewhere in Jacksonville real you have the news caught up with their one one. Daddy was after the food the drought with a drop to all the young guys like Ajax and she is a home. So what is your Brothers Jeff neither Syria the best draft in twenty years. They say they have the best draft in the entire NFL you surprised to hear that. Certainly not the first series tickets it'll end it. And I was in Miami when my name be shelves well I was a couple minutes from the bay. It's been twenty years since then we haven't been too strong in the last few years. A witness strong we're just playing by the rules you can have an income or come in. And steal overshadowed. While most. And thus the slogan was born was important or anywhere in the interviewed her. I think it's always for Tony for her and like I would do it shoots up a lot stronger than marijuana. If she's as she's she's known to the depths to file whatever she's got bill. So they resort to Nazi SS there was so much there was so what's going on. I guess we'll start with the main event Steve Davis Francis what's the gutsy guys. What stood out to me was. Dana is. Shock face when he walked into the cage with a built in his thing and and the disappointment. There was. Oozing from his sports dad wince steeply actually snatch that they'll government. And gave it to his own guider wraparound this week goes sultan right yeah that stood out the most to me because that was a sign. That it was almost like an I told you so or ha ha moment. Because Dana's been put all the stock grinding down to in this new facility the in. The training and you know I think there was so much more. To that too in Ghana will mean for Dana's eagle right then anything in his hometown yes I was turned around really quick. Com. About sailing what prince deserve the title jobs are you look at the division the way it is seller come on with him getting the title shot but I'm with you that it feels like. This is just the fight game might. If it feels like Dayne has come up short a lot ladies at the craps table they put a line to a lot of these comebacks and they've they've been coming up. Snake guy honestly there haven't been there haven't been paying offer for all of the blame lately. It. I'm not quite sure how would he in Ghana in spite experience goes. But to me what stood out the most last night it was his. Lack of knowledge on the fundamentals to death of mixed martial arts. It didn't seem that he presents that and that's what gassed and that led to him today and limit I do believe. After he sits back and watch last night's by eight in for the second third fourth fifth time. He's going to realize it areas. Opportunity that he has to get better. Steve they certainly deserve to win that fight. He and Donald could've taken it earlier on them and I believe the entire plane was Morrissey Peta get him pass for a second round. And in today as only he would gas. It's so cool to misty day and it's an Jakarta it's were in this day and age were. Talking a lot of bleep rewards you and every kind of feel in my faucets in its seems like and man he's such a likable guy you know he does Euro means they what does it mean seated two to win three or does or music. The rat's ass about that eluded dat. But that's he's so down to earth he still cool. Mom. Doesn't know that doesn't pay at the box office a lot of the times even though. He's also extremely fun to watch you know the fight before that he beats judo samples on one leg. But before that he beats ouster over and comes off off the case in this. So easy is it exciting fighters just got he's he's got a cave men personality that easily. He's he's about as opposite as charisma goes when it comes to if you wanna scale along Conn McGregor they couldn't be further apart. We're bullies he's a very exciting fighter and I think you are they're super fire apart from analyst yes. This is true and I think it's the exemplifies heart of a champion yeah definitely and they go in with good game plans. As well I've there was a great game plan. But let's also say that because of the inexperience. Of him gun. And the lack of policy take me. By name gunned them. He really forwarding gun who had the perfect time mom to be it would say that. You know he beat this guy. And you know he's he's really not. He he's not ready why he's the beast and he's amazing and he's got the Guinness book of world records for the hardest punch. It's almost like when Floyd fought can LO. Yeah it just wasn't quite there yet so you eat a big name rather you get a Gundy your bail. You have is a part of your record. Your feather in the cap and you just know that for anybody who watched the fight you realize that in gun who was not there yet he was winging punches me. Be real here he never hits deeply with a clean shot. No late and and barely touched him and Steve is I was still close granite correct he hit him with half a punch and Steve they would not only. Impacted by. You know visibly. I felt that he was wobbled by the. Show them grow any took a couple steps back there was another moment to Kara was the third or fourth round where they got stood up. And it was like the last ditch effort of any straight friends had lessons on any actually cause steep pay. As as as Steve is fadeaway and since that was like Susan and I'm not the most in with the student in my stupid yes that's stupid woods the boy animal who's got down it will correct. Any any hit him with a punch a clean shot when he was he was done by the idea I mean he was. He was gasping. It looked like he just wanted to win a blanket and go to sleep. There's another sleeping Dana brought up on the fox post game where he says that out of nowhere France's we don't know where he won for the last two weeks went to France we don't know why he's been traded at the UC facilities and he basically lives there like they can't they can't get rid of the guy. And so they all found it very odd that he wasn't there for the buildup of this fight that he just kind of weigh in and Prez talked about diapers and look I underestimated the guy I thought I thought this is going to be a walk in the park that I was gonna touch him he was gonna go night night now is that so. Interest and to get the train hard for this like it certainly looked like he wasn't a precondition for. No definitely I mean he was that he wasn't prepared to go past three minutes now because if if you look towards the end of the third round. He started to look gassed a little bit. Will continue on with our recap BSE two toward me also that when Diana said Della Torre had a card. That they have that was it doesn't stay in and some some boxing is that too is it was a very busy notified to continue while the next. Each finder's Fiore. Welcome back to buzz Jerry 79 in the ticket Tobin semen Tommy guns here with you on a Sunday morning. You see two Torre yesterday. The only I felt like. Yes that last together said that I don't like to it it's such a busy night of fights because. You know one of my attention just on one card we kind of felt like. The way the night played out because your CFOs pretty thin. He was good to have the other distractions. Leading up to the championship fights and because DC Vulcan was so short. I didn't really crossover without the thing. Which Wednesday that it's another dominant win at light heavyweight. And now we're kind of just in this weird spot they don't want to the feisty that's what he set up towards sneezes. That's that's the movie wants to go to. Would you don't really know what else did you put it against Gustafsson that's. Does your morning contender right now he beat beat the hell out of low over. We've seen ever enforce a close fight before so did they run that back I think so. The other news this week that came out was John Jones passed whatever the album's been passed a polygraph. That he didn't knowingly take over is as in drugs. I think John's given back by the end this year I think new initiative who did the polygraph is as a voluntary polygraph on his team this team but. I think it's gonna get an end to the other thing with Nowitzki a couple of weeks ago say that doesn't logically make sense that John know only dead it. You look at that thing hurts John Jones when he gets in front of his hearing is going to be that is a multiple time offender. And I don't know they're gonna let. Endurance. Be an excuse for him twice so my understanding is that that we're the king did will say it to tainted substance. Is that. He took the substance in the ingredients didn't identify. This particular substance and when they tested the substance. It tested positive for that being so it's. It it seems like an area I don't even though they know with the substances like his knowledge that's what happened with you well remember when you're well pops. They went and they found the actual supplement where they test this says it's not listed and comes up dirty work. With John why do you get suspended that poll in that case I don't know I think desperate that's it was fair question I don't know why that happens but. With John and it. This is a weird thing because what he. Popped four was such an old school steroid. What was that such a small level. It's hard to know where it came from or sullen did it come from the after retracing find what it is. Because of the windows in the the test where he was negative to the test where it was posit to the test where you were negative again. It doesn't make sense like he was using. The substance that he pop for because the way people would use it. Wouldn't be in this minute level because it's such an old school supplement that's my understanding of so broke we left over and a lender blade in the gym. Or on after him. Honor and it was for credit card. Who. May notes and maybe I don't know sank. Say if it is that that kind of left. Conspiracy their ages out to get John day. Let's get back in their right Tommy go artists put him back in the cage what are we don't hear I think you just call leave even Steve let's go let's skidded back let's get a bag you. It's the DC. John proves again this huge hundred years. Something about DC or just keen. Stomach really don't know where you're voting. I think so I don't know I just don't know what it is I'm sure he's agreed Garin. System and about room that I don't mind seeing him get beat up. We have said that if Ellie the fans are really behind him he know he's been again as we get booed. Remember that you have form maybe have a yeah I don't know whether it is it has put this has to be a pain in the ass for him if he'd rather just no way I can't be John Jones and it's just on the level. Rather than. Yea your back being the chilly here as you do so might the undisputed. You reining. In is like well he's currently raining just lost you know I mean it reared description album. Why. What is he supposed to do not his fault the darkest of putting stuff and his body. Knowingly or unknowingly. Leave this point you just gotta be and John ceemea regulate. Hey look man let's just keep it to lake tale shakes or something like that was is go to you probably good enough to beat anybody anyway. Why don't you stop abuse and any thing that is a powder. Anything. And that's how go about this. Agreed in nineteen for anything that the Carter. And ordered DC to be limited to times. Gold medalist. Though Terry Olympia Olympia Olympia and so that's big too. And you know he he's got his way there he's lost those rates. But he's got pennies it's true. If anybody's gonna get topped with something. It happened to be John and again rather it's something that you intentionally Gator unintentionally did you get hot and it just ways towards DC two. Should be called the chair. But go look there was a Joseph without a long time home because of things our his fall and frankly look the rest of the field that has had their chance to guard Daniel Cormier the couple shots that were with her with rumble. Gustafson going anomaly. He dominated a mall in very professionally it's the other despite that he had outside of losing to Johns holds against Anderson Silva. Mom he's really really good in decades. So it's not say he's not an excellent fighter it's just you have his weird situation hanging over him a ticket Vasily I almost feel like. If the John if jealous fighting it may be what CDC had heavyweight. And maybe TCU work against the Steven. Usage against. Is Ito if he went out wrestle him if you were to route to go in there and and have a shot mean. In DC streets of strong dude and that's that's cutting way and that's how to get himself. To use the towel. It's even make 205. If you are able ago there was no way cut. Mean who knows funny being. Then. They'll be so dominant genre though it's at least they're competitive Fareed I mean there was not. That light heavyweight fight. Have we in the first round I was like Otis has done you know it was at least. At least from last night perspective I was a little more excited to see. DC impeach. Yes I am so. Not a fan of the wrestling component in the MMA. It was a big wrestling night I think we saw a great strikers the strikers got were last night bye bye bye bye wrestling Abbott in the Rory. Doug loosely unified on bella Torino. I'm just brought in Rory I think Rory probably did the least. A lot of damage on some until he got to the fifth round where it was time to close the show maybe that was a little desperation because of how messed up his leg was. But it is because he was dual. As a hobby told him in the corner. You've got to let it all hang out this round yeah got to give it all as I don't know where we are in the on the card slow stuff to know is I thought because. How little he was doing on top. It just to Lima striking that leg and Rory falling over I was like okay how are given to. To Lima because Roy's getting in these great position but he's not doing anything with it Greg. Mom put peca and and then Lima it's it's six was a knock down the main if you break his leg that messed up. And it has yet he got like a little alien grown on the side of his calf. Gonna get a got to do gleam of the realm there. I I agree I agree with you but I think there's some thinning judges' mines. And it may be there it's it's still this on familiarity with mixed martial arts. Where you could be dominating around. And then a guy takes you down. And all we gotta give the guy we've got to give together on the took them down. It's it's so it's still so weird. The way some of these judges score was 4945. On one card for the judges. In favor Roy McDonald 4945. That's for the UST yeah I agree that is a ridiculous score card. I think that people like that. The commissions have to do a better job regulating the officials and who gets elected. A notch this year friend Dayton Nino give them a hundred dollars. About to be judged payday. These guys need to be held to a higher standard and I think the commissions have to do a better job in regulating their team would win judges. Put up cards like that are so off they should be arraigned for a fighter too. Yeah well as they should be like what they did though. With eligible G when Natalie birds card came others like listen. I don't know how you got that score card do you need it enters here off yet. When that needs to happen or you're like what really like stop flip enter your phone and watch and FaceBook moon and marched to fight that's what you. Doing. Where you don't see the obvious. It's going on right in front of you did what are you watching. Yes so. The rest of imminent Chandler I mean Chandler is was was dominant over over it was a young you know promoter is that the guy's name I don't know and I just announced that. Artist. Just not a huge free in our Lucci. Not a huge strain of the wrestling Coppola I understand it's a it's an art one of the mixed martial arts again all that. It just makes for a. Yeah war bowl Spain fights right well it was. I think I think it would have been in the heavyweight fighter that's out there were couple points or her to stop that fight. And I feel like I feel like if if you would have gotten stopped. We would have I think you would have more please ST big god. The the end result like he was able to finish. Use it to finish Francis. Not that we get the point that he was dominant but it just things that people would have gone home a little more satisfied and just think it got to the point where. He was so top doubt he was still a lot of energy use it was a point where there was no shot he was gone back from that. Like it would give the result that we won't belittle that that he earned. He looked a little better towards the end of the fifth round. As I he threw a couple of shots and I was like wow OK I didn't think he had it even hit me 0221. And the coach is kind of backed up play OK let me and I think I'd sixty there was topped by the fifth round series. I was shocked he's got a hold down I was shocked that I heard in sub divide because normally. He's known for stop and a fight Lou early in people complaining and I think that. You know he's probably show shocked by that that word jaded he doesn't want that controversy gesture who don't want Dana Cole in the mountains say you know herb dean. I'm I'm disappointed that I heard it led the fight go on a little more right you know so. He's damned if you do damned if he does and so but I am I'm okay that he left that fight go on. I'm just for the fact that. He always in gun who always has a sledgehammer chains right. Do you think is because Dana did mention that he wants to do DC Steve afterwards and DC's. As McCain easily it's weird because canes in the general have more I really do expect them by the end of the year. If you had your whereabouts do you wanna see. Cain verses Steve Baylor DC vs Steve. Because. It's tough to keeps it appears immediately and it's tough to keep chase and this injuring scenario came Alaska's fighting again I just. How can you have faith that it's gonna happen he's always so banged up he's puts his body through so much. Don't know how he can keep. Don't and I understand that DC's a tough spot because that team particularly AK is very very close. And they're basically they basically coach to monks themselves. In addition the you know getting themselves ready for these fights so I get why it's it's a hard scenario but. If you are Daniel Cormier could do feel like getting that win over Steve day. Would be this difference maker in his career that people can always good look at the bit different than being the guy. Who just couldn't beat John Jones being light heavyweight champion and heavyweight champion. That's a that John's people do one job to do for years. So if you were able to do that may and I think that be a real feather in his cap the what has been a good career but has this weird asterisk O. Also next to it and I almost feel like you would be a pond came to say. Look man. That's a big payday that you can yet. As a friend I'd say. Some awful it's not your fault I haven't been healthy with a that's what I see that I think issued here because. What Cormier is constantly saying a moment holdout for Kate I think if Cain was made enough he should step up and say. You know what. DCU earned this shot on limits take a step back you go far for the heavyweight title and then you know. You win the fight great. And I guess they have some sort of allegiance that they'll never fight each other outside of course we don't I think whenever I think of DC does I think your tires. And you said he could at that time it's forty. Years. Like he's at home one past forty. Singles when he gets to have that accomplishment. That I laid. I I mean I just I feel a fight as weird that. You know. He he has to be held back by a by some I agree loyalty I think that when you see your best you put isn't doesn't work. You know. I think that's meant that sucks to a degree and I agree with you I really give came does that can sort of do the right thing. If he's not fight by the summer. It's the honorable thing to do from viewers quote unquote brother yet you know what are they doubt you Greer or do you understand the verbal loyalty there. I understand loyalty. My senior year and get that from the hit. I understand their loyalty and that may be why it's DC is a waiting for. McCain has somewhere in his head that I'm gonna pull it out give me a little bit more time. And we assign full wolf I know going out and learn. All that's about. At pricey advantage CDC NN CA AI Leo it's at this point here's the Sears the solution. Does this in DC. They fight. Does this thing gets the shot him because he's the number one contender. So they replay that back he gets his shot and that gives Cain a little time to go through whatever he's going through. And then after DC defends his title gives us the sin which could be in the summer when the end of the year if Jay is now ready to fight. And that's me coaches DC. For the day. I think it's fair earlier in the agreements that's apparent online. And then maybe in the midst of that too though you're welcomed and we finally have a look John and his status. The utility championship fights announced this week we get that little bit next. It's finder's Fiore. Back but his theory here at seven that tickets over the semen Tommy guns here Whitfield. Before we move on sued the title buzz around street any thoughts from me chill Sonnen. Rampage Jackson. First round of the ballots or heavyweight Grand Prix what do you think of the heavyweight Grand Prix is an idea. You like I like I'd say the idea I like the idea. I do is elected and now she iron it's really like having way it is and it's also brings some of that. Bella who were born amid mystique back yes you know I think that that that's a good way to do it if you're gonna bring it back. I've been there year old trying to put their own. Thumbprint. On the Baylor to a brand yet and you know the tournament philosophy was always. Good for people I think he was good for careers. And it was also good for the viewer to tune in to see. While the consistency is obviously. Drastically changed for Baylor tour events because it seems like in you go three months without seeing a broad tour and then. And then you know and a four week period Israel bonds you know it's there's Europe very inconsistent which I don't know is necessarily great for the brand new. When I I do believe that bring back some some ornaments style fights. That allow people to to win and advance in and ultimately getting the shot at the belt I think makes for intrigue. And good good commentary. I think so to annihilate the fact. It's it's Elmo. For having all these old guys. He had a point of where they are in their careers have them fight and have you really that. You know putting jailed heavyweight he's never been there before trying to revitalize is them a little bit. You know same thing with the would now that you got fade or in Frank Mir is they're gonna get to fight each of the at the old Ultimate Fighter match up with Mitch you know and Roy Nelson. It's got a cool then you basically have. Her. For allow him to light and you would give light heavyweight champion Bader they are probably the more contender in king Mo. So the movement of Susan little big goofy Aniston or but I like that that gets it think it's cool that per division. It's really had no identity for about Tor for the longest time where the good waiter to get a broken hand. Not the most fantastic fight is say between jail and Rampage I did like. Getting to count every time sheltered him down to you know they had a side bet ten geez every time. Are still to come down to begin the end of the thirty K in the pocket of beyond that bad. If the bout was honored. Buzzword for second has. The first round two things that happen. Joseph kept touching Rampage with a left but it wasn't really hurting him. What he was also very loopy with the late chills not known for a shrinking so easily ducking his head down in my. And I don't wanna citizen who up until sun rock them sock them style he's gonna get flat line and then they engaged. And it was actually read did you the first victim like rap adult jail the right to the ground and chill go obviously I wake up a little bit and that we saw the bread and butter that will be among yet the bread and butter really wants fruition and he was able to. Take Rampage down well that point it's footage is get so frustrated. He's like come on. Any. It was ladies day and in front of on the bag let's go. Those who blinked his Rampage give that a I don't know whether it's a good question. And it's again quest Tommy has an and there are. When they start when they're not willing to pay him the fighting. I mean you know QBs still is still a huge name. I don't know where you go with the as he hasn't gotten a lot of damage in fights no known guys you beat them are guys that. It taken down and lay on top pretty much you know be there it's not like he's taken a lot of punishment it's not like. Him being in the USC. And didn't you know. Crushed by being gone to war. Kicked in the face by ovaries mean overreach what what we need to be talking about is is over remade Orlovsky. Hanging it up because they've taken some. And let's just Dan they're not gonna know their names and a few voters are funny continual dose. Raises Amelio look at these have you it rankings and I was like they're there were they were they were advertising. The the two to 41 to guard the and the late in the show Marc Collins logo is a five Nixon's. And mark since the fifth ranked have you a in the world right now of the USC obviously. Not set the first of all this a guy who wanted to get out of you see suing the UFC. And he's there when he's still an important and he's suing them for solicitor callers he's suing them because. Well he's suing them because of the Brock Lesnar fight. That they knowingly gave Brock was an exemption and a new use juice the gills. So you sued them for negligence and have a neo C 200 go. Go go forward. Lot of but he's fought for the Olympic four times since com. So there's. So it so he's still fighting for them but yet he was used planned to sue because. That and obviously Jews to the gills Brock Lesnar fighting him UC 200. That's that's the the the background of that. Police fight again he's fine usage to Tony one yo well John TOO American top team he's fighting group Rocco who. Shut out to a hundred hosted. Fort Lauderdale so you have got to sell for a connection there are those justified for the interim belt law. Would occur heals up so soon Luke's not with AKA anymore. He switches he gets it does boast. But he has been doing most of what he's doing a strike in training he's been training down here in the last fight that he fought when he fought David Burge for his comeback. You do the majority of his training here. And leaves and it's not animosity just want something different users tries of a new figures searcher for some after the has been lost a little bit. So do some work get a mean they got a great I mean it's a great stable at a train went as we all the guys from the blacks aliens. Com know Henry who left. But what to name their new organization. Called it's it's like come back to claw its in the comfort club. Yeah I think it's like post comeback club or who have kicked not known yet figure I think it's a comeback cumbersome without. The site and then I am on this past week there is despite at Coconut Creek. The civil horror the hard right the seminal casino ES Coconut Creek in it was really really a great pride images by aid Stan. The pro baits and really did it was this country and annex opens do regular stuff. And IRA and then is in. Paid his dues so fed and I think extreme when you know the go cart place yet that their new regular folks that announce soon. And that's Khaled Carol Moseley the feeder to USC millions DOC by a steel so. Anybody wants to check out some local stuff that is double to promotions that you can check out and and and get some action those like the stuff happens down there. Exactly you're beating the pool and there are so many people from combat club there where part of it as well. And ATT showed up showdown comes the really great to see all of that though locals. It was really did sin has been at that extreme go carting in a pinkie wanna. Competition over there. You go guarded against everybody here yeah. That's my out. Tesla stuff have you ever try to I have tried that is fun. In the future drilling bill does does he really helmet and everything it's full of clothes helmet Soledad bogus boomers are ever boomers really that would normally go for miles an hour here is that nonsense as well as an empty lot. Yeah it was beginning you know those web beginners then. What's the other one that caters something they weren't K one there are seeing K one speed COK one speed go carts and then you have extreme indoor carding. Let's go. Here are going to both. For your dad is still in front amigo and slow it wasn't a little string you out. Rory get out of here they announced this week they're doing Yossi 223 is going to have Tony Ferguson verses. Can be while all war right now is for the interim title but apparently of Connor doesn't. Sign up quickly. It will be for the undisputed title so are you cool with them get into the boy got a chip on her and everything's Telefonica Lessig of I think Tony Ferguson's and we knew what kind of a curfew I think that Tony's too long. And told for a big and dieters on his back yet dangerous these. He he refers to people on the ground it seems like he kind of works better off his back yeah submission and those elbows. Elbows are are six permission from underneath so I'm on goal with Ferguson on that I think. You know it's crazy as some people may sayers are and I think that Ferguson would be McGregor. He McGregor. I think he takes him down once he gets into the ground car let's call it has made some miraculous. Steps forward over the past dry years. In his. A ground game and avoiding intake down. I think that Ferguson. Can take a punch better than some of these other guys wrote that McGregor has faced and if he can take a punch to take him down. I believe that he that he has the group if he doesn't beat him he's got the greatest opportunity within that week class to be. Co owner McGregor. What Italians. I got to take Ferguson is when you think so yes. See it's on the about the styles because I think that if QB it would take on Connor. I think he's doing I think can be would do work on to honor I feel like that is a that's a style not matchup nightmare for got a McGregor. Pony. Definitely I agree with below of what he said but the window there for Tony to get hit because he's a bit of a savage where he likes to get hit. And I think we've seen that style before I think you have like Eddie Alvarez were you'll take take Studio One and against Connor. Power is next level in that cage he does he eat puts it on people and they don't seem to get out. Which stands to be seen moving forward. It's how hungry this Conan McGregor remain definitely. It's a little different. Win once you've gotten that I mean this guy's gotten a Haiti like nobody else ever in the history of enemy. So we'll the hunger remained. Obviously the belts. Don't even matter anymore run it's not about it's not about belts it's about fights at this point. And it's gonna be I think he's super fight through here and and hopefully. The hunger remains and he continues to. Commit. And put forth the effort that we saw him put forth for the three years that he was prior to these big price. Yeah and in the onslaught in the commitment in. You know the dedication to all of this. The the training regiments. And the the focus on human movement in in all of these other characteristics that you saw him bring to the cage that. A lot of fighters that particular time we're not talking about and there was not a lot of focus on that we saw that we've since seen that change based on. The this this of your already that he showed indicate. I think too that. You know there's these reports last week where the the US is booked a venue in Russia for September so receive leads to a conclusion though that like to do converse to be even Russia in September. And it feels to me like the way the years has been going lately. Normalize that's going to. Len with Tony burgers and beating could be because none of the UC clans they feel like they wore out. To what they want happening lately and I their plans though resisted bleeped up so maybe and maybe that'll turn but it feels like earlier. You you make it that that report getting out of the venue getting but he feels it's messing with karma a little bit. That Tony's gonna be like on I'm going to choke your ass out as soon as you get on top of me and that's it and then I'll go fight in Russia. Couric and and that guys you know Tony's conditioning his own another level yeah it's crazy I mean that guy could fight you know 25 round fights in one night yeah. So. Don't you know what I know he's not one of these guys that people look at their like awhile he's an amazing fight. That dude is a grinder he's a warrior. And he's not gonna quit we know he's the sports ability to put a patent fight when Sri together. It's unbelievable and it's it's it's it's so crazy for all the things that can go wrong. Fighting it would look at Rory doesn't simulate what his leg we're going to equal more time. That's not to say that Roy would have been about fighter or didn't put for the group forms this is things like that happen. And how do you do you guard against that he owed the live the margin of prayer in that cage when things just go just don't go your way. To come out and get your hand raised ten straight times. Unbelievable. And unbelievable. So we'll see you will see how that all plays out in the end. What may have a loosely it's going to be a fun fumbled the full storyline to follow guys fun night of fights and though talk about whatever the hell happens next week. Willow will dive into it in the men have some reaction for you mullah while some fun there and everybody have a great rest is Sunday jaguar. 45 minutes of air time in the lower Italy gets news so want to throw a couple things out there. I did get QB Errol Spence LaMont Peterson performance much in the show up Al Spence looks fantastic yesterday. He is that if we solidified himself as one of the top guys. Welterweight now the question is what we get next scene as well to a thing his. In a bit of a hodgepodge you got you got yourself a lot of top guys a lot of different promoters will guys Hewlett's do business. Clearly the the fight that probably should be nexus embers key Thurmond. Who's been on the mend who is hopefully we come back soon will we get keep their members Errol Spencer then yell. How much can you expect of keep them like Errol did take a lot of time off but will Keith be able to come back and be in peak form. Isn't the same guy that he was early on when he was really on this rise visas and questions that depth we have to be out there. They're throwing Jeff Warren. Up in this conversation because he has. One of the belts right now I can't do it I really I'm sorry I can't I can't throw Errol I can't throw. Jeff ward in the same classes Errol Spence. And keep Thurman. You know he didn't beat Manny Pacquiao. And he'd say I really it's one of the decision I came fear flummoxed figuring it out how they got that score card so to me. He's on the outside looking in. Bomb will we end up getting a tournament style of Terrence Crawford taken on Jeff Warren apparently his promoters don't wanna do it. And then the next question is will Terrance Crawford be in this mix later on in the year will test proper move up to 147. And get himself in this. Little. Grouping up up with key Ferran and with Errol Spence you know was always very is always been a very very. Fick division than you have been a lot of talent there. The question is can they get these guys all the do business that's the real problem you know I think right now we're at a place where. It seems like the heavyweight division you got a lot of guys Claude for the top. But there's a little bit more willingness to vote for those guys to do business with the each other even with a different promoters. Well to it doesn't seem like you're quite in that seem morale that seems like. In other Stoner between the payment guys in the Arab guys there's still going to be a rift there of one of these guys to all get into a ring with one another. So hopefully. Hopefully. Will get Errol spends too. Get in there with key Thurman next and then we'll see what happens from from there down the road you'll get a form verses tens Crawford and it's almost like you have he'll turban style there. But L spends like really fantastic yesterday I mean he was ripped into the body he used on up top people Bob Peterson on the campus. Really really butch on the that and claw LaMont Peterson scored to stop when they did yesterday. Thought of the good stoppage by them because he wasn't aware that fighting was in the fight. A lot of these disease yup put on the campus anyway give it in there were some of those rounds or use can beat so badly could cult and they. So as a Smart decision by the and to stop the fight. And to me. He looks like he looks like. He's more well rounded and key Thurmond. Bomb a little more dangerous than Keith Sherman I like the only worry is in his career not coming off injury against key Thurman. So I favor of in that matchup. As far as guardians parents. Men that's a hell of a fight it's a hell fight it's it's one of those fights that that deserve. To have a million people watched that by that's how good the boxing match would be. But we know that's not always the case the fights that are most deserving of your eyeballs Soto is get them but. Really really exciting out to look out for upcoming Tia the other actually piece of news that happened this regard I mean this fight to happen. Is Manny Pacquiao out coming out and say that he wants to fight implement Shiancoe. Not a catch where we need to fight to happen man I don't know. When whales a sleeve on as far as. What they wanna see low which I could do next but. Well what's taken needs himself a big big old trophy had what you want to walk into the into the den and you seal the safari heads. He needs himself a big old. Big old fish. Build trophy to put on the wall and Manny Pacquiao. Against against low which I don't talk about high action high octane high volume. I I mean the way that low it's Sankoh's move these days it almost reminds you what pock yeah I was like back in today. The difference between them both. The moments ago is harder to hit. But the angles he comes from. Uneven OV comparative IQ but just the fact that they were there were so quick. You couldn't keep up from where they were. And IKEA as defense is Olsen is. Overwhelming offense. So they don't quite compare on the same level because I think also you look at hockey Allen. Like you would it be people to a bloody pulp when he was young and at those weight classes that that's just how dangerous he was. It was always well the tea a couple of shots to dish out instead of even one to give out to park you know do you want to dish out 6% and that's that that's how he would don't dominate people. When Lola he's been just make him people miss and and frustrated them from where is getting hit by. But nobody really looks at these blow which I go by to say well. He's beating them to the point. Painfully submitting them he looks like he's mentally breaking people it's a different kind of winning out of love to see these two arraigned via no it's not. Maybe not the ideal point for either one of these guys in their careers. It's not it's not ideal for low it's a good bike does not titles that's Idaho pocket because Lola take Oprah doesn't have quite the marquee name yet but man. The ratings pocketed fighting anybody on ESPN fighting Jeff horn just the dude. And he put a monster numbers I would love to see this fight I hope I hope they make it happen another low it Sankoh's management came out nikkei's family counts and they. There and managed and you know pockets that the name anymore. Hey if you have. A guy the star power of many pot yeah at his aides telling you I want you. You need to have that fight there's this is out for debate if you'll check those people. Everyone go watch that fight. They'll put Loma check on the map like nobody before. And I I I can't imagine not wanted to make nothing happen I understand that because there was some danger. But Pacman unity this you know must Shiancoe you're the guy who makes people quit. To me. This is the next move this is the obvious maneuver a moment jango verses. Many parts you know what else could there be. And to to not to pass up this opportunity when Pakistan today. I want I want you for as well as nominee you'll say and they want Lola checked out the back up I guess and he wants Lubchenco. I mean c'mon. We've got to make that happen let's go. I was jealousy of more than members is Terrance Crawford and that's been one that's been kicked around and has been. It's about but to meet. Right now. Moment Sankoh's the hot commodity I wanna see many pocket overs Loma checked out more than analysts Epoch you know verses Terrance Crawford. Crawford. Physically I think you do more damage to Pacquiao. But I wanna see stylistically. What puck you know vs low which ankle looks like a really really do that position on the me. That's that's a bonus I mean everybody have fantastic rest dear week. Fun week really lot of fights to react to a lot of news to react to. I'm sure we'll get to more that. Next week as the as the top rose on news the strain in the fight game and never stuff is always a lot of things to talk about. But of a desert issuing your buddy I love you I mean that personally I mean that sincerely. I love you.